#94 Free Healthcare

pct_afterarrive_page04.jpgIn spite of having access to the best health insurance and fanciest hospitals, white people are passionate about the idea of socialized medicine. So much so that they have memorized statistics and examples of how for-profit medicine has destroyed the United States.

But before you can exploit this information for personal gain, it’s important that you understand why white people are so in love with free health care.

The first and most obvious reason is “they have it Europe.” White people love all things European, this especially true of things that are unavailable in the United States (Rare Beers, Absinthe, legal marijuana, prostitution, soccer). The fact that it’s available in Canada isn’t really that impressive, but it does contribute to their willingness to threaten to move there.

These desires were only heightened in 2007 when Michael Moore released “Sicko,” a documentary that contrasts the health care industry in the United States with that of Canada, France and Cuba. As a general rule of thumb, white people are always extra passionate about issues that have been the subject of a Moore documentary. As a test, ask them about 9/11, Gun Control, or Health Care and then say “where did you get that information?” You will not be surprised at the results.

But the secret reason why all white people love socialized medicine is that they all love the idea of receiving health care without having a full-time job. This would allow them to work as a freelance designer/consultant/copywriter/photographer/blogger, open their own bookstore, stay at home with their kids, or be a part of an Internet start-up without having to worry about a benefits package. Though many of them would never follow this path, they appreciate having the option.

If you need to impress a white person, merely mention how you got hurt on a recent trip Canada/England/Sweden and though you were a foreigner you received excellent and free health care. They will be very impressed and likely tell you about how powerful drug and health care lobbies are destroying everything.

Though their passion for national health care runs deep, it is important to remember that white people are most in favor of it when they are healthy. They love the idea of everyone have equal access to the resources that will keep them alive, that is until they have to wait in line for an MRI.

This is very similar to the way that white people express their support for public schools when they don’t have children.


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  1. First!

  2. “As a general rule of thumb, white people are always extra passionate about issues that have been the subject of a Moore documentary.”


  3. McCain hates free healthcare.

  4. Check out what Kevin Federline gets from Britney to pay for their children’s healthcare



  6. People are dying in Europe before they can receive treatment. Tell me how great that is.

  7. They also like public schools, but would never send their kids there.

  8. I can never figure out if I am sufficiently white.

    I don’t like Michael Moore movies… in fact I won’t even watch them. But, I have worked for an internet startup. I am self-employed and I pay for my own health insurance.

    As for the Europe stuff… fuck them! I like cowboys.

    I think that I am, in fact, the Wrong Kind of White Person.

  9. this is so friggin funny – i love it.

  10. You must do private schools. Look at public Beverly Hills High. The right kind of white people would never send their kids there.

  11. on April 4, 2008 at 8:39 am brown eyed girl

    Excellent post!!!! So true. But don’t forget, Cuba has superior health care too 😉

  12. this blog post was brilliant!

  13. I think Free Health Care would fall under the catagory of: as long as they can pay for better service or an upgrade. White people love having the upgrade; Health Care included.

  14. on April 4, 2008 at 8:41 am jumpinjackflasher

    That’s why white people threaten moving to Canada!


  15. on April 4, 2008 at 8:41 am brown eyed girl

    Speaking of Cuba, that reminds me of how much white people love to wear Che Guevara t-shirts. It’s a bold statement!

  16. Though I suspect you know this, healthcare isn’t free for visitors to Canada. It is, however, about as cheap as the deductible on the typical healthcare plan in the US.

  17. Getting lazy…come on, who wants to pay for health care? Be more creative.

  18. This blog has officially jumped the shark

  19. White people like this blog too. I hope that doesn’t make it less awesome in some way.

  20. so canadian.

  21. Absinthe is now legal in the United States.

    White people love TIDYING UP FOR THE MAID!!!

  22. Free anything is great! White people like to feel like they got a “deal”. It’s all part of the game.


  23. on April 4, 2008 at 8:48 am sweetchuckd

    To find out why parents don’t want to send their kids to public schools, check out http://detentionslip.org!

  24. I also hear that unskilled, illegal aliens like “free” healthcare. So I guess it’s not just a white person thing.

  25. on April 4, 2008 at 8:50 am Ethan Hawke

    That one was weak.

  26. on April 4, 2008 at 8:51 am shamed and embarrassed

    Ugggh, I can’t tell you how many times I have been intoxicated at some martini lounge or micro-brew pub and expounded on why America needs socialized, free healthcare.

    I guess I really am a walking cliche.

    “Its funny ’cause its true…”

  27. Oh . . . I am white, and I don’t like socialized health care.

    While Russia is sometimes considered 3rd world, I have seen less than good results of socialized medicine there. Doctors are much, much less educated in Russia than the USA.

    Medicine is not seen as a lucrative profession at all in Russia and many smart people do not go into it simply because one can hardly live well as a doctor or nurse.

    The lucrative nature of medicine in the USA keeps our methods on the cutting edge.

    I much prefer the system in America, while we certainly need to work harder to give poorer people some basic health coverage, I wouldn’t want a socialized system.

  28. McCain hates National Public Radio.

  29. Actually, the free health care (not totally free btw) in Canada only applies to Canadians and landed immigrants. If you’re a visitor here, you still have to pay big bucks if you want to access the Canadian health system…

  30. I’m not sure the “wait in line for an MRI” argument is applicable to the USA.
    Because health care is such a lucrative business in the US, you’d be hard pressed to find a hospital without an MRI machine. Add to that the number of stand alone MRI Centers that have sprung up to get in on the money and you can see that access to care is not as big a problem in the US as in some other countries.
    One could argue that the very existence of the competitive health care system has put the US in a perfect position to adopt Socialized Medicine at this time. The requisite infrastructure is already in place, i.e. adequate facilities to meet the expected demand.

    I would research this further, but I’m TOO BUSY!

  31. on April 4, 2008 at 9:03 am not so free

    “If you need to impress a white person, merely mention how you got hurt on a recent trip Canada/England/Sweden and though you were a foreigner you received excellent and free health care.”

    Not true, I am a white person who recently got hurt on a trip to Canada. I received excellent care, for $150 CASH out of pocket because I was a foreigner. Had I been Canadian on the national health plan…$25. And I have insurance in the US, but the out of country deductible is $150!….greatttt.

  32. hahaha. awesome. silly w/p and their “free” healthcare.

    i must point out, however:

    michael moore : documentary :: george tenet : national intelligence estimate

  33. If thats correct, its similar to what Americans are experiencing.
    People are dying in the States because they can’t afford access to treatment:

    The structure of health care in America is so that it makes it a commodity, not a necessity. But thats a moral dilemma and we Americans would rather focus our energies on the bottom line.

    Considering the bottom line, it looks as though are inability to provide universal health care has Canada gaining an even greater economic advantage over America:


    I am so white, so for universal “humanized” health care, and more inclined to stop threatening to and actually move to Canada.

  34. This is an example of a post I disagree with. While White People do like the idea, it’s because it’s a good one, not because on any silly harmless white people obsession like North Face or anything like that.
    Studies have shown that our country is one of the worst-off health wise and quality of life despite having this so-called greatest health care system. There’s additionally an upcoming documentary about how the poorest among us are dying much sooner than rich folks because of the stress, poor nutrition and such in their life that affects them just as much as not having healthcare does.
    But please don’t do a post about how white people like to talk about the poor. because if it was really true and not just a couple east-coast rich liberals, then we wouldn’t have poor people anymore.

  35. I do wish people would stop confusing “access” with “availability” and “insurance coverage” with “health care”.
    You can have insurance but have no access to care.
    You can have available care but not insurance coverage.
    Not having coverage is NOT not having access to care, it just means your going to pay through the nose for care.

  36. That should be “you’re”…sorry.
    I was TOO BUSY to proofread!! LOL

  37. on April 4, 2008 at 9:07 am Big Dick from Palms

    Ummmmm, waiting in line for an MRI (or hip replacement, etc.) is what happens in countries with socialized medicine. Since we have, generally, privatized medicine in the US, we have minimal waits for anything and everything.

    Always amazes me how folks smart enough to run a computer and read someone’s blog, have no rasp of irony and sarcasm.

    How about a post on sarcasm? “White people have no clue about sarcasm, and take everything soooooo seriously.”

  38. “They love the idea of everyone have equal access to the resources that will keep them alive, that is until they have to wait in line for an MRI.”

    Ahh, the classic fallacy of socialised medicine. Here’s the thing – in the UK, there’s plenty of private healthcare for those who want/can afford it, AND the National Health Service for those who don’t/can’t.

    Why are almost all the arguments against it based around the supposition that it’s an either/or scenario?

  39. dude. you’re so white!

  40. Brilliant! Don’t forget how they mention the government will pay for the healthcare, and at the same time ignoring the issue of who pays the government.

  41. “White people love all things European, this especially true of things that are unavailable in the United States (Rare Beers, Absinthe, legal marijuana, prostitution, soccer).”

    Since when is prostitution unavailable in the US?

  42. I’m thinkin’ you’re the red-necked kind.

  43. White people thoroughly enjoy jumping the shark.

  44. This is some interesting timing.

    I buy private health insurance for my wife because it’s cheaper than adding her to my employer-provided insurance.

    Yesterday we got a letter from our insurance company saying that her application for insurance, which was completed a year ago, said she did not have a c-section. We know this was a mistake made by our insurance agent, because we know we told him she had a c-section. Nevertheless, the form says she did not and it has her signature on it.

    Because they’re claiming she did not disclose this information, our insurance provider is not going to cover the c-section for our second child, which we’ve scheduled for a month from now.

    That’s right: my wife is eight months pregnant, and we’ve just now learned that the insurance we’ve been paying premiums on for a year will not cover the c-section we will almost certainly have in four weeks. That means we have to pay for the $28,000 procedure out of pocket, which is almost my entire annual salary.

    Thank you, American health care system!

  45. Absinthe is legal, yes, but without its most potent ingredient: wormwood. I liken this strain of Absinthe to Diet Coke.

    Theoretically, this Absinthe should sell well in the US: we white people love our Diet Coke.


    Collect them or trade them with your friends!

  47. Siggyboss, who do you think pays the insurance companies?
    Your annual tax bite would probably be lower than your annual insurance premiums.

  48. White love typos, for instance, ‘They have it Europe’ should be ‘They have it IN Europe’.

  49. I think this should be reposted as “White People Like Other White People Who Aren’t Idiots Running the United States”.

    I’m fairly certain we wouldn’t be discussing how poor health care in the US is if we didn’t have Lenny from OF MICE AND MEN running the country.

  50. […] said, I love it. Though their passion for national health care runs deep, it is important to remember that white […]

  51. White people love typos, for instance, ‘White love typos’ should be ‘White PEOPLE love typos’.

  52. I need free Healthcare.


  53. hold on a minute…who said that “all” white people support free healthcare, or public education, or Michael Moore, or “all things Europe”?

    do “all” black people like rap music?
    do “all” black people support Jesse Jackson?
    do “all” black people support racial violence in our country?

    is it really fair to make racial judgements, even as simple and benign as these generalizations ?!

    ….we do need a better healthcare system for ALL people, than the one we currently have

    ….public education in theory is a very good idea, but in reality has flaws, and not meeting many needs of the children, both black and white

    ….in my opinion, Michael Moore is outspoken jerk with too much money and time on his hands, and not humble enough to put himself to hard work for the improvement of civil rights, human rights, or ecological awareness; “people in glass houses……”

  54. White people love typos, for instance, ‘They have it Europe’ should be ‘They have it IN Europe’.

  55. RUSSIA? Russia’s life expectancy is 128th in the world, behind such paradises as Guyana, Turkmenistan, Mongolia and Azerbaijan. I should damn well hope our healthcare is better than Russia’s.

  56. One should never be too busy to proofread.

  57. I washed my pants!

  58. 1 up, when I was in Japan I received great health care for almost nothing 😉

    Seriously though, this post is political shit. I would go as far as saying that white people like the idea of free heath care, but don’t understand how it would work really. But beyond that it is a color blind issue. National health care is not free, the payments are just consolidated and spread out over the entire population making it on average much cheaper.

    And the times I am most in favor of national health care is when I have to deal with my fucking insurance company when I do get sick or hurt. “Sign here, here, here, and here. Ok, so what happened to your hand?”

    I guess you don’t have to worry about it anymore since you are $300,000 richer.

  59. yeah waiting in line does really suck…currently there are no lines for an mri. that rocks 😉

  60. Since Spitzer put them all on HIS payroll.

  61. You are *so* not getting it.

    If you read all the things white people like and don’t laugh, turn the page, ma’am, nothing here for you to see.

  62. #95: Not Dying. White people love to live, unlike minorities!

    I love this blog. Not this post, though.

  63. #95–Not getting the point of Stuff White People Like

  64. Don’t Blame America, Kyle.
    Blame your cheap employer, your incompetent insurance agent and yourselves for not reading the forms before you signed them.

  65. bravo!

  66. Absinthe actually IS legal and available in the U.S. Just sayin’.

  67. No, but do white people like illegal aliens?

  68. Free healthcare is a bad idea. Yet another example of something “white people like” that a white person views as a bad idea.

  69. Bad news… for the first time this blog has seriously missed the mark. It’s a sad, sad day.

  70. Yes, I stated that already.

    It’s not *real* Absinthe, though.

  71. one should never be too white to proofread

  72. “But the secret reason why all white people love socialized medicine is that they all love the idea of receiving health care without having a full-time job”

    You’re right – white people love nothing more than having colored people sitting and doing actual work. Can’t tell you how many meetings I’ve been in where there’s 1 white guy with 5 or more colored folks. The white guy looks totally bored and out of it while the colored guys are talking about stuff that actually matters (i.e. work).

  73. The people who don’t like or agree with socialized health care have never been poor students with a broken bone requiring multiple x-rays, CAT scans, hospital visits and physical therapy, that would have cost thousands of dollars.

    I am so grateful I never have to worry about money when I visit the doctor.

    –white Canadian

  74. on April 4, 2008 at 9:37 am PeachHipGirl

    Totally lame, totally untrue. Pure crap.

  75. on April 4, 2008 at 9:39 am no its not free



    Sheila: Times have changed
    Our kids are getting worse
    They won’t obey their parents
    They just want to fart and curse!
    Sharon: Should we blame the government?
    Liane: Or blame society?
    Dads: Or should we blame the images on TV?
    Sheila: No, blame Canada
    Everyone: Blame Canada
    Sheila: With all their beady little eyes
    And flapping heads so full of lies
    Everyone: Blame Canada
    Blame Canada
    Sheila: We need to form a full assault
    Everyone: It’s Canada’s fault!
    Sharon: Don’t blame me
    For my son Stan
    He saw the damn cartoon
    And now he’s off to join the Klan!
    Liane: And my boy Eric once
    Had my picture on his shelf
    But now when I see him he tells me to fuck myself!
    Sheila: Well, blame Canada
    Everyone: Blame Canada
    Sheila: It seems that everything’s gone wrong
    Since Canada came along
    Everyone: Blame Canada
    Blame Canada
    Copy Guy: They’re not even a real country anyway
    Ms. McCormick: My son could’ve been a doctor or a lawyer rich and true,
    Instead he burned up like a piggy on the barbecue
    Everyone: Should we blame the matches?
    Should we blame the fire?
    Or the doctors who allowed him to expire?
    Sheila: heck no!
    Everyone: Blame Canada
    Blame Canada
    Sheila: With all their hockey hullabaloo
    Liane: And that bitch Anne Murray too
    Everyone: Blame Canada
    Shame on Canada
    The smut we must stop
    The trash we must bash
    The Laughter and fun
    Must all be undone
    We must blame them and cause a fuss
    Before somebody thinks of blaming uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuus!!!!

  77. Well, this was a funny blog, but this post sounds like it was written by a Reason Magazine intern who isn’t nearly as funny or smart as he thinks he is.

  78. wp *love* to emphasize ‘so’ when correcting someone with the phrase: you’re *so* not getting it.

  79. wp love to say ‘moral dilemma’

  80. Idiots, he’s not saying that foreigners receive free health care in Canada. He’s asying that you should MENTION that particular falsehood if you need to impress a white person.


  81. You ain’t said nuttin’ but a WORD!

  82. White people don’t love typos, they love pointing them out. Big difference.

  83. This blog is a lot funnier when it’s fairly apolitical. This is probably the worst post yet.

  84. White people love their bold and italicize buttons but when we don’t have them available, we have to use asterisks. At least we’re utilizing more keys on the keyboard.

  85. I think this is a great post, rather true, and despite the nasty mcnastersons comments, i think its quite funny and well written. poo on them.

  86. Why are you trying to support a wife and at least two children on a $28,000/year salary?

    Make responsible choices!!

  87. I think one important aspect of why white people love free healthcare is being overlooked… #62 Knowing what’s best for poor people!

  88. You must be white, Zach, because your post should read, “White [people] love typos[.] [F]or instance…”

  89. One more thing. White people prefer PPO to HMO. They would rather choose their own doctors after researching their problem thoroughly on the internet.


  90. Please don’t confuse “covered at 100%” with “free”.
    The provider of service is getting paid for caring for you.
    You just have higher insurance premiums. When people think that the care is free, they tend to over-utilize the system further driving up the premiums they love to hate.
    That’s why they love their doctor but hate their insurance company. The insurance company that paid their doctor. Stop going to the doctor for trivial complaints and wasting the money in the premium pool that your co-workers also contribute to.
    Just because you have 100% coverage or a small co-pay does not mean that large bills are not being generated for your care and are being paid on your behalf behind the scenes.

  91. Isn’t it better if people would just make more money and not get sick? If that were to happen then we wouldn’t need health care!


  92. Come on, don’t kick him when he’s down. Oh wait, that’s another thing white people like.

  93. Um, Lucy, students get healthcare through the university.

    I suppose you’ve never been an ambitious person, taking charge of your own future, who has 50% of your income taxed so that other people can have your money without earning it.

  94. wp love utilizing stuff.

  95. If it’s free it’s for me!

  96. Love it.

  97. wp love talkin ghetto when dey ain’t got shit to say

  98. on April 4, 2008 at 10:02 am manthropologist

    “In spite of having access to the best health insurance and fanciest hospitals,”

    Speaking only for myself, I like the idea of universal health care because I haven’t seen a doctor in any serious way since 2003. Though I’m aware that white folks without health benefits are the wrong kind of white people that this blog does not address.

    “This is very similar to the way that white people express their support for public schools when they don’t have children.”


    For future reference, you’ll want to note that #94 is where you crossed the line from gentle satire into Jonah Goldberg-level “analysis”. I mean, really–Michael Moore Euro socialism loving white people? Come on, whatever your political leanings, this is just lazy.

  99. White people refer to them as CT scans now.

  100. Maybe you are part of the sub white group called redneck? Believe me, you are extremely white, just not the yuppie educated type described on this group. Stop reading it and subscribe to http://www.redneckworld.com/ instead.

  101. on April 4, 2008 at 10:09 am Come Let Us Reason Together

    Lander, forgive your humble servant for doubting you in a slump. You have pointed to the left field wall and belted it out of the park. Brilliant. The ‘natural’ is back.

  102. If you read Portuguese and want to know about stuff a white Brazilian woman likes: http://www.escrevalolaescreva.blogspot.com

  103. My “white” rating is like an 87. Ridiculous. Although, at least now I’m a “self-aware” white person…

    I’m totally buying this book when it comes out, and putting it on my coffee table in Canada. It’s the only thing suitable for the dinner parties I’ll be having while Wes Anderson movies play in the background.

  104. on April 4, 2008 at 10:11 am Beatnik Samurai

    Article #1 says (whether the journalist wants to admit it or not) that 750 Ohians died because they didn’t seek medical treatment. The white elephant of that story is that anyone can receive medical care in the U.S., whether insured or not.

    Article #2 works really, really hard to lay the blame for jobs migrating to Canada entirely at the feet of health insurance costs, but why is the story entirely about the auto industry? Why can’t they make the claim that all industries are flitting away to the Great White North? Perhaps because the real issue isn’t health care costs at all, but the increasingly unreasonable demands made by auto workers unions in the face of increased competition and significantly lower profit margins industry-wide. Health insurance costs are the scapegoat here because they’re one of the few variables auto manufacturers can control in reducing production costs. In almost every other area, their hands are tied by unions — reality be damned.

    Finally, how great would Canada’s system of socialized medicine be (or Europe’s, for that matter), if the US socialized and R&D funding for new phamaceuticals and medical technologies dried up? Not very, I wager.

  105. on April 4, 2008 at 10:11 am greetings from hipsterland

    clander, could you please do an entry on jogging? White do love to jog!

  106. Whatz yer mama gunna say’n you BUST out a winda?

  107. on April 4, 2008 at 10:12 am James Erickson

    Yet… White people also support privatized health care, probably at a higher margin than other races, since other races are more likely to have liberal views.

    This post was a bit too partisan for me…

  108. Having to haggle for healthcare is embarassing. Trying to convince a doctor that my cosmetic surgical procedure actually will benefit his practice is nearly impossible, especially without the virtual bust enhancement preview.

    Damn them! The pharmaceutical lobby is threatening all that I hold dear about my Whiteness including, but not limited to:

    1) Hardcore southern rap music

    2) My ability to buy valium on the black market

    3) Restless leg syndrome

    4) The illusion of a beautiful fantasy land where television is free of erectile dysfunction commercials.

    Michael Moore should make a documentary about that

  109. White people love organizing and then utilizing.

  110. on April 4, 2008 at 10:14 am greetings from hipsterland

    clander, could you please do one on jogging? White people do love to jog. It shows off their performance enhancing clothes.

  111. on April 4, 2008 at 10:14 am Beatnik Samurai

    White people love Ethan Hawke (except for this one).

  112. goooooooooood. Did you not just read the blog? How white are you?

  113. on April 4, 2008 at 10:18 am James Erickson

    I agree.

  114. What the heck is this blog? Just stumbled by… was that post tongue in cheek or what?

    Um. I’m so white I glow in the dark. I am NOT for socialized medicine in any way shape or form. Michael Moore is a total LOON. AND our public school system sucks.

  115. on April 4, 2008 at 10:18 am James Erickson

    ….that the blog has jumped the shark, that is.

  116. Inclined to move to Canada for free healthcare? Good, get out, that means there is one less moron in the US.

  117. thanks very much for the links the offer proof of your opinions being fact. i am now convinced that i should hand all of my decision making responsibilities to either you or hillary clinton.

  118. You know what else white people like? Pretending that libertarian solutions work, while ignoring all the real world evidence that it doesn’t.

    They also all really like pretending they’re Howard Roarke types.

  119. Well, not just researching on the Internet, but penultimately approaching the doctor with a diagnosis.

  120. No, but it may be “tongue-in-cheek”.

    Oy gevalt!

  121. wp like illegal aliens mowing their lawn for $10.

  122. life is not fair and that is too bad. i suggest you sponsor a poor person and try to make there life better. please don’t make me do it though.

  123. My favorite argument against socialized medicine:

    “You have to wait 6 months for an Xray, 8 months for an MRI”

  124. wp love to blame w. and name drop literary characters from classic books.

  125. Class. Region. This blog is about class, socio-economic class, about regional demographics, AND political bent, not “race.” Much of this is not stuff “white” people like — it’s stuff upper-middle class, college-educated, Whole-Foods-buying, Kumbaya-singing, urban-dwellers like. And more power to us, but we aren’t all “white.”

    Or is that what you meant, but knew that everyone conflates being upper-middle-class with being white? And being poor with being black?

  126. on April 4, 2008 at 10:29 am Surley Scarab

    At the risk of encouraging the behavior…

    The comments saying “White people like ” are cracking me up!

  127. wp love affecting redneck accents when it can benefit them in some way.*

    *see clinton, hillary

  128. In fact, I bet if they sold Howard Roark costumes, white people would all dress up as Howard Roark for Halloween. They would all be expressing their ardent individuality and free spirit while spouting the counterlogical ideas of a manic-depressive elitist socialite.

    White people love Ayn Rand.

  129. on April 4, 2008 at 10:31 am Surley Scarab

    umm.. apparently I used some sort of html code that I know nothing about but what I meant to say was..

    The comments saying “White people like (…insert random thing someone mentioned in another post…)” are cracking me up!

  130. wp love ikea.

  131. The class of white folk skewered on this blog also love bashing the United States. They have no comeback when I say that we might be speaking German if it weren’t for the good old USA. White people like the idea of honoring veterans but such military service makes them uncomfortable. It flies in their face that our soldiers do put themselves in harms way and fight for their right to bash the United States and pay $12.00 for a ham and cheese sandwich.

  132. wp love being cracked up

  133. wp love to say “we might be speaking german…”

  134. Are you an example of the “wrong kind of white person?”

  135. I wish people white people (especially white and non-white politicians) would quit referring to it as “free” healthcare when MY taxes are going to go up to pay for it.

  136. on April 4, 2008 at 10:37 am greetings from hipsterland

    Maybe this one will work too. Another thing white people like is understated elegance or, as I like to call it, dowdiness. Think Eileen Fischer. There is an art in spending a lot of money on clothes to make you look unassuming and above materialism, and my, have white people mastered it. Having gone to a New England boarding school and a liberal arts college filled with trustifarians, I can certainly point out a kid from old money dressed in paupers clothing. White Kids at my school proudly wear the holes in their filthy clothes as badges of their privileged progressive ideals.

    Keep up the good work. By the way, at my college, we have a racial awareness club and we’re including your blog in a workshop entitled “White America: Beyond the Media”. Thanks for providing a scathing social indictment wrapped in sheep’s clothing (humor).

    (and OMG, if you sell the book Stuff White People Like at Urban Outfitters, it will almost be too much…)

  137. your life must be so very painful

  138. wp love to say “that is” to clarify that they are idiots.

  139. yes it is fair.

  140. wp love to say “MY taxes”

  141. This is ridiculous–there are many reasons people want this kind of health care, and it’s not just white people or even all white people. This one just went a bit too far. It doesn’t even make sense.

  142. on April 4, 2008 at 10:46 am Beatnik Samurai

    Not as painful as if I were named Jack.

  143. First to be stupid, yes.

  144. on April 4, 2008 at 10:47 am manthropologist

    wp believe that if poor people really wanted health insurance, they would just stop being so poor and buy some

  145. Well, then, HOT DAMN, I’m white!

    And it’s all W’s fault anyway.

  146. WP also love to say “It’s MY money, not the government’s money”.

  147. (and OMG, if you sell the book Stuff White People Like at Urban Outfitters, it will almost be too much…)

    Not least because the guy who owns Urban Outfitters is also a secret conservative whose products are used primarily by young white people.

  148. Also, Bush lied and people died.

  149. You have the balls to say that when your ID on this blog is Beatnik Samurai? Idiot.

  150. I think it’s global warming’s fault. G.W. is the source of all our ills (not G.W. Bush).

  151. on April 4, 2008 at 10:51 am Beatnik Samurai

    I agree. Health care was never discussed prior to 2000. Ever.

  152. That wasn’t redneck. It was little black kid.

    I don’t expect you to discern that in a blog, however.

  153. Oh dear. Am I not white if I don’t like Ikea? It really gives me the creeps. How about if I like Ethan Allen furniture or Thomasville? May I regain my status?

  154. WP love bashing people who bash the United States. They can never point anyone out (other than people caricatured by FoxNews), but they know that they exist.

    WP would love nothing more than to put these America-bashers into prison camps where they belong.

  155. A clarification should be made here. To white people, “free” means “paid for by the collective”. By this definition, Social Security is also free. And Social Security is another thing that white people like.

  156. wp love to be redundant.

  157. I don’t and no thanks.

  158. Is there a rating system for one’s whiteness?

    Oooooh! Do tell!

  159. wp love to clarify.

  160. Blame the system for you and your wife not reading what you sign. It’s never the fault of the wrong type of white people.

  161. White people love Jane Austen, wouldn’t you agree, Mr. Willoughby?

  162. wp love taking themselves very seriously.

  163. Don’t be jealous a-hole…

  164. Yes! You can do a new post and call it white people love mass murdering f*ckheads!

  165. White people like having health care be only for the privileged. If there were universal health care, white people would opt out of it, to prove their Howard Roarkish individualism and moxie.

    Then they’d complain about “those” people taking “MY taxes”, and vote for John McCain.

    White people love John McCain.

  166. Here in the Bay Area (with our “famous company” ritzy health insurance) we waited 4 months (um, 4 MONTHS!) to get our newborn infant MRI’d because she’d had seizures when she was born – it was the soonest appointment they could provide.

    Aside: I love this funny site. I suppose it don’t hurt that it makes you think, but still I feel strange leaving such a serious comment.

  167. As my moniker implies, that was unreasonably frustrating. Grow a sense of humor and come back.

  168. on April 4, 2008 at 10:57 am Beatnik Samurai


  169. Wow, almost all the posts in this blog have resonated with me on some level, until this one.

    Perhaps it’s my European-ness showing, but the idea of socialised health care (in Ireland’s case, with optional private health care) is hardly a wild hippy left wing idea. The idea that basic health care is available only to those who can pay seems barbaric.

    That this would be satirised in the same manner as apple fan boys and threatening to move to Canada just sits very oddly.

    *written on a mac by someone who hopes to move to Canada some day*

  170. White people will lose interest in socialized medicine when it becomes clear that it won’t give them anything “for free.” It will give things for free to other people at their expense, and force them to buy insurance if they don’t have it.

    It all comes down to the grand dream of total selfish fecklessness, as clander points out. Once they read the fine print on any possible proposal (we’re not communists here, nobody’s nationalizing health care) and realize that their lives won’t improve but their taxes will go way up, they’ll just make some white person excuse about how it’s not “fair” enough or whatever and not support it. All the real plans mean forcing everybody who can afford it to buy insurance if they don’t have it, and tax them whatever it takes to insure the people poorer than them (who don’t take care of their bodies and cost a spectacular amount when you try, futilely, to stay on top of the damage they do to it).

    Working class people have money for a supercharger to strap on top of their camaro’s engine, so they have enough money to buy insurance if they want it. They don’t buy it because they’ll get treated for free anyway, as it stands, and a supercharger has a chance of getting them laid. The hospital eats the cost and passes it on to productive citizens. This is just a big tax idea to make sure that the hospitals get paid for everybody’s care instead of just most. No wonder the doctors support it!

  171. wp love their status.

  172. In this country, one must have health insurance to go to college. It’s our way of keeping the lazy or undesriables out of the club.

  173. Not to be confused with “crackers”. White people do NOT like being called “cracker”. We do like our Ritzes and Cheez-its, don’tcha know.

  174. You may have a point, as humorless as you are.

  175. Hey, I resent that. I bash the US whenever I get the opportunity, which is usually every day.

    Long live W…

    …somewhere else.

  176. It seems to me that this post is ridiculing the upper-class, awareness-conscious yuppie type who want to cash in on a service that would benefit the poor and working class, who can not (or can barely) afford health care. I don’t think these people (the yuppies) deserve free health care either, but only a complete a** would claim our health care system is fine as it is.
    Some people in our country would wait however long it takes to receive health care, if that means they can actually be treated. How about this solution–the people who can afford it can pay a set premium in order to be treated in private clinics with limited admission, so that they will not have to wait as long. The people who cannot afford it, will still be treated, but will go to the public clinics where they will have to wait. Yeah, it’s a farblown suggestion and maybe it’s been said before, but I think it would work if we could iron out the kinks. At least then more people will get the care that they need, and maybe the yammering would stop about the six month waits (a figure that is greatly exaggerated.)
    Also, are these people who complain about the waits aware that the reason they DON’T have to wait right now is because too many people are unable to afford basic health care? It’s definitely not just your “White” people who think some kind of revision is needed.

  177. White people really like Econ 101. They don’t like Econ 102 or 103, but Econ 101 is something they love to talk about. Especially when it comes to people who are dying. White people think back on their Econ 101 professor (who was also white), and reminisce fondly about why dying dude deserves to die.

  178. on April 4, 2008 at 11:04 am brown eyed girl

    And this one

  179. White People love confusing cost with value.

    The problem with most things received from the government is that they aren’t worth what you pay for them.

  180. Working class people have money for a supercharger to strap on top of their camaro’s engine, so they have enough money to buy insurance if they want it.

    Yes, this is exactly why 46 million people are uninsured in the United States.

    I know that this is the comments section of a WordPress blog, but even so this is a shockingly retarded comment.

  181. Don’t white people also like threatening (and never doing it) moving to Canada?

  182. That would be Carr’s with Stilton or brie, thank you.

    Goat cheese if I have a white wine handy.

  183. WP are way cool.

  184. wp love to say ‘discern’.

  185. on April 4, 2008 at 11:07 am brown eyed girl

    hy·per·bo·le /haɪˈpɜrbəli/
    –noun Rhetoric.
    1. obvious and intentional exaggeration.
    2. an extravagant statement or figure of speech not intended to be taken literally, as “to wait an eternity.”

  186. White people hate the government. Except when they want a bailout. White people love bailouts.

  187. on April 4, 2008 at 11:09 am Pimp my health insurance

    There should be some type of tax subsidy to upgrade my Monte Carlo so I can get laid (more often). In these here parts its much more impressive to have a loud engine, shiny wheels and an obscenely loud car stereo than a health plan.

    You can take your celibate ass on in your prius to the private hospital.

    I can check my stds at planned parenthood for free

    Vroom vroom

  188. Free health care is socialism. I don’t care who believes it’s free. How free can it be when the government takes half of my pay check to pay for someone else to go to a doctor any time they want to. Try getting a doctor when health care is free.
    Hitlery may be white, but don’t think this white boy wants everyone to get what took me a life time to save for.

  189. Socialized medicine would be a huge disaster in the U.S. The government can’t even run the IRS or the DMV, the last thing I would want is them in charge of health care. Where in the constitution does it say we are entitled to health care?

    Michael Moore is a big fat liar.

  190. I’d love to wait months for a surgery under a socialize healthcare program…that sounds fun


  191. “But the secret reason why all white people love socialized medicine is that they all love the idea of receiving health care without having a full-time job.”

    This is so true!!

  192. Don’t forget they also know what’s best for poor people.

  193. I’d rather be first to post but did that happen for me?


  194. Um…okay, but much of it is self-deprecating. Do you not see that or are you bent on finding “scathing social indictment”?

    I make fun of my race because we have many faults. Every race does. Either you make fun of it and walk away laughing or you take everything literally and build racial tensions. Guess we know what mouth you feed.

  195. Anybody else getting a little tired of this blog’s schtick? Racism can be funny when it’s innocent, but political posts like these smack of vindictiveness.

  196. Hey, my supercharger came with my car!

  197. on April 4, 2008 at 11:14 am JESUS WAS A BLACK MAN LYNCHED ITALIAN STYLE


  198. Oh, now that was funny!

  199. So you’re saying welfare should be renamed “sociofare”?


  200. on April 4, 2008 at 11:17 am James Erickson


  201. on April 4, 2008 at 11:18 am Words of Wisdom

    My daddy used to say “there’s no such thing as a free lunch”

    then he’d smack the sandwich out my mouth

  202. All poor people should just go get another job to supplement the crappy ones they already have. The lines at my neighborhood McDonald’s are too long.

  203. What’ a “smack of vindictiveness”?

  204. on April 4, 2008 at 11:19 am Beatnik Samurai

    I don’t know. Posting “I like cowboys” on the internet is the sort of thing that’ll get your ass kicked by rednecks… if they misinterpret you.

  205. Last I checked R&D in pharmaceuticals was pretty extensive in all of the countries you mentioned BS, particularly Europe.

    But on the other hand we have a completely autonomous watchdog like the FDA to watch out for our best interests, that I’m sure greatly restricts the ability of these companies to operate at their most efficient/profitable levels. Right.

    Now excuse me while I head north to fill my prescription.

  206. I think it was a brilliant skewer of socialized medicine. I particularly liked the summation.

    Keep up the good work 🙂

  207. You don’t write–or think–much do you? What the hell is awareness-conscious? Did you actually have a point, or were you just randomly tapping keys? I can’t even argue with your statement because I don’t know what you’re rambling about. It’s as close to reading nothing as I’ve come in a long time.
    Now, since you obviously have been huffing paint, I’ll just make my own point and whether or your addled, gelatinous brain can fathom it is beyond my control.
    We have universal health care. It’s called Medicare and Medicaid. You just have to be old, or have certain conditions to be eligible (such as ESRD). Virtually every state has some sort of health care system to address the needs of the poor, indigent and youth. Now, the quality of the care available to these people in hospitals who serve mostly people like themselves is a whole other story. Trying to bring the quality level up to par and provide health care providers with adequate compensation no matter which type of patient they’re treating is the crux of the matter.
    Anyway, it’s broke for good, our health care system is. So, who cares? I have no children to worry about and–for now–have my own health insurance. So the rest of you can play with your peter for all I care.

  208. I’m glad you stated “to pay for their children’s healthcare” or I would have answered “warts”.

    White people definietely do not like genital warts.

  209. That’s “definitely”.


  210. White people like to be part of a moral dilemma.

  211. with bacon on top!

    mmmm…bacony bailouts.

  212. on April 4, 2008 at 11:27 am la legione di resistenza

    that is too funny and yet so true! Urban Outfitters, a very white store too white, blinding white, LOL

  213. Understood. Wink, wink.

  214. even if we get universal health care we will still have a private industry to fall back on, hell check out the way britin is doin it. If someone needs a specilized surgery they can either wait in line, or go to the private sector. this whole blog is pointless.

  215. on April 4, 2008 at 11:28 am Beatnik Samurai

    Free health care is fine and dandy, but I love the idea of receiving fellatio without having a full-time job even more.

  216. of all the posts, this one elicited my first honest to goodness LOL.

  217. I think mass-murdering f***heads is a step in the righ direction. What’s your address?

  218. /raises hand slowly.

  219. I spent several years in my early 20s without health insurance, working for a company that simply didn’t provide it. There is nothing funny about the reality of that situation.

    You are trivializing a serious, legitimate issue here. I hate to break this to you, Christian, but not every white person is a spoiled twat like you are.

    I guess you are very lucky that you, yourself, are one of the “right” kinds of white people that your blog finds such pleasure in mocking.

  220. on April 4, 2008 at 11:31 am Call my doctor

    White people love specialized surgery, especially when it involves the enhancement, addition or removal of body parts.

    Hey ma, where is my flesh-toned silicone removable lifelike myslexic coinjoined twin?!

  221. first of all you are so racists here, keep segregating and u’ll see what yall get, every other country in the world hates USA, and you hate each other, this country has no future with all this shyt u have inside. Look at Sweden, they have socialism naturally, they tax rich people so their salaries aren’t that big in the end and ppl who make less are taxed less, and they have free childcare, free medical, free education for EVERY citizen, no matter what color he/she is, by the way they have a lot of other races and ir couples, there is no race problem, everyone live in peace. You need to learn to get over all your hatery bullshyt cuz Fed puts you all in slavery, you all are in debts, the president is like a dog for Fed which is private organization. Wake up people your going down!

  222. You’re an idiot. Specialized surgery isn’t cosmetic surgery.

  223. wp love joking about being white, but still wanting you to know they are white.

  224. on April 4, 2008 at 11:34 am Call my doctor

    All cosmetic surgery is special, just ask Pamela Anderson and Michael Jackson

  225. i just started a conversation at a professional mixer two nights ago with some IT guys who work in pharma about why i would never work for that industry because, among many reasons, they try to keep the price of drugs up and work to keep it illegal to go to canada to get cheap drugs. i’m a real party starter, huh? thankfully they were geeks and we all had fun.

    oh, i’m black and puerto rican. but i like everything on this list. except standing still at concerts. that sucks.

  226. on April 4, 2008 at 11:35 am Beatnik Samurai

    This is way too far in SeriousLand for this blog, but I’ll bite anyway: European R&D spending has steadily declined over the past 20 years. In the 80s they actually spent more annually than the US. Now they don’t spend anywhere near as much.

    Head north while you can.

  227. if you don’t like your DMV blame your state, not the federal government. my state’s motor vehicle commission has improved dramatically.

  228. All cardinals are birds. Not all birds are cardinals.

    All cosmetic surgery is special. Not all special surgery is cosmetic.

  229. on April 4, 2008 at 11:36 am Beatnik Samurai


  230. on April 4, 2008 at 11:37 am theonlyindustrializednationwithouthealthcare

    I now look forward to Christian’s take on other hot political topics:

    #95 Abortion

    Despite their love of films such as Juno and Knocked Up, white people love abortion. You can use this to your advantage by describing your support for a “woman’s choice” when the opportunity presents itself. …

    The secret reason white people all love abortion is that it allows them to have consequence-free sex.

  231. on April 4, 2008 at 11:37 am Just Imagine

    If the government could subsidize a universal “sense of humor” that would do more to improve this country than any health plan.

  232. I certainly think having a brain-damaged Lemur running the country is why there has been no answer to the health care situation, global warming and a myriad of other tidily-ignored situations.

    (I cannot comment about Al Gore “losing” to W because it’s this generation’s answer to losing an argument if Hitler is mentioned.)

  233. Moral dilemma’s are awesome. There really is no solution or answer, but can be argued about until the end of time.

    And anyway, health care is never going to be free – do you know how they would pay for a sub-standard socialized medical system? By taxing the pants off of everyone – oh wait I’m sorry, just the middle class because not only can the middle and upper middle class afford to pay for their own familiy’s welfare, but other people’s families’ too.

    Yes everyone should have access to healthcare – but in no way can it be free – someone is always going to pay.

  234. Paul Krugman this morning?

  235. Amen!

  236. “But the secret reason why all white people love socialized medicine is that they all love the idea of receiving health care without having a full-time job. ”

    Absolutely! I swear this is how all my college friends and I justify our corporate jobs (a la “my spouse owns a restaurant/is in grad school/is an artist, one of us needs benefits.”) and are beginning to justify going back to work after having kids. Of course it’s not because I need to be around adults or feel like I’m still a successful urbanite, it’s because I could never afford private health insurance if I weren’t working, or something.

  237. Woops! This blog just jumped the shark. Healthcare is serious goddamn issue. Poking fun at priveleged, arrogant twits is one thing, but trying to deflate the dialog about national healthcare is pretty fucking evil.

    I was stoked when I heard about your book deal, Christian, but I hope that crap like this won’t be included. You’re usually so funny! What happened?

  238. Sorry – dilemmas. That was going to drive me crazy.

  239. […] April 4, 2008 Have you read “Stuff White People Like“? […]

  240. Thank you.

    What she said!

  241. This has probably been said a million times, but it’s abundantly clear from this particular topic that you really mean “White Americans,” and even that is too broad (or exclusive?). However, I won’t lie, I love this blog and check it every day for updates.
    Anyways, yes, people in free-healthcare countries have to wait sometimes, but the fact that it’s free changes everything. I met someone recently who told me that his mother would not be alive today were it not for Canada’s free healthcare. She had to have so many surgeries, paying for it would not have been possible. After hearing his story, I reaffirmed my beliefs in love of free healthcare.

  242. You’re getting lazy man. The latest entries are not so good. You can do better than this.

  243. Don’t other races like things that are bad ideas?

    I’m thinkin’ blacks and crack pipes.

    I’m just sayin’.

  244. on April 4, 2008 at 11:47 am Beatnik Samurai

    White people love sponsoring poor people (especially if they’re brown).

  245. Well, can’t do anything about my skin color.

    Although, Michael Jackson did…

  246. Really? Trying living a couple of years without health care and see how healthy your sense of humor is.

  247. the white should be crisp and refreshing, though. not stale and cloying.

  248. Er..if white people really did want socialized healthcare and if black people have already been wanting socialized healthcare then why doesn’t the US have socialized healthcare? Something doesn’t add up.

  249. White people aren’t confusing cost with value: we have health insurance and the poor, welfare taking trash don’t. We’re just patting them on the head and saying: “See, we care about you. Here, have some HDTV. That’s a good boy! Yes you are!” We also know, if it came down to it, and everyone had the same basic level of health care, we’d still be willing to pay more to get top shelf care–and not what the brown folk were getting.
    As it is, we don’t see whitey floating around the hospitals in our inner cities for good reason: they suck, people die there, while clinical staff steal from the place or clock in and go find a place to sleep. They’re crap holes in other words. MLK-Drew near L.A. got its federal funding cut off completely last year, it sucked so bad.
    So, no, there is no confusion among most white folk. Brown hospital=bad, white hospital=good. As long as this basic premise remains true, all the talk about universal health care is a sham, a ploy democrats make use of to show how much they care for all the little people. Hypocrites, let’s see them go to the LA county medical center–right next to the coroner’s department–for care. I don’t think Barak or Clinton would even step out of their car there without hefty Secret Service protection.
    Hurray for the Caring, Loving, Patronizing Democraps! They love everyone! Hurray for Universal Health Care (for all those brown people down there)! Maybe they’ll give us all coupons for free wings at Popeye’s Chicken!

  250. wp love it when things ‘improve dramatically’.

  251. Also, Bush opened his mouth and people laughed.

  252. WP love to LOL.

  253. wp love cardinals??? :/

  254. …until they find out how much of his “facts” aren’t facts at all.

    Then white people feel betrayed.

  255. Oh, thank God. I can unlock my front door now.

  256. “several years in my early 20s ”

    wp love imaginary numbers

  257. You are a lucky person for having caught that before I did.

  258. …and until George W Bush leaves the country, there will be one too many.

  259. it did not jump the shark, you just jumped the shark by saying you jumped the shark

    what white people like: saying something just jumped the shark

    ohhhh the hypocrisy!!!

  260. Remember that there’s plain old Russia and “White Russia” – Lithuania (#61), Latvia (#92) and Estonia (#105).

    White people like “White Russia”.

  261. The most accurate part of this is that they want it so they can freelance. Once you have a spouse or children on your plan, there is no financial benefit to paying for your own plan. As a single, you can get away with it and still turn a profit over a salaried job.

  262. This blog continues to be entertaining and thought-provoking, thanks for the excellent work. Unfortunately, all the negative and repetitive comments from a bunch of jealous hacks distract from the point of blogging and subsequent conversation. “Hey, look, I was the first to say “jumping the shark – I’m so clever.” Who cares what you retards think, this isn’t written for you and no one is paying you to write your pretentious opinion. All the entries are worthwhile and you people only wish you were mentioned in the comics, ESPN the magazine, or had a book deal. SWPL is for entertainment purposes only so stop hating – you’re part of the problem. Keep up the fine work and kudos on all your success C.Lander.

  263. and roflcopters too!!!

  264. White people like using the word “awesome” inappropriately.

  265. That business with the waiting is not true, not true, not true! My experience runs the gamut from uninsured to participant in a social medical system in Japan (how white is that!) to enrollment in a generous employer program back in the US, and my experience tells me socialized medicine, with all its faults, is the best alternative.

    I was uninsured when I graduated college during a recession and worked two part time jobs with no medical benefits. I was just getting by, and just ignored any ailments and thank my lucky stars that I wasn’t in a serious accident or anything during that time.

    Then I spent several years in Japan in their national health care system, and, while not perfect, it certainly made life easy. In practice it was no different than having an insurer except it was so much easier from a paperwork standpoint. I paid my monthly medical tax (which was lower than my current insurance payment deducted from my paycheck) and a 10-30% deductible for any treatment I received. The deductible prevents people from abusing the system, yet is manageable for most treatments. Prescriptions were covered as well. I didn’t need to determine if the care provider was registered with my insurer, there were no $100 aspirin tablets during hospital stays, no 100 page policy that requires a law degree to understand, no arguing with my insurer to be reimbursed. In fact there was no reimbursment process. I just gave the facility my healthcare card and they took care of the rest. In most cases I didn’t even need an appointment, and care was quick and efficient. I could choose the specialist I wanted when I wanted. The system even covered dental care. Okay, so I had to pay for my glasses!
    Now I have what is considered to be very good BCBS coverage with my current employer but it is still a relative pain in the posterior. I have to wait weeks for an appointment, I can’t go to a specialist without going to my regular doctor first (I don’t even have a regular doctor!), and the copay arrangement is very complicated even if it is pretty generous.

    Americans think that if they are lucky enough to be insured their health care is superior to other countries, and those who are uninsured are just not “motivated” enough. That’s a bunch of crap. Our insurance premiums and copays are through the roof to cover the uninsured emergency room patients that cannot be legally or ethically turned away, and hospitals gouge insurance companies for the same reason. The treatment, once you have jumped through all the hoops to get it, is admittedly of a very high quality. But not enough people can get through the hoops, and even for those like me who finally do, it’s extremely frustrating. Doesn’t anyone think there may be a reason why the rest of the industrialized world has some form of socialized medicine, and they just stare at us in amazement? Doesn’t anyone wonder why, with supposedly the most sophisticated healthcare in the world, our infant mortality rates and life expectancy is only mediocre, and far less than many countries with socialized medicine?

    Call me a bleeding heart white person if you must, but Americans need to take their blinders off. Why is it that American consumers put price and quality above country of origin when buying consumer products, yet somehow think our healthcare system and other institutions are somehow so inherently superior as to be beyond even comparison with similar institutions in other countries??

    I promised myself I wouldn’t respond to this hot potato item #94, but damn it temptation got the best of me.

  266. wp most definitely do not love stale and cloying.

  267. As a white person, I would like to thank you for using “expounded” instead of “expanded”.

    This is one white person who believe that instead of awards for movies and music, there should be awards for proper spelling and appropriate usage of the language.

    Shamed, you would win.

  268. I agree. I am white and I’d love some free drugs. I mean, medicine.

  269. That’s a good idea.

  270. on April 4, 2008 at 12:07 pm Just Imagine

    You are assuming, of course, that I have always had insurance, and I did not for the majority of my 20s.

    It is a really good thing that all of those influential people in washington reading this now, who can instantaneously make universal healthcare appear out of thin air are not swayed by my juvenile comments about such a serious issue.

    I mistook this for a joke.
    I guess white people do not like jokes,

    Oh sorry I am white, damn, time to stop dancing, laughing, and making light of “serious issues” like coinjoined twin myslexia.

    ****White People love to talk about issues they do nothing about

  271. also, monica opened her mouth and clinton…

  272. on April 4, 2008 at 12:10 pm Please Clarify

    What exactly does it mean to “jump the shark”?

    Is that some obsure reference to aquatic pornography?

  273. Mmmmm…bacony bailouts with happyjack cheese!

  274. Okay you guys, I’ve gotten sucked into this conversation. Hasn’t anyone heard about where we supposedly get most of our meds anyway? In China where the FDA has no control over them…
    Plus, wouldn’t you rather have a watchdog group over big pharm instead of hoping you won’t OD on whatever they put in the meds like back in the day with snake oil sales men???

    Anyway, I’m being too serious for this blog, but it’s fun to debate, ay?


  275. Oooh. I like you.

  276. Oh please! We all know that it’s the blacks that love free health care, and welfare. In fact, if you look into Europe, White Nationalist parties are gaining ground, and will soon privatize the whole mess!

  277. All of you keep using the word free, either I don’t know what Free means, or you don’t.
    To me, free means I don’t ever pay for the use of an item.
    socialized med on the other hand means that everyone pays for the health care regardless of their personal need of the system.
    It sounds a bit like “from each according to their productivity, to all according to their need”
    Sorry, this cracker isn’t up for paying for the lazy artist types.
    With todays I want therefore must have immediately culture, I don’t see how having to wait for anything like medical attention will go over with all you white people, this white person will be the angry sob yelling at the nurse to get off her government paid ass and do something useful.
    next time you go to the DMV, just think, this could be the hospital of tomorrow.

  278. Don’t forget ROFLstomping!

  279. Good thing I swallowed my grape juice before reading this.

  280. White people like white russians?

  281. I actually think universal health care and public education are good things.
    Who doesn’t?
    Oh, I see. It would be better to have an ignorant unhealthy population than an educated healthy one.
    Now I understand.

  282. on April 4, 2008 at 12:26 pm Call my Doctor

    I jumped a shark once, not a good idea, and I had no universal healthcare to reattach my severed leg.

  283. Move, please.

  284. on April 4, 2008 at 12:28 pm Ways of the world

    Hello, overpriced education and expensive healthcare are tools of economic oppression

    And we all know how white people love economic oppression

  285. The shark. She has been jumped.

  286. wp love to lecture people on how to respond to blog posts.

  287. And because we don’t spend 1.5 billion a week in Iraq we can have health care , Thanks for policing the world for us

  288. wp love it when the opportunity arises to direct someone to http://www.justfuckingoogleit.com

  289. White people don’t love satire.

  290. oh! and LMAOade!


  291. aw yeah! happyjack cheese is da shizzle!

  292. If only some of them knew who he was.

  293. I would rather be free and ignorant than educated and enslaved.
    Taxation is the enslaver, the oppressor, and the tool of those who see fit to tell others how to live.
    Taxed healthcare is the most expensive healthcare available, because the healthy who never use it still pay for its use by those who are always sick.
    Just because it is taken out of your paycheck by your parents, I mean, the government doesn’t mean you don’t still pay.

  294. What do you say McCain?

  295. You really should have done more harm to yourself?

  296. Yep, Europe is just one, big Wunder Land. Especially France. What a love nest that is. Katana, have you even seen a television in the past year or two? I don’t think so. I think your face is so drenched from bukkake that you’ve lost sight of the real world.
    BTW, when was the last time an American journalist caused world wide rioting and received death threats due to a simple cartoon? Can we say, never? Whole countries were on lockdown and writers had to go into hiding because of the work of wonderful euro trash writers. There’s your peace for you.
    You’re absolutely right, Americans are hated around the world. This is why every poor bastard on the planet wants to come here at any cost.
    Hey, next time, try taking your head out of your ass before offering up your opinion.

  297. White people love pulling up the ladder after they get theirs.

  298. on April 4, 2008 at 12:58 pm Let's go with "chuck"

    I always wanted to ask one of these weenies if they are impressed that Cuba’s free health care resticts Afro-Cubans since Cuba is an aparthied state.

  299. Looks like some feathers have been rustled. “You can make fun of my love of all things white, but don’t make fun of Hillary/Obamacare!!” Sometimes good parody hits a little too close to home.

  300. on April 4, 2008 at 1:00 pm Let's go with "chuck"

    Hattie, take an ecomonics class. There is no such thing as free.

    Or as some say, you think heathcare is expensive now, wait until it is “free”.

  301. White people love vile crackers pretending to be twits.

  302. on April 4, 2008 at 1:05 pm Oliver Clozov

    Developed or Manufactured in China? — big difference.

  303. All your gay black freinds will love it.

  304. on April 4, 2008 at 1:09 pm Jean-Claude

    Yes, indeed, Europe is the fountain of love. Your name sounds Asian. Are you Asian? Are you a dainty Asian fleur? How about you and I sharing a side chat? You can share the beauty of your Asian culture while I show you how the French earned their reputation as great lovers. Maybe I can pummel your dark, brown eye with my tige royale. You see, I am no racist, I love every little brown eye I cum across. The younger, the better. We have no hang ups about man-boy love here in the EU like they do in the usa. So send me a pic–or a pic of your little brother–so I can see your yellow beauty for myself 😉

  305. I knew it. I love Ayn Rand, guess I’am white afte all .

  306. dbum- seriously, thats your best?
    a house slave is still a slave. do you really think it is the responsibility of other people to take care of you?
    do you think the state is a great entity of its own creation of which it does nothing but benefit you? do you not see the state is a representation of the parts that make it up, not the other way around?
    “everyone tries to live at the expense of the state, what they forget is that the state tries to live at the expense of everyone else”
    Socialization is the moniker of modern day classism and class oppression, when you have no ability to do for your self how can you be anything but enslaved?

  307. I have read this one all over this blog get another line. And a sense of humor.

  308. good one

  309. This is designed to allow all us Brits to laugh at you because no matter how shit the NHS is, it’s better than most of your population not being able to afford healthcare, right?

    Why would non-whites not want health care? Sorry, confused.

    Wow, this irony is so deep, it’s even confused a white Yurpean.

    Oh, I get it – it’s irony that’s so ironic, it’s verging on racism. Brilliant!

  310. White people believe the free market cures all economic ills.


  311. i go to a prep school with more white people than i have ever seen before in my life, and here are some of the things i learned.
    white people LOVE lacrosse (sp?), they murdered the natives, but kept the sport…
    they also like feild hockey and are pro-gay rights even tho most dont kno wat lgbt stands for.
    they like india too. but they think hindu is a language. hahaha.
    they like country clubs and golf.
    AND GOING TANNING! ironic considering whites rationalized colonialism with the notion that dark skin= inferiority.
    white people make me laugh.

  312. I’ doing it right now

  313. how vindictive

  314. Are you serious? Why would you be stoked about someone else’s book deals? Are you two friends or something? I hope not, because you just told him he’s not funny anymore at the same time he has some sort of book deal going. Way to wish your fellow human well.
    What do you mean “deflate the dialog”? This is a crappy little blog where people come to ramble and poke fun at things. Nothing here is of any significance whatsoever. The only thing deflated is your mental capacity.
    If you’re serious about doing crack, remember this is the kind of nonsense that will continue coming from your brain. You may want to re-think the whole drug use thing in favor of joining the rest of us here on planet earth.
    Just a thought.

  315. When health care is “free” it becomes no good, just look at the Canadian system lol.

  316. it at least gives a fighting chance

  317. on April 4, 2008 at 1:24 pm freehealthcare


    It annoys me that the American people are being blindsided by Health Care Companies in the US who like to draw attention to the number of people who die waiting for service. AT LEAST THEY HAD A CHANCE for getting surgery. More people in the US are dying and losing quailty of life as a result of NOT having access to affordable health care.

    I don’t understand how people can let insurance companies make YOUR health a commodity, when it should be a right.

  318. on April 4, 2008 at 1:30 pm Did al Wedn

    This is such a bad post.

  319. most of these posts arent really about ‘white people’, they are more about white liberals in big cities like NY, SanFran, etc

    white people from Texas or Wisconsin or rural areas are completely different, so this blog is really about white inner city liberals

  320. I’m sure you’ve heard this:

    “It takes a lot of money to look this cheap” -Dolly Parton (sort of a wrong-kind-of-white-person twist to what you’re talking about -haha!)

  321. This post was stupid, I like to laugh when I come to this site, not sit there and read for nothing. Not at all funny

  322. yeah, this posting was pretty lame…this one’s more interesting…


  323. Your capitalization/punctuation makes me laugh. Perhaps you’re at the wrong prep school.

  324. Gave her a cigar?

  325. find out why your gay friends are cooler than you:

    Stuff Queer People Like


  326. You, like I, are considered the wrong kind of white. But it does not change the fact that this blog is spot on.

  327. on April 4, 2008 at 1:44 pm brown eyed girl

    pre·ten·tious (prĭ-těn’shəs)
    1. Claiming or demanding a position of distinction or merit, especially when unjustified.
    2. Making or marked by an extravagant outward show; ostentatious. See Synonyms at showy.

  328. I must not be white then, even tho I am classified as as “white” nothing on the “white likes” list is anything I like. I Like baseball, fried chicken, and dancing, as far as free health care, who would Not like free healthcare, but at the exspense of waiting months for an appt. no way, so I pay for my healthcare, and at a price I really cant afford. When the healthcare becomes free, or reduced and I dont have to wait in line for an operation I needed yesterday, maybe I will join the “white” race and like it. Until then, don’t clump us all in the same clot.

  329. I’m stealing this line whenever my hippie friends give me b.s. about this topic. Thank you.

  330. Something tells me if the red phone rang at 3am he’d either have a heart attack from the stress, or throw a pillow at it.

  331. this blog is hilarious. check out this one too:


  332. Ya…. We get it. You’re white.

  333. Puh-leaze

    “free” healthcare would cost multiple trillions of dollars, a paltry billion and a half wouldn’t even cover a single hypochondriac’s aspirin budget once the federal bureaucracy got done papering it to death.

  334. Imaginary, eh? Okay, try this: from 21 until 24, I had no health insurance.

  335. White people like taking shit for granted. Co-opting causes, loving art and stuff that people had to struggle for – they just hoover this shit up like products and this includes the argument for socialized medicine!

    Tres European: the mark of a nation’s sophistication is how well it takes care of it’s worst off.

    clander, I think you needed to spell it out again as “the idea of free healthcare” for those that don’t quite get it.

  336. on April 4, 2008 at 1:52 pm brown eyed girl

    Ich bin aber sehr dankbar dass wir kein Deutsch reden muessen!

  337. Jealous about what? Getting the first comment on an internet blog? You must lead an interesting life if that gives you kicks….

  338. i write like that.

  339. yeah matt lienart is hot

  340. no, no cigar, but she did do some smokin.
    WUT ninja!?!? ooooWEEeeee…

  341. Now there’s no reason he can’t come here to read about the self abusive upper class liberal whites, he’s gotta keep an eye on them somehow.

  342. superior to what? stone knives and ointments made from berries?

  343. People are dying in the U.S. before they can receive treatment. Tell me how great that is.

  344. I think you meant to reply to the “Che” post above.

  345. Only if it’s a macrobiotically grown whole foods organic vegan shark.

  346. i don’t buy that for a second. not one second. moreover,
    although people are always gonna be sick, it seems, the us is always gonna be fightin’.

  347. which falls p.c.ly under WKOWP.

  348. church.

  349. I gotta admit, it might be more a problem of the Russian diet of Vodka and pickles rather than a problem with their health care.

  350. oh it is RAMPANT in seattle…every white person has one.
    and have their hair in dreads…and i’m like, that’s JAMAICA, not CUBA!!!

  351. on April 4, 2008 at 2:06 pm brown eyed girl

    You missed my wink. WP also love emoticons

  352. on April 4, 2008 at 2:07 pm brown eyed girl

    If only…

  353. Actually if you aren’t a Canadian citizen and you get hurt there they will expect you to pay before you get treated. I broke my arm in Canada on vacation and their “great” health system wouldn’t cover me because I wasn’t Canadian

  354. I beg to differ. None of the entries are worthwhile–even this one I am writing. It’s all worthless nonsense, mental masturbation. It’s just a step above smashing our head into our desk as we work. Now, if someone is making some money off all l this BS, then, to that person every entry is worthwhile. For the rest of us it’s just passing the time. Go ahead and tell me that I speak only for myself, but if you think there’s some grand social experiment or something going on here you’re fooling yourself.
    Also, the word kudos has to be one of my top ten idiot words. Schmucks use the word. Regular people say “Good for you!” or “Great going!” Scumbags who sit on cucumbers say “Kudos!”

    Who the hell wants to be mentioned in comics? God, are people so desperate for their 15 minutes that seeing their name or something they’ve done mentioned in comics is cause for jubilation? Wow, what a race of needy beings we are. Let me see my name on big, fat checks–and not in the public eye–that’s the ticket. Public acknowledgement is for the birds, it gives rise to all sorts of sycophants trying to gleen some gold dust of the skin of the successful.

    See what I mean. This entry is just a little BS to pass the time. Nothing more. I feel see so sad 😦

  355. But if you’re already taxed into poverty by the socialized medicine, then you can’t afford to go to the private clinic, right? and I’ll bet most people don’t carry their own insurance for that reason and the fact that until you get hurt, it doesn’t matter, and you think you’re covered.

  356. And David Boren’s got all the male ones on his payroll.

  357. I thought white people preferred unconventional New Age cures like hypno-puncture, shaman rituals, herbal remedies, and recooperating in a condo in Sedona over prescription drugs?

    How does that fit in to this socialized medicine quest?

  358. Come on, have you ever even tried to read an insurance form? my eyes are watering just thinking about it.

  359. Damn straight! Pull up the ladder and toss a grenade back down. What’s mine is mine. What’s you’re point?

  360. on April 4, 2008 at 2:24 pm Crack Master K

    Your point
    What’s your point? Dickweed.

  361. Yep. As a physician I can relate! If I had access to “free health care” then I would definately give up my current ridiculous hours and do a little locums work for guvmint to keep my hand in, together with part time high school science teaching. I’d make most of my salary, reduce my risk, and I’d triple my free time.

    Every non-surgical physician I know is considering going part time once we don’t have to worry about health benefits.

    Bring it on! I just wonder who will be dishing out all that great free health care. But after all, I’m healthy and can afford to wait in line.

  362. on April 4, 2008 at 2:26 pm Crack Master K

    Only the weirdos even give crap about the things being said here. Go ahead and tromp all over my most sacred, cherished things. What do I care? Who the hell are you anyway? Nobody. That’s who.

  363. Church is for lemmings.

  364. I would if it meant I could be part of the new 90210 series.

  365. LMAO! Frickin’ whites.

  366. Are you my husband?

  367. Good thing you already signed the book deal, because you’re getting less funny and more antagonistic by the day.

  368. Too off topic, too serious. Relax and enjoy.

  369. Hmm, this one’s not so funny for the millions of people who are ineligible for health insurance whether they have a full time job or not. Not all employers offer health plans, you know. SWPL thinks that only some people deserve health care, evidently. AND is against entrepreneurialism, too.

  370. on April 4, 2008 at 2:42 pm Come Let Us Reason Together

    Canadians also pay before they get treated. It’s called income taxes.

  371. Sorry dude, it is a hippy left wing idea. Making others pay for your problems is definitely leftist.

    Work on the sentence

    “It is NOT charity to take money forcibly from a person you don’t know and give it to another person you don’t know”

  372. Yeah, not so much…

  373. It’s more than a teaspoon but not as much as “lots”

  374. Tweny-one through 24 are not several years. They are, at most, a few years.

    That was his point.

    “Early twenties” does not have several years with which to play.

  375. stuff white people like: saying things like jump the shark

    ohhh y’all just keep giving the man MORE MATERIAL LOL!!!

  376. You haven’t looked carefully at the results of public education or socialized medicine, have you?

  377. is that nasty stock photography supposed to be cheesy-ironic? or are you getting lazy?

    All apologies if that cute little redhead bebe is a family member….

  378. On the other hand, it doesn’t seem to have occurred to anyone (including me) that since clander is the model white person for most of these posts, he might not be so opposed to “free” health care after all. Check his wife’s Flickr account and you’ll see pictures of kitchen gadgets, ironic t-shirts, recycling, a Prius, travels abroad, and more.

    But the secret reason why all white people love socialized medicine is that they all love the idea of receiving health care without having a full-time job. This would allow them to work as a freelance designer/consultant/copywriter/photographer/blogger

    Which is exactly what clander might be doing himself these days.

  379. On the other hand, it doesn’t seem to have occurred to anyone (including me) that since clander is the model white person for most of these posts, he might not be so opposed to “free” health care after all. Check his wife’s Flickr account and you’ll see pictures of kitchen gadgets, ironic t-shirts, recycling, a Prius, travels abroad, and more.

    But the secret reason why all white people love socialized medicine is that they all love the idea of receiving health care without having a full-time job. This would allow them to work as a freelance designer/consultant/copywriter/photographer/blogger

    Which is exactly what clander might be doing himself these days.

  380. On the other hand, it doesn’t seem to have occurred to anyone (including me) that since clander is the model white person for most of these posts, he might not be so opposed to “free” health care after all. Check his wife’s Flickr account and you’ll see pictures of kitchen gadgets, ironic t-shirts, recycling, a Prius, travels abroad, and more.

    But the secret reason why all white people love socialized medicine is that they all love the idea of receiving health care without having a full-time job. This would allow them to work as a freelance designer/consultant/copywriter/photographer/blogger

    Which is exactly what clander might be doing himself these days.

  381. yup, and I don’t care either. My mortgage and income tax are almost the same. I’d say living in a nice condo and a nice country are all part of the same deal.

  382. on April 4, 2008 at 3:09 pm Come Let Us Reason Together

    Speaking for myself, I know how you feel. I suspect many others have shared your experience. When posting is no longer fun, the right thing to do is stop.

  383. Now your shamanic yogi hypno-proctologist will be state funded. Or, if not, you can go see him while waiting two years on your state funded cancer treatments.

  384. Another great entry. And of course, it exposes the true motives of White People perfectly.

    The article should have mentioned that nowhere, even in Europe or Canada (White People, please genuflect to the mere mention of those words in the same sentence) is health care free!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Nowhere!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Whenever a Canadian tells you they have free health care, threaten to report them to the Canadian tax authorities. That will shut them up. They might even stop purposely stressing the ‘eh’s in their sentences (which they always do in front of Americans), or stop pronouncing ‘ou’ words like they do, just from the humilition alone!!!!!

    And the takedown of White People is hilarious when it comes to the public schools. They love the idea of them, like they love the idea of soccer. But they don’t send their own kids to them. It’s either a chi chi private school, or they surrender to the Wrong Kind of White People and move the suburbs.

    This entry is in the top 5 best for sure.

  385. Yup and I don’t care. My income taxes and my mortgage are almost the same. I think living in a nice condo and a nice country are part of the same deal.

  386. or pay a lobbyist to answer it for him. zing!

  387. oops sorry, bad cache and I guess I really feel strongly about this.
    Bad clander for bringing up serious topic!

  388. well that’s racist. well done on totally missing the point of this blog you school child.

  389. Your post is too long to read. You must be a real bore.

  390. too many white russians?

  391. I believe that.

  392. hahahahahahaha get it? WHITE Russians?? HAHAHAHA.

    No I’m just kidding sorry.

  393. Why would i be stoked about somebody else’s book deal? because I am pleased when people who I admire do well for themselves! Because I’m not a mean-spirited dickwad like you and am capable of mustering enthusiasm for someone else’s good fortune even though it does not benefit me directly. Imagine that.

  394. Medicare and medicaid cost $556 BILLION in 2007. That’s much more than the ~130 billion dollars a year that the Iraq war costs. Yes, I agree that we spend too much on defense, but socialized health care would absolutely cost ungodly sums of money that would make the DoD budget start to look very small. Easily measure in trillions. EASILY. The government took in about 2.7 trillion dollars in taxes last year. Are you ready to double what you pay in taxes? You’d be better off just paying for it straight up, then at least you can choose what you pay for.

  395. on April 4, 2008 at 3:25 pm Come Let Us Reason Together

    At least Monica has more experience in the Oval Office than Hillary.

  396. Poor Americans die early because they spend their food stamps on junk, and use the change at Buger King.

    Am I blaming them? You bet I am.

    They’re disgustingly fat, and their sight makes me sick.

    I demand free healthcare to take of my seeing poor, fat Americans.

  397. on April 4, 2008 at 3:38 pm Come Let Us Reason Together

    Sharks thoroughly enjoy chomping white people. Chomp, chomp, chomp..No, Mr. shark, it hurts..it hurts..

  398. No, not enough.

  399. She said that she’s very glad we don’t have to speak any German.

  400. Too true! Hahaha.

  401. on April 4, 2008 at 3:42 pm Come Let Us Reason Together

    Oy just gevalted the shark.

  402. on April 4, 2008 at 3:46 pm Come Let Us Reason Together

    If you want to be sarcastic, John, say, “That’s a good idea, asshole.”

  403. Reading some of the nasty comments people write made me want to post one of my favorite phrases from a book. So I am going to. And hope it helps everyone take a deep breath, lighten up and enjoy this clever, often hysterically funny, blog. I, for one, am happy to finally have a “culture.” I like laughing, especially at myself. And also, I wanted to say that white people love Tom Petty but yelling that at the local irish pub after the guitarist announces he is about to play some Tom Petty will earn you some very hard looks…take it from one who knows.
    “We, the public, are easily, lethally offended. We have come to think of taking offense as a fundamental right. We value very little more highly than our rage, which gives us, in our opinion, the moral high ground. From this high ground we can shoot down at our enemies and inflict heavy fatalities. We take pride in our short fuses. Our anger elevates, transcends.”
    ~excerpted from ‘East, West’ by Salman Rushdie

    Happy Friday!

  404. And also, white people love quotes 😛

  405. You know, I want free healthcare, and I’d rather wait for an MRI than rely on a profit-driven insurance company to tell me whether it’s medically nessecary or not.
    And I’m in favor of Free Healthcare when I haven’t had a physical in five years, my joints hurt, and I can’t afford to drop 1/5th to 1/3rd of my paycheck on a doctor visit because I’m uninsured, and if they find anything wrong I can’t afford to treat it, and it becomes a “pre-existing condition” which prevents it from being covered if and when I do get insured.
    Some days I’m not sure if I’m the right kind of White people or not.

  406. on April 4, 2008 at 3:57 pm Come Let Us Reason Together

    White people must love typos or they wouldn’t talk about them so much.

  407. notwhite, white people make me laugh too. That’s why I read this blog.


  408. Why are white people always so angry? I’m black, I thought I was supposed to be the angry one? Oh, yeah and I thought I was the one who wanted everything for free. Or is that only the ignorance of southern whites or those who live in New Jersey and Rhode Island.

  409. Michelle, that comment is sooooo late February early March. Please tie all future comments about McCain to the theme from Rocky.


  410. on April 4, 2008 at 4:08 pm Come Let Us Reason Together

    Oy, you are too educated by half. Utilizing the word “Using” instead of ‘”utilizing” more keys on the keyboard’ would have been way more utilitarian.

  411. I dunno, as someone who has sat through propaganda documentaries done by people other than Moore, I have a great appreciate for Moore’s craftsmanship as a filmmaker.


  412. This website is pretty stupid. The attempt to stereotype white people is way too far off. I read a decent amount and didn’t laugh or find any of it to be very close to the truth. I have nothing against stereotypes in general, but if you’re going to point them out they should at least be funny

  413. stuffallpeoplelike.com—

    #45 Being a Part of a Moral Dilemma

  414. on April 4, 2008 at 4:14 pm Come Let Us Reason Together

    Michael Moore is an outspoken jerk who loves what he does for a living. He’d do it for free even if they didn’t pay him.

  415. White people like to define words to make a statement.

  416. Check your dictionary. Several means “more than 2, but not many.”

    White people love being dick-weeds.

  417. Jesus, you people are stupid. Get your head out of your ass, happyjack.

  418. on April 4, 2008 at 4:20 pm Come Let Us Reason Together

    Wow! Did you write this yourself. Sounds like it. Seriously, I appreciate your thoughtful imagination.

  419. on April 4, 2008 at 4:21 pm KamandiCurt

    You’re right, Holden. Much better that our physical well-being is decided by profit-driven insurance companies intent on nickel and diming human lives as much as possible.

  420. Does anyone know what a chemo-machine is?

    The Fox News talking head in SICKO claimed that Toronto only had one chemo-machine. He made it sound like it was a very bad thing for a city of Toronto’s size to have only one of these.

    But I don’t know what a chemo-machine is. Is a chemo-machine necessary in the administration of healthcare? Is a chemo-machine as necessary as an MRI machine? Or is it as useful to contemporary doctors as a phrenology skull? Because if the latter is the case, then I don’t think it’s going to be an issue if Toronto has just one.


  421. 1. If you think health care is expensive now, wait until you see what it costs when it’s free.
    2. I love HMOs, because then I stay really busy repairing what they have ‘fixed.’
    3. My Doctor. My choice.
    4. I pooped my pants.

  422. on April 4, 2008 at 4:24 pm brown eyed girl

    Yeah that’s right! The adjective endings in German are a real bitch, not to mention figuring out prepositional cases. Be grateful the Allied Forces prevailed, if for no other reason than not having to deal with German grammar!

  423. White people like to point out that at one time they were without insurance. It makes the free nationalized socialized medicine argument that much stronger.

  424. On that last bit, you are exactly right! Everyone wants socialized medicine, when they don’t need it. But let one of them get sick, and by GOD get the FUCK out of my PRIVATE hospital. Dead on about the public school comment, too. We can be pretentious bastards sometimes.

  425. on April 4, 2008 at 4:44 pm Whitey McWhite

    I hate your comments Jose. They are all useless and angry. Go get laid.

  426. on April 4, 2008 at 4:48 pm Whitey McWhite

    Universal healthcare? This is getting idiotic.

  427. Holy frickin’ crap! Get a sense of humor!

  428. Don’t you mean ORAL office?

  429. Health care, for those older than 30, isn’t all that comical of an issue. Especially for the tens of millions of people who may not like their job, and for the millions who have been really SCREWED by the health care system. In a big way. Not loss of money, but relatives, parents, children.

    I like this site a lot, but this post was a moral dud.

  430. Yeah, this site can be very entertaining, but that post smacked of ignorance inconsistent with the wit and insight of earlier fare. A conspiracy theorist would suggest that the book deal was payola for spouting the nonsense talking points of American political conservatives. Of course, a much less ridiculous explanation is that this Gingrich-esque twaddle was always lurking under the surface, and became exposed with a newfound burst of confidence (or a degree of business that prevented work on something more consistent with good stuff from the past here.)

    In any case, what makes this particularly odd is that white people are pretty well split on this issue. I suspect most Americans in one or another ethnic minority would support socialized medicine. This is not so much a judgement of economic context as it is an acknowledgement that negative sentiments about socialized medicine are propagated chiefly by misinformation media that panders to the sense of hardship a certain subset of white male Americans have convinced themselves they endure.

    If anything, white people like being told that white people are getting the shaft by liberal politics and policies. Admittedly, this blog has focused less on NASCAR dads and more on wine country jetsetters, and as such it does lampoon that subset of white people favorably disposed toward socialized medicine. Still, pandering to the hysteria of rationing is irresponsible on two levels (because the phenomena is largely mythical and because if it becomes a much more popular myth then American reformers simply accept it when the time comes to change paradigms here.)

    I get that the white rage stoked by irresponsible cretins like Rush Limbaugh and Bill O’Reilly is off the mark for a project like this. In fact, I could even see a good post or two here poking fun at the excesses of calls for social justice by the most progressive of politically active white Americans. Arguing that sick and injured Americans should not have to pass a financial litmus test to receive effective medical care is hardly call for excess. Perhaps the moral of this story is that the comedy value of a post here is easily spoiled by a failure to filter out dittohead ideology from comic allusions to a deeper underlying reality.

  431. Now we need a stuffrepublicanslike blog to counter this one

  432. But how can you not like socialized medicine, in the face of the pharmaceutical companies?

  433. Hilarious.

  434. Whoops! I guess white people like to be occasionally obtuse 🙂

  435. on April 4, 2008 at 6:31 pm cubedweller

    Ditto! Loved the comment about white people liking free health care when they’re healthy. When they have to wait on line for it (which they’ll hate, since white people like convenience) they’ll change their tune fast.

  436. on April 4, 2008 at 6:32 pm cubedweller

    I think the UK has that in private hospitals. The white people will flock to private hospitals like private schools.

  437. This is a blog is for comedy purposes… settle down. So many act like this guy is the white Al Sharpton.

  438. keep ’em comin. the conspiracy theorists need to lay off the therapeutic narcotics. the brand of white people, perfectly profiled here, are flipping ridiculous. SWPL calls ’em point blank. folks just have no stomach for un-spun satire any longer.

  439. And the best part is that someone is making money off the Che shirts…One point Capitalism.

  440. Oh goodness, you must be running out of ideas. Free health is a negro ideal – not white. In fact free everything. Gib me gib me. Gib me free food (food stamps) gib me free money (welfare) gib me free __ Fill in the blank and that is stuff negroes like.

  441. its the internet. get over it. 🙂

  442. Jane, like most supporters of socialized health care, you examine the issue in terms of emotion and apparently disdain any profit motive in health care. (Profit! Horrors!) You wear a mantle of decency as if you have a monopoly on the subject.

    RARELY does anyone examine socialized health care in terms of basic economics and basic human behavior.

    When a service is viewed as “free,” more of it will be consumed. Period. When the demand for a service (i.e., health care) rises, and the supply of nurses and doctors remains the same, the only way to determine who gets which services is by rationing. People are placed on waiting lists for the most basic services. And God help you if you need emergency surgery.

    Countries which have socialized health care do not have any “advantage.” Some pregnant women in Canada have had to be FLOWN to other provinces because hospital beds weren’t available in their area! The AVERAGE wait for SURGERY is 4.5 months (18-20 weeks). The hospitals in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan serve many people from Ontario regularly. Before you gloss over this fact, consider WHY that would be.

    And let’s not forget the ridiculously high tax rates imposed on Canadians and the British to essentially pay for the health care of others. It is a major injustice that I must pay for services which other people consume.

    When others are paying the bill, there is less incentive to remain healthy, less incentive to save money, and more incentive to use up a limited supply of services from a limited supply of health care professionals.

  443. “freehealthcare” wrote:

    “More people in the US are dying and losing quailty of life as a result of NOT having access to affordable health care.”

    LOL? HUH? Totally wrong. “Most” people in the US are NOT dying and NOT losing “quality of life.” The US has the best health care on earth. If anything, people live longer and better lives because of American healthcare.

    You’re seriously uninformed.

  444. Ok I’ll make this simple for the government educated.

    Government (socialized) Health Care is not “free.” Not unless doctors, nurses, surgeons, x-ray technicians, lab techs, and janitors decide to work for free. Oh, and also electricity, water, food, heat, air conditioning, drugs, beds, pillows, gowns, etc would also need to immediately become free products. You probably haven’t thought of that because you passed on taking Economics for a class on “Islamic studies” or something. If so, you should be commended for making such a wise decision.

    Why would they need to become free? Because in order for Health Care to be “free” these products would have to become free.

    Now, a question for the idiots that haven’t already understood my point.

    Who pays for socialized medicine? Well, retard since money doesn’t grow on trees, the American taxpayer does. If you are still on board this is probably because you don’t pay much in taxes. This is because you are either:

    1) lazy (dropped out of high school, collecting welfare, foodstamps, etc.)
    2) stupid (got that degree in Art History)
    3) young enough to where you haven’t make a big enough paycheck to feel the effects of subsidizing the lazy and stupid.

    Still don’t get it? That means you either still currently being “educated” by our government, or your a complete dumba*s.

    By the time our government attaches a cost to our “free healthcare”, you will be astounded at its actual cost. You will then be the moron that says “Barack Obama/Hildabeast said this would be free!”

    If this is you, you truly are a special kind of idiot.


    As P.T. Barnum said, “There’s a sucker born every minute.”

    See, I’d rather have my work pay for my health insurance. Of course that means I graduated high school, went to college, tried hard, and didn’t waste the opportunities our country has allowed for me. It also means I didn’t go to an out-of-state school, accumulate $100,000 worth of student loans and then take a job with a not-for-proft. Failing that, I’d rather pay for my own. That way, I can at least choose my coverage. See, I’m self-reliant. I’m not lazy and I don’t want the government to be my mommy.

    If you want “free” health care, go to Canada you lazy candy-asses.

    I’m clearly the wrong kind of white person.

  445. “Seb Patrick” wrote:

    “Ahh, the classic fallacy of socialised medicine. Here’s the thing – in the UK, there’s plenty of private healthcare for those who want/can afford it, AND the National Health Service for those who don’t/can’t.

    Why are almost all the arguments against it based around the supposition that it’s an either/or scenario?”

    Because government run health care cannot be worth a damn if average people, already getting fleeced with high tax rates, voluntarily go to private health care and pay for it out of their own pocket. Their own actions confirm that socialized medicine is an economic and social train wreck.

  446. Actually it’s a well-known fact that Cubans enjoy a very high standard of health care. They have some of the lowest mortality rates in the world (lower than the US!), mainly due to the fact that health care is free, and easily available.

  447. [quote]
    Ummmmm, waiting in line for an MRI (or hip replacement, etc.) is what happens in countries with socialized medicine. Since we have, generally, privatized medicine in the US, we have minimal waits for anything and everything.
    You must live in an alternate universe where American Hospitals aren’t a government enforced cartel. Our current presidential candidate, Obama, made his bones in Chicago working for the Hospital PACs. His wife is employed by a PAC… I mean Hospital… for the purpose of incurring his favor.

    My grandfather had to wait many weeks for his “good doctors” “good friend” to be able to schedule him for some tests. This was while he was dying of lung cancer.

    I personally had to wait five hours to recieve eight stiches. Furthermore, I failed to see the ‘illegal immigrants’ in the waiting room that ‘pushed up prices’ and forced the hospital to charge 2000+ dollars for this ‘service’ that I will do myself in the future, thank you very much. I’m sure the lack of a five hour wait will also reduce the scarring. But hey, medical care better than you could do ON YOURSELF is a little much to ask, ain’t it boy? Ain’t it? Come on boy! Mouth off!

    The best way is to tell me what’s I gonna do without Penicillin, and the doctor only one gots thats, it’s the law! The doctors gots the medicine, and you gonna pay him if you wants to live!

    Woof it boy! Woof it!

  448. My oh my, in one shot Christian seems to have turned his site into a sh*t-throwing right-winger love-in.

    I’m not saying that public health care doesn’t have its issues. I’m not going to even get into that debate. What is remarkable is that Christian, with everything he has (had?) going for him, has possibly wrecked it all in one fell swoop.

    All the hardcore right-wingers have already jumped on this post like gnats. Next then they’ll be doing is telling all their friends (on-line and off, though the real right-wing nuts seems to mostly have on-line friends) about this great site that makes fun of loony hippy lefties.

    You see what I’m saying here? The atmosphere of this site has turned completely upside-down. Before this, he was attracting the very large, affluent liberal white audience that he was skewering…witness all the press coverage he has received in the very newspapers such people read (Washington Post, Toronto Globe and Mail, etc.) But to get into politics? Now this is just another political blog, to go along with all the rest. That story was fresh in 2002, but not no more. You’ve blown your 15 minutes, Christian, I’m sorry to say.

  449. O.K. folks, I am a Doc. Here is the doctor’s lounge take on it.

    Most Docs hate it when it snows. This is because they are afraid everyone will be stuck at home, and unable to get to the doctor because they are snowed in. Then they might realize they don’t need us.

    When the snow melts, the patients return, and everyone breathes a sigh of relief. After a quarter century at this, I am still trying to figure it out.

    Dr. Tom Bibey


  450. on April 4, 2008 at 7:25 pm Off the grid

    I can’t imagine waiting a little longer for an MRI. I think 50 million Americans should lack health insurance, if that would help avoid such a doomsday scenario.

  451. Well, damn. I’m against public schooling. I guess I need to turn in my white-person card now.

  452. on April 4, 2008 at 7:32 pm Public health professional

    “The white elephant of that story is that anyone can receive medical care in the U.S., whether insured or not.”

    Actually, you are only legally entitled to emergency medical care. You can be refused non-emergency medical care. And removing tumors and such things are non-emergencies.

    And even though you are entitled to receive emergency care, the hospital is also legally entitled to take you to court to pay for it.

    And the largest pharmaceutical countries are based in Europe where they have socialized medicine.

  453. Yes, Potshot. Clearly Christian has “wrecked it all in one fell swoop.” He has alienated his affluent (chuckle) liberal audience. Without this affluent liberal audience he is sure to fail, as nobody that isn’t liberal is:

    1) affluent
    2) capable of reading
    3) on Al Gore’s internet

    With over 460 comments in less than 24 hours, you are sure to be proved correct.

    Surely nobody will hitch their wagon to this now, the web traffic just isn’t large enough to attract attention.

    Man, you liberals are just too adorable with your complete disconnect from reality. I’ll go to sleep happy your ilk is bound to continue providing this endless entertainment.

  454. Jesus was not Black. He also was not a “Jew”.

  455. well, that tells me he’s a sensible man.

  456. March 30 2008

    London Times

    “Health service dentists have been forced to go on holiday or spend time on the golf course this month despite millions of patients being denied dental care.
    Many have fulfilled their annual work quotas allotted by the National Health Service and have been turning patients away because they are not paid to do extra work. This is despite the fact that more than 7m people in Britain are unable to find an NHS dentist.
    Patients have been told they must either pay privately or return in April when the new work year begins. People suffering from toothache have been advised to go to hospital.”

  457. 2-17-08 (Don Surber)

    “British hospitals are making patients wait in their ambulances for an hour or more until they can be brought in for treatment, reported that other Daily Mail in London.
    Hospitals do this to avoid breaking a political pledge to treat people brought by ambulance within 4 hours of their entry into the hospital.
    4 hours?
    They set the bar that low and still cannot meet that.
    All for politics.
    “Figures obtained by the Liberal Democrats show that last year 43,576 patients waited longer than one hour before being let into emergency units,” reported the London Daily Mail.”

  458. Indeed, not all White people are socialists! This is offensive! You know, up in Canada, where the writer of this blog lives, racial stereotyping is AGAINST THE LAW.

    This anti-White, Jewish racist is spreading lies and mistruths about White people. That’s right, the author is Jewish and thinks he’s White too. What a schmuck!

    Have you ever read the Jewish Talmud? It’s what the Jews base their religion off of, and it’s not the Bible. You should see what the racist Jewish religion has to say about White people and then ask yourself “WTF is this racist Jew doing, writing about White people in such a blanketed way?”

    As a White man, I would be fined and jailed for having a blog about “stuff jewish people like” which showcased Jewish stereotypes such as their dominance in the media, television, music industry, international banking, Zionist fascist lobby groups APIAC etc.

    This blog is hypocritical and anti-White, period.

    Wake the fuck up, White people. It’s YOUR heritage and culture that is being mocked and turned into a joke.

  459. on April 4, 2008 at 7:41 pm not_enlightened

    Some some of these posts here really shake up some white people. It is funny to me that they don’t know the whole thing is about them!?!?!


  460. Why should health care be a right?

    Is food a right?

    Is shelter a right?

    Is water a right?

    Is transportation a right?

    Is education a right?

    Is a job a right?

    When you make something a right, you authorize yourself to dip into my pocket to get it for yourself.

  461. 2-1-08 (Don Surber)

    Socialized Medicine “keeping costs down”

    “Simply do not provide the health services promised.
    Today’s example of why government-run health care is a bad idea does not come from Canada, where mothers have to fly 325 miles to Montana to give birth to quadruplets.
    Nor does it come from England, where a mother gave birth at home after being turned away by 2 hospitals that were trying to save money.
    Today’s example comes from Scotland where officials found a way to instantly pare down waiting lists for health services: Turn people down.
    Nicola Sturgeon, health secretary, announced that at long last, Scotland has solved its problem of long waiting lists for health services. No one is waiting more than 18 weeks for services, she said.
    That’s five months.
    Real speedy there.
    The day after her announcement, Nicol Stephen, the leader of the opposition party, announced that he discovered how this was done: People were being kicked off the list. He cited a woman who had been promised liposuction, but later received notice that she was being turned down for services.
    Apparently she received a letter from her doctor that said:
    “I am afraid I am writing to inform you of some bad news.
    “I have been instructed by hospital management to remove your name from my waiting list. The prime reason for this decision relates to the 18-week target for patient treatment which is now in enforcement.
    “I currently have a significant number of patients in breach of this and the simple solution by management is to reduce my waiting lists by removing patients’ names.”

  462. No, its just making fun of liberals…which is why it is so popular.

  463. “Acclaimed Cuban Medical Care a Sham”

    Listening to the New York Times or Hollywood’s contingent of wide-eyed Castro worshippers you’d get the idea that medical care in Castro’s Cuba makes America’s healthcare system look like a third world system.

    Such claims are pure myth.

    Dr. Hilda Molina, one of Cuba’s top neurosurgeons, a one-time member of the Cuban parliament, and a confidant of Fidel Castro, made the mistake of criticizing her nation’s medical care system.
    Molina exposed Cuba’s two-tier medical system that enabled rich foreigners to come in for treatment at first-class facilities in Cuba, paying in dollars, while ordinary Cubans got some of the most atrocious medical care on the planet.
    According to The American Thinker magazine, Molina was seriously punished for her revelations, as well as objecting to Castro’s fetal stem-cell research program on the grounds of conscience.
    In the end, she lost her job, her parliament position, her livelihood and everything she’d worked for.

  464. Nick, you have proven my point and you don’t even know it (by the way, how do you even know that I’m a liberal?).

    What I’m saying is that Christian’s role as a cultural commentator is blown to bits with this post. Sure, he’s getting lots of traffic, but with posts like this it will be more and more from the Bill O’Reilly set…smug, ignorant, narrow-minded individuals like yourself. Somehow I don’t think that that was the crowd he was after when he made this site.

    So sure, Christian can become as popular as ol’Bill and Ann Coulter and all the rest…that’s really something to be proud of.

  465. Penn and Teller did a show on socialized medicine. Among many interesting factoids was the one where we learned that an animal can get an MRI at a vet’s with a day’s notice, but people must wait 6 months or more. They interviewed a vet who discussed how bad he felt turning people away who’d beg him to do an MRI for them clandestinely. Meanwhile Fido is well cared for. But of course there is no socialized vet medicine, yet.

  466. I’d say the fault here lies with the insurance company. I wouldn’t blame the whole country.

  467. Ha, I read an essay by a guy who worked for him (I think it was on Salon), anyway, he’s pretty abusive according to the writer.

  468. on April 4, 2008 at 7:52 pm Chuck Nelson

    I’m a white person and I love National Public Radio. Oh, it’s all true!

    I don’t know if I like free health care because I’m white though. I think it’s because I’m cheap.

  469. Critically ill [Canadian] patients rushed to U.S. for care
    Globe and Mail ^
    | Jan 19, 2008

    Posted on 01/20/2008 10:34:27 AM PST by John Jorsett

    More than 150 critically ill Canadians – many with life-threatening cerebral hemorrhages – have been rushed to the United States since the spring of 2006 because they could not obtain intensive-care beds here.
    Before patients with bleeding in or outside the brain have been whisked through U.S. operating-room doors, some have languished for as long as eight hours in Canadian emergency wards while health-care workers scrambled to locate care.
    The waits, in some instances, have had devastating consequences.
    “There have been very serious health-care problems that have arisen in neurosurgical patients because of the lack of ability to attain timely transport to expert neurosurgical centres in Ontario,” said R. Loch Macdonald, chief of the division of neurosurgery at St. Michael’s Hospital in Toronto. Those problems, he said, include “brain injury or brain damage that could have been prevented by earlier treatment.”

  470. UK Dentist Refuse Those With Bad Teeth

    DENTISTS on the National Health Service are turning away people with bad teeth because they say they are only paid enough to treat patients with a good dental health record.
    One surgery admitted that people who have not had a dental appointment for three years will be refused treatment. Others are employing more subtle methods to reject patients.
    Dentists’ leaders say the NHS dental contract, introduced in April last year, has had a perverse effect because dentists earn the same for giving a patient one filling or 10.
    The Oakwood Dental Centre in Derby, for instance, says on Derby City Primary Care Trust’s website that it “will only accept patients who have visited a dental surgery within the last three years”. Aneu Sood, who runs the practice, said it had no time to treat those who “need a tremendous amount of work”.

  471. Stuff White People Like:

    Safe neighborhoods.
    Low crime rates.
    Less disease.
    Low drug abuse rates.
    Not Ghettos.
    Raising their children.
    High Intelligence.

  472. The East Anglian Daily Times in Suffolk reports:
    Health tourist claims back cash from NHS
    A PENSIONER who borrowed more than £7,000 to pay for a hip operation abroad after being told she was too overweight to be treated on the NHS is trying to claim the money back from health chiefs. Former Bartlet Hospital canteen worker Moira Ryan, 69, from Felixstowe, flew to Malta with her son for the successful hip replacement….
    The PCT had refused her treatment because of its policy of not providing surgery to most people with a body mass index of more than 35 unless they go through a weight-loss plan….Mrs Ryan said: “I had gone to Ipswich Hospital for an appointment and was told I needed a new hip but …NHS kept putting me off, telling me to lose weight. I am obese, but I paid my taxes all my life and feel let down badly. I am very, very disappointed – I had to turn to the banks to get a loan…
    Mrs. Ryan, who has three children, flew from Stansted with Operations Abroad, which arranged for her to be picked up at her home, taken to the airport, and met off the plane in Malta. She was taken to the hospital, underwent tests, and was operated on the following day.
    She said: “I feel brilliant, and I am back on my feet and doing very well. I am out of pain for the first time in five years….

    Mrs. Ryan is thankfully doing well now after taking matters into her own hand. She found that being on the waiting list for her hip replacement meant being perpetually put off. No doubt, Ms. Anjelica Allen, the woman denied her hip operation in May for being six pounds overweight, is hoping that won’t be the case for her. In an update on her story, the Gainsborough Standard recently reported that due to the media attention to her treatment, the Lincolnshire Primary Care Trust has agreed to put her back on a waiting list.
    But don’t rejoice yet. Besides an undefined wait ahead for her, it appears they’ve loosened their ruling restrictions only for lesser fat women. Women with BMIs above 35 are still being denied routine surgeries, including hysterectomies, until they take part in weight loss programs:

  473. The problem is the line-crossing between poking fun at the realities of affluent white liberals enamored with multiculturalism and attacking a straw man set up by know-nothing ideologue pundits. For example, if I were to write a witty lampoon about George W. Bush’s unique brand o anguished English, I could tap into fertile ground for comedy. Assuming the piece was excellent, it would attract people who are into great satire.

    On the other hand, if I wrote a comedic piece about George W. Bush’s problems with buggering choir boys, no amount of skill could make it particularly funny. Insofar as it attracted any approval, that would come from rabid hateful people who are more interested in expressing dark emotions than in enjoying displays of wit. This is because reality, as best I understand it, is not a place where the sitting President sodomizes adolescent male churchgoers.

    The first example has potential to be funny because it pokes fun at something that actually exists. The second example lacks such potential because it attacks an entity that simply is not there. Judging by the insights and tone of “‘atta boy” responses to this post, only hateful people detached from reality took a liking to it. I believe that is because it lampoons the grotesque fiction of liberalism concocted by the very media personalities doing the greatest harm to civic discourse in modern times. Had it poked fun at something that actually existed, the results surely would have been more in line with previous efforts associated with this project.

  474. Then it should be about Stuff Liberals Like, but it isn’t.

    Listen, the ONLY reason he’s getting away with this is because he looks White. He’s Jewish. He *looks* White.

    White in our modern age means people of Wholly European descent. This Jewish racist is NOT of Wholly European descent, meaning he’s not “White” making his statements about another race. Consider it’s based on blanket statements and not about specific individuals, that classifies as textbook racism according to Canadian law. The guy is a Jew and an anti-White racist, and if this blog was about Negros or Asians or Mestizos etc, than it would be shut down and the author would be jailed (in Canada, where the author is from).

    All it takes is someone to make a complaint to the Canadian Human Rights Commission about his comments that are “likely to expose” Whites to “hatred and/or contempt”. Don’t believe me? A Canadian Homosexual activist and anti-free speech militant Richard Warman uses these laws all the time. Hell, if Ezra Levant can get charged under these laws for printing the incredibly funny Mohammad Cartoons, then this lone blogger can too.

    What I find most disturbing about this blog is that the majority of it’s readers are White and actually think it’s funny to have their heritage mocked and ridiculed.

  475. I don’t!

    1/3 of our high school freshmen never even graduate, at this point.

    “As for the socialist health care:

    A TOWN woman who made national headlines after being refused a hip operation for being just six pounds overweight has been left overjoyed after hospital chiefs performed a dramatic climb-down. Anjelica Allan, after appearing on The Standard’s front page in May, made national news in The Sun, The Sunday Times and GMTV as she voiced her discontent after being refused the op.
    Health bosses admitted to The Standard that people with a Body Mass Index (BMI) of greater than 30 – as in Miss Allan’s case – were refused hip and knee operations to save the primary care trusts money. But health officials have now overturned the policy – and Miss Allan is back on the waiting list….
    Lincolnshire Primary Care Trust (LPCT) made the ruling on funding for knee and hip replacements as part of a savings drive in May 2006 – cutting costs by £500,000 per year.
    Patients with a BMI of more than 30, were denied routine surgery – including hysterectomies – under a ruling made when Lincolnshire had three separate PCTs. However, the limit has only been raised to those with a BMI of higher than 35. Patients with a higher BMI will need to take part in a weight loss programmes….
    How many people will continue to be denied treatment that can return them to quality, functional living, and will be left to suffer excruciating pain, simply because they are fat? As has been well documented in the medical literature, there is no credible evidence to support claims that fat people don’t benefit just as much as anyone else from joint replacements. There is only one reason for rationing and denying them care.”

  476. Telegraph

    Posted on 10/10/2007 6:20:55 PM PDT by oblomov
    “Appalling standards of care and a catalogue of failures contributed to the deaths of 331 patients in the worst outbreak of a hospital superbug ever recorded in the NHS, a report has found.
    Crowded wards, a shortage of nurses and financial problems led to 1,176 people contracting Clostridium difficile over two and half years at three hospitals in Kent.
    Though the superbug was rife on the wards, managers failed to act. Isolation units were not set up, nurses were so rushed they did not have time to wash their hands and patients were left in soiled beds.
    Bedpans were not decontaminated properly and beds were not cleaned as well as they should have been.
    The health watchdog, the Healthcare Commission, concluded that the infection probably or definitely killed at least 90 patients and was a factor in the deaths of a further 241.
    Fourteen patients who died were found to have C.diff but it did not contribute to their deaths. In total 345 people died with the infection.”

    Whatever, it’s “free,” right? And we are supposed to be jealous of Great Britain?

  477. Really. Slaves have no choices.

  478. Get our own health insurance if you want it; don’t wait like a slave for a job to provide you with some.

  479. on April 4, 2008 at 8:15 pm I'm not Rapoport, I'm Portnoy's complaint

    BINGO!!!! zionismkills is right above.

    This site is a disgrace to “Whites”.

    It’s the non-Whites that want free health care. Socialism works in small doses in Europe, but only in places where the population is homogeneous, and not multi-cultural.

  480. Good post, I think you hit the problem squarely on the head.

    The thing is that some of the earlier posts hinted at Christian’s libertarianism, but stuck to topics that were still largely humorous, such as idle threats to move to Canada. But it seems as if Christian has lost his focus in all the hype, and is letting his politics hang out far too much.

    Christian can have his political views, but the problem is that once they break through into his posts, the entire character of his site changes, as you have noted. The fact that people call this an “anti-liberal” blog is proof enough.

    The truth is that even the post about music piracy was starting to cross the line. I mean, downloading free music is obviously a problematic issue, but it’s one that guaranteed to generate messy debate. Why not stick to more neutral ground when there’s so much funny and outlandsish “stuff white people like” out there that won’t cause such problems? Is Christian now trying to push a political agenda, or has he just lost the plot?

  481. Potshot,

    Fair enough. My assumption you are a liberal may have been off base. Perhaps you are a political moderate. Perhaps your a libertarian (although I doubt it).

    But your point was Christian’s 15 minutes of fame is up. My point is you couldn’t be more off base with that. Traffic is at a record pace, and he is obviously appealing to people, whether you like it or not.

    For the record, I am not a fan of Bill O’Reily. I think his heart is in the right place but I just don’t think he is very bright. I would also agree he is arrogant and smug. Ann Coulter is growing on me. She at least has more balls than most of the pansy ass men our government school system has produced in this country.

    I’m more of a Neal Boortz guy. I’m a libertarian. I believe our Federal Government has a role in 2 things:

    1) defense
    2) building interstate highways

    I believe in our constitution. I don’t believe it is a “living document.” I believe it is the most perfect document ever written in human history when it comes to organizing people into a civilization.

    By clarifying my position, I realize I am getting somewhat off topic, but I want to make clear that I believe that liberals are the biggest threat to our nation because they want to brutalize this document by:

    1) continuing government education (Karl Marx listed government education as one of the most important steps to socialism)

    2) continuing to take away states rights

    3) supporting the forced government seizure and redistribution of personal wealth

    4) insisting that we are a democracy, when in fact we are most certainly a republic (don’t feel bad if you didn’t know that, you can blame your government-provided education for that…and I’m honestly not trying to be sarcastic right now)

    5) fighting against the 2nd amendment

    The list could literally go on and on. You may be thinking, “well Bush did this to the constituition and Bush did that…”

    …and you’d be right. Bush also brutalized the constitution, he just did it less than liberals do.

    That doesn’t make it right though. Which is why I’ve left the Republican party and registered as a Libertarian.

    Thanks for the conversation.

  482. on April 4, 2008 at 8:21 pm I'm not Rapoport, I'm Portnoy's complaint

    Clander is dead wrong

    It is the Whites in the USA that will kill the socialized medicine plan, because they will have to pay for it.

    It is the non-Whites that want welfare and socialism, paid for by Whites!!!!

    I don’t see how anyone can think this clander is “White”, he’s an anti-White little cretin.

  483. on April 4, 2008 at 8:22 pm I'm not Rapoport, I'm Portnoy's complaint

    No thanks.

    The Republicans are being led by Neocons at the moment, and they are racist Likudist jews, not “Whites”.

  484. on April 4, 2008 at 8:23 pm I'm not Rapoport, I'm Portnoy's complaint

    Yeah, many people have mentioned that it’s not really about “Whites”, but jewified Whites, liberal Whites, and non-whites.

  485. If it was called “stuffliberalslike” the satire wouldn’t have the same effect.

    I think you are a little paranoid about Jewish people. And stop saying “Negros” unless you prefer to be called “cracker.”

    – Libertarian White Guy

  486. Kyle,

    Look into adding your wife to your employer provided insurance now. Most insurance policies cannot deny pre-existing conditions (pregnancy included) and would cover the c-section. Also double check the quote – they generally cost $10K. Still a lot of money. Good Luck.

  487. on April 4, 2008 at 8:27 pm I'm not Rapoport, I'm Portnoy's complaint

    absolute nonsense!!!!!!!

    Whites are responsible people, they don’t free load.


    But the secret reason why all NON-WHITE people love socialized medicine is that they all love the idea of receiving health care without having a full-time job.

    Who is clander trying to bullshit?

  488. on April 4, 2008 at 8:30 pm I'm not Rapoport, I'm Portnoy's complaint

    excellent post.

    Also, who is going to pay for it?

    Probably all those “O’Reilly” types that make six figures plus and pay US Federal Income taxes.

    It sure as hell isn’t going to be the non-whites.

    Socialism works in small doses in Europe where the population is mostly racially homogeneous.

  489. on April 4, 2008 at 8:32 pm I'm not Rapoport, I'm Portnoy's complaint

    Right mike.

    “White inner city liberals are more accurately known as jewified Whites.

  490. Potshot,

    Well stated. I guess I’m confused as to why you actually care if “the entire character of his site changes?”

    My point is this audience is obviously hungry to discuss/vent on this issue. Christian is hitting on a hot topic here.

    You say its ok for him to have his political views, yet are concerned he is trying to “push a political agenda”, which doesn’t add up. To be fair you also wonder if he “just lost the plot.”

    Either way, why do you care? Something is bothering you about this, and whatever it is it seems you either aren’t articulating it or you aren’t being totally honest about why this bothers you.

  491. I didn’t even know you were female, also I’m single, but flattered I think.

  492. Cooked until well done, yes.

  493. on April 4, 2008 at 8:37 pm I'm not Rapoport, I'm Portnoy's complaint

    1/3 of our high school freshmen never even graduate, at this point.

    What you mean by “our”?

    If you separate out the Whites, it isn’t that high.

    When they compare US students’ math and science scores, if they were to compare only US Whites, then we are in the top of the world.

    When you include all the non-Whites in the US in these stats that’s what drags us down to third world levels.

    Race matters. Whites always perform wherever they are in Australia, Canada, USA, Europe.

    Blacks and Hispanics fail whereever they are: Detroit, Mexico City, Haiti, South Africa, Columbia,……all cess pools.

  494. on April 4, 2008 at 8:40 pm I'm not Rapoport, I'm Portnoy's complaint

    Whites in the USA are perfectly capable of taking care of themselves, and within an orderly health care system.

    Hattie wants the USA to take on the entire Third World and cure what ails them. It won’t work. The math doesn’t compute.

    What you want to do is turn everything into lukewarm, and bring down the good, which won’t fix the bad anyway.

    Go volunteer yourself, by all means, but don’t force your intolerant socialist views on the country that stands for Liberty!

  495. And I need a billion dollars and a supermodel girlfriend.

  496. on April 4, 2008 at 8:45 pm I'm not Rapoport, I'm Portnoy's complaint

    Can’t argue with that one.

    Dumb Whites, and hateful weasel Liberals always abort.

    If we didn’t abort 50 million White kids, then we wouldn’t be needing this influx of mexicans now would we?

    White are suicidal, and the liberals that don’t reproduce and then also support abortion are the weakest people around. Darwin would have a field day!!!

    The MAJORITY of abortion doctors in the US are Jewish. My, how they love to abort Whites. They love supporting abortion in any and all spheres of Western life (but not israel, of course)

  497. Totally jumped the shark. I did a Ctrl-F and found that someone else already said this. Echo.

    Good run, though.

  498. on April 4, 2008 at 8:51 pm I'm not Rapoport, I'm Portnoy's complaint

    to kamandi: Did you ever think to get an insurance quote on your own? Like your auto insurance?

    White people who don’t smoke and are normally healthy in their youth (20’s-30’s) can get a “castastrophic protection” policy with a deductible of $5000, for $75 per month.

    You want a smaller deductible? It’s cost you $120 per month.

    Stop giving us all this sob story and wise up. Liberals are idiots.

    IF every douche bag would cut back on fancy gourmet food and alcohol, they could afford EASILY the type of policy above.

    Try calling a health care insurance company for once. PICK UP THE DAMN TELEPHONE and make an inquiry. Stop crying.

  499. on April 4, 2008 at 8:54 pm I'm not Rapoport, I'm Portnoy's complaint

    NO, NO, NO….

    the people selling this plan are Clinton, Edwards and Obama and they are selling it to NON-WHITES, in exchange for votes of non-Whites.

  500. on April 4, 2008 at 8:55 pm I'm not Rapoport, I'm Portnoy's complaint


  501. on April 4, 2008 at 8:57 pm I'm not Rapoport, I'm Portnoy's complaint

    Nice try M.

    Ever single black welfare recipient, that doesn’t work, that sits on their fat-asses eating artery cloggin fast food, they ALL HAVE NICE BRAND-NEW COLOR TV’S. Some even own cars.

    You must not understand real city life. Are you a suburbanite or something?

  502. on April 4, 2008 at 9:02 pm I'm not Rapoport, I'm Portnoy's complaint

    GWB is the perfect example of this kind of moron.

    “free-market” good
    “democracy” good
    “open borders” good
    “nativism” bad
    “isolationism” bad
    “protectionism” bad

    repeat like a Econ or Poli Sci mantra over and over, while never thinking about any of it in detail.

    Meanwhile, China does the exact opposite and is growing at a 10% clip.

  503. on April 4, 2008 at 9:03 pm I'm not Rapoport, I'm Portnoy's complaint

    You tell ’em VLAD!!!!


  504. I think maybe Random House is calling the shots topic-wise from here on out. Too bad.

    I agree it is nice to see Clander & Jess & Mylosh get some compensation for a witty piece of fun that became a phenomenon & I hope their book does well but I am skeptical mainly of the calculating minds that now have a meddling piece of them & have changed the woof & warp of the blog just enough to take the edge off its former sharpness.

    BTW your Blog — Just Dreadful — Rocks!
    I’ve added it to my RSS feeder.

  505. on April 4, 2008 at 9:06 pm I'm not Rapoport, I'm Portnoy's complaint

    racial awareness club?

    Is this an anti-White and/or White guilt club?

    If there are any Whites that want “racial awareness”, or even a basic IQ about who they are, then they should start here:


    You won’t regret it, I assure you.

  506. Dude, people are gonna start asking you what size white sheet you wear.

  507. You could have saved yourself time and effort by writing “I’m a over-privileged, ungrateful, bigoted, retard whose parents obviously care so little for me they have neither taken the time to teach me to be civil nor attempted to dispel my woeful ignorance.” It would have gotten your point across equally as well.

  508. You are too funny. I can’t wait for the book.

  509. on April 4, 2008 at 9:12 pm Jack Mehoff

    They have no comeback when I say that we might be speaking German if it weren’t for the good old USA.

    Absolute nonsense.

    England declared war on Germany, not the other way around.

    in 1940, the German-Americans were the largest ethnic group in the US, still are today. You have no evidence that Hilter wanted to invade the US.

    Your grip on history is weak, and you might find this interesting about WW2:

    Was WWII Really ‘The Good War’?

    April 4, 2008
    Was WWII Really ‘The Good War’?
    by Patrick J. Buchanan

    “Yes, it was a good war,” writes Richard Cohen in his column challenging the thesis of pacifist Nicholson Baker in his new book, Human Smoke, that World War II produced more evil than good.

    Baker’s compelling work, which uses press clips and quotes of Axis and Allied leaders as they plunged into the great cataclysm, is a virtual diary of the days leading up to World War II.

    Riveting to this writer was that Baker uses some of the same episodes, sources and quotes as this author in my own book out in May, Churchill, Hitler and ‘The Unnecessary War.

    On some points, Cohen is on sold ground. There are things worth fighting for: God and country, family and freedom. Martyrs have ever inspired men. And to some evils pacifism is no answer. Resistance, even unto death, may be required of a man.

    But when one declares a war that produced Hiroshima and the Holocaust a “Good War,” it raises a question: good for whom?

    Britain declared war on Sept. 3, 1939, to preserve Poland. For six years, Poland was occupied by Nazi and Soviet armies and SS and NKVD killers. At war’s end, the Polish dead were estimated at 6 million. A third of Poland had been torn away by Stalin, and Nazis had used the country for the infamous camps of Treblinka and Auschwitz.

    Fifteen thousand Polish officers had been massacred at places like Katyn. The Home Army that rose in Warsaw at the urging of the Red Army in 1944 had been annihilated, as the Red Army watched from the other side of the Vistula. When the British celebrated V-E day in May 1945, Poland began 44 years of tyranny under the satraps of Stalin, Khrushchev and Brezhnev.

    Was World War II “a good war” for the Poles?

    Was it a good war for Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia, overrun by Stalin’s army in June 1940, whose people saw their leaders murdered or deported to the Gulag never to return? Was it a good war for the Finns who lost Karelia and thousands of brave men dead in the Winter War?

    Was it a good war for Hungarians, Czechs, Yugoslavs, Romanians and Albanians who ended up behind the Iron Curtain? In Hungary, it was hard to find a women or girl over 10 who had not been raped by the “liberators” of the Red Army. Was it a good war for the 13 million German civilians ethnically cleansed from Central Europe and the 2 million who died in the exodus?

    Was it a good war for the French, who surrendered after six weeks of fighting in 1940 and had to be liberated by the Americans and British after four years of Vichy collaboration?

    And how good a war was it for the British?

    They went to war for Poland, but Winston Churchill abandoned Poland to Stalin. Defeated in Norway, France, Greece, Crete and the western desert, they endured until America came in and joined in the liberation of Western Europe.

    Yet, at war’s end in 1945, Britain was bled and bankrupt, and the great cause of Churchill’s life, preserving his beloved empire, was lost. Because of the “Good War,” Britain would never be great again.

    And were the means used by the Allies, the terror bombing of Japanese and German cities, killing hundreds of thousands of women and children, perhaps millions, the marks of a “good war”?

    Cohen contends that the evil of the Holocaust makes it a “good war.” But the destruction of the Jews of Europe was a consequence of this war, not a cause. As for the Japanese atrocities like the Rape of Nanking, they were indeed horrific.

    But America’s smashing of Japan led not to freedom for China, but four years of civil war followed by 30 years of Maoist madness in which 30 million Chinese perished.

    For America, the war was Pearl Harbor and Midway, Anzio and Iwo Jima, Normandy and Bastogne, days of glory leading to triumph and the American Century.

    But for Joseph Stalin, it was also a good war. From his pact with Adolf Hitler he annexed parts of Finland and Romania, and three Baltic republics. His armies stood in Berlin, Prague and Vienna; his agents were vying for power in Rome and Paris; his ally was installed in North Korea; his protege, Mao, was about to bring China into his empire. But it was not so good a war for the inmates of Kolyma or the Russian POWs returned to Stalin in Truman’s Operation Keelhaul.

    Is a war that replaces Hitler’s domination of Europe with Stalin’s and Japan’s rule in China with Mao’s a “good war”? We had to stop the killers, says Cohen. But who were the greater killers: Hitler or Stalin, Tojo or Mao Zedong?

    Can a war in which 50 million perished and the Christian continent was destroyed, half of it enslaved, a war that has advanced the death of Western civilization, be truly celebrated as a “good war”?

  510. wait, I’m confused. wasn’t the US the last country to join WWII after it was almost all over? if those bombs hadn’t been dropped we might be speaking Japanese or Russian, but not German.

  511. Nick,

    I’ll reply to you here, though I found your previous post extremely interesting. I may not agree with everything you say, but, oddly enough, as a medieval historian, I understand the value of de-centralized gov’t (long story short, the idea that the medieval world was “feudal” and primitive was something of a myth, and personal freedoms were actually greater than previously assumed).

    Apologies for the earlier insults, by the way…conversations have a way of degenerating quickly on-line, I suppose.

    Anyway, as for why I case, I suppose it’s merely for art’s sake, if that makes sense. Christian was always treading a fine line here, but seemed to be quite adept at making pointed observations over the absurdities of liberal white culture in a way that avoided the politics of someone like, say, David Brooks. Not an easy trick, and it was nice to have something that everyone could enjoy…or at least those who were not overly sensitive.

    Turning this more into a political blog sort of shatters the character of the blog and makes it somehow…I don’t know, less substantial. Not too say political blogs aren’t substantial, but I think Christian has/had something special going here that he’s risking losing, and that’s a shame for everyone.

  512. this white person loves Dolly Parton.

  513. on April 4, 2008 at 9:20 pm I'm not Rapoport, I'm Portnoy's complaint

    the white “al sharpton”?

    This clander guy is like the White Uncle Tom, a mostly anti-White white.

    Thomas Sowell is more White than clander!

  514. I meant “care”, not “case” in the previous post…sorry for the typo.

  515. on April 4, 2008 at 9:23 pm I'm not Rapoport, I'm Portnoy's complaint

    Che Guevara was White. He was Irish and White Argentinian.

    Guevara also went to the Congo, where he became a White realist because he felt blacks were totally stupid (IQ-wise).

    Look it all up, it’s all true.

  516. I also thought this post sucked at first, but after reading the crazy shit people are posting in response, I have realized how brilliant it actually was. Tricking idiots into seriously discussing socialized health care is the kind of genius move only a Canadian could pull off.

  517. on April 4, 2008 at 9:27 pm I'm not Rapoport, I'm Portnoy's complaint

    McCain is another Neocon stooge, he’s being led around by Joe Leiberman, the resident israeli racist in Congress.

    from http://www.haaretz.com

    White man’s burden

    By Ari Shavit

    The war in Iraq was conceived by 25 neoconservative intellectuals, most of them Jewish, who are pushing President Bush to change the course of history. Two of them, journalists William Kristol and Charles Krauthammer, say it’s possible. But another journalist, Thomas Friedman (not part of the group), is skeptical.

  518. In Canada private healthcare is illegal.

  519. on April 4, 2008 at 9:29 pm I'm not Rapoport, I'm Portnoy's complaint

    Are you one of those angry little jews that used to deface library stalls in the 1970’s with your racist heeb crap?

    Russian jews are all in israel, the US, or in the UK up to their usual swindling.

    It is any wonder to any Liberal why this is the axis we are in (israel, US, UK)?

  520. on April 4, 2008 at 9:30 pm I'm not Rapoport, I'm Portnoy's complaint

    PS wasn’t it “Save Soviet Jews”?

    not “Free Russian Jews”?

  521. no shit. if your life sucks that much, the only thing you can do to distract yourself from thoughts of suicide is to watch tv.

    i’d rather pay for poor people’s health care than have to look at how toothless and obese they are.

  522. I’ve had to wait much longer for doctor’s appointments in the US than I ever did in Canada.
    just sayin’

  523. I just want to add in a fresh post, since I’m going on a different track here, that this entry doesn’t even make sense, regardless of where we all sit on the health care issue, for several reasons:

    1) As this comment thread has demonstrated, many white people don’t dig free health care. In fact, among the white, yuppieish Americans this blog makes fun of, the issue seems to split the crowd 50-50, at least in America.

    2) Related to the previous point, when did health care become an issue only white people talked about? As far as I know, minority interest groups are extremely vocal about the health care issue.

    3) The Michael Moore argument is weak and passe. In fact, “Saying Micheal Moore has ‘lost it'” would be a more appropriate thread for current stuff white people like. Seriously, mention Michael Moore to most white people now, and you’re almost guaranteed to get an eye roll (of course I include myself in that group).

    Compare this post to the one about water bottles, which so cleverly dissected that hypocrises of that issue, and you’ll see why the “jump the shark” comment has become so popular here.

  524. American’s started out as European besides the Indians stupid.

    I get better care when traveling in Germany and Switzerland.
    They take care of anyone unlike America, one needs insurance.

    “Nude Twister Anyone?”

  525. on April 4, 2008 at 9:40 pm I'm not Rapoport, I'm Portnoy's complaint

    David Brooks is a JEW. He’s not “White”. Same goes for that little punk Beinart, another non-White.

    Actually, both these guys are anti-White when you really analyze their positions on things.

  526. on April 4, 2008 at 9:40 pm scolleymoldune

    Count me in on this free health care thing. So long as it doesn’t lump me in the “wrong kind” of white people: those who get free health care via welfare.

    wait: did we explore the differences here?

  527. on April 4, 2008 at 9:42 pm scolleymoldune

    Oh, did we also explore the views on socialized medicine with the “right kind” of white people who are doctors?

  528. obviously this is part of the grand conspiracy of white-baby-killing-jews. obviously.

  529. on April 4, 2008 at 9:44 pm I'm not Rapoport, I'm Portnoy's complaint

    I’m not “paranoid”, because everything I say is true, and I challenge you to prove me wrong on anything.

    I think you might want to look up the definition of paranoid in Webster. Perhaps it refers to those who cannot handle honest criticism of Jews or other non-Whites, when they are trying to speak for “Whites”.

  530. obviously.

  531. on April 4, 2008 at 9:46 pm I'm not Rapoport, I'm Portnoy's complaint

    PS Why did the beginning of Laverne & Shirley contain two Yiddish words? “Schlmiel, Schlamaz”

    I love it how those two “Marshall” jew lie and say they are “Italian”, what a disgrace those false Whites.

    Penny Marshall married the most bigoted anti-White Jew around: Rob Reiner.

    You need to wake up Mr. Libertarian. Don’t you even know who your own people are, and who aren’t?

    You sound like a clueless liberal.

  532. on April 4, 2008 at 9:48 pm I'm not Rapoport, I'm Portnoy's complaint

    They apparently don’t value them enough for the future generations of White kids.

    Look at what LA once was, imagine what it will be in 40 more years!!!!!

    I think most liberals don’t reproduce and therefore aren’t quite as advanced mentally, not having had to take on adult challenges in life like families, etc.

  533. you should die. now.

  534. obviously you’ve never been to europe.

  535. too bad you didn’t get it. idiot.

  536. the post on recycling was pretty much exactly the same. it’s a political issue, he was poking fun at exactly the point of view he holds, and the neo-cons and idiots jumped all over it in agreement.

  537. on April 4, 2008 at 10:04 pm Yea, why does I care?

    Couldn’t be because it brings out more anti-semites than a all expenses paid trip to Nuremberg? Nah, who cares? I’m interested in the “art” of the blogosphere.

    -libertarian blowhardiest.

  538. Most insurance policies DO deny pre-existing conditions, mate. They even tried to get out of paying to have my wisdom teeth removed, claiming that the existence of the teeth was a pre-existing condition (I kid you not).

  539. The U.S. constitution states that it’s citizens are have certain rights including “life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness”. If one does not have good health how can they be happy? I’m tired of this health care shit, stop living in the past. Health care is another “unalienable” right, but some folks will continue to believe the capitalist garbage thrown at them while the American physicans laugh all the way to the bank. I am sick of this shit, not funny.

  540. on April 4, 2008 at 10:32 pm I'm Not Rappaport, I'm Portnoy's complaint

    They are talking about your right to be happy: drink beer, smoke cigarettes, eat steak, etc. in peace.

    They aren’t talking about a right to a wealth transfer from your neighbor.

  541. on April 4, 2008 at 10:35 pm I'm Not Rappaport, I'm Portnoy's complaint

    absurdities of liberal white culture in a way that avoided the politics of someone like, say, David Brooks.

    Just trying to keep things honest, but I guess we cannot do that. Brooks is jewish, and his agenda is jewish, not White.

    I see. Calling David Brooks “a jew”, when he is one, is now “anti-semitic”.

    Get lost. You are infantile.

    Is calling Bill O’Reilly “Irish Catholic” a hatecrime too? Loser.

  542. on April 4, 2008 at 10:39 pm I'm Not Rappaport, I'm Portnoy's complaint

    Or is that only the ignorance of southern whites or those who live in New Jersey and Rhode Island.

    You’re joking right?

    Southern Whites are not ignorant when it comes to the subject of blacks.

    Far from it. They have to live near your murderers, rapists, HS drop-outs, and obese women. They know you people well.

  543. on April 4, 2008 at 10:42 pm I'm Not Rappaport, I'm Portnoy's complaint

    Tell me where socialism works in Europe where it’s no longer White. Denmark works because it’s homogeneous. When it becomes non-White or too far multi-cult, its socialism will fail.

  544. on April 4, 2008 at 10:43 pm I'm Not Rappaport, I'm Portnoy's complaint

    What are you some judeo-Bolshevik mass murderer? Psycho.

  545. that’s a brill comment hoobie…….exactly what I was thinking!!

  546. on April 4, 2008 at 10:59 pm I'm Not Rappaport, I'm Portnoy's complaint

    While there are, of course, pro-life Jews who are disturbed by the abortion rates in both the United States and Israel, I would venture to say that they are certainly in the minority, especially in the U.S. Their low regard for Gentile life at any stage of development is reflected in the number of abortions performed by Jewish doctors (about half of all abortion providers are Jewish) in Jewish owned “women’s clinics” (about a half of all such clinics are owned by Jews) which is way out of proportion when you consider what a small percentage of our population Jews comprise.

    Various people have commented publicly about the disproportionate number of Jews in the abortion rights movement. For instance, Kenneth Mitzner, founder of an organization entitled The Pro-life League Against Neo-Hitlerism said:

    “It is tragic but demonstrably true that most of the leaders of the pro-abortion movement are of Jewish extraction.

    Bring it on guys. There is no hiding.

  547. on April 4, 2008 at 10:59 pm I'm Not Rappaport, I'm Portnoy's complaint

    Abortion has pretty wide support among Jews in this country and various Jewish organizations in the U.S. are openly and unashamedly pro abortion, organizations such as:

    American Jewish Committee
    American Jewish Congress
    B’nai B’rith Women
    Central Conference of American Rabbis [Reform]
    Federation of Reconstructionist Congregations
    Hadassah Women
    Jewish Labor Committee
    Na’amat USA
    National Federation of Temple Sisterhoods [Reform]
    National Council of Jewish Women
    New Jewish Agenda
    North American Temple Youth
    Rabbinical Assembly
    Union of American Hebrew Congregations [Reform]
    United Synagogues of America [Conservative]
    Women’s League for Conservative Judaism

  548. on April 4, 2008 at 11:08 pm I'm Not Rappaport, I'm Portnoy's complaint

    This one should be DEAR to Canadians:

    Henry Morgentaler, M.D., LL.D.(hc), (born March 19, 1923, in Łódź, Poland) is a Canadian gynecologist and pioneering abortion provider from Montreal.

    Morgentaler is a Holocaust survivor. After living through Auschwitz, he accepted a United Nations scholarship that was being offered to Jewish survivors.

    Morgentaler has an estimated gross annual revenue of $11 million from his abortion clinics, according to research published in the Quebec/Franco-Ontarian paper Le Droit on Saturday, October 26, 2002.

    Abortionist Henry Morgentaler is not on the Order of Canada List for 2008.

    “Earlier this month, some Canadian abortion activists were stepping up efforts to have Dr. Morgentaler awarded Canada’s highest civilian honour, the Order of Canada, for his years of advocacy for legalizing abortion and for the thousands of abortions that he personally has performed.”

    Want to keep on going? Need more?

  549. Although the rest of the blog is mostly hilarious, this particular post is not funny, at least to a non-American. The satire just doesn’t work for those outside the USA.

    EVERY person should be able to get necessary healthcare free of charge, in a timely fashion. Many of us (I’m in New Zealand, but people in other countries are similar) who can afford to use private healthcare do not do so, we wait and use the public system. We also send our kids to state schools. This behaviour is particularly prevalent in white people – you know, the ones who have dinner parties to which they invite their gay friends. And at which their 10-year olds drink wine.

    We do this because if we don’t, funding will become progressively less and the service for those who cannot afford to pay will become progressively worse.

    Rest-of-the-world white people are prepared to pay fairly high taxes in order to fund education and healthcare for everyone.

  550. on April 4, 2008 at 11:13 pm I'm Not Rappaport, I'm Portnoy's complaint

    Yeah right. They like to call people inbreds too, until they realize that the Yids are more inbred than any other group in America. It’s meaningless, getting called ‘racist’ from the world’s top racists. Even the blacks are far more racist than are “Whites”.

    Slurs like that are totally meaningless, because as the saying goes: it takes one to know one.

  551. I laughed at the other “Things White People Like” articles, but have to say I’m not on board with this one.

    I’m a corporate whitey and can rarely get in to see any kind of a doctor in my PPO network earlier than three weeks to a month from the time I make the appointment. This was the case when I had a mysterious lump on my leg and another time when I was bleeding somewhere unmentionable. Thankfully these issues turned out to be benign, but they could have been serious…

    I’ve had to fight with several insurance companies over the years to get certain medical expenses paid, when the providers were on the verge of sending my account to collection. It took more than two years to get a collection taken off all three credit reporting agencies over a bill that insurance took their own sweet time to pay.

    When I was downsized from a job in 2003, I absolutely couldn’t afford even the most basic coverage. Cobra was about $350 a month. I went without insurance for almost two years until I found another job. That was scary — nobody should have to go through that.

    Yep, I’m a white person that thinks our healthcare system sucks and agree 1000% with some form of government provided insurance for ANYONE who doesn’t get it through their job. I don’t care if crackheads and deadbeats get a free ride — nobody should ever go without health care just because they can’t pay for it.

  552. This blog was always about white liberals, I don’t know why people are getting so worked up about this post. You’ve been being ridiculed all along, maybe this one was just less subtle. There’s never been one post about “getting a degree in economics/finance/business” or “investing wisely” or any other stereotypical white conservative behavior. Nothing about southern conservatives either, no “going to church” or “opposing gay marriage.” It’s all about being frivolous and air-headed, trademarks of white liberals.

    I mean, if you can find me a white conservative that wants to move to San Fransisco, or threatens to run to Canada, or hates corporations or hangs out a rallies for stupid causes feel free to prove me wrong.

  553. White people might like the National Health Service, but poor people like it even better.

    BTW, how do you get Google Ads on here? I thought they weren’t allowed on WordPress. Or is this a dumb hick question?

  554. Allow me to say… I’m a white guy…. and I think Socialized Medicine borders on “Abomination” status. Somehow, a twenty month waiting period for a hip replacement just doesn’t sound like much fun to me. Considering that we are also hearing quite a bit about how the healthcare system is tanking because of a shortage of doctors and nurses, adding another 20 million patients into the list of those needing healthcare doesn’t sound like a viable option to fix said problem.

    Just my thoughts… and I wish people didn’t make a big deal about which response they were…


  555. on April 4, 2008 at 11:40 pm Haha What the Fuck Christian

    These aren’t even your politics. I’ve personally heard you mock the privatized U.S. health care system.

    What the fuck is this intellectually dishonest shit?
    It may be intended for humor, but you included no apparent irony in this entry.

    Since when did your blog turn into conservative editorial? And since when did you turn U.S.-style conservative?

  556. Picking on white liberals for intellectual pretense is genuinely funny. Validating misinformation like we see peppered through this thread is not. Ignorance and gullibility cause many Americans to worship the sacrosanct perfection of market forces. Government control of the economy is presumed to be wrong, and private control of the economy is presumed to be right. That is capital S Stupid! Wrong is wrong, and right is right. Who pulls the strings hardly matters even a little bit compared to a wide array of other considerations.

    Sure, Michael Moore has let loose with documentaries that contain factual inaccuracies. They may not be as bad as the factual inaccuracies of something like a 21st century State of the Union address, but they are still misinformation. That said, even the President’s fondness for playing fast and loose with the truth is dwarfed by the sort of outright nonsense that has people characterizing socialized medicine as “a wealth transfer” or suggesting that healing the sick is somehow a recipe for economic disaster.

    In a simple-minded Candyland version of reality, everyone does their own thing and everyone is happy with the winners and losers as determined by rolls of the dice success in business or employment negotiations. In reality, the economy is dense with interdependency. In reality, untreated injuries and illnesses drag down workforce productivity, which in turn drags down investment returns. Even for individuals and organizations comfortable with their health insurance yet uninvested in stocks, bonds, and other instruments influenced by general productivity gains; pressures toward better results in areas like consumer prices and professional services can be driven by effects like a significant upgrade to the overall state of public health.

    Heck, even an heir who does nothing but spend on impractically costly goods and services has some interest in all of this. Never mind how cutthroat economic thinking is an anathema to basic human decency. It is also shortsighted. Do you want the dishwasher at the country club to have tuberculosis? Do you want your uncle’s cousin’s best friend to hit you up for a donation to his charity fund because there is no other way to pay for his lifesaving operation? Do you want the streets of large cities to be decorated by an array of decrepit senior citizens begging for scraps of food?

    Socialized medicine is not a Robin Hood initiative. It is a sensible step forward for the whole of any society with the resources to achieve it. Unless we Americans wish to take the position that we are simply much more incompetent than the rest of the civilized world, we must accept that we can get this done. Personally, I like to think that America could have the best national health care policy in the world — one that preserves boutique clinics for the pampered elite as well as other private practices catering to individuals with special needs, while the bulk of medical care is (like defense or roads) treated as a given for all members of our society.

    Of course there is a cost to everything, but in the realm of public policy there is often a cost to not doing anything. Inadequate preventative and pediatric medical efforts in this nation result in less healthy adults. Tremendous savings are to be had by treating potentially serious problems before they become truly serious problems. Perhaps it would not be a wash. Perhaps we could not learn from the examples of others, blend the best available ideas together, and accomplish superior public health with lesser resource consumption. Yet even if it does really cost more to take health care on as a national responsibility, the economic boost provided by a healthier workforce is sure to be a wonderful salve for the wound of giving up fairy tale nonsense about rugged individualism.

  557. You know that the libs are hurt when they start foaming at the mouth and spitting venom. The article is 100% true. Chatup with any white liberal who has travelled abroad and they will spout the same utter nonesense.
    This article is by far the best and most striking, although meant for satire its is 100% on point and oh so true.
    A friend of mine from England said, ” Socialized Healthcare is only free if you are unemployed, on welfare and not getting taxed”.

  558. Just a note, the proper term is Universal Health care not socialist health care. SHC refers to health care where the government has banned the private sector. There are only 2 countries that do that. Canada and Cuba, in all of Europe there is a public system (with attending waiting lists) and a private system.

    Unfortunately conservatives prefer lies and misrepresentations to honest argument.

    Thankfully Neo Cons are on the run having been rejected by the American people.

    BTW Bush is a liberal, only a true blue Socialist would introduce a government run drug benefit program. But again Conservatives don’t care about facts.

  559. And not being able to have a hip replacement at all if you are down on your luck is OK?

    If you are poor you can just live with your cataracts?

    You’d rather the people who are poor through no fault of their own suffer just so that those who “don’t deserve” don’t get anything?

    I suppose you think you are a Christian too.

  560. Why is universal health care bad but universal schooling good. I could go on and on

    Interstates, airports, parks, etc etc more socialist liberal crap that we should all get rid of.

  561. “In spite of having access to the best health insurance and fanciest hospitals, white people are passionate about the idea of socialized medicine.”

    Not true unless you have a very good job, or work for the government. My guess is that the worst of the layoffs are 1 year away. After that 6 months of COBRA run out. Then what?

  562. True: welfare in Europe is generally only free for those who can’t afford it – WHICH IS THE POINT. The rest are obligated to get insurance. Despite waiting lists and other negative aspects of this situation en Europe, even the wealthiest in the USA are actually less healthy than the average European.

    Guess what the main difference is: affordable health care.

    When you walk the streets in Amsterdam you will not see what I saw in Chicago: people walking on crutches because their broken leg hadn’t been treated properly. And not getting good health care IS actually a very good way to stay poor and not get a job.

    BTW – I’m a white person, and not ashamed of it.

    I got sick in the US – an allergy problem with an infection added in the mix. The stress of getting sick was compounded by the stress of wondering how much it was going to cost me. Guess what’s generally very bad for sick people? Stress. My Dutch insurance actually refunded all my costs when I was back in The Netherlands – but the experience did teach me something about health care: you want it precisely when you need it.

  563. Yes, yes, and yes. Thank you, Marie. I would suspect that much of the reason that this country is in the midst of a credit/foreclosure crisis is related to white peoples’ entitlement issues. I say this with the authority of a white person who has entitlement issues and a ridiculous credit card balance…but at least I recognize my own folly. I’m not entitled by God/the laws of nature/etc. to health insurance – I can have it if I’m willing to work and/or pay for it; if I’m not, I pay for what I can afford. Period. (Does having priorities and principles make me the wrong kind of white person? Maybe.)

  564. I’m totally playing devil’s advocate here, because I myself am opposed to socialized healthcare, but since when did liposuction become some kind of essential medical treatment? Terrible example the author used to illustrate what remains a very good point.

  565. on April 5, 2008 at 3:42 am Dawn Babs Davenport

    This is the first time you’ve actually come across as a neocon who’s just pissed off at liberals and wants to dress it up as a critique of your white peers. Keep it up and we’ll just get bored.

  566. See, the issue with anecdotal evidence like this is that it can be found anywhere. Hell, I even have my own. When my appendix was ready to explode, I was admitted to the emergency ward and still waited over four hours in extreme abdominal pain to get into surgery. Lucky my appendix held out, or I might not be around to be writing this. To make matters worse, they didn’t look properly at my chart and gave me pain medication I was allergic to. I was in a hospital in the United States, and I had excellent health insurance.

    People find it awfully easy to demonize UHC with stories of long waits, but I’ve personally experienced nothing but long waits in hospitals here. So our system works so much better?

  567. In which case, they will first be paying for the health care of others (via taxes), then they can pay for their own. Brilliant.

  568. I’m beginning to think that I actually like some of the stuff that white people like. (Free healthcare being a case in point.)

  569. absinthe is illegal in america? hahahahaha shame, land of the free hahahahahaha

    i’m off to have a tot for you guys 🙂

  570. Oh, I just love it! Spot on, Dave.

  571. Australia has two things that the U.S is missing out on. Gun control and “socialised” medecine. As a white guy, I got to say; it makes ALL the difference in the world.

  572. aw, but wp love having their heads up their asses 😦

  573. wp love taking themselves very, very seriously

  574. on April 5, 2008 at 4:38 am PeachHipGirl

    Really? So you think if I went to the US as a Canadian I’d get treated for free? hell, I’d be lucky if the treatment didn’t break me financially. You can keep your HMOs and your for-profit health care. You Americans pay far mpre per capita for health care than those with socialized medicine do. But I don’t suppose, as an American, you’re even aware of, nor care about, that fact.

    Google it if you don’t believe me Patriot.

  575. on April 5, 2008 at 4:45 am not_enlightened

    I enjoy reading these comments, but continually am surprised at someone who writes pretty well can spend so much energy defending the arrogant we-know-whats-best-for-you class. I will say that there might be some mis-representation by some who don’t like the idea of government health care. But look at what that side is dealing with. Rich white people, whenever in a public discussion where they are trying to win the hearts and minds of people, call it FREE. It is not free. In fact, if you think medical care is expensive now, wait till it is free.

  576. on April 5, 2008 at 4:46 am Beatnik Samurai

    So, you’re citing Pat Buchanan as evidence of why intervention against Nazis was a bad idea and how that little WWII kerfuffle woulda been avoidable if we’d just left Hitler and the Japanese militarists well enough alone.

    And you’re doing this on a comedy blog.


    Also, Buchanan’s reading of history is grossly ignorant and ideologically self-serving (surprise!). Did specific decisions during the Pacific War ensure that communism would thrive in China, leading directly to our struggles in Indochina throughout the ’50s and ’60s? Yep. Is that reason to have not resisted fascism and Japanese imperialism at all? Nope. Unless you’re Pat Buchanan.

  577. on April 5, 2008 at 4:51 am Beatnik Samurai

    You’ve made your point: These Jews should at least wait until the babies are born before drinking their blood.

    That is your point… right?

  578. on April 5, 2008 at 4:53 am Beatnik Samurai

    White people love to say that you’re “deflating the dialog” (sic) when you express an opinion that differs from their own.

  579. I have no desire for socialized medicine in the United States. I’ve had three unfortunate encounters with socialized medicine – one in which the person almost died due to an uneducated mistake on a prescription on the part of the doctor and nurse when it was clear to the patient that it was wrong because the bottle said “don’t do this”. Hello?!

    It would be a huge mistake to have free health care for everyone. Regulating insurance costs a little more – yes. Offering multiple options for those that are self-employed or aren’t offered benefits – yes. Teaching people how to manage their money so they have an “emergency fund” to help with some of these things – yes. Free health care – definitely not.

  580. I also find it funny that people think that there isn’t a hidden cost to private health care. There most certainly is…have even of you you ever considered the millions and millions that companies have to spend to insure all of their employees? I’m talking companies that actually provide such services, which is true of almost any white-collar work, and most blue-collar.

    If anyone here was to start up a new firm, just think of the cost involved in insuring every single employee you hired. For major corporations, this is expensive stuff. In a SHC/UHC system, all that overhead is off your shoulders.

    Just some food for thought in an age when real wages, accounting for inflation, haven’t risen for three decades.

  581. on April 5, 2008 at 5:01 am I'm so 'hood

    Anybody remember that song “Oval Office” by 3rd Bass? White people love white rappers, but we will never, ever admit it.

  582. This white fad isn’t exactly spot on as it’s very trendy to be against socialized medicine, but the author tied this piece in so well with the other stuff white people like that it makes this entry on of the most brilliant yet.


  583. @swiftest… the problem with our current healthcare system is that we pay insurance companies who have the primary goal of turning a profit, NOT insuring its policy holders.

    – Unitedhealth recently reported a profit of $8.65 billion and their CEO has a BASE salary of over $1 million and company stock options valued at over $744 million
    – Aetna recently reported a profit of $10.30 billion and their CEO has a BASE salary of over $1 million and company stock options valued at over $218 million.

    This is contrary to the notion that insurance companies are simply administrators for our payments to doctors and medical facilities. Many insurance companies are publicly traded on the stock market, so first and foremost they must answer to their board of directors and share holders in regards to their profits. Essentially, this means we are OVERPAYING on premiums, co-pays and deductibles so we can line the pockets of insurance company execs and stakeholders. This in turn means a lot of what we pay isn’t going to the doctor or medical facility at all!!

    Bottom line, healthcare doesn’t cost as much as we pay and therefore without the insurance companies as money hungry middle men between us and our doctors & hospitals… providing universal coverage is attainable.

  584. on April 5, 2008 at 5:42 am xBASKETxOFxKITTENSx

    calling yourself “(whatever)y Mc(whatever)” is always a dead giveaway that you were raised in the suburbs.

  585. @KV I wonder how much of that $556 billion actually went towards medical expenses. There’s a lot of fraud, waste and abuse going on with medicaid and medicare funds (as reported by the U.S. Dept of Health & Human Services).

  586. Speaking as an actual European (and white person) I must admit I find it very difficult to even understand how any civilized country can have a non-“socialised” medicine system. It’d be like the police being private. The USA really is a very strange place.

  587. @tsfiles
    Actually, men and women in the US have a shorter life expectancy than men and women in the UK, Canada, France, Switzerland, Sweden, Japan, Australia… just to name a few.

  588. on April 5, 2008 at 6:32 am sonnywilkins

    You’re going too far now. So what?? White people care about those who can’t afford insurance? It seems to me in being so anti-trends, you yourself are turning into a trend. This blog isn’t nearly as clever as you, or fucking Target Corp, THINK it is.

  589. I would agree to this. Mainly because I do that and I was raised in the suburbs 😉

  590. on April 5, 2008 at 6:41 am Ryne McClaren

    The comment about Target is hilarious on many levels, whether you intended it to be or not.

    Because if you’re serious about that statement, you’re lagging a good April Fool’s joke by four whole days.

  591. I am surprised no one has said anything earlier about this.

    Health Care is an insurance. We divirsify our risk, by collectivley pooling money together.

    I (and my employer) has paid $8453 in the 35 months I have been employed. I have gone to the Doctor twice in that period. But the insurance side is that if I had something major happened (costing $25,000) it would be covered.

    Insurance companies are banking on the idea that there are going to be more people like me, than there will of the “inverse” of me.

    Plus they take money they receive, look for good investments, and build profit through that as well.

    As far as CEO pay. What do you want, it’s America. We pay our CEOs well. They have hard jobs. I don’t know when making money in America became wrong.

    Plus Insurance companies create jobs for millions of Americans – which cyclically boosts the economy – and why it not employ your or me – it employs people we know.

  592. on April 5, 2008 at 6:53 am ihatesushiandimwhite

    I am the wrong kind of white people.

  593. Oh? I’m currently waiting two months to get an appointment to get a second opinion since my current doctor, IMHO has botched care for a chronic disease.

    A one month wait, like those in Canada would be an improvement.

  594. You have quite the way with woman. Am i to blame your mother for failing you?

  595. Good for you, Rosie. Your hot!

  596. Hey dumb ass, go to Europe, look see and ask. Obviously you haven’t been there and just have you mouth running.

  597. right on. the libs forget that there is no free lunch – nothing is free but the air we breathe. so socialized medicine is “free”, always in quotes.

  598. Mortgage crisis? As in less than 4% of high risk borrowers are being foreclosed. Crisis. As in healthcare. Currently fully 45% of our population already has government subsidized healthcare.

    Check a fact occassionally. Just because the tv news says it, doesn’t mean that it is correct. Chances are good that it is wrong based solely on the fact that it is on the tv news.

    Remember, that almost the entire CBS news department was fired after the run-up to the last Presidential election for lying about a sitting President.

  599. It’s easy, put your head between your legs and if you see a Kansas sunflower; you’re white. If you see the inside of a coal bin; your black. Any questions?

    Be careful, you could bend over too far; then you would become a Republican.

  600. so what’s wrong with that?

  601. you’s the rite kind, man

  602. Watch Sicko, or get some personal experience of both systems before you comment – some of you, nay a lot of you, come across as incredibly insular and opinionated with absolutely NO frame of reference. In the good ol’ fucked up US of A, the only people who get anything like decent healthcare (in contrast to the UK) are the rich and wealthy, and then they get royally fucked in the arse for it by profiteers and scam artist insurance co’s who do ANYTHING not to pay out. IF they don’t pay out, you have to find the money somewhere else. Nice system, everyone for themselves… We in the UK and across Europe have a healthcare system which was created after the Second World War to care for as many people as possible, regardless of financial status. We have in Europe a far longer life expectancy, prescription drugs which cost at most £6.65 per prescription, regardless of quantity or type – let’s compare that to the good old USA, where you poor fuckers get fucked for as much money as the Pharmas can make. Great country, enjoy it! I’ll stick with Europe every time. You people are fucked, and not in a good way. Oh and read the Anglo-American Establishment by Carol Quigley, you may learn some things. Then again, most of you should probably start with something a little less challenging…

  603. Of course the (English) National Health Service is funded by taxes!! How else could it exist?! What’s your point?! If you don’t want to pay taxes to make sure those less-well-off are looked after, then fine, be that way, but don’t act as if you’ve spotted a flaw in the concept of free healthcare by identifying that it would have to be bank-rolled by taxation.

  604. What on earth are you talking about? Everything that is worth anything is free, you moron…

    You reckon the stuff you buy is worth anything?

    You even know what “worth” or “value” means? Really?

    Nothing has intrinsic “value”, it is only the value that is placed upon it by other people, and how many other people want that thing (demand) as opposed to how much of that thing is around (supply). Diamonds and Gold for example, are not worth shit – despite the fact that a depressingly large number of you out there these days seem to believe they are. They are only worth a lot of money because the market is so controlled and intertwined with violence and `third world` exploitation (think back to Cecil Rhodes et al, you’ll work it out). Diamonds are not particularly rare. It’s what’s called an artificial market, and one which DeBeers pretty much has a monopoly on. “A Diamond is Forever” means about as much as “Just do It”….. and seems that black people love diamonds more than anyone else – oh the irony….

  605. And where did you get your information about how folks have to wait in lines to get a MRI when you live in a country that has socialized medicine, like Canada? Sounds like a common myth to me that has been passed around in the US to argue against having free health care. Additionally, it is not that simple that white=health insurance. Although I get it that you are making broad generalizations about white people, I would caution against ones that make us white folk look as though the government doesn’t screw us, too. I am pretty certain white, black, asian, indian, hispanic, and so on would like to know their families could be covered for health costs by their rich and glorious country.

  606. This is just a single anecdote, but one I witnessed while in residency. An Cuban gentleman with advanced TB showed up at the ER at our hospital. Taking his history revealed this:

    1. He was told he was very sick with TB while in Cuba.
    2. He was asked if he had any family in America, and he told them that he did in our city.
    3. The Cuban government paid for a plane ticket to Mexico City and then onto our city and told him to get his healthcare in America.
    4. Healthcare statistics in Cuba “improve” and those in American get worse.

    And, in spite of what you may hear, everyone who wants treatment in America gets it for free if they are willing to use our “socialized” medicine here – going through the local public healthcare system. It often requires long waits and the medicines you can get are often the “older” ones and thus more inexpensive…. just like any European or Canadian system.

  607. This is just a single anecdote, but one I witnessed while in residency. An Cuban gentleman with advanced TB showed up at the ER at our hospital. Taking his history revealed this:

    1. He was told he was very sick with TB while in Cuba.
    2. He was asked if he had any family in America, and he told them that he did in our city.
    3. The Cuban government paid for a plane ticket to Mexico City and then onto our city and told him to get his healthcare in America.
    4. Healthcare statistics in Cuba “improve” and those in American get worse.

    And, in spite of what you may hear, everyone who wants treatment in America gets it for free if they are willing to use our “socialized” medicine here – going through the local public healthcare system. It often requires long waits and the medicines you can get are often the “older” ones and thus more inexpensive…. just like any European or Canadian system.

  608. on April 5, 2008 at 8:11 am cubedweller

    Not so sure about #3, Potshot. I know a few people who revere Michael Moore’s movies. They are also squarely in the Right Kind of White People set (and one is Asian, and one in Afro-American).

  609. I’ve never seen a lemming in church, but I haven’t been to one in years so I might be out of touch.

  610. Anyone that thinks FDA is completely autonomous is thinking with John McCain’s brain & he’s insane…



  612. on April 5, 2008 at 8:21 am Ryne McClaren

    “Then again, most of you should probably start with something a little less challenging…”

    Like your two comments above, I’m assuming.

    Hating things of worth or value, loving socialized health care, referencing the Anglo-American Establishment… three things white people definitely love!

    You’d be such a hit at a dinner party.

  613. Since I already have to wait in lines to get my health care, even basic stuff, I’d really rather it was at least free at the end.

    Also, “Sicko” covered the UK system as well.

  614. Cool, so everyone is happy! I didn’t really get the first part about the Cuban gentleman, but I take your second point. I realise that in reality even the very poor CAN get SOME KIND of CARE, but it is MINIMAL and NOWHERE NEAR what someone with similar means would be able to obtain in the UK, or most other part of Western Europe. I’ll stick with Europe for now thanks, the USA is going down the pan rapidly due to a)Your “leaders” and b) these kinds of attitudes towards “Socialism” (again largely the fault of your “leaders” and their minions)… I’d willingly bet both my houses on the fact that 80% of Americans have NO IDEA what constitutes Socialism. It doesn’t even necessarily denote one particular system – there are many different flavours of Socialism – what the Russians has was a kind of totalitarian socialism, whereas we have a kind of democratic socialism.

    Anyway, what it all boils down to really is the notion of helping your fellow man out, where possible. That’s really it, and it’s a culture which has largely not found it’s roots in American society, largely because it doesn’t benefit the all powerful corporate elite sufficiently – and they don’t need cheap healthcare, or `a helping hand` because they hold almost all the cards (and money) and most of the people hold very little. But hey, keep dreaming that “American Dream” folks – when you wake up many of you, even in the “middle classes” as they are currently called, are gonna have real sore buttholes from where Bush (and most of his predecessors, with very few exceptions) and their corporate and military cronies have been fucking you all for so long.

    Still, by the time Bush and Cheney and all his minions are finished with the “War on Freedom”, I mean “Terror”, most of the bottom third of your nation won’t be needing any kind of healthcare at all, ever again…http://fortuzero.wordpress.com

  615. He’s talking about the employer provided types of insurance, which often DO cover pre-existing conditions. But I don’t know about pregnancy, or adding her after the fact.

    I keep meaning to say though that $25000 is WAY too much for a “procedure” that women did for umpteen million years with no help at all.

  616. Bingo, another smart person “whatsername”…there is hope yet…Profit is fine, but when it comes to saving lives and healthcare in a society or community it NEEDS to be more altruistic…

  617. It’s from South Park: Bigger, Longer, and Uncut.

    You can hear it on YouTube if you want. Search Blame Canada!

  618. BZZZZ! OFF TOPIC! LOSS OF CLOWN! that post was too long, get your own blog and cross post.

  619. From “Disaster” to “Merely Awful” in this case I’m sure.

  620. Wow, insightful, you black, perchance? I have 2 houses, lots of money, and wouldn’t give a fuck if I lost all of it tomorrow. Really wouldn’t. How you figure I’m white? Shit, are you psychic as well as stupid? Hang on, there’s a connection…

    Let me help you…. Where did you get the impression that I “hate” the concepts of worth or value? I didn’t even realise it was possible to hate something conceptual like that. Still, you are obviously far smarter than I…Go on, go spend some cash on some shit to make yourself feel like a success. Funny guy…

    I don’t `love socialised healthcare` – I just don’t see why dirty and already obscenely wealthy cunts, black beige or white should get richer from the poorest in society when it comes to healthcare. Anything else, fine – if people are empty enough that they need to buy sparkly shit to give themselves a sense of worth then that’s their business. I guess you are one of these people with sufficiently low enough self esteem that you “need” to buy sparkly shit to show off. That’s fine, you can’t help it, I know.

  621. A seventeen-year-old girl in Glendale, CA, died because her treatment would have come at a great expense to Cigna. They are currently under investigation.

  622. I’ve been without insurance before too. Hunger is a great motivator. Not fun of course, but I know that some of the little progress I’ve made is because I’m doing this high wire act largely without a net. Family helps a little, but the real question is; How can I help myself do better? What can I offer that will pay for the things I want and need?

  623. In addition, preventive treatment for every american would be less expensive to taxpayers than the constant barrage of preventable ER operations whose cost are given to taxpayers anyway.

  624. Very good points there, fortuzero! The point about the Cuban gentleman was in reference to previous points made that the Cuban healthcare system is superior to the American one. I know the American system is not the greatest. I was making a point that providing healthcare is much easier if you can export your healthcare problems to another country.

  625. I’m Canadian, and I fully support socialized healthcare. I am also disappointed in the current trend and push towards the privatization of the Canadian healthcare system.

  626. I’m just saying 🙂

    I doubt the Jews have anything to do with the way you eat breakfast in the morning, they sure as hell didn’t sneak in and burn the toast.

  627. Ryne,

    I bet you find diamonds desirable, don’t you? Shiny lumps of compressed carbon – holy mother of fucking god, jesus shitting christ… I find their glass cutting potential more interesting and of “value” than the way they sparkle (or do you say “bling” these days? I don’t know, being white I’m not really all that down with `the street`)

    Anyway, I respect your opinion. No really, I do. You are clearly one smart cookie.

  628. If this is such a passionate interest and concern amongst people, that’s a good thing, because there is no law on the books preventing people from creating non-profit health companies. Go do it. Don’t wait for government to do it for you because they’ll only mess it up like they’ve done with just about every fluff project based on loose interpretations of the words or sentiment “support the general welfare” in the Preamble to the U.S. Constitution and mirrored in other country’s documents.

  629. Or… is it that people are too lazy and want others to do it for them, in this case the Federal government? Is it that not everyone would participate and therefore the organization would be under-funded? Last I checked U.S. charitable giving puts most country’s government-sponsored programs done in the name of charity to shame.

  630. Medicine was privately financed worldwide and throughout history until Socialism was invented. Police and military have been public, or at least controlled by the rich and powerful through all of the same times and places. You’re just not taxing your imagination very hard.

  631. Channeling the spirit of Nelson Muntz.

    “Ha Ha!”

  632. Way, way OT.


  633. C’mon, he’s referring to a Michael Moore movie as a documentary. He’s obviously clueless, and immersed in a mire of tanged socialist dogma, and afraid to see the real world. His arguments indicate that he wouldn’t understand the real world if it hit him over the head. You’ve gotta be some kind of rich to be that lost and still own a computer.

  634. Hi Everybody, Sorry to be late, I was at the hospital being tested to rule out stuff.

    “Stuff white people like to rule out like lung cancer.”

    So far, I have had about $15,000 in CAT-Scans and other tests and my co-pay is zero. I am retired from a University job and this is great.

    Anyway, my friend in England (now dead from a stroke whilst ON the operating table for something else) paid her taxes properly but did not use the UK Public Health system.

    She said it was dreadful and totally taken over by people whose accents were so strong that she could not sort out the English language bits and pieces. Not being a fighter or complainer, she simple moved on to a private system, I guess because she could.

    I’m just saying…

  635. this blog is referring to a specific kind of white person. baseball watching, fried chicken loving, and hoedown dancing people are not the white people this blog targets.

  636. you don’t get the blog then

  637. Don’t allow yourself to get dragged in to a pissing contest with Portnoy. If you read thru the bazillion posts in this blog, you’ll discover that his racist rants are his reactionary tantrums for being outed as non-white. He hates himself (pathetic) for not being what he lauds.
    He’s some type of windigo who falls in love with his sister, then ends up on the Jerry Springer show when he discovers that she’s pregnant from from their alcoholic father.

    He produces, directs, and stars in his own Creature Feature.

  638. I SO miss criminals being able to attack me when I sleep. How I long for the shores of Australia.

    And to be denied hip replacement because my BMI is too high? To wait 4 months for a root canal? I can only dream.

  639. If one is down on his luck or poor, one gets Medi-Cal or Medi-Caid.

    This is not Calcutta. No one is dying for lack of medical care in the U.S., unless they willfully refuse to receive it.

  640. No doubt all these anecdotes are powerful. On the other hand, they are also at odds with every credible statistical analysis of health care outcomes. To some degree they also lay the blame for professional incompetence or even plain ol’ bad luck at the feet of public policymakers. Public or private, you generally have to schedule appointments and do some waiting around to get non-emergency medical services. Government oversight has limited ability to change this reality, but then again private operators are also extremely limited in their ability to make all medical care instantaneous and perfectly effective.

    It seems to some, when a physician overbooks his or her day and has people waiting weeks to spend hours in a waiting room and then get rushed through care, that is all well and good because it is private enterprise at work. Yet we must all bemoan the evils of bureaucracy when something comparable happens outside the U.S.A. Right now, the health insurance industry is an enormous parasite that creates zero value while extracting tremendous resources from the medical sector. Sadly, no major party candidate’s proposed reforms would remedy this. However, a shift from medicine-for-profit to medicine-for-healing would be a huge step in the right direction.

    There is a time and a place to put yourself first. When a sick man is dying at your feet, do you really believe you are in that time and place? Few physicians have the disposition to turn their back on preventable human suffering. The more the industry becomes entangled in ultra-purist profit-seeking, the more it strays away from its original purpose. We should not ignore the constraints of our resources for the purpose of advancing a medical agenda. However, we should not ignore the purpose of medicine for the purpose of advancing a fiscal agenda. Only by understanding both and striking a sensible balance of interests can we expect to improve our nation’s abysmal cost-to-benefit ratio in health care expenditures.

  641. Yes, there is medical care for the poor (lousy and substandard) and medical care for the rich (much better) in Europe.

    This is an improvement over the U.S. in what way?

  642. Unfortunately universal health care has been proved to downgrade the quality of medical care for EVERYBODY.

  643. Then you buy your own insurance, or pay as you go.

    I’ve paid as I go all of my adult life. I’m 44. I don’t even own a home. I am not wealthy.

    But it is not my view that anyone owes me health care (or food, or shelter, or water, or telephone service, etc. I pay for all that, too).

    I resent being told that I owe anyone else the necessities of life. I don’t owe them anything. I may give, charitably, but I rankle at it being taken from me by raw government power.

  644. “Of all the forms of inequality, injustice in health care is the most shocking and inhumane.” Martin Luther King, Jr

    “I have supported single-payer plan. I think the only way you’re going to solve these problems is you’ve got to have a national single-payer plan for everyone. I think that we’ve got to stop going with half a loaf.” Rev. Al Sharpton

    The Rev. Jessie Jackson, president of the Rainbow/PUSH Coalition, on Wednesday at an event in Miami said that the U.S. should implement a single-payer health care system to provide access to care for all residents, the Miami Herald reports. (10 Dec 2006)

  645. We have a higher standard of living and a longer life span. Our health care must not be that bad.

  646. How I long for the shores of Australia, where victims remain unarmed and subject to a criminal’s every whim. As a woman who often has small kids in tow, it sounds like paradise. Were I to be a healthy big male criminal – well, the mind boggles. It’s like a candy shop with no security guard.

    When I’m older, I’ll have to move there. It would be peachy to go without a knee or hip replacement because my BMI is too high. You save on a lot of health costs by refusing to treat people who are too fat, too sick, or too old. Also, by delaying MRIs and all that, lots of patients just die! Which of course cuts costs.

  647. The US has been so propagandized re health care that I don’t think we’ll ever get a system like they have in W Europe or Canada. I mean the guy who maintains this blog used the word “free” healthcare. Like it’s bad or something. Jeebus.

    We’ll need some kind of Depression or something to wake the sheep up from this neocon nightmare. But don’t count on that. The powers that be will try to keep this ship afloat for as long as possible via rates cuts and other economic legerdemain.

    We will have to learn just like Europe did (ie two world wars). We are an infantile nation, still teething. Quite immature. But who knows how long it will take till we grow up? But it will happen.

  648. @Jeffrey
    Whoa that’s actually a damn good idea! The best idea I’ve heard yet as a response to the problem. There are many many people putting time and effort into non-profit organizations to help others. This would surely be away to help in a HUGE way. You’re right though…. there would be a lot of skepticism at first and funding could be a problem initially but I bet the bigger problem would insurance companies trying to find an opportunity to sue claiming some unfair advantage. Regardless… you’re suggestion (on the surface) sounds ideal.

  649. I already made a comment that referenced a Penn and Teller episode, interviewing a vet who talked about how desperate Canadians come to him for MRIs because they have to wait 6-9 months. Dogs can get an MRI within 24 hours in Canada. The vet felt really bad that he couldn’t help the people.

  650. There is no “option” about helping your fellow man, when you are forced to pay insane taxes.

    Little help is given by the time the bureaucracy does its absorbing.

    Your neighbor may get denied her dental care because all the dentists have done their maximum hours for the year, but the fellow down the street can still get his endless psychotherapy.

    That isn’t help. It’s theft and withholding of proper care. I prefer to help people as I see fit, not as the government mandates.

  651. Making money in America is NOT a problem. I most certainly reap the benefits.

    The problem is that these individuals are making extraordinary money at the expense of millions of people’s medical care. These CEOs can just as happily make $250,000 with $1 mil in stock options so an additional 500,000 people can receive adequate healthcare vs. the current $1 mil they make with$700m+ in stock options. Ya think?

  652. “sicko” got people angry and talking for about a week, but who really bought the DVD to keep the fire going?

    the “they have it in Europe” reasoning makes for a much stronger argument b/c it’s not going anywhere. anytime the healthcare debate starts, someone will point to a country where universal healthcare is working, so we’ll always be reminded about how European it is to have it.

    lucky white people… the freedom to admit they want free healthcare so that they don’t have to work full-time jobs, even if it is just an option. have you any idea how long it would take for someone to call me “lazy” if i admitted such a thing! not that i’d actually stop working full-time, overtime and double time, but just having the option… wow.

    way 2 go, white folks!

    (p.s. it seems necessary to leave a disclaimer: if you’re taking this too seriously, that says much more about you than about me, so please continue the conversation with yourself.)

  653. When a sick man is dying at your feet, he can not be legally turned away at any hospital in the U.S.

    You’d think we were living in Bangladesh, here. Who knows someone who died in the U.S. because they were refused care because they were poor?

    I know several uninsured people, not wealthy, who got care for:

    non-Hodgkins’ lymphoma
    severe birth defects
    congenital hip dysplasia
    knee replacements

    that’s just off the top of my head. They got quality care at top of the line hospitals.

  654. MarkW:

    “And, in spite of what you may hear, everyone who wants treatment in America gets it for free if they are willing to use our “socialized” medicine here…”

    This is false. No one will be turned away, that is true, but unless you can prove you are within the federal poverty guidelines ($9,000/yr for an individual), you will get a bill. If you don’t pay the bill, your account will be turned over to the hospital’s collection agency, there will be a lien put on any property you own, and you will have a black mark on your credit report for seven years. The county hospital where I live currently incurs unreimbursable debt of about 150,000,000 dollars… per year. These are costs for services that Medicare, Medicaid, private insurance companies, and the patients themselves either cannot or will not pay. Some of that $150M is reimbursed through a local city tax specifically designed to support the hospital, but the remaining 80-90M is written off, while the collection department in the hospital gets busy with the liens. Hospitals try to negotiate with patients before resorting to legal action; most have departments that do nothing but offer financial counseling to patients. So a person who incurs a $10,000 hospital debt can arrange to make payments each month within their budget, but this means either they will be paying on the bill for well over a decade or they never will be able to pay the full debt back. In the meantime, the hospital simply has to eat the cost. Hospitals try to compensate for this by encouraging and investing in surgical procedures, such as joint replacement or cardiovascular surgeries, that have an exhorbitant reimbursement rate. The average bariatric surgery, for example, will be reimbursed to the hospital at four times higher than what the surgery actually cost.

    Healthcare is one topic that I don’t mind seeing in WP. Good for them to champion socialized medicine. So what if they have self-serving reasons? We’ll never have the system that the UK and Canada have, given how our system was born. We can fashion our own style of socialized medicine. If done correctly, we can keep the good aspects we already have, avoid whatever pitfalls we see in the NHS, and probably make our system cost effective.

  655. how about injustice in food quality and amount? injustice in housing quality and amount? injustice in open space? injustice in clothing? injustice in transportation?

    I am surprised we are responsible for taking care of ourselves at all any more. We are like babies.

  656. Granted, O.T…but what’s up with your computer, you seem to have a CAPS problem. Compensating for senseless content? Why are you talking (American) football shit at me you peon?

    Referring to your second `point` below, where you mention a `tangle of socialist dogma` would you like to explain what you mean, I don’t understand. Socialism, Facism, Fabianism….they’re all little more than forms of colectivism, which is ALL bad IMO.

    Who referred to “Sicko” as a documentary? You’ve lost me. Perhaps it was all in your tiny mind. “Some kind of rich” – again, means nothing to me. There’s a reason I have two houses, a good job, and a complete contempt for any kind of theology or organised religion, and it’s because I am FAR from lost, and FAR from clueless. I see the real world every day. I have travelled more miles than you can count (literally I suspect) and you, on the other hand, seem to have no insight into anything, going by the absolute absence of any kind of rebuttal to any of my arguments.

    I could really do with gems like yourself commenting on fortuzero.wordpress.org – pop on over and bring your special friends.

  657. Collectivism, before anyone else helpfully points it out. 😉

  658. Free HEALTH CARE?! That’s just going way too far. Why don’t we all just move to Cuba.

    I’m already astonished at the commie, socialist ideals that have brought FREE HIGHWAYS to the US. Really, if you want a road, don’t ask me to pay for it, build it yourself. Not to mention all the free police (we’re paying for way more per capita than most countries)… I mean, we have the right to bear arms for a reason right? And free prisons… why am I paying for the accommodation of criminals? If they really want to go to prison, they should damn well get a job and pay for it themselves. Free military, free wars… the list is endless. Hell, having a government to tell me what to do at ALL is way too socialist for me… who do they think they are?

    Move to Canada? Why bother, with all these basic necessities ridiculously supported by the government, we’re practically there already.

    Actually, I have to admit that I’m a Canadian so I can clarify some things people seem confused about.

    1. Have you guys ever been to Europe? Health care works great in the UK. My friend had alcohol poisoning once, and she was treated instantly at no cost… ambulance ride and all. Didn’t even ask to see ID.

    2. Health care in Canada is not free, it is simply government run and subsidized. If you earn under a certain amount, you fill out a little form and you don’t have to pay. Otherwise you have to pay your health insurance just like in the US. The main difference is that since it’s government run, nobody’s trying to turn a profit, so nobody gets turned away when they’re sick. It works great.

    3. Six month waits? I’ve only ever had to sit in the waiting room for an hour or two max.

    4. It’s not just that health care in the US is privatized, it also COSTS astronomically more for some reason. A woman in Canada had octuplets, and for whatever reason they decided it was necessary to fly her to the US for treatment (most Canadians live within like 50 miles of the border). The bill was about 15 times higher than it would have been in Canada (we could have had a new ferry!). Perhaps all those pharmaceuticals companies aren’t such a godsend after all. Unless you could get the cost of health care down, it’s probably true that the US can’t have a system like in Canada… there’s no way it would be affordable.

  659. Valid concerns regarding misallocation of public funding by government bureaucrats but I still stick with our (European system) by and large being better for more people across all social stratas. You can still go private if you want, if you have enough money, knock yourself out, so to speak.


    Stuff White People Like – BINGE DRINKING

  661. If you have 2 houses and lots of money and would gladly give it up then I suggest that you give it all to charity before telling everyone else how to spend theirs.

    I said it once and I’ll say it again.

    It is NOT charity to demand money at gunpoint (taxation) from one person you don’t know to give it (minus paychecks for intervening bureaucrats) to another person you don’t know.

    That is a truth you seem unwilling to see.

  662. Stuff White People Like – DEBATING ON THE INTERNET

  663. on April 5, 2008 at 11:08 am PeachHipGirl

    Right on potshot.

    Oh and Nick, you’re a bit dense eh? How much do you think you pay for your for profit health care?

    Google it and educate yourself. I hate it when Right wingers always prove they truly are as stupid as they seem. It’s so cliche.


  664. on April 5, 2008 at 11:12 am PeachHipGirl

    No one pays for health care here in Canada. The only thing that is not free are prescription drugs and dental care, and most people have coverage for both (except, unfortunately, dental care, which is not covered for poor adults).

  665. By the way, imagine if we had blogs out there that got book deals for debating legitimate policy issues which effect real people, instead of Gen Y snark-n-irony? Which is basically what this blog is. Which is okay, I guess. I’m here, right?

    I mean, I’m Gen X and snark is our meat and potatos. But, you know, it gets damn old after awhile. You can be funny and be a social critic. Think Carlin and Hicks. Funny guys with something real and tangible to say. All we get from the younger crowd is snark and cell phones–and that’s not funny or productive at all. It’s, well, kinda soul-deflating.

    If you want funny, check out Carlin’s riff on the Pyramid of the Hopeless. Now that’s real humor.

    But maybe I just don’t get it, right?

  666. Man oh man….Do yourself a favour, Tom. Actually make that two. Firstly, you should stop linking your blog to your spurious pointless and ignorant comments. WHERE THE FUCK did you come up with the alias “The Impaler”? Working on the assumption that the obese fucker in the avatar is your good self, I just don’t get it. Maybe the Consumer, the Crusher, but Impaler? Are you into Javelin throwing? Archery? C’mon, do tell. Maybe it’s your likeness to Vlad, oh no, he was a rather slender man. Maybe you were right, I am lost, but only as to where the fuck you got that dumbass name from.

    It’s the kind of alias that only a true fucking idiot gives himself – “Mike the Magnificent” “Gary the Great” Ah, that’d be it then.

    Secondly – actually this is more of a favour to me and the rest of the ” lost “socialists” ” out here, do please explain the nature of “the real world”, in the timeless words of “Tom the Impaler”…

  667. “Compensating for senseless content?”

    It’s a humor website. Senseless content is the order of the day. Needlessly insulting, hostile, and overly analytical comments are truly out of place here.

    “they’re all little more than forms of colectivism, which is ALL bad IMO”

    So collectivism is bad, but collectivism in health care is magically good? you’re disassembling your own arguments now.

    “Who referred to “Sicko” as a documentary?”

    I dunno, you’re citing a movie as a source of information so it seems you’re accepting the information as fact. It was initially marketed as a documentary, so I assumed you were misled. Apparently you’re quite aware that it’s propaganda, and seem content to spread its lies.

    “pop on over and bring your special friends”

    I looked over your site. you worry too much about things that don’t matter, and about which I can do nothing. It’s also semi incoherent most of the time. You should read this site more if only for writing tips

  668. Stuff black people like – talking about Stuff white people like 😉

  669. There are no second opinions under the Canadian system.

  670. Give it a rest.

  671. Spot on Burpy. Carlin is funny. Many a true word spoken in jest. Hicks was similar, although slightly less consistently sharp, arguably.

  672. Now, now, ad hominem attacks don’t point to the man of genius you want to be seen as. They point to a bitter 13 year old out late on daddy’s computer.

  673. I think you missed the mark a little here. Sure, white people love things that are done in Europe, and we do like being able to freelance or whatever without worrying about health care. However, as a white person who’s been without health insurance for two years I have to say the real reason I want socialized healthcare is so that I can go see a doctor and stop worrying about what financial straits I’ll be in if I fall and break something. To say that white people have access to the best hospitals and healthcare is pretty absurd, the problem of uninsured adults is extremely widespread in the US.

    I’m just saying, I’m white and I can’t afford to get my teeth cleaned. Usually I think this blog is clever, though!

  674. on April 5, 2008 at 11:48 am brown eyed girl

    Wow! That does sound great, you’ve convinced me. I’m roping together a couple of inner-tubes right now so I can float on over and get me some of that excellent health care.

  675. Yeah, and how much did your acquaintances have to pay afterward?

    Probably a lot. A real lot.

  676. on April 5, 2008 at 11:51 am brown eyed girl

    Oh how we love irony…what would Che think?

  677. on April 5, 2008 at 12:08 pm brown eyed girl

    You’re a sick bastard. Hope you have a crappy life


  678. Another excellent post. Looking forward to the book.

  679. no second opinions in canada? look you ignorant fucking asshole we can go to as many doctors as we want to get differing opinions, one opinion is you are a fucking idiot.

  680. cosigning tom on this one.

  681. Actually the Canadian Health Care system is NOT socialized medicine. They use a single payer system. In Great Britain where they have socialized medicine, the hospitals are owned by the govenrment and the doctors are employees of the government.

    In single payer, the the delivery system is still private, but there’s only one payer, the government. The hospitals and doctors are not employed by the government. It would act just like Medicare, thats an example of a single payer system. In single payer, you can choose your own doctor no HMO or government will say who you have to go to. It basically cuts out the middle man in gouging insurance companies that will do anything to do all they can to evade giving quality coverage.

    Under single payer, there’s less overhead paper work because doctors wont be dealing hundreds of policies! That’ll save a ton of money.

    The U.S. spends a massive amount of money per person than Canada does in exchange for shoddy coverage, confusing policies, and the poor losing out. The U.S. system costs more overall to the tax payer than the Canadian system. Think about it. A person in the U.S. is sick and puts off going to the doctor because she/he doesn’t can’t afford it because of their crappy policy and then it gets worse an they eventually end in the emergency room! Under single payer people will not be reluctant to see their primary doctor based on inability to pay. Also take into account all those people who dont have any coverage at all. Many of these people end up in the emergency room and they most likely won’t be able to pay. Guess who gets to pick up the tab? The American tax payer. Under single payer, this won’t be as much as a problem.

    For those who say, “oh we’ll have to go through long wait lines.” Any surgery or high risk/priority needs will be met as soon as possible. In 2005, per-capita spending for health care in the U.S. was US $6,401; in Canada, US $3,326. The Canadians get quality healthcare and NOONE is left behind and spend less. The U.S. on the other hand spends almost double what Canada does except with shoddy coverage.

    It’s clear, the U.S. needs government funded, privately administered single payer health care.

    Physicians for a National Health Program

    The Case for Single Payer

  682. getting your teeth cleaned is like 50 bucks

  683. I’m quite sure there are a great many things which you and many others can alone do little about, Tom. That doesn’t mean those things should not be discussed. However that’s not really the point. The blog to which I directed you is largely a collection of reprints, or just plagarised from other peoples writings. The rest of it is just spewing streams of consciousness…. It has been up all of a month, and has no agenda or structure at all. I have far too many other genuinely important things to do with my time, like care for my children and maintain business and property. I don’t really _do_ conventional structure – but I assure you there is method in my madness…

    You got it – again maybe this may seem confusing to you (not meaning to be rude, but as you say, some of my logic seems a little unusual and hard to follow), but I believe collectivism is BAD when governments use it as a blanket model for society, for making laws, education and so forth, but GOOD when it comes to welfare/healthcare services, ensuring on the lowest fundamental level that the group takes care of all individuals within. This is less to do with Collectivism and more to do with simpy being decent human beings, on a fundamental live or die level. The very base level. Once you get onto the material, the uneccesary layers of life then capitalism is fair game, but caring for people in your society should not be done for profit, or at least minimal, IMO. I believe we CAN have our cake and eat it, as the saying goes.

    Here’s a question for you – do you believe the U.S.A has a Facist system in place currently? Do you believe the UK/Europe has a Socialist system? Is that the same as Communist? Is our socialism the same as Russias?

    As for the personal digs I apologise – childish and uneccesary. I enjoy an academic argument, but got a little carried away. I’m sure if I put my mug on an avatar you would equally have a field day, if you were so inclined…

    Nevertheless, it has been fun to pass the last hour with you!

    I note from your blog that you have a soft spot for caffeine (as do all white people, apparently – much like blacks with crack…) Do you grind your own beans? Having just bought an espresso machine, I am looking to moving onto the `next level`… did you go for burr or blade? Burr would seem better (more consistent grind, longer life)…

  684. Um, I’m Canadian, and yes you DO have to pay for health care. You pay according to your income (so most students and young folk pay nothing, and it is free.) Most people just ignore it and don’t pay the bills for their health care, but most people pay for health care in Canada. The difference is that it’s cheap, and even if you haven’t paid your bill in months you can still get medical care regardless.

  685. man, your points aside, trying to read your writing is like having an elephant shit in my eyes.

    very disconcerting.

  686. on April 5, 2008 at 12:25 pm brown eyed girl

    Methinks someone here is in need of a lobotomy.

  687. More like $150, dude. Where you been?

  688. on April 5, 2008 at 12:31 pm Yea, why does I care?

    Yes, calling someone “a jew” when it is in no way relevant to the discussion, except in your own mind, IS anti-semitic. But then you already knew that, you are just too rude to care.
    Go ahead, turd, have the last word. Over and out.

  689. The issue is not socialized medicine. That’s what they have in the UK, and everyone agrees it sucks. The issue is national health insurance. As it is now, insurance companies cherry pick the healthiest people, since (a) no company covers enough people to spread the risk, and (b) they like very big profits. Also, please don’t be so knee-jerk about the word “socialized”. White Republicans are fine with socialized defense, tax-payer subsidized agriculture and oil, etc. And especially, socialized support of the high rollers at Bear Stearns. I mean, WTF??

  690. Likewise…. :/

  691. on April 5, 2008 at 12:46 pm Ryne McClaren

    I’m figuring you’re white? I’m not. You just love all of the stuff that white people do. I make no assumptions as to anything about you, other than the fact that you really jones on the things that white people love.

    1.) Railing against “wealth” and “value” while professing to be “wealthy.” (Since this is the internet it is doubtful that you are, and even if you were, no one would care.)

    2.) Your obvious support for socialized health care, otherwise you wouldn’t be here.

    3.) Your frequent use of f*ck and its variations.

    4.) Your desire to “debate” (poorly, and without any tact or class) in a comment thread at what is one of the best tongue-in-cheek sites in existence.

    Again I say it: You would be the Elvis Presley of a dinner party.

  692. I am so goddam tired of seeing your racist crap on this site. Do us all a favor and move on already. Fuck’s sake.

  693. Wow!!! A new comment record!!!

    No doubt the fact that the blogger is himself Canadian really rankles a lot of US White People. His goofing on you hit a little too close to the bone, I take it.

    I for one would like the US to adopt some type of national health insurance system that avoids the government-run hospitals of the UK and avoid the limits on what can be privately spent on healthcare, like the Canadian system has… or had or whatever they have now.

  694. I grind the beans at the market, haven’t got the spare $60 for a burr grinder yet, inflation has made things tough, but I like the DeLonghi espresso machine I bought just fine 🙂

  695. i don’t think people who do not have children support public schools, because why would you want to pay for something (in your taxes) that you don’t benefit from?

    i think you missed it with this one..(i love all your other posts though!)

    the socialized health care provided in European countries isn’t perfect, but what is? it’s better than being covered by a private health insurance, and hoping to GOD whatever you have getting done will be covered by your plan (and not just incredible surgeries, the “experimental” procedures/treatments, but how about when you can and can’t make a simple check up appointment with your dentist or gyno or internist, because it isn’t “past a certain date” for when it will be covered? or how about having to get taken to YOUR hospital, which is in YOUR plan, and getting charged $750 for the ambulance, because they just HAPPENED to dispatch the private bus? and then not being able to get refunded…)

    and we don’t, in this country, have access to the best doctors, even if you’re covered. if your plan isn’t “pick your own”, then you go where you’ll get covered.

    and you still have to wait here for care, even if you’re insured. i’ve waited almost 2 hours for a regular check up once at my gyno, who’s in an affluent neighbourhood, not a clinic. and let’s not even begin about getting an appointment…you’d think these doctors are rockstars or something, meanwhile it’s ME that’s paying for the services.

    i’m glad i’m not in horrible health/have a devastating disease, while living in this country, because even those with the insurance can easily get fucked.

  696. I appreciate Mary lying. Mary thinks that most people are polite, and won’t call her a liar. She is right. Mary is still a liar.

    Anyone who has interacted with American Health Care and had to pay it themselves would never, ever, have the views this lying ‘woman’, assuming it is a woman, has.

    I paid 2000+ dollars for eight stiches. And it goes up from there. No one who has looked at the insane prices of American Health Care would talk like this.

    Mary, you are a liar.

  697. Mary, would you please stop spamming your lies?

    I personally know a person in America, who had insurance, who has permanent injuries and pain because of mis-set bones.

    She had insurance. She also had I Am Better Than You doctors, who didn’t much care if they killed people.

  698. Actually the Canadian Health Care system is NOT socialized medicine. They use a single payer system. In Great Britain where they have socialized medicine, the hospitals are owned by the govenrment and the doctors are employees of the government.

    In single payer, the the delivery system is still private, but there’s only one payer, the government. The hospitals and doctors are not employed by the government. It would act just like Medicare, that’s an example of a single payer system. In single payer, you can choose your own doctor no HMO or government will say who you have to go to. It basically cuts out the middle man in gouging insurance companies that will do anything to do all they can to evade giving quality coverage.

    Under single payer, there’s less overhead paper work because doctors wont be dealing hundreds of policies! That’ll save a ton of money.

    The U.S. spends a massive amount of money per person than Canada does in exchange for shoddy coverage, confusing policies, and the poor losing out. The U.S. system costs more overall to the tax payer than the Canadian system. Think about it. A person in the U.S. is sick and puts off going to the doctor because she/he doesn’t can’t afford it because of their crappy policy and then it gets worse an they eventually end in the emergency room! Under single payer people will not be reluctant to see their primary doctor based on inability to pay. Also take into account all those people who dont have any coverage at all. Many of these people end up in the emergency room and they most likely won’t be able to pay. Guess who gets to pick up the tab? The American tax payer. Under single payer, this won’t be as much as a problem.

    For those who say, “oh we’ll have to go through long wait lines.” Any surgery or high risk/priority needs will be met as soon as possible. In 2005, per-capita spending for health care in the U.S. was US $6,401; in Canada, US $3,326. The Canadians get quality healthcare and NOONE is left behind and spend less. The U.S. on the other hand spends almost double what Canada does except with shoddy coverage.

    It’s clear, the U.S. needs publicly funded, privately administered single payer health care.

    Physicians for a National Health Program

    The Case for Single Payer

  699. So tell me, what is the difference between America and those countries which have Universal Healthcare?

    In New Zealand, everyone, rich or poor, is entitled to free hip replacements, cataract removals, cancer treatment, any sort of necessary hospital treatment at all, and some elective things. You pay a small proportion of the cost of medicines, up to a limit, above which they are free. If you are poor, medicines are totally free. If you don’t want to wait, and can afford it, you can pay to get hospital work done privately. You can also have health insurance if you want to pay for that, so you can get anything done privately.

    Of course, if you are very fat, a hip-replacement would be a bit of a waste of time, but that’s up to you if you pay for it. If you are hugely obese I think most responsible doctors would want to see you lose weight before being operated on.

    There is NO means testing to get things done free, but you may have to wait a few months for non-urgent treatment. I had to wait about three months for a tubal ligation, for instance. No big hassle.

    If I was in an accident and needed hospitalisation, I would not have to wait (obviously), and there would be no bill at the end. No matter how rich I was.

    If I were to fall into a coma for years my relatives would not be beggared paying for my upkeep, it would be free and adequate. Not luxurious, but I don’t think I’d be noticing the lack of plush carpets, soft lighting, and gourmet meals.

    Contrary to what the original post suggests, if a foreigner was admitted to hospital here, a large bill WOULD be presented at the end of his stay in hospital. So remember to get health insurance if you are travelling.

    Dental work for adults is not included in this, we have to pay once we have left school. In England, dental work IS included, I understand. But again, you can pay to have it done privately if you want. I’m not totally sure of the system in Australia, I think it differs slightly from state to state, but in essence it is much the same as we have.

    And since when are people allowed to attack you in your sleep in Australia? I’m not that fond of the place, but I really do think these things happen more often in America, and they’re not ALLOWED to happen anywhere at all that I can think of.

  700. Socialised Medicine = The efficiency of the Postal Service with the compassion of the IRS.

    For the drooling masses crying for “FREE” medical care. Ask yourselves this question.

    Why would the same govt that created Medicare + Medicaid, two monumental failures without a doubt, be able to do a 180 and create a “FREE” nationalized healthcare system that will not be over burden, mismanaged, ripe with corruption and a budget nightmare? I guess as long as the masses pocket the bill and you can smile like total ignorant jackasses while sipping wine and touting that America has “joined” the rest of europe all will be ok.

    The issue of “FREE” healthcare speaks volumes about the undeniable stupidity of many Americans. I have debated this with many citizens and one undeniable fact is obivious, you dont know what the F$#k you are talking about. Make decisions based on logic and reason, not on the emotional rollercoaster politicians stir up in your small uneducated minds.

  701. My dear, YOU are forced to pay insane taxes to fund G.W. Bush’s little foray into Iraq. I know what I’d rather my taxes were spent on.

  702. White people apparently like to make off-topic posts to blogs.

    But seriously, white people possess a great talent for ironic self-regard. We have the ability to stand back from ourselves just enough to observe ourselves and then make fun of ourselves, for instance, in “Family Guy” and “Stuff White People Like.” It’s not the fault of this blog, but this ingenious parody of anthropology and travel guides will not change the privileged status of white people in this country. I don’t suppose any blog on its own could pull that off, even if it were the blogger’s intent. But fully owning the fact that “white” is as much as a racial category, filled with race-specific content, is a step in the right direction.
    Victor Kulkosky

  703. You’ve never been out of America have you?

    In your mind you are transporting all of those armed criminals that you have in the USA over to Australia, and pitting the poor unarmed populace against them, aren’t you?

    Sorry, criminals aren’t allowed guns in Australia either. Which is not to say that some of them don’t HAVE guns, but in general there are just many fewer guns. And much less gun crime than there is in America.

    We who live in countries where guns are not allowed are generally quite nervous going to America because of all the guns you have there.

  704. Too true, too true…

  705. As a European, I think it is more important to get a proper health care system than a free one…..

    Health systems are never free, they are been paid for somehow. Unfortunately in general a part time job doesn’t pay all the other bills even with a free health care system…

  706. I am white…almost tragically so, but this is not something I’m keen on. However, freelance anything DOES sound good!

    Also, I think Michael Moore is an idiot, so if I accidently like something he likes, I’d probably carefully re-examine my thoughts.

    Honestly, I’m a bit suprised by the premise. I figure the only white people that already have good healthcare that would be interested in free universal health care would be rich white people running for office!

  707. on April 5, 2008 at 4:08 pm Exasperated

    A bit long-winded, but an erudite and cogent criticism of this once funny site.

  708. on April 5, 2008 at 4:28 pm Exasperated

    Yeah, pioneering in suburbia – how fucking rugged.

  709. on April 5, 2008 at 4:29 pm WhitePplOwnBrownPpl

    If it weren’t for white people, you wouldn’t be using a computer or the internet, jackass. And FYI, “Hindi” IS a language. So shut up, you brown asshole.

  710. The writers of this blog should really rethink the title, because all of topics that have been written about on here are things that LIBERAL white people like. Conservative white people do not want socialized health care or gay friends. So, yeah, this blog should be called “Things That Liberals Like.” Because I certainly do not want socialized health care or gay friends.

  711. on April 5, 2008 at 4:38 pm Exasperated

    The doctors paid out their ass and endured 8 years of education and 4 years of internship and residency in an incredibly competitive and demanding environment – let ’em get their money. It’s the insurance companies that laugh all the way to the bank with some dead cancer patient’s insurance premiums because the cancer was pre-existing or the recommended treatment wasn’t covered. I don’t know how those people sleep at night.

  712. on April 5, 2008 at 4:38 pm PeachHipGirl

    What are you 12? YOU DO NOT PAY FOR HEALTH CARE in Canada. Jesus, did you fall off a freaking truck and hurt your head?

    We DO NOT have a system whereby those with money pay and those without get nothing. It is simply not true.

    I can’t believe I have to explain the basics to a so-called student.

  713. And by the way, I am a single woman in my 50s, living in a reasonably large city, and I am so scared of the nasty criminals that I have never locked my house at night in my life. It’s a terrible way to live, isn’t it.

  714. on April 5, 2008 at 4:44 pm Exasperated

    Amen, yo’mama. Besides, socialized healthcare doesn’t even have to mean healthcare provided by the government. In Japan, which has a socialized system and where I lived for several years, only the insurance was socialized; the doctors and hospitals were private. The pricing of all treatment is standardized, so the doctors compete solely on quality of service. You can often go in to the specialist of your choice and receive treatment within an hour of arriving.
    The ignorant provincial rednecks extolling the virtues of the world’s most expensive and ethically reprehensible healthcare system have just drunk way too much of the profiteering right wing kool aid.

  715. on April 5, 2008 at 4:47 pm Exasperated

    Oh, so those 20 million people should just die and get out of the way so the rest of us with employer-provided healthcare can receive treatment? You go tell that to their faces, asshole.

  716. You are a moron their is no such thing as free healthcare. Nothing in life is free some one always has to pay for it you just don’t want to have to be responsible for your own life.
    Ask yourself this, why the hell should some one else have to pay for your Healthcare?

    And to the other people who don’t get this a joke website please stop the “Hey all White People aren’t the same” B.S. If racist humor wasn’t funny Dave Chapelle wouldn’t be famous.

  717. on April 5, 2008 at 4:53 pm Exasperated

    Bravo. Well said, Demonweed.

  718. White people also lack a sense of humor.

    Except for those of us who do, of course.

  719. Dudes, you’re not the only ones that would loooove some free health care. Or even the mere thought of it. Trust me!

  720. First of all, nothing is free. People in Sweden are taxed more than any American would imagine.

    Secondly, my spouse is Swedish and I didn’t get free anything when I went to the city clinic w/ an excruiciating bladder infection and waited 4 hours for the doctor to tell me so. Then she prescribed antibiotics that weren’t cheap.

    Yes, we need better health care in the US, that’s a no brainer, but, when you’re out of the US, or at least in Sweden as an American, you pay a lot.

    I do like Michael Moore films, though…they show how crappy everything can be in the US. I like the fact that I live somewhere where a person like Michael Moore could express his point of view w/o being exiled or jailed even more.

  721. I’ve been to Europe. Guiness tastes better in Ireland. And it cures what ails you.

  722. Don’t say or write “a myriad of…”; simply say “myriad…”. White people prefer myriad to be used correctly.

  723. Crisp and refreshing, like crackers?

  724. The Postal Service is extremely efficient about sending a letter from point a to point b I don’t know about parcels or Priority documents but this whole thing about snail mail is a misnomer for the most part.

    But I get your point. Like Reagan lampooned, ‘I’m from the government & I’m Here to help.’ for big laughs as a way of telling the little people not to expect anything in exchange from the government for your hard earned taxes while ramping up corporate welfare & gutting every union he could sic his spineless minions on.

    Maybe he should implemented accountability rather than cutting & running in utter surrender special interests.

  725. I say: get the Gerrys on the other side of the fence and give this country a war worth supporting.

  726. White people just don’t understand satire.

  727. ew. you’re a republican. disgusting. unsubscribed.

    good luck with that book deal. grody republican.

  728. you should start a blog. i’m in the market for one that’s funny and not just politically assy like this one suddenly is.

  729. on April 5, 2008 at 5:48 pm Amanda Paiement

    Uhhh…I live in a country with socialized health care and THIS SHIT DOESN’T HAPPEN

    Honest. Stop making things up.

  730. not to mention that they had to wait until they were sick and dying at someone’s feet to get care. the outcome when you wait until your disease is at its worst is not as good as if you catch it and treat it early. and it costs *all of us* a lot of money to treat the people who use the e.r. as primary care, not that money should be the primary concern ever at all on this issue.

  731. on April 5, 2008 at 5:53 pm tyler durden

    I am Jack’s raging temper.

  732. on April 5, 2008 at 5:55 pm Amanda Paiement

    There aren’t? We go where ever we want for any treatment…second opinions, fuck it, even 5th opinions. You simply call another doctor and book an appointment.

  733. on April 5, 2008 at 5:59 pm tyler durden

    prep school? I hope you are there on scholarship; if not, you should show the headmaster this paragraph and demand your money back. moron.

  734. but i owed you the right to drop bombs on iraqis, right? ’cause i sure as shit am paying for that, as will my grandchildren.

    and the government owed you and your children 13 years of education, and the roads you drive your SUV on, presumably.

    so many disgusting republicans pat themselves on the back as “self made,” withholding due credit from the parents and teachers who helped them become so self-congratulatory. it’s truly appalling to behold.

  735. What you fail to remember is things like the Military and prisons are constitutional and the police come from the state not the federal gov.

    Healthcare is not in the constitution and therfore the federal gov. has no business being involved in it. It would be up to the state.

    And it’s good to know the people in the UK’s taxes are being used to pay for morons that try to drink themselves to death. We could use taxes to make beer “free” as well that way we have the other side covered.

    I have never had to wait for more the 20 minutes, so have fun with your 2 hours.

  736. on April 5, 2008 at 6:14 pm AdmChesterMyNutz

    The content on this blog is like, not funny. I once thought it would be funny, but it keeps coming up a bit lame. Uncreative, sort of lazy if you will. What is funny about free anything?

  737. Wow, nothing like being Comment #750…what’s it like to have so many people commenting on your blog. Oh…popularity, I’m sure, has its drawbacks.


  738. on April 5, 2008 at 6:19 pm Exasperated

    Our standard of living is middling in spite of having the highest GDP per capita. Life span and infant mortality rates are shamefully bad for an advanced society like ours. Go ahead google it and see for yourself. Yes, we have some of the best medical technology in the world, but it is not available for the regular working stiffs out there.
    You know, a lot of those arguing in favor of leaving the system as is remind me of the poor non-slave owning southerners in favor of secession from the union giving rise to the Civil War. They are being duped by the insurance lobby now and were duped by the rich powerful slaveowners back then. The status quo insurance industry that robs us blind wants you to think that all this great healthcare, which many can’t afford anyway, is the best there is and socializing insurance will make care worse and more expensive. Rich slaveowners convinced the southern dirt farmers (who did most of the dying in the Civil War while the slaveowners stayed home) that keeping blacks subjugated frees opportunities for the white man to someday become a rich slaveowner himself. I really feel sorry for the people who actually believe that ours is the best system there is.

  739. this blog cracks me up every time i read it and i’m as white as it gets

  740. I have to say, there may be a point there.

    It does seem to me that corruption is as rife in America as it is in many third world “emerging” nations.

    I think it is a cultural thing. The nation is built on the concept of “grab what you can and the devil take the hindmost” so really it is too much to expect them to be capable of administering anything at all if there is no profit in it.

    Oh well, at least we don’t have to live there.

  741. This might be redundant because I started reading the comments to make sure I was not being redundant and I got annoyed. Such is life. Anyway, for the record, Absinthe is now LEGAL in the US. White people like to keep up with what is and what is not allowed in the realm of adult beverages.

    Now I started reading from the bottom up and I had the same problem. Geez. White people get annoyed. And I swear it said somewhere in a description of the blog – middle class, liberal, white people…but hey, I could be wrong.

    Let’s refresh – absinthe, legal.

    the end.

  742. Must have been painful, I hope there’s an ointment for that.

  743. I was addressing zionismkills, jackass.

    Thanks for playing.

  744. Yeah you have the right to the “Pursuit” of happiness not the right to “Be” happy, and it might be “capitalist garbage” but if you live in a “capitalist” country you might want to get with the program or find some place that is more to your liking.

    Ayn Rand said it best when she called you all “Looters”.

  745. on April 5, 2008 at 7:05 pm Turn not the Worm

    Apparently the stuff you have in the USA is sans worms or something and therefore & thusly not authentic Absinthe but a cheap knock-off.

    white people want their worms it seems.

  746. You need to know as an American stopping in at an ugent care facility in BC, CA costs $650. just to see the DR

  747. In fact this is wrong Frank. I have only moved to the US in 2001 after 51 years in Canada and there are lots of options for a ‘2nd opinion’ in the Canadian health care system. I have waited much longer here and actually have recently calculated my taxes and would argue that after my co pays an health care premiums I pay a lot more overall here than I have ever paid in Canada, even after calculating employers health tax.

    Sorry but you are wrong.

  748. We already have Rush Limbaugh 🙂

  749. PeachHipGirl,

    I pay $80 per month health care for myself and one dependent. Interestingly, I didn’t need Google for that.

    What your simple, good little government subject mind can’t process is…I don’t care if I’m paying $800 per month. I DON”T THE GOVERNMENT TO BE RESPONSIBLE FOR MY HEALTHCARE. This is because I believe, like our founding fathers, in a thing called “liberty.”

    You should definitely look into the concept and consider the values it holds.

    My point was that socialized (federalized, whatever) medicine is one step further away from liberty. I have principles. One of my principles is that I’d rather be personally responsible for my own health care. Another principle of mine is that Government is inherently inefficient, which in this case the reality is that they will give me inferior coverage at an increased cost.

    I’m not a “right winger.” I’m a libertarian (I’ll wait while you look it up), which means that I believe in individuality and freedom from governance whenever possible. This ideology makes my choices easy. If it involves more government, I’m against it. I’d rather make my own way, thanks.

    This of course unless it involves interstate highways and border defense.

    If you don’t want to be free from government oversight of every possible aspect of your life, fine. Why belittle those that want to be self-reliant though? Are you that scared of actual freedom?

    Something tells me you wouldn’t even know what that is anyway. Sad.

    Nice use of “eh” by the way.

    Judging by your pointed evaluation of my intelligence, I suppose you feel I am in need of more government indoctornation (also referred to as “public education.”)

    Speaking of education, I highly recommend you read a little book called “The Communist Manifesto” by the lovely Karl Marx.

    In it, he lists the “10 planks of the Communist Manifesto.”

    Here’s where it gets interesting:

    10. Free education for all children in public schools.

    Why do think Marx saw public education as such an important step to his communist society?

    Glad you asked. If the government has a hand in educating children, they can indoctornate them any way they seem fit, and with little to no consequence. That way, they can teach them that:

    1) they live in a democracy (they don’t)
    2) they have a “right to vote” for the president (they don’t)
    3) they have a “right” to socialist entitlement programs (they don’t)
    4) collectivism is fun!
    5) the constitution is a “living document”, open to interpretation of the highly government-educated intellectuals…you know…the RIGHT kind of white people.

    If you’d like to further research Marx’s list, you may refer to Al Gore’s internet.

    I’ll leave you to ponder this “inconvenient truth.”

    Oh, and global warming is not man-made. The sun creates natural cycles of warming and cooling, not to mention the globe has actually been cooling since 1998.



    That is all.

  750. What’s funny is its, like totally not free, like it actually costs money, and like people will have to pay for it. Like, did you totally think Hitlary would take the like, $109 million she’s made since Bill like, left political office to subsidize it? And like, did you think that would foot the bill for covering every like, U.S. citizen?

    Like, totally lame.

  751. Michael,

    I’d be extremely interested to hear you explain how this country would be able to avoid assigning the defense of our country to the Federal Government. Not because I’m being a smart ass, but because I’m always on the look out to reduce the Federal Government’s role in my life.

    Allow me to slightly correct you on something. SOME white Republicans are fine with tax-payer subsidized agriculture and oil. MOST are sickened by it, and view it as the end of the party. Which is why many are registering as Libertarians. At which point we realize that even the Libertarian party is far from perfect and needs much work to become politically relevant.

    I hate to change the tone of this reply, but man, where on EARTH do you get the idea of “socialized support of the high rollers at Bear Stearns?” Did you even follow this story and read the particulars or do you get your news from Jon Stewart???

  752. Peach,

    When did you Canucks get money trees?

    Oh they haven’t invented those yet?

    Hmmm…Maybe taxpayers pay for “free” healthcare then you mental midget.

  753. first

  754. on April 5, 2008 at 8:35 pm I'm not Rappaport

    You’re right.

    White politicians support it because they want NON-WHITE votes.

  755. on April 5, 2008 at 8:41 pm I'm not Rappaport

    “Vlad the Impaler”

    Google it for chrissakes.

    He’s a White hero, and a hero of Western Civilization. I guess liberal punks know more about Cesar Chavez and Che Guevara.

    typical idiots.

  756. on April 5, 2008 at 8:44 pm I'm not Rappaport

    “Collectivism is a term used by Ayn Rand (Alisa Rosenbaum) and it ridicules the Jews who are by far the most collectivist group in America.

  757. on April 5, 2008 at 8:48 pm I'm not Rappaport

    I’m White and I love my life. I have blue eyes too!!!! Do any of the non-Whites here realize how many compliments blue-eyed people get in life? It’s great!!

  758. on April 5, 2008 at 8:49 pm I'm not Rappaport

    You’re a homosexual and you’re still here? This is a blog about Whites, not people who hate them.

  759. on April 5, 2008 at 8:50 pm I'm not Rappaport

    Vlad: That comment is utterly senseless.

  760. Man, what a great blog. Kudos to you kind sirs, kudos to you.

  761. on April 5, 2008 at 8:54 pm I'm not Rappaport

    everything zionismkills says is factual also so paranoid is a poor choice of word. Thanks.

  762. Wow, some people get so pissed. I think this blog is so clever and witty. And, though, I can’t speak to all white people’s likes…I am white and you usually hit the nail on the head about what my “white people” friends like! ha ha ha…keep blogging!

  763. on April 5, 2008 at 8:58 pm I'm not Rappaport

    You’re an idiot, don’t read, or have ADD

    Some else referred to David Brooks as a “White liberal”. All I did was say he was a Jew and a liberal. It’s more accurate. Sorry you can’t handle something so simple.

  764. on April 5, 2008 at 9:02 pm I'm not Rappaport

    JEWS LOVE ABORTION!!!!!!!!!!

    There really is no denying how much effort they have put into the activism for it.

    Thanks for playing.

    Your quarter is up and it’s GAME OVER!

  765. on April 5, 2008 at 9:04 pm carnivaletsy

    “The fact that it’s available in Canada isn’t really that impressive, but it does contribute to their willingness to threaten to move there.”

    LoL . . . Clander, you are way too much 🙂

  766. The NHS is awesome! I just moved back to the States from the UK. Yes, socialised medicine really works. It works just as well as the system in the States. It’s also very free. I love the way republicans like to shoot it down. Then telling them you lived with the NHS and it works better than the US system. They tend to shut up because they start to feel very thick due to your superior knowledge.

    You DO get to choose the doctor and you DON’T have to wait weeks to see him or her. I was usually able to get into the surgery (doctor’s office) within a day or two. The best part is that whatever prescription you get, it will cost around $15.

    In the UK, most people pay comparable income taxes and the NHS is paid for from the tax base. Here in the US, taxes go to expensive wars and welfare for large corporations. The worst part about the tax hole is that most States don’t even have enough money to fix roads. US roads look and feel like third world roads. Pathetic!!

  767. Hello, I’ve made a number of comments on this post addressing the drooling Republican slave-animals.

    I would like one of the cowardly sub-humans to get up on his hind legs and address them.

    Not that they will. They know better than to spew feces at someone who won’t treat them better than they deserve.

    American Health Care forces paying customers to wait hours for EM care, and days and weeks for tests. As both my grandfather experienced as he was dying of lung cancer, and I experienced for stiches.

    American Health Care is a Government Enforced Cartel catering to the special interests of wealthy Hospital Industry players. Obama, a current presidential candidate, made his bones in Chicago working with Hospital PACs. His wife is employed by a PAC… I mean hospital, for the purpose of incurring his favour.

    American Health Care is insanely expensive, I paid over 2000 dollars for eight stiches for which I waited more than four hours. I could have done better myself. And will in the future. But better than first aid administered by an intelligent but untaught person is a little bit to much to expect, isn’t it?

    I know a woman who will be in pain the rest of her life because of mis-set bones. This happened in an American Hospital, and she was insured. She isn’t getting any money for this, because in ‘sue-happy’ America, patients can SHUT UP AND SIT DOWN. That’s the real world, you delusional animals. That is all, animals.

  768. I have to say, I know plenty of white people who are not in favor of universal health care.

    I hope it is incredibly obvious that these same white people who argue against universal health care are from an upper socioeconomic background. They have never had to choose between buying their medicine, and paying their electricity bill. For people in poor health, choosing one over the other – for either of those financial burdens – can have a fatal outcome.

    There are people in this country who *have* insurance who suffer fatal consequences as a result of being denied treatment by their insurance carrier.

    And certainly there are those without any insurance whatsover –due to its utter inaffordability– who die as a result, or for various reasons related to lack of medical care (mental or physical) contribute to the massive problem of homelessness we have in this country.

    Society can do better. We have a moral imperative to do better. And no matter how much the capitalist healthcare junkies claim it will, the reality is that quality of care will NOT suffer under socialized medicine.

    I wish more white people were in favor of universal health care. Specifically, I wish the self-serving, elitist whites in our Congress and White House, would WORK toward universal health care … instead of just making sure our tax dollars provide *them* with a supremely good government insurance plan.

    For the trillions that have been spent on the conflict in Iraq, we could have had universal health care about three times over.

    And the crap about the waiting in line for an MRI or whatever in this post is waaaaaaaaayy off base. People on Medicare in this country today wait the same amount of time in a doctor’s office or emergency room as a card-carrying person on private insurance. We already HAVE socialized medicine, and it’s just as functional or dysfunctional as the private, for-profit system the conservatives laud. The one thing they fail to think about is that perhaps if we had a single payor system with patient information consolidated and archived in a single national database, where any doctor anywhere could pull up any patient’s history at the click of a button, well … I think we’d have a lot of lives saved just by that improvement in our system alone.

    Why does the opening of this post assume that “white people” have access to the best insurance and the fanciest hospitals? A hospital that will seize your house as a result of having medical debt with them? Who are all these white people that have access to great health insurance? I know plenty of whites who cannot afford to get insurance, and have suffered health consequences as a result. I also know whites who had insurance but had to drop it due to inaffordability. Is that having access? How do people have access to care who can’t afford it? I also know whites who were denied coverage due to a BS pre-existing condition, or denied certain services “not covered” in the fine print. And why do insurers even have policies of what is an allowed benefit and what isn’t when none of them have medical degrees? Because every patient impacts their profitability. The only way to take the capitalism out of health care is to put the service with the government. Only then will WHITE PEOPLE, along with all other Americans, have access to care, as the opening sentence of this post claims. We need national health care desperately, and most of the reasons white people argue in favor for it, is the alleviation of suffering and negative health consequences… for themselves, their families, and every other colored stripe of AMERICANS — not to work a freelance job from home. For Christ’s sake, man.

    I hate that this post took a very simplistic, right-biased slant to this issue. I am new to this site and have liked what I’ve read so far, but you lost me a little on this one …

  769. on April 5, 2008 at 10:49 pm I'm not Rappaport

    I know something: There are NOT ENOUGH White doctors these days.

  770. What fun you must have composing posts and then sitting back and watching the wars being waged.

    Well done. Again.

  771. If you’re going to make socialized medicine and gun control your standard of civilization, then you’re forced to admit that in 1939, Germany was more civilized and advanced than any of the Allies who fought her. Certainly more than Mackenzie King’s Canada.

    I’m sure the guys at Stormfront will be more than happy to extend you a welcome!

  772. And let’s not forget that Germany let women vote a generation before France (or Quebec) and two generations before Switzerland.

    That’s not my standard of civilization, but if it’s yours, then there’s your third cheer for the squat, swarthy guy with the ‘stache. No Reagan, he…

  773. Oh, and how could I forget the public support of churches and religious schools, so widespread in the West, but absolutely rejected in the soulless, self-centered USA?

    Germany will direct your taxes to the church of your choice, Norway will even run that church. Quebec will spring for the kids’ parochial school. But suggest that Americans do the same, and [horrors!] the republic will fall.

    Americans apparently care no more for the soul than for the body!

  774. Is it just white people who like free healthcare? or white poor people? hmm, how about any healthcare? here in Oregon, those below the poverty line, (mind you all races), can enter a lottery now to get on the Oregon Health Plan! what a thing to win! jesus!
    well, there was a day when medical care was affordable and one could afford to pay out of pocket to see their family doctor, at least for a cold, and got by with a catastrophic insurance plan for hospitalization! or when you could make an appt with any doctor you wanted and not just one in your network! and when not only one got insurance from an employer, but also when you could afford to insure the rest of your family under one’s policy! or when the insurance companies set up the whole crazy system right under our noses of HMO’s, primary MD, and co-pays! and the last i heard even in Europe and Canada, despite their systems, it is just as much a mess there as here. the real problem is healthcare itself. so much can be done and maybe white people want it all? Trust me though, they don’t want what’s free, they want the BEST…

  775. Was in Paris last month, travelling w/family, & our 3-yr old got sick. Terrible ear infection.

    Walked into pediatrics wing of major city hospital. No wait.
    Got excellent, high-tech care. 2 prescriptions.

    We only had to give our names and address, (all on the honor system).

    After returning home, got a bill for $32 USD.

    (Stuff only white people like? Hell no!)

  776. on April 6, 2008 at 12:29 am The Dingo What Ate Your Baby

    Well I think Clander has betrayed his priviliged upbringing on this one.

    This is the most obviously political of the SWPL posts…

    Note to Random House editors re: this one: “SNIP”.

    Look forward to something funny next go round.

  777. on April 6, 2008 at 1:01 am Petit Merdeux

    Jealous of what? Your being a total moran?

  778. Wow, there are people actually debating the free health care issue.

    Ize lolling 🙂

  779. on April 6, 2008 at 3:51 am The Tobey Macguire Character from PLEASANTVILLE

    Hell, yes I want to be able to have health coverage while I work my part-time jobs & hell, yes I’m also trying to start a new home based business on the side.

    The idea of working fulltime for one company is as archaic as it gets. The main hold of the fulltime job is health coverage in many cases as you pointed out and when the downsizing throws you out on your ass & you’re on your own the fascists chant ‘You should of been prepared’ ‘You knew they’d move your cheese’
    Prepared, how?
    By having a part time job on the side or setting up your own business, of course…
    So the fly in the ointment is healthcare.

    Big Business should be open to free healthcare for all. They can stop offering their own insurance packages & go all part time workforce.

    Places like the Big Three (sic) automakers already have a two tier work force. They could make all new hires part time with no insurance bennies & maybe we’d get affordable hybrid cars in our lifetime.

  780. on April 6, 2008 at 4:07 am PeachHipGirl

    Debating with a republican is like playing a game of twister with a one-armed bandit. Too easy.

  781. This is such a good blog. People who complain about bad health care and think that giving the reigns to the US government will not only reform the industry, but make it cheaper, are either terribly misinformed or simply stupid. The health system needs reform, but if there is one group that you can be absolutely certain will make it worse, it’s the US government. If you don’t think you have good health care, don’t forget that you can leave your policy and shop for one that is better. Don’t turn your personal rights over because you are mad with your health care company! Peace out and God Bless the USA!

  782. I’d love to die because I’m poor.

    Really…not only do you yanks leave your poorest citizens out in the cold, but you’ve turned medicine into a profit based business; charging as much money as you can, not as much as the services cost.

    I haven’t seen “sicko” and I’m not american or european. (or asian or african or south american or indeed, any race you probably know of.)

  783. […] April 6, 2008 · No Comments I’m sure many of you already frequent this blog, “What White People Like.” It’s very popular (and I’ll be waiting for my “thank you” for all the added traffic today) and very funny. Two days ago they ran a post titled, “Free Health Care.” Although inaccurate, it is very funny and plays to all of our misunderstandings and stereotypes regarding health care. Check it out. […]

  784. Fanciest hospitals? Maybe, but our insurance companies choose which hospital we can go to. (in the US) So, if I’m severely injured, my husband has to remember, while in a moment of panic, which hospital our insurance company said he could take me to. And where I live, our mandated hospital is 5 minutes further from us than another hospital. That doesn’t sound very fancy to me.

    This was your most hostile post, and it reinforces the misconceptions that people have about universal health care. You’re not so smart today.

  785. In a way this blog should be #1 on the list of what stuff white people like.. Because white people LOVE to show how well they know themselves, and to be open with it.
    So.. no 1 on the list of what white people like:
    #1 Stuff White People Like Blog

    I hope you acknowledge this

  786. Speaking as a British citizen:
    Ha ha, America.

    Ha ha.

  787. Actually the police used to be private too. See the “thieftakers” of early Victorian Britain etc (and at how unbelievably corrupt they were).

  788. This is hilarious. For 40% of the people in this country, waiting lists are a factor anyway, and they’re for substandard care. I’ve been to hospitals on the South Side of Chicago that made my skin crawl; dirty conditions, patients w/o family left in a corner and doped up, nurses who espouse: “that ain’t my job,” when asked to change and IV bag.” I’ve seen people waiting in the ER w/gunshot wounds; yes, actually waiting, sitting w/the rest of us waiting to get into the trauma unit.

    We spend more money than any other country, and what we get is great care for 20% of americans, decent care for another 20%, unreliable care with high copays for another 20%, and 40% with no coverage whatsoever, relying on community clinics for basic level care, which have had their budgets slashed, forcing those 40% to ignore injuries until they become emergencies, and clog up the ERs.

    These community clinics are in on the scam too, as in Illinois they are given state and national funding to provide “charity care,” to patients in need. Not only was I told by the staff of the doctor that I had been going to for years, including when I previously had insurance, that charity care “doesn’t exist,” but after the 3rd person I talked to, I was told that I had to run an unpaid balance to receive this consideration (I was unemployed). This was a manipulation of the system, as they also said they required payment upon arrival for the visit ($95).

    Long and short of it is, we need to not tie people’s level of health care to their economic standard. It’s kind of cruel. I think we could work on some sort of system where people could be overchaged for elective surgeries in order to increase revenues into a shared pool; but we as a country also need to devote tons more resources and effort towards preventative care. Now please explain how the best way to do all that is not through some kind of elected office, working in conjunction with other organizations, of course. It’s obvious from the behaviour of drug companies, the amount of union-busting that goes on in the health care industry, and the ridiculous cost of a 5-minute “hello,” from an ER doctor, that making health care a commodity is not in the interest of MOST people, of course it’s in the interest of some: the rich. I can wait a few weeks for an ACL surgery if it means some poor kid gets a tumor or transplant sooner. I know it sucks not to think about only your own (including your family) situation, but hey, polar bears are swimming, honeybees are dying, and the worlds freshwater resources are rapidly disapearing. We may want to start thinking of ways to get out of this mess…together. It’s not really an option anymore. Our bad.

  789. The hippies intellectual vaginas are chapped worse off this one than anything before, so this is by definition, the best post yet.

  790. Can you please change this to Stuff White Liberal People like? Doesnt even have to be white. Im sure black liberal people like Socialistic Health Care too.

    Im all for it, after all, Socialism breeds innovation creates honest non-corrupt leaders. When everyone (except the leaders) paid the same, everyone will obviously create the same quality product, right?

    How bout this link?


  791. Well if we would just all start eating anit-oxidents, organics, and avoid trans-fats, saturated fats, meat, eggs, Carbs, drink red wine, stop smoking, watch Oprah, have 8 weeks of annual vacation, 3 day work weeks, Telecommute, avoid avoid Yellow-5, drive Prius’, use Energy Saving light bulbs, have our children not drink soda and eliminate gym class in our massively over funded public schools, read books… whew…

    …maybe just then we wouldn’t need doctors or socialist healthcare at all???

    If I can’t tell you to not abort your baby, you can’t tell me what I can’t eat, drink or do! KEEP YOUR HANDS OFF MY BODY (and delicious unhealthy food!)!!!!

  792. “No law on the books” indeed, Jeffrey, old boy, but plenty of lawyers waiting for your non-profit health company to give someone the wrong pill or not find that tiny malignant tumor. To which their response will be swift and devastating. Thanks to greed and our legal system we can’t have reasonably priced health care.

  793. I guess what it boils down to is that one thing White Liberal People do -not- Like is being exposed to the stunning ignorance of brainwashed dittoheads. Parts of this thread might make one think the graduation exams at high schools these days required people to parrot Joe McCarthy and Rush Limbaugh in order to pass. For the sake of the rest of the world, I’d like to point out that our stupidest citizens also tend to be our loudest citizens.

    The cranial density on display in terms of equating universal health care with some sort of ridiculous exaggeration of Soviet communism is a mental malfunction millions possess in this nation, but only because they eagerly poison their minds with a particular flavor of misinformation media. I believe the reason this post touched such a nerve has much to do with the legitimate disgust these defective thinkers generate. Readers looked to this blog to make light of the actual foibles of liberal multicultural white folks. When in stead it validates the profound political wrongness of conservative insular white folks, the end result is much more alarming than funny.

  794. he wrote hindu not hindi

  795. that was the joke

  796. This blog rocks. It’s sheer genius. I love reading the ranting anger of the white middle-class libruls it describes so concisely – keep seething, angry white folks!! LMAO

  797. Sanctimonious much?

  798. Whatever. Go get some female anglican priest to officiate at your marriage ceremony to a cloned sheep. And stop at the dentist on your way home.

  799. Dude – do you have no sense of irony? You’re the example that proves the truth of this blog – it’s awesome!!


  801. […] my favorite page from Stuff White People like, this is insanely true. […]

  802. Huh, never knew that, have to look it up.

  803. . . . and you see, this is what competition gets you. Capitalist purists claim that they want the best for everyone, by way of using market forces to draw the best productivity out of the workforce. Of course, if they really wanted the best for everyone, they would not embrace this infantile perspective so deeply at odds with the facts on economic performance. Ultimately, deep down, economic conservatives advocate cutthroat policies under the misapprehension that it is not their throats that will be cut in the end. Yet with such a gross inability to embrace even minimal amounts of political and economic fact, it seems unlikely most harbor other gifts that will propel them to the front of the rat race.

    On one side of the line, there are people like me, who have great contempt for ideas and great love for humanity. On the other side, we see contempt piled alongside contempt, with no love beyond self-love. It is ethical masturbation in an extreme pathology. Of course there is a role for market forces to play in optimizing economic activity. Of course competition is a useful mechanism. If only its staunchest supporters had not fried their feeble minds on fake news and the pundits’ false narrative of white male oppression, they might also begin to understand that there is a role to play for central planning in optimizing economic activity and that cooperation is also a useful mechanism. Engage with at least that tiny bit of obvious reality, and then it becomes possible to assess all manner of proposals as a responsible civic-minded American.

  804. Portnoy: Your non-white roots have been exposed. It’s too late to cover them up in this blog, so your credibility is zero. I don’t know why you find it so painful, but just because you do, doesn’t mean that you have to inflict yourself on the rest of the world.

    People read your inane blather and think: “Wow; he’s like that crazy, unwashed, bearded wacko downtown – shouting, shadow-boxing and screaming, but not making any sense.”

    Portnoy wrote: “This is a blog about Whites, not people who hate them.”
    No Portnoy; I don’t hate myself, or others for being different.

    “Holding on to anger is like grasping a hot coal with the intent of throwing it at someone else; you are the one getting burned – Buddha

  805. i say fuck it up assholes cuz i got the last comment so far! ha ha ha

  806. Ummm.. I am white And I don’t like any of this stuff so you can rename it to “Stuff weird people like”.

  807. Okay, I like this blog. I’ve linked to it from my site. But you seem to have a major tendency to leave out connecting words in your blog posts, which makes them increasingly irritating to read. Here are the offenders from this post:

    Paragraph 3: “they have it Europe” should be “they have it in Europe”

    Paragraph 3, next sentence: “this especially true” should be “and this is especially true”

    Paragraph 6: “on a recent trip Canada/England/Sweden” should be “on a recent trip to Canada/England/Sweden”

    Paragraph 7: “the idea of everyone have equal access” should be “the idea of everyone having equal access”

    I’m a fan of the site, but you could definitely stand to proofread your posts more carefully. Hopefully you’ll have an editor for that forthcoming book…

  808. on April 6, 2008 at 10:21 am brown eyed girl

    Many often lament the fact that Hitler’s mother didn’t have an abortion – and his admirer’s mothers as well…

  809. on April 6, 2008 at 10:24 am Disenfranchised Vet

    Hey, this site is really funny! I just wondered when they will get off of the parody of liberal white folks and focus on the white “majority” that elected Bush. Things like “White people like to find brown people living susainable non poluting life styles and give them the gift of credit card debt and internal combustion engines, in exchange for doing actual work white people are too good to do.” or how when they can’t get a brown person, they will use poor white people for such jobs, and tell them they deserve their lives because they don’t work hard enough at their two jobs. Or about how they like to say they believe in god while raping the least of his children. Or you could do me. I’m one of the white men dying alone without health care in a travel trailer on a friend’s property, because social security that I paid into all my life takes 2-4 years to kick in, and I’ll be dead by then.

    All real funny stuff.

  810. on April 6, 2008 at 10:27 am brown eyed girl

    Hitler would be so proud! He would surely compliment you.

  811. White people love Poetry:

    Check out http://www.poetsconnect.com

  812. I’d love to hear some of your health care stories…please post here…


  813. You can be the first to comment at http://johnmccain08.wordpress.com/2008/04/06/question-1-health-care/
    too. I’d love to hear your comments on health care.

  814. Free might mean more visits to the doctor, yes.

    I like to “save up” all of my medical problems for a few years so I can hit the doctor with them all at once and save myself the copayments. I’ve been waiting for almost a year to schedule surgery to fix my endometriosis. I can feel the lump growing under my skin, but I can’t afford the procedure… yet.

    I do wonder how that will affect my health in the long run, and I’m thinking it’s probably not going to be in a positive way.

    I visit the doctor less often because it costs money, but my life expectancy is probably decreasing with every missed appointment.

  815. the posts are starting to correspond to smaller and smaller group of people. I love coffee and making people feel bad for spending the day inside (not really but I have been accused of it), I got my office to start recycling, listen to NPR, ride my bike to work, voted in the primary for barack obama, love the wire, hate corporations, watch daily show religiously, smoke marijuana, love netflix, loved arrested development while hating television, run in marathons (in training 8 months a year), and many more but this is finally a post that I don’t adhere to.

    I wish there were universal healthcare because I have a shitty HMO and no fucking dental insurance. If anything severe happens to me I am screwed. I hope my next job has a better benefits package but in the industry I am working in it is moving in the other direction. There are things that the government shouldn’t get involved in (For example…….the media, and telling us how to dress) but my benefits suck and that is because the owner of my company is greedy and that is why I want universal healthcare so I don’t have to depend on a greedy asshole to decide the state of my health insurance.

    There are no options

  816. His posts seem to indicate that he believes all the problems in the world to be caused by Jews. Bad weather? Zionist weather control satellites, Low pay? Jewish bosses, war? Jewish arms merchants. All this and I’ll bet he doesn’t see 2 Jews a month wherever he lives, never mind being under their control.

    I’m trying to say that his problems probably originate much closer to home, and are largely caused by people he has direct contact with. God forbid, he might be responsible for some of them himself.

    And before someone suggests it, no I’m not Jewish, and yes, I often take both possession of, and responsibility for my own problems.

  817. The generalizations made regarding Europe in these comments are hilarious. No we don’t have it in Europe. Europe has lots of different kinds of health care. None of the European systems fit any kind of suggested american model for “free” health care.

  818. Free Health Care??? Right.

    Sounds like FAQ News to me-


  819. UGH! The only people who approve of socialized medicine are uneducated poor people who don’t have a brain to realize how fucking terrible it would be for the country.

  820. Socialized healthcare WILL come to pass in the US, despite what the inbred red-scaredy-cat dimwits and their corporate masters insist on.

    Fucking idiots who can’t tell what a sham the current system is.

  821. This isn’t very funny. Universal health care benefits everyone, not just ‘white people’. In this country it would probably benefit more ‘non-white’ and the ‘wrong kind of white people’ than the ones you make fun of in this blog. And white people are by far not the only ones campaigning for it. I also don’t know very many people who think it’s a good idea just because Canada/Europe/Australia has it. Most people seem to think that its a good idea because dental and health insurance is ridiculously expensive on top of the taxes we already pay. Pretty sure that one defies racial lines, slick.

  822. No, it definitely is hilarious

  823. First of all I’m a Libertarian. Which means I believe in independence, freedom from governance, and well…liberty.

    Secondly, if you believe government provided health care is free you are either.

    1) Incredibly naive.
    2) Incredibly ignorant.
    3) Intentionally misleading.

    If you need me to explain why “free” healthcare isn’t free, wow. Just……WOW.

    The typical liberal’s (mental default is that they don’t want freedom. Surely, your first reaction to that statement is that I’m “stupid”, but try to contain yourself for the next 20 seconds and continue please. Attempt to consider what I have to say rationally, if at all possible.

    People that love freedom don’t a federal government to control their healthcare. They don’t want them to:

    1) Control the doctor they can visit
    2) Control the price one must pay in taxes for “free” healthcare. Again, try to understand that taxpayers pay for “free” healthcare, just as they pay for “free” foodstamps for the lazy, “free” retirement (social security…try to follow please), “free” education, etc.
    3) Decide how much doctors, nurses, etc should be compensated.

    Read this next sentence carefully, and try to control your hormones.

    Every time we allow the government to take control a part of our lives we become less free.

    I’m sorry, but anybody that wants the government to be responsible doesn’t want to be truly free. I simply cannot be convinced otherwise.

    These are the same people that don’t want privatized retirement accounts or school choice. You are also the same people that think the government is responsible for bailing out the idiots that got $400,000 mortgages on less than $50,000 in income.

    Grow up. Our government is not your mommy, and it was not established to give “free” health care. If you cannot get your own health care, you are a special kind of loser, and hard working people should not be responsible for making up for your poor life decisions.

    Again, please (I’m begging now) grow up. Allow yourself to be personally responsible for your actions and stop expecting achievers to pay for your government entitlements. People like you are literally sucking the life out of the greatest country ever established.

  824. This one was lacking specific details essential to “stuff white people like” and made sweeping generalizations (and also uninformed). Basically, its a weak argument.

    BTW, socialized medicine (OH NO COMMUNIST!) will come to age when our private sectors fail us. Only when lives are lost it’ll become the beacon of the changes we need to make.

    I know this blog isn’t serious, but the thought put into this article seemed rushed.

  825. “No one pays for health care here in Canada.”

    So the doctors work for free?


  826. on April 6, 2008 at 1:37 pm brooklyn redhead

    I love this site, but clander, so many people now know about it that this website lacks authenticity, and in your owns words don’t white people need to be authentic? So so how can I keep reading the site?

  827. Would love free healthcare in the USA, but have to go on vacation in Europe to get it. Guess I’ll have to vote for Hillary –

  828. Who ever said health care would be free? You’ll still have to pay for it through taxes. I hope most of you guys aren’t making this mistake. The biggest argument against publicly health care is that the program would be inefficient. The case has been made for many government run programs (i.e. public schooling as opposed to private schooling, social security and Medicare, welfare programs, etc.) Whether you support this idea or oppose it, don’t misconceive the notion that since it is public it must be FREE. It is not.

  829. Im black, and I think the fact that this country is even debating the merits of health care for everyone means we have a longggg way to go… Great nation? Not!

  830. I think this is starting to become a little too cynical for its own good. I got the joke the first time, but really this is getting to be a bit too much.

  831. Free healthcare? Great. But who will pay for it?

    Excellent post.

  832. on April 6, 2008 at 3:37 pm Betty Sellers

    We need to watch the state of Mass. because they now have health care fo everyone. From an article I read today, it is getting difficult to get a doctor because there is a shortage. There is health care for everyone if you go to an emergency room. I know, I know, that is not ideal but the paying public pays for that care so at least the government is not paying. You and I are if you have health insurance. Yes, health care is a business and that is why we have had lots of advances in medicine. Take out the profit and there will be very little new stuff.

  833. Good job once again, Christian.

    One thing you should have mentioned is not only do white people want socialized health care so they can quit their real jobs, they want inspite of not really caring about their health. I love the ones who think a healthy lifestyle is sitting on one’s ass, abstaining from the gym, pool, court, and track, smoking weed (white people love to think weed isn’t harmful), and eating anything w/ “organic” printed on the package. LOL Good God.

    Americans by and large don’t have health care b/c they don’t deserve it. They’re filthy, disguisting, slobs who work very hard to kill themselves before the age of 60. They’re whores of consumption who ALMOST NEVER take physicians’ advise anyway.

    For the record, I would NOT have taken the MCAT – heck, I wouldn’t have even been premed – if I expected to work in socialized medicine. The hours are long enough as it is, and no way would I take a pay cut.

  834. on April 6, 2008 at 4:44 pm Stalwart Hospitalist

    That particular patient was under consideration for a liver transplant after multiple sessions of chemotherapy for an almost universally fatal cancer diagnosis irreversibly damaged her liver.

    Current research and the medical literature does not support doing a liver transplant in this situation, since the chances of her surviving six months with the transplant would be near zero.

    Transplantable livers are in short supply, and giving one to this patient with minimal life expectancy was probably not the best use of a scarce resource.

    However, the media portrayed the entire event as the big, bad insurance company refusing to pay for a transplant that “surely” would have saved the patient’s life.

  835. Yes, and since you remembered to take into account the relatively massive rate of immigration into the U.S. from 3rd world countries with less-than-ideal healthcare, pointing out these statistics are entirely relevant. Right….

    I don’t oppose immigration, but seriously, simply quoting life expectancies means nothing without controlling for hundreds of these types of factors.

    Let’s think a little harder before we type.

  836. A few things.

    First, this post is still funny but it’s not quite as white as the others. There are plenty of poor minorities who would jump at the opportunity for free Healthcare.

    Second, people really need to stop posting things like “This is only for certain types of white people.” You’re all the same, so deal with it. Just like Blacks and Asians. All the same.

  837. I disagree. This one was hilarious. And definitely a keeper for the book.

    And, it’s political only in the sense that its background/theme concerns something oft-debated in politics, but that’s not its central point. The article is actually about hypocrisy and self-righteousness among a certain subset of people.

    Actually, that’s what almost all of these posts are about. It’s funny how many people don’t know the difference between righteousness and self-righteousness. Not saying you’re one of them, but still…

  838. socialized medicine is fiscally responsible

    but wait, neocon facists aren’t fiscally responsible

    this site is starting to reek of frat boy stupididty

  839. What makes you so sure that your situation will be any better under a paid-by-the-govt system? You will pay a lot more in taxes, for one thing. I’m not opposed to UHC completely – but most people forget to think too deeply about it.

    Also – check your policy. Almost all insurance plans mandate specific providers and hospitals, yes–for routine care and scheduled exams. But for emergency care, which you are describing, the hit/penalty is little, if anything.

    And, I will make the point again, that the “hostility” or “satire” in the post was not directed toward the disadvantages of UHC, but toward hypocritical people.

  840. on April 6, 2008 at 5:43 pm ratty mcphee

    fuckin’ a, people — please stop it with the “this should be called stuff liberal urban east coast white people born after 1970 like”-style comments. you are harshing my buzz. please note:





    e. GO AWAY

    thank you for your kind attention.

  841. This article is completely incorrect.
    I don’t support free healthcare, nor will i ever. All of my friends agree (white or any other color!). And if you meant to say universal (rather than free) healthcare, I still don’t agree. However, it should be noted that universal healthcare is completely different than free healthcare (although a lay person would view them as the same– hence the ultimate demise of the healthcare system, should we adopt such a system. But I digress…).

    Unfortunately this website states that it spotlights aspects of life that white people practice/do/support, however, this site truly speaks of a fabricated group of people that are a new age hippie-preppy hybrid. True hippies are not old money, and true blue bloods wouldn’t be caught dead doing/supporting hippie things (ex. work on an organic farm, support free or universal healthcare).

  842. Do you even know what a second opinion is?

  843. No wonder the Canadian system doesn’t work.

  844. So why did you move? Doctors are sexier here? Better job here? Couldn’t afford to live in Canada after the Looney rose against the Green Back?

  845. So move.

  846. So you can afford a trip to Europe but not to the doctor? Sorry that’s just nuts.

  847. Health Insurance is for Health People.

  848. There’s an original concept, pointing out all the hypocrisies of White people that you can possibly think of….Nobody seems to be doing that these days….You left out the one where they shot at rescue helicopters in the Katrina aftermath and the one where the whole country starved after the Zimbabwean farmland redistribution initiative and the one where they put a convicted crackhead in the mayor’s office after complaining about the drugs that plague their neighborhoods…Uh, wait a minute…That wasn’t White people was it?…BTW, while we’re on the topic, what’s with all these Black women straightening their hair and dying it blonde when straight blone hair = racist and oppressive? (I thought of that one on my way to the tanning salon)….Now that’s either the worst case of Stockholme Syndrome I’ve ever encountered, or we have a major pot calling the kettle black (no pun intended, but I’ll take credit for it anyway)

  849. You realize you are like the babe ruth or michael jordan of diversity. Your of no race that anybody knows and in a a battle of friendship diversity you were essentially untrumpable. Don’t be surprised if white people from around the world try to adopt you.

  850. doc, the hybrid hippy/preppy you speak of is called the yuppie. They were spawned during the nineties to oppress the 40-something family man that lived in the suburbs to get away from the city. They are (strangely enough) mostly white, and act exactly the way this blog describes.

    Also, doc, you seem to think that the author of this blog is actually serious. Good job…

    It’s amazing how many comments this topic got just because it’s a hot-topic at the moment. His viewpoint doesn’t even seem to be expressed at all. He’s just pointing out that a lot of people who support universal health-care do so for shallow reasons. I’m sure he’d agree that the same goes for opposing it.

  851. lol hindi is a language, as well as a religion, india has quite a number of different language. Good point about lacrosse though, its as though there love of ice hockey spread to areas that don’t have ice

  852. on April 6, 2008 at 7:33 pm hismindandworldpeace

    You all (blog owners and commentators, alike) are created to do more than talk about trivial, meaningless matters. Have we not learned from 911? What really matters in life…

    Whether it is true for some, true for all or true for none… at the end of your life, will all this “white people stuff” really matter? Will this have been a worthy book to publish, memorable for decades to come? Good humor? I don’t think so; but maybe to some. Life changing & inspiring for generations to come? Hardly.

    As a “colored” woman married to a “whiteish” man, I can tell you with absolute certainty, that habits, dislikes, likes, quirks, weaknesses, strengths, evil, good– they cross color lines. What should be demanding our attention is not what makes a certain group of people so “other”, but what makes us so alike. We ALL are very much alike…and the ways that we are different are totally irrelevant in light of eternal, life and death matters.

    How sad that we have other blogs like “Stuff Drunk People Like” or “Stuff Black People Like” following in your footsteps.

    There is, I know, something more productive you could be doing with your time. Like figuring out how to quell the pain of people who have lost loved ones to drunk-drivers. People who wish they were alive to even worry about something like health-care…or soccer…or music…or coffee.

    Wilton resident, 25, killed by drunk driver in Florida

    Drunk driver admits causing crash that killed his girlfriend’s baby

    Drunk driver who killed teen sent back to jail

    Driver Drunk in Wreck That Killed Campbell Prof

    Teen Killed, 3 Hurt in I-5 Crash Near Natomas-a speeding car driven by an alleged drunk driver

    Matt was run over by a drunk driver

    Words and images of young lives lost

    4-year-old killed in Hurst by alleged drunk driver

    DWI felonies increasing

    ‘Drunk driver’ mows down group of six


  853. You must be really white. Are you also a doctor? Or a hospital administrator? Or perhaps a federal government employee?

  854. spoken like a true non-White.

    McPhee would rather it be titled: “What Jews wish all Whites would turn into”

  855. Neocons are not “fascist”, they are former communists/Trotkyists.

    Neocons are Jews

    Neocons prefer communist/globalist totalitarianism, not one based on sovereignty.

    Why can’t liberals get this? I think Aaron “Russo” (not his real name, he’s a jew, not Italian) made his movie to confuse people.

    It’s from freedom to communism that we’re undergoing. DUH!!!

  856. on April 6, 2008 at 8:00 pm frat boy with degree

    I agree with the above, sociaized medicine is communist, so are warhs for a “globalist” ideology.

    A fascist wouldn’t support foreign wars for the “NWO” or globalism, that’s why the far-right is against the Neocon/Zionist axis which is COMMUNIST not Fascist.

    GWB is the opposite of a Fascist as proven since he’s a “globalist” and he cares not for our national borders.

    Fascists are nationalists, not globalists and corporate whores like the neocon commies.

    Besides Bush could never be Hitler, because Hitler actually served in combat.

  857. You probably don’t have auto insurance either.

    Do you expect Whites to pay for your entire life?

  858. NWO, multi-cultural, multi-racial, socialism does not work.

    That’s why the USSR dissolved into 15 ethnic states, but Red China is working.

    The only kind of “socialism” that works is when the people involved are of the same race, otherwise people lose incentive to buy into helping or subsidizing someone of a different race, etc.

    This is just Nature at work. Sorry, if delusional liberals want to believe otherwise, there is no proof that mulit-cult socialism or communism can work at all. None.

    That being said, why should a black person have to subsidize the health care of the jew or the redneck or the mexican illegal ethnically cleansing them from urban areas???? ha ha ….they won’t

  859. hindi is an indo-aryan language spoken in parts of India. a hindu is a person who subscribes to the tenets of hinduism, A MAJOR WORLD RELIGION. If you’re going to haughtily correct each other, know what you’re talking about.

  860. the most inbred group in the United States is the ashkenazi jew. Please get your “inbred” slurs right.

  861. Competition lowers prices.

    That’s Econ 101.

    Why is America so stupid to not have nominated Ron Paul? 😦

  862. Brits are idiots. They fought WW2 so their island wouldn’t be invaded by”foreigners”. Now look at their third world cesspool. Fools.

  863. you dickweed. free healthcare so people don’t have to work? so people can open a bookstore, etc? you’re sometimes funny. but now you’re just an asshole. why don’t you talk about the millions working 40+ hours with no healthcare, would love to be able to have their family taken care of without going bankrupt. you hipster douchebag.

  864. Pleasantville was typical jewish anti-White propaganda.

    The USA was in far better shape, the schools, etc, when the nation wasn’t non-White with open borders.

    Why do you think White America put man on the moon in 1969, but in 2008 multi-cult, affirm action sick, NASA will be closed under Obama?

  865. Just buy the pre-ground Italian espresso in the vaccum packs, like Lavazza etc.

  866. People need to understand that they can purchase health insurance just like they do auto insurance!!!

    You don’t have to get it only through some employer!!

  867. I like the “frat boy” comment. Frat boys always tend to have real majors w/ real degrees. My fraternity was full of finance, business, chemistry, civil engineering, and bio majors.

    Then there you – a Womyn’s Studies or French Lit major LOL. You’re too transparent.

    But you did use the word “neocon,” so I guess that makes you smarter than me LOL.

    God I love the kind of white people who think they’re “the good kind of white people.” Tools.




  869. Ha ha…..you sad denying little cunt!!!

    Look it up!

  870. I live here in the US, and I am not passionate about socialized health care. I think our system here could work if there weren’t so many exceptions over which people can be turned away from hospitals and emergency rooms. I like the fact that when I pay my premium, I can walk into any facility and get health care, but I think even the doctors here are corrupt.

    I know a few doctors, and a couple of them said that even amongst health care providers (i.e., doctors), the motto is: don’t cure your patient and don’t let him die. That way the patient keeps on coming back and giving the doctor more opportunities to make money.

    The system is all corrupt, making it available to all isn’t a good fix. It needs an overhaul.

  871. I think your head doesn’t work. Book an appointment for one of those jiffy MRIs.

  872. LOLOL. Something else white people like: Diminishing their own whiteness.

  873. 1000 comments let’s go!
    spaztic people that don’t seem to “get” this humor and feel the need to write angry diatribes (which i skip past en masse) are only guaranteeing a sequel to the first book and their own continual annoyance…
    … and my subsequent glee.

  874. on April 6, 2008 at 10:03 pm Come Let Us Reason Together

    Part of human nature loves yucking it up; to laugh off the imperative of caring about disability, suffering and death always framed philosophically as the fate of others to be suffered tomorrow. Perhaps with the fading of the last light of the last day, we all secretly know that our execution will be carried out at sunset and not postponed to the dawn of a new day. The last laugh is not a laugh at all but the incoherent weeping for the appalling loss of the miracle that is me.

    May your friends and loved ones give you aid and comfort to carry on with the blessings of this life.

  875. Wow . . . it never ceases to amaze me how some people really OD in the comments . . . LoL

    The Craver’s Candy Company

  876. Yeah, it’s classic. What’s even funnier is when they try and compare the college-educated, six-figure making “frat boy” as somehow less smart than the Negro male. LOL!!!!!!!

    Some liberal Whites are the most self-hating people around. Frat boys reproduce, and they marry White women, and have 100% White children — which makes them more White than the liberals that don’t and date other races.

  877. Damn! You know, you’re right! I’m old. My mind’s going. Thanks for the heads-up.

    Hey, that’s another thing white people like: saying “heads-up”.

  878. I have $240 and all my teeth. Would that work for you?

  879. Au contraire. It is acceptable. Perhaps not completely correct, but acceptable.

    Just like “ain’t”, only not as redneck.

  880. Won’t dentists go out of business?

  881. So, are we all agreed then, that we white people may be pretentious gits in a lot of ways, but our feelings about healthcare and education are sincere and strongly held? And hence not really a successful topic for this type of humour?

  882. “it’s abundantly clear from this particular topic that you really mean ‘White Americans,'”

    I hope so. I didn’t think there were any other kind!


  883. on April 6, 2008 at 11:32 pm Ryan O'Leary

    Your grammar continues to slip. Still pretty funny, though.

  884. This blog is soooo funny! Just hilarious! The comments are out of control! LOL!


  885. on April 6, 2008 at 11:53 pm no health care allowed

    You are seriously spoiled if you think that’s true. My US insurance company (Blue Cross) dropped me, a healthy 32 year old woman, when I had an abnormal pap smear. That’s all it took. I can’t have insurance again until I have normal pap tests for two years. Until then I am screwed if I get hurt or sick. That is the “best health care on earth”? I don’t think so.

  886. Look folks…
    One of the reasons why it’s “cheaper” in Canada is because we pay so much for it here. We fund a lot of the world’s medical research with our money we pay for drugs and treatment. Not to mention all of the defense spending we’ve done over the years that Canada hasn’t had to bother with.

    And for the folks that claim that America leaves the poor “out in the cold”, according the Hoover Institute, America’s Health Care “system” is over 50% financed by the government already. Have you never heard of Medicaid, Social Security Disability, or Medicare?

    I am a “poor” self employed American making under $30,000 a year, and I buy my own health insurance, along with paying my full share of Medicare and social security taxes, and I get by just fine. I’m not rich, I don’t have a lot of “things”, but I don’t have kids yet and I live within my means.
    That’s the solution… not asking for a handout from someone else. The fact that we have to (in theory) pay for what we use is what’s made our economy so strong over our short history as a nation. So don’t go trashin’ it.

  887. See how the other half lives at stuffcountrypeoplelike.wordpress.com

  888. on April 7, 2008 at 4:16 am Nikolai Segura

    Hello there. I am a white person from Europe. The UK actually. I think that’s the most advanced sort, right?

    I find this blog very funny, but I do think it’s a shame that it’s so US-centric. Most of the cultural trends on here refer exclusively to America. That’s a double edged sword.

    On the upside – it allows me to feel superior to other white people across the Atlantic – which is great. We love doing that in London, in fact, feeling superior to white people in the USA is one of our primary hobbies, outside of queuing and complaining about stuff.

    On the downside, it comes across as slightly less funny than it could be, and perhaps slightly irrelevant sometimes. This means that I can’t feel I’m parodying myself, and thus able to laugh at myself – something white people here love. Self-parody, especially if it somehow involves cross dressing, is something that white people love over here.

    I think this post is a case in point. We already have free healthcare over here – and despite all our complaining about it – we actually love it. The NHS (National Health Service) is the most recognised and more trusted brand in the UK – and it is the most popular institution ever set up by government.

    We are also very happy that we pay less for healthcare than you guys do – even taking out the co-pays and deductables – we pay less purely on taxation than you do (10% vs 15% of net tax). This gives us that all important opportunity to feel superior to you.

    To summarise, I do think the blog would be improved by having the perspective of European white people on these important issues.



  889. on April 7, 2008 at 4:31 am Why I hate Boomers/Greatest

    Supply, and not demand, was the emphasis of early health care regulation.[4] “Certificate of need” (CON) laws were designed to keep health care costs low by requiring advance approval by state agencies for most hospital expansions and major equipment purchases.[5] Congress required all states to pass CON laws in 1974, but quickly repealed that requirement after finding it ineffective for controlling health care costs.

    Modern Health Care is just another piece of c**** we can thank the “Greatest Generation” and Boomers for.

    It didn’t even exist, if full form, before 1974.

  890. “Hello there. I am a white person from Europe. The UK actually. I think that’s the most advanced sort, right?”

    Yeah, if the year is 1890, or even 1990. In 2008, however, Ireland, among many others, has a higher per capita GDP than the UK, to name one metric.

    The UK is considered to be a multicultural basket case by Proper White People. There is a booming cottage industry here in North America which consists of bloggers culling articles from the UK press and expressing shock at how batshit crazy the government\bureaucracy is over there.

    “Anglo-Saxons” are fleeing the UK at an unprecedented rate, check the statistics. They simply don’t like living there anymore; can you see why?

  891. on April 7, 2008 at 4:35 am no its not free

    @ Nikolai Segura

    Please tell your fellow UK islanders to pick up a toothbrush and brush those moldy beer/tea stained teeth (the ones that are still there of course).

  892. Umm, I’m pretty sure everyone likes free health care

  893. You = narcissitic personality disorder + stupid

  894. on April 7, 2008 at 4:57 am Beatnik Samurai

    When they compare US students’ math and science scores, if they were to compare only non-Alabaman and -Mississippian US Whites, then we are in the top of the world.


  895. on April 7, 2008 at 4:59 am Beatnik Samurai

    Cripes. Shouldn’t you be busy burning a cross somewhere?

  896. please visit my blog http://www.stuffallpeoplelike.wordpress.com for stuff we all like.


  898. […] It should be noted that socialized health care has made the list of Stuff White People Like: …it’s important that you understand why white people are so in love with free health care. […]

  899. about 90 bucks here, in the middle of the U.S. 50 would be a good deal indeed.

  900. Happyjack loves leaving “wp love…” comments after any valid point is ever made on this site.

  901. Happyjack loves leaving “wp love…” comments after any valid point is ever made on this site!

  902. Happyjack loves leaving “wp love…” comments after any valid point is ever made on this site!!

  903. Happyjack loves leaving “wp love…” comments after any valid point is ever made on this site!!!

  904. Happyjack loves leaving “wp love…” comments after any valid point is ever made on this site…

  905. Happyjack loves leaving “wp love…” comments after any valid point is ever made on this site……..

  906. Happyjack loves redundantly leaving “wp love…” comments after any valid point is ever made on this site. Happyjack must be very, very, white. Painfully white, even.

  907. Happyjack loves leaving “wp love…” comments after any valid point is ever made on this site…………….

  908. Happyjack loves leaving “wp love…” comments after any valid point is ever made on this site


  909. Happyjack loves leaving “wp love…” comments after any valid point is ever made on this site.

  910. Happyjack loves leaving “wp love…” comments after any valid point is ever made on this site……………………..

  911. Happyjack loves leaving “wp love…” comments after any valid point is ever made on this site. It’s very entertaining.

  912. Happyjack loves leaving “wp love…” comments after any valid point is ever made on this site. It’s very, very entertaining.

  913. Happyjack loves leaving “wp love…” comments after any valid point is ever made on this site. It gets better every time!

  914. Happyjack loves leaving “wp love…” comments after any valid point is ever made on this site.


  915. current healthcare = fail and will only get worse with republicon for another 4 years

    i’m just saying….

  916. Happyjack loves leaving “wp love…” comments after any valid point is ever made on this site. It gets better every time!


  917. Happyjack loves leaving “wp love…” comments after any valid point is ever made on this site. It’s really funny!

  918. Happyjack loves leaving “wp love…” comments after any valid point is ever made on this site.


  919. Happyjack loves leaving “wp love…” comments after any valid point is ever made on this site.

    wp love Happyjack!

  920. I got hit by a bus in Paris and a free MRI in England and it was, indeed, most excellent.

    I swear all that is 100% true.

  921. Free healthcare is ok I guess, but one thing is for sure: white people don’t like “that guy.” Check out this blog, it’s funny!

  922. I’m white and I don’t like free healthcare.

  923. You must not know any of the same white people I know. i don’t know a single one that likes this idea.

  924. […] guys who run this ostensibly humourous site are often too eerily good: …the secret reason why all white people love socialized medicine is that they all love the idea of receiving health care without having a full-time job. This would […]

  925. I’m white and I hate socialized medecine. Hillary’s white and she loves it.

    Barack is black and I think he loves it too.

  926. I’m white and I don’t like socialized anything.

  927. Gay people love socialized medicine because they are, compared to straight people, much heavier users of medical care. Let’s take a look at some statistics from Stats Canada:

    “OTTAWA — A new study has found the use of health-care services differs depending on sexual preference.

    The Statistics Canada study examined whether sexual preference was a factor in health-care use between 2003 and 2005 — it looked at things like consulting health-care providers, having a regular doctor and using preventive procedures such as pap tests.

    It found gay men were much more likely than heterosexual men to have consulted medical specialists or mental-health service providers such as social workers in the year prior to the survey.

    Lesbians were less likely than heterosexual women to have seen a family doctor during the same period or to have undergone a pap test.

    The study suggests the use of health-care services differs by sexual preference independent of other factors such as age, income, education and health status.”


    The study also determined that gay men, lesbians, bisexual men and women were more likely to access mental health services than heterosexuals. They had more frequent contact with counsellors, social workers and psychologists and were more likely to report attending self-help groups.

    Relatively large proportions of bisexuals reported mental health problems, the study noted. Bisexual men were more than twice as likely as heterosexual men to perceive their mental health as fair or poor and for bisexual women the proportion reporting fair or poor mental health was three times that of heterosexual women, the findings showed.


  928. not in a free market, only under a socialized society where you have no right to do for yourself, by yourself are you a slave.

  929. You couldn’t be more wrong about second opinions in Canada. Our system entitles you to a second, third and fourth opinion if you want it, all covered under public medicine. If you have a heart attack, a stroke or anything else that needs immediate medical attention, there is no waiting for treatment or surgery. We do have wait times for elective sugery like knee or hip replacement, but not for anything life threatening. You will receive all the treatment you needin hospital and when you get home you’ll be billed $45.00 for the ambulance ride, if you took one. Free health care, whether I’m sick or well, is one of the main reasons I love this country, and I would never move anywhere else.

  930. Gay people love socialized medicine because they are, compared to straight people, much heavier users of medical care. Let’s take a look at some statistics from Stats Canada:

    “OTTAWA — A new study has found the use of health-care services differs depending on sexual preference.

    The Statistics Canada study examined whether sexual preference was a factor in health-care use between 2003 and 2005 — it looked at things like consulting health-care providers, having a regular doctor and using preventive procedures such as pap tests.

    It found gay men were much more likely than heterosexual men to have consulted medical specialists or mental-health service providers such as social workers in the year prior to the survey.

    Lesbians were less likely than heterosexual women to have seen a family doctor during the same period or to have undergone a pap test.

    The study suggests the use of health-care services differs by sexual preference independent of other factors such as age, income, education and health status.”


  931. One month? I wish.
    My mom is currently walking in agony, now that the cartilage has completely worn away in her knees. Here’s how the Canadian medical system has treated her so far:
    Wait 1 month for a GP appointment.
    Wait 12 weeks for an MRI.
    Wait 2 months for an appointment with the orthopedic surgeon.
    Currently on waiting list for a least 1 year for knee replacement surgery.
    That’s 1 1/2 years of living in extreme pain and disability.
    Oh, but it’s free.

  932. I am no longer considering a move to Canada. From this moment forward, all threats for moving will be to the UK.

  933. If we give free health care, then stories like this will just continue to rise…


  934. What do all of the countries with socialized medicine have in common? They all have (or had) a sugardaddy. For Europe, Canada and Japan that would be Uncle Sam.

    More important than the Marshall Plan, NATO’s existence freed the Western Europeans and the Canadians from making the age old decision between guns and butter. With GI Joe protecting their backsides for the last 60 years they could afford to give their citizens “communism lite.”

    Japan, constitutionally prevented from having more than a token military, takes advantaging of living under America’s umbrella. (And the Japanese are such compassionate people to begin with. See “Rape of Nanking” and/or “Bataan.)

    Cuba’s health care system, so lionized by Michael Moore, was made possible by Comrade Warbucks in Moscow.

    Of course, the bills are coming due for both Canada and Europe. With aging populations that aborted or prevented sustainable population levels, they are busy turning their countries over to a Muslim immigrant society that views their “compassionate societies” as being in need of euthanizing.

    The liberal National Priorities project estimates the cost of the Iraq war as being $4,681 per household. But just to cover the costs of Social Security for all baby boomers by 2019 is going to cost $12,072 per household. So even if you pulled out Iraq tomorrow we can’t afford Social Security, let alone a new entitilement of socialized health care.


  935. on April 7, 2008 at 8:32 am Pete a Canuck

    actually I believe we (Canada) have the highest rate of immigration in the world…

  936. Yeah, I think that the social nature of Russia’s health care is one of the main reasons that the life-expectancy is so low.

    A cutting edge system has not been implemented BECAUSE it is not a lucrative career choice and no one wants to be doctors and nurses.

    Social health care in a developed country is “okay” at best. Social health care in a developing country is absolute crap.

  937. on April 7, 2008 at 8:41 am Pete a Canuck

    did you really expect it would? We may not pay direct, we pay indirectly through taxes…I wouldn’t expect to benefit from any social programs when I visit the USA, heck I feel a little guilty a get a free ride on the roads and use the national/state parks…but I guess I do pay consumption taxes and help others earn income to pay tax on while I am visiting so likely break even…

  938. You need to know what you are talking about.

    American Health Care is currently a perfect balance of Government Control and Oligarchy. Any movement one way or another would lead to better care. It is a perfection of worthlessness.

    If the government would move towards greater control than Certificate-Of-Need being required for new hospitals, additional expansion, and new machines, then it would be viewed as responsible for health care in America, and our health care would improve. Because someone would be responsible. I would also like to point out that denying Certificate-Of-Need for new equipment can easily be used to close an existing hospital.

    On the other hand, less government control, even allowing hospitals to buy equipment without asking daddy if they can, would force the Oligarchy hospital owners either to compete… which would improve health care, or form a solid-business cartel. In which case they would be viewed as responsible, and would be held accountable.

    Only the perfection of worthlessness now obtained allows no-one to be responsible. Because that was how it was set up. It is also the most worthless system imaginable. A perfection of worthlessness.

  939. on April 7, 2008 at 8:46 am Pete a Canuck

    Not free? But not linked to ability to pay either…

    Is your road maintenance free? Is your fire service free? Is the protection to you by police and army free? Well of course not-you pay tax (I assume anyway)

    but “free” is a shorthand way of saying not paying for it directly, so in that sense yes a large portion of healthcare is “free” eh? :-}

    and yes for my sons, who pay little or no tax, I guess healthcare is “free”

  940. on April 7, 2008 at 8:53 am brown eyed girl

    Thanks for flawlessly confirming my recommended course of treatment 🙂

  941. I never thougth a health care blog would be humorous but this post was very funny and witty.

  942. Considering that I (who am non-white) work at a (yes, a nonprofit) organization which works with a lot of non-white groups on getting universal health care, I don’t find this post very accurate.

  943. Thats what white people tell themselves to justify getting what they really want.

    Poor people either have health insurance from their employer (most low paying jobs offer it). Most of those who don’t are elligble for existing government programs. I wouldn’t mind covering a few million who currently fall through the cracks though under a new program (and don’t quote me that bogus 40 million Moore figure, it’s total bs like most Moore figures)…

  944. on April 7, 2008 at 9:56 am Nate Isenhardt

    I’ve got great health insurance, but it won’t cover the root canal I need. I’m having to wait months to get the cash saved up to cover what my insurance won’t. Also, under most of the proposed plans, you’d still be free to pony up some cash and get that surgery done whenever you want it from a private doctor.

  945. Ctrl-F? haha you’re a PC – wrong kind of white person!

  946. why does a doctor need to speak english????

    I’d rather them speak organic chemistry.

  947. Touche. If Milton and Thoreau can do it, then so be it.

  948. “This is very similar to the way that white people express their support for public schools when they don’t have children.”

    Pure ownage, with a capital p. I love this blog…

    (You can tell it’s a good post when it almost crashes my browser just scrolling to the bottom of the comments.)

    — johnseeking, Public Educator

  949. …or maybe it has something to do with policy for the greater good. Not everyone is a navel-gazing wanker.

  950. you mean like “National Socialism” Been tried, the free world brought it down.

  951. What’s a git? Besides me, potentialy, for asking. BTW, I love the name Bronwyn.

  952. I’m white and I love socializing.

  953. […] Why White People Love Free Healthcare […]

  954. […] Stuff White People Like is totally reading my mail today.  The most recent post is about Free Healthcare. […]

  955. Satire often isn’t very precise when it comes down to details.

  956. No money trees, just the old fashioned kind. But with the U.S. housing slump we’ve had to ship them to China. 33 million people on a shit load of resources lets us be pretty generous. If you want in you’ve got to get a certain immigration score, we are selective. There is no need for mexicans and americans to immigrate though, they are free to set up businesses and sue our governments under NAFTA.

  957. “What do all of the countries with socialized medicine have in common?”

    Besides “sugar daddy”, most of them have homogeneous populations, state-supported churches and (at least “constitutional”) monarchs. Don’t write off the importance of these in shoring up a welfare state. The Swedes sure didn’t, until recently.

    As for abortion, it is much less restricted in the US and Canada, thanks to court order, than in Europe and Japan, where it is subject to democratic control.

  958. Funny!

    When I read the list to my husband he said “Well, who DOESN’T like modern furniture!” LOL!

    Also, he works for Apple. We love our MacBooks and we BOTH have the apple sticker on the back window of our cars! I drive the Infiniti, he drives the Volvo.

    P.S. I heart SF AND I have two last names! (Only gave our daughter my husband’s last name though.)

    Oh! and I’m also half white/half chinese. Refer to #11 on the list 😉

  959. The sugardaddy argument is so weak that no medicine could possibly heal it. It is true that America led the way in rebuilding Europe and Japan after both were ravaged by war. However, the notion that American largess supports Western European social spending is absurd. As those acquainted with the facts on American health care know, inadequate social spending can be more costly than excessive social spending. Only a truly simple-minded ideologue would believe that unsolved problems generate no economic drag.

    It is true that the U.S. has spent a great deal of money providing Western Europeans with defense. Yet much of this was a response to an arms race that was driven chiefly by U.S. military spending. I don’t believe we should get credit as benefactors when we merely solve a problem that we also created. Then there is the usual nonsense about an Islamic tide and faltering economies over there — anything to keep Fox News fans from noticing the real strength of Euro-associated economies and the growing instability of the American greenback.

  960. I see a lot of cars with the sticker “Keep your laws off my body!”

    Whatever else it may be, state-run health care, or just state-supported health insurance, is very much “laws on your body”.

    I doubt the drivers consider this.

  961. I know several white people that hate sushi.

    I’m white and I like some sushi. I hate squid or octopus though.

  962. from Google: “Git is mild British slang term, used to denote a silly, stupid, annoying, childish or senile elderly person. It is usually used as an insult, more severe than twit but less severe than prat or wanker, and may often be used affectionately between friends. …”

    My mother also loved the name Bronwyn. As a child I hated it, partly because a lot of people found it hard to pronounce. It means “white breasted” which is also an embarrassment for a child. I have come to terms with it as an adult though.

  963. Do you really want the people who run the DMV to run your doctor’s office?

    Global Warming Alarmists Beware… http://www.EvilCarbon.com

  964. “One opinion is you are a fucking idiot!” – Bahahahahahahahaha! I love you, Jack!

  965. A synonym of “utilize” is “use”.

  966. Are you an alien?

  967. Hey, with white people it’s socially acceptable to aspire to be Eurotrash…

  968. “McCain hates National Public Radio”. Who cares??

  969. You are overlooking the fact that her DOCTOR thought it would be a good idea. It’s not the insurance company’s place to dictate what we can and can’t receive.

  970. John McCain is the finest man that ever exited? Where did he go???

  971. Not Stupid, you aparantly ARE stupid, because your post makes no sense. How is Marie “lying?” She is saying that it’s your own responsiblity to buy your own health insurance, and that it’s your own choice if you would rather spend that money on something else. You only paid $2000 for 8 stitches because you didn’t buy yourself health insurance. You took a risk and you lost.

  972. That’s because this country is filled with a bunch of fat bastards!

  973. Just wait until the government is your HMO. You’ll *love* it!

  974. […]  Their most recent post is morally fatuous through and […]

  975. Liposuction. God forbid anyone should exercise a little and stop shoveling food into their mouths!

  976. Since your good fortune has blessed you with that new book deal, I’m adding this posting as a request for help. I recently contracted this awful staph infection and it’s spreading rapidly. My entire right leg is swollen and I’m currently using crutches. I don’t have an insurance plan, and am losing out on hourly wages due to being out sick with this terrible infection. I’m afraid I may very well die before they can see me at the filthy county hospital that’s jam-packed full of other poor bastards like myself.

    All I need are some $20 antibiotics and this thing would be taken care of, but I don’t have a prescription plan which means the pills are $75.

    Please help, send a check to the attached email address.

    Thanks C. Lander You’re the best!

  977. on April 7, 2008 at 1:04 pm Cynthia Neumann

    I’m afraid this would have been more accurately entitled “Stuff White People Like…Privatized Health Care.” There are far more whites who support a privatized health care system than the minority you seem to consistently describe here.

    Hmm… I kind of see an agenda here… Should this website really be called “Stuff Conservatives Think Liberals Like”?

  978. in other words, to clarify what you’re saying for those who don’t get it, white people and rednecks are 2 very different breeds of caucasians. 🙂

  979. damn close…

  980. wow 1000 posts, impressive!

  981. A perceptive one you are! You’ve discovered our secret plans!

  982. Yeah, I paid for my emergency health care in Canada. I tore up some knee cartilage and paid about $600 for the ER visit and a brace to hold me over until I got back to the states. Of course, my insurance refused to cover it at first so at least we’re in agreement on that.

  983. on April 7, 2008 at 2:06 pm Whitey #1001

    I hope the authors will try not to let their libertarian angst ruin the humor here, the way it almost does with South Park. When comedy dabbles in politics, it must be careful to stay aloof and not preach.

  984. How about another post? We’re all waiting.


  985. Are you serious? Who comes on a blog and shouts “FIRST” when they make a comment?
    Oh yeah, that’s right, someone with the mentality of a twelve-year-old. Don’t worry, someone is praying for you somewhere.

  986. on April 7, 2008 at 2:16 pm Jack Klompus

    Spot…fucking…on. I especially love Jenny’s comment, previously “stoked” about your book deal but now you’re “evil.” HAHAHA. Keep slaying the sacred white cows.

  987. McCain hates you.

  988. A member of the Black Panther Party once said to me while we were organizing, “I am so sick of all these white liberals!” I was like “Whoa, whoa, is the problem that they’re white or that they’re liberal?”

    (liberal meaning right of the left which no longer exists in this country – fighting to keep the status quo while appearing to care about social ills)

    The obvious connection between rich people and white people certainly makes sense. With a few notable exceptions, the ruling class is made up of white guys. Yet I have much more in common with a white worker than I do with Condoleeza Rice or Barack Obama.

    I’m sure you already know this, and I do appreciate the humor. I love the banner!

  989. That’s outrageous! I’m so sorry.

  990. To answer your questions:
    1) yes,
    2) yes,
    3) yes.

    Did you read this blog at all?

  991. Yes, and it’s called Listerine!

  992. on April 7, 2008 at 2:57 pm Come Let Us Reason Together

    This post suggests an interesting game. If the first post reads, “FIRST” and the one-thousandth post reads, “[wow] 1000, each person could simply count off his/her own consecutive post position in the comments -Golly 16, Gee dad 175, Eat-my-dust 900, etc.- without need for superfluous verbiage
    Quick and easy, don’t you think?

  993. You guys seriously need to check out “Ode” magazine. It’s exactly like SWPL, but without the tongue-in-cheek. Every issue is “Stuff White People Like in the News” to the extreme.


  994. Obivously you’ve never had any experience with the Canadian health care system. I was visiting friends in Whistler, BC when I got appendicitis. The care I received was better than any I’ve received in an American ER.

    Don’t bother replying – you’ll only make yourself sound even stupider than you already do.

  995. on April 7, 2008 at 3:04 pm C.Wright.Thru.U

    Does the kind of Stuff White People Like include things
    like Truth, Equality and Justice?


  996. on April 7, 2008 at 3:05 pm Come Let Us Reason Together

    What’s it all about, Halfie?

  997. […] past committee. A version of it that helps poor families might, but not the sweeping changes that many people are hoping […]

  998. not even gonna get into it

  999. on April 7, 2008 at 3:14 pm Come Let Us Reason Together

    Didn’t I meet you at “The Summer of Hate” in San Francisco in 1983?

  1000. You’re pregnant?!?


  1001. PEOPLE THE SITE’S A LITTLE TONGUE IN CHEEK. Maybe you caught that? Simmer.

  1002. on April 7, 2008 at 3:30 pm Come Let Us Reason Together

    You are right. Good satire does not make fun of issues; it makes fun of people.

  1003. Grad school students usually don’t have health care either — so extra points there!

  1004. People need to chill out. This site is supposed to be funny. If you cant detect the sarcasm/irony in his writing style, then you obviously aren’t very smart.

  1005. on April 7, 2008 at 3:45 pm Come Let Us Reason Together

    White people who live in Southern California usually threaten to move to Canada with the disclaimer: “Why, I would move to Canada if it weren’t for the awful climate.” They feel bold if they take a job offer in San Francisco, and heroic if they make it as far north as Seattle.

  1006. Please do an entry with these things:

    – controlling grammar/ using big words sporadically when speaking

    – getting giddy/excited about little things, i.e. “Hell yeah we’re going to the farmer’s market!”

  1007. i suggest you keep poltics out of this otherwise great site..

    this post sucks, cuz it deals with a sensitive, serious issue

    go back to Mos Def, etc

  1008. My mom is living similarly and she’s in the US with health insurance she pays for.

  1009. on April 7, 2008 at 4:22 pm Come Let Us Reason Together

    No, your comment underscores many pertinent concerns. Lander has a more-than-fair gift for satire but much of what he writes has been derived from other sources polished with an updated spin which gives off the shiny illusion of originality. You are right to exhort white people who want to LOL more insightfully at themselves to look for superior yucks elsewhere.
    Simply put, it’s not rocket science folks.

  1010. whose #750? Where are those numbers anyway?

  1011. Rappaport,

    You sound a lot like old Portney’s Complaint.

    People like you ought to be rounded up in a pen to fight it out like the pig that you are. Scratch that, pigs are a poor example since they don’t think like you and are a lot better looking.

    Stop all the anti-semitic crap. I’m tired of you.

    I pray you don’t have a family who has to hear your BS.

    In a strange way, I feel sorry for you.

  1012. […] appear that government-run health care is among the Stuff White People Like: In spite of having access to the best health insurance and fanciest hospitals, white people are […]

  1013. @Anastomosis
    My comment was a direct reply to tsfile who said, “If anything, people live longer and better lives because of American healthcare.”

    I’m sure tsfile knew when he/she made that statement that America has citizens who migrated from other countries and my statistics are of US citizens not people who just stepped on US soil 2 yrs ago, then died.


  1014. on April 7, 2008 at 6:15 pm NPR and White?

    NPR is jew. That makes you non-White and anti-White politically too.

  1015. on April 7, 2008 at 6:17 pm NPR and White?

    tamblu, why are you even on a White board?

    This blog is not for anti-White racist a-holes like you. I feel totally sorry for you, you angry little man.

    Seriously, nobody wants to hear your anti-White crap.

  1016. on April 7, 2008 at 6:20 pm NPR and White?

    White liberals don’t really care about blacks, that’s what he means.

    They just want to appear to be “better” Whites, and then make fun of rednecks etc. but White liberals (aka Jews) don’t give a crap about blacks, and damn sure don’t send their daughters to school with them.

  1017. on April 7, 2008 at 6:23 pm NPR and White?

    Excellent post!

    free sex changes and abortions all around!!! Jewi$h abortion clinics are salivating at the thought of it.

  1018. on April 7, 2008 at 6:24 pm amillionthings

    McCain doesn’t hate anyone, I hope.


  1019. on April 7, 2008 at 6:28 pm NPR and White?


    Socialism can work in homogeneous societies, but there is not one example of it working in multi-cult ones.

    The break-up of the former USSR into 15 ethno-states, plus the Balkans’ recent history, proves this.

    Does anyone here see a Jew wanting to pay for Muslims families’ births? A Black paying for a Hispanic’s workmens comp?

  1020. on April 7, 2008 at 6:32 pm NPR and White?

    Gays are much more prone to loneliness, and to be treated for depression, than are Heterosexuals.

    They also have much higher STD treatment rates.

  1021. on April 7, 2008 at 6:36 pm NPR and White?

    “Proper White People”

    That’s a great term.

  1022. on April 7, 2008 at 6:38 pm NPR and White?

    Hating “frat boys” is a past-time for ugly & fat liberal chicks that can’t get laid, and don’t end up with nice families.

  1023. Hey Canadians, thanks for sending your finest physicians to the USA. They’ve provided me with some great health care!

  1024. Yes, that is what happened.

    However, the point is that the people who were “under” it, or voted for it, etc. LOVED IT while they were, and before it was brought down.

    Have you never seen the old pictures? The parades, the women were happy, the children were too, no crime, etc.

    Communist rulers were, by contrast, utterly despised by their people, where the Fascist ones were LOVED, that’s the difference.

    Anyway, I’m not a “socialist” but all I’m suggesting is that Socialism based on “nation” works better than socialism based on other concepts.

    Socialism based on multi-culturalism is totally doomed to failure, almost by definition.

  1025. The cranial density on display in terms of equating universal health care with some sort of ridiculous exaggeration of Soviet communism is a mental malfunction millions possess in this nation

    Care to explain your side? Why is it different?

    Free markets lower prices via competition. They increase quality, they increase productivity.

  1026. PS Red China may be communist, but they’re more like a national-socialist state, rather than one based on “class” or “multi-culturalism” etc.

    China has is hugely homogeneous racially and culturally, as compared to say “Canada” or the United States — where socialism can’t work because of the lack of racial solidarity needed to pull it off.

  1027. Dream on.

  1028. Q: Why don’t you disgustingly fat Americans exercise 20 minutes a day and eat only until you’re about 80% full? You wouldn’t have to wait so long because fewer people would be going to hospitals.

  1029. white people like blogs

  1030. The myth of market perfection springs from an inability to apply even an adolescent level of nuance to economic issues that are invariably laden with nuances. For example, the U.S. government pays at least $20/plate for meals at Camp Anaconda. Now, one could argue that Halliburton benefited from corruption in wresting control of commissary services in theater from the Defense Department. One could argue that an open bidding process might have actually produced a decline, rather than a huge increase, in the price of feeding soldiers. Then again, one could also argue that if it was not for corruption, the Soviet state would have come much closer to sustaining a strong level of economic growth. If we are to be realistic rather than idealistic, we must come to terms with what is real.

    What is real in the United States is that wealth has been so heavily concentrated in the hands of the few that corruption is increasingly normal and accepted. The ideal behind Wall Street is that informed investors making wise decisions will reinforce good economic behavior and minimize bad economic behavior. In a reality where even mutual funds often hold stocks for a fairly short span of time, Wall Street reinforces the cannibalism of businesses and actually discourages the kind of sound long term thinking that fuels sustainable economic growth. From nursing homes to what’s left of our manufacturing base, financial titans buy a business, downgrade the workforce, sell off spare equipment, switch to cheaper suppliers, reap profits from the lag in market correction, then sell the ravaged business to some sucker who has no idea how badly degraded it has become. Warren Buffet aside, nobody in high finance chases the solid annual return when there is a fast buck to be made instead, even if that fast buck involves doing tremendous harm to a successful business.

    This lack of nuance is self-evident when you see people equating universal health care with Soviet Communism. The argument that preventable sickness and death should be prevented in our own society is not at all the same as calling for widespread application of state property doctrines (which is itself a far cry from the absolute equality of wealth ignorant folks seem to believe was actually happening in the U.S.S.R.) The argument here is not that market forces should be obliterated or even shut out entirely from the medical sector. Instead it is that worship of market forces is no excuse for letting Americans sicken and die when tremendous improvements to the state of our public health are entirely achievable goals.

    Of course, it is not just a values issue. Our economy suffers for both the preventable losses sustained by the workforce and the parasitic extraction of resources performed by private insurers. When you ditch the anarcho-capitalist ideology and embrace policy-making realism, universal health care becomes a promising strategy for promoting growth in the United States today. It will make our workforce more competitive, it will improve our overall quality of life, and it may even reduce the incidence of catastrophic health problems through widespread availability of appropriate preventative medicine.

    Like various other approaches to ordering human activity, free markets have their uses. In some situations, maximizing the role of market forces also optimizes the end results. However, this is not a universal or absolute thing. After all, nitrous oxide is a great way to make your ride go fast — but that doesn’t mean you should administer it to a horse on the gallop. If we stop thinking of a complex discipline like economics on the dumbass level of men like O’Reilly and Limbaugh, we can start acting like responsible citizens and formulate dialog that will guide better outcomes for the people and the economy of the United States.

  1031. yeah, you have wait times for the majority of people who DON’T have life-threatening illnesses…that’s great, you say that like in america we have wait times for life-threatening illnesses. no. we have something called the “free market” and the gov’t is effing with it left and right. back in the day when healthcare was still a free market (i.e. before government got all up in its business) doctors were very much affordable, no matter WHAT kind of treatment you needed or how severe you were or if you didn’t have “insurance”. how about we go back to that and i can quit supporting lazy people with MY tax dollars for medicare? whatever.

  1032. […] and peep a total ‘Stuff White People Like‘ reference when Clinton hollers at FRANCE in the same way she would for health care. To be […]

  1033. My commie-pinko friend. What you fail to realize is that the people that worship at the alter of the free market do so only because they realize that both are equally corrupt. The greatest difference is that when the market grows, aside from the fact that the top tier grow exponentially richer, society generlly gains wealth and experiences a (relative) sustainable increase in the standard of living. When government grows, it consolidates power at the expense of liberty, while creating uniformity at the cost of increased stagnation. Expanding government influence may raise everyone to a uniform level, but that level remains constant in a world of growing technology, creating a real decline in quality compared to that which is available.

    I hate to be cliched, but the honest truth is that Marxism, and all it’s derivatives are great in theory but shitty in practice; the corruption and meglomania of human nature will interfere 100% of the time. Utopia will never exist b/c man is ultimately imperfect. The best we can hope for is a system of commerce and government that has a self-regulating quality built into it and simply accept the fact that, while it is imperfect, it’s beats the alternative.


  1034. Actually, I believe the best that we can hope for is that grown men and women participating in the political process will do so without relying heavily on propaganda and false dichotomies. The propaganda point is that trickle down economics actually causes some sort of trickling down of wealth. If you go for the hard numbers, it becomes clear that 80% of American households have not enjoyed significant real economic gains in three decades. That link is to a CIA resource, but any resource that is not the work of partisan hacks and other misinformation venues will bear out the truth. For a full generation now, the American people have been working hard, producing national growth, and enjoying no significant part of those gains. Only an economic elite have been benefiting since voodoo economics became fashionable as an article of faith.

    However, it is also grossly irresponsible for anyone to vote or speak out on politics while laboring under the impression that society must either be anarcho-capitalist or subject to rigorous central planning. We can have a national infrastructure policy (or even a national mass transit policy, were we at all capable of implementing political foresight) and still accomodate a thriving market in personal vehicles. Likewise, implementing a universal health care policy is not the same as abandoning the good elements capitalism can provide. So long as we are crippled by political dialogue that denies the very existence of a middle ground, out politics and policies will continue to reflect the most primitive sort of thinking. Rather than say, “capitalism is the worst economic system in the world, except for all the others,” something more like “capitalism has some pretty serious flaws, so let us remedy those while continuing to support its institutions and values where they actually do more good than harm,” would serve us well.

  1035. What’s your point?

  1036. on April 7, 2008 at 9:50 pm Blue-Eyed Columbus

    Not hero enough to have his own holiday though.

  1037. on April 7, 2008 at 11:22 pm insurancehumor


    It sounds like the “Baby Mama Insurance” on this link was designed for people like you:


  1038. “When government grows, it consolidates power at the expense of liberty, while creating uniformity at the cost of increased stagnation. Expanding government influence may raise everyone to a uniform level, but that level remains constant in a world of growing technology, creating a real decline in quality compared to that which is available.”

    I’m not sure you’ve studied the current health care situation at all, but uniformity in care is *exactly* what we need right now. We need less glamorous primary care physicians. We need mundane maintenance of chronic conditions. We *don’t* need more plastic surgeons or specialists. A huge chunk of modern medical discovery has been done at publicly funded institutions, where private companies have access to that basic research. Financial concerns lead to more erectile dysfunction remedies, or hiding negative clinical trial outcomes (which is happening).

    “We can have a national infrastructure policy (or even a national mass transit policy, were we at all capable of implementing political foresight) and still accomodate a thriving market in personal vehicles. “

    Exactly. Having a national healthcare framework, like having a highway system, doesn’t mandate the physician we use any more than the highway mandates the car we drive. But we’d still be driving exclusively gas-guzzlers for all the “free market” cared if it weren’t for CAFE standards, yet you can still purchase a frikkin’ humvee.

  1039. JR and Demonweed,

    You both make some interesting & valid points. Thank you, –Jeff in Houston, Texas

  1040. While I love paying upwards of $300 a month to a company’s bottom line, I would prefer to have that money collected as taxes and spent to help my fellow American with their health care struggles. I know it sounds crazy to ask this, but where does my insurance premium go? It would be nice if it benefited the people who need it the most, not a corporation.

  1041. “Pinky” is actually from Alpha Centari. S/h/it is waiting here on Earth for the return of the Mothership behind Comet Hale-Bopp.

  1042. I am not so sure that this post should be considered so much a parody, but more of a soapbox. It really feels like a response to a conversation in which the author was bested and is now seeking solace. Socialized programs aren’t without their problems (i.e. – police departments, public schools), but I – like many other readers – would rather see my tax dollars go towards the development of a national health care system rather than lining the pockets of the profiteers of war, excuse me – profiteers of destabilization.

  1043. White people like free healthcare, but black people are the ones that get it. Caucasians are pushing towards universal health care because they are sick of having to pay for all the blacks and illegals that are uninsured and and still get healthcare. I’m not being racist, just factual.

  1044. Funniest comment on the board!

  1045. Well, it goes to people like me, who have over $3000 monthly in medical bills to treat an incurable disease. Which I don’t have because I smoke, eat big macs all day, or sit on the couch. If the government were the single payor for my healthcare, they would be deciding what the “correct” amount for my doctor appointments would be, what the “correct” amount for the drugs that I need, and since profit margins would be reduced to nothing, there won’t be any money for R&D to develop better drugs or possibly a cure. Single payor is great for healthy people, but those who have chronic, very expensive, and incurable diseases are screwed.

  1046. “they have it IN Europe”

    White people hate poor grammar.

  1047. Short version.

    If I hate Wal-Mart, I can shop elsewhere. If I hate the government, my only recourse is emigration.

  1048. andy on April 6, 2008 at 10:56 am

    “I wish there were universal healthcare because I have a shitty HMO and no fucking dental insurance.”

    National healthcare will just the whole system into one big shitty HMO… I’m serious… Check out the Brit newspapers on-line.

    At least now you have the option of getting non hmo insurance.

  1049. I sprained both of my ankles while in Germany a month ago. They asked me how I pay, and when I told them I didn’t know how my insurance worked ( I was there for 2 weeks for business), they sent me on my way with only ace wrap for one ankle, no meds, x-rays. I limped back to my hotel and was healed by God on one of my ankles. But I loved it there. I would live there if I could. They had wonderful cuckoo clocks 😉

  1050. Not funny, really. Try editing, which allows for consistently proper grammar.

  1051. stuff white people like: making sarcastic jokes to people they just met.

  1052. See, universal health care is for europeans in Europe.

  1053. on April 8, 2008 at 11:44 am You'll Pay For Universal Too

    Ironically, just today the Ontario government announced it was cutting 75 nursing jobs from hospital on the east side of Toronto.
    Please know that any hospitals in Canada run on a government imposed shoestring. If you think that includes providing hospitals with state of the art diagnostic and treatment tools then you are sadly naive.
    When Ontario hospitals get an upgrade, it means ONE hospital in ONE city has a new MRI. That means anyone needing it can get in the absurdly long line up to wait and wait and wait until they get to make the hundreds of miles trek to their appointment. Hope you have relatives in that city too, cause that’s where you’ll have to stay after the hours long journey.

    Before considering if you want universal health care, tour a hospital in Canada, it’ll be like going back in time.

  1054. Not penultimately.
    (No, that is not a sentence; it is a de-emphasized exclamation.)
    You have misused the word. One correct choice would have been “ultimately.”

  1055. It’s more like one of those Strong Man tests at the fair. You swing (leverage) the sledge hammer (inherited advantage) and strike (exploit) the lever (working poor) to see if you can launch (advance) the shuttle (your own interests) up until it hits the bell (selfish satisfaction).

    And once the bell rings, you know you’re at just the right level because everyone at the fair heard it, which means you don’t have to do anything more. You’ve done your part, helping the poor on your way! Now it’s time to celebrate. Let’s go kayaking!

  1056. Unfortunately, there is no middle ground. The market and the government are in a perpetual tug-of-war for control of the economic direction. The problem, again, is that while the market will self-correct, governmental bureaucracy has no such mechanism aside from, ultimately, revolution. To think anything else is just idealistic, albeit noble. Unfortunately idealistic policy, without a firm base in reality ultimately leads to catastrophic failure. Just ask all the people in foreclosure right now. Ideally, they could afford a $400k house on a $50K/yr salary; in reality they made a short-sighted, ill-informed, bad decision and are now hosed. I’d hate to see our policy makers make a similarly short-sight, ill-informed, bad decision b/c, ideally, it works.

  1057. That’s my favorite scene. Oh, and the salute with arm… *gasp*!

    Oh, so funny!

  1058. on April 8, 2008 at 1:41 pm A White Guy

    I think this post is miscategorized.

    It should be posted under “What Illegal Immigrants Like.”

    Don’t think so? Just visit many of the metropolitian cities in border states and ask.

  1059. China is industrializing. They were agrarian, and now they’re becoming more efficient. This always happens to countries that industrialize.

    The technological advances they are adopting from capitalist countries are making this possible. you will watch them become more and more capitalistic and richer and richer. You will see their average income go from $3000/month to $30,000/month over the next few decades while they catch up from their backwards, communist ways.

  1060. Absinthe with wormwood is legal in the US… white people can read about it in the New York Times:


  1061. Heh. Make that $3,000/YEAR and $30,000/YEAR. Thank you.

  1062. While KamandiCurt loves to leave comments about HappyJack’s comments as often as possible, it is nice to see that KC leaves intelligent posts, too.

    I do not agree with your anti-profit stance, but I’m happy to see that you wrote something without pasting. Thank you.

  1063. Markets self-correct in theory. In practice there is a very limited range of corrective behaviors market forces induce. When it comes to something like prohibition of narcotics, human needs will trump pontificating moralism every time. When it comes to matters like environmental contamination, public safety standards, and the allocation of economic gains; market forces are only self-correcting if your idea of correct is to trample all over any sense of public interest while enabling an elite to profit from acts of predictable, if not deliberate, destruction.

    The idea that business and government are in a constant struggle for the soul of the economy plays into the kind of counterproductive commentary that obstructs both economic and social progress. There are many areas of policy where an effective partnership can already be seen in the U.S. Universal health care, if we set aside propaganda, is another of these partnerships evident in dozens of nations with sustainable economic growth. If the best reason to avoid this path for our own people is ideological conviction that it must not work, then I say that is all the more reason to abandon ideology, rather than all the more reason to perpetuate the abandonment of our fellow Americans to the ravages of preventable sickness and injury.

  1064. i think this post sucks, but at least i didn’t suggest that i would defecate upon my ideological adversaries.

  1065. um, let’s don’t let white people feel genetically superior (“breeds”). it’s inherited wealth that makes them feel all upper-crust and fancy, pure and simple.

    this post is just a trainwreck, target-wise. my redneck family would love them some affordable health care, as, i bet, would many working-class people of any race.

  1066. i’m sorry to let you down, but there’s the matter of how mccain says he feels about, ahem, “gooks” (his word, never ever ever mine):

  1067. First!

    Oh, wait…

  1068. at <$30k, you’ve not even remotely paid the government back for thirteen years of education, not to mention all the other government services you take utterly for granted. go ahead and keep pattin’ yourself on the back, but i hope you don’t mind that it grosses me out to see it.

  1069. i mean, how could any woman hate a charmer like you, right? am i right or am i right?

  1070. Hahahaha!!! Great comment! 🙂

  1071. was your degree in double-speak? are you jonah goldberg?

    your definition of fascism is very convenient to the republican party, though utterly inaccurate. according to you bush invaded iraq because he’s “liberal fascist”. never mind that liberals are always whining about peace, and that republicans really love the shit outta killing and torturing and taking away the right to trial. according to your twisted reasoning, it wasn’t republicans’ innate values (to remind you because you’re stupid: killing, torturing, and no trial) that have got us in this mess. it was the liberals.

    of course it was.

    gross gross gross you people are so gross.

  1072. hm. i’m for affordable health care for everyone, and i’m pretty sure i could destroy you at any test of intellect you care to choose.

  1073. don’t be dead by then. health care is like the loaf of bread the guy steals to keep his family alive. it’s morally right to take it even if you can’t pay. usually there are free clinics in most communities. if not, i’d say you have license to do what you have to to survive. brainstorming… maybe write bad checks. maybe you’ll go to prison — they have health care there…

    your situation is fucked up, but if you survive to next year (please do), maybe you’ll get to see things start to turn around politically.

    do what you have to. good luck.

  1074. aww. you couldn’t rebut the substance, could ya? aww.

  1075. wait. you’re a satirical figure, then? ahhh. i’m always the last person to catch on to you guys.

  1076. but! you’re not allowed to tell that story! didn’t you see clander mocked people who have tales of good experiences with accessible health care? so it’s off-limits, now.

  1077. the government invented the idea of rationing. if you think rationing is exclusive to HMOs, you’re dreaming. if you think the governments of europe and canada don’t ration health care, you’re dreaming. and if you think that health care controlled by the united states government wouldn’t be rationed, you’re dreaming.

  1078. you’re still wrong…

  1079. umm jackass you have it all backwards

  1080. on April 8, 2008 at 9:29 pm Jennifer Louise

    I go to school in Canada but hail from the States, so it’s obvious I like Canada and don’t enjoy bashing all things Canadian.


    I’ve been to the doctor three times in my first year and so far I’ve had to pay for all three things. I actually haven’t taken the time to really understand the health care system (eh…), but when I am informed that voilà – I have free health care! – I do not understand why I have 68$ for a Hep B shot. If it’s required for grade school kids (who get it for free), so why do I have to pay?

    At least I am getting good service here. I just don’t understand how exactly “free” health care is so expensive.

  1081. on April 9, 2008 at 6:59 am Exasperated

    Probably because you live in a trailer park. Either that or you hang out with investment banking types.

  1082. on April 9, 2008 at 7:15 am Exasperated

    Japan’s constitution was written by Douglas MaCarthur. Then when it became inconvenient the US forced Japan to do some constitutional gymnastics to put together the “Self Defense Forces” that supposedly didn’t violate the constitution because it isn’t allowed to attack. Oh, and the Self Defense Forces just happen to buy all its equipment from US military manufacturers. Moreover, Japan pays the US for its protection in other ways as well by funding the Iraq invasion, for example, because its US-mandated constitution prohibits acts of war but the US strong-armed Japan into funding it. Japan “takes advantage” of the US protective umbrella in the same way that the fruit stand guy on the corner “takes advantage” of mafia protection. The real threat that the US has over Japan is the insatiable appetite of the debt-ridden, minus-savings-rate US consumer.
    Nobody is forcing the US to spend billions on arming itself to the teeth, invading Iraq, and occupying huge tracts of prime real estate in “friendly” countries so it can buzz rooftops with F-15 “training” that would be illegal in the US. The rest of the world would be more than pleased to rid the sandlot of its bully named Uncle Sam, and that bully could then take all the money he spends on toys to take better care of his family.

  1083. on April 9, 2008 at 7:21 am Exasperated

    No, that’s why they wouldn’t run it, just fund it. Japan has a very effective system wherein the insurance is nationalized but the care providers are private. I lived there for over 10 years and, though far from perfect, I thought it worked brilliantly compared to anything else I’ve seen.

  1084. on April 9, 2008 at 7:29 am Exasperated

    You mean liberal angst. Libertarians are advocates of laissez-faire and small government.

  1085. I loved this blog until I saw this post. What a shitty thing to write, and an ignorant thing, as well. Obviously, you have never had to deal with the bureaucracy that comes with US Healthcare, especially when it comes to people with serious diseases. My mother had to wait 6 months to get a cancer diagnosis because her healthcare company was so mired in bureaucracy that they wouldn’t give her a PETscan. She does, by the way, have a full-time job.

    I realize that your blog is a satire, and I have always appreciated your humor. However, this really is a problem, not a joke. And it doesn’t just affect white people. It affects everyone.

  1086. You have to pay for those things in the US too – but they are much more expensive. You should, however, check your health insurance. You aren’t a permanent resident or citizen, but a visiting scholar, so you actually buy health insurance through a company just like in the States. Sorry.

    FYI to the author of this article, if you get hurt on a trip to Canada, you won’t get free health care. You kind of have to be a citizen or resident paying taxes to take advantage of the system. And they make you pay part of it up front, so there’s really no way around it. I just don’t want anyone to think that they don’t need to buy extra health insurance when they visit Canada.

  1087. I’m sorry, but this response is the douchiest, most mean-spirited thing I have seen written in a long time. To essentially say to someone “Make more money!”as a solution to their financial woes shows a severe lack of mature understanding of the way people are able to make money and support themselves in the real world. It’d be great if he wasn’t supporting a family on so little, but hey, he is. It happens sometimes. I’m sure when you’re in a situation where you are supporting yourself (or if you already are, when you grow a little sympathy for other human beings) you will regret those words.

  1088. Your country also gets taxed like 15%… Sounds awesome!

  1089. on April 9, 2008 at 2:40 pm fuck this blog

    Free health care in Canada for foreigners my ass. I went to Canada and was sick as a dog. I went to a walk-in clinic and asked them if they would take my American-insurance. They said I would have to pay them out of my pocket.

    All I gotta say is:

    Fuck Canadia
    Fuck France

    Cuba will be good someday.

    Michael Moore is a fucking fraud.

  1090. Reading this blog for the first time. Slightly painful.

    Did not realise how white i am becoming.

    I think i am having an identity crisis- but then again thats another “stuff white people like” isn’t it 😦

  1091. Hmm, someone once said that there would always be poor people and he ain’t been proved wrong yet. Where there are people there are problems.

    And health care is not a right unless you’re a blind liberal idealist. Things could sure be better but at least the West don’t enjoy a 1:50,000 or so doctor/people ratio unlike too many places I know. Count your blessings.

  1092. Thanks for breaking it down into myspeak for a village Dong who once participated in such gala day feats. You must have a double major in Physics & English from MIT. I’ll name my kid after you if you would kindly pay my health insurance.

    And whats a Kayak when you can have a Canadian canoe – can fit more pigdogs and squaws in those anyday.

  1093. on April 9, 2008 at 4:57 pm Peter Acevedo

    Stuff White People Should LOVE….intelligent political analysis. Get it @ http://www.savagepolitics.com

    Check out the article “We are the puppets”!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! http://savagepolitics.com/?p=271

  1094. on April 9, 2008 at 5:06 pm i love whitey

    white people like to argue on the internet

  1095. you can always ask for a second opinion or see another doctor or ask for a re-test or go to the states. plus, at least most people can afford to see a doctor in canada! since any opinion is free!

  1096. I can see white guys has got the animal talk straight-down.

    First, Medical Care isn’t a Casino. It isn’t the Stock Market. So this “risk” white guy is talking about is very interesting. I “risked” getting an injury I couldn’t pay for? Of course, I COULD pay for the treatment…. So I wasn’t really risking that. What I WAS risking was the punitative 1800 dollars in additional cost because I was a “bad man” and didn’t buy insurance… which I better do OR ELSE. Look, it’s the Invisible Hand! In an uncivilized country, I could have gotten that injury fixed for under two hundred dollars. So why is the “free market” acting like a Mafia protection racket. Where someone either pays insurance companies thousands of dollars for nothing, or pays the hospital thousands of dollars for nothing in the event he is scratched? In uncivilized nations, with a free market, my cost, for my “risk” would have been vastly less, and the treatment vastly better. Doesn’t seem like America has much of a Free Market, eh?

    White Guy didn’t even bother to address my points as to WHY Marie was lying, just babbled about how “it was nonsense”.

    Marie took the same “risk” I did, so she should have “paid” like I did. So why does she claim that she thinks $2000 dollars, or whatever amount she didn’t pay for services she never used, assuming she is a she, is “reasonable”? I can’t think of one person who paid $2000 dollars for medical service they could do themselves who would call it “reasonable”.

    But maybe White Guy is using the reverse of Occam’s Razor. Where the most likely choice, Marie is lying, is immediately discarded, in favor of the least likely choice, Marie is a complete wierdo.

  1097. […] having a hard time deciding if i should be offended by “Stuff White People Like“, a blog with a self-explanatory title. I don’t really get why it’s okay to […]

  1098. I don’t get how dumb most of you are who are commenting. This isn’t talking about “white people”, its talking about intelligent liberals. Its satirical. This is how intelligent liberals convey humor. It seems that many of you understand the intent of this blog just as much as I understood sex when I was 7.

    Intelligent liberals like organic food.. Colber Report.. indie music.. etc.. Get it?

    Other white people, such as conservatives would not understand/would reject many of these notions either because they are simply not intelligent enough to appreciate them or are too stubborn.

  1099. you don’t know anything about the ‘free market’ or ‘back in the day.’ things like breathing, education and healthcare were never supposed to be commodified and put on the market system in the first place. also, according to Smith and Ricardo, government IS supposed to play a role in the market; it is supposed to restrict the flow of labor and capital from moving across borders. so the ‘free market,’ as you know it, is not what it is supposed to be (as you clearly are aware). BUT, for the same reason communism is good in theory but not in practice, free market capitalism is also good in theory (but not in practice). you should read ‘wealth of nations’ and maybe some Weber (Max Weber). then you should get a better idea of what’s going on and why universal healthcare and other socialist policies are beneficial. in fact, if we had a socialist system of public education, you probably would have gotten a good education.

  1100. “From there my name was called to go to the back room, my wound was surveyed and quickly cleaned up, glued shut and wrapped in gauze and bandages. My whole treatment time was no more than 7 minutes. My waiting time (which was repeatedly predicted to be a couple of hours) was just short of 90 minutes. No one asked me word one about payment as New Zealand has free emergency health care. ”

    Quoted from great SWPL fodder blog :


  1101. “this especially true of things that are unavailable in the United States (Rare Beers, Absinthe, legal marijuana, prostitution, soccer)”

    Absinthe is legal in Louisiana. Or New Orleans at least. I had it on Bourbon Street a week and half ago.

  1102. My thoughts exactly. I went to college, and I had to struggle until I found a job. It’s tough, but it can be done. Working hard and paying taxes for those who don’t care to work? Yeah…it’s….um…awesome.


  1103. Send me a pic. 🙂

  1104. I’ve always seen this blog as mocking the “intelligent” liberals, not being written by them.

    And I’m a conservative. I understand what’s going on here. And I don’t disagree with liberals because I’m stubborn, I disagree because they’re wrong.

  1105. It isn’t free. You are paying for it through taxes. Why do people think it is free?

  1106. Is it evil to make money? If we don’t charge more than the service costs, then no one would make any money. If I went to medical school and through residency I would definitely want to charge more than my services cost to make up for the education costs and opportunity costs.

  1107. You are so full of shit. Lawsuits are not the reason health care is so expensive. Health care is expensive, because so many people don’t pay for the services they receive, that they have to get the money from somewhere. That somewhere is you.

    Insurance company propoganda has destroyed your constitutional right to redress your grievances in a court of law. When was the last time you heard of a Harvard doctor practicing medicine at a county hospital. It doesn’t happen. Why? Because those hospitals have no incentive to hire the most talented medical students as doctors. Why? Because dipshits like you have given up your right to file lawsuits against doctors who work at these county and non-profit hospitals. Consequently, people like my dad end up being treated by some doctor that barely speaks english, and graduated from medical school in Phrihaptibangledeshghata, India (or some other damn place), instead of Harvard, Stanford, or UTMB.

    People like you would probably trade away your right to vote if it meant the government would wipe your ass for you for the rest of your life.

  1108. We put a Man on the Moon cuz we wuz scared shitless of the Ruskies.

    Now we aint scared of nobdy (or everybody– which is it today?) & look at the shit we’re in…

  1109. I agree that it’s time for a post about how much white people like to think their smarter than everyone else by arguing (passionately) on the internet.

    Not that they don’t do that anywhere else.

  1110. on April 10, 2008 at 4:37 pm Peg Head Ned

    Now, that’s odd: Frank doesn’t like it when Canada >doesn’tdoes<. I think he just doesn’t like health care for everybody. Just for Frank, I bet. You work for the government, Frank? General Motors as an exec? phn!

  1111. on April 10, 2008 at 4:38 pm Peg Head Ned

    Now, that’s odd: Frank doesn’t like it when Canada >doesn’tdoes<. I think he just doesn’t like health care for everybody. Just for Frank, I bet. You work for the government, Frank? General Motors as an exec? phn!

  1112. on April 10, 2008 at 4:41 pm Peg Head Ned

    Now, that’s odd: Frank doesn’t like it when Canada doesn’t give second opinions, and he doesn’t like it when it does. I think he just doesn’t like health care for everybody. Just for Frank, I bet. You work for the government, Frank? General Motors as an exec? phn!

  1113. on April 10, 2008 at 4:50 pm Peg Head Ned

    Yah, that puzzles me, too. (Seriously.) And on the other side, Americans think they aren’t paying “taxes” for health care. Taxes to help build hospitals, taxes to pay government employees’ health care, indigent care entitlements, elderly and disabled health care entitlements, childrens’ health care entitlements, taxes for social security and public services for the disabled because they didn’t get good health care or the health care they got broke them financially, taxes to pay for special education for kids whose mom got lousy prenatal care, and much more. And what exactly is insurance? Sounds like taxes that insurance companies collect to pay for health insurance for wealthy lucky people, to me. Regressive taxes, in fact. Maybe all those people without health care are fortunate, because they don’t have to pay so much for health care. As long as they don’t need it, that is. phn!

  1114. on April 10, 2008 at 4:54 pm Peg Head Ned

    Don’t listen to ’em, Pink! They don’t know where Europe is either! (Hint: it’s to the left of Gamma Globulin) phn!

  1115. on April 10, 2008 at 4:55 pm Peg Head Ned

    Yep. That’s why we have such a surplus of doctors. . . in rural Kansas. phn!

  1116. on April 10, 2008 at 4:57 pm Peg Head Ned

    Well, stop. It’s hard to read. phn!

  1117. on April 10, 2008 at 4:59 pm Peg Head Ned

    I like baseball. phn!

  1118. Yes, guilty as charged. I think a lot more people would work for themselves if the health insurance situation was easier…

  1119. on April 10, 2008 at 6:44 pm Murdakill Bot

    You know, you ought to rename this blog Stuff Dipshit Conservatives Don’t Like. Because that’s basically all you do. “Here’s something liberals like! And they only like it because they’re self-hating vampires of the night! I’m so fucking funny!” Count yourself lucky that you live in an era where retards like you and Perez Hilton can get famous because you have an internet connection.

  1120. “People like you would probably trade away your right to vote if it meant the government would wipe your ass for you for the rest of your life.”

    HAHA. Best comment I’ve seen amidst all of this stupidity.

  1121. imagine a world where the smart, motivated students who want to get rich, and who at one point flocked to medical school, all go to business school instead because there is no money in medicine anymore. if you think i’m making this up, as your Gen. Practitioner how much he/she rakes in now, compared to what they made 10 years ago.

    so here you are, and now that the masses of economically-driven students are going to law school and business school, rather than to med. school to become cardiologists and neurosurgeons, you have people applying and becoming every kind of doctor, who never would have gotten into medical school before, but now (in my fictitious futuristic example) that neurosurgeons are paid 1/3 of what they once were, the raw talent level of neurosurgeons (like say, what their MCAT/GPA scores were) has plummetted.

    as you read this, you’re thinking “but there’s more to being a doctor than making money, if someone decides to get an MBA rather than an MD just because money, than I wouldn’t want that person operating on me anyway!” this is a legitimate response, and i have noticeably not addressed the personal/emotional traits that great doctors have and that many poor doctors lack, because this gripe is for a different day. my point is that if you want to attract the most talented people to do anything, you do it with money. it may be ugly, but money doesn’t lie. conversely, if you want to drive the smartest, most motivated, hardest-working students into careers in law and business, instead of keeping these students pursuing medicine, the surest way is to monkey with their salaries and cap what they can earn, and make the over-regulation of medicine such a grim prospect that these kids think “umm, practicing medicine would be great, but it’s just not WORTH it.”

    for my part, when the time comes for me to have that quadruple bypass or tumor removed from my brain, i’m not going to give a shit whether the guy or girl cutting into me is a nice person, whether they have bedside manner, or whether they are practicing medicine “for the right reasons.” none of that will matter to me in the slightest, because none of this has any bearing on whether I’m going to live or die. rather, i hope that that surgeon drives a Porsche, lives in a mansion, summers in the hamptons, which was all made possible because of graduating at the top of the class at some ridiculous ivy league medical school, from doing a residency at Mayo and in general, from being an Obsessive-Compulsive money-grubbing freak of nature. make our system of medicine and insurance into Canada’s, and this kid gives medicine the finger and becomes the CEO of a Fortune 500 Company instead, and makes the money doing something else.

    maybe you are fine with this result. maybe you think that a higher salary doesn’t necessarily translate to attracting better quality/more talented employees. maybe money/cost/expense doesn’t really make things better. maybe you’re right. what is the difference then, if any, between a Mercedes and a Chevy? just $40K in the sticker price and a different emblem on the hood? might the cost be related to quality, maybe you get more when you pay more?

    if not, talent/work ethic/compensation/quality aren’t inextricably related, why aren’t there more members of MENSA waiting tables or teaching 3rd Grade, and why does Puff Daddy’s Criminal Defense lawyer bill out at $500/hr. while the Public Defender is free? why did Tiger Woods bank 7 Zillion dollars last year, while S. Hank Master made a paltry $40K? Because some are good and others are less good.

  1122. Your not being factual either, there are more poor white people receiving welfare, medicaid, and food stamps than there are non whites, so you can shut yer non-factual (racist) trap. Besides what’s wrong with providing a safety net so people can eat and get healthcare when they get sick. Or are you one of those Bushie, repub, greedy, social darwinist, a-holes that would rather just let kids and their mothers eat out of garbage cans, starve to death, and die of untreated asthma?

  1123. So many words, so little said.

  1124. on April 11, 2008 at 1:03 pm I love this Blog

    Well F*** this Blog…. Michael Moore is not a fraud. He never stated in the movie that foreigners in Canada got free health care. He did state that a foreigner in England (totally different country) did receive free care. There was an American who went to Canada for health care, and had to fraudulently say she was married to a Canadian resident friend in order to receive the care there. So get your facts straight. And maybe you should have researched the health care in Canada before you took a trip, you’d have thought to get some insurance to cover you while there. Idiot.

  1125. You have it all backwards. People who have chronic, incurable diseases are screwed with the current system, since currently can’t get insurance coverage for a preexisting condition. If you had an incurable debilitating disease you would know that. The way the system works now, is private insurance companies can choose to cover only the healthy people and deny care to sick people. That’s why we have 30 million uninsured people in this country, and it’s mostly poor and sick people. You don’t sound like you know much about the state of healthcare in this country, either that or you’ve been watching too much 24-hour news. I suggest you do some more reading before spouting out “talking points” that have no meaning or basis in fact. What you said makes no sense at all.

  1126. I doubt you’ve ever been to Canada or had an MRI there. As far as I can see Canada is much higher on the list of quality health care than the U.S. is, which is currently down there with Cuba. How can you even say that the quality of our healthcare is better than Canada when it is so obviously not, and everyone knows it.

  1127. It is true that taxes would increase to pay for national healthcare, but a huge cost of private healthcare is the cost of paying insurance companies to decide who is elegible for care. With a government payed system, this entire very costly function, which only results in less people getting healthcare, would be eliminated.

  1128. There is no such thing as free healthcare, there are only different ways of paying for it. Right now we wasting 31% of health care dollars on the insurance bureaucracy (which would be eliminated under a single-payer system). And no, we don’t also have to have wait times. We spend twice the dollars per patient as does Canada. For the same dollars we are spending today on health care we could provide first class care to 100% of the population.

  1129. So true about the “they have it in Europe” point. This blog is hilarious. http://www.stuffethnicpeoplelike.com is good too.

  1130. who wouldnt love free health care? DUH!


  1131. Of course… That is of course if you decide who goes to college by who has the most money (charging fees) rather than merit.

    Or the state could realise like it has in many countrys (Ireland) that education is a general good and those who go to become docters should be the smartest not the richest, and fork out for that to.

    Just saying is all…..

  1132. Interesting isn’t how this flocking to “business school” hasn’t happened in any country with socialised health care. How much money is there in the study of History? English? All morons there yea?

    Europe=Not currently on fire

    Yes yes, not free, we pay for it with taxs, very perceptive of you all. Yawn. Free at the point of service. You know whats ment.

  1133. I only wish what you said was true,

    I’m a first year medical student at a state-run allopathic medical institution here in America. My out of state tuition runs about $55,000 a year – not counting housing. Even for an in-state student it is around $35,000. For some reason, every one I know in my class is paying for this own education – by taking out gigantic loans. This is because the US hasn’t quite set the get in if you’re rich system in medical school admissions. My school had close to 7800 applicants last year for around 200 spots – it may even be more competitive than Ireland. So competitive, in fact, that you actually need to be extremely well qualified to get in. That’s why so many people take a year or two off after college to do research and work towards making themselves more competitive. Now, if realistically considering being $140 -220,000+ in debt after 4 years isn’t enough, we then go through residency making on average $40,000-ish a year. Post-residency, we find ourselves probably a few hundred thousand in debt, given that interest keeps accruing, and finally on the job market. Oh, throw in the fact that most people are going to be in the late 20’s to early 30’s by now so they may choose to start a slightly important (yet expensive) thing called a family at this time. It all gets to be very expensive, and it is a reason why doctors demand the salaries they do and a reason why many stay in debt for many, many years.

    I don’t know what you do or where you’re actually from. Most likely you’re American – as am I. Nonetheless, I don’t think you can legitimately say that that everything I mentioned above points to a system that is only out to reward the rich. I understand that you may see Europe as the gold-standard for government policy, but do realize that it too is far from utopia. The wave of immigration that Europe is dealing with today was not there when they mandated the level of socialist policies they have now. Do you think the Swedes, French, Germans, Spanish, etc.. would have voted to be taxed for healthcare for all when they knew 10,000,000 migrants that look nothing like them (ie the were not white) would be coming into the country every year? The elephant in the room that nobody speaks about is that part of the reason why Europe moved so fast in these programs is due to their lack of diversity. You’re more likely to support a socialist program when you know its going to benefit someone that looks, talks, and thinks like you. As that changes to this day, we see the political issues faced by these countries now (France, Germany, Spain, etc).

    Europe may be doing some things that look great, but Europe is not America. It’s America’s diversity and ‘melting pot’ nature that has helped us become so great. We just wouldn’t have become the wealthiest and most powerful country in the world without all of the immigrants (legal, illegal, or forced) that came here. At the same time, this has also given us some major issues in our history.

    Health care is mostly troubled by inefficiency. Close to 70% of insurance costs go into administration. Not medical equipment, not doctor’s salaries, not patient treatment, but in paperwork, legal issues, and overhead. Even though a state run system may cut much of the ‘overhead’, the main thing you risk is turning something as valuable as healthcare over to the government. As you may know, the NHS (UK) faces a budget crises most every year because the national budget always runs short as the projected costs don’t meet the demand. This leads to a runaway program that will increase in costs progressively with time (well above inflation) and come to become like most other government programs: slow, inefficient, and frustrating (USPS, DMV, Social Security). Perhaps the solution is neither pure capitalism or pure socialism, but rather a well-regulated private sector. One that allows for free-market competition to keep costs down (as it does with every other market) while still maintaining the ethical standards necessitated with as ‘unique’ a ‘commodity’ as health-care (equal access, availability, etc..).

  1134. If the Looney rose against the Dollar that would make imported American goods cheaper to buy douche bag…

  1135. It is not just ” whit people” everyone like free health care . Unless you all really do love deciding between what surgerys you can aford to take . hmmm heart surgery or aford to eat , live , buy a house

  1136. Your comment about public education is incorrect. You must not have children.

    Elite whites do not like public education although they can thank their public educations for their paychecks.

    Elite whites who do not like public education have never put their kids in public education, and have no idea that the schools in their elite white neighborhoods are better than the retro backwater Catholic private schools they are subjecting to their future ADD drug-scarred maladjusted 20 something ski instructors.

  1137. Dear White people Soon I will know everything about. The me Obama and reverend wright will launch the revolution. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAh


  1138. Yes, but with free healthcare and free education, it’s not like it’s the end of the world. I’d rather pay higher taxes every year than try to keep up with insurance premiums and student loan payments.

  1139. Yeah, Peg, see my comment immediately above. Since you’re not paying hefty insurance premiums & deductibles (nor student loans for that matter), taxes aren’t such a big deal.

  1140. on April 12, 2008 at 11:09 am Me, of course

    Everything in #94 is completely true except for one small

    detail. Soccer? Who the f**k cares about this sport?

  1141. All this blog does is reinforce resistance to and nullify the social changes educated (mostly white) people are trying to establish in the United States. Jerkass… Vote Nader


  1142. You are an asshole yourself…this is obviously a list of stuff designed to make people laugh. In any event, thus far the author has not mentioned “white people loving pricks who take themselves too seriously.” Lighten up Frances!

    Seriousness is stupidty sent to college.

  1143. You are an asshole yourself…this is obviously a list of stuff designed to make people laugh. In any event, thus far the author has not mentioned “white people loving pricks who take themselves too seriously.” Lighten up Frances!

    Seriousness is stupidty sent to college.

    ~ PJ O’Rourke

  1144. educated white people? i doubt you could sound any more elitist. and nader? seriously, you want that guy to hand another election to the republicans?

  1145. I’m American but I have lived in Canada for 29 years. Yes, I pay more in taxes. Big deal. Canada has a budget surplus while the U.S., with its lower taxes, is in debt for the next 5 generations.

    But about health care. I have had 7 kidney stone attacks. Five were handled in the emergency room and two put me in the hospital. One required that I be airlifted from a small town to a larger city. Total out of pocket cost…zero.

    I have three children born here. One was hospitalized for two weeks after birth. Total out of pocket cost. Zero.

    With three kids the visits to the emergency room over the years numbered what was probably close to 80 or 90. Out of pocket cost to me. Zero.

    I have had a minimum of 6 MRI’s, two CT scan and four ultrasounds for other medical problems. Total out of pocket cost to me. Zero.

    I have never waited longer than one week to see a GP. I have never waited more than a month to see a specialist.

    I needed an ultra sound for a problem I saw my GP for two weeks ago. I had the ultra sound in two days.

    My ex wife went through three years of treatment, heart specialist, irradiation of her thyroid (twice). Total out of pocket to me. Zero.

    I have two elective surgeries planned for this year. Guess what. I don’t care if I need to wait a few months. Beats the hell out of paying for it. If someone was offered the option of…we can do it in two weeks for $20,000 or in two months for free….every one would wait two months. No doubt about it.

    The comments about second opinions. The original poster of the “no second opinions in Canada” may have been referring to the fact that if your doctor says you need a certain treatment..there is not someone in an insurance office refusing to authorize it until they get another opinion, or three. If the patient in Canada wants a second opinion, it is that patients right, at no cost.

    I recently priced health insurance in Florida for a family of four..as I will be relocating there. $900 a month with a $2,500 deducible for each person and a 20% copay.

    There are no deductibles or copays in Canada’s Health Care.

    My fellow Americans have been brainwashed by the Health Insurance Industry into believing falsehoods about Canadian health care. Why? Because they are making huge profits at your expense and they do not want you to see the truth.

    I’ll wait now for the juvenile ones here to chime in with their well chosen profanity..which only demonstrates their lack of intelligence.

  1146. Clearly, a lot of white people don’t like socialized health care. They fear it for some ideological reasons, despite the fact that all the other countries have it. It’s all some red-scare bullshit.

    Maybe you all should do a post titled: “Being Afraid of Single Payer Health Insurance”. Of course, this would be a whole different group of white people — you know what I mean.

    People of color LOVE the idea of health care for everyone. It’s white people who OPPOSE it.

  1147. “There are no second opinions under the Canadian system.”

    What??? I was born and raised in Canada. You can get as many opinions as you want. You can go to numerous doctors to get 2nd, 3rd & 4th opinions. I don’t know how you came up with that one.

  1148. Dom,

    Intelligent liberal is an oxymoron. There is no such thing as an intelligent liberal.

  1149. Your argument around the inefficiency of public health care has been addressed in a study done by the New England Journal of Medicine (Volume 349:768-775 August 21, 2003 Number 8): “Conclusions: The gap between U.S. and Canadian spending on health care administration has grown to $752 per capita. A large sum might be saved in the United States if administrative costs could be trimmed by implementing a Canadian-style health care system.” Granted, it was done based on 1999 numbers, but nothing has happened since to reverse the trend. Also, the objections that Sakheet raises in his response (Volume 349:2461-2464 December 18, 2003 Number 25) can be further objected to by pointing to the false premise of his point that “In the United States, persons who wish to spend more on health care than the norm have a simple way of doing so: they can purchase premium private medical insurance.” This is only true if you add the word “rich” to the “persons” to whom he is referring. There isn’t much of a “choice” for everyone who can’t afford it or don’t have one of those rare jobs that provide it for him/her.

  1150. white people like to pretend they know what they’re talking about

  1151. when are white people gonna realize that the gov fucks up everything it gets a hold of. including health care.

  1152. … took a while, but now we’ve hit the meat of the issue…

  1153. According to Hayek, the government isn’t supposed to play a role in the economy.

    So we seem to have an issue here.

  1154. Oh, and as it turns out: we DO have socialist education. Especially in states like NJ.

    Everyone is still dumb. Explain that.

  1155. My dad got a pacemaker the day after he passed out on the side of the road. His care following that hospital stay has been excellent.

    My uncle in the UK, had a very similar incident, same cardiac problem, and while he got an “opinion” right away, NHS took months to decide if he ought to have a pacemaker. Meanwhile, he was afraid to leave his apartment, lest he collapse again.


  1156. You’ve obviously never visited the Sowell household…

  1157. Hi, I’m black. I would like free healthcare, because whitey has pinned me down and all I can do is drink Red Dog 40s all day ’cause my sciatica/sickel cell/lazy bone has been actin’ up somethin’ fierce. I own you whitey, cause your people kept my great-great-great-great grandfather’s first cousin as a slave. Fear me!

  1158. Maybe add how white people like flaming each other on blog forums.

  1159. All good points money does motivate people, probably more than what most of us realize.

    However, I’d like to submit a bit of a flaw in your logic. Why is it that the United States ranks so low on all international health care statistics when compared to other western nations (and Japan)? If like you say, the for-profit system motivates the best talent, then why is it the average American isn’t the healthiest person in the world? Although I do partially concur with your Mercedes analogy, it is expensive like your healthcare system, but doesn’t offer near the best quality.

  1160. Um. Frank. I don’t know what country you live in (or province) – but you can in fact go to as many doctors and get as many opinions as you like under the Canadian health care system. There’s no limit on how many doctors you can see for a problem.

  1161. on April 14, 2008 at 5:10 pm judith Thompson

    I have had second opinions many times in Canada.
    And third opinions.

  1162. You’re reading your blog’s critics, aren’t you? The Eurocentrism thing has been mentioned elsewhere.

    There’s another response to this specific health care post here: http://metastuffwhitepeoplelike.blogspot.com/2008/04/communism-re-94-free-healthcare.html

  1163. this column #94 is right on. it is part of the America bashing resulting from white people sending their children to colleges where the professors wash thier brains in political correctness and yearn to be Euros.

  1164. white people love national public radio becuase someone else is paying for the content and it reinforces their secret hatred of America and their secret love for either the fascist dictators of Europe or their secret desire to be blue blood aristocrats and their desire to tell everyone else what to think and say

  1165. white people love to discuss moral dilemmas as it makes them feel superior and in control like that is the only way to discuss “issues” which is another thing that white people have, issues, along with laptop computers and hankerings (a white word) for tall decaffeinated lattes made with soy milk and honey

  1166. these comments are not white since they are brilliant and shiny like diamonds because someone is starting to do the math about health care that nothing is free

  1167. he probably called them gooks when they were stabbing his ass hole with bamboo pokers when he was a prisoner of war brount down when he was FIGHTING FOR YOU FREEDOM.

  1168. as if the government could run anything efficiently? are you people mad?

  1169. you are so white to talk like this…

    ethical standards, commodity, market competition…blah blah…

  1170. Can you please change this blog to Stuff White Urban Liberals Like, I’m sick of people assuming just because I’m white I’m a marxist hipster.

  1171. on April 15, 2008 at 6:51 am Judas Iscariot

    Obviously Roman has no bachelors. Maybe if he had attended college, he could come up with his own dumbass quips, instead of using others’?

  1172. on April 15, 2008 at 6:54 am Judas Iscariot

    Obviously Roman has no bachelors. Maybe if he had attended college, he could come up with his own dumbass quips, instead of using others’?

    also, learn to say everything you want to before you add a comment. double posting is for rednecks

  1173. But you ARE a marxist hipster!

  1174. yeah seriously … get a life.

  1175. I’m still amazed at how this post got 1200+ comments. I’m also amazed at how many people actually made it to the bottom of the comments. For all of you people that did, check out DO NOT WANT You. If it’s not funny I will punch myself in the face.

  1176. So my elective hip replacement that is so debilitating that i cant event walk is going to have to wait a few months. Or better yet, i need to get a hysterectomy, tubal ligation, remove tissue samples that could be cancerous for a biopsy, or even better yet angioplasty or putting in a pacemaker. Stop trying to pretend that the canadian healthcare system beats the american healthcare system in every manner. I would like to see canada deal with a population of 300,000 (and illegal aliens) and still keep there free healthcare.

  1177. uh, who’s against it?

  1178. If you name you kid DING! s/he will hate you. That will help your whiteness according to post #17.

  1179. Umm, I believe Francis is he to whom you are referring.
    prick who takes himself too seriously

  1180. I likes me some free healthcare. And some fried chik’n and waffles.
    Also, you owe me for that slavery thing. Please give me money. And healthcares. And crack. Not the butt kind.

  1181. Wow. I came to see if anyone had noted that absinthe is, in fact, legal in the US now, but there were so many comments to sort through that I gave up, and I’m just letting you know! It seems like another thing that white people will soon like, even more now.

  1182. so not true. do some research you idiot. the huge cost of health care is modern meds and technology. insurance margins are quite thin. 1980 medicine is available quite freely in socialist countries – but if you’re like most whiteys here, you want 2008 medical treatment but you don’t want to pay for it. What a schmuck!

  1183. so more than $250k is immoral? Is that the magic number? So your issue is about the fact there is no arbitrary limit in America as to how much people can make? Judgmental a-hole!

  1184. […] April 17, 2008 · No Comments People just don’t get it. If you reward people for a behavior, then you will get more of that … […]

  1185. Liza, what a shitty thing for YOU to write. Obviously you don’t know how much worse socialized medicine would be than any complaint you will ever have about US Healthcare. Get a frickin clue! How about doing some detailed research into the consequences of socialized medicine, as evidenced by all of the countries that have already tried it, before you come on this blog throwing curse words arouind for no good reason. LOL


  1186. That is funny that you say you are black, because you sound more like an ignorant white person to me. LOL I bet you are one of those people who thinks that affirmative action for black people is bad if they are not the most qualified person for the job, but yet when your white uncle needs a job, you are happy to hire him, even though he is not the most qualified person for the job. So how is that not affirmative action? White people only like affirmative action when it is for their own people. LOL

  1187. It sounds to me more like “Intelligent Bob” is an oxymoron. LOL

    It actually takes more intelligence to step outside of a brainwashed conservative christian perspective to decide that it might actually be okay for there to be different types of people in our society.

    But that goes against the concept of Mandatory “Family Values” enforced on every citizen by the Federal Government, so it can’t possibly be intelligent, right? LOL

    Why is it intelligent to decide that the Government should be able to decide what type of peaceful person is okay, and what type of peaceful person is not okay. For Example, why should the government get to decide that homosexuals can’t get married and have the same rights as heterosexuals? I think you will find that the liberal perspective actually requires a higher level of analytical intelligence in order to understand how it is a good thing to have people in your society that you do not understand.

  1188. Repeat after me. Social programs create more people who need social programs. And these people will undoubtedly vote to increase the level of social programs. Regardless of whether you are white or black, the real issue is whether or not you understand that rewarding a behavior produces more of that behavior. You are obviously one of those people who thinks that funding for social programs gets magically created in a vacuum.

  1189. on April 17, 2008 at 7:59 am Are you shit'n me??

    Soccer…… who cares about this sport?? Are you shitting me? Lets try every country except Canada and the US….. yeah I guess this makes me a dumb white guy but seriously…. it may be un-popular in North America but come-on now don’t kid yourself with an un-educated statement.

    Man it could be sooo easy to bash so many of the responces on here but why bother….. no matter what is said on here it will always be attacked by a “god bless America” ” we can do no wrong” kinda person who will always dissagree with a non-USA view point.

    Free health care kicks ass…… high taxes suck but they are getting smaller (13% Whoop Whoop) Our govenrment (Canada) is pretty pathetic for the most part and is the reason for a lot of our countries problems but show me a country that isn’t that way…..

    Anyway…. enjoy ripping this up …..

  1190. And after the dust settles, only happyjack remains.

    With the Stuff White People Like blog officially slain, it’s time for me to move on to more challenging prey. Perhaps I’ll meet some of you on my next target.

    Stuff White People Like died on April 17th, 2008. RIP.

  1191. $45.00 ambulance bill? Try $300

  1192. All people should like this blog…but they probably won’t


  1193. This blog is idiotic and seems like it was written by the shallow, mean spirited ignoramous who writes the “Dos and Don’ts” for VICE Magazine. It should be retitled “What upper class guilty white liberals who shop at Whole Foods like.”

    If you’re going to say “get a sense of humor,” it’s not about that. This is as funny as Islamic terrorists dousing a child in gasoline.

  1194. Under the Canadian health care system, you can go to as many doctors as you’d like for additional opinions, as long as you are referred to them from other doctors. Because this is not a consumer market, you cannot just decide to see a specialist/ doctor at any time; you must be referred to each doctor by some other doctor/ health care professional. This is where the difficulty lies for most people.

  1195. Brian, it’s your choice if you’d like to pay higher taxes and then have the government decide/design the quality/quantity of your healthcare, but don’t be disappointed when it is not to your satisfaction. Also, it is by no means free. I’d prefer customizing my insurance plan to my personal needs and lifestyle (thereby controlling the price and quality of my health care) and taking out student loans to maximize the quality of my education. As a graduate of an Ivy League business school, my salary reflects my education and this is why I’m able to pay off those loans so quickly. Calculate the net present value of your investments in your education versus future salaries to be earned over your lifetime. Be sure to incorporate the probabilities of receiving different salaries given where you study, and you’ll see the payoff of deciding/paying for your own services. This is NOT to say that I do not believe in aiding those who cannot afford adequate healthcare, I just also believe in a person’s right to choose. I think that a two-tiered system is the best compromise (and the most realistic and attainable on the short term with minimal governmental reform).

  1196. Agreed. I hope the blog really is dead like everyone is saying.

  1197. on April 18, 2008 at 11:35 am Blackie McBrown

    At first I thought: This blog is a slightly cleverer rehash of Ye Olde 1980s Young Republican campaign: “Burn the Latte Drinkers!”

    Then I read the posted commentaries under this particular out-in-right-field fantasy, which clued me in to the fact that this blog has maybe nothing to do with cleverness.

    I’d bet an actual person of color has never even looked at this site. It’s just a blog where DC/Dallas/Houston/Florida/SoCal/Denver/Phoenix whites can bitch about NYC/SF/MSP/PDX/Seattle whites, who, infuriatingly, have the Colbert show on their side.

    You know what would be really funny, because it would, see, relate to reality? What if we anthropologically dissected the um, white people? That is, the 92% of them instead of the 8% of them?

    List of things white people *really* like:

    #1 driving small, motorized vehicles with gaseous engines over tree stumps
    #2 8-ton cars for tiny, blonde women
    #3 gay sex through bathroom holes in MN
    #4 women lying in beds in FL whose brains have turned into a stale liquid
    #5 box seats high above the court where you can get hammered with other people who made their money speculating on companies that considered making software housing tracts for hoarding commodities
    #6 keeping their kids in special white schools
    #7 making working class organizing illegal
    #8 pointing to Diebold voting machines and Obama flyers in the mail to support their historically-unsupported contention that the US is a democracy
    #9 being personally saved by a figment of their collective imagination
    #10 eating lots of shit and not moving with their own bodies!

    What a gas.

    If I have to spend time on a blog where I can consider with awe all the people who are never going to get anywhere mentally or emotionally in this lifetime, and sometimes I do find this an enjoyable waste of time because I’m not going to be the next Buddha either, I’m going back to the good old blogs with photos of dilapidated celebrities, and read the sad-ass comments there. It’s gold: “Linda Evangelista is soooo ugly without makeup, but Halle Berry is still cute!”

  1198. this is one of the most poorly-argued and factually confused critiques of the free market I’ve ever read.

  1199. But if it’s anything like New Zealand (also public health) you can still have private health insurance and bypass a referral or pay for it yourself. Public and market can coexist, our health system rocks. Now if only we wern’t such a fucking small country and could retain doctors….

  1200. Germany, England, France, just to name a few.

  1201. worm*wood* dumbass.

  1202. on April 20, 2008 at 9:17 pm Jhovany Corona

    Some of these don’t apply to rednecks, oh sorry, I mean conservatives

  1203. Frank, I hope you live in a world with no free health care so that when you get sick and die, the overall human species will benefit from that gain.

  1204. I hate to get involved in these arguments, but I’m from the states and I’ve been living in France for the past year and a half, and it must be said, the health care here is phenomenal. Hands down a better system than back home. I’ll admit, there are issues, but all in all, I much prefer these issues to the ones Americans face.

    Also, I keep reading comments about the best Canadian doctors moving to the US to make more money… but aren’t Canadians far healthier overall? Brag all you want about having good doctors in the US, but I think the fact that Americans are dying younger speaks volumes. I mean, sweet, you have a great surgeon, but what if your insurance finds a loophole and won’t pay? Great surgeons are only useful if you can get them to operate on you.

    On that note, I want to make sure everyone is aware that I don’t honestly believe the American doctors are any more or less gifted than those in Canada or France.

  1205. I don’t know Mike, my aunt at home has been waiting for a shoulder surgery for quite some time now… that’s the United States. Are you sure it’s really that fast?

  1206. Ok if giving a cogent, well-educated answer to a dificult question is a qulity of being white, then I applaud this guy for his whiteness. What are you saying John Smith? Only white people can sound intelligent?

  1207. […] and the ever-observant Stuff White People Like blog has also weighed in on this matter. the secret reason why all white people love socialized […]

  1208. I am thoroughly white, having come from an all-European lineage, and I can’t say I appreciate this website on the basis that it is completely wrong about everything! I don’t have an affinity for practically anything listed on this sight. Even though I would like to believe this blog is simply a joke, I know better. I hate rugby, the idea of socialized healthcare, europe, new balance running shoes, and most importantly racist assholes with equally racist blogs. This blog is utterly worthless.

  1209. that’s pretty white of you to say you had a great health care treatment. during you travels abroad.
    5 stars!

  1210. i love the idea of giving up half my paycheck every week so that people who dont want to get up and get a job can go to the dentist for free…

  1211. T_MB: Unfortunately, you don’t seem to have a clue what this is all about. This is a blog by an educated, liberal white person that makes fun of the likes and dislikes of other educated, liberal white people. Having gone to a college where most students fit this category, I can assure you that, when dealing with the social category he is analysing, the author is spot on. In fact, he describes me quite well, and I’m only half-white. 🙂

  1212. I’m half-white, but I love the idea of free healthcare. We’re worthless as a society if we don’t take care of the afflicted among us. That’s true whichever way you want to look at it: whether from a religious or secular humanist perspective.

  1213. do you even have time to read through all of these comments? may as well be a chat room. jesus h. christ.

    i love your blog. just wanted to tell you that. i come by here often and find your shit absolutely f-ing hil.ar.i.ous. (as that is the way i need to put it, evidently.)

    TGIFF. thank god it’s fucking friday.

  1214. In Canada you can see as many GP’s as you like, but you need a referral to see a specialist.

  1215. Old white folks like universal health care for the reasons you give.

    Young white people like it because they know they ain’t getting no health insurance anymore without it.

  1216. What seems obvious is that healthcare is a sore point in the land of the free…from free medical care. A lot of “from my cold dead hand” mentality Americans seem to think free medical care is something a nation has in tandem with being socialist or by implication…Communist!! I would have thought that a certain nostalgia for communism would be emerging by now. Ah remember the good old days when our enemies had a country and a flag but as Reagan pointed out, if the martians invaded we’d all gang together to defeat them?
    Ah the towering intellect of that man.
    And terrorism; my how that’s changed. Remember when the IRA gave warnings before they bombed? Ah, the gentlemen bombers of the IRA. The good old days.
    So yes, we have free medical care in the UK, and most of Europe, it’s the mark of a civilization and the lack of it in the US is hardly surprising.

  1217. This site is just an excuse for IGNORANT so called conservative Republicans to trash liberals. So funny that the stupid illiterate crackers from Alabama, and Mississippi, and places like that still love Bush, and the War. They are playing into white peoples hands (you know the kind with money) so keep being STOOPID.

  1218. I think Frontlines special on health care said it best. When they interviewed physicians for national health care countries these physicians had the same things to say:
    1) We wish we made the $ that US doctors do. Upper middle class is not enough.
    2) There is no lines for socialized medicine. There is less wait than the US health care system. We work too much.
    3) We have to insure everyone, even if you are sick.
    4) There are limits to what we can bill and the co-pays are low. No $15 aspirin tabs.
    5) Hospitals and doctors compete for patients. If a physician or hospital does not get enough patients coming to it; it closes.

    The special was very different from what politicians say. Look under Frontline at http://www.pbs.org

  1219. Like the Divine alias!

  1220. on May 1, 2008 at 3:56 pm Miss Vicious

    I work for a health insurance company in the US, in fact, I am at work right now (don’t tell my boss). And I don’t know about other companies, but at my company you do have to have a referral for a second opinion. You also have to have a referral to get an specialty care, or to get an MRI or MRA or anything like that. If you want to see a specialist who is not within my company’s provider network, you not only have to get a referral from your primary doctor, but the company has to approve the referral. If the person approving the referral does not think it is medically necessary, then they won’t approve it and you can’t see your specialist. So I don’t see what’s different with this than the Canadian system other than in Canada you don’t have to pay to go through all this bullshit.

  1221. on May 1, 2008 at 7:19 pm Blackie McBrown

    hmm. they don’t do they? maybe that’s cause, the last I checked, which is all the time for years and years, most college-educated white people are right wing conservative neocon neoliberals barely distinguishable from fascists (who are right wing) by the small factor of not having to get too uptight because their daddies pay their tuition, nose jobs, relocation to LA or DC costs, weddings at the country club, mortgage downpayments, new SUV/Beamer, etc.

    seriously is the idea that right wing college educated people and right wing high school educated people can be put in one tidy caricature box all that difficult? because you should check out US politics. it’ll blow your mind. there are these massive organizations, see–the SPN and Focus on the Family, and their job is to do just that: build ties between these two spectacular groups of white people.

  1222. […] another reason to read Steve Newton, you discover blogs with stuff like this on it: But the secret reason why all white people love socialized medicine is that they all love the idea […]

  1223. Yes, it’s true. I’m white and have really good health care. At the same time, I believe that a universal health care system is a good idea. I believe everyone deserves to have medical treatment. Why should I get it but not the next the person? Frankly, that doesn’t seem right to me. I just think if someone has a system that works better than ours, why not give it a shot?

  1224. I as well have a chronic disease (in the US) and have a 3 month waiting period for my next specialist appointment.

  1225. If noone pays for healthcare then perhaps you could call Alberta Health for me and ask why they keep sending me bills?

    I presume that it is YOU that is 12 and likely still living with your parents who pay the bills for that kind of thing.

    It’s not free, but is cheap. Mine is subsidized so it’s currently free but I had to do alot of hassling Alberta health to stop telling me that I owe them 300 dollars in previous unpaid healthcare bills.

    Obviously you don’t know anything about how healthcare in Canada works and have never seen a provincial health care bill in your life, so I will explain it to you:

    Canadian health care is income based. Those without do not pay for health care. Those with pay for health care. You can ask for subsidy forms where you tell them your income and they decide how much you pay from there.

  1226. Insurance administrative overhead runs close to 30% as a national average – that’s 30 cents of every dollar that is not being spent on actual care. Compare that to Medicare, where the government’s administrative overhead is closer to 3%. Which entity is using their money more efficiently?

  1227. It’s actually 30% overhead on average for insurance companies vs. 3% for government-run programs like Medicare.

    I would rather have my tax money used more efficiently and to cover everyone, rather than have 30% of the premiums I pay go towards jacking up CEO pay and profit margins at the expense of people who are denied treatment by the insurance companies to pay for those things.

  1228. Most poor people, and growing numbers of middle class people, do not have healthcare through their employers because their employers cannot afford it either.

    And you’re right – 40 million uninsured in America *IS* a bogus number. It’s actually closer to 48 million now.

  1229. It’s a lot more cost efficient than private insurance companies.

  1230. He called his wife a c–t. That’s slightly hateful.

  1231. People are dying in America because they can’t get any treatment at all. Tell me how great THAT is.

  1232. Are you opposed to the socialized military or the socialized police force or the socialized trash collection system too?

  1233. Completely wrong. The only time you cannot be turned down for care is if you come to a hospital with a life threatening emergency, like you’re having a heart attack. Once you’ve been stabilized, the hospital is under no obligation to treat you further. Hospitals are having to cut back on their charity care because they can’t afford to do it anymore, and most local public health care systems are being dismantled bit by bit.

    God forbid you find yourself uninsured and diagnosed with something like cancer. No hospital in the world will give you chemo or radiation for free.

  1234. At least then every one would have access to SOME kind of health care. That does sound brilliant to me.

  1235. Human beings of all colors like being able to get health care.

  1236. But I bet you’re okay with the socialized fire department or the socialized military, yeah?

  1237. Wait – so the sarcastic bit from your post was “Since we have, generally, privatized medicine in the US, we have minimal waits for anything and everything,” right?

  1238. Actually, the train wreck is produced by the insurance companies under a private/public scenario. The insurance companies will cherry pick and only choose to insure the healthiest people – and once those folks start breaking down and getting sick, they will be shuttled off to the public system. The insurance companies will take care of the healthiest and the government will be left to take care of the sickest. OF COURSE it will appear that the government is spending more – they WILL be spending more. That’s why Canada’s model of public care only is the most viable. If you’re an American who is wealthy enough to travel outside the US for treatment under that kind of program, then you probably don’t need public care in the first place.

  1239. More like, thank you profit-driven private insurance system!

    They will look for ANY reason to deny you coverage because that is how they make their money.

    Best of luck to you and yours.

  1240. You ever get a student loan, JP? Ask yourself this: why the hell should someone else have to subsidize your education like that? Or why should anyone who is against the war have to pay taxes to support it? It’s called THE COMMON GOOD, is why. Why is this so difficult to understand?

    You’d LIKE to think that you are in this world, making your own way solely on your own merit, but the truth is that you’ve been helped by other people your whole life, and you will continue to benefit from this kind of social collectivism until you die. Education (if public, paid for by taxpayers), student loans (subsidized by taxpayers), protection by police and fire services (taxpayers), garbage collection and road repair (taxpayers)…shall I go on? We do these things because there is a benefit to having an educated population; a benefit to having police and fire dept. protection; a benefit to having our garbage picked up and our roads maintained. And there is a benefit to keeping a healthy population as well.

    Think of it like this: If we get hit with a flu pandemic in the next few years, as has been predicted, people without health care are going to get sick. So are people with health coverage. The problem is that people without might wait a lot longer to seek care – meaning that they are out there in the world, possibly spreading germs to others. Germs are not checking to see if there is an insurance card in your wallet before they infect you.

  1241. You take out any loans during your struggle, Chris? My taxes paid for that. How…um…awesome.

  1242. I’m white, but I loathe the idea of “free” health care. I guess I can think for myself, something lefties can’t do.

    “Free” health care means that taxes will go up and choices for health care will go down. End result? Equal MISERY. Health care sux in the UK and Canada and we have no business importing that dated idea here.

    This is just a sop to get more illegal aliens to come here.

  1243. But that system does NOT work better than ours.

    Did you know that most people lacking health care are those who do it by CHOICE? They’re usually young, stupid, and think they’re bulletproof. They’d rather have beer and pot money.

    I went without health insurance until 1988 (I was 27). I found out I was no longer bulletproof.

  1244. My, my, my, aren’t you a tolerant one!

    How pathetic.

  1245. i personally am white and live in the us. while i think socialized health care is a good idea, it seems that it would be difficult to implement it in our society.
    even though i’m liberal and certainly am all for helping everyone in our country, i’m even more concerned with our federal deficit. adding more social programs will add to what i will eventually be required to pay off when i start paying taxes in a few years.

    as a side note, absinthe is available in the united states now.

  1246. your care was “great” perhaps because appendicitis is a medical emergency…try being a laborer sidelined and having to take off for extreme debilitating pain in your back…try scheduling an mri of your lumbar spine to look for a herniated disk…bout a 6-8 week wait. try get and appointment with a neurosurgeon once the disc herniation and nerve compression are found…bout 6-8 weeks. try scheduling surgery to decompress the nerve…yes the doc will see you in the OR in 30-40 weeks…so that adds up to 50-56 weeks…a years wait and out of work to fix a chronic condition. same process in most us sytems? 4-6 weeks totals. hmmmm.

  1247. That’s the system in Australia.
    You must be referred to a specialist by a GP.

    It has always been like that.
    Before Medicare and before Medibank,
    that was how it was done.

  1248. “White people love all things European, this especially true of things that are unavailable in the United States (Rare Beers, Absinthe, legal marijuana, prostitution, soccer).”

    Strange as it may seem, marijuana is actually illegal in the Netherlands, and not legal any place in Europe. There is not a court in the NL that will prosecute for simple possession, but pot is definitely illegal. The best way to look at it is the Dutch treat illegal pot the same way we treat illegal aliens.

    The “more like Europe” crowd would be shocked at some of the things Europe can do that we cannot in America, such as explore for oil, build nuclear power plants, and allow cops to spot-check identification of its citizens. Yes, if you are stopped by a cop in the NL and do not have an ID ready to show him, it’s a 50 Euro fine.

    More like Europe indeed – we should be just like them in many ways.

  1249. Uhmm… Canada has free health care, but if you’re foreign, and you get hurt here sorry bub, you don’t pay taxes, and we bill you for it… so yah… and to the last guy, its illegal in general yes, but there are DISTRICTS where you can legally smoke and grow it, such as the red light districts in the Netherlands, with other countries such as Germany having similar areas… its fun when you make shit up isn’t it? Wait no.. it just makes you a dick

  1250. Uh, I didn’t really wanna read through all the comments so if anyone else said this, sorry…..found a typo in the paragraph

  1251. Re: Miss Vicious

    It seems that for working in our (United States) health care system, you’re a little ignorant of how commercialism works.

    You see, I can see any specialist I want, as long as I can convince the receptionist or whoever to schedule me an appointment. Then, whether insurance covers the visit, or a portion of the visit, is actually up to the insurance company.

  1252. Actually elite Whites love public education. They just don’t like it for their kids. It’s great for everyone else.

    This is why elite Whites are, for the most part, opposed to ideas like school choice and vouchers.

  1253. Heallthcare is so much more then just a race thing.

  1254. i love SWPL, but this is the one entry that hits a little too close to home. for me, universal health care isn’t about being more like europe, or being able to pursue a career in blogging. it’s about having an option to actually get ANY care. i’m a 25 year old cancer survivor and due to this, i am guaranteed to be refused private health insurance (i.e. that which isn’t offered under a group plan) for at least 10 years. after that, insurance companies -might- offer it to me, but at a much higher premium. i am blessed to have gotten insurance through my former employer, but i’ve seen others who are not so lucky.
    just the option of having some sort of alternative insurance would be nice. i think it’d make those private companies need to straighten out a little more.

    end blabla fest.

  1255. Why does he have to be really white? He’s ignorant, which someone who is ignorant, stupid, or retarded, don’t have to be white. Everyone can be stupid. This jerk on here just isn’t educated and is dumb. He knows nothing.

  1256. […] poking fun at racism, I don’t think it would be so popular or hilarious. So stuff like #94 Free Healthcare and #84 T-Shirts are think you need to know if you want to be in the world of upper class white […]

  1257. […] poking fun at racism, I don’t think it would be so popular or hilarious. So stuff like #94 Free Healthcare and #84 T-Shirts are think you need to know if you want to be in the world of upper class white […]

  1258. Um, my grandparents are doctors in Canada. Yes there is!

  1259. Well even in Mexico when I got sick and hurt and “nearly” died I was treated better in the hospital than in the US. I live in France now and can tell you that health care here is even better than Sicko portrays it. I say “nearly” died because we white people like to imagine that we have almost died when small things happen to us like when we drop our expensive sandwiches, can’t find our rugby jersey, or have to drive by the local public school on the way home to our house in the hood.

  1260. on May 21, 2008 at 1:44 am Zorba the Geek

    My question is what do the 30-50 million uninsured Americans do? (lots of ’em are white…) Ignore their problem until it becomes an emergency, probably.

    In sheer economic terms, it probably hurts the economy more to have so many uninsured not taking care of themselves for small things at first (sick days) and then getting really sick because of no diagnosis which puts a huge burden on hospitals, than to give uninsured the ability to have check-ups and avoid serious developments in the first place. So it is not clear to me that universal health care is going to be more expensive on the budget than having so many uninsured, who come in to the hospital when it’s way too late. Maybe a pack of peniccilin today would have saved them serious problems tomorrow. And “free health” care doesn’t mean you don’t pay anything, you just pay a lot less.

  1261. The author is getting lazy.

  1262. Second the motion funniest comment on board if you’re referring to tyler durden

  1263. Dear anon: brave of you to post your name — why so mean to someone to actually WORKS in the ins. for-profit industry and knows what she’s talking about? you simply (and rudely) reiterate what she is saying. When you refer to “commercialism” are you saying “for-profit”? Don’t you find it strange that our insurance industry corps are private companies that can say yes or no to a medical procedure that is, in most instances, a basic need (and should be a right) to the good people of our country? In order to save on their profits, for which they receive bonuses when they save extra $ by saying NO to your doctor’s recommendation? Or are you buying into the neo-conservative kool aid that if we try to make anything better, you are being unpatriotic and need to call people with whom you disagree rude names, a la Rush Limbaugh? I do not see the need for rudeness in any of these forums, please everyone, the world is not a big Jerry Springer show. YOu can simply disagree with people without becoming a chair-throwing, spittle spewing devolving monkey type. BE NICE. I guess those people who don’t care about anyone but themselves, who do not realize that when you have a society of sick people who cannot get the care they need, that it WILL actually affect them eventually, and until that happens, these folks will actually not give a care for anyone but themselves. I find it highly ironic that most people who disagree with implementing a national healthcare service, single payor service, all go to church and purport to be “good people” because they go to church. SIGH. It’s not just the system that’s broken, it’s the people. Good luck to all of us, I do not see it getting any better so long as everyone is infighting and not working to actually SOLVE problems. To me, in order to solve the problem of the conservative rush limbaughs, we need to force education on them a la Clockwork Orange, since they don’t seem interested in learning on their own, or having an open mind. Too bad closed minds don’t come w/ closed mouths.

  1264. lol, “socialized medicine” – in a system where we have “socialized” food, socialized police, socialized fireman, and the biggest government program in world history, the fucking military.

    looks like someone listens to entertainment news and thinks it’s legitimate.s

  1265. Our health care costs twice as much as the most expensive socialized health care in the world and is far less efficient than the top ten. What don’t you understand?

  1266. Why did you bother to feign knowledge in the matters of economics. Did you not think someone who has an education in such a field would call you on it?

    “education and healthcare were never supposed to be commodified and put on the market system in the first place.”

    Who says so? You? Why make such a baseless comment and call it fact?

    “also, according to Smith and Ricardo, government IS supposed to play a role in the market; it is supposed to restrict the flow of labor and capital from moving across borders.”

    This is the biggest proof you have no idea what you are talking about. Ricardo major contributions to the science dealt with comparative advantage which is the basis for modern trade theory, which is also very contractictory to your claim that gov’t is supposed to stop labor across borders, which is very protectionist indeed.

    Smith likewise, if you read wealth of nations, and you didn’t, said nothing of the sort.

    “then you should get a better idea of what’s going on and why universal healthcare and other socialist policies are beneficial. in fact, if we had a socialist system of public education, you probably would have gotten a good education.”

    Really? 85% of French citizens have some form of private health insurance, because as costs rise, gov’t had to cut back benefits. This is generally standard in many major gov’t affairs. It’s happening to Social Security, and it will happen to Medicare and Medicaid. As costs rise, governments face two options, tax more or spend less. Taxing more works only up unto a point, because if the tax rate gets too high (somewhat nebulous), tax revenue actually falls because there are disincentives to work, etc. So they spend less or spend the same and slowly cut benefits (which defeats the purpose).

    The US has a public education system (socialized if you will), and has thus created a near monopoly of the education system, and the results are similar to other monopolized industries. Decreasing quality and poor pay for teachers.

  1267. Free healthcare is something ALL people should like, not just white people. And not just Cubans, Europeans and Canadians. ALL PEOPLE.

  1268. my partner asks that you make a posting about how white people like to drink from glass jars. we’ve always found this behavior perplexing.


  1269. is this the guy that writes the blog?

  1270. on May 22, 2008 at 9:29 pm Noah Baumbach

    It’s sad that the comments have become a sounding board for the very people this blog lampoons, and all of them oblivious to the fact.

  1271. White people like to be first! I bet Rosie is a White Person…

  1272. Forget health care, do the world a favor and just fucking die already, you useless pieces of shit. Look at your life, are worth saving? No, get on the train, it runs on time for you. America has become such a disgrace.

  1273. I wonder if the need to say “First” is something white people like. Might be too universal.

    I mean…in a small way it makes them feel special. It’s like being indie…since they saw a post on a blog on the internetz before anyone else. Now they own that post and everyone knows it…even if they can only be identified by a pseudo-anonymous screenname. In their mind, they know they it was them.

  1274. Have a nice day.

  1275. I don’t think this makes sense; does it?

  1276. I get it. I think. Fuck you guys, I’m going back to the marijuana blog.

  1277. Canuck, I did not make this shit up. I can’t speak for Germany, but I lived in the Netherlands long enough to know and study the laws (yes, study abroad like white people are prone to do). You, however, obviously didn’t get past talking to the misinformed smelly derelicts who frequent the coffee shops and rip each other off to pay for their habit. Talk to some Dutch cops and advocaats instead and you might have a clue.

    Having something “legal” versus “tolerated (i.e., not busting people for certain quantities)” are two very distinct categories.

    Although as I mentioned they do not bust people for small quantities or even home cultivation, it is in fact illegal. The Netherlands keeps marijuana illegal – in all quantities – to satisfy various EU agreements and international treaties regarding drug trafficking. This is done to avoid the awkward appearance of supporting counter narcotics efforts while at the same time legalizing what the entire continent is fighting to eliminate.

    Sure, it may be purely political, but the fact is that pot is 100% illegal in the Netherlands, and you are an uncivilized and ill mannered miscreant.

  1278. Canuck, I did not make this shit up. I can’t speak for Germany, but I lived in the Netherlands long enough to know and study the laws (yes, study abroad like white people are prone to do). You, however, obviously didn’t get past talking to the misinformed smelly derelicts who frequent the coffee shops and rip each other off to pay for their habit. Talk to some Dutch cops and advocaats instead and you might have a clue.

    Having something “legal” versus “tolerated (i.e., not busting people for certain quantities)” are two very distinct categories.

    Although as I mentioned they do not bust people for small quantities or even home cultivation, it is in fact illegal. The Netherlands keeps marijuana illegal – in all quantities – to satisfy various EU agreements and international treaties regarding drug trafficking. This is done to avoid the awkward appearance of supporting counter narcotics efforts while at the same time legalizing what the entire continent is fighting to eliminate.

    Sure, it may be purely political, but the fact is that pot is 100% illegal in the Netherlands, and you are an uncivilized and ill mannered miscreant.

  1279. Hilarious. It’s the people that are broken.

  1280. on May 29, 2008 at 4:44 am Amanda LaVelli

    White people have good hearts thus we support things we dont need 🙂

  1281. If we have already have the best health, why are we relatively low on life expectancy compared to “European” countries? Maybe Americans like to be like Europeans because they live longer.

  1282. on May 29, 2008 at 2:33 pm Ricardo Clement

    You mindless CUNT, go buy yourself a fucking brain! If that is to harsh just vote Obama and drool.

  1283. on May 31, 2008 at 3:40 am Mark Blowen

    I’m glad you have great health care, and I hope it helps prevent the spread of stds. You whore.

  1284. “socilizaed medicine” is the American nazi word for a healthcare system that makes fucking sense and by all real accounts would cost way fucking less. Yes let’s bow to the rich elites and have a tyrannical system of healthcare based on a social form that our “forefathers” fought right against. While I enjoy ripping on liberal yuppies as much as this blog does, I don’t share in the AM radio, RETARD idiotic semantics. And PLEASE don’t hide behind the WEAK fucking shit of “boo hoo, this is just for comedy and entertainment”. When you use propagandistic terms like “socialized medicine” you’re clearly taking a stance as a rich conservative white kid that many of us knew you were from the beginning.

  1285. “propagandistic terms like “socialized medicine” you’re clearly taking a stance”
    Comedians like to avoid the fact they influence people and when they blatantly deny it, it’s quite irritating. I do enjoy most of the items on the list, but sometimes you, the writers, sound like a bunch of racists mungheaded-douchebags. Yes, all white people are well off, yes we all blindly follow white stereotypes/hypes/trends because we’re too fucking retarded to know the difference between choice and blindly following others.
    And you use ‘passionate’ too often. fuck that word.
    Btw, fellow commenters — fuck off. Comment on the article, not your own bullshit opinions of other shit.

  1286. Sorry but once you leave the U.S. you begin to realize the many different ways this country is backward – healthcare is just one area. American’s actually believe the propaganda fed them by the health insurance companies.

  1287. yeah! socialized healthcare! woopee! what a steaming pile of horse crap that is. who came up with that as something wp like? what a clueless waste of flesh you must be! yeah…the gov’t has f*cked up everything it touches so what should we do? hmmm, let…me….see. i got it! lets hand over ALL the f*cking hospitals over for it to manage. Brilliant!

  1288. […] would do better to poll diabetics on their thoughts regarding the candidates. At least health care is an actual political/campaign […]

  1289. wait in line? i already wait 4 hours or more in the emergency room, i wait over a month for a psychiatrist appointment, and a week or so for a GP appointment. dunno where you’re getting your research, there’s no reason the wait would be any more. plus for some reason they don’t think a 20 year old girl needs a yearly gynecologist visit and won’t reimburse it, and all the drugs they offer “substitutes” for which turn out to be different drugs completely. good call on us being offered the best insurance. if it’s the best in the country then i’m going to have to threaten to move to canada.

  1290. on June 5, 2008 at 5:22 pm bungholebunghole

    Im only going to take issue with the first few lines since everything else is already being covered.

    The Hospitals here may be the fanciest but the best doctors today are in cuba (elbow jab “Social Health Care”). People from the United States who have the means go there for operations.

  1291. on June 5, 2008 at 5:31 pm bungholebunghole

    “The first and most obvious reason is “they have it Europe.” White people love all things European, this especially true of things that are unavailable in the United States (Rare Beers, Absinthe, legal marijuana, prostitution, soccer). The fact that it’s available in Canada isn’t really that impressive, but it does contribute to their willingness to threaten to move there.”

    one more thing. I live in the united states and enjoy on a regular basis soccer playing/watching Rare Beers, almost legal marihuana, and I can tell you that those escorts in the phone book will escort your penis into their vagina legally.

  1292. Yep, we do need to get aa doctor to be referredto a specialist here in Australia, but how often do you need to see a specialist?

    And there is no prob with getting a second opinion, you just go to a medical centre, or find another doctor who bulk bills

    top system really. Feel sorry for countries where you dont hev free health care.

  1293. Why do people find it necessary to post “first” on the first post?

    The idiocy of this kills me.

  1294. Her Monthly Friend: PMS*
    PMS (Premenstrual syndrome). Also know as Psychotic Mood Shift, Pissy Mood Syndrome and Pass My Sweat-Pants, is defined by WebMD.com as, “a medical condition that has symptoms that affect many women of childbearing age. PMS can cause a variety of physical and psychological symptoms that occur just before your menstrual period.” This condition is apparent when your loving girlfriend turns into the Incredible Hulk after you drank out of the orange juice carton. Or when she begins sobbing after spilling a glass of milk. The most telling sign of oncoming PMS are when the skin colored nipple high Grandma Panties and old college sweat pants are brought out and considered acceptable couture. This period of the month requires extreme delicacy when interacting with the female species. One misstep, for example, leaving the toilet seat up, can lead to catastrophic results. Many men have met their demise for that very offense during PMS. A man’s common everyday interactions and conversions with women must be altered for this volatile period. Common banter like, “Hey Sweetie, what’s for dinner?” must be substituted with phrases like, “Wow, you look stunning in those gray sweat pants and fuzzy bunny slippers!” Pleasurable actives like back massages, going to the ball game and hosting a guys night are completely out of the question. And if thoughts of any sort of sexual interaction comes to mind, you are well advised to take a cold shower or “relieve” yourself.


  1295. Socialized health care would really suck. Just think what socialized restaurant food would look and taste like…yuck! How about socialized clothing stores….boring! If you want the best of anything, you gotta have people scurrying around trying to make a profit at it. If they don’t do a good job and make a profit, their kids don’t eat…they themselves don’t eat. That kind of pressure brings out the best in us.

    Our healthcare is already half-way socialized. We’ve got one of the biggest unions in the country running it: the American Medical Association! They decide who’s gonna be a doctor, and how many doctors there’ll be…not the free market. It’s no wonder healthcare is as expensive as it is, and it’s no wonder it takes as long as it does to see a doctor. The natural laws of supply and demand have been thrown out the window, and replaced by the man-made laws of the AMA.

    I’m hungry. I think I’ll stop writing.







  1299. YEAH MAN WACK IT DOOD!! ITS ALL FOR DEMND OF SUPPLY MAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ITS NATURES LAW MAN SO WHACK IT HARD!!!!!!!!! WHACK IT TILL IT PUKES MANN!!!!!!! GOD BLESS AMERIKKKA!!!!!!!!

  1300. We also already pay more in public money for healthcare than any of those countries
    (ie the tax revenue going to medicaid/medicare/schip, etc…)

  1301. […] “Health care entitlement” doesn’t make a lot of sense.  The way I see it, health care is an ecnonomic good, just like food, housing, or gasoline, and if it’s not affordable, I don’t understand how one can feel entitled to it.  The sad reality is that consumers, by virtue of rarely paying out-of-pocket for care, have become conditioned to believe that it’s free, when some 13% of the US GDP goes to health care.  Instead of leaving resource allocation to the market (India) or the government (Canada, England, etc.), the US system has made insurance companies the economic allocators of health care.  It’s a shame that the allocator is pursuing its own agenda (profit), but it would be way worse if individuals had no buffer from the ruinous cost of health care, or if care was subject to the whims of the political process. […]

  1302. I knew Ann Coulter was behind this site.

  1303. “This is very similar to the way that white people express their support for public schools when they don’t have children.”

    Classic 🙂

  1304. I’m totally white, but I’m definitely not for socialized healthcare. Of course, I’m conservative and pretty much a capitalist, so that should explain.

  1305. I have to take offense to your statement ,”taxes to pay for special education for kids whose mom got lousy prenatal
    care.” I had excellent prenatal care, made all of my visits,
    and still have a mentally retarded son. Yes, I still wonder if there was something more I could have done, but, I would
    not change him for anything. I and other moms of special needs kids do not need any more guilt heaped upon our
    already burdened hearts.

  1306. I’d have loved a $300 ambulance bill !! When my husband had a heart attack 10 years ago, we were charged $845 to go
    approx. 50 miles to the nearest level one cardiac center!!!
    Then, they got lost, and my husband had to direct them out of the back of the ambulance!! To top that off, he was on a nitro drip, plus 2 other IV meds, and the ambulance did not even have a blood pressure cuff on it!!! When I met them at the
    hospital , they jumped out, borrowed the E.R.’s BP cuff, took
    his BP, and tried to charge me $845 for “intensive care
    transport”!!! Believe me, I told them that either they took care of the charge, or I would sue them for negligence. Thank God for the care he received here at the Robert Packer Hospital at Sayre, Pa. , and the Guthrie Clinic doctors, he’s doing well , and I still have the love of my life here by my side.

  1307. on July 5, 2008 at 4:50 pm James Young

    He’s right. I’m white and I love socialized medicine. Of course, I am Canadian. And my children go to public school.

  1308. The AMA is not a union. It’s actually against the law for doctors to form a union because they perform a necessary social service.

    Socialized medicine will destroy us all (and the AMA is against it, by the way). Look at MA, a state were a socialized health care policy is being implemented somewhat, where PCPs are refusing to take new patients because:

    1. they have too much of a patient load, which does not lead to effective care if you’re only spending three minutes with every patient, and

    2. they are not making any money off these patients that the government is “providing” for.

    Want to know what socialized medicine does on a large scale? You either have a dying economy where people are no longer motivated to become entrepreneurs (making money is GOOD for the economy, in case we forgot), or you can be like China, where doctors don’t get paid much, but they get bribed like hell to treat patients, which is essentially a barter system.

    What advocates of socialized medicine want at best is to force altruism on physicians. Physicians SHOULD be altruistic and try to help as many people as they can, even if they don’t have health insurance and can’t pay; however, it’s a sham to FORCE money from the hands of citizens for some “greater good” that is vaguely handled by a large government.

    Forget that. This is America. People come here for the freedom to make a prosperous future. If I wanted to be taxed and have my hand held like a small child, I’ll move.

  1309. France (which pays the most for healthcare outside the USA) pays about $3,700 per capita and covers everyone. The WHO says France provides the best care with their single-payer plan (The US? ranked 37th in quality of care). The US pays about $6,100 per capita and that includes the 45 million who are not covered.

    We pay MUCH more, we get MUCH less

    ’nuff said.

  1310. That is entirely wrong. The AMA is NOT a union, and it just doles out licenses to those it finds deserving. You’re free to see any unlicensed physician you want… It’s up to you.

    And trust me: plenty of my peers in medical school are against its policies, such as its stance AGAINST socialized medicine. Look up the AMSA. They are more likely to turn into the health care gestapo.

    Funny thing is, everyone is like “yaaay socialized health care,” but they’ll be the first ones whining and pouting when the chunk comes out of their paycheck. If you want money, don’t be ashamed to admit it. From what I see, we deserve every penny of our salaries for all the work we do. Upper class guilt is plain unnatural; let’s try to cultivate something like responsibility for our fellow man, especially if you’re in a position of power. No middle man (cough, the government) necessary.

  1311. France is also losing its motivated 20-something young adults to countries like England because it doesn’t offer many opportunities to start innovative new businesses or furnish new entrepreneurial ideas. Keep paying for excellent care, France, as you slowly draw from a well that is quickly drying.

    Switching one tyrannical form of health insurance for another is not going to solve the problem in the long run, even if it may work for a split second.

    And holy shit: white people DO love statistics.

  1312. Small businesses can’t keep up with large corp’s who can offer health care. Release them from these obligations and spread the burden among taxpayers, and job creation can/will result. That’s what they do in Sweden – corp doesn’t get taxed, but the indiv pays via taxes – and everyone has healthcare and a job, which leads to increased self -esteem, pride, etc, and this leads to entrepreneurship.

  1313. I’m really sorry to question your research, but did anyone actually like ‘Sicko’? Anyone at all?

  1314. Okay, if you don’t understand the difference between a procedural wait time, ER wait time, and appointment wait time, you are retarded.

    Wait times for procedures in Canada far exceed those in the US. This is why the current government was seeking a patient wait times guarantee. Unfortunately, the problem was so bad that they were only able to set guarantees for five procedures chosen by each province. In fact, right now, a friend is waiting for a minor surgery. She has NO IDEA when she’ll get to have it- the wait is a matter of months up to years- whereas I’ve had a date set for surgeries, even if I had to wait a couple of weeks. So, yes, wait times can get worse.

    Wait times in ERs almost always suck anywhere. Not going to lie.

    As for appointment wait times, if you can’t get an appointment as soon as you’d like- FIND ANOTHER DOCTOR WHO CAN FIT YOU IN. Dear god, how hard is that?!

    Wait times could get MUCH, MUCH worse, and that you are annoyed over a mere month indicates that you are quite impatient and would die in Canada.

    As for your other complaints, I know of NO insurance company that does not cover gynecological exams. If yours does not, something is wrong. It’s standard preventive care. At the most, you should pay your co-pay for it. I pay $20 for mine. Insurance pays the rest. In fact, the standard is to allow women to designate their gynecologist as their primary care physician. “Substitutes” can’t happen without your knowledge, and doctors can refuse them, which then requires the insurer to pay for them. Most “substitutes” are generic drugs, which are the exact same drug. The only difference is that there is no brand name on it.

  1315. Except it’s not free. People pay taxes for it!

  1316. Yay! Someone with a brain who gets that it’s not “free,” and also that we have a huge problem. You may be the only smart person in these comments.

  1317. Seems irrational, arrogant, and entitled to expect the government to raise your self-esteem. If you have no sense of self-worth coming from INSIDE you, and you can’t be motivated to survive by working (manual labor, blue-collar jobs pay, too, and put food on the table), then what’s the point of having health care if you don’t even want to live? Everyone carries their own burden. It’s called responsibility.

  1318. I definitely don’t think poor families or people who can’t get a great benefits package don’t have healthcare by choice. And what about the 9 million children who are uninsured? They didn’t decide that either…and their parents wouldn’t decide that for them…especially since a visit to the doc without health insurance is costing them 1/3 of their salary.

    You seem to be speaking for the privileged youngsters of the country that are healthy enough and have a safety net (parents can pay for the necessary one or two hospital visits a year) that allows them NOT to pay for healthcare and spend that money on other things instead.

  1319. on July 6, 2008 at 9:23 pm James Young

    Perhaps. But it has nothing to do with socialised medicine. Last I checked, the UK had socialised medicine as much as France does.

  1320. Is there anyone in their right mind who wouldn’t want free health care? The “free” in the title is a misnomer. Someone has to pay, somewhere, sometime.

  1321. I live in the closest big US town to Winnipeg, Canada. My mom works for the cancer center in town. They get so many patients from Canada because if they waited for treatment in Canada, they would be dead. Canada’s healthcare system is a disgrace, and patients that need treatment are put on waiting lists, and many will never live to see any help.

  1322. on July 8, 2008 at 5:13 pm AllisonWonder

    I don’t understand why so many people think Canadians are dropping like flies because we’re waiting for health care. No one I know has had a long wait for essential care, and I’ve personally had to wait less than a week for a CT scan to make sure my headaches weren’t caused by something more serious than migaines- ditto for ultrasounds and mental health care.

    I know there are cases where people have had to travel for care because there aren’t hospitals in every city, but I prefer our system to one that would either let people die or push them into bankruptcy for lack of insurance (and that’s an American family member’s experience, not Michael Moore, talking).

  1323. Not statistics – facts.

    The US is crushing start-ups and small businesses with its current system. I know people who cannot even change jobs, let alone start up a new business for fear of . . . (drumroll please) . . . losing their healthcare!

    Considering that one half of bankruptcies in America are due to medical bills, you’ve got a lot of nerve mocking the French.

  1324. No. Britain has “scoialized” medicine, meaning the government runs the hospitals. France has “single-payer” system meaning the doctors run patient care and the government pays the bills.

    COMPLETELY different systems James.

  1325. canadians have free health care? We pay for that out the ass in our taxes. Also our high cigarette “sin” tax help fund it aswell.

  1326. Line up is just a nature of getting everyone’s proper service. It is not a perfect system by any means, but it helps majority of people. It’s easy to criticize socialized health care when you can afford private care or do not currently need health service.

  1327. Nice.

    Also…isn’t TED KENNEDY a proponent of Uni health care

  1328. I can’t believe you are all debating “free healthcare” based on this dude’s glib, sarcastic blog entry.

  1329. Youre absolutely right. I’m an American living in Italy where we have “free health care” but if you need to be seen by a specialist- or in a timely fashion privately- its 120 euro a visit. I had blood tests done the other day- and before they saw I was a dual citizen, they asked me for 1,400.00 euro for 4 tests (after it was a mere 200- in a public hospital).
    Free?? Nope

  1330. Listen, Chairman Ann is usually spot on…

  1331. How about instead on socialism or government control we allow people to get a tax refund for their healthcare. This way it won’t be tied into your job so you can have it even if you quit or get fired.


  1332. Socialized medicine is a joke.

  1333. … well I’m glad I got my CT scan immediately like I did 11 years ago. I was 24-48 hrs away from having an aneurysm and dying is what my neurosurgeon said. Waiting close to a week to see if “my headaches weren’t caused by something more serious than migraines” could have sucked, I imagine.

  1334. Listen, I’m Canadian, and our system isn’t perfect. But it costs faaar less than your system in relation to GDP. (about 9% in Canada, 13% in the US, or something close to that). AT the same time, millions of americans go without. If it’s a joke, then why is the US the only industrialized nation on the planet without a Universal Medicare plan?

  1335. Maybe I’m missing some important part of your argument or don’t know the US system well enough, but you seem to be contradicting yourself: tax refunds only apply if you’re paying taxes, which happens only if you earn enough money to do so, which happens only if you have a job. Therefore, your healthcare is directly tied into your job, and poor people won’t benefit from this plan at all.
    I know that American love to hate government control, and maybe the US (local/federal) governments have always been deserving of that hate, who knows, but government control is not bad in itself, only in its extent and execution. In countries with universal healthcare, a certain measure of socialist government control in this matter is the solution, often combined with free market price-lowerings of medicine and specialized medical service. (Not general service, since that again prevents poor people from getting proper medical care.) A lot of the other problems in the US could be improved by similar such models, like universal education, universal unemployment benefits, universal pensions, and so on. Socialism, capitalism, etc. don’t have to be adopted 0% or 100% – that would be like only using a spanner!!!, no, a screwdriver!!!, etc. 100% of the time.

  1336. Weird response. Unlike in the US, Scandinavians don’t distinguish that much between the government and the people/the individual. This is partly because the Scandivanian countries are small, very close-knit internally, and have very low corruption levels. The “we’re all in it together”-ness also means that people are not only concerned about themselves but also about the country/people/state as a whole, which leads to constructive and sensible reasoning as put forth by hacksawjim. So you have responsibility both as an individual and as part of the government/the country, but this goes both ways, and you can also count on being helped out, and interfered with, by the rest of the community/the government. It’s great for Scandivanians, their stress levels, their quality of life, the infrastructure and economy etc., but Americans living in Scandinavia might well feel claustrophobic by it all, having to be part of a big web of people/community/government, and maybe not being able to feel as free or “individual” (even though there are more personally invasive rules in the US, at least as far as I have experienced). Well, Americans will just have to try to find viable models for themselves: good luck!

  1337. Every society has the potential to be coherent. For generations, the United States was a fine example of that. Once upon a time, we were leaders in areas like social justice and economic balance. At the dawn of the Cold War, paranoid wannabee-fascists ruthlessly persecuted all manner of folks with left-wing political views. By the late 70s, the relentless noise of anarcho-capitalist radicals had gained acceptance as mainstream thinking. Even today, many people honor Ronald Reagan for all sorts of inappropriate reasons, including his mangled assertions that our nation was conceived for the purpose of minimizing government.

    The obvious and unmistakable reality known to bona fide historians is that our nation was conceived for the purpose of popularizing government. The idea was not to chuck everything useful about civics and embrace some barbaric “law of the jungle” mentality. The idea was to get past oppression and conflict rule by force generates. This was accomplished through implementing rule by popular election. Of course, this did not mean we led the world in areas like slavery abolition or women’s rights. Yet our nation did set a bold precedent with language like “we the people” at the very top of the Constitution.”

    Alas, millions of adult Americans know less about their government than a middle school student fully prepared to be tested on the Constitution’s contents. Check this out . . .

    “We the People of the United States, in Order to form a more perfect Union, establish Justice, insure domestic Tranquility, provide for the common defence, promote the general Welfare, and secure the Blessings of Liberty to ourselves and our Posterity, do ordain and establish this Constitution for the United States of America.”

    We don’t even get through the first sentence of our goverrnment’s charter document before there is an express statement that one purpose of that government is to promote the general welfare. Rugged Individualism is an ideology far more corrupt than the worst institutions of American government ever have been. It rests on misguided assertions about economic growth springing purely from the force of will of individual entrepreneurs. The toil, sweat, and even blood of working class citizens is glorified in rhetoric, yet absolutely unvalued in public policy framed by the fools who espouse rugged individualism.

    For thirty years, virtually none of our nation’s economic growth has had an effect on the realities of 80% of the citizenry. There is a credible argument that President Reagan’s first round of tax cuts did promote growth. At the time, extremely high rates of taxation on extremely high incomes may have discouraged some commercial ambitions. Then again, with many more waves of tax cuts, all we have seen is the piling of riches atop riches — the anomaly of the self-made tycoon is deployed as a smoke screen to conceal the reality that American society enjoys less class mobility than many European nations with a long history of embracing class distinctions.

    Our new aristocracy has all of the noblesse and none of the oblige. In some ways it is a decent into barbarism, made all the more evident by the tenor (not to mention the consequences) of anarcho-capitalist extremists refusing to concede any reasonable middle ground, not just in economic policy, but in environmental protection, foreign relations, etc. The American people are not barbarians at heart. Misguided and misleading appeals to a philosophy of cutthroat competition is passed off as strength, when truly it may be our greatest weakness.

    Fortunately, it is a weakness that is subject to correction. Like other great nations, we have made our share of horrible mistakes. Yet we have also recovered and surpassed former glories by recognizing the errors of genocide, slavery, de facto apartheid, etc. The modern day Versailles of our plutocracy ought not survive as long as the nation itself endures. Given that there is a genuine individualist streak in our culture, we may well find decisive poverty relief only comes about through further piecemeal efforts that never quite totally remedy social ills like preventable contagion, preventable hunger, etc.

    However, the writing is on the wall. If rugged individualists were to be believed, the socialist regimes of Western Europe would have long ago collapsed under insurmountable debts. As it is, the Euro looks down on a dollar grotesquely devalued by many years of irresponsible spending that accomplished very little real good. There is still an air of “we beat the Soviets, so we must have it all figured out” here. Yet that stupidly low bar — outperforming Stalin’s dystopian perversion of governance — is hardly cause for celebration of our approach. It should be judged on its actual merits as measured by its actual consequences.

    Plenty of hard data established that universal health care policy is actually good for business, not to mention fantastic for overall quality of life. For too long, we have not questioned the parasitic nature of our health insurance industry (never mind the greater destructiveness of corporate executives and investment bankers wielding unchecked, virtually unregulated, power to collect uselessly large personal fortunes to the great detriment of the productive enterprises from which those funds are siphoned.) Year by year, more of us understand that some measure of collective action to take care of one another is a path to greater economic growth, not the doom know-nothing blowhards have long insisted it must be. Our social coherence is real, and potentially good for more than killing foreigners. Hopefully sooner rather than later, that potential will be actualized.

  1338. Your point being????

  1339. My point being that know-nothing blowhards perpetuating widespread preventable death and disability, orchestrating the continued developmental disadvantages of children born into poverty (or really at this point anything short of considerable affluence,) and just generally degrading the quality of public health and public morale in the United States are just delaying progress, not preventing it. We may sometimes have a bullheaded tendency to stick with the wrong path, but we are also blessed with a capacity to embrace the right path when it eventually becomes clear. Noise machines propping up the corrupt ideology of trickle-down economics are losing their grip on American public opinions. In the marketplace of ideas, the truth will tend to emerge the better . . . though on occasion it is a painfully slow process.

  1340. on July 13, 2008 at 10:14 am you're black

    and if your parents weren’t covered at the time, you would’ve died anyway.

  1341. It’s a matter of perspective — hideously warped perspective. See, in the United States, when a physician or facility cannot schedule an immediate appointment for non-emergency service, it is an acceptable consequence of business practices. In fact, some fools actually think it is a good thing to see practices overbooked with long waits and rushed visits. After all, an assembly line built 20th century Detroit. Efficiency uber alles.

    On the other hand, when a non-emergency requires days of advanced scheduling in another nation, that is an intolerable failure of bureaucracy. It all begins with this toxic idea that government is innately wasteful and clumsy while business is innately productive and adept. If the poison of ideology is removed from the picture, what we see is that both varieties of institution have strengths and weaknesses. In some contexts, the private sector offers clear advantages. In others, it offers clear disadvantages.

    When it comes to American health care, the choice is between universal coverage, strict oversight, and about 2% administrative overhead (government) or incomplete coverage, haphazard oversight, and about 45% administrative overhead (corporate.) Unfortunately, it’s that toxic ideology pounded into an entire generation of American noggins that has millions of us convinced corporations will always outperform government, regardless of the context. This is precisely why no one stopped the privatization of the military commissary in the Iraq war. Never mind $20/plate to feed the troops plus bloated supply lines that demand placing more soldiers in harm’s way. Halliburton is a corporation so it must be better than the Army at serving food, right? Parallel thinking explains widespread resistance to sane humane health care policy between the Canadian and Mexican borders.

  1342. I don’t know know what American hospitals some of you have been to but I spent an entire day in the ER on more than one occation and have waited for hours in the doctors office (especially my son’s CF clinic). And forget about those non-profit clinics. Usually they are a huge wait and you are treated like you are subhuman. I sat in a “free” hospital in Dallas and not only was it creepy and dirty and took forever but they treated her terribly and she left in tears. I was mortified. I prefer healthcare proffessionals who are in it to make people better not make themselves richer. My son is terminally ill and no insurance companies will take him. In order for us to keep him on medicaid I have watch how much I make (stay poor) and can’t marry the man I love. Wow, our system is fabulous isn’t it! And it’s not FREE healthcare it is National health care!!

  1343. I don’t know know what American hospitals some of you have been to but I spent an entire day in the ER on more than one occation and have waited for hours in the doctors office (especially my son’s CF clinic). And forget about those non-profit clinics. Usually they are a huge wait and you are treated like you are subhuman. I sat in a “free” hospital in Dallas and not only was it creepy and dirty and took forever but they treated her terribly and she left in tears. I was mortified. I prefer healthcare proffessionals who are in it to make people better not make themselves richer. My son is terminally ill and no insurance companies will take him. In order for us to keep him on medicaid I have watch how much I make (stay poor) and can’t marry the man I love. Wow, our system is fabulous isn’t it! And it’s not FREE healthcare it is National health care!! And by the way France is a democracy but unlike France’s democracy we don’t actually get to make decisions that have any real effect on the laws beyond are city government. Business’ make those decisions for us!

  1344. Private health insurance is available in the UK. It’s expensive, but the quality of treatment (from my experience in the USA, UK, and that of Americans in both countries) is that it’s better than the US private system. It *has* to be good, if it were only a little better than the National Health Service no one would bother with it. As it is, it’s like staying in a nice hotel while you’re ill.

  1345. Shame on those insurance companies for attempting to make a profit in a capitalist society such as this.
    Call it what you want, but the idea of Nationalized/Socialized/Free healthcare is totally anathema to the principles of liberty that this country was founded on.

  1346. This could be the worst one yet. Things that the white people who run this website like: libertarian capitalism?

  1347. In truth, America already has free health care: the emergency room. The problem is that emergency medicine is very expensive, much more expensive than preventative care. In terms of money, it would be cheaper to provide basic care to people who can’t afford it than it is to wait until they are about to die. This isn’t some crazy far left pipe dream, I first heard about it from Newt Gingrich.

    Other than that omission, I agree with everything on this page.

  1348. on July 17, 2008 at 9:41 pm Little Lisa

    I have loved all of the Stuff White People Like posts so far, but this one was a little too off base for me. Maybe if you had chalked up my love of socialized health care to my guilty conscience about the fate of others who are unable to afford health care and the possibility that I might some day fall into such a situation or that my mother, who pulled herself up from a food stamps family to raising college educated children, would have benefitted from socialized health care. Think about it.
    Note: I totally agree with the concept of the guilty liberal conscience; hell, I always tried to write “African American” instead of “black” whenever taking notes on the civil war or antebellum period of history, because I couldn’t stand the idea of succumbing to the long history of politically incorrect naming of peoples of other cultures.

  1349. Actually, nothing about the emergency room is free. People who don’t pay hospitals actually directly contribute to the rising costs for the people who do pay for health insurance. Of course this is only one of the factors that drive up costs in this nation.

    As far as socialized healthcare in the U.S., even if we were to adopt such a silly notion, there will always be private healthcare, just as there is in countries who have socialized.

    I think more exposure to education about consumer driven healthcare will ultimately be the key to reducing costs. I also believe we need to encourage better doctors. This treating symptoms with frivolous medications instead of treating disease itself is a corrupt ideal that doctors line their pockets with.

    Who knows maybe I’m the only white person who doesn’t like socialized healthcare, soccer, or absynthe.

    Perhaps this post would have been better titled “Stuff White People Like: Keeping up with the Joneses (canada and europe)

  1350. And at the end of the 4-6 weeks you and everone who loves you is bankrupt.

  1351. i love how all these replies just totally confirm everything this website makes fun of white people for.

    look at all these whities talking about universal health care like they have done years of research. and sharing their experiences to prove to everyone they really understand the struggle.

  1352. Steve, maybe I should clarify, The ER is only free for people who can’t afford it. Those people usually can’t afford health care either. And yes, that cost does in fact get transferred to people who a have medical coverage and to those who pay taxes. That’s the point. People who don’t have medical insurance still get free healthcare, at great cost from people who do, for free. This we agree is true.

    As for the virtues of consumer driven health care, my original post expresses no opinion on the matter. Nor does consumer driven health care solve the problem of free (for the people who can’t afford it) healthcare, so long as emergency dispatchers don’t require things like proof of insurance, major credit cards or credit scores before sending an ambulance.

    And trust me when I say that Newt isn’t interested in Canadian style health care. As for my opinion, I’m not using this forum to vent it. This isn’t about me, its about white people.

  1353. I don’t see many personal stories of woe here at all. As for having opinions, And I don’t see how you can know how well informed they are. Why do you have a problem with people trying to make informed political decisions? That’s the basis for Democracy. Are you just mocking upper-middle class liberal white people? I bet you could find a website for that.

  1354. So how poor do you have to be for the emergency room to be free? My sister got slapped with with a15,000 ER bill when she got hit by a car (this was for one evening in the ER, not an overnight stay) The car owner’s insurance company got out of paying the bill, and now she’s stuck with it.

    She was on her way to her minimum wage job, which she lost after she got hit. How little do you have to make? Less than zero dollars?

    The ER is not free.

    I am for socialized medicine, because even though I have a pretty decent job, my insurance is really expensive and going to the hospital still costs a few hundred bucks.

    Is this a sob story? I can’t afford the best health insurance, and I can’t afford the best hospitals.

  1355. on July 23, 2008 at 8:15 am the cat's meow

    another board turned into a discussion of politics. that should be another one! stuff white people love: arguing about politics on the internet!

  1356. im pretty sure this is the site you speak of

  1357. See #50: irony

  1358. on July 23, 2008 at 1:20 pm SuperDuperWhiteGuy

    You are soooooo white! Wanna go to the Obama rally next week with my gay friends and I?

  1359. on July 23, 2008 at 2:51 pm No_Insurance

    yeah like I can afford healthcare – NOT – maybe its cuz I’m only 7/8th white?

  1360. on July 23, 2008 at 6:47 pm Kevin Morehouse

    It’s not that white people like free healthcare, it’s Democrats that like free healthcare. Democrats are bent on providing everything for everybody to create a nation of people who can’t fend for themselves.

    A government that is big enough to give you everything you want is powerful enough to take away everything you have.

  1361. Dude, you know that this list doesn’t apply to conservatives or republicans, so forget your remark. Go read a book that isn’t full of lies about immigration, gay marrriage and abortion. Don’t worry, they’ll cancel your favorite shows on FoxNews in Nov of 08.

  1362. Free Healthcare is so bogus. Socialism does not work in any sort of political way. this country is going to be in trouble if we get free healthcare because the government will go deeper and deeper into debt.