#32 Vegan/Vegetarianism

As with many white people activities, being vegan/vegetarian enables them to feel as though they are helping the environment AND it gives them a sweet way to feel superior to others. For further evidence, note how the vegetarian world has increasing levels of extemism (no meat, no dairy, no eggs, no fish, nothing that has been cooked, etc).

Much like not watching TV, this makes white people pretty hard to deal with on a day to day basis – having dinner, going to restaurants, having them over to watch political debates all become major challenges as they will talk about how they cannot eat anything and would rather that the meat and cheese be thrown in the garbage than put into their bodies.

But wait, aren’t there white people who eat organice, grain fed, free range cattle and chicken? Yes, these white people are wracked with guilt knowing that they are eating a dead animal, contributing to rainforest deforestation, and global warming.

Whether you are dealing with a meat eater or a vegan/vegetarian, there are many ways to use this information to your advantage.

If you require a favor from a vegetarian white person, you should invite them to a dinner with your family. When your mother/grandmother offers them a dish with meat in it, they will reject it saying that they are vegetarian. When the meal is over, tell them that your mom is very embarrassed, and that in your culture rejecting food is the equivalent of spitting on someone’s grave. They will then owe you favor, this can be repeated when you need trips to the airport, someone to help you move, a small interest free loan, or a place for your friend to crash.

If you need to gain leverage with a meat eater, it’s pretty easy. They already feel guilty, just point it out.


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  1. You know, I’ve really enjoyed most of this blog so far, but one theme has come up several times, and it’s made most explicit in this post. The author pokes fun at white folk for being vegan/caring about the environment/trying to eat organic, whereas everyone else…what, exactly? Should be praised for consciously destroying the environment, or for going out of their way to eat low-grade fast food meat? I mean, I get why it’s funny – silly white people, thinking their consumer decisions will save the world – but the thing is, you’re talking about things that COULD make the world a better place, if only we ALL had access to them. Conserving energy and eating healthy should not be a race thing, or a cultural thing. It should be a human thing… and if driving a hybrid or eating organic are seen solely as a white things, then what? All nonwhite folks should be proud to eat greasy, fried fast food forever? All nonwhite folks should be proud to drive gas-guzzlers? All nonwhite folks should do nothing for the environment because that would be betraying their race?

  2. f you mohammed, vegans are malnourished pussies.

  3. haha good job being wrong carl

  4. lol I never looked or felt better since I stopped eating meat.
    still this is a funny blog, I dont like self rightous types=)

  5. This goes beyond cosumer decisions, it’s a becoming a psuedo-religion to some people. Almost like it’s expected of a left-winger whites to become vegetarian on be on the road to one, lest they get scorned by their peers. People want to be healthy? Good for them. Want to reduce pollution? Good for them. But no, they have to become vegan missionaries. The more I hear from them, the more I crave a greasy hamburger.

  6. Vegetarians aren’t all that bad on the self-righteousness scale, but the vegans I’ve met are on the whole on the level of tent-revival preachers–woe betide those who put the unclean products of animals into their bodies!! And to top it off, every single one looked like a famine victim, so please don’t tell me how it’s somehow healthier to not eat meat at all.

    Everything in moderation, folks.

  7. […] hate ira glass and terry gross), listen to some indie music, own the arrested development dvds, am vegan, and drink too much coffee. i’m so white! anyhow… i’m going to go watch a […]

  8. hey, at least it requires a level of sacrifice, unlike a lot of the other things on here ($2 extra for fair trade? sure! etc)

  9. The best are the fat veggies/vegans… AKA carbotarians. My roommate is a proud vegetarian but she hates vegetables and fruits… I ask you.

  10. t Mohammed

    Yes, what food people eat will indeed save the world, as there is obviously no gray area between organic food (salvation) and fast food (damnation).

    Pretty stereotypical white perspective, “my way is the only good way”. Maybe someone could name an expensive sandwich after your ideas, call it, The White Man’s Burden Burger (100% Vegan tofu loaf).

  11. Paradox: While vegetarian meals can be quite tasty, vegans/vegetarians are Always insufferable. odd.

  12. on February 17, 2008 at 6:38 am Tommy The Brat

    I’m a vegetarian but I don’t think I could reject a dish someone’s grandmother offered me. I would rather suffer the guilt of eating a dead creature than the guilt of upsetting a kind old lady by rejecting free food.

  13. woo-hoo!

    although i’m not the trendy self-righteous type, i have enjoyed being the awkward, pain in the butt dinner guest for over 25 years (and counting).

    “guess i’m just too white and nerdy!”

    fun blog.

  14. The funny thing is when the women are away the White Vegan hubby will play. They’ll go down a couple chili dogs and then get back with their woman and talk Chomsky and make vegan love as if nothing happened.

  15. Oh my god. Add post #72: Whining about being misunderstood/oppressed/reversely discriminated against. See Mohammad as an example.

    My mom is vegan (but not white) because her body literally rejects any animal product. And she can’t eat soy or gluten, either, so white people literally worship her for her purity/self-restraint/political awareness at dinner parties. Whenever I mention my mom’s veganness, the inevitable first question is asking what her reasons are…when I tell them health, they always give me a WTF look.

  16. I eat dog. Seriously. And p***y. I’m a white savage.

  17. I’ve been vegan for 11 years but I never preach about it. Meat eaters always feel the need to apologize to me for their food choices. I don’t care. The whole world will never adopt one kind of diet. I do what’s right for me. If you like eating McShit and it makes you happy, then rock the fuck on.

  18. stuffblackpeoplelike – eating watermelon! hahaha!!!
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    stuffblackpeoplelike – welfare! hahaha!!!
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    stuffmexicanpeoplelike – wearing sombreros! hahaha!!!
    stuffchinesepeoplelike – eating rice! hahaha!!!
    stuffarabpeoplelike – kissing goats! hahaha!!!
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    stuffblackpeoplelike – sniffing glue! hahaha!!!
    aren’t i funny and clever!!!
    don’t you dare call me a racist!!!

  19. Anonymous, of course you are not a racist!!

    Your mum is though!! 🙂

  20. I’m white and I not only eat meat but I raise chickens. But don’t think I’m cool yet, they are pasture-raised. Sorry. Damn, I wish I could be cool enough, I’m just too white.

  21. Haha. You do realize that the man in your picture is latino, right? Any research into this would have proved that fact.

  22. on February 19, 2008 at 3:41 pm Anonymous Vegetarian

    I’ve honestly never once “preached” to anyone about vegetarianism, nor do I know anyone at all who does, yet I hear this complaint all the time. To be honest, nearly all vegetarians learn within 1 meal to just try to avoid talking about it at all costs. The usual scenario is that people notice you ordering no meat when you go out, or avoiding certain foods at gatherings, and THEY ask YOU about it. Next they proceed to ask you why and want to spend 20 minutes talking about it and forcing you to explain it all in great detail. Inevitably some stupid jackass (always a white male) who has been not so quietly listening and smirking nearby will make the “well then I’ll eat enough for both of us” joke, and might even bring up the “save a cow, eat a vegetarian” bumper sticker which MAKES NO FUCKING SENSE. Can someone explain that damn sticker to me? Anyway…the aforementioned jackass will then take any defense of yourself as preaching and proceed to bitch about it when trying to justify their hatred of vegetarians. So if you don’t want to hear us “preach” stop bugging us about it. Just let me eat my god damn baked potato and salad in piece and shut the fuck up already.

  23. So just an FYI: the couple pictured here– they’re Bob and Jenna Torres. They have a book called Vegan Freak, a website and and a pretty popular podcast. I’m pretty sure Bob actually identifies as Latino.

  24. I’m a vegetarian; not vegan. I’ve never “preached” to anyone about it nor have I ever tried to make anyone feel guilt or shame about being a meat eater. Being a vegetarian is a personal choice and if the subject comes up, it’s because someone notices that I’m not eating meat.

  25. Spell check is your friend, and color: get over it.

  26. Meat eaters always feel the need to apologize to me for their food choices. I don’t care. The whole world will never adopt one kind of diet. I do what’s right for me. If you like eating McShit and it makes you happy, then rock the fuck on.”

    You see, this is why people dislike vegetarians & Vegans. Notice the way the guy looks at dietary choices as if they present some manichean dichotomy between (presumably organic, locally-produced) Vegan fare, and Big Macs. Like no normal, omnivorous human who enjoys the taste of meat could possibly have sophisticated tastes of any kind, but rather are all just some ludicrous gaggle of ignorant, obese, Bush-voting, rednecks who’s diet consists entirely of burgers & fries hastily scarfed down with half a gallon of Mr. Pibb at the McDonalds kiosk at their local Wal-Mart, pork rinds doused with that cheap “Crystal” brand pepper sauce from Louisiana, and endless 12-packs of Pabst Blue Ribbon (I know he doesn’t explicitly say that, but its pretty difficult to miss his clear implication to that effect when he employs the term “McShit” as a way of dismissing as irrelevant wastrels virtually the entire human race in a single fell swoop).

    Additionally, his assertion that normal, omnivorous people who eat meat “always feel the need to apologize to me for their food choices,” is completely absurd. I eat veal in mixed company, and I’ve certainly never apologized for doing so. Once in a while someone asks “How can you eat veal?,” to which I invariably respond, “What do you mean?” I have yet to hear anyone actually offer an answer to my query. If you can’t stand up for your beliefs, then keep them to yourself. Merely noting that I am living in conformity with my own values, rather than yours, is not going to make me have a sudden epiphany wherein I realize that I should actually live in accord with the views of some stupid woman I happen to be sitting at the same table with on a given evening. And if someone ever offered a sincere apology for what they were eating in my presence, I would wonder if perhaps they were presently under the care of a psychiatrist.

  27. As I’ve mentioned in some of my other replies, one thing about this Blog I do not much care for is the way it seems to confuse 27-year old grad student, liberal, Politically Correct multiculturalists who grew up in all-White, upper-middle class suburban edge cities, who’s parents dropped acid at Woodstock, when they weren’t too busy registering Blacks to vote in Mississippi, or working for Eugene McCarthy’s 1968 Presidential campaign, with White people generally, as if a few bohemian neighborhoods in Madison, Wisconsin were representative of all White people. Sure, vegetarianism/Veganism is very common among that wafer thin slice of the demographic, but what percentage of actual Whites today are vegetarians/Vegans? Its probably hovering around 3-4%, if even that. Although it is true a lot (albeit still a clear minority) of White people do revere vegetarianism/Veganism, as if its more moral ideal they ought to aspire to (while they continue to dine on meat), I don’t think that really counts for very much. I admire Thomas Jefferson, but that doesn’t mean I get to take partial credit for authorship of the Declaration of Independence.

  28. ….spitting on someone’s grave…yeah, the graves of the people who /starved/ the death, or finally killed themselves from the crazy years after surviving the famine through cannibalism.

    Reducing meat is one thing, but elevating difficult food /choices/ to moral holiness? Goodbye.

  29. FYI, according to http://www.vrg.org/journal/vj2006issue4/vj2006issue4poll.htm

    6% of white Americans are vegetarian
    7% of black Americans are vegetarian
    8% of Hispanic Americans are vegetarian

    I think this website is pretty funny. But we’ve got to remember it’s satire and NOT truth. The truth is a VERY different story.

  30. re: 29

    …but my immediate thought was, perhaps the /vegan/ white Americans refuse to identify themselves as vegetarians! LOL

  31. But… what if I’m white and eat sushi? Am I forgiven because sushi is gourmet cultured food? I MUST KNOW.

  32. I’m vegan and Chinese. I grew up in Asia. I speak two Chinese dialacts and English is my third language.

    I’m a really polite guest and I always offer to bring my own food or I’ll happily eat plain bread or lettuce if my host doesn’t have anything else vegan. I’m always grateful. I think, this makes my hosts want to really make me feel a part of the dinner parties. They always go out of their way to make sure there’s something for me to eat, so I rarely starve when I go out or over to people’s homes for dinner.

    I am also an activist for animals. So I will go out and spread the word about factory farming several times a week. But I don’t try to push this stuff onto people under regular social situations. It’s funny how things work out though. Because people know about what I do, they will ask about it. So even though I never talk about animal rights stuff with my family and meat eating friends, they come to me and ask about it.

  33. re. Georgia @ 30:
    Actually, many meat-eaters identify as vegetarian because it’s cool/hip to be veg*n. That, and because some idiots can’t figure out that fish is not a vegetable.

  34. yo, the guy in that pic aint latino! just LOOK at him! he looks like a total faggot

  35. I love being a carnivore and I don’t feel the least bit guilty about it. Vegans and the others like them can keep on missing out for all I care.

  36. Yo, the guy in the pic definitely is Latino — I should know, it is me (my dad was born in Mexico. Is that Latino enough for you?). As for looking like a “total faggot,” I’m not sure what you mean, toothie, with your incredibly erudite remarks (yeah, I used a big word. Go look it up.).

    Toothie, do you mean to imply that there aren’t gay Latinos? Do you mean to imply that I just look feminine? Do you mean to imply because I don’t eat meat, I probably love other men? I’m really not sure what you mean, though in my experience, the people who are running around calling others “total faggots” are the ones who are most often questioning their own sexuality underneath the surface of it all. And that’s fine with me — actually, I encourage it — but I just wish you’d own up to your feelings rather than beating others down with homophobic epithets designed to cover your own insecurities and uncertainties.

    As for the stuff about veganism, there’s plenty to make fun of vegans for. I should know, I complain loudly about my fellow vegans all the time for all manner of ridiculous things. I even wrote about some of my gripes in my most recent book. But seriously, this entry? It just seems a bit feckless and limp. Not only is it just not funny — I’d encourage the author to take some lessons on parody from the Onion — it is also poorly written. I mean, there’s so much to go after, and it really could have been much sharper.

  37. [For the record, I love the blog and totally fall into the stereotypical category of politically-correct highly educated privileged american! And I understand that being able to make dietary choices such as these is a complete luxury!]

    I am vegetarian, which is a personal choice, and I have no problem with others eating meat. In my ideal world, people would still eat meat and dairy, but factory-farming and BGH would be illegal, and meat would necessarily cost more, because there would be strict standards about humane living conditions/handling/slaughter so that cows would be grass-fed, pigs would actually walk outside, etc….portions would be more moderate, and meat would be thought of as a supplement rather than a necessity or right at every meal. Here is an interesting article that argues against factory farming from a conservative and religious point of view, which you don’t usually hear:


    “If we are going to have our meats and other animal products, there are natural costs to obtaining them, defined by the duties of animal husbandry and of veterinary ethics. Factory farming came about when resourceful men figured out ways of getting around those natural costs, applying new technologies to raise animals in conditions that would otherwise kill them by deprivation and disease. With no laws to stop it, moral concern surrendered entirely to economic calculation, leaving no limit to the punishments that factory farmers could inflict to keep costs down and profits up.

    “Factory farmers also assure us that all of this is an inevitable stage of industrial efficiency. Leave aside the obvious reply that we could all do a lot of things in life more efficiently if we didn’t have to trouble ourselves with ethical restraints. Leave aside, too, the tens of billions of dollars in annual federal subsidies that have helped megafarms undermine small family farms and the decent communities that once surrounded them and to give us the illusion of cheap products. And never mind the collateral damage to land, water, and air that factory farms cause and the more billions of dollars it costs taxpayers to clean up after them. Factory farming is a predatory enterprise, absorbing profit and externalizing costs, unnaturally propped up by political influence and government subsidies much as factory-farmed animals are unnaturally sustained by hormones and antibiotics.

    “Having conceded the crucial point that some animals rate our moral concern and legal protection, informed conscience turns naturally to other animals—creatures entirely comparable in their awareness, feeling, and capacity for suffering. A dog is not the moral equal of a human being, but a dog is definitely the moral equal of a pig, and it’s only human caprice and economic convenience that say otherwise. We have the problem that these essentially similar creatures are treated in dramatically different ways, unjustified even by the very different purposes we have assigned to them. Our pets are accorded certain protections from cruelty, while the nameless creatures in our factory farms are hardly treated like animals at all. The challenge is one of consistency, of treating moral equals equally, and living according to fair and rational standards of conduct.”

  38. Kevin:

    You accuse vegetarians/vegans of thinking in terms of a “manichean dichotomy,” yet refer to omniverous humans as “normal,” indicating that not eating meat is a deviation from the norm. There is regular eating, and then there is abnormal (vegetarian) eating. Aren’t you expressing yourself rather dualistically?

  39. this blog is hilarious as a whole, but this particular entry is bunk on so many levels that i’m not even going to get into. removing it would make the rest of the blog so much better.

  40. I had a vegetarian colleague once. She always hated salads and essentially exercised a veto on lunch. Once, when I ordered a veal parmigiana I got asked if I knew what that was (duh. having grew up in farm country I knew what it was) and lectured on it.

    Funny thing her husband was Indian. Her, her Indian husband, and her mother-in-law were driving up somewhere and a cattle carrier went by. Ashley pointed and told her mother-in-law “Look there goes your grandma!”.

  41. The Vegan lifestyle is on the way out, animals are environmental parasites who either feed off each other or on plants, therefore in a moral sense deserve to be devoured. Vegans will be supplanted by Alpha Centaurians, who avoid the toxic alkalides and undigestable fibers of plants in lieu of animal flesh and is a much healthier lifestyle for those allergic to chlorophyll. Complex chewing mechanisms and deep guts didn’t evolve because plant matter was easy to digest.

  42. I feel no guilt eating meat and will eat any type of animal cooked or raw on my plate.

  43. I think we can all agree that there are vegans from every race, but this is about a form of “white” culture, not nessicarily done exclusively by whites. It’s amazing that there is so much starvation and malnutrition in the world yet there are people who are lucky enough to choose what they want to eat, when and where and how. I choose not to think about what I eat too much, as long as I’m not gaining too much weight and it doesn’t make me feel bloated. I eat meat without shame, but I do look down on preachy veggies etc, especially people who say they are veggie, but eat fish. Every time I meet a vegan, or I’m reminded of them, I think about the times in the world or in history when food was scarce and how this whole thing is rediculous. The one thing I think vegans ignore is this simple fact: life is cruel and life is ugly. Not eating a cow or a chicken in your life won’t change that fact, it’s just silly…especially when they die and bacteria start eating them, and all of us. So what if we run ourselves into the ground by our own greed. Recycling and veganism isn’t going to save the world, its only going to slow down our own destruction. If it’s ment to be, the earth will recover from us. Seriously, everone should watch life without people on the discovery channel…

  44. This brings up something that has been bothering me for a long time.

    Now, I’m a vegetarian, but not because I feel any compassion for animals (we don’t have the big slaughterhouses that the States do, so that’s not really an issue). I do it purely because I find it easier to maintain my ideal weight when I limit my meat consumption to fish (Note: Vegetarian in it’s original sense does not mean “no meat”. It merely signifies that vegetables are the biggest part of your diet and that meat takes a supplementary role, which is why some people can even eat chicken and wild meat and call themselves vegetarian).

    When I tell people I’m a vegetarian, I always get hammered with questions and comments. I never talk about the diet of other people and I never try to argue from a position of moral superiority (because I don’t see it as an ethical issue). Most omnivorous people feel the need to discuss my diet in relation to theirs when I don’t really give a damn. To be frank: SHUT UP. In all honesty it seems people who aren’t vegetarians have some kind of perverse obsession with people who are, and always make a big issue out of it. I don’t care if you think my diet is noble, and I don’t care if you think that it’s friggin insane to even consider not eating meat.

  45. #43, Ruby:

    It’s interesting that you bring up the point about world hunger, because not only is eating lower on the food chain a more efficient use of energy, but so much of the world’s land is used to grow grain and corn to feed cattle and pigs, whereas if less meat was consumed, that land could be freed to grow crops to feed people. It is estimated that if the land devoted to livestock production in the U.S. were converted to producing grain for human consumption, it would free up more than 130 million tons of food, enough for 400 million people. (Of course, the availability of this food will not ensure that 400 million people will be fed; this would also require just political policy for distribution.) Or as Mark Bittman put it in a recent nytimes article, ‘Rethinking the Meat-Guzzler:’

    “Though some 800 million people on the planet now suffer from hunger or malnutrition, the majority of corn and soy grown in the world feeds cattle, pigs and chickens…. And would the world not be a better place were some of the grain we use to grow meat directed instead to feed our fellow human beings?”

    It’s true that recycling, veganism, taking public transportation etc. won’t “save the world,” but that doesn’t mean that there is no good in at least thinking about and trying to reduce our negative impact on the lives we affect, human or non-human.

  46. i’m white and i’m vegan but somehow it is always the omnivores who want to talk about nutrition. to be honest i am totally bored by this topic. eat your children, if you please, but don’t think that is funny and oh so new telling me how fine meat is tasting…

  47. my god I’m so white!

  48. I’m a raw vegan, and most vegans I know don’t bother other people about their eating habits. Largely I think because they recognize that their own diet is a very personal thing, they can appreciate that this is probably true for many others, and they mind their own business.

    Vegans rule.

  49. What’s race have to do with someone not wanting to torture animals, destroy the environment, waste resources, and die young from diseases?

    And it’s ironic that most vegans consider their own “pleasure” and convenience to not be a good enough reason to harm others for, yet are stereotyped as “self-important” or “self-righteous.” I think when non-vegans are so defensive about the issue, they are expressing their own internalized ethical struggles.

    Also, note that many of the reasons people use to justify oppressing and abusing animals for our profit and pleasure are the same they’ve used to justify oppressing ethnic groups in the past (religion, “lesser” beings, inability to suffer, etc.).

    And what about the Hindus and Buddhists who are vegetarian… thousands of years before white people recognized it.

  50. I don’t agree with you on this one. I’m not white and I’m a vegetarian. Also, Indians and Buddists have been vegetarians for thousands of years. Yes, there are some white people who choose vegetarianism but that doesn’t mean all of them do it to feel “superior” to others.

  51. One more thing I’d like to add to my opinion. If you ever take a moment to see how they prepare the animals for slaughtering, you might re-consider if people are doing this for vanity reasons.

  52. “As with many white people activities, being vegan/vegetarian enables them to feel as though they are helping the environment”

    My diet is vegan for animal rights reasons, and I’m amazed that most people assume vegans are doing it for health/environmental reasons, as you have (you didn’t even mention animal rights). Most newspaper and magazine articles make the same mistake, yet I’ve never met a vegan whose primary motivation for maintaining the diet wasn’t animal rights. Well-connected to the vegan community in a major East Coast city, I’m in a good position to understand vegans. Why is nearly everybody getting it wrong?

  53. i was at a bbq restaurant once with a hindu (can’t eat beef) and a muslim (can’t eat pork). and they were both saying “why couldn’t our ancestors get together and decide on only ONE animal to not eat??”

    all you ppl who get offended by the posts are humorless asswipes. obviously this blog is satire and not meant to be taken seriously!

    write on!!!

  54. (I understand that the blog is not meant to be taken seriously, but the ensuing conversation has become serious!)

    I agree with Tim. Avoiding environmental consequences, (at least the possibility of) alleviating world hunger and malnutrition, and human health are all excellent reasons to reduce consumption of meat and animal products, but for me the primary reason is animal welfare. The meat industry today is such a poor reflection on the human race, and a sad instance of our historical impulse to dominate and exploit everything around us, including non-human and human ‘Others.’

  55. You know, I don’t really think convenience when eating out is worth killing something that was alive. You know, like used to breathe and feel and live and things. And then gets its throat slit and gets hung on a hook. So you don’t need to go “Oh damn vegetarians with their damn ethics and their damn morality making the poor restauraunteurs have to provide options that don’t contain charred carcass!” and by the way, I will argue morality. An objective morality that does not rely on logic.

  56. I’m white. I grew up poor (I know that doesn’t matter because I’m of Norse descent). I worked in a slaughterhouse. I’m vegan now because that shit is fucked up and inexcusable. I’m not preachy, we’re just already on the subject.

    I think this blog is hilarious, but some of the things that are poked at just aren’t funny. This is one of them. Whiney vegans who can’t handle themselves with any sense of normalcy, and have no sense of humor are fucking annoying. In fact, I bet I find them more annoying than meat-eaters. Let’s just try not to confuse whiney people with torture and then judge them similiarly.

    I know this is all for the sake of humor. I just read over my post thus far and it doesn’t sound like I have a sense of that, but I do. Just wanted to chime in and figured this was the spot to do it.

    Keep it white and affluent, bloggers!

  57. I’m vegan, and I’m not white. But thanks for perpetuating the stereotype that non-whites can’t do anything progressive or worthwhile for this earth. I know you’re trying to be funny, but its shit like this that makes white people think its okay to make jokes about blacks eating only fried chicken and grape drink. People of color have just as much an ability to make informed, compassionate, healthy, and ecologically sound choices about their lives as white people do. You’re doing a disservice to non-whites by suggesting otherwise.

  58. Some of the coolest vegans I’ve ever met have been non-white. There are many non-white “celebrity” vegans as well, including Alice Walker and Prince.

    It’s also worth pointing out that the country with the greatest number of vegetarians is a non-white country – India.

    Finally, veganism is not about feeling like I am so high and mighty or great – it’s about not hurting other sentient beings as much as possible. For me it’s common sense that if I “love” animals, I shouldn’t eat them.

    Kindness to animals and believing in animal rights is not a white or black thing a rich or poor thing. Granted, it can be more expensive to eat as a vegan (if you’re also trying to eat organic or eat fancy processed foods). But it can also be as simple as some red beans and rice, a bean burrito, or a peanut butter sandwich.

  59. I’m vegan and have been for several years. In my experience it is meat eaters who are the pain-in-the-ass, what with their constant apologising for their life choices. I don’t know many vegans who actually care about meat eaters choices, they are generally a little too busy focusing upon their own lives…in the same way meat eaters should worry about theirs and not the people who express compassion toward all living creatures.

  60. If the “Divine being” that you believe in and that created the entire world didn’t want you to eat animals, why did he make them taste like meat?

  61. I’m white, and in general find this blog hilarious.

    However, this blog’s attitude towards veganism/vegetarianism really disturbs me. I think changing the way we eat so that we stop torturing animals and destroying the environment should be something that every moral, thoughtful, caring human being does. It disturbs me when otherwise highly moral people I know–of whatever race–don’t consider the harm done to other being by the way they eat; or worse, listen to my moral arguments for veganism, and say “you’re right, but animal products taste too yummy for me to give them up”. Would you eat human beings if they tasted yummy??

    Keep in mind, I’m not saying you have to be vegan. I’m just saying your moral principles around your food choices ought to be in line with the moral principles you use in the rest of your life, whatever those may be.

    People shouldn’t make fun of my (deeply moralled reasoned-out) dietary choices (which, as many people have mentioned, have also been the choices of many Asian cultures for thousands of years) as yuppie/hippie white trendy nonsense just because my diet is also being followed by trendy “green” folks who aren’t thinking that deeply about what they’re doing.

    re: #57- thanks Kandiss, right on. I didn’t even think about the fact that this post is disrespectful to non-whites, implying that they’re incapable of making moral food choices, but you are totally right.

  62. Oh wow, Bear, how did it feel to actually type that out?

    1.) Some people don’t believe in a divine being.
    2.) Animals came before meat.

    Wow, I can’t believe that I actually typed that out. *Shiver*

  63. My personal philosophy is that I won’t eat anything I’m not willing to kill. 🙂

    But from the global/environmental viewpoint, being vegan doesn’t save the world, it doesn’t stop world hunger. Only birth control, education, and wise land management will do that.

    The people with the lowest land population densities are aboriginals, the people with the highest are agrarian.

    I would rather live in a world where humans eat the variety of thigns they are evolved to eat, and don’t wipe out everything else on the planet to make more room for more starving people.

    Read Why Big Fierce Animals Are Rare.

    By the laws of biomass the further up the food chain you are the less numerous you are.

  64. Points well taken about why veganism won’t end world hunger, and what will. I’d add the most important, though, which is changes in international policies (which ones and how will take me a lifetime to figure out…) To prevent hunger, we don’t actually need to do things to produce food with less land as population grows because our problem globally is no longer about shortage of total food- it’s a distribution problem. We’re throwing out food and eating ourselves to obesity here, while across the world people starve to death.

    Veganism does provide major environmental benefits, though- reduced pollution from animal wastes, reduced greenhouse gases from cows (I believe they release methane), among others.

  65. “I knew this one vegan once who…” or “I knew this one meat eater once who…” is not a great way to start off an intelligent discussion about veganism. I’m sure I’m not the only one out there who skips over any comment that starts that way.

  66. minimizing consumption = sissy white stuff*

    (*which of course is done NOT because it’s the right thing to do, but just to “feel good about yourself”, right?)

  67. […] who care about the pain of animals choose not to eat them, but ultimately this is so they can feel as though they are helping the environment AND it gives them a sweet way to feel superior to ot…. White people who are excited by learning about other cultures do it in order that you know how […]

  68. There seems to be a big difference between vegetarianism and veganism – and a previous poster turned me on to an interesting point, that vegetarianism originally was an effort to make non-meat food the primary part of ones’ diet.

    Veganism seems to be more of a religion than a dietary choice – even if one does not want to kill animals, it’s a whole ‘nother step to not even wanting to use anything that once came from an animal. It’s also odd – it’s more like shunning animals than revering them, like Hindus do with cows. (Hindus abhor killing cows because cows give life – they nourish people with milk and crops with their manure.)

    The sickest people are vegans who try to make their cats vegan – a cat is an *obligate carnivore*! And even a cat raised by a hardcore vegan with the requisite tattoos will surprise their owner with a present every so often…

  69. i just killed and ate my dog.

  70. i’m vegan and white (at least that’s what it says on my DL). my being vegan has nothing to do with wanting to feel superior or wanting to feel as though i’m helping the environment.

    i’m vegan b/c i don’t want to contribute to the suffering of sentient creatures any more than i have to. the fact that it _does_ make my environmental footprint smaller is an indirect way it minimizes suffering caused by my existence.

    as for being a malnourished pussy, that’s a laugh. while i used to be in rotten shape, that’s b/c i sat on my ass, and drank beer constantly. i’m in great shape now – i’m stronger than i’ve ever been, i’ve got no fat, and i can run, skate, or bike for hours. and i’ve been vegan since 1991.

    anyway, being a pussy has nothing to do with fitness. being a pussy means being a coward, and the vegans and abolitionists i know are the bravest people you could find – they stand up, alone, and fight for the weak, knowing that they will lose a thousand times for every one time they win. show me some fat body redneck hunter that can do that. you’re not going to find one.

  71. I am vegan, and proud of it.

    Oh, and I am not even white! hehehe. I am just smart when making healthy choices for my body, for the animals we share this world with this, and to help the next generation in keeping a beautiful earth.

    Good luck in eating your sick and dead animals! Hope the meds bills are not too high!

  72. A lot of the stuff on this blog is funny. Some of it is just mean.
    I am a white vegan woman and I did not do it to feel superior to anyone. I do believe the next step in human evolution is to develop love, respect and compassion for ourselves, for each other, and for all of creation, including the animals. I stopped eating animals in 1961 but It took me all the way to 1984, dragging my feet all the way, to become vegan, which means I am probably older than most people writing on this blog. Most of my friends are vegans and to me it seems that vegan activists are kindred souls to those that worked on the Underground Railroad to help free slaves. I feel great hope that there are a lot of vegans of different races on this web site. I took a Healing Racism workshop recently, not because I am racist but because I grew up in a racist society and I realize that it may have rubbed off on me in ways that I do not understand. A dear friend of mine says we are either vegan or pre-vegan so best vegan wishes to all! much love, respect and compassion to all!

  73. @Aaron V –

    my wife and I live with 18 vegan cats. would they eat meat? sure, but they also LOVE their vegan food, and all of them, from the geriatrics to the youngsters are absolutely GLOWING they’re so healthy – perfect weight, perfect blood work, perfect teeth, perfect fur.

    It takes a lot of work, and during the transition, a lot of monitoring, but now, all is well in our little peaceable kingdom

  74. Hi aApe,

    Wow! I admire you and your cats. I have tried to talk my four cats into going vegan but they are like some of the people on this web site who refuse. I am not a religious person but I do believe that someday the lion will lie down with the lamb. I have faith in the Universe to see that “All That Live May be Free from Suffering.” i realize that this is not funny but I LOVE not eating “corpse food.”

  75. I think a lot of people commenting here have misunderstandings about veganism… Like that its fanatical or religion-esque because of the exclusion of animal products. Vegans choose to exclude these things because they are by-products of the factory farming industries. Do you think the wool in your jacket was sheared by some old farmer from a happy sheep grazing in a meadow? Probably not.

    The thing that bothers me the most is how veganism is usually seen as a luxury — a lifestyle that can only be followed by the well-off. I’m a 20 year-old who lives with her fiancee, and between the two of us we probably make $25,000/year. And yes, I’m vegan. So here’s proof that you don’t have to be some upper-middle class suburbian to live the vegan lifestyle. In fact, we were worse off a couple of years ago when we ate meat.

  76. on February 26, 2008 at 10:27 pm SOCIALIST MEAT EATER

    I am a meat eater. Our forefathers in America were meat eaters. The groups who created the wheel were meat eaters. It is within nature that we are omnivores. Is that okay? If mother nature gave us the tools of eating meat and we say NO beacuse we have these brains that allow us to create alternatives what does that mean about nature’s role in our diet? Did nature intend on humans being able to create food alternatives? I don’t think so but I am also not Gaia, I can not speak for her. But, what I do know is that our bodies were made to eat meat, far be it for me to spit in the face of almighty Gaia and tell her that because of my own selfish indulgence of being a “better person” I’m going to denounce the tools she gave us for eating meat and use this anti-gaia machine called technology and believe in my own mind that I am doing something good for her.

    Now don’t get me wrong, I don’t believe in deforestation of any means and I do understand population growth and the need for more pasture to feed these creatures but not eating meat and trying to convince others of not eating meat as opposed to finding alternatives to raising cattle is counter-productive. Where pastures were, factories will be built, where grass was producing some oxygen, steel and other metals will sit, while mining for these metals due to an expanding population and repair will continue.

    and my last point…what about plants make them less of a form of life then say a cow? Is it because a cow has a face? Is it beacuse a cow makes noise? What about a vegetable, which is lives and dies just like any animal is less important then any animal? I have always wondered this. One person told me it was because cows hurt and plants don’t…how do we know plants don’t hurt? maybe on a spiritual level they do? Nature is full of violence, before us and long after us nature will be killing innocence, we are nature as much as any other creature or inanimate object. Let’s not praise ourselves as being better people because of our diet but rather what we did to lessen our inprint while staying true to nature.

    Gaia gave us all the tools in the world, don’t reject her.


  77. Socialist Meat Eater:

    1.) Beans, grains, and plants were not created by humans, however, the tools for eating meat were. So if you are worried about Gaia being upset about technology, I imagine she might be more upset about our slavery, rape, and murder of the other species that occupy this planet than about our eating beans and stuff.

    2.)It’s not really all about the environment for most vegans, it’s more about the issue of speciesism. It’s about realizing that just because something is legal doesn’t mean that it’s moral.

    3.) It’s not that plants are somehow less of a life form, it’s that they are not sentient. If someone, someday proves that plants are sentient, then, yes, of course, we “self-righteous” vegans will continuously search for alternatives. Since plants currently show no signs of sentience, I will continue to eat them instead of cows. It’s really about doing the least harm.

  78. First – Some vegans I know do not look healthy at all, It sure seems like the diet is doing them harm. Other vegans I know do look robust and healthy, which tells me that either their body can handle the diet, or they are secretly “cheating”. Does anyone remember the old 70’s novelty song “Junk Food Junkie”??

    Second – I love the satire in this entire stuffwhitepeoplelike blog, very well done!! But perhaps it is useful to re-name it and think of it this way –
    for many of the items on this blog…

    This is a FLAKE list!!!

    i.e many of these are more culture than race dependant (though obviously white dominated). I’m a liberal white guy from the midwest who moved out west (so my threshhold for “flakiness” is probably pretty low compared to the liberal white guy from California or Oregon). So for (square, midwestern) me, I label many of these behaviors (organic foods, Yoga, NPR, etc…) as…. FLAKE!!!! I developed such a “flake” list a long time ago. Perhaps best described in this form –


    -You do not own a TV (this was always at the TOP of my flake list, I view this as pretty extreme behavior)

    -You won’t eat a cheeseburger

    -You don’t watch NFL football. (baseball, basketball, or hockey may be freely substituted here, but NOT soccer. If you watch or participate in soccer – at least in the U.S. – you are a flake)

    -You worship Macintosh computers

    -You listen to NPR

    -You look on in horror when someone throws a pepsi can into the regular trash

    -You ride a bicycle to work

    Anyway, this is most of my original list I made years ago, I did not necessarily attach race to it, but I understand the association. This now 76 item blog is brilliant!! Great work and great satire!! I can now add at least 20 more items to my “flake” list! (but your list is so much better). Of course the irony (I know, irony is on the list) is that this square from the midwest (me) has by now taken on more than a few of these behaviors…. and I heard about this blog on NPR.

    And people – lighten up!! This whole blog is brilliantly done (by a liberal white guy making fun of himself and his culture btw) and hilarious!!

  79. Humans have the physiology of of a vegetarian. Vegetarians have poor night vision, smooth tongues, perspire through their pores, have alkaline saliva, blunt molars for grinding, undeveloped canines, alkaline digestives juices to break down plant matter, long intestines, convoluted colons and alkaline urine.

    Carnivores have keen night vision, raspy tongues, perspire by panting, acidic saliva, pointed molars for tearing flesh, well-developed canines, acidic digestives juices to break down animal tissue, short intestines (to expel meat quickly – or it rots in your intestines causing colon cancer), smooth colon and acidic urine.

    There is a bumper sticker that reads: “Beef?, It’s What’s Rotting in Your Colon.”

    Can humans eat flesh? Yes, they can eat sh_t if they want to (and if you eat meat, you do eat sh_t. The animals are so scared in the slaughterhouse that they defecate on themselves. A meat inspector said, “We used to wash the poop off – now the customer has to eat it off.” Because the kill lines are so fast there is no time to clean it before it is ground into your hamburger.

    About plants. There is a cute song by a band that calls themselves Green Beings that goes: “What about plants? Well, plants don’t run – they don’t run away and say it’s not okay but animals do.”

    And to Observer: Some meat eaters I know do not look healthy at all, It sure seems like the diet is doing them harm.


    “But, what I do know is that our bodies were made to eat meat”

    citation please.

    and don’t make the old bs argument about canines, binocular vision, &c.

    those are merely characteristics that some meat eating animals share.

    there are others – strong sense of smell, superb visual acuity, but poor color vision, and ability to hear high frequency sound, that humans do not have.

    if you look at humans from a morphogenetic perspective, humans are generalists, just like rats and roaches – we can eat damn near anything and still be healthy enough to birth a couple of litters of young, and provide for them until they are self sufficent. that is ALL that nature ‘wants’ – the continuation of the gene.

    i suggest you do some study so you don’t have to fall back on _argumentum ad populum_. you might start with _The Selfish Gene_, before moving on to some texts on Utilitarianism and (god forbid) animal rights and veganism.

    Being a vegan isn’t about doing what we were made to do (especially as there’s no such thing – we weren’t made; we happened. there’s no Gaia personified or unifying intelligence, there’s a biosphere. And it’s red in tooth and claw, with every creature fighting for supremacy and the continuation of its genes)

    Being a vegan is about struggling to minimize suffering in the universe, all the while knowing that no matter what you do, it’s not enough, the suffering will continue. it’s living the parable of the starfish on the beach – http://www.bristol.ac.uk/davidbaumappeal/starfish.html

    If you don’t care about the suffering of other sentient creatures, at least have the stones to admit it, and don’t be some kind of omni apologist, wrapping your selfishness in pseudo religious nonsense about what ‘Mother Gaia wants’

    oh, also if you were truly socialist, and not some kind of fellow traveler, or dilettante, or middle class hipster waving the red flag by wearing a Che t-shirt, you’d understand how meat production is key to food classism and the inequitable distribution of wealth, and to oppression, and you would put that knowledge into action – by being vegan.

  81. @veganworld – haha. we were writing the same thing at the same time! you type faster though.

    hey! i’ll see you at the victory party, after we raze the final abattoir!

  82. Right, aApe! A big celebration the day the last slaughterhouse closes and the war against animals ends! See ya there! Have to run for now….

  83. Thank you for running a brilliant picture of Bob Torres, who is LATINO. This created many epic lulz for the remainder of the white vegans in this computer lab.

  84. I am not a vegetarian. I guess I probably should be, what with saving the environment and being nice to animals and improving my karma and being white and all.

    However, I do eat many vegetarian animals. Does that count?


    1) Yes, “nature” did intend on human beings being able to create food alternatives, and this supposed division between nature and culture/science/technology is false:

    “The truth is that human beings not only belong in nature, they are products of a long, natural evolutionary process. Their seemingly “unnatural” activities – like the development of technology and science, the formation of mutable social institutions, of highly symbolic forms of communication, of aesthetic sensibilities, the creation of towns and cities – all would be impossible without the large array of physical attributes that have been eons in the making, be they large brains or the bipedal motion that frees their hands for tool making and carrying food.” -Murray Bookchin, ‘What is Social Ecology?’

    Yes, we developed the ability to digest meat, but we are way past the point of needing it to survive.

    Yes, we developed the ability to successfully kill, exploit and supress, but “nature” also gave us the ability to feel compassion, empathy, and morality, as well as the tools to put them into action (like the intelligence that allowed us to develop meat alternatives).

    2) I disagree that the attempt to be a better person is a “selfish indulgence.” I think it is part of our responsibility as educated people to engage with the world and at least be informed about our impact.

    3) The argument that ‘plants might hurt too, so we might as well eat animals’ is ridiculous. In order to survive, we have to consume energy from living things, and I agree with Brenda that it’s about doing the least harm. Plants are a more efficient energy source than animals, so we can afford to eat less of them, and they DO NOT HAVE A CENTRAL NERVOUS SYSTEM and do not feel cognitive fear, anxiety or pain as animals do.

    I don’t understand how people can compare slaughtering a terrified animal to pulling a carrot out of the ground.

  86. on February 27, 2008 at 2:32 pm clichedwhiteliberal

    my sister has been a hardcore vegetarian for years and ALWAYS reminds anyone who will listen that she does not eat meat, and makes sure she always has the appropriate disapproving face for anyone who dares to eat it in her presence, along with the accompanying lecture.

    Oh and I love when they complain about their food being cooked “on” the same place that meat was or “near” to the meat. And then of course refuse to eat it.

  87. I’m a veg but I don’t talk about it unless asked. And believe me, when I order something off a menu that’s veg, THEY ASK. And even then I keep it brief. It gets old explaining it time and time again.

    Also, the organic thing is about SOIL. There is NOT an infinite supply and the chemicals are ruining it. Penn and Teller completely ignored this point when they did a Bullsh!t show on it.

  88. Of course now that I know that people are only going to tell me their relatives are embarassed and that refusing food is like spitting on their graves because I need a favor…..they won’t get any favors from me!

    Just kidding.

  89. nice wish it was longer and included more hipster jokes

    good reply muke

  90. to bob torres: listen homie, maybe “your dad was born in mexico” but look at yr vegan tattoo-sleeved Phd holding teacher at a liberal arts college ass………. you’re as white as tu mama!


  91. @pancho –

    yeah! who does that Torres guy think he is? getting educated and helping other people get educated!!?1? psssh. what hubris!

    he should have kept it real, like you, right? a grade eight diploma served you well in the stone and flatware ablution industry, so it should be good enough for everyone!

    i hear you bro. now bust those suds, dishie.

  92. With regard to post #78 (I love the list on it), he made a reference to an obscure song by Larry Groce called Junk food Junkie. I had almost forgotten about this gem from the 70’s. For those of you under 40, here it is. Someone made a u-tube video to go with the song

  93. To all you exploring the Latino/White issue; by way of reminder, Latino is not a different race, it is an ethnic group within the broader “white” race, as are Greeks/ Italians/ Slovenians, etc. Yes people, Hispanics are “white”. And I’m no racist if you were wondering, just ask my Latino wife.

  94. omg that song is hilarious!

  95. No way man. Me white. Me love meat!

  96. I have been Vegetarian for the last 8 years, and vegan for the last 2. I don’t feel the need to preach my lifestyle choices to anyone, I don’t put it on display. If someone asks why I am vegan, I tell them. It has been great for me, but I know it is not for everyone.

  97. Meat eaters are trapped in a meat eating paradigm and don’t understand how they could or should break free of that paradigm. But the paradigm is beginning to be smashed. Anybody here listen to Go Vegan Texas! on Houston’s KPFT 90.1 FM radio? You can go to govegantexas.org to find out more. It’s a sure sign that the times are changing when a popular radio show like this is on the air in cattle country. : )

  98. hello all.

    why is everybody so angry?

    if you like meat, eat it. if you don’t, don’t.

    i have always been a crazy meat eater. i adore cooking and i love every part of most animals (foie gras, shrimp heads, liver, throat — you name it!). HOWEVER, recently i have decided to try my hand at vegetarianism (the fish eating kind!). not due, in any part, to my high morals or my superiority. i’ve been reading and watching a lot of things on how these animals live, how they are caged and how they are slaughtered. it broke my heart and turned my stomach. many animals are still living when the slaughterhouse guy starts to peel their skin off. chickens, pigs, veal, ducks, etc — unless they are raised by a farmer, they seem to be living and dying in very inhumane ways. i, personally, choose to not take part in that. it’s really tough. i love to travel and i love to eat and i think meat is a huge part of delicious dishes all over the world.

    i believe it is unfair for any one of us to judge the other. i think veal and lamb are two of the tastiest things on earth, but just because i’m choosing not to ingest them doesn’t make me feel that i am better than anyone else.

    this is not about deciding right from wrong, good from bad, it’s a lifestyle preference. any person who acts superior to any other person is insecure. it doesn’t matter what your dinner is going to be tonight. nobody has the right to feel their choices make them better than anybody, just better for themself.

    anyway, people, keep the hostility at bay. do what you feel is right for yourself without feeling the need to be rude toward anyone else. there seems to be many angry and racist people on this blog and i’m really surprised that a sarcastic satirical blog can invoke so much hostility.

    i’m sure someone will make fun of this and call me a hippie or a treehugger or tell me how stupid i am. and that makes me feel bad for you. i hope you can communicate your feelings without feeling the need to insult others. calling someone a faggot or an
    idiot or making fun of their race doesn’t make you a better human being. just like calling someone fat doesn’t make you any skinnier.

  99. @megan –

    speaking for myself, i’m not angry. i don’t think the other vegans are either. what we are is committed to a moral and ethical belief system.

    there’s a difference between someone who eats a pure vegetarian diet and a vegan. veganism carries with it a broader definition of personhood than that to which you are accustomed.

    just as for abolitionists in the US in the 1800s, just not owning slaves themselves was not a sufficient solution to the issue of slavery, just not eating animal products ourselves is not a sufficient solution to the animal exploitation issue.

    i want not to eat animal products myself, and also for no one else to. i want there to be no leather, silk, wool, eggs, or any other animal product available for others to use.

    i want someone producing cow leather boots to one day be viewed as as aberrant as someone making human leather boots would be viewed today.

    and before the inevitable ‘that will never happen, you kook’ cries go up, i’ll state that it most assuredly will happen.

    animal liberation is like a ratchet. it moves only forward. not so long ago, dog fighting was a normal sport. it wasn’t hidden away in the forest or backyards in the dead of night, and any one who said ‘this is wrong and is going to stop one day’, would be met with cries of, ‘that will never happen. this is normal.’

    women’s suffrage used to be considered an absurd concept.

    abolition of child labor was unheard of.

    the very concept that animals could feel pain was mocked, and ‘disproved’ by scientists and philosophers.

    those beliefs have been been cast aside; they’re referred to with as something from when we didn’t know any better.

    so too will eating meat and eggs, wearing fur, and animal research. fifty, sixty years from know, people will say the same thing my grandmother said about the ‘whites only’ signs of the birmingham of her youth – ‘it was wrong. i’m so sorry. we didn’t know any better. we were ignorant. thank god someone opened our eyes. ‘

  100. Well said Megan!!

  101. to aApe – Dude – yes you are angry – and see the following post I saw today in the general posts…

    People for the hundreth time, get a clue – This blog satirically pokes fun at the “NPR crowd” slice of white culture (for lack of a better all-encompassing term). AND, it is written mostly FOR the entertainment of the “NPR crowd”. It is not about the redneck slice of white culture. It is not about race. It’s just lighthearted self-depricating humor (the guy who wrote it is a urban priviledged white hippie making fun of himself and those around him – and he is the guy standing next to the recycle bin in the recycling post btw). And its absolutely brilliant!!! This is maybe the single most funny web page I have ever read on the internet.

    So, to all you people who just don’t “get it”, quit your complaining and preaching and find somewhere else to project your life’s frustrations. Did you notice the people with the best sense of humor about all of this are the ones specifically being made fun of??? – with the possible exceptions of the vegetarian crowd, they seem to either have no sense of humor or take their lifestyle way to seriously. Lighten up everybody!! Relax!! (and have a cheeseburger!).

  102. Hey Megan, before you travel check out Happycow.com
    Great vegan restaurants are popping up all over the world. They are listed and reviewed on this web site. Vegans are reinventing the way the world will eat in the future.

    And, Micheal. I am really angry with you for being angry with aApe. I LOVE him – well, what he writes. A growing number of people agree with the things he says – someday everyone one will. He is right. Some things are funny and some are not. Do you make jokes about the Holocaust?

    And I am not angry – really. I hope you see the humor in what I wrote (about being angry with you), Micheal.

  103. Veganworld – The holocaust analogy is a little extreme I think…
    I’m not saying the cause is not admirable btw
    And I do appreciate the humor. Hooray!! 🙂

  104. White people can’t make decent Vegetarian food!

    All the best vegetarian places are Thai Vegan or Indian.

  105. Micheal, not everyone would agree that it is extreme.

    In Eternal Treblinka: Our Treatment of Animals and the Holocaust Charles Patterson writes: “…since violence begets violence, the enslavement of animals injected a higher level of domination and coercion into human history by creating oppressive hierarchical societies and unleashing large-scale warfare never seen before.” Was human “enslavement” of animals the first step on the road to the Holocaust? Patterson makes it clear that he feels our inhumanity to the nonhuman is one of our greatest evils.

    Eternal Treblinka was nominated for the Pulitzer Prize.

  106. @aApe —

    i find your responses to be intelligent and well thought out. you were not, at all, the angry people i was referring to. i was referring to the people that are unable to debate, but instead think it is necessary to make rude and hateful remarks.

    i agree that some vegans can be preachy, but i’ve also found that anybody can be preachy. i’ve heard people preach over the type of toothpaste they use, so to stereotype an entire group of people based on their food consumption seems irrational to me. i also find it comical that the people pointing fingers (on both sides), are committing the same mistakes. whether you’re a meat-eater or not, to condemn somebody for their preferences is inane (not insane). now, to discuss why you have those preferences is wonderful. it’s enlightening to hear both sides, it’s tyrannical to think you have to force someone to be like you.

    i suppose it’s like politics, religion and money …some people have a very difficult time expressing their opinions without getting irate. i’m always up for a good debate, but i’m never game for hatred or mudslinging. you can catch more flies with honey, people.

    veganworld — word!! thanks for the website. i absolutely love eating mainly vegetarian (sorry guys, can’t give up eggs and dairy, yet!) and have had no problem ordering delicious meals. i just truly love so many french and italian dishes, and most of my fave dishes contain animal parts. but now that i have the knowledge (and imagery) of how that meat got to my plate, well, frankly, it’s just not as appetizing. well, the cheese still is. stupid cheese, why does it have to be so good?

    and, for the record…i think this blog is freaking hysterical. i love making fun of myself and think this blog truly captures my yuppie-ness. i do think this particular blog has a deeper meaning because vegetarianism is really starting to be spotlighted. i agree with aApe — on some respects — i don’t know that we can categorize vegetarianism in the same way we do slavery or women’s rights, but i do think this issue is huge and will only get bigger. if more meat-eaters saw how their food made it to the restaurant/grocery store/ fast food chain, etc…. many of them would make some personal changes, as i did. even if they continued to eat meat, they may push for more humane ways to obtain it.

    have a great day, everybody.

    damn, sorry for writing sooooooo much.

  107. Megan, well said +1

  108. Anybody ever heard of moderation? You don’t need to be a vegan to be a moral person. You don’t need to eat meat three times a day, every day, to prove that “you are true, red-blooded american” or that you are eating the way our ancestors did. Just do your best to make sure that not just your meat, but all of your food, is grown (or raised) and prepared in a socially and environmentally responsible manner. You don’t need to preach about it, just do it, and know that in some small way you are hopefully leaving a better place for your children to live.

    If you want more info on how our country bends over backwards to accomodate the livestock industry, here is a good place to start:


    or check out Ralph Maughan’s Wildlife News – a blog on how all the top predators in western states are being wiped out through aerial gunning and poisoning just to keep the ranchers happy.

    I still eat hamburgers, but now I think about the wolves, bears, coyotes, mountain lions, house pets, and people that US Fish and Wildlife have poisoned with sodium cyanide traps to make sure I could eat that burger for just 99 cents.

  109. Seriously, fellow Vegans, get over it. were pussies. really big pussies. gay even. it’s okay. we’re not tough. you’re probably a pacifist anyways so you’re not going to be cracking any skulls anytime soon. one love? amiright? no.

  110. The vegetarian debate is somewhat similar to the non-drinker debate, as I do eat meat, but don’t drink alcohol, and am forced to be bombarded with questions and concerns as to why I’m not. Dude, I haven’t said more than two words concerning it and suddenly it’s like, “well, why not?” “you haven’t found anything you like yet?” “you an alcoholic?” and so on. Some people honestly are cool with it, some just can’t stand when someone goes against a grain, is all.

  111. #29 Elaine said:

    FYI, according to http://www.vrg.org/journal/vj2006issue4/vj2006issue4poll.htm

    6% of white Americans are vegetarian
    7% of black Americans are vegetarian
    8% of Hispanic Americans are vegetarian

    My message to Elaine:

    Be smart and work out the numbers because remember, percentages represent numbers. Blacks and Latinos are minorities, so if you work the numbers I’m sure they point to far more white individuals being vegetarians … just thought I’d point out your OBVIOUS logical flaw!

  112. […] #32 Vegan/Vegetarianism […]

  113. Of course white people like Veganism/Vegetarianism… it’s one more way for them to “save the world” without having to actually get off of their asses and do anything.

    Another thing, is that vegans can’t seem to deal with the fact that not everyone they come in contact with is going to be vegan. They will never cease to wear clothing stating that they are vegan nor will they ever stop urging everyone around them to “GO VEGAN!” on a daily basis

    Really, at it’s most base level, veganism is evangelical christianity for liberal white people. Much like Radiohead would be their version of Jars of Clay.

    I truly hate vegans

  114. This debate is raging on Oprah’s website:

    The question is asked about the author of A New Earth:

    Is Eckhart Tolle a vegetarian? Can we reach enlightenment while feeding on products of cruelty, slavery and misery?

    If you are interested you might want to put in your opinion or at least take a look.

  115. I understand @aApe’s comparisons of the meat industry to slavery, because it is injustice of catastrophic proportions that is so ingrained into our culture at this point in time that no one is challenged/encouraged to step back and evaluate it.

    I think one of the reasons that some vegans appear preachy is that for many people, once they truly understand the horrors that go on (and the eerie denial of them), it is difficult to stand passively by and watch them perpetuate themselves. Plus, as Megan pointed out, most people would make some personal changes if they understood. Of course, there are going to be some who understand fully and chose not to make changes, but the overwhelming majority has no idea what goes on and views meat as an inanimate cube on their plate, and it is hopefully these people who can be reached. (Of course, the tactics must be thought through, and I understand that the shock tactic can be polarizing. But it is hard not to have an emotional response to what goes on.)

    And I do believe that there are important connections between the unjustified dominations of women, people of color, children, and the poor and the unjustified dominations of animals and nature, which are all subordinate groups within systems of exploitation and domination that are structured into our society.

  116. dumb…. being vegan DOES help the environment… it lets you KNOW that you are helping… simple energy and biomass analysis which only white people with white college degrees would be able to understands shows you why

  117. white people aren’t the only vegans

  118. And I do believe that there are important connections between the unjustified dominations of women, people of color, children, and the poor and the unjustified dominations of animals and nature, which are all subordinate groups within systems of exploitation and domination that are structured into our society.

    Genetic race differences in intelligence are a REALITY.

    Go here if you don’t believe me

    Species differences in intelligence are also a reality. If intelligence does not allow us to enslave low IQ people, how do we have the right to torture and eat low intelligence animals?

    I don’t buy the whole humanity-is-unique argument, by the way, because I’m an atheist.

    Peter Singer, the animal rights activist, has often drawn similarities between human rights and animal rights.

  119. on March 6, 2008 at 1:38 pm Sean Childress

    All you meateaters are nuts. Vegan strippers unite!

  120. So you are saying that the 900,000 thousand Hindis that are vegan/vegetarian are white? This is also an elitist upper class, pretentious white american thing.

  121. So you are saying that the 900,000 thousand Hindis that are vegan/vegetarian are white? This is also an elitist upper class, pretentious white american thing.

    Actually the majority of India isn’t vegetarian. The majority of Hindus eat meat. And largely for religious reasons, not for animal rights of environmental reasons. So you can put white vegetarians and hindu veggies in two different camps.

  122. Nice article! I love the use of satire. It’s my favorite type of articles and writing, it is what I do too on my blog. I love looking at the comments people leave who don’t understand! Check on my posts on Felons and Non-Voters! I have many more coming soon, I’m new so check me out http://mymodestproposal.blogspot.com

  123. I was also thinking that anger and frustration are not necessarily invalid emotions on this topic – although they are misguided when directed at specific people – and might be legitimate responses to the meat industry and the apathy that sustains it….frustration can also become productive because it motivates us to try to create change.

  124. Vegans by their very nature are selfish annoying people. For instance, a vegan co-worker drives us nuts that that everywhere we go we have to make sure it has a vegan meal, every conference we go we have to special order etc. Why can’t he just get the regular mail and just not eat the meat is beyond me. Is that too easy or is that not enough drama.

    Well after bending over backwards for this vegan we get a wedding invite, guess what no meat vegan only. After years of me going out of my way to make sure he gets his vegan mean the one time he invites us he want to make us eat veggie plate. Plus an additional insult to injury he expects a full size cash wedding gift for a couple of veggies on a white dish. Well the next time I take him out it is a steak resturant and I am eating the biggest porterhouse in the world in front of him.

  125. I love meat….and there is definitely no guilt here! There is nothing better than killing something and then eating it later for dinner.

  126. Wow JW. Wow. “Vegans by their very nature are selfish annoying people.” Isn’t he out looking for a vegan meal because he’s vegan?!?! Isn’t he having a vegan wedding because he’s vegan?!?!

    Well, you’ll sure show him how not selfish you are by bitching about giving a wedding gift. And ooohhh, getting a big steak will sure stick it to the selfish guy.

  127. I love eating meat and animals and steak, oh yum, don’t like my EATING ANIMALS? Too bad, there’s nothing you can do about it.

    Vegans and vegetarians are seriously missing out.

  128. FYI, according the polls, the vast majority of vegans do not try to convert omnivores.

    “Only 17% of vegans often or always try to convert others to a vegan diet. Of the rest 47% never, or hardly ever, try to convert people. However 63% of vegans know someone who has become veg*an because of their influence.”

    from: http://www.imaner.net/panel/profile.htm

  129. on March 7, 2008 at 10:11 pm bveggirl0123

    I agree with the first comment. I’m black, and am the only vegan I know. I don’t think that caring for the environment or for animals or wanting to be healthy, or liking comfortable t-shirts is something that should be limited to just white people. People of ALL racists are into activism and tea and Apple products.
    I don’t know if I’m supposed to be embarrassed that a lot of these things I can identify with, or if I’m just to consider myself a “white” black person.

    At any rate, I will say that most of this stuff funny and in good nature so I’m not that annoyed 🙂

  130. […] those vegan freaks. The SWPL article shows a picture of vegans from VeganFreak Radio and […]

  131. One question that no one has even been able to answer for me:

    If we aren’t supposed to eat animals, why are they made out of meat?

  132. Hi bveggirl0123! Congratulations! There ARE black vegans. stick man and M-1 of Dead Prez are vegan. KRS-1 aka Chris Parker is vegan as are a growing number of Hip Hop artists. Dexter Scott King is vegan – and of course, Dick Gregory. Listen on You Tube to these black Rastas sing about veganism – No Bones, No Blood in Our Kitchen by Jah Sun Feat. Ras Attitude , Lutan Fyah

    Gotta LOVE this music!!! I am a white woman (in this lifetime) but I love black people, especially black vegans! I met a gorgeous black vegan man in Whole Foods recently, he thought he was the only black vegan. : ) There is a Black Vegetarian Society of Texas, one in Georgia and in New York – probably other places too. Many of the members are vegan. Black Vegan restaurants are popping up in many places. I go to a black owned vegan restaurant in Houston to eat fantastic food. Some black vegans say that eating meat is a fallen state. All the best to you!

  133. Give me a big juicy burger topped with BACON ANYTIME!!!!!

  134. on March 8, 2008 at 7:14 pm imma vegan freak

    The guy in the picture has a Spanish last name, though I’m sure being vegan means he can “pass.”

  135. “Malnourished pussies”


    Just like all them body builders.

    Food is a personal choice.

    I might be vegan, but I don’t think I’m changing the world with that one. Eat whatever you want!

  136. I don’t eat meat, but I was an omnivore for the first twenty years of my life. I actually hate using the word vegetarian because of the trendy, up-tight, militant, PETA-esque stigma related to it.

    I couldn’t care less about who eats meat and who doesn’t. I’d like to think that a lot of really neutral people like me are getting lumped into the category mentioned here.

    Vegans on the other hand… those people are just crazy.

    Lol. Love the blog. C:

  137. One of your “white people” in that stolen photo* is latino.

    *Does the NYT know you’re ripping them off? If you make any money on this blog their lawyers will want a chunk, since you’re using their image without permission.

  138. Don’t bother trying to hurt the vegans, we’ve been dissed (in these same exact ways) a hundred times before and it just makes us stronger.

  139. Goodnees, you white peopleare so serious! I’m a black vegetarian, and I can appreciate the humor in this blog post. I too run into problems all the time where there’s little on the menu for me out in the restaurants or eating with my family. I just eat well ahead of time and make the best of the situation.

    Some times if I’m at an akward place for vegetarians, say a BBQ, I bring a neutral dish that everyone can enjoy.

    I think many of you need to make the best of this situation. It’s not personal, it’s a human observation…. it’s candid and it’s funny.

  140. on March 10, 2008 at 8:52 pm SOCIALIST MEAT EATER

    Okay, I have read all the Replies to my post and…

    I’d like to start with the person who said that I should prove humans are supposed to eat meat, as a part of nature, without using nature herself (i.e. canines). Yes, enlarged teeth called canines are used by animals that eat meat. There is no reason for canines are going to be on an animal that doesn’t eat meat, much like wings on a pig, but on the other hand parts of animals fail in their function through evolution, like wings on an Emu. But humans have not been on earth long enough to see diet-driven evolution changes as extreme as missing canines. We don’t use our appendix and wisdom teeth are a nuisance but we still have them.

    For the rest of you who say that we have a moral obligation to Gaia to not cause harm, but that’s bullshit. We have the tools to cause massive harm to each other and the world around us. It’s how we use these violent tendencies and habits that make us civilized, but you can not nurture nature out of a being of any type because momma always finds away.

    I have always felt that vegans and vegetarians go against the grain simply because they can. Beans and other veggie foods are good sources of what you can get from an animal, not all of course but close; however, we would not have even had the slightest notion of such without technology. Mother has a plan for us just as much as she has a plan for everything. I completely believe in leaving a very little foot print, but we must realize we have a foot print, we can’t erase our foot print because that is who we are and who nature intended us to be. It would be a mockery of what she has created in us to deny her and her creation, in its entirety.

    I am glad that we are having this discussion; I believe it is healthy for all veggies and omnivores.


  141. on March 10, 2008 at 8:54 pm SOCIALIST MEAT EATER

    Oh yeah and mad props to those who spoke of KRS and M-1 y Stic-man! Mad love! Veggie or no veggie I love all except for capitalists!!!

  142. I think you are missing the main point. Most of the misery of the world is caused by white people. Sure, in Africa they cause themeselves quite a bit of misery all by themselves; but white people are best at causing other people to suffer – not themselves. Most cultures are good at localized suffering, while white people are pros at globalized suffering. The humour of this post is based on the irony that white people who eat vegetarian feel so good about themselves and thereby exculpate themselves of any guilt that their lifestyle may actually be causing the world harm. Maybe if they spent as much time seeing the world instead of reading about it they would realize how much suffering there is in the world and how foolish it is to worry about what you eat when half the world is starving.

  143. rock on for the white looking latino!!

  144. on March 11, 2008 at 2:58 pm SOCIALIST MEAT EATER

    I’M ENDORSING Bezdomny

  145. on March 12, 2008 at 8:54 am A Nony Mouse

    I have a condition called polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS), and because of my condition I must eat a very specific diet in order to maintain my health. I’m basically limited to lean proteins (such as chicken or fish), vegetables (like string beans or broccoli), and complex carbohydrates (such as brown rice). For me, a vegan diet would be the death of me, since many vegan foods like tofu are off limits.

    I have a dear friend who basically can’t absorb animal products. I’m not really sure why this happened to her, but she has to be a vegan or she’ll keep winding up in the hospital.

    When we go out to eat, I let her choose the restauant since I don’t want her to die. We usually get Thai food, and we can get something that’s satisfactory to both of us.

    What I’m trying to say is this: everyone’s body processes food differently, and there’s no “one size fits all” approach to eating. For those of you who are vegan and healthy, I say good for you. I’m glad that you found a diet that suits your needs. Please stop to consider though, when you’re telling everyone how horrible and irresponsible they are for eating meat, that not everyone is physically capable of being a vegan. For the carnivores, remember that there are many different reasons that people have for being vegan, and they’re not all doing it to be a pain in your ass.

    PS: Lee (#93), if you’re reading this, not all Latinos are white. SOME Latinos are white, but many of us are not. I’m sure that people like Jose Reyes or Zoe Saldana would be quite surprised to find out they’re “really white”!

  146. COme on people!! Stop taking yourselves so seriously. HOnestly, if you are reading this blog and feeling offended, then you are not getting it , so stop reading and find some other blog that you can understand. Honestly, if you can’t see the humour in this, then you are one blind mofo.

  147. Another thought on the whole realm of food choices: the luxury of being able to choose a very specific diet is not just a function of living in a wealthy country, it’s also made possible by the global distribution system.

    Not so very long ago in our history, even in the US, food choices were drastically different. Anywhere outside the tropics, citrus fruit in the winter was outrageously expensive and a rare treat. People ate veggies and fruit aplenty in the summer, and it was usually grown locally. In the winter, you ate food you had preserved yourself – including meat. There wasn’t fresh produce available 24/7 at every store.

    If you happen to live in the tropics, then of course your food choices were vastly different. But your choices were still based on where you lived.

    You can choose to be vegan today because you can buy grapes from Chile, and any other vegetable or fruit you want, grown across the world and shipped to you. Yes, it’s true that raising animals for food isn’t the most efficient use of land, and it’s also true that the way we raise animals for food is atrocious. But everything has a cost. Even flying organic shade-grown fair trade coffee across the world has a cost. Granted, it’s a much lower cost on many levels. It’s good that the grower is being paid a fair wage, but what about the warehouse workers, the people who load the planes, and the fossil fuels used to get the coffee to your local Whole Foods?

    To me, the whole food/resources/healthy planet discussion has to turn local to begin making real sense. Until we are supporting and sustaining ourselves locally, we can’t begin to break down the global system that feeds both vegans and omnivores.

  148. Wow, you know some really dumb and gullible vegetarians. If anyone gives me that crap about being offended that I didn’t eat meat with them, I just tell them I’m equally offended by the use of meat but I am able to just get the f*ck over it for the sake of existing in society.

  149. It’s the white vegetarians that put up all this hoopla. Buddhist? Hindus anyone? Its culture, religion and lifestyle…it normal so its not considered a big deal in asian cultures. The cultures have amassed a vast array of tasty meatless foods so it isn’t hard to be one. I teach at a Chinese school in California. If there is a special luncheon, tasty meatless dishes are a natural part of the options. We don’t flaunt it. Its just food.

  150. Buddhism accepts the fact not everyone can or wants to be vegetarian. The most devote, like monks, are strict but they don’t look down on those who eat eggs and drink milk. My mom eats meat like the rest of us… she’s still Buddhist. My belief is with science and I understand eating meat is a natural thing. I’ve reduced meat eating for my health and for the drawn out suffering endured by the slaughtered animals. Its morality, plain and simple.

  151. […] makes fun of many of the views and practices mentioned here at 8 weeks. In particular, posts on veganism, recycling, fancy reusable water bottles, Whole Foods and organic foods hit pretty close to home. I […]

  152. It is funny how the vegetarians/vegans talk about displaying “compassion for all living things”!!! BS. Everytime you take a shower, clean your bathroom, kitchen etc. take any anti-biotics…GUESS WHAT YOU ARE KILLING THE OLDEST LIVING FORMS OF LIFE ON OUR PLANET…BACTERIUM. Bacteria have been thriving and surviving on this planet for over 3 BILLION YEARS, and bacteria are very complex forms of life, so don’t get it twisted. How long have humans been here 100,000-200,000 years!!!!!! So just chill with all the high moral ground approach.

    Another thing, who has the authority to determine what forms of life are worthy of living and which are not?????? A lion, tiger, wolf, crocodile, eagle, shark, bear etc…don’t care one ounce about killing and torturing other animals, including HUMANS, but we have some sort of responsibility to other life forms on this planet???? WHAT!!!??? My father is from Puerto Rico and has a huge family that still lives there. I have visited on many ocassions and my grandmother raises her own pigs, chickens etc…when it is time for her to prepare dinner she goes out back, grabs a chicken, breaks its neck and that is that. I have seen it done many times.

    I was a vegetarian for over 4 yrs. because I thought it was doing some good and yes, I did feel a bit of that superiority over non-vegs. Once I looked at the big picture, I realized it was a joke and stopped immediately. Plants are life forms, so the next time your home is being devoured by hundreds of millions of termites, just let them run there course and you can live on the streets in a cardboard box.




  154. on March 14, 2008 at 10:34 am Good Reading Voice

    “Eternal Treblinka?” Give me a f***ing break.

    It would take a mush-headed twit to take the kind of thing seriously.

    “Pulitzer Prize nomination” == “affirmation of one mush-headed twit by other mush-headed twits.”

    There are certainly valid reasons for a person to be a vegetarian (the one I find most favor with is the unwillingness to eat meat if you, personally, are unwilling to kill it yourself), but the hyperbole does not serve your cause.

    We are coming up on the 65th anniversary of the massacre in the Warsaw Ghetto. THAT was real horror. Killing and eating a cow? Not so much.

  155. Good Reading Voice. I couldn’t agree with you anymore. Truth has to hold sway over all other emotions at all times. REASON is the defender of LOVE.

  156. on March 14, 2008 at 3:14 pm Eric Silberstein

    You’ll find a lot of vegetarians/vegans to be from all creeds, races, religions, etc.

    I find that those who have been persecuted, truly understand what suffering is all about. Those are the people who are more open to total compassion. In my experience, it’s been African-Americans, Jews, American-Chinese, etc. that show an interest in change.

    Certainly, there are a lot of white people who have led the way, but even, people like Ghandi, Da Vinci, and Martin Luther King have all recognized the suffering that goes on to all of earth’s inhabitants.

    Most people who call themselves “True Blue Americans” are usually the people who are not interested in change, but tradition, regardless of the harm done to another.

    Remember one important thing: we are all connected, all living beings. We are not white, nor are we black. We are not Human, nor are we Animal. We are all of the above, and more. We are all Earthlings.

  157. Being vegetarian/vegan should not really be viewed as a luxury… Throughout history, the wealthier the people of a culture became, the more meat they ate. Look at America: pretty universally recognized as a wealthy nation in comparison to the rest of the world, and the vast majority of its inhabitants consume meat two or three times per day. So really, if one has the best interests of the hungry people of the world in mind, cutting back or eliminating eating meat is where one should look. Also, a cow in its lifetime eats much more food than it returns through its slaughtering and processing. I don’t know exact figures, but basically all the grain being used to feed the cow could be used to feed a significantly larger number of hungry people.

    People who are skeptical about why we should care so much about something as seemingly simple as food should check out Harvest for Hope by Jane Goodall. She isn’t preachy about vegetarianism and recognizes its not for everyone. She does go into great detail about why you should care about what you shove in your pie hole, though.

  158. Animals are tasty…mmmm.

  159. I think this blog is pretty amusing. So far I’ve fit most of the categories for white people and it’s made me laugh pretty hard. I will say that this is the only posting that I decided to read this comments because I’m a vegetarian and have been a long time now.

    I know many people on both sides of this debate. Usually when I meet other vegos that are very loud about their food choices I realize that they haven’t been a vegetarian very long. I decided to become vego a long time ago for my own reasons and I consider myself a pretty considerate vegetarian when it comes to dealing with people that eat primarily meat, but that doesn’t mean I’m willing to eat it. I’ll go further and agree with most of the veggie-lovers in this comments section – I’m tired of you wanting me to eat meat. I have never once, forcefully or otherwise, tried to turn someone vegetarian. I could care less what the h@ll anyone else eats and I’m very sick and tired of defending the choices that I make of what I do and do not want to put into my body. Get a life! No one cares what you eat so stop worrying about what I eat.

    I live in the great white north right now and people have even told me that I would ‘be warmer if I ate meat’. This is the most ridiculous thing I have ever heard. I’d be warmer if it wasn’t -20!

    That’s my rant. Oh, and my husband is an omnivore.

  160. on March 16, 2008 at 4:56 pm Alias Cornrow

    I’m a vegetarian but I pretty much keep it to myself unless someone asks. I personally could care less what the person next to me is eating and I’m not on some quest to change anybody else’s diet. Even I get annoyed by people who talk about being vegetarian and I think vegans are mentally ill.

  161. So I’m at a party with my hipper-than-thou friends, who I love, and the wife of a new couple approaches me.
    “Psst,” she says, “I heard you eat meat.”
    I look her up and down and then own up: “Yeah, I do.”
    “We’re having my mom’s barbeque recipe next Tuesday night. Want to come up for dinner?”
    You would have thought we were dealing smack, right there in my friends’ living room. I went and it was fun.

    The really ironic part? Her son has been a vegetarian since birth. He’s just never had any interest in consuming meat at all. I guess some people ARE just born that way. 😉

  162. this blog is funny … but these posts about vegan/organic are a big miss. what’s better than a thick cut of rare rib steak cooked rare with cold beer? (sure … the beer can be from a microbrewery) – vegans don’t know what their missing.

  163. I am a vegetarian and I am preachy about it.
    Because when the earth falls apart due to the CO2 emissions from the gross overconsumption of animals in our society, I’ll die too.

    I am better than you because I don’t contribute to the death of innocent, sentient creatures.

    Look! There is a cow basking in the sun and enjoying being alive. Let’s slit it’s throat.

    Yup. I am better than you. Sorry. 🙂 But I will sleep better tonight knowing that I am not a part of the problem.

  164. I’m so very, very white…

  165. […] & probably you’ve all already seen it, but the satiric blog Stuff White People Like has declared veg*nism as a “white […]

  166. on March 18, 2008 at 9:27 pm oldwhitegrouch

    “I am also an activist for animals.”

    No kidding. Did they ask you to go to bat for them?

  167. Adam V, You are a tool.

    I prefer to order vegetarian stuff when I go out. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not a vegetarian by any means and love a 16oz prime rib or burger just as much as the next guy. I just feel that vegetarian dishes are some of the best tasting out there – and love cooking them for myself too. So I guess by practice I may be considered a vegetarian most of the time.

    I often get questions (or looks) from people who don’t know me… and my buddies that do know me joke about it and call me a pussy when I do get a salad or something. If anyone asks – I just say I like the tastes of veggies more. That usually end the conversation pretty easily.

    It’s funny to see peoples reaction to a 230lb guy (I played NCAA football a few years back) that orders no meat – I mean, I just don’t look like your typical malnourished vegan. But what’s even funnier to see is when a pious vegan world-saver starts to buddy up with me under the guise that I’m not a meat eater… then I crush thier expectations gloriously. It’s always nice to demean someone who thought they related to your interests – they recognize that you “get them” yet still don’t accept them… it just hits so much harder. ROFL

    Honestly, I don’t care what the hell someone eats.
    If one day some vegan chick wants to eat my sausage… who am I to stop her?

  168. I AM better than you.

    -Anonymous Vegan

  169. on March 19, 2008 at 2:10 pm Hot vegan chick

    The funny thing is, I find meat eaters to be more self-righteous than I ever am. Simply upon learning that I’m vegan, they automatically go into a speech defending their meat-eating. Most of the vegans I know are actually not preachy. I think meat eaters like to stereotype vegetarians/vegans as being self-righteous and preachy so they have a reason to criticize us. Back off buds, it’s my choice, just as it is yours!

    By the way, I find most white people aren’t really into being vegan. Have you seen the Carl’s Jr. commercials?

  170. To all the people who say that vegans/vegetarians don’t know what they’re missing..

    Most of us were, at one point, meat eaters. So most of us do know what we’re missing.

    I don’t like the taste of meat. Never did, never will.

    One of my favorite responses to people who complain that I won’t ‘eat around the meat” is this: How about I sneeze on your plate, and you can just eat around the snot? 🙂

    Can we go back to laughing at ourselves now?

  171. on March 19, 2008 at 10:44 pm Eirik den Rode

    I find it ironic that liberals who call themselves vegan or vegetarians are some of the most hypocritical people yuo will ever meet. For example the “free-spirited” women who wear tie-dye long skirts and don’t shave their legs or other body hair and wear Birkenstock’s cannot figure out that the shoes they have are fastened with leather straps. Or that the owners of Priuses think they are helping the environment by having a semi electric car which while not running on gas is powered by electricity that was created from the burning of coal which produces more CO2 tan the combustion of gasoline.

  172. on March 19, 2008 at 10:49 pm Eirik den Rode

    and yes. like many other posters, I must say it too. Adam V, you must be a poor hippie, I’m guessing who lives in Berkeley, and you drive an old car that produces huge CO2 emissions. Wait no… a bike. That would just be even better. McCain ’08.

  173. I always DREAM that one day vegans would be stranded in some starving African country…what would they eat?!!! Why are so few starving Africans vegans I wonder…

  174. Those crazy white vegans!
    This whitey will never go vegan!
    Keep it real, keep it meaty!

  175. meat = heart disease

  176. awesome, this site is funny.

    Keep on truckin’
    from a vegan.

  177. Being an American vegan or vegatarain is one of the most condescending things you can be. You see, being an American vegan actually conflicts with another white person prime directive: awareness.
    I’ll use one of white people’s favorite topics to demonstrate their awareness: Africa. Do you think the starving kids in Africa many of you Yoga Vegans out there work so hard to raise awareness for would turn down a freshly cooked steak or a rack of ribs?
    Being vegan or vegatarian in a country so overflowing with food as America is blatantly wearing your wealth and priveledge on your sleeve. I don’t have the money for that Neo-Hippy bull. However, in keeping with the modern white person directive of tolerance, all of you vegans can go ahead being pains in the asses and doing what you do, I’m not trying to change you, just judge you.
    Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m going to hit on an Asian girl with my token black friend at a Wes Anderson movie screening.

  178. on March 21, 2008 at 8:58 am A real white guy

    lol vegen’s clearly do not have a sense of humor.

  179. #104 – Come to my house sometime and I’ll prove you wrong.

  180. To Eirik den Rode (#172/173) –

    I know a poor vegan who lives in Berkeley, but his car runs off of veggie oil. Most of us aren’t hypocrites, but I get sick of people like you who assume/constantly assert that we are. Also, you think it is funny and that you are clever for assuming that Adam V. rides a bike. What is so funny about someone who doesn’t pollute to get places/emit greenhouse gases, and is staying fit while they are doing it. Gosh… that is soooo funny. //haha//

    I don’t even drive because I would feel like a hypocrite! And yes I am vegan, probably going to live in the Bay Area some day for an environmental (non-profit) job, am obsessed with recycling, etc, but hey I am doing more for the environment/the future of the country/the next seven generations than you and your (not) funny jokes at liberals are.

  181. on March 21, 2008 at 10:13 am Éirinn go Brách

    The only problem I have with vegans and it’s always women is that they try and save you and inform you about what you are doing to yourself and the environment by eating meat. Look i’m glad being a vegan has changed your life but 8lb 6oz Baby Jesus didn’t give me these canines to rip carrots apart so enjoy your rabbit food while i’ll enjoy this steak because in the end no matter how healty you eat you’re still going to die.

  182. on March 21, 2008 at 11:02 am oldwhitegrouch

    “I don’t even drive because I would feel like a hypocrite! And yes I am vegan, probably going to live in the Bay Area some day for an environmental (non-profit) job, am obsessed with recycling, etc, but hey I am doing more for the environment/the future of the country/the next seven generations than you and your (not) funny jokes at liberals are.”

    If you really wanted to do something PRACTICAL for the enviornment you’d get into the Boilermaker apprenticeship (there’s a local near you, in Pittsburg I think) and build anti-pollution devices such as scrubbers, baghouses, precipitators, overfired air and such.

    Then you could justifiably drive a sharp car, eat meat, wear Carhartt clothes for real and generally not have to be such a big pussy.

  183. on March 21, 2008 at 12:23 pm Luke the Canadian

    I’m White.
    And I have my head shoved so far up my ass I can lick my stomach.
    A.K.A I’m a vegetarian.

  184. on March 21, 2008 at 5:45 pm tragedyplustime

    clander, have i told you lately that i love you?

  185. on March 22, 2008 at 5:54 am Black and Asian Love Does Exist

    I know more Vegetarians would become Vegan if it wasn’t for cheese, ice cream and other dairy products. Lucky for us (husband is Chinese, I’m black), we are lactose-intolerant and can not eat dairy. So I guess it was easy for us to give up meat, fish, eggs and poultry. I don’t have any fancy stats to back up our decision to go Vegan. It just feels right for us. It might sound strange, but since being Vegan we fight less, have more patience, are more spiritually connected and look and feel great.

    If there are any cool Vegan folks of color here in Beantown, give us a shout out!

  186. I am a hard core carnivore. I went on Atkins a few years ago, lost most of my excess weight. My colesteral and triglyserides went down by 25%. I bet my blood pressure is lower than yours. I feel best when I eat about 2 pounds of meat a day. I guess my metabolism is made to eat meat. I don’t care what you eat as long as you don’t care what I eat.

    I also raise animals for other people to eat. Where I live a little global warming would be welcome. I’m white but don’t fit the satire of the article. I also live a long way from either coast.

  187. on March 22, 2008 at 9:41 pm Longtime Vegan

    I have been a Vegan for 11 years, I dont preach to anyone. I will tell you why I am vegan if you ask, but otherwise I feel its my decision. A lot of new vegans are really preachy and annoying and turn people off. In my experience they don’t stay vegan for long.

    It must be said that now vegan, no matter how strict, is completely vegan. Life is competetive, your mere presence on earth means that some other animals will never exist, not to mention fruit and vegetables are fertilized with animal shit and virtually all soy products create byproducts that are used as animal feed.

    I would be happy if everyone one on earth took a good look at their life and tried to make their impact better. No one has the time and energy to correct or help correct every negative human practice. I think a lot of parents work really hard to not recreate their parents mistakes with their children, they certainly work a lot harder at that than I do at being vegan.
    But there are a lot of people (and they seem overrepresented here) that just don’t give a fuck. They just want to laugh at the expense of people exercising their coscience, and they contribute nothing to this world (enjoy your inevitable colo-rectal cancer assholes).

    My final words, I am white, but other than that I don’t think I meet the vegan stereotypes. I have a heavy frame (mostly muscle but a little fat) and I regularly compete in amateur cycle racing, and everyone is shocked when they find out that Im vegan (except for other vegans).

  188. 188:

    Reconcile this:

    “I have been a Vegan for 11 years, I dont preach to anyone…. ….A lot of new vegans are really preachy and annoying and turn people off.”

    With this:

    “They just want to laugh at the expense of people exercising their coscience, and they contribute nothing to this world (enjoy your inevitable colo-rectal cancer assholes).”

  189. In the 1800s there were 7800 named varieties of apples. 6100 of them are extinct today. Think about that.

  190. Ahem! Anonymous is like the obnoxious, drunk uncle we pretend is not there and wish would go away, but we love Aunt Helen so we bite our tongue on every get together.
    OMG family is so complicated!

  191. re: 33 (Elaine)
    See the text above “For further evidence, note how the vegetarian world has increasing levels of extremism….”

    I am vegetarian for health reasons, not to be a self-righteous tool like you.

  192. Rock on vegan latino dude Bob Torres!!!

    Seriously, vegan of color right here, with vegan of color boyfriend of *another* race–and we don’t pass as white. Oppressions are linked, we don’t need to let ourselves be pitted against each other.

  193. on March 23, 2008 at 9:27 pm Longtime Vegan

    Hey Mathew

    I dont think there is anything to reconcile (but it might need some further explanation). This is a discussion board about vegetarianism and veganism not a random person on the street eating a hotdog. I can express my views here and im not in someone’s face

    The people I’m hoping enjoy their colo rectal cancer are the dicks who want to be mean to vegetarians and vegans because they’re different. You know the type, they make fun of people that don’t drive V8s. I’m talking about the kind of person that has a really nihilistic attitude towards the world and thinks they should be allowed to take anything they are strong enough or rich enough to take.

    I’m not talking about people that are actually trying to make the world better but still eat meat. Sadly these nihilist fucks dont realize what a great thing life is until they get cancer or have a retarded kid.

    I stand by my comment that new vegans are really preachy. They assume that everyone that everyone would give up meat if they just thought about it. They’re just out of touch with reality and usually living at home off of their parents money. I find this kind of person to be really anal unrealistic.

  194. Help me undertstand this, you profess not to be “preachy” but you have a morbid sense of satisfaction that somebody with whom you disagree ideologically might develop a fatal, excruciating illness?

  195. on March 23, 2008 at 10:20 pm Longtime Vegan

    There’s a difference in being preachy outwardly and inwardly. If you’re up in someone’s face and telling them that they should be like you than your being preachy and self righteous. If you practice something and don’t enforce your ideas on others thats not preachy.

    I realize that when I’m typing you cant hear the sarcastic tone with which I would normally speak such phrases as “Enjoy your colo-rectal cancer.” I actually don’t wish cancer on people (I feel pretty bad for people with cancer). Im just being sarcastic. It’s ok to laugh if no one gets hurt.

    The only meat eaters I dislike are the people that are real dick heads about it and do shit like wave steak in your face. In any event I am laughing at how the very thing that people claim makes them better ends up biting them in the ass. Its like a person who says guns aren’t dangerous, people are dangerous and then accidently shoots themself in the foot. I would laugh at that if I read it in News of the Weird. But I would still feel compassion for the person, even if they were a dick.

  196. “In any event I am laughing at how the very thing that people claim makes them better ends up biting them in the ass.”

    I don’t think most (sigh) “carnivores” really think they are “better” because they eat meat. At least from my perspective most of the anti-vegan sentiment among (sigh, again) meat-eaters is that vegans/vegetarians have a tendency to be sanctimonious jerks.

    While you have been more reasonable than some in this thread, your display of morbid humor/satisfaction when somebody suffers terribly because of what you seem to believe is Karmic justice is the very kind self-righteousness that you profess to dislike in other people. That makes your statements in this thread decidedly hypocritical.

    “Its like a person who says guns aren’t dangerous, people are dangerous and then accidently shoots themself in the foot.”

    I don’t want this to morph into a gun control debate but I’m a gun-owner and have never once ever heard another gun owner make such a statement. People who actually have experience with firearms will be the first to tell others that firearms are dangerous.

  197. on March 24, 2008 at 8:32 pm oldwhitegrouch

    The safer life becomes the more afraid people get. Americans used to fear the ague, diptheria, typhus, cholera–seeing half your children die without reaching the age of 10. Floods, fires, wild beasts and plaugues of grasshoppers. Not to mention Shawnees and Comanches who might swoop down and kill the menfolk and carry the women and kids (those who could keep up as they hotfooted back north, keep up or die) into slavery.Or if you were a Shawnee you feared the Longknives who might swoop up on you from Kentucky and Virginia.

    Now people fear….meat. To fear such a thing is a true luxury.

  198. lol agreed, meat is really good for your body, but people just watch those stupid PETA videos and think that all ranchers/slaughter houses are like that.

  199. Although this site is called “Stuff White People Like”, I have been taking a broader view of the definition. I’m white, and most of this stuff just doesn’t apply to me. So it’s more like “Stuff People Who Are Often White and Think They Are Better Than Everyone Else Like”.

    What I think would be a good addition to this post that might explain why this should be in here would be vegetarians who eat fish.

    See, fish can’t talk, aren’t generally cute or intelligent (at least in any way this group of people would recognize), and, above all, falls under the intellectual radar of actually looking up what a vegetarian is. These people recognize that being a vegetarian is an important social choice, and gives some sheen of environmentalism, but in reality they have no deep understanding of what the term really means.

    I liken it to all the people, mostly white, who protested the Iraq war as “blood for oil” in Westwood in 2003-4. Their strategy? Block traffic on one of the busiest streets in L.A. at rush hour. Instead of the typical standing at the Federal Building with signs (which still slows traffic), they blocked off the road and marched in the streets!

    This caused hundreds of cars to be stopped, running, using gas and putting out pollution. And most of these people were blocks away, and were never even aware of what had caused the traffic!

    I witnessed the ultimate sign of the irony of this because I had to go to Westwood myself that day, and I had parked in one of the underground lots. When I left, the protest was over, and one of the people, carrying one sign, crossed the lot and got into their Jeep Grand Cherokee. By themselves. So apparently carpooling to the no blood for oil protest was inconvenient.


  200. eating vegan is not any better for the environment than eating meat… and “organic” food is grown in roughly the same way that any other food is.

    also, people who only buy products with “All natural” flavors could be in a worse position than those who eat artificially flavored foods. Banana flavoring in particular contains small traces of arsenic when produced using natural ingredients, but is clean when produced artificially.

    Stick to eating lots of fiber, lots of veggies, and little red meat and your body will be happiest. Giving up all animal products is not natural. We have sharp teeth for a reason.

  201. OK…why does this blog always say “to make them feel better than anyone else..” Is it because somehow being conscious does in fact make you better than all the conformist drones?

    Give me a break. its getting old.

    And by the way…I am not better than everyone else, just the majority.

  202. A mush-headed twit like Holocaust survivor and seminal German culture critic Theodor Adorno, who has said “Auschwitz begins wherever someone looks at a slaughterhouse and thinks: they’re only animals.”?

  203. So, vegetarianism is a “white” thing to like? That must be why it’s most widespread in “white” places like… southeast Asia…? Hey wait a minute…

  204. No, the human body was not and is not designed to eat meat. There are huge differenance between a carnivores and humans. Our bowels are completely different, and meat eating humans suffer from colon cancer and heart disease..

  205. clearly you are an arrogant wank, there are meat eating pussies and there are vegan pussies. You can not judge a whole group of people by a select few.

  206. maybe you should find out where your greasy hamburger comes from..

  207. That’s the best comment I’ve seen yet. Rock the fuck on, indeed!

  208. No, his mum is an oil pumping, watermelon eating heroine addict. Not that I’m a racist or anything!!! hahaha

  209. actually I’m a vegan and I def do not look a famine victim.. once again people are judging a whole group of people because they have meet one or two of that group. Until you meet all the Vegans in the world you probably shouldn’t say crap like that

  210. Yeah, I’m a vegan as well and could not care less about meat eaters

  211. my ancestors ate all sorts of meat, sometimes even raw. the coolest part about it is that none of them ever developed colon cancer or heart disease. think before you speak, otherwise you just look stupid.

  212. anonymous vegetarian… you fucking rock! thank you for summing up the comments section in one awesome comment.

  213. The human body is basically designed to consume just about anything. We have the front teeth of carnivores and the back teeth of herbivores. Part of the reason why we are classified as omnivores. Our digestive systems can efficiently process just about anything thrown down there. With the possible exception of rocks. An exclusionary diet at either end of the spectrum is less healthy than a balanced diet. The Evangelical Christian Right vs Muslim Suicide Bombers. Vegans vs Pure Meat Eaters. The same. Extremists rarely appear sane to anyone who is not a member of their tribe. And just as they lack balance is one part of their life, they also lack balance in their psyche. And rant in an effort to get converts.

  214. Oops! Should have proofread before posting. It should read “And just as they lack balance in one part of their life …”

  215. Non-meat-eating humans suffer from bruises sustained while being beaten up by physically stronger meat-eating humans.

  216. Vegan Columbus – SE Asia red meat consumption is growing at a faster rate (percentage) than anywhere in the world. As their economy gets better they can afford meat, especially pork. The reason they are vegetarians are economic, not choice.

  217. Who cares? It tastes good.

  218. Do you need me to help you down off your high horse or can you manage on your own?

  219. Excuse me. Vegetarians do not eat fish. A person who eats fish is not a vegetarian.

  220. Excuse me.

    Vegetarians do not eat fish. People who eat fish are not vegetarians.

  221. My mother forced me to eat meat during more than ten years, even though I vomited in the table quite a few times.

    If someone offers me any kind of meat or fake meat, even if it was prepared specifically for me, I thank profuselly, explain that I don’t like the taste of meat, and apologize. But no disgusting food enters my mouth.

  222. on March 28, 2008 at 1:41 pm ImagineEscape

    There is actually a great book called Living Among Meat Eaters that explains why it is meat-eaters do the annoying act of constantly question veggies when they find out their diet, and then as soon as the veggies reply, call them “preaching.” It happens to me all the time. I never preach or even bring it up. But when someone finds out I’m vegetarian, out comes the “Why? {insert made up scientific thingy} {insert snarky comment}” etc. And if I correct them, I’m “preaching.” Ugh. The book says a lot of people are suddenly confronted with questioning their own decisions just by being in a veggie’s presence and therefore find a need to “prove” they are in the right and normal regardless of whether or not you even mention it. And they tend to this immaturely a lot.

  223. I pooped my pants

  224. […] morning chapter of a David Sedaris book, went to Berkeley Bowl, bought organic food to support my vegetarian lifestyle, drank out of my sigg bottle, listened to Mos Def and public radio on my ipod, and […]

  225. I’ve been a nonpreaching vegan for many years. Eat whatever you want, dress how you want, love who you want…I don’t care. If you ask me about my lifestyle choices I’ll talk to you about it, no problem.
    As for vegans being unhealthy, it depends on if your diet is nutritionally sound and if you have an active lifestyle. Same goes for pescetarians (who eat seafood but not other animal flesh), carnivores, lacto-ovo vegetarians, etc., etc.

    People are generally surprised when they discover that i am a vegan because I don’t fit the stereotypes they are accustomed to the -pale, scrawny, inactive. I am the captain of a roller derby team, do tons of yoga(did i mention that i am white?), bike, swim, blahblahblah. Just as you can’t oversimplify and say all meat eaters are fat….not all vegans are scrawny. Oh-and not all all derby chicks are lesbians. Generalizations, generally, don’t work. ha!

  226. there are many people who eat fish and yet call themselves vegetarians, your opinion of those people is irrelevant.

  227. Lots of self-identified vegetarians eat fish. “Pescetarians”.

  228. I know that guy! He even made us move our Christmas party because the restaurant wasn’t veg-friendly enough (I eat veg food there exclusively but nevermind…). But he eats meat all the time when the wife isn’t around.

  229. My sister-in-law is a vegetarian and feels all spiritual about it. When she found out that we don’t eat meat either she wanted to get her hippy love on. But I diffused the situation by saying that we don’t eat meat because we can’t afford to. LOL.

  230. Ok, then i’m a self-identified black guy because I… like ghetto rap or whatever? It makes as much sense as eating an ANIMAL and call it a PLANT or VEGETABLE etc. Opinions are irrelevant. We can talk different languages to each other, but it’s pretty fucking hard to communicate that way. I’m white because that’s my fucking race, my skin is almost white. Not because I would identify with withe people.

  231. Hehe, it’s actually pretty good. You would die much faster if you would actually do that, but usually it’s all just talk and consuming goes on like usual.

  232. Exactly. No need preaching even, people are interested on their own, it’s just a matter of if you really feel like talking about it. I just don’t care about them feeling bad and need to apologize.

  233. So fucking true! But usually I don’t get hassled alot, but when it happens most of the times it ‘s like that.

  234. that makes me cry at nights… I can only eat vegan hotdogs, icecream, chicken, cheeze, steaks etc and a gazillion of vegetables, fruits, nuts, seeds, herbs and spices prepared in any combo possible with tons of different preparations of the foodstuff itself… I cry soo much because my life feels so empty and sad because I miss out, doesn’t matter that I feel better, got more energy etc I still cry every night ;…-(

  235. hehe, yeah that’s pretty funny. I never complain about that, atleast i’m not eating it.

  236. finally. right on.

  237. bless you

  238. actually it does happen. i am constantly told by vegans im not healthy cause i eat meat. but continue to over analyze and pretend to be the victim. i hate your kind.

  239. While this is literally true, in MANY cultures fish for some reason is not considered “meat”. Hence when you’re at your girlfriend’s place having dinner and you are repeatedly asked if you eat meat, and after hearing “no, I’m a vegetarian” they respond with, “oh, but you can eat fish”

  240. wow. I think you should take a look at the eskimos. they ate meat for over half the year, no veggies.

  241. ^ +100 ^

    This is right on the money.

  242. Our closest relatives, chimpanzees, eat meat and practice cannibalism. Yummy!

  243. I agree. Plus, kind old ladies bake freakin’ awesome cookies!!! 🙂 Don’t forget- if you cause a ruckus, you won’t be invited back.

    My rule of thumb: If you’re-a cookin’ it, I’m-a eatin’ it!

  244. The office christmas party should be a future post here. What a horrible, dreaded affair for all concerned!!

  245. Bob- don’t know or care if you’re gay or straight- you’re cute either way! 😉 I’m gay, and I get offended when people say “what a waste” -what part of me is going to waste? Or say “you don’t look gay” like that’s some sort of compliment.

  246. on April 1, 2008 at 7:45 am Fat Bastard

    I once ate a free-range Twinkie, but it didn’t taste the same as the regular Twinkies. Must have something to do with what they’re fed. To make matters worse, I had to take my Hummer 3 all the way across town to the Whole Foods to find this new “miracle” Twinkie. Fortunately, I saved some time by leaving the Hummer running in the parking lot. Plus, there was a 7-11 across the street so I could pick up a pack of cheap smokes and a six pack of Milwaukee’s best

  247. I’ve never had chimpanzee, do they taste like chicken?

  248. Were the ladies in “2 Girls 1 Cup” considered vegetarians? World hunger solved by a YouTube clip. Who woulda thunk it?

  249. In Afghanistan, it’s not uncommon to find those in the hinterlands to, uh, how shall I put this…engage in routine “familial” relations with various goats and sheep. I’m pretty sure the Prophet Mohammad (pbuh) had something to say about this, and it probably wasn’t, “Go forth and fornicate with livestock.” In this regard, I think eating said sheep and goats is a lot more environmentally friendly than creating some sort of potential suicide satyr.

  250. on April 1, 2008 at 7:55 am Dirty Nasty Leg

    I LOVE PETA chips, or are those pita chips?

  251. on April 1, 2008 at 7:57 am Dirty Nasty Leg

    That’s because you probably look like a combination of Mary Kate Olsen and Amy Whinehouse.

  252. on April 1, 2008 at 8:02 am Dirty Nasty Leg

    You need to do what I do, invite a couple of Vegan friends over, feed them “Vegan lasagna” with “tofu” then, at the end of the meal, say, “Ha, fooled you! The tofu was actually left over Hungry Man Salisbury steak!” Talk about watching a bunch of stuck up pricks turn green.

  253. on April 1, 2008 at 8:11 am Green Jello


    This blog isn’t confusing anybody with anybody. The whole point is to extract one segment of society and extrapolate out to the rest of that class. That’s the satire part. No one out there with an IQ over 13 would assume that this applies to all white people. If it really does bother you, then there has to be a “Free Tibet” site you can loiter around. And even TJ had help writing the Declaration of Independence, and it wasn’t from any of the slaves he was porking.

  254. Carl Lewis is an Olympic-winning track and field athlete. Brendan Brazier is a professional triathlete. Christine Vardaros is a world-class cyclo-cross racer. The one thing they all have in common? They are all vegans.

    Dr. Graham, who has trained many Olympic caliber athletes, explains: “Every nutrient known to be essential for human health is available, in proper concentration, in plant foods. This is not so with animal-based foods, as there are many essential nutrients totally absent in them.”

    And not all vegans try to convert people. I am vegan and I respect other people’s dietary choices.

  255. I’m a vegan, 5’3″ and 160 pounds. Does that sound like a famine victim to you? Most of the vegans I know are chubby, actually.

  256. Haha I love this comment!

    Notice all the vegans listed in the other response excel in some form of running (away.) Maybe I’ll change my mind if I hear of a Mixed-Martial Artist CHAMPION who is Vegan.

    Hormones aren’t all bad people. They make farm animals bigger, they make the opposite sex even sexier. We’d all be DEAD without hormones, and don’t you forget it!

    Signed, the Hunter, not the Gatherer

  257. It’s not the concern for the world and environmental conservation through consumer behaviors that are funny. It’s the freaking extremism… I have a neighbor girl who insists on eating raw food, for what I don’t know… As if not cooking at all is somehow gonna give the most amount of absorbed nutrition. And the extent to which that is annoying to those who do not try to carry the world’s burden on their shoulders, well, is overbearing.

    If culture is what sets humans apart, and cooking is the basis of culture… Who are we to completely turn thousands years of human tradition upside down? Show me one civilization that subsisted on raw, vegan or for that matter vegetarian food… and have been around a long time and prospered. I know the argumentative ones of you are going to bring up the splendid history of war, and I have no answer to that… but I know that the raw food thing ain’t here to stay.

    Really? Save the environment? By trucking organic food across the entire continent (sometimes across the globe)? What of the depleting soil in California? And what of the South American populace and their land that you are robbing to feed your bourgeoisie desires? The gas that all that burns? The 42 degree environment your organic salad mix had been under the moment it got into the processing plant until you pick it up at the Wholefoods? The freaking hippily-dipply smug that others must endure? You really all that different? Please…

    All this is silly… I have some obnoxious friends who actively drive big cars, and use extra napkin just because, and yet know others who wouldn’t toast sesame because somehow it’s always better the less you cook something. Hogwash, when did everyone just up and became a food nutritionist? And can they put out vegetarian recipes without all the emotional fluff in the title? As if somehow the spiritual adjective would magically enhance the flavor of the food.

    With the exception of a few (and maybe the psycho-semantic plays a bit role in rejection of a whole realm of food, should get a checkup for evolutionary deficiency syndrome) who just cannot put meat down, we are meant to consume meat as a species… You political dieters, don’t eat whatever, I don’t care… just don’t tell me the fruity-ass crap and all the elixir-like supplements that you are consuming is somehow wholesome…

  258. i.e.: non-white people are bad for the environment.

  259. on April 3, 2008 at 6:23 pm wondering...

    Do vegan women taste better??? I have not dated enough of them to know…

  260. If you wanna be technical they’re called pescetarians. So they aren’t vegetarians. Sorry.

  261. Actually, the primates that we are descended from were by and large vegetarians, only eating insects when they couldn’t find anything else. Also, they were cannibals, eating their conquered enemies from other tribes of apes. If you wanna do everything your ancestors did why don’t you try that too, Dahmer.

  262. This is a freaking awesome post.

    Although I am vegetarian, I agree with everything you said. Just keep in mind that not all vegetarians are trying to save the world. Some of us are just trying to sleep at night.

  263. on April 3, 2008 at 9:50 pm Laughing my ass off

    if you are so worried about “human consumption of the earth’s resource” and not eating meat cuz you feel bad…why don’t you just commit suicide. Then we won’t have to listen to you whine or put up with Ani DiFranco.

    Also can vegans eat pussy? can they swallow cum?

  264. It can be vaguely traumatizing to be vegetarian in a meat-and-potatoes area, regardless of your reasons for doing so, because people have such strong opinions on it. When I lived in rural PA and had little access to kosher meat, I just told everybody I was “vegetarian” because it was easier than trying to explain all the rules of keeping kosher every time I ate a meal with somebody. Invariably people would ask me “Are you going to yell at me if I eat meat in front of you?” and this was often very bewildering to me. I do like meat, for the most part, and certainly I don’t expect other people, who aren’t even Jewish, to be keeping kosher simply because I do so. It seems like there are a lot of hard feelings on both sides.

    Also: Regardless of whether or not humans were intended to eat meat (and we are, biologically speaking, omnivores), someone who has been vegetarian for a long time will get very sick if they eat meat, because their stomach no longer produces enzymes to digest meat. I have a friend who is second-generation vegetarian (meaning her parents raised her from birth to be vegetarian), and even though she doesn’t like vegetables and probably would be happier as an omnivore, she cannot make the switch because meat makes her very sick even in small amounts. I got sick a lot, too, when I made the switch back to being an omnivore (because I moved to an area where kosher meat was easier to get).

  265. I’m a vegetarian. I do it more because meat and meat dishes often turn my stomach. I have other issues too, but for the most part, I eat vegetarian because my stomach thanks me later. If my friends ask me about my vegetarianism, I’ll explain it to them as much as they want. But I’m not gonna call anyone a murderer because they eat meat. I love cheeseburgers and steaks and what-have-you, but I feel sick often when I eat meat.

    So…does that make me less of a man or weak or something? I’ve never felt better in my life. It just makes me mad to see people bad-mouthing a life decision. Am I hurting you by quietly eating some vegetables? No. So get over it. Also, if you get angry about my vegetarianism after you asked me why I choose to eat the way I do, then you only have yourself to blame.

    I do understand the disdain for preachy-ness. I don’t like when people try to pedal something I don’t want.

    Otherwise, funny blog. I enjoyed it.

  266. nope, we have canines that are so miniscule if it came back to hunter gatherer days they would not do the carnivore job. take the gorilla for example. they have the largest canines in the whole primate kingdom and they are 100% herbivorous. our mouth is predominantly filled with molars to grind up plant matter much like that of a cow, just as our digestive tract is longer and slower than carnivores, because palnt matter doesnt poison the bodies the was putirfying meat does (hence why carnivores’ digestive tracts are very short, to get that shit- literally- out of their body as quick as possible.) similarly, i learned all aobut lactose intolerance in a biological anthropolgy course i took. how unnatural it is to not only suckle from another species, but suckle into adulthood, when no other species does this and we have not evolved to catch up with modern cultural practices. so if you want o use the old, we’ve got teeth therefore we can eat animals excuse, you sure are wrong. thnik of a better excuse next time.

  267. dear Chris,

    as a vegan of five+ years, i’ll just let you know we arent all preachers and i am certainly far from emaciated, i am a healthy, hot vegan lady (damn sexy most would say too!) and those waifs just use the label vegan instead of claiming their anorexia, but yes i do care what i put in my body and i do care that sentient animals die for merely preference of taste buds, and i do care that intensive factory “farming” is more polluting than cars and industry, and power plants combined. I’m still alive and kicking and i havent eaten meat since i was little, and i’m healthier and less ill than ever. the preacher shit simply comes from stupid carnivores that come up with really mundane, ignorant, and defensive lines (like what DO you eat, cardboard, yuck yuck.) and the whole ignorance is bliss shit: cop out. i can totally accept someone’s choice to eat meat if they’ve thought about it and it doesnt bother them and they can go out and kill something and eat it and dont care about the implications it has on the environment and on their health down the road; if they can keep it in moderation (which is the biggest problem in america, ie- fast food as the new crack.) then i have no right to tell someone what to do, i simply ask, dont be an ignorant asshole, that’s all.

  268. it’s the lame-ass, uncreative comments like this that make vegans all preachy-like. like i never here that one every time i see a relative or leave a metropolitan area?? give it a rest or come up with new zingers to try to get our goats already !! (no pun intended) but for real, we really dont care what y’all eat, we know we’re right but we know we’re not changing the minds of those that think meat tastes that fucking great that they put their bellies before anything else. we dont waste our time with that, so why waste yours trying to convince us otherwise??

  269. I’m white and I hATE vegans.

    I want a triple quarter pounder NOW.

  270. on April 8, 2008 at 3:58 pm Eat the Meat

    Are you kidding me? It’s as much of a myth that we “meat eaters” are constantly suffering from colon cancer/clogging/complete rectal failure/butt fallout as it is that all vegans/vegetarians are sickly and weak and bleed pink. Sure, our meat industry from a factory farming/corn fed angle is royally screwed, but beef allowed to graze on what they can actually digest will NOT kill you. It’s actually very healthy for you. Look at Europe! You’d think France would be, by now, a desolate wasteland by how much meat and cheese they eat in every meal, but they’re healthier than us. Same with any culture that has never even seen a cow/chicken/pig/etc. come out of a CAFO.

    We’re omnivores. We can process veggies, fruits, grains AND meat (our digestive systems began to evolve to only tolerate cooked meat right around the time we started figuring out that cooking it was a way to preserve it/chew it easier). Our incisors shrunk not because we’re supposed to be eating freakin’ grass all day and every day (do we have rumens? No. Do we have hindguts? No. Do we have acidic stomachs? YES.), but because we a.) no longer needed such large canine-like teeth to contend with raw meats, b.) as our language skills continued to develop, we didn’t exactly need to show our big scary teeth to each other in order to show dominance, and c.) because rather than depend strictly on our teeth to rip into any food (plantlife included) we made more efficient tools and even employed our newfound friend the domestic dog to hunt for us. I’m sure there are even more factors, but I’m already writing an essay here…on “Stuff White People Like”, no less.

    Exclude animal products from your diet for various reasons if you wish, but don’t sit here and repeat something you most likely saw on some angry Peta member’s blogspot that they got from some OTHER angry Peta member’s blogspot just because it sort of makes sense and conveniently fits your cause. You sound no smarter than a creationist.

    Now, if you’ll excuse me, I’m going to go eat the hell out of some chicken wings.

  271. Yes, but you need to think about the fact that those are *percentages*. In other words, they must be considered in proportion to the numbers of each of those groups. I’d be willing to wager that 6% of white Americans works out to a hell of a lot more than 8% of Hispanic Americans. So in that sense, your argument doesn’t wash.

  272. It’s odd to me that there seem to be only two choices: a self-righteous and deluded vegetarian, or a non-vegetarian.

    I am *not* a vegetarian, though I consider it often. And I assure you, it’s not to feel superior. I know many vegetarians who are vegetarians and are not at all self-righteous about it.

    People make decisions for many reasons, and personal morality is just as legitimate as any other. If I choose to become vegetarian, it’s because *I* can no longer reconcile my love of animals (among other spiritual beliefs) with my meat-eating. I don’t think others *should* do the same. Would I like it? Perhaps, I don’t know.

    But it is a great oversimplification to say that the reason people are vegetarian is to feel superior and to feel that they are making a difference.

    I don’t think most of my actions will make a *huge* difference in the grand scheme of things. However, that doesn’t mean they are pointless. They make a difference to *me.* I am doing what *I* can, regardless of whether or not it changes the world. That’s all I can do…. what I can do.

  273. on April 10, 2008 at 9:17 am Mike in Austin

    Jesus Christ himself ate meat, so I think I’m in the clear eating every animal I can sink my teeth into.

  274. Perhaps not a champion yet, at professional levels, but certainly this is a start:

    And how about this? Not only a vegan, but *gasp* a woman!

  275. Please tell me which essential vitamin or nutrient cannot be obtained from meat.

  276. There’s a lot of shit we do that no other animals does. I mean, when the fuck did it become natural to let various plants rot (sorry, ferment) and then drink the bi-product? I can’t, for the life of me, think of any other animal that cooks its food either – but I think I’ll continue to do both.
    We can eat meat because we are able to digest it, not because we have teeth. If you can digest it, you can eat it.

    Human’s weren’t “built” to eat jack shit. They’ve evolved to be able to tolerate different sources of food over time. Your ancestors ate meat. Deal with it.

    BTW, there are FAR more species of plants that are toxic to humans than there are animals.

  277. Wow, it doesn’t sound like you’re trying to justify killing animals by trying to pass it off as a required part of a healthy diet or anything…

    Do some reading, consuming less animals does help the environment. This is basically why on all accredited environmental footprint tests they ask you your diet as well. The average cow consumes about 15 lbs of grain each day. Multiply that by each day of it’s 3 year long life. Then compare that to the 500-600 lbs of meet each cow produces. Clearly we are wasting food in order to sustain this luxury. This unnecessary farming puts a further strain on our environment. Not only that, the ratio of protein from grain to beef is nearly 15:1. There are much better uses for this food, especially when there are about 6 mil orphans in the world who go to sleep hungry every night.

  278. That’s news to me. Last time I checked, we did’nt have fangs. I’ll go home and compare my teeth to my dog, I’m sure their exactly the same.

    Go back to Science class.

  279. Well Carl, your an over-weight, heart-attack prone vagina!

  280. Well, I thought it was funny (and I’m a vegan).

    Don’t read the following if you’re squeamish…..

    We had a TV series in the UK a few years ago, involving a “back to nature” chef going round to people’s houses for dinner. He was invited to a “placenta party” – a couple who’d had a baby a few months ago and wanted to ceremonially eat the placenta after the birth (it’s very nutrititous for the mother apparently which is why animals eat their’s). This placenta had to be frozen as the mother wasn’t well enough to leave hospital for a few weeks, so they defrosted it and the chef made pate and other foodie stuff with it. What really surprised me (although I don’t know why) was that one of their frioends was vegetarian and she was eating the pate “because no animal had suffered”. That’s just one step too far for me to go.

  281. I don’t understand? Is it only that whites are vegans? What if there were no liberal whites in the 1860’s there would still be a black slave trade. I’m surprised that more blacks aren’t inclined to free animals from the slaughterhouses, since no one like to a slave.

  282. They didn’t get colon cancer or have heart disease because their life expectancy was in the 30’s in the stone age. Swaziland has very little heart disease or cancer but I don’t think we’d consider 32.6 year life expectancy something to shoot for.
    Remember the example showing correlation doesn’t mean causation: those who eat fruit loops for breakfast have a lower incidence of colon cancer than those who eat raisin bran for breakfast? Think about and you’ll realize your logic is not in fact logical.

  283. […] I think the concept of a tax holiday is excellent. It’s unfortunate that this holiday will only benefit the ultra-wealthy, while we working stiffs will still have to show up for work. And who drives the biggest, least fuel efficient vehicles on the market? I can tell you it’s not some cowboy in Texas who drives 40 miles to and from work everyday in his F150 (that’s right bitches, a Ford in Texas!), likely at 15-20 miles over the speed limit. Nay, it’s the fat cats, the hippy hugging tree fuckers. […]

  284. White people also like saying,”I used to be a Vegan/Vegetarian”. You’ll meet more former Vegan/Vegetarians than actually practicing ones.

    Also, whites love saying claiming they are Vegetarian when they’re actually not (by nature, the Vegan diet is impossible for them to lie about). I mean, I’ve heard of fish farms, but I don’t think those fish were grown in trees. In fact, I’ve heard more than one say that they eat chicken. Chicken? Are you kidding me? YOU most certainly are NOT a Vegetarian if you eat chicken. If anything YOU’RE a liar. They should just say they don’t eat red meat or pork because that’s what they really mean.

    Besides, Whites are the last people on earth who should adapt a “Vegan/Vegetarian” diet. Not having meat makes them crazy.

    “vegetarians can’t be trusted. Just last week we caught one siphoning gas out of a company truck.” -Hank Hill

  285. As a true monster Iwish all veggies and vegans would devolve to the point of having one eye on each side of their heads . Check out the Serengeti (prey). G.Zilla

  286. What a bung hole thou art. There are millions of people who live where your precious edible plants can’t grow. Hunting,eating grubs,larvae etc. ain’t a option. Try eating locusts or mealworms or what else fills your belly to keep you and your family alive. Pretentious horse’s ass!!!! With love most non white third worlders.

  287. Oh this has made me howl with laughter. What a perfect example of stuff white people like! Lets add a sub-section of this one – “Using a Condescending Tone in Debate” or “Circular Arguments”, or “Being Offensive While Defending the Environment”.


  288. I’m with Mohammed, lets hold a rally or a march or something outdoors to raise awareness about this!

    In fact I think my gay black friend and I will start a NPO for this cause!

  289. Hot vegan Asian chick (who dates white guys and sometimes listens to NPR and likes thrift stores for their lower environmental impact) would like to point out that some of us also refuse to buy fruit from halfway across the world, or even from across the continent. There’s such a thing as trying to be consistent in one’s choices, and I’d rather miss out on delicious food than trash the earth.

    Also would like to point out, though, that I would do it (eat more non-local food) in a heartbeat if I had to, in order to stay vegan. Environmentalism is part of my ethics, but not exploiting other animals is much more important to me.

    Besides which, although buying food harvested by a human laborer might involve economic exploitation, at least a non-human animal has not been bred, confined, tortured, and slaughtered. I’ll do what I can not to support economic or environmental exploitation, but my prime directive is not to support something that by definition requires total, lifelong exploitation.

    (As for the sexual innuendo, ingesting human secretions is totally up to you and your partner. Just be sure it’s consensual. ;))

  290. hmmm. I’d better not lie. I am no longer hot. But I was, for many years. (just had to get that off my chest…)

  291. I think its really dumb i dont eat meat and alll this stuff occurs to me in this article FUNNY THING IS IM BLACK!!!


  293. What do you say to people when they ask you about being a vegetarian. Beacause when most people ask me i dont know what to say !! some times its really embarissing and i hate that feeling.. But im just doing it because meat has alot of fat in it and i dont miss it when i dont eat it…… so why should i continue to eat it??

  294. your a smart ass! if its what people feel like doing then they can do it.. but millions of animals are dying because we are killing them and the ones we dont kill still die because they dont have anything to eat!!!!!!

  295. this site should be called “stuff white liberals like”.

  296. what’s wrong with being a creationist??

  297. on April 25, 2008 at 6:08 am Studebaker Hawk

    I’m a white liberal and I love red meat. I eat it all the time. Medium rare, that’s the best. Personally, I think this site should be called “stuff EVERYBODY likes, but is funny to point out”. I mean marijuana?!?! Come on, what culture/race doesn’t like marijuana?

    Also, I was gravely concerned that “I pooped my pants” guy/girl had somehow not made a post for this item. Imagine my relief to realize he was just very far down the e-mail chain.

    Rock on “I pooped my pants”!

  298. No matter how hard I try I just can’t seem to understand why what I choose to put in MY mouth/body can get some non-vegetarians so riled up. I’m not a vegetarian who tries to convert or ‘educate’ everyone else. I simply made a personal decision, solely based on my own feelings and beliefs. It never even comes up unless someone asks me about it, and even then I don’t ‘preach’ but rather say, it’s a personal decision.

    Yet, there are some people who feel they need to tell me why I am wrong, and evidently get pretty bent that I made this “personal decision.” My own in-laws feel the need to talk about eating meat, and ‘juicy steaks’ every chance they get to try to get a rise out of me.

    It seems to me they doth protest too much.

  299. You sound like an awful human being. If any of my “friends” did that, I would kick their fucking nuts in. Rightous asshole.

  300. on April 29, 2008 at 2:24 pm C.Wright.Thru.U.

    Does the kind of Stuff White People Like include things like
    Truth, Equality, and Justice?


  301. on April 29, 2008 at 5:32 pm not anonymous

    yesssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss. Finaly.

  302. […] of the things white people seem to like have been discussed on this blog: farmer’s markets, veganism, transportation, bottled water, and even evil corporations, just to name a few. Based on this, […]


  304. If god didn’t want us to eat animals, why did he make them out of meat?

  305. Ummm to quote Carol Adams, “If you can’t tell the difference between a cow and a tomato, than you have bigger problems to worry about.”

  306. on May 7, 2008 at 3:55 pm Yeah right

    So, the fate of chickens, ducks, lambs, cows, pigs, and other mammals in slaughterhouses is sad because they are often skinned alive, treated poorly, and so forth. Yet you said you ate fish. Care to explain this choice? Oh, maybe it’s because fish die silently. That makes it okay, right? Because I know you’d much rather die of asphyxiation then of pain shock inflicted by getting skinned alive. It’s the humane way to do things.

    You truly are a kind person who does not wish harm on others. Clearly.

  307. Spider monkeys eat rotten fruit from the top of trees and get inebriated on them. But I tend to agree with you.

  308. Carbohydrates.

    And don’t even try to say the batter they fry chicken in counts.

  309. I’m a vegetarian because I got tired of putting crap in my body. There is literally shit in the meat supply.

  310. Five words that changed my life:

    “There’s shit in the meat.”

    Look up “downer cows” on Youtube sometime.

  311. Wow!

    Non-white third worlders apparently got internet access and learned how to make inane points in blog comments.

  312. Bob, the entire blog is feckless and limp. But you’re spot-on here. Well played!

  313. I’m vegetarian and all, but this comment wins.

  314. Dude seriously.
    Stop wasting so much of your time trying to disprove things people believe in.
    Firstly, veganism, for me, is about choice. I have the option to not eat animal products. I choose not too. I’m not about to hold these ‘african staving children’ that everyone talks so much about accountable for not being vegan. Additionally, even though I am incredibly aware of the statistics about crop raising and grains relating to what is fed to farm animals and who it could be fed to if not animals, I’m not naive enough to believe that all of that cleared land or freed grain would just be sent right over to starving nations.
    There’s a reason that they’re starving, and its not because there isn’t enough grain for them. It’s because there are rules, and our country is all tied up in some bullshit, as usual, which is inhibiting humanity.
    If I was stuck on a desert island, hell I’ve been vegan for years and years and I’m way into animal rights and compassionate consumerism; but my ass is NOT going to just starve to death if there’s like, no vegetation.
    I don’t think any vegan would just DIE instead of eat some grubs or crabs or something. THey’re lying if they say they would too.
    And veganism, in my years of experience, is mostly a prvileged white kid movement (I’m saying MOSTLY not COMPLETELY). But veganism is about awareness. People who are fucking starving aren’t thinking about anything but food. Not what it is or where it comes from. Don’t be so ignorant buddy.
    Why is it that most people who follow a mainstream diet feel the need to fucking alienate people who don’t. In the years I’ve been vegan, all the jobs I’ve worked and people I’ve met, I’ve never been left alone about it. And I am an INCREDIBLY respectful person, I won’t even mention the word vegan a lot because people react so violently to it. Especially when I meet someone new, or start a new job. People get so angry about it immediately.
    Vegans are usually vegan out of love and respect for life. So why would we be so aggressive about it? Doesn’t make sense…….
    There must be like, 10 vegans out there, working really hard to make non vegan/vegetarian people so defensive.
    It’s like there’s this friggin war going on that we have no clue about…………

  315. Well if you ask me vegans are no different than meateaters. Animals are not superior to plants. Plants feel pain too!! I AM A FRUITARIAN, I EAT FRUITS AND NUTS, all of you vegans are murders, cruelty to plant life!!!!!!

  316. Yes, it would be nice if we could be absolutely consistent in our compassion and be able to extend it to all living things. But in order to live, it would be impossible not to kill some bacteria! It’s about doing the least harm, and eating plants is not the same thing as slaughtering a terrified animal. Some people have dietary problems and cannot be vegetarian, but most of us can survive (and would most likely be healthier) without meat, so that it becomes an unnecessary cruelty. Animals who are carnivore can’t make this choice, but we have empathy and reason and compassion at our disposal, as well as the intelligence to find other food sources that are more humane and sustainable. As evidence for the point that eating less meat and more real foods is better for personal health, here is an article by Michael Pollan in the New York Times: http://www.nytimes.com/2007/01/28/magazine/28nutritionism.t.html

  317. Matthew Scully has written critically and eloquently on this topic, and from the perspective of political and religious conservatism, which you don’t often hear. I can’t resist excerpting part of one of his articles, since it’s so relevant to this conversation:

    “A certain moral relativism runs through the arguments of those hostile or indifferent to animal welfare—as if animals can be of value only for our sake, as utility or preference decrees. In practice, this outlook leaves each person to decide for himself when animals rate moral concern. It even allows us to accept or reject such knowable facts about animals as their cognitive and emotional capacities, their conscious experience of pain and happiness.

    Elsewhere in contemporary debates, conservatives meet the foe of moral relativism by pointing out that, like it or not, we are all dealing with the same set of physiological realities and moral truths. We don’t each get to decide the facts of science on a situational basis. We do not each go about bestowing moral value upon things as it pleases us at the moment. Of course, we do not decide moral truth at all: we discern it. Human beings in their moral progress learn to appraise things correctly, using reasoned moral judgment to perceive a prior order not of our devising.”

    “The problem with moral relativism is that it leads to capriciousness and the despotic use of power. And the critical distinction here is not between human obligations and animal rights, but rather between obligations of charity and obligations of justice.

    Active kindness to animals falls into the former category. If you take in strays or help injured wildlife or donate to animal charities, those are fine things to do, but no one says you should be compelled to do them. Refraining from cruelty to animals is a different matter, an obligation of justice not for us each to weigh for ourselves. It is not simply unkind behavior, it is unjust behavior, and the prohibition against it is non-negotiable.”

  318. If I was an animal, I’d eat vegetarians.

  319. I agree, except that India has the highest population of vegetarians in the world. This is probably the stupidest website I have ever seen. Please reinforce more Capitalist bullshit in the name of humor. Whoever made this site is a fucking moron

  320. Could you enlighten me as to how meat is good for your body? Because if Im wrong (and Im not) meat is very difficult on the digestive tract and gives rise to yeast overgrowth due to the destruction of probiotics it causes. Not to mention how completely uneconomical it is. The only thing meat provides in mass quantities is protein, which is not only unnecessary in the fact that we dont fucking use it, but can also be found in a myriad of other foods. And they have the proper fiber to move it through the digestive tract.

  321. on May 20, 2008 at 4:58 am BrightLight

    This is funny, I must be a white person because I love a lot of the items on the list. I’m a vegetarian too. Haha you are describing me….a black person! Why do you hate vegetarians? We aren’t bad and we do not act superior.

  322. I agree

  323. on May 20, 2008 at 9:03 pm None of your business...

    I pride myself on being a member of the species that sits firmly on top of the food chain.

    I like to eat lamb. I hate sheep, especially lambs. Ugly, freaky looking eyes, and they’re about as dumb as turkeys.

    And veal. I despise cows. I like them on a bun only.

  324. hahaha, yah, esp. around the lenten season in the roman catholic calendar. on fridays no one eats “meat”, thus
    they prepare fish for dinner! (wtf? haha)

    this is particularly true in my culture
    (i’m half “caucasian” and ‘hispanic”, but my cultural
    identity is mexican)… when i first became a veggie
    approx. 7 years ago (which was quite a scandal, let me tell you, as i offended everyone at the dinner table, esp.
    the “great aunt” types who’d try to coerce whatever meat dish they’d made on me, even tho i’ve been politely declining -and even bringing my own food or making a veggie something for everyone to share- for years), half the family (save for the gen x & y cousins who are my age) kept not only forcing fish on me, but chicken, aswell! hahahaha

    (and this has happened on both sides of the family!)


  325. Exactly. Thanks Mohammed.

  326. Are you kidding me? What’s RIGHT with being a creationist? I’m sorry, but anyone who believes the Earth is only a few thousand years old is beyond foolish. It saddens me that Creationism is taught in some schools. My best friend growing up attended a private Christian school and she would get kicked out of class for questioning Creationism and inquiring about Evolution. What a sad sad world we live in. =(

  327. I’m interested in learning more about whether or not we were ever meant to consume animal products….that biological anthropology class you took sounds intriguing. Can you recommend any books that you read for that class?

  328. on May 30, 2008 at 8:55 am Laurel Canyon

    Here’s one for you. The grains used to feed the animals we eat could be sent to feed the people in Africa who are starving. Plain and simple, if more people become vegan or vegetarian in America, then this would create changes in policy that could provide these grains (or at least a larger proportion of them) to the people who are starving throughout the world.

    Your eating meat makes you a hypocrite. You are flaunting your privilege by contributing to an incredibly wasteful food practice at the expense of African lives.

  329. Read “The World Peace Diet”. That will give you all the information you need.

  330. Wow, you must be a smash at parties! Do you do mitzvahs?

  331. Come fucking fight me, Carl. Seriously. Come fight me.

  332. on May 31, 2008 at 4:35 pm Aaron wauters

    What kind of unresearched propaganda is being spued on this website?
    The fact are that most of the vegetarian cultures in this world are NON-WHITE!
    Indians, Ethiopians, Rasta’s and many others who suffered from real racism like British colonialism (for India), and Itlalian Facism (for Ethiopia).
    Arrogance is a western trait and if many white vegetarians are snobs it is more a product of Western culture than vegetarinism.
    True Rastas have great respect and reverance for all life and are generaly very kind.
    We could feed so many starving Africans if we used our plains for growing more food instead of slaughtering animals.
    That fact is that Europeans have always loved meat.
    Because they evolved in a cold climate and rarely had access plants.
    They are White, Republican, and even border on racist although they have “friends” of all natioinalities-races.
    They are cooking steack RIGHT NOW!
    Most racists are meat eaters, it is a fact.
    No vegetarians to be found among the Ku Klux Klan!
    I’m not saying that there are not vegetarians with racial predudice.
    I am saying that the meat eating is a doctrine of domination, fear, and yes, a way of survival for uncivilized peoples of all races!
    Many often forget that before King Charlemange conqured and subdued the “Germanic peoples” they were hunter gathers…..YES….THEY WERE NATIVE AMERICANS WITH BLONDE HAIR AND BLUE EYES!!!!
    “Noble savages” they were!
    And life the Native Americans, they ancient Germanics had a great respect and love for the animal kingdom although they sacrificed them for food.
    White people in general have farocious meat eating in they history.
    To say that vegetarianism is “White”, you must define in public, for everyone to see exactly what is “white”.
    Is it a way of life?
    A way of thinking?
    Or is it fact that among all races there are many different types of mindsets, to put intelligence or sheer stupidity under the hat of “white” or any other race is to think in a racist term.
    We must re-evaluate orur thought patterns in this day and age and realize that we are all sharing each others thoughts and that no one thought is of any race but in the individual.
    Dosen’t mean that peoples don’t (in general) have their particular characteristics as I have already pointed out, but thoughts and feelings come in all races and in all colors!

    Many say that “Jews love their kosher meat!”—antisemites are by majority farocious meat eaters, but a few are vegetarians.
    Antisemetic vegetarians fail to see that when a Jew decideds to cut meat from their diet they make outstanding vegetarians.
    I am Jewish (at least on my fathers side)–on my mothers “Italian-Irish-English”–all lovers of meat, and when I did eat meat I liked all the worst stuff, I was for sure a omnivour and loved fruits and vegetables, but I also really devoured meat.
    Now that I’ve been vegetarian for over three years I feel my DNA has ajusted.
    My dad is Jewish on his mothers side and he is a strickt vegetarian, hasen’t comprimized for over 20 years, but when he did eat meat his favorite dish was “lamb”.

    Anyhow I love many meat eaters, they are some of my best and closest friends, vegans in particular tend to get on my nerves; as people they tend to be shmucks.
    My favourite animals have always since my early childhood been cats, meat eaters…..they are just so cool……what can one do but bow before the King of the Jungle.
    I always loved cats I just hate what they do.

    I’m the same way with my freinds and family, I love them but
    I reject their decision.

  333. on June 1, 2008 at 11:21 am LvL ?? Assassin

    I am white.
    And i can’t stand Vegans or vegetarians.

  334. on June 1, 2008 at 10:51 pm Spinach Pie

    Why do you care what your neighbor eats?

  335. on June 1, 2008 at 11:02 pm Spinach Pie

    That’s weird! I’m 5’4″, 125 lbs, and I eat a diet free of animal products. A healthy weight? What? But how can that be! All people ingesting a vegan diet are “malnourished pussies”! I have a deep tan from hours of strenuous bike riding and I have never had more energy. I haven’t been sick once in the past two years. My hair isn’t falling out – in fact, it’s silky, strong, and healthy. My iron level is normal. I don’t take a vitamin or mineral supplement. I get all the necessary nutrients from a varied diet just by doing a little research in the field of nutrition? But that’s impossible! Vegans are fools, tools of PETA propaganda! How dare they learn about their bodies’ needs and satisfy them naturally! The gall! I’ve never seen a PETA video; I’ve never even visited their website. A vegan diet has inspired me to get involved in my food – I’m learning how to cook, I’ve started a garden and it’s flourishing. I know my local farmers (Hidden Star Orchard, what what!) and buy direct from them.
    Mostly importantly, I’m happy. Who are you to tell me how to seek my happiness, if it doesn’t infringe on yours?

  336. on June 1, 2008 at 11:04 pm Spinach Pie

    It’s from all the delicious baked goods we make!

  337. Bob Torres is smart, funny, and by far the sexiest vegan I have ever seen!

    Vegan & loving it!

  338. on June 3, 2008 at 5:38 pm ash.roc.star

    im white, im a vegan. but all my friends who i get my information on, the resteraunts everything… they’re black. :O omg! black vegans! shut up.
    p.s. when u said ‘nothing that has been cooked’ lmao, u do not no anything about veganism so seriously, shut the fuck up and learn ur facts before u think something is just for whites..

  339. on June 3, 2008 at 5:41 pm ash.roc.star

    wow, how ignorant are u? very. do not think u know everything. at least we are helping in some way unlike u.. so stfu. plz

  340. on June 3, 2008 at 5:47 pm ash.roc.star

    well said. well said. 🙂

  341. Why are so many meat-eaters so vicious toward veggies and vegans?

    I am a veggie (used to be vegan but was impossible at the University), and I never once chastised a meat-eater for eating meat.

    Stop bashing us for being compassionate, seriously. I don’t ridicule your choice of diet.

  342. Why the hate?

    What did vegans ever do to you?

  343. They do 😉

  344. Ok, I felt guilty for laughing about that…but it is funny!

  345. Nothing is wrong with being a creationist. People can argue about how old the earth is (I’m not sure…maybe someone who was at the beginning can tell me!) But I for one can say without a shadow of a doubt that there is a God and He created the Earth. The world is too miraculous and wonderous to be an accident.

  346. If you want to know what the “front teeth of carnivores” look like, look at a cat’s teeth. Maybe your teeth look like that, but mine don’t!! And you’re right about the back teeth. They are designed for chewing plants. Our front teeth appear to be designed to tear into an apple, not a zebra.

    Eating meat every day is “extreme”. The only reason we have so much meat available for so many people to eat is because of the intensive and obscenely cruel factory farms which are the only way to produce enough meat for all of these people to eat so much of. There is nothing natural about it.

    Actually our digestive systems are designed for plant foods, not meat, even though we can eat meat if we have to. Our intestines are much much longer than a carnivore’s, and meat sits for days in a human colon and rots. Plants on the other hand are digested within several hours.

  347. Your body uses what you take in to produce its own hormones. Any hormones you get from eating animal products are in excess of what your body needs. The growth hormones in cow’s milk and meat, in particular beef, promote cancer cell growth.

    99+% of the world has never seen or heard of a martial arts champion. Who gives a flip?

  348. Speaking of puss, hope you enjoy that glass of cow’s milk!

  349. Once in a while someone asks “How can you eat veal?,” to which I invariably respond, “What do you mean?” I have yet to hear anyone actually offer an answer to my query.

    Uh, the query was “How can you eat veal?” and you didn’t offer an answer to it.

  350. It’s not a chain if nothing eats you.

  351. Fiber and carbohydrates. In addition to that, it’s not just what nutrition it provides or doesn’t provide, it’s what animal products do to you. People who eat animal products have much higher rates of alzheimer’s, cancer, heart attack, stroke and auto-immune disease than do vegans or vegetarians. Examples of auto-immune disease are arthritis, fibromyalgia and multiple sclerosis.

  352. on June 8, 2008 at 2:45 pm VeganBruiser

    Hey Bob I have been vegan for 5 years and have been training mixed martial arts for about as long at a top training camp. Im in the best shape of my life right now. How much you wanna bet I can inflict my fair share of bruises on “physically stronger meat-eating humans”. My black eyes and bruises don’t occur any more often or last any longer than those I train with who eat meat. Watch before you make an ignorant and generalized statement about the physical capabilities of a vegetarian. Go look up fight videos of a guy named Matt Danzig. He has been vegan for years and has manhandled fighters naturally bigger than him in many fights.

  353. The answer could be a number of things. Like with a fork and a knife or one bite at a time. by asking “what do you mean?” and not getting an answer he is making his point which is stated in the very next sentence. The sentence reads: “If you can’t stand up for your beliefs, then keep them to yourself.”

  354. Assuming you want something anthropological, try “Evolution of the Human Diet: The Known, The Unknown and The Unknowable.” It contains articles from various researchers at the forefront of their field, and should give you some answers, or at least help you figure out the right questions. It’s also fairly recent (2006), which is important because theories are being constantly updated.

  355. You have found the problem with the title. It should be “Stuff Rich Leftists Like”.

    I for one, am enjoying the series. I want the book so that it can be on the coffee table when my wife’s rich leftist friend comes over for crumpets and tea.

  356. Add another item.

    “Stuff Rich Liberals LIke” — Hating Evangelical Christians for having faith and strongly believing in moral imperatives.

    Rich liberals hate Evangelical Christians because Liberals have doubts about themselves and their own beliefs. Anyone that believes in something that is in opposition to the wishy washy Liberal screed, must be EVIL and HYPOCRITICAL.

    Oh the horror that someone would dare challenge the Rich Liberal mind set!!

  357. I agree. All those self righteous vegans really get to me.

  358. You will.

  359. But no disgusting food enters my mouth.

    This is precisely why I don’t eat tofurkey, soylami, or whatever other mess some health food company wants to pass off as ‘food’ this week. Or any slimy, poorly seasoned, poorly cooked vegan trainwreck.

  360. “I like to eat lamb. I hate sheep, especially lambs. Ugly, freaky looking eyes, and they’re about as dumb as turkeys.”

    Hormones and antibiotics too — dumb dumb dumb. Hey, you know what? — a lot of rodents are pretty ugly…dogs…go gobble ’em up! Hell, your veal cows probably do!

  361. im a vegan, and i have alot of BLACK friends that are vegan as well. also, one thing we need to get clear is that WHITE PEOPLE arent the ones that cant let go of race, BLACKS are because everything always goes back to the slave days and “its because im black”. so why dont you change it to “black people will never get over race”. try having a WET “white entertainment television” ha that would never go with don king.

  362. I think the article was also referring to raw food vegan diets as the most extreme level of veganism, rather than assuming that all vegan diets are simply raw food diets as well (which we know is not true).

  363. I’m a veggie too, and I hate it. People look like you’re from a different planet and like you’re a disease when you say you don’t eat meat.

    AND, if this person writing this “article” actually bothered to do any research, they’d find that cow farts and cow and chicken shit is bad for the environment and is a major cause of global warming. Also, if more people were vegetarians, there’d be more food for those starving people all over the world….

  364. lol I meant I hate how people treat vegetarians, not that I hate being a vegetarian.

  365. I don’t understand why white people always bring up the “White Entertainment Channel” thing. It would just be boring as hell, that’s why it doesn’t exist.

  366. remember, its especially (and quite possibly more) acceptable if you adopt a vegan lifestlye for “health reasons” (read: weight loss). this allows said person to continue use of their designer leather handbags, shoes, imported designer silk scarves, etc. without judgement or guilt.

  367. LOL–you are GAY!!!

    YOu are incredibly offended by 90% of these posts arent u? DO you know why? Becaues you personify each and every one — you are a big fake psuedo-intellectual hippie who prides herself on how socially aware you are–that is your identity, huh? You have zero personality, character, sense of humor, legiamite personal opinons on ANYTHING. right? You jsut copy what the other hipsters do and claim it to be your own…

    cow farts and cow and chicken shit is bad for the environment and is a major cause of global warming. Also, if more people were vegetarians, there’d be more food for those starving people all over the world….

    Wow–you are painfully stupid. How the fuck would widespread vegetarianism reduce global starvation? People are starving NOT because there isn’t enough food!!! Leaders use starvation as a means of control, people live in fuckin wastelands with no vegetation!! Again, I really hope you don’t have children. And if you do, please stop talking immediately. Please grow your own opinions and ideas and stop spouting off all this bullshit. ALso, being a vegetarian is just plain pointless unless you have dietary issues–if you are doing it for some greater social cause, you would have to be a vegan and make your own clothes out of wheat–unless you do that you are just a hypocrite–you can’t pick and choose the particular aspects of vegetarianism that enrage you — “Its ok to wear my leather belt and eat eggs from chickens that are horribly abused on chicken farms–because I don’t eat bacon” that is what you sound like.

    Oh yeah, if cow farts cause global warming–wouldn’t non-vegetarians be doing the earth a favor by eating them and getting them and their poisonous gas off this planet? Dumbass.

  368. I’m not a homosexual, sorry. I’m also not a hippie. Nice judgement, though, and nice assumption. It really shows how mature you are when you use the word “gay” as an insult. It shows how intelligent you are when you use a sexual orientation as an insult. I applaud you for your creativity.

    Learn to use your brain and think. Farmers use a HUGE amount of food to feed their livestock. Most food goes to feed animals, food that could be used to feed people. But I guess you’re just so intent on using baseless insults that you forgot to stop and think for a moment. People are starving because there isn’t enough food, yes, because that food is being used to feed livestock.

    I don’t eat meat because I like animals. I don’t like how animals are slaughtered, and nutritionally, we don’t need meat to survive. I don’t like how animals are treated on factory farms, I don’t like how animals are born for the sole purpose to be killed.

    I actually don’t eat eggs, (never have) and am working to eliminate all animal products from my diet.

    “Oh yeah, if cow farts cause global warming–wouldn’t non-vegetarians be doing the earth a favor by eating them and getting them and their poisonous gas off this planet? Dumbass.”

    Stop and think for a moment. The less people eat meat, the less of a demand there will be for it. There won’t be a huge need for meat. If half of all Americans stopped eating meat, then the demand for it would decrease dramatically. The less it’s needed, the less animals will be raised purely for slaughter. And naturally, that would mean that there would be less pollution caused by animals.

    I’m surprised that you’re calling me a “dumbass” when you have failed to use a single aspect of your brain. I hope *you* never reproduce and pass down your hostile attitude.

  369. on July 2, 2008 at 7:05 pm Frankkie Maat

    I agree it would be boring or it could take a funny turn and be entertaining as hell. It could be like watching steve erwin with the crocodiles r.i.p get kanye to host it….I strongly dislike him.

  370. on July 3, 2008 at 12:28 pm GunshotState_FLA

    They have a W.E.T. its called Fuse. Don King does sporting events and no ones heard from him in like 20 years so you coulda at least said Jesse Jackson or Al Sharpton

  371. some people don’t seem to get that ALL the other channels are white entertainment.

  372. I can’t believe this blog even exists. You people (the blog writers, and “pro-white” commenters) are f*cking biased compassionless un-evolved nazis … Animals feel pain. People feel pain. It’s the same pain – except the difference is that humans don’t think it’s okay string other humans up by the leg and slit their throat just so they can slap their leg or back in the oven for a meal … What about cannibalism then, do you think that is okay? Think about it.

  373. dude…its a joke…im a vegetarian and one of the most anti-nazi/white supremacist/racist anything people you know(if you knew me). How can you not see this as a joke? loosen up ok?

  374. […] take it back for the world (no pun intended!). I’m obsessed with vintage wares, I’m a vegetarian, I am working up to running a full marathon, I listen almost exclusively to indie music, and […]

  375. because you are just doing it to feel superior. Deep down inside you secretely want to eat meat.

    I hate how people get all political about veganisim. Its retarded.

    if you really want to reduce consumption, suicide is a great option.

  376. Right on. It’s a satire. Lighten up. It’s okay to not eat meat, feel passionate about it, and laugh. Give it a try.

  377. Wasn’t Hitler a vegetarian?

    Again, as I commented before, this site is a satire. Y’all should lighten up a bit. It’s okay to laugh at yourself. Or others.

  378. I knew this one vegan once who thought that fructarians were the wierdos. She just couldn’t stand being around those people. But I never really understood the vegan thing–if God hadn’t meant for us to eat honey, he wouldn’t have made it taste like… um… Gotta go, my tofu-pups are burning!

  379. Nimrod. I’m here to say that carnivores are the irritating ones. Ten thousand different meatless menu items in the world, and more than a few American restaurants can’t come up with anything but a couple of salads that still need to be special-ordered without the chicken. Hey dummy, guess what–meat grosses out vegans. Perhaps if you simply thought of them as picky eaters, you could get around this sense of entitlement and anger that you feel towards them. Tell me hypothetically, when you eat dinner with a party of cannibals, do you pick the pieces of human flesh off the pizza, or do you politely ask if they have anything else for you to chew on? Oh, but I really do hope that you get the chance to eat a steak with this horrible selfish annoying person who you obviously can’t stand. Really. In fact, I would hope every morsel that you consume, from now until the moment that you draw your last pathetic breath, is in the company of no one but those individuals who have apparently made your life miserable with their inadequate weddings and so on. Go choke on that porterhouse.

  380. Word.

  381. Um… Either the second comment is made by a new vegan, or else it is a directed response to a self-righteous carnivore’s prior comment. I’m guessing that it’s the latter. But you tell me, because I’m not feeling the need to check. And you’ve certainly done nothing to convince me that there’s anything wrong with vegetarianism, but the more comments that I read from douches like you, the less likely I am to hold my tongue the next time some ignoramus demands an explanation for my very personal decision to consume less. Reconciled.

  382. Actually, I’m pretty sure they’re just doing that because you’re so much fun to hassle. You’d be surprised to learn that none of these people are actually genuine vegans, but rather actors who I’ve hired to follow you around and constantly criticize your eating habits. By the way, you aren’t very healthy. It’s because you eat meat. Bwa-hahaha.

  383. “No thanks, I’ll pass. Why not? I’m a picky eater. Don’t mind me, it’s just not to my taste.” Also, “I’m a Seventh Day Adventist, and strictly follow the dietary laws set out in Leviticus and by my church’s founders,” works if the questioning persists, and the person you’re talking to doesn’t know how much Jack you drank before tripping over the bong and passing out last night. Actually, the second response works better, because everyone knows that religious people are much more annoying proselytizers than vegetarians, and most people are much more likely to give a fringe religion a break than they are to let a sister eat her Veggie Whopper in peace.

  384. It’s OK, you can stop crying. It’s good that you’ve finally taken a stand. We’re all extremely interested in what you can and cannot stand. Because, you see, vegans and vegetarians can’t stand you either. Not to put such a fine point on it, no one can stand you, but it is the vegetarian army that will be dispatched to ruin your life with their constant eating of no meat and their avoidance of your favorite fast-food restaurants. Bwa-hahahaha.

  385. White boy:

    I’m vegan and an American of African ancestry, but I am always a bit suspicious of anyone who feels the need to preface a general insult of another race with the phrase “I have alot of [black friends, female friends, gay friends, etc].” An individual can have “alot” of friends from a particular group and still not have a real clue about what those individuals deal with on a day-to-day basis. That individual can also be just as racist as any racist white person who wouldn’t be caught dead socializing with blacks. I’ve seen it this, sadly enough, with some racially mixed couples. Also, keep in mind that your group of black friends are just one group of a people who have had a myriad of experiences in this country and don’t define the expriences of all blacks any more than you and any white friends you may have define the expriences of all whites.

    That said, I find this site insulting, whether it’s a joke or not.

  386. on July 8, 2008 at 7:55 am Product of a white upbringing.


    I agree that real racism exists in people who have friends of other cultures. I was raised in an extremely bigoted family. I have several friends of other ethnicities, but still hear the hateful rhetoric in my head on occasion. It is hard to overcome. I know that I can’t completely understand their, or your experiences. However, I admire your insight and candor, not to mention the fact that you are able to read and comment on something you find insulting without resorting to small-minded insults.

  387. I’m with you…my husband and I picked up this book in the bookstore. We started dying laughing because we said the same thing…How did we get so white?!!! (were black, btw..)

  388. Okay,
    I usually refrain from commenting on boards like this but the two of you have really impressed me with your ability to hide one or two pieces of fact within what sounds like an argument between two 13 year old girls.

    I can see how it might seem, at first glance, that a large chunk of people switching to a vegan/vegetarian diet would free up food for the less productive regions of the planet. However, this doesn’t work. There is not enough arable farm land available on the planet to feed any significant proportion of people on a strictly vegetarian/vegan diet. Non-animal foods simply do not have sufficient calorie density. If half of all meet eaters became vegetarians, many people would starve to death. Their just isn’t enough land to do it. This argument also works for Organics. Farming without fertilizer isn’t productive enough to feed the whole world.
    Also, no food would be freed up for human consumption if there were suddenly a lot less cows to feed. Almost all cattle are raised on commodity corn. This corn is not edible by humans. So, Whitney, even though you managed to be less of an asshole than Jane, and you seem to be trying to make moral choices, you should do a little more research in to your life decisions so you can defend yourself with facts.

    You argue like a mean spirited 10 year old. You also should do a bit of research. Agricultural emissions do, in fact, constitute quite a large fraction of carbon emissions throughout the world. Plus the fact that industrial scale animal production relies on feed corn grown with heavy fertilizer use means that when you eat commercial beef you are pretty much eating petroleum that has been turned into corn and then turned into meat.

    So, there you have it. I have just thrown my opinions out to the internet unsolicited. Vegetarians and Vegans have made a choice that can be either personal, moral, medical, or political. That is their choice to make and there is nothing wrong with it. However, they should realize that no matter how idealistic they may be, it can’t work for the whole world with out a significant reduction in population (i.e. lots of starving people). Omni/Carnivores make an equally respectable decision but should realize that they do carry some responsibility to the environment and the animals they eat. There are ways to do this, only buy from non-industrial sources or local sources where you can verify that the animals are treated as humanely as possible and that they are raised on feed close to their natural diets that doesn’t burn more energy in its production than necessary. These options are still way more expensive than standard industrial agricultural products which sadly means that most people with lower income are denied the choice. Work for change in whatever way you think seems appropriate. Me, I just argue on the interwebs.

  389. on July 8, 2008 at 7:48 pm The white guy with dreads

    I was a vegetarian 2yrs ago then I met this hot chick who liked fast foods ……It was tuff to stay vegetarian but I’m working my way back, I felt better being vegetarian and for a more positive life go too. http://www.revoint.com

  390. Really, some people are such idiots. It’s funny! Even when it hits close to home it’s funny! You have to see the humour in it, we really need to laugh at ourselves more.

  391. thank you so much

  392. Wrong. Wrong. Wrong. We really just don’t want to eat meat. The fact that it’s hit a hot button with you is a sign you feel inferior without anyone’s help. You’re right, Somechick. Suicide is a great option. Why don’t you try it?

  393. I’ve posted something about everything on the list. White liberals are often accused of having no sense of humor, but that’s ridiculous because we make fun of conservatives often enough. I think we just tend to take ourselves too seriously.

  394. What about financial reasons? Have you checked out the cost of meat lately? It’s easily half the cost of a meal.

  395. JKirkland, on a landuse/calorie basis, animal foods only come out on top in a very limited number of circumstances, and that is when the land is not suitable for growing plant foods but is ok for grazing. You can’t say that cows eat corn that people wouldn’t otherwise be able to eat, because if there was no livestock feed market, then the land would be used for growing human food. Besides, not everywhere in the world raises cattle intensively – in Argentina (the world’s biggest producer of beef) and Australia dairy and beef cattle are mostly raised extensively, and use far more land for the amount of food produced than growing plants would. In China and other developing nations, the higher demand for animal foods by the emerging middle classes is putting strain on the availability of arible land, as the same amount of land is being used to produce less food (on a calorific basis).

    – 3rd year Environmental Science student, University of Melbourne

  396. on July 11, 2008 at 8:02 am rod johnson

    youre right, white people do have more respect for life than the other races.

    i have a list.

    things non whites like:

    low iqs
    relying on white people

  397. Woah I’m a black vegan and according to this list I am more white than most white people!! Crazy!! Yea about the whole white entertainment thing what about network tv a majority of it is white entertainment with all white casts and sitcoms. BET came about because at the time VH1 and MTV didn’t play black music videos and catered to a certain crowd so the founder of BET wanted to create a channel where black people could see people that represented them and their culture. If these stations were more inclusive of other cultures they wouldn’t have been a need for BET. I see it as being no different from CMT (isn’t that a white entertainment channel?) or radio stations catering to certain genres of music.

  398. Godwin’s Law.

  399. I’m also a vegetarian, but I had a guy who was a full-on vegan read me the riot act the other day about eating eggs. I mean, if he believes what he believes, fine, but there’s no reason to curse me out and tell me I’m an heartless thief for eating eggs (saying that taking eggs from the hen caused some type of separation anxiety, though not providing anything to back this statement up).

    I think people in general just get up on their high horse a little bit about their lifestyle choices. Good for you, but I’m not doing the same thing.

    A note on eggs: Eggs that you buy in a store aren’t fertilized. They are just balls filled with the building blocks of life: carbons, lipids, proteins, fats, etc. A hen will lay an egg regardless of copulating with a rooster. The closest analog to this in humans is (kind of gross) menstruation. Saying that eating eggs is killing an animal, then, is like saying that a woman is having an abortion each time she gets her period.

  400. I was going to point those same things out. Excellent reply.

  401. Dude, wild turkeys are pretty smart.

  402. I was born with really sharp I-teeth that actually had to be filed down a little bit. Maybe I would have been the mutation that spurred the next phase of our evolution…I just need to find some girl with really sharp teeth too….

  403. Though I cannot in good conscience say that I agree with young-earth creationism, I understand that certain people’s interpretation of their faith leads them to believe it. I don’t think there is anything wrong with that.

    If I ever had children I probably wouldn’t put them in a school that supported that theory because I think it is scientifically unsound, but I would also teach them that sometimes people believe different things for different reasons, and that there is never cause for disrespect of others’ faith choices.

  404. Yes, but shit is a large component of soil, as well. Most of the O horizon of soils (in which plants begin their life cycle) is decomposing litter and duff (decomposition occurs when microorganisms consume and subsequently shit). It’s hard to get away from shit.

  405. I’m a firefighter, and you should see how offended new guys in the fire house get by my neglect of steaks and burgers, despite the fact that I have never once talked about being a vegetarian in the dorm.

  406. No, I don’t beleive I’ve met anyone who does it to feel superior, they do it to try to make a decision.

    I don’t feel superior, because once that was me, eating meat etc, so what do I have to feel superior about? I was like that. That’s why I don’t hate on meat eaters, its just silly.

    I don’t eat meat, and I hate meat substitutes. I don’t want to eat meat, you just would like to beleive that to justify your actions.

    One day you’ll have to accept that it is just bog standard common sense to be a vegetarian. That’s why you have to construct straw-man arguments about the suffering of cabbages or bullshit like that.

  407. Why are you made out of meat?

  408. Have to agree with Louise here. My step-grandmother has been vegetarian for most of her life- by choice. She never once complained about cooking meat for the rest of us during family get-togethers and holidays. Just recently, my grandfather was diagnosed with melanoma from a spot he found on his head. He decided to try a homeopathic diet instead of chemo & radiation. He doesn’t eat any meat at all, no sugar, and over 3/4 of his vegetables must be consumed raw. The video he shared with the family on his diet says that vegetables are not to be heated over 107 degrees F, or they lose valuable nutrients his body will need to fight off the cancer. He also juices most of his veggies, but for him, that means keeping as much of the vegetable in the juice as possible. (He says it tastes nasty.)
    Maybe you should try getting *your* facts straight.

  409. on July 15, 2008 at 6:49 am Better than you

    I have severe food allergies that cause me to eat a vegan diet. This blog has empowered me and changed my life. For years I have felt like an outcast, and have been subjected to ridicule by my meat and dairy eating friends. Now I can see things in a different light, knowing that I am better than they are. My new found status as an elitist has changed my life. I now have better posture, make eye contact while speaking, and know for a fact that “my shit don’t stink”! All these years I have wished to be like other people, and now I realize that they were all wishing that they could be like me! Thanks SWPL!

  410. You’ve left out the people who claim they became a vegetarian/vegan after some traumatic event in childhood that left them forever sympathetic to these animals and unable to even smell/look at/think about consuming. i.e, “I had become very close to the cow on my grandfather’s farm until one day he announced poor Bessie was the roast on the kitchen table. Sob!”

  411. Even worse are the people who are on soy diets and claim that soy is healthy. People can be such jokers…

  412. so…I’m a pescetarian…I’m definitely NOT liberal…but I like watermelon and rice…hmmmm. I wonder what race that makes me…???

  413. I guess it makes you of the human race. I know my people like watermelon and rice also. Not together, though.

    Prevent vetetable suffering. Veges have feelings too. I’ve heard their pleading and screams on tape. God and nature gave us cows to milk, make butter and cheese, and venison to eat and so I don’t waste their hides, I wear their skins for shoes and gloves. Pigskins make great footballs.

  414. Other stuff white people like, reusable grocery bags for their organic food.


  415. I’m vegan because I spent so much money on my fixie, g-star cores, tattoo sleeve, and ray-bans. If I eat any type of animal product then I will have spent all of this money in vain?…..

  416. Ok you say all that… Kumbaya stuff.. but let’s see you give up your Chicken Kiev or Brisket with pork drippings!!!!
    Uh huh.. I thought so….
    You sound like another meat-eating wannabe vegetarian liberal !

  417. Ok, so car farts, chicken shit etc give off gases that pollute the enviroment. Ok, then so what are we suppose to do with these animals??? You don’t want people to eat them. SO, then what? We just prevent the existing animals to give birth to more chickens, cows etc then have those species die out? THat doesn’t sound compassionate to me either.

    I think how the animals are cared for and handled is wrong. BUt I think people have every right to eat meat free from drugs and disease. I can’t think of any other purpose for a cow, pig or chicken. Wether we eat them or not there polluting the enviroment.

    How about eating less meat, blowing up all fast food chains and restaraunts. Make people hunt and care for there own animals for food for one thing. THen oh yeah, DRIVE LESS, USE LESS ENERGY, STOP HAVING SO MANY FUCKING HUMAN BABIES. That might be contributing slightly to the polluntion of the planet.

  418. on July 28, 2008 at 9:47 am European American (aka white guy)

    Vegetarians can be hard to deal with. But I think I have a plan that’ll stick it to them in their soy holes: You see most of the animals we eat are stupid herd following vegetable eaters, much like human vegetarians. Our pets (dogs and cats) are carnivores and co exist with us because we can provide them with scraps of meat. Sorry, rabbits and shit like that aren’t pets. They’re either food for us or some other animal.

    Anyway, we should just start turning vegetarians into food. Since they are so susceptable to blindly following dietary restrictions we should be able to herd them into enclosures where they can roam free until slaughtering time comes around. Before you know it you’ll start seeing restaurant menus with free range vegan douchebag served with a delightful anarcho-hipster reduction.

  419. Too bad you’re an idiot. As a white person, republican, and a vegetarian, I can say that the only people who enjoy eating meat (in my eyes) are overweight, fat, heartless slobs who ignore the mounting evidence that suggests that meat production is not only extremely inhumane, but unhealthy as well. Ask any vegetarian to eat a whole slab of beef, and you’ll find that after it is digested, they will be sick for hours. Now try doing that to someone who never eats vegetables. They won’t get sick, because the body naturally can digest fruits and veggies easily, while meat doesn’t properly break down in the body, resulting in intestinal problems. Why don’t you listen to Einstein, DaVinci, Muhammad Gandhi, Saint David, Pythagoreous, Abraham Lincoln, and Plato (among many others) and try vegetarianism. Oh, and by the way, dogs and cats are HERBIVORES, not carnivores.

  420. […] 1.8.2008.  Humoristinen Stuff White People Like -blogi kiteyttää valkoisten ihmisten (tai pikemminkin valkoisten boheemiporvarien) ahdingon: […]

  421. on August 1, 2008 at 1:15 pm The Dealbreaker

    You are the biggest douche on here. The reason the vegetarian would get sick eatting an whole slab of beef, is because they ate a whole fucking slab of beef. Cats are in fact carnivores, while doges are omnivores (like people, cool!). So, it’s inhumane for a person to kill an animal to eat, but when my cat plays around with a mouse before it slices its guts open eating the mouse alive it’s just ‘natural’. Oh, and if you’re into stereotypes, might as well throw it out there: vegans look like AIDS patients – not like Majic Johnson, but the Auschwitz-skinny kind.

    And who the hell is Muhammad Gandhi?

  422. For somone in your position i would find it quite understandable to be on a vegan diet, the people who make fun of you were ass holes. Though your thought that you think you’re better than some one sickens me. Honestly, this isn’t nazi Germany; this is America, you know the place where most people try their hardest to not be prejuduce. Any one can stand up staight, make eye contact, and EVERYBODY’S shit stinks.

  423. Oh, no, what a horrible trauma for a child. I’ve been a vegan for more than 20 years because of the suffering that non-human animals go through when raised for food. I wouldn’t put a piece of dead cow, chicken, etc. in my mouth to placate ANYBODY’S cultural beliefs. Institutionalized cruelty is not a reason to do anything.

  424. on August 3, 2008 at 5:24 pm half.white.all.american

    You are both kind of wrong

    1. Every educated person should know who Gandhi is (enless you were just being sarcastic)

    2. Meat-eating people are not all overweight
    You need protein in your diet BESIDES soy
    Look at the cancer research done on people who eat soy in large amounts on a daily basis

    3. There is nothing wrong with being a vegetarian/vegan. It’s a hard thing to do so I applaud your ability to resist meat.

    I do think that some people are vegetarians because they consider it hip or the latest diet trend BUT I also don’t agree with how animals are treated in slaughterhouses, etc

    tough battle

    As a Christian I have that whole “God put animals on this earth for us” to eat and to have as companions BUT I don’t think he intended for us to torture them in inhumane ways or massively slaughter species to extinction/endangerment

  425. To the dealbreaker:
    Like the person before said, you have to be a complete idiot to not know who Gandhi is…

    Also, I wasn’t talking about the whole slab of beef. Eating any meet after being vegetarian for a while will get you sick. You wouldn’t know that, because obviously you aren’t one, but it’s true.

    Yes, I know cats are carnivores; good for them. Humans are not. Also, humans knowingly make animals suffer horribly before eating them. It’s not like we go and hunt them down like a cat would, taking them down with our claws an teeth. No, we break their legs, deprive them of food and water, and transport them in extreme temperatures for days and days in cramped trucks.

    Also, yes, vegans tend to look very malnourished. I’m not vegan, and not once in my previous post did I mention that I am for veganism. I think everyone should include fish in their diet to be healthy.

    To Half.of.all.white.America

    While I appreciate some of your comments, I thought I would point out a few misconceptions you’ve stated in your post.

    First of all, soy protein is the best you can have. Every doctor I’ve spoken with has admitted that the sulfur in meat actually takes away calcium in the body, contributing to bone problems later in life.

    According to the New York Times, “Americans consume about twice the recommended amount of protein, and there is nothing healthy about that. A high-protein intake, especially a high intake of animal protein, is linked with loss of calcium from the body. Our love affair with protein may be increasing our risk of osteoporosis.”

    Soy is also naturally cholesterol free, unlike meat.

    About soy causing cancer- may scientists are debating whether any of the findings are true. Scientists come out with claims like these all the time (like saying that lipstick is bad for you, which is a myth, and other things like that).

    Health Journal says this about the cancer debate: “What about cancer and soy? There is a lot of mixed information, so it’s too early to say for sure. Since soy is a weak estrogen, it is NOT recommended for breast cancer survivors.. Theoretically, a weak estrogen might be helpful to offset menopausal symptoms, like night-sweats, but the data are inconclusive; some people think it works, but the studies do not conclusively support it. On the other hand, there are some studies suggesting that soy can contribute to the prevention of colon and prostate cancer. Again, too early to tell.”

    Snopes.com says, “Research data, however, is far from conclusive. Some studies show just the opposite: soy may help prevent breast cancer”

    Finally, why is it so wrong that people are going vegetarian because they think it’s the latest trend? The same thing could be said for adopting children from third-world countries, trying to save Tibet, an getting involved with the save Darfur campaign; all are current fads, but they all promote something wonderful.

    I’ve been a vegetarian my whole life, so I wasn’t interested in it’s trendy status, but I don’t dislike those who do it for that reason.

    My Sources:

  426. And one more thing before I leave, Saint David (as I mentioned in my first post) was a vegetarian. He was also a Christian. Many people also believe Jesus may have had a primarily vegetarian diet. So just because a section in the Bible may claim that we were meant to eat animals, there are a lot of other things in the Bible that disagree with that statement.

  427. on August 4, 2008 at 1:33 pm The Dealbreaker

    My point was Muhammad Gandhi is not the right term – it’s Mahatma Gandhi.

  428. You forgot Adolph Hitler. He was a confirmed Vegan.

  429. Mohandas Ghandi, started his pissy career in South Africa, in the early 20th, gripping to the SA government that the Indians were being classified as Blacks. He reminded the officials, that the Indians, were in fact, better than than the garden variety Bantu, and should be given a better status.

    Ghandi would not cut in the white people world. However, it would be interesting his current stock of followers takeup hunger strikes, when things did not go their way.

  430. Hitler was not a confirmed vegan. That’s a common misconception too. He started eating a mainly (not even fully) vegetarian diet in the last few years of his life because he had gastric problems. It wasn’t based on a morals at all and I have no idea where you got the idea that he was vegan.

    Also, in my first post, I said cats and dogs are herbivores. What I meant to say was omnivores… obviously lol.

    Hitler not a vegetarian sources:

  431. Actually, his real name was Mohandas Gandhi. The term Mahatma, meaning “a great soul”, was given to him as an honorary name. Mohammad, Mahatma, Mohandas can all be used.


  432. on August 5, 2008 at 4:29 am James Osterhage

    1) While according to the National Institute of Health’s definition I am overweight (having a BMI of greater than 20) I am not Over-Fat (Body-fat content is a far better yard-stick for over-all health than body-weight).
    2) As a human, I naturally like meat.
    3) I really don’t care how non-human animals are treated. To put it bluntly, Cows are stupid animals that would probably have been hunted to extinction by other natural predators if humans didn’t think they were tasty.
    4) Actually, dogs and cats ARE carnivores. Hence the enlarged Canine teeth, the purpose of which is ripping and tearing FLESH from ANIMALS (the same reason we, that is to say, humans, have canine teeth)

  433. all you guys are fucking retarded and should go stick something up your asses.

  434. on August 5, 2008 at 6:24 am James Osterhage

    Correction: My BMI is over 25 (It’s actually around 28, which means that I’m damn near obese according to NIH standards).

  435. on August 5, 2008 at 9:55 am Michael the Psycho

    You miss, have just wasted you daddy and mommy’s hard-earned money in college because obviously you didn’t learn any common fucking sense. Just by seeing you say cats and dogs are herbivores is enough evidence to say that you are another dumb bitch who probably spent to much time sucking donkey testicles. If you even had the sense to say omnivores, maybe I would’ve let it slide but no, your skull obviously hit the headboard too many fucking times. I personally support vegetarianism not for the atrocious political or environmental reasons but simply for the fact that people who consume only vegetables will more often than not have no body odor whatsoever. Too bad I can’t extend my understanding for you. I feel so sorry for you =)

  436. on August 5, 2008 at 9:58 am Michael the Psycho

    I retract my previous statement but making such a mistake whilst trying to seem intelligent is just unacceptable. If you’re going to be right, be right.

  437. Actually, if you don’t eat many fruits and vegetables and then commence to eat them in large quantities, you can get sick, it happened to my father actually, he had to take a trip to the hospital where it was explained to him. Quite pathetic that it happened, but yeah. So that’s just one more thing you’re wrong about.

  438. Wild dogs like wolves, coyotes, etc. are carnivores. Domesticated dogs are omnivores. They eat grass to soothe their stomaches, and have no problem digesting vegetables. Cats however remain carnivorous even after domestication. They do not digest vegetables well, but cat food contains veggies because it is less expensive then meat.

    And almost all dentists agree that humans teeth more closely resemble a cow’s teeth (an herbivore) than a lions (carnivore). There is no way you can tell me that human could take down a zebra (for example) with our nails and teeth. We don’t have the dental structure to do so. Also, our intestines are long and complex. Every other carnivore on this earth has short intestines. Meat stays in our bodies for a long time, while carnivores can digest meat very quickly.

    Also, carnivores can only move their teeth up and down. They do not need to grind plants down, so they have no need to move their jaws side to side. Humans however, can move their teeth up and down and side to side, as can herbivores.

    I’m not saying we’re herbivores; I eat fish. But there’s no way you can say that we’re more similar to carnivores than herbivores.

    Take time to read the second source- the facts could surprise you.


  439. Yes, you must be a psycho if you think it’s acceptable to go off on a rant like that without reading everything. Obviously I mis-spoke in my first post. I know dogs and cats aren’t herbivores. Everyone makes mistakes, and it doesn’t make me any less intelligent for doing so. But yes, I should have re-read more carefully before posting, and I’ve learned my lesson.

  440. I’m sorry for what happened to your dad, but vegetarians will get sick from eating ANY meat. Of course, anything eaten in grossly large quantities has the potential to make one sick, but eating a normal amount of veggies and fruit after abstaining for a while won’t harm your system.

  441. personally, i find your comment rather insulting. i’m a vegetarian myself, but your statement “I can say that the only people who enjoy eating meat (in my eyes) are overweight, fat, heartless slobs,” is completely idiotic. I know a total of three vegetarians. The rest of the people in my life do enjoy eating meat. Sure, not all of them are thin- but plenty of them are. They also do obtain a heart and are very tidy. I understand that you think eating meat is wrong, but to say that everyone who does is an overweight slob is not only inaccurate, but very snobbish.

  442. Bullshit. I’ve been vegetarian for over two years now and I ate duck this weekend. No stomach ache, no nothing.

  443. did you seriously just call dogs and cats herbivores?

  444. stuff white people like: arguing on internet blogs/forums

  445. Either you’ve been sneaking meat within those two years, or you aren’t really a vegetarian. Most vegetarians experience sickness after eating even a small amount of meat.

    For more info, go to this site and see how many vegetarians claim sickness after eating meat:


  446. If you didn’t notice, I said (in my eyes). Of course this is a stereotype, just like the one used by The Dealbreaker a few posts down (that vegans look like AIDS patients).

    But I don’t see you calling him ‘snobbish’. Believe me, my entire life I’ve had to deal with kids and adults alike, criticizing me for being a vegetarian. I’m sick and tired of people telling me it’s unnatural and unhealthy.

    So sometimes I want to get politically incorrect as well. Alas, I know not all meat-eaters are overweight and such.

  447. Um, wow, I corrected myself in my other posts. I obviously meant to say omnivores, not herbivores. Even though, now I know cats are innately carnivores, they do eat plants in their cat food, making them artificial omnivores.

  448. Saint David is one person you’ve mentioned. Jesus is another, albeit “believe” and “primarily” greatly undermine that example. Where are all of these myriad examples you’re referencing? If you’re going to get technical and begin referencing things like Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego, allow me to say that the Bible also says to be temperate in all things. I’ve read it several times, and I’ve never seen a reference to the virtues of strict vegetarianism (please, correct me if I’m wrong) or a manifesto on the evils of consuming animals. In addition, allow me to say that the Hebrew priests ate the sacrifices they offered (bulls, goats, you name it), as was commanded of them. For extra points, read about the enormous burnt offering given by Solomon (may have been David, but pretty sure it’s Solomon). *bows* Thank you. I think we’re done here.

  449. You’re absolutely correct. It’s like crack to us.


    Internet arguing attracts mainly idiots and nerds (unless you’re sucked in by something particularly stupid. See above argument) with few and far in between.

  450. I refer to arguing specifically. I’ve no desire to rouse the ire of the everyday casual poster, and I bear them no ill will or scorn.

  451. Excuse me Liz, but its Mohandas Gandhi and not Muhammad Gandhi.

    I would appreciate if this is corrected right away.

  452. on August 6, 2008 at 3:02 pm chapizzzzzzzzz

    i guess they like cursing a lot too

  453. Jebus, are you for real? Why don’t you be a good little “roc.star” and visit the wrath of your tweeny ‘net abbreviatioons on a YouTube commenting board? “Gee whiz, ash, I have no I idea, how ignorant IS he? Very ignorant? Tsk tsk, that’s awfully ignorant!” Veganism, like the environmentally conscious fad the nation is going through, is a construct of poorly thought out ideas and faulty logic (unless you don’t care for meat, are protesting treatment of animals by KFC, that sort of thing and etc.) Reducing carbon emissions by not keeping grazing animals? A single volcano’s constant emitting of gases does more ‘damage’ to the environment, though we should all be dead right now if this damage actually manifested itself and wasn’t the product of Al Gore mania. Electric cars? Fossil fuel based power plants provide over 60% of our electricity. Green low-energy fluorescent lightbulbs? They come complete with environmentally friendly mercury fillings and you should evacuate your home if you break one. I’m an engineering student and I’m all for efficiency and avoiding harm to the environment for no reason. What galls me is the hypocrisy that exists in believing that the easy, quick fixes currently employed are superior to the alternatives. Hydrogen fuel cells, solar farms, and LED technology for lighting? I’m all for it. However, please spare us all the party line and keep your little ego boosts to yourself.

    Sorry about that, all. The Internet brings out the worst in me. See below comic for an explanation.


  454. my partner and i are very strict vegetarians and when he has his meat week (one week in may) he is fine, but if he eats cheese or heavy cream, he gets sick, sick, sick. on the other hand, if i eat meat, i can’t pooh for a week.

  455. “As a human, I naturally like meat.”
    This seems a little too compulsory. I have never cared for meat and quite eating most meats at the age of 8 because it grossed me out. I was raised to eat meat, more specifically, I was socialized to eat meat because I grew up in a family that raised their own.
    What else are you so compulsory about? Because women are female, they naturally shave their legs? Give me a break!

  456. excuse me, quit, not quite
    As a human, I naturally make mistakes.

  457. there are other ways to get protein than soy. what about other legumes, quinoa, whole wheat, and brown rice?

  458. gay as in happy or gay as in same-gender loving? either way, you’re making a negative out of something that is way too good.

  459. HeatherEbba is exactly right. As Harvey Diamond once said:

    “You put a baby in a crib with an apple and a rabbit. If it eats the rabbit and plays with the apple, I’ll buy you a new car.”

  460. Okay barrinmb, you need to brush up on your biblical knowledge.
    As if I haven’t sited my sources enough, I guess I will have to get technical with you. If you do actually read the bible, I suppose you could look this up yourself, but here are some passages supporting compassion toward animals and vegetarianism.

    Matthew 12:10-12
    “And a man was there with a withered hand. And they asked him, “Is it lawful to heal on the Sabbath?”—so that they might accuse him. 11He said to them, “Which one of you who has a sheep, if it falls into a pit on the Sabbath, will not take hold of it and lift it out? Of how much more value is a man than a sheep! So it is lawful to do good on the Sabbath”

    St. Augustine once said that Christians who “abstain both from flesh and from wine” are “without number” (On the Morals of the Catholic Church 33)

    ‘Eusebius says that James the brother of Jesus was a vegetarian, and in fact was evidently raised as a vegetarian (Ecclesiastical History 2.23). Why would Jesus’ parents have raised James as a vegetarian, unless they were vegetarian themselves and raised Jesus as a vegetarian as well?’

    Other famous early Christians who were vegetarian, based on statements made by them or about them, included Origen, Clement of Alexandria, Basil the Great, John Chrysostom, Arnobius, Tertullian, and Jerome.

    In fact, before Saint Paul began preaching, it was necessary for all Christians to become vegetarian. Correct me if I’m wrong, but didn’t Jesus start Christianity?

    Compassionatespirit.com says, “Jesus was a prophet who was loyal to the law; but upon examining the Jewish law, Jesus reached radical conclusions. The Jewish Christians therefore believed in simple living, pacifism, and vegetarianism.”

    Now Barrinmb, if you knew your Christian History, you’d understand that there were (and still are) many sects of Christianity. Therefore, to claim that all Christian Priests sacrificed animals, would be incorrect. If you had done any research, you would understand that Jewish Christians did not sacrifice animals at all.

    Jesus says (Matthew 9:13 and 12:7), “I require mercy, not sacrifice,”


    “I have come to abolish the sacrifices, and if you cease not from sacrificing, my wrath will not cease from you” (Panarion 30.16.5).

    If you have ever read the Bible, you should remember this instance, in which Jesus overturns the tables in the temple where men would sell sacraficial animals:

    And Jesus entered the temple of God and drove out all who sold and bought in the temple, and he overturned the tables of the moneychangers and the seats of those who sold pigeons. He said to them, “It is written: ‘my house shall be a house of prayer,’ but you make it a den of robbers.” (Matthew 21:12-13; parallels at Mark 11:15-17, Luke 19:45-46, John 2:13-17)

    Who were the ones who bought and sold in the temple, and why were they selling pigeons? The animals which are being sold are sacrificial animals, and it is these dealers in animals whom Jesus is angry with. The primary practical effect of this confrontation was to disrupt the animal sacrifice business — chasing out the animals to be sacrificed, or those who were selling them to be sacrificed.

    So Barrinmb, are those enough examples for you? If not, I have a whole list of others waiting. Do not try to argue with someone who is also a Christian, and has also read the Bible many times. Thank you, I think we are really done here.

    Most quotes from: http://www.compassionatespirit.com/was_jesus_a_vegetarian.htm

  461. Bwaaha, who knows which is right. At boarding school, we called him Mohammed Gandhi. But I think it’s because some people pronounce his name with an accent…

    And I think he has been referred to as Mohammad in a few different books…can’t think of any off the top of my head.

    But idk, don’t listen to me 😀

  462. Haha, dude! YOU were pwned!! (see above argument)

    I like it when stupid people get owned. Especially when it involves Bible passages.

  463. on August 7, 2008 at 9:28 pm unitetoprogress

    haha, blindly following dietary restrictions? says the meat eater who knows nothing more than to blindly consume. also, being anarcho and being a hipster have nothing in common, looks like its back to community college with you. ah, you were trying to be funny. the article was, you are not. bummer

  464. Your retarded know-it-all attitude is annoying, barrinmb… even to me, a non vegetarian. I bet you worship Satan…

  465. And one more thing, you misused the word myraid.

    You basically said, ‘where are all these large number examples you’re referencing.’


  466. Nah, they just like being offended, #101

  467. So you thought that by telling meat-eaters that they’re diet is unnatural and unheathly, the two wrongs would make everything right?

  468. Well yes, because, meat is unnatural…especially meat nowadays.

    If you don’t know that a plethora of hormones are being ejected into your meat, then you must be ignorant.

    Plus, it’s uncontrolled. No one says how many or what kinds of hormones can be allowed in the animals.

    In fact, U.S. beef is so unnatural and unhealthy, it’s banned in Europe.


  469. Why don’t you listen to everybody else, apart from those mentioned, and you’ll see eating meat is the way to be =).

    Christ, it’s a self-ironic website, aiming to tease and delight us, the white people, because more then anything that’s been said (as far as I’ve read), we like to be bashed, we like to feel guilty.

  470. You’re trying to sound too smart for your own good. ‘I bear them no ill will or scorn’ is basically a repetitive statement. Ill will and scorn are basically the same thing.

    And you basically do crack.

  471. you’re a retard

  472. isn’t it Mahatma Ghandi?

  473. Ummm Mohammed is a Muslim name. Gandhi was NOT a Muslim LOL. Mohandas/Mahatma.

  474. He wasnt pwned. The above argument by Liz was acinine. It was the equivalent of taking the parable of the prodigal son and saying that Jesus said moving to another country was a sin. For those who dont know the parable, the son take the inheritance and goes to another land and spends it on hos and beer. In addition, that parable also says they kill a lamb for him when he comes home.

    Simple truth is humans are omnivores. If you want to only eat veggies thats cool and I applaud it. I honestly believe myself to have been raised into eating way too much meat (something I am trying to correct), however, it does not mean that those who eat meat are wrong.

  475. Well…

    What you said made NO sense whatsoever.

    Not only did you spell asinine wrong, but you clearly have
    no intelligence if you think that’s what the parable is.

    God, at least have the brains to wikipedia it before you write about anything that’s obviously above your level of comprehension. Liz sited actual passages from the bible, as well as other respected documents, yet you site nothing whatsoever.

    If you can give me proof that her argument was equivalent to whatever bullcrap analogy you used, then I may have some respect for you.

    The point is, Jesus didn’t say that moving to another country was a sin. He did say that sacrificing animals was a sin. I think that pretty much ‘pawns’ Barrinmb and your argument.

    And man, I’m not even vegetarian! I just don’t like asinine people XD

  476. Did you just ask who is Ghandi????
    You have got to be kidding me.

    Oh yeah, you are a dumbass. Vegans and vegetarians don’t look like AIDS patients. How about Carl Lewis-Olympic Gold Medalist-VEGETARIAN. Does he look like an AIDS patient.

    And comparing humans to cats, ummm sorry, not the same!!!

  477. A coworker found out I was a vegetarian recently and had to ask me “what else do you eat besides vegtetables?”
    Good God Almighty help me please!
    This is the ignorance we vegetarians have to deal with. If don’t know anything about vegetarians then don’t be so stupidly judgmental. You make yourself look like an uneducated dumbass who just likes to argue.
    Why do people eat meat? Don’t give me that generic “it’s my God given right” bullshit or that other generic ass answer “humans were meant to eat meat, duh”

  478. Exactly! While vegetarians can site numerous scientific reasons why humans are made to not eat meat (see my posts below for some), I’ve never actually heard a meat-eater give any.

    They usually use reasons that are overused and really have no scientific backing. For instance, people are always using our two ‘canine’ teeth (if you can even call them that) as justification for the consumption of meat. They say that those teeth are meant to tear into flesh, and so forth.

    What they fail to see is that every other carnivore’s incisors are either much longer, or much sharper. Our teeth look much more like a cows, than a tigers.

    Our whole digestive system is almost identical to herbivores for god sake. Look it up.

  479. “Exactly! While vegetarians can site numerous scientific reasons why humans are made to not eat meat (see my posts below for some), I’ve never actually heard a meat-eater give any.”

    Because bacon tastes good, retard.

  480. Thanks for proving my point mark.

  481. “Oh, and by the way, dogs and cats are HERBIVORES, not carnivores.”

    Canines are omnivores, and Felines are obligate carnivores. This is why we try not to argue science with people like you; because you use bad pseudo science to make your point. I hope to god you don’t own any animals, especially cats.

  482. Skinny white vegan girls smell bad

  483. > Our whole digestive system is almost identical to herbivores for god sake.

    Oh yes.
    We’re all have a rumen, reticulum and psalterium.

  484. on August 21, 2008 at 8:56 am Singh is King

    We should distinguish between white vegetarianism and vegetarianism from other cultures. White vegetarianism is a particulary virulent and bizare cult of Protestant self-denial and flagellation, Jonathan Meades gives the best dissection of it

  485. “Because bacon tastes good, retard.”

    And you will die a slow, lonely bacon-ridden death. Retard.

  486. on August 22, 2008 at 1:44 am General E. Insane

    Interestingly, Indian vegetarians never worry about nutrition or getting enough protein, do they? Yet so long as they aren’t poor, they do.

    Watched the video, and that guy is a freak, he has some serious hatred based on what people choose to eat! Where does this come from? A guilt complex combined with a hatred for those who haven’t bought into said complex?

    I don’t know why he hates the fascist vegetarians, because they’re just like him!

  487. You can walk into the lion cage and change that for me, will you? You mean, if its not infinite it’s not a chain?

  488. on August 22, 2008 at 11:30 am Singh is King

    I don’t think Indian veggies really think about protein – they are too busy dogging diabeties or rather getting diabetes and then trying to figure how to stop eating all those delicious sweets which gave them the condition in the first place. Seriously the level of diabetes amongst Indians living in the developed world is insane.

    ‘…he has some serious hatred based on what people choose to eat!’

    Funny that because most meaters have felt the wrath of veggies towards them as people because of what they choose to eat.

  489. It is not how well you are when you die. It is how much you enjoyed your life.

    Besides, Hitler was a vegetarian. Avoiding meat didn’t help his disposition much, did it?

  490. Um, for the record, I am white and would rather shoot myself than become a vegetarian.

  491. on August 28, 2008 at 2:59 pm Singh is King

    Vegetarians keep banging on about how “meat is murder” but my question is, what’s so wrong with murder?

  492. Uhm, hello, I already dispelled that rumor in a previous post. If you had the brains to research, you wouldn’t be making yourself sound incredibly stupid.

  493. Have you been to college?

    Our intestines are closer in length to herbivores than carnivores.

    Our stomach acids can’t even compare to carnivores. We have weak stomach acid, much like herbivores. (Carnivores=PH 1, herbivores and humans=PH 5

    Carnivores make vitamin C internally, unlike humans, and herbivores.

    Carnivores can only move their jaws up and down, unlike humans and herbivores that can move them up, down, and side to side.

    We have broad teeth like herbivores. Look at a carnivores teeth: they’re all short and pointy.


  494. Can you read? I’ve corrected myself about three times already. I didn’t mean to say herbivore, obviously! I just didn’t read over my writing before I posted.

  495. Whoops, no wonder everyone has been freaking out about the Mohammad Gandhi thing. I actually wrote Mohatma (I didn’t know it was spelled Mahatma), but my auto spell-checker changed it to Mohammad…. weird…

    I didn’t know what you guys were talking about till I re-read my post. I should really re-read my posts before I click, add comment 😀

  496. …doctors recommend a low meat, if not vegetarian diet for those with a high risk for developing diabetes…

    And by the way, my whole life people have dogged me for being vegetarian. I’ve never criticized someone for eating meat, unless they criticize my dietary choices first. THEN they feel my wrath.

  497. Pamela Anderson is a vegan (or vegetarian, I can’t remember which), and I think she probably smells real good ;D

  498. Why don’t vegan/vegetarian go and check monkeys out?

    What do they eat? Hmm….

    They eat meat…fruits….veggies…..and OTHER MONKEYS.
    (I saw it on discovery channel, they DO eat other monkeys…just like some people)

    What about ice-age? How could those cavemen grow plants on ice? Yup…they have to eat MEAT to survives.

    we need herbivores teeth to kill animal? Um, actually we need weapons to kill anything. *unarmed human vs tiger….YEAH RIGHT!

    If you’re saying that killing animal is wrong…and unnatural?

    What about….*gasp* killing the plants? It’s a living thing too! It drinks water, eat nutes and grow big.

    Don’t try to fool me. My girlfriend is a vegetarian. She respect my eating habits as much as I respect her eating habits.

  499. people didn’t live on the ice. we don’t live in the ice-age now do we? just because people ate meat before doesn’t mean we have to do it now.

    if you eat monkeys then you’re not a veggie.

    plants have no central nerv system and therefore feel no pain.

    obviesly you don’t respect the eating habits of vegetarians, otherwise you wouldn’t write this irrational comment.

  500. Irrational comment?

    Yeah ok? After reading other vegetarians’ comments, I would say it’s also irrational comments.

    I mentioned about ice-age because….as far as I know, food plants can’t survive in cold environments(I believe corns might able to). Therefore, it’s natural for human to eat meat. Humans have been eating meat AND vegetables for thousands years.

    *cough* It was just example.

    “just because people ate meat before doesn’t mean we have to do it now.” Yeah so? Meat-eaters enjoy eating meat because it tastes good to them. If you don’t like eating meat…more power to you.

    Monkey…I meant to say monkey eats other monkeys. Don’t ask me because I saw it on discovery channel. “Alpha” chimpanzee eat other monkey from other group, apparently. “just like some people” I was referring to cannibalism.

    I was joking about plants 😛 It’s still a living thing. Who know? It might feel pains…except they won’t squeals when they get cut down.

    Of course, I do respect other people’s eating habits. I don’t like it when vegetarians stick their benefits down my throat. It’s their choices not to eat meat.

    New flash….It’s called LIFESTYLE! Not mandatory

  501. Ummm Scott- Hitler’s diet was primarily vegetarian but not for ethical reasons….He had gastro-intestinal problems.

    HA! Ya see? Meat IS bad for you. Take it away, and the health problems go away with it.

  502. i’m not sure i understand the correlation between white people and being a vegetarian/vegan. I would assume the vegetarian/vegan types are of lower intelligence on average and white people are surely much more intelligent than blacks or hispanics. so wouldn’t it make more sense to assume they were the vegetarian fags.

  503. Hitler’s health problems remained with him until his death.

  504. some of you are very ill informed.

  505. I can’t believe some of you people are taking this seriously! He’s poking fun at white stereotypes. Read the one about being offended, because obviously that one is pretty accurate.

  506. It’s pigs’ fault for tasting so good yet being so slow.

  507. Actually, I prefer making it with ground veal. You tell em…it makes em cry. You don’t tell em…they’re going to vegan hell & they don’t even know it.

    AND since it’s a scientific fact that meat when swallowed stays in the stomach for 7 years, it secretly f***s up their digestive tract the whole time.

  508. See “Winner #5: Statistics” entry. You might’ve pulled it right through satire into truth.

  509. I thinks white guys like male pattern baldness medicaitons like Rogain and Propecia. I never heard of Asian guys or Black guys using that stuff except on commercials. In rare cases where a young black guy is going bald he usually does not worry about it.

  510. Damn sexy.

  511. good thing you’re justifying the way you eat because you saw a monkey eat another monkey. news flash, it’s really rare for them to do that. it was clearly explained that they don’t know why they do it. fuck this page sucks.

  512. I’m a vegetarian because of the way animals are treated before we eat them, not because I think it’s evil to eat other animals.

    Organized hunting? Sure. Torture before killing that would get someone mobbed to death if they ever did it to a human? No. And, unfortunately, that’s what most of your tasty meat comes from. Store-bought meat now disgusts me more than anything else I see regularly.

    Of course, if you’re one of those people who thinks animals aren’t conscious, I guess I’m wasting my time.

  513. For the record I am a vegetarian and I also do not eat fruits and vegetables. It makes me sick to think of how fruits and vegetables are produced and raised at the vicious hands of human beings. It’s time the vegetarian white people of America wake up and educate ourselves about how ALL food industries meet the demands of a consumerist society. Maybe we would all do well to watch an Alec Baldwin narrated documentary or two.

    Fruits and vegetables have long been mistreated by man and are subject to over-populated living conditions, foreign climates, pesticides, genetic engineering, forced breeding, removal of genetalia (such as detasseling corn), and their offspring are frequently ripped away from their parents at a premature age. From the moment of conception these fruit and vegetable plants are doomed to a terrible life of slavery at the hands of man.

    I challenge all vegetarians to take up my fight and stop eatting fruits and vegetables too! Together we can show the food corporations of America that we will not tolerate mass production on any scale.

  514. I am just curious to find out what Thurston eats, since he won’t eat meat, vegetables & fruits?

    I am vegeterian btw.

  515. His post is just a joke, unless I’m really missing something. (I enjoyed it. =) )

    Although, there are some people who will only eat things (fruit, etc.) that have been naturally seperated from their parent plants.

  516. cook the rabbit then we will see

  517. quite the source there. maybe something a little more credible?

  518. maybe if you werent a vegetarian, you wouldnt be such a bitch.

  519. i am beginning to wonder if this website is not a joke and is specifically about you.

  520. my argument for eating meat (not that anyone should need one, but given the time of elite liberals with nothing to worry about) is that i need all of the essential proteins, just like everyone else. These essential proteins can not all be obtained via a vegetarian diet, making it very unhealthy to be a vegetarian. in the same way not wearing sunblock will kick you in the ass decades later.

  521. excuse me thurston…. what DO you eat

  522. what they fuck can you eat if you dont eat anything made bi “the hands of raised at the vicious hands of human beings.”

    isnt everthing ?? like the seeds you bi to grow your own vegs and fruit

  523. if you are Muslim, you treat animals humanely. try it out sometime.

  524. Actually, eating meat is what enabled humans to progress along the evolutionary trajectory that you can see today. In fact, it wasn’t until “humans” started eating meat, most especially cooked meat, that the brain size increased exponentially. This was enough to give us the Homo Sapiens (that we today have evolved from), to colonise the planet, and produce the more advanced tools that are the classifiers for the stone age.

  525. Thurston’s joking, morons. I’m a vegan, so I’m used to it.

  526. They’re eating you instead of the cow. The cow is saved.

  527. […] Veganism is a very slow progression, you just slowly cut stuff out. Here is some comic relief: #32 Vegan/Vegetarianism Stuff White People Like __________________ – Rob – Wanted: Diesel Zathan 764. Size […]

  528. Hitler was a vegetarian, and you wouldn’t want your friends comparing you to Hitler. The same is true for having retarded-looking facial hair.

  529. i dont eat anything except 4 fresh air,i couldnt harm carrot or a head of cabbage or pig or cow that is evil..i live on water and fresh alone…

  530. This should be a sin and illegal.

  531. I’m vegetarian because I hate to kill living, breathing (with lungs) things. And to kill something just so I can eat it is awful! It’s like killing things so you can wear them. I hope Heaven is filled with the animals you ate!

  532. I hope Heaven is filled with the plants you ate.

  533. I didn’t realize lungs are the single thing that makes life sacred.

  534. I’m quite fond of vegetables–particularly next to portions of beef, chicken, and fish. And if those creatures are in heaven when I get there, I’ll take them out for a nice, cold beer.

  535. he eats pussy. sounds like one. :p

  536. White people who believe in veganism actually have a psychological disease called “orthorexia nervosa.” (the sickness of only eating “correct” food)

    Oh! And BTW… It was a white guy who invented that term.

  537. […] (note: I love vegetables and have increased exponentially my consumption of them over the past two years, with a concomitant decrease in meat…but anyone who would willfully deny themselves one of life’s greatest pleasures – that of properly cooked meat – is worthy of our suspicion – if not our mockery.) […]

  538. […] From the mouth of a four year-old (or, On Raising a Communist) « Show Me Eats wrote an interesting post today onHere’s a quick excerpt(note: I love vegetables and have increased exponentially my consumption of them over the past two years, with a concomitant decrease in meat…but anyone who would willfully deny themselves one of life’s greatest pleasures – that of b…/b […]

  539. Me too! All those tasty anymals and a chance to eat them again (and again), now that’s what I call Paradise!

    Besides, what would Heaven be without a good old hunting? Why that wouldn’t be Heaven at all ^__^

  540. What Veganism?

  541. Actually, Richard Wagner advocated vegetarianism for a variety of “lifestyle” reasons that had everything to do with Aryanism. That is whom Hitler got the idea from. Yes, he had digestive problems, but he rationalized his solution in light of a proto-Aryan philosophy he admired.

    You can read all about this should you ever tear yourself away from the internet and begin reading, you know, actual books. But you seem to know everything already, so why bother?

  542. I am a TRUE environmentalist… I am NOT having children!!! You cannot call yourself a TRUE environmetnalist if you BREED!!! PERIOD!!! Also most vegans ARE assholes… p.s. I am technically not a vegan because I eat insects. I am serious.

  543. you are going to die. are all your vitamins synthetic? really.. eat something. i bet you just drink bottled water too!
    hot vagina.

  544. one thing is for sure, meat in industrialized nations with really high populations is always produced really fast and and not taken with care, so shit gets in meat, we have inexperienced slaughterhouse workers, tons of antibiotics in meat, RBST in cows milk and rennet in cheese. its just fucking dangerous. humans are really meant to eat meat, that’s how our brains got so big (something i learned in Anthropology), but we are not meant to eat this shit they put in our food.

  545. Worker11811–Orthrorexia nervosa applies to lots of people–not just vegans. I eat junk food and drink tasty beers, et al. I just do what I want without relying on animal products. It’s a matter of ethics, not body obsession.

  546. i fall into this category. i’m a veggie

  547. Robert, I agree, but it goes against our instincts to just stop breeding. I want children, but I’m only having one and adopting two. Really, what I hate about Americans, is how we say deer are overpopulated, but look at us. 6 billion? Really?

  548. Is vegan beer available?

  549. robert… you are NOT a true environmentalist. you eat insects.

  550. heaven? bahaha…. thats whats wrong with this world. people that believe in places like heaven….

  551. The US actually has a lot more available land and is not considered an overpopulated country.

  552. She probably said that to justify her abortion

  553. Everyone complains when christians or muslims or mormans or other try to force their religion onto others, but its somehow ok to force your eating habits onto others? If you want to eat meat, eat it, if you don’t, don’t, and if you don’t like what other people are eating keep your mouth shut.

  554. I’d love to think that I’m not an asshole and I’m a vegan. I’m so laid back about it though and I think that helps, but I’ve met “those” people. I’m also gay so I won’t be having any screaming babies.

    I love being vegan, it makes me feel good because I’m healthy. I don’t make others feel bad for eating meat. That’s their choice and this is mine. And dear god, yes, there is vegan beer!

  555. It’s not overpopulated in the “traditional” sense, i.e. we’re not fighting for land. But our lifestyles as first worlders and as Americans specifically are very very unsustainable, so in many having children helps keep that going. Available land is not as important as resources consumption and sustainability on a global scale.

  556. “I’d love to think that I’m not an asshole …”

    We all believe what we need to.

  557. I love being a beef eater, it makes me feel good because I’m healthy. Oh and I can be an asshole and I can be laid back. I’m not gay and I have 2 screaming babies from my non-gay beef eating wife.

  558. on October 20, 2008 at 8:13 am Laughing at vegans

    I’ll bet any amount of money every last one of you “vegan”
    jokers are fat! Lol! Funny how not too many of you are skinny..

  559. on October 20, 2008 at 8:15 am Laughing at vegans

    Note: Fat people SWEAR they are healthy! lmao!

  560. What in the world is wrong with the writer of this. bias, racism, we all love to hate. fucking be happy with living you ignorant people you.

  561. kids cost money and make lots of noise in the restaurants where i eat both vegetables and meat.

    people shouldn’t have them because they don’t do anything good. just make noise, consume plastic products, and make all the friends who used to be fun really boring and tired.

  562. The truth is sooo funny!!!!! I know these people!

  563. Oh the stereotypes! At least one thin, white, vegitarian/vegan is laughing at this. ::two thumbs up::

  564. yeah i’m a fatty, but you, sir, are A FAG.

  565. I don’t think being compared to a creature that is really only designed (by God I might add) to eat meat like a cat is a fair analogy. Just as I can’t compare you to a cow for instance that only eats plants as you are WAY different from one. That argument can be turned to disprove your point just as well as you tried to use it to prove it.

    First of all, sharp teeth like those found on a cat or a dog are desinged to tear meat from a beast that was killed. Since they don’t have say. . hands or thumbs they have been given teeth to make up for it. We have hands therefor we don’t need the teeth to do it for us. So You are correct I don’t have teeth like a cat and don’t really want them.

    yes eating nothing but meat every day is extreme. But the same goes for eating just plants. Moderation in all things is best way to do things.

    Remember my good sir, we (humans) are omnivores.

  566. you are annoying.

  567. i am a vegan and i have never encountered someone being offended by my choice to not consume animal products. and to you, laughing at vegans, i am not fat, i have actually lost weight since becoming vegan. you really should become more educated on things. whether one is vegan or not doesn’t have anything to do with one’s weight.

  568. I am vegan and am skinny. I have been vegan for two years and weigh 130 pounds and am a 17 year old guy (5′ 9″) And I am sort of muscular even though I don’t work out. 2% of vegans are obese while 33% of america as a whole are obese. look it up on peta.org.

  569. on November 1, 2008 at 4:45 pm Aaron Wauters

    Biogenic living……..The Ancient Essenes used this style of veganisim where you do not kill the plant you are about use but simply pick some of the leaves off.
    If you have a biogenic farm you can raise your plants and vegetables in a cruelty free setting.

  570. on November 1, 2008 at 5:09 pm Aaron Wauters

    So we would know NOT TO EAT THEM!

    Hence…..do not live a life dependent on flesh:
    It’s Christian.
    Do not eat anything with a heart beat, which pumps blood of life:
    Ancient Monotheism of the Jews.
    You have your own blood and your own flesh and unless you are a Eskimo you have no use for the fur, flesh and blood of any living creature be it animal, human, divine or demonic…just forget it! Please.
    This is not “the law of the jungle” (Biblicaly “refered to as “the wilderness”), it is the law of “our garden” in our own heads and that is where vegetarians have always come from.
    We wish to influence all life and the animals are quite perceptive to superior education, very soon even caniviours will be redeemed.
    A mother lion will commonly take care of a orphan no matter which family or specie, even if the orphan is of a vegetarian specie.
    That is potential.
    If humans want to catch up with their animal friends they must become warrior, lions of vegetarians.
    Basically we need all the “righteous meat eaters” we can get because they will be the knights of shining amorour, our righteous lions of a future world that Isaiah prophecized!

    So I welcome you carni’s, come and be our freind.
    Do what you want and do not feel guilty, just keep moving.

  571. on November 1, 2008 at 5:15 pm Aaron Wauters

    Do what you want and do not feel guilty!
    Be afraid for the many vegetarian lions who will one day devour you as one last sacrifice.
    Use streanghth to fight beside us, not with us.

  572. So I should definitely not exclude anything from my diet. I mean, I’m capable of digesting pretty much anything, and I wouldn’t want to be an extremist. So I might just wrap my steak in some cardboard tonight. That will add some variation to my diet.

    It depends on what you define a “balanced diet” to be. Of course we are capable of digesting the ingredients in food we commonly eat. I don’t think the potential to be digested is a good enough reason for a food ingredient to be necessarily part of a balanced diet.

    Labelling vegans as extremist implies that vegans have the option of being just a bit vegan. You either respect animals or you don’t.

    I think it’s more accurate to label the people who support industries that exploit animals as extremist. We breed, torture and kill millions (or billions, who knows) of animals every year, for many purposes which are not vital for human survival and for which there are alternatives. There is not even enough respect for animals to refrain from using millions of animals each year in painful experiments.

    Generally, I think that it’s a good thing if anyone actually cares about the exploitation of any humans or animals. People don’t think about it, people can easily distance themselves from it. It doesn’t affect our day-to-day lives, so really, who cares? Maybe there are even some vegans who don’t truly care, and only care about feeling superior. But it seems like a lot of effort to make, when you can easily just insult other people in order to feel superior.

  573. It seems that the stigma of being vegan is now worse than that of being a religious freak. I can understand hating creationism. They create “scientific” theories based entirely on confirmation bias. This is, I assume, where you are making the comparison. You think that vegans decide to be vegan one day and thereafter look for evidence supporting this viewpoint and then ramble on about it in blogs. But if you care about animals you don’t need to gather scientific evidence to convince yourself or others that vegan is the “right” choice. It’s a social issue more than a biological one. One major difference between humans and carnivores, or even other omnivores, is that humans have much higher level cognition. The way our society has formed is not directly caused by our genes. Thus, our choice to eat meat is not a genetically determined choice. It is a societal issue because humans control almost everything, and we constantly struggle for more control. Animals have become objects of our control, and tools to help us gain more control, rather than just food sources.

  574. OMG every Veggie I know is fat.

  575. You say that like it’s a bad thing….

  576. haha congratulations for living a little
    people take this website way too personally..

  577. FuNfAcTS!!! : 2% of vegan’s in the US are overweight.

    About 40-60% of normal Amercians are overweight.

    And that is one reason why vegan’s own your face. kthNXBai!!

    P.S. I would have taken the plate of food, and shoved it up that mother’s ass, and walked out.

  578. Clander you are a DUMBASS. It’s a lifestyle choice not a “white person” thing.

  579. Can I really use the name of that sandwich for my vegan restaurant. It is genius!

  580. I find that vegans come in all shapes and sizes too, and colors. It is not a “white man” thing always. There are tons of people of color that are vegan for various reasonsa.

  581. This is suppose to be comedic. Really, everyone, lighten up!

  582. fish are not vegetables!

  583. Why are american’s so fat? because they are still drinking from there mama’s tit, or they graduated from mama to cow tit, which by the way gets full of puss, becuase the poor cow has to feed thousands of adult baby mouths in one setting!!! Yuck!!! and full of hormones and antibiotics!!! Milk is for babies!!! They need to gain 300% of there weight. I won’t go on about meat, if your smart enough you can figure it out by yourself.. I will tell you one thing—-one cow can produce alot of unwated gases for the atmospher, now trillionize that!!!! Dah!!!! Nature does’nt want us to mass produce cattle or any other animal. That could go onto another subject, so I will quit there.

  584. well that’s just rude and senseless

  585. you’re right, peta is known for being fair and balanced


  587. I don’t know about that, but all the vegan girls I know shag like rabbits.


    (A very contented vegan male.)

  588. Why do you have to *be* vegetarian or omnivore or whatever? Just eat what you like, what’s available, what somebody cooks for you and so on.

    There is a case for ritual foods, fasts, and avoidances too. There is no reason to confine that discussion to food – just make sure you aren’t being unduly constrained by forces you don’t believe in.

    I’m sure there are some real issues concerning the heavy volumes of meat consumption in many countries, and some real individual health and weight issues too.

    These issues can be adressed by some positive action, such as thinking out the economics of organic farming, and creative cooking with seasonal and varied produce.

    You can have lovely Mexican or North African legume dishes, for example, and if you want to have a bit of lamb with them, that should be fine, too.

    I once ate no meat for eight years, as an experiment. If people asked my what I would like, I said I’d prefer not having meat. I was very happy with all the good dishes people came up with when they thought about it, learned to cook plants really well, and still choose vegetable dishes whenever I can.

    In Japan, someone made steak for me once without asking, because she thought I was American and would enjoy something from home. Of course I ate it gratefully, and later we laughed a lot about me being actually German and liking whole grain rice! Anyway, as a little girl in the US, I would love a T-bone steak, which I got about once a year since we had no money.

    Carrying the vegetarian experiment through was especially difficult in Eastern Europe and in Korea. But in Prague I was taken to eat stuffed mushrooms, and in Pusan they found me a Japanese restaurant…

    Lighten up, people. I could say, white people like to become Buddhists when visiting Japan, therefore become vegetarian, but do not like seaweed, algae, soy beans, bamboo shoots, gingko nuts, or any other Japanese vegetable ^_^

  589. I’m black, vegan and have barely any body fat because i’m a cyclist …where does that leave me?

  590. on November 25, 2008 at 4:56 pm Marcos El Malo

    It has nothing to do with skin color. “White Person” is a mentality.

  591. To answer your question… in the context of this blog you are white.

  592. Sam, I would say it makes you too intelligent to waste any more time on this site.

    Site owners, Organice is an engineering document management site and software – not sure why anyone would be eating that.

  593. on December 1, 2008 at 5:56 pm Antoine Jameson

    What is the point of being confrontational?

  594. on December 1, 2008 at 5:57 pm Antoine Jameson

    This is true, but it should also be acceptable to say “sorry, I don’t eat meat” without causing an uproar, much like Muslims and Jews can say “sorry, I don’t eat pork” without offending.

  595. most of this stuff applies to rich upper class white people. I’m from the south, we don’t do hardly any of these things.

  596. It’s true.

    (A vegan girl who has a very contented boyfriend)

  597. […] vegetarians around the world are realizing their silly ways, as shown in the rising meat consumption of over 30 […]

  598. on December 5, 2008 at 3:57 pm The wrong kind of white

    It leaves you a top of the order friend for a “white” person.

  599. on December 5, 2008 at 4:09 pm The wrong kind of white

    Wonder why vegans feel the need to leave so many hate filled posts on an innocent satire site? What makes them so angry? It’s probably the fact the scientists have found that plants may experience pain. I really hope that is proven true then we would never have to worry about vegans again they would all die of starvation leaving thin, fragile, poorly dressed corpses.

  600. on December 14, 2008 at 7:49 pm white girl who knows better

    Medical science has pointed out a few things:
    1. Heart disease is the leading cause of death in the U.S.
    2. Heart disease is caused by diets high in fat and cholesterol.
    3. Fat and cholesterol come from meat, eggs, and dairy

    Being vegetarian is a very good way to avoid being overweight, having heart disease, getting cancer (esp. colon cancer), and having diabetes. What you’re noticing may be a white tendency, but it’s really sad that it is. Access to education about health and medicine is so limited by (economic factors) that many people have diseases that could be avoided.

    FURTHERMORE: Vegetarianism can be sourced to Vedic culture, from India. Very anglo-centric of you to attribute it to white people. If you’re not white-skinned, you’re just as anglo as most Americans.

  601. First and foremost, the origins origins of vegetarianism were not in question here at all, so you’re just being childish and providing out of context information to aid your silly argument. The point of this mention of vegetarian/vegan dieting was to point out further ways in which white people are absurdly obsessed with things that can make them feel self-righteous. Being white and one who eats very healthy, very precisely prepared meals, I can still laugh at this because I don’t take myself so seriously as to think that my way is the only way anyone should eat.

    Anyway, weight, general health, likelihood of diseases and deaths are also not the matter at hand. The matter at hand is, above all else, humor. Poking fun at funny things. Also, who says that living forever but eating things that you don’t like the taste of is better than dieing younger and eating what you ENJOY to eat?

    Why bother living if you aren’t going to enjoy it?

    Stupid stupid stupid self-restriction for self-preservation.

    It’s arrogant and ignorant.


  602. I love you.
    Now get out of my head.

  603. But wait…is it still being a full Vegan if you…ahem…swallow? That’s a “kind” of animal product, right?

  604. You are clearly a very unintelligent, closed minded person with no life.

    Please do yourself (and everyone else that has to put up with your bull) a favour and do some research into vegetarianism.

    Oh and I dont need to feel guilty to do a favour for a friend… I dont know what sort of friends you keep if you have to make them feel bad so they will help you out!!!

    Im guessing that is why you feel the need to write blogs about things you know nothing about… too much time on your hands?!!!

    Lee xxx

  605. What do they eat?

  606. Am a nurse and I can say that a lack of protein is a serious
    harm to your body and puts you at risk for both cancer and infection. Serum
    Albumin is a reflection of your protein intake and when it
    is low it is associated with a high risk of mortality. Albumin
    is the main antioxidant of the body, it mediates infection,
    inflammation, fluid balance and many other important functions. Good luck if you are on a complete vegetarian diet
    and you become allergic, which happens allot, to soy.
    What will you eat then? Even soy is low in some amino acids, of course vegetarians will point to it as “complete” but it is
    low in some, which means that you are not getting enough
    of some key amino acids. A proper amount of all amino acids
    are essential. Vegetarianism without adding eggs, milk,
    is not a whole diet and would not be an option before this
    day and age when people can use supplements. It is
    still not a good option and even if you get away with it for
    years, you probably will pay for it sooner or later. Contrary
    to popular opinion, cholestrol and saturated fat are needed by the body, your brain needs it, your nerves, spinal cord, bones, and every cell in your body. Go low there and you are in trouble too. Studies now point to the fact that high
    serum albumin and cholestrol is a survival advantage
    to anyone over 60, to those going into surgery or major
    illness. Survival advantages are clear with serum albumin
    throughout life. Travel the purely vegetable diet at your
    own risk.

  607. […] about vegetarianism, and veganism? Is it ’cause we’re knee-jerk cliche coast-dwelling white liberal yuppies? Or is it ’cause we’re into compassion and health and the environment? […]

  608. Lady, do you know anything about nutrition at all? What you’re saying about lack of protein is true, but there’s more than enough protein in vegetables, nuts, and legumes. It’s all about knowing how much to eat, and the government standards are way off. Our government is more concerned with telling people what to eat so they can make the most money, not for our own welfare.
    It’s unfortunate that medical students are not being taught this essential information in college, and therefore their patients suffer heart disease, obesity, and other maladies because of it. I highly suggest picking up some literature on the subject if you’re in the health industry…

  609. White people aren’t into vegetarianism/veganism… I wish! Meat is still where the status is and vegetarians and vegans are still a tiny minority. White people buy a few resusable bags to fill with steak and chicken and then drive their SUVs back to their enormous homes and call themselves environmentalists.

    P.S. Go Stephanie! You’re right on the money. I have family in the health profession as well, who have never done any real nutritional research. It’s scary when these people blindly speak with authority.

  610. on December 21, 2008 at 12:42 pm Michael Berenzweig

    The chemical analysis of food done at the Institute For Applied Biology proved ( although it has been proven by other clinical nutritionists, bio-chemists, physiologists, physicians etc., and corroborated by, amongst others , the likes of Albert Einstein, who was a strong, advocate for PURE Vegetarianism- The Expanded Quotable Einstein by Alice Calaprice Princeton Press ) proved that it is a myth, totally bogus, an erroneous notion that we need decaying Animal flesh as a source of protein. The research showed, unequivocally, that all 16 essential amino acids are more than adequately supplied by vegetable food, which by the way, because the meat and dairy industry is amongst the most powerful financial mega-corporations, it has been able to lobby scientific journals over the years preventing these revelatory findings from being published. But in recent years even the NY Times ran features on The China-Cornell- Oxford Study, saying it was the best nutritional study ever done And this study categorically, as well proved that foods derived from Animals are not fit for human consumption, as they are the main culprit in chronic disease, etc; and that conversely a good Holistic Vegan diet was the best way to go. One cannot deny the science. So if one, as the writer here, uses the protein excuse as to why they are not Vegan, the scientific data belies this presupposition.

  611. on December 23, 2008 at 11:42 am We're all thinking it

    Listen up and listen good. VEGAN/VEGETARIANISM IS A FAD. How many people do you know outside your little commune of hippies that claim vegan/vegetarianism actually know what foods they should be eating to compensate for the lack of meat?
    And your insistence that the Goverment is behind it all so they can make money is a sigh of ignorance. Don’t you realize that taxes are how the Governement makes money? Don’t you realize that the Government is forced to make these studies and list all theories so as to not show bias and to inform the laundry list of invalids out there that are incapable of finding this information on their own?
    I’m not saying I totally disagree with you, but you shouldn’t be so quick to open your mouth without knowing all the facts just as you pointed out to Julia. Oh and speaking of literature, you may want to research the association between blood type and diet for what a person should eat.
    Type O negative = meat eater for life!

  612. on December 24, 2008 at 12:53 am No, we're really not

    Not a fad. There have been groups and associations of vegetarians recorded back to the twenties. (In the US, that is.) The east/middle east has been practicing this diet for centuries!
    And give me a break- the “blood type diet?” That’s a joke. Innumerable sources debunked that mess faster than you can spit. I’m O neg and a vegetarian and healthy as can be.
    Mainly though, what I want to say is that “knowing all the facts” is virtually impossible. “Studies” are always going to show different sides depending on who is conducting them, funding them, and what they’re looking for. You just have to pick the path you feel is the best and go with it. That’s life.

  613. My whole family is ovo-lacto vegetarian, and my mom is a doctor. It was actually her idea for us to go veggie. You have to be responsible about it and make sure you get enough protein, but let’s face it. It’s not natural for us to eat meat 3 times a day. Our ancestors didn’t have the luxury, and neither does much of the developing world.

    We ship over rice and gruel to satisfy hunger in Africa, but we tell our kids they’ll be horribly malnourished if they go without meat? I’m pretty sure our bodies are just the same, but spoiled.

  614. You’re not totally disagreeing?

    Hmmm. Thanks for telling me. I wouldn’t have noticed otherwise.

  615. No, not being able to spell “government”, or “sign” is a “sign” of ignorance.

  616. bellbottoms are a fad, vegetarianism is a lifestyle, dumbass.

  617. why would you take this web site as any more than a joke? Lots of black people are vegetarian.

  618. You should read the China Study.

  619. I didn’t know I lived in a “little commune of hippies.” Thanks for enlightening me. All along I’ve thought of myself as a conservative Republican. Also, I’m a fad follower! Who knew?
    Compensate for the lack of meat? I’ve done that for over 20 years and am very healthy and energetic. That blood-type diet is just a fabricated excuse to compensate for meat-eater’s guilt.
    If you don’t know of the cozy relationship between the meat/dairy/egg producers and the government (taxpayer funded subsidies), read up on it. Also, what do you think made the cattlemen think they had the power to sue Oprah for saying she was quitting beef? (They lost, fortunately, and she kept eating meat, unfortunately).
    As a vegetarian/vegan, you just take a minimum of supplements (way less than people on hamburger and soda diets need), like (for vegans) zinc, calcium w/magnesium, occasional B12. You just eat well, it’s not rocket science. Factory farming is torture.

  620. wow. I didn’t know that just because I’m a vegetarian I belong to a “little commune of hippies.” And even if I did, what is so bad about being a hippie anyways? Also, the blood type diet is bull. I’m type O negative and a vegetarian who is healthy as can be. I think you’re the one who needs to do some research.

  621. Just one bone to pick – not everyone feels guilty for eating meat. I believe most animals taste delicious, and I’m not about to give up that right just so some cow can have a healthy, boring life and die of old age. Sure, if I think about things intensely, I’ll probably come to the conclusion that it must suck to be a farmhouse animal – being born for the sole purpose of feeding a human being. However, in many respects, I am in a similar position to the animal – I have to work to pay taxes, don’t I? So, in a way, this slavery is something every working-class American has to deal with, so why not make my own life a little easier and eat a tasty, tasty burger now and again? I may not be entirely guilt-less, but I know that it would be wrong to ignore my all-important place in the food chain, which our species has earned over the past who-knows-how-many millenia. Besides, why let these delicious animals go to waste, when they could be helping you and your fellow man? Some food for thought 🙂

  622. You’re not the usual vicious, hate spewing anti-vegetarian, so you can’t be all bad. Believe me, I loved eating meat before I faced the hard reality head on. We really are not in nature’s food chain; if we were we’d be lion chow. We’ve separated and protected ourselves from nature’s “survival of the fittest” scenario. And factory farms have absolutely nothing to do with nature. But I guess you just don’t care the same way I do. I wish you did. Trust me, I am a foodie; I love to eat and cook healthful, tasty stuff. Maybe you can cut back on the factory farmed stuff? You sound like a nice guy. But this is probably boring people who like a good nasty insult fest, so …

  623. This post was hilarious!

  624. My nephew is a vegan and while only being 20 years old he is obviously way more intelligent that the rest of the family that eats eggs, fish, cheese, meat , etc. The fact that we use plastic bags to put garbage in is horrifying, and paper plates are just stupid to him. The fact that he has never earned any money by having a job and supporting himself in the least little way is his way of life. Having him over for dinner is an exercise in ridiculousness. Get over yourselves my Vegan friends.

  625. You sound like you despise your nephew. Because he’s young and has some strong principles and is a little obnoxious? Being a vegan: the unforgivable sin. Wow. There are plenty of meat-eating 20-year-olds and older who don’t have jobs, and much worse. Help him find a job, even a part-time one to start. I am not even a strict vegan, but I admire them.

  626. Yeah, most of these posts are funny but this one is just plain dumb. It’s one thing to make fun of white people for ridiculous/dumb things they actually do, but the vast majority of whites aren’t actually this way even though we’d all be better off if they were.

  627. Yeah you sound like a repressed middle-aged person who has issues with the fact that you are neither young nor healthy. Enjoy cardiac arrest my friend.


  629. That’s what you always say when I have mine in your mouth.

  630. omg this is the kind of thing i wish the stray drive by bullets would hit! got damn vegetarians! wtf would we do with cows and pigs and shit if we didnt eat em? well i guess the vegetarians could stick thier tiny dix into the chickens vagina make stupid ass vegetarian/chicken offspring so we could have an excuse to shoot all the vegeterains in the got damn domes! fuck vegetarians! my teath are there for meat not ripping apart lettuce and wheatgrass shots!

  631. on January 11, 2009 at 12:06 pm Vegan 4 the Earth

    Its kinda funny that meat eaters care so much about what we eat. Newsflash!! We dont! Does anyone think about why places like china have the lowest rate for chronic disease? We have the highest. Their lifespan is also thirty years longer!! Why because they eat more vegetables and do not put hormones and antibiotics in their animals . Its funny cuz all the carnivores on here running their mouths are probably all FAT!!! Go ahead keep eating that shit . I hope you all die a miserable chemotherapy induced death!!!

  632. on January 11, 2009 at 12:11 pm Vegan 4 the Earth

    Oh one more thing . The only excuse I hear for eating meat is that it taste good. What other “positve” is there?? None.

    Crack probably taste good too… ; 0

  633. on January 11, 2009 at 12:12 pm Vegan 4 the Earth

    THis artical is retared I cant believe people waste their time on this garbage. Im gonna go find a real website.

  634. Above case: The perfect example of the number one reason to stay away from meat. Apparently it eats away your brain AND your heart. I think Rhen and runninwoof are the same person.

    runninwoof, just calm down, nobody’s gonna take your meat away …. we want you to eat it, more and more, faster and faster.

  635. Rhen, sorry about my rude comment, but you got my dander up. Why do you have need to try to ‘stick it’ to vegetarians tho? That’s way more than rude.

  636. what do you say to black vegetarians??

  637. i like chicken paginas

  638. my girlfriends a vegetarian and she loves to eat meet

  639. I love you.

  640. That’s what I say to black vegetarians, that is, not you, necessarily. A black person first got me interested in the veg diet.

  641. How about, its healthy. It’s healther to eat all meat than no meat.

  642. Why your interest in this blog then, Jonesy? Go get a life and stop being obsessed with vegetarians.

  643. on January 13, 2009 at 3:41 am ChocolateEclaire

    well it’s not necessarily healthy to eat meat. Meat provides proteins and of course i understand beef in particular has a great source of iron, but vegetarian/vegan diet can pretty much compensate for that. You find exactly the same minerals/vitamins you need in veg. diet comparing to meat. But meat contains cholesterol, too much of it, it’s not good for your arteries and heart. So I can’t think of any other healthy reason why meat is necessary in our diet.

  644. on January 15, 2009 at 10:00 am mavcerick pilot

    If done incorrectly, vegetarianism can still be unhealthy. If you take a close look, Americans consume the most suger, fried foods and overprocessed carbohydrates. On the other hand, people in Asian countries eat a more whole foods. Whether vegetarian or not, junk food is the real problem.

  645. Well yeah, that’s true – if you’re not supplementing it with anything. If you do, which is the correct way to do the vegetarian thing, you will be healthier not eating meat.

  646. Vegan4, how about the benefit of societies that eat meat historically being able to beat the crap out of herbivore societies? Why do you think omnivorousness is the standard?

    Or, in modern times, just look at all the herbivores who get anemia. I know plenty of people (esp women for obvious reasons) who went back to moderate amounts of meat since they were constantly getting anemic.

  647. That is so much B.S. The only person I’ve ever known to get anemic is a daily meat eater (she can’t absorb enough iron). And where exactly were these warring meat-eating & non-meat eating societies you’re talking about? Inventing history to prop up your weak and dishonest argument, are you?

    And I’m not even a vegan, but am getting closer every day, the more I hear people like you, Omnivore, putting down vegetarians.

    Look up vegan bodybuilder Robert Cheeke and other vegetarian top athletes.

    Just one of the many top vegan athletes is two-time winner of the most grueling ultramarathon on earth: Scott Jurek. The 135-mile race starts in Badwater in Death Valley. The Badwater Ultramarathon is known as “the most demanding and extreme running race offered anywhere on the planet.” The race is nonstop to the trailhead of Mount Whitney in the Sierras, the highest mountain in the Lower 48. The successful runners cross three mountain ranges with a combined, cumulative vertical ascent and descent of 17,400 feet, which is like a flight of stairs three miles high. 85 contestants from across the world show up in the 123 degree heat for the ultramarathon. “Ultra” because this race is five marathons back-to-back with another three miles tacked on to the end.

    The winner? Vegan competior Scott Jurek, who also won the Badwater last year.

    Here is Scott’s bio from a popular running magazine: “On his own journey towards optimal health, Scott began transitioning to a vegetarian whole foods diet in 1997, while competing in several ultra trail races per year. In 1999, he adopted a vegan diet out of further health and environmental concerns. Scott continues to fuel his body on completely vegan diet while competing in 10-12 ultramarathons per year in addition to his rigorous training schedule. All seven of his consecutive wins at the Western States 100 Mile Endurance Run were performed on vegan fuel.”

  648. Blah blah blah. Stick a BigMac in it.

  649. Hmmm, perhaps being Vegan reduces your ability to spell….

  650. Bend over, please, so I can accommodate your request.

  651. Oh, aren’t you clever. So what if someone makes a couple of typos. Take a look at many of your fellow obsessed anti-vegetarians’ writing and spelling, then make a smart-ass comment, dickweed.

  652. Haha lilah

    People if u don’t want to be a vegetarian that’s fine continue to ignore where your food comes from, how it got to your plate gp ahead eat whatever. then when u die of the next mad cow disease the vegetarians will inherit the planet!

    In all serious tho I have no. Problem w meat eaters untill they give me shit for being vegetarian try and prove me wrong. Because they have researched vegetarism themselves *not*. The sad truth is most people have no idea where their food came and rather than read a book or do some reseaech they wouldvrather use unoriginal and over simplified justification for something vegans and vegetarians have actually looked into.

    A common myth is th at factories have vastly improved since the time of Sinclair’s jungle the sad truth is slaughterhouses and factory farms are today worse than ever as the insldustry has become a game of numbers rather than well maintened smaller family run buisnesses like those of the past. Today mostfactory farms are poorly ventilated dimly lot factories are poisonous chaners of noxious amonia gas and are full of toxins and bacteria and viruses from diseased livestock. This doesn’t even touch on the inhumane and immoral ways in which the animals are kept and treated.

  653. for all of those of u saying vegetarianism isn’t as healthy you are wrong. Beans and lentils offer as much or more protein for much cheaper. We are not designed to eat as much meat as most americans do anyways (bacon for breackfesy, hamburger for lunch, steak for dinner) all that cholesterol and high day content is very bad for your health. I would be very surprised to see the same levels of desiesess like hypettension heart disease and obesity as they now at epedemic levels if everyone were vegetarian. Vegetarianism had been around in certain societies since before the Egyptian in in India which is still today mainly a vegetarian society.

    As for the taste I truly had not discovered real food until I became vegetarian. Fried pork fat really is no match for delicious indian like spicy kentil soup or chick pea curry yum! I love middle eastern food like Persian and packistani too so good!

  654. Thanks, Charlie. And some mouth-breathing vegetarian hater might try to put you down for some spelling/grammar errors in your posts (most likely typos), but pay no attention. You are obviously intelligent, and right. God bless you.

  655. You veggies are funny, all up in arms over some percieved insults.

    You’re fat, he’s fat, their fat…the fact of the matter is: It does not matter what you eat, whether it be vegetables or sea kittens, as long as you eat healthy, balanced meals.

    So you veggies eat whatever you like, it is no skin off my back. All I ask is that you do not try to take away our right to eat meat. All you have to worry about is a few morons that like to pick on you. We, on the other hand, need to worry about people that want to take away the thing that [arguably] contributed most to our evolution, making us what we are today.

  656. You are the perfect example of why that is not a good thing. You think of us as a few morons who like to pick on you (not true), so why are we such a threat? Hmmm. Worried about becoming a minority while more and more people around you evolve further and away from your tradition of cruelty and slaughter?

  657. on January 22, 2009 at 3:26 pm survivalmachine

    I don’t know if a true herbivore human society has ever even existed. Correct me if I’m wrong. It’s my understanding that most societies have included meat/fish in their diet as nutritional supplements to what they eat as staple foods. Honestly, I feel that we “white” people can afford to be vegetarian/vegan and that’s why continue this practice.

    Typically, meat was a highly valued commodity because of it’s scarcity in the diet, and historically, vitamins and an array of other protein sources were hardly available.

    Now, in Western society, a percentage of people have the liberty and money to carefully select what goes into their bodies. Healthier? Perhaps. Natural? That’s debatable. Pretentious? Definitely. =)

  658. What does it matter to you if I eat dead animals or not? The only reason I entered into this discussion is because of nasty people who have to get in their nasty jabs at vegetarians. I would think you’d be more curious about that than about what I or other people choose to eat or not eat. Personally I admire the Jains of India as a vegetarian society that’s been around for a long time and they are intelligent, successful, classy people from what I’ve seen of ones who’ve immigrated to the U.S. Have you ever heard of continuing evolution, or change for the better? If not, look into it. Go attack someone who is actually doing some harm out there, sparky.

  659. I’m sorry, what? What you suggest is an insult to humanity, and especially to those humans who live in the non-Western world…people without the OPTION to choose only vegetables.

    We evolved as meat eaters. You may argue that our ability to eat meat does not mean we should. I will argue that our ability to only eat vegetables (thanks to supplements) does not mean we shouldn’t. We will both claim each other is using circular reasoning to reach our conclusion, but humans did not show up in a vacuum. We evolved from animals that had the ability to eat meat long before the first modern human came from the womb.

    Keep eating your soy. Those crops displace just as much land and destroy just as many ecosystems as any free range livestock. Your fields are just as unnatural as livestock.

    You do not worry me. You people are annoying at best and obnoxious at worst. As I said, I do not have any problem with your choice to eat vegetables. I have a problem with the superiority you feel in your decision, and your desire to tell me how I am wrong…EXACTLY AS CLANDER’S BLOG POST WAS REFERRING TO. Congratulations on being a walking cliche.

  660. Haha ok. That would be more accurate if alternate protein sources such as beans/lentils/nuts weren’t as readily available and cheaper than meat. Do u think they have loads of cash in smallHindu villages of india where meat is not consumed at all th or poor parts of central. And south America where beans are a staple of the diet whether you know it or not in most parts of the third world meat is a rarity. So your argument some people don’t gave a choice that’s bogus.

    As to your argument saying we evolved from animals, animals eat meat this faulty argument is brought up almost everytime someone is trying to disprove vegetarianism without even really understanding anything about it. Sure we evolved from animals this doesn’t mean we have to be ruled by the way animals act, along with this evolution grows a system of awareness. That is to say we weigh each choice using intelligence. Or as Plato describes it we weigh our survival instinct against what we know is wrong or harmful. Whereas the animal acts on impulse alone. Animals in natures also rape other animals also very common is canibalism. These things also contributed to the evolution of man does that mean it’s ok to rape ad cannibalize? no, of course not.

    Sure if you do not know how to diet properly health problems can arise but that Is no different than with meat.

    Soy causes more damage than factory livestock farms where’s you get that ideal?! It is so absurdly wrong it’s paonfully obvious you have no idea what you talking about and are pulling things straight from your ass.
    Really tho this is pretty much the template of the average person against vegetarianism. Talk bout how everyone else has always eaten meat; and of course who wants to think for themselves right?you Talk about how animals do it check. Talk about what about the plants they cause damage boa blah. I’ve heard it all before. God forbid u look at some facts Or read a book you might find how livestock farming is one of if not the leading causes if environmetal problems on the planet. Many have claimwd methane emissions released from cattle factories are greater contributed to global warming than co2 emmisions from automobiles. This in addition to the co2 used by the farming machinary in addition to the pollution caused by transportation and by growing grains to feed livestock also this in addition to the pollution caused through the dumping of animal contaminated and by products pesticides antibiotics all sorts of high level of chemicals not intended for human consumption all of these things get into a our environment because of a lax system of environmental regulations in the us.

    The way we treat animals and the environment is really no different than the way we exploit many humans in other economies to maxamuze profit. It is my belief thatthr worldwas not made simply for some humans to exploit. I believe we are no different than animals except for our intelligence so why is it acceptable to kill animals not humans. I don’t believe in the whole sentinent beings or soul concept they are man made concepts, fallacies without basis of reason

  661. How convenient for you to forget about all the land that is used to grow crops to feed your “livestock,” and all the tons of animal waste that are produced and festering in huge fields that grow larger, filthier and smellier day by day, among many other problems that I don’t care to go into with someone like you because you don’t care. Enjoy your bloody swill.

    Even if I did feel superior to you or tell you you’re wrong to patronize factory farming (which I only do when PROVOKED), what do you care? You people are WAY, WAY ruder, more obnoxious, and smug in your normalcy and complacency than vegetarians could ever hope to be. Talk about a walking cliche! At least vegetarians are trying to improve things.

    Like I said to someone else, go attack someone who is actually doing some harm out there, Sparky, or is that too risky?

  662. sorry for all the typos the keys on this keyboard are teeny

  663. You are forgiven, sweetheart. I hope you’ll keep helping to give them “hell,” Charlie. I’m so sick and tired of this kind of person who has such a problem with vegetarians. I’ve had it up to here with them!

  664. I’ll not even dignify Crazy Lilah with a response.


    “Soy causes more damage than factory livestock farms where’s you get that ideal?! It is so absurdly wrong it’s paonfully obvious you have no idea what you talking about and are pulling things straight from your ass.”

    I did not mean to say it causes more damage, so I apologize for implying it does. But, that soy coming from farms in Brazil on land that used to be rain forest IS responsible for quite a bit of lost biodiversity.

    I understand the pollution caused by livestock farming. I read the science, and I am NOT trying to argue this point. I, too, would like to see an improvement in the way we treat the environment, but you also must acknowledge that farming takes quite a toll on the environment. Sure, the conditions on factory farms are disgusting. What needs to happen is not a universal move towards vegetarianism, but a move towards polyculture and away from factory farming. It would not remove meat from our diets, though we would eat less meat. It would also help to solve a number of other problems too, among them global warming and hunger crises.

    You are contradicting yourself:

    “Sure we evolved from animals this doesn’t mean we have to be ruled by the way animals act, along with this evolution grows a system of awareness. That is to say we weigh each choice using intelligence.”

    “The way we treat animals and the environment is really no different than the way we exploit many humans in other economies to maxamuze profit. It is my belief thatthr worldwas not made simply for some humans to exploit. I believe we are no different than animals except for our intelligence so why is it acceptable to kill animals not humans. I don’t believe in the whole sentinent beings or soul concept they are man made concepts, fallacies without basis of reason”

    Doesn’t our intelligence and ability to weigh our decisions make us sentient beings? Using your first argument, it certainly does. We are the only creature on this planet that possesses the ability to think rationally, all others do not possess the ability to think outside of instinct. At least you preface your opinions with ‘I believe’, instead of presenting them as facts.

    I will not continue along the evolution road, but at the very least you must acknowledge that you have the ability to choose to abstain from meat BECAUSE your ancestors developed the ability to eat meat, NOT in spite of it.

    As I have said, I DO NOT condemn your choice to eat vegetables. I DO have a problem with the idea that animals have the same ‘rights’ as humans. I am on board with arguments that they should be treated respectfully and not abused, but I will never, ever be on board with any argument that it is ‘unethical’ for us to kill and eat them.

    I will not wish you luck in your quest, but I am confident that you will not succeed. I’ll leave it at that.

  665. Crazy Lilah, reporting for duty.

    From Pumpkin head:
    “I’ll not even dignify Crazy Lilah with a response.” …”As I have said, I DO NOT condemn your choice to eat vegetables.” …”but I am confident that you will not succeed. I’ll leave it at that.” And “You are contradicting yourself.”

    What a dillweed!

    Pumpkin head, you’re obviously not qualified to dignify ANYTHING. And since when does not torturing and slaughtering animals mean they have the same rights as humans?

    And if you’re so confident, with your big thinking human brain and shriveled little cold heart, being in the huge majority and all, why are you so interested in this topic as to write all these longwinded paragraphs replete with fictitious statements about it?

    Your arrogance is sorely lacking anything as its source.

  666. My comments were directed at charlie, not you.

    For my own clarification, are you saying you against eating meat entirely or are you against slaughterhouses, factory farming, and the like?

    Why are you so interested in this topic with your rhetoric? The least you could do is offer some arguments, instead of resorting to personal attacks. Charlie is about to play nice.

    Your arrogance is sorely lacking anything as its source.

    Did you see what I just did right there?

    Less foaming at the mouth, more actual discussion please. I am awaiting Charlie’s response so that we may continue this discussion as grownups.

  667. Duh … I’m interested in the topic because I’m … what was that again … uhmm … oh yeah: VEGETARIAN. That IS the topic of this blog, isn’t it? Or did you think it was only for vegetarian haters to make fun of us and insult us? Guess what: We fight back.

    Guess what else: When you start your diatribe by insulting me, you have directed your comments at me. What do you care what I’m against? Anyone who states that because animals can’t think exactly like us we have a perfect right to intensively confine them, slaughter and eat them is not someone I want to nicely “discuss” anything with.

    Yeah, I “saw what you just did right there” … you quoted me. Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. …”Thanks.”

  668. Ok, let me start by saying I am sorry for offending you.

    “Duh … I’m interested in the topic because I’m … what was that again … uhmm … oh yeah: VEGETARIAN. That IS the topic of this blog, isn’t it? Or did you think it was only for vegetarian haters to make fun of us and insult us? Guess what: We fight back.”

    Ok, you are right. The blog post is making fun of you, but it is hardly an insult. I don’t think that anyone, including clander, thinks any less of you for choosing vegetarianism.

    “Anyone who states that because animals can’t think exactly like us we have a perfect right to intensively confine them, slaughter and eat them is not someone I want to nicely “discuss” anything with.”

    Don’t put words in my mouth. I certainly never anyone has a right to ‘intensively confine’ an animal. If you had actually read what I had posted instead of getting all worked up that I was posting, you would have noticed that I acknowledged that the factory farming model needs to be changed.

    As to the slaughtering and eating of animals…well, I do not think we will see eye-to-eye on this matter. If I am understanding your argument correctly (which is difficult because you haven’t actually presented any sort of argument other than namecalling), you are against eating all meat. Instead of repeatedly spewing rhetoric and insults, try presenting some opinions or facts as to why you feel the way you do.

    “Yeah, I “saw what you just did right there” … you quoted me. Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. …”Thanks.””

    Actually, I was mocking your lack of any semblance of an agrument, but I am ok with you taking it as flattery if it makes you happy.

  669. The intent of my words were not contradictory what I meant was there is no such thing as a special or supreme species. Just because we are smarter than other creatures does not mean this world was created solely for us. And what is “smart” if it means best adapted to the planet I would say many other organisms are much “smarter” in terms of sustanability. We have been on this earth a mere fraction and have already caused more environmental problems than any other species. That was my point that because people think of as sentient beings or religius people think we were made in the image of the creator they think this somehow gives them the reasoning to do whatever they want.

    Sure soy cultuvation has caused problems but not anywhere close to the damage from clear cutting rainforests fir cattle ranching. Also when you talk about livestock they consume tons of food which needs to be grown. While I have to eat something I can certaily reduce my footprint. And frankly yea a shift to small farm organics is what I would like to see happen to agriculture but just saying you would like to see it happen and then continuing to feed a broken system does nothing for that cause. also many products labeled cage free or organic often put the animals in farms with conditions as bad or sometimes even worse than unmarked products. Until the system changes I refuse to help fund the cruelty to animals in what most biologist and evironmental scientis claim is an unsustainable system. It’s good to hear you want change but rather than just saying that if you truly want to help you should actually do something about it and refuse to fuel a broken system. At the very least you should read a book on the subject rather than just pushing useless arguments vegetarians have heard countless times. Maybe before I was a vegetarian I would have bought your argument but after actually looking into it I will never buy into such weak excuses. I’m done with this convo if u want to learn something you do some openminded reasearch otherwise you can continue to believe whatever you want and continue to write people like me and lilah off as silly vegetarians, I hope you choose the former but honestly it seems like you already have it all figures out and there is nothing I’m gonna say that will change that. if you really want to eat meat that’s fine but don’t write vegetarians ifc wirhout at least first understanding it

  670. Pumpkin Head:

    Your apology is accepted, even though you had to end your post with another insult.

    I have been mostly vegetarian, often vegan (but occasionally eat wild caught fish – not “farmed”) for about 22 years. I have never once in my interactions with non-veg people been rude, condescending, preachy, obnoxious, etc. I can even have a sense of humor about it. Most people don’t bother me about my diet at all and many are very supportive and plan on cutting back or quitting meat themselves.

    In a restaurant I’ll just order my food without putting on a show; but there’s always one in every crowd that has to start the needling, and I’m so sick to death of their simple-minded comments/questions that I won’t even quote any here. Then there might be one or two others that smell blood and, feeling safety in numbers, join in on the needling. (Thank God things are getting better and I’m often not the only vegetarian in a group.) I have always just politely stated that I don’t choose to eat the products of factory farming and try to steer the conversation around to something interesting, because when we do “present opinions or facts as to why we feel the way we do,” even when asked, it is often said we are trying to ruin a meal or shove our morals down other people’s throats. So I quit that a long time ago.

    Anyways, if you have to ask why I am sickened and disgusted by factory farming and slaughterhouses, what is the point of my answering? I love animals and know that it matters how we treat them. With the human population what it is, there is no other way to “raise” and slaughter “livestock” on a mass scale without intensive confinement and abuse. I know for a fact that that stuff is wrong, and I don’t want to be a part of it. When I meet my maker I’ll have enough to answer for and I don’t want that on the list.

    I love people and animals. If you knew the kind of care I give to my loved ones and other people you might even be motivated to treat your family, etc., more like I do, I don’t know.

    BTW, I love what being vegetarian has done for me.

    End of story. I can’t wait to read what you’re going to say now. Or maybe you’ll “show me” by saying nothing….

  671. See, we never had any beef (get it?) to begin with. Had you read my initial post instead of jumping on me, you would have realized that I was not talking about you.

    ” All you have to worry about is a few morons that like to pick on you. We, on the other hand, need to worry about people that want to take away the thing that [arguably] contributed most to our evolution, making us what we are today.”

    The ‘morons’ was in reference to those instigators that choose to needle you, not vice versa. I have friends that are veggies, and I would not, and do not, needle them about their choice. My beef (I am cracking myself up tonight) is with the people that want to anthropomorphise animals, saying that it is inhumane (funny, considering the root of the word) and akin to murder to eat any animal.

    I am not asking why you are sickened by factory farms and slaughterhouses. As I have said, an alternative needs to be found and that alternative is probably going to involve less meat in our diets. I was under the assumption that you were preaching a vegan lifestyle, which you are not. I am well aware of the current state of the environment, and put forth quite a bit of effort (both monetary and physical) into conservation of our native and wild species…something I personally consider more important that the treatment of livestock, but different people have different priorities.

    Next time don’t be so quick to jump to conclusions. Looking back through this chain of posts, YOU are the one that started on the name calling.

    On a side note: You may be happy to hear that I ate no meat today. I just realized I went totally veggie, but probalby not vegan. Donut for breakfast (dont fault my on my guilty pleasure), coconut curry thai with vegetables and tofu (tofu is so much better than the dry, overcooked chicken and beef so common with asian food), and potato pirogies with a side of broccolini for diner.

  672. I like donuts too, but my real “guilty” pleasure is chocolate (in quotes because there are health benefits, and that’s what I always tell myself). I get dark chocolate so I can control myself, and there’s little/no dairy.

    If you ever saw the footage of crippled, downed dairy cows being bulldozed, forklifted and otherwise forced off to slaughter, and other all too real footage, you might care more about “livestock.” I hope so anyway. If like you, everybody would just cut down on meat, etc., or leave it out altogether for a day or 2 every week, it would help the situation.

    I never thought I’d say this to you, but thank you for your interest in this.

    I don’t particularly like hip-hop music, and I’m not a liberal or a Democrat, but Russell Simmons, founder of Def Jam Records is a vegan, and here’s a short interview with him:


  673. on January 25, 2009 at 5:17 pm Amy Scaffeeti

    Look, we were and still are obminvores. Eating meat during the stone age was a luxury and is still is in some countires. Some cultures do not eat meat, or red meat, some do. Buying soy from another country that does have ethical practices is bad for the environment. Just like buying meat from a large corperation or out of the country that also heavily polutes is badfor the environment. I choose to be vegitarian and there is nothing wrong with people who do eat meat. Eating an only meat diet is not healthy at all because you are leaving so many mutrients out of your diet.

    I am a non-white person who is a vegetarian.

  674. Well, that’s great, Amy, but I think you meant to say, “buying soy from another country that does NOT have ethical practices is bad for the environment.” Soy products that are labelled organic and not genetically engineered are the ones to get. Just about all meat produced in the US is from companies that pollute the environment and abuse animals terribly.

    You’re certainly a lot more forgiving and broadminded than I am on this subject. But since I do eat non-farmed fish on occasion, I’m only vegetarian about 95% of the time, so you’d probably be easier company than a few people I know who I’m AFRAID to tell that I eat fish once in a while. People might come down on them for that here, but really, they are doing no harm so I still love them.

  675. we didn’t just evolve from animals. we are animals.

  676. I only made it through a few of the comments posted before I got irritated by both parties.

    I clicked on the link because in part of it’s description it mentioned vegans feeling superior. I couldn’t agree more, actually.

    We all have stereotypes that have all been earned. After all we’re on a website listing stuff white people like.

    So yes the majority of vegans feel superior, act superior, and love to let you know you’re wrong for eating meat, yes the majority of black people drive around with large rims, loud music, and speak Ebonics, yes most middle eastern people own laundry mats, wear head pieces, and eat curry.

    I am a vegan. I don’t think anyone is wrong for eating meat. We were originally designed to digest it and use it for nourishment. It is no longer a requirement and yes, I have issues eating animals when I am an animal.

    I’m sure I’m about to get a lot of hate comments regarding my racist comments, but that would just be completely hypocritical considering the topic here.

  677. Uhmmm … What?

  678. Alright, to much BS on both sides floating around.

    For the pro-meat: Yes, there are a vocal minority (see PETA & ALF) that make obnoxious comments about eating meat, make wild claims and accusations (with little or no proof), and in general make life a pain for everyone else. But that doesn’t mean that all Vegans and Vegetarians are complete douches. Many make the move for many reasons. I know a person who does it just because he can’t stand the smell of cooking food, so raw food is what he eats, except for the occasional cooked in advance meal. Generally, Vegan and Vegetarianism is a healthy life style that is a valid choice.

    For the Vegans and Vegis: Be sure to properly back up any and all arguments you may have. And by properly back up, I mean with non PETA information. PETA uses self-stylized, or in house information to back their arguments. Not only that, much of the research I’ve seen espoused does not take into account the full picture. Yes, cattle release methane. But to take into account everything, compare the methane released by a meat eater to that of a person who gains their protein from soy and other beans. All people I’ve been around who use this form of dieting tend to be much gassier than the average omnivore. So, while you can point to cows releasing a lot of gas, one could say the same thing of you. Also, as for the weight issues of non Veggies, remember, it isn’t the meat, it is the carbs. The main problem of those who eat meat is that they generally don’t pay to much attention to what they eat anyway. If they did, they wouldn’t have a weight problem and would still be eating meat. Also, I have not heard of a civilization, old or new, that was wholly vegetarian. There are those that eat heavily from fruits and vegetables, but they still had some form of meat (whether Native American, South American, African, etc.). Meat made some part of their diet.

  679. As a white person, I’d like to say that few things annoy me more than vegans.

  680. Well well, you must be so proud of yourself! Why your interest in this blog then, Joe? Go get a life and stop being obsessed with vegetarians.

  681. Who do you think you are? The final word on all subjects? On the contrary, I am the final word on all subjects. Go through and read all of my comments in here and then consider yourself corrected, educated and reformed. And if you don’t like it, go to hell !

  682. I’m vegan and thought this blog is hilarious… I will now eat my vegan food basking in my moral superiority.. ( a full meal in and of itself…) … Keep the funnies coming… 🙂

  683. To long, to wordy, to many bad points. As for the going to hell, you are part of the problem, not the solution. It is actions like that which show why so many people are against veganism in the first place. Until you study statistics (to understand valid research), world history (to understand the growth, development, and expansion of the human race), and take valid consideration of all sides (which your last comment proves you don’t), then you obviously can’t carry on a valid conversation about the benefits and problems of both sides of the coin (which I am willing to carry out).

    For example, I’ve already seen PETA’s videos on KFC (and I still eat there). Why don’t you try watching Penn and Teller’s episode of BS covering PETA? Especially the portions that cover medical advances. Very interesting. Especially because several major players of PETA receive the benefits medicine created through research on animals.

  684. Blaaah, blaaah, blaaah … Anyone who believes in animal research is a crazy fool.

    Hah! You couldn’t stand reading Honest Lilah’s posts about vegetarianism because the truth hurts a lying idiot like you. Too many GOOD points, you meant.

    Pssst …. I got this new drug that’s supposed to cure stupidity and it’s been found to work in animals (we got them doing math!!!), and it’s safe too, in animals. Let me try it on you, you being an idiot and all.

    Thousands of people die and are injured every year taking animal-tested drugs and so forth…. Sucker!

    I don’t want you to go vegan/vegetarian, and I want you to continue believing animals are your medical model, because I dislike your kind intensely.

  685. Hahaha!! This is hilarious, and yet so very true! I remember when some Chinese colleagues of mine who just loved me went to all this trouble to make a traditional Chinese meal for me, full of chicken feet, shark’s fin soup, and all sorts of generally vegan-unfriendly things. Oh, the quandry! Offending my friends or my ethics! I certainly did feel white. I can remember thinking why can’t they be vegetarian Buddhists and bring me veggie dim sum!!

    Veggie dim sum… Why is there nothing yet about dim sum on this blog??

  686. The greatest title: Stereotypes that People Like to Argue About

  687. White people also love to point out that it was brown people who invented vegetarianism and veganism in the first place. Way to exploit the Rastas, the Jains, the Buddhists AND the Hindus, right?

  688. on February 1, 2009 at 11:08 am Eric Silberstein


    For your information I happen to be a Vegetarian – 90% Vegan – on my way to going 100%.

    You’ll never win any arguments unless you wait for the response from the person you’re debating.

    Maybe it’s best to learn more about the truth before making childish comments.

  689. These people are so insufferably irritating……

    This is a classic case of rich white people needing a goal to achieve in an attempt to fill their incredibly empty lives.

  690. And you were interested in this topic enough to log in and post an erroneous, hate-filled comment towards other people for what reason????

  691. I’d like to slap you in the face with a raw steak.

  692. You’d never get the chance to get that close to me.

    Go do something nice today, for a change.

  693. haha, nah I agree with Joe–veganism, although nice, is based on narcicistic moral pretentious pricks with nothing real to make them feel happy about themselves– and the purpose of this blog is because we are laughing at you. That is why it is called satire.

  694. “Honest Lilah on February 1, 2009 at 2:09 pm
    You’d never get the chance to get that close to me.

    Go do something nice today, for a change.”

    typical liberal with nothing to make him feel good about himself with. Hey, why don’t you try to read a book, maybe volunteer to help poor kids in your community, as opposed to masturbating to your moral vanities.

  695. Hate – such an easy liberal buzzword argument. I dont “hate” you, you are just really, really irritating. (hate is reserved for such things as zits, mosquitos and traffic)

    Actually it was a rather quick post, then I moved on. I am pretty comfortable in saying that a majority of the extremest vegans are sanctimonious hippies that practice this lifestyle for pseudo moral reasons than they really cant clearly articulate, other than feeling that animals have the same rights as humans or hating society as a whole.

    Take it easy sweetheart, I am sure that you are morally superior to all us meat eaters. Dont forget to take those vitamin B12 tablets.

  696. Are you really that painfully stupid? I am anything but liberal and am an avid reader of books. I only answer hateful attacks against vegetarians because those attacks are so creepy and unjustified.

    When was that last time you did anything to help anyone? I donate huge amounts of store inventory to help emancipated orphan girls get started in life on their own; in the last year and a half it has amounted to over $10,000 worth of salable items, and have not used it as a tax write-off. Since I’m anonymous I am not bragging because nobody knows who I am.

    You are the kind that just sits in your armchair, hating, finding things wrong with people who have bigger hearts than you.

    Do not reply to my posts any more because your vileness make me sick.

  697. Your laughter is bitter, hate-filled, and pathetic. You are a toxic human being with “nothing real to make you feel happy about yourself” but ridiculing other people. Ever see “The Hunchback of Notre Dam”? Your kind were in the crowd jeering and helping to torture the “freak,” and feeling safety in numbers. The rest of us are the Esmireldas of the world. Yeah, we are better than you. Still, you could become one of us, as anything is possible.

  698. “Sweetheart,” on your diet of meat, starch, sugar, grease, and gin, you need a lot more than a few supplements to balance out your diet. No wonder you are so toxic. Your bullying sort of arrogance is a very ineffective cover for your insecurity regarding your dietary choices. If it makes you feel better about yourself to dislike vegetarians, then knock yourself out. I am through with you, Laugh@Yourself.

  699. Before you go on the attack, John, I know I made a couple of typos above: “Notre Dame” and “Esmeralda” are the correct spellings.

    Oh, BTW, it is “narcissistic moral pretentious pricks…”, and thanks so much.

  700. Boy, you sound like a really good time! I bet you are the life of the party.

  701. Sweetheart –

    Just to let you know – people whom are comfortable with themselves and their lifstyles dont lurk around satire blogs and breathlessly attempt to justify their behavior. Another giveaway – replying to YOUR OWN POST.

    Dont you understand that by desperately trying to convice us that you are morally superior just makes us want to torque you up more?

    By all means, keep going. This is absolutely hilarious!

  702. Laugh@Yourself, take your own advice.

    Right, you’re an “expert on human behavior,” and you are “comfortable with yourself and your lifestyle,” and you are “one of the normal people who is laughing at me.” Keep telling yourself that over and over again, “sweetheart.”

    “Replying to my own post” was only to correct some typos before you/John felt compelled to do so, since I didn’t want to read any more of your bitter crap, but you replied anyways.

    Maybe you misunderstood, but when someone says they are through with you it means don’t continue to communicate with them. You can try to get your last “humorous” but transparently self-loathing word in again, but you are wrong and you know it. Good bye.

  703. G-O-O-D B-Y-E .

  704. Hitler was a vegetarian. That is all you need to know.

  705. The old Hitler-was-a-vegetarian routine! This is a favorite tactic of you people. Read a book. Hitler tried vegetarianism for awhile because of health concerns. He couldn’t do it because of his love for specialty sausages. He loved his meat. Hitler WAS an anti-smoker, loved chocolate, and had all kinds of things in common with lots of people, which proves nothing. Yours is a desperate ploy, Mike, so transparent to those in the know.

  706. Vegetarians are all right as long as they aren’t cooking for me, more tasty animals for the rest of us. And as far as this “i want to be superior” lilah fool with rebar stuck up her? (i hope female) ass, she could use some meat, in the form of a big sloppy donkey dick. I didn’t see the classic bumper sticker mentioned in the other thread of “save a cow, eat a vegetarian”

  707. Aren’t you a clever thing. Haha! I really got to you, didn’t I?

    The “Eat People Not Animals” bumper sticker is the one for me. I got a little bit of the Hannibal Lecter in me (so technically I’m not really a vegetarian).

    I know your wife does those animal shows down in TJ, but that’s seriously not a normal part of life like she convinced you it was.

  708. If you people would quit bothering me with your rude, unfunny remarks, I would not continue to to post things that bother you. Again on the subject of Hitler:

    Robert Payne is Hitler’s definitive biographer. In his book, Hitler: The Life and Death of Adolph Hitler, Payne says that Hitler’s “vegetarianism” was a “legend” and a “fiction” invented by Joseph Goebbels, the Nazi Minister of Propaganda. According to Payne:

    “Hitler’s asceticism played an important part in the image he projected over Germany. According to the widely believed legend, he neither smoked nor drank, nor did he eat meat or have anything to do with women. Only the first (non-smoking) was true. …He had a special fondness for Bavarian sausages. His asceticism was fiction invented by Goebbels to emphasize his total dedication, his self-control, the distance that separated him from other men. …In fact he was remarkably self-indulgent and possessed none of the instincts of the ascetic.”

    Dione Lucas was a sort of precursor of the popular television ‘French’ chef, Julia Childe. During the 1930s, prior to her coming to the United States, she had worked as a chef at a hotel in Hamburg, where Adolph Hitler was one of her regular customers. She often cooked for Hitler. In her book, The Gourmet Cooking School Cookbook, she makes it clear that this despot was by no means the vegetarian Goebbel’s myth would have us believe. Writing of her recipe for stuffed squab, for example, she says:

    “I learned this recipe when I worked as a chef before World War II, in one of the large hotels in Hamburg, Germany. I do not mean to spoil your appetite for stuffed squab, but you might be interested to know that it was a great favorite of Mr. Hitler, who dined at the hotel often…”

  709. I just discovered this site a few days ago. I have looked at it thuroughly. You are, by leaps and bounds, the most insane person ever to write a post. What in the world is wrong with you? See the other vege’s lauging at themselves?

    My god, get a life. This is a satire site.

  710. Since you bothered me with your rude, unfunny remarks, you are telling everyone that you wanted more of my comments.

    If some hate-filled mouth-breather puts something in here that is untrue (it was probably you about Hitler, calling yourself Mike), there is nothing wrong with correcting it and providing proof. Any blog can have any type of comments in it at all, including your non-categorizable crap.

    I have an idea for you: When you see my name, don’t read what’s underneath it. That way you won’t have to be bothered by some non-satyrical truth and write your stupid reply to me, and I won’t have to communicate with you. How’s that?

    PS: If you consider yourself sane, then your calling me “the most insane person…” is the greatest compliment in the world.
    Thank you and
    B-Y-E .

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  712. Um, is this history class or a website blog?

  713. Ask “Mike” the dumb-ass who brought up Hitler.

  714. I have to admit, whether or not Hitler was vegetarian does not matter in the slightest to me. I can’t imagine why anybody would be interested in what Hussein ate either. Or Osama bin Laden. Or…

  715. Vegan…. Vegitarian.. thats for Wussys… Eat a Hamburger.. your Friggin Ancestors did. Heck I eat for all those poor Neadertaul Bastards that went without food for them cold winter spells… Nothing says Im a Man than eating a MED RARE Porter House steak with baked tater and Corn! Good Slogan…. Slap a Vegan and eat Meat!

  716. Godwin’s Law.

  717. Proofreader fee $100:

    Vegetarian … that’s … wussies … Heck, … Neanderthal … those cold winter spells … I’m … better than … porterhouse … etc.

    Even better slogan: Eat meat and get real stupid.

    Fuck off and die, Billy Toler. How’s that for a slogan?

    Slap me and you’ll get back a bloody stump.

  718. I ❤ vegetarianism

  719. i am so glad i dont know you

  720. Me too, butt munch.

  721. Just to further fan the flames, and to make a valid point. I recommend that Vegans watch “Something the Lord Made” starring Alan Rickman and Mos Def. It covers the real life story of Vivien Thomas and Alfred Blalock as they practiced open heart surgery on (some times on animals) in an attempt to help infants who suffered from Blue Baby Syndrome.

  722. You must be one of those bogus “scientists” who use animals in order to guarantee future work for yourself and others. Because somebody practiced on something does not mean they learned anything valid from that. Animal research is only a precursor to research on people, a way of getting people to think things are safer than they are and to avoid a lot of legal troubles when people are maimed, injured, killed, or simply not cured when undergoing experimental animal “tested” drugs and procedures. In human medicine, people are always the guinea pigs; animals are only used to keep people like you in business.

  723. Hey Rabidkeebler:
    This is a blog for people interested in vegan/vegetarianism, from vegans to meat-eaters, who just want to read/write some funny or interesting or whatever stuff on the topic: Stuff White People Like. Get off your soapbox and take your pro-animal-research vivisectionist crap somewhere else, preferably to Hell.

  724. all of you are the very worst.

  725. on February 11, 2009 at 11:22 am Plain White Wrapper

    Just for the record, I’m white and I cordially detest vegetarians…and I despise vegans. Firstly, from a strictly scientific standpoint, the human body needs a certain amount of animal proteins to perform at its optimal level. Look at your teeth, you have molars for starches/vegetal matter, and incisors and canines for proteins. Our digestive systems are geared for an omnivorous diet, we are smply not designed like the herbivores of the animal kingdom. In point of fact, it was our prehistoric ancestors’ addition of meat ot their diets that allowed us to evolve and increase body size/ brain size to that we have today.

    Secondly, on an emotional level, I like meat! Steaks are good, chicken is good bacon is good! Hell, like veal and don’t feel the least bit guilty about it. I like to hunt! I love to grill! And there’s not a damn thing wrong with it

    My problem with vegetarians/vegans is twofold. While I realize there are exceptions to every rule, for the most part I have found that a) vegans/vegetarians are insistent about forcing their beliefs down your throat, and b) when cofronted with scientific rebuttles to there arguements they refuse to listen. In fact the only good thing about this insufferable bunch is that they are generally so anemic that one can successfully kick their asses without braking a good sweat! And Mick, If one were to slap you, I doubt you would be able to get up in time to, ahem, “return a bloody stump” Bitch.

  726. One, not a scientist (at least not in the field that you think of).

    In terms of the people like you, who want to protect animals, willingly start sacrificing your bodies to science, and produce milk for cheese, milk, ice cream, etc, then it is all just a form of being hypocrites. It is easy to stand in the back, pretending to be righteous, while receiving the benefits of the sacrifice of the animals. But until you are willing to step up and replace them to help keep the study health and medicine going, then you honestly have no right to complain.

    I believe that animals are not like humans, thus things like this are appropriate. I also feel that it needs to be done in the most humane way possible.

    On another amusing side note, when PETA asked Ben and Jerry to switch to human milk, I was shocked that PETA didn’t volunteer to try and meet the quota that the dairy cows B&J gets its milk from. Again, it is simple to ask, it is another to actually provide.

    So Zoe, Plain White Wrapper, Honest Lilah, what medical procedures have you undergone so that an animal may be sparred?

  727. BTW do you know anyone who has received or is undergoing

    Chicken Pox
    Influenza B
    Hepatites A&B
    Whooping Cough
    Yellow Fever

    Anti-Inflamatory Drugs (Which I will admit to using)
    Pain Killers (The very basis for surgery of any kind, even if it doesn’t involve animals)

  728. Hey rabid, Plain White Wrapper is one of your people, so slow down and read so you two can kiss each others butts.

    Every time you reply to anyone with one of your deceptive rants, I will provide one more piece of evidence against animal testing. Here is the first one:

    92% of drugs tested safe & effective in animals fail during human trials, and over half of the approved 8% are soon withdrawn or relabeled due to severe side effects. Example 1:

    2000-2004: The anti-inflammatory VIOXX caused about 320,000 serious heart problems and 140,000 deaths worldwide, yet was not only safe but protective against heart problems in several different animal studies.

    I have lots more, so keep ’em coming.

  729. Well, you did it again, so I will too.

    Example 2 proving animal testing is unscientific and fraudulent and that people are always the guinea pigs:

    In March 2006 in London 6 drug trial participants testing the anti-inflammatory monoclonal antibody TGN1412 suffered multiple organ failure, nearly died and may all have permanent immune system damage after just one dose. Studies in mice, rats, rabbits, and monkeys showed the drug to be safe and effective, with the human deaths attributed to “a previously unknown biological effect on humans that did not arise in any of the animals testing phases.” TGN1412 had produced an anti-inflammatory suppressor T-cell response in all tested species. At 500x doses, even primates were safe from the effects of the drug.

    Keep ’em coming, rabid.

  730. Correction to above: TGN1412 had produced an inflammatory cascade of KILLER T-cell activity in humans, while in animals it had produced an anti-inflammatory response.

  731. Yes I know, we are such monsters!

  732. Coming from you, Plain White Wrapper, your detesting us is a compliment. If you believe there’s nothing wrong with your eating habits, why come in to a vegetarian blog, full of all this weird hate, and try to convince everyone? I’d think you would be more secure than that, being part of the majority and all. I have nothing to prove to you and don’t need to convince you I’m healthier as a veg. Go tell vegan Scott Jurek who won ultramarathons multiple times that he needs to change to your diet, as well as other top vegetarian athletes.

  733. Plain White Wrapper: I can see being neutral about vegans or being a little bothered or not interested, but to be this whacked out and hating so hard, there’s something else going on, but I don’t care what it is.

    How do you “cordially detest” someone? It’s spelled ‘vegetable’. It’s ‘their arguments’, and ‘breaking a good sweat’. Quite a few more mistakes in there too; what’s the matter, not enough sausage yesterday?

    Let’s us meet up, fucktard, and see who’s weak. I’m a weightlifter and kickboxer. Post your contact and we’ll meet up.

  734. Site manager: Why was my post with the 3 youtube links for vegan bodybuilder Robert Cheeke removed??? There’s nothing bad in them. I hope you’ll put it back in.

  735. thats a nice thing to say…….whats your iq? plants have feelings?? sounds like denial. i ate meat for 24 years and now i am a vegan. I remember i used to tell myself so many lies just so i could go on eating what i was. sounds like you.

  736. I am pretty sure the rising amount of meat consumption is due to China and the East Asian countries. I also don’t think you are serious.

  737. I am from Tennessee and I am a vegan, but you are right. Most people from the southern states love their pig corpses.

  738. Healthy.

  739. I think the best argument for being vegan is this: Our ancestors had to do what they had to to survive. If they had meat, they ate it, eggs, ate them, vegetables, fruits, grains, that too. We are extremely fortunate now, thanks mostly to technological advancement that we have the opportunity to choose what we eat, like nobody could before us. We also are much more intelligent and educated than our ancestors, and even our parents and grandparents. Thats not to say that they were stupid; they merely didn’t have the tools and chances that we are afforded today. So, the argument is anybody who would cause harm to another person, animal etc. without considering what it would be like to have that pain caused to themselves, is not thinking morally or spiritually at all. We have the ability to make the changes, now. It took me a long time to stop using animal products…..but every day that passes, I am glad I did.

  740. Isn’t there an age requirement for discussion? Just kidding…..maybe an iq requiremt, though…

  741. on February 12, 2009 at 7:40 pm Stay away from the blood...

    I don’t think that person “looks stupid” as you so delicately put it. I also don’t believe that your ancestors ate all sorts of red meat and were healthy.. How old were they when they passed away?? I mean, I suppose some people could live on high red meat diet and not get cancer…..but it shouldn’t be recommended. And, lastly, we don’t have any sharp teeth, dogs have sharp teeth….man that argument is old. As old as this guys “ancestors,” probably.

  742. on February 12, 2009 at 7:53 pm I disagree....

    You see, we are not omnivores, you may be one, but I am not. I believe that you are partially right, and partially wrong. We are given the tools to eat both anmals and plants. We are also given the reason to decide which is right, and which is best. Anyways, the way we eat meat, we don’t even need sharp teeth at all because we use tools, with our hands, like you wrote. We are able to eat pretty much whatever we like within reason……but that doesn’t mean that we should. Hey, if you are starving, eat an animal if thats all you got, but, if your not…..you may want to refrain…

  743. on February 12, 2009 at 7:56 pm I disagree....

    You know there are plenty of strong vegans and vegetarians out there…….just saying

  744. In 1889, Oscar Minkowski collaborated with Joseph von Mering in removing the pancreas from a dog to test its role in digestion. This lead to the discovery, back in 1889, that the pancreas played a role in Diabetes due to the sugar that suddenly appeared in the urine.

    Through many different researchers and scientists Frederick Banting, Charles Best, and James Collip discovered a way to get insulin using a fetal calf pancreas. In 1922 they saved the life of Leonard Thompson with insulin.

    None of this would have been discovered without the use of animals. Today we would have millions of children lying comatose in beds across the world, waiting to die, without the benefits of animal research and the creation of insulin. Again, if you know anyone who is on insulin, I guess you can tell them to go to hell, or you wished that they were sentenced to death.

  745. As for the people who had a negative reaction to the drug, think about it like this. Lets say animals were never used in the original testing of the drug. Then how do we know if a drug is safe for the general public to use?

    How do you propose, scientists discover new drugs? The only option I can think of is to test it on humans. Thus the same results would have occurred, only on a larger scale to receive results that could be used statistically to prove further research is warranted.

  746. It is absolutely unbelievable that you did not understand the information on TGN1412. It proves the OPPOSITE of what you say so clearly that I am stunned that you are still spouting that same stuff. WOW.

  747. Naturally, you would have to go back to 1889 to try to defend vivisection. In 1889, as today, animals were used to get people to allow themselves to be used as guinea pigs, with a false sense of assurance. If you want to be the first person to use a drug following animal studies, go for it; the track record for such people is absolutely terrible. The first human subjects undergoing insulin therapy were the guinea pigs and suffered terribly and even died, because animal data is not a scientific predictor of human data.

    This is how clinical research is done, which is the only valid type of research. We need to stop the archaic and evil practice of using animals:

    From the Diabetes Health Center on WebMD:
    Feb. 6, 2008 — Researchers abruptly halted part of a major diabetes trial Wednesday because of increased death rates in patients who got intensive treatment to lower their blood sugar.
    Researchers say they do not know the reasons for the deaths, which occurred in type 2 diabetes patients getting intensive treatment with multiple drugs for blood pressure, high cholesterol, and blood sugar. Parts of the trial evaluating less intensive treatment would continue, they say.
    “We did not anticipate the findings and in that sense we were surprised,” says Elizabeth G. Nabel, MD, director of the National Heart, Lung and Blood Institute, an arm of the National Institutes of Health that is leading the trial.
    The trial, known as the “Action to Control Cardiovascular Risk in Diabetes” trial, or ACCORD, was started in 2001 to test whether intensively lowering blood sugar in high-risk type 2 diabetes patients cuts their risk of cardiovascular events like heart attacks and strokes.
    But part of the 10,251-person trial was stopped after researchers saw 257 deaths in the group of patients undergoing intensive treatment to lower blood sugar control down to levels below current recommendations. That was compared with 203 patients who died while in standard, less intensive treatment… end of article excerpt.

    Insulin and other diabetes treatments only maintain diabetes, and it is an extremely unpleasant way to live. Preventing diabetes in the first place it what people should strive for, which brings us back to the topic of this blog:
    A 21-year study of 25,698 white Seventh Day Adventists showed that vegetarians’ risk of diabetes was less than one-half the risk for all US whites, with white male vegetarians having a substantially lower risk than non-vegetarian males. …From a 1985 article by Snowdon and Phillips.

  748. I’m Vegan have been for years and I’m six foot seven inches tall and fight MMA. I’m not in any way anemic and you could never kick my ass, I would take you down before you blink. I’m also a trained weapons specialist but I don’t hunt animals. Oh and I’m not white, yay lol, and I don’t force my vegan beliefs on anyone. You do what you want, why do I care? Just don’t attack who I am or what I do and we’re cool.

  749. Zoe you’re the coolest. Way to stand up for vegans and vegetarians alike. I don’t know why meat eaters have a problem with vegans, we’re giving them more meat to eat by not eating our share lol, they should thank us.

  750. I understand your point, and agree with it, but do you really have to brag about how tough you are in this environment? We can’t really verify anything you’ve stated. You can tell us a name, but we won’t be able to guarantee that you are (in fact) that person.

    Just like if I said “Well I’m 6’8″! I’m a Navy Seal and a Krav Maga instructor.”

  751. I have family members who take Coreg, Lisinorpil, and Lipitor. Every medication that is passed for human consumption has been tested on animals. You can point to one treatment or another. I can point to the shelf of the local Pharmacist for proof that it works.

    As for the “human testing” portion you discuss. You are basically saying we should just skip the animal testing and go straight to human testing?

    I’m still curious as your proposal for replacing animal testing? Lets say a bill was passed tomorrow banning all animal testing. How do you propose we test new medicines?

  752. You just don’t seem to get it, Rabidkeebler. Every new drug and procedure IS tested on humans. Again… here we go:

    1997—2001: Baycol, a cholesterol lowering drug was extensively tested in five animal species, then when the human experiments began, over 100 people were killed due to fatal muscle destruction before the study was halted. Rats, it turned out, were 200 times more resistant than humans were to Baycol’s deadly effects.

    What did all that animal testing tell them about what would happen in humans? NOTHING. But the researchers got paid for abusing and killing the animals, as always.

    Now, if people were on low-fat, high fiber vegetarian diets and led healthy lifestyles, most would never “need” cholesterol lowering drugs.

    Personally, I keep drugs to a bare minimum, only for temporary use and when absolutely necessary. I try to stay healthy to avoid chemical/medical intervention.

    Animal testing needs to be eliminated, not replaced. I have a book of drugs for dogs, and several of them warn that people or cats are not to be given the drug because they are damaging or deadly for them, but not for dogs. That can all be learned through careful clinical research on the intended species. Animals in cages in labs should be an abhorrent thing of the past.

  753. please, vegans are not all white. what about buddhists? i know several hispanics that are some form of vegan.

    living a vegan lifestyle, respecting all living beings and mother earth, while avoiding most serious health issues, is basically just being smarter.. so if only white people are vegan, i guess it is therefore because they are smarter in general 🙂

  754. I’m a vegetarian because I just don’t like the taste of meat. Is that a problem or what?

  755. w/e man. i’m white and i think vegans are pretty stupid and know many many many other whites that can’t stand any color vegan.

  756. Aren’t they just terrible? They actually care about animals and their health and have the willpower to resist all the pressure to conform and all the hating from people like you. They’re so heinous! And you, on the other hand, such an outstanding example of humanity, a gift to the world …OMG …LMAO!

  757. If you knew anything about the meat/dairy industry you’d realize what a crock of shit this item is. At least vegans/vegetarians are trying to lessen suffering in the world while you….blog.

  758. No, you don’t quite get it. Every drug past has been tested on animals successfully. But due to those tests, human testing is different.

    If we remove the animals from the equation, that means testing on humans will be much more expanded than what it is now. Not only that, but that the deaths/blindness/etc would all be increased on the human population.

    Besides, you are decidedly vague on how to do proper tests. I think, if you are going to carry this argument further, you need to create a more detailed program in which testing is to occur. The problem is I doubt you carry a degree in medicine, statistics, or science. Which means your knowledge in things like research and manufacturing/testing of chemicals is weak.

    Testing on animals has proven too much. You cite individual cases, I point to the 2008 edition of Pharmaceuticals as proof of the contrary (worked on animals, performed the same function on humans).

    Don’t forget, these drugs that we take today not only did not kill the animals they were tested on, but showed the same affects they have on humans now. This shows that there is a connection between humans and animals.

  759. agreed 🙂

  760. You are simply wrong. Here is yet another example of the failure of animal testing, and how humans are also the victims:

    From 1993 – 2000: Animal-tested heartburn drug Propulsid caused over 300 deaths (THESE ARE THE PEOPLE YOU CLAIM TO CARE ABOUT, RABIDKEEBLER!…300+ OF THEM!) Many were young children. Like the allergy drugs Seldane (1992) and Hismanal (1999), Propulsid caused fatal heart rhythm disorders.

    You make to sense at all in your defense of animal research. It seems like a religion to you, something you have blind faith in. But we are winning.

    Just today I learned that the University of Michigan, due to the public’s concerns, has stopped using live dogs in their Trauma training program. They will now use “Trauma Man,” a life-like simulated HUMAN body. Almost all medical schools have now abandoned the absurd and extremely cruel practice of using animals to teach HUMAN medicine.

    It’s called progress…That’s what people are supposed to do.

  761. You make *no* sense at all…

  762. Boy you are a pretentious prick aren’t you? I dont think that I have seen a more self-righteous post.

    News: You aren’t doing shit to alleviate anyones suffering by eating tempeh instead of a steak burrito.

    You can remove yourself from that pedestal any time you feel like it.

    Enjoy those vitamin B12 tablets.

  763. CN is absolutely right, nothing pretentious about that comment at all. You, on the other hand, are an arrogant, cruel fool. Oh, and guess what?… Your insecurity is showing. With vegetarians being a small portion of the population, why are you so bothered by us? It seems like an obsession with you. Enjoy your increased risk for the deadly diseases, Chucky, and I’ll continue to enjoy all that great veggie food.

  764. One post is an “obsession” acording to Laura the vegetarian whom is living in her own psuedo intellectual, custom tailored reality. But wait….she is waaay to strident to be a simple veg. She is clearly a member of the most irritating, pretentious, and insufferable breed of vegetarian of all…..THE VEGAN!! (Insert dramatic “dah dah DAAAHHHH” music here)

    By the way, I dont hate anyone. (Well thats not true, but I dont hate vegetarians.) Furthermore, I dont hate your lifestyle. What I do hate is that some of you claim, rather loudly – in the most pious way I might add – to have the answer to human nutrition. That, even in iteslf, is not that bad. Atkins did it for years. However, much like the religious fanatics 99.8% of you people dispise, (lets be honest, most of you are FLAMING liberals) you try to ram this bullshit down our throat by peppering “non-believers” with your misinformed, self serving, half-truth nuggets of information you got from some obscure article or blog that may or may not exist anymore…. at any and all opportunities. Thats bad. But perhaps the most unendurable trait of you zealotus vegetarians is that you publicly claim that in some way, you are saving the planet, and therefore humanity. That is probably the most ludicrus notion outside of Al Gore’s claim that he invented the internet.

    Good luck with your therepist Laura, I truly hope things work out you.

  765. Whatever smokes your shorts, Chucky. For someone that doesn’t hate vegetarians, you sure sound hostile. I am anything but a liberal, but if if makes you feel better to say I am, you go right ahead.

    I claim to have the answer to MY nutrition, and am very happy being vegetarian. You don’t seem to be very happy being a meat eater, so why don’t you try something else? I also don’t claim to be saving the planet; that’s way beyond my capabilities.

    Speaking of therapy, I hope your overblown tirade against me did something beneficial for you, though I don’t know what that might be. I’ve never had a therapist, but have been thru some things in life that you probably wouldn’t imagine. I live under the credo: What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger. All the anti-vegetarian mumbo-jumbo from people like you only makes my commitment stronger.

    I wish you peace of mind.

  766. i agree w/ chucky.
    also…people like you piss meat eaters off and make them want to eat meat even more.
    but you can’t make me feel guilty b/c i actually know how they slaughter the meat that i eat, and have safe meat to eat. the butcher i go to actually takes care of the animals and does not stun the animals before slaughtering them. if you kill them correctly and not like an amateur or through stunning then the animal actually doesn’t feel any pain [there have been several studies on this].. and you don’t have to deal w/ the excessive hormones in the meat like how stunned animals tend to have. which i agree is not healthy at all. you can try to prove me wrong, but i’ve seen it, and have read enough about it to know what i am actually talking about…you are only repeating what that cult peta has driven into your head.

  767. i think you are not really understanding what he is saying. he doesn’t hate vegetarians or vegans. he hates the fact that many [not all] vegans/vegetarians are constantly on rants about how meat eaters choose to live their lives. i know lots of vegan and vegetarians…majority of them actually happen to be hindu and have religious reasons why they decided to be vegan or vegetarian, and I have no issues w/ any of it…and they NEVER ever make me feel guilty about what i decide to eat. what people don’t appreciate about SOME vegans/ vegetarians is their “holier than though” attitude about it. Just like how you exhibited by saying “Enjoy your increased risk for the deadly diseases”…was that really necessary? no it really wasn’t …i get it you felt his comment was “rude” or whatever, but he was speaking the truth he and many many others who choose to have a different choice in diets don’t like having to be bothered about how we like to eat meat.
    If you want to be vegan or vegetarian for whatver the reason may be…that’s great…it’s not a big deal really. but to go around making others who are not, is just unfair and not needed. CN and you…is exactly what this post is about….and it’s really annoying.

  768. that isn’t the point of this post. the point of this post is about the “white people” who are vegan and have that “holier than though” attitude about it.

  769. that isn’t the point of this post. the point of this post is about the “white people” who are vegan and have that “holier than though” attitude about it.

    seriously are any of you guys actually READING any of these posts or just the title?

  770. see that is EXACTLY what people can’t stand about a lot of vegans. we get it you are vegan, you’re better then everyone else that eats animals…
    -rolls eyes-

  771. I LOVE being mostly vegan. I eat lots of great food that I never appreciated before; my blood pressure is 115/80; I look and feel 10 years younger than I am; I have lots of energy; and no poor miserable animal has his throat slit while hanging upside down thrashing and bleeding to death to feed me. I’m so annoying to you, and I don’t care. Get over it.

  772. if you’re vegan good for you, if you’re not good for you. stop worrying about other people and worry about yourself, just because you don’t eat meat doesn’t give you the right to judge meat eaters as evil.

  773. People have the right to judge anything they want as anything they want. They don’t need your permission. BTW, take your own advice.

  774. Yeah actually Bob(the guy in the picture) isn’t white. Although that’s not what really matters. It’s obvious that you don’t really know any vegans. I don’t make some big deal about being vegan, there is something i personally don’t want to participate in so i don’t(whether or not it makes some huge difference) and really it’s not that hard. I understand that a lot of people don’t agree with me and i don’t go out of my way to talk about veganism with people i know don’t want to hear about it. I’m sorry if you were harassed by someone from PETA but that’s not my fault. Talk about a holier-than-thou attitude maybe you should read your own blog sometime.

  775. ugh…I tried living with a vegan…biggest mistake ever. what a freak.

  776. Yeah, he or she did make the biggest mistake ever, lol!

  777. Yes, most vegans are terrible.

  778. Most of the vegans/vegetarians I know are delightful, interesting, intelligent people. Why don’t you mind your own business.

  779. People have the right to judge anything they want as anything they want. They don’t need your permission. BTW, take your own advice.

  780. I am minding my own business. This is my business, being vegan and all. BTW, imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. So thanks! …Glad you liked my comment.

  781. you’re welcome bb

  782. 😉 Good night.

  783. This list is hilarious, but it should be titled “Stuff that White Liberals Like”…..

  784. I’ve never heard of a vegan living into their 100s. All that effort and you still die eventually just like the rest of us.

    tsk tsk tsk

  785. Okay well, firstly, I agree with hmmm on this. Most of the white vegan/vegetarians I know always brag about it. Whereas, most of the Hindu friends I have who are vegetarian or don’t eat red meat don’t brag about it. When we go places, they will just say, “No thank you, I don’t eat meat” instead of “I am offended that you think I would possibly eat meat. I am not an animal killer like you!” which is essentially what all the vegans in these comments would say. Basically, what I’m trying to say is if everybody knows that you’re a vegetarian from the moment they meet you, UR DOIN IT RONG!

  786. I grew up in a farming community with various feedlots and dairies as my neighbors. I’ve seen the meat and dairy industry up close and personal, and can tell you that all the stuff PETA crams down your throat about abuse is widely exaggerated.

    Yes, I eat meat.
    And no, I don’t feel one bit guilty about it.

  787. I always say that, Kristina, out of the blue for no reason at all. In a department store, people look at me kinda funny, but I just give them the evil eye. Just Kidding! But you sure have a warped view of veggies — I’ve never witnessed anything like that, nor said anything remotely similar in 23 years. I answer tactless, obnoxious questions in as few words as possible and change the subject, because to argue with antis is absolutely pointless.

  788. The overwhelming stench in those communities alone is enough to know something is very wrong, and it’s not the animals’ faults, it’s totally on people. My vegetarianism has nothing to do with PETA; nobody crams anything down my throat, thank you. Watch The Animals Film from 1982 if you want to see the truth. Here’s a link to the trailer: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xjRi_pcuzDM&feature=channel_page

  789. I don’t know which farming communities you’ve visited, but they generally don’t have “overwhelming stench”.

    By the way, about that video, propaganda and sensationalism doesn’t equal truth. You can find “bad apples” in any group: farmers, cops, pastors, etc. That doesn’t mean it’s the norm.

  790. Anyone who’s ever driven through a feedlot or slaughterhouse area knows that the stench is widespread and noxious; no animal lives like that in nature, ever. I’ve heard the “bad apples” argument for ages now; I’ve yet to see a “good apple” in the animal slaughter industry, said industry having written the book on propaganda. No thanks, omnivore, I’m not buying it.

  791. Of course if you have animals, they will poop. Poop gives off some odor, but not “widespread stench”. And those animals are often out to pasture, not just in the feedlot their whole lives.

    If you’re so concerned about things being like they are “in nature”, then get rid of all your worldly possessions and run around naked in the woods, eating only what you can catch. Newsflash, our human world isn’t “natural”.

    Sorry, but you obviously don’t know much about farming and ranching. Don’t feel bad, a lot of people are ignorant on the subject. But you are talking on a subject you have very limited knowledge on.

  792. Congratulations! You’ve just shown how much better you are than me. So knowledgeable and witty. Gee, I feel bad…

    When it’s convenient, meat eaters always like to pull out the “animals eat other animals in nature” excuse. But when that’s not convenient it’s “our human world isn’t natural.”

    I know a lot about “farming,” and live 50 miles from a cattle feedlot district. And the whole area stinks like hell, always, and we’ve driven thru there many times. Where they grow crops to feed people, however, it smells good or not at all.

    It really is pointless to argue though, so go ahead and get in your last word. I won’t be replying.

  793. Um… animals DO eat other animals in nature. And humans are physiologically omnivores. I don’t understand why think facts to be “excuses” just because you don’t agree with them.

    By the animal, animal farms and crop farms are often right next to each other, so I find it amusing that you think you can tell such a difference in intertwined. A lot of people have both animals and crops, and move the animals into a fenced-in cut crop after harvest for a few months.

    Did you know if everyone were a vegetarian or vegan, the world population would starve? We don’t have the ability to grow enough crops to keep keep everyone fed. There are areas where the soil isn’t ideal for farming, those areas are often where animal farms get put in. Also, if we tore up all the pasture land to try to make room for more crops, it would negatively effect the wild animal population. (Tilling up the land every year destroys the homes of any animals who had moved into the crop land.) Now I’m not saying crop farming is bad, it’s a necessity just like animal farming.
    Livestock grazing is good for the soil:

    I assume because of the video link you mentioned that you think farm animals get abused. I can’t say it never happens, because almost any time you say “never”, you can find at least one example. (Again, there are bad apples in every group.) But the majority of people aren’t animal abusers. Many country vets are on-call 24/7, if you call them at 2 in the morning because you’ve having problems with an animal, they’ll see the animal right then. If farmers didn’t care about the well-being of their animals, do you think they’d be such a demand for vets in rural areas? Many vets specialize in livestock and horses.

    And it isn’t in the best interest of farmers to abuse their animals. Speaking financially, farmers want to keep their livestock healthy. And beating animals ruins the meat. Where I grew up, the highway patrol keeps a list of people wanting deer hit by cars. (Deer gets hit, driver reports it, highway patrol goes down the list and sees who can pick it up within 15-30 minutes time.) Does the person picking it up get a full deer worth of meat? Nope, a lot of it is ruined because it was struck. Same principal applies to livestock, if they are beaten, the meat in the bruised area will be no good. If a company keeps getting bruised-up no-good meat, they aren’t going to keep buying from that individual. because they are losing money

    I have nothing against vegetarians or vegans, it’s a personal choice, eat whatever you like. However, I don’t like false information being spread.

  794. I really enjoy meat in my diet. BUT.. i do strive to eat less of it as I dont agree with the idea as every other living creature on earth being only a commodity for humans.
    Most animals die painful deaths after a lifetime of trauma for our disassociated need for a a chicken nugget or a steak sandwich.
    Could you kill to eat? Slit the throat of a cow and watch it bleed to death? Could you keep a bobby cow restrained without movement and sunlight for its entire short life and then kill it so you can have a nice veal? Could you skin and animal for your own leather shoes? if Yes, good for you. If no, then maybe you should question why you let them be a part of your life. Disassociation is ignorance in action.
    Its the disconnection of the living being that makes meat in our society wrong.
    I agree that alot of vegans and vegetarians are judgmental. But I also agree that people like bacon and don’t want to know about the inhumane suffering of that creature cause it spoils their appetite. Jeeezzzzz!

    WATCH THIS… http://video.google.com/videoplay?docid=801102045106765290&hl=en

    … and enjoy your bacon.

  795. WHO CARES?? ..Mike, you are the epitome of ignorance.

  796. I always just say “no thank you” when offered something I don’t eat. Heck… half the people I work with still don’t know I’m vegetarian and I’ve gone to lunch with most of them!

  797. What do you call a vegan who’ve reached old age?


  798. Considering the fact that veganism has only been gaining in popularity for about the last 25 years, and that most of us from then were in our 20’s and now in our 40’s or 50’s, with more young people going vegan/vegetarian now than ever before, your comment is meaningless, uh huh, except for being nasty and rude. It would be interesting to do a study to see what makes so many meat eaters so nasty and rude.

  799. Really? You’re going to be all uppity like that? I eat right because it helps offset the effects of smoking a pack a day on my internal organs, but vegetarianism and veganism CANNOT get your body all the nutrients you need without supplements. It’s a stupid excuse for people to have a superiority complex. Thank you for another great article, “Stuff White People Like!”

  800. Uppity? I go to my email to find this?

    The sausage, cola and twinkie diet is the one that needs all the supplementation.

    That pack a day is really great for your lungs and arteries, John. A bacon cheeseburger a day will give you plenty of B12.

    Quit bugging me.

  801. on March 15, 2009 at 6:23 pm The only black chick on this site

    Vegetarianism is okay, but vegan-ism just isn’t healthy. I know a lot of vegans and all of them are too skinny and they just look really weak. I can understand not wanting animals to die for humans’ sake but honestly, humans do not have the digestive system to eat nothing but plants and certain fungi. So if y’all don’t mind, I’m going to go eat a nice big juicy COW!

  802. I eat way more than plants and “certain fungi,” and I’m not skinny or weak. Please stop lying. Do you call Russell Simmons, Barry White, Coretta Scott King, Vanessa Williams, or Leona Lewis, to name a few, skinny and weak? All vegans.

  803. Before you start in about Barry White dying at 58 from kidney failure due to years of high blood pressure, it was not his veganism that caused that, it was decades of being very heavy, which can happen even to a vegan, but is pretty rare.

  804. And all monied and with better things to worry about than cooking their own food. It’s hard as hell to be a vegan on a normal grocery budget if you, say, work and go to school full time like I do. I don’t have 4 hours a night to prepare my meals and an extra $3 to spend on fake cheese when the real stuff is on sale and tastes better.

    If veganism is so natural, then why is there no such thing as any native culture that is vegan and uses no animal products? EVERY culture uses meat, some forms of dairy, wool, silk, leather, or fur, etc. The DALAI LAMA is not a vegan, and I don’t presume to know more about the prevention of suffering than his Holiness.

    My parents were farm people, whereas I was raised in the City, but because I have a real understanding of where my food comes from, I have no trouble with the idea of killing my own food and have gone plenty of times with my other to pick out a fresh chicken to be slaughtered…

    From a young age, I knew that the chicken in the neat little packages in the supermarket came from a bird that was alive, and it doesn’t faze me one bit because it’s FOOD and everything has to die at some point. Chickens and cows “rescued” from slaughter will still have to die at some point, same as I will. Do you just want to live in harmony with the animals, just keeping them around as pets and hanging out, wearing plastic shoes whose production pollutes the air and water just as much as farming or any other indsutry?

    Last I checked we live in the post-industrial era and more ppl live in increasingly more urbanized areas as opposed to on farms and in rural locations. Should we all just adopt livestock as pets? Replace my dog with a goat? I don’t think the landlord will go for that. So if we shouldn’t eat animals, what do we do with them? Do you have a system in place to care for them? A place to put them A reason to do so?

    If you wanna keep an animal as a pet (like my sister and her chicken Gallina Nina), it’s a pet; if it’s not a pet, it’s fair game to be food.

    Vegans all concerned with the rights of the animals they’re NOT eating (and also not saving, b/c someone else will eat them and factory farming is a HUGE powerful industry, so as long as they can post profits, it will exist) should be HALF as concerned about the rights of the migrant workers picking the lettuce for their salads.

  805. Wow, you’re not very snugly, SnuggleBunny.

    Question for ya: Why does it bother you so much that other people choose to be vegan/vegetarian? It shouldn’t be a concern of yours. It’s not difficult, I love it and have been doing it a long time, and I’m not “monied.”

    My grandparents were farm people, so what’s that supposed to mean? You’re arguments seem desperate.

    If you’re so concerned with what native cultures do, live like a cave man for all I care, but stop pestering people who choose to move away from a life based on cruelty to animals. It benefits us spiritually and physically, so get over it and leave us alone.

    Sure, everyone dies, but not everyone gets to “live” a hellish existence in a factory farm before they are mercilessly slaughtered.

    If we didn’t eat them, we would stop breeding them; it’s not rocket science. I don’t think you have to worry about that though. Meat eaters will probably be the majority until the end of the world, which can’t get here soon enough for me, thanks to people like you. I can live with neutral or supportive meat eaters, but you anti-vegan activists really are insufferable.

    Do you mean to tell me you don’t eat salad? If you ever do, you’d better apologize and show concern for those migrant workers! What is this nonsense you’re writing?

    Please, stop pestering me.

  806. uh, two out of your four examples are DEAD (Barry White and Coretta Scott King).

    Not to good examples in defending the benefits of veganism.

  807. You used Barry White and Coretta Scott King as examples of people who were vegans. They are now dead.

    So what do you call their demise? Time off for good behavior?

  808. sounds like the perverbial ‘doctor’s excuse/reason’:

    the patient died but we cured his disease. And how do you know that veganism did not have a hand in his death?

    “Pretty rare” is not the same as never.

  809. They did not die of veganism, and everyone dies. They were admirable human beings, that was my point. I had 2 meat eating uncles that died before the age of 50 of heart attacks — Not too good an example for meat eating, to use your own logic.

  810. First you say we’re skinny and weak, then criticize us because a few vegans are fat. Look up vegan bodybuilding and vegan athletes for some very impressive people. You antis are really insufferable.

  811. They did not die of veganism, and everyone dies. They were admirable human beings, that was my point. I had 2 meat eating uncles that died before the age of 50 of heart attacks — Not too good an example for meat eating, to use your own logic.

  812. there are people who lived into their nineties and even over 100 years who were meat eaters. No vegans have made it that far (yet).

    Only time will tell.

  813. I, uh, never stated any of what you’ve said. All I said was that the two vegans you used as examples were dead.

    I have no issues with vegans or vegatarianism. But i do like my steak (with my veggies, of course).

  814. Thanks for at least not calling me bee…. (remember me from the Asian Girls site?) I used to love you. What happened??!!

    You only mentioned the 2 vegans who are deceased: White at 58 and King at 78. What about the other 3 vegans: Russell Simmons, Leona Lewis, and Vanessa Williams? There are many more. Look up Linda Blair photos; she’s 50 and looks better now than when she was a teenager: VEGAN. And Prince, who could almost pass for a teenager at 50: Vegan/vegetarian.

    Here’s a story for you if all that matters is longevity: China’s happy vegetarian turns 120 – Celebrating her birthday Saturday with dozens of relatives and locals in the city of Leshan, Sichuan province, Du Pinhua said she has been vegetarian for her whole life, China Daily reported Wednesday. (Don’t know what year that article was.)

    Take that, you antis!

  815. For the BEST MJ in NYC & the borough’s check out this delivery service i found.

    email mikeymoscow@gmail.com for everything you want to know.

  816. uh, two out of your four examples are DEAD (Barry White and Coretta Scott King).

    Not to good examples in defending the benefits of veganism.

  817. You copied uh huh… so original. I knew an avid meat eater named Dewey who dropped dead of a heart attack at 48, and several others who died very young. So what? BTW, I’m not clicking on your green hhy link, as it could be a trick.

    You only mentioned the 2 vegans who are deceased: White at 58 and King at 78. I never said vegans are immune to death. What about the other 3: Russell Simmons, Leona Lewis, and Vanessa Williams? There are many more. Look up Linda Blair photos; she’s 50 and looks better now than when she was a teenager: VEGAN. And Prince, who could almost pass for a teenager at 50: Vegan/vegetarian.

    Here’s a story for you if all that matters is longevity:
    China’s happy vegetarian turns 120 – Celebrating her birthday Saturday with dozens of relatives and locals in the city of Leshan, Sichuan province, Du Pinhua said she has been vegetarian for her whole life, China Daily reported Wednesday. (Don’t know what year that article was.)

    How’s that for repetition?

  818. you are right. There is nothing wrong with eating meat.

    What is wrong, is the utterly deplorable way humans raise, keep and slaughter food animals. Animals raised for food are simply commodities to us. This is like slavery.
    Why can we not show more respect for all of life? not just human. This is speciesim. It’s no better than racism. These are innocent creatures who we exploit.

    I eat meat, not much, but i eat it sometimes. I choose organic meat, thats humanly killed, and that have had healthy happy lives untill they died for my need.
    I will support farms that choose this way to raise and kill this way because i think that is the right thing to do.

    WATCH THIS………. http://video.google.com.au/videosearch?q=earthlings&hl=en&emb=0&aq=-1&oq=#

  819. I am not starting any wars with you Laura. Veganism, along with religion and babies are too touchy a subjects for to be humorous.

    uh huh….. humbly bows out of this subject (now this is a first for me!)

  820. With the human population being what it is (nearing 7 billion) and growing steadily, intensive factory farming can only keep getting worse, unless vegetarianism becomes more the norm. That’s why we “try to shove our morals down people’s throats” by trying to inform them and getting attacked for it.

    The 3 stages of truth: Denial, violent opposition, acceptance.

    Less abusive, organic farms cannot supply the world with meat, but only the few who care and can afford the higher price. I once saw, in person, a very lovable goat get slaughtered, and that goat had a fairly decent life. It was in the 1970s and I will never forget it. That’s what planted the seed for me to become veg later.

    Cutting back is good, eliminating is better. Besides, I love vegetarian food and it makes me healthy.

  821. on March 19, 2009 at 1:12 pm SnuggleBunny

    I’m well aware of the hardships of other life forms, but I’m not crying about them because self righteous condescending speeches to ppl who consume commercially grown food don’t in any way shape or form alleviate the suffering of of others. So, yeah, actually, as a Hispanic, I do feel for the plight of migrant workers and their low wages, their lack of education for their children, their poor working conditions, and lack of healthcare. Am I gonna stop eating because of it? Uh, no, because I can’t and I’m not a farmer, so I have to get my food from somewhere, meaning it limits the control I have over the source of my food.
    If you’re not growing your own food, someone or something is being exploited to bring it to you, b/c that’s how ppl MAKE MONEY. Exploitation of land, animals, and humans began waaaaay before my great great great great grandparents were born, and I’m not out preaching to ppl that they should start moving to farms to grow their own food b/c migrant workers are being exploited the way PREACHY (specifically preachy) vegans are constantly yelling at people who are omnivores that they’re destroying the planet.

    Like farming is the only thing screwing with the earth. How about all the ecosystems destroyed to bring all those nice little suburban subdivisions to the masses?
    How about the natural cycle of global warming and cooling?
    How about overpopulation?
    Etc, etc.

    I’m not anti-vegan (actually, a well known vegan activist here in NYC is a very good friend of mine), and she doesn’t preach at me all day because I love sushi. No one is pestering you for your choices, but why do you feel the right to pester someone else for theirs? I don’t get that persecuted feeling that makes touchy ppl think it’s ok to go on a personal crusade to tell ppl who never asked you what’s wrong with their lives/diets/religious beliefs/sexual orientation/choice of shoes!?! For someone so concerned with the well being of others, you’re awfully judgMENTAL and absolutist.

    So in your opinion is eating meat wrong, PERIOD, or is eating meat within the context of a factory farming market system wrong? Because this is a uniquely FIRST WORLD ethical quandary. In developing nations, because ppl are responsible for their own food source and because they’re so damn poor, there is not ethical quandary over this, nor are there any choices to go to Whole Foods. Do you think these ppl raising and eating cattle and using them for dairy products in a way that only provides enough support for them and their imediate family are EVIL because they eat meat?

    You’ve never clarified, explained, or supported any of your statements other than to fingerpoint, name call, or preach. So what’s your point, exactly? And would you care to explain what your viewpoint is within the parameters laid out above, regarding ALL consumption of meat?


    Lady, please, save me the dramatics. I think I raised a perfectly valid point in mentioning that there is no such thing as a native vegan culture. Why do you automatically imply that means savagery and cave man-ism? Can you get over your ethnocentric American attitude for a minute and think about what I’m trying to say about the natural relationship that humans have had to animals since we began to walk upright AND what food means to culture and tradition as a way of connecting to a unique human experience? We’re talking tradition, culture, history, and basic survival of humans.

    Was it ALWAYS wrong to eat it? IS it always wrong to eat meat? is it wrong for just the ppl who consume it in massive quantity without any regard to where it comes from? Get specific.

    FYI, I’m a perfectly healthy occasional poultry/fish eater who happens to be MOSTLY vegetarian in the first place, so who or what are you demonizing because someone doesn’t feel the need to force a host, let’s say, to prepare a completely different meal for them b/c they can’t sleep at night thinking about the agony of that poor chicken? Do you stay up all night after watching the news, too, thinking about the awful things that humans do to each other for worse things than food, or does your concern only extend to fuzzy things that make you feel better about your inability to make real change in a world that’s wacky?

    PS–I may not be that snuggly to you, but also I’m definitely not as crazy as you. Step down on the defensiveness and read what ppl are actually writing, and maybe you’d see more actual dialogue on the subject instead of opening yourself up to “vegan bashing”. I think more ppl would be open to the message were it not delivered in such a preachy, ugly fashion. Sheesh.

  822. Your overblown tirade doesn’t deserve a reply. I get along very well with all kinds of people in daily life, and the only time I “preach” is when someone like you begs for it.

    What business is it of yours if people are vegan and talk about it? If you’re so sure of yourself, just ignore us. What is your problem? I just re-read all my statements in here, and none of them are “ugly,” however yours are, extremely so.

    I’ll ask you again to quit bothering me. I’m subscribed to this blog so get emails when there’s a reply. I do not want to hear from you again. Good bye.

  823. on March 19, 2009 at 1:50 pm SnuggleBunny

    Soooooo, what you’re saying is that you can’t clarify if you think that meat is wrong in all instances or just within the context of the factory farming market that is prevalent in the First World?

  824. You’re pretending to care what I think, so you can again try to hold me up as your “straw man.” See my comment from yesterday at 10:48am. Over & out for today.

  825. on March 19, 2009 at 2:37 pm SnuggleBunny

    I had no idea what I was doing, thank you for telling me. Actually, I’m asking because I specifically mentioned this as a First World ethical quandary and because if it only applies to factory farming nations, then it means that it’s *not* inherently evil to kill or consume an animal or any products derived from it b/c it’s ok if other ppl do it. Which means it’s not an absolute right or wrong, it’s situational and applies to those guilty of the most use/abuse, no?

    My question arises from wondering if your position is one that implies specific responsibility to refrain from consumption by those who do it, or by everyone?

    Which, to me, begs the question if the lifestyle is in fact a moral imperative that applies across the board (making it an imperative as a human, which means that NO ONE in any situation should consume or use animals), as opposed to a suggested reparative action by denizens of the privileged First World to make up for all of the use and abuse of animals that goes on in order to supply their demands.

    That’s why I asked if your viewpoint applies only to factory farming areas like the US or Britain or to all animal use and consumption in all areas of the world. So is it right for EVERYONE, or is it the right thing WE should do?

    That’s my question. Is veganism your (plural) position to the world as an answer to environmental problems and as a moral imperative, or just to someone who might have had bacon with breakfast, a cheeseburger for lunch, and will bring home a steak for dinner in their SUV?

    I don’t have time to ask questions I don’t want to hear the answers to, Laura. I’m trying to do the actual debate thing. If you would CARE to answer, that would be welcomed. If not, I’m not “bothering” you, I’m asking you to defend your position, but if you prefer to end dialogue, I won’t comment again b/c it would be a waste of time.

  826. on March 20, 2009 at 4:48 pm Tanner Dieppa

    All I have to say is this: I eat meat, it tastes great and I’m healthy and in shape and rarely get sick so… I’m not going to stop eating meat any time soon lest I break out in vaginas.

  827. Carl Lewis – World Class Athlete – Black – VEGAN

  828. “White people” (usually) like meat. End of discussion.

  829. Ok. as far as our health is concerned, you can be healthy simply by being aware of what you eat and/or just eating with some sense. I do eat meat and the only reason that I don’t stick to a vegatarian/vegan diet is because my own will won’t allow me.

    Obviously if you eat so much one food, it becomes difficult to digest something else. Now, I’m very thin; this is mainly due to my metabolism. The reason some vegan/vegatarian are healthy is because their aware of what their eating. The reason that they are fat is because of the starches. A meat eater can be healthy if they simply balance their diet as should a veggie person, of course without giving up their beliefs.

    As far as the moral issue is concerned i’ll stay neutral. Both parties continue to make a considerable points with this issue. So I belive if we consider what we eat their is no harm.

    If you are vegan/vegatarian I have no problem with it, the same respect also goes to the meat-eater.

  830. on March 25, 2009 at 7:30 am Ceil the vegetable

    I’m a vegetarian, and I’m white. Just wanted to get that over with.

    Now to be clear. Vegetarians really don’t care all that much if meat eaters drop dead of heart attacks or cancer.

    We have informed you, and you continue to eat meat. Hey, no problem. I mean, we told you about the money you’re wasting in health care and environmental consequences. But you’re an adult. You have the unalienable right to decide to do, you know, whatever. Smoke. Binge drink. We’re not your mother.

    Meat eaters always get defensive around vegetarians, and they start reaching for what little knowledge they have gleaned from “Supersize Me” and the USDA food pyramid. It’s ok. We don’t care that much.

    When we said we were vegetarians, we just meant, “Hey, thanks for offering me a burger, but I’m good.” We didn’t mean to activate your guilt center.

  831. Shut up Laura. Spread your idiocy somewhere else.

  832. Wow, I had shut up since March 19, but you brought me back in here. What’s the matter, was your guilt center activated?(thanks, Ceil the Vegetable). Who do you think you are, telling me what to do and calling me an idiot? What’s aaaaa stand for? amoral asinine antagonistic anti-vegan airhead? Go pound sand.

  833. hahaha go pound sand? that’s the most hilarious insult i have ever heard!.

    also: you’re a noob. get out.

    before you ask, bbbbb stands for ” you’re morals are fucking retarded”

  834. Any insult from you is a compliment. I had “gotten out” for almost a week, but you called me back in. Why? Are you FANSH?

    The Urban Dictionary definition of “noob” says: Anyone can call anyone a noob, but normally they are noobs themselves. I’m just saying what I read.

    You sound like a nasty and miserable person. Why is that? If you just need a vegetarian to vent on, you need to do some soul searching.

  835. I didn’t bring you anywere. I told you to shut up and your horrible vegan ass hauled itself over here to deposit more shit.

    I also don’t have a “guilt center”. Biology: 1, Laura: 0.

    It doesn’t stand for anything you berk, i pressed the “a” key 5 times.

  836. You are horrible. I hope you change. You have way too much anger against someone who never even addressed you until you started it. It is now finished as far as I’m concerned.

  837. BTW, I realized just now that it must be you, NM/FANSH. I’m sorry that I offended you and made you angry in the other blog; it was in reaction to being offended & angered by you. But I’m over that. Peace to you.

  838. F*** THAT!
    If aaaaa is NM/FANSH, Do NOT apologize!

    Tell him to suck on a raw carrot, wipe those girly tears away, and act like a man instead of a beeeeeotch!

  839. Hi, uh huh. Thanks.

  840. on March 26, 2009 at 11:14 am exagerated claims

    You can find examples of omnivores that age gracefully as well. There’s much more to how a person looks at 50+ than if they are vegetarian/vegan or not. Exercise, drug and alcohol use, genes, etc. You can be very healthy eating a diet that includes meat.

    Celebrities are notorious for things like plastic surgery, botox, liposuction, etc. They also have professional makeup artists. Celebrities are not a good representation of trying to prove people should be vegetarian/vegan.

    Food for thought: Did you know that out of 60,000 centenarians in the United States, there are no vegans in the bunch?

  841. on March 26, 2009 at 11:17 am exagerated claims

    What about the other factors that could have contributed to your two uncles’ heart attacks? Such as hereditary heart problems, improper diet, cigarette/alcohol use, lack of exercise, etc?

    Most people eat meat. And most people don’t die at 50 of a heart attack.

    Funny you say “hey did not die of veganism, and everyone dies”, then you try to put the blame of your uncles’ deaths on them eating meat. Pot calling the kettle black.

  842. Please see the “to use your own logic” at the end of my comment Mar. 16- 3:55 pm. It was not “pot calling the kettle black” at all. All we want to do is dispute you people’s claims that vegans are unhealthy, as that is a convenient excuse for people to dismiss us. It is simply not true. Of course, junk-food vegans can be as unhealthy as anyone else, but they are the exception, not the rule.

  843. Veganism is fairly new, so naturally there aren’t any centenarians in the bunch yet; however there is a high percentage of vegetarians in that bunch.

    The whole point is, if you can reduce or eliminate the cruelty from your diet and be very healthy, why not do it?

    Linda Blair is all natural, vegan, and 50. Take a look:

  844. I do not know who NM/FANSH is, but they sound fairly gay. Why are you asking everyone if they are fansh haha. Paranoid much?

  845. on March 27, 2009 at 1:05 pm not convinced

    And what is the percentage of vegetarians out of those 60K people over 100?

    I’m not convinced that veganism is “healthier”. In fact, I believe that eating a well-balanced omnivorous diet, as was intended by nature, is the best bet. I trust mother nature a lot more than someone just out to prove an agenda at all costs. Logically, if your diet requires you take vitamins, how “healthy” is that?!

    You really are obsessed with celebrities, huh? How do you know that it’s because of her diet she looks good? How about genetics?
    I stopped by a few months to visit the woman that was my dance teacher when I was a kid. She still looks just as good now as she did 20 years ago! She’s around 50-ish years old (has a daughter my age, and I’m 25). And she eats meat! In fact, I’d say she looks BETTER than Linda Blair. And she doesn’t have all the celebrity froo-froo stuff (professional makeup artists, airbrushing on pictures, etc.).

  846. on March 27, 2009 at 1:12 pm not convinced

    A person that eats a well-balanced diet that includes meat won’t be unhealthy because of their diet.

    You can’t compare people that care about their diet against people that don’t.

    Let’s run some example numbers (not actual statistics, just using these for an example).

    Say that out of 100 people:
    – 2 are vegetarian/vegan. (Which is about the percent of general population.) and 98 aren’t
    – 75 don’t care about what they eat, 25 eat a healthy balanced diet

    Of course the 25 who watch what they eat are going to be healthier than the rest, regardless if they are vegetarian or not.
    Do you see the error in your reasoning?

  847. Veganism is way healthier for me.

    “Mother Nature” is nowhere to be found in our factory farms & slaughterhouses. And meat-eaters have been taking multi-vitamins for decades; don’t pull that stuff. Oh, and because I mention one celebrity that I admire, I am “obsessed with celebrities”? Whatever…

    Dr. Thomas Perls, a geriatrician at Boston Medical Center and director of The New England Centenarian Study, has been working since 1994 with people who have reached 100 years.

    His research indicates that the most people of today could expect to live on average is from the early to mid-90s for men and late 90s to 100 for women. To accomplish this would require a national commitment to raise awareness about lifestyles that promote healthy longevity.

    Perls said research has shown that lifestyle would need to resemble the way Seventh-Day Adventists live. The religion discourages smoking and drinking alcohol, and encourages regular exercise and a vegetarian diet. The average practicing Seventh-Day Adventist lives to be 88.

    Note: Most SDAs I know are vegan or nearly vegan, and I know several.

    As for Linda Blair being glitzed up, here’s another photo where she’s plain:

    I don’t care if you’re “not convinced”…I am. Bye-bye.

  848. No. Because my reasoning includes love and respect for animals and our creator, and the total opposite for animal abuse, factory farming and slaughter. (I know, I’m such a monster.)

  849. if you call yourself a vegetarian and you eat fish…you should stop calling yourself a vegetarian and start calling yourself an idiot.

  850. i am a practicing vegan and have been for 3 years, i must say it is definitely for white people and white people only. we are crazy sons of bitches for doing it but hey, its all about the ere of elitism in this crazy 21st century lifestyle. if you do feel guilty for eating a dead animal you are pathetic, if you feel that you are better than someone else for not eating dead animals you too are pathetic.

    god knows i am only doing it to be superior to others and genuinely make others feel guilty in my social group.

  851. on March 30, 2009 at 9:46 pm Art Vandelay

    I became a vegetarian by getting grossed out by dining hall food in college. Nothing like low grade meat with veins and arteries in it to turn you into a vegetarian.

  852. on April 1, 2009 at 5:54 am humans_are_omnivores

    “I don’t care if you’re “not convinced”…I am. Bye-bye.”

    Convinced? I’d say more like ignorant.

    You just gave the example of Seventh-Day Adventists. You mention their diet, but also that they refrain from smoking and drinking, and that they get regular exercise. Guess what? Someone eating a balanced omnivorous diet would be just as healthy!

    It is possible to get all the nutrients you need natrually in an omnivorous diet. Not possible in a vegan diet, as B12 comes from animal sources, so it has to be added in to a vegan diet. (Even vegetarian/vegan websites admit this: http://www.vegsoc.org/info/b12.html )

    If you want to eat a vegan diet, that’s your right. But your so-called “facts” are innaccurate and skewed to fit your agenda.

  853. on April 1, 2009 at 6:05 am humans_are_omnivores

    I have some homework for you: watch “The Lion King”. It explains the food chain in a way even children can understand.

    Humans are naturally omnivores. Eating meat is not “wrong”.

    And not all animals are tortured. I personally prefer to eat game meat that either I or my family has hunted. Or buy locally straight from farms (for example: there’s an ostrich farm I go to, you walk right by all the ostriches when you go into the guy’s store to buy meat).
    Your logic is like saying that one parent killed their child, so all parents kill their children. Or one accountant embezzled money, so all accountants embezzle money.

    You really want to bring religion into it?
    “Everything that lives and moves will be food for you.” – Genesis 9:3

    Not to mention the numerous accounts of people eating meat and using animals. People sacrificed lambs, Jesus fed the masses with fish & bread, etc.

  854. on April 1, 2009 at 8:42 am laura's evil twin

    Oh, you just showed them all how much better you are than me (haha).

    Why the need to prove your diet is okay to maybe 5-10 percent of the population (from less than 1% vegan to about 25% vegetarian INCLINED).

    Insecure much?

    The whole point of the 7th Day Adventist study was to show that humans CHOOSE to eat from the slaughterhouse, they do not need meat and can be very, very healthy without it. Factory farmed meat especially brings with it a lot of disease.

    It’s so damn easy to take a tiny B12 pill once in a while that it’s ridiculous. Get over it. Wanker.

  855. on April 1, 2009 at 9:00 am laura's evil twin

    “Woe unto the crafty who hurt the creatures of God, Woe unto the hunters for they shall become the hunted.” ~ Jesus, Gospel of the Nazarenes

    You will constantly hear that Jesus ate fish and fed people fish. The source of this is an interesting twist of translations from the parable about Jesus feeding 5000 with two fish and five loaves. In the original Greek text, the word ‘opsarum’ is used, but that word has a double meaning. Its primary meaning is ‘relish’, and its secondary is ‘fish’. Using fish in the translation was a convenient way to portray Jesus as being agreeable to eating sea creatures despite the fact that in no Middle Eastern culture is fish and bread known to be or have been known to be a combination in a traditional snack. However, bread dipped in relish was common just like pita bread dipped in hummus. There are numerous other twists of translation throughout the New Testament where words such as ‘flesh’ and ‘meat’ have been substituted for other references to food or where a meal is implied.

    True, nowhere does the NEW Testament will tell you that Jesus was a vegetarian, but there is plenty of suppressed evidence that clearly suggests Jesus was strongly opposed to the idea of exploiting animals, especially for food.

  856. on April 1, 2009 at 9:10 am laura's evil twin

    PS: “Food chain”? Pray tell, what do factory farming and slaughterhouses have to do with nature’s survival of the fittest and food chain? Are you out on the plains competing with the lions, bears, etc.? No: in a FAIR fight you’d be FOOD, every time. No wonder you need cartoons to try to prove your point.

  857. on April 1, 2009 at 10:17 am humans_are_omnivores

    I don’t think anybody’s diet, whether omnivore, vegetarian, or vegan, makes them “better” than anyone else. In fact, all the people I know that feel they are “better” about themselves for their diet are vegetarians and vegans.

    My point is that saying “eating meat makes you unhealthy” is FALSE.

    You can be healthy on a vegetariand iet (with proper supplements to fill in the missing nutrients), and you can be healthy on an omnivorous diet.

    You are in denial, or perhaps just plain stupid, if you think that to be healthy you have to be vegetarian/vegan.

  858. on April 1, 2009 at 10:31 am humans_are_omnivores

    Today’s society isn’t conducive to people actually gathering all their own food. You certainly don’t grow everything you eat. Same principal, you buy food from the store that the store bought from someone who farmed it. Vegetables/fruits, grain, meat, all come from the same type of process: someone farms them, you buy them at the store.

    By the way, humans wouldn’t exist today if we hadn’t evolved the brain power to use tools. Yes, physically we are at a disadvantage to large carnivores, but because of our intelligence, we adapted to survive. And no, we wouldn’t be the food every time, there are plently of smaller animals humans could catch with their bare hands.

    I think the veganism is already started to affect you:

  859. on April 1, 2009 at 12:34 pm laura's evil twin

    I didn’t open your link, since in the last 23 years I’ve heard all you people’s desperate justifications over and over, ad nauseam, for your slaughterhouses, etc., and I’m just plain against you with every fiber of my being. Oh yeah, 23 years of near veganism has affected me … and it’s ALL GOOD.

    Don’t be daft; I meant in a FAIR fight with any REAL carnivore your size or larger, YOU would be lunch. And I only want to cuddle and pet any smaller animals that will let me touch them. I’m nothing like you … THANK GOD.

    And we can use our big human brains and hearts to learn how to eat without slaughtering animals — something that’s apparently beyond your comprehension.

    Guess what? I don’t like you. Anyone that thinks pulling a carrot out of the ground and force-breeding & slaughtering our fellow creatures is the same thing is totally alien to me.


  860. on April 1, 2009 at 12:54 pm humans_are_omnivores

    Ooh, I’m so hurt! Some stranger on the internet with zero logical and reasoning skills doesn’t like me.

    You sure are filled with a lot of hate for being so “loving and moral”. And you probably have no idea how many animals are killed for your precious vegetables and grains.

    “Denial ain’t just a river in Egypt.” – Mark Twain

  861. This “Laura” character is a nut case! I’m vegetarian and so is my fiance; I can speak from experience that most vegetarians are nothing like her! (THANK GOD!)

  862. on April 1, 2009 at 2:04 pm laura's evil twin

    Go to hell, “Jenni,” the “vegetarian”(lol). Care to give specific examples of anything crazy? I’ve known many vegans/vegetarians in the last 23 years, and none of them are like you, because you’re not one; your just one of these meat wankers using another name.

  863. on April 1, 2009 at 2:05 pm laura's evil twin


  864. Laura,

    I’d have to say that, from my observations, that you are a TROLL. All you want is attention and a reaction.

    God forbid someone else posting comments on this blog be a vegetarian. Sorry honey, you aren’t the only vegetarian, just the nuttiest one.

  865. on April 1, 2009 at 5:22 pm laura's evil twin

    Still no examples of the nuttiness …I didn’t think so …”honey.” If I didn’t get an email every time one of you posted another attack in here, I could stay the hell out. But I don’t want to unsubscribe because you people should never get away with your lies. Oh, one more thing: If you’re “sane,” please let me be the nuttiest person in the world — haha!

  866. Are you seriously blind to all the random crazy attacks you’ve been making on people?

    *sigh…* Can’t fix stupid.

  867. on April 1, 2009 at 6:55 pm laura's evil twin

    “Random”? Hah! Every one of my “crazy attacks” has been brought on directly by one of you. Sigh all you want …I know you can’t fix stupid. That’s obvious by your posts.

    Still couldn’t come up with any crazy quotes from me? Didn’t think so. Yet you fail to see the viciousness in these anti-vegan nut jobs… How interesting.

    It’d be so easy for you never to hear from me again in here: Stop attacking me, and veganism. Very simple.

  868. fuck u bitch

  869. You’re just to funny to stop! You really have no concept of reality, it’s quite humorous to watch you flail around with no rhyme or reason. I guess if ignorance is bliss, your life must be paradise.

    As far as “Still couldn’t come up with any crazy quotes from me?”, just read through your posts! I’d be here all day copying/pasting nearly every one of your asinine posts if I listed them all!

    And by the way, I didn’t see many people here being “anti-vegan”, just saying that they wouldn’t be vegan themselves.
    Why be so concerned with the diets of strangers?

  870. Wrong on all counts, wanktard. I don’t f***, I make love, and not with you. And I’m not a bitch.

  871. Exactly, “why be concerned with the diets of strangers?” As a “vegetarian,” I think you’d be asking some OTHER people that. You’re either afraid to rankle them, or you’re one of them. Take your pick. Your “laughter” is just ugly and bitter and only degrades YOU. A bit of advice for ya: Don’t you EVER call anyone else ignorant. Seriously.

  872. I just don’t care what they eat. I have my reasons for eating my diet, they have their reasons for eating their diet. There’s no “war” except when people like you try to pick fights to try to justify your pathetic existence.

    I do care, however, when people present themselves in crazy ways that make it harder for the rest of us. Some people have apologized to me for eating meat in front of me, or were worried that I would lecture them about eating meat. I tell them like it is “I don’t care what anybody eats besides me.” I venture to guess the few people I’ve come across that have had those concerns probably ran into some crazy shove-beliefs-down-their-throat person like you.

  873. Aren’t you just so perfect then. Oh my, and lah-dee-freakin’-dah! You don’t know a damn thing about me personally, lady, so get over yourself. I get along extremely well with all kinds of people in real life, and on the web; the only time I even argue about this is when some dickweed attacks me or says idiotic things to defend meat eating or animal abuse.

    My existence is way more worthwhile than someone like yours. You, who starts personally attacking me out of the blue, when I’m a stranger to you, because I’m in an online debate with mean-spirited people.

    What a piece of work you must be. Read my lips, you snooty witch: L-E-A-V-E M-E A-L-O-N-E.

    (I think if you and I met in person, there’d be a serious cat fight.)

  874. I doubt you have sexual relations of any sort with anybody but yourself judging by your attitude.

  875. Hey there — why the different names? Embarrassed by your stupidity much? Or does it give you a feeling of companionship in your sleazy attacks?

    Your continuing to address me shows how much you miss me when I’m not in here. Haha!

    Your existence proves beyond the shadow of a doubt that conception can be achieved thru anal intercourse. Congrats!

  876. For every animal a vegetarian doesn’t eat, I’m going to eat three.

  877. You’re stupid, obviously.

  878. He might just be hungry

  879. God, you sound exactly like one of my anti-vegetarian friends. Look buddy, ya wanna eat three animals for every one I don’t eat, go ahead. I guarantee you I will live so much longer your goal will never be accomplished. If I were you, I’d get an easier goal. Try this one: for every piece of tofu a vegetarian/vegan/pesketarian eats, I will eat three. Trust me, you’ll live a whole lot longer. Still won’t have a chance.

  880. […] a full-time career (think: the Mommy Myth). Consider also that black people eat fried chicken–that white people are the ones who like “extreme” diets  That men eat meat. That women are more likely to eat a salad. That a salad is […]

  881. I’m going to eat five.

  882. A cow would eat you in second if it had the chance.

  883. “As with many white people activities, being vegan/vegetarian enables them to feel as though they are helping the environment AND it gives them a sweet way to feel superior to others.”

    Wow that sounds exactly like you.

    Get a life.

  884. I write a blog on the connection between meat and global warming. I know this article is part-sarcasm…but I’m asian, not white.

    And if you really think vegetarianism is just for white people, I have one word for ya: India.


  885. Too bad I ate the cow first

  886. They should do one on raw veganism, that’s some stupid shit, good luck with your raw rice. Also maybe the paleo diet, that’s the meat eating equivalent of raw veganism. Equally stupid.

    Aren’t most vegetarians Indian? It’s like 1/4 of India, and it’s not the poor people either.

  887. on May 13, 2009 at 6:16 pm Stuff All People Hate

    “aren’t most vegetarians Indian? It’s like 1/4 of India”
    Wow, that’s a stupid comment.

    And fuck, laura and you dipshits fighting down below. Get over it.

    Why hate on vegetarians/vegans/raw/whatevers? As long as nobody is shoving vegetables or meat down your throat just ignore their shit.

    People complain about vegetarians being pompous etc – but it seems meat eaters tend to take the attack and mock people who don’t eat meat first.
    That’s been the general experience I’ve witnessed.

  888. People who can’t see some truth in this blog don’t belong in here. This blog was not made for the super sensitive and uptight. This isn’t a president’s memo…we all know there is usually some truth in a stereotype. You might live longer by not eating meat if you don’t manage to stress yourself to death first by taking things like blogs you weren’t meant to understand-to heart.

  889. Hahaha so true. This is probably one of the most honest and culturally accurate blogs I’ve come across on the internet. Keep up the good work!

  890. Laura –
    I love you. I hate when people online make stereotypes and I feel you have responded well to the people who have attacked you in this thread.
    I have been veg*n for years and I have never come across a person who shoves their veg*nism in other people’s faces like so many on this thread believe.
    I do not preach, I only state. When asked if I would like a certain dish with meat, dairy, eggs, etc. I have always politely declined with the statement “Sorry, I don’t eat [insert food here].” It’s just like my friends who have allergies to certain foods.
    The amount of hatred and plain ignorance from people that hate veg*ns astounds me. If a person would take the time to read a good book on the subject of veg*nism, I feel she or he would have a completely different outlook. Those sorts of book can entirely change a perspective. If everyone did their research there would be a lot less hatred.
    Also, meat-eaters, etc. should not judge veg*ns based on preconceptions and one-time occurrences. That in itself is a form of racism and bigotry.

    P.S. – For all those self-proclaimed carnivores who wear shirts with slogans like “PETA: People for the Eating of Tasty Animals”, etc. (not sure how the actual shirt is worded) and mock people when they voice the fact that they are veg*n: how do you think that reflects on you? It makes you look like a fool. It is a parallel to mocking someone for being Jewish because you are Christian. You would never wear a shirt that said “JEW: Jerks Equating to Wankers” now would you?

    Just throwing in my two-cents.

  891. “Meat Head”

    Your posting handle is most fitting, as you are surely dead above the neck. LOL

  892. Amen

  893. My brother is Vegan

    He’s an idiot. I offered him some vegan food from this whole food unprocessed distributor that I ran into on the job last week… It tasted great and at the same time was completely unprocessed and crap which was surprising given that generally all that food is gross and pointless…

    He said he didn’t want to try the vegan food I offered him that was was labeled “100% Vegan” on the box. Apperantly he said it was not vegan ENOUGH for him. Thanks for looking down on your brother… and on his birthday to top it off. I mean, come on, who GIVES out gifts on their own birthday?!


  894. Vegan simply means that it has no meat or animal products. If the product was truly vegan, then there’s no reason to reject it like that. Don’t let your brother speak for all vegans.

  895. Yeah, but tofu is gross while meat tastes good. So very, very good.

  896. Then you’re just as boring in bed as you are on the net.

  897. You’re obviously an anti-Semite. Move to Iran, you Jew hating grass eater.

  898. […] coffee 5. Farmers Markets 6. Organic food 13. Tea 23. Microbreweries 24. wine 32. vegan/vegetarianism 36. breakfast places 42. sushi 45. Asian fusion food 48. wholefoods and grocery co-ops 54. Kitchen […]

  899. some people are vegetarian for diatary reasons.. not just to ‘save the poor little chickens’. Vegetarian food is a lot healther. Think: greasy steak or a salad. Which sounds less fattening?

  900. on June 6, 2009 at 7:46 pm Powers Boothe

    Problem is that meat gives you needed protein, plus we don’t want to be afflicted with Vaginitis.

  901. this isn’t just white people, I’m an animal loving vegan too. from my experiance, this is NOT a thing white people love, most white people who found out make hate comments like the ones posted here. they seem to potray open-mindedness untill they find this out, then they stop the earth loving, obama loving, multicultural loving, and ethinic loving attitude and start with the patriotic meat-n-potatoes, humans need meat mentality. I’ve known more black vegetarians than white, though differant reasons.

  902. Are all of your typoes part of some proof-of-ownership scheme or wtha?

  903. honestly, I think this one should be #3

  904. Seriously, nobody cares about other people s diet.


    WHY do I have to prepare a vegetarian meal when V people are coming over, while the V does NEVER prepare Meat meal for me, when I get invited?

    WHY do V not consider that it is inappropriate that they mess up a whole social meeting and be unpolite by refusing food, because of their diet?

    And, do some V realize that vegetariansm is not made for their metabolism? It might provoke depression and other disease?

    No medical proves here…

  905. and:

    White people, doesn t only mean white skin people,
    it means middle class individuals living in western priviliged society, you can be afro-american or asian-a or whatever! Yes India has lots of V, but that s not the point.
    The point is that it s very funny!

    It s talking about us living in an enough upper society to have the luxury to say no to meat, by taste or awareness, not by religion and beliefs.

    Like I do have a Moleskine booklet that I carry to Internet-Cafe along with my Notebook.

  906. salad=healthy

    salad=poor sweet anorexic girl eating leaves besides boyfriend eating bloody steak

    salad never made someone look good, but absence of protein gives you bad skin

    steak never makes you look good either

  907. Compromise=Steak Salad.

    Eat the poor little dead cows swimming in a sea of the green stuff they lived off of.

    I also like to eat other food that is ironic (because white people do love irony) like chicken breast omlettes.

    Point being: we are OMNIVORES. We eat ev-er-y-thing. That is one reason why we survived so well as a species. Even chimps have been known too kill and eat things for meat.


    Soon the white population will be riddled with a plague of Vaginitis. Such a pity for our race…

  908. it’s funny how crazy meat-eaters go when it comes to vegetarians/vegans… it’s funny how they automatically feel the need to put down vegetarians and defend themselves/their meaty diets.

  909. Wow, I haven’t been in here for a long time and it looks like it has gotten pretty amusing.

    To the person who asked why vegetarians won’t cook meat for their meat-eating guests, it’s because a lot of us really hate the stuff, and it’s not fair to ask people who don’t believe in eating meat for whatever reason to cook it. FWIW, I think it’s rude to ask hosts to cook a special meal for me, as I am there to enjoy their company and not the food. Of course, I try to tell them separately because there are few things worse than having somebody announce “I REFUSE to eat this stuff!!!”

  910. You know that there are other sources of protein besides animal meat and or byproducts? No, obviously you don’t. People (in general) become vegetarian or vegan, not to feel superior to anyone else but because we live a F*CKED up society that thinks its okay to abuse animals. The main thing that alot people don’t get is that when animals are being abused it is not just hurting them, we’re putting our own lives in danger by not raising livestock the way that they should be without any pesticides or hormones. They deserve to not have to live in piles of their own excrement, to be SKINNED ALIVE, or anything else horrible. A partial reason that people become vegan or vegatarian is to bring attention to how the disgusting the farming industry has become. For people that do not care how people not just animals are being affected by this industry are F*CKED up too, dont get me wrong there are people that are this way to feel superior or whatever. But just like any other oppressed group of people we shouldn’t be steriotyped because of a small minority of extremeists.

  911. whats with people always thinking we eat nothing but twigs and leaves? there are PLENTY of other sources of protein and vegetarians/vegans know that… if a recipe calls for meat then we just substitute it with something else rich in protein. its not difficult to us. Meat grosses me out for several reasons but i dont see what the big deal is. its like not liking anything else…. If i dont like onions then i probably wont eat anything with onions in it… if i dont like meat then i wont eat stuff with meat in it :p

  912. becuase they are ignorant.

  913. people just hate vegetarians/vegans because it’s such an “extreme” lifestyle for most. It’s like thinking people with tatoos or lip piercings are immoral or immature. Even when we don’t get in their faces about animal rights or anything, merely mentioning the fact that we’re vegetarian pisses people off. It’s stupid and not all of us think that we’re above everyone else. It’s a lifestyle choice as is eating meat,

  914. I’m pretty sure this is a humours blog but you know get all pissy about it, I thought it was funny. And I’m a vegetarian. Gasp!

  915. Well actually tofu just absorbes the flavour of whatever its with, most of mcdonalds burgers are tofu so, you know, whateves…

  916. Its made mostly of tofu 🙂 at least the mcdonalds ones…

  917. This is not a humorous blog! Where do you people get these ideas from?


  918. HAHA ROFLOL just hilarious! So true aswell, we become vegetarians and vegans, but often its nothing to do with not killing and eating animals but because it makes us feel socially superior.

  919. I don’t care what people eat, that’s their choice. The only vegetarians/vegans I have a problem with is those that try to change what *I* eat. What I eat is my business, not theirs.

    Though “animal rights” does piss me off. Most people don’t realize the extremism of “animal rights” groups like PETA. (Their goal is the extinction of domestic animals and no human/animal interaction.) I’m a strong supporter of animal welfare, and very much against animal rights.

  920. Oh so you’re against animal rights? Then why not throw out human rights as well seeing as we are also animals.

    I think the blog is funny but I think it is offensive in that there really is a problem and by phrasing the situation in the way this blog has it makes it near impossible to say anything to that effect seeing as you will just be seen as the ‘white stereotype.’

  921. Can you explain to me how animals have “rights”? The concept of “rights” is a human concept, not a concept to non-human animals. Humans are rational agents, animals are not. We should protect animals, but they do not have “rights”.

    Furthermore, what we think of as the very basic human life, the right to life, animals rights groups such as PETA say they don’t beleive animals have that right!

    Also, please do some research on the differences between animal rights and animal welfare.

    Animal welfare:
    – treat animals humanely, don’t neglect or abuse them
    – if they are going to die, do it as quickly and painlessly as possible

    Animal rights:
    – extinction of domestic animals
    – no interaction between humans and non-human animals

    Unfortunately, many people join “animal rights” groups without even realize the true agenda of what they are supporting. They want the warm and fuzzy feeling of “saving the animals”, but animals rights is much darker than that, and is detrimental to both humans and animals.

    If you truly care about animals and want to help them, support animal welfare groups and your local animal shelters.

  922. Ever smelled a cow before? Those areas stink because the animals stink. And out of curiosity…where would cows live (however shortly) if not for farmers? Are we to just let them loose, free to roam the streets and free from fear of getting eaten? Face it…Mother Nature and/or God made us the top of the food chain. Might as well accept that they’re smarter than you or I and take a bite into a big, fat, juicy, medium rare burger. Mmmmmmm, dead cow….drool.

  923. You do realize that the animal is killed regardless of whether you eat it or not, right? You not eating meat just means there is more animal wasted. We meat eaters are at least doing our part to ensure that noble beasts death isn’t wasted. Why do you hate animals so much?

  924. I still have canine teeth (big ones) for a reason, and it ain’t to eat beans or tofu.

    Besides, what ever happened to plant rights???
    So, now you’re telling me you have the right to kill vegetation because you think they don’t have feelings like you do?

    Vegetarians/Vegans who do it for moral reasons are all a bunch of hypocrites. Yeah, let’s cut down trees so we grow crops. Let’s kill plants so we don’t have to kill animals…

    Yeah, how selfless of you… do some proper research before you destroy our “environment” and the economy. And yeah, being a vegetarian can actually be harmful to “environment.”


    Also, please boycott ORGANIC fruits and vegetables… I am not being ironic… these are also harmful to human consumption over time. Do the research please before pushing this hippie BS on us.

  925. How do you make spinach pie without using eggs or any tofu products? This is an actual question, I am not poking fun.

  926. I think the annoyance starts when the vegetarians make you cook their meals in a different pan because you used it to cook meat in it beforehand… can you explain to me why the fuck that makes a difference if you’re not doing it for the taste???

  927. How do you think people grew fruits and veggies before synthetic fertilizers and pesticides were invented in the mid-20th? If organic is so harmful, why are we here?

    That said? Here’s another white person who is NOT and will never be vegan or vegetarian. I tried it–my health already wasn’t great and this just pushed me over the edge. Recently I also found out that the U.S. government lets food producers label plant foods as having vitamin A in them. PLANT FOODS DO NOT CONTAIN VITAMIN A. Saying that beta carotene is vitamin A is like saying an oak tree is a house. Nobody had told me that conversion of beta carotene into vitamin A is a notoriously inefficient process which cannot be performed by everybody. I had actually developed reproductive system problems in the past three years because I was not getting enough preformed A! Just supplementing that, without changing anything else, cured my symptoms.

    People go through similar with B vitamins. “Oh you can just get it from nutritional yeast”–no. No. Go eat a goddamn fucking steak. Seriously. Your GI tract isn’t even set up to break down cellulose and there are people out there eating traditional indigenous diets who rarely if ever touch plant food, much less eat it, and they thrive. Nobody thrives on a vegan diet without cheating with factory foods. NO ONE.

    “More eco-friendly,” my ass. You have to clear-cut forests to eat as a vegan. HAVE to. You don’t have to clear-cut to raise animals, though. And either way you’re gonna kill animals, unless the insects and rodents and birds killed by plant agriculture suddenly don’t count as critters. Not to mention the agricultural runoff from plant fields that kills sea life. Way to go.

  928. Cows are herbivores.

  929. I WANT A MILLION DOLLARS!!! Can one million RICH WHITE PEOPLE send me one dollar apiece, puh-lease????

    I don’t want money from any Asians, or Blacks or Hispanics. You guys NEED your money. I only want one dollar apiece from RICH WHITE PEOPLE who seem to WASTE their money on being vegetarian.

    Waste it on me instead. Thanks so much! (First person who comments “You ARE a waste.” is a rotten egg. You thought it. I know you did. Stop lying. See? I knew it.)


  930. on July 13, 2009 at 3:47 am white person

    I like eating meat. Why? Because it’s delicious. I mean who cares about the silly animals, they’re really tasty.

  931. after reading all of these comments i just have one thing to say…

    see “stuff white people like” #101.

  932. […] let’s address this URL: https://stuffwhitepeoplelike.com/2008/01/27/32-veganvegetarianism/ The page in question comments on why the author thinks that vegetarianism/veganism are ‘white’ […]

  933. on July 16, 2009 at 3:14 pm Frances Patano

    You seem to know a lot about a subject you have so strongly set yourself against.

  934. exactly. ive been a vegan my whole life and my family is the same. we dont think we are better than anyone, its just our lifestyle. we respect your choice to eat meat, so please respect ours.

  935. haha, i agree

  936. Um wow. Being vegan kills the environment?? No vegan can survive without cheating with factory foods?? How retarded are you? MEAT CONSUMPTION is huugge environmental problem, most likely closest to the number one thing that is effing up this world. Quit being an ignoramus and look ish up before you talk ish. thank you.

  937. As everyone should if they are going to say they are against something.

    More often than not, people support or denounce ideas based only on initial gut reaction, which is often inaccurate. Initial gut reaction would seem like animal rights is great, but if their supporters were to actually research what they “support” they’d most likely be appalled.

    Animal rights groups prey on the naive. Why do you think they target children and teens so much?
    They admit it, too: “Our campaigns are always geared towards children and they always will be.” – PeTA Vice-President Dan Matthews
    And they’ve handed out comics to children telling the child that their parent is going to kill the family pet!

    Did you know animal rights groups, such are PETA, are against:
    – The idea of pet-keeping.
    – No-kill animal shelters (Yes, *against* no-kill shelters).
    – Police dogs.
    – Service/seeing-eye dogs.
    – Animal research even for medical advancement.
    – Eating any animal product, even if the animal was not killed (eggs, milk, honey).
    – Wearing any animal product, even if the animal was not killed (wool).
    – Feeding your meat-eating pets meat. (Yep, they want carnivores to be forced into being vegan.)
    – Any animal research, even for medical advancement.
    – Hunting. (Which, by the way, the World Wildlife Fund (WWF) condones hunting as a form of conservation and population control, and the WWF knows far more about natural habitats than PETA!)
    And this is only a partial list!

    PETA has worked to get legit animal shelters to turn over highly adoptable animals only to promptly kill them.

    PETA has given over $70,000 to ALF, the group that blows up labs, burns down people’s houses, but bombs on doorsteps, etc.

    There’s much more information out there, but this will give you a good start.

  938. max power says: I get all my vegetables from eating T-Bone steaks and juicy beef burgers.


    Well cows eat grass (vegetables–think of grass as nature’s vegetable for non-humans). Cows grow. Cows grew because they eat grass. Cows get….uh….they die. Cow parts end up in Safeway.

    thus, i get all my vegetables from eating T-Bone steaks and juicy beef burgers.

    PS to all you vegetarians: Vegetables are living things to. somebody gots to die in order for others to live (including plants).

    F**k PETA.

    max power has spoken.

  939. People always blame cattle for “global warming”… but you know what? There are still essentially the same number of bovine in America as there were before the European settlers got here. We just traded in bison for domestic cattle.

  940. abbyful, yeah, you need to shut your mouth and learn to google.

    Sure, animals are not killed for eggs, milk and honey. But do you realize how they’re treated to obtain these products? GET A CLUE!

    Sheep are not killed for wool, but do you honestly think that the wool is shaved off like they do in “Charlotte’s Web”? The sheep aren’t “baaa’ing” affectionately at their owners, rubbing noses and shit. Their WOOL is ripped off their body, ALONG WITH THEIR SKIN!

    Sure would like to see your “proof” behind PETA being against no-kill animal shelters. Just because you wrote it doesn’t make it true, as much as you would like that.

    Dogs are NOT carnivores, they are omnivores. Cats, however, are carnivores. Learn the difference.

  941. Well, I love meat. I prefer the animals that become dinner be treated well, but since I’m not vegan I’m called hypocritical. Maybe I am. I’m all about fighting for better treatment of animals, but I will always eat them in the end. I don’t care if someone does or does not eat meat, as long as one does not shove their choice down my throat.
    Also, someone said they think most white people aren’t vegan. Why it’s probably true there are more meat eating whities, veganism is becoming very popular. I know 6 myself, all young white people. And for the most part we are get along. We also don’t try to change each other.
    Viva la tolerance!

  942. “You have to clear-cut forests to eat as a vegan. HAVE to. You don’t have to clear-cut to raise animals, though.”

    Wow. Just wow. Guess what animals eat dipsht… Grains. Guess where they grow them… on land. I’m trying to make it simple for you. Meat production claims waaay more land, including virgin rain-forests all over the world. But seriously, I hope the world goes to shit anyways, because loudmouth shtforbrains like yourself make me think that humanity isn’t worth saving. It takes 10lbs of grain per pound of flesh. A vegan eats the ten pounds of plant matter, you eat the one pound of flesh. So whats more efficient?

  943. I am a proud member of P.E.T.A -People Eating Tasty Animals

  944. clever…

  945. max power says:

    hmmm…P.E.T.A (People Eating Tasty Animals) is a group I can join….

    max power has spoken.

  946. Well, black people have soul food. I eat it before every football game and damn is their stuff tasty, and it keeps my stomach full. You make a lot more (real) friends by not being picky.

  947. These people must been traumatized about how meat was made or something, when I was a little child I never seem to enjoy red meat whether its’ the look or texture of beef. We seem to prefer one meat over another, like chicken or fish, lamb or pork. For those who aren’t above middle-class, it’s ground beef for Friday night (get out the hamburger helper) and meat-less Mondays are the norm. +

  948. I know this one: “I love animals…they taste good”. PETA members haven’t heard of the food chain, or how humans are omnivorous by nature (we eat about anything, artificial or organic). These folks listen to a NPR program or watched a PBS documentary about the diets of New Guinean and Amazonian tribes. Yum, bark beetles and roasted lizards. +

  949. The so called environmental movement wants us to stop buying anything made in another country: let’s reduce the carbon footprint and save jet fuel. Don’t buy Chinese made clothes, French wines or cheese, Fijian spring water, and drive on Saudi oil itself. Hey, any of you heard of Mexico? The neo-con corporate bosses sent American jobs down to the country not to reduce the carbon footprint, but make the items cheap or low-price at your local wal-mart. +

  950. PETA is one of the weirdest radical left/animal rights group. Go ahead, protest with red paint over your naked body and screaming for “the pain of livestock” in a death-camp like mass produced animal farm bins. We all know veal is baby calf and that’s “wrong”, well…just weep it and eat it. +

  951. Steaks are less fattening than burgers, though not every person can handle meat (the cholesterol factor). Diabetes, hypertension, gluten sensitivity and lactose intolerance is from ones’ body inability to take in or accept sugar, sodium and whatever else. Anybody seen the warning label on diet sodas to Phenylketonics? Go ahead, look to the right of the nutrition information labels and you’ll see. +

  952. dg,
    No, you would not be considered a hypocrite. It is not cruel and evil to eat meat, it’s natural. Our bodies are made to take in both plant and animal matter.

    animal welfare = treat animals humanely;
    proper animal care, no animal cruelty, if animals are killed for food it should be as quick and painless as possible

    animal rights = extinction of domestic animals;
    no having animals as pets, no working animals (service dogs for the blind, police dogs, horses for mounted police patrol, etc.), no eating animals or animal products, no wearing animals or animal products, no interaction between humans and animals

  953. Actually Donnie, you are a bit off. You don’t know much about raising livestock or crops, do you? So remeber when you a pointing finger calling someone “dipsht”, the other four fingers are pointing right back at you.

    A diet with some meat utilizes LESS LAND than a vegan diet.

    You cannot farm all types of land. Some areas, the soil is poor for crops, but fine for livestock. Also, even in areas where the soil is good for growing crops, you cannot grow crops year after year after year on the same land, it depletes the soil quality; farmers need to rotate crops and summerfallow the land.

    Feedlots don’t only feed grains, they also use up byproducts from other industries. For example, a company that makes apple cider will sell the pulp for animal feed once the cider is made. And in my areas, farmers and the county benefit from each other because farmers can sign up to cut the grass in the ditches for animal feed; benefits the farmer because they get hay for their animals, and benefits the county because they don’t have to pay someone to mow the ditches along the sides of the road.

  954. and i might add, they are ALL tasty. Especially with A1 steak sauce.

    max power has spoken.

  955. animal welfare = treat animals humanely;
    proper animal care, no animal cruelty, if animals are killed for food it should be as quick and painless as possible

  956. “White People” society is a feminine society, like france. All this vegan/vegetarian is girls doing. Women are nurturers, they love living shit and they are educated, have money and are more aggressive than the typical country/suburban (red stater)chick. The guys who are already passive don’t have a bargaining chip and are bullied into this lifestyle. vegan/vegetarian? It’s not bad, you get use to it.

  957. Ok, then i’m a self-identified black guy because I… like ghetto rap or whatever? It makes as much sense as eating an ANIMAL and call it a PLANT or VEGETABLE etc. Opinions are irrelevant. We can talk different languages to each other, but it’s pretty fucking hard to communicate that way. I’m white because that’s my fucking race, my skin is almost white. Not because I would identify with withe people.

  958. People Eating Tasty Animals.

    animal welfare = treat animals humanely;
    proper animal care, no animal cruelty, if animals are killed for food it should be as quick and painless as possible.

    Blenders, deep fryers, and broilers will do the job well AND leave you with a crispy, good tasting animal meal to boot.

  959. Ok Ok OK!!! I get it, the blogger is effeminate. Can you say all white men are like chicks inside dude’s bodies? or their brains are full of soy-laced estrogen levels peaking higher than red-meat eating, country/suburban, church-going, right- wing Republican, straight men of the white race? +

  960. While our monitors do have more wide screen space, I believe it is because humans have a wider field of vision and feel comfortable with more horizontal content than vertical. If Firefox has a tab sidebar, it should definitely be easy to hide or scale back as you suggested. Perhaps it would also be possible to focus on integrating tabs better as they currently exist at the top of the window.

  961. Shut up cunt.

  962. You can’t spell slaughter without laughter!

  963. are like chicks inside dude’s bodies? or their brains are full of soy-laced estrogen levels peaking higher than red-meat eating, country/suburban, church-going, right- wing Republican, straight men of the white race? +


  964. lol wut?

  965. LOL I saw this site on http://www.DanielDickey.com and I must admit it’s just as funny!!

  966. I could hardly call this a blog, or like a stupid post but anyway. Yeah, you got it “white guys are pussy”, its just the way they were reared, childhood discipline consisted of timeouts where black/brown kids got prolong severe beatings, consequently they learned defensives skills, like fighting back or saying “stfu bitch”. “White” males got none of that, which made them susceptible to bullying from all directions including daintily intellectual women who care too much about animals and the environment.

  967. NOT FUNNY DUMBASS. If I wrote something as stupid as that, I would change the name to some middle eastern language. Lucky for you, I can interprete what you wrote, ahem….

    “The real Michael d. is a DUMBASS” +

  968. What the fuck are you talking about dumbass, you can change your name all you want Mikey, but we will find you. LOL +

  969. […] I’m no PETArd, but wanted to share… go ahead! VegOut! […]

  970. I saw this site on http://www.DanielDickey.com(the MTV VJ) and must say it is just as funny!!

    Did this guy make StuffJewishPeopleLike.com too?

  971. […] where food is savored and enjoyed. This is my food’s Happy Place. So maybe I am victim to this after all, but I am not against eating meat. I love a tasty medium-rare T-bone, Mexican tacos al […]

  972. Since when it is wrong to kill and eat a living thing, but only applies to an animal not a plant? White people also like to cook on any appliance not involved microwave radiation. And not buy vegetables anywhere else except a farmers’ market inside an urban core, not a rural country trip.

  973. I just think its excessive and unnecessary to be a vegetarian or vegan. I understand the economical and ethical reasoning: raising cattle causes desertification, and while grain production has been increasing, people are still starving since the rich people who want to eat an ‘affluent meat focused diet’ (which is out-dated at best…) can fund grain production to feed the cattle they will eat. Raising grain that feeds cattle, which sell to these rich consumers, is much more profitable for industries than raising grain to sell to the starving masses.

    However…I don’t understand any ‘ethical argument’ based on “killing animals is wrong”. Look around. Nature at work. Predators consume animals lower on the food chain. As long as its in moderation, there is nothing wrong with this. We’re all aware that if you removed one predator, another animal group would overpopulate without the natural weeding out this predator provided.
    So eating animals is not inherently wrong.

    Eating meat to the extent that it infringes upon other peoples survival is.

    Further, decreasing the amount of meat you eat is a healthy choice. I might eat a turkey sandwich and no other meat in a day or week. Fruits, vegetables, and whole grains are much better for me–and have the benefit of not destroying valuable crop land at the expense of the poor.
    I feel that for me to just take the small step to ‘official vegetarianism’ would be an exercise in self-indulgence, one that people take simply to get bragging rights of being “vegetarian”. I have no such label, but I believe my eating habits are just as sustainable, ecological, and ethical as anyone elses.

    On a side note about generalization, its funny that the only vegan I know is a vegan for health reasons. Her ethical reasoning is parallel to mine and she sees only a call for a reduction in meat consumption, not a complete halt to it. and she is more in shape than most people.

  974. P.E.T.A- People Eating Tasty Animals

    Not eating a good juicy steak is inherently wrong.

  975. I think the issue is that these animals arn’t being killed by a some stalking tiger in an immediate fashion. Not the greatest analogy since lot of them suffer and are raised in nasty environment.

    Still I agree that its excessive and as Anthony Bourdain says “Vegetarianism is a first world luxury”

  976. the human body was not engineered to digest red meat as a main source of energy. we don’t have the fangs for that. only vampires do.

  977. The pound of MEAT, because buying protein pills am retarded.

  978. I am a vegetarian. I know some people find it daft, but I just have so much compassion for animals. I become one when I was seven, and I have to admit that for a while I was pretty judgey. I’ve grown to accept that people eat what they will eat. In accordance to this article, I thought many Hindus were vegetarians. Is this not so?

  979. You idiot.
    1) Teeth have nothing to do with digestion, but even if we were to go there, we have incisors.
    2) Are you implying that our bodies were “engineered” to digest only white meat, and that our cave-man ancestors knew this?
    3) Vampires don’t eat flesh, they drink blood.

  980. I completely agree with you.
    But your friend must have the best biological system ever, because I have never in my life seen a healthy looking vegan or vegetarian. We were meant to eat meat- the different sets of teeth in our mouths show that.

  981. It’s true that we are omnivores and have the ability to digest meat, but clearly not in the quantities that we (Americans and westerners in general) do. I find it amazing all the nutrition articles that come out talking about the clear dangers of red meat, nitrites, etc but always stop short of saying “don’t eat this stuff ever.” They’ll say to eat it in moderation or give some crazy recommendation like “well, once or twice a month.” How many people who eat red meat daily can go down to once a month? You might as well not eat it at all…

    No we aren’t herbivores: we don’t have two stomachs and we don’t chew cud, for example, but our digestive system is much more similar to herbivores than true carnivores. Food stays in us much longer than carnivores and we have many more teeth for chewing plants. All my carnivorous cats’ teeth are quite sharp, for example, and they can chew through small raw bones as well as any dog. Cats also always have the appropriate bacteria in their system for eating raw meat (they always have salmonella in their body), while raw meat can kill us.

    Consumption of meat should really only be a temporary, last resort in the event of a drought. Not a daily, lifelong practice.

  982. Maybe I can help you understand?

    “However…I don’t understand any ‘ethical argument’ based on “killing animals is wrong”. Look around. Nature at work. Predators consume animals lower on the food chain. As long as its in moderation, there is nothing wrong with this. We’re all aware that if you removed one predator, another animal group would overpopulate without the natural weeding out this predator provided.
    So eating animals is not inherently wrong.”

    Okay, first of all…don’t compare us to other species. We have a choice when it comes to what we eat. We are rational creatures and we can make a choice about what we put into our bodies. A tiger does not. We can survive and thrive on a vegetarian/vegan diet and we can also be healthy on an omnivorous diet. There’s no argument about that. Therefore, just because we can kill an animal an eat it doesn’t mean we have to to survive.

    Secondly, there is an ethical choice involved in deciding what to eat. If you honestly believe that the factory farming industry is warm and cozy then you are mistaken. And I’m not just going on some sentimental rant.

    Put yourself in the position of a factory farmed animal. You are taken completely out of our element (the natural environment), crammed together with massive amounts of other animals (less space, more profit. Also, less opportunity to move and to burn fat which means bigger animals which means more meat for profit) you are deprived of any expresssion of natural instinct, and seperated from your family. Does this sound like a happy place?

    Trust me, I’m not exagerating the conditions in which factory farmed animals live. This is the standard and there are other painful procedures that animals must undergo (de-breaking for chickens, castration of pigs without anesthetic, seperation of cow and calf shortly after birth (that’s veal for you) and then there’s the antibiotics and growth hormones that push the limits of an animal’s natural growth potential). This is standard practice. Why? Because it increases profit, of course!!

    There is a huge ethical decision that goes into what you eat. Unfortunately, most people don’t see this. The slaughter houses are hidden from us and we are fooled by the nice labels with the happy chickens on the carton of eggs or the smiling cow on the milk jug.

    And don’t even get me started on the environmental issues associated with the animal product industries.

  983. yes, cave men depended MOSTLY on gathering fruits, nuts, seeds, and whatever red meat they ate was “ok” to eat because it was fresh after the kill…….also, I said “main source of energy” which does NOT imply we should be 100% veg.

  984. As a proud Vegan of color, I must say in 2009 I really thought with the wide use of the internet people would do more research before simply posting a comment about other people’s life choices. Veganism and Vegetarianism is a life choice for some to be healthier and for others more or less environmental related reasons. The argument for the type of teeth we have or our ancestors were hunters has nothing to do with today 2009. Today our environment is polluted, thousands of people are starving, and chicken farms have run out of places to store the chicken crap where it now runs off the land into our water sources. We as a whole the human race should remember our pasts, but look to the future to ensure the future of the human race. Currently, our way of living is not sustainable. Currently, we have advanced in technology to the degree that taking lives is no longer necessary for us to survive and be healthy. We use technology to advance, we have done this. So the reason I chose to go Vegan has to do with the environment and health, I personally cannot see why we continue to kill animals for food when we no longer need to we have advanced. And as far as healthy Vegans and Vegetarians their are thousands of them. If someone looks unhealthy they need to grab a book and make sure they are getting all of their nutrients, and believe it or not many meat eating people do not get all of their nutrients and can be deemed malnourished or unhealthy if that individual is not mindful of getting all of her vitamins and minerals. Just takes a little time, check out a few books at the library and your all set. So what I’m trying to say is Humans are smart and compassionate, we have found a way to save lives and be healthy at the same time, why not Go Veg? To all you Vegans and Vegetarians much love to you all and remember whoever you are buy local, go green, and spread love not hate.

  985. wtf are you talking about Julia, first you say that we are not engineered to digest red meat(I’ve been digesting it just fine for 23 years), and then you say it was ok for cavemen because it was “fresh after the kill” LMAO!

    And why are you comparing us to cavemen, as if they knew so much more about proper nutrition.

  986. Well there you have it, proof that vegetarians experience brain shrinkage.

  987. I have a friend that went vegan. Then his whole world turned to shi-. He’s now on his 3rd marriage, could never copulate sucessfully outside the clinic, and turned liberal. Ample evidence of brain and testicular shrinkage due to lack of meat in his diet.

  988. I’m a vegetarian. I do agree some people who go veg are quite pretentious about it, but I also wanted to add another view point. I think sometimes vegetarians come off as condescending because they are so sick and tired of defending their choice of lifestyle. I am a vegetarian for personal reasons, but I do not believe everyone should go veggie. It is a personal choice. I will not criticize you for your choice to eat meat, so please God do not harass me about not eating it. To all meat-eaters out there: please do not assume every vegetarian is out to challenge your decision to eat meat and automatically become defensive. I purposefully avoid telling anyone that I don’t eat meat because 90% of the time I am harrassed to no end about “how do you get your protein?” and “oh, you’re going to get sick” and “well people are made to eat meat.” I AM NOT QUESTIONING YOUR DECISION SO PLEASE DON’T QUESTION MINE!!! *Deep Breath :)* I already feel alienated enough for having different personal beliefs than the majority and I really feel hurt when people make it a point to alienate me further. Leave me alone, and I will leave you alone! Thank you 🙂

    I also wanted to add that I am 100% ok with hunting, fishing, etc (trophy hunting not included). It is perfectly natural to go out and kill something for the purposes of consuming it. I am NOT ok with raising mass quantities of animals in crowded and inhumane conditions pumping them full of chemicals, tying calves and lambs down and not allowing them to walk as to keep the meat tender, and force feeding to make animals more plump. This is disgusting, and whether you care about the animal or not, you should care about your own health. It is not healthy to consume animals that are pumped full of antibiotics and fed ground up parts of their own kind. If you choose to eat meat, please buy from small local farms and ensure they do not use these methods. That will be all 🙂

  989. THat’s fucking bullshit. Shut up and stop trying to make a bad name for vegans.

  990. That’s the truth. Your mealy mouthed response proves you are also starting to experience measurable brain and testicular shrinkage. Get a sausage in you, quick.

  991. this has got to be a tedious way to advertise, you post this in every thread.

  992. I wouldn’t eat meat if it didn’t taste good

  993. Would definitely be a white person thing if it wasn’t for INDIA existing.

  994. Just KNEW you would be here Greg. Do you mean that you are Gay and you miss your friend’s meat? BTW, your wife called from the doctor’s office and said the bone is not broken (ya’ know, the little “talk” you had with her this morning…shouldn’t have been in front of the mongrels …damn dawgs anyway). Game is on

  995. Jesus dude……….. Talk about brain and testicular shrinkage.

  996. HAHAHAHA thats why vegans are either women or gay men…or both (in rare cases).

  997. I’ve known quite a few people who have turned vegetarian or vegan, and the only explanation any of them could give was, “I don’t know…”, “because developing an eating disorder was too extreme of an option”, or “for personal reasons”(this one basically meaning they were too embarrassed to admit they needed to go on a diet).

  998. on November 12, 2009 at 3:29 am Brent Shepherd

    Haha, snap!

  999. This post should’ve been called “Tofu” or “Wheat Gluten” because for being “vegans”/”vegetarians,” they sure crave a lot of fake meat products!!!!!!!!!!

  1000. on November 16, 2009 at 10:05 am Animals have more rights

    According to pathetic people like you. Why don’t you feel sorry for and do something about Africans and people from Third World countries….they’re actually of the same species!

  1001. I am not a vegetarian but have studied a lot on the subject…

    And if you read farther into it, all of those grains and food products that these factory farm animals are forced fed to become larger and fattier would provide more than enough food to feed all of those starving third world countries. Therefore, by being vegetarian and refusing to eat the abused overfed factory farm animals, you are helping to end world hunger.

    Do your research before you make accusations!

    Thank you!

  1002. chuckle, I just love you save the world moonbat types. You guys are better than letterman. You actually think you are saving the world by not eating meat. That is truly hilarious. When I see a post like this I have to think of that couple in the movie “Bug”.

  1003. You can also easily find many websites that back up Donnies claim in a simple google search. Here’s one.


    Which side would take effort to believe? Its all hearsay until you grow some balls and decide do some actual researching yourself. Why would the dairy industry contrive facts? Why would vegan/vegetarian interest contrive facts? Start asking questions 😉

  1004. I remember going to friends bar-b-que a few years back, well a lot of years back. There was this woman there, that sat down next to me and quietly started complaining about meat being cooked on the grill. I told her the hosts felt really bad, but they just couldn’t get the beans to stay on. I still wonder 1. why she went to a freakin’ bar-b-que in the first place and 2. why she thought I would give a shit that she didn’t eat meat.

  1005. I was being completely rational and accepting of people who eat meat in that response, and in return you call me pathetic? Why can’t you open your mind to an opinion different from your own? I’m not asking anyone to agree with me, I’m simply asking you to try to understand my point of view. If you would like to share your opinion on the matter with me, I will listen and try to understand. But insulting me simply because my opinion differs from your own is “pathetic” and immature. And also, why would you assume that I don’t feel sorry for starving people in third world countries?? Because I feel compassion for animals means I can’t feel that same compassion for people? That makes no sense…

  1006. Did I say “I’m saving the world by not eating meat”???? I don’t think that at all. And Elizabeth didn’t say that either. She even said “I am not a vegetarian” so how would she possibly think she is “saving the world by not eating meat?” It is a personal decision I make, not an attempt to make the world a better place. And this assumption you made plays in perfectly with the point I was trying to make about the harrassment vegetarians receive simply because their point of view is in the minority. How rediculous would it be if I started insulting you for your decision to eat meat? It is just as rediculous the other way around. Open your ears, open your mind, and stop the hate.

  1007. I don’t buy into your ilks, “open your miiiinds” nonsense. I was ridiculing her save the world crap, but since you decided to climb on my back…….. If you don’t want to be harrassed for being a fruitcake, why not keep it a secret? Why does every fruitcake think everybody else in the world has to have intimate knowledge of your personal choices?
    You wouldn’t have to defend your choices so much if you didn’t feeeel like you had to inflict knowledge of your choices on people that don’t give a rats ass.

  1008. I’m a vegitarian because I think eating meat is disgusting. I think it’s similar to how meat eaters view eating bugs.

  1009. What makes you think that anyone cares about your opinion Greg?
    Why make inappropriate comments about other people’s comments? All you are doing is upsetting people and I bet you don’t feel any better for having said what you’ve said.

    If you do feel free to correct me. I’m sure you will.
    And now I fully anticipate that you will bombard me with numerous insults that will completely destroy my day, but I don’t suppose you will care, I’m not really a person anyway, just a random name on the internet with an opinion but no emotions or feelings whatsoever.
    In a way I feel sorry for you. You must be having a crap life if you feel you must attack people when they have done nothing against you.

  1010. Lack of protein is different to lack of meat.
    Vegan is unhealthy though…

  1011. I think people that don’t eat meat are disgusting. Its a scientific fact that people that don’t eat meat have smaller brains, and testicles. Why anybody would choose such a lifestyle boggles the mind.
    We climbed to the top of the food chain, why? I don’t think its to ‘choose’ to be back at the bottom.

  1012. Au contrair my fruitcake friend. While its true your feeeelings don’t matter to me at all, don’t pretend that mine matter to you and play the victim.
    NORMAL people are bombarded everyday with some fruitcakes ridiculouse ‘lifestyle’ choices, and demands are issued that we MUST respect your choices and you, and suffer yet another indignity for your the sake of your self-esteem.
    Your ilks hysterical cries that you’re being persecuted falls on deaf ears. Nobody gives a damn, what blows your hair back sweetie. If you think you have a right to demand that I jump for joy and genuflect, at your “enlightened choices”……… You may want to re-think that one. If you didn’t care about my opinion, you wouldn’t read the damn thing, nor respond. Thats what I do, or don’t.

  1013. So you think that anyone living in the minority should be ashamed and lie and pretend they are like everyone else? You think a white person living in Detroit should be ashamed of his color and stay secluded in his apartment? You think a straight man living on Christopher Street in NYC should be ashamed of himself and date men so he doesn’t feel different from the people living around him? You think a Christian in Passaic, NJ should keep his religious choices a secret, and if asked by anyone, claim that he’s jewish? What a small world you must live in, Greg.

  1014. What a freakin’ airhead. Your mind is so open the brains have fallen out.
    Good luck with that!

  1015. Sarah- quit smoking free trade humus. I think that rhetorical white person living in Detroit should proably stay in their apartment.

  1016. […] things that people share through that venue. We drank wine, at least two of the attendees were vegan, one of us (so far) is going to law school, and at least one of us is getting a Master’s in […]

  1017. What really seems to boggle my mind is if those that eat meat are so much more intelligent that those who abstain, why is it that you cannot grasp that intolerance is an obvious sign of lower intelligence?
    I’m also going to put it right out there: where is the evidence for your “scientific fact”? I know plenty of scientific journals that provide evidence supporting the detrimental effects meat has on the working of your body, if you would like to read one sometime.
    Vegans simply choose not to eat foods that are produced by abused illegal immigrants who work under life-threatening conditions for corporations that only care about their own profits instead of their consumer’s safety and health, the global economy, or our land and air quality. This is just as brief as it gets.
    I don’t understand why you would be disgusted by anyone who makes a dietary sacrifice in order to attempt to make the world a better place for you.
    Furthermore, acting “stuck up” for being a Vegan would not only leave me friendless, but isolate me from a society that could possibly benefit from asking me the simple question, “why are you Vegan?”

  1018. I honestly can’t believe you spent so much time hating on Vegans, Greg. Reading through these posts makes you seem mentally unhealthy. Why is it that you feel so strongly against this cause? Is it simply that you are ill informed or are you so attached to your current lifestyle that you feel threatened? Perhaps you can’t handle the knowledge provided to you about the vegan lifestyle? Could these be symptoms of brain and testicular shrinkage?!

  1019. Im Vegan and I’m not a ‘whiteperson’. I have ideals as a person, just like you do. So leave us alone if you don’t like it 🙂 P.S. Amazing ignorance 🙂

  1020. GO VEGAN GO!!!!

  1021. Maybe they’re sick of dealing with ignorant people who don’t actually want to hear the answer because they’d rather not know the reality of the cruelty involved in producing the food they like to eat.

    see hear: http://video.google.com/videoplay?docid=6361872964130308142#

  1022. I’ve often found the people most aggressive towards vegos are the people with the most guilt about the cruelty they support every day

  1023. Tell that to Carl Lewis.

  1024. PS: Amazing sense of humor

  1025. Im sorry but why exactly do you have to separate out white people. Personally I am an afrcian american who believes its ridiculous that we constantly separate our races like this ,and then people wonder where does racism come from. Secondly, no certain group of people are vegetarians other than those who don’t want animals to be brutally killed!!!!!

  1026. This is great. I’m vegetarian and white, but I don’t see why people are getting so offended. This was hilarious! Very nice article.

  1027. my god, fuck i hate vegans, bunch of pansy arse wankers. humans evolved to eat meat, if you dont like buying meat from a fucking butcher go kill an animal or something and eat it. it makes you feel manly and its good for the enviorment because you use most of the animal. just cant stand fucking vegans hate them to my core.

  1028. I feel like “vegetarianism” and “veganism” became more of a trend nowadays. Many, though not all, do act superior and snobby and have their own “scene”.

    On another note, I recently met a guy who told me that while he likes me, he could never have a serious relationship with me because I’m not a vegetarian.

  1029. I am a vegan also, but only if my plate of vegetables are served on a separate plate from my delicious steaks! This way I can have the best of both worlds: the vegans and the carnivores.

    PETA (People Eating Tasty Animals)

  1030. I found this article to be my favorite, because the snobby, trendy people who brag about being a vegetarian really, really piss me off. I became a vegetarian at 7 years old as a personal choice, and too many people give it a bad name, such as being really picky or difficult to feed. It’s not hard at all to maintain a vegetarian diet AT ALL, and I couldn’t care less if the stuff is organic. Being vegetarian is not a topic of conversation for me, unless someone specifically asks me why I am, and I give them a very short explanation. However, your sushi article irritated the hell out of me, saying that vegetarians don’t mind eating sushi because fish aren’t as important as cows and whatnot. That would be a pescetarian.

  1031. Although veganism and vegetarianism are a bit trendy right now, at least it’s a positive trend. It’s not really about that person in most cases, it’s about animals that people feel bad eating because of the unfair suffering that they go through. Some people don’t care about that though and just don’t eat meat for health reasons. But what I am trying to say is, even if someone is vegan as a trend for two years and then quit because they don’t feel cool, they still made a difference by not consuming meat and other animal products for that time and it is a positive thing. Other trends can fuck themselves though.

  1032. Fish and cows are equally important, I agree 🙂 I hate people who are picky eaters. I often eat a can of corn for a meal. It is so delicious with cheese on it. I have been a vegetarian on and off for 7 years (4 years straight) and white for my whole life.

  1033. Here, here.

  1034. I really don’t care how they wind up on my plate, just as long as they do.

  1035. Intolerance my fruitcake friend is the engine that drives all social, economic and any other kind of change. Regardless of how “tolerant” you panty wearing liberals pretend to be, all you ever hear from any of them is how intolerant they are of anybody and everybody that thinks their whole world view and their ideological dogma is full of shit.

    You are just another “useful fool” for communism. You don’t know a damn thing about it, nor anything about capitalism. As a human being, what was it exactly that made you divorce reality, and marry that fruitcake utopia nonsense? Was it the kool-aid? Momma didn’t breast feed? or were you just born with shit for brains?

  1036. Or we don’t care how they get on our plate, just as long as they do.

  1037. It’s ironic that Humans evolved their high functioning brain due largely to the consumpion of cooked meat. This “modern” diet allowed them the ability to recieve their full caloric intake in much less time and with less effort than their vegitarian primate relatives. Now that they have these highly evolved brains they have decided to return to a diet that humans no longer have the digestive ability to receive proper nutrition from.

  1038. once again, if i were intolerant of everyone who thinks veganism is pointless i wouldn’t have very many friends. if somehow your definition of intolerance includes making a fact based argument, then go ahead and call me intolerant. most people think of that as debating. unfortunately, in the real world intolerance can be recognized when someone makes accusations and insults without explanation.
    where is your evidence?
    how am i a useful tool for communism?
    why is it that you think i don’t know what capitalism is?
    if i am intolerant… how am i tolerating you and trying to understand your perspective?

    if you consider the reasons for my dietary choice to be “fruitcake utopian nonsense” i would have to disagree.
    1) fruitcake isn’t even vegan so i suggest you choose a more fitting word for your name calling
    2) utopian: i agree that if the whole world were vegan everything would go to shit. so, you can stop assuming that i intend to achieve a utopia through the vegan diet. however, we do need a reform for the animal production industry and until that happens im not touching any of the shit that leaves those factories.
    3) nonsense: what i do makes sense to me; if it doesn’t to you, well, that’s probably why you’re not vegan.

  1039. Heh, yes, that is funny.

    Though I don’t think it is ironic.

  1040. If you look at the voting characteristics of “vegans” and “liberals”…….. ironically their the same. Since science proves that a vegan diet leads to brain and testicular shrinkage, I think you can see where the current liberal agenda is going.

  1041. Do these articles take Utah into account? Unfortunately almost none of this stuff applies to the locals, and they’ll ostracize you (not a lot, but enough for it to be noticeable) if it does.

  1042. I have to wonder what attract a woman to a man that didn’t eat meat. Besides an inability to procreate, due to diet induced testicular shrinkage, and an extreme left lean to his politics, he can’t be much of a provider.

  1043. A true standard in comedy blogging.

    Another great site is http://www.SomethingYouShouldRead.com

  1044. […] Veganism/Vegetarianism.  Unlike in undergrad, when you might have long swathes of time for frisbee on the quad, law school keeps you at school for a long portion of the day; either in class or reading for the next one.  With the aid of lockers, you won’t be running home much.  And, since law schools are often somewhat detatched from the main campus, they don’t have easy access to the student union, so they tend to have their own cafeteria or cafe. […]

  1045. Ever notice how vegans think meat is for beating and not eating?

  1046. Look at your first post, then look at your response to mine. Interesting, you champion a non-existant cause in the first then pretend you didn’t say it in the second, hoping to avoid my criticism of your world view. All while trying to sound noble and above the fray.

    Also I didn’t say “useful tool”, I said useful fool. There is a difference. There are scientific journals aplenty. Both supporting and denying whatever it is you choose to believe. The one thing I know for sure, is that if it portends to support a liberal agenda, its falsified. I’m not a kid, I’ve been around a long time. I’ve studied and researched liberal talking points way beyond what any liberal ever has. 99.99999999% of the time, they will readily make up facts and statistics to illistrate a point that enhances their idiotic worldview. Liberals will readily destroy, hide, or misrepresent real data that disproves whatever their current fruitcake theory is.

    You see exactly the same kind of thing going on now with the whole man made global warming myth. If you choose to know what the fuck your talking about rather than just ignorantly following party line dogma, its easy to find the truth about anything. Strangely enough, the truth, will change your world view. Go figure.

    My intolerance to your ilk, has been fermenting since the clintoon/gore fiasco brought back Hitler’s idea that you can’t underestimate the ignorance of the people, and their willingnesss to follow any dipshit idea if you can make it seem popular enough.

    I forget who it was that said, “People would rather die than think, and most often do.” Your ilk illustrate this fundamental truth more than anything anybody could say about you.

  1047. BWAAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!! That was some funny shit. As a hunter, I get a great deal of enjoyment out of mass murdering as many animals as I can fit in my freezer and have actually had to upgrade my freezer to accomodate the enjoyment I get from the killing frenzy.

    Sawing the flesh of these defenseless creatures into bite size morsels, and masticating them into even smaller, more digestible fragments fills me with such joy, I have to thank God I was born a man. Bringing this bounty to the table for my kids to nourish their growing minds and bodies with, fills me with such pride and joy, none of you fruitcakes will ever experience life as God intended it to be.

    I enjoy it again when I dump another impressive liberal, digesting all that meat produces, into the bowl and wish it a fond farwell on the next part of its journey as I flush it away.

    Inbetween, I frequently enjoy the meat somebody else has had the very intimate pleasure of murdering, and butchering for my enjoyment. Too bad you can’t enjoy that with me. You don’t know what your missing.

  1048. I don’t “hate” on vegans. I just really enjoy kicking the snot out of panty wearing liberals of every stripe. Kind of like the hunting thing I described above. I’m hardly ill informed, I just don’t give a rats ass about the things your ilk feeeeel so strongly about.

    As for “symptoms”, no, not a chance. Science has proven if you choose to recognize it, that predators, ie-meat eaters have larger brains than their food, ie-vegans do, and I have never been far enough away from meat to go through any kind of diet induced testicular shrinkage. Hopefully your ovaries don’t shrink up so much your ilk can’t reproduce enough food for the rest of us.

  1049. Veganism and vegetablarianism are just another fascist leftwingnut bunch of fruitcake nonsense born out of dumbassed liberals thinking mechanisms, their ass.

    Eating meat is good and good for you. Period. Avoiding meat leads to brain and testicular shrinkage.

  1050. ass munch

  1051. This site really means “urban white liberal with affluent parents” when it says “white people”. Only a tiny percentage of white people outside of college towns have more than a few of these opinions.

    That said it is hilarious and clever.

  1052. Ugh. Most annoying people EVER is vegans and vegetarians.
    They think they’re so cool, green and HIP. They are douchebags with nasty farts.

  1053. “…[are] vegans and…”
    Just putting that out there.

    I do hope you’re generalizing or joking; there is a subgenre of particularly annoying vegetarians/vegans who take pleasure in militantly putting down the rest of the world. Others do it quietly for moral or religious reasons.

    Personally, the people I find most annoying are the ones who unfairly accuse innocents, or who close-mindedly only see one point of view.

  1054. This should be added: Ask a white person the reasoning they turned vegetarianism, the response they give will always be “have you seen that video online?”

  1055. Shutup you cunts. Vegetarians aren’t Nazis trying to round all you meat-eaters up into concentration camps. As if we could even compete with the meat-packing industry for influence. If you’re gonna accuse us of being peace-loving pussies, then at least acknowledge that we aren’t capable of forcing you to eat our socialist diet.

  1056. Aren’t these “vegans” the same people who wear expensive LEATHER shoes?

  1057. on February 11, 2010 at 9:42 am IloveWiseCracksATL

    I’m veggie (11 years) tryin to go vegan, I’m so white! I need to get on that press conference to make it official LoL.

    But seriously tho, I do it for spiritual (body is a temple of God) and moral reasons (don’t like the thought of ‘knowingly’ hurting animals). I don’t trip out about it or go on a rampage, most folks don’t know unlessin’ I eat (or don’t eat) certain things. When they ask, I tell them simple as that. and not in a looking down on them sort of way either. It’s the meat eaters who get their panties in a bunch just over the fact that I am one. I don’t understand why either, especially when I’m not glaring at them (or lecturing them) while they’re enjoying their steak. But whatever.

  1058. on February 11, 2010 at 9:54 am IloveWiseCracksATL

    Btw the way Greg you need help. You’re almost as ridiculous as people who are angry at something that in their mind doesn’t even exist (atheists). LoL get a grip.

    Like I said, I’m veggie for religious and moral reasons, but I still got a laugh out of this blog, good stuff! No offense taken Chris Lander XX.

  1059. I totally agree, Eleanor. People who complain about a tiny–or sometimes entirely non-existent–sub-group, and act like they are everywhere in society, are super annoying.

    I have never encountered a “militant” vegetarian. More than anything, I’ve encountered meat-eaters who will jump at the chance to ridicule vegan/vegetarians because they are insecure and think that we’re all judging them.

    Although Christa is kind of right about the farts. Mine are lethal.

  1060. your an idiot. Athiests arnt angry at god or a religion. They are angry at morons who believe in them.

  1061. Well said. IloveWiseCracksATL is a blithering moron.

  1062. the funny part about that is, we don’t give a shit what your ilks panties are wadded about. LOL

  1063. I got a freezer full o meat, meat I killed and butchered and put there myself. I’m good to go, no help needed here. I’m one of those self sufficient types you fruitbats love to despise.

    while you prefer letting your brain and testicles atrophy for “religiouse and moral reasons”, I don’t give shit. Its your to do with as you wan’t, fruitcake.

  1064. I think your imagining things, we don’t give a rats ass what you put in your pie hole. Nor do we care why you do or don’t eat whatever it is you choose to eat. I just like kicking your ilk around because your so sensitive about it. A little meat in your diet goes a long way to making you less sensitive to morons degenerate lifestyle choices.

  1065. There is nothing bad about pussy. Your ilks hysterical flatulence over percieved persecution is quite amusing to provoke.

  1066. chuckle, insecure at your ilks judgement, you kidding me or yourself. You fruitcakes all pretend your minds are so open, that you don’t realize the shrinkage of your brains and testicles due to your diets are making you delusional.

  1067. I love people that are veg* for moral reasons.

    Meanwhile they stuff their mouths with wheat that rapes the land and creates deadzones around it from the destruction of native ecosystems and runoff of horrific industrial fertilizers.

    Anyway – how $$$ do you think it might cost a city-goer to get into hunting? I can see a lot of the expense being getting from Point A to Point B.

  1068. I really don’t understand how people can be so oblivious in today’s world. Aminal Agriculture (production of meat) is not hurting the environment. Also, no animal that is killed in a slaughter house ever feels any pain. And if anybody wants to tell me otherwise, i will be glad to explain myself. And not only is animal agriculture ok, it is completely necessary in order for humanity to survive.

  1069. I’m not too sure… Frankly I never considered the cost associated with it because I’ve been doing it my whole life. I started hunting by myself at 7 yrs old.

    I started out with a single shot .22, hunting rabbits, and squirrels. My son didn’t get his first rifle until he was 2 day’s old because they wouldn’t let us bring it into the hospital on his first.

    If this isn’t a way of life for you, I’m sure like anything, it will necessarily be expensive in the beggining. Its up to you to decide, if hunting is going to be a heritage and a tradition in your family going forward. Of course, hunting and fishing gets my highest recomendation. Be forwarned, any liberal ideas you ever had prior, are going to leave you in a hurry, after spending a few minutes outdoors.

  1070. My liberal-side is very quickly dying, already.

    I guess I could be called ‘conservative’, but definitely not in the mainstream Rush-Limbaugh-Anne-Coulter-Sarah-Palin sense… more of anti-corporate, self-sustaining, wants-to-raise-his-own-chickens-and-hunt-for-the-rest-of-his-food kind of sense. I guess ‘libertarian’? Starting to hate all of it and just want people to stay out of my shit, and everyone else’s shit.

    Hunting is something I’ve never done, but I have a very strong feeling that it is something I NEED to do. I’ve loved fishing for as long as I can remember.

  1071. orry,
    i’m with you buddy.
    we should take a stroll through a feedlot sometime and breathe deep the noxious fumes emitted from the concentrated manure of grain-fed e coli ridden cattle.
    or we could go visit one of the tyson chicken “farms” with their concrete floors carpeted with beakless antibiotic pumped chickens that have been bioengineered to grow twice as big in half the time of chickens fifty years ago. you know what’s funny is that these chickens grow so quickly and are so unhealthy that many cannot even stand and so they must sit in their own feces amidst the 10-15% of their fellow birds that die from disease and breathing problems caused by the practices of factory farming.

    perhaps we could visit one of the major meat processing plants and walk down the line alongside a cow as it has a steel bolt shot into its skull which only renders it unconscious or dead about 8 out of 10 times. maybe we’ll get lucky and our cow will be one of the 2 out of 10 cows that wakes up hanging by its foot from a chain and flails as a person cuts its skin from it body before it passes out. like we’re supposed to believe that they feel pain.

    but hey i bet you’re right, cows, pigs, and chickens probably don’t feel pain. just like puppies don’t feel pain when i shoot them with a staple gun, skin them alive, and cut them into delicious puppy steaks to feed to my children.

    after all this kind of thing is completely necessary in order for humanity to survive. what do these crazy environmentalists think we’re supposed to do, eat vegetables? what a bunch of sissies.

  1072. While I agree with you on factory farms and the like, raising cattle pastured on polycrop farmland – such as Joel Salatin does on his Polyface Farm – is extremely humane and is a great boon to the environment AND to the people that he deals business with, as such meat is free of the chemicals and the sorries traditionally involved with our meat since the 70s.

    Vegetables are great, but are not the best answer. Many vegans/vegetarians would argue this to their dying breathe, but agriculture – especially the ‘amber waves of grain’ monocrop variety – is just as destructive, if not more, than factory farms.

    First you take a large swath of land and clear it of all forms of life. Cut down the trees, kill any animals living on it, then you cleanse the very soil, which is itself a living organism. Now that you’ve murdered everything on these acres, you sow it with seeds from a single plant – this does not occur in the wild, as plants rely on symbiosis with many other plants/fungi/bacteria/animals to ensure their health and the health of the soil.

    This drains the soil and makes necessary the use of fertilizer. In their natural state, plants eat blood, bones, flesh and other plants after bacteria/fungi in the soil breaks it down for them – in the monocrop wasteland, plants eat oil. The Haber-Bosch process is used to artificially fix nitrogen into soil, instead of using animal feces/remains (though factory-farmed remains/waste is toxic enough that it would just kill the plants). This takes a phenomenal amount of energy, driven by oil, to do. The result is a very expensive and relatively poor soil fertilizer that feeds these plants just enough, but erodes away the actual soil and filters off into our rivers and streams.

    And there is the constant policing of ‘pests’… animals trying to get back to their natural habitat, or that try to eat the precious grain

    This has created a 5 sq mile deadzone at the mouth of the Mississippi river, in which no life save bacteria can survive.

    Just pointing out that ALL of our food has unintended consequences, not just meat.

    And ALL of our food can be raised responsibly, including meat – its just not as profitable for multinational corporations, who don’t give two shits or a fuck about raping our land and poisoning us.

  1073. on February 17, 2010 at 5:04 pm nothingmatters

    kevin, yours is funny but I agree with aarons argument–kind of–more. vegetarianism is a flawed system that allows individuals to avoid direct contact with the death of an animal–but animals die just the same, just out of sight and once removed (wild animals die cause we ruin habitat). the real, and only problem, like i’ve always said is population. we can’t responsibly cohabitate because there are too many of us. thats why i’m making the most out of my destructiveness (-:

    PS: i believe what i just said but, in the sake of being fair and smarter than all of you, the killing of all animals can be avoided in one way and that is the eventual extermination of them. While vegitarianism does destroy the life that would have inhabited the land that is now used for crops, it also stops future generations of animals from coming into existance (something that factory farms doesn’t do). this allows for animals to never be born rather than to be born into a cruel fate. larger metaphor- the more fair we want to become to everything, the more and more steril the earth must become. equality and justice are ideals and can not be upheld within a diverse community or environment for the simple fact that different species, people, organizations and beings have different perspectives of right and wrong. eventually, there will be no meat and, thus, no evil from killing. which begs the question:

    do we want to live in a world with no cows and no evil or is it evil to live in a world without cows?

  1074. Are you serious? You people think that the world can live on just plants? The person with the first comment- Where the hell did you get your information on the poultry industry? It is complete crap that PETA probably fed to you. And the KFOS you are talking about? They are nothing of the sort. and finally, i have been to all of those kinds of operations. They are in perfectly normal living conditions for animals. They have a way better life in there since they wouldn’t be able to survive in the wild. And Im gonna guess that you are some hippy freak that has never set foot on any type of farm and have no fucking clue what you are talking about at all. Im an ag science major. Quit bullshitting yourself. I know what is going on at slaughter houses. There are ways to slaughter steers without putting them through any stress or pain. Don’t even try to tell me that you know what you are talking about until you actually work on one of those farms you are talking about and then you can tell me how terrible they are. And then maybe i will respect your ignorancy.

  1075. What the hell is wrong with you? Can you not respect people with ideas other than your own? i am religious but that’s not going to make me say that you are an moron for being athiest. What the hell is wrong with you?

  1076. Nothingmatters: WOW. I am simply floored by your nonsensical, circular mess of an argument there. I’m not going to dig up all the research and myriad reasons why a vegetarian diet is a good plan not only for humans but the planet, because that’s something you can easily look up online. But I will say that vegetarianism is not a “flawed system” as you insist, it’s just a personal dietary choice and nothing more. I gradually stopped eating meat for health reasons/digestive problems and I simply lost all appetite for it, and all the other reasons are just a bonus and incentive to stay vegetarian. Instead of pontificating, I’ve influenced others to eat vegetarian food by cooking for them, and they discovered how much they enjoy it. You obviously choose willful ignorance and would rather project your own guilt onto us with all your crazytalk and pseudo-rationalizations.

  1077. Aaron, you are so, SO right about what you say, and that is exactly why I am not a fanatical I-think-my-diet-is-superior-so-everyone-has-to-eat-that-way-too vegetarian. I grew up in rural Wisconsin and our neighbors had farm animals. The cows grazed out in the open and seemed content enough. They would follow and watch me with interest as I walked down the road, so I talked to them, being an awkward outcast of a kid. It’s partly the emotional connection/bond I feel with all animals that prevents me from wanting to eat them. But I don’t have a problem with other people eating humanely raised and ‘harvested’ meat. I try to get all my eggs/dairy products (plus vegetables) locally from the farmers’ markets where I can meet the person who produces it and be assured that I’m getting a quality product while supporting the local economy and doing less damage to the economy.

    I have studied a fair amount of nutrition and it was after I had to go on a gluten-free diet that my eyes were opened to what a terrible system we have, not just with animal agriculture but the fact that wheat, corn, and soy is so over-processed and insidious in the average american diet that it’s a nightmare for anyone with food intolerances to go grocery shopping or eat out in a restaurant. I think people should avoid or at least limit the amount of meat they eat because the standard american diet is too already too high in protein and fat (not to mention hormones/antibiotics and pathogens in typical meat) and it makes sense if you want to eat healthier. Furthermore, the vast consumption of highly processed, starchy grain that finds its way in everything its also a bane not only to our health but our environment. If we all switched to a whole foods diet from responsible sources, the only unhappy outcome would be for the aforementioned corporations and industry giants.

  1078. Oops! The end of the first paragraph should have read that I’m doing less damage to the economy and the “envirornment” by buying food from the farmers markets. Gosh, I’m overtired.

  1079. Hallelujah, wheat is pure evil!!! Sorry, I have celiac disease and I get a little too excited when I see other people bash wheat in public… it is demonic though. That’s why ‘seitan’ sounds so similar to ‘satan’. Heh.

  1080. Ok. I just want to say one thing. Nobody has the right to say that our food system is terrible if you aren’t in the food system yourself. It is the best this planet has. You might be living in a 3rd world country and not have any food so you ought to appreciate the people who provide the food for you. We are in a world where society demands as much food as possible and at the highest quality possible. That means that we as farmers have to use the land to produce as much meat and grains and vegetables as possible. Being a member of the food production system here in the U.S. i can’t stand to hear people complain about the food system. Yes, it’s not great, but if you don’t like it then you should come help us change it instead of telling us that it is so bad.

  1081. lol, the delusions you fruitcakes percieve as “enlightenment” is in actuality the effects of atrophy your brain and testicles suffer from lack of meat in your diet.

    Many drug addicts experience the same kind of delusions, often claiming “mind expanding” experiences. Both of your delusional ilk claim everybody else’s minds are closed. In fact, your ilks minds are so open the brains have fallen out.

  1082. word – those crazy environmentalists are a bunch of sissies! Keep those pee-tuh videos in rotation bawss. I can smell your superiority complex from here

  1083. that guy is obviously a clinical moron – that is what is wrong with him

  1084. ha ha ha ha i’m a vegan and this makes me feel like such a douche…i always feel guilty when i’m hanging out with people and they want to go out to eat or make dinner

  1085. i don’t have testicles. and i’m not delusional.

  1086. without testicles, you are more delusional than most.

  1087. on March 1, 2010 at 6:13 pm condescending informer

    I’m a level 5 vegan, I don’t eat anything that casts a shadow.

  1088. Well.. I’m a lvl 10 ninja turtle and can kick your ass, how does that grab ya?

  1089. on March 4, 2010 at 7:05 am conradvisionquest

    that was awesome!

  1090. on March 4, 2010 at 7:05 am conradvisionquest

    that comment was directed at eatpuppymeat

  1091. What’s wrong with meat why they hell did we spend 1 million years climbing to the top of the food chain just to eat celery sticks and we didn’t invent fire to steam vegetables

  1092. Factory farms absolutely stop future generations of animals from coming into existence. A factory farmed hen has been genetically altered so much that it cannot reproduce on its own.

    Also, corn is the most widely grown crop. the majority of the corn we grow is not even edible, it’s used for feed and transportation associated with factory farmed animals. I assure you, more land is used and polluted by animal factory farms than more produce.

    Lastly, you write, “equality and justice are ideals and can not be upheld within a diverse community or environment”. This statement is false, our corporate food system is based entirely on monocultures (for example, there are nearly 4000 potato species know to grow in the Andes when we grow mainly one species-the russet). Now tell me monocultures promote diversity.

  1093. If an animal that is only used as our food source is unable to survive in the “wild” it must not be an animal, right?

    Are you trying to tell me that a chicken has no natural habitat or that it has been destroyed? I’m curious, how do you think it was destroyed?

  1094. on March 11, 2010 at 9:06 am Chrisgiraffe

    Vegetarians are trying but they’re really only putting in half the effort if they ever hope to save the planet. The other half is mulch. I pocket mulch in addition to vegan living. If you’re not pocket mulching you might as well be driving a Humvee through hospital delivery rooms.

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  1096. Mmmm-hmmm. Give me a glass of puss over that pasty fake milk any day!

  1097. on March 11, 2010 at 11:58 am Adolf Vegan Hitler

    Anyone knew Hitler was also a vegetarian? Yes, this is true. He obsessed over the ethical treatment of animals, and wrote a piece of advice on how to cook lobsters humanely. Except he always rants on what to do with “less human” Jews, Gypsies, Slavic people, the handicapped and gays, while he authorized the sterilization of 5,000 Afro-German children of French Senegalese soldiers and white women during the 1919 occupation of Saarland and Rheinland.

  1098. on March 11, 2010 at 8:12 pm Person in [insert nation] Studies

    Hey I’m pretty sure Hitler wasn’t in power in 1919, smart guy!

    But way to blow the lid off of Hitler’s vegetarianism. I’m sure no one on the internet has ever heard about it before. I guess that would explain why all the vegetarians I know have German shepards named “Blondie.”

    Keep fighting the good fight against people with compassion towards animals!

  1099. on March 12, 2010 at 3:05 pm ILoveWiseCracksATL

    Actually it doesn’t bother me one bit and I’m not “sensitive” about it at all, what’s to get offended about? I don’t even know, nor can see you lol and even if I could, it still wouldn’t bother me lol. But I’m glad you got that outta my post.

  1100. on March 12, 2010 at 3:29 pm ILoveWiseCracksATL

    To Name: Yea I guess I am, because clearly that makes it true because someone online clicked “add comment”. 🙂

    To Bluebear: same difference. why would I get mad at a child (or adult) for believing in santa claus? what does it matter?

    To Greg: hahaha angry words and name calling on the screen… I can’t stop laughing lol. Gee, maybe I should start eating meat again, so I can be as sane, peaceful, rational, secure and calm as you are….Understanding and respect goes both ways. btw I’m a girl and if we’re suppose to have testicles, nobody told me… I feel left out now :(.

  1101. on March 12, 2010 at 4:00 pm ILoveWiseCracksATL

    Benito Mussolini
    Charles Manson
    Jim Jones
    Yep, you guess it all were famous carnivores.

    What exactly is your point? I didn’t wanna have go there as this really isn’t a war to me. The famous cliche “there’s good and bad in every group” hasn’t proven false yet.

    Btw, Hitler wasn’t a vegetarian, he enjoyed ham and caviar, both of which are not vegetables.

  1102. on March 12, 2010 at 4:03 pm conradvisionquest

    the second i heard that hitler used to take showers i stopped taking showers. btw, what’s that smell?

  1103. on March 12, 2010 at 5:30 pm Weirdo studies

    Hitler was a psychopath, intelligent and brilliant he may be, but you know the old saying “never let a mad men enter the realm of politics” and the results can be felt to this day.

    Head over to #63 about expensive sandwiches: canned tuna is cheaper than a slice of tofu, and tuna is real meat.

  1104. The chicken was domesticated thousands of years ago from the Red Junglefowl, a bird from Southeast Asia. Its habitat has not been destroyed. Chickens have had such large genetic changes due to adaptation for living with humans that they are unable to care for themselves in the wild. Any chickens that aren’t protected are quickly eaten by wild animals.

    Henry, you should spend a second on Wikipedia before trying to argue with an ag science major over agriculture. Also, the fact that you’re willing to state a habitat was destroyed, with no actual knowledge, indicates your views have become quasi-religious.

  1105. i have a couple problems with vegans/vegetarians (my best friend happens to be one) is that they bitch about animal rights and animal cruelty and refuse to eat meat when it’s called ORGANIC AND FREE-RANGE FARMS. organic products are produced because they’re in demand, and instead of eating organic/free-range farm meat because, oh i don’t know, your body NEEDS the proteins, enzymes, amino acids etc you get from eating it, which would support the GOOD GUYS, they don’t eat any meat which doesn’t support them and in a way helps the big ‘ol bad factory farms. i say it supports the factories because by not supporting organic, organic companies do not grow or become more popular and in more high-demand, and the big companies will ALWAYS have demand and frankly they don’t care if a few thousand peopole are eating their meat or not, while that is a much bigger number to the small companies. i think animal cruelty is wrong, and that the factories are disgusting, but that’s why alternatives exist for problems like this. organic/free-range farms are like the farms you see in pictures, they’re quite nice and much more respectable than any factory.

    also i hate when they try to claim it’s healthy, IT’S NOOOOT. how is cutting out portions of FOOD GROUPS good for anyone?! and then if you’re vegan/vegetarian for long enough, when you eat meat you THROW UP. does that sound healthy to anyone? no. no it doesn’t.
    and don’t be all bitchy and whiney that ‘blah blah meat has fat and cholesterol!!’ well everything has FAT and cholesterol, and if you’re concerned with that then you shouldn’t be eating sugary products, or snacks, or soda! all my vegan/veggie friends who try to claim it for “health reasons” still eat tons of junk food and it just gets under my skin. also there’s “good and bad cholesterol” of which you get lots of GOOD from meat as well as enzymes etc i mentioned above. eating a LOT of meat can be bad too (eating a lot of anything is bad), but that’s why the food pyramid exists: to give everyone a good idea on the ratio of foods you should be eating for all the essential vitamins etc one needs.

    and on a side-note: substitutes aren’t all that great for your health either; soy has f*cking TONS of hormones in it, and a glass of soy milk a day has enough estrogen to ALTER a woman’s PERIOD. to a guy that doesn’t sound like much, but in addition to preventing pregnancy, BIRTH CONTROL is used to regulate periods and soy has enough estrogen that regular consumption can easily affect that! that’s absolutely startling to me, yet a good majority all the substitutes i see contain soy (or tofu but YUCK) which isn’t healthy at all.

    ok done with my little rant!

  1106. on March 18, 2010 at 6:30 pm right wing vego in oz

    Therein lies the proof that eating meat does not make you smarter.
    Especially all that stuff about soy. You know where most soy goes to? Animal feed. And then you eat them. Genius!!
    Oh, and the “food pyramid” is made up by the government. It’s not something that exists in nature or out of some kind of universal knowledge.
    Surely you don’t unquestioningly believe everything the government tells you??

  1107. Good points. I find that you hit the nail on the head in #2:Religions That Their Parents Don’t Belong To by how they have a problem committing to religion, but they have no problem with the strictness of vegan/vegetarianism. Yep, white people are a funny bunch. Only makes me glad to be one of the twrong kind of white people.

  1108. I seen that commercial too. Funny how some ppl see something on tv and suddenly proffess they personally witnessed, Moses comming down from the mountain.

    Your inability to see propaganda for what it is, rather than gospel, speaks volumns about how a lack of meat in your diet immediately starts brain and testicular shrinkage.

    You might wanna think about that…. over a bolonga sandwich and a tall glass of milk.

  1109. brrl…. you have a lot to learn…. and so does everyone else for not letting people be who they are. That includes their chosen diet.

  1110. WOW!!!! Did you know that I once had a NUTRITIONIST who was vegetarian? For health reasons no less. Also that your chicken has antibiotics in it and if eaten over a long period of time you become immune to said antibiotics? Also free range farms are made for meat eaters, not vegetarians. I don’t rant and complain about meat eaters but people like you kinda make me want to stick a stick up my butt and act high and mighty. Just as there are a hole veggies there are a hole meat eaters. We have a right to eat anything we want(excluding a few things like people) or to not eat things smart guy

  1111. Wow. You must have numerous amounts of problems if you are that angry about what OTHER people do with their lives. They aren’t preaching to you, so don’t worry about preaching to them;you aren’t going to change anyones mind. And next time you want to rant…make sure your facts are straight, because almost all of your statements are false.

  1112. LOL, I love this site. To all of you haters out there, LIGHTEN UP!!! This site isn’t meant to bash all of us white folk, it is a funny perspective on life. If this blog bugs you so much, then don’t read it.

    I am a vegetarian, and not at all offended by this post. Rock on, SWPL!!!!!

  1113. […] since #32 on the list of Stuff White People Like is […]

  1114. I’d have to agree with Megan…you really should get your facts straight prior to going off on such a rant….As a vegan I can still see that this website is meant to be funny, and not to get people all uptight and critical on others. Also, enzymes are in plants, not animal flesh, most of the soy produced is fed to animals, not people, and phytoestrogen from soy has been found not to harm people, but actually further support cancer defense, not to mention high levels of protein are the building blocks for tumors, and you can get plenty of amino acids to form complete proteins without eating animals, therefore you can get the “food group” without eating meat, not to mention the food pyramid is outdated anyways so why not redefine what we consume to make healthier choices for ourselves and the planet……on a side note, veges and vegans do have much lower health problems, then their meat eating neighbors. I am sorry that you have had such bad experience with veges and vegans, and the lifestyle should be emulating compassion to our furry, feathered, and gilled sentient creatures we share this planet with. You really should look at all that anger and what it is mirroring within you,,,,Namaste

  1115. …you’re dumb.

  1116. You are very dumb

  1117. on April 27, 2010 at 7:43 pm Isabella DiLorenzo

    Hehe, I’m white, and I’ve been a vegetarian since I was 9, and I’m 16 now.

    Yeah, I’m in a really white area in Minnesota, but I’m not offended when people eat meat at all, and I don’t make people feel guilty. Heck, I even cook meat for my family sometimes, and I just eat something else.

    It does upset me that people do that to be edgy or unique.

  1118. some of these comments are really bizarre – why hate someone because of their diet…

    I am a vegetarian because I don’t want to kill animals or pay anyone else to do so. I’m not polite enough to care about offending people who prepared some dead animal meal for me. I think randomly choosing that an animal must die for your randomly selected next meal is pretty damn selfish.

    I’ve been a vegetarian for 16 years, don’t miss meat at all, fit as a fiddle & strong as an ox, well maybe not an ox but stronger than almost all the women and many of the men at my gym.
    I know what I’m missing & really think the cow misses the steak much more than I do.
    But am white, lover of “old school” hip-hop, free medical care & the rest of the stereotype.

    But I passionately hate yoga…worst, most boring non-excercise ever.

  1119. Fine with me as long as you don’t give me a hard time for eating meat. I don’t tell you how to live your life. You don’t tell me how to live mine.

  1120. You know what white people like even more than becoming a vegetarian? Becoming a vegetarian as a reaction to the movie Food Inc.

  1121. The word “extremism” is mispelled in the first paragraph. Oh, and I’m vegan for ethical reasons.

  1122. Oh my god, I just absolutely adore this Blog! So hilarious ❤

  1123. Oh, and you’re so stupid you managed to make ethics an appendix of your digestive tract.

  1124. on May 14, 2010 at 8:56 am Chris Allen

    This list is more aptly called things overly pretentious self absorbed liberal people like.
    I’m white, and so are a lot of the people I know- most of them don’t agree with about half of this list.
    Bring on the veal and venison. I buy free range meat, but that’s because I can get it cheaper than grocery store meat. I buy half a cow at a time.

  1125. People who eat fish aren’t vegetarian. The first vegetarians were in India, so not “white people” . Eating consciously for personal health and to have a positive impact on the earth, no matter how insignificant, should not be seen as a bad thing, or specified by race. Nearly everyone on here needs to go get themselves an education.

  1126. You call us dillusional, but choose to live in your own little bubble ignoring the way that these animals are being treated, the amount of protein they will consume in their lifetimes before giving you a small percentage of that back, and the effect that meat farms have on the ozone layer. I hope the hormones that your wife consumes from the eggs these chemically altered chickens makes her unable to reproduce, because this world, and ecosystem, cannot handle many more people as closed minded as yourself. Do you not realize that these animals eat enough protein every year to feed a few billion people? That is enough to feed everyone here in the united states, and to help people in other countries less fortunate than ourselves-without torturing animals or speeding up global warming any further. Pick up a book, read, learn something. It would do the world some good.

  1127. on May 14, 2010 at 8:30 pm Classic White Person

    …. that is what YOU are.

  1128. only a pink wussie would eat only plants! At least animals have a small chance of running away when carnivores such as we humans come around, but plants?

    How much of a chance does a plant have to get away from you sorry assed vegans?

    Listen!! I hear the painful cry of another green plant being brutally picked out of the dirt and consumed raw by some vegetarian!!

    This is why i am a member of PETA
    (People Eating Tasty Animals).

    *burp* hmmm…that steak sure was good!

  1129. on May 17, 2010 at 10:00 pm whats wrong with you??

    a lot, not all, but a lot of vegans or vegetarians are really annoying. They go out of their way to let you know about it. Its like gay people. “Hey I am gay. I am gay” Two things I dont do. Tell you I F$%&$ing love meat and tell you I F”#$”ing love T and A. It would be really annoying. So if your a vegetarians or a vegan (or gay) then woppitie dooooo. I am happy for you and support you, but I don’t want to be remeinded every time we cross paths. What if Obama went around. Yo i am black… next next I am black. Hey I am the president. I am black. Reporter: Mr Obama tell us one interesting thing about your self: Obama: Im Black.


    Good God that was funnnniiiiiiieeee. Do you hear yourself talking??? Do you really believe that crap falling out of your pie hole????

    You better get some meat in your diet ASAP!!! You are walking scientific proof of brain and testicular shrinkage caused by a lack of meat in your diet. While amusing to watch, it can’t be comforatable to be that insufferabely stupid. BWAWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAAHAHA

  1131. You know that the people in the photo Bob & Jenna are not white, but Latinos, right? I’m sure you got a lot of emails/comments regarding that. Maybe you should substitute the photo with white people.

  1132. Once again, these people in the photo are Argentinans, the descendants of 1800s/early 1900s European immigrants went south of the equator, to only find themselves take longer to develop a democratic society, a capitalist free market and emphasis on human rights. At least, they learned a different lesson on settling down and established new colonies turned new countries than the USA/Canada.

  1133. Bella, they are clearly white European Caucasians. Happy bicentennial day Argentina! It made me think of “don’t cry for me” out of the musical-turned-film Evita. Anyone knew Nancy Pelosi had a grandfather come from Argentina? She has family roots in the country. Despite the global economic downturn, Argentina is used to their turbulent economy, it is like “we know the drill” and pull themselves together.

  1134. Another big one that makes us white people feel superior is recycling/composting… and wearing shirts that let everyone know that we support recycling/composting.

  1135. your an asshole

  1136. on June 15, 2010 at 12:56 pm KemetPrincess

    Vegans are universally self-righteous pricks be they white, black or orange. That said, I don’t give a damn if you eat crickets, cotton swabs, tofu, cows or dirt just as long as you leave me the hell alone. Nothing is worse than a preaching food nazi when you are out at a restaurant. “Did you know that is looooaded with gluten?” “OMG! Those trans fats from that cow are shaving years off of you life! Why not go for an avocado salad next time?” Blah blah BLAH.

    Well, I’m off to cook some plaintainos, adobo chicken, rice and peas, and pasta salad…with bacon.

  1137. So… maybe I’m just an asshole (a cranky vegan one), but if someone tried to pull that shit on me, I’d drop them like a hot potato (or a hot child with epilepsy that I don’t care about as much as I do animals).

    I could care less about the corpses in the ground. If you have a problem with the fact that, yanno, I don’t actually want to make more corpses (and then ingest parts of them), you’re not my friend, go to hell.

    Totally written by a suburbanite… I mean, come on, do people actually feel guilty for this? Your mom can go fuck herself; she’s probably an emotionally abusive twit herself.

  1138. KemetPrincess:

    Shame upon you and all your ancestors. Yinepu would pour funerary oils upon the ground before willingly associating zemself with you. I’m sure Am-mit can’t wait to meet you.

    You probably think Wesir had darkly-toned Nubian skin.

    Also, way to be racist yourself… My abuela would be ashamed if I thought any of those dishes were Mexican.

  1139. Thanks KemetPrincess, +1.

  1140. Yeah, I’m pretty white, but i could never give up my fat, delicious, disease causing, dead cows.

    Maybe I’m just a blood thirsty conveyor….
    Or maybe I’m just a normal american human being(;

    haha, no offense to those “VEGANS” but I’m just saying what i think(:

  1141. on June 27, 2010 at 8:42 pm theveganstudent

    I actually became vegan mostly because I want to be thin and healthy. Yes the meat industry is totally gross and wrong. And yes there is something to be said for the fact that fat is part of a healthy diet, but what other species drinks breast milk as adults? Let alone another species’ breast milk? That is plain weird. Baby cows gain at least 1,000 pounds in the two years that they are drinking their mother’s milk. Yes yogurt and ice cream are delicious, but I would rather not look like a baby cow. Maybe back in the day when people were running around hunting and gathering and then farming all day long and burning calories like crazy it was practical to eat dead animals and drink their milk and eat their unfertilized sex cells because of all the energy they provide. If your thing is that civilization would not be what it is today without cooked meat, um hello Asia and soy products. Who does the United States owe trillions of dollars to? That is one successful civilization, monetarily at least (maybe not so much with human and environmental rights). I think it is so funny that people care so much about what other people do with their lives when it comes to vegan and vegetarianism. People on the Atkin’s diet don’t get criticized for eating crazy. Personally, pounds of bacon does not seem like a great way to lose weight. But hey, if it works for you get to it. In 50 years, when I will look and act 15 years younger than I am,

  1142. on June 27, 2010 at 8:45 pm theveganstudent

    sorry I didn’t finish that sentence. I meant, in 50 years, when I will look and act 15 years younger than I am, there will be nothing to say.

  1143. theveganstudent is the reason that it’s so easy to make fun of vegetarians.

    i’ve been a vegetarian for 21 years, and i don’t take stuff like this so seriously. this is comedy (and pretty funny), not journalism. people only make a big deal out of your diet if you do.

    also keep in mind that despite commonalities, not everyone in a particular group is the same; therefore a joke about vegetarians isn’t necessarily about you.

    actually it is highly unlikely that someone who doesn’t know you is writing something about you on the internet, period. just something to keep in mind.

  1144. What a white response lol. Here’s some news, cutting what you eat to stay skinny doesn’t make you healthy if you don’t exercise. So many white people I know are vegan because they want to stay skinny but don’t want to exercise and they would explode if they weren’t vegan…

  1145. I’m wondering why producing, *good, clean, envirowhacko friendly energy*, has never proposed this as an obviouse solution to our dependence on foriegn oil…..

    large hamster wheels for ppl to run on, connected to a generator that charges the batteries in your electric car, house, appliances, ect… ect… ect….

    With unemployment at record lvls, illigal immigration unabated, and human hamster wheels almost an entirely unregulated….. this IS the future of the green wave….

    get entirely off the grid, or sell your extra energy back to the grid….

    Its also the answer to the fat ass epidemic, and will dramatically reduce healthcare costs by guaranteeing energy demands are met with actual physical excercise……

    or for the most green fruitcakes among us, they can get special cards allowing them to barter the extra energy they produce for the gov’t cheese they recieve!!!!


    With as feckless and incompetent an ass clown as we have squatting in the White House right now, I don’t see how he could possibly overlook the possibilities…… more reliable and cost effective than wind energy, the job opportunities in this new *tech* guaranteeing more employment than the WW2 war effort, these jobs are available now……

    Easily sellable to the public by showing him, his fat ass wife, and kids actively doing their part to power the White House, on live TV……. xDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD

    Then a lot of these vegan ass clowns could say they were really doing something for the *environment* xDDDDDD

  1146. […] has some very good primers. It’s not natural. It’s not organic. It’s not stupid. So when these delicious deprived individuals get a small hint of greasy, fleshy Americana, they […]

  1147. Last time I checked, Asians ate meat. I’m veg because I don’t like the taste of meat, but the only way to stay skinny and healthy is to exercise at least four hours a day. Go ahead and get offended.

  1148. @ Soy, what a fruitcake…..

    I’ve never been over weight in my life, and don’t see a reason to sit down to a meal if there isn’t any meat on the table….

    nor do I excercise 4 mins a day let alone 4 hours…. I do eat more vegetables since I married my Asian wife 13 years ago, the only difference I can see is, I’m more ‘regular’ than I was before I got married….I don’t think ‘regular’ can be blamed entirely on the extra vegetables either..xDDD

    you can “imagine” you are healthier than meat eaters, hell… you can even pretend to be superior…. just realize its yourself you are fooling, nobody else buy’s it, and the evidence doesn’t prove it out…. xDDDD

  1149. on August 18, 2010 at 4:32 pm Antique White

    I definitely wasn’t brought up to be vegetarian, but have now been lacto-vegetarian for 23 years, more than half my life.

    During my 1970s childhood in the upper midwest, many people ate red meat for dinner 3-4 times a week or more. As a dinner guest, one generally expected to be served something like roast beef or meatballs with mashed potatoes/gravy and frozen peas or green beans. This changed after people started to worry about cholesterol in the 1980s, when fish and “skinless, boneless, and tasteless” chicken breasts became popular.

    Long before meat was an ethical issue for me, it was a disgust issue. I despised rare and/or fatty red meat, and preferred processed chicken strips (long before they were trendy!) to regular chicken. My favorite meat was canned tuna.

    In junior high, without any definite “plan” to become vegetarian, I gradually started eliminating meat from my diet. Most pork went first, followed by most beef except cube steak and hamburgers. By the time I was in high school, I only ate red meat on pizza. When I started college, I gave up chicken, ate more fish, and ordered vegetarian pizza. At age 20, I decided the fish could go as well.

    In general, I think that if people want to eat animals, they should be willing to kill them. I’m not saying people should hunt and/or fish for everything they eat, they just should be willing to do so on occasion. I used to fish as a child and although I liked to eat the fish, I always felt sorry for them. . .so now I don’t eat them.

    Factory farming is horrible. If you want to eat eggs and chicken (relatively) ethically on a budget, raise your own chickens! Believe it or not, some cities allow this.

  1150. […] superficial social status; a way to feel superior to others as Christian Lander writes on his blog Stuff White People Like. In the same way hipsters exude a holier-than-thou attitude for listening to shitty bands […]

  1151. This is the only post worth reading in this set of posts. I’m finished reading. Well said sir.

  1152. I don’t think I could ever go vegan/vegetarian. Meat tastes way too good for me to give up.

    MEAT FTW<3

  1153. And btw, I am 5’4″ and 108 pounds. I don’t think cutting out animal products is going to make someone skinny. If you want to lose weight, get your butt off and move. Eating just lettuces and cabbages will eventually slow your metabolism down.

  1154. agreed times infinity

  1155. Number one: “As with many white people activities, being vegan/vegetarian enables them to feel as though they are helping the environment AND it gives them a sweet way to feel superior to others.”

    By being a vegetarian, you are helping the environment. It’s been proven that not eating meat reduces pollution, it’s now just a matter of how many people are taking this step. As far as feeling superior goes, that’s just plain outrageous and ignorant, but everyone is entitled to their opinion, and I respect that the author wasn’t ashamed to present his/her’s.

    Number two: “If you require a favor from a vegetarian white person, you should invite them to a dinner with your family. When your mother/grandmother offers them a dish with meat in it, they will reject it saying that they are vegetarian. When the meal is over, tell them that your mom is very embarrassed, and that in your culture rejecting food is the equivalent of spitting on someone’s grave. They will then owe you favor, this can be repeated when you need trips to the airport, someone to help you move, a small interest free loan, or a place for your friend to crash.”

    This statement is absolutely hilarious, and I hope that people try it.

    Over all, this was an enjoyable article. Very well written and humorous, as long as one doesn’t take everything too seriously.

  1156. I’m a vegetarian who’s trying to go vegan because I’m against animal cruelty. Getting to feel morally superior to other people is just the icing on the cake but it’s not the cake.

  1157. You’ve finally broken me. As I read through this list of things I realized that: I’m no longer unique, I don’t have great taste in music and movies, my left wing politics and vegetarianism are just a vulgar displays of ego boosting grandstanding and don’t even get me started about my self-serving concern for the poor. Yup, as I read through this list tears began to roll down my cheeks as I realized that my life is just one big pretentious sham and that the advertising agencies have played me for an even bigger sucker than the mainstream philistines I used to look down on. I’m now eating meat, drinking domestic beer and living on a steady diet of CSI. I’m serious.

  1158. The thing about being unique is that it’s pretty much impossible in a world with a population of six billion people. Even if you’re one in a million, there are six thousand of you.

  1159. Very true, Brent, very true.

  1160. if a white person doesn’t feel guilty about eating meat, are they the wrong kind of white person?

  1161. Well I’m really hispanic…but I guess I’m white now 😛

    The idea the vegans only eat salads is unfounded. I’m vegan, and I have a wide variety of food, and that is without eating tofu. Being vegan doesn’t make you malnourished any more than any other diet does when it’s not done properly.
    Vegan/Vegetarian Athletes include:
    Frank Mir, UFC fighter
    Bill Pearl, 4-time Mr Universe
    Carl Lewis, Gold medal winner
    Desmond Howard, Heisman/Superbowl MVP winner
    Chris Cambell, Olympic wrestler
    Keith Holmes, World champion boxer
    Stan Price, World record holder in the the bench-press

    …The list goes on. Any healthy diet takes proper planning and discipline. When done properly the vegan diet is the healthiest out there.

  1162. Im white n i LOVE me some meat

  1163. list of people that experience brain and testicular shrinkage due to lack of meat in their diet, everybody that doesn’t eat meat!!!


  1164. Shrunken brain, in that it made them stupid? You’re right, I guess Benjamin Franklin, Albert Einstein, Socrates, Plato, Aristotle, Pythagoras, Ghandi, Da Vinci, and Isaac Newton were all idiots too. As for the ball shrinkage, it really just shows either your own organic brain issues or a severe insecurity about your nuts that you connect masculinity to eating meat.

  1165. for those fruitcakes that think meat isn’t the single reason for humans being at the top of the food chain rather than the bottom or extinct…. 😀


    and taking a sausage up the pooter, or sucking one isn’t the same as eating meat….xDDDDDDDD

  1166. I’m pretty sure that Indians aren’t considered white.

  1167. Most vegetarians/vegans, like those with allergies, are smart enough to mention their dietary restrictions when an invitation is extended.

    As for the “spitting on someone’s grave” comment, I’d probably say that I’d rather someone spat on my grave than ate my dead body. 🙂

  1168. My previous post is the opening nine minutes of the documentary Earthlings. You can watch it in its entirety here:


  1169. My previous post is the trailer of the documentary Earthlings. You can watch it in its entirety here:


  1170. LOL I saw this blog on http://www.DanielDickey.com (The MTV VJ) and must admit, it’s super funny as well.

  1171. […] TV watching Catholic suburban white boy with the accompanying moderate racism and homophobia to a vegetarian atheist marijuana smoking non TV owning university theatre student with gay […]

  1172. on January 4, 2011 at 10:10 am Vegetarians FAIL by TheAmazingAtheist

  1173. White people, well all people, also enjoy http://www.NakedHipster.com. Mainly because the girls are hot and don’t have clothes on. Usually those two things go well together. You know, the hotness and the nakedness.

  1174. One consistent thing that I have noticed is that people who are Vegan seem to make it a point to make you aware of the fact that they are vegan within moments of meeting you.

    I think it’s an effort to let people know they are essentially members of a “club” right off the bat, but it’s odd. This phenomenon might be more noticeable in this general region because we’re all in our own world up here in the northeast, but if someone tells me they are a Vegan within the first few minutes of meeting them (and without being solicited, of course), I just assume they are insecure or have nothing better to say about themselves.

  1175. Odd… not! the same mindless negroes, haunt the same boards and now we see why… ignoring warnings that vegetablarian diets cause brain and testicular shrinkage they don’t eat meat…

    which inevitably leads to their idiotic opinions on everything else…

    and this is only fueled by libtard “reletive morality” bs that makes them think if they are breathing, their opinion matters to somebody…

    never was a bolonga sandwitch, needed by so many, so badly….. 😀 xDDDDD

  1176. I eat meat because its delicious. I mean who cares about the silly animals, they’re really tasty.

  1177. ”Hey I’m pretty sure Hitler wasn’t in power in 1919, smart guy!”

    Well duh…It looks like someone misspoke…or misread the post about the sterilization of children born to African French soldiers during WWI in Germany. Don’t read fast, don’t skimp the lines…why can’t you white people read.

  1178. If God didn’t want people to eat meat, he wouldn’t have made animals out of delicious food.

    factoid: the odds that a vegan will give birth to a child that is mentally handicapped are equivalent to that of a mother who smokes while pregnant.

    factoid: vegetarians have a 40% weaker bone structure, on average

  1179. Carrot? How about you sample the mighty nutrition of my hearty uncircumcised penis? Whaapp! (No that isn’t ranch dressing)

  1180. on March 29, 2011 at 4:31 pm Gregalicious

    more evidence that a vegetablarian diet causes your brain and testicles to shrink into non-functioning organs…..


  1181. Lol, this made me laugh because I’m a white vegetarian….but it’s not like I hold it over people. I just think meat looks nasty. blech.

  1182. I’m black and I was a vegan.

  1183. Lies. There are no black people named Heather.

  1184. Tyler, mate, “you’re” also made out of delicious food. So it’s perfectly acceptable under God to eat you ? Now, where is my Chianti? Oh, and my fava beans are good to pick! 🙂

    Factoid – black people have weaker bones than white people, there is research that confirms this.. Well, it’s as much a “factoid” as vegetarians having weaker bones than meat eaters. Certain research shows that a vegetarian diet may, in some people, lead to “slightly” weaker bones, nothing like 40% though like you claim – just “slightly” The “fact” of the matter is that meat eaters have more of a chance of arthritis than vegetarians/vegans DUE to having too much animal protein in their diet – which actually strips calcium from the body in urine. Look it up. Oh, and other factors also include drinking too much coke or coffee – due to the high levels of caffeine, which also inhibits calcium absorption. Funny how to non-veggie brigade conveniently leave out this bit.
    Oh, and the “fact” about black people having weaker bones than white people can also be disproved with other peoples research. It’s generally utter bullshit to be honest – but some research shows it to be true, so for the sake of getting a point across to show some kind of superiority I will just pick and choose the evidence that backs up my claim, and totally ignore the vast majority that goes against it.

    Oh, and the “factoid” about childbirth problems while on a vegan diet is complete nonsense. Like any diet, as long as the woman gets the correct nutrients while pregnant she should be fine – and the majority of vegans are more likely to be clued up on nutrition than the average meat eater. The same woman who is smoking while pregnant is more than likely also to be eating meat during her term also – so obviously meat-eating doesn’t balance things out and make her healthier. I could list many “factoids” about meat eating during pregnancy causing problems, but like the majority of “internet research” there are opposing views on both sides of the argument. Just think of this : there are hundreds of thousands babies born every year with mental/physical disabilities in the US alone – and many more who sadly do not go full term. The vast majority of their Mothers are NOT vegan or even vegetarian. Over the last 50 or so years this number has massively increased – along with animal consumption. Coincidence? I could make the case that a meat eating diet IS the cause – but I wouldn’t do that, as there could be other factors involved. So, to claim what you did about a vegan diet shows your lack of knowledge in the subject.

  1185. on April 15, 2011 at 1:07 pm Gregalicious



  1186. on April 15, 2011 at 5:13 pm Colin_in_Mexico

    I like how both parties seem so full of themselves, so full or prejudices, that they suddenly become very subjective.

    This God argument is absolutely ridiculous, whether you’re religious or not. I mean… You’ll laugh at me, but who says animals are there for us at all? You know how human beings keep saying that they are oh so superior to animals, while at the same time they don’t really behave different to “animals” in terms of food.

    Are your facts really proven or just as biased as anything else people think they know about veganism? I would really like to know because I believe people too easily. Dear, I might end up buying a kilo of raw beef tomorrow and eat all of it at once, then throw up, feel miserable and being unable to get the taste of meat out of my mouth for hours, then deciding it might not be such a good idea to repeat the experiment and going back to eating the way I did before.

    Something everyone should bear in mind: Pay attention to what you eat. Because there’s a hilariously great amount of people who can’t even follow that simple rule. I actually made a joke a couple of days ago about being more aware of what I eat in the sense that I always know when I didn’t eat what I really need.

    But hey, you don’t have to think, let the food industry do the thinking for you, how many chicken actually fit into a box as small as 5 inch x 5 inch, the regular stuff. Just the way you believe alcohol can’t harm you, that it’s cool to consciously kill your brain cells and actually think it’s fun, just the way you believe it’s your “right” to be a smoker, while you have become a victim of the tobacco industry, um… I could go on? But yes, vegans are stupid. They don’t eat what they need…

    Somehow the idea of the amount of pus in milk and all the other things you “don’t really want to know” (but still consume) makes me feel sick. And I’m not one of these vegans who cannot stand the sight of dead meat. I just don’t find it very attractive and appealing.

    Why not read more on the topic of “normal food” and how it can damage you? Cancer seems to appear out of nowhere, but it could be reduced. Or… heart attacks… the whole package?

    And it’s kind of pathetic how people are so worried about their health, yes, that is why they could never be on a vegan diet. Because your health is all that matters, right? The millions of cattle, etc do not really count, while being a threat to the earth by increasing CO2 levels, but that is okay because everyone tells you so. Let’s not be critical because there’s always going to be someone who can prove you right.

    I always thought I judge too easily, but I cannot remember that I ever had any prejudices towards vegans, I JUST DID NOT KNOW ANYTHING ABOUT IT, JUST LIKE EVERYONE WHO MOANS ABOUT VEGANISM.

    It’s like people always had prejudices towards Jews. Jews are like this, Jews are like that, they are no individuals, no, let’s just put them all together. It makes me sick. Or Africa. It’s all the same. Black and white. This and that. Either or. Yes or no. People can’t just live with some things. Some things make them feel uncomfortable, make them question the world they live in, oh no. How terrible.

  1187. on April 15, 2011 at 5:15 pm Colin_in_Mexico

    And sorry about the long comment. I’m just sick of people judging me because of what I eat. I sometimes have the vegan backlash where I throw months of moaning omnivorous ramblings back at some poor individuals.

  1188. I know a lot of non-whites who are vegans. It’s not just a white people thing. It’s an ethical thing. Second, it’s not to feel superior; ethical veganism is to avoid harming other sentient beings. As for “extremism” — it just seems extreme in a culture in which murder of other species is commonplace. Of course, I know I missed the intended humour here. Sorry. The rest of the site is pretty funny and dead-on.

  1189. on April 28, 2011 at 4:15 pm Gregalicious

    @colon in mexico>> I’ve posted more than a few times how a vegetablarian diet causes brain and testicular shrinkage to non functioning organs… thanks for proving my point.. xDDDD

  1190. on May 2, 2011 at 7:08 am Danny Gill

    And if everyone was vegan there would be more food to go around the world. And being as a person dies of starvation every 5 seconds and those people tend to be black I guess you could add ‘saving black people’s lives’ to your list of things white people like to do. It’s strange that, according to you, black people aren’t so keen on saving black people’s lives.

  1191. on May 9, 2011 at 6:57 pm John Stevens

    You seem like a blast to be around colin.

  1192. on June 14, 2011 at 10:39 pm Malcolm Alden

    Kindly refer to No.62

  1193. on June 18, 2011 at 10:00 am Gregalicious

    here is one for you colon>>

    stop the cruelty to plants!!!! the inhumanity!!! xDDDD


    its the only way to save the planet and end starvation once and for all!!

    I’ve started saving my poo in plastic grocery bags and will be leaving it on the porches of liberal nut huggers in my neighborhood since they wouldn’t accept it at the food bank… XDDDDDDDDD

  1194. on June 25, 2011 at 9:08 am Gregalicious

    well… my pickle smooching, nut hugging, obozo fluffing fruitcakes… the time has come and I must embark on my next adventure into the sandbox that is the cradle of civilization…

    I think it kind of fitting that I leave you with some more of the wisdom I’ve benevolently bestowed upon you ingrates for better than a year now… xDDDD


    When the chickens come home to roost

    Posted: June 25, 2011
    1:00 am Eastern

    © 2011

    There are certain laws that really don’t change, like the law of gravity. It basically says that things tend to fall downward, or what goes up must come down. There is the second law of thermodynamics, which says that all things are breaking down. Then there is the biblical law of sowing and reaping.

    This law is illustrated dramatically in the book of Esther. This Old Testament book tells the true story of King Xerxes who ruled over Persia, the superpower of the day. The king decided to throw a great feast, and all the kingdom was invited. Everyone was getting very drunk, and people do crazy things when they are drunk. So the king decided that he wanted to parade the beautiful Queen Vashti before his subjects. Vashti wanted nothing to do with it, and she flat out refused.

    This created a national crisis, and the advisers to the king convinced him to get rid of Vashti and replace her with another queen, lest there be rebellion among all the wives in the kingdom. So they decided to hold a beauty contest. All the attractive young virgins of Persia were eligible to be in this contest, and many had the hope of winning and becoming the next queen. A young girl named Hadassah, also known as Esther, who had been raised by her older cousin Mordecai, entered the contest because it was required. Much to the chagrin of the Persian girls, no doubt, Esther won and became the queen. God was setting his people in place for the work he was about to do.

    Do you appreciate Greg Laurie’s spiritual insights? Check out the WND Superstore’s extensive Laurie section of books and devotionals

    Then a villain named Haman emerged. Second only to the king himself, he was strutting about one day and noticed that everyone bowed before him out of fear, except Mordecai. This angered Haman to the point that he not only wanted to kill Mordecai for this act of rebellion, but he wants to kill Mordecai’s people as well.

    Haman used his influence with the king, and the king unwittingly signed off on a decree stipulating that in 11 months, every Jew in the kingdom would be killed, and their property would be plundered.

    So Mordecai and his fellow Hebrews were sentenced to death. Mordecai went to his cousin Esther and reminded her that God did not allow her to win that beauty contest so she could live in the lap of luxury. God put her in that position to use her influence for good.

    It was a dicey situation for Esther, because if she approached the king without being summoned, she could lose her life in the process. So she asked Mordecai and all the Jews to fast and pray for her as she prepared to approach the king.

    Man has his will, but God will always have his way. And when the king saw Esther, he welcomed her. So Esther invited the king and Haman to a banquet. That night, the king couldn’t sleep, so he ordered that something from the history of the Persian Empire be read to him. One of the aides read to him the story about Mordecai’s foiling the plot against his life. Then the king learned that Mordecai had never been rewarded for saving his life. As Esther and Mordecai were asleep, God was at work. It was all coming together.

    (Column continues below)

    The next morning, to his dismay, Haman was required to parade Mordecai through the streets on one of the king’s horses, wearing the king’s royal robes. To add insult to injury, at the banquet Esther gave for the king and Haman, she revealed Haman’s plot to destroy the Jews. The king ordered Haman to be hanged on the very gallows he had prepared for Mordecai.

    For Haman, the chickens came home to roost. He reaped what he had sown. The Bible says, “Do not be deceived, God is not mocked; for whatever a man sows, that he will also reap.”

    God is always present and at work, whether we feel him or not. Interestingly, God’s name is never specifically mentioned in the book of Esther, yet he was present in every scene and in the movement of every event, bringing everything toward his intended purpose. And the same is true in your life.

    We often expect God to intervene in big, supernatural ways. And he will do that. But a lot of times God is working in the details. God can take impossible situations and turn them around for his glory. Things looked bleak in the beginning of this book: an indifferent king, a wicked Haman in power, a paralyzed people condemned to a certain death, and Mordecai headed to the gallows. But the people prayed – and God intervened.

    The story ends with Mordecai in Haman’s position of power, the Jews were saved from a certain death, and Haman swinging by his own rope. That is called perfect justice. So keep praying about your particular situation. What even appears to be a bad thing may ultimately turn out to be a good thing. Sometimes disasters can turn out to be great opportunities for God to work in your life.

    Everything we do eventually will bear some kind of fruit. It is the law of sowing and reaping.

    If what we are sowing is bad, then the harvest will be bad – either when deeds come to fruition in this life or when they are exposed at God’s judgment seat on that final day. There are no secrets with God. No matter how cleverly it may be hidden, no matter how well it is disguised, the Bible says our sin will find us out.

    It may happen tomorrow, or it may not be revealed until we are in eternity. But it will find us out. We have God’s word on it. That is what happened to Haman. He devised a wicked plot, and he ended up hanging on the very gallows he built for someone else.

    The good news is that if you are sowing spiritual things, you will reap blessings in your life. The Bible says, “He who sows righteousness will have a sure reward.”

    Every day when you get up, the decisions you make and the actions you take will have an effect on your character and destiny. It has been said, sow a thought, reap an act; sow an act, reap a habit; sow a habit, reap a character; sow a character, reap a destiny. What kind of crop have you been planting lately?

    Read more: When the chickens come home to roost http://www.wnd.com/index.php?fa=PAGE.view&pageId=315093#ixzz1QJA4j1lK

    what are you sowing?

  1195. Animals eat animals. It’s not the same as murder. That cock in your mouth is made of meat.

    KIDDING! [Slap yourself on the back for me.] Have a sense of humor about yourself, dude. You are white and the point of this very entry in SWPL. I’m not white and I was raised vegetarian from birth for religious (Hindu) reasons; at 14, I got sick of my boring diet and tried meat. It took some practice, but I’m quite a successful, healthy omnivore now at 32. I don’t binge-eat, and I do balance my diet. I also try for natural foods (“organic” doesn’t always mean what you think it means), but when I’m broke I’ll scarf down some Taco Bell or Hungry Man with zero guilt.

    The Masai men consume nothing for 6 months out of the year but cow’s blood and cow’s milk while their animals graze during the good season. Other than being counter-culture to the point of becoming a sub-culture then, inevitably, just culture, there is really no reason IMHO to be a vegan except for personal reasons. So: just chill out and do your thang you WHITE.VEGAN.MALE because it is your right to do so, just as it’s my right to eat meat and try to sleep with your girlfriend when she starts finding you a little too snobbish & boring, even though she’s snobbish & boring. That’s in my book, Stuff Brown People Do. I love you, man.

  1196. on August 10, 2011 at 3:14 am mind your shit

    Im white and I fucking love being omnivorus

  1197. FUUUUUUUUUCK I hate vegetarians/vegans that preach their ways to “Save the environment!” It’s just as annoying as being told I’m going to hell for not believing in Christ. FUCK OFF. I LIKE STEAK!!!

  1198. I was thrilled to see a word I didn’t know and then disappointed to discover that “extemism” isn’t actually a word. And then thrilled again (as per rule #99 – Grammar) to have the opportunity to point out your typo.

    I’d be happiest if extemism was a word, though. It has such an obscure, elitist quality about it.

  1199. Trolls aren’t allowed to have opinions

  1200. cool story bro

  1201. i love you pesh, that was hilarious.

  1202. Animals with eyes facing forward are meat eaters/omnivores. 2 million years of evolution can’t be wrong.

  1203. Not designed to eat meat? Name another mammal with eyes facing forward that doesn’t eat meat. 2 million years of evolution can’t be wrong. Those with eyes on the sides of their head can feel free to dispute this.

  1204. can I add wealthy white people? being a vegan/ vegetarian is EXPENSIVE.

  1205. no it’s not. rice/lentils/buckwheat/beans/veg/fruit all cost less than meat. since going vegan, I’ve saved money

  1206. You eat plants, I eat plants

    You eat meat, I eat you

  1207. Well, hey. Vegetarianism, or even just participating in Meatless Mondays, has some pretty awesome health benefits.

  1208. […] recognize that vegetarianism is #32 on the list of Stuff White People Like and that I’m pampered with options in restaurants in North America. From many previous trips […]

  1209. Since going vegan your brain and testicles have shrunk also, did you notice?

  1210. It’s not too difficult to figure out that a strict vegan diet is not natural and should be avoided. The Evidence? Every single one of them has to take Vitamin B12 supplements (a vital micro-nutrient), as this is only found in animal-based foods. They’re dependent on these supplements being available at their stores, courtesy of the unnatural forces driving the economy that so many vegans are “rebelling” against.

    These diet fads, whether they’re non-fat, all-protein, all-carb, no carb, no meat, no dairy, raw, ad nauseam…they all manifest from a singular problem:

    Human inactivity.

    If much of your daily tasks involve physically exerting yourself to near-constant exhaustion, it really does not matter what you eat, because those calories will be instantly utilized and burned off. High fat, protein & carb meals (animal-based due to caloric density) are preferred for the highly active. This is a very simplistic explanation, as there are complexities which allow for varied performance in physical activities.

    For a predominately inactive culture (that progressed from a highly-active culture just to sustain existence through hunting & gathering), the aforementioned diet is atrocious. Too many calories, and no way of using them, leads to the problems we see particularly in American culture: obesity, diabetes, heart disease, cancer. Again, a very simplistic explanation, but complexities remain.

    One of these complexities, which works for one side and against the other, is toxicity. Our bodies detoxify naturally…when they have the time. Digestion takes priority over detoxification, and when foods with increased levels of toxins (primarily foods that are processed, cooked and/or animal based) enter the body, they often take a long time to digest. As a result, toxins build up over time that can lead to systemic problems.

    If you are largely inactive (9-5 desk job, TV at night, sleep), the traditional “American” diet is not ideal for your health. If you are seriously physically active, for your job or otherwise, especially in colder climates, there is much more leeway. It certainly makes sense to choose quality foods in both circumstances, but their sources (plant or animal) and how they are prepared (raw or cooked) don’t matter much for the highly active, as your activity allows for faster digestion and a more rapid approach to detoxification.

    That being said, it is ideal to avoid these toxins in the first place, which is where the raw foods crowd has things dialed. If you are largely inactive, and want the best of both world’s, consider a raw paleolithic diet (it’s like a raw vegan, but with raw egg yolks and raw fresh fish added. Egg yolk and fish (salmon and/or tuna) provide nearly the whole spectrum of your micronutrients (vitamins & minerals) while also two of your three macronutrients (fat & protein).

    It has nothing to do with “making a difference” for the earth, or other such nonsense. It has all to do with improving your own health and livelihood. You can’t save the earth…but you can save yourself.

    Keep on having fun…

  1211. Rather than share the link, I think its better if you obozo fluffing douchebags read this for yourself….

    August 18, 2011 Obama: The Affirmative Action President by Matt Patterson (columnist – Washington Post, New York Post, San Francisco Examiner)

    Years from now, historians may regard the 2008 election of Barack Obama as an inscrutable and disturbing phenomenon, a baffling breed of mass hysteria akin perhaps to the witch craze of the Middle Ages. How, they will wonder, did a man so devoid of professional accomplishment beguile so many into thinking he could manage the world’s largest economy, direct the world’s most powerful military, execute the world’s most consequential job?

    Imagine a future historian examining Obama’s pre-presidential life: usheredinto and through the Ivy League despite unremarkable grades and test scoresalong the way; a cushy non-job as a “community organizer”; a brief career as a state legislator devoid of legislative achievement (and in factnearly devoid of his attention, so often did he vote “present”) ; and finally an unaccomplished single term in the United States Senate, the entirety of which was devoted to his presidential ambitions. He left no academic legacy in academia, authored no signature legislation as a legislator.

    And then there is the matter of his troubling associations: the white-hating, America-loathing preacher who for decades served as Obama’s “spiritual mentor”; a real-life, actual terrorist who served as Obama’s colleague and political sponsor. It is easy to imagine a future historian looking at it all and asking: how on Earth was such a man elected president?

    Not content to wait for history, the incomparable Norman Podhoretz addressed the question recently in the Wall Street Journal:

    To be sure, no white candidate who had close associations with an outspokenhater of America like Jeremiah Wright and an unrepentant terrorist like Bill Ayers, would have lasted a single day. But because Mr. Obama was black, andtherefore entitled in the eyes of liberaldom to have hung out with protesters against various Ameri