#75 Threatening to Move to Canada

Often times, white people get frustrated with the state of their country. They do not like the President, or Congress, or the health care system, or the illegal status of Marijuana. Whenever they are presented with a situation that seems unreasonable to them, their first instinct is to threaten to move to Canada.

For example, if you are watching TV with white people and there is a piece on the news about that they do not agree with, they are likely to declare “ok, that’s it, I’m moving to Canada.”

Though they will never actually move to Canada, the act of declaring that they are willing to undertake the journey is very symbolic in white culture. It shows that their dedication to their lifestyle and beliefs are so strong, that they would consider packing up their entire lives and moving to a country that is only slightly different to the one they live in now.

Within white culture, it is agreed upon that if Canada had better weather it would be a perfect place.

Being aware that this information can be used quite easily to gain the trust of white people. Whenever they say, “I’m moving to Canada,” you must immediately respond with “I have relatives in Canada.”

They will then expect you to tell them about how Canada has a perfect healthcare system, legalized everything, and no crime. Though not true, it will reassure them that they are making the right choice by saying they want to move there.

But be warned, they will reference you in future conversations and possibly call on you to settle disputes about Canadian tax rates. So use this advice only if you plan to do some basic research.

Note: Canadian white people threaten to move to Europe.

Note: Europeans are unable to threaten to move anywhere.


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  1. I would only move to BC, because that is where all the chinas and viet bitches live, and you know how I love that gook pussy.

  2. And why would Europeans want to move anywhere else?
    OK, there’s always New Zealand.

  3. on February 24, 2008 at 10:23 pm invasiveinfection

    Aw, man. This blog is always so offensive to white people. I’m sick of it. That’s it, I’m moving to Canada!

    There’s no Internet in Canada…



  4. on February 24, 2008 at 10:25 pm Nathan Huffheinz

    Stuff that Canadians Like:


    I’m still not entirely convinced that Canada is not some mythical Shangri-La and that the North Pole is only an few hours hike past the Boundary Waters. Existence of actual Canadian people is debatable. I believe that the term “Canadian” is an honorary title bestowed upon only the finest of the endless stream of sketch comedians that come to NYC and Hollywood from the Chicago comedy scene.

  5. I got to be one of the first posters!

    I’m sorry I didn’t read the post, though. That’s not as important. I just want the world to know I was one of the first posters!

  6. I just discovered this site and as a white person, I have to say that it is incredibly offensive.

    I am moving to Canada to be a writer.

  7. “There’s no Internet in Canada…”

    That’s right, none…

  8. I did move to Canada.

  9. I say this all the time when talking about america if Hilary wins

  10. finally a piece of writing in english that actually views “white ppl” as another race as opposed to the control group/norm/status quo!

    thank you for reminding the white people that they are just as “ethnic” in the eyes of other cultures and have countless laughable acts of insecurity that all human beings come to face.

    i applaud you, and you know you have nailed something good when you have 3 million hits in 2 months.

    keep up the good work.

  11. This post is very weak, but also very revealing; the only way the author feels one can be ‘not white’ is to be conservative. Because as we all know, black folks for instance, are uniformly staunch Republicans, right? Clearly that’s just ideology. The fact is that only a tiny sliver of upper-class whites are actually ‘liberal’; in the United States, the most basic rule of political affiiliation, as just about anywhere in the world is, the poorer one is and the more ‘of color’ one is, the more likely one is to be a Democrat.

  12. Yeah, but I bet black liberals don’t sit around talking about moving to Canada either.

    Oh fuck, what do I know? It’s not like I know any black people, you know, personally.

  13. Hilarious. I laughed hard at the last line about Europeans. This is a very, very funny, sharply written blog assessing white, sometimes Liberal, middle to upper class, urban culture. It reminds me of California, specifically the People Republic of Berkeley, where they banned Styrofoam and had the #1 Prius dealership in the whole state.

  14. Nobody will threaten to move to Canada now that exchange rates aren’t in our favor. That was a perk. Moving to practically the same country for a cheaper cost of living and a more sophisticated culture. It was like a gentrification of the soul until now.

  15. “Whenever they say, “I’m moving to Canada,” you must immediately respond with “I have relatives in Canada.””

    Every gook I ever met had relatives in Canada

  16. You got it totally wrong! Every african these days wants to move to Canada! You want proof? Just see how many bootleggers are promising black African’s jobs in Canada, as opposed to those promising them jobs in Europe or US.

    But I thought every European wants to move to Africa?


  17. I believe trying to move to Margaritaville is also popular.

    #76 Jimmy Buffet

  18. I like the weather in Canada.

  19. I live just outside Margaritaville. Nice place.

  20. I have multiple friends who have not only threatened to move to Canada, but have put together portfolios on immigration law, tax rates, best places to live, etc. Needless to say, many years later, in New Jersey they remain.

    What I find EXTRA hilarious is that, now, conservative White People are hopping on the Canada bandwagon. I can’t count the number of times, in the past 3 months, I have heard or seen conservative White People claim that, if Clinton or Obama win the presidency, they will move to Canada. These same people, who, just a week prior, railed against Canadian-style Socialism, will just sputter and pout when it is revealed to them that:

    1. They are hypocrites.
    2. They told the liberals who wanted to leave in 2000 that they were cowards or unAmerican.
    3. There are no countries for them, because no countries that harbor their brand of politics are stable or prosperous enough for their White People livers.

    Good times.

  21. I often have comments to submit, and then forget them because of the ridiculous comments I catch wind of on the way down to the submission box. It is preposterous that people could take offense to these posts, read politics into them, or draw conclusions as to what Freudian stage (lol psychology is so white) the author is arrested in. We laugh endlessly at that perfect man John Stewart but can’t seem to find the humor here. Some of you should really try Yoga (or योग as I like to call it, my culturaly friend taught me that) it would improve your mood dramatically.

  22. Holy crap, are you stalking me?

  23. I took the Canadian government’s test to see if I was good enough to be allowed to immigrate to Canada.

    I flunked:


  24. quoting the post “it is agreed upon that if Canada had better weather it would be a perfect place.”

    The Weather ain’t half bad up there! And the Beer and The Hockey are the BEST! And Don’t Forget Canada Gave Us The Band RUSH! Best Band EVER! AND Don Cherry! What More Could you Want?

    BTW….If I read One more Crappy Post by some Vain Cali chick who likes to Mock White People….I’M MOVING TO CANADA, DAMMIT! 🙂

    And I would know about Crappy Posts, I’ve written a Few!

    Want proof?


    Don’t Forget….LOVE WHITEY!

  25. I think that “tipping” is another area that you could write about. I just finished a blog entry on my site about “Tipping at Starbucks” which really bothers me.

  26. this black girl is ashamed. i do far too many of the things on this site.

  27. In response to #13: “It reminds me of California, specifically the People Republic of Berkeley, where they banned Styrofoam and had the #1 Prius dealership in the whole state.”

    For Californians, rest of the USA acts as “their Canada” — In Northern California, specifically SF Bay Area, when faced with rising house prices, people threaten to move elsewhere, Austin, Denver, Boston, you name it. Needless to say, 10 years later, they are still driving on that pathetic 8820/280/101 traffic jam.

  28. Europeans can always say that they’ll move to Sweden. It’s the Swedes who have nowhere to go.

  29. Rae– me too, but not ashamed. I can’t help it.

  30. I once threatened to move to the Moon if Hillary Clinton were president. Does that make me a typical White Person or am I just some madman? Although, Canada would be nice, they have excellent gentlemen’s clubs.

  31. When Jessica Simpson has the #1 film in the Ukraine, I’ll move to Canada.

    this is SO true

  33. I’m a black man that started dating a white woman recently. I never considered moving to Canada until I started dating her. She’s also trying to convince me to move to France with her.

  34. I’m an European. Originally Polish, I spent five years threatening I’d move to Amsterdam. Then I did. Now that I live in Amsterdam, I hope everything’s going to remain perfect forever, because my shortlist of places to move to next only consists of Berlin, and if Berlin proves not to be perfect either, urmmmm, perhaps Canada…

  35. on February 25, 2008 at 12:03 am From the Mythical Land of Canada!

    I made the long treck through the snow on my dog sled down to Seattle to steal (borrow) teh interweb. Up in Vancouver, our igloos are not equipped for internet. 😀

    Saying ‘if the weather were better in Canada’ is like saying ‘if the weather were better in the US’….. each province is different.

    Most of the people that say they would move up here would spontaneously combust…. gay marriage no big deal? openly gay relationships normal? Accepted? Asian, African American, Australian, English, Indian, Middle Eastern… all in one spot??? GETTING ALONG?? Oh noes!!! Too much. *Boom*

    To comment #20 I suppose the conservatives want in because of our frighteningly Bush-like prime minister…. but they’d be in for a shock once they got here! It would be rather funny for them to go to all the hassle of moving up here, and then realizing… it’s not quite where they belong. Unless they moved to Alberta… then that might just work. I should probably stop typing because it’s too late for my brain to handle proper grammar or correct spelling….. at least, that’s my excuse.

    Hilarious site!

  36. This is so true! I have been saying that since I was about 16, and now I am applying to grad school in Canada…I would be lying if I denied that part of the reason for this choice is my disappointment in our government, healthcare system, etc. Does this also constitute a desire to study abroad (#72)?

    (And for the naysayers, yes, this blog can be offensive, but if you feel that way, you are under no obligation to read it.)

  37. LOL!!
    I find this especially true for white gay people…

  38. on February 25, 2008 at 12:33 am jay not 37 jay, but agrees

    perhaps i missed this, but european whites have long since moved–all about the world.

  39. You say Europeans have no where to go?!
    We all went to America some centuries ago, and that is still the saying here: Now that’s enough! I’ll go to Amerika!
    /Carmen the Truffle Pig (Sweden)

  40. on February 25, 2008 at 1:02 am vampyheartagram

    and where do australians threaten to move to ?

  41. must for white people http://xaapa.com/mtvroadies/

  42. i was born, raised, and still live in SoCal. i am not white, but my whole life it seams ive heard my white friends say “im moving to Canada!”….my response is always the same:

    move already!

    there are sooooo many people moving into SoCal every year. when ever i hear someone say they want to move away from here, i want them to know that i support their move. of course, they never move. so Canada remains this mythical place that frustrated white people will someday move to…

    funny post.

    thank you for this blog!

  43. on February 25, 2008 at 1:25 am beigely canadian

    “Note: Canadian white people threaten to move to Europe.”
    it’s true – we do! especially sweden. or “vansterdam” if you live in bc.

    “Note: Europeans are unable to threaten to move anywhere.”
    best.line.ever. i totally lol’d.

    “I took the Canadian government’s test to see if I was good enough to be allowed to immigrate to Canada.
    I flunked”
    i’d flunk too, so good thing i was born here.

    future post ideas – the simpsons, dissing oprah, the wire, skinny jeans (esp at 80’s night), and pretending not to be offended by this blog. i’ll keep looking around my place for inspiration.

    excellent blog (but only if you’re not white).

  44. oh yea…..forgive my spelling on comment #42. i was still giggling while i was posting.

    great blog!

  45. this is my #1 white person pet peeve of all time.

    this comic said it best — http://xkcd.com/180/


    thank you for this post! this blog just gets better and better and is probably soon going to become my favorite blog on the entire interweb.

  46. Well, #37, this honky-homo did move to Canada. Montreal. (where it is currently minus 28…but its a dry cold), and #42–we aren’t all frustrated.

    February 28 I get to apply for citizenship! I know, you are all glad to see me go….well, I was glad to see me go to.

    Its a great place. Please come and spend your rapidly devaluing pesos (oops, I mean dollarinos).

    And finally–the last question from the citizenship booklet:

    “What do having sex in a canoe and drinking American beer have in common? THEY ARE BOTH FU@&ING NEAR WATER”

  47. I’m an european white guy. I’m willing to trade countries with someone from the US. 😀


  48. “Note: Europeans are unable to threaten to move anywhere.”

    Not true, a lot of Europeans threaten to move to Australia! 😀

  49. on February 25, 2008 at 3:25 am non sarcastic asian

    There seems to be much speculation that a “gook” writes this blog. If so you a credit to “our race.” keeping annoying white people. Especially the whites who feel compelled to say how funny this blog is.

  50. on February 25, 2008 at 3:38 am tinfoil hattie

    Can you please ban “white guy”? He’s unbelievably offensive.

  51. I know all about Canada. I grew up in Detroit.

    So go peddle your Commie propaganda some wheres else.

    There are a lot of orientals in the no-so-Great White North but I here there is a lot Italians in Sausalito too so it all comes out in the wash.

    I actually like them but why they gots to suck there teef so much. I mean TEETH.

  52. tinfoil hattie

    Just ignore him. Trolls can’t help themselves, they HAVE to try to get a reaction out of anonymous strangers, because they don’t have the stones to do it in real life.

    I haven’t exactly studied this blog, but what’s the basis for the speculation on the blogger being asian? Did someone draw it out of a hat or what? There are an awful lot of pictures of the same random white guy over and over again. I assumed he was the blogger.

  53. Swedes threaten to move all the time, although rarely due to anything in Sweden (Sweden is, after all, the ultimate country to live in), but rather all the stupid stuff the European Union decides to do. Norway here I come!!

  54. on February 25, 2008 at 5:13 am super white overlord

    Wow… if this keep going, eventually it will cover every single behavior pattern in the world. Then anyone who looks at this site will look at this and say ‘wow… that’s so me!’, and agree with everything you say. After that, you will feel very good!

    Seriously, it’s hard for me to imagine someone going through their day thinking ‘hmmm… I wonder what I’ll write about white people today?’ I mean, it’s amazing that after 75 pretty long entries, this isn’t the slightest bit embarrassing.

    It’s also hard for me to imagine people who think that egging the responsible person on is a good idea. Antagonism based on offensive generalizations is never a good thing… and even if it’s cool to laugh at yourself or indulge your guilt complexes or whatever, this is the kind of thing that does very little but eventually produce a lot of hostility and negativity.

  55. Why do white people smell funny?

  56. Jeez…Canada is way worse than the US…full of whinney socialists. Maybe at one time it was a beacon of freedom for the youth, but has turned into a simply awful place. If you want to get away…go to Costa Rica or Panama.

  57. on February 25, 2008 at 5:53 am Like "Chuck" or something

    Another great post. A related post would be “white people like to talk about how much better it is in Europe’. Example. “Well, in Europe, they have really good trains. We are so far behind them here in the US”.

    He author/bolgmaster. As your site gets more popular, you may have to require registration and therefore be able to ban people. Every thread has someone trying to get a rise out of the rest of us by using racist language (and I’m very non-PC, it takes a lot to offend me)

  58. The Jewish white version is to threaten to move to Israel. However, only the most extreme circumstances warrant using this threat, as in

    If Huckabee or Brownback (now obsolete, I admit) become POTUS, I will have to move to Israel.

  59. Canada has better bread…at least in Ottawa.

    I would move to Montreal for the Formula 1 Canadian Gran Prix.

  60. Montreal >>> the rest of the civilized world


    Though they will never actually move to Canada, the act of declaring that they are willing to undertake the journey is very symbolic in white culture. It shows that their dedication to their lifestyle and beliefs are so strong, that they would consider packing up their entire lives and moving to a country that is only slightly >>>similar<<< to the one they live in now.

    Shouldn’t that be <<>>?

  62. And by <>, I mean “different.”

    Damn it.

  63. This is a very funny blog, I’m really enjoying it. Some of the descriptions match me perfectly (I’m all over writers’ workshops and red wine), while some of them don’t (Oscar parties? And who is MosDef?)

    I thought of two more things you could add:

    1) Health clubs
    2) Cheering for black athletes
    3) Reading “Stuff White People Like”

    This is a great blog. Some of it makes me wince, and some of it makes me laugh. I hope it stays entertaining, despite some of the hateful comments you are getting.

  64. Oops, I meant “three more things,” not two.

  65. Haha, this is so true.
    But the main reason I heard as the reason to why white people would threaten to move to Canada is for the ‘legalized herbs.’

    Just a thought…

  66. Take it easy Super White Overlord, it’s white people who write this blog (I assume, given the detailed knowledge) and mostly white people who read it, and I think it shows great character that we can all laugh at ourselves.

    Contrary to received opinion, most people are fond of their own stereotypes.

  67. The Europeans I know threaten to move to New Zealand.

  68. Guilty as charged…I spent a month railing about how we should move to Canada after watching Michael Moore’s “Sicko.” Hmmmm…I wonder if watching and getting worked up by Michael Moore films is a future post here… 😉

  69. No, liberal white people say that they are going to move to Canada. Conservatives say that they are going to buy a gun and move to Idaho.

  70. “Note: Europeans are unable to threaten to move anywhere.”

    No, no, no: Europeans threaten to move to Sweden. It’s only Swedish Europeans who are unable to threaten to move anywhere.

  71. Where’s Canada? Isn’t that right outside of Detroit. Why would white people want to move there?

    Great stuff 🙂

  72. I agree with Jesster.

    I have many times threatened to move to Sweden.

    Geodotto.(White male trapped in Spain)

    PS: Kudos for the hilarious blog.

  73. I must not be a very good white person. I always so I’m going to move to Mexico. Canada always seemed too much like the U.S. Now, not only am I a crappy Christian, I’m a crappy white person, too. What’s next? A dysfunctional brunette?

  74. If McCain wins, I’m going to threaten to move Canada.

    Just move the the whole thing to, say, France.

    Because that will really piss the French off, you know?

  75. I threatened to move to Canada. And then I did it. If one can call Montreal part of Canada of course.

  76. Coming from a faithful Catholic, I wouldn’t mind if you white liberals would actually move to Canada (or France or anywhere but stay here). It would make this country greater by ridding us of all you anti-Americans.

  77. I DID move to Canada. I love it. The weather is actually milder than where I am from.

  78. I threatened to move to Canada once when I thought I was going to have to serve in Vietnam. I would never move to Canada now, I will move south…far, far away. 🙂

  79. Hahahaha ive never threatened to move to canada

  80. this might be your best one yet. this website cracks my shit up.

  81. I love warm weather and brunettes I might add.

  82. on February 25, 2008 at 7:47 am Caesars for brunch

    Unfortunately tho, Canada is so much better in theory than in practice.

    A lot of our beliefs in the “greater good” progressive stuff are nice and all, but I think, too rooted in social expectations and not tempered with enuf get off yer ass, do your own thing cowboy stuff.

    At least in Toronto. Peeps here love the established stuff (Tim Hortons anyone? It took T.O. like 10 years longer than the west coast to get into indie coffee houses. For real).

    But contrary to popular belief (or the media) Toronto is not all of Canada…

  83. Canada is cool, free health care, clean air, and very nice ghettos. What more can I ask for.


  84. on February 25, 2008 at 7:49 am Gregorio Cortez

    I wish they would ALL move to Canada…THEN put the fence up!

  85. um…what about all of the escaped slaves who headed to the great white north? I guess the difference could be they didn’t just threaten, they did something about it.

  86. Actually, Canada is too cold for this white girl. If a Republican gets elected, I’m moving to a bungalo on the beach in Bali. 🙂

  87. After reading all of these posts, I have now discovered I am the worst white person ever. Who knew there were so many requirements? I now plan to make a list and change my life. I’m not even authentic in my own race?! I definitely need to listen to more indie music and eat less meat. I feel like such a failure.

  88. on February 25, 2008 at 8:10 am Ubangi Gonzolas

    What kind of a racist piece of shit is writing this drivel? “White People”? So where do the niggers and the spics want to move to? Fuck you and you racist attitude asswipe. If you aren’t part of the solution, you are part of the problem. What a jackass.

  89. I’m tired of cold, I’m tired of snow I’m moving south…anyone with me?

  90. As an Asian American who lived in Berkeley for the past 7 years, I can safely say that this website accurately represents most of my white friends. Also, I think this blog could have an alternate title: Stuff Asian People Do to Curry Favor with White People. Although I guess that’s already written in the subtext of your every entry. Pardon my lack of subtlety, and thanks for your very enjoyable blog. It pretty much rocks.

  91. curry favor more like curry FLAVOR lololo

    also trolls like ubangi gonzolas and supreme white overlord: either step your game up or stop trying to peddle such weaksauce technique! 😀

  92. Ok, I moved to NZ and met a lot of people who not only threatened to move to NZ, but ACTUALLY did!

  93. I actually did move to Britain from Canada, and part of the reason was the UK is less oppressively socialist.

    Yes, it’s that bad.

  94. OMG! To learn at the age of 52 that in spite of what my parents always told me, and what’s on my driver’s license, and what I see in the mirror every day…..I’m NOT WHITE!

    That is, if the things listed here actually do apply to white people. Am I missing something?

    Still love the blog – just started reading about a week ago.

    Keep up the hilarious work.

  95. I have never been to Canada am I missing something other than the 10 months of cold weather?

  96. There are way too many white people in Canada. It will block my ability to adhere to post # 71 (Being the only white person around).

  97. Ha! I have relatives in Canada, and whenever anyone I know wants to move there, I explain that Canadians are MUCH more nefarious than they outwardly appear.

  98. Delicious irony: in about one generation (the new #1 baby name in Belgium, the U.K. and elsewhere is Mohammed), with Europe engulfed by civil war, every enlighted Euro-socialist-lefty will be scrambling to get on the last boat to the U.S.

  99. I love this blog and though I am not white many of the generalizations apply to me also…lol. Its unfornuate that people can’t understand the general humor of the blog and appreciate it for what it is. Keep doing what you’re doing.

  100. This blog is amazing.

    I have threatened to move to Canada on numerous occasions, the most serious being about 3.5 years ago when George Bush was reelected. At that time I actually started looking up schools in Montreal. However, I am still living in New York.

    BUT, I feel a bit more credible because 1) I am originally from a town so close to Canada that people have made the mistake of saying I am, in fact, FROM Canada, 2) I actually did look seriously at schools there when I was in high school and 3) my best friend taught herself to read English before moving to the states from Ottawa.

  101. “I’m still not entirely convinced that Canada is not some mythical Shangri-La and that the North Pole is only an few hours hike past the Boundary Waters. Existence of actual Canadian people is debatable. I believe that the term “Canadian” is an honorary title bestowed upon only the finest of the endless stream of sketch comedians that come to NYC and Hollywood from the Chicago comedy scene.”

    I second that.

  102. When Obama and his fascist govewrnment takes over, all I can tell you is what my Mother used to say to me. “You made you bed, now you’ll have to lay in it.” Canada has to many ethnics for me, and I live in Southern California. Oh, I should say the newest “third world country”.

  103. I jumped on the Canada train after “Sicko’s” release. Does that make me a neo-Caucasian?

  104. Can’t we just all get along?

  105. Batting a thousand as usual. Awesome post.

  106. Do they have Starbuck’s in Canada?

  107. on February 25, 2008 at 9:35 am What up, Parns?

    Examples of whities threatening to move to Canada: Neil Young and Eddie Vedder threatened to move to Canada if George W. Bush was re-elected. It was, of course, a false rumor, but come on, you believed it!

    Some might say Neil Young is Canadian, well I got news for you. Neil Young IMMIGRATED here. That’s right, he’s an AMERICAN, damnit!

  108. to hell with the threatening shit, i actually moved to canada! (though i had to move back to the states a month later, hard to get a job in montreal with no french or work visa 😐 )

  109. Hysterical, especially since after just watching “Sicko”, I’ve been threatening to move to Canada!!!

  110. i can’t stand starbucks, i prefer alterra.

  111. Eddie Vedder is a hippocrate.

  112. I am Canada. I don’t want any of you here. You are too white, and I am very multicultural. Go to Finland and quiet down. So long whiteys.



  113. “I’m still not entirely convinced that Canada is not some mythical Shangri-La and that the North Pole is only an few hours hike past the Boundary Waters. Existence of actual Canadian people is debatable. I believe that the term “Canadian” is an honorary title bestowed upon only the finest of the endless stream of sketch comedians that come to NYC and Hollywood from the Chicago comedy scene.”

    Heh. Canada is a fuzzily nefarious idea that kind-of exists and kind-of doesn’t , does as well as possible under the circumstances a place of no absolutes and noodging greyness.

    And then every once in a while, things gel and it morphs into blazing colour.

    The gelling process and constant self-doubt, along with a constant search for boundaries does indeed create excellent comedians.

    Com’on up. We welcome home ex-pats. If you keep coming, we’ll soon have the population we would have had if the US industrial boom hadnt drawn a whole lot of Canucks south from the 1890s thru 1929! Shooting for 60 million…..

    A Canuck!

  114. In the mid 1960s’ I got disillusioned with the US and
    moved to Australia. After trying to find work for six months
    (most employers didn’t believe Yanks were reliable)
    I headed back on a P&O line.

    The ship was filled with Canadians heading back home.

    One group of young Canucks told me that whenever they
    felt like raising hell they let it me known that they were

    We are a wandering people

  115. “Heh. Canada is a fuzzily nefarious idea that kind-of exists and kind-of doesn’t , does as well as possible under the circumstances a place of no absolutes and noodging greyness.”

    Velöchicdunörd’s Canada is the 21st century’s response to Schrödinger’s Cat. :]

  116. I love “america’s hat.” What’s the currency up there, the beaver pelt? That Brian Adams is awesome, aboot, aboot, aboot white folk!

  117. I love being Canadian. There is nothing better.

    “America’s hat”? Gimme a break! The US is Canada’s underpants. 😉

    Seriously though, without our healthcare and open acceptance of everything I don’t know what I would do.

  118. Loving yourself is a great place to start…can’t love anyone else if you don’ love yourself.

  119. I think it’s kind of a bigger epidemic among white people, to travel and be aware of the world and everything. Black people don’t really travel except to go on Caribbean cruises, and Asian people don’t really travel except to go to Paris and crowd in the Mona Lisa chamber of the Louvre.

  120. You people are making a joke of this blog but its really more serious than it is funny.

    Ralph Nader is a Lebanese. Yet he is who white people should like.

    Hillary and McCain and Bush/Cheney are white. Yet they are people whom white people should not like.

    This is serious business. Why can’t you see that.

    WASPs held America together even tho the country is diverse. Since they are no longer the ruling elites we have become a country of various groups with each seeking its own interests at the expense of the general welfare.

    We are having our traditions and values trashed at our own expense by those who hate our culture and who hate our religion and who hate our heritage and who are making the country over in their own image.

    How will white people like it by 2050 when they are a minority in the USA and the country has become overwhelmed with immigrants from Africa, Asia and the Middle East?

    There is a culture war going on in case white people don’t know it and depending upon who wins these wars will determine the very future of America.

  121. I’m white, but i am also Hispanic (something American white people never really understand, by the way). I’ve never threatened to move to Canada, I’m moving back to Uruguay if things don’t get better!

  122. Great Blog. Saw you got a nice shout out in the LA Times this morning.
    You have the ability to make me snicker at those around me and myself.
    1. How can you have a discussion about moving to Canada without mentioning the Baldwins?
    2. Policing the comments would be nice.

  123. If McCain wins, I am going to continue living in Canada. I think I will do the same if it is Hillary, or Obama.

  124. Glen, you’re such a racist fag. It’s liek totally uncool to point out that black people go on Caribbean cruises in great numbers. Next you’ll be talking about the hateful black-people-eat-fried-chicken-alot stereotype.

  125. on February 25, 2008 at 10:50 am dfasdf@yahoo.com

    nothing better than trashing&hating other people to feel better about your rotten self!

  126. Only a few things make me want to move to Canada.

    Ellen Page, Tegan and Sara Quin, How It’s Made, possibly Degrassi.

    I usually threaten to move to Portland, though.
    It’s like Canada Lite, for those who can’t commit.

  127. I have reservations about Hillary, Obama and McCain…we have some rather poor candidates to choose from. I may vote for myself.

  128. Actually, Canadians don’t threaten to move anywhere, unless they’re not true Canadians and they bitch about the cold and talk about moving down south. But these false-Canadians (also known as “snowbirds”) compromise with a several-month migrate down south during winter, the best season of the year.

  129. Ian, I think you’re the racist fag here. Stewdog, you’re a racist fag as well.

    1. Alec Baldwin never said he would move to Canada; it’s one of those “Al Gore claims he invented the internet” myths.
    2. I’ll police your comments, bitch.
    3. See this web site: http://www.stewdogsafag.com/

  130. “…and Asian people don’t really travel except to go to Paris and crowd in the Mona Lisa chamber of the Louvre.”

    You should come to Vegas, then.
    We get so many Asians here.

  131. Now instead of threatening to go to Canada, I threaten to go to Norway.

  132. Also, Ian and stewdog: you have tiny penises and like to sniff young girls’ butts.

  133. I’m not quite sure what you are getting at here. Maybe you are an American? I can understand why many people from the US want to come to Canada (especially with the recent addition of the “Patriot Act” in your country).

    To be honest, one of the scariest things to me would be all the white people in the US moving to Canada. The reason why minorities live rough lives is because they grew up in rough neighborhoods, and I’d love to see them come to Canada and make it here as an equal (I laugh at anyone who says minorities are equals in the US). The white people are generally what’s wrong with the US, and I don’t want them coming up here and fucking with our system, too. Perhaps that’s even a little too general. I don’t want any fundies, greedy dems, or greedy repubs up here.

    As an aside, it also pisses me off that in the US college and university are the same thing. I’m going to school for 5 years just so some idiot on facebook can compare his “Information Services” (Computer) diploma to my Computer Science degree. Oh, and if you could tell your government to stop leveraging our government’s being a pussy, that would be great, too. See you when you all run out of water. 🙂

  134. If my favorite candidate does not elected in 2008 then I will move to Canada…okay…that’s a lie. I really want to move to Canada so I can say “eh” and call people “hoser” and get free healthcare.

  135. on February 25, 2008 at 11:03 am John the Fierce

    Actually my great grandparents said “If I have to spend one more day in this crappy frozen hell hole I’m out of here.” And they moved from Canada to the US.

  136. White people don’t know that private-pay clinics, which were supposed to be illegal in Canada (the tolerance is about things that don’t matter, not about things that impact regular people, like consumer choice) are now popping up about one per day across the country. It went to their supreme court and all the hippies thought they’d get shut down, but since the “free” system in fact was not serving people adequately, the court found in favor of the private clinic. Now rampant, disgusting, evil capitalism is spreading like wildfire across Canada.

    Don’t tell that to the dunked-in-the-river white people though. Wealth redistribution and fascist centralized control always produce a superior quality of life, ask any of them, they’ll tell you.

  137. on February 25, 2008 at 11:03 am does a jew = a white guy?

    Hey, clander

    We sort of grew up together. Someone sent me the blog, it put me a few days behind on homework and then I sent it around. Three weeks later I realize I knew you. Weird. You probably won’t read this because its only one of your 4 million hits, but I went from private school to eating junior burgers at a prostitute hang out with you – now you know who I am. We never talked to any ho’s though. Good to read you have not changed.


  138. on February 25, 2008 at 11:04 am does a jew = a white guy?

    Where is your entry on why we are the only ones left that like the blues? You definitely have answers.

  139. on February 25, 2008 at 11:08 am Scott from Canada

    No more Americans can come here until you return Steve Nash safe and sound. Please don’t let Shaq eat him.

  140. Very funny! — especially since we saw Sicko, my wife and I have actually been planning to move to Canada. I don’t make empty threats — I act. We’re in the process of gathering paperwork and learning French for extra points on the application (although we already have just enough points to pass).

    Of course Europe (especially Sweden) would be nice, it’s just not realistic — it’s practically impossible to immigrate there without marrying someone from there. Canada seemed like the best of the possible for us.

    As far as conservatives moving to Canada if Hillary or Obama wins — well, I think they’d be unpleasantly surprised. They may see that Canada has a “Conservative” Prime Minister (with a minority government, mind you) — but what they don’t know is that, judging by stances on issues, Harper and company look more like moderate/conservative DEMOCRATS, not Republicans. I actually saw a comparison of Hillary’s stances compared to Harper’s and in most cases they were similar — and in some Hillary was to the RIGHT of Harper!

    Hilary or Obama winning won’t keep us from moving to Canada. While they’re slightly *better* than the Repubs, they’re not going to do anything to fundamentally change the course of the U.S.

  141. “My father’s side of the family is Sicilian, and has been making these pork chops for at least 3 generations. My husband frequently requests these over my marinated and grilled pork chops when I give him a choice. If you do not have an oven-proof skillet, you may cook the chops on the stove at medium-low.”

  142. Very funny! — especially since we saw Sicko, my wife and I have actually been planning to move to Canada. I don’t make empty threats — I act. We’re in the process of gathering paperwork and learning French for extra points on the application (although we already have just enough points to pass).

    Of course Europe (especially Sweden) would be nice, it’s just not realistic — it’s practically impossible to immigrate there without marrying someone from there. Canada seemed like the best of the possible for us.

    As far as conservatives moving to Canada if Hillary or Obama wins — well, I think they’d be unpleasantly surprised. They may see that Canada has a “Conservative” Prime Minister (with a minority government, mind you) — but what they don’t know is that, judging by stances on issues, Harper and company look more like moderate/conservative DEMOCRATS, not Republicans. I actually saw a comparison of Hillary’s stances compared to Harper’s and in most cases they were similar — and in some Hillary was to the RIGHT of Harper!

    Hilary or Obama winning won’t keep us from moving to Canada. While they’re slightly *better* than the Repubs, they’re not going to do anything to fundamentally change the course of the U.S.

  143. Most of this blog is about Vancouver, anyway. Reading it is like being there, and I suspect the author is there or lived there for a while.

  144. Hey Southernvoice,

    Go back to Stormfront. Wackjob.

  145. on February 25, 2008 at 11:13 am does a jew = a white guy?

    Where is your entry on why we are the only ones left that like cuddling and listening to Neil Sedaka?

  146. Screw Canada, I’m moving to Haiti. Seems like a nice sort of place, lovely weather, lots of colorful local culture…

    Of course, I’d be killed three seconds after I got off the plane, but hey, it’d be worth it!

  147. White people in England etc usually threaten to move to Norway or Sweden. White Swedish people are STUCK.

  148. on February 25, 2008 at 11:15 am One person making all of the entries

    This is very funny.

  149. I love how you’ve made this out to be a “how-to” in understanding the WASP culture. I read an article about this in the LA Times and thought I’d check it out.

    The style reads a lot like Robert Hamburger’s “Real Ultimate Power” in which a 10-yr-old kid with ADHD attempts to describe the awesome-ness of ninjas. The book can only be appreciated by those who enjoy stupid humor and it really has nothing to do with ninjas, but it gave me and others a good chuckle.

    (I digress).. this is great! Can’t wait to read more.

  150. on February 25, 2008 at 11:17 am One person making all of the entries

    Just who are you typing to here…LOL

  151. Most whites want to move to Sweden. They unconsciously view them as the Aryan master race. Whites love detached , emotionally aloof, nordic types.

  152. on February 25, 2008 at 11:22 am Alexander Wonderbread

    #76 Itemizing things in list form

    ie: To Do lists, grocery lists, etc

  153. Geez. What does this blog look like to some of you guys: R&R on Craigslist? Some of the comments left on this blog never ceases to amaze me… It’s okay to make negative comments so long as what you have to say is constructive to the blog itself and pertains to the topic being discussed.

    Anyways, threatening to move to Canada is not just a white person thing, it’s an everyone who lives in America thing. Regardless, I still love this blog.

  154. LOL, I said, “Ok, that’s it, I’m moving to Canada,” SO MANY TIMES in 2003, when the “leaders” of my country decided to invade Iraq.

  155. This blog is great. However, aside from a few posts, it really only makes fun of rich, white liberals who feel guilty about being, well, rich and white.

    I’m a white guy from the midwest. This means I don’t hate myself, my country, my parents, my therapist, the military, guns, plastic bags, industry, SUV’s, unflavored coffee, etc., ad nauseum. I hate all that pretentious rich, white liberal crap, too!

    Write on!

  156. Canada has plenty of problems. Health care system is not the best in the world. In fact, many people are now BUYING insurance to supplement the national healthcare they get. The gook pussy is good in Canada. That is true.

  157. LOL, I’m (Chinese) Canadian, and I threatened to move to Netherlands after one election, and most recently, New Zealand.

    I want to live in a ‘country of immigrants’ that has gotten around to treating its natives decently. I don’t want to move to England/France, because I want to retain my Chinese cultural identity and not melt in. Doing so in a ‘country of immigrants’ is perfectly legitimate because what would the phrase, ‘do as the natives do’ mean? Act white or act aboriginal?

    Certain European-Canadians complain that the Chinese/whatever are not blending in, because when we are in ‘their country’, we should submit ourselves to their white culture. Which is of course; bullshit. The worse immigrants in Canada would always remain the people who originally stole the land from the natives and committed cultural genocide. It’s pretty hard to top that (…and good god, I hope nobody tries). So yes, there is nothing wrong with living in Canada in a Chinese community, eating and speaking Chinese everyday…as long as you also speak English or have ready access to someone who does, for better cooperation…and make an effort to learn about the neglected culture of your adopted land; that of the aboriginals…and the early european towns because what happened did.

    …before anyone comment about home-grown terrorism, it’s not okay to hurt people, no matter where you are. It’s not a geographically isolated thing, though different places have different ways of killing ppl. Just, No witch-burning, No footbindng, No Stoning…and No More Skinning, because while no culture has a clean state, but I believe that all culture, including our collective, as soon as we get past sole finger-pointing, can leave the wrongful practices of the the past in the dust.

  158. On the sixth day God turned to Archangel Gabriel and said: “Today I am going to create a land called Canada, it will be a land of outstanding natural beauty. It shall have tall majestic mountains full of mountain goats and eagles, beautiful sparkling lakes bountiful with bass and trout, forests full of elk and moose, high cliffs over-looking sandy beaches with an abundance of sea life, and rivers stocked with salmon.”

    God continued, “I shall make the land rich in oil so as to make the inhabitants prosper, I shall call these inhabitants Canadians, and they shall be known as the most friendly people on the earth.”

    “But Lord,” asked Gabriel, “don’t you think you are being too generous to these Canadians?”

    “Not really,” replied God, “just wait and see the neighbours I am going to give them.”

  159. Re: “Europeans are unable to threaten to move anywhere.”

    Patently untrue. The Brits I know threaten to move from Blighty to the Lower Mainland of British Columbia or to Vancouver Island all the time. 😉

  160. …and god, I’m thankful for Canadian weather, it keeps the annoying Americans out. I really got to move out of Toronto though, until they stop giving licenses to people who can’t drive in winter, which is only half the year! That one should never slam on the brakes on icy road should be osmotic Canadian knowledge.

    Shoveling snow sucks, but it’s probably the only exercise people get in winter, and it probably keeps us from all becoming fat cows and thus contributing to Canada’s longer lifespan. Shut up and shovel, it’s just snow, it won’t kill you on contact and it doesn’t smell. It’s cold but you’ll warm up.

    …and I blame American stores for how bitchy people get about having to walk through snow; get a pair of proper snowboots! Seriously, it’s effin weak that the only thing I found in the women section were high heeled boots with pointy toes, and the men’s section wasn’t much better either. I have to hunt down camping store for proper Canadian winter shoes.

  161. This white dude would never move to Canada.

    Too cold, too many French hipster faggets and the girls are all pale and fat from sitting inside all the time because they are stoned and it is cold outside.

  162. Note: Europeans are unable to threaten to move anywhere.

    Not true. British ‘Europeans’ always threaten to move to Australia or New Zealand

  163. I prefer threatening to move to Mexico – fuck Canada and their “humor”

  164. Britons threaten to move to Australia, New Zealand, USA and Canada, possibly not in that order.

    French don’t think anywhere can possibly be as good as France so they don’t even consider moving. They do like to consider immigrants moving out of their country whenever they can get away with it.

    Germans move everywhere all the time and always have done.

    Italians move to other European countries or New York.

    PS Vancouver Island is a weird place, man.

  165. LOL! This article is pure awesome.

    I’ve got hippie friends that do this all time. They still live here in New York, of course.

    Maybe they stay here because they don’t want to give up bitching, moaning, whining and crying about their country.

  166. my coworker brought up the issue of reverse discrimination, which is another thing white people love to argue.

  167. Me, a racist fag? Glen, you’re a racist fag bitch who eats his own shit. Why don’t you go bone your nasty sister, and get off this blog, which is devoted to good, clean humor that white people deem acceptable?

  168. I was recently on a business trip to Montreal and saw ‘Frazier’ was playing twice a day in syndication. Upon coming back to the States I have started talks with a Realtor to sell my property.

  169. I love this site and I love Canada. I swore I’d move there after George W. won for the second time, but alas, I have not left my homeland.

    I do agree however that it is an immaculate, beautious place where there is no crime and the streets are clean. There isn’t a care in the world because all their healthcare is paid for already.

    Oh, Canada!

  170. This website is my hero.

  171. I am amazed that people find this blog so funny. Talk about beating a dead horse.

  172. I would love to substitute “urban, upper middle class people” for “white people” throughout this entire blog. It’s weird that everyone in this country is so obsessed with race when the real things that divide this country are class, and geographic location.

  173. I regularly threaten to move to Canada, particularly right after viewing any of Michael Moore’s documentaries.

  174. I tell everyone I’m moving to Canada at least once a month, whether or not I’m really pissed at anything. To us white people, it seems like a cleaner, well ran version of the states…with black squirrels…and just as many tourist traps.

  175. I am the “wrong kind” of white people. *lmao*

    What is hilarious about this is I have like three upper-middle-class friends (also white) that exactly fit every single post in this blog.

    I always wondered why I didn’t have many friends. Now I know! *snickers*

  176. White people in america now threaten to move to NZ. Canada is too close. I must personally admit to uttering that threat.

  177. Ian and Glen:

    It is incredibly offensive that you use the word “fag” to insult one other. There is nothing insulting or negative about being gay.

    And by the way, the weather isn’t that bad at all. Yeah, winter on the prairies is cold and long, but if you don’t like winter, you can always move to Vancouver or Toronto. Or better yet, stay where you are, and leave Canada to the Canadians. We like it just fine.

  178. By “Europeans” I hope you don’t include the English, (actually I’m English with an American father, does that make me “Englican?), as not to many English people I know actually like Europe or Europeans for that mattter?

    I always tell folks I want to move to the U.S. as I’m sick and tired of everything here and don’t get me started on the bloody government in what we laughingly refer to as the “UK”!

  179. I would truly appreciate white far leftists, the crunchy whole wheat, Birkenstock crowd, the former SDS member flake academics, and their student drones. the neo-progressive fascists, the nutroots contingents of the blogosphere, the lot would just up and emigrate to Canada.

  180. i think you should retitle this blog “stuff liberal, elitist, upwardly mobile, middle class, white americans like.” the blog is racist and classist, but snarky so the above mentioned white people don’t find your mocking to be overtly threatening. i highly enjoy it, it makes me laugh out loud. and the criticisms/comments make me laugh harder.

    a brief word on the canada blog – i think that the white people who threaten to move to canada should look into the North American Union, the Amero, and the National Id Card. if all goes as planned the US, Canada, and Mexico will be just like the EU. fun times without our “unalienable rights.”

  181. haha so true!

    I don’t know if this the place to post this, but can you do a post on either “The Office” or “office Space”? It seems white people LOVE that show and that movie, respectively. I have yet to meet a minority that has watched either.

  182. A few more things that “white people like”

    – Hallmark Greeting Cards
    – Neil Diamond
    – Bed and Breakfasts
    – Antiques
    – Belonging to Junior League
    – Skiing at Aspen
    – Hiring Consultants
    – Paying to have your house “kid proofed”
    – Hiring Opairs
    – Private Schools
    – Organized Closets and Garages
    – Expensive Chocolate

    Forgive me if you’ve already mentioned some of the above.

  183. a recent study showed that whenever an american moved to canada, the average IQs of both countries declined.

  184. So ya- I moved to Canada too. I used to say it all the time and then I just did it.
    Now every time I go to buy.. well let’s be honest- pretty much anything- I say “$7.50 for shredded cheese!!!??? I’m moving back to Texas!”
    I even make excuses at the “Cold Beer & Wine Store” – “I’m just drinking this cheap stuff until I get used to the prices up here”.
    I’m coming back of course- but only after I enjoy one perfect summer here in Victoria.
    See you in Sept!

    Clinton 08!

  185. Craig, Oh yes there is.. when gays refuse to criticize their own who give proof to the negative stereotypes. Take this example, the gay lobby has been threatending lawsuits if the facts were reported:

    Carl Stanley McGee on his wedding day:

    Carl Stanley McGee’s mugshot after his arrested for sexual battery of a minor child on 12/28:

    Carl is not only a high profile aide to Mass Gov. Deval Patrick, but a lobbyist for MassEquality, whose big issues are gay marriage and ending age of consent laws.

  186. Sarah,

    The summers in BC are much nicer than in Texas.

    Ok, interesting blog title.

    What about Austalia, I think I’ll move to Australia.

  187. Hahah “I can’t believe the prices up here, Clinton ’08”

    Funniest thing I’ve read in months, but as a white person, I do enjoy irony.

  188. I think more retards need to move to Canada… Why… Why don’t they ever follow through???? If you look behond what CNN says the USA is the greatest country in the world, if you get rid those wanting to move to Canada it will be even Greater?
    BTW I think Canada would be an ok place to live.

  189. I’m from Malaysia, but my dad immigrated to Canada after university even though he had no relatives, so its possible. But Canada isn’t all that its cracked up to be. Sure we’re multicultural and stuff, but everything here is REALLY pricey. Going to the states is alot easier and a lot cheaper. Also the weather is a big deal for some people and housing prices are insance. So it is very hard for an immigrant famly to settle in, expecially in the big cities where most of the jobs are located.

    I think in Poland, there’s actually a saying like:
    “wow you’re so lucky, its like winning a trip to Canada”

    even though Canada is only like the 9th best place to live, or something.

    But I was born and raised here, and I love it, much better than in Malaysia. But there are so many more locations that would be more suitable for those who are leaving their country for political reasons.

  190. I actually do want to move to Canada, but not for the usual liberal-frustration reasons. I just think it would be nice. I like winter, hockey, Tim Horton’s, canoing, beer and all sorts of other Canadian things. If I could find an appropriate job there and could somehow pull off all the immigration stuff, I think I would.

  191. What does say about Canadians who move to America?

    I have several friends in that boat. . .

    It probably means they love crime, high taxes, and not having health care.

  192. It’s true! Although I don’t even use the “if it weren’t so cold” part, I move right on down the list and pick Spain so I can appear more cultural and still be warm. I live in NY and I still can’t take the cold. Just joking about going somewhere colder than here scares me.

    Love your blog, man.

  193. lol threatening to move to sweden? i’d imagine any white american or canadian saying that have a romantic image of sweden being full of whites with blue eyes and blonde hair lol i’m swedish and this country is full of somalis and gypsys, greeks and turks, the swedes are slowly becoming a minority in their own country. Another false idea of sweden is that the majority of us are blondes, this is not true, the majority of swedes have never been blonde. Everything is expensive here and most swedes threaten to move to australia or new zealand or even england lol And yes there ARE black people in sweden

  194. Or they are convinced it’s land of milk and honey since gay marriage is legal. If only people understood the complexity of immigration… (this from a Canadian living in America who begrudgingly trudged through the year and a half wait of immigrating).

  195. I would love an ongoing list of these posts for downloading/printing.

    I probably just made a very white request, didn’t I?

  196. if i like all this stuff, does this mean i’m white too? cuz everybody tells me i’m asian. oh wait, that would make me a twinkie, no?

  197. haha canada. i threatened to move there if mike huckabee was chosen to be the republican presidential nominee. i’m not white though? i do have a white girlfriend, however, so maybe she convinced me (implicitly).. lol.


  198. I say this all the time whenever there’s a possibility of a draft.

  199. No problem if all you Yanks wanna move up here. Just need to obey the rules and assimilate like all the other fine folk who have settled.

    !) You must know buffet restaurants are scarce and portion food sizes tend to be about 40 % smaller.

    2) Polar bears are located about 700-800 hundred miles north of Toronto International Airport . Takes a few days to drive otherwise catch a connecting flight on plane equipped with snow or water pontoons.

    3) Leave your handguns at home. We don’t need guns to settle arguments or altercations. We use our fists or knives.

    4) Must speak in a lower tone.CDN’s are not loud spoken people( except Francophones) and there is no need to be center of attention all the time.

    5) No sausage and bisquit places nor True BBQ joints.

    6) Be advised gay marriage is legal and immigrants of all types are welcomed.

    7) Beer and alcohol run about double national US average due to high taxation rate.

    8) Bass fishing not really that popular, although salmon fishing is.We actually keep the salmon to eat.

    9) NASCAR is not popular, will not be popular.

    10) Once landed, you are entitled to visit Cuba and pillage that island lile all the others.

    Looking forward to seeing y’all.

  200. Once again embarrassed to be me. Some white catholic in this, I think, too. A special edition, perhaps, for us?

  201. just reminiscing about when ani difranco emerged as a beacon of whitey wisdom when she used her white-bread wanna-be soulful folk-punk as rallying cry for gun control and inspiring canadian exodus in her late ’90s anthem, “To the Teeth”. she passionately threatened, “and if i hear one more time/about fool’s right to his tools of rage/i’m gonna take all my friends/ and move to canada/and we’re gonna die of old age”

    it’s funny, because it’s true…

  202. Canada? White People in Arizona have it made and never threaten to leave to Canada. If anything they will move to their coastal beach house in Puerto penasco Mexico before Canada.


  203. OMG!!! (do folks of color text like that?!!!)

    This is hysterical. My partner emailed me the link to your site and this is the first thing I saw–LMAO!!!

    Lots of exclamation marks!!!!

    We did and still do threaten to move to Canada. In 2000 and again prior to the election of 2004, we told everyone we were going. WE ALSO TOLD EVERYONE THAT I HAVE RELATIVES IN CANADA (I do–Saskatchewan). Both my partner and I lived on the High Line almost all our lives and can handle the weather . . .

    We went so far as to write to Canada’s immigration office to be “rated” re: Canada’s needs for our skills and degree areas, and found out that our rating was “right up there”. Our application would probably be accepted, but since this was right after Bush’s re-election and they had received 100,000 inquiries in one week, they wanted us to try to wait 6 months to start the process “to make sure that this isn’t an impulsive decision.”

    Then we found out in the paperwork that we were sent that our 17 year old son would not be protected from a US draft (if it was re-instated) until 6 months after we were naturalized as US citizens. We decided not move. Yet.

    Right on, love the website.


  204. I was thinking white people also really like Target

  205. agree about Target. less guilt than wal-mart. more hip.

  206. I live in Canada and it’s awesome. AWESOME. We’re just one big happy pot-smoking family.

  207. How offensive does “gook” pussy sound? And you have to go all the way to Canada to get some? Interesting the guys who quoted that are most likely white…just the point of this post.

  208. This is a hillarious blog.

    The only thing I find off about it is that all your blogs are about what white people like SO THAT we can HANG OUT with white people, as if we wanted to!??!?

    I don’t care if I make them scared, offended, put off, uneasy, or worried. I don’t want to go their Oscar parties of any of their parties with wack music.

    I take this blog as more of a warning: “Be careful: This is the stuff White people like, keep away to avoid becoming like them. ”

    I got white friends and they agree with me, Ha Ha. They constantly are catching themselves, “ooops that was very white of me. Sorry.”

    Keep the warnings coming.

  209. #191 -Reed – you twat. this type of false culture propagation is one of the problems in canada.

    move there if you want your violent sport and dirty water in a bucket, passed as coffee. it’s one of the reasons i left the beautiful country.

  210. I agree with the first commentator, but not his rationale. In BC the weather is pretty awesome and the scenery is amazing. Also if you like cannabis or skiing, or wilderness it has some of these things in north America. The rest of Canada is a tundra though and not worth the expensive cost to live there.

    And P-3000, I would never be your white friend. I don’t feel the need to have a tolkien black friend to exemplify my “whiteness” and “non-racistness”, in fact I exemplify the opposite 🙂

    Maybe thats why my whiteness score is only 5 or so of these things so far. Maybe I’m an inverse oreo? 😦

  211. on February 25, 2008 at 3:02 pm Guyintheoffice

    There’s just a bit of an assumption that us Canadians would allow Americans to move here…

  212. This whole “move to Canada” thing started back when older white people had the unfortunate habit of oppressing minorities like blacks, Latinos and young white people by sending them to Southeast Asia to kill yellow people without regard to to the plans of the oppressed or the yellow people. Moving to Canada was then known as “draft dodging.” Popularity of northward emigration gained a boost from the last great white president, Jimmy Carter, who decided during his term that draft dodgers could return home if they promised to have babies, shop at Wal-Mart and obsess over NFL football and the stock market.

  213. Stupid son of a bitch finally posted something that white people really like to do …. since the author obviously isn’t white, may I ask the authors race if he insists on making fun of mine?

  214. That’s it, one more person rags on Van Nuys and I’m moving to Encino!

    I’d move to Montreal, but first you’d have to put all the KaBeckers to sleep.

    Shouldn’t take much effort, they’re nearly there already, most of the time.


  215. I am black and I live in Canada.


  216. @ 215

    Sorry to disappoint, the bloggers are white:(

  217. But it’s just so cold there.

  218. on February 25, 2008 at 3:39 pm Faygeth Gaylord

    #201´s post is 100% high quality typical Canuck f@99oTrY

  219. This is a great blog, I just found it and the Canada post is me, and yup, I’m white. Thanks bro.

  220. This was fantastic. Though I hear everyone say this…and way too often…

  221. I moved to Canada in Dec. 1999 because Y2K wasn’t going to affect Canada since there is only wind-up internet here. I slipped on the ice (Canadians refuse to salt icey pathways) and ended up in a Emergency Universal HealthCare Wait Facility for 18 months until I got to receive my Tabernac hip surgery. OTC drugs aren’t covered here so I applied for a medicinal marahoochy licence from the gov’t and had to wait 4 more months (pretty quick really) to receive the right to buy Gov’t pot which is grown one mile underground in an old mine in northern Manitoba near Churchill Manitoba. (I swear this is true) Unfortunately the pot seems to have a filler like PCP or some similar horse tranquilizer in it and it really just swacks me. I’ve tried to get on gov’t disability but the universal wait time is 21 months and there is no support groups in my northern Saskatchewan rural town. I thought my black roots would be championed here but people just smiled at me a lot. It wasn’t until I had to run outside after a shower with a towel wrapped around my head to catch the mail lady that I was asked to run for Parliament! The Mail lady was on the local riding association. She said they were looking for diversity candidates. Now I know how to eliminate the wait lists for my surgery, for my skunk weed and all I have to do is get a mail order catalogue from LL Bean so I can buy a few dozen towels. Not something that Canadians use very often ’round here. Why would anyone move to this northern oasis? Just askin’.

  222. liquidsnakemi,

    Please stop lying. Here in America our government, mainstream media, and education systems tell us that black people are referred to as “African Americans”.

    As the second word of that phrase refers to them as implicitly being American, and only us US citizens have claim to that word as our nationality despite sharing both continents with dozens of other countries, it is quite impossible that there could be a black person in other countries in the Americas.

    This is America and if you are black you are an African American. The newsmedia doesn’t tell me that there is a such thing as African Canadian so I think you are quite mistaken as to your country of citizenship.

  223. I’ve moved to Canada once 😦

  224. I am Canadian and, as a major portion of my job, speak to Americans over the phone. Whenever they discover my location, they are almost always impressed and feel the need to state how they saw Canada once from across Niagra Falls and how it seemed nice. Sometimes they will have actually visited the country, in which case they pass along some anecdote about how amazed they were by the black squirrels (apparantly a superior rodent to the red/brown squirrels down south… though why, I’ve never discovered) or how safe and clean our cities are (while people up here regularly complain about how dangerous and polluted they are getting.)

    I am glad that most Americans are too afraid of being branded hippies/communists/unpatriotic to actually move up here – I very much enjoy our country as it is and even the most liberal Democrats fall too close to our Conservatives for my taste. Oddly enough, few people up here are ever accused of being hippies or communists, possibly because everyone already is both.

  225. Canadian white people and possibly YASPs want to move to CERTAIN PARTS of Europe, I guess…maybe not everywhere, unless you’re really liberal.

  226. Canadians moving to Europe = dead on.

    The part of Europe is not important. England can be popular, France is very popular (among French-Canadians especially, France is the default, but English-Canadians move there a lot too), and I know people who’ve moved to Germany, Scandinavian countries, Italy and Spain. Moving to Tokyo is also popular, although temporary.

    My own personal “THAT’S IT I’M OUT OF HERE” is to move to Copenhagen, but the introduction of a carbon tax by the BC government has given me some hope.

  227. As a Canadian, for those of you Americans without relatives in Canada i’m officially extending the offer for you to now say “I know someone in Canada”.
    Because us Canadians are just nice like that 😉

  228. “Often times, white people get frustrated with the state of their country…… their first instinct is to threaten to move to Canada.”

    Shhhh, don’t tell these folks that the Conservative Party of Canada is now in control.

  229. Muy Divertido !
    Nota: Los latinoamericanos mueren por irse a USA

  230. re: 181 Jenny

    Canada is not your trashcan, it’s ppl like you that makes me wish for a wall between America and Canada. An actual set of iron curtain would be fabulous.

    A wall to keep the Americans out would be necessary, because it’s only a matter of time before America gets too hot, and they run out of water.

  231. I find it mildly amusing that #232 is a Canadian named “Georgia”.

  232. on February 25, 2008 at 4:49 pm White Dude #89

    when are you going to start, “things that white people hate?”

    1. the south
    2. other white people

  233. “Shhhh, don’t tell these folks that the Conservative Party of Canada is now in control.”

    Minority government.

  234. All of my friends (myself included, because I consider myself a friend) are pretty into your blog. Good work.

  235. Oh yeah.

    Stuff White People Don’t Like:
    – Being a minority
    – Not being the superior members of society

    So white yuppies, don’t like being in a country more red than they are. I mean, Bush is so ebil, he only cares about corporations! Bush is stealing the land rights from the Middle East?

    So do the white yuppies stay and fight, for a better world?

    No, they do what their ancestors did, run for it.

    They move to Vancouver, and buy up the lands…or they buy up the lands first, thus displacing the people that are there.

    I seriously think Canada should limit foreign land ownership, Canada should belong to Canadians. People who aren’t permanent residents yet shouldn’t be allowed to owe waterfront properties, etc… Though waterfront properties are so scarce, I think more of them should remain public domain, and people are only allowed to own a little piece.

    Think about it, average Canadians enjoy a higher standard of life, because we invested in it, with our taxes. It’s not fair for Americans who haven’t paid our taxes (for years) to whoop in with their non-taxed surplus of money and use it to buy up our lands.

  236. Great Blog.
    Thank you for teaching the world about white people. You are doing a public service.
    2 Q’s, Why aren’t you advertising? 3 M people and you making no money? Are you on Yelp? Seems like you take a lot of pictures of food .

  237. I lived in Canada before it became cool

  238. hahahahahahaha I have totally threatened to move to Canada before!!!!

    do you guys have Insane Clown Posse there? I hope so!!

  239. on February 25, 2008 at 5:19 pm Caesars for brunch

    Ha ha, only in Canada: a Euro NBA team!

  240. After reading the comments on this site, it’s pretty easy to realize why modern American conservatism is ringing its death knell. There’s no intellectualism anymore; it’s just mindless hate at “elitists”, “academics” (you don’t see conservatives boycotting college, though, do ya?), “liberals”, “faggots”, “spics”, “niggers”, “hippies”, and whatever else their talk radio hosts tell them to hate. You can’t base political policy on “I don’t like you”. Just doesn’t work. You’ve lost your intellectual base, conservatives, and it’s all America that will suffer. Without active thinkers AND compromisers on both sides, things will quite quickly unravel.

  241. @ 242


  242. I am not leaving anywhere. I am going to join another species. Slugs, perhaps.

  243. on February 25, 2008 at 5:28 pm Caesars for brunch

    at least s/he can spell faggot right. (see brain dead biggot post earlier)

  244. @ 245


  245. Georgia,

    I find it sadly ironic that you would castigate those European-Canadians calling for assimilation on the part of minorities.

    I notice that you never mention China as a potential home… Could that be because those “genocidal” whites created a superior society, the benefits of which you would never be willing to give up?

    And yet you feel the need to criticize them for wanting their own culture to be preserved. Very masochistic of you to insist on retaining your third-world identity in Canada while simultaneously bitching about the racism of the majority. You know, in China you wouldn’t have to put up with these racists.

  246. What ruins the whole thing for me is that the authors are white. If this was written by a black man the controversy alone would be priceless with all the whites getting their cottons up into self-righteous twists, which would produce even more hilarity than the mere existence of this blog already does, I’m sure.

    But upon careful research (all of 5 minutes in Google, yawn…I know, it’s a killer workload to take on out of the simple kindness of my clearly investigative-minded heart) I have now come to learn that Mr. Christian Lander is the main writer for this blog, and that he is just a boring dude from Canada (oh, the irony).

    A well known blog on the Blogger service, the http://theassimilatednegro.blogspot.com/, did two IM interviews with him, and if you aren’t asleep by the third question of the second IM interview, you will be shortly thereafter. This is just satire, folks, nothing too alarming.

    As a white person, I get it…all too well.

    Read the interviews of this blog’s main author here:




    You’re welcome.

  247. hahah from calgary its pretty funny because when i introduce myself as being from canada to an american they always reply with “i have relatives there” ..

    our health care system has its upsides, theres still downsides. For years in canadian living it has always seemed as though the sytem useful to an extent always seemed fragile. Always the focus of polictics and capitalization.

    I love canada and am proud but the weather is usually crappy despite the chinooks here in calgary.

    im baked and realised i was typing way to seriously and hard on my keyboard at a really funny post.


  248. it’s fantastic. some topic about white people and Canada could made some people involve in debating. hahhaha 🙂 funny.

  249. Georgia,

    I find it sadly ironic that you would castigate those European-Canadians calling for assimilation on the part of minorities.

    I notice that you never mention China as a potential place to live. Could this be because those “genocidal” whites created a superior society, the benefits of which you would never be willing to give up?

    You must be some kind of masochist, insisting upon retaining your own third-world identity while simultaneously bitching about the racism of the first-world country that you have chosen to make your home. You know, in China you wouldn’t have to deal with all of these white Americans moving in and “stealing your land.”

  250. Jughead……..the name says it all.

  251. This s-hithole of a country has gotten so bad, I’m thinking of moving to South Africa.

  252. very funny! i think white people in europe threaten to move to australia. and for all i know, white people in australia may threaten to move to mississippi when they get upset…

  253. Stuff White People Like entry #76 Stuff White People Like

  254. stop this stupid thing already.

  255. re: 247/250 Anonymous (whitie(?) who double posted)

    Can you read? I want to live in a country of immigrants, not a melting pot. China is not a country of immigrants, though there are over 56 nationalities, it is a melting pot.

    …and China is a mess, due to its run in with genocidal whities. China is not clean, the Chinese aided and albeit the whities in the genocide of aboriginals by building that railway, but when I pointed out the faults of whities, I never said that other people, including my culture, isn’t a mess as well. Though due to the reality of the white patriarchy the Chinese did less damage (so far).

    The genocidal whites did not create a superior society, they ruined much of the world. Canada is not a paradise, Canada is a Lesser Evil, and we, its current generation, still have to fix it by righting past wrongs.

    I have chosen to make my home? Newsflash, the Chinese-Canadians were here for centuries, we built the railway. The aboriginals originally crossed into North America from Asia. As for third-world, China had village libraries, practices of sharing tech sans patent (e.g.paper), sanitation and /successful surgeries/, while Europe were still burning witches (their doctors who happens to be women), and being afraid of bathing.

  256. …and “first world whities” need to pay attention to history if they don’t want to repeat human mistakes.

    China was one of the first civilizations.
    We practically invented everything.

    At one point, China was, relatively, the most advanced nation on earth.


    …and then people got stupid, management became not only selfish, but short-sighted, and the people still let it go on, as their everyday life became more and more restricted, by the dictatorship that had previously been more lasse faire, in tradition and through lack of means to micromanage.

    Footbinding was introduced, confining women to their houses was a class symbol to be strove for (previously, women farmed along side the men, there was no place for bound feet).

    China was once an empire. China had colony.

    …but finally, it fell, and it was so weak, that what was once an empire became a carcass to be divided.

    It could happen to Europe, and it’s happening especially in England and in U.S.A. China fell to the new ways of war; guns. U.S.A. is on the path to falling to terrorism.

  257. I’ve been told that since I like Goddo and the Hip I’m good to go to follow the American white people’s dream of moving to Canada. I recently gave up coffee and pastry but before that I was SO ready to become a diehard Timmie’s regular.

    This is the best laugh I’ve had in a long time. Better than my daily lolcats laugh fest. I thought it was just me that had become a Canadian wannabe.

  258. It’s also not masochistic to retain my Chinese-ness, when

    a) It’s a part of who I am.
    b) We are on our way to becoming a majority. 🙂

    …and ha, whites ‘build’ this society, but don’t make it sound like as if they did all the work, hardly, there was the Chinese who built the railway (though let it be noted that I don’t find this something to be proud of), and cheap labour from blacks who escaped slavery from further south.

    …and lots of raw material all around, left by the aboriginals, who also helped the first white settlers by giving the Cartier party, who later killed them, the cure to scurvy, out of decency because none of Cartier’s men were in a shape to fight at that point.

  259. This blog is fucking brilliant.

  260. All your “things white people like” are really “things democrats like, and the way I will insult them for liking it is saying they do it to make themselves feel better.”

    I am Indian, I don’t even like white people, but this list is really stupid. White people like beaches and sushi? Wtf? White people like being vegetarian?!?!?!??!

    Why don’t you actually go meet some white people, as in, the white people who voted for Bush last election (most of them).

  261. Oh shit. I guess I’m white afterall. After honeymooning in Nova Scotia hubby and I talked about moving to Canada. There was very little internet, but the fresh crab was to die for.

  262. Heh, instead of theatening to move to Canada, I threatened to move to Brazil. And I did! I’ve lived here for 3 years now and I’m getting permanent residency this year. In white people hierarchy, moving to Brazil automatically trumps Canada.

    My parents moved to New Zealand, which due to its isolated and mysterious nature also wins over Canada.

  263. Georgia,

    Yes, I am quite capable of reading.

    My problem is with people who make the dominent power structures of first-world nations (other than Japan) into a kind of scapegoat for whatever race- or immigration-related evils may present themselves. I am especially considered with all of the Arabic peoples that move into Europe — clearly desiring the comfort and benefits and security that those European nations provide — and yet consider Western democracies evil. The problem worsens when white liberals attribute the immigrants’ animosity to racism and oppression on the part of the European governments, conveniently forgetting the fact that Europe has no obligation to bring them in the first place.

    Now, obviously Chinese Canadians exist on an entirely different and more acceptable plane. But your dismissal of certain white Canadians’ arguments as “bullshit” triggered by response. I would argue that Canada is superior to China in terms standard of living, social services, and treatment of minorities. This makes it all the more frustrating when you use emotionally charged words to describe what I consider perfectly valid points. I just don’t think that you should be so quick to call the dominant culture “evil” (as in the lesser of two…) when it set into place a society that allowed you and your family to live in greater comfort and freedom than would ever be possible in China. And of course this is not to suggest that Canada or Europe or the U.S. are beyond reproach, nor to undervalue the Chinese immigrants of the 19th century.

    But admittedly, I overreacted and I apologize for that. I had a bad day and I did not mean to come across as harsh or ignorant. I certainly do not want to start an argument on white vs. Chinese culture when we already understand the shades of grey inherent in both.

  264. obviously when we stay white ppl around here we mean the young privileged, educated, middle to high income class WASPs clueless about the way they appear in the eyes of others.

    anyway, politics aside, since when could americans just come freely and live in canada like a second home? have we all forgotten the term “illegal aliens”?

    Is there not a sense of border between white people either?

  265. And in the post above, I meant “especially concerned…” and “triggered my response.”

  266. After reading all these posts I’ve realized I just could not be any whiter. And that’s taking into consideration that I’m 1/16th Cherokee

  267. BUT, I don’t know if the “on our way to becoming a majority” line was meant seriously, in jest, or some combination thereof.

  268. ‘Allow’ me? Don’t bullshit yourself into thinking you are benevolent, or that you should be and will always be in the place to be.

    Canada wasn’t the whitie’s to give. …and they weren’t responsible for all the good in society…a society that still isn’t good.

    Aboriginal culture ended, at the hands of the white supremacy. …and the white culture would be ending too, unlike the aboriginals, it has no priority to live.

    It looks like a jumble of culture would replace white culture, with Chinese in the forefront, in the immediate future, though that could change in a century again too, and it would be alright.

  269. on February 25, 2008 at 7:14 pm Darrencardinal

    Isn’t this blog really about what a certain type of city dwelling, upper middle class liberal white person likes?

    What about us conservative white rednecks? Are we not white as well?
    Some topics for your consideration:
    Stuff White People Like:
    Nascar racing
    hunting and fishing
    conservative talk radio
    mixed martial arts

    On the Assimilated Negro, the blogger talks about the whites who elected Bush as the “wrong type of white person”. What does he mean by that? They are after all the majority. It would seem silly to not include such people in “What White People Like.” Still I love this blog it is hilarious and fills a niche.

  270. Hey! That’s a cool pic of downtown Toronto with Riverdale Park in the foreground. You should see it in the summer!

  271. re: 284 …and you do suck at reading, seeing as you used Europe as a part of your argument.

    In my original rant, I pointed out that North America is different form Europe, because the natives, aren’t white. Nationalist movement by white people here is BS, because the original idea of nationalist /right/ is that a people in their native land, has a right to retain their native culture, and the whites aren’t the natives here!

    I don’t want to live in England, or France, because they aren’t a country, the current identity of which, has been established by immigration.

    …England can’t bitch about ‘allowing’ the black people there though, because the original black population weren’t ‘allowed’ there, they were KIDNAPPED. England can’t bitch about the Chinese being there either, because England fucked China over during the Opium war. (On that note, no Han-Chinese in China can bitch about Tibetans who are ‘stealing their city jobs’.) England also fucked over the Middle East during the Middle Ages.

    You can’t ruin someone’s home, and then ask why they don’t stay in it. That is the bullshit behaviour of tyrants.

  272. Note: Canadians are moving to Japan to teach English

  273. The frau promises me that if a Republican is elected we can move to Singapore. Or Italy (she’s Italian) Or Switzerland (I think she’s really Swiss, too anal to be Italian) Or England (She’s afraid I can’t/won’t learn Italian)

    No chance in heck I’m moving my lily-white ass to Canada, too many Canadians. Besides, anyone with an knowledge of historic precedent knows – the barbarians always invade from the north.

  274. So true, in fact, I’ve used this argument already this election season! But really, what’s not to love about Canada. It’s snows there, they have hockey, and maple syrup. Then even have a large amount of French people to make fun to pass the time.

    Oh Canada,
    My home and native land.
    True patriot love,
    and all our sons commands…or something like that..

    God Bless our neighbors to the North!

  275. i’m in Canada and when i get real fed up, i say “that’s it. we need to move to the States” – apparently New Hampshire is a favoured place for Canadian refugees who are sick of having to drive an hour or two just to get a chain restaurant dinner. And no, there is no culture here. there are no people, no architecture, no opera, no nothin. unless you live in one of the three big cities (and canada is a lot bigger than the states, so those big cities are REAAAAAALY far apart)…

    weather sucks.
    it’s -10 here today and i wore sandals to go do errands, bcz it’s so nice…

  276. The comments left on this blog are proof that entirely too many people lack a sense of humor.

    On the bright side, it seems to be a bipartisan problem.

    So congrats to SWPL for finding common ground and bringing us all closer together as a nation!

    (Oh, and for making me laugh my ass off as well. Although, as a white guy, there wasn’t much there anyway … )

  277. re: 264

    1. Pick a handle other than Anon, just a nickname or even a made-up on the spot name, it’s less confusing. It’s Internet 101 ppl.

    2. “Now, obviously Chinese Canadians exist on an entirely different and more acceptable plane.”

    Ha! Who are you to decide?

    Thankfully, with the help of feminism, which encouraged me to think more logically, I also don’t buy into the Model Minority trap anymore.”

    The patriarchy has a Madonna/Whore complex about women, it singles out some girls, as ‘Good Girls’, according to their standards, “Nice women don’t vote”, it’s a tool of oppression.

    When whites label Asians as the Model Minority, it is not a thing for Asians to be proud of at all, for shame, we must rail against it, because what the whitie in question really meant is;
    – ‘Thank god, at least you are not BLACK!”
    – ‘Thank god, at least you are willing to be a model /minority/’

    Due to Confucianism, most Asian cultures traditionally (depends on how far back you count it), values the ‘stability’ before freedom. There is a stupid racism problem among the first generation of Asian-Immigrants, in which a significant number of them look down on black people…while wanting to be white. Lower-middle-class Chinese, would take pride in being the model employee to a boss that doesn’t give a damn, in a situation where he/she is disposable. “At least we are not homeless, cause the homeless are lazy ya know!” They think they are secured, they think they are okay, with rich white people on their shoulders, as long as they have poor black people to cushion their feet beneath.

    This is sick, this is stupid. This is being proud of being the prized whore, being one of the oppressor enabling ‘Aunts’ in the Handmaid’s Tale, it’s a unequal position to be in, it’s gotta go.

    Screw the Model Minority bullshit, I say no.

  278. Canada is awesome. They should count their lucky stars that they have the province of Quebec. The French-Canadian ladies are hot!

    Canada rocks and if you say otherwise, then you haven’t been there.

  279. I get so sick of hearing people say, they are going to move to Canada. I had some dear friends who did actually move to Europe. It is more nobel to stay here and fight to make the country better then bail out.

  280. Re #77:

    I’ve always thought that is a good idea too! If the right wing crazies in Canada moved south, and left wing Americans moved north, it would be far easier to provide evidence of the stereotypes so many folks find when comparing our cultures.

    Actually–I’m only half kidding. Why do we want conservatives in Canada? The rest of us are undefended!

  281. on February 25, 2008 at 7:52 pm The Truth Sayer

    This is unbelievably amazing! I am going to read the other 74 today.

  282. I’m Blue and I love Krishna

  283. fuckin white people we might as well all move to canada all the wetbacks and cocolos are taking over any way and plus ya got the fucking hadgis and jews buying up everything fuck it lets all go there and smoke bud all day and laugh at how fucked up the US gets by the way that means you too Puertoricans

  284. You can move to Vermont.

  285. #

    on February 25, 2008 at 7:28 am77 Tito

    Coming from a faithful Catholic, I wouldn’t mind if you white liberals would actually move to Canada (or France or anywhere but stay here). It would make this country greater by ridding us of all you anti-Americans.

    i think you need to clear out the assholes, and stop putting your “faith” into a mythological god….

  286. on February 25, 2008 at 8:07 pm formerly Anonymous

    Cananda as a nation — the system of government currently in place — is a product of European civilzation. It is this nation in which you reside, and so references to whoever occupied the land before that are somewhat of a red herring. Seeing as how I have personally never harmed any Native Americans, I don’t feel a need to be restricted by any apologetic disclaimers. My opinions about the present cannot always be dictated by acts committed in the past.

    I used Europe in my argument because I am more concerned about the future of Europe than that of America or Canada (in part because it has little or no historical precedent as a “melting pot”). But the mentality I described of blaming the white majority applies to the immigration debate of any first-world nation. It means that any solution to a problem (and Islamic fundamentalism in Europe is certainly the most pressing) necessarily lies with changing the white power structure. Attempting to change the behavior of the minorities — often even criticizing it — is out of the question in a PC multicultural society.

    You seem to bear some ill will toward the dominant culture, and eagerly await the day when it is replaced by a Chinese majority (although I could be wrong here). For me to consider this the wrong attitude for a minority or an immigrant to have is not the fevered ramblings of some whackjob white supremacist — as I imagine someone will eventually jump on here and assert — but rather a common viewpoint among many Americans, Canadians, Europeans, and Australians. In fact, part of why Chinese (and Asians in general) are so often considered a Model Minority is not just their ability to excel in academic and professional settings, but their healthy level of respect for the culture of the nation to which they have immigrated.

    What I am sensing from you is hostility.
    And of course you are entitled to your opinion. Any government should be criticized as part of a healthy discourse. But my opinion remains that Western democracies are “benevolent,” not “evil,” and I am not “bullshitting” myself into so believing. I guess that we will never be able to change each other’s minds on the issue, but I ask that you do not insult my intelligence.

  287. Funny enough I live in Canada, and I am a white guy , and I kinda want to move to the States… Go figure.


  288. Don’t come to Canada. We live in igloos and it’s very, very cold. Temperatures have gone as low as -5F here.

    And in the summer our igloos melt and we end up living in dumpsters until the next winter.

  289. I just wanna know what those crazy Canadians call “canadian bacon”?

    Once i find that out, I’ll move there! =)~

  290. I threatened to move after Bush got elected. I now live in Australia. Better weather than Canada, and better beer.

  291. on February 25, 2008 at 8:27 pm COMMENT 287 BLOWS

    what’s with this pseudo intellectual bullshit. it was a funny entry and thats all it is. laugh or leave.

  292. on February 25, 2008 at 8:28 pm COMMENT 286 BLOWS

    hahah i mean 286 im retarded.

  293. that is it. i am moving to europe.

  294. After the 2004 election I wanted to move to Canada, but they didn’t want me. Went to Mexico instead. Actually moving to Mexico and coming back two years later should be #76.

  295. Random stuff from Canada –

    I am from Toronto and for those of you who are curious, we do have crime here – I had my wallet stolen a few weeks ago. The thief took $20 cash and then dropped it off at a branch of my local bank. I was, naturally, irked to lose my twenty bucks but relieved that I didn’t have to replace my ID: driver’s license, health card, credit cards, etc. Does that happen in the US?

    Our federal income tax is 15% of the first $37K or so you make, 22% on the next $30K or so and it goes up from there. That’s federal – provincial tax varies by province, of course. I personally pay around $25 of my gross earnings on income tax. Also in Ontario, we pay 7% sales tax and 6% goods and service tax on almost everything we buy.

    Healthcare is mostly free, but the waiting times in hospitals is brutal these days.

    The weather depends on where you live, but generally, if you’ve seen the movie Fargo, you know what a Canadian winter is like.

    It has to be said: I don’t like real maple syrup. I think it’s gross. I much prefer the Aunt Jemima stuff for my pancakes.

    I do speak French – not because I know any French Canadians; just because they teach it to us in school and you really have to go out of your way not to get a basic understanding of the language if you live here.

    What is the deal with with black squirrels??? I had no idea they were so exotic. If you live in Toronto, they’re just rats with bushy tails. Diseased vermin, only a step up from pigeons. I think red squirrels would be much cuter.

  296. These comments are great.. idea for a future post: https://stuffwhitepeoplelike.wordpress.com

  297. Some time ago I was looking into going to university in Canada. I decided that it was too expensive though. One of my goals is to take some time off and road trip the Trans-Canadian highway, coast to coast. Also, Canadian women are just so bloody gorgous.
    And the English want to move to Australia.

  298. Australians threaten to move to New York or London… but invariably move back.

  299. @122 Oh, southernvoice, your country? You mean the one white people STOLE from Native American people? You are so full of shit, GO READ A HISTORY BOOK!

    And the country was BETTER when rich white people were looking out for their OWN interests?? Good God I’m shocked you were smart enough not to leave a link.

    @ Brian, “see you when you run out of water”, lmao

    Go Georgia!

  300. I would just like to take the time to say that there is no reason to be ashamed if these characterizations happen to fit you. EVERYONE is ridculous in their own little sense. Even the author, I’m sure.

  301. I’ve been to Canada, its fine. Not unlike Northern Minnesota, or Northern Wisconsin. I’ve never been to Washington but i assume Northern Wisconsin is kind of the same too. I felt kind of lied to when I was there though … the doors had locks. It took me a while to believe that Michael Moore doesn’t tell the truth but eventually I accepted it. As for the people who say all Canadian cities are beautiful, and full of wonderful and nice people … Sault Ste. Marie. Although Canada would be ok … I wouldnt mind going to the dr for free then taking a trip to America for my meds, industrial and commercial goods, food, and liquor. i would still help support the Canadian economy by buying some grass.

    w/e. its a funny blog. people shouldnt be allowed to leave comments because it seems most of the people who read this are fucking stupid.

  302. haha you people crack me up. some of your responses…classic.

  303. great site. got here from LA Observed.

    but, though the posts are hilarious, I think they’re mostly wrong. far as I can tell, “stuff white people like” is really:

    Jeff Foxworthy
    George W. Bush
    Desperate Housewives

    Whenever I visit my very white relatives in Nebraska, that’s what they and all their neighbors seem to like.

    I think this is a terrifically funny website and great satire, but you’re really only poking fun at liberals.

    is it that conservatives are too easy a target?

  304. Remember when Barbara Streisand threatened to leave the U.S. if Bush was elected? I wanted to show up on her doorstep with some moving boxes.

  305. I just wanna know what those crazy Canadians call “canadian bacon”?

    Once i find that out, I’ll move there! =)~

    it’s a movie

  306. New Zealand is the Canada for White People who don’t like crappy weather. Thankfully for the Kiwis, most White People seem to love crappy weather (see: New England, Seattle).

  307. @298 So it’s like a cycle.

  308. on February 25, 2008 at 10:11 pm controlling chaos

    Canada would be a great place to live. At the rate of how much our government sucks, I’d be up for moving. There I said it and Yes I am White. Although I’d say the same if I was black, yellow or anything else.

  309. Please don’t send your white people to Canada, we already have too many.

  310. White Europeans dream about moving to the US. It’s the truth. (Sorry if someone already said this but I am too lazy to read 300+ posts.)

  311. what about people in the south calling black people Canadians..insteand of that other word that starts with an N.

  312. You should shut the comments off on this blog – too much racism for such a racism-battling piece of humor. You highlight privilege, but then your commentators just… ruin it.

  313. yeah i gotta say i’m black…and i always say “i’m moving to canada”….really. wonder what that says about me?? i feel an identity crisis coming on!

  314. 304- “I think this is a terrifically funny website…”

    No you don’t.

  315. What? I like Canada.

  316. [quote]312 Scott

    what about people in the south calling black people Canadians..insteand of that other word that starts with an N.[/quote]

    You mean Newfoundlanders?

  317. on February 26, 2008 at 12:30 am the only white person in the room

    We have to give Georgia some kind of prize for being the “whitest” person on the page. Feminism “encouraged me to think more logically”? Wow, how white can you get? How white-American?
    [Be the last white person on *your* block:
    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SVEbIHXFWq4 ]

  318. American white people threaten to move to Canada.
    Canadian white people threaten to move to Europe.
    European white people are unable to threaten to move anywhere.

    Hahaha, the last part makes me laugh. So ironic that the condition centuries ago are reversed now. Thanks.

    Note: I’m an Asian who has moved to Europe. 😀

  319. on February 26, 2008 at 12:53 am the only white person in the room

    BTW, what do you mean “threatining to move to Canada”? (Is this a threat to Canada?) I like to think of it as *promising* to move to Canada. I wish more of them would keep the promise, too.

  320. Fine, fine. Be that way. But you never think of the poor white people who ALREADY live in Canada and have nowhere to threaten to move to.

    Do you? No, eh?

  321. @ 322:


  322. This is hilarious, because a lot of the Starbucks democrats here in Seattle say this ALL THE TIME. If Bush wins…oh wait they are still here. Nothing but a bunch of liberal weaklings.

  323. 253 – Steve, wow, such a substantive comment you had there to rebut my point. Amazing.

  324. Bugs Meany – “Delicious irony: in about one generation (the new #1 baby name in Belgium, the U.K. and elsewhere is Mohammed), with Europe engulfed by civil war, every enlighted Euro-socialist-lefty will be scrambling to get on the last boat to the U.S.”

    Never a truer word spoken my friend. I’m a white, born and bred English lad – most intelligent folk here in the UK can see the writing on the wall regarding the growing threat of Islam, which is why we have the highest level of emigration in the industrial world. We’re all leaving for Canada, the US, Australia and New Zealand.

  325. I grew up in Canada and moved to Europe: in fact, most Canadians dream of moving away from the country. If you love stagnation and limited opportunities, then you will love Canada. Smart and ambitious Canadians move to the US (there are millions living there).

    One good aspect of growing up in Canada is the multi-culti pussy: I dined on every permutation known to man and it was VERY nice.

  326. I just love the hypocrisy of Americans who “are sick of the American political and health care situation” but who DIDN’T VOTE!!! DUH!
    You don’t like the situation? Then vote! Because, news flash, we don’t want your dumb-ass in Canada!

  327. Europeans do move somewhere else: other European countries.

  328. Man this is a great blog; I’m a “White” male and you’ve hit just about every thing I hate about American Whites!

  329. on February 26, 2008 at 5:10 am everythingimnot


  330. Canadada is a state of mind.

    Anyone can move there if they really want to …

  331. I just blogged about this blog since I am a white person who live in American but I am also Canadian! Yeah, you can see where that is going!

  332. Note: Europeans are unable to threaten to move anywhere. LOL

  333. Ha, I’ve so done this!!

  334. They sing that Canada is “Glorious and Free”.

    They would never allow a citizen to be sent to Syria so that he could be tortured would they?

    Well not white ones anyway.

    I don’t wear poppies anymore.

    All those men died in vain.

  335. OK, so give me a moving address, I’m on the way!

  336. Like we want you here?

  337. Its totally the weather that’s hold us back. I love Canada. They’re so peaceful!

  338. hilarious
    i posted this link on a running forum because i thought it was funny and it got deleted for being inappropriate..

    people take themselves too seriously!!

  339. Do not believe Kerin. He’s just trying to keep us out of his magical Canadaland. They don’t really have any crime over there. Like half of them speak French, duh – people who speak French don’t commit crimes.

  340. If I lived in America I would move to Canada too.

  341. Note: Europeans threaten to move in the USA

  342. @292 It’s “back bacon” up here. C’mon up!

  343. If I had a job skill which would qualify me to immigrate, I would move to Canada, or Europe. I’ve lived in Europe enough to know I would and would do so easily.

    I just can’t afford to do so illegally.

  344. We Italians always threaten to move to Spain!

  345. Hey, a land that worships ice hockey, has legalized gay marriage, and socialized health care. Sounds like paradise to me.

    Now if only the weather were nicer.

  346. no europeans have ever threatened to move to america.
    we also threaten to move to canada.
    It’s not about the moving far away, it’s just about not winding up in America.

  347. …or they say they’ll move to the country. We’re not very imaginative.

  348. Ok that’s it, I’m breaking the trend. I’m moving to Alaska… oh wait, that’s America… damnit. Antarctica?

  349. Oh, I love this site! And just the other day, I threatened to move to Canada. *lol*

  350. @Giulia
    “We Italians always threaten to move to Spain!”

    No, better England or Switzerland!…

  351. I helped a white woman move from Rousses Point, New York, about as far north as one can go without actually being in Canada, though she was Canadian living here without papers. She was supposed to stay in my house for a weekend or a week depending on the apartment situation. There were apartments and rooms to let aplenty, she didn’t move. I had to start charging her rent, a paltry 350 per month, even less expensive than the rooms were renting for in the area, much less than an apartment. She never tried to get a job. Never tried to get insurance (health). She sat in my house on my computer (spare one in living room) whining about how bad it was in America, twin towers, —- all Conspiracy Theory nutcase IDIOCY.

    One day in a fit of confusion and anger I asked, “Why do you want to be an American if things are so bad here?”

    It was the freedom to whine and complain and live off of somebody else’s labor that attracted her. She lived with me for 3 months, nothing happened, we didn’t sleep together or anything, but 3 months!!! I finally told her she had one month to leave (2 months into her stay). She found some other bleeding heart to move her back to New York so she could sponge off of him. I am glad of it. My second experience with Canadians and the worst.

    My best was an American ex-pat living in Canada. At least that wasn’t so bad, she was an American and her values were not screwed up. She is a believer in Yeshua, as am I, but that isn’t my point.

    I think there is something about a liberal socialist country that infects the brain and makes people believe that others owe them a living. At least my American friend in Canada has resisted the moral rot and has a job working in a Christian school as a teacher.

  352. what the hell is this crap? LOL

  353. Prices: Living in Canada is like doing all your dining and shopping at the airport.

  354. I think it’s really interesting how this blogger names ethnicities like white and black, and then nationalities like canadian and yankee (U.S. nationality). Then the blogger completely fails to recognise any ethnicity or nationality within a whole continent (the continent named being Europe).

    I would agree to the point here, that everything is a matter of perspective, but this post is just a bad attempt at being insightful. Better luck with the next one!

  355. someone asked,
    “Why do white people smell funny?”


    It is called deodorant. Give it a try.

  356. Love the blog entries. Sort of hate the comments. Actually, I hate all the idiotic comments that are racist and ignorant.

    All that being said, freedom of speech is a nice thing to have. I just wish people didn’t go out of their way to ruin a fun blog.

    BTW, I remember when white conservatives were threatening to move to Canada when Bill Clinton was elected president. Of course, no one actually packed up and moved.

    White people like to make empty threats.

    White people think the grass is always greener elsewhere (no matter where they live)

    White people like a good internet fight.

  357. Europeans usually threaten to move to Switzerland ( I don’t what happens if you actually live in Switzerland )

    ( Science Faction – http://satanhimself.wordpress.com)

  358. Will you marry me?

    No really … You obviously know me very well, as every one of your posts applies to me.

    All of my work friends (White phenomenon) at my 9-5 job (ditto) are IM’ing me (very White) to tell me how “this is *so* you.”

    We can then go through a difficult breakup and I can write that novel I’m always bullshitting about.

    It would rule. I’m in so much regret about deleting my MySpace and Facebook profiles … They showed just how White I was, and I know you would’ve been turned on.

    *Sigh.* (so White.)


  360. The US does suck big dick. I’m sick of it!. been here since 62 and I can’t wait to retire so I can get the F*ck out of here!
    Canada? Canada blows big chunks to and their medical system is horrible no matter what you here.
    I’m not saying where I’m going. I don’t want Americans, and/or canadians following me. You all suck.

  361. If you could for number 76 say that they love to say everything is a liberal bias. They also like to blame society for their kids acting crazy and shooting up schools when it is really their lack of parenting skills that is the problem.

  362. I was just threatening to move to Canada this weekend! Or Norway.

  363. no, white people just want to move to Toronto/Vancouver/Montreal because people there live in houses, not igloos.

  364. white people totally like liking “all kinds of music”

  365. Europeans move to Tuscany, London, Berlin, Japan, Barcelona, New York. Mainly, big cities of world importance.

    For culture, Italy.

    For beautiful women, Sweden or Eastern Europe

  366. re: 289 formerly Anonymous

    Whities culturally genocided the aboriginals, and used Chinese labour to do all the dangerous work, while charging a headtax, while giving free lands to whities, in the beginning.

    …but things got better and better as white supremacy culture faded, and I remind you again, all along, the Chinese, the blacks, the aboriginals, were here to, improving the society, Uncredited (prime example, the historical picture of the last finishing move of the rail was whites only).

    ….”In fact, part of why Chinese (and Asians in general) are so often considered a Model Minority is not just their ability to excel in academic and professional settings, but their healthy level of respect for the culture of the nation to which they have immigrated.”…

    Unlike the whities who killed off the culture of the nation to which they have immigrated?

    Institutions change, the original natives have a right to preserving their culture as dominant, the whities who immigrated here, don’t. Again, I don’t buy into the Model Minority trap, and thankfully, more and more Asian-Canadians, the new public school generation, don’t either.

    Chinese culture, in the near future, will replace white culture, as the white culture had originally replaced the aboriginal culture; but minus the bloodshed.

    As long as the white culture which have caused so much grief in Canada (all the good it had every done in Canada, was for themselves, the trickle down leftovers doesn’t balance out everything else), continues to dominate.

    You are on the way out, just be glad that /you/ aren’t being imprisoned or killed, that your children aren’t being taken away from you, etc.

    I /don’t/ look forward to the near future dominance of Chinese culture (by which, I meant that the Chinese would be biggest minority group, in a nation in which EVERYONE, including the whites, has become a minority, because no singular ethnic group would out number the combination of all other ethnic groups in numbers or more significantly, social power). It’s just the way things are going in Ontario, formerly THE English Canada.

  367. The only thing I like about Canada is “Boards of Canada,” and they’re actually Scottish. So, I suppose I’ll threaten to move to Abu Dhabi.

    -j (pasty)

  368. on February 26, 2008 at 9:32 am controlling chaos

    thats it – This PLANET sucks! I’m moving to MARS!

  369. Oh, I respect the native culture of Canada a lot, I would know about it more than the average white immigrant.

    …and when I get around to politics, aboriginal studies would be mandatory in elementary school, we are living in their country, it’s about time we learn about their culture beyond how we killed them. Aboriginal languages.

    Seriously, more languages need to be taught in elementary school, and in kindergarten, children learn new languages better than adults, by the time French started in grade…4, I think, everyone in my class was having difficulty with it. Children brought up in households speaking two languages, learn to speak properly a little late, but then they can speak /both/ language fluently!

    Canada has many cultures, if we want to be cohesive, everyone has to learn about each other, understanding instead of blind tolerance. Learning more than one language is good for your brain too (CBC Radio), it makes your mind more flexible, daily juggling with more than one option of communicating.

  370. We have less then 20,000 murders a year, so that makes us a bit better then america .our healthcare isnt that good, but guess what, you cut your hand off in the streets of canada and they will go sew it back on without any cards, insurance, or anything.Our doctors still believe in their oath, they havnt been corrupted with the mentality you have unlike american doctors who are more worried about moving to bel air for treating sick kids for profit.You stupid assholes.

  371. Canada is full. We’re not accepting any new people.

    Go to India or something.

  372. One thing about this blog…I love it…it’s very on-target, but I think the main irony (I know, I know, this has already been pointed out countless times) is that the author is obviously very much a product of the upper-middle class lifestyle. Some of these, like “knowing what’s best for poor people”, or the patronizing nature of “white trash night” are good criticisms. Although I will say that here, it goes both ways: I’ve heard a great many “working class” people ridicule the upper-class, too, and consider them stupid for, say, not knowing how to fix a car. Many of the others are just observations, and are less “bitter”. Like Wes Anderson films (yes, films). Do I like them? Yeah. Are they formulaic? Very much so. But do I like them because I’m supposed to? No. I like them because they’re always entertaining. He’s a good director, even if all his films are similar. I also love coffee, but I hate when people don’t shut up about it. I tend to like the more expensive coffees, but not simply for the sake of being elitist, but because they (usually) tend to have more flavor. Same with expensive sandwiches…sorry, but a well-made and visually-appealing real turkey breast and provolone with red-pepper sauce on a baguette just tastes better than a processed turkey with American on white bread. It’s not like I wouldn’t eat the latter, but if I have the money, I’ll always pick the former. Upper middle class culture is the most acceptable to ridicule, because no one is going to object to it, even they themselves (self-deprecation is also a hallmark of the culture.) The mindsets and lifestyles of the working class, or black culture are easier to ridicule because the inconsistencies are easier to point out, but we’re not supposed to do that, at least not explicitly. Am I ashamed of being an upper middle class member of society? Not in the least. It’s who I am, it’s where I came from. As everyone knows, everyone conforms. AND every one and every culture is hypocritical. It’s inescapable. But I’d rather conform to a culture that at least attempts/professes to value humanities education, a large vocabulary, proper grammar, fine art, proper nutrition, etc. rather than a culture that regards those pursuits as “pompous” or “unnecessary”. And yes…I realize how arrogant and elitist I sound. I’m just being honest.

    On a side note, I think that the one thing that unites all people in pointless conformity is the love of professional sports. Nothing to say to the guy at the party? Mention how much you liked that play at the end of the game, and what they did right or wrong, or assess the qualities of different quarterbacks. This will afford you great respect and admiration. Offer him a beer. If you happen to be “well-off”, make sure it’s an organic microbrew with “just enough hops”. If you’re working class, doing this would result in you being laughed at. In this case, make sure it’s a Bud Light or Miller Lite or Coors Light…be careful though…even though all those beers taste virtually the same, people are usually loyal to one kind and “won’t touch” something that tastes exactly the same. Doing these things will go a long way to show that you’re just “a regular guy”, and there’s nothing more important than that.

  373. I’m still waiting for blogs and self-hatred.

  374. why would you threaten to move anywhere, how does that constitute a threat at all, this blog mystifies me

    also, why is it not possible for people to threaten to move to different states/provinces within their current country, there is variance in laws and culture from region to region

  375. Steve – LOL… Canada is full. That’s funny as hell. You people don’t want anymore Americans up there, do you?

    Made me laugh – thanx! 🙂


    Usually when europeans are confronted with things they dont like they threaten to leave civilization all together and head to a remote Island somewhere or some far flung place they visited while on vacation.

    They sometimes do.

  377. Apparently, Steve speaks for all Canadians and has the authority to say who can and who cannot come into his country.

  378. Stuff white people like #76: This blog.

  379. So I’m white, my boyfriend is black. We immediately prove your point wrong because he’s Canadian and can’t wait to move back to Canada, he hates the U.S. And I Hate Canada. I would choose somewhere way more euphoric to move to.

  380. Heather: Your one case doesn’t prove anything wrong. One simple case does not detract from a valid generalization. “Way more euphoric to move to”? uhh…what?!!?!?! Guess I’ve never heard “euphoric” used in that sense.

    And Gringo: Yes, that has been said about 100 times now.

  381. White people enjoy irony and laughing at their expense as long as it is understood that they and what they do are superior and that the laughter is motivated by jealousy. Serious criticism is another matter.

  382. on February 26, 2008 at 11:04 am Rebecca Aguilar

    All the white people I know who are frustrated with the state of things are moving to Australia…

  383. Why would I move to a country where people say ‘eh’ at the end of every sentence? White people should try out Minnesota first.

  384. Oh, god. I just had that conversation yet again three days ago. But it’s not a threat. It’s an escape plan.

  385. Jews substitute Israel for canada…i can say that because i am jewish and have declared i would do so if mitt romney became president. I guess I’m staying in the US for now then since he’s out of the race

  386. This blog is glorious.


    A white dude with a Midtown job that lives in “Outer Williamsburg”

  387. actually canadians threaten to move to vancouver/bc.

  388. I threatened to move to Costa Rica and we are really enjoying it here… Lots of Canadians here too…

  389. on February 26, 2008 at 11:38 am sarrrrrrrrrrrah

    Canada IS full. Please, Americans, don’t move here. I mean WHY would you want to, anyway….we only have the most multi-cultural city in the world (Toronto), the best marijuana in the world, the most diverse landscape from coast to coast to coast, the most beautiful women in the world (must be all of that multi-culturalism!!), the most amazing people in the world, free health care (yes, there are long waits sometimes, but if we didn’t have free health care, my mother would never have been able the 2 surgeries that saved her life – both would have cost around 1 million in the states),…maternity and paternity leave…1 year…, clean air, gun control, gay marriage, diverse weather patterns (saying it is always “cold” in Canada is like saying it is always “hot” in the states…a few of the provinces and territories are cold for 5 months of the year…but then so are half of the states…we have beautiful HOTsummers), Old Dutch ketchup chips, beer that actually gets you drunk, awesome bacon, caesars for brunch…this list could go on and on and on…I guess my point is, there are many wonderful things about living in Canada (and I have been able to compare, by living in both the states and europe)…but you yanks probably wouldn’t like it here 🙂

  390. oh, and i am 1 Canadian who would never threaten to move to BC or Alberta….too American, not diverse enough, and fairly snobby. way, way, way, way prefer to live in Sask or Ont.

  391. Best thing about being white and Canadian is that it’s easy to be proud of your country’s nascent ethnic diversity and your racial tolerance since all of your minorities are rich and excel in your schools.

  392. ancillary to threatening to move to canada: threatening to move to belize, vis-a-vis [now how’s THAT for a white expression!] Joe Bageant.

  393. on February 26, 2008 at 12:24 pm the only white person in the room

    Let’s see… Canada is safer than America because of stricter gun controls. Therefore, Jamaica must be safer than Canada! And New York safer than Vermont! Of course we’d all prefer irenic Jamaica to bloody Vermont.

    And Canada is morally superior because she has more comprehensive health coverage than America. Therefore, in 1939, when Germany had more comprehensive health coverage than did Makenzie King’s Canada… Germany was morally superior to Canada! Wow! And Canada nagged us into war with them. (Yes, Virginia, there were times when Canada nagged the U.S. *into* war.)

  394. on February 26, 2008 at 12:31 pm the only white person in the room

    Yet progressive Canada still has a way to go herself (or is it him/herself?) Two men can marry in Canada, but three or four or six cannot. There is no reason other than bigotry to treat homopolygamy differently from homomonogamy. Straight polygamy destabilizes society, but the gay kind has no effect whatsoever.

  395. Damnit:
    “384 Gringo

    Stuff white people like #76: This blog.”

    That’s what I came to write!

  396. I’m hooked! This is by far the best blog I’ve read – keep it up!

  397. The title of this blog should be “Stuff Elitist Hipster College Students Like” or perhaps just “Stuff College Students & People Who Went to College in the late 80s to the Present Like.” But those aren’t as catchy, I guess.

  398. you fools,
    you have nowhere to hid.

    mexico? us? canada?

    they all become one under the North American Union.
    sure we get 2 keep out names like states within states.
    Step right up and get your National ID(soon to be Nortn American Union ID since they’ll all have the same info)

    but who u really think is running the show.
    oo im gonna move if hillary or obama or mccain are president!?!

    haha obviously thats our only choices and theyre all on the same team.

    or u can keep finding ways to bash each others races while they gain more power, ignorant distracted white, black, red, yellow, brown, purple people….
    ah fuck it, im moving to brazil 😛

  399. jeesh…. i didnt realise my comments were worse than these…. but really, we hate the way beyonce says irreplaceable..

  400. This is hilarious! I just said this very thing referring to if Hillary Clinton gets elected.

  401. Canadians fear Americans will actually do it and move here.

    (And white Canadians would have to move BACK to Europe. We keep hoping they will.)

  402. I always thought I was the whitest person on the planet. It turns out, thanks to your research, I can see that’s not true. Changed my life. Thank you for that.

  403. HAH! heard you on NPR! I know your secrets man!!!!

    this is great, keep it up.

    I’m going to ride my fixed-gear across the country and blog about it while making a sundance movie and aspiring to be like Michele Gondry.

  404. I just heard you on NPR. This post is awesome. I’ve said all of these things before…

    …and I DO have relatives in Canada. 😛

  405. This blog is brilliant. It’s poking fun at the only population of people smug enough to think they’re above being the target of satire and mockery – snobby white people who consider themselves progressive, intellectual, and elite. They have to be the most insecure people on the planet, and they’re obviously trying to overcompensate for a deficiency in talents and accomplishments. Thats why they find pride in things that are acquired rather than accomplished or earned, like:

    1. Being seen w/ grocery bags from Whole Foods
    2. Pretending to love black people (only the Lenny Kravitz and Cosby types though)
    3. Gentrification (the better they can price the black people out of the neighborhood, the better)
    4. liking bands nobody else has heard of (how that’s an accomplishment worthy of pride, I don’t know)
    5. liking Indie films (see #4)
    6. Liberal Arts degrees (consisting of useless classes I used to write up my organic chem, physics, bio, biochem, and inorganic chem lab reports)
    7. Not having TV/cable – they will find a way to work this into a conversation w/in the first 5 minutes of meeting everyone they’re introduced to. Secure white people and black people refer to this as being a tool.

    These people are the absolute worse kinds of white people. They kiss black peoples’ asses b/c it makes them feel like they’re “one of the good ones.” God I love this blog. They’ve gone too long w/out being made fun of. Keep up the good work.

    PS – the author of this blog is very perceptive and smart. If he titled it “stuffliberalsnobslike.com” it wouldn’t work b/c it’d be cast aside as just another Ann Coulter / Rush Limbaugh like rant. But calling it it “stuffwhitepeoplelike.com” and writing w/ subliminal messages beneath the context gave it immediate credibility w/ liberal white people, b/c nobody loves ripping on caucasions like left-wing, white snobs to alleviate themselves of any guilt associated w/ the atrocities the white race as cast upon indigenous peoples. That’s how weak and delicate the sensibilities are of snobby, left-wing, white people. Thats why they find pride in things they never accomplished, like the things in this blog.

    Excellent, excellent work.

  406. Europeans, when outraged at their country, DO leave and proceed(ed) in taking out their outrage on the citzens of wherever the heck they choose.

  407. I prefer to be called “English-American”.
    I am the 4th generation, great Grandpa
    came over from Britain.

    However I dont know if my ways are

    I like Squid and Kimchi, I hate stew
    and meatloaf and peas.

    I bang the keyboard when it dont type what i tell it.

    I dant care about society.

    I drink orange soda and
    apple juice.

    I love rainy grey days and I hate


  408. Kudos on this blog, it is brilliant. Also, congrats on the LA Times article.

  409. “But calling it it ‘stuffwhitepeoplelike.com’ and writing w/ subliminal messages beneath the context gave it immediate credibility w/ liberal white people, b/c nobody loves ripping on caucasions like left-wing, white snobs to alleviate themselves of any guilt associated w/ the atrocities the white race as cast upon indigenous peoples”

    *Exactly*. And that’s precisely why the yupsters flock to this site – so they’ll have something to talk about at their ultra-ironic “white trash parties”, wearing mesh trucker’s hat’s, carting Ipods full of Def Leppard and cases upon cases of “ironically shitty” Miller Lite! The *really* ironic thing though is how the yupster demographic of upper-middle class to wealthy whites magically becomes *solidly* Republican once they reach a certain age, while the white poor and working class they love to ridicule with their ultra-safe, yupster irony stay *solidly* Democrat *for life*. Yupsters like Christian Lander make fun of themselves precisely because they know their consumer-oriented “left-wing” politics are only temporarily convenient; once they start making the kind of money their parents make, it’s McCain all the way, baby.

    Google it if you don’t believe me.


    As a WHITE MAN of means who actually had political reasons for moving to Latin America I hold that “I’m moving to Canada” bullshit beneath contempt.

    People who say that shit to represent some image really scald my nuts.

    They have no idea what it feels like — stressful! — and how families get fucked up. And I freely admit that I had enough money and juice to make it work for me.

    Dorks who threaten to move to Canada because centrist douche-bags like Kerry lose elections should talk to my 8-yo son and see how he feels about it!

    Nice job.

  411. um, you forgot mayonnaise sandwiches

  412. on February 26, 2008 at 1:51 pm Rural White guy

    The title of this blog is VERY misleading. It should be titled “What white urban upper middle class people and gay men like.” If you must stick to stereotypes, I’m quite certain that white folks in rural Arkansas don’t like ANYTHING

  413. on February 26, 2008 at 1:53 pm Rural White guy

    The title of this blog is very misleading. It should be titled “what white urban upper middle class people and gay men like.” If you are going to stick to stereotypes, you can be sure that white people in rural Arkansas don’t like ANYTHING

  414. The title of this blog is very misleading. It should be titled “what white urban upper middle class people and gay men like.” If you are going to stick to stereotypes, you can be sure that white people in rural Arkansas don’t like ANYTHING you’ve mentioned in this blog.

  415. I’m Canadian (and a writer) and something important to mention that when Americans say they’re going to move to Canada, the single males say they’re going accomplish this by marrying Canadian girls.

    “Marry me, I want to move to Canada!” = big Canadian eyeroll.

  416. America has fabulous cities, beautiful countryside, oceans, desert and mountains. There are expensive places and great places to live that are affordable. If you work hard you can do anything you want and be anyone you want.
    I dont feel bad that we are not a handout sociey. If you want to have a kid, pay for it. It is not up to my hard earned money to make sure you can have a year of maternity leave. If you want the government to support you, please move, we dont need you and America is not apologizing.

  417. I am MORE than willing to go, but I am fairly confident the Canadians won’t have me. Darn it all anyway.

    Although, I have used that phrase a frightening number of times in the last eight years. Hmm, eight years…a nice round number. Wonder why eight years? A mystery. Snort.

  418. on February 26, 2008 at 2:25 pm True White Move

    I’m going to invade your brown country and take it’s resourses leaving nothing but abandoned McDonals’s and Porno Theatres!

  419. on February 26, 2008 at 2:28 pm Nerdy Nerdy White Boy

    I heard about this page on NPR. I was listening to the podcast on my iPhone while waiting for a download of The Boondocks and freaking out that Starbuks was gonna be closed for 3 hours today…

    I want to say that none of this stuff is true about white people.

    Not one word.

    Oh, there’s were I put my old digital watch…!

  420. on February 26, 2008 at 2:29 pm Allrighty Whitey

    white people rock! we love WhiteSnake! and http://www.themoviejerk.com!

  421. After saying it for years, I moved to Toronto from New York City. I love it here.

  422. This is the most hilarious blog I’ve come across. I love it and it is all so very true. Great writing!

  423. toronto is truly a fabulous city, glad you are enjoying it, morbidmiss.

    i agree, usa (#423), that the states has beautiful cities…and everything else you said about it…it can be a great place to be. that is, for those who are *lucky* enough to have enough to survive there. it isn’t just working hard, its luck. 2 people can work just as hard at the same things, and have 2 very different outcomes. so, its ok for you to know that there are people dying everyday because they can’t afford healthcare…well, i guess they just didn’t work hard enough. same for new parents…guess they didn’t work hard enough to be able to spend time taking care of their new baby…I don’t plan on having children, so I won’t be taking advantage of the year leave, but i have no problem having some of my taxes going towards someone else taking advantage of it.

  424. Enough of the “I fit this characteristic; I’m lame” posts. There is nothing wrong with: buying Fair Trade coffee; contributing money to a shelter; riding a bike; living near the beach; drinking designer beer; owning a dog; driving a Volvo, Subaru, or Prius; traveling; liking popular songs; liking unpopular songs; trying to be fit; being unfit.

    This is all just a much less scientific version of the marketing researchers who can tell you what you’ve got in your (stainless) fridge if they know your age, marital status, and income level.

    There are those who think that life has nothing left to chance
    A host of holy horrors to direct our aimless dance

    A planet of play things
    We dance on the strings
    Of powers we cannot perceive
    ‘The stars aren’t aligned
    Or the gods are malign…’
    Blame is better to give than receive

    You can choose a ready guide in some celestial voice
    If you choose not to decide, you still have made a choice
    You can choose from phantom fears and kindness that can kill
    I will choose a path that’s clear
    I will choose freewill

    There are those who think
    That they were dealt a losing hand
    The cards were stacked against them
    They weren’t born in Lotusland

    All preordained
    A prisoner in chains
    A victim of venomous fate
    Kicked in the face
    You can’t pray for a place
    In heaven’s unearthly estate

    Each of us
    A cell of awareness
    Imperfect and incomplete
    Genetic blends
    With uncertain ends
    On a fortune hunt that’s far too fleet

    (Lyrics posted w/o ironic intent. )

  425. I find it amusing that Canadians try to argue that the climate in Canada is Great and Diverse! Since 90% of all Canadians live within 100 miles of the border you basically have the choice of living in climates like Washington State, Minnesota, Vermont or Maine. Note that NOBODY would argue that these states have non-sucky climates and yet somehow it becomes great by crossing an imaginary line into Canada. Riiiiiight…

    The only compelling advantages to being in Canada are beer and pot. So I suppose if you want to sit in the dark and cold, stoned & drunk, Canada is for you.

  426. I like Canada. They make tasty bacon there. And we all know it’s about makin’ bacon.

  427. Where did you get that picture of sushi? The white balance is awful. I’ve never seen beige white rice in a sushi roll before.

  428. Though I’ve had many a white family member threaten to move to Canada, its only the ones that live in other states.

    Here in Michigan, the majority of the people I talk to hate on Canada…well except for the ones who want to legalize marijuana…and my best friend who pretends to be Canadian and proudly displays the Canadian flag on the bumper of her car–but she moved to Wisconsin.

    So I’d edit to say that white, non-michiganders generally wish they could move to canada. And I still don’t get the Michigan-Canada hate. Most Michigan kids had their first legal drink in Canada, because their drinking age is so much better there

  429. on February 26, 2008 at 3:42 pm teachergirlspeaks

    Is this the right forum in which to leave suggestions for Steve? I’m white and engaged to be married to an African American man. There are a few things my family and I do that causes my husband-to-be to say, “That’s some white folks’ stuff!” So here are my additions:
    1. White people like casserole.
    2. White people check Consumer Reports before buying cars (Or is that just my paranoid, nerdy family?)
    3. White people must follow recipes to cook anything new.
    4. White people attend parent-teacher conferences “just to touch base”, even when their child is getting all A’s.
    5. White people attend churches/places of worship where blue jeans are the standard attire.

    That’s all. I know someone out there feels me on some of these!

  430. white people love time travel.

  431. This is true. I fulfilled the white love of Canada and studying abroad by studying abroad in Canada and failing to return. I also get extra white points by studying in Quebec, which is more French than Canadian.

  432. Actually Europeans want everybody to back to where they came from.

  433. Any of you guys that want to move to Canada from The US i will trade places in a heartbeat. This socialist commie country SUCKS.

  434. OMG this is sooooo true. I have threatened this again and again, most notably if Al Gore had won the presidency. I am from Tennessee, and I thought well he fucked up our state, so what he would do to the country is going to be terrible. I’m movin’ to Canada. LMAO.

    Thanks for posting this, as this is hysterical!

  435. Hear this all the time. from people who haven’t been – so, you guys, why not try it out (oot?), if only for a week or so? you may not like the current exchange rate people! seriously, shopping there is a bitch.
    my son swears if another republican gets in the oval office he’ll emigrate. to which i tell him, said the same thing at your age (18) about reagan, didn’t go after bush the mealier mouth got in, so there. but it’s a good whitey vent and will be around for as long as there’s a GWN.

  436. i’m not sure why you allow comments on this blog…a lot of them are over reactive or offensive :S

    and i’d hate to see the emails you get…

    love the blog, though! spot on! ❤

  437. Not a single item on the list accurately describes me, and my skin is almost literally white. Most of these things could be more accurately described as applying to a very specific sub-set of pompous, middle-class westerners.

    I love how it’s fine to make huge, sweeping generalisations about white people, but it’s offensive to do it about anyone else.

  438. Har! My aunt threatened to move to canada. So did my sister. That was in November 1984.

  439. I found you today via the Cajun Boy in the City blog. On the occasions where he recommends a link there is usually something stellar on the other end and this is no exception. Good work.

  440. While listening to NPR and sipping shade-grown coffee, at my software engineering job, which I got to on my bike, I heard about your blog. Imagine my dismay, when I saw the one about moving to Canada. Within the last week, my wife and I discussed moving to Canada.

    I really like Wilco; does that round out the stereotype?

    Thanks for the laugh.

  441. I just googled “Wilco.” They’re White!

  442. Idea for another post: “Making fun of other white people”…. whether it’s nascar or Philip Glass, white people love making fun of other white people for things!

  443. Funny concept as a one or two entry to your blog. But the sheer number of posts makes it offensive. I don’t know the “color” for lack of a better word of the writer, and I’m not sure it matters. If any other group of people (and viewing white people as one analogous group is really lazy) were the subject of this blog, everyone would freak. But white people are supposed to be able to tag a joke, and recognize how lame we are, and no sense of our own ethnic and cultural roots. Really, this blog should be called stuffstereotypicalshallowamericansregardlessofcolorlike. The it would be funny, but, back to my initial post, probably only good for two entries.

  444. Hi there
    Although I haven’t read the full 400 or so comments and someone may have said this before….Europe is not a country.
    Why is it that so many Americans have trouble with this concept. I bet Canadians would know !
    Every country in Europe is totally different with different laws , languages, living standards.
    So most English people I know say
    ” That’s it I’m moving to Amsterdam” ( if they want to consume marijuana)
    or ” I’m moving to Scotland” if they want their own parliament, a free University education and better care for the elderly
    or “I’m moving to Spain” if they want sunshine and chaep wine and tobacco and less working hours
    or ” I’m moving to Australia” if they want to move to somehwere with friendly people, sunshine, better quality of live etc…
    The thing is all my friends have now moved to Australia, Holland, Ireland,France, Portugal, Spain, and Germany because in London everything is so extremely expensive, everything you do is on CCTV camera , the weather is pretty bad, people are unfriendly and young people keep killing eachother.
    and what’s with this “white people” business?
    What kind of white people are you talking about? People are people!
    Bloody hell!
    Love and Peace

  445. Sorry about typos by the way!

  446. I love this site!

  447. Canada has free medical and cheap pain killers, right?

  448. Nice. Nationalist and racist. =D When the black people dislike someone or something they normally use the term, “Pop a cap in their ass” at least once.

  449. I live in Canada.

    We don’t want you!

  450. Actually, there’s a joke up here that if you want to get away from it all, you go to Cuba…I’ll let you figure the punch line out on your own….(It may have to do with the fact that there are no Americans in Cuba…)

  451. omg…i do that all the time

  452. on February 26, 2008 at 5:22 pm Mrs. T.D. Gaines-Crockett

    Darlin I am about as white as they get and Canada or Europe either one is about the last place you’d find me saying I want to go to. I like my feet planted right here on good ole USA soil thank you very much!

  453. Everybody has hates about thier country, i hate the people in my country, i could quite happily live in England (That England UK to you Americans) with just me and my kids.
    Im gonna watch little house on the prairie now. Nite all x

  454. this is so true. I said something to this effect the other day, except I threatened to move to Europe. Does that make me Canadian already by default?

  455. Ahhh this is great!! Can’t stop laughing! Here’s 2 I’d like to submit:

    1- Talking in question form.
    2- Self-Loathing

  456. Funny. My attitude about this whole thing may be even more offensive, or at least offensive to Canadians who (I’m told) really don’t like this sort of thing but — a few years ago I really started learning lots about Vancouver and was digging the kind of city that it was. Then started wondering idly about moving there. It wasn’t until way down the line in the process that I realized I’d actually have to EMIGRATE.

    Yes, Canada is not simply America’s seldom-pondered northern reaches. Sometimes we have to be reminded about that.

  457. this is actually, qutie sadley I might add, absolutely true.

  458. I have heard some crazy things befor, but this takes the cake,(vanilla to be exact!!)

  459. Me, too, dammit!
    I’m moving to Canada!

    Uhhh….are there any trailerparks in Canada?

  460. That’s IT! I’m moving to Mexico.

  461. I feel like this is phoney. I feel its phoney because all this is over rated. If there not down with the rules or laws they would move. Yeah whatever that dosent sound real. I dont like alot off rules you dont see me moveing acroos the country or even moveing sates or houses. If they dont like the rules just live threw it like human beans. There is alot of things i dont like and i live threw it and get over it. If they dont like whats going on im pretty sure that they would just break the rules like smokeing weed i dont think that they would move to another place.

  462. I always thought that Canada is one of the nicest states in the union.

  463. on February 26, 2008 at 7:34 pm michaellucianojr

    I feel like you know me; I’ve read maybe 40 of the posts, and have never felt more understood.

  464. Could “White people” be code for~

    “people for whom concepts of social justice
    and concern for the environment are merely trendy” ?

  465. ikea, pottery barn, crate and barrell…furniture shopping in general

  466. I’m an Albertan. Please, nobody else move here. We have enough problems with all the goddamn Newfies in the north and Americans in Calgary. This province needs to throw up a wall around its borders or soon there will be no Canadians left here!

  467. God, *dramatic pause*, apparently I am white. My tally so far is alarmingly high.

    “That’s it, I’m moving to Canada!” was the first thing I uttered after watching Bush win his first term in office while drinking an americano lounging in the great hall of my small private liberal arts college where I studied International Economics and Environmental Science….

    I haven’t seen Seinfeld appear yet?
    That has to be on here… and probably South Park too.

    I, of course, don’t watch TV… but have probably never missed an episode of either of these.

    And Skiing? Come on.

  468. hahaha even the font is white guy font i love it i would be slightly offended if i wasn’t laughing so hard

  469. OK, Uh…Clem (#185), I am HOWLING at your post, and love the fact that you are using a Firesign Theatre name reference.

    As a lifelong born-and-raised Canadian, I love reading all the different takes on my feckin’ amazing country, especially from Americans, informed or otherwise. I love the USA, love NYC, but I think it’s a fucked-up country because the vasy majority of its populace is so incredibly myopic and completely unaware of the rest of the planet. 5% of Planet Earth’s population using 20% of its energy resources. Sheesh.

    Anyway, our weather isn’t that bad, people. Like Pittsburghers, who love to propagate the myth that their town is a run-down, dirty steel city (whereas in reality it’s a beautiful metropolis) to keep people from moving there, Canadians love to perpetuate the myth that Canada is frozen all-year round, that we live in igloos and ice houses, and the like. It’s a hoot to read Americans writing about how fucking cold it is (supposed to be) here. I live in Alberta – we don’t get ALL that much snow (compared to decades past) – and it just isn’t that bad. I bbq all year round (sorry, I “grill” all year round), even when it’s -40F/C. I mean, who gives a shit if it’s cold out – a bbq’d steak or salmon filet or pork tenderloin will taste just as good when it’s done.

    Frankly, our health care system blows the US version out of the water and into outer space. We are a kinder, gentler nation. I work with many Americans who have moved here, and love it, despite the cold weather. We live with injustice and there is crime and shit happens – but as a country, we don’t suffer from having to continually believe we are Number One at all times. There is no one greatest nation on the planet, but Americans are taught to believe it is the USA and God forbid that another country might actually consider itself to be in the same league.

    My American cousins were raised in Minnesota (go Vikes, go Twins!), and throughout their 12 years of school, studied only US history, nothing else. I was astonished. From a short distance across the border in Winnipeg, where I grew up, we could compare notes, so to speak. I watched my cousins grow up in an environment where they were taught that it was important to be faster, cleaner, better, no – the best, number one, AT ALL TIMES. I always thought that was way too much pressure.

    Anyway, this blog is a hoot – it’s hilarious and brilliant and all too true. Well, most of the time. The question is: are all these observations an indictment of how boring and predictable us white people are?

    BTW, I don’t drink Perrier water.

  470. BTW, Rasta (224), your post is brilliant, I’m still laughing.

    This might brand me as being an unpatriotic Canadian, but I believe Krispy Kreme kicks Tim Hortons’ sorry pasty ass. Thank God KK has a store in Calgary (only a three hour drive away).

  471. I threatened to move to Canada when the 2000 election was stolen, but decided to stay when I knew that’s what Bush would want me to do. But I swear, I’m moving to Canada is Hillary wins.

  472. Canada is great. However, it is one of the countries with the highest rape cases. And yes it’s got high tax. I guess the high tax is justified with the education and health care system…. but I wouldn’t wanna go back till I’m a lot older.

    A lot of young people are moving to other countries after college because they want to save more money for themselves instead of paying the high taxes. That’s why they are in great need of young working professionals.

  473. I discussed moving to Canada with friends of mine several years ago–all of us being LGBT and worried about the GOP ascendancy. I suppose I still might go ex-pat some day, if things got bad enough. For the time being, I enjoy giving the right-wing fundies something to complain about, and I retain a bit of the “it’s my country too, damn it” attitude.

  474. on February 27, 2008 at 12:39 am mossad5764 (cory)

    I’m a white american who moved to Vancouver, Canada. Although I never threatened to move here, I know many people who have threatened this before and think this article is totally hilarious.

    About the weather, Vancouver has the best weather, yes it may rain and we only see the sun 2 a week but hey we’ve got Whistler and semi-legalized weed.

  475. Swedes should threaten to move to Finland.

  476. did anyone mention how much white people just loooveee to masterbate. especially woman with their toys.

  477. on February 27, 2008 at 2:29 am name goes here

    When I see the far too lax sentences here (UK) I often threaten to move to America.

    To the many who’ve pointed out the ease of blaming white people for stuff, and how un-constructive that is. I think it’s a very white thing to encourage the view of whites as some slave master race. Basically ‘Rage against the Machine’ wouldn’t happen in any other country – because only white people, and people living in a white culture, would be so in love with it.

    My suggestion for a ‘things white people like’, fake enthusiasm for crap. And inappropriate reasonableness.

  478. Point of reference: Europeans threaten to move to Australia. Another common destination for the British is Spain.

  479. hahaha brilliant blog (great replies too)
    down here (NZ) looks like the right wing scum might clean out the elections this year (our right wing is americas center left) O_o sucks, but I’m buggered if I’m going to Oz, it’s 3000 degree desert over there! hehe
    p.s Americans, please support your national Rugby side, they looked really good at the World Cup last year (certainly better than we did O_o jeeeesus…)
    chur chur 8)

  480. Where do Canadians threaten to move to?

  481. on February 27, 2008 at 3:57 am vampy_heartagram

    pftt like we want nz scum over in aussieland …. esp those who think its all desert …

  482. OH MY GOODNESS. this made my day honestly.
    im from canada. born and raised. in a little farming community. and i moved to englad! Yes we have internet. we do not have the highest rape rate.. dont know where that came from. tim hortons is a amazing. haha really canada is a great place. and here is why

    1. you can drink when you are 18, legally
    2. you can ‘smoke up’ without getting in too much trouble.
    3. in the winter you can go snow shoeing, skidooing, skiing, snowboarding, sleading, make a snow man, igloo, ice fishing, hockey. blah yada yada yada.
    4. in the summer you can do basically anything you want because its sooooo nice out(in my place at least)
    5. canadians are friendly people.
    6. free health care
    7. who cares about the taxes. if you think about it you are still only paying £1 for a beer
    8. our national food dish is poutine. aka cheesy chips and gravy
    9. hockey
    10. we have mounties. who are crazy looking police officers.
    i could go on and on and on.

    so yes. you do want to move to canada

  483. on February 27, 2008 at 5:06 am Fausse_Quebecoise

    I’m an American who did move to Canada (or Quebec–which doesn’t count). Many times it seems surreal and I believe it doesn’t really exist, other times it is just like Berkeley with snow and crappy public service.

    Take the example of Starbucks. Yes, there is Starbucks here, but:

    ….your favorite muffins have all been re-formulated to contain flax and/or caramel
    ….the new/regional things you like aren’t available
    ….it costs 1.5 times as much even though the “loonie” is allegedly worth a dollar
    ….your ***** hand freezes off even while carrying a hot coffee cup!

    On the plus side, I’ve learned a lot of new swear words and can annoy French people by correcting their grammar and spelling with a strong Quebecois drawl. Tabarnak que t’es con, mon hostie!

  484. on February 27, 2008 at 5:17 am Sweet and Sour Sauce

    Hi I love your site! So funny and so true, it’s like a white version of a Chris Rock show!

    Anyway, i’m in the UK, and i’m always threatening to move to the USA

  485. Winter here in Canada is ruthless. Right now its about -10 degrees and a windchill of -24! It’s awful…its either really cold or really hot here. Anyways Canada is a good place to live. You get security here as long as you work hard enough.

  486. You got that a bit wrong.

    Europeans threaten to move to Australia. British Europeans do anyway. My brother actually did, and now says it’s the best thing he ever did in his whole life.


    If you said that you would move to Canada if your candidate does not win…you should just leave. A real American would stick with his/her country in good times and bad.

    You opportunists go to Canada and stay there. Let the real Patriots stay in the country.

    And Tara, you said you are offended — then don’t come to this person’s site…..have a bit of SELF censorship if something offends you.

    Iranian Ajax

  488. So, so happy I moved to Canada. Best decision I ever made for myself and my children. No more worries about affording health care for them. No more ridiculous racial tension. I couldn’t care less that I make less money here, my quality of life has improved tenfold in the past year.

  489. something else white people like- passive aggressive behavior.

  490. “Note: Europeans are unable to threaten to move anywhere.”

    Unless they’re Scottish, in which case they’re probably already in Canada… or New Zealand…

  491. Oh and Jack (comment 492) Canadians do move. They go back to Scotland!

  492. Just to clear up some misconceptions:

    Population of Canada: 33,000,000

    WHITE majority: 86% compared to (U.S. 67%)

    Languages spoken: English (French, about 23% mostly Quebec)

    Multicultural country: NO Multicultural major cities: Yes

    Winter Weather: Dec. to March – cold and snow (except British Columbia) with brief spells of warm temperatures.

    Summer weather: July to September – warm to hot, sometimes even reaching over 100F in some areas for a few days.

    Longest national highway system – east to west, just under 5000 miles long.

    As a Canadian-born white guy, I log onto American Renaissance website every day — http://www.amren.com/

    Yes, we have internet service in Canada.

  493. on February 27, 2008 at 8:25 am American in Canada!

    Holy heck… where to even begin in responding to this blog and the comments… the ridiculous comments, so I’ll add my own 😉

    I did threaten to move to Canada if Gov. Shrub won in 2000… well, he didn’t WIN, he stole the election, and here I am in Canada… then he stole another one, and I remain here.

    But I’m in Nova Scotia, not Toronto, Montreal, or Vancouver… To the person who said there’s not much internet in Nova Scotia… now I see why Canadians say such ridiculous things about what Americans say about them! My goodness, there’s more free internet here than anywhere I’ve been in the US, and I’ve been to 46 states. And to everyone commenting on the weather… yes, it does suck much of the time, but not any more than in Pittsburgh, Buffalo, Boston, etc… actually the weather here is pretty much the same as New England, just a day later and a few degrees colder.

    For those Americans who have the glorified image of Canadian health care, and for those Canadians who have the atrocious image of American health care – here, they say, well at least we don’t leave people dying in the streets because they don’t have health care… no, they just leave them dying on waiting lists!! I’ve never had such awful health care as I have here. Yes, all Americans should have access to health care without the risk of going bankrupt, but the Canadian system is not the answer, well… unless you move to Alberta, which is really just a cold Texas!

    And then there’s politics… dang, how could they let the mini-me of Gov. Shrub become the Prime Minister here?????? UGH! And it looks like he’ll stay in the next election because the “liberals” were so stupid in electing their leader!

    And then there’s those of you who say that leaving the US was anti-American, unpatriotic, etc… B.S.! I just refuse to pay taxes to such a corrupt regime – we need some serious regime change in the US! I have been very involved in getting people to vote – from abroad, and from within the US. During fall 2004, I took a van load of university students to Maine to campaign for Kerry and the local Democrats running for office; I called people in the US and encouraged them to register to vote, asked if they knew where to go to vote and found out and let them know if they didn’t, and asked them if they needed a ride to the polling station, which would then be arranged for them. I did a hell of a lot more than the majority of people who have been sitting on their butts doing nothing to change things but yet they do a whole lot of complaining!

    As far as where people want to move, and whether Canada is “open” for immigrants… Canadians want to move to the US even though they incessantly bitch about the US! Australians move to England, and Brits move to Australia or Canada (there are a ton of them in NS). And Canada is definitely “open” – at least in the Atlantic provinces – they need to replace all the young people who have moved to the US!! They actually have an “immigration strategy” to encourage people to move here.

    Oh, and as for Georgia and anonymous… I had to stop reading the comments, especially from you. Georgia clearly needs to get a life!! Georgia and anonymous really need to start their fight somewhere else, where it might be relevant!

    Get a sense of humor everyone! This blog is hilarious! But I have to just also add that it really does apply to Canadians, not just Americans… and it applies to “hipsters” as someone else said, not just whites, and not all whites… it’s the trendy people of the world… I fit some of it, but can laugh at all of it!!

    Finally, to #501 – who said that white people like to be passive-aggressive – that person must be in Canada, because I’ve never encountered such passive-aggressive people in my life!! But they’re all way too “nice” to ever admit to anything bad.

    The American in NS 😉

    ps – God help the USA from another stolen election!!!!

  494. Hi. I know you were trying to make a joke here, but there is a reality that can’t be ignored. Canadian immigration from the US is very high right now.

    I’m one of them. I moved up here a year ago.

    Canada is certainly not utopia. But the most important thing to me is that Canada does not torture. http://weblog.xanga.com/mezamashii/641329365/in-torture-news.html

    Also, if you are interested in moving to Canada, here is how I did it. http://weblog.xanga.com/mezamashii/637704061/how-i-moved-out-of-the-us.html

  495. on February 27, 2008 at 9:21 am The Great Canadian

    The last thing we need up here is more whining, useless, bloody, liberals. Please go somewhere else.

  496. I didn’t even vote for him, but if you really think he stole not only one election, but two, then stay in Canada. I’m sure we can replace you w/ a smart Mexican.

  497. personally i don’t see the humor in this blog.. all i see is an indirect way of showing one’s disgust for white people..
    and btw, i moved to Canda too.. all the way from Europe.. and yes, i am white.. so?
    you should keep all the posts from your personal point of view.. don’t make it a general fact.. you don’t know all white people..

    this is my opinion..

  498. Here are the countries I have thought about moving to
    1) Canada (Vancouver)
    2) Australia (Melbourne)
    3) New Zealand

    I do not like cold weather (or hot for that matter)

    The biggest stumbling blocks are
    1) Polar Bears in the city streets
    2) Yeti
    3) Hoth and AT-ATs
    4) Being frozen and then thawed out in 500 years ala Buck Rogers
    5) Aldo Nova
    6) Anne Murray
    7) Rush
    8) The invention of basketball
    9) 110 Yard Football field
    10) Buffalo Bills moving to Toronto

  499. Saving Muslim women…..Another potential topic?

    I can’t wait for some of the responses to that comment. “Well, they need to be saved!” Why don’t you try asking one of them first, before bombing their countries back to the stone age, in order to redeem their women folk from the evil clutches of their mysogynistic, goat screwing, bomb building, violent and hairy fathers, brothers, and husbands (of which I am one)….White people have been running this line in regards to the Muslim world since Napoleon and even before..

    CAN I PLEASE WRITE A BLOG ENTRY ON THIS? Please? Better yet, I can speak to any one of a number of intelligent, articulate, educated and independent Muslim women who would jump at the chance to write about this particularly deadly fetish of alot of white folk….

  500. 509- “and btw, i moved to Canda too.. all the way from Europe.. and yes, i am white.. so?”

    So is your igloo big enough to fit your whole family? And is it true that the Eskimos have 38 different names for snow?

  501. guilty. i threaten that everytime i potentially hate an elected official.

  502. Duh, everybody knows the new cool place to run off to is New Zealand.

  503. Do not forget cashing in our 401(k) and opening a B&B!

  504. The cultural mix of Canada is interesting. You have Toronto, Montreal and Vancouver that are very racially mixed and then you have the rest of Canada that is very white. I think the U.S. is more evenly dispersed.

  505. 493 love you too sweetheart lol

  506. #470 Trailer Park Barbie– yes, you bet we got trailerparks here, in fact you should try to catch Canada’s best (and fuckin’ hilarious) TV show (I think it’s on cable in the States) “Trailer Park Boys.” Bloody brilliant!

    #292 & 309– Canadian Bacon is called either Peameal Bacon or more often Back Bacon.

    And winter in Canada does suck, that’s why we all vacation in Florida/Cuba/Mexico…

  507. on February 27, 2008 at 12:23 pm amanda whiteside

    I know there is a large Asian population in Canada… but what about other darkies in general? Celestials are acceptable b/c they make great food. I’m not leaving the good old USA for a place that may or may not have a higher percentage of darkies per capita. Anyone know the White to darky ratio?

  508. Why do blacks smoke those disgusting menthol cigarettes?

    Possibly the idiots think the menthol prevents lung cancer?

  509. ^
    why r u so concerned about what blacks like?
    This blog is about white people…, asswipe.

  510. my first reply

  511. Bobo, your such an inelegant boob.

    Blacks smoke those stupid menthol cigarettes and think Red Lobster is the big time in Canada too.

  512. Jean Renoir, this site was created by a white guy, so do try and contain your malicious bile and your penis envy towards black folks. Thanks…

  513. Holy crap, I leave for a week and SWPL has a couple million hits. Damn. And BTW, wtf. I though my Sigg bottle was ahead of the curve.

  514. Dear Amanda Cracker (#519),

    You sound like a bit of an idiot so please reconsider moving up here, but, if you must, go to a smaller city (e.g., Halifax, Regina, Victoria) if you want a high white/”darkie” ratio.

    Yep, large amounts of Asians – both South and South East – are found in all Canadian big cities. Blacks are mostly found in Toronto, although there are some in Ottawa, Montreal and Halifax too.

    Why am I even telling you this?

  515. i think you mean “a country that is only slightly DIFFERENT from yours.” “slightly similar” implies that Canada and the US are radically different and there’s only one or two recognizable things between them. If they’re only “slightly similar,” then you might as well move to any other country that has human beings living in it.

    Overall this blog is a great idea, but poorly written. You are so, so, SO close to being wickedly funny, but your delivery isn’t subtle enough. You over-explain your jokes, hit the same point too many times, and overtly state things that you can better hide behind snide/innocent-sounding remarks. Again, you’re SO close, but not quite there.

  516. Long Live KKK. Hell we gonna take our country back!!!!!!

  517. I love this! Not only am I white, I am a middle class baby-boomer. Talk about being part of a pen full of sheep! Baaaaaa!

  518. I do much like the Canucks, but they indeed have great hockey, beer, strip bars, and donuts. The only thing they are missing is Cahonies… bunch of westernized frenchies with overpriced cigarettes.

  519. OMG! I am whitest person on the face of the earth! I just bought my husband a stainless steel water bottle from REI (card carrying member) so that he wouldn’t use the toxic Lexan bottles. I pretty much meet all of the criteria on this list. Now I have to run home, eat a burrito, wash it down w/ tequila and crank the Vicente Fernandez to try and regain some of my “Mexican-ness”! Un dia triste en el barrio…ay,ay,ay. Seriously, this list should be renamed ‘How to spot a liberal’. Oh yeah, I drive a Volvo, too! Ejole!

  520. Don’t move to Canada. WE don’t want you.

  521. Wow! I must be white. BUT I’M NOT. i guess i should go back to africa.

  522. The world be so much good now if white peopless all just die. We Chinese are rulers soon!!!

    White people are end now. Black and asian will be free again.


  523. Chinese are power now. White people is end. Europe and America, Canada and Aostrlia will be controled by Chinese.

    Then all non-white peopless will be free again. It is the end for whites now.


  524. This blog is racist and anti-White. I feel hatred and contempt coming from the words against my folk.

    This blog is Canadian, right? Well, there are Human Rights laws there that say you can’t do this.

    All it takes is one people (white or not) to complain and you’ll be jailed, fined and your site taken down. Don’t believe me?

    visit RichardWarman.com to find out all about the man who’s doing this to people who discriminate against people based on religion, race and ethnicity.

    This anti-White propaganda is being praised by White people. That is shameful.

  525. Whenever I read the comments on this blog, it makes me want to move to Canada

  526. on February 27, 2008 at 8:55 pm controlling chaos

    CANADA must be great. I only live a few hours away, go fig. I knew I was missing something. Well since I’m white, I guess I’ll have to move tomorrow. This site cracks me up.
    [ didn’t think the it would get this many comments ]

  527. Blah blah blah… i am tired of over 500 honky thoughts. My dad lives in Toronto and loves the HONKY TONK ANGELS.

  528. My family, and by extension I, actually moved from Europe to Canada, and then on to Alabama for the superior medical research here vis a vis Toronto. My uncle, who remained in Montreal comes down to do research here.
    I can sometimes see people’s skin crawl when I tell them that.
    Other Canuck and Continental expats just nod and move on.

  529. Oh god, haha.. this made me laugh so much.

    I first asked my dad when I was a teenager, “Can we move to Canada?” when Bush got voted into office.

    Ahh. I have not threatened again since but don’t count me out now!

  530. Read about this website from an article in our local paper (San Jose Merc.) It’s friggin soooo HILARIOUS! What’s funny is that some people just don’t get it. Oh well, that’s the way of the world. Will probably be a must read book on Barnes and Noble or Amazon soon no doubt.

  531. AWESOME! very funnny 🙂

  532. no, we move to japan.

  533. on February 28, 2008 at 12:53 am vampy_heartagram

    517 rowan I’m sure you do…
    i still haven’t gotten answer to wear australians move…. just as i thought… there is no answer… you would have to be crazy to leave australia

  534. Threatening to move to Canada isn’t what it used to be…. We didn’t end up decriminalizing marijuana, we elected “George W. Bush Jr” (aka Stephen Harper) as Prime Minister, big business are getting tax breaks while everyday people are having their taxes raised routinely on one item or another, our health care system is in the shitter (try waiting 5 or 6 hours in a hospital to see a doctor only to get the same advice you’d get on the back of a tylenol bottle), the manufacturing industry sucks and is all being moved overseas, just to name a few things.

    The weather in most areas, mind you, is a myth. about 50% of your states have the same weather we do (cold in winter, hot in summer) so that excuse just doesn’t fly anymore.

    We’re becoming less and less “Liberal” on a daily basis so any hope of a utopia up here is a myth.

  535. “The weather in most areas, mind you, is a myth. about 50% of your states have the same weather we do (cold in winter, hot in summer) so that excuse just doesn’t fly anymore.”

    With all due respect, that does not alter the claim that the weather sucks here. It only supports the claim that it also sucks in many states of the USA.

  536. European (well, British) white people threaten to move to Australia / New Zealand all the time.

  537. White Europeans threaten to move to either Australia or New Zealand 😛

  538. Realizing that this post is included in this, it is annoying that the VAST majority of the replies on this website are missing the point.

    Instead of disagreeing with points, which don’t all you offended people take a look at yourselves. I am tired of reading that “Europeans actually do threaten to move to Australia.”

    Just read the sentencez: “Note: Canadian white people threaten to move to Europe. Note: Europeans are unable to threaten to move anywhere.”

    It’s funny! So stop correcting and bitching about everything and just laugh. Gaaaawd.

  539. It’s called White Flight.

    Liberal English folk always mess up the countries they’re in…and then get out when they can’t stand it anymore. See Detroit.

  540. I would actually strongly disagree with putting this item on the list.


    There is actually a long history of Black folks going to Canada. This isn’t just a white thing or even a middle class liberal yuppie thing.

  541. As a Canadian I see the humour in all of this, but I also find it pathetic. Not the humour… but the whole idea of the empty threat to do something you’d never intend to do. It just highlights how ignorant most Americans are of Canada. And it is far from perfect.
    Instead of making empty threats about doing things that you don’;t understand, go do something to make your situation better where you live.

  542. I threatened to move to canada. I moved to canada.

    its not that great.

  543. “I was born in the land of plenty and now there’s not enough”

    ………………………. Steve Earle

  544. i am a fag

  545. on February 28, 2008 at 11:51 am Samuel Martinez

    I think that it just is not Americans hat wont to move to Canada. I think that all people no matter the race smokes weed so that would make more then one race go to Canada. I also think that the people are not leaving because of drugs they are leaving because every one is loosing there house. They think that if moving to Canada the can start off fresh. The Canadian government accepts Americans because the treaty they have between America and the government is totally opposite.

  546. The comment about Europeans is not quite true. You forgot about New Zealand and Australia. When white people want to get out of the UK, at least they movie to either New Zealand or Australia, depending on their social class:

    Working Class: Australia
    Middle Class: New Zealand

  547. I think white people have to have everything their way or not at all. White people think they can save the world or make everything perfect.

  548. It says that they want to move somewhere only “slightly similar.”
    Don’t you mean only slightly different?

  549. #545 Where is your question? I can’t didn’t spot it before you ‘still haven’t got an answer to wear (lol) aussies move’.
    If they stay put in Oz thats fine by me, apparently about 1 in 9 NZers live in Oz now, and thats a good thing too.
    Also, I never said it was ALL desert, you obviously can’t read (in addition to not being able to spell or take a joke)
    anyways continue as planned 8P

  550. Nope, Europeans don’t have anywhere to go, so they have to strike and/or riot. It’s actually fairly effective, though, so that’s okay.

    #558: those aren’t Europeans, they are English. Not at all the same thing.

  551. I’m moving to Canada so I can spend the winter in Cuba!

  552. White guy’s posts should be deleted.

    He is definitely NOT going to be moving to Canada! 😀
    We have enough of the little racist pukes.

  553. I can’t stand California anymore. I’m moving to Arizona.

  554. It’s funny how people are the most offended by things that describe them perfectly. How about one on insisting that you aren’t “open minded” if you don’t feel exactly the same as them on some issue?

  555. Don’t Eurpoeans just threaten to move to another european country?!

  556. Don’t Eurpoeans just threaten to move to another european country?!

  557. I am pretty sure that marijuana is illegal in Canada.

    Nice article.

  558. It’s true!! If anybody has seen Definitely, Maybe… the little girl threatens to move to Canada at one point 😉

  559. So only Americans are white? Where do Canadians threaten to move to? Or are Canadians considered another shade of pale? Last I checked, I’m pretty white and Canadian. Wait, I never threaten to leave my country when stuff happens that I don’t like. I vote and complain and suck it up, cause I’m not a princess or American.

  560. on February 28, 2008 at 5:54 pm vampy_heartagram

    my question was posted ages ago… gosh i made a typo it should of been where …. and you said it’s 3000 degree desert over there … that is kinda calling all of it a desert … i can take a joke… i just like annoying randoms on the internet

  561. White man friend me good…

  562. on February 28, 2008 at 7:00 pm truecrackahforeal

    “How do Americans really feel about Canada?

    We don’t…

    That is, until we run out of natural resources. *Knock, knock, knock* Oh Canada, ehhhhh, we’re out of wood.”

    -Jon Stewart

  563. Crap, here in Marburg (Germany) we are all always threatening to move to Canada but if all the Americans are moving there we will have to reconsider!

  564. Canadians don’t threaten to move anywhere on account of the fact that even if you travel 2000 miles you still in the goddamn country, crap it takes over 24 hours just to drive from Toronto to the next province west – Manitoba and christ its like -45 there today so why the hell would we want to do that (we only go the other way to Montreal – 7 hrs if we want to go hoeing as the french women are loose)!

    My cousin in Yellowknife was complaining today that his children had to stay home from school today as it was only going up to -52 (before the wind chill) and so as it was not reaching -50 it was felt that it would be prudent to keep the kids at home.

    on the plus side, we just found out that we have had our 12th year of a budget surplus and now our gross debt has declined to only 25% of our gross domestic product (the lowest in the G7). On the bad side our minority conservative government followed the lead of its god George Bush and increased the size of government and program spending by 15% last year, thus eliminating any future surpluses just as they get booted out of office, and damning their successors with a deficit and debt.

    Most of us think we should build a border fence to keep everything south of the border south, American, Mexican and everything else, we don’t want it (unless they look like Megan Fox or Jennifer Garner – we love brunettes, all the good looking redheads are already in Canada).

    We do like to fight, thats why our national sports are hockey and lacrosse, drink – as long as its real beer not that piss water called bud, is that like it hopes to bud into a real drink one day or something?

    Anyways, no matter where you live life is never a bed of roses no matter how much dope you add to the mix, so I figure you just got to suck it up and blow out the indigestion the best way you know how.

  565. “76 mare
    I threatened to move to Canada. And then I did it. If one can call Montreal part of Canada of course.”

    This is a stupid comment.

  566. The people who say this blog is offensive to white people crack me up. I’m white and liberal (actually liberal, none of that leftist nazi shit), and i’ve never seen a blog as spot on as this one. Kudos to the author!

  567. Very nice blog, I saw it on a co-workers screen and have had some very good laughs. Someone pointed out reverse racism and I have to say that it doesn’t exist. It’s a very clever way of white people saying “Hey! This shit isn’t supposed to happen to ME!”

    I’m a black guy living in Calgary and I love my country. I like the fact that I can be who I want to be. I can listen to Mos Def (MWAHAHAHA), have Chinese food for lunch and listen to Hank Williams III to round out my day.

    I’ve got relatives in the US and I’ve been there numerous times whenever I go I find myself thinking “These people are so afraid of each other.” I very much like some of the things that Americans have done for the world but it really seems as though you don’t want to support each other and become a great nation. I’ve used the word “become” because many people in the world now wonder what has happened to your country. I truly hope that your country turns itself around.

    My observations on things white people like:

    commenting on black guys dicks (what’s this obsession?)
    being fat, shirtless and painted solid colors at football games
    heavy handed sexuality instead of sensuality and seduction
    qualifiers of statements like “but”

    Cheers from Canada, the larger country to the north of you. (Only Saudi Arabia’s got more oil than us. HA!)


  568. Germans sometimes threaten to move to Sweden or the Netherlands! Or Denmark, to a lesser degree. I guess this is because these countries are supposed to have an even better health care system.

    Still, nobody ever threatens to move to Austria, Switzerland or Belgium although they could even speak German there.

  569. This site is awesome!

    I’m pretty white, though I tan well, and while I don’t like everything listed here, I threaten to move to Canada at least once a month. I want to live in Toronto, regardless of the politics.

  570. European white folks threaten to move to New Zealand.

  571. You’re right MacTavish! White people DO like to be painted at a football game.

    As for the empty threat of moving to Canada, I don’t think people truly mean it. It’s just another way of saying, screw it. or i give up. I mean, how many times have you heard someone exclaim I coulda’ killed him! It’s not like their REALLY going to kill someone. It’s an expression.

  572. Threatening to move to Canada is so passé. Patagonia is the latest threat locale. You can smoke all the weed you want there.


  573. Shut up Liz, you idiot. I bet you frequently state the obvious, don’t you? Do you know how annoying that is, and how annoying you are? Get lost, Miss Obvious. Oh, it’s “they’re” and not “their,” by the way. Polish up on your grammar before you post, you moron.

  574. Rastas #224. Your entry slayed! -a Canadian

  575. the only reason i would move to canada would be to get away from niggers

  576. “Note: Canadian white people threaten to move to Europe.

    Note: Europeans are unable to threaten to move anywhere.”


  577. White people only threaten to move to Canada because the alternative is Mexico and white people are too lazy to learn spanish.

  578. on February 29, 2008 at 8:50 am Jim Van Meggelen

    Canadians do not threaten to move to Europe (or anywhere for that matter). We know that we already live in the best country on the planet, so if we don’t like it there’s really nowhere to go.

    What we do instead, is complain.

    A lot.

  579. Ha ha ha!

    Jim Carrey, a definite white guy, once said Canada was a “frozen hostile wasteland”. It’s frozen because of the weather and hostile because of the prevailing belief “down here” that the French hate Americans. And vice versa.

    I’ll tell you what I like about Canada. I like their National Anthem. It’s really pretty. Plus lots of Canadians in spite of themselves sound just like Americans.

    When I threaten to move out of Texas (which is often), I usually threaten to move to Hawaii or Ireland or back home to Maryland.

  580. Dear Nigger Hater,

    You’ve probably never heard of the underground railroad (look it up) but it went to Canada. But really, come to Canada if you want too we’ll still be nice to you (even if we laugh behind your back).

    Oh, and it’s Mr. Nigger, thank you very much.


  581. Everybody knows that Canada doesn’t let white people immigrate anyway so white Americans are being turned around at the border in droves.

  582. canada – we are truly a nation of tree huggers – we love everyone and we have the best indie music/film scene in the world- i will admit nyc is pretty cool – just not into your health care system –

  583. on February 29, 2008 at 9:55 am A person who looks white but really isn't

    I’m threatening to move to Dubai…bump that

  584. Considering moving to Dubai? you may want to visit first and then understand that Canada is the better of the two choices.

  585. I’m a Black guy and I remember vaguely White people threatening to move to Canada if something they don’t like may happen: Alec Baldwin threatening to move to Canada if Bush were elected or something like that. I don’t remember a Black person saying this: too damn cold andd most Black people hate hockey. Anyway, the next time I hear a White person threaten to move to Canada I’m gonna crack up laughing and think of this blog.

  586. Actually, I do have relatives living in Canada…

    I would argue that LIBERAL white people threaten to move to Canada (or France) and CONSERVATIVE white people threaten to move to Australia.

  587. I’ve only read a few so far; mostly all funny. However, the stats are not correct. These so-called scientific findings are not the feelings of the all the white people at-large.

    For example, take #75 – Threatening to move to Canada.

    AMERICANS ARE NOT RUNNERS. The larger—greater—percentage of white people will NEVER leave the United States for any reason – ever! The part about moving to Canada (or anywhere else for that matter) is not all that true; unless the white person is an illegal, avoiding taxes, or running from the law. Our main tenet is, especially if we are die-hard Patriotic Americans – we stay and the disagreeable person gets the boot!

    We don’t move to Canada; nor do we wish anyone we disagree with…to move to Canada, unless they’re Canadians. We prefer that folks go back to the land of their ancestry; and if they don’t have one, then we say they should just live on a deserted island or in a totalitarian nation somewhere else. And if it’s a politician we’re pissed at, then the general tone is “impeach” him/her or “That’s what you dummies voted for.”

    If it’s the law(s) we don’t like – we say, “It’s the price we pay for FREEDOM and the best country in the world”

    The number one reactionary response simply put is this: “If you don’t like America – GET OUT!”

  588. on February 29, 2008 at 1:24 pm Soap MacTavish

    Regarding ancestry I’m sure that there are more than a few casino owners who would prefer that you did indeed go back to your land of ancestry.

  589. Hey! I DO have a relative in Canada!!

  590. This website is a laugh-riot! Very creative; excellent stuff — keep it up.

  591. Well I’ve never been to Canada ,Does any one know how to become a missionary??very creative is right.

  592. I live two blocks from the place portrayed in your photo of Canada.

    This blog might more correctly be entitled “the American Dream…the morning after”.

  593. Hahahaha.
    Oh Gosh this is hilarious. I love that people threaten to move here. And your right–we do threaten to move to europe!!!
    Wow. We’re always like “damn americans, we get no respect.”

  594. oh, and by the way, over 75% of Canada is white.

  595. We’re lucky! Filipinos (or the ethnic group Ilocanos) could move anywhere in the world.

  596. on February 29, 2008 at 6:37 pm The Canada of the South

    Water in bottles? what will they think of next. We have to drive our SUV to the billabong and compete with the non-white indigeonous population for our supplies. The red tinge is quite a feature. It’s been less stressful down there since Kevin Rudd said sorry to the blackfellas

  597. on February 29, 2008 at 6:44 pm I love being White

    I might threaten to move to Canada, but not for some weasel liberal political reason, and not to some Paki-Turd World overloaded dump like Toronto.

    It must be awesome to live in Nova Scotia or Newfoundland, and have a clean White society to live in, no crime, no rapes, no weasels, no Semites (Jews or Muslims), no Pakis……wow!!!

    One’s kids could have a normal life like Whites once had in the US not even too long ago. (I remember when Whites didn’t have to lock car doors at the grocery store.)

    When Canada was White people didn’t have to lock their doors, today they have to. Gee, I wonder what’s changed?

  598. Dear “in Toronto”: It’s not that great because you’re in Toronto, try any other part of Canada that doesn’t consider itself to be the centre (that’s “center” for the Americans) of the universe. . . Vancouver or Montreal for example.

    And yep, I threaten to move to Europe everyday! Nice call.

  599. Although I love and miss Montreal, I threatened to move to Amsterdam and did. So there 🙂

  600. I have often told others that I was moving to Australia (since it looks more like my home state of Texas) but i have never told anyone i was moving to Canada, why would I, Why would anyone move to Canada.

  601. “Note: Canadian white people threaten to move to Europe.”

    this statement is redundant: you could have just said Canadians, since there are only white people in Canada…

  602. “Note: Canadian white people threaten to move to Europe.”

    You could have just written Canadians: there are only white people in Canada…

  603. oops, thought the first one didn’t go through

  604. on March 1, 2008 at 10:52 am righttwisted

    *whispering in your ear* There’s not enough room here, we don’t want you.
    I hear Newfoundland is pretty much empty as the Newfie’s are all in Alberta working…I wouldn’t wish ANY ONE of you on them! They are the kindest, nicest, most-loved of all Canadians! Boy do they like their musical comedy!
    poster #594 We just don’t let the DUMN white one’s in…I guess that’s why we haven’t let any of ya’ll in for awhile.
    Canada=a land of stereotypes…dope smoking, hockey lovin’, beer drinking, polar bear-riding, mountie-lovin’, igloo livin’, eh-sayin’, bacon-eating, syrup-lovin’, WHITE neighbours to your North.
    Fact: We have the largest Chinese population outside of China itself.
    Fact: Dope is NOT legal. (Sorry)
    Fact: We have more oil than you
    Fact: We have more trees and water than you. If we listen to your “not yet elected”, we may not HAVE to share ANY of these resources with ya’ll anymore….NAFTA be gone! (You’d be screwed!)
    Fact: Our $$ is now worth more than yours, please don’t bring your rupees up here and try to exchange them anywhere but at the bank. We don’t like them, they look funny.
    Fact: It does get cold here, really, really cold. In Victoria here we had SNOW this year! Thank goodness it went away the same day, and the flowers could continue to bloom in Feb as usual…;) A friend in Calgary said it got really, really cold last month, and it SNOWED there too! Thank goodness a Chinook rolled in and the snow melted so people could GO OUTSIDE!
    To those of you that do follow through with your threats-there ARE places to live outside of Vancouver, Toronto, and Montreal..
    I am so white it blinds me! To the owner of this blog; will you ever leave that hole you call home and move back to the GTA? Your Leafs need you…We need you.
    P.S. Could you bring back a Starbucks for me? We ain’t seem to git that way up here…

  605. on March 1, 2008 at 10:57 am righttwisted

    To #610 “I love being white”

    Umm, Halifax has a very large African-Canadian populace…Something about dumn ass Americans in the South and slavery, a railroad, and “being free” that made people “sneak out” in the cover of darkness…Thank you for them! It only adds to our Heritage!

  606. Victory Lap, Keep Going Mister Lander.

  607. I predict Portugal will be the new Canada.

  608. My prior post was #577 and I thought I would add to it the following words of wisdom:

    Caecus vir vultus super orbis terrarum quod said “sol solis est rutilus “!

    While I was obviously facetious in parts of my prior post to keep in the spirit of the lighter tone of the comments, I will say with more serious, Canada and the USA are not that similar, and I think in particular for most Americans, coming here might be a bit more of a culture shock then anticipated.

    I suspect that it is a utopia better perceived then realised by those uttering this threat. I myself have lived and worked professionally in 9 countries, and the allure of none was as strong as that of home.

    A great blog, keep up the good work.

  609. O.K. I am a white person and I find this website hilarious! I totally do not mind picking fun at myself. And I have threatened to move to Canada if Hilary becomes prez. It’s funny how true some of these points are!

  610. on March 1, 2008 at 1:27 pm white chick

    To 588: You are an absolute jerk. We are all created as equals–get used to it.

    To 590: Are you kidding me? Do you know how many Mexicans come to this country illegally and are too lazy to learn English? And I would never move to Mexico just cuz I am sick of their language–living in Miami for 10 years does that to you.

  611. I would never move to Canada. Canadians all hate Americans out of jealousy for our amazing, powerful country. So why go live there?

  612. on March 1, 2008 at 2:51 pm righttwisted

    #624 person

    hahahahahahahaha! hahaha! Choked on that one! Hope it’s warm in your bubble.

  613. on March 1, 2008 at 2:56 pm joni mitchell's poncho balls

    san francisco is the whitest city on earth. the entire city is moving to canada. they will even take their adopted section eight black people pets with them when they move to canada.
    all the angry lesbians and pissy queens are moving to canada.
    all the trust fund activists in black turtlenecks who secretly go to chile to fuck 17 year old prostitutes with babies are moving to canada. all the idiots with john kerry bumperstickers still in place are moving to canada. all the burning man snobs are moving to canada.
    all the canadians are then going to ignore them.

  614. I’m a USA white person who has actually LIVED in Canada. For 17 years, and became a naturalized citizen.

    16 years ago I moved back to the USA in California because I was so sick to death of the fricking cold grey endless winters.

    Although some of the people I love best in the world are my
    “fellow” Canadians, now that I am that oddity of oddities, a right-leaning homo, there’s no way I’d move back. Yank for good.

  615. Stuff White People Like has been stealing our website layout ideas. http://asians.thinkunique.net had Recent Posts and Top Posts before, and this site copied it.

  616. I love this site so goddamn much. I had no idea what was missing in my life until now. (sniff, tear)

    Regarding: Europeans can’t move anywhere.

    I agree for the most part, howver, there is an exception with respect to the French.

    I used to live in Montreal and there was an interesting subset of French ‘white people’ who were anti-France and moved to Montreal and would bitch about France.

    So at least for some white french people, ‘moving to Canada’ is also a reasonable threat.

    By the way, having been raised in Canada and now living the states, I can say that it is a country run by ‘liberal’ whites who secretly hate the brown and yellow immigrants that are the real economic motor. So USA white people who threaten to move there are really nothing more than British imperialists. The US is way more egalitarian with respect to recent immigrants (although the history of slavery and ongoing afrophobia in this country is a dark stain … arghh there I go being white again!)

  617. Europeans threaten to move to Scandanavia where everything is available on welfare, tax rates are so high that doctors take time off to do their own plumbing, the women are all tall & blond (but white), alcohol is $10 a glass & everybody is a drunk & the national sport is suicide.

  618. Oh man, I used to say this ALL THE TIME when I was like, 16. Mostly because I never got carded in Quebec ever. So enlightened!
    These days, I’m more into New Zealand. Even better, studying abroad in New Zealand. Haha.

  619. Really hip Canadians threaten to move to Iceland.

  620. TRUE – I think this all the time and my dad actually said he was moving to Canada last night

  621. iceland rocks!

  622. hey, i know, i’m going to threaten to move in with the person who writes this blog…he/she knows exactly what white people like, can’t be bad.

  623. I am a white guy who was/is concerned about the changes in the US and I moved out of country – to Costa Rica. Did I lose my right to call myself white? I am not a Tico (name for Costa Ricans) but can tan really, really brown. Am I a brown/white tico wannabe? Should I declare myself a new bird species with a cool name? After reading this article I am so confused. Is it the bloggers intent to engage the white mind in endless loops of logic. You cad.

  624. This blog is racist, against Canadian laws and anti-White.

    I feel hatred and contempt coming from the words against my folk.

    This blog is racist, against Canadian laws and anti-White.

    This blog is Canadian, right? Well, there are Human Rights laws there that say you can’t do this.

    This blog is racist, against Canadian laws and anti-White.

    All it takes is one people (white or not) to complain and you’ll be jailed, fined and your site taken down. Don’t believe me? Visit http://RichardWarman.com to find out all about the man who’s doing this to people who discriminate against people based on religion, race and ethnicity.

    This blog is racist, against Canadian laws and anti-White.

    This anti-White propaganda is being praised by White people. That is shameful. Why is it shameful? Because this blog is racist, against Canadian laws and anti-White.

    I can’t wait until someone makes a blog about Stuff Black People Like. I can’t wait for the anti-racist brigades to come sweeping in with law suits and cries of accused racism and hatred. Am I the only proud What man that sees this overt display of hypocrisy and hatred against White people?

    If there is one thing in this wonderful world of ours that is worth preserving, defending, and promoting, it is the White Race. Nature looked fondly upon the White Race and lavished special loving care in its growth. Of all the millions of creatures who have inhabited the face of this planet over the eons of time, none has ever quite equaled that of the White Race. Nature endowed her Elite with a greater abundance of intelligence and creativity, of energy and productivity than she endowed unto any other creature, now or in the millenniums past.

    This blog is racist, against Canadian laws and anti-White.

    It has been the White Race who has been the world builder, the makers of cities and commerce and continents. It is the White Man who is the sole builder of civilizations. It was he who built the Egyptian civilization, the great unsurpassed Roman civilization, the Greek civilization of beauty and culture, and who, after having been dealt a serious blow by a new Semitic religion, wallowed through the Dark Ages, finally extricated himself, and then built the great European civilization.

    This blog is racist, against Canadian laws and anti-White.

    These European White Men, then, with civilization in their blood and in their destiny, crossed the Atlantic and set up a new civilization on a bleak and rock bound coast. It was the White Men who drove north to Alaska and west to California; the men who opened up the tropics and subdued the Arctics; the men who mastered the African Veldts; the men who peopled Australia and seized the gates of the world at Suez, Gibraltar and Panama.

    This blog is racist, against Canadian laws and anti-White.

    It was the White Race who produced men like Columbus who crossed the unknown Atlantic; men like Magellan who first circumnavigated the globe; men like Michelangelo, Leonardo da Vinci, Rembrandt, Velazquez, Bernini, Rubens, Raphael and thousands of other geniuses who created beautiful and exquisite productions in the fields of sculpture and painting; geniuses like Beethoven, Bach, Wagner and Verdi who created beautiful music; men like James Watt who invented the steam engine; men like Daimler who invented and built the reciprocating internal combustion engine; production geniuses like Henry Ford, inventors like Thomas Edison; such a prodigal genius as Nikola Tesla in the field of physics and electricity; literary geniuses like Shakespeare, Goethe and thousands of others, untold geniuses in the fields of mathematics, in the fields of chemistry and physics.

    This blog is racist, against Canadian laws and anti-White.

    It was the White Man who spanned the continents of the world with railroads and super highways and electrical power lines. It was the White Man who created the miraculous world of electronics, ushering in the telephone, the radio and television. It was the White Race, who in a combined burst of energy and genius sent rockets to the moon and planted the feet of the White Man on extra-terrestrial territory!

    This blog is racist, against Canadian laws and anti-White.

    The brilliant accomplishments of the White Race are endless and rapidly expanding even as this is being written. All one has to do is leaf through the pages of an encyclopedia to appreciate the magnificent legacy of achievements wrought by the White Race through the centuries.

    This blog is racist, against Canadian laws and anti-White.

    What other race can even come close to this remarkable record of creativity, achievement and productivity? The answer is none. None whatsoever. None can even come close. In contrast, the black man of Africa never so much as even invented the wheel.

    This blog is racist, against Canadian laws and anti-White.

  625. Gordon, don’t worry, you are still completely white – half of Costa Rica’s population is US ex-pats – the currency there might even be the US dollar (I know it is in a few Central American countries, not sure if CR is one)

  626. zionismkills – you raise a lot of interesting and provocative points – I’d be interested in knowing what you think about this blog with respect to issues of race and the Canadian legal system

  627. on March 2, 2008 at 9:32 pm Rates Analyst

    Just FYI Australians threaten to move to New Zealand becuase it has a better position about nuclear than Australia.

    Though having the chutzpah to tell the US Navy they’re not welcome because they have nuclear submarines is quite an anchievement for a nation of approximately 4 million people.

    Though, given by the recent migration statistics to NZ, not many follow through on the threat.

    Net migration to NZ in January was 60. Not 60 thousand, 60 people. Like a couple of buses worth.

  628. This blog is racist, against Canadian laws and anti-White.

    Maybe if I post this several times in one message it will get my point across?!

    I’m def going to start to use that “I’m moving to Europe!” line everytime any shit happens in my life. I.e. the bus is late. Or I stub my toe.

  629. Actually, Europeans are moving in large numbers (British, Dutch, German) to places like the US, Canada, Australia and New Zeeland.

  630. Some of them actually do move to Canada.

  631. “white culture?” huh?

    What is this, some kinda yuppy white supremacist site or something?

  632. I’m currently at work and just overheard a co-worker say “If Mccain gets elected as president im moving to Canada.” I thought this was a little odd because she is a die hard republican.


  633. Hmmm. Though much on this site is funny, and obviously to be taken in good humor, I can’t seem to get my head around this one. Then I heard on NPR that the guy who runs this blog is Canadian…living in the US. This is a typically Canadian thing to do, and the fantasy that millions of Americans want to move to Canada is so very odd. I’d never move there. I’d actually prefer to stay here and make my home better. Ever been to Canada? Boring cities filled to bursting with strangely smug people who ask constantly “How do you like it here?! You know know, Vancouver is the San Francisco of Canada! Toronto is the NY of Canada! Most Europeans like it better here than America, you know!” Ugh. Give it a rest, this posting in particular is nonsense.

  634. its either canada or mexico.
    for the brief time i was in juarez, wow what a place.

  635. Wow, even sports journalists are using #75. Check out ESPN’s Bill Simmons:

    “I just love the fact Roger Clemens’ appearance at Jose Canseco’s pool party takes precedence over 41 years of professional basketball in Seattle with the people who run our country. Awesome. I’m moving to Canada soon.”

    Here’s the full link:

  636. Well, I live in Sweden and have on numerous occasions threatened to move to Norway. I have heard this from other swedes too, especially when people are angry on EU. When people would like a more liberal view on marijuana and prostitutes the threaten to move to Denmark.

  637. I would like to join Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger in inviting Canada to move to Cahleefohneeah. Yes, all of you. Move here.

    We have jobs and we have sunshine and you can buy sunglasses in many locations. Also, the pot is better here. It is not a drug, it is a leaf.

    You will be allowed to bring your bottles of water with you as we know this is important to you. You may need them; if we lose our valuable workers from Mexico, you will have to locate your own water and of course pour it for yourself in restaurants and other places.

    Stop toiling away with your snow shovel and your busy sweater. This is where you want to be.


  638. I would just like to clarify that Michael Moore routinely presents a ‘fictitious’ Canada. In Bowling for Columbine he visited Toronto and a ‘Canadian Ghetto’. The Canadian ghetto he visited is in fact a neighbourhood of subsidized housing and co-ops. It is a very nice neighbourhood known as lower sherbourne and the Esplanade…If he really wanted a Canadian Ghetto all he had to do was go up 3 blocks to Regent Park, arguably the most poorest and dangerous in Toronto if not Canada.


    However he chose to distort facts. He would have been rudely introduced to Canada if he had gone into Regent.

    Also in Sicko, he left out we have to go to Cleveland, Detroit and Buffalo for MRI’s because we dont have many here.

    Long story short, Canada has become some sort of multi-cultural scince experiment gone awry. You quickly realize this once you move here. I can’t wait to move to Norway.

  639. Oh, how this made me laugh!

    I’m Canadian and I live in Canada. As I write I have 4 feet of snow in my front yard. And really, you don’t want to live here. Taxes are high, roads are crappy and it’s a long drive from anywhere to anywhere.

    I go to the USA often, and I wonder, “Where do you white people get your information about Canada?”

    Please note:

    We don’t live in igloos, though we do like to build them with all the snow in the front yard for the kids to play in.

    We don’t all travel by dog teams, though many of us love dogs.

    But mostly, we don’t take ourselves too seriously, because, geez, if you can’t laugh at yourself, what’s the point?

    We almost called one of our provinces Bob. Get the joke?

  640. This is so hilarious! I’m a white American person who has absolutely said I want to move to Canada. (Hey, I have relatives there, so I actually do know what Canada is like.)

    But you’ve taught me something. Now that I know Republicans are moving there, maybe I’ll just stay home (knee deep in snow, 10 below, and just a few hours south of Manitoba).

  641. Or moving to Estonia, if you happen to be a white libertarian, because of the flat tax, hahaha!

  642. Gee Poor Canadians with all these Americans wanting to move there!

    Europeans always have New Zealand to move to.

    Canadians have…

    Australians still think there country is the best in the world and are too busy worrying about Muslims moving there, was asians then they realised their food was better.

  643. Canada used to be White, today far less so, and the attractiveness has diminished. That is pretty much the case with Southern California too. The lifestyle there was once legendary. No longer. Canada is stupid to accept so many non-Whites. Very stupid. In British Columbia, the Chinese do not even function with anyone outside of their race. It’s not good and getting worse. In the USA, in San Francisco there are huge swaths of the city inhabited by Chinese that could care less about any other race. Diversity is a joke, all it does it provide 20-something metrosexuals with more “dining options”. The metrosexuals still largely hang out with their own whether they are jews, liberal Whites, Asians, etc. They all self-segregate for the most part later on in life, most especially the jews and asians.

  644. Vancouver, the most beautiful city in Canada, is now under foreign occupation. The demographic might of the third world and the might of corrupt dollars from fast modernizing asia have proven too much for a small country like Canada. Unlike asian colonization of the past, no bayonets or violence was necessary. The overwhelming power of 3000 million people compared to 30 million in Canada left no doubt as to the outcome. Canadians have fled cities like Vancouver for resettlement and internment in remote northern areas on land of no strategic or economic value. All hope of a decent life has evaporated. As the natives discovered, once you are dispossessed of the good land you become powerless. Young Canadians are only finding work in the trades while asians are becoming doctors , chartered accountants,engineers, govt officials, etc. Our young women work for escort services servicing the large asian population. Vancouver is a beautiful city but we can now rarely even visit to experience the beautiful mountains and Pacific ocean. Corrupt and cynical politicians salivate over the asian dollars and the loyal asian voters. Our land, culture, language, history, and women are being horribly defiled by this invasian. Meanwhile, Hong Kong was quickly and quietly ethnically cleansed of whites soon after its 1997 transfer to the Republic of China. Whites are unable to even get temporary work in Hong Kong. All across Europe and North America a pattern of displacing whites with foreigners is occurring. Extremely racially aware non-white forces are moving to destroy white culture by overwhelming it with browns and yellows.ie illegal mexican immigration is encouraged by liberals. What can we do? We have to become racially aware. This means that we have to understand that people fracture along racial lines. For this reason, we must do whatever it takes to guarantee that we are not outnumbered.

  645. Yea, the whole family threatened to move to Canada when Bush won the second election but then we quickly realized the Canadian’s don’t want us, so we changed our… “That’s it, I’m moving to…New Zealand.”

    But we still purchase our horses in Alberta and visit Banff National Park on any pretense.

    I LOVE LOVE LOVE this blog!

  646. Been there – done it – not looking back.

  647. I would just like to point out that the reason white-people threaten to move to Canada is because it’s what young men of draft age did in the 60’s and 70’s to avoid going to Vietnam… guess it stuck with us.

  648. Love the blog. Witty and full of truthiness!

    As someone who has worked in and dealt quite a bit with Canada, and who is arguably about as White as you can get, I say no. In addition to its dread Nanny-State policies and a pseudo-socialism that makes even the People’s Republic of Massachussetts look like an open, liberal (in the global rather than US political sense) democracy, it is remarkably odd. In multiverse theory, Canada would be a minimally separated universe from the US – similar, but odd. And, as has been mentioned, there is the weather…

    In any event, Canada doesn’t really want spoiled white people to immigrate. They prefer plucky ethnic types hell-bent on improving their lot and that of their children through education and [muted] enterprise. Whinging Yanks who find 60% income tax rates a bit much would be most unwelcome in the Great White North….

  649. I’m sure you’ve heard it a million times…but you are just brilliant and I LOVE your blog.

    Thanks for writing it.

  650. As a Canadian, I threaten to move to Scandinavia or New Zealand. When I was young and stupid(er) I used to threaten to move to Australia, but now I know better.

    My father used to threaten to move to the US. Except we all knew he couldn’t.

  651. I’m waiting to read another topic on how some self-righteous WHITE Canadians do somersaults in explaining away how un-racist they are when discussing Black people…..and how the hypocrites bow before the gods of political-correctness while their self-deluding selves strut about pretending they are morally superior because they chatted with a black person, adopted a black baby, have a black friend or even married one.

    We see this general trait in our television commercials, newspaper/magazine advertisements. It seems every neighbour, office worker, industrial worker, school student, etc. has a black acquaintance.

    We even applied our employment-equity standards to appoint a Black immigrant woman as our Governor-General.

    Our own Native Indians have never even received this much attention, yet blacks, the vast majority who’re recent immigrants, represent only 2% of the population compared to 86% (not 75%) White.

    I think this blog was meant to see the humourous side of white people, but there always a serious side as well.

  652. And why would Europeans want to move anywhere else?
    OK, there’s always New Zealand.

  653. on March 4, 2008 at 5:41 pm James in TO

    HMMmmm…. Although I agree with some negatives written about Canada in the comments above, I really wonder what Northern Skeptic (comment 661) is smoking, as his comment about 60% taxes is completely out to lunch.

    For example, my wife works for one of the major banks, and last year on a gross income of 92K, she paid 24K in taxes. If one compares Canadian and US corporate tax rates, Canadian rates are lower. Personal tax rates are also mostly lower, although Canadians don’t get to deduct mortgage interest.

    I am not sure what pseudo socialism exists up here other then we have a publicly funded medical care system. When I watch American news and politics, one of the most striking things I find is that many Americans seem to confuse liberalism (which would probably best describe the majority of Canadians) with Socialism. They are not even remotely similar, and if fact liberalism, at is very core of beliefs, despises socialism.

    FYI, there are very few socialist in Canada. I don’t know any at all, not even one, in the hundreds, if not thousands of people, I know.

    Both Canadians and Americans have their own sense of community, and what they define to be common sense as a result of that sense of community. In Canada, we tend to think pooling capital through government to run the health care system, thus avoiding people leaving the hospital with $65k medical bills, and millions of bankruptcies due to medical expenses, is preferable to 20% of the population having no recourse when seriously ill, and widespread unequitable treatment.

    I have no clue what are nanny state policies, but I think that we have pretty convincing evidence that the Canadian Charter of Rights has been far more effective at securing individual freedom and liberty then the Bill of Rights in the USA, which has been trampled by the current administration in the USA.

    Nanny state to me is when the courts and government tell one how to live. Surprisingly, very little of our legislation has anything to do with telling us how to do that, and our court system is not politicized like the US system, and has had no problems telling government to bugger off when it has attempted to do such.

    Every single organisation worldwide that has attempted to quantify freedom, whether freedom of the individual, or press freedom, or whatever the measure, has ranked Canada far more free then the USA, consistently, for at least the last 25-30 years. The USA has a hard time making the top 30 in some studies on various forms of freedom.

    Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. For all most all of us, home is the devil we do know, vs the devil we don’t. So for me, Canada is an acceptable devil, and for you it is not. But if you are interested in a secular, multi party democracy (ie >2 and <5) with a non-politicised judiciary, and a professional civil service and police (none of this top 50 layers of government being appointed and sheriffs and district attorneys being elected) then Canada may seem more attractive. If you feel that such a system insulates the administrators from the users, and is thus not responsive to the needs of the public, then the USA is likely more attractive. Eye of the beholder….

  654. Hilarious post but trust me, as a Canadian…


  655. you guys are hi-fucking-LARIOUS! I love you!

    hoisting a vodka shot to you right now as I write. cheers.

  656. To Americans of any colour: stay the hell outta British Columbia!

  657. omg. I only cam on this site because my very white husband threatened to move to Canada today. Over if John Kerry would have won over Bush, I’m like “Shut up, get over it, grow some balls and do the dishes, white man.”

  658. I’d move to Canada, but I live pretty damn close to the BC boarder as it is. Many of the small coastal towns are very much like my small coastal town in Alaska. I’d take Prince Rupert or one of the small towns on Queen Charlottes over places like Juneau any day.

  659. #637 “This blog is racist, against Canadian laws and anti-White.”

    Hands down the best post I’ve seen on this blog. You are good man.

  660. Stay the f*** out of Canada you sons of b****es!

    When the Ethnic cleansing up here begins we don’t want to have to spend half our time wiping up Yuppie Yank ass.

  661. fuck you…nobody wants to really live there….stay the fuck out of the U.S…..HEY!!! yer outhouse is overflowing

  662. Note to white people.

    bashing Canada will not make the value of the dollar rise.

    nice try though.

    {= D

  663. on March 5, 2008 at 12:31 pm whistleblower

  664. on March 5, 2008 at 12:32 pm whistleblower

    Ok, fine, no html them.

  665. 4 items in and I’m already laughing out loud… because it’s true.

  666. on March 5, 2008 at 5:26 pm whitey pearlman

    what with all the white-created global warming, the land prices in Canada must be booming

  667. Most Canadians will move to America if Obama or Clinton wins the presidency.

  668. Dear America,

    We like to visit you, but we don’t want you in our country. Perhaps you’d like Australia?

    Hugs and kisses,


  669. Two corrections:

    1) Living in Canada is only slightly DIS-similar to living in America;

    2) The notion that Canada would be perfect if it weren’t for the weather is not a “white” notion so much as it is a “democrat” notion.

  670. hah, fun blog. 395 sarrrrah has it right.

    I’m American, white, gay, moved to canada to be with my partner (now husband, legally–yay!) from another country–not allowed to do immigration to the US. I have absolutely positively no regrets! Of course Canada isn’t perfect, but a friend’s family in Texas just waited in an emergency room for 8 hours for nothing, just like here. No difference, except here, everybody gets to wait! But you know what, Canadians live 2 years longer than Americans. Pretty good deal.

    And no, my taxes are barely different from what I paid in the states. In return, I never have to worry about not having health insurance, I have a well-functioning public transportation system, we aren’t at war all the time, and we have five political parties, something for everyone!

    I say “we” because I’ve been a dual citizen for 5 years now. Love it here. Will never move.

    Cheers, and hope you get a decent prez this year,
    Bruce/Vancouver, BC CANADA, a better country.

  671. white people ❤ canada. but i have family there. i’m jamaican and my jamaican uncle and his kids and his dad (my grandpa) and some of his half siblings all live in canada. apparently, ontario has a lot of caribbean people.

    but i digress, canada is kinda retarded. some places are just as bad as some places in the U.S. for example, the uncle i mentioned used to have 3 kids. 2 girls, 1 boy. well about 2 years ago, my cousin Brandon was living in some urban/ghetto part of ontario and was murdered by gang members.

    canada?..not so safe. i feel safer on my college campus in NEWARK, NEW JERSEY…

  672. Portuguese white people threaten to move to Spain

  673. Ah, we Europeans can threaten to move to a lot of different countries.
    UK, Germany, Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Finnland (this four are really popular), Ireland, you name it.

    And we can move every year without running out of “fresh” countries for a long time.

  674. Canada? Maybe Eddie Vedder. Count me out. I want to move to wherever “the swiss family robinson” movie was filmed. (there was no government there…right?)

  675. I am Canadian. I often think about moving to Sweden, because their socialist paradise seems so much better than Canada.

    I do kind of like Toronto, though.

  676. You forgot to mention no death penalty.

  677. Canada rocks….people should move here!

  678. ok…..lets quell all the I Love Canada Sooo Much talk for a minute. I have 2 reasons why Canada is absolutely B minus when compared to our mediocre US of A.

    #1 – does canada have any NFL teams?
    thats right, i didnt think so…

    and much more importantly, reason #2 –
    there are lots of bears. see upon first inspection, bears seems like a pro. this is incorrect. i am thinking more like massive F minus CON. did you ever hear about the audio tape of a man and his wife getting eaten alive by bears? if this happened to me, i would say that it would be extremely unsatisfactory.

    if you have any interest in that audiotape…

  679. on March 6, 2008 at 12:46 pm mommiemorris

    All the white people I know talk about moving to Australia…

  680. reading these comments, I’ve noticed that you left out “using big words to make their arguments seem more legitimate” from your list.

  681. Never been to the south………I do like Toronto though. diverse.

  682. on March 6, 2008 at 5:37 pm potatiskorv

    If you are looking for a Canadian, most of them can be found in Florida this time of year.

  683. “Note: Europeans are unable to threaten to move anywhere.” Don’t know about that, but apparently they are not threatening to move (or even moving) to the USA in any significant numbers. That must be because they are so uneducated they have no idea what a heaven-on-earth it is. Let’s hope they stay that way, huh?!

  684. 684 BruceMe

    awsome words of wisdom, and wasnt canada the first place to legalize gay marriage. Well anyway I live in canada and its has alot of snow right now where I am. I hate snow. I have not built an ice house yet. But holy its cold. I cannot wait for summer. But I do like that the medical system is equal for the rich and poor. It give people a feeling of humility, togetherness when we all have the same medical care. It would be hard watching a family have to go with out medical care, or a child. I am glad that we have a good medical system, and Obama said he will work on that, and if that happens it will help alot of people and I think thats great.

  685. This is great, but in your notes you seem to forget about the many white Europeans that choose to move to the US when their own countries refuse to finance their doctoral studies in literature, and who are later relegated to teaching language courses to white children with parents partial to multilingual education (post #78). Clearly these opportunities weren’t available in their sending nations, yet many whine persistently about how things were so much better back home. So some Europeans find themselves in a position where they can move to the US, and then complain about how Europe is so much better, and even threaten to return.

  686. oh…cmon…the europeans are and will be moving to MONGOLIA or CHINA, despite the lack of internet freedom…

  687. I escaped leftist Canada and am now living in the USA. Australia is the next destination when this place also goes to crap.

  688. Um, what if you threatened to move to Canada, and then actually did? Like we did in 2005.

    BTW, the weather in Vancouver is much better than the rest of Canada (a bit wet, but only for about 3 or 4 months). I guess that makes it the perfect place, according to this posting.

    We’re never moving back. Retiring here seems a lot safer than the country to our south that seems to be getting more and more into debt each day. Hilary or Obama may try and fix it, but the damage is just too extensive. I seriously doubt that the US will ever be a great country again; Bush and his henchman have seen to that.

  689. Who is this White Guy? Get a job racist.

    And try reading a book sometime, so you can have something interesting to say; instead of spreading your trash mouth everywhere you blog.

    Nobody likes reading your waste.

    You are an ignoramus sir.

  690. this site is really just a list of things that most black people DONT LIKE.

    not the other way around.

    F minus.

    now there is a site that everyone would like…

  691. on March 7, 2008 at 5:01 pm Glowinthe Dark

    Well, this site sums me up.Truly, I’m so white my mother (A UK citizen ’til she died-refused to be a US citizen and dragged us to Toronto to be with “civilized” people) used to complain that maggots looked suntanned next to me.

    I live in WNY, within an hour of Canada, so we just visit often, vacation there, and get all prescriptions and lasik eye surgery there. We get all our weather from Canada, so we too consider a day above 0 (Celsius or Farenheit) to be quite balmy, shorts weather even. (Gonna get a FOOT of snow this weekend, freezing rain and sleet too! Giddy up- there’ll be lots of fun playing in it later.)

    While many view this site as racist, I see it as healthy. It’s GOOD to be able to laugh at yourself and not take yourself too seriously. Heavens, when one is so white that one’s spouse can locate one in the dark due to the pale glow one emits, one cannot get too wrapped up in one’s self. It’s best to have a little Pinot (Noir if you’re really hip) and get over yourself.

  692. Did someone just call Canada retarded? We are speaking of the place where bears outnumber entertainment reporters, right?

    Last I checked, bears don’t jump in their beater cars and chase Britney Spears to Starbucks at breakneck speed on the off chance she’s forgotten to wear underwear again.

    Let’s be clear: the definition of retarded is a country like ours, where a guy who can’t use the plural of “child” in a sentence is still President. Retarded is allowing that guy to hang onto his job when he (1) calls Austalians “Austrians”, (2) is shocked that we might see $4-a-gallon gas prices soon, and (3) thinks we have decent healthcare in this country because “people can go to the emergency room”.

    I’m not Canadian and I don’t know many people who are, but I do look around here and see some retards. In their defense, I just had to speak up.

  693. One very important cultural difference:

    In the U.S. you have the right to bear arms, in Canada you have the right to bare breasts! That should about clinch it.

  694. CANADIAN…. where REAL football is played. Produce gasoline products for you and we have to pay $ 6.00 a gallon for gas because you lazy asses drive up the prices You are too busy drooling over your overpaid usless money hungry golddigging movies stars who are screwing you people out of BILLIONS of $$$ You can brag to your buds over at starbucks about how f ing wonderful they were when they were doing something that could ONLY happen in movies. OPEN your eyes and get back to real life. God told us the ANTICHRIST will be showing up in our everyday life. Maybe $$$ is what He was telling us about. I does buy DEATH ,HEALTH and Happiness as well as greed and overindulgence. You should be happy you live in THE most powerfull place on earth. LOOK AROUND Don’t get me started on 9-11 either. Start an invasion because Weapons of MASS DESTRUCTION ??? Follow the OIL MONEY and you will find the reason.I’ve got a few beefs on UFO’s too Laugh at the Canadians. We can piss off anybody in the WORLD and NOBODY is going to mess with us because the USA is our BIG BROTHER. Look at the globe and see who’s on TOP. NOW I’ll get to see some attitudes. Bye

  695. Probably a threat that will be heard less often, now that the plummeting U.S. dollar is so much lower than the Canadian dollar.

  696. A lot of Black People moved to Canada in the early 1800’s. They’d had enough…

  697. I look at Canadian islands in Lake Erie all summer long and am glad I don’t have to live there. The tourists who visit our island from Canada smell bad (haven’t you guys heard of deodorant?) and are abso-fuckin’-lutely the cheapest people around (except for African-Americans). They tip using quarters, bringing a $20 roll with them, and they also bring their own beer so they don’t have SPEND money on Budweiser, altho I’m not sure I can blame them for that. Then they dump their Molson’s trash on the dock as they leave.

    Hockey players are probably the only real men left in the country. The rest are such wusses, with bad teeth, eating lots of sugary things. No money for orthodontia, which is a very white thing in the US. I listen to WCKLW from Windsor and get such a laugh out of the feminist “healthful living” programming and how pacifisitic the country is. They should kiss our collective US ass for keeping them safe. Remember, a number of 9-11 hijackers got to the US from Canada. Ackroyd and Mike Meyers et al are a blessing for the US and show great intelligence in getting out of Canada and being able to keep the fruits of their talent and hard work. Only lazy-ass draft-evading Americans would take the coward’s route and move to Canada when their country needed them.

  698. i would move to canada or france or germay almost any where, i would have no problem becoming an expatriot . ever since the bush administration lied and cheated their way into the white house we are living in a banana republic if anyone thinks your vote will really count, you are fooling your self.
    our next ruler will be who ever “they” want to have rule our country. and believe it it will not be a democrat. unless they can turn them into a puppet too. we have been living with a dictator for the last 8 years! not that the democrats are much better. none of them give a fuck about the environment, or finding alternative fuel or helping the poor and middle class they are all just a bunch of whores.

    sorry about going on and on when this is just a place for fun and laughs and canada does not want us anyway nor do anyother countries. besides my husband won’t leave, he still sees the good here.
    by the way i am not suggesting you not vote i still will. as long as we are aforded the pretense to cast a vote i will be doing so!

  699. Okay…eh! I’m a Canadian living in California. What options do I have if I’m unhappy with the political climate. Do I threaten to move to Europe? My children DO have relatives in Canada! In all truth…I found this article very humorous..in a tongue in cheek sort of way.

  700. This just in…

    Europeans will threaten to move to tropical destinations.
    Like Fiji

  701. I hope you decide to vacation in Canada some time you useless fuck. I think I will just sucker punch you. And then force feed you uncooked Canadian bacon, since all you seem to do is stuff your face. You are a true American,so full of yourself and the idea that if it wasn’t for you Canada would be a communist state or a terrorist stronghold. C’mon invade us again I dare ya. We will burn your whitehouse down again.

  702. I love this website.

    The only thing that makes this more awesome is the dozens of angry comments of people who take the internet much more seriously that they should.

  703. well i have been to many providences in canada and have friends in b.c and have been there many times we love b.c winters are not so nice but you get used to all the rain and then the summers are amazing i will send my kids to my friends if there is ever another draft. fuck this country, i am ready togive “all” this up and move there now except my stupid husband won’t might have to take the kids and go w/out him!

  704. We bring our Canadian beer cause it’s REAL BEER. Have you tasted anything different about it ?? And when we do tip it’s because we receive good service from a person that serves us. Maybe it’s just POOR service is the reason why you don’t get LARGE tips from us Canadians. Think about it.

  705. #718 I agree about the beer, as stated in the initial post #711, my son is a total LaBatts/Molson addict, says it stronger, too. They take a boat to Pelee to buy the real stuff, and they have a great winery over there, too. Perhaps I was a little harsh re: tipping, but as a bartender/cocktail waitress, you learn to spot these folks a mile away, and yes, the service will suffer. Why stiff a college kid who is working at a job like this anyway? Are you such an insecure big shot that you can say I got lousy service at that beer joint and to get back at them I stiffed a 19 yr old server. Nice.

    I think part of the problem is that Canadians don’t get to keep much of the money they earn, plus the non-French among them are of Scottish background and tend to be “thrifty.” All the “aboots” and the “eh?” with a burr show that to be true. If you are a Canadian, please know that your great big, resource-rich country is being run to benefit a very few people and your laws are not being applied to all equally. My mother-in-law used to play golf in Palm Beach FL with the wife of the retired Bank of Montreal President. This couple spent the winter in Florida getting all the medical treatments and surgeries WHEN they wanted by paying for them the American way. I met some poor Canadian guy in a T-shirt shop a week later who was trying to figure how to avoid paying an excise tax on the souvenir t-shirts he was bringing back for his kids. He took a card out of his wallet and showed it to me, saying that this was all he had to do to get healthcare back in Canada. He said that was the most important thing to him. So you see, there really is a cost to something that the govt “gives” you for free. Sorry to go on so long.

  706. Just finished a family dinner. Another dinner where my dad ranted about the economy going down the crapper, how the American government is a bunch of imbeciles, and how if we were all smart, we’d move to Canada. Yes, we’re white.

  707. What are people proud of? “Americans are proud to be American. Canadians are proud they aren’t Americans.” Quote from Canadian overhead walking around Lake Louise.

  708. Okay, some of these are pretty funny.

    First I want to say that I take some offense to the whole “white thing” thing and it’s for this reason. I think that Canadians are much more colour blind (for those who can’t read Canadian, the translation: color blind).

    I have heard that in many big cities we now have growing black and white race issues. So for all of you who see things in terms of black and white…please stay home.

    For the rest of you: please remember to bring warm clothes.

    And as for where Canadians go. You will find a lot of them in Asia, teaching English. I am currently writing this from Korea.

  709. on March 9, 2008 at 5:37 am Kate Monday

    For Australians, the equivalent is saying “I’m moving to New Zealand!” Very similar culture, but with a more liberal approach to things.

  710. OK, first of all, this whole site is a trip. Just have a sense of humor, people! As an American, if we can’t laugh at ourselves, we’re in bigger trouble than I thought.

    With that said, my husband and I have already filed for permanent residency in Canada. I had the page bookmarked from our last embarrassing election, but now we’re really doing it. Got a job offer, and we’re heading north this summer. Couldn’t be happier.

    from post 721: What are people proud of? “Americans are proud to be American. Canadians are proud they aren’t Americans.”

    I am truly mortified at the state of our country these days. When we have visited Canada over the past year to make sure we really want to go ahead with this move, there’s a much different feel to “patriotism”. America’s time as a super-power has been pissed away by our recent governing, and we don’t have nearly as much to be proud of as we posture about. All the stupid things we end up fighting over here: gay marriage, socialized medicine, being the policemen of the world…Canada just sees the reality and makes the smart choices. I feel like they look at us the way we end up focusing on Britney. Like a bad car accident you can’t help but stare at…

    WIth that said, I know in my bones that I am an American. There are things I’m really going to have to work hard at to wrap my brain around…things that I can cognitively understand as being rational, but that are so ingrained in me as whatever American way of thinking, it’s going to be an adjustment. But it can really only be better…I look forward to being a Canadian soon!

  711. on March 9, 2008 at 7:38 am Inhale Mary

    Love the Canadian nickle. Has a foreign monarch on one side and a beaver on the other. Perfect.

  712. There are still very White areas of Canada that haven’t been spoiled by multi-cultural liberalism.

    I’d go to Israel where there are no blacks allowed, no asians, and no spics. Oh, but the racist jews don’t even want Whites!!!

    Let’s send them some more aid for their “democracy”. We need a White version of israel, a country that doesn’t apologize for not wanting to be infested with crap — oh wait we already had that chance and blew it, it was known as Germany in the 1930’s.

    What are the best White parts of Canada? Nova Scotia? That’s has to be bliss compared to dumps like LA and Albuquerque and El Paso, and New Orleans and Detroit and Orlando, and so many other deteriorating US cities.

  713. White dude-Whats he saying father???

    Fat guy priest-ehh Comander Cartier is saying….this nations name is Ka Na Daaa

    white lookin native dude-Ka Naaa DAaaa! (yes……… the village) Ka na da!

    White dude-Ka Na da

    smartass from behind-beg pardon sir but the word he used.. I think he really means those houses down there

    Fat guy priest-No No! beleive me I KNOW the word it means Nation and KA NA DA is its name

    -Keaaa Ka Da Da gan! (points to the village)

    Smart ass from behind- I’m sure it means the hosues the village!


  714. Europeans tend to threaten to move around within Europe.

    Eastern Europeans threaten to (and sometimes do) move to Britain.

    British people complain about all the immigrants flooding the country and threaten to move anywhere with more sun. Usually Spain, France, Italy, Greece or the Greek Islands.
    This is not hypocritical because it is well known that white Britons do not count as immigrants even if they move to another country. Then they are simply ex-pats which is very different and means that you do not actually need to learn the language of the country you are now living in.

    People in sunnier countries probably complain about all the British tourists and ex-pats. I’m not sure where they threaten to move to because I only speak English.

  715. The ‘Canada would be great if it wasn’t for the weather’ meme is a bit of a nonsequitor.

    Yeah, it gets cold and snowy pretty much everywhere, but weather never kills anyone here.

    In America you have to contend with ridiculous heat, tornadoes, hurricanes, flooding, out-of-control wildfires.

    I’ll take 200cm of snow in 5 months over tornadoes.


    Love this site by-the-way. As well as Stuff Black People Like. It’s funny that about half of each is so very true for me.

    Everyone must remember, these affectations have nothing do with race, and everything to do with culture. Anyone can have these so-called ‘white’ attributes, it all depends on the environment you grow up in.

  716. I actually went to Canada and came back. You get all that free health care, respect of human rights, reasoned law, care for the elderly, care for those with disabilities, no insipid oppression, less poverty and racism, yada, yada, yada. But at the end of the day, you pay. Income taxes are high, GST on everything and a trip the grocery store in Vancouver is a horror show. Milk at $5/gallon, chicken at $7/lb, bread $3/loaf — believe me, you don’t want to be raising a bunch of teenage boys in that country. It will kill you financial cause, after all, they eat a lot more than they go to the hospital.

  717. #729 – two little girls died of exposure this winter in Saskatchewan.

    Many more die in car accidents due to icy or other winter conditions, others die as a result of suicide caused by depression made worse by this awful weather, etc. The latter is why Canadian universities have ‘spring break’ in February. In Trent University, the suicide rate is so high that they have two spring breaks. That and Canada also has forest fires, awfully hot summers in many regions, floods, hurricanes and all else.

    #730 – you are right except you don’t get all the free health care you want. You get rationed health care. The government centrally plans how many surgeries and hospital beds will be available and if yours is not in the budget, you get in line and wait.

  718. on March 10, 2008 at 1:37 am German White

    > Note: Europeans are unable to threaten to move anywhere.

    Not true. Everytime I think about avoiding taxes (which could be another point of your blog :D) I threaten to move to Switzerland. Which I eventually should do.
    Because there are so much mountains to hike while not watching TV, I can go snowboarding all winter, and because all my work is on my apple macbook pro and backuped on my time capsule, there will be no problems at all.

  719. ehh canada..oh yea ill give you some maple syrup

  720. on March 10, 2008 at 9:20 am violet from van

    730 – yep, vancouver is expensive, more than any other canadian city. $3 bread, $5 gallons of milk, $500k 400 sq. ft condos. and minimum wage is still $6. go figure.

    731 – people die of exposure in canada all the time (esp. if they’re aboriginal and left in the cold by the RCMP to “sober up”). i’m sure people die of exposure in in the states too – minnesota, north dakota, montana and in any major north eastern city, esp if they’re homeless and on the streets.

    thanks to global warming, both Canada & the States have worse weather than ever before. there’s no magical meteorological force field running along the 49th parallel that differentiates our weather systems. new york gets snow storms, toronto gets to 40C / 105F in the summer. it’s harsh all round. except for vancouver / seattle. it’s just a little damp.

  721. on March 10, 2008 at 9:23 am beigely canadian

    THIS canadian is moving to the states as soon as you guys are done electing obama.

  722. “Within white culture, it is agreed upon that if Canada had better weather it would be a perfect place.”

    I found this one to be absolutely hilarious!

  723. only poor white people threaten to move to canada… its called health insurance and if you dont have any then thats why you move to canada

  724. Butttch dar heckle latch

  725. Parts of Canada actually DO have better weather. Vancouver has much milder winters than the northeast US.

    I’m white and I recently found out I’m eligible for dual citizenship through my mother’s side of the family, so I applied. Once I become a Canadian citizen, I actually AM moving to Vancouver. Take THAT, other white people!

  726. I would go to Canada, just because of the cold weather–because these Arizona summers suck. And I’m Mexican! I’m supposed to dig this sunny bullshit! That’s it–I guess I’m really white, dude.

  727. I know someone who always threatening to move to Canada. Considering they just bought a house, I don’t see that happening anytime soon.

  728. on March 10, 2008 at 12:13 pm controlling chaos

    Vancouver is a great place to live. I’m thinking about buying a Condo. That way I can move back and forth between the states and Canada. That way I’ll say I’m a North American. O’ by the way, this blog can apply to any Race!

    You’re either a racist or have lived in a sheltered home all your life. [I love the Snow and snowboarding so no complaints about the weather]

  729. That’s it, I’m moving to Canada. I’m gonna build an igloo.

  730. I think that European white people threaten to move to some country where there is little chance of other white people living 😉

  731. And Matt, all the igloos are sold out. Sorry brotha, should got while the gettin was good!

  732. Stupid me, I AM European and moved to the states.

    No, you don’t want to move to Canada, they got gay marriage, you know???

  733. Here’s one American who DID move to Canada.

    Vancouver is WAY cleaner and WAY greener than New York City. Costs about the same, but we have about the same culture and arts scene, with BILLIONS more in government arts funding.

    Oh, yeah, HEALTH CARE kicks in next month.

    Rock on, Ay!

  734. QUOTE:

    “Note: Europeans are unable to threaten to move anywhere”

    lol I’ve lived in Germany and France-

    met many ppl who threatened to move to America. lol

  735. the only reason i would ever move to canada is if a black man became president or the reinstated the draft because i am just a small rich white boy i dont no how to shoot a gun let alone kill arabs…..

  736. Actually Canadians will threaten to move to Australia…I am guessing Euros will too.

  737. As a European, I’d like to make it clear that I’m only moving to America if all the Americans move to Canada.

  738. Whites who want to run to Canada are too pussy to survive in Mexico.

  739. Conservative white people (do they count?) don’t threaten to move, they just buy another gun or call a talk radio show.

  740. This site is too funny, great job.

    Although we’re moving to Mexico if McSame wins. In fact, we might move there anyway. On the beach.

    And, no, conservative white people don’t count. Unless they live in Canada or Mexico.

  741. LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL can’t stop laughing, never seen something like this before……..shhhhhh……………………. I see white people!!!!!!!!!!!! LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL

  742. Well… as an old white lady… I searched and searched for somewhere I’d fit in here. I had no luck UNTIL… the threatening to move to Canada thing. I’ve actually done it!
    (Canada is way cool– pun intended– but don’t tell anybody.)

  743. ‘Canadian White people threaten to move to Europe’. LOL! Perfect! Totally true.

  744. This is hilarious because just a few days ago when talking to one of my friends about politics he said that if McCain won he would move to Canada. hahaha!

  745. on March 12, 2008 at 12:20 pm Canadian Neighbour

    I’m Canadian, from Alberta, and we threaten to move to Bermuda.

  746. I wish they would move to Canada. It’s usually the left-wing nut-jobs who make this threat.

    I personally would prefer to buy a boat and sail away to Costa Rica, never to return, if either Ba-roke or the Hildabeest wins. Canada is too damn cold, and I’m not interested in a health-care system where I’ll die of cancer befor I ever manage to get an appointment for an MRI.

    Then again…I’m not too thrilled about having a president that openly admits he knows little about economic theory, so McLame is right out, too.

    However, being a member of the complacent, over-taxed, head-in-the-sand lower-middle-class white-folks club, I can’t actually afford to buy said boat and will resign myself to instead continue bitching about how we’re forced to fork over nearly 50% of our income to people who didn’t actually earn it and are being held hostage by a bunch of hypocrites who are pandering to a class of people they have absolutely NOTHING in common with…all so they can garner votes and stay in power.

    The only reason college students are liberals is because they don’t actually have to pay the taxes yet that they are so adamantly in favor of.

  747. Rob…that’s nice, because we don’t want you here, anyway. It’s funny how everyone purports to hate the States and the bloody Americans, but people KEEP MOVING HERE. Stay home and fix your own damned countries before you start mouthing off about ours.

  748. We don’t want you. All you’ll do is complain about how cold it is and how warm it is at home. We already complain about how cold it is. We don’t need to be reminded that there are warmer places in the world. And I don’t want to move to Europe, it’s too expensive (silly Americans, Canadians are cheap-asses which is why Wal-Mart does so well here). I want to move to Morocco. It’s hot there and I can mention how cold it is at home.

  749. Fewf! I’m so glad they don’t go through with it. We don’t need any fat uneducated yanks coming here to use our superior healthcare and make our country worse than it already is.

  750. Wow. So this entire blog is basically every black comedian’s routine ever.

  751. #726 I’d go to Israel where there are no blacks allowed, no asians, and no spics. Oh, but the racist jews don’t even want Whites!!!

    Good one! Israeli citizenship laws are not too far off the Nuremberg Laws of 1935.

  752. In light of Rok’s post (#5) you should add “being the first poster” to the list

  753. If I wrote a Blog about Black people like the one you wrote about white people as my personal facts concerning Blacks you would Come OFF The Hinges . Man you so high on your own self you’ve lost touch with reality . Wish you the best PLAYBOY How you got as far as you have is beyond me ! Brad Boshart ROUGH LOVE RECORDS LLC.

  754. I am white and I’ve moved with my family to New Zealand. It still has some of the problems caused by globalization but great public education and social welfare state. I fear not much substantive will change back home regardless of whether it’s obama or hillary or, god help us all…mccain.

  755. Okay, so it is established that white Americans threaten to move to Canada, and white Canadians threaten to move to Europe. It is also well known that Mexican Mexicans not only threaten to move to the U.S., but do so on a regular basis in large volumes. In order to keep a balnce in the populations of different nations around the world, some one needs to threaten to leave Europe, and some one needs to threaten to go to Mexico. My question then is this…who the hell is threatening to go to Mexico?!?!?!?!

  756. French people live in Canada. I moved to Australia.

    /Aussie Aussie Aussie.
    //Just kidding, Australia sucks as much as the states did except it seems like there’s more violent crime and sexual predation here. Oh, the irony!

  757. Of course Europeans want to move to a different place. For instance we Germans want to move to Switzerland or the US. Check the top20 countries Germans are actually moving to:



    I’ve heard people say, lately, that “That’s it. I’m moving to Alaska.”


    It’s almost like you get all the benefits of being American, but somehow, because of distance, none of the nasty bits. Magical!

    Plus: Bonus Northern Lights and the hopes of meeting anyone even vaguely resembling characters from Northern Exposure.

  759. i just threatened to move to canada yesterday! really!

  760. I did move to Canada as well. It was a great idea and I’m glad I followed through!

  761. When Bush won for his second term, some of my friends did say “that’s it, I’m moving to Canada” . Yet none has actually moved to Canada.

  762. Sorry, we are are filled up. Best try your luck in Uruguay.

  763. Europeans may threaten to move to New Zealand…. Kiwis (aka the people of New Zealand) threaten to move no where. I have very good friends who live in NZ, and they could not be happier.

  764. HEY! White guys don’t fergit there’s still us Injuns in Canada, the gov’t hasn’t put them ALL in jail …. yet! And it looks like the revolution is building so maybe Canada will be reclaimed?

  765. For those that threaten to move to canada go we don’t want you anyways.

    To the authors I wouldn’t even say a majority say this.

  766. I lured my American boyfriend up to Canada. People don’t move to Canada. We choose who gets in and we’re very picky. Every Canadian adult is allowed two picks. If they don’t work out, they get sent to India to work at call centers.

  767. on March 14, 2008 at 1:17 pm Canadian Jasbina

    Um, why would any person want to move to the cold?
    Ok, and the Indian call centre is the only reason you know
    how to work ya damn computer!

  768. I actually did move to Canada for 2 years. Calgary. Was a good time. Had health care, mellow neighbors, and some of the most kick assed wilderness to wear my Mountain Equipment Co-op gear in. Living in Portland is about as good as it gets here in ‘merica, but wish I was still up north.

  769. Hmm . . . let’s see! Actually threatening, yes threatening to move a to country with an efficient universal health-care system as in “All right America, if my fellow Americans don’t vote the way I think they should vote, I’m leaving for a more progressive nation. Just watch me!” Yeah, that’ll show `em!
    By the way folks, we Canadians know the health-care isn’t `free’; we know it is paid for by high taxes, thank you!

  770. Oops! I sent the above post without first finding my reading glasses and proofreading. D’oh! (Hey, the prescription glasses were paid for by a benefit plan. Yahoo!)

  771. Oh, man. I threaten to move to Canada ALL THE TIME. Seriously. I do it at least once a day.

    And guess what? I’m white.

    Living proof, EH? (See, I’m a halfway suitable Canadian already!)

  772. Hmm… I’m a white male and European… guess what.. Im moving to Hawaii where my Asian soon-to-be wife lives (see the blogpost about White males and Asian women LOL) 😀

    Yes, us Euro peepz found a way out, this way we can make a circle and keep moving 😉

  773. LMAO! I AM Canadian and live in a White Person town and every other day people tell me (when they learn that I am Canadian) that they want to move to Canada! Most of the time I just nod but inside I seethe because most of these people are A-holes and frankly I wouldn’t want them in my homeland. Nevermind that I moved to theirs…but that was because of a White Person ex-husband.

  774. All of the Europeans I talk to threaten to move to New Zealand.

  775. Europeans need some balls to stand up for their homelands. If WW2 had ended differently, we certainly wouldn’t have any of these problems and whining. There’d be no Muslims in Europe.

  776. Metro Vancouver’s SkyTrain cars smell like fresh clean laundry hot from the dryer. Just sayin’…

  777. They also like to complain, if they live in Canada, about how internet contests are for the US only.

  778. Lmao, I don’t know how many times I have said that. This blog is hilarious and very accurate.

  779. I moved to Canada back in the seventies and was living off the land. The Canadians didn’t like that so they deported me. So I say Fuck them Canadians!!!

  780. Patriot 45: dood, wrong forum

  781. White Swedish people always threaten to move to Monaco when the taxes are raised and they can’t afford to hire black or Persian immigrants to tidy their back yards.

  782. Brazilians runs to Mexico

    Mexicans run to America

    Americans run to Canada

    Canadians run to Iceland

    funny, I’m thinking about running away to Sweden

    nude twister anyone?

  783. Look here…
    This site is mediocre at best. It is mildly entertaining. Half of the items on this list are garbage. The effort and thought put into this list is pretty embarrassing.

    if you want some actual funny entertainment/blog/writing/insightful/great stuff


    go for it.

  784. wow….im a black guy and i threaten to move to canada all the time. i think its a great idea actually.

  785. I live in Hungary (yeah, that’s a country, actually in the EU), and I’m white, so I must correct your second note. 🙂

    On the more apparent level Europeans (here meaning citizens of the EU) really do not threaten to move OUTSIDE the EU, ‘cos we’re so friggin’ smug about being European that this must be heaven on Earth, birth place of culture, the tolerance’s place of origin and even passat winds make U-turns in our precious little white asses.

    But INSIDE, the white people in the Eastern part of the EU are threatening to move to London (or Germany or Dublin or Paris for the francophiles). Some might threaten to move to the US, but these people are facing contempt, because of the stuff I wrote in the first paragraph. Interestingly no one threatens to move to Malta, or (ha-ha) Hungary, and no wonder for the latter.

  786. Europeans can go to Africa because we own it!

  787. Ha!

    I’m Canadian and I threaten to move to Europe ALL THE TIME.

    But I do admit I’d move back to California in a flash.

  788. on March 19, 2008 at 10:11 am Canadianaitlin

    I AM CANADIAN..lol..but I live in Southern California:)..The picture shown is Toronto my home town and it is an amazing, exciting city (with FREE health Care)! But…it gets to be 30 below in the winter and all I can say is…..HELLO California!

    By the way all the rumours are true..no crime, free health care, all white ppl, and we sleep with our windows and doors unlocked and wide open!..haha…..”Yah right!”

  789. on March 19, 2008 at 10:36 am Éirinn go Brách


    Please encourage Californians to move to anywhere but Denver. We already have enough Cali transplants and terrible traffic.

  790. If it’s winter, Quebecois threaten to move to Florida.

  791. on March 19, 2008 at 6:21 pm Nathan Simpson

    I’m from Canada, I threaten to move to Korea.

  792. Well this Quebecoise moved to Australia to get away from the hellish winter they’re currently having! Suckers!

  793. We actually visited Canada. My husband commented on how very NICE the Canadians are. He believes he might in fact be a nicer person had he grown up there.
    He grew up in New Jersey.

  794. Fellow white people, if you really want to be on the edge of a trend, then listen up: threatening to move to Canada is getting passe. I used to (like 6 months ago) threaten to move to Canada. Until I found out that tons of Arabs are moving there too. Sorry, but that kind of ruins the utopian mystique of the great WHITE north. Then the UNESCO/WHO Hapiness Index was published. The top of the list? ICELAND. That’s right, Iceland, bitches. Check it out- it reads like a cold paradise. But, if the temp. is a deal-breaker for you, my second new choice of escape is New Zealand.

  795. I would rather live in Canada with civilized people then live in America with the timeless Alabama porch monkey attitude. Just be lazy and keep complaining about being poor uneducated and oppressed by all things White(euro-centric). Thats the future for people that don’t want to go to “white” things like college and have to do corny white stuff like reading and research papers. Ya know, white, corny fag stuff! Bein a hustla, aspiring rapper or basketball/football player, thats where it’s at. Oh yeah its better to just drop out of high school, have multiple children out of wedlock, not work, be uber materialistic, be high on crack all the time and go to “Churches” that don’t preach the word of Christ, but militant racial seperatism. Here is another song that got old a long time ago. SLAVERY…yes it was evil, yes it sucked…sure it should never be forgotten. But it’s been over for a long ass time and anybody that was part of slavery on either side, is long dead. Time for America to move on, start over, buck up and stop whining like a bunch of fuckin pussies. God Bless America !lol . no GOD DAMN AMERICA AND ALL OF IT’S STUPID FUCKING PEOPLE OF EVERY COLOR AND CREED!(you deserve all of your leaders)

  796. on March 20, 2008 at 7:29 am International Woman of Mystery

    I don’t have time to waste with people who just make threats and don’t carry them through. We don’t want your kind in Canada, white, black, tutti-frutti or otherwise. I threatened to leave for Europe and the US, and I made good on both threats. In the end I returned to Canada. After living in these other places I have realized those who are just threatening to move here are missing out.

    Put that greenback where your mouth is and experience the great white north for yourself.

  797. [QUOTE= J.P.A.]especially since we saw Sicko, my wife and I have actually been planning to move to Canada. I don’t make empty threats — I act. We’re in the process of gathering paperwork and learning French for extra points on the application [/QUOTE]

    Don’t let the door hit you in the a$$ on the way out. People like you are pathetic losers. Jeeze…

  798. Oh, so true! I said it myself when Bush was re-elected.

    Lived in Oakville, ON one summer going to school…beautiful in the SUMMER but too cold in winter for someone raised below the frost line. You’ve got to love the canucks who know the words to “the Star Spangled Banner” better than “O, Canada”. I remember the men all had fantastic legs from all the hockey they played. O, Canada…I love your men in shorts.

  799. I think they should close Canada… just shut it down! Close the borders unknowing to the Canadians! Canadians piss me off. Damn Canooks!

  800. Moving away…
    Running away…
    Sure…crap up a place and then leave it for others to clean up.

    You fools are just moving to a crappier place…it’s just filled with crap that you don’t yet recognize.

    Guess I’m still “The Wrong Kind of White Person.” I LOVE MY COUNTRY!!!

  801. I’ve never heard a Canadian threaten to move to Europe, ever, and I’ve been here all my live.

  802. lol… i’ve said this before, but never meant it. canada blows just as bad as america. if i moved anywhere it likely be New Zealand or Norway.

  803. I just caught my boyfriend in bed with the cable guy, and I’m moving to Canada because even straight American men are just gay, gay, gay. Plus I studied Spanish at Miss Porter’s so I could communicate with the native peoples. I hate the Internet anyway so I won’t miss it. Are there big malls there? OMG, I need Prada to survive. I live in Hobe Sound so where in Canada is it tropical? Like, doesn’t it get really cold there sometimes?

  804. In highschool I used to smoke and drink with my other, mostly white friends, in the park that picture was taken in. And in university a couple friends and I went skinny dipping in the pool at the bottom of the hill.

    Us white Canaidians threaten to move to Europe… I would actually do it if I had the money (Iz a po cracka)

  805. I went to Canada once looking for some pussy, but when I saw those incredibly stunning Mountie uniforms on those manly Canadian men, I turned gay. Now I’m a full time homo and I enjoy “mounting” a red clad Mountie. I like White Mounties best, but I’m not bigoted and I’d like to try out some dark meat, if there are any Negro Mounties who want a good “mounting”.

  806. on March 21, 2008 at 6:22 am Luke the Canadian

    I’m White.
    I live in Canada.
    And even I threaten to move to Canada at times!

  807. on March 21, 2008 at 9:17 am Homo Canadian

    I am a gay, white, middle-class and well educated Canadian man. Although I am not an American, I identity with many of these blog entries, and find them quite funny. I guess being white is pretty much the same all round, right? (Although there was a thinly veiled barb in that last sentence, it’s kinda true, isn’t it? There are similarities between “white” people, if you look for them. Wow, I guess race IS a really powerful discourse through which we come to understand ourselves as people, isn’t it? I guess it must suck for people who have to bear the burden of racialization, while white folks, like me, just don’t have to think about it…except when they read blogs like this). Some gay American friends of mine have jokingly asked me if I would marry them so they could move to Canada. Yet, none of them actually do? I wonder why? (It’s not that I’m unattractive, so don’t even bother). I mean, I am in a profession where I may have to move to America for a job, and because I’m gay, I really don’t want to go. I want to stay in Canada, where I have rights, and legal recourse if I should find myself discriminated against because of my sexual orientation. Can you blame me? I guess I could live in New York, but, to be honest, I find most American cities (including New York) to be too racist for me; it unsettles my cosmopolitan, socialist, and anti-racist identifications when I’m forced to confront my own white privilege too much. All that said, Canada is far from perfect. It definitely has much to hang it head in shame about historically, as well as many problems with systemic racisms today. But I don’t want to leave, and I don’t understand why more Americans don’t actually move! It’s great up here!

  808. Hey 821, wait a minute while I cry some crocodile tears for you. Are you by any chance a gay man and a gay journalist?

  809. Actually, White Europeans threaten to move to Australia.

  810. on March 22, 2008 at 4:34 am Frank Johnson

    I would agree with #823. Libs want to move to Canada and enjoy the socialist regime, others want to go to Australia.

    To #821, no, the blogs describe Northeast Libs, Southern Cali type and definitely Canadians. This is not Southeast US (except for those that move there) and southern mid sections of US. Arizona, Texas, New Mexico, Nevada and so on. Desert White folks are definitely in a league of their own.

  811. It’s great up here, I moved from North Carolina 5 years ago, it’s got it’s ups and downs.

    Don’t worry we still have our share of redneck towns up here, so you can gradually ease into the great White North. I live an hour outside of Toronto in a town full of fat pasty engineers and tech millionaires who because they have money are trying to make up for a lifetime of being losers. The hookers are very happy.

    This Blog is hilarious and describes them perfectly in a satirical, non insulting way.

    Keep up the good work.

  812. emigration is not good

  813. on March 22, 2008 at 9:43 am Homo Canadian

    #822: Why cry for me? I’m living in Canada! I said I MAY have to go to America, but my fate has yet to be decided (and I can always say no, and stay here). And no, I’m not a gay journalist, I’m a nice, gay, PhD candidate in theatre history! Pretty gay, huh? I guess being an interior designer might be gayer, but still. Pretty white, too, I suppose as white people are, according to this blog, meant to like graduate school (which I do, although not for many of the reasons listed on the blog, but some, I must admit). Yeah, gay, Canadian, democratic-socialist (the democratic part is VERY important, and often overlooked by conservatives), and loving it! Open to getting married to Americans, too. But, only if I really like him, and actually want to marry him — no charity marriages, or marriage for pay here — I’m to white and middle class for that kind of thing!

  814. Europeans threaten to move to Africa.

    And then they do.

    I live in West Africa right now, and I can’t count the number of Europeans I’ve encountered who leave the hinterland behind and live above the law in Africa. As long as they have a few friends in government (their own national ambassador counts), and don’t piss off angry masses they can usually get away with it, and have a year round outdoor swimming pool to boot.

    Another thing white people like: dressing in traditional costumes of cultures other than their own.
    Also: Safaris and taking pictures of themselves chuckling at the map while “lost” in the bush.

    (N.B. Europeans/whites who get tired of life in Africa threaten to move to Bali, or India, or any other developing country where they can have a full staff of househelp. Then they will brag to their friends how the nanny/butler/cook/driver is almost like one of the family.)

  815. This is so funny! I remember in high school there was a Canadian chick who me and all the other whities wanted because she came from the “Great Non-Violent, Free Healthcare Land of Canada” that we had all seen in Bowling for Columbine, which had just come out at the time.

  816. The only price we pay to live here is the MOTHERFUCKING cold winters!

    Canadians appreciate their summers… like.. I love summer.

    Like…. MORE than just a friend!

  817. Ok, like, I think my boyfriend is definately seeing the cable guy for sex. I mean you don’t take the cable guy, of all people, golfing at the Medalist. That is so gauche, OMG Plus I found mens underwear in the Porsche and it was FRUIT OF THE LOOM, like, a really bad sign.. Antigua is off, and I am DEFINATELY moving to Canada, but I have to have a private beach and palm trees like here. I’m not doing winters but I have to leave the States for a while. Doesn’t the Gulf Stream go through Labrador or something to make it warm? Or is that just that stupid global warming thing or something? And I have to have a trendy mall with Prada or I’ll just die and never find a straight guy with money. Please help Plus I need Hispanic help so where is the tropical sort of Miami part of Canada to buy a beach condo. Where does the Queen have her place? OMG the maid is packing me right now. American men are all turning HOMO.

  818. I live in Vancouver and the weather is awesome. This is the only place where you can experience the four seasons in one day and frankly, it’s damn great. Especially on the days when you can go skiing in the morning and then sunbathe in the afternoon.

    Also, in response to the comment about how Asians only travel Paris and crowd the Louvre – I’m a Chinese Canadian and I’ve backpacked across Europe. I can’t say I’m part of the Louvre-crowding super-Asian bunch. Only FOBs do that.

  819. Haha, I just did a search of the number of times New Zealand would come up as the places Europeans would want to move to, and it was quite a few.

    Funnily enough, I am a New Zealander living in Europe. I think around 1/8 of the total population lives abroad. In saying that, I am threatening to move back – and I will 🙂

  820. You know not all issues are black and white.
    So why then put it out there that white people tend to want to leave then?
    Pure projection.
    You’re so used to following some conservative script that even when you try to talk about something else, a survay of white people, you can’t help getting all doughy eyed crying about how
    white people are leaving.
    If talk radio has you say things about illegal immigrants that you don’t like then force a choice upon yourself.
    Let us be friends.

  821. I mean, sounds like “if you don’t like the country leave then” garbage thrown around talk radio usually at liberals.
    In this case however it is used as a backhanded compliment.
    spider sense tingling

  822. there is deffinately internet in canada .. lol..

  823. “I know all about Canada. I grew up in Detroit.”

    That’s hillarious!

    Ever been past Windsor? Who’s the premier of Ontario? I guess you must speak French? You probably have received an Order of Canada from the Vice-Regal for your extensive knowledge!

    I didn’t know Windsor was full of Asian Commies! That’s alarming… What to do

  824. Australian white people threaten to move to New Zealand

  825. Because the state of Georgia has the only claim to the name? Common name for female Royals back in the day. 😉

  826. Alright, I’ll tell you. We don’t call it that, Americans do. We call it back bacon….

  827. Brits want to move to Australia or New Zealand … for the weather.

  828. I’m thinking of moving to Canada. All Canadians have a family totem pole, and they carry it with them wherever they go. This gives them a visible sense of identity, no matter where they are. Plus, it lets them show off their artistic flare. Canadians have developed extra layers of fat while still looking trim, on account of their superior adaptation to the cold, which keeps them warm without having to wear layers of clothes. I like that idea, since I don’t like cold and heavy jackets and sweaters.

    All Canadians are very nice and polite, since they see this as a way of distinguishing themselves from Americans. That’s why all their brusque comedians have immigrated to the US. Canadians do not appreciate brusqueness. Canadians can ski year round, and all Canadians are located within 25 miles of a Class A ski lodge. Public buildings all have indoor, heated swimming pools, for an alternative to constant skiing.

    Huskeys are the most popular dog, and I like Huskeys. Polar bears walk right through your front lawn twice a year, on their annual round-trip migrations. Sometimes, you will even see an eskimo kill one right in front of your picture window. They do it for the food, and you should not be shocked, because it’s part of nature’s plan. Most of the polar bears are going to die a slow death anyway, because of global warming.

    There are many more positive aspects about Canada, but that’s all the time I have right now. I’ve got to finish writing my speech for the national dialogue on race called for by Mr. Obama. Mr. Obama’s plea made me feel more warm and fuzzy inside then anything, except thinking about moving to Canada. (I may have to settle for San Francisco).

  829. Do you remember when the lying ‘Baldwins’ were going to move to Canada if thier ‘man’ did not win the Presidential Race… We are still stuck with them.
    I put them under the heading of ‘Whites’ we are ashamed of. (They just aren’t as fat as ole ‘Rosie’) What a white woman. She gives Whites, women, homosexuals, fat folks and comedians all a bad name. (Over Achiever)

  830. on March 25, 2008 at 12:17 pm Libertarian Pseudo-Intellectual

    Ummm… The majority of the aristocratic class in America votes Democratic. The majority of the UPPER MIDDLE CLASS votes Republican.

    Look at basic Marxist theory, which states that when the Bourgeois, capitalist, small business owning class, (aka the UPPER MIDDLE CLASS, aka Republicans), gains power, (as has been the case for the majority of the last 2.5 centuries in America), the monied aristocracy will attempt to use the government to garner the support of the lower and working classes to overthrow the bourgeois capitalist regime. (He also said the working class would overthrow the repressive bourgeois, and most people’s knowledge of his theory is limited to that). This is supported by the fact that the Democrats, headed by aristocrats like the Kennedy’s, push welfare and social programs that will benefit the poor, (which will draw the poor’s vote despite the fact that they are not truly being represented). The TRUE upper class does not have to worry much about paying for these programs for a variety of reasons. First, since these aristocrats have far more money than they earn in a year, the income tax does not substantially draw from their monetary reserves. Second, above a certain level, (which I would define as the highest point of yearly income for the upper middle class, a few million dollars), taxation percentage drops off, so that the top wage earners AND the poor are taxed at a lower percentage than the upper middle class, (who otherwise might have the money and education to threaten the growing power of the aristocracy in America). Thus, the upper class succeeds in taking power from the upper middle class, and at the same time increases their support from the uneducated masses receiving the money of the disempowered Bourgeois.

    Note that Democrats never push a Death Tax agenda, (which would rob the aristocracy of their traditional power), instead choosing to target those that are currently earning money through an income tax. Thus, the aristocracy get to sit on their money and hand it down to children who dont deserve it, while entrepreneurs who start successful small businesses are taxed at 35-40%.

    Please forgive any grammatical or stylistic errors, as I am quite incensed and only am taking 10 mins to write this. Just understand that it is incredibly ignorant to fully subscribe to very basic generalizations without a deeper understanding of the phenomena themselves.

    Thanks at least for your ears, though you may disagree.

  831. on March 25, 2008 at 12:26 pm Libertarian Pseudo-Intellectual

    No, there are no countries for people that love truly classical liberal government (libertarian, non socialist) because of an insidious socialist and ultra-PC force that loves to get into the education system of every country and corrupt its young with propaganda and misinformation instead of true liberal education. Oh, and intolerant religious Republicans ruin it, too. So, basically, its two sides waging war on just, liberal government. 🙂

    Here’s to Thomas Jefferson.

    Wow, I just posted on a blog… twice…

  832. First of all, Canada is so very close to perfect. Did you know? A few years ago Canada and South Africa were the only two countries in the world whose citizens were permitted to travel to any other country (I don’t know if that has changed or not due to the Iraq and Afghan wars, but at least that was the case before those wars). Second, my husband and I did actually leave the US — after threatening to move to Canada at least 2000 times — but we had to move to Belgium instead of Canada because hubs was able to get a job here (in Belgium). We are very happy to be here because we have a little daughter, and we don’t want to raise her in the land of the four-times-weekly school shooting. Also, health care in the U.S. is completley insane, and furthermore, we can pop over to Paris (which is white nirvana, according to this fabulous blog) in about two hours, on a very comfy train, whenever we want. Love it! Also, suggestion for blog subject: White People Love Europe. (Oh, and another one; White People Love Blogs / Blogging.)

  833. Are you kidding? I imagine your books will be quite “literal”, if not…. (And why is it necessary to move to Canada to be a writer?)

  834. Awesome! We moved to Europe.

  835. It is mightily amusing that people actually reply to posts on this blog like they’re serious. OMG.

  836. If Canada is impossible, northern California might do!

  837. Form your own! Get together, pool resources, buy an island, and make a nation. Fun!

  838. But then it wouldn’t be so funny! We know what he means. What if Chris Rock or Dave Chappelle (sp??) preceeded every joke with “Now you know, this only applies to a specific subgroup of the ethnicity in question….” Not funny! “Black people do this”, “White people do this”, etc. — funny if it’s sort-of true. I think these posts are cool too because a lot of them discuss things that not all white people do / like, but the people that do them / like them tend to be predominantly white.

  839. LOL the kid proofing one is great. What about pet psychology?? Probably fits in under “dogs”.

  840. Yeesh varg, racist much?

  841. LOL

  842. Your comment is great — but Canada is number 1! (And Belgium, where I live, is a close second.) 🙂

  843. Right-wing Canadians threaten to move to the United States. Left-wing Canadians threaten to move to Europe or New Zealand.

  844. on March 25, 2008 at 5:59 pm no slaves allowed

    Everyone with human decency wants to move to Canada. In the eighteen hundreds blacks where moving to Canada to be free.

  845. mais c’est en francais la internet a Canada, at least in quebec…

  846. usignola, i really hope that your post was a joke because using south africa as a positive experience for anything, with the exception of the oppression of the majority of a population of an entire nation or the complete monopolization of the diamond trade through questionable business practices, is completely moronic. i’ve been to europe and asia many times, but i’d say that the only place i would ever consider living is japan. people pay for their stupid, irresponsible decisions and the government pretty much stays out of the way of ordinary citizens.

  847. Blacks are asking the Whites to come back to Zimbabwe (Rhodesia) but it won’t happen and therefore blacks will live in a failed state, since they don’t have the ability to even maintain a successful one.

    Haiti, New Orleans, South Africa, Detroit……all the same.

    1 in 7 in south Africa as HIV. I feel sorry for them.

  848. you are a chink

  849. on March 27, 2008 at 9:32 am maniacal engineer

    having grown up in so-cal where you can wake up and have to make the decision about whether to go skiing or surfing – I am not impressed

  850. On behalf of all the white people in canada, we don’t want your white trash – that’s why we won the war of 1812


    We would however love some ethinics up here to teach us how to use the internets

  851. as a white canadian the number of european friends i have is proportional to how cool other white canadians think i am.

    and the one thing my friends from france told me they hated about canada is the gross amount of time it takes to travel between cities. consider this, when i drove from halifax to vancouver (coast to coast) it took me 6 days driving for 8 hours a day. there is nothing cool like the train system you have over there, and although our national park system is amazing, the cities are sub-par.

    hopefully berlin works out for you.

  852. Black liberals threaten to move to Africa

  853. Yes, there is definitely internet in Canada … and dictionaries and spell checkers too!



    Oh… never mind… It must be true about the US educational system… is there an educational system?

  854. There is no such thing as “race.”

    “Race” is a political term that serves the power elite. It is a term used to separate HUMANS, to instil fear, distrust and loathing in some cases, all of which serve to divert YOUR ATTENTION from real things like:

    Fox news lies to you every second it’s on the air.
    Your government is first of all illegal and secondly has a monkey heading it up!

    Oh never mind…

  855. This would be more appropriate under #11, “Asian Girls”. Also white people don’t say gook. Unless it’s a contraction of the words Good and Cooking maybe. We’re not allowed to be racist; we’re white.

  856. on March 28, 2008 at 2:07 pm white elephant

    I was going to move to Canada, but it turns out that their environmental policies are awful. They mow trees down like my white neighbors mow the lawn. In a few short years, I wouldn’t have anywhere to wear my performace outdoor apparel outside of Vancouver.

  857. I have heard a rumor that Canada does not have any African Americans? If this true?

  858. I like this one! So true!
    -a Canadian

  859. on March 28, 2008 at 9:33 pm Jeff Canadian White Guy

    Canadian accountants move to Bermuda

    Canadian oilmen move to Texas

    Canadian teachers move to East LA

    Canadian billionaires move to Florida prisons… (Conrad did, so can you!)

  860. I’m a New Zealander, and I moved to Europe a few years ago, am moving to Canada this month and ultimately would like to live in San Diego… so I guess this white guy is doing it in reverse.

  861. It’s true.

    We have African Canadians instead.


  862. on March 29, 2008 at 10:15 am Canadian girl

    Thankfully it is just “threatening to move” as most Americans would not enjoy living in Canada. After all, our national pass-time is making fun of stupid Americans.

  863. on March 29, 2008 at 3:36 pm like, you know!

    yea that is a comment for #11. and yes we all love gook pussy, if you’r white,black, but somehow mexicans just are not in that circle. HUMMMMM would go into details but will save that for another time.

  864. Don’t marry an American man! They’re all gay, gay, gay.

  865. Giv me that underwear back before you bounce forever, Muf.
    your ol man gave me this gayCalven Cline shit

  866. So, if Doris Lessing moves to Toronto she would be an African Canadian? Maybe I need a Venn diagram or something.

  867. Why be selective? ALL Americans are stupid.

  868. Ah…I see you live in KW. Or Cambridge, maybe….

  869. I’m another American who moved to Canada….twice.

    First time was for….grad school. Yes, I’m very, very white.

  870. to talk to a white person is to re-affirm everything they say.

  871. … but the internet in Canada does not have spell check.

  872. They threaten to move to Whistler, BC of course!

  873. The picture at the top of the blog: that was Toronto in the winter! Ew, yuck.

  874. mmmm, sounds like a lot like Kitchener and a small manufacturer of a cellular/email device that rhymes with “snack-cherry”. Receiving email to a cell phone? I hope the technology catches on.

  875. ^ true I lived in vancouver for 8 years.

    go canucks

  876. We Swedes usually say we’ll move to Norway. (Because they’re richer and it’s easier to get a job and they’re not in the EU.)

  877. on March 31, 2008 at 1:09 pm FreshPrincePhan

    Ummmmmm. . .what?

  878. on March 31, 2008 at 1:10 pm FreshPrincePhan

    That’s exactly what I was thinking.

  879. on March 31, 2008 at 1:12 pm FreshPrincePhan

    Stupid like a fox!

  880. But at least, you guys can vote for Barack and not move to Canada

  881. Are you trying to be funny or you woke up today looking for a website to spread your racist views? No wonder ur Anonymous

  882. hey why don’t you go back to what ever war torn sand box you came from cuz white people don’t want you fucking camel jockeys in the U.S or Canada so fuck off and get back on your flying carpet and go back to your dune and step on a land mine please there to many of you Stinky fucks as is

  883. i love you man lol shit its almost summer again time to find a good dumster lol

  884. Oh I love it! I’m always threatening to move to Canada and I thought I was the only one. I live in Minnesota so it’s not a far cry anyway.

    Thanks for calling our bluff.

  885. Actually, European white people threaten to move to other countries within Europe, preferably Sweden. 🙂

  886. Asian girls are better, they are just as freaky and submissive as White girls, just better looking.

  887. Note: Canadian white people threaten to move to Europe.

    Note: Europeans are unable to threaten to move anywhere.

    Holy crap; I just laughed out loud at work. Fabulous.

  888. on April 3, 2008 at 7:34 pm Canadian girl


  889. on April 4, 2008 at 7:18 am Green Jello

    Along with the Internet, Al Gore invented Canada – or so I read on the Internet.

  890. on April 4, 2008 at 7:22 am Jupiter Jones

    Free health care is great if you never get sick. If you need it though, you quickly realize that a government doctor paid at the same rate as your typical Safeway grocery bagger is not going to do you much good.

  891. on April 4, 2008 at 7:27 am Jupiter Jones

    I’ve known Brits who threatened to move to Spain. It’s been centuries since London was actually an “English” city. Of course, Spain is within floating distance of North Africa, so they have problems similar (worse probably) to what we have with illegal Central/South American immigration. Well, at least the Mexicans and Hondurans aren’t blowing up trains here (yet).

  892. on April 4, 2008 at 6:13 pm Homo Canadian

    To Some Jew:

    Umm, I think it’s totally foolhardy to compare “immigration” in the US (if you can even call it that) to immigration Canada. In Canada we actually HAVE legal immigration (although it is also not a perfect system)! The current situation in the US, however, is a joke, and, unfortunately, the illegals are the ones who the joke is on. If the American economy tanks, who do you think the first to go will be? The current situation of illegal immigrants in the US is one great big workforce without any rights at all — just the way good capitalists like it.

  893. Been living abroad for fifteen years and planning on moving to Canada within hte next few years. As a white manmarried to an Asian lady, it is reassuring to know what I need to preare myself for. Who is Mos Def? I like coffee and sandwiches but don’t have any outdoor performance gear (yet). I have no gay friends but I have Indian and black friends. Speak another language and don’t really care for San Fran. I don’t have much pirated music.

  894. on April 5, 2008 at 7:24 pm Another Canadian

    Sorry to disappoint you but there are no “legalized herbs” here.

  895. on April 5, 2008 at 7:38 pm Another Canadian

    Yes, but only the younge and “trendy” go there. Tim Horton’s is better.

  896. LOL

  897. Funny stuff! I’m a white person, and I have threatened to move to Canada. My reasons weren’t so political though (deduction of points, I assume.) I had wanted to move there because I visualized that Canada was full of polite people who love to follow the rules — hence, a safe, orderly place. How naiive was I???!!! After reading some posts from some of the Canadians on here putting down Americans, I’d say I was pretty well off when it comes to the politeness factor. But all is not lost. As long as Hispanics keep moving to the U.S., there’s hope — I’ve found that Hispanics, as a whole, are people who are courteous and Godl-loving people, my kind of people!

  898. I’m white and I hate Canada.

  899. Europeans move to Quebec (it’s a nation, you know).

  900. Really late on this but Europeans can move anywhere in Europe including the northernmost but they also can threaten to move to Australia or New Zealand

  901. I am a white American who has never threatened to move to Canada, but find myself in the position of actually following through on the threat of so many others. As of May 26, I will be living and working in Canada with my Canadian wife. I’ll do a little recon and follow up.

  902. Timmy’s rocks! I’m drinking a large double-double right now!

  903. I threatened to move to Canada – and finally did 2 months after G.W.B. entered the whitehouse in 2001 – no way I was sticking around for the mess that I knew was yet to come. Finally got my Canadian citizenship last year. Farewell and sayonara USA – I haven’t missed it for one minute.

  904. The site is interesting, but there is no such thing as “white people.” Germans, English, Dutch, French, Ukranian, Norwegian, Danish, Serbian, Italian, Spain, Greece…and on and on… all these countries have different cultures. When they come to American or Canada, they assimilate somewhat, but if a white person goes to another white person’s house from another background, they may find the family culture surprising. Or, when roommates meet in res in college, etc etc. Compare the global worldview, or even simply diet, of a 3rd generation Ukrainian Canadian to a 3rd, 4th, or 5th generation Canadian whose ancestry comes from England, for example. Are we similar, sure…. but Korean-Americans probably don’t like to be called Chinese, and vice versa. ….just something to think about…or then again, maybe I’m just a crazy gui lo cracker…

  905. Definitely an interesting viewpoint, though I’m not sure I do believe there is still an aristocracy in the sense of vested interests versus struggling new capitalists. Is there a difference between the Kennedy Dynasty and the Bush dynasty? Aren’t they all just rich families with HUGE influence (one of which is turning America into a fascist state without accountability, I might add)? Also, if there is an aristocracy, don’t they have to make money at some point? i.e., invest it, create businesses of some sort, etc. Eventually, after a few generations, the kids will always squander it away somehow….The death tax point is thought provoking though…

  906. Uhhh..Yeah, we have a train. You must have missed it. It’s not that popular, because Canadians are stuck on cars for the time being. However, now that our oil sells on the world market, and we cannot benefit from cheaper oil even though it is in our backyard…things are changing.

    I’d move to America (California) if I had more money, and if Fox news didn’t scare the bejeebus out of me that the whole country is full of nuts like Bill O.

  907. And then they realize that no one in Africa has yet managed to cobble together a “civilized” nation that can stand the test of time, and that if they moved there, other “black liberals” would probably machete their heads off.

  908. The new thing for white people to do is to just skip the canada step and threaten to move to Europe, that way, not only can they leave the evil U.S., but start teaching their kids a new language! 2 birds, one stone.

  909. As the Pope of Canada I must regretfully inform you that Canada has closed temporarily for the Stanley Cup hockey playoffs.

    We expect to be open again in late June. My apologies for the inconvenience.

    All previously ordered “Pope on a Rope” soaps have been shipped.

  910. on April 11, 2008 at 2:28 pm C.Wright.Thru.U

    Does the kind of Stuff White People Like include things like
    Truth, Equality, and Justice?


  911. Awesome … I moved from England to Hong Kong. Does this make me special?

  912. Canada is not the land of milk and honey. Stay away; don’t come here.
    You can meet any number of a**holes without looking at some other country. I’ve met quite a few here.
    I’ve met any number of nice people while traveling in the US, but you don’t hear about them in the news, just the weirdos.
    Lots of Canadians think the US is just peachy, but maybe they’re not very discerning; after all US entertainment, full of violence and soft porn titillation sells here.
    As for the rest of us, we are a country of people that don’t want to be Yankee, which some US citizens consider an affront.

  913. *Mais l’Internet est en Français au Canada*

    Uh… please tell me no one actually thinks the Internet is different depending on where you go…

  914. Threatening to move to Canada is passe. As a white man, I can assure you that I haven’t threatened to move to Canada since approximately 2005.

  915. on April 14, 2008 at 7:06 pm Shannon Landry

    Ok, let’s face the truth: the only reason any white person ever threatens to move to Canada is that they secretly wish to play hockey. This sport, played anywhere else in the world is just a sad replica. “Free” healthcare only gets you so far…but hockey…now that’s eternal….

  916. Oh PLEASE don’t move to Canada (here).
    Really, you wouldn’t like it. There’s only like, five Starbucks in the whole country. It’s illegal to sell Thai food or eat Sushi. You can’t wear five inch heels six months out of the year due to ICE.
    Yes, ICE, it’s all over the place. The sidewalk. Your car. The five Starbucks…

    Fuckit, if you move here, I’m moving to New Zealand!! (two years mat leave y’know..)


  917. I have actually threatened to move to Canada. But I grew up in Michigan, so it really is not that much of a stretch…


    I know America sucks but oh well..
    deal with it.. you guys talk shit about Canada
    then when something goes wrong you say
    “I’m moving to Canada” yea right..

    oh yeah..tax is really high here so
    I’m sure you guys don’t want that..so just
    stay there

  919. on April 18, 2008 at 7:59 pm IRONBLUEEYES

    Canada is a dump. It is a vaguely Socialist country with hordes of ambitionless people. The further you travel from the US the worse it gets.

  920. on April 18, 2008 at 8:03 pm IRONBLUEEYES


  921. I would just like to say your comment was beautifully written and it is very obvious you are a person of intelligence. I completly agree with your comment. I don’t like that what you said is very true, but it is the truth.

  922. Isn’t it illegal not to say everything in both english and french?

  923. As a white guy that loves the sport of hockey, I have to admit that the Canadian’s regularly kick our ass at the sport, even though we have over 200 million more people than they do. That is the number one reason I would move there.

    Canadians make up nearly 50% of the guys in the NHL and the greatest goalies in the history of the sport are pretty much from Toronto and Montreal.

    While Detroit is pretty close to Canada, it still has not resulted in increasing the diversity of the NHL… it’s pretty much a sport for white guys with broken noses and no front teeth… with one exception…

    Alternate Captain Mike Grier #25 of the San Jose Sharks. Mike is from Detroit, not a while guy and kicks ass at hockey.

    Someday, we might get kids from all social and economic backgrounds to play hockey in the U.S. If we do, then there will be no problem kicking the canadians’ ass in hockey. But until hockey in the U.S. is opened up to ALL kids (regardless of race and income) then they’ll always be able to kick our ass.


  924. lol read a book.

  925. hahahahh too bad I’d beat that thing with tubs of mayo!!

  926. And we haven’t missed you.

    Hooray mutual benefits!

  927. i’m white, and i actually DID move to canada, for a year. so there, smartass.

  928. Europeans, especially from the north threaten to move to tropical/warm countries, usually Latin American, saying that life is easier there and that people have less worries. (completely denying the fact that this easy life is based on exploitation of the majority of the population of Latin American countries)

  929. I lived in Canada from 1979 until 2002.

    Since then, I have lived in Toronto.

    I want to move back to Canada.

  930. I’m a white guy who moved to Canada. Scored big, too, on (a) BC real estate market (doubled in last 5 years), (b) exchange rate (Canadian dollar up 50% in last 5 years), and (c) US real estate market (way down), if I decide to move back. Which after the next election is a distinct possibility!

  931. on April 29, 2008 at 11:11 pm communistdaycarecentre

    Really? Whenever I go to the U.S., I’m shocked at how dumpy and grimy so much of it is. Canada looks fresh and pristine by comparison. And if by “ambition” you mean “a salacious desire to take over the world”, then sure, Canadians lack “ambition”. And the further you travel from the U.S., the quieter it gets. But you’re right about the ‘vaguely socialist’ thing, fortunately for us.

  932. on April 29, 2008 at 11:34 pm communistdaycarecentre

    If god-loving people are your people, then for christ’s sake stay away from Canada. We’ve got a serious case of the gay, and it’s contagious. Not to mention a strict separation of church and state, as well as reefer madness. So please keep your pure, lily-white, Christian American ass on the southern side of that border. We don’t need you polluting our wonderful depravity with your Christian rock, plastic WWJD bracelets and abstinence programs. We’ve got enough of that already in Alberta, thanks to the long-standing invasion of your Texan oil executives. Yuck!

  933. Yes Nathan you truly have lost it. Whilst I admire your poetic rambling, it has only served to cloud your mind further from the painful truths of reality. Now, I didnt say that this was a bad thing did I.
    As an educated and professional Englishman, I love Canada for many reasons, and if the visa office let me have my way, I’ll be there within 18 months. Canadians may be chilly for several months of the year, but they are not mythical, I’ve been there when its hot too!
    Anyhow, you clearly have a flare, keep up the poetry, I like it, and sometimes its good to see what is otherwise clear through a self generated haze.
    My best to you!


  934. You write about it, I’ll photograph it, together we’ll make a best selling book!

  935. I’m a half-white European, and it’s not true that white Europeans cannot threaten to move anywhere. I, for one, moved from Europe to South Asia, then to the Middle East, then to the US.

    And, in 2004, I moved from the US to Canada. Never regretted it.

  936. That’s why they’re called “asians”

    but Korean-Americans probably don’t like to be called Chinese, and vice versa.

  937. its only different if your in an authoritarian country- ever see a cuban or north korean website?

  938. on May 7, 2008 at 9:51 am Thomas Phenix

    My view is that Canada is an excellent country. Here in the United States I have had nothing but problems just simply living my life as I see fit, and have come to the conclusion that Canada is for me. They have a lower cost of living, while still enjoying a high standard of living.

    I have a degree and several years of professional experience. I feel that I could be of good use to the Canadian workforce.

  939. One for the books…

    I grew up there, but live in OH.. I have to say, “That does it, now I’m moving BACK to Canada!”

    Course, I never will. It’s too damn cold.

  940. We Swedes dream about moving to Canada actually. We feel that it’s like Sweden(free healthcare,metric system etc.) but with better weather. I have relatives there actually…

  941. *Note Canadian teachers do not move to east LA, they move to Korea, Japan, or Hong Kong.

  942. Maybe there needs to be a new blog called “Stuff Canadians Like…eh”

  943. LoL how many comments, pbly because the site is dropped amongst the first ones in google.

    I’m from Europe/Hungary. It took me 20 years to leave that shithole system now I live in Sweden, but it isn’t the best either.

    Kinda pathetic that the people from the USA want to move to Europe without knowing anything about it or it’s history. Why would you ever move to this shitpile continent? The education suck, people suck, taxes suck.

    Want to get a job? It’s usually not enough to speak english, you have to learn 1 more language like swedish, norvegian, german, french depending where u want to move, and why the fuck would you waste time to learn their fucking language?

    They say Europe is open for the professionals, but a lot of people gets ripped off by agencies, companies and end up with nothing when they move to a foreign country.

    We are not fucking pussies here in Europe, this is a hard world here. The education system 10 times harder than in the fucking usa and you will drop out, then you have to make your life on your own.

    Reason why I found this forum because I pbly will move to Canada, with a fake ID then live there. I was reading the immigration site and laughing what the fuck man? Just too much legal shit for me, the education system can’t be compared etc. You know how much time did it take for me to do the paper work what I needed for Sweden?
    About 1 day, and my employee arranged everything+opened a bank account for me too. Now I can legally work here for 15 years but atm I looking for new job and getting a hard time because in my profession I have to speak their language too.

  944. i am From canada and i don’t want any of you come here so stay where you are and don’t come into my country and take our jobs and make our hospital waits longer… thanks

  945. the only white people I knew that threatened to move to Canada were the job-less-basement-dwellers, who peer through a haze of cigarette/marijuanna smoke. hmm… those were some good times…

  946. on May 20, 2008 at 9:40 pm UrbanGoddess

    Not true, I live in the US and there are plenty of German and British websites that I “cannot access from (my) region”- I was surprised too.

  947. “…Germans, English, Dutch, French, (…) Norwegian, Danish…”

    This is simply not true. I immediately recognize/identify with 80 percent being said on this site about white people (meaning obnoxious, politically correct, white middle class people) and I’m from Sweden. Remaining 20 percent are related to specific US conditions, like soccer/football or the unique American dating culture.

    There is indeed a white ethnicity, and when it comes to those supposedly free minded ‘liberals’, (that is, well to do pro-‘diversity’ establishment people, living in guaranteed racially cleansed neighborhoods) the overlap of ridiculous memes and habits between Stockholm and New York is absolutely stunning.

    A white Dutchman and white New Yorker have immensely more in common than that New Yorker has with a black person in his own city, and will readily band together in the face of Blacks, Muslims or Latinos. (That is, until they realize it is a ‘racist’ thing to do, and will try to deny to themselves they are engaging in such shameful behavior.)

  948. Only “White People” do. They are the ones with the Mandela complex.

  949. There are no Europeans coming here. Just Arabs and Africans by the shiploads. Soon, Sweden will be no place you wish to go to.

  950. Or 24 hour electricity, for that matter.

  951. Omgosh, this post is awesome! I’m Canadian and I love Canada! This part especially, “it is agreed upon that if Canada had better weather it would be a perfect place,” is exactly how I feel!

    That said, our neighbours south of the border are pretty cool too. I’ve got family there:) Still, I’m not moving unless it’s to Vancouver (I live in Toronto now).

  952. Do Martians move to Uranus?

  953. on May 24, 2008 at 10:11 pm Chet Barrington-Featherstoneshaugh

    Like anyone wants to move there.

  954. on May 24, 2008 at 10:12 pm Chet Barrington-Featherstoneshaugh

    Who cares.

  955. on May 25, 2008 at 4:20 pm White and Proud

    Why is it that black people can say anything that they wish about “white people”? Yet, we can not even comment on the fact that Obamha is a plain and out right racist. Why, because this county has silenced all whites. I am so sick of it! He and his wife are what black people want, a black person in charge. No one even cares what he can do, he doesn’t even have to back up anything that he says. Simple people vote for a “man” like this. Blacks say that he can not be guilty by association for having his outlandish, racism and Anti-America pastor that was on his presidential campaign and baptized his children. Yet, we whites are guilty by association for being racists for having “maybe” ancestors that kept slaves. Come on, most of us were not even related to any such person and many of us had our Grandfathers fight in the civil war. Yes, and with no THANKS by the BLACK man! It is a fact that ONLY 30 percent of all blacks in America are decedents of slaves. Yet, they would have us believe that they all are. Be happy and quit crying as whites are hard workers and we do not CRY! Be happy that you are not in Africa and that HELL hole. SHUT UP! And quit using “WHITE PEOPLE”, I can not say “BLACK PEOPLE” cry and or cause MOST crime (even thou that is true)! What you say is ture too, we are sick of America because of what blacks have made it, dummied down the schools, caused crime, the insane political incorrectness, etc…

  956. To the person above who said they wouldn’t move to Canada now “because the exchange rate isn’t good enough”:

    Uh, buddy, if you LIVE in another country, the exchange rate is meaningless. Do you think you’d get paid in U.S. dollars in Canada?

  957. Canada is truly the whitest country of all time. Their census doesn’t even have a “White” box, Canadians are so self-loathing. They have boxes for all the “visible minorities”: Asian, black, Arab, etc., and then an “Other” box – that 90% of the population has to check. Breathtaking in its whiteness.

  958. uhhh… I was vol’ing in Africa when the rolling blackouts were happening across California. lmao — they had better coverage out there.

    I didn’t know of anyone who got machete’d either. Though, this past december a friend of mine was raped n murdered in Santa Clara.

    hmmm. I’m moving to Africa!

  959. I wanted to write something witty but I’m afraid no one will read it. Very afraid.

  960. And New Zealanders, we move to Australia. Then back after like, two years, cuz we can’t stand by anything we do. haha

  961. haha, ok William… you’ll come back to NZ. we always do…

  962. I’m now here in New Zealand. I’ve been here since March. Couldn’t stand any more Saskatchewan winters. Don’t know how long I’ll be here, but at least long enough to forget how cold -40 degrees feels.

  963. I know it’s ridiculous. If white people keep this up I’m moving to Africa.

  964. Who’d want to move to a racist shithole such as Canada or Europe?

  965. this has got to be the greatest website ever! you can add “stuffwhitepeoplelike.com” to the top of what white people like. because, well, i haven’t stopped laughing aloud since i started back around #100 (and sending useless links of the uber hilarious to my friends)!

  966. I love your use of 2 last names…very nice…

  967. How could white Americans NOT know European history, when it’s the only history they learn in high school other than American history (and the 1 week spent on the rest of the world). Sure, Europeans think Europe is better, but you guys reeeaalllly aren’t that different from Americans when compared to all of the rest of the world. Western Civilization= you + us. Get over it. We are

  968. on June 8, 2008 at 10:36 pm Al Gore for Mayor of the World

    Green, that was the funniest comment yet.

  969. You’re way off, man. It was the Republicans who put the 10 year moratorium on the Estate Tax. Look it up. And BTW, “Death Tax” is the term that Republicans made up to “frame” the issue: “The Democrats even want to tax you when you’re dead! It’s the Death Tax!” So, you’re using a phony term made up by Republicans. The correct term is “Estate Tax”, and Republicans are the ones who put it on the shelf.

  970. Black people aren’t complaining about things that happened 200 years ago. I have never heard a Black person complain about slavery because racism did not end with the civil war. 50 years ago, inter-racial marriage was illegal in most states. 50 years ago, schools were “seperate-but-equal”. 50 years ago, Blacks were second-class citizens. Moreover, it’s not like racist whites stopped being racist in 1969 and Blacks have gotten their fair chance. It takes a few generations to level the playing field and affirmative action is helping to level it a little quicker. 3rd+ generation American whites are the most privileged group of people in the HISTORY OF THE WORLD, so why are you so mad at Blacks?

  971. Really? all this based on what? A visit to New York? You have no clue. How about meeting some white new yorkers next time you visit? Either that, or continue talking like an idiot with his head up his ass.

  972. Hehaheha…LOL…LOL…This is soooo true! I threaten to move to Canada all the time! This site is hilarious…keep up the good work. I love it! =)

  973. haha
    I’m Canadian & threaten to move to Europe! Too awesome!

  974. It;s just like vietnam era all over again! Sure Canada will take your educated liberal middle class americans! come on in fellas! Do me a favour and don’t invite the republicans, they’re always giving Alberta ideas.

  975. I wish liberals would make good on the offer. Then again they never make good on anything…..

  976. I told my husband we should move to Canada this past Monday. He’s the one that sent me this link! So what do the Canadians know that we don’t if they want to move to Europe? Don’t answer that. You’ll ruin my Canada escape plan.

  977. There’s a reason ALL famous Canadians live here my dear….. But check out Australia…

  978. on June 29, 2008 at 8:23 am East Vandal

    Why do all Torontonian’s move to Vancouver??? I’m a British Columbian, born and bred, and I’ve lived in Vancouver most of my life and every single day I meet someone who “…just moved here from Toronto; well, actually Orangeville….”

    You all have such a funny accent.

  979. on June 29, 2008 at 8:25 am East Vandal

    HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA – Lemme guess, yer moving to Vancouver!!!!!!

  980. australians threaten to move to new zealand…

  981. The British threaten to move to Spain or Morocco.

  982. on July 4, 2008 at 1:44 pm 147 Hot Dogs

    Totally Dude, Totally.

  983. canadian here. no disrespect towards the states or cali, my sister is married to a californian and currently lives there, and yes the surf here in bc requires a hooded full suit and booties, and has much worse access and slightly less consistency than cali, but you can’t compare the skiing/boarding situation. when you couple this with breathtaking pristine wilderness and many mountains resorts in western canada receiving more than 20 metres of snow per year, i don’t think bear, mammoth, or any mountain in california let alone so-cal can even compare. so it’s a toss up, unpolluted cold-water tubes in the morning, fresh tracks on the best snow in the world; or water requiring a gammaglobulin shot in the morning and packed 3 week old ice in the afternoon. i guess i could just go down to our newly purchased beachfront lot in mexico and enjoy the warm juice down there instead. just jokes, though, i love cali and any other state i’ve been to. USA! USA! USA! I’m sorry I see to have forgotten my point due to my obvious canadian lack of ambition and all the legal ganj up here.

  984. on July 5, 2008 at 5:03 am doesntmakeidlethreats

    Hehe, I actually moved from the US to Australia shortly after GW became president in 2001… largely because he actually BECAME president. If Obama wins, I am planning to come back for a long visit. If McCain wins, it will be a trip to Europe. Please vote for Obama, I miss my mom. 🙂

  985. you like obama? let me guess your probly white

  986. haha how intelligent

  987. Dear “DoesntMakeIdleThreats,”

    We are happy to comply with your request to vote for Obama. book your ticket home, baby.

  988. Actually, please stay abroad regardless. I would prefer not to share the continent with someone as childish as you.

    Seriously, moving to another country because someone you didn’t vote for won an election is nothing more than a temper tantrum. If I wanted to be around children, I’d have some myself.

  989. on July 6, 2008 at 8:21 am Mishizzle Kanuckledizzle yo

    We Canadians are a bunch of smug and intolerant snobs . I’m a what they call a ” true “canadian I can trace my roots in this place for 3 hundred years . I leave for long periods of time and return. I gotta tell ya , it’s the high pitch tone to our accents that sends me . Then it’s how our media always focuses on the Canadian entertainers that are liked by other countries because they are so “REAL” so ” Funny” We have an extremely controlled govt. right now that smacks of Russia 30 years ago. We are big fakes ,were so polite act like we care and then dish out hard core on the ‘Loud” american ” uppity english, Insecure paranoid black dude poor them they need to assimilate . I live in Alberta and culturally the ethic is work or fuck off to Toronto where there’s much ado about nothin’ economically a beer costs a fortune . @ the end of the day I love my country because of what it is in Nature I get off the plane and smell the air drink water from the tap it’s beautiful all the time when your in the burbs or in the country ,you go north by car all the way to the arctic and cry because only something amazing could be responsible for such profound landscapes .Oh ya and the french thing in Quebec we forget that when the english and french came to Ka na da they were greeted by the real land owners ,who have suffered huge just to get a stitch of what belongs to them back. Sorry kid’s no utopia here. But for the people this would be heaven.

  990. You dumb fucks what makes you think we want you here?
    We are looking over seas to asia/india for smart capable people not dumb left wing mother fuckers who have never done a propers days work! Vote for Hillary or Barak fuck up your own country and leave us alone. We are finially getting our shit together you would drag us back down!

  991. Vancouver’s a nice place. Why do people from Vancouver dislike people from Toronto so much? People from Toronto atleast see moving to Vancouver as an improvement. No one would ever threaten to move to Saskatchewan.

  992. I agree.

    PS: There are purple people eaters in Canada. Also bouncy abominable snowmen.

  993. Wow. Most americans hate Hispanics. You say you like them. I guess that makes you a saint.

  994. Do Swedes threten to move to Iceland?

  995. I think I love you.

    American Whitey

  996. Did you know that when you write more than a paragraph nobody reads it?

  997. This is going back awhile but do you know that an ‘educated’ American actually asked me if we had the Y2K problem in Canada.

  998. Show some patriotism, EVERYONE. You may not like how the country is going but what are YOU doing to change it? If you are going to complain, make efforts to do something. Patriotism also involves no RACISM.

  999. Okay, well i’m Canadian..I have a question. Why do you refer to white people as Americans, we have lots of white people here? Lol. Just wondering..Canada is a great place to live, America also has good things.. I don’t really wanna debate over which is better, but personally I think Canada is really great! America does have more diversity, and bigger cities, lots of different cities, with great nature in a sense. But, Americans do tend to think they are better then Canadians..I’m probably a little biased, seeing I am a Canadian..I actually never threatened to move to America, Lol..Canada has everything I need! Great everything.. 🙂 But, America’s good too. 😛

    P.S: I don’t wanna make any Americians mad. I think America is great, and I wouldn’t mind living there.

  1000. I work in in the immigration field in Canada. I am constantly stunned by the number of Americans who just think they can decide to move here and we automatically not only let them, but welcome them with open arms. The same rules apply to an American and an Indian, and the Indian usually has more badly-needed skills. I’ve dealt with hundreds of Americans who were astonished to discover that a) being American wasn’t a ticket in the door and b) the high majority of them didn’t qualify to immigrate to Canada. I’ve also dealt with Americans who had married Canadians and still didn’t qualify to immigrate.

    Same rules apply to you as the rest of the world, and we’ll decide if we want you, not the other way around. K tks bai!

  1001. lol well at least you’re friendlier than crossing the other border. hehe.

    yea, americans think they can go anywhere because they’re american… but my irish passport gets me further into a lot of places than an american one.

    they’re also under the impression that buying/building a house in europe should be as easy as choosing an architect and a plot… and that we have bureaucracy in the way to thwart them because of Bush.

    Quite naive at times, aren’t they?

  1002. my guess is that europeans threaten to move to the USA, as if to say that their sense of social responsibility is so threatened by the current state of affairs in their home country that they’re just going to throw it all away and move to the epitome of dumb and selfish.

  1003. It’s awesome how few people actually get these jokes…they’re not talking about ALL white people here folks. Just a distinct set of white society sometimes referred to as “DINKs” or “hipsters.”

  1004. I have chosen to stay and fight.

  1005. on July 10, 2008 at 3:22 pm chocol8thunda

    are you tellin me that “DINKS”(dual income no kids) and hipsters can only be white? come to think of it… that is VERY Caucasion American, stay put Canada doesn’t need you!!! Get used to “others” not havin’ a piece of the pie, but owning it. Then again we know what hapopens when ya’ll get outnumbered…. South Africa ring a bell? You’re a goof-clown!!!

  1006. on July 10, 2008 at 3:27 pm chocol8thunda

    cause peeps from T.O. think it’s the centre of the universe… I will admit we got a lil’ bro syndrome, but that is more from bein’ under-represented in parliment.. I mean lets be serious; ig you were from Mars and had to choose between Van or T.O. to live; you’d probably pick Van.. Nicer weather, nicer city, nicer lifestyle!!

  1007. Im from Canada and I am officially a whitie cuz when im particularly disgusted with our prime minister i bullshit about moving to europe somewhere. oh well ya caught me.

  1008. Dammit.. I’m busted again! If Obama wins my ass is moving to Canada.. or Australia.. anywhere but here in America. I don’t wanna be around when the black folk try to rise…. they’ll all go freakin’ crazy like they won a prize or some shit. My advice if you’re stuck here is to just grab the guns and lock the doors!

  1009. I am living in London, UK. Moved here from California last year. Trust me Americans, you do not want to move ANYWHERE! Shut your traps and enjoy what you have. It is better than anyone and everyone out there.

  1010. Boy, do I hope you are joking…

  1011. In Australia we threaten to move to New Zealand. If John Howard had have won the last election then a large number of people would have moved to New Zealand. They treated their first inhabitants much better than Australia treated the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people. They have had women prime ministers. They also have greater respect for the natural environment. All of these things mean that it is a great place to move to when things are going wrong here ‘down under’. And because it is so cold we can wear lots of jumpers (aka Sweaters).

  1012. Sorry, I shouldn’t have called it New Zealand. It is Aotearoa – I was just overcome with momentary colonialism.

  1013. what a shit site

  1014. What a shit post

  1015. lol the last part..europeans are unable to threaten to move anywhere..haha

  1016. on July 15, 2008 at 3:44 am Miss Expatria

    Europeans who hate their tax burden and the bureaucracy threaten to move to New York. Not America; New York.

  1017. this is joke??????????????

  1018. Actually Europeans can also threaten to move. I’m Norwegian and I threaten that if FRP wins the next election (and they doing frighteningly well now) I will move to Sweden.

  1019. It’s true. (I’m norwegian too).

  1020. True, all “white” Norwegians have at some point threatened to move to Sweden. Personally, I usually pick Iceland or the Faroe Islands.

  1021. When Europeans used to have a spine, they moved to the United States. But, you can’t kill injuns anymore, so I guess there’s no point.

  1022. If Katy Perry’s ‘I Kissed a Girl’ Is the Song of the Summer, Vulture Will Move to Canada
    Yes, despite all attempts to avoid it, we have heard this song. Truthfully, we should’ve written about it when we were weighing the contenders for this year’s “Umbrella,” but we just couldn’t bring ourselves to listen to it again. Also, since it’s awful, we really didn’t think it had much of a chance anyway. But now, blog-tracking site Buzzfeed has declared it the odds-on favorite to be America’s official Song of the Summer 2008, based on its massive (unfortunate) popularity and the fact that, in spite of everything, it’s actually kind of catchy. Since we’ve never really hated a SOTS before, this would actually be sort of devastating.

    If this limp, cynically sapphic, colossally annoying, hugely successful single (performed by a failed Christian singer!) truly does end up being this year’s “Umbrella,” Vulture will move to Canada. Lane will relocate to Alberta (which he understands is beautiful), and Dan will blog exclusively from his neighborhood café, which, while not technically located in Canada, is so far uptown that the CN tower can be seen from its window on clear days. Readers, we beg you, do not let this happen. Crank up Estelle, or Leona Lewis, or even Shaq — but please not “I Kissed a Girl.” This is a matter of national pride.


  1023. Great blog, but I’d like to pick you up on a technicality: it is in fact incorrect to state that Europeans are unable to threaten to move anywhere.

    Europeans actually threaten to move to Australia.

    Americans probably *would* do the same (Australia is somewhat like Canada except warmer, thus overcoming the otherwise insurmountable obstacle of Canada’s inclement weather), except that many of them have not heard of Australia.

    [Note: Australians threaten to move to New Zealand. New Zealanders retaliate by moving to Australia – they don’t waste time with threats.]

  1024. I’m Canadian… and again I am horrified by the blatant predictability of my whiteness… I’ve threatened to move to Europe. Good lord, what have I come to? Hehehe. I love this blog.

  1025. on July 27, 2008 at 6:35 am The white guy with dreads

    I threatend my mom to move to jersey she said by by, It did’nt scare her at all, I stayed in moms house. http://www.revoint.com

  1026. Whitey; Your ability to communicate as the cave men once did is very re”ass”uring. I am sure that any intelligent person of Asian or Indian decent would fit in and excel at this level. As they would be god like in your eyes for being able to use words that are actually in the dictionary.

  1027. He was probably referring to the “buzz” around the issue.

  1028. The part about `Europeans cannot move anywhere’….
    not entirely true.
    Europeans from, say, England, Belgium or Holland, can threaten to move to Sweden. Think of it as an ueber-Canada. Bit cold, but everything well organized and the birthplace of IKEA.
    Technically this would be an intra-Europe move. For a move outside the EU, but inside Europe, Switzerland would do. Also a bit cold, in winter, and very well organized. No IKEA. Swiss do make Smart-cars. Possibly a whiter vehicle than a Prius. Not counting the for-four. Which is pointless.

  1029. on July 31, 2008 at 9:48 am Neil McInnis

    Your all welcome in Canada!

  1030. Yeah no crime in Canada except knife wielding bus riders who decapitate their fellow riders and pig farmers who kill hookers and feed them to their herd.

    White people will probably tell you those monsters were expat Americans though…

  1031. Ha, ha! I always threaten to move to Scandinavia where the real socialists live. Oh and boo to the health care system with its lack of doctors and services. We pay enough taxes, you’d think I could get in to see someone before I have to amputate my own body parts. Speaking of which, horrible what happened on that greyhound. Yikes! What the hell is wrong with people?

  1032. marajuana is illegal in canada too.

  1033. on August 2, 2008 at 5:00 pm Little Rabbit

    I’m a white person who is guilty of many of these 100 (except the standing still while at concerts thing).

    I moved to Canada! I did it! Ha ha! I’m an…EXCEPTION!

    And…well, Canada sucks.

    I’m coming home.

    Mainly because I LOVE Barack Obama and I miss Whole Foods! (Or is this just irony? I am a white person, after all…!)

  1034. Yupp, I’m Canadian and I’m moving to Europe!

    Guilty of being white 😛

  1035. hahaha! uber-canada: right on. i’m swedish and i think that americans aspiring to be indie or left wing would love sweden… or not. maybe until they realize that half of the year there’s no sunlight, that talking to people to whom you have not been introduced can only mean you’re drunk/insane/a foreigner, and that smoking pot is a social stigma – not to mention very un-indie.

    us swedes don’t threat to move, we move. for swedish kids it is obligatory to spend 3-12 months in france, italy, spain, england or australia, usually between graduating from high school and deciding what to study. then of course we move again for the year abroad at school. or just move to london/paris/nyc and work. all this to justify moving back to sweden in our thirties to have kids, “because it’s so peaceful and quiet”. (this is exactly my plan too!)

  1036. That is so true. when the risk of the draft was coming back all the males said they would move to canada. A lot of white people always say i hate the us i will move to canada. I think it is because white people prefer real cold over real hot correct me if im wrong

  1037. I had friends who Threatened to Move to Canada, or Europe, after the 2004 Election.

    They moved to Carmel California instead.

  1038. Lisa: You moron. I highly doubt you actually do work for Immigration Canada, unless it’s in some capacity such as cleaning their office restrooms, otherwise you’d be familiar with an immediate relative visa that does, in fact, guarantee an American married to a Canadian the right to immigrate AND, if for some unknown reason they desire to, obtain Canadian citizenship. Better check your employee handbook again, I guess.

    If, in fact, you are “constantly stunned,” what does that say about you? Just that you never learn.

    You probably also “know someone who works at the border” who was asked where the best skiing is by Americans crossing in mid-July with skis on their roof rack, right?

    Of course you need Indian immigrants more… there are a lot of telemarketing phone bank centers and email fraud and spam producers there… a perfect fit, requiring minimal English language skills!

    As far as all those Canadian immigration “rules” — what a joke! It’s the biggest “come on in, the water’s fine!” bacteria-laden hot tub of an immigration system in the world, and the rubber stamp is eventually granted regardless of an applicant’s prior criminal record, terrorist association, knowledge of or respect for Canadian history, government, or culture, affinity for deodorant or other standards of personal hygiene, or likelihood to open another Tim Horton’s franchise.

    Don’t worry, though… relatively few Americans actually want to move to Canada, so it’s not much of a problem.

  1039. Larry: Ever consider they might be concerned with transferring over a large sum of money — e.g. a retirement fund, savings account, etc. — that would lose value in the process?

  1040. Don’t worry… we’re in no hurry to come wait in line for 6 months for a CT scan for a potentially life-threatening condition like you have to there. Or to pay the exorbitant income taxes that pay for your “free” care, regardless of whether or not you need it.

  1041. Submit your resume to “Lisa”… Immigration Canada can always use a smart guy like you.

  1042. Then why do you keep going? Let me guess… you’ve been to Buffalo AND Detroit, right? Great sampling of America! You might want to get yourself a decent road atlas and try venturing a little farther south to some of the thousands of beautiful places below the 49th parallel. Oh, I know it’s a little tricky, with all those confusing interstate highways and all… not just one going east-west, like the Trans-Canada, never venturing too far away from the American border.

    If by “fresh” and “pristine” you mean “desolate” and “freezing cold,” you’re right. There’s a reason most of Canada’s populace hugs the US border.

    And be sure to remember to be thankful for your “vaguely socialist thing” the next time you or a loved one have to wait forever to see a doctor because the system is clogged by hypochondriacs and over-users. Here in the US, you can see almost any kind of specialist you want within 48 hours, and they have REAL medical diplomas, too! : )

  1043. You’ve got a serious but all-too-common case of inferiority complex and jealousy, actually. When you grow up one day (in maturity, that is… not just age), and maybe lay off the weed for a few hours and come to your senses, perhaps you’ll realize what a social retard you are.

  1044. I personally hate Canada, assuming that makes me a lesser white person, I would move to Amsterdam or Australia

  1045. People from the province of Alberta threaten to move to the States (preferably Texas). So all things come full circle.

  1046. I’m Canadian, and I threaten to move to Sweden.

  1047. Meh … they can come here.

    Good luck getting citizenship into our free [must wait in emerg for 12 hours before being sent somewhere else] health care!

  1048. …the guy who made this list is from Canada. I’d prlly move to Cuba or something. Somewhere warm that pisses off American

  1049. ha! i love it. very funny.

  1050. damn!


  1051. eat my black ass hole

  1052. jesus christ. your probably right. and your also probably a racist…. but aren’t we all.

  1053. Stuff American White People Don’t know about Canada (or why Canadian white people wish they’d go to Mexico instead):

    1. Most of Canada is exactly like the U.S. weather wise. One 2km border doesn’t drastically change weather patterns.

    2. We won a war in 1812 and burnt your white house down.

    3. We’d appreciate it if you guys stopped using our flag on your backpacks when you travel…It’s your own fault other countries don’t like your government. Solution? Stop electing stupid, corrupt governments and get a few more political parties. 2? Come on you guys really don’t see a flaw in your system.

    4. Currency: Instead of always bringing your own to our country, go to a bank and get some of ours…It’s worth more you know!

    5. Learn something about our culture and history…we learn about yours!

    But in all fairness…We think you guys are nice and I have american friends but buy a canadian history book and read up and make Canadian friends so when you do decide to move up we don’t want to smack you upside the head.

  1054. Here’s an idea…let’s solve this whole issue by simply taking Canada over. Then the only place American traitors could easily go is Mexico and I’m pretty sure teenagers in the 60’s would have chosen Vietnam to Mexico.

    Plus, I’m sure we could do some serious drilling up in those endless miles of ice and snow. There’s got to be something of value up there.


  1055. I’m half way there. I speak pretty good Quebec French. and if McCain gets voted into office I swear I am moving to Canada!

  1056. The problem with taking over Canada is that we’ll try to fight you but come up with a genius plan to confuse you and give us Alaska back at the price when you bought it from Russian Empire on March 30, 1867, for 7.2 million dollars at 2 cents per acre, about 5 ¢/ha. We’d also convince you that it is to cold for you to surive because you already think its covered in ice. But hey what did we ever do to you? Except make fun of you behind your back but you didn’t just read that did you, Eh?

  1057. It’s actually quebecois, not Quebec French, you will be eaten alive by those crazy seperatists if you call it that! Just givening you a heads up. Actually I lived in Quebec for 2 months a few years back they don’t hate other Canadians, especially us west-coasters (or really want to seperate), but they really don’t like Americans. Ask yourself this, if Quebec wants to leave Canada, why would they want Americans in their province? I’m just saying…

  1058. I´m Swedish, and I threaten to move to Norway:-)

  1059. I live in Canada and it’s pretty great.. But I’m moving to Europe next year.

  1060. ah, i think this is the dream of damn near every democrat/independent that is under 35.

  1061. Too funny. Personally, I was considering New Zealand.

    A general comment about “What White People Like”, since I don’t see where better to type it… Folks, this list is about what White Liberal-Types like, not what White People Like.

    Not saying that to provoke political arguments and all that, so kindly skip it. Just the point that half the things on this list are urban white liberal culture. Yes, that is hardly surprising, given that that’s exactly where I’d need go to locate writers of pop culture tripe like this.

  1062. I threaten to move to Chile all the time

  1063. As a white liberal-type Canadian, currently living in the U.S. and just back from vacation in New Zealand, I still say “move [home] to Canada.” Europe is charming for vacation but claustrophobic when you’re used to wide-open spaces. NZ is beautiful in that Lord-of-the-Rings way, but wow it’s far away.

  1064. on August 12, 2008 at 2:14 pm Canada, Mexico, Europe

    So i take it you don’t know the real reason whites want to leave….. take a look at our inner cities!

  1065. Don’t forget your racist devilish forfathers bought us here. You reap the benefits of there devilishment. Deal with it cracker.

  1066. No bro, the Jews and Arabs bought your ancestors from your fellow black tribesmen who caught them and sold them for profit. Also, Mexicans and American Indians owned black slaves. But don’t feel bad, your ancestors were lucky to be slaves. You are not here in the land of KFC and white women while the ancestors of your bastard black capturers are stuck in third world Africa, infected with AIDS and no Kool-Aid for miles.

  1067. Not going to lie but you just went too far, you douche! Sorry to say but you’re either a racist, ignorant mother f***er or think this joke is funny. I could insult you racially back but that would make me… you! Sorry that you were raised by horrible parents and have such a crappy life that you pick on a whole race. If it weren’t for African and African American culture you wouldn’t have modren pop music as we know it and so many other sweet things it produce. So you can go and die under a rock you f*** head you don’t contribute to this world anyways!

  1068. too far. racist…..look at this site, devoted to the reverse racism of the black community. How long would a site dedicated to baggy clothes, sideways hats, fried chicken, watermellon…..etc last. about 20 mins before someone found it and claimed that it was so offensive and insulting to the black man….. wow modern pop music…. that’s the best you could come up with…..sure you could blame ones parents for being disgruntled with a different “race” or maybe it comes from so many negative interactions with them, and being sick to death of all the whining and crying about how hard it is for the “black man” and then listening to all of the ugly things said about the “white devil”.

  1069. Rachael, I agree. I very strongly want to move to Europe, but I always feel claustrophobic in the cities there! And if I’m not in a city, I feel like I’m in the post-apocalyptic rumbles of an old culture.

  1070. Ouch! Living in Toronto watching the Conservative Government lick the balls of Darth Cheney I must confess that over an boutique Rioja at my “Bring your own Tapas” party (on my vintage Danish modern I got for $200.00 on Craigslist) that I would like to move to London UK and thankful that when I do Daily Show is available on PodCast.

  1071. I love Canada, and my igloo.

  1072. on August 20, 2008 at 4:59 am David Hammond

    Canadians – do NOT move to London. It’s full of n****rs. Blame town planning. At least Paris had the sense to build their projects outside the ring road, so you won’t bump into any scum whilst downtown. Not so in London – there are projects around every corner, Even in nice neighbourhoods!

  1073. wow…just wow…

  1074. on August 20, 2008 at 4:32 pm Pedantichater

    Americans can say that shit all they want but lets be real.
    They could not survive in Canada.
    To be Canadian is to be tough. Our winters would freeze American balls off. Plus when it gets really cold we tend to eat americans because they are fat and tasty.
    We usually just threaten to move further north.

  1075. But I really AM moving to Canada!

  1076. Diego Garcia. I understand that other races other than white dealt in slavery also. That’s neither here nor there. My initial response was given because it was so many negative, racist remarks on that sorry ass blog I came across directed towards Black people. In my opinion there will always be ignorant racist fools like you. To make a long story short If someone is going to show racism and prejudice towards me that particular person is going to get that treatment right back from me. If someone disrespects me. I’m going to disrespect them! You get what you give. So all you clowns who are attempting to attact me and talking all that foolishness about the Black race as a whole because you’re racist or whatever. Can go to hell. I’m proud to be black and everybody should be proud to be whatever they are. Also Diego remember there are rich African Nations as well as poor hombre.

  1077. Slavery…..the only people nowdays that can complain about slavery are those who are slaves today (ever hear of white slavery, very common these days). There are good and bad in every race but for anyone to think that society owes anyone, bullshit. Life is what you make it and if you are too lazy to get off your ass and make something of yourself, then you get what you deserve. I believe that if you steal, you should have your hands cut off. I work for what I have, if I want more I will work harder to get it. For someone to think they can steal from me….oh no. Down with the drug dealers, theives and anyone who thinks they can bully someone for something.

  1078. Its sounds funny to see so many people leaving such negative comments on this board. These are the same people that have so much to say about a race on the computer but when your around black people your scared. You would never say half the shit your writing here to a persons face. We should really start to focus on things that we have in common than what makes us different. Did we forget that america gave the japanese repurations for holding them in concentration camps during WW II or the jews that to this day are still receiving money for the holocaust. So yeah we complain about or situations,eat fried chicken, love watermelons(every bbq I have ever been to with white ppl there has been a watermelon) but who are u to pass judgement on us. And mr. Garcia your spanish your all looked at as a border jumpers right now. That would make you the #1 target of must white supremist dumbass.

  1079. Ahhhhh I live in Seattle, Canada is so close……. I ask the boyfriend all the time, “Can we move to Canada yet?”

  1080. Marginal tax rate when I lived in Canada: 54%, eh?

    And it’s not quite clear to me ‘you get what you pay for’. It wasn’t the health insurance, which was funded by my employer, but those who did not work got their insurance paid for by my taxes.

    So maybe Canada is a great place to be unemployed.

  1081. Quebec is that great place.
    You have 1000 as welfare for your family, 1000 to your 2 kids, and also u can work sometimes for cash and make, let’s say, 700-800 per month
    It is equal to ~45000 per year for those who works legally.

    Nice place that Quebec, huh?

  1082. Lol stupid quebecois. Silly Quebec folk think Quebec is in Canada. Perhaps if Quebec could support itself I may have some respect.

  1083. This is so true…

  1084. White British people threaten to move to Australia…

  1085. And here in Australia we threaten to move to New Zealand, where just about every public office is filled by a woman, and they are a nuclear technology free zone. Plus, it rains there.

  1086. Hehehe I also love Canada!

    I look forward to bundling up in the winter time and cozying up in a blanket to read a book while it snows outside…

    … that is, until it drops to -25 C and I can’t move my car off the street because there aren’t enough snow-plowers to keep up with the snow! Oh yah, and walking to work in the dark, then walking home from work in the dark because we only get 8 hours of daylight!

    But I still love it here, and I’ll never move!

  1087. I’ve been to Canada three times.

    Still have never threatened to move there. I don’t know why you would say that “we” want to go there…

    -Thomas (a white guy who has no plans to move to Canada)

  1088. does anyone threaten to move to the states?

  1089. any white british wanting to quit their island monkey life, and with any style would move to italy or mainland spain

  1090. I’d be interested to know WHERE in Canada someone was paying 54% tax. Sounds like some moron added individual tax rates together to come up with that number.

  1091. The first thing I did was show this to my socialist friend who said “I met a guy who actually moved to Canada after Reagan was elected.

    Also…I took a trip there…my very conservative father started arguing with this kid waiter about taxes…he didn’t know what to do…poor guy..

  1092. Canadians teachers are having the same sex scandals as US teachers. Check it out!

    Hall Monitor

  1093. Income tax can get extremely high; I wouldn’t be shocked if that was a correct number. I have a friend who pays 50% income tax; virtually the same thing.

  1094. Mexicans. Sadly for many, it is illegal.

  1095. Do Canadians consider themselves American?

  1096. on September 6, 2008 at 5:15 am Sir John Herpes Kerry

    My friends if Sen. Obama is not elected I would consider a move to Canada or the Bahamas. The U.S. has lost standing in the world and is a mean place. I will lead the beautiful people out of the U.S.
    Who is with me?

  1097. Actually as a collective we can quite nitpicky about Not Being American(TM). The CRTC for example has a series of standards regarding the minimum amount of Canadian Content that broadcasters must include in their lineups, hence the amount of Canadian TV that beats its nationality over the viewers’ heads. See Also: Those Dumb Americans (TM), Multicultural Mosaic (TM), and Holy Mackinaw We’re Big (TM)

  1098. Canadians do not consider themselves American, and most go out of their way to identify themselves as Canadians while traveling abroad.

  1099. If the disgusting born-again christian jihadist Palin gets into office, I will definitely move to Canada. I have always loved Canada and only regret that our dollar has become worthless there.

  1100. Enjoy it; it must be really “hot” there… I am having a blast in warm South Beach… I know it’s not as hot as Canada..

  1101. no one i know would ever threaten to move to canada…it’s way too fucking cold there

  1102. Hahahah sooo true.

  1103. I wish some of them would actually do it.

  1104. please keep it to yourself ok

  1105. Montreal is a happening city! I now live in Minnesota, so things can’t get much colder but alot more liberating and enjoyable!!

  1106. HA! HA! So true! I have said it myself if Obama is elected. Also I just said it last week when they predicted whites will be the minority in a few years in the U.S. Time for me to go elsewhere.

  1107. “Marginal tax rate when I lived in Canada: 54%, eh?”

    But is it an all-inclusive tax?

    Here in California, most middle-class families are formally in a 25% tax bracket. But in reality, we also pay 2.9% medicare tax, 12.4% social security tax, 9.3% state tax, so it all adds up to almost 50%. And then when you decide to spend some of the money you’ve managed to keep, say hello to a 8% sales tax on most things you’d want to buy with your money.

  1108. I have the same thought.

  1109. american’s threatening to move up here to canada. Yikes! i think i’ll have to start thinking about a place to move then. Leave the great white north strong and free. we’ve seen the damage you’ve done to your country…

  1110. Here are the income taxes in Canada.


    We are also having an election that will be most likely be won by our conservative party (not that I’m complaining). So you blue stater’s may want to stay put and make way for the red stater’s if Obama wins. They deserve a chance too.

    As a white guy, if I was to threaten to move from Canada it would be Ireland or Australia.

  1111. lol yea id love to see a Canadian in Ireland, a peace loving,neutral and calm Canadian in a country full of drunk Irish lol

  1112. on September 9, 2008 at 12:05 am anonymous canadian

    i’m canadian and i’ve been to ireland,…. A NIGHTMARE, I was disgusted by the people.

  1113. on September 9, 2008 at 12:08 am anonymous canadian

    that is BS, as a paramedic I am taxed 27%, lower class people are taxed 17%, very few are taxed the rates you quote

  1114. European people threaten to move to Canada also, or they choose another country in Europe (example: “Let’s move to England when Sarkozy becomes president, if I’m french)

    Great site by the way!

  1115. That’s just offensive.

  1116. I’m an Amercian-born Hispanic and I’m contemplating to move to Canada. I don’t like how this country has become.

  1117. Perhaps Europeans threaten to move to New Zealand

  1118. You move here (Canada) and there’ll be lots of whities going after you for a date: #7 Diversity, #19 Travelling (Do you have family anywhere outside of the U.S.?), #20 Being an expert on your culture, #71 Being the only white person around, #78 Multilingual Children (they’ll be fantasizing about that too), #80 The Idea of Soccer, #101 Being Offended (on your behalf), etc.

  1119. Hell, no!

  1120. No we don’t. Everything is perfect here. Politicians who suck the american neo-con dick just piss us off sometimes.

  1121. ummmm why his Europe even considered a continent when it shares body of land with Asia. I thought to be a continent you need to be own landmass

  1122. In Europe, we usually just threaten to move to somewhere else in Europe. Using Norwegians as a (rather obscure) example, we’ll threaten to move to Sweden, Denmark, Germany, France or even Iceland…

    And Europe is a continent of its own because we don’t like Asians, only their food thankyouverymuch.

  1123. Actually I’m a Canadian white guy, and I threaten to move to California whenever the weather sucks.

  1124. I am American Of Cuban Parents and Family, And I will never leave this country. I am grateful, My family has been here since 67′. and we are grateful and patriotic. and we are by no means well off or close to it. If Obama Comes out I Will MOVE
    But probably not Canada. Somewhere warm, lol like a private island. It’s funny because Usually rich snobs and celebs are the ones who whine like babies. To all those wanting to leave the United States. I say Go Ahead! You will make it a better place.

  1125. I’m European (Welsh actually) and have quite threatened to move to Canada, in fact I am this year. I’ve had enough of Britain!

  1126. Phuck canada! That’s where Sarah Palin lives.

  1127. She doesn’t live there, but she can SEE it from Alaska. Almost the same thing!

  1128. Are you kidding me? Who is the ignorant person who said that Sarah Palin lives in the same country as I do?!?! Alaska is not Canada, you uneducated, ignorant, self-centered, typical egotistical American. No wonder most of you threaten to move up here…to get away from people just like you!

  1129. Please explain why you think having Mr. Obama for President would be so horrible? I hope you don’t think he is against Latinos or Cuban-Americans, in particular.

  1130. Phoque Canada. They kill baby seals.

  1131. she can also see russia, so she’s obviously over qualified to be our foreign affairs official, she can see TWO countries from her backyard and field dress a moose

  1132. Just marry a Canadian. That’s what i did. Then again, i’m not full white so that’s probably why i only partially went through with it. (if McCain wins tho, we’re outta here and back to Vancouver.)

  1133. on September 19, 2008 at 10:56 am American sawker fan

    What if one does then move to Canada- for a reason? Well, nvm, spose that wouldnt really apply.

  1134. Democrats love America, but they’ll ditch her as soon as an election doesn’t work in their favor? Sorry, but being loyal to your party before your country is not patriotic.

  1135. However, I think it is clearly a very “white” thing to do. For the record, I am white and also have left America, but I took myself much further away than Canada.

    But now that things are not looking too good on Wall Street something tells me that more Democrats as well as Republicans may start talking about wanting to head for the Northern border.

  1136. Is Canada really the Eutopia that people keep on talking about???

  1137. yes, Canada is the best place on earth. And yes we already have white people here, black, brown, yellow and we do not care as long as you are not a criminal or incredibly ignorant and rude, you can move here.

  1138. white people should all move to Iceland, there are only white people there, and Bjork and Sigur Ros play out through speakers in the geysers. oh and free heating and blood soup!

  1139. i’m from Michigan, and i must say northern Michigan is just like Canada every talks just like a Canadian. if you are ever afraid to step into Canada visit Michigan but skip out on the industrial cities they smell like shit, go to Marquette in the Upper Peninsula.

  1140. I’m gonna move there. I figure Alec Baldwin is lonely for some company since moved to the Great White North, just after Gore failed to win the presidency. Just where in Canada did he move to? Hopefully somewhere in the Yukon Territory with only hungry, pissed off Polar bears eyeing his pasty, fleshy ass for dinner!

  1141. Many people say this but I can actually do it. Since I am about to go to college and really haven’t settled anywhere yet, I could pull this off. Just gotta be accepted by a Canadian university.

  1142. Actually, I look forward to having Obama for president.

    The way I look at it, is the Obama presidency is my window of opportunity to escape to Canada and yet no longer hate being part of a country I barely recognize anymore.

    Obama only has 4 sure years (reelection isn’t a guarantee) and he’d only have 8 years total. I’m pretty scared for what will happen post-Obama.

  1143. As well they should

  1144. Your marginal tax rates are actually very similar to the US!

    I couldn’t get the link to work. Here’s a summary for the US marginal tax rates for 2008.

    There are too many states to compare to the provincial tax rates but my state levies a 9% income tax:

    US (single filer)

    10% on income between $0 and $8,025

    15% on the income between $8,025 and $32,550; plus $802.50

    25% on the income between $32,550 and $78,850; plus $4,481.25

    28% on the income between $78,850 and $164,550; plus $16,056.25

    33% on the income between $164,550 and $357,700; plus $40,052.25

    35% on the income over $357,700; plus $103,791.75

  1145. P.S. — I’m also not factoring in the US FICA (Social Security) payroll tax rate of 7.65% on the first $102,000 of income.

  1146. Final word — which makes me want to sob — consider what Canadians get in return for your taxes and then compare what USians get (mostly corrupt governance).

    Please let me come up there. I’m really nice and not your typical American.

  1147. After getting a look at what Sarah Palin is about, I’m not so sure Alaska is a reasonable substitute for Canada.

  1148. “Milk at $5/gallon, chicken at $7/lb, bread $3/loaf”

    It’s no different in Denver.

  1149. “yes, Canada is the best place on earth. And yes we already have white people here, black, brown, yellow and we do not care as long as you are not a criminal or incredibly ignorant and rude, you can move here.”

    Canada and the U.S. are fairly even in many ways. However people in Canada tend to be mysogonistic and it has the second highest rate of rape among industrilized “western” nations. It is nearly twice as likely to happen in Canada. And it’s less likely to be reported in Canada than the U.S. Women often “dissapear” in the northern reaches,especially natives.

    The health care is free,you get what you pay for,expect long wait times and apathetic DR.’s.

    Also there is an undeniable undercurrent of racism against “First Nations” people,and a history every bit as Ugly as in it’s neighbor.

    There is a lot of violence and aggressive people wandering around in the cities,less shootings and murders,a lot of stabbings and robberies,a lot of robberies.

    The RCMP has a bad history of “unexplainable” deaths happening in their custody and the regular police are rather lazy and prone to harrass attractive women/throw their weight around.

    A lot of crack and meth use,heroin too,drunk beligerant people wandering the streets.

    It’s not a horrible place,it’s certainly not a pardise either.

    Saying it’s the best place on earth and that the normal problems that go with western culture don’t exist there is iresponsible and does a disservice to everyone.

  1150. I’m moving to Canada.


  1151. Yeah, but really we’ll only move to Canada when the economy takes a dive into the shitter.

    Thank God for portable job skills. Because once the Bush/McCain juggernaut’s done with the USA, it’ll be Venezuela without the oil, and instead stocked with God-fearing redneck insurance adjusters and car salesmen.


  1152. u did not take ur prozac today

  1153. “There is a lot of violence and aggressive people wandering around in the cities,less shootings and murders,a lot of stabbings and robberies,a lot of robberies.

    The RCMP has a bad history of “unexplainable” deaths happening in their custody and the regular police are rather lazy and prone to harrass attractive women/throw their weight around.

    A lot of crack and meth use,heroin too,drunk beligerant people wandering the streets.”

    The above is exaggerated nonsense by a left wing mindset. The crime here is very low by U.S standards. I’ve been living in Toronto my whole life and have not fallen prey to any crime nor do I know anyone who has. Certain cities like Regina,Vancouver and Montreal have a drug culture but it’s comparatively small in Toronto. It really depends on where you live and what your lifestyle is.

  1154. This is my favorite post so far! It’s too cold in Canada to move there. I have met some really awesome Canadians.

  1155. I am not white and I love Canada. Excluding the climate, but it makes up for it because it is such a fun place. I was in Toronto on vacation. The people are attractive and friendly. There is tons of culture in Toronto, they have all different kinds of restaurants. The food is superb. When I was there I ate at a French Restaurant. I went to the CN tower that was really nice too. Umh, I also had the pleasure of going to the Toronto Zoo, which had great animals. I loved it. I would recommend anyone to go there.. but, you might have to bring a lot of money because it is more expensive than here

  1156. someone is a little racist, singling out white people as the only ones that want to move to canada. i do have family in canada and i hear good things. if obama gets elected i just might move there. so why dont black people want to move to canada? too many crackers with hockey sticks? why dont mexicans want to move there? too many hard working people that anr not lazy and are actually willing to do the shitty jobs? get a clue before you start singling out one race like an uneducated fool.

  1157. Someone is a little sensitive it seems. If you need help packing give me a shout.

    Humorous post clander. Thanks for brightening my evening. If McSame wins I may need some help.

  1158. Hahahah, i actually do that too.
    i live in California and its soo hot and the economy is going down and everytime im like “thats it im moving to Canada” ogf course i havent done that yet but one day ill get so frustrated i probobly will.

  1159. I am moving to Canada next year nomatter what any of you say!

  1160. Justin, are you white? If so, I’d say you meet the qualification of “white people like to be offended” (#101)

    The writer is white. While we could accuse him of being racist if he wrote a blog called “Stuff Black People Like”, “Stuff Black Mexicans Like”, etc, he’s actually referring to white people he’s met (and so have you and I). There’s nothing racist about picking up some of the common white hipster traits and putting it in a blog or book.

  1161. This is so great. How about Canada takes over our LEFT coast, hey, republicans don’t like us anyway and then the republicans here can relocate to Texas or around those parts and then they can FINALLY succede from the union, which frankly that’s what they have always wanted and they should really just be able to go for it! God, this is just such a bad dream…..

  1162. Great column. Thanks, Chris, this stuff really needs to be said.

    I’ve read almost all of these posts. Sometimes I feel kind of bad, because I’m into some of this stuff, like Wes Anderson flicks and coffee. But I think the point is mindset. You can enjoy some of these things if you naturally enjoy them, but once you think of them as a large part of your identity, then you’re in trouble.

    The folks that cry “racist” are hilarious. Idiots!

  1163. Not true! I really am moving to Canada!!!

  1164. on October 4, 2008 at 10:13 pm A Person not of color


  1165. Only liberals threaten to leave the good old USA for Canada. And yes, they are all white.

    I believe Canada is all white too, except for the West Indians who summer there all year. There isn’t a single West Indian in Toronto that will say they are Canadian. That is one of Canada’s big problems – very little national identity. Which is why it appeals to liberals.

    Interestingly, no one ever threatens to move to Mexico, even though Mexico is a much more interesting country and culture. You just have to get used to the unemployment, crime, corruption, pollution, volatile economy and the police.

    Well good riddance to all you white’s heading north. Don’t forget your long johns.

  1166. im sure not only white people want to move to canada dont like at all how you wrote this blog think its load of crap people should move usa is crap and you all know it and if you say otherwise your full of shit usa will fall to foreign power you watch and learn ill be no where to be found aint sticking around to fight for something that aint worth dieing for

  1167. You must be white.

  1168. Canada is Americas little brother

  1169. i hear toronto is nice

  1170. I threaten to move to Europe (American).

  1171. Haha I just found this site for the first time, and I wanna comment on this one. Like I’ve lived in Canada pretty much all my life, but spend time down in the states from time to time and holy f*ck this is so true! lol. Like EVERY liberal leaning white person (I’m white myself I should add) I met begged me for information about Canada. Being a bit of a patriotic Canadian I was more than happy to oblige of course lol. I had to give it to em straight though, that Canada while nice, has a shitty-ass health care system (IMO). That’s not a knock against nationally funded health insurance and other universal health care systems (which in my experience pretty well always beat the shit out of the states system), ours is just ineffectual and hemorrhages funds lol. We generate more carbon and pollution in general per capita than the States, our house of commons is the only elected representative body with the cabinet and senate both being appointed (House of commons is pretty powerful, but still not very democratic IMO). The crime and poverty varies where you go like anywhere, and though it’s certainly a helluva alot better than what I’ve seen in the States, their are still pockets of severe poverty on some of the native reserves that’s worse than anything I’ve seen in the States. In large parts of BC it’s definitely true you could walk by a cop with a joint in your mouth and be fine, but I wouldn’t set out to test it lol. I suppose the sexual views are more liberal than what I’ve seen in the states, but not by much, mostly we just have laxer censorship laws (in some things) so if you based it on our media (Young People Fucking I heard quoted as evidence a few times) you’d be WAY off base lol. Canada is very religious (varies alot where you go of course), often alot more so than I’ve seen in the states (though its usually nowhere near as tied up with politics). Dunno where I’m going with this, but ya Canada’s a great place, and I’d much rather live here than the States personally, but their are plenty of better places for various liberal leaning white people, like Scandinavia, and Europe in general. Except Sweden, fuck Sweden lol. But ya, that’s my unnecessarily long-winded plug into this conversation lol. Also no offence to the Swedes lol.

  1172. Brilliant. I love ur use of lol and ya

  1173. I am American/Canadian living in Vancouver with my family for the last 8 years and I plan to return to California. Vancouver is twice as expensive as LA, folks are very PC in BC, the taxes and the Canadian Revenue are brutal and every thing costs a lot more. I can buy a lovely house in Southern California in a lovely neighborhood for what it would cost for a one bedroom condo in Vancouver. On the other hand the health care isn’t bad at all. I have had the most amazing experiences with doctors, my husband had a very serious surgery here with a terrific outcome and an amazing doctor for free that would have cost us at least $60,000 with insurance in the states. The air is very clean, folks are relatively nice. I have made wonderful friends. I plan to return and live there May through August when the weather is gorgeous. Not too hot, not too chilly. Winters in BC have gotten worse, wet, rainy, snowy, grey for months and THAT is really hard to take. I miss my family and long term friends in California. I hope to have the best of both worlds 8 months in California and 4 in Canada. The country is absolutely gorgeous – the US Rockies have nothing on the Canadian Rockies. The Maritimes (East Coast provinces) are amazing and the people are terrific. Montreal is the epitome of a European styled city. But I still feel nothing beats New York City. Canadians know a lot more about the US and the world than Americans do for sure. They have more of a world view and aren’t as ethnocentric. This is a melting pot of Asian, Native, Eastern Indians, Germans but not many blacks. When I travel abroad though, I have observed Canadians are treated a lot nicer than Americans. “when in Rome” so to speak, is a Canadian travelers’ philosophy. They don’t try to pay with US dollars or demand American meals or insist everyone speak in English like I have seen many, many Americans do. So there are pros and cons to each country and I say to each his own.

  1174. .—-. calm the fxck down peaple…

  1175. Where are you getting your statistics from?Especially your rape claim – absolute nonsense. I have never felt safer than when I am visiting my relatives in Canada. The biggest difference I notice is the mentality of the police. Where I live in the States (TX) there is a fear of the cops, they have this sense of power and control. Whereas in Canada, all the young people talk fondly about the RCMP and how they look out for them and how they are just there to help out when you are in trouble. I loved that about Canada.

  1176. okay for all you american saying ‘omg its so cold in canada i could never live there!!’ i have lived in canada my whole life and i have never experienced anything colder than 30 F! It just depends where you live. I live in Vancouver where we have palm trees and beautiful warm summers and it is lovely. I hate the cold but just because I live in Canada doesn’t mean I have to even own a winter jacket!

  1177. lol are you kidding? we aren’t communists here.

  1178. are you kidding? can you name the 7 continents?

  1179. What the fuck is wrong with you people. This is OBVIOUSLY a joke. Lighten up everybody, damn.

  1180. Stuff White People Like:

    Heated debates in the form of blog postings.

  1181. thats so true in high school its like this
    US history-1 year

    world history -1 year-
    * british history- 2 cycles
    *french, germany -1 cycle
    *italy -1 cycle
    *rest of world – 1 week
    *india- tuesday
    *africa- wensday
    * some more british – thursay and friday
    * latin america- last 10 minutes of class

  1182. people always say that global warming is a bad thing. but many people forget the one positive result of global warming which will overshadow all of the negatives. CANADA WILL NO LONGER BE COLD!!!!!! pack your bags!!!!!

  1183. Vancouver isn’t that cold. Come one, come all our American compadres.

  1184. Note : Europeans also threaten to move – to another European country.
    Each European country has some close by “better country” that white people would consider perfect if they had better weather and/or better food.
    For example, French people threaten to move to Belgium (this was especially true after the last presidential elections), Danes threaten to move to Sweden…

  1185. I’m a Brit and a couple of years ago I threatened to (and indeed did) move to the Netherlands. Ostensibly it was on account of their far superior healthcare system, but in reality it was I was simply seeking more opportunites to smoke the marijuana (which I love!), eat incongruously-topped pancakes (which you totally can only get in Holland) and play ultra extreme frisbee in the superior public spaces of Amsterdam (due to the much more favourable weather).

    Imagine my glee when after having been there for a year or so, I realised that I could no longer tolerate the infuriatingly lackadaisical approach to life that those funny-talking potheads and threathed to move back to the UK. Little did I realise, the UK is totally better than the Netherlands.

    Next year I’m threatening to move to Belgium, because they have, like, 40000 different beers, all of which are superior to every other beer brewed anywhere else in the world (FACT). I just need something to get pissed off about, which shouldn’t be too hard. Pint of Carling anyone?

  1186. Well me and a few friends went to Montreal, Canada for the first time and we loved it there, Me and my one friend go to alot of different places throughout New York state and Northeast, but I always joke that we should move to where ever we are at the time because i like it so much; but this time he said he would like to move to Montreal….. I find it interesting though.

  1187. I actually went to the trouble of filling out a shitload of forms and having photos taken to get a work permit, but then couldn’t find a job

  1188. I wish! I met a lot of Californians in BC and they made it clear there was NO room for any more

  1189. Where do we Australians (threaten to) go?

    Not that I’ve really found a reason yet…

  1190. It’s true – us Canadians do threaten to move to Europe. At least once a month.

  1191. “Note: Europeans are unable to threaten to move anywhere.”

    As a white guy from europe (norway) I often threaten to move somewhere. If i see a news-clip about drug-laws, i threaten to move to the netherlands or denmark, and for general political news, i threaten to move to a farm in the woods and be a anarchist and grow my own weed.

  1192. I found a reason years ago.
    It was a man called John.
    Ran the country for a decade. Intolerable.
    I chose Europe.
    But to be regionally correct, threaten to move to New Zealand. That´s so analogous to U.S/Canada it aint funny.

  1193. Wow…I bet you earned awesome grades in school, huh? Firstly, the site is called “Stuff White People Like”, so this might be why the segment you read referred to white people. Secondly, I’ve done some basic third grade proofreading for you, just to help you out:

    “I’m sure not only white people want to move to Canada . I don’t like at all how you wrote this blog. I think it’s load of crap. People should move. USA is crap and you all know it. If you say otherwise you’re full of shit. USA will fall to foreign power; you watch and learn. I’ll be nowhere to be found. I’m not sticking around to fight for something that isn’t worth dying for.”

    See? Doesn’t that make your crazy-ass rant seem a lot more dignified? To help you further, the key marked “Shift” is the one I used to magically transform some of your letters into big ones. The key toward the right hand side with the little dot…that’s called a period, and can greatly assist you in not appearing to babble on in one incoherent sentence. Rather, you now have several incoherent sentences. Lastly, “aint” is not and will never be a word. You’re most welcome.

    On second thought…it’s ok if you leave the country.

  1194. Holy Pijolie
    I do this regularly. First with Shrub’s second term, and now with the lingering possibility of a McCorpse White House. I’ve been threatening to learn french too, just to make it all seem genuine.
    But, hey, enough good music comes out of Canada to make it worth some consideration in any case.

  1195. Well, I actually did move to Canada….for a year, but was unable to find friends

  1196. on October 16, 2008 at 9:19 pm Anaheim Ducks Bunny

    If Obama is elected this hockey loving native California girl is moving on up!!!!!!

  1197. If McCorpse is elected and the US is run by President Palin, then Canada’s bad weather will have to suit us just fine. The hockey lovers and “joe 6packs” can have the country to themselves.


  1198. I always do! I am a teacher who has been out of teacher’s college for 5 years now and still can’t get a ‘permanent job’. This year even maternity or sick leaves are hard to come by. I’d be happy to ‘once again…’ fill in temporarily for a shcool year. BUT every year having to go from interview to interview, being told eveything went well and that I am a great candidate and even that the interview went so well that feedback on how to be better wasn’t even possible; it is starting to get to me! I am fed up!

    ……I stuck it out – at least I tried to…..

    I have an opportunity to teach in the States, but if I leave and come back I have lost all my status in the Toronto School Board and I have to re-apply, wich means I might not get back in.

    It’s a hard decision to make, but how long should I wait for something that may never come…

  1199. not exactly true
    lived in Vancouver for 7 years and the temperature dipped to 10Fs like in three winters
    usually ending with some dramatic snow storm followed by heavy rain

  1200. on October 17, 2008 at 12:55 pm Anaheim Ducks Bunny

    Too funny!! Have a great time IF your paying taxes??? Make sure to research the full extent of the muslim beliefs. Barack Hussain may not destroy and kill the innocent like Bin-Laden did but he will make sure to provide a SLOW death by taxation. I think I’ll gamble on an old military veteran and a pittbull to watch my back. “drill baby, drill” using OUR resourses to shut down the middle east AND Bin-Laden.

  1201. Well, Anaheim Ducky, don’t let the door hit ya on your way out! See Ya!

  1202. IT’s Barack OBAMA not hussian.He’s not lebense or muslim or somali or oromo etc.Jeez what a whitey

  1203. We don’t want you, sorry.

  1204. on October 18, 2008 at 10:11 am Anaheim Ducks Bunny

    CORRECTION……. Barack HUSSAIN Obama is his full given name. Our liberal media makes every effort to make sure it’s voters keep their head in the sand! I like Barack the man and black man for that matter. It’s his up bringing in the muslim faith that will end this country. What do you muslims call it gihad?????? Maybe we can vote for Bin-Laden as the VP, Bidens crowns are all about to fall out

  1205. Errm,

    Love you Americans as I do, I kinda like the whole “neighbour” (that’s right, that’s how it’s spelled in Canada, even though my spell check is telling me it’s misspelled) relationship we have going. I love your assumption that you would be welcomed with open arms here. I shake my hanged head, but would indeed take ya in just the same 😉

    I love ya this much (arms width)……from this far (arms length)

  1206. on October 18, 2008 at 7:11 pm Anaheim Ducks Bunny

    I’ll be sure to bring my 40% in taxes I pay with me! I will enjoy watching the lazy, NON working, liberal takers flounder when there are no more dumbies to support their ass’

  1207. on October 18, 2008 at 7:14 pm Anaheim Ducks Bunny

    Carl, do YOU have a JOB?????????

  1208. on October 18, 2008 at 7:16 pm Anaheim Ducks Bunny

    That’s ok Kelly, do you have yellow teeth?

  1209. You’re not funny, Bunny. Try, I mean TRY*, to be funnier.

    Well, having the phrase ‘Anaheim Ducks’ in your name would suggest you’re from the ultra conservative wasteland of S. California called Orange County (that or you’re a disgruntled Kings fan, married into the team or are a band wagon jumper when they won the Stanley Cup). And everyone knows conservatives aren’t funny, especially in OC. Even conservatives know. They know how to drill, manage money, sell real estate and create paranoia. Doing a banner job on those fronts, just never had any hardship to have a reason to be funny. I mean what’s funny about fighting city hall over zoning regulations? Sorry. I’ll be more discreet when I ask people to be funnier next time.

    * I heard white people like capitalizing words for emphasis.
    ** oh, I have a job so don’t bother asking me.

  1210. on October 18, 2008 at 9:34 pm Anaheim Ducks Bunny is a moron

    Anaheim Ducks Bunny I think YOU have too much time on your hands. Very fitting of the Schwarzenegger commercials of the Californian lifestyle (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pqz4IlMT3ns&feature=related). We promote an actual WORK lifestyle up North and therefore, do not spend company time posting ignorant, uneducated, and racist comments on obviously comedic websites. Sorry your citizenship is denied.

  1211. I spent 5mos in Alberta, and loved it. All the people I met were wonderful and didn’t try to impress you with bulls**t. I could very easily live there, but I like were I’m at now even with all the liberal brainwashing in the good o’l USA.
    To all Canadians Cheers! And keep sending all your beautiful woman down to us, we need more cool chicks in this country.

  1212. Yes, dearest I do have a job. I work hard, pay my taxes, and hope that the willfully ingnorant shrill conservatives such as yourself can find a place far far away in which to live out your sour lives! Perhaps Iraq?

  1213. Definitely TWKOW.

  1214. on October 19, 2008 at 1:26 pm hoopskidoodle

    You must be talking about western Canada. Ontario (which, as far as I’m concerned is the real Canada) isn’t a hotbed of fascist rednecks.

  1215. Ontario is the real Canada? Just like the Northeast is the real U.S.? Holy cow, are you white, my friend.

  1216. We English threaten to move to Australia. One thing English white people like to do is see other white people burn in the sun, so Australia provides the perfect place to do this. That is why we sent them there in the first place.

  1217. This has to be the most ridiculous and ignorant comment ever. First off, not all Muslims are radical nutjobs. Only a very small percentage.
    Second, Obama is not Muslim, instead Christian. He grew up here in the US with his mother until she died of cancer, where he then moved in with his Christian grandmother, who raised him from there on. Honestly, I don’t see why religion is even a factor. All it does it further separate us…but that’s a whole different subject.
    Also, just in case you weren’t aware, Hussein is a very common name among black people. And it really pisses me off that the right wing crazies are calling him by his full name knowing that society is stupid and scared as a whole. No more scare tactics from the right wing!!!
    And you’re talking about Biden’s crowns? What about McCain’s dentures? And at least Obama picked an experienced and able VP. Honestly, I’m most worried about McCain getting elected, dying in office, and us getting stuck with a dumb ass, power hungry, inexperienced woman. Now she a perfect example of Bush #2. All confidence with absolutely nothing to back it up. GAG
    Go back to your FOX News and stop spreading your hate speech!

  1218. As I’m sure has been clarified, Canada is viewed as a liberal paradise. I have never personally known a conservative to threaten to move there regardless of creed or color. If you’re curious where a conservative might threaten to move, check out Slate at http://www.slate.com/id/2202070/. I’m socially left of center, but it was an interesting read.

  1219. on October 21, 2008 at 5:21 pm Peter Richard Johnson

    Yeah, sure, even if Barack HUSSEIN Obama WAS a muslim, that would not make him a terrorist. It would simply mean that he has a different religious view than SOME of the other people in this country. However, since he is NOT a muslim – and I’d like to point out that this belief arises from the reading of check-out line tabloids – your ignorance is only more and more painfully obvious.

    Oh, and if you’re going to rant about something, at least make yourself sound halfway intelligent. First of all it is spelled “hussein.” Secondly, if our media were liberal I really don’t think we would have had to suffer through eight years of Bush. Thirdly, Jihad is spelled Jihad, and it is a prophesied holy war described in the Koran. It has nothing to do specifically with the U.S, primarily because the U.S. didn’t exist when the Koran was written. And, last but not least, John McCain – being the only alternative to Barack HUSSEIN Obama – is about five years OLDER than joe biden. Put that in your pipe and smoke it… it’ll make you sound more intelligent than whatever drug you are apparently on.

    Thank you!

  1220. on October 21, 2008 at 5:37 pm Peter Richard Johnson

    Please learn how to spell. Please. Or else I might have to sic my “pittbull” on you…

  1221. you are right blacks have made america a teribble place to live always crying about something and i have noticed they are animated as fuck and always on stage in public cant act normal what so ever i think it would be a better country with out black people period

  1222. Dear “wow”,
    It would be a better WORLD without people like you, period. I am absolutely disgusted that you have the audacity to post your hateful comments online, and keep your supremacist opinions to yourself.

  1223. McCorpse


  1224. Pipe down Oprah

  1225. C”mon hanky….you know it’s Barak Osama

  1226. Read the Koran. Stop at the part where it is permissable to kill the infadels [non-believers]. Re-think your ignorance and what it is that you are on

  1227. You have to be the proud owner of a fist thick black dildo. I bet you think you can buy batteries with your food stamp card for it too.

  1228. on October 22, 2008 at 8:10 pm Peter Richard Johnson

    Yeah, sure, but obama is not a muslim. and hey, what about canada? is islam the national religion there? hmm, maybe the muslims would rather go kill all those canadian infidels instead…?

  1229. on October 22, 2008 at 8:11 pm Peter Richard Johnson

    hooboy, if everybody in the US acted like the NW, this country would be even more screwed than it already is.

  1230. on October 22, 2008 at 8:13 pm Peter Richard Johnson

    You know, I’d say this was the same person as “anaheim ducks bunny,” but you know how to spell. however, spelling really can’t make up for that amount of ignorance no matter what way you frame it. get a clue, you right-wing extremist.

  1231. In Australia during the Howard years (government before the present one) we used to say, ‘That’s it, I’m moving to New Zealand’ – until someone reminded us we wouldn’t be able to stand the accent and anyway they hate Australians.

  1232. on October 22, 2008 at 9:54 pm Peter Richard Johnson

    Oh yeah, that’s one of the best sites ever besides this one.

  1233. I am Canadian, and American tourists constantly tell me that America has gone so far downhill they’re thinking of moving here. It’s pretty obvious that they never will. Canadians never actually threaten to move to Europe though. We just threaten suicide. While better than the US’, our healthcare sucks.

  1234. on October 23, 2008 at 4:43 pm Peter Richard Johnson

    well at least you don’t have to pay $100 up front to go to the emergency room.

  1235. I always say that if McCain wins I will move to Montreal. After reading this, I feel like a tool. And I’m not even white.

  1236. this is so funny because i was baby-sitting and on the way back to my plave my employer was talking about mccain and said if he got elected he was moving to canada. i really wanted to burst out laughing but i just nodded.

  1237. We will all be wearing Obama’s Nation t=shirts


  1239. WAY TO GO


  1241. We don’t want you. You’re obviously TWKOWP.

  1242. Me too. Except, I mean the opposite. Oh, and just so you know, “get” is not a noun. A verb should never be in the possessive form.

    White people also like correcting other people’s grammar and punctuation (regardless of said person’s skin color).

  1243. I totally agree! I’m a SBF, and will gladly hit Toronto if he loses. I’ve lived in Europe before, so I figured Canada would be a nice place to call home.

  1244. OMG, really?!? *packs a hookah and breezy short shorts*

  1245. Yeah, Canada is pretty badass… Not really, but I’d take it over almost anything the States have. As for Europe, I’d go, no problem. Some of the places over there are pretty sweet.


    You know, if not for the fact that this phrase has been chucked around repeatedly lately in light of Obama’s potentially presidency, I’d have never even known that this was something white people enjoyed conversing about so much. Perhaps it has something to do with the fact that I really do have relatives in Canada. Hm, weird nullifying effect, perhaps? More research is required…

    By the way, correcting grammar is my anti-drug. Is it on the list?

  1247. True, true. I have to say, though, that I have a bit of a thing for the New Zealand accent over the Australian one. This is, of course, attribtued mostly to the long hours spent listening and re-listening to Flight of the Conchords albums.

    Of course, you could always look at the bright side. Most countries acknowledge that Australia exists. New Zealand, not so much.

  1248. on October 27, 2008 at 7:34 pm Lori From Toronto, Canada

    Do realize that over 85% of Canadians want Obama in as President? I think you might feel out of place here.

  1249. Yeah, but what they don’t tell you is that you’re gonna get hit with a bill from the government later for the ambulance that took you there. It’s not all free, no matter what you think. And if you need a hip or knee replacement, for example, you might very well wait three years, as a friend of mine did. I’ve been in ERs in both the US and Canada, although I live in Canada, and, honestly, most Americans wouldn’t put up with what goes on. Put me in an ER in Calcutta. The conditions would be better.

    And, sorry, folks, but we’re getting a little tired of American assumptions that we’d even take you. Every time an election seems to be going in a direction one of the nutty Baldwin actor-brothers doesn’t like, one of them will threaten to move to Canada.

    Grasp the concept, folks. Mostly, we don’t want you. You’re nice folks and all–come visit, but please don’t stay. Among other things, you don’t understand the three-down/four down differences in football, and don’t have any grasp of the difference in the two-line or three-line pass rules in hockey. We say things like “Excuse me” and “You’re welcome” as a response to “Thank you” and “Sorry to bother you.” Apology is a way of life.

    One winter in Wawa or Pouce Coupe (yes, those places exist) and you’d be back to SoCal with the speed of sound.

  1250. I’m from Argentina and here is full of Swedes, they spend time between Buenos Aires and Uruguay. You can’t go to a trendy/ethnic restaurant without stomping on a Swede.

  1251. If you are irresponsible enough to vote for Sarah Palin as the potential President of the United States and John McPain, who used his “best judgement” to select her over at least 1,000,000 better qualified citizens, the responsible citizens of the US would welcome your emigration!

  1252. Me too. The last thing this country needs if a left wing loon who hangs out with known terrorist and wants to spread the wealth around…sounds like socialism to me.

  1253. Why, because she speaks the truth? Because she is not a Washington insider?
    Because she doesn’t hang around with known terrorist and lies about it? She is willing to stand up for our troops? She has not taken the American flag off of her campaign plane?
    She is intelligent ( that is something some men are really scared of)? She will fight for the blue collar worker because her husband is one? She will work for relief for families that are struggling with the cost of raising a special needs child? Shall I go on?
    If any of your BHO supporters read his book, Dreams of my Father” and still vote for him…you deserve what you get…NOTHING BUT TAXES

  1254. oh my gosh i had no idea this was a white people thing. in fact i’ve been saying for months now that if obama wins the election i’m moving to canada.seriously. i will move to canada…

  1255. You should probably be aware that the Canadian political spectrum is shifted quite a bit left of what the US offers. Moving to Canada, while always a good idea, wouldn’t accomplish anything in terms of distancing yourself from socialism.

  1256. I doubt the Canadians want us.

  1257. i dont want to distance myself from socialism as much as i want to distance myself from barack obama

  1258. Around two-thirds of Canadians like Obama–you should go to Sweden.

  1259. I’m french, from France, and when Nicolas Sarkozy (actual president) was on presidential campaign, i threatened that if he was president, i was moving to Canada.
    And in fact that what i did, and actually living in Montreal, which is way better than France \o/ (French people, usually the 18 – 25 have a really good opinion about Canada, and specialy about Quebec, and a lot of them want to move here, and i know a lot who do so…
    Life is way better in Canada for young people than France, more job, better paid, cheaper life cost, … )

    Canada for ever \o/

  1260. Listen..if white people had not threatened a move north of the boarder the Vietnam war could still be raging. Anyway, the goc needs its tax base and for the most part, it is just an idle threat…THAT IS UNLESS WAR BREAKS OUT ALL OVER THE MIDDLE EAST… then it is look out Canada..here we come, buggies,horses,cars,kids and kin.

  1261. Buy a good parka Marlena! I’m for McCain though.

  1262. I’m white and female and I always said I’d move to Mexico if Hillary Clinton ever became president. I’m safe for now. I’d never move to Canada I’ve known too many of them who choose to live in the States, but hate it here. I do speak Fluent French and Spanish though so I just have to worry about Montezuma’s revenge if Hillary ever runs again.

  1263. Because she fired a dude for breaking another family member’s heart? *OMGsob!*
    Because she illegally E-mailed people from a government account (we can thank 4chan for figuring that one out. Hell yes for /b/!)
    Because her husband’s an idiot?
    Because she honestly believes that there are pro-America parts of America… and anti-America parts of America? Because last time I checked, America liked America. Well, I mean North America liked <North America, as you seem like the type of person who would forget that there are two different Americas.
    Because she’s for Abstinence Only education, and now that her daughter is paying the price, she still won’t acknowledge that this is wrong. No offense to her poor daughter, because I honestly feel bad for her.
    Because she’s, I dunno… unprofessional? I’m more eloquent than that woman.
    Shall I go on?

    As far as feeling threatened by her womanhood, well… I’d have voted for Hillary. Hillary just seems like she knows what she’s doing a little bit. And really, who doesn’t want Bill back in the White House?

  1264. Because she fired a dude for breaking another family member’s heart? *OMGsob!*
    Because she illegally E-mailed people from a government account (we can thank 4chan for figuring that one out. Hell yes for /b/!)
    Because her husband’s an idiot?
    Because she honestly believes that there are pro-America parts of America… and anti-America parts of America? Because last time I checked, America liked America. Well, I mean North America liked <North America, as you seem like the type of person who would forget that there are two different Americas.
    Because she’s for Abstinence Only education, and now that her daughter is paying the price, she still won’t acknowledge that this is wrong. No offense to her poor daughter, because I honestly feel bad for her.
    Because she’s, I dunno… unprofessional? I’m more eloquent than that woman.
    Shall I go on?

    As far as feeling threatened by her womanhood, well… I’d have voted for Hillary. Hillary just seems like she knows what she’s doing a little bit. And really, who doesn’t want Bill back in the White House?

  1265. Funny how almost every single country on the face of the Earth wants Obama to be the president of the United States… Except for, you know, the United States.

  1266. Crap. The infamous Double Post strikes again!

  1267. Interesting assumption that it is your decision to make and that you can move to Canada just because you want to.

    Are Mexicans allowed to move to the US just because they want to?

  1268. What’s with the assumption that you can move to Canada just because you want to?

    Can Mexicans move to the US just because they want to?

  1269. on October 29, 2008 at 9:47 am Now it gets tricky...

    … as according to a German tabloid Seal and Heidi Klum revealed to Vanity Fair that they will leave the country if Mc Cain wins the election. However, I found no hint that they consider to move to Canada…

  1270. on October 29, 2008 at 10:56 am TheWhitestBlackPersonYouKnow

    Wow, I just stumbled across this blog and I must say that 90% of the stuff that white people like, I like. Damn and all this time I thought I was just a progressive thinker when all I am is a black guy acting white. Now I know why my family looks at me weird. the funny thing is I grew up in the hood, (Hartford, CT, google it, it’s not Greenwich)
    The worst part about is that I actually found a black woman to marry that is even whiter thinking than me. She actually wants our son to learn a second language or third language. This sucks, I think I’m gonna go put hot sauce on something, watch BET, and find something to blame on the man.

  1271. on October 29, 2008 at 11:00 am TheWhitestBlackPersonYouKnow

    BTW, I’ve wanted to move to Canada since 2000 but damn, it’s way too cold. Next white people trend? Moving to Panama, it’s like Miami but with less obscenely rich Europeans. For now.

  1272. on October 29, 2008 at 11:04 am TheWhitestBlackPersonYouKnow

    Actually, it’s not very hard if you’re American. You do need to have some skills, some education, and good health. The Canadians even have a website that outlines what you need to do to emigrate there. It’s still too cold to move there though.

  1273. “Note: Canadian white people threaten to move to Europe.

    Note: Europeans are unable to threaten to move anywhere.”

    *chuckles heartily*

    Touche. Though now that I live in Europe I’m considering bunking off to a beachside shack in Mexico for a few months while the credit crunch nonsense here cools off…

  1274. In Australia we white people threaten to move to New Zealand. even though their dope laws are stricter than ours and our climate is better for growing all year round.

    In Australia, the treat to move to New Zealand most often occurs when Australia is drawn into another ANZUS invasion/liberation/peace keeping missing by the USA. White Australians (Disgrunted about being involved yet another USA led invasion) know that New Zealand left this pack some 20 or 30 years ago and sold around 80% of their armed forces equipment to Australia so they could focus on breeding more hobbits for lord of the rings remakes in the future.

    this laid back approach to life cries out to an Australia of yesteryear, before we were regional peacekeepers, and this is what makes New Zealand the ideal place to threaten to move to for white Australians. (also the plane tickets are much cheaper than tickets to europe).

  1275. I think Seal & Heidi should be more responsible & stop motivating the fence sitters to vote McCain!

  1276. Hey!!! I happen to take eentsy-teensy offense at your statement about the UK’s beers. I love Newcastle, so there…

    Oh, people here in San Francisco threaten to move to Oregon or Washington in the same manner as the Canada thing…Hehehe.

  1277. american libertarians should flood canada and sway the vote

  1278. Good idea. If the Socialist wins, move to the Socialist country. Goooood thinkin’.

  1279. I want to move to. I am so scared of a country under Obama. If they open our borders, and disarm America, I cannot imagine… I am sick, leaving my home, my grandchildren, but, I refuse to pay taxes to a communist government. I am so depressed. It feels like I am dying.
    Someone, is taking control of my life and I am helpless to stop it…… are there Pentecostal churches in Canada?

  1280. I live in Ottawa, Ontario Canada and to all the people here all you see are Arabs and black people from Jamaica and Africa and we just hate it. I am Canadian born and raised and would love to live in white land and not mixed with all this crap. All of us in my household are deeply depressed living among all this. We are wondering what country we are living in. Something bad is going to come about all of this including what is happening to the white race in Europe. It is best not to mingle with these people and keep our white race or we will be extinct. We cannot go and lower the intelligence of the white race. Many of the very rich are leaving the US and Canada and going elsewhere but where? Our countries are becoming melting pots of crap. We sure are stuck. We used to like having Europeans but now you won’t find any anymore.

  1281. I don’t think we want you here….

  1282. How about you go…..to hell. That seems to be the right place for people that say those things.

  1283. My comment is for jules10003:

    Your comment it’s a total declaration of racialism, absolutely offensive. I am Hispanic, but I am also Canadian and American citizen. We are going back to Canada, because we hate how racist the “white” North American people are. Since our experience in both countries we can compare and we believe that the majority of the Canadians are not like you, which I say is that they are not RACIST as you. I have an advice for you: Take a look in your genealogical tree….because probably you are a niece of Hitler and about your fear of the extinction of the “white race” ……… better than that ask yourself the reason for it??……probably you will find out that you guys are so evil to love someone else than “yourself”, so you cannot even love your own kids, that is why you choose to have no children, and……… that is well finally……very good for the children!!!: Not to HAVE TO HAVE AS PARENTS PEOPLE LIKE YOU!!!. Before I say BAD-Byeeeeeeee here is just a reminder: ” The real natives in this big, very big continent named AMERICA, ARE THE INDIANS, BUT YOUR “WHITY” …….EUROPEAN PEOPLE CAME TO DESTROY AND KILLED THEM WITHOUT ANY REASON, NO MORE MORE THAN THE ABSOLUTE AVARICE……..REMEMBER IT!!!!!!, READ ABOUT HISTORY AND BE LESS IGNORANT……………..

  1284. My comment is for jules10003:

    Your comment it’s a total declaration of racialism, absolutely offensive. I am Hispanic, but I am also Canadian and American citizen. We are going back to Canada, because we hate how racist the “white” North American people are. Since our experience in both countries we can compare and we believe that the majority of the Canadians are not like you, which I say is that they are not RACIST as you. I have an advice for you: Take a look in your genealogical tree….because probably you are a niece of Hitler and about your fear of the extinction of the “white race” ……… better than that ask yourself the reason for it??……probably you will find out that you guys are so evil to love someone else than “yourself”, so you cannot even love your own kids, that is why you choose to have no children, and……… that is well finally……very good for the children!!!: Not to HAVE TO HAVE AS PARENTS PEOPLE LIKE YOU!!!. Before I say BAD-Byeeeeeeee here is just a reminder: ” The real natives in this big, very big continent named AMERICA, ARE THE INDIANS, BUT YOUR “WHITY” …….EUROPEAN PEOPLE CAME TO DESTROY AND KILLED THEM WITHOUT ANY REASON, NO MORE MORE THAN THE ABSOLUTE AVARICE……..REMEMBER IT!!!!!!, READ ABOUT HISTORY AND BE LESS IGNORANT………..

  1285. As much as I find the content of this blog *coarse* in its delivery. I find it fascinatingly accurate. I often threaten to move to Canada only to never actually do it.

    Speaking from my own “Armenican American\Irish American\Native American\Dutch American” heritage.

  1286. > zooeyibz on October 29, 2008 at 2:09 pm
    > “Note: Canadian white people threaten to move to Europe.
    > Note: Europeans are unable to threaten to move
    > anywhere.”

    > *chuckles heartily*

    > Touche. Though now that I live in Europe I’m considering
    > bunking off to a beachside shack in Mexico for a few months
    > while the credit crunch nonsense here cools off…

    Zooeyibz is right. Europeans usually threaten to move to someplace tropical, where they assume everyone must sit on the beach drinking margueritas all d. Majorca is one I hear all the time (still technically Europe), but Mexico works.

  1287. New zealanders threaten to move to australia.. aucklanders threaten to move to sydney, wellingtonians threaten to move to melbourne, everyone else threatens to move to the gold coast.

  1288. Actually I’m Canadian and when I threaten to move its either Australia or New Zealand. As far away as I can get. And more specifically I live in BC so if something happened here to force me out of my province I would just leave the country completely cause theres no where else on this continent I would want to move to.

  1289. Okay, I just happened upon this blog because I am truly considering a temporary move to Canada if McCain “old fart, went to war and was CAPTURED, womanizer, opportunististic, materialistic, did I say OLD FART” and “Beauty Queen, still having babies over forty, wanna be an actress on SNL, do as I say not as I do, daughter pregnant by a negro, wants Alaska emanicipated from the U.S. so she can bleed us dry by withholding vast amounts of oil and gas” Palin win.

    This site is hysterical. I am adding you to my list of favorites!!

  1290. Wow, talk about ignorant.

  1291. on November 4, 2008 at 8:38 pm MCCAIN SUPPORTER!

    WHATEVER!! What will “Raise taxes, refuse to salute the flag, all of my campaign money from rag heads and negros, turn my back on poor people and kill the white people” OBAMA do for this country. Bush will be considered a saint after Obama gets through with America!!! So screw you and your bull shi*! Go to Canada and screw yourself! The only reason Obama will win is because negros multiply like rabbits and will have more votes than the civilized whites!

  1292. I’m not “white” but I am……was a proud american. I work damn hard for everything that I got and take care of my family without any gov. help! Now, to know that my HARD earned $$$$…… oops, too many $$$.. once obama bin laden takes over. And to think hes going to give it to HIS PEOPLE! LAZY A$$ negros that do nothing but expect people like us to support them to. F@#$ him and the idiots that voted for him. the anti-christ has risen! and america will HURT!

  1293. on November 4, 2008 at 9:55 pm G in Tennessee

    Beats the hell out of this shithole.

  1294. This is the most ridiculous comment I’ve read on here. How would that ever be a possibility of happening. Where do ppl come up with this stuff?



  1297. Yippee, here is my CONGRATULATIONS for our PROUDLY BLACK PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA!!!!!!!!, GOD BLESS OBAMA!!!!!!!. Unfortunately this “whity” people probably will not have room enough in the hell, because they are so many in this country, just for a while, because in 50 years we will be the majority!!!!!!!.

  1298. I am 36 years old this year. Since eligible I have voted for Bob Dole and George Bush (twice). This time I decided to give the other guy a shot because I’m sick of a trickle down theory that doesn’t seem to work. I have a good job (as an IT director) which plants me firmly in the middle class. It is not a volatile technology position and I do not worry about lay offs or losing my job. I work for partners that make well over half a million dollars a year and they are staunch republicans. That’s the background of the story.

    I am embarrassed for republicans right now. The rich are worried about having to buy a 75,000 dollar swimming pool instead of the 100k version. The middle class have their heads shoved so far into their bibles that they think abortion and gay marriage are the most important issues in the country. They propagate propaganda about Obama taking oaths on the Koran, allegiances with terrorist groups, and any other kind of tripe they can find on the Internet to regurgitate as if it is undeniable truth. They believe that all democrats are inner city, jobless malcontents that have their hand out for tax money. They mask their racism by using the word “negro” instead of what they really want to say.

    The country is better off today than it was yesterday but it is sad to me to see those that are unable to recognize the historical significance of what has happened.

    Move to Canada… please.

    And to the author… don’t presume to understand what all white people think. You showed your intellect by putting this crap in writing like your some kind of expert on the issue. Moron.

  1299. Glad to see the American education system completely succeeded in providing you with the knowledge, understanding, and the ability to properly analyze a situation from both sides of the coin. You are truly a great mind, worldly, and quite frankly, a genius. Or, you are simply just another ignorant cunt who regurgitates disinformation, and doesn’t have enough mental acuity to think for himself.

  1300. on November 5, 2008 at 10:09 am A girl named Jenn

    I agree with you man… kind of refreshing. Thanks for posting.

  1301. Has anyone noticed that the only White people are racist?..everyone else is loving,kind, and totally integrated.

  1302. Guys, calm down…
    this is a joke. unfortunately, some white people dont have a sense of humor. (im white)
    author, i think your hilarious and i love it.

  1303. just wondering, where did you happen to read or see that obama wont salute the flag, will ignore poor people or kill white people? and does it really matter where he got his money from?

    again, this is a joke and you guys need to stop taking it so seriously so that people who want to can enjoy it. if you dont like it dont read it .

  1304. Frist of all, Pretty sure the article was supposed to be funny… Like, haha, that sure is funny.

    Secondly, who uses the word “negro”? No one uses that word anymore. And if people you hang around do, I think the problem lies with you and your friends.

    And lastly, if it wasnt so obvious you were flaming liberal from the start, your response might have SOME meaning behind it. But this is clearly not the case. The economic boom we experience in the 90’s was due to Reagenomics. Don’t know what that is? Go figure it out. Trickle stops working when certain government officials, ill let you figure out who, impose regulations that dictate banks have to give loans for houses to people who CLEARLY can’t afford to pay them back. Same goes for the insurance companies and 95% of the companies involved in the economic fallout.

    In conclusion: Fail

  1305. calm down, sir.
    i’m pretty sure this article was meant as a joke…

  1306. ok i have to get my two cents in here….. you all are saying that white people are the racist ones, then how come i have had to stop two black group in two totally different environments / situations, just this summer, from calling each other NIGERS! so that my son and his friends never repeated it, as i stated to both groups ” you know it is funny, if my son was to look up at you and call you a niger, because he heard you call your friend that i would be the stupid ass racial white bitch that tought my son that word, when in reality he has never heard that word come out of my mouth…….. sure there are plenty of stupid white crackers that say that word but there are twice as many of negro/colored/blacks/african americans/mynigs whatever they wish to be called that day that are just as racial against themselves and the honky sitting next to the….. truth is no i didnt support obama ……. but he is now our president and my grandfather did not fight in world war II for his country and our freedom for us to worry about the color of his skin……. he isnt any different then Sarah getting a tan and a bad perm……… i dont like him i wont act like i like him but if he is the leader of the nation of ours i will respect him and stand by him…….. until he proves himself unfit!

  1307. Who cares about Canada? It’s irrelevant.

  1308. How long have you lived in Canada. I live in South Carolina now and I am formely from Central New York which is six hours away from Niagara Falls.

    I plan on moving out of the new “U.S.S.A”. Where is the best place to move to and how long did it take you to get your citizenship?

  1309. They move to Australia.

  1310. God, how do all you hispanics keep getting American citizenship?

  1311. I miss Canada… Been in America for 3 years and I hate it. Maybe it’s nostalgia or maybe it’s America, who’s to say? The weather doesn’t bother me I like colder temperatures and I hate the hot ass sweaty summers of the south. Living expenses are hardly that different. Whoopee I saved $100 on my rent and a couple dollars from taxes by living in America. Don’t really give a fuck about your president or the other guy or the guy before him. What I hate most is the ego nearly every American has.. the racism (along with many other bad qualities your seeing here) stem from the ego if your to stupid to realize that. I hate the laws to.. Why is everything so fucking strict here… Guess it’s cause Christians run this nation (God I hate religion). Do yourselves a favor and actually move to Canada the next time you threaten to. Just wear a fucking coat in the winter and never say Ya’ll.

  1312. Where is the best place to move to … ?

    For you, Puerto Rico.

  1313. Ok, look.

    It was kind of cool when for the past 8 years liberal Americans threatened to move to Canada because they were tired of living under a right wing nut job fascist administration.

    No problem … we felt your pain.

    However, there is nothing cool about right wing nut job Americans threatening to move to Canada because (gasp) a black guy with a funny name is President.

    Don’t even think about it. We collectively loath you and the unfathomable depth of your ignorance.

    That is all.

    Carry on.

  1314. That is soo true!!!

  1315. You pretty much said it.
    All of my friends who bring in over 150k dont want obama bc bc of his 2% tax thing for those making over 250k……..and whats worse is they are all saying that it is going to welfare when its not its getting the banks out of the whole and stabalizing our economy and its sad.
    i feel for you i am a working person myself and i am right now just laughing at republicans even though i have voted for one in the past.
    I wish the best for you man.

  1316. nice! lol

  1317. calm down i feel for you though……

  1318. this is only if you make over 250k
    he will not take from any of your funds you have
    im not with obama or john mccain just saying
    and its only 2% and this will last 1-2 years tops
    I hope i havent affended you i am just trying to state the facts.

  1319. thats a good idea
    cabo sounds better then high interist rates

  1320. agreed lol but sicne they are so graciuos they wont even say it lol

  1321. really?
    Thats cool

  1322. i think the candians would like me i will nto bring my politics nor do i want to and i was raised with the utmost respect for people and i am extremley polite.lol!!

  1323. my god this is soo interesting…………

  1324. i think you should apologize
    not everyone who is a demo reapes off the goverment
    and this is coming from someone who does agree with some things that republicans republicans have to offer!

  1325. i hope things get better for you

  1326. your funny
    god i love this website

  1327. thank you lol

  1328. thanks soo much for this ……………….i have lived in america all my life and i havent liked it since i was 8 and i plan on moving there for ashort period of time to see what it is like.
    I have traveled there and i have canadian freinds who highly recomend it!
    Thanks and i can stand paying higher taxes

  1329. thanks alot for this

  1330. Nobama: That ridiculousness, learn about how inmigration works in your country……..there are so many ways that you can become a permanent resident and then a citizen, as a qualified professional for example……or you assumed that just North Americans can study in a College or be educated people??, mmmmmm, but, I have a doubt……how many of you guys are educated? (in the whole meaning of that word?)………if you take a look around you, you will find the suitable answer…..I love your “GOOD manners”!!!!……… YEAHHHH.
    You can also find out how you guys want to go ahead!!, since most of North American people are more worried about what get for Christmas (3 or 2 months in advance….) than try to study in a college, that is why so many American “blond” people are working for ever in a fast food store, without more aspirations than…it.

  1331. Canada doesn’t want people who voted for McCain. You people are racist, ignorant, backwards, selfish, religious fanatics who go against your own teachings of love and caring…I could go on and on.

    Canada is much more left-wing (as is Europe) than the USA. If you think you are going to escape higher taxes (that are just currently an idea not reality) by moving out of the USA, then you are an idiot. Taxes are higher in every other country around the world.

    Please use the computer you obviously own and do a little research. You can’t just move any country you like. Plus isn’t it Republicans who are anti-immigration and feel threatened by ‘outsiders’? Well Canada is full of non-whites, and you are being a hypocrite by becoming an immigrant to another country.


  1332. Tiffany,

    1. How can you possibly call people “racist, ignorant, backwards, selfish, religious fanatics” just because they do not want to vote for the candidate you support? Talk about being a fanatic.

    2. As for Canada being left wing, last time I checked, Canadians just re-elected a conservative government.

    3. McCain proposed a much more open immigration policy than Obama, and if you actually read their platforms, rather than froth at the mouth at the mere mention of GOP, maybe you would know that.

  1333. That is so wrong.
    That’s not a fair statement.
    There are racist black/yellow/brown/etc people. Is it not a racists remark to say “all white people are racist?”
    To answer that question, yes, it is.
    I’m whiter than white, and guess what? I don’t judge by skin color.
    How about we grow up?

    and I voted Obama, not because he was black but because he’s more liberal than McCain and I am pretty liberal myself.

  1334. As John Stewart says, “Canada’s Conservative Party is the equivalent of Gay Nader Lovers for Peace.” Do some research, Canada is extremely liberal. Conservative to Canadians is liberal in the United States. Exhibit A: Canada has had a conservative government for over 2 years now, and I have not heard one word about overturning the law allowing homosexuals to marry.

  1335. That is a good idea, but…..what about CHINA !!!!, there are so many pro-american jobs, very, very, very well PAID!!!!, JAJAJAJAJAJA.

  1336. It’s tongue-in-cheek, folks. Have we lost our sense of humor?

    I”ve lived in Canada. It was nice but I found racism against Native People.

    The USA is nice too. There is racism everywhere unfortunately.

  1337. Just for clarification, do you collectively loathe right wing nut job Americans, or all Americans in general?

  1338. why are you so bigoted and angry

    you’re just bitter that canada is a second rate nation…no one gives a shit about what you are saying! i mean seriously, get a life…you are the idiot, hell you cannot even make a coherent sentence.

    “You can’t just move any country you like.”

    what the fuck does that mean?!

    your argument is so flawed i just do not have the time or care to attack it. maybe you should get out of your second rate shit country, get a real education, and then come back to look at what you wrote.

  1339. so because of ONE piece of legislation,you are coming to the conclusion canada is liberal…


  1340. white people no longer need to threaten to more to canada. horray!!

  1341. I’m not racist, racism is a crime, and crime is for minorities.

  1342. this racism is nothing but ignorance… It’s having a strong enought fear of something that you discriminate against that particular type of person because of that… but still, it IS ignorance…

  1343. who cares i have been wanting to move to canada since i was 8 i knew this country was going down since then
    i need a life style change
    avtually i tihnk we all do

  1344. omg thats soo awsome
    thats great to know
    we need more cops like that

  1345. oh nice one i like you

  1346. Exhibit B: tax cuts implemented in the last 2 years.

    And, really? You are quoting the Daily Show to prove your point and I’m the one who needs to do my research? Are you also going to quote something Tina Fey said on SNL to prove something about Palin? No wonder younger generation is leaning left, if instead of actually reading the news/platforms/etc., they take the regurgitated stories courtesy of Stewart/SNL/celebrity du jour at face value.

  1347. @ franky…

    let me guess… you’re white AND retarded?

  1348. You’re all being a bit silly. It’s a funny blog… mostly for humor.

    I’m a American living in Canada. I just moved form New York City to Calgary. Believe it or not, it’s warmer in Calgary than in many places I have lived in in the states.

    As for taxes… if you’re an American and you have a problem with paying taxes… stop. You are not held to pay any income tax. That is just money for the country to pay back the bank for loaning them printed money… that may sound unpatriotic but in fact in fact it’s probably the most patriotic thing you could do it you think about it.

    …and as for Canada vs. America…

    Bush decided to make you all one. So… you better start getting along.

  1349. Canada is (sadly) an extension of northern Minnesota. There in Minnesota the states health care system embraces all. The authorities are beyond reproach ( ref. the republican convention). Birds sing, the clouds part, and Disney heroines always have cold induced nipple hard-ons. Oh glory!

    I have $4.44 saved in Canadian money. I shall flee the country if the current two party political systems continues to ravage the middle class.

    Neither my tax dollars or myself will be missed.

  1350. now, who’s the angry one? and about not having the time to attack it… you just did…

  1351. Well, really, I’ve wanted to move to Canada for a long time, since I was like five… My family went there for vacation and it was awesome. It’s also alot closer to relatives on my mom’s side.

  1352. Racism is normal, it is built-in, we can reduce it if we want or it can increase. Human beings can learn to live together so long as the ‘evil’ within their midst causing problems and divide and rule is identified and removed.

  1353. left wingers are idiots just as bad as the other party. Face it, look in the mirror and see the fucked up country you are.

    watch cailin.

  1354. on November 8, 2008 at 1:48 pm EvZ(proud white canadian)

    northern minnisota is sadly an extension of Canada you mean

  1355. on November 8, 2008 at 1:54 pm EvZ(proud white canadian)

    umm we have a minority conservative gov’t our liberal and new democrat parties have a say and can vote against absolutly everything conservatives would like to put in place, thats the beauty of a real demorcacy everyone has a say about what goes on, we don’t elect a dictator we elect a representative

  1356. on November 8, 2008 at 1:58 pm EvZ(proud white canadian)

    i collectivly loathe almost all of you guys because i live near the border and see with my own eyes how ignorant and pompous a people you guys are, individuals can change my opinions of them on an individual level, but as a whole americans need to smarten up

  1357. on November 8, 2008 at 2:05 pm EvZ(proud white canadian)

    if only white people are racist you must not have spent much time around other races because from what i see natives, blacks, mid eastern, asian, and latin people all seem to hate me more then i hate them, its just worst for a “white” person because of the stigmatism some “white” people have done in recent history ie) hitler, stalin etc…….if i white person acts proud hes a neo nazi racist, if a black person acts proud hes a hero

  1358. on November 8, 2008 at 2:10 pm EvZ(proud white canadian)

    i agree on puerto rico, canada is not a scrap yard for useless american crap, Canada is a beautiful clean country and we would appreciate being able to keep i this way please and thank you

  1359. on November 8, 2008 at 2:13 pm EvZ(proud white canadian)

    im fuckin sick of this proud black president bullshit obama is just as white as he is black, wheres the pridein that? obamas playing th imma negro card for extra votes and sympathy fuckin obamas racist against half himself

  1360. Tiffany, you are obviously a very bitter person who knows very little about John Mccain and the people who vote for him. As easy as it is to generalize a specific group of people in a way that is only reality to you, it’s also very wrong. I could do the same thing about the people who voted for Barrack Obama, trust me, it’s very easy. I’m not sure where you get all your hate from, are you threatened by the people who voted for John Mccain? I mean really, to spout out words like, “racist, ignorant, selfish, religious fanatics”? It’s all very inaccurate. Do your country a favor and learn more about both political parties. It doesn’t bode well for you to make such inaccurate, hateful accusations.

  1361. EvZ(proud white canadian): I read your comments and I like it…..but, about this one, I just want to tell you that the proud part is because specifically for the white people who is racist: Obama is not anything else than BLACK, that is why they call him THE FIRST BLACK PRESIDENTE OF THE UNITED STATES!!!!. That is why I was sarcastic when I mention the word: “proudly”, of course to bother these people who is racist. That does not mean that all the white people are racist, but at the same time, it is not possible to deny that the white people mostly are the most racist. I can say that, because I have experienced it, many white people are very racist with me, they want neither to respect me nor to tolerate. I have Indian (I guess so!!!), Spanish and German in my genealogical tree. I am not a racist person at all, but I have to say that I hate people THAT IS RACIST!!!, because it is not right to judge a person for his color or for his origin.

  1362. Dawn,
    Wow, how are you that….I don’t even know the word. You are so retarded my head is about to explode. I am now dumber for having read your comment, may God have mercy on your soul.

  1363. Trust story- I’m a white person, in Canada, and told everyone I was going to move to Finland if McCain won. So thank you Americans for voting the right way, since I didn’t really have any intentions of moving to Finland.

  1364. on November 9, 2008 at 9:19 am EvZ(proud white canadian)

    rosanna I also agree with alot of what you said and more then likely in the US the white people are more racist, i’m not american, but in canada i can assure you the white people are the least racist, you should see the way most of the natives look at us or the east indians or asians, shit even the portuguese hate white people up here, i guess the fact of the matter is people are people some are nice most are assholes and thats likely never going to change

  1365. I meant it as illustrative. I live in Canada, I know how it works. We may have a conservative government, but it’s way less hardcore than American conservatives. That’s what I was trying to say, I wasn’t trying to use The Daily Show as proof for my point.

  1366. Haha I don’t usually leave comments, but this one is hilarious. I threatened to move to canada if mccain won. luckily, i’m staying home:)
    that added note that canadians move to finland and that europeans have nowhere to go is hilarious

  1367. About the Europeans-hahahahahaha!!!

  1368. love canada and mccain OBAMA SUCKS. gtfo out now. GMNS .

  1369. Europeans can move to Sweden. Swedes can move to Norway. Norwegians can move to Hollywood.

  1370. Us Europeans seldom feel the need to move away, we have perfected democracy and are therefor never unhappy with our countries.

    We are also not brainwashed.


    ps.love the blog, keep the fun coming!

  1371. i am living in canada right now and the conservative party is still pretty conservative their first big move was to cut GST tax, it’s included in the price of most goods canadians buy, like Tim Hortins Coffee and Anti-freeze. The funny thing was companies didn’t reduce the price of their goods to match the drop in GST therefore we pay the same amount as we always have, corporations make billions more and our social programs are majorly lacking in funding.

    now i don’t really thing that is the move of “liberal” conservative party.

    The reason gay marriage has not been banned has little to do with the government and more to do with the generally accepting mentality of Canadians. We are to busy shoveling our driveways to worry about who we should “allow” to marry.

  1372. Actually Canada has an amazing education system our test scores are consistenly higher then the US and all of our universities are highly funded and of top quality, unlike the US where every rich joe and his uncle seems to open a university.

    I agree Tiffany’s post was quite rude but i don’t even think she is Canadian she didn’t really get anything right when speaking about us. Seriously though we are far from second rate.

  1373. really i live near the boarder to and when i go to the US i find most people insanely freindly and helpful, my boyfriend is indian and i am white and people gave us directions when we were lost in the middle of no where in the middle of the night…not one racist, right wing…perhaps you are confusing politics with the people, see you can’t condemn americans and say their alright on an individual level. you can condemn some of their politics though…which i also disagree with.

  1374. guy no one hates you i think you might be skitzophrenic, when these not white poeple are “looking” at you can you hear their thoughts and are they thinking of the best way to kill you??

    ahaha make some non-white friends and then you will realize people are more tolerant then you think…i live in canada have freinds of every color and none of them or their parents dislike me b/c i am white….even my friends non english speaking grandparents, who grew up in countries where they were still actually being opressed by white people, don’t hold grudges against me…

  1375. is this a joke, you have to be kidding, you sound like a member of the Nazi youth party? girl get out of here Canada isn’t a “white” country anyway it really belongs to the first nations ppl, we stole it from them remember. i just cannot even say anything to you, your comment is so insane i think it has to be a joke…….

  1376. canada is more liberal genuis, with a smaller military, and more open immigration policy, we are also less religious then americans and less “christian” you would hate it here… move to china

  1377. As a “white” skinned looking person – but with lap blood – I must threaten someplace but Canada is way too close to America’s future collapse. I threaten to move to New Zealand. I’ve spent months googling this. Thanks.

  1378. Eh, I don’t think he mentioned McCain……

    But this blog is funny, I totally make these kind of comments all the time.

    Anna said:

    “We are also not brainwashed.” in reference to europeans.
    I doubt that the entire population of the United States is brainwashed, nor do I believe that a sizable percent is.

  1379. I give this post a B-. I have never heard a white person threaten to move to Canada. Actually my one friend did do that once. But hes crazy. Hes growing out his mustache right now for charity. Its fuckin hilarious. Check it out:


  1380. I would just like to point out that, while hilarious, europe is not one single country or a confederacy. So.. yeah. Pontus is right on the money though 😀

  1381. Germans threaten to move to Sweden

  1382. I am a white person who is from Canada and I have threatened to move to Europe before. I probably will again at some point.
    Europeans could threaten to move to Australia but why would they?

  1383. I am so SICK of white people threatening to move out of the country! It is SO annoying! Two choices = 1) Actually DO what you keep threatening to do or 2) Shut up because you know you aren’t going anywhere! Good gracious! Shut up why don’t you?!!! Especially ones that threaten to move to Canada. Canada doesn’t want you!

  1384. Accoddring to this site white people like being offended. LOL LOL LOL!!!

  1385. because Australia is warmer… for that matter I as another white Canadian person might just skip a step and move to Australia myself

  1386. you are so not funny.

  1387. I thought your blog is hilarious but there’s a slight error in this post: White people throughout Europe threaten to move to mediterranean countries, and they actually do. Some of them, I have been told, even take daily planes to their workplaces in London or Munich. White people from mediterranean countries threaten to move to Berlin, and they do, too.

  1388. do people move to melbourne or new zealand if they are already in australia?? 🙂

  1389. Europeans could threaten to move to other Australia, and Australians could threaten to move to the US, just to complete the circle.

  1390. Ooooh! You can see us from your house! Like Sarah Palin can see Russia from hers!

  1391. My white parents threatened for years to move to Australia. Last year they did. They do not enjoy it.

  1392. This one doesnt really count for Aussies; most Aussie white people do indeed move overseas at some point, typically to London. Then they return to Australia and threaten to move to the coast/the mountains/the city centre.

  1393. I wish black people would threaten to move back to Africa. I’d pay for their ticket on the spot!

  1394. what would you feel if indigenous american say the same to you? where would you go?

  1395. on November 18, 2008 at 5:00 am Luke Infobrownshuga

    I’d like to have sex with a black woman. Very erotic I think. Juicy butts and round natural breasteses! Give me money to hook up on a date with a sexy black woman.

  1396. I’m threatng to move to my parents home. If that doesn’t pan out then I’m threatening to move out of my mind into someone else’s mind. And if that doesn’t work then I THREATEN TO MOVE MY BOWELS AS A LAST RESORT. Then I am done moving and making threats. Finally, it will leave me with no other option than to apply for a job, with a moving company, in a threatening manner.

  1397. I’m serious about this part – “Canada doesn’t want you!” White people always threatening to move to Canada. How do you know they even want you in their country? Pick another country.

  1398. You don’t have enough money for a ticket to Africa! In order to move back to a place, you’d have to have been there before you low IQ’d freak! You just mad cause your name is Brady!

  1399. I had doubts about U.S. conservatives of any background wanting to move to Canada in the wake of an Obama election. However, a Palin-led independent Alaska might be a strong alternative.


  1400. Your a loser.
    Let me introduce you to our new Black president.

  1401. We never “moved” from Africa. Our ancestors were corrupted with greed by Europeans, and the resultant was their willingness to capture and sell their own people to those same Europeans. And in turn, those Europeans screwed over the traitorous Africans, and took their new “property” with them to their various colonies. I can’t stand when white people say things like “Go back to Africa” etc etc… It was never our choice to be here, and furthermore, the exploited free labor of our ancestors is the reason why America has it’s powerful status today. We are Americans now, not Africans, and our predecessors have more than earned us this right, along with the Constitution. Please stop the ignorance. Thank you 🙂

  1402. *lmao*

    I think you over interpreted my use of the word “brainwashed” there a bit Nathan…

    If you read my comment again more carefully I think you’ll see that I’m NOT insinuating that Americans would be brainwashed – I’m simply referring to my own words “…we have perfected democracy…”. They sound quite brainwashed, don’t they…?


  1403. now why would we black people want to move out of OUR own country….the United States of America??? Afterall, an african american is the president of our country!!!…..But to show you no hard feelings, you can stay with us….along with all the other different races and creeds that voted for our president…..

    If not, may i suggest that you go on and pay for that ticket to africa and get on the plane yourself??…..One way I hope…

  1404. Why the fuck would anybody want to move to Soviet Canuckistan?

  1405. on November 18, 2008 at 9:32 pm Oscar the Mild

    Well, we used to throw shrimps on the barbie, but that was banned as being cruel and hilarious punishment of dwarfs

  1406. I’d tell him to sharpen up his bone tipped arrows and get ready for round two.

    The first humans in America were European Solutreans BTW.

  1407. pay me! pay me! i need a vacation!

  1408. African American? His mother is white. How does that make him African American? Our country? Really? If I remember correctly English people settled this country. English people began this country and created our government. The only reason there are African Americans here is because wealthy white land owners brought Africans over on slave boats to do their physical labor for them. why do Africans still call Africa the “motherland?”

  1409. well DUH ‘neutral’……His father was born in Africa (Kenya to be exact), and his mother was born in Kansas (which is in america if you did not know)……

    AFRICAN-AMERICAN!!!…..get off your RACIAL thinking and pay attention to what you read!!!

    geography lesson is now finished………..

  1410. I’m Canadian, and marijuana is not legal here so don’t think the grass is greener up here, in fact, right now, its covered in snow!

    The best reason to move to Canada – there aren’t as many white people per capita, and it’s a lot more peaceful. I say this as a white person, haha.

  1411. Where do I get to move to from New Zealand?

  1412. Threatening to move to Canada is not a threat to anyone but yourself. I spoke to Canada on the phone earlier, and they told me they had no more space unless you were going to live on top of a prostitute. Canada has been overtaken by aliens and AIDS. Everywhere you walk, canadians run after you trying to spread their diseases to get you to buy medications from their pharmacies. This is a serious attack that can only be prevented in one manner. You must lick one square acre of land clean of all diseases and that can be your land for eternity. However you will probably not last long because you will need food. you could eat the canadians but thats worse than tickling a pack of lions with a jackhammer and hoping for the best. Plus at night, the canadians wake up and will run to your land and attempt to feed on your gastric hormones. You could try walking to a store to get food, but there is statically significant evidence that raptors on LSD will pick up your scent and tail you, ultimately ending with a raptor and you in a dance off, and we all know raptors dont lose dance offs.

  1413. This article completely describes me and it cracks me up! I really look into the aspects of actually moving there though. I just want to live in the woods away from people in general. Its mankind that ruins this world, not white, black, asian, hispanic….etc… And thats coming from a “white” person.

  1414. Actually, Canada’s doing pretty well all things considered. Which is slightly surprising.

  1415. on November 19, 2008 at 4:56 pm danny mcdonagh

    i love the ending with canadians threaten to go to europe and europeans are stuck

  1416. Actually, Canada is ‘whiter’ than the USA.

  1417. i love canada, streets are generally much more clean than in the states and australia …

  1418. Priceless.

    I threatened to move to Canada from America a while back!

    If Obama hadn’t won, I think I meant it. Seeing as it’s now 32 degrees in Georgia near Florida! McCain would have been the topping on that turd cake.

    I’m Black(Caribbean Imperial Colonism ftw) but I enjoy half of these items, it’s just strange because it’s not for the same reasons…

    Oh well these are all really funny.

  1419. Will the last white person to leave please turn off the lights on your way out?

    K. Thx. Bye.

  1420. on November 21, 2008 at 8:54 am iDontUnderstandThisSite

    this is the dumbest thing ever.

    racist crap.
    sweeet let’s make fun of white people and generalize them even though if it was done about any other race, they’d end up taking it to the supreme court.

    so, i guess, make fun of white people. it’s the only race you can get away with making fun of.

  1421. on November 21, 2008 at 8:58 am iDontUnderstandThisSite


  1422. How can you call this blog racist? Afterall, it was created by a white guy!….Can you be racist against your own race, even though you are a member of that race??

    things that make you go hmmmmmm……………….

  1423. This sites pretty cool, shut up and enjoy, besides… I think the other ethnicities have it way worse than we do. And there’s only ONE race. The Human Race.

  1424. i think that this site is odd–jumping to hasty generalizations without back up facts or statistics. i can equally and justifiably claim that all races do the exact things mentioned by the author that only white people like.

  1425. Canadian white people LOL redundant.

    Shows what you know. We all threaten to move to other parts of Canada.

  1426. All I can say is no country with a black leader is worth a shit. Where will all the minorities move to when Europe and the USA is destroyed by hordes of welfare-grubbing people that take more than they produce?

    I guess at that point they’ll wish they could be white!

    Let’s face it, the only place on earth where immigrants are flocking to is white countries.

    Everyone needs to ask themselves why, and what will happen when there are no more white countries!

  1427. When someone can’t respond to a logical argument, they just call the person a racist because they can’t think of anything else to say.

    Rossana, you can be so cool because your hispanics are multiplying like crazy and screwing up North America and everybody says it’s cool to have hispanic clubs at schools and special beneifts and scholarships only for hispanics, but the people that are true minorities are whites, and when we are gone, will the US turn into the crime-ridden, corrupt and cruel place that is Mexico? Where will you run to then for free health care and welfare?

  1428. WTF!!!!!!!!!! Have you ever been to Canada Dude?

  1429. This poor boy is humor-deficient.

  1430. You’re right but at the same time you’re misconstruing the primary purpose of the website. This website wasn’t created to advance “odd-jumping to hasty generalizations” but in the hope of turning a certain streotype both positive and negative into a cultural icon that maybe recognized and understood for the advancement of toleration.

  1431. I don’t know what is funnier . . . the posts or the comments from the unimaginative wankers who take this all too seriously. Ever read the Screwtape Letters by CS Lewis? it makes a point because it is THE OPPOSITE of the expected or accepted.

  1432. How dare you speak in such a manner! That it, I’m moving to Winnipeg! LOL

  1433. I heard the sheep are REALLY sexy in Tokelau.

  1434. I’ll just come out and admit it, I’m “the wrong kind” of white person. I read this blog and I bought 2 copies of this book because while people on this site probably view its humor as self-deprecating irony, to me it reads like the gospel truth. I need help with a question that people at this site seem well qualified to answer.

    The “right kind of white people” have a nearby nation that they can threaten to move to when things don’t go their way, Canada. As a wrong minded white male, I am confused about where I should threaten to move now that Obama has been elected. I can’t threaten to move to Canada because if I did that I’d be surrounded by more Obama supporters than there are here in the U.S., as well as a more socialist ideology, so where do I threaten to move to?

    What is the right wing equivalent of Canada? Shall I threaten to move to Russia since they are undergoing a right wing renaissance complete with roving bands of skinheads? What about South America, is there a country in South America that I as a conservative might find appealing?


  1435. Uruguay and Argentina are worth looking into. After all, they generously gave asylums to plenty of Nazis after WW2 when no one else would.



  1436. Brent:

    You are not the wrong kind of white person, you’re just not on board with the propaganda machine that has demanded that the masses bow to the great personality now coming to power.

    Pick up a copy of Atlas Shrugged. Huge book but you’ll learn to speed read through certain sections as the author is a bit overblown.

    And Russia’s emergence of skin heads is not a right wing phenomenon. They’re still skewed towards a large, super-powerful centrally controlled government with a minimum value placed on the individual.

    In other words, the very definition of the Left wing state.

    Exactly where we’re going.

    The Right wing equivalent? There isn’t one, but you can try freetheworld.com. Great economic site.

    If you seriously wanted to get out of the country for awhile, Japan is a great place. It’s no libertarian paradise, but it’s very American friendly, very interesting, and the people are fantastic. Go there for a visit for a while. There’s lots of job opportunities for Americans.

  1437. Canada’s a great place, but we always end up get the shitty end of the stick from America. And right now, the shitty end is almost touching our hands.

    I’ve been back here living in Vancouver for the last 5 months after living in Japan for 6 years. Great fucking timing. How was I to know there was an economic crisis happening. Whatever you do, don’t move here. Vancouver is more conservative that it was 10 years ago. Even Halifax has more happeing than here I think. It’s a cultural wasteland here right now. I consider myself to be a talented graphic designer, but I still have very little work even after 5 months. Shit has just dried up here. Half the ad’s on craigslist are shit like “Looking for a graphic designer / receptionist / coffee maker / bookkeeper w/ marketing and branding experience” and they only want to pay you 12 bucks an hour. I can make more working for the city raking leaves. It totally sucks here right now. Thinking about moving to Montreal or Toronto, bt I don’t know if we’d be in any safer straits or not.

  1438. Connie,

    Being the wrong kind of white person, I knew nothing about Uruguay or Argentina. I did what most wrong-whites do when we are ignorant about something; I googled it and hit the Wikipedia link. From reading about these two countries I have to assume that you either misunderstood my question or that you don’t know very much about either one of these countries. Uruguay is now being governed by a center leftist party, and Argentina has a president who is on huggy status with Hugo Chavez. Taking in Nazis only goes so far, and besides lots of leftists were Nazi sympathizers back then, our own FDR being one of them, so taking in Nazis does not a conservative make.

    To top shelf whites in America, Canada is sort of like a beacon of what the US could be if only we wrong-whites could be driven out. We wrong-whites don’t have anything like a Canada to seek to emulate, or to threaten to move to. We need that, and hell, if given the opportunity some of us might just go.


  1439. The cult of personality surrounding Obama isn’t what I have a real problem with, it’s the things that he ran on like social justice, tax increases, single payer health care, yada yada. On the other hand, McCain was a poor alternative for a real neocon like me, so what’s a boy to do? I have no party left and I am living in a country where I’m unrepresented. This must be the same kind of futility and isolation that progressives felt in 2004 after Kerry lost. AT LEAST progressives have a magical make pretend utopia to threaten to move to, and that’s all I want. I don’t want to actually move somewhere, I just want what progressives have, a place to THREATEN to move to.

  1440. Do right wingers in Canada threaten to move to the US when their candidate loses?


  1441. Brent: Try moving to China, you would love it. Unbridled capitalism, corruption, authoritarian government who allow no freedom of speech, no social care where the old, sick and unemployed can starve on the streets without anyone giving a damn.

    As an American, you should feel at home there.

  1442. Nope, there candidates win so then we threaten to move to Washington or Oregon or California….or Europe.

  1443. I see your point, that it would be a great place for the “Top Hat and Cigar Republicans”, but that’s not the kind of wrong-white person I am. I am more of a Walmartian, so I’m basically looking for a country that I can threaten to move to where you’re allowed to smoke in bars, own machine guns and maybe even whistle “dixie” without answering to charges of a hate crime.

    Remember, just as the “right kind of white people” aren’t really going to move to Canada (they just want to threaten to move there), I am not looking for a country to actually move to, I just want to find a country that I can THREATEN to move to.

  1444. Were people in Canada more excited about the American election than they were about the Canadian election? I can’t really even tell you who the President of Canada is, and the only way I could hope to get Canadian election coverage is if I listened to BBC on our government radio station.

  1445. You’re Black? Not to be too forward here, but you wouldn’t also happen to be gay would you? If so, do you have children? I don’t mean to pry, I’m just trying to expand my all star roster of diversity. I’ve already got a few standard Black friends, but there would definitely be a spot open for a Black guy who is also “Caribbean Imperial Colonism ftw”, whatever that means. It sounds pretty exotic, so I’m interested even if you’re not a gay parent, HOWEVER if you ARE a gay parent, PLEASE hit me back before December 15th so I can get you up to my Holiday Party and introduce you to my other white friends.


  1446. Disgruntled australians threaten to move to new zealand. in fact, new zealand is basically this blog rolled up and spread out in the form of a country.

  1447. This is SO true!

  1448. Prime Minister not President. And sadly, there was more coverage and hype towards the U.S. election than our own. Truth be told, I didn’t even know there was an election until after the U.S. one. Shame.

  1449. I have never heard a white canadian say that they were gonna move to europe. Your crazy and obviously American.

  1450. Why don’t we just go ahead and merge the U.S. and Canada? I mean, it’s apparent that Canadians are vicariously American, and Mexico seems to want to blend with the U.S., so let’s just swirl it all together already, huh?

  1451. i totally agree.

  1452. I’m Canadian, white, and I threaten to move to Europe on regular basis…

  1453. Move to Australia – you will find lots of Poms who have moved here from England. And ignore that flop of Baz Lurman. He (it is rumoured) had to do the loony left bit about “stolen” rather than “rescued” generations to get the mllions of government funding. At least the landscape pictured is genuine.

  1454. Wow, you said that “as a white person”? Geez, you sure don’t mind poking fun at yourself. I wish there were more people like you!


  1455. “Andrew on November 19, 2008 at 8:28 pm

    Actually, Canada is ‘whiter’ than the USA.”

    How can this be? Canada is so peaceful and safe, and free of crime and racism, how could this be possible if they have more whites? Aren’t whites pretty much the root of all evil? Isn’t diversity the key to our strength? Something smells fishy here.


  1456. I’m Canadian and I’ve thought of moving to europe many times, haha.

  1457. The French threaten to move to Quebec.

  1458. My roommate constantly says he’s moving to Canada, Vancouver or Toronto, he says… I must agree with him next time and say, “how Canada has a perfect healthcare system, legalized everything, and no crime.”

    This site is too funny.

  1459. I think I’m the wrong kind of white person. I threaten to move to Australia.

  1460. I’m from Austria and when we got a center-right government in 2000 a lot of people did threaten to return there citizenship and leave the country.

    But it remains unclear where they wanted to move – maybe Sweden.

  1461. Dude, 5 months ago the economic crisis was imminent I don’t know what you’re thinking. And if you think Vancouver is a cultural wasteland you probably live in Yaletown.

  1462. Brent,
    You may get your wish. Google Lou Dobbs ” Amero” We are all in trouble now. It’s over Rome has fallen!

    Peace fred

  1463. We will all be together under the New World Order, get used to it my friends. Once they collapse the US dollar and China wants us to pay the debt we owe them we are bankrupt. Kaput!

    YouTube>Search for “Amero”

    Peace to all in these crazy times.


  1464. I think you’re confusing culture/nationality and race. There is a marked difference between a Lithuanian and an Italian, as far as their culture goes, but essentially- they’re both white (assuming that they were born there and white, not naturalized immigrants). The names white, black, etc were assigned because of regional ancestry and a variety of general shared traits, not because anyone thought that all white people thought and acted the same way.

  1465. As a canadian white person I HAVE threatened to move to europe on various occasions and I would like to point out that AS a canadian white person unless you say you’re moving to New York or L.A. it is totally unnacceptable to say you’re moving to the U.S.

  1466. The only thing that may confuse a white American moving to Canada is the socially acceptable practice of being intolerent toward an ethnic minority.

    Here are three statements that you may encounter/use in any given situation:

    1: I wish Natives would just get over the past
    2: I want equal rights for all, Natives included (thus showcasing your sociliast credentials as well).
    3: My (insert any ancient relation) was Native (this will get you out of a jam when discussing Native rights with a Native if you were to encounter one).

  1467. You sure put a lot of focus on the culture of “American White People” Some might even say you sound a bit prejudice in your speech. May I ask what ethnicity you are?

  1468. I guess they forgot to teach comma usage during your amazing education.

    I’m Canadian, by the way; I just thought that was funny.

  1469. who isnt prejudice against white people even if youre part white wtf does white mean nuthin you could be several different descents but it doesnt matter cus at least youre white the whole way of white thinking is self destructive in nature kill whitey its the only good way to be never trust a white person if you looked at me youd say i was white as well cus white people are ignorant they have killed all there culture to be better then anyone else who isnt white. white is a defect its a good way to get sunburned im sure this guy is as white as me and i totally understand this

  1470. This is funny, particularly because I’m a European white person who is dead set on moving to Canada…

  1471. America The only difference between us and you is we have a different Social Welfare system the majority of Canadians (me included) are actually Beer Drinking Hockey *correction* Sports obsessed Culture who import the rest of our culture from the United States Bypassing the Futile attempts by the Government to install a Canadian culture (excluding Tim Hortons)

  1472. Move to Regina, Saskatchewan.

  1473. on January 5, 2009 at 11:32 pm BananaGeekLord

    Over all very acurate. I have heard it multiple times. I even found a song on YouTube about Palin, and if she became vp, the couple would move to canada.

  1474. ……………………………………………….white on white hatred. That’s pretty white.

  1475. This blogs for you.

  1476. This entry sure got a few reader’s panties in a bunch. Good show.

  1477. Please, let’s merge with Canada so I can move there. As a white American, it’s my duty. Of course, my grammar (and punctuation) is perfect, because I’m white.

  1478. WOW gerald, you had to be the one to ask that question…..Personally I am sure the author is white and its ok all around.

  1479. on January 11, 2009 at 8:30 pm White girl from Canada

    Hell no…never merge! I don’t want anymore yankee culture shoved down my throat. If it all does merge into one big ball of nasty, then I’m moving to Europe.

  1480. It’s true, I have threatened to leave Canada and move to Scandinavia many times.

  1481. on January 14, 2009 at 5:40 pm louiecoolgato

    Out of the icebox and into the freezer!….LOL

  1482. I was just thinking that hahaha. Sweden more specifically.

  1483. Don’t the Europeans threaten to move to Iceland? This Canadian wants to bypass Europe and move directly to Iceland…..or maybe Antartica?

  1484. Right!

  1485. Mm.. Europeans don’t really threaten to move anywhere so often. Generally not Iceland anyway. Most I’ve heard is Australia/New Zealand.

  1486. What is it with the American obsession with taxes? I live in Canada and I pay taxes that are marginally higher than those in the US. Big whoop, at least I can take time off with pay when my baby is born. I don’t have to worry about not being able to pay my medical bills if I get sick. A university education, although expensive, is still a bargain compared to the US.

    I feel good about living in a country where those who are unable to provide for themselves won’t be out on the street. I also feel good about the fact that my taxes go to the greater good of my fellow citizens…and not paying for illegal and unjust wars which kill innocent people and line the pockets of greedy corporations. Wars that were started based on lies that exaggerated the dangers to the United States.

    The US is “dog eat dog”, with very little sense of community. As Robert McNamara put it “It is the richest nation in the world, but has failed in its responsibility towards its own poor and disadvantaged.”

  1487. I used to always say that if it weren’t for blacks and latinos the United States would be a horrible, horrible place. And then I moved to Canada. And it was that place! No wonder the author of this blog lives in Los Angeles.

  1488. I like vanilla.
    Ice cream, activia, methods, school, music and most of all straight out of the bottle.

  1489. For those of you who seem to be somehow “allergic” to blacks and want to move abroad because of Obama, the best option is probably some small Eastern European country.

    Their borders were, until recently, completely closed to foreigners, and for (mainly) this reason the number of black people remains very low to this day.

    If you move to a small town you will probably be the only American and thus be able to earn a living by teaching English or pretending to be from Hollywood, haha..

  1490. For those of you who seem to be somehow “allergic” to blacks and want to move abroad because of Obama, the best option is probably some small Eastern European country. Their borders were, until recently, completely closed to foreigners, and for (mainly) this reason the number of black people remains very low to this day. If you move to a smaller town you will probably be the only American and thus be able to earn a living by teaching English or pretending to be from Hollywood, haha..

  1491. One thing you have to be aware of if you’re a Canadian moving abroad is that everyone will assume you’re an American unless you bring it up upon being introduced. Unless you’re from the French speaking part, but there you run into the problem that the “real” French think the Quebecois are half Americanized and speak a degenerate dialect.

  1492. The Europeans and those from the UK in particular threaten to move to Australia/New Zealand.

  1493. Good. You should stay there.

  1494. HA being a canadian this makes my day, usually canadians are too passive to threaten to move anywhere so we just turn the news to hockey night in canada, which is probly considered more important than the news anyway

  1495. That’s great one-liner there, I tell you what. Yep. Uh-huh. You want an Alamo beer asdf? 🙂

  1496. AB123,

    Wow, you insult Americans by calling us stupid and you can’t even spell simple, basic words? (I did notice that you could spell the vulgar ones, though.) How ironic! Do the USA a favor and move back to Canada, ASAP. (Or get your mommy to take you. Based on your post, I’m guessing you’re about 11 or 12 years old.) We don’t need you here bringing down the collective American IQ any more than the liberals already are!

  1497. tlg,

    Blacks love to call whit