#14 Having Black Friends

From guest contributor Kristen Warner

Since we are on the verge of electing a black president, it seems important to explain why white people want black friends. Every white person wants a black friend like Barack: good-looking, well-spoken, and non-violent. Obviously, whites want black friends so as not to appear racist (see earlier Obama post). However, if we dig deeper what we notice about white people is not if they have black friends but in fact, how many black friends they have. White people like numbers. They like to count things like stars in the sky and the death toll at Mt. Everest and the number of times they’ve seen Tori Amos and/or Phish in concert. Counting the number of black friends is then clearly a divine imperative. The number of black friends white people possess also illustrates their comfort with black culture. Here’s a handy guide to the number system:

1—The white novice. This black friend is the gateway to helping white people understand gang signs and Vietnamese beauty supply stores. This black friend is probably the only black friend for many white people and when they all hang out (because white people hang out) they bring their “mutual” black friend with them.

2—The white black club-goer. Two black friends serve as bodyguards when white people go to black clubs to see how exactly one “pops, drops and locks” it.

3 -4—The white BET-er. See Justin Timberlake/ Robin Thicke/ Jon B for more information. For old school reference, see Michael McDonald.

5 and up—Impossible.


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  1. omg, omg. i’m laughing SO HARD RIGHT NOW…i love you my second black bff ever (sorry, but ramisha glover had you beat in the 7th grade….)

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  3. meh. while most of the posts are spot on, this one was weak. seemd like a cheap attempt to work in the ‘cool black friend’ theory of obama’s popularity among white people.

    obama, or any of the other black folks white people might consider inviting to social outings don’t know any more about ‘gang signs and Vietnamese beauty supply stores’ than white people.

    to know about these things is usually called ‘acting black’ by black people who know about them. black people who don’t know about them (or pretend not to) are generally considered to be ‘acting white’ by these people.

    when white people encounter black people who ‘act black’ (like maybe the black guy who works in the warehouse on ‘The Office’ – MOCKUMENTARIES NEED TO BE ADDED TO THE LIST OF STUFF WHITE PEOPLE LIKE) – they are extremely friendly, and use an absurd amount of verbal sugar to mask their terror that they might say the wrong thing (like asking the ‘black’ black guy about the NBA, instead of what was on NPR) and exposing themselves as the type of person that white people hate most: a white ‘racist.’

    it’s natural to ask ‘white’ black people what was on NPR, of course he was listening while reading the sunday NYT edition, or on the way to breakfast.

    ‘black’ white people (sometimes referred to as ‘wiggers’ by ‘racist’ white people and un-‘racist’ black people) are tolerated if they are good at sports, can get drugs, are dating a ‘white’ white girl in the white persons social circle, or connected in the entertainment industry.

  4. um… Obama is as much white as he is black.
    really tired of the reference of him as black.
    he’s mixed, half black half white.

    if you want to talk about people like Jesse Jackson, who was a presidential nominee, and 100% black, then ok.

    but i also believe Barack has gotten his attention because he is half black.

    And this is a racist assertion, as having a drop of black blood in you automatically makes you 100% black, comes from Jim Crowe law days.

    Anyways, lame post out of a generally funny site…

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  6. I am a white person from Utah. The counting system seems pretty accurate for Utah don’t know about any where else. Love these posts.

  7. I had black friends in high school, but mostly because the white girls were bitches. I loved sitting at a table of black girls, because they were in lower levels of the academic ladder even though they were way smarter than the airheads who would cheat on the A.P. exams.

  8. A lot of my good friends are black, I mean African American.

  9. Ignorance is hilarious.

  10. Could simply be that a white person has met someone that he or she can get along with and wants to befriend that person?

    I mean this election is showing that the country wants to step into the 21st century with a new focus and new direction.

  11. Ok, that rating system is hilarious. However, 5+ is not impossible, I generally find those are the types of people who have all types of friends; blacks, Indians, Hispanic etc. They’re just popular.

    I’m a little wary if I am someone’s “one black friend”. I mean, is the reason cause someone in their family hates black people and my life might be in danger if I visit their house? (a friend of mine went home with her roommate from college and her roommate’s like “Oh yeah, my dad’s racist. He hates black people.” Awkward anyone?)

    Except for folks from like Alaska (we don’t like cold) and some of those states in the middle of nowhere (Dakotas, Missouri), we’re found in most major and mid-sized cities. It shouldn’t be that hard to make a new (black) friend. My brother and his wife live in Missouri and they managed to find some black people to make friends with, which goes to show, black friends can be found in the whitest of places!

    I’m SURE Barack knows about gang signs, Chicago is a HOTSPOT for gangs, so he better recognize (especially since he can get shot going to the gas station)! And he DEFINITELY knows about a Vietnamese Beauty Supply Store, Michelle has sent him down to one many a time to gets some Queen hair grease and a golden plate flat iron!

  12. stuffblackpeoplelike – eating watermelon! hahaha!!!
    stuffarabpeoplelike – pumping oil! hahaha!!!
    stuffblackpeoplelike – gang warfare! hahaha!!!
    stuffmexicanpeoplelike – eating beans! hahaha!!!
    stuffchinesepeoplelike – shooting heroin! hahaha!!!
    stuffblackpeoplelike – welfare! hahaha!!!
    stuffjewishpeoplelike – keeping money! hahaha!!!
    stuffmexicanpeoplelike – wearing sombreros! hahaha!!!
    stuffchinesepeoplelike – eating rice! hahaha!!!
    stuffarabpeoplelike – kissing goats! hahaha!!!
    stuffmexicanpeoplelike – wearing sombreros! hahaha!!!
    stuffblackpeoplelike – sniffing glue! hahaha!!!
    aren’t i funny and clever!!!
    don’t you dare call me a racist!!!

  13. on February 18, 2008 at 8:46 pm tallulahbankhead

    Jon B is the man.

  14. The funniest thing about half these posts is the comments. Over-analytical pontificators who serve up middle-school reasoning with the gravitas of James Earl Jones. This blog is a vital national resource. I salute the author.

  15. I’m white and I’m confused. I don’t have any black friends but I’m not sure if that makes me cool or lame. Please dictate this to me.

  16. Obama isn’t black. His mother is white and he was raised by his white grandparents. The only reason white-black biracial people claim to be black is it makes it possible for them to get a free ride from our government and society.

  17. on February 19, 2008 at 11:10 am MLK and AA you're idots

    obama is black. everyone sees him as such–the media, outsiders (beside the “colorblind people” on this site), and everyone before his rise into power. he lives a black life–he has a black wife, two black daughters, and attends black civic endeavors that white people only attend when they are running for office (i.e. Hillary Clinton and Bill Clinton). this is a dumb assertion that he’s only half black; when the retarded (i.e. racist, et al.) people defend not supporting him because of his “chances of being assassinated” his “lack of gov’t experience” (which is longer than the other major presidential contenders on the dem side), etc. they are doing so because he’s black. believe me, he may be of mixed ancestry, but he’s black. so let’s stop the dumb pontifications, okay?

  18. I was going to say exactly what “MLK and AA you’re idiots” just said. I don’t know why white people are so hell-bent on saying that Obama isn’t Black. In ANY OTHER CONTEXT if they saw Obama coming their way they’d cross the street and clutch their wallet because they’ve racially profiled him as Black. Race is not about your genetics. It’s an irrational social system based on many things.

    So exactly: he may be of mixed ancestry (like the majority of Black people in the Western hemisphere, who have white ancestry as well as indigenous and other ancestries), but he’s Black. I don’t know why you people need to tell yourselves this bs, but you need to stop.

  19. future tools that may comment:

    YOU don’t define what Obama is, HE does. because he lives as a black person does not mean he IS 100% black. identify him for what he is: biracial. a perfect example is the ‘cablinasian’ Tiger Woods. multiracials have the right to define themselves and not rely on the one drop (hypodescent) rule that permeates society. hold my hand as we step into the 21st century please

  20. Obama self-identifies as black. There you go.

    I think white people are keeping his “white” side in mind so that they actually feel comfortable voting for him.

  21. Me wanting to befriend/collect a friend from every nationality is to Angelina Jolie wanting to adopt a kid from every country. I’ll be friends with anyone as long as they are not an asshole biggit.

    Love the blog; keep it up 🙂

  22. on February 20, 2008 at 9:46 am The Black friend

    I think Paul Wall also has a black wife, so I guess that takes his coolness out of the stratosphere….BTW are you more or less White if you dont just have a Black friend but you have a Black Spouse?

  23. im white and all my friends are black. I dont chill with white people. i just have trouble relating to them. I know that sounds weird coz im white but all my friends are black. None of them are “good looking” “well spoken” or “non violent.” I only chill with brothas who be in gangs or aspire to be in gangs coz white people don’t like violence except irish people and italians. If you ain’t down with fighting, you can’t roll with me.

  24. I don’t have any Black friends. The reason for this is, despite the occasional individual exception, I don’t much care for the company of Black people. I don’t seem to have anything in common with most of them. I won’t allow (c)rap “music”/noise to be played in my home, I have no interest in basketball, or expensive tennis shoes, or platinum jewelry, or whatever it is Black people apparently find interesting (and yes, I’m well aware of the fact that I don’t have a very good handle on what that is; I just know its not the stuff I’m interested in). If I ever did have a Black friend (and I actually have had one or two in the past), he would be a weird Black guy who had little in common with his fellow Blacks. Half the time, I can’t even understand what Black people are saying when I overhear one of them speaking. Plus people who try to impress you with how hard they are, which is about six out of seven Black males (and I’m being generous), were boring back in ’79, let alone today.

    Additionally, most Black people don’t much like or respect White people (basically, most Blacks regard Whites about as favorably as I regard Blacks, while most White guys are masochists who enjoy sucking up to Blacks who think, as a general rule, that they are stupid, pansy-ass, White faggots). Since most Blacks don’t really like Whites, you can’t trust them. They may not steal from each other (I don’t really know), but they’ll sure as Hell steal from me and my White friends (as I have frequently observed).

    I do think Black women are often very attractive and sexually alluring, but I don’t have anything in common with them either.

  25. “Ignorance is hilarious.”

    Sometimes, but ofen “ignorance” is just a way to pejoratively reference someone for the oh-so-terrible crime of having an opinion the speaker doesn’t agree with. Many people would characterize me as ignorant for generally not liking most of the Black people I’ve met throughout the course of my life. Like my own personal tastes and values can somehow be characterized as objectively false, and hence “ignorant.” I might as well accuse someone who doesn’t enjoy pumpkin pie of being “ignorant.”

  26. While I’m definitely a White racialist, I support Barack Obama’s candidacy for President. I actually voted for Ron Paul in the primaries, but I prefer Barack Obama among those candidate which presently have any realistic chance of winning the election. “Why?,” most people reading this are probably wondering. The reason is because despite my numerous bad experiences with many low-class Black people, I still judge people as individuals, and in my estimation, Hillary Clinton and John McCain are both a couple of deranged, dangerous, power-hungry lunatics. I mean that quite literally; I believe them to be crazy people. Barack Obama, on the other hand, does not come off as insane. He seems like an intelligent, well-eductaed fellow who means well, has a sexy wife, smokes cigarettes like a real man, and probably doesn’t want to send all Republicans and redneck-types off to be worked to death in Alaskan concentration camps (like Hillary), or to nuke Iran and Pakistan (like McCain).

    Besides, I never said I hate all Black people, merely that I dislike most of them. In addition to which, the race of the man to hold of the office of the Presidency doesn’t really affect me. Its not like we’re going to be hanging out together after the election. All I ask is he not fuck over this country, and of the big three, I suspect he’s the one least likely to do so.

  27. I love that this post has a picture of Paul Wall at the top. 😀

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  29. To o ‘keefe’s long winded and heavy handed justification as to why I suck…
    At 23, Im probably younger than your ignorant, bigoted, mother fucking cracker ass, I would be willing to bet all my stolen silverware, all my illegitimate childre, my rims, my grills, my jordan, and even my weed, crack pipe, and watermelon patch that the number of white people have met, delt with, and befriended is way higher than the number of black people you “put up with”.

    Not because Im a good guy. Not because I care about racial relations, but because I am fucking forced to if I want to succed in a country filled with cocksuckers like you. You can go your whole damn life and never speak to one of us nappy headed niggers if you dont want, but as much as I might “dislike” and “not hate” white people, I couldnt get away from you if I tried.

    So please dont speak on my predjudices against your people. Of the thousands of white folks that I have met, most of them prove to be decent, if not racially confused people and a handful of them are dickheads you.

    So you better go ahead with you “in my experience” bullshit because even if 75% of the 18 black people you have actually had more than a few conversations with fit your pilfering, lying ass sambo stereotype….i would still be justified in thinking white people hate because 20% of the fucking 5000 of you that I have met are just as “non-racist” as you are and Im sure they will all vote for obama too, just to show how much they dont hate us poor little porch monkies….but hey, at least you had the balls to speak your mind right?

    Go to hell.

  30. To o ‘keefe’s long winded and heavy handed justification as to why I suck…
    At 23, Im probably younger than your ignorant, bigoted, mother fucking cracker ass, I would be willing to bet all my stolen silverware, all my illegitimate childre, my rims, my grills, my jordan, and even my weed, crack pipe, and watermelon patch that the number of white people have met, delt with, and befriended is way higher than the number of black people you “put up with”.

    Not because Im a good guy. Not because I care about racial relations, but because I am fucking forced to if I want to succed in a country filled with cocksuckers like you. You can go your whole damn life and never speak to one of us nappy headed niggers if you dont want, but as much as I might “dislike” and “not hate” white people, I couldnt get away from you if I tried.

    So please dont speak on my predjudices against your people. Of the thousands of white folks that I have met, most of them prove to be decent, if not racially confused people and a handful of them are dickheads you.

    So you better go ahead with you “in my experience” bullshit because even if 75% of the 18 black people you have actually had more than a few conversations with fit your pilfering, lying ass sambo stereotype….i would still be justified in thinking white people hate because 20% of the fucking 5000 of you that I have met are just as “non-racist” as you are and Im sure they will all vote for obama too, just to show how much they dont hate us poor little porch monkies….but hey, at least you had the balls to speak your mind right?

    Go to hell.

  31. …and please save the overconfident, and weak responses concerning my poor grammar, misspellings, and lack of punctuation. and i forgot last time…fuck you.

  32. You see? This is why I don’t like Black people.

  33. O, for damn sure you would hate me….and next time you think about posting a comment comparing racial ignorance to fucking pumpkin pie, you should think first. Your comment is the equivilant to saying that you had mcdonalds, burger king, and carls jr desserts and they all sucked….therefore every dessert must suck. Dumb bastard.

  34. Hey, I resemble number 1. Hahah … as the mutual black friend everyone brings with them everywhere to hang out. 🙂 I love this post.

  35. Who doesn’t like having non-violent friends?

  36. Really, I just have friends from all walks of life. Why should I care whether they’re purple or whatever so long as they’re neat people. It’s just something I fail to notice. Walling yourself off from people, consciously or subconsciously, or choosing people for how they look will just keep you from having new experiences and cut down on the supply of love.

  37. why is there a picture of paul wall? he’s a pretty respected rapper who i’m sure owns a tv. i’m not sure if he’s the best example of a “white person” in the way this site is referring to white people.

  38. why is there a picture of paul wall with this post? he’s a pretty respected rapper who i’m sure owns a tv. i’m not sure if he’s the best example of a “white person” in the way this site is referring to white people.

  39. I love being black…this is so funny…..

  40. No, no no, you don’t get it. We don’t need the One Black Friend (OBF) to prove that we aren’t racist, we need that OBF so they can tell us how not to be racist and give us a pass when we really need to let rip some tired stereotypes like “no, I have this One Black Friend and she told me that black people really do … ”

    Subtle difference, but we white people do like subtlety. Or, rather, we white folks love us some subtlety. Was that better? Please advise. I don’t want to be racist.

  41. I know this blog is satire, but I can’t help but be sorta hurt by the exchange between O’Keefe & Gabriel.

    It seems clear that Okeefe is an ass whose opinion is based on a combo of the 5 black people he has met and media stereotypes.

    But, I wonder if the best we will ever do is just “not hating” each other?

    That question was really white of me wasn’t it?

  42. Don’t try to speak sense here. It falls on deaf ears.

  43. yeah. its all drama. almost all the white kids there fit the stereotypes in this blog so well that i thought the author might have gone there. in regards to o keefe, there are only like three kinds of white people when it comes to race….those that dont get it and dont want to, those that dont get it and wish that they did (like most of the people in this blog), and then those that dont get it and know that that they never will. O keefe falls into the first group and with people like him , could have stated my point strongly, and fairly, without all the profanity and name calling, but he wouldnt have listened any way because at that point i wouldnt be “one of THOSE black people”, I would be the good kind, which he likes. No change of opinoin at all. Even self admitted bigots love white washed uncle toms. if i offended anyone, I apologize but sometimes being nice and fair is really just a waste of time.

  44. this article proves that the writer of this blog is NOT black it’s “pop, lock, and then…drop it” not pop, drop, and lock, like the writer said in his article

  45. Obama isn’t Black? Yeah, okay. Let him explain that to the cop who pulls him over.

    In America, you are as Black as you look and/or as people treat you. You have no real choice in the matter. He can call himself as white or half white as he wants, but unless the security guard that follows him a round a department store has psychic powers – he and all us fellow biracials get whatever the color of our skin or texture of our hair gets us. Period.

  46. word.

  47. again, im white and all my friends are black. I dont chill with white people. i just have trouble relating to them. I know that sounds weird coz im white but all my friends are black. None of them are “good looking” “well spoken” or “non violent.” I only chill with brothas who be in gangs or aspire to be in gangs coz white people don’t like violence except irish people and italians. If you ain’t down with fighting, you can’t roll with me.

  48. I have no black friends. After reading this blog for the last couple hours I get the impression that having a black friend would be a total pain in the ass. How would you talk to them? Anything you say might be an insult, or pandering or who knows. Anything you like or dislike, might be fodder for jokes. Who needs this kind of pressure in a friendship. It’s just not worth it.

  49. Reminds me of that Seinfeld episode where George takes a black exterminator to dinner so he could be seen in public with a black “friend.”

  50. lol. being friends with white people is a pain in the ass. i need to question everything that i do. get hot sause with my fried chicken and deal with the jokes or order the meatloaf and mash potatoes and be told im “so white”.
    get an attitude, act rude, and cause a fuss and have people blame it on me being black or just stay quiet and have you call me “so white, and an uncle tom”. everything is always being evaluted….is he white, is he black, is she ghetto, is she approachable….i wish i had the privledge that elroy has to just avoid the sitauation all together. it must be nice.

  51. on February 26, 2008 at 3:04 pm I'm not THAT white

    Can I ask a question here?

    When I moved, my husband’s company paid for it. I just had them pack the china and crystal my family felt compelled to buy us for our wedding (“Of COURSE you’ll use it one day”…yeah, sure).

    One of the packers – a nice, middle aged black lady – asked if she could look through my wedding album, since it was sitting on the kitchen table with a bunch of other things I had been getting ready to pack when they arrived. I said sure, no problem and packed some other things.

    Then she asked me very pointedly if I had any black friends, noting that our wedding was “very white”.

    I shrugged, told her the wedding was small and mostly family, and our families were pretty white.

    So are we damned if we have black friends, and damned if we don’t? I don’t get it…

  52. on February 26, 2008 at 6:58 pm You've got to be kidding me

    # 53, you are a clueless idiot. Seriously, that’s the best example of “damned if you don’t” you can come up with? Some mover who you will never have to see again asks about your white wedding? You have an over-inflated sense of the importance of your little episode. I bet you bring it up every time someone asks to see your wedding album, “Remember when we moved? well there was this black lady…”

  53. Do you notice how all TV commercials have this same “non-threateaning black woman” on it?? The black women all have the same look – a black woman of totally white culture (with her 2 white female friends she apparently always hangs out with). I have actually become convinced it is the same black woman in all of these many different commercials (kind of light skinned, shortish sassy permed hair style. Just a funny observation keep your sense of humor…

  54. on February 26, 2008 at 9:48 pm IronyIsMyBestFriend

    Actually, those would be KOREAN beauty shops LOL!

    Come on, people. This is SATIRE. Relax and laugh a little!

  55. Having black friends is soooo 1992.

  56. I think this site should be changed to stuffwhiteAmericanslike

  57. My one black friend (guilty) gave me this rule of thumb: You need to have five black friends to say you have black friends.

    If you’re counting them as friends, you need to know their phone numbers and their last names.

    That’s why I ended up with one.

  58. on February 27, 2008 at 3:23 pm a little knowledge

    Stereotypes only exist because the stereotypical person of that steroetype fits that stereotype. But when it comes down to it, life is not black and white. Or black white yellow brown. Sure there’s people that fit the sterotypes, that is why they exist. But this doesn’t mean that anyone should take them too seriously, because there’s exceptions to every rule.

    Black people can for the most part dance, look fresh, play ball, and fight, this is why they are the center of pop culture and sports. White people know how to get the most with the least effort through corrupt measures or legit, this is why they run shit. Mexican people are damn hard workers, love to get pregnant as teenagers, and cook, which is why they are the working class. Asians have mad business sense, which is why they own all the gas stations, nail salons, and $1.50 scoops. Middle eastern/south east asian people are sick when it comes to information technology and medicine, which is why all techs and doctors will soon be middle eastern/south east asian.

    But keep in mind what I said above. There’s black politicians, white rappers, Indian business men, and Mexican millionaires.

    I grew up poor and therefore have plenty of black/mexican friends. And now I’m going to school for engineering and know a bunch of Asians and Middle Eastern cats. Always had white friends… and like people have pointed out, this shit is sattire.

    The blog is just playing off of stereotypes, and if it’s offensive, or uncomfortable, or more funny then it should be, then these are all signs that you put too much stake into these sterotypes. People have the inherant need to classify things but only the very ignorant are unable or unwilling to see outside these classifications.

  59. on February 27, 2008 at 3:37 pm a little knowledge

    P.S. Kevin Riley O’Keeffe

    -you’re a douschebag man…

    I bet you vicariously shared Bill O’Reilly’s suprise that the black restaurant he went to in New York wasn’t full of hoodlems hollering “Mother fucker I want some more iced tea!”

  60. on February 27, 2008 at 4:32 pm Everybody Loves a Black Girl

    I love that you put Michael McDonald who doesn’t love that blue eyed soul. My favorite was going to UC Santa Cruz who knew that many people wanted a Black friend.

  61. on February 27, 2008 at 9:36 pm one black actress

    It’s not that they use the same black actress in all the commercials/advertisements, they just don’t want people to think that there are too many EMPLOYED black actresses…we all have to decide whether we’ll end up as the “Pine Sol” lady or one of a few dozen black females with straw curls (think Rachel True) and big, white teeth.

    P.S. If you don’t want to feel threatened/confused by black people, take the time to get to know some, not just judge the entire race based on what you think you know.

  62. But there’s a twist!

    When it comes to negroes, white people tend to prefer FOREIGN negroes.

    White Brasilians prefer Black Americans or Jamaicans over Black Brasilians.

    White Americans prefer Black Africans or West Indians over Black Americans.

    White Britons prefer Black Americans over most Africans or West Indians.

    I suspect they (white folks) are of the belief that they know all they need to know about the local darkies, and it ain’t good. However, having some dark foreign friends can shelter said white folks from that sneaky suspicion that they might be propping up some hegemony or other.

  63. To One Black actress – My comment was more meant to be an indictment of corporate behavior, as it seems they have all focus-grouped tested black participants in these commercials and – those were the results – a rather homogenous set of “non-threatening black women”, all with seemingly the EXACT same look, palletable to middle america. Anyway, the quoted term was my own creation, and I apologize if any offense was taken. And I wish I had more black friends btw, though I must say that may be difficult based on the population demographics of where I live.

  64. I truly doubt that gabriel is black.

  65. i just wanted to let the writer know that the true way to dance like a black person is to “pop, lock, and drop it” as opposed to “pop, drop, and lock.” just by the way.

  66. FYI- Beauty supply stores are typically Korean

  67. Seemed appropriate. It’s 1 800 Black Friend!!

  68. this is a seinfeld rip off

  69. 59-

    I think that it true you should have names and numbers. But I don’t know about the number being five. I might be the only black friend my best friend has ( of course he only calls about 5 people friends) But he knows all six of my siblings names and numbers and calls on b-days. Not to mention helping people move and even being sent over to check on my sister when no one could get her to answer the phone for four days!

    To me, these things are the mark of a true friend……Now to say that he hasn’t said stupid things or for that matter I haven’t said stupid things would be a lie! But we’ve had to call each other out or be called out. If we hadn’t ever hung out and gotten to know each other none of the things in the first paragraph wouldn’t have happened.

    And as for post 26, just take each person for what they are and not who they look like. Don’t make general rules and assumptions about black people. It’s part of human nature to take our experiences with a few people and extrapolate them to the entire group. But it’s not right and not the way to live life.

  70. Cosign on JON B. He is the fukn man.

  71. Thank you, Arielle! Did it really take 67 comments before somebody mentioned that it’s “pop”, “lock”, then “drop”? How could you possible drop it before you’ve locked it?

    You guys are so white.

  72. […] #14 Having Black Friends […]

  73. I never post on blogs, but I found this site to be pretty funny, and I believe I have some useful insights to offer the people here. I am a handsome, charming, unpretentiously bright, well-traveled, African-American black guy who is Ivy league educated and works for a major corporation in New York. Something I found amusing is that a lot of the things on this site are things that I like. A more precise title for this site could be “things that upper-middle class, elite schools-educated, east/west coast liberals like”. Although it is a fact that the overwhelming majority of the people who fit this category are “white”, MOST white people would not fit in this category. Moreover, this category fits MANY people who are of other races. The people that started/promoted this type of culture were white, but that doesn’t mean that white people are the only ones who authentically embody it.

    I’ve found that despite my attractiveness, intelligence and charm, some white people will be wary of interacting with me. This is probably due to fear from not knowing how to deal with me and sometimes simple prejudice. Sometimes white people won’t warm up to me until after they’ve seen that other white people like me. Almost always when I’m dealing with new white people, I have to be the one to make the first effort to be friendly and make them feel comfortable.

    Surprisingly, in my opinion, the most racist whites are working class. In between you have middle class and nouveau riche whites-they feel that blacks such as myself are competition for the same resources they want, i.e. grad school admissions, good jobs. Upper middle class whites and esp. trust funders tend to be the least racist and open-with these types what’s more important than race is social class-that weird mix of education/occupation/money.

    Almost all of the white people this blog categorizes would be the types that aren’t racist. They may have only one black friend b/c the private schools and neighborhoods they’ve lived in all their lives simply didn’t have that many black people. These white ppl’s dearth of black friends isn’t indicative of their racism, it points more to the income inequality between groups of people of different races.

    Judging from the comments on this blog, I’m pretty certain that most of the people that have a problem with this site are the types that are being described by this blog.

  74. I meant, “most of the people that have a problem with this site are the types that are **NOT** being described by this blog”

  75. I am the only black friend my white friends have…and I can’t even do that properly because I’m African….for some reason, I’m “safer” this way.

    And I am pretty sure Bobby only dates white women….
    Oh shoot wait, I’m off topic….can we please start a “stuffeducatedblackmenlike” blog. Or would this be redundant? Is it too obvious that I’m bitter lol?

  76. anon, the fact that you’re African is one of the reasons-i’m sure you’re a good guy in your own right- why white people are more comfortable being friends with you and that you’re “safer”. Because you’re African, your personal story/family history isn’t “tainted” by the legacy of slavery. It’s less problematic for white people to be friends with black people whose ancestors were free as opposed to those whose ancestors were slaves-irregardless of how much money their family has had since reconstruction.

  77. and btw, you and me both know that white chicks let us get away with stuff sistahs wouldn’t allow 😉

  78. I have to qualify that last comment. Don’t get me wrong-I want to marry a black woman who’s on my level one day- notwithstanding I don’t regret having fun in college.

  79. Im a Black male and I can say that Black people are generally very accepting and actually look forward to forming friendships with whites that are GENUINE. Black people just hate when whites turn the paternalism on too strong. I have a lot of respect for white people that take a genuine interest in the things that are important to Black people and have a desire to learn more. For example, if you dont understand the importance of Black fraternities/sororities to college educated Blacks, then you dont really know Black people.

    My test for a genuine white friend is 1) if they arent afraid to say something that might be offensive, for the sake of truly building a better understanding (e.g. I had a white friend who admitted to me that he used to use the N-word. I respect that more than someone who hides it.) 2.) They know at least 2 of your family members on a first name basis. 3.) They have been over your house or vice versa just to hang out. The obligitory, Im just inviting you so you wont feel left out, invitations dont count. 4.) They realize that Black people are not monolithic. They understand that there are black nerds, black jocks, black thugs, black yuppies, black airheads, etc.

    So, small talk at work around the water cooler or in school and going to company outings dont count as friendships. Bottom line is that people like other people that take an interest in them. Black or white. So I think everyone can improve race relations by befriending people of the opposite race, if your intentions are true. Sure, there may be awkward moments, but if you are sincere about building a friendship then that really shouldnt matter.

  80. holy freakin crap! this is supposed to be a dang satirical piece aimed to be far more comedic than thought provoking…those of you taking this to heart, taking offense, or taking it even remotely serious need to remove the stick from your anus and take a breather, really

  81. I think more appropriately white people like to assert they’re not racist by claiming “my best friend is black”

  82. “Every white person wants a black friend like Barack: good-looking, well-spoken, and non-violent. ”

    I want a black friend who is ugly, says stupid shit, and totally violent. Don’t you?

    For some reason I want all my other friends to be good looking, well spoken, and not violent; but when it comes to my black friends, well, tha would just make me a sell-out wouldn’t it?

    Another dumbshit article that wasn’t well thought out.

    Go back to the “breakfast places” type stuff, that’s actually somewhat amusing, rather than trying to mock completely rational behavior.

  83. To poster #4, it’s every bit as racist to assume that “white” people listen to NPR as it is to asume “black” people know what’s going on in the NBA. NPR is for pussies, and the NBA sucks too. What about the NRA?

  84. 78 – No Africans who didn’t come to America were slaves… ever. Good point. Spot on. Good understanding of history.

    Sorry for the double negative, but for purposes of this post, it was required.

  85. barack is whiter than I am, and he’s pretty damn ugly too

  86. To AA,

    I’m a mixed (black) female (50/50) and I can say that it doesn’t matter whether ur mixed or 1/8 black…once u have a little black in you, ur considered black by the black community…in other words, obama is black just like I am…

  87. btw, MLK u r an ass!

  88. If you don’t have time to cultivate a true friendship with a black person there’s always rent-a-negro.com.

  89. on March 6, 2008 at 9:58 am la legione di resistenza

    having a white friend comes with a price. When your friendship is actually deep down honest, peaceful and caring, some people will try to overly analyze, critic and go so far to not recognize the true value of their friendship. This will occur from the blacks and whites.

  90. on March 6, 2008 at 2:43 pm Idon'tnecessarilylikeH2Omelons

    to Kevin Riley O’Keefe:
    while I do share a few sentiments with you (I share very little with majority of the AA people I meet in the US, and I’m black) you don’t have any black friends because you have prejudices about this group. So quit yer B.S and stop being a pansy… All you seem to *know* about blacks in the US are the well-known stereotypes. If I believed the same thing about white people (stereotypes) or any race for that matter, I’d be just as ignorant and pathetic as you are and all my friends would be black or other co-haters or despisers of everything different from me because they are apparently bad. Get a life and be true to yourself, not necessarily because you need or want a black friend, but at least admit that your lack of the enrichment that comes from learning about other cultures is because you don’t care to, oh, because you’ve been silly enough to let the media, other americans, rather than your own experiences dictate who you should and shouldn’t be friends with… Shiitehead.

  91. on March 6, 2008 at 2:52 pm Idon'tnecessarilylikeH2Omelons

    at 64. OMG, that was hilarious!

  92. […] Things white people like […]

  93. Honesty and respect will take you far.

    I think every interracial friendship in this country starts with some hurdles to get over. The white person has to prove that they aren’t intentionally racist (I say intentionally because it’s very hard to grow up in this country and not absorb some racism from the environment, but good people try to rip that crap out of their heads.) The black person has to prove that they don’t blame the white person for everything that white people have ever done.

    In other words, they both have to see each other as *individuals*. Did I mention that honesty and respect will take you far? 🙂

    I think the folks who want blacks and whites to “tolerate” each other in spite of our differences aren’t going far enough. The differences can be fun!

    I’m a 50-year-old white woman and fairly pale, even for a white person. The first time a black ex-lover of mine saw me naked, she said, “Wow, you’re like a walking anatomy exhibit — I can see all your blood vessels and stuff.” I’d grown up with that, so I was used to it, but seeing it again, through her eyes, you know, it *is* sort of neat that you can see all this stuff through my skin.

    Her hair has a very different texture than mine, and since mine is all floppy, it doesn’t do much more than just hang there. But her hair will stay where you put it — she can make sculpture with her own hair. I think that’s really cool. She grew up with that, so she was used to it, but seeing it again, through my eyes, you know is *is* pretty cool that she can make her hair do such elaborate things.

    Differences don’t have to just be ignored or tolerated — they can be fun, damn it!

    I wish she hadn’t moved to California.

  94. I can’t believe that this article forgot to mention how great it makes white people feel when their black friend calls them “nigga” or “my nigga”… especially if there are other white people around.

  95. This is hilarious. I can’t believe how some commenters are seriously getting upset over a silly article. Get a life people.

  96. Suggestion for 5 and up: You are Eminem.

  97. on March 6, 2008 at 10:10 pm blackorwhite?

    This is great. This website is entertaining because it is sattire. #60 you’re right about stereotypes…The reason this is funny is because some people fit the bill. It doesn’t mean the rule applies to everyone. I think it’s great to get to know as many people from as many different cultures and backgrounds as possible. How else can we truly educate ourselves and learn acceptance and love for all of humankind? I think that the people who truly have a diverse group of friends (or someone who’s at least open to it) can appreciate this kind of humor, without taking it so seriously. Also, the point is not to overlook people’s differences in order to accept them; it’s to explore, embrace and celebrate the differences….otherwise God would have made us all look the same. We need to stop looking for reasons to separate ourselves, and start looking for more ways to come together.

  98. on March 6, 2008 at 10:15 pm blackorwhite?

    p.s. Though I thought it was pretty fun to rate the amount of black friends a white person could have and what it means…I think you’re even most genuine when you’re not counting at all…and I ABSOLUTEY LOVE MICHAEL McDONALD!!!

  99. Regarding ethnicity, there is something else white people really like: they like to hate being white! They like to think that being a different ethnicity confers magical powers, wisdom, etc. White people like to turn people of other colors into novelties, beings of pure intent that stand beyond human failings. White people fervently wish that they could be black, latino, Native American, Asian, Indian, etc. Because all those people of other colors are just so exotic and so much more interesting. And let’s not forget that white people find other ethnicities so quaint, rustic, etc. White people all want to be the great discoverers of faraway lands with strange new people, and say that they made first contact with the natives.

    “I come in peace! Where is your witch doctor!”

  100. on March 7, 2008 at 8:09 am Black reader

    This is funny…..

    I just don’t get why white people try so hard to keep a tan or use those bronzers that make them look an unnatural hue…..anyway, everyone should have black/african american friends…..WE THE SHIT!

  101. Obviously missing from this list, gay friends. The more you have the higher up the yuppy-ladder you are.

  102. This post reminds me of a conversation I often have with someone close to me in life when we will often talk about being the “FBF” or First Black Friend. It’s quite an experience and may (if you’re lucky ;o)) lead to being the “black guy” in the “group” when you go out with your new friend!

  103. I like to think that I have a little “Black” blood in me. As a singer, it is truly a wonderous moment when a black person in the audience closes their eyes in enjoyment and shouts an Amen!

  104. I have black people I do like. I just inheirently distrust blacks untill proven otherwise. I don’t necisarily trust whites immediately; however, they do gain trust under much less scrutiny than blacks. Every time I wanted to go to the local athletic center to play basketball I got fucked with. Without fail. I am a semi-proffesional MMA fighter and a Business graduate. I am neither dumb nor weak. I don’t act nerdy white or try to act “black”. I didn’t mess with anyone when I went to play. I always got called white boy this or cracker that. Why? I learned to survive. So, I guess I learned to integrate a bit. Point. Hardly any of my current friends like blacks. We never go mess with people just because they are black and solo. All my boys can bang. None of us fuck with people for no reason. Why do the majority of blacks feel the need to mess with random people just because they can. Blacks where I am from try to intimidate everyone. Why? I gradually grew to dislike blacks from my encounters with them. So, am I ignorant because I used enviremental feedback to develop survival instincts? POINT!!! There is a perpetual cycle of whites not liking blacks and blacks not liking whites. A lot of blacks are taught not to like whites. With good reason no doubt. We pretty well fucked them over in this country. This in turn causes whites not to like blacks. But really no one likes anyone. Oh well.

  105. Environmental oops probably loads of spelling errors my bad

  106. All of this is rather stupid. I have been the only one in a club full of white people and everything was cool. My children have black, indian and white blood in them, so what? We are all created by the same person(God). We all got here the same way and we are all going to die….. Wise up you white people that don’t have a clue.

  107. To #92 Chienne,

    Your post was a breath of fresh air. I’m a 25 yr old black man who’s lived in Africa, U.S., Hong Kong, & now Tokyo, and I would date you in a second, even though I’m half your age, simply because you show such wisdom in your post.

    Nice to know there’s still hope for us as a (human) race. 😉

    – Tokyogodfather

  108. Oh, and if you dated men, that is. 🙂

  109. Everyone has the right to get upset by what people say on this blog if it is offensive. The problem comes about when one acts out on their anger. I so wish America wasn’t so obsessed with race. Race is a cancer America just can’t seem to heal from. It has become a part of the DNA of this country–forget the fabric. When will we stop talking about race especially with this election. The black vote, the spanish speaking vote, the white vote (divided by gender). We as a country can learn a lot from our citizens whose origins are Asian.

    I am a woman who is biracial (momma is from Germany and dad is from San Antonio). This nation sees me as black, but I see myself as a child of God first and second a woman who has a German mother and father whose roots/origins are from Africa. BLACK.

  110. I’m white and I’ve never had a black friend.

    I guess it doesn’t help that the only races at my college are white and Asian, though.

  111. on March 7, 2008 at 5:34 pm Black Girl's Rock!

    Okay … so why do white people say … “Hey, you are pretty for a black person” … Like I can’t just be pretty in general. Oh and I have also gotten … you are not like other black people … what the hell does that mean? … everyone in my immediate AND extended family acts like me … these are the people I saw the most growing up … so are all … ummmmm 30 of us not like other black people?

  112. […] (#38). Also, for a real jab at both my life and this entry, please see #20. Because i am into #14 Having Black Friends, I felt slightly uncomfortable in my stomach this morning when woke up, had my #1 Coffee and #6 […]

  113. on March 7, 2008 at 9:52 pm I hate my life

    I mean, I can’t even make the list. 0 Black friends. Stupid suburbia.

    Waaait… I’ll be I can search for people on facebook! Yes, yes! I’m quite sure I could reach Timberlake status this way.

    Ha! I will soon affirm to the world that I, in fact, love black people… and then I can laugh at all you other white people…

    Oh crap.

    Now I’m in a quandary… by counting the black people I really am just competing against more white people in another white people status exercise… so does having black friends make me more racially diverse or does it, in fact, mean that by making this matter in my life prove beyond a shadow of a doubt that I am undeniably white?

    Oh the agony! If only I didn’t care what other [white] people thought of me!

  114. Love the blog…I’ll be your black friend, hope I’m not too light for the job…Keep up the blogging, ur funny.

  115. Having black friends: I think I’ve heard of some black people who are into that too.

  116. TO #55 Observer and #70 Bobby:
    The commercials you see with black women…which ones? I only see commercials with a black guy with other white people. Yeah, “gotta have a black guy in it”. Gotta have a black guy! This blog category shouldn’t be named “Having Black Friends”, but it should be “Having Black Guy Friends”. ‘Cause nobody’s trying to notice a black girl. If she is in a commercial, she’s either big and matronly – like the PineSol lady, or if she’s pretty – you’ll only see her face for a split-second (like on the the Old Navy commercials). And as for you Bobby – just know that white girls are letting you get away with stuff because they know that in the end – YOU ARE THE ONES BEING PLAYED! They are truly the white man’s secret weapon. In the next century – if all this interracial mixing continues, there will be no more black guys OR black people around because they will have all disintegrated into a hybrid race. Hybrids can’t produce blacks, sweetie. While these self-serving “chicks” are being whatever you want them to be, doing whatever you want them to do – they are also enjoying your money, your attention, your ____k, AND how you publicly affirm their “superiority”. In the end, you and all your educated, celebrity and pro-athlete brothers are supporting and perpetuating “white power” AND by marrying anybody other than black women, you are speeding up the process of black genocide. So please don’t wink about it – when you date and marry outside of your race, you are playing yourself.

  117. on March 9, 2008 at 8:04 am Richard "Roscoe" Boyle

    I’m a white dude living in the United States Penitentiary in Marion, Illinois. I gotta say, man, you kind of missed the mark on this one. I personally don’t have any black friends, and even if I did I sure as hell wouldn’t tell nobody. The rest of the blog entries are spot on: I love modern furniture, expensive samwiches, and standing still at concerts!

  118. People who made the one drop rule ……
    It sure wasn’t established by the enslaved Africans who were brought to this country in a deal for some to get rich and for others to be killed.

    After reading an Associated Press article on yahoo as well as news election coverage I am once again disgusted by the senselessness of thinking citizens of this country.

    Since this website was established on the idea of race let me a woman of mixed heritage enlighten you to the fact that the man running against Hillary Clinton has a mother who is caucasian and a father who is Kenyan. He is not black according to you who has been falsely educated as to the identification of one who gives the impression of ‘black’.
    African Decent and European Decent, South American Decent, Central American Descent, Asian Decent, Pacific Islander Descent, Native to this part of North American Descent (AMERICANS FOR PETE’S SAKE) Mr. Obama is not what you think he is. He is a man who has mixed heritage, he is a man who is relatable and likable, who has the desire to change the mindset of the people of this country who are so brainwashed that all they see is race or the color of his skin or that his name middle name is ethnic. Americans are so driven by fear that is concerns me to my core. The man running against Hilliary is a man who desires to change your idol idiotic thinking. Oh it’s not your fault that you think this way it’s been beaten into your head since you were born. WAKE UP PEOPLE AND DO THE RIGHT THING! Vote for a man who opposes the institutions that consistently enslave your mind to futile and worthless thinking and talk.

    I am supporting a citizen who I believe wants to change the very institutions that have YOU thinking that race really matters.


  119. Darkies are such fun to be around why they can sing and dance better than most white folks,every home should have a resident darkie, you can show them off to your friends at dinner parties,some of them even speak English that you can understand !

  120. TO 121 PUNKARAMA

    You’re not serious are you?
    Wow! I’m not shocked at your comments but I wonder if you could say that which you wrote in front of a room full of men and women and children whose skin complexion is browner than yours. Ignorance is bliss in the society.


  121. I’m white and I’m proud. I will not apologize for who I am. Nor should anyone else no matter what race they are. Actually, if you really look at it, we all have different races in our heritage.I have French,German,Spanish, and one side of my family descends from gypsies.

    I married a Fillipino/Spanish/French man. Our daughter is exotic and beautiful. It’s funny, people cannot figure out what race she is. She considers herself white.That’s probably b/c I raised her by myself for 6 years. Besides she does have white in her heritage. Eventually, there will be a blending of races and cultures and it won’t be so easy to differentiate one race from another.

    Oh, and I won’t vote for Barack or Hillary. The liberals are too concerned about other countries liking us. That’s scary. This aint high school with a popularity contest. The terrorists hate us no matter what we do.

  122. I’ve been white for as long as I can remember (nearly 30 years!) and I’ve never had a black friend. Am I missing out?

    Instead, I have had and continue to have many Indian friends. Why? It’s easy!!! Indians have a great cuisine, listen to great music and have a great fashion sense.

    All of my close friends from grad school (I did say I was white, right?) were Indian and we’re friends to this day.

  123. I want my black friends so I can call them and pick up some trees fool. Wanna hang out with them, nope maybe next month

  124. What about native African friends? Do they count as black? I hope so.

    I have many more African than “black” friends (as well as other choco-friends from Jamaica, Indonesia, and Australia).

    It makes me feel much more authentic.

    Sharing our mutual complaints about African-Americans without my feeling like a closet racist is nice too.

  125. people are programmed by society…
    please consider that and learn to look outside of it…
    You have no idea what kind of programming one individual has by simply looking at them…
    find out

  126. I have no desire to have a black friend, even if their were enough of them around my area for each white to have. I still wouldnt.

  127. on March 10, 2008 at 10:08 pm Idon'tnecessarilylikeH2Omelons

    to #118 kl: I’m sorry but um, you’re an idiot…

  128. Some of you people were either raised in BFE or sheltered as fuck. Its hard to take some of this stuff seriously. No perspective whatsoever.

  129. on March 11, 2008 at 9:17 am Hilary Obama

    Barack is BLACK and Paul Wall is WHITE….. Until we (society) remove the “black”, “white” boxes on census reports, GRE’s and anything else that asks you we will always be 1 or the other.
    And not all Black People are (fill in the blank). Just like not all White People are (fill in the blank). EVERYONE HAS ISSUES….EVERYONE SHOULD BE TREATED AS INDIVIDUALS…..
    This site is about COMEDY, lets not F it up by trying to make it about REALITY!

  130. To Coop — Honey, why do you think a black person would even want to be friends with your ignorant racist ass????

  131. I am the OBF in one group of friends I have. It’s mainly b/c I went to all white (or mostly) white schools and thoes were the ppl I was around. My girls are koo, they know their white and don’t try to act any different b/c they are associated with me. I, on the other, tone it down a lil for them. They’ve seen my at my ghetto ass finest, but they just can’t relate to it and don’t understand somethings as it relates to being black. I wouldn’t expect them to anyway. The only time my white friends understand “how it is to be black” is when they are the only white ppl in a room full of black ppl. Usually they are all outgoing and out spoken ladies, but put them in a room full of black ppl and they turn into wall flowers. Ex, my 21st b-day party had most of my black friends there and a few of my white friends (my bday is day after xmas and most of my white friends were out of town). They just sat around watching everything instead of participating. My black friends weren’t mean, tried to engage them in conversation, but they didn’t party like the rest. I tried to attribute this to them not really knowing anyone and let it be. A couple weeks later the same group of white friends and I went to a party where we all were friends of a friend of a friend. The way the blended in and were right at home let me see they still “fear” black ppl. From that point on I don’t try to do anymore “racial mixers” among my friends and in fact I’ve kind of distanced myself from my white friends. They are koo, but not as koo as I thought they were.

  132. Everything here is awesome, except you are missing one huuuge thing for this topic… eminem!!

  133. If Barack Obama (excluding the fact that he’s a senator) was walking down the street with a white guy and you were asked to describe the two men, I highly doubt anyone would say “there goes a white guy and a one half white guy and half black guy.” Come on people, Obama is black as they come. Society stills looks at skin color.

  134. What box do you think Obama checks off when he fills out the census report?

  135. im white and all my friends are black. I dont chill with white people. i just have trouble relating to them. I know that sounds weird coz im white but all my friends are black. None of them are “good looking” “well spoken” or “non violent.” I only chill with brothas who be in gangs or aspire to be in gangs coz white people don’t like violence except irish people and italians. If you ain’t down with fighting, you can’t roll with me.

  136. Obama is most def Black. Saying he’s 1/2 white therefore not Black is so funny to me!

    As if 90% of the Black American population isn’t mixed with white all up and down our blood lines. Yes – its a good bet that even Jesse Jackson has white ancestors in his lineage.

  137. Here’s a song for everyone, “Imagine” by John Lennon…of course, covered by A Perfect Circle.

  138. […] #14 Having Black Friends […]

  139. Being in a graduate program that is predominantly white and I am the only black person (female), IMO I think that some people are definitely uncomfortable with black people. Not because of dislike, but the fear of not being able to relate or fear of saying something racist. As for having a limited number of black friends, you can’t help where you grow up or where you go to school. So if you are around nothing but a certain race, most likely those are the friends you will have. That’s just it. There are plenty of people who don’t have friends of a different race, that doesn’t make them racist.
    But I won’t lie when I do go out with my white friends, to a predominantly white event, I find that other white people, I guess, deem me safe and tend to strike up convo or want to dance or are very complimentary.

  140. LOL! I should be the envy of all white people!! When I attended college in L.A. my dorm mates would take me to black churches, study groups and gospel choir performances. I’d be the only Chinese person in a group of all blacks! It became my normal. In a group picture you can’t find me! I guess that’s why I haven’t been to church… no black churches! I prefer them, they are soooo welcoming and warm… smaller and yet they are more lively, more soulful than white churches. Even now I work in a company of black IT/Engineering/R&D company. I like black people… they are as intelligent and considerate as you and I but there is this down to earth goodness about them.

  141. I feel so hindered that I don’t have any black friends

  142. I hope never to have black friends. Certainly I have been able to get along with niggers, but I will never “hang out” with a nigger or even use my telephone to dial one up unless it is for work related purposes. I hate rap because it’s only for niggers.

  143. **insert eye roll at guy above**

    This is a hilarious blog! I laughed so hard!

    (yes I am white…but should I have to even say that?…wait, yes because of people like the guy who posted above me)

  144. “Richard “Roscoe” Boyle
    I’m a white dude living in the United States Penitentiary in Marion, Illinois. I gotta say, man, you kind of missed the mark on this one. I personally don’t have any black friends, and even if I did I sure as hell wouldn’t tell nobody. The rest of the blog entries are spot on: I love modern furniture, expensive samwiches, and standing still at concerts! ”

    You are ignorant on so many levels….(read, spelling of sanDwiches, wouldn’t tell ANYONE…) Sheesh…..

  145. this is pretty damn racist, and not accurate at all – sorta funny but not accurate
    I’ve got black friends – more than 5 , yes it is possible, and none of them know any gang signs or vietnamese beauty shops or wtf
    Whoever posted this blog is quite ignorant and kinda turned me off to this site

  146. then again, this is satire – god forbid we (white people) make a little fun of other races – god knows they make enough fun of us – its ok for them BUT forbidden for us

  147. I”m white and have a few black friends. I”m a “normal” white guy, they are “normal” black guys (by that I mean I don’t try to act black and they don’t try to act white)- I don’t know what to make out of all this haha. Lets face it, we notice differences and all, but it’s all in the fun. Like when I went to church with my black friend and his pastor was yelling and sweating – then we went to a baseball game and he couldnt believe how many white people were there and how little black people were there. when this lame white guy “brushed his shoulder off” when we were just sitting there having a beer – obviously because he was black

  148. on March 14, 2008 at 3:48 pm Brasilian & Black American

    #64 Adisa said: “White Brasilians prefer Black Americans or Jamaicans over Black Brasilians.”

    I’m Brazilian and I’m engaged with a black american guy, he’s my first black boyfriend and I can tell you I only notice something about being white or black when a friend said to me: omg are you going to marry him? he is black. It takes me a while to realize how stupid she was. And, Jamaicans? Did you ever have met someone from Jamaica? Because here, we didn’t. 😉

  149. on March 15, 2008 at 7:46 am SerenityTexas

    A black man once told me that I needed to get myself a black man because he would treat me like a queen but I think he was probably just hitting on me. Black men do know how to pay women compliments though.

    I have never dated a black man but I dated a Mexican guy once. His family had been in Texas possibly even longer than mine and he couldn’t even speak Spanish but it didn’t matter to my brother who said, “Dating a Fucking Wetback!?!?!”

    There are alot of blacks & hispanics in my area so you might as well be friends. What are you gonna do….sit around and hate each other?

  150. If you were really comfortable with and had an authentic relationship with your black friends you really shouldn’t feel the need to defend yourself for having black friends. There just your friends, if they were really your friends. I’m black, but I don’t see my “white” friends as being white people. I know them by their names. Of course, ignoring their race makes them happy.

  151. JINKATTA,
    Two things, Race is a socio-historical construct. Black and white are not biological facts of humanity. A person is black or white only so far that is identified as such and so and so forth. To be born of a black identified parent and white identified parent does not preclude you from being black identified simply because race is something made up and chose by both the individual and society. Mixed and black are not mutually exclusive(obviously) One subsumes the other. By the standards of American racial “rules” there is no biracial race. Yes, these rules are made up just like the one-drop rule and the ” if your ancestors came from Europe and you adopt our values you can be white” rule. No one is simply black or white. They become black and white through a process of socialization and engagement with the dominant social order. Often enough identity is constantly negogiated and context-dependent but it is never given. Also, black and white are not equivalent since both are constructed differently and one is dominant over the other. There is a strong asymetrey going on there.

    So, OBama identifies as black. By the rules of American society he can do that and has chosen to do so. Why would you rob a man you obviously admire of the right to construct his identity any way he so chooses.

  152. on March 15, 2008 at 3:26 pm Bill E. Goat

    We gave a black homeless guy a nice large tent to live in
    right in front of our white-ass house. He had a fine water front view with a dock to crab or fish off of and there was a
    heater, private shower with a private toilet, TV w/cable and a double air-matress to sleep on.
    We didn’t have any stipulations except that he must keep the yard picked up and to stay out of the camper that was also on the property.
    The very first day he did a great job of picking up the yard but from day two on was all down hill to include not being able to get his black ass out of that camper.
    In short–Blacks and Whites get along great on TV and in the Movies but in real life it just don’t work.
    And for this bull that whites want to be black–get a life–who in their right mind would want to be black? Just ride around any downtown area and open your eyes.

  153. Americans are so racist and racism is so 1890’s-c’mon get with it! Lets get over to another -ism already!

    Posy idea: When are you going to post that white people love having black ex girlfriends and boyfriends?

    Every white person I know has a black ex hanging around somewhere and loves to bring that up when the time is appropiate (basically during racial discussions).

    Or that every white man dreams of being a black man with a huge you-know-what?

  154. #153 “Race is a socio-historical construct. Black and white are not biological facts of humanity”

    Holy shit, shut up you fucking postmodernist. Black and white are colors, so we can revise to agree with your anthropological bullshit to talk about “peoples with white skin” and “peoples with black skin.” Does that really change what we’re talking about? No.

    And by the way, have you gone through the entire human genome and conclusively shown that there isn’t enough systematic difference between niggers and white people to really say that these are entirely socio-historical linguistic cultural constructs.

    You fucking pomo-anthropologico-socio-retards piss me off . . . more so than a nigger who speaks dinker language.


  156. on March 15, 2008 at 11:36 pm Dr. Alan Dershowitz

    #153 Take a look at African-American albino pictures and you’ll see that it’s not about skin color. Not at all.

    Liberals care more about dog breed purity, and then they tell us that our diversity is a mere construct? Wrong.

  157. on March 15, 2008 at 11:43 pm Dr. Alan Dershowitz


    That American black will never stay with you. Once you are stuck with a few mulattos, hit post-childbirth middle age, that American black will leave you for someone younger, etc.

    THE STATS back this up. Look at Obama’s dumb mom. The black husband left her to fend for herself. Look at Nicole Brown.

    The stats will also tell you that you are more likely subject to being physically abused.

    What about the STDs this cheating player brings home.


    Just think about it, OK?

  158. Vijay Singh has darker skin than most African-Americans, but everyone knows he’s not black. It’s not about skin color, that cop-out is just a refuge term (like “social construct”) for those than want to deny our differences and diversity.

  159. ok, so look….
    my best friend is a fag
    my boyfriend is a nigga
    i have descended from the whitest place on earth (sweden) and have spent my life rescuing animals…
    should i run for some civic post?
    or maybe we should all just stop trying to decode each other?

  160. […] white people could draft friends the way that the NFL drafts prospects it would go like this: black friends, gay friends, and then all other minorities would be drafted based on need and rarity to the […]

  161. on March 17, 2008 at 7:21 am Jew-ish and White-ish

    Who needs black friends when we have Urban Dictionary? It is the imaginary friend we all need to lend us the mad street cred.

  162. I think Obama is half American/ half American!! Color doesn’t matter.
    It was proven scientifically that every person in the world has one chromosome set in their DNA that can be traced back to one man in Africa…so I guess everybody’s African…lol. Now that is stuff “white people” wouldn’t like.

  163. on March 17, 2008 at 11:14 am OneBlackFriend

    OMG! This is right on. I have been the “one black friend” for so many years. White people are the only folks that count how many black people they know. I always ask them – how many have been to your house though! They always have to think about it! I love white people because they are funny and don’t know it.

  164. Whiggers of America Unite ..!!!!!!!!!!!

    I Luv Obama and everything he doesn’t represent ..!!!

  165. on March 17, 2008 at 9:13 pm Black Bright

    I live in South Australia, I’ve actually never met a black person, seriously. I don’t even have the opportunity to attempt this one as a whitey. There aren’t any black people here that I know of.

  166. “5 or more – Impossible” ROTFL!!!

  167. To#144 White Guy and Your Remark: You can do us call a favor and stay in the trailer park where you came from. There is no reason to go to your level considering you were an inbred from the family tree and all. I am sure that it bothers you that your cowardness keeps you on the blog posting your comments privately. We as niggers have no problem confronting ignorance from a lack of exposure and knowledge of all cultures and backgrounds. (Stereotypical of me wasn’t it to think you are from a trailer park and a inbred right?????). Not all Black listen to rap music, eat fried chicken, eat watermelons, sell drugs, rob people, smoke crack, have STD’s and have multiple baby fathers.

    It is understandable why some white people may not interact with some black people. We are not ALL confrontational, intimidating, loud, easily offended,and disrespectful. We simply cannot stereotype a race or be afraid of interaction with one another. I am a African American and I have long term white friends that I enjoy spending time with. We are not each other token friends.

  168. I really want to know why, because for better or for worse, I always had both white and black friends through the years, which has historically, ironically cost me both. But the point is that I NEVER get to meet my white friends’ BLACK friends, not even a token.
    How come they date all my white friends, get invited to all my “mixed” or “black” parties and (not that I discriminate) why do I never get to reap the benefits of dating their black friends etc…

  169. I like that bobby is honest. and it is encouraging. I am an african-american baby ivy grad. I dont care what race I marry, but its hard in college when all races ignore you. Its cool to see that black women may eventually get back on the radar.

  170. Often mistaken as the token black girl. Trust, you are my token white friend too.

  171. Black “culture” makes me sick. Having kids out of wedlock when your a teenager, dropping out of school because its not cool to graduate, smoking pot, raping white women, and being on welfare sounds like a culture negros should be embarrased to call their own. Oh wait, all those things are white people’s fault, how silly of me.

  172. wow, you white people are scary…

  173. Hahaha, that’s great! I love it.

  174. i think gabriel and o’keefe should get together

  175. i heard that white people dont use wash rags. dont let them use your shower! lol.

  176. These commentaries present so many problems to me. I am a 22 year old Black male working a six figure job. I graduated HS at 17 and college at 20. My father is retired from the Navy and I have lived in Germany, Asia, Spain, and throughout the US. I’ve encountered black people from all over Africa, the Middle East, and Caribbean. Dark skin is the only common denomitator. My best friend looks ‘black’ but he and all his family were born and raised in Colombia. He speaks Spanish as a first language, is Catholic and has a Latin name. In Latin America you are identified by social class, not skin color. I am astonished and saddenned by the ignorance and hate in our country. So much of this is ignorant in itself because stereotypes speak to the mass, not the individual. And shame on the people for buying into them in the first place. Not all blacks are criminalistic, uneducated, loud and low class. White people fear Blacks because they have been taught to. Children are not racist, but adults are. Kids in the daycare all play together but not until they grow older do they learn how to socially interact and perceive one another. Blame it on the media. Blame it on racist hillbilly grandpa. But they are not the solution. We are! Another grave hinderance with Blacks resides in ourselves. We see one another as too light, too dark, talking white, etc. WHY? Does that mean to be “black” one must be from an urban area, listen to rap, and aspire to be like what we see on BET?? Come on yall. Black is beautiful, know it and embrace it. Why do American black girls perm their hair? Why do American white girls tan, and get lip injections, when their Eureopean and African counterparts keep it natural? Perhaps its culture, or deeper than that…

  177. OMG there r so many things 2 address here I may run out of room! Ok just 4 the record I am 1. A Black American, not Afro or African American since I have no proof of my true ancestry. 2. I am a 6 yr US Veteran, currently serving in the Air Force Reserves. 3. I have black/white friends etc. Ok now that we got that out of the way LETS TALK! Ok you guys got one thing right, you al know Obama’s mama (lol) is white. But not one of you metioned that his FATHER is of NIGERIAN decent and I wonder why? Especially the white people because I think that by only mentioning his mother is white validates your reasoning to vote and support him oh and by-the-way Im not taking either side! Since Bush was elected and the FL votes got recounted I refuse to cast another ballot! I just sit back, watch, and laugh at all the uproar and controversy that ensues over these dumb elections. We all know that no matter who is elected things will NEVER truly change for the better n e way. Taxes, welfare, healthcare, THE WAR, the national deficit, states with bad economies, GAS PRICES and the war for oil, dammit the list goes on and look ahead 10-20 yrs and we will still be here in this exact same spot. Wakeup America! (To be cont.)

  178. Ok I thought I was finally done and off to bed when I stumbled upon Brad’s most ignorant comment. *And yes Brad my boy, I am black!* I hope u eat shit and die when Obama is elected AS OUR NEXT PRESIDENT! Ok so great, u dont like “black culture” and u said some pretty ignorant things that lead myself and the rest of America to believe that you have nothing higher than a G.E.D. (good enuff diploma) education. I for one do not and never would blame “white America” for the state that the majority of “black America” is in. I believe that each individual is afforded the opportunity to better themselves but some of us choose not to. Instead we use the old lame excuse that no one will give us a chance and all the white man wants to do is hang us and throw us in jail. Well for some that may be the case but I think everyone hates ignorance no matter who you are and if you refuse to help yourself then who will? Lets aim the guns at ourselves for a minute black America. Stop making excuses and start finding solutions to OUR PROBLEMS! History has shown how we have survived trials and tribulations time and time again. Dont ban together to riot or protest, but find constructive ways to build, uplift, and change our communities for the better. Protest and start petitions to have liquor stores removed from our neighborhoods and replace them with Career Centers, Dept. of Labor Services, etc. What I’m saying to you is find the direct source of the problem and eliminate it!

  179. OK its getting so late that its early so in closing…..Tomorrow I will discuss/share with you how my good white friend, ahhh lets call him Roger, thinks that because most of his friends are black and we embrace him he has the right to use the word(s) nigga and nigger at his own leisure. Black people have become accustomed to listening to how other races use the N word because sometimes people try and slip that “er” in on ya when they think you might be half listening. So me personally dont reference me with any of the “N” words PERIOD! I dont give a rats ass how u meant it they will all be considered offensive. Society will never get to a comfortable state where that word will ever be cool and accepted world wide. (To be cont.)

  180. isn’t it funny how posts to these blogs actually show when ppl are truly racist and have no qualms about it. i love it, makes me realize why some ppl treat each other the way they do & it makes me look over my shoulder even more. btw in case you were wondering that’d be you “Dr. Alan Dershowitz” (yea right); white guy; Brad; Bill E Goat, etc. It’s funny how you presume to know about EVERY african-american/ black (whatever) people, as if there are 3 of them, yet clearly you know none.
    BTW I’m sure my status & resume is SOO far above your’s that it would put you to shame, so give me a break you’re not better than anyone. I hope Obama does win just so you can call him the n word every day of his term & so you’re kids, kids, kids can read about him in history books LONG after anyone remembers your name. FACE IT YOU’RE A DYING BREED, GET IT TOGETHER OR GET LEFT BEHIND.

    anyway, love the blog, always funny. making observations, exaggerating, giving simple silly reasons for why it occurs. classic.

  181. Black Americans and black people from the Caribbean have a very different culture.

  182. White people can also use their black friends as evidence and an excuse when others call them racists. It’s the first retort to any accusation.


    “I am not racist. I have plenty black friends”

  183. I have no black friends, only aquaintances. That’s good.

  184. I live out in the sticks on a county road in central Ohio. There are white houses, white fences, white barns, white dogs and white people, only. I was a negro once, driving by in a used Cadillac. That’s about it.

  185. I always thought that the dreaded “wigger” label was applied once a white person has more than five black friends:)

  186. on March 20, 2008 at 12:22 pm Adm Moe Howard

    There is a curious phenomenon which is connected to the whites love of a black friend or accessory. Oftentimes, the white person feels he has a free hand to “black it up” around his black friend, Especially if there are other whites watching. His black friend may be at times reserved in his demeanor, the white one will drop M-F bombs, speak “jive” and almost drop into a Flava Flave persona.

    Perhaps the white person is releasing himself as a black person. Or at least how he feels a black person might behave. More precisely, how he expects a black person to conduct himself. After all, the white person has listened to rap music, maybe felt “jiggy” listening to James Brown and watched countless television and movie depictions of his black subject. There is the assumption that black people have no feelings in regards to morality or self-restraint. Or that blacks freely use profanity when meeting strangers.

    More than once I’ve witnessed this first hand. I will meet a black person, begin conversing, and shortly am joined by a white person with an over-the-top Afro-deliniation with lots of “yos” thrown in. In the black person’s eyes, I see a twinge of embarrasment with his new friend.

  187. on March 20, 2008 at 12:24 pm Larrylattimer

    Obama would have made a good house negro back in the day.

  188. on March 20, 2008 at 12:27 pm Larrylattimer


    Sounds like you always be misbehaven.

  189. Black people need to wake up and realize that whites have a lot of good reasons for not liking them.

    I grew up being taught that everyone was equal, etc. I believed it. But my experiences have finally convinced me it’s BS. It’s been very very difficult to admit, but eventually, common sense and experience are what form your opinions.

    There are smart, nice black Americans out there. But there seem to be very very few of them. They are vastly outnumbered by the ones who I don’t like.

    I try to give every individual a fair shake, but most blacks just act rude or uncouth within the first minute I interact with them, completely alienating me. Some whites do as well. But some whites don’t, and those are my friends.

    Also, I am highly educated and work in a specialized highly-paid field, in which blacks make up usually one out of a hundred people, so I don’t meet any like me. Even if they have the same capabilities, and are not rude or crude, they usually don’t have any of the same interests.

    But my interactions with blacks in public are generally all the same. They have been loud and obnoxious or rude to me, and I don’t like that. So that’s how it goes… I don’t hate blacks, but I don’t have any black friends.

  190. omg!!! im crying im laughing so hard!!! i didnt think that rent-a-negro.com was actually a website but it is!!! hahahahaha

  191. After reading some of these comments, I would rather live in England where it seems that Blacks are more tolarated. I rather deal with their class issues there than race issues here in my own country! Race should not be an issue in our culture. I am highly disappointed.

  192. Are you sure this isn’t a typo?

    Obama, if he can get past Billary, is going to get hammered by Johnny McCain based on all the white working folks that don’t want black friends, and certainly don’t want one in the “white” house. Maybe in Blue State America this is true, but your reaching on this one my friend.

  193. on March 20, 2008 at 5:56 pm Infamous Kreichen

    Another thing, in college – the powers that be, in their infinite wisdom placed me in a dorm with a pair of brothers. One that was rich and whiter than men – if that’s possible, and one from South Central – naturally, on a Football Scholarship – talk about re-enforcing stereo-types. Anyway, in professional life, I come across way more folks from africa than african americans, and from my encounters, Africans are nothing like black folks.

    blacks don’t like soccer
    Africans love soccer

    blacks prefer money/business to school
    Africans love them so school/grad school

    blacks can’t speak English
    African’s speak multiple languages, i.e. French, Portugese, English, etc.


    thank you for enlightening me.
    when you have the time check out my blog and please leave a reply.


  195. marabout i am not trying to rob the man and you’ve got that right i admire and respect the man. i am merely trying to help people see beyond race, but your illustration of words really has me thinking.

  196. on March 20, 2008 at 6:23 pm Robert Gonzalez

    God, this stuff is so true! I’d really love a black friend like that guy on “King of Queens.” Doug is so lucky to have that guy as his friend. Or, remember Magnum P.I.’s black friend, T.C.? You laugh, but I would really like a black friend like that: cool, fun-loving and non-violent. I do not want a black friend like Chance on “I Love New York,” but I think Tango would make a fine black friend. Did you notice he became good friends with the very white, Mr. Boston?

  197. PURE GENIUS!!!!!!!

  198. man, I don’t know what to say or how to reply to this blog… I will reply later. “ingorance is bliss”!!

  199. This should be called “what white liberals like”. These are all coastal urban white people joys.

  200. Reply to AA about Obama, you are right on with that one. He is mixed, and I’m sick of him and halle berry and others who seem to have no problem removing the fact that they are half white. Is that so wrong? I ‘m white and have 2 mixed raced kids, I tell them to be proud of who they are, that both sides of mine and their mothers brings unique characteristics to them. Don’t let yourself or others choose who or what you will be. So when Obama claims to understand the struggles of enslaved blacks in this country, even though he had a upper end education, was raised mostly by his white mother and grandmother and that poor middle eastern guy who seem to foot alot of the bill for his up bringing, but gets no credit at all as his step dad. His own father had no connection to the enslaved people in this country his father wasn’t from here and when he did live here, he lived in freakin Hawaii. So what would he know about race in a country he hardly spent time in until he was older. ANd is it so bad to be of mixed race and admit it and be proud. Tiger woods had no problem with standing up to it, and he’s not running for president. Sorry for the Obama rant, great guy, but too preachy for me. I prefer to stick with the amendment that separates church from state and would prefer we keep the preachers in the church not the white house.

  201. Would someone African-American or black please address #106 & #107. I biracial, and identify as biracial though my darker younger sister doesn’t because no one ever believes her that she is. Anyhow, I have noticed that sometimes, some A-As or blacks do say inciting racial comments to the white guy playing b-ball. And in that context, I don’t see whites doing the same nor ever allowed to get away with something like that.

    Instead I say wrong is wrong. If you don’t want to be insulted, don’t insult. If you don’t want to be stereotyped, don’t stereotype (this goes for whites who generalize about all AA or blacks based on past experiences as well).

    I just don’t get the hypocrisy or double standard when people look at others and not hold themselves to the same standard.

  202. on March 21, 2008 at 7:55 am A real white guy

    lol, you’ve obviously never seen the white people of ANNA Illinois

  203. […] The Jane Goodall of white america goes beyond the obvious – mayonnaise, DIE HARD movies – into the esoteric. For example: Obviously, whites want black friends so as not to appear racist (see earlier Obama post). However, if we dig deeper what we notice about white people is not if they have black friends but in fact, how many black friends they have. White people like numbers. They like to count things like stars in the sky and the death toll at Mt. Everest and the number of times they’ve seen Tori Amos and/or Phish in concert. Counting the number of black friends is then clearly a divine imperative. (”#14 Having Black Friends“) […]

  204. It is disappointing that people actually think like this.

    Last time I checked, I make friends with people because of their character, common interests, and general likability. Not because I need a “token” friend.

    The fact that so many people have reinforced this ideology through comments really makes me second guess how my friends of other races talk about me behind my back; it’s unsettling that people I consider to be important to me would have such a condescending view of our friendship.

  205. Bobby…


  206. on March 21, 2008 at 10:37 am Éirinn go Brách

    I only have friends. Some of them happen to not be white.

  207. I don’t have any black friends. I generally cannot stand blacks. I can talk to them, give them instructions and other tasks but I would never associate with them socially. I did fuck a black cheerleader once. She was a nice bitch. I wouldn’t have been seen in public with her though. Made her clean my dick too.

  208. omg. i was just reading all of these posts, and was amazed at all of the drama…
    okay im a 16 year old white girl.. and by the looks of things, im more mature than some of you people.
    stereotypes are true, most of the time… and ADMIT IT. they are funny. we would not have comedy without stereotypes.

    and why do some of you guys have to argue about this silly little post that was meant for a little laugh. you are reading into it too much. race doesnt matter. we are all people with the same body system, emotions, opinions… whether your white or black doesnt matter. friends should be judged by the person… not what colour their skin is…

    come on. if im 16 and realize this, then all you thirty-something-year-olds sure as hell should be able to also.

  209. […] merit of our daily output, but please compare “Stuff White People Like” entry #14, Having Black Friends, to that once-controversial piece of ancient internet satire Black People Love Us, a site that […]

  210. ***BILL E. GOAT***

    Why would you let a homeless person of any race live in your front yard? Do you really think a homeless white person would have behaved any differently? Maybe you were not aware, but a great number of homeless people are mentally ill. Just a tip.

    And yes, I am Black. But since I’m an Ivy-educated professional, and you are clearly . . . not, I’m pretty sure that we don’t run in the same social circles.

  211. Wow! I this day and time, I didn’t realize white people were still this racist and ingnorant…

  212. A black man once told me that I needed to get myself a black man because he would treat me like a queen

    Uh huh. Look at how they are treating their black queens. Over 25% of black women have STDs. Over 70% of black children are born to single mothers because the black man ran away instead of being a man.

  213. I’ve never understood this issue, and frankly, most whites I know must not either, because the ones I know (in a large urban area here East Coast) could give a shit if they have black friends.

    Most of us, don’t relate to blacks, but more easily relate to Hispanics, Asians, and Indians, and the converse seems true also. Blacks tend not to have many friends of other races/ethnicities and/or cultures, but whites do.

    That’s why the whole “We black and latino” stuff you hear some black politicians say, is funny. My wife and whole family are latino, as are many of my friends and they have NOTHING in common with blacks, but have much in common with whites and immigrants from other countries (like Asian countries and India)

  214. on March 23, 2008 at 8:05 pm TallulahBankhead

    actually your relatives have a lot in common with blacks
    considering how important black people were to building this august country called the United States of America.

    Without the free labor do you think you’d be sitting in your home in this fine country looking as glamourous as she does?

    No, you would probably be sitting outside, naked and sickly, wondering how to get members of the Iroquois tribe to feed you and your family.
    But I digress.

    Considering how whites and other immigrants were equally important to building this country to its fine status today, I think you may have rethink your opinion about blacks having nothing in come whites, immigrants from all those other countries.

    America was not built by WASPs and immigrants. If you doubt it, check a history book.

  215. now thats funny sh*t

  216. […] #14 Having Black Friends […]

  217. […] If white people could draft friends the way that the NFL drafts prospects it would go like this: black friends, gay friends, and then all other minorities would be drafted based on need and rarity to the […]

  218. I don’t hate black people. I just hate the way most of them act. By most I do not mean all. I am white and I also grew up in a housing project like the majority of the blacks I speak of. I am tired of this whole woe is me I am a minority and have been oppressed crap. It is 2008! We are on the verge of electing a black or female president for God’s sake. Get over it black people! Times have changed and as afraid as most of you are to actually excell in life because you may not beable to play the race card when you fail it is ok to let go of that security blanket. Most of us “Crackers” are educated enough these days to look past the color of your skin. Hell I am even going to vote for the black guy. Not because of the color of his skin but because I feel he is the best candiadate to bring about change and improve our standing in the word. But I also hope he will end this sharade of afirmitive action and I can’t get a head attitude. So stop ya gang bangin’ y’all! Times have changed. Get up get out the projects and stop peddlein’ crack, get off the welfare. No excuses now. Go to school, get a degree and get a job. I did and so did Barack. I am white and he is black. See what education can do. Education is the only thing that will bring down the racial divide.

  219. on March 24, 2008 at 2:07 pm Robert Gonzalez

    I like the way the last guy thinks all blacks are gang bangin’, on welfare, and peddlin’ crack! And, he’s votin’ fo’ da educated black.

  220. […] блоге, достаточно прочитать заметку под названием Having black friends. Добавьте в социальные сети или отправьте по […]

  221. He’s Black!

  222. Shut the fuck up? Times haven’t changed that much. A black person with a degree still has to be 10 times better than white person going for the same job. You think you hard or something because you grew up in a housing project ((big deal)) you think Education is the only thing that will bring down the racial divide, think again! White people too busy tring to keep the black man and woman down. Look at all the Shit Obama is going through now, just to defend his image that white people of the same political party are trying to tarnish

  223. You just as stupid as the guy above

  224. […] white people could draft friends the way that the NFL drafts prospects it would go like this: black friends, gay friends, and then all other minorities would be drafted based on need and rarity to the […]

  225. on March 25, 2008 at 9:13 am Kevin Riley O'Keefe

    I am sure that you are probably a one of those white people with no teeth or rotten teeth in your mouth, who feels that they need to Degrade other races to make themselves feel better. You admit that you are a racist, you need to admit that you are also ignorant! Your reasons for disliking black people reflect you small mindedness in stereotyping a race of people to your view. For every adjective that you mention describing black people, you also know a white person, who is the same or worse.

    I am sure you know better than to think that “all” black people fit into the little box you are trying to put them in.

    Wonder how you feel about your cousins on Jerry Springer sleeping with their fathers, daughters, sons, etc.

    Just to let you in on a little secret, many black people don’t like the type of person that you described. They do not represent the majority of black people, although the “white” media would love for you to think that.

    Amazingly, if you go to a rap concert, you have just as many white people there as there are blacks.

    It’s your fear, envy, and inability to successfully compete with elite black people that you really don’t like.

    We have accepted racist people like you, and it’s people who are comfortable with themselves who usually don’t have a problem with an entire race.

    When you make ignorant comments as you have previously,
    you only are identify yourself as a person who has issues with yourself, and are actually fearful or envy of other races, when you stereo-type a race as you have.

    The funny thing is, not only can you not get along with black people, it is likely that you are an outcast with white people as well.

  226. LOL @ white people finally claiming half breeds as one of their own. For years mixed americans have been called anything other then white. But the minute someone with the popularity of Obama steps to the plate he’s now “just as much white as he is black”.

  227. […] Stuff White People Like: #14 Having Black Friends […]

  228. Ever heard of the one drop rule????

  229. So you want a Medal???

  230. thats why all the sistas are going for the white guys

  231. U dont have to explain, marry whoever u want because black women aren’t sitting waiting around for u.

  232. Yep, this one’s right on the money. Hip-hopization of American (and World) youth subculture made it cool to be black literally in the course of a few years.

    For fairness sake, Asians and Latinos are not immune to “wanting to be black”, either.

    A- for the post.

  233. So true. I’m an Island girl at heart. Soca anyone???

  234. Right. And he doesn’t know that the majority of people on welfare are-oh you guessed it-WHITE!

  235. Haha. I think that you may have to make a statistical range change for the rare “Whitey in the City”.

  236. spot on!!!! Anyway, I do like the Michael McDonald reference and would like to add the old school woman version : Teena Marie AKA Lady T.

  237. hahahahaha…Oh Michelle! I think she has moved up from the gold plates to the ceramic, even though her hair looks pressed…now that is OLD School!

  238. Race is a social construct…Human have a need to label thus “You are what I see” is in effect…Therefore Obama is Black
    when he is profiled
    when he applies for credit
    when he enters a store
    when he walks down the street
    When he buys Michelle’s “Hawaiian Silky” at the Asian owned beauty supply shop

  239. I do not find this guy’s comments racist or ignorant…I feel that he has been exposed to a limited amount of Blacks and has chosen to fill in the blanks with whatever the media feeds him and whatever hearsay he may come across. I’m mixed, hence the name and I have always been the “weird Black” (yes I am Black and choose to stick to this label regardless of being Mixed ) and I get along with everyone (so far). I do think Blacks have little respect for Whites because Whites have done an excellent job at earning such little respect. I think it would be illogical for Blacks to respect Whites as a whole. I grant respect to Whites on an individual basis and I do not feel that is racist. It is like guilty until proven innocent, Im fine with this both ways. Who knows…Trying to convince this guy to not pigeon hole Blacks is pointless, he could NEVER feel what a life minus White male privilege could be like therefore does not have the experience to grasp such a concept. That does not make him ignorant or racist , just incapable of real empathy. You can not help what you are (male, White, Black, whatever)

  240. This is based off your…What is it Gabe?, 13th encounter with Blacks….Gabe , don’t waste your anger…He could never understand…Big up to the “You can go your whole damn life and never speak to one of us nappy headed niggers if you dont want, but as much as I might “dislike” and “not hate” white people, I couldnt get away from you if I tried.” Hilarious and true…White Privilege…must be nice : )
    Regardless of all this…I love this site and glad both of you guys spoke your mind and let us see your true colors..anonymity is great

  241. Yes it was a lovely “color-blind, liberal , young , white comment. Maybe O Keefe and Gabe can be in a show together, like the “The Odd Couple”…I would watch! mmmmmmm…Felix Unger

  242. hahahaha! In the south it is ” Pop it , Lock it , the Drop it like its hot” ….maybe she used what is regional???

  243. I can stress it enough….White privilege, must be nice : )

  244. hahahaha…She should have said (or sang ) to the Black lady “It’s a nice day for a…white Wedding..”
    – Billy Idol
    That would have been hilarious (to me)

  245. very observant!!!! and an excellent point

  246. Do you have a White girl friend ?; Mr. intelligent, well educated, self-described handsome (boy, that’s good-old fashion conceit) , African-American AKA Black fellow??? Cause if you do…hahahahahahahaha! Just messing with you…
    Everyone remember
    We are all Black when the lights go out.
    I love you all…and this site
    Thanks White people!

  247. WORD, son…
    Nothing like slavery to activate good ol’ White Guilt!

  248. I do not know what Black ladies you guys know but White men are not having Black women (as a rule, at least in the Dirty South, unless it’s Paul Wall types. ..and honestly, who wants Paul Wall?!?!?!) I take that back, White men occasionally get a wild hair up their ass and want to try the dark meat, (or the Asians…see #11 on the list)…One of the best observations I have heard was that Black women and Asian men are rejected by their “own” therefore they should create a Match.com to hook all of us “rejects” up…After all, rejects need love to!

  249. Oh settle down!!!…You know damn well he is referring to Liberal White Americans guilt for slavery in AMERICA. Blacks , as others, have had the glorious privilege of been slaves worldwide…we know , we know. BTW HEY!!!!…I like NPR, It helps me answer Jeopardy questions and write papers for school when Im in a bind. I may have a pussy, a black one at that ; ) ) but Im not a pussy : (

  250. WORD, SOn!!!!

  251. Oh, that is soooooooo on the list!!!

  252. It’s a nasty little cycle…ain’t it…Oh well, I like you….for being honest!
    PS : Im Black and Mexican so you get kudos from both sides…and a lady…I’m a triple threat!

  253. The media is a powerful tool….I am the “weird” Black girl because I like some of the things apparently White people like…

  254. looks like you need to marry and reproduce with a Black girl…you do not have a real alternative, do you?
    That’lll show em’!
    You could have mad street cred after that, think about it!!!

  255. damn Snowflakes( I took it way back to the 20’s)!!!! Is there really any “purity” anymore that can be preserved?

  256. yeah…especially when we invade their countries, strip their land of any value, manipulate their citizens, appoint ruthless dictators to rule the country and take off. It’s weird how when you plant a seed , you just might reap what you sow. BTW your daughter is not exotic, she mixed and a person not a novelty…I know White people like the novelty of it all but give the girl credit…she is more that the sum of her parts.

  257. Word!!! Indians are dope!

  258. see some of the earlier comments that touch on this subject..

  259. I guess it is the history behind the insults…regardless, I do agree …this site is satire and hilarious!!!!
    I can say now with pride
    I think I love White people

  260. WOrd…
    Socially constructed labels suck but what you gonna do???

  261. Well put…even though I think Chris Rock put it better!!!
    Also, I have a medal for you for giving the Black guy a tent, band-aids are great!!!

  262. I guess you have to settle for an aboriginal person : (

  263. I say screw it…find an Asian guy, word is they are rejected by their own also….REJECTS UNITE!!!!

  264. WORD on most of what you said …except for “In Latin America you are identified by social class, not skin color. “hahahahahahaha! Im not sure how you got this idea…cause it is BS….Dark Skin is hated and detested WORLDWIDE! Dark skin = working class, manual labor, lack of education etc….Im not saying I agree with this but it is the reality.

  265. Hell yes!!!!

  266. hahahahahahahah, you are stupid : )
    like whom ever post this originally “ignorance is hilarious”
    Gabe ain’t misbehavin’
    he is just sick and tired of being sick and tired (Don’t mean to speak for ya, Gabe)

  267. good piont

  268. I sort of agree with you but then again America has a lot of pros to england

  269. I would like to correct this article. The song/dance is actually pop, lock and drop not pop,drop and lock. At first I thought the mix up was trying to be humorous, but I realized it was just wrong.

  270. Lmao at the fact that because American still thinks the “One Drop Rule” is a reality, that someone can look at Jessie Jackson and say in all seriousness that he’s 100% black.


  271. haha, i was gonna comment on that, too!

  272. good question! what about a black roommate?

  273. “And this is a racist assertion, as having a drop of black blood in you automatically makes you 100% black, comes from Jim Crowe law days.”

    Actually, the “one drop” law is from slavery times… That was the way white slave owners were able to have peace of mind after raping a black slave and fathering a child. During slavery times any child born to a slave mother was considered a slave themselves although a white slave owner was their father. And since maternity established a persons’ slave status it allowed the slave owner to continue to ” breed” new slaves withouht having to purchase new ones.

  274. Here is a “noodle scratcher” for you!

    Q: What if ALL my black friends are thru my fiancé (who is black)? Does each person only count as 1/2 a point because I am friends with them thru someone else? Or am I in the negative for only having black friends because of my man? I suppose I will never know for sure the exact number with all of these other variables coming into play…

  275. Naw, I live in Barack Obama’s neighborhood. It’s pretty much white in the middle, an old neighborhood with lots of big mansions built by industrialists a hundred years ago or more, but surrounded by run-down areas that are pretty much exclusively black. In fairness, the Obamas live in the more diverse north end of the wealthier stretch, almost in Bronzeville, which was at one time the African-American cultural hub of Chicago, though now it’s full of empty lots and shifty-looking dudes hanging out in front of liquor stores all night long.

    Actually, I live on a mostly-black block a little ways outside the white/asian inner circle near the University, which means much cheaper rent but no bars/restaurants in walking distance. I feel safe here, though I wouldn’t go out alone at night–but I do notice that I get a lot of funny looks when I’m waiting at the bus stop. I don’t know any gang signs, either. But there is a Vietnamese beauty supply store on the corner.

  276. yep. it is pretty much forbidden for you. i hope that doesn’t stop you from enjoying the remaining perks of white privilege.

  277. for the record, those beauty supply stores are owned by KOREANS – there’ve even been documentaries on the subject.

  278. stuffwhitepeoplelike-making racist jokes! hahaha!!! that arn’t funny! hahaha!

  279. Your not cool or lame if you don’t have a black friend. You just need to step out of your social circle and make new friends. You are usually drawn to people who are like you, not by race but by personality and that sort, so if you hang out where people of color may be you’d have more of a chance. And, no you don’t have to go to the ghetto to see black people.

    Are you scared of black people? Do you have any friends of color?

  280. Uh, actually your wrong. The only reason why mixed people identify with their black side is because their skin color does it for them. It’s not like a mixed person can say “I’m white” they’d be laughed at, because obviously the person has some sort of color in them.

    Since when did the government give blacks a free ride? They never got their 40-acres and a mule did they? That wouldn’t of been free either, it was well worked for. You must be referring to food stamps or welfare, which I must add are both different. There are a lot of whites on government assistance too, which isn’t a bad thing. Many AMERICANS (black,white, Latino, Arab, Chinese, whatever) unfortunately get laid off when those large corporations shut down factories in the States and move them overseas, so they are forced to get government assistance for immediate temporary assistance.

    Society has halted the advancement of blacks all over the country, and you say “free ride”. Look at the media, blacks are portrayed as dangerous criminals and anytime a black does something good someone tries to find dirt on them to diminish his or her character. If anyone is getting a free ride it would be CEOs of huge companies.

  281. I’m sorry you feel that way. If you only hang out with blacks because they are down with fighting you must be weak and afraid to get your ass kicked. That’ a question not an accusation. I hate fighting. I think it’s sad to see others get their ass whooped, especially when it’s five against one, which is lame anyway. You and your friends should find something positive to get into, like yoga to calm your minds.

    Peace. Love. Bless.

  282. on March 28, 2008 at 4:04 am Astonished white girl

    To be honest, I can not believe that this stupid website even exists. Wether it is for entertainment purposes or not, this is ignorant. I am not the kind of person that gets offended easy, but I must say this site was able to pull it off in 2.3 seconds. I have a great sense of humor, very open minded and actually DO have more than 5 black friends, so it IS possible. Oh yeah, and I also have some black gay friends too! So what does that do for your theory? I cant beleive that someone actually would waste their time catagorizing groups of people with such stupid blogs when I thought we were working toward unity. Someone has too much time on their hands.

  283. on March 28, 2008 at 4:07 am Astonished white girl

    YES! Ignorance is the best way I could have thoght to explain it! This is truely ignorant.

  284. on March 28, 2008 at 1:32 pm over-analytical

    it’s easy to be percieved as over-analytical coming form someone who does not face adversities on a daily bases. “Pontificators” (dictionary anyone??) but i get the gist of what you are saying . Is that because many of thse commetns are “out of line” and people should simply forgive and foget?

  285. on March 28, 2008 at 1:41 pm Umm...Really

    it makes you, you – it’s a joke, a parady, a mockery of those individuals who believe they need to live within these neatly defined compartments of what and who a person should be and represent based on class, race and gender. This may come as a suprise but that comment is racist and should be regarded as shameful. A little suprised this questions was even asked? It’s a sign that really not much progress has been made over the past few decades

  286. Does it matter? 100% or not he’d get lynched if hooded men were rididng the hills on their horses!

  287. wow…are you really as inept as you sound? Do you honestly believe that all black people are a monoiythic group who poses the same characterisitics as your group of friends? Ever think you’re the token whitey in case your group has to exercise your white priveldege.

  288. actually you could…

    a) If that person only ate pumpin pie’s prepared with rotten pumkin and gritty crust.

    b) If that person had never tried pumpkin pie and yet asserterted they didn’t like it.

    It looks as though an elementary school level of communication works…I’ll try to keep it stupid,simple.

    If only I could identify with a pumpin pie…

  289. on March 28, 2008 at 2:22 pm Agree with Gabriel (I'm white)

    I feel exactly the same way as Gabriel & i’m as white priveledged as they come…it gives us white folk trying to uphold our resposibilty and deter racist behavior a bad name.

    Shame, shame, shame on you Kevin Riley O’Keeffe

  290. I pooped my pants

  291. Hey Elroy,

    I’m white and I’m a pain in the ass (so are all my friends) does that mean – you’re not gunna have any white friends either!

    Smarten up Elroy becuase at this point you are kind’ of a waste of space.

  292. on March 28, 2008 at 3:55 pm silly...silly...silly

    next time just hire white “help” and you won’t have to deal with all that nonesense! The socitey that allows you the priveledge to hire colored help – won’t interfere with the rest of your life.

  293. on March 28, 2008 at 3:56 pm Canadian Chick 2


  294. I’d like to pose a question to all the individuals that claim they have no desire to befriend and/or associate themselves with blacks. Is it the colour of their skin that puts you off or is it the negative traits that you assume to be associated with all blacks?

    This may seem obvious but those negative traits are products of socioeconomic conditions rather than products of genes associated with the melanin content of the skin. Do you think that if by some genetic anomaly you gave rise to a black child that they would embody all those negative qualities that you speak of?

    These are not rhetorical questions. I’d really like to hear your responses.

  295. The way you fit all “Black people” into a box is a little bit disturbing to me.

    You have never seen an intelligent black person before?

    Mabye you watch too much “rap city” because a rapper seems to be the person you are describing.(rolls eyes)

    It’s the year 2008 and your display of pure ignorance is sickening!

    Please pick up a book, travel abroad or watch CNN to expand your little , ignorant mind.

  296. Are you replying to Niyah’s comment?

  297. Oops. It should be “you’re” not “your”

  298. No I don’t think that are black people are “monoiythic” (did you mean monolithic?). I was referring to the saying “birds of a feather flock together” and if one doesn’t choose their friends based on the color of skin, but on personality, likes/dislikes and that sort.

    I should have just said violence isn’t the answer.

  299. I noticed the same thing, lol.

  300. No, it sounds to me like you actually have a genuine problem with blacks.

    There are just as many white people who are nothing more than repulsive bigots who use people just to advance their own needs. But you know what, some of us minorities have been forced to learn how to look past that.

    Obviously, black people are the only people who are loud and disgusting according to you.

  301. White culture makes me sick too. It’s all about getting over on the back of someone else.

    Read a book if you don’t believe me.

  302. Can’t believe there are so many people who can do nothing but create and dwell on pure negativity. Guess some people cant think or see for themselve’s that which is laid out in front of them (the forest for the trees). They just grumble thier way through life. Love that hate dont they.

  303. Anonymous
    People are what they are taught to be. You keep shoveling hate, you get hate. It’s no surprise. Why can’t people see the good as well as the bad in all people? Teach your children tolerance, and the differance between right and wrong, and the world will grow.
    Hate mongers dont want to drop stereo types because they would loose thier little soap boxes, then thier audience. They dont want tolerance or foregiveness in the minds or vocabulary of the next generation. Just the same old message, ” You can’t change, just keep up the hate”. This is true of all people’s.

  304. on March 30, 2008 at 10:19 pm Black by nature proud by choice

    When I was in college, I had a bodyguard to protect me from angry white guys and girls who tried to attack me because I refused to be their friend and bfriend. I can relate to Obama; it was one shocking experience to have those bamas fall madly in love with me. Inevitably, roles are being reversed in America. Ppl always say blacks were brought here for slave labor, I disagree. We were cheated out of our habitat because we are the salt in whitees’ other wise tasteless food(dull life). That is why we are here. It ain’t cool to be white, you know! Hehehehe. I’m 100%, BTW.

  305. […] If white people could draft friends the way that the NFL drafts prospects it would go like this: black friends, gay friends, and then all other minorities would be drafted based on need and rarity to the […]

  306. LOL.
    you are SO on. This was a weak one. One of the topics for the list could be WRITING ABOUT BLACK PEOPLE, GETTING IT TOTALLY WRONG AND NEVER KNOWING.

    I have to add your last paragraph got it on the nose. I laughed so so so hard with recognition and pain and joy all at the same time.


    the prep school negro.

    Look out for my upcoming film!

  307. Nah.

  308. Somebody finally got it right!! If every one …(except some who were born in isolated areas like Japan before world wars) would realize none I mean none of us are 100% of anything…..

  309. HUH??? So basically you needed to be with people who were at your academic level….. Didnt have to hang out with black folks for that……..

  310. You mean “Black” Not sure where this PC BS came from. (Yes IM black). But a young lady signed me up at my present GYM. She was blond with blues eyes and more African American than I will ever be….. She was born in South Africa…I was born in Brooklyn. Black American absolutely!!! African American Hmmmmmm …only in a historical sense.

  311. Dude….
    Blacks did not make the rules on how much or less white or black you have to be, to be black….. You know as well as I do who made the rules……. It the same people who created all the derogatory names of various ethnic backgrounds.

  312. Trust me man if Obama was just another person walking on the streets and he got arrested for doing something illegal that made news….he would be described and his police paperm work would say…..BLACK. Only because you know his background you bring out these silly issues….

  313. Kevin
    Its fine to have your opinion…. I dont know how old you are, your level of education, or you financial satus. But when I looked at myself in the mirror this morning, I did not see the person you described in your comments. I thought about my wide social circle and still could not find the person you are talking about….Hmmmm. I dont collect much rap music… I do have Mile Davis, War, Mandrill, Led Zep, Stones, Procol Harem, Dennis Brown, Bob Marley ETC. Most blacks in this world dont live like the ones you describe just like most Italians are not in the Mob and just like most Jamaicans dont smoke weed, and most Chinese and Japanese dont know martial arts. We are 99% the same people…..we capitalize and exploit on that 1% difference. Think about the absurdity of that. Yes you can continue to live you life any fashion you choose. But dude 1% aint much to live on……

  314. Touche to that!!!!

  315. OMG quit pooping your pants!!! lol POOPY

  316. Whether Barack Obama is black or not is not for you to decide. He gets decide for himself.

  317. He seriously said “vietnamese beauty supply shops!” LOL Priceless!

  318. Plenty of African immigrants here in America. They are quick to tell me that I am NOT them. They are correct I am ‘other.’ Ask ‘ole massa.’ Considering African, White, Cherokee and all the other damn mishmosh running thru my veins it is safest to consider me a Black American – I’m not passive.

  319. […] Hating Corporations, Knowing What’s Best for Poor People, Not Having a TV and, of course Having Black Friends. Actually, a brief survey of the entire list of Stuff White People Like is arguably […]

  320. Could you be anymore right….

  321. Lol…100 points for you…lol


  323. on April 3, 2008 at 12:12 pm JESUS WAS A BLACK MAN LYNCHED ITALIAN STYLE


  324. Lots of bitter people on this one.
    I do agree with the comment way above that it almost seems like the same black woman is used in all TV commercials. Can you say “white focus group tested”?

  325. I haven’t read all of the comments.
    Regarding the “One Drop Rule”, does anyone remember the show Oprah did years ago “outing” people who had lived their entire lives as Whites without any knowledge of their Black drops?
    You’d be surprised how may “Blacks” there are in North America.

  326. I was disappointed in this post. I just found this site and was cracking up at most of the posts. However, as an educated, middle-class Black person, I find it quite stereotypical. And quite frankly, it’s sad that White people think so ignorantly of Black people who are often more educated and classy than they are.

    I don’t know anything about gangs, hip-hop lost my attention when White people started listening to it, and most of the beauty supply stores I know of are owned by Koreans. Vietnamese work the nail shops.

    White people might to well to learn about educated Black people, who like many of the same things they do and stop lumping us all into hoodrat categories.

  327. i’ll tell you who i hate…those damn cripples! why can’t they be more like us. you don’t see me reading bumpy paper with my fingers or walking around tapping a white stick and nobody ever offers to help me cross the street! or the ones in wheelchairs! i don’t get to sit down everywhere i go! and i bet those ones that use “sign language” are really throwing gang signs or devil worship signs and they can probably see anyways! there not fooling me. they just want to be able to park closest to the walmart entrance!

  328. i just have friends.

  329. Dude, this is hilarious.

    Have any of you guys gone to this site?


    it’s AWESOME! So freakin’ funny.

  330. on April 6, 2008 at 5:29 am Stevie Himler

    We need that to apply today, so we can go out rape.

  331. on April 6, 2008 at 5:30 am Philly Phil

    As long as their not jews, works for me.

  332. who is Paul Wall, is it Paul the Wall… the crook?

  333. You go girl!

  334. on April 6, 2008 at 9:29 am the great santini

    Obama is kind of a beige color. Can we call him a cappachino?

  335. Sorry, Jesse Jackson was NOT a presidential “nominee”, he only ran for president, he was not nominated. Qho in their right mind would do that? Set this country back several hundred years. And this is from a black/native american woman.

  336. The idea was funny with some truth to it. The references to gang signs, Vietnamese stores, and black clubs as reasons for Whites wanting black friends are kind of lame. I think it has to do with the cool factor. Blacks supposedly have more mojo, ie Turk from Scrubs, Will Smith, Lebron James, etc, etc..

  337. What the h— does the colour of Jesus have to do with one darn thing?? Are you crazy?!? Jesus was only here to show us how to get in touch with the spiritual side to get us to, let’s say, where Enoch went. How is it that so many read, but can not ‘see.’?

  338. on April 7, 2008 at 5:45 am Lachki Brown

    Yeah this post is pushing racist towards blacks. Not even funny or realistic observations.

  339. HA! that was brilliant. i wish i could hang out with you.
    *even* if there’s a chance you may be white, and would thereby diminish my friend tally…

  340. I’m white and I don’t have any black friends.

    I talk to a black guy on the subway once in a while though.

  341. on April 8, 2008 at 4:24 am joseph jovany

    send your number phone or write me.

  342. […] white people could draft friends the way that the NFL drafts prospects it would go like this: black friends, gay friends, and then all other minorities would be drafted based on need and rarity to the […]

  343. How ignorant. This post was actually funny until the scumbags popped up to throw in their racist and biased comments. No wonder America continues to step back a few hundred years than move forward.

    and yes i am black and educated.

  344. on April 9, 2008 at 12:18 pm You're Insightful

    Niyah, you’re so insightful, truthful, honest and nice to the posters (even thought they do not deserve it). I love what you have to say. Since I’m getting a little upset by some of the dumb comments, I will do some “yoga to calm my mind.” Thanks for being a friendly poster.

  345. A friend of mine who is White-Caucasian once said and I quote “I hate white people”

  346. the men in the white looks hot

  347. this blog is super sweet

    if you guys are feelin this then maybe you might be feelin this blog


  348. As a black man who had many white friends I can tell you that 99.9% of white people are friends with black people for the following reasons:

    1. They are not accepted by their own. When white people are rejected by their peers they turn to black people in order to be accepted. These are usually poor white people who have been rejected by the white middle and upper class for living in trailer parks…a.k.a. Eminem. Unless they becaome a successful rapper in the dominate black male profession these white people will abandon their black friends once they leave the lower class.

    2.They want to impress their friends that a black person has accepted them. Since all black people hate whitey a white person who is accepted by a black person will win extra points with their white friends.

    3. They love for black people to entertain them. Black people can be funny like Chris Rock or Chris Tucker. These black people often make fun of their own race but at times target white people just as long as black people are clearly more ignorant. If not you’ll have a comic like Paul Mooney…white people don’t like him.

  349. I think Obama is white actually. He was raised by white people.

  350. I find it extremely interesting to read that people are capable of saying that they don’t hate black people, they just dislike most of them. How could you actually say that? It ‘s funny because I believe that your comments actually come from a lack of exposure to black people. It’s silly to say that you judge people individually and don’t stereotype, but you are actually generalizing a few bad experiences to a broad swathe of people. This is actually what stereotyping is. Then you say that you dislike most black people. I have had several disturbingly, explicitly racist experiences in my life, as unfortunately, many black people have in this country. I however have decided that most problems occur from taking the easy way out, licking our wounds and playing it safe within our own race. All you are doing is limiting your own growth and potential. There all things to be learned from every person, from every walk of life. It’s a shame that you think that you are truly giving people from another race a chance. You would probably be too afraid to say hello to someone who could say something to you that could change coarse of your life.

  351. I think that if you were to actually speak and interact with a black person it, you would realize that we actually aren’t that different. Man this country really has some issues to deal with. This is like a bad relationship, where you walk on eggshells around each other because anything you say can set the other person off. Even asking to pass some butter can lead to an argument. This country need to really talk to one another about getting its “needs me in this relationship”

  352. Now this one was so funny. I have to ask the question because it is bugging me. Why is it that some white females feel the need to act “black” when around black people? Don’t they know that black people don’t even act “black”. The ones that do are called ghetto. Oh yeah, this is another one that I have to ask. Why is it that a white man that isn’t familiar with the african american culture feels the need to try to give you a “black” hand shake that looks like it originated from the movie “Superfly”? These are things that make me wonder.

  353. I dunno. As a black man I find myself asking the same question. Although I’ve encountered many white males who do the same as if I didn’t just hear them talking to their white friends in a different accent 2 seconds ago.

  354. Re #5 “Impossible.”

    Impossible as it seems, my sister has dozens, and I do mean dozens, of BFs, and I do mean real Friends. She’s in her 60s now, and she’s had mostly BFs ever since high school, where she was the only white kid who hung with the black kids, a small cluster (this was 1958) from all grades who stuck together as a survival mechanism. In exact opposite to most white people, when she walks through white neighborhoods she feels scared, and the only time she says she feels relaxed is among black people. I’ve always been jealous, I confess, and neither of us have any idea how she got this way. I figure she was maybe black in a past life. Ironically, a new and incompetent underling in her office once brought her up on bogus charges of racism: everyone in the place laughed, and made the liar recant.

  355. I think it was bullsh*it about the whole “gangs” thing–every race has gangs not just blacks..it was slightly humorous though, the other parts

  356. make a black friend !!!!

    you never know who he or she is from !!!

    paris , toronto, nyc , jamaica, panama , costa rica, kenya , ivory coast , bahia brazil , …….

    You never know.
    They may have apartments/condos in one two or all of these countries that you can stay on vacation.

    For me 6 out nine is not bad.
    Yes I have friends that have condos in 6 of these places.
    White people ……. you never where that black guy walking past you is from. Keep an open mind and smile more. !!!!

    A Black man’s advice !!!!!

  357. poor attempt to being hip !!!

    I hate that !!!!!!

    No i dont want any chicken !!!!!

    And stop saying “ghetto” in public and looking at me for a reaction.

    hhhhhhaaaaaaaaaa !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  358. Admit it, all you black people that read this and thought it was funny were dying to be Colbert’s new BF when he gave Allen the boot….I know I was!

  359. Sorry, babe, but NO Black person is 100% black, if you mean 100% African. Every African american is mixed with something, even if it is 2 % Syrian, they are mixed. Skin complexion or other physical characteristics are just genetics.

    Matter of fact NO one is really “pure”, especially in the States. Especially white, hispanic and black people. I know a white girl who just found out her great grandmother is East Indian, and she has blue eyes and blond hair, genetics is a crazy thing.

  360. I don’t know where to begin with this comment…You need Jesus.!

  361. You just haven’t been exposed to enough Black People or people of other races and personality types. I’ve been considered the ” weird” or eccentric chic in my group and I get along with anyone that respects me and treats me nicely, as I will do for them until they prove it otherwise. You’re just seeing things from a closed box, maybe like you said you had some bad experiences, with frienemies,and you’re going based on other’s experiences and opinions but it’s a matter of trust with you, not Race,hon.

    I’m not a therapist, but I play one on tv.

  362. This is a SATIRE!! Look at urselves and laugh. Stop taking everything so seriously. The fact that some of you (not all) have turned this into a political debate is one of the reasons I’ve stopped being the “black friend”. I have flipped the script and I now have “white friends” who serve several purposes in my life…

    1) When you go out they like to pay for everything
    2) You can get as shit-faced with them as you want w/o judgement
    3) You can call them at 2am and they will bail you out of just about any situation
    4) Hanging around me and my black friends helps dispel several MTV/BET induced myths; therefore making them more informed white people
    5) They have all the best drugs (just joking, i don’t do drugs. but they do have that good shit!)

    I laughed at myself tremendously when i visited: stuff educated black people like…check it out.


  363. This is entire blog is funny effin satire! Thanks!

  364. I don’t have black friends, don’t want them. I would never date a black guy….and I know black people don’t want to be friends with me either…so WHATEVER! Plus people that have many black friends are usually low class…so why would white people want them?

  365. on April 17, 2008 at 5:47 pm better than u not!

    wow…………. ppl this is wat u would call an ignorant white trash… ahem…
    may i ask one question?
    whats the difference of ppl with different skin colors? is it a disease or something? (dont say b/c ur better or some shit cause INDIVIDUAL stats show that there is nothing different no matter the color inside and outside)

  366. on April 17, 2008 at 6:24 pm BLACKASCANBE


  367. Thank you! We spend way to much damn time saying that we’re African-american, or asian-american, or whatever. Dude we american. shocking concept eh? I think we should worry more about having good friends period. If we like the same shit then yay friend! WOO. Simple.

  368. […] to us Brits, as well), it alights on subjects such as: White Problems: their children drink wine?, having black friends and (very pertinent this one) […]

  369. r u serious? lighten up.

  370. on April 18, 2008 at 6:53 pm longlivedeath

    I just don’t see how “Having no white identity” escaped the top posts? I mean that’s what liberalism and white guilt are all about. If you hate American whites so much I would take a look at where you are living (presumably America) and start shutting the hell up. Everything you have in this country was won with European blood and bullets. To think otherwise is a serious disregard for history.

  371. Wow, Miles Davis, War, Marley, you’re one advanced white boy! Look deep into that mirror white boy keith and see the scumbag that lies within. You know your financial status is not what it should be, find a bridge and jump, if you got the stones, and leave that music collection to scumbag U. FUCKYOU.

  372. You said “Everything you have in this country was won with European blood and bullets. To think otherwise is a serious disregard for history.”

    That is scary that you think that. Everything in this country was WON? Man, it was murder. A terrorist style European attack – killing men, woman, and children just to steal a country.
    Look here and see the best selling t-shirt that white people are buying http://www.culturallycool.com/naindex.html
    I still can’t get over that word you used “WON” Where have you been? There a lot of culturallycool white people in this country and then there are ones like you that voted for Bush and backed the war in Iraq.

  373. Any white People Out there looking for black friends.
    Shoot me an email and your resume explaining why you are the best white person for the job.

  374. on April 20, 2008 at 2:05 pm hilde gertraudl

    3 things:
    1. america was built upon critical souls – philosophers who inspired the people with a revolutionary constitution.
    mere patriotism without being critical in terms of time seems like treason… are you a snitch?

    2. does being white push you in closer relationship to thomas jefferson? how responsible are you for the instantaneous dominance of “european values”?

    3. did you ever consider being the outcome of one single sperm, that swam against potential nobelprize winners, top athletes? maybe there was one or another genious variation!? but you won.
    victory number two: you got born before your mum died.
    victory number three: your mum was white.
    victory number four: you’re male.
    victory number five: born in the USA.

    i guess sperm’s not considered a creature, when abortion is not considered murder, so i can’t even give you credit for the first victory. and for number two to five: i believe to answer a sane mans posting, who would not dare to claim to have found the transcedent secret behind the secret of life itself: how does sole come into our bodies? and where does it come from?

    i as hopefully you too believe, that there’s no thing such as different bowls for soles for different species, right?

    (why do i care? “white people like being smart asses in communities, even though they suck doing that in real life.”)

  375. When I was young some of my white friends would invite me and some of my other black friends to go places outside of the hood where we all lived. Man I tell ya they were culturallycool friends , but they had no idea that the people in the places they took us where not cool it all.

    Nothing really bad happened because we were with white people that they all knew. Some of the looks we got made us start looking for white hoods and ropes.

    Sometimes we just laughed it off and other times we would just start talking to people and it made everything cool.
    Most people are afraid of people that they never had the experience of actually talking to sometimes you just need to break the ice.


  376. listen all i know is my cock is bigger than yours , i fuck better than you and oh i am rich while you are trying to come up with your next payment for your house i am spending money and oh i am not a drug dealer its just i made some few invesment on real estate . so to that america the beautiful money money and oh i am married to a jew .

  377. yes yes why

  378. but you love rock music, its the same thing you grand parents use to say about little richard wich is rock music dumb ass.

  379. So you are saying that if one voted for Bush you are not a culturally cool white person. Hmmm that’s like saying if you voted for Clinton then you are a c@ck sucker. You draw inference based on your ignorance and bias. Both of you do!!! Every walk of life has contributed to this great country of ours. It’s not perfect but I believe it’s the one. Both of you guys are so close minded.

  380. I ADMIT IT I WANT BLACK P-U-S-S-Y IN QUANITY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  381. Black Man … Ummmm… no don’t think so … even forgetting he is the son of God so crosses all ethnic lines… he was from the children of Israel (as in pure blood from same stock as Middle Eastern peoples).
    Italian style … NOT … was killed under Roman (yes Italian) rule, but forced, brought to and insisted he be charged, by the Jewish Leaders (same ethinic ppl he was born as).
    The Jewish leaders had Christ crucified.
    You don’t even have to read much of the Bible to know these things … go back to Sunday school and stop listening to the propoganda of bitter Presidential Candidates and Retired Preachers (who both have white blood in their gene pool and therefore are self haters and hypocrits).

  382. you are absolutely right…Queen hair greese works wonders, do africans from africa really count…i remember arriving in the united states and being classified as black…I looked around wondering who they were talking about afterall I never thought of myself as black and this was the first time I was taught I am black…lets just say that the concept or classification of “BLACK” is taught. Whenever I go back home to kenya I become me again as soon as I come back and dont make it to the the non United States citizens and green card holder line,I quickly put on my black acquired status and remember that every so often I have the option of playing the “black card” to scare white folks who dare cross my line….Truth is “being black” is as much as a created concept or mentality as being white…but being “purely african” gives me the luxury of switching back and forth between whiteness and blackness depending on what I want to achieve at that moment…see how it works

  383. I am lost in this conversation, and I ask, it is “white” to spend loads of time trying to classify the background of people contaminated with blackness especially if they have some “upper class” status in society..I thought it was purely black to do so, or wait, is it American? I am confused…and is my confusion about the which box to tic on the racial profiling questionaires “white” as well…Sometimes just for the kicks I choose to say am blonde blue eyes afterall, i loved the little blonde blue eyed doll i had as a child and still think they are way prettier than the black dolls that sometimes resemble gollywogs and seem to me like they have come from some poor NGO project from some fair trade organization…….
    I must say as a “pure african” I feel excluded because no one is giving me any racial attention because there seems to be no worldwide debate about WHO I AM or WHO my race is….. and much as I want, I cannot seem to identify with the gambles of how much whiteness or blackness a person has…this boggles me to no end..but again, in Kenya, cross breeds or .5ves as we call them seem to be the hottest people in society…Do you get my confusion, how can the hottest breeds in kenya be questionable in America or other western countries…
    ……forgive my spelling errors please, am an kenyan woman, bloggin on a german laptop in berlin, enjoying medical disability from an american corporation i hate, having greek salad and reminiscing about my italian sicilian lover…

    ok! I get it, I am certainly white!! the multicultural thing cannot be weeded or lowered from my top 10 things that I LOVE…..1. being WHITISM

  384. I completely side with Kevin. Kevin seems to me to be more normal and sincere than most other folks who spend too much time calling people who dont like them as “closed minded”…since when was it a law that we like every single human being..I see no problem in personally disliking some set of people and not hating them..it makes perfect sense to me…really how is it possible to like everyone?
    Kamar, wake up from your ideologies of stereotyping…stereotyping is unreal, just a bunch of thoughts that could translate to positive or negative behaviour if executed just as normal human functioning…..think about it this way, if you think that just because disliking a set of peoples is stereotyping then you too are stereotyping for thinking that the way I think, is stereotypical….therefore you also exclude me from the joy and freedom I have from excercising my right to have preferences… I LOVE those words “freedom” and “rights” especially when used in the same sentence makes me forget am kenyan….

    and who the heck taught us that stereotyping is bad…at the same time who said that you should be thought of as the uneliter population or conservative if you stereotype..I love stereotyping myself, for then it gives me just as much clarity and calmness as Niyahs yoga class and excludes the clutter and effort I would put in pretending I love everyone equally….stereotying breeds passion, intelligence and curiosity…..

    Peace. Love. Bless. Yoga is the BEST!

  385. Gabriel, your profanity was shocking and I still do not disagree with O keefes opinion…I think that trying to win the whole world over to your side is very difficult..why is it so important to your to get O Keefes vote? Could you perhaps have spent too much time trying to proove him wrong and you right…why stand in deffence of yourself and your black culture instead of letting WHO you are naturally glow…It sounded to me like you already felt right from the get go like you stood on an inferior platform and assumed that o Keefe stood from the “white supremacy platform” then you went on to proove O Keefe right by going down the predictable nasty road of profanities and abuse and the “f### you for thinking the way you do way” why the heck dont you just build on what you have instead of reacting to opinions and personalities of those who disregard and refuse to acknowledge the juiciness of the black folk culture…afterall you do realize that the concept of the “black criminal”, “immigrant mexican”, “previledged white” are all just freaking brand names and creations that are used to define the world just as voddoo is used in Haiti…Gabriel, rise to an alternative truth my friend…

  386. you are so on point!!! Perfect….! I tell you the local meat never ever tastes as delicious as the foreign meat…

  387. trully hillarious Blexican CC, this advice I shall surely remember…”we are all black when the lights go off!” you actually have given me way better advice than my kenyan mother who never liked me wearing green contacts and red hair when I thought those colored fresh look lenses were just sooooo damn funky for my first graduation day! I really like the idea of using the switched off lights as a yard stick of measurement…! Boooooohhhh!!!!! BOBBY you sound so boring the kind I would definately flee from if I met at a party…your profile is soo predictable and constructed. It feels like I would tell what you likes,lifestyle and though process is even more I met with you.. .. Ivy league educated,charming, black,smart, intelligent,living in a nice upper class area, loved at the workplace and travellor, proud of his achievement…boooooooo Bobby! Wake up to an alternative world…

  388. Bobby, if this site were not anonymous, I would personally have given you my cell phone number and brain washed you out of the profile you have just bought into,,,much as I know your efforts in your achievements are completely sincere, I generally get the instincts that you have completely sold onto the image and constructs of the “who is who” community….Much as I know that your probably spend ample time in your life, regurgitating your achievements and how you beat huge numbers of people to be where you are…wake up my friend..you have just bitten into the lie that makes you feel that you are “Unique” and “Special” because you hang out in areas that are percieved to be exclusive . Wake up my black charming educated friend and RUN from that “minority” community before you wake up one day and realize that what you actually thought was entry into an exclusive community actually is a preconstructed class for people who are overworked with somewhat very decent salaries and forever made to feel they are way better that the external population outside thier world..Open your eyes my friend…and ESTABLISH your own CLASS….your OWN enterprise and you OWN rules and find success in selling other Ivy League educated brain washed people the same lie who are willing to work long donkey hours for salaries less than 500K per annum….!

  389. O dear Bobby, you almost bring me to tears…that “MY LEVEL ONE DAY”….that LIE……!

  390. This is hilarious, mainly because that everything that everyone has typed in the comments is some extremely white shit. Hahaha.

  391. You said “Every walk of life has contributed to this great country of ours. It’s not perfect but I believe it’s the one. Both of you guys are so close minded.”
    That is not what this is about. I was just making a point about what really happened and my comment about bush you see I only print his name in small letters. I have friends that voted for him and supported the war only to have their sons and daughters sent home in a body bag. If you are too close minded not to realize the truth about the reality of this topic. I feel sorry for you.
    Have a blessed day.

  392. […] in One According to stuffwhitepeoplelike, one thing white people like is having black friends. Another thing white people like are t-shirts. With that being said, white people should love […]

  393. LMAO! Yeah, it keeps me entertained.

  394. … If the author of this is honestly making even $1 off of this article, then I don’t know what this world has come to. This, and other articles like this are what spark up the racism that occurs in this country from the white people towards the “”African Americans”” from whites towards blacks….. I have “0” B F’s and don’t believe that I’m lame in anyway… And if Barrack HUSSEIN? Obama gets into office, I surely won’t be looking to pick up any B F’s… And another thing, the ignorant author of this article is so far off from any bit of truth about white people, that I’m wondering what grade in middle school school she’s in…?? One last thing, how come when someone starts an article about white people, mocking them and “putting us down” it’s all laughs, but IF anyone EVER did this about Black people, all hell would break loose?? Kinda seems a little one-sided don’t you think, I mean we have come a long way since slavery and with all the programs, minority scholarships and “colored people organizations” to “advance” the African Americans in the society…. the same society in which they have had the exact opportunity as the whites.. being that slavery was how long ago?… i think that African Americans are just as equal as whites today… and if they are not with all the support that they have been given over the years… then who’s fault is that?? K Bye

  395. Racist?… And this whole article iabout white people sn’t???

  396. It’s “pop, lock, and drop it” …and I guess I would have been that one black friend! Also…Pop, Lock, and Drop It is old!!!!! You should post that more SWPL is to be BEHIND on the trends as they pertain to their one black friend!


  397. The world belittles Black people all of the time. Fair is only fair.

    It isn’t right to put others odwn and poke fun at them, but if they do it to you and can get away with it, it should work both ways. I’d love to get along with different races and get a japanese girl, but since I am Black, I cannot. I’m all for Blacks putting down or poking fun against non-Blacks since non-Blacks get their jollies against us and treat us like shit every chance they get.

  398. As a Black person, I agree with you 100%. That is why I believe in racial separation, at least Blacks from non-Blacks, since non-Blacks hate Blacks. Up yours.

  399. Sha-kneequa, take off the blinders! Sure there are many organizations created to help or assist african americans, but do you really think that puts them on an equal playing field? All people form opinions of other people at first sight, whether its fair or not. Those opinions are based on their entire history of interactions, media stories, fabricated rumors, propaganda websites, etc. It is ten times harder for an african american to achieve the american dream than it is for a WASP. You can probably find a few stellar examples of some who have overcome adversity, but that is rare. Imagine going to your first day in the integrated school. The white parents probably expressed their dissappointment with the integration; the black parents were excited that their child was going to the better school (better, right). The teacher is polite to everyone, but because she knows (incorrectly) that the little whites come from better homes they are probably smarter. The white kids will get better, more personalized instruction. The black kid becomes a troublemaker in efforts to get teacher attention. There lies the foundation of their entire formal educational career. (I know this is a rather broad overarching scenario, but is it that far off base?) The same kids go home to their respective neighborhoods, which is typically not the same. What type of establishments are near your neighborhood? How about when you go to get your first part time job. Was it in the mall? Doing what? Do you think a person of color wouldn’t have wanted the same job? Could they have gotten that job? Maybe. I’m trying not to stereotype, but look around. African Americans may have the same opportunities on paper, but reality is they have many more obstacles to overcome in America. In defense of white people, often times discrimination is not intentional. Some people just don’t realize they are “the man” trying to keep a brother down.
    As the great Bob Marley said, “Get up, Stand up. Stand up for your rights!” But I caution that your rights should not come at the expense of another person’s rights. Can’t we all just get along?

  400. Racist bastart

  401. Black guys love white girls.

  402. Yeah.. let me create a site about what black people like.. LMAO… It wouldn’t be so funny anymore would it. It’s a shame someone can make an entire site devoted to trashing white people and get away with it. If I created a site to trash all the tree monkies….hmmm I wonder what would happen? OOPS did I say that?? 🙂

  403. That is too funny!!!!!!

  404. on April 25, 2008 at 5:59 am Big Jer from Manitoba

    Jesus was a Jew on His mother’s side, but his Father is catholic

  405. on April 27, 2008 at 8:04 am Steve Carter

    Be it Whack or Blite…. (see ya later,i’ll be white black or black white away)…………………i prefer (by personal beliefs/upbringing) to remain “colorblind”.

  406. on April 27, 2008 at 8:05 am Steve Carter


  407. A person doesn’t even have to be colourblind. They can see that someone is a certain colour, but it doesn’t bother them.

  408. The man has a white mother, how can he be black?

  409. I can’t see how THE WHITE RACIST MEDIA can see the negetive in President Bush President Clinton President Bush President? Clinton Back to back family in the White House. Yet say NOTHING about one white man after another WHITE MAN ! THE WHITE RACIST MEDIA see NO negetive in the same thing over and over again. All of American should be sick of the same thing OVER and OVER! Because of the voting of blacks and whites and other races we have gave white men BIG ASS HEADS that has cause them to take for granted that they will be the candidate of choice. White men like Vice President Dick Chaney after being told that 78% of American are against that war . He said SO! That is about we as a nation have let white politician get a free ride. While blacks and whites go against each other all politician pack there pocket with OUR money. While we are fighting they are doing nothing for the country. While some whites are holding Obama responsible for NOT what he said BUT what someone eles said! While we hear candidate out right LIED! And still support her. Pass white candidate for President have gotten a free ride. Remember just as THE WHITE RACIST MEDIA make there money by keeping white HATEFUL ! STUIPD! and FEARFUL OF BLACK PEOPLE! The white politician do the same thing . IT HOW THET STAY IN OFFICE! Silent is the loudest voice and behavoir make the biggest statement

  410. yes Grandude, I understand completely where it is that you are coming from, but the point of blacks not being as advanced as whites is not the one I am trying to make here… I saw all of the ignorant comments about privileged, big-headed, lucky white kids that have it made on this web-site and many, MANY others and this is the straw that broke the camels back. Ignorant comments like those are what spark up the hatred between white people and black people. I for one was raised in an area where whites were almost the minority compared to blacks in the neighborhood, we had to pay a ton of extra money that we didn’t have so that I could go to the private school and get away from all that. Even in another school, our house was not safe, my dad’s truck.. broken into 4 times, all by black people, house broken into once, black man, vandalization… who do u think it was, just walking down the street at night, who would you be more afraid of?? I ask in all seriousness. Now I know that I am not being fair. Not all black people are like that, it’s not some gene that all African Americans have obviously, and I know that it is because of the society that WE lived in, but I turned out alright… I don’t sell drugs, break into houses, do any of the sort…. The ignorant thing about at all this and the point that I’m trying to make is that the ones who ARE doing all that, dealin drugs, making a scene with everything, loud and obnoxiousness, are the same ones who are asking for equality and advancement in this country, the ones who are wasting welfare money and buying food with WIC in the check out line wearing FUBU, American Eagle, and timberlands… these are the people who are representing the African American society for the most part and they want more?? un-thinkable. And people wonder why and how white people can get “big-headed” and think their better… it’s not hard when thats what your working with. I’m not classifying all African Americans as this stereotype, but from the hundreds of thousands that I’ve seen and met so far, just seems to me that 80% of them are that person. I don’t mean to be offensive or ignorant, sorry if thats the way it came out, but if you were in my shoes, you would understand, just as if I was in your shoes I would understand where your coming from… I know what African Americans “had” to go through back during slavery and civil rights days, just like the examples you were giving about school integration, sure the white parents “were” mad, those were the times, but things have changed since then.

  411. ……. White rascist media?… ya true Tyrone Harvey, there isn’t ANY African Americans working, managing, or owning any of the media in the whole country… your right, all white supremacists… and theres no such thing as BET either right?…. Just wondering when there will be a White Entertainment channel… or for that matter White History Month, I mean whites people must have made at least achievement over the years right, maybe not in a black persons eyes… Maybe it is time for a change and Obama will get into office, but is it right that he’s only getting because he’s black and WILL get all the black votes automatically, no matter what he wants to do with the country… is that fair, Obama himself self that him and Hillary are 95% the same person view and idea wise, why would he win over her then?? Because he’s black. A man who won’t even say the pledge of allegiance to the American Flag, You know the flag that represents the country that he is actually running for… Wow, nice slap in the face to Americans and pride… Now lets go vote for him because it’s time to have a black president in there! Personally I don’t want to see him, Hillary, or McCain in there.. Ron Paul is beginning to look very good to me right about now, and it’s because of the lack of support and the fact that he’s an old white guy that he will not get in, even tho he may be just what this country needs right now… And sure their are corrupt politicians out there, 95% of them are!! But it’s not just white politicians that are the corrupt ones, Would u personally want to see someone like Street get back into office ever again… He’s not white so he must be good and not taking money right?? does that honestly make any sense to you at all…t=ask yourself. Thank You.

  412. on April 28, 2008 at 5:10 pm longlivedeath

    I think it was fairly obvious that I was talking about murder. Although I wrote the word won as I followed it up with the words BLOOD and BULLETS. I’m glad you think that sales of t-shirt some how sums up the zeitgeist of a nation but i’d beg to differ. It also seems that you are under the impretion that I’m some sort of Republican. Truth be told I would like to see all capitalist business criminals machine gunned this would include all major Republicans (don’t worry i would’nt leave out the Dem. either).
    Food for thought. Now as I instructed before go and brush up on your history.
    P.S.- Zinn and Chompsky are socio-political kindergarteners. Read a book written by a real mighty man of history. It may change the way you view me.

  413. on April 28, 2008 at 6:19 pm longlivedeath

    I got about three lines in and either you lost me or I stopped caring. Not sure which. I guessing you are foreign?
    You should teach of a valuable lesson in race relations by having a group of about 10 “inner city” youths live with you for a year. Or at least until you are found dead, whatever works.

  414. on April 28, 2008 at 7:41 pm whatsitmatter

    What I would like to know is why do we have to divide ourselves? We are all God’s children, the blood that runs through our vessle is all red… not black or white. One race isn’t any better than the other. And another thing just because a person has or doesn’t have a black friend doesn’t have anything to do with anything. I don’t care what color a person’s skin is as long as they are a good person.

  415. I don’t know why you think it is ok to refer to white people as “you people”. If a white person referred to black people that way they would be considered racist. It seems to me that that is just one example of the many double standards that white people are being held to in todays society that it is now socially acceptable for black people to get away with.

  416. Damn, only one black friend, I’m a novice…and i can count my phish concerts…

  417. All I know as fact, is I grew up in 2 White american towns, went to 2 white american schools. Never, never, did we have GANG shit going on! If we had to fight–we would put up are fists and fought. If one person in a group of kids did not like another. We would fight ONE ON ONE–May the best kid win! And the funny part is, win or lose ,most would end up good friends. WE did not go around making are town look like shit—writing on places that dont belong to you. I guess that goes under the heading of RESPECT. I know whites can live in a town without turning it into a HELL, I lived in them. I dont see blacks nor hispanics doing it–AS far as black friends, I have one. But he does not follow the HERD MENTALITY of his race, therefore he is NO color. Just a good human being. And if any one wants to put down whites–Good or bad, they are the reason YOU are here. It was there DREAM you are living!Also look around –87% of what you use daily was invented by yep! you guess it!! White americans or Europeans. And the most noble peace prizes were jewish americans., ALSO French. I am Scottish German AMERICAN -And godamn PROUD of it! But I Was born here–SO I am WHAT? American period…….Although lately, not to proud of that- I am 52 years young and watched this country and towns go to hell–And it is NOT the whites! Although they are allowing it to happen. which is just as bad. I will leave with one last fact –during americas first war–THOMAS JEFFERSON wanted to round up all the blacks, and put them on an island—WHY?? he stated this is NOT THERE WAR!!!


  419. Spell check that shit. That’s all I have to say to you, Mr. Educated.

  420. A black man trying to occupy the highest criminal office in the land has no need for outside attackers: he’s done himself in just fine. Why not wear a sheet and burn a cross while he’s at it? Besides, the political parties are a joke played on every voter in the land. They’re designed to perpetuate the rule of those already in power, those with the most money, those with the least interest in our freedom and success. Played against each other, black man and white man succeed only in playing the roles they have been assigned a long time ago. Puppets do not vote. They have no voice. They mimic freedom and democracy in an insane homage to the true power holders. As long as we continue to play this game, no truly positive gains will ever be made. The entire structure must be brought down and re-built from the ground up; all hands must participate. To do anything less is to do nothing at all. Just like Bill Hicks once said: “Go back to sleep America.” We all just go back to sleep, allowing ourselves to be fodder for the mill. Shame on us. But, ignoring a problem does not make it cease to exist. We will continue to pay for our complacency until all hands are on deck and see the ship is in flames with us as passengers.

  421. Damn funny … Michael McDonald. LOL

  422. Everybody has their opinion thanks for sharing yours. You make it clear that your not interested in change. It is not about race yet you clearly seem a little racist. You want everything to stay the same white man only in the white house and the country going backwards. Free your mind and your butt will follow.

    Maybe you need to talk to some other folks and ask them their opinion about the shape of this country to get a different view.
    Yours seem one sided.


  423. RAINMAN said “Although lately, not to proud of that- I am 52 years young and watched this country and towns go to hell–And it is NOT the whites! Although they are allowing it to happen.”

    I guess we blacks and hispanics are responsible for the war, poverty, foreclosures,gas prices, racial profiling , importing drugs, allowing prostitution, white police shooting us,food prices raising up, Harrison Arkansas,moving companies to other countries and putting people out of work. I could go on for ever. Dude we need to work together not blame it on race.
    You see if we did that since whites control this country DUH!!!



  425. Warner, you said, obviously whites want black friends so not to appear racist!!! who gives a rats arse what anybody thinks? Are you kidding? If I gave a hoot what you or anyone else thinks, I wouldnt be me. Your barking up my freedom–To speak, to think what ever the hell you want to. whos life is it anyway? yours, or the people you want to[ i dont get it?? impress!!!!] You call us whiteboy, whitey,honkey ext…. thats ok!! but if we call you by the names youall know!!! you call us racist! You say that whites commit alot of violece against you. So why are the ghettos the most dangerous places to live??If we had white history month. WE’d be racists, If we had a collegefund that only gave white students scholarships,you would know we would be racist!THere are over 60 openly proclaimed black colleges in the u.s. , yet if there were White colleges,that would be a racist college!You are proud to be black, brown, yelloe, and orange.and your not afraid to announce it! BUT when we announce our white pride! You call us racists! You rob us, carjack us,and shoot at us. But when a white police officer shoots a black gang member or beats up a black drug dealer running from the law and posing a threat to SOCIETY. You call him a racist!!I AM PROUD Why is it only whites can be racists? And whats with this wanting to understand gang signs?? your really stepping up in society!!!!!!

  426. on April 30, 2008 at 6:32 pm thegreatSOUTHERNtrendkill

    this is straight up bullshit barrack sucks he beleives in abortion,he cant even respect the pledge and his preacher hates whites.get ahold of yourselves have some whitepride for once

  427. Your definitely right, no one black would want to be your friend. The cloud of ignorance your in has to be overwhelming at times. Please tell me, where did the low class comment come from?

  428. on May 2, 2008 at 11:42 am Kiss tha god

    WOW. Sup with these racist folks.
    In all honesty, I don’t think these fools live in modern times. I swear.

    The elections can tell you that Educated White folks knows that racism and racial inferiority is nothing but crap.

    While the uneducated, blue collars white folks are still living in the past (thats why they aint making no money) .They can suck on a spanner for all I care.

    The south lost and thats that. Move forward and let us all enjoy our country.


  429. At least some others feel the same way I do about this situation… I did not write that first comment to be mean, ignorant of the fact that, sure racism still occurs in some places, but honestly you reap what you sow, and what inter-city kids (and even a lot of the inter-city adults for that matter these days!!) have been sowing is violence, ignorance, dis-respect for others, and then blame it on in-equality and racism. If anything thing, with todays kid’s shows and media, I believe that whites are being the butt of the racism. I see a kid’s show with 4 “cool” black kids, and 1 “nerdy, dork” white friend, and I think to myself, when the heck did this happen… Buit hey, for what their people had to go through, I guess it’s o.k. that it’s portraying the white kid to be some loser… I then find myself saying… What, Theirs no way that b/c of something that happened hundreds of years ago, that we should be getting blamed and putting up with that… These were the shows that my little 5 and 8 year old nephews were watching… I mean common-on, thats ridiculous, it’s that kind of stuff that really grips me, and ya, what I’m saying may seem funny to some black guy… racism towards the privileged whites.. but it’s that attitude that sparks up the racism from the white towards blacks. Sure, “CulturallyCool”, I may seem a little racist to you in the posts that I make, but it’s this article and others like it and the views of the African American community that are making me feel this way… “It’s all the white man’s fault…. Racist White Media!!…. Profiling… We need more emphasis on the black history… We need more scholarships to help us when theres already a cornucopia of minority scholarships, black colleges, and funding available” I’m a college student right now, and I am utterly pissed that I have to pay more for college then some ungrateful black kid, just because I am a white kid……… Racist! As for Hispanics… all 4 of my grandparents came over here from Sicily, didn’t know a lick of English, my grand pop came over BY HIMSELF at the age of 11 to live here, and they all had to learn the language to survive, it’s the proper right thing to do, right?? Today, it is 100 times easier for someone to learn the language as it was back then, programs, dvd’s, classes, funding, there are sooooo many programs to help them learn the language… So why is it that they are still going around speaking Spanish and trying to accept pesos at stores,IN AMERICA! not only are most of them here illegally, but they don’t have the decency to attempt to learn the language…. thats just wrong, and shouldn’t be allowed.

  430. At least some others feel the same way I do about this situation… I did not write that first comment to be mean, ignorant of the fact that, sure racism still occurs in some places, but honestly you reap what you sow, and what inter-city kids (and even a lot of the inter-city adults for that matter these days!!) have been sowing is violence, ignorance, dis-respect for others, and then blame it on in-equality and racism. If anything thing, with todays kid’s shows and media, I believe that whites are being the butt of the racism. I see a kid’s show with 4 “cool” black kids, and 1 “nerdy, dork” white friend, and I think to myself, when the heck did this happen… Buit hey, for what their people had to go through, I guess it’s o.k. that it’s portraying the white kid to be some loser… I then find myself saying… What, Theirs no way that b/c of something that happened hundreds of years ago, that we should be getting blamed and putting up with that… These were the shows that my little 5 and 8 year old nephews were watching… I mean common-on, thats ridiculous, it’s that kind of stuff that really grips me, and ya, what I’m saying may seem funny to some black guy… racism towards the privileged whites.. but it’s that attitude that sparks up the racism from the white towards blacks. Sure, “CulturallyCool”, I may seem a little racist to you in the posts that I make, but it’s this article and others like it and the views of the African American community that are making me feel this way… “It’s all the white man’s fault…. Racist White Media!!…. Profiling… We need more emphasis on the black history… We need more scholarships to help us when theres already a cornucopia of minority scholarships, black colleges, and funding available” I’m a college student right now, and I am utterly pissed that I have to pay more for college then some ungrateful black kid, just because I am a white kid……… Racist! As for Hispanics… all 4 of my grandparents came over here from Sicily, didn’t know a lick of English, my grand pop came over BY HIMSELF at the age of 11 to live here, and they all had to learn the language to survive, it’s the proper right thing to do, right?? Today, it is 100 times easier for someone to learn the language as it was back then, programs, dvd’s, classes, funding, there are sooooo many programs to help them learn the language… So why is it that they are still going around speaking Spanish and trying to accept pesos at stores,IN AMERICA! not only are most of them here illegally, but they don’t have the decency to attempt to learn the language…. thats just wrong, and shouldn’t be allowed.

  431. I thought this blog was supposed to be sarcastic and a joke..you folks take things way to seriously.I mean really..check out the post about scarves..it states that white folks body temperature is illogic ad thats why they were hooded sweat shirts with shorts..that makes no damn sense lol. Im black and i do it all the time

    relax folks take a joke enjoy the brew

    Jesus was middle eastern born jewish and crucified by roman jews.

  432. I was thinking of adding this blog to
    but it gets a little out of hand.
    People need to take this for what it is and not get to serious.
    Relax reduce your stress level have a good laugh people.

  433. White people that I know seem to be very comfortable about having friends from all cultures. We as blacks need to be more open about who are friends are. Be culturallycool people.


  434. […] Some of my best friends are black! And yes, I’ve seen Dream Girls, bro! I am down with it! #14 Having Black Friends Stuff White People Like Happy Birthday, Whymista. Give her a good thump from me. __________________ jk750 2004 […]

  435. Sorta like that freaky Austrian guy who kept inbreeding his own sex-slave children to keep locked down in his basement all those years. Hey this could be #101 White People Like to Lock Sex Slaves Down in Their Basements.

  436. You know I said my say, But when you get down to it–culturally cool does sound –GOOD -WE are really here for a short time. And we all go bye! bye! Sometimes you have to release your built up stuff! Either that ,or go bye ! Bye! Alot sooner!!! Maybe if the aliens from other worlds would finally show themselves, WE would then finally, truely BE a one RACE!!!!! Until then, it is what it is. —rainman -whitefang.

  437. I think the problem is that there really is no concrete or pervasive definition of what black really is. We try so hard to categorize it, via color, environment, ethnicity, and/or struggle. Purity as 100% black can’t really exist in America as an ethnic confirmation, but perhaps more of a state of mind, simply because black people in America are as diverse as ever, which has always been largely unrecognized, and at times unrecognized by black people across this country. I do recognize that the struggles of past and present do unite a mindset of identity and rightfully so. I do suggest though that people take a good look, or a deep look rather at the history of the world in general. We are arguably, a”bi-racial” planetm especially in terms of the history of divide an conquer and cultural trade particularly in the middle east, south east asia, the americas, the south pacific etc. Often we are too categorical to realize that our ethnicities are widely and historically, as a result of love, war and tragedy an amalgam of something far more more complex than a label. You would think that Obama’s presence would spark more discussion about this, but as it has been and always will be, (and I say this without disdain or lack of pride of my ancestry) although I am african american, brazilian and arabian, in America, I am black.

    PS I really enjoyed reading all of your comments!

  438. on May 8, 2008 at 3:34 pm C.Wright.Thru.U

    Does the kind of Stuff White People Like include things like
    Truth, Equality, and Justice?


  439. Jesus looked like Osama NOT Obama. Think about really hard.

  440. Yeah , it seems that only white guys are serial killers and pedophiles etc.

    Is gardening on this list?

    White people love gardening.

    Gardening and serial killing go together.

  441. He may not eve believe in abortion, he may just want the nomination, so he appeals to ALL the Democrats. Hillary is pretty much a Republican pretending to be a Democrat, she’s conservative enough… Anyway, what is with all that garbage about treating veterans better than the rest of us? Better healthcare? If Bush hadn’t started the war in the first place, there wouldn’t be that many veterans. Veterans put their lives on the line, they get paid, it’s done. What about the U.S. Coast Guard? Air Force? They help protect us too, and Police. They see more action than most of the military forces. Astronauts put their lives on the line, and they can be up in space for 4 years!

    Hillary is a fag..

  442. Lol, listening to NPR doesn’t make you white. What’s wrong with being informed? Do you white people want us to be just like the stereotypes and all put our hair in cornrows, pierce our ears, wear do rags, talk like we’re from the ghetto (even if we’re not), and be poor? I’m soooo tired of the people that call you ‘white’ just because u don’t act like something you’re not and fit into their little idea of what being black is. Real black people, who came from Africa (in my case, Nigeria) or whose parents came from Africa, know that in Africa, cornrows are a WOMAN’S hairdo. Although, they all want to believe what they see some rapper (who probably looked at one picture and decided to do his hair like that) on tv do.

  443. “And this is a racist assertion, as having a drop of black blood in you automatically makes you 100% black, comes from Jim Crowe law days.”

    Lol, he’s half white, he’s half black, he can referred to as either.

  444. My parents are from Nigeria, in a small little village. None of my ancestors were taken into slavery. I think its safe to say that we’re 100% percent black.

  445. He’s half black, and he’s half white, so he is black AND white…. do you get it now? Having one drop of white blood doesn’t make you white.

  446. Lol, are you serious? How many of those “Find your Ancestor” things do you think you can really believe? Yes, there are AMERICAN black people who have been living in America since the slave times, and may not be fully black, and that is probably how most black people’s families came here today. Although, that is a possibility when you take into account how hated black people were for all that time and how there are generally more black people in the ghettos then whites. There may not be many people like that, but there definitely are some. If you really think about it, mixed marriages only started to become common within the last 10-20 years (started, they aren’t common yet). What makes you think that back when segregation racism was still common, that there would be very other races having kids. It most likely wasn’t very common for a master to have sexual relationship with his slaves, they were considered non-human, dirty, and lowly. If so many slave masters had made their own slaves, then why did the slave trade become as popular as it was and why did the South depend on it so much?

  447. No we just say screw it, and give the whole country away to the the 3rd world blood

  448. I c. U too!! another one walking around –and is a legend IN YOUR OWN MIND!!!

  449. […] with James Ragland. It took me awhile to get it. Then Eric sent me a link to No. 14 on the list of Stuff White People Like. NOW I understand. Leave a […]

  450. A white person with five or more black friends is probably a cop or in the military. When everyone wears the same uniform and serves under the same falg, who the %#@* cares what their skin color is.

  451. on May 14, 2008 at 10:37 am Token Black Guy

    your soo like racist

  452. on May 14, 2008 at 11:17 am Silly Goose

    The question is: Are you fat? You sound like you could be one of those cool wannabe Nazi chicks who likes to wear Doc Martins and shave her head or have a mohawk and dress all skanky so guys will want to slip it in; now, if you’re a tubbo, then the whole fantasy goes out the window. I don’t have anything against chubby chicks, I just don’t have any desire for them either. But, some skanky Nazi slut, now that’s a different story. Come to Papa, little tramp. Let Daddy make it all better. we don’t have to be friends. Let’s just cuddle for a little while. 😉

  453. […] (along with the fact of his race, which probably also played a part — see my favorite blog, Stuff White People Like, for further details on what makes this so irresistible to someone like me) was about all I knew of […]

  454. Jesus’ Father, God, is NOT catholic!!

  455. This “history” is EVERYTHING was not won it was given in bloodshed…..by CHRIST!! Get a clue!

  456. I have no interest in blacks at all, I don’t hate them, or have any ill will towards them, I just avoid them in all walks of life. No emotion nothing, I have my own life to live and could give two fucks for blackie.

  457. […] You guys just don’t agree because you fall partly under this one #14 Having Black Friends Stuff White People Like […]

  458. Omgosh, this is so true. I have a bunch of white girlfriends for whom I am either their only black friend, or one of few, and they love to take me out and show me off lol

    Especially that part about non-violent, well-spoken… lol you guys kill me.

    White people are so funny. I love you guys.

  459. The colleges for black people where started by white people,and the intent was not to exclude the dominant group,but so that there was an alternative.

  460. What is all of that even supposed to mean? Are you one of those crazy hippes, lol.

  461. You are not an intellectual. You are wrong in all your assertions. The Europeans were not the first ones in the Americas. The indians were. You glory in the acquisition of property and propriety by economic and physical domination. In the spirit of this fact you should be happy that as a white male you are slowly losing ground to the economic power of women and homosexuals. Soon all that you are will be overwritten by the value system of people who want to be liberal and kind to their world. You and your history and your kind will be erased, belittled in texts and thanks to the genecidal efforts of your own kind you will be wiped from the gene pool. I can hear that whiney survival of the fittest tone in your writing. Well, welcome to the age of technology. Here, it does not matter how big your stick is. We have outlawed sticks. It does not matter how white you are. We have outlawed race and will soon outlaw identity. Thanks to you and your kind, when the dust settles, all that will be left are people who get along with each other and buy things when they are supposed to. You sir, are a moron with no literary skills whatsoever…

  462. on May 26, 2008 at 7:24 am white timmy

    Oh man….I just realized I dont have any black friends….any volunteers???

  463. America was built on the backs of victimized minorities (not just blacks) just as any Great Empire, and just like any Great Empire that lost its slaves, the empire destroyed itself from the inside. america is like a fat person with no personal trainer to help it eat right. its about to die of a heart attack.

  464. Stuff white people like: Gettin their ASS whooped for runnin off at the MOUTH about other races

  465. […] white people could draft friends the way that the NFL drafts prospects it would go like this:black friends, gay friends, and then all other minorities would be drafted based on need and rarity to the […]

  466. White People Are Scared Of Poop.

  467. I am an afri-amer diversity mascot for some of my white and asian friends. White people LOVE showing how open minded and ahead of the curve they are. Having an asian friend is not progressive enough for true diversity snobs; that’s too easy, but the black Obamish friend is a collector’s item!

    I am also an Only Black in the Office. Having an Only Black in the Office around keeps companies off of CNN and NY Times. Businesses with an Only Black in the Office hate CNN and NY Times.

    They also keep a few Only Black in the Office resumes in the pipeline in case the current Only Black in the Office gets disenchanted and leaves.

    Don’t be insulted when he politely refuses your dinner party invitations. He is the Only Black in the Office from 8-5, and does not want to the Only Black at the Dinner Party from 7-11, LOL!!

  468. on June 1, 2008 at 10:58 am LvL ?? Assassin

    I am white.
    And growing up I had more black friends then whites friends. I have more hispanic friends then white or black. I also don’t know the exact number but I know because at my school and city where I live there are mostly hispanics.

  469. Outstanding post.

  470. The answer to her question is. No. Why? Stop second guessing her intentions for the question and trying to end the conversation and try and open a dialogue. That’s how you learn. It might have been an innocent question. There are some things you don’t know.

  471. im white, and i have lots of balck friends so don’t say thats impossible.

  472. […] Obama’s run a racially divisive campaign, so it’s no surprise that his base of support is largely blacks (who politically recognize themselves to be in a poor situation and thus rationally attempt to use political organization to extract wealth from society) and nearly everyone else (asians, latinos, uneducated whites, etc.). The exception here are educated whites who are socialized into the softer university subjects, and thus seek signs that they are not racist. […]

  473. My favorite is when white girls find it acceptable to break into, “OH Yeah GIRL!!!” with a black woman co-worker, or guys will employ some urban lingo they heard on a Roots album like, “Yeah, that’s what’s up”

  474. Yes He is. And all the Saints are Catholic.

  475. “and will soon outlaw identity.” Ah yes, the coming of the great socialist machine, where there will be no need for nagging motivations, because there will be no incentive. We will all be swill, a grand mass of sameness and boredom. How appetizing!!!

  476. I’m sorry I already have enough white and asian friends.

  477. Look, your ancestors had a 400 year advantage, and now black people are just now able to go to college. Why do you feel so victimized. geez.

  478. on June 16, 2008 at 6:44 am native american

    The “Indians” were here first? Interesting….

  479. omfg this idiot is spaming every comment section, and fucking up the topic at hand.

  480. I think everyone needs to read the “Being Offended” article. Having said that, I have many black friends. Unfortunately, I lived in the suburbs most of my life, and thus, have mostly white friends. I am, however, very good friends with a gay black man from the inner-city.

    How much white people cred. do I have for that?

  481. it’s funny how black people are reacting so negatively to this comment when black people talk about whites this way (worse actually) all the time – he’s right about that.

    This is just a white guy who doesn’t know many black people who is filling in the blanks with (quite laughable, i laughed more than i did at the blog) stereotypes.

    Loosen up, who cares really..

    I don’t think he’s mean or racist or anything just very ignorant and frustrated. Attacking him will just cause him to get defensive and reinforce his view that blacks are ignorant, like it does with every topic when people start getting angry.

    But then again due to stressfull begining i’ve adopted quite a lax attitude on life, stuff like this just don’t bother me.

    (i’m black btw)

  482. I also love it when white folks refer to their neighborhoods as ‘the hood’.

  483. I think the word you’re looking for is token.

  484. This is absolutely true. I’d love to have a black friend in my “posse” (see if I had an actual black person in my group I could call them a posse, but for now they are just “friends”), but I live in Orange County, so I’m not sure where I’d find one.


  485. the way i look at it as far as people are concerned white people dont deserve to be proud. because why?
    what do yall have to be proud of? what disadvantage did you overcome?

    none. you know why? because you all was always upper class

    great accomplishments or not

    so feel free to be white and proud you have every right.

    btw about the racist names “whitey, honkey etc etc” that has like ZERO historical linkage so therefore it cud of been sumtin made up in free time over anger

    however “those words” have a historical pain that one affects one race

    maybe your fore-fathers should of been nicer to black people 😀 😀

  486. […] fist jab we’ve been hearing so much about.  Sometimes SWP is dead on– Exhibits A, B, and C . Bless his heart for trying to connect with urban youth such as myself though. At least I […]

  487. LOL spot on!

  488. dude get over it would ya? vote McCain and keep ur trap shut!

  489. This is hilarious. It is good to see people be light-hearted about this type of stuff. The chill pill has been taken. –JJ

  490. Elly baby, be nice to those who can’t see. teach with understanding.

  491. Drey, Facts are good. But you sound kinda like Elly-baby, with the ‘i’m so right’ voice. who am I, right? We need to relax with our to smart to be cool mentality.
    Peace people

  492. I agree with JJ. this is hilarious. I am finding it funny that this website exist as well as the black one. I know there is a STUFF BLACK PEOPLE LIKE website but was surprised to know that there was a WHITE one. But hey, if black people have a website of what they like, white people can too. I am going to see if there is an Asian one. Oh, and by the way… I AM BLACK. smiles.— tessa

  493. OMG! i’m looking at the number 1, being is I was the one black friend at an all-white girls school. This is ridiculously true and funny. It was like they didn’t have to (or know how to) hang out or bond with me individually, but i definitely had to be invited to ALL the parties. I felt like Obama =)

  494. Black Colleges were not “started” by white peeps. Booker T. Washington built Tuskeegee brick by brick. Some of the funding came later from white philathropists and businesmen. He had to fit into what they wanted him to be of course but, that was kind of his decision.

  495. I’m a black female. Now to the story, one of my white friends asked me to come along to a roots concert. I didn’t have enough money so he insisted on paying for me. I had a good time, i found out that i was brought along just incase my “friend” and his guests would be the only white people there. Turns out i was one of the few black people in attendance if you include the roots.

  496. Have you ever watched racist people in action. Well I have, and it is so fake, foney, and fraudualent.

    1. I can’t deal with someone white coming in my face and trying to use slang terminology or ebonical terms because they think this is how you communicate to ‘me’. Then, turn to a white person and speak proper to them. That is a racist.

    2. Locking car doors, clutching purses, &/or calling a black man or woman a “boy or a gal”. That is a racist.

    3. Whites that always approach you some how but only looking for a reaction out of you- with this shit on their mind “see honey, I told you they are angry people.

    4. I hate the word ghetto coming out of thier mouths… as if you could even comprehend the very esscence of the word.

    5. Why is it when white females date a black man, why do they come at me as if they understand, we are on the same level… “I fill you girl” shit? I have delt with soooo many white females with, “The Complex” that they are better than a black female because they got a black man. They hold so strong to this shit that they even turn their nose up at a black female. O’ girl get the fuck!!

  497. You make a lot of statements that make me wonder if you are just a judgemental person. By making statements like “you hate words comming out of a whites mouth” sounds like you may even have some violence issues. You think white people are going around ” trying to get a rise out of you” What are you a mind reader? Are you in the third grade? I’m NOT TOUCHINGGGG YOUUUUU!!!! – Is that a statement that might get one of those rises that you spoke about? Maybe you are paranoid , or just self conscious. Why would someone else speaking e bonical terms bother you no matter what color they are? You don’t have to speak e bonics or slang- speak how you want to speak. Do you not cluch your purse and lock your doors around people who make you feel uncomfortable reguardless of who it is? Could I axe you a question? Is you trippin?

  498. on June 29, 2008 at 6:07 pm White Cuban

    BLACK INSIDE. The Remington Wallace Burnett Story

    Funny video — the white people in it reminded me of this blog.

  499. in the immortal words of DL Hughley, if you count how many black friends you have, you are racist than a motha fucka.
    food for thought when you read this article stating that white people count everything…hmm…

  500. Wow, that was an intelligent statement. You’re an ignorant ass.

  501. The picture that accompanied the post should have been a shot of JD and Turk from Scrubs!

  502. I am what one might consider bi-racial, but i was raised by a black woman, in a black community, and i dont identify with any other heritage, and when people look at me although i have fair skin they know that im black. That is how I and alot of other people determine racial standing, not necessarily by purity

  503. I dont mean to rain on your rant but black men were being lynched and assassinated less than 50 years ago which means that people my grandparents age, and even people old enough to be my parents were the ones committee these atrocities, so um you complaining about a nerdy white kid on tv, guess what there are nerdy white kids in the world, just like one would justify portraying a black person on tv as a thug by sayin well there are black thugs in the world. And no im not sayin “its the white mans fault”, but the CIA sure did do a DAMN good job of setting an uneven playing field (but i bet you dont believe that they were to blame for C.rack I.n A.merica) among MANY other issues of inequality. And a cornocopia of black colleges…. i can name 7. And if you want to complain about the cost of college, how about they allow the same number of black people into college as they allow white (i bet you wouldnt like that either) dont bitch and moan bc blacks get grants for living in unacceptable areas, bc thats HARDLY a fair trade. Puhlease get over yourself

  504. Sha-kneeequa, yeah thats totally not racist. What if i called you Apple or Rumer. Like you sound so ignorant, it amazes me that college kids are still so ignorant of other cultures.

  505. your 52 years young, so yours were the parents lynchin black men, no wonder you have the mentality you do. I bet your parents also voted for Regan… the whole reason why the “ghettos” of which you speak are the way they are? Perhaps if your precious white government would do something to offer EQUAL education, you might have some grounds to debate but the fact of the matter is this, white people had a 400 year head start.

    And damnit i wish Thomas Jefferson (who actually has black children) would have sent our asses to an island bc Im not to thrilled about co-existing with the one race who just seems to destroy EVERYTHING they touch.

  506. interesting take, so what do you say about my husband (Ivy League educated) being pulled over by three different police officers while driving (the speed limit with seatbelts) to Arizona from California? what was he doing to deserve more than a smile and wave? HE WAS BEING BLACK, that was his offense. And what do you say about the police that plant evidence just to get a black man off the street, what did that person do to deserve more than just a smile and a wave? and what do you say about the innocent children who get killed bc the bank wont allow thier parent to purchase property in a better neighborhood, bc YES even with good credit a black person will be denied, and FURTHERMORE what do you say about the police who dont find an urgency in respond to a child who has been shot in a bad neighborhood?

    I dont wish misfortune on anyone but wouldnt it be funny if any one of these circumstance happened to find their way into your life…

  507. yeah because they give it up easy

  508. “For old school reference, see Michael McDonald.”

    Teena Marie?



  509. At a banquet a college dean gave a Black friend of min the fist pound motion. He was horrified. I told him that people think he is Turk from scrubs. He did not understand. Every other Black person did!

  510. I had a very, very good black friend in high school. He had a lot of white friends, but towards the end of our junior year he started hanging out with more black guys, understandably, and I was like the lone hold-out white guy he would still hang out with (I don’t know why…we were great friends for a long time, had history, blah, blah). Anyway, he took me to a party with a bunch of black guys and he introduced me to this one guy and he said, “This is brother Zach.” And the guy looked at me with the greatest quizzical expression on his face and just said “Brother Zach??”

    I was CLEARLY not accepted. It was hilarious. And, ironically, I never felt whiter in my life!!

  511. “OMG this article is sooo true… like… i can totally count on my hand how many black friends i have! They are soo useful to have around!”

    -lol… sorry.. inside joke between a friend and i.. granted i’m only half white… but i gotta reply…. to DD up there

    1. if i come at anyone with ebonic terms it’s cause that’s how i talk comfortably… i grew up in the ghetto.. no not detroit or south central.. but in my city.. it was def. the ghet

    2. Hell yeah i lock the doors.. you know what kind of time we live in???

    3. i approach everyone with that manner… it’s so fun to annoy!

    4. sorry.. but i’m ghetto… is that cuz i have a black friend and can totally say that? no cuz i grew up in a poor ass neighborhood… where i got food stamps from the toothfairy! ghetto has nothing to do with black or white.. its’ a state of mind

    5. let me ask you this.. why do so many black girls (not a generalization i’m talkin from history here) have a problem with interracial dating… then complain about lack of equality.. you can’t have your cake and eat it too honey. I was told from an early age not to see color… love is blind remember? God made me from the inside out

  512. I think a lot can be corrected go too http://www.revoint.com lets begin.

  513. I am a black women and Im going to give you MY opinion as to why many black women dont agree with interracial relationship, as it was explained to me…

    I was told and I agree that GOOD black men who date outside their race are, in a way, weakening the race. Instead of investing good morals and characteristics back into the african american community they spread them elsewhere. On the other hand, many people think that (and i agree) that the males, culture will be dominant in a relationship that is why some people think its okay for men to date outside and not okay for women

    It wasnt very long ago that white people didnt want black people to even sit in the same classrooms (that was my mothers generation) so why would one want to procreate or date or whatever with those types of people. And even if the people dating arent racist or whatever, chances are older family members will not be accepting of the relationship (and when i say older i mean grandparents, bc thats what they were taught)

    And my NUMBER ONE reason why I dont agree with interracial dating is because SOOO many people both black and white, date outside of their race bc they feel like they cannot find anything worth dating within their race. Mostly because they by into stereotypes. And they think that if they get a white woman/man that somehow validates them as a higher species Negro. It stems from a self hatred that creates a cycle.

    I am married to a beautiful, Ivy league educated black man, whose daily fight it is to break stereotypes, and i wouldnt have it any other way. And as for our future children, I am going to teach them to love and respect themselves and their community, and if they chose to date outside thats on them but it will definitely be for the right reasons.

  514. excuse the typos

  515. There is nothing wrong with dating outside your race. I’m 26. I’m gay. I was taught to like people for their minds. My family is very open minded. Always have been. I’m part cherokee, and part souix as well. Its 2008. your “color” shouldn’t be anything in consideration for anything. People that still think like that are clearly ignorant. Move on. The past is the past. Never forget, its where we came from. But leave it there. Look toward a bright future and move on. I am blessed. I have friends from around the world, and from every walk of life. The gay community really does embrace everyone equally. Get some gay friends. You will have your eyes opened to LIFE in the future.

  516. You know, what you just described applies as much to women as it does for men!!

  517. on July 5, 2008 at 7:40 pm Full of Sh...

    Is this person serious? Her/His post is full of it.

  518. on July 5, 2008 at 7:47 pm Full of Sh...

    “Every white person wants a black friend like Barack: good-looking, well-spoken, and non-violent.”

    Are you saying that all other black people, if they do not resemble Barack, are ugly, inarticulate brutes?

    Riiiiight, so when I meet white people I’m considering to be my friend, those three topics are the first elements I check off my list?

    Trash. Can I have the 10 minutes I wasted on this site reading this post and replying back?


  519. This was meant to be funny. Get a life and/or get over it. Wow.

  520. Not really. Out of the black/white interracial relationships out there, 78% of the “black half” is male. Got this from most recent census report. Hmmmmm . . .what is that telling us? If love is so colorblind, why do people argue with the facts of what’s happening? When something is good, it needn’t be denied.

  521. Wow. I’m speechless at your comments. You have undoubtedly proved Lady DD’s point. Good job.

    You are either extremely unaware of your own racial/stereotypical feelings or you just lack (self?) awareness of the realities of being black in today’s society.

    Go watch Crash. Sure, it exxagerates the issues, but you seem like you need extremely obvious messages thrown at you. I doubt subtlety would take. Wow.

  522. Honestly, i must say that from what i have seen, there are not many instances when a white person and a black person become the best of friends, but i have seen it. Im a 22 year old black female who grew up in the suburbs of Los Angels. When i do have that rare encounter of best friends who are black and white, its usually guys who played a sport together or something like that, neighbors….and they are seriously like ride or die friends till the end…..its crazy

  523. Things black people like

    10. Family Reunions- Man is it just me or do black people love a freaking family reunion!!!!! Shirts with the tree and all 500 names….3 last names of the family…..wow

    9. The Electric slide- Something about this dance ( for those who dont kno, its like line dancing, with a little more funk)…somehow whenever me and my family get together somebody starts doing that shit!!!!!

    8.The “Candy Lady” This is a older women in the neighborhood who sells candy and snacks out of her house, cool cups (cups of super sweet Kool-aid frozen. Giant pickles, hood candies ( boston baked beans, lemon heads, mambas, ect. If you didnt have enough money the candy lady would let you slide. The candy lady is mostly found in the hood. if your a black person who doesnt live in the hood….. you kno someone who does.

    7. Jet magazine- So small, and yet its filled with so much info!!!! Beauty of the week, photo of the week, News, Politics, music charts, fashion….I know you kno somebody who has a Jet magazine collection from ‘91….Whats funny is you can sit and read all those bitchez in a hour.

    6.Black movies- School days, Boyz in the hood, menace to society, love and basketball, love jones, soul food, Baby boy, brown sugar, best man, brothers, the wood, Friday….only the first one…i dont know what the hell is up with the rest but anyways…..these movies just make you feel like bonding with other blacks….most people kno all the words example” Craig,how come every time im in the kitchen, you’re in the kitchen?….Eating all the got damn food!” -Friday. “RRRRRRRRRRRIIIIIIIIIIICCCCCCCCCCCKKKKKKKKKYYYYY”- Boys in the hood. and “Swallow but never chew”- The wood

    5.Hair- Perms, afros, Jheri curls, Curly weaves, Straight Weaves fades, bobs, ceasers, dreads, braids. Micros, cornrowns, gumby. Beauty supply, salons and barbers, doesnt matter if your from the hood or the burbs….you gotta have those edges straight!!!!!lol

    4. Grandma-Now i know everybody loves Grandma, but black people will KILL somebody over grandma… In most cases they would do so for their grandma before they would for their mother …and you know how many fights you have seen over the “your mama” statements….you wanna make a black person mad …”your grandmama” would really hit the spot. She can cook, she always has your back….she’ll pick your side over her own child….even the biggest thug will take their hat off in the house if grandma asks.

    3. Bill Clinton…….I dont know any black people that just hate Bill Clinton. Not one….Thats all I can say.

    2. Soul Food, yeah yeah i know how bad it is for you , but i have to have my fried turkey, chicken. Ham, pork chops greens , mac and cheese, cabbage, sweet potato, cornbread, 7 up cake and big ass lass of Kool- aid or that stuff with sprite and rainbow shirbert icecream and friut…i know you have had it, but what is it called…..hhhhmmmmm?????? Just have to eat it at least 3 times a year…. Easter, Thanksgiving, Christmas…..Sorry

    1. Other Black People- I know this one may be a little hard for people to beleive considering that black on black crime is out of control, but i must say,Black people can grow up in their neighborhood and kno everyone in a 3 block span….you get so close to your neighbors they know your in trouble before you do!!!!!! Like your mom told my mom if you didnt get a A on your report card she was going to beat your ass!!!!! I never understood how a serial killer could live in the neighborhood and white people are like “I had no Idea!” In the hood you know everybody….the crack head, the good kids, the thugs, dope boys…..everybody….Black people lead a civil rights movement for eachother!!!!!!!!! Man i love my people. And i know that if you asked most black people if they would want to be white they would say “Hell No” If you asked them if they wanted to be treated white, now thats a whole different story…..Its something about growing up black in america that is undiscribable. I wouldnt change it for the world.

  524. on July 7, 2008 at 11:10 am No Black/White Friends

    This doesn’t apply in the Midwest. Whites and Blacks are acquaintances and co-workers but not friends. The comfort level between the two remains awkward. Whites here in the MW tend to be friendly on a social level with everyone but Blacks. That’s just the way it is.

  525. yeah, and probably he is white.
    Don’t let him know that God actually looks like a black woman, because it’s gonna shatter his white and masculine heart.

  526. This site is being sarcastic-mocking so-called colorblind white people that like only certain types of black people and think it is supposedly *politically correct* to have like one black friend!

  527. I agree and I’m often pleased when I see a black girl with a white guy, just because I seem to see the reverse more often. I don’t dislike interracial relationships and I am saddened when I read/hear of a black woman (like the one above) hating it. I understand to a point the frustration one might have if it seems like many black guys are taken by white women. What I don’t understand is what makes the black guy yours to begin with?

    I also think sometimes we should look at ourselves and try to figure out why exactly this happens? Are we generally too noisy, bossy, too much work, or whatever the heck stupid reasons some people give for dating white women. Yes, I think the reasons are stupid since not all black women are the same. I’d just prefer that if a black guy is dating outside his race, he’s doing so simply because he was attracted to the woman, and not because she’s white or he has some sort of complex about his own race.

    There’s absolutely nothing wrong with dating outside one’s race, I just hate some of the reasons people give for doing so.

  528. on July 9, 2008 at 1:25 am Gold3n Monk3y

    Hi Kell, I wrote a poem for you because you’re such a special human in my momentary internet-text-life, and its just fine for you to be you =):

    Hey Kell.
    Go to Hell.

    Thank you, thank you, my heartlessly predictable little Devil >=?.

  529. on July 9, 2008 at 1:35 am Gold3n Monk3y

    It’s like an onion, and I am the centermost layer.

    Habby Birthday.

    ]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]] ]]]]]]]]]]]]]
    ]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]] ]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]
    ]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]] ]]]]] ]]]]]]]]]]]]
    ]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]] ]]]]] ]] ]]]]]]]]]]]]
    ]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]] ]]]]]]]]] ]]]]]]]]]]]]
    ]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]] ]]]]]]]]]]]]]
    ]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]] ]]]]]]]]] ]]]]]]]]
    ]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]] ]]]] ]]] ]]]]]]]
    ]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]] ]] ]]]]]]] ]]]]]]] <—-(M.)
    ]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]] ]]]]]]]]]]]] ]]]]]]]
    ]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]] ]]]]]]]]]]]] ]]]]]]]

  530. As i have said before, who are you to tell me who I can or can’t love? Who am I to tell you who you can love? If your dating someone specifically because they are one race or another, it’s probably not going to last. That’s not what makes a good relationship. Duh.

    There was a time when there were many obstacles/dangers of dating out of your race, but in this country, in this day and age, most of those obstacles/dangers are gone or diminished.

    Please don’t try to tell people who they aught to love, just be happy for them if they have found love.

    If the guy/girl is bad for them because they treat them wrong, then hey, speak your peace. But don’t be a racist.

    The USA ain’t about strengthening a race, it’s about strengthening a “people” and no matter how many people don’t like it or disagree, black, white, asian, hispanic, native american, middle eastern, whatever, that’s who we are as a people.

    Oh, and slavery is dead. I don’t own you and you don’t own me. You can do what you want.

  531. One more thing. I have noticed that many people on blogs like this find it necessary to indicate what race/gender they are. Like what you are somehow makes what you are saying more factual or qualified? Either it’s the truth or not, based on educated fact or not. Even if you mean it in a messed up way or have the greatest of intentions. The words speak for themselves. Show me your heart and your mind, not your background.

    Validate your points with history, experience, reference. Being black/white is not any kind of qualification for knowledge. I do realize that being of a certain race or gender more than likely will lead to experiences in life that other races or genders won’t have, and therefore can be relevant SOMETIMES, but I think people use this too often. Yeah I have many black friends and white friends and hispanic friends and native american friends, female/male friends, doesn’t make me the expert on an entire race or gender. And God help me, I can ONLY speak for myself.

    It is what it is.

  532. Doesn’t anyone else find the Google ads on this story funny?

    I sure do.

    Unintended jokes.

  533. on July 9, 2008 at 5:49 pm Portnoy's Prostate

    Dude, let the man do what he wants with his life.

  534. Most of the white girl/black guy things that I see are the fat, low-self esteem white girls finding some guy to be with and to be accepted by, while the guy is seeing himself as getting a white girl.
    Then come the babies and the guy running off just like so many do when it’s blk./blk.

  535. I’ve neither gone out of my way to be friends with anyone of any different race than I, nor ever conciously avoided it. What does that mean?

  536. Once again– wrong! I must not be a true “white” cause I don’t have a single black friend. Don’t need any– don’t want any. And I totally agree with Randy on the whole wt chic/bl dude.. its always the fat low self esteem chic that falls for that nasty crap! Call me a racist.. I don’t care! I have nothing against anyone, but some folks I just don’t associate with!

  537. You’re a racist.
    “I have nothing against anyone, but some folks I just don’t associate with!” I don’t believe that first bit for a second. You are clearly ignorant and stereotype – your post and the fact that you agree with Randy.

  538. thank you for speaking your mind.

  539. Michele, You are so sad. I wish I knew you and you would say some shit like that to me. The sad part about all this is that some black people really are better off than you are you racist, ignorant fool.

  540. im white and fuck you

  541. Michelle, you have a lot of learning to do. I hope you were raised in a town of 100 people of less so you have the SLIGHTEST reason as to why you sound so awful.
    For as disgusting as your comment is and how much I would like to go off right now, I truly just feel sorry for you. Please go read a book; you might be moderately mentally-handicapped.

  542. eh, white people like having friends.

    i think it’s funny that this site says something like “white people like having black friends” then someone says “i’m white, and i don’t” and then someone says “racist!” brilliant.

  543. As having been the token black friend one too many times, I would have to say that this is HILARIOUS!

  544. I am a 20 year old black young lady I really dont like to hang with many ghetto black people because i like going shopping,movies,spas with my white girlfriends and i dont have any I really need some girlfriends that i can share my life with like sex and the city{example}would anyone be my friend email me and we can see how it goes thanks bye~

  545. Wow, Michelle. You honestly wouldn’t associate with me because I’m Black? What did I ever do to you:-(

  546. Candace,
    you need help!
    I am a black women with both black, white, Latino & Asian friends. They all like shopping, spa’s and we all went to see the “Sex and the city” movie. Wtf! what are you talking about? where do you live?

    If your having such a hard time meeting black intellectual’s who have varied interest; than maybe you should MOVE! I’m from NYC where we come across different types of people every shade. You sound extreamly sheltered and ignorant.

    I can’t stand “self hating black people”


  547. I have 5 African American freinds!

  548. What can I say, Michelle? As a sloppy fat white chick, all I will tell you is once you go black… You should try. Maybe you’d be a less frigid bitch.


  550. LOL. Low self esteem, ugly, white chick… which is why super model Heidi Klum has been happily married to Seal all these years?

  551. Ive come on this to the conclusion that the reason white people like all of the shit on this website is the following:
    If you got it like that why not experience more with your life.
    Shit I golf, snowboard, rockclimb, mountain bike, live in manhattan, drive a fat asS bmw suv, fuck asian women, have plenty of black friends, got sweaters and motherfuckin t-shirts that I’LL wear on a plane to San FraCisco if I damn well fell like it. Shit Ill Even invite my lawyer to my beach house on a sunday for coffee maybe some tea while we read the fuckin New York Times. Yes the Liberal rag that sweats Barack Obama. After that we will indulge in some microbrews on my vintage sail boat.

    When I get Bored ill travel the fuck where I want probably to snowboard somewhere usually Utah the whitest fuckin state there is. Ill take in some wine before I watch a film at sundance while I am there.

    Just for a challenge I will go to a farmers market get some organic shit go home and order some sushi. You see I am trying to get in shape to run a fuckin marathon. After I finish the first thing I am going to do is shut of my i-pod loaded with free music, grab some bottled water and spark a fat mother fuckin spliff!!!!



  552. on July 15, 2008 at 8:07 pm The white guy with dreads

    Check this out some of my best friends are black, there cool mother-fuckers, the truth of the matter is people believe stereotypes that why there a lot of Ignorance in the world.
    check out http://www.revoint.com

  553. Brillant post! I’m from the UK, just found this site and laughing so much it hurts. Roll on American humour…….. I presume it was all in humour????

  554. this is not true. not true at all. i too live in the midwest… don’t make us seem worse than people already think we are 😦

  555. Horrison Ford said “I be ballin’ now” on 106 & Park.

  556. Uhm..I dont want any black friends! LOL! I try to avoid them whenever possible!

  557. Let me guess how this turned out:Tragically,later that night,several drunken black men pulled you into a bedroom and had their way with you.

  558. I love you!!:)

  559. ha. this whole site is completely ridiculous.

  560. “…….there cool mother-fuckers”

    I think you mean they’re and not there.

  561. damn, i wish more white people at my job were like you! i’d be a lot happier. lol

  562. right right. its fun tho…

  563. Josie, you must be white.

  564. Lee that shit was funny as hell!

  565. Not only is josie white… He has dreadlocks and types “motherfucker”…Go on with your bad self.

  566. A good third of Black America has at some point in time been the “black friend” that was invited to the bar/rock concert/hike/lake/camping trip. My brother and I have been that friend on numerous occassions. I am always immensely amused when one of my white friends slip up and say some generalized statement about minority group that can be misconstrued as racist (I, of course, don’t think they are explictly racist) and they quickly say, “I don’t mean you. You’re different.” The black friend, of course, is the exception to any sterotypes and fears associated with the less savory members of the African-American race – the dreaded “n” words.

  567. That’s the way it is worldwide. Most non-Blacks are friendly or can be friendly with just about anyone but Blacks. The world hates us. It’s time that we learn to love ourselves and look only to ourselves for support.

  568. on July 21, 2008 at 1:41 pm Uncle Sambone


    Your day’s never over,
    Your work’s never through!
    Though you’ve tamed most of the heathen and the barbarians too!
    ‘Massa, thanks for ‘lectricity and the (Ah So!) internet too!

    They tried to say that ‘you can’t jump’.
    But, you made it to the moon without having to dunk.
    You might not have much rhythm,
    But you can (steal) carry a good tune,

    You made it through civil rights and women’s lib too,
    You’ve been through a lot, good buddy, no wonder you can sing the blues!
    If the world’d open their eyes, they’d see that in the past you’re not really stuck,
    Even though you still fly a rebel flag, at least it’s on a Japanese pickup truck!

    Black may be beautiful, and tan may be grand,
    But white’s still the color of the BIG BOSS MAN!
    ’Ask not’ (J.F.K.) whether it’s true,

    The world doesn’t understand your level of stress,
    Every minute’s a Malox moment, but that’s the price of success!
    You watch your laptop for the first sign of loss,
    Well, it’s time you paid the cost to be the boss!
    Don’t drop the ball now and lose the home court advantage,
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    Uncle Sambone
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    Jimmy Olson (Superman)
    Lightning (Amos & Andy)
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    Tonto (Lone Ranger)
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    Trigger (Roy Rangers)
    Birmingham (Charlie Chan…A whiteman in disguise)
    Mingo (Daniel Boone)
    Kato (The Green Horne)
    Rin-Tin-Tin (If Custer had had him, he might have won!)
    Rochester (Jack Benny)
    Timmy (Lassie, was a ‘white’ dog!)
    Uncle Ben/Aunt Jemima (Betty Crocker)
    Chester & Festus (Mat Dillion, a protégé’ of John Wayne, who didn’t need a sidekick!)
    Barnie Fife (Andy Griffin)
    ‘Condor’leeza Rice (W.)

  569. Do you believe everything you read?


  570. on July 24, 2008 at 5:54 pm deuche mc bag

    i hate black people

  571. White people DO NOT actually like black people, they like saying they like black people and have black friends because white people are afraid of the people they oppress. As well, they oppress because they fear. Black people either like you or we don’t- it’s that simple. For real- it’s like that.

  572. Trust me, WE ARE NOT OFFENDED. Actually- you don’t have ANY friends but it’s because you’re stupid. Even in your ignorance, a black person would be your true friend before your own people would.

  573. Here Here!! Tokens unite and write books!

  574. i’m black, and went to a high school that was primarily white. there was a good number of black people there, and can honestly say most of us were really good friends with most of the white people that went there. and… alot of white people …. young white people anyway, do like black people. i can’t tell you how many times i’ve heard a white person say, i wish i was black, annoying, but true, because you know in the end, no matter how much they like you, there is no way they would actually trade their lifestyle for a black persons.

  575. Ignorance is one thing that bothers me so much! I am a white female with a hispanic step father and a biological Jewish father. I was raised not to judge people for the color of their skin. I don’t have black friends because it makes me “look” not racist. I have black friends because they are cool, just like my white or hispanic friends. I understand that blacks were once slaves in America and were descriminated against 50-60 years ago, but whites have had their share as well. If people knew their history they would see that. Um lets see here, white people were slave for hundreds of years in Europe, Jewish people were killed for being Jewish! Irish people were descriminated against just because they were Irish when they stepped off the boats to get a job in America. There were signs posted on doors of businesses stating things such as, “if you are Irish you cannot apply.”
    I wish that people could educate themselves first before making irrational statements based off of stereo types. That goes for all races. This nation is based on “all men created equal.” It has taken us a while to make this an almost true statement, but certain things like affirmitive action cannot make that possible. I think that it is crap that I cannot get a grant because I am white. I think that it is crap that I cannot get certain scholarships because I am white. It should be EQUAL . I think that all races are capable of being intelligent. All races are capable of running a country. Ignorance is what runs this country, and there NEEDS to be a change! Nobody is so called “keeping the black man down.” If this was true we wouldn’t have a black man running for president! If this was true we wouldn’t have over 50 black people running the biggest companies in all of America! If this was true Condaleeza Rice wouldn’t be a strong African American politician!
    I look up to these people becaAmuse of their amazing accomplishments, and they did not let any person hold them down! Affirmative action is not right and it is unconstitutional.
    America is a huge melting pot of all different cultures, and that is what makes this country so beautiful. The more people that realize this will finally look at a person for their abilities instead of the color of their skin.

  576. geez…c’mon now, carrie…

    i know it takes one to know one…so i’m guessing you are a young upper middle class college student who is extremely idealistic. i was one of those one day. however, realize that i think you’re taking this site way too seriously. “stuff white people like” is satirical…and is meant to poke fun.

    i understand you’re trying to make a few good points…but…well…hmph.


    i’ll get off my soapbox.

  577. I wonder if my two black friends will go to the club with me sometime.

  578. Hmmmm impossible for a white person to have more than 5 black friends, maybe in the USA, but not in London. Maybe you should rename the site, stuff white AMERICANS like. I’m originally from the UK and have been living in the States for 15 months and it’s a lot different

  579. thank you, Nick. I agree.

  580. yeah white people in the UK are fucking amazing. nick, you deserve a big pat on your limey back

  581. on August 3, 2008 at 3:53 pm half.white.all.american

    This is because black people are hilarious! Look at those episodes where dave chapelle acted “white”
    c’mon now I know you thought that was funny.
    White guys are hilarious too, don’t get me wrong. My boyfriend is white and is a goofball 24/7

    All the comments I read on here from whites who said they wouldn’t be friends with blacks, are once again stereotyping what they perceive as “thugs”

    Here in richville, private college USA where I live the majority of blacks are WEATHLY, extremely educated, very professional and would do just fine without your friendship.

    The majority of racists rednecks that I see, I think are just jealous that they live in trailer parks and drive beat-up 20yr old chevys while “people of color” roll past them in mercedes.

  582. I am THE black friend for my white co-workers and friends. I often wonder why white people feel the need to preference a story to me about their black friend when it has nothing to do with the story itself. For example, I was talking to lady a few months ago about doing a balloon ride. She mentioned to me that she did one with her best friend , who was black and what a great time they had. Why was it necessary to tell me she was black? It didn’t add anything to the story. I also don’t understand why white people tell me how much they love Oprah. I work for a living, contrary to what I have seen others say on this blog, and I don’t have time or desire to watch Oprah.
    I am also surprised that the author did not mention how much white people love to tan. My white friends are always talking about how pasty white their skin is and how they go to tanning salons 2-4 times per week. And they are jealous that I get a tan driving in my car. Why do white people spend so much money on anti-aging products and plastic surgery? Stay out of the sun and that would help because sun burn and that leathery looking skin that comes from years of sunbathing is just unattractive.

  583. That would be great if everything was equal but it just isn’t. And affirmative action works both ways. In the white world it is called the “good ole’ boy” network and nepotism. Most of the people I know have their job because daddy owns the company or their husband works there or the cousin is a manger etc. Also when people complain about it, understand that a black person who gets a job/ scholarship or whatever because he is black has a rough time. It is not a lot of fun to be picked because the company or school has to meet a quota. First they know that the situation is tense because a white person may have been passed over to get them that job. Then if they are the only black person there, they may not feel that welcomed. Last a black person knows that if they are the only black person there that they have to represent the entire race and not screw up. If a white person is hired and messes up then it’s just on him. When black people mess up then the school/job may never bring in another black person because of that incident. I have been the token black person in quite a few situations and I still am today in 2008! I was hired because I am good at what I do not because I am black. In fact the white person they hired before me got fired for conduct and I am still there trying to prove that i am as smart and talented and the white girl i trained! Affirmative Action is supposed to level the playing field so that everyone gets an opportunity to have the job or go to school.

  584. No I don’t

  585. Nice picture of Paul Wall…

  586. See #101

  587. on August 4, 2008 at 12:17 pm GrlBhvingBadly

    As a response to some earlier threads I read….

    I am a 22 year old, university educated black female. And yes, I have dated outside my race, primarily with white guys. And no, I’m not self-loathing. I’ve dated many white guys that are often initially terrified and intimidated by talking to black girls.

    More than likely my preference probably deals with how I grew up. I was born and raised in Washington State and attended schools that were predominately Asian and white. I moved to north Florida in high school — my first segregated experience (yay!) Because of how I spoke, dressed, and just plain carried myself, I didn’t seem to attract many black dudes because I acted “white.”(*Though I do love a lot of stuff on the SWPL list, lol). Whatever that means, right? Whenever I date someone, I feel it is important that we are on each others’ level. And that should always be the most important thing.

    But really, I choose to like people. If the right guy for me were Asian, hell I’d do it. It’s all about the person, not the skin. Our differences are cultural, not racist. Come on people, TAKE AN ANTHROPOLOGY COURSE or something!! Race doesn’t even exist — especially not in science. It’s a social construct that’s been around since the days of exploration.

  588. on August 4, 2008 at 12:19 pm GrlBhvingBadly

    Plus, white people usually have better weed (#33) and like Dave Chappelle said, are a lot more fun to smoke with, LoL.

  589. Wow – either I must not be white, or I must live in a world where the impossible happens. I have more than 5 black friends. And that’s not a cummulative number from childhood, it is people who I presently share intimate details of my life with. And it’s not just people I see at work, it’s people I spend time with because I *like* them. I’ve gone so far as to actually *choose* to be roommates with some of them and not just in college. I will pause a moment while the earthquake happens…

  590. generally, i dont really like negroes, and liked Lincoln’s plan after the CW.
    however, i do enjoy listening to old Amos & Andy shows because they provide insight.

  591. half.white.all.american:

    “This is because black people are hilarious! Look at those episodes where dave chapelle acted “white”
    c’mon now I know you thought that was funny.
    White guys are hilarious too, don’t get me wrong. My boyfriend is white and is a goofball 24/7

    All the comments I read on here from whites who said they wouldn’t be friends with blacks, are once again stereotyping what they perceive as “thugs”

    Here in richville, private college USA where I live the majority of blacks are WEATHLY, extremely educated, very professional and would do just fine without your friendship.

    The majority of racists rednecks that I see, I think are just jealous that they live in trailer parks and drive beat-up 20yr old chevys while “people of color” roll past them in mercedes.”

    white or black arent colours, theyre shades. yellow brown and red are colours thou. i think its funny when people refer to black people as “people of colour”

  592. this website is awesomely funny!!!

  593. True!! I couldnt have said it better. Another thing I think whitos like blondes better than they like Asian girls.

  594. True as whiteys can be helluvh ignorant unfortunately. PS: Black women are SEXY! Especially DARK skinned ones!

  595. 5 is impossible?
    I don’t know…I mean, when you’re the basketball team captain of your High School you tend to have a lot of black friends…like half the team and all their friends too.

  596. in my exeprience people come in a wide variety of shapes, sizes and colors…including black people. i’m black, even though people insist I must be half white because the tone of my skin and my lifestyle choices.

    According to this list, I wouldnt be beneficial at all. I couldnt tell you about gang signs and Vietnamese beauty supply stores. I never go to clubs and I cound’t tell you how it “pops, drops, and locks”. ( I hate rap with a firey passion)

    I, however, was raised in the subarbs. In 19( and a half!) years I couldn’t tell you how many white friends I’ve had but I can count the number of black ones on one hand ( 5- none of which i still talk too), and I’ve never dated a black guy. My favorite band is the beatles and I like more than 90% of the stuff white people like list including: #99 Grammar ( bad grammar is like nails on a chalk board to my ears. ), #72 Study Abroad ( I got to study abroad in Australia and it was amazing), #50 Irony, #49 Vintage, #48 Whole Foods and Grocery Co-ops, #47 Arts Degrees (I’m in the process of getting one right now), #41 Indie Music, #38 Arrested Development, #35 Colbert Report, #15 Yoga, #3 Film Festivals

    and I’ve been saying that Sandra Oh was the most attractive person on Greys Antonmey for the longest time. My ancestry is about as spotted as a Dalmation and I’d bet money that yours is too. So much so that labels like “black” and “white” don’t really mean anything. My skins not black and I’d bet if you stand adjcent to some xerox paper, you wouldn’t be as white as you think you are.

    It’s not about the color of your skin, its about who you are as a person. I’m not black ( certainly not by your standards), I’m not white-washed, and I’m not self-hating. I make not apologies for who I am. And the only label I want on me is “American.”

  597. Okay RUFUS!!!

  598. Good Luck!

  599. Now u know good and well why they spend so much time in the sun!!! The lack of melotonin…

  600. hands down exactly!
    You’re totally amazing…

  601. the person in that picture looks like my cousin.

  602. I’ve had one black friend for many years, because of an employment connection, and in some ways, he’s more white than me. But I can tell you other great reasons to have black friends:

    1. Drugs
    2. Acquistion of hip lingo.
    3. Black thugs less likely to kill you.

    The flipside:

    1. Sometimes bad drugs
    2. White people using black lingo is really lame.
    3. Black thugs may kill you and your black friend
    and take your drugs.

  603. Hey, nearly all these posts are pure garbage.
    Hey, my mom’s black and my dad’s chinese-cuban…so generally I look like a blind brazilian.
    Bottom line, since I like most of the crap on this list (which I find so incredibly accurate it’s scary) I must be amazingly white.
    Which is just wonderful and truthfully I’m the black “it” girl for most of my white friends, which doubles as the “ghetto relations” advisor.
    You know the one who spots all the crackheads.
    And it definitely has nothing to do with how you’ve been raised. So cut the “i’m black from the suburbs” shit.
    I don’t know how I ended up from with my crazy ass (white) friends…probably our love of Adult Swim, weed, and indie music.

    Also: my grandma’s an asian girl, so I guess that means I kinda love asian women too (lol)…

  604. damn.. we’re still a pretty f*cked up racist country, if these posts are any barometer… whatever happened to choosing friends b/c you like them?

  605. you hate black people.

  606. I’m black and I count my white friends. I have the “crazy, down for whatever white girl”, who likes to get drunk, be irresponsible, and party all night. I have my professional white friends who I network with and talk about art, film, and jobs. My sporty white friends- the yoga-lover, skiier, and water enthusiasts….

    Behind it all–I hang out with them because I like something about them.


  608. so I have black friends just to appear not racist…thats a pretty racist comment in itself…its not about the color of your skin its how you were raised =\

  609. AH. Do you have any Black friends or are you a coconut nigga. Black on the outside and white on the inside. lol

  610. Greg. Come on man lets be real here. Drugs. White people buy and use more drugs than Blackpeople. Some Whitepeople are the gateway to the drugs getting in the country. Your racist C.I.A has been involved in drug trafficking in our communities for many years now. Your police departments do drug busts and sell the drugs right back to the dealers. This real talk here BUDDY!

  611. Rufus. Guess what? Many of us don’t really like yall either. We just get along with you devils. Those of you who are devils. But we do enjoy having wild sex with your beloved freaky white sisters. Oh and they enjoy it to by the way. By the way let me know if you have a cute sister Rufus. My number is 757-408-4370

  612. How do you understand the definition of the word “racist” here?

  613. There are a lot of angry people here.
    Just be culturally cool


  614. Agree Remo and still there are people that don’t understand that reality.
    Some people are blind to it. Probably Bush people.
    Ever hear of Serpico?


  615. on August 13, 2008 at 4:03 pm ilovejapantoo

    ahahahaha…..whew…man…good stuff, pretty true, but i think there are a few things missing from this post and from the whole list.
    1-“multi-cultural” friends
    2-wu-tang clan
    4-being a small part minority
    ….i’m sure there are more but i think these are some must haves!

  616. Thank you!

  617. “Obama’s run a racially divisive campaign, so it’s no surprise that his base of support is largely blacks”

    No Einstein, Obama’s base is largely white.

  618. Seal is loaded with cash. The Elephant Man can pull a model is he is rich.

  619. I’m black, and I can’t stand black people who boldly announce that they’re black, and can’t type 3 sentences without spelling and grammatical errors. Spellcheck…

  620. Don’t flatter yourself. You’re probably no one worth knowing anyway.

  621. a ha ha ha ha! No. I personally am white and have no minority friends. I find minorities to be rather snotty and stuck up considering they are leeching off society and contribute nothing. I also have no desire to have minority friends.

  622. on August 13, 2008 at 8:10 pm notawhitechuavinistlikehaley

    hey haley, thanks for being a bigot in a funny blog that wasn’t asking for your opinion.

  623. wow u racist :/

  624. I don’t know the people in the picture on this page, but the topic immediately brought to mind the picture of Stephen Colbert and his Black Friend.

    Yes, I’m white. I don’t even tan well.

  625. haha, nice.

  626. “a ha ha ha ha! No. I personally am white and have no minority friends. I find minorities to be rather snotty and stuck up considering they are leeching off society and contribute nothing. I also have no desire to have minority friends.” – haley

    leeching off society? wasn’t different european groups of immigrants like that when they first came to america? that is really ignorant. minorities often times are poorer because of their social-economic backgrounds. And many minorities try to survive in the limited resources they have. You obviously do not know how hard it is to be an immigrant to a country and try to work on the limited resources you are given simply because you are either labeled a minority or because of your social-economic backgrounds. For example, a lot of Vietnamese in America come from refugee backgrounds and are poorer. but its not like they don’t contribute. they just don’t have as much money as a typical white person. You’re the one that sounds really stuck up, unsympathetic, and misinformed.

  627. Haley, commence by educating yourself. Pick-up a book every once in a while, and feed your brain cells. They will thank you.

    It is unfortunate that with the advancement of technology at our finger tips, we still have not a clue on basic information. Please do yourself a favor and look-up the following contributors to society: CRispus Attucks, Pedro Alonzo Nino, Dr. Daniel Hale Williams, Squanto, Sr. Caesar Chavez and the list is endless. The aforementioned names are just for starters.

    I am a proud Cuban-American, and my family and I have worked extremely hard in this country.

    God Bless.

  628. I am white and I agree with you Maggie all the way.
    I may have not had to work as hard as you but I still agree

  629. you disgust me. if in fact you’ve met any “snotty, stuck-up minorities”, it’s probably bc you were snotty and stuck-up to them.

  630. HOLY SHIT. I live in brampton, there’s not enough black friends to go around. We make up for it with brown friends. it’s a 15:1 ratio.

  631. on August 19, 2008 at 7:40 am David Hammond

    I grew up in a poor, largely black part of London. Growing up, all my friends were black. Then I went to college, got a job, got on with my life. Now I have 1 black friend. The majority of the people I grew up with are either dead, in prison or have fallen by the wayside on account of being too ignorant or uneducated to survive in the modern world. A lot of them turned out to be extremely violent and unstable people.

  632. LOL @ coconut nigga never heard of that one before!

  633. True! She must be so ghetto thats why she cant attract high class black people.

  634. Go f*ck a black woman. You need it!

  635. True that!

  636. on August 21, 2008 at 12:45 pm Ricardo Orgullaso

    hi haley, i am mexican would you like to make love to me?

  637. i believe its pop lock & drop it


  638. In about two minutes on mans timeline of evolution, we will realize what a waste of gray matter this dialogue is. Skin color is as significant as car color. skin doesn’t dictate behavior, the brain (if you have one) does.

    Racism (from ANYONE) is an indicator of non-cerebral existence.



  639. because if we don’t have something to hate, what fun is living?

  640. Race is about genetic ancestry, not *just* skin color. Races differ in much more significant ways than mere skin color. It’s very, very well established that blacks (people of sub-Saharan African ancestry) are (much) less intelligent than whites (people from northern European ancestry). This means race matters.

    Race matters. Like it or not, it matters. People who think it doesn’t are outdated. We can’t ignore it away.

  641. I strongly disagree with this statement. I am friends with people who have common interests, whether they be black, white, hispanic, indian, or asian. It seems most people (including white people my age) don’t listen to Elvis, The Beatles or most 60’s music interesting, but that doesn’t keep me from having close friends of different ethnicities, it just keeps me from having alot of friends. I have a few good friends and I am happy with that. You don’t need to “collect” black friends to feel comfortable in your outlook on racism, you need to have friends who are genuinily interested in what is on the inside and vice versa.

  642. Wow. Obviously sounds like you don’t have one then (a brain). Also…go fuck yourself, or suck a penis, or whatever other faggoty thing you like to do.

  643. on August 25, 2008 at 6:20 pm A White Person

    This one isn’t as funny as the other posts.

  644. Unfortunately the entire world. Looks at a color of a persons skin. It has been scientifically/psychologically proven that all races harbor stereotypes towards other races subconsciously since the ages of 2-4yrs old. It’s how we act on these misconceptions that determines us.

  645. First of all define Intelligence. As any single person knows that you can not simply constrict Intelligence to any specific area therefor the first flaw in your arguement.
    Also exactly how are they much less intelligent? The abilities to manufacture better weapons and therefor take over a continent makes them smarter? Sorry if I didn’t realize that the amount of people you have killed/enslaved/put down raises the intelligence of a culture.

    Also…speaking of Genetics. Do you know that on Average you have just as much in common with someone not of your race as you do of your race? How is that for Genetic Ancestry. Learn before you speak.

  646. WTH!? White people sure are funny. Ya’ll need Jesus in ya life…

  647. It’s unfortunate that a blog that is supposed to at ‘best’: enlighten curious readers to the idiosyncrasies that one race of people seem to have in common(just like any other race or culture will develop) AND at the ‘least’ serve as stimulating & often funny water cooler talk; could warp into a platform for a few very sad, willfully under-informed and hateful people to vent their pain and whatever ‘inner issues’ they have going towards anyone who stumbles across their comment
    ..Outside of that lil’ bit of hater-juice, I really enjoy this blog!


  648. I love morons who decry racism with bigotry, they sure are helping the cause – helping blacks and whites hate “faggots” TOGETHER!

  649. My Dearest One!Greetings to you, I hope this mail will find you well & healthy and Ihope we can established a relationship since we are meeting here for the first time,I have gone through a profile that speaks good of you on this site: I was impressed when i saw your profile and decide to communicate with you. It is my desire to know you,also i have very inportant thing to tell you,
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  650. Sorry, I don’t have any black friends. I have had lots of great black co-workers, but I don’t usually make good friends out of co-workers… already don’t have much time with the abundance of friends that we already have.

  651. While Stuff White People Like contributes on a massive scale to our invisibilization (really, it’s like the hipster flipside of Sarah Palin), I’m introducing a new blog called Bitter White Folks for Obama to explode this zero-sum game. My family were part of the 41 million who migrated from the Appalachian/Southern region to the Midwestern states in the postwar period: precisely the demographic from which support for Obama (and progressive politics as such) is supposed to be non-existent. But it was the economic policies of Reagan and the Clinton and Bush dynasties that produced such atrocities as the 2,200 square miles of strip-mining in Appalachia that have put thousands out of work, reduced the average income to the level of Mexico and forced migration to the North in search of jobs. So I actually completely agree with Obama’s sentiment: of course Appalachian and Midwestern communities are “bitter” – and it cannot be denied that more than a few have been mislead into believing that these elites somehow hear their voices. With the increasingly patronizing tone of the Republicans however (which Stuff White People Like only solidifies), many are rapidly becoming unconvinced – at least Obama speaks about the situation as it really is: as he put it in that same speech, “you can go into the toughest neighborhoods, you know working-class lunch-pail folks, you’ll find Obama enthusiasts. And you can go into places where you think I’d be very strong and people will just be skeptical”. For more, check out my blog at http://bitterwhitefolksforobama.blogspot.com

  652. What about black girlfriends?

  653. on September 6, 2008 at 6:53 am Alex the white guy.

    What long worded nonsense and shameless plug for your blog. “urban” — please.

  654. its “pop lock and drop it”!!!

  655. “It’s very well established that blacks…less intelligent than whites…” Who established it? Whose research? Well, many races believe that Asians are more intelligent than people from northern European ancestry. Is it fact or fiction? You decide. Like it or not 🙂

  656. Like…oh my G-d. You’re soooo crazy.

  657. Asians score higher on IQ tests but low on creativity. Asians are like walking computers. They can process and store a lot of data making them seem smart but they cannot create new things like real humans. Threres a reason the japs were using the same airplanes from 1939 at the end of wwii while the whites were using brand new rocket and experimental planes

  658. why do u tolerate the pakis? i mean u brought the negras 2 the UK but pakis immigrated by will. send em back!

  659. I am black and I think this is funny as hell. Whoever gets uptight about this simply has no since of humor. We only have one life to live people. It doesn’t hurt to laugh and make fun of yourself sometimes.

  660. The funny thing is that as a black person I can definately relate to Kevin Riley’s comment. I’m not even mad at him b/c I understand where he is coming from b/c I feel the same way. I don’t hate white people b/c I as a person just am not capable of harboring hatred in my heart. I can say that I don’t relate to many white people, I don’t really have anything to say to them and I simply prefer the company of my own people. The funny thing is I actually had a white best friend when I was in Kindergarten, it’s just amazing how life influences our thoughts and preceptions of eachother. Once again let me say that I can relate with Kevin. I DO NOT HATE WHITE POEOPLE, HOWEVER I DON’T RELATE TO THEM AND PERFER TO BE AROUND MY OWN PEOPLE. This is not to say that I am some sort of extremist who wants a race war and wants to deny others of their rights. That’s just stupid. I can enteract with all cultures just fine, I simply prefer my own and I feel I as well as everyone else including white people should have that right. It doesn’t breed hate I just feel like we are all different and as soon as we are able to accept those differences and maybe appreciate them we can all get along better, b/c the fact of the matter is we are all here and nobody is going anywhere.

  661. No Black/White friends sorry you are wrong on that one. I am from Oklahoma and I am black and was raised in an upper middle class neighborhood that was mixed with all races and everybody has friends of all races. So maybe in your town this is what you have seen but you can’t say the entire midwest is this way. If you know anything you can’t generalize and entire area based on your lack of expertise on the subject. SORRY!!!

  662. Okay so I assume this site is only intended to represent white people with money because I am black and I live in an upper middle class neighborhood in Oklahoma and not all but alot of the white people in my town live behind my neighborhood in trailers and I must say I don’t think they like these things.

  663. you need to stop pasting this everywhere, man. its all a joke. let people joke. Joking about white, upper-middle class people has nothing to do with strip-mining. in fact, if you actually read the sight, i think you’d find that white people are against hurting the environment with things like strip-mining. so this sight kind of promotes your sentiments, buddy!

  664. …LOL!!!
    REALLY??!! Alex The WHITE Guy!!!
    I suppose calling myself “The BLACK Chick who’s fed the #$%$@#-up with thinly veiled racist comments made by SOME narrow minded, yahoos!”….I guess that would be um,….more to the point!
    Maybe THAT version is more broken down for ya’ (*wink*)
    ..Ohhh yeahhhh…and it would be remiss of me, since you put ME ‘on blast'( there’s a lil’ urban colloquialism for you) to NOT include my blog
    ( Yep, it’ shameless plug time stay tuned for my Sarah Palin caricature & blog.. I’m just getting started!)



  665. If there was a site making fun of all the Blacks that chit would be on CNN and everyone demanding to have it taken down but I guess reverse racism is cool now :LOL: I really don’t give a chit I just think double standards are crappy.

  666. on September 8, 2008 at 4:14 pm WeAllBrothers&Sisters

    i agree with you . but i think everyone needs to seriously shut the fuck up , cause no one is better then anyone else , i think that’s what people of all race have issues with , just calm down and realize that we’re all of one species , if you see a rich white lady walking down the street i bet you she has problems going on inside her head , if you see a black teenager who’s blood or crip or l.k or whatever i bet you he got problems too , we all have problems reguardless of who you are , so stop being racist ONE LOVE .

  667. on September 8, 2008 at 4:21 pm WeAllBrothers&Sisters

    not all white people are racist , im white and my “fore fathers” would have been nice to blacks since we were part of the same empire , so not all white people are racist . in fact the europeans took the idea of slavery from the africans them selves , but what happened , happened you cant change it , so why do people still stress over this ? yes there are mad white people out there who are racist but there are also blacks too . but all i know is that , if i was alive during the begginings of slavery i woulda burned thos slaves ships .

  668. on September 9, 2008 at 10:54 am DJ Ronnie digital

    lol im white and i have more black friends then white (over a few dozen) and I relate 2 them more, and I have heard that I act more “hood” then sum black dudes without “trying” to. I am not a “wigger” a “wigger” tries to be something that they are not, they usually are a rich suburban kid that only gets exposed of street life through movies and BET and practices acting hard in the mirror with no sense of style except what they copy from other “real” g’z/thugs or TV. Is it because I was raised around it? I think so, I am also a DJ that hung around alot of rappers thru my teen years and has just as much respect as any of them did. I gotta EBT card, I keep hotsauce in my car cuz KFc’s sauce is wack, I dont go 4 whitegurls cuz they are dramatic prozac poppin wack jobs, and they dont have asses that are juicy 2 grab while they ride sumthin,–( I dont do muscle booties). and i dont like lil wayne or 50 cent cuz they are officially mainstream–almost “white” music now. yall clueless white people do me a favor GO TO YOUTUBE AND SEARCH– MR. WHITEFOLKS– Its all about how you are bred and what your culture is growing up, Im just here to say, if you didnt have a silver spoon in your cradle like alotta white people, then you are usually brought up by an urbanized or street life (depending where you are from) I am from Rockford, IL (the brokest crime-infested city after Chicago in Illinois)

    but i still am in tune with my white self and I am proud of that in many ways, i do listen 2 much rock and I still think clinton was the best prez of our era. and David Lee roth RULEd the 80s lol!!! dont mind my radom thoughts, just sum topic starters 4 dat azz

  669. Um that shows how racist the world still is. We are all racist against eachother and this site proves it. The past is the past…white people terrorized Native American lands…PAST not anymore…those where the anscestors….and Black Slaves…that is the past too!! OVER. I’d be friends with a white, black, orange, green or purple person!! I don’t care, I love everyone and that’s how the world should be. It’s just that everyone in this world is too full of pride to see past colour and gender.

    Please get over yourself and the past!!! We are all the same!!


  670. Actually, last time I checked black is black and white is white. Black is not white and white is not black.

    We are different.

    If you can appreciate those differences then we can make progress.

  671. Oh, so racism is an issue of the past…get a f*ing clue. Both Native Americans and African-Americans are still suffering the consequences from these actions of the PAST and are still discriminated against today. As a black female I’m not bitter over things that happend 400 years ago, I’m bitter about what’s going on right now.

  672. Yes there are differences, in culture, not in the simple fact that we are all still human! I confess to only having one black friend (but I only have 4 tight friends anyway, but she is a great person), and I have always loved her for just being my friend. We hang out and do many different kinds of things and race NEVER factors into it. I think there are some people of all races who are unique and see people for who they are not the colour of thier skin. Too bad more people can’t. I was raised in a very racist state and am glad watching ‘bigots on parade ‘has at the very least made me glad to see people in general not as a color. I grew up feeling sorry for other nationalities because they were picked on, now I feel sorry for the people who are racist. THay are a sad, pathetic lot, who may denying themselves something special by NOT opening thier minds and hearts to others.

  673. It’s sad but true. All people have prejudices of some sort. People feel threatened by things they don’t understand or have no exposure to. All people can find themselves in a situation they do not feel comfortable in. After living in NYC and seeing how all the different people (races, religions, sexual preferences, economic backgrounds, etc…) are all living together, it opens your eyes to the possibilities for the world. Growing up in the south and seeing how completely backwards things can be here, one can not help but be concerned about the future. I think it will take a major catastrophe for everyone to bond together and realize we are all humans before anything else and we all have more in common than we think.
    Just my $.02

  674. or maybe you’re just bitter period…

  675. easy to say when black people been set back years because there ancestors been abducted basiclly stolen (Im still trying to figure out how can you steal a group of people o i know how the same way you steal land any who). stuck in a land with know knowledge of what they hell is going on but besides work work work and pick this cotton or get hung and if I catch you reading you gonna get whipped or even die.

    and poor native Americans excuse me its racist to call them native Americans because all the tribes view them selves as different people. Sioux is different from Apache basically

    but dang white people just stole the land from them so that past is the past is easy to say for some people.

  676. You my friend is slow you realize where the same pigment but just a diffrent shade.

    I have not yet seen a white person the actually hue called white I have not yet seen a black person the actually hue called black. it either very light brown to very dark brown and ever group of people fit in that mold.

    so to think where different to the point of biological makeup is stupid we may vary but when it comes to it where not different like a cow is to a pig. where the same as a German shepherd is the same species as golden retriever I bet when it comes to it they both reproduce to if there different sex.

  677. “She was blond with blues eyes and more African American than I will ever be….. She was born in South Africa…”

    This reminded me of an incident when someone from Harvard admissions saw at orientation that a student she admitted who checked the “African American” box turned out to be white, trust me, she was not happy. Apparently the student’s parents were American citizens, but she was raised in Africa, so she thought she would be considered “African American.”

  678. tapm zfvdhrj potmwyuf xaqz fagy mxfdogir jvgloz

  679. on September 12, 2008 at 9:12 am Christine Barron

    If I could make my own commentative gumbo from the majority of the comments previously posted, I most definitely would. You are correct in saying that African Americans are not just angry for the injustices of their slave ancestors, but more for the injustices of the 21st century; it is very true. It is also true to say that in the midst of this we are all Americans. It is clear that the injustices of the country do effect the “Black/White” relations, however, what needs to occur in order for this country to progress racially and culturally is that the discussions on race and culture NEED to happen. If you find that you don’t have “black” friends or friends of other races or cultures, it is probably because you aren’t comfortable with yourself or with discussing the issues at hand without becoming offensive. Now, don’t get me wrong, there are still people in the US that have no type of culture in their surrounding neighborhoods or place of work..and that is not your fault. What IS a problem is that you want to attain friends of various races because you want to feel more secure. If you aren’t discussing race relations with your “black” friend…chances are, you all aren’t really friends..

    Think on those things

  680. King David,

    How, you ask, can you steal a group of people? Easy. Africans abducted fellow nationalists and traded them to the Europeans.

    Slavery is wrong. Period. Racism is wrong. Period. Injustice is wrong. Always. And we must diligently strive to break the bonds of injustice that exist today.

    But please don’t blame an entire “race” (“white people”) for something that happened years before many people’s ancestors even immigrated to America.

  681. Wow…you need to learn how to spell and speak the correct way before you write something like that on here. That just proves how illiterate you are. The majority of black people I’ve ever met are way more racist than any white person. So think about that one…

  682. Andaben’s comment is just about half way “there.” The final sentence ignores the fact that people continue to benefit from the extermination of native peoples and the theft of their land, and that White people in particular continue to profit from the slavery of the past. I think there is a distinction between “blaming” the living for what people did long ago and asking them to take responsibility for the benefits that we experience today thanks to the history of slavery and the on-going racism in the country today.

    As a white person I can understand the rush to put the past behind us but the fact is that native peoples are still treated poorly and in fact most live in a kind of poverty that is nothing like the poverty in rural or urban America. However, the fact that native people live in such poverty doesn’t really take away from the fact that our educational systems are failing children of color today more than ever in our history. Put the history in the past if that is what you feel you must do, but face today as it is. This is still a country where White people start out on third base.

    A word about getting along with others: until white people find the courage to listen to people of color and believe them when they tell us about their experiences of racism, we can’t get anywhere. White people might find it helpful to ask themselves, “What would it mean if people who share their experiences of racism are telling the truth? What does that mean about our country, our communities and ourselves. What changes are each of you as an individual willing to make in order to create a world that you yourself say you want to live in?

  683. “White people in particular continue to profit from the slavery of the past.” This needs a little explanation. Please expand your thoughts. I am interested to read them.

    We all definitely benefit from our exploitation of the indigenous people of the Americas. The Columbian Exchange provided the Americas with “Florida” oranges and “Texas” longhorns. The Americas, in turn, provided the Irish with potatoes, on which they grew dependent, and from which they subsequently suffered during the Irish famine. It is our responsibility, then, to study these facts and understand how to prevent similar events from happening again.

    “This is still a country where White people start out on third base.” This is also a country where urban youth are fed two meals a day in school. This is also a country where urban youth go to school without jackets, winter apparel, or ANY school supplies (this includes crayons, pencils, pens, paper, backpacks, etc.) because the guardians know the teachers will just pay for these ESSENTIAL items out of their own pocket.

    Why are we failing our children of color in schools? Because there is no support at the home. An education doesn’t begin and end within the confines of a school. It truly does take a village to raise a child. That means that families and communities must endeavor to support their children. And this isn’t happening in urban communities. But, of course, the easy answer is to blame the schools.

    I agree that we all need to learn to engage in a dialog to understand one another’s perspectives. But this isn’t a one-lane road. Racism isn’t simply white people against every other culture. Racism is also prejudging a person because of his/her Western European culture. Similarly, I have heard many people of color talk about “A-rabs” disparagingly.

    I do believe we need to work together to solve our problems. But that means working together and not simply stating “white people need to listen to our stories.” And it also means that people need to take responsibility for themselves and their communities instead of placing blame or expecting the government to provide for them.

  684. First off, racism is NOT interchangeable. Black nationalism is NOT the same as White supremacy. Why? Because, simply put, 11.7 million whites weren’t transported from Europe, foricbly, to a quote-unqoute “new” world (in which 95% of the indigenous population were killed.) I think one of the problems in dominant White thinking is viewing the historical process of White supremacy and colonialism as a sort of a “human” event which ALL cultures and people are guilty of. In this view, the will to dominate is essentially a “natural” phenomenon and “Europeans just took it the farthest.” Yeah, Europe took it the farthest alright. 85% of the world controlled in 1900 was controlled but a handful of white countries, with people being forcibly extracted (As slaves), resources being sucked out, forced free trade, cultural destruction, and genocide. There is NO historical, non-European equivalent to 85%. Not even close. No region of the world fully escaped the destruction wrought by European colonialism (except, of course, Europe!) So the racist ideology that permitted such barbaric behavior on the part of Europeans is still within us Indian-killing Americans today, yes, and to say White people are bad in this context is not the symptom of stereotyping.

    And this idea of interchangeability brings us to slavery. Yes, Africans enslaved other Africans, Arabs had slaves, many cultures had slaves. But the difference here is on the order of magnitude. 11.7 million? Come on, man. The Arabs had slaves but they were treated familial-like, and if they were a women and bore a master’s child, they were set free. This was in sharp contrast to American slavery, in which masters could rape their slaves, have them bear children, and then sell that child to another owner (as was often done.) The one drop rule meant that any Black ancestry constituted that you were a slave, so a White father didn’t count for anything. Also, the location of the slavery was significant: local vs. colonial. The Arabs didn’t export a HUGE chunk of Africa’s population to a new colony overseas because it was economically profitable. Africans, consequently, did not export their African slaves to colonies of their own overseas. (Note that Arabs and Africans chose NOT to have colonies overseas.) So again, slavery is very, very different in a white context than it is to any other culture/race on the planet–much more brutal, systemic, higher scale, more linked to economic/capitalist development, and of course, the only one to employ the middle passage, in which some 3 million of those Africans died. Just like White supremacy is different than cross-cultural racism, so, too, was white-controlled slavery on a scale more destructive and with farther reaching consequences than any other cultures’ on Earth.

    So, how do you benefit from slavery? Gee, I don’t know. I guess rapid American economic development in its formative years only stemmed from the fact that good old, working Americans worked their ass off and created a great nation. Not the fact that 40% of Virginia’s pop in 1790 were slaves, and provided a great source of cheap (free) labor, and those profits could be reinvested in industry and other enterprises. Not to mention the complete underdevelopment that was forcibly inflicted on Africa via the Slave trade and colonialism that created England’s and then America’s superpower status, and now, to extract raw materials from Africa’s land (15% of the world’s iron comes from Africa, but only 1% of the world’s steel is produced in its borders.)

    Oh, but that’s the past, I don’t still benefit. Oh, really? You think you don’t benefit from an economic system that privileges White people over people of color? You think that poverty among “urban” youth, as you politely refer to them, stems from their inability to take account for their conditions, and not the fact that they inherited the economic and social disadvantages of a population forcibly transfered, kept in servitude for some 200 years, and then just told to go “do your thing?” The middle class is where it is because other people constitute its wage-slaves. Who are these “other people?” Who are porters, busboys, servants, the lower-class? Predominantly people of color. You think that’s a coincidence? Look, African-Americans were brought here by the chain, kept on the plantation by the gun, and our kept poor now by the dollar. Poverty is cyclical. That isn’t to say there isn’t African-American agency–their is–but if your analysis of racism only looks at the “laziness” of blacks, you’re essentially ignoring the ways in which your privilege, wealth, and power are structurally based on the poverty of other people, and in America, people of color.

  685. 11.7 million in the previous post refers to the number of slaves sent to the new world aboard the middle passage.

  686. Race should factor into it, because it affects her life, whether or not you want to see it is another question altogether. Pretending race isn’t there doesn’t make racial oppression go away. I know you think that you not seeing “the color of someone’s skin” is progressive, but its actually hegemonic in that in assimilates other cultures and peoples in to what is undeniably a white society, to their cultural loss. If race never factors into what you do, if you can never “see” her race, then obviously you have no understanding of her as a non-white person with a culture that is non-white. Unless, her culture really is “White,” in which case cultural dominance is complete. Which is not a good thing.

  687. Huh, never gave it much thought…

  688. that article that is, not the comments (a little too “liberal college” for me appeal)

  689. you are right that economic conditions were improved upon through slavery. and, using your logic, these very economic conditions have now given the disadvantaged a multitude of social services.

    social services and the government can only provide so much. it is time for people to overcome the obstacles in their paths to earn a better future. we are now more than 30 years after “Great Society” legislation and nothing has changed. i’d conjecture that it’s gotten worse. you spout facts that everyone has heard and understand, but offer no perspective and no solutions.

    you are right that there is a cycle of poverty, a cycle of violence. but there is still no accountability. once there is accountability we will see change.

  690. Grow. The. Fuck. Up!!!

    Yes America has race issues, there is no denying that. I am not American but lived there for years.

    Hmmm, did I mention. Grow. The. Fuck. Up!!!

    Unless this site is some kind of poorly executed satire (perhaps for 3 year olds) then it’s makers need to look up the word ‘Ironic’.

    I’m not going to bolster this post with my own cross-racial-boundaries experiences as I, as a 40 year old man dont have to justify myself to anyone.

    But I will say this….if you have any sensitivity to a persons skin colour BEFORE you see who they are as a person then get the hell out of where you are and move somewhere where you can experience tolerance.

    I’m not denying racial stupidity exists, but this site doesnt help, hell this is part of the problem.

  691. I don’t “count” black friends. I have, in fact, few of them. I’ve been fortunate to have had over the years friends of many races from many countries, something I hope has opened my viewpoint and kept me from being too narrow-minded.

    I also happen, however, to be very much in love with a black woman. We get along not by making a big deal out of our racial differences but by talking about them plainly, joking about them, and sometimes simply ignoring them because, like people everywhere, sometimes we just don’t get each other. Still, we can love each other and we can learn greater understanding. We’re not talking about changing the world here. It’s by no means political. I asked her out because she had a pretty smile and a way about her that charmed me. It just turned out that we got along and things have moved along from there.

    But we are very, very different culturally. She is not very educated. I’m something of a bookworm, a philosophical type. Yet we make each other happy. I grew up and (again) live in the mostly white suburbs outside of St. Louis, Missouri. She grew up in rural Missoui but now lives in a poor, all-black violent neighborhood in St. Louis. Several members of her family have been murdered. She hears gunshots many nights and needs to stay away from the windows for safety. I can’t even imagine living like that. She doesn’t like it, of course, but it’s the way it is and as she often says, “I’m still living.”

    To say that whites are not accountable for the past is nonsense. We live as part of a continuum in time. The past affects all of us. Slavery and the brutality, abuse and economic deprivations inflicted on blacks is part not only of black but white heritage too. Sure, racism works both ways. But as a white person, I’m often embarrassed by my own race. Subtly, rarely speaking out loud, whites very often still retain traces of that superior attitude that black people are right to hate and that right-thinking people everywhere should be ashamed to harbor.

    To say that my girlfriend and I don’t have problems because of our racial differences–I prefer to think of them as cultural–would be untrue. There are things that divide us. We both have some ingrained biases. But people grow and change. I believe we are as a couple. Hopefully, as a society we can learn to do the same.

  692. Well fortunately it looks like you won’t be leaving behind any “embarassing” white offspring. Yeah white people are disgusting, but not because of how they were, but how they are. Any race with a predominant character like your own (and the white certainly is a race of which your character is predominant) can only be described by the phrase “fukced up”.
    NB. I love this site! Keep up the good work!

  693. everywhere has a culture, so your concept of “has no type of culture” I assume translates too “im a white person who is, laughably, a perfect example of what this site is mocking, with your desire for ‘diversity’, neighborhoods with ‘texture’ and ‘soul’, which in turn translate to “are not white & therefore are not familiar, and while other races don’t do this (because they are healthy and self-liking), me and mine have developed a big complicated moral system to allow justification as to why ‘the less like us the better'”. Excuse me while I go vomit.

  694. White power

  695. Ask them how often they “hang out” or go to church with their black friends.

    Hall Monitor

  696. i had a black friend once, he fuckoff with me bike…

  697. That aint right, man. Skin is just a shell. It’s ass holes that we all can do with out. They come in all shapes, sizes, and yes-colors.

  698. Your key board must be broken. They’re cheap, you know.

  699. Stupidity, not pride. The europeans who came over and “settled” this country, were mostly the dregs of society that were run out of their homelands by pretentious people whom they try to emulate. Over time they just got crustier, like an over baked pie. They never “get it” untill they are knocked off their high horses, and have to live in others shoes

  700. If I still benefit, how come I drive a peice of crap ? My neighbor drives a shiney Suburban with spinny wheels. Way off base.
    The education system today is failing all children. If total scores are low- dumb ass superintendants lower the standards. that fails the country as a whole. Third base ? That is delusional. I don’t have to ask poeple of color about their experiences of racism, been there and seen that. The only changes that one has to make is not being an asshole.

  701. I’m white, and I don’t like having black friends. I just can’t relate. None of my white friends like having black friends either.

  702. Wow, you are exactly who this website is about.

  703. Have you ever tried to relate to black people or are you just saying that because you’ve never tried? It could be that maybe you and your friends are finding stereotypical black people and taking that as a general representation of the black community? You’d be surprised how many black people there are out there that is interested in things other than bling, rims, and video ho’s. Just saying, give a shot.

  704. Another victim of clear satire. Have you -seen- the rest of the posts on this site? It’s clearly not intended to be serious!

  705. I’ve had a few black friends over the years that I played video games or dungeons and dragons with. Does that even count?

  706. Come on it’s obviously a joke!

  707. Maybe it was, maybe it wasn’t. But if you thought I was offended by what was said, I wasn’t at all. I just said for him/her to give it a shot. Nothing more, nothing less.

  708. zzzzzzzzzzzzz

  709. how’s the cross burning coming along?

  710. I’m half black and I have a ton of white friends (but also asian, black, indian, native, hispanic etc. ). Everytime I throw a party I love it because there’s a rainbow assortment of different ethnicities and cultures.

    I think most white people categorize blacks as all the same and don’t take the time to get acquainted (that’s not a problem where I am at however–So Cal)

  711. it is so nice to hear from some white guys who are ‘in love’ with non white women. Why? because they feel that just because they are involved with that non-white female, they have the license to give their unique, enlightened, never heard before b—s— insight as to how ‘racism’ really ain’t that bad (because look at me!! my girlfriend isn’t white so i know a thing or two about non-white people!).
    P.S: for those who do not know what i am talking about when i mentioned ‘jungle fever’, it is a Spike Lee movie from the late 80s-early 90s……by no means a great movie, but it did touch on a subject that some white guys dislike intensely in the US of A

  712. had a white friend once….she fuck off with my man. I am white…people are assholes…no matter what colour

  713. OH YEAH!

  714. No. That does not count.

  715. Then you should tell them this. Doing so will ensure that after putting that thought into action, your desire for not having black friends will be granted.

  716. You’re just jealous, Doc.

    Paul has got it to a tee. He’s not offended by a site like this. Its people like you who believe this is where white folks come to commisserate. Real hard core, dyed in the wool, “it wan’t me”, bad potato salad making white folks like yourself who believe in their own racial supeiority.

    Paul, you are a breath of fresh air!

  717. accountability=reparations to former Slaves for forced extraction from Africa on a scale of 11.7m and the genocidal living conditions during Slavery and in the years that followed
    accountability=recognizing that colonizing structures continue into the present, in racist ideology, in the criminalization of immigrants, in the exploitation of third-world resources and labor
    accountability=American and Europe acknowledging that their (and White People’s!) privilege and industrial advantage came from the extraction of the world’s resources, as well as the genocide of people of color (95% of native Americans have so kindly died for this country to exist)

    Social services palliative to the disparate qualities of life which white people and people of color experience. (or, the rich and poor, it’s not completely divided along racial lines.) Whites earn more than blacks on a magnitude of 1.5 and their life expectancy in the US is twenty years longer than blacks.

    That is accountability. Then we will see a cycle of change. The burden of proof is NOT on the oppressed. It is on the oppressor. (You and me.)

  718. You are racist for not being able to relate to black people.

  719. and you’re an asshole

  720. I bet you don’t have any friends who have different political views as you.

  721. O my god these comments are awesome! They fall in line with everything that home girl said. And whats even cooler is I’m the token black guy. Shoot my nick name is Compton or Token just to denote that I’m black..in case anybody was blind lol

  722. You know black folks wouldn’t have a problem with guys who say stuff like what you just said if you just came out with it! Repeat after me: I DOCTOR DENIM AM RACIST.

    …don’t stray on the wrong side of the tracks. You might get shot

  723. i dont understand why everybody makes things so racial. i have black friends, asian friends, mexican friends, and white friends. i am white and so is my family but my 3 adopted little siblings are full black, and people in the white community are often judgemental but i say fuck em…a color is a color and people should get used to that.

  724. Yes I do…
    I hate Palin, while they love her

  725. Co-sign with Paul , some comments below me. I repect the way you see things as , thats one of the blessed fruits of education(in the real sense). Many Whites (and other) races dont even think about the other side of their discrimination …. or even why they’re even being discriminatory. Paul could have gone the other route about being in a violent all-black neighbourhood and how it affects his relationship with his partner but cared to look at it from a different perspective. Personally I have’nt even been to the U.S or even got close to an American Black but its everywhere. Where I’m from, India , my region, the north-east, we are to a certain level ‘discriminated’ by the regular looking Indians (because the North-easterners look ‘ Chinese ‘). So to a fair extent i know what it feels to be treat ‘that’ way. And i cant go and tell every single person on the street , college, mall , cinemas this whole thing so I decided to look at it from a different perspective and concluded that Discrimination is an act committed by the ignant. The world is more than just a race ! Why cant we all just get along 😛


  726. That’s racist.

  727. ok , people. i have realized that people are/will be racist. This comment was indeed not a joke, as someone commented earlier. There are a lot of white folks out there that feel the same way he does. The crazy thing about is that I was not offended by it. You know why??? I can’t relate to white people a lot of times either. I mean for example, why do white people let there kids literally disrespect them in public????? When I was growing up, if I looked at my momma wrong, she wouldnt care who was looking, she would smack the crap out of me if she “told” me to do something and I didnt oblige…(and I use the same tactics with my kids right today) lolol..There are tons of other stuff that we as black folks cant relate to white people about. But the list is tooo long. But do I want white friends????? HECK yeah!!!!!! I tell my husband all the time that we need us a white couple to hang out with. We get tired of going to places by ourselves because our black friends are financially strapped at the time, or hell, most of the times. lololol…Plus, white people are cool. I mean just as white folks don’t want to hang out with the stereotypical black person, as black folks, we don’t want to hang out with the sterotypical white person either. Yeah, its just the color of the skin, but trust me, our cultures truly clash. But so what??? I know black folks that I wouldn’t want to be around, b/c we dont have anything in common. That’s life. What I am saying here, is that, I would love to have friends of any other races that share the same interest as me, as far as ideas, values, even music, food, etc. Thats what life is really about.

  728. I started off years ago detesting white people because of personal situations like cross burnings, bussing and other things that are condemned currently.

    I can’t detest all but four of the people at the country club, nor most of the people I deal with everyday, because I have an engineering degree.

    I got to the point where I could fall in love with a white person and now that I’ve been married for over twenty years I wouldn’t say detest, but …

  729. I like you.

  730. grow. up.

  731. you’re awesome.

  732. The numbering system is funny. When you see things that are true it’s embarassing. I remember going to a hip hop club with two black girlfriends and feeling somewhat less conspicuous. They happen to be lightskinned, but I guess it still works. jk:)

  733. I happen to be white and I think 99% of the white people I have come across in my life need to use a noose on themselves

  734. I definitely agree with you! I, too am a Black woman and I can say that race doesn’t really have anything to do with how I choose my friends. I’ve come across plenty of Black people that I’ve thought to myself ok this is not the kind of person I want to hang out with. I’ve come across White people and felt the same way. Needless to say, I have friends of various races and the reason we’re friends is because we have similar interests, personalities, views, etc. Some White people get on my nerves just like some Black people get on my nerves. While race and culture have a grave impact on a person’s personality and beliefs, they do not dictate them.

  735. That’s racist as fuck.

  736. You know, people are always mentioning cross burnings but no one is mentioning the fucking computer you are typing on.

  737. thats kinda pretty gay u know. IU know wut? myspace. Myspace is just better than ths\is man. Seriosly man. Asians the best

    Go tigers at cerritos elementary

  738. i am a paki and i am very racist.
    Did u no black people have bigger willies
    White people tend to smell
    And they r gay and horny

  739. Black ladies hav big asses did u no dat
    White people r worse then black though
    Black people carry lethal weopens
    I heards white people drink there own piss
    then they drink there girlfriends piss

  740. i think ur all muther fuckers with bitch tails and have a fuckin bastard life

  741. well i like having different colour or culture of friend bc it awsome ,like i dont care what colour people are everyone is the same , where all a person yes we have diffenrent personality but still , i have no clue why some of my friend hate black people ?? i dont think that ,, black people are awsome even other people too everyone is cool ,, and whyy do people hate white people so much ?

  742. It’s a joke dumby

  743. i have no black friend but i do have a white friend that has a really weird interest in having a black friend.

    this is the most fucked up thing on here. why would you deliberately want to have a friend of a certain skin color?

  744. That’s why it’s funny!

  745. I use to live in San Francisco and I would wonder why I didn’t have any Asian friends. Depending on where you are it’s a valid question. If you and your friend are in metro DC, Atlanta, Chicago, Detroit etc. he’s right.

    After I asked myself the question, I started meeting and being friends with a lot of Asians. Unless you ask yourself the question you won’t really be open to others who don’t look like you.

  746. on October 13, 2008 at 10:09 pm Sunshine *nmrn*

    Hilarious! My best friend is white and this is a conversation we have had more than a few times. She likes to point out that she has more black friends than I do. And we have a mutal black friend. That black friend is my only black friend. For the record, I probably have more white friends than any minority on the planet. I have mastered every skill necessary to be accepted into their ranks. The white people with whom I am aquianted swear that I’m up there with Obama. 🙂

  747. Hahaha Lol, this forum made me laugh. Im Black myself, and am startin to understand this … Its sort of true, but may i ask, is this website racist????

    White CUNTS!

  748. I was think that same question.

    What has this world come to when we have a website that’s seperates black white and asian people.
    I’m black girl and I have friends from all backgrounds and it sickens me to think that people actually believe this CRAP.
    oh and by the way indie music has nothing to do with been white.
    I love indie bands as do many non white people.
    Here in england lots of white people don’t like indie music, so where do they fit in???

  749. I think your a sad sad person GET A LIFE.

  750. It’s not about race and how black people should have white friends or the other way around, colour(english) means shit to my generation and it shouldn’t to anyone else.
    No one person is the same as another no matter the race gender or class.
    we shouldn’t see race when we look at each other nor what crap happend in the past because it’s the past!

  751. QUOTE: “What has this world come to when we have a website that’s seperates black white and asian people.”

    Believe it or not, this trend is also observable on pornography web sites. Shameful!

  752. hahaha! What is really shameful is that you relate race with pornography as if they went hand in hand.

    tisk tisk jake, tisk tisk.

  753. Dude—I didn’t get through the multi-kabillion number of responses but just the first couple….listen…it’s SATIRE. It’s funny…and no different from a black comedian starting his set by saying “Where all my white people in the audience?…’yall know ‘yall can’t dance! **Chuckle, chuckle**

    Same thing…it’s a satirical look at one’s own culture. This blog author is white and he’s making observations about his own people.

    Anyone who thinks this is divisive, racist, or wrong should not be looking at a blog to unite the world in harmony. Come here to laugh.

  754. If people are coming on here to complain….. its really useless… and don’t bother arguing on the internet… because that’s just plain retarded.
    Nothing will be resolved.

  755. hmmm….people keep forgetting that this web site is just satire….i have a crap load of white friends and reading this list just makes me laugh…it’s a joke…ppl need to take it a lil easy…

    for some reason it isn’t racist for russell peters to get on stage and mock every culture..yet when someone blogs about it, it suddenly become such a shame….

    u ppl need to do something better with ur time…perhaps enlighten yourselves by starting stuffblackpeoplelike.com…but wait we already have america’s most wanted for that!

    now that was racism…..i retract my comment, but that is an example of racism….this blog is not racism…..u preteens are idiots at best

  756. what the hell are you on about

  757. Lol only you would know that, as it was my OWN observation of this fucked up society.

  758. Lol only you would know that, as it’s my OWN observation of this fuck up society.

  759. I have a half-black/white gf does that count?

    Damn she’s hot…she’s got the cute white girl face and slim body but a black girls huge boobs and nice lips

  760. To the educated man dating the uneducated Black Woman,

    I agree with almost every point you’ve made about our society and the responsibility both blacks and whites must take. The History of our country affects each of us in a profound way . Whites must be willing to have honest conversations about that history that will validate the feelings of abuse felt by many blacks. When both sides fully own this history you are better able to get past the preconceived ideas about each other. I diisagree with you and most of the other bloggers who believe understanding people is cultural. There are only variations of the same themes that exist in each culture and most cultural differences are found in people from different countries; not people from the same country.
    What makes people different in this country is financial access, opportunity and education. I am an educated black woman from a two parent family. They are both educated as were their parents. I’ve never been shot at, don’t have relatives who have succomb to violence , gone to jail, lived in poverty, worn gold teeth etc. We went to private schools shop Whole Foods, listen to Good Charlotte etc. We also buy BB Q from the hood, like rap, jazz and gospel. Have traveled to Europe, Africa and Asia.
    I too cant image living as your girlfriend does. Many whites think that all blacks live the impoverished life no matter how many times they encounter those who don’t. They would rather see all blacks as folks from the Hood and approach a would be friendship or acquaintance from that perspective. It really is shameful in 2000 , people don’t realize we have lots of Barack Obamas in our midst but they’d rather look for Jerry Springer types. What’s really strange is that Blacks are the most imitated in dance, popular lingo, singing/rapping, style, sports etc.
    Our presidential hopeful and his wife are a shining example both worlds. The cultural difference that many of you speak of is ACCESS.

  761. Ive had a few black friends,Im a middle aged 38 white male.All of my black friends hell All of my friends have moved away or in jail.
    My oldest son 19 is a wannaB,he tries really hard… can I count him as a black friend?

  762. I dunno any black people, they’re all in jail. WHERE THEY SHOULD BE !! peace

  763. They’re all in Jail? really? is that the best u could come up with??

    BTW- they are probably cellmates with the white lady who decided to microwave her baby or the white man who molested his son!

  764. hay,moutaunt,or whatever your name is,maybe when i get back from iraq,for the third time,maybe we can get too gather for a few beers,from a brother in iraq.

  765. hay moutant,or what ever your name is,maybe when i get back from iraq for the third time,maybe we can chill with a few beers ok,from a brother fighting for your liberty……….peace out.

  766. damn! yall some racist matha!@#$57* .

  767. rasta–so you smoke dope while serving overseas? Mary Jane isn’t a religion slick. I ask that you become complacent. No really seriously, please for the safety of the men around you, become complacent.

  768. I am black and grew up in an all white environment. I am an outsider in the black community and an outsider with whites. Blacks and whites are racist or prejudice. Sometimes whites and blacks confuse the truth with racism or prejudiceness. I think it is mainly an issue of culture and acceptance.

  769. I’ve seen Tori Amos in concert 17 times.

  770. What makes white and black relations strange and awkward are stereo types…on some level humans think in stereo types…

    Those stereo types already have preconceived notion about how a person is and how the reaction is gonna b……

    So it doesn’t matter who the person is what matter is the stereotype that their race conjure in another persons mind…..

    So if you feel awkward around blacks and don’t want to associate with them just because of pigmentation…..

    then your a captive to stereotypes……Thats why i don’t get mad any more when white folks try to insult blacks cause i realize they’re only insulting themselves by acting out a stereotype.

  771. Have you ever seen a dove and a blackbird together? Didn’t think so, that proves some people don’t even have bird brains!

  772. It is not a stereo type, it just wrong and shouldn’t be accepted by society

  773. i have a lot of white girlfriends but not very many white male friends. i believe it has something to do with my unusually large equipment

  774. yall are pathetic

  775. someone’s racist

  776. This is too funny. i don’t think this person is racist, I think they are truthful in a funny way. Lighten up

  777. whats in a name,dude,if i had said my name was papasun,will i be called a dope,smoker then,after all said an done,maybe you should read genesis 1,11thru 13,an thats for starters,an thats in your bible,thats why we should have a few brew-skys when i get back,food for thought…bud.lol.

  778. Some guys like that sort of thing…

  779. That’s an utterly shit analogy because doves and blackbirds are quite different. Have you ever seen a black cat and a white cat together? Ohwait…

  780. Hilarious. But on the Robin Thicke thing, he married a black lady. I guess that could be a way to increase your friend list. But would you still have the same white vibe if you did?

  781. lol….
    im black and have a bunch of white friends and they think we’re really funny…

  782. We are DOOMED with a BLACK MUSLIM President he has a secret agenda and it is not for American people, open your eyes.

  783. on November 4, 2008 at 7:03 pm elmo the high puppet

    hell I made black friends before I could white…so hmm did I add I am white..

  784. Some white people are very against racism, and make an effort to make friends of all ethnic backgrounds because of that. Others simply get along with everyone. It’s not always out of social obligation or “white guilt,” but because increasing the compatibility between people of different backgrounds is better than perpetuating useless separative behavior.

    Remember, an asshole is an asshole no matter his/her skin color.

  785. way to go

  786. this is just so wrong on so many different levels morton
    seriously not all black people are in jail the ones in ghetto may be but even some of them never get locked up.
    anyone can do something wrong.
    where are you from north dakota

  787. I’m black, and this is pretty inaccurate. I don’t understand gang signs, [or vietnamese stores]. I don’t club. I don’t watch BET. I don’t get why people seem to think that all black people are the same!
    Those are just stereotypes, and I hope people realize that.
    Just because someone is black, don’t assume that they love chicken, rap music, and can dance.
    In fact- I’m a vegetarian, and I listen to ALL kinds of music. Everything from Vitamin String Quartet to Nine Inch Nails to Gym Class Heroes, to Kirk Franklin. I can’t dance to SAVE MY LIFE. And i mean that, lol.
    Everyone isn’t the same. Don’t judge someone by their skin color. Think about it- it’s stupid.

  788. This is a sarcastic website. Now think about what you just wrote…take it easy, Dr. King.

  789. I have black friends because they’re good friends. OH SNAP

  790. well done
    i guess that means you can’t play bass

  791. funny, but inaccurate. But I have heard some white people take up the story that they have a black friend to validate them as not being racist when they say something racist lol. Again…funny.


  792. All black people can play bass, even if they don’t know it.

  793. There will always be Black and White, right and wrong, yes and no, stupid and smart, evil people and saints. A billion
    people with conflicting ideals, morals. I do not want to pick out the bad from the
    good. I would like to be alive to see who
    wins this incredibley difficult human

  794. Perhaps some white people make the distinction of how many black people they know because there is a constatnt scrutiny on the associations of people of caucasian appearance.
    – Do you hear white people accuse black people of being racist? Yet there are black racists
    – If a black person doesn’t have any white friends, does that make him/her a racist? No, but people assume that a white person who doesn’t have black friends must be a racist.
    – If a joke is just meant to be funny then why are some people allowed to joke about race and others not? white people are rich, white people are conservative, white people are crazy, etc are all acceptable “jokes” in black comedy but no white comic would be allowed to make equivalent jokes about black people.
    I think before we can ever move forward past race we need to be real about racism as a multifaceted issue with racial prejudices on all sides. It is no longer a white vs. black issue. Let’s be honest about it.

  795. well said!!

  796. ur friggin racist thats just a stereotype…and im not white im BROWN

  797. Who is a racist?

  798. People in the USA need to stfu about racism already… those people who say o its cuz im black or omg I want barack to be pres cuz he is black … and becuase i am against racism need to be smacked in the face… get over it people and then you will see what am empty life you were leading. jews have went through so much more then blacks people need to stop feeling sorry and move on and get rich just like the jews


  800. Dude (or dudette): you’re NOT black. Trust me, if you don’t watch BET and understand/throw gang signs, you ain’t black. Dats da trufe.

  801. It’s true, if you didn’t vote for Obama, you’re NOT black. Not even close. It’s a fact that EVERY black in America (except Condi Rice and Clarence Thomas, of course) voted the black ticket. Wake up and embrace your blackness, sista!

  802. racism goes both ways. whites can be against blacks. and as shown in this article, blacks can be against whites.

    both ways, there is no legit reason for racism.

    so you can’t complain about the other race with out being able to take what they say about yours.

    this is ridiculous

  803. […] and yet filled with clichés and assumptions. Either way, the fate of the show will either be #14 for White people who want to learn about Black people or just simply… […]

  804. Judging by skin colour is EASY. So it will NEVER end.

    Face the Truth.

    Racists do not WANT to learn about cultures or personalities, so they resort to stereotypes. And the more you keep your uniqueness away from them or their social cliques, the better.

    It’s like a schoolyard game, one side is making cool new games and the other groups of kids take the easy way out by playing only hop-scotch.

    Maybe one day Humanity as a whole will grow up…Do not hold your breath.

  805. I think the truth cut a little too close with this one.

    They had to tip toe around you.

  806. White ppl are awesome…(Black Guy)….once they get a tan from global warming…we’ll all be black…lmao

  807. Crazy! Ok ok, read the title of this blog. It’s making fun of the stereotype of white people by including the stereotype of black people. I think stereotypes are great, as long as they don’t make it past the ‘just kidding’ phase. It forces us to accept that different cultures are DIFFERENT and have a variety of things to offer us. Getting rid of racism isn’t about getting rid of cultural boundaries but accepting that they exist and that each culture has something to offer another one. Its about COEXISTING. I recently saw a press screening of Cadillac Records (Coming Dec. 5) and despite a great cast and beautiful shiny cars, its about racism in 1950’s Chicago and the people who looked past color to embrace a part (Blues music) of a largely misunderstood culture at the time and introduce that culture to mainstream America. When you accept a stereotype for what it is, breaking it is more powerful than ignoring that it exists.

  808. Don’t knock being the “black friend!” I get a lot of cool stuff that way. LOL

  809. I like RED Drink and Chicken. The Sequel

  810. on December 1, 2008 at 10:33 am Mostofmyfriendsrwhite

    I just wanted to say that I have tons of white friends..heck my white friend gave me this web address. She did however caution me before giving the address, cause she said that the it was mostly white humor, she did go on to say that I was “whiter” than she was..Which is sorta true. Hahahaha…The site is freakin hilarious…The site is only racist if you make it that way.

    But does Racism still exists…Hell yeah it still exists…Maybe because ignorant people still exist

    And by the way…I think I am more brown than black…Does that make me a mexican. (Okay that wasn’t that funny)…..ANd I hate watermelon, rap music and violent people. Where does that leave me

    And oh yeah..who the heck is Paul Wall….

  811. Not only am I a black friend: I’m a black stepmom. ‘Nuff said.

  812. on December 6, 2008 at 11:39 am The wrong kind of white

    I didn’t know I need to be fighting black people. I figured we had already won.

  813. Hear hear!

  814. Are you kidding me!?!?!?

    Watermelon, rap music and violent people…….. you’re wrong, you are not “whiter” than you’re white friend. You are more ignorant than most of middle America. It’s disappointing to hear a black woman make blanketed statements that stereotype her own people and are NOT true.


    However, I agree with you on one thing, this site is funny.

  815. on December 9, 2008 at 2:16 pm ilikethestuffwhitepeopleliketoo

    Mostofmyfriendsarewhite you’re one of the existing ignorant people to actually make generalizations like that.

    Site is cool though!

  816. I Shepard my white friends in this world of ever increasing black jargon. I balance there Facebook profiles at a ratio of 1 black friend for every 456 white. (an acceptable black friend ratio by 1960 standards) It is a mutual admiration society I assure you. They can watch Roots and cross the street to avoid black contact guilt free, and I have someone to sit in the passenger seat to thwart racial profiling in Chicagoland. (wink wink)
    But seriously it’s a start. 😉

  817. I love the fact that pretty much the only people that commented on this are black people. (Myself included..ha ha). It’s a hallarious site.

  818. on December 13, 2008 at 9:42 pm doctoralcandidate

    How about the culturally pluralistic white person? What I am about to impart here is not a joke: Not only am I guilty of many of the white stereotypes listed on this site (ie vegan/vegetarianism, NPR, foreign language, etc.), I also flow fluently within black culture, and these are not Ivy-League educated Barack Obama type African Americans with which I spend time with. You just have to learn to be pluralistic, that is all. I can feel just as comfortable sitting at a sushi bar (nailed me again) enjoying smelt roe and sashimi and in the next evening hanging out at the local public housing authority barbecuing burgers and hot dogs and drinking 40’s in the back yard with my boys. They know I’m into more sophisticated things, but they also respect the fact that I respect their culture and want to participate in it.

  819. nga plz

    When your black ‘friends’ are finally able to put their finger on why you make them feel uncomfortable they will fucking bash you.

    Because what, for you, is an ego-stroking cultural getaway is the dull reality of life for these people. There’s nothing cool about chooisng poverty, boredom and ugliness when you have other options available to you. Do you think they’d be living in public housing if they didn’t have to?

    There’s nothing more patronising than a white day tripper in the ghetto. Though I’m sure your middle-class liberal friends are well impressed.

  820. Only a white person would claim to be culturally pluralistic. These things only exist in your reality. For us, people of color, we see that as frontin’ or another way to look at it is you are a culture vulture a.k.a white person who has the belief that they can traverse through other people’s ethnic/ cultural heritage. You my friend are the worst kind. And this is not a joke either.

  821. Went through so much more than blacks? Ha ha ha. Very fucking funny you dumb bitch.

  822. I dont understand what the whole fuss is about, i think that aslong as your attracted to that special someone and they treat you right it doesnt matter what colour their skin is, other wise your just making it ok to build those boundaries between races.
    I find black men attractive end of, its nothing to do with ‘taking’ strong men out of the black community or however you put it !!
    And really if your in love your not going to let your supposidly good friends tell you otherwise just because of their background and skin colours, its ludacris and stupid.

  823. You don’t know that at all.

  824. I don’t know if I have black friends.

    Everyone is so mixed around here, I don’t want to offend anybody by asking what race they are. Besides, does it matter?

    Some people look black and are white, some people look white and are black. Many people are a mix of both.

    No matter what anybody does, “colors” will probably be completely gone by the 22nd century.

    We’ll all be beige.

  825. I dont know anybody who is white and looks black. Get your facts straight.

  826. “…They know I’m into more sophisticated things, but they also respect the fact that I respect their culture and want to participate in it…..”

    You are showing your ‘WHITENESS’ with this statement, doctoralcandidate……’THEY KNOW (oh, those folk who are not white)..that I am into more SOPHISTICATED THINGS (oh, you are white and YOU KNOW that hanging out with ‘these people’ is to hang out with unsophisticated folk, the non-whites…..drinkin’ 40s….uh huh…)…

    It is so nice of you to ‘hang out’ with the unsophisticated folk every once in awhile…..that is mighty WHITE OF YOU….

    BTW, barbecuing burgers and drinking 40s in the backyard IS NOT assigned to a particular CULTURE (white people practice this same ritual)….so your example of ‘RESPECTING THEIR CULTURE’ is on par to the level of ‘I have black friends so i know that culture’…….NOT!

    You, doctoralcandidate, are a patronizing white person pretending to be pluralistic!

    patronize |ˈpātrəˌnīz; ˈpa-|
    1 [often as adj. ] ( patronizing) treat with an apparent kindness that betrays a feeling of superiority

    It is one thing to just say that you enjoy the company of others, whether white or black or otherwise, but you had to take it to the patronizing level with your sanctimonious statements like

    “these are not Ivy-League educated Barack Obama type African Americans with which I spend time with.”


    “..hanging out at the local public housing authority barbecuing burgers and hot dogs and drinking 40’s in the back yard with my boys…”

    Save your ‘pluralistic, patronizing, self-righteous’ B***S*** for your ‘sophisticated friends’ in Grad School, or whereever you hang out……because you surely are NOT a friend to the people whom you claim to be ‘pluralistically in tuned’ with….

  827. Once, at a club, I looked around and realized that all of my black friends were blacks who’d gone to mostly white schools, had mostly white friends, were white collar professionals and liked “white” stuff like J.Crew and Bon Jovi (of all things).

    The mailroom guys at work, who were all black, would call them Oreos. I think it was more of a class thing, though. My friends were educated and had lived in wealthier areas, which were more white than black. So the mailroom guys didn’t have much in common with them so they made fun of them for hanging out with whites.

    I’m sure somehow it’s a white person’s fault, though.

  828. hello, am a good and nice girl want to get to know someone i can love.hope to get some respones

  829. huh???

  830. thank you louiecoolgato.

  831. thank you snoweel.

  832. uncle ruckus. If you’re black, you know who I’m talking about…if you’re not…that’s a damn shame

  833. WTF, is this? The Dating Show?

  834. its always a white man fault

  835. Haha hilarious. The funny thing is that people that think they are unracist or wanna prove how unracist they are always justify this by “i have a lot of black friends!” That just goes to show how inherently racist that person is. Why are you still pinpointing BLACK? What about Asian, Middle Eastern, Dutch, or whatever other culture of friends (if you do have them) that you have? If having a black friend to you defines your open mind, you are still stuck in the past history of the clash of whites and blacks when they lacked civil rights. Being friends with a black person at that time in history, if you’re white and lived in the South, may be impressionable. But in this day and age, not so much.

  836. My whole day will be on this blog.

  837. it’s only the whites persons fault cus they make it, do white people really think every thing is all about them? how sad.

  838. bztebfghhdusmurpwell, hi admin adn people nice forum indeed. how’s life? hope it’s introduce branch 😉

  839. This guy, doctoralcandidate, has got to be kidding. At the PHA with your “boys?” Why would you hang out at the Public Housing Authority? Isn’t that the office building where public housing is administered?

  840. Christina, I think you are a white person pretending to be black.

  841. Is there a website called Stuff Black People Like?

  842. Brother Ali…

  843. Thank you for keepin it real. LOL!

  844. They scared thats why. I love this site too.

  845. I can’t agree with you more.

  846. This is the best post i’ve read on this site.

  847. I’m sorry but gives a care about what white people like? Everybody is different. You are a perfect example of setting stereotypes. There is no such thing as whiteology(unless you made it) and not too much people like your blog. It’s probably interesting to you to look into white people’s brain cells but i think other people have other things worth while to do.

  848. you’re a moron.

  849. shit like this makes me wonder why i serve this country sometimes i think it would be more worth my time to hunt and kill assholes like the fuck stick who started this website, what a waste of time!!! In my branch its said there is no color WE ALL BLEED GREEN!!!!!!!!!! MAYBE YOU CIVILIAN ASS CLOWNS SOULD START THINKING LIKE THAT A LITTLE AND UNIFY

  850. on January 6, 2009 at 2:41 pm thereom4 aka black chick (< so you know I'm black)

    If there is I’m sure it would be as funny as this blog. In near tears right now.

  851. I ❤ trolls

  852. I bet the whole Internet would hate me if I did “Stuff Gay People Like”.

    (Yes, I’m gay. And I’d also like to see a “black people” list as long as it were done moderately tastefully.)

  853. there was but it got suspended.
    😦 it was funny too

  854. No but perhaps we should start one

  855. This is really starting to get offensive. How bout this for “Things Black People Like:”

    1) KOOL AID!!

    Does that offend you? That’s racial profiling just like this blog is racial profiling against whites.

  856. on January 11, 2009 at 3:48 pm emerald green

    This has to be the funniest website i have EVER seen in my life. I still can’t quite figure out who started it, but thank you. I will be visiting it frequently for laughs. Equally as amusing as the posts are the comments of people who are so offended!!! I’m white, and I (impossibly?) have more than 5 black friends, love yoga, whole foods, traveling, being the only white person, bangs, sweaters, jazz, awareness and just about everything else on here. and i still think it’s hysterical.

    thanks for doing this. =)

  857. agreed – your site is amazing, thank you

  858. The funniest thing is when moronic TV commentators refer to blacks born in countries other than US as “African Americans”.

    Political correctness really does make people more stupid.

  859. Impossible? What about a white man who only has black friends and has only ever dated black women? Not because of some deliberate attempt or coplex, it just works out that way.
    And he isn’t one of those stereotypical white guy trying to act black types either. He dresses British and reads classical literature and poetry, and doesn’t use a lot of slang. Neither are his friends the stereotypical white acting black people either.
    These boxes will not contain everyone.

  860. on January 14, 2009 at 5:16 pm louiecoolgato

    consider yourself the ‘rare, outside-the-box type of white guy…and since there are so few of you that exist, enjoy it while it lasts….

  861. Take it up with the white person who is profiling you.

    And I love Kool-Aid.

  862. are whole foods a mark of white people.

    before white people brought black people to the americas…all black people ate whole foods.

    As black people continue to move up the economic latter you will see more black people returning to the original black diet that won’t make them literally sick all the time.
    cancer rates in black people will drop and there won’t be such thing as sickle cell disease.

    Are we just talking in the U.S.? Its not the same anywhere else even in Canada.

  863. Oh, really? Because I was totally under the impression that the articles on this site were supposed to be all-inclusive…

  864. When the author says more than 5-impossible, that is an all- inclusive claim.

  865. wow…its definitely supposed to be a joke, so like…will you chill out.

  866. lmao….you do realise that this blog is written by a white Canadian?

    What I’m still wonderin’ is why did you automatically take a shot at blacks when you got offended? Why assume that the blog was written by a Black person? As if Blacks are the only ones capable of criticising ultra-liberal white Americans?

    BTW, I’m black and I can tell ya that we DO generally like Kool-Aid lol….the only Blacks who would get offended at that would be ultra-liberal yuppie pseudo-white acting blacks.

  867. there IS a site called “stuff black people hate”

  868. on January 25, 2009 at 11:22 am I don't like kool-aid.


    OOOOH YEA……..

  869. LAMO!!!! I’m hella mad, who are you that was hilarious!!!!

  870. Kudo’s perfectly said!

  871. black people hate me!!! i can’t get a black friend!!! they say im too pushy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

  872. it is more like they hate you because you are too loud and stupid!


  873. White people know how to have fun!!!

  874. White people know how to have fun!!!!Gotta love em!!!

  875. i love black man they are so kind and so sexxxxxxxxy

  876. Awe Brett…I’ll be your friend… :o) Of course, if you push me…I’m push back… Hee hee…:o)

  877. black people r just mad cuz white people r everything and there want 2 be everything there want 2 take over America and americans dont even see that black people r all welcome her but if there wanna become president there should go back 2 africa !!! it’s like a cuban becomig president of the united states <<< theere not pure americannnnnnn

  878. well…..Kat, at least we know you won’t become president.

  879. on January 29, 2009 at 1:30 pm uh huh.......

    but kat can come talk ‘into my big black mike’….monica lowinsky style…..


  880. I am white and this site is funny and mostly true. Stereotypes are there for a reason…because it’s something that’s done often. But as far as having black friends, I don’t have any and I don’t like it. Maybe black people don’t have any interest in being friends with white people. Maybe that’s part of the reason a lot of us have no black friends. I would like some black friends personally. I mean friends that I talk to a couple times a week and maybe see once a week at least. I just haven’t had the opportunity to do so.

  881. You can go suck a dick lady.. are you dumb stupid or slow?! If a black person was born in America then they are just as American as any white person. American is not a race.. it is a culture! And about the go back to Africa comment.. go back to Europe. White people stole this land from NATIVE-Americans.. no one is purely American except for NATIVE-Americans (hence the word NATIVE).

    Racism is stupid and you are too for thinking such things.

    Barack Obama won the election simply because he was the best candidate for this country.

    a white guy

  882. Uh, and I guess you represent “white America”? You can’t even speak proper english. Yea, you are telling us, Black kings and queens. to go back to Africa. That’s fine because frankly financially I can go…any time I feel like it. But, you buddy, seriously need to ….go….back….to…..SCHOOL! Try to make your people proud…and not embarrass your future generations with your obvious ignorance. In America, especiallly if YOU are White, you should be ashamed for not taking advantage of getting a good education. If you are going to respond and try to make yourself be heard, by the people, any people, at least learn how to speak and express yourself so we will even attempt to listen. If we can’t understand you, we can’t even get mad enough to take you seriously. We can only laugh and feel pity for you because you seem underprivilages. But, it’s a nice try for some one as stupid as you! Talk to you after you reach my level…..oops, not gonna happen. ha ha

  883. or stupid

  884. What you “sterotypical” white people (not the down to earth just good people that happen to be white, people) need to realize is that black people don’t want to be friends with you because you are not real. You are probably not interesting enough, kind enough, open enough or just not friendly enough for not only black people, but any people to want to be friends with. the “bible” says in order to have friends you must first show yourself to be friendly….what does that mean? It means it’s really not rocket science. Set aside YOUR obvious issues of thinking someone is different (like you think you are better) and be a real human being and maybe someone may see a or some qualities in you that are worth wanting to become your friend. I think I said it well!


    THE U.S.A…



    JUST F.Y.I.


  886. on January 29, 2009 at 5:17 pm Kyra(whitegirl)

    This CRACKED ME UP like an EGG!. (No correlation between the egg and me being white.)

  887. Nikki, it’s because back in the 70’s when blacks were growing and thriving, before this perpetuated gang violence – aids and crap, the older white generation that was in charge prepared America for what you have experienced today.

    They cast the lot of black people into one ugly, iniquitous bunch and hid you from us.

    Then, through the media’s portrayal of us was semi-confirmation that you did not want anything to do with a black person.

    Now since we have a black President, most of this ideaology is being swept under the rug.

    Just live in the environment that was created for you! You deserve it because you are White!


  888. if you’re looking for black friends and don’t have any- it might be because you’re not actively reaching out to make friends.

    strike up a conversation
    suggest a hang out time

    do some of the things that you did to make the friends you have now.

    it’s not difficult if you’re sincere.

  889. what’s “dressing British”? lol

  890. Move from london to africa,born and schooled in africa.Have an english accent,speak two local languages perfectly with an attitude.Have loads of white friends,dated both races,refers to myself as afrocentric.Blend the two cultures perfectly.In short lm having a ball with the exposure to the west and its people and wallowing in the unpractical manner and shape africa is.But we as humans we will always live side by side,with various views thoughts and ideas….Voila We just have to live with it.Danke.

  891. This website is HYSTERICAL!!!

    I don’t know what’s funnier, the blog itself, or the commenters bickering with each other. 😀

  892. Hey! I’m black and I love kool-aid too! Orange to be exact. And I have TONS of white friends. Does that make me a hypocrit??? White Frineds AND Kool-aid???

  893. on January 30, 2009 at 7:01 am gottahavefaith

    This site is PRICELESS!! OMG!!…thanks to the creator of this site for giving me so much laughing material!!!

  894. This comment is kinda irrelevant but I didn’t find anywhere else to drop it in.

    I was walking in the mall about a year ago and I passed by a nail salon owned by some Vietnamese people. In the store window you can see the clients getting their treatments. Well, in the pedicure chairs sat three hulking black men getting pedicures from these petite asian women. In the corner of the shop their black girlfriends were roaring with laughter. Obviously someone lost a bet. The whole time the asian beauticians were grimacing and squinching their noses in disgust as they were filing down these black men’s toenails.

    It’s an image I can’t forget and I just wanted to share it with all of you. lol

  895. I’ve seen tori amos 362 and 1/2 times

  896. No black friends…….and proud

  897. “Maybe black people don’t have any interest in being friends with white people.” Wow!! Is that the reason? I find that most white people don’t know how to take us, being “real”. I spend most of my time having to educate white people about our culture that anything else and sometimes that gets tiresome!

  898. I agree.

  899. Everyone is so impressed that we have elected a “Black” president. Does anyone else realize that Obama is half white?

  900. sickle cell is a genetic disorder- it’s not caused by diet. go research it if you doubt.

  901. I have a few but lets not tell

  902. That’s really goddamn funny, because I saw almost the exact same thing at a mall in Topeka, KS.

    Yes, the fact that it was a mall in Topeka makes it funnier.

  903. If we count number of black friends as those programed into a cell phone, I have 3. And yes, I’m counting. Hopefully I don’t end up like Justin Timberlake. I have a suspicion he’s the wrong kind of white person.

  904. Trust – all us Black people realize this. But, unfortunately, white people have a one drop rule…as long as he’s tan, he’s Black to you.

  905. Why are your proud not to have black friends? It is one thing if you just don’t happen to have black friends- but to be proud about it sounds racist. You must not believe in any sort of higher power- because there is no way that thought process can mesh with a belief in a higher power that created us all…

  906. So Sad!

  907. It’s, ‘Pop, lock & drop it’.

    Clearly, Kristen Warner only has one black friend.

  908. Wonder if he was the dark skinned bi racial man on the corner near the liquor store, would you still proclaim “that man over there, hes half white”

    Only when a man is elected president does he moves from being Black to “half white”

    To the woman who asked the question, Obama has identified with being a Black man his entire life, therefore, he is the first BLACK PRESIDENT.

  909. and trust me there are a lot of happy black people out there

  910. Race is not what matters. The real issue of the election is that he isn’t George W. Bush.

  911. Sad so sad
    That one must count the friends who happen to be a shade darker than you, and people wonder why i’m so anti-social.
    You want to go to the club with me so i can protect you. Protect yourself, cause when the shit hits the fan, your the first to think of yourself and run for the hills.
    Friends are not determined by color, but if that’s how you want to play, have at it, but stay out of my face. I don’t need your kind of friendship.

  912. I remember being told that if a person had one drop of black blood in them they were considered black. White people in know way shape or form considered them to be one of their own. What has changed that now white people suddenly want to embrace mullatos as being a part of them?

  913. I’m glad because after reading your comment and the comments of others in blogs #4 and #7…I don’t want any white friends…..I’m good they way things are.

  914. I am the one black friend for many white people. I am currently taking appointments.

  915. Hey Nate! can I still claim you as my one black friend, even though I haven’t seen you since college and you live four states away?

  916. This item should be amended to include “Not looking at the only black person in a room full of white people”.

    Nothing shows off your racially oblivious nature better than not even acknowledging there is someone in your proximity whose skin has more melanin.

  917. on January 30, 2009 at 4:02 pm American I am.


  918. nate called me to tell you to go f*** yourself. He said dont call him now after all this time.

    he also told me to tell you

    so long beeeotch.

  919. nate called me to tell you to go f*** yourself. He said dont call him now after all this time.

    he also told me to tell you

    so long beeeotch…

  920. the name for you is not black friend, but TOKEN.

  921. the only black friends you have are the ones in your wet dreams, beeeotch.

  922. when i look at obama on tv, i for the life of me cannot see his white half. no pale skin…oh, wait, i see some white skin on his hands….

    Shut the F*** up you see only white beeeotch.

  923. white folks went black
    so there’s no turnin’ back.

  924. f*** you and the white assed horse you rode in on rob, you beeotch assed punk.

  925. There are way too many things on the list that I can so totally relate to (and coffee is not one of them). I think someone took my Black Card because I know both my parents are Black. I want my Card back.

  926. As I pointed out to my white husband… Being a black woman, white women love to point out that they have mixed children. There have been plenty of times that I have encountered a white woman, I have no intention to talk to, when she blurts out…”wanna see my kids?”. I know then that she will be showing me a picture of a little nappy uncombed haired, wide eyed, brown child. And this will make her ok with me. She will feel like she’s in MY secret club and that I should accept her as my own because she is not like the “other” white people!

  927. Haha. White people love having biracial or preferably multi-racial children. It’s disturbing because then white people are even using their kids to tell others how “enlightened” they are.

  928. White people like to have black friends?…who are u kidding have u read these post?

  929. my black friends are cool only one who laugh at my black jokes another thing by the way white people like is slim clothing and oversized skater shoes

  930. on February 1, 2009 at 6:32 am Probably white

    Responding to: “If you really think about it, mixed marriages only started to become common within the last 10-20 years (started, they aren’t common yet). What makes you think that back when segregation racism was still common, that there would be very other races having kids. It most likely wasn’t very common for a master to have sexual relationship with his slaves, they were considered non-human, dirty, and lowly.”

    Incredibly naive: Children are’t always children of married couples. Malcolm X was 1/4 white, because his grandmother was raped by a white man.

    Also, as to sex with slaves, see http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sally_Hemings

  931. I want a black girlfriend. Hubba hubba!

  932. LOL!!!! I’m black and went to a predominantly white university. I wound up being a lot of people’s only black friend. It’s true! It’s all true!!!

    “5 and up-Impossible” Ha! I burst out laughing 🙂

    I am also engaged to a white person, so thank you everyone I am officially NOT RACIST 🙂

    (if you’re being uptight and itchin to be offended, feel free, but fyi…it’s a joke!)

  933. Val, I love the “engaged to a white person… so I am officially NOT RACIST” line. Classic! Too funny 🙂

    Truth be told, I hold many prejudices in my mind (some positive, some not-so-positive) and have friends and have had girlfriends of all backgrounds! Keep on rockin’.

  934. TB, that is funny and scary at the same time. It’s as if they’re showing you ULTIMATE proof of being egalitarian (at least in terms of blac and white). It’s amazing how one behavior or act (which you just described) can be funny, endearing, and offensive all at the same time. Too damn funny.

  935. Hilarious! Great observation.

  936. ive actually gaped at some of these comments like theres no tomorrow. okay, this entire blog is full of white discrimination! most of u are generally just pointing out the many faults of white people… but u dont realise, AMERICANS are not white people. english/ swedish people etc are real white people and we are NOT racist 2 black people like i see most white americans are.

    by the way emily… FUCK you. u are racist scum and u need 2 stop bringing up things that white people do. i have maori mates but i dont bring it up 24/7- in fact i couldnt give a shit less.

    generalising white people like ur doing now is offensive and u cant say its 2 “get us back” because white people like me fucking despise the racists of the earlier days and dont deserve this sort of superficial bullshit.

  937. congratulations u live in metropolitan u.s.a. that does NOT make all the rest of us whites like her. nor does it make us completely overloaded with government bullshit because some of us choose not 2 believe it. i hope one day u will realise the wrongness of racism and learn a valuable lesson.

  938. and by the way MATE.. i dont fucking like numbers

  939. okay haha that doctoralcandidate must be some rich fuckin white dude. im an english white person and i think his entire story is fuckin abrasive and stupid. look, im a white person, and from my perspective, as long as ur a good dude, im allll good with people.

    but- u are also being racist buddy, etc “that is mighty WHITE of you” u just dont get it man. not every single fucking white person lives in a big house, in fact im fucking poor and the only whites i know that are rich are white americans, and STILL half of them are poor.

    now i dont know wat the fuck hes on but i know 4 sure that i cudnt give a shit less about hanging with whites or blacks, in fact, the thought doesnt occur in any form because im proud of my culture and im proud 2 participate in other cultures (LOL no not fuckin wat doctoralcandidate said) because REGARDLESS of black or white friends, im still downing that 40. lol. thanks 4 taking the time 2 listen.

    so stop generalising white people because like doctoralcandidate did u are being an elitist and shaming urself.

  940. only a fucking racist scumbag would generalise and say only ONE race thinks theyre culturally pluristic. and also… the entire race? i dont think so matey and u need 2 get that fucking redneck attitude and shove it wer the sun dont shine.

  941. i dont understand why all of u dont understand. u must live in one fuckin hellhole of a society lol because im DEFINITELY not a white AMERICAN. im white. white people are not american they are english/scandinavian etc. pull ur fucking head out of the sand and take account 4 the impact of ur words. all ive heard out ur mouth is racism boy and fucking wat we dont need is that.

    instead of telling everyone how racist and culturally insensitive white people are, why dont u take a look at the real world. now maybe theres some dumbass white dudes on this site but if i called u a dumbass black dude im automatically a racist, in other words crucified 4 the sins of nazi germany/hitler etc. now wheres the FUCKIN sensitivity in that. people like u need 2 get over themselves and realise blacks are not the only people in poverty.

  942. omfg bro how can u be so ignorant?!? im fucking poor as so dont put me under the title of “middle class”-thats a fucking lie and its the most offensive racist piece of crap statement u cud possibly utter!

  943. FUCKIN kudos my friend, its refreshing 2 see a non racist comment on this thing.

  944. LOL this is made by a BLACK person u fucking racist cunt. go fucking drown urself and save me the job wen i burn ur fuckin ass 4 being so stupid.

  945. fucking kudos 2 u bro 4 not being racist. haha i have come across so many racist comments on this one blog.

    ur so fuckin right, indie music has shit all 2 do with white people, as does rap with black people. indie was white origin and rap is black origin but its not fuckin important people need 2 forget this materialistic bullshit and unite. im white but im fuckin poor and wat does that say 4 my “middle class liberal” culture. im proud 2 be white as im proud 2 enjoy other cultures. and thats how it should be. pride without prejudice.

  946. haha i would because ive never met an african and it would interest me. but id like 2 have a black friend just as much as a white friend.

  947. Doesn’t sound like a very jokey comment to me.

  948. respect mate, u summed it up PERFECTLY.

  949. i dont understand. all the racism on this site is directed solely at white people. but theyre talking about white stereotypical middle class americans not REAL white people.

  950. maybe white people are just tormented with guilt 4 something their AMERICAN (NOT REAL WHITE, JUST YANKS) ANCESTORS did waaaay back. maybe they voted 4 obama because they ARE good people and they do want 2 make a change in how the standards of living affect black people. and by the way, as soon as obama was president, he eliminated gay marriage in most states!!! now what the hell kind of oppressed oppressor is that!!!

  951. haha ur so slow. fuck maybe ur just over paranoid and not realising whites feel bad 4 that sort of thing and dont want u in a situation like that wer u feel leftout.

  952. on February 2, 2009 at 7:30 pm chocolate+vanilla

    I think I’m racist against myself. I think everyone should marry regardless of race (no discrimination OR kudos to those that do, no discrimination if they don’t ) but I’m black and white (obviously, you read my name) and I think I’m the grossest, fugliest thing that ever walked the earth, and I’m biased in thinking that black/white kids (people, whatever) aren’t all that great looking. This site depresses me; it seems like he’s pretending to make fun of white people–and is a little bit–but is really insulting black people. That’s my opinion, which I am entitled to, and if anyone disagrees I get that (my mom, who grew up in the segragated South, thinks this site is the greatest thing since sliced bread. To each they’re own, right?)

  953. on February 2, 2009 at 9:37 pm The Socialist


  954. You guys who are feeling offended by this, really need to lighten up. Its a typical thing for you mr. socialist to say that it doesn’t matter what color you are when the truth is, this is a racist country. You can pretend you don’t think that way for the rest of your life but its not real. This is life. I think this guy is great to be able to poke fun at himself and the white people that he knows of. We black people make fun of ourselves everyday all day long. I don’t think acting like it doesn’t matter helps things. Then we will be like the movie crash trying to act like you don’t see color when you really do. You gotta look at it as a coulture thing. If you laugh at it, you get a better understanding. There is a lot of things that I don’t do or feel when it comes to being black but I know a lot of black people that are that way. And anyway, own your whiteness damit!! And chocovanilla guy, you know chocolate and vanilla is one of the best. Quite trippin lol!

  955. What was that joke Chris Rock said? Something like: White people always remember how many black people they have as friends, especially when they’re accused of being racist “What?! I’m not racist! I have 2 back friends (holds up two fingers)! AND THEY’VE BEEN IN MY HOUSE!” 🙂

  956. LMAO!!! No I have two black friends and I even LET them in my house!

  957. One of my Good Buddies…. we grew up as kids in my town.. Hes American just like you and me… you may call him black or African American.. he will tell you hes an American Cowboy… but dammit hes More of a Rough Neck Cowboy than yall will ever be.. He Ropes, Brands, Raises Cattle, Grows Corn, Drives Big Deere Tractors, Owns Ranch Trucks, barrel races, Goat ropes, Helps Build and Repair the Church.. and can out 2 step anyone at the silver staloon…. Id say hes up there with John Wayne. It goes to show you how a shalla mind can warp the views of a few. Anyway.. is it beer Thirty yet?

  958. Dear Chocolate+Vanilla,
    Don’t you know, everyone knows racially mixed people are the most beautiful.
    It’s just a given.
    Love yourself, you’re all you’ve got!

  959. See, this confuses me.

    I grew up between NYC and DC. I’ve got plenty of friends who aren’t white, and several have parents of different races/ethnicities/nationalities. I grew around blacks, latinos, asians, indians – I learned how to say “please” and “thank you” in half a dozen languages because English was a second language for many of my friends’ parents.

    So really, I could give a cr@p if a friend is black. Because I actually count people as my friends because I like them and think there’s something wonderful about every one of them. You could say I judge them on the content of their character if you like. It’s the side effect of growing up in a place where white may be the plurality, but it’s not a majority – color ends up mattering a lot less when you see it all over.

    So why is it if I try to befriend a black person, I either get accused of trying to rack up the count of black friends or feeling guilty I don’t have one/enough?

    I don’t pretend to understand what it is to be black in America – there’s no way I could, being white. I am not stupid enough to think that there aren’t differences in the way white people and black people are treated in most parts of the country – I know there are, especially after moving to a mostly white Midwestern city (for a job transfer) and restraining myself from b*tch-slapping the white people who are so incredibly rude to – or just mind-numbingly stupid about – our small black population.

    So I am just fatigued (not offended) by this mindset. Some of us don’t really care if you’re black – we may just want to be your friend because we like you and think you’re an interesting person. God forbid.

  960. on February 6, 2009 at 1:20 pm louiecoolgato

    too bad most white people are NOT of your mindset when it comes to dealing with non-whites, chasmosaur……

    Growing up in DC (over 75% non-white majority) and NYC (a huge minority population) made you unique among whites, thus your rationale thinking about race. I know this because i am a non-white who was born and have lived in Washington DC almost all of my life.

    White people who come to this city and/or were raised in DC quickly realize that it AIN’T THE COLOR, BUT THE KIND….meaning that it is not the color of your skin that makes you an asshole or a great person, but the nature of your character.

    Most of America have no idea that Washington DC is over 75% non-white population (african americans, hispanics, etc); but when they look at their tv’s on the goings on in the city, they assume that the city is made up of mostly white people… because of the images and video shown…..and unlike most cities in america, DC has alot of issues but the color line ain’t one of them…..class lines are the primary issues in DC (well off versus poor).

    I hope that in the future more white people will adapt the attitude that you have….the country will be all the better for it.

  961. I don’t know honey. Its just a joke. My ex is white and he grew up around black people all his life. You have to admit though. Its funny lol!

  962. “Most of America have no idea that Washington DC is over 75% non-white population (african americans, hispanics, etc); but when they look at their tv’s on the goings on in the city, they assume that the city is made up of mostly white people… because of the images and video shown…..and unlike most cities in america, DC has alot of issues but the color line ain’t one of them…..class lines are the primary issues in DC (well off versus poor).”

    You grew up in DC and think there’s no race problem? You’re bonkers. The city’s one of the most geographically segregated in the country and you think there’s no race problem? All the white people live W of 8th Street because they like the air over there? Not to mention the intra-black racial issues, or do you not remember Sharon Pratt Kelly/Dixon not being black enough to be mayor?

  963. on February 8, 2009 at 3:55 pm louiecoolgato

    I’ve been here over four decades and the only people who have racial issues in DC are the ‘have nots’ (that is poor people). If you live in DC you KNOW that the majority of the police are african americans, so don’t tell me about me being bonkers

    You did not say what part of DC you live (NE, NW, SW, SE). It is obvious that you don’t know jack about DC with the comment of all white people living west of W St….W St where? On capital hill?

    Had you said something to the effect of all white people living in upper Conn. Ave or Wisconsin Ave NW, then i would give you the benefit of credibility, but you did not so your race argument is null and void.

    BTW: Sharon Pratt Dixon, if you remember, was a one term mayor BECAUSE of her play on race in DC. And if you knew anything about Dixon, you would know that she was not a friend of most of the residents of DC (unless you were very light skinned and/or white). She forgot that the folk she catered to were NOT a majority in this city, thus a one termer she was (and good riddence).

  964. on February 13, 2009 at 9:52 am smith donaldson

    “…class lines are the primary issues in DC.”
    I am guessing this is going to be the new state of affairs in America. It has been said that the powers that be encourage racial and cultural animosity in a populace as a method of control. Otherwise, all the poor people might figure out they have a lot more in common with people of the same socio-economic strata than rich people of the same skin tone. That is a very dangerous predicament indeed.

  965. LOL

    My believe is that your NOT RACIST when you openly discuss stuff white people like OR stuff black people like without being offended.

    i’m from diffrent cultures including white and black.
    We cant be racist in our family couz thats like cursing out my grandfather or grandmother,

    We should all just start “doing the wild thing” together and make baby’s that couldnt give a ~ about race!

  966. too Kat’s discussion , i have to say if anyone is jealous it sounds like you are. i think that you are just angry that white people don’t want to be your friend.although, i am not surprised. through my own experiences, white people like white people that don’t make white people look bad, or anyone. i mean, that American crap that you were throwing was ridiculous. i agree with that yogi dude. go back to Europe. you are racist and for no reason. of you, i am not a fan. but three claps for you making an a** of yourself to a bunch of random people.

  967. on February 20, 2009 at 3:31 pm Poesia Sagrada

    It’s funny…

    I want to see this list posted from a Latino perspective. I think there would be a lot of overlap 🙂

  968. you don’t like numbers because you have not learned to count.


  969. I don’t follow. How will I poop without an ass hole? I think I need it no matter what color it is.

  970. on February 22, 2009 at 9:09 am The white man with dreads

    Yea I got black friends and spanish friends its cool but all my shit is missing ….but check this is a cool site http://www.revoint.com

  971. maybe if you stop selling your ‘shit’ off for money to buy more crystal meth, you’d still have your ‘shit’.


  972. I like white people, I associate almost exclusively with white folks. We are better than anyone else, whether we be the sort described on your blog, or real white people who build stuff, work with their hands, and ride sea-doos.

  973. i agre with D
    it does not matter what colour u are it is all in the heart

  974. Stop leaving your stuff unattended. We will take it honey lol!

  975. Yea. Work real hard to get a tan so you can look more ethnic, take our music and call it yours, oh and get butt implants and lip injections something thats a ethnic feature as well. I think you need to admit. You want to be a little bit like us honey. Your just not good at it. You didn’t get the nickname cracker for nothing. Boring and plain and no flavor what so ever. Not trying to dis white people like that but just defending my culture. Your not better than anyone sweetie. We all got our ways. What the hell is a sea-doo by the way???

  976. Racially mixed people are some of the most attractive people on earth.

    Life is too short for you not to be happy with who you are 🙂

  977. This is quite possibly the most retarded article I have ever read. I hope this article was written in Jest. Seriously.

  978. on February 24, 2009 at 3:32 pm Idiots on Board

    This is quite possibly the most retarded article I have ever read. I hope this article was written in Jest. Seriously. Super Lame.

  979. U r not better than any1, every1 is equal…. This is not slavery times sweetie! This article is very very true nd 4 all the white ppl that dnt agree they r simply close-minded nd need to b abolished esp since Barack Obama is our president. MY PRESIDENT IS BLACK nd I b got damn if my rims ain’t too haha…. Jeezy said it the best

  980. wow so many people reading this are fucking stupid, do you not understand that this entire site is just having fun with stereotypes about white people?

  981. This is cracking me up!!! I think some people here are in denial…………..we shouldn’t forget about Teena Marie!

  982. need help findindg a lade git whit and blace to be friends.

  983. LMAO!!!!!!!

  984. 1) I totally agree that this is not only funny, but slightly true.

    2) You want WHITE people to be abolished? And yet you’re ranting about racism? You are contradicting yourself entirely.

    3) Obama is not black. He is biracial and I cannot stand it when people state that our president is black. If you’re half Asian, that does not make you Asian. If you are half Scottish, that does not make you Scottish. People need to become more politically correct.

    4) Barrack Obama is already busy enough cleaning up our economic mess that in my opinion he shouldn’t be too worried about black, white, blue, purple, or orange rights. Rant about our economy and how it needs to be improved. This is our first and foremost need. Not racism, equality, rights, etc.

    5) Learn how to spell and be grammatically correct. Thank you.

  985. we all know this site is about making fun of making fun of stereotypes (if that’s possible) and does it pretty well, but damn this particular post blows. Whoever wrote this couldn’t be more lazy/unoriginal. Pretty offensive as well. O well you guys are Canadian i guess I’ll let it slide. I hope this isn’t an example of what got you the book deal.

  986. Before u knew anything about Obama u would have never been proud to claim his white side.

  987. I have got hundreds of black friends. In fact they are always offering my lots of money from Nigerian banks, Zimbabwian farm investment deals and if I can help them with a sick friend who happens to be a Christian and even though they are putting their faith in God still need a few dollars to pay medical bills or school fees!

    Not to worry I often connect the needy folk with those having unclaimed millions in forgotten bank accounts that American business men left when after unfortunate accident in planes, while they were trying to help other Africans develop an economy in exporting raw material products like oil, diamond and gold that sadly they don’t know what to do with in return for a few weapons or drug research programs to help make their societies more secure and the people healthier. Proof of the success is that I never hear from them again – clearly their problems are solved 🙂 !!

    But I feel a little guilty and that perhaps leaving the country after colonialism rather than helping to stay and develop it was not the best thing to do. I need to more! So I am contemplating opening a Golliwog Factory, after all if the Queen of England can sell these marvelous depictions of black people than its something we can all be proud to own!

  988. Wow, its really become an issue!, well, am original black, frm africa, living in US. Its wierd the way its easier for me to associate with white pple, than black….I wonder why? I dont feel the “black/white” racial stuff, maybe coz am not used to it. Infact, as I see it, we dont have black of white pple, everyone here in US is mixed, or of some foregin decent. I want to have more friends, and race has never been an issue, anyone one who want to have me as a friend?, no colour coding?

  989. If you’re in NYC check out Mikey Moscow Delivery Service
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  990. on March 1, 2009 at 8:36 pm CapitalPunishment

    You use the word “ethnic” as if it exclusively means black. For example; Russians are an ethnic group.

    I don’t know any white people who tan to appear black.. or “ethnic.” As for lip injections, who knows who cares. Do you really sit around and think that white people want to be black? You’ve got to be crazy. I don’t know anyone with half a brain who would want to de-evolve.

    And this blog, i know it’s supposed to be a joke, but I don’t know anyone who seeks black people for friends. Unless they have some kind of identity crisis or fetish.

    And Barack being elected has been the worst thing to happen to this country. Suddenly all these blacks have an even bigger chip on their shoulder. “my prez is black!” Well you better eat as much of it up, because this shit isn’t going to happen again, at least not for awhile.

    and rest assured, some REAL DARK nig ain’t never getting into office. He’s in because hes LIGHT skinned. btw, hes related to bush and cheyne.
    I’m sure that helps.

    sleep well.

  991. I will sleep well thank you!! Thats why I said ethnic not black honey. Now who’s racist?? And Im sorry, Russians are white. Period. Argue with me if you want, I really could care less. You don’t want to be us because your too weak, but you want to carry some of our features and rock our style because lets face it, its more attractive. Where do you think the word cracker came from? Its bland, boring, no flavor. And when I mean ethnic, Im talking about Black, Latino, Asian, even Itallian. Yep Itallian. Your not crazy enough to want to be black because your not strong enough. And If white people didn’t want to be like us, why the hell is it when I go out to places where it is mostly white and white girls are always trying to be our best friends, trying to get us to teach them how to dance, buying us drinks, telling us how beautiful we are and how they wish they were another race sometimes because they feel like they are boring looking and they would like to look a little more exotic. And to all the white people, this isnt against all white people but a lot. I don’t do half the things that a lot of black people I know do but this shit is supposed to be funny. And Its obvious to me that you are nothing but an ignorant racist hater. Oh, go ahead and say that to one of our faces instead of hiding behind your computer. I hope you sleep well too!!

  992. Put a comment in their for me saying that everyone who has a bitter response needs some kind of therapy and/or mental consulting…… just by your response shows how racist you really are regardless of black or white…. you all need to get a life, this website is to tear each other down even more!!! This guy who put this website together is a very smart man regardless of his motives, the sad part is for all you idiots who are falling for this!!!

    Sexy Black….

  993. What the hell are you bringing up Obama for?? That further more shows how racist you are! You need to direct that anger to #8 sweetie. This really shows me how much white people really hate, and make other white people look bad. Not all of those on here who take this whole site as a grain of salt and can make fun of themselves and/or people that they know or know of. That is how I am. You fail to realize how much crap we put on ourselves and are able to brush it off. News flash the guy writing this is white! But a lot of yall still continue to attack us. I only said what I said to defend. To let yall know that this is about you not us for ONCE. YOU! And its a joke. All of this analyzing and trying really hard to sound so educated using the biggest words you can find and bringing up statistics about black people vs white people. It is really sad and pathetic. This is a website. Its obvious how everyone with really negative views on here are venting. You wouldn’t say what you are saying to any of our faces which makes me wonder how many white people I am around actually hate my guts especially since Obama is in office. And Im in Texas! So much underlining racism its really sad. And you wonder why we pull the race card. Nine times out of Ten, we really are being discriminated against. This may not happen again for a while. You are right. But while you are saying that we are walking around with an even bigger chip on our shoulder, how so?? Because the black people that I know are proud that history was made. Whether he gets re elected or not, light skinned, dark skinned whatever. History was still made and with a brotha that is highly qualified. If he doesn’t get re elected, its ok because history was still made. We have come a very, very long way. And if you paid half attention, you would know that we are not walking around with chips on our shoulders, you are. We are now able to tell our children that they really can be whoever they want to be. We can even be the president of the United States and we now have no excuses to slack. THATS what black people are feeling. If thats what you are getting, that is because you are a racist piece of shit who with get yours when you leave this earth. So it is obvious that you are now Frightened that we can actually succeed over you. We can actually be considered more attractive than you. And the other white people he is talking about, want to know us. Be us and have prettier babies!

  994. dude/dudette….calling for political correctness will not solve anything. by majority standards Barack Obama IS black. of course nobody is truly black or white, race is merely an idea made up to divide people. economics was behind this division, so economics still affect what we call “black” people today (or any nonwhite nonmales for that matter) in greater proportion than “whites”. so yeah, “racism, equality, rights, etc” do need to be addressed along side the economy. it seems reparations for slavery are all of a sudden out of the picture because EVERYONE is going broke these days, but the system must be fixed with consideration to past and present racial injustices.

  995. Still funny — even the second time around! LOL

  996. on March 4, 2009 at 1:17 pm neecie is a strange fruit

    name says it all…

  997. I like my name damit!! >:0/

  998. I read this post about “having Black friends” and couldn’t stop laughing. Then I emailed the name of this website to all of my friends and they fell on the floor laughing too.

    The thing that cracks me up is how serious all of the comments are on this website People really take themselves way too seriously and if they are getting this mad at the author’s posts, then maybe……….it is the truth.
    Perhaps the truth hurts?

    If you want to go to a website that is even more of a satirical reality check go to http://www.rent-a-negro.com/ by Damali Ayo.

    Another great website is http://www.timwise.org

  999. Actually Ayesha is right and I have some things to add to that list.

    Black people love:

    1. Mama, Mommy, Mother. It doesn’t matter. No matter how horrible rap lyrics can be. Rappers always make one song about their mom on an album (2Pac, Biggie, Busta Rhymes, etc.) At grammy awards, Oscars, Superbowl wins “Mama” gets all the praise.

    2. Plastic Bags. When you’re at the grocery store and bagging your own grocers or even if the cashier does it. Usually extra plastic bags are swiped because they double as garbage bags, shower caps, rubber gloves, shoe protection on rainy days.

    3. Church (if your christian, if not Mosque). There are very few Black atheists. Church usually starts on the weekend and ends on Wednesday.

    4. Marrying Hispanics/Latinos. Well maybe it’s just where I live in California.

    5. Underground hip/hop

    6. Bitching about Gentrification

    7. Selling yuppie white people “cultural Black arts and crafts” and charging a lot for it because white people will buy them. Example: Selling African masks that were NOT made in Africa.

  1000. Something I noticed… white people = white Americans

    I’m white and have more than 5 black friends, but then again I’m not American…and I’m Muslim….

  1001. This shit is rediculous. Who cares if white people don’t have black friends. There’s alot of black people who don’t have white friends. Big fucking deal! who cares, get over yourself. I don’t have black friends, or latino friends, or asian friends. Who gives a fuck! life goes on, live and let live.

  1002. Blacks need White friends to stay out of trouble, so says Chris Rock.

  1003. When you need your crystal meth quick, fast, and in a hurry, call Mikey. Straight from the lab and right to your pipe in under 20 minutes!

    call Mikey today!

  1004. you’re so ironically white. haha. it’s kind of amazing how wrapped around the axel you can make people.

  1005. my ancestors came from africa (Dido, Queen of Carthage) and from Egypt (one or two pharonic roots)…

    i suppose this was after they were chimps but i still tan in the summer and from about march onwards.

    more recently my ancestry is irish and welsh and some saxon which last i’m a bit ashamed for due to the hitler thing tho’ i have to say the descendancy is mainly from 5th century ireland and the 8/9th (?) century King Aelle so i shouldn’t feel too ashamed and i have hebrew too.

    there can’t be any persian or chinese in my background as the iranians deny african ancestry and the chinese quite a lot of them still – say they were separately developed!!

  1006. Wow, because improving the economy AND establishing equality can’t be done AT THE SAME TIME.

  1007. I am from Germany and most people there would kill to look a bit darker or in any way different – curly hair, red hair, large eyes… The dream of many guys over there is to have such a pretty girlfriend and girls likewise – ha I myself am together with an Israeli who is of arabic descent from Iraq and I guess it’s the opposite that attracts.
    I think that the more people mix their genes the more exquisite their looks. Gee, but that’s just looks. Make sure you’re a good person and do what you want to do without harming anyone.
    I am sure you are beautiful.

  1008. Oh ALRIGHT I’m ironically white, but buff too [haha] and of…

    I admit to chimptype background but, having Saxon ‘blood’ & they supposedly originated in Persia (aryan/Sassanid culture)… Iran… Doesn’t it mean Iranis might be silly willys if never admitting to slight sort of simianalarishness too?

    And contrary to Africa-rootedness purportedly in quite rampant denial there? And also, as to the Chinese denials, some recent discoveries that previously discovered ancient (dead) red-haired Chinese in the extreme north west – now show now that DNA technology is developed – that not only did thes have Chinese – but also an European gene background and (perhaps ironically) Japanese too – and perhaps even more ironically the area’s not too far away from the Turkmen area… with… if you go ever so slightly further south through ancient Phoenicia – suddenly people start to have curly hair – and while some can have blue eyes at the same time and without ever having had to have gone through either the whole slave-background thing alternatively any breeding program so beloved of eugenecists everywhere.

    I expect when these started they never realised that blue eyes were recessive (i.e. backward in a sort of way)… and it’s quite possible that japanese and chinese and iranis might agree that it’s more positive or forward looking to have brown eyes and perhaps even the curly hair to go with it though they do say in Japan that the islanders with the curly hair are somehow “inferior”?

    This is possibly to do with matters of the greendragon cult.

    I googled “greendragon, nazis” to find out.

    By the way AIDS was put in deliberately.

    spectit can be looktup!!

  1009. oh and while i don’t like my own sort of stuff (comments) i think i have one black friend or at least he’s indian and perhaps if either then i’ve maybe kept the rules of this site without being overly rude i hope.

    if any want the background to AIDS having been put in deliberately – find out for yourself but it’s very dangerous to do so.

    Clue:- You’ll probably upset British Intelligence and also Paul Oliver son of Simon Oliver who was one of Dulles’ top men and who is quoted as being an anti-semite in Chuck Baris’ book of his own background with CIA

    PS:- Paul Oliver (slayer of Diana) can be found in Swansea Market running Goodies Delicatessen something he marks time with until he can have a shot at even more targets some in recent years having been those involved to in relation to the slayings of the 30 or so witnesses to the Belgian paedophile scandals (ref Mark Dutroux & wife also).



  1011. I’m really not doing very well on this “are you white” test. Seems it takes more then 1 hand to count the number of black friends I have.

  1012. Right on the money, but most white people really hate “wiggers.” Even if they can give them drugs.

  1013. was this english?

  1014. he probably typed it in a different language and put it into an online translator…or he’s retarded lol

  1015. I find it pretty hilarious that White people take this site as some sort of thermostat by which they are able to set/measure their own Whiteness. Personally, I can find a lot to relate to on this list when I think about the White people I know. This entry in particular is pretty funny because you shouldn’t be able to count how many friends you have who are not of your race, whether you are White or not.

    I personally only have one White friend, but I consider that my quota. I am also her only Black friend, but I think she secretly wishes she had more so that she could be more ‘authentic’ with the Black experience. I guess her biracial children aren’t authentic enough because they aren’t with her all the time.

  1016. on March 25, 2009 at 3:00 pm Clayton Bigsby

    actually cracker was derived from white slave owners cracking their whips… is that less boring?

  1017. “…Vietnamese beauty supply stores…”

    Bahahahaha, I just peed a little.

    Hey, I’m a mutt (black, irish, native american) and this shit has me cracking up.

    You whities need to stop being so serious. He’s obviously being sarcastic.

  1018. As long as I can remember I wanted a black friend, but never could find one so I got a dog instead. Then I found a friend while walking my dog. He was Vietnamese and told me how much he loved my dog and asked if he could take him for a walk. Its been six weeks now and he has not returned the dog nor can I find him. Please help.

  1019. richard, you are humanity’s weakest link. Even your own dog knew you were that stupid. That’s why he went with the Vietnamese.

    The rattle you hear when you walk is your brain banging back and forth inside your empty head.


  1020. Lol this gotta be a joke! If you are friends with wild animals, dont forget to keep them on a leash, cuz they can bite, and often those dumbshit whites who play with fire end up in the morgue anyway. So much for their belief in diversity (which is impossible with creatures <IQ of 80, officially mentally retarded).

  1021. racism can linger like,forever.coz race identity is within each n every one of us..u juz can’t erase things that easily

  1022. […] Having black friends: Jessi is black, you know. […]

  1023. congratulations. you figured out he wasn’t being serious. you must be pretty smart.

  1024. I actually have had a lot of black friends, but I grew up in a pretty mixed neighborhood, I never really thought twice about it. But then again, little kids never really do they just wanna play ball. Until you grow up.

    As I got older, and went to the club, and If I was the only white person, and some point in the night it would dawn on me, and I secretly hoped uppity or nervous semi-racist white people would see me with them. I admit to a self-gratifying feeling of holier-than-thou in these situations and think “im glad I have black friends”

    Every white person is susceptible to this, I think the difference is your initial intention for hanging out with people. Because they’re your real friends, or keeping count. I’ve seen both.

  1025. i love black boys !ohhhhh they have a great heart.

  1026. i have 2 white friends… :/

  1027. Let’s not forget white people want black friends, as long as there the right type of black person. If it’s the wrong type of black person, they’re automatically scared of getting mugged, and racism kicks in.

  1028. on April 17, 2009 at 1:19 pm HEARTLESS BASTURD

    Richard are u secretly implying that a dog is equivalent to having a friend who is black? Or are u placing a four-legged animal higher on the social ladder than a black person? Either way it comes off offensive and I demand an apology. Also I hate 2 break it to u but in Vietnam (as well as many Asian countries) they dont keep dogs as pets…….they EAT THEM!

  1029. on April 18, 2009 at 8:04 am HEARTLESS BASTURD

    So because Chris Rock says it, that makes it a factual statement? U need better resources. No man needs 2 rely on any man for anything. Staying out of trouble or choosing to do right is self-motivated. It is more of a conscientious objective. But I am curious 2 know why u THINK a black person NEEDS a white person at all?

  1030. on April 18, 2009 at 8:09 am HEARTLESS BASTURD


  1031. on April 18, 2009 at 8:11 am HEARTLESS BASTURD

    *Dead* That comment was hilarious, classic, & epic! :0)

  1032. on April 18, 2009 at 8:33 am HEARTLESS BASTURD

    Jacquline, I feel very privileged to have read your very insightful comment. But can I ask you something? Which issue do you think would be easier and less costly to fix? Racism or the economy? Never mind the importance or relevance because that is entirely your opinion which u r entitled to. I think we as Americans spend so much time trying to be politically correct & correcting each other that we have lost sight of what really matters. Racism will never diminish from our society because it is a flame that is constantly fueled. I hope that you do take the time to read this and think it over before (and if u do) responding.


  1033. on April 18, 2009 at 8:37 am HEARTLESS BASTURD

    Oh and just to be clear, not that it makes any difference in the price of tea in China but Barack is black and Tiger Woods is Asian, with a side of black lol. Obama is black because we claimed him and we said so. We have not claimed Tiger, but neither has any other race, but we r still very proud of all his accomplishments! :0) Have a nice day.

  1034. on April 20, 2009 at 12:14 pm Dark Chocolita

    and big

    once you go black, you never go back!

    p.s. sorry, white boys

  1035. well done guys… makin jokes bout white people but don´t get the white jokes… hell : “things non- white people like”

    i´m not white, but maybe i wanna be cause i love coffee, too and i love traveling and i love a lot of stuff u count!
    but who cares… as long as m not white it´s ok! isn´t it?!

    and actually i´ve got more white than black friends… maybe because m living in a country where black people don´t really want to be (to cold 😉

  1036. Looks like a big turd in fact i took one this morning and did the appropriate thing flushed it.. white women will sleep with anything so get over yourself.I forgot blacks can’t Ignornant and aggrogant.Now on to my favorite site Detroit is crap .com

  1037. can you say O-R-E-O?

  1038. […] for black friends: Sociological Images BORING WHITE GUY REALLY WANTS A SOULFUL BLACK FRIEND #14 Having Black Friends Stuff White People Like Black People Love Us! [+] Rate this post […]

  1039. on May 2, 2009 at 6:03 pm fleischwolf

    thinmgs black people like: writing english like a retard!

  1040. fuck pussy white pride

  1041. Fuck it… No All (there are pretty decent ones) but most black ppl I have given my trust… Fucked me up…

  1042. on May 7, 2009 at 1:29 pm uh huh.....

    what? you give someone to ‘hold on’ to your bag of weed for a day or two, and when you come back, the weed is gone. Blame that shit on your white friends who bought that weed from the brother.

    Call it the ‘entrepreneurial spirit’.

    America was built on that, ya know.

  1043. So I guess all black people are supposed to be violent then, huh? Kristen Warner, you suck and just ruined the funny. Byotch.

  1044. on May 13, 2009 at 11:04 am Kynyata Utley

    There are good and bad people in every race. I am a beautiful black woman and I love people for who they are. I think that it is sad that people put each other in catagories and stero-type each other. Yes it is true that people’s culture has a great influence on them but a person is born an individual person and that is how we should look at one another. A person is not bad because of their race they are bad because of who they are period. We have to get to know someone as an individual to truly get to know a person and understand where they are coming from. I once had a white- racist friend who is no longer racist. I know it is hard to believe but it is true. I was her first black friend. I found out that she was taught to hate black people. Children learn from their parents. Some people judge a group of people from a few bad apples. It’s very unfortunate because life is full of wonderful people……but people choose to focus on the bad instead of the good.

  1045. on May 13, 2009 at 11:06 am Kynyata Utley

    There are good and bad people in every race. Culture, skin-tone and all of those things have nothing to do with what’s in a person’s heart.

  1046. on May 13, 2009 at 1:24 pm Kynyata Utley

    You misspelled T-H-I-N-G-S……..soooooo uh…..who writes English like a retard? Get it together!

  1047. on May 13, 2009 at 3:09 pm Lamont Potts

    I just came across a post about Michael Steele that addresses white people and black friends pretty hilariously in the “Age of Obama”


  1048. As already mentioned, I am an African-American. And female.I grew up in predominantly white community…mainly Poles, Italians. There were plenty of Latinos, a smattering of blacks and a dotting of Asians.
    There were SO many white people, it was the ratio thing:most likely my friends or most would be white. Duh. But I had no problem w/ it. I was just a kid who wanted friends and made friends and that has had an effect on me til today: I will accept anyone as long as you’re not a jerk. Screw color. I have always thought that looking at me like I am a crayon you don’t like is dumb. People are more than colors.
    Course the white kids I’d befriended liked me, we had lots of fun and went to each others’ houses, even formed some elementary club.
    Where I live now is mainly African-Americans, so white friends not as easy to make.
    Even tough race relations have improved, I like to joke that if a white person says they have black friends, but at a white wedding of their family or other social gathering you don’t see any black guests, that person is probably lying about the “i have black friends” thing…

  1049. Yeah…not to go back to the past…but I gotta. Back in the days of slavery Africans and African-Americans got the ultimate betrayal, ALOT (not all) of white people never gave friendship a chance and they REAAALLY tried (I say tried, it didn’t work) to screw us up…and we are still trying to be cool with white peopleafter all that hell.
    Emilio: #1 Point: You move on cuz it heals.
    #2 Point: There are dishonest people in ALL races, plus yours, so stop being disappointed with one.

  1050. Well worded. Who does want to be looked at as a crayon?

  1051. I’m not sure if it’s a white thing. A lot of people out there tend to have a token *insert either asian, black, white, mexcian* friend….just to show that they’re cultural accepting and aren’t a snob.

    It’s a cliche’ I hate to say, but “it is what is”….not right or wrong.

  1052. Wow I must not really be white. I am scrolling down this list and I only like like 4 of these things. Travel if you don’t really like visiting other countries you must have never tried it. I never did the Europe thing with a backpack that is very white my trips were military paid. Do like the sushi but lived in Japan for 3 years so I ate it a lot. I have a lot of black friends I actually have more black friends than white friends.

  1053. […] #14 Having Black Friends • #116 Black Music That Black People Don’t Listen To Anymore • #107 Self-Aware Hip Hop […]

  1054. Stuff White People Like:

    #126: Making Racist Jokes But Refusing to Admit Being Racist

  1055. on May 23, 2009 at 2:24 pm meinrosebud

    Australian prefer black American friends so they can bag white Americans.

  1056. on May 25, 2009 at 5:00 pm SarahnotfromAmerica

    For total accuracy this website should be called “Stuff white people (from the United States of America) Like.

    Not as catchy I know.

  1057. i want to shair some important about gay and suck style

  1058. on May 26, 2009 at 6:42 pm A Black dude

    Well put. Spot on!

    (make fun of my “catch phrases now……ya done? thanks)

    Actually, young whites are catching on to the over-commercialization of “Hip Hop” nowadays and can Bbox, crip walk, and freestyle better than us. The garbage music these rap artists are putting out gives way to further corruption of a soon to be lost artform.

    Rap started with Jazz in the 20s. Technically, Africans started it long before society began. They gathered in circles and spoke poetry in their native tongues.

    Anyway, cultures are mixing and I think it’s great. It’s pissing off “old white parents”. That makes an old as dirt black man like myself very happy.

    Before someone says I eat watermelon or some other stereotype, I am a Naval Officer currently serving with Seal Team 10 so DON’T FUCK WITH ME! God bless our fallen at Hindu Kush!


    (okay, I’m just an Admin officer for their staff detachment, but still DON’T FUCK WITH ME!)

  1059. haha, totally wrong and crazy. Come on, the only reason why white people want to have black friends is so they can have more friends like David Palmer! haha

  1060. I don’t have any black friends and when I do hang with Black folk they usually bend over backwards trying to assimilate to what they think is “White” that it creeps me out. now I know how a black person feels when some corny white guy is trying the same thing. why can’t we just be ourselves. let the chips fall were they may.

  1061. I’m not racist I hate everyone equally!

  1062. You are the white version of me. I noticed the same thing. It is a major pet peeve of mine to see white people “black it up” with stupid slang and ebonics. I agree with you 100% be yourself! I almost threw up when this Asian chick said to a group of my friends in a bar “what’s up my niggas!” The crazy thing about is that I grew up in a predominately black neighborhood, attended schools that at the time were over 95% black, all of my friends are black and we don’t speak that way.

  1063. I have over 10 Black friends and I’m white. But for the most part…….it’s true

  1064. Most Whites I know that have Black friends, make sure at some time they mention it too. Like, “I’ve got this friend, Darnell, who happens to be Black”. And so I’m thinking okay, so what part of this is relevant to your story? I’ve also noticed that their friends are almost always middle class, mulatto and they look like Brian Gumble or Colin Powell. You usually don’t see White people hanging around really dark Blacks ….Just my observation.

  1065. i like this site im am a person who happens 2b black an i like this site finally a site about white people that isnt racist its funny informatively quirky and the author is quirky

  1066. Well, I wouldn’t say it isn’t racist but it’s not a bad sort of racism, it’s just a funny ‘I can laugh at this shit because some of it actually applies to me and the other ones are hilariously true for some people’ kind of racism which can be healthy for us white people at times.

    But I get what you mean. And by the way, since you’re black and I’m white, WILL U BE MY FREND PLZ I NEED MOAR BLACK FRENDS

  1067. And you’re the black version of me. My town is 95% white and I don’t even try to act ‘black’ around black people because 1. I have no clue how I’d even begin to act ‘black’ (having actually gotten to know maybe 2 black people ever and being exposed to mixed messages on the media (stereotypes vs. ‘they’re just like white folks’ vs. whatever else)) and 2. I know how fucking stupid I would make myself sound.

  1068. on June 9, 2009 at 1:37 pm IIIOOOIIIOOO

    Damn, I’m Asian, and I always cut down on my grammar when I talk to black people because I am aware that blacks know that Asians are racist (which I’m not, but I know they know), so I try to go out of my way to show them that I’m not.


  1069. I think the reason that these are so funny is explained in the post “Being Offended.”

  1070. o man u can tell this lady doesnt have black friends, its pop lock and drop it, and the beauty supply stores are owned by Koreans not Viets…. man

  1071. […] in my book. I like Dave better though. Because white people like having black friends… #14 Having Black Friends Stuff White People Like __________________ keep […]

  1072. […] shows (only awesome ones like the Wire which is why I can write a post on Juneteenth, that and I have black friends). I will know who she is, after I see the sex tape, however. Septimus, apparently she has talented […]

  1073. wow I don’t even know where the version of me is! I’m black and I’m from a white neighborhood and I have friends of all races and I don’t care what people think of me so I don’t try to act like anyone or any other group.

    Not trying to sound like a “good person” or anything, but I’m black and used to be “emo” so I’ve never “fit in” much to care what other people would think!

  1074. yes, we koreans own the beauty stores, and blacks burn them down and try to kill us.

  1075. on June 22, 2009 at 8:02 am uh huh.....

    STFU beeeotch. you sound like the very people you say you dislike: bigots and racists.

    Either you are bitter, stupid, or a combination of both.

    Get over it.

  1076. on June 22, 2009 at 3:35 pm Mimi get a life or get some sun

    where was that? and they were not successful in killing you?
    Mimi stop spending time on the internet spewing hatred your idiotic family shared. do something worthwhile, you live for coming on here with your ” black people and white people hurt my people”.

    had it not been for the NAACP, your people and all other colored people would not have shared half of the liberties you share, such as the freedom to vote for OBAMA lol

    when you are sick, or when you die, does your superior complex or inferior complex from look of things take your to eternity? you wear your inferior complex as a badge and you think others should join you in your toxic waste of a life. anyone who shares hatred like you deserve to be friends with you.

    seriously get a life, stop posting all over this blog. do you understand satire? half of the things on here are facts, just someones opinion.

  1077. It’s a lady that writes this stuff?


  1078. funny mofo richard. you have a talent for funny short stories

  1079. Shit. This is true. My sisters friend is fascinated my black people. The typical white middle class suburban girl who LOVES hip-hop (old school, which is cool); hates racism (who doesn’t); wants to save children in some underdevelopment country by feeding them out of her bare hands (okay, not exactly like that, but still); an avid Obama supporter; and guess what, she just got a new boyfriend – who’s black.

    Um, sweetheart, I know you’re open minded. But that’s just corny as shit. Everyone knows you have an agenda. Poor fella. He doesn’t what he’s getting into.

    Oh, and she has one black friend.

  1080. on July 1, 2009 at 6:59 am hunptydumpty

    I have a gay black roommate…he spends most of the day in a converted closet.

  1081. That’s because really dark blacks scare us. Mentioning we have black friends makes us feel less racist. I know, ironic, since mentioning they’re black is actually BEING racist. But we’re white and don’t know any better. If we had more black friends we’d understand. BTW why are you capitalizing White and Black? Kinda racist isn’t it?

  1082. I think she messed it up on purpose for the sake of irony. She’s saying that white people don’t know what they’re talking about.

    Kristen Warner teaches at my university… and I know she knows what she ‘s talking about. (P.S. she IS black)

  1083. You should just end it now

  1084. You win the blue ribbon award for being white.

  1085. Right, because racism against whites definitely doesn’t exist.

  1086. I have realized that the only reason racism exist is because, No One, black, red, yellow, or white will leave it be. Someone will always write about racism, with white people obviously being the worst culprit of them all, I mean everyone knows that, the problem with this world is white people. Let’s see here, White people fought in the civil war to die by the thousands to help end slavery, I mean, there has been hundreds of white people to die also during the civil rights movement, even with a white President to stand up for civil rights of all people to help end racism, but it is constantly brought to the forfront that white people is still racist. Yes racism is still alive and well, because no body wants it to die. Heck if it dies, we can’t talk about it, write about it, or even think about it. How many people thru out their days, go with out thinking, I hate them white people, I hate them, red people, ect….I wouldn’t know what to do if I couldn’t think about racism ALL DAY LONG, EVERY DAY. I love that one verse in “One flew over the coo coo’s nest”, “I’m Tired, I’m Tired”, I’m tired of reading, and people writing, and people obviously thinking about who hate’s who because of… I a firm believer of my good friend, John Lennon, when he wrote “Give Peace A Chance”, How about it people, everywhere, let’s hold out the olive branch and let’s give Peace a chance, and stop writing and bringing up a sin that no one seem’s to want to die. If we allow one to continuely speak, write and continue to segragate our self from each other, this sin will never die.

  1087. Were you trying to sound like a jackass? Good job you do.

  1088. wasn’t it Rodney King who said “can’t we all just get along?”

    What did that get him?

    An ass beating from white LAPD.

  1089. Rodney said that after the ass beating. Then again, he could have said that during his ass beating.

  1090. If you have a gay black roommate, you are gay too!

  1091. Chance your roomate has aids? 100%

  1092. wht ppl “like” blk ppl cuss of the guilt. white america wouldent be , couldent be , or would be what “is” with out a slave!

  1093. clever

  1094. I am a black lady. I am here to announce that no black person is ever really a friend to any white person. We only deal with you for the perks like friendly service in public, the cops wont mess with you, and you guys are the best fucking liars I have ever experienced, and really good “pot” you guys call it “pot” that shit is funny OMG. Why do you guys call it that?

  1095. Why does dark skin scare you guys. I cant see how a persons complexion causes fear inside a persons mind enough to want to stay away from them. Today I asked my self a question. Why did slavery last so long before the government began to do abolish it? It took 450 years before anyone decided to do something. I think some really smart white guy thought about a time when people would hold this terrible part of human curelty in their hearts for much longer than the end of a fucking war. Thankfully I am a black person willing to process and progress from what happend to the Scary Dark People a long long long long time ago. Shit They even let my nigga Obama use the front doe to da white house. Thank you white peolple you are some of the best friend I could ever wanna have. Shit you might as well get used to me cuz we aint goin no where.

  1096. White people like facts, evidence, and most of all representation of reputation. what u and i sister, look like represents SHAME. A people who have been shamed forever in america in my eyes and in the many blue eyes around the world. Our color has little if any influence on a persons heart, but it is the association in our own minds that breeds fear, hatred, love, acceptance, curiosity, guilt,anger,bitterness, jealousy. All of these feelings either way we are hear to learn from one another. We end up coming together in the end.

  1097. ok makin fun uv ay muhfuka 4 tryin ta mayk day on vocabulrry iz not fukin retarded dat shit iz smart az helll!!!!!!

  1098. you know what i hate when i’m with my friends they are always to cautious to what they say so they don’t offend me. and when i tell them to just say its somerhing stupid like blacks and african americans or weave and to me its just like just ask me so you will know not to be ignorant in that matter anymore.

  1099. People get the best of both worlds with me.

  1100. LMAO……he prolly said it during….

  1101. you’re an idiot

  1102. Comment no. 1111 (unlucky or superstituous), when one replies to a very controversial subject, the rule is quoting from Walt Disney “If you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say it all”…and Disney, alike Henry Ford are racists, anti-semites and extremists who hated labor unions. +

  1103. Whoa, lucky 7: post no. 1118. I must be lucky alright. This is the 14th subject, thought it would skip no. 13. Today is 07/08/09 (remember 08/08/08?) except Americans got it wrong like dyslexics we are (7-8-09). I mean with the way race relations are, this is where humor reaches a land mine (oops, I stepped in one). +

  1104. dang you ghetto cuh.



  1106. Hahaha, its so ironic its hilarious.
    I’m black, and all my friends are white.. well most..
    so i guess its just a thing, we like to balance ?

  1107. haha i love black people !!!!!!!!

  1108. on August 18, 2009 at 3:35 pm The One You Don't Know.


  1109. I have a stepmom who’s black, but from Tanzania and she’s African of Pakistani-Indian descent. My Dad’s 5th wife and it goes to show how my Dad goes out with any race, must be a French thing. Yea? Non? +

  1110. To have a black friend isn’t a requirement for wealthy white people, I mean you make friends who are much like you. I could go on about having friends of all races, then it’s like to be extremely crude. What’s hip 20 years ago is common place today, therefore it’s like having a cellular to show off in 2009…and everyone will laugh at you, cuz it’s all about the bluetooths, ipods and pocket camera-recorders. +

  1111. I agree, the funny thing is a higher-up white guy lived apart from everyone else is embarrassed not to have diversity in his life. “I wanna hang out with black people” to give himself credit to look not racist or got down with it. What a joke this site is, keep it up white guy. +

  1112. My half-sister was a child in the 1970s in a very white (back then it was) section of Orange County known as Orange park Acres, and she attended public school in a time when suburban white areas began to have black students (but more minorities are Latino or Asian). Her mom told me when she was like 8 years old, she freaked out by the presence of a black boy sat across from her on the school bus…and like any parent, she tries to teach her a lesson of accepting differences of people and because he has a darker tone doesn’t make him scary. I’m not sure this was in Santa Ana or downtown Orange where the neighborhoods tend to be diverse and until like a decade ago, whites stayed away from the mostly black-and-brown section of El Modena. +

  1113. You don’t have to act “black” or “white” or anything to your best friend. I can shout “I have black/Hispanic/Asian/gay/female/Jewish/Muslim/poor/handicapped” friends like it’s never been done in America. What the blog writer is doing a comical skit on how those upper-class whites whom normally aren’t encountering diversity in everyday life are trying to act like they have black friends when in reality is a lie or sound like racists saying that. +

  1114. So you’re saying she doesn’t have an agenda? Maybe.

  1115. You know, when I was small, young, and knew nothing of the ways of the world, growing up within the military family for 15 years of my life, I knew nothing of color, matter of FACT, I really don’t believe that anyone that I knew had any problem with color. It was not until, I moved to the state of Virginia that my eyes were opened from color blindness. It was the first day in a new school attempting to make new friends. The school was segregated just like I was accustom to. Reaching out, making friends, and just trying to fit into a new surrounding. Well, a few weeks went by, and I had noticed that there seemed to be quite a few fights taking place, and it always seemed to be between colors, black, white, red, and yellow. this was back in 1969, 70. Well back in those days, I was just one of those long hair hippie type individual, that liked to read, get high, and love everyone, no matter who you were. I stayed out of the way of problems, especially when it came to fighting ones peers, I never saw any sense in it, and it definitely didn’t turn me on. Well, one day I was walking between class time headed for the smoking area, (back then High Schoolers had a place where we were aloud to smoke between classes and at lunch time), I came down the stairs, hooked a right, headed for the smoking area, when all of a sudden, I was struck from behind by a group of my peers, and THEY all proceeded to kick the mess out of me. A few of the guys, were guys that I was befriending, and matter of FACT, I thought we were Friends, little did I know until then, there was a color problem, and the problem did not come from me. I was simply going from one place to another, and because of the color of my skin, (and how I knew this, was what they were saying to me as they were enjoying themselves), that’s how I knew, and that was when I realized that there was a high dosage of racial tension going on, and I was the unfortunate benefactor of the tension. Not because I wanted to be, but because a group of guys decided to let me know that I was out of place attempting to make friends with people of different color, as well as everyone else. I was told after they had all there fun with me to stay amongst my own color. True story. I will not say what my color is, because, I still feel the same way. To me color is not a problem, color is a problem when one feels like there color is a problem. To me and my family, we are all enjoying our selves with color blindness, and choose to remain so. If one desires to exhaust themselves with racial rage, they will never be able to be FREE, because one choose to live in the past, and by doing that, one will NEVER be SET FREE. Stop, live , and Love, and choose love, that is the greatest of all things.

  1116. I go to lehman highschool… not much choice in the matter haha

  1117. haaaaaaaaaaaaaa yall niggaz is crazy. as a black man in an ivy league school i have proudly served as the ‘gateway negro’ for many a white man (and woman =))

  1118. Tooo funny!!! as an African American-Woman in Corp. America I see this DAILY – this blog is too funny – I will visit often!

  1119. white woman……..hehehehe is it really friendship they want?

  1120. black friends? mexican friends, indian friends? asiatic/oriental friends, white friends?

    why can’t we be friends?

  1121. i wish you cuold one on why white women like black men…BUT….there’s really only ONE reason why.

  1122. If you want your house robbed or to get shot then get a ghetto black friend. Watch the first 48.

  1123. I have two black friends and I keep them away from my white friends whenever possible. Sometimes I’ll throw a sheet over them when one of my white friends stops by when I’m in the company of negroes and tell my aryan brothers that they’re just fellow klansmen.

    But I don’t allow the negroes to talk because that would be a dead giveaway.

  1124. I’m back…time to worry about 09/09/09 due next week. The lesson is white people like to make friends of color to score PC points. You might well befriend me: a mentally disabled person to show how sympathetic you are to me. Having autism should mean I should get a ton of friends feel sorry for me (ROFL)…why not let me move in with you, share your wealth and be your study tutor? Go for it. +

  1125. fried chicken
    low riders
    green-eyed pees
    low impulse control
    rap music
    not being a father
    not working

    stuff black people like.

  1126. fried chicken
    low riders
    green-eyed pees
    low impulse control
    rap music
    not being a father
    not working

    stuff WHITE people like ALSO!

  1127. but, if you want to be rapped or have your child molested watch dateline.

  1128. but, if you want to be rapped or have your child molested watch dateline. that’s what white people are good at.

  1129. if i had a sheet i would use it to strangle u. lmao

  1130. Newport’s ciggies
    grape flavored cool-aid

  1131. Tyler Perry movies
    not tipping (or tipping less then a dollar)
    crack cocaine
    saying there a Democrat but not knowing what it means
    Jesse Jackson/Al Sharpton

  1132. on September 9, 2009 at 1:20 pm nichelle's mom is a huge slut

    Look up the stats more black men commit rape than any other race. Probably because they are so unattractive and foul smelling.

  1133. love it–they all vote democratic, then have no clue what they really stand for etc…only that weird al sharpton and jessie hymie town jackson say vote ‘democratic.’

  1134. po’ white folks just luvs;
    Newport’s ciggies
    grape flavored cool-aid

  1135. I’s white and frum appilaycha, and I is like most illitrate white folks who haves a dirty secret….we too luvs…

    Tyler Perry movies
    not tipping (or tipping less then a dollar)
    crack cocaine
    saying there a Democrat but not knowing what it means
    Jesse Jackson/Al Sharpton

  1136. love it–all whitefolks voted republican, then have no clue what they really stand for etc…only that cheatin on my two ex-old wives giuliani and i’m so old i don’t know what the internet is McCane say vote ‘republican’, or those ‘other people’ will get you..

  1137. on September 9, 2009 at 3:13 pm Rick's mother was a victim

    you should know….your mom said that she had to tell the police it was rape, but she loved it….she said that now that she had black, she don’t wanna go back..

    then she put her husband and her dumbassed son rick out on the street..


  1138. on September 9, 2009 at 3:54 pm Anti-Anti-Asain


  1139. Unoriginal

  1140. on September 9, 2009 at 3:56 pm Anti-Anti-Sade


  1141. Uninteresting

  1142. on September 9, 2009 at 4:02 pm Black people smell bad...

    All black people smell like stale italian hoagies! True story.

    p.s. anyone who responds to this comment is a faggot.

  1143. Why can’t black people have regular names? Your parents probably wanted to name you Michelle but were too dumb/high to spell it the right way!

  1144. no many blacks love these things mentioned here, all the PC garbage won’t change facts as generalities are generally true. (don’t play on highway or you may get hit by car etc…) they also love hair extensions/weaves, cheapness, basketball,

  1145. If a black person doesn’t like any of these things, are they not black?

  1146. …Aks rather than ask…

  1147. Oh really your black, guess what? NO ONE CARES!

  1148. this is the issue. when you put “what black people like” you list negative things that are pushed by the media, things which began being pushed back when the kkk was seen throughout the US as an honorable organization. i truly hope that one day you will be able to look at people as individuals and you will not support ideas pushed by racist, hateful groups of people that are bonded by their hatred of others and desires to cause as much pain and suffering to others as possible. in case you haven’t noticed, throughout history every ethnic group has gone through some form of slavery, ethnic cleansing, and other events stemmed from the hatred of one towards another. so your hatred and racism towards any group in turn becomes your support for whatever group that has at some point hated and wanted nothing more than to torture and kill people from your own ethnic background because they think you are worth less than dirt. racism is THE MOST STUPID thing in the world and i honestly hope that one day you will learn better before you inspire or encourage someone to share and push the same racist hatred that you are promoting and eventually lead to an awful hatecrime. And before you say that you were just joking or being funny, i want you to understand that 3 YEARS AGO my 8 year old little brother was tied with rope to the back of a pickup truck and dragged behind the truck for miles and then shot by a group of 16 year old boys that felt like it wasn’t that big of a deal because their parents had always said black people were just chicken-eating ignorant wastes that didn’t deserve to be on this planet unless they were going to be slaves. and no, there was not national news coverage, and no the boys were not given life in prison. and i can’t do anything for my brother but i can speak up when people continue to allow others to support ignorant, hateful, and racist ideas about any group of people!!

  1149. Edward Murphy
    Tyler Perry
    loud mufflers
    strobe lights on cars undercarrage
    fatty foods
    bling bling
    big butts and I cannot lie

  1150. Generalities are generally true. Stereotypes are full of kernals of truth, and secondly who are you to determine what is “negative” (reality) and what is not? Fried chicken and watermelon is delicious, moreover, colt 45 and kool aid is refreshing.

  1151. Really? It’s almost 2010 and we still live in a country where people are spouting this kind of crap? I’ll have you know that I’m from the south and I’m white and I love watermelon, biscuits and fried chicken, as do most of the people i know, regardless of where they were born or their ethnicity. Furthermore, just to clarify, they are called black eyed peas, not green eyed peas. If you want to show your ignorance, that’s your constitutional right – but at least be accuarate in your descriptions. Way to make yourself known as an intolerant, uneducated and completely laughable representative of my race. Please do myself and the rest of the white people in America a favor: the next time you have a thought, keep it to yourself.

  1152. but effective. It seems that I speak the truth. You did not deny anything I wrote.

  1153. I agree. Sade’s statement was unintelligent. Afterall, all I did was cut and paste.

    Good job correcting yourself Sade.

  1154. you are quite correct. Tag is very uninteresting.

  1155. If a white person loves all of these things, are they not blackish white?

  1156. duh….uh…..I have to look that one up. You confused me.

  1157. on September 12, 2009 at 1:37 pm Black people smell bad...

    oh damn!

    I guess I’m a faggot!

  1158. Byrone! why are you talking like this? We’re white and you know you love all these things on this list! Especially Tyler Perry and fatty foods!

    Get your bleached ass off the computer and go out and clean the grills on your daddy’s F-150. And turn down that Eminem shit! I’m trying to watch Coming To America!

    You know how much I love that Eddie Murphy..

  1159. oh, I forgot one….screwing my mom.

  1160. These unoriginal words are yours Tag. You are not too bright to call your own work unoriginal, eh?

  1161. Byrone! why are you talking like this? We’re white and you know you love all these things on this list! Especially watermelon and fried chickens!!

    Get your bleached ass off the computer and go out and clean the barrels of your daddy’s colt 45s, and don’t shoot yourself in the head again! We cannot afford taking your dumbass to the hospital again! And turn down that Eminem shit! I’m trying to watch Coming To America!

    You know how much I love that Eddie Murphy..

  1162. Aww looks like Byrone hurt someone’s feelings, some sesitive ass pussy who should be on this site.

  1163. sensitive ass pussy

  1164. on September 12, 2009 at 3:51 pm Don't copy my name losers.

    Wow all the black people on this site can’t take a fucking joke. They have no problem being on a site that lists stereotypes about white people but as soon as someone says a stereotype about them the act like it’s the end of the world. Try getting a sense of humor and stop copying other people names to say stupid racist shit.

  1165. Amen brother!

  1166. I see what you mean some of the people on this page are real trolls, but not all black people do that like you say. There are just as many white people that do the same thing. I’m black and I don’t get offended when people say all black people like kfc and koolaid. There worst things that could be said, I just try to ignore it instead of trying to start a race war.

  1167. …but it was funny when you said it, when i said it wasn’t funny cause it wasn’t true:)

  1168. Just kidding Sade is the fucking man, me on the other hand, i’m a big pussy

  1169. on September 12, 2009 at 5:08 pm Anti-Sade/Tag/Asain

    I love cock…. Mmmm cock.
    My dad jerks off in my hair cuz we’re too poor to buy shampoo 😦

  1170. on September 12, 2009 at 5:08 pm Anti-Sade/Tag/Asain


  1171. on September 12, 2009 at 5:09 pm Anti-Sade/Tag/Asain


  1172. on September 12, 2009 at 5:09 pm Anti-Sade/Tag/Asain

    KFC! and cock!

  1173. on September 12, 2009 at 5:12 pm Anti-Sade/Tag/Asain

    COCK in my mouth!

  1174. on September 12, 2009 at 5:13 pm Anti-Sade/Tag/Asain

    I have a small penis

  1175. on September 12, 2009 at 5:14 pm Anti-Sade/Tag/Asain

    I like little boys!

  1176. on September 12, 2009 at 5:17 pm please don't copy my name also

    Truer words have never been spoken.

  1177. on September 12, 2009 at 5:30 pm please don't copy my name also 2

    my thoughts exactly

  1178. Your pussy ass is sensitive, were you raped as a child?

  1179. Pussy

  1180. on September 12, 2009 at 9:28 pm The Proud Black Man

    You ain’t know shit dawgg!

  1181. on September 13, 2009 at 4:26 am Don't copy my name losers.

    Wow all the white people on this site can’t take a fucking joke. They have no problem being on a site that lists stereotypes about black people but as soon as someone says a stereotype about them the act like it’s the end of the world. Try getting a sense of humor and stop copying other people names to say stupid racist shit.


    BTW, I’m a bitch.

  1182. on September 13, 2009 at 4:27 am The Proud Black Man

    Preach it!

  1183. on September 13, 2009 at 4:28 am please don't copy my name also

    I’m an asshole. Truer words have never been spoken.

  1184. on September 13, 2009 at 4:29 am please don't copy my name also 2

    Me being such an asshole? my thoughts exactly

  1185. By the way, I’m an asshole along with “please don’t copy”. We had homosexual love last night and we hate black people.


  1186. Amen brothers!! Oh, Can I come over and join in on your he-man love sessions tonight? Doggie style is how i like it!


  1187. I’m his mother. I care about Byrone. Stay out of family business.

    Byrone! get your bleached ass off that damned computer and scrub these corns on my feet! And don’t rock the trailer when you use the port-a-potty!

  1188. you remind me of how i am. I am trying to stop being a sensitive ass pussy, but I cry whenever someone calls me a name. So I’m still a sensitive ass pussy. **sniff** I think I’m about to cry now..

  1189. …but it was funny when you said it, when i said it wasn’t funny cause it wasn’t true:), but now i think it’s funny that you think it’s not funny!

  1190. on September 13, 2009 at 4:43 am Anti-Sade/Tag/Asain

    and we like it! Give us more!


  1191. because i did and I got gang raped in prison because of it. I know what a pussy feels like because i am one!

  1192. I, being a woman, yes, I do have a vagina. So what is your point sir?

    Oh, I’m sorry. Sade is a female name and you said that Sade is a man. Something is wrong with this picture. Perhaps gender identity issues?’


  1193. Pussy. I HATE IT. give me big cock up the ass any day!

  1194. on September 13, 2009 at 4:50 am Anti-Sade/Tag/Asain

    it is our shame.

  1195. on September 13, 2009 at 4:51 am Anti-Sade/Tag/Asain

    yes Yes YES! It’s all true!! I want to tell the WORLD!

  1196. on September 13, 2009 at 4:52 am Anti-Sade/Tag/Asain is Hot Foot Luke

    KFC! and cock!
    Stick’em in me!


  1197. on September 13, 2009 at 4:53 am Anti-Sade/Tag/Asain is Hot Foot Luke

    I am sooo angry! Why can’t I leave this?! i guess i love seeing the word ‘cock’ written so many times.


  1198. on September 13, 2009 at 4:54 am Anti-Sade/Tag/Asain is Hot Foot Luke

    cock is in my ass as i write this.


  1199. This blog is shit. I hate black people.

  1200. You are ABSOLUTELY right. I couldn’t have said it better myself.

  1201. Interestingly, theres a site called stuff white people like–and everyone has the gay old times, but you mention
    stuff black people like and all of a sudden that is hostility–hypocritical and double standards, and white people come out of their liberal woodwork to defend blacks, and others.

    the midworst and the south are mostly filled with hill billys and white trash. been there for 4 years, it is disgusting. property values worth nothing, fast food, obsessions about college “sports”, talkiing about tv shows, smoking, sugary drinks, no teeth, drunk driving galore, mobile homes, hunting, pick-up trucks and low quality of life. That is why most leave there. Enjoy that old car and gooood country livin’ as most are inbred Freds, and kenyucky jokes galore. all fly over, inconsequential states.

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  1206. You are ABSOLUTELY right. I couldn’t have said it better myself. Me and Byrone are assholes!

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  1226. on September 13, 2009 at 3:35 pm Hey Michael D.-ADMikey-Michael

    Sorry beeeotch, but the cat is out of the bag. You are gonna be using all of these sorry names for the rest of your days on stuffwhitepeoplelike, because if I see your beloved Mikeys’ names anywhere, you will be dragged into the gutter, where your other pseudonyms dwell….

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  1250. on September 15, 2009 at 3:03 pm This is Your Life Michael D.

    Michael on August 16, 2009 at 12:30 pm
    Sorry, that’s how I get through life. At work, in school and with other people. More of a Californian thing, if I wasn’t in the state of Cal. I wouldn’t be required to, then I’m one of those autistic nerds or something tries to get by in life. I’m a product of my own environment, middle-class people get down on their luck and have to face reality. I share this guy’s sarcastic sense of humor on how he perceives the world through a “white man’s” comical point of view. +

    See autism boy, I can dig up alot more on your dumb ass if you continue with this race shit that you started.

    Test me bitch.


  1251. Michael D, you are the darkest bump on your moms fat butt and it is time you apologize to all the fine people on this site. We endured your stupidity for far too long and now it’s time to PAY WHAT YOU OWE! (where have i heard that before?) 😉 You stole my name and said stupid things, attempting to smear my already humble name. You posted the lamest comments known to mankind and hijacked entire sites for your own stupid amusment. Well judgement day is here, I see your sorry but decided to run like the wuss that you are, but not before you pay what you owe. I still have my name BEEEEOTCH, what about you? YOu can dish it but you can’t take it. You want US to leave you alone dummy, APOLOGIZE. Apologize for being a moron, for being a blogging terrorist who writes boring post, for calling me UH HUH and other folks on this site. If your dumb butt can’t figure out that their was more than one person sticking foot up you ass, then your a moron. It’s a shame that the best post ever posted with YOUR name were writen by other people. So apologize and all will right with the world again. We found you once, we will do it again.
    “and you will know my name as the LORD, when I lay my vengence upon thee”

    Sweet dreams sweetheart

  1252. this entire website is grossssssss…

  1253. HAHA I saw this site on http://www.DanielDickey.com and think it’s DEF just a funny!!

    Is there a stuffjewishpeoplelike.com ??

  1254. There has been numerous reports about comments coming from you and your other aliasis’. Please clean up your act or we will be forced to ban you from this site!


  1255. I admit to imitating Clander’s name in order to get these guys off my ass. I am really regretting messing with these guys in the first place.

  1256. What do you get when you mix a monkey with a black man? a stupider monkey hahahahaha

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  1260. related sidenote:

    prior to the popularity of the gay black friend, having a upbeat or wise handicapped black friend was considered ideal. you know the kind, not bitter because they’re disabled but full of life, insight, and/or “you have to see beyond blah blah blah” puns/anecdotes.

    an example of this could be found on several tv shows and even a movie or two

    star trek: geordi
    malcolm in the middle: stevie
    becker: guy always in the coffee shop place
    early edition: chick in the bar
    fantastic four movie: the chick who was dating the rock dude
    sable: computer whiz “cheesecake” guy
    ed: eli
    viper: the scientist who designed viper
    war of the worlds show: guy who named his wheelchair gertrude

    black midgets are also fun: webster, gary coleman, little dude who was in bad santa

  1261. This made my day, and made me crack up laughing!

  1262. I don’t really agree with most of what is on this website especially this article. I have more then 5 black friends, I hate coffee it makes me gag, I like the outdoors a little…basically this website is racist. Yeah i am white but you can not say all white people like this stuff because i find most if not all this stuff annoying, boring, or i totally disagree with it all together. Maybe i just do not fit in with my race but i don’t care i am white and i do not like this website.

  1263. Liking this website was not on the list. Go read something else.

  1264. look pal. this website is a joke website. many white people enjoy these things. i myself am white and fit into many of these stereotypes but there are many i cannot identify with. i do not enjoy coffee, for example. you need to stop for a second and recognize that this is humorous, not racist. don’t take your impotent rage out on someone who is funny.

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  1271. Number 107. Congratulations for following the rules to a T. I mean DA RULES. Idiot.

  1272. Is that supposed to be a privilege? You don’t have anything black people couldn’t have. Fuck you and fuck your house 🙂

  1273. ^serious

  1274. I saw this site on http://www.DanielDickey.com(the MTV VJ) and must say it is just as funny!!

    Did this guy make StuffJewishPeopleLike.com too?

  1275. on October 6, 2009 at 12:54 am Hate white people

    this is just the dumbest list and who cares what white people like

  1276. dont care what white people like? then why are you here you dumb motha fucka?

  1277. on October 8, 2009 at 10:06 pm Fuck Daniel Dickey

    Die of cancer!

  1278. How can they have black friends when they’re racist???? Except for those who never grew up around blacks….

  1279. amen! i agree 100% who gives a shit what white poeple like. their always taking something from our culture anyway.

  1280. So I guess if you set up a website taking the p*ss out of white people it means you’re not a racist.

    Or – going on the theory from this article – you could just be trying to prove your ‘right-on’ non racist credentials by slagging off white people, ergo – becoming yet another black people’s champion.

    My theory? The louder white ‘anti racists’ shout the more racist they are. They are OBSESSED with race. Those of us who couldn’t care less about colour, and argue against identity politics, are – apparently – racists.

    It’s a funny old world.

  1281. mus be sum plantation shiat


  1282. “Amen! I agree 100%, who gives a shit what white people like. Besides, they’re always stealing from our culture.”

    I am so white it’s terrifying

  1283. The list also forgot to say having black friend means easy access to drugs, just dont tell the black friend since he doesnt do drugs, would not know what a crack pipe is and has never been to east L.A

  1284. and having white friends means having easy access to crystal meth, weed, and heroin….yea, right

    moyo you beeeeeotch.

  1285. hey! thanks for saying that white man!

  1286. Clearly your one of those Americans who just don’t get irony or understand concept of good grammar, so I’ll try to explain this to you (I just hope your inbred mind is void of moonshine). A lot times when a white guy has a black friend they assume he knows everything about drugs & where to get it. Point of note, this so called black friend is probably an ivy league student, who wouldn’t know what to do with crack pipe & whose so called black musical reference is listening to Journey/Nat King Cole and thinks Randy Jackson (American idol) is actually from the streets. Clearly you have never met these caliber of black people have

    You dumb crackhead

  1287. Hey Moyo, suck my black dick. Your attempt at satire and humor is not very clever or funny. But I have a joke for you funny man/woman, Kiss my black ass whitey, and report to the cotton fields and getz ta pickin.

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  1288. Clearly you are not black, because if you were you would note moyo is an african name you dumb ignorant crackhead and ‘suck my black dick’, that’s the best you can come up with, clearly you need to lay off the crack pipe. Oh by the way in africa we don’t cotton field’s, never had them in the first place. Try to learn your history from a book, not a biggie smalls album.

  1289. Hey mojo, fuck you and your food topping name. Next your going to call yourself “catsup” or “mustard”. I can do alot better than “suck my dick”, but I don’t want to appear to be abusing the STUPID. You seen one episode of “Roots” and now your an expert on black culture. Not falling for it dumbass. Here is a black experience you would enjoy, shove that black crack pipe up your ass. lol. By the way nogo, your from Africa, the motherland right?
    “Clearly your one of those Africans who just don’t get irony or understand concept of good grammar, so I’ll try to explain this to you (I just hope your inbred mind is void of moonshine).” The “report to the cotton fields” remark was aimed at those racially insensitive white folks not to happy with a black President. Unfortunatly, your dumbass reminds me of those ignorant crackers. That should tell you alot about YOUR sense of humor brotha.

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  1290. chuckles shut up ignorant motherfucker

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  1292. I have a small weiner.. and I’m black.

  1293. So do I. Hey, we have something in common. I’m not black though, I’m an autistic lil whiteboy.+

  1294. Pssh, If I hang out with anyone, it’s because I like them, not their race *Eye roll*

  1295. White people can sometimes have black friends to try to prove to themselves and others that they are not racist. Also it means if anyone accuses them of being racist they are then truthfully able to reply, ‘I cant be racist, I have black friends’

  1296. …’ONE of those americans’? I thought all americans didnt understand irony (or ‘I-ern -y’as they call it)
    that song ‘Isnt it ironic’…for instance,none of the examples she sings about are actually ironic.
    How ironic to have a song called ‘Isn’t It Ironic’ which isnt ironic!!
    I dont include Jello Biafra in this though as he understands irony better than many English (the undisputed champions of irony)

  1297. You mean ‘devoid’ of moonshine! ‘Void’ is a noun…..hilarious really, since your comment was about grammar!

  1298. this may have been true maybe when i was in 9th grade, but not as much anymore. i remember some of my peers parading around the fact that they had black friends and how cool they thought they were because of it. my best friend before i moved was black, but i at first talked to him because he was from new jersey, which is where i lived as a kid. plus no one was talking to him either at first, which is my favorite way to make new friends

  1299. yeah they might be stealing from our culture, but at least its spreading our culture, just as long as they give us the credit and respect for letting them have it.

  1300. nice google ad. makes it easier.

  1301. I was enjoying this page until I got this one. This is ridiculous. I played high school & college football. I”m white & was the minority on my teams. Yet I’m still friends with 90% of my teammates. My children are friends with their children, we celebrate holidays at each other’s homes, we stand up in each other’s weddings…you get the point. I understand this page is supposed to be sarcastic and ironic, but for some reason the idea that no white person could have over 5 black friends and the only white people who could have 4 are people like Justin Timberlake pissed me off.

  1302. Too bad jungle isnt hip like it was in the mid nineties. There needs to be more cultures that are equally welcoming to all races

  1303. I gots me to get a Latino friend, like Pedro who comes by the school campus lawn every morning…and Franky who’s dressed like out of a rap video. Is he Mexican? Salvadoran? Puerto Rican? Chicano? or some other Latin(o)? Who knows: I gotta find me a Latina for a hot sexy girlfriend too. LOL, she outta have parents to approve of me as an Anglo. White people claim to be strongly for inter-racial marriage (as of the 1970’s).

  1304. I think it really depends on location how many black friends you have…ALL my brothers friends growing up (and like half of mine) were black, because we lived right outside of D.C.

  1305. You and a whole bunch of other dipshits are here, apparently you care. A lot.

  1306. I guess I need more black friends because I don’t have a clue what “pops, drops and locks” means.

  1307. IMPOSSIBLE. Stop your lies!

  1308. Can you guess why?

    It’s easy! You’re just the WRONG KIND OF WHITE PERSON. Christian Lander/Guest Contributor isn’t saying that no Caucasian person can have more than 5 black friends, only that no “white people” can. None of the “right kind of white people.” You don’t fit into this group. You’re the wrong kind.

    You probably wear Ed Hardy and put your Nike-clad foot to the pedal of your F-150.

  1309. Its a song, “Pop, Lock, and Drop it” by Huey. And it’s pretty mainstream, so I’m wondering why white people would want to do it lol.

  1310. I believe that you need to change the first couple words in this article because we have already elected a black president and his name happens to be OBAMA!!!!!! So maybe you should think about changing it so i dont i have to write this again.

  1311. I believe that you need to change the first couple words in this article because we have already elected a black president and his name happens to be OBAMA!!!!!! So maybe you should think about changing it so i dont i have to write this again. Thank You!

  1312. I HAVE 7, at least, but i live in pasadena maryland, and most of our black people are in baltimore or something. oooo, an i gotta asian friend, and theres this one mexikid who hits on my everyday bc he likes big girls, but i dont like him, hes a total creeper

  1313. on December 7, 2009 at 8:50 am derek mayberry

    i think this is good cause my mom thinks i shoudnt date my black girlfriend wat should i do

  1314. I think you should continue dating her if there’s no problems. If your mom wants you two to stop dating just because she’s black, ignore her. That’s being racist.
    I’m black and my boyfriend is white.

  1315. Dude, drop her. She’s black lol

  1316. Fuck people who date interracially, god made races for a reason…

  1317. hhahah. fuck you. Bitch.

  1318. am cool guy live in Ghana. and i really feel to love to white man,i have not be with white guy before. it is my dream to get one person in life, am waiting. am nice guy.

  1319. Exactly genius…

  1320. Wait a minute….just how black is she ?? If she’s mocha, I understand….if she’s fried chicken brown….slow ya roll….if she’s Halley Berry creamy…he should drop his mom…

    Derek, unless your mom still wipes your nose or cooks your oatmeal or packs your Star Wars lunch box before you trott off to school each morning, tactfully find a way to tell her to get over herself and be a man my friend….

  1321. OMG….David !! Are you telling me you don’t have at least one BNF ( Best Nigga Friend ) ? I’m a BNF to lots of white folks and I have to tellum all the time that they need to diversify and get another black perspective….sometimes I”m a little too conservative for my own good 😉

    Seriously David, why do you need more black friends to figure out what “pops, drops and locks”s means. Figure it out on your own my brotha and select your friends based on the content of their character and not the color of their skin….

  1322. on December 12, 2009 at 1:14 pm White man from town


  1323. sj – Has the public school system failed you? Have you never heard of Pangaea, Natural Selection, evolution, climate affects on the human gene pool? Educate yourself before making comments which are unsubstantiated and foolish.

  1324. This is a statement from someone who clearly has a problem getting a date, of any race. YOU are not on the list of stuff white people like. NObody likes you.

  1325. I couldn’t (and wouldn’t) count how many black friends I have. What I do know is that I definitely have more than five (more than 20 actually) as this article suggests, in good humor, is “impossible.” I don’t see black people as black people; I see black people as people. It is not an “us” and “them” thing for me either.

    Race is never an issue with me until someone tries to make it an issue. Then, I recognize it for conversational purposes. I do my best not to live by the stereotypes given by society with regard to race in my life anyhow. Everybody is their own person and should be judged by such- not the color of their skin.

    I have dated/slept with more than 10 black guys in my lifetime! I tend to like black boys more than white ones. White boys are too high maintenance; however, I am not too high maintenance… not as much as most anyhow. x-P

  1326. You are most likely an inbred, white trash, bible-thumping, banjo-playing, fuck-your-mother/father ingrate. Go back to your swamp and shut your mouth. You are hiding your hate behind God which is absolutely ridiculous and thus, completely exposes your true nature: a racist, hate-monger that will burn in hell for the hate they harbor in their heart for another one of God’s beautiful creations.

    If you are going to use God as an excuse for hate, maybe you should actually READ your Bible; if indeed, you can read at all. My father being a minister, I can say I have read mine… and you are flat-out wrong. I am surprised you even had the ability to post a comment on this page. Or, maybe you had your friend help you read and then post a comment?

    You are the reason I wish I wasn’t white at times. However, all I can do is stand tall and realize that I am one of many from my generation that will bring love and change to the world. My only hope is that one day, soon, people like you will be an afterthought.

  1327. I so know what you mean about how a group of white people have a token black friend, I know somebody just like that! But it’s not impossible for a white person to have more than 5 black friends, because I’m that person.

    That said, I’ve always been kind of weird.

  1328. Hey mayberry,

    Fuck what your mom thinks, unless she is willing to lift up her skirt and give you some pussy or drop to her knees and lick on your stiffie.

    Since you are only dating this girl and not married to her just keep doing what you are doing. Do not let your whore mothers opinion effect your feelings for this girl.

    Parent have a way about them. When they hate who you are with you tend to fall harder for that person even if they are not truly worthy.

    If you like this girl continue on, If not drop her, as long as it is your decision and not that cunts that you have to call mom.

    By the way, If you do dump her don’t become on of those losers who only date other ethnic groups and brag about it. Because that will make you a cum guzzler like your mother and that’s big.

    Glad I could help and best of luck kid.

  1329. Hey mayberry,

    Fuck what your mom thinks, unless she is willing to lift up her skirt and give you some pussy or drop to her knees and lick on your stiffie.

    Since you are only dating this girl and not married to her just keep doing what you are doing. Do not let your whore mothers opinion effect your feelings for this girl.

    Parent have a way about them. When they hate who you are with you tend to fall harder for that person even if they are not truly worthy.

    If you like this girl continue on, If not drop her, as long as it is your decision and not that cunts that you have to call mom.

    By the way, If you do dump her don’t become on of those losers who only date other ethnic groups and brag about it. Because that will make you a cum guzzler like your mother and that’s big.

    Glad I could help and best of luck kid.

  1330. Its not impossible, I live with 3 black people and I’m the only white person in t he house. I smoke and party with them a lot, i consider them good friends and I know they think the same. And these aren’t assimilated black people from suburban towns. I met these poeple in college, they all livein the south side of chicago and went to all black highschools. We’re so different, but strip away all the extra stuff and we’re just a few people who like each other’s company.

    If that makes me weird..well..whatever.

  1331. seriously? People like this don’t exist anymore please.

  1332. Well this is the most ignorant, poorly written thing I’ve read all day. lol I’ll pray for you even though I’m African- American and have more than four other black friends so It would be, “Impossible,” for you to befriend me. 🙂

  1333. on December 17, 2009 at 3:15 pm Some Asian Guy

    Bring love and change to the world? Why the fuck do you talk down to people when you yourself are so snobby? Please humble yourself before going on a rant about a comment that was one sentence long.

  1334. People aren’t in any way different. The whites have to deal with the whites too, you know. You’re just covering up your ineptitude or something.

  1335. I wish I had some sympathy because of my race. It’s an effing drag. Whenever i ask Africans from Kenya or Rwanda what they think of race in this country, they always tell me how “the brothers are just crazy: yelling, robbing and so on”.

  1336. …. Awesome.

  1337. lol I loved how Google added to the joke by posting actual links proving the insanity of it all.

    “Meet Black Singles”

    “Find Sexy Asians”

    hahaha, priceless. I just hate that they switched to a “fit singles” advertisement the moment I refreshed the page.

  1338. on December 23, 2009 at 8:32 am Betty Jenkins!

    WTF?! You guys are exactly who this was written for. “oohhh I have black friends from the HOOD”?! WTF! Does that make you cool or somethin? If you really have black friends there’s no need to try and justify it, douche bag.

  1339. on December 23, 2009 at 8:35 am Betty Jenkins!

    How is this not racist against white people?! wtf?

  1340. on December 23, 2009 at 8:35 am Betty Jenkins!

    You’re an idiot.

  1341. on December 23, 2009 at 8:38 am Betty Jenkins!

    Your wife or girl should drop you… your ignorant.

  1342. Funny how you talk about bringing love and change to the world, yet you claim this man is going to burn in hell… put down your bible and get a clue.

  1343. I’m white and I don’t want any black friends…..

    White power!!!!!

  1344. on December 29, 2009 at 9:38 am Barack hates you too

    And guess what, blacks don’t want your friendship either dumbass!!!

    FIGHT THE POWER!!!!!!!!!!!

  1345. That is really uncool of you to say…..really now…you put all of us white people to shame……how wonderful of you….NOT……

  1346. While i find most things on this website quite comical, some of the articles are rather racists. Well, according to pop-culture, the whole site is racists. If there was a website full of stereotypes called “What Black People Like,” contaning oversized t-shirts, bedazzled braces known as “grills,” or the classic stereotype of chicken and/or grape kool-aid, it would be called offensive. Awww im sorry. But its the truth. And this article is wrong like alot of the articles on this site. I have many African American friends. Well over 5, you twats.

    And to this guy “melody”…. go die in a fire. You and people like you are the reason that races are still separated.

  1347. You are an idiot

  1348. Everyone hold onto their nickers…its just ment to be funny. Try to relax and see the humor in it.

  1349. but yes…I agree that as far as this Melody character goes…he is an idiot…THAT sort of stuff is never funny, no matter the race

  1350. on January 2, 2010 at 10:42 am Youcantbeserious

    oversized t-shirts, bedazzled braces known as “grills,” or the classic stereotype of chicken and/or grape kool-aid, it would be called offensive. Awww im sorry. But its the truth.

    WTF? Black friends my ass. You feel uncomfortable because the racist in YOU emerges.
    Why don’t you hop into that fire with melody.
    And by the way, grills are soooo 2007. And they are not BRACES.

  1351. on January 3, 2010 at 9:52 am Nuclearromance

    Yeah we don’t talk to the blacks around where I live…..

  1352. That’s funny, I don’ talk to the whites around where I live. They are all violent beer drinking drunkards.

  1353. Here’s a funny joke;

    If a white person call’s you a monkey call him a pig – really check out the resembelnce pink skin that goes red in the sun, hairy rough leather feeling, even the nose looks the same.

    Not so funny? Awww poor baby…..

    I HATE WHITE PEOPLE. I’d never have those scum as friends! contacts maybe. But definatly not friends.

  1354. you hate white people… have you met ALL white people. i doubt that so im offended that you would say that. im white and i love this site because it makes me laugh at myself. but when i read comments like yours i feel bad even though i didn’t do anything. go fuck yourself

  1355. Another thing white people like: complaining about being discriminated against, because they are white.

  1356. FYI there is a stuff black people like… http://stuffblackpeoplelikealso.wordpress.com/

    I take this site as light-hearted humor (well actually its quite hilarious) and can relate to more things on it than some of my white friends… and yep im black.

  1357. It’s nice to see how untied Americans are. It makes my heart skip with joy that FINALLY after everything we’ve been through that we can have a pleasant conversation without bring race into it.

  1358. […] Having black friends.  White law students literally flock to black students on the first day of class, hoping to be the kid cool enough to land the black friend.  Little do they know that the black law students instantly flock to the other black law students, hoping to not be the one black kid so uncool as to have white friends. […]

  1359. lol. sounds about right.

  1360. I’ve never actually noticed this before, but white people fucking LOVE to complain about getting discriminated against. I’m white all the way and on the few times I’ve done this, it RULED. I can now understand why every other race does it.
    Also I suppose, black people really DO have to face discrimination.

  1361. See, the thing about racial and cultural generalizations is this:
    No matter how often/how much people see WHITE generalizations, they’re never really generalizations across the whole race. For instance, when BLACK generalizations are made, here comes the ridiculous & redundant and oh-so-untrue chicken, watermelon, Kool-Aid, etc. references…WHEN IN ACTUALITY if ANYONE truly took notice of the black race, MOST BLACK PEOPLE do NOT have gold teeth (grills), baggy pants, etc.
    Are most white men serial killers, wife killers (for insurance money, no less), child molesters, sexual freaks, Bernie Madoffs, etc.?? Should we believe that most/all white men have–ahem– small penises? (And smaller balls?)

    It literally comes down to common sense and connecting the dots. Just because VH-1, et. al. showcases the worst of the worst doesn’t mean the entire or most of the black race fits into these lowlife categories.
    I wonder how intelligent people truly are. For all of the whites and non-blacks who stereotype to a fault, it shows how ignorant and fearful and small minded they are.

  1362. You are one to talk about educating themselves. I wonder how anybody as stupid as you are manage to inhale air without government assistance.

  1363. Race will always be brought up, no matter what. I’m guessing you aren’t racist, but don’t be color blind, that’s just as bad.

  1364. It’s your choice.

  1365. Why is that uncool? Where is the shame for you in what she said?

  1366. You don’t seem like a very likeable negro anyway, who would wan’t to be your friend?

  1367. I’m in law school as well BL1Y, and you are quite correct. All of the black men/women live together, and while friendly with us at school, they want ZERO to do with us outside no matter how hard we try. I hate it; you would think that when you get to this level of professionalism and academic success in your life, that people would realize that having multicultural friends is awesome, that they are great people. But apparently, most of my black peers here just do not care about that.

  1368. just shut that fuck up, ya stupid texan cracker.

  1369. You don’t think it is uncool to say White Power?

  1370. It looks like talking about race is always sure to bring the best out of people!

  1371. People, people, plsease in the immortal words of rodney king, cant we just get a long. This is a website based on satire, you know like 30 rock,saturday night live, scrubs, the office… You are ment to laugh at it. Doesn’t anyone in america understand irony.

    I’m a black man from europe, raised in nigeria & even I know that this blog is not meant to be taken to heart, so as you americans would say take the nail out of your ass, lightin up and take a chill pill daddio

  1372. omfg. lmao what is going on here??? this blog isnt for the faint of heart i guess. put ur pride n ur pocket and just laugh dnt criticize, patronize, or say something ignorant. lets play a game:
    i ❤ sushi, filipino & latino boys, lady gaga, nicki minaj, paramore, MGMT, chucks, chelsea handler, weed, the beach. greys anatomy. && i hate kool-aid, baggy pants, grills, & kanye.

    a 20 y.o. black gay dude. whats my place n this world? smh

  1373. you’re a good friend for white people! =)

  1374. alright, some of you guys need to calm down, theres a good, special somebody in all races. this site is a little stereotyping anyways. im black and i dont know anything about gangs,the “hood”, and im not ghetto and loud, and i love metal. and because of that, people are always saying and calling me white. but i dont care, i be who i wanna be, prejudice, stereotypings dont define me.

  1375. I literally never get sick of this web site!

    Here’s another good one: http://www.SomethingYouShouldRead.com

  1376. I’m white and I think this site is great. The only thing I don’t like is people getting nasty about it. It is suppose to be funny. I do however wonder, if there was a site called stuffblackpeoplelike.com would that be considered wrong? Just curious.

    Also, I do have to admit a lot the stuff on this site I do like! lol

  1377. Actually there is a site… it seems a little more pleasant too. Also, people don’t seem to be so hateful and offended. Both sites are awesome.

  1378. I wonder if anyone else in the world sucks as much as you. Stop comment promoting your weak ass site

  1379. ha. black people scare me. and im mexican…

  1380. I am as white as the day is long, and I don’t have one black friend. lol
    Not racist or anything..they’re just hard to come by in my ‘hood.

  1381. […] The real reason that Americans elected Obama is that the idea of casting a vote for a black man made them feel all warm and fuzzy about themselves. […]

  1382. What college did you attend? I’m taking an African-American course in college now and all the Southside kids sit together. In group projects everyone talks, but other than that blacks converse with blacks and whites converse with whites.

  1383. Yes, It’s funny because it’s so very true.

  1384. SUCKS DICK! 😀

  1385. on January 31, 2010 at 2:52 pm Chiam Johnsonbergsteinwitzeisnerbaumberger

    black people scare me with their big noses and fat lips

  1386. I was at first all in arms to prove I have black friends, because I’m all over the idea of how I am so racially-unbiased. So I realized I don’t ever have any black friends over to my house for dinner, or to watch the big game, but I don’t have white friends over, either!
    My Dad comes over all the time, but he lives next door. He’s white; he usually watches football or golf w/ my husband, but once, I walked in on them watching NASCAR!! OMG!!!
    My sister comes by with her kids, and sometimes her husband comes, too. But they’re all white.
    We have big family get-togethers at Mimi’s house, but everybody is white, there, too.
    It hits me now that I have sat on the couches (and had beers or cocktails) in many more black people’s houses than black people have sat on mine.
    I may be more of a hermit than a racist.

  1387. Justing kidding, black people can’t fight… unless they have guns (because they’re cowards),

  1388. IMPOSSIBLE. White people can’t have small dicks. Only nigs

  1389. mexican people scare me and I’m black.. and live in oakland 😉

  1390. obviously racist.

  1391. Mexicans, blacks and whites scare me and i live in Africa.

  1392. All humans scare me and I live in an asylum!

  1393. …and just think, America loves to say that racism no longer exists. You represent your country well!

  1394. if you are white and have more than 5 black friends you will slowly become black

    it’s pretty cool how that shit works i was white about 5 years ago now my skin is a nice coffee color and i have given up marlboro reds in favor of newports

  1395. how about people want friends, regardles of colour!

  1396. I’m black and what is this? last comment was not understood in the slightest. all i got was Jew Wife. anywho. i’ve met guys like this. i’ve befriended quite a few. i don’t think he’s fully ignorant or anything, he just doesn’t appreciate the stereotype. Hell i don’t appreciate the stereotype. everybody whose posted on this seems kinda butthurt. And that deserves lulz. XD pathetic arguments. Nobody ever argues for shit they truly care about.

  1397. No Elroy, you’ve got it all wrong. Nothing is offensive until you feel sorry for it, or nobody laughs. one of the two. Go up to a group of black people and go “What’s up my nigga?” and smile real fuckin’ big. instant icebreaker. they’ll appreciate the audacity so much that they can’t be mad.

  1398. white people only have black friends if their black friend “acts white”… OR if the white person themself “acts black”

    You can never be friends if one person acts white and the other acts black. it just never happens…

  1399. This is all hilarious. I was the token black girl in High School and this post could not be any more true. I go to Howard University now (just look it up if you’re clueless) where I am amongst other once token people of color.

    Gotta say it’s a breath of fresh air to be around fellow prophets of “how do you get your hips to move like that?” and “why are so many black guys in jail?”

    We still love ya’ll though, mwah!

  1400. totally agree with that.. which really defeats the point of the friendship then, doesn’t it

  1401. You forgot to add BIG BLACK COCK!

  1402. That’s a myth.

    You know it, I know it, they know it.

  1403. You WISH it was a myth whiteman, everybody knows it’s true. You know it, I know it, and your girlfriend knows it too, she just never told you.

  1404. Clander come across as a douche and as unfunny in this post.

  1405. LoL… It actually may not be… Oprah had this doctor on her show once that did a study of penis size… On average black men were the biggest, followed by white men, followed by asian men. Other races, or even ethnicities, weren’t tested and it wasn’t done on a large scale… so… who knows

  1406. I’m just confused how someone can act “white” and act “black”…
    because last time I checked those were colors, NOT personality traits.

    I’m going to act so yellow, you aren’t even gonna know what to do!

  1407. See, I had heard that on average, blacks are smaller than whites. The only reason for the common myth is that when a black guy is big, he is BIG. But on average, whites have a greater chance of being above average length.

  1408. on March 2, 2010 at 8:59 pm Harrison B.

    Here is another really funny website you should check it out!!

  1409. HAHAHAHAHAHAHA Nice try Craig, look inside your trowsers son, does that look above average to you. I talked to your girlfriend, she begs to differ. LOL!!! Once you go black, you never go back. That is what the ladies say.

  1410. I’ve got at least 30 (Black Friends) do I get a prize?

  1411. maria, that was a very white thing of you to say.

  1412. on March 9, 2010 at 9:35 pm For Chicago!

    Any white male will LOVE to have a black (guy) friend, an Asian girl-friend and gay friend (both sexes, but female is a plus). Also a Latin(a) mistress in the house, an American Indian grandma and a Jewish grandpa, but his “partner wife” fantasizes to have an Arab/Indian/Greek lover in her mind. Now that’s a diverse profile in his resume/portfolio.

  1413. The reason most Americans voted for Obama was because they were sick of Republicans after GW Bush…and the thought of McCain/Palin was terrifying. Period.

  1414. Germans scare me and I’m Jewish

  1415. Everybody loves weed, white, black or blue. Doesn’t matter.

  1416. on March 13, 2010 at 2:31 pm not white person

    Um no white person. I’m black, I have a white friend. She acts white, I act black. we have fun, period

  1417. And white people um….. NEVER scare me! LOL I just laugh at their scaly pale skin, their weirdly colored eyes making them resemble reptiles and their squeaky voices making their women sound like mice and their men sound like Pee Wee Herman.

  1418. All human beings scare me… I’m NAVI!

  1419. i have only black friends…

  1420. Yeah, *looks around* I’m the token. I tend to be the only black person where ever I go-I just happen to prefer the same activities that are deemed “white”, and the majority of my friends since elementary school have been white. Hell, I grew up as a Lutheran, for Christ’s sake! So, I was surrounded at church, at school, and in my neighborhood.

  1421. Big or not, blacks have purple weenies = turnoff. Personally I’ll take average over rotting-looking.

  1422. But.. whites have pink ones which look raw….

  1423. It’s all black when it is down your throat Sai, you know that. And besides, I seen you in action, get a little alcohol in ya and even Rover the Dog looks like a stud to you. Get off your high horse and STFU.

  1424. ive was born in africa and i have lived here my whole life…so what you are saying is total bullshit….you are just a racist…..
    suck ma balls nigga

  1425. WTF are you on about lol..are you from yorkshire by any chance

  1426. Black boys have the same size as an adult white male…Black men have the same size as horses.

    But the saying, ‘once you go black you don’t go back’ is a generalization…I met a white girl that dated a black dude for 2 years and went back to dating white boys…

  1427. I like to think that I’m friends with people who act ‘normal’ rather than the color of a particular race…

  1428. on April 4, 2010 at 8:15 pm rufus haystack

    personally i think that anyone that can count the number of a certain type of friend are either racist or prejudice themselves. what you are saying is funny as hell though and i do notice that from some white people i know.

  1429. on April 8, 2010 at 9:25 pm DisneyTwilight


  1430. This is one of the most WILLFULLY ignorant things I have ever read. I know you will look back on this post when you have matured and feel total self humiliation.
    If you still stand by it then kill yourself and save the world from the abject stupidity of your existence. Your parents must have been utter trash.

  1431. Wow, do ppl not realize this is for fun…get a sense of humor, I’m black and asian and laughed at BOTH posts.

    Some people weren’t in line when God handed out humor apparently

  1432. you people are crazy!
    its just supposed to be funny,
    no need to get all deffensive, dammnn!
    laugh a little sometime,
    you might just enjoy it instead of being pissed off at the world for every little comment someone is gonna make.

  1433. on April 12, 2010 at 8:17 pm Looking for friends?

    Go to church…a predominantly black church if you will. No white person can go to the right place for black people in near 100% numbers in one single place. It’s not ghetto! You find no drugs or drinking, no out-of-wedlock kids by welfare moms, have fathers present in life with a college degree and are most likely conservative Republicans. For real? Yes fo’ real honky. At the AME church East side Atlanta.

  1434. I walk around with like 9 or 10 but I have to keep them on a leash on them so they don’t disrupt the peace or try to eat out of the garbage cans.
    Stuff black people like-
    Fat white women
    Wishing they were white
    Colorful clothes to show-off
    Big Stupid Rims on inexpensive cars
    #1- Embracing the bad reputation the color of their skin gives them.. Black people love the fact that some people are scared of them just because their ruthless ancestors have paved the way with violence and confrontation before them.

  1435. over-generalization much. Everything is not as you see on tv or even the few black people you have probably seen.

  1436. Some of my best friends are black. It makes me feel like I must be OK. If I got to play basketball with Obama, I would let him win so he would like me more. I can never tell how I really think or my black friends would dump me and I would feel even worse than I already do about myself.

  1437. I don’t have any white friends………….thank GOD! I don’t need validation like whites do. I hate most white people- except for one Canandian I met recently. I hope that Volcano in Iceland REALLYerupts and melt their asses into the sea………GOD owes us that much….

  1438. on April 18, 2010 at 6:14 pm Michele Obama

    Nice try. There are no white people named Cedric

  1439. on April 18, 2010 at 6:16 pm Fat White Woman

    I know that at least one of the things on that list is absolutely true.

  1440. on April 18, 2010 at 6:17 pm le Crackhead

    can someone please translate?

  1441. on April 18, 2010 at 6:18 pm le Crackhead

    you’re not fooling anyone, Tiger

  1442. on April 18, 2010 at 6:20 pm le Crackhead

    I’ve got one word for you: EMINEM

  1443. on April 18, 2010 at 6:25 pm Fat White Woman

    Not in my experience.

  1444. on April 18, 2010 at 6:39 pm Fat White Woman

    How many black MPs and Prime Ministers have you yellow-teeth, mush-eating, pasty-faced, sheep had?

    “I know why the sun never sets on the British Empire, God would never trust an Englishman in the dark.”
    Duncan Spaeth

  1445. on April 18, 2010 at 6:48 pm le Crackhead

    Right. An entire country so consumed by white guilt that the only remedy was to put that country into the hands of a man who they secretly feel is inferior, and even dangerous.

    On another topic, I can get you a really great deal on a bridge.

  1446. on April 18, 2010 at 6:49 pm le Crackhead

    Oakland!? How many times have you been shot?

  1447. on April 18, 2010 at 6:53 pm le Crackhead

    Actually, there is a site like that, and….you guessed it – everything on it is wrong. In fact, the comments are eerily similar to these.

  1448. on April 18, 2010 at 6:54 pm Mrs. Demetrick

    What is an “ass site”?

  1449. hahahahhaha

  1450. i think they’re saying that they have found a group of black people who are acceptable because they are like white people. because obviously most black people are the opposite of all the characteristics listed.

  1451. Ok, to start off i would like to apologize to anyone that has read the comment posted by Samech and its ignorant self! First don’t put God in your little ignorance battle. You should know that much! “Never put the Lord’s name in vain” and two, GET THE FUCK OVER IT!!!!! it was long time AGO!!! MOVE THE FUCK ON!!!!!!! and how dare you insinuate that yu belief in God and yet wish the death of millions of people? You have to understand, just as their were of them treating us badly, there were some who has given their life to the cause! So how Dare you! Its people like you and the white supremacy that will never let racism die! Dont you see, nowadays noone gives a fuck if your black or white, Gay or straight! DAM you irk my nerve! Your just STUPID! STUPID! There are more white than blacks here, how the fuck did you think OBama got elected? It wasnt by magic! Oh by the way, Yes IM BLACK AND I AM PROUD BUT ITS PEOPLE LIKE YOU WHO MAKE THE WORLD SUCH A HORRIBLE PLACE TO LIVE IN! AND I HAVE A WHITE BOYFRIEND! SO HA! GET THE FUCK OVER YOURSELF! you stupid Cunt!

  1452. on April 30, 2010 at 6:33 pm Big Dick Cheneys DICK

    What a bunch of sorry ass white trash to have to try and suck up to these black sambos in order to release their white guilt.
    You have all fallen for that black VICTIMIZATION BULLSHIT, and feel it necessary to show your unending tolerance for the poor blackies.
    Get some FUCKING BRAINS, research US and World history and see the TRUTH.
    Blacks were emancipated 150 years ago in the US, how many of you know or have even HEARD of any of them clamoring to return to Africa ANYTIME in that period?

  1453. This is the most disgusting site I have every seen. These pieces of shit should be rounded up and set out to sea in an unknown direction.

  1454. on May 1, 2010 at 4:39 am Emperor Bok-assa

    If Master Lander is so entusiastic for the US to become a non-white country who doesnt he go and live in El Salvador or Haiti for a while?


    “When friends are dark, days are few”.

  1455. on May 1, 2010 at 2:51 pm jonathan Gruber

    go to http://www.stuffcardinalnewmanstudentslike.blogspot.com
    its some rich high school and its really funny

  1456. Hmm.. Well, if White people approach me with the intentions to be my friend solely because I’m NOT White, then maybe I shouldn’t befriend them. Ok, I’m getting rid of all my White friends now because I know that they are only using me. Thanks so much, “Stuffwhitepeople.com”. I’m so glad I could trust such a reliable and factual website.

  1457. You know what really sickens me? Is how I’m envious when a White person has a Black friend when I can’t even make a Black friend. And guess what? I’m not even White! I need Black friends. Actually, I just need friends in general.

  1458. on May 5, 2010 at 2:34 am Emperor Bok-assa

    I’m of the opinion that no HONEST white person who has pride in the amazing achievements of his race – which, with all the multi-culti brainwashing, probably eliminates most whites these days – AND is equally aware of the non-achievemnets of the black race – can have a GENUINELY open and honest friendship with a black.

    Liberal whites like to believe in the fantasy of a “colourblind society” – its total bullshit – blacks especially are so aware every waking day that they are blacks – an inferior race – and they have been programmed to be constantly on the lookout for the slightest signs of “racism”, real or perceived, from whites. There is often money or fame in doing so.

    So any white who made friends with a black would have to be very much on the blacks side politically-speaking. He/she would have to be constantly “bending-over-blackwards” to apologise for racism, apartheid, and all the other terrible things that whites are supposed to have done to the noble black race.

    Read this review of “racism, guilt, and self-deceit” by Gedahlia Braun, a jewish professor and onevery few whites who has HONEST conversations with blacks.


    Scroll down to “Light on the Dark Continent”

  1459. Could you go be an idiot somewhere else please?

  1460. on May 6, 2010 at 8:23 am Emperor Bok-assa

    OK you self-righteous dimwit, what specifically did I say to hurt your babyjay feelings?

    I made the point that whites cannot have black friends without forever “bending-over-blackwards” to their sense of victimology. Why dont you play the ball instead of the man? The truth bothers you doesn’t it?

  1461. Its funny how you attempt to put logic to ignorance. Not only is this statement untrue; the reference that you use to back up your point comes from a racist. I have honest conversations with Jewish people all the time, and I’m black. You’re putting a label on a race and life does not work that way. People of all colors feel victimized in some way shape or form, and with that being said you could never logically use that to describe a race as a whole. To say that a race is inferior only shows the insecurities that you have with yourself. White people as a whole don’t think that so why do you? How do I know this? A white person showed this comment to me; then we had a conversation about how peoples ignorances can really get a good laugh going(and how badly it can hold back a society). Look, you want to believe that all white people think a certain way and all black people think another and one is completely inferior to the other, but the truth is thats just not the way it works. All races have good and bad people in them, and thats the way it’ll always be. By the way, my girlfriend of three years is receiving her Masters in 2011, and she’s Jewish.

  1462. on May 6, 2010 at 10:16 am Emperor Bok-assa

    Oh so you’re ‘black” are you Tony? And you’ve got a white jewish girlfriend too. I strongly suspect you are probably even less “black” than Obama is. Obama the self-identifying half-white “black” who was brought up as a white by white people in a white society and yet in the census question he denies his mixed-race origins thus rejecting the very people (white) to whom he owes everything he has, and not the black criminal white-hating sperm-ejaculator he calls his father. Because it helps him politically. What a towering hypocr