#114 America



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  1. Man Kevin Weeks the new starting goalie of the New Jersey Devils

    Black people have progressed so much


  2. other things white people like:

    election day 2008!

  3. They like America when it’s something approved by people of other cultures/nations… especially Europeans.

    Ultimate whiteness.

    Also, stickers that they can proudly wear that tells the world they voted.

    when you can tell the world that, they will look at you in awe, and with envy that you could vote for a half white President.

    God bless us all.

    I mean… Allah bless us all.

    I mean… believe in God? Huh?

  4. For the first time in my adult life I’m really proud of my country.

  5. Or at least they pretended to with this election in order to impress their black friends and give them selves a hot top when at cocktails parties.

  6. As I was watching, I noticed Diane Sawyer, and every other news anchor wanted to ask about how historic it was that an African American was elected to the Presidency, and how big of a turn out the black vote was. This presidential race was never about the color of your skin, our candidates skin, gender, or age. It was about ideals and the infectious hope that we all share that we can move in the right direction; that we NEED to change.

    I’m so excited that we’ve all taken a huge step in the right direction, and that Barack Obama is our next President!

  7. And I just want to congratulate you on being very un-racist! You are a superior white person, not, as President Obama puts it, “…a typical white person.”

  8. on November 4, 2008 at 11:31 pm Pacific Reporter

    America – Fuck yeah!

  9. i love america. and multicultural people. and filipinos. and awesomeness. mainly. i love the awesomeness of filipinos. and the non-horror of tonights election. and i love the hope that one day my children can grow up in a world where they dont piss themselves and punch a cop. i love that. it makes my heart bleed with joy for the earth…

    …i also love jesus…

    thank you america. sincerely,

    love, the best writer in canadian history…not alastair macleod. but close… thanks a lot guys.

  10. also, kevin weekes started for the hurricanes way back. so calm the fuck down valentin. you trolling pansy…ha…

  11. I was just being a person. Sorry?
    I didn’t realize we had to make all the comments on this blog in the typical, ” I’m a white person, here’s what I say!”

  12. I put 500 on Obama yesterday, Thanks for the free 75 bucks America!

  13. Um…white people don’t like Obama. Just look at the exit polls.

  14. on November 5, 2008 at 12:07 am Diana (another one)

    This evening has inspired a patriotism in me that I’ve never experienced. For the first time ever I’m truly, truly proud to be a part of this country.

    This is, of course, at least the 110th time that SWPL has made me question my own identity as a non-white individual.

  15. Um, the odds would’ve given you a $50 total return, losing $450. Unless you’re working minimum wage, in which case the big O will be cutting you that check for the extra $525+.

  16. Today, I heard “change” in local gym, rental furniture, and used car ads.

    It’s the “bling bling” of 2008.

    Thanks a lot, Barack.

  17. Argh, now I have the “Team America” theme on loop in my head! Curse you, Pacific Reporter!

    Seriously though, I am immensely proud of the decision that the American majority has made. You didn’t elect the first black president – you chose an intelligent, qualified person with ambition and hopes aplenty for the future of the US and the world.


  18. We LOVE us!

  19. “you chose an intelligent, qualified person with ambition and hopes aplenty for the future of the US and the world.”

    I really curious if he will be full of ambition and hope in four (or eight) years time or if the new job will crush his soul.

  20. White people all over the world salute you! Congratulations from Sweden.

  21. I knew this would happen…the sense of humor sucked out of America by an Obama victory. There’s no one left to mock now.

  22. Awesome that his ‘typical (wrong kind of) white (racist) person’ grandma didn’t have to witness this. I know that that is a wicked thing to say, but I thought it when I heard that she’d died.

  23. on November 5, 2008 at 12:59 am Sally from Sydney

    White people all around the world love Obama, not because he is black but because he has vision, passion and genuinely cares for his fellow Americans, the planet and the rest of the world.

    Today proved that racists are the true minority.

  24. Oh, don’t worry. The “right” kind of white people (people in Portland and selected Brooklyn neighborhoods, Apple Computer and/or Volkswagen product owners) still have the “wrong” kind of white people, like Texans (outside Austin), people who drink domestic beer and watch stock car racing without irony, to say nothing of church goers, gun owners, and white people with plain old bad taste to mock long into the near future.

    The poor, uh, I mean, wrong kind of white, we shall have always.

  25. Phew.

    (wipes brow)

  26. Erm not really.

    Let’s not forget that you do get your stake back too when you bet. Otherwise what would be the point ;-/

  27. on November 5, 2008 at 2:06 am notimeforclocks.wordpress.com

    Im Canadian and we cared way more about the out come of this election than our own. (Won by the Newfoundland Separitist party)

  28. Just don’t abandon him now. He’s not a savior, he’s a leader. But if no one wants to follow, you guys are screwed anyway and in four years people will be bawling their guts out after Palin/BushIII win the election.

    Don’t abandon him. That’s all I’m saying.

    /Soda in Sweden

    Although, it will sad not to be able to mock the Americans tourists in France anymore and saying that their President is an idiot 😦 Happy days.

  30. Fact. White people love this blog: http://ooezone.wordpress.com/

  31. Bush wasn’t an idiot, you tool. He had a higher IQ than Kerry, and probably you.

    Obama is a pseud through and through.

    We’re glad the idiots who brought us World War 2 are proud!

  32. Damn right.

    I’m so proud of Obama. I’m also proud of my fellow voters for making the right choice.

  33. Does anyone care what the french think?

  34. I own a VW and drink domestic beer (or does Pabst have enough street cred not to count?).

  35. True.

    I was just thinking about the before and after pictures you see sometimes of presidents and how much they age from the pressures of the job.

  36. being completely delusional. suckers.

  37. That depends – do you drink it ironically? Preferably while out bowling with other white urbanites in vintage blue collar work shirts with other people’s names sewn over the left breast pocket? Or are you just drinking it because it’s objectively cheap or subjectively tasty?

    The “right” kind of white people in Brooklyn, Allston, Seattle and Hyde Park love drinking PBR (and Keystone, OE800, etc.) as an ironic gesture (see “self aware hip hop references” on this blog for the intended mood).

    These same “right” kind of white people are far less amused when the “wrong” kind of white people who live in places like Mobile, Sheboygan or Grand Forks drink it because it leaves enough money left over to buy extra chips for their “Monday Night Football” house parties. That’s so tacky.

    The “right” sort of white people love filtering and displaying their ordinarily mundane purchases through the level of ironic intent involved in owning and/or consuming it. It gives their (oh, who am I kidding? OUR!) lives meaning beyond being just another gang of filthy nouveau riche barbarians engaged in an endless one upsmanship contestd with one another.

    That these same people have turned the degree of irony involved in these purchases into a competition just brings back to square one, but I digress …

  38. The right kind of white people would feel like they’ve died and gone to heaven if they could just get their black friends (ibid) to proclaimed how cool and non-racist they are for voting for Barack Obama (also ibid).

    For 10 bonus points, making this declaration within earshot of other white people (they’d just die of envy!)

    For infinite bonus points, making this declaration within earshot of other white people AND other black people (who would then become new black friends/status symbols, thus causing the other white people in attendance to shit themselves and drop dead on the spot from jealousy).

    The correct way of looking at this election through the filter of Stuff White People Like is that voting is like buying something. It’s not enough to simply do it privately or for utilitarian – you have to make sure everyone else can see it and congratulate you on it.

    Notice in these comments how the right sort of white people here are creaming their vintage jeans over the compliments paid to them by Europeans who ordinarily have little interest or knowledge of the US political system. They have parlayed their participation in electing an otherwise unremarkable politician into a compliments from foreign strangers on their remarkable degree of sophistication and cosmopolitanism. In other words, stuff white people REALLY like!

  39. Given the disgraceful outcomes of the four anti-gay ballot measures, I’m not feeling very #114 this morning.

  40. What the heck are we going to do now !?!!?!

    OK, we have a democratic president, but who let the Congress and the HOUSE stay that way?

    …no Republicans around to balance the power!!!!

    This country is F#@#!D

  41. Yes, America. Yes, yes.

  42. YES!!! What a great day.

  43. That’s it! I’m moving to America

  44. San Antonio, Houston, Dallas, El Paso, and a number of border town’s counties all voted Obama in the majority, in addition to Austin. White people love urban demographic charts.

  45. YEAH !!! you can no longer play the race card !!!!

  46. No matter how great things actually are, some people always have the ability to bring it to a sour and mundane level.

    Thanks Loki

  47. If anybody f#cked up the balance, it was the republicans themselves that enjoyed a bit too much of their majority status. The stuck it up their own, so to speak. And that’s where the power of democracy lands.

    And BTW, what the fuck is up with this automatic message saying that I’m posting duplicate things? Sensors?

    Fuck this shit. Sayo~nara SWPL, you are getting way too fucked up.

  48. When do Democrats get to stop running against George W. Bush? One of the things I liked least about Obama was the fact that he seemed to refuse to run against John McCain. I look forward to the day when a candidate faces the man against the table from him rather than at that man’s predecessor.

    I didn’t vote for him (though I considered it strongly for a long time), but I am intrigued by Obama. It’ll be an interesting four years. I anticipate being surprised; I think it’s going to either be much better or much worse that anyone expects.

  49. Yes We Can Yes We Did !!!
    People waited until last night’s victory and now Obama’s Nation t-shirts have become a very hot item. Get yours now.

  50. Ray Emery? The former goalie for the Ottawa Senators who’s been kicked out for showing up late and hung over to practice and is now playing pro hockey in Russia? And is black?

    What’s your beef with Ray, Lander?

  51. THANK GOD, now I can wear flip flops all year long since I dont have to move to Canada….dont get me wrong, Canada is nice, but America is soooo much better, and warmer…

  52. yeah me either…..im happy about obama, but soooo dissapointed in america. Oddly enough, it was those same black people who helped obama win, that helped those anti-gay measures pass too….

  53. ok michelle, dont you have first lady stuff to do????

  54. Like obama would have never actually won if he was white, born in Mississippi, little experience, and had never been outside the country…

  55. Congratulations on securing what should have been a no-brainer outcome.
    The rest of the world sighs relief, welcome back to the global community.
    Just please be careful not to lapse back into the insufferably overzealous patriotism so many americans are so poised to launch into. The road ahead demands critical thinking, not flag waving.

  56. sweden=white mecca….speaking of mecca, when are you going to get a handle on that muslim population?

  57. C’mon, Christian. I was hoping for a much better and funnier post than this. Your last two posts were so good and I need something to take the edge off the end of the longest election season in history.

  58. HA HA HA i love funny jokes….george bush smarter the kerry…god some people are natural comics, where do they get this stuff??

  59. Amen! I love America too, that’s why I voted for Obama!

  60. Er, no, it’s not that easy. I mean, congratulations on being 3% smarter than we all feared, but you still have to fix your global screw ups. Then we’ll think about liking you again.

  61. Statistically, white people like Obama! There aren’t
    enough minorities in the US to overcome an all white
    majority. If it wasn’t for the white people looking at
    the real issues, Obama wouldn’t be president.
    It can also be said that black people didn’t vote for Obama
    because he’s black. There have been several other
    black presidential candidates that have been black but
    not of substance. Whether you voted for McCain or Obama, Obama needs our support to get us out of these tough

  62. Hmm. I am trying to follow this thread: They like America, but want to move to Canada? They like Asian girls and comparing things to European travels? I think white people either like the “idea” of America, or are really confused.

    Hall Monitor http://detentionslip.org

  63. Yes you did America. Welcome back.

    Nice post Christian.

  64. Maybe we didn’t do it for you. We did it for us.

  65. Bad and incredibly biased sample size.

  66. Like Obama said, we’re getting ready to get to work.

    … now stop assuming every American is the same person.


  67. above all else, white people love irony.

  68. Nice. As a Canadian, I would’ve welcomed the exodus, but this is soooo much better. Well done, America.

  69. There were no substantial issues talked about in this election, just a bunch of empty rhetoric.

  70. really elegant post, no matter what anyone comments, it’s perfect.

  71. I was there in Grant Park and it was AMAZING!!!!!!

  72. Ask yourself where you would be without us; and then go fuck yoruself.

  73. yourself

  74. True, but they all say it is the best job in the world.

  75. Maybe for you, but for my mother and father who haven’t stopped crying since it was about having a black president. Thank you America!

    –oops, who let the black man on the list?

  76. Hmm, obama would not have won had he been a completely different person, what an intriguing idea.

  77. perfect post for the morning after. ❤

    as a canadian– i congratulate you, america. as mo already said, welcome back.

  78. I think I see in Obama something special, something which seldom comes along. When the conditions are right unique leaders rise to the occasion. It happened at the time our Constitution was formed; it happened again with Lincoln, and then Roosevelt, and now with Obama. All he has to do is what he said he would, and on the other side we’ll all be better for it, and more importantly our children will be better for it. I’m a believer, and he has my support.

    The least that could happen is that we have health care for everyone in this nation, and in my book that would make him a hero.

    I’m excited to get on with it. Get out of town Bush.

    There’s a town somewhere in Texas that is finally getting its idiot back.

  79. They like THREATENING to move to Canada. None of us would actuallly move there.

  80. Well played, Sir, well played.

    Then I pose this question to you. What about somewhat broke college students who drink OE800, Keystone and PBR both due to irony and economic necessity? What kind of white people are they? I am genuinely curious.

  81. Oy. I think the majority elected a well-spoken man with no real experience, and most of them didn’t know where he stands on issues. I can’t wait till he’s in office and people finally figure out they’re not getting everything for free, and their taxes are going WAY up.
    Canada is too liberal for me. If you don’t like your country, YOU do something about it to make it better! Don’t be a coward and leave. Trust me, people will be complaining about Obama in office before you know it.

  82. Newfoundland Separitists?

    You wish.

  83. Finally I have something to be proud of, for the next four years I can go abroad and not lie about my homeland!

  84. Does anyone care what you think?

    (Rhetorical question – look it up)

  85. Do last nights election results mean that White People in America will no longer threaten to move to Canada? 😉

  86. I was not there, I am not american… But I am really admirative of this campaign and america’s democracy.

  87. I would argue that the type of white people described by this site do not, in fact, love America.

  88. the “right” kind in training. after their low-paying internships are over and they can afford to purchase the occasional microbrew, they’ll swap irony for nostalgia and drink PBR, Keystone, and OE800 almost just as often.

    just as the same people will during the week adhere to dress codes put upon them by their jobs, but they’ll likely shake the dust off of their vintage shirts (and scarves!) at the outdoor festivals on the weekends.

  89. Well, you would be wrong.

  90. I have always loved my country, but it’s nice to be proud of it again. Here’s to not having to apologize when I travel abroad anymore!

  91. This post is perfect.

  92. Unique history has been made!

  93. finally, woow. well, its really time for WHITE ppl to wake the F up.

  94. Does this mean that white people get to use the N word now?

  95. I’m not sure why you would have to ever apologize for being American. Maybe if you voted for George Bush you could apologize for that, but you shouldn’t apologize for something you couldn’t control. It’s like apologizing for you race.

  96. White people do love getting their way.

  97. I think Obama is a well spoken man – i agree whole heartedly – i get tired of people voting for him simply because he’s black and/or it’s the ‘cool’ thing to do. Sadly this blog is funny, but also very true – the ‘white’ people this blog talks about refers to these patronizing upper and upper/middle class whites who are more concerned with ideas than where the rubber meets the road. I don’t care if Obama’s black, white, muslim, Catholic, whatever – he has almost no experience in national politics. Sure he’s a great talker, so are used car salesmen, does that mean they’d make great presidents? Let’s wait before we bestow ‘crunkest president’ to Obama. My bet is he’ll be called ‘uncle tom’ before the mid term elections.

  98. vancouver’s still in play – I hear they have wicked weed up there.

  99. on November 5, 2008 at 10:30 am Whitebutnotdumb

    So a lieing, socialist, supporter of baby killing, Kenyan who will never live up to his promises is America… well this sucks.

  100. on November 5, 2008 at 10:34 am Albert Francis

    I think this is what _any_ person likes!

  101. on November 5, 2008 at 10:36 am snowboundhonkey

    I think I am going to move to Canada. I’m sick of all the reverse racism in America. Congratulations! You finally have a black president. But with out the white vote he would not be there. So stop rubbing it in our faces.

  102. Why would you even ask that?

  103. Who’s fault was that, sport. The right tried to smear their way to the presidency. No new ideas, only tired tactics meant to distract.

  104. First of all, he’s a milato, he’s only half black. Secondly, I like the sarcasm there. And don’t worry fellow Republicans, we’re going to get the last laugh when everything falls apart in this country.

  105. Honkey, is your real name Elizabeth Hasslebeck? Do you really think last night’s millions and millions of white votes were stemmed by reverse racism?

    You, and people like you, wouldn’t find many Canuck friends here because there are even more reverse racists in the Great White North. 🙂

  106. It truly is a historic day for stereotypical White People in America! Yes!

  107. Your best post yet! I like ’em all because they make me laugh at myself and I need to do that on a regular basis. This time however, I laugh with joy and hope–along with the rest of the enlightened whiteys out there.

    Barack–illegitimi non carborundum!!

  108. Predictable entry. What did you have if McLame won?

  109. If you’re going to call someone something, try and spell it right (mulatto) . . . not that it matters. If you republicans are laughing when the country falls apart, you must be sore from laughing for the last eight years . . . YAY OBAMA!

  110. There are way too many people here who are concerned about race… I mean, I understand the point of this blog, but, really… give it a rest.

    Barack Obama won: yay! If you voted Republican, I’m sure you did so with the best intentions and I’m proud of you for standing up for what you believe in. We all have our good and bad points, but, generally, I believe people are altruistic, as are their intentions. More importantly, however: all that competition must be put aside as the only thing that will make for an effective America in the long run is not a Democrat or Republican government, but a united America!

    If you’re a democrat: good job, you got your man into the white house. Don’t be a poor winner (i.e. don’t be a dick). Respect everyone. Also, keep in mind that we’re starting to see that the race of the candidates DIDN’T play such a huge factor (if you believe CNN). While the outcome owes a lot to people of minorities voting in record numbers, people of all creed and race voted for Obama. Stop being devisive and treat everyone in the spirit that your leader would have you treat other who are different from you.

    Besides, by 2050, all of us “honkeys” will be in the minority. Then we can all be happy (since white people like having friends who are minorities, and being the only white people around)!

  111. “baby killing”


    Yeah, it’s HIS fault.

  112. It’s OK, we don’t like you either.

  113. on November 5, 2008 at 11:30 am snowboundhonkey

    WJS, no I don’t think that white people voted for Obama because of reverse racism. The point I am trying to make, is that blacks have made this more about race than whites and now that Obama has won they are claiming the victory for all blacks when in fact he would not have had a snow balls chance in hell of winning without the white vote.

    I don’t think you know the meaning of reverse racism.

    Don’t worry about me moving up north. I was just kidding. I would rather live in Idaho than Canada.

    Fuck Idaho!!

  114. A link to the Canadian department for immigration.

  115. I’m black– and had it been Flavor Flav running I HIGHLY DOUBT I would vote for him based on that superficial reason.


  116. I have no issue with Obama winning the election. I’m a moderate Republican and I voted for him. I do however find it annoying that people were crying when he won like he was the second coming of the messiah. The guy hasn’t done anything but deliver speeches so far. Reality check people.

  117. Congratulations America – I am sure we all have a better time ahead in the world 🙂

  118. They like America NOW, prior to this, not so much.

  119. It’s not that Obama wasn’t the BEST choice for the job, though I’m proud that he won. He was just the better choice. There’s still a long way to go for him.

  120. “america” actually designates an entire two continents – north and south america. calling the united states “america” is incredibly insensitive and privileges the united states while making the rest of two continents rhetorically invisible.

  121. Bunch of salty ass honkies in here. You lost. Deal with it.

  122. I think it’s a fair question. We voted for Obama because of our white guilt. Now that that debt is paid for, we should be free to use the N word.

  123. Yaaaaaaaay! What a great moment for us white folks!!!

  124. A new entry in SWPL entitled

    “Threatening to boycott something for a day or do something extreme if a major decision does not go in your favor with no serious intention of following through.”

    Examples of course being to move to Canada or to decide that you’re not going to buy oil from Exxon/Mobil for a day because prices are too expensive.

  125. semantics

  126. You’ll be real sad when you realize that your reparations check is not coming. You ain’t getting your forty acres and a mule either.

  127. Well if it’s such a big deal, while aren’t there any other countries with “America” in there name? I think people are just trying to find a way to be offended.

  128. I know, I know, I know. Most of you are going to think I’m a racest. At this point in my life I don’t care. I’m not one to give in to political correctness or in to idiots who can’t win an argument anyother way than to start the “you must be a racest CRAP!”. And I know a few blacks who would agree with me. But, anybody who dosen’t believe race wasn’t the reason most blacks voted for BO is a fool. Just listen to John Lewis, congressman from Georgia. And, even though I voted for MacCane, I’m somewhat glad he won. If He hadn’t won I’d bet you $$$ there’d be HELL in the streets of America happening right now.

    I’ll have more to say on this later. I have a JOB and I need to get back to work.

  129. lying, notdumb.

  130. Hey Mr. or Ms fuck rednecks,

    You are one of the reasons I’ll never vote Liberal.

  131. Something tells me you’re not the type of white person this blog is catering to.

    Oh and its McCain not McCane. Nice try though.

  132. …for the other reasons you’ll have to check out his upcoming biography of Pierre Trudeau…

  133. on November 5, 2008 at 12:25 pm martin heidegger


    interweb’s comments probably aren’t the best place for postmodern rigmarole.

  134. if you laugh while the country falls apart, doesn’t that make you kind of “un-patriotic.” i bet bin laden would laugh if our country fell apart too. why don’t we stop the divisive politics and attempt to make the world a better place ourselves? you don’t need a person in office to do that. you can start today. volunteer. give some money to a cause.

  135. wow, 8 pages of comments and he didn’t even write anything. what a sweet job, I wanna write a book now too!

  136. What’s his vision? Seriously. He never gave a plan; he just said we needed change. Rhetoric.

    The debates were about McCain and Obama telling the voters what the other guy would do when in power. Heaven forbid they talk about what they would do.

  137. Dynamite drop-in. Wish I was as smart as you.

  138. Something tells me Canadians wouldn’t exactly welcome someone like you with open arms.

  139. Is race the reason that 89% of blacks voted for John Kerry? He’s not exactly gracing the cover of Ebony magazine.


  140. Flavor Flav! 🙂 That would have been very funny to see!

  141. because your feeling are hurt because you self-identify as a redneck and some people on the internet are not very diplomatic? that’s a bad reason.

  142. yep. if he’d been a white republican named mccain, he totally would have lost.

  143. you mean lizzzzzzady…!!!

  144. Hey White Person:

    I can’t imagine that they miss you too much at work since you spell like a five year old.

    Be quiet plz.

  145. Surfs Up America

    Congratulations on electing a Hawaiin

    Let’s hit the beach dude!

  146. really? it was those same black people.
    so i’m sure the homosexual black population passed the anti-gay measures too?

    correct me if i’m wrong, but i’m pretty sure they were just as disappointed

  147. Yeah dude! Fuckin Black people OWN!!!!!11!1!

    I hear Barraka Broseph Obama is a socialist? Maybe he can get budlight back from the fuckin belgians and nationalize that shit.



    THAT ONE 08.

  148. Way to demonstrate your ignorance by stereotyping everybody who lives outside of one of the places where (as you say) the “right” kind of white people live as ignorant and poor rednecks. Also, I shouldn’t fail to mention your obvious dislike of those who choose to have religious beliefs (i.e. church goers). Try not to sink to such a level; the real irony is that you yourself are becoming more of a bigot than the people you accuse of it.

  149. Ha. WWII. Why are people so paranoid?

  150. I am white, and I fucking love America
    and i fucking love obama
    i don’t think that there is anything to be mocked about when people love their country, or their president

  151. The word “Destroying” should be before the word “America”. You know? All those good intentions that the road to a four-year hell are paved with?

  152. Wow. I didn’t know this blog attracted so many of the Wrong Kind of White People.

    Someone needs to start a “Stuff Subtly Racist Conservatives Like.” This site is not about you.

  153. on November 5, 2008 at 2:09 pm snowboundhonkey

    Maybe you should actually read my post before commenting. I said I was kidding about going to Canada. Something tells me that Canadians would welcome you thoug. You’re such a moron they would probably make you the Prime Minister. Eh!

  154. It’s funny, because now I have to.

  155. you cavemen are so gosh darn amusing.

  156. ok so if its NOT that he WASN’T the best choice then you mean that he WAS the best choice. So now he is both the better and the best choice. White People Like posting nonsensical drivel on blogs.

  157. White women also seem to dig those matching jacket and skirt ensembles.

    But I have to admit – I’m white and I DO love America. And I’m not even American! Man, this site really knows its stuff!

  158. Yeah that’ll be real funny.

  159. Reverse Racism. White People Like: ultimately becoming the victims of their own oppression.

  160. White People…..

  161. I’d have to agree, the economy is not a substantial issue for you rich ofays.

  162. Who. Cares.

  163. If I ever ran into you on the street, I’d buy you a beer, or a coffee; whichever suits you best.

  164. Obamanomics is a good book outlining his plan but this simpleton probably would be overwhelmed with the “big” words. I think its safe to say that Chris has no idea how to distinguish a plan from “rhetoric” (misleading statements, pandering to Tommy 12 Packs, , Joe the P., Bill Ayers, Rev Wright etc…).
    Perhaps Obama should have fashioned a popular surf-rock song from the 60’s into an ignorant rant advocating the mindless bombing of _____, now thats a good plan.

  165. I found this site after I googled irony, and this was on the main page.

  166. Touched.

  167. I never thought this one would be true, but today it is. I’m amazed.

  168. This is awesome! Go America!

  169. Amen.

  170. We are tragically self-conscious.

  171. Cheer to that

  172. YES!

    : )

  173. very true.
    obama’s given me a newfound faith in this country.

  174. For the first time in my adult life I proud of our neighbour to the south. I’m also happy to not have to listen to people threaten to move to Canada.

    God shed is grace on thee.

  175. Yes. I agree. I am amazed too that this country would elect a person who has no experience in leading anything. Especially in the middle of the worst economic times in our generation, and in the midst of two wars. I would say that this is unpresedented stupidity, however, the Germans did elect Hitler when he promised to lead them through their darkest times. That seemed to work out pretty well for the world.

  176. Seattle didn’t burn, people were hugging complete strangers in the streets of Seattle and no one was killed. I should know, I was there. One fight almost broke out in front of me, but when we all started shouting “PEACE” at the top of our lungs the two guys hugged and patted each other on the back. WOW! And the Seattle Police were great! One officer was a hoot. He asked if we would start cheering for the Seahawks. There were no arrests last night.

    One thing that really cracked me up: We took to the streets, then we took to the sidewalks. We even stopped at the lights. Must have been the most law-abiding mob in history.

    I’m not getting teary-eyed because we have a new president. I’m crying because for once in my life I got to experience something there are no words to describe. I wish all of you could have been in that crowd. The energy was intense. I hope this energy continues. Imagine how much could be accomplished.

    The best part: I walked for miles (literally) and didn’t feel a thing. No pain except for my throat (cheering, shouting, yelling). I feel pretty good this morning, too.

    I don’t care who any of you voted for. Last night showed that people no matter what their status in life can come together. It was truly a beautiful experience. I’m just sorry I don’t have the literary skills to convey all of it to you.

    I’ll say one last thing before I go: I have never seen so many people of different colors hugging. I must have hugged over a hundred people and had a hundred people hug me back. One guy practically threw me in the air and I’m no feather weight. No one cared about color or dress. People were crying in the streets and everyone noticed because they were joining them. No one was alone in that crowd. Even the cops were getting into the spirit by letting us pose with them for pictures and letting us hug or shake their hands.

    This was no WTO or Mardi Grais. This was Peace. People of Seattle were actually cheering for the police. People were waving the American flag and it wasn’t burning. People were ….

    Sorry, I ran out of words. Wait, I have a phrase.

    People were making History.

    I’ll end with one word. Wow!

  177. “Comparing people to Hitler…”

    Haven’t I read that somewhere?


  178. Oh yea… sure i agree…

  179. Hitler gave good speeches too.

  180. Ehhh…Not always true.

  181. We can all have health care in this country right now. Its called the “get a fucking job and pay for your insurance you lazy piece of shit” plan.

  182. I think he/she was toying with the stereotype that blacks are homophobic, (which I believe grew out of a few intolerant hip hop expressions.)

  183. Our long national nightmare is finally over!

  184. America has not been the country of our forefathers for many years. The country’s path into socialism has been decided long ago. Soon, within 30 years, millions of jobs will be lost to intelligent machines and this country will finally surpass the nations of Europe with 70%+ tax rates to provide for the many on unemployment. World government approaches. Anyone who gave their life to this country did so in vain. Most Americans were dumb enough to think their vote had merit, while the real people in power laughed. All those proud of this country should be euthanized.

  185. I do hope he leads well, and that “spread the wealth” around was an unintentional over-exaggerated slip of the tongue.

    I’m proud of McCain, I’m proud of Obama.

    I’m proud of our 3rd parties.

    The conession and victory speeches were well done.

  186. Obama offer to make McCain the defense secretary, or at least some position of importance. That would prove to everyone that he was truly post-partisan.

  187. I thought McCain speech was very gracious! I respect him but GO OBAMA!!!!!

  188. I appreciate the irony, i don’t see one person there that likes America.
    Maybe the title should be, Handouts
    or Socialism
    or Economic and social collapse.

    Good work America
    you really fucked it up this time.

  189. Don’t you realise that America is one of the only developed countries in the world that does not provide decent health care free of charge to all of its citizens? Every time I travel to America I feel so disgusted to see such extreme poverty and such grotesque wealth. It is really much worse than so many developing countries I have been to.

    It is also one of the only developed countries in the world that only allows its workers 2 weeks of holidays per year. How are you supposed to have proper relationships and quality of life with that miniscule amount of time not working?

    This is just not civilised and a sad indictment of American values which appear to be 1. money 2. guzzling (fuel, food, electricty, cheap crap from China etc.) 3. guns (WTF?)
    Time to get up to date with the rest of the developed world and get your priorities right.

  190. I voted for McCain, but I am proud of both he and Obama for graciously accepting their roles.

    Here’s to hoping Obama nothing but the best!

  191. I can’t believe someone who can’t even spell racist actually has a job!
    How about you go and get a proper education and then maybe you will understand why the majority of white people couldn’t care less about the colour of someone’s skin.

  192. They were crying because it was an historic moment that they were proud to be a part of. Even McCain acknowledged this. It would have been the same if Hilary had become president.

    I was crying because I felt so sad for him not having his mum, dad and grandparents around to see his victory. I think he was actually quite sad about that too and trying not to cry himself.

  193. Well I hate to tell you Sally, but nothing is free. Those countries that provide health care to their citizens do so because they tax the crap out of its people. I’ve had health care since I was eighteen. When I was in the military and then when I started working and was able to afford health care. I’m sorry but I don’t feel a bit sorry for a piece of crap that wants to sit in the ghetto collecting checks because they don’t want to work. I say that the sooner they die from lack of health care, the better.

  194. Get over it. He is your President now. McCain asked you to support him. At least give him a chance. He can’t do any worse than Bush.

  195. dear best regards

    Go suck a bible you regressive hillbilly fuck! I hope you forget to keep breathing! I wish you the worst kind of cancer. I award you no points and may god have pity on your piece of shit soul.

  196. Yup, you’ve really showed your superiority in liking America by getting pissy at its democratic choice.

  197. Yeah I agree. No one else gives a shit about Canada either.

  198. Thanks Olivia! Regardless of who people voted for, here’s hoping Obama will lead us in a good direction!!

  199. I hate the States.

  200. Sadly, I’ve heard at least a few bitter republicans threaten to move to Canada. Clearly, it must be to escape the horrible looming threat of more widely available healthcare in the US. Because clearly Canada is ultra-conservative and doesn’t have anything like that going on…nope, not at all.

    So watch out, you may have a bunch of uninformed conservative folks coming your way. Just thought you might want the heads-up. 😀

    Thank you, though. I’m proud of us too for the first time in my life since I became old enough to understand/care about politics.

  201. I couldn’t have said it better myself.

  202. Too bad you’re not old enough to remember when Clinton said he would bring us universal health care in 1992. It did’nt happen then and it won’t happen now. You want health care? Get a job. You will die waiting around for the “Messiah” to get it for you.

  203. Why does the word “Socialism” always freak Americans out? It was clear Obama was NOT referring to antiquated notions of Communism, but for fairer tax policies for the middle class. I’m sure the people that earn $10 million per annum can afford another few percent tax hike so that less fortunate people can get by a little easier.

  204. I swear this blog is psychic. I’m white and I love America. Okay, so maybe I’m lying a little bit. But I do like Obama, he’s going to be a great president.


  205. What do you mean pissy? Just wait. You will be very satisfied with this counties “democratic choice” if your last name is Khrushchev, or maybe Marx or anything like that. I am no more superior in my patriotism than anyone else, I just call it as I see it. If it walks like a duck, talks like a duck, than it must be…a communist.
    What we need is a Joe McCarthy era inquisition.
    You will agree with me in about two years when the shit really hits the fan.

  206. Thanks
    and may your Messiah Barry Hussein Obama lead you and your family to socialist poverty.


  207. Communism is socialism. Do your homework. What party was Khrushchev associated with?

  208. Look on the bright side, bestregards. When you do get the cancer that was wished on you, atleast Obama will give you health care to make you all better. Oh wait. That is never going to happen you dillusional morons. The only way to get decent health care is to get off your ass and get a job.

    Vote Libertarian in 2012

  209. I don’t like Mcain either. I’m a Libertarian. And only time will tell how bad he fucks this up.

  210. Actually, s/he was probably referring to this:

  211. I couldn’t help but say “awwww” when I scrolled down and saw that was it. Its a pretty amazing time to be young, my friends

  212. Bottom line is this:

    Best Defense is a Good Offense

    Keep the White House White

    America The Beautiful, Sarah Palin

    Tony Hawk/Young Jeezy 2012.

  213. on November 5, 2008 at 6:46 pm The Elite One

    Guy’s family is living in poverty while he lives in a million dollar home.

    Threw one grandmother under the bus and the other lives in a shantytown.

    Accepts donations from his illegal alien aunt that he doesn’t even know is living in the USA.

    Admits he wants to “bankrupt” the coal industry which provides 50% of American power.

    Marxist, and a follower of a man who dedicated his playbook to Lucifer.

    Racist pig who dumped his girlfriend because she was white.

    Affirmative action case who couldn’t cut it in the private sector.

    Lets his mother die on food stamps after he graduates Harvard Law.

    No accomplishments.

    Race hustler, whose race hustler wife gets $300,000 a year from taxpayers.

    Dirty Chicago politician.

    Palpable antipathy toward all things white evident in his autobiography.

    Obvious dislike of the decent “white folk” who raised him after he was abandoned, twice, by his African father and Marxist mother.

    Son of a drunk who would give Henry Earl a run for his money and whose parents sent Obama’s mom’s parents a letter saying they didn’t want their son’s blood to be “sullied” by a white woman.

    Running on meaningless platitudes of “hope” and “change”.

    Ran on anti-war platform only until Hillary was out of the way, now considered even by neo-cons such as Bill Kristol to be about the same as McCain on foreign policy.

    Thinks America should invade nuclear armed Pakistan. Pledged three times to AIPAC to do “everything” to prevent sovereign state of Iran from developing defensive weaponry.

    Anti-religion, in a country over 90% religious.

    Thinks the government should seize citizens’ guns.

    Illiterate affirmative action wife’s thesis released revealing deep hatred of white society, says she’s not proud to be American.

    Will probably make females eligible for draft.

    Wants to introduce expensive new social programs such as a national babysitting program during economic downturn.

    Bought and paid for by mortgage and loan industry.

    Humorless, can’t take a joke even from fellow Marxist Mo Dowd.

    Wants to release tens of thousands of felons on to the streets and give criminals a free pass if they enter rehab.

    Full-on “Israel First”er who will let American policy be driven from Jerusalem.

    Wants to extend affirmative action to women at a time when American firms are already struggling to compete internationally.

    Socialized medicine.

    Not very honest, or bright, overrated as a speaker.

    Will likely declare an amnesty on black prisoners, black supporters are already talking about counting on a fellow brother for pardons.

    Empty vessel whose blackeness is used as a human shield by the Axelrods and Ayerses of America to make America even more Marxist.

    Uses his kids as an electoral prop on Entertainment Tonight.

    Few if any accomplishments, disturbing habit of voting “present”.

  214. learn how to spell delusional

  215. OMG. I misspelled a word. Oh no. Maybe I should return my degree. Since you are apparently an editor, tell me. Am I spelling douche-bag correctly? I would hate to misspell your name.

  216. Wow, you’re quite angry. Have a great day!
    P.S. White people like him.

  217. I think the title of the blog probably gets it included in lots of WKOWP google searches.

    Aforementioned WKOWP then thinks to him/herself, “Garsh, I’m white (glances quickly at arms and hands to verify), I wonders what kinda’ stuff I’s likes.”

  218. man, i can’t wait to get wiretapped or drafted. Civil liberties suck anyway.

  219. Are you serious??? Get a life!!!!

  220. uh… communism isn’t socialism genius.

  221. wow honestly i have no problem with people making an informed decision about obama…but this is not informed. so much of this is just flat wrong.
    anti-religion? where did you get that from?
    no accomplishments? how about magna cum laude from harvard?

  222. Wants to extend affirmative action to women at a time when American firms are already struggling to compete internationally.

    Correct me if I’m wrong…but are you saying that having more women in the workforce will hinder our ability to compete? Unbelievable…

  223. Claims of “reverse racism” = fake outrage

    The best part is the use of the word “reverse,” as if there’s a correct way that racism ought to be conducted.

  224. “What we need is a Joe McCarthy era inquisition.”
    oh yeah…becuase that was such a great thing last time.

  225. You do realize our civil liberties disappeared under Bush, right?

  226. Is this your first time reading SWPL, Sam? You should probably take a few minutes to familiarize yourself with the content of the blog before sticking a knitting needle straight into your outrage gland.

    SPOILERS: Duh, that’s the whole point of it, Sam.

  227. What’s funny is that the “right type of white people” as described most in this blog don’t actually like America all that much.

  228. By your tone, I assume that you’ve been accused of being a racist before, and you’re annoyed by that. Perhaps you don’t understand why it is that people take offense at things that you say. In just the two paragraphs you wrote, it’s pretty obvious:

    You believe that there would be mayhem in the streets (wrought by black people) had Obama not won. Why? Because black people are naturally violent, hyper-aggressive and lacking self control?

    “I have a JOB…” Why are you pointing that out? Nearly everyone here probably has a job (or two) and/or goes to school. Oh, but of course, you say that to highlight the difference between you and those too-lazy-to-work, handout-seeking black people.

    You’re up to your face in stereotypes already and you’ve written barely enough words to fill a postcard.

  229. Name one civil liberty that you personally lost under bush. You have never been wiretapped, unless you happen to be a terror suspect. Habius Corpus was only suspened for enemy combatants, not you, unlike under JFK, and FDR’s administrations, who were both Liberal Democrats by the way. There was no draft, again unlike JFK and FDR’s administrations. The Clinton assault weapons bans were lifted, therby giving you more liberty (and coincidentally, gun related violence went down). Please tell me what liberties I lost. I see none, however under Obama I see my freedom of speech under attack (Fairness Doctrine), my right to my private property taken away (redistribution), and the strictest gun control laws in the history of the country, which has has been proven by the ban on hand guns in DC to increase gun related violence (murder rates tripled).

  230. Today at work, we’re talking about politics and history and race, y’know, it being such a momentous occasion and all, and my co-worker, who is adorable, turns to me and says in this very Lauren Conrad-esque way, this deadpan expression on her face, “If it was me, like, I would totally let black people sit on the front of the bus.”


    Modern-day white people. Ya gotta love ’em!

  231. I’m so sick of trying to explain that to people. They really want to believe their paranoid fantasies, so let them.

  232. man you suck dude. so much.

  233. Can’t we all just get along???

  234. How long did it take you to write all that? All that impotent little rage. Bless your heart…

  235. Good job on the bet: Ralph Nader called him ‘Uncle Tom’ last night.

  236. “DUMPED HIS GIRLFRIEND!!! because she was white!?”
    read what u wrote a few times… you will realize your retarded.

  237. Hahahahahaha! Oh man, best comment on this post. (BTW, Trudeau >>> Obama)

  238. Yes, habeus corpus (not “habius”, please use your spellcheck) got taken away from enemy combatants?

    But who is an enemy combatant?

    Why, according to the Military Commissions Act of 2006, anyone that the President says is an enemy combatant!

    You should be worried, Steve. You don’t seem to like Barack Obama. And if Obama really is going to roll out the Gestapo when he takes office (like you seem to be implying and the nuttier blogs are saying), then George W. Bush just gave him the legal tools to do so.

    Well… ain’t that a bitch, huh?

  239. on November 5, 2008 at 8:53 pm internet_debate_king

    People love to argue on the internet.

    You are debating America on a Canadian’s blog. (Clander is from Toronto)

    Your bitter comments will change nothing.

    Even in writing this, I feel like I’ve wasted a small portion of my life.

    Arguing on the internet is one of the most pointless things I can think of.

  240. You have a degree!?!?!?!

  241. There’s actually no hyphen in douche bag.

    Eh, everyone’s entitled to their own opinions. Obama is President, whether you like it or not. Those of us who didn’t like Bush had to put up with him for eight years, and we did it. There’s really no pleasing everybody.

  242. Why does the word “Socialism” always freak Americans out?

    Because most of them are ‘educated’ in front of a television.

  243. (spit-take)

    “Best Defense is a Good Offense”

    “Keep the White House White”

    “America The Beautiful, Sarah Palin”

    “Tony Hawk/Young Jeezy 2012.”

    Nice. Real nice to see how gracefully you take defeat.

    You know what, Bossman? If I can take two terms of George W. Bush, you can take one of Barack Obama. Suck it up and tough it out.

  244. That is so wrong, first of all … (insert Fox News talking point here).

  245. May God strike us all dead for electing B. Hussein. We will be turned into pillars of salt by the end of this year.

  246. you are an idiot.

  247. Ignore all of these cocksuckers attacking you. This is a great post and dead on about Obama X.

  248. Glad to see people have evolved…let’s remember that until a Native American is elected president, we all came to this country via an ancestor who was not born here…. EVERYONE GOT HERE ONE WAY OR ANOTHER…..why does Barack Obama’s middle name continue to come up in discussion???? Smarten up.

  249. on November 5, 2008 at 9:50 pm The Elite One

    “no accomplishments? how about magna cum laude from harvard?”

    Affirmative action, his white classmates with better grades were rejected in his favour. He got accepted at Harvard because he was black.

    His spot on the Law Review was reserved for a black. And prior to Harvard he attended a forgettable junior college; not exactly the path of an Ivy League intellectual.

    After graduating Harvard Law he couldn’t cut it in the private sector as a real lawyer so he sucked government tit.

  250. Just because I love America doesn’t mean I love the decisions it makes. =(

  251. I love you.

  252. I came here to say that the entry is awesome. As someone who has lived in “Real America” my entire life, I finally feel like there are other Americans who share my values (yes, Democrats can use that word too). I am a bit disheartened by the bitter people who chose to post. Why exactly do you read this blog anyway? It’s not about people like you.

    To the person who claimed that our civil liberties were not taken away under Bush-where have you been for the past eight years? Did you not see a newscast, or do you only watch Fox News?

    The news keeps talking about how much America has grown, and it inspires me to hear it. I am looking to move somewhere that is populated by smart, progressive people who vote the issues instead of party lines or skin color. This White Person heard just today that a friend of my mother’s thinks that northern whites only voted for Obama because they have never had to deal with southern blacks (her words, not mine). She said, “The ones we have down here are always whining about slavery, and think we owe them something.”

    I want to move to “Fake America” because the people are better there.

  253. I second that!
    Obama is going to do very well. He’s smart and level headed.
    He isn’t going to cure what the Bush Administration did–nobody could.– but he will help.

    He is putting the street cred of America back into foreign politics.

    I am white. I love America and I love that Obama was just elected as President. What a relief after the sh*t we’ve been through for the past 8 years.


  254. on November 5, 2008 at 9:58 pm The Elite One

    heh, Ray Emery isn’t even the starting goaltender in Russia.

    See how affirmative action works? He was a piece of shit goalie to begin with, overhyped by desperately politically correct sportswriters and protected by an organization too frightfully PC to call a black man out when he gets out of line. Now that the jig is up, he can’t even make starting goalie in a second tier league, kind of like how Obama couldn’t get hired in the private sector.

    Weekes, many years ago when he played for the Rangers, showed up late for practice with some story that he got mugged. Nobody believed him, but that was back in an era when a black man actually got called on his BS.

    Nobody made a big deal out of the black guys in the NHL 25 years ago (Tony McKegney et al); now, all of hockeydom acts like they’ve never seen a black man before.

  255. The emotions many of us are expressing over the announcement that Obama is our president are personal and powerful, and what’s so right is that none of this negative banter can ever take that away!!! You’re stuck with this brilliant feeling for life y’all!! Think about it and smile as much as you want to!!! Woo-hoo!!!

  256. No he’s saying that affirmative action in some cases puts companies at a disability when they have to hire a less experienced person for a position due to diversity. In these rare cases it a valid point.

  257. haha slam!

  258. ‘”baby” killing?’

    what, did you flunk out of middle school biology?

  259. I don’t have a problem with our new President’s skin color only his lack of experience. There are several black Republicans with more experience that I would have voted for. I just don’t like Democrats liberal agenda of giving freebies to everyone. Free money, free college education, free health care. I believe we should work to provide for ourselves and our families. I am a former subatance abuser who has been clean for over 12 years and you would not believe how many people are out there working the system. I am happy to be fully self supporting today and now I try to help others learn how to do the same. First we have to stop enabling people who are now willing to work because of all the stuff Democrats want to give away. I am also not in favor of all the bailouts we have given to large corporations lately. They should have to be fiscally responsible too.

  260. OMG! a new president! maybe this guy can hel me solve the problems i have in my life that i’m either too lazy or too stupid to fix!

    as a white lazy person i am overcome with joy!
    a democrat! you know what that means don’t you? bigger goverment! which really means…yes! you guessed it….freebies!!!

    free healthcare!!! free education!!! free! free!!

    well, i know those things are not really “free”, “someone” has to pay for them, but as long it is not me, i’m all for it!!!

    let’s not bring us poor folks up the ladder, let’s bring down everyone else!

    “Under democracy, one party always devotes its chief energies to trying to prove that the other party is unfit to rule – and both commonly succeed, and are right.”

    — “Minority Report” (The Johns Hopkins University Press, 1997 [1956]), p. 222

  261. brilliant. no text required. well played sir.

  262. The fact that so many people I know have repeated the “this is the first time I feel proud of my country comment” is disgusting.

    America is a great nation regardless of who is President. I supported Bush and think America is a great nation to be proud of. Barack Obama is now President-elect. I did not vote for him but I am still just as proud of America because America is 300 million people more than who is in the White House.

  263. i love you joe.
    really, it’s sad, but you don’t read many comments like these now a days. everyone expects the government to solve all of their problems for them. insane no? i mean, you are putting your life in the hands of the people responsible for the DMV! (to say the least).
    i don’t get it.

  264. Less *productive* person. Women also have mental health issues at twice the rate men do, and we all know how they love to sue for sexual harrassment.

    If women were as economically productive as men they would have made billions in the tech boom, which required little capital. They didn’t.

    We have affirmative action for women up here in Canada, which explains why Canada can’t compete internationally. They totally fuck up the workplace; all they talk about is shoes and birthdays and gossip and which ten dollar sandwich they had/are about to have.

    The few exceptions (RIM) get tens of millions in government handouts. In Norway, 40% of a public company’s board of directors have to be women, a move I guarantee is coming to America soon. Bad idea! Ever sat in on a meeting with women? It’s awful. Nobody is going to want to do business with a bunch of uppity cunts – who needs it? – so even more jobs and investment will flow to China and India.

  265. Go phuck yourself Economist! Stupid white (lower case here, a-hole) dipsh!ts like you are really what’s at the core of our problems and why the Chinese and Indian economies are starting to kick our @sses. Stay stupid you inbred phuck and keep driving your pickup down to the where the drive-in used to be so you can dream about days gone by when you weren’t so phuckin’ fat and you used to ‘get some’. Or, better yet, go shoppin’ with your sow and offspring at WalMart for some new clothes. Bigot!

  266. John….YOU are disgusting. Get a brain. Anyone that supported Bush is an idiot. Sorry….the truth hurts.

  267. Yeah, but Obama wants to start a civilian police force that would be as strong as the United States military. Much like the Gestapo in Nazi Germany. His associates are also talking about the “fairness” doctrine which would put severe limits on conservative talk radio. They’re also talking about severely regulating the internet. (This is not a pro-Bush comment btw) I know Obama will be the first one to support all of this because he HATES people questioning him. Right before the election he had three reporters thrown off a plane that he was boarding because he found out that they were from pro-McCain newspapers. But hey, I didn’t like that whole free speech thing anyway.

  268. Boy, you spent a lot of time making up retarded lies. Sore loser, much?

    Let’s be clear. His mom died from cancer, not food stamps.

    Anti-religious? The dude goes to church. Surprised you didn’t rant about Rev. Wright instead of just making up this complete falsehood.

    And that junior college you’re talking about is Occidental, after which he transferred to Columbia University. Conveniently forgot that, huh?

    You, Elite One, are definitely the wrong kind of white person.

  269. I have a serious interest in using this post, but I would like your permission first. Trying to avoid that whole plagiarism thing. Also, don’t forget his desire to start the civilian police force (aka the Gestapo) and his support of the fairness doctrine.

  270. How about the fact that he refuses to release not only his birth certificate and medical records, but his transcripts as well?

  271. I know, you’ll like anyone as long as it makes you appear to be capable of accepting diversity than the next guy.

  272. That’s true, he can’t possibly fuck up the country that much in one term.

  273. With all the voter fraud that went on I am not to sure about that.

  274. Obama just appointed an ex-soldier in the Israeli Defense Force as his chief of staff. More disturbingly, the ex-IDF soldier in question’s father was a terrorist, a member of Irgun.

    Imagine if John McCain had made Osama bin Laden Jr. his chief of staff.

    Can a duel citizen who recently was a member of another country’s armed forces and is the son of an unrepentant terrorist reasonably be considered a good pick for the remarkably sensitive post of CoS to POTUS? He’s a ballet dancer too, meaning he is probably a closeted gay, a huge security liability.

  275. We wouldn’t have all the advances in medical technology that we do if health care was socialized. These advances were motivated mainly by money. Also, call me crazy, but I have some issues with medical students being told what type of doctor they are going to be, or having to be placed on a waiting list to receive open heart surgery like other countries with socialized health care. There is a nursing shortage as it is, if we socialize health care it will only get worse from here.

  276. What is disgusting about hearing someone say they feel proud of their country? Try and show some compassion for people that feel this way. You don’t have to agree with them, agree to disagree, it’s your choice. Understand that there is a movement going on, and universal human rights is at the center.

    You should take more time to criticize yourself, than your friends. Otherwise, you may be stuck with only yourself and no friends left to criticize, that’s when it gets ugly. Trust me I know.

    “He who experiences the unity of life sees his own Self in all beings, and all beings in his own Self, and looks on everything with an impartial eye.” -Buddha

  277. I was so depressed, but your comment just made my night. Thank you.

  278. Haha, this is my favorite SWPL in a while. And my joy is seriously not going to wear off for another 74 days (aka til Inauguration Day) and even then I’ll be so damn proud every day that the Brits (I’m currently living in London) are going to deport me.

  279. Feel free to reproduce and get on the right side of history, I am the original author.

    Obama is an affirmative action scrub and his “victory” represents the death of the MLK ideal that we would judge a man on the content of his character. Obama was judged, or rather not judged, *exclusively* by his color – a huge step backwards for blacks and America.

  280. Exactly….Im sure the gay black population were terribly sad, but the black population as a whole was way more biased against gay marriage then any other voting group.

  281. We would if we could vote there, not pay the taxes, and the weather was warmer….

  282. DID HE REALLY! no way, wow,nader is classy, he fucked up america by running in 2000,and he hasnt learned to die yet?

  283. America has many great people. America can be a great nation. But America has had an Administration for eight years that has presided over the destruction of its international reputation, and allowed greed to run wild. The prestige of Western values has been eroded, the suffering inflicted on Iraqis is immeasurable, and the global economy is on its knees. It’s been an ugly time. If I was an American, I wouldn’t have felt proud of the USA for the last eight years. I would feel proud now.

  284. Its isreal, we get like 90% of our military training methods from them, and most of the secret service are trained in isreal.

  285. WOW. what “elite” rock did you crawl out from under? “…meaning he is probably a closeted gay, a huge security liability.” I don’t normally participate in the exchange of nasty barbs but you have managed to dim my smile for a moment or two. Go back to your ivory hole and re-emerge after your outer shell has calcified.

  286. I think my whiteness factor is pretty high and I LOVE America. Especially today 😀

  287. Isn’t Norway also a country with 100% literacy? That’s something I can get behind. And don’t recent catalyst surveys show that fortune 500 companies with women in senior leadership out-perform their male-dominated competitors by something like 30%? Seriously, rock? you? born under?

  288. how did you people even FIND this blog? and yes, I just said “you people,” a phrase I abhor. But for REAL. “keep the white house white”? WTF country do you LIVE in? do you have neighbors?

  289. LOL. well played Chip.

  290. You’re paying for wall street AND the Iraq War right now…in fact, you will be until you die. Your kids too.

    Maybe it’s a good thing to pay for healthcare and education so you can live long enough and smart enough to take home the wee bit of cash you’ll have left, thanks to the Bush Administration.

    Just a thought.

  291. Well said Anna. A great day…

    Like Chris Wallace said, sure Barack Obama will mess up like every other politician. But like many others I believe that he is an intelligent and compassionate person who will act with the best interests of his country at heart.

    It won’t be easy. But here’s to the future.

  292. Obama, magna cum laude from Harvard Law, couldn’t get hired in the private sector? Riight

  293. In response to everything the one who calls itself as Elite
    You are such trash…not sure if I said that loud enough so let me say it again…TRASH! I feel such pity. I could say lots of things, but you won’t take away my joy…you Piece of TRASH!

  294. I love this!

  295. on November 6, 2008 at 1:56 am Mars vs Hollywood

    No they don’t. The Secret Service trains at a Secret Service training academy outside DC, and at the FLETC in Georgia.

  296. on November 6, 2008 at 2:03 am Mars vs Hollywood

    Uh, yeah, because people who “roll out the Gestapo” really sweat whether someone has given him the “legal tools”.

    And can anyone name a conflict where people captured on the battlefield in combat have had habeus corpus rights? Do we need to fly each member of the infantry platoon that caught them out to the Hague for the preliminary hearing?

  297. you are the ‘wrong kind’ of white person

  298. You said “you would not believe how many people are out there working the system.” Does being clean for 12 years make you a quantitative research analyst? I’ve been sober for 16 years, met countless people gaming or legitimately using the system, but would NEVER extrapolate my anecdotal, narrow experiences to some sort of global trend. People love to think that their personal experiences are somehow “research.” They’re not. They are a small window into the world, infinitely small, even if you’ve travelled all over the world. Get over yourself.

  299. well said bc that is our main problem that is were all the moeny is going

  300. Well, maby America is a great country, but for the last 8 years the rest of the world have been living in a constant state of amasement and horror. Buddy Boy Buch have been the worst president for ages, making Americas foreign debt twice what it was and generally made havoc. Maby now the rest of the world will start to trust the US again, for frankly for the last 8 years the United States have been no better than Zimbawe or Iran. A large portion of Europe do not look to America anymore…

  301. god bless you that is what i needed to hear!

  302. that is refresing to hear

  303. i gladley welcome you to santa barbara california!! lol

  304. I agree. The ‘right kind’ of white person will want all 300 million of us to have the basic human rights that should be available to any human being – access to health care for one.

  305. i dont think any site is so passionate like this
    its scary
    really scary

  306. thank you for being positive
    im glad you can see the good in both
    you are what we need

  307. he was very respectful

  308. that a good move
    and i am not being sarcastic it really is
    we need someone like him to lead us in war

  309. i love positive people
    its nice to hear sometihng genuine
    well done
    im starting to feel hopeful

  310. he did
    didnt he?

  311. its pretty much all over you tube and myspace tv

  312. i wish everyone on here was positive like you guys

  313. hand slap

  314. your a moderate republican?
    can i be your friend?
    please ?

  315. i was crying bc his grandma died the day before election day and she wanted to see this soo badley

  316. oh milanta

  317. im with you

  318. how the hell did this turn into reverse racisim

  319. i love filipinos
    they rock
    cali has so many of them

  320. on November 6, 2008 at 4:22 am The Elite One

    “Isn’t Norway also a country with 100% literacy?”

    Due to their superior genetic makeup and homogenous society, it wouldn’t surprise me. Northern Europeans have higher IQs. Sadly, we’ve decided to become a pluralistic society so we’ll never be able to duplicate their achievement, paid for by oil money that we don’t have, btw.

    “And don’t recent catalyst surveys show that fortune blah blah blah…”

    Every week there is a survey like this in the paper, nobody believes it because we work with women. Women don’t even like working with other women – ask them. If they were so productive we’d hire them left and right without affirmative action, but they’re not, and we don’t.

    Besides, the media in which these surveys are published shot their load with Obama and nobody believes they are capable of anything more than spewing political correctness anymore.

  321. Only the Wrong Kind of White Person would even admit this.

  322. on November 6, 2008 at 4:38 am The Elite One

    Magna cum affirmative action, more like it.

    He is an affirmative action case who transferred from a junior college. His white classmates with better grades were refused admission to Harvard, he got in because he’s part black. All documented, all true, and very sad that anyone would look up to him when millions of other Americans have achieved more without the affirmative action that he and his wife are so ungrateful for.

    At least Clarence Thomas acknowledged that affirmative action advanced his career; Obama lacks the decency to do even that.

  323. on November 6, 2008 at 4:45 am internet_debate_king

    People love to argue on the internet.

    You are debating America on a Canadian’s blog. (Clander is from Toronto)

    Your bitter comments will change nothing.

    Even in writing this, I feel like I’ve wasted a small portion of my life.

    Arguing on the internet is one of the most pointless things I can think of.

    Shut up

  324. on November 6, 2008 at 4:48 am internet_debate_king


  325. on November 6, 2008 at 4:50 am internet_debate_king

    book quote!!!! so smart!!!!

    shut up

  326. Yes.Yes. Chip well played sir. You have bested me with your well thought out remark. Kudos sir. I would imagine that you must have a masters degree to have come up with such a pithy comment. You have far superior skills than most mortals. I suspect that you must have been the captain of the debate club. You are truly a blessing to mankind.

  327. Why are American so preoccupied about the greatness of their country.? I don’t get it.
    This is very strange to me. I’m European, well I’m French and I don’t think that there are some countries which are better than others. I’m fluent in French, Spanish, English and German and I am totally alien to any nationalist feeling. I know that loving one’s country does not mean despising or not liking others but I don’t know how someone can be proud or ashamed of being from any nationality.
    Nationality is a weird place to one’s pride.

  328. Please disregard my rational thinking…but please name one thinker/author who advocates a democratic society wherein Health Care is a “Basic Human Right.” Marx would have agreed with you however….

  329. Thanks for the grammer lesson Noah Webster. I did not vote for Bush and I did not really like him that much either. But atleast he was elected based on his leadership experience. Obama was elected based on a bunch of empty promises that he has already admitted that he can not deliver on. The good news is that we will only have to deal with him for four years. Because once the reality sinks in with the majority of Americans that they elected a complete fraud, there will be no way he will be re-elected.

  330. I think the next one should be:

    Stuff White People Like

    More Government, more problems.
    Thank you all for making it possible. 😦

  331. I think the next one should read:

    Stuff White People Like

    Mo Government, Mo prolems
    Thanks for making it all possible. 😦 😦

  332. Please die in a fire.

  333. Not any more.

    May this be the beginning of the end of pointless hipster irony and cynicism…

  334. Ha ha… It comes from 18th century Europe, and white Americans have no idea what the word means. A perfect fit!

  335. Total Pwn.

  336. Actually, coming from a “Socialist” country, education is of paramount importance. Having lived in the United States for a few years, I can attest to your country not necessarily sharing that ideal. Putting that aside, even IF Obama’s statement of spreading the wealth was word-for-word true, THEN doesn’t that mean a different economic system than the broken Capitalist one we have now? America is spiraling down and the only way to fix the economy is to change the way it’s run. Greed is not always good.

  337. I don’t get why people keep saying that they’re going to move to Canada because “socialist” Obama will be in office…when Canada has a socialized medical system….lol.

  338. What is super funny is that what Wall St. has done to the financial markets was totally what Karl Marx predicted. Capitalism, if unchecked will eat itself.

    While his prescription wasn’t the greatest, you gotta admit he was a hell of an analyst.

  339. This is hilarious! Barack is now America and we are America. White people love him, this country and just being white….enough said

  340. Awesome.

    Thanks for this simple and brilliant statement. I am so proud of our country.

  341. Our SF training is based on British SAS. We don’t do any training in Israel.

  342. America now gets to drink Dr. Obama’s Mystical Snake Oil.

    “It gives hope! It brings change! It unites!”

    Uh, what’s in it? How does it work?

    “Hell if I know. Now shut up and drink.”

  343. That is completely understandable considering you are French. I agree, I would find nothing to be proud about France either.

  344. Part of it is a kind of ironic arrogance. Even if we were an extremely impoverished and defeated nation we’d probably still talk about being the greatest nation ever concieved of. I like hearing people talk like that about their own countries too honestly. Only now we can’t really joke like that since we tend to be humiliating and crushing people.

    Also the US gets criticized a lot and most of the praise we get is for trivial nonsense. The US also gets talked about as though it could just suddenly fail and cease to exist one day while these non ex-colonial countries have been here for thousands of years. At the end of the day, we know that without our military might, scientific advances and pop culture we’d be a universally derided nation born out of crimes against humanity. So we get kind of defensive.

  345. on November 6, 2008 at 7:02 am Goodforbusiness

    Obama transferred from Occidental College to Columbia University to complete his BA. He later went on to go to Harvard to study law. If you’re going to make such an inflammatory and obnoxious point, at least do better research. Or learn how to make a point. And, maybe, try not to be a douchebag.

  346. To the moderator:

    why do you delete posts?

  347. on November 6, 2008 at 7:04 am soccer(!) raven

    it’s completely ridiculous to attach a negative connotation to Obama’s middle name…

    Hussein means ‘good boy’ in arabic, and had no other meaning for most of the world until Saddam Hussein came to power.

    it’s exactly like Michael Bolton in Office Space

  348. on November 6, 2008 at 7:10 am soccer(!) raven

    I remember watching something about Bin Laden’s son, and I’m pretty sure he does not agree with his father about anything… anyone else remember seeing this story?

  349. on November 6, 2008 at 7:10 am Good Question!

    Good question! Who the #$%&*! cares about the comments? The reason this site is so popular is the posts.

  350. No…….this fact is NOT disgusting.

    America is NOT a great nation regardless of it’s president.

    A great nation does NOT start wars

    A great nation does NOT try to bully other countries.

    A great nation does NOT set up secret secret camps in other countries for the purpose of torturing its prisoners.

    I could go on.

  351. So happy that you are proud of us. I don’t think that you will ever have to worry about a mass exodus from the U.S. Even if we elect Satan it would be better to stay here than live in that shit hole you call a country.

  352. You are so very, very welcome! Glad to assist!!!

  353. Nevermind…..my mistake.

    Great blog, by the way.

    Now what are we Americans to do? We can’t threaten to move to Canada or Costa Rica anymore because we dislike our President.

    I was all set to go South to a warmer climate if McCain won.

  354. Amen- the large cities in America elected Obama. They want something for nothing and they deserve what they get. Wait till all the city government employees start drawing their 100,00 retirement. We will hear a large sucking sound.

  355. Sometimes they do…

  356. Wow. I am surprised by some of the negative comments to this post. I thought anyone intelligent enough to appreciate the ironic wit of this site would also appreciate #1) the power of the democratic process, no matter who wins the presidency, #2) that anything is better than George Bush, #3) how the history of this country has come full circle: an African American family is moving into the White House, which was built by slaves. The world watched us make history and is back on our side! This is good news, people! (And by the way, before calling President Elect Barack Obama a socialist, turn off Fox News and get out the dictionary.) Thank you Stuff White People Like for a beautiful picture of our new President Elect!

  357. Nancy Pelosi
    Harry Reid
    Barack Obama

    All dirty liberals that will make voters cringe their decision.

    I predict impeachment in 2 years following the Republican takeover of Congress.

  358. I have two children in their 40’s. I raised them to work hard and love their country. I was a counter influence to the brainwashing the schools tried to inflict. If one picks up text books now the aboriginies are considered to have a comparable culture to ours. The founding fathers were racist and our country has done nothing but evil. Most people don’t even know what socialism is or have a clue as to history. They think they are enlightened by Obama’s light. Beware of the light- its the train coming down the tunnel. I do not think Obama is the problem-he is a symptom. Migrant workers do work hard but feel entitled to anything our country offers. Inner cities are cess pools of a subculture that is not working. No one is held accountable except “whitey”. San Francisco’s (Pelosi) and Chicago’s (infamous) politics are going to run our country. Its a sad day. We deserve what we get because we did not bother to be informed.

  359. The last 8 years went off the rails for a number of reasons – the government did get bigger against its own supposed principles, it did stomp on human rights against its own supposed principles and it got bogged down in Iraq for a number of reasons, many of them avoidable. And somewhere along the line the wheels came off the bus on America’s system of credit.
    Americans voted Obama in because he a) wasn’t a Republican and b) was a symbol of progress and change. It remains to be seen how effective he is as president. At some point people are going to have to stop looking at him as Obama the symbol and start looking at him as Obama the politician, the problem solver and (I cringe when I say this), the decider. Hopefully he proves as effective at these things as he was as a campaigner.

  360. Trudeau? Of course “thinker” is a very subjective term 😉

  361. SWPL Post #114 should read: “#114 America, once again”

  362. If you were all set to go, why didn’t you leave eight years ago? I’m sure we could have found a landscaper to take your place.

  363. I’ve always loved America, but sometimes America has been a little hard to handle, like that drunk uncle at the family Christmas party- totally embarassing- but, you still love him.

    After this election I don’t feel that way anymore- I feel like we’ve had an intervention and that Uncle America is going to be a better man.

    Whatever you think about the new President Elect- you wonderful agua fiestas- The fact remains that Barack Obama IS your new PRESIDENT, so DEALwith it, just like we all dealt with Bush for 8 years. You don’t see us pointing fingers (whoops! I just did- I’m looking and pointing at you!)

    Here’s to the opportunity to create change. We all have to do our part.

  364. How is Obama bringing socialism? Do you watch the news? The federal governement had to give private banks 700 billion dollars to prevent them going under. Our hard core republican government socialized our banking system. All Obama wants to do is tax the rich more. Unless you’re making more then 200k a year you don’t have anything to worry about. Obama’s not a socialist.

    The founding fathers were racist; thats how they justified slaughtering the natives and keeping slaves. You better hope they were racist and thought black people and natives were less then persons because otherwise that slavery and genocide was out of pure un-adulterated evil. Whitey is the only one being held accountable because we’re the only ones who’ve done these things to be held accountable for.

    You are part of that 48% of the country that is too stupid to govern themselves. Garden variety red state idiot.

  365. You Betcha!

  366. Socialized Health Care System all the way. Seems to me right wingers who don’t support abortion don’t support free health care either . . . and would jeopardize the health and safety of unborn children whose mother is not able to access proper health care while at the same time claiming that all unborn children have a right to live?

    People have a right to live and be healthy, no matter how rich or poor they are. You may work hard for your money, and that’s great, thank you, so do many of us who support free health care, but you live in a world that has other people in it, and you live in a country that has other people in it. Come on. Support the people who live in your own country and are your neighbours at the very least! Be your brother’s keeper. What about children – it’s not their fault if their parents don’t make enough money to pay for healthcare and yet they are forced to go without?? Extra money off your taxes is NOT such a huge sacrifice to make compared to a life . . . not to mention, you’re paying for health care anyway!!!!! Why not just pay for it this way? Same difference! You will benefit from the free health care system just as much as anyone else. How incredibly selfish and cruel it is to want to keep it from others, no matter who they are!

  367. Are you fucking joking? All you guys have been doing for the past eight years is point fingers and crying about Bush “stealing” the election. The only change you will see with Obama is the change that you have left in your pay check after he raises taxes.

  368. Selena,
    You make no sense. This current administration has brought us closer to Socialism than any other President. Have you not noticed who owns Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae, and our largest financial institutions? What do you call that?

    You are out of touch like so many other extreme right wing uneducated people in the US who haven’t a clue what real Socialism is.

    Why do you think Democrats won this election?

  369. Sweet Jesus we elected ANOTHER white vice president!

  370. Good post, Mitch! Unfortunately, stupid people usually lack a sense of humor. You are overestimating them in assuming they understand this site is meant to be humorous. We outnumber them…thank the powers that be!

  371. Perhaps these parents with no money should quit spitting out babies. Paying more taxes is a big deal when you have your own kids to take care of. Its not my fault that these welfare rats don’t use birth control. If you can’t afford to take care of kids don’t fucking have them.

  372. on November 6, 2008 at 8:22 am rational thinker

    “We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.” -Declaration of Independence

    I think you should read up on your theory before making comments like this. First of all, you are confusing democracy with capitalism. Democracy is a theory of government while capitalism/socialism are theories of the economy.

    According to wikipedia, “Even though there is no universally accepted definition of ‘democracy’, there are two principles that any definition of democracy includes. The first principle is that all members of the society have equal access to power and the second that all members enjoy universally recognized freedoms and liberties.”

    According to the Declaration of Independence, life and the pursuit of happiness are two of those universally recognized freedoms in the US. Access to health care is vital in order to have both life and happiness. Therefore, I just found all the “thinkers/authors” of the declaration of independence, who were clearly in favor of a democracy, to also support accessible health care.

    In fact, Marx would support a democracy so long as there was a socialist economy.

    ….so rational thinker, i Leave you with this, if you support a democracy, and Marx supports a democracy, does that make you a Marxist???

  373. Haha! That’s so funny and so true!

  374. I think it’s funny that this election has not only unified the country but divided it just the same. Barrack Obama is half white, half black. He is each one of us. Why are people choosing to use half of him to throw back at the other half? I’m being vague because I don’t like assumptions. It is just crazy.

  375. I did vote for Obama and I’m proud to have done so. The only thing I don’t agree with is the “spread the wealth” mentality. “Socialism”, or, this kind of government, has never worked before. That is why our capitalistic society is so successful at lasting. I just hope that he puts good policies in place but doesn’t get carried away with that thought process. Let’s hope that the success of our governmental checks and balances holds true.

  376. Socialism has worked before, rather nicely. Sweden, for example, is a thriving socialist kinda place. Perhaps you’re thinking of communism, which is, in fact, a terrible idea all around.

  377. Seriously!

    patriot act-and others…


    i believe over riding all of our civil rights checks and balances smacked of socialism and what about the stimulus checks-give money to the people from the government, for what?hmmm to stimulate the economy? not because they earned it?
    hmmm smacks once again of socialism but hey if you call yourself a republican and act like a socialist it doesn’t count. only if your a democrat does it matter.
    really lame, seriously. I do have a few Republican friends who at least had the nadz to admit it. the bush administration brought us closer to socialism then any other administration before.
    denial doesn’t make it less true.

  378. Socialism: A century of failure and 100,000,000 corpses prove nothing!

    Embrace The Suck.

    Everyone who voted for this fraud spit in the face of every American who ever wore the uniform.

    By the way, you little weasels, don’t be surprised if he brings back the draft. On the bright side, you’ll finally find out how the other half live.

  379. It is also worth mentioning that the US has the most expensive health care system in the world (measured in percentage of the country’s GDP)–more expensive than the systems in countries like Canada, where there is universal health care. Canada’s system has its problems (like long wait times for important operations), but they are nothing like the ones in the United States.

  380. Are you and idiot or a liar? Been to Malmo lately?

  381. First and foremost we are a republic not a democracy because the founding fathers did not trust the crowd. Secondly nothing is your given right. The only thing you have a right to is what you earn by your own sweat. If you do not earn it and expect the rewards-they must come from someone else’s sweat. Originally people who did not own land could not vote. Now anyone can vote and vote often (Acorn) and Chicago politics. We are such a spoiled nation-there are people in the world who are willing to use your idealism and their will to defeat us. I wonder why the auto industry is in bad shape -could it be unions and what they have added to the value of a car. I have traveled extensively in NY state and I was shocked at how decrepit small towns and buildings were. NOt in NYC but everywhere else. They have taxed themselves out of business. Its not going to get better but worse. Most of NY business is state government-everyone is on the tit. People who produce are leaving. NY is socialistic but no one seems to understand what is happening and why. I’m sorry I’m getting carried away but I feel so frustrated. The answer is not spreading the wealth-the answer is giving people who want to work freedom to that and reap the rewards

  382. Hello, if ole GW really cared about troops he’d have done the same thing instead of stop-lossing the heck out of them. Draft = not such a bad idea if winning the war and caring for the troops is truly your concern. OTOH, if you just want to get some cash for your buddies, there’s no point in choosing an unpopular course of action…

  383. This is the really nasty side of these debates. Instead of attempting to embody and practice the spirit of unity that both Obama and McCain talked about in their election-night speeches, supporters of both candidates are doing their best to make political and social divisions even deeper. I find it particularly troubling that some Obama supporters (including some of the conservatives and Republicans who endorsed him) demonstrate an unabashedly elitist attitude toward rural America. From these characterizations of rural America, it seems like this image is almost entirely formed by watching movies like Deliverance, rather than by actually talking to rural Americans. On the other side, it is also clear that some rural Republicans think of those who live in cities as drug-addicted layabouts who just want to sponge off the system. This has got to stop…on both sides!

  384. Seems to me, waiting a long time for an important operation is kind of a big deal. If you think that Canada has such a great system why not just move there? I am thankful that we have the medical system that we have in America. When my daughter was diagnosed with a potentially fatal blood disorder when she was five months old, she would have probably died had we lived in Canada where we would have had to wait for treatment. It cost me alot of money in hospital bills that the insurance did not cover, but the alternative could have been much worse. Fuck government health care.

  385. Ahhhh ticticboom.

    Socialism actually doesn’t equal dictatorship any more than a free democracy equals a licence to be a corrupt corporatist, so cool your heels.

    Unrepentant in the face of two or more lifetimes of debt and still spouting the ‘republic’ crap… you don’t have money you don’t have power.

    it’s like you forgot the international Scarface mantra or something …

  386. I agree that people should work hard for what they earn, and those who work hard should get what they deserve. However, I also understand that some hard working people find themselves in situations that they need a little help to boos themselves out of. I am a recent college graduate who is working two part-time jobs, neither of which pertain to my degree, because I couldn’t find an employer to hire me full-time no matter how hard I worked, and believe you me, I worked. And worked. And worked.

    Now I work two part-time, hourly jobs with crappy wages that barely cover my bills. I pay insurance premiums monthly but waited weeks to go to the doctor when I was sick because I couldn’t afford to spare a $40 co-payment.

    You should know that I am intelligent and well-educated. I graduated with a 3.5 GPA from a large, well-respected state university. I was involved with several extracurricular activities that developed my leadership, time-management, and other skills required for success. I was even president of one such organization. In short, please don’t assume that I didn’t get a job because I don’t possess the valuable skills that employers are looking for. I do.

    The point is that sometimes intelligent, hard-working people find themselves in situations that are difficult to get themselves out of without a little bit of help. Hopefully I will get into graduate school next year and will be able to lift myself out of this slump. However, in the mean time, I have taken advantage of my area’s social services, and I was incredibly grateful that they exist. And also, if I do get into graduate school, I will probably take advantage of federal loans to pay for my education.

    So please don’t assume that everyone who needs help is lazy and doesn’t work hard and doesn’t possess the skills necessary to succeed. Next time you are in a retail clothing store, you might see me or someone like me. Don’t make assumptions about them just because of where they are currently at in their lives. That is what frustrates ME.

  387. on November 6, 2008 at 9:20 am Michelle Hanson

    You are absolutely correct. But common sense is no where to be seen. I attend SJSU and everyone thinks government administrated, taxpayer funded programs are FREE. This includes my instructors. The libs are like drug addicts or alcoholics that must hit rock bottom before they get it.

  388. Sara, have you looked at the title and URL for this site?




  390. on November 6, 2008 at 9:28 am WILLIS FROM LOS ANGELES

    First of all I am black and proud to see Presidant Obama, have won, what could Mc Cain have done. He wouldn’t have had people in the streets partying and being happy that he won.

    Lets see what THE BLAKMAN does, don’t get it twisted he is black, no matter what you all say…..remember one drop of black blood, and you be black.

  391. on November 6, 2008 at 9:32 am Michelle Hanson

    Ashley – life is not easy. You can thank trial lawyers for the rising cost of medicine. You can thank the open borders supporters for giving millions of non-citizens ‘FREE’ medical care which you are now paying for. You can thank government waste and inefficiency for the rising cost of everything from public education to simple government administration duties.

    Congratulations on your recent college graduation. You can take risks in life and reap huge gains or possible loses. Or you can work for the unions, government or both and have a mediocre job and paycheck. There is no reward for being creative, taking initiative or being efficient when working for the government or union. The reward is your retirement package. So employees do just enough to not get fired. Welcome to socialism or take charge of your life and feel alive.

  392. Have read or watched any interviews with Obama? I feel like you would end up revising your statement if you did.

  393. I find it humorous that such a random mish-mash of things are lumped together in your post, but mostly I’m amused that you single out unions as a reason for failure. Sure, we have some unions here in America. BUT! We are not the most unionized country in the world, not by a long shot (feel free to research into that further if you don’t believe my anonymous internet word). If you did any research into the history of manufacturing in America you would see that unions absolutely made life livable for generations of families and still do. The ability to work is not an automatic right, and shouldn’t be. We aren’t born with jobs, we need to work hard and earn them. Abolishing unions will not make it easier for YOU to find a job (or anyone) but it will ensure that a great number of people who are working find themselves in a crappier position thusly. Ask anyone who works for Wal Mart.

    Also, your “traveling” in New York is irrelevant to your point. There are more factors in play than taxes alone.

    Finally, the correct term for our government is a DEMOCRATIC REPUBLIC. That means (since you clearly don’t know) that we are led by a smaller group of individuals (ie President, Senate etc) but we vote them into office. So we DEMOCRATICALLY choose our REPUBLICAN representatives. Funny how that works, huh?

    Read a book, learn something new, THEN spout your ideas on the internet.

  394. on November 6, 2008 at 9:41 am Michelle Hanson

    It’s wonderful to have a black president. As a country, this is well past due. So can we focus on issues instead of race from this point on? Affirmative action is failing the black community and is racist. We will succeed as a meritocracy not on what we look like. Regardless of what color or gender the president is, socialism will destroy this country.

  395. Word Deborah. Talk about about tax and spend – look at military spending under the current administration. Also what about the federal reserve? Like they don’t have any effect on so-called “market forces”.

    Some people are so scared of a little state intervention, only it’s always there – only Cheney/Wolfowitz et al have been using it for the benefit of a small sector of society not the national interest, as is done in the more prosperous and civilzed nations of the world.

  396. Good job guys. After 8 years of manifest stupidity in the White House.led by the nose by neocon psychos (Cheney, Rumsfeld,Wolfowitz, Bolton etc), which has caused the USA to at best be ridiculed and at worst hated by many around the world you have chosen a man who is qualified for the job of rescuing your great country’s reputation and economy:smart, cool under pressure, listens to good advice, charismatic, inclusive, decisive, and from outside the usual power cliques. Democracies get the leaders they deserve. You have redeemed yourselves and I,an Englishman, envy you your new President.

  397. I’m completely in agreement with you on Bush, especially since he’s been having a field day for the past four months because he’s been left unchecked (do some research on what he’s done it’s pretty disgusting). My main concern is that most of Obama’s supporters are blindly loyal to him and think that he can do no wrong.

  398. My mother actually said the same thing.

  399. on November 6, 2008 at 9:55 am Michelle Hanson

    Navi – yes you are correct. Unions played an important role in American industry. Just like many great ideas that start out great, they move too far in one direction and need to move back to the center. At SJSU the unions run the college. The buildings are falling into disrepair. If we take the INITIATIVE to paint or make repairs we still have to pay the union! The waiting list to have the union employees do the work is months long. I would suggest that you get your nose out of your book and start experiencing the real world.

  400. I agree with you 100%. I served as SEAL in Vietnam. Both my son’s did as well. One was a SEAL and the other a Aviation Ordnanceman on the Enterprise. Most of my relatives also served. But what can you expect from a country that elected a sex crazed, draft dodging liar 16 years ago.

  401. on November 6, 2008 at 9:58 am Michelle Hanson

    Denise – The Dems control 2 branches of the government not to mention the press. There will socialism run amuck!

  402. on November 6, 2008 at 10:02 am Michelle Hanson

    Western Europe is turning away from Socialism as is Canada. Socialism works when there is a well educated, large middle-class who pay into the system. Europe is experiencing an enormous influx of poor, low skilled workers who are draining the system. Look at what is happening to the infrastructure in California and our de-facto socialist system.

  403. on November 6, 2008 at 10:04 am Michelle Hanson

    Marky – I could care less what the Brits think. Look what has happened to the great British Empire! You are becoming a third world, Islamic country.

  404. on November 6, 2008 at 10:05 am Michelle Hanson

    Denise – I vote on issues not race. You are the problem!

  405. Actually Sweden is not doing all that well. Most of their income is taxed. The keep very little of what they earn. No thanks I love capitalism. Get rid of Welfare, Headstart, Pre Kindergarten and Foreign aid. Reform Medicare, Medicaid and Social Security (socialist program).

  406. I think Michelle Obama is scarier than Hillary Clinton. Where the hell did she get that dress. She looks like a Black Widow Spider.

  407. on November 6, 2008 at 10:11 am Michelle Hanson

    Deborah – You can’t be serious about Freddie and Fanny. You can blame Barney Franks, Herb Moses, Chris Dodd for that mess! Carter started it all with HUD. Clinton exasperated the problem and the Dems shut down any reform under GW.

  408. Thanks for all the help you gave us during WW2. We also save your sorry asses in WW1. If it hadn’t been for the USA you would be speaking German or Russian. What happened to your empire? You were something at one time. But it all started to fall apart when WE kicked your asses out of the USA. And we did it twice. Have you noticed that since 9/11 we haven’t had a single terrorist attack in the USA. We must be doing something right. Iraq is doing much better and contraryt to our Main stream media the Taliban are dying in great numbers. You really had something with Margaret Thatcher. To bad you lost all that.

  409. I am Black (and I guess that somehow makes me biased) but it should be noted that Barack Obama calls himself Black.

    In his books he goes pretty far to make a point that he is a Black American that had an upbringing different than most Americans in general. Or rather how he went out of his way to adopt the Black-American subculture.

    I also doubt people would make a big point to say his children are 1/4 White either…..

    But you have a point. He was raised by Euro-Americans, whom he loves dearly, and has a great deal Midwestern values.

  410. Thank you, thank you, deetee, for being one of the few Americans who realize we are not a democracy, but a republic. I cannot tell you how few educated people I meet who do not realize this. It is the difference in order and mob rule, yet the electorate is ignorant. Thanks for pointing it out on this popular site.

  411. I would claim to be black if I were him too. That is the only way he could benefit from affirmative action. I do find it interesting that two years ago all the so called “black leaders” were questioning whether he was black enough. Now they praise him as if he were Kunta Kinte reincarnated.

  412. Sorry, had a knock at the door. Meant: I cannot tell you how few educated people I meet realize this.

    We white people are such sticklers for grammar. 🙂

  413. on November 6, 2008 at 10:30 am older but not necessarily wiser

    have you noticed the relationship between those decrepit small towns, the utterly vacant store fronts and Walmart? I think this sad and dire situation has more to do with monpolistic robber barrons than socialism.

  414. I agree with Michelle. Fuck you Marky and the rest of you tea sipping, knicker wearing, fucked-up teeth having idiots. In my opinion, the only thing worse than an englishman is a frenchman.
    At least we don’t spend our tax dollars to keep a bunch of inbreed fucks in Buckingham Palace. Morons.

  415. on November 6, 2008 at 10:39 am Michelle Hanson

    D Tyler – Refreshing wisdom. I hope there are more thinkers such as yourself. I’m in my 50’s, attend SJSU working on a post-graduate degree. Everything you are saying about our schools is correct.

  416. so are we to assume that those who voted for McCain were not only other than white, but don’t like America? I voted for McCain because Obama is the representation of all that is WRONG with white people. Electing a black president means nothing if he doesn’t represent a black ideal and has lived most of his life with the blessings of a white man. He is the whitest president we have ever elected, over-educated, no real world experience and over values things he has done within a community. Basically he is your average phd student: all the education, no clue yet how to use it. He is glaringly white, yet someone people fail to realize this. This post should have been titled “Being Sheep who let the media determine their ideology.” Then again, I’m not white, so perhaps I am a better observer of the stupidity of you white people in this election. Only four percent of blacks supported McCain, which only proves how far minorities must go in order to dispell their own racism. I would never vote for someone because of them being my race or vote against them. No one can argue or has argued that Obama is qualified. Instead they have just tried to associate McCain with Bush and attack Palin, who had more executive experience than Obama and wasn’t even the President, just the vp. White people seem to put more love into speech and rhetoric than actual skills. You dumb bitches did the same thing with Bush, attacked his speech rather than what he was trying to do. Now Bush screwed up, no doubt, but every attack you saw on him was on his persona, not his substance. White people, among all people who voted for Obama should be disgraced. You supported someone whose friends hate the very institution that makes free will possible. How much would it have taken for you to vote against a man who thinks that religion, guns, and anything not in line with leftist groupthink are bad? White people can now reap what they have sewn as we THEY have just elected the Chicago version of Jimmy Carter.

  417. on November 6, 2008 at 10:50 am Michelle Hanson

    Pablo – The USA did not start this war. I want the government to do whatever it takes to keep me safe, including torture. That is the constitutional mandated purpose of the Federal Government. To protect the citizens from threats, foreign and from within. It is not the purpose of the Federal Government to be your surrogate parent and provide healthcare, education, etc. etc. Okay, you’re right, I want private schools and a million dollar plus house like the Obama’s! Send me your money directly.

  418. Well, Nobama, I am in fact Canadian. (And I’m sure you’ll have a lot to say about how my being from an ‘inferior’ and ‘socialist’ country would influence my views). However, I’m not saying there aren’t problems with the Canadian system. Long wait times are an issue and certainly an important one, as you’ve suggested. Sometimes, as you also suggest, these wait times amount to a lack of access to care. And the lack of access to care is precisely what people are concerned about in the United States. It’s just that in the US, people are effectively denied access because they can’t afford insurance or insurance companies deem them to be uninsurable.

    The lack of access to care in Canada doesn’t come close to matching the one that exists in the United States. We don’t have people dying all over the place in Canada because of wait times. Cases are prioritized and people with serious problems, like your daughter are taken care of before people whose conditions are not as serious. The reality of this can sometimes be pretty hard to witness. My father waited for a year in pain for a ‘non-urgent’ surgery.

    I’m not trying to idealize Canada. I think there’s a lot that’s wrong with my country and I am uncomfortable with the tendency of American liberals to invoke it as a sort of utopia. I just think that, on balance, Canada’s health care system is less expensive and more effective than that in the United States. I also think that on a practical level, national/socialized health care would be impossible to implement in the United States and is not going to happen. So, I don’t think you need worry about that.

  419. on November 6, 2008 at 10:54 am Michelle Hanson

    Carter was worse! I was paying 25% interest on my home loan. The Soviets invaded Afghanistan. Iran held our Embassy hostage for 445 days, and we now have the greatest threat to our safety in the form of a crazy, soon to have nukes, Islamic terrorist country. We had long gas lines with no new solutions for energy independence. Carter was far worse!

  420. Hey, dink. You’re a dipshit.

  421. “and you be black” – nice! I think “you be stupid”.

    I have black blood in me (my grandmother is black) and that does not make my skin automatically turn black. Stop being so ignorant. He is BI-RACIAL.


  422. One can never be over educated. And as for your assertion that this election was an attempt by Caucasians to assuage “white guilt,” well, that’s just silly. Many of us don’t have white guilt. I, nor anyone I know/am related to, never owned slaves. I have not knowingly benefited through the maltreatment of a person of color…ergo, no white guilt here. Also you should not attack Obama for being overly educated and then point out that others have attacked bush for being stupid. Those are two sides of the same coin…if the coin is so dirty, maybe you shouldn’t touch it either.

  423. You’re still a dipshit, Dink.

  424. on November 6, 2008 at 10:57 am Michelle Hanson

    Who is denying you or anyone else healthcare? What you are saying is that you want ‘other people’s money’ to pay for your healthcare. Get off your sofa and get a job.

  425. Are you kidding me? Maybe you should have moved to Sweden instead of voting for Obama b/c you think he will turn the US into a solialist country.

  426. on November 6, 2008 at 11:00 am Michelle Hanson

    Melly – you just answered your own question. BTW – we really don’t care what European’s think. Just take a trip to Normandy for the answer to that.

  427. on November 6, 2008 at 11:09 am Michelle Hanson

    Joe – good for you! Thanks for your honesty about your past and welcome to the better world of personal responsibility. I’m hopeful every time I hear a story such as yours.

  428. To Michelle Hanson: you do have a point in that many people don’t realize where the money comes from for programs like healthcare and education initiatives. Tax-based programs do leave much to be desired and do not always, (or even most of the time) work towards the greater good. Additionally, I agree with you on the point that unions, despite their one time necessity and the benefits that they have provided in the past, have insinuated themselves into the system to a point where they contribute more to the beaurocracy of the system than to initiative-based progress. Often times this can be a hindrance to people who work outside the unions.

    I criticize the medicare systems of other countries as I find that it shifts focus away from the necessity to motivate people to help themselves and care for themselves. With respect to healthcare, I’d say our time and money would be better spent promoting healthy-living movements that motivate people to eat healthier, live healthier, etc. Additionally, I think it should be a right that, should you have enough money, you should be able to buy the best medical care available: something that is impossible in a government funded system that provides the same treatment to everyone equally. However, I understand the necessity for those who cannot afford basic healthcare, and sometimes, as a society, it is best that we all work together to help those in need… you know, lend a helping hand and all that stuff. As such, this is where the benefit of government administrated taxpayer programs come into play due to the fact that this form of healthcare could at least provide sufficient medical service to people in need, significantly reducing or eliminating the cost of that treatment for the individual, should the emergency arize. In this way, I would propose that a two-tiered system would be best, giving the option of corporate medical care to those who can afford it, and government care to those who can’t afford it in an emergency.

    Additionally, there are other programs, such as education, wherein the cost to taxpayers is justified as a better educated population can only be a good thing. I’m not saying that this should extend fully to universities (as I myself feel that part of the university experience is learning how to cope with the financial burden, as well as learning how to motivate yourself towards academic excellence which can often reduce the cost of tuition significantly). However, I would insist that public education, up until grade twelve should be better funded and be more widely administered on a federal level, and I, as a taxpayer, would gladly contribute towards that. This is how a society truly advances. In situations like this, I would argue that those who support taxpayer-funded government programs are not ignorant of the fact that the money comes out of their pocket, but, instead, are willingly overlooking that cost for the benefit of all, including themselves.

    With respect to unions… I think this is a good example of how an excess of liberal-based administrative power can run amok. Yes, I would agree that employees need to feel confidant that they have a voice and that their jobs are protected. However, I feel that this has progressed too far and that, at this point in time, unions to more to hinder hard work and production in favour of watching out for those who are less motivated to work because they know that the union has their back. I’m not saying that they should be eliminated, but they should definitely be reigned in. This is why we need a strong conservative voice out there, providing sober second thoughts.

    Which brings me to Obama. I don’t care if you voted for him or not. I believe that everyone has their reasons for voting for their particular candidates and that those reasons are based on what they believe would be best for the United States. Every one of us believes that this is a great country and that their candidate of choice would be the best leader for everyone. However, the choice has been made. With this choice has come a lot of dissent regarding presumptions and assumptions made on both sides. I think we’ve heard a lot of opinions and extremist views being tossed around from both sides. However, as I’ve said, I think these views all come from a largely altruistic point of view and that we shouldn’t discount them. We should listen to everyone and consider each other’s opinions. Argue in favour of what you believe, but don’t insult people because of their beliefs. Don’t be a polemicist. Don’t ostracize others for their opinions. Furthermore, don’t make it about which side won, be they democrat or republican or black or white. Again, respect each other’s viewpoints and be prepared to make compromises and concessions. Don’t be afraid to admit that you’re wrong, or that someone else is right. Morever, don’t be afraid to change your opinion or try something different. Even if you don’t change your point of view in the long run, at least you can say you’ve tried it and that no one can hold that against you.

    At this point in time, the only thing we can’t afford is the stifling of anyone’s point of view. I, personally, choose to put my faith in Obama and in his cabinet-to-be. I feel that, despite his party allegiance, he’s capable of bridging the gap between parties and combining ideas to create something better. Yes, he’s had some affiliations with extremists… but on both sides and I believe that these affiliations would indicate that he’s ready to listen to everyone, even if they hold beliefs that he does not share. We should all be encouraged to do the same.

  429. Ashley, I love the fact that you express your opinion and frustration without attacking anyone. Thank you for voicing your position with civility.

  430. Been there, and work there. At a major, unionized institution as the case may be. Work still gets done around here, and on time too. University of Michigan, gasp – even in an economically depressed state!


  432. Well I cannot disagree with you about socialized health care not coming to America. What amazes me though is that the idiot liberals believe that it is going to happen.

  433. Wow, that’s a really depressing view. I don’t believe that’s the case.

  434. As pointed out before, he attended Columbia University between Occidental and Harvard. And he was the first African-American to ever be appointed editor of the Harvard Law Review, so I can’t see how that spot was “reserved for a black.” I would also like to point out that regardless of affirmative action, once you get into a school, grades are objective. Graduating magna cum laude from Harvard means that he worked hard and had to show great promise. He also taught constitution law for more than a decade at the University of Chicago – another of the nation’s top universities.

    To Iria: If my students ever cited ignorant ranting (which includes no citations as evidence because none of these statements are true), I would fail them immediately. Why would you ever cite such a completely unreliable piece of text?

  435. Great! And such a shame that I can never say the same about your country… Sadly, Americans will still mock the French for EVER.

  436. And I saw you seeing her on TV!

  437. I just have to say that as a New Zealander I am extremely jealous of how passionate Americans are about their country.

    I don’t know if you are aware but tomorrow New Zealanders will be voting for their new Prime Minister. No-one here really cares enough. Our election is pathetic next to your countries.

    I think you all, no matter your opinion, are doing the right thing in voicing your views on how America should be run for you, and future generations.

  438. FINALLY! Greatest moment in my lifetime.

  439. I live in one of those countries that provide free health care and I can tell you that they do not ‘tax the crap’ out of us. And the tax that I do pay I am pleased to see going to all of the services that people in our country need. Which is why it is one of the most pleasant places in the world to live (for all rich, poor and in between).

    What I don’t like my taxes going towards is subsidising big business (such as the coal industry here) – this is something that you as an american have done with the big Wall St bailout. You should be far more outraged at this than a government spending money on its people.

    And remember, you or someone you love may actually be one of those people who needs help one day. You just don’t know what is going to happen in life. I don’t think that anyone really sets out to be poor or unemployed but sometimes life situations can be really difficult (ie mental health problems, family problems, terrible accidents, inability to deal with traumatic events etc).

    I wish you all the best in life and I hope that one day you will find someone to love you and make you feel as important as every single human being on this planet deserves to feel.

  440. Post #115

    Arguing on Blogs….

  441. You must have had a really crappy life. I feel sorry for you.

  442. I am proud to work at woman owned and operated business in Portland. Our meetings (where we talk a lot about about is going on within the company) always end on time, at which point it is time to get some drinks at the bar. I really think that when it comes down to it, most humans talk about the same things, blah blah shop talk, blah blah sex, blah blah politics. I am happy to say that in a time when a lot of small business are going under, and the work that we do is getting outsourced, we are actually growing and will be adding 20 new employees (yes) remodeling the office.

  443. I appreciate that, but I already have all those things. A wife, a daughter, two dogs, a cat and a house that is not in foreclosure. I also have a job and health insurance. I have worked for all my things, and will continue to do so. I have worked hard to make myself employable and so has my wife, i.e. we have college degrees that we both worked hard to get. The problem that I have with your plan is that it encourages even more people to sit on their asses and wait for their “gomment” check. We already have enough welfare rats in America as it is. And though I was opposed to the bailout, if it had not been for people who knew they could not afford a mortgage buying a house, then it would not have been necessary in the first place.
    Also, where is this utopia that you live in? It sounds nice. Maybe I will move there and sit on my ass and get some of your tax money.

  444. nobama, I’ve read your other comments about Brits, frenchman etc, you are racist and dont deserve an opinion. You are what makes others in the world not like americans.

    I was simply making a comment stating that even though your country is so divided in its opinion about Obama, you are so united in the fact that you are all passionate.

  445. what exactly are you trying to say with this picture without a caption??? that only while people like america??? what are you on? you put a bi-racial image up and expect people to just get what you mean because you got a stupid book deal? this blog used to be kind of funny very very very early on, and even then it missed the point. now that you’re finally monetizing, it’s just a waste of web space and a disease. i like sarcasm and poking fun at stereotypes too, but you’ve completely lost it. your template is outdated and you really need to get a life. i’m unsubscribing.

  446. this election night made most people’s year and you’re mocking it with this post that’s not even a post. unreal!

  447. In response to Luc,
    We have a two tiered system in healthcare. Those who can afford insurance and those who cannot and end up at the threshold of an emergency room, in dire shape. We all pay in our taxes for these cases, many of whom receive expensive emergent care because their conditions where not managed.
    You say that taxpayers ought to pay for education because a educated society is a good thing. Is having 40 million uninsured citizens a good thing. How are these costs passed on when they become ill and die ? Isn’t an educated and HEALTHY population a necessity?
    I grew up in Canada and lived there for 30 years, under socialized medicine. I have lived in the USA for 13 years, and am able to afford good health care. Do you think that Canadians are less healthy because they receive free healthcare? The reality is that for most Canadians who have lived within a socialized medical society, they know of no other option. To Canadians, free healthcare is a right and a benefit of living in a thriving, rich managed, compassionately capatalistic society. Anything less is considered uncivilized. Yes, there are weaknesses in the Canadian healthcare system, but what Americans tend to believe is spoon fed B.S. (from ultra capitalists, lobbyists and drug companies) that the Canadian system lacks choice and people are lining up for services. Who is spreading the ridiculos lies that prescription medication from Canada is unreliable?
    I have lost my parents and in both cases (in 1973 and 2003), their illnesses where managed properly, ethically, humanely and they benefitted from cutting edge technology. They did not die, in Canada, awaiting any needed service. Yet I know of 3 uninsured parents, in California, (probably not legal immigrants) who, in their fifties, died prematurely because they couldn’t afford basic health care for high blood pressure and diabetes. In all cases, they died shortly after emergency care, when it was too late! This rarley happens to Canadians.
    So what’s the solution? In my humble opinion, healthcare should be a constitional right with regulated costs and a partnership between the patients and the providers. Excessive profits must be controlled. For those who want to strike it rich, look elsewhere and outside of the healthcare system.

  448. I’m disappointed. Not just because of this post but you’ve been lacking a lot lately.

  449. First of all Kiwi, I wasn’t talking to you. I was talking to Maz. Get over yourself. But since you interjected. FYI, no one gives a fuck what what what other countries think about us. Its not just me.

  450. poop

  451. Luc you’re a fucktard.
    I don’t know what your opinion is, but
    Jesus Christ…no opinion should be that lengthy!

  452. this post kind of sucks

  453. One can never be over-educated? I think it depends on what your education is for. ABD’s waiting tables might be inclined to disagree.

  454. on November 6, 2008 at 3:10 pm SENSI_ational

    Lol @ the people who are pissed he didn’t write anything.

  455. Marry me?

  456. Actually, a lot of us do care. Its your pathetic small world view that hurts America. Typical small minded reponse – the F-word. Thank God the majority of the USA got a clue. Get over yourself and support your new Commander in Chief – its un-American not to.

  457. You can keep THAT notion floating around in your head ’til the day you die, Canada doesn’t want you. We’ve had universal health care for years. In the u.s., Hillary Clinton was criticized for even bringing it up.

  458. on November 6, 2008 at 3:42 pm The Elite One

    Trudeau’s ancestor came to North America in chains.

    As did over half of white immigrants to America from the 16th-18th century. We managed to get over it, and invite the black community to do the same.

    Trudeau’s great-great….great grandfather was an indentured servant, which would make him one of the few world leaders in the recent past or present to be descended from a slave.

    Justin Trudeau, like his father, was completely unelectable in a francophone riding, so they found the most radical ethnic riding in Quebec for him, just like they did his father. The kid is a space cadet, and we Conservatives would love nothing more than to see him become Liberal leader. I’ve seen stranger things happen this week.

  459. I’ll support him as much as the liberals have supported Bush these past eight years. They must have been super un-American.

  460. spot on Chris. I find it kind of amusing how everyone only seems willing to express “pride” in America when just over half the country votes for their party, as opposed to just under half.

  461. the point of the post is that’s not true as of tuesday evening.

  462. Awesome!

  463. I’m confused. I’m white. According to this blog, I was supposed to hate America, but now I’m supposed to like it?

  464. By two-tier, I mean more than have and have-not. I mean that there should be one tier that makes private healthcare available to those who can afford it, and public, government funded healthcare to those whose insurance won’t cover the cost of insulin or oncology care or whatever their ailments are. However, this should be limited, especially in lieu of the fact that many people who have high blood pressure or adult onset diabetes have these problems because they don’t take care of themselves: they eat poorly (i.e. unhealthy food), they don’t excersize, they drink a lot, etc. I think paid treatment for people who are not prepared to help themselves is asking too much of taxpayers. I’m all for helping people whose problems stem from factors beyond their control, but I’m of two minds about helping those who refuse to help themselves. On one hand, i don’t want them to die, on the other, well…

  465. See, now that Obama was elected, you’re supposed to love it. White people like Barack Obama (See #8), and since Barack Obama now leads the nation, it only makes sense that you would love it. If McCain had campaigned with advertisements of him eating hummus and wearing a pea coat instead of trying to trash talk Obama, he might have actually won because more white people would have voted for him. If they’re the right kind of white people that is.

  466. YES WE DID!!!!

  467. I’m sorry your daddy touched you in your swimsuit area, repeatedly. It’s okay to let that frustration out with tears instead of anger.

  468. i think it’s not mocking it, i think it’s sincere. but kinda half ass.

  469. fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck

  470. To clarify my last point, take a look at the enlistment figure over the last few months. They’ve been plummeting as the prospect of Hussein as Commander-in-Chief became more likely. And just wait til the November and December numbers come out.

    Hussein seems likely to let Iran get nukes and instead invade an ally that ALREADY has nukes. The Dems have purged anyone competent at military matters from their ranks over the years. The closest thing to a decent military leader they have is Weasley Clark, whose stupidity nearly started a war with Russia during the Clinton Administration.

    The Lefts natural reaction to when their economic schemes fail is to simply throw more money at the problem. On the rare occasions they get serious about warfare, their instincts are the same: Throw more soldiers into the meat grinder.

  471. Has anyone else noticed how long Obama’s fingers are?

  472. Learn your facts, Michelle. This was a war and illegal occupation of another country by choice. 911 was an attack on NYC by hijackers from Saudi Arabia. Why didn’t we go there and strike them? War is never an answer to any international problem. It only serves those that profit from the sale of munitions and other devices needed to conduct these wars.

    It’s sad that you buy into the fear that the last administration laid on you. You say the Fed Gov is there to protect you from threats? Yeah…they were really good on 911 stopping those errant jets. Wake up, girl.

  473. hey nobama

    looks like you’ll have to change your name. In case you didn’t realize it Obama won.

    And, we are all winners now. We have hope.

  474. Um, what about Petraeus, who was considered as a possible running mate to Obama? Or Jim Jones? These guys have credentials and I, for one, have faith that they’d counsel in the best interests of both America and the American Military.

  475. And Michelle’s feet are so petite. Hmm …

  476. I noticed it.

    I also noticed that Michelle is the only one on stage not with a hand over her head. What’s that about?

  477. question to everyone…..how do I post a comment so it is not a response to a previous post?

  478. Thank you, that made me laugh. 🙂

  479. The next suggestion, not the idea of bigger government. that scares the living crap out of me.

    I think I might be The Wrong Kind of White People.

  480. on November 6, 2008 at 7:48 pm Mister Atlanta

    MW is probably the most correct point I have read since bumper stickers.

  481. This white American does like America, and always has. When the boyfriend was threatening to move to Canada, I dug my heels in and said No Way, we have to stick this out. Though initially I giggled about the repetition of the words Change and Hope, I suddenly realized that I do actually have hope now. I had not realized that I had lost it. But I never stopped liking America.

  482. Your mistaken. It was your mom touching me.

  483. Okay. Hows this for a new name? Suckmycockpablo. I think it has a nice ring to it.

  484. I don’t know what the right answer is with regard to healthcare. My boyfriend and I have been studying this for years – he, while in medical school and me, while in grad school studying political science. With as much information as we have found I still don’t know the right answer. I was diagnosed with cancer at age 32 and am considered “uninsurable” now. I am lucky enough to have a job with a large corporation so I am part of their group policy. But when I looked into leaving the company to start consulting, that’s when I found out just how uninsurable I am. I was told that I will have no choice but to remain with a corporation if I want health insurance. I do understand that many “uninsurable” folks bring their illnesses upon themselves. Me, I just had some bad luck, but now I’m part of this group with a stigma.

  485. I understand, Heather, and I’m sympathetic to your situation. Furthermore, even in situations where illness does not effectively come out of nowhere, who gets to decide whether or not someone is responsible for their own illness? Who gets to determine who has to pay and who gets compensated in a two tier system? I’d like to believe that there’s a way to make it work for the betterment of all, but it’s a complex issue.

    Complexities like this make me happy that we have an educated and intelligent individual at the helm, now.

  486. I don’t get what’s up with all the liberals on Facebook going “Now I can officially be proud of America”. It absolutely pisses me off when [liberal] Americans can’t show a drop of nationalism. Those kind of people are the ones who need to be shipped off to Iraq and learn some real patriotism.

  487. http://www.ireport.com/docs/DOC-139053

    Read this. This is amazing.

  488. This makes it easier for him to grasp on to your wallet or purse!

  489. Why does everyone keep wonking about “socialism” … whatever happened to good old “facism”? It looks to me like the corporations pretty well run the country … from the huge box warehouse stores that don’t provide decent medical benefits to their employees to the pharmaceutical companies that participated in writing medical legislation and yet our tax dollars go to bail out a bunch of white collar corporate raiding crooks … peace out!

  490. Occidental is NOT a junior college, it’s a liberal arts college in LA (read: for 4 year Bachelor’s degrees). There are no “affirmative action” grades. He either earned the Magna cum laude grades or didn’t. exams are blinded so there is no way for the grader to know who’s exam is being graded. Conclusion is that Obama earned the grades necessary to achieve high honors on his degree (quite a feat at one of the most prestigious law schools in the country, all while managing the HLW –a full-time job in itself).

  491. Bull – Prince Charming didn’t get my vote.

  492. You haven’t met many people that realize America isn’t a democracy because it is laughably false. A constitutional republic is a form of democracy.

  493. its mockery

  494. Ummm, you would be talking about walmart. Not Costco. Bigger than Walmart and gives full benefits to part time employees. Yep, part time employees. Corporate raiding my ass. Who do you work for? Who signs your check?

  495. I better see Hillary get a cabinet position. She was way more qualified and a better candidate. He needs to acknowledge that Hillary and Bill Clinton helped him campaign and win over voters in areas like Pennsylvania.

  496. Many of these comments are freaky and/or scary. Interesting who reads this blog, apparently.

  497. Lol. That’s excellent. I’m a Filipino and I’m making a documentary regarding Filipinos!


  499. Costco does give full benefits to part time employees, and good ones at that, but they are by NO MEANS bigger than Walmart.

  500. Looks like change so far means a re-run of Clinton’s top aides. I somehow envisioned change to be something really new and spectacular.

  501. Lets get back to the democracy/republic point. You can have a republic without democracy; eg Union of Soviet Socialist Republics ,People’s Republic of China. You can have a democracy which is not a republic;eg United Kingdom, Sweden, Belgium, Netherlands, Norway,Spain,Australia; or you can have republic which is a democracy; Ireland,France, Germany, or as was proved on tuesday;the United States of America! Democracy is a concept:government by the people(demos in greek), either directly (inconvenient if there are lots of people but that’s how it started in ancient Athens)or indirecly by free vote to chose your head of government. A Republic is a country with a head of state (not necessarily head of government) chosen for a fixed term by political process (democratic or otherwise) rather than a monarch.

  502. The premise of this entire site is the same: if you’re a non-white and you want to make white friends, here’s what they like.

    For you to think that the author is somehow stating that whites are the “only ones who like America” means that you completely misunderstood this premise.

  503. I love how Michelle took red back from the Republicans. Nancy never wore it that well.

  504. You must be kidding. She looked like a used tampon that had been chewed on by a Pit Bull.

  505. LOL! well said

  506. yeah that’s exactly what I thought too when I browsed through the comments. the comments are kind of disappointing but the post is great. America is the only nation where a black man who was once so oppressed only a few decades ago can become president. I am so proud of all of us (:

  507. Wow, your definition of patriotism is very different from mine. We should never have gone to Iraq in the first place. That war has nothing to do with patriotism. Our troops are over there fighting so that huge oil companies can have more control over the world’s oil supply. I hate that people like you think you have the market cornered on what patriotism means. Our government has turned us into a force of destruction in the world (from creating havoc in the middle east or destroying the world’s economy with our careless deregulation) so it is perfectly understandable that a lot of Americans would have a hard time feeling proud of their country. Those are not actions that we should feel proud of. You are a mindless thug and you do not get to tell me what patriotism should mean to me. Got that?

  508. Bravo, America!! Awesome to be an American.

  509. These distinctions seem nominal rather than helpful–just because a country calls itself something doesn’t mean that its structure actually supports a representative or politically active process. As such, it seems that we should talk about the different modes of direct versus representative representation. As such, it’s fairly clear that the Peoples Republic of China is not at all democratic, whereas the U.S. is more or less so. The fact that the U.S. and China call themselves republics ought to key us off to the sense that the term in and of itself doesn’t tell us much.

    Indeed, I think Robert Dahl is pretty much right on when he notes that the distinction between a democracy and a republic holds very little content.

  510. Not at all.

  511. I don’t know if I agree with you about Hillary, but I did hear that he selected Colonel Sanders to be the Secretary of Defense.

  512. This can only mean one thing: the entire mid-west will move to Canada.

  513. The “right to life” refers to your right to not be murdered. It does not give you an “unalienable right” to expensive cancer medication for free. If the cancer medicine did not cost a single dime to be researched, created, produced, tested, distributed, etc….then fine, we should all have equal access. But so long as it costs money – and at that the money of other people – then “Health Care” as a commodity is not a basic right.

  514. I was actually listening to your point of view all the way up until you started the name calling thing. Remember that a lot of congress who voted FOR the war in iraq (in the middle of the night) are still in power, and have a very healthy majority now. Still proud?

  515. white people like america? you sure about that? because they seem to want to go the way of france.

  516. You are the type of American that should never leave the States. Stop being such a buzzkill and let people be happy about having a new president that isnt mildly retarded.

  517. You better polish your jack boots and iron your white hood. Oh! and don’t forget to reup your membership dues for the KKK. You proud RACIST jack ass.

  518. Are you a veteran? If you state that liberals need to go to Iraq to learn “Nationalism” then you are no better than a chicken hawk patriot, one who never served in the Armed Forces, you thinks that is required to be patriot is invade another country to show their “NATIONAL PRIDE.” This message is brought to you by a 2 time Iraqi veteran and Desert Storm Vet, who happens to be women.

  519. Too late. I have probably been to more foriegn countries than anyone on this board. But you go ahead and live it up. There will be plenty of time for me to tell you “I told you so” later.

  520. u r a very funny man Mick

  521. Calm down. Calm down. Take it easy. I’m not a rascist. I pretty much don’t like anyone.

  522. Is that a promise hoser?

    Take off eh.

  523. Dude, they are almost philosophical opposites.

    Socialism is about the will of the people whereas Communism is about the decisions of a central power (usually under the guise of the “public will” but we all know the truism about absolute power corrupting….)

    Maybe you should call Devry and get the money back for your degree.

  524. classless and vile.

  525. Hey ohesther,

    While I agree that some of the comments are disappointing, I find it even more disappointing that someone would be so ignorant to write that “America is the only nation where a black man who was once so oppressed only a few decades ago can become president.”

    South Africa. Nelson Mandela… In prison for 28 years for political reasons and then elected president of the nation in South Africa’s first democratic election in 1994. Mandela also won the Nobel Peace Prize for his non-violent resistance. South Africa’s struggle for racial equality and Nelson Mandela’s leading role is recognized all over the world. I would go so far as to say that he’s one of the most famous black freedom fighters of our time. Amazing how so many extraordinary things also happen outside the United States…

  526. Hey Bad. Why don’t you go eat some french fries and gravy, drink a Molson and then go fuck yourself.

  527. wrong.

    if anyone was an affirmative action beneficiary it would be GWB (and countless other WASPs’ offspring from the social elite) and his family connections that helped him skip the line at Yale.

    wake up.

  528. Petraeus? As Hussein’s running mate?

    Put down the crack pipe.

  529. what you can’t spell poutine?

  530. Your definition of freedom and mine don’t seem to have much in common.

    The new Europe. Reminding you why your parents left the old Europe.

    No freedom of speech. No freedom of assembly. No freedom of the press. No freedom to defend yourself, your family, and your property. No freedom to decide how to spend your money.

    Sweden’s response to the wave of gang rapes by muslim ‘youths’ was to suggest blond natives to dye their hair and wear dhimmi scarves.

    Their response to the wave of violent robberies was to increase entitlements in the forlorn hope that it would buy them off.

    Ironically, they seem to have forgotten that once you pay the Danegeld, you’ll never be rid of the Dane.

    In a strange reversal, France seems to be the only country in Western Europe stepping up to the plate.

    We live in interesting times.

  531. Are you kidding me? White people hated America….until now. Anyway, it says a lot about our nation that we actually elected a black man given our history. That said, I could not disagree more with Obama’s position on every single issue.

  532. Yup. Only real fans have the cojones to heckle their team when they suck. It’s called tough love baby!

  533. Yes this is Obama’s Nation now and I so proud of it.
    Check out the new t-shirts today.

  534. Its a disgrace that a black is the president. Black males rule many many nations;they rule many towns and cities and counties in America. In every caes,w/o exception,their rule is defined by INCOMPETENCE,LAZINESS,CORRUPTION,LYING and CHEATING. The places with the unlucky fate of having a negro in charge always–always–suffer increases in poverty,brain drains,crime,decreases in investments,and a general trend toward falling apart. Ray Nagin? Kwame Fitzpatrick? Going global,how about the HNIC of Zimbabwe? he had a prosperous country–by african standards anyway–a net EXPORTER OF FOOD–til he savagely attacked the white farmers,throwing his nation i nto ruin. South Africa???That old goat Mandela?? SA is slowly but surely slipping into savagery,as many of those SA whites who cheered Mandela are being slaughtered,with the remainder being impoverished and/or getting the F out. They raent welcome here,tho;we prefer savage monkey Somalis,profoundly ignorant backward savage black trash. BTW___Obama?? A nothing. He will – like a turd on a hot summer day being covered in flies-be surrounded by jews. jews everywhre. The most jew-heavy administartion everleven more than the dumkopf neo0Con POS whose crimes elected Obon-bong!!!!

  535. i like you your funny lets be friends

  536. No. But I can spell words like anus. As in; “Egads likes it in the anus.”

  537. WOW! Dude you are out there. You are by far the craziest fucker on here so far. WOW!

  538. June, if you want to see what a real rascist is, check out Josh’s post. He is truly out of his mind.

  539. i think you’re the wrong kind of white person

  540. Josh, that may be a little harsh. It’s not the skin but what’s within that will make it bad in the long run. Hell, we could have just resurrected Karl Marx or Adolph to get what we are going to get the next 4 or six years. His election only proves that in America, minorities are racist and white people are stupid.

  541. ick. nobama, you sound like some “typical” white military racist douchebag. i despise people like you who don’t know what’s going on outside of their little americana bubble. wake up and take a look at the world around you. just because your life is sooooo perfect with your wife, kid and creatures in your little home somewhere in middle america doesn’t mean that other people in the “real world” aren’t working their butts off. they are, and are still unable to pay for the crazy prices of health insurance. i AM white, work hard, still can’t afford the ridiculous premiums and…. I VOTED FOR OBAMA!!!!!!!!!!!!

  542. Just rememeber trash comes in all colors… there are good and bad in every race…

  543. All your racist pigs make the rest of us white people look bad. Stop being so ignorant.

  544. White people love America – for all the “Stuff white people like!!” It’s all here! It’s home.

    It is land of the free and home of the brave. It’s a place where an African American can become president. It’s a place where you can get a cup of coffee and go to a lecture about that new religion that has no end result except what came around and went around…

    It’s a great place to hit on other white chicks and to buy all the stuff at the malls you like to go to for mass consumerism and conspicuous consumption while you take your nasty battery powered prius (yeah dispose of that battery in 15 years) and botox impregnated faces from store to store.

    America is home of whitey!

  545. not all jobs provide healthcare. i am really sick of the argument that people just “need to get a job” and that will fix everything.

    and what about the people who studied and worked their way through college and have been laid off? (and many of the recent lay-offs would be due to the market turmoil caused by bush’s deregulation)

    all of this is pretty mute since obama isn’t proposing free healthcare or socialized medicine. please stop reciting the drudge report as fact.

  546. Well squared, my life is far from perfect. I have plenty of bills to pay and I don’t make a lot of money. It sucks that you can’t afford health care. Perhaps instead of giving your buddies hand jobs out behind the school, you should have been in class learning something so you could get a decent job. Don’t blame me for your failures. And, by the way, I don’t live in Middle America. I live in the south. Dick head.

  547. Racist. Damn I suck at spelling.

  548. i was at the rally in grant park on tuesday night and let me just say that i have never been present for such a love fest. a.ma.zing.

    it was like the scene in ghostbusters 2 (mandatory 80’s reference) where they come through nyc in the statue of liberty to overtake viggo.

    oddly enough… part of the music lineup of the night was the song they played to get the pink slime all happy.

    “your love is lifting me higher
    than i’ve ever been lifted before”

    i mean if i had stopped at that microbrew on the way, i totally would have made out with the minority standing next to me!

    seriously – nice post 🙂

  549. And this is why you and your mother will rot in hell… TTFN

  550. on November 7, 2008 at 12:47 pm Jesus.H.Christ

    You people are fucking pathetic. Get over yourselves and realize that the future of this planet is a world community. Yeah, sounds like wishes, clouds, baby sneezes, hopes, and warm meadows all wrapped up I know…but that’s the way it is…we will not be able to stand alone as an alienated country much longer. Besides nobama…we did just spend our tax dollars to pay a bunch of inbred fucks from Texas their yearly salaries for 8 years…

  551. on November 7, 2008 at 12:50 pm Jesus.H.Christ

    Michelle…exaclty what issues do you care about…and if you happen to be a social conservative, why are you on this site in the first place? This is a place for humor…not bigots who hide behind religion and excuses for ignorance.

  552. white people love to claim they were at grant park on election night.

  553. The word “dumkopf” in your comment betrays who you are. Your man was all of the above magnified six million times!

  554. Wow! 🙂

  555. Yeah but the idiots that we pay to be there are actually part of our government. Not some bullshit window-dressing figure head who has no authority. And if it wasn’t some idiot from Texas living in the White House it would be some other idiot from Illinois. And by the way, what are you doing wasting your time on here? Shouldn’t you be out saving a baby seal or banging on a drum in the woods? Fucking hippies.

  556. One can only hope.

  557. Kwame Fitzpatrick? At least don’t be lazy and incompetent in your posting. Don’t you mean Kwame Kilpatrick, the former mayor of Detroit?

  558. I’ve known that for years.

    You needed a goddamn presidential election to prove it?

  559. France? France is running their mouth? I would knock France out and pee in it’s mouth just for looking at me funny. (Which is always because nobody looks normal in a beret)

  560. They voted 7 out 10 against that measure.

    As Will Farrell says, “OH SWEET IRONY”

  561. Probably for the same reason Danielle did?

  562. Watch what you say about Liz… She’s Matt Hasselbeck’s sister-in-law! And anything that comes that close to greatness can only be good.

  563. I think the second one is a little gay…

  564. Racist Dude –

    It’s Kwame Kilpatrick, not Fitzpatrick. Oh, wait, I know, all black people sound alike to you.

  565. This is great, nobama: you’re finally coming around! You’re starting to say things that ALL of us can agree on! Divided we fail!

  566. The midwest voted blue this year!

  567. oh yeah? Then what’s Tim’s excuse?

    Dude was a shit QB.

  568. Great to see you have an open mind there Pablo…

  569. Grant Park is cool – Lollapalooza’s there, where the Raconteurs played….

    other than that I have high hopes for Obama….I hope he is a leader like JFK and not another Jimmy Carter

    Time will tell….

  570. be nice

  571. Shut the fuck up.

  572. Kinda funny…

  573. oi shut the fuck up..
    you are an asshole

  574. im proud of you Sara
    i dont even live in america and i think you NEED a change

    and you down there with the crying parents..
    someone needs to hit them

  575. Do the world a favor, all your kind needs to jump off a bridge or stand in front of moving train..this way you can remove your taint and genes from the world.

  576. its not being racist
    these guys are funny and almost always put a smile on my face.

    stop taking things so seriously

  577. you’re a racist prick aren’t you?
    you can’t even defend yourself to taht question, b/c you are a racist

  578. how about how much white people like racialicious.com? all my white liberal friends like how it just tells them the most basic of basic things about racism without letting people of color actually say anything that the author doesn’t agree with. White people like safe, white, non-threatening, non-intellectual, powder-puff discussions on racism that coddle them so they don’t cry. you should put racialicious.com on your list.

  579. I too hope he gets shot in the head and does not last the whole four years driving us further into economic crisis and weakening the perception of the American Spirit around the globe.

    But white people obveously HATE America, that’s why they always bash it and compare it to Europe (with little hearts floating over their heads at the mention of the “Old Country”). Plus if they loved America they would not have voted a Communist into office.

    NOTE: I have no concern for Obama’s race (hate that word it implies that there is some large genetic difference between Whites/Blacks/Asians when if there was we could not inter-breed and Obama would not exist as he is HALF WHITE himself), it is the man’s policies which I hate and fear.

    -signed a recently homeless and uninsured college drop out due to the rising cost of education Republican AMERICAN

  580. Perhaps you should care and then they wouldn’t try another 9/11.

  581. nobama – Maybe you should get some counselling and find out what is making you so angry. Life is too short to be so full of bitterness and hate, you can let go no matter what has made you that way. There are lots of people who can help you.

  582. I feel like the color of Ray Nagin’s skin was not the root cause of New Orleans’ current problems…Hurricane (cough cough)

  583. classless and vile? Michelle Obama is certainly that! She walks around like she was runner up to Mizz Thaaang ’85 and has been a miserable, bitter c-nt ever since.

  584. It’s probably been said (I won’t read all 600 comments) but white people would NOT like America if McCain had won.

  585. Damn. Nobody’s happy over here. What the f*ck???

    Is no one listening to John Lennon? sheesh!

  586. on November 7, 2008 at 7:09 pm Areal American

    college dropout??? more like pre-school dropout with those ignorant, brainwashed and senselessly violent sentiments you puked out.

    typical spoiled ugly American– blame your problems of your doing on a government you don’t like. It’s so easy for you to be lazy and bitter.

    -A REAL American

  587. on November 7, 2008 at 7:12 pm Areal American

    you can’t polish a turd. Especially a racist pig turd.

  588. I hear ya Hot Gym Girl. The amount of hate I’m reading is making my skin crawl. There’s still people like this in the world? I’m very happy not to be one of them.

  589. Women now outperform men at all levels of education, and especially in universities. So, can you explain to me how you think it is that they are dragging down the ability of countries to compete? I don’t deny that women may occasionally talk to one another about shoes, etc. in the workplace. However, this is no more banal than the conversations male colleagues have with one another about things like sex, sports, cars, etc.

    And I’m not a big fan of affirmative action, either. Luckily, soon women won’t need it. Given how well females are performing in university and other post-secondary training, they will increasingly be hired over men because they are actually the more qualified candidates.

  590. Dink – that is brilliant and insightful.

  591. Imagine a white man with the same qualifications (none)who went to a church just as racist. Barry-O is in on affirmative action. He is all sweet talk and no substance. He will flop and everyone will cover for him because of his race. We have a lower bar and double standards for the black-man.

  592. Sounds like National Socialism. Snuff the unborn!

  593. I have no problem with Obama’s racial background, it’s his economic policies that worry me. There’s no way he can do what he say’s he is going to do.

  594. Ah! Yes. Divided we fail. The mantra of the loser left. Are you worried that we will fail to mail out your food stamps?

  595. USA! USA! USA! USA! USA! (do white people say this now?)

  596. Yeah. I’m sure Osama is just sitting in his cave worrying about whether I give a shit about the rest of the world. You are truly a fucking loser. Only a complete moron would say something that retarded. My two year old has a better grasp on reality than you do. God! I wish I were a better writer so that I could truly express how truly fucking stupid you are. I just don’t have the words. Fuck. Fuck. Fuck. You are a god damn idiot. Fuck. You make me want to kick my dog.

  597. Wow, it seems this person hasn’t figured it out, but this website is satirical and funny. You should find another website, because you are angry and not very nice. You obviously are a Republican.

  598. Why don’t you take your cheap ass t-shirts to a swap meet and get off this board.

  599. No. Now we have to say: USA cuz! USA cuz! USA cuz!

  600. In all seriousness – isn’t it true that Obama’s grades from Columbia were never released? This raises the question how he got into Harvard Law. Was he let in because of affirmative action, or was it based on merit? I think if this was answered, it would go along way to silencing critics that he has benefited from affirmative action virtually his entire career.

    When it came to George Bush, Al Gore, and John Kerry, everyone knew these guys were legacies, pulling down gentlemen C’s. It would be unfortunate to replace a legacy gentlemen C with the low expectations of an affirmative action. Someday, America, and many other Western democracies may actually elect the most qualified leader to run their respective country.

  601. Camille

    Although, it will sad not to be able to mock the Americans tourists in France anymore and saying that their President is an idiot”

    WTF,France mocking Bush !!!! Common ,you folks are biggest joke on face of this earth. Muslim jehadis from Algeria are coming in your country and fucking your country left and right,rioting right in capital of your country and you socialist pussies can’t do anything about it
    Imagine something like 9/11 happening to you folks .The entire country would have pissed in their pants. George Bush gave Jehadis around the world a unforgettable lesson in Rectum-fuck when he bombed the living hell out of Al-Qaida and their ilks in Iraq and Afganistan.

    Remember WW-2,how Hitler shove your country arse with a Bamboo. Still you guys are back on your pacifist way !! Sooner or later Jehadis will fuck your country and then you cowards will again coming crying for help .

  602. I begin to understand. SWPL is about saying “Sure, you’re good, but not good enough for me. Because That’s How Good I Am!”

    David Foster Wallace explained it to me in the November issue of Harper’s. Guess that’s two more stuffs white people like. Maybe even three, since he’s dead now.

  603. on November 7, 2008 at 10:35 pm ANother IveLeaguer

    Ivy Leaguer, I think you missed the point as well. Regardless of whether he got into harvard on affirmative action (and that is still in question), he achieved magna cum laude grades (generally a GPA of 3.7+) and was in the top 25% of the class at Harvard. If he had poor grades at Columbia (and that is doubtful considering he did better than 3/4 of his class at Harvard, many of those being “non affirmative action” students) he certainly pulled things together at one of the toughest law schools in the country. Some people still have a problem believing Obama might just be one of the most “book” smart presidents (again his magna cum laude grades suggest this).

  604. Yeah, I think maybe you are. The kind Lister is talking about are smart.

  605. O my goodness, I’d be in Scotland! Thank God for America, now I can get melanoma instead of frostbite at the beach!

  606. Eight years will age anyone, no matter what they’re doing. My driver’s license is only four years old, and I wish I still looked that young.

  607. Doesn’t CLander mean “Obama”
    or perhaps “Obamerica?”


  608. No, my problems are MY fault and the government should not bail me out of them, despite what the Dems think. And by the way, I am WORKING saving my money to finish school.

    Also, ever think that my comments might too be “satirical and funny” after all my comparison is accurate both of those things did happen to the respective parties.

  609. see below

  610. thank god for the both of you


  611. thats a good one
    someone was telling methe other day we now have white ni***s in america lol jk

  612. thats disgusting

  613. i heard it was mccain
    mccain would be a good secretary of defense

  614. im sorry dear
    i wish nothing but the best for you

  615. your soo right

  616. jesus christ
    this only a blog with a histerically funny name
    you dont like obama

  617. gos i have alwasy hated the circus
    you all need shut the fuck up

  618. carolina herrera
    i like the cut but not the color

  619. no one really knows what he can do and we are all judging him?
    at least wait until he gets into office.
    personally in my opinion niether one of them were qualified.
    both ran a state mccain was a big time war hero but obama is more along the lines of fixing the goverment.
    but neither have ever run a country.
    i wont beleive shit till i see it.
    all i know is we need change and the votes that seperated both were 1.5 million
    so half of this country wanted either or.
    we just have to see
    but i tihnk in times like this someone wil l rise to the plate
    and if he lets us down thats a damn shame

  620. We’ve hit rough times and want a change, any change, so we just elected a mesmerizer with a pretty face who can really stir up a crowd, and now we suddenly love America? Beware of excess enthusiasm. Such things have happened before, with disastrous results.

  621. It never, ever crossed my mind.

  622. This site is hilarious… There should be a lot more on it though… Stuff like polo shirts, everything bagels, hockey, and porn… this could be expanded a lot. Although, I dont know the format of this site, I just stumbled across it.

  623. By the way, thanks for letting us no you’re not a racist! You know, when no one even said you were? That totally makes bashing and wishing death upon the to-be-preisident fine! (BY THE WAY! I am not a serial killer, I hate the term, it makes it seem like theres this huge division….not that anyone even brought up that subject)

    anyway, you’re clearly an uneducated ignorant bigot who will believe whatever the right-winged media will tell you, you’re not even worth the energy of explaining why Obama’s election is so great for the country.

  624. on November 8, 2008 at 7:29 am The Elite One

    From Harvard website:

    ” Membership in the Harvard Law Review is limited to second- and third-year law students who are selected on the basis of their performance on an annual writing competition.

    In recent years, the number of students completing the competition has ranged from 200 to 255. Between 41 and 43 students are invited to join the Review each year.

    Okay using the harshest numbers: 255 yearly competition completions, 16% make it onto the team.

    Fourteen editors (two from each 1L section) are selected based on a combination of their first-year grades and their competition scores. Twenty editors are selected based solely on their competition scores. The remaining editors are selected on a discretionary basis. Some of these discretionary slots may be used to implement the Review’s affirmative action policy.”


    Here is Obama himself admitting that he benefited from affirmative action:

    “I’d also like to add one personal note, in response to the letter from Mr. Jim Chen which was published in the October 26 issue of the RECORD, and which articulated broad objections to the Review’s general affirmative action policy. I respect Mr. Chen’s personal concern over the possible stigmatizing effects of affirmative action, and do not question the depth or sincerity of his feelings. I must say, however, that as someone who has undoubtedly benefited from affirmative action programs during my academic career, and as someone who may have benefited from the Law Review’s affirmative action policy when I was selected to join the Review last year, I have not personally felt stigmatized either within the broader law school community or as a staff member of the Review.”


  625. Be careful what you wish for. Change is coming, I don’t think we’re going to like it though.
    There was another guy who was able to stir large crowds with his rhetoric of change. That didn’t turn out so well for the world back in 1932. I hope Obama doesn’t screw things up too much in these next 4 years.
    Oops, I said something negative about the chosen one. I guess that makes me a racist now.
    There are those of us that have always loved America. Sometimes we aren’t very fond of the ass holes in charge, but we always love our country.

  626. wow that was ignorant

  627. And offensive. In fact, as a conservative Republican (do not confuse me with moderate “Republicans”), it sickens me that anyone would do so.

    As to the whole race factor, I believe that most of it is hyped up by the media. Socialist a black word? Please. When you think of Socialists, you think of Marx, Lenin, Stalin, Hitler, Mussolini, and others (there all white, right?).
    Talking about his middle name racist? Please (though I’m not sure why he doesn’t change the name)
    Mention his pastor or unions racist? Please. In truth, ONLY the drive-bys have done so. Only they have been the ones to bring it up. Murtha brought it up, not his republican opponent.

  628. Brasalia,
    Just curious, which states did Mcain and Obama run? This whole time I thought they were both senators. Who knew that they were actually governors. Hmm. I also wonder where we could have found a candidate that already had experience running a country? Perhaps we could have asked Vladimir Putin to run. I’m sure he’s tired of Russia by now.

  629. I doubt you could explain it anyway. No one (even Obama) has said what this “great change” will be. He was elected based on a ridiculous notion that he somehow will lead us from the darkness. Bullshit. Get ready for more of the same. He is just another politician that says what he needs to say to get votes. He won’t change anything. I have a feeling that this country is going to have a huge stomach ache after drinking all his cool-aid.

  630. Yeah like the Holocaust.

  631. I think I speak for all of us when I say. Who the fuck asked you anyway? You probably don’t like the circus because your mom was the fat bearded lady in the freak show.

  632. it’s shameful how much people love obama, he’s like mao, yo!

  633. hitler was a fascist not a socialist. read a book

  634. Just a point I thought I’d make. Marx, Lenin, Stalin, Hitler and Moussolini: not one of them was a socialist. Marx, Lenin and Stalin were communists, which is close to socialist but with enormous differences in leadership, organization and the levels of redistribution. Hitler and Mussolini were Fascists, the exact opposite of communists. Communism is radical left, and Fascism is extreme right. To call them socialists is completely off. Although, to your credit, Marx would consider Socialism to be the step in between Capitalism and Communism, however, that is no longer the case.

    My point in all this is that to compare Obama with ruthless dictators such as Hitler and Stalin is just ignorant.

    Last point. Talking about Obama’s middle name in the way that it has been is rascist. The connection people have been trying to make is; Obama’s middle name is Hussein, Saddam’s last name is Hussein. In order to have that name you must be a fanatical Muslim America-hating dictator. Its like saying anyone named Muhammad is going to try to blow you up. More ignorance.

    So everyone, please think, read, educate yourself. Ignorance is the greatest threat to America.

  635. on November 8, 2008 at 1:07 pm DempsyDumpster

    Jenny is completely right. Obama will end up a greater failure than W. He will be exposed for what he truly embodies; inexperience, imprudent economic policies, no foreign policy exposure, a class warfare model that could potentially destroy the markets, and much more.

    It doesn’t surprise me that Canadians, the British, and others support this man so much. They’ve all subscribed to the failed policies of expanded gov’t control over health, finance, and industry only to watch their systems suffer.

  636. on November 8, 2008 at 1:20 pm Jonas Brothers

    ur a fag, aaron.

  637. I am from Sweden. I am proud of Americans!!! A great accomplishment! Teaching a monkey how to talk. You should all be proud.

  638. I voted for Nader. I guess that means I don’t accept diversity. Shame on me!

  639. He must be afraid of identity theft. Aren’t we all? I bet Nader adn McCain are too. HAHAHA

  640. I want some free stuff. Where do I sign up?

  641. Benito Moussolini WAS a socialist. All his life. He simply took socialism and added a nationalist component to make it popular. Boom, There’s yer fascism. Most of Europe including Adolf (as well as some of the American left) though it was a great idea at the time. Nationalism was the only real difference between fascism and communism/socialism or any of the other hard left progressive ideologies.

    If being a nationalist is all it takes to make you a right winger then Mao, Pol Pot, Che Guevara, Stalin, and Castro should be placed on the right as well.

    And don’t tell other people to educate themselves, it really makes you sound like a douchebag.

  642. Man why do you have to drag us into this? Obama and his followers are your problem. Obama vs Hitler, I’ll take my guy.

  643. You haven’t seen anything yet. For his next trick KoKo is going to single handedly destroy the greatest country in the world.

  644. on November 8, 2008 at 2:51 pm The Elite One

    Here’s Obama admitting that he benefitted from affirmative action:

    “I’d also like to add one personal note, in response to the letter from Mr. Jim Chen which was published in the October 26 issue of the RECORD, and which articulated broad objections to the Review’s general affirmative action policy. I respect Mr. Chen’s personal concern over the possible stigmatizing effects of affirmative action, and do not question the depth or sincerity of his feelings. I must say, however, that as someone who has undoubtedly benefited from affirmative action programs during my academic career, and as someone who may have benefited from the Law Review’s affirmative action policy when I was selected to join the Review last year, I have not personally felt stigmatized either within the broader law school community or as a staff member of the Review.”

    -Barack Obama, Harvard Law Record, 1990.


  645. on November 8, 2008 at 2:52 pm The Elite One

    “I’d also like to add one personal note, in response to the letter from Mr. Jim Chen which was published in the October 26 issue of the RECORD, and which articulated broad objections to the Review’s general affirmative action policy. I respect Mr. Chen’s personal concern over the possible stigmatizing effects of affirmative action, and do not question the depth or sincerity of his feelings. I must say, however, that as someone who has undoubtedly benefited from affirmative action programs during my academic career, and as someone who may have benefited from the Law Review’s affirmative action policy when I was selected to join the Review last year, I have not personally felt stigmatized either within the broader law school community or as a staff member of the Review.”

    -Barack Obama, Harvard Law Record, 1990.


  646. on November 8, 2008 at 2:53 pm The Elite One

    Barack Obama, Harvard Law Record, 1990:

    “I’d also like to add one personal note, in response to the letter from Mr. Jim Chen which was published in the October 26 issue of the RECORD, and which articulated broad objections to the Review’s general affirmative action policy. I respect Mr. Chen’s personal concern over the possible stigmatizing effects of affirmative action, and do not question the depth or sincerity of his feelings. I must say, however, that as someone who has undoubtedly benefited from affirmative action programs during my academic career, and as someone who may have benefited from the Law Review’s affirmative action policy when I was selected to join the Review last year, I have not personally felt stigmatized either within the broader law school community or as a staff member of the Review.”


  647. not cool, bjork.

  648. on November 8, 2008 at 3:22 pm christopher j

    If Tuesday’s election had been confined to white America, then Barack Obama would have lost.

  649. on November 8, 2008 at 3:26 pm christopher j

    White people do love crap like that!

  650. on November 8, 2008 at 3:33 pm christopher j

    White people love saying “be nice” to people that could have their comments misconstrued, however vague the logic, as racist.

  651. Had it been confined to people who aren’t complete retards he would have lost.

  652. we also taught him how to speak another language at age 8. we taught him to complete 12 years of private school, which he did with good grades. we taught him to get a B.A. from Columbia University and to go on to the prestigous Harvard Law (Ivy League) School and graduate with a juris doctor magna cum laude (3.7+ gpa or higher. we taught him a third language which belonged to his Kenyan father, also a Harvard student and Kenyan politician. we taught himt to fight for the people in American ghettoes,etc. etc.

    you mad you weren’t here to vote??

  653. you are crazy!!! neo nazis are a joke to the average white person lmao!!!! when will you die out, mature, and make some mixed babies for the world???

  654. that was a very ignorant comment!!!

    that’s why im tellin everybody at work that little joke and make them all laugh and like black people even more!!!!!

  655. Does this site imply that black people DON’t like America?

  656. What is fascism if not National Socialism? Fascism, socialism, communism, the three ideologies aim to “emancipate” a deified common man through the state. Just look at some of the titles in the Contents part of the Wikipedia entry on Fascism:

    # 3.1.2 National socialism and national syndicalism
    # 3.1.3 Nationalist-oriented collectivism, and populism
    # 3.1.4 Economic nationalism

    # 3.2.2 Class collaboration
    # 3.2.3 Economic planning
    # 3.2.4 Mixed economy

    * 3.3.1 Dictatorship
    * 3.3.2 Statism
    * 3.3.3 Indoctrination
    * 3.3.4 Societal transformation
    * 3.3.5 Interventionist social policies
    o Social welfare
    o Positions on abortion, eugenics and euthansia
    o Positions on culture, gender roles and relations, and sexual orientation

    They all say the same thing. Sacrifice your individuality and freedom for the good of the whole.

  657. The smart half of him is white.

  658. nobama,

    The rest of the industrialized world has health care which is far less expensive than health care costs in the US, and 29% of our citizens don’t even have health care. Sadder yet is the kids who don’t have health care.

    As for your foul mouth keep it in Mississippi; the rest of us are more civilized.

  659. Great at football is only great at football. It means no more than that. Jeeze

  660. You frigin Swedes welcomed Hitler’s troops with open arms. Death to you fish eating bastards. You’re in the same league with the Irish and Spanish. What a stinky confab that makes.

  661. Do you really think an idea from anyone in Mississippi is worth a notice? Nobama your as racist as Ole Miss use to be. Its time to grow up, read, think, anything other than simmering in your confused state of mind..

  662. The black half of him is humble, honest, courageous, brave, cunning, strong willed, and fair.

  663. grammar alert>>>you’re

  664. Your stupid…and still a fucking racist

  665. I’ve noticed a lot of negative comments about Obama. Well, after all, this is a site called “Stuff White People Like”, it’s hard not to find rascists who don’t like Obama because he is black. However, other people here dislike him because of his inexperience, policies, etc., and they aren’t the rascists. Just pointing it out…

  666. To the other Ivy guy … from my contact and observation with Harvard Law students … they don’t exactly work their butt off, but they are very smart. People I knew at BU were putting in more hours than my friends at Harvard Law School. How many people achieve magna cum laude in Harvard Law school anyway … 10%, 25%, 50%?

    Here’s the real point: Harvard Law grad, law review, community organizer, state senator, first term senator … that is not an exceptional resume. No one else in my memory in recent history in the U.S. has achieved the presidency with such a lack of experience. But he’s African-American, he sounds like a Hollywood version of a president, and he faced off against the ruling party of the last 28 years during a very difficult time for the GOP. So therefore he’s very exceptional.

    I’m from Michigan, and he just chose Dave Bonior and Jennifer Granholm to his economic dream team. These two people could not run a lemonade stand, but they could organize the worker into the AFL-CIO.

  667. You forgot: smelly, lazy, and ape-like.

  668. I think you met you’re or perhaps you are. Now who’s stoopid?

  669. I agree with you. Fuck those idiots from Mississippi. I drove through there once. Didn’t like it. Too many blacks.

  670. I think Ikea rocks!! What about the Swedish bikini team. Buckaroo I think you might be gay. No wonder you’re so angry. Its time to come out of the closet. Maybe your new boyfriend can take you for a burrito and a Guiness.

  671. What is with you and Mississippi? Did your boyfriend leave you for another man from there?

  672. How troubling some of these comments are. McCain and Palin, two bottom of their graduating class, jocks, who proved incapable of formulating or sticking to a single strategy were definitively failed, by the Obama-Biden team who were clearly intellectually and strategically superior.

    If a black person ran with the McCain and Palin resumes or records, I am certain we would hear cries of affirmative action and reverse racism. Yet this rise of mediocre whites (remember George Bush) is why we are currently in the mess we have in this country.

    I think it is time for us to take a look at evaluating all by their abilities and potential instead of just the color of their skin. White people have gotten by for centuries on their race, and now that the world sees it is all just a facade, I hope that white people look in the mirror instead of trying to assert a supposed “superiority” complex that is really just a misinformed racially motivated, social construct.

  673. this week, weather was really hot and sunny… I guess there’s only one reason: BARACK OBAMA

  674. Yeah. You could say it was almost Africa hot.

  675. You know. You are absolutely right. When I was born they stuck a winning lottery ticket in my hand because I was white. I’ve never had to work for anything. When I walk into a store they don’t even make me pay. You know why? Because i’m white. Yep. It sure is nice being white.

  676. You JACKASS, the RACIST. You are the racist..please jump off a bridge to remove yourself from the gene pool. Before you do that, remember to dress up in your favorite outfit, the white hood, white robe and jack boots.

  677. And he could totaly kick Donkey Kong’s ass.

  678. Actually, my favorite outfit was a gorilla suit. But I had to quit wearing it because people kept calling me Mr. President and asking me for my autograph and a welfare check.

  679. John Lennon?! Are you kidding?! John Lennon was a vicious, mean-spirited, dead beat father. So he wrote some good songs big deal. In life he lived without peace and wouldn’t know what true harmony was if it slapped him in the face. And you dare bring up John Hypocrite Lennon?

  680. The Obama family is exactly the kind of people Linder is referring to when he says “white people.” You’re talking about a completely different group when you refer to McCain and Palin. They may be white people, but they aren’t this blog’s target.

    It’s not the color of your skin, it’s the content of your character that makes Mr. Linder hate you.

  681. My family has served in nearly every US war since the Civil War. My great great great grandfather was a FOB Irish immigrant who went off to fight for the Union. My great grandfather was a WWI vet and survived a mustard gas attack in the Battle of the Argonne Forest. My grandfather was a pilot in the European theater in WWII and also was involved in the Korean War. My great uncle fought under General Patton in North Africa and later was shipped to fight in the Battle of Normandy. Hell, even my cousin was a marine who was in Beirut when they blew up the barracks in ’83.

    I completely respect what you have done in Iraq and for our country, but please don’t question my patriotism. Thanks.

  682. Wow. I may have to take this off my blog roll. These comments aren’t safe for people who think.

  683. What do you mean by “you white people”?

  684. There is also a constitutional mandate against cruel and unusual punishment.

  685. Which is why i voted for her in the primaries…I would love national healthcare….but I love more not having to pay 100k for a BMW, which in the US goes for 45k, or have everything I liked taxed out my ass….I would gladly pay 1k extra a year in taxes for healthcare, but this govt has figured out how to give free healthcare to 300million people, seems alot easier to give it to the whopping 30million people in Canada…BTW, how giant is your backyard? mine is huge, as is my home, and as our all my neighbors. You might have healthcare, but we have way better stuff!

  686. Just because someone doesn’t like Obama does not mean they’re racist. I’m so sick of hearing that! Gosh, I dated an Indian in high school, I have a Cuban friend, I have Middle-Eastern friends. People know nothing about me, yet they automatically assume that since I’m white, and I’m questioning the abilities of Obama, I am automatically racist. It’s quite ridiculous.

  687. Thanks, and just so you know, if Obama would have lost, New Zealand was everyones second choice after Canada, for where we were all going to move. But our country gets so big with elections, is because there is soo many of us, and it gives us a sense of power to actually do somthing. Americans like to change it up once in awhile, which is why they (not i) voted for that numbnut bush…Even when we know somthing is going to go wrong, we still do it, because we never ever play it safe, we like seeing the outcomes for everything, whether it be a terrible president, or a war, we always like to see the end of somthing.

  688. He’s one person! Neither parts of him make him anything he is! He makes himself what he is. Gosh, I’m not hot-tempered because I’m Irish, I’m not an alcoholic because I’m Irish, German, and Greek (I am so against alcohol). You are who you are because of who you choose to be…not because your ancestoral habits dictate you.

  689. How dare you sit here and judge MY character because of my skin color! Seriously, you are able to sit here and tell me to look in the mirror and remove my “facade.” I don’t have any. You are doing nothing but stereotyping and pulling out hasty generalizations. Wait, you know what? That sounds like racism to me! Funny, it’s okay for you to say what you want against us. Meanwhile, you know nothing about me! I dated an Indian in high school. I find Asians and Middle-Easterns much more attractive and motivated than half the white people I know. I get where I go because of my own personal motivation. I don’t ride the fact that I have a certain race or gender. So don’t sit here and judge MY character, or the character of whites in general. Every white person I know works dilligently and hard to get where they are…they don’t have some affirmativce action advancing them anywhere!

  690. Then you should wear your Gorilla suit when you jump off the bridge and make sure your family has the number for social services so they can get that welfare check to pay for your funeral. Hopefully your family will join you on that bridge and then your entire gene pool will be wiped out. I’ll pay for it with my tax dollars and consider it money well spent.

  691. Most white people don’t notice this ‘superiority’ complex you speak of – because they don’t have one. *However*, just like anyone, when people don’t think about it they tend to act more positively towards people who are similar to them. Racism is partially about people acting on how they feel more comfortable around people from similar backgrounds, which means that those from other races end up having to work harder to get social acceptance that other, more socially-advantaged groups (most whites, some asians and some blacks) get from the day they are born. This happens on multiple levels, and isn’t just racism; it’s hard for middle class white people to be socially accepted by upper class people (or lower class people) as well.

    You’re right that too easily some wealthy white people get a pass for being from wealthy, advantaged backgrounds. It’s not everyone, but it’s far too many. Hopefully Obama’s election is a sign that more racially diverse upper and middle classes will develop in the US (once there is a middle class in the US again).

  692. Normally this site picks fun at ‘what white people like’. They chose to only show an image, I think, as a testimony to how much they agree, and like, this thing too.

  693. I’ll bet you know exactly how many Black friends you have too, don’t you? I’m not calling YOU a racist or anything like that–oh no, not you!

  694. You have multi-cultural friends? That’s awesome. You must be so proud.

  695. From what I said (every point a historical fact), you concluded I’m gay. There may not be any hope for you. I just checked, and all the hope is gone. Maybe Obama has some for you.

    Burrito and Guiness???????? You’ve gotta be from Mississippi.

    One more thing, how came you know so much about gays?

  696. Hey, douche bag, do us a favor and kill yourself.

  697. Dude, add this to your blogroll! http://ooezone.wordpress.com/

    So good!

  698. on November 9, 2008 at 2:23 am terrortracking

    u prefer to call him half white, isn’t it. there u r .Black is a colour, but have u ever seen a man who is white as how the colour white is? hahah u wont and u cant

  699. Please try harder, No marks out of 10.
    These comments are more like the drivvle on youtube.
    Ignore the pathetic ignorant posters.

  700. Okay. You are officially ignored.

  701. I do have alot of black friends, thank you. I didn’t realize that the diversity of my friends had anything to do with the way I feel about the other races.

  702. umm, what?

  703. Go to church sometime. Catholic churches “share the peace”, i.e. shake hands, hug, etc. With everyone and my church looks like the UN.

  704. It’s not like I go around boasting that I my friends just happen to be from different cultures. It’s just a point to prove that I could really care less what you are, therefore, I am not racist. It’s offensive to me to be labeled as one when I am completely against it.

  705. I mean, it is possible to not like Obama for reasons other than his race. I think it’s just pathetic not like him for being HALF black.

  706. “SOCIALISM”?
    The fed gov just threw 750 BILLION dollars to the wind of taxpayer’s money (on their future earnings, that is) to bail out big buisness. What do you call that? If just a small % of all that $$ was spent to actually help people, then it’s called “socialism”. You’d rather have all that tax money spent to bail out reckeless and greedy corporations than for evil “socialistic” causes like health, education and giving the “middle class” a tax break. You got to be kidding?

    Like Bob Dylan once said:

    Steal a lot and they make you king
    Steal a little and they through you in jail

  707. That should be “…throw you in jail”.
    Mispellings are annoying, especially my own!

  708. huh? go away.

  709. global warming.

  710. you know, you should add ” white people like laughing at themselves”

    because if we didnt this website would be taken as racist and backhanded/hypocritical, considering if it was done the other way it would certainly be.

  711. on November 9, 2008 at 1:57 pm The Elite One

    Ladies, share how you feel about how Obama is about to appoint Larry Summers to Treasury. You’ll remember Larry Summers as the head of Harvard who was canned from his job for suggesting that maybe girls don’t like math as much as boys.

    So? If Summers is too sexist for Harvard then he’s too sexist for federal cabinet, yes? Not sexist enough? Let’s chat.

  712. on November 9, 2008 at 2:22 pm Pessimistic Ideal

    Oh please. As if REAL idiots like George Bush didn’t just buy their way into the Ivies. If Bush didn’t have his daddy paying for his admission, he could not have even gotten into Occidental. Dumb whites have been screwing the system forever.

  713. Aww, yay. This made me smile.

  714. on November 9, 2008 at 6:43 pm danny mcdonagh

    yay america is only half racist and he wont be assasinated the racist wont want to harm any white

  715. on November 9, 2008 at 7:54 pm jackiesshrink

    Yes! I am white and I admit that I LOVE this picture!!! Can we rewind all the way back to whatever year the “Mod Squad” was on TV or to when”Sesame Street” first came on and pretend that everything after 1980 never happened?

  716. Well, it goes like this. When it comes to the following:

    ranking on any test of intellectual functioning
    student high school graduation rate
    money spent on education per pupil
    number of citizens compared to educational level
    and on and on and on

    Mississippi ranks at the bottom of all fifty states.

    Now do you see why I don’t think you’re from West Virginia which ranks 49th.

  717. I read up to two paragraphs, and if it isn’t said by then I move on.

  718. Okay you idiot. List the countries. Let’s make the bet for a grand US. When this is over what the hell will it prove?

  719. Good for you, idiot, self awareness is the first critical step in being worthy of humanoid designation. Step two is being real quiet and try to educate yourself. I would recommend a school outside of Mississippi.

  720. nobama, you’re great. Keep it up. Every so often you partially self destruct. Pretty soon you will go all the way. I sure hope I’m there when you have a coronary and fall over dead.

  721. Dumb ass, you’re back. Your slime hasn’t graced these pages for some time. You have a friend in hate with nobama. You two should mate and have offspring. Offspring from the likes of you two kill their parents. That would be blessing for the rest of us.

  722. Yea, but he’s a true professional.

  723. Now white people love America. That does not speak to highly of white people. I have been black all my life and I have loved my country just as long. Shame really, only now can liberals sport the flag, that means they don’t love the country at all rather the set of ideals they think Obama represents and what does that say about them. I see why whites love Europe. Its not the country it the ideals they love. Which confuses me, because a black man has a snowballs chance in hell of being elected mayor of a large European city, much less a country. But there whites are loving Europe for ideals they pretend to have. Well white people I’m glad you can pretend America stands for something completely different now than it did on Nov 3rd 2008. You and your politically correct, socially conscious, apologizing for slavery even though your family got here in the early 1900’s buddies can fake patriotism until he leaves office. Congrats!

  724. “There was another guy who was able to stir large crowds with his rhetoric of change. That didn’t turn out so well for the world back in 1932.”

    Do you mean to say Obama = Weimar Republic?

  725. White people like to troll blogs/forums and leave insulting/racist comments.

    Why? It is one of the only arenas left that they can spout how they truly feel without worry of incrimination in the real world. This habit is almost always paired with another white love, the love of saying “I’m not racist, but… (insert racist remark)” in explaining their ‘wordly’ views.

    It is important to note that if you do read their derogatory comments on forums and websites that you do not bring up what you’ve read in actual real world conversation with them as they will either a) deny that they feel the same as ‘that idiot poster’ (even if it may be them) or b) be scared because other people will think they are racist. They may also be scared because white people believe all ethnic people are only one or two degree’s away from gang members and would never dare say how they feel to someone’s face. One must remember that white people do not like confrontation, (even though many white people state that they like the movie ‘Fight Club’, they themselves have never been in a fight.) They prefer stewing over things for a few months and then buying guns and shooting innocent unarmed people (see: White people love mass murder.)

  726. Doesn’t bother me, but then neither did his initial statements.
    Summers made an honest comment and got punished for
    it. The rumor mill had it that the faculty just hated him and
    here was their chance to kick him to the curb. But I’m sure
    that a few of them really believed they were acting on the
    right side of valor. I’m in academia and it wouldn’t surprise me in the least. Numerous baby boomer professors in the soft sciences really are that retarded.

  727. The roadblock to universal health care and other social welfare schemes has been the multiracial nature of America and the unwillingness of Americans to pay for ‘those people’. Do you think Obama will be able to overcome this?

  728. “Why does the word “Socialism” always freak Americans out?”

    Because ‘socialism’ is code for giving money to Negroes and other whatnots.

    Socialism doesn’t freak out most Europeans out because it means health care and maternity leave for fellow Germans and Finns. However coutries ‘blessed’ with increasing diversity are questioning the wisdom of supporting layabout Muslims and West Indians.

  729. “The founding fathers were racist; thats how they justified slaughtering the natives and keeping slaves. You better hope they were racist and thought black people and natives were less then persons because otherwise that slavery and genocide was out of pure un-adulterated evil.”

    Newsflash: Everybody is, and has always been, racist. Given the chance non-whites have happily slaughtered and enslaved whites. Perhaps we are entering a historical cycle where whites are once again subject to Mongol and North African overlords.

    Let’s hope so, yes?

  730. Wow, nobama. You are such a wordsmith. How are you able to think such great thoughts?

  731. “It’s Kwame Kilpatrick, not Fitzpatrick.”

    Sorry, but I think it’s David Dinkins. Or Harold Washington. Not that all black politicians manage to f up or anything. Obama will be different!

  732. “White people love mass murder.”

    Colin Ferguson, Cho Seung-hui, John Allen Muhammad, and Lee Boyd Malvo are white?

    “…white people do not like confrontation…”

    Unless they’re trial lawyers. Or professional fighters (14 of 18 boxing titles at middleweight and heavier are held by whites). Or soldiers. Yeah, whites are pussies dude!

    “They may also be scared because white people believe all ethnic people are only one or two degree’s away from gang members…”

    Where would they get such a silly idea?

    “…they themselves have never been in a fight.”

    Once again, whites are pussies dude! All those WW2, Korean War and Vietnam Conflict vets. PUSSIES!

    Take a guess by what percentage black enlistment dropped after the start of the Iraq War?

  733. “…just threw 750 BILLION dollars to the wind of taxpayer’s money…”

    It is reasonably optimistic to expect most of this will be returned to taxpayers. These are not grants, but rather equity positions. By purchasing various debt instruments the government will achieve both capital and interest gains.

    The situation is arguably better than the S & L Crisis. Then the assets in question were actual properties that had to be maintained before being sold off. Today the troubled assets are simply CUSIP entries.

    Your points about selective socialism are valid. I hope Obama can achieve genuine reform and put Americans first in all matters. But I’m afraid he will prove more of an internationalist than a nationalist.

  734. “sweden=white mecca….speaking of mecca, when are you going to get a handle on that muslim population?”d

    Oh com’n! What’s a little interracial gang rape? A few murders, a few no-go areas, a few thousand more state dependents? It’s Obama time now comrade!

  735. Powerful interests want Obama to succeed and will not allow a David Dinkins-type failure. America no longer makes things, but does sell things. The biggest thing we sell is the image of prosperity and happiness for all, not just in this country but anywhere in the world.

    Clinton was good copy – poor yet talented boy plucked from obscurity. But Obama is better. Perfect even.

    The market and the economy can be talked up as easily as it can be talked down. One to two years from now you’ll read, ‘Boom Times – The Leadership Difference’ and ‘The Obama Market – How High Can it Go?’

    If you subscribe to the usefulness of the Time/Newsweek Cover Story Contra-Indicator of Financial Matters Theory you may want to check out the recent issues (bread line cover photo and so forth).

  736. “Perhaps we could have asked Vladimir Putin to run. I’m sure he’s tired of Russia by now.”

    Having saved Russia Putin may indeed seek another challenge. As you know we have our own Oligarch problem.

  737. How exactly did ‘we’ teach Obama how to speak Indonesian (which he didn’t retain BTW)?

    ‘Fight for the people in American ghettos.’

    Defined as what exactly? Fight? Bit of hyperbole when you consider community organizers primarily make sure qualified people of color get Section 8 rental vouchers and food stamps.

    Still, Obama is clearly well educated and highly intelligent. Thanks to Grandma and Grandpa. Not ‘we’.

  738. “White people like to troll blogs/forums and leave insulting/racist comments”

    Wow, you’ve just proven Anthony’s point! Oh SNAP!

  739. All I can say is: congratulations, America! We in the rest of the world are very happy you’ve recovered your senses.

  740. You’re a puke.

  741. Yes. Having fat neighbours is so great.

    Read your post girl, that forgotten apostrophe actually works. Not as many fatties in Canada.

  742. Moshe, good post.

    Let’s drop the racist comments here. The fact that Obama is President should drop racism, but it won’t, seeing as the media stresses racism everywhere they can, from calling ‘community organizer’ to speaking of Wright racist.
    That should really sadden everyone. If only people would think about something else than their own “rights” and ideas and think that just maybe, every man was created equal and that it was his Creator who endowed them with different looks.

  743. If you want you can say you’re from Calgary

  744. How Audacity-of-Hope of you.

    You’re right-on dude.

  745. Wow, way to ruin a site whose underlying theme was to make people laugh at themselves. Nice work, guys.

  746. I hear they’re having a convention in Alaska this weekend

  747. Quel beauf!

  748. sorry, i think your on the wrong site? I can set you in the right direction–www.whatblackpeoplelikeanddontunderstand.com–
    hope that helps you out! good luck!!

  749. Hey at least global warming is helping someone out…poor polar bears

  750. This is new to me, the only person on this site that makes any sense is nobama, the rest of you dumb asses have no clue. Either you are all living at home and mommy/daddy are paying your bills or you are on welfare. Do any of you have a job, besides washing dishes or waiting on table??

  751. ummm….

  752. Don’t know if there’s any left, but here:


  753. Suck balls.

  754. What, like the fall of the Berlin Wall and the collapse of the Soviet Union? Pacemakers and heart stents? Solar energy technology? The 3-point shot?

  755. Seriously. I mean, people who live in different geographies are so lame. No coastline = inferior.

  756. I wouldn’t say “hate,” Jimmy. He’s just reminding us of our quirks and hypocrisies.

  757. I’m so proud too! It’s about time we elected a unqualified DB based on hallow rhetoric and vague promises. Way to go America!

  758. Are you fucking kidding me?

  759. Holy shit you are long winded.

  760. And you don’t have to wait in line to be molested.

  761. Wow. You be idoit.

  762. Wow! It only took you three days to come back with a half retarded response. Perhaps you should read, “Retorts for Dumb Asses” oh. I mean “Dummies.”

  763. Yeah Buckaroo is too busy rinsing his boyfriend’s semen out of his mouth to do much reading.

  764. Be honest Buckaroo, you’re in love with me aren’t you. I notice that you spend an awful lot of time responding to my posts. I’m sorry to say that I don’t swing your way. Cheer up though. I’m sure there’s a man out there that would love you in your assless chaps (I assume that’s why your name is Buckaroo).

  765. I love you

  766. next 4 years will be listed in the top ten of worst years in history. Obamas plans will cripple the USA.

    What’s with Obama’s choice of old-time Clinton cronies and recycled Washington insiders to run the transition to his new politics of change?

    Can’t the anti-Washington-insiders and the president-elect find anyone who isn’t a Beltway has-been?

    Judging by the appointments to his transition committee and leaks about possible top staff and Cabinet choices, Obama appears to be practicing the politics of status quo, not the politics of change.

    Obama based his innovative campaign on an emphatic and convincing commitment to change the culture of Washington and bring in new people, new ideas, and new ways of doing business.

    But now, Obama has definitely changed his tune. As president-elect, he’s brought back the old Washington hacks, party regulars, and Clinton sycophants that he so frequently disparaged. Like Jimmy Carter, the last president who ran as an outsider, Obama has reached out to the same old folks who dominate the Democratic Party and represent the status quo.

    His transition committee looks like a reunion of the Clinton administration. No new ideas of how to reform the system there. The chairman, John Podesta, was Clinton’s chief of staff. He presided over outrageous last-minute pardons and his style is strictly inside-the-Beltway and make-no-waves.

    Then there’s Carol Browner, Clinton’s competent former EPA administrator who became the consummate Washington insider. She’s Madeline Albright’s partner and recently married mega-lobbyist and former Congressman Tom Downey. During the uproar over Dubai taking over U.S. ports, Browner brought Downey to meet with Sen. Chuck Schumer to plead Dubai’s case. Downey was paid half a million dollars to push Dubai’s position. He’s also a lobbyist for Fannie Mae, paid half a million to try to cover their rears on the subprime mortgage mess. Is this change?

    Federico Pena was Clinton’s secretary of transportation and of energy. The president felt he was unduly soft on Air Florida after a crash and lost confidence in him. Now he’s back as a transition committee member.

    Bill Daley, Clinton’s former secretary of commerce and the brother of the mayor of Chicago, is the epitome of the old Democratic establishment. Clinton appointed him to the Fannie Mae board and his son worked as a lobbyist for the agency. Aren’t these the kind of folks that Obama ran against?

    Larry Summers, president of Harvard and former Clinton secretary of the treasury is not exactly an outsider either. He’s also alienated more than a few with his bizarre suggestion that women may be genetically inferior to men in math and science.

    Susan Rice, assistant secretary of state under Clinton advised John Kerry and Mike Dukakis. Does that tell you enough?

    Obama has named one of his big bundlers — Michael Froman, an executive at Citigroup. Is this supposed to symbolize change?

    Obama’s choice of a spokesperson for the transition is also surprising; she is definitely not the face of reason and new politics. Stephanie Cutter is the brash and combative former Clinton, Kerry, and Ted Kennedy mouthpiece. The liberal DailyKos.com once described Cutter as “a moron to the nth degree” when she tried unsuccessfully to force The New York Times’ Adam Nagourney to treat her unsolicited e-mail criticizing Howard Dean as “background” without mentioning her name.

    Speaking of brash, Rahm Emanuel, the new White House chief of staff, makes Cutter look timid. Rahm is also a former Clinton White House staffer — and a very obnoxious one. He spent his White House years leaking to The Washington Post whenever he didn’t like what the president was doing. Even Bill Clinton stopped trusting him. Any hopes of Obama keeping his commitment to reach across the aisle would go right out the window with Rahm’s appointment. Instead of extending a hand to the opposition, it would be like raising just one finger. And Rahm’s strident demeanor laced with the ‘F’ word in every sentence will do little to elevate the bipartisan dialogue in Washington.

    Christopher Edley, another member of the transition team, is dean of the Berkeley Law School. He was a member of the U.S. Civil Rights Commission under Clinton, and his wife, Maria Echaveste was Clinton’s deputy chief of staff.

    Transition committee staffer Christine Varney was a federal trade commissioner under Clinton and worked in the White House.

    Throughout the early debates, Obama criticized Hillary Clinton as part of the inside-the Beltway establishment that needed to go. But now he’s reaching out to these exact same folks. Some change.

  767. I am very impressed by this comment. Well done, Mr. Morris.

    Hey, do you have any coke you can spare? I’ve got a hooker in the next room, and…

  768. Why yes.. I am a Veteran of Desert Storm and the Iraq War. After I was honorably discharged and “labeled” as a disabled vet, because I was injured during the course of my time in Iraq. I was run over by the Federal Welfare system called the VA and after 1 year of piss poor medical treatment was able to go back to school. I was also able to find a good paying job and continue my education. I’m still being rail roaded by the VA or the Federal Version of lets just FUCK over our vets. So yes, I have a job and I am educated and I have an opinion. So you and your friend please just shut up with your racist rheotric.

  769. White people and people of color alike… this post is beautiful.

  770. Well lets see, there was Mexico, Jordan, Saudi Arabia, Phillipines, Singapore, Bahrain, UAE, Thailand and your mom’s vagina (oh wait nevermind, it was huge but I guess not its own country). I was going to go to Canada, but then I realized that I had been to enough shit holes. In the end, it doesn’t prove anything. Other than the fact that Buckaroo is a complete fag.

  771. Blah blah blah blah blah Mississippi blah blah blah. What a douche.

  772. on November 10, 2008 at 2:16 pm White Zinfandel

    Wow! You actually posted a positive comment. That gives me hope and I agree.

  773. Thanks Bubba. Its hard for me to believe that this many idiots could possibly congregate on the same website. They should change the name to Stuff Morons Like. What a bunch of douche bags.

  774. Why did you change your name June? Just curious, what did they let women do in Desert Storm that got you injured. I know paper cuts hurt like hell, but come on.

  775. You need to change your name. I was here first. Although I completely agree.

  776. on November 10, 2008 at 3:03 pm Reality for Sara

    We actually have taken a huge step in the LEFT direction thereby erroding what has made our country great in the past. Now instead of rewarding hard work and innovation, we will tax hard work and give money to lazy fucks that think they are entitled to a good life just because they were born in a certain geography. PUKE.

  777. Yes, and also:

    -Empty rhetoric
    -People telling them what they want to hear
    -Bitching about George Bush
    -Valuing expensive education more than experience
    -Unachievable utopian ideals
    -Making uneducated decisions about the future of our country

  778. Yeah, there were plenty of uneducated morons to vote this D-Bag into office. YAY!!!!!

  779. That is what I have been telling Fred all his life….that and move out of my basement.

  780. Yeah thank god… barely half of America got “a clue”. I mean, what is more important than popularity?

  781. Really? You couldn’t say it better?

  782. Now bring on the socialism and let the good times roll.

  783. What’s “positive” about this post? It’s tragicomic that white people suddenly love America simply because a Democrat was voted into office, not “positive”.

  784. geminisix, what do you think that you are the only one to ever get screwed over by this backward, lawyer filled, dumb ass government. I am a Viet Nam vet, so do not tell me how bad the government is. As long as the bed wetting liberals and sofa Oparah crowd keeps voting for socialists, and elitists nothing will change. Read what Thomas Jefferson said about revolutions, blood of patriots and tyrants serving as the manure for the tree of liberty. Plus what John Adams said about democracy and how when the masses realize that they can vote themselves wealth, it will die. As I said before most of the people on this web site are just dumb fucks. As my old chief use to say to my division, grab your left with your left hand and your right ear with your right hand and pull your fucking head out of your ass and you might learn something. We are doomed and are becoming just like Africa, dancing in the streets, because we are so stupid to think that President Hussien is the great father for all of us. But not this little white ass. This little piggy is smarter than the welfare junkies hoping to get a piece of the pie. Chew on that for awhile.

  785. Do you even know where you are?! StuffWhitePeopleLike.com on a post that was one single picture and this, THIS, was the catalyst for you to launch into your political opinions? I’m glad that you have them. That’s great. But pick a better time and place.

  786. I couldn’t agree more. Importing the Chicago machine to Washington, without a doubt.
    Just pray that it is only 4 years instead of 8.
    Maybe you’ll like this quote about Emanuel, atributed to Paul Begala, no stranger to dirty politics himself: “He is somewhere between a hemhorroid and a toothache”

  787. what a funny country

    I still want to leave though

  788. The best things in life don’t need a lengthy description :).

  789. Is there a place on this website to report comments?
    nobama, you should really lose you’re commenting privileges. you’re disgusting.

  790. What’s wrong with waiting tables?

  791. This is another example of something white people like, Cutting and Pasting, to look like they are knoweldgable on a subject when in reality they know nothing about it.

    Who would you like to have seen be chosen as Obama’s chief of staff? Keith Olberman maybe? He would be a change. Someone who has little to no experience as a Washington insider?

    The job as the president’s chief of staff is to carry out the presidents wishes and at times offer counsel. Rahm Emmanuel seems to be a capable person. Because of Obama’s lack of Washington experience he needs a team that has been in the game before.

    Good job cutting and pasting your comments Bobby.

  792. I don’t know that the deomocrat part is the main thing here…

  793. The New Colossus

    Not like the brazen giant of Greek fame,
    With conquering limbs astride from land to land;
    Here at our sea-washed, sunset gates shall stand
    A mighty woman with a torch, whose flame
    Is the imprisoned lightning, and her name
    Mother of Exiles. From her beacon-hand
    Glows world-wide welcome; her mild eyes command
    The air-bridged harbor that twin cities frame.
    “Keep, ancient lands, your storied pomp!” cries she
    With silent lips. “Give me your tired, your poor,
    Your huddled masses yearning to breathe free,
    The wretched refuse of your teeming shore.
    Send these, the homeless, tempest-tost to me,
    I lift my lamp beside the golden door!”

    Emma Lazarus, 1883

  794. on November 11, 2008 at 6:06 am Sherry Littlefield

    Same could be said of you.

  795. Rahm seems like a real hardass – Nice counterpoint. Just like Biden was kind of a redmeat counterpoint to Obama. Not everyone’s a Jeffersonian genius and oratorial rockstar.

  796. Wow, Bobby, you have too much time on your hands…

  797. Larry Summers? interesting

  798. Japan or Canada?

  799. Oh, because he’s from Hawaii?

  800. I’m sure white people would be just as proud to be an american if a black republican was elected prez.

    Oh wait, no.

  801. on November 11, 2008 at 10:32 am Chris in Dallas

    Sour. Grapes.

  802. on November 11, 2008 at 10:33 am Chris in Dallas

    How about you actually, you know, wait until he’s sworn in until passing judgement on how the next 4 years will shake down. Just a thought.

  803. on November 11, 2008 at 10:37 am Chris in Dallas

    White people apparently also have no grasp of satire.

  804. Naturally.

  805. This is how Republicans treat their vets? Very nice.

  806. People who think aren’t threatened by comments on an Internet forum.

  807. I’ve been black for only part of my life.

  808. Ouch! Hey do you think Rahm suffers from short persons behavior?

  809. When will commenters realize that this site is:
    1) satire
    2) referring to a certain type of “white person” — urban progressives who are pretty much liberal, not those majority whites in rural and suburban areas who voted for McCain???

  810. When Barack Obama was performing his speech after being elected as president, he had to do it behind three inch thick bullet-proof glass.

    I thought that was a bit harsh – just because he’s black doesn’t mean he’s going to shoot anyone.

  811. So, now you know how the Democrats felt for the past 8 years. Bravo.

    Go make up some conspiracy theories and STFU.

  812. A. I’m not a Republican
    B. I’m a veteran
    C. I don’t believe this crap.

  813. Parroting your opponents narrative is not satire, it is capitulation.

  814. ha ha ha, Gina is correct. Only liberals like the things on this web page. Wrong.

  815. I’ve reached this conclusion: white people don’t understand this site.

    I do, but only because I’m the wrong kind of white person.

  816. I must say, I never thought I’d see the day when “America” would be added to this list.

    For the first time in their adult lives, white people are proud of their country.

  817. on November 11, 2008 at 8:45 pm An Outside View

    As fansastic as these posts are, by far the most amusing part of the site has to be the comments added by those who just don’t grasp the concept of satire. Maybe you have to live outside of the US to truly appreciate the genius.

  818. on November 11, 2008 at 10:03 pm Peter Richard Johnson


  819. Oh no. Urban liberal progressives – a.k.a. “white people” according to this site – get it.

    We definitely get it. Christian Lander, the creator, is one of us and that’s why he created it.

    For the first time in our adult lives, we finally are proud of this country. If only because we have a president who can get out a grammatical sentence. (And “white people” love grammar.)

  820. I’ve been proud of my country for a long time, through good and bad….don’t get carried away by a good moment.

  821. Sadly, most white people did not vote for Obama.

  822. You must be so glad there are no consequences for your words on this site. You must also be glad that you have the security of anonymity here. I can tell by the way you take advantage of it. Nobody would say these things in public because they’d get their ass whooped.

  823. on November 12, 2008 at 10:21 am blackgirlLOLing

    This site is great. Did Obama really perform his speech behing three inch thick bulletproof shield? What does that say about America.

    I am Canadian so I find things like that incomprhensible…..and that’s why I am proud of Canada.

  824. I like this stuff….

  825. Sadly, it was the first time since 1999 that I was proud to be an American. and to the person two posts above, i’m white and my friends are white, and we all baracked our vote.

  826. Nobama, you’re one disgusting son of a bitch.

  827. You still are a disgusting son of a bitch.

  828. You’re still a disgusting son of a bitch.

  829. It is to my deep regret that people are resorting to name-calling. I had hoped that this sight might be civilized even in the disagreements (as all respectable people are).

    As such, I’m afraid I will not be able to write her for some time.

  830. on November 12, 2008 at 9:48 pm Cheeses Priced

    That’s not really the First Lady is it? When is Wanda Sykes going to take off the mask and yell “jackass!” ?

  831. how is that sad?

  832. That’s not true. research statistics on who voted for who.

  833. Good one. But I was more inclined to think that she was on the Maury show last week, testing the 11TH guy to see if it was her baby’s daddy. Any body else think that that will be a prime time national show now ? LMFAO

  834. You’re from england, aren’t you. You show a lot of renentiveness.

  835. May I take pictures?

  836. Now I get it, PTSS. You can be helped, nobama. Make an appointment with your shrink.

  837. I thought you douche bag liberals loved the 1st Amendment. I guess you only support free speech when its something you agree with.

  838. Sally – Thanks for your comments. Some of us Americans do long for the day when health care is available to all, and we get more than our 2 weeks worth of vacation. Your points are well taken.

  839. Have you ever been out of the country?

  840. …because it’s not already falling apart?!

  841. wow, that was incredibly ignorant

  842. How can you be so obtuse as to not recognize the significance of why people were crying?

  843. Are you kidding me? Do you know what the name of our country means? It just means that we are states that are united in America. It doesn’t mean that we ARE America!

  844. America. Land of democracy? Land of Capitalism. My husband and I decided 10 days ago to stop spending money for 2 weeks. So we have been paying bills, but we have removed ourselves from the economy, more or less. Someone on another forum said that those who are choosing to save and not spend will be responsible for the downfall of our economy! Gotta love that. So I can’t save money for my family, but must spend to save the country? Like after 9/11 when Bush told everyone to go about their everyday business, to spend money. Is that what America is all about? Spending money? I was always more idealistic than that and wished for more…
    Blogging about the “no spending money experiment” and my love for Africa (is that anti-American?) at http://www.planetperspectives.blogspot.com.

  845. “Also, call me crazy, but I have some issues with medical students being told what type of doctor they are going to be, or having to be placed on a waiting list to receive open heart surgery like other countries with socialized health care. There is a nursing shortage as it is, if we socialize health care it will only get worse from here.”

    That is completely crazy. Apparently people who think things similar to this have no imagination. You do realize that every country with universal healthcare looks different, don’t you? Obviously we would have a say in how it was executed.

  846. That doesn’t mean it can’t happen now. I am not sure our country is ready for it yet, but some really important groundwork has been laid. More and more people are in support of it. It will happen eventually.

  847. lol…so true, so true!

  848. Wow. I’m amazed by your ignorance.

  849. Thank you!

  850. Seriously!

  851. You are stupid

  852. Well said!

  853. This post actually didn’t have anything to do with “white people suddenly love America simply because a Democrat was voted into office”. Way to take things out of context.

  854. oh, nice that you remembered to leave out the hyphen.

  855. bitter much?

  856. Simon, you have nothing good to offer. I am anything but a dipshit and clearly you are intellectually outmatched.

    Kelly, you are wrong on your assertion that they are the two sides of the same coin. why? because one is true and the other is not. also, you don’t need to have owned slaves in order to have white guilt. this assertion is just unfounded.

  857. You may have been proud of this country for a long time Frank (through good and bad), BUT this moment (Obama being elected to the presidency) should top all other moments to be proud…

    Why? Well because it was an ALL-AMERICAN statement….. .americans of every race, color, creed voted overwhelmingly for an African-American MALE……I never thought I’d see the day that 43% of all whites would look past skin color and vote for a non-white to the highest office in the land….

    I am not kidding myself and say that all those whites voted for Obama without taking into consideration what they were actually doing……the truth about this vote was that 43% of whites, along with overwhelming numbers of minorities voted for Obama for the simple reason of ECONOMICS….race becomes secondary when you see your stocks tank, unemployment go up, retirement evaporate……It was only September 7th when Obama was 7 points behind McCain…then came the 700 billion dollar bailout request…and you can say that the rest is……history…..

    It took financial stress and a disgust with 8 years of catering to the wealthy for white americans to take a chance on ‘change’….and i believe that if Obama was the color green, americans would have voted for him simply to change direction from what we are getting today in our economy….

  858. Bobby……what the hell are you griping about???….Obama does not become the president with presidential powers until January 20th, 2009…..anything he does before then cannot go into action because Bush has 72 days left in his presidency….

    Why don’t you gripe about something that has already occurred…like, say, The Bush administration…this economy NOW….the way our tax money is being spent under this administration….the cronyism of this administration???…I can go on and on with FACTS that have already occurred….and here you are writing all this TRIPE about what MIGHT occur…..

    Your problem is that you cannot get over Obama winning the election…..you and all those Middle America/Deep South american states who voted overwhelmingly against him….guess what??….You and the South Lost Again!!….life goes on…..your guessing will not change one iota of what has already happened…

    Get over it!…

  859. Nobama, just what are you if you are not republican?….OOOhh..I know what you are……I bet dollars to donuts that you are one of those people who live in the Middle and/or southern states that voted overwhelmingly against Obama……

    Well ya gotta live with what the rest of america voted for Nobama….get over your anger….you are not the first person to feel like you are feeling (just ask anyone who hated these past 8 years under the Bush Administration)…and you won’t be the last……

    Suck it up like a soldier….and DEAL WITH IT…..because life goes on no matter what…..

  860. LOL….you are right Dan, this isn’t sad because all the ‘wrong kind of white people’ voted against Obama….57% of them……but it made no difference because non-whites DID vote overwhelmingly for Obama…..

    And before anyone get the bright idea to say that non-whites voted for Obama because of his skin color, let us look at the make-up of who voted for McCain……OVERWHELMINGLY WHITE FOLKS voted for McCain (non-whites who voted for McCain were in the 20% range)……Sooooo……one can easily conclude by this fact that white people voted for McCain because of his skin color!!!

    So someone tell me……is this true???……LOL

  861. PS: BTW…..43% of all white voters voted for Obama…….and the ‘wrong kind of white people’ i’m talking about are those southerners and middle american voters who just cannot get over the color of the skin of Obama….

  862. Ummmmm, Mexicans love America too!!!!! White people like doing stupid shit to raise money for charity. I have a friend and hes actually growing out his mustache for charity. Its fuckin hilarious. Check it out:


  863. You must be either kidding yourself or you are a complete retard. Alot of people did not vote for that moron because he has no freaking experience. Maybe most minorities did not vote for him because he was black. Most of them voted for him because they always vote for the people who promise them free stuff. The smart people who work for their money saw through Obama’s bullshit promises (that he has already said he cannot deliver on). Maybe people in the south are just not as stupid as the rest of you dumb motherfuckers that believe in this snake oil saleman.

  864. We’ll miss you. Come back when you’re not a whiney bitch.

  865. Uhhhh…..Nobama??….You still did not tell us why sooo many white people voted for McCain!!!…..His concession speech says it all!!!….Those people don’t represent ALL OF AMERICA…..but obviously you are kidding yourself OR you are just a complete retard…..

    Experience doing what??…McCain was in the Senate and he never did anything that would distinguish him as a president…..you are such a dumbass that you don’t realize how stupid you sound…

    Besides, your opinion don’t mean NOTHING because….Obama won….your boy lost….


  866. Nobama, don’t you have anything better than bitching about stuff you cannot personally change???…..

    Name calling reflects your ignorance….try communicating without curse words….or is that impossible for small minded people such as yourself…..

    You and Ralphie have to deal with this one fact….and it will not change no matter how much you bitch and complain and name call:

    Obama is the president of these United States….period..

    You don’t like it???.

    Get the F*** out of the US of A……or SHUT UP…..


  867. I love america and I endorse this posting……

  868. Julia, you said it perfectly. The people who write these blogs can just look at the comments from the previous articles and get all the material they need.

  869. You do realize what this means for the Republicans now that Obama has won don’t you?

    Sarah Palin’s daughter can finally get that abortion!

  870. How bout you go fuck yourself louie. I really don’t care who is president. Its dick heads like you that bashed Bush for the last eight years gloating and telling everyone to respect the new president that gets on my nerves. You motherfuckers have done nothing but disrespect the last president but now act like anyone who doesn’t like your guy is not worthy to live here anymore. Well let me tell you. I have done more for this country than most of you pussy ass whiney mother fuckers on this site. So why don’t you do everyone a favor and go fuck yourself (your mom needs a break).

  871. He was not my boy. I’m a Libertarian you cock sucker.

  872. Oh. An answer to your question. A lot of white people voted for Obama because their just as stupid as you.

  873. I knew you were gay.

  874. I’m a Libertarian you fucking loser. Don’t tell me to suck up shit. I never voted for Bush you fucking bitch. And don’t call me a soldier either. I was a Marine for five years. What have you done you fucking faggot? I’m sure you were a fucking loser during the Bush administration and my guess is you’ll still be a loser when Obama is long gone. Don’t blame Bush because you a fucking moron, try looking in the mirror.

  875. LOL….thanks for showing the world your overwhelming IGNORANCE AND STUPIDITY Nobama….we need not pay attention to fools such as yourself because you have nothing better to write than to call names and state ignorant rants…

    Why don’t you TRY stating your opinion without using cuss words??…Is your vocabulary so LIMITED that you have to curse to overcompensate your lack of intelligence??…..

    Tell us where you live and a Websters Deluxe Dictionary will be sent to you immediately….but if you feel that this is too hard for you to read, I know a few pre-school teachers who would be more than happy to send you some ‘Hooked On Phonics’ books…..

    geez…….stop trying to be clever with your cussing and….

    GET A LIFE….

  876. Nobama…….You are an asswipe…..and i endorse this statement…

    Get A Life…..

  877. Correction: Nobama, you are ACTING like an asswipe, and i endorse this corrected statement…

    Get A Life……..

  878. I was wondering. Did Obama write all the speeches he delivered during his campaigning? I know there are people who write speeches for a living. So isn’t it possible that all along these speeches wasn’t actually he’s? Just asking. These speeches were uplifting, motivating and yet I got the feeling it was easier said than doing it when it comes to a timeframe of bringing the economy and other issues for the benefit of the people. But according to the VOICE of the American vote, it is possible. Obama in his victory speech however in my opinion changed saying that it will not take 1 year or even one term to get there. I assume by getting there he meant fulfilling his promises. Please share your thoughts. By the way-I’m from Namibia (Africa) neighbor of South Africa.

  879. Sweetmusicman, Obama in his acceptance speech you are referring to was saying that the change he is proposing will take longer than most people might expect, but the change is going to occur……

    Obama has to get thru 8 years of Bush’s mess and it will not be done overnight…..and i believe that Obama 1st priority is the american economy….job growth…..and also fairness in government…..Our american government has to be overhauled (in terms of getting all those Bush appointees out and putting competent people in their places)….these are the first things he will be working on in order to BEGIN fulfilling his promises…..

    ‘Patience’ is the word that Obama is telling Americans and the world….change does not occur overnight, but it does eventually occur….

  880. Thanks for the reply. I still thinks he just made it sound too easy, while he knew otherwise. If i’m not mistaken he only started to change his tune about two weeks from election date. I think(i might be wrong) he wouldn’t have that much support if he mentioned the timeframe,lets say from September 2008.

  881. Sweetmuscian, I completely agree with you. It is a point that neither the media, nor the American Public has pointed out. I have been waiting for someone to say the very same thing. For this argument it is irrevalent whether you think it is because of Bush’s presidency or just the general economy that things will take time to fix. The point is Obama certainly painted a much different picture of change and help and prosperity during his campaign than during his acceptance speech. If you feel that it is Bush’s fault, then certainly Obama already thought that change would take longer than a year or 4 years, but he didn’t say that until after he had secured the election. I believe it a foreshadowig of what we can expect in this presidential term. In 4 years when things are not as bright and sunny and CHANGED as people are dreaming of, Obama will return to this acceptance speech statement and remind people that he said change may not happen in a year or 4 years but it will happen. I see that as his re-election campaign line.

  882. Correction: Sweetmusicman (sorry)

  883. No he didn’t. Not everything that people write on here is true.

  884. you are correct, sweetmusicman…..This was the most unusual election in american history…Obama grabbed to the ‘change’ speech and rode it from there…..

    He probably would have had to give more details of his ‘change’ plan if he was white, BUT, when you consider that he is the first African American Democratic presidential selection to run, well, by his being African American was more than enough ‘change’ for most white people to bear…..LOL….

    Only 43% of the eligible white voters voted for Obama….but that was more than enough with the non-white voters overwhelmingly joining those 43% of whites….

    When he is officially sworn in on January 20th, you will see his official policies more clearly….but you have to wait another 70 or so days!!….Bush is still the president until then…

  885. seriously? U would like to ignore history? Typical entitled ignoramus

  886. Anne coulter are you drunk again?

  887. don’t do it

  888. nobama is most frustrated because of never having a mother. Since the sun hatched some bird droppings on a rock, and called it nobama; he has been angry with the world. He cannot achieve a human life. Life is not for him to have. We can only can tolerate the ignorant bastard; which isn’t all bad. Just imagine what it does for coping skills.

  889. Merriam-Webster has a FREE online dictionary. There is even a pronunciation prompt.
    I put in Douche Bag and it said – louiecoolgato.
    Must be that weird dude at the back end of the trailer park.
    Walks around talking to himself, jerks off on the bushes when he sees two dogs going at, etc.

  890. -ucked up and wrote the wrong name…should’ve been-nobama..
    Sorry Louie

  891. OK…….What’re you stuffing in your mouth in that picture

  892. He probably has a few speech writers (as do most senior politicians and public servants) that he edits according to his own preferences. But the effective delivery is all his own.

  893. “I really don’t care who is president.”

    Are you sure? Because you really seem to be taking this personally! 🙂

    If you heard democrats bitch about Bush during those eight years and heard the republicans respond by saying comments like “respect the president! and the war in Iraq! You’re not patriotic! Support the troops and keep your opinion to yourself!”, are you really surprised that you’re getting this (much more clever) backlash from those same types of people when the democrat wins?

    And look at your reaction! 🙂

  894. First off, I’m not in the military, and I’m not a subject–I’m a citizen of the United States of America, so *no one* is my “commander in chief.” The “commander-in-chief” function is to me, a civilian, wholly irrelevant, you Moran(drea). Secondly, as libtards said over & over the last 8 years, dissent is patriotic! So don’t tell me that failing to support President Osama is un-American! F- Obama, F- white people & what they like, and most especially, F- those Mother-Fing Eurotards.

  895. This is precisely the difference between Leftards and “real Americans.” Leftards squawk and squeal about “leaving the country” if their guy isn’t elected. “Real Americans” suck it up, and say, “I may hate that M-Fing Clinton (or Obama) but this is my country, so F off.”

    As a “real American” (a person white people don’t like) I hate Obama, but I’d never consider leaving the USA for anywhere. I wish you fingers-in-the-wind libtards would make good on your threats to leave, and soon.

  896. Live up to your name, and ‘BITE ME’ bite me…..LOL

  897. uh…..my mistake bite me….I did not read what you put under….

  898. Looks like Mo$$ad already owns Obama (he picked Rahm Emanuel, the son of a terrorist). Obama will probably let Mo$$ad slide on their 9/11 involvement and Obama will continue their wars. So who won? Israel did, as always.
    9/11 and Israel, here:

  899. We have chosen and Obama is the man.
    Obama’s Nation is here http://www.zazzle.com/1darryl

  900. If you’re so sure I’m gay, why do you keep posting to me? Well, I’m not gay; so go hit on someone else.

  901. I hope dc, london and tel aviv are hit with massive nuclear bombs.

  902. until he’s buried ass up facing mecca.

    I have a cigar and cognac saved for this most blessed event.

  903. Uhmmmm …. Not Gay with this screen name BUTTaroo !!!

    see a psychoanalysist … he’ ll tell you who you are !! ha ha

  904. The funny thing is, white people used to hate America, in quiet tones. “Blood for oil”, “loss of freedoms” and a number of other things they read on Daily Kos but didn’t really understand. Now that Obama has been elected, it’s officially cool to like America again. Unless you live in California, where you still hate it because of Proposition 8, even if you secretly voted yes on it but told everyone you voted no.

  905. The best song in the world is not American!
    it’s scottish… see and hear and check!!!

  906. She is a vicious vixen , ralphie !!! she “suggests” something else !!!

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  908. Well folks, what’ s your point?

    Woman reaches US army’s top rank

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    ‘Open doors’

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    Gen Dunwoody is married to retired air force officer Craig Brotchie.

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    Defence Secretary Robert Gates said: “History will no doubt take note of [Dunwoody’s] achievement in breaking through this final ‘brass ceiling’ to pin on this fourth star.”

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    She is now head of the Army Materiel Command, in charge of weapons, equipment and uniforms for the army.

    Women are barred from combat roles but have been allowed in the last two decades to serve in a wide variety of other positions.

    “It’s been my experience in my 33 years in the military that the doors have continued to open and the opportunities have continued to expand,” she said.

  909. Egypt halts doctor visas to Saudi

    The Egyptian government says it has placed a ban on Egyptian doctors going to work in Saudi Arabia in the wake of two medics being sentenced to jail.

    Rauf Amin Mohammad al-Arabi, who had worked for the royal family for 20 years, was sentenced to 15 years in jail and 1,500 lashes.

    He and Shawky Abd-Rabbu were convicted of prescribing morphine to a princess – who then became a drug addict.

    His wife has pleaded for leniency, saying the lashes will kill him.

    The Egyptian authorities say the ban on new work permits will not affect doctors already in Saudi Arabia.

    Arabi is said to have prescribed morphine to the woman after she sustained injuries in a riding accident.

    It’s impossible that he will be able to handle 1,500 lashes

    Fathiya Shehata Hendawi

    Some reports claim the princess had already been prescribed the drugs in the US and had specified the medication she wanted, BBC Cairo correspondent Christian Fraser says.

    The sister of Abd-Rabbu said her brother was coerced into making false confessions and the Saudi authorities had threatened to imprison his wife who is also working in the kingdom.

    Seventy of the lashes were reportedly administered last week, with 70 next week.

    The doctors had denied the allegations, but were initially sentence to 750 lashes on charges of malpractice. They appealed but lost and the sentence was then doubled.

    Arabi’s wife, Fathiya Shehata Hendawi, says the sentence will kill her husband. She has begged for leniency and is appealing to the Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak to save his life.

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    “Who benefits from this? Not his kids, their father is a victim of something he did not do. He is a victim of complete injustice,” she said.

    The Saudi royal family has refused to comment but a number of Egyptian newspapers blame their own government, which they say suffers an inferiority complex when it comes to dealing with the oil rich Saudis, says our correspondent.

  910. Robert Frost just rolled over.

  911. Wow, you are the first Democrat I met on the net who are not ignorant and blind to the things other then Obama’s intellect and policies that were playing a mayor role in people voting for him especially amongst whites. I also think Obama has been treated with lesser criticism by the media as far back as the primaries, as if he is endangered specie…lol

    I just pray that this wound cost America dearly. I must say I am disappointed in America for the things I’ve mentioned. Here in Africa we as the normal citizen’s struggle with governments who are biased, corrupt and power hungry and I for one expected better from American democracy, the media and Hollywood elite included.

    Again, thanks for your type who can be sober in observing things and let your opinion heard.

  912. HAAAAAAAAAAAAA! People in the south are smarter than the rest of the country. HAAAAAA Your a racist piece of shit nobama.

  913. stuff white people like decent…stuff athletes hate way better (the number one thing is of course drug test)


    chasing jersey’s so you don’t have to

  914. Sweetmusicman, I am not a registered democrat, but rather a registered independent (which means that i am not officially in any political party….I like to keep my options open)…..and i am non-white….

    In my opinion of Obama, he will surprise both the democrats and the republicans in a sense that he is very pragmatic….

    pragmatic |pragˈmatik|
    dealing with things sensibly and realistically in a way that is based on practical rather than theoretical considerations :

    He will have a pragmatic approach to politics. He will try and use ideas from both sides that will deal with our national and economic problems, and he will try very hard to avoid political labels of ‘democrat’ or ‘republican’…..I do not think he will deal hardly at all with issues of ‘morality’ because he has stated several times that moral issues are personal (such as abortion, gay rights, etc)…….He has more than enough issues with our failing economy, international relations, and jobs security….

    One final point, your comment that Obama has been treated with less criticism is true in the beginning of the primaries (because people were surprised that whites actually voted for an african-american)…..but this was less true when he ran against McCain….the coverage was very balanced from September until the end….the choices were clear cut and the american people made their choice…

    Obama will be a good president because he stated that he would be pragmatic….Pragmatic people are not ideologues, but rather realists….I don’t think you will have to worry about his policies because they will make sense and he will explain them clearly….people tend to forget that Obama is highly educated and very resourceful….He did not get to where he’s at by being ignorant or foolish…..just keep this in mind when you observe him after January 20th, 2009…

  915. You are so obviously a poser. And Louiewhateverabasket- case, you may in fact be the same person! Think about quintessential American catch phrases before attempting to throw them out of the mouth of a non-native.
    Your argument is trite. If speeches made or broke a presidency, Bush would’ve been outta office with the advent of “strategery.” Actually, there are a few books that will forever enshrine Bush’s ignorant statements. And HE had speech writers too!
    At least Obama is articulate and intelligent enough to deliver his speeches with authority, compassion, and inspiration. Something McCain seemed only able to do to war veterans.
    And if you ARE from a country (nay, a continent) that has experienced such a varied range of oppression, civil war, and racism– why would you be so quick to undermine the success of an ambitious and capable man, who is ALSO black? Furthermore, why would you belittle his capabilities by saying he got it because he was black?
    He got it because he won. WE voted. There was no rigging, no tampered ballots, just the will of the people, realized.
    He got it because he was not McCain. He got it because he represents a change that has been long in the making, and for many, change that is welcomed with wide open arms. In addition, thanks for your opinion on our national matters, but this topic has nothing to do with you until Obama begins intstituting his policies. I’m glad I finally heard a voice of international opposition to Obama, since everything else has been glowing and hopeful. I now realize how great a thing it is that he is in office: to show you why you are wrong.

  916. Stuff White People like to talk about but have no idea what they are saying: #1 Affirmative Action

    Fact #1: In order to get into a University you must be qualified! Admission standards are not lowered for people who are beneficiaries of Affirmative Action. They are held to the same minimums and are therefore always qualified to attend the Universities of which they are admitted.

    Fact #2 Who benefits most from Affirmative Action? That’s right WHITE PEOPLE!!!! (Mostly white women and poor white people.) So next time you start being pissed off about all those black people taking your already earned spots, you should really look to white people.

    Fact #3 Affirmative Action does not help you after admission, if by chance someone graduates from one of the most prestigious universities magna cum laude, they earned it just as much as the white person next to them.

  917. KFVL, you are missing the point…..I am a supporter of Obama, but i also know that the reason he was voted into office was not because of some sudden love for the ‘black man’ in this country…..people voted him in office because he was offering a change from what we have been getting for 8 years….

    I am not belittling his capabilities by pointing out the obvious: only 43% of all registered whites voted for Obama…..what does that tell me??….57% of all registered whites voted against Obama, thus there is STILL a racial factor in this country, but it just so happen that enough non-whites voted for Obama to offset the majority of whites against him….

    It is also quite obvious that the people who voted for Obama did so because:
    For non-whites: ‘change’ in this country means many things to them in addition to the economy, and Obama represents that change…
    For whites: ‘change’ means economics….they see what has happened to their retirement funds, their stock investments, the worth of their homes, etc, and they see McCain offering nothing in terms of change from the 8 years of the Bush administration…..thus they had to choose between their pocketbooks or their whatever percieved bias towards skin color

    43% of the registered white voters took a chance, looked past skin color, and voted for Obama in hopes he will change their ECONOMIC FORTUNES….

    The simple issue that a majority of white people do not get when it comes to race and the voting of Obama into the presidency is this: To we non-white americans, the voting of Obama into the white house lets us know that there is still hope in america for a change of racial attitudes….a change that we all can one day judge a person by the content of their character, and not by the color of their skin……we non-whites now have a tangible example that yes, there are white people in this country who took a chance on a non-white to lead the country…..they were pushed by economic fortunes, but they nonetheless chose Obama anyway….and they had to look past skin color to vote for him…….

    this may not be a big deal for white people, but believe me, it IS A BIG DEAL for non-whites…..the symbolism was reflected when all those pictures from around the world came in and showed how the world reacted POSITIVELY when it was known that Obama was elected president of the United States of America….a country that is almost 80% white….if there’s hope in america, then there’s hope for the world….

  918. Y’know, after reading on some I realized that, if I was to thumb my nose at anyone, it probably wouldn’t be you. I was responding more to whom you were engaging with (sweetmusician, who, contrary to his name sounds neither sweet nor musical. NYAH!)
    Actually our arguments are quite similar. But, I hope you will consider that this time is giant for all of us, especially the haters… who need to see this with their own eyes, and feel it from their wallets, to their hearts. And then on foreign shores, where his policies will undoubtedly touch down, I want people to feel the departure from this past eight, dark and fumbled years.
    Above all, I think Obama’s being elected gives reason to be more involved, to ensure he has all the support possible to ensure he will exact the change he promised.
    p.s. did you just half-quote some MLK?
    p.p.s. my non-white family collectively lost over a million in retirement, pension, stocks, etc. That isn’t a whites-only issue.

  919. KFLV, yes, i did half quote MLK, and my parents also lost half of their retirement in stocks……and I DO AGREE with you in all that you say AND when you say that this election gives reason to be more involved….

    I believe that this is the time when ALL AMERICANS have an opportunity to rise above our collective past and make a better future……

    Someone once told me: “what is the first thing you have to do in order to make all your dreams come true?”

    answer: The first thing that you have to do is: wake up!!

    this is our wake up call…….now it’s time to work!

  920. awesome!! what a lovely thing to say

  921. Ever thought about how American Politics influence the rest of the world? National Issues, huh? America’s issues are world issues. Wake up and learn.

  922. on November 18, 2008 at 6:57 am Culturally cool

    There are a lot of angry people in this country due to the election because they can’t except change that this country needed bad very bad.

  923. Even a lot of republicans voted for Obama that just proves that we have had enough of the b.s. and needed someone that will work for all Americans not just the rich.

  924. My, how I detest the “right kind” of white people. Particularly the ones who were the “wrong kind” of white people until they decided to mimic the beliefs of their misguided college professors. I’ve lost so many friends to pretense and ignorance.

  925. i think i just waisted a few minutes of my life reading this… where the hell is the punch line or epiphany?!

  926. and an international law.

    Oh yeah, I forgot, you guys don’t do that.

  927. WMD. Weapons of Mass Delusion.

  928. Hee hee. I love political theory.

  929. u r a bleak motherfucker. That shit is very very small.

  930. How about the democratic revolution? Where do u think Jefferson, Paine et al got their ideas from? Turn off Fox news and talk radio and read a book – you might enjoy thinking for yourself.

  931. u criticize because u care. U r one of people who get it. All these personal responsibility hacks don’t seem to figure out that it’s your job as a citizen to critically arm yourself and not blindly believe in simple truisms like the bullshit of the past 8 years.

    That’s what A-fucking-merica is based on.

  932. You guys below are retarded. That poem, “Man Gave Names To All The Animals” is by Bob Dylan.

  933. on November 18, 2008 at 11:06 am Jean Baudrillard

    au contraire mon ami. As my homey Marshall Mac would have said, this interwebz is one hot medium.

    Revel in the simulacra beeyotches!

  934. Flava Flav’s got problems of his own.

  935. My oh my…you certainly are a hateful little leprechaun.

  936. if u don’t get it, u don’t get it. Move on.

  937. Any straight guy that says “faggot” has got some major issues. U r embarassing dude.

    I hope u don’t talk like that in front of your kids.

  938. goddammit louie get a fucking job, now that Obama’s president, his massive bailouts must be able to get you a
    Job. i mean come on, posting at 3 am? and i am sure
    that you are going to search up your posts and respond to
    me. typical

  939. what, as far as i am concerned McCain and Obama had the exact same economic policy, bailout bailout bailout, don’t try to make obama any better than McCain. they only candidates that stood out against the bailout were Nader, Baldwin, Barr, and McKinney, not O’Cain.

  940. Excellent points made.

  941. ROLMFAO!!!

  942. I hope you are hit with a massive punch in the mouth.

  943. It’s not that spending money is what America is all about, but it is what the bulk of our economy is about. Over 70% of our economy is driven by consumers. If consumers stop consuming the economy dies. That is all anyone is saying. I don’t think anyone is saying that you shouldn’t save money, just that continuing to spend if you can helps everyone. What is sad is that so many people do not understand the fundamentals of our economic system. How can you make good decisions about what policies to support without understanding the way the system works? SCARY.

  944. Name calling is funny. Don’t be such an uptight party pooper.

  945. Didn’t like the Bush years?…he was president. Why didn’t you “Get the fuck out of the US or SHUT UP”? Oh, I get it… It only works the other way. You can whine and cry about republicans but republicans can’t say anything about liberals – DUH! PS – using “***” in stead of actual letters doen’t mean you are communicating without curse words – you used the word right after you said it was “small minded”. Typical liberal hypocracy.

  946. Typical, don’t show your ignorance like nobama….have you ever thought that all of the people who write on this blog ARE NOT IN THE SAME TIME ZONE?????

    Before you write anything again, think first…..BTW, you must need a job also…afterall, you ARE SEARCHING for my posts!!!
    …but don’t worry, Obama can find a job for ignorant people such as yourself…..

  947. I hated America a month ago.

  948. LOL….you are a two time loser…picking a libertarian with your vote….LOL….and then you got screwed royally by the Bush Administration for 8 years….LOL….and finally, you came home brain damaged because only a brain damaged soldier would support Bush…..

    You are probably so bitter because when you got home, you found out that the Bush Administration CUT funds for soldiers to get an advanced education….and guess what?…McCain supported this…….thus because you could not afford a college education, you are now showing us all your profound ignorance…..yea, cursing like a soldier really makes you look tough…..

    If you had an iota of common sense, you would shut your filthy mouth every once in awhile and READ about how the Bush administration actually treat the military…..Have you heard of Walter Reed dumbass???

    oh, sorry….didn’t want to stoop to your level…..mistakes were made when i called you a dumbass…..i meant to say that you THINK like a dumbass…..

  949. What about today?

  950. Louiecoolgato , what’s your point ???


  951. nobama’s the only one here with a lick of sense. The rest of you shitdicks are a bunch of granola-munchin moonbats who rub one out every night to a poster of Che Guevara.

  952. Now here is an example of stupidity in action…..WTF is correcting me for using **** instead of stating the actual words…THEN call me a small minded liberal…..BUT……

    HE/SHE fails to realize that WTF is a symbol for curse words…..
    “WHAT THA FUCK” were you thinking WTF???….

    LOL…..typical conservative hypocrisy……LOL

  953. I’m confused. Are you talking about the French Revolution that occured in 1789 (about 13 years after the American Revolution)? Not exactly sure how that influenced Americans unless Jefferson had a time machine. And Paine and Jefferson got most of their ideas about democracy from John Locke (an englishman). So unless you can come up with something better than this, I stand by my statement.

  954. I liked America before, and I still like it, though I’m not a fan of our president-elect.

  955. Dominic, what’s YOUR point?…..what is your question is a more accurate statement…

  956. Now I love it! Things are gonna be different now that the president has a different color skin (kind of). What we needed is someone who speaks in platitudes and makes lofty unachievable promises. My only concern: what am I going to do with all the extra time I used to spend bitching and whining about Bush? Wait…I can still blame any future problems on him right?

  957. I love America.

    I didn’t vote for him, but I hope Barack Obama does well, because, being white, I must love him – it’s the law.

    As a matter of fact, can I take back that I didn’t vote for him? I don’t want any of my white friends on Facebook knowing that I’m not aware of the struggles we have with diversity, Halloween, and vegetarianism.

    I’m just glad I drive a car which white people love – A Hummer H2 with 26″ rims.

  958. Don’t be sore.
    Sometimes people ARE judged on the content of their character.

  959. which is why I don’t vote. Presidents are like salesman… they will say whatever lies they think up, just to get the sales….

  960. Thank you. Yes, we now know the world is equal and good because Obama is in the White House. And that we’ve brain-screwed every indigent we could get our hands on to get to the polls to vote and “be a part of history.”

    Seems to me that the “historic” value of the election is that some of the most politically-ignorant people in America flocked to the polls in record numbers to vote for an unexperienced candidate of whom they know nothing about beyond soundbites and SNL skits. Wow. Take a bow.

  961. You guys, learn some french , see how this terrorist Nb 2 of Al Qaida treats Obama as a “house negro” and “convicted” for replacing “his” religion by christianity!!!

    What a joke !!! some McSame/Mchate over this blog used, ironically , to treat Barcky as Ossama Ben Laden !!!!

    Randall Mikkelsen

    WASHINGTON (Reuters) – Le numéro deux d’Al Qaïda, l’Egyptien Ayman al Zaouahri, a accusé le futur président des Etats-Unis Barack Obama d’avoir trahi ses racines islamiques et appelé les musulmans à commettre de nouveaux attentats contre l’Amérique “criminelle”.

    Dans une cassette audio rendue publique mercredi par le SITE Institute, organisation américaine de surveillance des groupes de rebelles islamistes, Zaouahri traite le futur premier président américain de “Nègre domestique” (“house Negro”), une formule à forte connotation raciale utilisée dans les années 1960 par le leader musulman noir Malcom X pour désigner les esclaves noirs restés fidèles à leurs maîtres blancs.

    “Vous représentez l’inverse opposé de Noirs américains honorables comme (…) Malcom X”, affirme le n°2 d’Al Qaïda selon la traduction en anglais de ses propos.

    Il s’agit des premiers commentaires d’un haut dirigeant d’Al Qaïda depuis l’élection le 4 novembre de Barack Obama, né d’un père kényan et d’une Américaine blanche.

    “L’Amérique, ce croisé criminel et pécheur, reste égale à elle-même. Donc, nous devons continuer à lui faire du mal, afin qu’elle revienne à la raison.

    “Seul le sacrifice de vos fils moudjahidine a neutralisé sa croisade expansionniste et criminelle sur vos terres”, poursuit-il, s’adressant à la communauté des musulmans.

    Zaouahri fait d’ailleurs allusion au père du futur président américain, né musulman dans l’ouest du Kenya avant de devenir athée. Son fils Barack est quant à lui chrétien pratiquant.

    “Vous êtes né d’un père musulman mais vous avez choisi le camp des ennemis des musulmans”, observe l’adjoint d’Oussama ben Laden, qui avait déjà usé de l’expression “house Negro” en 2007 à propos de la secrétaire d’Etat Condoleezza Rice et de son prédécesseur, le général Colin Powell.

    “Avec vous, Colin Powell, Rice et consorts, l’expression de Malcom X (…) sur les ‘Nègres domestiques’ est confirmée”, déclare Zaouahri dans son dernier message.


    Au futur président des Etats-Unis, il déclare : “La Nation musulmane a accueilli avec une extrême amertume votre prise de position hypocrite vis-à-vis d’Israël”.

    “Ce message, dont le contenu et la tonalité amère ne peuvent surprendre, montre surtout combien Al Qaïda est coupé des réalités du monde. Mais, malgré cet isolement croissant, c’est toujours une organisation qui peut causer de graves dégâts”, a commenté un responsable américain de l’antiterrorisme qui a souhaiter conserver l’anonymat.

    A l’occasion d’une visite en Israël, en juillet, Barack Obama s’est présenté comme un ami de l’Etat juif, qu’il a qualifié de “miracle durable”.

    Il a en outre assuré qu’il n’en attendrait aucune concession susceptible d’affecter sa sécurité. Son déplacement dans les territoires palestiniens a été plus discret.

    “En élisant Obama, le peuple américain a exprimé son anxiété et sa crainte de l’avenir vers lequel les menait la politique de Bush et il a donc décidé de soutenir quelqu’un prônant le retrait d’Irak”, poursuit Zaouahri, avant de s’adresser aux islamistes somaliens.

    “L’Amérique panse ses plaies en Irak et l’Ethiopie cherche une porte de sortie (…) Ne déposez pas les armes avant que la Somalie ne soit dotée d’un Etat au service de l’islam”, dit-il.

    Un porte-parole d’Obama à Washington a fait savoir qu’il n’avait pas l’intention de réagir.

    Inal Ersan et Firouz Sedarat, version française Pierre Sérisier, Pascal Liétout, Jean-Philippe Lefief et Jean-Loup Fiévet

  962. I don’t see why there is no category under the photo. It fits in well with several on this blog: “Barack Obama” “Free Healthcare” “Having Black friends” and “Diversity” are examples. Perhaps Lander found this election too monumental to be classified at all. Well, he is Canadian.

  963. Stuff White Cultural Marxist Like:

    Ironic, minimalist statements, (one photograph and one word) that convey a sense of deep understanding of a phenomenon or event, without having to actually provide an iota of evidence that you have any understanding of that phenomenon or event.

  964. Sarah et al. Sorry I can’t muster the proper cycnicism: there have been politicians, Lincoln & FDR, for example, who did deliver. Unless I’m wrong, we’re going to need Obama to be one of them, because I’m confident/scared we’re just entering a period history will record was one of the worst/most challenging ever. Highly recommend the Newsweek campaign post-mortem: clearly shows Obama is not only a different kind of politician, but a different kind of person, with the calm and insight we’re going to need. It will be OK if you decide to vote for him in 1212 sans any sense of irony: all will be forgiven.

  965. “Obama is not only a different kind of politician, but a different kind of person”

    It so much easier to ascribe ineffable, even quasi-mystical qualities to your political choice de jour. It means you don’t have to point to anything they have actually said or done. In Obama’s case this is very convenient because of the total absence of any meaningful record of achievement in office. You need to understand what Spike Lee meant when he used the term “Magical Negro”.

  966. I’d change the caption to read, “Some people’s (white liberals and angry blacks) idea of what America is. If the picture was an accurate depiction of diversity in America, Barack and Michelle would be 1/13 as tall as Joe and his wife.

  967. Jeff, you have to understand, if politicians and economists ACTUALLY take time to show the american people how the economic system work, THAT WOULD BE VERY SCARY for the population…..

    To fix this economic mess we’re in, there will have to be some winners and some losers…….millions of people will have to go without government subsidies and support (health care, retirement, pension, education, etc) for the greater good of the overall economic system….no one wants to be THE ONE to sacrifice for the greater good….not me, not you…no one…..but cuts will have to be made and WHO WANTS TO DELIVER THE BAD NEWS TO THE AMERICAN PEOPLE?….you KNOW that politicians are the very last people who will be the deliverers of this news…so what do you have??….

    Politicians trying to be as gentle with the american electorate as possible by spending their way out of this mess……this is how our political system functions….the ONE who stands up and be counted as accountable will be the one who will be voted out of office…..

    so what can you do??

  968. In reading these e-mails, I’m struck as to the arrogance and ignorance of the American public. I guess that’s why “American Idol” and so many other dumb TV shows get high ratings. It’s all pretty scary.

    I’m an Obama supporter but I don’t consider myself a “leftist” or even a Democrat. Using mainly logic, the clear choice for President was Obama. I mean, someone as stupid as Sarah Palin (her “executive” experience aside) so close to the highest office in the land should have been enough to give Obama a landslide victory.

    What’s amazing to me is the amount of ignorance so many white people have of blacks (and yes, vice versa). It’s like everyone bought into the stereotype that all blacks listen to hip hop and wear baggy clothes (actually this is more true of young white suburbanites). Or that most white people like Motown and have many black friends, but the line gets drawn when it comes to their ________ marrying one. Sometimes 2008 feels like 1958.

    C’mon people. It’s fine to disagree. But if we’re gonna all be on board the good ship USA, lets try to find some common ground so we can work together and get this country going again.

    Lets’ just try to all “get along”.

  969. Where you so “oh let’s try to get along for the sake of the country” when G. W. Bush was/is in office?

  970. In reading this comment I’m struck by the humility and wisdom of the poster. I’m deeply impressed that he doesn’t watch American Idol, which seems to be some kind of benchmark of intelligence among Democrats. I am so thankful that he has pointed out that a heavily promoted commercial popular fashion in clothing is more prevelant among a sector of society that comprises 75% of the population than it is among a 15% minority sector of the population. The posters ability to be surprised by that must be due to all of the increased cognitive capacity he acquired by taking that great intellectual step of not watching American Idol.

    Let’s not all try to get along!

  971. “have many black friends, but the line gets drawn when it comes to their ________ marrying one”

    Which is reasonable. Blacks deal with more social stigma than ________ people in this country. If your white child marries a black person, your grandchild will be half-black, and will consequently face more difficulties in life. It’s not the wisest evolutionary bet.

    This is not to be mistaken as saying that white genes don’t like black genes. Shuffle the colors any way you like, and you will see the same attitude toward any relatively unpopular social group.

    It’s funny, really, a classic vicious circle: Blacks insist that they are facing bigger challenges, and then perceive the above consequence as evidence of racism.

    I think a lot of white people voted for Obama in order to demonstrate to black people that racism isn’t as extinguishing a phenomenon as they think. Black people frequently attribute to racism actions that clearly have no racial basis. Obama will have a positive cultural impact, and this won him more votes than his politics.

    Obviously I’m speaking in broad cultural strokes, and none of this is supposed to in any way apply to any particular person. Culture is a funny thing.

  972. fuck you in the butt.

  973. “lets try to find some common ground so we can work together and get this country going again”

    Yes! We’ve already been to Somalia, Serbia, Afghanistan, Iraq and now we can get going to Georgia, Iran and Russia.

  974. What’s the difference between South Africa and Zimbabwe? 10 years.

    What’s the difference between American and Zimbabwe? 20 years.

  975. This says it all.

  976. o tom your so deep, your just so above everyone else, ooooo i worship you for you greatness

  977. uh- Misspellings with two s’s I believe

  978. I wish these mofos were in America!!! Then maybe THEY could bail out the “big 3”!!!!!

    P.S. ALLLL of you guys stilll whining about Obama really need to go out and get some pussy…get over it


  979. You guys do realize that this isn’t a white versus black election and that its simply the case that whites align more with the Republicans than with the Democrats. So saying that 57% of the whites still have some work to do to surpass racism is off. People do vote on their political ideology, it wasn’t a race between a black man and a white man. I’m a white male Democrat and am ecstatic that Obama won but to try to say that this election came down to minority votes brining up the racial divide among whites is preposterous. There are some out there, sure, but they are likely voting along the political lines anyway.

  980. The numbers are what they are…..registered minority votes along with 43% of the registered white votes put Obama over…Now you can INTERPRET those numbers any way you want to…..what do the numbers MEAN or REPRESENT….that is for the pundits to sort out….

    BUT….the United States of America is over 75% white in population, and there are more white voters than minority voters combined in this country…..and when you have the white majority voting with Obama with 43% of the total white vote, you MUST come to the conclusion that minority votes put Obama over the top…..along with that 43%….

    Simple math…….now why 57% of the white vote would go against Obama is up for interpretation also….One could argue just as easily that they voted for McCain because he is white as some whites argue that non-whites voted for Obama because he is non-white……i mean, less than 10% of all minorities combined voted for McCain….so we are talking about 90% of McCain’s supporters were white…..so who is playing the race card??

  981. lol good one dude

    that video says exactly nothing, except that americans in general are pretty fuckin stupid. i guarantee the amount of ignorance would have been the same with mccain supporters

  982. That video was posted to accompany the Zogby poll.


    This illustrates how the mainstream media focuses on all the negatives of conservatives (thus, the attacks on Palin and not McCain, who is a liberal Republican) while ignoring the egregious shortcomings of liberals, particularly Obama whom they idolize. And no, I do not think those who voted against Obama (no true conservative could ever support McCain) would have done as poorly. The Democrats registered a buch of dolts or pretty much anything that moved.

    btw, I,m not a “dude”

  983. My reply to nick’s comment was deleted. There was nothing offensive, only facts about the media. Apparently white people don’t like freedom of speech. Uhhmm?

  984. “S”, I will take a bow……thank you…

    Now get over it.

  985. Unfortunately for Al-Qaida No. 2 guy, Obama will not be offended, nor will he care what #2 says because he is used to far worse name calling from his own fellow Americans.

  986. shouldn’t this be titled “socialism”?

  987. Isn’t it the same thing if you live in America and it becomes a soicalist government?

  988. i find it strange that the libertarian viewpoint is individualism, but you can’t be very much of an individual if you HAVE to work at a certain job just to be able to have healthcare. not very individualistic is it?

  989. Don’t like America? GTFO then You stinky N I – G G – E -R (your filter will not stop me ya spoog)

  990. I am looking at this logo for this site the four pictures are: sushi dogs the beach and peppers…. There is something wrong with that? That it must be classified as “white people”

    In that case.. corn bread, chitlins, crack and the ghettos is stuffblackpeoplelike

  991. OH and most you ni|gaddies just wish you were half like Obama (which would be white) Lawls…

  992. Locke is one of the Enlightment thinkers. The others being Montesquieu, Rousseau and probably the biggest and brightest to this day Vol-freaking-taire.

    You do understand the intellectual ferment that had to take hold before people just can’t take it anymore and revolt right? Face it, that came from European (largely French) enlightenment thinkers as well as American.To say that the Am. Rev. would have occurred without the ideas of French thinkers is preposterous and wrong.

  993. i think “YEA” has been waiting his entire life to be offended by something like that(see #101), its obviously unfair for ethnic people to have a site devoted to things white people like, in fact its only acceptable for white people to criticize others by race, correct? its clear by your limited inhibition to you drop “the n bomb” that you on occasion crack a race joke when you’re with your chums-excuse me-average joes, on the other hand being white he should feel proud that there is site devoted purely to your race or does it shame you? these jokes are all in good fun and are not meant to be taken offensively, and before you just dismiss the site you should look through the headlines because i’m sure there are a few things on the list you have done, i myself am a black male and have found a few things on the list i’m guilty of… also by amendment rights there is freedom of speech so maybe if you don’t like it take your own advice and as mentioned below… “GTFO”

  994. Wow, thanks for your condescending crap.

    “Using mainly logic?” what do you think everyone else is using? Sarah Palin was not stupid. McCain asked her to serve and she did. McCain should have chosen a better candidate, but that is not Palin’s fault.

    Since you used the phrase “The good ship USA,” you must to old enough to remember that damn Shirley Temple song “The good ship Lollipop.” So you’re old enough to hear the truth. Your post was just as one-sided, condescending and biased as the people you attempted to shame. Next.

  995. OMG, marry me.

  996. Just like white people. Always trying to “one up” another white person for intellectual authority. Everyone one on this page is competing for the same goal. Of being the smartest white person on the “stuff white people like” webpage. All who read this shall bow down and kneel to the greatest of all intellectual white people.
    It’s funny, lots of people that visit this website do so for the satirical value: making fun of ourselves. I enjoy hot tea, marijuana, David Sedaris, New Balance, and expensive sandwiches. Yet as I read all these comments you people are on hear simply to ridicule everyone else. And as we speak I am doing the same.
    Stuff white people like: being a hypocrite and arguing for intellectual superiority.
    P.S. I also like I know who Barney Frank, Nancy Pelosi, and Harry Reid are. They were American Idol contestants duh!

  997. “for whom”

  998. Yeah, I mean duh, yeah that’s it. Why not, you know, you know what I mean, that’s it. You’re talking now, You know what I mean, yeah that’s it. I was just thinking and I figured it out, that’s it. Why not, it really could be that way. I mean, why not. I can tell you that is the truth and probably will be for some time. You know. There is more to it than that, but it wouldn’t mean the same thing. Then again it could if you worked at it hard enough. Who cares, though, it would not be the same. Then again I think it could be worked out. Time will tell and then again it may not.

    Tee hee.

  999. LOL! My thoughts exactly

  1000. on November 25, 2008 at 1:49 pm I love grammar.

    It’s “here”, not “hear”.

  1001. insecurities breed hate and contempt. God hates you. And so do white people and black people and christians and jews and countries and popstars and pregnant cats and toaster ovens and ipods, and your momma and fags and leg warmers and ovaries and carpet remnants and pool pumps and real people and phones and tin foil and retards and midgets and smartys and doctors and haters and clowns and your kindergaten teacher and money and i think you even hate you.

    Thanks for adding so much to the world. You for president. You have solved all the worlds problems. yeah.

    “claps hand quickly and gayly and waves fuck you*

    Let’s keep hate at the top! That is what you stand for.

  1002. OMG!!! You started out sounding as if you were an intellect, but clearly, by your destructive spelling, you are a complete ass. Don’t start out big just to look small at the end.

  1003. Buckaroo is a total douche bag!
    Tee Hee.

    And a total fag.
    Tee Hee.

    You’re a little bitch.
    Tee Hee.

  1004. louiecoolcatturd is a huge douche.

    People who say things like “I approved this message” are fucking retards.

  1005. WTF?

  1006. get a grip.

  1007. didn’t we just have all that…i.e….bitching, expensive education without experience, unachievable “ideals” (of war) and most of all…”MAKING UNEDUCATED DECISIONS ABOUT THE FUTURE OF OUR COUNTRY”…

    what country do you live in? how is it affecting you? are you conscious?

  1008. nobama osama
    you little whore

    foul of mouth
    with asshole sore

    a bitch of evil
    you’ve become a bore

    your presence, though noticed
    means naught for a score

    as you fall into a rut
    the mud will ooze into your gut

    the wheels of progress
    will push you deeper into distress

    nobama osama
    you mean nothing anymore

    nobama osama
    you dirty little whore

  1009. sofaking got into nobama’s stash

    could be WTF is going on; also could not be

  1010. Obama is not white……he is african american….
    And before any idiot with RACE ON THE MIND comes out and try to correct me, consider the following:

    His father: Born in Kenya——AFRICA
    His mother: Born in USA——-AMERICAN

    put them together:


    Case closed on THIS SUBJECT.

  1011. Ozombo is a narcissistic freak of a human being; no soul, no vision, no love for this country, OUR country. He is the mistake Amerika will learn (too late).

  1012. How funny… after living 3 years in the US, this is how I perceive all Americans. The ability to sell your country for 25cents – “individualism”… how weirdly people here understand this word. It is almost as weird as “friend”. I have yet to meet an American who understand what “friend” really is… the same goes with religion… this is why you’re so bored as people – you have no values.

    – Motherland
    – God
    – family
    – friends

    Your values are:
    – egocentrism
    – money

    and that’s pretty much it…

  1013. Yeah we understand. Three years in the US and you totally failed to get laid.

  1014. what is an Ozombo?

  1015. Remember:

    “Freedom of the press belongs only to those who own one”

    Get your own WordPress. it’s free too.

  1016. America?
    The band??

  1017. Is anyone in charge here? Do you really want to host these comments on your website? This entire comments section should be deleted. I have never seen comments as depraved as these, and that’s saying a lot.

  1018. America™, not the band, the BRAND.

  1019. didnt know where to post this…but i was totally surprised this site didnt have “Crocs” as one on the list. I for one hate Crocs, but for some reason it has become a huge fad, and i dont think ive seen anyone wearing them who isnt of the group of white people being made fun of here.

  1020. on November 28, 2008 at 4:15 pm Derek Or Perhaps Clive

    America is a bunch of cunts.


  1021. on November 28, 2008 at 4:19 pm Derek Or Perhaps Clive

    America is a bunch of cunts.

    Arsehole cunts.

  1022. Right on, James.

    To Paul,
    Me be your friend. Me like Paul. Now me give you good advice. SWIM HOME, asshole.

  1023. Wrong, you didn’t say shit.

  1024. Bad day, huh, Derek.

  1025. White people LOVE mullets … check out this mini-documentary on Youtube … it’s called “Mulletude”!….. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=34V_9NpikFA

  1026. Yeah, we’re all messed up in the head and none of us have our priorities straight. Thank God you came along to set us right and lump us all into your big, fucked up stereotype.

    Here are some of my values for you:

    1. Family
    2. Hard work
    3. Charity
    4. Independence (the ability to stand on one’s own)

    …for starters.

    I don’t want to put too much stock in “motherland” because then I’ll be accused by some jerks in other countries for loving America too much.

    I also don’t want to put much stock in “religion” because religion is what screws up a country in the first place. Heaven forbid I contribute to the forces that helped create the “mess” my country is in.

    Oh, but guess what? Add to my list of values the following:

    5. Motherland
    6. Religion
    7. Friends

    Whoops. I don’t fit your stereotype. Go figure.

  1027. Thank you.

  1028. I have a cunt and I like tacos. And it’s no so bad…

  1029. I like sushi too. and yoga and obama and old school and black people. I am a very happy white girl and the only thing that doesnt make any one happy is the hate and disapproval spewing from here.

    That dude Rodney said it best…. cant we all just get along?

    Peace on earth dumb fuckers

  1030. I live in Nebraska, so I know first hand what people are like here. I would love it if most of Nebraska went away forever. At least Omaha went to Obama so that’s a small victory I guess.

  1031. Clander:

    I guess even racists can post blogs. “STUFF WHITE PEOPLE LIKE?. Who made you the spokesman for the white global population? At last count there were about 3 billion white people populating the planet earth – all of whom (I believe) like very DIFFERENT things. I like bleu cheese but I suspect that not ALL my WHITE bretheren may share this taste for rotten milk products. And I hate jazz. Oh, by the way, I speak fluent Mandarin having lived and worked in mainland China (among non-whites) who accepted me as a fellow human and not as a white man. As a young man I lived and worked in Africa where I left a part of my soul with a people who did not understand the concept of racism. I will soon celebrate my 59th glorious year as a citizen of planet earth. Allow me to share some wisdom gleaned from years of living among my fellow humans. We are all people deserving of our place on this earth. Harm no one. Give when you can. Be tolerant of others – for they have a right to coexist. Words can hurt, choose them carefully.

  1032. That is a lot of big talk for somebody who can’t spell blue.

  1033. Don’t be assholes to each other. It sucks.

  1034. First, I consider my “life experiences” to be pretty abnormal for the “average” American, but pretty darn normal for the sub-population with whom I generally prefer to spend my time; that is to say (realistically, regrettably) educated, liberal, upper middle class, white folks.

    And, I have to say, that by in large, Lander (the author of this blog), hits the nail on the head with his stereotypes of “white people.” And, since there are so many comments on the “America” post that I can’t even find the original, I figured I’d add my two cents. I think what the whole point/goal of this site is to point out how ridiculous “white culture” is, and to open up a dialogue about it…are we really that predictable?

    Chances are, yup, we are. Now, talk about it and get mad about it and, most importantly, do something about it!

  1035. Speak for yourself.
    Black people aren’t predictable?
    Nigga, please. (a quote from, yes, a black man….ODB. word)
    I could write a book tomorrow, about the stereotypical “black people”, just as this fool has done.
    Only, I’d be labelled a “white racist”.

    Well, with “your” man in da White House, we’s can cross “white guilt” off de list.

  1036. I’m sure we’ve either protected your shithole country, or, at the very least, thrown millions of dollars to your people, over the years.
    Ungrateful bitch

  1037. You know, ‘stereotyping white people’ could fill a book also…..uh, no…..that book does not need to be written…..this blog has already done it!!

    The author of this blog even wrote a book about stereotypical white people!…and guess what?…people like YOU are one of those stereotypes, well, in your case, you are not a stereotype…you are just a bonafide white bigot who is mad that “tha man” is no longer white in the white house….

    but you’ll be alright……Obama is YOUR president too…..whether you like it or NOT….

    HA HA HA…

  1038. …and people like YOU, are what, homey?
    Yeah, you be laffin’ when the country looks like Watts, after he gets done with it.

    One big-assed welfare state

  1039. This site is uncannily accurate. I can personally attest to the truth contained herein, and I have to say I’ve grimaced as much as I’ve laughed.

    . . . Babagaloot, you clearly get your colostomy bag in a twist reading these, so why don’t you seek a more simpatico group like the National Alliance? Your shit will go down like roses there. I don’t mind — it’s kinda fun to watch the Dying Breed takin’ its last breaths — but I worry about your heart, man.

  1040. ooohhh……like it is NOW under your boy Bush??
    …If you didn’t notice, we ARE in a RECESSION…..on the Republican president’s clock…..and guess who will be in that welfare line?…….more whites than blacks, that’s for sure!!

    I’d hate to see you join the 66% of people on welfare (that happen to be white) because of you worrying about our president to be….while NOT paying attention to the one in the White House now……..

    and i’m not worried about the country looking like Watts….
    I’m more worried that the country will end up looking like Appalachia!!!….Tons of poor white people wandering and asking ‘what happened?’……

    people like you cannot see the forest for the trees…..

  1041. I beg to differ to that situation.
    It can’t get any worse, bush already dug a hole so deep we hit China, can;t dig it any deeper.
    But if McCain was to win, he would have made the hole wider.
    Obama you see, he wont be able to fix everything, he might get 1 or 2 major problems straighten out but time heals all wounds my friend and Obama will need lots of time.
    He’ll do better than that dirty old McCain and that dumb bitch Palin.

  1042. LOL BLACK PEOPLE. You guys crack me up, say something funny like that chappelle fella’.

  1043. James!…HE. IS. BACK!!!!

    Damn…there goes the neighborhood…

  1044. the Dems handed us this recession.
    “Everybody should be able to afford a house”. Stellar idea.
    no doc loans, no prooof of ability to pay.

    Let’s make it easier for people to get into some big-ass debt. Like a home mortgage ,when they only make $12/ hr.

  1045. Oh, I ain’t in a twist. I’m replyin’ to all these stereotypical
    (mostly) inaccuracies.
    This black guy went to a mall for a week & that’s his “typical white person” cross-sampling.

    I’m layin’ down my ‘typical black people’ foundation here, is all.
    Negroes will be all up in arms, calling sharpton & jackson, out of what should be retirement.

  1046. Oh no you didn’t! Now you need Obama to fix the country fine, but we who have been suffering for years still want our reparations. Never forget, and no Obama doesn’t wipe the blood off white man’s hands. Now bend over whitey.

  1047. How did you manage to snap a shot of the 4 Horsemen of the Apocalypse?

  1048. this blog and the corresponding book were NOT written by a black person or any other minority.
    it was written by a WHITE MAN.
    so please stop retaliating against blacks because you got called out by your OWN RACE.

  1049. they’re only your worst nightmare if you are a bigot or racist….well, are you either CDB??

  1050. And it is Dems who is bailing out your private industries, who betted on those loans and now are holding the bag??….And i thought that private industries (ie: Republicans biggest supporters) do not like government interference…….

    OOOH…..unless they take government money to save their asses!

    babalugatz, you are a lost soul………people like you need to READ MORE and talk less…..

  1051. That cocksucker (no pun intended) Barney Frank is to blame. If he and the rest of the Democrats hadn’t pushed for the Community Reinvestment Act, then the government wouldn’t have been forced to make home loans to folks who couldn’t afford to pay their mortgages. Now a shout out to the new President, who’s been bright enough to put back into his inner fold the deregulation nuts who pushed to this point during the Clinton years. Yes, we’re teetering on a cliff, but it would have been nice if Mr. Obama had decided not to push everyone over the edge. Can you say “one term president”?

  1052. Or if you are someone who is aware of the distinguished track record of Black men in power.

  1053. One genuine instance of blacks being smarter than Whites is their ability to understand that race traitors are more dangerous than race haters. Blacks have term for these dangerous turncoats and that term is “Uncle Tom”. Every Black man who ever became a slave in the Americas was originally sold by a Black African. According to your logic the trans-Atlantic slave trade was okay because it was an intraracial phenomenon.

    “a type of racism exists, one not necessarily rooted in ethnic differences, but rather on cultural and demographic differences, as well as location and economic status. It is expressed between communities or sectors within a racial group”

  1054. Anything can be considered to be ridiculous if viewed from a perspective designed to foster ridicule. A culture is only meaningfully ridiculous in comparative terms. In comparative terms Black culture, a culture that cannot establish a place for itself in the modern world and which cannot create a viable alternative to Western culture anywhere in the world, is infinitely more ridiculous than White culture. It is Black people who should be getting mad and doing something about their humiliating state of dependency.

  1055. Race is an imagined concept. It is something people use to exploit one another with, and blinds us from the fact that no matter what the color of our skin is, no matter our ethnic heritage we are all essentially human beings. We need to stop tearing one another down and start acting like we are…

  1056. i meant *start acting like we are human beings

  1057. U rock, i was thinking this very same thing. I feel like i have to say something witty on this blog though. Next comment

  1058. Come on James…..for every ‘distinguished track record of WHITE men in power’ you can think of, I can find an equal ‘distinguished track record of NON-WHITE men in power’……

    care to start?

  1059. “Every Black man who ever became a slave in the Americas was originally sold by a Black African…” is NOT based on fact James!
    …You REALLY should read up on the Atlantic Slave trade history BEFORE you spill out your false interpretations….

    The fact is that initially, in the early 16th century CE, Africans DID sell their fellow Africans (who happen to be enemies) to whites for the purpose of ridding themselves of that particular enemy…..by the mid 16th century, white slavers came to Africa in more numbers and higher caliber of weaponry and just grabbed any Africans they could overpower….a half century of africans selling africans, COMPARED TO several centuries of whites capturing Africans and putting them into slavery in not only Europe but the New World……..It is NO COMPARISON….

    as for your diatribe…..’One genuine instance of blacks being smarter than Whites is their ability to understand that race traitors are more dangerous than race haters…’…..On the contrary……there are so many instances of blacks being smarter than whites other than your example….for instance, by pointing out right now HOW LITTLE you know about the history of african americans in america…..

    You are STILL using those textbooks and history books dated back in the days of segregation and before…where else would you be getting these ideas….

    ….unless I’ve been giving you more credit than you deserve in the area of intelligence….hmmmmmm

  1060. wtf is wrong with you people? This cite is FUNNY and is just making fun of the whole white “feel good” culture. It is just making fun of all the things white people do that don’t really do sh*t for the world but make themselves feel better. I probably think it is funnier than some because I’m a conservative and most of the feel good culture is liberal but chill down if you’re crying “racist” on this.

    P.S. Obama blows, he’s already getting cold feet on the “tax the rich” plan (probably cause it’s retarded). Mark my words, it will be 4 years of NOTHING just like Clinton’s 8. He will put forward no groundbreaking policies and will only weaken the military. Sadly, soon the markets will fix themselves like they always do and it will be IN SPITE of Obama’s policies but people will kiss his feet for sitting in the office while the real people fix the economy.

  1061. How about the REPUBLICAN DOMINATED CONGRESS 2000-2004 who relaxed the laws (which were enacted after the Crash of 1929) for anyone to get into mortgages and buy stocks on margin???…….basically creating the same exact mess that caused the 1929 Stock Market Crash…..

    And as for the deregulation nuts you were talking about…..TWAS THE REPUBLICAN DOMINATED CONGRESS who did the pushing in the mid to late 1990s….

    Jupiter, you have a short memory when it comes to giving all the facts about this whole situation…..

  1062. You sir, are a retard. How about you think before you comment. Someone doesn’t have to be a bigot or a racist to realize Obama sucks.

  1063. Only when things happen that they agree with. Usually causes or campaigns that lend themselves to really trendy merchandise or whose mass of ideals could be condensed into a single phrase that fits on a bumper sticker which can be placed on a Prius.

  1064. on December 1, 2008 at 2:13 am xxzabriskiexx

    Dude, you’re so ridiculous. I suppose you’d really rather have a corporate gazillionaire who stopped counting his houses at 7 and plans to pass the torch to some bimbo who’s only demonstrated leadership in the talent portion of the Miss Alaska competition.

    $10 Trillion is our national deficit, do you really think this was good policy?

  1065. “By purchasing various debt instruments the government will achieve both capital and interest gains.”
    That sounds like something regurgitated from a Barney Frank speech. These debt instruments that the government is buying are nothing but soon-to-be-foreclosed or already forclosed loans (mostly sub-prime mortgages) that would never have been given had the government not forced banks to give them through the Fair Housing Act of 1977. The government won’t make any money from this bailout because few of these securities they’re buying will ever be paid back – that’s why the bailout was “necessary” in the first place. Luckily, the money will probably not be used as a bailout for Fanny and Freddie anyway, according to Paulson (who is personally in charge of the 700 billion with no oversight at all!). Unfortunately, the money will still probably not be used wisely since very little (if any) of government money is ever used wisely.

    And yes, it is socialism (or at least developing Fascism) when the government decides which businesses fail (i.e. the coal industry – according to Biden and Obama who promise to bankrupt the industry during their term) and which ones live on; especially when they do so by buying the businesses (i.e. Fanny and Freddie).

    Socialism does not imply that money is used wisely – in fact, few socialist nations have ever used money wisely. I know someone will probably bring up Sweden or some other contemporary socialist country, but they’re not doing as well as many would want you to believe. And the vast majority of all socialist and communist countries in history have failed miserably.

  1066. clever…
    Socialists are all smart. Everybody knows that the government can solve all problems. They never make mistakes. They never get involved in the “free” market and cause entire industries to collapse (oh wait – the financial sector collapsed after they made housing “affordable”). Big governments and bureaucracy always function efficiently and productively – look at India or China or Russia.
    Do you know anything about even the most basic economics?

  1067. Woooowww. That’s probably the most ignorant thing I’ve ever heard.
    Despite what you’ve probably read in the Communist Manifesto, the rich are not just handed their money. They earn it – because they’re smarter than people like you. They know how people think, how society works, how the markets work, how to make money (legitimately usually). There’s not a single economist in the House of Representatives. Someone who knows how to manage money SHOULD be in charge – not a thieving idealist.

    Maybe you should do some research on the record of that “bimbo” you’re talking about. Unlike what the television tells you to think, she’s an extremely accomplished politician – certainly more experienced than Barack Obama. Joe Biden is more experienced than she, but his political career has also been defined by corruption and scandal.

    “$10 Trillion is our national deficit, do you really think this was good policy?”
    What policy are you talking about? Our ten-year projected DEBT is now around $80 trillion. Our GDP is only around $12 trillion. Do you have any idea where that debt is coming from? It’s almost exclusively from Medicare, Medicaid, and Social Security. Yeah, war is expensive, but only a drop in the bucket compared to welfare and entitlement programs. How do you think our debt will react to Obama’s proposed socialized medicine?

    Dude, you’re so rediculous!

  1068. I think you just took it too far. Very few people (I hope) hate Obama because he’s black. They hate him because his policies and his ideas are rediculous and destined to fail miserably while taking the entire country down with them. Fortunately, he’ll never be able to implement the majority of what he wants – it’s literally impossible.

    With regard to the apocalypse, I can certainly see how many might think that recent events could be a sign of the apocalypse (I personally disagree) when compared to Revelations in the Bible. But that’s an entirely different conversation that I don’t want to get into. And don’t think that that makes Christians ignorant racists and bigots by any means. Afterall, Obama is also a Christian.

  1069. Actually, yes, it is the Democrats who’re bailing out the banks and maybe the auto industry. Who has the senate majority? Uh… the democrats… you definitely need to READ MORE. The Republican President did not pass the bailout; he just didn’t veto it because it would’ve passed anyway. And yeah, it was also the Democrats who betted on those loans – look up the Fair Housing Act of 1977. Where do you think support for democrats comes from if not from private industries? Remember those five democrats who ran Fannie and Freddie into the ground? Barney Frank only made $470 million over seven years doing it. And the idea that private industries do not LIKE government interference is retarded. Most of them LOVE givernment interference. Why do you think ther is a monopoly over industries like education, health care, and tobacco? It’s because the government sets up these monopolies and ensures their existence.
    You’re an idiot. Talk less.

  1070. on December 1, 2008 at 7:02 am louiecoolgato

    “..the rich are not just handed their money. They earn it – because they’re smarter than people like you. They know how people think, how society works, how the markets work, how to make money (legitimately usually)….”.

    ….Usually legitimately???…..sounds like you have some doubt in your analysis of rich people being ‘just smart’….

    For to be a bunch of smart people, why are these same rich people begging, and getting, TAX PAYERS MONEY to bail their smart asses out of the DEBTS that they created??

    Sorry to tell you this but….being RICH does NOT equal being smart!!!…..anyone can invest in stocks…..

    And I, for the life of me, CANNOT understand how some people (KYLE), who are in no ways RICH like the people he defends so passionately, be the first to criticize the very programs that governments are SUPPOSED to subsidize (Medicaid, Social Security, Medicare)…which is for the GREATER GOOD OF SOCIETY…….You must be a young man Kyle….but wait ….when you get over 50, you better pray that these very programs you criticize will still exist…..or you had better start looking at those old films showing how americans were living in the early 1930s…because you are gonna be living that re-run…poor, sick, hungry, homeless…..and nary a ‘rich person’ or federal government program will help your poor, sick, hungry, homeless self…..

  1071. on December 1, 2008 at 7:17 am louiecoolgato

    You, Andrew, are the RETARD….no, you are worse than a retard because some retards CAN READ….

    I stated that they are YOUR WORST NIGHTMARE if you are a bigot or a racist……now only someone who is truly STUPID will state that ‘he does not have to be a bigot or racist to realize Obama sucks’..

    stupid |ˈst(y)oōpid|
    adjective ( -pider, -pidest)
    lacking intelligence or common sense

    Now all the bigots and racists are coming out of the woodwork and are running around saying that the Obama win is America’s worst nightmare….And Obama is not officially in Office yet!…..

    ..so tell me Andrew…….are you a racist or bigot?…saying that you dislike Obama’s soon to be enacted policies is one thing, but to talk about him personally like you and CDB?…..sounds like stupidity along with bigotry to me….

    bigotry |ˈbigətrē|
    bigoted attitudes; intolerance toward those who hold different opinions from oneself

    hmmmm….see yourself Andrew?

  1072. on December 1, 2008 at 7:23 am louiecoolgato

    “…They hate him because his policies and his ideas are rediculous and destined to fail miserably while taking the entire country down with them….”

    Kyle, how can you hate a man’s policies when HE IS NOT IN OFFICE YET?…..

    Why are you not directing your pent-up hostility towards the one who is STILL in office and on his clock the country is ALREADY FAILING MISERABLY AND ALREADY TOOK THE ENTIRE COUNTRY DOWN…but without him (BUSH will come out richer than ever when his tenure is over)…..

    Give a BETTER reason why you don’t like Obama…I have a few guesses but I’d rather let you tell us……

  1073. Maybe you should re-read the bigotry definition and take a look in the mirror. Liberals are always so quick to play the race card and accuse everyone that doesn’t have the same views of intolerance. Maybe you should look up the definition of hypocracy.

  1074. please! i agree that rich dosent = smart….. but, obama’s so-called “great” healthcare program isnt what its made out to be… just ask canada… they also have free meds, BUT it is no good… sure its free but you have to wait forever to get it… i know from experience i lived there…. could have died because of it. my grandfather is moving to the US because the healthcare stinks up there. IF it works and is truly “good” i will be suprised…. and this whole “redistribute the wealth” thing is COMMUNISM. im not saying anyone is a communist, but it is one step closer to socialism… scary. he also made a statement that said that “typical white people cling to guns and religeon…” (or something to that effect). if mccain said anything to do with a “typical black person” he would have been plastered for being racist…. and the reason we (“white people”) cling to guns and religeon is because they (polliticians) try to take them away. everyone remembers we do have a bill of rights. and when is the last time a gun jumped off the counter and shot someone all by itself… take away guns and people will use knives… besides criminals will still find a way to get guns even if it is outlawed…… hello people still use drugs…. after canada made some stupid law about locking guns and ammo in seprate safes etc. home invasions actually went up because the criminals knew no one would be able to defend theirself. just some things to think about
    happy holidays!

  1075. Tell me, after Bush leaves office what are you going to do with all the free time you have that used to be spent bitching and whining about him? I know! You can think of reasons why Obama’s future fuck-ups are really Bush’s fault.

  1076. You are so much more intelligent and enlightened than anyone one else on this site. Thank goodness you are here to correct everyone’s “undeducated” opinions…maybe you should be a member of the liberal truth police – I think MSNBC is hiring.

  1077. So in 59 years you haven’t learned to take a freaking joke?

  1078. lol dude chill… this whole comment is an ignorant statement. plus learn to spell ridiculous.

  1079. But Rolltide, what alternative can YOU think of??….some health care is better than NONE AT ALL….

  1080. That is how you spell bleu cheese sweety.

  1081. First of all, you conservative types always throw words out there but when someone holds you accountable for those words, you cry ‘race card’!!!

    Maybe you should just ‘let it go’…..you conservatives did not lose, you got CRUSHED AND REJECTED by the majority of americans, black, white, hispanic, and asian….

    conservative politics are now irrelavant…..so I will let you have your weak opinions….I will move on….watch policies that you will hate be implemented…..and watch you cry SOUR GRAPES….

    Just like you’re doin now…….
    Ha. Ha. Ha..

  1082. No Jeff…..It will be YOUR TURN bitching and whining about Obama!!….I, in the meantime, will enjoy re-living the i saw your types crying and whining over the election…..and enjoy listening to future bitchin and whinin from you and your types….

    Ha Ha Ha

    Have a nice four years!!…..

  1083. Kyle, you are a typical tight assed conservative who cannot see straight when someone points out the ignorant, foolish things that you and your kind preach….

    who were the majority from 1994-2004, dumbass??….who loosened the laws which made the mess we are in today, dumbass??/….check it out……REPUBLICAN MAJORITY….dumbass

    Next time, get YOUR FACTS STRAIGHT…..D***. ..awww…nevermind…

  1084. I never CLAIMED to be more enlightened BUT i do know incorrect information when i read it……. especially if it’s false, unsubstantiated statements made out of context….

  1085. I live in the US. How’s what affecting me? Bush’s lack of carisma? The war? That shit doesn’t affect me directly.

    All in all, I’m doing great. Making more money than I ever have and enjoying life more than ever. Thanks for asking.

    Maybe it’s because I didn’t spend the last 8 years crying about shit and not doing anything to help myself. Your problem may be that you are just barely conscious.

  1086. A grip on what? Your wallet?…good call.

  1087. Do you get punched in the mouth a lot?

  1088. You do know his wife owns those right, not him. Also he is not a “corporate” employee, he is a SENATOR. Anyhow, his houses aren’t important since Obama got his million dollar house through a shady deal with a felon. About Palin though, she has more experience running things than Obama does so I wouldn’t be so quick to throw stones.

    About the debt though, the is all spending (which McCain would have cut). So obviously he DID have good policy on that. Btw, half of the federal budget every year is entitlement programs (half being about 1.2 trillion).

  1089. wtf are you talking about?
    “you had better start looking at those old films showing how americans were living in the early 1930s”
    You do realize that that was the depression right? That’s not what the normal economy is like so obviously the policies in place during that time are not needed during normal economic periods.

    Also about the Rich=Smart thing. Being rich usually does imply that you are smarter (whether it be street smarts or book smarts). You say anyone can invest in the stock market but guess what; INVESTING IN THE STOCK MARKET IS SMART! I would say people like Ray Kroc (person who made MacDonalds what it is and I don’t believe ever finished High School) are incredibly smart although they had little academic success.

  1090. Firstly, most of your comment makes NO sense.

    Anyhow, people can express their opinion on Obama all they want; He has been describing his policies for a while. Also, people have had insight into Obama’s questionable personal life for a while too (which is probably why CDB considers him to be so potentially destructive). Personally I think he is a racist with horrible policies that will hamstring our economy.

    Regardless of all that, don’t give me the “your mind is like a parachute” bullsh*t. Liberals are just as intolerant of conservative ideas as conservatives are of liberal ideas. Of course I won’t tolerate liberal ideas cause I see them as a cancer in the soul of America but that is my opinion.

  1091. wtf are you talking about either? WTF is anyone talking about on here? “Conservatives were crushed and rejected by the majority of Americans” What?! Are you just plain ignorant? Show me the conservative that got crushed and rejected. Oh wait… there was none. Liberals have put up a false and nervous grin at this win and are trying to say conservatism is dead when it obviously is not. Conservatism will break out again soon enough as a backlash to the freedom crushing liberal policies. This past election has shown that America does not want a middle of the road politician. They don’t want someone who reaches across the aisle and compromises with people of different ideologies. The American people want someone who makes a stand and gets behind a concrete set of ideals whether said ideals are retarded (in the case of Obama) or not.

  1092. God you are ignorant -.-

    “how can you hate a man’s policies when HE IS NOT IN OFFICE YET?”

    – He told us his policies

    “Why are you not directing your pent-up hostility towards the one who is STILL in office and on his clock the country is ALREADY FAILING MISERABLY AND ALREADY TOOK THE ENTIRE COUNTRY DOWN”

    – Barack Obama did more to take the country down than Bush (Obama helped ACORN sue to enforce the CRA which is the main reason for our recession. Also liberal subsidizing of farms has harmed food prices and aided economic downfall) Regardless, Bush did little to ruin this country other than NOT stripping down liberal policies.

  1093. What is a “race traitor”? Is that just Africans who sold their brothers into slavery?

  1094. Since when did people have a right to medicine? If you want it you pay for it

  1095. It’s amazing how ones opinion can start up a heated argument, bringing in racism, and insults. One is entitled to their opinion, as are all of you. But you insult on ones intellgence? You prey on typos to try and make fun of them? Seriously..talk about immaturity. Act your ages, you may state your opinion, but do it maturely, I doubt anyone would like to “talk” to a seven year old on here.
    One, if Obama fails at being president, will be because of the mess America is in right now. Obama has a huge mess to clean up and he will obviously try and do his best. But to bring in racism towards this? You should all be lucky to get him rather then McCain. Like you needed another disaster. When Obama cleans up a couple messes (if there can even be a couple) people will feel more grateful. But when he can’t clean up after Bush and such, everyone will be furious saying he was a terrible leader. He knows he has very little time to actually take care of all the trouble, and he knows that people will get angry if he doesn’t take care of one situation, or another. But he will obviously try his best, America is in a ditch right now, whether you like it or not. It won’t be capable of breaking free for a while now. What is needed is time and patience, and not ignorance, racism and such.

  1096. on December 1, 2008 at 8:01 pm louiecoolgato

    Andrew, I sure hope that you are a very wealthy person because if you’re not, one day, you WILL get sick….and you had better hope and pray that nothing catastrophic happens to your family and/or property at the same time you are sick…

    or worse yet, you lose your job and get sick….THEN you will EAT these words you’ve typed…

    Nobody CHOOSES to become sick to receive medicine…..you cold bastard….

  1097. on December 1, 2008 at 8:10 pm louiecoolgato

    Well you can have your opinion Andrew….but in the meantime, I will sit back and enjoy all those ‘liberal ideas’ that will be pushed thru the congress and signed by the president…..

    All you can do about it is sit there and TAKE IT….LOL

  1098. on December 1, 2008 at 8:18 pm louiecoolgato

    LOL….And your point being????

    The only reaching across the aisle this time will be to tap those republicans on the shoulder and give them the ‘hi-ho number one middle finger salute’…..and guess what?……they gotta take it!

    And i will say to you Andrew, gripe til the cows come home, it will not change one iota of the election results…..the republicans got pimp slapped and they had to stand there and take it….

    You just wail and bitch about your ‘the conservatives’ while i watch the democrats pass laws that your conservatives cannot do nothing about to stop passage…..

    PS: call Obama all the names you want, but in the end, he’s still YOUR PRESIDENT…..whether you like it or not


  1099. Tough shit, medicine is not a right. If I get sick then that is my luck, fate has dealt me a tough hand and I’ll take it. Life sucks and nobody owes me anything besides staying out of my business.

  1100. on December 1, 2008 at 8:34 pm louiecoolgato

    Well bend over and take it from the liberals, Andrew…..they promise not to stick it too you too deep unless you open your mouth and complain…….congressional conservatives can’t do nothing about it…..

    four years you’re gonna be taking it……so take it like a man, shut your mouth, and enjoy the ride……….LOL

  1101. Just wait till the second civil war and the liberals get taken down in a blaze of gunfire for trying to regulate people’s lives. I bet about then you’ll regret that you elected the guy who signed all those ‘liberal ideas’ that stole the freedoms that we once cherished. Mess with people long enough and they will mess with you.

  1102. You obviously don’t understand the ramifications of regulation (war). If those Dem’s do too much finger saluting then they will meet an early grave. Regardless, the political system is too complicated so likely most of the liberal policies will fail and the next president will erase them all from the books.

  1103. Do you know ANYTHING about government? All your comments seem pretty ignorant of the political system.

  1104. Obama will fail because of his policies. Bush had to clean up the mess left by Clinton and he did a poor job despite being far more qualified than Obama. I haven’t seen anything come out of the Obama camp that has any real chance of assisting the remedy of the economy. As always the economy will be fixed by businesses and consumers, not politicians and presidents.

  1105. Yea you are dead on there Andrew. Screw helping other
    people. My family and I have not gotten sick in 18
    generations, so why should I have to help pay for a single
    mother who has a baby that has the flu yet she can’t afford
    the meds. Survival of the fittest you are brilliant! Life sure
    does suck! I am so glad that I can’t afford medicine because
    the day I become sick I want to die fast and painfully. None
    of this wussy painkiller-prolonging the inevitable-hospital
    crap! We should just abolish doctors and hospitals altogether.
    Then even if you get sick, you won’t waste your money on
    paying some leech to tell you what googledoctor could have
    told you, and you can stay at home and play more Grand
    Theft Auto.

    Dang. Too bad I’m from Canada. I hate having this awful assurance that I can walk into a clinic at any time of day and
    be helped by a doctor within minutes. Stupid government, why did you create this God-awful medicare that pays for dental, optometry, prescription drugs and most surgeries!!!

    But don’t worry Andrew, I’m gunna hop on my dog-sled and come racing down to the land of the free, where all my problems will be solved! Then I will take on your wonderful, legitimate, very insightful opinion.

  1106. I second that motion.

  1107. To repeat a famous quote, “What part of the Clinton years didn’t you like, the peace or the prosperity?”

  1108. If you *seriously* think that the very wealthy in this country work hard for their money, you have your head so far up your butt that you can probably see your food being digested. Wake up, pal! They depend on sheep like you buying this b.s.! Yeah, a lot of them ARE handed their money, and at that level, you don’t need to work: you need to know how to manipulate the system. You think Cindy McCain does any work (besides stealing drugs) for the $300k per year that’s handed to her? And she’s *poor* by their standards. You seriously need to do some homework, my friend.

    And yeah, Palin is an ‘accomplished politician’ in the absolute worst sense of the word. She’s also dumber than a bag of hammers.

    A ‘drop in the bucket’ compared to entitlement programs and welfare? Pssst, Charlie, lemme let you in on something: Rush and Ann make a load of money selling nonthinkers a load of crap. Even THEY don’t believe this b.s.

    But . . . thank God the nonthinkers were in the minority this time.

  1109. Probably nowhere nearly as much as he ought to be.

    I’m available Tuesdays.

  1110. Governments are SUPPOSED to subsidize medicine and other industries? That may be for the greater good of society, but think about this. Honestly, think about it. When an individual, or a group of individuals, is forced to labor against his or her will for the benefit of another, that is by definition slavery. It may be slavery for a greater good, but it is still slavery. I think that slavery is evil no matter the end to which it is put. You may disagree that slavery is ALWAYS wrong, but that’s how I feel about it. And if that means that people get sick and die because they can’t afford a heart transplant or some other expensive treatment, that that’s fine with me. It’s sooooo easy to get health care these days without relying on Uncle Sam to hold your hand and guide you through life. I used to work PART TIME at a restaurant, and even I was offered pretty good health care through my employer for about $30 per month. Anyone who can’t afford that needs to learn how to manage money!
    Politicians (Democrats) want you to think that people are bleeding to death in the streets because the gready doctors won’t treat them. That couldn’t be further from the truth. Hillary Clinton paraded the statistic that around 36 million Americans “can’t” afford health care. That’s wrong. 36 million Americans don’t have health care currently. More than half of those people will have it within the next year (and not government health care). 5 million of those people are young, independent adults who chose not to pay for health care. Only about 2 million employed citizens cannot afford health care. We shouldn’t ruin our health care system (which is by far the most efficient and productive in the world) just to support a handful of citizens who can’t manage to make a living for themselves for whatever reason.
    And to whomever said that Canada has a great health care system, the most recent statistics from the World Bank recently came out about health care systems around the world. The median wait time for treatment of any kind in Canada is between 4 and 36 weeks. The Canadian government annually spends billions of dollars on health care in the US (because our system is better). Millions of people have treatable diseases at the time of diagnosis but become terminal by the time of treatment. Great Britain and Sweden (which both have “great” socialized health care programs) are in an even worse situation. And when was the last time you heard about a new drug or treatment method being developed in any of these countries? It’s extremely rare. The vast majority of ALL technological improvements in modern medicine come from the United States… for a reason – people pay money for the treatments, so these “evil” corporations can make a profit while coming out with the most effective medicines.

  1111. on December 2, 2008 at 5:07 am louiecoolgato

    yada yada yada……just stay in the foothills of the Dakotas, or the plains of wherever you’re living andrew, and you will be alright….

    Trust me, no one wants YOUR type of freedom these days…. the mountain man, leave me in the wilderness to die when i get sick, livin off the land, no technology type of freedom…..

  1112. on December 2, 2008 at 5:10 am louiecoolgato

    “… the political system is too complicated so likely most of the liberal policies will fail and the next president will erase them all from the books….”

    Woooo HoOOO!!……then I guess we’ll actually have a chance to get something you war mongering conservative types do not believe in: P-E-A-C-E

    You like war so much Andrew, why don’t you join the military and request a front line position in Afghanistan?….You do that, and your credibility will go up infinitely….

  1113. on December 2, 2008 at 5:17 am louiecoolgato

    I am ignorant of the political system that you are talking about!…..I am talking about the american political system, whereas you are talking about a conservative nightmare political system……WAIT……we MAY be talking about the SAME THING!

    The american political system (under Obama) = conservative nightmare political system!!……hmmmm….

    so this explains your bitterness?…..oh well….suck it up and take it like a man for the next four years…..afterall, you can’t do NOTHING about it anyway…..

    James Brown…’THE BIG PAYBACK’…..listen to it and learn………….LOL

  1114. on December 2, 2008 at 6:46 am James Baldwin

    White Americans find it as difficult as white people elsewhere do to divest themselves of the notion that they are in possession of some intrinsic value that black people need, or want. And this assumption—which, for example, makes the solution to the Negro problem depend on the speed with which Negroes accept and adopt white standards—is revealed in all kinds of striking ways, from Bobby Kennedy’s assurance that a Negro can become President in forty years to the unfortunate tone of warm congratulation with which so many liberals address their Negro equals. It is the Negro, of course, who is presumed to have become equal—an achievement that not only proves the comforting fact that perserverance has no color but also overwhelmingly corroborates the white man’s sense of his own value.

  1115. As European Americans (whites) are reduced to minority status, America WILL slide into 3rd world status. End of debate. Where we are not chaos is. Look at most of Chicago, Philly, Atlanta, Los Angeles. Violent & primitive 3rd world people are majorities there. The areas where these useless eaters live are totally uninhabitable by civilized human beings. This is the future of America – Arrested Development.

    The Russians are predicting the geopolitical implosion of the United States. This will happen solely due to economic parasitism of nonwhites preying on the white middle class. The economy is in freefall. Revolutions and major political/social upheaval ALWAYS happen under such conditions.

  1116. You are delusional if you think humans can live together without war. At what point in the history of the human race has this even come close to happening?

    Radical Islam will want to destroy the west forever. Period. No matter who is in the white house or how much we try and appease them…get a freaking clue. Or better yet, get real.

    I doubt anyone LIKES war, but sometimes you have to defend what is right and good. I guess you think the oppressive genocidal regimes and people that strap bombs to their children and blow up innocent people aren’t worth fighting…maybe if we just give them some flowers and a nice speech full of platitudes and utopian bull shit…

    It must be nice to live so oblivious to reality.

  1117. First of all when Clinton was president we were in an economic surplus are economy was striving and all bush ahad to fix was our education system…that’s it that was his biggest problem. Did he fix it? NO he destroyed it and now the US is considered the least intelligent of the developed nations. Instead our president Bush waged a pointless war looking for weapons of mass destruction that were already proven to not exist and put us in a ridiculous deficit. Our gas was at an all time high and our economy nearly collapsed. As for Obama he’s not even in office yet so don’t judge him prematurely.

  1118. Clinton added provisions to the CRA which led to the current crisis.

    About the WMD’s though, something cannot “already [be] proven to not exist”. It is impossible to prove the nonexistence of something. Bush acted on the findings of the intelligence community.

    About judging Obama; he already told us of his policies. He MIGHT be a decent president if he goes back on all his promises (which it looks like he is going to do).

  1119. Wtf did Clinton have to do with peace or prosperity?

    Peace: Clinton was behind multiple failed military operations while he weakened our military and brought the 9/11 attacks on us.

    Prosperity: The internet boom of the Clinton era ushered in certain economic growth but the extra provisions of the CRA that he signed led to the current economic downfall. Also he weakened the military which led to vulnerability that hurt our economy.

  1120. Have you thought about finishing fifth grade? They don’t allow butt sex there, but I’m sure you can find someone to give it to you on the weekends…or you could just stay home and keep rubbing it out to your Obama hope poster.

  1121. My friend was born in canada and lived there for quite a while and he would challenge that you could “get help in minutes”. Regardless, if you want to help a single mother with the flu then why don’t you just donate money to organizations that are made for that instead of stealing other peoples money to give to her.

  1122. I live in Virginia in the suburbs of Richmond so I’m not really “livin’ off the land”. Regardless, if you keep your shitty liberal policies in your cities then that is fine for me but the federal government would affect all states so I would be careful messing with those laws.

  1123. Peace is a delusion. Look at what the Clinton “peace” did, it killed 3,000 American civilians and a couple handful of military men. As long as we are number one we will have enemies and we cannot afford to strip down our military and ignore threats.

  1124. Eh, if Obama tries to push anything too liberal he is gonna catch a bullet anyhow. That is pretty much inevitable. He’s already gotten cold feet on some of his retarded policies so he might not turn out too shitty.

  1125. hey I go to school in Atlanta and really it is not that bad. yes Atlanta is 70% black and we have a bunch of hobos but East atlanta and midtown are great. but yes we have a lot of work to do.

  1126. You will always find a percentage of the population that are determined to lead good and productive lives. Civilisation occurs when that percentage grows to become the dominant force in a society or country. When “gangstas” and welfare bums become the dominant force, you have the beginnings of barbarism. America is creeping towards the tipping point between civilisation and barbarism.

  1127. False premises lead to false conclusions. White people ARE in possession of something that Black people need and want. It’s called a viable civilisation. Black people are flooding into Europe in unprecedented numbers. They are doing this to take advantage of super advanced systems of social organization that Black people have been totally unable to replicate under their own steam. It is Black people like Baldwin who find it difficult to divest themselves of the notion that they are in possession of some intrinsic value that White people need.

  1128. OK…..but here is where most of the housing crisis started. Clinton and his people signed a bill to all but demand that low income peoples would be able to enjoy part of the american dream of owning a home. Under this pressure Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac did what the bill dictated, all the while trying to resist. They couldn’t fight a loosing battle so look what happened. Thanks, democrats.

  1129. James old buddy, it is civilization. Don’t worry about that, you have a lot of bigger problems than your inability to use spell check.

  1130. “James old buddy, it is civilization. Don’t worry about that, you have a lot of bigger problems than your inability to use spell check”

    Yes! my argument is so fraught with error that you had to pick on a spelling mistake. If this is the case let’s hear your critique. I’m expecting it to be off the cuff and arriving in the next five minutes, same as your snide allusion to my assertions. Come on big boy! Let your wisdom roll, or is your intellectual Kalashnikov loaded with nothing but hot air? Clock’s ticking dumbass.

  1131. on December 2, 2008 at 1:17 pm louiecoolgato

    James, once again you reveal your lack of knowledge of all things that does not have a euro-centric foundation……For your information and education, James Baldwin WAS a famous, but now deceased, african american writer and social commentator from the 1950s-1980s….

    Just your statement “…It is Black people like Baldwin who find it difficult to divest….” proves that you know nothing of the man and his writings….afterall, you address Baldwin in the present tense……You might use the lame excuse that you were addressing the blogger, but you failed to realize that the blogger was using the actual words of the deceased writer himself…

    James, you REALLY, REALLY need to expand your intellectual horizons….

  1132. on December 2, 2008 at 1:26 pm louiecoolgato

    During the Depression, alot of rich=smart people committed suicide when they realized….”Being rich usually does NOT imply that you are smarter (whether it be street smarts or book smarts)….

    Judging a person’s intelligence by the size of their bank account is the MOST SHALLOW, and foolish way of thinking I know…..

  1133. on December 2, 2008 at 1:31 pm louiecoolgato

    Hey! your state went LIBERAL during the elections!!….LOL

    I live in DC and I just loved how some of you suburban Richmonders (the country folk) went ape shit when they found out that Ole Virginny voted against that conservative bull**** that had been put down in that state since 1964…..

    BTW, the federal government will do what is BEST for all americans, and if that means messing with STATE LAWS, so be it…

    And please call up the Dept. of Justice if you feel that your rights have been trampled on……and Mr. Holder will surely take note and get back to you as soon as possible…..


  1134. on December 2, 2008 at 1:36 pm louiecoolgato

    ohh…listen to Jeff who knows all about ‘butt sex’…..how would you know if they allow it or not if YOU had not offered your ass in the first place??

    Keep your ass out of other peoples conversations, dumbass…..

  1135. on December 2, 2008 at 1:42 pm louiecoolgato

    And with that Andrew, I will end my conversation with you….only a real FOOL would state something AS STUPID AND IGNORANT as this…..I hope you really do not mean what you just stated….the suggestion of assassination of ANYONE is WRONG…..

    I may not like your views and i may not like the conservative platform, but i would not let POLITICS take me so far as to suggest the killing of someone over it…..


    see ya…………

  1136. Here’s a thought. If you are single and don’t have the resources to raise a child (i.e. money to pay for health insurance, child care, etc)….DON’T HAVE BABIES! A difficult concept for liberals to understand, I know. Try this instead of blaming the US healthcare system for you not being able to take care of your kids – the kids that you shouldn’t have had in the first place.

    Do us a favor and stay in Canada… we have plenty of idoits here already.

  1137. Every white person of a certain age has had Baldwin pushed down their throats. I had to read “Stranger in the Village” for English class. Baldwin is a mediocre writer and was a full time professional Black man. I prefer Ralph Ellison personally. I enjoyed “Battle Royale” especially. The fact that you would even consider that an educated white person in this day and age wouldn’t have heard of James Baldwin speaks volumes about your intellectual horizons jackass.

  1138. I give you a little poke and you go ballistic. I love it. That was my intention and by golly it worked. You’re so predictable that it is no longer fun.

    In addition, how is your spell check going?

    I believe your true colors show when you can spell Kalashnikov but not civilization.

  1139. I went “ballistic”? Really” I thought that I was just requesting that you back up your lame objections with facts, logic and argument. You seem to have a problem with compliance. Perhaps you are not very clever?

    “I believe your true colors show when you can spell Kalashnikov but not civilization”

    I believe it shows that “civilisation” has two spellings, and that you are an ignorant pleb, but you are, of course, entitled to your paranoid interpretation.

  1140. on December 2, 2008 at 6:26 pm louiecoolgato

    “….The fact that you would even consider that an educated white person in this day and age wouldn’t have heard of James Baldwin speaks volumes about your intellectual horizons jackass…..”

    I would say to this: The fact that I DOUBTED that a white person (such as yourself, James), who thinks he is EDUCATED in this day and age (but by his writings, one would never guess he’s read anything that was written by a non-white) have heard of Balwin and Ellison speaks volumes about the width and breadth of your INTELLECT…….

    If doubts (and i still do) about your non-white education seems surprising to you, then go back and re-read some of your so-called intellectualisms you consider ‘witty’……they are so eurocentric, even white bread look like toast compared to them…

  1141. on December 2, 2008 at 6:39 pm louiecoolgato

    “…When “gangstas” and welfare bums become the dominant force, you have the beginnings of barbarism…”

    And tell us, under what circumstances are these….’gangstas’ and ‘welfare bums’ are created?……..You say that civilization is creeping towards barbarism in america, right?…..well gangstas and welfare bums are NOT created (nor do they multiply) in a vacuum…..

    “…You will always find a percentage of the population that are determined to lead good and productive lives. Civilisation occurs when that percentage grows to become the dominant force in a society or country…..”

    Now from your analysis, civilization is ‘good’ when the larger percentage of the population are determined to lead good and productive lives……my question is: What has made this large percentage TURN AWAY from leading good and productive lives to become gangstas and welfare bums……thus bringing our country on the ‘tipping point between civilization and barberism?’….

  1142. on December 2, 2008 at 6:39 pm no standards handout

    you are a little off base! actually you are out to lunch and dinner for that matter!! the standards are lowered for black students! special “tutors” and summer classes are given to them too! do not forget about the liberal white proffesors throwing in their own little bonus points for blacks students!! affirmitive action does not help anybody but it hurts everbody! and poor white people are not elgible for affrimtive action! what liberal fairy tale did you pull that from??? p.s. the people most hurt by affirmitive action would be Asians and when the more qualified smarter students are denied entry into med school you know who is hurt the most??? everybody who has a less or unqualified doctor who was babied threw the system and then hired on an affirmitive action basis!

  1143. James, you keep acting like you think you’re an intellectual, and you can’t do either with any hint of showing erudite tendencies let alone meaningful complete thesis, presentation of facts, and conclusions. Veridical assumptions on your part belies your intention. If you can follow my little sheep, you are basically a dumb fuck pretending badly. I’m finished with you, have a nice day.

    (The four letter words aren’t used because of my lack of vocabulary, but merely the writer’s appeal to your level of understanding)

  1144. This is so not true cuz I m Chinese and I find myself love America more than lots of white people !!! but yea good job on #116 lol

  1145. I hope the tail between your legs keeps your vagina warm Buck. Bye, bye, loser!

  1146. I don’t think that they did “turn away”. I think that a large percentage of them were born into a system of victim culture and welfare dependence.

  1147. The fact that Black America has moved from, “The Revolution Will Not Be Televised”, to “Gangsta” rap, leads me to believe that Black America has been conned. Probably by people who are not at all unlike the author of this blog Louie.

  1148. on December 3, 2008 at 5:00 am louiecoolgato

    LOL……funny guy you are James……LOL

  1149. on December 3, 2008 at 1:03 pm louiecoolgato

    “…As European Americans (whites) are reduced to minority status, America WILL slide into 3rd world status. End of debate. Where we are not chaos is. Look at most of Chicago, Philly, Atlanta, Los Angeles. Violent & primitive 3rd world people are majorities there…..”

    Tammy, explain this to us…..if the United States is three fourths white (or as you would say, European white), then how long will it take for the US to obtain 3rd World status??

    And please, for the record, define these ‘3rd world people’ who are primitive and violent in your view. And would you kindly tell us how long will we have to wait for total arrested development to occur in america……

    And when you gather up all this information, please, do us a favor and:
    write it down
    put it in an envelope
    lick a stamp on it
    …..and mail it to someone who gives a f***!

  1150. > The fact that you would even consider that an educated white person in this day and age wouldn’t have heard of James Baldwin speaks volumes about your intellectual horizons jackass.

    Never heard of the guy.

    (I’m white collar, educated, and consider myself fairly intellectual.)

  1151. The correct spelling is ‘civilization’-oops,my whiteness is showing,we DO love to correct everyone else’s grammar and spelling…

  1152. James,there is a missing comma,it should be ‘speaks volumes about your intellectual horizons,jackass’

    your welcome.

  1153. Sorry,I didn’t see that you had already corrected the spelling!I had to correct his lack of a comma though.

  1154. I am (respectfully)curious,I cannot find the alternate spelling of civilization anywhere,can you tell me what dictionary has it?I am an English teacher,so I really am curious,I cannot find that spelling anywhere..

  1155. What ‘mess’ did Clinton leave?He left behind a huge surplus,the lowest unemployments levels in YEARS,Bush inherited a GREAT job,unlike Obama who is inheriting an economic mess,and a war..

  1156. Good one!

  1157. Blah,blah,blah..

  1158. I am English. The correct English spelling is civilisation. I can only suspect that you are a stereotypical lardassed, culturally insulated, ignorant Yank.

  1159. Exactly, you have no response to facts.

  1160. Andrew,
    Your facts are inaccurate, misplaced, ill conceived, fabricated, meaningless, and not to the point being discussed. That crap you’re smoking is about the only thing you have going for yourself, but be careful; it causes you to sound stupid whenever your lips move.

  1161. on December 4, 2008 at 1:33 am louiecoolgato

    No, your lack of NOT knowing ANYTHING of Baldwin (and you call yourself “white collar, educated, and consider myself fairly intellectual “) speaks VOLUMES about your education Ken….especially if you an american…….Obviously, you are lacking seriously in american history…..Especially the period during which SEGREGATION was the law of the land…..

    Look up Baldwin, and expand your ‘intellectual knowledge’……

  1162. James, true ignorance is still believing you are correct in the face of overwhelming evidence. Christ, man, we’re just trying to help. I’ve lived in England and you’re flat assed wrong. Ore is it flate azzed wrong?

  1163. Civilization can also be spelled “civlisation.” You wouldn’t find it in an American dictionary because it’s (respectfully) the British-English form of spelling it. We rarely include “z”‘s in words, God only knows why – I’m surprised that as an English teacher you didn’t know this. I certainly know that in the states you spell words like “realize” and “recognise” with a “z” and I’m only a undergraduate student.

  1164. Oh dear! Please don’t nitpick over grammar and then write “your welcome.” It’s you’re welcome!

  1165. The arguments on this board are so white and remind me of so many of the articles on this site. Lol.

  1166. Clinton’s end of days:

    There was not an economic surplus, there was a federal budget surplus – a completely unrelated statistic. The U.S. economy was drawing towards the end of the dot-com bubble. The U.S. was still considered amongst the least intelligent of the developed nations (but its workers somehow still manage[d] to be the most productive). The U.S. military had just finished a half-arsed attempt to intervene in Kosovo. So Bush came in a kept the U.S. economy afloat much longer that it should have been through his economic and tax reforms, especially as the dot-com bubble burst, then again after terrorism threatened to shut down U.S. industry and consumer purchases. He even went to war to bring justice to the American people in Afghanistan. Bush also ran the highest-performing Labor Department since Eisenhower, expanded American principles throughout the globe (with the exception, perhaps, of the “higher intelligence” nations). And now Bush hasn’t even left office yet so don’t judge him selectively (and most might argue also prematurely).

  1167. Buckaroo:

    Your answer fails to address Andrew’s points, relies purely on ad hominem and non-sequitor, and provides no credible counterpoints, to the point of sounding petty and unintelligent. That crap you’re spewing is about the only thing sh*tty I see in this group of comments, but be careful; vomiting crap causes you to have a constant taste of sh*t in your mouth whenever you talk.

  1168. Hey, man, Global Warming is going to help a lot of people out. Don’t you remember the Postal Service lyrics:

    “…Where concerns about the world getting warmer
    The people thought they were just being rewarded
    For treating others as they’d like to be treated
    For obeying stop signs and curing diseases
    For mailing letters with the address of the sender
    Now we can swim any day in November…”

  1169. Why have you never experienced high levels of patriotism before? Are you that young, that dumb, or just that ignorant?

  1170. on December 4, 2008 at 2:00 pm louiecoolgato

    “…Bush…ran the highest-performing Labor Department since Eisenhower, expanded American principles throughout the globe (with the exception, perhaps, of the “higher intelligence” nations). And now Bush hasn’t even left office yet so don’t judge him selectively (and most might argue also prematurely)….”

    JR, you must be a Brit (the use of arse instead of ass)….but be that as it may…..I don’t think you know what you are talking about when it comes to the Days of Clinton:
    1) The US had one of the LOWEST unemployment rates in the world during his administration
    2) You neglect to state that the DOT.COM era began under Clinton…..he was out of office when the bubble burst…
    3) What do you mean that the Labor dept. was ‘the highest performing since Eisenhower’?…..If you knew anything about american labor and the labor department, SUCCESS is predicated on employment….and as i’ve stated before, under Clinton, the US had a very low unemployment rate…
    4) That ‘half-arsed’ attempt in Kosovo was not exclusively an american endeavor…you neglect to state that several european countries (france, england, germany included) were with the US during this ‘half-arsed’ attempt….so what does that say about the european countries?

    As for your revisionist historical views on Mr. Bush….let me just say WORLD WIDE RECESSION……there is no need to judge him prematurely because we are living in a mess that is on HIS WATCH….interpret it as you want, but the one who is holding the bag when crap falls out of it, is the one blamed…. and your boy Bush is the one who will be taking the fall for the mess the US is in…….low 20s% approval rate says it all…..

  1171. on December 4, 2008 at 2:02 pm louiecoolgato

    PS: all those ‘higher intelligent nations’ you spoke of……as of today, they are in a deeper recession than the US…..

    So much for international intelligence, eh??

  1172. on December 4, 2008 at 2:17 pm louiecoolgato

    “…..Peace: Clinton was behind multiple failed military operations while he weakened our military and brought the 9/11 attacks on us….”

    The missed point: Under Clinton, our military was not stretched to the breaking point (like right now), and all the so-called failed military operations were JOINT operations with our allies (Unlike under the Bush Administration, who put our military in a go it alone position, thus the high casualty rates we’ve seen since 2002)….Since these operations under Clinton were joint operations, then failure (percieved or otherwise) was not exclusive to the US…….so it is an OUTRIGHT LIE to state that our military was weakened under Clinton….there are NO military heads who’ve ever stated this…..

    PS: 9/11 happened on US soil, so how the hell can you connect our military with this action?…..This was more of an INTELLIGENCE FAILURE than a military failure…..

    “…Prosperity: The internet boom of the Clinton era ushered in certain economic growth but the extra provisions of the CRA that he signed led to the current economic downfall. Also he weakened the military which led to vulnerability that hurt our economy…..”

    The missed point: Yes, the internet boom of the Clinton era ushered in certain economic growth but the extra provisions of the CRA that he signed led to the current economic downfall….
    What you CONVENIENTLY OVERLOOKED was that Clinton may have created extra provisions of the CRA, but who were the LAW MAKERS who SIGNED OFF ON THEM….

    THE REPUBLICAN MAJORITY CONGRESS……laying the blame on Clinton only for this mess is like you going to the bank with no money and asking for a million dollars with nothing to back it, and the bank immediately gives you the million!….Clinton went to the Republican led congress, and THEY ENACTED THE LAWS that led to the mess we are in today…..as a matter of fact, they added even MORE lenient laws for their friends in business, which DIRECTLY LED TO THE mortgage debacle we are suffering from at this moment…..

    Half truths are STILL LIES, no matter how you guys try to mix them….

  1173. on December 4, 2008 at 8:44 pm Brooke Johnson

    I don’t want to get involved in this but as I was scrolling through, I noticed you said you liked “Battle Royale.” That’s just the first chapter of “Invisible Man.” ok.

  1174. nobama, you are a selfish prick whose bathes in the fact that you think you are working so hard to achive your medicore life, but are still able to complain about it. i have no idea who in gods name you are, but you seem like you never see past the four walls in you house, place of employment, or your rv that you take up north and sit in. by your logic you have these problems like “the bills” that make your life hard. well then why did you not study harder in school? maybe you just couldn’t, you hit a roadblock, there was something you didn’t understand. but wait, just a little hard work and you’ll be fine, and then everyone lives in a perfect society.

  1175. How much of your time living in England involved writing because just as labour is spelled with a ‘u’ so too is civilisation properly spelled with an s. Obviously you have incredible difficulty searching the internet to see if you are actually right, so I did the work for you: http://dictionary.reference.com/browse/civilisation
    It’s just another word in the slow bastardization of the English language, which already includes: colour, realisation, light (lite), orientated, and judgement among others.

  1176. Two English teacher arguing, I must have died and gone to hell.

  1177. My hovercraft is full of eels.

  1178. Dear Kimberly:

    In other regions of the world the ” s” is used instead of
    ” z,” (civilisation – civilization),etc.
    (Britain, Australia, Canada, etc.)

    “ou” instead of “o” (colour – color), etc.
    (Britain, Australia, Canada, most of Europe)

    Your whiteness is not showing.
    Your American ass is showing.

  1179. Was America EVER a white Nation?????

  1180. James, you’re a latent racist and have no concept of what Black America is like. For that matter, neither do I. But at least I grew up in it physically. Welfare dependence? My Man, you live in a welfare state. Do you get Rush all the way over on the other side of the Pond? Google “Ghanaian Empire.” One of the richest in the world at the time, and predates rat-bitten Eurotrash. Though largely oral, there is such a thing as African History. Civilization? Africa has more distinct languages than the rest of the world combined. Your yardstick is wanting.

    Please tell me you’ve read “Sonny’s Blues” — it’s a Baldwin short story about characters who probably become Welfare Bums.

    Watch the fucking Wire or something, for love of God. I believe it’s a post here somewhere …

    The rest of the Yanks on here are just embarrassing. The English teacher should be shot. Do you “folks” really not know that American English is different than British or Canadian English? Where’s my xanax?

  1181. I wish you a swift and untimely death. I hope you have children. Wait — scratch that.

    Eugenics has a bad rap, y’all.

  1182. Wow, land that damn thing and get OUT!

  1183. Im white and i don’t like America

  1184. Do you happen to be George Bush going by tt?

  1185. I think people are in denial in stating that President Bush is the worse president ever. You are forgetting that President Clinton was IMPEACHED albeit he held his office because of his charisma. Bush (and a 100% unanimous vote by congress) started the second gulf war to get Sadam Hussein out of power / lets forget about the so-called WMD. The real reason is that Hussein was a tyrant that killed his own people for pleasure; buried them in mass graves; and had no regard for human life. I was there for the first gulf war and i know first hand the attrocities that he committed. Imagine if you will, if someone had taken out Hitler before he became a real threat to Poland. Imagine how many lives would have been saved.

    Let’s also not forget that Johnson was the real war-monger who got us into the Vietnam Conflict (not officially declared a war) in which more soldiers/marines/sailors/ and airmen died in a single day than have during the entire 6 year war in the gulf so far

    Let’s put things in perspective folks

  1186. How could Kimberly not know that?

    My guess–she’s in jr. high

  1187. C’mon. You can’t be serious. Never heard of James Baldwin. You’re from Belarus, right?

  1188. The fact that you believe there is a “Black America” as though they all have dinner parties together is pretty revealing.

    So the tenor at our local symphony’s Messiah last night, who is black, was featured because he climbed the hiphop ranks?

  1189. “true ignorance is still believing you are correct in the face of overwhelming evidence”

    How true!


    Time for you to cut, paste and learn the depth of your own stupidity dear Bucky. It seemeth that you are, indeed, a dumbarse. Go away and stop troubling the adults.

  1190. Good link!

  1191. Yes, you did correct the comma but left a howling error with “your welcome”, so don’t brag about it!
    Anyone with a modicum of intelligence should know that “civilisation” is the correct UK spelling.

  1192. The fact that your tenor is a black person in a typically white environment, doesn’t disprove the existence of Black America anymore than the fact that my sister is taller than most men proves that men are shorter than women. That’s logic fallacy 101 numbnuts.

  1193. Google “Ghanaian Empire.” One of the richest in the world at the time, and predates rat-bitten Eurotrash”

    “Although it originated in the late fourth century, Ghana only became a major regional power near the end of the millenium”

    And long before the rise of this “great” African kingdom the “rat-bitten Eurotrash” included Aristophanes, Socrates, Aristotle, Plato, Heraclitus, Pythagoras, Euclid, etc., etc., etc. Complete Afrocentric pseudo-historical tosh! Since your major contention has been so easily put to sleep, I see no reason in wasting more of my time highlighting your many other errors.

  1194. “I am (respectfully)curious,I cannot find the alternate spelling of civilization anywhere,can you tell me what dictionary has it?I am an English teacher,so I really am curious,I cannot find that spelling anywhere..”

    Is this what you meant to write Quimberly?

    I am (respectfully) curious, I cannot find the alternate spelling of civilization anywhere, can you tell me what dictionary has it? I am an English teacher, so I really am curious, I cannot find that spelling anywhere..

    English teacher my arse!

  1195. “What ‘mess’ did Clinton leave?”

    Haven’t you seen poor Monica’s dress?

  1196. that link has a million anti-semitic comments on it and that video is stupid

  1197. Who all stole their shit from Egypt, Jimmy. Where did you get your bunk information from, stormfront?

  1198. Dude, the internet is wrong.

  1199. Here, James: “ca. 1000: Ghana Empire of Soninke peoples (in what is now SE Mauritania) at height of power. The earliest of the 3 great West African states (emerging ca. 300 CE), Ghana equipped its armies with iron weapons and became master of the trade in salt and gold, controlling routes extending from present-day Morocco in the north, Lake Chad and Nubia/Egypt in the east, and the coastal forests of western Africa in the south.” If you take Nubia/Egypt as the eastern boundary, that’s economic control over an area as large as all of Europe. As I’ve said, if Africa’s traditions were less oral, we’d certainly know about more of the continent’s “civilizations.” I won’t even start with Egypt, because you’ll probably make some predictable and odious distinction between Egypt and Sub-Saharan — “Black” — Africa. The point here is that while Europe lived in savagery, glorious cultures flourished in Egypt, the Indus Valley, and Mesopotamia.


  1201. “If you take Nubia/Egypt as the eastern boundary, that’s economic control over an area as large as all of Europe”

    So what Ryan! If the greatness of a civilisation was based on its territorial extent the Mongols would be regarded as having created the greatest civilisation in the history of the world. Where’s their philosophy, innovations, art and technology?

    “Who all stole their shit from Egypt”

    In comparison to Greece, Egyptian philosophy was primitive in the extreme. The Greeks were merely “influenced” by Egypt. The ability to absorb, develop and utilize ideas from other cultures is symptomatic of cultural viability, vibrancy and vigour. Perhaps if the Egyptians had had these cultural strengths, Egypt would not have ossified so rapidly into anachronistic redundancy?

    Who are the idiots teaching you this crap Ryan?

  1202. I hate the US of A;P


  1203. Bwahahahahaha!

  1204. It’s just two white people confirming the propaganda of this site….

  1205. OMG! Somebody finally gets it!

  1206. Confirming the contention of this site that all white people think and act the same by not agreeing? That’s Socialist logic for you!

  1207. Louie , James Baldwin was an advocate for many causes … he wa black and homosexual , his novel “Giovanni’s romm” was about the gay issue …

    He prefered Europe to America cuz less hard for black people ….

    He lived in France and deceased in NICE , south France.

    French philosopher (gay) Didier Eribon wrote about him and those who hold many “differences” .

  1208. Then it comes to foreign countries the next best thing white Sweds like to do is diss everything bad with America and the best thing Sweds like to do is love the rest.

  1209. I dislike USA from the bottom of my heart 😦

  1210. fuckass. we dont like you either

  1211. It’s easy to publicly dislike America because there is zero risk attached to publicly disliking America. To become an adept at dislike, you need to move on from the easy marks. I suggest that you start by publicly disliking Black people. If you can handle that, start to publicly dislike Jews. If you are able to avoid the ADL and the SPLC and still retain your lunch money, you are ready for the big one. You can now graduate to publicly disliking Islam! Good luck! Nice knowing you!

  1212. Summer ’97, Corpus Christi College, Oxford University. The Mongols couldn’t maintain control of their empire, and eventually, neither could the Romans. Neither could John Bull, eh? The Egyptians conquered the Nubians and various Near Eastern cultures throughout their near-3000 year history. So who’s teaching you your shit, James? On top of that, the culture evolved through the course of two Intermediate Periods of foreign rule, only to emerge stronger each time. Greece (a sometimes cooperative group of perpetually warring city-states, rarely an empire) never recovered after being conquered by Rome. “Primitive” is a neat and culturally arrogant word used by many Eurocentric persons to describe cultures that don’t share your values or traditions. Anything else you’d like to correct me about?

  1213. on December 9, 2008 at 6:06 pm louiecoolgato

    WHAT??…WHAT??…..did I hear someone say they dislike BLACK people in the room???….Hey Hymie, I think I overheard that same person say that they don’t like JEWS either!!!……AWWWW S***! Let’s kick his ass, take his lunch money AND tell Mohammad that he painted a picture of his prophet!
    …ooooh I surely don’t wanna be around that guy when Mohammad hears about that painting!!!!!


  1214. on December 9, 2008 at 6:15 pm louiecoolgato

    Fake name, How much of a DUMBASS can YOU be??!!

    Let us examine part of your stupid assed statement…and i quote:


    You say you’re ‘hispanic’…then you say ‘kick out all people EXCEPT ENGLISH….then you say ‘including NON-ENGLISH white people…’



    When brains were given out, you obviously was still sitting on the bathroom stool crapping out whatever sense you had left…..geeez……

  1215. on December 9, 2008 at 6:18 pm louiecoolgato

    Oops!….sorry James, but you just got….BUSTED!

  1216. James,

    You’re a real fucking hero. What a man. Remember the Falklands, the only war the English won without our help. Keep your mouth shut. We are busy right now.

  1217. You’re still fucking wrong. You’re English, end of story.

  1218. its funny that people can have unrelenting hate for Emericuh even though its conservative anti-intellectual government and the flag waving conservatives they actually only hate. i strongly doubt you hate every single inhabitant of Americah.

    sure Ermiricah invades other countries and bombs the shit out of everything. but the majority of Amaricuh doesn’t even agree with any of that freedom spreading. and sure there are tons of fatasses and fatasses might be the leading cause of global warming… but really, fatasses did not cause everyone to flock to Americuh to seek the high life.

    Brutal conditions in your people’s crappy homelands made them come here.

  1219. Waterloo

  1220. Rorke’s Drift makes me think of Iraq

  1221. you were instead of you WAS…

  1222. And let us not let Jimmy forget that a diminutive Brahmin lawyer dismantled the Raj by… by… by marching his people to the sea to make their own salt? By making their own textiles? By *not* fighting?!? WTF? I suppose this is Indocentric “tosh” though, eh, James?

  1223. Well played.

  1224. Maybe, but then isn’t it up to the “majority” to bone-up on current events and do something to stop all the shit our government does? If Merkins knew the intricacies of government the way they do goddamn football, we’d get somewhere. *We* are responsible, because we let it happen in our name. Where are the people in the streets? I mean, Jefferson, Franklin and the rest said it was our *duty* to stamp out tyranny if we smelled it in the Capitol — by whatever means necessary. *This* is why we have the right to bear arms.

  1225. And the thought of Isandlwana warms my heart.

  1226. Why do reactionary conservatives always use all caps? Too much Drudge?

  1227. – “Let’s kick his ass, take his lunch money AND tell Mohammad that he painted a picture of his prophet!”

    … Mohammad is the prophet (but I’m not an Islamic scholar, so correct me if I’m wrong).

    And if people hate America so much and everything she stands for, or rather, doesn’t stand for… Move!

  1228. Cheerio old chap, Ryan and Teddy,

    I’m talking big wars, for example I and II.

    It is important to note the British sense of humor. Most of you folks are, in my opinion, the funniest people on the plant. The above posts show that well, and I thank you for it.

    Now for James, this old boy needs some of that humor to show, or I’ll continue to believe he is a phony Brit. Possibly a South African import posing.

  1229. Oh yeah lets just quick overthrow the government. that’ll solve the dilemma right away. While we’re at it, perhaps we can shoot a slick music video for rage against the machine

  1230. Yes, we the people allowed and move towards issuing loans to folks who could barely afford the terms of a fixed let alone an ARM.

    Then those with sheep skins and letters after their names bundled and sold the less than AAA, (actually crap) instruments to any bidder world wide.

    When those clients found out they were backed by 25k a year 9 to 5r’s who were told they actually qualified for a 250k house, they pulled their money out.

    So now the sucking sound you hear is 750 bil + nightmare conjured up from the elusive American Dream.

    Enough blame to go around for “We The People”.

    Mmmmm, more sheep for slaughter.

  1231. pardon the mistake….

    “…When brains were given out, you obviously WERE still sitting on the bathroom stool crapping out whatever sense you had left…..geeez……

  1232. You are a sad example of lets all hate America.Who cares what you hate ,who the hell are you anyway. We all know what opinions are like …don’t we …and you are just that..Love it,try to fix it or get the F*** out .

  1233. Yep, Buckaroo is all about poking other men.

  1234. Mitch you are absolutely correct. I would not waste a lot of my time correcting louiecoolcaltshit. He gets all his info from wikipedia and then tries to portray himself as an intellectual.

  1235. Hey douchebag, I’m no fan of the english, but what war have we won without the help of the British?

  1236. I think you’ve just illustrated the problem.

  1237. The American Revolution.

  1238. War of 1812.

  1239. The means by which we choose to have constructive differences within a medium like the Web is the written English language (for those of us who speak English, of course). Therefore, proper usage and deft command are penultimate to being taken seriously. It’s not at all immature to ask that trash talking be done neatly. Seriously, how many times have you shaken your head or gotten one of those awesome diamond-point headaches whenever Dubya has a mic in front of his mouth? Improper usage undermines credibility.

  1240. Plus she has some phobia about punctuation and spaces.

  1241. Oh I’m sorry. I didn’t think that I had to state the obvious that I was talking about modern wars (like Buckaroo was talking about WWI & WWII). I guess Buckaroo is not the stupidest fuck on here after all. Ryan has now raised the bar. Congrats!

  1242. Mitch, have you ever met anyone named “Mohammad”?….Have you ever met anyone named “Jesus”???…..Did you actually READ what was written?…..

    I cannot understand WHERE did you get the idea that out of what i wrote, you came to the conclusion that America is hated……maybe you were reading into this too much??

  1243. Actually that sucking sound you hear is louie and buckaroo taking turns at the business end of their local glory hole.

  1244. Hey shit for brains. Mitch was pointing out that Mohammad was a prophet for Allah. So when you said “AND tell Mohammad that he painted a picture of his prophet!” it didn’t make any sense (like most of the crap you write). Idiot.

  1245. Well look who’s back……the original HOOKED ON STUPIDITY himself…….NOOOOOOBAMA!!!!!….

    Glad to see that you’ve opened a dictionary since we’ve last encountered……I see that you’ve expanded your vocabulary to words longer than two syllables!!……although i seriously doubt that you really know the meaning of INTELLECTUAL, or WIKIPEDIA….or even INFO…..as these words were extremely foreign to your limited vocabulary……

  1246. on December 11, 2008 at 3:04 pm Black man rather than white experienced woman?

    black dude can get elected president, but a woman? When swine defy gravity. Racism flourishes, all righty, but it’s covert, on the DL, the embarrassing private luxury of elderly honkys and parochial-minded nincompoops, an imp of the perverse the public indulgence of which is becoming increasingly difficult both to justify and to legislate[1]. It seems safe to say that if the majority of Americans wished to cling to racism as a defining aspect of their cult, last week’s election would have had rather a different outcome.

    Misogyny, on the other hand, is bullet-proof. It’s not merely tolerated, it’s openly celebrated in the American street, the American courtroom, the American bedroom, the American internet. Except for a puny consortium of bruised and contused blamers calling blindly to the Vaginatariat through mists of dime store cologne, even the victims of this oppression embrace it. Thus is it possible for American voters to view straight male Barack Obama as a human being, but to view the queers seeking some of that liberty and justice as a bunch of deviant meatsock mutations to throw under the bus.

    As mentioned earlier, heterosexual marriage is the primary unit of patriarchy. It’s how dudely power is transferred from generation to generation, and must not fall into enemy hands. Homos, apparently, are not equal enough to perform the sacred ritual of the white-veiled pussy presentation.

  1247. on December 11, 2008 at 3:15 pm Drunken pissed off Redneck

    This post reminds me of the South Park episode about illegal immigrants. My favorite line from the episode is when one redneck goes “If you don’t like America….then you can just gettttt out”

  1248. on December 11, 2008 at 3:58 pm Michelle and Mrs Biden's burden

    It was inevitable that, while listening to the radio during my semi-annual shower, I would hear an NPR analysis on the outfits worn by the presidential candidates’ wives. Ever on the cutting edge of popular culture, NPR hauled Jackie Kennedy’s ancient stylist out of cryogenic storage to canvass her edgy up-to-the-minute views on politics and women.

    Jackie Kennedy, you’ll recall, was the last genuine hottie to inhabit the First Lady title. Among her other dainty attributes, Jackie possessed, according to the stylist, “good” arms.

    Is it sexist to analyze firstladyal fashion? Not at all, says Jackie Kennedy’s stylist. Their husbands are men of action in blue-suit-red-tie uniforms, but first ladies are symbols.

    Of what? Of male dominance. Of the nuclear family, of the dutiful wife, of the absolute necessity of womanly beauty practices, of the unquestionable heterosexuality of the president. First ladies must exude, in perfect balance, femininity, self-sacrifice, motherhood, a gentle, quiet respectability, and the notion that they are fairly intelligent, but not more intelligent than the president. They do this, not just by looking the other way when their husbands can’t keep it in their pants, but by selecting their fashion designers and plucking their eyebrows with utmost care. For presidential spouses, dressing symbolically is both a science and an art. It’s “walking the fashion tightrope,” says NPR.

    What the NPR non-story neglected to mention is that, while first ladies get more news coverage, the fashion tightrope is not their exclusive purview. All women are symbols who are expected to prop up patriarchal myths by exuding perfect balances of impossible, degrading, bogus constructs.

    Meanwhile, men are free to roam the countryside, without shaving their legs or contemplating the social implications of the plunge of their necklines, doing stuff.

  1249. My my……nobama is SUCH an EXPERT on glory holes…..sort of like a fascination and obsession with you, isn’t it?…It is OBVIOUS that your mouth is so dirty because of all the ‘stuff’ that has been put in it……and I quote you: “.. that sucking sound..”….yea, you are very good at SUCKING…..in more ways than one!!!

  1250. Nobama, you have got to be the ULTIMATE in stupidity!!…If you knew anything about Islam, it is blasphemy to paint a picture, let alone create any image of the prophet Mohammed….
    …..and IF YOUR DUMBASS paid attention, I spelled the name differently, which means that i was NOT speaking about the prophet, but rather, a person who happened to be named MOHAMMAD….

    You are not only stupid, you are illiterate, and you have, as you would say, “shit for brains”…..

    Why don’t you shut your crap filled mouth, and take your comments elseware……you asswipe!

  1251. Nobama, you have got to be the ULTIMATE in stupidity!!…If you knew anything about Islam, it is blasphemy to paint a picture, let alone create any image of the prophet Mohammed….
    …..and IF YOUR DUMBASS paid attention, I spelled the name differently, which means that i was NOT speaking about the prophet, but rather, a person who happened to be named MOHAMMAD….

    You are not only stupid, you are illiterate, and you have, as you would say, “shit for brains”…..

    Why don’t you shut your crap filled mouth, and take your comments elseware……you asswipe!

  1252. You are so full of shit. You fucked up because you are a moron. And then you come up with this lame ass response. You are a fucking joke. I guess you spelled elseware wrong on purpose too huh? Its elsewhere. Idiot.

  1253. LOL! You two dumbfucks are too stupid to understand that I’m sticking up for America.

  1254. Just to repeat, my post was made in defence of the US against people who hate Americans but who would not dare to hate Israelis who wouldn’t take their shit, or hate Muslims, who would straight forward murder them, a la Theo Van Gogh.

  1255. Nobama, did your mother drop you on your head when you were hatched??…..You are the very definition of a stupid idiot!….the BEST you can come up with for a response is one misspelled word!

    Well I will spell this correctly for you:

    Got the correct spelling for that???

  1256. so nobama, you don’t like the english because a bunch of them whipped your ass when you were young???

    I bet they beat you with a full douchebag and you still have bad memories of this, eh nobama??

    you asswipe……

  1257. Crawl back into the cesspool you wormed out…..you cowardly sleazeball nobama…………

  1258. Hey, thanks for the compliment.

  1259. CORRRECTION: The ‘stupidest fuck’ on here is, by far, NOBAMA!
    ….Nobama has now lowered the bar so low that he can walk upright under a rock……congrats Nobama!…

    you asswipe……

  1260. Women’s lib is dead. Women should act like women as Michelle and Mrs. Biden do and be proud of it. Why in the hell did women ever want to be like men? Nobama thinks he’s a man and look at the way that idiot thinks. He shaves is legs to be like you.

  1261. If you hear a sucking sound it’s your asshole sucking canal water, nomama.

  1262. The British lost big at Isandlwana but came back and annihilated the Zulu for all time as a military force. The Yanks tend to start with a bang and end with a whimper. Somalia, Vietnam, Korea, and in the future Iraq, Afghanistan and Iran. You might win in Iran, however, if the Israelis nuke it and allow you to take the blame.

  1263. Louiecoolcatturd, perhaps she did drop me. Unfortunatly i did not have the benefit of a water birth like you. Good thing your mom did not flush after she shit you out.

  1264. I would but your mom changed the locks.

  1265. It’s always ALIVE until you are FUCKED , BUTT…

  1266. Damn Nobama!…..so you admit that you were HATCHED?!!…I always knew that you were chickenshit….LOL

  1267. Really? Thats the best you’ve got? You’re a fucking loser. And if i were hatched wouldn’t that make me a chicken and not chicken shit? If you are confused by the difference, shit is the lump between your ears that you call a brain.

  1268. Now l never thought I’d see the day that someone would actually argue about being HATCHED!!!!….and i quote from the mental midget nobama:

    “…And if i were hatched wouldn’t that make me a chicken and not chicken shit?…”

    And I would say to this….that i agree….that nobama IS A CHICKEN….a piece of shit chicken, not a chickenshit, as i stated previously….

    sorry for the error nobama……

    you asswipe…..

  1269. you asswipe…

  1270. Yeah cat turd I’m a chicken. What you don’t know is that I’ve done and seen things that would make you go home and suck your thumb while your mom rocked you like the whiney little bitch you are. So go eat shit bitch.

  1271. GOVERNMENT CHEE$E (GREED SUCK$) the music video

  1272. Tonya Harding,
    When did they let you out of jail?

  1273. Nobama….it is no FUN anymore talking with an asswipe such as yourself…….you are a WAY TOO EASY target to make a fool of…

    Let’s go to your additional MENTAL MIDGET comments:

    “…Yeah cat turd I’m a chicken…”….I am not a cat turd, BUT you still insist that you are a CHICKEN!….Now everyone knows that the brain of a chicken is about the size of a green pea…..NEED I SAY MORE??!

    Evidence sample number 2 reinforcing the belief that ‘you are humanity’s weakest link’:

    “…What you don’t know is that I’ve done and seen things that would make you go home and suck your thumb….”

    Now from your previous statements, we all know that you love to practice the art of using your mouth as a ‘glory hole’…thus the reason it is so filthy right now….stuff ‘cums in’….filth comes out……BUT….are you telling us that you’ve been living a life that is MORE DEPRAVED than we could ever imagine??
    ..Are you referring to the times when you were gang banged by those sheep you live with (imagine, a chicken screwed by some sheep….LOL)…..

    Nobama, quit now….while you still have an ounce of dignity… you are BUSH LEAGUE when it comes to saying anything intelligent….this is getting way too easy in making you look like the fool that you are……put your computer away, and go play with your farm animals outside, and leave us adults alone….

    you asswipe…

  1274. James says “Mmmm, this hat tastes good.”

  1275. Where is the write up? Does this article contains only a picture? Did America sensored it? What’s up?

  1276. Butt sex is not the answer.

  1277. Gender roles change about as quickly as stalactites form. Give it time.

    And homophobia? Homophobia is not going away again. Not ever. You’d have to wipe civilization clean and start over. There will always be a significant enough number of Muslims, Christian, and Jews to support homophobia.

  1278. A picture is worth 10,000 words.

  1279. You’re pretty close to Nobama, and on your good days you surpass him.

    omg seriously nobama and louiecoolgato YOU GUYS SHOULD BE COMEDIANS!! no sarcasm here, that was some fun shit man!

  1281. I let him use catsup.

  1282. WOW!!!! What an intellectual.

  1283. Oh boy, I’m moving up in the world. Please remember. I still live in the USA and you’re stuck on that wretched little island. You’ll never get ahead of me.

  1284. They are comedians, it’s obvious they’re not intellectuals.

  1285. As Elvis would say….

    Thank yaaaah……thank yaah vereh much…


  1286. *sigh*
    You are pitiful Buckaroo……

  1287. Haha.
    I was thinking the exact thing actually.

  1288. Holy Toledo, looks to me like several people need to put alil love in their hearts. 🙂

  1289. Golly Gee nobama, looks to me like someone needs to put alil love in their heart. 🙂

  1290. Wow – your comments on this have left me in awe. What a profound analysis! Seriously, you have nailed this, and I’ll have to re-read and give it some more thought. THANK YOU!

  1291. I so thoroughly agree!

  1292. “Emericuh”

    WOW! you spelled America 5 different ways! i didn’t think it was possible! we’re you trying to make a point or do you have trouble spelling America?


  1294. Yer funny!

  1295. Fuckaroo is dead. Fuckaroo should act like a chick as fatty and Mrs. Assy do and be proud of it. Why in the hell did Fuckaroo ever want to be like Louiecoolgato? Fuckaroo thinks he’s a man and look at the way that idiot thinks. He shaves is legs to be like asian barbie !!!

  1296. on December 16, 2008 at 3:10 pm Real American Male



  1297. First off, one must realize that typically the office of the president has little effect over the health of the economy. And if one wishes to sight FDR and his New Deal as an argument against my initial statement then you should endeavor to study economics more astutely. While the New Deal helped to somewhat ease the economic plight of the Great Depression, the program itself is not what lead America out of the dire times. Instead it was a combination of Rearmament against Nazi Germany and the psychological effect of the sense of hope that surrounded Roosevelt. Now to bring this full circle, it is not Obama’s policies that are going to pull us out of the recession we are in, but the “hope for better times” that is associated with him through “change.” Clinton had no real effect on the boom of the 1990’s, and while he might have left a budget surplus, he cut deeply into our defense spending and left us in a vulnerable state in terms of his foreign policy. But the financial mess we are facing now is partly his fault, and partly the Republican Congress’s fault. Clinton forced financial institutions to be more liberal in their loans for homes, cars, etc. With people now attaining loans they were not qualified to receive, you had an increase in consumer spending and credit being given to the undeserving. Now the Congress is to blame for the deregulation of business which has led to corruption and mismanagement of corporations by CEO’s. Enron is a prime example. I am not a socialist or communist; I just believe in limited capitalism, because without incentive people become unproductive and overly complacent in bettering their status.

  1298. i dont care that obama won, because i don’t think either of them (McCain nor Obama) would have been any good…

    to be honost i don’t know why people love Obama so much… because he promised change??? oh God, how original, a politician promising change, never heard that one before…

    Black people are OBSESSED with him!!! Haha, i don’t know how they can talk about white people. And, when questioned, they all say the same shit “I like Obama ’cause i think he gon bring some change to da white house!” Well no shit, he is black…

    black people voted for him BECAUSE he is black, hell, find me 100 black guys that didn’t vote for him, oh and um, they had to vote also, no non voters…..

  1299. hey im from the foothills of the dakotas. Trust me, pieces of poop like Andrew do not exist up here. We just drink a lot and farm. No thoughts of liberal hunting and general fuckery. Just tractors.

  1300. take a wild guess.

    just lower your voice and speak out the side of your mouth.


    Proper enunciation.

  1301. perhaps a world where we gather guns to destroy our government would be better then the one where we can peacefully vote every four years to remove the dicksmith in charge is one where you would like to live?

  1302. foxnews shouts so why can’t they?

  1303. you forgot hairy legs

  1304. Real good Jeff, can you tell us more?

  1305. Yep Jeff, spoken like a true intellictual, thats why McCain lose and Obama won. Dont worry, in 8 years, things can go back to normal and some other president can screw things up, but for now, give hope a chance. And for the record, I didnt care too much for Obama when I first heard his name, I thought he would be another Jackson or Sharpton and he wouldnt last pass 6 months. Then, I started listening to what he was saying and realized he is saying the truth and I believe in him. If by chance he dont deliver, I will be the first in line to vote his ass out, but give him a chance.
    By the way, who do you think should be in the white house. I will respect your opinion for now. Everyone is entitled to one, it just seems to me that you are not to pleased about a black man in the top executive office. Just alil thought or opinion. Give him a chance and see what happens and put alil love in your heart. 🙂

  1306. Enigmama,

    I agree with you fully about the above post. That ought get your attention. The truth is that I do, and I never thought it would be possible to agree with you on anything

    I still want to know what alil love is.

  1307. Yes you did get my attention buttaroo, Im glad to see there is just a tiny bit of love in your heart. Keep it up. 🙂

  1308. I don’t like what Jeff said, but there is a tiny grain of truth in it as well.

    I got this email where a Radio show host went around interviewing black people about what they thought about Obama’s ideals. Here’s an example of one of the conversations.

    “Are you planning on voting for Barak Obama?”

    “Yes, I am.”

    “Then you agree with his support of Pro-life?”

    “Oh yes Pro-Life is good, I think it’s a great idea.”

    “And you’re fine if he raises taxes, as long as it goes to a good cause?”

    “Yeah I’m perfectly fine with that.”

    (here’s the kicker) “So what do you think of Sarah Palin for Vice President?”

    “I like her! I think she’ll do a great job! I support her 100%”

    …I like Obama, I really do, but I think McCain would have been a better president in our current situation.

  1309. You dont make any sense at all…

    White Americans are a mix of all white European ethnicities. Divide and Conquer doesnt work when govt sanctioned racial discrimination against white American is in place.

  1310. put it this way. you guys are the same reason bush got elected. TWICE. Not everyone’s gonna be happy, but shit if you do the math Obama had more of a chance than anyone else at actually becoming president. america weighed the odds, and this guy didnt sound like a drunk grandpa. the real truth is that you can be cynical about people voting for obama because he’s black, but remember the ratio is still 1/43. with those kinds of numbers i think anyone would vote for the latino guy cos he’s latino or the woman cos she has a snatch (hilary), assuming they sounded like they knew what they were talking about. black people know how to call bullshit especially on our own kind (see jackson/sharpton/keyes). fuckin Nader/Gonzales? its never gonna happen…unless obama turns out to be hitler or something.

  1311. haha. I agree wiht Buckaroo–women should act like women. At the end of the day, women and men are not equal. However, neither is less nor more important than the other. We just have different strengths.

  1312. Knock this love shit off.

  1313. Put alot more love in your heart buttaroo, and a psychiatrist and Jesus and my foot up your ass some more. 🙂

    Ps HO HO HO muthafu@*a

  1314. Do you have one of those Wall Mart smiley faces tattooed on your dumb ass, dumb ass? How cute that must be. May the god of Christmas dump in your sock.

  1315. What radio show was this? What black person would say that Sarah Palin would make a good vice president, what sane person to that matter, would say that? They might have been saying that she is a good speaker, thats about it. Obama earned peoples trust, I for one didnt care for him when i first heard of him, but i listened to him and i believe in what he says. That goes for all thinking people black or white. I dare not speak for ignorant people who voted wisely for once due to them getting caught up in the excitement of the election or because a thinking person told them too unless they want more of what they have been getting. This is just the first step in a loooong walk for Obama. He was elected, he won, why are people still acting like he was elected because he was black. John (Bush Jr) McCaine was going to keep the Bush train rolling and the American Majority said otherwise. The only people who should have voted for him, and they did, was those who made over two hundred thousand dollars. Anybody else who voted for McCaine did it because they wanted to keep the white house white. Lucky for america, they are the minority. 🙂

  1316. You sure know how too mess up a warm and fuzzy moment, and yes, may Jesus dump lots of love and well wishes in my sock this year. LOL. put alil love in your heart 🙂
    ho ho ho muthaafu*@a

  1317. That’s as good as it gets. My heart is full up on love.

    What a sight, Jesus taking dump in your sock.

    Lalala, lala, la, la, la, Whippy skippy. Xmas is for merchants.

  1318. I will take the high road on you for you know not what you speak (because you are a dumb ass). Put alil love in your heart, 🙂

    hohoho muthaf@&a

  1319. butterassinarow…and …maligna alil…
    oh come on…don’t make me do puke-puke …
    xxx-mas maybe…but sanitize the cause aka sinitta krooze…
    i know that adults who believe in imaginary friends like cheese us and sony loose…are plain insane…
    bambama is a good one…maybe…but he’s not alone…
    is just another president…
    so…shit in your socks…pants…on each other…

  1320. always wantin’ a ho……shame on you

  1321. always wanting a pig to tickle, shame on you buttaroo.
    put alil love in your heart . 🙂
    hohoho muthaf*@ka

  1322. Hey whipper, I truly hope you were not trying to be insulting, if so, Learn to F*&KIN talk you freakin nit wit. What the hell are you tryin to say, I have a 3yo niece that speaks and writes better than you. I usually ignore DUMBASS post like this, but you just stood out way too much. Learn to write son, then post. Your post is not cute, it makes no sense, your an idiot (hey i dont make the rules) and Im wasting my precious time responding to an hooked of phonics reject. Put alil education in your little itty bitty, tini whini brain of yours, then work on the love. Dumbass
    hohoho muthaf*@ka 🙂

  1323. Fuck him up big boy. If you need a heavy hitter you can call on me. For now I’ll let you torment the whipper dipper. I’m always watching out for you. I do that for the freshmen.

  1324. Thanks peewee, I appreciate your concern. Im glad to see that your answer to his post is to have MY back and not stand up for yourself. You worried that this non writting butt munch will get the better of you. I understand son. Its ok. I understand this is a mans job and you are unable to measure up to the task, hence your new name, bitcharoo. put alil love in your heart 🙂

    hohoho muthaf*&ka!!!!!

  1325. Buckaroo to you. You’re the bitcharoo with that happy face, alil love and hohoho. Oh yea, I’m behind you all the way. Why would I want to be in front of a guy who just wants to look at my ass. I know what you’re angling for but you’re barking up the wrong tree, little one.

  1326. Professor Griff from Public Enemy didn’t vote for him! and neither did Cynthia McKinney or Alan Keyes they voted for themselves, so THREE!

  1327. Shut the hell up lil boy, you know not what you speak. I have better things to do with my time than to waste it writing back and forth with a dumbass like you. Oh yeah, how can anybody be looking at your ass on a computer STUPID, think before you type. Stay in your place bitcharoo and put alil love in your heart. 🙂

    hohoho muthafu*&a!!

  1328. “I have better things to do with my time than to waste it writing back and forth with a dumbass like you.”——Then, why do you do it, happy face girl?

  1329. “Anybody else voted for McCain did it because they wanted to keep the white house white.”

    That isn’t true. Most of the people who voted for McCain did it because they don’t like some of the things that Obama wants to change. You know…the reasons that really matter when deciding who to vote for….Many of them didn’t like McCain either, but at least he didn’t want to turn us into a more socialist country. I should know, I live in a state where McCain got over 70% of the vote. Black people are also nearly 40% of the population here. Most of the black people who voted, probably haven’t ever even voted before. The vast majority of them voted for Obama purely because he was black. They also like to yell “Obamaaaaaaaa!” out of their car window at passing white people. Just because you don’t like it, doesn’t make it true. That’s the main reason that they voted for him. Period.
    Personally, I didn’t even vote because I didn’t like either candidate. I had no doubts that Obama was going to win anyway. You could tell by the kind of publicity that he and McCain’s party got in the media. It was all typical political propaganda. Obama is a very charismatic man, but I also don’t like some of his plans. I also believe he was a poor choice, because of our current situation in Iraq. If he pulls out too fast, then our enemies are going to celebrate and believe that they won. This could give them the confidence to continue with attacks (which there have been. I was in the military when the S.S. Coal was attacked. We were on terrorist alert at our Naval base.) If the people there aren’t stable enough before we leave, then the terrorist groups are just going to take the country right back over. Everything we have done there will have been for nothing. All those deaths…for nothing. The man doesn’t have enough experience to handle such an important situation. Our only hope is that the men he has chosen to advise him will know what they’re doing. I’m sure they will. I think the President is mostly our spokesman anyway. He has power, of course, but not as much as the groups under him. The President is limited in what he can do, and will be highly pressured by his party. I’ve known people in small time politics. If you don’t do what they want you to do, even if it is against regulations, they will destroy your reputation and your career. I have seen this happen to someone close to me. They lied about him, placed false blame on him, and booted him right out of his position. Why? Because he loved what he did, wanted to make positive change, and stepped on the wrong toes by doing the right thing.
    With that said, I don’t blame anyone for voting for Obama. McCain had a very poor campaign. His party was designed to lose. As soon as Hilary was gone, it was all about Obama. You’d have to be an idiot to think that McCain was going to win. Campaigns are all the same. I hope he does a good job. At the risk of sounding like a typical white person, it also makes me feel good that a black man won. I mean, this is a huge success in the history of black people in America! That is something to be excited about, even if I’m not “allowed” to care.

  1330. You may want to known that only nine per cent of the US population is black.

    You didn’t vote because of all the propaganda. You were given a brain to sort through all that. There were same major ideologies clashing between the two candidates and you had a real choice. Since you voted for nothing you deserve nothing.

    Your real choice was to vote for a leader. One who has great leaderships capabilities. The leader himself doesn’t need to know all, but he has to hear all and make a decision. Then he must be able to explain that decision and guide others to the logical consequence of that decision. The more times this happens the greater the leader becomes.

    I happened to believe that Obama was the better choice. McCain is getting a little wobbly, and then there was Palin. Need I say more about a bad decision?

    Next time vote. Then you have some responsibility for what happens and not just a whining person telling us why you didn’t something. Do something, be responsible and make a difference.

  1331. I stand behind my statement Eva because if anybody making the average family income voted for McCain, they did it soley because he was white and they didnt want a blackman in the white house. Period. McCain stood for the rich and the rich only, if you looked at the people who were for him, you would see extremely rich people and people who blindly dont like Obama because he as they say, ” lack experience”. Last I checked, getting captured by the enemy and getting the TREATMENT dont qualify you for the highest office in the land. I will NEVER take away what McCain has done for this country, but I am not going to sacrifice my future on a POW who cares nothing about me.
    As you said….
    ” I don’t blame anyone for voting for Obama. McCain had a very poor campaign. His party was designed to lose. As soon as Hilary was gone, it was all about Obama. You’d have to be an idiot to think that McCain was going to win…..”
    Ok Eva, Im not going to get into a long debate with you on who was the better candidate, you said it yourself. If McCain couldnt even run a sucessful campain against a black man for the white house, how do you expect him to lead this country. Not all black people voted for Obama, those who made two hundred thousand plus didnt all vote for him. I know several who didnt. They voted for McCain for what he stood for, pro rich, the hell with the middle class and lower income. If you made less than 5 million, you were in the middle class according to McCain. I dont make that much, majority of the people i know dont make that much and I would be so bold as to say that the same goes for you.
    Obama is for the little guy, he is looking out for the backbone of this nation, the middle class. Thats what people voted for, if McCain stood for what Obama stood for,and Obama stood on McCains platform, McCain would be in the white house. He didnt and he lost.
    Black people have the intelligence to see and understand the issues at hand. Dont make it a habit of thinking minorities will just blindly vote for someone for the color of their skin, Obama was not the first brotha to run for the white house, he just stood for the right things at the right time and against the right opponent. He has ALOT to prove, give the man a chance. He may surprise and impress you, if not, I will be in the front of the line alongside you ready to vote his ass out.

  1332. Because I can bitcharoo. Im just not going to get into a long dialogue with you, I going to tell you to shut the hell up and be on my merry way. By the way, you never cease to impress me, you show some intelligence when you want too, Im proud of you son. Keep up the good work. I am sorta proud of the way you handled Eva. I will actually give you kudos. put alil love in your heart 🙂
    hohoho muthaf*&ka

  1333. Dumb ass happy face,

    I never cease to impress you, I show intelligence when I want to. You’ve got it, I’m in control of how much intelligence I put out. I just don’t have to put out much to deal with you. Why all of a sudden are you cutezying (Yeh, I make up words at will.) up to me, lil’ enigmama feeling lonely? Now go on your merry way, you’re bothering me. (I’m sure you’ll find something sexual in that statement.)

    You being proud of me is like the Pope blessing me. I just don’t give a rat’s ass.

    Here’s your challenge. See if you can follow up on your threat to ignore me.

  1334. Wow. Did someone’s online diary get mixed up with SWPL? If you’re gonna whine (poorly) at least make it funny, that’s why we read this.

  1335. on December 21, 2008 at 3:48 pm Bension Siebert

    umm, I dont know about other people, but living in Australia, I’m pretty sure that most white people that don’t live in America, hate America, or at least have a healthy dislike for it.

    It’s a bit of an oxymoron that you say white people like america, and then acknowledge that Americans get treated better overseas if they say they are canadian. Dont you think?

  1336. If they say we were doin’ wrong
    If they say we were out too long
    Well, you can say
    My arms were just too strong
    Put the blame, put the blame on me

    Felt so good when I held you tight
    Couldn’t stop when we kissed goodnight
    So if they tell us we don’t have the right
    Put the blame, put the blame on me

    What I feel is deep inside
    This is real and I won’t hide
    Go ahead and use my name
    I’ll be proud to take the blame

    You just did what I made you do
    You love me and I love you
    So if the way they talk can bother you
    Put the blame, put the blame on me
    What I feel is deep inside
    This is real and I won’t hide
    Go ahead and use my name
    I’ll be proud to take the blame

    You just did what I made you do
    You love me and I love you
    So if the way they talk can bother you
    Put the blame, put the blame on me

    A blast from the past bitcharoo, You got dumped by James, its just you and your horse.

    hohoho muthaf*@ka 🙂

    Reply to this comment

  1337. “White people strongly prefer to get offended on behalf of other people.”

  1338. That is funnier than hell, happy face. Is this true? We’ll never know because it’s an enigma. Cherio old boy.

  1339. I think this post is mostly about/dedicated to White Americans. It makes sense, then, to say that “white people” (in this case, a phrase that is perfectly interchangeable with the term “white Americans”) like America.

  1340. Erm, Obama’s not black-he’s biracial… (just thought I’d point that out.)

  1341. Africian-american to be exact Nick.

  1342. Remember your love poem about you and James, well bitcharoo, since James dumped your ass, its now a love poem about you and your horse.

    If they say we were doin’ wrong
    If they say we were out too long
    Well, you can say
    My arms were just too strong
    Put the blame, put the blame on me

    Felt so good when I held you tight
    Couldn’t stop when we kissed goodnight
    So if they tell us we don’t have the right
    Put the blame, put the blame on me

    What I feel is deep inside
    This is real and I won’t hide
    Go ahead and use my name
    I’ll be proud to take the blame

    You just did what I made you do
    You love me and I love you
    So if the way they talk can bother you
    Put the blame, put the blame on me
    What I feel is deep inside
    This is real and I won’t hide
    Go ahead and use my name
    I’ll be proud to take the blame

    You just did what I made you do
    You love me and I love you
    So if the way they talk can bother you
    Put the blame, put the blame on me

    A blast from the past bitcharoo, You got dumped by James, its just you and your horse.

    hohoho muthaf*@ka

  1343. White people outside America – hate America. At least the europeans. Trust me. So I believe this only apply to white people within the US. But in fact the white people that travel overseas – also join the club of hating america. The americans you find backpacking in South America or remote places that is. The ones on typical toursits spots I belive is otherwise

  1344. Wow! A lot of people really don’t understand what this blog is about. Before writing a comment that makes you look like a jackass you might want to figure it out. If you live outside of the United States or in rural Mississippi this may be a difficult task but good luck.

  1345. I got it the first time,big boy.

  1346. I always knew you were from Mississippi.

  1347. I don’t know why people are so rude in the comments here, but I thought I would point out: not only is Obama biracial, but his white credentials are…very white. He was raised almost entirely by white people from the Midwest. His mother was an anthropologist. Although he views himself as black and I honor that, I tend to see him as coming from a very similar background to my own (white, middle class, midwestern).

  1348. I always new you loved your horse bitcharoo,
    Remember your love poem about you and James, well bitcharoo, since James dumped your ass, its now a love poem about you and your horse. this is a lil poem about the horse riding you off into the sunset, bent over like the bi*@h that you are.

    If they say we were doin’ wrong
    If they say we were out too long
    Well, you can say
    My arms were just too strong
    Put the blame, put the blame on me

    Felt so good when I held you tight
    Couldn’t stop when we kissed goodnight
    So if they tell us we don’t have the right
    Put the blame, put the blame on me

    What I feel is deep inside
    This is real and I won’t hide
    Go ahead and use my name
    I’ll be proud to take the blame

    You just did what I made you do
    You love me and I love you
    So if the way they talk can bother you
    Put the blame, put the blame on me
    What I feel is deep inside
    This is real and I won’t hide
    Go ahead and use my name
    I’ll be proud to take the blame

    You just did what I made you do
    You love me and I love you
    So if the way they talk can bother you
    Put the blame, put the blame on me

    A blast from the past bitcharoo, You got dumped by James, its just you and your horse.

    hohoho muthaf*@ka
    merry f*@king xmas

    ps, dont you ever in your f*@king life, mess with enigma.

    I am now finished with you.

    and a happy new year!!!

  1349. Prove it.

  1350. A love poem about buttaroo and his horse

    If they say we were doin’ wrong
    If they say we were out too long
    Well, you can say
    My arms were just too strong
    Put the blame, put the blame on me

    Felt so good when I held you tight
    Couldn’t stop when we kissed goodnight
    So if they tell us we don’t have the right
    Put the blame, put the blame on me

    What I feel is deep inside
    This is real and I won’t hide
    Go ahead and use my name
    I’ll be proud to take the blame

    You just did what I made you do
    You love me and I love you
    So if the way they talk can bother you
    Put the blame, put the blame on me
    What I feel is deep inside
    This is real and I won’t hide
    Go ahead and use my name
    I’ll be proud to take the blame

    You just did what I made you do
    You love me and I love you
    So if the way they talk can bother you
    Put the blame, put the blame on me

    I just did, put alil love in your heart. 🙂

    hohoho muthaf*#ka

  1351. Amy, Obama does not have ‘white credentials’, since there is no such thing as ‘white credentials’…….He views himself as ‘black’ because white america likes to view non-whites by the color of their skin…more so than who they are…

    Fortunately, Obama does NOT think of skin color as many white people do…..He is African American….
    put them together= African American

    And fortunately, he does not view himself as a midwesterner, since he was born in Hawaii, and he is there (and not Kansas) for his vacation at this moment…….and he does not have ‘white credentials’….as you put it.

    Viewing Obama as having ‘white credentials’ is an underhanded way of saying that he is like white people who do not particularly think highly of his non-white side…..you may or may not mean to project this thinking, but most non-whites will take your statement as meaning this…

    PS: You did NOT help yourself with a statement like: “..not only is Obama biracial, but his white credentials are…very white…”
    …A non-white person would immediately ask you to define “white”….and it does NOT mean being a middle class, mid-westerner because there are many non-whites who are middle class and live in the mid-west……and while you point out his mother’s credentials, you should have found out what his father’s credentials were…..but I guess his credentials would not qualify for you as ‘very white’ (a Harvard Grad is not white enough for you??)…

    It is nice that you ‘honor’ Obama’s view as calling himself black, but it is not an honor that he, nor any other non-white would view as sincere…..

  1352. you’re right. anybody who voted for mccain is either selfish or racist.

    ps. I voted and canvased for obama, but I just wanted to point out your impeccable logic.

  1353. on December 23, 2008 at 7:16 pm ..//.//.//.///\

    The life of addicted bloggers such as louie, Buckaroo, enigma, and nobama.

    5:00 am- wake up, get on computer, defend posts made on America, Barack Obama, political prisoners, and maybe Coffee.

    8:50 am- finish typing that last defensive statement perhaps involving offensive remarks.

    9:00 am- 5pm- work hours on end at your boring office job, school, or DMV office.

    6:00 pm- return back to your computer with expensive sandwich and/or veggie burger and respond some more to comments on swpl. Continue until
    4:30 am- go to sleep and ponder why life is so meaningless that posting anonymously on a blog repeatedly offers the only amount of euphoric substance. Wake up, repeat again by responding to this comment with harsh words and attacks on this anonymous post.

  1354. Your right whatever the hell your name is, I will just call you cousin it. But, looks to me like you have no life, spending your precious time trying to figure out the schedule of people on this site. Dont you have something better to do with your lil brain than to try and figure out how to say some smart butt comment and hope that you wont get delt with. If you cant stomp with the wild bunch, keep your bitch ass on the porch and stay out the big boys way and let us do what we do. Nothing makes me more irrated than a bitch tryin to say some slick shit and then try to put a line like ” Wake up, repeat again by responding to this comment with harsh words and attacks on this anonymous post”. Darn tootin im going to say something. And for the record, I have a better job than you, drive better cars than you, have better girlfriends than you and I still have the time to put your punk ass in your place too. Its called time management bitch. Learn it sometimes. put alil time management and love in your heart, maybe, you too can hang with the big dogs, grasshopper. 🙂

    hohoho muthaf*#ka

  1355. I was talking to a British friend and in England they keep wondering why he is called African American in England people of mixed race are called ‘half cast’.
    For me I do not know what all the fuss is about, his mother is white, he was educated at Harvard predominately white and he was voted in by a white majority. One wonders if he looked like Mike Tyson or Nelson Mandella and was brought up in South Central would he have got to the White house. Yes I said it. For me I would understand the African American triumph if he had been brought up in an African American family with their culture and behavior, showing this to be the way forward for America but the reality is his Father had no influence in his upbringing other than to be a model of how NOT to behave, this would been seen in the wonderful way he treats his kids not the way he was treated by his father.
    Fact is African American people hate to admit that white people could possibly have anything to do with their ‘victory’. It should be unity between the races in the voting in of a biracial man but it has been used by black people as a personal triumph over whites. I for one believe in equality but this constant beating down of white people gets on my nerves. White people have given so much to the world, electricity, the car, the telephone, the list of inventions not to mention medicine is endless. White peoples evolution in the world is admirable to say the least. Whatever race you are how about contributing to the positive evolution of the planet.
    Obama is half white and half black whatever title you want to give that go ahead the facts remain. Personally I hope he is a wonderful President.

  1356. Obviously written by a white testosterone driven moron. You are so predictable.

  1357. For someone who thinks their sooo smart, you really are not Sasha. If one starts alil conversation, it would be uncivilized for me to not respond. You on the other hand, unless you are the one who wrote that blog, are not one of the invited guest, therefore, you should shut the fuck up and mind your damn business before i really do something predictable and stick my foot up your nosey ass. And for the record, do your damn homework, until you figure out who i am, keep your opinions and hypothesis to your self. put alil love in your heart

    hohoho muthaf*#ka 🙂

  1358. uhhh…..never been to the Coffee sight…might have to go there…

    #1. “…wake up, get on computer, defend posts made on America, Barack Obama, political prisoners…”

    I call this mental exercise….while I do not be on these blogs as long as you indicate, I will admit to the enjoy of correcting ignorant statements made under the guise of humor (which is the favorite past time of many white folk)….and you are correct, I am a teacher, but social studies are not boring….

    #2. “….go to sleep and ponder why life is so meaningless that posting anonymously on a blog repeatedly offers the only amount of euphoric substance. …”

    Not a true statement at all…..while I do get an amount of pleasure out of the verbal sparring on this website, unlike people such as yourself, my life is extremely interesting.. I know that not too many people who write on this blog are world travellers (I am)…how do i know?…read the stupid stuff they say….especially about non-whites…….I speak two languages……I live in the capital of the world, DC, thus I have easy access to information (Library of Congress), and to the the Government….I bet that most of the people who write on this blog do not even know the three branches of the US Govt….

    Finally, I am not anonymous….unlike 99% of the people who write on this blog, I’ve openly posted my e-mail address twice for anyone to write to…..I knew that people, such as yourself, would eventually bring this ‘anonymous’ bull**** up….and look who is the one who is too cowardly to even post a name…….

    I do know ONE THING from your posting….and that is….YOU are staying up at those hours….going to those posts that I’ve written on…..and READING EVERY WORD WE’VE WRITTEN….
    How else would you know so much about our writings…..THUS,
    …YOU are the very person you accuse us of being….YOU “…go to sleep and ponder why life is so meaningless that READING THOSE GUYS’ postings on a blog repeatedly offers the only amount of euphoric substance TO YOU…..


    It is ironic that you accuse others as living a “life of addicted bloggers”

  1359. “…Obama is half white and half black whatever title you want to give that go ahead the facts remain…..”

    Sasha, I do not understand WHY do white people, like yourself, are so hooked on this man’s color!!!….It has nothing to do with NOTHING!……

    Obama calls himself BLACK……he is AFRICAN AMERICAN (the same way that there are irish americans, british americans, etc)…..Obama calls himself black DUE TO PEOPLE LIKE YOU who will not let the skin color thing go!……

    what? Do you think that because of his ‘white’ skin mix that he accomplished all that he did??….HELL NO!….Obama got to where he is today INSPITE OF HIS BROWN SKIN….He knew that white people, such as yourself, would have NEVER acknowledge his mixed background had he not won the presidency….and mind you, it is white people who call him black (why? because it is WHITE AMERICAN LAW that says if you have 1/32 of so-called ‘black blood’, you are a black person

    …..White people such as you Sasha, can go on and claim whatever color you’d like, but when you look at OBAMA, show me some pale skin (other than the soles of his feet) to justify your argument..and get over it…..you sound like you’re left out of something because NOW the racial way of white thinking is being turned over to the light of day……

    Before the election: Obama was a black man to white people
    After Obama wins the election: all of a sudden he is half white half black??

    Don’t hear none of you white folk calling Halle Berry half white, half black when you talk about her!!

    ya hypocrites…..

  1360. You were obviously a bully at school get a life white testoserone moron. You cannot bully me you are not smart enough.

  1361. I remain firm in the fact that you are a moron, my blog was about African American attitude towards white people and Obama’s upbringing not the color of skin that was just your interpretation of what I wrote you need to reread you ignorant moron go snort some more testosterone.

  1362. Oh yes and by the way do not suppose what I say. I believe in equality and at every opportunity I remind people Halle Berry is also half white.

  1363. Sasha, it is obvious that you did not READ what i wrote, thus qualifying you as an ignorant, illiterate moron….with a heavy dose of stupidity!

    stupid |ˈst(y)oōpid|
    adjective ( -pider, -pidest)
    lacking intelligence or common sense

    If you had any intelligence or common sense, you would have understood that i addressed your next to last sentence, which basically negated all the diatribe you said before it…..It is obvious that you STILL don’t get it when you insist on emphasizing on Obama’s race…and i will quote you once again:

    “…Obama is half white and half black whatever title you want to give that go ahead the facts remain…..”

    It is obvious that you believe that you can write about black attitudes towards Obama…and i quote: “….my blog was about African American attitude towards white people and Obama’s upbringing not the color of skin…” (you are now an expert on black people attitudes….which is a common mistake among arrogant white people), then you end with this half white/half black sentence…as if to make your point about his race…..

    Next time you want to call someone an ignorant moron, look in the mirror….by what you’ve written…ignorant moron is engraved on your forehead……

  1364. PS: Obama WILL be a wonderful President…

  1365. God damn right.

  1366. I never said I was an expert again trying to put words into my mouth that would be the testosterone talking and you homing in on one sentence of the whole blog would be your ignorance talking trying to manipulate the intention. You are single minded and ignorant. This is useless I am corresponding to a chemical rushing around your brain that you have snorted the whole of your life. You are the one with the insistence.
    Let me give you an example of your stupidity your username ‘Louiecoolgato’ Louie mispelled french name (he likes to claim Italian) cool something you have wet dreams about and gato a chocolate cake you mispelled get over yourself testosterone junky boy.

  1367. I have better things to do with my time than to school a dumbass like yourself. Im not a bully, Im a masked crusader for the weak and pitiful like yourself. Obviously your dumb ass dont read the blogs of whom I am responding too or you would not be attempting to judge me. Unless ofcourse, you agree with those assholes, and in that case, you too are a mean spirited ass and you too shall feel the venom of my keypad. Choose your battles wisely chipmonk, we be wicked over herre. put alil love in your heart 🙂

    hohoho muthaf*#ka

  1368. Sasha, you must be on your PERIOD because you have this fascination with testosterone!!

    First of all, I will say to you like I’ve said to many others who write BEFORE they think…..OWN up to your words if you do not want them to be used against you…..in other words, write what you mean DUMBASS….if you don’t want misinterpretation of your intention, then write your intentions more clearly…this may be a problem for you since you are in a hormone imbalance, testosterone craving, ‘period’ suffering stage at this moment…..

    Secondly, if you did not want to project your ignorance, you should have said, “In my opinion, African American attitudes…etc”…but you did not….thus you opened yourself to be accused of being an idiot (in your case, it is not an accusation, it is a FACT), since you are neither african american, nor are you an expert on african american opinions…

    Third, I KNOW what my user name means, but in your rush to exhibit your enhanced STUPIDITY, you make wild conclusions as to what the name means…..try this on for size, mental midget:

    Louie-just a name
    cool-as in, not warm
    gato-cat in spanish

    Now let me give you something to think about hot flash Sasha:
    an ignorant, illiterate moron….with a heavy dose of stupidity! Come back and when your hormone level comes down…..

  1369. ….write next time with the use of periods at the end of your sentences…..the last paragraph of your latest rant is proof that you were in a hormone imbalance, testosterone craving, ‘period’ suffering stage…..

  1370. I am not arguing semantics. You are sexist and testoserone driven, never mind angry, you must suffer from the angry inch syndrome. I am not going to write here with you, I require intelligent banter at least not a tirade of angry woman hating blurb. One thing is for sure you love the sound of your own voice. Why use one sentence when you can use six or seven eh?
    So go ahead tesosterone boy I am giving you the last word. See what your ego driven mania can conjour up. I spot some other fish to fry.

  1371. louie + Buckaroo , good people . you have more in common than to be opposites ! hein guys ?

    happy christmas .

    Ps : including Buck’s “horse” and louie ‘ s kid !

  1372. hahahahahaha.
    The hilarity of this website comes not from the actual blogs, but from these stupid arguments… the site owner must be pissing his pants laughing at all of this because I sure am.

  1373. #200
    politics and pretending to not like politicians

  1374. I would have to agree anon, I get a good chuckle everytime I come here and read what folks have to say. I also enjoy forcing certain ones to defend their not so loving statements. It makes me feel warm and fuzzy to shut down all the bull that they project, and those who decide to put their two sense into a lil debate become a statistic, collateral damage, a casualty of war. LOL. I dont make the rules. 🙂

  1375. It is unfortunate that your little mind equate everything with anger, sex, testosterone, Sasha…

    I am not the angry one….YOU are the one to start this name calling, thus it is obvious that you are the angry one….I merely gave back to you what you started…..and I always finish what i started….

    While it is gracious of you to give me the last word, it does not negate the fact that you could not own up to your words….so I will end this dialogue with a….

    Happy Holidays!!

    PS: I am glad you calmed down….you did not call me names!.. that is a good start….

  1376. God damn right!

  1377. Christmas Morning

    Large flakes of new fallen snow
    On freshly tossed hay
    The horses nosing in deep
    To find the morsel more sweet

    With steaming vapor
    From their nostrils
    And new fallen crystals
    Melting on their withers
    Again as in past winters

    Christmas has come

  1378. on December 25, 2008 at 3:53 pm A guy from Europe

    sometimes buck , you look … euh poet , right man!

  1379. Who was our best president???

    Vote and see the surprising results!!


  1380. Humm james , such a clever guy ! you were kicked back , you hide, when you appear , you bring us one of your so “intelligent” pearls !!

    So , you intend to “juge” barcky BEFORE he got the office ? wow , james you are the most intelligent guy in the world !!!

    and see the biais : putting in the list newly elected barcky with such historical presidents such Jefferson, Lincoln (barcky admires him btw …) Roosevelt ….

    You “forgot” such anonymous like Gerald Ford, or a guy like Nixon … or those forgotten president of the XIX century ..

    I tried to find some intelligence or ligic by reading your different posts .

    My conclusion : definitely , you are lost ! Shame !!

  1381. Your right, bias survey by James the loser.

  1382. If you want to accomplish your goals, get there honestly. Deceit is dishonest and damn few ever got to their goals by being dishonest. Those who do are found out and then disgraced. Ask old George Bush, Americas most laughed at president.

    James, you need some self examination. You’re living a lie.

  1383. Why was the title of this post changed from “Barack Obama” to “America?”

  1384. To answer your question: Obama’s Nation is America.

  1385. on December 28, 2008 at 4:02 pm fat and not so handsome

    Hey, what’s up shrimp dick?

  1386. You guys of all creeds , what’s your point about this controversial song ?

  1387. Republican contest marred by Obama songEwen MacAskill in Washington The Guardian, Monday 29 December 2008

    An offensive, racially tinged song entitled Barack the Magic Negro has become an issue in the battle for the leadership of the Republican party.

    The song was included in a CD distributed by Chip Saltman, who is seeking to be elected the next party chairman.

    Saltman, former campaign manager for Mike Huckabee, the former Arkansas governor who fought unsuccessfully for the Republican presidential nomination this year, sent out the CD as a Christmas present to party members. It is a compilation of songs critical of liberals entitled We Hate the US.

    He defended his move, saying that anyone listening to it would know it was intended to be light-hearted and satirical, and the row had been created by the liberal media.

    But his main rival for the post, Mike Duncan, the present incumbent, issued a statement saying: “The 2008 election was a wake-up call for Republicans to reach out and bring more people into our party. I am shocked and appalled that anyone would think this is appropriate, as it clearly does not move us in the right direction.”

    The song gained prominence last year when Rush Limbaugh, the rightwing radio show host, began airing it.

    Duncan was not the only Republican critic. Saul Anuzis, the Republican chairman in Michigan, said: “In my opinion, this isn’t funny and it’s in bad taste.”

    He added that anything that painted the Republican party “as being motivated in our criticism of president-elect Obama by anything other than a difference in philosophy does a disservice to our party.”

  1388. The song may be controversial to some Selma, but this is a song coming from the sore losers end of our democratic system….The republicans are known race baiters, they hate poor people of any color, and they are hypocrites…..Look at the people ran for president on the republican side….all of them, with the exception of Romney, traded in their first or second wife for a younger version….and they had the nerve to run on family values….

    As for any policy that helps the poor, the republicans are ALWAYS against it….BUT…..when their rich constituents get into financial trouble, who has to bail them out??…..the very government they want to shrink and hold in contempt when it is helping the least of us….the proof??….Well all i have to say is $700 billion bailout!!

    Finally, when you look at the US map on how america voted during the presidential election, you will immediately see that all of middle america and states with a minimal amount of minorities voted OVERWHELMINGLY against Obama….of the white registered voters, 57% voted against Obama…but thank goodness that 43% of over 100 million whites was a big enough number for CHANGE (along with the overwhelming non-white support)…

    As for this song, I, for one, am not surprised…it is not really a controversial song……It is a song from LOSERS, thus not worthy of lots of attention……and it has not been given alot of attention, except where there are lots of losers……uh, sorry…. conservatives (ie: Fox, Limbaugh, etc) leaning media…

    ….It is the ONLY way they can get attention these days!!

  1389. Obama won the Iowa primary which launched his campaign, and there ain’t nothing whiter or more in the middle of the US than Iowa. Give a white guy a chance.

    Wait four years to the next election. If Obama does well (he will) the whites will go crazy for him. That’s the same thing a black person will do. Once they trust a white guy (Clinton) they go for him/her 90 per cent..

  1390. Thanks louie for the info , happy christmas(it’s not too late) and happy new year .

  1391. Buckaroo , got it . people of good will see facts and results .
    hope our friend james will get real . happy new year and thanks for the christmas poem , anybody to put music on ? some song else than santa baby ?

  1392. Oops , forgot to mention the source (of the article) , daily guardian , United Kingdom , 29 december .

    All my excuses !!!

  1393. Yeh, let’s call it Omerica.

    That little comment ought to get the racists, Republicans, and racist Republicans wound up tight. Have at it.

  1394. Hehe Funny video. Thanks for sharing.

  1395. This post is lazy.

  1396. on January 2, 2009 at 12:51 pm Blacks and whites

    James meredith , the black , VOTED , for …. David Duke of …. KKK!!!!

  1397. This song has been played widely across the US for better than a year and i thought it to be, “not to clever”, satire for the most part.

    The “We are superior” crowd have socially engineered the “Magic Negro”: clean cut, articulate, has a degree and wears a tie, married, lives with his children and wears his pants above the crack in his ass.

    And as usual, still not satisfied and no exit strategy back to the ’50’s.

  1398. on January 2, 2009 at 4:21 pm louiecoolgato

    So what? He is an american citizen and he can vote for whoever he chooses to vote for…..

  1399. on January 2, 2009 at 4:30 pm blacks and whites

    “So what?” ????

    I said , a BLACK man VOTED for David Duke …. of KU KUX KLAN !!!!!

    So what ?????????????????????????

    Google david duke … see his anti black racism …

    Louiecoolgato : ARE YOU ON DRUGS ???? did you smoke something ????

  1400. ITA with this whole post! By societal standards Barack Obama is Black period. Until whites start embracing mixed race people (mixed people who are part white) as a whole this will never change.

  1401. “Before the election: Obama was a black man to white people
    After Obama wins the election: all of a sudden he is half white half black??

    Don’t hear none of you white folk calling Halle Berry half white, half black when you talk about her!!

    ya hypocrites…..”

    OMG I love you for this post. You took the words right out of my mouth, It is so true!. I have noticed this a lot. The man is Black end of story.

  1402. I believe this to be true.

  1403. “you’re right. anybody who voted for mccain is either selfish or racist.”

    Point blank.

  1404. What the hell do you expect? You act as if that is a bad thing, hello 43/1. Of course black people are excited. Quite obviously you are not Black so how can you even attempt to say what a Black person would do? Maybe you have forgotten that most Black people vote democrat anyway and this time was no different. He is not the first Black man to run for president Jesse Jackson/Al Sharpton ring a bell? So your point is invalid and you are showing your true colors.

    Go Obama!!!

  1405. Ok this is one Black person. Not all Black people are this ill informed.

  1406. on January 3, 2009 at 6:39 am louiecoolgato

    Tell me this ‘blacks and whites’…..why are you so outraged that Meredith chose to vote for Duke?….will your outrage change his vote? NO.

    Will your indignity change his thinking? NO.

    There are many people out there who do and say things that goes against logic, but it is THEIR opinions and actions, and as long as there’s no harm, it is no big deal……Meredith was pretty old (he is still alive as of today) when he voted for Duke….and from what I’ve studied on Meredith, he may have voted for Duke to make a particular point….He tends to make his points in an indirect, but profound way….a nice way of saying that Meredith is ‘eccentric’..

    eccentric |ikˈsentrik|
    (of a person or their behavior) unconventional and slightly strange

    My point is this, Meredith has the right to vote for anyone he pleases (more so than you or me) because HE put his life on the line when it counted (unlike you or me) to desegregate the Univ. of Mississippi during the height of segregation…His one vote did not make a difference in the election of Duke, so don’t waste your time and energy dwelling on it…

  1407. on January 3, 2009 at 7:29 am blacks and whites

    ” … he may have voted for Duke to make a particular point….He tends to make his points in an indirect, but profound way….” ??????

    WTF ???

  1408. on January 3, 2009 at 3:00 pm louiecoolgato

    It is OBVIOUS that you know very little about James Meredith…after you read more on his life and background, come back and talk more intelligently about him….

  1409. on January 5, 2009 at 2:09 am The white man with dreads

    this is america the good the bad the ugly we need all to be a world…for more self-discovery go too http://www.revoint.com

  1410. on January 5, 2009 at 10:40 am Michelle Hanson


    How have the Democratic social programs helped the poor? They have failed miserably. Handouts do not improve your life. Lowering standards in schools do not help educate the young. Yet, if you point this out, then you are labeled a Republican Racist. Is a good parent one who does everything for their children? No, of course not. The best way to help the poor is have high expectations and help them to provide for themselves. The USA has the highest standard of living – even if you are ‘poor’. The Democratic social programs have only prolonged and exasperated the plight of the underclass.

  1411. on January 5, 2009 at 10:46 am Michelle Hanson


    I did not vote for Obama because I disagree with his policies. I think socialism will destroy the American Dream. I also think he is weak on foreign policy.
    I happen to be ‘white’. I am very proud that we have finally elected a ‘black’ president. I hope I’m wrong and Obama is the best president this nation has ever had.
    Perhaps future elections can be decided on policies and not race.

  1412. on January 5, 2009 at 10:47 am Michelle Hanson

    This song was written and performed by a BLACK man!

  1413. “This song was written and performed by a BLACK man!”

    Michelle, swear on god that this is true ??????????????????

  1414. on January 5, 2009 at 3:05 pm louiecoolgato

    Michelle, let’s look at what you’ve stated and, for the sake of argument, take it as fact…….my question to you will be this:

    1. Name me some REPUBLICAN SOCIAL PROGRAMS that has helped the underclass/poor….I will make it easier for you….name me some republican social programs that helped the MIDDLE CLASS…

    2. You state that…”he best way to help the poor is have high expectations and help them to provide for themselves…” Tell me, what have the republican party done (other than TALK about high expectations) to help people who have little to provide for themselves? It is one thing to expect high expectations, but how can one maintain high expectations if all the programs that are supposed to help one get ahead are cut?
    …It is like saying that you have high expectations that a person who had his legs cut off to eventually run, like everyone who has legs, but sorry….I am not going to pay for the prosthetics….you are on your own……..

    Bush was in the white house for 8 years….and at the end of those 8 years, the underclass/poor’s standard of living has not only gone down, but there are MORE poor in america than under the Clinton years (not to mention fewer living wage paying jobs).

    It is easy for people who are not struggling to tell those who are struggling to ‘pull themselves up by the bootstraps’.

    ….I will say that while i don’t agree with all the social programs that Democrats propose, at least they TRY to help the LEAST of our population…..Unlike republicans, who only give pep talks to the poor and tax breaks to the wealthy….

  1415. on January 5, 2009 at 3:21 pm louiecoolgato

    Michelle, you worry about ‘socialism’, yet what would you call this bailout for the banks and private industry?…..sorry, but socialism has been introduced into private enterprise by….REPUBLICANS!!

    Secondly, you state that you think Obama is weak on foreign policy…mind you, he is not president yet, thus has no track record in foreign policy….BUT….We have eight years track record of Mr. Bush foreign policy and if you opened the newspaper today, tell me what is america’s foreign policy?? If this is not the very definition of weak foreign policy (no one wants to even talk to Bush’s ambassadors these days), I don’t know what is….

    Already, with the anticipation of Obama, the world is giving the US a benefit of a doubt….meaning that there is a chance for US policy to be welcomed in a positive light….whereas, Bush foreign policy has cast a dark cloud on the US….

    Our recent elections were DECIDED on policies, and it was an indictment on the republicans in general, and the Bush policies in particular……It was NOT decided by race because if it was, keep in mind that tens of millions of WHITES voted for Obama, many times more than ALL the non-white voters combined…. If the presidential election was about race, take it up with all those WHITE PEOPLE who voted for Obama, because they are the ones who got him into office (with a little help from us non-whites)….

  1416. I find the best place to debate politics is a satirical blog. You can really get your point across in pages and pages of angry comments.

  1417. on January 6, 2009 at 10:03 am About color and love

    Black, white or neither? The mixed race dilemma
    Barack Obama has identified himself as a ‘mutt’. We, too, should acknowledge our fastest-growing ethnic minorityDavid Aaronovitch
    In America in the spring of this year, 2008, a widow named Mildred Dolores Loving died at the age of 67. Let me hand the story over to the late Chief Justice of the US Supreme Court, Earl Warren, writing in 1967.

    “In June 1958,” Warren explained, “two residents of Virginia, Mildred Jeter, a negro woman, and Richard Loving, a white man, were married in the District of Columbia pursuant to its laws.” But not pursuant to the laws of their native Virginia. When they returned to the state and set up home in Caroline County, a Virginia grand jury indicted them for violating the local ban on interracial marriages.

    “On January 6, 1959,” Warren continued, “the Lovings pleaded guilty to the charge and were sentenced to one year in jail; however, the trial judge suspended the sentence for a period of 25 years on the condition that the Lovings leave the State and not return to Virginia together for 25 years. He stated in an opinion that: ‘Almighty God created the races white, black, yellow, Malay and red, and he placed them on separate continents. And but for the interference with his arrangement there would be no cause for such marriages. The fact that he separated the races shows that he did not intend for the races to mix’.”

    The case took nearly eight more years to resolve. The Attorney-General of the state of Virginia pleaded – through the Beatlemania era and into the hippy age – that, since the ban was equally applied to blacks and whites, the legislation was not discriminatory. The Supreme Court unanimously rejected this argument.

    Secrets of Obama family unlocked
    Obama’s tangled roots connect a world family
    Obama pays tribute to grandmother
    How The Times uncovered Obama’s aunt
    “The Fourteenth Amendment,” Warren wrote, “requires that the freedom of choice to marry not be restricted by invidious racial discriminations. Under our Constitution, the freedom to marry, or not marry, a person of another race resides with the individual and cannot be infringed by the State.” He concluded: “These convictions must be reversed. It is so ordered.”

    This was the year that I turned 13. How, looking back, is it possible that such laws existed well into the postwar era? Existed, in fact, in no less than 16 states? In Virginia miscegenation legislation dated back to 1661. In 1691 the state could fine any white woman who bore a mixed race child, or put her in indentured servitude for five years, and her child for 30. To the Virginians, mixed race meant black. In 1924 whites were forbidden to marry anyone with “a single drop of negro blood” in Virginia. Six other states already had such a provision.

    If I have heard one phrase in continual use about Barack Obama, it is about how he “represents”, in himself, whatever virtue or trend the user wishes to associate him with. In particular, of course, he is continually referred to as the first African-American” or “black” president of the United States.

    It seems pedantic, and something worse, to argue that Obama is, in fact, mixed race. In some mouths this sounds like – and probably is – an attempt to deprive black people of a victory. It’s a bit like when the inevitable stupid soul, unaware of the origin of the term, objects that, since Arabs are Semites, one cannot appropriate “anti-Semitism” to mean Jew-hatred. I always suspect the motives behind such plausibility.

    And in the case of the President-elect there do seem to be two Obamas. The Hawaii Obama, brought up on that mixed-race island group by a white mother and two white grandparents, and a later Chicago Obama, living in the black community, marrying a black woman, attending a black Church and seeking his lost black father.

    “He had to leave the island to find himself as a black man,” David Maraniss wrote in The Washington Post.

    “He’s black,” a friend said to me yesterday. “Most people would look at him and see him as being black.” Certainly 1924 Virginians would. And if the man see himself as being black, then where’s the argument? Except, he isn’t. To say that Mr Obama is black is to say, in effect, that his mother had no race or that her race was somehow obliterated by her choice of husband. Is to say that no one much had realised, had quite noticed, that her son was, in fact, mixed race. Is to say that being mixed race is not also to be something.

    To me this feels important partly because my mildly extended family now includes four mixed-race children, who are not black and are not white, or who are both. It may be important to me because my father was Jewish and my mother wasn’t.

    It is important in a bigger way because, both in America and here, the number of mixed-race children being born is growing steadily. In California, one estimate is that the proportion is now one in six, in the UK the fastest-growing ethnic category is that of mixed race.

    Trevor Phillips, of the Commission for Equalities and Human Rights, has noted the “astonishing rise” in the number of mixed-race Britons, expecting that they will be the single largest minority group by 2020 – and by far the youngest. The evidence of this rise is all around us, first manifested – as ever – in the fields of sport and popular culture. Lewis Hamilton, of course, Theo Walcott, Leona Lewis and dozens more. As the geneticist Steve Jones pointed out at the weekend, demographic mobility combined with desire has rendered race-mixing far more likely, once prejudice has been abandoned.

    But we are being very slow to recognise how this trend subverts the old categories. The ancient proscriptions, on all sides of the racial divides, for all their narrowness, render life less complicated. Even an Obama doesn’t make it by being mixed race, he makes it in politics – finds himself – by identifying as black. A recent and admirable survey of the attitudes of mixed race people by Kent University, referred to members of the “mixed-race community”. But, of course, there’s no such thing to belong to.

    And then, last week, safely selected and elected, the Obamas went dog-hunting. One option was a “shelter-dog”. “A lot of shelter-dogs are mutts,” the President-elect said. “Like me.”

    Not “black”, but “a mutt”, a mixture – the very mixture, perhaps, that allowed people to identify with him in such varied ways. This was surely a return by Mr Obama to what Maraniss described as “the notion of Hawaii… the spirit of aloha, the transracial if not post-racial message – that has made his rise possible.”

    How I hope, in the year that Mildred Loving – married to Richard – died, that it is so ordered.

  1418. As long as you think you are white , there is no hope for you .

    James baldwin (the price of the ticket) 1985

    The only witey is system and ideology.

    Amiri Baraka (1991)

  1419. As someone who works in admissions at a private college, I know for a fact that admissions standards ARE in fact NOT the same for “students of color” (read: anything but Caucasian students) as they are for white students.

    The applications of “students of color” are required to be looked at a second time (this is mandatory), whereas a white students application can outright be denied only after 1 read of the app.

    Also, “students of color” are eligible for programs such as HEOP/AHANA. These programs, for the college I work at, do accept students with lower gpa’s AND lower standardized test scores than would otherwise be acceptable.

    Maybe you should do some more research.

    Also, how would affirmative action benefit white women and poor white people? Does that really make any sense to you?

    Lastly, isn’t it an insult to any minority that they are given special privileges simply because of their race? Isn’t it as if we are saying “you can’t really do this by your own merit”? What an insult.

  1420. Yea you’re SO right, thats why black people came out to vote for the first time – wouldn’t possibly be because of race or anything. Thats why black people in Philadelphia ON CCN (LIVE TELEVISION) ADMITTED TO VOTING MULTIPLE TIMES for Barack Obama.

  1421. What is it of which you speak? Conspiracy, my ass, Jesus was a jew, therefore, the jews have taken over the world. Hell a bunch of hapless Palestinians keep them at bay. Crap man, you have a cranial insertion sooooo bad, that you’re looking at you tonsils from the other side.

  1422. on January 7, 2009 at 1:42 am gazansbeingoppressedbytheUSBAckedBeast

    1 Long continuous vacuUm of a tear shed on Gaza. Shame on the “inconSpicuoUs & wiping-hands-off spectators while they unConvincingly turn the other cheeK because they have sold themselves that support of israel as a pet puppy capitalist fatalist cabalist ideo-political social mad scientist project using Khazar replacing original hebrew misplaced bloodline club hopping scenesters as a religous promise is tantamount to the wounds oppressor ultimately self-reap because their callous blindness is deep and how sick they will not awaken soon enough, non-paradigm shifting stagnant White privileged Beast-whorite reaping-off illegitimate institutions, racial dislcrimination, advanced security and para-special ops- units doing drills on elementary schools to prepare for imminent terrorism marrying the burden of increased white guilt syndrom further lulling the conscious to sleep abhorred by reason the antithesis of politically astute, you know this is truth, 1 signature sent twofold, 1-solidarity, 2- hidden curse {h@

  1423. Is this a joke? Some sort of poem? Or just bad punctuation?
    Either way, I like it.

  1424. Erm, where is the original post? Did the author delete it or something?

  1425. Who cares if Obama sees himself as black, white, mixed, or a mutt?
    My mom’s a russian jew and my dad’s family is from sicily. How do I see myself? I see myself as trying to be good for goodness sake. I see myself as trying to be the best I could be for my family. I accept who and what I am. If certain people want to spew hate and venom that’s who they are, I guess. I am all for OBAMA OBAMA OBAMA! Who knows, maybe things will get a little better in this country.
    Like a wise man said once b/f, Give Peace a Chance.

  1426. on January 8, 2009 at 9:15 am louiecoolgato

    Unfortunately tami, it is many WHITE people who care about how he is viewed….He accepts himself for who he is, BUT, he also understands how race is deeply ingrained into white americans psyche….

    A simple illustration:
    I’ve said many times before that Obama is an African-American, and who are the ones who attack this notion? ALWAYS WHITE PEOPLE. Then I point out this:

    Obama’s father: born in Kenya: AFRICAN
    Obama’s mother: born in Kansas: AMERICAN
    Obama is therefore, AFRICAN AMERICAN

    But what is the reaction I get from these whites???….No, Obama is HALF WHITE….and what does this do to the conversation?….It brings about RACE issues…..It seems that white folk CANNOT let this race thing go…..

    White people in America are everything BUT WHITE when dealing with each other, but when dealing with non-white americans, they have to let us know that they are WHITE FIRST, then…they’re russian american or italian american, or whatever american second……

    Of course, we non-whites HAVE TO BE IDENTIFIED by skin color FIRST by white folk…..it never occcurs to them, it seems, that non-white skin does not identify one’s place of origin, but rather skin pigmentation…..Black americans….to whites, we have no place of origin….we’re just a skin pigmentation…

    I hope that your fellow whites will do as you suggest: Say “who cares about his race” and “Give peace a Chance..”

  1427. on January 8, 2009 at 3:45 pm louiecoolgato

    Even though we have an african american president, that does not mean that things have changed for non-whites……

    There’s no slack for the Black….

  1428. I was worried about this.

    The issue of Obama’s race does matter because of the precedent it sets. i.e. Obama being black means that the president after him might also be black as well; we’ve broken THAT barrier. John Stewart (is the Daily Show on this list? ‘cos I think I’ve just given MY skin colour away) put it very succinctly when he said something like “America is now the ‘show, don’t tell’ country” i.e. Lots of societies have SLOGANS about how anyone can grow up to be the leader; but in America that’s actually true now.

    And no, I’m not one of those idiots who went shooting his mouth off about how racism was now dead. We’ve still got a long way to go, but at least a black man can now be president.

    Actually, at the beginning of Obama’s campaign, the issue of Obama being half white did concern me. I worried that if he was elected, then the barrier would only be half broken. i.e. the next president after him may be black, but only if that candidate was also half white too. In much the same way I worried that if Hillary was elected, then that would open the door for other women in the White house -but only if they were also the wives of former presidents (Laura Bush 2012?).

    I also worried that Obama lacked a shared cultural history with the black community, because his african ancestor came to America of his own free will only one generation ago. Sure he’s American and African, but is he African-American? and would the black community see him as a cop-out candidate because of this?

    I was very wrong though. regardless of familial history, Obama was treated like a black man, attacked like a black man, and triumphed as a black man. I’m glad I was wrong. and in hindsight I should’ve known better.

    on another note, Surely “not caring about race”, and “giving peace a chance” means voting for the best candidate regardless of their race, black or white. It doesn’t mean not discussing race; or not acknowleging that it does have meanings and implications (and complications) as long as we live in an imperfect world, where racism still does exist.

    lastly, on the issue of what white people are. I think we should keep it simple white people are “white”. a couple of years ago people started to notice that while white people are just “American”, everyone else needed a qualifying statement i.e. black people are African-American, Hispanics are Latino-Americans, and so on, and so forth (is that what you’re getting at Looie?). So I’m happy to be “white” (as a description of skin colour), and “European” (as a description of my ethnicity), and “American” (as a description of my nationality). as long as everyone in America has the same luxury.

  1429. on January 9, 2009 at 9:12 am louiecoolgato

    Mike, you understand perfectly what i was saying….and i say thank you…

  1430. i promise you’ll never see a black chairman of the fed

    thats real power

  1431. on January 10, 2009 at 8:31 am louiecoolgato

    He who knows how to work the Fed will have the job..
    BUT, he who has the power to hire the person to work the Fed, is not only the boss….


    I do believe that the President has that power???…….who needs to have a black chairman when the chairman’s boss is black??…

  1432. We have spoken and now we will stand by our decision.
    Barack Obama is the man.

    so live with it

  1433. I’m just American. No hyphen for me.

  1434. Ture story:

    Back in October while I was out canvassing for Obama, I was invited into one of the houses where I stopped for some wine and cheese.

  1435. well damn, if you dont love the country u live in then by all means move to another place! IF YOU DONT LIKE IT, YOU CAN GET OUT!! if black peeple dont like it then take a got damn boat back to africa and get some aids, im sure its not too hard to make an old shitty boat to float over to the worlds shittiest place to live, excluding of course the sand-nig places like afganastan and those places, although africa is a close 2nd only bcuz america isnt ass raping them at the moment

  1436. wooh mr woof , you hate black people huh .

  1437. on January 11, 2009 at 4:24 am louiecoolgato

    James Baldwin once said:

    “I will be black as long as you tell me that you are white.”

    Hyphenation will disappear in America when this occurs….

  1438. on January 11, 2009 at 4:29 am louiecoolgato

    Mr. woof, why should we ‘black people’ leave the country where the leader is black?…..If you don’t like this, then, I would suggest you follow your own words……and I quote…


    LOL…..take a chill pill woof, before you bust a vein in your forehead….

  1439. wolfy, Learn learn how to write, and then I might read it. Right now you don’t make sense.

  1440. Hey cool cat,

    Watch out on that black thing and Obama. I’ll bet you that white America will start referring to him as part white , half white, near white, or some other crap just to get more of a claim on him than they now have. Especially the autoworkers who didn’t vote for him, and when they find out he is really pro union. They will whiten him and embrace him.

    Keep in mind that I have been wrong before, but Obama needs to be reelected in four years and he knows how to find votes.

  1441. didn’t know there was internet in the great appalachian valley. i thought you guys communicated by goiter size.

  1442. runninwoof , i did try living in your country, and didn’t like it. I got the fuck out. There were too many cunts like you living there.

  1443. runninwoof , USA is full of fat fags like you. I would ass rape you until your eyeballs pop out of your skull. This world would be better off without your greed and ignorance.

  1444. Thank you, the best thing I’ve heard all day.

  1445. You have quite the vocabulary.

  1446. Barcky in France !!!!

    Sorry guys, cuz lack of time , no translation to english …

    I ‘ll be back later …

    Ps : if somebody can do the translation ….

  1447. Louie,

    Do you realize that Obama was all for those bailouts? You can’t point fingers at “The Enemy” (Republicans at large) when Democrats and Republican Representatives and Senate members all joined hands and passed those bailouts together. Bush happened to be the president at the time, but the Democrats were the ones in power in both the House and the Senate. Both parties joined together to pass those bailouts, no matter how much the people they were supposed to represent spoke out against them.

    This election wasn’t decided on policy. It was decided on who had the better image, on who had more charisma. As demonstrated by the bailouts, in practice there isn’t enough true difference between the elected members of either party for people to really vote on policy. But when a 100% pro-choice presidential candidate can talk to a 100% pro-life group and have that group come away believing with all their hearts that he was pro-life, you know he has massive charisma.

    I hope for the best for America, but I’m not holding my breath.

  1448. “anybody who voted for mccain is either selfish or racist.” Thanks for summarizing Enigma’s essay. I got bored and quit after the first couple of sentences.

  1449. on January 12, 2009 at 2:48 pm louiecoolgato

    Amber, you may be right about Obama supporting those bailouts, but the BLAME will be on Republicans and Bush….

    Mind you, I did not say it was the Republicans and Bush’s FAULT,
    I said that the American people BLAMES the Republicans and Bush…..

    You state: “…This election wasn’t decided on policy. It was decided on who had the better image, on who had more charisma…”

    I say this: Even if you are correct, the majority of voting Americans PUT THE BLAME on Republicans, thus their OVERWHELMING loss at the polls….if image is what decided this election (and i do not believe this), then it is also THE FAULT of Republicans also…..

    you say that “when a 100% pro-choice presidential candidate can talk to a 100% pro-life group and have that group come away believing with all their hearts that he was pro-life, you know he has massive charisma….”

    I say that when you see 100% pro-life groups WITH DIMINISHING LIFE SAVINGS AND LOSS OF JOBS AND HOMES vote for 100% pro-choice presidential candidate, I would not call that massive charisma…

    I’d call it massive COMMON SENSE.

  1450. on January 12, 2009 at 2:50 pm louiecoolgato

    No one wants to talk about ‘moral’ issues during financial hard times…..

  1451. It’s one of those things, like a picture is worth 10,000 words.

  1452. I guess you have never been to Africa. I agree that you can leave if you want to but dont put down Africa so fast. Go there first and see whats its like, its actually very cool.

  1453. on January 14, 2009 at 4:35 am polite agreement

    Good observation Shee Bee, pretty much spot on.

  1454. white people dont like you. You are an ignorant whore who suckles on the teets of hitler and the neo-nazi movement. Why dont you put yourself into the nazi supercannon and anal balst yourself back to germany. Ho.

  1455. on