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White Spots – Paris

This is a new feature where we try to find the locations around the world that are beloved and frequented by white people.


This new feature examines the all of the places or “spots” around the world where white people like to be and be seen. It can provide valuable information about locations in your city or the cities you plan to visit where you can observe, meet, and learn valuable information about white people.

The Place:
Les Puces de Paris Saint Ouen a.k.a The Paris Flea Markets

rue des Rosier and surrounding (map)
Saint Ouen, France 93400

Reasons Why White People Like It:
The Paris flea market contains many authentic treasures from Europe’s past, including furniture, art, and various knickknacks. Though many white people could acquire these products through the internet, by purchasing it at the Paris flea market they are able to tell their friends “Oh, I found that at the Paris flea market. Have you been? It’s life changing, I swear I wish I could move to Paris.”
It is considered good form to ask them more questions about their item. Once they say a word in French such as “magnifique” or “quelle chance!” the conversation topic has run its course, and they will like you for not correcting their pronunciation.
Stuff White People Like About it:
  1. being outdoors
  2. traveling
  3. vintage
  4. architecture.
Proper Things to Say about It:
“I think one of the greatest regrets of my life is that I was at the Paris flea market and there was this beautiful table/chair/painting/cup/sword, and I thought that I would find another one like it back home. Well, ten years later and I still haven’t found it. Quel Dommage.”

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If there is a “white spot” in your town and you’d like to share it with the world, or just ruin it by having more white people go there. Please send an email with the name, location, reason why white people like it, a proper thing to say about it and a photo. Put “White Spots – <your city name>” as the title. If selected, we will put up a a shout out and a link to the site of your choice.


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