#8 Barack Obama

Because white people are afraid that if they don’t like him that they will be called racist.


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  1. don’t forget–he loves israel; white people love israel.

  2. you’re killing me….hahahahaha

  3. I’m white and I can’t fucking stand “Friends”!!!

  4. But they don’t mind the risk of being called sexist. What’s that about?

  5. Not all white people love Israel. The educated left mostly hates Israel, including many Jews…(are Jews white?). They’ll write letter after letter to newspapers condeming Israel’s policies but never write letters about crimes in their own cities! Some white people care more about foreign policy than local problems.

  6. Ross looks evil in this picture.

  7. This is all great and all, but look at Ross’s freaking-evil-eyebrow!

  8. What possible quality is there to not like about him? He’s culturally averaged together. He’s as wholsome as Leave it to Beaver.

  9. Hmm… I support Obama because he’s an excellent orator and he doesn’t seem as corrupt as the Clintons.

    A part of me wants to see him win because he is black and it would break the whole “old white men” tradition.

    I wish Hilary wasn’t so corrupt, but seeing as she is I would only back her if she was the last man standing in her party.
    Most people hate her, but she’s still better than McCain who is just a slightly less religiously conservative version of Bush. At least Hilary is a Democrat, though she voted for the war, and abstained from voting on the whole wiretapping issue, so she’s very right for a Dem. Actually, that’s probably why white people want to vote for Barack – he’s more of a Democrat than Hilary, who is political moderate in the worst sense – meaning she is just playing politics trying to make everyone happy instead of focusing on her party’s platform.

  10. But white people KNOW that there are no blacks in NYC.

  11. Obama is a race hustling socialist jug-eared rat from the most corrupt city in the US.

    Whites like him because they hate themselves.

  12. “meaning she is just playing politics trying to make everyone happy instead of focusing on her party’s platform.”

    Isn’t the point of an election to give the voters what they want, and not alternate from one ideology to another?

    of course whether or not the voters get the promises that they voted for is another story.

  13. I’m white and like Obama, but only his white half, of which I intend to vote for.

    His first action as president should be to learn golf and quit playing basketball.

  14. This is very true, even of white people who support Clinton. Most of my white friends in NYC support Clinton, but if you ask them what’s wrong with Obama they’ll say something like “Oh, i LOVE him actually, I just think Hillary’s experience makes her a better candidate,” or “I like Barack, i really do, but i don’t think anyone should vote based just on who they like.” But i think it stems less from a fear of being racist than it does from white people’s love of diversity and desire to have black friends.

  15. Obama seems ok to me. His supporters seem a bit weird to me. A little too “touchy feely”. They’re probably too young to remember Jim Jones and the Kool aid.
    I think the white people you’re talking about are upset that Dennis Kucinich dropped out of the race. They probably have a “token” right wing friend in VT or Colorado who smokes dope, shoots guns, and supports Ron Paul.

  16. Whatever the reason, I hope white people keep voting for Barack. O8AMA ’08!

  17. on February 17, 2008 at 11:18 pm About as White as it gets

    Right you are!

  18. I think that’s why he won Iowa, too. Not all of the state is rural and conservative. The University of Iowa is not only known for its writer’s workshop, but also for its large population of far-left white kids. I saw enough “Free Mumia” signs there to provide enough recycled paper for hundreds of essays.

  19. Joannawashere you indirectly bring up a good point. It is a mistake to think that this kind of “white” person exist on the coasts. The largest population exists in “university” towns like Austin, Athens, Ann Arbor, Madison, Boulder, etc.

  20. Hey, on a lighter side, check out this wonderful Obama site: http://obamawill.com

  21. on February 18, 2008 at 12:12 pm Ervin Sholpnick

    OK, I like Obama…

    But I sure as hell am not going to vote for him.

  22. HA. I love this. Hilarious.

  23. stuffblackpeoplelike – eating watermelon! hahaha!!!
    stuffarabpeoplelike – pumping oil! hahaha!!!
    stuffblackpeoplelike – gang warfare! hahaha!!!
    stuffmexicanpeoplelike – eating beans! hahaha!!!
    stuffchinesepeoplelike – shooting heroin! hahaha!!!
    stuffblackpeoplelike – welfare! hahaha!!!
    stuffjewishpeoplelike – keeping money! hahaha!!!
    stuffmexicanpeoplelike – wearing sombreros! hahaha!!!
    stuffchinesepeoplelike – eating rice! hahaha!!!
    stuffarabpeoplelike – kissing goats! hahaha!!!
    stuffmexicanpeoplelike – wearing sombreros! hahaha!!!
    stuffblackpeoplelike – sniffing glue! hahaha!!!
    aren’t i funny and clever!!!
    don’t you dare call me a racist!!!

  24. What about the fact that he’s a good candidate and the alternatives are bad?

  25. White HC supporter who is not taken by Obama. I love how people who allege to be “down with the folk” support this prep-school/Columbia/HLS-attending dude. Give me a break. If he was white, he’d be in Dean-land right now.

  26. I’m white and I’ll vote for Barack Obama but preferred John Edwards and I hate Friends. Let me know whether I’m lame or cool enough to hang out with you.

  27. Wow, I must not be very white. I got 4-5 out of this whole list, and I sure as fuck don’t like Barack Obama! The guy’s a tool, along with his “never been proud of America until now” wife…

    This list is pretty funny but the title should be amended to ‘Stuff white, yuppie-type, self hating liberals like’.

    We knuckle dragging Conservatives are (mostly) perfectly happy not giving two shits about eastern religions, reparations, or other ‘exotic’ cultures.

    Thanks for the laughs!

  28. erica— where is dean-land? head of the democratic party?

  29. some guys are truely racist but they try to cover that by saying “i’mnot being racist!”, but u are.
    Obama is an intellect don’t look his color.
    u might have been black , its just a chance.

  30. i drink your milkshake…

  31. Dude, you might want to credit your source.

  32. hahaha yea on how he likes israel

  33. Why do White people like Barack Obama? Compared to what? Hillarious Rotten Klinton and Juan McInsane? Benito Mussolini would probably develop a following compared to those two. While I voted for Ron Paul in the primaries, I do hope Obama beats out those other two. But personally, I always thought Bill Richardson was the best candidate among the Democrats.

  34. “Obama is a race hustling socialist jug-eared rat from the most corrupt city in the US.”

    No, he’s not from New Orleans.

  35. I’m of mixed decent, black and white, and i go for Obama because,Obama is change for america man, i mean hilary clinton did america a disservice when she and her husband was in the white house and in politics period. I agree with whoever said hilary is just saying shit so she could win…

  36. Why do Americans in general look to piegon hole people so much…why does the issue of black, white, male, female, play such a heavy role in a political race? The ONLY thing that should be looked at during a campaign race is POLICY and CREDIBILITY.

  37. Kumbaya Caine! White people, however dislike pablum flavored diatribe generalizations proposed by white people regarding white people stereotypes.

  38. These are funny, but how are you all ignoring post #6 and #7?
    Ross’ eyebrow looks ready to take over Metropolis!
    It kidnapped the Lindbergh baby, and I’m pretty sure it’s hiding Jimmy Hoffa.
    Dammit people! It has no reflection!
    His eyebrow is the illegitimate child of Hillary Clinton and Steve Guttenberg, and it must be stopped!
    I’m telling you… that eyebrow is its own axis of evil!

  39. Ruth Calabria, Chairperson

    We endorse Barack Obama as the next president of the United States.

    This is the most important election America will ever have, possibly the last if Barack Obama is not elected.

    The Evolutionary Party derives its politics from the equation for evolution shown on the flag that has been in the textbooks for the last eighty years. A mathematical elaboration of it supported by data ranging from chemical kinetics to the evening news indicates that our “war on terror” is slowly but surely escalating to World War III, a truly terrifying thought. For that reason we support Barack Obama, for he is the only real anti-war candidate.

    Hillary? Before Hillary came Bill. Let us recall Bill Clinton and his lovely first lady with a clear eye. This all smiling couple sang their song of health care so sweetly to the public but delivered, not on an increase in medical protection, but an increase in prison building and in the number of police roaming the streets, federally paid, looking for a reason to hassle the public and put those who get annoyed rather than cowed into one of those new Clinton prisons. And we accepted it all because it came from such a nice American couple with such nice smiles. Hillary, show us that your showboat is something other than a total fake.

    What the Clintons did very much pleased the conservatives, who believe in lock ‘em up law and order because our laws are made by and for the eternal betterment of the moneyed class in America. What the Clintons did took America to the highest per-capita prison population in the world, a statistic historically associated with police states like Stalinist Russia and apartheid South Africa. No, the Evolutionary Party is not saying that America is a police state, if it were, you’d have heard about it on the evening news.

    The Clinton presidency also ended social protection for out of work people, again quite pleasing the conservatives. The Clintons ended Lyndon Baines Johnson’s war on poverty and put all the homeless people you don’t see on TV onto the streets of Las Vegas and Sacramento where they are as thick as flies and can’t be missed unless you are blind. As some in the media actually are. Have you ever noticed Carol Costello’s eyes? Right out of the Stepford Wives. She is blind. You are sure of that by what she and the rest of the show your tits newscasters don’t say. Nothing that you actually see on the streets of America and on its busses and in its workplaces is ever talked about on TV.

    And you have to wonder who Carole is banging for in the front office. We are not picking on her for that reason, though. Working women all across America have to fuck for their bosses, one way or another, to get ahead in life. So it is very unlikely that Carole is alone as a CNN down on her knees newscastrix. No, we are picking on Carole and on Anderson and on the rest of the well paid greasy mouths on TV for not seeing the more stark realities we lesser people have to live with.

    And to all you middle class who don’t care if the Clintons brought us the hoards of homeless beggars that don’t exist in your life, don’t turn your head so soon. It could be you and your family next. Either as one of the homeless, when the economic realities of our trillion dollar war rob you of your job and retirement savings when the market crashes. Or as a victim of the homeless when their rage at being kicked by the police on top of being starved reaches the mass murder point. As it has in a number of other sectors in America where control is abusive, as at work and in our well policed schools.

    On a lighter note, Hillary does have a few things she can be proud of. She is a most talented actress and a profoundly adept social climber, our American Evita. But whatever Hillary’s personal accomplishments, she is never going to go against the wishes of the money class that created her and Bill and supported them as their adorable political puppets. Hillary would not show her tax returns, as Obama asked, because they would show the largess showered on the Clintons by the moneyed class. No, Hillary is not going to stop this war, whatever she may say to get elected and star her next movie: Figurehead President II.

    Of course, there are those of you that think that Hillary would never lie to us. Bill said he would never lie to us. And he said it so well that I yet don’t believe he lied to us about Monica. Monica who? That is how good an actor Bill is. He’s even a better actor than Brad Pitt. One night Bill crawled into Angelina’s bedroom in Beverly Hills with a cigar in his mouth. Hey, Angelina, he said, my wife’s going to run for president this year. Open your legs and give us your vote. Pass the popcorn, please. It’ll be another four years of that movie, but with Hillary smoking the cigar.

    Of course, transgressions are relative. Who is not totally revulsed by the smell of a public rest room fused to the Bible squeezing, boy hustling conservative senator from Idaho? Nobody has caught Bill at that yet. Still, what character is there in a first family when the head of the most powerful nation on earth sticks a penile object, not even his own, up some college kid’s vagina? If this were a movie, would they play the Star Spangled Banner during this scene?

    And doesn’t it make you wonder about the guy’s wife? Does any sane female over the age of 22 really think Hillary felt bad about Bill and Monica? Behind all the media hype that protects those who help control the little people, you have to wonder:

    A.) Is Hillary is lesbian, a married one, not that unusual in modern America. If Hillary was mad about anything with Monica, it was that she didn’t get a shot at her too. Watch one of Hillary’s lovers surface soon to clarify her tastes as to penile object.

    B.) The smiling Clintons are so phony and so slimy underneath that one would not be surprised to find that the inarguably unconfident and possibly mildly retarded Chelsea Clinton was the product of her pervert parents abusing her when she was four years old, the age she seems to be stuck in. Certainly there is as much truth in this outrageous conjecture as the Clintons being good people because they go to church on Sunday. No, what the Clintons are is not good, but likable. Likable is a banana split. You just like how it tastes. You don’t need a reason. The Clintons are an imitation banana split, very likeable, like artificial sweetener that causes cancer eight years down the line.

    You can trust what a Clinton says like you can trust what a Bush says. That whole family, George I, George II, Lady Barbara and Lady Laura, are all great actors too. And isn’t it interesting that the Bush daughters, Jenna and what’s her name, are as unconfident and inept as Chelsea. Makes you wonder if Bush uses a cigar too. But on Lady Laura, the Virgin Mary of conservatives?

    True, this skit by the one writer’s guild writer who didn’t get rehired is a bit insane. But there are a lot of people around today that are actually insane, not the least of whom are the conservatives, all of which are unbalanced emotionally because of their castration in childhood from the pains of physical punishment and strict obedience. They are inherently defective however much their endless charades from Senate podiums and on Fox News try to hide it. And dangerous when they have weapons in their grasp.

    If you want the war and the police state to end, vote for Barack Obama. Not for Hillary, who is so self-serving and devious that you wouldn’t be surprised if she teamed up with Huckabee as VP on a national reconciliation ticket. Or some such curve ball the moneyed class would use to block Obama from getting in and ending our descent into irreversible totalitarianism and worldwide war. Hopefully Obama will not be removed by assassination.

    Who are we to say such dark things?


  40. omg you are so angry!

    i’d rather vote for a republican than for obama.

  41. […] like a lot of the things listed, including, as you may or may not know, Barack Obama. But I don’t speak for all white people any more than I speak for the whole CSP. Furthermore, […]

  42. on February 21, 2008 at 10:52 pm this is not a test

    Attention Democrats,
    If you want a Democrat in office, you best not vote for The Hillary. Even Republicans want Obama instead of her; or basically anyone BUT her.

  43. Look at all the fucking sheep that vote democrat. Sometimes it makes me ashamed of being a middle class white male who resides in California.

  44. I’m white. Barak Obama sucks. I can’t understand how half of democratic voters can back someone who has NO POLITICAL ACCOMPLISHMENTS AT ALL. NONE. other than the fact that his democratic competition has NO BRAINS at all. these two democratic candidates will ruin this country within two years if elected.

  45. If he gets elected, all the white folks can feel that they have truly exorcised the demon of racism. Oh yeah, and white folks like exorcism1!

  46. You have mad photoshop skills. I had to do a double take because it blended in so well

  47. Obama is favored almost uniformly by blacks, and in Hawaii he won 75% to 25% for Clinton, and this is definitely a minority-majority state – but I guess they’re all ‘just white’, huh? What’s the matter, ‘you all white’?

  48. To say that this is the only possible reason white people like Obama is to do a great amount of discredit to Obama. Hell to say that’s the only reason ANYONE likes Obama is to do a great amount of injustice to him.

    The only reason racism still exists is because of attitudes likes this. We can’t like someone based on who they are; “oh well that white boy just likes him because he’s black.” Us white folk can’t get away from it. Those of us who are truly not racist would like to live and let live. But people can’t quit reminding us that “he’s black, did you ever think about that?” So what, who cares. I wouldn’t have noticed the color of his skin any more than I would have noticed the color of his T-Shirt except: PEOPLE WON’T QUIT REMINDING US.

    So the issue becomes, we’re reminded so much that black people are BLACK PEOPLE that yes, every time we see a black person, our immediate thought is HES BLACK. Why? …Because of sites like this.

    I know, I know, it’s satire, it’s a joke. I find a lot of this site funny. But this post just irked me.

    I’m not voting for Obama because he’s black; I’m voting for Obama because he’s not an old guy, because old guys have their heads up their ass almost all the time. Be they black or white.

  49. To say that this is the only possible reason white people like Obama is to do a great amount of discredit to Obama. Hell to say that’s the only reason ANYONE likes Obama is to do a great amount of injustice to him.

    The only reason racism still exists is because of attitudes likes this. We can’t like someone based on who they are; “oh well that white boy just likes him because he’s black.” Us white folk can’t get away from it. Those of us who are truly not racist would like to live and let live. But people can’t quit reminding us that “he’s black, did you ever think about that?” So what, who cares. I wouldn’t have noticed the color of his skin any more than I would have noticed the color of his T-Shirt except: PEOPLE WON’T QUIT REMINDING US.

    So the issue becomes, we’re reminded so much that black people are BLACK PEOPLE that yes, every time we see a black person, our immediate thought is HES BLACK. Why? …Because of sites like this.

    I know, I know, it’s satire, it’s a joke. I find a lot of this site funny. But this post just irked me.

  50. THIS IS TOTALLY TRUE. Whites dont wanna be called racist so they vote for obama

  51. …and he’s technically only half-Black so they can always chalk up the things they like about him to his white half!

  52. I think Ross’ eyebrow is kind of sexy.

  53. #39 Alicia Silverstone

    Could somebody please put a muzzle on Alicia Silverstone and force her to take her meds? I got through three lines of her manifesto and started convulsing in boredom.

    The loss of global bandwidth alone should be grounds for committal.

  54. Or as I put it, “Is Obama Black enough for your white liberal guilt”?

    Yes, I worry about this, but Obama’s experience and stance on education, health care, and diplomacy win me over above and beyond the joy that comes with possibly having a political legacy that has “moved beyond” race. Yes, race is still an issue, and will likely be for a long time to come (we white folks have much work to do).

    However, according to http://www.dailykos.com/story/2008/2/20/201332/807/36/458633 and other similar posts on that site, (where info was gathered from the Library of Congress) in Obama’s first year in the U.S. Senate, he authored 152 bills and co-sponsored another 427. These inculded:

    1. The Coburn-Obama Government Transparency Act of 2006 – became law,
    2. The Lugar-Obama Nuclear Non-proliferation and Conventional Weapons Threat Reduction Act, – became law,
    3. The Comprehensive Immigration Reform Act, passed the Senate,
    4. The 2007 Government Ethics Bill, – became law,
    5. The Protection Against Excessive Executive Compensation Bill, In committee, and many more.

    In all, since entering the U.S. Senate, Senator Obama has written 890 bills and co-sponsored another 1096 (this might also include his record from Illinois – not certain).

    He’s not ONLY a choice from a position of white liberal guilt – and may not be a choice from that position at all for some. As a white woman, I also struggle with the guilt of NOT voting for a woman… but I’m good with it. There are intersections of all people’s identities at play here. The bottom line is that Obama, for dems at least and an increasing percentage of indeps and repubs, is someone who can effectively move this country in a bi-partisan way like no one else.

    I know not all agree with that. But that is my firm stance from my positionality.

  55. Neat blog. I really like this section. Giving people a chance to express their views is great.

  56. Or as I put it, “Is Obama Black enough for your white liberal guilt”?

    Yes, I worry about this, but Obama’s experience and stance on education, health care, and diplomacy win me over above and beyond the joy that comes with possibly having a political legacy that has “moved beyond” race. Yes, race is still an issue, and will likely be for a long time to come (we white folks have much work to do).

    However, according to http://www.dailykos.com/story/2008/2/20/201332/807/36/458633

    Barrack Hussein Ubama will be the down fall of this country.

    His stance on education, healthcare and diplomacy is what? He will meet with and placate our enemies, he will authorize the teaching of islam, and take money out of your pocket to pay for the health care of every deadbeat that wont work.
    Race will always be an issue you moron. Black ppl are black and white ppl are white. Its nature.
    As far as his record, you went to Dailykoos….mwhaaa. Im still laughing.

  57. Ruth Calabria, Chairperson………….whatever.

    Ruth Calabria is a lying sack digested prairie hay. Sounds a bit touched in the noggin as well. Ron Paul and Barrack Hussein Ubama are as different in thought and policy as is black and white. She voted for Ron Paul but now backs Barrack Hussein Ubama? Give me a break.

    Wake up ppl. The radical muslims have been coming to kill the “infidels” for 1300 years. We must stay after them till they cant come anymore. Its more important today than it has ever been. Wake up and vote for the guy thats going to protect us. If you cant bring yourself to vote for McCain(unfortunately he is the only one left in the race that can see that we have to keep fighting and knows we cant “talk” to them), then vote for HC or stay home and nurse your white guilt. When the radical muslims come, dont expect me to help you out. Im gonna be holed up taken care of me and mine.

  58. Okay so I love Obama, and I love friends. So what. You got a problem with it.

  59. Minus a few comments, I have never laughed so hard in my life. Thanks, I needed a good giggle, I have been working way to hard!

  60. I’m just sad that my drugged-out, alcoholic yuppie of a father may have been right when he said that Americans would sooner elect a black man than a white woman…

    I just don’t understand why she’s not ahead in the primaries, other than people may just not *like* her. Personally, I’d much rather have someone who was an effective/experienced politican rather than someone who ‘looks pretty and talk good.’

  61. jesus fucking christ. if you americans ever take the time out and listen to the rest of the world – the rest of the world is saying ‘fuck you.’ and more importantly, at this stage what could really make you intelligent is to see that obama is not only a democrat but he is a marker of your maturity – that you are willing to give space to teh black and muslim ‘other.’
    it is true, that 80% of you would continue sleep-walking through your life, the great american indifference and intellectual somnambulence, but obama as president will offer the rest of the world to hope along with you.

  62. Don’t hate on the fact that a Capable, Educated Black Man may be the next President of the United States. The change is gonna come…

    To the gentleman (and I use that term loosely…) Mark above who said “white people like Obama because they hate themselves”: YOU hate yourself, but the people how like Obama want change and a new world. We have let you white people run it, and look at the state of things now. EVERYONE is dayumm near starving to death due to the economy, we’re in a war we have no busines in killing our young men who are our future…so why not let someone else drive. The lil white boys have proven they cant handle the job. Evident in Lil W-he has to be THE stupidest most clueless person alive and he is our President?

    Just sit back and ride. Thats all you need to do. Or you cant move to an island and start your own country where you can be the boss… just a thought.

  63. Great site! Very funny, can’t say the same for most comments.

    Pull the stick out of your ass

  64. LMAO!!!!!! That was thoroughly explained in one sentence!

  65. im white and i for sure don’t give a damn about obama. i agree with MARK “Obama is a race hustling socialist jug-eared rat from the most corrupt city in the US.
    Whites like him because they hate themselves.”
    i wouldnt vote for him even if he was the last one standing. and for BENZBABY, i would like to see change but not from this guy. thats why i’m voting for hillary. and as for bush he has disgraced his title.

  66. Mark 11,
    As well they should!

  67. This is one old white republican who will be voting for Obama in November.

    1) He’s the only real choice to end the war.

    2) There is a possibility of universal health care with him.

    3) He is black enough to assuage white cracker guilt forever.

    3b) This will absolve me of any responsibility for voting for Bush.

  68. on February 24, 2008 at 4:27 pm educatedRepublican

    I’m republican, and very white power centered and sometimes racist…but even I can see that Obama is the greatest candidate…McCain is too liberal and old, Hillary has no chance.

    Romney 2012!

  69. obama sucks, end of story, he will be a failure of a prez. clinton is the only way to go.. but if it comes down to obama and mccain… im not even voting.

  70. How can you say Obama sucks? Look at how he’s running his campaign. Hillary’s is falling apart. Do you really think she can run our country if she can’t even manage her own campaign staff?

    Single Mamas for Obama.

  71. Obama sucks. But the “Obama-bots” suck even more.

    Every single one Ive come across is a blithering braindead idiot voting on hype, white-guilt, or blacks voting for a fellow black (called racism if youre white).

    You can prove it by asking any Obamaton “What does he plan to do that Hillary wont do?” Youll get stammering and stuttering, but no answers.

    Now go on and cheat, hurry to Obama’s website, find some canned campaign promises, and reply back with them.

  72. I will say most of this site is very general…I’m white and I don’t like Obama only because hes not experianced to run the entire free world. Hilary nope. Romney was the best candidate but since republicans are intellegent they know hes not ready. McCain is the strongest candidate with the most experiance whether hes old or a liberal republican hes got experiance…give obama some time im sure he’ll make a great candidate in later years…i can see a great race between him and Mitt in the future. oh and i also hate toyota….i don’t like sushi….and if a white person came up with a site like this for black people i would probably see it on the news for being raciest…racism is alive today…but by both sides equally. sites like this only keep it alive…and i know its a joke site but it never helps

  73. on February 24, 2008 at 9:31 pm New Zealand Maori

    He Drink Your Milkshake!

  74. the power of words never ceases to amaze me.

  75. on February 25, 2008 at 2:51 am From Canada with love

    News Flash:

    Obama, Clinton, or McCain … They are all just puppets to create the illusion that Americans have a choice. The uncorrupted politicians never make it to the presidential elections because they can’t find enough funding, nor are adopted by the Media. Independents simply cannot afford to win the elections.

    If you live in the Midwest and only see/hear about Ford or Chrysler You can’t really buy a Honda now can you?

    Once you see a major shift (180 degrees) in US foreign policy -especially when it comes to Israel; only then can you say that you have made a choice.

    I support McCain, at least the Republicans are less of a hypocrites. Bush managed to show the world what its really all about by unleashing the dragon. So let us not bring in someone who will put makeup on that dragon.

  76. White people fix computers, and Obama Will Fix Your Computer (and a lot more white people stuff) at http://obamawill.com

  77. Obama does NOT love Israel, dude. Actions speak louder than words. He SAYS he loves Israel so that he can get elected in Illinois, but then he does business with Elijah Mohammad’s son, which absolutely makes him an anti-Semite in practice. At least Hillary’s honest about being a racist.

  78. on February 25, 2008 at 9:38 am la legione di resistenza

    What is so special about Israel?

  79. […] information we’d gleaned from npr).  Among the Democrats most everyone is in love with Obama.  (Secretly I think Drew likes him too, but won’t admit it because it’ll ruin his […]

  80. hahah so true! this is why I am for obama!

  81. Obama always reminds me of Osama and I would never vote for a Muslim for any office in the U.S. Obama I’m told will not salute the American flag by placing his hand over his heart and face the flag, neither will Osama. Obama will not wear a U.S. flag pin on his label just like Osama will not. Little things like that worry me.

  82. I am white & proud and I don’t look at Barack Obama as black. Instead I see him as half white. I mean its not those black genes in there that contributed to his verbal eloquence or intelligence to become a law professor.

  83. 1. would rather vote for the oldest candidate so that we don’t have to pay 30-40 years of retirement and benefits to the ex president.

    2. Obama’s bi-racial and did a big disservice to all of us who are bi-racial by only billing himself as ‘black’. Hell, his daddy did what I see so many black men do in my neighborhood, screw as many females as they can (a high percentage are stupid white girls who believe their bs “I love you” crap), leave them pregnant, and let the white parent and grandparent to raise them.

    3. the most racist people I’ve seen in this day and age have been young blacks. Got every kind of special interest program out there to help them succeed and can’t get off their asses and take advantage of them.

    4. So, kudos to obama for taken advantage of those programs, and when he’s president, I’m sure he and his black this group and black that group will use their power to continue the reverse discrimination that’s so prevalent now.

    5. Go you dumb, starry eyed, middle and upper class aging yuppies. His policies won’t hurt your kids.

  84. obama for pres!

    he cares about all people.

    his race is just a bonus!

  85. To me Obama is all light and no substance, time for change doens’t tell anyone how change is going to come about, or have I missed something?

    Oh and as I don’t really know the man, I can’t say if I like him or not!

  86. http://www.blackpeopleloveus.com

    The same white dude runs both websites.

    How do I know?

    In stuffwhitepeoplelike.com check out the pictures of himself eating at the Asian restuarant (entry # 71) and the recycling bin (# 64) and compare them with the white dude on http://www.blackpeopleloveus.com

    Same dude, if you ask me.

    Not that there is a problem with that…

  87. I love White folks. They don’t act like their in a zoo while in public, they don’t have to make a person a block away listen to their car audio system and hell they can even speak without grabbing their Johnson and most of all speak without every other word being a cuss work and speaking about their mother. White folks don’t wear their pants down at their knees to show the public they do wear “clean” underwear. White people even make their kids behave in department and grocery stores, not let them run around using them as their own personal playgrounds, knocking stuff off shelves, throwing things in the floor, breaking toys while their parents laugh and refuse to pay for anything their kids have broken. White people don’t go to a supermarket and hit the produce section to eat as many grapes as they can before they get to the checkout stand, or cookies and other foods they eat and enjoy while shopping and not paying for them. White people even know how to wear a baseball cap the right way, they don’t look like they just got out of a mental institution with their hats on sideways and walking like they just shit their pants.
    White people have more pride than most nationalities, they would rather do an honest days work than collect hand-outs and not sale drugs as their way of making a living.

    I love White people who get arrested and don’t blame their arrests on the color of their skin, they blame it on being dumb enough to get caught. White people don’t say there is racial profiling because there is so many Whites in jail and prisons, they know they are there because they broke the law and were convicted. White people can even understand a cop when the cop tells him or her to stop running, or to drop their weapon, or tell them not to resist unlike Rodney King. White people believes he got what he deserved and look at him now, riding a bicycle to get around in after getting all that money he sued for and still acting like a low life breaking the law and being arrested.

    I love how “married” White folks plan on how many children they will have by their incomes and to raise them by giving them opportunities they never had, not like Mexican and Blacks who pump out kids just to outnumber the White folks. I like it when White folks pay for their hospital stays, and not use our emergency rooms for their healthcare plan. I love White immigrants who come here and become Americans, not like others who come here legally and illegally mostly from Mexico and try to make America look like Mexico, the country they abandoned like traitors.

    If not for White people this country would revert back to the stone ages. Asians also know how to act like human beings and have pride in themselves and how they live, Italians are another and most Europeans. I also like White music that I can unserstand the words, good old White Country and Western music you all.

    Obama acts like a “White” person and that is what so many people like him. He knows how to speak the English language and to get everyone to listen, but what will he do besides healthcare and getting the troops out of Iraq? He cannot do this on his own. Him and Clinton are just alike, except he is a better speaker. Noone wants to listen to a Black talking “jive” and that is what White people like about his speaking ability. He doesn’t talk like Blacks.

  88. Anyone knows he’s lived in Indonesia as a child ?

  89. White people like Obama (apart from the fact that there’s a Mickey Mouse-club sort of feeling to the “yes we can” refrain now put to song by will.i.am) because he is what the pundits have called a “phemenonon” … Whites like phenomena. Think about it — ouija boards, ESP, lightning strikes — nothing quite makes a white person tingle like being associated with a phenomenon, the more phenomenal and the greater the number of whites attracted to it, the bigger the rush of being part. This is part of the larger objective of whites wanting to be non-cerebral while intellectualizing about how smart they are to recognize and experience phenomena. Of course, there’s also the fact that Obama has the courage to say that the escalating unemployment among blacks is not the result of illegal immigrants scooping up what would otherwise be gainful employment for the brothers. It’s an ugly little truth that white people would prefer not to outwardly comment upon (i.e., blacks blaming hispanics for the jobless rate) though privately remarking “can you believe that blacks are making such outlandish claims!” and privately also, with a certain pleasure in the contradictory state of affairs, thinking “my god those mexicans EVEN HAVE bilingual aisle markers now” … But by gum, the mere fact that Obama would risk alienating all the crack-smoking G’s by debunking the idea that the brown man has worsened the plight of his “own” people is very sexy to whites. “My God, the man’s got BALLS.” White people also like to say “balls” as a very cool way to say that one has intestinal fortitude, even when a female is involved “wow, she is one ballsy chick” There you have it at last. Obama’s got balls. Hillary don’t. McCain’s got ’em, but likely not much testosterone to go with. The choice is clear — a phenomenon with balls. Vote Obama!

  90. Im white…

    and i HATE Barack


  91. Funny site, is it true that Jews Italians Irish Polish are not really considered white, from the perspective of the White Anglo-Saxon Protestant elite of America?

  92. OK, all you short-bus riders:
    1. Altho his surname rhymes with “Osama,” and he has the same middle name as Iraq’s former dictator, Obama was NOT christened after Saddam or Bin Laden, nor is he Muslim.
    2. All the innuendo about Obama attending Muslim schools in Indonesia, not saluting the US flag, etc. are slanderous attempts to discredit him by FOX News types who are counting that all of you will be too lazy to check the facts yourselves. Apparently they know their audience.
    3. The next President will appoint at least one Supreme Court Justice, which effectively puts the future of women’s reproductive autonomy in their hands. Since being forced to bear a child that I do not want/have the means to care for is the most horrible scenario I can imagine (well, tied with undergoing a black-market abortion) my vote will go to the candidate least likely to let that happen. Hint: It ain’t McCain.

  93. […] Sean wrote an interesting post today onHere’s a quick excerptAll the innuendo about Obama attending Muslim schools in Indonesia, not saluting the US flag, etc. are slanderous attempts to discredit him by FOX News types who are counting that all of you will be too lazy to check the facts … Read the rest of this great post here Posted by […]

  94. This comment is racist and simplistic as are most comments on this blog. Not very clever.

  95. LoVe u #61 “importantly, at this stage what could really make you intelligent is to see that obama is not only a democrat but he is a marker of your maturity”

    #87 u are riDICKulously ignorant…..take this light hearted humorous blog for what it is….stop tryna start shit!

    Love & Peace to all lolol
    OBAMA BABY!!!!!

  96. Obama would never lie to you, ALEKS?

    The non-profit Public Citizen, just released their report on which presidential candidates have taken Lobbyist money.

    You might be surprised to see that Senator “I don’t take money from lobbyists” OBAMA makes the list.

    Click to access LobbyistsFinal.pdf

  97. This is hilarious and I am black, intelligent and yes voting for Obama.

    And yes I can tell you what he has done–library of congress, what he plans to do and even argue with you about his “lack of experience” code I can’t find another dumb-ass excuse to NOT vote for the black guy.

    Again, funny as blog!!

  98. Great site! Just call me Casper…or Wonder Bread even.
    I may wait in line to order my late, but I certainly won’t be waiting in line to vote for Obama.
    I find the lemming mentality that Obama represents “change” both amusing and alarming. When you take a closer look at his record it is clear that none of his current proposals for the future are reflected in any of his policies.
    I think Obama is very charismatic, a terrific orator, and a has the potential to be a promising candidate in the future.
    I am confused by the fact that experience has somehow become a detriment in this election. Experience is the basis upon we which we hire for any job. I am not in favor of any one of the candidates, but a vote for the guy with the least experience is a vote for george bush all over again.
    True, America does need to redeem itself in the eyes of the world. But this will not come in the symbolic act of nominating a black glorified motivational speaker.
    I am insulted by the notion that people need someone else to inspire them to take action or believe change is possible. The unfortunate circumstances our nation faces everyday should be motivation and inspiration enough.

  99. This picture is hilarious!

    He is the whitest black man to date…more so than Will Smith.

    I’m voting for Hillary by the way- and no I’m not the stereotypical fat ugly bitch feminist either.

  100. Hey 98 (wisdom) are you saying I am white? YESSS!! Does this mean the KKK will accept my application form now?

  101. […] #8 Barack Obama Stuff White People Like Nupe can we be friends? You can be my gateway black friend. #14 Having Black Friends Stuff White People Like __________________ Those aren’t tears of joy. […]

  102. Hmmm, now if we could only find a way to get out the White Vote…

    (P.S. John F. Kennedy was derided for his lack of experience when campaigned. He came right from the senate. Of course he was also riding a wave of non-Catholic guilt.)

    (P.P.S. Dennis Kucinich and Mike Gravel were the only candidates TRULY for change–which is why they had no chance of winning.)

  103. on February 26, 2008 at 2:34 pm Jerry Falwell's ghost

    Damn those white people for always voting for Democrats. If we could just get white people to quit voting for Democrats, we might get a Republican in the White House for a change. At least an overwhelming majority of black people vote Republican.

  104. swing and a miss

  105. You people need to wake up. Barack and Hillary are both going to be terrible for the future of this country. You people think that just because Bush is a republican and you dont like him, every other republican is going to be bad. Just wait until Barack and Hillary open up the borders to illegials and create all sorts of social programs to help them out. Guess who is paying for these social programs. You are Mr. and Mrs. Middle Class. It looks like Obama will win the nomination and if you all dont wake up in time for the general election, this country will be much worse off in 2012 than it is right now.

  106. Obama will be the next President.

    He has arrived at a perfect time in history. The PC crowd has been hammering on our nation for the last decade and now their efforts will pan out.

    Our nation is filled with White Guilt. We cannot repay for the sins of our fathers, but we can show our hearts by electing Obama to the nations highest office.

    I don’t care if Obama has no experience. I am so, so sorry for all the pain that has fallen on our country. Please accept my vote as an apology

  107. It’s true. He has the longest straw among his friends!

  108. What a stupid reason to vote for a black person

  109. I love how most of you ignore a lot of the racist remarks…oh white people. Lacking a damn Spine.

  110. Oh yeah…I’m sure i have grammar mistakes and such in my statements…white people like that too…thinking they are better than others because of grammar…haha lame.lame.lame. But if that is what it takes for you to fuel your ignorance…whatever.

  111. Every body says because “they” are voting for Obama and are white they are not racist or because they do “this” or “that” they area’t. Why dose there race matter? Ask yourself that.

  112. nope…this white is a Hillary girl.
    Nothing about Obama appeals to me. Shoot me or call me racist, but I don’t get the whole “Obama” thing. He has no experience, either nationally or internationally, but people are falling over for him.
    I love Hillary! Bring on the year of the WOMAN!

  113. Consider yourself lucky youre still not stuck in africa….Think about that one

  114. One black person does not stand for all black people…i don’t care if you don’t like Obama..whatever…but I was referring to oh lets see posts 82 and 13…
    post 94 is seeing the same stuff i’m seeing.
    Haha Jon you are a tool. It is all good…i don’t except much of anything else.

  115. this is so freakin funny! but were there ever ANY black people on friends??? even extras?

  116. I like Obama, but I’ll be voting for McCain.

  117. barack obama is the anti-christ

  118. He is beginging out his career with succesful rhetoric just like adolph hitler

  119. […] Orin Kerr wrote an interesting post today onHere’s a quick excerptbarack obama is the anti-christ. Read the rest of this great post here Posted by […]

  120. Post #8

    I believe we white people would call this “prescience.”

  121. […] 26, 2008 by elizainhollywood White people looove Barack Obama … #8 on the list of stuff white people like because “they’re scared if they don’t like Obama they’ll be called […]

  122. u can tell the man is up to no good.

    think about it, any black man thats educated enough and runs for office with just alil experience will surely get americas vote in the end. whites vote for him out of fear. blacks vote for him out of racial pride. not for what is right.. what does he stand for? do you even know?!? “change” “yes we can” wtf?!?! george w said yes we can change, obviously we know what became of that.

    vote for whats right.

    its so sad out of 300+ million ppl that is all we have to choose from. maybe theres a damn good reason.

    not that he has a chance anymore, but vote Ron Paul
    hes the closest thing to where we should be.

    dont say i didnt warn u. ive only been researching for the past…8 yrs. hmph.

    ps. say no to Verichip and National ID

  123. The whole world is watching in stunned amazement at the democratic primaries. In any other country Hilary Clinton’s nomination would have been an obvious done deal. Only in America can an inexperienced public servant yet stylish orator can have come so far and lead millions of seemingly intelligent people like the pied piper leading mice.

    Yes only in America would Barak Obama have a real chance. Don’t misunderstand. I believe in 8 years or so he would indeed be ready to be president. But in America you can just jump on the bandwagon and anything goes.

  124. […] on #8 Barack Obama by Pat February 27th, 2008 jurnei wrote an interesting post today onHere’s a quick excerptYes only in America would Barak Obama […]

  125. […] We also like coffee, expensive sandwiches, gentrification and Barack Obama. […]

  126. Barack HUSSEIN Obama! Sounds like a Muslim name to me.

    Is he a Muslim militant in disguise?

  127. Annette, sexism is universally accepted, not just by white people…

  128. on February 27, 2008 at 7:08 am Truth About Obama

    Obama is a world socialist controlled by the CFR and Zbigniew Brezhinski.
    He is hoping to speed up the world government machine.
    He is a very dangerous man and creation of the media for the dumb public to swoon over.

    “A nice-sounding bill called the “Global Poverty Act,” sponsored by Democratic presidential candidate and Senator Barack Obama, is up for a Senate vote on Thursday and could result in the imposition of a global tax on the United States. The bill, which has the support of many liberal religious groups, makes levels of U.S. foreign aid spending subservient to the dictates of the United Nations.”
    “The bill defines the term “Millennium Development Goals” as the goals set out in the United Nations Millennium Declaration, General Assembly Resolution 55/2 (2000).”
    “In addition to seeking to eradicate poverty, that declaration commits nations to banning “small arms and light weapons” and ratifying a series of treaties, including the International Criminal Court Treaty, the Kyoto Protocol (global warming treaty), the Convention on Biological Diversity, the Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Discrimination Against Women, and the Convention on the Rights of the Child.”
    An Obama presidency would be racist and a disaster for the USA.
    In one of Obama’s campaign offices, there is even a flag with a picture of a murderous Marxist dictator on it!
    Read the rest here: 
    “MANAGUA, Nicaragua: President Daniel Ortega, who led the 1979 revolution in Nicaragua, says Barack Obama’s presidential bid is a “revolutionary” phenomenon in the United States.”
    Yeah, the Marxist Revolution.
    Judge the man by the company he keeps. He’s a dangerous empty suit.

  129. on February 27, 2008 at 7:28 am glow in the dark

    FUNNY site. If you’re offended you need to get a sense of humor no matter what color you are.

  130. I don’t care if Obama is purple with yellow stripes. Race should not enter into this. He is the best man for the job.

  131. jug-eared for president. whoever made that post. funny as hell…!!!

    you and i would get along well.

    Obama sucks because he has practically no foreign policy experience. He voted against the war in Iraq. At least Hillary had the capacity to realize the danger of inaction. Obama did not. He wanted us to sit on our asses and hope nothing bad came out of Saddam’s pockets.

    Guess what, ya dipshits? The media is no longer reporting news from Iraq. Why’s that? your dumb ass axes? Because Iraq has turned the corner. Peace is breaking out. People are going to work. Water is running. Kids are playing soccer. Folks are getting along. But fuck the shit out of that, says CNN. We’re gonna cover Hussein Obama.

    Say that to yourselves 11 times real fast. Learn to like it.

    McCain had the insight to vote FOR the war, and to provide MORE troops (surge) while Obama and Clinton said no.

    What you have to understand (even if you’re a dipshit) is Iraq will become a success. It already is. Does that shock the shit out of you? Well hell yes it does. Because you watch CNN.

    The war was the CORRECT thing to do.

    McCain 2008

  132. I didn’t like the way Obama referred to Farakkhan as “Minister Farakkhan.” Anyone catch that in the last debate?

    How often do you hear someone referring to this guy as “Minister.”

    There’s an underlying term of endearment there if you ask me.

    How about “Mister” Farakkhan, or “Louis” Farakkhan instead.

    99% of people would’ve used one of those 2 terms.

    Using the term of “Minister” tells me Obama considers Fairy Con as a Muslim brother.

    He’s no minister. He’s a deranged cult leader.

  133. The war was the correct thing to do. This country will be left much safer when George Bush leaves office than it was when he entered. 9-11 could have happened on any Presidents watch. Bush has not allowed another homeland attack in the US. Just wait until Barack or Hillary gets into office, we will be attacked in the US immediately, especially right after they withdraw our troops from Iraq.

  134. You mean Obama Bin-Laden?

  135. Obama has no platform, no experience, and no qualifications. His election will be tragic and have negative effects that won’t be fully revealed for decades, when we finally figure out who was really calling the shots during his term.

    I don’t like him or “Friends.”

  136. You could have done a lot with this one, I think. Like talk about how Obama is black, but he is also culturally a lot like a white middle-class liberal, so he is not a threatening black guy. Or how supporting him makes white people feel like they are revolutionaries, making a difference, living on the right side of a topsy-turvey changing world and so forth. Or how white people like to say that they supported him before he was a front runner, so they can seem more “real”. There were so many directions this post could have gone, and I was looking forward to being amused and a little bit humiliated in reading it. However…

  137. on February 27, 2008 at 4:05 pm Phinney Ridge Mate

    You know…, the sad part is that on both sides only a few people have said things that are credible and factual. I had to stop reading after going over a few of “Jon, Jon, the Neo-Con’s” post.

    I am impartial about Clinton and Obama. But, it is annoying when people say that he has no record. Here’s 2 to Google:

    Coburn-Obama Act and Lugar-Obama.

  138. I love how people will take half of a fact and twist it to slander someone because he’s OMG COLORED!!!!!!!!!!!

    His father was Muslim, his mother was not. He was named after his father and is a practicing Christian. Plenty of my fellow white people name their kids all kinds of shit that are either completely made up (Jaydeen Charlayen Mackenzee) or have nothing to do with their own culture (Kali and all of it’s made up spinoffs, anyone?)

    Whether or not you like Farakhan, “Minister” is his title. Respectful people refer to others by a title (Father, Minister, Doctor, President, Senator, Sister, etc) if they have one.

    I went to Catholic school for five years in NY, and about half of my class was Jewish. Are they no longer Jewish because their parents wanted the education the school provided?

    Obama didn’t place his hand over his heart for the National Anthem in one photograph. In about 20 others that have been posted, he does. I don’t, it’s not the Pledge of Allegiance.

    The internet has been around long enough for folks to realize that 99% of the bullshit that goes through email forwards is either blatantly false, or has been twisted to suit the needs of whatever idiot started the chain letter, and yet if one piece of that false information allows you to talk shit about someone, you will damned sure use it without checking the source, or the validity of the statement. I bet you also send your money to the nice young man from Nigeria who wants to come to the USA to become a Priest, and share his inheritance with you if you could just put up $10k to release it. I also have a plot of desert in Antarctica I’m willing to sell you.

  139. I’m racist, and I LOOOVE Barack Obama because of his views on healthcare…still definitely racist though.

  140. “Look at all the fucking sheep that vote democrat. Sometimes it makes me ashamed of being a middle class white male who resides in California.”

    Are you fucking kidding? A majority of white people have voted Republican in every presidential election since 1964. This site’s stupid idea there’s something “white” about being leftist is absurd. Somehow the handful of white people who vote like black people are the only people who are truly white? I know this is supposed to be satire, but it’s fucking retarded! To ridicule progressive politics by conflating it with “whiteness” is part of the far right’s attempt to make the left seem somehow “elitist.” Yeah, like being on the side of big corporations and the rich somehow makes you a regular Joe, but trying to make the lives of poor people better is totally elitist. I believe this website was created by the Republican National Committee.

  141. To Joey (above): I’m black and I agree Obama sucks! LOL
    I agree also that the major reason whites are voting for Obama is to show others they are not racist; a second reason they are voting for Obama is to thwart Clinton. But, come November, everyone will be asking “where’d all the white folks go?” LOL I’m not a sheep like the rest of my brethen… I will vote for the candidate that is the most “qualified” for the job – which is what black folks have said for years they want… right? As I told a friend of mine the other day, as long as Al Sharpton is alive and well, whites (voters and the media who have given Obama a free pass) will be relunctant to “appear” racist lest they have a march or protestors in front of their homes/businesses.

  142. on February 27, 2008 at 7:33 pm HelloLunchMeat

    Geez people, calm the fuck down. It’s just satire…

    Oh and to the Anon user definitely NOT from the US:

    As if Europe and the EU are the paragon of political perfection. Go rant about them, we’ll bitch about our own here.

  143. Blacks, Jews & women are sacred cows in the neo-Judeo-British Empire. This includes the USA, where guilty Gentiles hero-worship Blacks like their personal Jesus…or Bagger Vance.

    Obama is Legend…or any other random Black man.

    Fact is, if Ron Paul was Black and Obama was White – but both still had all the same platforms as now – this post would be about Ron Paul instead of Obama. All this support for Obama really proves is just how racist White Americans are.

  144. Go 141 c! You Rock! I like people who think twice before they believe the latest gossip, and especially those who look up the truth (or whatever they can find that is closest to it). I can’t believe some of the comments on this blog. I teach about these issues (Gender Studies) and I am going to use you all as an example for a few lessons about racism and sexism and white privilege and patriarchy and white guilt and stereotypes and discrimination and prejudice (based on skin color and stereotypes). OMG, the possibilities are endless!! Side note: It would do some of you good to be exposed to some real Muslims. This terrorist, dictator, madman, abuser, cult-leader, stereotype about Muslim men is getting old (as is the stereotype about Muslim women as victims or belly dancers). It would be so nice if we all strive to avoid lumping people into huge groups and attaching labels and antiquated ideas about who or what they are and who or what they like. Again, I think exposure to different kinds of people would help everyone to overcome racist ideas.

  145. I hate white people

  146. wait I am white people…Oh shit Im moving to Canada

  147. and Im taking my mountian bike and metal container of water with me

  148. and at least one asian girl

  149. I would vote for Farrakhan over Obama. He’s a hella lot more real.

  150. on February 27, 2008 at 10:11 pm Mississippi Redneck Country Boy

    I can’t stop laughing…. Democrats are only happy when they are eating their young….

    George Wallace said (badly paraphrased), after losing an election in Alabama, “I won’t be out-segged again.”

    Dems choose candidates who take the position that they won’t be “out-libbed” again. Obama is out-libbin’ Hillary…’nuff said.

    They don’t seem to care that their little screwy constituencies are too narrow in outlook to appeal to anyone outside the ashram.

  151. “wait I am white people…Oh shit Im moving to Canada”

    Good, cuz I’m Black & proud. That’s right White boi. Get the fawk outta our country and leave your women here for us. Bitch.

  152. Death to YT! Kill them, the Ama – Bhulu! Sing after me yall!

  153. “We must realize that our (Zionist) Party’s most powerful weapon is racial tension. By propounding into the consciousness of the dark races, that for centuries have been oppressed by the whites, we can mold them to the program of the Communist Party … In America, we will aim for subtle victory.

    While enflaming the Negro minority against the Whites, we will instill in the Whites a guilt complex for the exploitation of the Negroes. We will aid the Negroes to rise to prominence in every walk of life, in the professions, and in the world of sports and entertainment. With this prestige, the Negroes will be able to intermarry with the Whites, and begin a process which will deliver America to our (Zionist) cause.” – A Racial Program for the Twentieth Century, published in 1913 by Israel Cohen of the Fabian Society (a follow-up to Zangwill’s Melting Pot)

  154. YOu liberals are crazy, especially you black ones…..go back to africa

  155. Can someone please tell me why white people are afraid to not vote for Obama?

  156. Women should not be allowed to vote. If that were the case we would never have anything but a conservative white male President. UTOPIA

  157. I’d vote for Lou Dobb’s, but he’s not running! I’d vote for Arnold, but he can’t run. I won’t vote for a dumb blonde. I won’t vote for a maverick, unless it’s James Garner. I agree with eviltimes post above. I would like to see Tiger Woods as B.H.O.’s running mate! We definately need more than the two party system in this country.

  158. Obama has indeed become a litmus test for racism for White liberals.

    Even Asians and Hispanics who don’t vote for him are automatically accused of racism now. Nevermind the fact that Black voters often do not endorse Asian, Hispanic or White candidates.

    In fact, very few Blacks endorse Clinton – yet are not accused of being sexist racists.

    See how the double-standard works here?

  159. Yup, Whites are already immediately accusing Asians of racism if they don’t vote for Obama! As if his anti-Sino rhetoric, other issues and factors play no role!

    It’s amazing how this race has been entirely distorted to foxus around race…when we have so many bigger fish to fry here like our $10 trillion debt, plummeting fiat currency and the impending North American Union.

    These are the real issues Asians and Middle Americans are concerned about – but have been suppressed in all mainstream debate.

    And every election it’s the same – forget about the real problems and let’s all focus on gay marriage, abortion, race, etc.

  160. “Obama is a race hustling socialist jug-eared rat from the most corrupt city in the US.
    Whites like him because they hate themselves.”

  161. I’m a white male and backing Obama! His positions are all right on, and he speaks eloquently.

    How refreshing is that?

    As for lack of experience? What did tool-head Bush bring? Nada. I doubt he’s even learned anything on the job.


    Hey, after having congress with the Congressman in the back of a limo, I certainly have nothing to feel insecure about honey!


  164. ^ Sounds like I’m not the one without a sense of humor, girlfriend.


    *2 snaps, neck shake* and I’m out sista..


  166. Hey, what about White girls who vote for Obama because we wanna suck his black ****?

    Don’t forget about us now!

  167. That’s right hun, time to shut your trap and get back to work beyotch! You don’t get paid $2/hr for nothing!

    *3 snaps, neck shake AND a finger wave*

  168. on February 28, 2008 at 10:25 am White as a ghost

    Obama! You can’t drink a sundae through a straw! Come on now!

    Go hillary!

  169. The greater point that’s overlooked in this is the fact that their fuckin vote doesn’t count, anyway, so the Obama Groupies support and vote is merely an expression of their nothingness, their lack of indentity, their gullible capriciouness. They are as pathetic and shallow as the various factions with a strong identity, i.e. white separatists, black muslims, NAACPers, evangelicals, Chinese Americans and so on, and so forth. The one vital thing that’s lost with all these groups is individualism and critical thought and reflection, otherwise, how could any of the members continue to adhere to such insane practices and beliefs?


  171. Nice blog…I am enjoying it and (as a white gyno-American) am guilty as charged on many of the points you’ve brought up.

    I was for Barack Obama before any trendspotters were figuring how white/black/male/female his supporters are…February ’07 or thereabouts.

    To suggest that people are making their decision based on what their peers (or fellow members of their own race) decide is…a little silly. This election is a little too pivotally important for that. I’m a dyed-in-the-wool feminist and have had Hillary-supporting friends send me essays which imply that I’m a traitor to the feminist cause for supporting Obama.

    Whatever! I know why I’m supporting him, and why I’ve put 100s of hours into working for his campaign. To quote a distinctly non-white, distinctly non-male celebrity:

    “I’m not voting for Barack Obama because he’s black. I’m voting for him because he’s BRILLIANT”.

    Elise in NH

  172. Girl, don’t be jealous that I had Obama and you haven’t.


    *step off, backturn, snap, smack ass, blow you kiss*

  173. I vote for OBAMA cuz HILLARY is an effing douchebag.

    And Ross does look hot there!

  174. Fawk Hillary – she’s a slimy, man-hating feminist!!!

  175. Pssttt, Larry – so how was Obama? Top or bottom? How did you pick him up? And does he like young, boyish twinks?

  176. on February 28, 2008 at 12:39 pm not american jill and jake

    strange world, it seems like Americans vote in the direction of their personal preferences and not on what’s really important. in a way ultimately saying, “ I like that person more [i.e. they’re handsome or eloquent or has a personality that I’d prefer to hang out with] then that person becomes president. Sometimes it works in the best interest of your country [and the world] but most of the time it doesn’t.
    What’s important here is the need to separate your personal feelings and consider what’s really going to affect your life in the upcoming years. yes war sucks, immigration issues are a burden, everyone deserves health care, but the biggie is the economy, the money. thousands of people are losing their houses, their cars, their livelihood, every day in the US and it’s on the edge of getting really bad.
    that bush character messed it all up so fast and so bad that America was afraid to change to another president 3 years ago for fear it’d get worse. who could be expected to inherit that and run with that? oddly enough, the most prosperous modern era the world and US had ever seen happened right before gw entered office. I hate bill Clinton, I love bill Clinton whatever, democrat, republican, it doesn’t matter. what does matter is the prosperity associated with that time.

    to complete the current scene, bush is now faking his way through the rest of his administration with interest rate/dollar leveraging? cash rebates to everyone in the country? the bank accout’s already overdrawn and he just keeps making withdrawals. but it’s ok cause you’ll get checks, not caring that the cost of living has increased much more than $600 and will continue to do so.
    right now the US condition is similar to some kind of team or business on the verge of huge failure or success and you need a new leader. given the difficult nature of transitions, who do you think is going to need a couple/few years to get familiar with the business of world politics, US and world economy? who’s going to need a couple/few years to start to initiate change?
    which of your candidates is familiar with the game and already has the connections to really make something positive happen?.. and fast..
    it’s not a personal issue, it’s a professional one that your country and world depend on.

  177. on February 28, 2008 at 1:52 pm 9"pleasureboat

    ^ As usual, foreigners know and care more about our country than we do…

    Listen, we don’t care about all that political nonsense. More importantly, we have the opportunity to make history here with our first Black HNIC and that’s ALL that matters, got it?

    And if not, it’s OUR country, so feck off!

  178. […] – i, too, have a crush on obama. pss – i also have a crush on jemaine clement. psss – i also have a prius, a […]

  179. Barack drinks your milkshake!



  181. follow the money! Everyone of the politicians is bought and paid for by a lobbyist, plain and simple. It’s my crooks verses your crooks. I happen to like my crooks better than yours.i don’t care who Brarak Husein Obama is, I will never vote him or any Democrat in my life time. you can guess now that i’m a knuckle draggin caveman of my fathers generation of (goldwater) conservatives.
    It doesn’t matter who is in the whitehouse, we are on the road to socalism, bend over and enjoy it.
    I could care less, I feel back for this brainwashed generation thinking they are on the crest of a new wave of intellectual ideas, just ask Uncle Joe where this leads to.
    It’s time for this long haired redneck to go to bed,
    good ridddance.

  182. Barack Obama is a token negro.

  183. This country has a history of treating others whom they think are different from themselves with violence and abuse. Actually, the very people whom you are poking fun at are just like you – immigrants from another country. The only true natives of this country are the Native Americans. Therefore, the jokes that you make about others are really about yourself. If you should “read” a little world history, you will find that in Asian countries, for example, people were allowed to eat from the fields of others so that they may not perish (this included watermelon). The “No Child Left Behind” fails because the students are so busy trying to find a “main idea” from generated short passages to long passages until they do not get this more comprehensive literature in their classes. Sorry folks. I think the joke is on you. The mistreatment of minorities is the joke that you are making.

  184. I hope he wins so monkeys stop whining!!! Also, because I want the institution to fail miserably… so why not put the most unqualified person in office?

  185. Are you the animus with hyenna to grind? Sounds familiar according to your comment, Adolf

  186. All of you retards better get used to him, because he WILL be president. And I can’t fucking wait till see all of you crying even worse than you are now. It’s going to be glorious.

  187. Barack Obama is an opportunist, nothing more. He has no original ideas, no plans for a better America. He’s a stylist – all talk and no action. I suppose he would appeal to the relatively dim white people who place style ahead of substance. White people who support him have been swept up in this inane, almost hero-worship craze. When I’ve asked friends of mine who are Obama supporters why they like him, they offer me NO good reasons why he would make a good president (i.e. no reason other than his being “inspirational”). Being a good rhetorician does not a good president make. As a side note, he belongs to a church whose pastor is a black supremacist sympathizer and his wife’s college thesis is also very pro-black. That makes me question Obama’s beliefs. I certainly don’t want a racist president! Don’t get me wrong, Hillary and McCain aren’t great either, but this country is going to go even further down the drain if Obama becomes president!

  188. Well, BO (Barak Obama) gives validity to the old saying, “The Devil comes dressed as a gentleman”.

    Oprah should know, she’s going to make sure he’s elected and then follow though with their racist agenda. Louis Farakahn was his “spiritual advisor” and Jesse Jackson called NYC “Hymietown”, which shows he’s as racist and as anti-Semitic as you can get. Anyone who votes for this vapid fool, BO, is doing a great disservice to this country.

  189. Just to let you folks know, Obama has very similar policies as Bush himself, which is why I believe he is getting all the attention. I also believe that he is playing the Black Card…

  190. I agree with 191, it’s time we speak up and say what is really going on. Slavery ended, get over yourselves, you weren’t slaves. Quite beating that dead horse. Racism exists in all colors, just as intolerance exists in all religions. Read what Obama’s spiritual advisor, Farakahn said about the death threats Jackson received after Jesse’s Jewish slur in 1984. Farakahn said if anyone killed Jackson, that would be the last black anyone would ever kill. Farakahn was called a “black Hitler” by the ADL, and Farakahn thought Hitler was good for the country, just like Obama! Wikipedia has some of the information and the NY Times and Washington Post archives have more. In Ohio, Obama said, “When America catches a cold, black America gets pneumonia.” This shows which special interest group he’s looking out for if he becomes president. Any white person who votes for him as President and supports his (and Oprah’s) racist agenda is stupid. Watch the commercials and entertainment and see if the percentage of blacks is greater than their share of the population, 13.4%. Why are they in over 40%? Obama has yet to reveal his “plans for change”. Change for the sake of change is not always good, Hitler is just one example, who was charismatic, and full of rhetoric for change. I don’t think we want to repeat this by electing Obama who is already showing his “colors”.

  191. on February 25, 2008 at 2:19 pm

    87 Steve E wrote:

    I love White folks. White folks don’t wear their pants down at their knees to show the public they do wear “clean” underwear. White people even make their kids behave in department and grocery stores, not let them run around using them as their own personal playgrounds, knocking stuff off shelves, throwing things in the floor, breaking toys while their parents laugh and refuse to pay for anything their kids have broken., blah, blah, blah. . .

    Somewhere there is a village whose lost thier idiot! Stupidity, ignorance, criminals, etc. come in every color, shape and size. Wake the F— up! Thank God you’ll never run for anything!

  192. I’m not voting for Obama just because I’m a white guy. I’m voting for him because I like sucking balls.

  193. White people love quoting their sources.

  194. This blog is annoying because of how much ignorance is on it! I have to stop reading before I regret being white. I wish my people weren’t such dumb, rednecked, uneducated peices of shit sometimes. I have advice for all the whites on this page that are racist and saying the shocking shit I’m reading…go explore…meet some people…leave your trailor park or apartment or bo-hunk town and go interact with people. Learn a little bit. Open your heart. Then maybe you won’t live with such unnecesary hate. I truly feel sorry for those of you who are living in ignorance! Save yourselves from hell before it’s too late. Seriously. OPEN YOUR EYES!

  195. Quite honestly, between Hillary and Barack, at first glance, there is no difference in them on paper. They are both well educated, articulate, and passionate about the issues. But one of them is experienced and one of them needs to beef up his resume. Hillary was an activist first lady who worked on universal health care fighting an uphill battle against a Republican congress. She didn’t just read books in elementary schools and plant flowers. She represented our country all over the world. She has represented the people of New York very well for several terms. This woman is very bright and very experienced. This isn’t an anti-Barack stand. I like him. He’s very likable. So what? He’s been running for office since he got to DC. And he’s missed 40% of the votes since getting there! He’s not experienced, and that lack of experience occasionally rears its ugly head. The last thing you want to see or hear in your leader is naivete . His appeal among neophytes on the political scene is no surprise. They are naive, too. Some of these are people that have never voted or shown an interest. Don’t even read a newspaper. On the other hand you have politicians gathering around and throwing their hat into his ring. This is more akin to gambling. Their placing their bets before the wheel stops spinning so that they can hopefully cash in as a winner when the wheel stops. It’s a gamble, but they play their hunch that this is where they want to put their money. Of course, if it works out, then come next November there will be the big payoff, with appointments, favored legislation, etc. If the gamble is wrong and another candidate wins, then there’s a round of “Kumbaya” and your misdeeds are remembered. Politics is a dangerous business. For some people, supporting Obama is a way of punishing Hillary for whatever perceived slights there were between themselves and Bill Clinton. Very mature. I met Hillary years ago during the campaign for her husband’s first nomination. I remember how impressed I was with her — and everyone at that dinner was, too. We all wanted to vote for HER! I hoped the day would come that I COULD vote for her. And it finally has. Obama’s time will come, too. I just don’t think it’s now. The Republicans will chew him up and spit him out. And the White House will stay Republican. He needs to work on his resume and come back with something he can really hang his hat on. I’d like to see Hillary as Prsident first, followed by an experienced, worthy, Barack so the presidency (and the Supreme Court) will stay in the hands of Democrats.

  196. “This blog is annoying because of how much ignorance is on it! I have to stop reading before I regret being white. I wish my people weren’t such dumb, rednecked, uneducated peices of shit sometimes. I have advice for all the whites on this page that are racist and saying the shocking shit I’m reading…go explore…meet some people…leave your trailor park or apartment or bo-hunk town and go interact with people. Learn a little bit. Open your heart. Then maybe you won’t live with such unnecesary hate. I truly feel sorry for those of you who are living in ignorance! Save yourselves from hell before it’s too late. Seriously. OPEN YOUR EYES!”

    I agree. Maybe you should turn off BET, move out of the ghetto and take some of your own advice?

    Because every post of yours is filled with anti-White racist rhetoric. The very same ignorance you rant about.

    I’m so tired of uneducated White hoochies spoiling our men because they got some guilt complex about being White and have watched too many rap videos. Honestly, you are doing our community no favors and are only serving to make things worse. Black skin does not automatically make a man a noble victim anymore than White skin makes one a racist redneck.

    In fact, far more White men are voting for Obama than Blacks are voting for Hillary. 90% of Blacks are voting for Obama. So, whose the REAL racists here? You do the math, sweety.

  197. Why would any one not like being white? Accept who you are! I won’t vote for the horrible Obama Bin Laden. It is kind of pathetic that the black vote would only turn out for a black person. How representative of the general population is a one time voter & only that one vote for someone of their own race? Oh well, most of them probably don’t know they have to REGISTER to vote first so that may keep some away from the polls. I will vote for Hillary but if she doesn’t get the primary, it will be Republican just to keep that worthless Obama OUT. No I don’t feel a bit of guilt about how any race has been treated. Why would I? I didn’t do it!

  198. Well this write up was extremely disappointing.

  199. If Whites vote for Whites – they’re racist.
    If Whites or Blacks vote for Blacks – they’re simply non-racist, proud & progressive.

    Welcome to American racism, 2008.

  200. You white people are so funny……hehehehehe…..my side hurts…..hehehehehe….white people are funny…lol

  201. What the anti-Barack comments prove is not a dislike for African Americans or other minorities with the above stereotypes, but that you have suffered throughout your lifetime. Anyone who has a happy, loving, stable, and economically fulfilling life will not feel the pain, hate, and failure that you portray in your comments. Hillary should have been working to introduce bills into the Senate prior to her running (ex. jobs for the youth) which is better than the stimulus package that Bush is giving away to anyone even if the persons are not citizens of this country. This is the socialist direction or your tax increase which will come at a sooner time than expected. The mortgages (ARM), war, predatory lending, jobs folding is merely the tip of the iceberg that this country is seeing with economic failure. Do not forget about NAFTA. Barack did not introduce this package, your present President did. Instead of getting a high paying job as a Harvard University alumni, Barack went to the poverty stricken area of Chicago to “stimulate” people to continue within society by making more with what they have on a low income or no salary at all. Hillary has just been shown during her campaign to visit the people in the Appalachian region of her home state – shame on Hillary. I repeat, I can understand more through your writings that you are people who are not respected and want a place in society. Vote for Barack and I will guarantee you that what you now declare will change because life will get better. So many failures have been made in this country because of irresponsible and uncaring leaders. Vote the right way- VOTE SENATOR BARACK OBAMA.

  202. Correction: Bush introduced the stimulus package, not NAFTA.

  203. wow – there really IS racism up in here. the ignorance is remarkably amazing.

  204. Ha ha, I love how Obama is turning all these burby white bitches out! Gobama!

    Once you go black, you don’t turn back!

    All your base are belong to us, America!

  205. Robin,

    You do realize that Hillary was a Goldwater Girl and President of the Young Republicans, don’t you?

    She’s a Wolf In Sheeps Clothing, meaning she’s really a conservative feigning to be a Liberal. Of course, that’s really what a Liberal is these days; a conservative feigning to be progressive.

    Yours Truly,


  206. I love how every person that responds to my comments thinks I’m some ghetto girl. It’s actually hilarious. Just because I support unity of cultures and think it’s embarassing for some people of my race to be ignorant and racist doesn’t mean I’m ghetto. You’re just proving yourselves to be more ignorant with your responses. So just stop. Let me say my peice as you’ve said yours. Just because mine isn’t the same old brainwashed idea that many white people have been plagued with for years doesn’t mean I am in some way hateful of who I am. I just realize what the fuck is going on and yes. It’s embarassing. I owe no one an apology. AND PS My favorite TV station is the history channel. Maybe you should stop watching CMT and learn a few things.

  207. Arianna,

    Do you use Adult Wipes? Just asking.

  208. on February 29, 2008 at 12:10 pm Donkeyintheroom

    Did the Friends crew get a muslim roommate? I don’t recognize the guy on the far right?

  209. No. No adult wipes. Just drip dry. Raw, honest drip drying here!!!!!!!!!!!
    This is SOOOO entertaining!

  210. That didn’t even make sense. But it’s still entertaining none the less.

  211. Fock the haters, Aryana! I know you just down for the brown! *wink wink*

    Just say it loud and proud wit me, BLACK PRIDE! FOCK WHITEY MCGEE! No need to front your game no more.

    I agree, it’s all about BLACK-WHITE UNTIY…between da sheets! Have my black baby and let’s make this world a better place, girl! I know ya white ghetto booty wants summa dis black ghetto dick!

  212. WOW. My point just isn’t coming across right.
    I’m gonna just be italian and shut up.

  213. What happens if you’re white, love Barack, hate Israel, and are, in fact, an admitted racist?

  214. Aryana, let papi have some of ya hot lasagna and I’ll show you what real soul food is. You in NJ? Come see me in da Bronx.

    If you know what’s good, you can be my 4th baby mama. 😉

  215. I just want to say that KEVIN is a tard…play golf…can we say Tiger woods…come on.

  216. Has anyone noticed that everything Ariana says is based on race and racial stereotypes?

    White guys are rednecks with small penises.
    Being Italian = shutting up.
    Black guys are gods.

    So, a typical conversation with her must go something like this:

    Bitch, yo no illegales, so don’t be a damn Indian giver and Jew me for that bottle. I can drink like an Irish and fight like one too. And stop acting like you got a dick, you ain’t Black.

  217. What happens if you’re white, love black men, loooovvee Barack & hate white guys?

    Am I racist? Or not since I date a lottt of black men?

  218. DISCLOSURE: I am a pasty white Irish-American and I hate Obama because he’s corrupt.


    No matter how many posts I read on this blog, I am stunned at the number of commenters who take satire as if it were a serious essay of serious intent.

    In this particular thread of comments, I am howling and doubled-over with laughter at the people who suggest that Barack Obama will be “a change” from what we’ve had.


    A change?

    The “change” that Barack Obama offers is the grifter’s change, where he hands you a $5 bill, and then when you give him his change he says you forgot the other $45 in change because he gave you a $50.

    Barack Obama is a grifter, and he’s conned a lot of people of all color.

    The fact that he’s 0.000000000000001% African and calls himself a “Black” man merely indicates the depth of his prostitution for the sake of Empire.

    And by the way, Obama fellators — the dude’s all in favor of Empire. He won’t do anything significantly different from Bush/Cheney, Clinton/Gore, Bush/Quayle, Reagan/Bush. He’ll talk differently and yes, he is not the same exact person as Hillary Clinton. I’ll concede those points. But you’re sucking helium and giggling like a oxy-deprived schoolgirl with the bends if you think Obama is “change.”


  219. Ariana – just be straight. You like it up the booty? Can you make ya booty clap? And you like your black men thuggish or classy?

    I’m a little of both. I work as a security guard at a ritzy mall by day and hustle by night. I’m a versatle brother. I can make you my queen by day and scream by night.

    8==> >|8o


  220. ARIANNA,

    Do you work for NPR?

  221. 220 sheila23,

    No, that doesn’t make you a racist, just a whore.

  222. 216 Pat,

    It means you’re a very sexual person, Pat. Make sure you protect yourself properly.

  223. Excuse me? Don’t call me a whore, you ugly jealous little white boy!!! OMG I hate you guys!

  224. I’m with Sheila23..I can’t wait until we get a BLACK man in the WHITE house! About time we had a real man up in thurr!

    Old white men are just so, eww. Time for a change. Go Obama!

  225. keep going guys. this is hilarious to me and my coworkers. seriously. i love it. keep going.

  226. Relax, 226 sheila23, it was a compliment. I’m a black man and I dig white whores, like yourself, who have sex with me.

    227 BarbieDawl, you’ve got me all anxious in my pork loin now.

  227. in fact, i’m enjoying it so much, i want all of youse guys to take me at once in front of my coworkers.

    do you know what italian girls where behind their ears to attract their black lovers?

    that’s right, their ankles.

  228. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH!!GOOD ONE! Nice Job fake Arianna. I like it from behind though. So same story just from behind thats all.

  229. and it’s WEAR behind there ears, fake arianna. not where. once again….go learn something.

  230. and it’s WEAR behind THEIR ears, fake arianna. not there. once again….go learn something.

  231. Re: realitygirl 2

    Just because someone opposes Obama, it does not mean he/she is a racist. The majority of people on this post who take issue with Obama are against his policies (or lack thereof), his dishonesty, his inexperience, etc. If we cannot critique our politicians without being accused of racism, we truly live in an ignorant, judgmental nation that does not respect or encourage free enquiry or political discussion. It saddens me that you are such a vacuous, unintelligent moron who cannot think critically.

    P.S. Kudos to M. Pyre!! 🙂

  232. Nice try white boy, but I can smell a ripe black sack from a mile away.

    And you ain’t got one.

    Trust me, they call me the conniggasseur in my town. I enjoy my brothas like fine wines and stable-bred racehorses. I’m a certified black cockjockey and proud of it!

    Sorry, no weak whiteboy shit allowed in my house!

  233. Haha dirty white kunts – 42% of Blacks have herpes, you know!

  234. White voting for Obama ! we are at a turning point in history where individuals of good faith want a significant change in American politics as they have done in the past

    there were whites involved in the underground railroad, helping blacks escaping slavery in the south….
    there were whites abolitionist’
    there were whites in the civil right movment in the 60s,

    No surprise now that there are whites genuinely honest who want a black president in the White house, Obama happens to be the right candidate at the right time.


  235. I think it is hilarious to see people squirm when they read posts like this. They instantly jump to justify their support for barrack obama. This is an interesting study on human nature/behavior. Good work.

  236. I hate it when Obama trys to speak slang and jive, like he’s hip and “dope”. He sounds like Kerry trying to wear a hard hat.

  237. In response to the first post: I am white, and I greatly dislike Israel. However, I do like Obama. He is a good human being. That transcends race, and has nothing to do with white guilt.

  238. When will we elect our first anti-Zionist, pro-Palestinian President?


  239. Obama is a Zionist pig who supports the racist apartheid state of Israel and war on Iran!!!

    “We Must Preserve Our Total Commitment to Our Unique Defense Relationship with Israel”

    “That effort begins with a clear and strong commitment to the
    security of Israel: our strongest ally in the region and its only
    established democracy. That will always be my starting
    point. And when we see all of the growing threats in the
    region: from Iran to Iraq to the resurgence of al-Qaeda to the
    reinvigoration of Hamas and Hezbollah, that loyalty and that
    friendship will guide me as we begin to lay the stones that will
    build the road that takes us from the current instability to
    lasting peace and security.”

    Uh yea…Israel is a “democracy”…only if you’re JEWISH!

    Sen. Barack Obama said Friday the use of military force
    should not be taken off the table when dealing with Iran, which
    he called “a threat to all of us.”

    Uh, we’re a threat to Iran! In order to stop their IOB and the collapse of our fiat currency, we cut their undersea cables to the EU! And next, we’re gonna invade them!

    Make no mistake – Obama is a CHICKENHAWK in sheep’s clothing who will lead us into WWIII! He was pulled out of nowhere so that he’d have no voting record to impugn him with. But, he is a complete PUPPET of the NW0!!!

  240. you really think the end of this war is the best option for the free world? anyone who doesnt have their head up their ass can see its the best thing bush did in his terms.

  241. White people have failed America? We cant handle running it anymore? Where do you even think you can start thinking like that

  242. To Anonymous 234: Senator Obama has more experience than Bush and Hillary Clinton. They are both taking out their own people – poor whites – to fuel their efforts. If you would visit the poor areas of the above named people, you will know that these people do not care about policies but trying to get a name for themselves – President. You and anyone who will fuel their cause are okay with them. However, the poor suffer greatly in this country. Their efforts have nothing to do with knowing about policy as is shown by Bill Clinton and the present George Bush.

  243. You know what else white people like? Boston Creme Cupcakes!

  244. I am a white male who loves musical comedy, coffee and bottled water. I date an Asian girl and I wish I could conjugate many more verbs in French. I can even admit that I am extra nice to blacks to convince both myself and them that I am not a racist. I can laugh at and relate to so many things on this website, but in all seriousness, Obama in the Devil!!!

  245. on March 1, 2008 at 7:56 am Rose L. Tynes

    As a black woman, I think this blog has it just right. White People like anything that does not make them look racist. Liking Senator Obama is just the ticket. The odds are that he will be the Nominee, and this will enhance their standing in the “non-racist” community.

    As for “Friends” that sitcom tried to have a couple of black characters, but White People didn’t really like that.

    Go Figure?

  246. on March 1, 2008 at 9:07 am White Morgan

    Im white woman. I honestly do not care what color or gender the person who becomes President is as long as they do something that benefits OUR country!

  247. Morgan,

    That’s not going to happen considering our current system of governance. You do realize that, don’t you? Your vote doesn’t matter when their are no viable choices. Read Howard Zinn and you will quickly realize that any official running for public office does not have your interests at heart.

    M. Pyre hit the nail on the head and expressed my sentiments, exactly.

  248. @ Mark:

    STFU. The city that he resides in had a dynasty. If you want corruption, go to DC.

    @ 134 anon:

    Look @ the mirror when you say dipshit. You should go to Iraq. Then you can tell us how the real situation is instead of making your Fox News assumptions. Please elaborate too of it being a success when unbiased media outlets say that there’s a pending civil war. You yap & yap but still pay for higher gas prices.

  249. It makes you wonder if Obama had been just the same, w/ the exception of his quote-unquote eloquence (which, let’s face it – he’s not that exceptionally articulate by absolute standards. People just notice it because they live in white-bread worlds), he’d be as successful in his run.

    It’s just overcompensation for a lot of people. Look Ma, no racism!

  250. Barack Obama is a genius – politically and otherwise.

    He towers above the scum in Washington.

    He will be the next President of the US, and likely its greatest.

  251. Did everyone forget that Obama is half white?

  252. on March 1, 2008 at 4:40 pm Kashi Good Friends

    How many times have we heard that before, Neil? You do know that if he was a legitimate Populist (which, of course, he’s not), and not owned by the Plutocracy, he would be assassinated in short order, don’t you? Are you that naive, Neil? Of course you are…you’re white, afterall.

    The Plutocrats learned long ago not to leave such things to chance. You’re being played….and masterfully, I might add. Obama’s not the genius…the system is ingenius. It works like a charm because it keeps the naive dolts like yourself believing and hoping in something that just does not exist except in your imagination.

  253. “I’m white woman. I honestly do not care what color or gender the person who becomes President is as long as they do something that benefits OUR country!”

    I think the key word here is “our”. Exactly whose country is this, the descendants of the European settlers or some freakish half-breed with a funny name? Obama can never represent this country because his is alien to its cultural heritage.

  254. on March 1, 2008 at 5:08 pm Kashi Good Friends

    Too bad you don’t have any say in it, Economist. None of you do. Obama was selected by a collection of individuals who don’t care to consult you. It’s not your Country, Economist. You just happen to live here.

  255. I’m white and make no bones about NOT liking Barack Hussein Obama. I don’t want a black man running this nation. He’ll have all that hip hop and rap crap coming out of our ears. Once in the White House we’ll have a fucking federal Chicken and Watermelon holiday aka Kwanza.

  256. One more thing…How about voting for the candidate from the Native American Party? The Injuns have been through more shit than the blacks. Just think if black had casinos!


  257. I won’t vote for that scumbag. You’re forgetting *one thing* that your more grizzled white people like- their 2nd amendment rights, which Mr. Obama is hell-bent on destroying.

  258. stuffwhitepeopledontlike.blogspot.com is funnier

  259. on March 2, 2008 at 7:10 am Deb in California

    Obama is not BLACK. He is white and black! Look at his parents!!! He has a white mom! Wake up people! Because tv/Hollywood has VERY light skinned bi-racial people on the shows and SAY they are black everyone else thinks that. ‘Any black means only black’ is a crock of shit! Just because someone has black in them does NOT mean they should no longer be white too. They are both. Why erase the white heritage?

  260. To be fair, nothing really prepares a person to be the President, or that they’ll make a good one.

    Take Abraham Lincoln, for example. He had less experience than Obama has now, and both his predecessor and successor had the most experience that any Presidential candidates have ever had. However, both of the experienced ones are considered among the worst presidents in US history (His successor is actually widely considered to be the worst) and Lincoln one of the best.

    I’m not trying to support anyone, but I’m just that experience does not automatically mean a good president.

  261. on March 2, 2008 at 8:01 am Kashi Good Friends

    And why would Lincoln be considered one of the best? Isn’t ranking presidents from best to worst kinda like ranking shit from best to worst? They’re all shit and they all stink.

    Look how many people lost their lives under Lincoln’s reign. For what? The abolition of slavery? Really? Were the blacks really freed? I don’t think so. Preservation of the Union? Hardly, it was more like preservation of The Empire to be.

  262. Barack Hussein Obama his( AKA Barry Soetoro) he changed his name back to his fathers Muslim name. He is a liar he is muslim. So people wake up !! He is a smooth talker just watch him when he speaks when he says about what he will do and watch his eyes he blinks alot that is body laguage that says he is not telling the truth.

    His wife when she said “this is the first time she is proud of America” I want to ask her why is she now proud ” ?????? I’m Democrate I’ll be DAMNED if I’m voting for Barry Soetoro. It will be a mistake if he gets nominated to go against McCain. WAKE UP PEOPLE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Clinton is the Best this country needs a women to get this country back in order. Women always gets the jobs done !!!!!!!!!

    I’m tired of people saying she voted for the war in Iraq everyone was willing to go in on what BUSH told to the American people that Saddam had Weaopons of mass Distruction!! We don’t need another Bush Jr in again right Barry ????

  263. on March 2, 2008 at 8:50 am Lady Isabeaux

    I love this website – I have to admit, perhaps it’s subliminal brainwashing or something but Obama looks like he belongs in that picture!

  264. @23…I’m a black woman that grew up in the very white town of Denver and even went to Colorado State University where there were 10,000 students and only 300 hundred of US were black and now that I live in Atlanta I can swear on a bible that I don’t any black person that sniffs glue. That is something that I will proudly say is something that white people do! I remember being in school and LEARNING about household items that you all sniffed…all the black kids in class collectively looked at each other and knew that this lesson had nothing to do with us and everything to do with keeping white kids alive! Please believe it!

  265. “Barack Obama is a genius – politically and otherwise.

    He towers above the scum in Washington.

    He will be the next President of the US, and likely its greatest.”

    Anyone voting for Obama is a chump.

    You need look no further than the Chicago Democratic machine to understand from whence he comes.

    He may tower above the Washington scum, but that’s only because DC is in a swamp.

  266. Oh, and one other thing, @23, I will proudly say that instead of sniffing glue, us black students were sniffing each other’s asses…..for a healthy, organic high that you just can’t get from glue.

  267. i thought obama was the minority so i went for him but then people said he wasn’t so i went for clinton but then they said republicans were the minority so i went for them but then i heard that obama was the minority so i voted for ron paul because absoluteley noone could vote for him and i could be the super great elite minority guy

    Google it.

  269. Obama is white…isn’t he

  270. In addition, some of the people here (political right of the spectrum) are quick to retort with name calling, racist remarks & slander. That doesn’t hold up in your end of the debate.

    The “Hussein” thing is pretty trivial (annoying @ most part) also. Saddam was executing genocide on his people. Do you think Mr. Obama would do the same to you? That’s just plain xenophobic because he’s not of the same color as the majority in the US (he’s half in actuality). Wake up & stop being sheltered.

  271. @ Wh!te G!rl:

    He’s whiter than most people that you know.

  272. on March 2, 2008 at 3:56 pm cubedweller

    Time Magazine, a white publication, has taken Obama-love one step further: beatification.


    All that’s missing from the cover is stained glass.

  273. on March 2, 2008 at 4:03 pm Typicalwhiteperson

    Congrates on being so insightful. This whole time I thought I liked Obama because he is authentic. I guess deep down I am afraid of being racist. Yeah, people are pretty predictable because guess what….we are all pretty much the same and have been shaped by our environment. Except for you. You are not white, so you are completly different and unique. Let’s forget the fact that you have a blog..Which could easily bump off coffee for the number one “Whitest” thing in existance…..Maybe someone is struggling with the fact that they listen to John Mayer when they are alone in the car. Listen, I can laugh at this stuff to for a bit but then I get a sick feeling in my stomach because it is just playing up sterotypes that don’t exist. Yeah, I am sure there are people out there who buy organic food because they want to be “green”, but what about the people who do it because it is healthy? Are people supposed to not like shoppiong at the farmers market and instead love buying produce at Super Target? The author of this blog is like all the pretentious hippsters in Brooklyn who think they really were the first one to buy that inde album then get pissed when their friend goes out and buys the same one. The people I know who are not white and not insecure about themselves don’t waste alot of time making fun of the middle class people who like shit the can afford to enjoy. No offense but the fact that you think you are so clever is just as lame as the frat boy who comes back from a semester in Spain and can’t wait to tell his friends about Merlot.

  274. White people dont want to be called racists to they say they love obama and will vote for him. when the go to the voting booth, they will vote for a while male!!!! and then they will lie about it. It is all about political correctness boys and girls!!!

  275. on March 2, 2008 at 5:33 pm Typicalblackperson


    That was a very racist thing to say. You should be ashamed.

    Have a Great Day!

  276. your hilarious i love it

  277. just wanted to say that obama, has a light… and some say its to mushy gooshy lovey …. but I like it. He gives this kind of feel like he believes its possible to be better to do better. Its like I can feel his integurity. Like you know he is honest, just by listening to him. I dont know I guess I have always been screwed over by guys who say they have good intentions. In my life, but I just have this feeling like things are going to change. Its like your all time feel good movie. I dont know is it so hard to give up on dreams. I think its a bonus that he is black because I think african americans deserve this, after what white america has done. That we should give them this, so they can aspire to be to be more, after seeing what obama has done. I also think that he might look after issues that someone else might not look after…. like poor people. I dont think he is racist ethier, which is wierd cause I know so many black people that seem to hate white people. I dont get that from him.

  278. Brianna 118 yes there where black people on friends. The freaky eyebrow guy dated a black girl for quite awhile and they where on oprah before and talked about it… of course there was

  279. If you want to see funny animated skits with Oprah And Obama Go to http://youtube.com/watch?v=W5Kboa7kSjU

  280. 281 white girl canada

    Too stupid to use spell check or even understand simple grammar, but still capable of voting.

    “your” the way you use it = “you’re”

    “also think that he might look after issues that someone else might not look after…. like poor people.”

    The poor people in his IL district are, guess what? STILL POOR!

    Actually, based on his actions, they’re getting poorer.

    It’s a cult of personality.

    So much for the enlightened left.


  281. I hate that black people dont believe in Obama enough to think that white people would not vote for him, if he where not black, why dont black people believe he is capable of doing a good job, without saying its cause he is black. I guarantee you if it was a black guy that talked shit, it would not matter white people would laugh at him. The majority of whites or blacks would not vote for a man cause of his colour. If there was a black man that talked shit Oprah would not back him. I think if Oprah ran for president she would win, Wouldnt people freak the fuck out then a BlACK WOMEN WHAT THE FUCK HELLO ALL HELL WOULD BREAK LOOSE THEN HAHA

  282. 281 – white girl canada …, you’re an idiot.

    Spell check, try it out.

    Grammar – it’s useful, really.

    And, do some research: “also think that he might look after issues that someone else might not look after…. like poor people.”

    There’s a difference between thinking and knowing.

    The poor people in his old IL district …? That’s right, still poor.

    Getting poorer, actually because of some of the stuff he’s done.

    It’s a cult of personality. Nothing more.

    Hate to break it to you.

  283. Sorry anon for the spell check mishap, I can see it really bothered you …. hehe you understood what I wrote, Even if I dont have spell check that does not mean you should hate me…. fuck off anon and what kind of name is that. Are you from a cult…. haha

  284. i am in the obama cult… I was hypnotized. It led me to believe that I am white. That I should love Obama, want chanted for hours saying we love Obama we love Obama WE love Obama. I could feel the spirit rise. The Obomanation I could not stop thinking about him. I soon new what my job is and will be. Obama lover. I could not beleive me the white girl loving Obama what will people ever say. I dont know but I dont care. I feel it in my heart. I feel it I cannot hide, my interacial relationship I am having with Obama. I may only be in my head but what the hell. It feels real to me. I feel the blessing he has given me. I just want to feel his lips all over, and under. I know it will feel good. Obama I’ll scream over and over. Black men are the best in bed, as far as I can tell so far. Yes black women are bitchs for not wanting to share just bitchs. How come they think they should keep all the good stuff for them selfs holly dont they think We might want to have a orgasm in our life time.

  285. hahaha so simple, yet so true!

  286. can you please put the original post back so we can all read it again,


  287. […] read #8 (Barack Obama), #63 (Expensive Sandwiches), and my obvious favorite, #76 (Bottles of […]

  288. Black AND White? Doesn’t that make him an Oreo?

  289. Seriously??? Thats all you could come up with on this subject?? Absolutely pathetic on the authors part. PATHETIC. One not even true. Two not even close. We like Obama cause we want change in this GOD DAMN OLD WHITE MAN DRIVEN SOCIETY!!!

  290. Hmmm…only a white person would steal someone identity and then post some BS!

    I only posted once, #268, so why is there a post @ 270!

    This leads me to believe that I was correct in my statement!

    Finds something better to do with your time than wishing you were me!

  291. JUST GIVE UP BRANDI.The racist bastards on this site are childish and like to steal your name and make it out that you’ve said something as ignorant as they would say when in reality anyone smart enough knows the difference. Don’t waste your time leaving comments on this site. These people are a hopeless cause. They don’t even realize he’s half white. So all this bashing on him about his race is making them all look stupid. I just read it now to make myself feel more intelligent and to bask in the rediculousness of certain comments.

  292. on March 3, 2008 at 9:32 am Anon Y Mous

    I believe I found the missing link between animal and civilized man. It is us. -Konrad Lorenz, ethologist, Nobel laureate (1903-1989)

    deep inside (or otherwise) everybody’s a racist… in every hypocritical culture… the proverb the grass is greener on the other side should actually read i have better skin than you.
    yes true, that didn’t make much sense.
    if rationality can’t fight racism (which it clearly cannot), then perhaps we need to try something more radically irrational–no not lynching every other-skinned person in sight, that’s already been done (who else but by the pioneers themselves?), no no not even flying little lego planes into littler lego buildings(a rather hairy idea don’t you think?)

    racism is here because secretly people have never liked each other. man has very little compassion. consider the empty shallow lives most of us lead.

    screw community service. when is the last time you’ve actually stopped and analyzed your prejudices?

    racism is just one of those elaborate set of hierarchical systems that we set up in our bid to feel less pathetic about our realities.

    if dostoevsky is right about life being an elaborate preparation for death, i sure hope we learn something quick. imagine the number of people who have died unevolved.

    doesn’t it terrify you that you might be one of them? after all, how much immortality can Whole Foods give you? (Oh and guess what, your skin is going to darken once you’re six feet under).

    forget the outside… we’re all entrails walking around in different kinds of packaging…we’re all made of the same shit… it’s time we realised that nature is really a repackager of the same…

    metempsychosis… you are your iranian neighbour tomorrow who was your wife’s lover yesterday.

    and we’re all human.

    wake up and smell the coffee.

  293. Oh, and don’t be embarassed, Brandi, I like to sniff asses too, instead of glue. Much more healthy with no artificial preservatives. Especially Brown asses…..it’s like Brown Sugar…Ummmm, Yummy.

  294. Well since Obama is half-white, then I guess he likes himself!!!

  295. black people will be voting for him bc they are just as racist as white people.

  296. on March 3, 2008 at 2:57 pm thinkb4uspeak

    Number 199….really? It’s not just white people making stupid ass comments onhere. This is the dumbest fucking thing i’ve read on this whole post:

    “We have let you white people run it, and look at the state of things now. EVERYONE is dayumm near starving to death due to the economy, we’re in a war we have no busines in killing our young men who are our future…so why not let someone else drive. The lil white boys have proven they cant handle the job”-benzbaby #62

    I agree a lot of people are planning on voting for Obama because they are afraid if they say he sucks, or disagree with him they’ll be considered a racist. Well here ya go..”I’m not a racist” (feel free to read between some imaginary lines there if you choose to do so)…..I’m a white woman, and I’m not voting for hillary, or obama. Obama is an eloquent speaker with NOTHING to say. McCain makes me nervous, i’m afraid he’s gonna have a heart attack everytime i see him on tv.

    and…not all whites hate themselves and feel guilty about their opinions toward Barack. Don’t forget although half our country “them thar damn lil white boys” fought to keep slavery, half of the white people were dying on battle fields for the freedom of black and white people alike.

  297. it has not been addressed yet that mid-eastern countries will not do work with women…why is that?
    that being said, Clinton does not need to President, or even represent the Democrats, because she will be no help to our foreign affairs issues.
    People are getting upset over Obama’s religion and ethnicity; but he was born in the U.S, is a U.S citizen, and wants to represent us..so why not? He’s only the perfect candidate.

    When you vote, take into consideration that Hilary Clinton is a woman, and mid-eastern countries will not do business with her.

    I am a woman, I’m all for women’s power…but not Hilary, and not for the President of U.S (we have too many issues with foreign affairs and need someone who can actually make them better…not worse)!

  298. A more accurate name for this site would be “What upper middle class, blue state, guilt ridden white people like.”

    Ones who profess to love working class people but only in the abstract and from afar.

    Red State Bill

  299. “Time Magazine, a white publication, has taken Obama-love one step further: beatification”

    Your spelling isn’t the sharpest, in the photo I see he’s turning his back on your ignorance

  300. I don’t like Obama…and im white…and not afraid to say it!

  301. Obama’s foreign policy advisor is Zbigniew Brezinski. Brzezinski is the partner of David Rockefeller.
    Together they created the TriLateral Commission in 1973. He was also the supposed mastermind behind the creation of the group now known as Al-Queda when he was in the Carter administration. He’s New World Order all the way. Any “change” that Obama attempts that differs from “The Plan” will likely get him shot.

    Any of these candidates are just parts of the puppet show, regardless of party. Ron Paul was genuine and saw the truth, and you can see how he was treated.

  302. on March 3, 2008 at 6:33 pm dummidumbwit

    I see him hanging out with Jerry, Kramer, Elaine & George?

  303. […] Note: I really hope all the white support for Obama is not just a grand display of ‘I’m not a racist’ sentiments. Posted by ricktrotter Filed in politics ·Tags: Barack, Bill Clinton, Fred […]

  304. There is no way in god’s green acres i’d vote for either Hillary or Obama. I might be slightly sexist and racist ,but isn’t 90 percent of white males??? I don’t believe in global warming and i dont believe in giving the country away. Illegal is illegal,it’s a freakin crime. I think we should close our borders for at least 10 years til we can feed and employee the people that are already here and execute all pedophiles. Socialized medicine??? Hillary must of found Bill’s stash. We,as a society,are in a downward spiral. With all the democrat welfare and social programs we’ve taken survival of the fittest out of evolution. This is America, we should’nt buy oil,we should take it. WE’VE GOT THE BOMBS. So what if i’m a gun crazed conservative. Sue me.

  305. on March 3, 2008 at 11:07 pm i luv this!!

    I really HOPE for the sake of this country that white people do not just vote for BamBam because he’s BLACK he’s not even black he’s MUSLIM and black people dont consider him black because he’s muslim…. and NO im not being racist but Im not voting for him and never thought twice. All they had to tell me was that BamBam was muslim and thats it.

  306. on March 4, 2008 at 1:04 am White calcio fan

    Obama’s White hippie mom got knocked up by a black dude who left her and he was a total deadbeat. Barrack’s White grandparents raised him. Typical story for black dudes — taking off on the woman. Disgraceful.

    Hey, at least he did beat her too, or do an OJ on her.

  307. @ 309 i luv this!!:

    Please refer to 274 & 294. Do your research or grow up. It’s not even a matter of you being racist or voting for him. It’s about you skewing the truth.

    @ Dennis:

    “This is America, we should’nt buy oil,we should take it. WE’VE GOT THE BOMBS.”

    Free oil? That sounds good. Those oil companies who obtain it won’t make it free or any cheaper. You’ll still be paying for it. It’s all business my friend. It’s like how Walmart & other companies need illegal immigrants to work for lower wages in order to profit.

    “i dont believe in giving the country away”

    Me neither. But your tax dollars are being given to those illegal immigrants that the companies harbor. They’re getting free health care & federal aid already. Their children are getting free education also. This is all @ the tax payer’s expense. Face it. Even an elected “conservative” president will let this happen still.

    “So what if i’m a gun crazed conservative. Sue me.”

    Have my lawyer & Al Franken’s lawyer(s) meet your lawyer(s). Invite the NRA’s lawyers also.

  308. @ 309

    I wish that was the case, but his race will be the deciding factor in either direction.

    It can’t be his platform, since that’s vague at best. Except for his idea of foreign-policy being ‘tea with dictators,’ and cruise-missile diplomacy, ala’ 1990s Clinton White House. That’s not vague at all.

    It can’t be his work experience within the federal-government, since he’s a Jr. Senator, and certainly not his voting-record, since it’s too short to scrutinize. You’ve got to be present for the votes on issues such as invading foreign countries, before you can laud them.

    So, is it race ? Certainly. Along with his time-tested and true method of appealing to the identity-politics and entitlement crowd.

  309. […] by my Colleague David: Stuff White People Like   I laughed quite a bit reading …. #8 Barack Obama, #11 Asian Girls or especially (totally recognized myself) at #80 The Idea of […]


  311. 305 and 310 are right on, Obamanation completely whitewashed his father’s true character.

    And he is also a hardcore Zionist Christian – bought and paid for by Jews. So, he will defend Israel to his last breath and bring us into war with Iran.

    Mark my words. He is nothing but a chameleon-like Jewish puppet.

    ARIANNA – if you truly like ass-sniffing Blacks so much, why don’t you emigrate to Africa??? Then you can live in a country completely led and run by Blacks without trashy Whites getting in the way. Why don’t you put your money with your mouth is and see how you really like it?

  312. 310 – That’s right cracka, all your beeches are belong to us!

    I got 3 White baby mamas – count em beeyotch!

    Who’s next – Ariana? Holla back girl!

  313. i just got my obama tattoo wow i am so excited now he is with me always!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! love you obama 🙂

  314. WOO! Texas people CAUCUS FOR THE BIG O’! 7:00pm 3/4/08!!!

  315. No. Thanks Tanyisha. I’m fine here with the Africans here. ESPECIALLY OBAMA!!! OBAMA 08!!!!WOO-HOO!!

  316. AND BTW TANYISHA. If youre refering to a comment about me sniffing black asses…then read up more. You’ll see that those comments weren’t written by me. So calm down baby girl. Lets all get along.

  317. why do they like obama he has done nothing. he’s a good speaker with no substance. votes present instead of a real vote. i don’t want to vote for someone who runs on change, but in his short senate tenure hasn’t changed anything.

  318. ARIANNA,

    Well, good luck girl, cuz you’ll need it.

    I used to date bruthas too until the last one cheated on me, gave me herp and left me when I was 5 months preg. Oh, and he always needed my help with his bills too.

    310 is right. All my homegirls fell for all the White guilt-tripping, ruffneck hype about them and got burned too. I know you don’t wanna hear this right now – cuz neither did I. I kept thinking it was racist redneck crap and I was so much more enlightened than “them.”

    So I guess you’ll learn the hard way like I did too..


  319. Yo! I’m going to make a rap album with Obam if Kanye doesn’t beat me to it. If this album drops, all these mad votes will come from all the white kids that want be G-G-G-G-G-G-Unit. Obam just needs to drop his spoken word shit on my remix of Ayo Technology. If he represents his black side more than his white side, we’ll have this shit on lock.

  320. obama sure is cute and has a purdy mouth. i’ma gonna vote fer heem

  321. […] February 17, 2008 at 9:35 am11 Mark Obama is a race hustling socialist jug-eared rat from the most corrupt city in the US. Whites […]

  322. I am white and Barack Obama should just be a vocal talent for Allstate commercials at Best. Leader of the free world? hmm…. not so much.

  323. All I can say is those who are voting for Obama –
    I have asked many of those who say they are voting for Obama…. Why and on what platform other than his overuse of the word “CHANGE” are the reasons they are voting for him. I have never seen more blank, uneducated (as in the facts of why they are voting for him) looking people in my life. Every single person…

    What does that say about his followers, They like Obama have NO SUBSTANCE BEHIND BIG WORDS. He didn’t even vote for some of the biggest issues for the Democratic Stance – He voted “present” not yea or ney… just present.

    He has NO track record because he DID NOT EVEN VOTE for issues that will define his basis. Obama can only blame himself for this. You cant vote educated if you have no facts

    I cannot believe any one can support a person who has no Basis.

    Hillary Rodam Clinton, Barack Hussein Obama. get over it!
    It is what it is… Not Black, Not White…. Educate your vote don’t vote stupid. Anyone can vote jes cause.. We need to protect our boarders, protect Americans here and worldwide. Keep our military strong and supplied with the best so they can defend us when needed, support big and small business – Big businesses that get tax breaks get stronger and employ more people (get it? basic economics) Big Business are not all bad hey are the heart beat of this country, Like Ford, GM – what are you, your friends and your parents driving? we need to support our own or it goes overseas! Are you part of the Global problem? Look within, start “change” at home – change can be good or bad – one just doesn’t know with Obama no Basis?

    I am an Independent, Educated Voter

  324. The correct response to this blog post is:

    White LIBERAL people like Barack Hussein Obama.

    If I hear another speech about change, I’m going to check myself into the insane asylum.

  325. get ready to pack yer bags we have 8 more months of this “change” … though I hope not. Neither of the Dems do I want answering the phone at 3a during a crisis.. This is nothing about Women or Black candidates. One has too many ties in gov’t one doesn’t vote and speaks big words with no meat behind them?

    Neither of these two have proven they are in the best interest for us I am sorry to say. Hillary is n for her self-esteem and Obama has an ego the size of Texas. McCain has a lot to step up to with boarder control and immigration. But I can say that in a crisis I would welcome him to answer that call.

    Maybe next run Chelsea Clinton will run against one of the GW Bush’s daughters? Lets make it a Dynasty forever! Like Cuba!

    woo hooo!

  326. if OBAMA is elected, i HOPE i will still have CHANGE left in my pockets after the DNC raises the tax base back to 40% like in the carter admin.

  327. 327 & 329: totally agreed.

    This is just more media-manipulated pendulum politics, as usual.

    People voted for Dubya because they were really just voting against “Slick Willie.”

    Now people want to vote for Obama simply because they want the perceived opposite of Dubya.

    All of these voters are underinformed and “emotional buyers,” though. All they know is that they want “change,” even if the new boss is no better than the old boss…or basically the same in actuality.

    The race/gender “identity politics” angle is also just a false duality used to cover-up the real issues here – like our ongoing currency/oil wars in the ME, impending NAU and Amero, etc. If people wanted real change, they should have all voted for Ron Paul.

    Unfortunately, most could not comprehend his reality-based platform and can only understand dumbed-down emotional buzzwords like “hope,” “change” and “unity,” instead. Which explains why they love Obama. Essentially, these elections are now nothing more than glorified pep rallies due to our dumbstruck voters.

  328. a person of color in the white house would be great, any color representing our diversity would be tops.
    but obama would really make a mess of things,.. trying to find his way through the unfamiliar territory of world scaled ecomonics and executive US government. He may have been perfect 8 years ago when we had the world by the shorts but today we’re facing huge issues. He speaks a beautiful language but it’s not the voice we need now.
    We need someone who can get things done across the board and quickly. familiarity with the game and it’s players is key. Forcing concepts of change [at the cost $875 billion] on the US government system will do nothing but move alot of hot air while our home, our country gets bought by china and the middle east. straight

  329. on March 4, 2008 at 1:58 pm babyblonde89

    I voted for Marion Barry twice and I will vote for Obama too! Black men deserve the right to lead this country after all we’ve put them through. It’s about time we had a real man in the White house!

  330. I want someone who is going to cut our $9 trillion national debt.

    Why hasn’t any leading candidate talked about this yet???????????????

  331. obama? a real man? looks like a strong breeze’d knock his barely black ass over. i think Hillary or mccain’d beat the crap out of him.

  332. on March 4, 2008 at 2:17 pm babyblonde89

    Excuse me, but Obama is tall, dark and handsome! I can tell he’s a real man because he makes me wet everytime he opens his mouth! All men should be like him!

    If he makes it into office, I swear he will have a million girls like me begging to be his intern! *wink wink*

  333. on March 4, 2008 at 2:19 pm babyblonde89


    Who’s with me girls???

  334. no comment – I can say I am not one of your girlz.. dats fer sure!

    By the way babyblonde89 The vote is still out if he is Black or White and as far as a man – I dont know let me vote on that…. I think I will vote “present” like Obama …not yea or ney. Therefore you will never know my basis or opinion, therefore you cannot criticize me, therefore you will be working on “lack of information” thereof, Like most if not all Obamawannabeyas.

  335. on March 4, 2008 at 2:57 pm babyblonde89

    I guess you are assuming I’m a dumb blonde? Or maybe you are just jealous?

    I think you are trying to confuse a simple situation here. Obama is not white, he is a gorgeous chocolate man. Who is very smart and articilate. And I loooove chocolate!

    He presents a better face for our future. Honestly, I cried the first time I saw him on TV talking like Martin Luther jr. He really touched me, I believe his is an earth angel come to save us. It is time for a change, thank god!

  336. #339 i guess there’s no need to assume you’re woman either

  337. Fock Obama! We should elect a Black Haitian to bring slavery back!

  338. jealous I am not no one – my self-esteem has never gone there.
    typical Obamawannabe – no substance little brains…

    Amen! Brother.. Slavery?? better yet send’em back to their homeland to see how good they do have it here. I’d chip in for a few airline tickets.

    I’m tired of paying for what forefathers did. Game over. Next chapter already….. sorry can they accept that? noooo we will be indebted to them for life since they want to find blame instead of rising above the self “suppressions” they encounter

    I done with Obama Hussein Bin Laden… No more “Change” for me seen enough from the Dem’s – not liking their plans – open up that check book, ready for more gov’t and taxes! Not me..

  339. I’m wit ya girl!

    Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhbama! Save us from the evil white man!!! Please! I will do ANYTHING for you!

    And I mean



  340. on March 4, 2008 at 3:59 pm mudshark killer

    Looks like blueyed4bo and babyblondewhale are the same person.
    Whats the matter fatty….not enough pigs like you jumping on the hussein obama bandwagon?

    *wink wink*

    Oh by the way. Do not try to say you are not fat.
    You are and you know it!

  341. Sorry mudshark, I got curves but you will never get to ride them. 34D with a ghetto booty! They call me the milkshaker and every boy wants some of my cream.

    And yea, I would LOVE to jump on Obama!

    I think we would make the cutest caramel babies, teehee…

    Ohhhhhhh baaaaaaa maaaaaaaaaa!!!!!

  342. OMG some of you folks need to learn the distinction between literal news items and satire!!!!!

    In any case, I heart Obama, according to the politically correct coercive categories of this country, I am a “woman of color” from a US colony no less though most US folks don’t know they own colonies, and your montage of Obama within the Friends photo is a stroke of genius! Thanks for making me laugh!

  343. on March 4, 2008 at 4:18 pm mudshark killer

    Please send a picture of the 10 foot pole marks that you undoubtedly have all over your fat, skanky body.

  344. on March 4, 2008 at 4:19 pm babyblonde89

    ZOMG blueyed! I sooo want a lil brown baby too! They are the cutest!

    Like 3 or 4 of them, actually! 😀

  345. mudshark, down boy!

    blonde – I know, right? I never use condoms, well only with white guys.

    Wait, I’ve never slept with a white guy, so nevermind. 🙂

    My dream is to one day have a cappucino baby just who will grow up to be president just like Obama. And then he can kick all the creepy white guys like mudsharker out! hee hee

    Maybe by the time I’m 20, I will get lucky! In the meantime, I wil keep trying!

  346. on March 4, 2008 at 5:24 pm WAY to into my car

    I would like to point out the fact that the reason the Clintons were unable to deliver a healthcare package is because of the partisan BS that was going on. The Republican congress locked up tight and failed to vote for anything but their own annual pay raise, LITERALLY. Say what you want about the Clintons, but I made lots of money then, rates were down, property values were up but not out of control, and gas averaged under $1.40 per gallon. We were embroiled in no hopeless overseas conflicts, and the ones we got involved in had little (not nothing, but little) to do with oil.

    So, Silverstone #39, lay off the hard stuff enough to get in the way-back machine. I lived and worked inside the Beltway back then, and nobody really cared where he dipped his Johnson, they cared about what they always do, money and the cost of their goods and inflation, wether or not they were smart enough to realize it. That’s what it boils down to.

    By the way, Nafta was a HUGE fuck-up. Didn’t hear you talking about that. Our biggest export right now is jobs. LITERALLY. Do the math, unless yours was a school that was left behind under the Bush reign.


    Arrogant because I am RIGHT.

  347. on March 4, 2008 at 5:44 pm WAY to into my car

    “I’m gonna just be italian and shut up.”

    Do you actually know any Italians, Arayana? I am Italian (Remember I am white, so that is by marriage only, mind you, well maybe by diet too) and I STILL can’t figure out how to make my wife shut the hell up. Can you give me some pointers?

    By the way, you should have capitalized Italian, unless you were referring to dressing.

    What Italians do is shout, talk with their hands, cook wonderfully, fuck even better, and surrender when invaded. If you surrender you stay alive, none of your stuff gets bombed, pretty much the exact opposite of France. I wonder where the world would be if the French (not the Dressing) were better at defending themselves, or realized how poorly equipped to do so they really were and welcomed the invaders with parades.

  348. Ross is evil… Friends is evil….

  349. I am Italian. Actually Sicilian. And I agree TOTALLY with all the Italian facts. And yes they were Facts. And soRry About THE PunCtuation.SoMetimEs I Just Don’t give a fuck. Now like I said. I am going to stay SICILIAN and shut up. If I can.

  350. He is smart.

    Who cares about race when the office is as important as the singular US political representative to the world.

  351. Anonymous is a coward. At least have some balls if you’re going to make ignorant statements like that. I will tell you that white people sniff more glue and use more meth than any other race.

  352. “Change” appeared to trump “experience” in voters’ minds.

    Black voters accounted for 19 percent of the turnout, and Obama led 89 percent to 11 percent.

  353. There are ALOT of Black Jews…..but they are hated as well





    Catch up, with someone who spells allowed: aloud… right.



    Why not keep telling “the black culture” you never owned slaves? “THEY” will believe it, even if “THEY” don’t want to.

    white boy canada.

  357. […] at how pertinent it is to our blog: gentrification, Ogama, and it’s a stretch but […]

  358. OOO mama! — a candy bar melting in the sun after losing Ohio & Texas…..

  359. Now that Obama has lost something. Even if he’s still ahead. People are going to jump all over it. He’s still in the game baby! NOT going anywhere!!!

  360. on March 5, 2008 at 7:03 am Luci Mancini

    Italian women have huge pussies. Just ask Sonny, he’ll tell you.

  361. on March 5, 2008 at 11:13 am True Blue American

    I don’t like Barack Obama.
    Go ahead, call me a racist… aren’t we all just a little bit?

  362. Defeat the fraud by voting for the blonde.

  363. on March 5, 2008 at 12:03 pm vanguardnewsnetwork

    I just love how all of these liberal self-hating whites fall over themselves to say how great Obama is and they will vote for him so they can prove they are not racist.

    Sort of reminds me of how a white girl will sleep with a black man to “prove” she loves all people and that she isn’t a racist.

    Black guys play this “sleep with me or yo a fuggin’ racist” card all the damn time–because it works.

  364. The Republic is 50-years dead. McCain and Clinton are the candidates of fools who believe otherwise. Decomposition stinks. HObama will accelerate the process. I support HObama as a means to that end.

  365. Where do you guys get this shit from? I know not one white girl that sleeps with black guys because they feel guilty. It’s probably because of rumors of size. Not for some sort of guilty feeling. People don’t Fuck because of guilt. They fuck to fuck. Some people are so delusional just to justify themselves and their dumb ass ideas.

  366. I love how everyone wants to turn the political campaign for PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA into some sort of reality show contest. You cannot vote for someone as some sort of way to get someone else ‘off the island’. This isn’t American Idol. Who cares how they look? Their gender, race, age?! We have the right (and only recently given to most) to vote for someone to LEAD us.

    As the dictionary puts it – leader:: a person who has commanding authority or influence

    It does not say “someone who was married to someone who was the president” or “someone who can give a good speech” or “someone who was in the army”. All this media sound bite phenomena is really going to hurl us into even more of what we have now: bitterness, a no-end-in-sight-war, money of laughable worth and an even more laughable standing in the world.

    Vote based on issues.

  367. ARIANA – 2 questions:

    1) If it’s all about size, would you rather fuck a Japanese guy with an 8″ dick or a Black man with a 7″ dick?

    2) can you fit a football in your pussy?

  368. Ross looking evil: so that’s two emotions David Schwimmer can demonstrate.

  369. on March 5, 2008 at 2:19 pm Whippersnapper

    babyblonde89 – “Black men deserve the right to lead this country after all we’ve put them through“.

    Absolutely right, babyblonde89. I once owned a black house-slave, and often regret my treatment of him – the whippings etc. Although he professed to enjoy it – I could never quite suppress the thought that he was just trying to please his young white master. Ah!..Tyrone where are you now? If voting Obama will help me atone for the past, and become more of a white man, I am willing to try it. Thank you for your time.

  370. If the Clinton/Obama presidential ticket happens, do you know what that means? A WHITE woman would partner up with a HALF BLACK man. It’s the WORST thing that most white males FEAR.

  371. I’m white and I don’t like Obama.

  372. on March 5, 2008 at 5:34 pm whitey pearlman


    Dont forget

    stuffanonymouspeoplelike: getting angry on the internerds

  373. hope some crazy white person kills him

  374. on March 5, 2008 at 8:45 pm English speaking Texan

    The obvious: It takes the sperm of a White male, and only a White male, to produce White children and White women.

    I don’t understand all these non-White losers that lust after something they could never reproduce.

    Half-breeds ALWAYS without exception identify with the lower of their two castes. Barack Obama is a perfect example of this.

  375. […] I won’t even talk about Barrack Obama. […]

  376. Its funny how people pick on my spelling mistakes, cause i spelled a couple words wrong does not mean i don’t have the right to make a opinion….. so why not just work on the facts if u want to pick on me. People tell young people get involved and when they do people pick on them for spelling a couple words wrong…

  377. Man you got a lot of haters over this one.

    Shit’s funny. Obama with a twisty straw. Funny as shit.

  378. […] urban hipsters and all their ridiculous obsessions. Some other amusing topics include: Coffee; Barack Obama; Bottled Water; Asian Girls; and Multilingual Children. […]

  379. Wake up folks, BO is just another sell-out, Zionist puppet. Where do you think he gets all his funding and media support from???

  380. Ok, Susan white girl canada, I won’t pick on your spelling. Here’s a fact you hopefully can deal with, the US is just a few chords of wood away from invading your country and making it the 51st state. You can keep the French and their multi-lingual signage though. We need somewhere “foriegn and exotic” to go to see pole dancers.

  381. White person “I love Obama. He’s so articulate.”

    Other person “You like Obama? Ok….Name 3 specific policy platforms that Obama is proposing.”

    White person blank stare

    White person “He’s….he’s…..so articulate. And well spoken.”

  382. White people are to pretend Black people can not be racist even though diversity is built upon gaining structural dominance (preferences) over white people by explaining why lowly white people deserve discrimination.

    But in truth, white people do pay attention to black racism and Obama’s wife is a Black racist. Obama belongs to a black racist church and was endorced by the Nation of Islam. They won’t say so out loud for fear of being called a racist, but they won’t vote for Obama.

  383. Do most white people not know that Obama is Biracial?

    or is it that they know he’s half-white, but need to consciously ignore that to support his African Americanness awesomeness….

    I don’t know.

  384. on March 6, 2008 at 9:52 am la legione di resistenza

    to 387!

    his wife, a black racist? what is a black racist? I am so tired of this false notion of reverse racism?

    let’s examine this notion of reverse racism:

    -black controlling the university enrollment of white students?
    -black police officers beating up or killing white people?
    -black politicans wanting to segerate the city between blacks and whites and wanting to financially zone one area of town for blacks but not for whites?
    -whites are descendents of slaves from Europe by evil African leaders?

    so please give it a rest!

  385. I hate Obama. How could anyone elect someone to become a US President who doesn’t even respect the Pledge of Allegiance or the National Anthem.

    NObama 08

  386. on March 6, 2008 at 11:11 am babyblonde89

    374 – OMG! You are just jelous that he has a bigger dick than you! You white boys are all the same!

    Grow a dick and stop hating! I’m with Ariana. Enuff said!

  387. Obviously you forgot about Republicans. You really need to kill the generalizing and focus it down. I am sure White Europeans wouldn’t have clue about what you are talking about.

  388. this is the most retarded thing in the world. I am a very white and proud female. you can call me racist and sexist all you want. BUT neither obama or hilary should end up in office, they will both end up dead because we have to many racist sexist old men in this country. If any one should be voted in it is ron paul HELLO HE WANTS TO PUT A PHYSICAL BORDER BETWEEN US AND THE BEANERS, AND HE WANTS TO LOWER TAXES!!!

  389. on March 6, 2008 at 1:20 pm Soon2B President Obama

    Ten months ago, I stood on the steps of the Old State Capitol in Springfield, Ill., and began an unlikely journey to change America. If you will stand for change so that our children have the same chance that somebody gave us; if you’ll stand to keep the American dream alive for those who still hunger for opportunity and thirst for justice; if you’re ready to stop settling for what the cynics tell you you must accept, and finally reach for what you know is possible. That’s the kind of change that’s more than just rhetoric — that’s change you can believe in. It’s change that won’t just come from more anger at Washington or turning up the heat on Republicans. I know that hope has been the guiding force behind the most improbable changes this country has ever made. That’s the change we seek.

    So if you elect me president I will take your hard earned dollar, keep 70 cents and start the worlds largest unaffordable entitlement programs whiel bankrupting your childrens childrens who will have no hope of paying for the increased cost of these programs and I will GIVE YOU NOTHING BUT CHANGE…. Maybe 30 cents on the dollar if you are lucky.

  390. on March 6, 2008 at 2:59 pm PROUD TO BE ME!

    This blog is very interesting. Hmmm. One point i need to express that no one ever wants to touch upon is TRUTH. Often white people feel priveliged, as if to compare themselves to gods of some sort, yet often do not submit or humble themselves long enough, often enough to even come close to entering the presence of true humility….. For some odd reason no one ever refers to them as a “white” man, or a “white” woman, but a black person is always referred to as a black man or woman. “my black friend” hmmm, yes we have names, many of which many white folks felt as if we really wanted there’s so they took ours and gave them theirs….WEIRD!!! That kills me, and just indicates this subtle superiority that is completely fear based, disrespectful. One only tries to destroy what it fears. For instance, a lion is fierce, so man wants to cage him, and then eventually break his spirit down from its natural habitat in order to control, condemn and subject its instincts into what the “man” wants. It’s amazing that an analogy of a fierce animal can be compared to the viewpoint of even the most “non racist” individuals. You may not be a professed racist, or even a community kind hearted type still someplace in your gene poole is nonsense that says it founded a country where people were already living on, and suddenly it became yours. Your Colonol Sanders stole the recipe from a maid and made Kentucky Fried Chicken. Its amazing how the racial baraometor is up real high these days as the fears are surfacing of a black man actually having an education beyond 8th grade. Afterall, wasnt a plan devised to destroy the black children by the third grade by labeling them all with ADD, and administering ridelin to cure their ailments. Perhaps, it could be that there are no teachers that are willing to squeeze into the demeaning salaries that are purposefully perched below the poverty line…Hey, just like the good old days, if we can keep them from learning, they’ll remain naieve….Wow, Obama was one of the millions who made it through the racist educational system that projects blacks as only slaves without disclosing the inventions, educational contributions of scholars from the early 40’s. Obama is all you’ve seen and heard? Where ya been, or did you think that you killed the off in accordance to the old slave masters plan…..Hmm a co worker and i go around and around about “How can you discover a country where someone was already living”

    I found it comical when i got a email last year about the KKK is quitting. Well, those degrading names, you folks thought of, to strip ancestors of their birthrights have never worked…..the funny thing is you had no idea as you were lynching, we were doing what we needed to do to make sure that of all the little babies that were killed at the hands of crazed, power driven idiods, one of them would be free. But still to this day many of “your people” are stringing up invisible ropes from trees all over the land expecting free men that worked your great grandaddies, who had a lust for black women who lied that the babies that were birthed were not theres, and you have the audacity to call the name heathen to any other but your own stained heritage…hmmm
    the sad part is that many of you have no clue that black folks have names for you too. Do you care, does that stop you from getting what you work for? No. And neither does it change If it aint on the birth certificate, then who are you to judge. Let’s not forget the trees, yup those

    No don’t get me wrong, i have plenty of “white” friends. their pretty decent folks, but let us go into a posh restaraunt, who do you think the mater d assumes has the most money. Funny, we both have the same amount, and depending who has the most bills during that time, or who loves to shop for trinkets and bobbles more than anything else on the planet to fill her voids that her often depressed days won’t fix….so, folks, why is it that when the rubber hits the road, the massa’s saught after the maids to pray for them, to take care of their youngins….twisted…hmmm, still doesnt make sense…let’s see…. in the world you may think you have more money, style, prestigue, is that all you are…a man once asked a white man what he liked about being white…he liked to be seated at the best table at the restaurant, the way he never got hassled on the freeway in his nice sports car…sounds like a twisted connection to who a person is….ask any person of color what they like and they’ll tell you everything. And, statistcally the Physcobabble movement that is devising a plan of insanity for our people need to take a peak in the medicine cabinets of the prescriptions for Prozac…hear their damn near like jellybeans for some folks.

    Not so smart afterall….common sense will outweigh a PHD on any given day, especially when the formulation of such letters behind names were created by a group of people that constantly lie to themselves about the dirtly little secrets.

    Common sense, it goes a long, long ways!!!

    get a grip folks!

  391. on March 6, 2008 at 3:00 pm PROUD TO BE ME!

    oops forgot to do a spell check, but i’m sure you get the point….and then again there’s that common sense factor that separates many of us across the globe.

  392. I find it so interesting that you all see this as comedy. It would have been comedy before comments were made to degrade the black race or to call someone white black because they are educated and happen to speak well. Its a shame that even years later, you people still have not learned to embrace the diversity of this nation. Get over it, you are not the only ones here and if you continue to be narrow minded you will miss out on learning more and educating yourself to become a more global citizen. And for the record, I am black and I am not voting for Barack simply because I don’t think he is the best for the job.

  393. its sad that people can not be judged on there own personality. Its all about my granddaddy and how he had a slave… what maybe i could slit my throat and would that make you believe that I am not racist. Would that work no cause you are blind beyond colour. Blind by my bleached skin. I am not a brother. But any way thats all i have to say and sorry i did not do spell check. I am sure that will matter to most of you more then the message of course, it will give you something to bitch about of course

  394. fuckin nigger

  395. on March 7, 2008 at 1:05 am www.stormfront.org

    #395 “Wow, Obama was one of the millions who made it through the racist educational system that projects blacks as only slaves……”


    He was an affirmative action candidate, as was his wife. Barack Obama was given so much privilege that it is beyond dispute.

  396. You people need to get a real hobby!

  397. You people need to get a hobby!

  398. Get a hobby!

  399. on March 7, 2008 at 9:20 am Meme J, Windhoek

    Love it!

  400. ROFL!

  401. yay for white people!

  402. Most white people actually dislike Israel. And I can totally understand them. I mean rooting for the good guys is so 1990’s. Damn those zionist pigs and thier battle to sustain a real western democracy in a sea of muslim fanatisicm.
    Just because Israel’s arab neiburs have tried to unsuccesfully annihilate them time and time again, is no reason to stop accusing Israel of “stealing” their land.

  403. Adolf Hitler was right. Whites unite!

  404. To Annette: The answer to your question is that men are much more threated by women because they don’t understand them. Also, since it is no longer accepted to be racist by society, they have to find another way to appease their egos so they decide sexism is the way to go.

  405. well the lie is, is that battle of the sexes is right to choose from! haha

  406. time to say goodbyes and sorries for blacks to ship out. very puzzled.. of this

  407. Hey Juno! Get off the crack pipe and start writing in complete sentences. Must be nice to speak two languages.

  408. *shakes the tabernackles* OOOOOHHHHH you cannot escape your own judgement. OOOOOOHHHHH *rattle chains*

  409. Good comeback Potsy. Guess you told me off, eh?

  410. I can’t understand figuretive language that much… It doesn’t come easy.

  411. Regarding the United States, if Barack Obama becomes president, it will be an Obamanation.

  412. To begin with, I thought Barack Obama would account for the other teams. As to me for the position, it looks horrible for any care.

  413. Juno,
    Thanks again for bringing down the average IQ in America. It’s time to put your helmet on now. What time does the short bus pick you up again?

  414. juno wont change

  415. Eck,

    knuck! knuck! knuck! Curly (and Fox news) would be proud.

  416. Wow!? Juno sweety, you’re awesome as it is to be free spirited in the United States. Just don’t worry about what puts people at ease?? Or what brought up the moral values… still trying to think on what to say for me to you baby.
    You’re still working it for the dream as American values, dear.
    Keep at it, and you’ll see what you’re working with!

  417. Juno
    You DO know that referring to one’s self in third person is a sign of schizophrenia right? Besides, the part of Gollum has already been cast……next!

  418. oh bless your children

  419. actually, i am SO white and SO sad that kucinich dropped out!

  420. Or maybe white people hate women and just can’t vote for hillary?

    I love this site but this one was kind of stupid.

  421. on March 7, 2008 at 1:12 pm fried chicken state

    Hello, I’m from up state New York and I do declare that Obama will raise the racist hate sign and dropping it in and out of public! go Obamic acedemics! sad be known…

  422. Hey, all you women whining about “why is it okay to be sexist” or “struggling with the guilt of not voting for a woman” are utter hypocrites! The whole point of this Obama post is to demonstrate white hypocrisy; if it said instead “white people are afraid that if they don’t like Clinton that they will be called sexist” would that have made you happier?? Women, as NPR likes to remind us, comprise 51% of the population and are free to vote for whomever they please. While there may be still be gender issues in the workplace, this female solidarity regarding Hilary (or Bill, for that matter) is just plain nauseating. I know plenty of men and women alike who do not like Hillary in spite of some solid ideas because she is so transparently Machiavellian; that turns people off regardless of gender. Go listen to your Alanis Morissette collection and spare us the pontificating!

  423. on March 7, 2008 at 3:34 pm hongkongmilktea

    He won in Maine. Enough said.

  424. on March 7, 2008 at 4:52 pm Hello White SUCKERS!

    “Race doesn’t matter! Race Doesn’t Matter!” chanted Barack Obama supporters after his victory in South Carolina.

    A lofty sentiment—but does it mean the crowd opposed race-based government policies like Affirmative Action and racial preferences—a.k.a. quotas?

    No, race doesn’t matter for Whites. Everyone else revels in their race, their “diversity”, their race-based caucuses, etc.

    Whites are really stupid when it comes to race, because they are the ONLY fools to fall for “anti-racism”. Suckers!!

    Obama’s racist/anti-racist campaign won’t unite anything, and he’ll please nobody. Besides, he’ll inherit such a deficit that he won’t be able to give the delusional welfare types anything.

    People waiting for “obama” to fix their own sad lives will be sorely disappointed.

  425. do only fools rush in? slowly…

  426. 429 – shut up goyim.

  427. on March 8, 2008 at 3:32 am playthatfunkymusic

    As a white chick, these are the two main reasons I’d suck cock to get Obama elected:

    1. He is not Hilary Clinton.
    2. And most importantly, he’s not John fucking McCain.

    Elect McCain and watch the world end! Yah. It’s true. He’s a warmonger and he’s a staunch opponent of net neutrality. Like this blog? Like that other one? Like being able to say what you fucking want on this thing? Then don’t vote for McCain.

    The slogan for McCain’s campaign should be: McCain: He will only bring you da pain.

    As for Hillary, she’s friends with McCain. Ain’t that a bitch?

    She also likes taking that dough from the pharmaceutical companies.

    But you know what, should the shit hit the fan and it be between her and McCain, you’ll still be better off with Hillary. At least she’s not like McCain, dying to create more war with other countries.

    Also, McCain looks like an ugly alien from Alien Nation. Yup.

  428. on March 8, 2008 at 8:03 am high level of intension

    wow, Senator Hillary Clinton and both McCain and Barack need to be inflicted by the governments high security to be moving forward with them under my concerns of indangering speaking freely in here.

  429. My son, a geeky, skinny, “I am going to law school” 20 year old , full merit scholarship, white guy has an Obama T-shirt. It is a black and white graphic image of Obama and everybody thinks, at first glance, it’s a picture of my son.
    How can you not like that?
    PS. Please reffer to post # 78. I actually married French and yes, my son runs around the kitchen, loves to cook, speaks fluent french, reads the NY Times and likes jazz. Spooky……

  430. “Spooky” my ass Christie. You have run out of ears who will listen to you brag shamelessly about your admittedly geeky son so you bring it on line. You are exactly what is being parodied on this blog and you are so pathetic you don’t realize it. I for one am unimpressed.

  431. 432 christie

    Dont listen to the bs there is nothing wrong with your son, and theres nothing wrong with being a proud mother…. so people are just jealous not your problem, go on being proud… 🙂

  432. That is, quite true, actually. Because when white people don’t favour a black person, it’s racism but when black people choose not to favour a white person, it isn’t. Just stating the facts.

  433. You guys take this WAY too seriously. I do not take my self nearly as seriously as you think.

  434. Soothing words # 436 from someone who can neither spell nor use proper grammar. Oh wait, you’re the provincial redneck who is just SO distraught about being hated for slaves you didn’t own, aren’t you! Tell it to your counselor, kid because the racial issues we have today are a direct result of slavery and decades of blatant discrimination followed by misguided apologist entitlement programs. We all have to deal with it, and that includes you. Nobody hates you for being a slave owner; they hate you for your ignorance.
    While I am on the topic of ignorance, to all you hypocritical philistines who think buidling a wall to keep out “illegals” is a good idea, where the hell do you think you came from?? Are your ancestors who got off boats from Italy, Ireland, Poland and other historically impoverished white European nations somehow superior to the desperate Mexicans just trying to give themselves and their families better lives? My experience with Mexicans (don’t know if they were “illegal” or not and frankly I don’t care) is that they are much harder-working, stand up citizens than most of you hypocrites out there! That’s a damn sight better than the Sicilian mafia that disembarked from some of those boats! (With apologies to good honest citizens of Italian descent.)

  435. well well yes we are all immigrants in one way or another. But genetically proven that everyone on earth desended from africa, when the continents where connected. So we are all related in one way another. Black people done want to give up there meal ticket… cause how would they get free education…. I dont blame them I would do the same if I was them…. I might have a black baby just so they can get educated for free… that be lovely wouldnt it…!

  436. Wow, this website continues to be denigrated by a lot of insecure, defensive members of America’s oh-so-happy White Trash community. We all knew this was coming, but so early? I blame Comcast and Windows.

    We get already, ya crypto-conservative old farts. You’re threatened. You’re under attack from the Goobly Goos. The world you know it is crumbling. And by “world” I mean the 45-minute radius of your dreary hometown.

    Take a hike and leave this blog alone. Don’t you have a church meeting to attend to, or a ethnic group to blame for your miserable fucking lives?

  437. “Obama seems ok to me. His supporters seem a bit weird to me. A little too “touchy feely”. They’re probably too young to remember Jim Jones and the Kool aid.”

    Are you comparing Obama to Jim Jones? That is disgusting and ignorant. Hillary Clinton get all choked up when she talks about how much she loves the country… isn’t that “touchy feely?”

    Seriously, you should respect the tragic occurrences at Jonestown and not mock the dead. And comparing any impassioned political activist to a cultist is downright cruel. People always criticize Americans for being apathetic and not caring. As soon as people start caring, they are “drinking the Kool Aid.” People who care just can’t win can they?

    By the way, the temple members drank Flav-R-Ade laced with poison. How much do you remember?

  438. By the way, asserting that white people only vote for Obama because they don’t want to appear racist is ignorant.

  439. on March 8, 2008 at 5:21 pm Onnonemouse

    Has anyone seen Obama’s Grand Momma…

    What would Thomas Jefferson and George Washington think about having the son of a chicken feeding aunt Jemama heading up our Country?


    Thomas Jefferson would try to screw her…

    and George Washington would move to Canada…

  440. #431 LOL!!!

    To the Jews, every gentile is a nigger.

  441. We have a “bodybuilder” as a governor of our largest state. We have “Obama” who is nothing more than a motivational speaker. McCain is a lunatic. Hillary is two-faced.

    Someone please explain to me how Ron Paul didn’t win. I guess his campaign was too intellectual and too logical for our “Idiocracy”.

  442. on March 8, 2008 at 6:00 pm Sick of White duped morons.

    #443 “By the way, asserting that white people only vote for Obama because they don’t want to appear racist is ignorant.”

    Oh really?

    All Whites should read this, it covers all the bases:

    White Guilt, Obamania, And The Reality Of Race

  443. The brutal truth: Obama is a “wigger”.

    He’s a remarkably exotic variety of the faux African-American, but a wigger nonetheless. He has no ancestors who were slaves in the U.S.

    Moreover, his upbringing by his white mother and Indonesian stepfather in Indonesia and by his white grandparents in Hawaii, where mixed-race children are close to the norm, was almost wholly divorced from African-American life … except for what he could see and aspire to on TV.

  444. Race is so important in American politics that it has even propelled a Chicago politician less than two years removed from the corruption-plagued Illinois state senate into the limelight of the upcoming Presidential race.

  445. In contrast, like Oscar-winner Halle Berry, Obama identifies as black although that requires symbolically disowning his white mother and maternal grandparents—despite the fact that they did far more for him than the Kenyan father who abandoned him when he was two.

  446. on March 8, 2008 at 6:04 pm Here is the Truth

    It’s important to understand, however, that White Guilt is very different from, say, Catholic Guilt, which consists of straightforward feelings of personal moral failure.

    In comparison, I don’t recall ever meeting any white person who personally felt guilty for the troubles of African-Americans. But I’ve known many whites who want to loudly blame OTHER whites for black difficulties!!!!

  447. on March 8, 2008 at 6:04 pm Here is the Truth

    Some whites at least heap guilt upon their own ancestors, but many who publicly proclaim the reality of White Guilt aren’t averse to noting that their own forefathers arrived at Ellis Island long after slavery was over.

    In other words, White Guilt is just another ploy in the Great American White Status Struggle. Minorities are merely props for asserting moral superiority over other whites.

    Finding and punishing Guilty Whites has become a national obsession. One notorious current example: the framing of the Duke lacrosse players by Durham district attorney Mike Nifong (with the enthusiastic assistance of the New York Times) in the endless hunt for what Tom Wolfe called “the Great White Defendant.”

    So, many whites want to be able to say, “I’m not one of them, those bad whites, like that guy on Seinfeld. Hey, I voted for a black guy for President!”


  448. on March 8, 2008 at 7:32 pm Nantucket Joel

    Actually, it’s deeper that all that. White people don’t love Barack Obama because they fear they might be called racist. Oh no. The love White people feel for Obama is quite real.

    It may have to do with the notion of transcendance. For, if you look at the rest of your own blog, whether it’s health food, writer’s workshops, getting outdoors, travelling–white people are always trying to transcend themselves.

    Then a master of transcendance like Obama comes along and White people are just basically in awe.

  449. […] Graduate School is very enlightening #8 Barack Obama I really hope white people like Barack enough to get him […]

  450. Maybe you could use “easing their white conscience” as an upcoming article. That would fit in nicely with Barack.

    Until then, go here…

  451. 2 Arianna
    Sweetheart, you want to talk about sex and screwing somebody go to another website. I dont care about your background whether you are italian and whether you like obama or not. This discussion is not about whether you want to screw or screw over Obama or Hillary. Get over yourself! The strongest candidate will win… and your opinion wont matter…Go Hillary in TEXAS ! just as predicted white people voted for white female!

  452. Oh also… please stop blaming all white people for all your problems.. get over it.. slavery was a wrong thing but it happened long time ago.. you are the only person who is responsible for your present and your future. Holocaust was a wrong thing and we should make sure it wont happen again, but get over it.. dont blame every white person that it happened.. everyone is responsible for its own present and future and his own succes.. stop blaming other people of whatever race and background for your own misfortunes, face up and stand up for your own!!!! good news for black people, even if Obama becomes a president, guess what?? you will still have to get off your own arse and do something about your life . just because you vote for a black president does not guarantee he will do much for you.. you should do it all for yourself!!!!

  453. 2 white girl canada.. if you are really in canada, why dont you worry about your own problems and leave our own to us??? worry about Quebec and other social issues in your own bloody country… dont worry about good ole’ US of A.. we will take care of our own…

  454. Obama is a fraud. His black dad, did what blacks do to all dumb White race-mixers: He took off.

    Obama’s hippie mom was left to raise the mulatto alone, and then she had to rely on her upstanding citizen White parents to raise her child.

    Obama then benefited from affirmative action quotas. Now he’s getting the white guilt voted.

    White people have lost their way.

  455. Jews know that nobody named Barak Hussien Obama will ever order US troops to die for Israel. Their media will attack and sink Obama. Blacks in this country won’t be happy with Jews for a long time.

  456. […] think I have discovered the perfect and true reason to this mass histeria right here. Yes. The mystery is […]

  457. on March 9, 2008 at 12:40 pm au contraire

    It’s not about supporting Obama that they like, its all about BEING SEEN supporting Obama. What’s the point of PC posturing, after all, if you can’t even brag about it?

  458. “429 – shut up goyim.”

    Nice language, Murray Rothstien. You’re probably one of the first people to scream bloody murder over anti-Semitic comments and yet there you go, proving what Jews really think of no-Jews, black, white and everywhere in between. We’re all just “goyims” and “shiksas” to you, right?

    You ungrateful piece of hebrew shit.

  459. Obama does not like Israel. His sympathy lies more with Hamas and the Palestinians. Typically it is conservatives, Christians and Jewish people abroad that like Israel. If Obama truly loved Israel, Farrakhan would never have spend some hours endorsing and praising him…

  460. 458 anon
    2 white girl canada.. if you are really in canada, why dont you worry about your own problems and leave our own to us??? worry about Quebec and other social issues in your own bloody country… dont worry about good ole’ US of A.. we will

    to you anon
    the u.s is to close to canada to not worry about politics in the U.S and whatever happens in the U.S will affect canada, and canada is a free country… so I am free to express my opinion, and that is a sign of submission anon giving in.. escape goat, because you dont have all the answers, but of course you will get all freaky now want you….

  461. anon i meant giving in is saying mind you business cause you dont have any other come back thats good enough
    so when the states invade iraq how many canadian soldiers helped the states, and that is why it is our business because whatever president you have it will effect canada and our troops can you disagree with that, now that we are not involved and have nothing say…. i am sure you’ll find away though to forget about the canadian bloodshed because of an american war, that we should just forget about what goes on in america but we can help clean up the mess though of course… right cause we always do

  462. I am responding to MARK #11. Mark I suggest you read my post I am jinkatta. I so wanted to go off on you for your comments but I then would be no better than you. AND STILL I RISE!

    evaluate your heart mark.

    bit of advise watch the matrix.

  463. KEVIN #13




  464. Obama is gony be the first ever quota hire President, no wonder the whole world hates and laughs at America at the same time.

  465. on March 9, 2008 at 5:37 pm Melissam317

    Hey, I just wanna say I am white, I fuckin hate Friends for one, and secondly I am not scared to be called a racist cos I absolutely cannot stand Barack Obama (yes I cant even spell his name) if you ask me I think he is a racist!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (and Oprah too for that matter! However I do like Indie Music and foreign countries lol!!!

  466. “Sort of reminds me of how a white girl will sleep with a black man to “prove” she loves all people and that she isn’t a racist.”

    Really? Maybe a white girl will sleep with a black man b/c he’s fucking hot.

  467. “Obama does not like Israel.”

    Well, if that’s the case he’d be the first American with integrity on that issue in a long time.

    Sometimes President Bush sounds like an idiot. The most recent example is his statement that he still believes the Palestinians and Israelis can reach a peace agreement before the end of his term.

    This comes on the heels of an Israeli attack against Gaza that killed more than 100 people, most of them innocent civilians. It was a reprisal attack for a few rockets fired into Israel by some Hamas hotheads.

    In World War II, when the Germans killed civilians as a reprisal for an attack on their forces, it was called a war crime.

  468. on March 9, 2008 at 8:27 pm the anti-katie

    #471 katie

    Black guys have high rates of STD’s, are physically violent, have lower IQ’s, no jobs, past homosexual activity due to incarceration……I can see the attraction, LOL!!!!

    White girls really get duped by false images on TV. It’s pathetic.

    Don’t have mulatto kids, the black guy will NEVER step up and marry you anyway, and then what?

    Your other alternative, if you don’t get that STD, is to go to some hook-no$ed jew abortion practioner.

    Sick stuff all the way around.

  469. Re: joannawashere

    In relation to joannawashere’s comment, how about a post about white college students and their obsession with Mumia/opressed minority figures/Che et cetera?

  470. on March 10, 2008 at 6:23 am CRACKER JACK


  471. on March 10, 2008 at 6:26 am CRACKER JACK


  472. Most people, especially whites, have no concept of history in this country. If we were allowed to talk more openly about it, perhaps we can resolve many serious issues we still face today.

    Most people, especially whites, ignore the historical past in which blacks have lived and continue.

    Most people, especially whites, have not seen “The Eyes on the Prize”, a 14 hour documentary following the civil rights movement from 1955 through 1985…an important piece documented footed of history not widely available.

    Most people, especially whites, don’t care because they have been the group most priveleged and less affected by election year rhetoric.

  473. People vote for Obama either because they think it’s cool that hes not whte or because he looks good or because he has a good speech writer.
    They had a forum on TV at a major college and asked his young college supporters (all races) about his actual policies, for the most part they had no idea what his policies were!

    Another case of Media brainwashing and young people who haven’t accuired enough wisdom or understanding of the reality of the world to make an intelligent vote.

    You should have to be older to vote, what do they say” everyones a Democrat until there 30’s”……

    Oh and I am tired of hearing he is “Black”….His mother is white. He is multi-racial.
    Why is it that African Americans claim everyone who isnt 100% White??? Tiger woods…………….

  474. Shh shh…Aleks is trying to explain why Obama is liberal…

    I can’t believe one person can be so stupid. And you’re going to vote for him because he’s a good orator? Good idea.

  475. Proud #395, you are excatly what is wrong about this country, you still need to go into the bullcrap that went on a hundred years ago. get over it, move on, bettr yourself…..

    You know white’s have been enslaved for centuries as well, long before anyone even knew where Africa was.
    If you need an example and dont like to read, watch “Gladiator”
    Having “Black bike week” or the BET channel just creates more divison. Could there be a “White Bike week” Hell no!
    Could I put a “Proud to be white” bumper sticker on my car?
    How come when Black people come into the bars in the nice caucasian part of town, everything is fine, but when I drove in the black part of the city they threw beer bottle’s at me.

    You do not have the honesty or courage to admit that today most TRUE (not just in your mind) Racism comes from minorities and not caucasians.

  476. #39 Alicia Siverstone-you are a moron, 99% of the people in Jail are there, why?…..Because they commit crimes!

    If your not out ripping people off, dealing drugs, stealing cars ect. Than you won’t be arrested…I don’t know how much simpiler I can make it…..

    “Police roaming the streets” Who cares?=PEOPLE commiting the crimes, thats who cares. If your not on the run or breaking the law, it wouldnt bother you would it?

    Words of wisdom…if you have a warrent don’t hang around the streets @ night or drive a unregistered car, with no licsense or brake lights. Should be comman sense……

    “Our well policed schools” DO you even watch the news?
    There wasn’t school shootings when I was in school…

    Love to hear more of your enlightening fantasies, (maybe lay off the grass, just a little)

    Oh and I lived the last 5-years in Haiti, so feel free to ask me about African culture or TRUE racism. My Haitian friends would be very happy to live in the states and put up with all the horrible racism here……LoL

  477. BENZ BABY, yeah African countries or in our hemisphere Haiti are good examples of centuries of black rule.
    These are the most corrupt dont give a crap about their own people nations in the world.

    Calculate the billions upon billions in aid they have recieved over the last 100 years, with no progression or advancement,

    (means things have not gotten any better) AID Money goes in the pockets of the politicians, I have been there and couldnt believe how little they care about their own people.

    South African crime rate is 500 times higher since black rule, I have friends who had to escape from there due to 1000% incease in home invasions and murders. No they are not white.

    Look up these sats online….there true

  478. 463 – Shut up, anti-Semite!

    Or I’ll have the ADL on your ass so fast you won’t even have time to shitstain your panties..

  479. […] of self-introspection and mockery of the things that add meaning to white people’s lives: Barack Obama, Modern Furniture, Expensive Sandwiches and most recently, The […]

  480. #82 BOB, right on! too funny!

  481. oopps I mean #83……

  482. #204 Realitygirl2 Look if your going to write on here be factual CLINTON signed NAFTA not Bush

  483. This is a hilarious site. And fortunately most of the people commenting here are hilarious too.

    Stereotypes are one of comedies best staples.

    Statements like Whites feel guilty so they vote for Obama because he’s Black.

    OR All Blacks vote for Obama because he’s black.

    OR even, Obama has little or no ‘Experience’ when he’s actually authored more Bills in Congress in the last 4 years than McCain AND Hillary (go check if you don’t believe me).

    It’s quite obvious that some people have their opinions told to them (By Fox or CNN) rather than READING (Mostly Republicans).

    I heard once the READING is fundamental.


    But one thing is SAD. Once Obama is elected, and he WILL be (thanks to Iowa, Wyoming and various other ‘non black’ states), One of you ‘comedians’ is probably gonna shoot him…

  484. “Obama has little or no ‘Experience’ when he’s actually authored more Bills in Congress in the last 4 years than McCain AND Hillary”

    Not true, he swooped in the end and stole credit for all those. Actually pissed a lot of veteran lawmakers off by doing that.

  485. Sorry fellas, but count me in as yet another pale mutha who just LUVS tha bruthas!!!

    Or tell me these couples ain’t smokin hot! Sorry guys, but Black is IN, and white is OUT!

    And yea, I’m voting for Big-“O”bammaaaaaa!! DUH?! A sweet ole white girl can dream, can’t she?

    Dirrrty Diana

  486. And, photos HERE!

    Holla back atcha gurrrrrlll!

  487. Yeah MachineCunt, and you got your info from CONGRESS’s site?

    “Authors” a bill in congress means he CREATED it, not swooped in at the end. CREATED/STARTED it.
    You don’t have to deny him credit.

    GO do your own research here –> http://thomas.loc.gov/
    rather than taking the word of a biased webpage (bet you’re a FOX News watcher lol)……..

  488. hey hey everyone calm down.
    There are racists in every hue.
    There are black racists as well as Hispanic racists as well as Asian racists and of course White. But the unfortunate part of that is that White Racists have always been in positions of power to prevent or deny opportunities, not based on skill but based simply on color (sorry HISTORY has told this tale time and time again so don’t hate on me for telling the truth).
    Sorry to say but I agree with all the other whites on here that will be voting for Barack (and not at all because I feel guilty).
    He seems to be the best person, currently going, for the job. Articulate, knowledgeable, driven, well spoken, knows the issues, and most importantly has proven in his political career that he can bring people of all colors together much more so than Hillary or McCain.

    In other words because of his ability to work together with other congressmen, politicians and etc. he has the best potential to get something done.

    And that’s why he’s got my white vote (and I’m pretty sure others).

    Ken Love

  489. still waiting for a response to my post’s # 480 and #481? AM I RIGHT?????

  490. Ken #493 I agree w/your issues on racism, but lets get over the white people have the power to deny crap, that is the past.
    There are books written by African Americans that will attest that white racism is not a factor in todays USA.
    I believe one book is titled “Stupid black men”

    Dont be offended thats the title by a prominent black author. Also Bill cosby and Katt williams are willing to take some responsibility to the current plight of African Americans.
    Honest people, I have the utmost respect for them. All this talk, the O.J. cheering, just creates division.

    I can guarantee you that if O.J. was white and Nicole was black, you wouldn’t have seen white people on TV cheering during the aquittal, Whites would have been outraged!

    Last week in Auburn and North carolina state 2-caucasian college girls were murdered by African American men…Where are the street demonstrations??

    If it had been the other way around…………..Al Sharpton would be disgusting me on TV right now…
    This hypocrisy just shows that you have no merit.
    Duke LaCrosse palyers? Would there have been as much media coverage if the races were switched…Can you Be honest?
    If Obama loses these will be the reasons why.
    Untill you can stop your racism, alot of caucasians will not come around……….

  491. 492 – Looks like you feel hook, line & stinker for the Obamarella story. *chuckles*

    Obama didn’t author all those bills. A high-profile Black mentor appointed him sponsor to par his resume. In reality, he didn’t do shit. He even banned ephedra, a supplement. This from a guy who’s admitted to smoking weed and blowing coke…

    Here, read it for yourself (if you even know how):

    Then, in 2002, dissatisfaction with President Bush and Republicans on the national and local levels led to a Democratic sweep of nearly every lever of Illinois state government. For the first time in 26 years, Illinois Democrats controlled the governor’s office as well as both legislative chambers.

    The white, race-baiting, hard-right Republican Illinois Senate Majority Leader James “Pate” Philip was replaced by Emil Jones Jr., a gravel-voiced, dark-skinned African-American known for chain-smoking cigarettes on the Senate floor.

    Jones had served in the Illinois Legislature for three decades. He represented a district on the Chicago South Side not far from Obama’s. He became Obama’s ­kingmaker.

    Several months before Obama announced his U.S. Senate bid, Jones called his old friend Cliff Kelley, a former Chicago alderman who now hosts the city’s most popular black call-in radio ­program.

    I called Kelley last week and he recollected the private conversation as follows:

    “He said, ‘Cliff, I’m gonna make me a U.S. Senator.'”

    “Oh, you are? Who might that be?”

    “Barack Obama.”

    Jones appointed Obama sponsor of virtually every high-profile piece of legislation, angering many rank-and-file state legislators who had more seniority than Obama and had spent years championing the bills.

    “I took all the beatings and insults and endured all the racist comments over the years from nasty Republican committee chairmen,” State Senator Rickey Hendon, the original sponsor of landmark racial profiling and videotaped confession legislation yanked away by Jones and given to Obama, complained to me at the time. “Barack didn’t have to endure any of it, yet, in the end, he got all the credit.

    “I don’t consider it bill jacking,” Hendon told me. “But no one wants to carry the ball 99 yards all the way to the one-yard line, and then give it to the halfback who gets all the credit and the stats in the record book.”

    During his seventh and final year in the state Senate, Obama’s stats soared. He sponsored a whopping 26 bills passed into law — including many he now cites in his presidential campaign when attacked as inexperienced.

    It was a stunning achievement that started him on the path of national politics — and he couldn’t have done it without Jones.

    Before Obama ran for U.S. Senate in 2004, he was virtually unknown even in his own state. Polls showed fewer than 20 percent of Illinois voters had ever heard of Barack Obama.

    Jones further helped raise Obama’s profile by having him craft legislation addressing the day-to-day tragedies that dominated local news ­headlines.

    For instance. Obama sponsored a bill banning the use of the diet supplement ephedra, which killed a Northwestern University football player, and another one preventing the use of pepper spray or pyrotechnics in nightclubs in the wake of the deaths of 21 people during a stampede at a Chicago nightclub. Both stories had received national attention and extensive local coverage.

    I spoke to Jones earlier this week and he confirmed his conversation with Kelley, adding that he gave Obama the legislation because he believed in Obama’s ability to negotiate with Democrats and Republicans on divisive issues.

    So how has Obama repaid Jones?

    Last June, to prove his commitment to government transparency, Obama released a comprehensive list of his earmark requests for fiscal year 2008. It comprised more than $300 million in pet projects for Illinois, including tens of millions for Jones’s Senate district.

    Shortly after Jones became Senate president, I remember asking his view on pork-barrel spending.

    I’ll never forget what he said:

    “Some call it pork; I call it steak.”

  492. #490 Diana, It’s obviouse that you are in reality an African American Male with nothing intelligent to say…no intelligent rebuttal….
    So in frustration and anger you type something that in your racist mind will inflame “whitey”.

    Pretty shallow…………Why are you angry are you not doing well in your life? (theres got to be somebody to blame, can’t be my fault..)

  493. Well done #498, change your name though…lol

  494. Some of you people are dumb as h***! For you Hillary supporters, what exactly is her experience beyond being first lady and hosting tea parties? What experience would make a person experienced enough to be president? The only experience that is experience is to have been president. Last I checked, there are no incumbents running.

    Second of all. Since John McCain’s middle name is Sidney, does that make him a transexual? LOL (For you slow people, if having an Arabic middle name makes Obama, Muslim; then doesn’t it follow that having a feminine middle name makes John McCain a woman?)

    I have a question…who among us walks around with a flag lapel pin? I haven’t seen one on any of the candidates lapels? I haven’t seen that on anyone. LOL

    In closing, I’d offer you to check on the actual work that each candidate has done in the senate by checking out their records that are available at the library of congress website (no partison rhetoric).

    But I’m sure none of you will do that, you’d rather be fueled by the pundits and your own ignorance. God Bless your dumbarses! LOL

  495. on March 10, 2008 at 5:22 pm Martha Turner

    Obama Worse Than Unfair

    Dear Hillary Supporters: Somebody should tell Hillary’s staff what’s being posted on Obama and McCain websites around the country. I read versions of the following on both. What a way to get beat! Pennsylvania is everything, so keep it sharp as a razor, Hillary!

    And good luck to us all,
    Martha Turner.
    This is what I read.

    How the Monster Made Her Comeback:

    We endorse Barack Obama as the next president of the United States as this is the most important election America will ever have, possibly the last if Obama is not elected. The Revolutionary Party derives its politics and license to criticize Hillary Clinton in the most damning way from the equation for evolution we have imprinted on the flag on our website. This function, which underpins our thinking, has been accepted by science for the last eighty years and we trust in it as well as much as born-agains trust in God. Mathematics doesn’t lie. An analysis based on the equation indicates that the so-called war on terror will ratchet up to world war, a genuinely terrifying thought given a world heavily armed with nuclear weapons. For that reason we support Barack Obama as the only real anti-war candidate.

    Hillary? In our opinion, she is the more all around competent candidate and has been upended by Obama to a great degree because he is trim and youthfully enthusiastic. But before Hillary came Bill, which should cause us to stop and think.

    The value of our mathematics based analysis lies in its ability to objectively distinguish between the good guys and the bad guys. The technical aspects of the analysis make it slow reading for those without a science background, so we will give its conclusions here first and save the detailed reasoning for later.

    Put simply, the Clintons are what is known in the political science textbooks as populists, those who achieve political success by playing to the people, to their needs and pains and wants. But there is a difference between patter and delivery. We are all familiar with artificial soda. The Clintons are like an artificial banana split, very likable, but with no real food value.

    Recall President Clinton and his first lady. During their tenure America’s favorite political couple sang a song of health care delivery, but delivered rather on prison construction and on the number of police put on the streets. The Pew Report that came out the end of February said that one American in a hundred is locked up in a prison or jail. To put this into better perspective, the report said that America has 7 million people in jail or otherwise under the control of the penal system. This is 16 times more per capita than the communist People’s Republic of China, where, we all know, there is no freedom or human rights. Clinton legislature took America to the highest prison population in the world, a statistic historically associated with police states like Stalinist Russia and apartheid South Africa. This is not to say that America is a police state, of course, for if it were you’d have heard about it on the evening news.

    Also notably absent in the media is another creation of the Clintons, the near million homeless people that wander the streets of Sacramento and Las Vegas and our other big cities. This sharp upsurge in homelessness came about inarguably as a result of Clinton legislature that ended LBJ’s war on poverty by terminating effective social protections for out of work people, something many more will become more familiar with as the stock market collapses from the cost of the war and the recession takes hold in full force.

    What the Clintons did with prisons and police and welfare protection and NAFTA and failed to do with health care very much pleased the moneyed class and the conservatives. Our technical analysis objectively shows the Republican social and fiscal conservatives to be bad guys because their relationship to the working class and middle class is basically that of master to servant. This fact is also muted by populist politicians like the Clintons whose tax returns, were they to be made public, would show that they are members in good standing of the moneyed class too.

    This deep secret of class control and abuse is also kept under wraps by the media, whose personalities are hired and controlled by the moneyed class. Other than the few raisins stirred into in the poison muffin of TV to make it seem fair, media people who don’t keep the secret of class control and the unhappiness of most of us that derives from it, don’t last long on their jobs or are not hired to begin with. The ones who do make the cut endlessly spout the lies of the so-called American Dream in one form or another. The power of the media to control people’s thoughts and actions in conformity with American ideology is difficult to assess for people who get their information primarily from the media, as do most people.

    Also hidden by the media from public sight are facts about life readily observable even by doing something as simple as riding public transportation. Here the observer notes that the average person is unhappy with fear and personal failure showing clearly on their faces and in their behaviors. This effect of control and abuse in the workplace and at school is not seen on TV where all the media personalities act through their endlessly smiling and bubbly days to show to the audience that America really is a happy place, the steady stream of mass murders in schools, workplaces and malls not able to be kept out of the news notwithstanding.

    And much as the ugly facts of our present existence are air brushed away in the media, so also is the future we realistically face. Not made clear is that the dollar is fast becoming as worthless as the paper it was printed on to keep this war going. Or that the stock market and the housing market will soon halve their value, giving those who have been spared homelessness to date a taste of that hell on earth firsthand. The Clintons will not care because they are a part of the apparatus that brought us to where we are in America today.

    Hillary should be given credit for being an ambitious and a profoundly adept social climber and a very talented actress, our American Evita. We have no problem applauding her for her personal successes. But she is never going to go against the wishes of the money class that created her and Bill and supported these two as their adorable political puppets. She will not stop this war.

    Yes, she says she will, despite her voting for the war. And there are those of you that think that Hillary would never lie to us. But Bill said he would never lie to us, too. And he said it so well that I yet don’t believe he lied to us about Monica. Monica who? That is how good an actor Bill is. And this suggests that his mate is no less of a self-serving liar.

    Of course, transgressions are relative. True, the flag pin wearing conservatives are more disgusting than the Clintons. Who of us is not totally revulsed by the smell of a public rest room emanating from the Bible squeezing, boy hustling, conservative senator from Idaho caught with his pants down? Nobody has caught Bill at something that viscerally gross yet. Still, what character is there in a first family when the head of the most powerful nation on earth sticks a penile object, not even his own, up some college kid’s vagina? If the Clinton presidency were a movie, they would not be playing the Star Spangled Banner in the background during that particular scene.

    And to be completely and totally unkind, doesn’t that make you wonder about the guy’s wife? Really, does any intelligent female over the age of 22 think that Hillary actually felt bad about Bill and Monica? Judging from the observable obvious that Bill is no more than Hillary’s showboat, the best educated guess is that is Hillary is lesbian, a married one, not that unusual in modern America. If Hillary was mad about anything with Monica, it was that she didn’t get a shot at her too. Watch one of Hillary’s girlfriends surface soon to clarify Hillary’s preference as to penile object.

    The smiling Clintons are so phony and so odd in this area that one would not be surprised to find that the unconfident Chelsea Clinton developed as such as a result of some form of child abuse. Chelsea does not look happy. Neglect by the Clintons is hardly to be overlooked as this ambitious pair had better things to pay attention to in their furious political rise to the top than their daughter. And sexual abuse is not to be totally ruled out either given Bill’s juvenile sexual approach generally.

    The best bet to end the war and our American style police state is to vote for Barack Obama. Not for Hillary, who is so self-serving that one would not be to shocked to see her do something as outrageous as teaming up with Mike Huckabee on a national reconciliation ticket, if that is what she had to do to get elected. Hopefully Obama will not be removed by the conservative ruling class by assassination if their efforts to push him out with bad media and the federally well-timed Resko trial are not successful at ending his candidacy. But if he is knocked out, by whatever means, and we dearly hope not, the Revolutionary Party is ready to offer a sensible replacement candidate, for an America run by the conservatives or Hillary is just another eight years in the conservative pigpen. In that event, if enough people get in touch to say they are interested, I did run for President in 2000 as a write-in candidate and would consider it again. But only in the event that Obama is terminally derailed by the conservatives.

    Dr. and Mrs. Calabria

  496. #477 Truther…Look dont bring up the past, it won’t help you with people that have a brain.
    Yes many African Americans can be proud of their history.
    But Caucasians can be too.
    We have invented much of the technology used today…….Electricity…the car…..the phone…..the computer…..the internet…..should I go on????

    Be happy to be an American, do well, go to school, have a good life……..leave all this other crap behind………..

    Dont be a hater.

  497. #502 Martha Turner it’s obvious that you wrote earlier today as “Alicia Siverstone” This hurts your credibility.
    You choose a name that you think is 100% caucasian.

    You can fool some, but not all……….

    though I must say it is very eliquentaly spoken, not unlike Obama…
    Did you cut and paste or do you have substance??

    I can find out, my nephew is VERY computer literate, he knows how to “get in” Let me know….

  498. Obama.

  499. the reality is that 15% of the population is trying to capture the country and using guilt as a tool.

    what a bunch of sheep………..Ignorant.

  500. LOL! Matt, what are you drunk? Is that the best you could come up with???
    Another Moron voting for the most important office in the world………..no reality or facts in his decision. Probably young and trying to lose his virginity………..it is popular among partiers ya know…..

  501. #472, read “Because they hate” written by a lebaneese woman who grew up in Lebanon as a Christian in a Muslim Majority,
    And why there was trouble in Bierut in the 80’s.
    It Was the attempted extermination of non-Muslims, considered “Pigs” and “Infidiels” by Islamist’s. another uneducated fool……….

    Read the Koran idiot, we are all considered second class or subordinate to Islam. This is what you all should be spending your racist energy on.
    True racism that may eventually swallow you up and they won’t care what color your skin is either, just your religion.

    No more secular USA, if they have their way, which I doubt.





  503. I am a registered Democrat who won’t be voting for Obama. Why won’t I try the biracial guy:
    1)…a political outsider????!!!! Chicago ward polititians are the most connected polititians on the planet.
    2) his constituents will get supervisory jobs in the goverment where they will never be fired, ever.
    3) he wants to overhaul the secret FISA court citing populist reasons (americans have a right to know). The Saudis and UAR. have been stealing classified intelligence for years and inriching their investors and they guys who let them steal intelligence. FINALLY after 9 -11 a high ranking Justice Dept. official and a high ranking State Dept. official (not Condi) took ciphers away and made Mummies so the Saudis and their flunkies would stop eating at the trough. Well the mummies and their political flunkies are biting their bandages and trying to get FISA revamped so they can go back to stealing intellegence. They are using populist sentiment as a way to trick Americans into believing there’s something wrong with our system when they system actually works quite nicely (check out USA’s #20 ranking in the transparancy international corruption index, W00T http://www.transparency.org/policy_research/surveys_indices/cpi)
    There is BIG money in leeting those guys have unauthorized looks at classified materials.
    4) Obama is a tool (see3)

  504. on March 10, 2008 at 8:34 pm Military Man

    I’ve served 3 tours in Iraq and 1 in the country that is known for Cocaine and Emeralds since 9-11. I’ve been shot at in combat and have received numerous medals for my service. I live in a perdominately white Republican town. People look at my like I’m crazy when I say I’m voting for Obama. All I tell them is I think I’ve earned the right to vote for who ever I want to.

  505. LMAO at Ross’ evil eyebrow. 😉

  506. A great many whites supported the first black leader to be elected in Zimbabwe. They looked down their noses at the white racists who predicted only doom, doom and more doom.

    A great many whites supported the first black leader to be elected in South Africa. They looked down their noses at the white racists who predicted only doom, doom and more doom.

    A great many whites supported the first black leader to be elected in the United States. They looked down their noses at the white racists who predicted only doom, doom and more doom.

    …surely you can see where we’re headed, right?

  507. #511 Get behind Ron Paul!!!

    Or at least his ideas for 2012.

  508. #508 LOL!!! “Read the Koran idiot, we are all considered second class or subordinate to Islam. This is what you all should be spending your racist energy on.”

    Replace “Koran” with “Talmud” and islam with Judaism and your statement makes the same, if not more, sense.

    The Jews are already within the walls……….some people are too stupid

    Say no to semites of all stripes, muslim or jew. They are both petty supremacist religions.

  509. on March 11, 2008 at 12:18 am Jim Capatelli

    Whoever started this blog; you’re not “cool”. Nor ironic. You’re just a pompous, self-absorbed asshole.

  510. Barack Obama is not black.


  512. What about Eliot Spitzer?

  513. What about Spitzer? Another hypocritical, corrupt Jewish crusader…the male counterpart to his JAP, Monica Lewinsky…

    SEE what this schmuck paid $5500/hr for!!!

  514. BUSTED!!!!

    $4300 for sex? What a LOSER!!!

  515. Unlike Kevin (Comment 13), I’m voting for Obama, but only his BLACK half, because I want to keep it real.

  516. 513 – exactly! Which is why I’m voting for Obama!


  517. folks need to see the number of obama stickers in seattle.

    to all: no it’s a two edge sword. whites see barrack as white
    and, but on account of his actual black status, they are able to resolve their white guilt as well. think, these are
    two seperate phenomenon. he is not white in whites’ eyes because they want to resolve their guilt, barrack views himself and presents himself more white, thus it is easier for whites to see him as such, particularly because he was raised culturally as white…don’t get me started.

    the resolution of white guilt via his election will be a mere aside in the case of barrack obama..

  518. […] I am white and neither offended or completely depicted by its findings 😉  My favorite so far: #8 Barak Obama but mostly because of the above […]

  519. on March 11, 2008 at 4:59 pm Portnoy's complaint

    Barack’s liberal white and jewish goal was to get you to assume that he “transcends race” because he grew up happily bathed in the love of parents of two races.

    Not surprisingly, Obama never quite got around to mentioning to the conventioneers that his father committed the crime of bigamy by marrying the Senator’s pregnant mother—Barack Sr. already had another wife back home in Kenya, whom he returned to (accompanied by yet another American wife) and with whom he had at least one more child.

    Nor did Obama bring up how much complicated, self-inflicted psychological damage was engendered in him by his shattered family. His father abandoned him when he was two, and his mother periodically dumped him on his grandparents in Hawaii so she could research her 1,067-page anthropology dissertation with the Onionesque title Peasant Blacksmithing in Indonesia: Surviving and Thriving against All Odds.

  520. This blog is the most racist, not funny thing I’ve ever read. And I’m not white, if that was your next question. Seriously, do something better with your life. The only thing you have accomplished is that now “friends” who sent me a link to this site as a funny, now have all their email filtered into a folder called “Stupid White People”.

  521. #523 You dumb black!!!

    You’d rather live in utter black squalor than live with Whites that can prop up civilization? Wow….not that is some serious hatred and racism.

    Since that idiot Mugabe murdered all the White farmers, and gave the farms to blacks, now the people are starving and get this: he wants the Whites back!!!

    After South African blacks took over, 1 in 7 people has HIV. Rapes and serious crime has skyrocketed. Even Bono would be unsafe in most of the country!

    That upcoming World Cup in SA in 2010 ought be interesting. The overall chimp-out will exceed anything see in Detroit or New Orleans, or at the NBA all-star game! It’ll be on another level.


    And blacks are only down because of white oppreshun. so f u!

  523. Hey Socrates (Anonymous)!
    Get off the stage man. We still have Bo-bo the organ grinding chimp and the plate spinning guy to get to before the Beatles come out. Don’t MAKE me get the hook.

    Btw, I live in Detroit. We have a much, much bigger problem right now. His name is Kwame and he’s stinkin’ up the joint. The best think about Motown, right now is that it’s NOT New York. Our Governor is too ugly to get laid even if she tried to pay for it.

  524. on March 12, 2008 at 10:29 am You're Morons

    It doesn’t matter who you vote for.

    Democracy will never make a change, America will be the same until an actual leader comes.

    The most important decision you will make this year will be between Burger King and McDonalds.

  525. Hey 531!
    You’re an tool man. I’m glad the folks of 1856 and 1860 didn’t share your apathy. If they did, we’d be arguing a choice between the Democrats and the Whigs. It only took four years (and James Buchanan’s ineptness) to convince folks back then that the Republicans were a legitimate third party choice.
    All we need is another honest Abraham Lincoln to bring a third party to fruition. Ralph Nader is not Abe Lincoln. Neither was Ross Perot.

  526. And yes, 531, I WOULD like fries with my order while you’re at it.

  527. on March 12, 2008 at 11:07 am Portnoy's complaint

    Ron Paul was the most intelligent guy running. Unfortunately, America is so dumbed down that nobody could understand his campaign except for some smart Whites.

    The GOPs such a failure that Ron Paul needs to nuke that whole party and return it to what it ought to stand for.

    Obama’s fans don’t understand anything but rhetoric, and Obama will inherit a broke country, and then he won’t be able to deliver on his freebies all the non-whites who like him think they will be getting. Then what?

  528. Hey 534,
    Then what? Then I’ll tell them the exact same thing I told “You’re Morons” in message 533.
    That is, IF they can get off the crack-whore and hold a job.

  529. i wish people without senses of humor could be blocked from making fun of themselves on this thing. but then. it’s still pretty funny.

  530. i also wish people could spell.

  531. I’m white. I don’t like Obama. It has nothing to do with the fact that he’s a person of whatever color he is.

    I’m female. Hilary Clinton scares me.

    Either way…United Socialist States of America, here we come.

  532. Hey 537 meowmeow – I wish people could punctuate and capitalize!

  533. on March 12, 2008 at 1:47 pm Portnoy's complaint

    The emancipation of blacks has less to led to blacks acting……ah, well, black. Since blacks are now permitted to never assimilate to the majority, and they can freely act non-American (i.e. non-White) the results were predictable, and they are now in after 40 years of “civil rights”.

    Civil rights have led to massive welfare, illegitimacy, break down of the black family, incarceration, high school drop out rates off the charts, etc, etc,.

    giving blacks their “freedom” leads to New Orleans, Rwanda, Detroit, Haiti, Gary, IN, Zimbabwe, etc. It’s all the same.

    The problem with black emancipation is not only their own failures but how it affects the White majority. that subject is something that Obama knows about but never addresses. Liberals can pump billions after billons and you know what? African poverty never ends. African savagery never stops. Black schools never improve. Blacks won’t admit it, but they were better off when they conformed to White values. Ask Bill Cosby.

  534. go play basketball u stupid NEGROS

  535. white people don’t need shit like BET or NAACP or BARACK OBAMA we run THE WORLD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    White power

  536. on March 12, 2008 at 3:39 pm Portnoy's complaint

    Nice fake “White power” post. What’s next? Gonna paint a swastika on your own synagogue and then call a press conference? LOL!!!!

  537. Someday just maybe … just maybe racism will die
    I know it will always be some racism.
    But I am white, and feel very uncomfortable around most black people. I can tell and feel they dont like me. I am too white for them. I dont know why. I would just like to be able to talk to black people and not have that feeling. I grew up with black people. and they where my best friends growing up. But now its different when we where kids we did not know any better. We just had fun…. but society has changed that, the innocense of children.

  538. sorry about the spelling mistakes, I just hope you get the picture.

  539. Black guys not liking a white girl? Strange. Very, very strange.

    “I can tell and feel they dont like me. I am too white for them. ”

    Screw them. You should not be concerned with black racists anyway.

  540. Relax folks, there’s plenty of time for Mohamad Obama to step on his pecker.

  541. better than a women, and defently better than hilary

  542. Hillary Clinton supporter and fundraiser Geraldine Ferraro gave up her honorary position with Clinton’s campaign after she said in an interview last week that Obama would not have made it this far if he were white. Obama said Ferraro’s remarks were “ridiculous” and “wrong-headed.”

    HOW TRUE IT IS! The biggest secret that everyone knows…yet must resign if they speak it! Thanks to the Jewish thought-police!

  543. on March 12, 2008 at 7:57 pm Ira Glass Chamber

    Ferraro: “Any time anybody does anything that in any way pulls this campaign down and says, ‘Let’s address reality and the problems we’re facing in this world,’ you’re accused of being racist, so you have to shut up,” she told the Daily Breeze of Torrance, California. “Racism works in two different directions. I really think they’re attacking me because I’m white. How’s that?”

    You got to love this. The liberals have been betraying the white race for decades, and now, the non-whites that they’ve been betraying us for, are betraying them!!! Serves them damned well right.

    The Clintons have been horrible race traitors and this hasn’t earned them one bit of loyalty from the Blacks. They’re lining up to vote for Obama. ha ha……!!!

    Biden, Dodd, and Edwards hopefully have figured this out by too. the NPR crowd will be the last to understand anything.

  544. on March 12, 2008 at 8:37 pm babysteinway


    shutup u anti-semite! go look in the mirror and puke!

  545. on March 12, 2008 at 8:45 pm babyeinstein


    shut up u anti-white racist! go look in the mirror and puke!

  546. Please support my jungle fever fantasy film, people! White girls need love too!


  548. This is too true.

  549. Way to go JESS, you have started another fresh race war between whites and blacks! And for what? A dumb joke of a blog? You suck, I’m breaking up with you.

  550. haha nice.

    check out my blog


  551. I’m WHITE…..and I hate Obama! (And I’m not afraid that people will think I’m a racist).

    F*** OBAMA!!!

  552. Hey 559,
    You’re not afraid eh? Put up your real name and address then.
    Is that squeeky noise the sound of your sphincter puckering? Thought so you putz!

  553. I’m white and I FUCKING HATE Barack HUSSEIN Obama!

  554. I’m Caucasian, and am not part of the “hip” crowd endorsing BO for president. He needs to finish his term as Senator— only then will he have the experience needed to run the country.

    Does this make me a racist because I HATE the way his slick talk & hucksterism has influenced a flock of sheep?

    If Condoleeza Rice or Colin Powell (both republicans) were to run for President, they would unite the country like never before seen. Someone with the political stature, experience, poise, and willpower to get the job done.

    Condi says she wants to go back to Stanford…..I say we draft her B—- @zz to the Oval Office. Just chain her to McCain, with a padlock……

    Just think, she’s a woman, AND she’s African American, and if our geriatric McCain should have health issues—-BINGO!

  555. dude that is the funniest picture i have EVER seen. by far!! good work

  556. Wow, CONDI?? Or COLIN?

    They are both neo-con Uncle Tom muppets! Condi rides Dubya’s dick like a horse jockey!

    Wow, you really are a racist caucasian aren’t you? It’s all about a black prez huh?

  557. but i don’t like him!

    wait, i’m kind of a racist.

  558. YES WE CAN change this country from a global corporatist police state to a slightly more shiny and popular global corporatist police state! Woohoo!

    F-ck Obama. He’s one of them. Get a clue.


  559. i think i would convulse and die in a painfully way before voting for him and giving my liberty away.

    But that being said, he’s a charming fellow, good orator, and someone who i could call a friend.

    Just not my president, please!

  560. I don’t know if they feel guilty (mostly a white liberal tendency) or if they think Obama’s “cool” (another white liberal trait) but the white liberals that support Obama are brain dead (definitely a white liberal characteristic).

    It is an act of racism to vote against someone simply because they are black. It is also an act of racism to vote FOR someone simply because they are black. There is no difference.

    Geraldine Ferraro (I’m certainly no great fan of hers either) is being demonized for saying something that is 100% correct, even if not politically correct. If Obama’s father had been a Muslim from Saudi Arabia, he would never have been elected to the U.S. Senate. The “black” factor is huge here.

    Obama in the Oval Office would be a bigger disaster than even Jimmy Carter.

    To summarize, this is one white person that does not like Barack Obama.

  561. For Annonymous number 23. It is actually a proven fact White Women are on welfare by large numbers more than hispanic and Black american women! Thank You very much. I am mixed ( white and black) This website is meant to be funny and silly and sterotyping fun stuff. Don’t be a douchebag.
    stuffa$$hole bloggers write………….

  562. I’ll vote for him if he changes that shade of lipstick that he wears.

  563. Heh, braindead white people.

    It is an act of racism to vote against someone simply because they are black. It is also an act of racism to vote FOR someone simply because they are black.
    There is no difference.

    Except one gets him elected President and the other one gets him strung up by a tree in 1940’s Al’bama.

    That almost deserves its own post: “White people who are against positive racism/affirmative action on the grounds that it’s still racism.” But you’d need a snazzier title.

    “Because giving someone something is the same as taking something away! Well, we already took things away, so we’d better not give anything to them or we’ll really screw them over!”

  564. wow i really think black people have somthing prove or think they do. I think they take this personaly. So if it ways fifty cent would you vote for him for president????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????? i want to know.

  565. I am female, African American and from Chicago and I have NO INTENTION to vote for Barrack Obama! People, stop drinking the cool-aid. And if you think he is less corrupt than the rest, remember he has ascended to where he is via “Chicago Style” politics, NEED I SAY MORE? What we have in Chicago, and in Illinois in general he will bring to the Whitehouse in spades! The patronage, the waste, the wink and nod with a gracious smile while stabbing you in the back!

  566. on March 13, 2008 at 7:27 pm Love This Site

    This is the funniest tongue and cheek stuff, it is precious and I too agree with Ari, I too am from Illinois the Land of Lincoln and where from now on we’ll just pick our candidates from the ranks of the Federal Inmates, since that’s where they are going or have gone. Hey Barack, I am sure Tony Rezko will save a bunk for you down the line, room for him, you and Blago. George will bring uz guys up to speed when you come up his way……..LOL I love it drinking the cool aid reference is so way. There is a Jim Jones air about him and the rabid followers…….Kind of scary! But you gotta admit his rallies are kinda like religious revivals. And would someone please tell him, he IS NOT the new Jack Kennedy for this generation! Unless he too is a cheat, a lying, whoring husband who sucked at foreign policy, but he too wrote a slamming book, “Profiles in Courage.” Oh hell, Barack wrote a book too! Jack is back, only now he’s black……….LOL And hey is it just me, or has Obama over time gained a more “southern” twang to his speaking dialect. And I too agree, it is just as bad to vote for someone simply because he is black, just as it has been to not vote for candidates just because he or she was black. Black, White Snow, Rain, I love this blog it is insane…..Never said I could rap, but it does rhyme…….! Peace out!

  567. well i am black and love Obama… he is convincing, and not sure why but atleast this will settle things and we black people can feel equal, president is the highest position. if we have this covered and the majority of citizens think a black american is capable then this must be a sign of changes thanks america

  568. on March 14, 2008 at 12:42 am Portnoy's complaint

    #574 re: “Profiles in Courage” and Obama’s book

    They were both ghost-written as are the MAJORITY of books written by any public figure.

    The worst are the books by”celebs” like anyone from Hollywood, Oprah, etc. They dont actually write them, they work with the ghost writer on the outline.

    It’s always informative to read the”Acknowledgments” page!

  569. on March 14, 2008 at 12:46 am Portnoy's complaint

    Someone answer me 1 question:

    What will happen when Obama’s voters realize they ain’t gettin’ squat or any free shit? or that “Obama” can’t fix their lives with some wand?

    (Obama will be ineffective for his voters because Bush is leaving the next president broke).

    So if Obama is screwed by the budget, and he cannot deliver on anything, then what? Who will the non-whites blame then? What will they think of Obama then?

  570. on March 14, 2008 at 1:49 am Vijay Coomar

    White people have to be the dumbest people on the planet. You’ll get the Prez you deserve. America’s days are numbered and Obama(gilded sham) will hasten the inevitable. The center of gravity is shifting to China. Russia is rising like a Phoenix.

    New Delhi

  571. on March 14, 2008 at 2:22 am An American view

    bama is the Democrat frontrunner because of his race. If Obama were a White “John Doe” with an identical political record/Senate record and identical rhetoric, he would be a poor also ran.

    Even though he has had support among sizable percentages of liberal Democrat White voters, Obama has won most of his delegates because he has received over 90 percent of the Black vote.

    Why? It is obviously not his policies. They are not much different than any of the other Democrats. For instance, in a state that should have been John Edwards all the way, Edward’s home state of South Carolina, he lost to Obama even though he was far more openly attentive to “Black issues” than was Obama Obama was trying constantly to increase his appeal to White voters while Edwards had an incredibly strong pro-black record.

    And it is not just Edwards. Certainly, the Black bloc vote in at least half of Obama’s winning states made the difference, and the Black bloc vote would not be there if he were a White man running against Hillary’s slavishly pro-Black record. Remember, Hillary’s worse half, Bill, was called the first Black president of the United States and the whole Clinton family has been adored by Black people across America.

    Obama, then, got the over ninety percent Black bloc vote because he was a Black brother, period. If he were a White man saying the same thing, he would have received far fewer black votes than Clinton or Edwards.

    It is true that a number of self-hating, White liberals have been ecstatic over a Black man possibly becoming President of the United States. So, tell me that has nothing to do with his race!

    They see nothing in the least ironic about a Black man running for President of the United States who is a leading member of an openly racist Black church that proclaims its true loyalty to Africa rather than America.

    So, everything Ferraro said was absolutely correct and it is a perfect example of America’s controlled media to deny what is an obvious truth when it comes to the actual racial dynamics at work in this nation.

    Blacks can be for their own people first. Jews can be for their own people first, in fact even put Israel over America. Mexicans can be for their own people first. But Whites are not even allowed to defend their civil rights and oppose the endemic racial discrimination against Whites called affirmative action.

    Ferraro, a White women, has been attacked for saying the same thing that countless Black leaders have stated — that Black people are proud that they have the chance to vote for an African American for president. So if Ferraro is attacked because she is White person saying the same thing as Black leaders, that’s clear racism. She is being attacked not because what she is saying, but because she is White and is saying it.

    Ferraro spoke the truth.

  572. I don’t care for Obama, I wouldn’t vote for him, and I’m not a racist.

    Go figure

  573. I am white. I am 36. I am bald (by choice, okay well partly). I have a tatoo. I love german cars. I am not racist (trust me if you knew what I did/worked, you’d agree). However, I think Obama will make a crappy president. I hate Hillary too. Oh well, I guess it’s either Nader or McCain for me…(me thinks McCain has a better chance)

  574. Hey, Vijay Coomar, save some crack for me.

  575. If you go to obama’s website he is going to increase punishment for hate crimes. now as a white person I have to look at this seriously. Its a fact..if 5 white guys beat a black guy half to death it is a hate crime and proof that all whites are still racist. If 5 black guys beat a white guy half to death the first question is what did he say that was racial to provoke his beating. If a white person uses the N word they are considered racist from that day forward…and the guy that gets mad about him saying is listening to a song and singing that uses the word 50 times. Look at Al Sharpton and tawana brawly fasley accusing the white cops of rape and racist remarks. Al Sharpton found out tawana brawley was lying and kept pushing it. He should be in jail for it. The duke lacross team, everyone involved should be in jail. In the south black churches were being burnt to the ground. The news didnt report more white churches burned up that year and the when they caught the guy he was black. They didnt report that either. Now adays if your white and us the n word or what ever word blacks want to deam bad you loose your job and career and are tagged for life. But if you pay attention any body can make fun of whites and say anything negative about them its ok. Oh yeah if you check obama’s site out it has a dropped down menu for people..it lists asian americans….african americans and such…nothing about a plan for white people or any of their problems..I guess because we are all on easy street and dont need help.

  576. White people like Obama because they get to alk about themselves. How much White people have changed… how much more open minded and smarter they are than their parents… How just like them, Black people have all of the same advantages as Whites and therefore our success is because of our strengths rather than social constructs…..

    What I hope is that when Obama is President, White people will realize that the Black people they know are smart too, are talented too (and not just in the sports and entertainment arenas), that they are leaders too, and thus, maybe all of them deserved to be judged as individuals rather than prejudged according to stereotypes. Then maybe there can be posts about why White people can love Black people as opposed dedicating so much attention to the love of one imparticular. This would be a real statment about American society rather than the fact that part of America is in love with the best candidate for the job of President.

  577. sad thing is white people know that black people are just as smart. but due to racial stereotypes of white people its ok to say we dont. Alot of white people dont feel they have to prove jack to the black community. We are always reminded that he is black. Whites dont care if he was a purple midget as long as whites know he is FAIR. When a white person sees that a black in power doesnt mean payback for something white people nowadays had anything to do with..that black will be elected. We are reminded on a daily basis of how racists we are. I guess if you dont vote for a black president you cant truly vote for change. I heard a radio station trying to get white guys to vote for obama like it wasnt already happenning . I guess us poor racist white men who are afraid of the strong black men just cant bring ourselves to vote for him. Please someone come and help fix my racist white mind.
    And as far as mcain being old.That shouldnt have anything to do with it. but thats today society young people know best I mean look at the tv you can tell everyday that they do. I guess old people dont deserve the right to do anything. Well I got to go to the store…no not a clan rally as most blacks would assume …but a real life store

  578. one more thing if obama is elected..if congress doesnt seem to be doing what he wants is he going to pull the race card and say its because the whites in congress dont want to see a black president succeed in life

  579. I really want to know who is dumb enough to believe that Obama “loves Israel.” Louis Farrakhan, anyone? anyone? I’m not sure he loves Israel if he’s backed by this jerk.

  580. What Ferraro said is largely true, but there is an element of the pot calling the kettle black. One could just as easily say that she got her vice presidential nomination in spite of very little experience simply because she was a woman, and Clinton has the women’s vote locked up for the same reason.
    Look, it’s no secret that Obama has a huge percentage of the black vote, not to mention a lot of whites who are, depending on whom you ask, either guilty closet racists, self-haters, or just eternally optimistic. So what? Can you really blame people who rather hastily back someone of their own color, ethnicity or gender when they have never had the opportunity to do so before? Well, they did have a chance with Jesse Jackson back in the 80s but apparently the white apologists were not as numerous as they are now, besides which Jackson is a preacher (like Huckabee, which basically put him out of the race everywhere but the bible belt) who has, I believe, never held office. Yeah, so Obama isn’t descended from slaves and he was brought up by his white grandparents, but he looks black, or at least mulatto. That is apparently enough for most people, and from a perfectly impartial standpoint, the “type” of black person he is shouldn’t matter anyway. And as for his middle name, who gives a shit? Even if he were Muslim, should that matter? As a weak-spined agnostic, I’ll take a Muslim over a Mormon.
    Moreover, ever since the emergence of television, US presidential elections have largely been determined by who can best use TV to his/her advantage. Ask anyone who was around when Kennedy beat Nixon, who was the early favorite until their debate when Nixon looked like he was having a stroke.

  581. Obama wants to take the tax cuts from the rich and give them to the middle class. That’s a lot of white people who will be getting money if he’s voted President because basically the middle class is made up of mostly white people.

  582. on March 14, 2008 at 10:21 am WheresReagan08

    USSA? What are you Socialists thinking? The govt’s only job is to protect it’s citizens. Gov’t heathcare? Ask a vet how well the gov’t is at providing healthcare! Tax the wealthy and give to the poor? A gov’t idea of taxing the successful only makes people not want to be successfull. If I have a college degree and become rich, I will be taxed more to compensate for the lazy-ass wellfare recipiants who love the gov’t paying for thier expenses and wiping their asses. Don’t protect our borders, give illegals immunity for breaking our laws? This one is a no-brainer! Really, have you ever read our Constitution? It was meant to keep the gov’t out of our lives and out of our wallets. All you communists are doing is inviting them to the table. So all of you dick-sucking preachers performing abortions should repent now, before it’s too late. Hell’s hot this time of year.

    God Bless the USA!

  583. Obama’d will take away those tax cuts, and may briefly try to appease the middle class, but ultimately, with his unprecedented spending plans, will either have to tax the rich out of existance and the corporations bankrupt, or slather the whole socio-economic spectrum with across the board tax hikes. And though it may sound good to some, taxing the corps to death will devastate the American economy, as corporations provide jobs, and jobs provide people with money, which drives the economy.

    One note about tax cuts, if you give an across the board, say 5% tax cut, it will end up returning more to the rich, because they are paying much higher taxes.

    Its a shame the dems let the tax cuts expire. Guess they’re just getting some extra $ ready for Obama or Hillary…

  584. on March 14, 2008 at 10:31 am ChknSoup4TheBloggersSoul

    This post was a shallow observation that anyone could have made. Its was made back when he was elected as an illinois senator and people thought he should run for president. Yawn.

  585. on March 14, 2008 at 12:18 pm dablackestdick

    573 – werd sistah.

  586. you people know barak obama is a white hater, do you know that nbc cbs and abc feed you there liberal bias opinion every night, take this from me and watch fox , brit hume he has all walks of life and make your OWN opinion from that, the TRUTH

  587. I don’t care about his race, I’m just annoyed at how under-qualified he is. If you put his presidential bid in business terms … it’s like the junior salesman interviewing for the CEO job. I think he saw “How to Succeed in Business Without Really Trying” one too many times.

    But he will be elected, and you know who will do it??? White college kids who think it would be so cool to have a “young” black president.

    I wish our elections could be like the dating game … you pick them just based on what they say and you don’t know what you’re getting until the date.

    Then Bush would’ve never been picked.

  588. on March 14, 2008 at 6:10 pm a shaved wookie

    im white and dont like Obama because he reminds me of a preacher at a black church, saying alot about nothing.

  589. 596,

    You’re a dumbass. You’re white and you obviously don’t go to a black church. This is obvious because anyone who knows Black Christian paralanguage knows Obama doesn’t subscribe to it. You just assume he does because he’s black. Get over yourself.

  590. 161,

    You’re also a dumbass. Black people have historically been very supportive (too supportive) of the Clinton political family. Also, how can black people not support white candidates? If they didn’t-they wouldn’t have the chance to vote.

  591. 587

    On Sunday, Ralph Nader, announcing another run for president on NBC’s “Meet the Press,” was critical of Obama’s strong support for Israel, saying Obama “was pro-Palestinian when he was in Illinois before he ran for the state Senate.”

    The Obama campaign Sunday afternoon revealed that the Ohio meeting took place, attended by about 100 Jewish community activists, including some rabbis, Rep. Robert Wexler (D-Fla.) and Eric Lynn, the Obama campaign’s Jewish liaison, and Obama. The campaign provided a transcript that included answers and not questions. The campaign said it was releasing the transcript because “it addresses a number of the commonly asked questions about his faith, the Muslim e-mails and his position on Israel.”

    Obama told the group he has “an unshakable commitment to the security of Israel and the friendship between the United States and Israel.”

    Obama also distanced himself from Zbigniew Brzezinski, the national security adviser in the Jimmy Carter administration who traveled to Iowa with Obama when he made an Iraq speech.

    “I do not share his views with respect to Israel. I have said so clearly and unequivocally,” Obama said. “He’s not one of my key advisers. I’ve had lunch with him once. I’ve exchanged e-mails with him maybe three times. He came to Iowa to introduce … for a speech on Iraq.”

    The Republican Jewish Coalition has been critical of Obama’s plan, if elected president, to call “a summit in the Muslim world.” Executive Director Matt Brooks said he was “deeply troubled” by the proposal.

    Another Jewish puppet bought & paid for by Jews.
    WASHINGTON – Democratic presidential candidate Barack Obama on Friday denounced inflammatory remarks from his pastor, who has railed against the United States and accused its leaders of bringing on the Sept. 11 attacks by spreading terrorism.

    In a sermon on the Sunday after the terrorist attacks on Sept. 11, 2001, Wright suggested the United States brought on the attacks.

    “We bombed Hiroshima, we bombed Nagasaki, and we nuked far more than the thousands in New York and the Pentagon, and we never batted an eye,” Wright said. “We have supported state terrorism against the Palestinians and black South Africans, and now we are indignant because the stuff we have done overseas is now brought right back to our own front yards. America’s chickens are coming home to roost.”

    Uh, isn’t his pastor damn right? Obama is sounding more and more like Dubya. Another Zionist Uncle Tom.

  592. on March 14, 2008 at 8:04 pm Phuck Liberals

    Fuck Obama and Liberals. To all of you pieces of shit who vote for him, i’ll be standing over your graves laughing when he sells you out to terrorists.

  593. “terrorists” my ass

    We already have a major semite problem in the US, and it’s not the Arabs.

    #600 Let me guess, you are another one of those drunk White NFL fans, bomb-Iran types, right?

    No more War for Israel.

  594. Still Black, still Muslim, still a single mother, still intelligent (and a college grad) still tired of being in war because it’s eating up all of our damned money (can we at least bring them back home, get our house in order and then send them back out if it’s that much of a fucking big deal…geez people compromise).
    Still saddened at seeing all my neighbors moving away because of forclosure. Still sickened from the 6 months I volunteered at DFACS and found out that a murderer with time served can’t get food stamps, but a pedophile on parole can…(and some more disgusting shit you people would not and could not imagine unless you were there). Still wish everyone could switch races for a month and walk in each other’s shoes (40% of my family is White, 60% Black and Native American); Whites don’t have it that great, Blacks don’t have it that great, Native Americans have it the worst even with the casinos.

    Something to think about: (and yes I’m a Dem, but it must be said, because I can already see that the bullshit is gonna popoff should Hillary get the nomination).

    For 8 years, people of all races (including Blacks), BEGGED Hillary to run for President…she adamantly declined…we all swore as Democrats that she was the Great White Female Hope…Go Hillary!!

    Then the time to run arrived and Hillary decided to run…Go Hillary!!!…and then Obama appeared from the clear blue sky…Go Hillary?
    Now don’t get it fucked up people…as Democrats we all know the Clintons are corrupt (i.e. Head in the White House, White Water)…but we give them the benefit of the doubt because they’re the lesser of two evils (which is the running theme for any presidential race isn’t it?).
    And being perfectly honest…I find Obama very charasmatic, well spoken, and a nice change in scenery all together…but don’t get it fucked up…he does lack experience (i.e. T.V. time).
    As Americans, we’re naturally skeptical…we don’t believe shit anyone says to the point that we’ll even lie to ourselves just to schmooze some shit over.
    This election is the most important of any of our lives…or so they tell us…the world is soooo different now (so then history doesn’t really repeat itself then?). I’m not trying to downplay the election, I’m just saying that I believe it’s important for us to look to our past elections and make our comparisons, and to do our own research (so we can find out for ourselves that ALL of these candidates are opportunistic, skeleton-in-the-closet-hiding, bullshit!). We’re picking the lesser of three evils…do we pick Hillary and watch the media tear her apart like hyenas on a lemur, and wait for the closet sexists emerge from their hiding places (BTW, just for you illiterates, a lemur is Timon from Lion King)…do we pick Obama, watch the media tear him apart and wait for the closet racists to come out (I’m lucky, I live in a small town…the Confederate flags were already proudly flying when I got here…no secrets…no problems). Do we pick McCain…I have to be honest…if we pick McCain I’m moving…for all you Neo-Nazi’s and KKK members I promise you it’ll be the Back to Africa Movement you’ve been waiting for…Seriously…McCain…another hundred years of war from a man who still possibly wakes up in the middle of the night in cold sweats to the realization that it’s not Charlie he has in a chokehold…but his own wife? The “Gooks” comment he made and refuses to apologize for frightens me a tad…

    So still…I’m undecided…but I do know this for damn sure…if Barack gets the nomination-I’m voting for Barack…and if Hillary gets the nomination-I’m voting for Hillary!

    HILLARY AND BARACK, BARACK AND HILLARY 08!! Fuck the dumb shit…if you’re a Democrat, be a Democrat! Republicans HATE McCain, but he got nominated so goddamned it that’s who they’re gonna vote for!!

  595. I love this post. So many of you have intelligent, well-researched arguments. Others surpass the borders of idiocracy.
    I am from Hawaii where the small town attitude that pervades has Obama touted as a “local kid made good.” His half-sister was my Social Studies teacher in high school. I should be indoctrinated with love for this man. I think he is an eloquent, intelligent man. But, I am also intelligent. Intelligent enough not to get caught up in all the buzzwords and liberal media hooplah spewed out from Fox News and MSNBC alike. I know that there are many other intelligent people in this country, in any race, that are able to truly see past his skin color. The only true non-racists voting in this election are the ones that look at Obama as a poor candidate rather than an African American candidate.
    I don’t believe the United States is ready for a minority president, be they woman, multicultural, or Martian. The evidence is in this post. Imagine if the posters were voicing racist diatribe like this not on a faceless website but in our workplaces or church. Socially-imposed racial guilt and fear of contrary opinion have forced “enlightened” white voters to loudly proclaim their loyalty to Obama and all he represents without actually reading up on his policies. No one can presume to know everything about a candidate. I’m one of them. But, as mentioned before, I know enough to understand how dangerous it is to pledge blind loyalty to anything.
    In case you actually read this far and were wondering, I do not have a favorite candidate in this election. It was inevitable that these three candidates came together and represent what some believe to be the three-way junction to the direction our country is headed. I believe in tolerance, understanding, and fundamental common sense rather than sensationalism. I believe in improving the United States and relying on our own people and industries to pull ourselves out of the self-loathing slump we are in. I want out of any war where Americans or humans are killed but I understand the necessity to act when no one else will help. Any country where beheading and stoning is practiced needs help regardless of cultural beliefs. I want a candidate that will have the courage to say that.

    I am half Chinese/Hawaiian, Scottish, German, Irish, Spanish, and Peruvian. I am equally proud of each race in my background.

  596. Have you watch Obama’s pastor sermons about september 11 and how God condam America. He preach hatred of white people and Obama listened to him for the last 20 years.
    I am asian and I think that kind of preaching (hate white people) is too much and Obama continue to listen to Wright until now means Obama and his pastor must have something in common.

  597. Obama’s pastor is half-right on 911.

    We didn’t really bring it on ourselves…we DID it ourselves.

    It was a false-flag black op. Old news.

    And Obama just lost ALL my respect after denying all that. Shows that he’s really just another sold-out NW0 puppet.

  598. Hillary and Bill Clinton have made a significant issue about how the press is treating Hillary unfairly in their hyper-critical reporting on her and their “softball” reporting on Barack Obama. Hillary maintains she has been fully investigated by the media and Barak hasn’t!

    As the Tony Rezko trial begins in Chicago, Clinton and her surrogates are linking Obama to Rezko and the media is speculating about whether Obama will be called to testify as a witness in the case. Obama has always admitted he received $85,000 in contributions from Rezko which Obama has now donated to charity rather than keep.

    Yet the civil fraud trial of Bill Clinton for defrauduing Hillary’s largest donor in 2000 into giving her campaign more than $1.2 million, pending in Los Angeles courts since 2003, is now preparing for a November, 2008 trial. The discovery that is now proceeding after a February 21 hearing, and the pending trial, have NEVER been announced by the mainstream media.

    Hillary was able to extricate herself as a co-defendant in the case in January, 2008 after years of appeals to be protected by the First Amendment from tort claims arising out of federal campaign solicitations she made. Her abuse of the intent of California’s anti-SLAPP law after the California Supreme Court refused to dismiss her from the case in 2004 is emblematic of her contempt for the Rule of Law.

    Hillary will be called as a witness in both discovery and the trial according to the trial court Judge who so-advised Hillary’s attorney David Kendall when he dismissed Hillary as a co-defendant in 2007. A subpoena is being prepared this month and will be served personally on Hillary, along with Chelsea, Pa Gov. Ed Rendell, Al Gore and other well known political and media figures.

    Yet the media has refused to report about this landmark civil fraud case- brought by Hillary’s biggest 2000 donor to her Senate race, regarding allegations that were corroborated by the Department of Justice in the criminal trial of Hillary’s finance director David Rosen in May, 2005. That indictment and trial was credited as resulting from the civil suit’s allegations by Peter Paul, the Hollywood dot com millionaire Bill Clinton convinced to donate more than $1.2 million (according to the DOJ prosecutors and the FBI) to Hillary’s Senate campaign as part of a post White House business deal with Bill.

    The media – except for World Net Daily- has also suspiciously refused to report on Hillary’s last FEC report regarding her 2000 Senate campaign, filed in January 30, 2006. In a secret settlement of an FEC complaint by the plaintiff in Paul v Clinton, Peter Paul, the FEC fined Hillary’s campaign $35,000 for hiding more than $720,000 in donations from Paul, and it required Hillary’s campaign to file a 4th amended FEC report.

    In that report Hillary and her campaign again hid Paul’s $1.2 million contribution to her campaign and falsely attributed $250,000 as being donated by Paul’s partner, Spider Man creator Stan Lee, who swore in a video taped deposition he never gave Hillary or her campaign any money.

    Lee did testify to trading $100,000 checks with Paul to make it appear he gave $100,000 to Hillary’s campaign (admission of a felony) but none of that has been reported by the “overly critical” media!

    Where is the outrage from Obama that the press is engaging in a double standard relating to his possible role in the Rezko trial and his refunding the $85,000 contributed to his campaign by Rezko- which Obama has always admitted taking. The media makes no mention of Hillary’s role as a witness in Bill’s fraud trial for defrauding Hillary’s largest donor- and Hillary’s refusal to refund the $1.2 million she illegally received from Paul, which she has denied taking from Paul ever since the Washington Post asked her about Paul and his felony convictions from the 1970’s before her first Senate election in 2000?

    Let the truth be told, see the video of Hillary commiting crimes at http://www.hillcap.org

    And to those that like to get brainwashed by the media, like CNN (Clinton News Network) lets be real. We know churches are not 20 years talking about the same thing, the media gathered up those few clips. Do I think the pastor is a bit racist, there’s no doubt about it. But to link Obama with the Pastor, No. First of all, people are forgetting (Maybe because of his color) that OBAMA is WHITE and BLACK! As much as people want to make Obama un-American…. he is not. Youtube videos showing him not Pledge to the flag? First of all he and the audience were the only smart people that knew that was not the pledge of allegiance, plus was the only one singing it when Clinton and the others didn’t even know the song. I friend of mines I knew for 23 years murdered two people, I hate him for doing such stupidity, but he was part of the family, and I see him like twice every year. But that doesn’t make me a murderer. I never knew or seen my cuz do anything criminal. It didn’t make my wife switch her mind on being with me, that because I’m my own person. People should pay attention to what Obama says and not his pastor, so as much as you want to make it look like Obama is un-American. That is such a Clinton!!! in other words such a LIE! I mean just look at her latest lie about her experience with Children health care, BUSTED!!! The Clinton were forced by the real people in SCHIP and they weren’t ready, and now they are taking all the credit that they created it.


  599. Obama is not ready to be the next president. His focus should be on changing his spiritual advisor, not changing the country. He should have been smart enough to see that this person was trouble to his campaign.

    Plus, he hasn’t figured out that he is bi-racial. It really is sad to watch him deny the white part of his race. I wonder how fair of a president that he will be?????

    Vote for Hillary…

  600. By the way, people don’t forget that Obama is white and black….Obama forgets that he is white and black…He did so to attract black voters….

  601. White or Black, it doesn’t matter, but the fact that Obama is a Wright’s follower for 20 years. It must have emotional and psychological affect.
    I voted for Obama last month. But after knowing this, I don’t think I will vote for him in Nov if he gets nominated.

  602. I love that picture…it sums up all the ridiculousness of the Obama campaign. Could you imagine if you had brunch with Obama, the white broads would be pasing out left and right.

    Oh, and I’m a caucasoid by the way. A south side of Chicago one.

  603. How is it that if your white and dont vote for obama your racist

    How is it that you your a guy and dont vote for hillary your sexist

    How is it that if your female or black and dont vote for mccain your making a sound decision.

  604. Lori,
    Um, I’m pretty sure Obama knows his Mama is white identified (wait, maybe his mother doesn’t even identify as white)
    but….anyone who has ever lived in America knows that having one black parent usually is enough to claim African-american(or colored, ,coloured, negro, black, afro-american, nigga, etc.). Its been like that for nearly 400 years.
    By the definition of race one really can’t be Bi-racial and black is not equivalent to white. In the American scheme of things black is constructed in totally different way from white. Clearly, if having white ancestory precludes one from being Black there would be no black people in America.

  605. on March 15, 2008 at 4:50 pm ChknSoup4TheBloggersSoul

    The regurgitated talking points from the respondents above are sure enlightening. Not.

  606. white people are comfortable with black people (especially black men) who dont show any signs of anger over what used to be called racism (i know that many of you young’uns think this is as dead as pay phones)… barack is about as black (literally and metaphorically) as america can really handle at this point in time

  607. on March 15, 2008 at 5:53 pm coonhuntinginc

    Most Whites can’t stand nigger Obongo. Now that the nigger is being exposed for the real nigger that Obaboon really is, a Farrakoon type shitskin, the coon is slowly losing his liberal nigger lover support base.

    Keep the WHITE House WHITE!

  608. pamage,

    I find it strange that we’re on this topic, but I must call you out on that load of BS. Who forced you to have sex? Assuming you are like 99% (98% at most if we assume half of rapes are unreported) of women in this country who have an abortion, nobody did.

  609. Arianna, I’m glad you turned off the caps, but could you not be so patronizing? It does not give your crusade against ignorance much credibility.

  610. “Hillary has just been shown during her campaign to visit the people in the Appalachian region of her home state”

    Hillary Clinton was born in or around Chicago. NOT Appalachia.

  611. Rose,

    Did you ever see the sitcom ‘Becker’? Their black fellow was blind too!

  612. Anonymous # 488,

    If you are so well-read, you should be able to back up your assertions about Republicans with some actual facts. Thanks. There is way too much ad hominem here…

    Hil needed no help from a ‘vast right-wing conspiracy’ in screwing up her healthcare mandate; to his credit, Bill eventually salvaged it. That I know from reading. Who’da thunkit!

  613. I was watching a Democratic focus group and the question was posed to a young white man what he thought of Michelle Obama’s statements about white people.

    He said he didn’t believe it and that she must have meant something else. Some people are so brainwashed that they really believe blacks cannot be racist. It is a term that is specific to whites for young people.

  614. […] Geplaatst op maart 16, 2008 door Benjamin Waar houdt de blanke medemens van? Van koffie, van Barack Obama, van trekkerskledij, wonen in moeilijke buurten … maar ook van homovriendjes. Liefst een […]

  615. OBama rocks my little white girlie world.


  616. on March 16, 2008 at 6:50 am Kunucklehead

    you guys are nutters.

    Issues, man! Issues! What do the candidates say about

    1 – sub-prime
    2 – trillions of dollars of debt
    3 – the way the U.S. treats (and needs) Mexican “aliens’
    4 – how to address the rising competition from Asia (India, China)
    5 – foreign affairs

    What do these candidates know about anything?

    So, what do white (read mixed European ancestry, bilingual, bi-national, family been in North and South America for between 400 and 150 years) people like….? Mostly someone who is competent. Evidence please, resume, and “can you give me an example of how you managed…”

    just a couple thoughts from north of the border (oh yeah, your largest trading partner, remember us?). Mostly us white/Indo-Canadian/French/Chinese-Canadian/Arab-Canadian/Jewish-Canadian/ etc. folks want someone who actually knows where we are. Oh yeah, and remembers to thank us when we help out when terrorists attack you. Not some lame two years later thing when you’ve got time for tea.

    hope you guys can work it out, cause we’re counting on you.

  617. You are 100% right, I’ve never seen so many people get so excited about someone who only knows how to give an entertaining speech. White people love black people period.
    and when they talk like an educated old white people they love them even more. Throw in in a little basketball and the fantasy of Samuel L. Jackson kicking some bad guys ass and you got yourself a winner. I hope he has a plan for running the country, because I haven’t heard it. But he does give a good speech.

  618. Obama’s pastor (the man who married Barrack and Michelle) is showing that he’s an inveterate racist!!! LOL!!!

    This should be a wake-up call to duped Whites that think Obama is some sort of anti-racist. Read Obama’s first book. He’s obsessed with race.

    Before multi-culturalism (1965), there were never discussions about race in politics, yet today in 2008 it’s discussed every day.

    How much more proof do duped Whites need before they conclude that the “diversity” BS we’ve all been shoveled is nothing more than a false religion?

  619. Oh for fuck’s sake.

  620. on March 16, 2008 at 11:43 am Just My Point of View

    Having read both “Profiles In Courage” and “Dreams of My Father”, I clearly understand that neither gentleman wrote his respective book, hell, its so well known that Dad Kennedy pushed his son’s book to further enhance dear Jack’s political profile. I guess buying off the daughter-in-law to stay with the man, and sanitizing the family history was not enough, but a literary prize and acknowledgment give great credentials for one who want to move among the literary elite, widen his appeal among young college students, thirsty to read about the same stuff they could have easily read in their local library. And GOD FORBID! I do not read any of the celebrity trash nor do I purchase anything with that damn Oprah book club logo. It’s like a crucifix to a vampire, I back away. Even if I really have read great reviews in the NY Times about a book and am itching to read it, I always say a prayer, before entering Border’s or Barnes and Noble’s, “Please don’t let this be a damn Oprah flavor of the month! I digress, but has anyone else noticed that once she puts her damn stamp of approval on the book, the next printings of the book are altered, the jacket graphics suddenly become more commercial? I know, marketing, demand, yadda, yadda, yadda, but damn! I must be the only black person who runs opposite to Oprah. Hell, I am not her demographic target audience anyway. Let’s see; female, check, African American, check, gainfully employed, home owner with no drama, no kids and no bullshit, check Oprah wants that stay at home mom type to bitch about the difficulty they face in bearing their litters and then tend to them while trying to remain stylishly relavent and competitive with the Jones and Winfreys! Its either that or she is trolling out her celebrity friends to talk of their drug use, mental health issues or how they, if they had the opportunity could save Britney. I remember when the show was AM Chicago, with Rob Weller. then AM Chicago, then it morphed slowly into the Oprah Winfrey Show, first with the Gerri Curl and bad makeup, then relaxer and comb out and change in wardrobe, then, weight loss and gain, etc. And with each incarnation, we’ve gotten; Steadman or “studman” Gail, Dr. Phil, Rachel Ray and the assortment of nutritionist, phys ed gurus and the like, not of which is affordable to the real working men and women with 2-5 children, a home, mortgage, car note and shit load of bills,
    For me, her’s has been a 20 year + running reality show about Oprah and its great for what it is, but lets stop the marketing and branding of ALL things Oprah just because she says so. O and O, when you show up to a store, boutique, bank or any retailer after hours and you can’t get in,its not racial prejudice it’s called business hours!!!!!!! And having been to France every year over the past 5 years, they are, specifically in Paris, snotty to everyone who in their mind is not “French” And over there as in much of Europe, the group that is outcast is not black but Middle Eastern, so although Bararck is African American, the name could be a problem in Europe………LOL Seriously, even in Europe they have got Barack fever and it is to be honest and fair the ideal that in America a Black man is getting such favorable press and he is admired there even though there too, little is known of his political history or stance. Sometimes we fail to look beyond what we see on the surface, we don’t want to know, it would ruin the illusion and we can sometimes be all about illusions.

    While I am on my tangent on all things Oprah and Obama. What makes his candidacy such a big deal? And hold off on the racial angle, I am African American and a life long resident of Chicago, born and raised and might I say, the Obama campaign has used some of the most subtle tactics in baiting anyone who remotely criticizes their chosen candidate, Barack. It’s the “Chicago Way.” Any male white or female candidate with his exact same track record would be viewed as marginal at best based soley on his limited time in office, time he has spent more on seeking another office than serving the people of the State of Illinois. I am quite familiar with bias both gender and racial in origin working in Law Enforcement for the past 25 years, so spare me the B.S. lectures about his race not being an issue. The majority of blacks voting for Barack are doing so soley based on his ethnicity, without any information regarding his voting history while in the Illinois legislature, which was marginal to fair at best. He then left there to run for the Senate, against Jack Ryan a qualified “white” candidate who was polling strong as a republican among both blacks and whites and what was the big scandal surrounding him? He proposition his then wife Jeri Ryan (yeah the chick from Star Trek) at a “swingers” club…..LOL People, we are always complaining that these guys can’t keep it in their pants or they can’t be faithful to their wives, well here was one, who was ready, willing and able to sleep with his own spouse! Big freakin deal!

    To be fair, Barack’s story cannot be found in a library, but it can be found countless times among Americans who are ethnically mixed, which covers a helluva lot of us, myself included, who is “African American, Irish (county cork), Native American and Puerto Rican; Both my parents are of mixed race which makes me one helluva mutt. Some people find what Geraldine Ferraro said to be offensive, but what is offensive about the truth? She also said, she would not have been on the ticket in 80, were she named “Jerry”, the timing of everything has a lot to do with the “winds of change” and luck! Right time, right place, right moment.

    And were Barack a Caucasian of mixed ancestry of say; Native American, Middle Eastern, European and whatever, would the buzz be as great? There should be an open HONEST debate on this man’s qualifications and not a rush to crown him victor and savior because he “looks good and sounds great”, hell that sounds more like a beer commercial than a thoughtful assessment of his true qualifications. And to question such does not make a person who is white a racist, nor a person who is of color a turn-coat or tom, it means there is willingness to have honest conversation and say I don’t think he is the man for the job. This is not to say, I think Hillary is any more prepared, which leaves me saddened to say, when the smoke clears, we may find ourselves with a continuation of the Bush-wacked policies via McCain and that I must say is damn scary. But even scarier is when I as an African American have attempted dialogue with other blacks about Barack, I am amazed at how the conversation becomes this effort to degrade me on my view, from someone who till now had not voted for anything or anyone over the past 20 years, can’t tell me one thing this man stands for aside from sound-bites and rhetoric. To blindly follow is to accept the consequences of said blind loyalty and history has shown, such blind idol worship can be costly. It’s been done historically with tragic results. This is not to say this man is evil in intent, but think back to how a less experienced men have ascended to heights of power and the blind and almost religious fervor associated with the following. And in a true reversal of roles, my husband who is white LOVES Obama and I would not vote for him even were he to become the eventual Democratic nominee.

    Now to this post in general, it is great very tongue in cheek and fun, but like many I see we’ve skewed over to the serious talk of the campaign and I hope dissent can and is a part of any discussion. It has been suppressed for the last 7 1/2 years Oh yeah, and with that, please know that I too came out against the war way back in 2002, hell before that even and I too have been consistent. I too am from Illinois, I am a woman of color and like Barack I am considered attractive, intelligent, well spoken and articulate and am of mixed heritage. Damn! I should run for president!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!I can count on the black, irish, native american, puerto rican and the Chicago vote several times over and as a catholic, I expect the pope to vouch for my devotion to God, just don’t mention the small issue of pedophiles, the church’s duplicity in war crimes etc………Vote For MEEEeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  621. Just Some of What Defines Barack Obama:

    . He voted against banning “partial birth” abortion.
    . He voted No on notifying parents of minors who get out-of-state abortions
    . Supports affirmative action in colleges and Government
    . In 2001 he questioned harsh penalties for drug dealing.
    . Says he will deal with street level drug dealing as minimum wage affair.
    . His religious convictions are very murky.
    . He is willing to meet with Fidel Castro, Hugo Chavez, Kim Jung Il and Mahmoud Ahmadinejad.
    . Has said that one of his first goals after being elected would be to have a conference with Muslim nations.
    . Opposed the Patriot Act.
    . First Bill that he signed that was passed was campaign finance reform.
    . Voted No on prohibiting law suits against gun manufacturers.
    . Supports Universal health-care.
    . Voted yes on providing habeus corpus for Guantanamo detainees.
    . Supports granting driver’s licenses to illegal immigrants.
    . Supports extending welfare to illegal immigrants.
    . Voted yes on comprehensive immigration reform.
    . Voted yes on allowing illegal aliens to participate in Social Security.
    . Wants to make the minimum wage a “living wage”.
    . Opposed to any efforts to Privatize Social Security and instead supports increasing the amount of tax paid.
    . He voted No on repealing the Alternative Minimum Tax.
    . He voted No on repealing the “Death Tax”.
    . He wants to raise the Capital Gains Tax.
    . Has repeatedly said the surge in Iraq has not succeeded.
    . He is ranked as the most liberal Senator in the Senate today and that takes some doing.

    Fastedgs, Columbus, Oh

  622. I love watching all the white people get all defensive about supporting BHO in this — hahahaha!

  623. obama will be a breath of fresh air……………goodbye to the clinton machine.

  624. […] Update: Skimming the site a little more, I see that #8 on the list is “Barack Obama“. […]

  625. One thing to think of
    if hillary is elected and does absolutely horrible and goes after men for all women used to go through…there will never be a female president again

    If Obama is elected and he goes after all of the white devils out there because we never owned a slave. He will be the last black president.

    Because after that no one will forget what their white husband or son or daughter was put through. So for either of them I hope they are fair or they will destroy the chances of anyone following them.

  626. Obama done been wit his pastor for over 20 years?

    And all of a sudden turns his back on him now that he’s getting love from whitey?

    Don’t forget where you came from and who got your back when you wasn’t a media darling, Uncle Tombama.

    Or when you get kicked back, we won’t take you back.

  627. So for all of those thinking its payback time. You better hope its not. Because if either are elected and try it, and not one female or one black stands up to say they are wrong all the apologizing will not work. White people or guys depending on who is elected will see that even if they didnt have anything to do with what happen years ago , even if there are more programs and laws put in place for blacks and females …we are still considered racist. Its amazing during the times when there were seperate bathrooms you had people still become doctors and lawyers,,but nowadays for some reason its harder for blacks to succeed.

  628. on March 17, 2008 at 8:07 am Sludgemuncher

    Real white people would of course prefer to have a real white person as their next president – not so ??
    As a non US resident and not all that familiar with US politics, seems sad that out of a nation of some 300 Million all you can come up with is a has – been McCain , an ex-president’s wife, and a totally inexperienced black – sorry -african american.
    What the US needs now is someone with true leadership and a real backbone and not someone desperate enough who needs an ‘ A list celebrity ‘ to endose their policies. What a heap of crap.
    In the recent past the US had some truly outstanding leaders : Truman, Eisenhower, Roosevelt, Kennedy [ ? ], Reagan, and even the come-back kid himself, Bill Clinton.
    Seems that they dont make em like they used to in the US any more – maybe they should consider outsourcing the Big Job – maybe from China

  629. OldManC – I have a solution for you bud! – Go to bed, set your alarm clock for REALITY, when it rings WAKE UP!!!

  630. Set your clock too Sludgemuncher!! its funny how you dummies have no clue! I wonder what you teach your children… You pick little things to run with about Obama, the FACTS are the only race that has done any killings not speeches but killings of Indians, Mexicans, Blacks ETC… Is the same hill billy’s bloging about color. How in the hell can you Judge anybody with all the Hangings and killings your RACE has done.. Now we are in IRAQ- we left Afghanistan where the real threat is- History seems to be repeating itself- first kill the indians and mexians to take over this country- next steal africans to slave and rape, Now go to IRAQ- You racist DEVILS are going to burn in hell until you wake your dumb asses up and stop Hating, but appreciating and look at the quality’s of ones work. Its DUMMIES like you the reason we are in IRAQ and our AMERICAN SOLIDERS are dying in VEIN- Because we are over there for the wrong reason- the love of money (OIL), so what do you dummies want to do ELECT another DEVEL IN OFFICE (MCCAIN) to keep it going for 100 years. What about your damn kids you idots!!

  631. Ouch….I thought this was a funny list at first…..shits and giggles, ya know…. 632 comments later, people are fighting like animals. I think I’ll check out the St. Patty’s day blog. Maybe the words, “coon, nigger, sexist, penis, etc.” won’t show up there…….Life is too short…laugh already.

  632. So if right everyone started looking up conflicts in africa there is absolutely no way we are going to find where black leaders are murdering their own kind. Thats what you are telling me right?
    If we were to research africas history there would be absolutely no evidence of the africans in that country enslaving other nations,or killing other groups just because their beleifs are different. And in the good ol us there is no way we will find evidence of blacks killing people just because of color, or killing their own for a pair of shoes or just because he looked the wrong way. So what your telling me is that the white people before me define me. Hate to tell you this but MOST whites dont see it that way. Most whites do not see it that way when it comes to any race. Here is something else to chew on . It is awesome how people will say we shouldnt be in iraq there arent any wmds there. but saddam was killing people left and right, women children anyone who disagreed with him. Used chemical weapons on them. People would say that doesnt concern us. But wait every famous person and their mother wants us to go to darfur. I get it…. we pick and choose who we help. Mccain may not be a great choice by far. I can agree. But Im pretty sure he isnt out to make me pay for a past I wasnt apart of. Now when Obama wants to address issues like that and the black community wants to stand up and scream when a white person is done wrong hey Obama all the way.

  633. Oh and I would like to point out anytime white people complain about race issues and want to defend themselves they are racist how was it put HILLBILLIES. Thats because in todays society the ony way to prove your not racists is to prove your truly sorry for being white.

  634. Personal sex = politics

    Need proof?

    Nicole – what race men have you actually fucked? How many black men, for instance?

  635. This is my point ZERO . To unite America you have to understand AMERICA the GOOD and the BAD. There is alot of good, but also bad lets talk about the BAD in which my points have been about after reading the blogs: First, we are not talking about AFRICA we are talking about AMERICA. This country was founded by Whites whom Killed Indians and mexicans for no reason and stole there land ( that’s a fact), Secondly They went to AFRICA and Stole the AFRICANS, beat, killed, rape and slaved them to work and clean up the country that they stole from the Indians. ( THATS a FACT). That is part of history that can not be forgotten. Now lets talk about Frustration, after 300 plus years of slavery and racism the only thing that African Americans had was HOPE and CHANGE. And In the Eyes of African AMERICANS this country was not viewed in the same way as the eyes of WHITES. It was Black Churches that brought us through most horrible times. Now lets speak about the present- After reading these blogs Im assuming that 98% of the Blogs were by Whites Im seeing comments such as (“most whites prefer a White Leader.. ETC…”) Why is that still an issue?

    Also, Why is Pastor Wright’s and his beliefs being so condeming to Obama after he has rejected them. Go back and look at Billy Graham’s sermons he has stated that he hated Blacks and Jews and has been the advisor’s of Several presidents- and further more you didnt get a reject or denounce from any of those former presidents. So that leads me to beleive that by Condeming a man for something he has rejected whom is not Black or white, but understands the frustration of both races is unfair.

    The good thing about this Coutry is we do have the freedom to choose and I am choosing for CHANGE. Also, Freedom of speech and thats why im speaking out because Im sick and tired of hearing WHITE and BLACK. African Americans has recently received and Apology for 300 years of Slavery and im sure for you thats good enough, but what im unsure is Why cant they except that same reject from Obama?What I got out of it is Obama sat in this Mans Church for 20 years and got inspired for CHANGE – Change for every american Not just Blacks, but every American including his PASTOR. He understands the Mindset in which has kept Blacks, Whites, hispanics Divided Now he has a plan to change it-

    How can there be so much negativity towards the word UNITE and CHANGE?? And No you don’T have to apologize for Being White, but you do have a responisbility in Being Understanding to the Frustrations of Being Black. And have an open mine – Instead of looking at the 60 seconds of Pastor Wrights Sermon Listen to the whole message – I bet you would change your mind about him being a racist – They didnt show the Sermons of how many times he said he was Proud to be an AMERICAN, We have come far since the dream of Martin Luther King. You know why you have not heard that? Well, I let you figure that one out…

    I have Racist Family Members – I Reject what I hear them say ikn my presence, But I dont feel the way they do. And I pray that one day I can look at them and say ” We are UNITED” I should not be made to stay away from them – however, I should be made to prove them wrong and I think that is what OBAMA IS DOING- Why dont Yall GET THAT! Have you had a racist Family member that has said any racist remarks – What if you were applying for a job and someone said ” Oh since your mother is a racist and you were around her for um all your life, your not qualified” How would you feel? What if you accepted she was a racist, but vowed to change her beleifs would that be FAIR for people to Condem you in such a WAy??

    And lastly ZERO, our country is almost at its worst. WE are at war, our economy is BAD, We need a good health care system. I think we need to pick a president based on those issues. Not issues of COLOR, GUILT BY ASSOCIATION.. Because once we start doing that – THATS WERE THE OLD HISTORY SHOULD COME INTO PLACE……

  636. sanjose, none! but I hear your mother has done alot of them…

  637. Further More, I am in the United States Marines serving in IRAQ. Many of my friends are dying because of ignorance like what im reading on these blogs. Im ready for change so you dumb asses keep talking about Bullshit- and you go to sleep with the Blood of my fellow soilders on your hands.

    But why we are over here fighting for your DAMN FREEDOM, yall dummies are over here judging and blogging about who prefers a white president” WAKE UP- all Blood is red and its alot of it over hear. SANJOSE I bet those Balls of yours wouldn’t stand a chance with a M16 over them. Grow up…

  638. Nice response Nicole. But my comments are not based off of his pastor. I could care less what somebody else says. Im just saying that the overtone to Obama for president is vote for him…he is black and he is change. If you vote for Mccain he is white and will continue in the ways of the old angry white racists. Plus we can talk about africa because you were using america as the base for your argument of look how america or did you mean whites have done. Since whites did come to this country and kill indians and enslave people. The comment had the overtone of look at the horrible things all of the whites have done. Im just saying if a little research was done im sure whites arent the only race out doing bad things.Im not trying to prove one race over the other,just want to show they are equal. Plus just because Im white doesnt mean I should pay for the past. Right now as it stands every white person as soon as there child born or unborn can understand needs to teach them 1) your scum 2) your racist 3) you should be ashamed of who you are 4)you less than everyone else because history says you can only get where your going by cheating and stealling
    These are the same types of things and images that black groups have been fighting to get off the air and squashed completely because its proven negative effect on a child seeing and hearing from one. But its ok for whiteys kids to hear it.

    He is possibly going to be the first black president, you cant get past it because news and radio will not let you. So there is nothing wrong with whites wanting to know whats going to happen to me. Will I get thrown in jail for saying something negative about a black. Will I need to be reeducated. Things that blacks and black groups and so on make sure doesnt happen to them.

    Oh yeah i was watching martin luther king jr speeches yesterday..along with malcom x…but the one that intrests me is pharakon one of his earliers speaches. The hole how bad whites are looks just like his speech with a little more added to it. So I watch and listen to more than you think. You tube is awsome . So thanks again for stereotyping me. It just proves my point. Im white Im racist I should get used to it right

  639. I just got out of the army spent 38 of the last 48 months in Iraq..so save that speech for someone else

  640. so now back to a useless blog about what whites think,
    because after all what whites think is USELESS right

  641. 645 “I am in the United States Marines serving in IRAQ. Many of my friends are dying because of ignorance like what im reading on these blogs. Im ready for change so you dumb asses keep talking about Bullshit- and you go to sleep with the Blood of my fellow soilders on your hands.”

    Then Obama should have SUPPORTED his pastor then! His pastor was right – WE are the ones who keep starting these wars and terrorism! And until we admit that and STOP the BS – YOU WILL KEEP DYING FOR IT.

    Well, Obama’s obviously on Dubya’s side here as he denied our accountability in the Mideast like a braindead puppet. The guy is an admitted diehard Christian Zionist, so whaddya expect???

    You vote for him, and you can expect things to continue to worsen. He will pick right up where Dubya left off. Only change is his color of skin.

  642. Nice come back ZERO. Do I think you are a racist. NO, probaly not, but my frustrations are not directed towards you. I was explaining a point to you.

  643. Latest poll from TIME:

    87% of white girls 18-23 would vote for Obama
    93% of them fantasizs sexually about him

  644. realpolitik, did Obama say that? NO you dummy his pastor did and there are several wars we did start like I said, this country was founded because we acted like TERRIOST towards the INDIANS, well maybe you flunked History, or maybe you were lied too. WHo cares!! You have no facts behind your message just a bunch of BS-

    His pastor also said HE belived that AFrican americans were injected with AIDS? I bet you thought ” how could he say that” Well, the were injected with SYPHILIS.. ( Thats A FACT) so as I stated realpolitik, dont give me 5 seconds of a message give me the whole message. If you can judge someone based on 5 seconds of listening I can understand why you would post something as dumb as you just did. Because your problem is you are in DENIAL…

  645. shoot me the link votewurpussy…
    i cant find it
    i one those dont believe it till I see it

  646. Yup, I AGREE with Obama’s pastor!!!!

    BUT, Obama didn’t – and loudly denied all of his pastor’s TRUTH about America!!! Like a good Uncle Tom field negro! And just like Dubya would! Hell, he prolly has an earbud linked to the Oval Office telling him what to say!

  647. 653

    I think it’s fairly obvious from this thread alone who Obama’s supporters are.

    Clearly, primarily Blacks and young White college girls.

    Ok, guilty-as-charged here too. On both counts. *blush*

  648. I will reapeat myself for realpolitik- Do yourself a favor HOMIE-

  649. Nicole – you sound confused.

    Do you support Obama’s pastor or not????

  650. Zero, sounds to me as if you support mccain. if so, good for you – are you ready for another 100 years of the SAME OLD THINGS…. by then we will PROBALY BE A THIRD WORLD COUNTRY!!!


  652. Zero, Not confussed, but I understand his frustration. He could have found a better choice of words- but after hearing the entire sermon I got his message- the bad choice of words were maybe 4 seconds out of two hours.

  653. Now im hearing that just because Obama didnt sing god bless america on cnn he is anti-american! What the heck, Okay say he sings that – the next rumor would be “OBAMA has a tatoo on his ass, that says he hates Blacks & Whites”, then is he soppose to MOON AMERICA ON CNN to prove thats a lie too? – WOW

  654. 660

    That was a yes or no question.

    You cannot agree with both the pastor AND Obama.

    Bad choice of words, my ass. The truth is what it is. Either you agree that America instigated Arab furor due to our crooked foreign affairs or not.

    PC BS spin doctors like Obama just like to dance around in vague feel-good words. And I see you are just like him, when trying to pin down your actual opion.

    Only when the rubber hits the road, do you see his true colors.

    WHITE as Dubya’s pale ass.

  655. Really dont know to tell the truth,but voting for mccain doesnt mean anything. Nor Does voting for Obama. As far as gas prices you think the fact that the earths population has increased plus china is in its industrial revolution and the fact that there is a limited amount of oil on the planet. I think I would be more worried about how much is left, instead of who is making a profit. The only way to curb use is to raise prices.

    As far as the sermon everyone is talking about..whites just want fairness. If a white guy uses the n word and is band from tv or fired from his job. If a white guy says something negative about blacks and gets fired, if when the black groups find out that a guy a white politician is with is racist or made a racist remark the he is considered racist or should quickly denounce him which if your white doesnt work as well. We just want the same to happen to everyone else. Like al sharpton…and why doesnt jesse jackson help whites that are descriminated against. Like I said before if 5 whites beat a black guy half to death ..hate crime. If 5 blacks beat a white half to death, we have to find out what the white guy said to cause it. We just want it to be fair. You remember tawana brawley right?

    Oh a so called white goverment has done this to everyone..
    I guess that means a black goverment wouldnt? right

  656. realpolitik- Yes, I agree with his message-

    Let me ask you a question? Why are we in iraq? you are right Only when the rubber hits the road, do you see his true colors.. I bet ya believe everything the good oh boy’s tell ya huh. Well when you get tired of being lied to and you have no one else to call- and your OLD buddies have drove you in the ditch again- remember your comments because thats one thing I do agree with you ” THE TRUTH IS WHAT IT IS”

  657. now when you say blacks were injected with syphillus ..do you mean that the govermant had treatment centers all over the country. or are you just talking about the tuskegee people. I know your not trying to be misleading making it sound super widespread like the nazi’s and the jews

  658. I take it that you are capable of reading ZERO. You are aware of the facts from reading what you just wrote, so what do you think? Lets not start being to creative to the point where you are insulting ones inteligience.

  659. Well, if you agree with his pastor’s message.
    But Obama disagrees with his message.
    Then that means you fundamentally disagree with Obama.

    Why are we in Iraq?

    For a number of strategic reasons.

    1) To keep those sandn*ggers selling their oil in USD. Since the Jewish FRB took over our money supply, they took our currency off precious metals standards. Over time, this fiat currency has become worthless as we plunged further in debt. So, we decided to force OPEC and other nations to back our currency with their oil, by only selling it in USD. Because, if your currency tanks…so does your entire economy and country. The house of cards collapses…

    Well right before we invaded Iraq, Saddam was starting to sell oil in Euro, instead of USD. Big no-no. We cited 9II, democracy, WMDs and the kitchen sink to justify invasion. Which approval we got from our citizens because goyim are so stupid.

    Guess what? Iran wants to switch over to the Euro from the USD now too. But right when they were about to with their IOB, we cut all their undersea internet cables to the EU. And Obama has already rattled the saber at Iran. So, he will expand the war there too if they refuse to comply.

    2) Oil. This is obvious. They are building pipelines to Israel and ports to suck that Arab tit dry.

    3) You probably won’t believe this one, so I won’t even tell you. But basically, Saddam got hold of an ancient piece of technology in Sumer that we had to recover. The rabbit hole goes waaaayyyyy deeeepppp…

    Nonetheless, Obama plays to the dumb crowds like a kindergarten play. He would never dare reveal the truths. His pastor was striking a little deeper at it, which is why he had to angrily reprimand him. Obama cares about Obama, that’s why he never risks losing face in public.

    His pastor cares about us, which is why he risks his reputation by talking non-PC.

  660. Let me give you something else that is widespread that still affects the African American RACE today. Are you aware that Blacks were made to pay taxes for 20 years from 1940-1960, while whites didnt have too( thats a fact)? Many of the black owned business were forclosed in the early 60’s because of it – My grandfathers business was one of them. Land was taken and forclosed from blacks – while whites were allowed to continue to save and get rich- My family owned 32 ACRES in Georgia that was stolen in the 60’s. Now in saying that African Americans are now trying to perclaim there land that was lost by our grandparents, and great grandparents- and also trying to pass laws to grant african americans 20 years of not paying taxes.

    So to go back to your comment about having to apologize for being white I still say NO you shouldn’t have to. But does African Americans have to settle with an apology? And if Mccain was elected and pass the law as to where Whites had to pay taxes for 20 years and blacks and indians didnt would you still vote for him?

  661. realpolitik, WRONG, WRONG, WRONG….. Obama disagreed with the 60 seconds – he didnt say he disagreed with his entire message. I think he is smarter than you are giving him credit for. I disagree with the 60 second show- I agree with the entire message-

    So now we want to keep the sand -n—-s selling oil in the US. Is that what they told you? Sounds like you have been sitting on the floor too many times expecting another story from the story teller at the bookstore or something- You are so stupid.

    Let me tell you the truth, We are in IrAQ so Bush can make a PROFIT for HIS company- they want to blow shit up and then send CHENY”S company and people to rebuild so Cheney can make money. In order for this too happen we have to find ways to finance this thing – part of it comes from what you pay at the pump-

    AhH did I hurt your feelings- or do you want me to keep telling you the truth. See it seems as though you like the game HIDE AND GO SEEK… I was very good at that game .. And I can Find BULLSIT VERY EASY!!!

  662. I think All republicans should be the ones fighting the SAND Ni_____ as you call them, You guys are the only ones having interest in them…

    Why dont you take your wife with your matter of fact take your kids and when you are there for um 1 hour because by then im sure you would be scared to death and balling- see if any of that shit you type is enough to keep your a-s over there you dummy!

  663. I’m white and I’m for Hillary.

    But this was a funny number #8 that’s for sure. It’s funny because it’s so true a lot of times.

  664. 669

    “So now we want to keep the sand -n—-s selling oil in the US”

    Wow, are you really this stupid?

    USD = US Dollars, i.e. greenbacks

    And, so you disagree with the pastor that we instigated terrorist blowback due to our foreign policies? You’re saying that we had nothing to do with it? Ok, wow.

    Ok, it’s obvious you simply do not have the IQ to understand any concepts deeper than Obama’s vacuous cheerleading cheers. No wonder you support him.

    And sure, Haliburton was part of it too. That was a fringe benefit.

  665. You are not blind, we have been instigating since this country was founded. I gave you a solution. Take your ass over there and like I said take your damn kids and wife – or lover and see how long it would take you to call the cheerleader to come rescue you. Its funny how people have no clue and are so closed minded. 911 happen we left the target to focus on revinge of the attempted ass of form pres Bush. When we solved that problem the target for the them was get rich – the target they had for people like you who they knew would support them is – Lets lie and tell them :
    For a number of strategic reasons.

    1) To keep those sandn*ggers selling their oil in USD. Since the Jewish FRB took over our money supply, they took our currency off precious metals standards. Over time, this fiat currency has become worthless as we plunged further in debt. So, we decided to force OPEC and other nations to back our currency with their oil, by only selling it in USD. Because, if your currency tanks…so does your entire economy and country. The house of cards collapses…

    Well right before we invaded Iraq, Saddam was starting to sell oil in Euro, instead of USD. Big no-no. We cited 9II, democracy, WMDs and the kitchen sink to justify invasion. Which approval we got from our citizens because goyim are so stupid.

    Guess what? Iran wants to switch over to the Euro from the USD now too. But right when they were about to with their IOB, we cut all their undersea internet cables to the EU. And Obama has already rattled the saber at Iran. So, he will expand the war there too if they refuse to comply.

    2) Oil. This is obvious. They are building pipelines to Israel and ports to suck that Arab tit dry.

    3) You probably won’t believe this one, so I won’t even tell you. But basically, Saddam got hold of an ancient piece of technology in Sumer that we had to recover. The rabbit hole goes waaaayyyyy deeeepppp…

    Nonetheless, Obama plays to the dumb crowds like a kindergarten play. He would never dare reveal the truths. His pastor was striking a little deeper at it, which is why he had to angrily reprimand him. Obama cares about Obama, that’s why he never risks losing face in public.

    His pastor cares about us, which is why he risks his reputation by talking non-PC.

  666. White people like Obama? WE DO???
    I’m English and have lived here all my life, so obviously I don’t really give a shit who wins the US Election. But, saying that, I’d much rather have Hillary win than Obama, if only because celebrating feminists are much easier to deal with than celebrating blacks. And I don’t care if that sounds racist or not, because it is true; black people are ridiculously violent when drunk.

    errrr, I’ve gone off topic. But yes, buh-bye Obama.

  667. Thats what I dont get about your kind? You just run off at the mouth- Everything I have stated since I posted has been based on facts-

    Let me tell you what lies you should be questioning your OLD BUDS!- ask them to tell you why they lied and said there were weapons of mass destruction to get the people over there in the first place?

    Then ask them why haven’t they been very truthful in the numbers of the cost to pay for the war. ( How much its costing tax payers like you).

    And while your Mother or Sister, or Brother or someone who you care about will proablay loose there home one day if this shit keeps going on – Dont worry Just tell your Family that they are going to justify it with a tax REbate check of 600.00…..

  668. 674 J Jblack people are ridiculously violent when drunk. Okay thats your oppinion – want to here mines White people Like hillary sleep with Black people and love it when there drunk and lie the next day and say they were Raped. So the feeling is mutal…

  669. Nicole im just making sure your not just repeating whatcha heard. Hell Id never heard of it. So I looked it up. See Im not to racist,I admit when I dont know something. Its just now days people say alot of things without knowing anything about it.

    I dont agree that because the goverment did something that I wasnt involved in I should be punished. Find the buisness owners, or the land owners and give them something back. Not every black person out there. See thats fair,giving every black person something just because a few were wronged isnt right

  670. Well Zero, the IRS was a part of it.. So if this is something that happen for 20 years I can assure you that its milliions of blacks who would be eligible for the TAX BREAKS. If they can prove how it affected them as a descent. So that could happen one day. Look at it this way They are already doing it for the INDIANS they dont pay TAXES and will not EVER pay taxes. Blacks are just wanting this for 20 years.

  671. Zero, you said you looked it up – did you find it to be true. I told you Im about FACTS not ASSUMPTIONS

  672. realpolitik, Here is a techinally answer if you are really confussed:

    We should get out of Iraq immediately. Let me explain …

    But, first, bear in mind why we’re in Iraq. It has nothing to do with weapons of mass destruction, and it has nothing to do with the brutal dictatorship of Saddam Hussein.

    It has a lot to do with ambition.

    Before we invaded Iraq, our politicians told us that Iraq had weapons of mass destruction in great quantities. Secretary of State Colin Powell even went to the United Nations and described Iraq’s cache in detail, down to the pound of certain weapons.

    Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld told us that not only did Iraq have these weapons but he knew exactly where they were.

    This is why I seriously doubted that Iraq had weapons of mass destruction. What our government told us defied logic and common sense.

    The United Nations had inspectors in Iraq looking for weapons. They couldn’t find any. Logic and common sense, then, would have dictated that our government tell those inspectors where to look. After all, if we knew, why wouldn’t we share our knowledge with the inspectors?

    We wouldn’t, of course, because we didn’t know. Our government explained its unwillingness to help by explaining that it didn’t want to compromise confidential sources.

    How much sense does that make? Saddam has enough weaponry to attack the western world, and we can’t lead the UN inspectors to it because we don’t want Saddam to know how we got the information? Give me a break!

    (As a footnote, it should be noted that a favorite trick of pathological liars is to “protect” their nonexistent sources of information.)

    We now know for certain that Saddam did not have the weapons we used to go to war against Iraq.

    And common sense tells that we didn’t attack Iraq because Saddam is a brutal dictator. He was a brutal dictator back in the days when we played footsie with him as he fought Iran. (Do a Google image search for Rumsfeld and Saddam, and you’ll find pictures of Rummy and Saddam shaking hands.)

    Historically, the United States has always been friendly with brutal dictators if it’s to our financial advantage. Currently, there are other dictators afoot; Saddam wasn’t the only one.

    And anyone who can read knows that Saddam had nothing whatsoever to do with the terrorist attacks of Sept. 11, 2001.

    So why did we go to war with Iraq?

    The short answer is “oil.” But that’s not the whole story.

    Briefly, we went to war with Iraq because an influential group of conservatives (now known as “neo-cons”) convinced President George W. Bush that it was in America’s best interests to conquer Iraq as a first step toward dominating the oil-producing nations in the Middle East and eventually the world.

    Not insignificantly, these same neo-cons wanted to eliminate Iraq as a threat to their darling ally, Israel.

    Their plan is laid out in detail on the Web at newamericancentury.org.

    So we invaded Iraq not to save ourselves from weapons of mass destruction, not to rid the world of a brutal dictator and not to avenge the murders of Sept. 11. We invaded Iraq because Bush and his pals think America should rule the world.

    That’s why we can’t win. The rest of the world isn’t going to let us win. The rest of the world might admire us, but they do not want to be dominated by us.

    And that’s why we should get out of Iraq today. Not tomorrow, not next week, not a year from now, but today.

    Try as we may, we are not going to turn Iraq into a model democracy. The Sunnis don’t want democracy. The Shiites don’t want a democracy. The Kurds don’t want a democracy.

    The Saudis do not want a new democracy as a neighbor. Nor do the Kuwaitis. Nor do the Syrians. None of the countries in that region with despotic rulers want us to succeed. And don’t think for a moment they’re above slipping terrorists into Iraq to kill Americans.

    The plan to conquer Iraq was half-baked from the start. Our troops were not properly trained or equipped to do the job given them. (Sent to the desert in jungle fatigues? Not given body armor? Completely untrained in handling prisoners?)

    There was no “exit plan” because we never intended to exit. The plan was, and is, to build military bases in Iraq and stay there forever as cock of the walk in the Middle East.

    Many of our European friends, who have a sense of history, knew better than to get involved in such a fool’s mission.

    Bush may be the idealist other people think he is, but his grandiose plan for controlling the world has at least one fatal flaw: it depends, childlike, on the good will of all involved.

    Yet, not even the U.S., the alleged “good guy” in this mess, has demonstrated purity. Our leaders see Iraq as a place to make money. So Bush & Co. have set up their friends to cash in on the rebuilding of Iraq, a job that should be done (for pay) by the people who built it in the first place: Iraqis.

    We can’t win in Iraq. Hardly anybody wants us to. The longer we stay there, the more Iraqi children end up maimed or dead, the more of our young men and women die.

    Clearly, our government lied to us, and to the world, to get us into this war. That alone should tell us it’s wrong.

    Several years ago, George W. Bush made a decision to quit drinking. As one of my e-mailers suggests, we would have been better off if he had decided, instead, to quit lying.

    It’s not too late, George.

  673. I dont think its actually a tax rebate. I think its sort of like an advance on your next years returns.Now doesnt that sound better

  674. 680 – leaves out a few factors that I mentioned, but I’ll agree with it.

    And Obama is just another Colin Powell. A light-skinned “yessir” field negro who serves as a Zionist puppet. White Americans will believe anything they say because they are so guilt-riddenly racist and have come to hero-worship any post-modern MLK Jr figure.

    Yessir, it was Colin Powell (the other proposed Black Prez) who took the stand and delivered the final say-so in plundering Iraq – with absolutely zero true integrity. But people believed him because he was Black. And in this Jewtopia, white is now bad and Black is now good.

    Obama is simply Colin Powell v2.0. And Colin Powell was just Dubya v2.0. When you look beneath their skin, you will see they are all the same.

  675. I mean to say a TAX BREAK if that is not what I said. But yes, I think if we are going to hear politicians speak about solutions instead of speeches – I think we need to find a solution of how we are going to handle the SCANDALs that AFFECTS us today and stop offering SPEECHES such as apologies.

    Thats why im for Obama, you here people like pastor wright say things like what he said because of frustration. As I stated it doesnt make his choice of words RIGHT- but if you have an open mind you can understand his frustration.

    No one talks about the KKK Endorsing OBAMA? I wonder why? They have donated over 250,000 towards is campaign.

  676. It seems as though I saw on the news everyone wanting Obama to REJECT Farracahan, but what about the KKK? Did you here much about that-

  677. realpolitik, he wasnt so yessir when he told them to kiss there ass and retired now was he?? AGAIN where are your facts !!

    Okay realpolitik, do me one favor – POST ONE FACT- just ONE

    let me see if we will hear from you again- no oppinons next time lets here some FACTs and Maybe I will continue the discussion with you…

  678. Excuse me – when he told them to kiss his ass and retired…

  679. The KKK donated a large sum of money to him

  680. im slow on my post

  681. realpolitik, I think you are the FRONT RUNNER for that line of folk (yessir) . If A bus feel out the sky and landed right in front of you and MCCAIN SAID” no my friend it was a BIRD” that ‘s exactly what you would say ” YESSIR)

  682. 685 – “realpolitik, he wasnt so yessir when he told them to kiss there ass and retired now was he??”

    LMFAO!!!! He did as he was told like an obedient field negro…and the damage was done.

    After that, he lost all credibility and didn’t have much choice but TO retire now, did he???

    But in the crucial moment – he went ass-up like a total bitch and did what he was told. YES MASSA! But A REAL MAN like Obama’s pastor would NEVER have done that! He would have said EFF YOU!!!

    And yet you idolize the sell-outs and scold the real men – just like Obama did. You must be a field negro yourself.

  683. ^ Sorry, I meant house negro in all instances, not field negro…

  684. realpolitik, it doesnt matter – still wrong.. like I said do you have any facts you are going to post today , or do you just get a good feeling up your leg like CHRIS MATTHEWS when it comes to OBAMA and starting typing BS?

  685. realpolitik
    Im bored so I will play your game. Okay you say that about Powell, thats your oppinon. Now lets talk about your guy BUSH-

    you call Obama a sell out for rejecting, apologizing. But your guy BUSH does it all the time- you are such a hipicrit!! Your GUY BUSH DOES NOTHING BUT APOLOGIZE SO WHAT IS HE? FACTS OF APOLOGIES FROM YOUR GUY:





  686. I still love oooobama!!!! I don’t care what you say! It don’t matter to me! All u haters can kiss my whitegirl ass!

  687. You tell them Diana, nothing like showing those white racists that you can break down barriers. I mean I wish we could all be as opened minded as you,understanding the black mans plight.In matter of fact when I get to the gym I am going to start apoligizing. Whitegirl ASS, i guess thats suppose to enrage all us racist white guys, and somehow give you this magical ability to relate to anyone black? Just another example of stereotypes and racism. well got to go make amends, ill make sure i beat my white kids on the way out, not to mention bust open their piggy banks so I can start making up for things I had no part in.

    Nicole been a pleasure, hope to debate with you more tommorrow

    racist out

  688. Same to you Zero, Yall have a good evening. See Ya..

  689. Why is everyone even talking about Obama? He’s finished as far as the election is concerned. He can thank Pastor Wright for that. There is no way in hell People are going to vote for Obama after this. It’s going to sink his campaign.

    It’s hilarious that Pastor Wright’s church is issuing all these statements that the messages were taken out of context. How comical to think that we’re THAT stupid.
    “Aids was created to foster genocide against blacks”
    “U.S. of K.K.K.A”

    Ummm, what context should have these statements been taken in??? I’m sure the church is right. So right that Obama is distancing himself from Wright like the plague.

    The funniest thing is that blacks, predictably, are saying that white pator’s say inflammatory remarks as well and they’re right, idiots like Falwell are always saying stupid shit so why should Wright’s comments be regarded any differently.

    This is not the point you morons!

    Wright can say whatever he wants. Falwell can say whatever he wants. Only a few people care what these guys say. The issue is that the future president of the U.S. is not associated with people like this. Clinton and McCain are not associated with Falwell or any other inflammatory pastor. Obama is and that is the point. If Clinton’s pastor had ties to the KKK, you would bet that people would be criticizing her-and rightly so but it’s Obama who is being criticized-and rightly so. It has nothing to do with race.

  690. Leto, its funny how you dummies have no clue! I wonder what you teach your children… You pick little things to run with about Obama, the FACTS are the only race that has done any killings not speeches but killings of Indians, Mexicans, Blacks ETC… Is the same hill billy’s bloging about color. How in the hell can you Judge anybody with all the Hangings and killings your RACE has done.. Now we are in IRAQ- we left Afghanistan where the real threat is- History seems to be repeating itself- first kill the indians and mexians to take over this country- next steal africans to slave and rape, Now go to IRAQ- You racist DEVILS are going to burn in hell until you wake your dumb asses up and stop Hating, but appreciating and look at the quality’s of ones work. Its DUMMIES like you the reason we are in IRAQ and our AMERICAN SOLIDERS are dying in VEIN- Because we are over there for the wrong reason- the love of money (OIL), so what do you dummies want to do ELECT another DEVEL IN OFFICE (MCCAIN) to keep it going for 100 years. What about your damn kids you idots!!

  691. I will repeat myself- Leto here is a solution for you – Go to bed, set your alarm clock for reality, when it rings
    WAKE UP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  692. Whiggers of America Unite ..!!!!!!!!!!!

    I Luv Obama and everything he doesn’t represent ..!!!

  693. I smoked crack with Obama back in the old days when he was just a party boy looking for dope and pussy. He was a mellow fellow. I’m happy for him.

    I hope he decides to LEGALIZE drugs! He should, he did enough of them with me!

  694. #699
    “the FACTS are the only race that has done any killings not speeches but killings of Indians, Mexicans, Blacks ETC… Is the same hill billy’s (racist slang for a poor white person/my words) bloging about color.”
    race and genocide….hmmm. ever heard about darfur or rwanda? i do not think that this is limited to the “racist devil” white folk…maybe something we all embarassingly share in our histories.
    or the countless smaller (no less evil) genocide incidents that have gone on between tribes in africa and the americas (north and south) historically.
    tibet (chinese)
    armenians (the turks)
    pol pot (vietnamese)
    nanking (japanese)
    check it out, maybe you will loose some of that hatred of yours, and let this be the humorous site it is!

  695. elocin

    yep I heard of it, but who started it like I said?? all that stuff you are talking about is after the party started my friends. Ask Christopher COLUMBUS! He found this country all right – Stole it..



  698. So because I remind all of you of the history of our country- all of a sudden I have hatred? Do you really beleive that? if so WOW…

  699. Lol, every race has conquered, killed, raped, and stole land etc etc throughout history. (as if anybody doesn’t really already secretly know that)…It’s just really PC and kosher nowadays for all the other angry races out there to justify their own racism by accusing the white race of being the worst, when it’s actually only because they ended up being more sucessful at it in the past than everyone else. And that was mainly due to the weakness or underdeveloped state of others. The sronger groups took the weaker. NOT that the white people were any more evil or more barbaric than others in history. They just did it better, more efficiently, more recently, on a larger scale and had more notoriety for it. Any other race with the same power in those times would have just as surely come out the winner in the big land grab over the centuries.

    Anyway, like Obama said recently in response to Gerraldine ferraro’s comment, People of all races in America are tired of all the constant race rhetoric and want to move ahead. …I gotta respect a black man in America who says something like that.

    I believe Obama stands for all Americans of all races just like he says. I don’t think he’ll play strictly to the favor of blacks or whites but hopefully both and for a common good..

  700. on March 17, 2008 at 8:04 pm I'm a Big Fat Rich Jew....

    @708 “I believe Obama stands for all Americans of all races just like he says.”

    Oh shut up. Obama stands for nobody, he will please nobody.

    Uniter? Pipe dream. Obama’s voters don’t know how the game is played. Obama is not sufficiently pro-Israel (war), so he will be marginalized

    Big fat jews support Joe Lieberman for leader of the USA, and he will win. He controls McCain. SUCKERS!!!!

  701. This blog is anti-elitist. Thats it. Thats why its funny. To the white people who call it racist, this isn’t racism. This person is making fun of a certain aspect of white culture. It’s not white people have small brains/white people prey on black women/white people steal… there is a difference.
    Lots of the stuff he makes fun of is legitimate. Recycling is a good idea… just don’t be fucking smug about it. Apple makes good shit, if you can afford it and need it buy it, but don’t buy it as a status symbol. Movie after movie(donnie Darko, every wes anderson movie, little miss sunshine, etc) about quirky white people is annoying. So what? Hippies ARE annoying. Hipsters ARE annoying… so? You could say back woods, redneck, christians are idiots, but… it’s been done. A lot.
    I’m white. I’m voting for Obama because Clinton and McCain scare the shit out of me. Obama’s a politician. He’s dirty and he’s a scumbag. He seems like less of a scumbag than the others. Simple as that.

  702. “Clinton and McCain are not associated with Falwell or any other inflammatory pastor”
    Leto, you retard, read something before you post stupid shit.
    John Hagee says hi.

  703. Obama should be elected if for no other reason so that everyone will stop belly-aching about how a minority would run the country better than a white or that whites have a monopoly on the political etc. Let im in, let him show what he can do, and if he does a good job then great, if he succumbs to power and corruption and screws up like any human being then the debate will be settled.

    Same goes if Hillary gets elected from the women point of view and all the whining they’ve done as well. It’s time for something other than a white male to be thrown into the fire of the most powerful high profile leaership role in the world and be the brunt of all the blame or claim for every thing that happens in the world for at least the next four years.

    I personally think Obama is a more unifying choice for the nation than Hillary. And he’ll take more votes from McCain than Hillary.

  704. McCain is the “manchurian candidate” of the Neocon kikes. Joe Lieberman controls his every move on foreign policy.

    Great post above about that imbecile John Hagee.

  705. Why has Obama tied his fate to the Rev. Jeremiah Wright, a tactless race man who is the living opposite of the myth Obama is trying to project about himself? … Obama’s ‘spiritual mentor’ just won’t shut up because the man of God is also a man of wrath.

  706. Obama figured out a key breakthrough—that many white people are motivated heavily by status striving against other whites.

    And that’s a competition in which conspicuous favoritism toward blacks, such as, say, an underprivileged Presidential candidate, cay pay off.

  707. Jeremiah Wright—Pastor to the President?

    When the assassination of John F. Kennedy horrified a nation, Black Muslim Minister Malcolm X declared it payback for America’s violence in the world, a case of “chickens coming home to roost.”

    “Being an old farm boy myself,” said Malcolm, “chickens coming home to roost never did make me sad, they’ve always made me glad.”

    The Rev. Jeremiah Wright surely had Malcolm’s words in mind when, the Sunday after the 9-11 massacre of 3,000 Americans, he declared this, too, was a case of “America’s chickens … coming home to roost.”

    In a sermon delivered at the Howard University chapel on Jan. 15, 2006, reports Ron Kessler of NewsMax, Wright “blamed America for starting the AIDS virus, training professional killers, importing drugs and creating a racist society that would never elect a black candidate president.” Wright told the Howard students:

    “Racism is how this country was founded and how this country is still run. No black man will ever be considered for president … and no black woman can ever be considered for anything outside what she can give with her body.

    “America is still the No. 1 killer in the world. … We are deeply involved in the importing of drugs, the exporting of guns and the training of professional killers. … We bombed Cambodia, Iraq and Nicaragua, killing women and children while trying to get public opinion turned against (Fidel) Castro and (Muammar) Ghadhafi. … We put (Nelson) Mandela in prison and supported apartheid the whole 27 years he was there. We believe in white supremacy and black inferiority, and believe it more than we believe in God.

    “We started the AIDS virus. … We are only able to maintain our level of living by making sure that Third World people live in grinding poverty.” Thus did the Rev. Wright conclude.

    This virulent strain of anti-Americanism and Afroracism has long fed the rage, resentment and paranoia in precincts of black America, which manifests itself in the horrendous (and hidden) statistics of black-on-white crime in America. Nothing exceptional there.

    What is exceptional is that Wright is the spiritual father of Barack Obama, the pastor, teacher and mentor who brought Barack into the church, married him and Michelle, baptized their children and has been a confidant to the man who would be America’s president.

    For 20 years, Barack has attended Wright’s church, listened to his weekly sermons, entertained him in his home. Yet, says Barack, he never heard any racist rants at church, nor was he aware that Wright held so poisoned a view of his country.

    Sorry, that is not credible. Wright is a famous preacher in black America, and Barack’s denial he was aware of his views marks him down either as a dissembler or a man so obtuse he ought not be a security guard at Wal-Mart, let alone president of the United States.

    It is easy now to understand why Michelle Obama, before Barack began to win, had never once been proud of her country. Who could be proud of the America that lives in the malignant imagination of the Rev. Wright?

    Barack has now moved to separate himself from Wright’s rants and removed him from the campaign roster. And he will likely be forced, with anguish, to turn his back on, repudiate, and reject his beloved friend and teacher.

    But it is too late for that. For Wright has, for millions of Americans, filled in the blanks about Barack. Wright tells us the kind of company Barack keeps, the kind of men he holds close, the kind of attitudes and beliefs he finds acceptable, if not congenial.

    That Wright is a revered preacher in black America also tells us that, far from coming together, we Americans are further apart than we were in the 1950s, when Negroes could be described as Christian, conservative and patriotic. Malcolm X and Elijah Muhammad did not speak for black America then. Roy Wilkins, Whitney Young and Dr. Martin Luther King did. But Jeremiah Wright makes Stokely Carmichael and Rap Brown sound like the Mills Brothers.

    Truly, the Democratic Party is now headed for a train wreck. Though Barack seems likely to win more pledged delegates than Hillary, the super-delegates will have to decide whether they want to offer America a nominee whose pastor and mentor embodies the anti-white racism and anti-Americanism that has ever brought the patriotic blood of Middle America to a boil. Wright is not the sort of fellow you want to bring with you into “Deer Hunter” Country.

  708. To Benzbaby

    You got it wrong hon, jut like so many blacks in this country. Whites DO want change and they’re voting for Obama NOT because he’s black (as will be the ONLY reason blacks are voting for him). They’re voting for him because he’s a man who ‘has black in him’ and is someone who will possibly do the job for both blacks AND whites.

    And to your assessment that whites have done a bad job as President for too long, get a clue hon. It’s not whites, it’s induvidual people. A black President could and most likely will at some time fall to the temptation of corruption and make bad decisions and mistakes. Oh, you don’t think they are capable? Well just look at the black leadership in the whole Darfur, Somalia, Kenya situations. Black corrupt warlords have a long history in Africa of cheating, stealing, and mistreatment of their populations. The only thing that would keep any leader in America from being that bad, is the system of checks and balances set up in American government (expertly designed by white forefathers by the way).

    So don’t be so foolish as to beieve that blacks would automatically nessesarily be less corrupt than whites have been in governent ‘cuz you’ll be in for a rude awakening.

    Out of SO many blacks who would definitly be WRONG for the job in America, Obama is the one man “who has black in him” (half white) who could possibly have the right character to do the job for everyone. If you got a problem with that then maybe YOU’RE the one who needs to move off to a tiny island.

  709. No one said im for Obama because he will do more for blacks. What are yall reading?? Those who are for Obama – THE LIGHT IS PROBALY ON- those who are for Clintion- PROBALY DONT KNOW WHY BEING SHE IS NOT ALL THAT DIFFERENT FROM OBAMA. those who vote for mccain- IS IN DENIAL…..

  710. Chicagoan, There is not much I can say to your comment, because it is clear that you have been lied too for long. And if you beleive any of the BS you posted, you are really going to be suicidal when OBAMA is elected for president… Do you self a favor, shoot yourself now!!

  711. I agree 1000% benzbaby- let someone drive..

  712. Wright teaching go too deep inside Michelle and Barack Obama that is why Michelle have never been proud of her country.
    You can not change something that you learned for 20 years and you still keeps someone like that closed to you for 20 years.
    I think deep down inside, Obama really hate white people.

  713. To say that Jackie means that you can not Change the mindset that got us into Slavery, RACISM for 500 years.Is that what you are saying????? Think about it before you post another dumb comment!!

  714. Jackie, are you scared that if Obama gets elected he is going to pay White People back for all the cruel things they ever did to Blacks, Jews, Hispanics, Indians etc…. If so say that and keep it real- If you think that I will tell you..

    I dont think that is the CASE- He is not going to harm WHITE PEOPLE..

  715. For the way this country was founded lets me know that there was not alot of PATRISM, but alot of ILLEGAL things going. So for a different RACe to view things differently can be that big of a deal as some of you White People are making it out to be..

    So that leaves me to beleive the real reason you guys dont want to see OBAMA run the country – Is out of FEAR – and my question is

    What Are you So AFRAID OF? No one is going to hold you accountable for the Evil and wickness of your ancestors…

  716. 716 – In all seriousness, I would vote for Pastor Wright or Louis Farrakhan before that sold-out house negro, Obama.

    Wright & Farrakhan are actually more truth-oriented about the US than that cheerleading puppet. They are more like the Black Ron Paul’s.

    Although he is wrong about racism today here. Nowadays, it is actually pro-Black men and anti-White men to a degree.

    717 – Look no further than Marion Barry. Gets busted for smoking crack and STILL gets re-elected by his Black constituency! Look at Liberia – the freed-slave colony. Look at Africa. White people have dumped about $5 trillion in charity to them over last few decades…and still a corrupt shithole. Meanwhile, dirt-poor China & India have bloomed in the same time without White assistance. Nuff said.

  717. realpolitik, good morning. So you didnt take my advice about setting your alarm clock I take it? you remember you were soppose to set it for Reality and wake up when you heard it RING!!!

    Come on GUY are you BLIND!!

  718. And why is it that you keep talking about Pastor Wright and

    What about the man that HATES all catholics- You know the guy that gets your guy MCAIN all fired up and ready to go- why isnt his name in your mouth, or better yet the KKK who did endorse OBAMA-

    Are you going to post Facts today or are you still constipated from all the BS you blasted yesterday??

  719. And further more we know your list of CRACK smokers will never out number the Crooks and PIMPS that has been running this country thusfar..

    Look where we are as another poster stated – Look where your leaders has gotten us, if you dont know turn on your TV, if you even have one..

  720. on March 18, 2008 at 6:18 am Sludgemuncher

    Just reading the last few post on this topic. Predictably, this whole election thing seems to be a race issue, judging by the many comments above. There are plenty of apparently white people who will not vote for Obama just because he’s not one of them, and who seem to be of the opinion that any white person who votes for him is some kind of a traitor. OK, fine, race will always be an issue, just as in other countries religion is an all important factor.
    Surely all this crap about the evil whites crossing the Atlantic centuries ago and wiping out all the native American indians and then introducing slavery etc etc, is old news, and begins to wear a bit thin. Booooring !!
    As I said – in jest – a while ago that you should out source the Job of the next US president if you cant come up with anyone worth his salt, but whoever does become the next US President should have some clear plans about what to do about :
    1 . Iraq
    2. The US$ mega zillion deficit
    3. Escalating crime stats
    4 Illegal Immigation
    5 State health care
    6. looming recession / depression
    7. Carbon dioxide emissions

    Hope you get it right – coz if you lot go down the slot we’ll all go with you.

  721. on March 18, 2008 at 6:26 am JewishRace-Baiting

    729 – That’s right!

    The more the Jews get us squabbling over and talking about non-issues like RACE, the less we will be talking about the REAL issues like….all those you mentioned!

    Which is exactly what has happened!

    And happens EVERY election!

    Remember, last one it was about gay marriage. Before that, family values.

    And in each case, it obscured the real issues at hand like going to Iraq to blow $16 billion a month blowing up sand castles and rebuilding them.

  722. sludgemonster, why werent you speaking that way when you first start you posting:Real white people would of course prefer to have a real white person as their next president – not so ??

    Its boring because its so obvious of how afraid of the truth you really are….

  723. what the fuck are you people thinking. Race has been an issue since the first slave ship arrived now after 500 years you still think that white is right! wrong if you are so for god saken perfect than why do you spend your time attacking obama so what he’s not seasoned neither was our forfathers or dumb ass bush for that matter we spend our time looking down on any body whos not white but remember before you continue down that road cheney and obama are distant cousins, and not to mention some women in your family has though about being done by a black man ! oh think not tap her girlfriends conversations and youll find out size does matter and lets face it they have the bigger size. oh not just genitals, brains and muscle. oh and every white man has wanted some black women oh yea including thurman who hated blacks but wanted some black puss wich must have been better than his wifes he was sticking it to herfor over ten years. so
    before you continue with this nonsince think about what makes since change in all of us as americans vote for obama and stop beig racist grow up we all look like assholes for not accepting the people who actul built this country on there backs and rewarded them by not giving them fair treatment yes you your guilty as i am for this and we do ned change

  724. and to all the nay sayers obama is half white how could he hate his mom you people are just stupid stop with the hatred tell me why do we hate black people for what out of all the nationalities in the world we hate the the most why what is it about blacks that we are afraid of.?

    maybe they are the ones who we can jump on because they !!!!!!

  725. Arthur most whites do not hate black people. Its just that and this blog is true that whites want to be able to gripe like anyone else. We want fair treatment,but when we express this the first thing that happens is that we are called racist. Second the history of this country is brought up. Then a few white people chime with some oh were racist from the day ships showed up we are scared of the black men. Our women really want to be with black guys,and white guys really want black girls. Check up and down the blog..people dont want to vote for obama so they are racists.
    Like I said white people are constantly told they are less. Nothing against blacks but most and I do mean most are not attracted to to blacks. Plus I love the argument that blacks are more endowed.the study this comes from is outdated,Im not going to get into it but its very wrong. But arthur if your black way to racists…and if your white way to be ashamed of who you are.

  726. on March 18, 2008 at 7:44 am Sludgemuncher

    You talk crap Nicole – seeing how many posts you have made on this subject – I truly dont think you have a life – it seems to me that your only purpose of staying alive is to be rude to people and to somehow provoke someone into arguing with you. Maybe you are a semi comatose quadruplegic in some mental institution propped up in front of a computer permanantly logged onto this website, tapping in the various letters with a stick or something stuck into your gob. On second thoughts, your amazing aptitude in conflict generating and phenomenal political insight, suggests that maybe you should take up politics full time. Thats when you leave the institution, of course. Not before.
    I stand by what I said before ” real white people would prefer to have a real white person for the next president ”
    wtf is wrong with that ? what gets you so uptight about that ? By saying that does it imply that if Obama gets in, all the whites in the US are going to start a race war ?
    Anyway, lighten up, friend – whatever is written on this site will not change the couse of history. Besides, who the hell cares what you and I think ?
    I’m going out to Dinner shortly to have a good time, fill up with good booze and talk a load of shit with my friends and the last thing i will be thinking about is mcCain , Hillary and Obama. I promise you.
    Have a great day – maybe I’ll even check this site tomorrow if i get a chance and see what you’ve posted. I do hope it will be in a humourous vein. Cant stand all this serious stuff…

  727. Firstly, I have a life and a part out of it was to SET TWO DAYS our of my life to express my views in which im doing…. This is the first time in my life every blogging and will probaly be my last after today in which I will continue with my BLESSED life…

    Now after saying that, OBAMA gave a great speech and I hope that is enough to take RACE completly out of all the post that I read prior to expressing my views.

    I am married to a WHITE AMERICAN and I have children that are half white so of course in no way am I a racist. As obama stated you have to remember the past, and find ways to unite. Most of my post has been about expressing the fustrations that AFRICAN AMERICANS have, I too understand the FRUSTRAIONS and fears of WHITE AMERICAN…

    Now as I stated, you may not like the things I have posted, but are they facts? Yes, is it time for CHANGE? YES do I feel OBAMA is the only one qualified to take this issue head on YES, am I a DEMOCRAT? YES… So I beleive a canidate who understands the frustionas of both WHITE AND BLACK AMERICA and can UNITE AMERICAN, is the person I will vote for because Clinton and OBAMA in technical issues are not that different, but he certainly will be the one experience enough to UNITE…

  728. 732 – Let’s be honest bro.

    The slave ships were really cruise ships to a resort paradise compared to the black hole of Africa.

    Blacks are doing 100X better here under White rule than Black rule. That’s why Blacks never go back to Africa, not even for vacation. It’d be your worst nightmare!

    So, you actually OWE WHITES a huge debt for bringing you over here!!! Otherwise, you’d be swinging from a vine and living in an elephant dung hut in the Congo!

    Give credit where credit is due!

  729. Bravo for Obama. His speech today he directly condemed Rev Wright’s comments as divisive, wrong and being a misguided view of America and denigrate America and that his comments were racially charged and offensive (rightly so) to whites and blacks alike. He also said the 911 attacks were not a result of some Israeli plan but rather a result of perverted doings of radical Islam.

    The only thing that bothered me was that this time he admitted that he had heard the Rev say bad things while sitting in the church. He had previously said he did NOT ever hear the rev say these things in church, That bothers me. I need to know this guy can be forthright from the beginning. But at the same time I respect he came back and told the truth.

    Obama has too much to lose by not being fair and truthful because he as a man who represents blacks and whites is in a bigger spotlight. He knows that. I’m glad he made the speeh even if it’s part of the campaign plan. It was provoked by circumstances by rev Wright and he handled it well.

  730. Nicole – You are obviously the most racist one here. If Obama weren’t Black, you wouldn’t even give 2 shits about him.

    Like most Blacks, you are voting based on skin color first and foremost. And that is called RACSIM, hun.

    But, you sound like a phony house negro just like Obama. You want change? You want the truth? Well, the real truth IS divisive – because it will divide the liars from the truth. But, Obama is afraid of that, and has now spoken out strongly against…REAL CHANGE.

    Obama does NOT want to rock the boat – and neither do you.

    I’m sure Pastor Wright is more disappointed in Obama right now than vice-versa…as would I. When push comes to shove, we see which side Obama sides with – that of the elite powers manipulating this country!

  731. realpolitik, thats not true – I voted for BILL CLINTON…

  732. But, I would expect you to come with more ASSUMPTIONS today.. Like I said you have no facts – and I cant image you having a life living in the dream world that you have made up.

    You couldnt see the truth of anything if it bit ya on the a_s, .. I will not play your game anymore today- Im done.

    Because sometimes people get tired of beating a DEAD HORSE. so it was nice debating with you MR. ED!!

  733. Anonymous, I think he said that he never heard any of the things that they were playing on the news in the church. He didnt say he had never heard anything said that could be contraversal.

  734. Lol, Bill was a wigger. Closest choice available at the time to a Black.

    Let’s face it, your top criteria for voting here is race, and race alone. Everything else is optional.

  735. I’m white, I can’t stand friends or Barack Obama or Oprah or the past ass liberal whities that this site makes it so much fun to laugh at. What’s even funnier is all you pansy ass white liberals who are exactly what this site goofs on who come here to make your cutesy comments when you don’t even seem to realize you are the joke not this blog.

    Dumb ass white people are so pathetic.

  736. on March 18, 2008 at 9:00 am DelronSparks


    Wow, you sistah are one chit-chatty chickenhead.

    Reading your posts is like watching a lost rat trying to find the cheese in a maze..

    Listen, it’s downright obvious you simply can’t handle a REAL HOOD NIGGA. A down-ass field negro on the real like Pastor Wright. Now, you KNOW that brutha be speaking his truth.

    That’s why you married a cracka and wet your panties over some high-yella, fork-tongued Oreo houseboy like Obama, instead.

    With sistahs like you, who needs enemies?

  737. What a stupid comment…supporting Obama because they fear being called racist. I suppose women who support Obama are sexist, and blacks who support Clinton are racist. Your logic is lame.

    Visit my page:

  738. DelronSparks, sounds like you would make a very good commentator the way you just describe your momma….

  739. Okay guys – Gotta go serve my country…. And for all you lost people out there remember my solution for you and if you forgotten dont worry, look below:

    Go to bed, set your clock for REALITY, when it rings, WAKE UP!!!

    DelronSparks, I think you should try this right away, Kevin I think you should join him.


    PEACE …………….

  740. on March 18, 2008 at 9:35 am DelronSparks

    Yea Nicole – go serve Dubya, Haliburton & Israel! YOUR country!

  741. on March 18, 2008 at 9:37 am DelronSparks

    I love it, you sign-off “PEACE” as you run off to go shoot up some sand-niggas!

    Hail Israel!

  742. on March 18, 2008 at 11:41 am Portnoy's complaint

    some moron White liberal wrote: “Bravo for Obama. His speech today he directly condemed Rev Wright’s comments as divisive, wrong and being a misguided view of America and denigrate America and that his comments were racially charged and offensive (rightly so) to whites and blacks alike.”

    The Rev, Wright married Obama and Michelle and baptized each of their kids. Obama chose to identify with this bigot.

    My God, how stupid is the White liberal????????????

  743. VOTE OBAMA!



  744. 752 Obama’s shameful treatment of Pastor Wright proves several things:

    1) He hates the truth. He is only so “positive” because he loves to sweep all the dirt under the rug. This is the LAST thing we need as Prez. A cowardly man who refuses to address our real problems.

    2) He’s a 2-faced turncoat with no loyalty. He used his Pastor and cheered his rhetoric for years when convenient. But the minute he got put in the hotseat by White America – he immediately condemned his old faithful buddy and disassociated himself.

    3) He has no integrity. Divisiveness is not the problem. In fact, you need it for change. Lies and manipulation are the problem. Unity is not the magic bullet, either. Unless he is just trying to unify everyone under the NW0…



    “We bombed Hiroshima, we bombed Nagasaki, and we nuked far more than the thousands in New York, and we never batted an eye,” Wright says. “We have supported state terrorism against the Palestinians and black South Africans, and now we are indignant because the stuff we have done overseas is brought right back in our own front yards.”

    In a later sermon, Wright revisits the theme, declaring: “No, no, no, not God bless America — God damn America!” – Jeremiah Wright


  745. His speech today on race might be the best on the subject since Dr. King was killed: http://www.nytimes.com/2008/03/18/us/politics/18text-obama.html?ex=1206504000&en=591519f6698fac73&ei=5070&emc=eta1

  746. #742 Nicole

    Oh please, quit trying to split hairs and covber the man’s mistakes. That’s the problm with people like you is you talk all high and mighty about injustices etc but your own prejuduces restrict you from owning up to when Obama made a statement that’s not completely true in so far as what he heard or was aware of, if it happens to be contrary to your apparent agenda..which is shielding the man from any or all critisizm. You yourself do a disservice to what Obama purportedly stands for.

    You talk about he was reacting to what was in the press and not the controversy of the revs actual remarks. Fact is they are one in the same.

    Here’s the exact quotes of Obama’s previous and current staements. In his first detailed response to the firestorm over Wright’s remarks charging that the United States is a racist country, Obama said in a posting on The Huffington Post:

    “The statements that Rev. Wright made that are the cause of this controversy were not statements I personally heard him preach while I sat in the pews of Trinity or heard him utter in private conversation. When these statements first came to my attention, it was at the beginning of my presidential campaign.”

    Then today speech contained the following:

    “Did I know him to be an occasionally fierce critic of American domestic and foreign policy?” Obama said. “Of course. Did I ever hear him make remarks that could be considered controversial while I sat in church? Yes. Did I strongly disagree with many of his political views? Absolutely”

    Note he used the word “controversy and controversial in both instances.

    The statements may be worded slightly different but his latest leaves no doubt that he was not in the dark on rev Wright’s statements as his earlier statement indicated.

    Don’t waste your time trying to debate this because it’s self evident. Being that as it is, I still support Obama because I feel he truly does not believe in all the anti American rhetoric of Rev Wright. In fact, I heard Obama specifically say in another quote that, …”I’ll just tell it like it is, America is the reason I’m here.” He loves this country unlike rev Wright and I think he has enough sense to know it’d be a waste of his time to run for President if he in any way had ambitions to perpectuate the racist anti American anti white views that Rev Wright espouses so hatefully and violently.

  747. “view that sees the conflicts in the Middle East as rooted primarily in the actions of stalwart allies like Israel”

    Uh, I think Wright hit the nail right ON THE HEAD THERE, NOBAMA! You Zionist pig!!!! OINK!

  748. 754

    But when is Obama going to give a rousing speech addressing any of the code blue issues in post 729? I mean, could this guy be any more irrelevant and distracting?

  749. I’m a Republican and I liked Obama until I heard his pastor’s hate filled racist anti-american rhetoric. Now that I have heard his speach today, I don’t like him at all. Matter of fact, I despise him. He’s a wolf in sheep’s clothing. I think Obama has a secret racist agenda that is dangerous to our country and everyone who isn’t black. Michelle Obama’s anti American statements to the press in the recent past and why she made them make a lot more sense now. I can’t believe I almost fell for their crap.

    Oh, and as a white person, I’m sick of getting blamed for something another white person did 200 years ago.

  750. #754 Obama even giving this speech means nothing has progressed. It shows that multi-culturalism doesn’t even work, it divides.

    Race is all that anyone talks about in the USA today, it wasn’t like that when the nation was 90% White.

  751. I’m a Republican and I can’t stand McCain’s hate filled racist and pro-Zionist rhetoric.

    McAmnesty is in Israel right now. 😦

  752. 759 – That’s why the Jews preach it so hard in the US – to destroy us…

    Talk about divisive…it doesn’t get more divisive than Israeli and Jewish rhetoric. And yet Obama will NOT disown his Jewish backers!!!

    And notice how BOTH Obama AND McCain are diehard ZIONIST PIGS! Voting for either one is voting for ZION!!!

    Pastor Wright should be APPLAUDED for cutting thru the kosher BS and telling it LIKE IT IS!

  753. Obama’s speechwriters are jews sympathetic to Zionism. Putting jewish supremacism before what’s good for the United States itself is downright evil and traitorous. Shame on Obama!

  754. McAmnesty, Clinton, and Obama have proven themselves to be Zionist suck-ups.

    What a disgrace to America.

    Obama was pro-Palestinian and a person who cared about what was right. Now, he’s just another pol that needs money and the media to back him.

    Democrats are morons, the Liberal Jew has been running that party for 50 years, now these same kikes are in the GOP turning it into a Neocon Zionist nuthouse.

    I’m moving to Canada!!!

  755. That was a pretty good speech,baring the fact at one point he was telling the white people they had to acknoledge the struggles of the black in the past . He has almost got it, as soon as he adds blacks shouldnt hold everywhite in existence responsible for this nations past, or for every problem they have now. He may win in a land slide. I gaurantee thats what most whites are waiting on.TO know that we are know longer going to be looked at as the reason for everyone elses problems and we are not going to be punished for things we had no part in. But until then parts of his speech that talk about what whites should do , and not what blacks should will cause this election to be a toss up. I know for a fact that he makes sure that every race is responsible for what happens to themselves and no one else. He wins no problem, and by an over whelming majority.

    His speech is exactly how I was raised to think. But I dont know if I can vote for him till I absolutely know he is fair. Speech was great but why do whites have to do anything extra if were going to put the past in the past and unite to fix our country and take it back from corrupt buisness

  756. on March 18, 2008 at 2:07 pm Portnoy's complaint

    Race is center stage!! It’s almost 45 years after the Civil Rights Act and the 1965 Immigration Act.

    Liberals and Multi-culturalists cannot admit that they were/are wrong about it. They will never eliminate it. Leftist uptopia is shattered by Obama addressing “Race”!!! ha ha….

    The West’s experimentation with multi-culturalism will fail. It always has. The USSR split up into 15 race-based countries. So did Yugoslavia.

    It’s the 21st Century but our top candidate is discussing “Race”. Dream on Liberal NPR Whites.

  757. Blacks pull this strategy in every country.

    They create poverty due to single motherhood, crime & low IQs.

    Then blame it on racism and demand handouts.

    Yawn, so what else is new? You call this “change?” It’s nothing but the same old Black hustle game!

  758. heh this site is crazy

    However I dont see how it makes you racist if you voted for someone other than BO. Seriously, I doubt people actually think that way. You guys should quit being so scared.

  759. Flight from US to Ghana is as short as across the country.

    All Blacks should visit the dark continent to reconnect wit some real niggas.

    Unless you scared of them.

  760. GOBAMA! U mah nigguh!!!!

  761. coonhuntinginc 615 u make white people look bad, There is no reason why you are better then anyone else, and a black president is a good as a white president, as long as they do there job. Remember what goes around comes around. You put hate into the world you will get it back one way or another. I pray for people like this.

  762. Look at that Friends pic including David Schwimmer. He looks like a hook-nosed satan. That evil wolfish jewish look! ugh!

  763. I think some white people, including myself, have a somewhat evil reason for liking Obama. Because if he is elected, at his Inauguration, we get to watch all the ‘CHANGE’s that are going to happen for the Black community. On the day of the Inauguration, I am planning to get a lawn chair, a micro-brew, some pizza, and sit down on the edge of some failed community project. There I am going to wait and see all of the glorious changes that will happen. The good thing is that I won’t be alone, a lot of white businessman and college frat-boys will be chugging beers waiting with me.

    We really can’t wait any longer.

    “It will be any second now …”

    “any second ….”

    “any second ….”

    “Hey, is it okay to talk about the Wire now?, … It’s a shame what happened to Omar. I mean to get popped by some 10 year-old kid. SHhheeeeeiiiiii – TUH!”…

    “any second, … I swear the the changes are gonna be awesome, just awesome.”

    “just awesome.”

  764. on March 19, 2008 at 7:32 am scared of the truth?

    No one blames whites for 200 years ago. We blame whites for 40 years ago. Some of these racist white people who wanted segregation are in office, or better yet are your parents and grandparents.

    Don’t vote for Obama because you think is his a sheep in wolf clothing. Just deal with big bad wolf, Mccain and his 100 year war and racist terms…. calling people “gooks”. He wasn’t being associate with someone who said, he actually said it.

    If you justify what Mccain said because he was tortured POW well then my grandmother has the right to pimp slap your grandparents and call them sorry child molesting crackers.

  765. Actually, the Black community is worse off now than 40 years ago. 70% of Black babies are now born to single moms.

    Go liberal “progress!”

  766. Vote Obama!

    Screw White folk!

  767. 775 chico

    awe, but didn’t you know that Obama IS half “white folk” Doubt he shares your view.

  768. To #733

    Blaming every white person for what some white people did is RACIST, wether it was 40 or 200 years ago. The pimp slapping and cracker remarks were not only lame but they prove the point. Racist.

  769. For the White Liberals who keep Ranting On and ON about rev wright – Yarnnnnnnn…

    you never was going to vote for obama, and no matter what he said or didnt say – what obama beleives or doesnt would never be good enough for you because your goals in life is to be miserable and try to suck everyone else in your little miserable hateful world.

    Maybe People like WHITE RACIST LIBERALS are who Rev Wright is talking about – all Whites are not Racist, but the Billy Goats that are is obvious to see- they are so afraid having of a Black President because they think they will be exposed!

    guess what? Get ready to take off your WHITE SHEETS because not only are Black Americans Tired of you crashing the party so is White AMERICANS….

    here are the cowards behind the white sheets on this post:




    and all the Anonymous




    Come on Guys you are glowing in the DARK.. BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO

  770. Im sorry I left off the #coward DelronSparks..

    Delron- you are talking shit at the right place – Behind closed doors, where nobody knows your name or who you are- you are probaly looking behind you right now making sure that A black person is not reading what you type-

    You are such a coward! Everyone once to post true feelings on Blogs – WOW…..

  771. Obama has not accomplished anything. People think the Clintons are “corrupt” as you say because they’ve been in the lime light and in action for longer than Obama.

  772. I agree..

  773. I agree sara…


  775. LOL….

  776. LMAO! Nicole = Sara = Kelly = Parker

    Giving yourself daps? How sad is that, Nicole? Really now?

  777. My birth certificate says I’m “white”, whatever that means, exactly.

    But I really don’t like Obama.

    I just like him better than Clinton or McCain at this point.

    I really wanted to like McCain, but I think he’s just wrongheaded about Iraq. Tired of sending men and money into that sinkhole situation.

    I wish white people would have liked Edwards…

  778. Obviously, you’re not in rural anywhere. Most of these cats are mad Mitt & Huckabee arent in line anymore.

  779. MOst Ocrrupt ciy in America? Would that be Los Angeles? Providence RI? (which actually may be) New York City? or would that be New orleans? how about Detroit? DC? Oh wait, Barak is from CHICAGO! Yeah, I remember when it was really corrupt…wasnt that the 70s?

  780. I dont think race shound have anything to do with polotics!!

  781. on March 19, 2008 at 2:42 pm realbadfriend

    HEY! The Green Party loves him also.

    Because he’s secretly green.

  782. is the author of this site white? or is he everything? great experiment: convince people of different races to produce an “all-color” baby and see what it turns out to be like. not like a science experiment or truman show, but it would have to be microchipped like my dog.

  783. on March 19, 2008 at 4:49 pm Kracker Jack

    Any good “the Wire” watching white person knows Baltimore is the most corrupt city in America.

  784. How about because the other two candidates voted for the war in Iraq?

    … this blog is Racist, Stereotypical and Boring

  785. on March 19, 2008 at 8:14 pm sarahswallows


    Uh, Obama couldn’t vote cuz he wasn’t in Congress yet.


  786. Obama is a Senator…not a Congressman.

  787. you idiot. i’m white and i HATE friends. dont you know anything? this proves you wrong. hahahahah take that!

  788. The Ten Costliest Battles of the Civil War.

    Some of the great blood baths of the war came as Grant drove on Richmond in the spring of 1864- Confederate casualties are missing for this campaign, but were enormous. The Federal toll:

    The Wilderness, May 5-7: 17,666
    Spotsylvania, May 10 and 12: 10,920
    Drewry’s Bluff, May 12-16 4,160
    Cold Harbor, June 1-3: 12,000
    Petersburg, June 15-30 16,569


    And, were any white people involved in the ’60’s civil rights movement in the south? Maybe mostly white people? What about the bus loads of college kids that came to help register black voters.

    How many black members of congress voted for the 1964 Civil Rights Act? What!? White folks had the majority of congress in 1964? How could this happen? And, again in 1991?

    Where is the love?

  789. there’s not one thing on this list i don’t like.

  790. Hillary should get pregnant, McCain graduate from the school of why Americans are so hated, Barack will be thankful he got his foot in the door and turn the White House into a museum.

  791. By far the strangest/most interesting site i’ve come across in a very long time. Though I feel guilty about reading this, as for i am not white, this happen to catch my attention.

  792. Addressing 628 posting~
    Money mania has caused much havoc. The in your face policies need to change…not the sex or color of runners.
    I have to say that this site reveals the true nature of humans. I read all of 628 posting because despite what others think about “birds of a feather flocking together”
    it may not be so. If there are great minds that think alike,
    I wonder how the puny ones will ever survive. Changes need to be made in our attitudes! The big ordeal about church vs. state and lots of vain beliefs that don’t add up to a hill of beans is hogwash. We’re all in it together no matter what. We’re all affected by being duped, lied to, and conned. Vunerability is what those attack. Remember that.
    Try to disconnect and do your own thing is what I advise.
    Never let someone else represent you. They are not you no matter what. Be your own person. This world is full of trickery. Lots of squawkers out there wanting to be heard.
    Silence is golden. Haven’t you heard? Should the world ever squander it’s stupidity elsewhere, I am not even going there.

  793. The love of money is the root of all evil. Even so as the world teeters on the edge of no return. This campaign is like the house of cards…one false move and we will lose everything this era has worked so hard for.

  794. Oh another thing- about priests being untrustworthy-
    never generalize. Didn’t your English teacher teach you that? There is good and bad in everyone, in all races, and all classes of persons. In fact, we have a joke about Heaven:

    1.To not see people there you thought should be there
    2. To see people you did not think should be there
    3. To be there yourself

    So on this note, the lamb was worthy.

  795. on March 20, 2008 at 5:45 am bettybleepme


    Senators ARE Congressman

    WTH do you think Congress is made of?

    Jzus, I hope morons like you aren’t allowed to vote… 😦

  796. Asking your race is like asking my hair color, I have all colors in my hair. Big deal. What color is it? Learn how to ask an intelligent question first and then maybe I can relate.

  797. So who fits in the status quo? Do you? Do you realize how stupid we all have been? Do you?

  798. Managing us like cattle! Hog tying us like we feed them!
    Causing inflation and desperation and who do we thank for that?

  799. I am no poster child for the stupid. I see what some nasty birds there be. They say don’t feed the pigeons. Why? You will find out, that’s why.

  800. on March 20, 2008 at 6:58 am HolyStereotypesBatman

    I liked him at first. Now I have no clue what he stands for other than support for racist preachers. I’d sooner vote for Hillary.

  801. Hooray for our side mentality. Is it any wonder that I feel like the ENT TREE on Lord of the Rings…I am on nobody’s side because nobody is on my side.

  802. yes a site for my kind! its about time . now if we can just weed out the sell out suck ups we could really have something. Im tired of my race being kicked around by all the mutts of the world. the white man made this country great lets not forget it. oh yea Obama is finished thank god!!!!!!! white is beautiful !!

  803. The wiles of Hillary…It Takes A Village book. Did you know that I wrote her a letter about it takes a village first and she then writes that book? Then from helping milions to get by I get called the village idiot.

  804. White people liked Sanjaya. Obamama is getting the white Sanjaya vote. That’s why he’s stomping on Hillary because white people don’t like Hillary who’s is like that bitch at the DMV that white folk don’t like.

  805. Is mixing apples with oranges so wrong?

  806. Maybe you might come to know the person John Lennon sings about…me. There will be an answer, let it be. Get to know me for who I am. PLEASE

  807. So while there are well meaning people who do try and help matters, there are some that make matters worse.
    Liars and greedy persons who can’t follow rules to the t.
    Oh yeah and they gripe and they complain and still what?
    Nothing goes away that easy. I can give you many examples of what’s going wrong in the system. Positive evidence that we have become shabby and even unable to do more about it. So are we going to be in tune to the movie, I Am Legend and think about it/ that the ones who are making this country worse never take a day off so the ones who want to make it better also never take a day off.

  808. It is not a race against time. It is against evils. Now what you have are “stooges” we place there. You can’t blame them if things go wrong. We did it.

  809. fingers
    But white people KNOW that there are no blacks in NYC.

    What part of NYC is this? The imaginary part where EVERYONE speaks english?

  810. What irks me is what you deem is right for our country!
    When money has become used and abused and things are definitely not right, then we just keep doing the same thing we’ve always done for the sake of what? Not knowing any better? What suggests that we are doing something wrong then? Do you need it spelled out for you? Human nature is unkind and no matter how you sugarcoat it, the ugliness of the unfairness of life exists. Give it what names you will and try to offer up defenses but when it comes right down to it,
    you are more or less on your own and the chances you take out there being in an unfair world that takes what it can get its hands on and runs with it until they drop dead,
    well there you have it.

  811. So Mother Mary comes to me whispering words of wisdom let it be. I am a mother and I was born speaking that my name is Mary and I pray for miracles but the kind this country needs may come too late, I don’t know. People have asked me for things and gotten rich, filthy rich off of me. John Lennon came to see me when I had fishbones in my throat and all I could do was whisper. You know why he was there? I wrote the song Ebony and Ivory and Kathy Buckner took it and sent it in by a fan’s address to the Beatles. When it came out, I wrote them that she had taken it from me! So John Lennon came to see me about the situation and I said I want peace more than anything.
    Some call me the queen of peace, some call me the village idiot…but never call me because I don’t want to hear it anymore. I helped out thousands of people white and black and any color that came my way and now you see miracles that I prayed for and I keep trying to keep tension low but people are not listening and if they are not careful, any chaos that happens will not be my fault.

  812. Thats the only reason, it’s hip and progressive to like Barack Obama even though white people don’t know anything about him.

  813. Barack is a piano…an out of tune piano.

  814. Women voters: if you add ‘jungle fever’ to ‘the best-looking candidate’ you can predict 99% which candidate a woman would vote for. They overwhelmingly always voted for the best-looking and now they can express their ‘fever’ towards, i might add, a 1/2 white candidate. To call him ‘black’ is a direct insult to motherhood (but we can made an exeption here b/c we despise white women with black men) right?

  815. All of my friends are white like I am. All of them despise Obama’s politics like I do. I imagine we would despise him personally if we knew him. How can one “personally like” a dangerous political and cultural enemy? More generally, the world would be a far, far better place if Ivy League students were euthanized upon graduation. We would have far fewer lying socialists in politcs and coporate thieves on Wall Street.

  816. May I interject that we don’t have to fall to new low levels of ignorance do we? In the music that is being pumped out there, it is not about race. That is old hat stuff. The secret society of which I am in are not pulling the wool over wolves’ eyes. The organization to protect our less fortunates was sincere. There are some very sick persons who keep stirring the mud. There can be peace and not listen to Carl Sagan that chaos is the natural order of things.

  817. We’ve all been affected by personal experiences.

  818. What is it that causes us to rise up in the morning?
    When that sunlight beam hits your eyes or your bladder needs emptying or your stomach says feed me? When you see a new day coming, it’s always the same old thing, right?
    Because it’s always been like this. When people talk about change…they think that this might get people interested but talking about change honestly is always something we avoid because we butt heads with some and that takes a hard headed person to be able to withstand judgemental types and one who has gutts to make determinations that are substantial.

  819. LOL…. I could care less if someone calls me a racist.

    Bama Lama Ding Dong is nothing but a racist, as is his wife. Only a moron thinks otherwise. He is also a liar with a very selective memory.

    Bama Lama Ding Dong talks about “change” every time I see his face on my boob tube. The first place he could start changing things would be on the Senate floor that he’s already on. Just go and look at hisr voting record for the last several months and you will find he isn’t even showing up to vote. You know, the job he campaigned so hard to get by promising “change”.

    When Bama Lama Ding Dong touts change, the only thing I see in this country that needs changing is him. Life in America is good and for those that don’t think so, you’re free to leave at any time, go to another country of your choice and try to change it. This fool is just another empty suit politician.

  820. A lot of white people don’t like Obama. Why?? Easy. his business mentors are all in jail or on trial.

    His Spritiual advisors are all total American hating racists.

    His eduction advisors (namely Ayres) is a founding member of the Weatherman and has, openily and several occassions, admitted to successful terrorist bombing of the Capitol building in DC in 1971 and a failed bombing of solider’s in NJ. Obama has admitted to takeing campaing $$ form Ayres and his buddies and until 2002 Obama was a paid board memeber of one of Ayres non-profit pro Muslim anti- Israel fund raising companies.

    His book “Audacity” talks about “The Movement” which has always been the term used by academics to disguise hard core Socialism and Communism….so…..No most white people don’t like him and its not a racist thing its an American thing.

    Its OK to not want man who is friends with known terrorists who have bombed America’s public buildings….liking Obam is akin to liking Bin Laden…only the brain-dead extreme liberals will vote for him because they never allow facts to enter intot heir thinking…its all about emotion with the brain-dead extreme left.

  821. I have prayed for miracles online, in front of doctors, in front of ordained men and yet…I get asked why not stop the war? Huh? I did not start the war so I cannot stop it. We get to the heart of the matter and that is what mankind builds and destroys. He builds his own self esteem and tries to belittle God’s. He feels powerful when he does that.
    Yet, miracles come along and they write the book The Truth Behind The Miracles and I am the one who prayed for them and am on here to help you figure it all out. Yes, I am her.
    I watch this country play games with wealth and fame and fortunes and I have been sought after by the government for my help because GOD TOLD THEM TO FIND ME> so what do you think of that? GOD TOLD THEM TO FIND ME. And so here I am folks, for you to talk openly about what’s wrong with our country because I live here too you know.

  822. 829 “His book “Audacity” talks about “The Movement” which has always been the term used by academics to disguise hard core Socialism and Communism”

    Agreed. He is just another step toward neo-Communism.


  823. So you beef up one person and cut down another and meanwhile you keep wasting time voting for someone else to do it. YOU DO IT. You go out there and change the world with us. We’ve already done our parts. We organized funds for the sickly and needy and we created jobs and we made use of ourselves. What you don’t know can hurt the ones who sincerely made an effort to change circumstances. Yes, the Indians had their ways of doing things. The sick got left behind, too weak to travel and carry on and the whites came and we made nursing homes and we created welfare and we advocated social security and we are out there busting our humps for what? A bunch of sarcastic imps who don’t get it?

  824. You know what I mean when I say whites and really it is not about whites. We all made America happen, the melting pot. We all pitched in and we rolled up our sleeves and we cried but we still tried to see the way ahead. When evils of Americans cause a war, there is a need to analyze ourselves and a cause for which we need to address. Not wimp out over it or get so haughty. I am an honest person and saw dishonesty inherit millions from me. Yet, I still go out with the little that I have and stick change in the Salvation Army pot and see the man on the corner with his cup and I offer what I can. I made this country rich too and was unnoticed for it. Some of that was my doing. When you have what they want, they come after you for it. Our country has people who steal and do not think for themselves and we have unfairness and we need change.
    Need I say more?

  825. So it doesn’t matter what race car driver you put in the race car just as long as it wins the race?

  826. When you drive by the Drew Street Miracle that I prayed for, you think about why this baby was born speaking saying her name is Mary and God sent her back.

  827. screw obama….VOTE BUSH ’08!!!!

  828. on March 20, 2008 at 8:29 am Silicon Valley Girl

    This site is interesting.

    I am a white, 40ish, married w/ children, woman who works hard, went to university, and pays lots of taxes (its very expensive here but we still have to pay $$ to the govt. for all sorts of affirmative action crap). I have no white liberal guilt — although every step I take this crap is is shoved at me constantly here in liberal, coastal California.

    When will we (white, black, pink, blue, etc.) realize that liberals (far, far lefties especially) want to bankrupt us of our money, our morals, our lives blood (our children and families). Why do liberals want to crush our American culture and make us weak and shamed around the world? Why do liberals want to take away what has been hard earned, planned, prepared, and protected from the “little guys” i.e. small business. Liberals are moving the Democrat Party into the realm of Socialism and Communism in their worst forms.

    Green is the new Red (meaning Communist). Don’t be fooled by “sustanabilty” and concerns for the environment. These are the tools of enslavement of the American people. FYI – We are the only nation in the history of the world that is, on purpose, pushed by the liberal and media elite, to not utilize our own natural resources for our own benefit. This is so stupid — if we restrict ourselves (tie one hand behind our back) of our resources we cripple ourselves as a nation, as a people, and as a change agent for the future. Communists and Socialists came to our shores in large numbers after WWII. They are still here — they are a cancer that is infecting our youth, mostly in our universities and colleges — the bastion of Communists, Socialists, and other “liberal-tyes”. Save your money, put in a self-controled financial vehicle, and teach your children well — it is their future that the liberals are exterminating. Yes, you have a lifestyle choice. Don’t be a boob. The free market system is the best system for the pursuit of happiness. Support freedom, support your family, support your local conservatives.

  829. Friends sucked. Obama is worthless. This blog should be titled “stuff STUPID white people like”

  830. on March 20, 2008 at 8:46 am Asian Slayer

    I can’t stand Obama, he’s just another socialist lib trying to pass himself off as a moderate. Give me a break, first thing he’ll do is take from one group and give to another, like the good Marxist he is. Anyone who can’t see this is an idiot. Go pick up a communist manifesto, read it (it is only like 20 pages) then compare the policies to that of the Democrats and B Hussein Obama.

  831. 836 – SCREW GOYIM, VOTE OBAMA!!!

  832. F*** the White Devil! Vote Obama!!!

  833. Post 838 The do be us society.

    Yes, we know we are a two sided issue here.
    We want to do something about what we know is wrong.
    Repent? Hey, but that takes more than miracles because
    I went the miracle route and it causes a rucus but did not
    make the necessary changes we need. Peaceful demonstration? Yeah, wrong. They, whoever they are, always see you as a threat. Dead beat Dads and Moms who were part of the baby boomers who know the heartbreak of raising kids in today’s economy. The inflation caused real estate to get crazy and the fat cats put their fat asses in high places to keep their fat maintained.
    I know, I know…so I called down UFOS in the 70’s and almost left this wretched planet but I decided to stay and not let “satan” win. Or in other words not do anything about it. So say what we should do? I am here with you.

  834. The great thing about Obama is he’s white enough that you can hate him and not feel guilty and black enough that you can hate him and not feel guilty.

    The best things about Obama is that he’s a marxist, which means I can hate him and not vote for his sorry ass.

  835. I don’t want to live my life being a color either or judged wrongly or be with my hand extended out to get slapped either.

  836. Rick, what would you do if you were up there against all odds?

  837. What principles of ethical standards are left in this country to fight for and why are we always fighting? What is so great about America?

  838. Rick, if you worked and lived here and are healthy, what else do you need to take a stand and try to be in a position of trust?

  839. Paranoia will destroy ya.
    Martin Luther King spoke out but that does not mean that
    Obama has to fear unless he says something that makes others distrust him. It won’t be a turn around of who is the boss if we keep acting so irrational about what needs to be done.

  840. The blacks were taken out of Africa and they worked like us to build America. Anyone who is anyone doesn’t dispute that who lives here is an American.

  841. on March 20, 2008 at 9:18 am Silicon Valley Girl

    “Obamaton” — I just love this term. LOL

  842. So, Rick, the deal is this, we made offices to fill. The offices come with explicit instructions. It was to be an office of honor. If mankind can ever attain some kind of honor, I might faint but we keep trying none the less.

  843. Do you covet the piggy bank for a rainy day folks?

  844. on March 20, 2008 at 9:22 am Silicon Valley Girl

    This slavery thing has to be expanded in our converstions — There are more slaves today, right now, than at any other time in history. Many are not Black, some are, most are of every race, religion, and creed.

    Reparations??? This is so yesterday. If you want to end slavery, don’t buy cheaply made products, buy your food close to its source whenever possible, and don’t support child porn in any form — internet, print, video, fashion, whatever!!!

  845. On the money trail is more like what parties are after.
    No matter the sex, the color, the age, the experience.
    Always the money. You can be Billy Bob or goat roper or Mac the knife but if you got the money, people are going to be sniffing up your ass with a flashlight.

  846. Who would vote for pity the fool?

  847. on March 20, 2008 at 9:24 am Silicon Valley Girl

    Ditto to #854

  848. 849 – But if Blacks can’t rule their own countries well, how can they rule ours???

    People aren’t really voting FOR Obama. They are voting AGAINST Dubya.

    Just like people weren’t really voting FOR Dubya. They were voting AGAINST Clinton after he got caught with his pants down.

    Change itself isn’t good or bad. It can be either. And in Obama’s case – it will likely be worse since he is a race-baiter who refuses to speak about the real elephants in the middle of our room.

  849. So I guess unpopular if you aren’t mister money bags.

  850. God so loved the world…not countries.

  851. So if you hear Tinker’s Bell there must be Peter Pan around, heh? What if you feel like making it public? And you are wrong?

  852. The mania associated with skin and race must end. That is a hoped for result of the Drew Street Miracle being in Clearwater, Florida. Stop stirring the mud!

  853. To bad this site is not about reality as opposed to tongue-in-cheek

    Due to BOO, this will probably be the last time that whites can actually have a voice and pontificate about the truth and not be made to feel guilty or get put in jail

    Real Americans need to maximize this last shot at freedom for the whitey.

    From here on out, it will be more of the make the coloreds feel good and the whitey guilty as hell. Must make the whitey pay and pay.

    Reparations for all whites.

  854. If it’s Prince Charles or Bill Clinton…they’ve got their own agendas. It was made public even if it might have been a long shot at pointing fingers. Many men and women are guilty of seeing if the grass is greener on the other side, even if they do it the polite way and get a bunch of people to help them win their cases in court.

  855. I know divorced and cheating other races besides whites.
    God does not say lack of character means lack of color.

  856. And how did you fall in love? Did you ever question how much money they made? What their long term goals were?
    Were you not sizing up your next conquest?

  857. So the me, me, me, society…all handing me a line of crap.
    Wait and see, that’s all you can do. Wait and see.
    The miracles are bonafide miracles. Even the ones in Wilkes Barre were confirmed. Hey, I am a bird of a different color.
    One that would blind you. You cannot look into my eyes.
    They have seen the world for what it truly is.

  858. So harp away little cyberspace buddies. If you ever make strivings in this world, you beat the odds. Good for you.
    Yeah, good for you.

  859. So if you get a group of people who want power but do not believe in God, what do you think the chances are that we can get decency back? Is innocence lost and all our phrases we love to say a common place with us to stay forever with us? Are we barking up the wrong tree by talking openly about good vs. evil and stupid vs. always in the know and where does the road lead us should the world be destroyed and certain ones have to start over again?
    Will we carry the sins of our fathers? Does this gold seal on my forehead that God showed me bring me any luck for the future or just some more magicians who like to manipulate me?

  860. Weebles wobble but they don’t fall down.

    Here is weebling at you.

  861. Guess you have your lives to live. So do I. When I am out there praying and miracles happen, you hear about them, you had better believe them because I am sung about on the radio because of them. If it were nothing, there would be nothing to sing about. SO sing away and let the miracles fill you with hope. God is hope.

  862. So Obama sucks up to the moneybag Jews instead of his Black preacher?

    WTF? You g****** oreo sell-out!

  863. Michael Jackson, some day, get on here and let us talk about where some songs of yours came from…
    like you and I must make a pact, we must bring salvation back.

    Lee Ann Womack…tell them your family members heard me singing on Dunedin Causeway…I hope you dance and it made you famous.

    Oh and when you watch Can You Duet? Tell Naomi hi from Cathie, who taught her the song Love Can Build A Bridge and if you think I sit on my ass all day long, you are seriously wrong.

    I work, I just did not get paid for it.

  864. I’ve been called racist because I don’t like Obama, and sexist because I don’t like Hillary. The threat is real.

  865. The white devils love Obama for the same reason they love Tiger Woods — a black dude that walks and talks like a white dude but plays a better game. Isn’t that the reason FOX News said Obama isn’t a black man?!?

    I believe Obama is the man for this hour in our nations history. He resonates across racial lines because of his integrity and common sense ideas. He has my vote.

  866. Is it true that Black men have bigger penises?

    I’m getting tired of my husband. He’s rich, white & Christian, but I think I need something more.

    If any dark man out there wants to rendezvous, post your email and I will contact you. I’m just curious, so we’ll see how it goes.

    PS – I am very attractive, basically a Barbie doll with a soft & tight umm yea…

  867. on March 20, 2008 at 11:07 am regular white girl

    if Obama is elected, I’m moving to Canada.

    The first thing for the political agenda are issues.
    BUT when the issues involve a massive pile of issues
    and like a tumor of issues that will keep going as long as people don’t believe in God…how can you get the right one for that job? If man is weak, and he is all right, how can we straighten out the mess? Obsessive? No, it is my job.

  869. So how long can we live with a tumor of issues that plague mankind and society? How long oh Lord, and how long must I sit and watch as the world falters on God’s word
    and resembles the tumor?

  870. You understand me? That I come from a higher place to tell you something? That when a baby is born speaking saying her name is Mary and sent back by God, that people expect great things to come from this baby. They have come and it’s not over yet. That you can carelessly go on and on about trivial matters that God doesn’t bat an eyelash at concerns me. That you don’t realize why I am on this site yet concerns me. That when we are given precious people by God, you should pay them respect.

  871. How will “the black community” rise above poverty? How will the world at large get by in the near future? Aren’t you all wondering about what got us to this point? Why leaders are elected? Why we do what we do? Why do you think I am out there praying for some of the most astounding miracles of our time? Do you think me mad? I have witnesses. MANY OF THEM. So why don’t you just take the power to the people notion and can it if they don’t first love their maker, history will repeat itself. In their vanity shall come only a period of time and for those who don’t believe in God, why not? He made you. So that we are here today by the power of God. The electronic email would not have worked without a prayer. Really, if you were there and saw the first transmission after I prayed, you would have known this. Yet you can joke about zealots and you can toss out what you think is real but I tell you one thing, I will be there in the end and you will know a terror you have never known.

  872. Because people you have lived vicariously through me and used me for your own gains! The good of the people? Please, I have seen enough of what the people stand for.
    When the signs come, you shall know. The high shall fall and be made low, the low shall be made high. You will know.

  873. love the post. the action of voting for or believing in barak is performative, what it does for whites is display their normative anti-racist beliefs while masking their true xenophobia. and i’m amazed at how much racism and sexism has come out from this post….it definitely makes me lose faith in people.

  874. When you see my miraculous photos on any given site,
    you shall know. I do not live by MONEY and the miracles came from God and were free to me and so they are free to you. When you see what I tried telling you from my birth and all my prophecies, you shall know who sent me.

  875. Ever seen the one of me rising above the world in robes?
    It has a light bulb on the neck. Did you ever think what that one meant? Now, true, I am poor even for all the people I made rich. Selfish they are, liars too. So this world lies about serving God. LIES! Anyhow, I told a doctor this vision God showed me and he was foreign and did not know what I said was real so I asked God to show the world and that picture came out exactly the way I described it to the doctor. I was homeless by the way at the time. Yeah, so don’t believe all these people who talk about rewards of serving God. Shame on it. But this country is going to remember this baby born speaking. I will not let you forget it.

  876. http://video.google.co.uk/videoplay?docid=4096818960878898895&q=obama+speech+race&total=510&start=0&num=10&so=0&type=search&plindex=2

    people who think he’s racist should listen to this, it may help them to understand what it’s like to experience a history of oppression

  877. What is there to elections if the masses are evil?
    What game will win you your souls back?
    If Al Gore never came to my house for the electronic transfer idea, you may not be on these chats.
    What good does God have for his believers?
    You are partaking of one of the miracles.

  878. Has anyone noticed that “Human” is a crazy bible thumper? They probably kicked her off the street corner and downtown LA and someone gave her a computer. Someone should shut down this blog. Its ridiculous now. Im going away.

  879. So if I helped many to get by and live and get called the village idiot for it, do you think that God is not watching?
    The miracles will prove that indeed he is and if what ever candidate cannot match my job per job ratio, then you must have elected the wrong one. For behind the government is Mary and God and Benjamin Franklin saw an apparition so you must realize that God is watching as others take what is mine from me and leaves me homeless. That a prophecy has come true and that Benjamin Franklin was given a task by God to protect Mary who was to be reborn when times are indeed evil again. Waxed evil in fact. That people hounded me for artwork, songs, ideas, even my things.
    That I saw with my own eyes how evil Americans can be.
    And there is a prophecy where as King James fears because it calls him down for the error of the old ways.

  880. It’s completely true of course. White folk know better than to diss Obama – the ghosts of oppressed blacks from centuries back will rise up and hound them to death – or madness – should they not support him.

    Beware, crackers. November 2008 will see Obama elected, or see a horrifying slaughter of white folk by gruesome zombies in a genocidal, retributive gorefest of fear, anguish and terror that will then be made into a movie by George Romero some years later, as a not-so-subtle anti-racist screed.

    Oh wait, he already did that. You’d figure we’d have learned the first time.

  881. I am not a Bible thumper. I am calling the world to attention because it is time to.

  882. Any white (or other learned people) who’ve truly done their homework, know full well that “Bacrock Obumma” (like “Hildabeast ClinTAX” & John “McAmnesty”) is a total puppet of the Globalist Elite. So far, the only true defender of our Constitutional Republic in this (so-called) race has been Dr.Ron Paul. I strongly suggest either writing in Dr.Paul or the Constitution Party candidate come election day!



  883. on March 20, 2008 at 12:22 pm standswithahood

    No white people like coons, they just act like the do in public. McCain 08

  884. That is true. They ruin everything. Sports, entertainment, music, they can’t shut their mouths, no class, no education, dirty monkeys. They are only better at sports because they are literally one step behind us in the evolutionary chain. That’s why the bone of the first man was found in Africa. It was one cycle ago in man’s evolution. Go smoke some more weed blackies.

  885. To the rude poster, a day will come for you.

  886. Your day probably already has, a new study shows that 50% of black women have STD’s. One out of 2! HA!

  887. Obama doesn’t stand for shit. He has no record to run on, nothing. He is an empty shell. If you vote for him cause he is black and only cause he is black (like most of the blacks seem to be doing) then I have news for you, that is racism. Hey, don’t blame me, the left made that perfectly clear long ago. If I vote for McCain cause he’s white you would all think the same of me. If Obama wins, I’ll quit work for a while and see what it feels like to fully switch places. The black man can lead and whitey here will sit on his ass and collect welfare.

  888. 887 Do you think that you know everything there is to know? Do you think that you are above it all? Let me tell you right now, there is a great evil in this country. It is not me. That an evil cult went about causing people to lose their minds is evident. You lost yours. You need to go about getting the facts. This country gets hated because of the games it plays with religion number one, number two, because it boasts and it needs to made humble. There are evil people here that seek riches fast and easy and dirty rotten ways. There are liars and murderers and slaundering folk as yourself 887. The miracles coming out are real. I am real and not kicked off anywhere. I say what I have to say.
    When it comes down to it, you ought to be more mindful of what may come about from what you say.

  889. I must be doing something right because I get the crazies where ever I go. God put Jesus with sinners long ago.
    They asked him, why do you eat with them? Because they have need of physician in so many words. Yeah, and you sicko number 887 do not know who you are bashing right now. Omen of miracles, suffering saint, woeful and sorrowful mother. When you eat dirt miss mouth, I hope you get a mouthful.

  890. America’s Most Wanted does not include me.
    I am not a mental patient.
    What is wrong with you number 887 that you
    think that a baby born speaking answering that her name is Mary and sent back by God did not happen?
    Do I carry my Bible School papers because I did not attend?
    Do you wish that Jesus never was?
    What is your problem because I sense your stupidity.
    If you do not know what’s going on, do not comment.

  891. “Individual” – YOU ROCK.
    Obama’s ‘race’ speeches are replete with racism – cracks my ass up how ignorant people are. Bidirectional racism. Born with it, stop being hypocrites.
    If he wins, gonna smoke a bunch of crack and have more babies like they do so I can get a bigger check. SICK OF THIS BLACK PRIDE SHIT. BET, black colleges, black holidays – I want to have a club where only white people go so we can be safe, or a college where only white people go so the educational standards stay high – forget it – we can’t do it. Ridiculousness

  892. Yeah, I have the miraculous photo that I said would come out on this computer. Would anyone like to see it?
    And if you are a believer, then hear me out, because Satan is one bad MF and tries to altar the truth and hates the woman who brought forth the savior. But guess what?
    I don’t know why some people are defiant cusses.

  893. I wrote to Barack Obama about my civil rights being reincarnated. Oh yes, I was analyzed, you know what happened? I said I can pray for miracles and when I get out, I will and I will send back the miraculous photos I told you God will do. I got out, prayed for miracles and the town threw a party in my honor and the miraculous photos came out exactly as I said they were. So don’t keep acting stupid number 887. It was proven and that’s that.

  894. Someone tell 887 about the Fatima Prophecy, please.
    M 13 signing out.

  895. […] could hear. the author of stuff white people like was being bitingly close to true when he penned #8 – barack obama. in my mind this is the same class of people who will strike a blow for racial justice by voting […]

  896. 903 link to obama reaction – that reaction is SPOT ON. Death to blackie – I don’t have to be diplomatic. They want me dead and since they’re only 11% of the population (even though they are so obnoxious, you would think they are 50%), they should go. Back to Africa or some other AIDS ridden country

  897. on March 20, 2008 at 1:13 pm standswithahood

    I agree with freeamerica – get rid of them. they are useless.

  898. on March 20, 2008 at 1:18 pm standswithahood

    someone go do the research – I want to know what prison populations would decrease by if there were no blacks, what the abortion rates would be if there were no blacks, what the murder counts would be if there were no blacks, what the rape numbers would look like if there were no blacks, what the welfare counts would be if there were no blacks, what the poverty rates would look like if there were no blacks. I bet all these stats go from high double digits to single digits if you remove the black population. makes me sick. No one will do the math because they would be called racist – the facts are the facts – the blackies are what they are – – go smoke some crack!

  899. on March 20, 2008 at 1:27 pm barrack Obama? Forgetaboutit

    Wake up stupid white people this guy is a leftists empty suit.

    The pope of hope is really a dope.

  900. on March 20, 2008 at 1:34 pm standswithahood

    the white people who feiningly back him are POSERS. they talk shit about backing this half breed because they think it makes them sound ‘enlightened’ at cocktail parties. no white person in their right mind – and unlike blackie, most white people are in their right minds – would vote for a half breed radical muslim pig who doesn’t put his hand over his heart during the pledge of allegiance. bitch ass n*%%$#

  901. Obama’s rhetoric…”a tale, told by an indiot, full of sound and fury, signifying nothing….”
    Whites will get it. Blacks will google it.

  902. he seems like a great guy…i just dont like socialists….or black people….but especially black socialists

  903. We also like saying that we have black friends!

    And I don’t know about anyone else but I LOVE fried Chicken!

  904. i’m white and i hate barack obama.

    and it’s not because i’m racist, it’s because he’s racist.

    i also hate hillary clinton, john mccain and many others.

    i’m an equal opportunity hater.

  905. The fact is all races did me wrong too and statues weep because of it. Praying to God, “Show them how sad I am.”
    So America, wisen up because the hand of God is doing the miracles. The hand of God that dispicable people on the internet show off by being obstinate about and make up horrible lies about God being imaginary and they entice me to come online and then lie about what happened to me and they lie to you about God being able. God is able!
    God is able. Not everyone gets a miracle when they pray.
    Some of us do though. Yet on here, some dirty rotten soul
    plays devil’s advocate. Jesus said even satan can quote scripture. Right, and he can write it too. So while you all are not quite sure which end is up, let me refresh your memories. Miracles are what God is. I proved to many people that miracles are indeed possible and God does them. Obama is in the limelight trying to reach for this opportunity. If disgruntled citizens with biased minds try to ruin it for him, I am going to be mad as hell. The signs will get stronger, the miracles will become undeniable, and if you do not listen to me, you shall be sorry. For I am this omen that lives in America and that is that.

  906. Futhermore; the hand maiden of God has been here.
    To 887 who runs her fool mouth, dirty rotten person you are. You will come to know the miracles are not faked and the stories are true. I am known by CarolL Duvall for craft ideas, Al Gore, Donna Dewberry, many famous persons for the smart, talented, and gifted woman that I am. Far from mentally ill and shame on you, you twit.

  907. So do you go around harassing other victims number 887?
    Do you police people you do not even know or were you there or some crazy person who likes to cut down people who talk about God? There is a God you twit. The same God that glowed a blue light for me, changed a wall color to blue for me, answers my prayers for me, and makes possible miracles in America for me. Do not disrespect me. TWIT

  908. Do you not know that there is shame with everyone?
    That miracles in America are happening. Like when Noah and Moses heard the voice of God. It has always been a chance when the voice of God is heard. So who ever is making me out to be a fool. You are the fool. I hear the voice of God. None other. I will show this world a thing or two they never thought could happen.

  909. Why don’t we just test number 887 for validity to her faith?
    I bet she would fail. FAIL.
    So don’t even go there. Got me?
    What God put a gold seal on, is not a mishap.
    Get a life and leave Christians alone.

  910. Those with the mark of the beast…you shall know me.
    I will teach you a thing about messing with me.
    Right when you thought you were in the clear,
    you will be exposed. Right when you thought you
    had it all under control, you will be in the chaos
    you caused. The miraculous photos are real. Google them for yourselves. GOD FEARING PEOPLE did not fake them.
    It is a shame that the guilty party of satanists keep making up lies to ruin the faithful’s hope. Hope is still with us.
    Always will be with us. Out of sight but not out of mind.

  911. Read this and weep you weak minded souls. I am not going to let you forget that I was rattlesnake bitten twice and without medical attention lived. I had a serious head wound that would have killed others instantly but lived.
    I was attacked by satanists and surrounded by them and they tried to make me lose my faith. I have not.
    I was drugged for false reasons and lost my eyesight but all that I predicted came absolutely true. Even at four years old, I predicted signs and wonders and why?
    Because the faithful were waiting for them.
    You heathens better watch out.
    Momma is mad.
    And Momma was told by God before the miracle came
    and even the reincarnated Momma told of signs and wonders before they came.

  912. White people love IKEA! You must post that one!

  913. any white person who votes for obama should be taken out and shot

  914. IKEA created by a White country! Well at least for now…

  915. i am sick and tired of hearing blacks cry about how thier ancestors were slaves and how the white man is keeping them down they were not the only slaves in history move the fuck on no one alive today owned slave get the fuck over it thats thier excuse for everything they get busted for selling crack its because they are black they murder some one the onlreason they go to prison is because they are black they make me sick they get jobs they dont deserve because of affimative action they talk shit on the white man every chance they get but let a white man say something about blacks the naacp is climbing up thier ass its pure bullshit they dont think about all the white men who died so they could be free no that dosent matter they just want to bitch and moan and have evry thin handed to them thier stupid ass music is ruining our children it is disgustig and vile how any one stands it ill nevr know i hate them and i always will i wish they would have been put to death instead of set free they are ruining this country and white people need to wake up before its to late stop buying thier disgusting music and stop going to sporting evnts wake up you are making to many of them rich and it is going to swing the balance of power i dont want to live in a country run by blacks every neighborhood will be a slum they ruin every thing they touch wake the fuck up you white people who are going to vote for obama do the rest of us a favor kill your self now before you fuck it up for the rest of us

  916. hey standswithahood i like your style

  917. on March 20, 2008 at 6:11 pm Robert Gonzalez

    Barack Osama doesn’t look presidential. Instead of wearing a nice Brooks Brother’s suit like the white guy he wishes he was, he wears these Sammy Davis, Jr. ill-fitting hip cool suits. He’d be better picking up a sax and playin’ some cool jazz than getting anywhere near picking up the red phone. Do you really think Putin is going to take this token brothaman seriously? Voting for someone just because they’re black is idiotic. The ultimate affirmative action plan. Go Big Mac!

  918. I don’t like him because he is a leftist… He is going to save America’s Soul? He is going to “Take back America”? America’s does not have a soul and I work for a “big Corporation” so he is going to destroy my company and get me laid off? What a class warefare dickhead…

  919. Maybe you should call this site StuffWhiteLiberalPeopleLike …

  920. Im a little confused here anyway —- Why is Obama “black”, if not for political expediancy in the Chicago Southside? He is no more “black” than he is “white”. In fact , he was raised by his white mom (not his black hit-and-run dad), attended white schools, and was basically raised as white. He knows little of the “black experience”. In fact, I could argue that to even call him “black” is racist, and harkens back to the slave-era “one drop rule” where, if you have “one drop” of anything other than white, then you are automatically labeled as non-white. He will not be the first “black president”, but possibly the first mulatto president. The first “black” candidate/president will have to come later. I dont have a problem with it, just want trying to clarify. Not sure why this has become some battle cry for the “first black president”. I welcome (and will vote for) the first “real” black president who is qualified, and as long as he/she is not a Black Nationalist/Separatist/Socialist/Communist.

  921. These comments make me sad…I truly hope that we can all stop this ridiculous discussion.

    Racism is for suckers, and the white people on here that say negative things about black people or any other group because of their race are very insecure and idiotic. Get a life!

    Jeff, a VERY white guy from Chicago

  922. on March 20, 2008 at 6:48 pm Robert Gonzalez

    Let’s vote for the most qualified person not for someone just because they’re black. Jesus, will we see the end of the US in our lifetime? This is really getting scary.

  923. that rev Wright is OBAMANIBLE
    I hate them both and this stupid list, I hate the term”people of color” hey jerks (holds up arm)THIS IS A COLOR TOO!!

    and Jesse’s “rainbow coalition” is monochromatic

    get a dictionary if you need it

  924. Barrack is a lying piece of crap. He will only hurt this country more than that anti-christ Hillary. He needs to take his black ass back to Illinois and get a job as a janitor and take that bitch wife of his with him.

  925. Hey #924 — Ever heard of punctuation?

  926. I read Obama’s book and knew that he hates Whites. With this pastor Wright situation, it is clear that he really hates Whites, Jews, and America. This idea that Whites don’t criticize a Black man is only for the liberal hypocrites and most Whites look down upon. I see on You Tube , http://www.Atlah.org, Pastor Manning. You is a straight talker on this subject. By the way, it is not White, it is EUROAMERICAN. It is not Yellow people, it is Asian. We use continent words, not colour words, like White, Black, and Yellow, or Red.

  927. I cannot stand Obama. He is a long legged, big earred macdaddy! He makes me want to puke. I think he would make a pitiful president. I think the blacks are just a bunch of crybabies. Slavery ended 140 years ago and they still want ppl to feel sorry for them. If they aren’t happy here they should go back to Africa.

  928. Barack Osama is a deuche. ‘Nuff said.

  929. #931 — dont be silly; we all know that “diversity” trumps qualifications everytime because the liberals themselves told us that years ago with affirmative action. In fact, since the Clintons have always (theoretically) been big proponents of affirmitive action, Hillary should just step aside. Why are we even having a primary OR a general election? Affirmative action tells us that we already have the guy for the job, and any relevent qualifications would just be gravy. For the sake of diversity, all well meaning, guilt-ridden, liberal white folk should DEMAND Obama’s appointment, not wait around for some silly, potentially corrupt election to “steal” what’s rightfully his.

  930. 804 bettybleepme

    Thanks for the clarification. Duly noted.

    Too bad you’re such an angry ass. I guess lashing out makes pitiful people like you feel better about themselves, eh? Like a some kind of hot shot huh?Anyway, thank god we don’t too many crude classless people like you running for office. Jeesh. Cheers. 🙂

  931. Passport?

    Barack Obama FEAR SMEAR?

    Barack Obama
    Ralph Nader
    Ron Paul
    Dennis Kucinich
    Mike Gravel
    DNC Hillary Clinton
    RNC John McCain

    Eyes wide open

  932. the people listed under STAND WITH haven’t groveled to Aipac and racist jews. The other two have.

  933. “9 Aleks

    Hmm… I support Obama because he’s an excellent orator and he doesn’t seem as corrupt as the Clintons.

    A part of me wants to see him win because he is black and it would break the whole “old white men” tradition.

    I wish Hilary wasn’t so corrupt, but seeing as she is I would only back her if she was the last man standing in her party.
    Most people hate her, but she’s still better than McCain who is just a slightly less religiously conservative version of Bush. At least Hilary is a Democrat, though she voted for the war, and abstained from voting on the whole wiretapping issue, so she’s very right for a Dem. Actually, that’s probably why white people want to vote for Barack – he’s more of a Democrat than Hilary, who is political moderate in the worst sense – meaning she is just playing politics trying to make everyone happy instead of focusing on her party’s platform.”

    Give me a fucking break. Thanks for the analysis.

  934. on March 20, 2008 at 10:23 pm paulanthony60

    Al sharpton Jesse Jackson, There are done ,,, they have a double standard,,, when it come to whites and black,, there is racism in the United State, most of it is coming from the Black Americans,,,, How can Al Sharpton say, its ok for black to get imus fired,,, for the comments imus made, but Jeremiah Wright is ok thousands of excuses a double standard,, its time for Jesse and Al to get out of the lime light,,, Had respect for all sharpton,, until I seen him on Oreilly ,, Just like Obama,, I voted for Obama
    in California,, but now when it comes time for the presidency He does not have my vote,, On CNN And Msnbc, I seen alot of barack Obama supporter out there saying
    I Hilary is given the primary,,, with the super delegates,,, Obama supporter are going to Vote for McCain,,, there for OBama lost my Vote, in fact I will Vote for McCain,,
    If OBama wins the primary,,, because

    Barack Obama is a liar,,,

    To all
    Obama speech ,,,, Not sure if you caught Not only did Obama,,, Refuses to denounce him,, but even More,, He say in his own words,,,
    Barack Obama was in church when Jeremiah Wright,, was spewing Anti-American, Racist ism ,,,, Those were his own words,,, barack was there
    After going on keith Oberman ,Show obama said he would denounce that if he heard that language he would leave and not tolerate it , and denounce it
    After he went on MSNBC,, he went on FOX CNN ABC< all the news station saying he was never there,,, in his church when he said these things,,
    But Now today during his speech,,He states flat out Say’s HE was there,,, Last week Barack Obama Lied,, went on all the news stations, and Lied,,
    But your not reporting that,,,, You can rest assure,,, cnn ,,, Fox , ABC,,, Msnbc,, are getting more on this ,,, they will be reporting on this, and we will see
    If you chose to report, Obama Lying on tv,,, If this was Hilary clinton lying and caught lying on all the new station,,, you can be sure,, you would talk about it every hour
    people will be on your station debating this,,,, people analysing , if it is hilary clinton but it was not her it was Barack Obama, ,, it bad enought He lied, about being in church
    With Jeremiah Write, when he said these anti american ,,,,,and still refuse to denounce him…all the news agency want to do is speak on how good his speech was,
    Not that he lied,,, Last week on all the news agency ,, He was never there today in how own speech He say I was there,,,,should play all Obama videos from last week
    stating he was not there,,, or heard any of the anti-american Jeremiah Write, said in his churc then play his speech today saying he was there and he did hear him in church and refuse to denounce Jeremiah Wright..

  935. way to go coonhuntin’615

  936. sorry but the form asked for my website and i do not have one

  937. why do white ppl like obama?…………………………………………………………………………………………………yea………………………………………well……………………………………………….uh……………………………………………………….I KNOW! …The substance of his ideas….er…sorry, I forgot about there not being any substance. …………………………………………………………………………………………… How about all the great things he “HOPES” for?…er, wait…..He never sais what that is. aaaaaaaa…………………………………..OH, How bout all his experience?……..doh…sorry, I forgot that he has none that pertains to running a country, or state, or small buisness.
    Opps, guess what? White people Don’t like Obama.

  938. Obama’s black?

  939. on March 21, 2008 at 2:33 am standswithahood

    bigrednek – you are THE MAN! and how about this ‘black being the new cool’ BULLSHIT. Why does every kid in this country today need to use that arcade slang horseshit when he talks to be cool?
    “YO YO YO”, “Uknowutimsayin”, “ferreeldough” – what the FUCK is that? It’s not cool to use the diction of an animal. I’d rather have them go down the street barking like a dog – – oh WAIT, they bark like friggin’ dogs too!

    When the hell did it become cool to act black? If someone wants to be cool – they should try reading a fucking book. Knowledge and self awareness is cool.

  940. on March 21, 2008 at 4:53 am toomanyliars

    I’m curious to know why someone of mixed race (Black American/White American) is always seen as “Black.” They also seem to choose to be “Black” instead of “White.” They are just as much “black” as they are “white!” “I’m just saying!”

  941. White peoples love of Obama is more then we just don’t want to appear racist. He’s our kind of Black man. Geraldine Ferraro only got it half right. We like him because he may be Black but he act’s like White People, he talks like White People, he was raised by White People. Plus see #19 he’s not really American Black, his father is from Kenya which among White People automatically trumps being a ordinary African American. Finally he fulfills our need to be right see #62 “Knowing What’s Best for Poor People.

  942. on March 21, 2008 at 5:12 am toomanyliars

    I’m curious to know why someone of mixed race (Black American/White American) is always seen as “Black.” They also seem to choose to be “Black” instead of “White.” They are just as much “white” as they are “black!” “I’m just saying!”

  943. on March 21, 2008 at 5:33 am RantingTommy

    Man, this topic really brought the ignorant rednecks out in droves didn’t it?

  944. on March 21, 2008 at 5:41 am whiteisright

    We’re not ignorant rednecks – I’m confident that I have a better education than you, a higher IQ and I know I can buy and sell you. Black people are allowed to have pride – in your stupidty, by implication, you suggest that white people are not. They represent 11% of the population in this country, it is ridiculously one sided and unfair for them to be represented equally in any regard. That defies the nature of our democracy which is a REPRESENTATIVE DEMOCRACY. THERE IS NO PROPORTION. One group should not be permitted to say whatever they want, with no recourse, especially when they are such a modest minority, while the majority is forced to stay silent. It is ridiculous by its very notion. See the forest for the trees, you moron.

  945. on March 21, 2008 at 5:44 am whiteisright

    PS when a beautiful apple has a tiny little worm hole in it, it ceases to be a beautiful apple. any black makes it rotten – he’s not half white, he’s simply ‘not all black’.

  946. This is a monumental election bruthas.

    Once we go BLACK, we won’t go BACK!

    Once we turn out the WHITE HOUSE, we ain’t givin it up again!

    VOTE OBAMA and Whites will never get in there again!!!

    SAY NO TO WHITES! Let the new BLACK age begin! BLACK POWER! Say it LOUD & PROUD!!!

  947. on March 21, 2008 at 6:24 am whiteisright

    Incapable of using proper language protocols. Indicitive of your entire species. Go to school, stop selling crack, stop impregnating your women and infecting our society Flavor Flav.

  948. I don’t think Barack Obama is racist, but I believe his wife, Michelle, is a seething racist filled with hate for all whites — even the ones who voted for her husband. I also believe she despises the very country that afforded her a top-flight education and the ability to succeed in ways that 99 percent of Americans haven’t. She is an ingrate, elitist, black supremicist slob…..she nasty. Oh yeah, no way in hell I’m voting for Obama….he has no business being POTUS.

  949. on March 21, 2008 at 7:27 am A real White Guy

    if you watch the poles, white people don’t vote for Obama, its his biggest problem. …

  950. on March 21, 2008 at 7:37 am RepubsRuiningUSA

    “if Obama is elected, I’m moving to Canada.”

    This is the problem with this country. People sit through 8 years of nazi-like rule and then say they will move if someone who wants to change it is elected. Do us a favor and just move anyway

  951. […] is rarely-if-ever associated with people of color. Among the things THESE white people like are: Barack Obama, Whole Foods, David Sedaris, and public radio. ouch. …like one of those expensive “Nalgene […]

  952. When will America be able to look beyond race? The dominant reason, and it is evidenced throughout this most racist blog, people have for not liking Obama or thinking he is the better candidate is his race. From Ferraro to Wright–it’s all about race. Ferraro is twenty years out of touch and Wright’s words are just that his, and not Obama’s.

    Get over it and look at all three candidates based on their proposed policies, reaction to issues such as the Iraq war and the economy, and stance on foreign relations.

    Having an African American president doesn’t lead to favoritism for blacks or increased hate toward whites. But, having an intelligent, well-rounded, young, vigorous, and highly respected person will return America to its position as a world leader.

    No one is blaming whites for horrible things that happened 200 years ago and still affect our society today. If anything, Barack’s recent speech on race called African Americans to self-sufficiency and fixing their own problems; and called white America to understand that racism is too often a two-way street and that we ALL have real burdens to bear because of it.

    Don’t lose the best thing for America at this time and place because of racism. Get over it.

  953. on March 21, 2008 at 8:53 am whiteisright

    You are totally lost, everything you said is wrong – why the hell are these state legislatures wasting their fucking time having to put ‘formal apologies for slavery’ on their dockets? you are completely ignorant – we agree – racism is a two way street – you black people are allowed to be racist and talk openly about it and we ARE NOT. barack? During his speech talking about how his words will “Anger old white politicians” – are you fucking stupid – that is a racist comment. i lived in atlanta and watched it happen – black mayor opened the floodgates on black inroads to public offices – – they turned out the most politically corrupt local government in the nation’s history. And now Atlanta is a fucking shithole.

    His ‘proposed policies’ – LMAO – the guy talks gibberish about what he’s going to do – he has no track record of accomplishing, doesn’t now how to, has proven NOTHING and you’re going to let him become the most powerful person in the world. You crack my ass up – you think nothing about pedigree and tenure, you try to rationalize his existence on his shoulda coulda woulda talk.

    Do yourself a favor, I’m no McCain fan, but you need to go watch his CNN Biography and see what this man has been through as a POW for FIVE YEARS and what he has done in politics over the last 30 – AT LEAST THE MAN HAS A RECORD – LIKE IT OR NOT.

    Get your head out of your bucket of fried chicken.

  954. on March 21, 2008 at 10:09 am Rev Jeremiah WHITE

    Greetin’s, bruthuhs & sistas f’um da Trinity United AME-COGIC-Pentecostal Freewill Community Friendship Missionary Baptist Congregational Church o’ da Brotherhood o’ da Af’ican Oppressed and Po’ (’cuz o’ whitey). Nah B’rok, he gon’ chain’ da way ‘days run up in Washin’tun. We gone’ tax whitey!!! ‘Den we can rebi’d owa black communities, fo’ when w burnt ’em aw down in da riots. (we wut’n thinkin’ reel smo’t, ‘sho!! Hyeh, hyeh hyeh) An when B’rok get in ‘deh, he gone’ gib da culluhd chil’rens aw da free lunches, like whitey’s gettin’ now, ‘sho!!We gots ta keep da chil’rens o’ da white debil away f’um owa naybuh-hu-uds, ‘fectin’ owa chil’rens wif’ drugs. ‘Das right, it’s da white debil dat tryn’ ‘a kill owa communities wid da AIDS viral. ‘An messin’ up da minds o’ owa young mens wif’ da Brit’ney and da Linn’sy and da Pair’s. ‘Dem white she-debils ‘dun bin causin’ owa young mens to copyulate, an’ fo’nicate, an’ mastu’bate to da’ detrim’it o’ da black community. Don’cha ‘no, it takes a village, ‘sho!!! An’ aftu he go down ‘der ta N’awlins an fix da lebees ‘dat da debil Bush tow’ down, jes’ so’s he could stick it to da black man (an’ gib’ us a free place ta’ live fo’ da las’ 2 an’ a ha’f yea-hs hyeh, hyeh, hyeh– law– ‘sho!!!), he gon’ gib us all free lott’ry tikits fo’ owa ‘tirement. ‘Da’s right!!! ‘Sho! ‘Den we let whitey see wut it is to pay all da taxes an’ do all da work!!! Sho!!!

  955. go obama and to all those folks who make mean comments toward black people you’re wrong for the comments you make. i’m curious are you saved do you believe in a man by the name of Christ Jesus. He would never accept this but he would forgive you and understand why you spit such hate. He would still love you therefore I am charged to love you but i won’t accept your ignorance but i do have hope for you that you too will see the light and if you are offended by what i’ve said then good. i am getting to your heart.

    wow it’s amazing what people will say on a blog but won’t say in or face. COWARDS. that’s why i’m not bothered.

  956. I don’t like Obama, but I’m only half white. I don’t like Jesus either.

  957. to #964 —- No doubt some may find #963’s parody offensive, but in reality, all you have to do is change a few words/phrases and you are listening to the weekly edition of Rev Wright hate speech. Those that condemn the posting of #963 must also find Rev Jeremiah Wright equally contemptable — there’s no difference, except that I bet that #963 is simply joking and making a point with his parody.

  958. “I don’t like Obama, but I’m only half white. I don’t like Jesus either.”

    #965: that’s cool; Obama is only half white too…

  959. ohhhh, # 963, you slay me…. i agree with your point, i just wish i could read it more clearly…. just like the other day when speaking to a customer service representative at my bank and she began speaking in Ebonics… I had to politely hang up and call again to speak to someone I could actually understand. LoL! 🙂

    and for the record, I am mixed heritage… native american, hispanic and anglo and I DON’T LIKE OBAMA ! everytime i think i can support him, he and/or his surrogates do or say something hateful, hypocritical, immature or RACIST… he makes me sick to my stomach with grief of crushed hopes for a viable minority candidate of solid integrity

  960. I’m waiting to see who shoots the bigger hole in ones foot, Hillary or Barrack by raising the taxes the highest or dismantling our military the fastest. My monies on Mr. Obama.

  961. 968 Tracy

    Google “boo got shot” for a great lesson in eubonics.

  962. White people, white liberal people that is, are absolutely sticky about Obama.

    The fact is middle name is Hussein, his spiritual leader is a ranting, whitey hating, Jew hating, America hating, Afro Liberation Theology loon is just icing on the cake.

    In their eyes this makes Obama Sidney Poitier on the outside, and Rap Brown on the inside.

    This is all part of their self loathing, which is really what drives a lot of white people like.

    They see his potential presidency as a way of punishing America for it’s ignoble successes.

  963. on March 21, 2008 at 1:07 pm Comfortably White

    Better to be sexist than racist, right? Besides, our choices are Obama or the anti-christ. Tough choice

  964. ” Obama is a jug eared race hustling rat from the most corrupt city in America”…

    I agree with whatever poster said that, except I would have said monkey instead of rat.

    Is that racist?

    I don’t care.

    The punk is a socialist, opportunistic, unqualified, race baiting, lying, effete, black snob who seems to give a shit what the rest of the world thinks.

    I hope his racist lunatic of a preacher blows the election for him.

  965. 961 lady–

    I thought race had lost most of its sting.
    This “reverend’s” rant was a shocker. I knew that some uneducated, ignorant street thugs of all races were disgusting about race, but I had no idea that a “church” –a “Christian church”–was filled with so much vile crap.

    It needs an exorcism of hatred.

  966. on March 21, 2008 at 2:55 pm Angry Gringo

    971 Bev

    Did you catch the interviews with other blacks, well educated, articulate and seemingly intelligent, who tried to spin the Pastor’s rant as some type Afro Liberation Theology lingo that was understood within the black community as harmless?

    These people are seriously self-deluded.

    Unless I miss my bet, Obama is going to take a bath in PA.

  967. anybody but billary > somebody other than mccain ~ obama 08

    thanks for the stuff white people like

    we live here too

  968. This is off the subject but….does anyone else think Obama kind of looks like a black version of the guy on the cover of “Mad Magazine”? If only he was missing a front, left tooth.

  969. What’s scary is that white America is looking for someone to break the race barrier in the White House and Obama is IT. McCain is looking better every minute….

  970. You have missed the entire redneck culture entirely. You need to have sections in your site for the different types of whites. Most rednecks would dislike all the stuff on this site.

  971. I’m white and I wouldn’t vote for Obama if he was running against Cheney. Wake up you morons, get out of the cult now before this fool wrecks the country. Fancy rhetoric isn’t enough to earn a trip to the whitehouse.

  972. on March 21, 2008 at 10:59 pm Reginald Denny

    Bill Richardson endorses Obama in Spanglish!!

    Do you think that Obama is a little bit frustrated that after giving a “ground breaking” speech on how we need to look beyond race in this country that Bill Richardson gives his endorsement by saying “As a Hispanic American your speech really appealed to me.”

  973. #979 “Most rednecks would dislike all the stuff on this site.”

    That’s because these types of “Whites” are in reality wimpy jews (or their wannabes):


    We need a term like ‘wigger’ but for the wimpy White dupes that want to be jews.

  974. on March 21, 2008 at 11:53 pm Why does everyone want to live in White countries?

    How would he pull it off? I wondered.

    How would Barack explain to his press groupies why he sat silent in a pew for 20 years as the Rev. Jeremiah Wright delivered racist rants against white America for our maligning of Fidel and Gadhafi, and inventing AIDS to infect and kill black people?

    How would he justify not walking out as Wright spewed his venom about “the U.S. of K.K.K. America,” and howled, “God damn America!”

    My hunch was right. Barack would turn the tables.

    Yes, Barack agreed, Wright’s statements were “controversial,” and “divisive,” and “racially charged,” reflecting a “distorted view of America.”

    But we must understand the man in full and the black experience out of which the Rev. Wright came: 350 years of slavery and segregation.

    Barack then listed black grievances and informed us what white America must do to close the racial divide and heal the country.

    The “white community,” said Barack, must start “acknowledging that what ails the African-American community does not just exist in the minds of black people; that the legacy of discrimination—and current incidents of discrimination, while less overt than in the past—are real and must be addressed. Not just with words, but with deeds … .”

    And what deeds must we perform to heal ourselves and our country?

    The “white community” must invest more money in black schools and communities, enforce civil rights laws, ensure fairness in the criminal justice system and provide this generation of blacks with “ladders of opportunity” that were “unavailable” to Barack’s and the Rev. Wright’s generations.

    What is wrong with Barack’s prognosis and Barack’s cure?

    Only this. It is the same old con, the same old shakedown that black hustlers have been running since the Kerner Commission blamed the riots in Harlem, Watts, Newark, Detroit and a hundred other cities on, as Nixon put it, “everybody but the rioters themselves.”


    This time, the Silent Majority needs to have its convictions, grievances and demands heard. And among them are these:

    First, America has been the best country on earth for black folks. It was here that 600,000 black people, brought from Africa in slave ships, grew into a community of 40 million, were introduced to Christian salvation, and reached the greatest levels of freedom and prosperity blacks have ever known.

    Wright ought to go down on his knees and thank God he is an American.


    We hear the grievances. Where is the gratitude?

    Barack talks about new “ladders of opportunity” for blacks.

    Let him go to Altoona and Johnstown, and ask the white kids in Catholic schools how many were visited lately by Ivy League recruiters handing out scholarships for “deserving” white kids.

    Is white America really responsible for the fact that the crime and incarceration rates for African-Americans are seven times those of white America? Is it really white America’s fault that illegitimacy in the African-American community has hit 70 percent and the black dropout rate from high schools in some cities has reached 50 percent?

    Is that the fault of white America or, first and foremost, a failure of the black community itself?

    As for racism, its ugliest manifestation is in interracial crime, and especially interracial crimes of violence. Is Barack Obama aware that while white criminals choose black victims 3 percent of the time, black criminals choose white victims 45 percent of the time?

    Is Barack aware that black-on-white rapes are 100 times more common than the reverse, that black-on-white robberies were 139 times as common in the first three years of this decade as the reverse?

    We have all heard ad nauseam from the Rev. Al about Tawana Brawley, the Duke rape case and Jena. And all turned out to be hoaxes. But about the epidemic of black assaults on whites that are real, we hear nothing.

    Sorry, Barack, some of us have heard it all before, about 40 years and 40 trillion tax dollars ago.

  975. A white person has to like Obama because he/she is afraid of being called a racist? That would only apply to a weak white person but there seems to be plenty of them around. Anyone who would cower into voting for Obama for fear of being called a racist ought not be voting in the first place.

    Playing the racist card is the favorite card of blacks and liberal whites anytime you disagree with them or their agenda. The term has become so threadbare it has become meaningless. As meaningless as Obama’s “hope”, “change”, and “yes we can”. So if someone wants to call me racist, I’ll usually throw it back in their face and call them racist – and in my case I’ll probably be right.

    A unique aspect of white people is that anytime they say something that is contrary to black thinking or negative about blacks, many of them say, “I am not racist but_______”. I have never heard a black or any other non-white person actually start a sentence off this way while criticizing white people.

    I think Obama should belong in “stuff black people like” since he will get close to 100% of the black vote in the general election. I think more white people dislike Obama than like him. Not only does Obama not have the experience, he was not all that successful in the positions he did have.

    Obama shrugged off his lack of experience and accomplishments with the suggestion that he has remarkable judgment and unity skills. His judgment is pathetic including the selection of Weatherman terrorist, Bill Ayers, as the person to kick him off into politics and become his mentor, the hate filled anit-American, anti-white church he joined for two decades, and the woman he married – all subscribing to the “hate America first” approach. Obama is so far left that he won’t unite anyone exept for the Black Panthers, Farrakhan and radical whites. Obama’s “change” is nothing but the 60s with Johnson and the 70s with Carter warmed over. We are aware of those fiascos. We already saw the Weathermen and Black Panthers unite for a revolution in the 60s and 70s and see where that got us.

    We will soon find out how smart white people are based on how they vote during this election.

  976. Actually, I liked Barack Obama because he sucked less than the others running for President!
    It’s all academic though, as has become obvious as of the timestamp on this comment. The Pope’s Gal has scuttled him with this racist preacher non-issue (As if Lou FAKEaCON, Jesse Hi-jackson and Al-Sharkton never made a racist statement in their existences kool-aid-drinking Dems didn’t laud to the skies as a wisdom-pearl!).
    I just wonder what skeletons from McCrazy’s closet will get dragged out after she gets the nod the Democrat big shots were gonna give her all along?

  977. If Obama wraps up the Demo primary and considering McCain is the Rep choice, I’m voting for the 3rd party Warmbucket Ofspit.
    McCain snuggles up to lil bushie after the rove’s stormroopers in South accused his wife of being a n-lover. Come on John, stand up and man-up for your wife.
    Obama’s favorite preacher is a racist, yes folks it works both ways.
    One of the few good things I can say about either of them is they are not that awol, dumbass, drunk bush or the warmed-over nazi, 5-time draft dodger cheney. Doesn’t say much about America today! John Edwards we miss you, guess the right wing press didn’t fall in love with you, as they did with Obama.
    God Bless America!

  978. Obama dared Iowa to vote for him by saying that knows that Iowa won’t vote based on skin color. He is the worst race-baiter and racist politician yet. He will only look out for Black people and place White people second. Wait and see. The article should read stupid White people who vote for Obama.

  979. Here’s why Obama is a threat to Hilary and McCain – you have a candidate with a Muslim name, a white mother, an African father – born in America, and a Christian – he’s a liberal wet dream.

  980. To whoever called me an idiot: Obama spoke out against the war while running for senate in 2003 and 2004 – this at the time was an unpopular position

  981. Here’s why Obama is a threat to Hilary and McCain – you have a candidate with a Muslim name, a white mother, an African father – born in America, and a Christian – he’s a liberal wet dream.

    I thought being a Christian would have been a negative to the liberals but I guess it can be overlooked since he’s not fully white. Having a Muslim name and being half-black makes him a liberal wet dream.

  982. John Edwards we miss you, guess the right wing press didn’t fall in love with you,

    White people love lawyers, but right wingers like the New York Times and LA Times and KKK people like Katie Couric don’t. Ted Turner and Jane Fonda are also Nazis

  983. But, having an intelligent, well-rounded, young, vigorous, and highly respected person will return America to its position as a world leader.

    Too bad nobody like that is running for President. He’s respected among blacks only because of his color. If he was a white guy, blacks woud be voting for Clinton. Then you have loony whites who think he’s the Messiah. I can’t believe these nutjobs are fainting and crying at the rallies like he’s the Second Coming. Fanatacism for anybody or any cause is disturbing.

  984. Here’s my opinion (you know we all have one!). Many white folks love a competition and like to mix things up! Plus they get creds for telling all their non-white friends who are voting for Obama that they too are voting for Obama. And they do in the primaries. Hey who doesn’t like being part of a movement to finally say hey I (a white person) voted for a black man for president – I’m wondering if all the blacks are thinking whitey is finally coming around. THEN here is the kicker – Obama wins the nomination (of course McCain does too), then all those white folks who voted for Obama in the primaries vote for McCain. Tsk, tsk we say to our black friends and coworkers….don’t know how that happened but it was pretty close and we get to sympathize and hang out. Is that mean or what!

  985. Karl: white folks love lawyers because its usually someone they are related too.

    and I agree…no one is running that I completely, wholeheartedly think is great…I was in the military during Clinton’s reign and most of us hated his cracker ass. He disseminated the ranks, embarrassed a nation and he was our commander-in-chief…and Hilary was just pissed at him cause he got caught – I can remember in the beginning when she sat by his side defending him against those other women’s accusations..I despise both of them.

  986. I’m convinced that anyone who is not for Obama has not truly been listening to him. What our country needs is someone with integrity. Obviously, half the people on this blog do not have any. Infact, they probably need to get a dictionary out to learn the definition. I don’t care what your race is, it’s who you are and what you chose to do with your life. Obama has chosen wisely and that is how he got where he is right now. He is the only candidate who can repair the damage caused over the past eight years and that is asking a lot. I am a white female from Pennsylvania and I will ONLY support Obama. If my state chooses Hillary over Obama I would be ashamed of their ignorance.

  987. To #989
    Obama’s opinion was not a vote; he was not able to vote, so nothing he said could be used against him later. Unlike Hillary and other federal congress people who’s votes were on the record.

    Obama’s Rev. Wright had a test for churchgoers challenging their knowledge of Iraq, and why going to war with Iraq was not a good idea. (This was posted on their site) Obviously, Obama followed his spiritual leaders lead.

    Obama does not commit to anything. He is not a leader. Even his state voting record shows that he votes “present” instead of yes or no. He than says it is a tactic used when you are unsure of a bill. That is a lie. He just does not want anything attributed to him. The man is not a leader—-he is a follower.

    Maybe you should vote for Rev. Wright.

  988. If anyone were to actually vote based on true facts, and not emotion or crafted images…I mean, if people were to look at a checklist of all the issues and study them, then Ron Paul was the only good candidate.

    End the Welfare State
    End the Warfare State

    We won’t get either and people still like these 3 remaining candidates? Why?

    The US voting public is really sad.

  989. The right is going to hate Obama but the right will have delivered him on a silver platter. Who presided over most of Iraq? – The Right. Who orchestrated this mortgage fiasco? – The Right. Who ships job after job to China , India – You guessed it.

    McCain is a dizzy old buzzard who wants to “stay the fucking course” and every confederate, peckerwood in the country is going to come out after Skillery. Obama is the only logical course at this point.

    Bottomline if your family isn’t clocking $200k a year, Obama is your man.

  990. This whole blog is racist, but I guess it’s “funny.” Obama is exactly what this country needs. Who gives a sh*t what color people are?

  991. Ron Paul fan.. you’re right, but he’s done and not getting the nomination.

  992. Jessie Jackson used to babysit Michelle Richardson Obama when she was a baby. Just a fact.

  993. Some of my friends are in the Christian Right. Yes, the same people who put out pitiful president Bush in office (TWICE). They can’t stand McCain or Clinton. I don’t ask why, but I have my guesses. Well, turns out they are going to support Obama. Why? Because he has the ability to unite us all. I think they learned that just because you praise God and are prolife, doesn’t mean you have integrity or the diplomacy to run this country. Anyway, I’m just throwing this out there especially to the Democrats who support Clinton and think that she can be McCain.

  994. Obama got caught with his pants down… panics… and tries to equate his Grannie with Wright, Ferraro with Wright and says he doesn’t agreee with Wright… that is, after Obama finally recalled hearing Wright for 20 years, disinviting Wright from his campaign kick-off a year ago, saying his marriage vows before Wright and having Wright baptize his kids.

    THEN, the following day after his “brilliant speech” (Some apparently are impressed by so little), Obama explained to a radio audience that Grannie is “a typical white” and elaborates about how his “typical(ly) white” Grannie was “bred” to fear, probably as Wright explained to Obama.


  995. Does anybody know what Obama’s policies are? ‘Change’ is not a policy. As for his perceived fraternity with Israel, it is impossible to become US president without AIPAC support, so without a nod and a wink to the Jewish lobby, Obama might as well call it a day. As far as leading the country is concerned, there is no discernible difference between the two parties, foreign and domestic policy has already been written by The Bildergerg Group and whoever wins the election will be just another puppet.

  996. Thom: not only has Obama quietly sat in church listening to this hatred but so have another generation of Obama’s…gotta love that. So the cycle of hatred continues – blame “America” for all the world’s ills, black people’s ills, ad nauseam…
    He threw his granny under the bus to save face, even if true doesn’t make this an excuse for listening to a hate-monger for 20 years. If he believed that Wright was Wrong then sat there doing nothing then what is he going to do if he’s President and we get attacked again by terrorist…make excuses for them too?

  997. 220 sheila23

    Are you into any other types of bestiality? Perhaps you just want to have low IQ kids so they’ll be as dumb as you.

  998. 1005 ky girl

    You didn’t get attacked by terrorists, you complete retard.

  999. Ahem! Anonymous is like the obnoxious, drunk uncle we pretend is not there and wish would go away, but we love Aunt Helen so we bite our tongue on every get together.
    I might be making a mistake letting him know someone is paying attention to him even if what he say he needs to take on SupremSegregoIntoleroNationalskinalists.com or some crazy site like that.
    OMG family is so complicated!

  1000. barack is so stupid! he likes illegal immigrants. explain that! yah, he likes israel. pfff yah right. have you seen his pastor? he says jewishness is a gutter religion! Barack is stupid, and anyone who votes for him knows nothing about politics! Duh, weird democrats!

  1001. You talk about him not placing his hand over his heart…
    what if you were born without hands? Even without arms?
    We make up rules to suit ourselves! That’s what is wrong with this country. NO, we are not created equal either and there are many who never get the fair break needed not to sit back and collect welfare. The rich get richer, the poor have to survive. There are many faults of this country and one being that SIN makes the government what it is. More law making when it is a spiritual matter! That’s when people need to own up to what’s going on in their own communities and not depend on them to do it. We are them.
    Like the TV show, Little people in a big world…did we stop to think about the rights of little people who need houses for them and not codes of the so called normal sized humans? You cannot be a leader if you only lead for a few.
    It has to be the whole country. Give the people what they want! We have a head strong few who decide to run. It may not be the one for the job but we are not dead either
    and to sit back and let the stupid people carry on is not right. So no matter what you think of me making quotes that you don’t understand now but later you will, I am in the here and now and I am the woman they sing about and I am not a poster child for the stupid. We need changes where changes need to be made.

  1002. What if, IF, that is a big word even if only two letters. What if you were born like I was? What if bad people came after you and tried to kill you because you were preaching door to door and then you find out that an evil cult is even behind some Bibles and print books and made movies which lie about you? How would you feel to be me in a sinful world? To be told by a preacher that he heard God tell him that I can prove I am Mary sent back and then he says to me, you know Satan is going to persecute you.
    Hey world, this is me. I came back and found out just how crazy world is still. They tried to make me a puppet. I am not. So when you see statues crying, trust me, I prayed for that. It may help believers to feel relieved from stress of the ones who persecute Christians. I represent Christians.
    I am here on this site not to fool around and act up or talk about things that are not proper.

  1003. Rick spoke about him and I asked a question. Listen, they could hire a robot to sit in that office. The foundation rules are already made and laid for the most part. Anyone could become president as long as backing and drive is there.
    Motivational speaker? Well, so what is wrong mixing apples with oranges? Have a fruit salad. We have it here anyhow.
    That is what is so silly about talking about who is running.
    They are us, we are them. What we go through, they go through. They are not someone who is not anyone. So it kind of makes me wonder about others who suppose things. Hillary did write a book after reading my letter. In my letter it stated that it takes a village so I think I inspired the first lady. They sent back three postcards to me.
    Yes, my uncle has them. I am not the kind to be sue happy but I could be because all races got rich off of me. Doctors violated trust agreements and lied for money. There are evil persons in this country. They are called infidels. They liveth and loveth a lie. Some don’t have moral obligations. Some don’t believe there is a God that will judge them. I pray for miracles right in front of all kinds of people. Too bad for you, this IS my job.

  1004. are there some racists on this site…I sure hope not…

  1005. What happens if inflation keeps going and then we hit a wall of debt? What if greedy persons counting on a booming economy did not see something else coming?
    Movie actors created a huge revenue as well as the lotto but the small people who are at the bottom cannot survive this. Is it just the way it goes? It should not be this way.
    What if you can only get so rich and then the money just sits there? What if they start buying stars and naming them when there are children who will never see first grade because of circumstances we made for the impoverished?
    Oh yeah, I have a heart of gold folks and you just have to hear me out. Where is our system taking us in fifty years?
    The very rich and the very poor and the unfortunates? The ones in the middle scraping by okay but suffering in others ways like health issues because they cannot get time off for themselves for healthy activities. Our forefathers were slave drivers but back then we had a country to build.
    Can’t we ease up?

  1006. Gossip is what it is …WRONG. If you go on speculation alone, shame on you. If Obama just wants a chance to do something and the paranoia of the past comes back again and he gets shot or murdered because of some pig headed whites, I will be angry. We cannot let that happen again.
    Are we advanced? Are we living in a civil society? Then some of you gossiping twits cut the nonsense and get a head on your shoulders and not that big pimple.

  1007. This is for some blacks that I made famous…oh yes, a white person made famous. I put up with antics from you long enough. I sang out loud and blacks said it was THEIR music and took my songs for themselves. Shame on your sorry asses. Yes, and your drive by killings and your jungle ethics. Shame on you.

  1008. You see who I am? I speak the truth and the truth hurts some people. Like the greedy ones in this country who are ruthless and lie and steal and think class is having money.
    Grow up and stop being a pain in my neck because I am of God and the miracles are of God and there is a Heaven and there is a Hell and miracles are never small, never small.

  1009. If you have character, I like you. If not, it does not matter how rich you are, how in the know you think you are, and I never did judge any man by the color of his skin. Neither does God. So, let us get this moronic country under control and the people back to God. I can’t take this crap any longer. That is why I am praying for the miracles. People no longer know what is right or wrong, or don’t care or do things upon impulse. Shame on it. Why don’t you just take your bullshit somewhere else?

  1010. So bloggers, you are going to talk turkey or chicken feed with a saint who is back on earth? I think not. I will always be able to stand up on my own no matter what evils happened to me. I am a strong woman now. So watch out.

  1011. By the power invested in me, I am alive. Benjamin Franklin saw an apparition by God about my return in this country.
    What you don’t know can hurt me and that is why I am on here telling you like it really is. Your own Bibles tell you…angels are among you and you know it not. But the secret is out now and don’t you get blown away by it.
    Some day you shall see me on a movie like Moses and don’t say I did not tell you so. I told you so.

  1012. Human needs to go to a spa and take a chill pill. Oh, white people also like spas.

  1013. First of all let’s admit we all have our own biases as to how we view the world. Fox is conservative when compared to the 3 networks and NPR. But I don’t see FOX as the right wing of the Republican party. Obama came out of no where and was dismissed early by the national press that paid more attention to the other well known candidates. The well known candidates were picked apart by the press based on past inspections and it was easy to have past footage on the previously also rans. Then a funny thing happened Obama caught on and that story was interesting and the press liked the fact that they had a new interesting candidate. But the established news was caught cold by instant phenomena and failed to vet Obama. So now he is getting scrutiny and questions have come up.

    First there was Rezko and Obama’s past dealings (friendship) and his sweet heart land deal for his Chicago mansion (yes it is a mansion at 4800 sf)and adjacent parcel. Then there was, “where is the beef in his platform?” apparently an unfair question if you’re all about hope. Then there was Michelle and “for the first time in her life she’s proud of her country”. The there were the Rev Wright inspirational DVD’s sold by Obama’s church that have received scrutiny over the past two weeks.

    Obama had received a free pass up until now and now he is getting some over due review and its about time. If you attend Rev Wright’s sermons for 20 years, have him marry you, baptize your children, call him your spiritual advisor (which talks to you moral core) then I think this review is well founded. All politicians like all people have baggage, so let’s ensure that we elect someone with a track record as opposed to someone who has a nice message. Because at the end of the day excellent oratory is trumped by years of experience.

    Obama is not ready for the Presidency he will be but not now.

  1014. 982 & 983

    best posts on here

    And I’m black too

  1015. on March 24, 2008 at 8:48 am Angry Gringo

    By aligning with the race issue Obama although striking a warm cord with sniveling liberal types, has cast himself in the eyes of independents as a one trick pony.

    This is a vote he needed badly.

    Unfortunately for Obama this race issue obsession for most voting Americans is now considered an unfortunate historical footnote or just so yesterday that is working against him. Now concerns lay with the economy, security, health care, etc.

    Obama is toast and he doesn’t even seem to sense it.

  1016. McCain can’t beat Obama.

    Reason why is that Obama has a wider base. He gets all the votes from:
    1) Blacks due to ID politics and hatred of Whites
    2) Women because women are more liberal & jungle fever
    3) Liberal Jews who see him as a useful tool for fracturing the US
    4) Liberal White men
    5) Young voters who have been indoctrinated by #3

    McCain gets votes from:
    1) Conservative White men

    You do the math, now.

  1017. on March 24, 2008 at 10:34 am Mike from Vancouver

    Since the whole dust up with Barack Obama and the speech on race I’ve been digging around the net and came across this site and I’ve had fun reading through the comments.

    I also ran across this piece on a site called AngryToast.com, it’s titled “Who Among Whitey Will Vote For Obama”. It’s written by a white dude from the Midwest and is pretty good reading. He doesn’t seem to endorse Obama one way or the other but I had to laugh as some of the observations.

    It’s clear from my observations that racism is alive and well in the US and prospering on all sides. The miracle is that our country works at all given its diversity. Could it be due to the fact it’s run by white people?

  1018. Obama is the TV on the Radio of politicians. White kids love to like TV on the Radio.

  1019. Racism was a hot topic about three decades ago.

    Now it is, ho hum, someone is obsessing or they miss the seventies, move to other side of the room and talk to someone else.

  1020. I am voting for Obama because he voted against the occupation/war and I have been anti-war from day 1. My second choice would be Hillary because I would never, EVER as a working class person vote Republican and yes, I have black & gay friends. 🙂

  1021. It’s too bad we’re hiring a president and not a motivational speaker.

  1022. on March 24, 2008 at 1:10 pm deardumbitch

    ^ Obama never voted against the war.

    He wasn’t in Congress yet when the vote happened.

    The only reason he has a cleaner record is because it’s so much shorter and he’s got less experience.

  1023. You’re full of shit.

  1024. It’s true… white people have ALWAYS voted for black people out of guilt. That’s why almost the entire House and Senate is black, and we’ve had mostly black presidents since I can remember.

  1025. EducatedRepublican; McCain may be too liberal and old, but rather have him as a president. It is not the fact that Obama is black. Let me remind you, he is a muslim. Muslims are migrating to Europe and settleling there. Do you think that they, like any other migrant will abide by the laws and follow the rules and traditions of the country that adopted them? Hell no! Remember NY, Madrid, London???
    Back in 1998 a country wanted change, and they got it alright; this country ended up with a pseudo-guerrilla loving of a president who is drying up his country. This my friend, is a president who Obama said did not mind having conversations with, along with Fidel…So, what do you think?PS: Why it didnt come out in the news the fact that one of his campaing offices in Texas had a Che Guevara flag?????

  1026. nahh, just people who think they know the answers to everything!

  1027. We have to thank the media for butt kissing Obama. SNL could not show it better

  1028. Didn’t say I did UK – guess terrorists are just misguided haters of the US of A. Gee, you’re not a “secret” terrorist are you….OMG!

  1029. anon, stop making sense. this is about sweeping generalizations, not truths. white people voting for obama is very confusing for many blacks because it shatters their precious stereotypes about whites which have always made it easy to “understand” how “predictable” we are. just vote for whoever you think is the best man/woman for the job and don’t stop to second guess yourself.

  1030. on March 24, 2008 at 7:06 pm Napoleon Champagne

    White people need to vote some HuTu’s into office, and have a Tutsi revival.

    Maybe invite some Bantu for flavor, and then watch the deep philosophical debates, and endless, but meaningful late nite discussions, drum circles, and matrilineal kinship bonding rituals, about racial unity…that will solve everything–no more nasty guilt about ‘race’ politics.

    On the other hand, we could all just vote for Hillary, because, well, gosh darn it, we love being cuckolded, in that kinder gentler–but lovingly neutralizing hand of fascism called “femistisicismissness”-

    -not to mention da po’ white wimins had it worser den dem balck slabes! Them white wimins was forced into da bondiges of wearing corsets, and funny hairstyles during the 1890’s *fuming mad, frothy mixture streaming from my feminiSS mouth…*

  1031. After all this……

    Food Stamps

    Section 8 housing

    Forced busing,

    Affirmative Action

    Race norming


    Out-reach programs

    No African Left Behind


    Anti-Jim Crow laws

    Anti-miscegenation laws

    Sensitivity training,

    Lower academic standards

    Magnet schools

    War on Poverty

    Head Start

    Free Breakfast

    Free Lunch

    Free day care

    Free after-day care

    Earned Income Tax Credits

    Sub-Prime Mortgages

    Subsidized phone service

    Subsidized electric service

    Free health care at any emergency clinic

    Brown-vs-Board of Education

    Free Legal Clinics

    Peace Corp.

    Rainbow Coalition

    Jessee Jackson, Al Sharpton, Rev. Wright

    ….the life of the average African in America is worse than in 1950, and their illegitimacy rate is 70%

  1032. on March 24, 2008 at 7:16 pm Liberals need to live near blacks

    Obama is a fake and a race hustler. Now he tries to set up his grandmother as a “racist”. While his irresponsible black father took off and his flakey leftist mother left for Java—it was left to the nice responsible white grandparents to raise this scam artist. Obama shows no appreciation for their sacrifice. I have had it with Obama.He reeks of racial entitlement,and is so arrogant. His wife is even more obnoxious.

  1033. on March 24, 2008 at 7:23 pm Napoleon Champagne

    I feel even more white, and*guilty* now( hereafter referred to as “wilty”): I need to volunteer somewhere (another thing that white people can’t get enuf of).
    After all, my ‘ancestors’ probably had something to do with it all….

  1034. on March 24, 2008 at 7:25 pm Napoleon Champagne

    aha! so you’re saying that *white* privilege looks just as funny on *black* guys?

    I thought it was just the robes….

  1035. Obama is ashamed that his White grandmother was afraid of Black men. He sees this as racist. However, many Black women and Black men are also afraid of Black men. I once had a Black college student tell me that when he and his friends go out to party in a white neighborhood, they don’t bring any weapons. But if they are going into a Black neighborhood, they always carry weapons both on their persons and in the car. I had a Black woman tell me that she always locks the doors of her car when driving through Black neighborhoods, but does not do so in White neighborhoods. Why did these two Blacks behave differently around their own kind? Because they are not stupid — they know the truth.

  1036. It was entirerly rational for Obama’s grandmother to be afraid of black males. Rationality is not racism.

    Once again blacks and liberal whites cannot establish cause and effect.

  1037. havent heard from “human” in a few posts —– he/she must be running low on acid…

  1038. And by disservice do you mean bring the country back from a recession? Or providing benefits for Americans who were marginalized during the Reagan years? Perhaps you mean the way the Clinton administration helped students by expanding availability of funding for underprivileged students.

    And please, I’m sick and tired of Hillary Clinton’s bid for the white house being treated like she was already there. Anybody who has read a single damn newspaper knows that she was criticized so harshly for her role as an active first lady that the administration asked her to back down.

    Newsflash, Obama is saying stuff to win too. “I promise to give licenses to illegal aliens.” “I promise to give people universal healthcare.” Yeah, last time I checked, those things were decisions to be made by congress, not the president. Commander-in-chief enforces the laws, doesn’t make them… open up a civics book and get back to me on that one. He probably makes all those promises because he lacks the experience and knowledge to know that he can’t do shit of what he’s saying he can.

  1039. Amen! Seriously, that will make them feel like everything in America is so much better now that we have a black president… and a “hispanic” vp. You know Richardson backed him for the biracial ticket. Well as a left wing, latina I refuse to vote for people who do not represent me… thus, Hillary’s my gal because she supports me as an intelligent, politically savy experienced woman.

  1040. Yes, but take a look at the Obama supporting preacher. He made it about race too. But it’s only racist when it’s from white people, right? When it’s minorities against “the white establishment” it is just “telling it like it is.”

    And PS, I am Latina and I am very much offended by the way he is being called the “black candidate.” He is far from understanding what the average African American in the country needs. He has no clue what Latinos need. And what about Asian Americans? Yup, to say there is no racism is to ignore the white elephant in the room because you want to believe it is not there.

  1041. Educated Black People like Barack as well, but for different reasons.


  1042. I really do NOT like OBAMA. I think he is full of shit just like Hillary. (by the way I am white)

    Go Nader

  1043. Um, Obama is neither black nor muslim. He is half african and half white, raised by his white mother. The color of skin does not make the race or person. And he is not a muslim, that is only his name. Thank you, ever so wise foreigner.

  1044. clearly you’re white, aleks

  1045. Change you can believe in happening, just wonder if it is going to be for the better since he has no experience.

    Change for the better, not just for the sake of something different.

    Something to think about when the “revolution” is televised and you don’t like what you see.

  1046. on March 24, 2008 at 8:32 pm JOHNNY TSUNAMI

    paint the white house black!!131!!!214$%@!!

  1047. to mention a few macrohistorical and micro-sociolinguistic issues that have not been raised by mass media, web forums, or even international gambling networks (UK has turned the democratic horse race into an actual one!)

















    3 REASONS:









  1049. i am not sure what is worse: whites who thought jesse jackson and al sharpton were too niggerish to deserve their votes in 1988 and 2004, and thus prefer kermit the frog from honolulu

    or american blacks who have not considered obama’s TOTAL lack of slave anscestry (Kenya was colonized by the British and Ottomans), or those who did consider it, but thought the melanin was the main issue. or those who have swallowed the media apotheosis OBAMA AS JFK MLK LINCOLN AND JEFFERSON rolled into one… not only is he historically presaged, but every event every appearance is a Historical event itself.

    OR that absurd insignia of his: jungian symbology of the sun-god.


    Um, his black Kenyan dad took off like a typical negro-deadbeat when Obama was two. Never returned, never sent a dime. Left the White mom to raise the mulatto-halfbreed freak on her own. You are telling his dad wasn’t “black”???


  1051. It’s a risk less susceptible to being capitalized on by morons.

  1052. Joe –

    Wow. Really erudite comment here … speaks volumes. Such grammatical construction, so eloquently put. And to use no punctuation, no capitalization, just two words. You are really superior. No one else could possibly use the language like that. You are a genius. And to use an expletive without the “g” – was it a misspelling? There is no apostrophe. Or an intended error? My, such drama. Or was that part of the mystique that is joe? I really feel put in my place now …

  1053. Don’t you talk like that! You don’t know what is what.
    There are one man bands and one men women and one thing I hate most about stupid people…there is not one village idiot.

  1054. alan keyes = black american

    al sharpton = black american

    jesse jackson = black american

    condi rice = black american


    slave ancestry.

    their last names are their slave-master’s names.

    Obama is the name of a FREE grad student who booked a flight to america.

    his father had no stake in the great atrocity that made this country what it is, and that continues to stigmatize Obama’s black supporters in the CONTINENTAL US.–not volcanic/rare-flower paradise US.

    barack obama = post-racial jim henson muppet

  1055. This can be taken two ways in crude humor or sarcasm.
    Still, if he takes on the issues at hand like “your children’s war” comments Bush made under the circumstances-
    I really think that all those who live by the sword, die by the sword and no political genius makes one bit of difference.

  1056. There are the sins of the fathers in church and in office.

  1057. Humans like on the Planet of the Apes!

  1058. You may not know all the details either and we all have limits as to the bullshit that is in America. All the lies told by others to marry and you find out that people do not marry for love but can suffocate another, depend too much on another, or not be the other half.

  1059. Jesus said the Devil can quote scripture, he can write it too and there are many who go around giving lip service but lack the credentials to know what good and evil is and/ or what to do about it.

  1060. Excuse me? I am not in the we. I resent that remark.

  1061. I sang the song for the movie Pocohantas and it was stolen from me by some lying bastard who was vacationing in Inverness, Florida. I am not a village idiot. I am a saint.
    I hear the cries of the world and I do speak to God. Oh sinners, you lie like rugs and you steal like thiefs in the night.

  1062. The stupid people syndrome…when that baby comes out your ass ladies, you won’t be praising yourself for having a man with a big dick. You will be praying to God, help me get this out of me.

  1063. When I was a little girl I overheard a conversation by a neighbor who was a short woman who married a very tall man and it made me think, yeah, size does matter to a degree but I would be more concerned about other genetic matters that may affect your child later in life and if love keeps you together, we shall see.

  1064. A crazy white person or some crazy white people.
    Can you put your thoughts in file 13 please?

  1065. I know that people either will destroy themselves or the Earth will just take care of the hostiles.

  1066. The term slave is not fitting here. America was being built by all the ones who made it happen. Now, the economy is being supplied by entertainers and demanding fat cats.
    The money trail has caused explorers to fight one another.

  1067. We are not exactly Amazons either and still we are under subjection no matter what.

  1068. I have a thought for you- is it right for you to stir up trouble and make a mountain out of a molehill? Is it right for those who call themselves Christians to keep fighting like this?
    Is it right to be in a country where big mouths go around saying things that are not totally true and then we suppose on half truths? In our growing population comes a woman who openly prays for miracles and even so sits here reading hogwash that for it’s merits cannot produce the final outcome when we have half assed stories being presented! So when you reach the level that I am on, and that means ignoring fallible humans…but being human…
    let me know.

  1069. If I am a finatic let me conclude the proverbial saying of
    “what would Jesus do?” Okay, I tell you now what Jesus is doing. Miraculous photos, google some and don’t be thinking that mankind has totally risen above it all. God is still God.

  1070. Prayers for the high minded who are also third eye blinded.

  1071. If the shoes don’t fit, don’t wear them. If government is not right, don’t accept it. Don’t let people who think they are wise go on in their shames! SPEAK OUT and don’t be a welcome to my fortune mat.

  1072. Why do you need a title or a pat on the back to do what is right or necessary right where you live? WHY? There is a game being played out. We all matter and what we do in this lifetime matters.

  1073. There is something to be said as I draw to the end of my end of the spectrum, not all white people are calused and cruel and not all black people expect to be given anything they don’t deserve. We all deserve a chance in life and not to be left behind, but if we are left behind and things are not going our way, it is up to us to change circumstances.
    The revolution has been an ongoing thing and little by little progresses are made. Times have recorded us as being at times either headstrong and defiant or soft hearted and doers. Which one are you? Will you leave it up to someone else to do it? Help change the world? Help get it through some hard hearted ones that we should all be blessed to be here? I don’t have time to hear out silly people, time is of the essence.

  1074. I didn’t know that Obama was black! You are a jew if your mother is a jew. You are black if your mother is black. You are an indian ( oops! native american, or more recently, indigenous ) if your mother is an indian. Obama’s mother is white. Doesn’t that make him white? And explain his popularity among white people?

  1075. I agree with Mr. uhoh and NewarkBeef —- Why is Obama “black”, if not for political expediancy in the Chicago Southside? He is no more “black” than he is “white”. In fact , he was raised by his white mom (not his black hit-and-run dad), attended white schools, and was basically raised as white. He knows little of the “black experience”. In fact, I could argue that to even call him “black” is racist, and harkens back to the slave-era “one drop rule” where, if you have “one drop” of anything other than white, then you are automatically labeled as non-white. He will not be the first “black president”, but possibly the first mulatto president. The first “black” candidate/president will have to come later. I dont have a problem with it, just want trying to clarify. Not sure why this has become some battle cry for the “first black president”. I welcome (and will vote for) the first “real” black president who is qualified, and as long as he/she is not a Black Nationalist/Separatist/Socialist/Communist/Marxist.

  1076. on March 25, 2008 at 10:28 am Katherine WASP

    The Clinton administration cut welfare benefits, loosened regulatory rules on financial institutions, introduced failed healthcare reform (with a redux of an already failed proposal now drafted), which enabled HMO’s to thrive, and sold America to Chinese communists.

    Robert Pollin, a noted economist, wrote a book a few years back about the “myth” of economic growth in the Clinton years.

  1077. on March 25, 2008 at 10:30 am Katherine WASP

    Yes. Because as we all know, the Republicans have run the country so much better over the last 7 years.

  1078. on March 25, 2008 at 10:35 am Katherine WASP

    In that same sermon, Rev. Wright also criticized African Americans who say “Barack is not black”.

    I listend to about 30 minutes of Rev. Wright’s speech. As a blue eyed blonde WASP, I can say that Rev. Wright is not inflammatory if you listen to the whole sermon. I wasn’t offended as a multigrain eating white person who grew up eating nothing but white bread.

  1079. I’m White and I’m voting for Obama because he is black! ….and I am racist! But HE IS TOO!

  1080. I think you definitely need to add Oprah to your list. I’ve never met a white woman who didn’t love her some Oprah.

  1081. on March 25, 2008 at 11:56 am Actually White

    Can’t stand Obama and didn’t like him as soon as I read those pre election articles proclaiming him the post-racial messiah. However, it is really white to like Obama and tell everyone about it. Thankfully it’s really white (and hispanic apparently) to NOT like Obama because MTV/Viacom keeps telling you that it’s cool to like him.

  1082. Actually black people don’t sniff glue… or fantastic, or any other household cleaning item or make drugs from everything under the kitchen sink or drink cough syrup or tip cows or let their kids curse them out in the middle of a mall…

    we also don’t sit in the sun and committ suicide (get cancer)trying to look the same color as me!!! 🙂

    aren’t i funny and clever!!!
    don’t you dare call me a racist!!! 🙂

  1083. Yup, you like him because he is “articulate,” right?

  1084. I like Obama not because I am afraid to be called racist (which I have been and do not care), but because I do not think a woman, or a 72-year old man should be US President.

  1085. it must be the 1 out of 1000 rule that you talk to someone who has not been conceptually overprompted, and is capable of critical thinking.

    mr. uhoh has felt like an island of a man, especially after spike lee and jesse jackson’s endorsement of obama.

    i am sure he will make a fine president, but the history books are too important to have a whopping misnomer like Hawaii-Kenya boy as first Black President. I hate asteriks.

    watch your splices though realist.

    there is no contemporary historical science (of economics, of aesthetics, of ego formation, even of geology and biology) that is not Marxist at its core.

  1086. on March 25, 2008 at 3:21 pm What's Your Problem

    I think a 72-year-old woman should be president.

  1087. We don’t like him ’cause he’s black, we like him because he’s the opposite of George Bush. He’s the anti-cowboy.

  1088. ill go ahead and take the label as being a sexist, cuz i AM NEVER EVER going to vote for a woman after seeing how hillary clinton runs her campaign.

    Im so sick of the whole “im being bullied because im a woman but i believe in equality of the sexes!”


    Ill vote for mccain before i vote for that B*tch

  1089. COLORADO = snowboarding = environmentally friendly = an Obama state = plenty of gay people = everyone wears outdoor performance clothing

  1090. Ross is a big Pussy

  1091. First, of all Michelle LaVaughn Richardson Obama has very close ties to the Jessie Jackson family, Jessie Jackson used to baby sit her as a baby and Jackson’s daughter sang at Michelle and Obama’s wedding. The ideas that are considered radical attributed to Obama are actually Michelle’s. Obama and Michelle meet when he got a job at a Chicago firm Sidley & Austin in her first year, in walked Obama. Michelle was made the young summer associate’s advisor. Michelle introduced Obama to the Trinity United Church and on October 18, 1992, Michelle and Barack’s wedding ceremony was performed by Rev. Jeremiah A. Wright Jr.

    Obama was clearly influenced by Michelle’s friends, the Jacksons, and their community work. Michelle’s college sociology thesis “Princeton Educated Blacks and the Black Community” shows here great interest in the relationship between blacks and whites in America. Her ideas about America being a “Mean” country and for the first time she is proud to be an American because her husband is running all stems from this influence.

    When Bill Clinton connected Obama’s results to that of Jessie Jackson’s in the South Caroling primary, he knew what he was doing. Little did anyone know how profound his statements were?

  1092. Being a good orator means you are good at only one thing – words, just words, – and sometimes not even your own. Re: corruption, give him time. There is not a politician alive who wants to become the Washington insider that B.O. does that does’nt have the flames of corruption panning inside of him. Make no mistake, the man is a politician 1st and foremost. The faithful of pensylvania are finding that out now as their saviour has brushed them off as a lost cause for living in a state that he cannot win. And to think they had the audacity to hope that he cared about them more then he cares about himself.

  1093. Amen…White guilt is a wonderous thing : )…

    PS I love this site…Everything I thought about whites is true + you guys have very complex theories on T-shirts and what you should and should not feel guilty about. Very insightful!
    PPS…I though only minorities thought Jews were White…I thought WASP thought Jews were something else…someone clarify, please.

  1094. Are you sure your not talking about white people????…
    I thought bestiality, meth labs, heroin and sniffing anything to get high was like your “coming of age”. I do not believe I have seen Blacks do any of those things…I could be wrong, I do not know all Black people.
    You can call me a racist…I don’t give a f***
    PS: I love this site!

  1095. I agree, I live in Texas “Home of Dubya” and the only place where I see any of this behavior is at work…
    PS: I work at Whole Foods

  1096. The Rev. is “telling it like it is” and the truth A) hurts and B) is ugly…but denial is a worse monster. I encourage White people to not thrive off of sound bites and rhetoric…judge after you have heard the whole story and understand where the man is coming from…in fact just don’t judge at all…I will never know what it is to be White , just as Whites will never live without White privlege and never be able to “walk” in anyone’s (minorities) shoes.

  1097. Hurry Anastasia…You are late for the NRA meeting in the secret bunker for those that are scared shitless from conservative propaganda, be sure not to sit next to an Arab on your fight into oblivion.
    PS: Watch out! I think an illegal is trying to cut your yard and a Black man is raping your kids.
    PPS:I think the news didn’t report on the Che flag because, like most liberal, young Whites I see… it looks cool.

  1098. on March 25, 2008 at 6:50 pm Dave Rensberger

    Yeah… I’m not sure I buy this one. Most of the exit surveys that I’ve read seem that the “white” people, especially those over 40, are usually voting for Hillary.

  1099. on March 26, 2008 at 1:53 am anomalousnyc

    He doesn’t love Israel – he LOOOOOOOOVVVVVVVVVVES Israel.

  1100. ur gay

  1101. Reading this post allows me to remain brain dead until the Stanley Cup begins. Makes the time between then and now go by relatively painlessly…

  1102. I hate some damn Obama!!!!!!!!!!!


  1104. OK, I went to a site suggested on a post from here.
    The letters written to those fun loving people were
    just off the wall pathetic.
    What’s wrong? Is it in the air? The water?
    Your minds?
    Why can’t we all just get along?
    Why keep stirring the mud?
    Will muddy water ever clear?
    Friends? Excuse me but I don’t readily trust anyone
    these days.
    I don’t go around trying to make enemies either.
    If you go on that site, read the letters.
    If this doesn’t show you that people will find
    anything to complain about,
    I don’t know what does.

  1105. Yeah, I wanted Mia Farrow and Jesse Jackson to team up and I think that we would be watching fireworks when it was not the fourth of July.

  1106. However, white people also like making fun of being called out as racist by Barack Obama.


  1107. Barak Obama is the least pro-Israel candidate out there… or rather, he is so adept at playing politics that it is impossible to tell what his real opinions are… he says one thing in public, another thing in private…

    I don’t think white people love Israel, at least not the kind of white people this site talks about… white people love to criticize Israel because they think they can do so without seeming racist or culturally insensitive (as they are afraid they seem if they criticize Muslim tyrants).

    I think some Jews are culturally white but really Jews are something else… haha… we’re safe minorities, though.

  1108. […] Like – every white person I know talks about it about as much as they do Arrested Development or Barack Obama – take a look. You might find that there’s a whole world of white folks out there just like […]

  1109. Hilarious. Obama for sainthood! Another great bit on Obama here:


  1110. Barak Obama isnt black being half black doesn’t make you black. ethnicity wise he is white, he was raised by a middle class white woman , lived in middle class white society. Racially he is Biracial get it right

  1111. Barak Obama isnt black being half black doesn’t make you black. ethnicity wise he is white, he was raised by a middle class white woman , lived in middle class white society. Racially he is Biracial get it right

  1112. on March 26, 2008 at 5:51 pm feldmanbergenstein

    every politician must love israel as a requirement for national success. we have many allies that could have their own section on the foreign policy page of his website, but there is only one. HMMMMM A LITTLE ODD ISN’T IT NO IT’S NOT

    i find it quite ironic and funny and especially hilarious (did i mention funny?) that no one seems to notice this. i haven’t seen israel criticized anytime recently, at least not without headlines galore the next day. free speech innit. isn’t that funny.

  1113. White people are NOT afraid of disliking Obama because they will be called racist….only a racist would say that.

    White people have voiced their opinion since they began recording their own history…I know I’m a Brit and we wrote our own version of history.

    If you don’t like the man…you don’t like him and anyone that says you’re a racist…is themself a racist.

    Dislike the man because he wants change for the silent majority…not because of his color.

  1114. on March 26, 2008 at 6:02 pm Unfuckinbelievable

    Are kidding me?????? Muslim with a pastor for over 20 years. Read a fucking book, get a fucking clue, please for God’s sake. Make up your mind based on some facts. Not the convuluted conjecture that is running rampant on the web. He is muslim, he is a racist, he is christian, he is a christian muslim, which is an oxymoron, moron.

  1115. Did you know that according to the celebraty geneology that Barack Obama is related to George W. Bush and Dick Cheney?

  1116. DO NOT vote for this man simply because he is black!!!! Hes got everyone fooled! I cant beleive it! He knows nothing about politics. He is dangerous! What has happened to America that we could be fooled so easily? Oh, BTW, his idea for “universal health coverage” is raising the poverty level!!!!!!!!! PEOPLE PLEASE WAKE UP, BEFORE IT IS TOO LATE.

  1117. on March 26, 2008 at 8:12 pm Unfuckinbelievable

    How odd that in so many of the comments that people rant about how Rev Wrights comments were racist, while all the while spewing their own racist rhetoric. You people as soooo amazingly hypocritical. But you are so lost in your own tireless tirade you can’t even see the obvious. Racism is not dead in America. Complaining about a perceived injustice is one thing but to lump every black person into one group and hurling racial slurs & sterotypes, is racism at its worst, yet you justify it by claiming blacks are racist too, so that makes it ok.
    If someone feels they were denied employment, and yes it does happen, and complains about the system, it does not make them racist. I have worked with enough lazy, late, dumb, white people to know whites are not always qualified for the jobs they have. No, Barack will not change things in America; we will progressively get worse until we self destruct. Not sure if I am voting for him or not, but if this was just about his qualifications, that would not even be a subject most whites would discuss. Especially those too dumb to pour piss out of a boot. For some reason everyone seems convinced that all whites are inherently smart. Lol. As if being in a library or near books will somehow make them intelligent, like Hillary being in the white house with her hus band will somehow qualifies her for the presidency, by osmosis I guess.
    Illiterate whites somehow think that the progress of other whites make them superior because of others accomplishments. If you are an idiot, you are still an idiot even if you are white. And by perusing the different blogs, I can attest to the FACT that there is no shortage of racist and/or illiterate whites. So be proud, you all are pretty much still hold the title for most racist. God Bless America, and hopefully our hate won’t destroy us.

  1118. I think it is more like, you hate yourself. You are not stating facts that you are aware of. i have never heard of such a statement, that whites hate themselves. On the contrary, I think its our self-confidence that freaks you out. Whoever you are!

  1119. Hey…… what do you mean by “you people”?? Is that like Obama’s “typical white lady” grandmother??

  1120. on March 26, 2008 at 9:53 pm Unfuckinbelievable

    Wow so profound,,yes that is why white girls sleep with black men. Would have nothing to do with the facts that they have always thrown themselves at black men, and when caught would cry rape. Yes,, guilt would be the only reason,,lol

  1121. on March 26, 2008 at 10:02 pm Unfuckinbelievable

    Oh,,that’s is interesting. That is what you picked out of my enitire post. Typical. “You people” as in the people who rant about racist blacks while spewing racist sterotypical comments. Or did you just need an opening to drop what you perceive as a racial comment, to prove how racist Barack is. So you jumped on it, all the while ignoring the obvious, AGAIN, that the “you people” means the hypocrites I am referring to. Grow up

  1122. Illiterate Whites?

    LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! nice try.

    Obama, our post-racial candidate was happy to receive an endorsement from Bill Richardson in Spanglish. It started out:

    “As a Hispanic American I am proud to endorse………”

    post-racial my ass

  1123. I DRINK IT UP.

  1124. I’d like to hire a president who knows how to run a fiscally sound campaign. As of the last FEC filing:

    “But what’s most striking is the debt. The Clinton campaign has amassed a staggering $8.7 million worth, double McCain’s $4.3 million. Obama, on the other hand, owes only $625,000. By campaign standards, he’s debt free.”

    So yeah, he’s only a motivational speaker. Sure.

  1125. That’s from the Mojo blog at Mother Jones, by the way.

  1126. Then kiss the Supreme Court and your rights goodbye.

  1127. Ok white people I know Obama looks different from you and his name is not the all American white name but stop being so sceary. And please stop making up lies about him wanting to blow the US up. If anything who ever is the unlucky one to be the next leader will have to clean up all the trash Bush left us in. What Rev wright said has been being said by black people for along time, but I guess white poeple must have thought that we just can’t talk bad about them the way its been done to us all these years. So stop running to the other side of the street when you see a black man walking near you.

  1128. LOLOLOL




  1129. on March 27, 2008 at 8:04 am Unfuckinbelievable

    How silly, you have not responded to one thing I said. You quote 2 words from my comment as if to dispute something. Your inability to stick to a fact and complete the thought only proves what I have said. I, unlike some whites, don’t lump everyone in a race into one category. There are some illiterate whites and you have proven yourself to be one, by clarifying nothing.

  1130. Current polls suggest Obama is unelectable. One-third of Hillary supporters say they will vote for McCain over Obama, versus one-sixth of Obama supporters who say they will vote for McCain over Clinton. Like it or not, Senorita Blexican, although they won’t say it in public at caucuses (which is about as democratic a process as a Cuban election), white people…and anyone else with any sense of discernment…when alone in a voting booth, will not support a person with Obama’s background. Do Americans really want a man who was born of a Muslim father, raised in the most radically Muslim of all countries (Indonesia) by a Muslim stepfather, married to a wife who has professed hatred of America, who has chosen as his spiritual leader/mentor a man who shouts vitriolic statements against America, whites, Jews, Tutu, and makes all friendly-like with Farrakhan…do you really want this man as Commander-in-Chief, fully responsible for the protection of everything we hold dear? No way Jose.

  1131. on March 27, 2008 at 9:20 am Richard Long

    Steve, I can see how sheltered and ignorant you are to so generalize people not ALL black people wear their pants hanging down low, some actually find the practice disgusting. I see white people all the time “sampling ” food in the market and not paying for it.

    Not ALL black people wear their caps sidways or walk in a manner you don’t agree with.
    MANY black people actually work very hard for a living and many white people live in trailer parks and get a handout from the state that some BLACK persons taxes paid for.

    As for your statement that without white people this country would revert back to the stone age, you forget one thing. This countgry was built on the backs of it’s black citizenry. Have you forgotten slavery? Without BLACKS there would be no country.
    BLACKs fought in every EVERY major war this country has fought from the revolution on. BLACKS fought for the freedom of this country and the whites in it even though they themselves were not afforded the same freedoms.

    As far as music goes, most of rock and roll is a derivitive of blues and gospel, black forms of music, and the only form of music that America can actually call its’ own because it originated here and not in some other country.

    Without BLACKS there would be no heat because we invented the furnace, no elevator – opps invented by a black man, no traffic lights, black man again, no automatic oiling system for machinery, black man. Have you ever heard of the saying “the real Mccoy” ? Look up its’ origin.

    Open your eyes and turn on your brain and perhaps you might learn that some of us out there are very different than you so readilly stereotype us as.

  1132. Sorry, bro…I’m a single candidate voter. The issue? Whether or not the candidate is black. And Obama delivers.
    ‘Nuff said.

    Also, I can’t imagine anyone becoming president of the Harvard Law Review (!) and graduating magna-cum-laude (!!)unless they knew a FEW things about politics. And ascending the ranks of Chicago’s political maze? Not for rank amateurs. If you can survive the brutal blow of Chi-Town’s politcal hazing, you’re no lightweight.

    Also, as a white man, I appreciate the gay-black combo that Obama offers.

  1133. Grandma got run over by her grandson, running for the White house yesterday, you can say there’s no such thing as pander, but as for me and grandma, we believe……:-)

  1134. It seems to me that the kind of white people this site is talking about includes a kind of young, single, liberal-arts-college attending Jew.

  1135. Why? What does he say to support Israel? Something also related to rebuke of Farrakain?

  1136. I would like to start by saying some people who are making comment are just flat out resist and they give other white people a bad name! I would also like to say am a diehard conservative and voted for dole 96 bush 00 and 04 but I decided to support Obama mainly for 3…..
    1. John McCain is outrageously hawkish in regards to Iran. He has called for a invasion and/or air strikes against them. Resulting in a three front war at once!
    2. Voting for Hilary… now that’s a joke
    3. Other than him being black he has no real negatives. Even though some might say he’s lacking foreign policy experience, that’s not a real negative because most of our best president didnt have any ether( Reagan, teddy Roosevelt, FDR, Eisenhower ,Clinton yes, Clinton (as much as I hate that horny old man there is no drought that history will remember him as one of our better presidents )

  1137. on March 27, 2008 at 3:27 pm soft white underbelly of the Meerkat Manner

    732 – Let’s be honest bro.

    The slave ships were really cruise ships to a resort paradise compared to the black hole of Africa.

    Blacks are doing 100X better here under White rule than Black rule. That’s why Blacks never go back to Africa, not even for vacation. It’d be your worst nightmare!

    So, you actually OWE WHITES a huge debt for bringing you over here!!! Otherwise, you’d be swinging from a vine and living in an elephant dung hut in the Congo!

    Give credit where credit is due!

    Quoted for TRUTH!!

    Before everyone starts ranting, and before some jerk comes on here ranting about N— or any other tripe. Just seriously everyone stop and consider this. I know it’s a side track to
    why White People love (or used to love, but most White People have found new ways to love him) Obama, but just consider this nugget of truth.

    Oh yeah, White People love Obama because he seemed just black enough to not be a former panther, but white enough to enjoy a glass of wine with at a dinner party without some awkward moments.

  1138. on March 27, 2008 at 3:37 pm White Actually

    If you’re White People or a minority and wonder why true conservatives have hated McCain far longer than Campaign Finance or Amnesty you got your answer recently.

    McCain gave a World Affairs briefing asking for a ‘Western Union'<–lol name taken– of over 100 countries that the United States would have to be subservient too.

    McCain is an internationalist, that’s why he and Kerry were so close. He’s been an internationalist for A LONG time (perhaps he came to it thinking about ways to avoid large scale conflicts while sitting in the Hanoi Hilton?) and that runs to the heart of
    true Conservativism. That’s why everyone from Pat Buchanan, to Glen Beck, Rush Limbaugh, to Ron Paul have attacked his foreign policy ambitions.

    Trying to argue with a true conservative about Foreign Entanglements is like arguing with them about restricting gun ownership. They’ll follow that one off a cliff if they have to.

    The problem is that the two people we could trust– Mitt Romney (yes a flip flopper but he does put america first) and Dr. Ron Paul are out of the race.

    What do we do?? Obviously Obama is way to liberal and a fan of “the global south” agenda to be trusted. Hillary has based her support on feminists, hispanics and working class whites. She may turn out to be the right candidate after all.

    Yes I know I’ll get skewered by White People and conservatives alike, but I’m trying to make the most of a bad situation.

  1139. on March 27, 2008 at 3:47 pm meerkat manor

    Illiterate Whites?

    LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! nice try.

    Obama, our post-racial candidate was happy to receive an endorsement from Bill Richardson in Spanglish. It started out:

    “As a Hispanic American I am proud to endorse………”

    post-racial my ass

    +2 quoted for essence of truth.

    Some of your posts are so acidic they are counter productive to the goals of “bad” white people, but this one is SPOT ON.

  1140. I guess the true audience for this blog is white people with a limited perspective….how the hell did I end up here??

  1141. Vote for Hillary

  1142. This site is not called “stuff Bill O’Reily likes”…..GET OVER YOURSELF!

  1143. it’s so weird how people become internet-racist. In person, they are such nice people.

    Were all these comments written back to back as to appear like 3 different people. How lame? Don’t be such a racist, sexist pig. That is such a FOX NEWS thing to say. And in case you forgot, Fox news isn’t on the list…..so we don’t like it! Lol.

    Spread love, not hate.

  1144. Yea…….but that’s the stuffOLDwhitepeoplellike blog. Get a life outside of being a divider. That man will win.

  1145. Well, book your plan ticket now!

  1146. If Hillary were white…..oh, wait a minute she is. Let’s quit with the WHAT IFS. We are what we are, and she doesn’t have a chance in rat’s hell to win, so why don’t you just vote fo John McCain, he’ll need the support. Or better yet, why don’t you just take a screw and undue your kitchen sink so that you can give that to Hillary to throw at Obama. Because that’s all she has left, and even then she’ll lose.

  1147. I am saddened by the level of discourse on this site.

  1148. As a white person, I honestly believe most white Americans do not unerstand our country’s history. We have a Disneyized version of our racist past. African Americans have been disadvantaged, not by choice, but by systematic intentions to keep them relegated to second class citizens. I don’t know how they have been able to survive the onslaught of destruction coming their way.

    I am very conservative person. I like to think that I am thoughtful and considerate of others. Barack Obama would be a major step forward for our country. If he was white, I believe he would already have won the race. I hope we can find a way to look at ALL Americans simply as Americans. He embodies that for me.

  1149. So…. when you say “typical”, you mean “typical white folk”?? welcome to the standard main stream media definition of “racist”, where any dissenting opinion (especially conserivative thought) is regarded as “racist”, and unworthy of any intellectual discussion. “Typical” (to You) would more likely describe any discussion of personal responsibility and self-reliance, that seems to evade the “typical” black family. Time to get a job and take care of your own rather than rely on the output of others…

  1150. Ok…. cant stand it any longer; what the hell is an “African American”? It is such an ignorant term — not accurate from an anthropological OR from a “country of origin” standpoint. What do you call a white guy from South Africa who happens to be a US citizen? How about an Egyptian who happens to be a Naturalized US citizen? How about a black guy, living in America, who happens to be from Haiti, Burmuda, Dominican Republic, Jamaica? What the Hell is wrong with “American”??. So… imagine this scenario: A crime is commited, involving a “black guy”. The cops say what did you see?? “I saw a guy running from the scene carrying a gun”. The cop says: “Was he “white” or “African American”? The witness says: “I didnt see his passport, but he was a “black guy”, and from 50 feet, I have no idea what his country of origin was; he may have been from Haiti, Jamaica, Dominican Republic, etc”. Do we look at a white guy from 50 feet and know that he is from Poland, Russia, Ireland, Austrailia, Italy, England, France, etc??? How in the hell are we supposed to recognize an “African American”? Are the rest of the white guys supposed to refer to themselves as “Euro-Americans”, “Italian-Americans”, “French-Americans”, “Polish-Americans”, “Irish-Americans”, etc?? What do you call a Black guy/girl who happens to be a citizen of the UK?? Are they “African-American”?? If we are trying to establish a connection with our ancestors, and wish to invoke our “country of origin”, then most “Black Folk” in the US have FAR more history in the US than the average white guy. The average Negro in America has US roots that are 300-400 years old, making them simply “American”. The average white guy has ancestors that first showed up at Ellis Island in the early 1900s, making them more “entitled” to the hypenated-american status than the average “black-guy”. Black Folks can relax —— you are more rooted in US of A than the average “white guy” —- no need for the exclusive, separatist labels.

  1151. You are delusional. Obama got his start in community organizing (ala Saul Alinsky) on the black southside of Chicago. His racist black pastor baptized all his children.

    Obama wants to spend billions of you tax dollars on “poverty” which is a wealth transfer to Africa.

    And what deeds must we perform to heal ourselves and our country?

    The “white community” must invest more money in black schools and communities, enforce civil rights laws, ensure fairness in the criminal justice system and provide this generation of blacks with “ladders of opportunity” that were “unavailable” to Barack’s and the Rev. Wright’s generations.

    What is wrong with Barack’s prognosis and Barack’s cure?

    Only this. It is the same old con.

    it has to be a two-way conversation. White America needs to be heard from, not just lectured to.

    This time, the Silent Majority needs to have its convictions, grievances and demands heard. And among them are these:

    First, America has been the best country on earth for black folks. It was here that 600,000 black people, brought from Africa in slave ships, grew into a community of 40 million, were introduced to Christian salvation, and reached the greatest levels of freedom and prosperity blacks have ever known.

    Wright ought to go down on his knees and thank God he is an American.

    Second, no people anywhere has done more to lift up blacks than white Americans. Untold trillions have been spent since the ’60s on welfare, food stamps, rent supplements, Section 8 housing, Pell grants, student loans, legal services, Medicaid, Earned Income Tax Credits and poverty programs designed to bring the African-American community into the mainstream.

    Governments, businesses and colleges have engaged in discrimination against white folks—with affirmative action, contract set-asides and quotas—to advance black applicants over white applicants.

    Churches, foundations, civic groups, schools and individuals all over America have donated time and money to support soup kitchens, adult education, day care, retirement and nursing homes for blacks.

    We hear the grievances. Where is the gratitude?

    Barack talks about new “ladders of opportunity” for blacks.

    Let him go to Altoona and Johnstown, and ask the white kids in Catholic schools how many were visited lately by Ivy League recruiters handing out scholarships for “deserving” white kids.

    Is white America really responsible for the fact that the crime and incarceration rates for African-Americans are seven times those of white America? Is it really white America’s fault that illegitimacy in the African-American community has hit 70 percent and the black dropout rate from high schools in some cities has reached 50 percent?

    Is that the fault of white America or, first and foremost, a failure of the black community itself?

    As for racism, its ugliest manifestation is in interracial crime, and especially interracial crimes of violence. Is Barack Obama aware that while white criminals choose black victims 3 percent of the time, black criminals choose white victims 45 percent of the time?

    Is Barack aware that black-on-white rapes are 100 times more common than the reverse, that black-on-white robberies were 139 times as common in the first three years of this decade as the reverse?

    We have all heard ad nauseam from the Rev. Al about Tawana Brawley, the Duke rape case and Jena. And all turned out to be hoaxes. But about the epidemic of black assaults on whites that are real, we hear nothing.

    Sorry, Barack, some of us have heard it all before, about 40 years and 40 trillion tax dollars ago.

  1152. I disagree. You may want to note in the “about” section in your blog about how this does not apply to all people. It’s very funny and all, but could very well be accused racist. Be careful.
    BTW: I don’t like Obama (and I’m white)

  1153. I hate Obama, I’m white, and I don’t have a problem saying this.

    I don’t hate him because he’s black – race has nothing to do with it – he’s just not the type of person I want answering the red phone at 3am

    but seriously I do NOT like his character and yes I will move to Canada if he becomes President.

  1154. Since white people are the only race which have variations and different types of “white people” actually exist. it is easy to get confused when one part of “white” character doesn’t apply to all.

    Other races have contempt for white people, so they will stick well together in a uniform way of acting, speaking, and living.

    White people vary greatly, more so than other races.

  1155. GREAT – one less irrational person like you in the states will be wonderful. “He’s just not the type of person I want answering the red phone at 3am”

    You don’t even know him! Give me a break.

    I guess you would like the people who voted for the war in Iraq – with conviction. Then change their mind once they bother to get all of the facts. Maybe the people who are still hiding their past. People involved in S&L scandals and want 100 year wars in Iraq and a new war in Iran.

  1156. I’m rushing to my computer under sniper fire to agree. GOBAMA!!!!

  1157. : ) Funny comment. You forget though, a “Black” man is at the top of that sport too.

  1158. Barack Obama is a true American. His mother was a white woman and he was raised by his white grandparents. He never really knew his father. He is very American and he is an eloquent speaker which we haven’t had for 8 years. I know the world leaders and the American people would appreciate Barack Obama for being that man. Time for a real change.

  1159. Wow I lik to red dis stuf. Yu wit peple ar gud spelers to.

  1160. Good bye……..

  1161. Obama wasn’t even in the Senate at the time of the invasion of Iraq, he made a politically safe and from what I’ve heard, unimpressive speech against the war in ultra-liberal Chicago at an anti-war rally….Not really a bold statement of authority or “change” that I would expect from someone whose campaign is built on those kind of speeches.

  1162. i believe you.. except that alan greenspan, robert rubin, bob woodward (who are all noted much more than your author – imagine that) and 250 million americans who did better financially than at any other time in American history all disagree…

  1163. Wake up people!!! Barack has been in politics for only 4 yrs as a Junior Senator. Before that he was fighting discrimination cases. Good for him, but, how the f*ck does that make him a candidate to run this great country (or any country for that matter). And the fact that his religion is in question… Not to mention he supports a racist pompous ass of a reverend that is only concerned about spreading his own word and getting some air time (instead of spreading the word of God). And people, don’t be ignorant, this “I’m voting for a black man b/c it’s time for change” shit isn’t going to get us out of this mess Bush got us in. Be smart and look at qualification, not skin color.

  1164. Ok, here’s the thing about being bi-racial, on the outside your black. Your genetic make up (race) deems you bi-racial, but your socialized black, when people see you on the street, usually unless ur really fair-skinned people see you as black. You can have a white parent, “white” upbringing (quotations because how races act are social constructions, especially being “black”) and yet when people meet you they think black. My wife is biracial but you can’t tell until she tells you. Barack and I have the same skin tone and both my parents are a shade darker than me so when people say, “he isn’t black, he’s biracial” they should think about his skin and not his genetic makeup. Ask Barack if he feels “black”. If he’s been treated black…by both races.

  1165. Steve E.:
    All the things you listed (pants saggin, turned baseball caps. etc.,) are superfiscial and learned therefore not inherent. Shows you watch way too much BET, probably don’t have any Black or Latino friends. Not only that, I see and know blacks that have their hats turned and pants sagging–when they aren’t at work, but have degrees and own businesses or have good paying jobs. I am one of them. I speak articulate when I have to. Speaking incorrect english, is an educational deficiency. Speaking slang or in a certain dialect can be cultural. I speak one way with family and friends than when Im out at the job and have to explain myself. It isn’t white, which you and even the dude who rebutted you claim its educated, it just so happens that some blacks are behind it that–partly their own fault and partly because of the injust system that exist. I suggest you learn what it means to be human and open-minded before you label a whole race because of all the media’s portrayals of that particular race. The fact that you think these things are “white oriented” means your a white supremacist. I hate it when blacks or whites think being black is this and being white is this. I can’t listen to different types of music, eat different foods, like different shows and et., because thats white? You just displayed the very ignorance you project blacks to possess inherently. LOL, thanks for showing that racism in america still exist just in a more subtle manner, although I would say what you just said is borderline bigotry.

  1166. Jona your last comment is hilarious like there are no other people in the world that exhibit a variety of shades and hugh. This site is funny, and I am a black middle class male with a great career and just so happen to like most of the stuffwhitepeoplelike. As far as Obama, I can let everyone on this site know that he is going to be the next president of the U.S. I work for the U.S. Senate in Washington, D.C. and can tell you that not only does he have the qualities that your average American (Left or Right) admires, he also has the qualities that every great President in the U.S. has possesed, the ability to motivate the people of this country white, black, red, blue or whatever else. I have never seen so many people so interested in a political race in my life. That my fellow Americans can not be denied.

  1167. Obama is such a PHONY..and people beleive it..

    he CYNICALLY KNEW more than a year ago he might “have to” speak out against his RACIST PREACHER in Chicago..who constantly INCITED HATRED against “white people & jews”..

    Barack Obama CLAIMS he is the “new face” of ‘honesty’, etc.

    ..he is a bold-faced LIAR like the rest of them..

    he went to that church for YEARS, yet claims he “never heard” any racist commetns from his preacher-boy-bum-buddy..


    Did he wear ear-plugs every time he attended that church??

    HE must beleive in the line:

    “Sincerity is key..Once you can FAKE that, you have it made..”

  1168. what is sad is that you have no clue as to what “black” is but what you think it is permeates through your ignorant comment about will smith. What makes will smith white? The fact that he can speak English well without and he isn’t grabbin his balls and threathening people literally or with a gaze? You watch too much t.v.! What’s even sadder is that some blacks fall for this crap too. Being black is a social construction. A lot of what we do stems from 3 main things 1)> We were so ostracized and segregated from whites our own culture developed and is maintained now as a stance. 2.) Lack of education from the days of slavery passed down from generation to generation breed a inaccuracy speaking the English language–but for some reason I notice this occurs with anyone–black or white–go to appalachia and you’ll see the same thing amongst poor white kids 2b) The vocal tone and dialect of Africa and or sourthern culture has a different sound to it so some times when a articulate man say like Michael Jordan speaks you say he speaks well but still sounds black. Most blacks wre assimilated in the south and thus have that quasi-southern accent.
    3). Money–we aren’t exposed to the same things that those with money are and therefore sometimes remain trapped in a bubble. This spread across the board from education to politics.

    So don’t spread your ignorance with comments like that, their really isn’t a meaning to acting white or black unless someone believes that what these races act like and so try to be that way–but then they are twiced removed by this delusion–illusion. Read Race Matters by Cornel West.

  1169. LMAO = Pat for posting Buchanan’s statement. I’m not going to lecture anyone on how the U.S.A. was able to build a vast empire of wealth from free labor and the Trans-Atlantic slave trade. 40 Trillion is a drop in the bucket of what the earliest black people to inhabit this land brought to America adding 200 to 300 some odd years of inflation. This site is funny but the ignorance of some people’s post is a clear sign of our failing education system. People wake up and understand the OLD AMERICA is no longer. This is a new day and age, and people need to get use to that or become a relic of this countries past. I digress…. I’m sure some would like the idea of my previous sentence.


  1171. Don’t you mean bleak???

  1172. I pooped my pants

  1173. Well he was also in the Illinois State Senate for 8 years… And he has more experience the Lincoln, or Kennedy, or even Bill Clinton. So, uh, yeah, I think he’s perfectly qualified.
    As for his Reverend – supporting a person is different form supporting their views. I love and support my father, even though I personally disagree (strongly) with most of his political views. And Obama has repeatedly, and assertively, denounced and distanced himself from Reverend Wright’s views.

  1174. Ha! I laughed at “ethnicity wise he is white.”

    I laughed because that is entirely incorrect.

    Geez, dude, read what you wrote right before that – “being half black doesn’t make you black.” The same goes for white.

    And I think the mix of background and diverse histories makes him the most compelling and potentially unifying candidate.

  1175. Wake up people, learn your history and listen to his words and you will see how soon he will take us down. The only reason most honest working white people want him to win over Clinton, is just that. She is a bigger loser than he is and they both want to ruin our country more. It’s time for a change but please LORD neither one of them….
    Hey why isnt GOD on the list? Most white people I know like God, but I havent seen either one of these peeps display that… Hmmmm!
    God bless ______!?!

  1176. on March 28, 2008 at 6:25 pm dummidumbwit

    Being a Barack supporter, but still looking at things with a Humorist perspective, I recall Colin Powell weighing in with Barack Obama is “Black enough”, I couldn’t help thinking “How thw Hell would He know”?, I’m sorry, but I thought it was funny?

  1177. Whi has bigger ears? Obama or Bush?

  1178. ha ha ha, and Canadians are waiting for Obama to be elected so they can move to the US!!!

  1179. i think i have figured it out. after reading nearly all the post it has become clear that no one is willing to take responsibility for anything. this must be a blog frequented by nothing but politicians. with all the problems that are inhibiting the black community, racism is the most devastating and rampant among them? crime? the black community doesnt have a problem with crime, it just the white mans justice system. high school drop out rate? not their fault; the alphabet, math, and critical thinking are racialy biased. the only reason black men dont stick around to raise the kids they made is that the white man comes in the night and trucks them off to prison for trumped up crimes.

    if the sarcasim was over your head, you are probably one of those high school drop outs. why stay in school? you dont need to know how to read to blame whitey. you dont need to know how to read to sell crack. your daddy, whom you never meet, didnt finish school either and his life turned out great. thats why he ran out on you and your mama, because his life was going so well. most crimes committed by black people are against black people, but that too is whitey’s fault.

    if you think terms like nigger, coon, spooke, and porch monkey are offensive and hurtful you need to give grade school another try. i learned a long time ago (when i was just a young white devil) that the world sucks, and word are going to be the least of my worries as i grow up to be a adult white devil. words are bullits, GIVE ME A FUCKIN BREAK. Bullits are bullits, words are just vocalized thoughts, and thoughts are not hurtful. nor are they a crime, not yet anyway. if the insane black and whiteliberal get their way thoughts will be crimes very soon.

    everyone needs to do a little growing up and tend to your own family who need you very much. tell your kids that wordslike nigger and coon are just partof the vast cruel world that they are going to have to face alone one day, so they had better toughen themselvesto that cruelty or it will get the better of them.ifyou allowit to get the better of you then those words achieved the objective that the speaker intended.

    and fuck Barack Obama too. not because he is black, because he is the same old shit; redigested and shined up real nice.

  1180. You are an idiot. Ever hear: “the more things change, the more they stay the same”

    After 40 years and how many trillons of white taxes, black schools still suck and they black family has disintegrated.

    Nothing is going to change that, not Obama, not gates’ money…nothing.

    Blacks have no record of maintaining, let alone creating, functioning envrionments, and it doesn’t matter where.

    Detroit, Rwanda, Haiti, New Orleans, Chicago, southside, South Africa, they are all the same.

  1181. White people that are duped by Obama are the Whites that don’t live around or work directly with Black people.

    pure and simple as that.

  1182. What ever happened to Nicole Brown’s mulatto kids? Do they live with OJ?

    If Obama wins, it’s really the anti-white racists who will win, because it won’t be as easy to dissuade a White woman from pumping out some mongrels.

    In reality though, for this one Obama, there are far more Nicole Brown, OJ-type situations .

  1183. Yeah, RIGHT!!!


    In The Awakening of White America, (THE WHITE WORLD!!!),


  1184. they are all liars. the only true way is through me.

  1185. i don’t think obama loves israel or white people or anything much. he listened to his pastor talk about israel treating the arabs worse than hitler treated the jews of europe. then he says the reverend wright was a marine, and loves this country. i say hogwash! if the good reverend was in the 2nd world war, he would have seen the total destruction of the european jews, the brutality they inflicted on the russians, gypsys etc. what war did that racist pastor, his good old”uncle” fight in?
    obama is a political opportunist that probably will win, but certainly not with my vote!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  1186. Barack Obama is a silver-tongued snake.

  1187. on March 29, 2008 at 7:49 am Not Your Black Friend!!!

    so is yo momma!!!

  1188. on March 29, 2008 at 9:57 am a Jewish princess

    This is from Wikipedia.

    Jew (Hebrew: יְהוּדִי, Yehudi (sl.); יְהוּדִים, Yehudim (pl.); Ladino: ג׳ודיו, Djudio (sl.); ג׳ודיוס, Djudios (pl.); Yiddish: ייִד, Yid (sl.); ייִדן, Yidn (pl.))[8] is a member of the Jewish people, an ethnoreligious group originating in the Israelites or Hebrews of the ancient Middle East. The ethnicity and the religion of Judaism, the traditional faith of the Jewish nation, are strongly interrelated, and converts to Judaism are both included and have been absorbed within the Jewish people throughout the millennia; however as with other religions there are also people who appear to (and may in fact) have Jewish ancestry who no longer consider themselves Jewish, at least in terms of religion.

    Historically, the Jewish culture has been dominated by two major groups: the Ashkenazim, or “Germans” (Ashkenaz meaning “Germany” in Medieval Hebrew, denoting their Central European base), and the Sephardim, or “Spaniards” (Sefarad meaning “Spain” or “Iberia” in Hebrew, denoting their Spanish and Portuguese base). The Mizrahim, or “Easterners” (Mizrach being “East” in Hebrew), that is Middle Eastern, Central Asian, Caucasusian, and North African Jews, could constitute a third major group.

    Smaller Jewish cultural groups include the Indian Jews including the Bene Israel, Bnei Menashe, Cochin Jews and Bene Ephraim; the Romaniotes of Greece; the Italkim or Bené Roma of Italy; the Teimanim from the Yemen and Oman; various African Jews, including most numerously the Beta Israel of Ethiopia; and Chinese Jews, most notably the Kaifeng Jews, as well as various other distinct but now extinct communities.

    The divisions between all these groups are approximate and their boundaries aren’t clear. The Mizrahim for example, are a heterogeneous collection of North African, Central Asian, Caucasian and Middle Eastern Jewish communities which are often as unrelated to each other as they are to any of the earlier mentioned Jewish groups. In modern usage. However, the Mizrahim are also termed Sephardi due to similar styles of liturgy, despite independent development from Sephardim proper. Thus, among Mizrahim there are Iraqi Jews, Egyptian Jews, Berber Jews, Lebanese Jews, Kurdish Jews, Libyan Jews, Syrian Jews, Bukharian Jews, Mountain Jews, Georgian Jews and various others. The Teimanim from the Yemen and Oman are sometimes included, although their style of liturgy is unique and they differ in respect to the admixture found among them to that found in Mizrahim. Additionally, there is a differentiation made between the pre-existing Middle Eastern and North African Jewish communities as distinct from the descendants of those Sephardi migrants who established themselves in the Middle East and North Africa after the expulsion of the Jews from Spain by the Catholic Monarchs in 1492, and a few years later from the expulsion decreed in Portugal.

    Despite this diversity, Ashkenazi Jews represent the bulk of modern Jewry, with at least 70% of Jews worldwide (and up to 90% prior to World War II and the Holocaust).

    Most jews are ” cauasian” thats what it says on my passport although considering our ancestry we are really middle eastern and not white.

  1189. “And the notion that somehow it’s cute or amusing, or a useful diversion, I think, is something that all of us have to recognize is just not the case. We all have First Amendment rights. And I am a constitutional lawyer and strongly believe in free speech, but as a culture, we really have to do some soul-searching to think about what kind of toxic information are we feeding our kids,”

  1190. OMG, what is wrong w/ people? This site is tongue-in-cheek; it pokes fun; you’re not meant to use its silliness as a jumping-off point for (self-serious, ill-informed) socio-political rantings. Get a clue.

  1191. Thank God I grew up in the Caribbean, this coming from a black woman. So your racist rant don’t apply to me.

  1192. on March 29, 2008 at 1:41 pm Unfuckinbelievable

    See, now there you go. Typical, meaning people who never bother to get most of the context of any conversation, they just pull out what they want to dispute or support their own agenda, sort of what cults do. So no, I meant typical of people like yourself. You, confused one, made that connection, not I. I am comparing you to others based on past personal experiences & conversations. You do not know me or anything about me. I have probably had better jobs than you, may even make more money than you, but that is only an assumption. So taking that into consideration, I will not call you poor white trash, although your limited reasoning skills would lead me to believe your are uneducated like so many poor white trashy people are. If you are comfortable lumping all blacks into a category that somehow makes you feel superior, then I rest my case. Spitting in the wind would be more productive than attempting to have a meaning dialogue with you.

  1193. […] and Friends The funny people over at Stuff White People Like posted an interesting photo in Barack Obama’s #8 spot on the “Things White People […]

  1194. on March 29, 2008 at 4:06 pm Let's please STOP pretending

    LMAO = Pat for posting Buchanan’s statement. I’m not going to lecture anyone on how the U.S.A. was able to build a vast empire of wealth from free labor and the Trans-Atlantic slave trade. 40 Trillion is a drop in the bucket of what the earliest black people to inhabit this land brought to America adding 200 to 300 some odd years of inflation. This site is funny but the ignorance of some people’s post is a clear sign of our failing education system. People wake up and understand the OLD AMERICA is no longer. This is a new day and age, and people need to get use to that or become a relic of this countries past. I digress…. I’m sure some would like the idea of my previous sentence.

    You’re not one of those idiots who mistakenly believe that black labor built this country?

    I guess you hope that repeating that meme enough times will make it true in the minds of the american people.

    Go back and look at the civil war and why it turned so quickly into a long march to victory for the Union. The North’s economy and population was FAR more developed than the south, which was actually hindered by the slave economy. Slave labor is inherantly less efficient than a free man’s wages and the high investment in Slaves made it very difficult for the South to develop any sort of value added export economy. They were selling the raw materials that everyone sold back to them at a steep price.

    The North carried the American economy–not slaves, not the south

    NOW, moving on to who literally “built” the United States. Most blacks were living in the undeveloped south until just before WWII largely excluding them from the development of the United States industrial economy and infrastructure.
    In the north blacks were largely in low productivity service industry jobs, for example porters unions.

    Who really built this country in order of contribution to GDP and physical input to the american infrastructure–which itself facilitated ever more rapid development.

    WASP’s themselves
    German Americans
    Scottish/Scotts Irish
    Italian Americans*–geographically limited for the most part but huge contributors to building projects and excellent representation in small business ownership
    Irish Americans
    French Americans
    Jewish Americans*very low labor and infrastructure contribution but very high overall contribution to GDP through small business ownership
    Polish Americans
    Welsh Americans*low numbers high representation in grueling coal and mining operations, infrastructure development
    Chinese Americans*–Chinese work gangs made it possible to unite west coast with the developed east coast. Confined to certain areas but were key to port development of the pacific coast.

    African Americans come up no where on this list. I’m sorry but African Americans contributed far less proportionately than other groups, given their large numbers. Much of this was beyond the control of African Americans, as they had lasting barriers to assimilation (due to physical divergence from the white norm) and gainful employment. African Americans did NOT build this country, nor did they contribute
    an inordinate amount to it’s GDP.

    What does this mean? African Americans best days are ahead of them, not behind them. So this country would have made it without you, big deal. African Americans will contribute far more in the future than they have in the past.

  1195. God loves israel!

  1196. Illiterate Whites?

    LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! nice try.

    Obama, our post-racial candidate was happy to receive an endorsement from Bill Richardson in Spanglish. It started out:

    “As a Hispanic American I am proud to endorse………”

    post-racial my ass

    I’d also like to +1 this statement. It’s really true that Obama has indirectly benefitted from being the “change” black candidate. Somehow he’s better because he’s black in the mind of the people this site mocks. Screw Obama, screw McCain too. I hope Hillary starts coming out with something worthwhile instead of the silly liberal crap from the 90’s. It seems like we are stuck with 3 people who are all bad for the country.

  1197. on March 29, 2008 at 5:47 pm onewildchild

    Mr. Obama knows very little about the economy in our country. He wants to raise the capital gains tax from 15 to 25% because warren buffett said it wouldn’t have much affect on the economy.

    46% of the people buying stocks are everyday folks, like firemen, policemen, mailmen and teachers. This is where all of their retirement accounts are.

    So all of his wonderful ideas are going to be paid buy the hard working middle class again. In order to pay for the health insurance for everyone (even though most of the uninsured actually already qualify for health insurance from the government) and all the other wonderful things he wants to implement you and I are going to pay for it.

    Not the rich or the super rich. They all can afford accountants and they find ways around paying taxes. You and I can not. You think they take taxes out of your check now wait until the raise the tax canidate is in office.

    The quickest way to kill the economy is to raise taxes. If they take more you have less to spend. if you have less to spend stores, manufacturing companies and so on need less people to work for them. Or better yet they will just close up shop and go overseas where they will pay less taxes.

    You want to help someone then lower taxes and create more jobs for them to work at and get their own health insurance. Nothing to boost a persons spirit then getting that first paycheck and being able to support themself.

    wake up America

  1198. What makes you think we would want you in Canada. Always thinking like an arrogant American, thinking you can choose to live where ever you want….stay in your own hole, we don’t want you here…..and by the way….us Canadians for the most part are huge OBAMA supporters.

  1199. I agree onechild, but we also need to lower spending, so we don’t have to go into debt to cover our expenses right? That includes developing a more modest foreign policy and national security platform. Granted, even with the war our defense spending is a drop in the bucket compared to our payments to individuals, which covers everything from welfare, to the equal opp. boards to social security. But it’s a start.

  1200. don’t you mean dc?

  1201. on March 29, 2008 at 11:12 pm thehatehateproduced

    .Nowhere in “Cargill on March 27, 2008 at 8:40 pm” post does he pay homage or quote his sources for his diatribe regarding African Americans state of existence. He has so conveniently forgotten to mention that each and every word he has written in this comment, are not his. They were written by Pat Buchanan, the same man who agrees with people who say the Holocaust wasn’t really as bad as they say,,lol, that the people who witnessed the atrocities were suffering from ‘Holocaust Survivor syndrome”. They were just hallucinating. PLEASE. What is wrong with some of you people? When the sky rolls back and Jesus steps out of the skies, if his feet are brown, will you run the other way and choose hell instead????

  1202. on March 29, 2008 at 11:13 pm thehatehateproduced

    Nowhere in “Cargill on March 27, 2008 at 8:40 pm” post does he pay homage or quote his sources for his diatribe regarding African American state of existence. He has so conveniently forgotten to mention that each and every word he has written in this comment, are not his. They were written by Pat Buchanan, the same man who agrees with people who say the Holocaust wasn’t really as bad as they say,,lol, that the people who witnessed the atrocities were suffering from ‘Holocaust Survivor syndrome”. They were just hallucinating. Please. What is wrong with some of you people? When the sky rolls back and Jesus steps out of the skies, if his feet are brown, will you run the other way and choose hell instead????

  1203. I would say Pat Buchanan has a hell of a lot more credibility on the right AND the left than you do Mr. Internet nobody.

  1204. I think it will be an end to the racist program called affirmitive action. Every time some minority or other whines that they are oppressed and such we could just point to Obama and say bullshit!!! Shut up and work for it like everybody else…

  1205. I was going to say creepy – but evil will suffice. 😉

    ~ m

  1206. it’s funny that you called him racist, right after you say, “and the fact that his religion is in question”


  1207. 1. You point to the exception as proof that racism and oppression of America’s ethnic minorities is no longer a valid issue. I grew up in a bad neighborhood and I am black. I worked my ass off to get out of that neighborhood and get my M.D. from Yale. I would say that the doors of opportunity are open if you are talented and hard-working. However, I also know that even with all I achieved I experienced loads of racism along the years. For instance, in high school my white teacher determined that I was slow and recommended that I not take any Honors or AP classes. I took the classes anyways. When I was applying for college I put together my list of schools and gave them to my guidance counselor who suggested that I not apply to MIT, Harvard, or stanford. She wanted me to apply to rutgers, Montclair state, and community college. I earned my BS at WashU. And the list goes on. At every step of the way, when I was trying to achieve, I was being advised to do less than I could in life. Along the way I was called a nigger by classmates. The students at WashU stole my books and called me a monkey. They left banana peels at my door. I am very gratefull that I have achieved the american dream, but I also recognize how lucky I am. I chose to look past the racism I experienced. However, sometimes I think about how easy it would have been for me to just break down or give up. I know that that is just what happened to a lot of people. The system is broken because we have a school system that is designed to keep minorities from achieving. Only the exceptions can succeed. We are forced to jump over barriers that just don’t exist for our white counterparts. There is no way that you can say you ever experienced anything I just mentioned.

    2. The problem with your statement is that it is just an opinion which has no data or scientifically proven evidence to stand on. All of the evidence suggests that racism still exists in this country and it negatively impacts the academic and professional success of minorities. People have the misconception the affirmative action or diversity quotas act to include unqualified minorities and exclude white people like yourself. That is just not the case. Affirmative action exists to make sure that qualified minorities are not systematically excluded from consideration for positions in the workforce. I urge you to actually do your research. Most white people, especially racist ones, are quick to align their views with those of their parents, pastors, bosses, friends, etc. without investigating the validity of their arguments. Some people may even think that what they read in the newspaper and watch on cnn is fact. The reality is that every view that you adopt without question risks being tainted by the other person’s bias. People need to start looking at the data, critically evaluating it, and making decisions for themselves. I cannot tell you how many times I sought the truth only to find out that I had been misled. You may not know that racism exists if you are never forced to interact with minorities in any meaningful way. You will never know what it feels like to be called a nigger. You say that everything is fair but you have never been told you should just go to trade school instead of college because you are black.

    3. You don’t know anything about anything outside of your bubble of a fucked up world. I am deeply offended by your statements. And I am absolutely excited to see that you white people decided to create this website. I plan to forward this address to every minority I know. I will urge them to take time putting you in your places

  1208. blah

  1209. Good riddance ignoramus.

  1210. You’ve missed something. Try his website.

  1211. Hilary Clinton just wants to be elected so she can break the final glass ceiling. Obama is actually running for president to help the country.

  1212. read “Germs, Guns, and Steel”… the reason people with a greater amount of melanin in their skin have trouble creating powerful civilizations like people with less melanin is NOT because of racial inferiority. It is because the geography of those regions are jungle and desert and the land masses stretch vertically as opposed to horizontally, resulting in less trade. Also Africans lack of food sources Europeans and Asians had easy access to. Some African tribes learned how to make bread out of wood pulp but that is far less calorific than bread made from grain. Native Americans also are NOT racially inferior, they merely lacked access to livestock.

  1213. on March 30, 2008 at 10:05 pm disgusted inividual

    Obama is just the guy that promises pizza every day in the lunch room.

  1214. Typical of angry jews, they “attack the person” rather than “address the argument”.

    Usually they pull out the tired, over-used slur of “anti-semite” Yawn.

    Whats funny is this inbred jew above is using it, but we’re talking about blacks, LOL!!!!!!!!!

  1215. I some noose for you, buddy boy.

  1216. on March 31, 2008 at 5:49 am brownloverofwhitestuff

    There are lots of black men that are raised by white women, that doesn’t make their skin any less brown or their daddy’s any less brown for that matter. He is biracial but in this racist ass country that we still live in…he will always be a black man no matter who is mother, grandparents, or other relatives are. I personally think he’s doing okay for an “ethnically white” CLEARLY black man. Let’s get it together Mr. Rodgers.

  1217. Where have you been? This guy can bearly form a sentence! He’s a terrible puclic speaker!

  1218. on March 31, 2008 at 6:06 am brownloverofwhitestuff

    stuffracistbastardslike – talking about things they know absolutely nothing about
    stuffracistbastardslike – talking about people they know absolutely nothing about
    stuffracistbastardslike – putting people in boxes based on ignorant, falsely created images THEY created
    stuffracistbastardslike – being ignorant and happy with it
    stuffracistbastardslike – wearing a shirt and tie, or jeans and a t-shirt every day when what’s most appropriate for them is a white sheet
    stuffrascistbatardslike – saying how much they’re not racist and then posting anonymous comments like the ignorant one above
    stuffracistbastardslike – hiding behind nasty hurtful words and misconceptions/stereotypes of other people because they’re just too scared to be around people who are smarter, more cultured, and more interesting than them

    You’re a sorry racist human being “anonymous”. I wish all those things were true about all the races you just ignorantly “described” so they would gang up on you wearing sombreros, after picking up their welfare checks to go buy a dinner of rice, beans, watermelon, and sniffed a whole lot of glue to really get them going, to come to let their goats loose, pump gasoline up your ass, and take your money and invest it in an education since you CLEARLY don’t have one.

  1219. oh no! the bare is eating cindy!

  1220. on March 31, 2008 at 9:43 am unbelievable

    Re: Anonymous on March 30, 2008 at 10:17 pm

    WOW!!! Your comment makes it apparent that your parents are related. What in the world are you talking about!!! “Tis better to be thought a fool than open your mouth (or in this case, respond) and remove all doubt” Get a clue. Read a book,,note: not websites” A BOOK!!!

  1221. Hate is such a personal word. Well then I hope you hate Bush too! You don’t know this person personally, but if you don’t like his views then great don’t vote for him.

    You know who I hate, I hate the person who shot my 37 year old sister and took her away from me. But to continue to hate this person takes so much positive strength from me.

    Shit I like white people, I like people, I like all those who bring a positive outlook to my life, whether they have different backgrounds, cultures or thoughts. Thats what makes it so great to debate. White people and blacks aren’t that different. We just separate ourselves enough to make it look like we are.

    Black on White Love!

  1222. on March 31, 2008 at 2:00 pm AngryWhiteDudeLovesBlackAndWhiteMen

    Damned! bad grammer, poor thought and argument construction and just plain ol’ unfettered studpidity, simply marvels me. Just when I thought that I had seen it all. I am not sure that last post (or anything else posted by BigRedNek [sic]) was a complete thought or a very poor attempt at being a real dumb-ass racist.

    Whatvever the case he his has been given a large brain by mistake because for him a spinal cord would have sufficed.

    I just bet he’d need paper and pencil if asked to provide the correct answer to the following question: Please divide your age by one and give the answer (quotient).

    If this guy is representative of the new white racist, then we are in serious trouble.