#85 The Wire

wire-poster.jpgThough white people have a natural aversion to television, there are some exceptions. For white people to like a TV show it helps if it is: critically acclaimed, low-rated, shown on premium cable, and available as a DVD box set.

The latter is important so that white people can order it from Netflix and tell their friends “they are really into <insert series> and I watched ten episodes in a row in the weekend. I’m almost caught up.”

If you attempt to talk about an episode they have not seen yet, they will scream and cover their ears. In white culture, giving away information about a film or TV series is considered as rude as spitting on your mothers grave. It is an unforgivable offense.

Recent series that have fallen into this category include The Sopranos, Six Feet Under, and most recently The Wire.

For the past three years, whenever you say “The Wire” white people are required to respond by saying “it’s the best show on television.” Try it the next time you see a white person! Though now they might say “it WAS the best show on television.”

So why do they love it so much? It all comes down to authenticity. A long time ago, someone started a rumor that when The Wire is on TV, actual police wires go quiet because all the dealers are watching the show. Though this is not true, it seems plausible enough to white people and has imbued the show with the needed authenticity to be deemed acceptable.

The popularity of this show among white people has create a unique opportunity for personal gain.

If you need to impress a white person, tell them you are from Baltimore. They will immediately ask you about The Wire and how accurate it is. You should confirm that it is “like a documentary of the streets,” the white person will then slowly shake their head and say “man” or “wow.” You will be seen in an entirely new light.

If you are not from Baltimore but the white person you are talking to is, they might start asking you a lot of questions. In this situation, you should just say you left when you were young but you still have a lot of cousins there but you don’t like to go back to visit. This will remove all doubts and they can go back to telling you about how John from Accounting needs to “stop snitching” about their two hour lunch breaks.

Note: Tonight (Sunday March 9, 2008) is the series finale. It would be considered proper etiquette to ask a white person about the show on Monday.


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  1. i have never heard of this before, hence i am black

  2. I haven’t seen “The Wire”. Maybe I’m not as in touch with being white as I think I am. Could I be adopted?


  3. What’s funny about The Wire is that the creators of the show are diehard White liberals, but they show blacks in the worst–and most realistic–possible light!

    I’ve seen the people who created the show in interviews, and they were spouting the same type of negro-lovin’, limousine-liberal nonsense about race that everyone else in Hollywood does. It’s bizarre that people with such beliefs could produce a show which portrays the majority-black city of Baltimore as, basically, Hell on Earth!

  4. uh oh- is your corporate sponsor getting you to advertise for their product? cause that would be pretty great.

    thanks. 😉

  5. I am a honkey, and I have never seen “the wire.”

  6. White people also like The Atlantic. If you read this article (http://www.theatlantic.com/doc/200801/bowden-wire) about The Wire from The Atlantic, you will no doubt be able to impress a white person with your superior inside knowledge about the creator of The Wire, and be able to say you obtained it from a favorite white-person source….double whammy.

  7. I am white, and your blog is great! Loved the idea and the humor in your writing style! I’ll be back I am sure!

  8. so like, did you put up this post cause, like, it’s the last episode of the wire, and like, all the white people would get all like “yo, man, that sucks, the last episode” and then post responses here and all and make your blog even more, like, popular and shit?
    dude, that’s some f’ed up shit right there…

  9. It depends how it ends. If it ends like the Sopranos they I will renounce m love of the show. Marlo needs to take a bullet tonight.

  10. man it would be awesome if HBO sponsored this post. But they didn’t.

  11. I’m bout as krakka as they come, but what in the hell is “The Wire???”


  13. McNulty is a hero…

  14. yea, and like, cause everyone watched the show, then baltimore will be, like, all cleaned up and there’ll be no more drug dealers and shootings, and everything’ll all be all like lovey-dovey and everyone will live happily ever after…

  15. so dude, like, tell us more stuff that white people like that will, like, make the world better…

  16. The writers of The Wire do have incredibly strident political views that luckily do not make it into the show much; it could have been a really hackneyed Message drama. I certainly wouldn’t say, though, that it shows “blacks in the worst–and most realistic–possible light.” It’s a show narrowly focused on police and criminals, and it does that extremely well.

    If you’re going to pose as a Baltimore native, I think you’d be better off complaining about the light in which your city is portrayed by David Simon et al. Then the Wire watcher can feel guilty, which he probably likes.

  17. on March 9, 2008 at 11:07 am WhiteBlachGuy

    I hate this show, that all!!!

  18. how about “imbued” rather than “imbibed?”

  19. Ow, this hits close to home. However, if I remember right, in the special features they claimed that only 1/3rd of the viewing audience was white because most are unwilling to take a chance on the show due to the gritty content and the fact that only 1/3rd of the characters are white.

  20. hey, did’ya ever see that show about four guys in a band and they looked like that other band called the insects or beetles or somethin’, and they ran around a lot and sang and stuff, the monkeys i think it was called….yea, white people like that show…

  21. white people don’t like ‘the wire’. that’s for black people.

    well, I don’t like.

  22. white people love grammar, gotta respect it

  23. I allowed my HBO subscription to lapse.

    Does this make me less or more white?

  24. I have never seen this show, so I must not be white… aww shucks!

  25. and they also liked that show about that old guy who found oil when he, like, shot at the ground, and bought this house in hollywood…his son was really stupid…but i liked the granny…she was funny…yea, huh?

  26. but white people didn’t like the show about that junkyard guy, and i think his son was on it, and he kept, like, insulting that woman cause she was uuuuugly!!! yea, white people didn’t like it cause it was all black people…

  27. lol this is what inspired him to make this blog

  28. aaaah shit. now i am going to have to watch the show. and i am black.

  29. and how bout that other show with the building superintendent, and he was funny, and he was, like, “”Eez not mai yob” and all, yuck yuck…but white people didn’t like that show cause he was, like, porto rican or sumtin’

  30. on March 9, 2008 at 11:20 am Portnoy's complaint

    Lauren Burk, a freshman at Auburn University and Eva Carson of UNC mudered last week by negroids.

    How the so-called “Civil Rights” Movement in America has led to loss of the most important civil right of all: life.

    The almost simultaneous murders of White co-eds at two different, prominent universities, Auburn and University of North Carolina, should bring attention to an epidemic of brutal African-American crimes against White women in the United States.

    The murder of Eve Carson, Student Body President of UNC has shocked her campus and its surrounding community to its core. Ms. Carson was found murdered in the middle of an intersection just outside downtown Chapel Hill on Wednesday, March 5th. Her body … which had two gunshot wounds, including one to the head, laid just a mile away from her SUV, which was left abandoned. Bank ATM video revealed that the murderer-carjacker, an African American, apparently attempted to get cash from Carson’s stolen ATM card shortly after the crime.

    In a similar recent incident, police arrested another African American attacker, Courtney L. Lockhart, 23, for the grisly murder and attempted rape of Auburn University freshman co-ed, Lauren Burk, on March 4. Courtney was arrested on March 7 after having brutally pistol-whipped the face of another White victim, 72-year-old Marjorie Llewellyn of Newnan, Alabama and briefly kidnapping her at gunpoint during an armed robbery and attempted carjacking earlier in the day.

    The recent murders of two White coeds at major universities by Black predators underscore a racial reality that the mass media in America hides from the public: the tens of millions of White victims of Black criminality in America.

    OH SURE, cover the “Duke Lacrosse” case ad nauseum, but not these.

  31. on March 9, 2008 at 11:22 am atariwhizkid

    guilty…although i don’t bother buying dvd box sets. i just find a friend with HBO, go to their place and eat their potato chips.


  32. and that show about like that space ship going through space and like the captain was always like “beam me up scotty” and the pointy-eared guy” was all “that’s illogical” and stuff, but white people didn’t like it…too many aliens.

  33. and that show about that dog with really long hair, and, dude, that dog could like save everyone, no problem, and he was smart, yo, he could bark back to let you know what you said…awesome…but only dogs watched that show, not white people.

  34. I love The Wire. I’ll miss it when it’s gone.

    To cheer ourselves up, we should all go here…


  35. maybe a couple of cats, but they was scared

  36. on March 9, 2008 at 11:27 am eyeingtenure

    White People also love Homicide: Life on the Street because it’s also set in Baltimore. White People are tired of crime shows set in New York City or Los Angeles.


  37. Anyone white person who has not seen The Wire has not achieved “advanced” white person status. These are the people who wear trucker hats, pseudo-vintage t-shirts, and think Ikea represents “modern” design.

  38. then there’s those shows about nature where all those weird animals are, like, chasing and eating each other and shit…damn…but only animals in, like, zoos and stuff watch those shows, they’re kind of boring.

  39. @30, Portnoy’s complaint:

    You are an embarrassment to sentient beings of all races, language, the printed word, the internet, and Phillip Roth.

    In that order.

  40. sheeeeeeeeeeiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiit.

    -clay davis

  41. For all the page views you are getting, you really should move your site to a private domain, host ads, and get rich. And then you can write about how white people love blogging for a living.

  42. then there’s that show about little people with antennas and they’re, like, blue and shit and speak this weird language…but only two year old white people and midgets with tv’s in their stomachs watch that show

  43. dude! (he says while all satirical comments about classifying who watches certain shows go ignored)

  44. This blog is usually pretty clever. 95% of the people who leave comments on this blog are pretty ignorant.

  45. Hockey (the one on ice and how the other one is played only by women)

  46. or how about that show about really bad guys who drove SUVs and hung out in, like, a strip club, and were all like “gabagool” and “vaffangul to you too” and “hooooo!!!” and stuff…but only overweight new jersey mobsters watched that show anyway..

  47. hey #44 idiots: Hooo! vaffangull!

  48. ooh, and the show about this really ugly family, and like, the dad had bolts in his neck and shit and the grandpa had these white streaks in his hair and all…and the kid was weird…but only, like, frankenstein and dracula watched that show…well, the werewolf did too, i think

  49. im sure you have heard this ,,, white folks love blogs……espicially blogs about white people …..

  50. how’bout that show with the guy in costume, and he had like, these pointy ears and a cape and he lived in a cave and shit, and always saved everyone…man, bats loved that show!

  51. I’ve heard this is a good show. Is it?

  52. I’ve never seen it, though I live near – and hate – Baltimore. (Which is probably why I’ve avoided the show all these years.) But if you say netflix has it….hmm, maybe I’ll reconsider. I’m whiter than a saltine, so surely I’ll like it.

  53. then there was that show that had, like, all the different ethnic groups in it, and like, all the world’s nationalities, and didn’t, like, have any stereotypes at all and didn’t insult anyone and everyone on earth watched it and liked it…

    oh, wait, there isn’t a show like that…

  54. Ok – so I never post on blogs but this post about “The Wire” is genius. The show is brilliant and this post pretty much sums up mainstream culture’s response to it.

    I guess this is where I should also point out, although some sheepishly, that I’m not even white and I totally fit the description of viewers that watch “The Wire”.

  55. I LOVE YOUR BLOG!! And what’s even funnier is that I’m black and most of this stuff applies to me lol..anyways keep up the great work..and another thing white ppl like is wearing shorts and sweatshirts together!

  56. on March 9, 2008 at 12:03 pm Portnoy's complaint

    #39 Yeah, sure deny and revise the truth like the rest of your pathetic ilk.

    We’re talking about a show about negroids in Baltimore and some other negroids murdered two White coeds this past week.

  57. oh yea, and the last episode of the show i mentioned in #46, it, like, just ended and the screen went blank and shit, and white people were all, “shit!” and “what happened!” and “call the cable company”, but it was really the ending and all and that was so funny…i wonder if that will happen in the rope…sorry, i mean the wire

  58. oh, yea, and #57, dude, go fuck yourself….

  59. See my breakdown of who is the most baller dude on the wire…


  60. cause i’m sure that’s how you spend most of your time

  61. man, this has got to be my new favorite blog. just reading the comments is hilarious. sigh, if only white people knew who “white people” were, there wouldn’t be all the “i don’t , so i must not be white!”.. sorry, white people. you just don’t get it.

  62. hey how…that’s what i’m talkin about!!!! yeeesh

  63. White people love beginning their comments on this blog by disclosing their ethnicity

  64. yeah! how about puppies?

  65. cause my dog surfs the internet…and he loves commenting on blogs

  66. my cat can’t type for shit

  67. wait, i must be white cause i’m talkin about my pets

  68. Other things White People Like:

    1. Rolex watches
    2. Golf
    3. Volvo, Saabs (foreign cars in general)
    4. Daycare
    5. Nannies/Au pairs
    6. Dry cleaning – pressed, starched button-downs

  69. wait, what am i saying, i’m a monkey! took me ten years to type all these comments…

  70. monkeys like:

    1. bananas
    2. hanging out in trees
    3. making those loud noises
    4. fucking in public

  71. on March 9, 2008 at 12:15 pm Portnoy's complaint

    Dude!! LOL!!! Ain’t gonna work:

    Today, September 14, the New Century Foundation releases The Color of Crime, our relentlessly factual study of race, crime, and the criminal justice system.

    For anyone who ever wondered just how much more likely blacks or Hispanics are than whites to commit various crimes, the answers are here.

    It takes hard work to pry the facts out of the reluctant grip of federal crime databases. But the results are eye-opening:
    bullet Blacks are just 13 percent of the population but they commit more than half the muggings and murders in the country. Hispanics commit violent crimes at about three times the white rate.

    — The proportion of blacks and Hispanics in an area is the single best indicator of how dangerous it is. The racial mix is a much better predictor of crime rates than poverty, unemployment, and dropout rates combined.

    — Although Jesse Jackson and Bill Cosby wring their hands over black-on-black mayhem, blacks actually commit more violent crime against whites than blacks. A black is about 39 times more likely to do violence to a white than the other way around, and no less than 130 times more likely to rob a white.

    — And yes, everyone’s suspicions about rape are correct: Every year there are about 15,000 black-on-white rapes but fewer than 900 white-on-black rapes. There are more than 3,000 gang rapes of whites by blacks—but white-on-black gang rapes are so rare they do not even show up in the statistics.

    There is plenty more—but just as interesting will be how the Mainstream Media will treat these facts.

    Even before publication, the Associated Press, Time, CBS Evening News, National Public Radio, Knight-Ridder, and the Washington Times wanted copies. A dozen other media organizations, including the Washington Post, attended the press conference with which we launched the report. At the same time, we arranged to have copies delivered to more than 450 news organizations with offices in the Washington, DC area.

    The result: complete silence—with one exception. The Washington Times ran a substantial story on the report, in which it interviewed several prominent criminologists who confirmed the accuracy of our numbers but said they were too inflammatory to be discussed publicly.



    Some people are too stupid. Most Liberal Whites have never worked in law enforcement nor do they have any family in it. Metrosexual “lawyers” do contracts, they aren’t prosecutors.

  72. and still go fuck yourself, mr. pornload

  73. Is this blog autobiographical?

  74. let’s see, you’re probably a worm…no, wait, an amoeba

  75. 5. peanuts, we love peanuts!

  76. Haven’t any of you been to Baltimore?
    Shitehole indeed.

  77. 6. oh shit, yea, scratching ourselves and picking bugs off our friends

  78. 6. oh, shit yea, scratching ourselves and picking bugs off our friends

  79. yea, we like that twice

  80. The Wire can also inspire the more demented and unethical white people to write memoirs pretending they are people who live in the Ghetto and push drugs for the Bloods while their foster mother works two jobs to make ends meet.

  81. Are you sure you’re not talking about liberals?


  82. while they’re feeding monkeys at the zoo

  83. Hey Portnoy, today is not September 14. Why don’t you come up with your own thoughts rather than copying and pasting from another site? And, please, the New Century Foundation? Anyone who capitalizes Mainstream Media probably has a concrete bunker in the backyard in which to hide from the black helicopters of the Trilateral Commission. While many conspiracy theorists are white, they are not the “right” kind of white people, or at least the kind addressed in this blog.

  84. 7. man, i forgot the best one…we looooove talking about how stupid the white people who are making faces at us at the zoo are…we just make faces right back

  85. 8. and the wire: you know we’re all going to be sitting around the tv tonite watching the last episode…no monkeys in it though…that’s prejudicial

  86. but please, please!, take those fucking seinfeld and friends episodes off the air, please!!! or we won’t do any more fun stuff for your pleasure at the zoo.

  87. 9. robin williams: cause he’s got as much hair on his body as we do

  88. I have absolutely heard multiple white people gush about The Wire in the last few weeks and talk about how it was the best thing on television. I don’t know anyone who has actually lived in Baltimore who wants to watch it though. Perhaps the NY-living advancedwhitehipsters like it because it reminds them of when they had just moved into their gentrifying neighbourhood and it was ‘rough’ and still ‘authentic.’

  89. this seems more like a list for “what pseudojews like”

  90. speaking of “The Wire”
    that’s what a few token black friends think.

  91. on March 9, 2008 at 12:38 pm Baltimore-Dweller

    I love The Wire and I live in Baltimore City. And some black asshat just tried to mug my white female neighbors the other night. And they kicked his negroid ass; he took off running.

    I really don’t jump on the various conspiracy bandwagons, but man, this city can make any white person (women, especially) with half a brain racist.

    But, back to the discussion about how white people love The Wire. It’s true. And I’ve not seen a bit of the 5th season, so when my buddy told me Omar died, I nearly slapped him. R.I.P Omar. I love that character. Gay gansters are the best.

    Also, I love Portnoy’s Complaint, the novel of course. Brilliant.

  92. funny, but only partially accurate. true, lots of white people watch the wire. but i know tons of black people that do, too, from upper-crust black people to the guys who make sandwiches at the place i go to for lunch. and i’ve heard that inner-city kids sell bootlegs of the show. that’s what’s so cool about the show–it transcends social, economic, or racial appeal.

  93. on March 9, 2008 at 12:40 pm Portnoy's complaint

    Don’t you guys know where scriptwriters go for their inspiration and facts? so they don’t write come across like complete “mainstream” dupes like you guys? They go to sources where you wimps and deniers are afraid to even look at.

    #84 furious

    He can only resort to personally attacking Portnoy because he cannot refute the facts. Yawn. Discuss the facts or shut up.

    How stupid are some metrosexual and liberal Whites?

    Don’t you guys know where scriptwriters go for their inspiration and facts? so they don’t write come across like complete “mainstream” dupes like you guys?

  94. on March 9, 2008 at 12:42 pm Portnoy's complaint

    In Maryland, Cecil and Harford Counties are getting infested with non-whites more and more every day. Whites let the gangs take over the streets all over America because some of our people are afraid to be labeled “racist”.

  95. on March 9, 2008 at 12:43 pm Portnoy's complaint

    Even Hagerstown is getting inundated with the mexicans.
    Frederick (the city), which was once known as “Fredneck”, is fast becoming a “multicultural” cesspool.

  96. Portnoy #72 – I smell a white supremacist. What are you doing lurking around here? Surely you don’t expect to “recruit” anyone here with your dubious facts…….

  97. on March 9, 2008 at 12:44 pm Tallgeese_mf88

    I didn’t know white people loved that show. I always thought white people skewed away from shows with a predominately black cast that wasn’t funny.

  98. is it neccesary to have all of this social commentary on here. i can’t wait to watch the wiretonight while i drink from my water bottle and talk to my asian girlfriend on the phone who has no idea what the wire is. (this is all true)

    my white list
    1. George Bush
    2. going to the dentist
    3. voting
    4. talking about how we don’t have health insurance
    5. xbox
    7. southern rap
    8. national news
    9. Dave Chapelle

  99. on March 9, 2008 at 12:45 pm Baltimore-Dweller

    David Simon used to be a crime reporter for the Sun and Ed Burns was a cop and a teacher in Baltimore City. They’re not idiots. They write what they know.

  100. Lies! Dexter is the best show on television! I watched the entire first season in one weekend, and it was AMAZING.

  101. Oh man tonite is a sad day

    RIP Bodie
    RIP Omar

    Honestly if you did not shed a tear when Michael said his goodbyes to Bug and Dukie, you have no soul and you should be burned at the stake

    Also I hated Snoop the entire time, but did anyone else find that scene with Michael touching

    “How my hair look yo!”

    “You look good girl”

    Bam!!!!!!!!! very touching scene

    Also seeing Marlo lose it about his name and all, man everyone is breaking down. Thats the first time I saw him angry

  102. you think you got problems, the other day i got jumped by a hyena…those fuckers are nasty…fortunately i was able to climb a tree….

    oh, gotta go, it’s feeding time

  103. on March 9, 2008 at 12:47 pm Portnoy's complaint

    The number 64 bus in Baltimore:


  104. hey, portbag, aren’t you that scrawny m’fing ugly ape in the next cage over…yea, it’s definitely you…always jerkin off.

  105. funny thing is, your ugly ass unwashed hair is as black as night, so what you talking about? hey, stop doing that, man, get a room!

  106. on March 9, 2008 at 12:52 pm Portnoy's complaint

    #97 Ok, so telling the truth about Baltimore and the murdered coeds makes someone a “supremacist” now?

    Whatever. Yawn.

    Ed Burns sounds like the type of White that is not described by this blog, and there are millions of Ed Burns’ in the USA.

  107. Jared Taylor (also known as Samuel Jared Taylor) founded The New Century Foundation, a self-styled think tank known primarily for American Renaissance, a white supremacist journal and companion Website. The journal, which Taylor edits, promotes pseudoscientific studies that attempt to demonstrate the intellectual and cultural superiority of whites and publishes articles on the supposed decline of American society because of integrationist social policies. American Renaissance generally avoids the crude bigotry and stereotyping characteristic of many other racist publications and Taylor himself personally refrains from anti-Semitism

    See I can cut and paste too, jackass.

  108. on March 9, 2008 at 12:56 pm Baltimore-Dweller


    I’ll say this once and only once. We both know the major media organizations will not report a lot of black on white crime because those outlets are afraid of being called racist. If they do report on these crimes, they will intentionally omit the races of both the criminal and the victim. You know this.

    There’s no point in trying to point this out to the people on this blog because they are limosine liberals. They’re the ones who live in places where black populations have not reached critical mass. They know blacks, but the ones they know are either middle-class or affluent, or workplace subordinates. You know this.

    Basically, you’re barking up the wrong tree. The only way these people will ever learn is if they live in a place where they are surrounded by urban black culture, which unfortunately permeates class lines. Even then they’ll probably feel too overwhelmed with guilt to admit to hating the blacks.

  109. on March 9, 2008 at 12:56 pm Portnoy's complaint

    #105 You accusing me of a “chimp-out”?


  110. No, but clearly you are. Admit it. Go hang out on a FOX news blog, dude.

  111. Paaaaandemic pandemic yo

  112. I think Baltimore Dweller and Portney are the same person……..

  113. I am snowblind-presbyterian-pilgrim-white. I never heard of The Wire. My 10 & 12 yo motherless kids and I turned off the TV when we moved to Australia in 1996. Still off. Although we are all back in Amerika.

    I remember liking Gray’s Anatomy. Must have seen it somehow. Do they have TV on airplanes? That’s where I catch the films. I loved it that the Asian doctor was the wine bar server in Sideways.

    I live in nevermind and many of the carpenters and painters on my house restoration have had to decide,at one time or another, whether or not to wear a wire for the police in order to reduce an upcoming sentence from a judge. None has been killed yet.

    Is that what this TV program is about? Do you folks find that entertaining? I’m just asking.

    Warm persona regards,

  114. 102:

    The one thing about the show I find very unrealistic is how stoically the characters accept their fate once they find out they’re about to be killed. Sorry but in real life most people would at least attempt to struggle: its free to struggle and no matter how small your chances most would prefer to take that risk.

    Just look at how Barksdale, Old Face Andre, Prop Joe and Snoop accepted their fate. Only really Brodie put up any sort of struggle.

    I think David Simon missed the mark on this because he tried to portray them as sort of like Roman soldiers accepting their fate from an order from the emporer to commit suicide. They aren’t really stoic soldiers at the end of the day and as concerned with their survival as anyone else.

  115. This is so true!

  116. on March 9, 2008 at 1:04 pm Baltimore-Dweller

    Naw. I’d have used the correct word for the past tense of the verb “to lie,” which is “lay”. He used “laid” when he was talking about the Chapel Hill girl.

  117. I hope you got something nice from HBO for this.

  118. Christian,

    I assess the power of this site, my first ever blog experience, simply through my own inability to stay away.

    Don’t get me wrong. I am not so cool that anything I do is profound. But still, I am here about once a day, by choice, because of the immense thing you have created in SWPL.

    I am grateful.

    Respectfully your,

  119. You forgot “Deadwood”. Freaking great show.

  120. Ha you know why people like The Wire? It is so that they can have a chance to experience “real culture” without having to suffer through the social agony of experiencing it.

    It is like when a person reads a fashion magazine to get tips and pointer on how to dress.

    Every white person’s dream is to learn some statistic/catch phrase that will give them the edge in social circles.

    And even if they fail at achieving a higher cool factor they can look at shows like The Wire and Entourage and go, well damn for all the cool stuff they do, I am certainly glad that my life is not like that. The decisions I made were right, right?

    Other movies like this include American Gangster.

  121. I have some new ideas for you:

    Log Cabins, Jam bands/music festivals, patchouli oil, rabbits as pets.

  122. White people also love the show Survivior.

    So this mashup of Survivor and The Wire could be white people catnip.

    Survivor: West Baltimore – http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bb5kqMEwu20

  123. In some ways the fear Portnoy’s Complaint expresses about other races drives much of the “white” behavior chronicled in this blog. Upper-middle class white people have lost much of their economic and cultural hegemony over the past century. In order to maintain authority they have latched on to:
    1) appreciating things with “irony,” liking things that are widely considered “bad” or in poor taste by others.
    2) appreciating things that require some knowledge, including modern furniture and architecture.

    Portnoy’s Complaint is baldly stating his fear of a time when all hegemony will be lost, something he seeing happening through the displacement of white people in cities like Baltimore. He feels that it is not simply hegemony, but also the destruction of the white race that is a stake, and is probably really concerned about the prospect of miscegenation (although he will have to look up its meaning.)

  124. This blog is f*ing amazing! Might I suggest messenger bags and single speed bicycles (“fixies”)?

  125. oops, “something he sees happening”

  126. suggestion – single speed bicycles and messenger bags

  127. on March 9, 2008 at 1:26 pm I know, I know

    White people like The Wire, ha ha…Am not white but I know fact is many white people don’t even know what The Wire is….

    You and your friends probably like it. But am not surprised you posted this since the season and series finale is coming on tonight.

    But, you just boosted “The Wire” TV ratings 3 points by making this post.

  128. #110 pornbag, no man, just telling you what i see here at the zoo. like the other day i says to Bongo (he’s a good friend of mine here) “hey, Bongo, man, look at Portnoy over there, he’s jerking off again in public…disgusting, man, got no pride. That’s one sorry-ass ape.”
    So Bongo says “Why do they call him Portnoy?”
    “That’s from that book – dude, don’t you read? – about that neurotic guy who jerks off all the time”.
    So Bongo says “Heh, heh, that’s funny.”

  129. You keep forgetting that white people LOVE drugs. They simply love to get high. I went to predominately white schools my whole life and from the age of 12, all my white friends loved to do was get high. And not just smoking pot here and there, doing all kinds of anything-just to get high. Anyone who is not white, but hangs out with white people knows white people LOVE to get high.

  130. on March 9, 2008 at 1:29 pm Portnoy's complaint

    #108 ha ha….you cannot refute the facts or the federal crime database, so you resort to printing the propaganda of an anti-White racist website!!!!

    I really don’t know why non-Whites like “furious” even come here to this blog.

    You can be assured that scriptwriters like Ed Burns would never fall for idiocy as does furious.

    Baltimore-Dweller: good post and right on

  131. I am black. I can identify with at least 6o out of 85 posts of stuffwhitepeoplelike…..what does that mean?

  132. on March 9, 2008 at 1:39 pm Portnoy's complaint

    #124 furious

    that was a particularly long-winded way of saying that civilzed people and Whites in particular don’t want the USA to become another South Africa where 1 in 7 people has HIV!!

    Baltimore, Gary, IN, New Orleans, Detroit, etc. are already almost indistinguishable from South Africa and Haiti.

    You are obviously an anti-White racist, why don’t you move to South Africa and help out?

  133. Once I thought I was white, but I was mistaken. As I peruse this and other blogs and cultural sources, I shall have to formulate a new ethnic identity for myself, which may likely be an amalgamation of variant sociocultural groups knit together with my own brand of conservative-ism wrapped up in a Judeo-Christain heritage on a nice toasted kaiser bun(with extra ketchup).

    Oh, and I’ve never heard of “the Wire”

  134. on March 9, 2008 at 1:46 pm Four oF Nine

    The Wire makes Bal’more make sense. (loved Richard Belzer’s cameo a couple of weeks back)

    Let Marlo be Prez, yo!

    Hey, that racist mutha number 30 and 72 can suck my ding dong.

  135. Yes! Yes! I’m anti-white racist! Woo Hoo!!!

    For the record, I’ve never seen The Wire, The Sopranos, or Six Feet Under….hmmm, maybe ’cause I don’t have HBO? Don’t have an aversion to TV – watch too much sci fi channel. Have been to Baltimore……….

  136. Hmm. I’ll have to watch the wire sometime!


  137. on March 9, 2008 at 2:09 pm Larry David

    The Wire sucks. I watched one episode and that was it for me. The subject matter has been done to death. I’m sick of that genre.

    However, as an earlier poster mentioned, Deadwood is everything The Wire isn’t. Rome was a great series, too, and I was disappointed it was only two seasons. Carnivàle
    was also a great series that got cut short.

    Finally, the best of all, Curb Your Enthusiasm. It is so much more brilliant and entertaining than Seinfeld ever was. How can you beat White Liberals taking Katrina victims into their home?


  138. Portnoy, it is my guess that you came to this site because you thought it would be about white people like you. When you got here though, you found it is really for college-educated, upper-middle class white people and much of the discussions don’t apply to you (or are even understandable by you). It is my belief that you either serve these kind of white people (repair man, cook, security guard) or make things for them (factory worker, construction worker) and think that they look down on you.

    It bothers you that the site calls itself “stuff white people like” but because you relate to none of it, the implication is that you are not “white”.

  139. Book Clubs….white people love book clubs. Oh and white women LOVE Bunco.

  140. on March 9, 2008 at 2:19 pm Baltimore-Dweller

    Hah. Detroit.

    Portony: You left off New Orleans. And you forgot to quote stats (I even heard a story on NPR that covered this!!!!) about how the cities housing all the Katrina/New Orleans refugees had major crime spikes when the NO expats migrated to those respective towns.

    Also, a lot of Baltimore areas really do look like Beirut. Islamic/ anti-West terrorists won’t strike Baltimore ’cause shit already looks bombed out.

  141. on March 9, 2008 at 2:22 pm Portnoy's complaint

    #139 You anti-white racists live in a dream/fantasy world, not reality.

    It is the DUMB whites that believe what you stand for, which is basically liberal propaganda. Whites with high IQ’s know something about reality.

    EXCEPT for “The Wire”, the TV shows the world as the limousine liberals want it to be, not what reality is.

    I love how on “Gray’s Anatomy” the top 2 surgeons are black!!! See what I mean?

  142. This installment is 100% true on all accounts.

    Well done.

  143. on March 9, 2008 at 2:25 pm Portnoy's complaint

    #141 Right, Baltimore Dweller

    Of course since you are saying something liberals and anti-white racists don’t like you must be a “bigot” or whatever other overused slur they use to no effect.

    Ed Burns is a real White man, the dupes satirized by this blog need to be satirized.

  144. on March 9, 2008 at 2:29 pm Baltimore-Dweller

    Larry David: Oh, Larry, Larry, Larry. How can you possibly handle so much self-indulgence? You must be a Jewish guy (I have nothing against Jews, nothing whatsoever) involved in the film industry. I cringe when I think of Curb Your Enthusiasm.

    However, your mention of white liberals adopting Katrina victims makes me want to watch the show. Do the Katrina victims rob the whites blindly? Do the whites on the show allow it to happen because “the poor blacks” are soooo desperate? If so, maybe I’ll give the show another try.

  145. “The Wire” is good. But if you want to watch a really great series on HBO that should be liked by white people, check out “Deadwood”. It’s a western (white) set in South Dakota (whiter) with Shakespearean undertones (whitest). It’s been cancelled so you’ll have to rent the DVDs…

  146. Ha ha ha ha ha ha! You crack me up, Portney….never heard the phrase “limousine liberal” before. It’s catchy, “real” and intelligent-like. Somone with a high IQ must have come up with that……..

  147. snoop’s death

    if anyone finds a clip of michael’s goodbyes to dukie and bug, please post

  148. sorry, somEone…..

  149. Yes, I was wondering about “limousine liberal” myself. I’m guessing that Rush Limbaugh, Ann Coulter, or Sean Hannity came up with it. It is the perfect kind of hackneyed right-wing phrase that is designed to stir up lower-class anger by suggesting that “liberals” are on the one hand rich (undeservedly so) and on the other, isolated. It actually means nothing, just like “anti-white racist”.

  150. Hey! I kind of liked that moniker, but alas, Furious, you are right.

  151. on March 9, 2008 at 2:44 pm truecrackahforeal

    Biggie Smalls died on March 9th. White people like knowing that stuff.

  152. on March 9, 2008 at 2:47 pm Portnoy's complaint

    “The Wire” is a very black show (crime), so much so that they show the first season on BET.

    When the USA runs out of White guys (Irish, Italians, Scots-Irish, etc.) that actually have the fortitude to become cops and deal with these negroids for all our benefit, this nation will implode into another Brazil. If the country relies on mexiscum to take up the slack, look for corruption “federale”-style as this nation turns into another lawless mexico.

    Don’t count on the Metrosexuals or jews or neocons to lift a finger to keep order. These types jump when they hear a car backfire. They get scared when a pot overboils.

  153. Oooh. I saw “Brazil”. That was a good movie……

  154. on March 9, 2008 at 2:50 pm Portnoy's complaint


    Limousine liberals is a code word for Jew.

    It also applies to their lackeys, the shabbat goy Whites, who this blog satirizes.

    I think it’s a stupid term too, as people ought to be straightforward in life and speak what they really mean.

  155. ha! I don’t like this show. I probably would.. but I don’t b/c I’ve never seen it. It used to come on before Larry David..which is good. But nope! I don’t have cable TV so I don’t watch the Wire.

  156. Don’t ask ME about this show at work tomorrow — This blog is the first I’ve heard of this show (I don’t have cable tv).

  157. on March 9, 2008 at 2:57 pm Let's go with "chuck"

    “Limousine liberals is a code word for Jew.”

    Wrong. It’s just a way to describe the weathly liberal elites who do things like fly around the world to attend global warming conferences.

  158. Oh you silly white people and your humorous idiosyncrasies! Now what are you all doing here on this blog?? Don’t you have adjustable rate mortgages and HELOC’s tied to LIBOR / prime that you have to worry about? You know, those devilishly white in nature financial instruments of doom you used to finance all of your home remodels, expensive sandwiches, DVD box sets, Apple products and trips to Whole Foods? Shouldn’t you be trying to sell your house before the market prices it even lower than it already is? Now get to back to work on those spreadsheets and websites! No time to worry about race / class — that will all become clear, crystal clear — soon enough.

    White people like:

    Home Equity
    Stated income Alt-A loans
    tech jobs
    … in other words, the fine things in life financed with easy credit and a job in the tech industry

  159. Since I was raised in a white household you would think I could relate to this. But I have never even heard of ‘The Wire’.
    The only thing I could relate to is : In white culture, giving away information about a film or TV series is considered as rude as spitting on your mothers grave. It is an unforgivable offense.
    What is the Baltimore part about? Not all white people live or even know where it is located at.

    Sorry but I find this blog way off base. Not even funny.

  160. Add this to your list to comment and compliment on: http://www.bethelmainesnowwoman.com/webcam.html

  161. Oh that’s right, I forgot that jews control the world! Silly me. Jews control the entertainment industry, which has turned all white men into metrosexuals by forcing us to watch Project Runway at gunpoint. They also bombed the World Trade Center on 9/11 causing us to go to war in Iraq and taking attention away from their continuing domination of the world. Or something like that. Right Portnoy?

    I haven’t even heard the term metrosexual in a couple of years, and it intrigues me that racists (or white separatists or whatever you call yourself to put distance between you and the KKK) have latched onto the term. I would love a definition from Portnoy.

  162. on March 9, 2008 at 3:05 pm CHUCK NASTY


  163. Never heard of it.

  164. Andy Rooney is white. He likes stuff…


  165. BTW, there is no such thing as an anti-white racist. If you are anti-white you are simply a bigot. Racists can only be from the dominant group that benefits from the institution of racism. In other words, racists like Portnoy’s Complaint.

    Notice I didn’t say “white racists like Portnoy’s Complaint” because that would be redundant. I’m white– we don’t like redundancy as it points to a lack of education.

    Good grammar is another thing white people like (notice all the whites on this site who correct their grammar and/or misspellings in follow-up posts– we are terribly embarrassed by our lapses in grammar and correct them immediately upon discovery). See: “Grammar Nazi”

  166. LOL This is funny, because I believe that any show about a middle or working-class black family dealing with the drama of living would be considered ‘fake’, whereas shows depicting criminal elements and extreme poverty are considered ‘real’.

    Oh, yeah, I am an american with a brown skin tone, and think the site is hilarious!

  167. Too true, Rasher. OK. I’ve managed to waste an entire day here. Toodles!

  168. Furious1,

    Oh where to start with you, you ashkenazi khazar. Limousine liberal is a pretty common nomenclature for liberal whites who live in hip, trendy, expensive (re: non-black) areas but that preach diversity and are very quick to call whites racist who disagree with them.

    And no it wasn’t Jews that directly flew planes into the WTC, but perhaps it was Jewish influence on our foreign policy that caused others to want to do so. Did that ever occur to you?

    Oh those pesky Jews at it again:
    “Israel Plans Construction
    In West Bank Settlement”

    Do you think Israel would be able to continue to violate international law and dozens of UN resolutions and not face sanctions or some form of punitive recourse if not for the US’s steadfast support of them?

    Do you not know who in the US supports them? You should really read some of President Carter’s books on the subject. You sound like a limousine liberal. I hope you get a high paying job or enjoy the suburbs because I can guarantee you people like your kids don’t wind up in the inner city public schools.

    Diversity is great for everyone else, but not for the limousine liberals.

  169. on March 9, 2008 at 3:28 pm snuffwhitepeoplelike.....

    The Wire is on TV/
    so you can see/
    it can’t ever be
    kept real.
    You feel me/
    Keep it real G/
    Don’t be a sucka/
    you done know the deal.
    2008 Blaxploitation/
    lack of tact-ploitation/
    look-a-like-a-inner-city drug plantation/
    like-a-close-up crotch shot/
    of nigga-masturbation.

  170. on March 9, 2008 at 3:29 pm strandedtexan

    I’m not white, but I love “The Wire,” “Indie Music,” “NPR,” “The Sunday New York Times,” “Barack Obama” and pretty much everything else on this site.

    Which is also why I love this Web site.

    I think #100 should be “Reading About Stuff White People Like.”

  171. This black person always had the sneaking suspicion that ever since her last governor did a cameo on The Wire and crime is Criminally Intense in Baltimore, all the police officers in Baltimore are secretly method actors for the HBO show.

    And all the blue light cameras are secret documentary cameras for The Wire.

    Sadly, it would explain a lot. *shakes her fist at White People*

  172. I’ve never heard of it, which makes me ashamed.

    But I do consider people giving away spoilers on an episode I haven’t watched (as I watch everything on DVD) a heinous sin, punishable by forcing to hear me whining for at least ten minutes.

  173. on March 9, 2008 at 3:34 pm Purple Banana

    Hmm. Don’t know about this “Wire” show of which you speak, but I’ll tell you the white people in my office love themselves some “Lost.” I dread Fridays because I have to hear the previous night’s episode discussed ad naseum; and being white myself, I have a slight aversion to watching television and thus have proudly never seen an episode of Lost and therefore cannot relate to their conversations. Anyway, I hear it’s all the rage.


  175. I don’t know about this elusive “Wire” you speak of.

    That must be a show that MUCH YOUNGER white people like.


    I do so love this blog. It’s so NOT in your face– in your face. The comments are almost as good as the content.

    Like I’ve always said, white people are diverse in our likes, wants and needs. Being white and as melanin deprived as we are, doesn’t make us averse to colored people or things.

    On the contrary.

    I like blackened redfish….brown gravy on my roast. Thai food, curry chicken and I even like Greek sex from time to time.

    I even have a NEGRO maid.

    My gardeners are Mexican and my dry cleaners Chinese and my manicurist are Vietnamese.

    Gotta run. Time for my medication. I’m taking Xanax these days—-a very white person’s drug and these Xanax are prescribed by a doctor whose last name is “Berkowitz”, thank you very much.

    See? Hardly a prejudice bone in my body.

    All the best from my members only and incredibly exclusionary country club,

    Laurie Kendrick

    PS..again, love this blog. Keep producing.

  176. Biracial people are split on liking or disliking The Wire. Some biracial people like the show. Others do not like it. That is because biracial people are combinations of two or more different races. Some biracial people look white. Some biracial people look black. Perhaps that is why they cannot agree on whether or not they like the show.

    Your blog is almost as great a work of art as The Wire! Only unlike The Wire it is not an astonishing classic that pushes the medium of television beyond anything that has been seen before, and will be forgotten when the next internet flavor of the day comes along.

    At the root of your humor, which gets old very fast, is an intensely offensive dichotomy that, god willing, the biracial people of this world will one day render utterly obsolete.

  177. on March 9, 2008 at 3:51 pm Portnoy's complaint

    #161 or anyone else…

    What % of “limousine liberals” (or the “liberal elite”) are Jews? Anyone else want to chime in?

    It’s all conjecture, but I’d put it at about 40%. As I stated the liberal Whites that are in this same crowd are shabbat goy. The rest of this group is comprised of minorities along for the anti-White-racist ride…..and propped up by the aforementioned.

    Furious1 calls anyone who has an opinion different than his a “racist”.

    That because he’s old school: “We’re black and brown; you’re white. Therefore, you’re racist.”

  178. on March 9, 2008 at 3:53 pm Baltimore-Dweller

    #170: I might puke if I saw a close up crotch-shot of a black person, especially a black man, masturbating. Ew. But thanks for the cute rhyme.

  179. on March 9, 2008 at 3:54 pm Portnoy's complaint

    PS I agree with the one guy. This thread should have been about “Lost” or Gray’s Anatomy.

  180. renee, despite the blog’s name, it means you’re educated and/or upper-middle class, not white. lots of poor white people have revealed themselves here by noting their unfamiliarity with “the wire” and their deep affection for nascar (when will you mention nascar! they cry).

    mocking people who watch cars drive in circles in hopes they’ll crash has been done somewhat more often than mocking people who consider themselves “advanced” white because they watch particular television shows.

  181. WTF is the “Wire ” i don’t think we get it in Scotland, is it a darkie programme ?

  182. I live in Baltimore City and we been enjoying the WIRE for some time now. It really is a great program. Really.

  183. my boss loves this show and i’m from d.c. which is pretty close to balmer. i will watch tonight and get his reactions and then tell him how accurate it is, but that d.c. is much worse. later, i’ll ask him for a raise which i’ll probably get.

  184. This website is hilarious!!!!
    I love the Wire, Sopranos, Six Feet Under….. and I’ve spent whole weekends watching back to back episodes from Netflix. I didn’t realize this was considered “white culture” probably because I’m mostly around white people.
    As for film festivals, I hate them! Cleveland had their film festival this weekend, and some guy bitched at me because I said I had no interest in it, saying I need to support the “arts.” Shit, every pack of cigs I smoke, 18 cents goes to the crappy arts that no one wants to pay to see, you pretentious mother fucker…..

  185. Never heard of the Wire, and don’t care too. That says a lot.

    Also, even though Blacks and Hispanics do account for a lot of crime in this country, why don’t we think of all the mass psycho murderers in this country. Guess what? All those crazies were white!!! Now go drink some Kool Aid.

    White mass murderers:
    Hitler- white (need to include him even though not from U.S.)
    Terry Nichols
    Charles Manson
    Timoth McVeigh
    and the white list goes on and on…

    This is a list (they’re not all white, but the majority are)


    Oh yeah, remember Colombine all white kid murderers. Virginia, that was a fluke.

  186. As detective McNulty might say:

    What the hell did I do?

    Portnoy, don’t you think that you fit the definition of racism? For you I think it would actually be a compliment. You are the kind of person who says stuff like: “I’m not racist, I just think everyone should have pride in their race.” In other words, racist.

    And, as far as your comments about “Gray’s Anatomy” and “Lost” being better than The Wire for the purposes of this blog, well that just proves yet again that you are not the right kind of white person. I feel for you, I really do. You are so disenfranchised that you need to create elaborate conspiracies as to why people of other races, and/or white “liberals”, have more than you do. But don’t worry, me and my kind of white people will still treat you with kindness and respect while you repair our Prius, make us expensive sandwiches, or install our Viking ranges.

    That goes for Baltimore-dweller (doubtful BTW) and Bob as well. See you on The Day of the Rope, mother fuckers!

  187. I think that you are running out of things to write…you should have included the Soprano’s though:;-)

  188. Excellent show.

  189. Or it could just be that people who like well-written and intelligent television like The Wire…

  190. My friend is an extra on the show. She lives in Baltimore.

  191. on March 9, 2008 at 4:55 pm Baltimore-Dweller

    furious1: You’re either black or you’re one of the whites who sympathizes with the blacks because “they so po’ and disenfranchised.” I think you must be a limosine liberal. Man, come to Baltimore, Baltimore City. Spend a year here. Live outside Hampden, Federal Hill, Canton, and Pigtown. You’ll get it. I promise. And if you don’t, you’re not as smart as you think you are. When half the people you know (no exaggeration here) have either been assaulted, sexally assaulted, raped, mugged, or just plain fucked up by some blacks, you start to view the world (this world, Baltimore) through a different lense.

    I never owned firearms until I moved here. I never cared about my Second Amendment rights until I moved here. If that doesn’t say something, I don’t know what does.

  192. never heard of it

  193. Just another Mississippi white boy, who’s never heard of this show, as so many of your bloggers. While this post describes my mother perfectly, I stopped watching Hollywood a long time ago. This sounds like another epitaph of degrading & demoralizing Hollywood cinematography.

  194. on March 9, 2008 at 5:05 pm GAME THEORY

    btw its Obama’s fav show

  195. I also suggest Deadwood – something that white men like …

  196. on March 9, 2008 at 5:16 pm Portnoy's complaint

    #187 furious1

    “I’m not racist, I just think everyone should have pride in their race.” In other words, racist.

    Sounds just like jewish people in Hillel, blacks that wear Malcolm X hats, mexicans that wave their flag, the AZN television network, LOGO television, Hindus that have arranged marriages, etc. etc……

    Just save it, because you are starting to sound like a broken record.

    According to your warped brain, only whites can be “racist”. Any White that listens to you is sick of the double standard non-White crybabies that cry “racism”.

  197. Something else white people like: Posting comments anonymously on the Internet with stuff they would never have the balls to say in person.

  198. on March 9, 2008 at 5:27 pm Portnoy's complaint


    You know BD, the problem with these Jews, liberal douche-bag Whites and their lackeys is that they don’t practice what they preach. They all self-segregate and send their kids to either private or almost entirely White schools meanwhile push the nonsense of “diversity” on the public at large.

    The most notorious of the liberal hypocrites are the Jews who are the most self-segregating and collectivist people around. They all live in a a limited number of neighborhoods, jewish suburbs, and even very few metro areas nationally. They do not send their kids to diverse schools.

    The Clintons are a perfect example of this too, Chelsea went to private schools and today Bill and Hillary live in a town that is 95% White (Chappaqua, NY).

    Bush ain’t much better, he loves Mexiscum because the only ones he’s met are 55-year old maids and cooks,. etc. His kids don’t go to school with their illiterate gangbanger kids.

    Hopefully this baby-boomer/judaicized generation will finally just retire. They have screwed up much of the nation for Whites.

  199. I find that Sopranes and Six Feet Under are those kinda shows where ya never stop hearing about it but ya never actually get around to watching it yourself. It happens.

  200. mmmm…saw your pics of LA food.. BCD. SO GOOD!!!

  201. Hello,

    Nice post. I enjoyed the wire so much I’m creating a blog about it for all the wire fans. Since the show is going off the air the blog will always be here for those of us that really enjoyed the series and like to discuss what they learned from viewing it. From what I’ve learned most folks who tuned in faithfully found it very interesting. As negative as it may seem, I believe a lot of positivity will come from it. I didn’t know white people felt that way tho. Yes, I am *&(^%. Anyone interested here’s my wire fan blog.

  202. I haven’t watched this. is it good? This white girl watches the Food Network, mainly Iron Chef. Maybe its because I am dating a Japanese cook.

    Oh wait, thats for the other post….#11. 😀

  203. Whites like to wear shorts in the winter.

  204. No, stupid whites like to wwear shorts in the winter.

  205. I’m from Baltimore, and I appreciate The Wire (and, to a lesser extent, Homicide: Life on the Street and The Corner) since I no longer have to tell people what growing up there was like, I can just hand them a DVD with selects pulled from each of those shows. And I do.

    DVD-Rs are cheap these days (especially if you get a deal with mail-in rebate at Best Buy) so before hitting the fondue bar I usually grab a dozen or so copies, toss them in my messenger bag, and I am good to go, single and looking to mingle.

  206. This one missed as much as “Graduate School” hit the mark.

  207. I made a quiz based on this site: http://quizfarm.com/quiz_repository/White/231648/

    How white are you? I’m 38% white!

  208. Portnoy (nice name btw..though for some reason I doubt you are a Philip Roth fan)

    You decry reverse racism, saying that having pride in your race is in fact racism (I agree), but then go on to say:
    “screwed up much of the nation for Whites”

    Not “screwed up much of this nation”, but for Whites. That doesn’t sound too inclusive, or non-racist.

    You keep mentioning the Jews, despite the fact that the richest, most powerful people in this country tend to be protestant. Bill Gates, Rupert Murdoch, Warren Buffet..

    People who share cultural heritage naturally gravitate towards each other. You don’t think white protestants do that same? There are still wealthy neighborhoods and country clubs in this country where “no jews, blacks allowed” is an unspoken rule.

    As rational and even keeled as you try to appear, in the same way you claim that someones post reveals them as a “limosine liberal” etc, I am willing to guess that your educated rhetoric is backed by a philosophy that sympathizes with The Turner Diaries, and that given the chance you would use the keyboard less than a steel toed boot, kicking in the face of a “mud person.” Amirite?

    P.S. The U.S. uses Israel for our own interests in the Middle East. Not the other way around. The people who run this country could give a shit less about American Jews, in fact most of the WASP elite (95% of American aristocracy) in this country don’t like them at all.

  209. Actually yeah, the overwhelming majority of Fortune 500 CEOs are white protestant.

  210. I want credit for suggesting The Wire in the first place!!!

    My original comment was on post #71, “Being the Only White Person Around.”


    223 Jenna

    on February 21, 2008 at 7:04 am

    Has anyone mentioned The Wire yet???

    White people are THE ONLY PEOPLE who are proud of themselves for watching The Wire and then blogging about what it says about the state of the American city. They quote the slang as if they’ve been speaking it too all their lives. Something like:

    “My favorite line from this episode of The Wire is when Snoop says, ‘In Baltimore, we aim to hit a nigga, ya heard?’”

    White people also love The Wire because it gives them a chance to feel pity in their hearts for the poor black people who just can’t make it out of the Inner City! So tragic! Like Charles Dickens! Of course, these same white people will never live in Baltimore in their lives, except if they go to Johns Hopkins.

  211. 188-Furious1,

    Again your arguments don’t stand on their own so you try to throw out that you’re somehow above us in socioeconomic status. I beg to differ. I make a good income as I am a professional so how do you reconcile that with my beliefs?

    You truly are delusional if you think that leftist/hipster whites are somehow more monetarily successful than conservatives or “racists”. From my anecdotal observations its quite the opposite. Most young professionals (with perhaps lawyers being the exception) are conservative.

    Much of the hipster set (that is, you) actually gets stuck in lowly service sector jobs out of choice (social work), or lack of specialized skills (bartender due to the humanities degree). I can tell from your postings that you have never lived in a black neighborhood your entire life. Do all of us a favor and join the peace corps: its been making conservatives out of liberals for several decades.

    Whites need to wake up and realize that they can be successful in life without buying into the kool-aid that permeated your household.

  212. on March 9, 2008 at 7:00 pm little brown girl

    i’m not white, and my boyfriend is jewish. does that mean he’s white? because i read your blog, and everything that you say white people like, he likes. and the way you say white people act, he acts. especially about the wire. is there anything that white people like that jewish people don’t like?

  213. oh I’m glad The Sopranos was mentioned. I loved that show, but I always felt very hip about it…and now that it showed in this blog, I am totally vindicated!

  214. Amazing how all the stormfront retards have been redirected here.

    Not for the mentally impaired, this is a *subtle* jab at blue-state hipsters and has absolutely nothing to do with your individual whiteness. Now carry along now and go post about n*ggers on newnation.com

  215. This is hilarious! I am white and I love The Wire! Dead on!

  216. Hi Bob,

    Well, I would reconcile your “professional” status with your racism by acknowledging that you are an idiot.

    If there are really so many white people like you and Baltimore-Dweller and Portnoy around, if most young professionals are conservative as you say, then why is it that you guys act like victims all the time? If you are the majority of white America, why is it that you rail and cry about not being in power? I’ve never quite understood how you guys reconcile those things.

    Most of the young professionals I know voted for Obama, BTW. Since anecdotal evidence counts in your mind for something.

    I don’t think it’s “hip” to point out how silly and racist some of the comments to this topic have been, it’s just fun to rile you rednecks up. Like shooting fish in a barrel. You had to tell us that you make good money and are (supposedly) a professional because my remarks hit too close to home. And by the way, just because you get paid to do a job doesn’t mean you are a professional. Traditionally the professions are law, medicine, teaching/academia, and the clergy. I doubt any of those applies to you. Professionals have honorific titles like “Doctor” or “Counselor” because their jobs do good for society (as much as we all might argue with the lawyer part of that these days).

  217. no, you are just wrong about this one. I have never seen the wire. Just change it to snobby people don’t like tv, and why the commercials, but get them a tivo, and you will find they have so much PBS to watch.

  218. “i’m not white, and my boyfriend is jewish. does that mean he’s white? because i read your blog, and everything that you say white people like, he likes. and the way you say white people act, he acts. especially about the wire. is there anything that white people like that jewish people don’t like?”

    this blog gets worse coments than youtube.

  219. on March 9, 2008 at 7:16 pm BaltimoreGal

    Ummm. humor? Lost on some folks. The most comments ever?

    I live in Baltimore City AND watch the Wire AND have worked with some people who would be considered “too authentic” to be cast as extras and I still love this place.

    You can find the people like the cast of “The Wire” in any major city. We just happen to have better writers.

  220. I find this blog simple minded and stereotypic. Just because my skin is white I’m suppose to be addicted to some show called “The Wire”. Well guess what I’ve never heard of it.
    This is the type of prejudice that still devides our own home land territory. What a shame this is what our youth are being taught after all these years.

  221. Furious1,

    Not so much that your post “hit close to home”, actually its pretty far off the mark, its just that I noticed a typical attack tool they like to employ by equating any white person who disagrees with their fraudelent idealogy with a low socioeconomic status. They employ this method to try to give some credence to themselves and their arguments they might not otherwise have. And you don’t.

    I would also argue that “doing good for society” needn’t necessarily require an occupation that carries an “honorific” title. There are many ways one can “do good for society”, being a good parent, is one. Even a used car salesman does good for society: he is an intermediary who is supplying a product to people that want it.

    But I see that you are hung up on external recognition for your accolades. Mommy & daddy recognition issues? Man you are a therapist’s patient waiting to happen.

    On you hipsters I will share this: I work in a cubicle and when I have done community service through work (admittedly it wasn’t altruistic as it was great to network with senior mgt) it was always the liberal hipsters like you who either wouldn’t show weekend mornings, or would show up late and put in about half the work as others. I’ve got news for you: you’re only as altruistic as the recognition goes. You are the worst kind of insincere person as I think even you are fooled by it.

  222. Ridiculous! This is the most uneducated stereotypic remark I’ve heard. This is nothing more than reverse discrimination.

  223. little brown girl: jewish people are white, but not white at the same time. A Jewish politician once said they earn like Episcopalians (the wealthiest white subgroup) but vote like Puerto Ricans. jewish people are very often hip and at the edge of avant garde culture, but they tend also to be remarkably ignorant of the other tribal cultures of whiteness, especially religious culture (no surprise, but it is pretty pervasive) and more particularly, the gradations of protestantism — which matters to the sort of white people who this site is addressing only in the cultural aspects, which has little to do with religion per se. Get yourself a copy of Florence King’s WASP, Where is Thy Sting?

  224. As a White person, I cannot deny that the majority of this blog applies to me (with two exceptions: since I have a degree in science, I don’t have an arts degree, nor do I buy in to that herbal supplements nonsense, though from an ecological perspective, I think that organic farming has potential).

    Regardless, The Wire is/was amazing. I’m surprised that your list of acceptable White People TV doesn’t include The West Wing.

  225. Bob, I rest my case. Thank you for putting your ignorance of grammar and logic on display for all to see. Did you proofread that last paragraph (or for that matter the penultimate paragraph in #170)?

    I think I now get why you guys feel so disenfranchised; the world must be a scary place for someone with your lack of intelligence and communication skills. The mud people will continue their takeover of the country and it is all your fault for being too dumb to stop it. I mean the President is one of you but after nearly 8 years of Bush things are worse than before. Jeez, you can’t catch a break. Go back to your veal-fattening pen to wait out the inevitable destruction of all you value. C-ya, hate to b-ya.

  226. Now you’re just trying to be cute, “the last episode is on tonight, let me try to be current and relevant.” If The Wire was a real white show, it either wouldn’t have done enough episodes to get syndicated, or it would’ve been syndicated to a channel the white folks actually watch, not BET. Even “cool” white people don’t watch BET. Until 2 years ago, when HBO gave away DVDs of the whole season so the newspapers/online people (which whites love) would write about them and so they’d be leaked on the Internet (where whites watch shows), white people didn’t give a fuck about this show. And they still don’t. Maybe a couple hundred thousand whites watch this, more white people watched the least watch episode of the Game or whatever the least watch ex-UPN show is than have watched this show in its whole existance. The only reason HBO even started with this is because OZ was wrapping up, Chris Rock was done, and they needed to have a show to get black customers to keep forgetting to cancel the channel. There was none of this courting the media at the beginning, just print ads in XXL and the Source. If the show wasn’t so cheap to produce (a state desperate for some of that TV production money, close enough to get NY actors for scale, local crew who were doing this while waiting for a real production like STEP UP to come to town, tons of non-actors just excited for a chance to be on TV), it would’ve been done in 2002.

  227. on March 9, 2008 at 7:50 pm Portnoy's complaint

    #211 “People who share cultural heritage naturally gravitate towards each other.”

    Whites are not allowed to do this. That’s why an all-White high school or workplace is deemed to “need diversity” and cultural marxist will FORCE that to change.

    Face it, the anti-White racists out there are far worse than any so-called White racists.

    All I said about the jews is that they comprise a large part of the limousine liberal crowd, and that they are hypocrites because they aren’t liberal when it comes to their own society and daughters.

    They post-1965 judacized liberal baby-boomer crowd did screw up the nation for Whites, that’s undeniable. Actually, did you know that since the 1964 Civil Rights Act the statistics for the black family have gone down the toilet? Could you imagine a show like “The Wire” in 1960?

    The 1964 Civil Rights Act allowed blacks to act “non-White” and we can see the results of this chimp-out and what they do naturally. 69% of black kids are born illegitimate in the US today, look it up. The Civil Rights Act helped bring this normal black state about. The same results are found in Haiti, sub-saharan Africa, etc. or anywhere blacks live.

    The Israel/US axis is not run by the US for the US’ benefit. Are you mad? I have no idea how Zionist supremacism was brought up, but you might want to read (written by Harvard and UofC profs) : http://www.amazon.com/Israel-Lobby-U-S-Foreign-Policy/dp/0374177724

    Turner diaries my ass. I am a student of Western Civ, aka White history, beauty, art, letters, and civilization. Great post though, at least you are a thinker.

  228. fuck i love the wire, im sad its over now.

  229. Furious1,

    We’re not in an essay contest here. So long as you got the message, and I’m fairly certain you did, then I have conveyed all I need to. I’m not worried about grammatical nuances as I have already exposed you for the shallow ego’d intellectual fraud you truly are.

    You bring up something like the president and try to equate that with me or Portnoy? It just shows what an idiot you are that you are incapable of thinking or seeing past a simple duality.

    Luckily for us people like you don’t wind up voting every election. When you get so emotionally attached to one in your youth and it doesn’t go your way you drop out of the voting population.

    Veal…mmmm….so good. I might eat some tomorrow with no guilt.

    Remember me and Portnoy when you’re on the therapist’s couch you exemplary hipster-douchebag, you.

  230. The wire sucks and not many white ppl i know or myslef like it. All white people love The Simpsons way more than the wire,they even love house more than the wire.

  231. on March 9, 2008 at 7:58 pm Portnoy's complaint

    little brown girl: jews are NOT white. Jews are Semites like the arabs. They come from the Middle East. Hebrew is an Afro-asiatic language. It shares zero in common with European languages. It is Jews themselves that tell Whites that they are a minority group separate and distinct. The jews tell the blacks that they are minorities just like them. Therefore, they can’t be White for these reasons plus many. many more.

    Jews have a word for all people not in their Tribe: Gentile or Goyim. They aplly this word to whites and blacks in the same way.

    The jews are jews is the answer.

  232. I couldn’t even get through an episode of The Wire it was so bad. It seemed interesting at first but it was hard to get past the needless swearing and uninteresting plot… 24 is definitely superior to The Wire

  233. Not many people I know like The Wire. I think it’s a pretty bad show myself. Most people I know are obsessed with Lost or 24.

  234. …how very unusual. There are 3 or 4 bad boys on this particular line of posts regarding this TV series set in Baltimore.

    And although I am not sure of the protocol, these bad boys are, for the first time I have noticed, referencing each other’s comments in a truly hateful way. More name calling than actually critical thinking and rebuttal.

    If one reads this “hate thread” carefully, one notes some serious flawed logic. Frankly, I think the anger does it.

    And now for something completely different. On a more recent post (#224 see above)

    “This is the type of prejudice that still devides our own home land territory. ”

    What the heck is this?

    Hey old person! I am 62 years old and trying to fit in around here. And you…YOU..are giving old people everywhere a bad name.

    In real life? Yeah, in real life there is no such thing as “home land territory.”

    Best personal regards,

  235. Is there anything about me you don’t know? Honestly?

    Yes, I AM white and I LOVES ME some Wire. It’s the best show on television! Whenever I go to a gathering of white people I spend half the time trying to convince people that they must start watching the WIRE today. I do, however, know black and Latino folk that also love the show.

    I have worked as a social worker for many years in very rough neighborhood with a heavy crack smoking and buying and selling client population. My dad and sister have both worked as public defenders and yes, the Wire rings true to us all.

    And if I have to be classified as a “limousine liberal” to set myself apart from the bigoted jackass who is polluting this site and the idiots of his ilk, then I will proudly wear the title.

  236. on March 9, 2008 at 8:09 pm Portnoy's complaint

    Anything a liberal doesn’t agree with is a “hate thread”. LOL!!!!!!!!!

    You hate this thread more than most it seems.

  237. motherfucker, end this site, it was funny in the beginning but your running out of shit to say. First of all, 2/3 or at least have half of the people that watch the Wire are BLACK, and trust me, I know that because Ima Negro, who lives in a pretty Black community, and trust me when I say that I meet quite a few brothers and sisters that watch it,including my dad, and only met like one or two whites that actually watch the show. In fact, the only time whites really watched the show was season 2, when many of the main characters were Polish dockworkers. Otherwise, the cast has been 80% to 95% Black. And to those ignorant motherfuckers that say the Wire is racist because it only “shows Blacks as criminals” is bullshit. At least half the politicians, police officers, and many morally upstanding individuals are Black on the show. The white critics that like the show are a small segment of the population, not characteristic of all white people, most of whom don’t know about the show. If I sound a bit emotional, its because its like the motherfucker that writes this site is trying to take the most complex portrayal and critic of poverty in America(albeit created by white guys, but white guys who are down with many Black folks and not some “limousine liberals” like some idiots on this site think who don’t know shit, I mean A People’s History of the United States was written by white guy Howard Zinn, does that make it impossible for Black people to appreciate it?)

    What next, is #86 gonna be The Boondocks?

  238. “For white people to like a TV show it helps if it is: critically acclaimed, low-rated, shown on premium cable, and available as a DVD box set.”

    What don’t you understand about low ratings? IT MEANS FVCKING NOBODY’S WATCHING IT. Yeah, I bet millions of white people love the show…they never actually watch it.

    Blog author = retard.

  239. i never heard of this show. but i’ll rent the dvd for sure.

    byw, was this post simply paid avertisement?

  240. on March 9, 2008 at 9:05 pm Lucius Verinus

    #242 I thought HBO’s Rome was incredible.

  241. on March 9, 2008 at 9:10 pm Lucius Verinus

    #242 What don’t you understand about low ratings? IT MEANS FVCKING NOBODY’S WATCHING IT.

    So what? “Wheel of Fortune” gets good ratings, what does that tell you?

  242. Seriously, anyone who lives or lived in Baltimore should get immediate street cred.

  243. If anyone needs proof of how sad Baltimore really is, click here:


  244. #241

    I agree with you totally. BET shows “The Wire”.

    Seriously though, do you think those writers are “down” with you?

    I watch the Wire, I live in a major city, my wife works in criminal justice, my aunt got mugged and maced by blacks, etc. etc. I didn’t think (clued-in) Whites could make, or would dare to make a show about blacks that portrays them as harshly as the makers of The Wire do.

    To Whites that haven’t seen it: Concerning authentic “TNB” (total negro behavior)…you will not believe the UN-PC content.

    This week two white coeds (Auburn and UNC) where murdered by negroids.

  245. I consider myself pretty white, but I have been watching this show since the very first episode aired. I didn’t have to play catch-up with the DVDs, and yes, it was the best show ever on television. Suck my white dick bitch!

  246. Hmmmm……Wrong!!!!!

    I do realize that you have over 10,000,000 views now so possibly you have been approached by networks asking you to “plug” there show but this post is …….WRONG!

    I have a lot of white friends(doesn’t that sound awkward, haha) and this is the list of shows they love in no particular order:


    1) the office
    2) lost
    3) cheaters
    4) Oprah
    5) Dr. Phil
    6) “to catch a predictor”
    7) the office
    8) family guy

    I mean the list goes on but the Wire is not up there my brother! You actually have me a little bit angry because i have been raving about your blog to my friends and the concept that you might be getting corporate sponsorship for your blogs would really take away from the authenticity of your blog.

    Angry black guy……..i guess



  247. White people–besides liking your blog–also like proper English and spelling, so you might want to try typing up your blog on a word processor and spell-checking it.

  248. on March 9, 2008 at 9:32 pm Lucius Verinus

    #247 Yep.

    This kind of stuff, and this blog, is pure jew weasel. I cannot believe that douche bag would put that crap on the net.

  249. This blog was 1,610 times funnier when the posts were shorter.
    And, also, f* you, Lucius Verinus, the biggest dildo I can see on my screen. We run the f’in world, and you shouldn’t be part of it.

  250. I am black I go to Princeton. I would have to agree that most of these things seem to apply to college educated people in general… the hate for corporations other than Apple… bragging about boxed sets watched in one weekend… T-Shirts! It’s totally described my life for like th past 4 years and my racially mixed honors high school lol.

    It’s kind of sad it’s called stuff white people like because it’s got some really inept internet losers focusing their attentions here. It’s ruining what would otherwise be a really astute social commentary on the upper middle class/ those who’ve recieved higher education.

    BTW Portnoy, you can’t have graduated from college with ideas like that? This is not even a jab at intelligence, which is not related to matriculation in my opinion. It’s just that you are so consumed and obssessed by hatred? Surely you understand why people may call you ‘racist’ not for being conservative, but for usage of terms like “mexiscum” and “chimp-out”…?? just a teensy bit inappropriate do you think?

    I’m guessing at some sort of personality disorder, perhaps schizoid or fully developed dementia? Your conspiracy theorizing is so frantic and fraught with contradictions… It really smacks of some kind of mental health issue.

    And don’t bother calling me names because I won’t be reading this again. I have a very fufilling and successful life. I’m going to graduate from Princeton in 2 months.. then I’ll probably head back to the mean streets to continue mugging people, spreading HIV around, cavorting with saucy metrosexuals and just generally bringing about the apocalypse.

  251. on March 9, 2008 at 10:04 pm violet from van

    RIP “The Wire” – you were badly needed and will be sorely missed. complex, a majority black cast that wasn’t billed as a “black show”, bad ass gay people (who will fuck you up), black and white people come off looking good and bad because (spoiler alert) people are good and bad. it’s all around awesome for anyone to watch.

    don’t blame The Wire for making Baltimore look bad – John Waters has been doing that for decades.

    #72 – Portnoy’s Complaint – your “facts” are completely distorted.

    “Hispanics commit violent crimes at about three times the white rate.” no they don’t. they just get arrested and charged three times as often.

    “… there are 15,000 black-on-white rapes but fewer than 900 white-on-black rapes.” no, again you’re wrong. there are 15,000 REPORTED black on white rapes, 900 REPORTED white on black rapes. it’s as much who’s talking as who’s doing.

    there’s thing called “institutional racism” which occurs when the political, economic and social institutions of a society operate to the disadvantage of a specific individual or group because of their ethnicity. so white women are more likely report being raped by a black man because the system will support that. black woman is far less likely to report being raped by a white man because the system is less likely to support her.

    i could go on but i’d be here all night.

    omar little is my hero.

  252. While a select few white people may like to display their “advanced” status by talking about this show, most of them cannot stomach it. It’s grim, depressing, and unlike typical cop shows or urban teacher movies, it does nothing to reassure them of the redemptive power of white people.

  253. warning spoilers

    Oh man a part of me is lost here

    what did everyone think?

    for the most part Season 4 was my fav and I wish season 5 had more of the four kids, so sad to see Dukie shootin up at the end, honestly that hurt me the most and I thought that maybe Ed Burns would go with typical formula and have a hollywood ending for the kid, but I gotta respect the ending. Honestly for me I didn’t want this to end. Tis a sad day

    Other random thoughts

    – glad to see what Slim Charles did to Cheeze
    – the wake for McNulty, very touching
    – seeing that reporter win an award made me throw up
    – Marlo in a business suit, awesome
    – Bubs having dinner with his sis made me smile

    anyways thanks Ed Burns and Co for restoring my faith in the television medium. Seriously Thanks

    everyone please rent all the seasons of the wire if you haven’t watched this show, its slow but its good and I don’t wanna sound garbage, but it makes me really sad that this season got low ratings, ya I guess thats a white thing, being upset when people don’t like what you like

    But damn the Wire was good

    RIP Wire


  254. I am so white and the Wire is my favorite. Damn this website has me Made.

  255. White people also like McSweeney’s


    Funny coincidence?

  256. This sounds interesting and I’d like to check it out. Is it available with English subtitles?

  257. On the subject of TV shows, how about a post on Ken Burns documentaries, PBS television, Antiques Roadshow, BBC America, et cetera. LOTS of good material there.

  258. This blog has officially jumped the shark.

  259. on March 9, 2008 at 11:12 pm Portnoy's complaint

    #255 You are delusional. No Whites believe all your excuses and anti-white racist propaganda. You can waste your time discussing that crap amongst your same-minded bigots.

    White men do not rape black women and you damn well know it.

    Every year there are 40,000 black-on-white rapes (that get reported).

    Dream on. You must have been sorely disappointed in the Duke Lacrosse case!! ha ha too bad buddy.

    This very week 2 savage negroids murdered two White coeds, one at Auburn U., the other at North Carolina. Sure, two “whites” did the same thing to blacks, but it didn’t get reported!!!!

    Nice try. When a white sneezes on a black the media will come out in droves, as the Duke Lacrosse case proved.

    Screw negroids. Ship them all to Rwanda where they can live like true negroes do: hacking each other up with farm tools. Ship them to South Africa where they give each other HIV. Ship them to Haiti and they’ll still want to flee and live near “racist” Whites. What a joke.

    In New Orleans, every single White person had the intelligence to get out. Dumb negroes sat on their asses, and still blame “Whites” for a Cat 5 hurricane!! The New Orleans negroids that moved to Houston have raised the crime rate.

    Black IQs are low, and anywhere you find blacks in a majority, you will find failure. Hence, “The Wire”.

  260. on March 9, 2008 at 11:20 pm Portnoy's complaint

    PS #261 “Antiques roadshow”

    LOL!!!! That show is White, because it shows people that have intact families, people who care about culture, care about children and grandchildren, and people who care about history.

    Nothing, and I mean nothing, could be less Black or Hispanic than “antiques roadshow”!!!

  261. A topic idea: trendy baby names!

  262. clander, I think I love you.

  263. White men DO love Deadwood. Now that someone has mentioned it, I’m relieved that I hated the one episode I watched of it, and can feel secure again in my non-white identity (after relating to too many of the things listed on this blog). Deadwood is a bodice-ripper for guys, nothing else – lets them live out their tough-guy fantasies with anachronistic, twenty-first century swearing and sexual norms.

  264. I have to say I get a huge kick out of how literal everyone takes this blog. I love this blog, it is hilarious, and kind of reminds me of an “Erma Bombeck” (gotta be white to know who that is) type of humor. I love the fluid theme, humor and hilarious, exaggeration to make a point, style of writing. Great job. I am still giggling.

  265. i love this on soooooooooo many levels.

  266. The site’s not called Stuff White People Like That Not-White People Don’t Like

    you not-white people are so silly (especial commenter #241 – #241 is a big silly goose)

  267. When is ultimate frisbee going to make this list?

    The Wire is a great show!

  268. I’m not sure if this blog was supposed to be racist at all, probably smug political correctness/satire, but just as I expected, its drawing ironically racist and bigoted posts like moths to a flame.

  269. I’ve got to say, this blog fucking sucks. And it’s not even that I’m a white guy and I’m pissed at how you’re representing white people. It’s just fucking lame. It’s from the Carlos Mencia school of comedy where you trot out a stereotype and expect people to laugh because “we’re just kidding!!!” But the stupidest part about this is that at least Mencia says shit that hits somewhat close to home. You guys target such a select segment of the “white” population that your ignorant stereotyping just comes off more ignorant. I’ve never been to Graduate School. Fuck graduate school. I don’t even have a fucking Social Security number. Oh, but I’ll bet nobody here ever conceived that a t-shirt wearing, foreign film watching, coffee drinking white guy could possibly be an immigrant. And not even one the kind of immigrants we accept. I especially don’t like you taking things like multi-culturalism, healthy eating and weed (which is so NOT a “white people” drug that I can’t even believe you included it) and turning them negative. Fuck that. That’s the same kind of bullshit that makes black people feel guilty for eating fried chicken or Asians feel guilty for getting good grades.

  270. on March 10, 2008 at 12:50 am Portnoy's complaint


    A “racist” is someone who says something a non-White doesn’t like.

    It’s so old. Yawn.

  271. sheeeeeeeeeeeiiiit

  272. Patrick (#273) is just upset that his saint’s day falls in Holy Week this year, and the bishop won’t give him the usual dispensation.

  273. White people especially love watching a show no one else has heard of.

  274. Mango Girl! Much as white people like the same stuff, there will be differences between stuff white guys like and stuff white girls like – that’s biology, not race! You can’t escape creeping whiteness because you don’t like some male bodice ripper … most white guys who aren’t gay won’t appreciate most white girl chick flicks no matter what they say to get laid….

    kgirl wrote:

    “I am black I go to Princeton. I would have to agree that most of these things seem to apply to college educated people in general…. It’s totally described my life for like th past 4 years and my racially mixed honors high school lol.

    It’s kind of sad it’s called stuff white people like because …. ruining what would otherwise be a really astute social commentary on the upper middle class/ those who’ve recieved higher education.”

    Reality bites, kgirl. You’re right, of course, it’s basically about the class that has the characteristics, and that ought to be describable in race-neutral terms. But, we’re not there yet. And, the demographics of the group of people it covers is probably 90% or so white — consider your own situation going to Princeton: it’s one of a small group of elite universities and colleges that even most upper middle class whites can only dream of attending; it’s not even a shoe-in for members of the upper class unless they have family ties or are jocks. You’re in a subset of a subset of the people this blog describes. Enjoy it.

  275. 273 Patrick wrote:

    “weed (which is so NOT a “white people” drug that I can’t even believe you included it) ”

    The nice lady from the State of California who showed us “Reefer Madness” warned us about reefers, ‘n hashish, ‘n stuff. The only kids in the school in the 1950s who even knew what she was talking about were the “pachucos” — the Mexican kids who were all to happy to share for a small fee. Ah, the days when the finest kind available was $3 a lid!

  276. on March 10, 2008 at 3:41 am girl without a tv

    yeah, i too, have never heard of the wire. but alas i’m one of those people without a tv. bwahahaha. i’m not even white but i was raised white, so go figure. however, i think the dvd-series thing is for real! people without tv’s, you know… we gotta wait til the dvd series comes out to get “caught up” with the rest of america.

    btw, blog haters who love reading the blog….keep up the entertaining comments… they’re better than the posts often.

  277. on March 10, 2008 at 3:48 am lifeofanoreo

    Most white people didn’t know it was cool to watch until ESPN’s Bill Simmons started plugging it.

    It is a great show whether you are white or black. Just don’t refer to it as “that show Method Man is in.” That will make you instantly lose any cred.

  278. I haven’t been watching The Wire, but I’ll start today!

    I started flirting with being white a decade ago in highschool. Then in college, I sold vintage clothing, majored in graphic design and played in a math-rock indie band – pretty white, eh? But I’ll admit, it’s been tricky. Sometimes I lose my footing. Sometimes, I get the feeling that other white people doubt my whiteness.

    So, thanks “stuffwhitepeoplelike”! You’ve made me all white again! I just got a Mac and a VW and moved to East London – the Bangladeshi side. (It’s like Canada, but further.) I have new white-MOJO among other white friends. Thanks to you, I’m feeling whiter-than-ever!!!

    Oh, and thanks for the 80’s night tip: I didn’t know I liked 80s music, but it turns out, I love it!!!

  279. Hanging my head here in absolute, utter whiteness…I am one of those crackers that watches the Wire on DVD, renting from Netflix, and am therefore a season behind. I have been known to shush other white people I know who are talking about this season’s episodes right in front of me. I mean, how rude?

  280. true
    white people
    loveeeeeeeeee to blog
    and read blog’s
    ita a movement

  281. Awesome Awesome blog, you write very well….

  282. It’s not even really worth engaging Portnoy, but everyone should know that the “statistics” he’s presenting come from a white supremacist organization’s “study,” and are presented in a very misleading fashion. I don’t know what “federal crime database” he’s using that actually tells you how many black-on-white or white-on-black rapes there are every year (I doubt it exists), and I find those stats hard to buy. But even if that’s true,

    1) It’s based on rapes reported to the police. Crime surveys show that the majority of rapes go unreported.

    2) 2/3 of rapes are perpetrated by someone the victim knows.

    3) Almost all rape, and almost all crime is either white-on-white, black-on-black, or hispanic-on-hispanic, not interrace like he claims.

  283. Although I’m sure this blog is supposed to be somewhat humorous, I find the biased racist tone of it a little disturbing.

  284. on March 10, 2008 at 4:47 am johnthebookie

    I think this blog and all the people who comment and fall all over themselves apologizing for being white on it are disturbing. I won’t go so far yet as to say ‘racist’ but I haven’t ruled that out. If I black person displays any of the qualities you lampoon, what does that make them? Under the guise of humor, you posit that white people are inauthentic and pretentious in their habits and preferences, itself one of the oldest and lamest of white liberal credos, as it implicitly suggests that everyone else is authentic and genuine, again begging the question, into what category do we place non-whites who display these qualities? In your rigid view of human behavior, is such a thing even possible?

  285. kgirl may have brown skin, but she’s white, otherwise, and proves Portkey wrong. White is not about genetics…it’s a state of mind…and kgirl has been fully indoctrinated. At least Portkey knows what he is…..kgirl is clueless as to her identity…she will do anything and say anything just to fit in….which just so happens to be one of the underlying points of this blog.

    The Wire sucks and I’m convinced the reason people like it so much is because you have to like it to socially “fit in.” The Wire has successfully leveraged Viral Meme Marketing to increase viewership and create an unwarranted cult following. I’m also convinced that you could replace The Wire with a steaming pile of shit, and people would learn to like it equally as well, if it meant “fitting in.”

  286. An awesome site…

    and an awesome article to have a read on…

    Thanks for posting.

  287. The thing about white people and The Wire is that they believe you have to love it or they don’t leave you alone.

    It’s not enough that they love it you have to love it too.

    Guy told me about the show so I watched an episode and I thought it was good. Better than most shows but not something I’d go nuts over.

    The guy was livid,”No,NO, NO! You hafta watch at least 6 shows in a row to get into it but I guarantee if you do you’ll see it’s the greatest show ever put on television!”

    I rented a set of episodes & still didn’t see the Holy-Grail of it all.

    I thought the guy was gonna shoot me!

    He’s pulling his hair out. He’s acting like he’s gonna cry.

    Me..? I can’t understand why it’s so important to him that I beat my meat over the thing. I mean I said I thought it was good.

    But that’s white folks for you.

    There is a messianic cult of white zealots out there that need to prostrate themselfs before the God The Wire.

    They don’t really care if they actually convert anybody but they want to boast among themselfs about the outrageous lengths they go to to prove their dedication to the show.

    These are sick individuals. And they are all white.

  288. on March 10, 2008 at 5:11 am Michael Morgan

    Idris Elba was pretty good in this but better in American Gangster.


  289. This is so damn true. I live in Baltimore and am of Asian descent and all the white people I know from outside of town always ask me if it’s “like the Wire”. Do I see drug deals going down on the street corner? Do I see corruption? Do I know any crooked cops? Because, you know, because I live in Baltimore, I HAVE to know at least ONE crooked cop, I mean c’mon.

    Yeah, needless to say, it gets annoying after a while.

  290. Grammar error:

    “has create a unique” needs to be “has created a unique”

    Never heard of the Wire…

  291. on March 10, 2008 at 5:41 am Don't forget

    White people also love eating disorders. Just one more way to get people to pay attention to them — by creating problems for themselves!

  292. on March 10, 2008 at 5:48 am dickensian aspect

    So how white do you have to be to host a “The Wire” finale party, replete is hot sauced pork rinds, fried lake trout, grape soda and bean pies, and invite a completely non-white (odd asian girl notwithstanding) group of grad students to view it at your gentrified Baltimore townhouse, while frequently saying things like, “Did you know that McNulty used to live right down the street, and he’s BRITISH!”

    (guily as charged)

  293. If loving The Wire makes me white, then slap some Crocs on me, point me in the direction of the nearest Whole Foods, crank up the Humpty Dance and let me give Mos Def a handjob, because that show is awesome!

  294. on March 10, 2008 at 5:59 am Another white chick

    Shoot. I’ve never even heard of “The Wire.” Wait a sec — I know why. I don’t have cable!

  295. The Wire is awesome, but I can’t watch it on HBO cause I don’t have a TV.
    so how was the final episode? Should I download it to my ipod?

  296. I have never even heard of this show…nobody I know watches this show…is it popular in only certain sections of the U.S. or something?

  297. Why isn’t camping on this list? White people know they love some camp songs, hiking, and sleeping in a tent.

  298. I was an extra on the Wire on Season 3, does that earn me brownie points ? I played “neighbor with a car”, and you can see me running from the gun shots that Snoops fired.

  299. I have never heard of the wire, this must be some american thing, eh!

  300. This blog was on point till we arrived at this entry.

    The Wire???? Come on dude, white folks don’t watch this show like that,,,,even the hipster, urban white folks.

    The Wire is the black man’s “Dynasty”. It is our soap opera…ranging from lower class blacks to the upper echelon buppie/educated blacks. All black folks love The Wire. Why? because it tells the truth in a direct and profound way.

    The white demographic that this blog is poking fun at would rather watch shows like Lost, Curb Your Enthusiasm, Flight of The Conchords, or Iconolclasts.

    You were way off with this one man,,,most white cats do not watch this show,,,,for starters, it’s too black for em. But if you re-casted the Wire with a predominately white cast…and set the show in the “little Italy” section of downtown Baltimore,,,,I think we’ll witness a major shift in the Show’s popularity.

    Another banging show that people slept on:

    “City of Men”, which came on the Sundance Channel

  301. I have never seen an episode of The Wire, and again, I am pretty effing white. I also own a television. I really think you should narrow this down!


  302. have never met one 20-something self identified liberal/progressive white person that did not LOVE the wire. I cannot bring myself to watch because of all of the hype going on with this show.

  303. Ive never had such a beautiful girl directly on top of me before

    (huge grin)

    ohhhh yyeeaaaaaaa

    entertainment at its finest…not just for white people

  304. White people like to be ridiculed, but only by their own kind.

  305. damn, three people beat me to it

  306. “I cannot bring myself to watch because of all of the hype going on with this show.”

    People who say sh*t like this lose over and over again.


  307. on March 10, 2008 at 6:38 am awesomewhiteguy

    I think you guys actually this one wrong. One of the few times you are off. I know hardly anybody that cares about this show. I’m pretty white and have been fairly represented on this blog, but I have only seen one episode of this show and it sucked.

  308. HA! I just got the 1st 2 discs of the 1st season of The Wire delivered from NetFlix on Saturday and planned to start watching them this week and I am white!!!!!

    This post is great!

  309. awesomewhiteguy– its sucks because your white.. I’m sure you’ll be watching ATLANTIS when it airs *yawn*

  310. Nate your just now trying to catch up on the wire?? my gawd.. it takes atleast a day n a half to watch 1 whole season.. afterwards you’ll need prayer

  311. Tamala- is snoop even cuter in person? lol

  312. Never heard of the Wire, because I don’t watch tv!

    So am I still white or not? Tell me soon, because I am getting worried…

  313. “Natural aversion to television?” You have got to be kidding.

  314. Ssshhheeeeeeiiiittttttt…

  315. I am sure you have heard/read this already, but a lot of black people like “The Wire” as well- in part because it is one of the few series in the history (maybe the only) of television with such a wide range of black characters…
    I do, however-think you might want to (also) add the 24/7 wearing of flip flops to the list… Man, I have even seen them
    at the friggin’ opera….. Come on, Master Race… What has happened to ya?

  316. I can’t believe Michael is the new Omar.. and Dukie is junkie now? damn. streets is rough.

  317. tan crayon,

    Don’t worry about never hearing of The Wire. You are still smokin hot to the touch. Ouch!

  318. on March 10, 2008 at 7:13 am cbaillargeon

    It’s funny because I’m sitting here in my American Apparel sheer jersey deep v-neck and vintage sweater, and I have no idea what The Wire is. Probably because I don’t watch TV (see reason #28).

  319. on March 10, 2008 at 7:15 am cbaillargeon

    ….and, I just realized, on my MacBook. I love this blog.

  320. cbaillargeon,

    Are you related to Bobby? I went to school with Bobby and understand that he now owns an Audi Dealership.

  321. on March 10, 2008 at 7:23 am Billy "Ho" Hoyle

    Entries starting to fade in the white “street cred” dpt. Time to start hiring some freelance writer for future ones.

  322. I’m almost done with season five (two more episodes) so I didn’t watch the show last night so I could enjoy The Wire in ORDER.

    I live near Baltimore and the show was filmed a stone’s throw from my office. I’m only sorry that I didn’t find the show sooner so that I might have stalked the cast at Starbucks or something.

    I’m so WHITE I’m nearly transparent.

  323. on March 10, 2008 at 7:32 am stopthapress

    All people across the board love The Wire, and its really a sin in any race of people to tell the story of a recent episode, when someone has yet to see it.

    My boyfriend, who is white….will go into a deep depression now that The Wire is over and done with. I think there is a possibility that I will also.

  324. ‘breaking bad’ is the new ‘the wire.’

    watch it. you will not be dissappointed.

    although, tough to start now as it is on AMC and they don’t show re-runs. you are screwed if you miss one episode. lame.

  325. on March 10, 2008 at 7:39 am Dave Chappelle

    I always thought I liked “The Wire” because it is a well-written, well directed, intelligent and entertaining show.

    Turns out I’m predisposed to like “The Wire” based purely on my genetics.

    Your blog made me loose my sense of identity and individuality. I might never recover.

  326. on March 10, 2008 at 7:46 am stopthapress

    And also to ” Wire Fan” who left a comment above:

    The fact of the matter is…..This is an acurate storyline about the inner city of Baltimore…and the creators are a former Baltimore Cop, and former Journalist from baltimore. And although it shows African-Americans in a negative light: they also show how some people overcome and get out of that situations i.e. Naman who’s life completely turned around, Bubbles getting off drugs, etc. And also how some people’s situation can become worse due to certain circumstances ( i.e Dookie)

    I guess I don’t think of it the way you do, because it is an authentic portrayl of Baltimore, if it was just some shucking and jiving non fiction sort of thing, I would probably be offended.

  327. Man, The Wire is so TOTALLY a white people’s show.

    Which is why most white people don’t even know it exists.

    And why the majority of the cast is black, and the most memorable protagonists are black, and the most admirable and kick-ass characters are black.

    And that’s why cast members can’t walk through any black neighborhood without being recognized.

    And that’s also why The Wire is syndicated on BET.

    And btw, Blues, Jazz, Classic R&B & Soul music, and Gangsta Rap are all white musical forms.

    And basketball is totally white, because white people buy most of the season tickets.

    Thanks for clearing that up.

  328. i do live in baltimore, yes in the city (that gives me more street cred), and this blog is SO true. hahahahahaha!!!

  329. yes! whenever i am out of town and people find out i’m from baltimore they immediately start talking to me about the wire!! i am white, however, i don’t watch it bc i actually live in baltimore city and watching it makes me angry/nervous.

  330. on March 10, 2008 at 8:02 am I knew it....

    The replies to almost EVERY post on this site really confirms that most white people are racists and ignorantly believe that every black person is some violent, uneducated buffoon. I can’t ENTIRELY fault you though, because your racist brethren that controls the media LOVES to help paint that picture.

    I’m not shocked, just a little saddened that in 2008 this is still the consensus. Do I think that every white person is a serial killer, child molesting, tight wad? No….because I know enough to not generalize and I have taken the time to get to know many white (Asian, Indian, Spanish, Fellow Blacks, etc) on an INDIVIDUAL level and I make my assumptions on them and not their entire race.

    Your next post should be how white people love to hide behind the veil of the internet and made up screen names to let the beast of racism and stereotypes rage. But, wouldn’t in a MILLION years share this sentiments to a black person to their faces.

    But, GREAT BLOG, it’s done with TASTE and humor. If a similiar blog was done about black people with TASTE and humor, I wouldn’t be offended at ALL. And not the typical BS that black people SUPPOSEDLY love i.e fried chicken….NEWS FLASH: EVERYONE loves fried chicken! We just cook it better!

    And by the way, The Wire = BEST show on TV EVER.

  331. [quote]i do live in baltimore, yes in the city (that gives me more street cred), [/quote]

    Wow, you’re from Baltimore?

    Do you know anybody who is involved in Darkon?


  332. the next step is for you to start selling t-shirts off this website based on your most popular posts. if you’re going to get all this attention you might as well start getting paid for it.

  333. C’mon, lumping the Wire in with the Sopranos and Six Feet Under indicates that you are not really hip to what being a fan of the former is all about. Anybody who really likes the Wire (white or otherwise; the show has been running on BET) knows that it is the Second Coming of Charles Dickens, while the other shows mentioned are here-today-and-gone-tomorrow shite in comparison. Usually I like this blog for its discriminating sense of humor, but this time you let me down.

  334. on March 10, 2008 at 8:19 am What's the wire?

    I have never even heard of this show and I am white and love TV…maybe that’s the problem.

  335. on March 10, 2008 at 8:22 am The Nature Boy

    HBO lived and died with Deadwood. To call that show a male “bodice-ripper” is way off the mark, though. Entourage fits that label perfectly, as it’s blatant male wish-fulfillment. Deadwood, however, is one of the least “sexualized” shows I’ve ever seen that constantly portrays nudity and sex. As for the pretending to be a “tough guy” aspect, that view practically ignores the entire third season where the key players find out they’re nothing compared to George Hearst.

  336. I think the “Authenticity Factor” of the wire has a bit to do with the fact it was co-written/produced by David Simon and Ed Burns, the former having been a journalist at the Baltmore Sun for over eleven year and the latter having been both a Baltimore Detective as well as a public school teacher. Both men quit their jobs due to the beaurocratic corruption and hypocracy that their show explores. I could also add that it is filmed on site in Baltimore, and many of the actors and extra’s in the show were pulled directly from the neighborhoods the Wire displays.
    So lets just remove those post-modern quotation marks over authentic, or better yet, lets just expand our Gen-X irony a bit further to incorporate someone like Charles Dickens, another whiteboy that thought he could write about life on the london streets: what a phony.

  337. Ummm Portnoys…. you get that this is a humor blog right? If you’re so afraid of white folks being targeted by hate crimes shouldn’t you…. I don’t know… be posting on a site that deals with that? You’re sort of making this a little tense for all the white liberals like me who just want to chuckle about how worked up we get about $8 sandwiches and “authenticity” wherever we can find it.

    I’m a little concerned when you say things about minority populations reaching “critical mass.” What’s so critical? Haven’t us white folks been at “critical mass” for while… I mean doesn’t the proliferation of Starbucks point to that? Cuz once white folks start spouting about “critical mass” white liberals start worrying that you’re going to talk about sterilization or Jim Crow laws some crazy shit like that and make us all look bad.

  338. And “Lost”. “Lost” is totally a white person show.

  339. on March 10, 2008 at 8:33 am literaturefan

    New blog post “Stuff that White People Do Not Like”

    #1 Being Stereotyped

    lighten up people

  340. Ok, very funny. But I think you’re talking about yuppies, not white people.

  341. Well, I am white, so maybe anything I say on this subject is already tainted, but I have to say, I work at a bank processing center in Pittsburgh with about forty other employees, roughly a 50% split between black and white, and I am the ONLY white person who’s even heard of the show. Everybody I talk to about The Wire is black, and a lot of them feel it’s a pretty accurate portrayal of the neighborhoods they live in (other than the ones who’ve moved out to the suburbs, of course).

    And of course, as Pisher points out above, there’s the fact the actors get mobbed in many black neighborhoods, and that bootlegs of the show have been the hottest commodity amongst Baltimore kids since season 1. Unless all the articles I read about this were propaganda pieces planted by the white elite to give their favorite television show a bump in street cred, but I doubt it.

  342. The Wire is one of the best written shows to ever be on television.

  343. White people especially love watching a show no one else has heard of……….
    so… how about puppies?

  344. on March 10, 2008 at 8:46 am marcsteinerblog

    Check out these podcast interviews with David Simon, Ed Burns, the actors who play Bubbles, Prop Joe, Lester Freamon, and more:

  345. Ah, the tell-tale sign of the Eugenicist Wannabe, Portnoy’s comment:

    “Black IQs are low, and anywhere you find blacks in a majority, you will find failure. Hence, “The Wire”.”

    The IQ red herring.

    Under all the ‘isms’ lies lazy, disingenuous logic. That’s what’s so danged offensive: not just the inhumanity but the outright stupidity. The salt on the wound is some unintelligent dumbass belittling the intelligence of others using false logic that takes about a nanosecond to cut through.

    Someday soon Philip Roth is gonna show up here and demand that Portnoy stop hijacking his character’s name.

  346. It is impossible to not like the wire when you’re from baltimore.

  347. I’m white and I love this show.

  348. on March 10, 2008 at 9:03 am scottdouglas

    I love The Wire.

    I don’t suppose I could help being anything other than a stereotypical white, as there aren’t very many black people here in Scotland.

    We have quite a lot of Asians and Chinese. But they tend not “keep ‘hos”, “pimp their rides” or “pack heat”. So they’re not really any more exciting than the rest of us.

    We do, however, have ghettoes of sorts. They don’t go by the name of “projects” and there aren’t many drive-by shootings to speak of.

    Nor do the denizens seek escape (and multi-million dollar fortunes) by shouting bad doggerel while wearing the gusset of their jeans somewhere near their kneecaps.

    However, just like your American ghettoes, there is a definite preponderence of baseball caps, ugly “leisure wear” and cheap-yet-showy jewellery.

    While your ghetto dwellers address each other as n****r, (not a word I can use in any context – I’m sure you understand) ours are referred to by another “N” word – Neds.

    Usually feral, wiry and with bad teeth, they lack any of the glamour or real menace of American ghetto bad guys. However, just like your street gangs, they do have their own impenetrable way of speaking.

    While the cartoon-like bad-asses of American fact and fiction speak a kind of street-jive that wannabes around the world try hard to adopt, ours can only affect a nasally whine that only an inveterate cat-torturer would appreciate.

    Far from the crack and cocaine trade which blights the worst off black American communities, our Neds barely progress beyond cheap lager and cannabis. Unless of course, they are consuming the legendary intoxicant “Buckfast”, produced by a small and secretive sect of monks.

    All in all, the real reason white people (certainly in this country) like The Wire is that its American level (and disturbingly glamorised) violence and criminality is about as far as you can get from the drearily uninspiring, pencil-necked and badly complected street thugs we can call our own.

    Oh, and the small fact that its superbly written, acted, produced. Not to mention incredibly thought-provoking for those of us who suspect previous media portrayals of bad guy blacks and good guy cops are insultinging two dimensional.

  349. on March 10, 2008 at 9:26 am baronrenneisen

    wow, racist

  350. OK, I really love this website but this is the one post where you’re a little off. Affection for The Wire isn’t a black or white thing–it’s about intriguing television (for numerous reasons). For every white person you’ll find praising the show you’ll find a couple black people that were watching this show since the first season. This post would be more suited for white folks jumping on the “best TV show” bandwagon pitifully late. But I guess that would fit somewhat since most of your posts about “white” people are really about “white people that want to be ‘in’ on things/ideas that were deemed culturally or morally relevant that make them feel like they have a conscience”.

  351. Portnoy is an idiot and if he knew anything about Baltimore he should know two things: Dundalk and Pigtown. Places where you can see that crime and poverty go hand in hand…unless the white people there are just exceptions to the rule.

  352. What about Lost? C’mon…white people love our show.

  353. on March 10, 2008 at 9:40 am Jorge Arbusto

    All of these things apply to urban white people. Or more paricular those White people whoe like reading online blogs about being white…

    THis is diametrically opposed to rural white people:
    They do not like: sushi, fancy coffee, Asian Girls, Prius, Indie Music or Juno…instead they like:

    NASCAR, Milk, casseroles, Jello, trucks, Kitche, Country music, hunting and fishing, football and walmart

  354. man, you guys really are onto me.

    And the Wire WAS/IS the best show on TV ever.

  355. lost is horrible. its full of moot and unresolved plot lines. like that stupid polar bear. on the subject of polar bears, they arent actually bears. they are more closely related to monsters. i have factual evidence of this being true.

  356. I normally agree with my fellow crackers here, but I’m closer to poster #250 on this one. I don’t know many other white people who watch The Wire — my husband and I do, but that’s about it. Meanwhile, our kid’s black friends are all over it. It speaks to them in a way it could never speak to us.

    The other whites in my office tend to watch what you’d expect: Family Guy, The Office, things like that. People are tired when they get home from work, and then they let their kids take whatever energy they have left. Shows like The Wire might ask too much. It takes focus to follow it, if you don’t come from the world the show created — sometimes it’s effort just to listen to the rhythm of the dialogue, or to figure out why one guy just shot another guy.

    Also, the show is so bleak. My fellow Wire watcher in the office loves different scenes from those I do: he’s looking for reality and I’m looking for redemption. I want evidence of things getting better for black people — somewhere, anywhere — and he likes scenes that speak to what he knows. It’s more of a Sopranos thing for him: much of what he sees on The Wire makes him laugh. I don’t know how he can see it that way. But that’s really the point.

    I came to The Wire late, drawn to Season 4’s focus on Baltimore schools. I stayed for the writing. In my case, that was the real paaaaaannndemic this show had to sell: the writing was always the s**t. I don’t know where I’ll go for my fix now, and it’s a long wait to the season premiere of Mad Men in July.

    You should do a post on that. We white folks (especially white ladies) love us some Mad Men, especially the Jon Hamm part of that little AMC delight …

  357. on March 10, 2008 at 9:48 am Lord Running Clam

    That’s funny because most white people I know–the white people who loved Sopranos, Six Feet Under, Deadwood–can’t be bothered with The Wire. Wonder why that is…

  358. Way off. I would bet $100 right now that a greater percentage of the black population than the white population in the US watches THE WIRE. No freakin question.


  359. #289 and 291, fuck you house negros, if the Wire is loved so much by white people why do only like 1 Million people watch the show and it has low ratings? And I don’t know about you, but I only met 1 or 2 white people that watched the show,most of the people I know are black. Listen, I used to have respect for this site, but now that you put the wire on here, your reducing one of the greatest shows on TV,with a majority Black cast and showing Blacks from all walks of life,weither its a Black senator,Black cop, Black teacher,or lowly Black thug, to some bullshit that can be swept under the rug because “only urbane limousine white liberals watch it” demeans the wire, and allows ignorant ass dumbass whites and clueless Negroes to create a reason for their stupidity.


    Ed Burns was a former school teacher(before that a police detective) who seen first hand the bureacratic incompetence and poverty of his students. David Simons is a crime reporter who knows first hand many Black folks in the ghettos of Baltimore. He said in a interview he didn’t produce this for the money, he produced this because he is disturbed that about the fact no one is talking about poverty or The War on Drugs, so he made it The Wire with the hope of starting that talk. And most of the Black characters

  360. #359, anne.

    try breaking bad. captivating, well-written, and on an obscure channel.

    everything we white folk love in a television show.

  361. I love your blog – even though I like some of the things here, and I’m not white. But then again, that’s not what everyone else tells me.

    Keep up the good work.

  362. White people also REALLY REALLY love Helvetica, the font you see everywhere.

  363. I used to teach in Baltimore in a high school that a lot like a certain season of the Wire and I have to say Wire shirts were rather popular among the little darlings.

  364. Oh, I forgot, BET shows it albeit seriously edited.

  365. I’ve noticed that my white friends tend to really be into cop shows.

  366. Keep coming back to read the comments. Sometimes they are funnier than the posts.

    don’t have a TV (#28), going to soccer several times per week(#80), and listen to NPR to boot.

    keep analyzing…

  367. #30

    It sounds as if you are saying white on white crime is okay. If someone kills one of my loved ones I’m going to be mad at them, no matter what color.

    In your race, as in mine (afro-american), we are killed more by our own people than by people of other races. It’s time to stop looking at the color of skin and deal with the real issue of violence in this country. If we get stuck in the racial aspect we miss the point completely.

    What is interesting to me about many of the white women shown missing or dead, is the risky behavior they were (reportedly) involved in at the time of their disappearance, such as the three women who went to an asian country and worked in escort type services. I believe they were killed by a man (not black) who frequented that type of establishment.

    Leaving a club late at night with any man you just met is risky behavior. No one deserves death for such behavior, but shouldn’t we all be a bit more aware of our behavior. Often these women are pictured on the news as pillars of the community or college, when in reality they were drinking it up at some club and left with men they just met. This used to be called slut behavior. Now we say, “She is dead or missing through no fault of her own.” Sadly too many women die at the hands of men of all races when we engage in risky behavior, and sometimes when we don’t.

    I thought this sight was extremely humorous at first. I kept reading and see some people want to make it a race against race site. Too bad.

    I’ve never watched an episode of the show mentioned. Does make me less black? Say it isn’t so!

  368. They like competitions @ work.


    “u know its tru”

    iPut something together for a little fun from work below:

    The Competition Tracker Blog!

    Post away batangeros!

  369. on March 10, 2008 at 10:31 am chickenfarmer

    I heard about this show on NPR and immediately moved it to the top of my netflix que. I generally read and watch what Terry Gross tells me to.

  370. Doblacks watch the First 48 Hours, causemost of the perps are boogaloos who kills for a quick rock or 20 bucks. ?

  371. You’re so fricking right. I loved Six Feet Under. It was so fricking deep. Right now the only things I like to watch are the Real Housewives series. I really would love to be married to one of them. They are so fricking hot.

  372. 289 and 291, fuck you house negroes. The Wire shows Black folks from all walks of life, whether its righteous AA politicians, brave AA cops,AA teachers, or the lowly AA drugdealer who doesn’t enjoy selling drugs,doesn’t enjoy hurting people, but has no choice because of the poverty and racism he was born into, and white criminals,stupid racist white cops,lazy asshole white politicians,more so than any other show. However, dumb motherfuckers like yourself watch one episode, it probably focuses on the drug dealer, and think the Wire shows nothing but Blacks as thugs,when fans know it couldn’t be further from the truth. I hate when people talk about portrayals of AAs on tv because it somehow boils down to is it “positive” or “negative”, which is rediculous, cause no race of people are “positive” or “negative”,everybody, Black and white, has their scientist and inventors and their fare share of fuck ups and criminal. Another thing that makes the wire great is it shows the dirty part of both whites and Blacks,doesn’t allow for any favoritism or “positive” or “negative” architect.

    I used to like this site, but now that you attacked something as pure as The Wire,because a few far left white folks(like 1/3rd the Wire audience) and reduced my most favorite show to some type of fade, pisses me off. FUCK THIS SITE, end it, you ran out of ideas,fuck you,mothafuck you, triple fuck you.

    #248: Ed Burns worked as a school teacher,and before that a cop, who seen poverty and racism first hand. David Simon was a crime reporter who often seen the effects of drugs on the community first hand. The only reason they made this show is because they were disturbed by the lack of talk about poverty and the War on Drugs in politics, and made The Wire to get that talk a reboot. Unlike most white liberals, they really care about racism and poverty and know many Black folks, they honestly want to help us Black folk. And if the portrayal of Black criminals seems a bit harsh with them acting inhumane, its because thats how criminals in the Black community act towards other Black folks, like they don’t got any sense. I used to live in this city called Bridgeport,CT, and to hear about some of the crimes Black folk do to other Black folk is heart breaking.

  373. I’ve said this since the wire was on TV and getting good reviews, I said Im just too white to watch that. Never even been to B-more.

  374. I moved to Baltimore a couple of years ago. Sadly, I can’t vouch for the truth in the Wire because don’t watch it for fear that fiction may actually be fact. I’ll happily live in my gentrification bubble and stay naive, thank you very much.

    On the other hand, alot of my friends watch, the show, and love it because they think it makes Baltimore seem cooler, which in turn makes them seem cooler, and what kind of white people don’t like street cred?

  375. I heard about THE WIRE on NPR (of course). Terry Gross RAVES about THE WIRE as do everyone else on public radio. I got the box set of the first season and found it to be BORING! We couldn’t get past the first two episodes. The set of DVDs is sitting, gathering dust, but with all the rants and raves about how great THE WIRE is, we may give it another shot……………. or maybe not……..

  376. I think this blog entry is a little off. I didn’t start watching The Wire until my asian friends got me into it.

    But Six Feet Under, on the other hand … that’s the whitest show HBO has had. I have the box set and watched all 5 seasons in two weeks.

  377. #340 Chaz: “Cuz once white folks start spouting about ‘critical mass’ white liberals start worrying that you’re going to talk about sterilization or Jim Crow laws some crazy shit like that and make us all look bad.”

    Only liberals would come up with such an idea.
    Christian/conservative assumption: “Imbeciles shouldn’t have children, so celibacy is in order, rather than marriage.”
    Secular/progressive/liberal assumption: “Imbeciles shouldn’t have children, so we should cut their balls off.”

    Eugenics (particularly sterilization) was a progressive movement, as this progressive will tell you:

  378. – Journey
    – “finding themself”
    – camping
    – Friends (you might have done this)
    – arguing over theory rather than fact
    – perrier

  379. And, oh yes, “Jim Crow” was the work of Bryan, Wilson and Roosevelt Democrats.

  380. Remember also that Six Feet Under presented the implausible hypothesis that a totally hot black ex-copy could somehow be sexually attracted to a wimpy white boy funeral director.

  381. Great show and great blog!

  382. I thought having a Spanish last name was enough count as being Latino. But I guess this makes me white–because network TV S-U-X-X. Oh well.

  383. I usually enjoy this blog. Sometimes, it’s very funny. Other times, it’s insightful. Either way, it’s one of a few that I’ll read.

    About this post: If only it were true that white people liked the show. If only more people had actually seen the show. This post proves the fact that the target demographic for this blog is much narrower than anyone who reads it thinks. A post about why HBO-lovers have not fully embraced “The Wire,” and how uniquely the show focuses on race would have been more interesting.

  384. on March 10, 2008 at 11:22 am sara (aka sean's lover)

    320 Sean

    you are so right, Michael is the new Omar, I didn’t even realize that, the shotgun and the morals, I don’t think he’s gay though

  385. I agree with Jonah. This is the best blog on the Internet, but this post is completely bogus.

    It’s almost been proven that white people DON’T like “The Wire”.

    It’s the lowest-rated HBO series of all time mostly because the cast is composed mainly of black actors, thus alienating white viewers.

    Also, it is worth noting that the second season (which viewers usually rate as the worst of the series) is actually the most-watched. This is due to the fact that a subplot involved more white actors injected into the show than any other season.

    Again, best blog on the web, but this post is completely inaccurate and should be removed.

  386. on March 10, 2008 at 11:27 am controlling chaos

    I watch DVD’s mostly. I watch “LOST” and “HOUSE”

    Most shows on TV are not that great. I get around 12 HD channels. I mostly enjoy watching movies in my theater room.

    As far as narrowing down what race watches what, where did you get your source from? Are you being racist about who can watch a certain kind of show?

    I find this Blog irrelevant. If a kind of show is your thing, then simply watch it. If you don’t like something, then find something more productive to do.

    Somethings you write about white people are funny and yet it applies to everyone and any race.

    If you truly think everything a white person likes is evil or the wrong way to go? then you tell me what you think is the “in thing” or the right approach.

    [ sounds like to me you live in a box ]
    [ or your parents kept you extremely sheltered]

  387. I think what you have to say is extremely intresting and at points very amusing. However, I am not sure how I feel about the generalisation of white people. I would in fact say that maybe you are generalising my perception of white, middle class, Americans and I have a very limited contact with American people. I can say as a white British person that what you are saying applies to very few white people I know.
    I wonder what reaction would be had if someone blogged ‘stuff black people like’? Again, I am sure that it is NOT right to categorise people by race.
    My black friend arguably is more in your definition of ‘stuff white people like’, however this could just be down to the fact that she was bought up in a very middle-class white family. Which obviously brings in very intresting arguments surrounding nurture and nature. And obviously culture has a strong influence on us.

    However, I still think that your blog is very insightful and intresting as seeing this from your perception. You have an amazing writting style. Please carry on, I enjoy reading this blog.

  388. although this blog dos make me laugh, i find it strange how it’s always suggesting how to impress white folks. Who cares about impressing us?

    BTW, i have a great friend who lives in Baltimore, is white, and helping out the youth there w/o pay. he doesn’t have cable and neither do i.

    also, why am i always surprised to read comments that are totally anti-semetic and hateful?

    Mean people suck.

  389. white people do love grammar!

    As for the Wire, most die hard fans I’ve met have been highly educated African Americans (particularly, all the professors at my old school). But I do think there’s a white following.

    this post, a little off the mark, but at least the comments aren’t as racist this time 🙂

    Another thing white people like, claiming minority status (ie. “My great great great aunt was Native American,” or “everyone thinks I’m Lebanese”).

  390. Also, although I said that you were generalising white people. This is sometimes the only way to judge people as we can’t spend our whole lives judging people on an individual level.

    Humour oftern concerns generalisations of certain groups of people which is maybe why this is just so funny.

  391. Shouldn’t this blog be called Stuff Liberal White People Like?

  392. @387 Sara – Yeah I couldnt believe it right when he took the shotgun out from the coat. I dont know if he likes dudes, but I did notice him choke up a bit when he was dropping dukie off for the last time, and he did tell Snoop her hair looked nice before he capped her. The writing is on the wall.

    is finding lovers in comment boards something white people like?

  393. All i have to say is

    Its time to “re-up” before i read any more of the ridiculus blog.

  394. stuff black people like:

    talking too loud
    committing crimes
    poor grammar

  395. Haha, all I gotta do is put Black dudes in a show and White kids eat it up like crack!

  396. on March 10, 2008 at 12:01 pm politicallyincorrect

    Portnoy, you are wrong on so many levels, the media always reports when whites are victims of crimes, what they don’t report is when blacks are the victims no matter what race the perpetrator is. Do you ever see missing black women and children on the news? NO! Does that mean there are no missing black women and children? Absolutely not. The media/ American public sees no value in their lives

  397. The sad thing, as these comments display, is that White people DONT watch the Wire. Liberal idealism would take a pretty hard punch to the stomach if they did.

  398. @ #388 Andrew

    “It’s the lowest-rated HBO series of all time mostly because the cast is composed mainly of black actors, thus alienating white viewers.”

    Network tv manages to constantly alienate black people from white shows also. And when they do decide to include a black person, it’s exactly that . . . A black person. No more than 2 at best.

  399. 5—-0!!!!! 5——–0!!!!!!

  400. This entry is silly–The Wire is loved by people of all different races. If it was a primarily white show, why does it keep getting nominated for NAACP image awards? Why does Essence write about it so extensively? Why does the New York Times interview real drug dealers about it and listen as they acknowledge its authenticity? Do more research before being a condescending asshole.

  401. I agree that the Western media DOES place far more importance on the lives of white people than black people. Programs have a higher value if the audiance can relate to it, and unfortunatly the white view is therefore the minority.

    Intrestingly, not so long ago, I read some research about the TV that young black american girls watch. When talking with their peer group they only admitted to watching programs with prodominantly black actors, but alone with interviewer admitted to watching ‘white’ programs. The ‘white’ programs however did seem to show the hardship of being an outsider or different for example ‘Buffy the Vampire Slayer’.

    I have only recently heard about The Wire (maybe this is because I am from the UK). Once from a very libral white friend, and once in a seminar to demonstrate the the social impact of geographies within the city.

    From what I hear, The Wire is a representation of the disgusting situation that black people have to face within inner city life and is important to show this.

    In the media, if they portray sucessful black people it’s seen as unrealistic, but if they show black people in the ghetto is seen as not giving young black people a decent role model. How can the media win?

  402. Im black i love the wire and I tried to get my white friends to watch it some did some didnt

  403. A part of me died last night.

    I watched the first 4 seasons on DVD, was introduced to The Wire by white late middle aged parents – who love it as much as me.

  404. um, so, i like the wire

    from baltimore, have friends that worked on it, been there got the t-shirt (literally – and um, never wear it cause, well see the previous t-shirt post)

    i just wanted to correct one thing in your lovely post. the narcotics wires in baltimore did go pretty dead when the show is airing. at least that was true several years ago when a friend of mine – a baltimore city narcotics detective was working a wire tap. i’m betting that’s a little different now with on demand (grin).

  405. @ #43 mcmahonism

    “In the media, if they portray sucessful black people it’s seen as unrealistic, but if they show black people in the ghetto is seen as not giving young black people a decent role model. How can the media win?”

    The reason why successful black people in the media is seen as unrealistic is because the media has a lot to do with enforcing the stereotype that black people are uneducated buffoons.

    News stories constantly refer to black criminals as “thugs”. But I have never once heard them refer to a white criminal as a “thug” no matter how vile the crime.

    Even Oprah does little to make the idea of successful black people believable. Colin Powell has little to no effect. Condoleeza Rice has little to no effect. Dr. Mark Dean has little to no effect.

    But let someone mention Flava Flav . . . many white Americans will act like him and those attention-hungry girls are the poster children for the blacks of the nation.

    The media is powerful . . . ask Britney Spears.

    And who mostly runs the media? (You know the answer)

    Therefore they always win.

  406. I meant that for #405

  407. I’m white and TV is my preferred form of media. I think films are usually too short and compressed to really get a feel for a lot of the finer plot points and multiple facets of the characters, unless they’re primarily focusing on just one deep character and plot point. TV allows you to flesh out a whole universe.

    I also don’t have premium cable, and 90% of the shows I follow are on network TV.

    Of course, the “not owning a TV” thing almost does apply to me…I download nearly everything I watch.

  408. A co-worker just told me that today’s post was about the wire. I literally responded with the following:
    “I love The Wire. It’s the best show on TV.”
    Dammit. I am owned.

  409. So why is “Omar” Barak Obama favorite
    T.V. character?

  410. The Wire is the best show on HBO

  411. What can I say? It’s all connected. Sheeeee-it.

  412. Are you qualified to speak on this? Or are you just playing the stereotype game? I’m white but I like fried chicken and waffles, biscuits and gravy, hell the only thing I don’t like that black people like is chitterlings and whining about whitey.

  413. Wow, north americans are so obsessed with race, everyone in their neat little pigeon holes.

  414. @ 334 I knew it….

    I second your emotion.

  415. it’s the best sho yo!

  416. The only reason you have a problem with the show is because it takes a certain level of intelligence to really appreciate the show. Not saying this level of intelligence is limited to any one race – but you can take this post and shove it up your ass.

  417. on March 10, 2008 at 2:24 pm HelloGoodbye

    Kenny, if you’re going to list sterotypes, at least learn how to spell one of them. It’s “watermelon”, not “watermellon”.

    Ignorance is hilarious.

  418. Hahaha. Two of my white colleagues just claimed their obssession with the Wire today. They are the white liberals of the office and they want the boxed set asap and said that everybody should watch it and love it as well. On point.

  419. 404: While I admire the work that the NAACP has done, their Image Awards aren’t necessarily the greatest: ie. R.Kelly. Come on, now. Just because they’re the NAACP doesn’t mean they’re the end all and be all in blackness!

  420. on March 10, 2008 at 2:27 pm Charles F. Sexington

    Omar dies! Marlo doesn’t. McNulty loses his job! So does Freamon! Cheese gets offed by Slim Charles! Perleman becomes a judge! Carcetti becomes governor! Noreese becomes mayor!

    Spoiler alert!

    Wait, I did it wrong.

  421. White people also like Wired Magazine. And wires, in general. Stupid whitey.

  422. i must say, this is a very funny website. it seems that all the “bashers” don’t know how to poke a little fun at themselves. i am a cuban but am white as can be (literally and culturally speaking), therefore i can see how a lot of the things you write about are true. you are hilarious 😀 keep up the good work.

  423. too funny… as clay davis would say: shieeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeetttt

  424. I heard that white people really like to play golf, is that true?

  425. …#72 WOW that is scary. I wonder though about the different types of violence/crime different races commit: For example, almost every random crazy shooter is some white guy–and almost always from the ‘burbs or a small town. And then there is white collar crime….So I’m wondering if the violent crimes you are talking about have to do with poverty/drugs, etc?
    I mean yeah, I live in a huge urban area, and there are certain neighborhoods I won’t go in. Cause I know what would happen to me. And if you see a white person in one of those neighborhoods, they are usually strung out.
    No message here, I don’t even have a conclusion. Just sayin’. Impressive info though-thanks.
    Hey, I’ve never watched The Wire. But I LOOOOVED Six Feet Under!!!!!! {oh, and X-Files too…the 90’s were a great time for stuff white people like}.

  426. I would say that the Wire isn’t that intelligent. Just brave.

    Maybe the direction is intelligent.

  427. and how on earth have people not heard of the Wire?
    I don’t understand that at all.

  428. i would add entourage to your list of bad white people shows.

  429. The Wire really? You hear more about Lost or Dexter than the wire.

    Oh well.

  430. now Dexter is one smart show.

  431. Your comments section proves that many, many people need lessons in irony. Love this blog.

    Dog-friendly citizens prepare for West Loop development
    Ward 2 Representative Alderman Fioretti Wows at Maui Wowi

    CHICAGO – March 11, 2008 –New development in the West Loop will bring more businesses and residents, and plenty of hope for a vibrant future. But if plans aren’t made now to prepare for that development, suggests one local dog trainer, citizens will be spending more time looking down than looking ahead.

    Ami Moore, president of Doggie Do Right 911, explains that the addition of nearly 5,000 units in the West Loop would bring an influx of canine residents to the area—and with it, plenty of dog waste. “Development is wonderful for our community,” Moore says. “But it will create increased pressure on the community as dogs, families and businesses compete for the same public spaces for work and recreation. We don’t want to have a situation where dog waste starts to deteriorate the sidewalks and parks that children share with dogs.” Plans for a dog park are in place, Moore says, but the park is not expected to be completed until 2009.

    Moore and Priscilla Taylor, the owner of the Maui Wowi Coffee and Smoothies, hosted Ward 2 representative Alderman Fioretti at a community meeting with local West Loop business owners to address concerns about real estate development, parking and public safety. The event was held Feb. 29 at the Maui Wowi Hawaiian Coffee and Smoothies at 850 West Jackson Boulevard Suite 125, which boosted a capacity crowd for the discussion. Salvador Lamas, General Manager of Taco Burrito King, Craig L. Manchi from the Law Offices of Craig L. Manchi & Associates P.C. as well as other concerned business leaders attended the community meeting.

    The most pressing issue discussed was the potential placement of new stops signs at the intersections of either Jackson and Green or Jackson and Peoria as a method to decrease the frequency of auto accidents. Another issue of great concern to the attendees was the development of the Fanny May site and potential businesses that would be placed in the development. An avid proponent of the local community, Fioretti listened carefully to community feedback and echoed concerns about growth and real estate developments that did not harmonize with a green and environmentally responsible West Loop. To address the concern of clean sidewalks, Moore suggested that the community increase the number of waste containers on the ward’s street corners so that it would be more convenient for dog owners to dispose of their waste. Moore advocated placing dog waste bag dispensers around the West Loop area, in zones popular with dog owners.

    What’s next for West Loop? According to Moore, continued support for the West Loop Adam’s Street dog park, and community involvement in keeping the area clean. To lead the charge, Moore is organizing “Spring Cleaning” events to clean the streets, alleys and parks of the West Loop for the warm weather months. For more information, contact Moore at 847-284-7760 or via email at dogdoright@aol.com.
    Contact: Ami Moore Phone: 847-284-7760 Email: Dogdoright@aol.com

  433. True that.

  434. i don’t know any white person that would honestly believe the urban legend in the post. there’s plenty of humor to be found without just flatout making stuff up.

    i love the wire. but i also liked the show simon developed before this, though the later seasons started sucking. Glad the wire ended when it did. but originally i got interested because of the book he wrote, and also it’s pretty interesting to see a show about a town where the producer/author was a reporter for a number of years.

    btw, for those interested, you can catch the wire reruns on BET.

  435. As long as black folks flock to see Martin Lawrence, the stuff that white people like will forever be superior.

    Long live BET and booty shaking

  436. Wow, I am SO white. This is 81/85.

    P.S. The Wire is amazing.

  437. Ah no. We were just at lunch yesterday telling people how the actual police wires go quiet during the airing of the show because the dealers are watching…
    The Wire is amazing – however, we are the only white people we know who actually watch the show – we keep trying to persuade other white people that they need to order it on Netflix – like us!

    P.S. We live in a rapidly gentrifying neighborhood.
    P.P.S. I only drink bottled water, but we switched to the big thing you keep in the fridge, to reduce our carbon footprint, and… yes… recycle.
    P.P.P.S. My husband wants to get his Ph.D.
    P.P.P.P.S. I’m planning on getting a bicycle this Spring, but there is no way in heck I’m wearing spandex.

  438. The more I read your blog, the more I am convinced you know nothing about white people.

  439. So…… How much longer is this blog going to drag, before we can something fresh.

  440. I got turned on to The Wire back when I was working for the state Attorney General.

    We got little tastes of all that in the office and I was the I.T. Director. Close as we got were crime scene photos though I was dragged out of the office to go on Medicaid Fraud raids. In essence I told them what to grab of the computer gear.

    The crime scene photos though were interesting. We’d prep up the presentations with the prosecutors. You develop a sort of gallows humor doing that. I recall one where a guy was stuffed into the trunk of a car, and we were trying to make out if it was his head or ass when I pointed out that the band said “Joe Boxers” on it. It was ass.

    Then of course there are the photos of Dr. Hani Zaki, brains splattered across the headboard of his bed. Don’t know if they ever found out who did it, but I’d bet a dozen donuts the wife had something to do with it.

  441. what is the wire? nevermind. where’s the nearest macy’s?

  442. I’m a white person and I’ll admit that everything you’re saying is true. But it’s also true for my other friends both black and white. One of my friends who turned me onto the Wire, and Entourage, is black. One of my friends who turned me onto the benefits from Canada is a black dude from Canada. One of my friends that turned me onto the t-shirts you describe in your posts is a black dude. And I have had plenty of my friends who are white dudes that don’t even like some of the things mentioned.

    Now either one of two things is at play here.

    1. The people I know all read your posts and are desperately trying to make good with a white dude who makes less money than them and generally has less going for him than they do –


    2.Black or white, most guys are the same and like some of the same shit.

    Some black dudes like some of stuff on your lists, some don’t. Some white dudes like some of the stuff on your lists, some don’t.

    You are spending time trying to further racial divides using a similar type of generalized cold reading methodology like astrologists, physics and magicians all use to ‘WOW’ their audience into believing they have some magical perception/intuition of the world. I don’t know if you are even aware that you’re doing this. Check out Completely Cold and the Art of Cold Reading which teach methods to generalize people in the same way you are doing. Instead of using your ability to do this to alienate people, why not use it to bring people together? Why not use it so show how similar all of us are?

    It’s paranoid to think that all whites just like these things in order to appear sensitive to blacks, and all blacks should learn to encourage these whites just trying to please blacks. The truth of the matter is we are not all that different. Our media and some of the ignorant populace wants to separate us into different categories. It’s easy to think in a society which rewards the dirtiest and meanest motherfuckers that there is some grandiose plan to oppress good people such as ourselves. It’s simply not the case. It’s fear mongering. Spread the seeds of discontent and let the people plant their own doom themselves.

    Look, you are obviously an intelligent guy to pick out all of these social intricacies like you have. I encourage everyone here to use your brain to figure out the signal to noise ratio.

  443. Disappointing. This web site reads like one big “white guy dances like this, black guy dances like this” joke for hipsters. Sigh. It’s too bad there’s no depth here.

    Have a better experience at this site:

  444. I haven’t heard of it either, because of my adhearance to number 28 (not having a telly).

  445. I agree mostly with post #437.

    I was dreading The Wire showing up here. And now here it is. I don’t care. It is a phenomenal show. And I also love that half of the commentators haven’t heard of it and that it only has been nominated for one obscure emmy. Yes I am the subject of this blog.

  446. First time visiting. I was thinking of linking, but the asswipes here have ruined it for me. I’m sure most of you are nice people though. It only takes a few…

  447. Most posters don’t seem to be picking up on the fact that this site uses the term “white people” to refer to a specific type of american whites, not ALL white people.

  448. white people like http://www.mostbanginest.com



    N*E*R*D – Everbody Nose

    Gnarls Barkley – RUN

    AdamTensta – Before U Know It

    Soulja Boy Tell’Em – Pass it To Arab

    Sebastian – H.A.L.

    The KnuX – Capuccino

    Rick Ross feat. T-Pain – The Boss

    The Cool Kids – Action Figures

    Erykah Badu – Soldier

    The Roots – 75 Bars (Black’s Reconstruction)

    Tapp – Shake That Ass


    DJ Mehdi – Pony Rocking feat. Feadz

    mostbangin’est – http://WWW.MOSTBANGINEST.COM
    i practice many styles…

  449. And “The Wire” isn’t that popular with the mass audiences because of its complexity and depth–it takes a certain amount of commitment to watch it.

    Incidentally the owner of this blog should consider turning off the comments section as various nasty types are attracted to this blog for obvious reasons.

  450. I actually stood up and yelled “hell yeah!” when Cheese took that bullet to the head.

    That boy was pure asshole.

  451. This is a humor site….so, for god sake, stop looking for ‘depth’…

    And another thing…PLEASE stop suggesting alternate titles for this blog…

    And finally, WE KNOW this is sending up a narrow sub-set of white culture…WE KNOW THIS SO STOP POINTING IT OUT AD NAUSEUM….Sheesh.


  452. And while I’m here…I think Nutella and Conan O’Brien should be added to the list…

    Keep up the fine work…

  453. Where is hunting, dirt bikes, dog racing, cycling, surfing etc? All the white people you know suck.

  454. on March 10, 2008 at 7:23 pm Ragingcrinoline

    I love this post the most so far, mostly b/c I know someone who won’t stop with the wire, and srsly, who cares….

    Thank you fir this blog, I’m coming to terms with my whiteness, it’s like therapy. (hey another thing white people like.)

  455. portnoy: u mad

  456. on March 10, 2008 at 7:46 pm Juan Christatos

    White people LOVE Talk Soup on E!…seriously.

  457. What about Scrubs?!?!?!?!?!?!?!

    The whitest show in America!!!!

  458. I dunno about this one. I am white and have met only one other person — white or otherwise — who watches The Wire. She was white. True about all the other HBO series, but not The Wire.

  459. This season of The Wire was kinda lame, if you ask me. Can’t say why exactly. But all the other seasons seemed better somehow.

  460. Scrubs! Racially diverse, has many doctors and one lawyer, and stars Zach Braff (who wrote, directed, and starred in Garden State a movie nearly all white people love). Zach Braff plays a character known as “JD”, a doctor at a hospital who is nervous, unsure of himself, bad at relationships, overanalyzes everything, and has these odd daydream sequences throughout the show! C’mon! It is the whitest show out there! 7 seasons to back it up!

  461. This also gives white people some street cred. White people can use some jargon picked up on the The Wire to “keep it real.”

  462. The Wire? Never saw it. I am watching the second season of Lost. I love it cuz I’m white. Articulate, talented, family-oriented excons, Iraqis, African-Americans, drug addicts, loons, and invisible monsters make me happy.

  463. #86 Blogging

  464. on March 10, 2008 at 8:46 pm Vast White Ring Conspiracy

    Nope. Never even seen the Wire.

    Then again, I’m not “White People,” I’m an individual, like everyone else.

  465. What the hell happened to this site? What’s up with all the Nazi skinhead KKK idiots lighting up the message board? (Portnoy’s complaint and Baltimore-Dweller– although they seem to be the same poster) I’ve never understood why idiots like this will spend all this time on a site that they obviously don’t enjoy and where they’re obviously not welcome. Guess I’ll just have to avoid the comment section from now on. It used to be a good source of amusement. Congratulations, dirt-bag trolls, you win.

  466. on March 10, 2008 at 9:05 pm Vast White Ring Conspiracy

    Racism attracts racism, big surprise there.

  467. This is comedy gold.


  469. they also like ‘lost’.

  470. I love the blog! Im going to link it in my blog
    You would like it, very similar stuff

  471. …waiting for the vinyls entry

  472. you need on on “becoming the oprah winfrey of the medical field”. i can’t count the number of times i’ve heard white chicks feed me the line “my ambition is to be the O.W. of [insert future career]” – they just feel so proud and righteous to aspire after the position of an ethnic woman…

  473. #455 Right on.

    I am sick of all the anti-White racist comments here. Bigots that hate Whites, just move on already.

  474. Americans like strippers also

  475. on March 10, 2008 at 10:49 pm Portnoy's complaint

    #471 is a perfect example of a low IQ moron. He cannot say anything intelligent, with any facts, he has no sense of humor, and then sums it all up with slurs and names and personal attacks.

    That guy could never be a lawyer, he lacks critical thinking skills.

  476. on March 10, 2008 at 10:54 pm Portnoy's complaint

    PS #471

    I love how that guy ridicules a person that actually lives in Baltimore!!!! LOL!! Sorry, the real world doesn’t live up to your images. Get out more and learn about real people, real cities, real situations.

    Anyone that doesn’t agree with you is a Nazi? oooooohh!!!! nice one!!!!!……LOL!!!!!

  477. on March 10, 2008 at 10:56 pm The Interested

    Hey, I would just like to ask a question of the commentators that believe that the entries on this website have a stronger connection to the higher educated than merely white people:

    I feel like I’ve witnessed a lot more of seemingly self-righteousness behavior from my higher educated white friends than from my higher educated asian friends. I don’t mean to imply that higher educated asians are incapable of self-righteous behavior, it’s just that in my experience, the a greater deal of the highly educated asians I know have been some of the humblest and practical people I know.

    I also don’t mean to say that there is a genetic link between having white skin and self-righteous tendencies. It’s just not true.

    Is this making sense to anyone else here?

  478. i cant stand how white people just started liking this show. seasons 1-4 got like no attention from the white liberal press (new yorker, atlantic, harper’s, etc.) and now everybody and their mother is all up on David Simon’s nut sack. get real.


    i’m disgusted. MY show has been forever spoiled by a bunch of middle aged yuppies that have to watch with SUBTITLES!

  479. I’m white. My friends do this.I don’t understand it.

    The best TV show is designed to elicit that reaction “It the best series I’ve ever seen.” All conceits of the program are reverse-engineered from that point. Six Feet Under, Sopranos, Carnivale, Deadwood. My friends tell me about there new favorite series all the time, like it’s a) important, and b) something they’ve discovered on their own. It makes me sad.

    It’s all so formulaic.

    I guess I’m the other white meat; the one that doesn’t have a tv.

  480. We’re almost caught up. I can’t wait.

    You know what else white people like? Portland, Oregon.

  481. on March 10, 2008 at 11:44 pm Portnoy's complaint

    #254 “I’m black and I go to Princeon” and “I have a very fufilling and successful life. I’m going to graduate from Princeton in 2 months.. then I’ll probably..”

    Probably what? Complain about whites and the free ride you received just like Michelle Obama does still? LOL!!!!

    Even the affirm action and quota preference weren’t enough for her. She’s the epitome of that species: the anry black (racist) woman.

    At least you appear to like your country!!! Good for you, come join us.

    Obama is a smooth operator. But the two people who have had the greatest influence on his adult life—his wife Michelle and his spiritual advisor, Rev. Dr. Jeremiah A. Wright, Jr.—are not. They feel a deep racial anger and are not terribly good at hiding it.

    Michelle Obama is a hard worker and is of above-average intelligence, but racial preferences have repeatedly lifted her out of her intellectual league (Princeton U.), with traumatic psychological consequences. She still feels “black”. Oh well, Whites tried and liberal theory failed again.

  482. Many of the comments posted on this page show that many white-people are actually very hateful, and not the cute-quirky image presented in these posts.

  483. #483 Interested: “I feel like I’ve witnessed a lot more of seemingly self-righteousness behavior from my higher educated white friends than from my higher educated asian friends.”

    Well, duh…

    “I don’t mean to imply that higher educated asians are incapable of self-righteous behavior…”

    They are indeed incapable, as are all other races. But Asians have learned to fake it because it works so well against white folks.

    “I also don’t mean to say that there is a genetic link between having white skin and self-righteous tendencies. It’s just not true.”

    It almost certainly *is* true. Moral preening, like red or yellow hair, is exclusive to the white race. Other races exhibit the normal types of oneupmanship–physical, financial, sexual, intellectual, cosmetic, whatever– but only whites would ever add morality to this list. Whites are queer folk.

  484. on March 11, 2008 at 12:33 am English speaking Texan

    #488 Sector

    Wow!!! You hate some of the posts here, and you hate the people that post them. Thanks for that.

    Other people will have different comments than you do, can you deal with that in life?

  485. Increasingly, as I read this blog, I begin to wonder if I count as a white person, in the traditional sense, as an Irish immigrant in the United States. While I love things like Obama, Grad school, and of course, studying abroad, I find myself lost in such entires as this. Should I love The Wire? I’m so confused…

  486. on March 11, 2008 at 1:36 am Hey Portnoy's complaint

    You dude before your next rant look up that fact that most white people are killed by other white people . Thank you.

  487. on March 11, 2008 at 1:41 am Hey Baltimore-Dweller

    Hey you countered some of your own claims in the same post, I will let you look them over and see where you went wrong.

  488. Hahaha… awesome blog.

    I think this blog is hilarious because of the fact that individuals tend to group others based on race and claim that these individuals all act or think a particular way. The color of ones skin will not determine their personalities, their personal choices or their tastes in entertainment products.

    Ethnocentrism is generally accepted in comedy, and thats what I see this blog as. (No sarcasm intended, I believe this blog is extremely clever)

  489. This blog rocks.

    (or is that phrase too white?) 😛

  490. i’m pretty sure this blog wouldn’t get half as much attention if it was called “stuffcoolpeoplelike”, or even “stuffidiotslike”. The whole race approach is just to get some buzz… tons of comments are about how “oh but wait, im white and this doesnt apply to me”, or “im black/asian/non-white, and this DOES apply to me!”

    just read this by replacing the word “white” with the word of your choosing – liberal, hipster, highly educated… etc. the “white” thing is ridiculous – unless you live under a rock, you must know whites that dont fit into these neat little categories, and nonwhites that do (unless you are Portnoy and probably don’t bother engaging with non-whites)

    also – if this was truly about whites, then we should have posts about Nascar, megachurches, Walmart, monster trucks, spring break in Florida…. and antique roadshow, which I’m pretty sure people who eat sushi don’t watch.

    but then it wouldn’t be so funny anymore, because – oh!look! – not all whites like the same things, have the same beliefs and aspirations…. and everyone would bitch
    “but wait, this DOESNT apply to me!” (same goes for all races, no?)

    so yeah, clander is genius for disguising is critique of a certain social group as a critique of whiteness – clearly this ISN’T a critique of whiteness. Unless clander has only hung out with about 12 white people in his life.


  491. Congratulations, Whitey, you have entirely missed the point of this blog. It must be awesome being able to suck all the humor out of things by taking them way too literally.

  492. First off this site is brilliant and really funny because let’s face it not only are they right on with a lot of the stereotypes but the explanations are even funnier because I definitely think that there are a lot of people who, for example, mindlessly support apple or whole foods because it is somehow supposed to be more unique, creative, progressive or noble but are actually just corporations that have found a good marketing angle to a lot of yuppie types. The simple fact is that a lot of the people who love whole foods, sushi, or hiking and also will make you feel guilty for watching tv are white. It’s like the south park episode where everyone buys hybrid cars but then pollutes the air with “smug” clouds because they fall in love with themselves and their “progressive” thinking. Organic foods, sushi, exercise and hybrid cars are obviously healthy and good things but there is no need to be so g-damn smug and pious and high and mighty about partaking in any of them and insult those who are not. Do you honestly think that people don’t know that going for a hike is healthier than watching tv? no doubt it is but sometimes you just wanna watch a show or game and have a beer and when you try to make people feel guilty about doing that you just come off like a pompous jackass. you really shouldn’t be offended by this stuff unless it hits close to home (aka you’re probably kind of a holier-than-thou yuppie type) and there’s a reason these are stereotypes and they obviously don’t apply to all white people but there is for sure some truth to them. So enjoy this site for what it is;damn witty humor and just get over yourself (by the way I am a white guy).

  493. Like I mentioned before this blog does have a sense of humor.

    Yet, I must agree with #448. He put it quite well when mentioning we should be uniting instead of dividing people. Yes, Americans are hung up on race, no s**t, but for how long?

    I’m sick and tired of hearing about how different we all are. People are people. We all want to be successful, happy, and, healthy. That goes for everyone, all over the world.

    If you all ever took a trip to Haiti (less than 4 hours from NYC), you’d see poverty that would make your head spin! Baltimore has it rough, granted. So does Brownsville, Brooklyn, and New Orleans, and the folks living in the Appalacian Mountain region.

    My daughter will grow up with the knowledge that all people are to be treated with respect and love no matter what they look like.

    I’m not going to say I don’t see color because that bull, but how about some respect? How about making this place we live a little more tolerable? Teach your children how to say thank you. Teach them not to hate and divide. Teach them not to be afraid of things, and people who look or act diiferent from them.

    Imagine peace.
    (That saying is credited to Yoko Ono’s show a few years ago).

  494. on March 11, 2008 at 4:23 am Average White Boy

    “Jericho” is the new “The Wire.” You can watch it on HD On Demand cable with only 2 commercials. White people like only 2 commercials in 44 minutes. And, if you are up at odd hours of Sunday morning not going to church, which white people don’t attend any more, you can catch up on last season’s “Jericho” by checking out the Universal HD channel.

    Please pass the no-cal non-chocolate chocolate cookies.

  495. The only thing I enjoy more than The Wire is Asian chicks. Now that it’s over my cable is as good as cancelled. Damn your site has me pegged, good work.

  496. When is “publishing a blog” going to be on the list?

  497. You lost a fan here. There is one thing that white people don’t like, and that is when something they have been talking up suddenly becomes not cool again.

  498. on March 11, 2008 at 5:18 am the only black person in the class

    wow. AMAZING site…. but now I feel bad because although i am black, the site basically describes me. exactly. I suppose thats what happens when your the only black person in your clss until high school. and even then there are never more than 2 of you in the same class.

  499. What an odd little blog you have here. Are you white? Or just sarcastically black? Some of it is quite funny, by the way–in a whitish sort of way.

    @504 the only black person in the class: why don’t you start a blog called stuffblackpeoplelike? I can’t do that because I’m white, but you could get away with it, and I’ll bet it would be hilarious.

    (Don’t get mad 504–I’m just fuckin’ with ya.)

    Dear webmaster: Wish I had your comedic ability. I’ll be back often to steal ideas. I really love the blog. You just don’t have enough cussin’ on it yet.

  500. “For white people to like a TV show it helps if it is: critically acclaimed, low-rated, shown on premium cable, and available as a DVD box set.”

    hysterical. more.

  501. Correction: White people LOVE McNulty. get that right. because although he still committed massive crimes, they

  502. Correction: White people LOVE McNulty. get that right. because although he still committed massive crimes, they STILL celebrated his demise with a stupid m’fing irish jig and a dance and were soooo proud of him, while all the black people still lose at the end.

  503. “I cant stand how white people just started liking this show. seasons 1-4 got like no attention from the white liberal press (new yorker, atlantic, harper’s, etc.) and now everybody and their mother is all up on David Simon’s nut sack. get real.”

    The New Yorker profiled David Simon around season 3 or 4. NPR/WNYC has been on the show’s jock pretty much from day one. I’m actually pissed that more white people don’t watch the show, and if they start now it’s better late than never. It’s one of the best shows ever made, and folks might benefit from learning how the drug war really goes.

  504. I’ve never heard of the Wire and I’m as pale as a ghost. I knew I shouldn’t eat at Chevy’s so often! Damn.

  505. I love this show, me and all of my friends watch it…. ON DVD!!! HA. that’s too funny

  506. That’s white folks for you.

  507. Oh my god. I’m sitting here in my office, and my boss and the CEO are conversing about poltics. He mentions Baltimore. She immediately says “Have you seen The Wire?”

    I laughed out loud, right in front of them. He gave me a funny a look, and I couldn’t bring myself to tell them about this blog, or this entry.

  508. on March 11, 2008 at 6:34 am alaswhatever

    My husband and I gave up HBO this year in an attempt to watch less TV, because we’re white, so we just arranged to join a somewhat Hispanic friend who still has full cable to watch the whole fifth season this weekend on On Demand. It’s only 10.5 hours, he says.

    (P.S. Shiiiiiiiiiit, if you don’t love this stuff, just hang out somewhere else! Why ruin everybody else’s fun by posting hateful comments? Shit birds. Pretty amazing when White Supremacists and humorless liberals find a common enemy … )

  509. Why do black people like peanuts, chicken, and jello pudding so much ?

  510. on March 11, 2008 at 7:13 am alaswhatever

    507: You suck I haven’t seen it yet!!!!!

  511. 409 Tammy

    ‘News stories constantly refer to black criminals as “thugs”. But I have never once heard them refer to a white criminal as a “thug” no matter how vile the crime.’

    To a certain extend I agree with you and this is what I trying to say to a certain extent. Yes black people are portrayed in a negative light, but when they are portrayed in a good light it is criticised as unrealistic. For example, ‘The Fresh Prince of Bel Air’ is a prime example of this. It shows a very wealthy and successful black family and this is then criticised as not relating to black working class youths.

    However, I disagree. White people can be portrayed as ‘thugs’. Ok disproportionately I do agree but they are still portrayed in this light. For example white, ‘skinheads’ are often portrayed and criticize in the UK for their violent, yobish and even racist behaviour.

    This however is a very rare occurrence and it is FACT that black people are no more likely to commit crime than white people. And if black people do commit crime it is often due to the socio-economic status that has forced them to do this, like any white person in their situation.

    The institutionalised racisms within the police is still prevailing and does not help situations. I mean, look at the Brixton riots in the UK. The police targeted the black community and made them into the criminals that they weren’t.

  512. I agree that news stories favour white people. For example in New Orleans, there was a break-down of society and it was a dog-eat-dog situation. Black people were then accused of looting. This is an unfair statement as if white people were put into this situation, wouldn’t they do the same? I think YES! And would they be portrayed in a negative light for doing so? I think NO!

    This is a reality of the media in which needs to change.

  513. on March 11, 2008 at 7:28 am alaswhatever

    This blog is so funny I can’t seem to leave.

    Anybody think white people also like “Dexter” and ellipticals?

  514. on March 11, 2008 at 7:37 am alaswhatever

    Oh! And as a writer originally from Miami, I’ve found that white people also like telling anyone who’ll listen that they’re from any major U.S. city known for widespread violence; letting everyone know they’re pursue a low-paying, artistic career path; and semicolons.

  515. on March 11, 2008 at 7:39 am alaswhatever

    Oh! And as a writer originally from Miami, I’ve found that white people also like telling anyone who’ll listen that they’re from any major U.S. city known for widespread violence; letting everyone know they pursue a low-paying, artistic career path; and semicolons.

    (Sorry for the repost. I had to correct a grammatical error.)

  516. Haven’t seen The Wire ….. never heard of it. Could it be because I am white and live in London?

    Have seen Ice Road Truckers though – superb!

  517. Do you mean Dexter the cartoon and what’s an elliptical? is that a cross-trainer? If yes, then I agree with the cross trainer… white people love paying lots to do excercise when they could just run for free.

    Who thinks white people love family guy (who wouldn’t?) just so that they feel all white and libreal. lets face it. It is an amazing show. My friend bough the 6th series for £2.50 yesterday which is about $1.75 i believe. BARGAIN!!!

  518. Yeah, The Wire isn’t big in the UK. I think you can buy each series for about £20 in HMV though, it’s pretty good.

  519. on March 11, 2008 at 7:45 am alaswhatever

    Family Guy is the best cartoon on TV. Saw a rerun of the extended-chicken-fight episode yesterday. Masterful.

    Yes, the elliptical cross-trainer.

    And no, Dexter the ShowTime series about a serial killer who only kills bad guys. I’m totally rooting for him. (It’s not even close to The Wire caliber, but it’s entertaining, AND the star of the show is David from Six Feet Under. So, you know.)

  520. Haha. The chicken fights are the best! No chicken-fights in the 6th series though. I was disgrased at there not being any.

  521. I only started watching the wire after my black friends told me about it, but I did love it.

  522. Holy S*&t, that’s all spot on. I am certifiably Caucasian.

  523. Best show on television

  524. http://www.cjr.org/cover_story/secrets_of_the_city.php?page=1


    About The Wire. A good artical and video both recomended by my lecturer. Check them out.

  525. This is the first post that I think is bullshit. The Wire is very seriously a fantastic piece of art. This cracker can’t get enough of it, and if I could I would assign it as required viewing in every high school in America.

  526. Do black people in the US not like the Wire then ?

  527. This is interesting, funny and wreaking havoc on my mind. I have a tendency to appreciate box sets, non-disclosure of plots and story lines, and seek out highly acclaimed works of broadcast or film art. Am I WHITE?

    Ummm, no.

  528. I may be white, but the Wire is a great show. Call the writers white Hollywod liberals all you want, but they were a cop and journalist respectively and you can see that they also expose the underbellies of these professions. Also, Dennis Lehane, writer of Mystic River and Gone Baby Gone, wrote some episodes for the show and if you’ve seen either of the two movies I mentioned you might notice that he doesn’t portray whites in such a sunny light either.

  529. I may be white, but the Wire is a great show. Call the writers white Hollywood liberals all you want, but Ed Burns and David Simon were a cop and journalist respectively and you can see that they also expose the underbellies of these professions. Also, Dennis Lehane, writer of Mystic River and Gone Baby Gone, wrote some episodes for the show and if you’ve seen either of the two movies I mentioned you might notice that he doesn’t portray whites in such a sunny light either.

  530. That’s really funny. I, like many posters, am unfamiliar with the Wire. In fact, I don’t have cable and haven’t had it in years. I spend way too much time on line, but very little in front of a TV these days; even though I supposed I could do both at once.

    I like DVDs because I can then see at my leasure what I never saw on cable. No doubt I will see and love the Wire in the next year or so.

    So non-whites, for the most part, don’t do this? Hmm.

  531. AgathaX, I’m pretty sure that “not having cable” is just a watered-down version of #28, “not having a TV.”

  532. I was in Baltimore last year for a passover meal. If I had been watching The Wire at the time I would have been afraid — very afraid. . .

  533. What’s wrong with having no TV?
    And I barely know anyone who does have cabel? Freeview Boxs are the way forward. Pretty much the sam TV as Cabel but FREE!

  534. I am about as white as this site says I am and I have never heard of this show. Oh yeah, I never saw the Sopranos either. Come to think of it I never heard of Baltimore either. I only watch shows that take place in Brooklyn and I only watch them when they are over and I can get the boxed set on DVD.

  535. Guilty.

    Best show on television.

  536. The last three episodes of season 5 were F-ing awesome. If you haven’t seen “The Wire”, you are not cool. And I hate you.

  537. WMD! WMD! yall WMD!

    Dexter is also a show that whities like

  538. @ comment #2
    Could you be adopted?!?! Didn’t you know that white people LOVE adoption?

  539. I’m constantly amused by how much debate occurs in these comments. People actually get worked up into a foamy froth over something that, in my opinion, is just regular old fun.

    Portnoy, for example. Why do you have to harsh the mood with all this overbearing, statistic quoting, soap-box grandstanding?

    Yeah, ok, some black people commit violent crimes against people of other races than just their own, and some white people happened to be among those. So? White people commit as many crimes, simply by virtue of having the racial majority in this country.

    Settle. Down.

    This blog entry is about a TV SHOW, and everyone knows TV is ESCAPISM, just like this blog. Take a chill pill and enjoy the inherent entertainment quality of satire.

    But before I go, ever notice how 99% of all serial killers are white? I agree with #543. Can we get a blog entry about Dexter, or what?

  540. on March 11, 2008 at 3:16 pm Portnoy's complaint


    DC sniper = black
    Virginia Tech = Asian
    Columbine (Klebold) = Jewish
    Rwanda= black

    Whites commit far less crimes than do blacks or hispanics, (per 100,000). Why do bring idiocy up and then expect someone to not comment on it?

    It’s just that so many people are ignorant, you included. If you knew what you were talking about, then maybe someone would listen to you. Run along!

  541. on March 11, 2008 at 3:24 pm Portnoy's complaint

    #517 “This however is a very rare occurrence and it is FACT that black people are no more likely to commit crime than white people. And if black people do commit crime it is often due to the socio-economic status that has forced them to do this, like any white person in their situation.”

    You see this idiot? Not only are his facts dead wrong, but all one has to do is look at West Virgina (poverty, White, no crime) to see that the anti-white-racist’s excuse for black conduct i.e. “socio-economic status forced them to crime” is pure FALLACY.

    So many whites are just utterly stupid, liberal, and brainwashed and dead wrong on the facts.

    How about Michael Vick? Did he lack socio-standing, opportunity, or economic advantages?


  542. Actually, most serial killers have been white men in their 20s to 40s. Include in this demographic the killers most likely to be especially sadistic, escalate their crimes, revisit crime scenes, or take more than one victim at a time (Ted Bundy, BTK Killer, John Wayne Gacy, et al).

    But this is really a dumb argument to make. Crime isn’t a function of race. It’s got many roots, most of them psychological, and it thrives where motive, opportunity and a lack of attention to the needs of others intersect. Crime is the fault of the person who makes a criminal decision, and also the fault of those who let him (or her) get away with it. It happens among poor kids who lack guidance, and among wealthy people who lack nothing.

    This is a particularly dumb argument to be having at a time when we’re more or less a nation led by thugs. I’m not scared of black people or white skinheads or anyone else. But if Dick Cheney were walking towards me on the sidewalk, man, I’d cross the street.

  543. on March 11, 2008 at 4:46 pm Portnoy's complaint


    You use the term “a function of” which a mathematical term. Crime correlates directly to race and there are hundreds of studies that prove it. Look, people have been pumping money into the black community for 40 years. Into crime prevention, schools, community this-that. etc. and nothing works. You just deny reality and revise history.

    Look, if you’re white read more on the stuff you’ve been shoveled.


    If you are non-white, you’d never deal with the facts anyway.

  544. on March 11, 2008 at 5:07 pm Portnoy's complaint


    So, let me get this straight. You’re afraid of “Cheney” on a sidewalk? What is the guy like 70-years old?

    Why don’t you try going down to MLK Blvd. on Saturday night and hug some nice folk on those sidewalks. See what happens.

    You are a white liberal that knows nothing about the real world. Crime is a function of race — TOTALLY. Sure, whites commit crimes, but the statistics will show that crime is “a function” and “correlated” to race in clearly and predictably defined pattersn

  545. on March 11, 2008 at 5:09 pm Portnoy's complaint

    Nearly 1/2 of blacks has an STD. I’m sure “poverty” or “whites” are to blame for this too, but I don’t know exactly how.

    Study Finds 1 in 4 US Teens Has a STD

    By LINDSEY TANNER | AP Medical Writer
    6:42 PM CDT, March 11, 2008

    CHICAGO – At least one in four teenage American girls has a sexually transmitted disease, suggests a first-of-its-kind federal study that startled some adolescent-health experts.

    Disease rates were significantly higher among black girls — nearly half had at least one STD, versus 20 percent among both whites and Mexican-Americans.

  546. Whites talk about “ATHESIM”

  547. You didn’t mention Deadwood? Shame on you. [Gets ready to spit on nearest grave]

  548. the wire is the culturally superior person’s sopranos
    it helps to be earnest to like the wire.
    snarkiness aside, the wire is a superbly written show

  549. White people also love The Office because they are convinced one of the writers probably secretly works at their nonprofit.

  550. That is so funny. I’m from Baltimore, living in Seattle, and everything he said seems to be true.

  551. I steal the Wire from bitTorrent sites.

    I’m still a total white guy though because I was looking at a website of soccer scarves and I don’t even have a favorite soccer team.

    and Michael is the new Omar!

  552. White people love the Beatles. I’m not particularly a fan but I feel like if I ever expressed myself amongst my white peers, I would be ostracized.

  553. Now that The Wire is over, I pledge to never say ‘best show on television’ ever again! Until the next box set comes out.

  554. I don’t know about this one….I know tons of black folk that love the Wire – as do I and I’m black too.

  555. 547 Portnoy’s complaint

    Erm… Excuse me but I think that you’d find that white people in the UK anyway, admit to commiting more crimes than black people. It is the insitutionalised rasism in out society that carates this illution.

    Also, black people also admit to being victims of crime more than white people, however this maybe due to the fact that black people are more likely to live in crime riden communities and therefore more likely to be victims of crime.

    547 Portnoy’s complaint, you can not use one place as an example to back up a whole theory. I am not sating that what I have to say here is total fact but it is what I have read and interpreted! You are again looking at one person, Michael Vick and using him, one individual to make a general argument. What you have to say has no validity what so ever!

    548 anne, I agree totally with what you have to say!

    The office is good! But only the English version. David Brent is awesome. Extra’s is even better. English comedy is the best this world has to offer. Anyone into Greenwing? If not check it out, highly recomeded if you like weird english comedy!

  556. Portnoy, if you truly believe all that you write, you must live in terrible fear. I’m not sure how you can stand to leave the house, what with all the murderous, diseased folks of other races everywhere in America. Do you ever leave the house, er, bunker?

    I think you are still upset because you have found out through this blog that you are not the kind of white person that matters. You are not the cultural or intellectual elite. You are depressed because you always thought that just “being white” would be enough to deliver you the privilege that the white people addressed by this site seem to have. But you found out that in our small, globalized world that you actually have to compete on equal terms with *gasp* African Americans and Mexicans. And I’m guessing from the grammar and syntax with which you write that you have failed. So you create elaborate conspiracies about how “anti-white racists” and jews promote other races ahead of you, while in reality other races are thieves and murderers. If only the duped college-educated, limousine liberals would wake up and read some real news, instead of the Atlantic, we would all want to banish non-whites from North America.

    I want to understand, I really do. I just can’t make sense of your worldview. Enjoy your bunker! Peace out.

    And yes, please tell me how I didn’t post any facts and how we anti-white racists cab only resort to name calling… The truth is I’m tired and didn’t have the wherewithal to begin unraveling your lies. Plus it wouldn’t matter anyway, you would just find some other “facts” to refute those I would pull from the “Mainstream Media.”

  557. 562 furious1, wat you had to say is very well said. Thank you very much for your view. People like you make my day. 😀

  558. “can only resort to” my bad.

  559. I watch The Wire and I’m black. One of the best series ever made, so sad it’s over.

    Nuff said.

  560. I never missed an episode after discovering The Wire. After discovering the show last season, I spent an entire weekend catching up on all of the episodes I missed.
    What color am I?
    Very entertaining blog.

  561. 561:

    “It is the insitutionalised rasism in out society that carates this illution.”

    You are incorrect. You have no data to back up your crazy claim that there is somehow “system” racism that only affects black people. Here in the US other minorities are much more successful than them, does the “institutionalized racism” not afflict these minorities? How come it only afflicts blacks? My supposition is that it is genetics. On a per capita basis I’d bet blacks are committing more crimes than whites, on the order of 300-400% that of white people which is observed here in America.

    “maybe due to the fact that black people are more likely to live in crime riden communities”

    Yes, black people are more likely to live among other black people, which results in crime ridden communities. Their rate of violent crime is between 3-4x that of whites.

    Furious1 let me reiterate: white privilege = white DNA. It has nothing to do with “socioeconomic” status. Nothing Portnoy has said has led me to believe he is class conscious, but you certainly are. You are again trying to use the liberal tool of trying to infer that he is somehow unfulfilled or unsuccessful in life which is disingenuous But this is common among promoters of your false ideology.

    Affirmative action doesn’t put minorities on equal footing with whites, it actually lowers standards as a welfare subsidy to certain blacks. As the resource is limited this results in some whites being disenfranchised. If your false doctrine of racial reality were indeed real, not only would the NBA not be all black, but we wouldn’t need to ask on forms one’s gender so we can reserve a quota of positions for blacks.

  562. gender should’ve read race above.

  563. Anne 548:

    “Crime isn’t a function of race. It’s got many roots, most of them psychological, and it thrives where motive, opportunity and a lack of attention to the needs of others intersect.”

    You have provided no data or backup to support your assertion. While I agree with your later statement that: “Crime is the fault of the person who makes a criminal decision”, when we are analyzing crime statistics there are definitely noticeable patterns among demographic groups.
    Patterns that cannot really be attributed to environment when looking at such large statistics.

    It doesn’t have much to do with the environment as if you look at Africa the crime and STD prevalence discrepancies between the blacks and whites there are astronomical as well.

    I’d bet you wouldn’t feel comfortable getting into a car with someone who is legally drunk as the chance of a crash goes up quite a bit. Yet you want to argue that we shouldn’t use racial crime or STD statistics as part of our judgment when we’re deciding to cross a street or sleep or associate with someone.

    Skinheads stick to themselves for the most part, but they are signaling by their appearance they are ready to defend themselves. I’d be far more concerned encountering a group of “disenfranchised black youf” in an inner city: given I know they are black and blacks are much more criminally prone than the other races, I can infer a priori that they would be on the more dangerous corner of the street.

  564. @ #388 Andrew

    “It’s the lowest-rated HBO series of all time mostly because the cast is composed mainly of black actors, thus alienating white viewers.”

    That’s one of the things that ads to the autheticity of the show. It’s set in inner city Baltimore, where the population is mostly white. Why would reality alienate white? I think it’s a matter of choice. Maybe many whites choose/chose not to watch because they can’t identify with the characters, which is probably the same reason ‘Friends’ doesn’t appeal to certain demographics.
    The Wire, in my opinion is/was the best damned show on TV in the last 20 years. Before The Wire, the only thing I watched was Court TV, Discovery Channel or National Geographic. The only other show that comes close, in my opinion, is Dexter.

    Sharon Doucette

  565. @ Bob # 9
    It depends how it ends. If it ends like the Sopranos they I will renounce m love of the show. Marlo needs to take a bullet tonight.

    I agree with you. Although I thought the last episode was
    ok, it was disappointing. It was not even as good as the previous 2-3 episodes. Although I was disappointed, I think it had a better ending than the Sopranos. I’m hoping they(The Wire writers) will do a mini series or something in the near future. I really want to see Marlo get his due.

  566. on March 11, 2008 at 9:17 pm Portnoy's complaint

    #562 “Portnoy, if you truly believe all that you write, you must live in terrible fear.”

    Why would I fear? I am informed! It’s not xenophobic to make a post-judicial conclusion based on truthful data about non-whites. It’s healthy.

    It’s the white dupes this blog satirizes that fear ‘driving by a housing project’, ‘touching a firearm’, etc. etc. The list goes on and on what they’ve been trained to think.

    The problem with weasel Whites and liberal jews is that they take their “Fear”, and because of classic ‘projection’, apply their warped ideas and push it as ‘policy’ on healthy Americans!

    In psychology, psychological projection (or projection bias) is a defense mechanism in which one attributes their one’s own unacceptable or unwanted thoughts or/and emotions (fears) to others.

    Jews fear whites because they could become nazis, so they support open borders and mass non-white immigration.

    A weasel White fear that if he holds a gun, it might go off somehow. Since he can’t handle it, we should ban guns. He likewise fears that blacks with guns will kill him, so he wants to ban “guns” instead of having the courage to contemplate self-defense.

    See there?

  567. Has anyone mentioned Starbucks? I will never understand paying 2-3 times as much for a cup of coffee you could get somewhere else for less. I guess if I were a coffee aficionado, then I’d understand.

  568. on March 11, 2008 at 9:24 pm Portnoy's complaint

    PS “White privilege” is a hate speech term coined by a radical anti-white racist jew named: Noel Ignatiev

    This classic hater is one of the most pathetically ugly people alive to top it all off. Worse looking than Spitzer.

    Whites should MOST DEFINITELY google this term and that individual, and see what the “diversity” crowd is pushing these days. Whites most definitely should be aware of this stuff.

    Of course, this hyprcrite uber-jew Ignatiev never discusses “jewish privilege” in the US or Israel, nor “asian privilege” in China or Japan, etc. he’s just a classic spiteful liberal anti-White bigot.

  569. Also, what about those fugly Crocs? Those shoes are hideous, though they may be comfortable.

  570. I’m from Baltimore and I found this post HILARIOUS!

    To many of the ignorant/racist comments on this post, you make me laugh and prove my point daily about the true state of our society. Every time someone pretends the US is in la-la land, I’ll just copy/paste your comments and email them.

    Baltimore is MAJORITY black (64%). Those of you who are NOT from the city (like I am) who pretend to know (watching too much of The Wire?) every detail about our city, demographics, and every aspect of black life (I guess blacks are just a bunch of criminals shooting at innocent whites from the corner huh?) make me laugh. I am black myself and have 2 graduate degrees (including a medical degree) and find the racist/negative stereotypes that some of you are posting comical. You keep me fighting harder every day. Thanks! And as far as “affirmative action”, my standardized test scores were in the 90+ percentile and I was at the top of my class, better than my white counterparts, some of whom got in with mediocre scores because of who their parents were (great having alumni connections, isn’t it?). But why do I say this? Do I really STILL have to disprove negative stereotypes in 2008?

    I pray for this country daily.

  571. @ #388 Andrew

    “It’s the lowest-rated HBO series of all time mostly because the cast is composed mainly of black actors, thus alienating white viewers.”

    That’s one of the things that ads to the autheticity of the show. It’s set in inner city Baltimore, where the population is mostly white.

    Of course you realize, I meant where most of the population is black.

  572. Bob: “If your false doctrine of racial reality were indeed real, not only would the NBA not be all black, but we wouldn’t need to ask on forms one’s gender [race] so we can reserve a quota of positions for blacks.” Wha? Now I realize this isn’t an essay contest but a professional working in a cubicle should be able to construct a better sentence than that? Particularly a white professional. From what I understand of that, you are suggesting that in an ideal world we would have affirmative action in basketball?

    I didn’t mention anything about socioeconomic status in my last comment. I did suggest that Portnoy, and you for that matter, are not part of the ruling classes, but I wouldn’t equate that with money. Real white people disdain taking about money. I infer your alienation from the discourse of power from your comments; you clearly feel like a victim of an unjust society peddling “false ideology.” Otherwise you would enjoy this blog in good humor rather than letting it offend you.

    I also didn’t mention “affirmative action” but I do believe that there is institutionalized racism in this country. See Bob, I know a little something about American history and have heard that African Americans had it pretty rough here for the first hundred plus years of our nation. In fact, they were owned as chattel. Now I kind of think the legacy of that experience, and the decades of Jim Crow laws that followed Reconstruction, prevented African Americans from having equal opportunity. Other non-white immigrant groups, not even the Chinese in California, had to struggle against so much entrenched racism. The legacy of slavery has led to transience and poverty for many African Americans in this country throughout the 20th century, and I would offer that poverty is a better indicator of crime than race.

  573. @ Furious 1 # 578

    Great post. Without the affirmative action argument some among us would not have anything to blame their failures on. Some people can’t fathom that someone they’ve been led to believe is inferior could actually be more intelligent, or work hard than they do. It’s inconceivable to that type of person that the success of a minority may actually be due to their abilities, not some imaginary quota. The reason affirmative action gets such a bad beef is because some(those who disagree with it) misapply it. The intent of affirmative action was not to give an unqualified person an unfair advantage, but to insure that qualified individuals were given a fair chance.
    If the same people spent less time complaining and actually put forth that same effort into improving themselves, maybe they would succeed. There are no guarantees, even if you do acquire an education. Instead of getting angry at that person who you believe was ‘given’ what they have, get angry at the corporations who are outsourcing those jobs you believe you’re entitled to. A very small percentage of people control the wealth and power and wealth in this country and while the rest of us fight among ourselves, they’re laughing at us. Racism is just a diversionary tactic and it has worked very well. While we’re fighting each other, we don’t notice that we’re being f*cked.

  574. White people have a natural aversion to television? What the fuck kind of white people have you been talking to lately? Just this last weekend, I had the unpleasant fortune to be in the company of more than a few blow-snorting hipster chicks in Brooklyn who live and die by the TV. And we haven’t even left the NY metro area… aversion to television!?! Are you fucking DAFT!? Come now. For every “white person” you can show me who doesn’t own a TV I’ll show you 50 who would cancel their heating before their DTV.

    Even if you titled this blog “Stuff Middle-to-Upper-Class-Urban-Possibly-Artsily-Inclined-Usually-White People Like” you’d still only be batting 300. It’s a class issue as much as a racial issue. If you really want to cut to the meat of the matter, why don’t you just write an honest posting about economic and racial guilt?? Maybe a little piece on self-loathing for spice. It’s way more interesting than this incessant and numbing flow of cultural damnation. Fuck off if I shouldn’t like the Wire… and indulge in one more episode of Season 3 before hitting the sack. . .

  575. ps – sorry for the proliferation of F-bombs, I’ve been watching a great deal of DEADWOOD lately. It’s only a wonder that I didn’t manage to fit COCKSUCKER in there somewhere…

  576. LAME!!

  577. Three types of white people here:

    1. White people who love The Wire. You get it. You love The Wire because it is sophisticated and multi-layered in its portrayal of urban decay. You debate the irony of Hamsterdam at the local fair-trade coffee shop. You pity anyone who does not enjoy the show – they will never appreciate art, architecture, or Trader Joe’s. Such philistines are below your social stature and fortunately you do not have to interact with them often. This post – and website – is for you.

    2. White people who don’t enjoy The Wire. You watched 1-2 episodes and found it too “slow” or “boring.” You will never enjoy The Wire because you do not have the mental agility or attention span to understand its subtle nuance. Fortunately for you, there’s always a new American Idol, Us Weekly, or shiny object to keep you entertained.

    3. White people who have never heard of The Wire. You probably don’t really get this website either. You are either working-class, uncultured, and/or ignorant. Go drink another Bud Light while telling all your buddies that Obama is secretly a Muslim.

  578. Do me a favor and stop throwing out stats when you have nothing to make it up.

    arrest rate

    White 7,117,040 70%
    Black 2,830,778 28%
    American Indian-135,877 .014
    105,996 .012
    100.0 69.8 2 .013
    7.8 1.3 1.0

    Your racism is so funny. I bet I have more degrees than you.

  579. How come you never addressed the fact a white person is more likily to be harmed my a white person. You just want to pass by that little nugget so your crazy rant can go on.

    Do everyone a favor and stay on the Klan’s website.
    This is a fun site and it looks at light hearted things , and not even any real negative stereotypes what so ever. jeff foxworthy stuff is more negative than this.

  580. white, from baltimore,real talk,wire is the shit, 585 comments, nobody will ever read this, but i assure you, that is baltimore, minus the stupidy in season 5, hometown loyalties aside, not just the best show ever, the best thing ever, ever, except water, and i like the wire better, but i NEED water to live, so the wire is the best thing ever besides water.

  581. on March 12, 2008 at 1:36 am Portnoy's complaint

    #585 Who are you? Just another anti-White racist? You guys really get old. Why are you on a “White” website anyway?

    You don’t seem to handle logic and facts very well. Society self-segregates itself despite all the “diversity”, “integration” and “equality” nonsense. This is seen first hand at lunch tables at any fucked-up mult-cult high school. Whites commit crimes against Whites, nobody denies that. But the point is, that everything else being equal a White will be a victim of black criminality at a much higher rate than white-on-white.

    Black on black crime rates are astronomically higher than W on W. The point is that increasing contact with blacks will result in an increased rate of crime on whites. That’s all.

    You are not very intelligent or open-minded to reality it seems:

    Every year there are about 15,000 black-on-white rapes but fewer than 900 white-on-black rapes. There are more than 3,000 gang rapes of whites by blacks—but white-on-black gang rapes are so rare they do not even show up in the statistics.

    Do you have a college degree? Is this hard to understand or something? You want more, please keep asking.

  582. on March 12, 2008 at 1:41 am Portnoy's complaint

    #576 Dream on. Go to the BET boards!!! Baltimore is 64% black and an acknowleded failure, why are you proud of that.

    When Baltimore was White, it was a functioning city. That’s just the plain unvarnished truth.

  583. on March 12, 2008 at 1:46 am Portnoy's complaint

    #579 “Racism is just a diversionary tactic and it has worked very well.”

    Who told you that? Jews in the US, the most racist and collectivist people we have, would laugh at your statement. Do you know how many non-profits, jewish groups, pro-israel orgs, etc. etc. there are? and what they are formed for?

    Now ask yourself, why would they devote that much energy and mone to racist lobbying and posturing if it was unimportant?

  584. on March 12, 2008 at 1:54 am Portnoy's complaint

    #578 Your post is so filled with liberal inaccuracies that …..you know what, this is insane arguing about “Whites” with a non-white. You don’t know squat.

    All your points have been so thoroughly debunked by intellectuals that all you are doing is repeating the rants and propaganda of black “activists” who aren’t intellectuals.

    The stats across the board for blacks have gone DOWN since the 1964 Civil Rights Act, affirm action, integration, forced busing, diversity quotas etc. Whites have poured billions into this stuff for over 40 years now, and the results are in.

    Your “blame whites” and parroting of anti-white racist rhetoric is failed and it’s old. It falls on deaf ears because it’s false.

  585. on March 12, 2008 at 2:00 am Portnoy's complaint

    “From what I understand of that, you are suggesting that in an ideal world we would have affirmative action in basketball?”

    This is already in place, for “Blacks only”, yet again!! It’s especially bad in the NFL where it’s now mandatory to hire new coaches solely based on racial factors. It never ends, and Obama ain’t gonna please anyone, especially the blacks who want more freebies. Unfortunately, Bush has left us broke. But the welfare statists don’t understand basic ecomomics and they will turn on Obama when he doesn’t “deliver”.

  586. on March 12, 2008 at 2:37 am Portnoy: shut up

    just shut your trap – no one agrees with you. just go to your favorite racist blog and enjoy the company of friends. enough.

  587. I’m definitely guilty of this one! The Sopranos worked out exactly as described!

  588. Me and the other writers over at Highbrid Nation loved The Wire. Actually, one of our guys just did a post today talking about how important The Wire was to viewers as well as the cast.

    I think The Wire is one of those shows that most people won’t truly get until years from now. 20 years from now people will look back on the Wire as one of the greatest shows ever created.

  589. Look at me String, where’s Wallace at? Where’s the boy String?! Sting, WHERE THE FUCK IS WALLACE?!?!?!

  590. on March 12, 2008 at 8:03 am faking whitness

    close you’re eyes, it won’t hurt none

    hey white people, anyone else find it odd how they all just accept death? They don’t freak out or nothing. Odd.

  591. Suggestion: -blogging
    -respoding to blogs

  592. on March 12, 2008 at 8:20 am Pity for Portnoy

    #585 Hey Portnoy may have an idea, keep this on the light side, Mr.Portnoy’s Complaint need not try to sell his hate-mongering to ppl who want to keep this site clean of racist drivel. I think some out there either aren’t getting enough attention, or missing out on valuable Vitamin B?!

  593. I’ve seen every single episode of The Wire, does that mean I’m white? Or maybe it’s because most of network TV sucks.

  594. I’m from Baltimore. It’s totally real.

    But I haven’t seen any of the fifth season because it’s not on DVD and I don’t have cable. Don’t say anything about it to me!

    So, so white…

  595. Actually, the fact that real wires go silent is true – there are a number of articles/interviews out there on it. And while I laugh and find a lot of this post true (though a little repetitive of the ‘Arrested Development’ one), one must also remember that at least as much (if not much more) of the fan base is very diverse and not white at all.

    That being said, I’m white, it’s the best show ever on television ever, and too smart for John Q. Public ; )

  596. Ah, The Wire. As a white lefty (though more the kind that likes headlines above rich men in dire situations that say “We should have finished the fu**er off there and then”) I love the Wire. Have done before it was boxed-up like the rest. And I don’t pay for it – I steal it (then buy the box set if I can, to make up for it).

    Yes, it portrays black people as horrible, corrupt and extremely fallible. Then again, find me a cop in the show who is perfect – or anyone who is; lawyers, wives, judges, police staff, politicians and all of them crooked, or bent out of shape because the world does that. And as far as authentic goes, McNulty is played by a British actor with a plummy accent, and the mayor is played by an Irish actor – both as far from Baltimore as you can get. It’s acting, and it’s storytelling, so it will never be “real”. But it’s sure as heck realer than reality TV. And as it’s written by an ex cop and an ex Baltimore journalist, it isn’t nearly as showy or as soapy as Sopranos (weak – it just got weak) or Six Feet (morbidly optimistic – candy-coated cotton-candy).

    What I find interesting is, I caught some of the season that deals with the unions and dock workers – Albanian and Greek drug dealers and corrupt Russian deck hands, and even some white slave trade thrown in just to show how horrible we can be. Problem is, I caught it on BET, and for some reason, the storyline showing white people as corrupt and fallible had been (wait for it) removed! So much for “it only makes black people look bad” – kinda like Quebec saying they want to ba acknowledged as a separate culture inside Canada, and then ruthlessly suppressing any culture other than their own within their own borders. If you watched the WHOLE show, you might learn somethin’

    I love the show because of the writing, and the acting. It’s a long-burn plot line, and written with more subtlety and more regard for the development of characters and ideas than any other show on TV – you have to actually watch it, and watch it closely, to follow the story. It’s like watching some of the shows that come out of the UK – written to be good, not easy to digest. Genius stuff. I’m glad it’s finished so we can do better still.

  597. on March 12, 2008 at 11:00 am Portnoy's complaint


    It’s amazing how this blog attracts so many non-whites that think they are experts on Whites! LOL!!!!

  598. on March 12, 2008 at 11:13 am iheartwhitewomen

    just wanted to add white people like:

    – rap when no one is around,
    – Ipods,
    – ripped or torn clothing (no matter their economic bacground),
    – St. Patrick’s day,
    – using the term articulate to describe black men,
    – drinking and driving,
    – Vince Vaughn,
    – Own Wilson,
    – Phillip Seymore Hoffman,
    – Will Farrell,
    – racist jokes,
    – saying “Me a racist? I have a black friend.”

    Prove me wrong people

  599. on March 12, 2008 at 11:17 am iheartwhitewomen


  600. on March 12, 2008 at 11:28 am iheartwhitewomen

    other things white people like:

    – Seinfeld,
    – Owen Wilson,
    – Will Ferrell,
    – Phillip Seymore Hoffman,
    – racist jokes,
    – IPods,
    – jogging,
    – saying “how articulate” a black person is,
    – saying “i’m not racist i have a black friend,”
    – roller blading,
    – sking,

    will get you more as i remember them

  601. Im from Baltimore and its completely true that every class in the city is guilty of corruption greed and high profit crime and not willing to give any of it up for the greater good. The place needs a complete makeover and for anything like that to happen nigs need to stop killing eachother. However, thats not really going to happen until all the junkies and crackheads put the needle and pipe down. And thats not really going to happen.

  602. Ray Lewis plays for Baltimore and he killed a guy once.


  603. on March 12, 2008 at 1:00 pm ThatBmoreGurl

    People this post is hilarious. Of course everything is not true about every white person in the world but it is true to most. That would be like me getting offended everytime someone said majority of black women become pregnant before leaving highschool. Its true but I’m not going to flip my lid over it because its not true to me. This blog is hilarious and I go to school in Pennsylvania surrounded by many-a-white people and a lot of these things are holding true.

  604. One thing white people definitely like is to pay women to have sex. Black men refuse to do this—in fact they make the women pay them.

  605. @ 606 very good; maybe you should start your own blog. I’m always saying that White people love Will Farrell for some reason and Phillip Seymour Hoffman–that’s classic.

    @ 610; very funny post; I paid for it once and it was a White woman but she was worth every penny. Never had a woman pay me though.

  606. LOL!!

    I’m from Baltimore. Not a white person, though.

  607. on March 12, 2008 at 1:30 pm Portnoy: shut up

    i am white. LOL yourself.

  608. on March 12, 2008 at 1:48 pm ross morrison

    Someone needs to get off their butt and write a book on backlash.

  609. Who cares?

  610. on March 12, 2008 at 2:21 pm Portnoy's complaint

    re: nflthugs.com LOL!!!

    Ever notice that Blacks never whine about affirmative action when it comes to forcing diversity on White NFL cheerleader squads? Ha ha……they are so unbelievable.

  611. Smart people like The Wire. I am black and everyone that I know watched it. I was the best show on T.V. for years. This blog is silly white people should be offended.

  612. Haha im from baltimore and i have never seen this show.

  613. on March 12, 2008 at 2:37 pm Hey Portnoy you are a fool

    White one White crimes are higher than black on black crimes. Look at the Bureau of Justice website.

    You me ask me if I have a college degree and I really have to say no.

    I have TWO.

  614. “It’s amazing how this blog attracts so many non-whites that think they are experts on Whites! LOL!!!!”

    Most of the people that are telling you shut up are white. LOL

  615. furious1-562:

    “I think you are still upset because you have found out through this blog …”

    You consistently think a lot of things that are generally wrong, including your worldview. Let me point out a few more:


    “I did suggest that Portnoy, and you for that matter, are not part of the ruling classes”

    Please educate us as to this “ruling class”, since it apparently isn’t economically driven. Do they have special Illumati tattoos? Does the social worker who has two masters degrees and earns 30k/year a part of it? Is she above a used car salesman who makes 60k per year or a stockbroker who makes 100k? Does her landlord accept ruling class certificates in-lieu of cash payments for this ruling class. Please enlighten me as I am unaware of such an elite class. They must be like the special ops of liberalism so I am quite interested 😀

    “The legacy of slavery has led to transience and poverty for many African Americans”

    Its always easy to make up excuses for ones lack of ability but to be honest they 1) didn’t come to this continent of their own volition, 2) were bred for braun, not brains (and only those survived the trip, and 3) there isn’t a single slave alive today. Other immigrants come to this country and make something of themselves, most blacks are unable to.

    “I would offer that poverty is a better indicator of crime than race.”

    I would offer that poverty is rather a cause of crime and poor mate selection and breeding habits. You have no data to support that poverty is a predictor of crime. I have a good example to show otherwise: West Virginia is a very poor state overall, but although the median income income might be on par with the south side of Chicago, crime is far higher in the south side of Chicago, its actually rampant.

    You’re going to have to accept that not all groups are created equal, I’m going to show stats below showing you just how inferior blacks are (as a group), compared to whites.

  616. on March 12, 2008 at 3:30 pm Portnoy's complaint

    #619 You cannot back that up. If you have “2” degrees you should know that you have to compare it on a “per capita basis”. How did you pass? Did you go to a black college? ha ha …. just kidding.

    Whites outnumber blacks by what margin in the US? but what about those crime stats?

    Show me what you have, we’ll consider it. But these are the facts:

    Crime Rates

    • Blacks are seven times more likely than people of other races to commit murder, and eight times more likely to commit robbery.

    • When blacks commit crimes of violence, they are nearly three times more likely than non-blacks to use a gun, and more than twice as likely to use a knife.

    • Hispanics commit violent crimes at roughly three times the white rate, and Asians commit violent crimes at about one quarter the white rate.

    • The single best indicator of violent crime levels in an area is the percentage of the population that is black and Hispanic.

    Interracial Crime

    • Of the nearly 770,000 violent interracial crimes committed every year involving blacks and whites, blacks commit 85 percent and whites commit 15 percent.

    • Blacks commit more violent crime against whites than against blacks. Forty-five percent of their victims are white, 43 percent are black, and 10 percent are Hispanic. When whites commit violent crime, only three percent of their victims are black.

    • Blacks are an estimated 39 times more likely to commit a violent crime against a white than vice versa, and 136 times more likely to commit robbery.

    • Blacks are 2.25 times more likely to commit officially-designated hate crimes against whites than vice versa.


    • Only 10 percent of youth gang members are white.

    • Hispanics are 19 times more likely than whites to be members of youth gangs. Blacks are 15 times more likely, and Asians are nine times more likely.

  617. people’s is taking this way too seriously..shits hilarious

  618. on March 12, 2008 at 3:34 pm Portnoy's complaint

    Go Bob go!!!! I don’t know who you are, or where you came from, but you are solid White person. Regards.

  619. 584,

    Your numbers are correct, or at least they are close to mine as I have 2004 FBI crime statistics data, I do not doubt their accuracy. You conveniently leave out or do not understand per capita statistics which show the violent tendencies of blacks vs. whites in stark contrast. I will just post overall violent crime statistics and calculate this per capita rate.

    Violent Crimes with an arrest, 2004: 423,830
    Black arrests for violent crime, 2004: 157,810.
    White arrests for violent crime, 2004: 256,572.

    Number of whites, 2004: 197.84MM
    Violent crime offender arrest rate for whites, 2004: 0.13%.

    Number of blacks, 2004: 35.95MM
    Violent crime offender arrest rate for blacks, 2004: 0.44%.

    Propensity of blacks to be arrested for violent crime over whites: .44 / .13 = 3.38x more likely. 238% more likely than whites to engage in violent crime.

    Crime Link: Source: http://www.fbi.gov/ucr/cius_04/documents/CIUS_2004_Section4.pdf (page 24)

    Census Source: “Table 3: Annual Estimates of the Population by Sex, Race and Hispanic or Latino Origin for the United States: April 1, 2000 to July 1, 2005”

  620. on March 12, 2008 at 3:43 pm CrownedRoyal

    As much as I would love to agree with this one, sadly its not true. As a white person and a DIEHARD fan of the wire, I have to say 99 percent of white people dont know what the show is. Otherwise it wouldnt be getting cancelled. Critics FINALLY discovered the show on the final season, but before that, no one really watched it. Hence why its off the air.
    PS how the F do you have the WIRE on here and NOT Mayonnaise?

  621. Leaving the race card out of this, I really enjoy the Wire. I’ve watched all of the seasons back when people wouldnt give it a second glance because it wasnt the Sopranos. I’m a long time police officer & I’m glad there’s a show that finally portrays the real side of things.

    If you want to see how politics, law enforcement and the criminal justice system work in this country then just watch the Wire. I have personally seen some of the same stuff occur that is written into the Wire. It’s pretty much realistic so dont think its all drama made for t.v. Sure some things have been pumped up but the backstabbing, good ‘ol boy, beuracratic red tape is all for real. If you want to be a drug dealer, police officer, lawyer or politician then this series should be required watching. At least that way you know what your getting into & cant complain that no one warned you.

    In the end, the series just shows you that life goes on no matter what you do.

  622. Wow Bob, it must have taken you all day to write that last post. You must work in an isolated cubicle.

    Ok, here are some stats for you:

    Majority white, rural states like Alaska, Wyoming, Arizona, Nevada and Arkansas have higher gun deaths per capita than New York, California, or Illinois. Your good old (white) boys in West Virgina sure seem to like to shoot each other over meth and oxycotin–it ranks 12th, while Maryland ranks #22. If you were capable of such higher reasoning, I would suggest that the states with highest incidents of gun crime are also the poorest. Connecticut and Massachusetts, very wealthy states, are raked #49 and 50, while Alaska is #2 and Louisiana #3. Hmm. Go figure. I think you will find a correlation (look it up) between crime stats and poverty any way you slice it, but I’ll bet you are going to come back with some stats of your own to disprove it. That’s the fun thing about statistics!

    And I told you, it is not nice to talk about money! You just go on living in a world where a person’s salary and spending equals the sum total of their worth to society. I’m sure it keeps your credit card company happy.

    The bottom line is, I do think people are created equal and should be afforded equal opportunity. That’s just me, what can I say, I’m a pretty nice guy. In reading the comments to this post, you and Portnoy seem to be in the minority and I hope it stays that way.

    Goodnight Bob, have fun at the cross burning!

  623. on March 12, 2008 at 4:09 pm Portnoy's complaint

    I read about some Chicago cops that were forced into marxist “diversity” seminars, and they came out laughing saying that the movie The Barbershop would be true diversity training!

  624. on March 12, 2008 at 4:16 pm Portnoy's complaint

    Look at poor furious1. He stares right in the face of the most basic stats (see #622), and he pulls out “gun & crime” rates in Alaska to prove something.

    Show us these sources that say Alaska or Wyoming are more criminally prone than majority black areas of populous states like NY, IL or CA. Prove it.

    “Goodnight Bob, have fun at the cross burning! LOL!!!!”

    Hey furious1: Right! Go fake another hate-crime!!!! That’s what half of them turn out to be anyway.

  625. on March 12, 2008 at 4:22 pm Portnoy's complaint


    The more White the state is, the lower the crime rate.

    Why are we even discussing this stuff with a classic denier?

    The more black or “diverse” it is, the more fucked up it is. Stats don’t lie.

    North Dakota has tons of gun owners and Whites, and they are No.1 for lowest crime rate. Utah, Wisconsin, Maine, Vermont …….ALL White states and guess what? Low crime.

  626. Sorry, Portnoy. You’re right about this much: you and I don’t live in the same world. I live in my world, and you … well, from all the evidence, you live here.

    I have no idea how old Cheney is. Maybe my fellow posters want to weigh in: how old’s the Devil?

    Regarding your suggestion that I go down and hug people on MLK Boulevard: I’ve done that. They hug back. Sorry; no data are available to prove this.

    On the lighter side — how about the next Stuff White People Like post going to Eddie Izzard? I love that guy. A good post here might enlighten the few who don’t know anything about him yet.

    On the other hand … the man might be “too white” … 🙂

  627. Never seen The Wire. Is this another show where a f–ked up bunch of getto Blacks are portrayed as cool? Kinda like Gangland is to the “Never get anywhere” group of street people?
    It’s probably no more unreal than Father Knows Best or Sandford and Son.
    Must be making money.

  628. on March 12, 2008 at 5:11 pm Portnoy's complaint

    #632 “Regarding your suggestion that I go down and hug people on MLK Boulevard: I’ve done that. They hug back. Sorry; no data are available to prove this.”


    breaking news: They caught the Durham, NC guys who car-jacked and shot in the head the 22-year old UNC (White) student body president, Eve Carson. Care to guess what the perps race was?

    You live in a fog.

    take a look: http://www.wbtv.com/news/topstories/16518311.html

    This won’t make it on “ira glass'” NPR program, that’s a given.

  629. The wire is a great show and a very accurate portray of life in Baltimore Maryland. Personally I thought the season finale was realistic and didn’t give the Hollywood happy ending.

  630. White people love Marlo Stanfield

  631. When arrested,Mestizoes are classified by the Authorities as White. Thus, falsely inflating the White crime rate.

  632. Portney’s complaint,

    Please shut up and take your anti-semetic racist self somewhere else! People are just talking about a show on TV that they identified with.

    How do you stand yourself?

    I’m white, I like good writing, and I like open minded people. I like to laugh at myself!

    You should really lighten up, Portney. Life’s to short for all your fear and hate.


  633. Hey Portnoy, tamblu likes “open minded” people. LOL. These lemming haters don’t seem to have one bit of self-awareness.

  634. on March 12, 2008 at 7:38 pm Portnoy's complaint

    Hey tamblu: That was quite an hateful post!!! Anger isn’t good for you buddy.

    I love these angry little toddlers that have no tolerance for others while preaching “tolerance”! It’s hilarious.

    You know what T? You could never make it as a writer for “The Wire”, because you are totally clueless about life and the world at large, and you know it.

  635. 640 Portnoy’s complaint: You are basically shit in life. So how about getting out of your mum shit holer and fuck a real arse as her’s is so slack? It may make you realise some other things in this process.

    I will comment like an adult human being when you have something worth replying to. I am angry at myself that I even care that you exist, you are nothing!

  636. on March 12, 2008 at 8:04 pm niveus maximus

    The Wire? Best show on TV? Wigga pleez. “Mad Men” anyone? It’s like “Roots” for us white suburbanites.
    PS – love the blog

  637. on March 12, 2008 at 8:50 pm Portnoy's complaint


    You do know that Alex Haley falsified and faked the story of ‘Roots”, right?


    You are so hateful, it’s pathetic. Humans know how to control themselves.

    Try saying that “fuck mom” stuff to a mexican (chinga tu madre) and you’ll see some real anger! Luckily, I’m White so I don’t worry about idiots.

  638. on March 12, 2008 at 10:39 pm charm city girl

    i’m a nonwhite person from baltimore and it’s true: whenever a white person finds out where i’m from, they always ask me about the wire! and i tell them that’s it’s for real (even though i’ve never seen it). then we talk about john waters.

  639. Try saying ‘fuck your mum/sister/ grandmother’ to an Italian? You’d see the consequence of this statement. Arn’t they white? I think that they are.

  640. How can you talk about other people hating when that is all you have done?

  641. > It’s bizarre that people with such beliefs could produce a
    > show which portrays the majority-black city of Baltimore as,
    > basically, Hell on Earth!

    have you ever been to baltimore?

  642. on March 13, 2008 at 6:34 am controlling chaos

    what is this show?
    Again another blog that is way off.

    I am a fan of LOST and HOUSE. I mostly watch movies.
    Unlike what you see on TV many white people are not into
    Nascar or CMT [country music video’s] If you like this type of thing, good for you but not for me…

    I only live an hour away from Baltimore and haven’t heard any talk about this show, is it still on TV?

    Hollywood stereotypes of any race is only half correct.

    Why all the hate or negative comments? If something starts off as racial remarks, then you’ll find many people responding back in the same way. [I guess this is how you get a high number of hits on your blog][it worked, I keep commenting]

  643. Sorry to say stories might be bit extreme, but there a lot of truths behind the stories (from the mouths of south western officers). West b-more has a culture of it own.
    You have to be in it to see it.

  644. Oh my GOD! This is dead on! I was cracking-up reading this! This is like, ME!

    I love this blog so much I wrote about it on my my my myspace.


    I love the Wire.

    Oh- I was part of the DC 48 hour film fest, and I met the fat white guy cop who always works in the office. He was in one of the films. I think he lives local.

    This whole blog is perfect.

  645. and, thanks to #641.

  646. Wow…that is some snide stuff. Not really entertaining or funny. The Wire raised my street IQ by 30 points. Was this story rejected by The Onion because the sarcasm was too thick? A friend referred me to this story, and I don’t think I’ll be back. Cuz you guys are the cool, independent-thinking whites, aiight?

  647. Portnoy and Bob are convinced that crime statistics prove the supremacy of white people. By that logic, they should bow down to Asians as their master race, as Asian Americans have a much lower incidence of crime in this country than either whites or blacks. The discussion of out-of-context crime stats goes nowhere.

    And in answer to Bob’s question about the special “ruling liberal elites,” I would suggest that he reads through some of his earlier posts. I mean doesn’t he (and Portnoy) believe that liberals rule the country? Otherwise people like him wouldn’t bitch about how no one reports the “facts” that he knows to be true. If everything he says is so patently obvious, he should be in the mainstream, right? But instead, the cabal of limousine liberals keeps pulling the wool over our eyes and pushes champions of truth, like him, to the margins. For what end perhaps he can say? So I think he does believe in the Illuminati-card carrying liberals.

    He also mentioned that white DNA = white privilege. Where does one get their white privilege card? What does it entitle one to? Upgraded seats at NASCAR events? Secret “white only” checkout lines at Target or Costco? Discounts on J-Crew? Man, I’m missing out.

    But enough about all that. I think the next post should be San Francisco. It’s like the Disneyland for white hipsters.

  648. on March 13, 2008 at 12:33 pm Chris Partlow

    If you are white and a fan of the Wire, you must always point out that the second season was the weakest. This is because it was about other white people; about the sorts of white people that those who watch the Wire don’t like to be around, or even acknowledge. You must argue that the second season just “didn’t seem as ‘real’ as the others.” You must also grant that the fourth season was the strongest, and the most Dickensian. That Omar is ‘the best character ever portrayed on television’, and that you wish you could talk like Snoop.

  649. Yo. The peeples who write this [blog] are white. The peeples who read this [blog] are white. That is why it is so real.

  650. Clander,

    Please fact check your posts, it’s quite trite reading this article in all it’s flubbering buffoonery. I’d rather check out your posts on “not owning a laserdisc” or “enjoying trail mix without candy.” Otherwise, I’m bound to yawn or scoff at your lack of knowledge on the Wire, Baltimore or anything particularly engaging. Suburban housewives read your blog, so you might want to cater to them, try “The Hills”, “80 Mixes” or “Skrewdriver” for #88. Or maybe you could step it up a notch, get real craaazy and write something poignant, scary or witty. Unless you want to keep looking for ideas in USA Today and People, those seem to suit you properly.

    “A long time ago, someone started a rumor that when The Wire is on TV, actual police wires go quiet because all the dealers are watching the show.” -You.

    Well, either you started this rumor in your in bathroom (I heard you told your toilet paper roll!) or you’ve been keeping the wrong company. You’ve obviously never been to Baltimore and I wouldn’t recommend going. The city would eat you alive.

    Other commenters. Please cease and decist, turn Bravo back on and get your salmon souffelle out of the oven.

    You’ll have to excuse me. I have a lunch meeting with Cliff Huxtable at the Four Seasons in 20 minutes.

  651. I love The Wire ’cause it’s a great piece of stroytelling, and has some of the richest characters and layered plots of any TV show-right up there with the Sopranos or Deadwood. So do a lot of people(although not that many as the show has always had low ratings.

    Oh yeah and I’m a white urban liberal from the West Coast who has never been to Baltimore.

    And yes the only thing anyone from the West Coast knows about Baltimore is: The Wire, Homicide:Life on the Streets, and John Waters.

    It’s a great entertaining show–but all you boorish Americans want to talk about is race. Fucking get over yourselves. Look at the state of this country…the US dollar is worth less than Canadian money–Americans of all cultures are fucked. That’s what The Wire is really about, the failure of the American capitalist system and our slow decline of empire.

  652. on March 13, 2008 at 1:49 pm soloman kane

    I live in Baltimore and love The Wire.

    Give the show a try, but you need to start from the 1st season. The overall story is awfully bleak, but it still manages to pull you in.

    Some favorite moments…When Omar testifies against Bird Hilton and he questions the ethics of Barksdale lawyer. Man, I hate that lawyer.
    Also, Snoop buying the nail gun, “full auto, no kickback, nail throwing mayhem…shit right here is tight”

    I just don’t think there are too many shows on tv these days that will challenge you like the Wire…both mentally and emotionally. Another show that I loved was Northern Exposure….wonderful writing and characters. white show? probably. Who the F*&^ cares!

    BTW…I live in a somewhat decent Baltimore neighborhood and still been held up at gunpoint, witnessed plenty of drug use and sex behind my house and had stuff stolen from my property, so yeah…I’d say what goes on in the Wire is a fair portrayal of Baltimore, but, sadly, can’t the same be said for most urban areas in the US and abroad???

  653. Hey, to all the people actually responding to Portnoy’s Complaint: don’t bother. He’s actually an experimental robot at the Defense Department…an amazing piece of machinery, but something went wrong in the progamming and he turned out to be a racist, pea-brained f**k, and they can’t figure out how to shut him down. He trolls the internet all day long leaving racist bile at every blog he can find…sad really. But you can save yourself the effort of responding to him.

  654. Furious1,

    Obviously liberals don’t rule the country. They rule a large part of it (the blue states), but they won’t be ruling the country proper at the highest level ever. They can’t get elected to the highest office.

    White privilege = white DNA. Thats correct. You are using a term sociologists invented to promote their false doctrine of racial equality, however I’ve turned it around on you. Whites are privileged by having superior genetics than blacks in terms of thought capacity, planning for the future and reduced impulsiveness (re: criminality). You don’t see whites gunning down college co-eds in cold blood for a chance at their ATM card. I call it their baboon spirit running wild, just as on the veldt of Africa.

    Check my posts again, Furious1, I never called the liberal elites “ruling”. Sure they have a following among the youth that much is true, but unfortunately the youth don’t vote consistently 😀

    What does white DNA entitle one to? Being able to succeed in a meritocracy that we call America. That much. No I’m not bowing down in front of Asians just because they also have the capacity to succeed. I am merely pointing out that there is one race, which congregates in urban areas almost exclusively, which largely DOESN’T.

    Sorry blacks but if you’re incapable of even farming I don’t see how the rest of America can take you seriously as being on the same level as other races. Blacks exist almost exclusively in urban enclaves: it provides the anonynimity that fosters their lifestyle of public assistance, single parenthood, crime and corruption.

    “If everything he says is so patently obvious, he should be in the mainstream, right?”

    No. The right ideas take time to emerge when the truth is covered up. The media doesn’t cover statistics that I and Portnoy have posted because they are promoting the same agenda you are: that doctrine of racial equality. But the statistics, almost any statistics, show that to be wrong. If you recall Hitler was in the mainstream in 1930s and early 40s Germany, so for you to make such a ridiculous statement is stunning. You are equating popularity with the validity of a position?

    The right ideas win out over time as reality is a force that can’t be covered up over the long term.

    I can see in a different time and place you would’ve been a Hitler youth or Stalinist informer sending people to the gulag. I am glad I finally coerced a statement out of you to prove how morally inferior you truly are. Popularity does not equality righteousness Furious1, nor does it prove anything about the inherent truths of a position.

  655. Good evening, HAL. 🙂

    I know you’re right. I think we all do. It’s just this anger stuff, it’s contagious — it gets under your skin and makes you go puppy-kicking nuts. Seriously. I have a really nice life, but guys like that make me think I somehow need to defend it, when what I really need to do is just log off, go out and live it.

    So that’s what I’ll do now. “There ain’t no nostalgia to this s**t. There’s just the street, and the game, and what happen here today.”

    (Watchers of The Wire, you know what to do now …)

  656. Hal – right on!

  657. I think there needs to be an entry on electronic music/techno. I think most white people start listening to it “ironically” but inevitably ends up liking it for real. I think this eventual love it of comes from the fact that everyone looks stupid while dancing to Techno, so they can listen to it and dance with very little shame. This story is just waiting to be blown open!

  658. 662 bob gives me the creeps.

  659. on March 14, 2008 at 12:03 am Portnoy's complaint

    #655 furious#1

    You are really good at putting your own words in other people’s mouths!

    Nobody wants to hear your anti-white racist drivel. Go post somewhere else.

  660. on March 14, 2008 at 12:04 am Portnoy's complaint

    #666 Daniel

    Nice number, you satan!!

    Go Bob go………send these anti-white bigots where they belong!

  661. on March 14, 2008 at 12:09 am Portnoy's complaint


    Didn’t they make movie about you “Shallow Hal”? “pea-brained” LOL!!! Takes one to know one!

    The antiwhite bigots are out in force today.

  662. portney- your kind is starting to make me yawn.

    BTW, hate and bigotry never win.

  663. This blog has doubled it’s hits from 2 weeks ago! Over 12 million!

  664. on March 14, 2008 at 6:53 am smarter person

    Wow, “wire fan” – if you honestly believe Baltimore’s problems are because of race and not incidental social/economic problems, you’re an amazingly stupid human being.

  665. i am white. i do yoga, lead a generally vegetarian lifestyle, used to go to grad school and love The Wire. it’s all very true. this blog is insightful and funny and well-written.

    To anyone who thinks The Wire portrays blacks in the worst possible light: um, okay, but it also portrays whites, the media, the school systems, politicians, the police force, the criminal justice system, detectives, etc. in the worst possible light. This is a scathing indictment of whatever happened to this once-loved city and spares no punches. Perhaps you have somehow, bizarrely, missed the overarching theme of the show, the delicately crafted analogy between the inner structure of the drug world and the inner structure of the government. Essentially, there are dishonest, self-interested thieves in both categories, because human nature–black, white, rich, poor–transcends societal boundaries. I think what we see, after this amazing show has finally concluded its run, is that white, educated, moneyed politicians like Caretti, while they have their positive qualities, are essentially no more honest than drug kingpins like Marlo.

  666. LOST!
    You forgot LOST!
    White people LURVVVVV LOST!!!!


  667. Gee Bob, congratulations! I know you have been just chomping at the bit to invoke Hitler, and you found a way! You just had to bend the rules of logic to do so.

    I think you need a tune-up of your reading comprehension skills if you took from my comments that I equated popular with true. I suggested that if your ideas were so “patently obvious” they would have more currency. But I know that falls on deaf ears to you, believing as you do in a vast left-wing media conspiracy that keeps people from knowing “the truth”. I hope you don’t have to do much higher reasoning in your “professional” cubicle job.

    But, I’m glad to report that we agree on something. I too understand that it takes time for “right ideas” to be accepted by society. If you look at the history of this country, racisim and discrimination were the norm for a very long time. It has taken a protracted struggle for the “right ideas” of tolerance and equality to gain a foothold. As you write: “reality is a force that can’t be covered up over the long term.”

    I see that after your “statistics” argument has been deflated as fraudulent you are back to the pure hate speech. Way to get angry! It is you who are acting animalistic here. I guess I really rattled your cage…

    Life must be so frustrating for you and your boy Portnoy. You guys can’t enjoy this blog, or even watching basketball or football, without getting angry. And with the “mainstream media” on the side of the angels, it’s just going to get worse and worse. Sounds like somebody needs a hug. Or some therapy.

    Would I have been a Hitler Youth? I doubt it. But I know you would have been, as you still espouse the same ideology. And as for Portnoy, he’s the kind of guy that I’ll bet says stuff like “I don’t admire all of Hitler’s ideas, but he was a great leader.”

  668. Word

  669. on March 14, 2008 at 10:30 am felafel chick

    I’m Arab and you just made me feel white, LOL!! this is hilarious.
    The show is getting a small but steady following in the Middle East thanks to illegal downloads! me ranting and raving about it and maybe becuase Baltimore looks like Baghdad!!

  670. Oh yea, he also uses the name Bob and probably a bunch of other aliases, but it’s easy to recognize his writing by what he says. The Defense Department thinks the only choice is to sledge-hammer him into oblivion.

  671. The White Supremacists on here are HILARIOUS. Blabbering on about Black-on-white crime, when it is a well known fact that most crime in this country is intra-racial (i.e., white-on-white, Black-on-Black, etc.)! It is definitely a tragedy that two college coeds were murdered, regardless of race; but please check the stats on how many white men abuse and KILL white women DAILY. And that’s not even taking into consideration white homicidal & femicidal maniac serial killers such as Ted Bundy, Charles Manson, John Wayne Gacy, & Jeffery Dahmer to name just a few. After that we can move on to the numerous WHITE BOYS who have decided to kill their families and classmates (this list includes: Kip Kinkle, Andrew J. Wurst, Andrew Golden, Mitchell Johnson, Michael Carneal, Luke Woodham, and of course ERIC HARRIS & DYLAN KLEBOLD!)

  672. I am somewhat retarded (in the true sense of the word, meaning slow) as a white person. I did not start watching The Sopranos until it was a box set and then I rented it. Except I haven’t yet seen 6.5 because I am slowwww. When 6.5 hit HBO, I learned that the coolest white people pronounce it The Soprahnos. I am not among the coolest.

    This may lead you to conclude correctly that I have not seen The Wire. It sounds unpleasant and despite the ratings, many white people dislike unpleasant television. In fact I have mixed feelings about The Sopranos for this reason. I do not even enjoy it when criminals are depicted as being tortured.

    My retarded subcategory of whites also dislikes unpleasant discourse on the internet, such as that shown above. And we say discourse too.

    One more thing: lthough Buffy the Vampire Slayer is a very white box set, the fact that I–as a white person in her late 40’s–wish to buy and make it my one and only box set, makes me loose much credibility with other white people (I avoided using “cred” because I hate it when white people say cred, especially when we are over 30.)

  673. holy shit im from bmore this is pretty accurate

  674. on March 14, 2008 at 8:49 pm Portnoy's complaint

    #680 Oh, here we go again. Another crop of anti-White racists in denial!! and accusations of bigotry from tamblu!!! Come up with a new slur already. You are boring.

    You guys will run along like all the others. Thank God for The Wire which shows the truth.

    BTW tamblu, the truth always prevails. That’s why the Wire has lasted 5 seasons.

    #680 Most crimes are committed by people who know each other. That’s a given. But that certainly doesn’t explain away 37,500 black-on-white rapes every year. Ha ha….all we hear about are “nooses”, nothing about this statistic about negroes.

    Save us the Charlie Manson crap and explain Rwanda where 1 million Blacks hacked each other to death with farm tools.

  675. Hey Portnoy, get back to dicking your sister/mother and continue to make your inbred, idiot-producing, cross-eyed, knuckle-dragging kind proud! Oh and btw, if the voices in your tiny deranged “brain” should tell you to off yourself, do please comply. Also, please don’t forget to button up your long trench coat before shooting up the high school you attended 30 years ago, where you were constantly reminded of your inferiority by the fact that other non-racist whites looked down on you and knew that you’d one day be sitting in a cubicle picking at your adult acne-plagued face hating the fact that all them “mexiscum and negroids” as you call them, would be “takin’ all the good jobs, Jim Bo!”

    And for good measure, eat a dick( whether it be black white or brown I’ll leave to your discretion) and die slow. SMILE, you’ve been MINDFUCKED, FOOL!

  676. And in case you forgot Portnoy, the vast majority of those awful college shootings are perpetrated by some deranged white mofo…Columbine ring a bell, peasant?

  677. on March 15, 2008 at 7:24 am dividedskyler

    I seriously don’t know what is more humorous… the blog or the actual race relation debate that follows in the comments. Its satire dummies! It wouldn’t be so damn funny if it weren’t so damn true.

    Bodymore, Murdaland USA

  678. Baltimore LOVES the Wire! I moved here in 2005 and they were filming right outside my office. Everyone I worked with went bonkers. I had no idea what was going on.

    I’ve never had HBO, but I did rent season 4 on DVD. I’m in school for social work now, and I intern as a mental health counselor at a middle school in South Baltimore, in an area that’s pretty far removed from the rest of the city. (The wire was filmed in East and West Balto.)

    At least in terms of the school, the Wire was pretty accurate. Except none of the kids in my school wear the uniforms like they’re supposed to and no one has cut anyone else’s face up yet. And the school I’m in is racially mixed. But the fights and even the group sex in the bathrooms is all accurate. Although the kids on the TV stayed in their classrooms a lot more than the kids in my school.

    But yeah, the corrupt politicians, the drugs, the messed up police and lots of murders, all pretty accurate. Welcome to Charm City! But there are plenty of areas in the city where this is not the case. So it’s almost like 2 cities in one.

    Also, glancing through these responses, I don’t know what Portnoy’s talking about. There are plenty of white folks in Balto that sell drugs, use drugs and prostitute. He wants to makes it sounds like white people never do anything wrong??

  679. on March 15, 2008 at 8:08 am You're an idiot

    “Save us the Charlie Manson crap and explain Rwanda where 1 million Blacks hacked each other to death with farm tools.”

    Hmm, then explain the WHITE so called Aryans who gassed millions and burned them in ovens…maybe they were just hungry…

  680. Hmm, you guys are still responding to Portnoy: I told you he’s just a racist robot, you’re wasting your time. Defense has hired me to shut him down. Don’t worry, I’ll have him singing “Daisy….daisy” very soon.

  681. Furious1,

    Go see my post 626. It essentially shows that there are striking differences in the violent crime rate between blacks a whites. There are other statistics showing that blacks are far more likely to be carriers of STDs. They are also far more likely to be on public assistance. Unlike the media you don’t get a free pass posting statistics for the entire population without the context that there are easily 5.5x more white people than black people, so per capita rates matter.

    And you continue to espouse the false doctrine of racial equality even though reality does not bear this out. Have you seen Africa lately? Do you believe it is close to being on par with Europe or any other non-majority black society in terms of civilization and development?

    Howabout majority black public schools? I now see the logic behind Brown v Board of Education–there can’t be separate but equal public schools for blacks and whites because by nature those populations aren’t equal. So lets mix them all up and dumb down white student’s schools down to the level blacks can understand.

    Why are there metal detectors and police cruisers frequently in and around only the black schools? Why is that?

  682. I think scalper pretty much got your number portney.

    Teh-hee-hee. 😉

  683. Yes, bob. Why are the metal detectors and police cruisers around “black schools” and yet Columbine and Paducah and all these other schools have disgruntled white kids blowing up their fellow students?

    Probably because they have parents like you.

  684. ack! why is everyone talking about the wire!?

  685. Hmmm…

    As a white liberal university student, I like ghetto reality and “C.R.E.A.M.” and “Shook Ones Pt. II” and “NY State of Mind”, etc., etc. as much as the next Che-lovin’, pot-smokin’ 18-25 Caucasian male.

    And yet I’ve never seen THE WIRE. The only HBO DVDs I own are CURB YOUR ENTHUSIASM box-sets. I should give it a shot. Sounds dope, yo.

  686. on March 15, 2008 at 5:26 pm Portnoy's complaint

    #684 you’re right, I am very much inbred. I’m Jewish and my mother’s name was cohen, a group that has been screwing their cousins for centuries.

    To me anyone who isn’t a jew, is a nigger! Ha ha…..knuckle-dragger! Good one.

  687. on March 15, 2008 at 5:29 pm Portnoy's complaint

    PS Has anyone read about how South Africa and Zimbabwe are going to run out of food? because they kicked out the White farmers and handed the land over to idiot blacks that can’t do anything at all, but become squatters and drunks?

    I wonder how the liberals are going to spin that.

  688. I can just imagine all those suburban white people in their McMansion rumpus rooms eating Doritos in front of their plasmas pretending their edgy and cool because they watch “The Wire”. Losers.

  689. Um… So I’ve never heard of this show… do I have to give up the badge of white?

  690. oof, this one got me good.

  691. #697 What a crock. I see more FAT-ASS ghetto blacks eating fast-food and “snacks” than White suburbanites. These loser blacks dump the litter all around their own neighborhood!! I mean cats are smarter about hygiene.

    The blacks in the projects, they can’t afford this or that, but they all damn well own a nice TV. Sit their fat black asses down and get more artery blockage.

  692. Portney is as jewish as the pope!

    A real jew would understand oppresion and hatred. They would probably not be spreading such venom on this blog.

    You make jewish people look badly, portney! Shame on you.

    Or, are you one of those people who think jews are the chosen ones and everyone else is lesser? This can only bring disappointment.

    You’re living in fear, portney, not love. wake up, it’s 2008.

  693. Geeze, I so do not want to get involved in the race baiting stuff here, but there is something so hypnotic about reading the words of folks who are so wrong. You know you shouldn’t respond. But you do.

    Bob, Portnoy, etc…

    The problem with parleying racial differences into genetic descriptors (“white privilege = white DNA” for instance) is that there really is no such thing as “white DNA.”

    Seriously. You can’t decode the gazillion protein molecules of any random homo sapien and identify into which racial category they difinitively fall. We have decoded the entire human genome and found that the differences between DNA sampled from all manner of ethno-centric groups have only found incidental genetic markers, not specific and consistent “white” ones or “yellow” ones. We can find genes that suggest the presence of malarial immunity, for example, which means a susceptibility to a condition called Sickle Cell Anemia (an evolutionary trade-off to living in humid tropical climates thick with disease-carrying mosquitos). And we can map the presence of that gene to a vast majority of humans whose skin color and facial skull features share specific commonalities. But we can’t find a “black” gene.

    In fact, the absence of such racial genetic markers was a great surprise even to the teams who raced to decode the human genome throughout the late nineties. Blue eyes have a specific gene; having African-American skin pigmentation and facial skull contours do not. Those differences that we humans spend so much time discussing an parsing can not be reliably or consistently determined by looking at the organic material which poster Bob erroneously described as “privilege DNA.”

    That’s worth saying again: Sequencing an anonymous strand of DNA will not reveal the race of the human whose DNA is being analyzed.

    It can determine what their eye color is. It can tell their sex. It can reveal whether or not they share a genetic relationship with other humans whose DNA has also been tested. But DNA won’t tell you what color people are.

    When you consider that humans as a species share all but about 1.6% of their DNA with our closest primate relatives, the chimpanzees, then you are forced to realize that the genetic differences among various human races are necessarily far smaller. Humans who identify as whites, blacks, browns, yellows… they are all more–a lot more–than 98.4% like each other.

    We can interbreed across races. We can share blood and organs across races. We can even create and refine new races (and are doing so with increasing rapidity).

    They differences folks want to ascribe to race or race culture have been exhaustively followed back to the real origins of cultural difference and dominace, the coincidental advantages found by humans around southern Eurpore (the reason it was called “the fertile crescent”) around 6000BC.

    A land favorable to agriculture allowed humans for the first time to develop new skills–like metallurgy and mammal domestication–which catapulted the original old world European humans to a posture of military dominance over all other developing human clusters, whether in the new world (American Indians) or South America (Myans, Incans) or Africa (ethnic Muslims and Nubian Africans).

    Mathematics can depict how small differences in an initial pattern can become magnified over long periods of time, which is how our universe today arose from such an undifferentiated ball of dense matter at the moment of the Big Bang.

    The world domination by European whites is kind of like that. What began as agricultural advantage has grown into millennia of entrenched racial and religious disparity which humans have just barely begun to comprehend, analyze and reform.

  694. Great Post. I think the show Dexter is one white people enjoy as well..I am not White…so not sure if that invalidates my point!

  695. 702:

    Joel there is a such thing as white DNA, sorry to inform you.


    The company that invented the ancestry test, DNAPrint Genomics of Sarasota, Fla., says that by examining tiny genetic markers on the DNA molecule that tend to be similar in people of certain population groups, it can tell whether a suspect’s heritage is European, Sub-Saharan African, Southeast Asian, Native American or a mix of those.

    “When you consider that humans as a species share all but about 1.6% of their DNA with our closest primate relatives,”

    Also did you know that 80-90% of our DNA is junk? That is it has no express function other than its history. It is the remaining 10-20% of our billions of base pairs that form our genes and make us who we are. And up to 100,000 years of differeing evolution from our African precursors have bettered us.

    Race is no more a social construct than different breeds of dogs are. Is a chihuahua the same as a great dane in all aspects because they have enough similar DNA to produce offspring that can produce? Or how about a wolf and a golden retreiver?

    Again: race is more than a social construct. It broadly describes the entire genotype one inheritated from their ancestors. One particular race seems to be lacking in the civilization department and we all know which one that is.

  696. on March 16, 2008 at 9:55 am Portnoy's complaint

    You tell’em Bob.

    The problem with these goofy liberals is that they tell us that “we are all the same” out of one side of their mouth, and then they tell us to “celebrate diversity” out of the other. Which is it?

    My relatives live in Israel. A Jew and a non-Jew are not allowed to marry! in the 21st Century!

    Some people like tamblu hate that, but too bad. We don’t listen to his propaganda.

  697. Portnoy, suggesting that we celebrate cultural diversity, like some of your family’s Jewish traditions, while also maintaining the general sameness of the human race is not a contradiction. It only seems so for someone who can’t walk and chew gum at the same time.

    And as far as all of the references to the troubles in Africa that Bob so enjoys pointing out to prove that his miserable self is superior to others, I might point out the legacy of colonialism. White european countries really fucked Africa up in their search for raw materials and markets. I might also point out that many problems in the American south, the poverty and lack of opportunity for both blacks and whites, are in part the result of it being colonized for economic purposes, while the northeast was colonized by people seeking religious freedom. Also, one might point out all the places where white people have killed themselves in recent days, including Bosnia. Although maybe eastern Europeans aren’t really white. Definitions of race are so mutable. It wasn’t too long ago that the Irish and Italians were not considered truly white by people like Bob and Portnoy. I’ll bet if we were having this little debate in 1900, Bob would be using crime statistics from the Five Points in New York City to demonstrate how the Irish are genetically inferior to real “white” people.

    But Bob will hold dear to his numbers, without contextualizing them. I’ll bet he doesn’t have an Arts Degree. As I think Edmund Burke said: “Those who don’t know history are destined to repeat it.” From this debate I have also learned that those who don’t know history are destined to write stupid things in the comments sections of blogs.

  698. Furious1,

    “White european countries really fucked Africa up in their search for raw materials and markets. ”

    Yes, it is all whiteys fault that Africa is a quagmire. Nevermind that whitey also successfully colonized India, America and countless other countries which are far, far better off than Africa. It must be the “lingering effects of colonialism”, just as blacks in the US commit violent crime at per capita rate of 4x of whites must be due to the “lingering effects of slavery”.

    Thats right. Just as Zimbabwe is doing so much better than its white dominated precursor, Rhodesia, and South Africa is doing so much better than it was under white rule…right?

    So why do the blacks in the US & Africa have HIV at a rate up thirteen times the white population? (for those not that good at math thats over 1,200%)? Are those the lingering effects of slavery and colonialism, too?

    What about IQ tests, are those the lingering effects of slavery and IQ, too? What about the NBA and NFL being mostly black–are those racial disparities also due to the “lingering effects fo colonialism and slavery” and nothing at all due to the genetic makeup of the race in question?

    Must be because according to your logic we are all 100% equal in abilities, temperment and achievement levels. Which is why your position is so hilarious.

  699. Bob, you are giving me so much good stuff today! First of all, do you really think that dogs and people are the same? Really? Once again you give us a trite metaphor that after one thinks about it for a second becomes truly idiotic. I’ll bet it works great on high-school dropout, white trash skinheads though. “Dude you are so like a wolf. And Mexicans are like chihuahuas.” Is that how it went at your KKK retreat?

    In terms of the DNA argument, I read the USA Today article you cited. And once again, you prove your lack of reading comprehension skills. First, the technology discussed is considered unreliable for a host of reasons. Second, the differences that are found are those that Joel mentioned, like markers for sickle cell anemia. I don’t think anyone would argue that there are not different genetic markers across races, just as their are differences in the genetic make up of individuals within a race. Furthermore, the fact that an article about racial differences appeared in USA Today, the most mainstream, bourgeois paper in the nation, seems to strike a hole in your argument that the “mainstream media” is afraid to report on race. So much for the liberal conspiracy.

    Blah, blah, AIDS stats for African Americans… What about Russia and eastern Europe? Or are they not white either. And IQ, I figured you would bring up The Bell Curve stuff sooner or later. IQ is controversial as an indicator of anything, and finding correlations between high IQ, race, and success has remained elusive. The authors of The Bell Curve admitted as much.

    Let me try to use your kind of logic. Since there is a much higher incidence of drug addiction among white Americans than there is among black, whites are the weaker race. Makes perfect, irrefutable sense to me. Case closed.

    And, really, do you think the American South is a testament to the success of colonialism? Huh? Last I checked the South had the worst poverty and level of education in the country. And South Africa was just peachy when they had Apartheid? You should just stop. Really.

    Finally, I’ll point out your last little logical flaw. I have never argued that individuals are 100% the same in ability. If you got that from my posts your are dumber than I thought. Perhaps fetal alcohol syndrome? That might explain the problems with logic and comprehension. I do believe that one can’t make generalizations across a spectrum as large as an entire race or ethnicity. Just as there are smart and dumb white people, and all levels in between, there are smart and dumb people of other races. I understand that where unfortunate achievement gaps do exist they are more likely due to socioeconomic status and institutionalized racism than the color of one’s skin.

    Ok, go home and cry to your mama now. Or maybe sit in a dark room and hug your copy of The Bell Curve. It’ll be okay. You still have the three carpeted walls of your cubicle to comfort you tomorrow.

  700. oops “there are” my grammar bad…

  701. How can we be diverse, if (cough, cough) “we’re all the same”?

    Furious1, you can type all you want but you know it’s not true. When Whites talk about their distinct culture and traits and ethnic makeup — hateful leftists like you say “we all have the same DNA”, “we are all the same race”, or “that’s racist!”.

    When non-Whites celebrate their uniqueness it’s encouraged and acknowledged and even given racial preferences! That’s right, it’s called “Racial Preferences” for a reason, not “skin color” or “same DNA, but different um….” preferences.

    You can try and deny and revise the truth on this, but no sane person alive is going to believe that the difference between the Somali and the Chinese and the Irish is a “social construct”. LOL!!! Only anti-White racists even say this stuff in the first place.

    You can type all your anti-White racist drivel, but nobody will believe you. Are you going to stop this BS, or continue to believe your lying eyes?!!!!!

    Black albinos are clearly African-American, so it’s not about skin color and “we’re all the same”.

    These people are not White and nothing you type is going to change that or convince anyone.


    Furious, Don’t you have anything better to do with your life than hating Whites?

    PS I hate to have to post these photos, but sometimes a picture is worth 1,000 words, so we don’t have to see pages of furious1’s lies and pseudo-scientific nonsense.

  702. on March 16, 2008 at 8:13 pm Portnoy's complaint

    How can we be diverse, if (cough, cough) “we’re all the same”?

    Furious1, you can type all you want but you know it’s not true. When Whites talk about their distinct culture and traits and ethnic makeup — hateful leftists like you say “we all have the same DNA”, “we are all the same race”, or “that’s racist!”.

    When non-Whites celebrate their uniqueness it’s encouraged and acknowledged and even given racial preferences! That’s right, it’s called “Racial Preferences” for a reason, not “skin color” or “same DNA, but different um….” preferences.

    You can try and deny and revise the truth on this, but no sane person alive is going to believe that the difference between the Somali and the Chinese and the Irish is a “social construct”. LOL!!! Only anti-White racists even say this stuff in the first place.

    You can type all your anti-White racist drivel, but nobody will believe you. Are you going to stop this BS, or continue to believe your lying eyes?!!!!!

    Black albinos are clearly African-American, so it’s not about skin color and “we’re all the same”.

    These people are not White and nothing you type is going to change that or convince anyone.


    Furious, Don’t you have anything better to do with your life than hating Whites?

    PS I don’t like having to post these photos, but sometimes a picture is worth 1,000 words, so we don’t have to see paragraphs of Furious1’s lies and pseudo-scientific bullshit.

  703. on March 16, 2008 at 8:22 pm Portnoy's complaint

    PS I love how when a Leftist loser, and an anti-White bigot is losing an argument they get all flustered and pull out their big intellectual guns: skinhead, inbred, KKK etc. ad nausem.

    Whites can have red, brown, and blonde hair. Whites can have blue, green, or brown eyes.

    No OTHER race on the planet can have this diversity in appearance. So kindly stop the low-rent intellectualism.

    Besides, the Jews are far more inbred than Whites, and they have been for centuries.

    Nice slurs though, White people have never heard them before!!! Yawn.

  704. the dumbest people I’ve met during my 29 years alive have all been black.

    I’m not making this up either.

  705. Yeah, white people love The Wire, but black people do, too (the show has a larhe black following, and the first channel to pick it up in syndication was BET). This web site is already coming pretty close to jumping the shark.

  706. This blog has been ruined by Portnoy. Thanks jerk…this message board used to be fun.

  707. Look here…
    This site is mediocre at best. It is mildly entertaining. Half of the items on this list are garbage. The effort and thought put into this list is pretty embarrassing.

    if you want some actual funny entertainment/blog/writing/insightful/great stuff


    go for it.

  708. So, yes I am a white person. I lived in Baltimore for two years as a missionary and spent everyday in the neighborhoods they feature on the show. See how WHITE I am? I’m like SO white!!!

    Also, I’ve been watching since season one which makes me even MORE white!


  709. it’s all in the game…

    i love omar!

  710. Love the Blog. Unfortunately, it surprises me how a TV show quickly becomes a race issue. The next blog should be how white people like to hide behind their racist comments on Blogs. Reading some of these comments makes me realize that we still have some to work to do regarding racial unification.I personally never heard of a white person talking about “The Wire”. Sure the The Wire is syndicated on BET , but hey not all BLACK people watch BET. I am sure not all White people watch CMT( or do they???). Honestly, who doesn’t have their own TV channel now. ex LOGO Telemundo. I do believe that general white people like good screenwriting and a story with dramatic appeal to it. “The Wire” will not appeal to a mass audience. I think they love the Sundance Channel with all the Indie Films.

  711. But on a lighter note, I was sooooooooo glad when Slim killed Cheese. I thought the attorney was going to figure out that the former police officer tipped the police department to Marlo’s cell phone number. To all of those that have not seen it, check it out especially Season 3#. It shows the Baltimore ports and who really controls the drug game. That season has more of an diverse appeal for you.

  712. Captain Garbarrassing – your site is boring

  713. Re: Post 704

    Hi Bob & Company…

    Hey dude, first lemme just say that I appreciate the respectful tone of your response. And I like that you do your research and site your sources.

    Yet I believe I respectfully disagree with you, bro. You said:


    Joel there is a such thing as white DNA, sorry to inform you.


    The company that invented the ancestry test, DNAPrint Genomics of Sarasota, Fla., says that by examining tiny genetic markers on the DNA molecule that tend to be similar in people of certain population groups, it can tell whether a suspect’s heritage is European, Sub-Saharan African, Southeast Asian, Native American or a mix of those.


    This is actually a better example of why journlists do a crappy job at science reporting than an example of anything else.

    Yes, this genetic methodology reveal astonishingly accurate admixtures of people’s genetic-geophysical origins. But for you to use the phrase “or a mix of those” was misleading. In fact, there has never been a reported result set that was not an admixture of these geographically based categories.

    They doin’t find people who are actually “pure black” or “pure white.” They only find varying degrees of geographic admixtures.

    Neither that USAToday article nor your response post really deliver what could have been a really gripping story about cutting edge science that truly is demolishing the last vestages of our out-dated notions of pure races, and replacing them with the actual blended histories of human migratory patterns and geographic adaptations.

    I do need to thank you, though, for turning me on to such great resources. The website for DNAPrint is very good, but it is the website of the company from whom they obtain their science, that kept me reading for hours. AncestrybyDNA is the think tank which invented and refines the techniques they used by DNAPrint. And I strongly recommend at least giving the FAQ section of their site, even if you read nothing else.

    In fact, with shout-out to http://www.AncestrybyDNA.com, I believe I will answer your basic charge (“Joel there is a such thing as white DNA, sorry to inform you”) not with my own words, but with the the answer to the very first–and presumably the most profound and vexing–question listed on their FAQ page, “Question 1. “What Is Race?”


    Race is a complex and multivariate construct that we tend to over simplify but in our analysis, we are measuring a person’s genetic ancestry and NOT THEIR RACE. (emphasis mine)

    Your DNA has no recorded history of your political, social, personal or religious beliefs. It is a simple four letter code that records all of the changes in the DNA from one generation to the next. We report those changes, they are like finger prints and snow flakes, unique and wildly complex.



    Anyway, Bob, I respectfully–but vehemently–disagree with you. But I continue to appreciate your civil approach to discussion. Have a great day, bro!


  714. blah blah blah…..more jewish (anti-White) propaganda from joel.

    Funny how these jews retain their identity as separate, chosen race, a tribe, etc. Don’t try to tell them that israel belongs to non-jews too!!! Oh, no.

    “a genetic mutation which took place 6-10,000 years ago and is the cause of the eye colour of all blue-eyed humans alive on the planet today.

    The “switch”, which is located in the gene adjacent to OCA2 does not, however, turn off the gene entirely, but rather limits its action to reducing the production of melanin in the iris – effectively “diluting” brown eyes to blue.

    blue-eyed individuals only have a small degree of variation in the amount of melanin in their eyes. “From this we can conclude that all blue-eyed individuals are linked to the same ancestor,”


  715. According to the FBI uniform crime reports, blacks commit more than 50 percent of all homicides in the United States while comprising just 13 percent of the population.

    Be happy you view it from the TV.

  716. Post a link to that info – you cowardly anonymous bastard.

  717. I don’t think you know any black people. They love the wire.

  718. i’ve never heard of it either.. but i’m as white as they come. then again.. i don’t like white people anyway so i guess this just goes to show how big of a trader i am.

  719. Hey #727 Sorry, I underestimated it.

    US Dept. of Justice

    Homicide Type by Race, 1976-2005

    It appears the Hispanics are lumped in with real Whites on those stats.

    Now take your anti-White racist ass out of here. Some people just can’t handle honesty.

  720. Joel,

    Portnoy, who is responding as Anonymous and also as BlackRapist, is not smart enough to listen to your well-reasoned dialogue. He understands only hate. Without his mentor Bob to lead him, he has resorted to rehashing pseudo-science. The fact that he is trying to boost racist numbers on the comments by posting with several aliases suggests how few people actually buy what he is selling.

    Portnoy is not a real white person. He is not a real person at all. He is a remnant of a discarded evolutionary model, backed into a corner and trying with all his might to stop the future.

    I’ll bet he gets mad and writes something stupid…

  721. Having just finished Season 3 this evening, I affirm my whiteness.

  722. on March 19, 2008 at 9:52 pm Chiquita Rosita

    I am a Latina married to a white man, and I never understood why he got so upset when I would try to talk to him about an episode of a show he hadn’t seen yet. I had no idea it was such an unforgivable breech of etiquette in white culture. Thank you, Stuff White People Like! This entire blog should be printed out as a manual and given to schools in the inner city. It is even better than Affirmative Action in allowing us minorities to see the inner workings of the white person’s world.

    And no, I have never heard of The Wire until coming across this website.

  723. insulting
    there is a reason there is a consensus of quality
    b/c it is good
    sorry, american idol is better right? or no hanging with mr. hooper or lipstick jungle?
    or maybe good times?
    fucking racist retards who deserve to be disemboweled.
    way to separate.
    and, by the way, no one believes all of baltimore is like that, if at all, but who cares if it makes good plot and characte, sepecially since realism is rare on tv
    and sorry those writers think affording netflix is a big deal, cause it ain’t–not too mention that implies that B;acks have less $ and cannot afford netflix, which of course is nonsense
    and as far as rumors about dealers watching so wires go silent, never heard that and certainly never said it
    not required to say it is the best, it simply is, at least current shows
    what, it took two esipsodes before you were hooked?

  724. White people have good taste. Black people watch Comic View and anything with Tyler Perry.

  725. This is ridiculous. everyone knows that Battlestar Galactica is the best show on television.

  726. lmfao, finally a place i can be myself!!!

    love this blog!!! and yes, huge crime to give any info on tv shows OR movies to viewers not up to speed (which is usually me).

    Later peeps!

  727. In order to be authentically white you must name Omar as your favorite character.

  728. Ha. I totally asked my assistant about the Wire when I found out he was from Baltimore.

    Sometimes I think I have split personalities and I’m writing this blog myself without knowing it.

  729. I also emailed Threadless the day they announced that they were using their own brand of tshirts instead of American Apparel, to make sure they were sweatshop free.

    And I spent a half hour looking at Sigg bottles the day I read that one…

    Being white is funny.

  730. on March 20, 2008 at 7:02 am HolyStereotypesBatman

    Hmmm what about Rome or Deadwood?

  731. Dude, this site is so damn funny! And I’m not a white person…

  732. omg MY PARENTS ARE ADDICTED TO THE WIRE!!!!!! and my stepdad is from Baltimore.

    This blog is THE BEST! It is so accurate!!!

  733. you cannot discount the pithe-helmet fascination and thrill of the “dark continent” that the Wire delivers to its white and petit-bourgeois black viewers, but structurally the show is more complex than any teleplay ever written.–not a speculation or opinion, a fact.–it is about as close to a live-acted Dos Passos determinist saga as one could possibly get. The claim “best show ever” is isomorphic in that some are simply refering to those tragic little darkies, their feudal economy, and their quaint argot, while some [me–i am that awesome] acknowledge that pay TV, because it does not have to peddle toyotas, dorritos, birth control, SOS scrubbers, financial planners, and Sinatra box sets can actually be highly technical and politically engaged.

    basically if you are smitten with the show you could be a closet Dickensian “let’s go see how the bottom half lives!” slummer, or you simply know how to appreciate hard work, research, smart casting, and innovative story telling.

    –one possible knee-jerk:

    “are you saying anyone who doesnt like the wire is stupid and has no taste?!”

    Yes, this is what i am saying.–Postmodernism be damned!

  734. I love the WIRE!!!!

    And to the Racist White People, ain’t worried about y’all…history is showing us that your power is dwindling, lol…an African/White Man and White Woman is running for president, (and may actually take it), ya can’t do shit in the Middle East because SUPRISE, some people are not moved by bullets and bombs, or your religious views, and more and more people of the world are hating what you stand for. So we, the ones who are trying to move past the racist shit,–blacks, browns, yellows, whites or whoever,–just have to sit back and watch your world continue crumble, as it is. You created it, now it’s time to lie in the bed you made. Everyone knows that no one rules forever, lol, and OMG what will happen to you when the ones you disenfranchise becomes in power.

  735. Apparently, from reading your blog, white people also like bad grammar and punctuation.

    Or, and I’m taking a guess here, some white people also like deliberately inserting grammatical and punctuation errors into their writing to give it an element of from-the-trenches “street cred” and dispelling suspicions that they are effete urban sophisticates opining about hoity-toity cultural phenomena.

    BTW, I am from Ballmer. All my friends are from Ballmer. I now live in Las Vegas (the Ballmer of the West). It should also be noted that that paragonette of Bay Area liberal Whiteness herself, Speaker Nancy Pelosi, is from Ballmer and her Dad was Mayor of Ballmer, and her brother was on Ballmer’s city council.

    Long live Ballmer and the great state of Merlin, and long live “The Wire”!!!

    And death to all those who think otherwise!!!

  736. I have never heard of “The wire” so I guess I’m “just not white enough.”

  737. I have never heard of “The wire” so I guess I’m “just not white enough.”
    The rest of this is absolute genius. I hurt myself laughing!

  738. Why do White People say about every “it” TV series that they like it because “it is so well-written”? This always leaves me feeling like a moron because I am seemingly not enough of a connaisseur to know what makes a show really well-written versus merely intelligible. I am also needless to say not a screen writer, nor are any of the White People who have made this savvy-sounding remark to me.

  739. on March 20, 2008 at 3:34 pm Jacques Auef


    The Wire was well written because it involved intertwining story lines that where well thought out. The dialogue was
    snappy and had purpose. It was a thinking man’s show (as well as women’s for those feminists out there who get their panties in a bunch when gender specific words are used).

    And not sure why it’s white to have liked THE WIRE when very few people watched it.

    All I know is it gave many black actors a paycheck. I know if was a casting director, I’d cast many of them in my projects.

  740. The Wire rocks:} I am white and love it. I get an education every Sunday night at 9pm. I am now in withdrawals. This show gets better every season. Most can’t follow it since it moves at a quick pace. It is better than the Sopranos, and bye the way I have no gay friends and like it that way.

  741. This one I get. My wife and I made an anti-TV rule when our first daugher was very young.

    But in the last couple of years we’ve been watching TV shows when they come out on DVD. We watch them all in a row. I think it’s more fun that way, especially when there’s a continuing story line.

    We started with 24, which is a show that “white people” (liberals) think is neocon propaganda for the Bush/Cheney Administration and they would never admit watching it (though they probably watch it in secret because its so much fun).

    We’ve watched Smallville, which is really not a “white” (liberal) show because the hero, Clark Kent, is a midwesterner with straight and narrow values, an all American hero, and would have no problem saluting the American flag. The Smallville writers throw in small doses of liberalism to balance out the overwhelming conservatism of Superman. We are told that Jonathan Kent runs an organic farm (in Kansas? Give me a break). The Luthor corporation, which sells fertilizer to the farmers in Smallville, is portrayed as evil polluters. (Never mind that Jonathan Kent is a polluter too unless he manages to grow corn without using fertilizer). Jonathan runs for state senator, on the platform that we must spend more on education (a constant liberal mantra).

    The faint efforts to make the Kents look liberal doesn’t fly. Jonathan and Martha Kent are red state heartland Americans who probably never met a gay person in their entire life, and may not even know what the word “gay” means. Jonathan Kent has absolutely no tolerance for corruption of any kind, he is faithful to his wife, he is honest in his business dealings, he believes in the value of hard work, and teaches these hard-core moral values to his son, Clark Kent.

    The Kents may be white, but they are not the kind of “whites” defined in this website.

  742. Your brown, I’m pink, your black, blah blah blah. Omar would set you straight.

  743. You forgot FireFly!!

  744. I can’t even believe how accurate this post is. And the Wire really was the best show on television.

  745. The media machine didn’t start lovin’ The Wire until the series was almost at it’s final episodes, then it started coming out in droves to give it props.

    It happens ANYTIME a series is in it’s final season.

    People who never watched it in it’s first season were jumping on the bandwagon proclaiming it “the best series on television”.

    It happened with MASH, Cheers, Seinfeld, etc. etc.

  746. What crap! White folk don’t order from Netflix, you dummy. They download for free – then give a copy to their Caribbean friends who sell them at flea markets.

  747. This post is SPOT ON. My wife, who — I kid you not — never saw a Black person until she was 12, loves the WIRE. I, who lived in a half-black/half-white town, think it’s OK.

    White Guy

  748. I have to disagree with the reasoning here, though i do myself think the Wire is the best show ive ever seen, specifically seasons 1 and 2, 3 was okay, 4 and 5 just alright.

  749. OMG, the wire is the best show on television!!!! Hence I am white ;). Oh and if you are from baltimore…mad props

  750. on March 21, 2008 at 5:54 pm hunny nut crunch

    you all are on crack. the wire doesn’t belong on this site.

    i teach high school special education in a major urban school system.

    translation: my students are 90% black young men.

    they love the wire. i started watching it so i would know what’s up.

    just like back when i taught 8th/9th grade, i watched (periodically mind you) the WWE.

  751. Hmmm, I smell a rat. A blog that makes fun of a tv show but conveniently notes, “Note: Tonight (Sunday March 9, 2008) is the series finale.”

    And wouldn’t a blog that pokes fun of whites pick a show a little less obscure. Tough to come up with punchlines when no one knows is familiar with the reference.

    HBO’s attempt at viral marketing perhaps? Hmmm?

  752. the wire is barely watched by anyone, black, white, or purple for that matter. how can you make an over generalization about so few of a demographic partake in?

    also, isn’t the wire about more than just black criminals/white bureaucrats? isn’t it really about the systemic problems of the modern urban city and the brutality of organizations towards individuals?

    maybe the source of the wire’s authenticity is based less on a white person’s ideas of the ghetto black, and perhaps based more on the show’s ability to identify universal themes and fit it into a compelling narrative.

    granted, i realize that you’re trying to speak from a *stereotypical* white person’s POV, but maybe you’re being a little too reductive?

  753. I thought this was a white website. So what’s with the photo at the top? Come on, guys. We’re 9% of the world’s population: we need total escapism somewhere. I though that place was here.

  754. 745 ricky

    Have you seen what’s happening to South Africa? The country is falling to pieces, the population is going to die of starvation, AIDS, disease and war. Is that something to LOL about? Have you seen what is happening to the rest of the continent? Have you seen Richard Lynn’s IQ map of the world? It correlates with GDP (and democracy).

    It is a great disappointment to blacks, but Hispanics, Arabs, Asians and Orientals do not feel any affinity with blacks; indeed, racially, they tend to ally themselves with whites. It may also surprise your little brain to learn that blacks are only 13% of the US population (and most of you are in prison). There are now more Hispanics in the US than blacks.

    If the white race died out tomorrow, the 1.3 billion Chinese would take control of the world. Chinese are not Caucasian. They do not share our way of thinking, our philosophy, our humanitarian egalitarianism, our ‘white guilt’ or our neo-liberal tolerance. You may LOL as much as you like, but as long as you live, as a race and as an individual you are completely and utterly f*cked.

  755. Anonymous on March 18, 2008 at 11:14 am723

    Over 90% of people calling themselves Jews today are not in fact descended from the tribes of Israel. They are descended from the Khazars, a tribal people who lived in central Asia – what is now Georgia, Southern Russia – and who converted to Judaism in the year 740 AD. Listen to ex-Jew, ex-Zionist, Benjamin Freedman talking in 1961 (google it, it’s easy to find). What this means is that anti-semitism is a misnoma: a semite is someone from the Middle East. And that these people had no right creating the State of Israel in the first place. They are white Europeans and the biggest con-merchants ever.

  756. on March 21, 2008 at 9:09 pm Portnoy's Complaint

    furious1, you really have the ad hominem attack down cold. That’s the refuge of the pseudo-intellectual that has lost an argument, so they call people names instead.


    Race is a social construct? Our differences are only pigmentation?

    These people are not White and nothing you type is going to change that or convince anyone.


    Furious, Don’t you have anything better to do with your life than coming to a White blog and hating Whites?

  757. 702 Joel

    You need to do some more research. The fact that we share most of our DNA with chimpanzees should tell you something: tiny genome differences are very important. Also, a recent study suggests that we were well on our way to becoming different species (negroid, caucasiod, mongoloid). Cross a white with a Bush Man and you usually get an infertile female. You need also to look at Jensen and Rushton studies, IQ differences, time-preferences (ability to forward plan) and a multitude of other racial differences. Whites struggle to understand Oriental mentality, blacks haven’t got a clue how whites think. Most people’s ideas are shaped by the MSM, are yours?

  758. on March 22, 2008 at 8:36 am Éirinn go Brách

    UK percy

    You and your pseduoscience are completely full of crap and you know it. You guys always quote people with no credibility within the scientific community. The DNA difference between the races is superficial at best and the difference between us and the chimpanzees is still quite significant despite our shared DNA. We are not evolving into different species no matter how much clowns like you wish it and no credible geneticist will support this idea. As far as 90%+ of Jews being descended from Khazars, that’s one of biggest loads of crap i’ve ever read on the internet. Genetic test show that Jews are closer to Arabs than Central Asians. This is no different than the crap pseduoscience tried pulling in the 19th century to try and prove Anglo Saxons were superior to everybody else.

  759. No one who knows anything about art, entertainment and culture thinks the Wire is a bad show. One poster said they hated the Wire and was obsessive about Lost and 24. Typical. What’s a matter, couldn’t follow the story line. Aww, too hard to keep track. Too much words, words, words? You had to sort of actually — THINK??? See the one thing that white’s and blacks and all races have in common IN AMERICA is == they like fake, bullshit writing and fake acting over really good writing and really truthful acting. This blog is about AMERICA DUMBED DOWN!!! Ask the black actors on that show if they think it is problematic show for black people and black actors. This blog shouldn’t be about “white people”, it’s really code word for typical, dumb, intellectually underdeveloped, bovine America that, as the Roots will tell you: “Cause it’s a, lot of bullshit floodin the scene/Where e’rybody’s a star, and hot shit is few and far between/We lose the grip of what, garbage mean.” 24, Lost, Ugly Betty — basically most everything on Network television… garbage. HBO programming — awesome. The Wire… best show. This ain’t about white people… this is people that actually know about good writing, acting and producing. Like I said, in this context, I guess “white people” is code word for people lacking a grasp of aesthetics. But, that means they wouldn’t like the Wire. So… it really doesn’t belong on this list. The Roots probably like the Wire… I’m guessing. Fuck you! I LOVE the Wire. If you don’t, you can kiss my white ass!

  760. OH! I get it! “White” means liberal! Got it. Oh right– you kind of conservatives (and I know conservatives who dig the wire — you’re not all simple minded douche bags) don’t fucking know anything about quality programming. It’s gotta be really, really simple and over the top and campy and loud and “God Bless America -rah, rah, rah!!!” God, that’s why network television is so, fucking stupid!!! I’m not a liberal. I’m an independent-minded person. But — fuck you if you think Smallville and 24 is better than the Wire because you’re not liberal. That’s fucking ridiculous. I LOVE Friday Night Lights — and that has more conservative values than any show on television. Or, is that secretly a white liberal show as well… because the acting and writing is good?

  761. I am white. and black. And i watch the wire, and love it. Its low rated, people, that’s why none of you have seen it.

  762. I don’t know a single person who’s seen the wire who doesn’t think it’s the best show ever: white, black, brown, or yellow.

  763. Oh man… I have a young professor at NYU who described The Wire as “the best show ever.”
    P.S. She fits quite a few of the descriptions on this blog

  764. Hey Eirinn go BRach!!!

    You are over here now? Spewing the same old pseudo-scientific anti-White racist crap?

    Genetic test show that Jews are closer to Arabs than Central Asians.

    Wait a second. I thought you said Jews were “Whites”. I thought we are all the same.

    The DNA difference between the races is superficial at best and the difference between us and the chimpanzees is still quite significant despite our shared DNA.

    Where is your proof of that? Nobody with two working eyes is going to believe that Chinese and Somali are exactly the same. Do you actually believe the propaganda you’ve been shoveled? I personally have never met one single jew that believes he’s the same as a Somali either. You are nuts.

    (FYI: This is the same guy (Eirinn) who married a non-White but says he’s totally confident in his Whiteness. Yeah, so confident that he denies it exists!! We’re all the same, so how can you be “White”? LOL!!!!

    Sad thing is, Mr. Confident, is that your halfbreed kids won’t be confident in their Whiteness or anythingness for that matter, thanks to you. Guys like you don’t think ahead, you are selfish and only think about yourself and your ego.

  765. PS You anti-white racists and multi-cult propagandists and liars are SCREWED ROYALLY once the human genome is unlocked.

  766. on March 23, 2008 at 12:24 am Éirinn go Brách


    You are a disturbed individual. So I guess my wife’s mostly Italian ancestry makes her non white now since the German and Welsh in here family most definitely are white? Despite what you continue to spew from the sewer that is your mouth the differences between the races are very slight genetically but you keep swinging away with your Nazi propaganda while science is backing my assertions. Jews are not 90% descended from Khazars and the problem with you and guys like you is that you don’t have facts to back up your BS. Go back to your interracial porn and trolling airport bathrooms you sad and pathetic person.

  767. 769 Éirinn go Brách

    Denials don’t make an argument, my friend, they just make you sound angry. You show me your evidence and I’ll show you the evidence anyone can find if they are intersted, which obviously excludes you.

  768. on March 23, 2008 at 8:38 am Éirinn go Brách

    Again i’ve seen the evidence you quote and it’s not credible. You guys remind me of the people who deny global warming even though science is against you. Crossing a white person with somebody of color does not produce an infertile offspring. We all came out of Africa whether you like it or not so hating non whites is simply hating yourself.

  769. just shut up

  770. 779 Éirinn go Brách

    I didn’t say black people, I said Bushmen (meaning, of the Kalahari), who, incidentally, have an IQ of 54, the lowest IQ in the world [Richard Lynn, IQ And The Wealth Of Nations]. There are countless psychologists and geneticists who have produced evidence of differences in IQ, time-preferences, empathy and other traits. People like you are the flat-earthers.

    You talk about pseudo-science. That, I presume, is science not entertained by the MSM. If you want to publish an empirical book about IQ, the big publishers don’t want to know, and the MSM won’t review it, so does that make it pseudo-science? Last year a book on race an IQ was a best-seller in non-PC Russia, something that couldn’t happen in the West.

    Whether we all came out of Africa or not is irrelevant. Africa is the richest continent in terms of natural resources yet Africans are incapable of producing a first world economy. The reason for this is ‘time-preferences’ also know as ‘future vision’ . Future reality is much shorter for Africans than for other races. They are largely incapable of acting now to influence event one or two years hence. South Africa was warned about its electricity supply in the 90s but the ANC did nothing: now they have blackouts, mines are closed, businesses are leaving, the country is disintegrating. Racial differences are real and staring us all in the face, but the subject is taboo. However, do you really think organisations such as the CIA and NASA do not take racial differences seriously? Believe me, these people are the first to get their hands on the latest research.

    Anyway, I’m sorry your mind is closed. You need to look at the phenomenon known as ‘Confirmation Bias’ (the brain decides on a belief and then filters info according to whether it confirms the belief or not).

  771. Éirinn go Brách

    I think I said that OVER 90% of Jews are Khazars. This is something that more people need to know. They are not semitic, they are European and they had no right creating the state of Israel.

    For an introduction to the subject listen to ex-Jew, ex-Zionist, Benjamin Freedman, speaking back in 1961:


  772. on March 23, 2008 at 11:06 am Éirinn go Brách

    Again UK percy there’s a reason mainstream science does not accept the BS you are posting because it’s BS not science. Bushmen are humans and can interbreed with any other group of people. Benjamin Freedman is full of shit and genetic sampling of the Jewish population disproves his horseshit. Look I know bashing jews is reflex now for you Euros since you’ve had so much practice at it since the Dark Ages but it’s really sad and pathetic than in the 21st century people like you try and pass your politics off as science.

  773. BS, horseshit, full of shit: you’re so eloquent, so convincing and erudite. Do you find that people tend not to listen to you because, in essence, you have nothing to say? And as far as I can see, nobody’s bashing Jews. It’s that confirmation bias again, Éirinn. You read something that, on the face of it, conflicts with what your mind has decided to believe and that’s it: those glands start pumping the hormones and you become a whirl of emotion. Interesting CT scans of the brain have recently discovered that, when asked to talk about emotive issues such as politics and religion, the logical parts of the brain switch off and the parts concerned with emotion suddenly fire up. You can feel it, can’t you Éirinn, that sensation in your brain as the rational is overwhelmed by those pesky primitive neurons.

    And, as you know, political correctness prevents race IQ being discussed in the Main Stream Media. A scientist can come up with any garbage, for instance ‘pizza makes kids brainy’ and the press will cover the story, but race and IQ, no, no, no, it’s a political hot-potato. Incidentally, did you know that political hot-potatoes improve fertility?

  774. “Again UK percy there’s a reason mainstream science does not accept the BS you are posting”

    Éirinn go Brách wow how informative and aware you seem to be, sir. Especially considering your post 777, it really shows just how skilled you are at intellectual discourse. Of course you know your arguments have no merit or legs to stand on on their own, so you try to devolve the conversation into petty name-calling.

    But I am glad that you informed us that mainstream science is what dictates reality. That is, scientific studies at institutions that were able to get funding to support people. I mean afterall that non-mainstream science is crazy stuff, right? I mean there used to be this guy called Copernicus spouting off this crap about how the Earth rotates around the sun. Clearly we can see it is the other way around.

    People like you are the reason Galileo was credited with discovering the Earth orbits the sun as opposed to Copernicus, Ptolemy or Posidonius who posited this decades, centuries, or millenia earlier, respectively. Afterall Copernicus, Ptolemy and Posidonius were not espousing popular convictions, therefore they must have been incorrect. Éirinn go Brách you are a geocentric, flat-earther.

  775. on March 23, 2008 at 2:56 pm Éirinn go Brách

    Bluster all you want but it doesn’t change the fact that you are a liar. You lie and keep repeating lies because the truth isn’t on your side. The charlatans proclaiming white genetic superiority are no different than the ones who proclaimed Anglo Saxon superiority based on skull measurements back in the 19th century. Keep swinging away all you want because nobody of merit will ever treat you guys seriously because you are not serious people. You are a joke. I laugh at you.

  776. 765:

    Ricky doesn’t care. He’s just a black kid. Blacks don’t care if they aren’t capable of running or maintaining successful societies. They see that whites have more “things” and are told by the media that they are equally capable of getting these “things”, but can’t due to some sort of unseen force…”oppression”.

    Remember competence is inversely correlated with confidence. The blacks of Rhodesia and South Africa likely never gave two thoughts that they wouldn’t be able to maintain the same society built by whites. They likely didn’t care (again, its that long-term planning thing you spoke of).

    Using their animal instincts they knew that others had something they wanted.

    And Furious1 you never pointed out how my analogy of dog breeding is not applicable to humans. Humans are animals, too. In fact we’re mammals as well. Mendel invented the discipline of genetics from pea plants..does that mean we should discard the entire discipline as “non-mainstream science”?

    Put on your thinking cap Furious1 and tell me how my observations regarding canine’s passing traits down through generations cannot be extrapolated to homo sapiens passing traits down through generations. I’d love to hear where it doesn’t add up.

  777. Éirinn go Brách:

    “The charlatans proclaiming white genetic superiority”

    Again, this is a classic attack by the anti-white racists to try to discredit those they disagree with.

    Do a search on this thread for “superiority”, you will find only two posts before this one. One was Furious1 incorrectly paraphrasing Jared Taylor and then yours. Again you are trying to attribute traits to our side of the argument that aren’t entirely true.

    I don’t know if its so much “white superiority” but rather “black inferiority” when it comes to sustainable societies and civilizations. Other races have become quite adept at it, despite the “lingering effects of colonialism”, even though it wasn’t always whites doing the colonizing.

    Do you really posit that South Africa is a better place now than it was prior to Apartheid ending? How about Zimbabwe? Is that a better place today than when Rhodesia existed? Answer these last few questions for me I am curious to know.

  778. Éirinn go Brách

    Again, you’re making assumptions without thinking about what has been said, because you are all emotion. Mention Jews and you’re anti-semitic, mention race and IQ and you’re a white supremacist. Who mentioned white supremacy? You are pre-supposing that IQ is the most important measure of human ability. What about black musical and athletic talent? People’s environments shape their abilities and their abilities enable them to survive in that environment. If I was lost in the Outback I’d be relieved to meet an Aborigine, even though the Aborigine IQ is very low, because I know he could keep me alive. The artificial societies that people create are a reflection of their genes. Expecting other races to be able to create, or compete in, white societies is foolish and unfair. Telling Aborigine, black or Amerindian school kids that they are capable of achieving anything that whites or North Asians can achieve is sinful, just as telling a white or Chinese kid that with enough hard work he could be the 100 metre sprint champion of the world.

    Finally, the most recent research does show that, in general, skull size correlates with brain size which correlates with IQ, North Asians (Orientals) having the largest skulls.

  779. #777

    Sorry Eirinn, I thought you said your wife was a “Latina” which is not usually used to describe the true Latins (Italians), but usually the Mestizos. Sorry about that.

    Given your European ancestry, I cannot fathom why you are so anti-White. Maybe you’ll just grow out of it. It isn’t “cool” to be “anti-racist” which is really just code for “jews and non-whites hating Whites”. The “anti-racist” never cares about the lack of diversity anywhere where Whites aren’t.

  780. I don’t know the science as well as Bob and UK percy, but there are 2 subjects that jews don’t like to talk about with Whites:

    Khazar history
    the Talmud

    If you want to watch a jew squirm, bring those two topics up. 🙂

  781. on March 23, 2008 at 9:58 pm Éirinn go Brách


    My wife is Latina. Maybe if you picked up a book on something besides hating jews you would know that the ethnicity of the countries of Argentina an Uruguay are unlike the rest of Latin America in that they are overwhelmingly white european not Mestizo. I am not anti white, i’m anti ingnorance and i’m anti hate. Catholics have not exactly been something people of your ilk have cared for over the years in this country so why the hell would I buy into your bullshit?


    Playing the victim huh? Just because I don’t goose step to y’alls idiotic march doesn’t mean I hate my own skin. You and your two buds are a disgrace to my skin color because you are such a stereotype of the ignorant angry whiteman. How great was it for the black man under white rule? Just because there is petty and ignorant leadership in many African countries doesn’t erase the sins of the white man there.

    UK percy

    Yes yes your ignorant stereotypes are quite rational but calling you out on your BS is so emotional and has to be dismissed. I seen and heard your type before over and over and it’s all the same BS. You want to say the jews don’t have a right to Israel when your fucking countrymen still occupy Northern Island? That’s about as hypocritical as it gets and par for the course with your British colonial world view.

  782. Whoever said people hate “Catholics”? People of what “ilk”? I know what you are referring to, and it shows your ignorance. Germany was allied with Italy and many Nazis were Catholics too. Spain is a Catholic country. The Croatians Ustache? Cath-o-lic. If one is White, you are not “Latina”, if your wife is “Italian” you can be damned sure she’d say Italian, not Latina. I think you are full of it, and possibly non-white. That would explain your hostility and your attraction to anti-White racist ideology. There are whites in Argentina, do you honestly think I didn’t know something that basic? You really aren’t all quite there, fogged in by anti-White hate. You are a stereotype for the dupe. You can hate White “racists” but you give a free pass to all the non-white racists like the Zionists, La Raza, Blacks, etc.

    You really just don’t get it, Whites are the LEAST racist of all people around. You must not actually know non-whites.

  783. you should write a stuff blog about white folks and their love for blogs, its weird…

  784. well, i loved the wire. and, i’m from baltimore. haha.

    good post;; even though i’m white.

  785. I lived in Baltimore for 4 years and i LIVED the wire… lets see… neighbor gunned down on my first christmas eve there! (waverly), heroin dealers in front of my house, crack addicts stealing ANYTHING they can, dead bodies on the front stoop, (Patterson Park) and disgusting prostitutes w/ sores all over their body turning tricks for 10 bucks, caught between rival gang gun fire (pigtown). That was in the ‘up and coming’ neighborhoods.

    Living in the more established neighborhoods just meant more rats than you can shake a stick at and an oversized ego association that does nothing more than take your money for nothing and give you fines for no trash can lids that crack heads stole in the first place! (chuck village).

    As much as I tried to appreciate this place (moving to mayfield) it is the DIRTIEST city i’ve ever seen. People throw their trash on the streets like nothing, and people ignore any attempt at law and order. Crossing on the green and DARING you say something. EXCESSIVE speeding down residential streets, moto-cross bike gangs wreaking havoc all over the city. Worst of all, the police force is underfunded, and their hands are tied by bleeding heart lobbyists and politicians who (live outside the city limits ) but think it’s perfectly acceptable to allow people to do whatever they want w/ no fear of consequences.

    It is a disgusting place to live, you cannot come from any nice area outside the city to a nice area in the city w/out crossing through what looks like war-torn, third world countries.

    I’m sure Baltimore was a beautiful place in it’s prime but even despite local gains in the Real Estate market, it is still a HUGE sh*t hole!

    I’m SO glad to be out of there. I now live in a city where Murder is not an every day event, (or even month for that matter). Where 300K will get you a NICE house in a NICE neighborhood, not some wanna be cosmopolitan lifestyle in a former Ghetto, with drug addicts and dealers on your stoop. Even ‘skid row’ doesn’t have a DROP of trash on it. And the city ‘bureaucracy’ actually gets work done w/out having to replicate every position 5+ times.

  786. on March 24, 2008 at 5:34 am Milo Blankenstern

    Real white people shun cable TV altogether. It’s a tool of The Man. We’ll put that 2008 Bush tax rebate in an interest-earning savings account.

  787. Stuff White People Like has jumped the shark. Just read an article saying that the blog began when two creators were lamenting why white people DIDN’T watch the wire. You should add stuff bloggers like: selling their soul to the devil for a dollar.

    Hell you probly haven’t seen the wire yourselves. you must learn!

    When you walk through the garden, you gotta watch your back
    Well, I beg your pardon, walk the straight and narrow track
    If you walk with Jesus, he’s gonna save your soul
    You gotta keep the Devil way down in the hole

  788. on March 24, 2008 at 7:55 am Éirinn go Brách

    There’s a long history of anti catholic behavior here in the USA but you choose to ignore that because it doesn’t back your bullshit claims. Argentina is a Latin culture even though the racial mix is white. My wife is Argentinian and identifies herself as Latin. Your ignorance knows no boundary. Seriously the more you speak the more you show that you know little if anything about the world. I’m Irish Catholic you fucking dolt so no i’m not anti white and no I don’t hate white people, just idiots like you or other racists whatever their color is. I don’t give a free pass to anyone to spews complete bullshit, oh and i’m a Republican also so spare me your BS victim crap. You Stormfront guys are just pathetic whiners who want to jump on the victim bandwagon like everybody else here in America.

  789. Cargill,

    Eirinn definitely has issues, as his posts on this thread clearly demonstrate. He tries to verbally assail us to hide his inner guilt, that he tries to bury ever so deeply, that we may be right and that biological inheritance indeed applies to humans. He likely wants to cover this up because he knows that he is wed to an Amerindian-European hybrid, perhaps figuring that was the best lot in life he could get. So subliminally realizing his offspring will likely not be up to the same intellectual caliber as a 100% european offspring, he externalizes these insecurities on us. Its pretty obvious.

    Eirinn, if you want to continue thus diatribe because it makes you feel better so be it. But we can’t help it if deep down you know our views on nature vs. nurture are right and you hate yourself and your future offspring for it.

  790. on March 24, 2008 at 4:53 pm notsowhiteguy

    I am from Annapolis, Md, about 30 mins away from Bodymore, Murderland and white people are amazed that I live so close to such a bad place but can still still a white persons life.

  791. He likely wants to cover this up because he knows that he is wed to an Amerindian-European hybrid, perhaps figuring that was the best lot in life he could get. So subliminally realizing his offspring will likely not be up to the same intellectual caliber as a 100% european offspring, he externalizes these insecurities on us. Its pretty obvious.

    I agree. I have a college buddy who was once the biggest diehard Republican, “put all the criminals in prison”-type, stop welfare etc. He’s Irish (non-identifying) in heritage, and your typical American guy.

    Then he married a Peruvian and today he’s Neocon. Pro-open borders, etc. and he’s changed on many issues dear to the long-stading US White majority that he’s helping to kill off. He’s just Eirinn. Had he married a White and had White kids (his kids are not white), he wouldn’t be thinking what he is.

    I don’t know why Eirinn says that stand-up Whites are anti-Catholic. I never said anything bad about the religion. It is a fact however that they support open borders and amnesty in the USA though. I’m sure that comment will be called “stormfront” too, even though it’s well-documented.

    For the record Eirinn, I read http://www.vdare.com not Stormfront, but I did check it out and I ain’t buying that it shouldn’t be read by Whites. Censorship is lame.

  792. i went and downloaded the whole first season, then watched ’em back to back all weekend!! mos def the best show on tv.

    ‘the farmers in the dell, the farmer’s in the dell..”

  793. Indeed you are correct. Eirinn blew his cover when he referred to his mate as “latina”. Sorry Eirinn but any white person from Uruguay, Venezuela or any other country in Latin America (and there are some) would be taken aback at that word used to describe them and many even consider it derisory.

    Coincidentally, the white minorities in such countries such as Brazil and other neighboring countries seem to be the ruling class, despite being a seemingly insignificant minority (<5%) …ain’t meritocracy via mother nature a bitch?

    Thoughts, Eirinn?

  794. on March 24, 2008 at 10:18 pm Éirinn go Brách

    Sorry Bob and Cargill you are wrong and flat out lying. Argentina is a Latin culture that was long established before the influx of even more European immigrants in the late 19th century and 20th century many of them from Italy and assimilated into the culture there, which my wife’s did in the 20th century. Argentina and Uruguay’s genetic mix is unlike the other South American countries or the rest of Latin America and if you really knew anything about those countries you would know that. Being Latin is not one way or one mindset, it is true that white latins control power in a lot of the other countries and that Argentians are more European than other latin countries but it is a Latin country, so is Spain. Further more your pathetic attempted insights into my psyche are laughable and you are clear not trained in psychology or sociology. Stick to your day job flipping burgers because neither of you are serious intellectuals but merely parrot what you here from others.

  795. on March 24, 2008 at 10:24 pm Éirinn go Brách

    correction hear from others. Oh and I grew up in the South so I know all about anti catholic sentiment including my ex father in law a good ole Baptist. The fact that neither of you know about all the anti catholic behavior in America only goes to show that neither one of you are informed, well educated and only parrot what you are told.

  796. on March 25, 2008 at 6:00 am 75%whitechick

    I’ve never heard of this show before – now I’ll have to start watching it.

  797. What is your point? You just don’t seem to get it, which is typical of the arrogant and totally asleep liberal.

    The Southern Baptist’s bigger problem is the Jew that HATES the Christian Right with so much fury that even you must be aware of it.

    The Christian’s problem is the Semite (muslim and jew) that basically hates the Christian religion. Israelis have marginalized Christians. Muslims do the same in Muslim countries.

    In the West, the liberal Jew, under the cover of so many academic, political and media movements, MOCKS and hates Christianity right here.

    Catholics have some problems of their own in the US, since they are home to anti-white racists and marxist under the cover of “social justice” and “open borders”. The Pope is coming the US soon, I hope he cleans house.

    The “division” btw Baptists and Catholics is nothing compared to the hatred of the jews and muslims.

  798. on March 25, 2008 at 1:35 pm Éirinn go Brách


    Stop playing the victim and blaming others. WASP’s have always run this country and always will. The Religious Right supports Israel or have you been asleep? Who really cares what left wingers have to say? The real elite in this country are not leftys or jews so you are simply being played like a drum. You are the dupe. I just hope you don’t consider yourself a republican because we don’t want you.

  799. on March 25, 2008 at 2:02 pm The Wire script inspiration

    PHILADELPHIA (AP) — A man who killed his 17 month-old daughter in a rage over a broken Xbox has been sentenced to more than 20 years in prison.

    Philadelphia prosecutors say 27 year-old Tyrone Spellman killed Alayiah Turman in September 2006 with at least five blows to the head when she pulled down his Xbox console. The force of the blows cracked the toddler’s skull.

  800. There are more Catholics in Congress and in government jobs these days. There are more Catholics on the Supreme Court. I know the Religious Right supports israel, but what I said is the Jews HATE the Christian Right, even the neocons hate them deep down, but those Zionist racist pricks will still take their free money like the jews they are.

    You simply have no back up for your claim that WASPs are the “real elite”, none at all. You are the fool. Today, because of anti-White hate and “diversity” campaigning, the Ivy League is less than 50% White (a joke in itself), and of those “Whites” 1/2 are jews. so you are down to 25% White, and of those probably 1/2 are Catholic, leaving the WASPs down to probably 15% or lower.

    Where is this math wrong?

    When I think of people playing the victim card I think of AIPAC and the racist jewish lobby sucking US tax dollars for their supremacist state. There are plenty more examples. Whites are the LEAST likely to play these cards, however with regard to affirm action and anti-White hate, people are waking up.

  801. PS When Whites go from being a 90% majority to being a minority in one or two generations, then you have to ask yourself ‘who is to blame’? That a natural and rational inquiry, unless of course you think it’s a good thing for future generations of Whites to be a minority (in all nations of the West). Do you think it’s good? Yes or no?

    I don’t think in all of recorded human history has this happened without invasion or famine or plague, etc. Can you think of a case? This rapidly? Anyone who questions the experiment of “multi-culturalism” is using his brain. The lemmings that do not, are the sheep.

    You are a Neocon Republican, and guys like you are what have caused all the failures we see everywhere, not just in the nation, but in the party. Failure as far as the eye can see.

  802. on March 25, 2008 at 3:16 pm Éirinn go Brách


    I’m not a neocon. They are not real conservatives and they are as batshit crazy as you are. You are playing the victim and whining about all the people trying to destroy you. You are allowing yourself to be manipulated and that is very weak minded. WASP’s control the majority of the wealth and that’s not going to change.

  803. Hey, we black people like The Wire, too!: http://tinyurl.com/3dtf6t

  804. Our library’s blog did a reading list for folks in mourning for The Wire:


  805. I think people aren’t getting that it isnt just about the Wire. The point is more about critically acclaimed box sets. I go to college and white people love nothing more than to watch 10 straight episodes of entourage or LOST and go ” Oh man I’m so hooked I’m almost caught up”

  806. Oh, now I’ve heard it all. Just who is manipulating me?

    You seem to dismiss the fact that there are zero-sum aspects to life and geo-politics, and oblivious to everything Darwin ever said. If I whine it’s not about being a victim, it’s about how many duped Whites are out there. Once one realizes this, one cannot turn a blind eye.

    In general, Whites in the US need an intervention. Only a sickness would explain so many things about Whites today. That’s not whining, it’s a diagnosis.

  807. Good grief. I knew america had a weird way with this whole ‘race’ thing, but some of these comments really make it clear. These problems run so deep. Skewed and warped ideas are pitched against each other, and so much of the debate seems to be how we can reconcile these things, then maybe we can reach a nice new skewed and warped set of ideas. There are fundamental things broken at the roots here.

  808. I have to say… The Wire sucks. And so does The Shield. AND so does The Sopranos. AND so does The Godfather. AND SO DOES SCARFACE. Shows and movies that revolve around some guy or group of guys (or crooked cops) who.

    “Wow they’re so entertaining, I don’t understand how you can’t like them… You take it so seriously… blah blah blah moral high horse blah blah blah great acting…”

    Seriously? Seriously shut the fuck up and let’s watch something that makes us feel good about being human beings, please. I don’t GIVE A SHIT about how “realistic” it is. What the hell does that have to do with anything? The Motherfucking Chronicles of Narnia aren’t realistic in any sense of the word and everyone fucking loves them, too! What the hell is your point? Oh yeah, it’s so great that they’re all so tough and they do things they’re own way. That’s not TOUGH, man, it’s EASY to be a douchebag. Except politicians. They work really hard at being douchebags.

    One more thing. Everyone who wears leather jackets/hats/sweatshirts/cell phone cases with Tony Montana on them need to be:
    1) Given a personal stylist
    2) Deported

    No exceptions. Not even for irony. Which I love almost as much as sushi, and Dave Chappelle.

  809. hahaaaaaaaaa! Fucked up my own rant, there. How embarrassing! Now I’ll never be cool on the internet…

    It should say:

    “I have to say… The Wire sucks. And so does The Shield. AND so does The Sopranos. AND so does The Godfather. AND SO DOES SCARFACE. Shows and movies that revolve around some guy or group of guys (or crooked cops) who do fucked up things to other people for money or power are NOT entertaining. They’re painful to watch, and they make me feel bad about being a human being. Not to mention the money they could have spent doing something good for the world instead of acting out their frustrated fantasies. Wow, you’re so badass.”

    All righty?

  810. I love “The Wire” and I am white, when other people ask me why I love The Wire so much the words “It’s just so real” have come out of my mouth…”you know, the dialogue is just so accurate”. Like I would have any idea at all as to the authenticity of The Wire’s depiction of Baltimore’s drug dealers. To incremenate myself further I have also said to other wire fan’s ” dude I just totally want to live in The Wire” and “Stringer Bell is just so hot”.

  811. Éirinn go Brách

    Scottish protestants occupy Northern Ireland and have done for 300 odd years. They want to remain part of the UK. The British troops have largely gone, the peace process has been underway for years and the IRA have laid down their arms. By the way, I’m 100% Irish, you’re not. ‘Ireland forever’? What the fuck do you know? The Irish population is tiny, the immigrants are flooding in, the country is fucked.

  812. on March 26, 2008 at 11:20 am FreshPrincePhan

    The Wire? Never heard of it. Now, CSI, that’s the series to watch. There are three of them, so whenever there’s a re-run on of one CSI that we don’t want to watch again, we roll on over to another CSI re-run. Sweet. I’m think about buying the PC game too. Oh Yeah.

  813. Fucking CSI…..The Wire makes CSI look like Sesame Street

  814. Obama just accepted an endorsement from Bill Richardson in Spanglish.

    He said” “As a hispanic-american I’m proud to endorse…blah blah blah.”

    White need to become more racially aware actually. Biden, Edwards, and Dodd didn’t stand a chance because they were WHITE and male.

  815. We knew what you meant and you’re still cool.

    Irony, sushi, and Dave Chapelle all of which I love.

  816. White people can’t dance, are uptight, etc. – Black people are lazy and steal. Thanks for keeping up the stereotypes!

  817. on March 27, 2008 at 2:00 pm Bartholomaios

    I wish Stringer Bell was real so I could draft him to be my friend.

  818. Like everything else on this blog- this is a stupid assertion- all kinds of people watch series, buy dvds and like the wire, not because it is so real, but because the writing is good; characters are complex and the show emphasizes the systemic structure rather than one persons agency; the system is the star of the show, therefore, it is unique and engaging.

    The racist, essentializing author of this blog is full his own stereotypying ideology.

  819. I’m white and i watch the wire. I’m so white.

  820. to incriminate you further, you used the word incremenate.

  821. Could you sound more ridiculous, and racist?

  822. Africa for Africans, Asia for Asians, White Countries for Everybody

    “Liberals and respectable conservatives say there is this RACE problem. Everybody says this RACE problem will be solved when the third world pours into EVERY white country and ONLY into white countries.”

    “The Netherlands and Belgium are more crowded than Japan or Taiwan, but nobody says Japan or Taiwan will solve this RACE problem by bringing in millions of third worlders and quote assimilating unquote with them.”

    “Everybody says the final solution to this RACE problem is for EVERY white country and ONLY white countries to “assimilate,” i.e., intermarry, with all those non-whites.”

    “What if I said there was this RACE problem and this RACE problem would be solved only if hundreds of millions of non-blacks were brought into EVERY black country and ONLY into black countries?”

    “How long would it take anyone to realize I’m not talking about a RACE problem. I am talking about the final solution to the BLACK problem?”

    “And how long would it take any sane black man to notice this and what kind of psycho black man wouldn’t object to this?”

    “But if I tell that obvious truth about the ongoing program of genocide against my race, the white race, Liberals and respectable conservatives agree that I am a naziwhowantstokillsixmillionjews.”

    “They say they are anti-racist. What they are is anti-white.”

    “Anti-racist is a code word for anti-white.”

  823. on March 30, 2008 at 2:46 pm chutneycarnival

    Wow. That’s all I can say.

  824. Tell it like it is.

  825. If white people loved The Wire so much, it wouldn’t be on BET. While white people love HBO, they probably rarely watch BET even if it’s a show they know and love.

  826. Crap. This all applies to me. I’m from Baltimore. I like the show. I feel special when they reference things I know about the city. Too bad I lived on the White side of town.

  827. It’s on BET because BET has no real original programming and HBO wants money. Your right I don’t watch The Wire on BET because I have HBO on Demand through Comcast so I watch The Wire with no commercials and its not censored for foul language and violence. But more importantly what relevance does you comment have to the article.

  828. …you forgot to put BushWhack and CheneySmoker on your list of mass murderers…

  829. You need to grasp the Dickensian aspect of The Wire to get it. White people like Dickens. So white people like The Wire.

  830. You are sooo close to getting why we white people love The Wire–it has black people doing all kinds of different shit. There are funny black people, mean black people, mean AND funny black people, smart black people, boring black people, et cetera.

    There is an intense (but not very large) group of white people that enjoy portrayals of black people doing the stuff that normal people do. As opposed to the typical portrayals of black people on TV, like the Huxtables or Huggy Bear.

  831. Thats some good PO-lice work detective clander. Running that wire tap on them white people genius i say.

  832. I don’t think it’s bizarre at all that white limousine liberals made a show about how terrible black people have it in the inner city, and isn’t it a shame society doesn’t give them more opportunity?!?

  833. White people hate each other, it looks like.

  834. on April 4, 2008 at 8:50 am Jupiter Jones

    No problem Greff. Just head to Lexington Market after sundown. Ever see the Omega Man?

  835. let’s take a look at what’s wrong in “Wire fan”‘s post:
    ‘Worst- and most realistic-possible light’: If poster honestly thinks that this is the most-realistic possible light in which one could show a inner city black people, they are horribly mistaken. I am from the inner city, and as gritty as the portrayal is in the series, the focus is solely on the drug business and the criminal element. There is very little focus on anything else until the introduction of politics as a major theme in the fourth season. Furthermore, even the ‘bad guys’ of the show are relatable. They aren’t just stereotyped evil, as in other cop shows. They have their own lives and their own motivations for what they do. This is fleshed out in the fourth season as well when they focus falls upon the education system. I went to public school, and received a good education, largely thanks to the encouragement from my parents. However, the Boston Public School System leaves a lot to be desired. Also, the character of D’Angelo Barksdale is a genuine human that you cannot help but feel sorry for.

    ‘Negro-lovin’: This just makes me think you’re trying to get a rise out of us.

    BTW: I am white, and I shamelessly love The Wire and consider it the best show on TV because from what I have seen growing up, the situations are fairly believable, if dramatized a good deal for the screen. Clearly ‘Wire fan’ is an idiot racist conservative and is largely missing the point of the show, which is to highlight how our society, while not encouraging this activity, still sets the machinery in motion to provide the need for the criminal element as portrayed in The Wire. Also, the second season focuses on the stevedores and importation of illicit goods, which is pretty much an entirely white section of the criminal enterprise.

  836. So on point here. Every white person I know raves on and on about The Wire, and I can only stand there and say “really?” and “oh, yeah?” “no, I didn’t see it”, because I’m not the least bit interested in watching that show.
    I just don’t feel that I could relate to it! Ha!

  837. I’m white, proud to admit that I’m from Baltimore, and like to watch a lot of tv. I don’t subscribe to Netflix and think that box set dvds of tv shows are actually a great product- how else am I going to see the unedited versions of HBO or Showtime tv shows that I’m not able to watch b/c I choose not to subscribe to premium cable channels? Additionally, I love the Wire, and not b/c it’s critcally acclaimed or because “it’s the best show on tv” right now . I like it b/c it’s well written, isn’t dumbed-down to attract the majority of the tv-viewing population, and in general, very entertaining. I love the show because it is authentically Baltimore- every little detail about Baltimore is correct to include street names, city neighborhoods, locations in the surrounding counties, the look of the police cars and uniforms, the use and/or mentioning of city institutions such as The Baltimore Sun, etc. They even had the ice cream truck going by in the background as two of the characters sat in Patterson Park describing their next move (that ice cream truck is ALWAYS going by somewhere in that part of town year round). This is all the result of the creator being from Baltimore and the show being shot on location as opposed to being shot somewhere else and then being passed off as Baltimore. The only thing that I haven’t noticed to be correct so far is the local dialect/accent (I have only seen 2 seasons of the show)….That is what is meant when the show is labeled as “authentic.” The city of Baltimore is so much more than the west side where a lot of the show (and the real life murders and open air drug market) take place. Come visit sometime and you’ll see that; just don’t venture any further west then the stadiums and you’ll be fine. If you aren’t a user or part of “the game”, you’re not going to get shot if you come to Baltimore….The show is a critique of the failing institutions that are the police department, city hall and/or local government, and the schools that not only occur in Baltimore, but in any US city today. If half of what’s depicted in the show really occurs in the police department or city hall bureaucracies, then each of our cities are going to continue heading down the tubes. David Simon identifies and depicts the problems in all of these facets of our cities, and it’s up to us to figure out a way to right the ship so to speak.

  838. Natural aversion to T.V.? Are you crazy. White people love T.V. I’m white and I looooooove T.V.

  839. the wire was not just about the black drug dealers !!!!

    You have to look at the similarity between your street corner dealers and corrupt city govenrment politicians.

    Everyone was out to make a buck.

    Omar is comin Omar is comin !!!!!

    Senator Clive Davis …. sssshhhhheeeeeeeeetttttttt !!!!

    Awsome series.

    City government makes the drug game strive !!!!!

    If you think The Wire was just about drug dealers you need to by the box set a re-watch all the episodes. !!!!!

  840. I’m white.

    Never heard of The Wire.

    I’ve heard of Bird on a Wire. Is that similar?

  841. i live the life of the wire to the fullest! yeah son im fresh kid, for real god you feel me?

  842. sh*t yeah, why must i cry, im so gangster i kill myself

  843. on April 8, 2008 at 1:04 pm C.Wright.Thru.U

    Does the kind of Stuff White People Like include things like
    Truth, Equality, and Justice?


  844. I think that white folks like ANYTHING on HBO. I can’t front, HBO does some enthralling shows and they like to kill them when they are on top.

    Hell, can’t knock ’em for that. I still with Oz would come back and I have mad love for Real Time.

  845. if you watched the wire since the beginning the final 3 episodes is the best.

    Marlo , Omar and senator clive davis ………

    Crazy and you will be saying oh shit !!!!!

  846. Mcnulty is a drunk and an idiot lolololol

  847. the wire was not full of black people.
    if you think that you are missing the whole show.

    open your mind up !!!

  848. I suppose I fit into the category, because I’m white, and I not only think its the best show on television, but the best show ever. Was it the authenticity? How should I know what’s authentic. I grew up in white suburbia. I did love the fact that they talked what I assumed was the language of the street and if you understood, great, if not, too bad. There were no apologies for the content of the show and no catering to a specific audience.

    What’s really great about the show is the acting and the writing and that it addresses subjects that are none too often addressed and addressed them in what I thought was a responsible, productive and thought-provoking manner. It was an incredible departure from the typical movie star vehicle in which a white person (educator, social worker) goes to work in a poor black neighborhood, learns life lessons, befriends a few kids, has a love affair with the only other white person in the area and saves the day.

    A show like The Wire is not easy to do and be successful at in this day and age of television programming that caters to the lowest common denominator. I feel I am a better person for having seen it and I can’t think of higher praise. I will miss it.

  849. This cracker has never seen “The Wire” but now I am going to have to watch it

  850. I’ve seen the Omega Man! B’more is my city!!!!!!

  851. on April 11, 2008 at 3:20 pm whereyoufrom

    That’s stuff rich people like. Come to think of it, that seems to describe most of this blog. How not a coincidence

  852. on April 13, 2008 at 8:20 am white dude from b'more

    who’s the omega man?

  853. on April 13, 2008 at 8:23 am white dude from b'more


  854. on April 13, 2008 at 8:27 am white dude from b'more

    this must arise from their love of teaching english abroad.

  855. on April 13, 2008 at 8:40 am white dude from b'more

    I think you’d have a hard time finding anyone who wouldn’t want the lifestyle displayed on Entourage. It’s pretty much the polar opposite of The Wire.

  856. on April 13, 2008 at 8:52 am white dude from b'more

    A mordant post, furious, if there ever was one.

    And I agree, Portnoy will need to consult a dictionary for that one, but that doesn’t necessarily mean he will; he seems loath to venture out of the snug confines of cut-and-paste racist diatribes.

  857. on April 13, 2008 at 8:57 am white dude from b'more

    You’re absolutely right. I’ve contacted the Department of Homeland Security in hopes of eliminating this pernicious threat to “our own home land territory.”

  858. on April 13, 2008 at 9:05 am white dude from b'more

    An outstanding BLACK surgeon!?!? Whoever heard of such a thing?


  859. on April 13, 2008 at 9:33 am white dude from b'more

    Some thoughts:

    “Gentile” is derived from Middle English. Christians coinied this term for themselves (hence the word “gentleman”). “Goyim,” however, is derived from Yiddish and is, in fact, derisive.

    Jesus was a Jew. Jews are Semites. Christianity is a cornerstone of Western Civilization. Ergo, Western Civilization is, in part, Semetic.

  860. Now that is funny. Your ebonics is too much.

  861. Now those stats look a little funny. I believe that they should say how the typical shoplifter is a middle age white female but I could be wrong. Even though I seriously doubt it. Another point would have to be if the majority focus on the minority (13 percent) then I am quite certain they will always find what they are seeking be it good or bad. You and I know that the good will never be told or shown. It is too much like right or maybe that is an illusion that the smaller group continue to tell themselves. I could be wrong but once again I have to say….I DOUBT IT.

  862. LOL, now that was funny. Your story writing skills are good but try an tone down the nicknames. I can’t see any thug telling his or her story. That isn’t what those types of people do. It was entertaining though.

  863. on April 13, 2008 at 6:04 pm one of the natives

    Sounds like a case of the chickens coming home to roost. Or, that the seeds of strange fruit are severely bitter. Clearly you dislike it. But what does it mean when a cook won’t eat?

  864. Man rappers are constantly referencing The Wire in songs lately. I would think this would be on a ‘Things Black People Love’ site.

  865. on April 14, 2008 at 9:44 am Whitey Whitey white folk

    Never seen it. However, I like cheese.

    I like cheese

  866. crap I love The Wire. I own the 1st and 3rd seasons. I guess I’m a white guy now. I guess I have to sell all of my Wu Tang CD’s amd invest in..i mean download classic rock.


  867. Let’s not forget The Office and anything on the Food Network

  868. So I am lily white and love The Wire. Most of my friends didn’t even watch this show and I didn’t realize it was a “white” thing to love this show. One of the main reasons I loved this show was because of the cast. White, black, cop, thug, whatever. And nobody was really “the star” of this show. I love McNulty but I also loved Stringer Bell and Omar and even Marlo did it for me a little bit. Can’t forget Sgt. Carver. yum. . . Anyways, other shows pale in comparison to The Wire. Well written and some of the best (and sadly unknown) actors who have ever been on television. When I watch idiotic shit like Sex and the City reruns I get really embarrassed for how shallow and immature the characters were. On shitty shows like that there is so much focus on the characters hairstyles and wardrobe and this was certainly not the case with The Wire.

    I read David Simon’s Homicide and The Corner before they were television shows so when I heard he was going to do a series for HBO I was very excited and really didn’t care what color the actors were. Just knew it would be a good show. I think when magazines ran articles about The Wire’s final season a lot of people jumped on the bandwagon and started singing its praises (and putting previous seasons in their Netflix Queue) so perhaps all of the media attention the last two seasons made all the white folks start to watch? And talk and talk and talk about it. like my brother in law who thinks he is one of those “early adapters.” (white people like to talk in quotes)

    Enough, I know but The Wire was just one of the best written shows I have ever,ever watched. I experienced every emotion while watching this series and was so very sad to see it go.

    And Clay Davis deserves a Best Supporting Actor Emmy.

  869. agree – if that first guy is a “Wire fan” and he thinks the show is about “black people” (and not about drug dealers – what he expects them to be like the drug dealers wearing Armani suits in 2 Fast 2 Furious?), his IQ is obviously a bit too low for this blog. And jokes in general. THINK THINGS THROUGH, man.

  870. haha I got in the habit of riding my bike down through the projects west of the MLK at sundown last summer…
    People gave me the weirdest looks, this honky white person housesitting in Bolton Hill just cruising through…
    Sometimes the police would follow me though, my rationale is that when you see a skinny white kid off the MLK he’s either making a deal or about to get mugged and either way they need to be there.
    Hooray for B-Mo

  871. I’m a Baltimore girl and The Wire makes me sad

  872. I am glad to see that someone here has actually seen “The Wire” starting in seaon(s) 1 & 2. I am from Maryland and grew up only 45 minutes from Baltimore, and 20 minutes from down town Washington D.C.
    The last 3-4 seasons of “The Wire” focused most of its energy on the drug trade in Baltimore, where as the starting season was evenly split between the drug trade of the inner city black neighborhoods and the underbelly of the harbor district where white “Stevedores” worked.

    You know the drugs have to get into this country some how and if your under the impression it is through the innner city neighborhoods of black people, your sadly mistaken.

  873. Whats a “honky”?

  874. Yeah but McNulty has a nice azz yo!

  875. I’m worried about my whiteness, I have never seen this show, and would never want anything to do with Bmore, I want to move to Utah to be around all whites. On the full list it states white people like having black friends, and being out numbered by blacks, I would rather be dead. This just cannot be true.

  876. on April 29, 2008 at 9:23 am harvard connection

    wow. just had to write.

    i work at harvard and was working the prestigious tanner lecture. the guest speaker was tony cushman, playwright (angels in america) and screenwriter (munich, lincoln). he gave a talk and then was interviewed by a harvard professor.

    she mentioned talking to tony before the talk and how they both agreed that ‘the wire’ is the best show on television.

    i hadn’t heard of it and wondered to myself if kanye west’s reference to ‘the wire’ in one of his songs was a reference to the show. being white i, of course, had to check it out.

    well, i hadn’t yet but was flipping channels and came across it on mtv so i watched one episode. seemed a bit depressing and didn’t really pull me in but wanting to be hip to the best show on television i vowed to check it out online or rent the dvds or something. i haven’t yet.

    as a side comment it seemed that the professor liked the show because of the unpredictability of it and the narrative style. something like you don’t really know what’s going on until the end? not really knowing the show i don’t know if this makes sense or if i even got it right.

    by the way, i do use a brita filter, speak french, am married to an immigrant, have been thinking of sending my kids to a french school since it’s my husband’s country’s “official” language and my kids are learning his african language.

    so far those are the only posts i’ve checked but apparently there is no doubt as to me being white.

  877. lame, dramas suck. i watch weeds. white people like comedy, too, you know.

  878. I’m half-white, and I’d never heard of this show before. I think true white people like “Masterpiece Theatre”.

  879. No you would be saying shiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiit!!

  880. White people especially love Kelsey Grammar. He makes me feel safe.

  881. crikey, I have never heard of the Wire. Does that mean I am not white enough?

  882. on May 17, 2008 at 6:01 am Paula Alvarado

    White person explaining why The Wire is the best show ever:

  883. fine line tween heaven and here

  884. Huh? No one’s seen it because it’s low rated?

    It’s low rated because no one’s seen it. Yeesh.

  885. Sometimes I don’t even know where to begin…

    I know, how about the connection between these (admittedly brutal) murders and the Civil Rights movement. Care to explain that one in more detail? If you could use the word “negroids” again I’d appreciate it.

    I don’t know about murder, but white women are more likely to be raped by their (white) acquaintances or relatives than by an unknown (black) assailant.

    While we’re on the subject of crime and racial bias, look at the ridiculous arrest rates for black versus white males. In Baltimore black men have a 50% chance of being arrested.

    What about the tens of millions of black victims of white (supposed) JUSTICE systems?

  886. Dude! What if you stopped spamming the comment board with every tv show you can think of, and let your oh-so-satirical not at all funny comments go unnoticed like they deserve?

  887. Living near, not in, Baltimore, is the surest way to end up hating it. Try actually spending some time in the city outside of the Inner Harbor.

  888. See, I always thought it showed how smart and organized the drug game is (or could be). Plus its not like all the black guys in the show are bad, and far from all the white ones are good.

    And then you have to face facts, I have lived near Baltimore my whole life, that city ain’t Disneyland.

    PS i’m white and I love that show. I say this with complete honesty, I’m 5 episodes away from seeing them all. I am however borrowing them for free at the library, I don’t know if that makes me whiter or not.

  889. on June 1, 2008 at 11:41 am God Shamgod

    Ive said all this and dont care. this show is brillant. my father is a recently retire po-lice. @ his retirement party, one of his partners told me my dad is Bunk Mooreland. i never knew my dad was so cool. Real Po-lice.

  890. Does anyone know if it’s true that this show is being broadcast on BET (or is going tobe?) I’ve always wanted to see it, and I don’t have HBO. (I realize the irony of this post)


  891. ” In white culture, giving away information about a film or TV series is considered as rude as spitting on your mothers grave. It is an unforgivable offense.”

    So true!! Hahahahahahahahah!!!

    I have actually been cussed out for accidentally giving away the ending of a certian “Lost” episode…

    By the way, I love Lost, which I think makes me a totally wrong kind of white person…which is fine by me.

  892. Why not go for the white-fecta?

    1. The Wire
    2. The Sopranos
    3. West Wing

    or go for the whole tamale and add:

    4. Six Feet Under
    5. Deadwood
    6. Sex and the City
    7. Curb Your Enthusiasm
    8. X-Files
    9. The Office

    I like odd numbers, you pick 10.

  893. Sorry for posting twice, but may I suggest a TV series that appeals to all races, all political bents, and PBS members too?

    Yes?! OK. It’s called ‘Carrier’. You’re welcome.

  894. yep he’s both a hero and an idiot – but aren’t we all?

  895. I don’t care who you are, this is the best show you’ll ever see.

  896. on June 11, 2008 at 11:51 am tapsbaltimore

    Or he’s from Pigtown!

  897. on June 13, 2008 at 11:09 am to hell with this site

    I know I’m late, but I sooooo agree with your comment. Thank you for giving a this bullshit a spin. It is truely refreshing to see that I’m not the only one who feels this way. Thank you, MF.! haha. And yes, I am Black also.

  898. on June 13, 2008 at 7:21 pm white girl from Baltimore City

    OMG. That comment was hysterical. And quite accurate.

  899. It just means that you don’t watch HBO…

  900. on June 18, 2008 at 11:58 am thisaintliving

    I guess the fact that well-educated, probably upper income, WHITE liberals watching the Wire in very small numbers means that ALL WHITE PEOPLE love this shit. Yeah, I love this site, b/c if rich white liberals do it then ALL white people do.


    I guess watching wrestling, NASCAR, enjoying Miller Lite, viewing Dancing w/the Stars, living in mainly white suburbs, hating unions, voting for anti-tax right wingers, having no friends of any color, eating fast-food, only buying shit from chains is ONLY what black ( or other ‘colored’ ) people do then, right? Because white people don’t do that.

    Sure rich white people w/advanced degrees do all this shit, but many an Educated Black Person does too. I guess then they’re really white on the inside though, huh?

  901. All of the white geeks (including me) I know would also add “Battlestar Galactica” to the top of their list.

  902. YO i’m from baltimore. when I tell a white person from outta town were i’m from there always look at me diff. that’s so true

  903. It’s been showing on bet 4 like 2 years now u late homie

  904. I’m white-Irish & German-big and red-faced. BUT: I enjoy Speaking Spanish, especially to the crews on my construction job sites. I know several Spanish songs. I am often invited to share lunches and after-work beers. This, to me, is an honor. My gringo colleagues think I’m less than a “real” white guy. (I say, fuck ’em)

    Dr Phil, am I crazy-? And I dig The Wire.

  905. i just want to thank c-lander for this post, it introduced my white ass to ‘the wire’ 5 seasons later, it ain’ no thang.

    loved every minute of it. it took over our lives day and night.
    stringer an’ them, avon, omar, bodie, poot, mc nutty, bunky bunk, lester, daniels, rawls, carcetti, prop joe, butchie, de, marlo, dukie, hamsterdam, weebay, snoop and chris, micheal, mr. prezbo, that disgusting fat white twat always had food in he mouth, that fuckin weasel from ‘the sun’, bede.
    ahh i luh’dat wire.

    much gratitude clander

  906. I don’t know if I’d get that excited about Baltimore, its pretty much Washington D.C.’s Newark. The show is pretty good, but I’ve never lost sleep missing an episode. I like reality crime shows, so its a touch campy for me.

    Don’t get me started on the most ridiculously stupid show on TV-CSI…

  907. on June 27, 2008 at 4:00 pm BIG (British Irish German)

    Is this Oxy as in Occidental College?

  908. on June 30, 2008 at 4:15 pm grillt cheez

    damn. now i gotta cancel my vacation to b-more cuz it doesn’t excite Kay. if only i could unwatch every episode of this merely “pretty good” show and dive head-first into some gritty reality. like “cops.” helpful comment, Kay! thumbs up!

  909. God, you white trash asshole! (joking) You sound just like me. We like what we like so fuck em. Fuck em all.

  910. Okay. But what does it mean if–as a white, middle-aged, advanced-degreed, Whole-Foods-shopping woman–you have a serious crush on Omar? Is that wrong? It seems like it would be wrong on so many levels….

  911. Kay – Washington D.C.’s Newark?

    Pfffhh. As a Baltimore resident, I have complete confidence in saying that Washington D.C. is Baltimore’s bitch. We own Washington D.C. in all ways, and if necessary, we will knock Washington D.C. around some if it talks out of turn.

  912. None of us watch that… Now The Office and Scrubs… we watch those.

  913. Well actually, Washington DC is the nation’s capital so I dont think we’re Baltimore’s bitch. In fact, I think technically every city in the US is a bitch to DC because we govern this country

  914. Disagree with this one, none of the white people I know have ever heard of “The Wire”, much less watched it.

  915. Once again. I don’t fit this. Never seen it. Couldn’t care less.

  916. This article is about me. You skewered me something good. Well done.

  917. You are asleep! the wire is the best show ever!

  918. Yeah sure, this is one of the funniest sites on the web, but sometimes I do wonder what the fuck do the people who make this website like to watch? According to Jim?

    At the end of the day, the top of the list for stuff “white people” like (meaning “white liberals”, of course) should be “self-hatred”. And in that sense, this website is the whitest thing in the world.

  919. You all are idiots. The Wire IS the whitest show ever. If you don’t know this then you are at the wrong site.

  920. on July 10, 2008 at 7:19 am White inventions

    Hey dude, how about you stop using our inventions? We invented virtually everything you are using today, so go fuck yourself. The computer, the computer languages, the internet, car, airplane etc etc.. oh and what did you guys do? Oh thats right leach of us as much as possible then use the race card every day of your life. Without white people America would be another third world country, and ofcourse every white country would be expected to help out.

  921. Never watched it.

  922. Brother Mouzone became rather irate when his driver/bodyguard/flunky did not obtain The Atlantic among the magazines he had instructed him to purchase.

  923. on July 14, 2008 at 7:01 am TONI DelTronte

    You like the wire. My parents like the wire. I like the wire. We’re all white. Its awesome.

  924. Kind of ridiculous to say that this is a show that “white people like” when it struggled for ratings every season. Replace with “The Sopranos” or “Deadwood” and you’ve got an argument. But, hey, that would get in the way of your axe-grinding.

  925. seems like all the white people i know are afraid of the wire. they like to think they are championing diversity by watching greys anatomy. ??

  926. Gotta say, this one proves you don’t know any black people

  927. This is kind of off-point. I mean yeah, there is a certain sector of HBO-loving elites who love The Wire, but it’s also become really popular in Bmore (my hometown). If you drive around South Baltimore, like Brooklyn (not exactly the Inner Harbor), you can sometimes find tshirts of Snoop or the phrase “Who’s your favorite DJ on the Big Fat Morning Show?” So yeah, I’d say it has a pretty broad fan base. People all over the city like to own it, even if everyone’s pretty clear on the fact that some things are exaggerated.

  928. you are an idiot, there are almost nothing but white people now in Bolton Hill. its hardly a rough-and-tumble neighborhood. poseur

  929. David Simon is not a liberal jackass.

  930. How does borrowing anything from the library make you whiter?? Go to any library in Balitmore and notice the overall skin tone. Or did you assume most black people couldn’t read?

  931. on August 5, 2008 at 6:11 am Phyllis Allen

    Do White people really like the Wire? Why? Because they like to scare themselves. The Wire gives them a new “Freddy Krueger”, Snoop or maybe Omar.

  932. Just about every black pro athlete lists this as one of their favorite shows.

  933. damn im white perhaps i should check it out

  934. Never watched it and won’t. Trendy slumming. Ditto Sopranos. Ditto film Traffic. Sick of hearing about drug dealers and gangsters (of any race). Last gangster pic seen: Goodfellers in 1990. More than enough.

    give me the hot female docs on Grey’s and the MILFS on DHousewives, any time.

  935. Yes, please drive to Fairfax County (City of Burke) Virginia, find the nearest Whole Foods and immediately turn in your Metro Card

  936. Christ, am I allowed to enjoy this show or not?! The acting is phenomenal, the writing is even better, and it isn’t a show about a bunch of mopey bastards in desparate need of “me time” like Grey’s Monotony. It STILL is under-rated, and NO, I don’t think that I know all about the streets of Baltimore, but now I do know what they look like. It was the best show on television and it isn’t stupid, or trite to think so.

  937. on August 11, 2008 at 9:32 pm BODIE REPRESENT

    You’re missing out. This movie is nothing like Goodfellas. It’s not just about drug dealers or law enforcement. It shows how the criminal organizations, law, politics, education, etc. are all interconnected and in very real ways perpetuate one another. And it was the best show on television, and my favorite show of all time.

  938. It was the best show on television.

  939. Flight of the Conchords

  940. Dude, I just got season 5 on netflix, wathced four episodes in a row, Best Show Ever!

  941. lol
    so true
    we hate it when we people do it…. =D I love to tell people though lol

  942. I have never seen that show. I don’t even know what it’s about. I have also never seen 6 Feet Under and I have seen 1 episode of season 5 of the Sopranos. I am a sucky white person 😦

  943. yeah well it doesnt help that it was by far the best show on television

  944. on August 22, 2008 at 12:55 am Singh is King

    The Wire is one long moan about the state of the world and how everything is shit and getting worse and it’s all the fault of the man, and you can’t change anything because blah, blah, blah…in essence, it captures perfectly the tedious liberal end-of-the-world mentality…

  945. on August 27, 2008 at 10:38 am Charles Turgenson

    There’s nothing”tedious” about the state of the urban youth who are in a constant cycle of misery and violence. But your right, the liberals have a tendency to embrace and cultivate misery to make their point…almost to a lifestyle of sorts. But make no mistake, although people have a choice what to do in their lives, there’s no doubt that all are INFLUENCED by the choices they make.

    What Liberals and Conservatives DON’T see is that the urban youth cant see or believe in their choices. Some believe that what they do IS the only choice.

    Each of the individuals have their own history and some complex for you to absorb.

    Bottom line, both Conservative and Liberal LOVE to exploit these young kids for their own political arguments.

  946. That is the funniest thing. The Wire?!!!! The most raw ghetto show on HBO……at second thought. Yeah, I can see why.

  947. Again I don’t know why im even on here( im black) but its crazy how all of the 692 shows on tv about white people are so damn boring to us but soon as the wire comes out every white person in America can’t miss an episode. HHHHMMMMMM? Missing something in your lives?

  948. Wow man. You really have white people figured out. I’m gonna go play golf now and vote for a Republican.

  949. Same here. And if you add that I also shop at Walmart I think I exemplify the “wrong type of white person.”

  950. While Stuff White People Like contributes on a massive scale to our invisibilization (really, it’s like the hipster flipside of Sarah Palin), I’m introducing a new blog called Bitter White Folks for Obama to explode this zero-sum game. My family were part of the 41 million who migrated from the Appalachian/Southern region to the Midwestern states in the postwar period: precisely the demographic from which support for Obama (and progressive politics as such) is supposed to be non-existent. But it was the economic policies of Reagan and the Clinton and Bush dynasties that produced such atrocities as the 2,200 square miles of strip-mining in Appalachia that have put thousands out of work, reduced the average income to the level of Mexico and forced migration to the North in search of jobs. So I actually completely agree with Obama’s sentiment: of course Appalachian and Midwestern communities are “bitter” – and it cannot be denied that more than a few have been mislead into believing that these elites somehow hear their voices. With the increasingly patronizing tone of the Republicans however (which Stuff White People Like only solidifies), many are rapidly becoming unconvinced – at least Obama speaks about the situation as it really is: as he put it in that same speech, “you can go into the toughest neighborhoods, you know working-class lunch-pail folks, you’ll find Obama enthusiasts. And you can go into places where you think I’d be very strong and people will just be skeptical”. For more, check out my blog at http://bitterwhitefolksforobama.blogspot.com

  951. That’s quite some generalization; which, of course, was the point of the website I suppose. I am white and never watch the wire but even though I absolutely know stereotypes are simply racism, I’m more amused than offended when reading it. I’m even considering buying the book … I just have one question, would it be ok to have a website called “Stuff Black People like” and not get slammed? We won’t be truely a non discriminating non racist society until we get rid of all of these “black” “white” things, like Black colleges, or Black pageants, or white anything as well….. how about Obama just being a presidential candidate unstead of a “black Presidential candidate” ..he’s more than one race anyway, integrate everything and let it be.

  952. But “Weeds” was like totally the best show in television…lol

  953. Because HBO is notoriously cheap when it comes to paying for series that are well written, produced,directed & acted. Thats why the Wire, Sopranos, etc. are no longer, victims of their own success on a cheap ass network.

  954. homicide: life on the streets

    now that’s some good television — set in baltimore!

    but if you want current reality in baltimore: ace of cakes!

  955. Paragraph 7 typo – “create” should be “created.” Yes, I’m white.

  956. Are white people the only ones who get pissed when you talk about the end of a show or movie? (I mean I totally do that all the time, just thought it was universal)

  957. on September 9, 2008 at 11:50 am Good Reading Voice

    The sad thing is that shitheads like Bob here can reproduce.

    Wahabbist Muslims have been killing westerners since at least the time of the Barbary Pirates (or did you think that the words, “to the shores of Tripoli” in the Battle Hymn of the Republic were just words?).

    Jimmy Carter is the biggest waste of skin to have ever occupied the Oval Office.

  958. I grew up in Arkansas and am just as racist as the next American-African, Japanese, Chinese, Frenchman, Iraqi, whatever… In my community in Arkansas I would see flyers passed around from time to time about porch monkeys, spear chuckers, etc. The pamphlets were joke rags about black people probably put out by Klansmen. In the pamphlets the authors would write about things that negros like. Let me share with you some that I can remember:
    1. Negros like shiny things. I think as examples they referenced hub caps and gold teeth. Today I think they call it bling.
    2. they like watermelon. Me too…oh snap.
    3. they like fried chicken from pop-eyes. I never understood that one…I like fried chicken from pop-eyes too… wonder if that makes me a wigger?
    4. they don’t like to swim. Now this one doesn’t exactly fit the like category but it seems to be true to some degree. I have only swam with a black person once in my life. It was a highly unusual situation. I was saving his life in boot camp. dumb bastard couldn’t march to save his life…everytime his left foot would go forward so would his left arm. Looked like a damn misconfigured robot.

    I’m glad I found this web site. Now I can make a good case for calling for an end to black history month. You boys have finally arrived and have finally started to grow a pair of balls. Welcome to America…took you dumb bastards long enough. I mean that with all sincerity. Now if you can start getting over slavery maybe we can all get along with our lives and stop your 200 years of PMS’ing.

  959. Why the fuck are idiots still leaving comments on this website as if it’s serious? One would think that by now, if you’re here you’re in on the joke, yes?

    (Myself, I’m here fact-checking a months-old gchat. I’m reasonable. Get off my case.)

  960. your dumb ass first thing you thought someone black person did this so I’m assuming you took offense to this

    any who a white canadian and some Asian dude did this.

    only people that care what white people like are white people.

  961. Yeah, so true. I’m gay and from Baltimore, but now live in Britain. I’m so damn tired of being used as a prop by my White friends.

  962. do white people like Hugh Laurie and “House, M.D.”?

  963. i never cared for the wire, and top ten things i dont have is an aversion to tv…. anything that keeps my son quiet for 5 minutes if AOK by me :]

    get at me when they replace “the wire” with “sex and the city” ;]


  965. on September 22, 2008 at 2:10 pm terrence gene bollea

    watched two episodes of the wire, thought it was too slow and boring, never watched it again.

    whiteness rating 1-10?

  966. THE WIRE is like THE SOPRANOS–it was a not-bad 2-hour film stretched out over several years.

  967. on September 23, 2008 at 6:21 am surfingthewarmindustry

    White people also love to drop references to lesser-known Radiohead songs in everyday conversation as a way of feeling around for other white people/

  968. Okay…friends of mine say:
    “Dude you gotta watch The Wire! It’s very realistic.”
    I reply (truthfully) “Dude, remember, I’m a cop…and no its not.”

  969. Best show on TV

  970. You know who else would say that? Hitler.

  971. I personally loved The Wire! I almost cried when it was over.
    It was so gritty, so not white (I got to peep in), it was interesting, and had great actors. It was ‘a black man’s Saprano’s’.

    People that didn’t like it probably couldn’t follow a twisting and complicated story line because, it was very complicated you had to pay atttention. There was somthing like 1000 charaters. It was Great television!!

    I think I’ll oder it from Netflix and enjoy it all over again since Iam white person who does have the television adversion 🙂

  972. I’m surprised anybody wasted time watching that show, but I’m sort of a pale, pinkish colour and wouldn’t understand.

  973. Omar gets shot in the head by a 12-year-old in episode 7 of season 5.

  974. i have never seen the wire and have no desire to do so.

  975. Omar comin’! …an’ he pissed!

  976. Just came across this page cause I wanted to see what others were saying about the wire. I have not read all the post, but they mostly seem to be focused on the drug element of the show. What makes this show so brilliant is the parallel that are made between the streets and authority figures in Baltimore. The crooked politicians or law enforcement figures come across just as if not more despicable than the corner kid, barksdale, or whoever else you want to name in the show.

    This show is about more than drugs. It shine a light on the problems with education, social services, law, politics, unions (and other organizations), and most important the American Family.

    Don’t get distracted by who watches the show (race or location) or so you pretend you are in so social circle. Stay focused on the social criticism that are being made. This show should bring awareness to any institution you are associated with.

  977. Generalization can apply here, I love The Wire. Kick ass show with tons of black folk dieing. Couldn’t ask for anything more.

  978. Why was Rawls shown in a gay bar and iT NEVER EVOLVED INTO ANYTHING?

  979. The wire was good, whoever wrote this could get bitch slapped by my white ass tho stfu you fool know nothing about white people your ignorant fuck, you talk about surburban whites so say suburban white fool.

  980. Obama has said that he’s a big fan of The Wire. It’s a good time to be a white person.

  981. LOL *sigh* I love black people.

  982. I know!!! Maybe it’s coming in season four (don’t tell me I’ll block my ears and scream), must be developed…just saw that one!

  983. this sight sucks. Some other things white people enjoy doing: Supporting our children; using condoms so we don’t have another child with another women who is not going to have a father; graduating high school; and using proper English. I’m pretty sure there are other things we enjoy doing, but I’ll let you figure them out on your own.

  984. You definitely did not use proper English when you used “sight”.

    Regardless of being white or black, there are PLENTY of white people in my classes, and in this world period, who can’t even read. Some white people only achieve more because they are white. At least when black, hispanic and chinese accomplish something, it’s because they’re actually smart.

    Maybe you racists can go back to Europe and be happier there.

  985. Response to Whitey: If you claim to be using “proper English,” I’d like to inform you that it’s “site” not “sight.” The former is a short form of website, the latter means “vision.”
    Yours truly,

  986. Yo, the cat who be writin this shit is a suburban, honky tonkin, crackulatin, jive turkey so you mayo eatin, slave rapin, man lovers aint gotta be all shitty about it. he’s one of yall. Suburban white dudes always come back from university thinkin they black, what’s with that?

  987. Im Irish an just come back from America and would love to know why yous all make such a big deal about yizer colour/race/religion etc in your country?

    At the end of the day black/white or whatever, your all party can drinkin puffs who get gargled on a barmans fart. People can say what they like about the English but at least they can drink, so put the guns down and your fists up ladies cos from Upper East Side Manhattan to Western Baltimore there is nothing hard about being a Yank!

  988. Native, I believe your accusation that there are PLENTY of white people who can’t even read is racist. So, you can go back to your reservation and be happier there.

    Also, whitey, your use of “women” was incorrect. You should have used the singular version.

  989. This ain’t Aruba………

  990. on November 28, 2008 at 6:10 am Cal Naughton, Jr.

    As a Baltimorean I would never watch “The Wire”. Living in this hellhole is bad enough. There is no need to further subject myself to it being simulated on television.

  991. I keep looking at ‘The Wire’ in the video store, even picking up the box – but I know I’ll never actually rent it.

  992. on December 4, 2008 at 2:38 pm The wrong kind of white

    I hate The Wire. I watched it once, never again. I get quite upset whenever I’m watching HBO and it comes on. Sopranos and Six Feet Under suck even more than The Wire

  993. Barack Obama admits to being fascinated with the Wire’s complex character Omar. But i’m guessing he’s white in your eyes…

    This website is a joke.

  994. “This website is a joke”


  995. I’m so guilty of this, guiltier than Stringer Bell at the end of season 1!

  996. lol omar is the least complex character in the show. He simply preys on the ruthless drug dealers and never has a moral dilema. Other characters who are being let down by the system and trying to survive are much more complex

  997. on December 13, 2008 at 12:04 pm The Yodeling Existentialist

    Loved your comment. Unfotunately, I am a fifty six year old white man who is heavily into existentialism and yodeling. I’ve tried shaving all of the hair on my head, wearing hooded sweatshirts, and swaggering back and forth while I am walking. I also have a herniated disk, which makes the very act of swaggering dangerious. Already I’ve had two knee caps pop out.

    Truth is, I have taught in a number of “Underperforming” schools.” I have learned much from my students. But the system is all fucked up by standardized testing and bureauacy. I did burn out, but it was not because of my students. Almost every one of them had their dreams. But how can one attain a dream when the cost of an education is more than their paents take home.

    Whoever wrote the script for The Wire was probably at one time an idealist.

  998. I’m surprised that Christian has these incredible insights into white culture, and that what they REALLY add up to are attacks on the hypocracy of white PROGRESSIVE culture. Now I’ll admit: guilty as charged. But as a white person, living in the blackest part of a very white part of the world (Tacoma, WA), I’m still perplexed on white hatred of television. White PROGRESSIVES put “Kill Your Television” stickers on the backs of their old Saabs, but whites live and die by TV. Whites duke it out at Wal-Mart when they have flat screens for 99 bucks. Whites watch TV from 5 AM until they go to work, then come home and keep it on until 10 at night.

    Christian’s intense knowledge of black perspective falls far short–I have yet to see an African American in a monster truck. Somehow, that tradition is NOT a white thing. Perplexing. Care to answer, Christian? Or am I just being white about shit?

  999. LOL dude my parents KNOW Cops from the actually city of Baltimore, they say that the shows stories are realistic maybe not the Police work and shit but the story lines are pretty realistic.

  1000. A cop show?

  1001. ahahaha – True!

    Classic Post.

    I watch the Wire and everything you said is true. However, it is, was, the best show on TV.



  1002. I’m hooked on the wire, but then so is my video store manager here in Sydney, Australia…. A black New Yorker who ordered in Season 5 from the States especially for his predominantly white punters who couldn’t wait till February for it to be released!

    We have talked at length about the show, but perhaps he is just humouring me!?

    All the people who feel inclined to leave negative messages about this site should grow a sense of humour…. So far all the posts I’ve read seem very well observed.

    I moved house recently, and yes sea salt was amongst the items I brought with me!

  1003. If you only ever watched The Wire once – you fucked up. You get “quite upset” when TV shows come on?

  1004. Your an idiot James.

  1005. Great list — right on the money. Am I the only person of white pigment who thinks The Sopranos sucked?

  1006. In all fairness, The Wire is the best show on television lol!

  1007. Holy sh**! I loved Six Feet, Sopranos, and The Wire. Get out of my head, Christian Clander!

  1008. Don’t say anything more! I haven’t watched this show yet. *plugging my ears*

  1009. “The next time I’m speaking to a white person from Baltimore” is an oxymoron. This is a function of the fact that there are no white people from Baltimore…

  1010. I’ve never seen The Wire.

  1011. How do they watch it of they don’t have TV?

    Oh, on their Macs, what was I thinking.

  1012. Okay, I thought that reason I could never get the Wire on Netflix is because my fellow blacks were hogging it. Now I know Its always on a “short wait” because you whites are hogging it. (Shaking my finger) Could you please return it? I haven’t seen it yet and I don’t watch TV either, come on!!!

  1013. But what if you’re white and from Baltimore? All of my pals who are not from here go and watch the show, and then grill me to see if everything that happens to McNulty and co. is in fact real.

  1014. I am white and I love The Wire.
    I never knew these two facts had so much to do with each other!
    My grandparents are white and from Baltimore and they DIDN’T watch The Wire. What does that mean? Is this some sort of recessive genetic trait, passed down through but not manifested in white inhabitants of Baltimore!?!?!?
    And I also know a lot of Asians that like The Wire. Something to consider for any follow-up report.

  1015. What about ‘Lost’? White people really love that show and all the same things apply see covering ears and yelling when an episode they have not seen is talked about, and discussing it at work, as well as getting it on netflix. The only thing is that it is not on cable. So does it count?

  1016. There are no puppies on the wire. Speaking of puppies, my friend just got this new puppy and he plays with it by putting a chew toy in his mouth and letting the puppy try to rip it out. It’s kinda funny. Check it out: http://TwitPWR.com/2Z0/

  1017. Каждый твердо убежден в своей объективности, и никто не верит в чужую.

  1018. Battlestar Galactica, but for the record the Wire was just that good. The first season was a masterpeice on par with the Godfather I & II.

  1019. on January 30, 2009 at 10:58 am CulturedBlackGuy

    Hey I loved the Wire too, and we don’t want anyone to spoil an unseen episode for us either

  1020. on January 31, 2009 at 11:51 am Charles M. Johnson

    Talk about real-to-life. That is The Wire. Extremely believable, both the police and street scenes.

  1021. on February 1, 2009 at 7:20 am WhiteGuyFromBaltimore

    I live in Baltimore (Lucust Point, a pretty much entirely-white neighborhood), have grown up in/around the city most of my life, and I really loved The Wire. There’s a certain air of fear that gets instilled in my fellow out-of-town white people when I mention to them that I live in Baltimore. I always get, “So, is The Wire really accurate?” and “Have you ever run into a drug dealer?” I always lie and say, “why, yes!” to both.

    Of course, although I’m a white guy, I unfortunately broke the “White Code” and didn’t watch the show either at home on a 52″ plasma, or at a nearby tapas/sushi/wine bar (a.k.a. Federal Hill or Canton — and by the way, #121 needs to be “tapas cuisine”); I usually watched it at my local, shitty, hole-in-the-wall pub while sucking down Natty Boh’s and buffalo wings. Can I still maintain my whiteness, please?

    Brilliant damn series, though…

  1022. Everybody like the wire now….

  1023. on February 2, 2009 at 3:15 pm Stringer Bell's Girl

    Dude, you don’t know what you’re missing. I first saw The Wire when visiting my brother in Houston. I think it was season 3 the education system. I was hooked. Unfortunately, I didn’t have cable. I was able to look at the remaining seasons through Netflix. There was a long wait for season 5. Let me tell you, it was worth every minute. I loved it. I’m black lived in New Orleans of all places, but had never experienced anything so hardcore before. (I never really visited Uptown New Orleans where they do the do). When I moved to Atlanta my younger brother and I visited downtown and drove right passed a drug exchange, with money and everything. We were like, “WOW”, this is just like The Wire. We still crack up when we talk about it.

  1024. on February 2, 2009 at 3:27 pm Stringer Bell's Girl

    They killed Stringer Bell, Omar on season 5 is killed by a pint sized kid, Prop Joe, Michael kills Snoop, Chris goes to jail, Marlo never gets caught, and Dukie turns into a heroin addict. Did I ruin it for anyone?

  1025. on February 2, 2009 at 8:55 pm the lost sock

    I guess I’m the only white person to have never heard of this show, I only go online to renew my hermits license.


  1027. da wire so good foo i lik ta watch that shit n smoke crack n den smoke mo crack and watch mo episod yeaa booy . no but seriously everyone needs to either like the show or not don’t critique the hell out of it this isn’t a class.

  1028. smoka crack booy

  1029. Remember that TV show with Sonny Crocket and Rickardo Tubbs… Miami Vice.. thats much better than the WIRE… Wire if for Wussys

  1030. whatevah.

  1031. on February 7, 2009 at 7:34 am WhiteGuyFromBaltimore

    Wow. That’s a lot of anger you have built-up there. You should see somebody about that. Especially considering you’re probably as lily-white as me.

  1032. HAHAH. This is absolutely the best one out it should be number one. The Wire is easily the best show ever and has ruined movies for me as they are so inferior. This website is hysterical and as for this post; you could not be more right.

  1033. Cause you know white people… The wire is good because of the writers

  1034. your a racist scumbag

  1035. It’s all true. Every stinking word. The wire is the best show ever and I cannot talk enough about it. But don’t tell me anything about it because I have three more discs to arrive on netflix. I am from Maryland, and when I tell people this I make it seem like I am from much closer to Baltimore than I actually am. And I do have cousins and aunts from Baltimore and they are exactly like the white dock workers in season 2. You clander, know your white people and the stuff we like.

  1036. blackfolks love the wire too! and asians. And anyone who likes awesome.

  1037. This website needs to be renamed “Stuff Idiots Write”.

  1038. Hilarious.. I just ordered netflix so I could order the rest of the wire after seeing the first season on HBO and watching all 12. You have me pegged.

  1039. If you listen to the commentaries, you’ll hear how in the minds of Simon and the writers, each character is complex, and many black characters exhibit admirable traits within the completely f*cked context of living under siege in a (drug) war.

    For example, Omar, an unrelentingly violent thief, is one of the few characters to recognize and regret his mistakes…

    It’s not a simple show, and Simon is no limo liberal… he’s a career crime writer who happens to have some hard earned insight into America and how it works.

  1040. Saying white people like “The Wire” is kind of like saying white people like sex… it’s not a real differentiator.

    But beyond that, and being from Baltimore, I have never found it to give me any “street cred”. It does give people something to talk about and many the wrong impression of the city as a whole.

    More importantly, I think this site should be named “stuff my yuppie Manhattan college friends like”, because most of what is on here ties to socioeconomic levels… not race.

  1041. I am puerto rican and most of your “white traits” are also mines…..go figure

  1042. I grew up in Baltimore City ( near Pimlico) and now that I go to college in Manhattan, it’s hilarious to me that so many people LOVE The Wire and as soon as they find out I’m from Bmore, they proceed to interrogate me on the legitimacy of the show, as well as wanting to know everything about the drug trade in the city.
    It seems to me that if anyone could get “street cred” from a tv show, then most white people are ready to believe that The Wire is the show to do it. Someone (from Texas, no less) once argued with me about “what Baltimore is REALLY like” until they found out I live there……

    gotta love white people!

  1043. on February 25, 2009 at 11:43 pm alphabetpudding

    No worries, I’m Chinese and a lot of their “white traits” are mine too. 😀

  1044. The Wire IS great, white, black, alien, hermaphrodite.

    I’m not sure how authentic it is, but it is very realistic. It tells a very complex story that corresponds to legimate social commentary about the politics of race poverty. They do all this without relying on cliches.

    The one thing that isn’t great about “The Wire” is that, it’s ruined the drama genre for me. I’m glad I watched “Six Feet Under” before I watched “The Wire,” so that I was able to enjoy it.

    I never really got into “The Sopranos.” It was good, I guess, but it got boring to me after the first 2 seasons. I just didn’t feel compelled to stick with it, same with “Weeds.” And I still don’t get people’s fascination with “Californication.” That show is stupid.

  1045. “No worries, I’m Chinese and a lot of their “white traits” are mine too”
    “I am puerto rican and most of your “white traits” are also mines…..go figure”

    “stuff my yuppie Manhattan college friends like”-See, the problem with because most of what is on here ties to socioeconomic levels… not race.

    That last statement couldn’t be more true about this site. Although the writing is generally pretty good, and everything is in satirical nature, I just hope that most readers take it that way. My fear is that regular viewers take everything posted here almost literally. And props to the author for the book deal, just be careful about becoming redundant. New balances? come on dude your really stretching it, EVERYBODY wears new balances you know this…and I’ll give you the wire, but again that’s pretty much universally acclaimed as well ( racially). But then again, I’m assuming that most of these posts are in good taste and satire, and that your not a living/breathing judgment box. I guess my only other problem is that this site gives cannon fodder to the new class of ex hipster/ fake boho/( insert new social group) that seem to be popping up everywhere.

  1046. I jumped on the THE WIRE bandwagon at the beginning of Season 4. Afterwards, like the article said, watched hours a day on DVD to catch up Seasons 1-3, then watched Season 5.

    I, and others that I knew watched, felt it (Season 4 – kids in school, drugs on streets) could have be filmed on the streets of Memphis.

    The watched THE SHIELD for the same way. 6 seasons on DVD all summer to see the final season on tv.

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  1048. Intelligent people like the Wire because it is good on so many levels. I heard that show the Shield is really good too though not seen it.

    You should do a “white people like Slumdog Millionaire”

  1049. OK I’m a white gay dude and I love The Wire becuase I have a huge crush on McNulty…

    But Omar – YUM. I mean he is one ugly dude but somehow that makes him more real and therefore hotter. I love how he smokes his Newpos. Did anybody else see his nude scene?

  1050. Those ppl sound like idiots. Kinda like you when you make sweeping generalizations.

    I’m white, I grew up in Ireland. We didn’t have your luxuries when I was kid. When I moved here at 13, I was amazed by the suburban kids (white black yellow whatever, we called them bridge and tunnel ppl in NY) and their fantasies.

    Long story short. Idiocy knows no color.

  1051. My wife and I just got into “The Wire” and we like it, but during the first couple of seasons, my wife needed to watch it with the subtitles turned on (are we white people???). But in the third season, the producers put in a black lady in the office who sums up what people say on the actual wire… was this because too many white people started watching? I just thought I would share my white people moment.

  1052. it’s nimbyism at it’s finest. it’s a racially insecure white person’s field day. it makes them feel black for an hour, and it gives them the confidence they need to be around other black people without actually becoming friends with them.

  1053. When you need your crystal meth quick, fast, and in a hurry, call Mikey. Straight from the lab and right to your pipe in under 20 minutes!

    call Mikey today!

  1054. It’s called “assimilation”. But not to worry, white people still think you’re Chinese.

  1055. It’s called “assimilation”. But don’t worry, white people still think you’re Mexican.

  1056. Only a white person would write this [Christian Lander].
    The Wire is written by an out-of-touch Baltimore Jew who failed as a true novel writer and opted to become a reporter… he hopped in a police car and followed some cops around 20-25 years ago and came up with a fictional tale
    (Homicide: A Year on the Streets) and has spent his career re-hashing it (The Corner, The Wire). The show is about as far from reality [and close to original] as that other HBO show…what what is called? …”Carnivale”? …its hilarious.

    Its fiction people. Hamsterdam? seriously? I mean its funny and novel…but that show in no way represents reality on any level. The characters are caricatures, the stories are embellished and if it holds up in 10 years I’d be shocked.

    And not to mention, The “Baltimore accents” are atrocious. Seriously, anyone from Baltimore will tell you McNulty sounds like the Irishman he actually is (with the posh Eton accent he has) playing an American trying to do an east-side, white, blue collar Baltimore accent. What is this? Tropic Thunder? ‘I’m the dude playing the dude…playing the other dude’. Stringer Bell sounds like an Englishman playing an American trying to do an inner-city, black, urban Baltimore accent…yet sounds more like “New York mumble-mouth black thug #1”.

    Alright, that’s nit-picking but, at the end of the day, you’ve all been fooled. The show has some great CHARACTERS but its flawed, deeply…and truly un-original in some cases (SEASON 4 IS CLOCKERS…READ IT). It is also self-indulgent to the point of parody. Season 5…hilarious: “The press is the heart of the city” …Simon is a hack. The Baltimore Sun was a “C-grade” paper when he wrote for it in the 80’s (and its a “D-grade” paper now)….It has the resources and talent to uncover as much as the Dubuque Telegraph Herald.

    I beg you….get over the shock value of “Baltimore” and the wholesale lie that it somehow is “real”. The show is no better than it’s predecessor Homicide was. Well, except that “f*ck” scene at the apartment in the first season with Bunk and McNulty…you know what I’m talking about..yeah, it was mad funny..but still bu!!sh!t.

    You’ve been hoodwinked.

  1057. Umm, it’s fiction, right? Fiction is “hoodwink” by definition. As fiction it works for me. “Hamsterdam”? Very inventive! But you like it or you don’t. I guess you don’t.

  1058. on March 13, 2009 at 8:27 am rennie_davis

    Consider, you’re on the mark. Idris Elba just did an interview on NPR yesterday, with Terry Gross from Fresh Air, and it was so disgusting. For most of the hour-long interview all she could talk about with Stringer Bell!, Stringer Bell!

    You would think this was the only role he ever played. Terry seemed dumbstruck when he mentioned his role as Mumbles from RocknRolla, totally laughable.

    Terry Gross needs to apologize to Elba and give him another interview.

    I can think of a word for “The Wire” that some of you all need to look up–Blaxploitation.

    Now, there’s a real mother for ya.

  1059. I’m not sure where in Baltimore you live, or in fact, if you’ve ever even been there. I live 3 blocks up and 2 blocks over from the very real drug corner of Fayette & Carey. This is the same corner where Bodie sets up the “Pandemic” shop in seasons 3 & 4 and I assure you that many of the events that occur in The Wire, such as gunfights in which young children get caught in the crossfire are indeed very real.

    There are an estimated 50,000 drug-addicts in Baltimore City and only 3,100 active duty police officers so it doesn’t take a genius to understand that sometimes law enforcement is forced to think outside the box.
    Hamsterdam is a literary paraphrasing of the period of time when Leonard Hamm was the BPD Commissioner and mandated the department to rescind it’s zero tolerance policy on open-air drug markets so that investigations could take place to stem the out of control homicide rate.
    There have been roughly 300 murders a year in Baltimore since the late 80’s. That’s 7 times the national rate. If Baltimore had the same population as New York City, that would translate to about 3,000 homicides a year. I can’t name one person In my neighborhood who has not had a friend or family member that was murdered. In 2007 my brother-in-law was killed in a drive-by-shooting on the front lawn of his home while playing with his 2 year old daughter. He was white, lived in Baltimore County and was targeted because he himself witnessed a murder.

    Carnivale my ass.

    Next, if you lived or even visited here you would know that there are two versions of the Baltimore accent: black (Omar) & white (McNulty’s season 2 partner on the boat); and all of the characters on the show that speak with those accents do a pretty damn good job. In fact, many of the actors who use the accent most often are actually from Baltimore. Furthermore, neither McNulty nor Stringer Bell affect any accent at all, save maybe a general “East Coast” lilt, which is also true of many people who live here in Mobtown.

    As far as your “Clockers” reference goes, check the credits on several episodes of season 3 and season 4, particularly episodes 2 and 8 of season 3. They were written by Richard Price. I probably don’t have to tell you this but just in case, Price is also the author of “Clockers.”

    In the case of the Baltimore Sun, I think that perhaps we may agree that the paper is sub-par. Although, like Dubuque, Baltimore is a one paper town so in my eyes, no true competition equals no true quality.

    Nonetheless, I beg YOU, Mr. Consider, to reconsider who has been hoodwinked here. If you do in fact live in Baltimore, maybe take the blinders off and step outside your cul-de-sac to witness just how funny and novel real life murder, addiction and poverty actually is. If you don’t live here, well then sheeeeeeeeiiiiiit, take it from this white boy, if shock value is what you want then take a walk down to the corner with me sometime. Lake Trout’s on me.

    Btw, I love that “f*ck” scene in season one. Classic.

  1060. HELLS YEAH. Thanks for pointing out everything I didn’t have the effort or authority to.

  1061. This is the very thing Lander is criticizing ( upper middle class lefty educated ) white people for! The self congratulatory types who think they are watching something authentic, who consider themselves members of some rarefied community of white people who ‘get it’ about the ‘other’. Look up Irony.

  1062. Great, so we can all just savor the irony. Meanwhile great creative work that tries to showcase something other than fucked up suburbanites navigating tinny moral complexities goes unappreciated? There is of course great irony in the makeup of The Wire’s audience (though it is far from homogeneous). But scorning it so you can be an ‘elite’ white person? That’s just being an elitist hyper PC snob, forming your own rarefied community. Get over yourself and watch what’s interesting… if you can see it anymore.

  1063. Great, so we can all just savor the irony. Meanwhile great creative work that tries to showcase something other than fucked up suburbanites navigating tinny moral complexities goes unappreciated? There is of course great irony in the makeup of The Wire’s audience (though it is far from homogeneous). But scorning it just so you can smirk at the ‘irony’ just makes you an elitist hyper PC snob, forming your own rarefied community. Get over yourself and watch what’s interesting… if you can see it anymore.

  1064. I’ve recently begun teaching in Charm City and all I can say is that the kids there are tough. Season 2 is all about places like South B-more, Highlandtowne, Dundalk, etc., and white or black, those places are a lot more interesting on TV and much more bleak in real life.

    A few weeks back I was able to work a job checking inventory inside the Baltimore City Police Evidence warehouse, and worked alongside many of the homicide and narcotics detectives. While talking with one guy, I asked if The Wire had turned them into minor celebrities around town and elsewhere. He just said, basically, that the show has generated more attention than they’re comfortable with, and that he didn’t like it himself, mainly because he knows they drink too much, and for some, don’t always follow the rules. He also said, “I like cop shows, but more like CSI. Its like fantasy for us. The Wire is just too close, and I get that shit all day anyway.”

  1065. I actually quite enjoy watching The Wire. I don’t sit around congratulating myself regarding what I watch on TV or the music I listen to. I just don’t get the uncritical knee jerk hysteria Landers blog incites in people. Has everyone lost their sense of humour or abilitiy to be self critical? This is a HUMOUR blog for chrissakes, get over YOURself.
    I think you probably meant to reply to ‘consider’..

  1066. No, I was replying to you, Kersten. And you were replying to REconsider, who is evidently not one of the “upper middle class lefty educated” people you smirk at – if you can see THAT anymore. Oh, but wait, this was all supposed to be funny? I see. Especially that part about his brother-in-law getting killed in a driveby for witnessing a crime. Super hilarious how he appreciates the show. I mean, who ARE these alienated whites sitting in their dens, watching The Wire, and congratulating themselves? Right?

    More seriously, I’m glad you can appreciate the experience and effort that went into an American epic that actually strives to imitate life, at least in spirit if not always in material. Maybe you should have gone to that more authentic place first, before dismissing as painfully unaware the first hand account of someone living right there.

  1067. Holy presumption, Jake. Believe it or not I haven’t read all of the comments. I kind of skimmed over Considers and wondered why people were using Landers blog as a place to fight it out about the relevance of a tv show. This blog started when Landers was having a private conversation about how he wouldn’t trust any white person who didn’t watch the Wire. It kind of took off from there. and if you can put your histrionics aside for a moment you will notice I was responding to Consider, not REconsider since I haven’t read that comment. If you do five seconds of research into Landers you will find the blog is entirely self parody. He is smirking at himself and his own culture for fucks sakes. I also happen to be a white lefty middle class educated person. Satirizing ones own culture is useful and fun. Too bad you still haven’t figured out what irony means.

  1068. Kersten, I did presume you were responding to REconsider, cause he watches the show. It didn’t seem to make sense that you would call out someone who pointedly DOESN’T watch the show for being “the very thing Lander was criticizing” – a “self congratulatory type” who felt like he was “watching something authentic.”

    It still doesn’t make sense to me, but ok. Sorry for overreacting. Clearly, you appreciate the genius, with an nod towards the ironic tension between the show’s subject matter and your own background. That’s great. I guess I overreacted because I too am a upper middle class lefty educated white person, and I spent my four years in liberal arts school listening to the high minded and highly deluded close themselves off to things like The Wire (apparently) because they thought it would help them join the ranks of the super-impressive, very-intimidating elite white people. It was completely INauthentic, and very annoying.

    This is indeed a humor blog, but humor can cut to the bone, and issues such as these which rest on race, class, and self-image can get very serious very easily.

    Here’s to season five, which I’m almost finished with. Oh and by the way, my friend is in journalism school, and David Simon came and spoke to them. My friend said he was brilliant, but extremely abrasive and grossly scornful towards the white kids, and preferential to the students of color! Wrap your mind around that one…

  1069. Jake, You are obviously a lot younger than I am. I went to a Canadian university in the 90’s when you couldn’t open your mouth as a white person without first interrogating your subject position. Which is why I’m a fan of Christian Landers irreverent humour. I was heavily involved in my studies on cultural and literary criticism – race, class, gender, sexuality all that stuff -to the point of being insufferable and strident. I no longer take myself so seriously but I still appreciate the enormous privilege that allows me to sit at my computer and have this conversation with you. You should really check out Landers on Youtube, he talks about being a grad school dropout and how the blog began. Context is everything!

  1070. these replies are hilarious, because it just proves right the author of this site is. 😛 It’s okay to like the Wire, hell it’s okay to like anything – but he’s making the point that people like it for the wrong reasons. The Wire promotes awareness – and if it opens your eyes just a little bit, then that’s better than what you were before, right? Just because it’s a “show” and it was “constructed” doesn’t mean the feelings it evokes is fake as well.

  1071. you are a fuckin retard honestly who do you think you are?

  1072. i agree with jake thanks dude

  1073. i am not form B-more but i am from milwaukee wisconsin and in my eyes is very simular to baltimore and its problems that is why i really like the wire it shows problems in america as whole and translates very well to other parts of the country to me it is brilliant but then again i am not a really really really smart person like consider

  1074. This is probably my favorite show even though I’m aware that it’s not completely realistic. Sure, Simon may be out of touch and keen to exaggerate (though most literature + TV works that way anyways) and hell, it has some of the lowest possible ratings that a TV show can have or something.
    But I found this show not only to be genuinely entertaining, but probably the most captivating show on TV.
    At the risk of sounding like an elitist snob the plot and characters are so intricately drawn you can’t help but sympathize with them and feel interest for them. (The dialogue and banter are also often really funny–something it gets no credit for…)
    And at least Simon’s attempt to portray what he has seen of Baltimore, and to be able to create a show that captures a part of America that’s always ignored or stereotyped (if it’s even considered) in the media is admirable if not perfectly done.
    All in all it’s a great, entertaining, powerful show that really has something to say, which is something you can’t say about most TV nowadays.

  1075. whoa..how did i end up replying to someone else
    that was an accident

  1076. You’re a moron.

  1077. When you generalize about people you are being racist. Enjoy your small-minded life, surrounded by people that all look like you clanders.

  1078. I don’t care, I laughed my ass off at this, and I fucking LOVE the wire. It is(was) the best show on tv, hands down. I guess it’s because I’m white? But – I’m poor, I don’t feel self-important watching the show, just camaraderie and catharsis.

  1079. This is a pretty racist post. People like The Wire because it’s good, plain and simple. Discouraging other white people from enjoying anything involving black people (because they are obviously ‘slumming it’ or being ‘inauthentic’) is ‘something white people do.’

  1080. I never understood what the big deal was about The Wire. Then again I’m not white. I grew up in the ghetto in Chicago with drug dealers and pimps. The last thing I want to see is a show about illiterate drug dealers and crooked politicians.

    I perfer Battlestar Galactica, Mad Men and good MILF porn. Enjoy your one hour of fake authenticity.

  1081. This “article” was posted a YEAR AGO! FOR F’s SAKE! Stop effing commenting on it you imbeciles, I’m sick of it showing up in my comment feed, every day another racist idiot chatting about bullshit. Stop it. No more, please. Grow up, shut up, and fuck off. You’re a bunch of useless twats.

  1082. it is so fucking great how much “stuff white people like” pisses people off. hello assholes, it’s a joke. a joke that is intended to provoke simple motherfuckers like yourself. yay you!

  1083. Emoticons are so authentic!

  1084. on April 16, 2009 at 4:02 pm Morgan White

    Walk through the garden!!!

  1085. You are obviously not from Baltimore. I am, and the show was all too real. I never watched more than one episode because it gave me anxiety. THAT’S how close to home it hit. And I don’t know about all of them, but enough of them had real accents. C’mon now — ordering Yackamy (sp?) from the carry out?!! It took me trying that mess several times out of town before I realized it’s only a bmore thing. And they managed to capture that one small detail. Impressive but unsettling depiction. And that’s from a real south side Baltimorianne.

  1086. Just as ironic are the ones who think they’re in any position to make ANY judgement at all about its authenticity. Some white person talks to some black person who has an issue with the show, and all of a sudden they ‘know’ the real deal because they’re not getting hoodwinked like these other suckers. And low and behold, you later find out that that black dude you were talking to went to your rival suburbanite high school, and based his entire perspective on what he learned from the Afro American history class he took at his predominantly white college, because of some compulsion to connect with his blackness.

    My point: Y’all are taking this way too seriously. Again, I’m from Baltimore. South Baltimore. And I have family on all sides of town. Some like it, some don’t. Everyone has their own opinion; I just advise no one to base theirs on what someone else *said*.

  1087. I completely agree with REconsider. Seems like the authentic Baltimorians are playing from the same vol. of club music ;-).

  1088. yo you’re totally right and i find myself doing everything described in this. well minus the netflix thing. ( i bought the box set) haha

  1089. The Wire is the best drama ever!
    Andy Griffith is best comedy, Star Trek for sci fi. Crime – Dragnet.

    but seriously, the wire is so good. it gives an unflinching account of our corrupt, self-deluding world where we lie to ourselves and others everyday about everything.
    Stringer Bell rules!
    Marlo can suck my dick.

  1090. the wire is THE BEST SHOW EVER!! i love this site!! it “Rocks!”

  1091. Miss the Wire so much… sigh.

    Very popular in Ireland, and we’re so white we have come out on the other side and turned black!

  1092. box set rules.
    great actors and actresses.
    anything that makes Baltimore intriguing has gots to be good.
    f’real, bitches

  1093. Indeed….I’m so white

  1094. I was in the strip club the other night and hence I’m on here to comment. I was sitting down enjoying a beer and some nice scenery when in front of me I noticed about 5 white guys enjoying the scenery like me. All of a sudden they started talking about different topics, some kind of strange to be engaged in while in a strip club but whatever. They started talking about bad neighborhoods. Not being able to hear everything they were saying I don’t know how they got going on this subject but they did. All of a sudden I heard one of them say, “Is that neighborhood really bad, like on The Wire?” I just burst out in laughter of course receiving some looks from the other patrons that were probably wondering, “What is wrong with him?” I told the girl I was with at the time you can tell when someone hasn’t ever really been to a bad neighborhood but have seen one on tv, then I thought “Stuff That White People Like”!

  1095. I’m white and I’ve actually seen a bad neighborhood before…

  1096. White People are crazy! I believe that every race/color loves The Wire. It is not just a white people thing.

  1097. on May 21, 2009 at 10:55 am Charlemagne the Black

    you really aren’t that bright, are you…?

  1098. I liked this show from day 1. However, around season 3, it started to go off on tangents, much like the book The Jungle went into socialist propaganda.

    Now I hear white liberals LOVE this show. Please, listen to Bill Cosby and his ideas on how blacks can improve their lives, not this show that makes excuses for their behavior and offers limp-wristed, pathetic ideas on how to save the hood.

    Obama did not become president by listening to Jesse Jackson. He is part of a new black elite that are made up of foreign blacks who think more like Asians than…well, American blacks. He is the future.

  1099. I liked this show from day 1. However, around season 3, it started to go off on tangents, much like the book The Jungle went into socialist propaganda.

    Now I hear white liberals LOVE this show. Please, listen to Bill Cosby and his ideas on how blacks can improve their lives, not this show that makes excuses for their behavior and offers limp-wristed, pathetic ideas on how to save the hood.

    Obama did not become president by listening to Jesse Jackson. He is part of a new black elite that are made up of foreign blacks who think more like Asians than…well, American blacks. He is the future.

  1100. on May 26, 2009 at 1:58 pm Captain Negro

    The Wire reineforces negative black stereotypes. I hope this show makes white people feel informed in the privacy of their newly redecorated suburban homes.

  1101. I live in Baltimore and always thought that this should be an entry on here. Then someone told me it was. I can’t count the number of times people ask me, “Dude, which bar is the one from the Wire?” and I just tell ’em my favorite bar, which is Mick O’Shea’s and it satisfies these tourists. I oughta tell them “Nightshift” but they’d probably suspect by the time they drove out to Pulaski Highway.

    I feel less white for having never really watched this show, except for a couple episodes. The politics is accurate without being factual. As a white person, I have no clue if that’s the ghetto because, frankly, I’ve only driven through or been there by accident on the way to a sushi place in Mount Vernon.

  1102. Remember that show called “The Corner” that was an awesome show. http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0224853/

  1103. Funny thing, I live in one of the neighborhoods predominantly featured on the wire, and I’ve only seen a couple episodes. Although I have seen it being filmed many times, while the drug dealers across the street can be heard yelling , “This the real wire over here, nigga!” The episodes I have seen makes me think they don’t do a great job of portraying the police in Baltimore. Most of them are black thugs, not fat white irish guys, and a number of which I have come in contact with seem borderline retarded. Literally.

  1104. That’s true enough. I have yet to meet an Irish cop in the Baltimore City Police. I’ve only met like three city police officers who impress me as intelligent dudes.

    I guess they figured that they’d be playing to a well-loved stereotype by inserting the Irish cop types in.

  1105. Is there a POSITIVE black stereotype you would like highlighted, Captain Negro? Are you a drug dealer? Do you think they were trying to write about YOUR experience as an African-American? I think the show has given a face and a story to the drug dealer that people never take the time to think about when “getting tough on crime.”

  1106. Now that’s the funniest shit I’ve read on this website…

  1107. Stringer Bell is shown as very intelligent and reasonable. It just also happens that he’s a drug dealer.

  1108. You kinda just proved his point…you’ve “seen” a bad neighborhood before? From where, your luscious leather seats inside of your Mercedes Benz or your gigantic SUV?


    You obviously would fit in with the group he was talking about, because it means nothing just to see a neighborhood. You don’t get street cred for that, sorry.

    Try living there, growing up there, calling it home.

  1109. You have a comment feed??? What a loser! Are you Reading this, loser? Reply to this loser, though I won’t ever see it because I ain’t got no feed. Go learn how to suck your own dick and get off the net

  1110. FAIL. Whites, Blacks & Latinos love the wire equally.


  1111. Why would a person start asking me a lot of questions just because they are from Baltimore? That sentence makes no sense.

  1112. Why would a person start asking ME a lot of questions just because THEY are from Baltimore? That sentence makes no sense.

  1113. He means that if you present yourself as being from Baltimore, but are really not, that another whitey might try to sniff you out, In which case you must rebut. I can’t believe this blog has 50 million hits, but here I am, so that explains it….F WHITE PEOPLE, SO F MYSELF…

  1114. I WANT A MILLION DOLLARS!!! Can one million RICH WHITE PEOPLE send me one dollar apiece, puh-lease????

    I don’t want money from any Asians, or Blacks or Hispanics. You guys NEED your money. I only want one dollar apiece from RICH WHITE PEOPLE who seem to WASTE their money on DVDs of The Wire.

    Waste it on me instead. Thanks so much! (First person who comments “You ARE a waste.” is a rotten egg. You thought it. I know you did. Stop lying. See? I knew it.)


  1115. White people love Omar

  1116. im white and i prefer Stringer Bell

  1117. It does make sense, you just told them you were from Baltimore and so are they so they will ask questions.

  1118. on July 13, 2009 at 3:13 pm Too Cool 4 School

    I thought for a second — here’s something really interesting. They’re going to talk about “The Wire” – an erudite music publication which only white people like. As usual, you’re describing the white rabble, not the white intelligencia.

  1119. Stringer Bell is a bitch. Brother Mazone and Omar let their shotties do the talking on that muthaf***a!

  1120. you are such a white person

  1121. Dude, how’d you know? I just learned of The Wire like 2 weeks ago, via netflix of course. But then I realized that the one drug dealer guy was also on The Office for a while, so I never had any hopes of authenticity, whatever that means.

    I’m only on episode 4, but I’ve already learned that, contrary to my assumption that police presence was announced as “one time,” these guys seem to prefer “5-0.”

    But I’m really confused about something, or a couple things:

    White people have a natural aversion to television? This guy’s an idiot, no wonder he thinks white people are so smug if that’s the crowd he’s been with.

    Why is netflix a “white” domain? I think it’s handy, and way cheaper than seeing crappy movies in the theater.

  1122. on August 11, 2009 at 1:39 pm Tony Colymore

    Whar makes you think like that mate .. ?

    I think it`s good show .. and I`m black ..btw I`m from North London.

    They are very good BLACK actors in the show ..

    For authenticity I don`t know seems solid to me at.. least for TV show.


  1123. Yea does this guy hang out with NYC hipsters all day? what the fuck?

  1124. that’s the point of this blog

  1125. Shows that attract white viewers like flies noticed a strip of fly paper on the ceiling. Oddly enough, I don’t watch “the Wire” as much…and awaited 5 years to see bits of “Sex in the city”, but I felt the first year of two of “Desperate housewifes” was cool. Chick-flick dramas…like Al Bundy of Married with Children said, men watch “Friends” with the TV on mute volume and just look at/stare/fantasize the female characters. LOL! +

  1126. That show was tha Sheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeiiiitt

  1127. stop giving away huge plot points!! LAL ALALALALAlA

  1128. welfare be da best G

  1129. Yes, because if somebody who likes a high quality show with good continuity and non-forced dialogue (which very few shows offer), then obviously it’s because they’e white. No, it couldn’t be that most shows on TV are crap.

  1130. Omar coming YO!

  1131. Check our site out, all of the games are awesome!

  1132. welfare be da best G cuz I’s on it. Po white trash is I.


  1133. Actually, I don’t know nothing. I’m just talking out the side of my ass. I’m such an asshole.

  1134. spoken like a true white person

  1135. Up in your butt I bet, Dylan.

    yucka yucka yucka

  1136. Here’s a chance to express more of your views about “The Wire!” A university study is seeking respondents 18 and older for a study entitled, “’The Wire’ and its Representations of Baltimore.” The 10-15 minute web-based survey is designed to elicit responses from fans/viewers about “The Wire” and its Baltimore film location. Please visit the following link to complete the survey:


  1137. Guilty. 😐

  1138. Fck you I Love the Wire

  1139. I love the wire I have seen every episode 10 times and I don’t call it the best show on tv because of any reason you say. This web-site thinks its clever but just reinforces stereotypes. Just cause I am white doesn’t mean you know shit about me, its as if I say I know everything about black people cause I say they like mcribs and won’t shut the fuck up in a movie theater. Peace out!

  1140. Today is October something, 2009 and I heard a white guy say all of the above this morning.

    And, all that shit crossed my mind and came out of my mouth when my all-white family watched the Wire last year.

    Very nice analysis.

  1141. the wire is one of the best shows ever made. i heard that they used people from the streets as actors, does anybody know if that’s true? also, i know quite a few black people that love the wire. in fact, half the shit on this website applies to a lot more than just white people, (such as universal healthcare) but its still kinda funny, otherwise i wouldn’t be reading it, right?

  1142. on October 26, 2009 at 10:51 pm Renaissance Man

    It’s not just white people that like the wire, alot of black people liked the wire to, saying white people like the wire is just like saying white people like soda, it wasn’t just watched by one race, alot of people from outta town think the wire was 100% authentic when that wasn’t the case alot of things in the show about Baltimore were tru, then some other things wernt so much true, eighter way I still think it was a good show.

  1143. yes it is true… in fact the woman the main female character in “The Corner” was based off of had a bit part. I loved “The Wire” but “Homicide” is the greatest cop show ever on television. Several times in “The Wire” they would reference fictional character from “Homicide.” And not main characters… obscure references

  1144. Here’s a chance to express more of your views about “The Wire!” A university study is seeking respondents 18 and older for a study entitled, “’The Wire’ and its Representations of Baltimore.” The 10-15 minute web-based survey is designed to elicit responses from fans/viewers about “The Wire” and its Baltimore film location. Please visit the following link to complete the survey:


  1145. I never heard of it.

  1146. A lot of commenters here don’t seem to understand this blog. Or humor. And I believe the wire was one of the greatest shows on TV.

  1147. let the Brothers in the Hoodz kill them selves…..sooner the better…….just leave the cute lil’ sisters sooz we can rub they fine little asses… ha ha ha ha….

    likes all kinda meat, esp. dark meat

  1148. Weeez brotha’s in da hood likez to rub on lil snow ho azzes so we just likez to targetz lil white boyz instead. Mo snow hoz fo us. hahahahaha….. .

    likes all kinda meat, esp. white meat

  1149. Stereotypes hold because they are true more often than they are false. The Wire is proof of this. I have spent years living and working in Africa. Oceans and generations seperate the people, but the negative as well as the positive, behaviors are the same.

    Believe it.

  1150. The Wire is a pretty good show.

    Living in Baltimore in the early nineties I can accurately say that the show is right on. The “vacants” are truly real as well as the 300+ murders a year.

    White people represent.

  1151. This blog should be titled “Stuff American White People Like”

    Because that’s what it is…

  1152. you are so right. Europeans annihilate everyone and destroy everything they come into contact with wherever they are on the planet. There is not one region or group of people on the planet that is/are better off for Europeans having arrived.

    Believe it.

  1153. How about Europe?

    If Europeans kicked your ass, it might be you that sucks and not the Europeans.

    Group Hug!

  1154. No, this blog should be titled “Stuff Progressive, Liberal, White Americans Like”

  1155. Yeah you are right. Europeans are the shit. Their metrosexual tendencies are out of this world. Men dressing like woman. Who would think of such a genius idea? I think tomorrow I am going to wake up, put on as many female clothes as I can, spend an hour styling my hair and proceed to eliminate my sense of humor. From here on out, it’s arrogant attitudes and pretentious behavior all the way. Europeans for life!

  1156. i lived in baltimore and I am white and i think that The Wire is accurately portrayed. I also think that this page is a bunch of crap. A bunch of bigoted people talking about how white people suck and how black people suck. This show is real, and i lived through it, and I take offense when people insult white,black,or any other color people. That’s just my two cents. I already know how these things go….im expecting insults towards this because bigots are always predictable. and no im not saying everyone on here is bigoted, just a few.

  1157. What s up wit da Tiger……MF*#$er got way too much time to play with his Wood!!! See what happens when dumb azz Niggahs play with the Really Smart Sno Ho’s…….. How many Billions can the Wood Shed? Ha Ha Ha Ha

    Can ya’ll say LOSER…………..


  1158. Tiger can afford it Big Broke, can you? What’s your point?

    Can you say…….
    Shut the fuck up already.

  1159. I love The Wire. I think this is kind of funny too. However, it troubles me that you have to take something that is obviously meaningful to the creators and fans and just drag it through the mud.

    So what if people like it? So what if people think it’s more accurate than most television shows?

    Frankly, I feel like the show did a great job reflecting how a school system works. And I was a teacher for five years in a middle class town near Boston with a diverse student population. I really connected with that season. The struggles of the teachers and students were accurate to me. Does that make it real? No.

    So why don’t you all get over race. It’s so played and lame by now. Move on. Think of something clever and innovative.

    I know one thing with great certainty: The creators of this website and these posts could never come up with something as creative, intricate and compelling as The Wire. So, keep slinging mud. To me, you’re just idiots. Part of the problem and not the solution.

    And you’re really not that funny.

  1160. A true standard in comedy blogging.

    Another great site is http://www.SomethingYouShouldRead.com

  1161. Wow, look at all these white, black and European’s who can’t take a joke, or one that hits too close to home. This blog and book are brilliant. It should cause massive squirming discomfort in everyone who reads and recognizes, yes, I am indeed not nearly as unique as I think I am and maybe I should spend a little thought on why that might be. Also, why not just have some fun.

  1162. suck me Slave…….

  1163. Yo Darky…

    Yo Peeps be lookin’ not so forward thinkin…. I seez….Again…. what up with the building codes in Haiti …Hmmmmm lack of education leads to poor decisions…..every time!!!!! Result….Hep Me….hep Me… hep us………. and then What???

    Well Off BW

  1164. First off- Big White, you’re a fuckin idiot. Another scared white boy venting his frustration within the sanctity and cloak of the internet- feel braver yet? That goes for all the pink-micro dick angry white boys here. Most of you would cross the street if u seen Tiger Woods coming, and he’s a pussy

  1165. black people like watermelon and fried chicken

  1166. *black people liked the wire first.

  1167. No we live the Wire everyday it was nothing to see

  1168. You’re wrong. Most black people don’t uderstand the show. They just like to know that there are “brothas n sistas” on television.

  1169. I like the The Wire show, it’s awesome.

    “You’re gaping asshole Mcnulty”

  1170. The thing about the wire is that it’s claim to “realism” is complete and utter horse shit. The only thing real about it is how fucking annoying state bureaucracy is. Most of what the cops do is argue about evidence, paperwork and the legal system. It bogs down the drama to the point of being boring at times.
    All the gangsters do is argue about who is a snitch and who is going to die next and then use metaphors that, while funny, would never be said by anyone, black or white. (The “chess” scene in season 1 is simultaneously funny and preposterous rather than profound. WE GET IT! Gangster life is a complex game of forethought!)
    If it was on any other network is would just be another cop show. It even has all the most stereotypical tropes.
    The Polish cop is an idiot
    The only Jews are lawyers.
    The main character is Irish and a drunk
    His partner is a large, suave black man who always smokes a cigar
    and their boss (actually at least 2 of their bosses) are black men who yell a lot.
    The only way the show sticks out is by having 2 predominant homosexual characters; Omar and Kima, both black and much more badass than everyone else. While Kima’s family problems are understandable, Omar’s living-myth of a gay, black Robin Hood who robs drug dealers is well executed but far too fanciful to be “real.”
    Once it goes into the problems of newspapers and public schools it tries so hard to pertain to “realism” by dropping statistics in our face that it only serves as a red herring to the crime drama.

    OZ did crime drama way better because that show knew it was completely insane (there was a musical episode!)

  1171. Life in the ‘burbs’ must be great JP, you really would know how to “keep it real” eh. Chances are you never stepped foot in Baltimore because if you did, you would keep your moronic comments to yourself. I see you put alot of thought into your comment, so allow me to simply say this….. GET A LIFE, LOSER!! It’s only a tv show, if you don’t like it, turn the channel. DUH.

  1172. J, you are an idiot. “Brothas n sistas” understand the wire perfectly. How can one not understand something on television that you see in real life everyday? If you grew up seeing drunk cops and gangsters, watching a little show like the “wire” is nothing more than sharing ones experience with the rest of the world. It is people like YOU, who don’t get it. Alot of the actors on that show were/are real life gangsters and did what you see on tv for real. Do yourself a favor and shut up moron.

  1173. on April 5, 2010 at 3:55 pm Fuck The World

    LOL Dumbass 🙂

  1174. Kima isn’t black dude.

  1175. I love the wire. I am white and english. I think it is strange how divided black and white seem to be in USA we dont have that hear at least not to the same degree. Seriously tho race seems to be a massive issue for most americans of any ethnicity I have ever spoken too. Its just wierd.

  1176. on April 22, 2010 at 1:26 pm Jim O'Donnell

    Stan says that the Brits are socially color-blind. Perhaps that’s because they abused all of their colonies (while they still had them) regardless of the skin color of the inhabitants.

  1177. on April 22, 2010 at 1:28 pm Jim O'Donnell

    nahh is correct — Kima is not a black dude.

  1178. The only reason why there haven’t been any racial issues in Britain is because minorities are not in as large a number and they haven’t been there that long… watch what happens when a few more blacks and browns come into town…
    O wait!
    1958 – Notting Hill riots
    1975 – Chapeltown riots
    1981 – Brixton riots
    1985 – Broadwater Farm riot
    2001 – Oldham riots
    2005 – Birmingham riots


  1179. Yes, I watch this show about and predominately starring black people that black people don’t understand. Right.

  1180. Yes, I watch this show about and predominately starring black people that black people don’t understand. Right.

  1181. what the F&^k! I lived in the UK and you guys have just as much a hang up about race as anyone here in the states. you crazy.

  1182. and anyway, white englishmen are the CAUSE of MOST race-related problems in the world… from Israel to NZ to the US (native americans). STOP your own racist attitude to Americans and get out of your own arse.

  1183. What is wrong with the people commenting here? It’s called SATIRE, morons. Ooh. I wonder if Satire is on the list.

  1184. Stan, what are you talking about? I’m British and we’re well racist….its taken me years to get over the fact my mum’s black

  1185. “If poster honestly thinks that this is the most-realistic possible light in which one could show a inner city black people, they are horribly mistaken.”

    Much as I agree with the majority of the sentiments expressed here I’m rather confused by this one remark. Why do you feel the Wire is unrealistic? From your reply the claim would appear to be based on one of two things (a) the show focuses mainly on the drugs trade or (b) the ‘bad guys’ on the show are 3-dimensional; they have families and thoughts and ambitions and so on. I would assume (b) would not be considered grounds for a charge of ‘unrealism’ so I’ll assume the structure just got a bit muddled and your complaint focuses on (a).

    Speaking as someone who has never been to Baltimore, isn’t likely to in the future, doesn’t know that much about it, doesn’t come from America and isn’t black I have to say I never imagined either that the majority of the black inner city inhabitants were involved in the drugs trade or, more to the point, that the show was trying to imply this was the case. The few occasions the show has shown a non-crime focused demographic sample of inner-city Baltimore – such as the community meeting in Bunny Colvin’s district wherein inhabitants praise the drop in crime and return of traditional community-based policing – I assumed that was fairly representative of Baltimore’s population. Now, that might be inaccurate as well, of course but speaking as a reasonably intelligent person, who both comes from and therefore has a certain amount of insight into the less savory inner-city areas of my own hometown (Glasgow), I certainly didn’t take away from the show the impression you seem to think it gives implicit in your charge that it isn’t realistic, nor do I imagine many other people watching did.

    That said ‘Wire fan’ is clearly a troll or an idiot.

  1186. Worth remarking on in fact is the common view here that, save for sectarian (Catholic vs Protestant) violence, Scotland has much less of a problem as regards tribalist prejudice (racial or otherwise) than England does, contrary to what Stan is saying. While of course extreme opinions are not representative of the whole, one only needs to look at the rhetoric of far-right parties such as the BNP, the English Democrats or even at times UKIP and the Conservatives to see that a lot of English people equate their English identity with a racial, white Anglo-Saxon identity.

    In part then, because Scotland’s ethnically diverse history makes such a ethno-cultural position implausible, it seems reasonable to assume this is the reason there are less racial tensions in Scotland. However, I worry that the point you’re making is sadly accurate and in fact it has more to do with the fairly monochrome nature of the Scottish population than to any innate disposition towards being civilized. It may well be that we are subject to the same phenomenon that Sweden is – tolerance and cooperation born out of accidental ethno-cultural homogeneity – and as racial demographics change Scotland will end up suffering the same racial problems as England and, indeed, America.

  1187. Imbued?

    Only after you’ve had too much Grey Goose.

  1188. god i love the wire….

  1189. black people arent hard in north london, mate. u have no frame of reference being a black british dude, shit aint even the same fool

  1190. So, you are saying, “I have never been to Baltimore but if you say this show about Baltimore is unrealistic you must be an idiot.” Hahahahahahahahaha! Thanks for giving this Baltimore girl a really good laugh.

  1191. I’m white and I love The Wire, I might go so far to say it’s the best tv series ever, although that might take it too far. I don’t live in Baltimore, I live in a Canadian suburb so I don’t know how accurate it portrays real life, though I’ve heard it’s pretty accurate. What impressed me the most about the show was the writing, the acting and the way the plot was tightly written. No character was given screen time as filler, they didn’t show something that didn’t count for anything. As Freamon said ‘all the pieces matter.’ Whereas most shows focus on the pov from a couple characters, The Wire showed you povs from multiple characters. And where it could’ve become superficial or just skimming the service with other people, in the hands of those behind The Wire it became an epic story. Most shows entertain, but The Wire really made me think and question what I was seeing and why I was seeing it. It’s nice to watch a show that doesn’t dumb things down for their audience.

  1192. lol i do too

  1193. How nice to read something that says The Wire might not actually be the best TV show ever made.

  1194. Well, atleast you have some sense to realize how ignorant you are on the subject Duncan.

    “Speaking as someone who has never been to Baltimore, isn’t likely to in the future, doesn’t know that much about it….”

    That one statement in your little diatribe invalidates all the garbage that you call, an “opinion”. And you had the nerve to call “ME” a troll? Well, you can call me a troll all you want, but I will simply call you a DUMBASS and be on my merry way.

  1195. lol thsi was a good one, im white and i think the wire might be the best show ever. and when someone tells me what happens in a movie or show i havent seen i feel exactly like they just spit on my mothers grave. oh and i just watched the pilot for six feet under yesterday lol

  1196. I’m a white dude from baltimore and the wire is the s%#!

    bodymore, murderland haha

  1197. got that wmd

  1198. hmmmm i aint never seen the wire but if it is like the real thing then the whole show must be filmed behind a ollies store that is where the real gangster shit goes down im serious 3 people got shot at the one by me last week.

  1199. The Wire is now showing on DirectTV. Yes I am recording it. It’s a Pandemic!
    BTW, they just arrested DeAngelo Barksdale, and the lesbo cop got shot.

  1200. Cable TV is great specially if you got those digital cable boxes that is coupled with TIVO ‘

  1201. on November 8, 2010 at 2:14 am Flagstaff Scramm


    Take that all you “bohemians” who have yet to see season five.

  1202. Yo! Got your pandemic!

  1203. Pandemic! I got that Pandemic!

  1204. on November 8, 2010 at 10:47 pm Charm City Mary

    How ’bout Rawls, Hon? He’s a big, badass Mary, too.

  1205. According to this recent interview Christian Lander, the guy who started this blog, doesn’t read the comments on the blog anymore because they upset him too much. He also says he doesn’t remove troll comments either, which explains all the troll comments on the Obama thread. Anyhoodle it’s a good interview and gives a real insight into where he was coming from when he started his Stuff White People Like blog.

  1206. This article is a little much, I’m white, don’t have a problem with watching TV, giving away the ending to a show i’ve not seen yet isn’t a big deal, I wouldn’t think people from Baltimore really watch the wire much and would not be impressed that they are from a shithole city, we have our own shithole cities and I would certainly not think dealers are wasting time and money watching HBO shows (this not being my first time hearing about drug dealers), that’s not white people, that’s unrealistic people.

  1207. The best bad-ass cop of all time was The Shield. The Wire is a wussy show written by wussy liberals. That’s why white people like it. It makes them feel good about their wussy selves.

  1208. Dubba Bubba,You have never been a cop!

  1209. your article is so good.i just want to share with my friends.

  1210. What about The Boondocks? I’ve always felt that liking this show as a white person (and being able to talk about it with my black friends) made me an automatic insider. Knowing about it (and even agreeing with some of it’s creator’s more moderately radical ideas) seems to lend just as much cache as knowing about “classic” hip-hop or the ‘hood in The Wire. I think it’s worth a look.

  1211. The Shield is a show about psycopaths that only exist on T.V. and in the numb minds of cop haters and professional conspiracy mongers. This dark fantasy show, while entertaining and gripping belongs with the likes of Dr. Lector and the idea of the unstoppable evil force existing among us. It gives the id license to roam about in public. Like Stoker’s evil Dracular. People have stopped believing in myths and replaced it with shows like The Shield.

  1212. not sure if it is the best show ever on tv…it was definitely one of the most important…along with the prisoner, twin peaks, hill st blues, st elsewhere and dick van dyke

  1213. Sorry Tim you gotta live in the mid-West or be a out of touch rich boy. People who live in tough urban environs are often “proud” of their hood even if it may be a shit hole to outsiders. The interplay between the institutions that run the City and the drug culture in The Wire rings as true as it gets in popular entertainment. Every individual depicted on that show has a real life counterpart. Whether their dialogue and interactions are as “snappy” is another issue.

  1214. Stuff people like:

    1. Food
    2. Water
    3. Shelter
    4. Friends, Family
    5. Arguing about trivial differences within our races, and creating idiotic blogs such as this.

    You people really have nothing better to talk about than “white people this” or “black people that”? We’re all humans, advanced monkeys. Racism not only comes from being hateful, but prejudice and ignorant. We’ll all continue to carry on our roles and stereotypes as long as we allow ourselves to.

    Shut the fuck up, all of you – black, white, brown, whatever.

    Oh, and The Wire is amazing.

  1215. Jared, you crack me up! Stop taking yourself so seriously. I can’t fathom why in the world you would even read this blog if it pisses you off so much?…of course, your comments do add that additional Je ne sais quoi that we whities just eat up! That’s another thing white people like – to waste our time expressing opinions on trivial things that have minimal impact on reality…as I have just done.

  1216. White people, well all people, also enjoy http://www.NakedHipster.com. Mainly because the girls are hot and don’t have clothes on. Usually those two things go well together. You know, the hotness and the nakedness.

  1217. 1. I am a white person.
    2. I’m watching an episode from season 3 of, “The Wire”.
    3. This may be the funniest thing I have ever read, I am very glad it came up when I went on Google to try to find the best price on “The Wire” box set.

    Great stuff. Thanks.

  1218. Spoken like a true white person. Bravo.

  1219. Spike Lee Is a Proud to be Black Man who Says Quote ” the wire! wooee’ the best show ive ever seen, nothing else is worth watching”. and I’m White. who would say the very same thing. and again….wouldnt be impressed if you were from some shit city. I’m in detroit.. it aint getting much worse.

  1220. on April 6, 2011 at 4:17 pm Detroit4Life

    OK, so you’re white and you too luv the wire. No reason to hate on the ‘D. I’m black — I’ve lived in Detroit, Chicago, Atlanta and 3 cities on the east coast. Let me tell you something son — I’ve been around this world and I’ll take Detroit over a LOT of places with rosier public reputations — because NOTHING is better than “the crib”…

  1221. on April 6, 2011 at 4:18 pm Detroit4Life

    Exactly, right?

  1222. After reading your entire comment, the only thing that stuck was:

    “Oh, and The Wire is amazing.”

    LOL! =)

  1223. you are racist as hell… thats like a white person saying all nigs like chicken and watermelon, and using their wave brush or owing them money is like spitting on your mothers grave….F**K YOU

  1224. Get over it Queer!

  1225. on April 24, 2011 at 8:01 pm annalisa rabasa

    white people have a natural aversion to tv? since when? where the hell did you get that? that is one of the most absurd things i’ve ever heard. go to a white person’s house. there’s probabaly one tv for every person who lives there, you ignorant nitwit.

  1226. Wire, what the fuck, inner city shit, how about a show about living in a trailer park, maybe Mel’s fabulous trailer park! Now you have a show.

  1227. wow, that’s offensive. i’m white and i thought the wire was good. so if we’re going to make this about white people and black people . . . .tell me . . . . what does it say about the black population that have kept ‘black shows’ on tv such as: hangin’ with mr. cooper, Amen, 227, the steve harvey show, moesha, and the hughgleys. you’d have to be retarded to find any intellectual, artistic or entertaining qualities of these shows . . .yet somehow they got the support to run multiple seasons. WTF? at least the wire had substance and great acting and writing. this whole article was disturbing on a black/white perspective.

  1228. By the awful writing and typos I assume you are black.

  1229. Lol cut him some slack. It was written to be amusing because it is offensive, with hints of truth.

    Get over yourselves. Most importantly go out and watch “The Wire” as it is the best show ever lol.

    Like everyone posting “I’m offended” doesn’t know 3 dozen black jokes… I sure as shit know I do lol.

    And yes, I’m white.

    Clander, the new correct answer is “Breaking Bad”, just keeping you up to speed lol.

  1230. Have you thought about dickbutts recently?

  1231. @ fespus: Racist.

  1232. Someone doesn’t understand humor…

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  1234. your right thay doesn’t understand humor…:(

  1235. “How can one not understand something on television that you see in real life everyday?”

    Yeah, because us black folk all grew up in cracktown.

    One doesn’t wish to sound to patronising but one does feel the need to point out that one was raised in the suburbs and this black one wasn’t the only one.

    But I do understand The Wire, because as I remember it’s a television series, not a paper by Edward Witten on superstring theory.

  1236. on June 12, 2011 at 5:57 pm Gregalicious

    I hate the Wire….it’s too black! But I am gay, so I’m happy…

  1237. on June 14, 2011 at 11:49 am Timmy el smeller

    Tey outh to run a wire through the trailer park, heavey stuff going on with the trailer park mafia, mel’s trailer park mafia.

  1238. on June 24, 2011 at 12:19 pm .Enigmalicious has Gregalicious penis envy-Good luck with that!:D

    Hi, I’m black Enigma and am very actively gay, especially at the gloryhole.
    Please come visit me since Gregalicious refuses my advances.

  1239. on June 24, 2011 at 4:56 pm Gregalicious

    Looks as if I will remain unemployed thanks to obozo! he does not realize how hard it is for a Stupid Texan, Mullett haired, rusty pick-up truck driving, budweiser beer drinking, pot gutted, missing teeth, gay Cracker with bad breath like me!!!! I guess I will not be milking the system and living off the fat of the land like I had hoped.

    I just found out that the contractor I’m going to work for in Iraq was forced out of my business by obozo…. the contractor I’m going to work for is the only American contractor that does this kind of work…

    what did obozo do, he gave the contract to the other company that does it which is European, so now instead of all those billions of tax payer dollars spent supporting the Troops in Afghanistan, filtering back into the US economy by giving those jobs to Americans working for an American contractor, all those billions are being squandered on Europeans…..

    we foot the bill, we carry the load, and obozo gives away our money to douchebags that support a fascist leftwingnut agenda, and socialism, but can’t vote for him legally….

    Bush wouldn’t do that. Remember that no bid fiasco about war time contracting??????? who gives a fuck what Europe is offering, the billions spent would have come right back into the US economy in a Win-win-win, now its another fucking misereable obozo disaster.

    To make myself feeeeeel better, I will go to my ol trusty site to, let’s just say…….. release some tension.


    Good bless this all American site!


  1240. Quote, “Looks as if I will remain unemployed thanks to obozo!”

    Quote, “we foot the bill, we carry the load, and obozo gives away our money to douchebags that support….”

    Why the hell are you saying WE foot the bill and talking OUR money? You are unemployed and trying desperately to suck on the public tit. You are unemployed and not footing for anything and the is the money of those who pay taxes (or will pay taxes in the future since of that money is borrowed. Go out and get a job, any job such as farm labor, dishwasher, mowing lawns or whatever. People with such sense of entitlement really irk me. Almost all of the successful people start out entry level positions and work they way up. Too many Americans just want to blame others and not assume responsibility for improving there own lot. Put down the mega fast food burger, turn of the talk radio, and go make your own luck.

  1241. As a certified honky, I love cheese…as well as living vicariously through Joesph Barksdale, who has arguably a better finger wave than Dikembe Mutumbo.

    Honestly, when walking through downtown New Orleans & wandering onto a bad street, hearing the Marta let me know were approaching the stop for 5 points, or stumbling through North Philly at a late hour… Ive never felt concerned; as the tell tale signs provided by HBOs hit series didnt fit.

    I for one believe everything on the show to be factual in nature, in one form or another.

    NEED WE FORGET, Omar Little shattered the “gays arent tough” stereotype through his use or mind fucking and packs O Newports.

    Whatever…tee time in 8.5, I need my full number of REM cycles.

  1242. As a white Baltimorian, I can tell you with 100% certainty, it is nothing like The Wire. Other than the daily murder, and occasional drug bust, it’s a standard city. Not boring, but not as exciting as a TV show.

  1243. stupid white folks

  1244. can I get it up the ass, the wire?

  1245. on September 8, 2011 at 11:14 pm thiswebsiteisdumb

    I’m white and I’ve never even seen this show. This website makes me sad for the human race 😦

  1246. I have to say that this is totally and completely true. I am white and I fucking hate this show but most white people I know love it. The more well off they are,,,the more passionate they are about this show and its “importance”. God damn it.

  1247. You’re right, this is Obama’s show and he white (well, half).

  1248. I think it’s funny that you mention this because after all the show is made by white people. So what’s the big deal? Who said only black people could like the show, or white people, or people who live in Baltimore. This is total nonsense.

  1249. The Wire fucking rules. Who cares who likes it, or doesn’t like it. I’m still going to watch the shit out of this show.

  1250. First of all if your name is really Shaniqua then you are a seond generation stereotype. If you have trouble with what that means Shaniqua, buy a dictionary. Second of all, there is not a Black person in the U.S. that doesn’t have some amount of White blood in their heritage. Except those who have immigrated from Africa. And they think think they are better than us because we are all to some degree mixed, and because a whole lot of our people have some jacked up views. If your family has been in this country long enough for someone to think it was a good idea to name you Shaniqua- this applies to you too. If you doubt what I’m saying, take the opportunity to take a good long look at someone who actually came directly from Africa, and then compare that with everyone who lives in your neighborhood. If you read, you might do some reading on the history of slavery in this country. Massa got to some anscestor of each and every one of us . Deal wit’ it. Now go pull your pants up, or tell your boyfriend to pull his up- we don’t need to see your ‘drawers’ and quit making fun of people who are better than you.

  1251. Fuck “The Wire”; nothing rocks harder than Winger.

  1252. I think The Wire is the best thing ever and I love telling people about it all the time, i’m so white. Though the whitest people would tell everyone that they don’t like series two as much because the main characters are white, not the forgotten black urban youth they really want to see.

  1253. Maybe White people like the Wire because it is such a great television show. It has many great story-lines, a ton of great characters, and is packed full of amazing quotes. Check out http://discoveringthewire.com/ to learn more.

  1254. Never heard of it. Do I need one of those screen things all of the proles keep in their livingroom to see it?

  1255. As bottom living low life scum of trailer park america, Mels fabulous, Baltimore would be a step up for white trash like me.

  1256. thanx for your valuable post…I love to see this type of interesting posts.

  1257. on January 4, 2012 at 2:05 pm living in the real world

    You really, really, really need to wake up into reality someday. College has seriously damaged your brain.
    Concerned for your mental health,
    Living in the real world.

  1258. on January 4, 2012 at 2:11 pm Living in the real world of Baltimore

    You really, really, really need to wake up into reality someday. College has seriously damaged your brain.
    Concerned for your mental health,
    Living in the real world.

  1259. ha your awesome.

    oops im on the internet, better make that ‘you’re’ to avoid that annoying fad of someone correcting me.

  1260. on January 17, 2012 at 5:11 pm mike augisfat

    Wow, I didn’t realize us white folks had the “don’t spoil the ending” market cornered. I loved the Wire because it was a dam good show (and still is). While I didn’t grow up with corner boys and porch boys, I did grow up in a poor white trash area predominantly littered with single wides and no running water in a severely economically challenged community (Google “Bithlo” Florida for a good laugh- laughing stock of Orlando). But I too can appreciate the deep writing, the dark characters with with so little hope of escaping their environment. Bottom line, I could care less what racial landscape you are from, the Wire was a brilliant series and way too short lived.

  1261. p { font: 14pt/16pt fantasy, cursive, Serif }

    Dr Buckeye and is Horse Chestnut

  1262. cander you’re an idiot

  1263. This article is fucking stupid! Any race of people will say the Wire is the best show or one of the best shows, not because their white, or whatever other race, but because its a damn good show. Can you say RACIST?? dumbass

  1264. You’re a fucking idiot. This site works on the basis of giving stereotypical reasons upper-middle class white people like things. “Blacks like fried chicken, and Mexicans like burritos.” Am I claiming that I, as a white person, have a fundamental inability to like those things? No.

  1265. Hey everyone, keep getting angry while giving hits to a site called WHAT WHITE PEOPLE LIKE hahaah

  1266. ,Ý,


  1267. ,,,,\,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,Ý,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,l


  1268. ,,,,\(((((((((((((((Ý))))))))))l


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  1270. black people like fried chicken and watermelon

  1271. Fagos like bmw, and hamsters

  1272. on March 2, 2012 at 11:38 am gregalicious

    some black kids slapped me around so I don’t like black people, but I just love some black dick and would have sucked stringer off. I wear dresses heels and have a bmw, very suckussefuls gay white trannie, power to cocksmokers!

  1273. The Wire’s not on Netflix though! Mad Men should totally be on this list. They will assert that Mad men is the best show on Tv.

  1274. I agree with all of this – white people are so cliche, borring – especially the middle ones. This is refreshing and hits a cord I am white and black mixed but this hurts my whiteness and my blackness loves it.

  1275. Wow I can sure tell you’ve got some black in you. Your spelling, grammar, and general intelligence fall on the “I’m an idiot” side of your mixed heritage.

  1276. on June 4, 2012 at 12:59 pm gregalicious

    string where are u bro, I need it hard in my fanny, send over wood, he hung.

  1277. Yeah, how surprising and pathetic that the biggest segment of the population engages in “cliche” behavior.

    When your I.Q. exceed room temperature, maybe you should think about posting again.

  1278. I know you’re trying to be funny, but Baltimore makes the most run-down, white-trash trailer park in the world look like Beverly Hills.

  1279. on June 16, 2012 at 9:19 am whitepeople

    The Wire is a white people show, plus it sucks.

  1280. Baltimore’s actually not too bad

  1281. on June 19, 2012 at 12:12 pm Beau-Ray Rippy

    If you are white and got to be black for just one Saturday night in Baltimore, you’d never want to be white again

  1282. Did a filthy pavement ape write this?

  1283. There is nothing that would ever make me want to be black. Filthy naggers are the plague of humanity.

  1284. Can someone please tell me why people think so negatively about blacks? Isn’t being racist, misspelling words, and stereotyping people a sign of ignorance.

    A TV show shouldn’t make you judge a group of people, because I don’t judge the white race based on TV shows like 90210, and Jersey Shore which makes the white race seem like STI carrying whores, who can’t complete college. I don’t think that of every white person.

  1285. haha the last sentence made me laugh so hard

  1286. Yea, I hate people who nag too. It makes me blue.

  1287. on July 14, 2012 at 3:10 am Gregalicious

    Well Beau-ray ray, if you were white gay and fab for any day it would be marv. Bmw’s blowjobs, asian, cocks up your asshole, hot cum all over my face, black, me thinks cock.

    Jimmy, I have a cure for you, my huge cock down your throat will shut you up boy. Piece of shit

  1288. on July 24, 2012 at 7:01 pm Gloryhole Champion blackY Enigma

    Well Beau-ray ray, if you were black gay and fab for any day it would be marv. Caddilack blowjobs, niggahhh, cocks up my asshole, hot cum all over my face, black, me thinks cock.

    Jimmy, I have a cure for you, your huge cock down my throat will shut me up boy. I’m a Piece of shit.

  1289. on July 24, 2012 at 7:04 pm Gloryhole Champion blackY Enigma

    Cum get me all you homos



  1290. on July 28, 2012 at 3:21 am Gregalicious

    I wish I was in the wire, being ganged banged by String, and Bubbles.

  1291. on August 16, 2012 at 9:30 am Marilyn Alves

    I personally met Jaime Hector (Marlo) at a brunch on Martha’s Vineyard on Tues., August 14,2012. He is just as sharp and handsome and tall in person. He is so down to earth and spoke a little about filming the series. I also found out from him that they use this series to teach certain law classes at Harvard University. But seriously, I feel like I should have access to Idris Elba (Stringer) any time I want. 🙂

  1292. I personally shit my pants in Provincetown, P-town to all my KYers out there, bring it out bubbles/

  1293. Damn, you’re a racist piece of sh$t

  1294. OK, you got me. But seriously, the Wire might have been the best show on television.

  1295. barksdale real name is wood, he be packing some serious wood, I like the package, I should have been his love interest in the show,

  1296. I steel wanna be ganged raped by string and bubbles, my homies, mcnultuys to.

  1297. Fuck u.white people don’t give a shit about you mutha fucka and no body has even heard of the wire. Just the sopranos, because white people are in it.

  1298. Nah we like watching nigs kill each other from the comfort of our home, like watch a car crash, good t.v.

  1299. haha I’m glad to see everyone has already said the things I was going to. The writer of this article can get on the end of it, I’ll make you my bitch Clander. I don’t care if you live in Baltimore or Camden I’ll come knock on your front door, you can see what white people really like then.

  1300. Racist piece of propaganda!!!!!!!!! Pure Crap.

  1301. on November 29, 2012 at 1:48 pm Vetustior Humas

    Je suis et blanc. So understandably I have just now started on the box set. So far I like it. But I do feel I should respond to #85. I love your sense of humour…racist…I think not. About 2 yrs back I saw a calender, 365 pages, each page contained a statement about what white people like. It was hillarious and sold well. If we can all learn to laugh at our idiosyncricies, I believe the world will be a better place.

  1302. Hmmmmm, I always thought I was white. Now I am not sure because I do not fit your profiling. Perhaps you should write one on stuff black people like. There are probably some you could offend there as well.

  1303. I know i am white and gay, and love it up my assholey.

  1304. New show from the creators of the Wire, The Cock, about an undercover homosexual cop, he gets down, and the dealers go down.

  1305. Decent attempt to be funny. Actually it wasn’t :/ Something tells me clander hasn’t seen The Wire..

  1306. Snoop is my cousin. She is half white, loves recycling, going to traders joe’s, hagandaaz vanilla , and drives an electric car. Oh , and she now lives in the white part of town.

  1307. Kill yourself. How about that for stuff white people like? White people like it when you kill yourself. Do that.

  1308. Seriously. Many people like the wire. Not to mention that the majority of the cast is black. You are stupid. Die Please?

  1309. Nah, psyche!

  1310. My balls are all white, so who needs to lick them, string I wish.

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  1312. I am (black) from Baltimore, could not watch the Wire past the first episode. Thank you for nailing this exchange on the head. I tell people I am from Baltimore and they think they know everything about my drug addled, drive-by past. It’s not annoying at all. (said sarcastically)

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  1329. Fuck you. I’m white and the wire is the shit. Yeah I watched it on DVD cause I couldn’t afford cable. And I watched it while living in a neighborhood in Philly that would make your dumbass wet your pants. All white people aren’t the same. You probably are white. And probably whiter than I will ever be. I love the wire because I can actually relate. Suck my sick bitch, I hope you stumble in a neighborhood where real ass white people stil live, and I’m not talkin about north side Chicago. Bunch of fuckin wannabes. I’m talkin about south Philly were crack is sold on the corner and being white is not cool. So grow up, and write a real god damn article. I love the wire and u didn’t grow up and learn the ropes like an average over privileged fuck tard.

  1330. And also anyone giving you props Is a fucking idiot too. You provide zero insite. And anyone who thinks different is as clueless as you are. Stick to writing about how you infact are the problem with society. How You are too overly liberal and so full of yourself. That is why this fucking society of ours is so fucking helpless. Keep complaining about white people and how they suck and blah blah blah. I actually can’t stand you. Suck my dick

  1331. on June 2, 2013 at 1:59 am floydianslipped

    It’s truly pathetic how a hack like you can get away with posting crap like this and call it a blog but let some cracker post an identical one and call it “stuff black people like” and it will be all over CNN as “hate speech”. GET A REAL JOB and keep your self loathing in front of the mirror where it belongs

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    So what’s the “black” equivalent? Basketball? Maybe after the finals it would be proper etiquette to ask every black person about Game 7. The Wire is for everyone, it’s not a show about race, is about classicism. In fact, it’s about the very classicism that you’re perpetuating by this ignorant site.

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