#91 San Francisco

sanfran.jpgSan Francisco is one of the top US destinations for white people in terms of both travel and living. It is universally agreeable and is a safe discussion topic for any situation.

The city is considered one of the world’s premiere locations for white person research.

White people like to vacation in San Francisco because it has beautiful architecture, fantastic food, and it is near the water. They like to live in San Francisco because of its abundance of Non Profit Organizations, Expensive Sandwiches, Wine, political outlook, and most importantly its diversity.

Since many white people either live in, plan to move to, or closely identify with San Francisco it is imperative that you know how best to deal with them.

The City of San Francisco has a very multicultural population that ranges from white to gay to Asian. Within white culture this known as “ideal diversity” for its provision of exotic restaurants while simultaneously preserving property values. The presence of gays and Asians is imperative as it two provides two of the key resources most necessary for white success and happiness.

However, it is important to be aware of the fact that regions outside of San Francisco feature many people who are not white, gay or Asian. They are greatly appreciated during the census, but white people are generally very happy that they stay in places like Oakland and Richmond. This enables white people to feel good about living near people of diverse backgrounds without having to directly deal with troublesome issues like income gaps or schooling.

Still, the presence of other minorities are welcomed by white people for so many more reasons than just statistics! Much in the way that white people in Brooklyn feel a strong and unfounded connection with The Notorious BIG, white people in San Francisco feel the need to identify with rappers from the East Bay. Interestingly enough, the further they venture from San Francisco, the stronger their need to represent their region.

“Oh man, I went to the Too Short show last night. So hyphy man, so hyphy. You should come by some time and we’ll ghost ride the Prius.”

When you are presented with statements like this, the best response is to say “Berkeley is close to Oakland,” and the white person will likely nod and throw up some sort of west side hand sign.hyphy.jpg

Though it is exceptionally easy to put someone from San Francisco in a good mood, there are some caveats. When talking to a white person who lives in San Francisco, it is best not to bring up New York City. Though they live in a world class city, San Franciscans have a crippling inferiority complex about New York and even hinting at that will make them very sad or very defensive.

Fortunately, there is a fool-proof method for quickly returning the conversation to a positive, trust-building tone. No matter how much you have offended someone from San Francisco, you can always make them feel better by asking them how they feel about Southern California. They will instantly talk of how it is filled with crime, pollution, hegemonic culture, and the wrong kind of white people: “I swear California is like two separate countries, and I am so thankful that I live in the cultural center of the West Coast.” This will allow them to reassert their superiority and leave the conversation with a positive feeling about themselves and about you.

Castro Photo by bkusler who has done an excellent photo essay on Stuff White People Like. Dancing Photo by amynugget.

Volvos are also acceptable for ghost riding. 


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  1. Yeah man, San Fran is a trip. You should do a post on the DMB or Charlottesville, VA, which is almost completely populated by “White People”

  2. not the strongest but your blog is unreal. Way to expose a subculture of white people who see themselves as more open liberal and unique then others as actually being total cliche yuppies.

  3. The only good thing SF has going for it is Michael Savage.

    Just a West Coast version of New York.

  4. i’m white, i live in san francisco, and i read (and can’t argue with) this blog.

    damn you, stereotypes!

  5. San Diego is much better than San Fran…true LA is wack tho

  6. I think San Francisco hates L.A. more than L.A. hates San Francisco. The whole NoCal/SoCal phenomenon is on display at Dodgers/Giants games…

  7. we know how to make it rain in san fran…


  8. Number one way for this blog to tell the truth:

    #92 “Stuff White People Like”.

  9. Good entry!! I love this this blog!


  10. yep… all the reasons i moved here…

  11. good job dude. you did your research.

  12. Love your blog.

    One thing that bugs me, your use of “it’s”.

    It’s = it is
    Its = possessive pronoun

  13. sloppy writing on my part, thanks for heads up

  14. on March 23, 2008 at 12:16 pm Brittany Fischer

    white people LOVE boston.

  15. White people also like correcting grammar. And pronunciation.

  16. Ha, your next post should be on the white person’s love of grammar and it’s proper usage.

  17. ghostride the prius!!!!

  18. Damn white people now like Hyphy.

  19. The surest test about who is on top in any country or city is to ask what the people in either country/city think about the other one. Ask an American what they think about Canada for example and you will get a mild response. It might be the first time they’ve actually thought about Canada. Ask a Canadian and you’ll get a rant about drugs and violence.
    Ask a SF’er about LA and you’ll get the same. Ask someone in LA about San Francisco and you’ll get a mild response.
    Sorry SF. LA actually has the diversity you think you’ve got.

  20. Will you ever do an Entry on Seattle? Its got nalgene bottles, outdoor wear, people who are waaaaaay into campng, recycling, all sorts of wacky cultural appropriation and paying lip service to diversity. Also, its a super-homogenous city (one of the most segregated in the country, which means you get a real, “authentic” experience when you go to the ID for dim sum), and it was the birthplace (ish) of grunge, which provided the soundtrack to many peoples unhappy memories of high school.

  21. HIGH-larious! For a look at what black people DON’T like, see spadeproject.com

  22. Make sure if you’re talking about San Francisco you talk about the “real” San Francisco like SOMA and the Mission. Never speak highly of the Marina, you’ll lose all credibility right there.

  23. omg, i luv san fran! i like adore it. i have so many friends there! it is like so cool! eniway, i’m susan!

  24. Ghost ride the Prius is the funniest thing you’ve posted here yet!

  25. As a white, I recently photoblogged on the topics of San Francisco and Napa Valley.

    Also, this post is good, but the tech industry, the prevalence of bicycles, and the latino population all bear mentioning.

  26. too too true about sf. i live in berkeley. it’s close to oakland.

  27. Narly.

    White people love shitty public education > http://detentionslip.org

  28. on March 23, 2008 at 12:44 pm Benjamin Baxter

    Coit Tower is the whitest part of San Francisco, if only because it’s a symbol of excessive opulence ostensibly put there for the good of the city, when it is unknowingly an awkward eyesore and not much else.

    Very white.


  29. Find out why your gay friends are cooler than you:

    Stuff Queer People Like


  30. This one is like shooting fish in a barrel.

    Ghostriding the prius was a nice touch I do agree.. :0)

  31. on March 23, 2008 at 12:58 pm WhiteBlackGuy

    Went to Berkeley…need I say more

  32. This just reminds me that this entire blog was already done a couple of years ago in that one episode of South Park where Kyle and his family move to San Francisco.

  33. on March 23, 2008 at 1:00 pm luftballoons

    i got home from san francisco two days ago!


  34. “Oh man, I went to the Too Short show last night. So hyphy man, so hyphy. You should come by some time and we’ll ghost ride the Prius.”

    In 4 years in SF I have never heard anyone say anything that sounds anywhere like this anyways. SF is pretty sweet though – F.N.Y.C.!

  35. I love how stuff white people like all has to do with being upper middle class. Blacks, Asians, Latinos — you’re on notice! Live in a prosperous dense city? [26, 91 — Don’t worry, Boston and Seattle are coming.] Have a college education? [47. 72] Go to expensive restaurants? [45, 63] It’s just too obvious now! Why do you want to be white so badly? Stop betraying your race!

  36. Of course the best part about somebody getting bent out of shape if NYC or SoCal is mentioned is that 9 out of 10 times, they moved to San Francisco either from the Midwest or Suburban LA.

  37. clander, heed anon 18’s message, whether or not you’re a white person.

  38. guilty! great one, SF is my favorite city in the world. especially love the part about SF vs. LA. i grew up in the east bay and moved to LA for school. i hate, hate, hate it. i’m moving out of state because i hate LA so much. friends from out of state joke that i hate california, but i always clarify that i hate LA and love NorCal. just can’t afford it.

  39. on March 23, 2008 at 1:25 pm spencerpi.com

    SF = Smug capital of the world! The city practically invented: car sharing, bicycles, tolerance of bums who have taken over the City, Critical Mass when two-wheeled terrorists hold the City hostage, gay marriage (can it get any whiter?), tons of mid-tier restaurants where you can drop $200 on dinner for two, and mass transit that stops at midnight on weekends.

    Way to go ‘Frisco!


    Bitter Oaklander

  40. Hey! I love your blog. You are in NEWS.
    Check this out-

  41. on March 23, 2008 at 1:38 pm Average White Man

    “Within white culture this known as “ideal diversity” for its provision of exotic restaurants while simultaneously preserving property values.”

    Yes, yes, I like what you have done here, as always.

    San Francisco and Northern California are unusual in that it is the only White Person habitat I am aware of in which heterosexual White Men hug each other as a greeting, though there have been reports of hugging as far north as Bellingham.
    There is a lull in the hug continuum around the Rogue River Vallley. Anyway, as an Average White Man I was totally unprepared for it when I first encountered a Northern California White Man.

    The more you know.

  42. you forgot a key reason white people live San Francisco: the weed!

  43. I went to high school in SF. You’re completely right about the diversity part. San Francisco is predominantly white, Asian, and/or gay. (Although there is a notable Latino population in the Mission and a black population stuffed into a ghetto by the docks in Hunter’s Point.)
    In any event, its reputation for diversity in not really deserved. Income diversity is especially non-existent. It’s easy to be liberal & progressive if everyone around you is rich. 😉

  44. yes anon 18,
    I recently saw an article in the NYT fawning over a New York subway advertisement’s proper use of a semi-colon.

  45. White people like Razrs. No, not the the items you shave with, but the cellphone you talk on. That’s right, white people love Motorola Razrs. I dare you to goto the mall or anyplace white people hang out and tell me that less than 9/10 white people there do not have a Razr. It’s been mentioned before that white people like the idea of being unique. However, thinking you’re unique is totally dfifferent than actually being unique. White people are experts at the former. These are the same people that think being “Indie” is unique even though a million other people have mastered the vintage tshirt and torn jean look. Don’t call a white person out on this though. You will immediately put a frown on their face and risk losing future favors/perks. One of those perks being the pleasure of telling your non-white friend “I have this dorky white friend who keeps telling me he’s different and I hate him”. White people approach their cellphones as they do their fashion. Even though every other white person out there has a Motorola Razr, they think they are unique because they have one too, but their’s is magenta or indigo blue. Or sometimes white people like to put stickers on their phone. It’s exactly like when they buy tight fitting vintage tshirts with random designs on it. If a million other people are wearing tight vintage t-shirts with random designs on it, how, pray tell, are you anymore unique. It’s an incredible phenomenon that white people are blind to. Non-white businesses are quite alright with this ignorance though as they can exploit it into enormous profits for their business ventures. Simply calling your product unique is many times enough to bring hordes of white people to spend riciculous sums on an item that in all actuality is not different or unique at all. Don’t tell white people that though.


    amazing. absolutely amazing lol!

  47. nice blog. love it. I just recently descovered it, and my faves are t-shirts and macs 🙂


  49. Ha ha, good one.

  50. on March 23, 2008 at 2:12 pm Muffie and Miles in Hobe Sound

    You people are spot on with the two separate countries observation. My mom was in the market for a West Coast home, and we looked in LA in Brentwood Heights, and the woman they sent to show us the house had pink hair and carried at ratty decrepit poodle that was the same color. The dog took a dump in the wine cellar. Later my mother got a fashionable duplex off California she shares with 3 gay guys who have the sense to keep cats. Maine coons are supposed to be musch more intelligent that LA poodles who can’t even us a litter box. Yes, SoCal is so declasse.

  51. #3 Mark:

    San Francisco is so not a West Coast New York City. True, they’re both hustling metropoli, but folks in San Francisco are not in a hurry to get anywhere, and this is by far one of the great things about it over NYC.

  52. Frisco has so few Latinos and African Americans that I’d never call it ‘diverse’. Los Angeles is far more diverse, but they preach about diversity more in Frisco. (I know they hate when you call it ‘Frisco’ in Frisco.)

    Smug is what ‘The City’ is. Smug. If they wanted diversity, they’d let the wrong kind of white people in. Maybe even Republicans and Christians. The wrong kind of Christians.

    Good one.

  53. on March 23, 2008 at 2:27 pm culturally confused

    white people love thinking only THEY can relate to the things in this blog. thus, once again, taking “ownership” of things that don’t ACTUALLY belong to them. sigh. i just want to belong…
    – a very “white” brown

  54. on March 23, 2008 at 2:29 pm notasmugsanfranner

    Every single person I know from San Francisco, or who’s moved to San Francisco from an “inferior” city has become completely smug with the place to the point where everytime they travel outside of it, they cannot help but compare other places to their precious San Fran. I’ve been there a few times, and I’ve never been impressed with it, but perhaps I’ve seen too much of the world to know that it’s not…in recent or present times, worth the cost of the real estate. Even in bad times, and finally, prices are coming down. I think the most ironic thing about it, is while people who live there tout how diverse, artistic, and worldly they are, they are completely closed to what’s going on outside of the Bay Area.

  55. White people like to pop their polo collars. Whether it be the Lacoste polo, Ralph Lauren polo, or the polo they just got on sale at Express(the white person’s favorite place to shop, recently surpassing Gap as the white people fashion-goto place),A&F, or PacSun. When they’re not wearing their vintage tees, they got their trusty cotton/polyester polo on. Leaving the collar down as intended? “Hell no”, says the typical polo-wearing white guy. They pop it like it’s hot. Be careful of wanting to make a clever joke like “Dude, you look like a surfer bitten by a vampire”. They definitely won’t be happy and you’ll notice their popped collar will simultaneously droop along with the unhappy look on their face. In a situation like this, it’s best if you reference the impromptu lyirc “Wow, you’re popping it like it’s hot”. This will immediately bring a glow to the white person’s face. They’ll be delighted because they know you adjusted the lyrics to a former Billboard 100(The only reason the white person knows the song is because it was on that chart) song into a fashion compliment.

  56. Awesome, your posts are getting better and better! I love your humor – it’s sharp and poignant. Oh, white people.

  57. They’re so smug they love the smell of there own farts.

  58. Yes, all white people love sanfran, but since im from southern cali, i have to say L.A is better. LA is better then san fran because it has everything san fran has, but bigger, better, more expensive, and a way more prius’. I dare anyone to drive down sunset blvd and not find at least 10 houses without a prius in the driveway…..and yes i do own a prius, its light green. San Francisco is jealous of LA, we have more beautiful people, whether surgically enhanced or not, and we have way better weather. But because white people like to feel oppressed they live in san fran with its crappy, cloudy, grey sky weather. Sure LA has more crime, but then that lends to the argument of Gentrification, white people can live in a not so great area and be called visionaries, and then after time (usually 3-8 years) that neighboorhood where you got your 250k house is now almost completely white and your house is now worth 1.2mil (east hollywood). LA is extremely artsy, for every indie film theatre san fran has, LA has 5, and not only that, are homeless people make upwards of 45k a year waiting outside of nightclubs frequently attended by celebrities, who will the give them cash because they are being recorded by the paps. and what can be more fun then going to the beach, with your asain/gay friends, then one street over you can have a $15.48 vegan sandwich, then hop in the prius and drive up the spiral canyon to your 3 million dollar home to watch the sunset in your classic art deco 4,000 chair, that you picked up for 250 but just had it appraised, with a hot cup of coffee, where the beans are from moracco, that you bought at whole foods, and hand ground in your $300 dollar coffee grinder you bought from a resturant liquidation sale (recycling). That is why LA is better then san fran, because we are very liberal, yet superficial, extremely wealthy, yet we have tons of poor people to help, and we have perfect wealther, is sunny and 85 degrees out right now…I just might go to the beach…HA

  59. Is it good or bad that I didn’t understand a word of the Prius/hyphy/Too Short conversation?

  60. The City of San Francisco has a very multicultural population that ranges from white to gay to Asian. Within white culture this known as “ideal diversity” for its provision of exotic restaurants while simultaneously preserving property values.

    This is beautifully put and hillarious. Something Sailer would be proud to have written.

  61. Its like I didnt even proof read what I just wrote…

  62. If riding coat tails is wrong, I don’t want to be right:


  63. It could be good lulu, it means while you still might be very white, you are not San Francisco white, ive lived in San Francsico so I totally understood what was said, if you live there you will get it, its ok im sure you will make your way to white people mecca at least once in your life, and you too will understand that statement. So dont fret, you will one day experience San Francisco, and you will be in’white’ted.

  64. One time I barfed off of a cable car in San Francisco

  65. Sorry folks 94611 Oakland has by census the most Prius or Prii.

    You also forgot how much cache being a native has and how much we loathe East Coasters who move here because they never really get it. Thats why all the natives have moved to Oakland the true epicenter of West Coast whiteness.

    This blog jumped 2 weeks ago.

  66. Wow, I just returned from vacation in San Francisco a few days ago. SF is definitely white, gay and Asian. The audience of a recent Margaret Cho show there was almost exclusively filled with these groups. The Latinos I saw there were valets. Even, Cho praised SF for being such an “Asian American city” and spent most of her act discussing either Asians or gays. Anyway, during my time in Frisco, I happened to ask a white guy about Oakland, and he stressed that the city was obviously pretty sketchy and suggested that I visit the Financial District, a.k.a the “safe section,” if I dared venture into Oakland at all. The same guy also said how he was pro-Obama but doubted that the country would elect a black, as if he, despite his fear of Oakland, were somehow superior to the rest of the nation.

  67. OK I’m bad – I had to look up both hyphy and ghost riding. Thank goodness for wikipedia.

  68. 62 Lulu

    Is it good or bad that I didn’t understand a word of the Prius/hyphy/Too Short conversation?

    I didn’t get a word of it either. But then, I’m a white Midwesterner who doesn’t own a cell phone or have cable television.

  69. just wanted to say your blog is so awesome – i check it everyday now… SWPL FTW!!!

  70. poorly written entry.

  71. poorly written entry.

  72. this entry slowly slips from “stuff white people like” to “what san franciscans are like”

  73. on March 23, 2008 at 3:39 pm Niggy Smallz

    White people love Fresno.

  74. This website is so brilliant.

    SF sucks.

  75. #69 NK…. fyi Margaret Cho is Asian, bisexual, and an SF native (the perfect San Franciscan?), so it’s hard to guess if her show’s crowd was based on her identity (i.e. she probably draws a similar crowd in every city she performs in) or on the city she was performing in. I guess both when she’s in SF.

  76. I hate SF; and I’m white. Grew up in nearby SF suburbs, and remember SF as a place where women were and still are way too snotty–or as I put it, one step away from full-bore lesbodiom.

  77. Another great post… I am a white person who still wants to visit San Francisco!


  78. I’m white and i was just in san francisco last week!

  79. You know who else likes San Francisco???????????

    Fucking queer people….



    your gay friends are cooler than you are.

  80. I loved this post! I gotta agree that you left out a few things; the dot.com boom (all white people bring this up in conversations) and the hipster bicycle community.

  81. You guys are good. I’m going to San Fran next month.

    See you there!


  82. I have always thought that pointing out other people’s typos, and not brevity, is the soul of wit.

  83. PS – NYC is the best city in the world, and that’s a fact. File under: Manhattan.

  84. This is by far my favorite blog. I live in San Fran I always thought that you wrote all your blogs about white people IN San Francisco.

    Amazing stuff!!!!

  85. What about Boston. That is white-people city!

  86. Here’s the next ones

    92# Fiest 1,2,3,4

    Never heard of a non-white minority who liked this song

    93# Anything by Beck


    94# Eminem

    See above

  87. Ah, San Francisco! I’m a 5th generation Californian, with family in San Francisco since the late 1850s, house in Pacific Heights when I was growing up, SF Opera and Symphony from the early ’50s, Seals at Seal Stadium, ’49ers at Kezar Stadium, the Giants at Candlestick, sailing on the Bay, close to the Diggers and in the Haight during the Summer of Love, etc., etc.

    I loved that San Francisco – the San Francisco that’s long long gone. I confess to missing it — and to enjoying the small bits and pieces of it one can still find, but it’s getting harder and harder.

    The new San Francisco reminds me of nothing so much as a fly in amber, beautifully preserved but thoroughly dead. It’s still absolutely lovely, but it has to be the smug capital of the world — filled with people who’ve moved from everywhere else and who thing it should be just as it was when they came….

  88. oh. this is so spot on! asians being white folks favorite minority. but as some others have pointed out, dont forget boston!

  89. on March 23, 2008 at 4:46 pm Faintly Macabre

    The biggest thing left out from your post:

    White San Franciscans love to go on and on and ON about how much more AUTHENTIC SF was before the dot-com boom. If a white person from SF is going to be ultra cool, they should move to Seattle or Portland and complain how SF lost it’s SOUL after the yuppies moved in. This, while swigging out of their Nalgene bottle, adjusting their North Face fleece jacket, typically…

  90. This entry could not possibly be more dead on.

    Way to go.

    Keep up the good work.

  91. I’m going to San Francisco one day, for sure!
    My best friend lives there, so I have an invitation, but still have not found the time…

    Great post, as ever before!
    Happy Easter everyone 🙂

  92. I was born and rasied in San Francisco and I agree with #25 anon about the Marina. And nobody who lives in San Francisco calls it San Fran. Ever. Dead give away you’re not from here. Call it “The City.”

  93. Re: diversity

    Anyone who never came across Hispanics/Latinos in SF has never been below SOMA.

    SF’s blacks, on the other hand, are like precious gems. Precious gems kept in one or two jewelry boxes, hidden out of plain sight from any vistors.

  94. You need to include Seattle and Portland.

  95. You whiffed on this one. This white guy HATES cities. Don’t feel too bad, it was only your 5th miss in 91 tries.

  96. As a former life long Bay Area dweller, who’s last residence in that area was what used to be (or may still be) TenderNob (I personally called it Noberloin, but I digress) in “The City”, I must agree with 6, 25, 31, 46, and especially 93. My parents came to that area in the ’50’s, and by the ’70’s they were already bitching about how much the place has changed from when they first showed up. I loved it in the ’80’s and early ’90’s before all the yuppies started moving into SOMA and lower Potrero Hill and killing the night club scene down there. And ever since Zim’s closed, there is no place, NO PLACE that is open after 11 pm that serves food to folks working/staying out late (unless Sparky’s on Church is still open? Or Orphan Andy’s? Correct me if I’m wrong). Even now. And I’m sorry, but any place that puts anyone who makes less than $100K BELOW their poverty line is NOT diverse, by any means.

    It’s still a beautiful place, though. I love visiting my friends there (they are both retired, I don’t know how they do it).

    And to the person who said San Diego>San Francisco, sure the beaches are nice, but after two years of putting up with the woefully materialistic, class-dependent, ultra-conformist, and commonly out-and-out RACIST denizens of that area, I beg to differ.

  97. Boston is the East Coast version of SF; The entire state of Vermont is the North East version of Seattle. I’m sure that will both come up in a future post.

    BTW, White People have discovered and like the Maine Coast (especially Camden, Rockland, Monhegan Island and Ogunquit).

  98. on March 23, 2008 at 5:32 pm Notorious S.M.A.L.L.

    Only Northern California cares about the NoCal/SoCal thing. L.A. doesn’t give a shit about San Francisco (except vacations), and frankly doesn’t give a shit about the rest of the world (except vacations – gotta travel)

  99. I had fun in San Fran last summer. I wish I could go back. Sigh.

  100. I’m actually more of a San Diego girl, but overall your “Stuff Yuppies Like” blog tickles my funny bone.

  101. As for the ‘two countries’ comment on Southern California, it’s a little known fact that in its admission to the Union in 1850, California had the right to separate into two states — the only reason it hasn’t happened (one suspects) is that the North and the South couldn’t agree where to draw the line — what do do with Santa Barbara and the southern parts of the Sierras! Long a watering hole for San Francisco society (esp. the Biltmore and Montecito), the North wouldnt give SB up, and the South coveted it and the Santa Ynez Valley to the north as really part of the South (they’d draw the line just South of San Luis Obispo).

    I’ll never for get an early visit to Disneyland, and hearing on the local news anchor in Anaheim talking about what was going on in Sacramento as “up in the cow counties today….”

    It’s also very true that native Northern Californians are far less disdainful of LA than the transplants (who are ultimately insecure in their Californianess and their San Franciscianity) — we appreciate LA for what it is and what it isn’t — as someone pointed out, there is more cultural and artistic ferment these days in greater LA than in San Francisco. Culture has to be ‘proven’ elsewhere before it is welcomed in San Francisco — the last really innovative cultural/musical product of the Bay Area was the San Francisco Sound in rock in the mid-to-late ’60s.

  102. You forgot to mention another reason white people love San Francisco — it’s proximity to white-people-celebrating “wine tours” of Napa and Sonomo. The only thing more impressive than a white person acting like they know about wine (#24 in this blog), is them boasting about their last trip to Napa.

  103. on March 23, 2008 at 5:58 pm Paid to Be Quiet

    My husband was the token straight person on a gay softball team that played in the tournament in SF. He roomed with a guy named Chris and they slept in the same bed. Well that is MY name, too. So everyone warned him to be careful about saying “oh Chris” in the middle of the night. I guess that went OK.

    He said the view from the bay during sunset over Alcatraz was awesome.

  104. Oh man… yes, I’ve known my fellow whiteys who talk about living in San Francisco and how they’re going to move New York soon, as soon as they get their dream job lined up (usually something to do with internet stuff and indie bands), then a few months later after they make the move, they start pining to move back to the mellow pace of San Francisco, complaining how the indie scene is still thriving and New York’s never been the same after CBGB’s closed…

    Its a total white person conundrum.

    And yes, San Francisco has optimal white person diversity, as long as the funk/hip-hop bands bus in for their North Shore gigs, than quietly bus back out to the East Bay, its pain free diversity, and white folks love convenience when it comes to their conscience.

  105. on March 23, 2008 at 6:03 pm Pasty White Chick

    I was born in Oakland, went to Berkeley, and lived in The City. You are, again, spot on. (Although, I too had to look up hyphy and ghost riding…I may be a little older than your target audience.)

    I don’t live in California anymore, but when I met my Canadian husband, I told him that Northern California is much more like Canada than the rest of the U.S. is. Boy do I miss California…

    Next time I have my gay friends over for a dinner party, I’m going to tell them about this blog.

  106. on March 23, 2008 at 6:04 pm twobarkingdogs

    One thing I do know is not to call if “Frisco.”

    Another thing I know is that its not one of my favorite places.

    But then, I grew up in Florida. Not many Floridians like San Francisco – it has something to do with the oranges. Oh, yeah, and earthquakes.

  107. And san francisco white people are “hella chill” that’s super inmportant to set them apart from so cal or new york folks.


  108. SF and other cities will also be doing that neat-o thing where they turn out the lights for an hour to combat global terrorism or warming or whatever it is. They then have nifty pillow fight events, leather parades and unqualified lesbians and others running every single City department. It is “diversity” run amok…

    Mayor Gavin in office doinked his best friend’s wife, setting the trend for Spitzer and that freaky gubernatorial couple in Jersey.

    However, if you look closely in SF, mostly out in the avenues, you can still find some white blue collar dinosaurs. These types wear it on their sleaves that they did not go to college and are batshit over the ‘Niners and Giants–that is all they have in their lives.

    Please do come to SF and repeatedly call it “San Fran.” You can do that when you wear your T-shirts and shorts and freeze your asses off down looking at the sea lions on a summer day.

    Be very careful of Asian drivers while in the Bay Area. They like to go the wrong way down one way streets.

    Giants fans are worse than LA fans. They come to the games in the 3rd inning, ask friends if they see them on TV while talking on cell phones, then leave in the 6th inning.

    That is your SF update.

  109. on March 23, 2008 at 6:13 pm Mac Dre, RIP

    West Coast, biatches!!!!

  110. Take Note: This site ignores certain types of white people. Notice it has 91 entries yet does not include “pick-up trucks.”

  111. on March 23, 2008 at 6:17 pm Mrs. Doubtfire


    Is San Fran even relevant anymore?

    The only time you hear of San Fran is when you happen to get your hands on some pure MDMA, and you are so bombed and on your back with your legs doing the bicycle, you have to ask where that shit came from.

  112. This made me grin. You should try Portland Oregon.

  113. White people apparently also like to seek the approval of bloggers to improve their “cred.”

  114. on March 23, 2008 at 6:26 pm Lets say "Chuck"

    117 Gabe….yes, that’s why I like this site. It pokes fun of those certain types of white folks we all know and most of us find incredibly annoying. Like a former boss of mine….well of white guy…went to UW-Madison (ohhh, please tell me another story about the great parties you had on football days…I just love hearing those). Him and his wife lived San Francisco. Would fly there on a regular basis. They like wine and dinner parties too.

  115. on March 23, 2008 at 6:29 pm Paid to Be Quiet

    OK, there ain’t no way any white person could ghost ride a prius and keep up with it on one of those rollercoaster streets. Also with those big doors open, they would knock off quite a few cyclers on the way down.

    And someone who lives there please tell me if y’all still consider rice-a-roni a treat?

  116. Gabe… apparently you haven’t lived close enough to the hispanic community, if there’s folks who love their pick-up trucks, its the hispanic contractor… back in mexico, pick-up trucks (especially F-150’s) are the Prius of Mexican culture…

    and if you haven’t noticed… this blogs digging at a specific type of white person.. if we really wanted to be all encompassing, clander could chime in with “colonialism”, but it really wouldn’t be very funny.

  117. on March 23, 2008 at 6:32 pm angelaweight

    I just moved back to Georgia after living in SF for nine years. Yes, I am white. And, yes, this blog hit the nail on the head about San Franciscans. Good insight. Good job. Loved the casual use of “hyphy.” They don’t say that down here.

  118. The bit about diversity and property values is the most hilariously accurate sentence on any topic so far.

    This catalog of hipster/yuppie culture is genious.

    If you are a member of this group, don’t be hurt. He’s kidding. And you could live worse lifestyles. You’re just not as unique and alternative as you think.

  119. Great blog….but hyphy is dead….but maybe not for white ppl


  120. dead on………. as a former resident that moved to SF from a town that is perpetually five to ten years behind the times that won’t be named (can you say Virginia Beach) back in the mid 80’s, SF jumped the shark ages ago………… it’s a nice place to visit if you don’t mind the urine smell and trying avoid the human feces land mines while walking their sidewalks………. and hyphy died two weeks ago according to the SF Weekly……. bah, livin’ in Burlingame is whiter than white, you won’t catch anybody ghostriding their prius down here………..

  121. The only greatest reason why San Francisco rocked well with the rest of the US in the 1980s and early 90s is because of the San Francisco 49ers football team, specifically the great QB Joe Montana and the coach Bill Walsh.

    After Steve Young retired, it has gotten all downhill for SF and the Bay area. Coincidentally, the Bay area was the epicenter of the dotcom bubble’s burst.

    Nothing has been the same since and you can take that to a JPMorganChase bank! 😉

  122. I don’t understand the posts that say “yeah this totally describes me and I can’t argue with it. Hilarious!”

    If this blog is about you, and you see yourself in these posts, why aren’t you committing suicide right this minute? It seems like the minute you realized you were that enormous of a douchebag, all that apparently-feigned social consciousness and concern for others would kick in, and you’d fucking end it so you’d never cast another vote or do anything else horrible ever again.

  123. Asians are white’s favorite minority? 😦

    What if you’re a white hispanic who looks asian? How many points do I get?

  124. on March 23, 2008 at 7:02 pm globalglamour

    lol like your blog, come visit mine and comment plz…


  125. Anyone want to go find some white people to beat the crap out of? This site is great in so many ways, and it’s most useful purpose is identifying huge swaths of people that would be better off as fertilizer.

  126. Oh No! I’ve not been to San Francisco. But I aspire to someday, when I cash out my Roth IRA and open a winery/trattioria in Sonoma.

  127. How has there not been a post on guitars yet? Seems like a bit of a nobrainer

  128. Yeah, I visited San Francisco, and the stereotypical white person inside me nearly died with joy.

  129. i can’t find ONE thing wrong with this blog!!!!


  130. i HELLA heart SF! way to represent!

  131. This is AWESOME… SWPL rocks!

  132. firm retreat to SF this weekend. your timing is impeccable.

  133. I agree on Portland, but not Seattle. Seattle is SO 1990’s (according The Simpsons).

    Another thing WPL is political sex scandals. They have squealed with delight over the Larry Craig, Mark Foley, Ted Haggard (etc., etc.) news stories. It makes them sound enlightened and so above-it-all, and they can say things like, “That’ll teach him to Stay Out of Our Bedrooms,” or “I’m so glad that homophobic hypocrite was caught in the act.” Fortunately, there seems to be no shortage of such boy crazy politicos to feed their habit.

  134. “Much in the way that white people in Brooklyn feel a strong and unfounded connection with The Notorious BIG”

    That was amazingly accurate. Well done!

  135. on March 23, 2008 at 8:18 pm not a whitey

    I loves this post, clander! as a born-n-raised so cal chica who has bay area relatives and a good chunk of berkeley friends, you’ve done a good job with the NorCal v. SoCal rivalry.

    Also, Nor Cal peeps voted for Obama, where So Cal peeps voted for Clinton.

    Also, the Bay Area has better public transportation, where lots of white guys with rolled up pant legs bring in their road bikes.

    Also, SF has a lot of coffee shops, crepes places, where baristas and waiters have MFAs and are basically overeducated for their position.

    Don’t forget gentrification a la Mission District. And gentrification in Oakland.

    Also, only “other type of white people” would want to move to LA 😉

    As much as I *heart* SF (does that make me white?) So Cal has better chinese, korean, and vietnamese food. And better weather.


  136. san fran rox mi werld!!! i luvvv eet! eets sooo coolish! i gow thar for christin studees!

  137. shalom friends! i come from israel. oh say shalom bimromav! i am a rabbi! shalom

  138. As a person of color who has lived around the Bay Area (although not raised there) I think this post is brilliant! Best post yet! So true, so true. SF= California mecca for white hipsters/liberals who like to think they are sooo cultured and above racism. I am so tired of the majority of bay area white people, who upon asking you what ethnicity you are and you tell them, always respond with either “oh, i’ve been to [insert ethnicity’s country of origin]” or “i’ve tried [insert ethnicity’s most famous food]” or “my relative is dating a [insert ethnicity] person,” like that somehow makes you two innately become bff and you are expected to be overtly surprised and pleased even though many times, you really couldn’t care less.

    also, “The presence of gays and Asians is imperative as it two provides two of the key resources most necessary for white success and happiness.”


  139. Well done. The dumb liberal whites “think” they own the city, but they are all renters. The Chinese own that city and in 75 more years will own most of the real estate. Even Russian Hill too.

    There is little ‘diversity’ in SF, the author is right, no hispanics and blacks are on their way out (of Harlem too.)

    I recall seeing two fags boofing each other in an alley behind DV8. I knew some people at Golden Gate law and the one guy was straight and he worked out at the Y near the castro and he said the homos used to jerk each other right in the steam room.

    SF is generally a dead city. Nothing ever changes there, all the real estate and the buildings stay the same too, so do many of the bars, etc.

    Market St. is a disgrace, full of litter and wind blown (as compared to say Michigan Ave). Union Sq. is weird. Van Ness is cold and sterile.

    There used to be White people in the City, but they are long gone, post #46 is the best I’ve read so far. Are there any normal White cops left in SF, they live in the Sunset? I doubt in 40 more years any real Whites will want to deal with the place.

    Most Americans never even hear anything about anything that happens there anymore. The inferiority complex SF has is well-deserved.

  140. PS SF is a joke of a city because your rarely see strollers and healthy straight women with babies. The hills could be a factor in that however.

    SF could literally be home to the worst and scummy-looking White women in America. They will all be single way past 30, or until they wise up and get the hell out of there. The men there are the wimpiest hetero males in America. Don’t get me started on Mill Valley and all the jews. Ugh. Can that town even field a high school football team? I doubt it.

  141. This whole thing is gay

  142. p.s. kill whitey

  143. There is this great little breakfast place in Haight. Yummy Crepes!

  144. I Love SF. I live in Palo Alto but sure wish I could move there. If only I was an adult.

  145. on March 23, 2008 at 9:15 pm enjoyingthis

    People kept asking how I liked living in San Francisco (or in the Bay Area, as I was really living in Oakland), and after what was probably the twentieth person I offended by saying that no, other than the Mexican food, I did not like San Francsisco (or the Bay Area), I decided that was a strong clue. Up and moved to New York, where the party is most certainly over, but at least I don’t get art-school neophytes from Bakersfield and Chico who feel that their new address in San Francisco has earned them a place among the international elite.

    San Francisco is simply too far away from the rest of the world to offer itself up for cultural checks and balances. No one, globally, is really paying any attention to it, so it’s free to identify itself with whatever grand idea it chooses, in much the same way one of its residents might bop on down to Esalen Institute for the weekend to pay $400 to learn how to rename him- or herself “God”.

  146. And there is a definate “attitude” from white Bay Area residents.


  147. You know who else likes San Francisco?

    Fucking queer people….



    Check it Out.

  148. Hmmm. . .Aside from the love I have for my city and my distaste for LA, I really don’t identify with this post much, and I’m a pretty stereotypical white girl. Maybe it’s because I’m a native, and the population you mention seems to describe transplants who move to San Francisco seeking out these certain qualities.

    And Cargill, your comment about a lack of healthy straight mothers is rather bizarre. I feel like there’s been a huge baby boom lately–everywhere I look, there are pregnant women or new mothers: North Beach, Noe Valley, Nob Hill, Mission Dolores, and Bernal Heights to name a few neighborhoods where it seems particularly prevalent. It’s also strange that you say that there are no more white people in San Francisco (especially considering its appearance on this site); most studies show the opposite, that gentrification and high rent/real estate is pushing out many minorities.

  149. Your awesome :), I love your foodie pics too

  150. “This enables white people to feel good about living near people of diverse backgrounds without having to directly deal with troublesome issues like income gaps or schooling.”

    OH MY, ahahahahhahaha

  151. on March 23, 2008 at 9:38 pm White From California

    California *IS* like two different countries!

  152. on March 23, 2008 at 9:46 pm not quite right...

    san francisco is beloved by whites, but you totally got it wrong why.

    see, the whitest thing to do is to move to the mission, aka the neighborhood of the ethnic group you somehow missed (latinos). it’s ‘authentic’ on mission and full of hipsters on valencia. how convenient!

    as a white person, i love to hang out in the mission, eat ‘authentic’ burritos at taquerias where i’m the only white person around, go to the hipster record stores, and pretend that i know my way around…but i sure as hell get out before nightfall. maybe i’ll grow a pair and move there in a few years.

    white people like sf because it was the center of the 60s counter culture, the time that cultivated the self-satisfaction of yuppies of today.

    however, even white people know that hyphy is dead. white people who pretend to get stupid are already making fun of themselves…i thought a tongue in cheek blog should understand tongue in cheek humor. the supposed love for hyphy should refer back to the ‘irony’ post.

    good one on calling out the city, though…it deserves it.

    i think it’s telling that so many socal people had to comment to let everybody know how much better they are because they don’t care about the rivalry.
    sf is pretty image-conscious, but can anybody from la seriously pretend that they are any less insecure or ‘real’? you need to get over yourselves as much as we do!

  153. on March 23, 2008 at 9:57 pm San Franciscans Did Not Grow Up In SF

    Whatever douchebag. The majority of San Franciscans didn’t grow up in San Francisco, or even in the bay area, but rather migrated in from all over the country. Gentrify the mission out of being Latino with all those Google narcissists, yeah! Methinks the writer of the blog is one of those newcomers which makes it easy to make the oh so hilarious observation.

    But it’s true, though. The south bay and east bay, especially Fremont and San Jose (the so called armpit of the bay area as far as the new SF transplants are concerned) are by far more diverse than SF is and were that way since the 70s and before.

    So, stuffgoogleemployeeslike is by far more accurate, as #38 said – it’s all socioeconomics. You live it, but man do you hate being it.

  154. another native chiming in. s.f. is OVER. co-opted by lame white people. my ancestry would freak if they could see manhattan west today. it’s tragic, how gentrified it’s become. i wish all the transplants would go home. it was better when it was just another place. not a “destination.”

    you guys nailed it yet again! do mendocino sometime. the rich yuppie couples love mendo! ick.

  155. The City of San Francisco has a very multicultural population that ranges from white to gay to Asian. Within white culture this known as “ideal diversity” for its provision of exotic restaurants while simultaneously preserving property values.

    Hilarious, I couldn’t stop laughing. I hope the author writes something related to Miami.


  156. The late Sam Francis:

    “Probably nothing in public life in recent years shows so clearly the vast differences between how elites and the public at large view mass immigration. It goes far to explain why nothing is ever done to control immigration: The people with power and influence don’t regard immigration as a threat.

    And indeed, why should they? The main problems that mass immigration brings are not those of terrorism but rather crime, job loss, educational chaos, cultural erosion and language barriers. Those are problems that middle class or working class people have to face every day, not those of the ruling class.

    Elites, simply because they can afford to isolate themselves from the impact of these kinds of threats, don’t feel them and don’t see them even when they look at them. They can move to high-security, crime-free neighborhoods and dump their kids in well-protected private schools.

    To them, the main impact of mass immigration is that it creates lots of cute little ethnic restaurants and cute little ethnic nannies that allow the up-scale young parents of the ruling class to dine regularly on Nepalese and Ethiopian cuisine.

    One of the most important websites around for Whites to read: http://www.vdare.com/francis/vast_gulf.htm

  157. Man, I just moved to the San Jose area and I do like San Fran. I hope you are not stalking me!

    On a topical note, white people do like college basketball…


  158. White SFers aren’t the only people who hate LA. White people in most of the country hate LA because it’s not white enough for them. When they want to talk shit, they talk about Los Angeles. Racists.

  159. I thought I was fleeing the meatheads in Boston when I moved to San Francisco. As much as I missed throwing things at college alpha dudes and angry drunken businessmen in 20 below, I was looking forward to being amongst the nice folks in San Fran, a city of niches. However, after my third or fourth weekend out here, I quickly realized how wrong I was. After a few drinks, all sorts of nice and boring folks in San Fran, of all walks of life, were capable of becoming meatheads. Hipsters were pulling out knives, gay dudes starting bar brawls, hippies saying “koni-chiwa” to me, college art students telling black folks not to give into the Mexican culture (?), and of course, angry drunken businessmen, not to mention a healthy dose of Bostonian transplants, taking advantage of the city’s lack of alpha packs.
    Worse still, the sarcasm over here’s at least two layers away from witty, and a sincere drunken zinger just makes one cringe that much more.
    The good life over here has actually made a lot of good folks jaded – when you think life can’t get any better than what you’ve got, your world starts to shrink until you think you understand all there is to understand about the world around you, and when these nice, naive, and jaded folks get drunk, they say some of the most ignorant things in the world.
    not that much true progress over here.

  160. Omigosh, #169, you have a point. About a month or so ago this white girl from Missouri was complaining about how she doesn’t blend in on the streets of L.A. and how much more comfortable she feels in the Midwest where everyone looks like her. I was like, “Are you freaking kidding me?” I’m black and we’re fourth in line in population in this state, so I find it hard to conjure up sympathy for a brunette who claims she doesn’t fit in in L.A. I’m the only black person in my office and often the only black person during many outings.

  161. There are TONS of Latinos living in San Francisco! Somebody has to make all those burritos. Granted, I live in the Mission, but I swear the restaurant workers don’t *all* live in Daly City.

  162. People often ask me, a long-time border advocate, how I can stand to live in leftist Berkeley CA, surrounded by so many loony America-haters. And besides that, what about the worsening Mexifornication?

    My friend Rick Oltman, who as a grassroots organizer has seen a lot of demographic change in the country, assures me that Berkeley will remain an island of English-speaking citizens in an increasingly Mexicanized California. But the waves are lapping higher all the time.

    As a college town, home to one of the country’s most highly rated public universities, Berkeley has deceptive stability. The major industry is not about to box itself up and move offshore. Housing is expensive and keeps out the riff-raff. Prop 13, the 1978 citizen revolt against skyrocketing property taxes that was the granddaddy of many California initiatives, has served to keep many in their houses also.

    My best friend from college, who lived here in the 1970’s, recently moved back from Austin, and said she liked how little Berkeley has changed—particularly compared with central Texas. Part of that situation is physical: the city was built out by the 1920s, and has no place to construct suburbs. There is the San Francisco Bay on the west, Tilden Park on the east and other towns north and south. Preservationist ideas are strong, and people appreciate the great natural beauty all around.

    A few years ago, the San Francisco Chronicle presented a series of puff pieces about desirable Bay Area neighborhoods, including mine. The sly hook about one popular area: the large number of white people.

    The Chronicleclearly sought out some black folks to interrogate, perhaps hoping to discover some diversity dissonance because of what the Chronicle deemed excessive whiteness. However, the colorful persons interviewed did not cooperate by complaining: all were happy to live in a pleasant and safe area.

    “In diversity-crazy Berkeley, this state of affairs might be expected to elicit a certain sheepishness or some frustration from the small number of blacks, Asians and other nonwhites who live here. But to the contrary, residents don’t seem particularly perturbed…

    “’In my life, off the top of my head, this is the No.1 or 2 place I’ve lived that I’ve ever felt this comfortable and happy,’ said Lynn Sykes, who is African American. ‘Nothing in the world is more important to me than safety. As long as I and my family are safe, it could be 150 percent white.’”

    The idea of diversity is applauded, but in real life, people prefer not be socially engineered according to multicultural ideology. I’ve never heard anyone express a desire for more diversity in the area either.

    The demographics of the city as a whole now show 61 percent white, with Asians second at 17 percent. To find the real growth point of diversity within the city limits, you have to go to the University.

    Take a walk on the UC Berkeley campus today, and you might think you had wandered into China. It sure doesn’t look like Mario Savio’s university, where he and others engaged in the Free Speech Movement on campus a few decades ago. The Sixties were not diverse.

    And the difference is not just racial: there is plenty of Chinese actually being spoken—which can be disconcerting for a native-born citizen like me whose taxes support the place.

    New York Times’ Timothy Egan noticed the same thing in an article called Little Asia on the Hill (Jan 7, 2007):

    ” ‘Here, many people speak Chinese as their primary language,” says Mr. Hu, a sophomore. ‘It’s nice. You really feel like you don’t stand out…’

    “I ask Mr. Hu what it’s like to be on a campus that is overwhelmingly Asian — what it’s like to be of the demographic moment. This fall and last, the number of Asian freshmen at Berkeley has been at a record high, about 46 percent. The overall undergraduate population is 41 percent Asian. On this golden campus, where a creek runs through a redwood grove, there are residence halls with Asian themes; good dim sum is never more than a five-minute walk away; heaping, spicy bowls of pho are served up in the Bear’s Lair cafeteria; and numerous social clubs are linked by common ancestry to countries far across the Pacific.

    “Mr. Hu shrugs, saying there is a fair amount of ‘selective self-racial segregation,’ which is not unusual at a university this size: about 24,000 undergraduates. ‘The different ethnic groups don’t really interact that much,’ he says. ‘There’s definitely a sense of sticking with your community.’ But, he quickly adds, [I bet he does! BW] ‘People of my generation don’t look at race as that big of a deal. People here, the freshmen and sophomores, they’re pretty much like your average American teenagers.’…

    “But as the only son of professionals born in China, Mr. Hu fits the profile of Asians at Berkeley in at least one way: they are predominantly first-generation American. About 95 percent of Asian freshmen come from a family in which one or both parents were born outside the United States.”

    Emphasis added. In other words, recent immigration is rapidly displacing long-time Californians from their top public educational institution.

    Interestingly, UCB’s Chancellor Robert Bergenau has complained of a “diversity crisis” on the Berkeley campus. He completely ignores the success of Asian students, as if they were some odd variety of whites.

    UC Berkeley has plenty of diversity; it just doesn’t correspond to the quota-driven palette popular in some quarters. In the 2007 freshman class, 29.6 percent were Caucasian; 41.6 percent Asian, 11.7 percent Latino and 3.1 percent black. Put another way, 70 percent were non-white. But that’s not enough for the diversity police.

    University honchos have tried to evade the mandate of Prop 209, the 1996 voter initiative that ended affirmative action. There was something of a scandal in 2003 when it was revealed that the University had admitted unqualified students. But judging from the walk-around-the-campus test, there are few non-Asian diverse students these days.

    Nevertheless, tribe advocacy organizations like Chinese for Affirmative Action continue to pursue race-based benefits. They shamelessly claim victimhood, even though Asians have an average median household income 117 percent that of white households and Asian students are succeeding brilliantly in college.

    You can approve strongly of meritocracy—I do—but my Berkeley campus strolls inevitably cause reflection on California’s explosive demographic change—and the uncharted future.

    And, as I type away in my third-floor home office, when I hear a foreign language spoken outside it isn’t Chinese, but Spanish. Not by the neighbors, but by the roofers up at treetop level. The Dot-Com bubble brought in a gaggle of foreign workers who never left. Berkeley used to have a lot of hippie gardeners who liked working outside in an unstressful gig, But I haven’t seen any since the Mexicans with business cards arrived en masse. (Those paper items go straight to my recycling bin.)

    Berkeley the city might continue to muddle along in its goofy and often obnoxious left-wing way. But it cannot escape being a part of California. The refusal of Sacramento to deal responsibly with the budget is filtering down already. The pain has only just begun. The state’s leaders intend to cause distress to the point where voters will ask for higher taxes. And Sacramento is too much in bed with Mexico to cut the benefits so welcoming to illegal aliens that figure largely in the budget deficit as well as the worsening failure of schools.

    No borders, no peace. America cannot welcome the world’s myriads, dysfunction and functional alike, without splattering the shreds of social fabric we have left.

  163. but… LA *is* really polluted and the transportation really sucks.

  164. I would just like to add, white people born in San Francisco find white people who move to San Francisco annoying. We were born here and are thus higher in white culture.

  165. White people really like the Marina (in ess eff).
    It’s like they took the tv show Friends and made a whole neighborhood out of it!

  166. “Though they live in a world class city, San Franciscans have a crippling inferiority complex about New York and even hinting at that will make them very sad or very defensive.”

    But they’ve had New York’s National League team for 50 years! And Oakland has Philly’s AL squad!

    #55 Shanks: “I know they hate when you call it ‘Frisco’ in Frisco.”

    But nobody is bothered when you call it “Philly” in Philly. Very different outlook.

  167. A westward view of the sunset over the ocean…

    A beautiful signature suspension bridge…

    A narrow inlet into a fantastic bay in which you can turn left or right…

    A history defined by an epic earthquake…

    I tell you, you just can’t beat Lisbon.

  168. on March 24, 2008 at 12:48 am parkinglotsandothersocalstuff

    spoken like a true southern californian

    im glad you checked on a map where oakland was.


  169. Stuff queer, pagan white girls in graduate school like: This blog! Sigh . . . I wish I was in SF right now

  170. Getting some very informed reactions to this entry. Almost as though SWPL researched the best city to include. As Midwest boy this is shedding light on issues I’ve never encountered before. not so concretely at least.

    Just Married!

  171. poorly written entry? Are you serious?
    Ghost riding a Prius is gonna be history!!! I laughed so hard I cried.

    also, white people are Asian people’s favorite minority.

  172. White people, speaking of the XY gender, like San Francisco because it’s also home to the asian women (which has been noted as a white man delicacy)


  173. San Francisco is the crown jewel of this blog. It’s got everything required, expensive sandwiches, indie music, knowing what’s best for the poor, Toyota Priuses and Macintoshes out the ass … what more could whitey want?

    This is a good bridge into something white folks go batshit for, nanny state government. We absolutely love it when our state, local, or federal governments act like an overprotective mother. Trans-fats bans? Recycling mandates? Sanctuary cities? Yes, please!

  174. on March 24, 2008 at 2:31 am Frank Feels Urpain

    San Fran is tops because it has what a straight white man needs to survive: good java, sublime asian pussy, lots of start-up businesses, sun.

    San Fran is tops because it has what a gay white man needs to survive: great crab cakes, white wine, nice cock to suck, tight asian ass, and lots of start-ups that mean you can avoid working with macho assholes.

    All white people like the fact they can have a city where the black/hispanic death spiral is not an issue, and that the ethnic population (asians) actually have a work ethic and make and do things people want.

  175. on March 24, 2008 at 3:18 am SF hater 101

    i’m very disappointed in the lack of research that went into this particular posting. i would like to recap a few things:

    1) prius. people in SF do not drive cars. they ride bikes. if you dont ride a bike too, they wont talk to you because you are contributing to global warming and therefore are a waste of their time.

    2) food. since the general population of san francisco consists of 20 something vegan indie rockers, EXQUISITE food is an improper term. if you enjoy beef, dont even bother coming. trying to find a burger in that city is like trying to find the holy grail. unless you enjoy tofu burgers or cheap, questionable, burritos.

    3) diversity. ok, THIS is the part that REALLY gets to me. WHAT EXACTLY about SF is diverse? if you walk the streets you will notice three crowds: gays, asians, hipsters. unless you fall into one of those categories you might as well turn around and go home. since its impossible to become asian if you are already white, you could always become bisexual and then youll fit in better (that is unless you already have dark brown hair and straight across bangs with the slight mullet… then you fall into the “hipster” category and you are safe).

    4) politics. theres only ONE side to politics in SF. if there is a disagreement in that capacity then a bunch of white, trust fund babies who think they are radicals will camp out in trees until they get their way. of course, not taking into consideration that the working class pays their taxes while they are up there. who is protesting the protesters??

    all in all, im glad this was posted because people need to know that SF is the whitest city on earth. i just had to clarify a few things first…. then i moved to LA where i DONT have to talk about primitive and modern economics on a friday night.

  176. This whole website is not just about “white people” it’s actually “white liberals”

  177. on March 24, 2008 at 3:23 am expat seattlite in europe

    I HATE SAN FRANCISCO and damn near everywhere else in California. “Cultural center of the West Coast” my ass. You mean cultural center of people to whom labels like “cultural center” are important, fuck out of here.

    I’m only half white, but I do like breakfast and gay people. *shrugs*

    i loooooooooove this blog 😀

  178. wp absolutely love s.f.

    but this post is just train-wreck bad…it’s just all over the place and not very funny.

  179. The north cali vs south cali feud/disagreement could in itself be an entire blog. I would love to hear an entry on this one. California is like two countries. Its sort of the Belgium of America. When you first think of North Cali, you think artsy, weekend houses in the woods, very liberal thinkers, fancy universities, berkinstocks, public transportation, gloomy seatle-type weather, hills, pot, white wine, fresh fruit, pot-belly stoves, fishing, architecture, history, and an overwhelming sense of high priced coffee (that just tastes better) and expensive vintage furniture.

    Contrasting with Southern California you have, more diversity, more Prii (way more), celebrities, better beaches, great weather, expensive houses, hollywood, hollywood gays, mexican workers (for usually any task a white person does not want to do), beverly hills, plastic surgery, narsastic people, celebrity wannabes, everyone owns a car because of the germ factor of public transportation, homeless people who have homes, mexican food, more crime, expensive sushi, fake white asian girls, prescription drugs, personal assistants (or shoppers), vegetables, martini/ vodka shots, traffic, most expensive sandwiches.

    North cali hates south cali because they are jealous over the weather and beautiful people, and south cali people hate north cali people because north cali is more authentic and people dont care much about pretending someone they are not.

    Thats why California is the best state, it has somthing for everyone and is extremely diverse not only in people but in weather. In one day you can be snowboarding and then surfing within a 12 hour period. I am from south cali so I have a bias, but I do have to say, I do like the fake plastic surgery women I see in beverly hills, and I love the white fake japanese sushi places that only white people go to, and I love the weather and the beaches, and even sitting in my car for an hour in traffic because it gives me alone time, I love the hollywood scene, and the fake people at the clubs, and the million prii crowding the beach parking lots. North cali is great to visit, but i wouldnt want to live there, and im sure north cali people will say the same about socal, so its perfect harmony, we are a family who like to visit the other once a year and then go back to our lives. I do think that north cali hates south cali more though, I dont know why, maybe they think their better, or jealous, but thats why cali is the best, and the rest of the country either knows this, or is in denial, yes manhattan is nice, and so is the hamptons, sure miami might be fun to party in, or austin texas might have a better indie music scene, but california has everything every other state has.

    We have oil, gold, silver, we produce most of the food for the U.S, we make the movies, and television shows, we are the center of technology (hello silicon valley), we have aerospace out in the desert, culture, unpredictable earthquakes (and L.A will never sink into the sea, in about 5 million years L.A will be next to san francisco), fabulous beaches for surfing (sure they are the warmest like floridas, but we can actually surf).

    I know im sounding like an advertisement, but its so true California is really the best state. sorry for people who live in montana, I do feel for you.

  180. The only thing that’s really holding the two Californias together now is WATER: the North has lots more water than it uses, and the South uses lots more water than it has.

    Back in the old days, when Junior Brown’s father Pat (a San Franciscan my father knew at Lowell and Berkeley) was governor, and the North controlled the state senate, the South had to get their water from the Colorado River and the Southern end of the Sierras.

    Ever since Baker v. Carr and Reynolds v. Sims, the more populous South has dominated both the state assembly and the senate, which gave us the infamous California Water Project in which the South began to steal Northern water, and has been for 30+ years.

    In the SF vs. LA debate, there’s another whole California that’s ignored and forgotten, but it’s just as real: the Central Valley (composed of the Sacramento and San Joaquin Valleys), which is mostly rural (except around Sacramento), conservative, and agricultural. The world of American Grafitti up to date. It’s like the crazy aunt in the attic that the right kind of Californians don’t talk about….

  181. Oh yeah! White people LOVE the GAY BAY!

  182. Portland and Seattle are shockingly white bread. I mean, like Nordic Aryan stock white. It’s funny because they publicly value diversity yet can’t live around anybody but those exactly like them, with the exception of a few tokens. At least the East coast doesn’t pretend to be something they’re not.

  183. Love the blog and the comment board. Finally some people with brains.

  184. on March 24, 2008 at 4:53 am metaljaybird

    SF has lousy weather. I’ll take San Diego over SF any day.

  185. Liberal cliches are better than midwest conservative homogeny. Non-Profits and diversity is a nice change when all the midwest has to offer are suvs and fast food places. I’m moving. I’d rather be with the intellectual white snobs than the type of white people who hunt off of atvs. I’m moving! And having lived near Detroit, I fear not Oakland.

  186. I went there last year. Pot is widely available there. I got to smoke pot publicly with tons of white people without the police stopping us. San Francisco is the city of white people doing what nobody else could get away with in full view of the law. Also, I noticed that for such an expensive city, none of the hip young people hanging around all day ever seemed to go to work.

  187. 2 words: Medical Marijuana

  188. I love the way you parody a basic instrument of White culture: anthropology, or its watered down equivalent, the travel guide. Anthropology was created by Whites to describe “other” cultures to Whites, most of whom were unlikely to experience those “other” cultures. Travel guides describe “other” cultures to most White tourists who WILL experience them — through the lens of the travel guide. Your brilliant parody of the genre turns a anthropological/travelogical lens on the originators of the genre. White people live a culture no less racially marked than the “others” they love to describe, or hear descriptions of. Alas, White people’s highly developed skills at ironic distancing enable them to have a laugh at this blog, not truly realizing the joke’s on them.
    Victor Kulkosky

  189. i find your writing rather white.

  190. I think you’re very wrong about this one. Or you haven’t been to SF in a while. White people like their multi-cultural cities granted, their cool architecture and the like not to mention a music scene and what not and glorious waterfronts bringing up visions of Dashiel Hammet. But they don’t like tripping over the homeless on the streets. You can hardly walk up Market Street even around dusk. Homeless of all stripes. Asking for endless pockets of change. Or the ones who aren’t asking are laying across the sidewalk and you can’t even change sides of the street. And as to SF having an inferior complex compared to NY. Why wouldn’t they? SF is almost 1/10 the population and NY doesn’t have homeless laying in the streets. They should rename SF Street people gone wild. I prefer my street people from afar. I don’t mind viewing them through the windows of a Peets coffee shop. But I don’t want them asking me for change as I sit on a bench trying to drink my coffee. Ugh. Oh yeah and one other thing: SF is the only city where I was refused entry to a restaurant because they thought I was too fucking old. Fuck San Francisco and all those cunts. . .I ain’t going back.

  191. “Also, I noticed that for such an expensive city, none of the hip young people hanging around all day ever seemed to go to work.”

    Trustifarians and dot.com refugees (some of whom made their fu money), waiters and bartenders who work at night, nonprofit workers whose foundations are happy to pay them a little not to show up much, refugees from the Sunset and Richmond districts who still live with their (not the right kind of white people) parents, recently arrived gays still getting by on their fresh charm. And students. lots of students from SFSU, Berzerkeley, USF, UCSF (but they’re usually studying), etc., etc. who are heavily subsidized…. quite the mixture of types.

  192. Me and my black friends are the whitest people I know. Funny how white has gone beyond skin color! 🙂 🙂 🙂

  193. jeez, what’s holding you back from a post about “salsa classes”?

  194. I live in NYC and was walking through midtown yesterday behind a group of WP who were discussing how San Fran is such a great city because, and I quote “it is so close to the water and has so much culture.”

    White people are so predictable.

  195. I always used to think that if I ever left NYC it would be for San Francisco. And while I like to think that I am a very white person, I do hate non-profit organizations, so maybe I should think about Chicago instead.


  196. I just heard about this blog, and I LOVE it! I’ll admit to liking a bunch of stuff on the list, but I about died laughing was when I realized that nearly every item on the list fits my ex! He absolutely loved San Francisco and would have moved there in a heart-beat for all the reasons above plus many others that match up with other stuff on your list.

    Which brings me to my other comment. Your list seems a little slanted toward white liberal men (not 100% – many things apply equally to both genders & you do include “yoga” on the list, although I would have added “pilates” as well). For instance, although white liberal women may be into co-ed sports (fits the feminist ideal that women can do anything that men can do), they also like all-women activities (very empowering), such as women’s soccer leagues.

  197. Love this blog. Bless the Boston Globe for pointing it out. The best part is the ads for Asian wives/women in the comments section. I never knew Google was into irony.

  198. White folks like Roscoe’s Chicken & Waffles in Compton for some reason. Teh fuck is up with that?


  199. Real Market Updates and stuff Bear Like!



  200. I would pay good money to see someone ghostride a Prius in a traffic jam on the 101…

  201. Good grief I am such a cliche. I left NYC for SF years ago because I couldn’t stand living with the racial tension on the east coast.

    #25 Anon,
    “Never speak highly of the Marina, you’ll lose all credibility right there.”
    Very true because that’s where all the white people from LA choose to reside.

  202. on March 24, 2008 at 6:48 am Keak Da Sneak

    E-40, boyeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!

  203. This one needs a tad bit more proofing; it was a bit tough to read. A blogger as intelligent as yourself should know the difference between “two” and “too.”

  204. This is my first visit and I just wonder if white people dislike proofreading. Maybe I just don’t understand yet and maybe it’s because I’m a rednecked white person and have a lot of trouble with proofreading myself while I’m writing that trashy porno scince fiction stuff.


  205. on March 24, 2008 at 7:00 am Hhardworkingasianwaiter

    What is it with the lazy-ass bums begging for cash? You get that in white-lover cities like Toronto too. Why do they fall for the guilt trip these bums put on people? Why don’t they tell them to get a job: SF is full of work and lots of money.

    I can’t stand the homeless and the way people have normalised this way of being. Notice the more homeless and beggers, the more NGOs? Maybe there is a connection, like NGOs are the pimp to the begger-ho?

  206. How can there be 200+ comments on a “too true” article skewering how much white people love SF,

    with absolutely zero mention of Burning Man? Which, hello, born in SF.

    Which makes perfect sense.

  207. Chris and the other tools who have nothing better to do than correct other people’s grammar – you’re all douches.

    Which actually makes me think of another thing that white people like – the use of the words, “douche”, “tool” and “hella”.


  208. Nope, SF folks don’t care about New York beyond loving to talk about their weekend jaunts to NY. They hate LA, this it true.

  209. on March 24, 2008 at 7:06 am Get Over Yourself...

    New York is the shit. Even Sarah Jessica Parker thinks so.

  210. It should be noted that Oakland is a prime location for gentrification. Oakland has the “tough” reputation critical for gentrification. Yet not all parts of Oakland are all that dangerous (rule of thumb: the closer to Berkeley the better). Thus you get the “cred’ without the downside of living in a neighborhood where the police have installed microphones in the street lights to detect gun fire.

    Also Oakland has MUCH better weather than SF (cold and foggy) which allows white people to wear shorts basically year round.

  211. This is your best post yet, and you outlined all the reasons I left SF for the east coast. I always thought it was funny when I lived there how people talked about how much they enjoyed diversity, when what they meant was being around people who thought, bought and dressed the same as them. SF, “The city that never thinks”…..except about itself.

  212. The next What White People like.. Over-analysis. Haha.

  213. You forgot to mention how white people like to hate on the Marina even though its a spectacular place. Oh, it’s because those same white people like diversity, I forgot. Idiots.

  214. I am in Washington, DC. Not a a bad city in terms of political awarenesss, diversity, good coffee shops and expensive sandwiches, and for the first time the other day I saw 3 Smartcars, but damn if I don’t know at least 14 white people that want to move, plan to move, or have moved to San Franciso in the past/next year. Although one is black but (sterotypically – at least according to this blog) white.

  215. Everything on this site reminds of my brother-in-law. He spent a year in San Fransico, drives a Prius, has a kid in a Waldorf style school, has a close Asian friend, hates T.V., hates fast food, orders $50 authentic, woodstove oven pizzas, loves Arrested Development, paid $800,000 for a house in a gentrified neighborhood, makes home made organic babyfood for his baby, shops at organic supermarkets, gets the Sunday times and wears birkenstocks (his kids wear crocs). Worst of all, he overtly frowns at me and shakes his head in disbelief when I dare challenge one of his beliefs.

  216. Greg: any you let your sister marry this clown why?

  217. Fake Tales of San Francisco
    Echo through the room
    More point to a wedding disco
    Without a bride or groom
    There’s a super cool band yeah
    With their trilbys and their glasses of white wine
    And all the weekend rockstars are in the toilets
    Practicing their lines

  218. Congrats on a great blog! I’m what you call a rare commodity out here in SF—a native. Your comments about the city are pretty right on, yet you left out one vital difference between NYC and SF, the weather. Those of us who enjoy a bit of life outdoors prefer our little city by the bay for that reason alone.

  219. DodgerFan:

    I don’t think Oaktown is ready for gentrification yet…it’s still way too black. The Latinos have to squeeze the black folks out before the whites will ever go near it. Whites are still too scared to venture first into the ‘dark’ heart of the ghettos…they wait til the hispanics move in and then they pounce. Then you’ll have overpriced artsy farty crap, hipsters crawling all over, raised rents, pretentious clothing shops, white chicks who sound like valley girls who think they’re really roughing it in the gheeeeto, lol.

    Funny stuff man…

  220. First of all let me say, You have the best blog ever!

    2nd of all, I loved this one, because I had been planning on moving to SF recently…It truly is one of the greatest cities ever! I love it for the diversity and expensive food, like you said!

    Since I’m not moving there, I plan many weekend visits….

    Such truth expressed here in this blog… 😉

  221. Im Black, and I love this blog. While I understand that this Point of view does not reflect every white person, it’s still nice to see things from a “white” point of view. Race in the US does nto always have to be negative, or about blacks and illegal immigrants. I love it, keep up the good work!

  222. “Whites are still too scared to venture first into the ‘dark’ heart of the ghettos…”

    I can remember when whites wouldn’t dare venture into the Fillmore District after dark…and blacks stayed out of the very white working class Sunset.

  223. I’m white, but not “white”, most of you lists haven’t hit their target with me, they make me laugh my ass off, cuz I know so many “white” people…

    Those that do hit there mark with me also make me laugh. Great blog…

    Hands off SF though… This is a city I find an inifinity for (being from Montreal). SF has found what I can only call a great balance between work and play.

    You wanna pick on a North American city for being “white”, choose Calgary.

    Keep up the good work.

  224. Oh and China Town, while cool and interesting… Is one of the filthiest places I have ever visited.

  225. This should be in the blog “Stuff Gay People Like”

  226. on March 24, 2008 at 8:22 am markinseattle

    lol i love the “ads by google section:”

    Asian Girls For Marriage
    San Francisco 6 hr. Tours
    Asian Men White Women
    Asian Guys Dating White Women
    San Francisco Food


    this is funny, but more of the “StuffAgingYuppiesLike” flavor, i think.

  227. 99 Jen is right. Worse , when I hear it called “Frisco” (instant playback in head of Village People’s ” YMCA ” when I hear that )

    Young man, there’s no need to feel down.
    I said, young man, pick yourself off the ground.
    I said, young man, ’cause you’re in a new town
    There’s no need to be unhappy.

    My grandma still lives there. They bought a place there in the 1930’s for like 3K or so. It sure isn’t the same nice place I remember as a kid, where she knew all neighborhood people and they all visited and went to church and had this whole network . Yeah and it was plenty “diveeeerrse” There was Italian, Irish, Greek, German, and a few other Euro groups, and all had their own little enclaves (though socialized with others) and there was much less violence, and general chaos, dirtiness, etc. Don’t give me this “oohh waa waa , it’s because you White people were all rich people with degrees from Harvard, that’s why you don’t do drive-by shootings! . ” Poppycock. I don’t think any of these people could be described as rich (or even close) . Yet they were not hell-bent on raping,shooting each other, and constantly breaking into each other’s cars, and writing on walls, and destroying property.

  228. Oh 233 andrea, how I love thee, let me count the ways.

    “I can’t move to San Fransixco, but I plan to visit often.”

    How profound.


  229. You did not even mention their enviromental stance they have taken as a city banning plastic bags… the environment is another thing white people like


  230. San Francisco is all about gentrification now, and getting the last remaining Black folks that have hung on and remained in Hunter’s Point OUT of the city. SF doesn’t want diversity at all. They want to glom onto cultural that is not for them or by them, while buying up cheap property and eating ethnic food.

    Furthermore, it irks me that as a resident of Oakland (and a graduate of UC Berkeley), that people attach themselves to Too Short, The Luniz, sideshows, hyphy music, the Warriors (especially after last season), and the general” rough and tumble” nature and stereotype of Oakland while remaining a safe distance away…in the Marina. You can’t have it both ways. Enjoy your 49ers, your 3rd Eye Blind and the Giants. Leave Oakland culture for Oaklanders.

  231. 77 Niggy Smallz–

    I have been to Fresno, and it is definitely filled with the wrong kind of white people.

  232. I live *near* SF, and wanted so badly to disagree with this post, but the more I think about the people I know who live IN SF, I cannot help but agree with most of it. I do know a few Latinos in the city, too, though, but they’re just as smug and self righteous as the white people, so there you have it. The worst ones aren’t the transplants- the ones you need to watch out for are the Bay Area natives who think they own the city. That’s one of the reasons I can’t live there (besides the disgusting stench, insane rent, and filth that covers every surface). Do yourself a favor and don’t get a B.A.N started, unless you enjoy monologues about how “I’m a 4th generation San Francisiscan, and I think this is the best city on earth” from someone who has never actually been to any other city on earth. It also gets old hearing over and over again how liberal the city is and how gay friendly, as if all other cities hate gay people and are overflowing with staunch conservatism. And if a SF resident hears that you (gasp) live in the suburbs, well, you can just forget about ever being seen as cool. The suburbs, while cleaner, quieter, and more affordable, are “boring” and “depressing” and most SF’s would “rather die” than live in them.

    Oh, the humanity.

  233. Nobody will ever write a song, “I Left My Heart in LA”.


  234. Man – I am starting to wonder if I am white or not. Im pretty pale most of the time so I assume I am.

    I think San Fran is a shit hole. Homeless every place I turn. I can be on one street and be nice, shoot over 2 blocks and I got a crack head and his buddies needing money. This city is way over hyped.

    What white people really like is to like what everyone is liking it seems. I know people who say they love San Fran and haven’t even been there. I guess the opening credits for Too Close For Comfort is what sold them.

    I am reading the last few on this list and I think it should be renamed Stuff White People Like who live in California.

  235. Actually as a San Fran native I can say it is rather common for East Bay folks to come to San Francisco for the clubs and Hip Hop concerts and throwin up the W than the other way around. Also, it is not unusual to meet a New Jersey or New York boy in San Francisco who feel a little uncomfortable when girls aren’t picking up on their pinks shirts or falling over for their accents. Good post, a little ignorant and not accurate but as always a good read.

  236. please make t-shirts for this website
    printed on american apparel
    i would so buy one and brag about how much i love irony to my friends

  237. on March 24, 2008 at 9:39 am purple stater

    This entry is so true. I have to agree with #57 in particular. I went to visit a friend in SF and totally upset this friend by going to Fisherman’s Wharf. I had no idea it would be so upsetting to go to a tourist trap, but as a tourist, I wanted to see what the fuss was about, and why there was such utter disdain for it by the residents of SF. I’m not sure I’ve ever seen such disdain for tourist traps by residents of other big cities. I’ve visited friends in NYC and no one gets ticked if you visit the Empire State Building, for example. Chicagoans don’t hate on you for checking out the Sears Tower. Washingtonian’s don’t disown you for visiting the Lincoln Memorial. So, what gives for San Franciscans? Why the hate? Someone please explain. Thanks.

  238. I thought white people liked NASCAR, country music, and guns. I have not come across these posts yet. I think the blogger is describing liberal white people with the stereotypes. How about white people like to pretend to be tolerant of others but comfortable with saying the n-word in private? I want to see that post and its commentary.

  239. Ah great comments. I can’t help but blush at the LA and NY haters. Thank God you’re women don’t judge as harshly. Anytime I’m out on the East Coast women think San Francisco is like its own exotic country…

  240. Nail on the head. Although, I really am shocked that it took 91 posts for you to get to San Francisco. Top five things the “right kind” of white people like.

  241. 253, obviously you haven’t been to this site enough to know that what you are referring to is the “wrong kind of white.” get with it, loser.


  242. I live in SF and this post describes just about everything I dislike about the city. Still, there’s far more to like about this place than there is to dislike.

  243. I hear people from San Fran hate when people call it “San Fran” or even worse, “Frisco.”

    Buck up, little camper. It’s not like New Yorker’s HATE people from San Fran. We just don’t think about you, that’s all.

  244. Ah, to respond to #252, there are much better things to see about San Francisco than Fisherman’s Wharf or the tourist traps. For 1, tourists traps are a NIGHTMARE for parking, costs $20-30 to park in a lot, meters run out and you get a $50 parking ticket, etc. etc. Also heavy biking and foot traffic makes a 1 mile car trip a half hour ride. Plus if youve been to the Warf there’s actually nothing there but expensive t-shirts, an IN-and-Out, overpriced seafood restaurants and a Hooters with average looking waitresses.

    A San Franciscan born and raised can show you much more cool things than tourist traps. In fact one of the cool things about SF is that just like any major city the natives can show you a hell of a lot funner of a time at hole in the wall seafood and Mexican spots than the overpriced food and sights at fisherman’s warf. One who goes to Fisherman’s Warf and stays downtown surely has the impression that San Francisco is gay, white, and Asian – probably in that order. I would even go as far to say that you are not seeing the real San Francisco if you choose to stay in Union Square, shop downtown, have a drink at a bar in North Beach and go tourist shopping at the Warf, but that’s just me.

  245. No way Jose!(256) I thought this blog was to describe things that white people like. I suggest a name change of this blog to : “Whitelikeme.”

  246. Crap, after reading ALL of these over the past couple of weeks, the only conclusion I can come to is: I am the “wrong kind” of white person. So far all I like is NPR and sushi, but I’m not real passionate about either of those, so there you go.

    I drink my tea iced (and sweet, with white table sugar).
    I thought SF was a tourist trap and too expensive.
    I make better coffee at home than I can get at starbucks.
    When my t-shirts get paper thin I use them for dust rags.
    I don’t currently have any black or gay friends.
    The list goes on and on.

    Maybe I’m too broke to be the “right kind” of white? Or too southern?

    Whatever. I still know people who fit your list, so it’s fun to read!

  247. man if i weren’t getting paid an extra $15k to adjust for the standard, I’d move back down to LA in a heartbeat. the people up here are way too pretentious. I can handle dumb, superficial people, but not dumb, ugly, pretentious people.

    also, SF has the wrong kind of asians. too bad you white people can’t tell us apart.

  248. I am officially in love with this blog.

    #93 Sums it up best for me, too.

    I am a high-school dropout, blue collar, Native American/Italian/Moroccan 7th generation California native.

    I never get tired of the game of shocking the successive waves of tolerant and liberal transplants eager to collect me and my fellow natives as part of their diversity experience.

    “Frisco” is teh funneh. SoCal and Cali are bullshit terms, too, btw.

    Quick story – when I relocated from LA to the poor part of a rich SF suburb, I once knocked on my neighbor’s door to see if she wanted a ride to the Safeway where I saw her every day. She was an Egyptian national sent over by Google. She told me that I was the first non-Asian brunette she had seen in her three weeks in our town, and the first American who had not asked her about her presumed female genital mutilation for a ‘class project.’

    White people aren’t always cute and witty about their proprietary lust for other cultures.

    We natives have a great time making white transplants uncomfortable. They want our city and our diversity, but they don’t quite know how to go on looking hip when we say things like how great it ‘used to be’ to have real Napolitan pizza after mass when you’re on a crowded muni bus full of hungover black-nail-polished metrosexuals crawling home from a long night. It’s also great sport to unapologetically sashay a thick mixed-ethnic ass through the svelte lululemoned Asians and whites elbowing each other for attention at some divey bhangra club and being the first to catch the bartender’s eye. Good times.

    #122 – That was my exact first thought.

  249. I am a Seattle native
    I live in Rainier Valley, at Rainier Beach.
    Used to be called Garlic Gulch in honor of the Italian population.
    Now it’s all Black.
    Wonderful people, salt of the eart
    The people who drive New Mercedes’ are Asian girls in expensive dress.
    The majority language on the #7 bus is Spanish with Tagalog, Tongan, Eritrean, Russian, and I don’t know what all, those are just the ones I can sort of recognize.
    The majority language on the #36 bus is Chinese (Mandarin and Some Cantonese), with Vietnamese, Tagalog and Spanish.
    Approx 25% of the women are wearing, whaddyacallit? Burkah?
    Most of the signs are in English and Spanish. I learn new words every day.

    Seattle’s politics is largely Fascist. (Read up on the Seattle Symphony, nightclubs, etc)

  250. also, though SF has better japanese food, LA has way better any other asian food. plus it’s more “authentic” because the restaurants cater to neighborhood ethnicities instead of the rich yuppy white people.

    Also, SF has way too many weirdos. The weirdest people I know all come from SF.

  251. I am a Seattle native
    I live in Rainier Valley, at Rainier Beach.
    Used to be called Garlic Gulch in honor of the Italian population.
    Now it’s all Black.
    Wonderful people, salt of the earth
    The people who drive New Mercedes’ are Asian girls in expensive dress.
    The majority language on the #7 bus is Spanish with Tagalog, Tongan, Eritrean, Russian, and I don’t know what all, those are just the ones I can sort of recognize.
    The majority language on the #36 bus is Chinese (Mandarin and Some Cantonese), with Vietnamese, Tagalog and Spanish.
    Approx 25% of the women are wearing, whaddyacallit? Burkah?
    Most of the signs are in English and Spanish. I learn new words every day.

    Seattle’s politics is largely Fascist. (Read up on the Seattle Symphony, nightclubs, etc)

  252. The sad part is that this entire site, up to this point, has basically been “Stuff White People (in San Francisco) Like.”

    Cat’s out of the bag now.


  253. I haven’t been in San Francisco (and in the west coast of the US in general), but I have heard great comments about the city. But its main rival in the area (LA) seems to remain more popular, isn’t it?

    At least I hope it has less traffic congestion than busy Athens and our cities here in Greece. 😉

  254. White people LOVE the emerging order of the Kosmos, which brings a new energy of consciousness to our constipated world.

    You should come to my son’s Bar Mitzvah and be part of this.


  255. Stuff White People Like is smart…but what about those clones? We review here: http://www.liberalati.com/?q=node/80

  256. If San Fran is #91, Boston can’t be very far behind! Having attended college in Boston, take it from me, Boston is to the majority what Atlanta is to the minority.

  257. on March 24, 2008 at 10:16 am Mistah F.A.B.


  258. Please do an article about Nor*Cal Wiggers, or Wiggers in general, or the passion for hip-hop among suburban youths.

  259. 267 — No doubt … and I think the feedback shows that. This is all California stuff.

  260. on March 24, 2008 at 10:30 am Steve in Portland

    Holy Smokes! That is awesome! In many spots you can insert Portland OR and have the exact same output!
    Great site btw… truly genius

  261. surprised you didn’t mention that it’s never ‘frisco’ to a native. had 80+ weather at the beach for Easter in SOCAL. down here you drive on ‘the 5’ but in norcal it’s just ‘5’

  262. culturallycool.com

  263. on March 24, 2008 at 10:42 am purple stater

    LOL, to #259: actually we stayed with said native friend in the Mission District, and I really enjoyed seeing all the non-touristy areas a lot–I agree, there is much to enjoy besides FW, which was just a strange, weird, stinky place. However, the utter smugness of my friend (who, to be fair, I think just wanted to give me an authentic experience) just made me not want to like SF at all. Because now all I can remember about the trip (ok, aside from incredible sushi and amazing views) is driving around town, looking at incredible views, and hearing nothing but “this is where such-and-such is, but oh God, don’t ever go THERE, that’s so touristy.” FOR HOURS AND HOURS ON END. If locals hate it so much, and SF being the hotbed of grassroots activism, then why don’t they band together and petition to get rid of the darn thing?

  264. Spot on! I’m not white, but I do live in San Francisco. And your blog describes, perfectly, the kind of people I lived with, know from church, listen to on Muni, etc. San Francisco may be, even more than NYC, the natural habitat of the kind of white people described in your blog.

  265. This confirms what I’ve been thinking. I am moving from NY to San Francisco because we are fools… ok, b.c. my husband had great opportunity (bascially gave him whatever he wanted to get him there–should have known…). Anwyway, I am going to be a good wife and give it a chance (do I have a choice?). But man, it is just BORING. Yes, beautiful, ok, got it. Sooo many white people. I even asked one of the school administrators (my daugher applying for K-another fiasco) why I hear so much about diversity but don’t see any when it comes to African Americans. Listen, a town with ony whites and asians in a nuthsell= bland–or should I say Tofu?

    Give me crazy, dirty, busy, bustling, good transportation, no lottery public school and RACIALLY DIVERSE NYC any day of the week over bridge, cold water, fog, and driving any day of the week!

  266. If San Fran had San Diego weather it would be flawless.Great music scene.Cool well-educated attractive people.Either SD or SF beat the crap outta’ NY and LA.

  267. San Francisco should be so ashamed of itself. I’ve never heard these criticisms before. Devastating.

  268. I love this blog.

  269. I’ve been there a few times. It’s lovely, but people are just way too flakey for my taste. It’s all style, no substance, you know? Also I like to bicycle and the hills make it bloody impossible. I’m more of a New York City person.

  270. Chestnut and Union Streets (and the Fillmore connection between the two) in SF pretty much capture everything stuff white people like in one convenient location. Boutique clothing stores, boutique high-end baby stores, boutique high-end pet stores, wine bars with small plates and restaurants that only serve small plates, Starbucks, Peets, plus the local coffee shops for the folks who think Starbucks and Peets are too trendy or not local enough, an Apple Store (coming soon an Urban Outfitters although most white people would think that is probably a gaffe in that ‘hood), Pottery Barn and Williams Sonoma, The Gap, Baby Gap, and American Apparel, dozens of sushi restaurants, restaurants with al fresco dining patios with heat lamps everywhere, dozens of “yummy” breakfast spots, a litany of expensive sandwich and or organic salad spots, trendy gyms with “attitude”, probably hundreds of places to get “mani/pedis” (manicures and pedicures almost universally performed on white women and some men by Asian women), plus plenty of options for late night dining after the bars close at 2AM. I forgot to mention Yoga studios and yoga boutiques, and of course banks which are practically on every block (White people love having ready access to their money). Lining the streets are Prius’, BMW’s, hybrid Lexus’, Mercedes, Porsches, plus an exotic sprinkled in there like a Ferrari or Lamborghini, and of course Audi wagons and more A4’s than you can shake a stick at (good for weekend trips to Tahoe). There are also dozens of yellow, black, and chocolate labs tied to parking meters and benches or drinking from bowls of water that high-end boutique pet stores and other proprietors put out for their benefit. Did I mention it is near the water?

  271. Educated Black People Like Atlanta.

  272. What can you say about a city that invented Rice-A-Roni?

    Thanks, SF!

  273. #103: Actually, both Sparky’s and Orphan Andy’s are still there. If you should go to Sparky’s, avoid turning to look into the kitchen when you get up to go to the bathroom. You will never be able to eat there again.

  274. Now I understand why SF has corralled all those Asians in China Town.

  275. on March 24, 2008 at 11:11 am Come Let Us Reason Together

    Clocking in at about 600 words the Post on “San Francisco” is Clander’s longest to date and a bit of a clunker. When white writers feel tired and hurried by a deadline, they typically resort to the beloved tactic of listing stuff to get a point across:

    “White people like to vacation in San Francisco because it has beautiful architecture, fantastic food, and it is near the water. They like to live in San Francisco because of its abundance of Non Profit Organizations, Expensive Sandwiches, Wine, political outlook, and most importantly its diversity.” Yes we know that San Francisco has a lot of gays and Asians and a lot of ethnic restaurants. Yes we know that they hate New York because they feel culturally inferior and hate Los Angeles (=Southern California) because they feel culturally superior. Yes we know they like East Bay black rappers (in the fifties it was East Bay black jazz).

    Despite flashes of brilliance, this one feels flat, forced, disconnected and padded. (“Ghost riding the Prius” comes out of Hyphyville nowhere).

    It is hoped that the Master will center his energy next time on the same Kharma that gave us “Dinner Parties.”

  276. #194 – you are so right!

  277. on March 24, 2008 at 11:12 am dorito lover 79

    what about the types of passive aggressive put-downs white people have for each other? these remarks are always so smarmy. white people are big into passive aggressiveness, especially in families. my family just yells at each other.

  278. As a born and raised San Franciscan, I can tell you that white folk love S.F., its like the white mecca. Also all you people moving here…Get out. Thanks

  279. stuff white people like,
    The Police, no, no the band but Officer Friendly.
    they’ll defend them no matter what.

    Love your blog even though one guy still harps on
    you being Asian. thanks to one of the ‘ist sites.

  280. on March 24, 2008 at 11:20 am dont call it frisco

    people from san francisco
    never refer to it as frisco or san fran
    if you do you are probably from sacramento or souther ca.

  281. #295

    We dont want to go to SF… we are being head hunted like crazy.
    Why do you think that is?????????

  282. “When talking to a white person who lives in San Francisco, it is best not to bring up New York City. Though they live in a world class city, San Franciscans have a crippling inferiority complex about New York and even hinting at that will make them very sad or very defensive.”

    Oh man this is true: if you live in the bay area, SF is “The City”. COme to find out, majority of Americans use “The City” to mean NYC.

    SF is superior though, no matter how defensive we may get.

    As far as the SoCal comments – you left out the part where Northern Cali resent SoCal stealing all their water. And yes, we look down on SoCal with good reason. 😀

  283. Hmm, I’ve agreed with pretty much every entry up to this latest. I live in SF and HATE it. This city is repulsive and more so the natives. This blog should be called stuff that Whitewestcoasterslike.

  284. Let’s not get into a discussion about whats better, SF or NYC.
    The whole world knows NYC is far superior. Don’t waste everyones time trying to give us the 4 or 5 reasons you all think it is better. Its sad, really.

  285. SoCal t-shirts say “Hella Stoked NOT to be from Northern California.”

    NorCal t-shirts say “NorCal.”

  286. the entire african american population is not confined to hunter’s point. I take the 22 bus up & down fillmore all the time and it’s as diverse as anywhere, people of color with kids & groceries. when the city emptied japantown in the ’40s, sending all the japanese & japanese-american residents to internment camps, it allowed the black community to move into the neighborhood, which created the fillmore district.

    stuff san franciscans like: civics

    also, oakland has its rich white pockets. those houses on the hills aren’t section 8.

  287. As someone else mentioned, I can stand superficial attractive people, but it’s really hard to stomach pretentious ugly people (99% of the population in SF).

  288. Don’t forget the best part of San Francisco – it’s amazing Peninsula and Suburbs.

    There’s a reason why the house prices here are more expensive than anywhere else in the nation – it’s because only the San Francisco Bay Area has smart people.

    To all those New Jersey fools who think living there is expensive, I ask that they check this out:


    Take that! Manhattan suburb of NJ! Houses here are smaller, worse, have more crime, and worse schools. That means that people who live here and do well are the best people in the world.

    Check out all the most recent fantastic houses in the Bay Area here: http://www.burbed.com/

    Pretty soon you’ll understand why the San Francisco Bay Area is a place that white people like.

  289. oh my…

    I’m an asian from SF, living in LA and this post was awesome! I can’t stop laughing…

  290. on March 24, 2008 at 12:01 pm Attractive Dude

    Someone told me once that if you’re a STRAIGHT, single guy, San Fran is the place to be to meet women seeing as how the large majority of guys in SF are gay. Basically, if you’re a single straight guy, you are GOLD.

    Any truth to this??

  291. At my first Bruins game as a kid some drunk guy kept yelling — “Duguay you Gay” … “Put on some pumps you homo” …

    Ron Duguay had very long hair and played for the Rangers.

    I don’t know if he was gay or not. I will never forget it, I couldn’t tell you what the score was or if Ron really is gay. I can tell you white drunk guys at the Boston Garden in the 80’s don’t like anything on this blog.

  292. attractive dude, you are right … but if you’re a single straight douche bag, then it’s no sale.

  293. I love that you mention hyphy.

  294. Ron Duguay likely slept with as many women as Wilt Chamberlin. Whether or not he’s gay, I have no idea.

  295. last year the fellas ventured 2 Vegas and a white girl specifically told me she was from Oakland. The more we talked and discussed her upbringing i found out she was from Berkeley! haha.

    It was her way of finding a commonality with me non the less.


  296. #117 Gabe – I believe pick-ups would fall under the “wrong kind of white person” so often mentioned here.

    What others said about no mention of wine and Burning Man is spot on. Those are musts for an SWPL article about SF. I mean, Burning Man, c’mon!

  297. on March 24, 2008 at 12:37 pm Come Let Us Reason Together

    Just a suggestion to Clander. Fresh material is the lifeblood of a comedian. Why not play variations on the SWPL Theme to avoid self-referential repetition? For example, “Stuff White Feminists Like.” White feminists like the tagline”WHAT’S THAT ABOUT?” as in “the salesman must not like women. He was rude to me but polite to my husband. What’s that about?”
    (Also see Annette, Comment #4, Barack Obama, Post #8)

  298. Your blog really makes me realise how white I am. Each and every post describes me and my family, it’s almost a bit scary how precise you are.

  299. on March 24, 2008 at 12:39 pm OaklandFan72737489

    This article is right on.

    Ess Eff just talks about diversity. Oakland IS diversity.

    I grew up in Oakland, went to college in LA and now currently live in Oakland again. I can tell you SF is hardly diverse.

    Whites, gays and Asians (mainly loud-mouthed/rude Cantonese) pretty much sums up Ess Eff.

  300. A: Hilarious. Me and all my bougie white Oakland friends keep discovering ourselves in your posts. I’m dying on the inside.

    B: Given my experience with A, may I humbly suggest “flu shots”?

  301. The following San Francisco-based blog illustrates this post amazingly well.


  302. I am kind of surprised (why?) at all the people who totally do not understand this site.

    I am also kind of surprised at how much vitriol exists about and towards SF. Who knew?

    And speaking of defensive, what is all this “SF is DEAD / irrelevant / over” stuff? What does that even mean? According to whom and compared to what?

    La la la, back to my self-righteous corner of SOMA to lurk some more.

  303. Really funny. But your getting a little to self referential…

  304. on March 24, 2008 at 1:03 pm Getting Whiter

    My supervisor who is the whitest White whoever whited just came back from a conference in San Fransico. I’m so glad I’d finished my orange juice before reading today’s post, otherwise, I’d probably be buying my job a new keyboard!

  305. Although I happily and proudly live in SF, thank you for putting it straight about the SF/LA thing. Angelinos couldn’t care less what we think about them and their city. Too many in SF are stuck with a sorry inferiority complex when we should just admit we live in a charming little amusement park of a place and it hasn’t been the Big Time for many, many years.

  306. I don’t get it. Is this site about stuff white people like, or about stuff yuppies like. Or are all white people yuppies?

    Just look at your list of stuff whites like:

    Public Radio
    Asian Fusion Cuisine
    Knowing what’s best for the poor
    Organic Food
    Having Gay Friends

    I think your describing yuppies. You should get out more and meet some non-yuppie white people.

  307. They sure do, prime example Ben Affleck. Also people from Cambridge swear there from Boston… you know, where Harvard and MIT are actually located… Cambridge! Haha I love Cambridge

  308. on March 24, 2008 at 1:13 pm chrispackard

    hilarious… but really, no mention of the use of “hella”? c’mon!

  309. on March 24, 2008 at 1:16 pm Niggy Smallz

    Black people love Sacramento.

  310. McCain hates San Francisco.

  311. on March 24, 2008 at 1:28 pm Average White Man

    I see in the news there is a San Francisco based initiative to remove gender from drivers licenses.

    I’m in favor of it on the balance, as it will remove at least one whiney cohort from affirmative action consideration.

    Microsoft is dropping suppliers who aren’t sufficiently diverse; I call that the precise moment that liberal democracy died. We’re just not economically viable anymore.

  312. Oh man, I went to the Too Short show last night. So hyphy man, so hyphy. You should come by some time and we’ll ghost ride the Prius.”


  313. on March 24, 2008 at 1:35 pm Baseball Dick

    As far as any dispute between SF and LA, it is commonly said that “LA and San Francisco are in a competition that only San Francisco knows about”. As a previous commenter said in regards to NY – LA people generally never think about San Francisco, and rarely if ever have I heard anyone down here say anything negative about San Francsico.

    So it must be an inferiority complex thing, to some extent. But I don’t want to jump to conclusions, because I seriously do not understand it.

  314. The more I read this blog, the more I realize that I’m suffering from an identity crisis. I also love expensive sandwiches, San Francisco and “ghost riding my prius.” Maybe I can throw some hot sauce on my panini sandwich in order to keep it real.

  315. When you first wrote this blog, I thought you were stalking me, I swear! The worst is when you lived (as a white person-haha this is so funny) in both California and Japan, and then you are forced (due to finances) to move back to a small town in Georgia….talk about culture shock!
    Yeah. I could care less about race, but all the other white people think I’m weird, I thought your blog shattered my illusions of uniqueness/made me feel even more displaced.
    Georgia just makes me want to sleep all the time. (I am actually quoting a half black friend I had from Florida who used to have mandatory family visits up here, but it applies in my situation, as well.) At least THIS time in Georgia, I got a town with a shopping mall! Yay~
    Anyway reading posts about California and Japan makes me extremely jealous, and all the “white people” I know here LOL feel the same way. I want to do like that previous commentor from the Midwest who said he is moving out there, but I can’t afford it now 😦

  316. EDIT for previous post: When I said other white people find me weird, I mean the white people in GA. It’s like “you are so weird but if you get a chance to move again, take me with you!!” LOL
    It’s just great to know that there are other oddballs out there…on the other side of the country, that is 🙂

  317. This white person loves San Fran. But I don’t know if I would move there…a bit too expensive & earthquake-prone for me! Although I wouldn’t hesitate if someone offered me a job in Vancouver!

  318. on March 24, 2008 at 1:57 pm Paid to Be Quiet

    This is my first visit and I just wonder if white people dislike proofreading. Maybe I just don’t understand yet and maybe it’s because I’m a rednecked white person and have a lot of trouble with proofreading myself while I’m writing that trashy porno scince fiction stuff.


    What is “porno scince fiction” Mr. proofreader?

  319. I am intentionally Black, live in Boston, am college educated and go to expensive restaurants…and I LOVE THIS BLOG.
    Quite frankly, I found myself laughing at the fact that if it was not for my skin color, the perm in my hair, the curve in my rear, etc…I might be white b/c I identify with so many of the blog posts on this site, namely because of my exposure to, and experiences with, such things white as identified on this site.

    Trust me, ain’t no aspirations of whiteness in this camp! Believe that!

  320. The white plastic spoon loves some San Fransisco as well. Check out the post http://theplasticspoon.blogs.com/the_plastic_spoon/film/index.html to see why this white spoon likes SF. Sushi, food, homos, and sexy asian/hispanic/white porn stars at dinner!!!

  321. I have to clarify something, cause it is driving me nuts:

    White people don’t drink white wine. They drink overpriced fruit bomb cabs from Napa and overpriced fruit bomb zins from Sonoma. Or overpriced fruit bomb Pinots from Santa Barbara.

    Sad but true…

  322. Google Ads has a link to “Asian Girls For Marriage”. That’a a joke right.

  323. That would be what this blog refers to as “the wrong kind of white people”

  324. If people don’t like the way SF is now, they have only themselves to blame. Hardly anyone was born here anymore, almost everyone in CA is from somewhere else, it once really did contain a mix of real culture, but now it is mostly white people from some other place drawn here by some yuppie job, and immigrant slaves to serve them and leech off the Newsom-induced “sanctuary city”, la raza programs, free health care http://www.healthysanfrancisco.org/ , rent vouchers, etc., etc.
    The “upside” of all this is it keeps all this “diversity” (illegals and ghetto) out of suburbia by offering all this “stuff communists/socialists like”. I mean, we wouldn’t want to rob SF of any wonderful “diversity” , would we? They are so damn rich they don’t care about having to pay through the nose for the slave underclass in taxes, etc., because those people can’t do a damn thing for themselves, whether it is cook dinner, cut their grass, wash their clothes, or even take care for their own children. No way, they have to ask Rosa or Manuel to do it. As long as they are rich enough to not have to *actually* live next to the *diversity* , it’s really a neat-o deal for rich people, screw the working-class people who are also paying for these illegals and not only not getting any benefit from them, but their communities and schools are being wrecked by them!

  325. …think you kind of missed the boat on this one. I live in SF and yeah, there are white people here. But I don’t live in one of those neighborhoods, so I don’t see a lot of them {though I am white}. In fact, not many people live in those neighborhoods, so you are really talking about a handful. There is no middle class in this city. You are rich or you is poor. Oh, everyone I know, and I know a lot of people, been in SF for a decade plus…we LOVE NY! Are you kidding? We have no illusions of being that caliber city. And we are neutral, for the most part, on LA. Though a lot of So Cal people come up here and complain about..uh, the weather. Yeah…Whatever. I like LA, okay? I don’t live there and don’t want to–but they’re cool too. SF is popular because it is a European style city. That’s why I…and my poor white/ethnic homies live here and love it. What we hate though, really hate…is when you call us ‘Frisco. Don’t ever do that man.

  326. Love the blog and usually think it is true, but this one not so much.

  327. Ron Duguay was a hockey sex symbol and had a lot of women; even married a hot supermodel. The jerk at the Gahden was some loser Bruins fan who was still pissed that Bobby Orr left the Bruins for the Black Hawks and realized the gay rhymes with Duguay. Anway, San Francisco is an awesome city; I was stationed in the Sacramento area while in the Air Force and San Francisco was a short drive away; I loved the time there and thing about that area of California every single day; now I stuck back in Boston with loser Bruins fans.

    A previous poster was right; San Francisco has the best weed; they told me that during my military orientation of the area; they were right; I was stone constantly during my tour while in the Bay Area.

  328. on March 24, 2008 at 3:13 pm Baseball Dick

    amma: wtf is a European style city? Does that mean it is all white?

  329. lulz @ European style city. Watch the South Park episode called “Smug Alert”. Pure comedy gold.

  330. Born and raised native of SF so I understand the fascination. The fact about the name “Frisco” is that it was acceptable and embraced during the big one, WW2, by both natives and visitors.

    If “Frisco” really bothered native San Franciscans then the very proud Hell’s Angels would never have nicknamed themselves “Frisco.”

    Who is gonna argue with the 81? It’s a big red world.

  331. on March 24, 2008 at 3:23 pm cletustboone

    Haven’t read through all the posts, but on the “diversity” tip, there is a large Spanish-speaking population, which does tend to drive down property values. Ultimately, it’s a benefit to white people because it opens up an opportunity for gentrification, which, as you’ve pointed out, is greatly enjoyed by white people. Obviously it also lets them play up the diversity aspect of the city to greater effect.

  332. My friend describes San Francisco as the most decadent city in America. He compares it to ancient Rome. Not sure how much I agree with that.

  333. on March 24, 2008 at 3:27 pm Flippy Pimpstein

    best weed is damn right
    i will never leave my city
    best town around by me

  334. on March 24, 2008 at 3:39 pm Loving the Tarheels!!!

    You are hilarious. I thought about your blog today as I was out-and-about. I live in the Washington D.C. area and I swear if you have ever been in a subway station and witnessed the following, you must include “Running in the Subway Station” to your list. Train or no train, white peeps are always sprinting inside the subway station regardless of the time of day (okay..the mornings are a little more forgiveable) …lol They can be on the escalator with no real chance of catching the train that is on the platform (b/c it only stays there for about 45 seconds) and it’s a mad dash like it’s the last train for 5 hours (the trains run about 3-5 minutes apart during rush hour). It tickles me…

    Anyway..I love your blog very entertaining and creative…

  335. on March 24, 2008 at 3:41 pm Flippy Pimpstein

    lil george bush has never been here.
    his daddy showed up a couple of times and we threw one hellofa riot.

  336. As a life long East Bay resident, you are dead on about the way people feel about Richmond and Oakland. Stupid-ass white kids from all around the Bay Area think they can run around and be “hyphy” just because they go to a few A’s games. Fuckin crackers…

  337. Having lived in Northern and Southern California, there are two things that bugs me about Northern Californians their hypocrisy.

    They complain about Southern California stealing “their” water. In reality, San Francisco’s water is imported from Yosemite National Park, which over 150 miles away in the Sierra Nevadas. The park belongs to all the people of California and the United States, because it’s a National Park. But the city of San Francisco managed to get some corrupt politicians to let them have it for a song and a dance. Without that water, most of the San Francisco Bay area would be completely unlivable. Certainly, it could never support even a modest fraction of the current population.

    Basically, once they’ve obtained their piece of the pie, they refuse to let anyone else have a chance to get their piece of the pie.

  338. #92 should be “Craigslist”

  339. love your blog !
    peace from Romania…

  340. Put yo’ Stunna Shades on!!!

  341. DJ Shadow’s “The Outsider” is an album that only white people could love because it allows them to appreciate hyphy and John Cage on one CD.

  342. I absolutely agree. Savage is all they have going for them. And he is originally from New York! First time I have disagreed with this blog. Well 1 for 92 isn’t bad. Keep up the good work.

  343. I live near San Francisco and cringe whenever I have to go up there for business. It’s a shit hole, it really is. Why people make SF a vacation destination is beyond me. When I go on vacation, I prefer that every doorway I walk through NOT smell like urine. Although humurous, the guy on the corner having a boxing match with the telephone pole is not someone I prefer to hang around and the guy that barks at me as I cross the street needs to be punched in the face. There’s about a thousand other places you should consider vacationing to before SF.

  344. Portland and Seattle are shockingly white bread. I mean, like Nordic Aryan stock white.

    Sounds like paradise!! Don’t tell the beaners and blacks, and anti-White bigots they’ll be following Whites around they usually do, and then the original attraction of the place diminishes. It’s the same old story, just like nightclubs…..they’re great when they are White, then they turn to crap filled with fat slob non-Whites and gangbangers. etc. Then they go out of business and the “follow the Whites” process starts anew. I wish the non-whites wouldn’t copy Whites or follow us.

  345. I just had a brainstorm; maybe we could all absolve ourselves of our whiteness, not by voting for Obama or embracing diversity, since that is what whiteness is really about, but instead by becoming goose-stepping fascists who care for nothing but “our own”!

    Now that would be really “un-white”, eh?

  346. wow, bang on.
    Coming from someone who lived in SF for 6 years, has never been to NYC ( F-it) and currently resides in Toronto.

  347. Jughead: that’s funny!!! Actually being a “Christian” or a stand-up White that is proud of Western Civ, etc. is being the true “rebel” today, numerically speaking.

    It’s the hipsters and anti-White bigots that are today’s lemmings.

    Hopefully all this baby-boomer anti-White crap can finally die and its ugly phase finish.

  348. “Portland and Seattle are shockingly white bread. I mean, like Nordic Aryan stock white. It’s funny because they publicly value diversity yet can’t live around anybody but those exactly like them, with the exception of a few tokens. At least the East coast doesn’t pretend to be something they’re not”

    Yeah that’s true, in a sense; I’ve met far more out-and-out white racists from NYC than Portland or Seattle, or even anywhere in the deep South that I’ve ever been to. But wouldn’t that suggest that, particularly with ongoing gentrification there, that NYC is the one that is more whitebread? As for diversity, LA is way more diverse than NYC and actually, the Bay Area isn’t lagging that far behind either, it’s still a majority-minority metropolitan area, however you may wish to “represent” it otherwise on here; Portland and Seattle are such easy targets though, they have never been majority-minority cities and probably won’t be for some time. That doesn’t mean however, that they are “whitebread” per se; both were centers of labor unrest throughout the 20th century, and only recently took on a more yuppified aesthetic, once the *AHEM* East Coasters started moving in with all their lazy money!

  349. Damn it I miss Orr! Hockey is dead in this town and pretty much nation wide at this point.

    Leave Boston anytime you want my man, no one is holding you hostage here.

    Little fact on why there are so many gays in San Fran. During the War they would dock there and if you were gay that is where they left you. Before you start the flaming .. not pun intended .. go research it.

  350. Cargill’s response to my post reveals what I think is the hidden subtext of this entire blog. Thanks for that then, I guess.

  351. SF people hate LA with a passion.
    LA people are vaguely aware that there’s another city up north.


  353. san francisco is to manhattan as brooklyn is to oakland.


    oakland is even whiter than the city.


  354. Admit it, you’re just stealing my thoughts and posting them on this blog.

  355. Oh, man. You’ve done it again. I’m a “person of color” who lives in San Francisco.

    While everything you say here is accurate (down to my working for a non-profit!), what you say about SF having an inferiority complex when it comes to New York is so true. We have a Union Square, a Washington Square park, and a SOMA (as opposed to SOHO) district. We SO want to be NYC (but no one will ever admit it.

  356. America screwed up and this post reminded me of that fact.

    The one way we could’ve “handled” Castro in the easiest, more efficient way would’ve been to tell him he had a particular street in San Francisco named after him.

    And that would be followed by a string of Castro Street-esque terminology and their definitions. You know…bareback, top, bottom, cream pie, bear and Mary.

    That would’ve done him in.

    love..Love…LOVE this blog.


  357. Amen. In a way this site is really, “Stuff Liberals Like”.

  358. Laurie Kendrick — in 1959, when Castro came to power, and an idea like yours might have done some good, none of that really applied to Castro Street…gays were still called queers, and, while gays were tolerated in SF for the most part to a degree unknown elsewhere, they were still pretty much pretty much in the closet and underground.

  359. on March 24, 2008 at 6:15 pm Come Let Us Reason Together

    Cargill, we all finally die. The good is oft interred with our bones. The bad and the ugly live forever.

  360. Also how can you not mention Tupac? I’m from Oakland, so maybe it’s more of an East Bay thing – but in the words of Zion I – “we claim Tupac as a source of pride”

  361. on March 24, 2008 at 6:19 pm Come Let Us Reason Together

    Can I just become an armchair fascist? Goose stepping would kill my lower back.

  362. “only the Good die young” that’s why these baby-boomers will live forever…..

  363. Charlottesville, VA should be a candidate as it was the home of the original white person: Thomas Jefferson.

  364. I am right there with you. I’m white, live in San Francisco, and am Irish (with gay friends, to boot!).

    I can’t argue with a single thing here except dinner parties. I abhor the damned things. BBQ is the way to go!

  365. Gah! Quit picking on me! Pick on the other white stereotypes that don’t actually apply to me! Like knitting!

  366. Weak sauce.

  367. I thought it was the communists that goose-stepped? and had parades with missles?

    One thing about those ‘fascists’, they were LOVED by their people. Just look at the old photos….. Riding around in open Mercedes Benz limos, getting tossed flowers, women smiling, all the smiles on all the people’s faces, etc. Boy, we’ll never see that again in the multi-cult fucked up hellholes we live in today.

    You sure don’t see that with Bush. Bush is not “Hitler”, Hitler actually served in combat. Hitler was loved by his constituents, Bush has the worst approval rating. Bush more resembles the Leftists and communists who were despised by their people.

  368. on March 24, 2008 at 7:39 pm One-time EastBayer

    “… but white people are generally very happy that they stay in places like Oakland and Richmond.”

    For the most part, Richmond is the gutter — and Oakland has a reputation for being ghetto even tho it has tons of happy rich white peeps.

    If you really want to twist the knife, point it at the whiteys in Marin/Sonoma, Contra Costa and the South Bay.

    – Girl who can’t tan

  369. Find out why your gay friends in San Francisco are cooler than you:

    Stuff Queer People Like


  370. on March 24, 2008 at 7:52 pm whatmenthink

    black people in the east bay. White people and gays in the city. Asians are everywhere.

    Filipinos in the Valley-jo

  371. Fuck charlottesville. this is stuffsmalltownassholeslike.com

  372. Love your blog, but this was the dumbest entry. Have you been to San Francisco?

  373. Clarification on #91: people in San Francisco do not have an inferiority complex regarding NYC. It’s our sister city. Our big sister, fine, but we’re siblings, and we’re happy to visit NYC at least two times a year to eat pizza and bagels, visit the Whitney (so kind that Mr. Lauder) and get ourselves into an urban tizzy with the yellow cars and whatnot. True, New Yorkers don’t have the same obligation to head west, but they do it anyway because we’re prettier, we have seals, and our governor was pre-equipped for sleaze.

    What you have to understand is that cities are just for decoration now. Real estate is problematic, it’s basically causing a recession. Internets are the only salvation. FYI: this is a WordPress blog you’re reading, Matt Mullenweg built it, he lives in San Francisco and recently went through puberty. Now he knows all about white people. Mark Zuckerberg also recently went through puberty and knows more about you than your family members and former lovers combined, and I’m not presuming that your family members and former lovers are the same group of people, but if they are we’re okay with that in San Francisco. We truly do love diversity in the Bay Area, which includes Oakland.

    My point is that we rule the internets in SF and we know a thing or two about the people who use them, and one of those things is that secrets are problematic. That’s a universal fact but the difference between California and New York is that we don’t bother trying to keep secrets, we just do our best to monetize the disclosures. Personally, I call that patriotism. Let’s keep the economy rolling. Where do you think Hollywood came from? Pulp grade disclosure is the oldest trick in the book but the east cost still doesn’t get it, it’s starting to become pathetic. Now NY is getting all nervous and trying to moralize our superiority with bullshit bills against targeted advertising. Yeah right. That’s not going to work, we’re not going to forget what we already know, for example I just checked my databank and it seems that Brodsky has a Pikachu fetish, and that’s fine, namaste Brodsky, but moralizing is just a poor man’s inferiority complex. Spitzer is the only tragic case I can take this quarter before this stops being funny.

  374. quit promoting your blog. it blows. and try and get laid in college instead of writing crap.

  375. This is retarded. Less than half of SF’s population is white. There are basically two San Francisco’s:

    The upper half is where all these whites, gays and Asians live, which is incidentally the tourist part that the whole world sees. (though of course the upper half also has the projects in the western addition, a small enclave of black people in “white/gay/asian” land, and there’s the Tenderloin too, which is a very diverse mix asian, white, black, and hispanic.)

    Then there’s the lower half, that 80% of the world knows nothing of, which houses a ton of latino people, and YES EVEN A PRETTY GOOD AMOUNT OF BLACKS. (Damn, you mean they don’t all live in Oakland?? ) Oh yeah, the lower half also has a shit ton more Asians as well as a smaller amount of white people too..

    Also, the asian community here is diverse, and not only chinese. There are tons of cambodians, koreans, thais, filipinos, vietnamese, etc…then there are pacific islanders too, like Samoans and Tongans.

    Also, in case no one noticed, SF has a higher crime rate than LA, so you can stop with the arguments that SF is white and safe, and LA is diverse and has more crime. It ain’t true.

    SF is seen as a white, asian, gay, smug, snooty, “high-tech,” “progressive,” and safe city, because it’s bad PR for the city to let it be known what the other half is actually like. Yep, there’s crime, and BROWN people. Can’t let them tourists know!

    Also, there are plenty of rappers from SF, (yeah, BLACK rappers!), and plenty of SF residents (yeah, black SF residents too!) can see them here in SF (and even Oakland and Richmond people come to see them here!). One last little fact: Tupac not only lived in Oakland, but San Francisco and Marin City too. When Zion-I shouts out Tupac , he doesn’t mean Oakland claims him as a source of pride, he means the Bay Area claims him.

    This is all said by an SF native, and life long resident. The end.

  376. you fuck you san fran ain’t got shit on nyc. friscodyke

  377. umm what happened to my comment?

  378. The article is good but as a native SF person, you are missing a few things:

    1) SF doesn’t give a shit about NYC nor does it have an inferiority complex about NYC. I think New Yorkers who move to SF bitch about how SF isn’t a “real city” (these New Yorkers tend to move back.)

    1a) SF also doesn’t really care about LA–there’s no competition–because the 2 cities and citizens are so different that there’s not so much comparison.

    2) you missed a lot of the drugs that are so prominent in SF culture- (and which white people appreciate)

    3) you missed that no one seems to WORK in SF. A LOT of trust fund kids. The coffee shops are always full at any time of day–and it is not students. (To be fair, a lot of people have their own businesses or telecommute).

    4) Much of the remaining black population that is still in SF lives in the subsidized housing. Hardly projects!

    5) you forgot that white people live in SF for the HIKING and their ability to wear lots of North Face clothing. SF/East Bay is the mecca for outdoor clothing stores (REI, North FAce, etc…)

    6) White people in SF love their food allergies, wheat sensitivity and gluten intolerance.

    7) White people in SF love hiking and indoor climbing ( a purely white thing)

    8) should have brought something up about all the SF people who go to Burning Man (very white)

    9) Asian massage parlors are somewhat of a big deal in SF (and Marin) (white men who are obsessed with Asians)

    10) the typical white man in SF ventures off to Asia, teaches English, and brings back an Asian wife/girlfriend. All white SF men seem to be obsessed with Asia and Asians. They also show interest in Buddhism.

    11) Whole Foods–I think there are at least 3 Whole Foods in close proximity to each other– a white person’s favorite

    12) tantra and massage–white people love this and there is a lot of it there

  379. I had to check the UrbanDictionay.com to figure out “ghost ride.” Color me non-white.

  380. ok well guys Ill try again…LOL…not sure what happened but here goes

    things black people like

    fried chicken & waffles
    dating white girls (but not ususally boys)
    kool aid (grape or red…and yes red is a flavor)
    baggy clothes
    20 inch rims
    playin bones (or dominoes the difference is in how hard you slam em)
    anything that blings
    jordans (otherwise known as j’s)
    anything free

    wow this is fun!

  381. on March 24, 2008 at 9:29 pm violet from van

    “ghost ride the prius” made spit my $5 latte all over my iBook. brilliant.

  382. All white SF men seem to be obsessed with Asia and Asians. They also show interest in Buddhism.

    Liberals are extremely demented people. To them, a nation that believes in superstitious religious experiences, shamanism, herbs, Santoria, or any other experiences that lead to “higher consciousness” is the same as nation that has gone to the moon, built computers, or sends probes to outer space. Same experiences, just manifesting differently to the liberals progressives.

    I always get a kick out of the thousands of gullible rich people who flock to a Deepak Chopra lecture, or go to his “Clinic” in San Diego, California, to experience “higher states of mind”. Too bad the good Dr. doesn’t go back to India and meditate at the foot of the Ganges River in order to clean it up. Somehow I don’t think it would work, However, a donation by him of a few million of his millions on environmental technology might do the trick. Most of what surrounds Americans is illusion, but this will soon pass. The liberals and neocons are making sure of it.

  383. Never been to SF. Never been to CA. AZ is the closest I made it. What is a typical white person? (I know I’m reading Obama’s comments into the page, but it feels good right) My sister winters in Carmel, summers in NJ and she might fit the sterotype. I like the page and the information, but like all stereotypical statements it doesn’t come close to typical white people. After all some of my closest friends are white people. I’m with Jesse BBQ is the wtg.
    <! I wonder if this will work
    White People Activities

  384. lololol

  385. First, we should really argue about what “diversity” we are talking about here, but I will simply argue that both cities (SF and LA) are as segregated, there just isn’t a bay to highlight that segregation further in the sprawl of LA – I mean honestly do people from Inglewood ever go north of the 10?

  386. I agree. This place sucks. It’s overpriced, stinky, and having 10 people a day bugging you for money and food is depressing. But i’m not white so what do I know.

  387. Mojowrkn, most of 94611 is actually in the suburb, and separately incorporated city of Piedmont. Piedmont is mostly white and upper middle class. The part that is in Oakland is the Piedmont Avenue area. It’s a very yuppie-filled place where well-educated and well-employed hipsters go after they’re married and ready to have kids but still want to live an “urban” lifestyle yet can ram each other’s shins bloody with competetive baby stroller harrassment.

  388. LOL! Amen!

  389. ha!

    Y’know, just a little while back I was having a stupid internet argument with a couple of SF women about the virtues of diversity (I take the position that there’s nothing inherently useful about it, and plenty that’s actively destructive) and they cited their hometown as proof that “diversity is our strength.”

    I swear it’s like a religion with these people. Yes, they trotted out the Hitler bit. And the heaping helping of moral indignation. Gah.

    Speaking of whitepeople religions, do one on Attachment Parenting! You can spot a La Leche League playgroup from fifty yards away by the loads of white wimmin, their Guatemalan slings, and the odor of self-congratulations wafting your way. 😉

  390. on March 24, 2008 at 10:37 pm MY FAVORITE NEW site is Stuff White People Like.

    MY FAVORITE NEW site is Stuff White People Like.

    But instead of just “white” it should probably be “middle to upper-middle class white liberal”. However, there is enough overlap between the cultural tendencies of other whites and the “blue state status-conscious” so everyone gets in on the fun.

    Another thing white people like is self-referential social satire (having the capacity to laugh at themselves without it damaging their egos).

    One post that makes it pretty clear what kind of whites they’re satirizing is the one on Awareness. Here’s the first paragraph:

    An interesting fact about white people is that they firmly believe that all of the world’s problems can be solved through “awareness.” Meaning the process of making other people aware of problems, and then magically someone else like the government will fix it.

    A display of concern in “raising awareness” is one of those moral status-signals that makes contemporary western culture so amusing.

    P.S. Another great post at that site is the one entitled, “Knowing what’s best for poor people”.

    Here’s the entire post:

    White people spend a lot of time of worrying about poor people. It takes up a pretty significant portion of their day.

    They feel guilty and sad that poor people shop at Wal*Mart instead of Whole Foods, that they vote Republican instead of Democratic, that they go to Community College/get a job instead of studying art at a University.

    It is a poorly guarded secret that, deep down, white people believe if given money and education that all poor people would be EXACTLY like them. In fact, the only reason that poor people make the choices they do is because they have not been given the means to make the right choices and care about the right things.

    A great way to make white people feel good is to tell them about situations where poor people changed how they were doing things because they were given the ‘whiter’ option. “Back in my old town, people used to shop at Wal*Mart and then this non-profit organization came in and set up a special farmers co-op so that we could buy more local produce, and within two weeks the Wal*Mart shut down and we elected our first Democratic representative in 40 years.” White people will first ask which non-profit and are they hiring? After that, they will be filled with euphoria and will invite you to more parties to tell this story to their friends, so that they can feel great.

    But it is ESSENTIAL that you reassert that poor people do not make decisions based on free will. That news could crush white people and their hope for the future.

    An incredibly convincing comment by “Tom Sawyer” found in the above post theorizes about just who it is behind the site, “Stuff White People Like”. Here is that comment:

    I am in total agreement with the posts above…the author of this blog is ASIAN.

    This blog reeks of

    “Asian American (I am almost 99% it is Korean-American) Guy who realizes that the Fixed Action Patterns of Upper Middle Class, Urban, Liberal White People” is the standard target and pinnacle lifestyle to which almost all wealthy and educated people in America strive….and is a bit peeved at it so decides to poke fun of it in a light, but still somewhat derisive manner”

    For all of you who mistakenly believe that the author is black or hispanic, I quote the famous SNL skit: “Nigga Please!”

    Although Black or hispanic people poke fun at and find much of white culture quirky and hilarious, they do not write blogs which dive so deep into showcasing white culture and critique in a way that exudes insecurity or a vent-up “grudge” as this one does. You can see that that none of the items in this blog are really far from fact. Alot of the items of in the list do indeed apply to a very large section of white population in America. The author does not really lie or distort reality. However, that’s just it. Only Asians find the reality of white culture to be bothersome to their pre-programmed prejudices of what is superior. Hispanics and blacks would be more likely to make up and totally distort the reality of white culture and make jokes about it and leave it at that since they really don’t care what white people do as long as it doesn’t infringe upon their enjoyment of life. In other words, Hispanics and blacks are perfectly fine with the whites wanting to recycle, drive Priuses, live by the water, shop at Whole Foods or what not because if they were making as much money or obtaining the same level of financial comfort, many black and Hispanics would probably want to do the same thing too. Or, they would choose not to, but it doesn’t bother them. Simply put, black and hispanics are comfortable being themselves and with white people being different. They really don’t have any dreams or illusions of black or hispanic culture dominating the “stuff that white people like culture” and really don’t get annoyed that liberal, urban white culture is what it is.

    However, with Asians, it is a completely different story. Asians have this strange underlying “grudge” or I should say, “inferiority complex” with any culture or people that are different from themselves but hold a dominance in the society in which both live. Thus, this reality does not fit well with the natural competitive and insecure nature that personififes so much of the Asian immigrant culture in the western world. Unlike black and hispanics, the Asian population in western countries has already reached the same level of economic/financial success that white people hold, and in Asian culture, there is no greater feeling of enjoyment than seeing yourself becoming the dominant power. Thus, because Asians share pretty much the same socio-economic status as whites, they are much aware and exposed to white, urban, liberal blue-state culture since they probably work alongside these types of white people and probably have gone to the same wealthy, high ranked, hippie universities full of white people that this blog ridicules. Not too many black and hispanics have reached this position to be so close and neck to neck with the white population that is the target of this blog. That is the diference.

    Thus, Asians see that in this country (USA) or whichever country in which Asians and whites are neck to neck, that despite sharing almost the same economic status with that of the white population, the standard for hipness, wealth, and whatever is considered “cool”, fashionable or trendy is basically “stuff that urban, progressively-minded white people like”…not stuff that “rich, successful, science/engineering background-minded Asian people like.” This reality conflicts and does not bode well with what these Asians have believed throughout their entire lives from birth which is that “Our Asian culture is superior to any caucasian culture because our race is the most intelligent and most beautiful in the world”. It is a commonly known fact that Asian culture in the form of parents, schools, media drill this message of racial superiority into their heads from birth. Thus, when these kids grow up and actually see that reality of the world is totally different from what their masters in their little Asian enclave of racial superiority has told them, they get confused, jealous and spiteful to the point where they need to find tribal comfort in congregating with other Asians and finding humor in telling each other how funny it is that white people’s culture is so different from theirs.

    The irony is, however, that in secret or behind closed door amonst themselves, alot of Asians actually yearn for the same things found on this list…especially living by the water or shopping at high end groceries. However, they are just irritated that they came from a culture in which their families could not afford to or did not give a rat’s ass about the environment, recycling, helping poor people in third world countries, eating organic food, helping causes, going snowboarding, renovating a house, throwing dinner parties, travelling to exotic locales, etc., Granted it is not their fault because as immigrants to a new country, their parents did not have the time nor luxury of doing these things because they were too busy trying to make money or push their kids at school to learn Calculus by age 10.

    Instead, these Asian kids grew up seeing TV shows from their motherland countries and their families living a different culture: obessing about money, buying expensive designer name brand goods with the label on the front to show off (Gucci, Guess, Dolce Gabanna, etc.), smoking cigarettes in front of their girlfriends, driving nothing other than Mercedes Benz and BMWs, listening to cheezy ballad or R&B based pop music, striving to be a rich doctor, never thinking about travelling to third world countries (only places where they want to travel is K-town in LA, NYC, or anywhere which is considered “fashionable”), etc. Becuase they grew up seeing this type of lifestyle and culture as what is cool and what every normal person strives to acheive, they are heartbroken and angry when they realize that noone in upper class America considers this type of lifestyle to be “cool” or reflecting of high class or wealth. Thus, you get the grudge and blogs like this.

    Now of course, before anyone jumps on my back, I know I did ALOT of racial stereotyping and applied a huge range of broad labels to Asians in general. However, my response to that is, “I really don’t care.” Why? Because I can. The reason is that although I am not a member of this group, I spent almost all of my 34 years growing up surrounded by Asian Americans with almost 70% of my childhood friends being Asian, going to school with them side by side, eating dinner and spending weekends upon weekends at their houses with their families, and just knowing their culture inside out. I can even speak Mandarin and Korean even though I am a white boy. Now, I will say that almost half of my close friends now are Asian. However, none of these people subscribe or are victims to the mental disease of insecurity and inferiority complex which I described above. In fact, these guys are “whiter” than me in so many ways and unlike the Asians which I describe above, they really don’t care that “white culture” is different from what they grew up with and really don’t care that it is the dominant standard for what is considered trendy and characteristic of wealth and high-class. In other words, they are absolutely comfortable with themselves. Thus, I want to say that NOT ALL ASIANS ARE LIKE WHAT I DESCRIBE ABOVE.

    However, I would like point out three points in the list of this blog that are dead giveaways that the author is Asian and not black or hispanice. Here they are:

    #68 Divorce

    – Please. I think more blacks or hispanics get divorced than whites. No black or hispanic would be foolish to cite this as something characteristic of being something only a white person would do. However, I can’t even count how many times I have heard the endless adage from Asians saying how terrible and inferior white American culture is because the divorce rate is so high in this country. They insist that Asian culture is that of higher morals because divorce is uncommon. Well, I guess it would be that way since the only other alternative for an Asian women would be to become a prostitute and outcasted by society for the rest of her life since a divorced woman has as much value as a slab of T-bone steak 10 days past the expiration date. No wonder you see so many loveless Asian couples who stay together just for superficial face value while the husband goes and screws whores at the hostess bar on a weekly basis while the wife flies to Europe or Thailand with her girlfriends for a romp in the sack with locals. Meanwhile, the kids grow up seeing such a screwed up household and become permanently scarred for life so they end up jaded, angry, and insecure. Thus, many of them end up writing blogs like this. Oh well, but according to them, this type of relationship is waaaay better than divorce.

    #47 Art Degrees

    – Again, while in university, I was astounded by the number of Asian students who told me how they hated courses in English lit, history, or any of the humanities courses which required them to write. Thus, it’s not surprising that I found the opportunity to make alot of good money from Asian high school kids who would pay me to write their college application essays since they had no writing skills whatsoever to complement their 800 math SAT scores. I’m not talking about international students either but rather Asian-Americans. It’s strange that even with the privledge of having grown up in an English speaking educational system, so many Asians have difficulty in expressing themselves outside of number or equations. I think this stems from the fact that they are conditioned within their families to think that the only respectable disciplines or professions are ones that use science and math. Any other academic discipline such as arts and the humanities is for the inferior white race. Thus, this becomes ingrained in their heads. However, the caveat is that when it comes time to apply to Harvard or Princeton, they realize that their high grades in math/science and 800 math SAT scores don’t mean jack when they also carry poor grades in English or low verbal SAT scores. I guess that’s where I come in. In any case, many an Asian student who was denied his/her chance at Harvard, Stanford or Yale because of their weakness in the arts or humanities has expressed to me their utmost hatred in all of their high school English teachers, college essays, etc and vow that they would like to exterminate any person who majors in such disciplines and gets a better paying job (probably a lawyer) than themselves. Dead giveaway. Blacks and Hispanics don’t give a shit about who majors in what.

    #42 Sushi and #58 Japan

    – Actually, these two may be more of a confirmation that the blog writer is definitely NOT Japanese but most likely Korean or Chinese American. However, that in itself serves as a strengthening evidence that the writer is definitely Asian and not hispanic or black because there is no way in hell that a black and hispanic would know or even care to subdivide the Asian fetish that alot of white people have. To black and hispanics, a white person fawning over anything Japanese is just an “Asian fetish.” However, to a Korean or Chinese person, a white person fawning over anything Japanese is just one more cherry on the top of the pudding of insult to their own culture which they believe to be superior to that of Japan’s. To Korean-Americans and Chinese-Americans, Japanese are pretty much at the same level as white people are in terms of targets of jealousy, insecurity, disdain and their grudge. I really don’t think any black or hispanic would give a frog’s fat ass whether or not white people preferred Japanese culture/food to that of Koreans or Chinese but for the Koreans and Chinese, it’s just makes them squirm even more with rage and jealous grudge. Spend any time with a Korean or Chinese and they will tell you that the thing that they hate more than Japan itself is the fac t that Japan enjoys a very popular image throughout the first world and is considered “cool” and “hip” among wealthy, urban, intelligent whites. They really don’t like it that kimchi, soju, Korean soap operas, turtle boats, and Panda express do not conjure up the same image of elegance and chicness that sushi, “Lost In Translation”, samurai and sake do for white people. Definitely, it would not be on this list if it was a non-Asian.

    For a better idea of what I am talking about, look at the website below. It’s chock full of Asian American males who are venting their anger and frustration at being the little man on the totem pole in American society. Their posts describe their laments but also their dreams and fantasies of finally being able to turn into the second Ming Emperior who will destroy all white males and reestablish themselves as the ultimate alpha males in society. It’s a good laugh.


    Politics Tags: awareness, white people

  391. I’m white and live in OAKLAND, which is 100 times better than San Franshitsco.

  392. Dude, I’ve lived in both places and you definitely don’t know what you’re talking about. The bay area is easily the most diverse place in the US, if by diversity you mean the general even distribution of many ethnic groups.

    Also, LA is a shithole. The reason people in San Fran dislike LA is because they’ve been there. People in LA are too poor to travel to San Fran.

    LA has toxically polluted air, hellishly bad traffic, massive ugly sprawling ghettos, no real downtown, no architecture, horrible violence and gang problems, and no culture and tradition other than hollywood. Seriously, I would rather live in San Juan (a ghetto border town) than that shithole of a city LA. That’s why people are vocal about it. It sucks so bad that there is alot to be vocal about.

  393. on March 24, 2008 at 11:44 pm Michelle in LA

    LOL!!! when i clicked on this post, 2 Google ads popped up that said ‘Asian Girls for Marriage’ and ‘San Francisco Adventours’! Asian Girls! San Francisco! ya got that right, Google!

  394. And trolley buses, don’t forget the trolley buses. You even had the wires in your picture.

  395. #92


  396. The author is white and its not a secret

  397. If by “real”, you mean perhaps the areas most affected by dot-com gentrification then yes, SOMA and the Mission are “real”. Sorry, anon, I know you’ve lost credibility well before you mentioned the Marina and I’ve only lived in the area for five years on the other side of the Bay.

  398. Isn’t this just an attempt to prove he’s more open liberal and unique than those others who are already themselves total cliche yuppies? Like, the humour ran out ages ago, along with the close observation.

  399. He’s not asian, he’s white.

    So says the white liberal publication of choice, Rolling Stone Magazine.

  400. I think with that comment you’re just trying to prove that you’re more open, liberal and unique than the author of Sutffwhitepeoplelike is trying to prove he is.

    In reality, we’re all just fucking yuppies.

  401. I would probably call it ‘stuff liberals with money like’ cause none of this lifestyle is affordable unless you make a buck.

  402. The reason minority areas are so crime prone is due to basic principles in human biodiversity. Notably, biological intelligence and aggression differences between the races.

  403. You do the math: over half the population of San Francisco proper is WHITE, as is LA. If you want to get down to the nitty-gritty, SF is more white (53%) than LA (51%).

    Los Angeles Ethnicity Statistics (Total=3,694.820)
    White 1,891,358
    African American 444,635
    Hispanic or Latino 1,719,073
    Asian 407,444
    American Indian or Alaska Native 53,092
    Hawaiian / Pacific Islander 13,144
    Other 1,086,167

    San Francisco Ethnicity Statistics (Total=776,733)
    White 411,427
    African American 67,076
    Hispanic or Latino 109,504
    Asian 253,477
    American Indian or Alaska Native 8,971
    Hawaiian / Pacific Islander 6,273
    Other 65,757

  404. on March 25, 2008 at 8:34 am Off the grid

    Thanks for the thoughtful analysis. I heard the author on NPR, where he purported to be white and to be guilty of all the things listed on this blog. The former I believe because I think the host might have spoken up otherwise, and the latter I found hard to believe, since contempt for your own beliefs and aspirations is not tenable. Based on his more neutral and lighthearted statements in that interview, I feel he was being misleading when compared to the derisive, contemptuous tone of the writing here. But regardless of his actual ethnicity, there is a peculiar psychopathology to this blog, and I wonder if he is adopting the mindset you describe.

  405. there’s a black person in the picture

  406. Commen #49

    “Yeah that’s true, in a sense; I’ve met far more out-and-out white racists from NYC than Portland or Seattle, or even anywhere in the deep South that I’ve ever been to.”

    Jughead, you’re right, I find that New York City is quite racist and is actually one of the more segregated cities in the country (more segregated than my hometown of Philly, and that’s saying a great deal). But no one ever talks about it — bad for PR!

  407. Hilarious. I was sneakily waiting for this post. I myself love SF. SWF here. Don’t forget that California is not the rest of the country. Not even close. Most of your blog seems to describe white liberal males who reside in CA. I know one, don’t know many like this in WI.

  408. White people love hyphy that they can understand….as evidenced by the fact that “Ghostride my volvo” has twice as many hits on YouTube as the original video.

    But I agree, it’s Dan Johnson’s fault for sure.

  409. paradoxically your point is true and untrue…true in the sense
    that the writer of this blog is setting himself a part as you suggest. i think that’s a given and is to be somewhat expected. in other words it’s redundant to mention it as though this was unintentional. your observation is false in the sense that he is serving as the sacrificial lamb to expose truths known but about which are unspoken.

    the question of humour is also irrelevant because this, contrary to popular belief is not at all humourous. yes the quips and puns etc. are hillarious at times, but presented
    with subdued gravity that eclipses the quick laughter easily.

    you don’t get this “humour”, but and like many who will read this, it has nothing to do with if you can or cannot.

  410. savage is a joke.

  411. i can’t get in before 400 damnit.
    bravo on this entry.

  412. they don’t have to be like that, leah. it’s wisconsin.

  413. melissa+jug,
    nyc, has always been “segregated” (irish, italian, latin, black neighborhoods, etc..) which is a function of
    the old days when nyc was being formed.
    nyc is blunt and in your face. just because people
    say black versus african american doesn’t make it racist.
    seattle pdx and the deep south still trump anywhere as far as racism. the racism in these places are subversive, extremely quiet, and difficult to detect because the demographics to not yet favor it (it’s a numbers game you two.) those western cities do not yet have the population of blacks etc…that would elucidate an observable racism, but god help me is it there. anyone who was in seattle in the late 90s with its SLEW of police brutality and murders of innocent black men can attest to this.

    cops are racist everywhere be it seattle pdx or nyc, but in nyc at least it’s easier to get housing. more importantly
    your racists acquaintences are anecdotal and say more about the both of you than the environment of which you speak.

    too, nyc is culturally diverse. the city, pdx and seattle are ethnically and racially diverse, but not culturally, which truly defines a city’s level of comfort with CULTURAL EXPRESSION. the opposite is purely a result of racism. purely. c,mon folks help a negro out.
    the south doesn’t figure in to this for obvious reasons.
    i need to get back to work…shit y,all tryin to get a negro fired.

  414. i know right?!?! volvo even more than prius. shoot.

  415. it’s so retarded to promote another blog, especially
    within this one. god damn. idiots.

  416. i think s/he knows this, but doesn’t care.
    i frequently make those errors and
    are completely aware of the differences.
    moreover, look at the content! someone
    who didn’t know the difference between
    it’s and its could NOT write this stuff.
    think people and stop being the grammar

  417. i wanna do a guest entry so bad i could piss. i have a title
    ready and everything, but i bet you already
    have it and are gonna use it for your last entry.
    i,d bet anything.

  418. I thought this entire blog was about people from Seattle , ( i just moved to SF from there 😀 )

  419. firstly we should define segregation both in terms of
    time period (segregation of the mid 20th century and before adn segregation after that period), and in terms keepin shit real, cuz if you ain’t white and got money you still need to be “in tha hood” keepin it real if you black or latino…ESPECIALLY out west and especially if, per chance, you happen to have made it.

  420. anecdotes are like crack. forgive him, em.

  421. I live in Southern California. When I came to the west coast (from Philly), I had so many ignorant ideals about what San Francisco would be like, and I wanted to be part of it. Somewhere between Chicago and Denver I realized that I didn’t want to be a pretentious idealist and decided to set up camp in San Diego just for the fact that I had no idea what to expect.
    I have been pleasantly surprised by San Diego and appreciate the culture here. Somehow, to me, it seems like San Diego is overlooked by the average scenester as a right wing tacky town. I could see that. But I see a lot of grassroots/indie communities here as well.
    The East Coast is in my bones so I have to return one day. I don’t think I’ll ever quite understand the west coast. Fuckin’ Weirdos!

  422. seattle is implied in this blog as well as other cities… you can
    pick one and apply a lot of what is written to seattle and elsewhere.

    for those who don’t know the I.D. is what seattle calls its international district, which is equivalent to any other city’s chinatown. the difference is that the folks who named it the I.D. were white folk who are p.c. zealots who happen to be addicted to crack which makes their fervor for political correctness unbearable.
    the C.A. (central area), was once called the central district. with C.D. to C.A. there is no inherent p.c. change except this “area” is in the process of undergoing INTENSE gentrification, and the moniker Central District is too reminiscent of the time when it was all black and “ghetto”…(again a paradox).

  423. stop promoting yer blog. damn.

  424. LMAO! So true! I live in San Francisco and have hated it here from the moment I stepped off the plane. It wouldn’t be so bad except for all the insufferably smug white people. I can hardly wait to move to LA which is indeed completely derided by anyone who lives in San Francisco. I’m a non-profit worker and therefore can no longer afford my overpriced aparment in the ghetto (SF has ghettos? OH NO!). DO YOU KNOW WHAT IT’S LIKE FOR A WHITE PERSON IN THE GHETTO!? No, I didn’t think so.

  425. berkeley is a satellite of sf. it is pre-sf if you will and contains some future residents of sf. it’s the off-site
    sf-factory. where everything sf is spawned. god i could go on
    for hours about that, but a nig’s got ta work!

  426. i’m not reading this and i’m gay.

  427. There are two authors – one White, one Filipino, both Canadian, from Toronto.

  428. um, check out the pictures – the white guy with curly hair is the author.

  429. sd got dem sexayazzz meeenz too.

  430. Don’t worry. San Diego is a living city. SF is a dead city living in the past.

  431. “No matter how much you have offended someone from San Francisco, you can always make them feel better by asking them how they feel about Southern California. They will instantly talk of how it is filled with crime, pollution, hegemonic culture, and the wrong kind of white people: “I swear California is like two separate countries, and I am so thankful that I live in the cultural center of the West Coast.” This will allow them to reassert their superiority and leave the conversation with a positive feeling about themselves and about you.”

    Yea…cept when you are from so cal.

  432. You are flat nuts. Whites are the LEAST racistly minded and collectivist people in the USA. Come on. Drop the white guilt already.

    Cops are realist when it comes to race because they deal with reality, not liberal imagery and ideology.

    Everyone knows that if someone goes to prison, and is even 1% racist going in, that will get amplified extremely. Anyone who visits a multi-cultural high school can see self-segratation at the lunch tables. It’s nature at work.

    Some liberal high schools are thinking about forcing integration at the school lunch tables. This is what communism was, liberal totalitarianism trying to usurp nature and the basic rights of White people to live normally.

  433. on March 25, 2008 at 11:17 am mikeytherhino

    Got an a few Ideas for a new blogposts about stuff white people like.

    Commenting On Blogs!



    BTW San francisco sucked when i went there. NYC Is the place to be. Everyone Hates Everyone and it doesn’t matter!


  434. I’m black and live in San Francisco. Most of the white people here rock, except the ones from Boston and the ones that live in the Marina…I guess the disturbing thing I like all the things that white people like except…water skiing (i could tie myself to the back of a truck), camping(the underground railroad is closed and no need to sleep outside), soccer(okay, only posh and becks), ben harper(half black), and mayonaise

  435. Michael Savage is our guru. He understands that Liberalism is a mental disorder. Frisco is full of it. It is really a gay town and anti-Christ and anti-Christian to boot. I avoid the town by going on the east bay. I will never sit foot in that Sodom.

  436. just because you’re one guy who hates sf, doesn’t mean he
    missed because for every one of you there are countless
    others who lose their head over sf.

  437. there’s always one that will sneak in. watched any sunn-d commercials lately? we want the purple stuff

  438. one of my bosses did it yesterday. boasted with a capital B.
    i was like dayum, and i though orange juice was the bomb.

  439. This is a really dumb blog entry. San Francisco, which is close to 40% Asian by demographics, and with majority of real estate owned by the Chinese? I think it should be on the “Stuff Asian People Like” list under in the top ten, right along with rice cakes, David Beckham and Hello Kitty.

  440. Rayray, you’re certainly entitled to your opinion, but I read that in NYC, a black person has a 75 percent chance of being discriminated against in housing.

    And since when is being “in your face” a good thing? That’s one reason why I don’t like New York!

  441. okay now my gullible nature comes out.
    you’re JOKING right?

  442. Umm..ever been to the Noe Valley or Marina areas of SF?? Plenty of women with babies and strollers. Also Glen Park, Diamond Heights, etc. Clearly you really don’t know whay your talking about. I guess that’s what happens when you spend all your time in the Castro, huh?

  443. I think your a bit off on one thing.
    Here is how it works from my POV:
    SF hates LA.
    LA hates NY.

  444. go on March 25, 2008 at 10:42 am

    “LMAO! So true! I live in San Francisco and have hated it here from the moment I stepped off the plane. It wouldn’t be so bad except for all the insufferably smug white people. I can hardly wait to move to LA which is indeed completely derided by anyone who lives in San Francisco.”

    I’ve lived in LA and SF… You may not like LA either… Anyway, good luck.

  445. I couldn’t find any where else to post this but in this thread.

    Burning Man?!?!?! It has to be one of the most obnoxious thing that white people constantly obsess over year round. They use it as a way to have a one up on say, someone who has not gone or has not gone as many times. They spend all year figuring out new ways to bring attention to themselves by wearing some silly outfit or some stupid art installation…just for bragging rights. Tons of SF people go to BM, so I posted it here.

    Please include it on your list.


  446. church!

  447. witniiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiizzzzzzzzzzzzzz!

  448. and this blog is not directed at those white folks either…
    you’re too slow for this blog, no offense.

  449. these types of comments are getting so old.
    and your sentiment is tarnished by virtue of your

  450. there it is. well, and simply put.

  451. here-here.

  452. fucking dead on. i live in SF. transplanted from LA (not white, gay or asian) – so maybe I’m a little biased? this place sucks.

  453. same reason i don’t jump off a bridge after reading
    what black or ghetto folks like.

    oke…some may find it offense, but that’s who i be and i make
    no apologies.
    better to be hated for who you are, then loved for who you
    are not… (i just said somethin right there–go deep brotha, go deep)…not the quote-the implication, ninja…

  454. the IMPLICATION!!! whooooooooo lahdee!

  455. it’s all about what you look like, not the blood in your
    veins…dagnabit, TRUST a nig on that one!

  456. hmmm…fertilizer…interesting choice.

  457. guitars were mentioned within a post…it wasn’t the
    main feature, but it was mentioned. read up, sonny.

  458. It’s true.

  459. i love this shit to death.
    i don’t even get into blogs.
    an asian friend of mine
    sent me the link, and i’ve
    been ADDICTED ever since.

  460. if you are a politician, then you at least enjoy male

  461. you are white because you waxed culinary.

  462. Don’t ever say “Frisco”!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  463. yeah i got da holy ghost on this post, jumpin out ma seat and shit. speakin in tongues an shit on this one…
    people at work thinkin i’m possessed. clander is werkin da troof like an old school washer chick on some damn washboards…

  464. ooo thas a little on the hateful side…
    someone help me! what’s wrong with jews?

  465. squat and gobble?

  466. Stuff white people like? Try LOVE. I love my home city of S.F. Have since the day I moved here. I will never leave.

    I moved to San Francisco from Los Angeles when the lie of L.A.’s diversity got to be too much. (The riots, then the Simpson trial, pulled the lid off that one.) Diversity isn’t fun when people are so angry about it.

    Truth is, you need people to get the f**k out of their cars and deal with each other to have a real city. That’s what makes S.F. fun. The daily dose of the unexpected is what drew me here, and keeps me here. People don’t drive much; they walk more, take cabs and buses and generally talk to each other more. This rachets down the fear and rage quite a bit, and raises the fun just as much. The whimsy of a touch football game played at midnight around a Tenderloin intersection: that says home to me.

    People who don’t see diversity in San Francisco do not live and work in it, or take public transit through it. I do. I didn’t really see economic or racial diversity — for better or for worse — until I moved here. It’s more like New York than Los Angeles: people at all different stages of their adjustment to American life are here. It’s hard to hide from it and if you don’t like it, you’ll know right away. But if you like it, it’s hard to want to live elsewhere.

    True: this place is corrupt. Our mayor’s kind of a poseur, with terrible taste in women, and he’s signaled that he’s reached his terminus in political life by becoming engaged to the latest nightmare. It costs an arm and a leg to live here, never mind mind park your car, never mind have a nice dinner out. But the tiny miracles of every day? The sweetness of your average Joe (Jose, now Josephine maybe) on the street? Those make the whole business worth the price tag.

    And the cherry on top: no wading through lines of people preening for their closeup, waiting to be “discovered”. I lived for so long in the valley of the almost-famous: it’s good to finally be among those who merely deserve to be.

  467. on March 25, 2008 at 1:02 pm Old Girl School

    Thanks again, SWPL. I live in NYC and have a friend coming to visit from SF this weekend. There are subtle differences between us and so v. good to have all the important cultural stereotypes assembled in advance.

  468. damn LA don’t give a fuck…seriously…they don’t.
    um, and you seem to be really vehemently opposed
    to embracing what this post is about.

    you’re too last-wordy, not to “give a care”…

    you’re having trouble letting go. just let go.
    it’s okay. let it go…

    the white folks who ‘know’ about hyphy
    aren’t 100% sure about hyphy, so to cover
    their asses it’s used with the air of which you
    speak. u silly. it’s like white folks up here
    and EVERYWHERE using “word” ad mutha fuckin infinitum
    god i could write about that.

  469. and he is so on point it hurts.

  470. I have nothing witty to say about that, so therefore I must bring up an irrelevant tangent, just to bring attention to my own neuroses!

  471. I live in San Francisco, and this is good, but I feel like it could have gone farther.

    On Easter I had a very, “This is why I love San Francisco” moment. I was at Dolores Park, surrounded by (mostly white) Drag Queens in Easter Bonnets and extravagant costumes, while children played at the play ground nearby. It was wonderful.

  472. Hey jack klompus: Penn? Moveon.org? You are describing jew, not White.

  473. I’m from Orange County, live in San Francisco, and I hate L.A. I will never go back.

  474. on March 25, 2008 at 1:37 pm Craig Chalmers

    This discussion presents an excellent case study for Post 81: Graduate School…

    “Being white means to engage in a day in, day out struggle to prove that you are smarter than other white people.”

  475. unless you were born after, say 1985…i bet that’s a witness.

  476. you are blind, my son. go meditate at the
    base of the primerica tower until your
    sight returns.

  477. You are right, SF is gay and anti-stupid and anti-right wing, which is why we love it. Please do stay away, as we need the parking spaces.

  478. couldn’t have said it better myself.

  479. To “duh:” You’d be wrong. Oakland is NOT whiter than SF. It couldn’t be whiter if it tried. There’s actually a black population here, unlike SF.

  480. on March 25, 2008 at 2:19 pm Roberto Mena

    This whole list is racist and wrong. First of all most of the stuff on here wouldn’t be liked by most right-wing, conservative whites living in the Bible Belt of this country. Second of all, most of these things are liked by middle-class people all over the world. In fact, the middle-class is the only universal class on the planet. And again, were talking about a liberal middle-class here.

  481. the most on point and succint summary of the whole sf/pdx/seattle liberal white thing.
    dead on, anonymous.
    you should have seen the looks on the white folks when
    i used to get on the 358 in the morning or the 5 in the afternoon. they were disgusted
    and indignant–and then going right back to reading their books on genetics and barack obama.

    let’s rap anon…email me.

  482. google tim wise.
    he’ll make moveonpete look like an amateur.
    but tim wise is real tho, i saw him speak. he fa real

  483. I’m in LA, and we think that San Francisco is a lovely place to go for the weekend. The white people are really adorable there. Other than a nice place to visit, Angelenos don’t think of it at all. And to move there? If you’re going to do that, you might as well have real culture in New York, Chicago or Boston.

    Actually, white people love Cambridge and Jamaica Plain, which is a funky neighborhood of Boston full of diversity and expensive natural food co-ops.

  484. anon,
    is he asian then? black? latino? oh no he’s native? no not native?

    JEW IS NOT A RACE! fucking hell!!

  485. anne needs to join that other cat at the base of the primerica tower and meditate to regain her sight.

    oh and if you think i’m kidding? unless she is, what did she mention? “touch footbal”…don’t get it twisted!

  486. Oh really? Why do they consider themselves a “minority group’ then? It’s a race, not a religion.

    Any red-blooded jew in israel would rather his daughter marry a NY Jew atheist than an “ethiopian jew” and you damn well know it.

    Penn U. is totally jew. So is moveon.org. It has nothing to do with “religion” and you know that too.

  487. melissa,
    you’re retarded.

    a 75% chance of being discriminated
    against versus what? a nonpopulation of blacks cuz the drat city is rented by white folk with mega-incomes? at least 25% get in, in NYC. what happens in “the city”?….HAHAHAaahahaha

    every city has it’s housing issues where numeric cultural+ethnic minorities are concerned. SF solved theirs though. don’t get it twisted.

  488. I lived in Orange County for a couple years, then moved to SF. The people in SoCal are a lot worse than the people up here. If you don’t like SF, you’re going to HATE SoCal. Try San Diego instead.

  489. The only good thing about the Marina are the slutty Marina chick’s.

  490. Cargill,


    okay that didn’t work…
    form blazing sword!!

    um, autobots transform and roll out!

    where to begin…hmmm…

    let’s start with self-segregation at highschools…
    if it were nature at work, how does one explain little kids indiscriminantly eating/playing with one another in integrated public kindergartens, preschools and first grades…who have not learned hatred?

    why does nature begin to act so late, cargill?

    somebody smack the hell out of me for even dignifying cargill with a response. seriously, i need to be smacked for addressing this.
    let’s see here, um, do you know what racism is?
    i can’t address you comment about whites until you
    tell me what you know to be racism.

  491. Say what you will about SF being anti-Christian … but “Frisco”??!?

  492. you stole dat schitt from chappelle!
    ninja don’t do that, that’s five ta ten.

  493. I live in that area and that description is 100% accurate.

  494. for those concerned with it, it’s good for blending in with the crazies.

  495. People in Oakland have SF envy.

  496. the original response is irrelevant anyway.
    here’s why:
    through his wordy response, the asian-loving white
    guy was trying simply to invalidate the whole blog.
    he’s so silly. and really everything he was saying
    was totally irrelevant, obviously in part because the
    author is white.

  497. I wish SF would ship out our homeless people like they do in Manhattan.

  498. “Hella” is generally only used in NorCal. SoCal people use the word “grip” inplace of “hella”. If you say “hella” in SoCal you will be outed as being from NorCal.

  499. I know asian people in the sunset who still won’t visit me in the fillmore.

  500. I only go to China town when escorted by my Chinese friends.

  501. Those Hooters chick’s are whack!

  502. People in LA are way more pretentious. That’s one of the reason’s people in SF hate LA.

  503. LA only has better Korean food.

  504. Me too.

  505. Alot is not a word in the English language.

  506. Unless you are affiliated with the Hell’s Angels

  507. Please….there are clearly some things here which just don’t apply…

    NOBODY likes Sarah Silverman.

  508. people who were born in san francisco, oakland or anywhere really near san francisco all say frisco, i say frisco, i was born in san francisco.

    also, san francisco sucks. move the fuck out please.

  509. hey anne? if you MOVED to s.f. from l.a., then it is not your home. your HOME is where you were born and raised.

  510. Psh, I was born in San Francisco and I hate the term “Frisco”. Whatever…it’s all relative. Anyways, I was going through the list and I thought of something that should be added to the list. Jack Johnson…the singer. God I mother flippin’ hate that guy. But yeah, I’ve never met a soul with at least a little bit of black or latin in them who like him. He’s a major sign of whitedom. Oh, and G. Love.

  511. COLORADO = snowboarding = environmentally friendly = an Obama state = plenty of gay people = everyone wears outdoor performance clothing

  512. how about late nite talk shows…carson, letterman, conan.

  513. on March 25, 2008 at 4:57 pm Dave Rensberger

    Yeah, but there are already a half a million outlets to make fun of the Bible Belt crowd.

    The fact that people like you are evidently unable to laugh at themselves once in a while is proof enough for me that this website has some redeeming value.

  514. on March 25, 2008 at 5:01 pm Dave Rensberger

    Some white guys in Boston are homophobic? What? I thought MA was a “blue” state! 😉

  515. really depends on what kind of girl you like. I find most of the attractive women up here are pretty snooty and have unreasonably high expectations for what they have to offer. they also don’t really make that much of an effort to look nice. at least they’re somewhat fit because they have to walk around everywhere and make use of that performance apparel and birkenstocks.

  516. white people also like to talk about how much they hate hipsters and things hipsters like (see: juno) while sporting an ironic mustache and dirty jeans tucked into green cowboy boots.

  517. The author of this blog IS white.

  518. i’m black with nothing to prove, except that i’ve got nothing to prove.

  519. anybody with 2 bucks likes a rzr. you’re so late.

  520. back yo shit up o shut up.

  521. i loved that movie so much.
    that man was so fine…jeeeeeeeeeeeeZUs, but then
    was toe the eff up in oldish age…
    i was hopin they were gonna get it on in the movie…
    uh hmmm.

  522. dat stupid heiffa alwayz showin up to try an give him some pussy. he need to be GAY!

  523. body and soul is why sf shouldn’t even be compared with nyc. i’m gonna go flog myself for using both in
    a sentence.

  524. he’s not a comedian.
    damn. the references need to be repeated.

  525. >Please do stay away, as we need the parking spaces.

    Except that San Francisco is too hip to have parking spaces. The City won’t even let new construction create parking spots. You really should be riding the Muni since it’s so much better for the environment..

  526. bush a leftist…whodda thunk/

  527. that’s fine. but you kinda proved my point…
    you see, i think jews are mostly whites, who practice
    judaism…y’know? so it makes sense…like
    a white catholic dad not being interested in his daughter marrying a black dude regardless of his religion…

    sure you can find a black jew and perhaps even an asian or latino jewish convert…but “jew” is not a race…
    they don’t say

    black/african american
    asian/pacific islander

    um, jew is not in that list…

    do you need help?
    okay. i’ll help you.

    there’s no such belief
    as ….

    native americanism
    or blackism
    or asian pacific islanderism
    or latinoism…

    you’re telling me
    that judaism is a color. it’s not.
    it’s a belief.

  528. White people also like Seattle, Portland, and Burlington.

  529. Sorry folks, the quality of life that Chicago offers rivals that of SF or NYC. Examples abound, but I will say that I can draw the same salary living in Chicago as I can in NYC or SF and my cost of living is far less.

  530. no one likes carson. white black other. except for retards apparently like you.

  531. but then you live in Chicago.

  532. Nobody has said that “diversity” is good. The Balkans proves it. The break-up of the Soviet Union into 15 ethnic states. Israel rejects it, so does Japan.

    It is only the Whites that post-1965 have somehow been taught that it’s a strength. It isn’t, far from it. Multi-culturalism is an experiment and history will prove it is a failure.

    Could anyone imagine a movie like “Crash” existing 40 years ago? Vicious race-based gangs?

  533. Tim Wise is an anti-White racist. He’s a halfjew. He loves and supports right-wing racism for israelis however, typical hypocrite.

  534. jews are collectivist and racist. They discriminate against these black jews worse than pre-civil rights here in the USA.

    They only helped those jews because they “had” to, and they only helped them because they were jews.

    I know a jew lawyer, he knocked up an Irish girl, and decided to marry her. All the way up to one week before the wedding his racist jew parents were asking him to call it off so he might someday marry a jew instead. Come on. That is so racist and hateful, and it’s true story. If her parents had said “don’t marry the jew” people like you would be whining “racist”. Don’t give me this double-standard. Everyone knows that jews are racist and self-segregating. They don’t like schools or cities without tons of fellow jews, etc. RACIST.

  535. on March 25, 2008 at 8:02 pm Sucka Free city

    OK, I know you are probably right about this being a white, gay, Asian town in some ways, but let me tell you my experience.

    I live in the Mission.
    My son goes to school in the Excelsior.
    i work in the Tenderloin.

    Basically during the course of my day I am often the only white person as far as the eye can see (which I love! White people love being the only white person around!) when I ride Muni there is never any other white people on the bus.

    But generally, I think the white people who bitch this is too white a town never come to the Mission or the Tenderloin. Yes, if you hang in the marina then this is a very “white” town.

  536. Chicago is a great city. It’s 5 times the size of San Francisco and it offers 5 times as much in any aspect: culture, arts, etc.

    Chicago is also probably the most target-rich environment for great White girls in America.

    San Francisco is dead by comparison and the real estate stays static, the whole city is stale. Chicago always evolves and builds something new.

    That SF mayor, Gavin homo-whatever his name is, visited Chicago about a year ago, and couldn’t believe his eyes at how dynamic Chicago is, how clean, and how much is going on there.

    For those urbanists that are interested in Gavin Newsom subject:


  537. san fran ees lik mi hom. i luv eet! eets lik mi hom! i defnitly luv it! wy doo i luv eet? cuzz san fran rox! i groo upp een san fran!
    eets lik mi hom! eef u tink im weerd, dats 2 baaaaaaaaaaad fur U!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  538. shee ees soo gewd att ritin’! i luv hur caments! avaeem luves eeveryone! Avaeem ees soo coool 1nce u git two noww herr! i amm beest frends weeth herr. Shee’s nis too eeveryone! i luv avaeem! shee cumes frum isreel! bee avaeem’s frend. (Shee dusnt hav veree meny! sh,)

  539. the 2 comments above mine r totally stupid. don’t listen to them, the girl is named avaeem, but she’s acting stupid. (the girl that replied to avaeem is… avaeem.)

  540. ha!
    a friend of mine had a long layover in an Indian airport (he was there for about 5 hours). He observed the fact that dozens of planes and people entering the airport from abroad were white blond women with yoga mats………it was just one plane after the next of blond ponytails

  541. Very true.

    As a Berkeley grad originally from Southern California, I’ve noticed the type of people in Berkeley/SF are very different. I characterize them as Northface wearing, Volvo driving, Trader Joe’s shopping, Marin county liberals. In contrast, I characterize the people in Orange county/San Diego as raised truck driving, flat hat wearing dudes with tattoos.

    I definitely have a greater affinity for the former. More educated and civilized.

  542. I’m sure Chicago is great, but you’ve missed the point.

    SF/Bay Area (along with NY and Seattle) best exemplifies the yuppie scene that this blog is about.

    Some examples of things started in SF/Bay Area: the green movement, dotcom boom, organic food movement, helping out homeless people, gay rights, etc. A lot of these have been blogged about previously.

  543. on March 25, 2008 at 9:44 pm Swede in Richmond

    I’m white, I live in Richmond, and I like it.

    I’m bringing up my kids here, too.

  544. dude, rayray, get a life!!!!!! are you getting paid to respond to this?

  545. but rayray — and perhaps you don’t know this because you’re black — white people are the grammar police.

  546. Clever!

    Grammar: you used “premiere” (n.) in the second paragraph, when the proper word is “premier” (adj.).

  547. THANK YOU! Every word of this is true. I will never be able to live in SF because I’ve heard too many annoying people go on about how it’s, like, the ONLY acceptable town in the US (if they can’t live in Europe, of course).

  548. Hi Anoymous,

    I could not avoid the temptation to derail the conversation just a little make a plug for our great city in Illinois.

    SF does have its merits. The Mediterranean climate to start. I have family there and very much enjoy visiting. The Asian restaurant scene, Fisherman’s Wharf, and the San Francisco Maritime Museum among many things I like. Yes, there are some yuppiesh things about the west coast that I dig.

    I will be respectful for here on….



  549. I work for the Coast Guard in Maine and I can’t agree with you more. I’d say Freeport and all those God damn outlets are a white person paradise.

  550. on March 26, 2008 at 6:55 am Jack Klompus

    Yes on G-Love! I’ve hated that white mofo ever since his bar days in my wonderful in many ways non-white hometown Philly. I still am amazed that people here in hipster-central, the Brooklyn of the South, Austin, know who that schmuck is.
    White people in Austin, which now includes an insane influx of white people from California, love to point out that Austin is “not like the rest of Texas.”

  551. Being from NY, I have an outsider perspective on the LA vs SF issue. Honestly, LA blows. It offers nothing to anyone with intellect. That is why I am moving to SF next month. But nowhere, not even SF, compares to NYC, the greatest city on earth!

  552. Where’s the bit about Roadtrips? White people love roadtrips. They brag about all the places they’ve been and how they didn’t go the ‘touristy’ places. And they show fuckin’ poloroid slide shows of their trip afterwards. Buy a digital camera you pompous white art-fuck!

    “We went to Boston but didn’t go to Faneuil Hall, we went to Cambridge to have some real organic meals and see a show at the Middle East Club. It was life changing.”

    fuck off…

  553. on March 26, 2008 at 7:28 am Chicago Male



  555. Oh I HATE San Diego!

  556. Still, the presence of other minorities are welcomed by white people for so many more reasons than just statistics!

    The presence… is welcomed.

    At least the white people stay in happy meal San Francisco instead of whityizing Oakland.

  557. Yes, funny blog, but the grammatical errors are a tad annoying. Especially coming from someone who seems pretty intelligent and witty.
    Also, to, too and two:
    to = preposition
    too = adverb meaning also
    two = number

  558. Long Beach is the best city for living. San Diego is the most fun for about four days, then it gets old. SF has the most culture. NY has the best food. Most beach cities have a white culture all their own filled with surf stories, pot, $50 flip flops, and lots of half naked people on stretched skateboards and beach cruisers sporting over-sized sun glasses.

  559. on March 26, 2008 at 9:40 am Frank Johnson

    Any decent white person finds San Fran revolting, it is a haven for socialism and liberalism. Hopefully, people from there do not move into other cities and spread the awful San Fran Lib ideology.

  560. on March 26, 2008 at 9:59 am Frank Johnson

    Yep. Got that one right, there must always be a dominate culture or you get problems.

  561. The Berkeley Whole Foods is by far the whitest place ever. (ie the kind of white peolple that think they’re ‘making a difference’)

    And Frank,the problem has never been people leaving SF, no one wants to leave. The problem is more people keep moving here.

  562. Yeah, “polaroids” are a hipsters best friend. Apparently, the coolness of an expensive,poorly developed photo outweighs the practicality, and cost-effectiveness of digital cams.

  563. I have been in the Bay Area since 1997 (from Maryland) and I live among the Zombies in Daly City.

    Starting in April Sunday is a VERY white day as it includes the Civic Center Farmers Market (where sometimes I am one of a few white people), maybe some running and then Coed Sports (Waka Kickball) in Golden Gate Park where we drink Microbeers (or sometimes we Ironicly drink Miller Light)

    Maybe Pub Quiz (has there been an entry on this??)

  564. roberto,
    it is people like you that give me migraines.

  565. LMAO… SF rules!

  566. I agree somewhat with this reply… if you are not open about EVERYTHING people think you are too closed minded. WTC!?

  567. i love this site.

  568. Nice piece but being from SF, I have to say this post is incorrect because the areas surrounding San Francisco are filled with white people. Come on now MARIN! Hello, have you ever been to the Bay Area? Not to mention south of SF. SSF, any city in Silicon Valley, Half Moon Bay, and even East bay you got Alameda, Berkeley, Piedmont. Get your facts straight.

    Yeah white folks be liking the SF. ha ha

  569. Hey oakley,

    Then I’m African. Or Angeleno. Which is it? If someone’s born in one country and raised in another, where’s home?

    Or is home just the place that fits? See, I think **I’m** right. I don’t look like I fit in the East African nation of my birth, and I don’t feel like I fit in Los Angeles — so here, a few hundred miles north of L.A., is the place I call home.

    And I still might change my mind again. Just for the pleasure of breaking your rules …

  570. There are more Asians than anything else in San Francisco. I know I am a native. Some of this stuff is true. White people like gentrification. Hunters Point has been a mostly Black neighborhood on the Southside of San Francisco (Bay Area natives like to call it “The City”). It seems like after the fancy railroad went up last year, there is a new white person walking or jogging the streets.
    Also that picture of white people getting hyphy was so fucking funny. That’s YT people for you. Have you ever seen a white person Crank dat Souljah Boy? Pure comedy!

  571. on March 26, 2008 at 5:35 pm David Vidaurre

    I’m not white, but I (used to until I read this article) love San Francisco. I didn’t know that white people liked it too…I guess I’ll have to get a new favorite city. One that white people don’t like. Maybe….Detroit or Hialeah? I need some advice.

  572. Hilarious! Best entry yet! I’m Asian living in So Cal, and I just forwarded this to a bunch of my friends who are 1) San Franciscan, 2) Asian, 3) white, 4) gay, or 5) some combination of the above.

  573. my computer keeps giving me errors when I try to comment grrr

  574. on March 26, 2008 at 9:43 pm Howard Bowen

    Isn’t the word ‘white’ used metaphorically for purity and cleanliness? Other than every human beings ‘whites of their eyes and teeth’ would that message be any more meaningfull if this were printed in white font?

  575. i’m latino, work full time and also attend college full time in san francisco. i live in a very diverse neighborhood with tons of blacks, asians, latinos, and whites of course. i’m certainly no “trust fund kid” and i know many others here who are in situations similar to mine.

    i guess it’s true that SF is pretty expensive and it makes it hard for people to live here. if you really love the place, as i do, you can make it work though.

    i think comparing sf to ny or any place else for that matter is silly. who cares? people should live in an area they like, not an area that’s BETTER than anywhere else – that idea seems juvenile to me.

    as for the diversity issue, i think it just all depends. you can live in SF and avoid all of the diverse neighborhoods and hop in your car to get everywhere. but the truth is, most people my age (21) don’t even have cars to begin with and are forced to take Muni everywhere. Muni’s hella diverse. you’ll see all sorts of shit on muni beyond varying race (ie, varying mental stability, etc.)…also, the vast majority of the neighborhoods in SF are decently diverse. there are only a handful of strictly white/asian/gay neighborhoods, and i personally don’t find those places as interesting.

  576. I wish Whites would stop getting so many ugly tattoos.

  577. on March 27, 2008 at 12:12 am yourhighness03

    Funny, San Francisco is estimated to be 55% Asian…which is why I like San Francisco, it’s only white in the annoying “trendy” areas which fortunately does not cover most of the city.

  578. liberal whites are oblivious to that basic fact, despite the fact chinese own property and they all rent.

  579. I am from neither san fran or NY. But San Fran is no NY. At least in NY their is yet some belief in capitalism. San Fran is in its own league, its own ball park, and that is not positive. NY does contain many righteous people. You cannot compare San Fran Lib Whack Jobs to NY’ers. Just not fair.

  580. I think you better check the statistics on that one bubba. San Fran is losing people. They do not even have a young enough population to sustain itself.

  581. I’m from SF and now live in NY (and white too, crazy). Its all a matter of opinion and people generally like what they grew up knowing. In my opinion, SF destroys LA (its laughable)and edges out NY. But its a matter of preference, and doesn’t mean other cities don’t have huge advantages and positives. No city is perfect, all have their flaws. And whether you agree/disagree with the blog its meant to be a little over the top and satiricle. It doesn’t all need to apply to be funny. Laugh at yourselves people.

  582. untrue

  583. Reminds me so much of my bay area room mate. I’m ghostriding in my Corolla right about now. Interesting that you mention the hyphy movement, since it is particularly specific to both San Jose and East Oakland… Either way you gotta love that music when you’re with a bunch of friends and everyone starts hollering “ayyyy ayyyy”.

    Everybody get dumb.

  584. Excuse me, everybody get HELLA dumb.

  585. Actually, this definitely more upper class and very much American. If you go to other parts of the world you will see it is hard to find people who are so ridiculous.

  586. I live in Oakland and contrary to prior believe, the culture that once made San Francisco so great for the most part is gone.

  587. I agree

  588. Very true

  589. Yah, Americans are so funny people

  590. I love this website

  591. Gays and Asians are great minorities for white people because they don’t threaten them.

  592. NYC is the greatest city on earth if you’re a privileged, white, myopian blind to ny’s filth, segregation, rampant gentrification, and increasing homogenation. I think you’ll long for ny’s swamp like summers of rotting garbage and bitterly cold winters of black slush in sf’s ideal climate. And you’re right about LA’s lack of intellect, it is only home to a handful of world class universities ( the best one being public-god forbid), and an arts scene that in it’s freshness and creativity eclipses NY’s tired gallery scene.

  593. on March 27, 2008 at 9:37 am gabriel stempinski

    Stop being such a pissy douche. Just enjoy the website for the comedy it provides. it’s idiots like you that take offence to headlines on “the onion”

  594. very true, white men feel inferior to black men because they’re bigger and they feel inferior to hispanic men because they can

  595. on March 27, 2008 at 9:41 am gabriel stempinski

    any place with a high concentration of intelligent people is going to be Anti-Christian / Anti-any religion.

  596. are you on crack? white men don’t feel inferior to Black or Hispanic men. we employ them…. of course, I would like a set of 22’s, but my whiteness won’t let me, plus the ridicule from my fellow whiteys would be too much.

  597. on March 27, 2008 at 10:13 am 94611_white_guy

    Ragnar and others,
    I moved to Oakland (right off Piedmont Ave) almost 4 years ago and have been living there since, and I would generally agree with your remarks on the neighborhood. One of my favorite local institutions to secretly hate is Gaylord’s, the indie coffee shop where the 1-speed-bike-riding hipsters go to smoke cigarettes, blog on their iBooks, and generally feel superior to the yuppies doing almost exactly the same thing at the Starbucks across the street. (But overall, I love Oakland to death, and enjoy that people from other parts of the country don’t have any associations with it other than meathead Raiders fans and crime.)
    Regarding the multitude of remarks others have made about the SF post, I wanted to add my $.02 as one who has lived in a number of spots around the country and thus has a perspective on SF (and the bay area generally) that natives might not.
    My impression (and NYers correct me if needed) is that SF:the rest of the bay::Manhattan:the other boroughs. That is, there’s this unique combination of superiority and provincialism, where people who live in SF are ignorant about things in the rest of the bay area (and even the country at large), but even if they’ve never lived anywhere else, they still wonder why any rational person would want to live anywhere else.
    Regarding the NorCal vs. SoCal rivalry (or absence thereof), I have to admit swilling the kool-aid a bit on this one; I have been to LA a number of times and enjoy bagging on it as the soulless, superficial, sun-soaked and star-obsessed epicenter of much that’s wrong with our culture, but honestly, this area simply happens to align better with my values.

  598. Wow this entry is so true! I strongly identify with liberal politics, and like most non-white people in the East Bay, I AM SO SICK of the yuppy mentality in SF. What is annoying about SF is not liberal politics, its the culture that goes along with it. White people in SF are obsessed with being elite or at least trying to be “alternative”. Its weird and it really makes them just as white or more white than the bible belt.

  599. Jake,

    I feel sorry for you and your LA experience! I truly do. It seems that you were incapable of building a satisfying, rich, diverse and multidimensional life experince in the enormous and all-offering behemot that LA is…

    Obviously, a metropolitan area the size of LA that is host to over 300 distinct ethnic groups and roughly 7-14 millions people (depending what statistics you consult) must have more to offer (both good and bad) than a 7 square mile, wonderful and quaint city, expensive as hell and so self-aware…

    I imagine that if one can’t find whatever one looks for in LA, it might not exist.

    Does it have crime? You bet! Does it have traffic? It depends where you are going. Does it have polution? Not in the beach adjoining areas! Etc. etc…

    So the shortcomings of this vast area might be – just maybe! – a reflection on the inability of the one making the evaluation to grasp LA’s potential and all that LA might have to offer.

    I remember the first time I set foot in LA (I am from Europe) I said to myself: “gosh, this is one of the ugliest places I’ve been, but I would love to live here”. It’s a candy store! Not all candy tastes good (licorice anyone?), but nevertheless, there is something to be said for mirriad of choices.

    Loved SF too by the way, but never entertained a thought of ever moving there…

  600. P.S. Good stats!

    And for all you LA haters, PLEASE, keep hating it and stay away!

    We really don’t need more people here!

    Real estate is expensive enough as it is. I like surfing by myself.

  601. Awesome! As an SFer, I can say that a few ways to piss off someone here is to refer to the city as San Fran or Frisco…SF or San Francisco seem to be the only acceptable options!

    Also, two solid subsets of this posting should be:

    – Burning Man/coating oneself with fake furry fabric/STS9



  602. on March 27, 2008 at 11:50 am Lew Swindlestein

    San Francisco is delightful, but people from the Bay Area live in a sheltered bubble. That’s fine until they interact with the rest of the world population and make claims like: “People from NY think they’re cool. People from LA want to be cool. People from San Francisco ARE cool.” This embarrassing for anyone from the Bay Area with this attitude.

    First of all, words like “hyphy” and “hella” instantly and irreparably invalidate the local vernacular. That’s an open and shut case. More importantly, San Francisco might have a better standard of living than New York and more culture per capita than LA, but Frisco is not a major league city. The most competitive industries and cultural contributors come out of New York and LA. Even Boston and DC have San Fran beat when it comes to power and influence. Working at Google all week and then swilling wine in your Berkenstocks makes you a spectator at best. It’s easy to sit in the box seats and criticize the players in the majors. You should thank us for having something to watch.

  603. This is 100% true. I moved to “near” SF from So Cal and I can’t ever understand the unadulterated hatred the white people from SF have for us. And when you go to So Cal, people are like, yeah, SF, cool place to visit–yet the SFers have this sense that the discontent is mutual.

  604. Oh yeah, and, white people from SF also love to talk about their “start-up.” Everyone runs a start-up.

  605. how is not having major government and financial influence (the latter is definitely debateable) “living in a sheltered bubble?”

    personally, “power and influence” aren’t important to me in deciding where i live. you can be a rich CEO in SF just as easily as you can anywhere else, if that’s what you’re getting at…?

    as for “the most competitive industries and cultural contributors come out of NY and LA”…this is pretty much obvious. it would be saddening if this weren’t true, in fact. a city of 9 million (NY) SHOULD have more cultural contributions than a city of 700,000, duh. is this supposed to be surprising?

  606. I disagree. LA people are more superficial, but SF is way more pretentious. That’s why LA doesn’t have a wine and cheese shop around every corner.

  607. yuppie transplants have ruined a once-great city.

    just ask any NATIVE san franciscan that earns under six figures.

    i wish for another earthquake-a big one, to scare them all back to (insert state-of-origin here)

    the ’89 quake did that, to some degree. come on, mama nature!

  608. Seriously? Westminster for Viet food. Rowland/Monterey Park for Chinese food. Long Beach has Cambodian food. Flip food might be better up here. Japanese is probably a wash.


    In LA, all the Chinese restaurants don’t taste like Cantonese food. I heard Milpitas is okay, but still doesn’t hold a candle to LA Chinese food.

  609. “oh you’re Chinese? My 2nd cousin just married a Japanese girl”

    All look same.

  610. on March 27, 2008 at 12:54 pm Anonymous San Franciscan

    “They use it as a way to have a one up on say, someone who has not gone or has not gone as many times.”

    I disagree with this part of your assessment. Like evangelical Christians, “burners” (as they are commonly known) do not try and one-up “non-burners” so much as they are attempting to evangelize the event to anyone who has not attended.

    Bragging rights are usually centered around the number of, and earliest, Burning Man attended, not around costumes, art installations, “mutant vehicles” (an art car meeting the event’s strict safety and artistic requirements) or theme camp.

    Burners typically consider the “last good Burn” to be the year they first attended. Within the hierarchy of burners’ sense of superiority, the earliest year of attendance seems to trump the total number of events attended. So a burner who first attended the event in 1994 tends to think themselves superior to someone who has attended continuously since 2000.

    It is important to note that this type of one-upsmanship is usually reserved only for discussions between burners. Discussing how the quality of the event has declined over years could discourage the non-burner from attending.

    The moment a first time attendee arrives, it becomes perfectly acceptable to inform them of how much the event has declined from years prior. This criticism will often be directed at a particular costume, theme camp, art installation, mutant vehicle, sexual experience or drug the first time burner is experiencing at that moment without regard for the effect it will have on their enjoyment of the experience.

  611. on March 27, 2008 at 1:21 pm Anonymous San Franciscan

    Additionally LA does not have walkable neighborhoods like SF. Public transit is also an issue because while LA has made strides in recent years to rebuild their transit system, it remain an impractical alternative to car ownership.

    As is evidenced by the comments on this post, San Franciscans’ hatred of Southern California is mainly directed towards Los Angeles and the surrounding area. San Diego will sometimes be cited in contrast to Los Angeles of how Southern California can actually be a nice place.

  612. on March 27, 2008 at 2:05 pm white person

    San Francisco seems to go in and out of fashion among white people….

    This quote was taken from Vertigo:

    “The things that spell San Francisco to me are disappearing fast..I should have liked to have lived here then – color, excitement, power, freedom.”

    People were being whiny bitches about San Francisco even back then!

  613. on March 27, 2008 at 4:09 pm San Francisco and Black

    Don’t get so defensive. It’s too easy to point the finger at the right, when its the liberal left that reproduces whiteness the most. Dude, San Francisco is the WHITEST place on the planet.

  614. on March 27, 2008 at 4:14 pm San Francisco and Black

    Liberalism = Whiteness… You don’t have to be white to practice whiteness… but most whites do.

  615. west coast is gay. frisco is super gay!

  616. Ah….Racism……it always rears its ugly head.

  617. Whack jobs? Name calling is wrong. SF is a wonderful city with great people.

  618. on March 27, 2008 at 6:50 pm Come Let Us Reason Together

    Cato, your knowledge is encyclopedic. Unfortunately it belongs in an encyclopedia not here. Thanks for the brave attempt to educate. Wikipedia me.

  619. I’m black, gay, AND live in the Mission. how bout that? I love this city. I’ve lived in the Midwest, the South, and the West Coast and for me San Francisco is where I need to be. There’s a freedom and progressiveness here that’s unlike anyplace I’ve ever been and this is where I thrive. However I totally agree that “The City” is becoming more and more a parody of liberalism and diversity, elements that San Francisco really does possess, just too often in half-hearted attempts among those who claim to value it most.

    In all honesty I’m rather sick of urban, upwardly mobile white culture’s never-ending, almost fetishistic quest for – for lack of a better word – “coolness”. Whether it’s the latest ethnic restaurant or indie band, that chic new import/export boutique on Hayes or Valencia Streets, that “underground” dance or hip-hop club, or the next “it” neighborhood, coolness and the way it’s commoditized and consumed by the dominant culture has eroded away the very same institutions (and people) which typically make the neighborhood/restaurant/club desirable in the first place.

    It’s amazing that people will talk about how much they love the diversity here while everyone in their social circle looks exactly like them. They’ll talk about how great some hip hop group is but will express disdain for Oakland, The Fillmore, Bayview/Hunters Point and avoid “the ghetto” and its inhabitants at all costs. They love The Mission but not Mission Street (especially 16th Street ) where what’s left of San Francisco’s Hispanic population is clinging to dear life while more and more condos and cafes spring up around them. Unfortunately when it really comes down to it, for many of you, racial diversity is great as long as we’re cooking your food, taking care of your kids, washing your car, dry cleaning your shirts, or providing you with entertainment.

    I’m tired of the surface level co-opting of black culture while the black community in San Francisco continues to be decimated and pushed further and further out of city. Hipsters don’t care to have those kinds of conversations let alone do anything about it. It’s too easy for them to think they’re keepin’ it real by DJ-ing 80s soul/pop/disco/electro music in the Tenderloin, wearing classic shell toe Adidas and claiming to help the environment by shopping at Bi-Rite or Rainbow Grocery. It’s this same surface level of cultural consumption that keeps yoga studios in abundance, Buddhist retreats alive, property values high, and poor people/people of color at a safe distance from the blissful fantasy which their privilege affords them.

    But the hardest thing for me to accept is that spaces where people of color USED to be able to congregate in San Francisco, places like Liquid (awesome underground club in the Mission that’s now the awful and tacky Pink), The Box (DJ Page Hodel’s legendary dance party), The Transfer (Church & Market), The Pendulum (skanky black gay bar in the Castro), Powell’s Place (great soul food restaurant in Hayes Valley), have all been gobbled up by the imminent domain of gentrification without even the slightest regard to the void or damage it causes to the communities that once thrived there. The very same (and very few) places that were our refuges from the harsh reality of being a person of color in this abundantly white, high income city, have all transformed into trendy playgrounds for exactly those whom we needed respite from in the first place, how tragically ironic. I think SWPL is great because it turns the mirror on a segment of white culture that has gained greater and greater prominence over the last decade. You laugh a lot, maybe even get a little angry at what you see, but in all frankness I wonder if that laughter will be transformative. Maybe that slight discomfort and guilt you feel as a result of getting a good look at yourselves will translate into action, or perhaps a helping hand to the person standing next to you, or down the block even. But I suspect that like everything else, in six months most of you will be onto the next latest trend, at someone else’s expense of course.

  620. on March 27, 2008 at 7:19 pm Muffie and Miles in Hobe Sound

    Actually the first time I thought about Canada was as a kid when I was told those neon-pink wintergreen candies were called “Canadian mints.” Addicting. I’ve wanted to visit Hudson Bay ever since for a blanket outlet to do the place in Maine

  621. on March 27, 2008 at 7:33 pm Muffie and Miles in Hobe Sound

    “the movies, and television shows, we are the center of technology (hello silicon valley), we have aerospace out in the desert, culture, unpredictable earthquakes”

    Miles always says, “Civilization stops at the Hudson,” and I really understand now. I bringing my mother back to Darien.

  622. know any good noose jokes?

  623. Hey ive been reading these comments because I just made the decision to move yesterday to San Francisco and I leave in two weeks is it a good place? and will i meet friends ?

  624. statistically, the difference between 53% and 51% is insignificant for such a large known population. moreover, attempting to define diversity through a racial/ethnic census is about very limiting in terms of cultural experience in any given city – it says nothing of individual neighborhoods and whether a diverse group of people are actually interacting, which is more likely to happen in a smaller area.

  625. one thing you should add is that the only thing white people can easily agree on that is a problem in san francisco are the homeless. It makes them feel better to acknowledge them and then move on to discussing the fullness of their glass of pinot.

  626. on March 27, 2008 at 11:00 pm sucka free city

    I live in San Fran. I am white. And I have no inferiority complex to NYC.

    I grew up in NJ and went to NY often. I still do. I love to visit NYC. Such excitement! So much to do!

    When I go to NYC in the summer I come home to foggy SF and wonder, “Should I move to NY?” Yes, there is ‘more’ of everything in NY. More museums. More performances and other things I like.

    Then I remember the classism. In SF I have friends who are millionaires who you would never know are millionaires. They have friends who are broke and haven’t worked in years. People in SF aren’t about showing off wealth or bragging about fancy schools for their kids or expensive fashion. That is all NY. And it’s gross.

    My son goes to public school in SF. His classmates have fathers who are doctors and he also has classmates who live in the projects. They all hang together. That wouldn’t happen in NY.

    Plus, people in NY are work obsessed and really into corporate culture, like wearing suits and shit,

    When I moved here 14 years ago, I was struck at the fact that clubs here don’t make you wait outside and just let the “cool rich beautiful” people inside. I couldn’t believe it. No selection process, which is what I think of when I remember NY clubs.

    I had a choice between NY and SF 14 years ago. I chose SF and haven’t looked back (ok, except for during some exceptionally foggy July months).

    When I’m out gardening in the middle of February, checking out my blooming flowers, I remember the east coast and thank my lucky stars that I will never, ever have to live there again. The only time I ever have to wear a dress or suit is when I go back to the tri-state area for a wedding or funeral.

    NY is way too uptight for many SF people. Y’all can keep it. Enjoy your massive coronary at age 55 and your inferiority complex to your slightly-richer neighbors.

    And don’t discount the importance of queer culture in SF. It IS special that this is probably the queerist city in the world. We all know that we are lucky to have this distinction. It is no less important than living in the brownist or blackist or most Sacandanavian city in the world. We are proud of this distiction and it DOES make us special.

  627. on March 27, 2008 at 11:10 pm ToLiveandDieinLA

    There is no Roscoe’s Chicken and Waffles in Compton. Get your landmarks right.

  628. Gays are prone to much more STDs, depression and loneliness than are heterosexuals. They are also much more transient, so the overall level of mistrust is higher too.

  629. on March 28, 2008 at 1:24 am Strait Outta Frisko

    This is sum funny az shit. I rep da sco, but i wont lie, theres hella much white people living in the castro and noe valley.

    The part about NYC iz true az fuk, lol. I am a born and raised San Franciscan, and I’m currently going to NYU. I give NYC its props, but Frisko is the greatest city in the world.

    Frum Da Mission you beezys!!!

  630. on March 28, 2008 at 1:51 am Strait Outta Frisko


  631. Live in Northern Califoria once – but leave before you get soft.

  632. on March 28, 2008 at 7:23 am redrighthand

    I have never been more in love with this site until this very moment.


    And I have encountered people that look/most likely act like the white folk captured in the photo on a daily basis, and yes, I have heard (as an insult) around here: ‘You seem like you’re from the East Coast.‘ Californians have this whole inferiority complex against the East Coast, come to think of it.

    But no one should EVER become familiar with the phrases ‘hyphy’ ‘ghostriding’ or even referring to music you enjoy as music you ‘get dumb/stupid’ to.

  633. I’ve heard that so many Americans are fucking racists, this confirms it for Frisco. Sorry to the people who aren’t racist, that you have to live with the nob end that wrote this shite.

  634. “My son goes to public school in SF. His classmates have fathers who are doctors and he also has classmates who live in the projects. They all hang together. That wouldn’t happen in NY.

    Plus, people in NY are work obsessed and really into corporate culture, like wearing suits and shit,”

    Right, no inferiority complex…..

    I hate to break it to you but you grew up in NJ and really don’t know what you are talking about. I grew up in the actual city and had friends and classmates who were from all walks of life. This is really just an ignorant thing to say especially when you try and point out that you are from the region. Sorry but NJ isn’t NYC.

    I also work from home and rarely wear a suit and “shit”.

  635. what has happened to the concept of irony and/or ‘a sense of humor’ ??

    This is a hysterical blog & an ironic take on a city that is actually amazingly multi-cultural, dynamic and yes…dare I say it…really nice.

    if one is unable to laugh at one’s self…one will surely go mad.

    lighten up – can’t we all just get along?

  636. White people love:

    Organic baby food (yes, it’s catching on)
    Trophys and awards on display
    Acoustic guitars
    Whole wheat crust pizza
    Using the words “kitchy” and “pretentious”

  637. on March 28, 2008 at 10:38 am eastcoast girl

    WTF is a burner..this must be a west coast thing…

  638. White people don’t like to live in Oakland. They like to PRETEND they’re from Oakland by living in cities near Oakland (that are you know, less dangerous). Examples include Hayward, Alameda. Also, how can we mention the Bay Area and not talk about Silicon Valley. Sure white people claim to enjoy San Francisco, but it’s a front. Most white people would rather live in San Jose, Fremont, and other affluent areas, go to San Francisco on weekends, and then state all the fun things they did over the weekends as “San Franciscans.”

  639. Yes do please add a comment about Burning Man and other white people festivals: Lollapalooza, SXSW, Austin City Limits, JazzFest in New Orleans….
    JAZZ in general!

  640. on March 28, 2008 at 12:05 pm iheartkimchee

    Please comment on Burning Man, Dreads on white people, all music fesitvals such as the Jazz Fest in New Orleans, SXSW, Lollapalooza, Austin City Limits….
    and Jazz

  641. on March 28, 2008 at 12:22 pm Anonymous San Franciscan

    As I described at the start, “burner” is the term Burning Man attendees use to describe themselves.

  642. on March 28, 2008 at 1:29 pm sucka free city

    Yes, Marvis, you exhibit the classist attitudes I was referring to in my post. NYer’s are soooooo superior to people in NJ. People in NJ know nothing of NY. People from NY have been declaring this for centuries.

    Oddly, people in SF aren’t this way towards folks from our surrounding suburbs.

    I am sorry but there is more snobbishness in NY than SF. And everyone in SF knows it. Many of my friends have lived in both places and while we all love NY, it is more uptight, work-obsessed, and snobbish than SF.

    Plus, your winters suck.

  643. that’s awesome… you should write the entry FOR burning man. because it should definitely be on here.

  644. on March 28, 2008 at 3:57 pm Bleeding Heart

    Ah, San Francisco! The mere fact that people are posting their rants and put downs of other cities, especially LA, only proves the existence of that crippling inferiority complex.

    San Francisco’s greatest cultural contribution to America (and perhaps the world) is the annual Folsom Street Fair – which is only attended by the city’s most intellegent, educated and dignified citizens. (Although some of LA’s and NY’s finest are allowed to attend, too!) I’ve been told the city’s beloved Mayor even attends this event, but is hardly recognizable in his costume.

    Be sure and put the FSF on your ‘must-see’ list when you visit SF!

  645. Spot on with the very conservative liberalism in this city!
    Live in nice, white, safe areas and pretend that you are open-minded and tuned in with the rest of the world. Make sure your route to your kids school does not go through the Western Addition because they might actually see a youth wearing a hoodie…

    It gives me endless hours of fun listening to some of the conversations in some of the playgrounds in some of the parts of this otherwise great city!

  646. get a life

  647. “I…are completely aware of the differences.”

  648. on March 28, 2008 at 6:33 pm BayAreaWhiteGuy

    White kids aren’t hyphy.

  649. that’s an STD-fest.

  650. Going to school with negros isn’t a plus, it’s a negative. There are plenty of studies that show the level of education drops in the classroom the more diverse it is, and also the more nonWhite it is (not incl. Asians).

    These are just facts.

  651. Dude, you’re wrong. Have you been to the peninsula lately? Redwood City? EPA? Where do you think all the working class latino families that are being pushed out of the mission by white people are GOING? San Francisco didn’t use to be so white, but it is getting whiter by the minute.

  652. ur awesome

  653. l love this blog. it is so on point. And guess what, l am Black! and live in san francisco. this place is filled with exactly the kind of white folks represented by this very blog.

  654. yes, and please dont try to rent or buy any of our houses, they are gay asian houses that will fall apart after 6 months… you should definitely look elsewhere, sf like totally sucks.

  655. The Bay Area is beautiful but whack! Radio stations completely owned by Clear Channel. Most of the people who live in the city are from some bunk ass state like Ohio or Iowa but forgot to leave their racist ass mentality at the Piggly Wiggly. Men over 6″ feet tall can have all the p*ssy in town cause everyone is short. The Bay Area was “The Bomb” when MC Hammer was at the Palladium and Camron Paul was on the 1’s & 2’s on KSOL. Messy Marv, San Quinn, The Clique, Richie Rich, The Coup and god forbid Concord Sleep Train was the Concord Pavilion. Even the damn window displays in Union Square were awesome before all the corny white dweebs bombarded ‘The City’ during the dot come boom. If it were not for the homeless…it would just be one whack white city. Now Hecka’ is just Hella’ old.

  656. An inferiority complex???
    About New York.
    My Grandparents are rolling in their Colma graves..
    There are so many NYers now living IN and considering themselves actual San Franciscans, I don’t know where that comes from.
    3rd generation: never known anyone that felt ‘inferior’ to a NYer.

    Richmond flat out sucks: people in Richmond don’t want to live in Richmond:
    Think Iraq, with more guns, & drugs

    Earlier someone suggested it’s MUCH cooler to live in Fremont: ya know, the Village of The Damned.
    Only if one starts a site called StuffMillionaires from the MiddleEastLike.
    Hayward: StuffMiddleClassDrunksLike
    San Leandro: StuffMethHeadsLike

    Hey, this making fun of other people & places is damn catchy.

    Or, a snooze fest –
    Say – have you already done music?
    Springsteen? U2?
    Too easy-
    Keep up the mediocre work.

  657. youv’ve clearly never been to santa cruz.

  658. i am from there, well berkeley really, which is near oakland (score!) i’m living in nyc now to try it out and its great but i know i’ll probably go back. the sf bay area is one of the best places on earth, imho. people are friendly, there’s tons to do, and you’ll meet friends, dont worry! you can smile at people in the streets out there and they don’t look at you like you’re crazy! 😉

  659. while some white men do have comfort issues around men of the “darker” – if you will – races (indeed, racial comfort is not something commonly found anywhere in the US where there is also diversity, though its scores better than it was), i dont think it’s so much that they “feel inferior to” these men as much as they are “scared” of them.

    The truth hurts. Anger scares people, especially when that anger is felt to be directed at the self; whether or not it is truly directed at one’s self at that point is immaterial really, since the emotion is felt and the fright awakened. And that history of anger is a long one. An interesting example of white anger stemming from fear: the vast majority of black men who were lynched or killed in a similar fashion in the US had violent injury done to his genitals; castration, mutilation, what have you. Strange fruit indeed.

    Maybe these old white bastards feared the black men would steal their white women. Maybe they envied them for some other power, imagined or not. But the psychological implications of such acts are very clear. They wanted to attack the very center of the black man’s power, and rip it from him. And they did it, for hundreds of years.
    How much damage done to the American black community.

    How much anger created in that community psyche, by these unspeakable acts? No wonder people are pissed!
    And then things changed. We have some measure of equality.

    And NOW, we wonder why some white men fear when walking through a predominately black neighborhood? (Ironic, of course, since 50, 100 years ago it would have been the black man who feared in the same situation). Pent up anger. Fear. On both sides now. Fear of retribution taken for acts they and their ancestors never committed, but that they still feel guilty for? Anger for being blamed for it? Fear of a race which has systematically enslaved and disempowered you for 400+ years? Anger about that? Doesn’t make for the most comfortable situation.

    But it doesn’t mean that the plan has all gone wrong. It’s not terrible to be afraid, feel threatened in a given situation; it doesn’t make you a horrible racist. Its not wrong to feel anger towards someone whose people have fucked your people up for centuries while you built this country. this unchartered path through the morass that is race in America – I believe it IS going in the right direction. These are our growing pains. And its understandable. BUT.

    We desperately, as a country, as a people, need to
    a) recognize this anger and fear for what it is, and
    b) learn to grow through and past it

    what obama said in his already famous speech, so heartbreakingly eloquently, is true. There is still significant racial-injustice based anger in this country, in our culture. And it’s real. Really real.

    but there’s this

    “For the men and women of Reverend Wright’s generation, the memories of humiliation and doubt and fear have not gone away; nor has the anger and the bitterness of those years… the anger is real; it is powerful; and to simply wish it away, to condemn it without understanding its roots, only serves to widen the chasm of misunderstanding that exists between the races.” – Obama, 3/18/08

    we cannot just wash it away. its here and we have to engage, scary as it is… for everyone.

  660. this is super great. but the nyc thing i dont get. i moved from san fran (well berkeley, its close to oakland…?) to nyc a year or so ago, and half my friends here also moved to nyc from the bay area. i know a lot of people (myself included) who are “bi-coastals.” tons and tons of people who are from the bay area want to check out nyc… just like half of nyc decided they’d come and check out san fran in the 60s, and stayed… hehe… anyway, no hostility there, not really.

    but the no-cal vs so-cal thing is right on the money.

  661. would someone explain to me what these people do?

    All the good job$ in CA are in either LA or Silicon valley, and San Fran is a little dinky place.

    Surely there cannot be that many good jobs there.

    How could a NY’er pass up the business opportunties in NYC to move to a dead little place like SF? makes no sense.

    I bet many of them leave. SF is very, very transient which is it’s worst quality.

  662. If like this website, you’ll like http://www.lavasnow.com. It’s based in San Francisco too.

  663. I have lived in San Francisco all my life, and that is just wrong. I do not feel New York City is better. The climate in New York is awful. And black people do live in San Francisco, white people do live in Oakland. I don’t anyone who comments to me that thank god, the black people are in Oakland where they can’t hurt housing prices. I would not be friends with a racist person like that.

  664. on March 29, 2008 at 12:06 pm Winey white Boston girl

    Yes, your stats look good, but the homeless in SF probably weren’t counted. They should add to the diversity arguments–ah, but many of them are white….the circular argument continues.

  665. AMEN!

  666. You gotta be kidding me…I hate San Fransicko. It used to be a great city…now it’s over run by degenerates. This is not a white thing…it’s a degenerate thing.

  667. agreed san francisco is sooo white! (and asian)

  668. on March 29, 2008 at 5:34 pm trailer dogg

    Ain’t got no time to read this post. Can one a y’all summarize it please?

  669. on March 29, 2008 at 5:42 pm trailer dogg

    I might look like a tangent, but I’m just a tourist that knows how to live on $5 a day. I still always carries $200 in my wallet just in case when the police are out rounding up tangents.

    But that’s besides my point. I just wanted to ask somebody if a Jew is considered white here in Frisco? I don’t hardly see a Jew where I come from, much less know any as a friends.

  670. on March 29, 2008 at 5:45 pm trailer dogg

    Forgot tosay I mean I could probly make friend with a Jew, but since I dont right yet then I cannot ask one if their white or not.

    Sorry for the double post.

  671. on March 29, 2008 at 5:49 pm trailer dogg

    This is really funny I’m really enjoying myself even with a triple post. I guess you can go ahead and enjoy a lot more self indulgence when you are here in Frisco, and white. LOL! OH that felt good, but don’t ask me what it was!

  672. on March 29, 2008 at 5:52 pm trailer dogg

    One more thing though if anyone has any questions about black people I can probably help you because I have a mess of black friends back home LOL

  673. on March 29, 2008 at 6:03 pm trailer dogg

    RayRay I know somebody named RayBob and he’s known to his best friends by the name of GayBob because they still like him and he doesn’t pinch guys in the butt at parties or anything but would like to visit SF someday to see what it’s like. I’m just mentioning that in case you might want to meet him He’s a really, really, really NICE guy.

  674. on March 29, 2008 at 6:11 pm trailer dogg

    I heard Michael Savage say once he likes to live in a place full of nice people because he gets noticed more that way. He even carries a baseball bat with him when he’s in a good mood and it says something like “Homo Run!” on one side and “USA Freedom to Hate” on the other side. My Daddy thinks it’s awesome!

  675. on March 29, 2008 at 6:20 pm trailer dogg

    Now I’m going to visit LA after seeing SF. I thought you guys were talking about SF and Lousiana for a while LOL! It seems like the only people who want to visit Louisana are from a northern city like Arkansas or maybe even as far as Missouri LOL!

  676. on March 29, 2008 at 6:28 pm trailer dogg

    I noticed another grammer typo up their two but I can’t remember what it is. Doesn’t bother me as long as I can understand what the speaker means too. Grammer snobbery was positively selected for back when we was just cave mens boosting like nuvo lingo because when we got bored with just the animal body language.

  677. on March 29, 2008 at 6:29 pm trailer dogg

    Of course my Daddy could explain it all better than I just did.

  678. on March 29, 2008 at 6:38 pm trailer dogg

    Right on! So

    LA = diversity
    SF = divercity
    LA state = diverticulosicity without the health care

  679. on March 29, 2008 at 6:45 pm trailer dogg

    Speaking of P.C. wasn’t it Michael Savage that said he couldn’t “spank the monkey” after a show until he felt he had insulted every group he could think of?

  680. on March 29, 2008 at 6:57 pm trailer dogg

    watch the apostrophe there Johnny unless you didn’t finish the sentence

  681. on March 29, 2008 at 7:08 pm trailer dogg

    coitus tower is one of me my girlfriend’s most favorite landmarks. its size alone makes up for what’s lacking nearby, and puts even black men to shame in Louisiana. some really white local politician must have especially felt the need to erect a falicy symbol the city?

  682. it’s The Click

  683. on March 29, 2008 at 7:12 pm trailer dogg

    omg i blew it. i meant to say “to the city”.

  684. on March 29, 2008 at 7:14 pm trailer dogg

    omg omg i meant to say i blew the “punchline”! language sure can be complicated for me sometimes.

  685. on March 29, 2008 at 7:16 pm trailer dogg

    HA, I was right! Thank God for stereotypes, RayRay! (I heard RayBob say that once.)

  686. on March 29, 2008 at 7:29 pm trailer dogg

    but isn’t spying on two $200-dining people more lucrative than spying an them at KFC in Oakland? especially if they’re gay, as insecure as it might make an Oaklander feel about his own manhood? (don’t be angry at *them* for that!)

  687. on March 29, 2008 at 7:33 pm trailer dogg

    Europe would totally shock you, dude. Most men who hug over there don’t even *think* about the sex.

  688. on March 29, 2008 at 7:35 pm trailer dogg

    just don’t vote for bill gates then

  689. on March 29, 2008 at 7:46 pm trailer dogg

    whites don’t even notice that a razr has such a pitiful subwoofer and no soul in its ringtones.

  690. on March 29, 2008 at 7:50 pm trailer dogg

    brought to you by God Hates Fags?

  691. on March 29, 2008 at 8:08 pm trailer dogg

    there’s no litmus test, not even to keep out angry, rock-throwing republicans and christians. do you have a story to tell to the contrary? tired of the bit about striving for “diversity”?

    i hardly ever hear the media say “frisco”, but i hear “philly” a lot, even in brand names like they’re proud of it.

    (yikes, Shanks is just ‘brimming’ with the love of christ, eh? or compassionate conservatism, or whatever they call it.)

  692. on March 29, 2008 at 8:36 pm trailer dogg

    wow, i thought this blog was at least part tongue-in-cheek, but now i think i see some seriously distressed personal opinions, proudly based on anecdote. if it’s not one city saying they’re better than everyone, it’s someone needing to shoot it down.

    stuff is worth what people are willing to pay for it, by definition. and (in your case) vise-versa. you need to put down people because they are willing to pay so much to live in SF? you’re not jealous, are you?

    ok, now everyone, let’s rag on TX for how they brag about themselves. (i’ve never heard the “don’t mess with SF” kind of self-loving flagwaving.)

  693. on March 29, 2008 at 8:42 pm trailer dogg

    do they fart?

  694. on March 29, 2008 at 9:06 pm trailer dogg

    otoh, i highly recommend you go into a city you’re unfamiliar with, especially if it has dangerous areas. and i’m even pro-Obama. “superior to the rest of the nation”? nice spin, i guess.

  695. on March 29, 2008 at 9:11 pm trailer dogg

    now you’re even badder, yaddadamean?

    still white & nerdy, here. not bragging.

    HEY! yaddadamean isn’t in my WordWeb dictionary yet!

  696. San Francisco is inhabited by the “wrong kind of Whites.”

    Colin Farrell is White, the right kind of White. Jon Leibowitz (aka Stewart) is the wrong kind of White, and not even White at all!!!

    Matthew McConaughey is White. Ben Stiller is not.

    SF is the wrong kind of White.

  697. you are a liar. If housing prices were “in play” you’d sell out like everyone else that has dealt with “White Flight”.

    White flight is such a dependable phenomenon that there is a “name” for it, plus about 1,000 books written about it.

    You would sell in the face of financial loss like anyone else.

    PS Of all the White ethnic groups, it was the Jews that “flew” first and foremost and the fastest, leaving the Irish, Italians and Poles to stick it out in diverse neighborhoods. Most Jews fled to jewburbia suburbs and non-diverse neighborhoods.

  698. I guess these guys are upset with your portrayal of White people:


  699. Great blog. As a whitebread midwesterner who moved to San Francisco years ago (and still work there, though I’ve since moved to Pacifica for the cheaper rent) I have to admit I totally identify with at least 90% of this post.

    Gotta say I think the LA/NYC-hate thing is getting blown way out of proportion in these comments…in my experience, most San Franciscans are either indifferent or generally positive about NYC, and the only people I know around here who *really* hate LA are the Giants fans (and believe me, that hate is reciprocal). There is a lot of complaining about LA’s pollution, lack of decent public transit, traffic, etc., but it’s stuff that usually doesn’t get further than a mild sense of annoyance.

    Finally, a quick word to all the SF haters here: I’ve read a lot of comments arguing that SF is “no longer relevant.” Uh, yeah, my ass it’s not. Folks, you use computers, you use the internet. Do you have any idea how many these companies have staff or headquarters based in San Francisco or its immediate suburbs? A whole hell of a lot of them. You’re f***ing welcome. And to all of these people talking like the dot-com boom was the worst thing since Hitler: YOU’RE USING THE INTERNET RIGHT NOW, YOU MORONS. What the hell?

  700. @kevstar… I’m Black as well and I just came back from vacationing in SF. hahaha I was lucky if I saw even one Black person each day while I was there. While I LOVED the scenery, architecture and the food (and would probably live there if I felt like moving to the West Coast)… it is definitely a segregated city, but then so are most -not all- cities across America.

  701. So true about the whole LA thing. I’ve lived in SF for 5 years and whenever I tell people I’m originally from LA I get the same crap. They usually have to tell me how much they hate LA and would never live there because people are so “superficial” and there is too much traffic and pollution in LA. Also, LA is not a “real” city. I always think to myself, did you not just hear me tell you I grew up in LA? Like when people tell me they’re originally from SF I have the courtesy not to mention the fact that MUNI sucks, SF’s weather is complete crap, and SF people have a yuppie superiority complex.

  702. orphan andy’s still open 24 hrs – was there at 3 AM last week next to table full of drag queens

  703. He’s right though, for the most part—it’s not “white” people, it’s upper-middle class American liberals with general ethnically Anglo and religiously Protestant (though usually secularized) backgrounds.

  704. I agree with you. If we were not talking about what white yuupies like this would be the “Stuff Rednecks Like” which would read the same as any other low-income culture.

  705. Hispanic men can dance?

  706. Amen Brotha’… Amen! Just think how the Indians felt to see their land developed into a BoomTown for outlaws and ho’s. Just a vicious cycle.

  707. It is a fact that when white people have no one to direct their hate… you people have sex with your relatives and consume more mayo than usual. Just the facts!

  708. I’m not white but I don’t get it. What is going on with all this white on white verbal assult? I thought you were homogenic like the rest of us.

  709. on March 30, 2008 at 1:43 pm the shootist

    Yeah, DC. The inferiority complex that Washingtonians have about New York makes San Franciscans look positively chill by comparison. Throw in a law degree and a refined sense of bitterness about DC’s (lack of) voting rights, and the result is a genuine monstrosity, one of the most shrill and pedantic white people that ever walked the earth. Don’t believe me? Observe casually to a District resident that the New York subway has express trains, and doesn’t stop running at 3:00 AM. Soon enough, your ears will be bleeding.

  710. Correction. In the Bay Area we don’t have ‘White Flight’ we have Foreclosure Flight…

  711. I’m curious…Tell me more about this man you call The Right kind of White. Will you compile a list and send it to “Stuff Educated Black People Like,” so we can update our list.

    Thank you.

  712. Just move back to Ohio Please. That is all we native SF’s want. Leave us in peace. Move the entire internet hub to Kentucky. And in return we will move from Las Vegas, Phoenix and all these other god forsaken’ places we had to retreat due to the dotcom bust.

    I’m sure we can still import your internet intellect from India and China. We’ll just buss them from SFO to AmTrack off to the wonderful Bible Belt where you can’t buy liquor on Sunday.

    Believe me…we will have a farewell parade and get the city crackin’ while your forced to praise the Lord Monday at 8p.m.

  713. I love superficial people. The Bay Area is full of Tree Huggin’ Republican’s.

  714. you’re an idiot.

  715. everyone’s a little bit racist. from ny to sf to atlanta to chicago. they’re racist everywhere. varying degrees of course. the person who posted this would like to make you think that progressive white racism is worse than the racism you’d see in the south. it’s not. it exists, but it’s certainly no worse than what people would deal with in traditionally racist places.

  716. God I hope you don’t have an advanced degree. Dangerous!

  717. i don’t think the white people tell their children to avoid the tenderloin so much because there’s a large black population than because of the fact that there are drug dealers and prostitutes everywhere (of all races!)…..most any parent would tell their children to avoid the innercity – it has little or nothing to do with being racist.

    i live in the tenderloin and just yesterday i saw some silly yuppies rolling their child through the tenderloin. i thought to myself “this is no place for a child!” but maybe i’m just a “tree huggin’ republican.”

  718. Africa for Africans, Asia for Asians, White Countries for Everybody

    “Liberals and respectable conservatives say there is this RACE problem. Everybody says this RACE problem will be solved when the third world pours into EVERY white country and ONLY into white countries.”

    “The Netherlands and Belgium are more crowded than Japan or Taiwan, but nobody says Japan or Taiwan will solve this RACE problem by bringing in millions of third worlders and quote assimilating unquote with them.”

    “Everybody says the final solution to this RACE problem is for EVERY white country and ONLY white countries to “assimilate,” i.e., intermarry, with all those non-whites.”

    “What if I said there was this RACE problem and this RACE problem would be solved only if hundreds of millions of non-blacks were brought into EVERY black country and ONLY into black countries?”

    “How long would it take anyone to realize I’m not talking about a RACE problem. I am talking about the final solution to the BLACK problem?”

    “And how long would it take any sane black man to notice this and what kind of psycho black man wouldn’t object to this?”

    “But if I tell that obvious truth about the ongoing program of genocide against my race, the white race, Liberals and respectable conservatives agree that I am a naziwhowantstokillsixmillionjews.”

    “They say they are anti-racist. What they are is anti-white.”

    “Anti-racist is a code word for anti-white.”

  719. TV and music was soo much better when racist were not forced to be docile creatures.

    This Political Correctness sh*t has got to stop. I’d rather know who is a racist. I can’t keep havin’ these bi-racial children just to find out the father is in the Klan.

  720. Did you run out of Meth?

  721. You’re not a Tree Huggin Republican I was referring to. Who knows what kind of ancient filth is crawling around on the streets of the ‘Lion. I’m sure there is a man who slipped in some grade A Tenderloin phlegm years ago and is now a hybrid creature just waiting for the right moment to infect us all.

  722. Yo’ Mama!

  723. Please… Elaborate. I don’t understand your sh*thole language.

  724. Yeah…It’s about your mother who had sex with a big long-dicked black man and had…guess who? YOU! Go hang yourself now. Kisses.

  725. Qualified, as I am, by my status as a native San Franciscan, I’d like to point out that the use of the name “San Fran” is as objectionable, if not more so, than the noxious “Frisco”. The city is named after Saint Francis of Assisi and should always be referred to by its proper name. An acceptable diminutive has always been “The City”.
    Is that “white” enough for you?

  726. Qualified, as I am, by my status as a native San Franciscan, I’d like to point out that the use of the name “San Fran” is as objectionable, if not more so, as the noxious “Frisco”. The city is named after Saint Francis of Assisi and should always be referred to by its proper name. An acceptable diminutive has always been “The City”.
    Is that “white” enough for you?

  727. Come Let Us Reason Together sounds like something a priest would say to a young lad b4 he molest him.

  728. Last time I looked at a map San Diego was part of Southern California.

  729. Someone with that level of consciousness isn’t going to be doing Meth brought into this nation by mexiscum. Bronze, o find a non-White blog already, OK?

  730. Silicon valley/San Jose is not San Fran.

    Most of the successful Whites down there (the right kind of Whites with families, kids, high-paying jobs, white schools, etc.) only come into the City for a Giants game.

    There are plenty of good “restaurants” down the Peninsula.

    San Fran is dead and irrelevant.

  731. Fags aren’t wanted in Ohio, they are your type of people, so you take them.

  732. can anyone please bear with me while i tell a whiney anecdote concerning a friend and san francisco.

    1. i met this friend on my first day at a small liberal arts college (!!!) that i ended up leaving after one semester. she had thick-rimmed glasses and Teva sandals on and announced her being from san francisco, which did not surprise me. after i had said i was from california, she said “…I’m actually from Half Moon Bay.”

    2. she later took a semester off to return to “the city” and live and work on her dancing and yoga (!); her mom paid her rent while she lived in “the mission” (!). Once when visiting her, we walked to Bernal Heights to go to a vegan ice cream shop (!!), and she said “what i like about this neighborhood is how it’s so working class.” after i kind of challenged her logic (i.e. vegan ice cream shop), she argued that there had been a SHOOTING there a few weeks before.

    I am still SO IRRITATED by the fact that she pulled superiority over me about experiencing the working class and having seen a shooting while her mom paid her rent! This post fits her so perfectly….

  733. on March 30, 2008 at 9:35 pm Steven J Golliday


    To state that LA has “no culture and tradition other than Hollywood” reveals your ignorance about the cultural history of Los Angeles. I don’t have the time to go into a full lesson for you, but you might want to look into, oh lets say, the Central Avenue Jazz scene, which yielded great artists like Charles Mingus and Eric Dolphy for instance. Or maybe look up the arts group ASCO, that came out of East LA in the seventies. Perhaps you can google Watts and take a look into the cultural and social significance of that area throughout the 60’s and 70’s. Maybe you might want to take a visit to Highland Park, or Echo Park on the eastside, or Leimurt Park even, and I think if you even began to do a lil’ research and open your eyes, you would quickly correct yourself and your very ignorant viewpoint. All in all, the sweeping generalizations that most of the posters have made here about whatever city reveal that relatively jack shit is known about the places in question, and it’s a shame that such ignorance is propagated so rampantly when there is such an abundance of information available. Holla.

  734. Studies have shown it. Studies done by PhD’s and MD’s.

  735. I am from So Cal and now live in Nor Cal..the whole versus thing is just retarded. Both places have pros and cons, I mean beaches in nor cal suck, but the air in so cal is disgusting and gave me asthma.
    I like SF but I would NEVER live there because of the following:
    1. no parking ANYWHERE
    2. people are snotty and seem like they never go into the real bay area
    3. what is that damn smell??
    4. rent there is ridiculous
    5. too many hills = sucks if you have a manual car

    Now I live in the Bay Area, but on the other side of the tunnel, so when I go to SF I get treated like a tourist which drives me crazy.

    London is really the best city in the world. Here in the US everyone has a damn attitude about “your” city which is the same as some other city but a different location in the US.

  736. Too $hort is correctly written with a dollar sign. And those crackers though Mac Dre was from Oakland.

  737. Mention hyphy and not MAC DRE?!
    Anywho, White people love MAC DRE!
    MAC DRE actually did a lot for the white people and dancing. If you think about it, having a thizzface is much easier than actually having rhythm on the dance floor!

  738. on March 31, 2008 at 8:04 am Keak Da Sneak

    What part about “Born in Oakland” don’t you understand, hater?

    “…Mac Dre was born in Oakland, California. As a child, he was moved to and raised in Vallejo by his mother to remove them from the dangers of Oakland….”

  739. on March 31, 2008 at 8:41 am Whitey McWhiterson

    Right on! You TOTALLY know white people!

  740. What is hyphy? How does one ghost ride the prius?

  741. on March 31, 2008 at 10:00 am Intro to Hyphy

    Hyphy is what you get when you give poor young blacks in Oakland plentiful access to the drug ecstasy (“thizz”) and ask them to come up with a competing Bay Area version of Southern crunk hip hop.

    Got it?

  742. Gosh, a native San Franciscan. I haven’t met one of those in years. So where did your family come from originally, bronze? I’m assuming they immigrated to CA from somewhere. Probably for the work?

  743. As a native of the Peninsula, I can attest to the fact that 90% of the Peninsula residents would never have settled down there in the first place had it not been so close to San Francisco. And despite all the great restaurants down there, how many people are honestly going down to Santa Clara or Mtn. View for a nice idli sambar breakfast on a Sunday morning?

    There’s a reason nobody calls it “the San Jose Bay Area”.

  744. The hills of SF only suck if you’re not very handy with a stick. Sorry, it had to be said…

  745. It’s the same reason White people are always trying to prove that they’re better than Black people. Jealousy!! SFers are Haters! Don’t hate, just come to Southern Cal where the weather is better.

  746. As a safe asian who lived in SF, but doesn’t anymore, I’m glad at least one person mentioned Bayview/Hunter’s Point (which will probably never get any love from the rest of SF) and the Fillmore area (which is getting bleached rapidly). This post blog post was probably written by a non-local to the Bay Area because it’s generalizations are pretty misleading.

    SF is alot of the things mentioned, but it isn’t all white-asian-gay, just mostly white-asian-gay. And white people only think gay men are safe. Lesbians are still pretty scary to most white people. They just aren’t afraid of the mostly-mythical lipstick lesbian shown on TV and in movies.

    My sister lives in the Mission and white people only like it until they can afford to move to Bernal, Noe Valley, Potrero or some slightly nicer neighborhood that still lets them pretend their in a diverse neightborhood.

    Also, Oakland is about half white half other stuff (mostly black) and is one of the most segregated cities in California. Basically, white people in the the hills and whatever in other areas. Richmond is comparable to Oakland, like Milpitas is comparable to San Jose. It just shows ignoranc eto put them together.

    Marin sometimes makes SF look like Africa.

  747. “The Netherlands and Belgium are more crowded than Japan or Taiwan, but nobody says Japan or Taiwan will solve this RACE problem by bringing in millions of third worlders and quote assimilating unquote with them.”

    I’ll bet you there are way more Dutch and Belgians in Japan and Taiwan than vice-versa.

    As Michael Jackson would say… “that’s just ignant.”

    Do you actually know anyone from Europe, Mr. Mantra? Take off the hood and look around and travel a bit.

  748. I can assure….not all white people like Boston. Especially if they are born and raised in Detroit.

  749. actually this entire blog is stuff san franciscans like…

  750. What the hell is “the Peninsula”? Its the part that made sure BART wouldn’t go through it and bring its “element”…

    The peninsula is what makes SF seem cool. SF has culture, SJ has high tech (well around SJ and some of SJ). Between is the no man’s land of not-Marin.

    I will say Palo Alto is distinctive in that they screwed East Palo Alto so much they decided it would be better to change counties as well as split from Palo Alto, but San Mateo county has just as many self-righteous a-holes as SF, they just have to go to SF to have interesting things to do and talk about.

    Sometimes I go to Milpitas for a good dim sum. Are there any good Indian restaurants north of Mtn View?

  751. Wel, mayo that’s been left out in the sun too long…

  752. True dat.

  753. Umm… SF has staff for companies in Silicon Valley, but very few HQs. Get your facts right.

    Adobe – San Jose
    Apple – Cupertino
    Cisco – San Jose
    Google – Mountain View
    Intel – Santa Clara
    Oracle – Some swamp on the peninsula

    None of these are SF immediate suburbs (except maybe the swamp where Oracle is).

    I like SF and all, but it’s just a tag-along when it comes to technology.

  754. So true. People who live in LA don’t really care about anyone other than those in their immediate surroundings. In fact, most do not care about people living down the block – unless someone continually takes a parking space their in front of their house instead of their own.

    San Francisco is great, but it doesn’t have El Coyote.

  755. on March 31, 2008 at 7:48 pm Sucka Free city

    Peter Schurman lives in Berkeley, doesn’t he?

  756. on March 31, 2008 at 8:04 pm Sucka Free city

    silicon valley IS San Francisco. Many people who work at Apple computers live in SF, many who work in silicon valley live here, plus there are TONS of dot com businesses right here in the city.

    i should know. My husband and all his friends work in the tech industry and they all live and work here, not in silicon valley.

  757. Do you have any juicy Dolly Fritz stories? However, did you “cope?”

  758. You beat me to my (secular) Amen! I’m a few days behind, but after I started reading this blog, I kept thinking that I must know every white person in SF. Now CL (NOT Craigslist, duh! – the blogger) has immortalized it!

    Yeah, there are more non-white people here, but every white person you run into can be described by this list, a.k.a. “the right kind,” whether they’re Mission hipsters or Marina ho’s (and yeah, I’m going to get over my PC feminist self and say, “ho”). Let’s not forget about THAT white North/South Side Story. Whether your ass says “Juicy” or you’ve sewed patches to the butt holes of your thrift store jeans, y’all still came from upper crust white suburbs. Can I also say that a whole lot of the white people I know here are from Boston – Ivy League, even? BTW, the gentry is coming to the North/South borderlands. NOPA. Yelp it.

    Anecdote: I overheard SWF in the breakfast line yesterday in the TL talking to her WP friends about her errands – namely looking for a tattoo parlor for her first tattoo. Get this – she says, “Look! I made a spreadsheet!” and hauls it out of her purse. “I especially want to go to this women- owned place in the Mission!” she prattles. It’s not L.A. Ink, dolly. Don’t be scared by the tuff dykes!

    All that being said, I, like “b,” still love this Sucka Free City. The thing that struck me about NYC is that there isn’t a whole lot of green or sky. There are at lot of things about this City that are green besides the chocolate truffles you can get at Hippie Hill (not to mention all the other colors of the rainbow, Dottie).

  759. Savage is a douche. He filed a bogus lawsuit against a muslim organization that, if it were to succeed, would curtail someone’s freedom to use copyrighted material (free of permission) for the purpose of comment or criticism.

  760. well she goes to a liberal arts college, of course she’s upper middle class trust fund kid. i think it’s more the liberal arts college student aspect than SF lol.


    /born and raised.

  762. An infinity? So that’s like SF forever? That would be pretty sweet…

  763. My bad – “chics”.

  764. Little children are exactly that, children that don’t know better. These same little kids would walk right out onto a street with traffic. Are you saying that children know it all? know more than a more developed young adult? You make zero sense.

  765. on April 2, 2008 at 7:00 am tonalddrump

    I’ve got stuff white people would like,like using the N-word amongst friends.

  766. Well, somewhat interesting, but hardly enlightening stuff. I have lived in San Francisco for nearly 35 years, a transplant from the “Whitebread Midwest.” My wife is a 5th generation San Franciscan, and my daughters 6th generation. That bit of family legacy and $4.00 will buy you a latte at Peet’s. I am an international businessman, and spend time in about 30 states and 20 countries as part of my job – logging about 150,000 air miles a year, and countless train and highway miles. In my humble opinion, San Francisco is one of about 3 or 4 big cities around the world that are truly liveable and enjoyable. There are about 20 small- to medium-sized cities that are also in the same category, such as Zurich. But what makes San Francisco unique is the “diversity.” It is not really very “white” or homogeneous in its racial or ethnicity. Compare it to a city like Munich, or Orlando, or Salt Lake City. Now those cities are “white.” Paris is fairly diverse, but nearly as much as London. Compared to Tokyo or Bangalore, Des Moines would be a melting pot of ethnicity. Compared to Los Angeles, San Francisco is superior. That’s not an opinion, that’s a fact. But then, who cares. Celebrate where you live and stop the complaining. Unless you have noting better to do.

  767. AHHHH i got to school in Charlottesville, and when i first started reading the entries, the first thing that popped into my mind was how it’s the epitome of not only Charlottesville, but U.Va. Walking to class daily i slowly drown in a sea of northface ‘leisure wear’ and overpriced cups of starbucks coffee. someone please take pity on me, my life is sad, as i don’t fit in with this norm.

  768. that’s for damn sure. i go to u.va and northface ‘leisure wear’ makes me nauseous.

  769. White people from San Fran never say “Frisco”. We can always spot the out of towners.

  770. ive lived in SF my entire life
    and I wish there was LESS white people living here.

  771. bummer. i love burning man, live in oakland, have installed art out at the festival, and love to dress up in costumes. obsess all year long? no. like getting away from my cell phone with all my friends for a week of doing almost nothing productive? yes. don’t hate the player, man 🙂

  772. Yeah, but that doesn’t get rid of that depressing fog that rolls in. That NEVER, ever ending fog. Ugh.

  773. “ive lived in SF my entire life
    and I wish there was LESS white people living here.”

    Foreal though theres hella and they keep comin and comin. Screw you yuppies that keep gentrifying and destroyin what once was. you know who you are…

    And who said you cant say frisco? i say it all the time and im from here born n raised n so do hella other folks i know say it and there from here too.

  774. Then move, you dolt!

  775. Then again you may just be spotting the people from the area who like tweaking the nose of all the white people who get all haughty about being from “The City.”

  776. on April 3, 2008 at 2:04 am jonnyhanlon

    Get over yourself, and stop preaching! I believe that your blog should be called ‘Stuff I want you to like’ or ‘Stuff I like’ of even Stuff I think a very narrow band of white middle-class USA neo-sensitive males with inferiority complexes should like’

    I am white. I am middle class. I quite like some of the things you write about, but I despise the fact that you feel you have to write about it in the first place. In my mind it is simply an attention seeking waste of internet space designed to boost the fragile egos of you and, well, you.

    Please stop now before you do some real damage to the reputation of the real white people, and before you end up causing a race relations nightmare.


  777. That’s clearer than wikipedia, homey.

  778. on April 3, 2008 at 9:45 am Azn-lvn-lez

    I freakin LOVE Sarah Silverman. HOTT and funny as hell in moderation.

  779. on April 3, 2008 at 9:48 am Hella Cajun

    Eat a dick, dude! South Louisiana is freakin awesome. I currently live in San Francisco and when I’m done with my graduate degree, I’m moving back home to party 24/7 on the bayous.

    We got drive-thru daiquiri shops and drive-thru boiled crawfish shops. What you got? Bring it!

  780. on April 3, 2008 at 9:51 am Hella Cajun

    Since when does the desire to adhere to the basic rules of grammar = no life?

  781. We also NEVER say San Fran.

  782. on April 3, 2008 at 12:21 pm JESUS WAS A BLACK MAN LYNCHED ITALIAN STYLE


  783. The author should obviously do an article about how white people like to post comments, because this stream of comments is one of the the whitest things I have ever experienced.

  784. lya. I bet you wear ugg boot and sweat pants with big glasses. nothing quite like a preachy white girls opinion on male racism, oh and thanks for the obama quote, you are so “down”

  785. this is all very ridiculous

  786. Bullshit. Speaking as a British person who has spent a lot of time in the US, another thing the particular brand of white people discussed here LOVE is dissing America in a way that is almost as parochial and small-minded as the unquestioning self-adoration of Bible-thumping, confederate flag-wavers. There are whole social chunks of Germans and Brits who are every bit as ridiculous (usually in VERY similar ways) – if you travelled with your eyes open and let your own self satire take a back seat for a while then you’d notice that.

  787. I am white. I was born and raised in SF. I love it here & for none of the reasons listed above. And for the record, San Quinn is better than any of the recently exposed rappers from the East Bay. The Hyphy movement’s weak. The tourist sights here are heavily attended by whites. The heart of the city is a mixed race.

  788. Another thing white people love is smug preaching from our white brethren on the other side of the pond on how provincial we are. Thanks, Furgus!

  789. I was thinking the same thing.

  790. You’re from the bay aren’t you? This is too on point.

  791. SF used to White.

    There were the 49’ers, White protestants, the Irish, the Italians, WW2 vets at Bimbo’s, etc.

    Today, North Beach is a joke, and it’s chinese!!!!

    A few dupe lonely transient White losers and some weasel jews, who rent, do not make it “White”.

    How many here know what “Tai chi” is? Um, sorry but that is not White.

    Wake up idiots!!! My God, how stupid lost lonely White liberal souls are.

  792. Funny, in the UK it is generally chavs who “pop” their polos. Chavs would be classified as the wrong kind of white.

  793. I know plenty of colored folk who hate the northern region of california specifically because it embodies “whiteness”.

    Oakland gets a pass because it’s the home of the Raiders and the former stomping grounds of the late great PAC

  794. on April 4, 2008 at 11:37 am Super Nintendo

    This website is the greatest! NEVER STOP! I am REALLY freakin WHITE, and I love this website.

    Keep on rockin the truth my brothers.

  795. Lya,

    I really liked your comment. I think that Corey’s comment was unnecessarily snarky. I’m Black, and I respect anyone who at least tries to understand both sides of the coin. 🙂

  796. Great post. Yes, San Fran is a white city, or an upwardly mobile asian city (same difference) but San Franciscans can take pride in the fact that it isn’t as white as Portland, Oregon or Seattle, Washington.

  797. wrong.

    SF hates LA
    NY hates LA
    LA hates LA and loves SF and NY.

    Erm, at least white people.

  798. Wrong. East LA/San Gabriel Valley. Chinese food eating mecca of the US. Didn’t LA practically start the sushi trend? I think the probably have better sushi as well.

  799. thus, the reason white people hate LA as they adore public transit and the green movement.

  800. I do feel for you Jake, but “no culture?” In LA? I’m was under the impression that the art scene, ethnic food scene, music scene and architecture scene was thriving in Los Angeles. No offense to San Francisco, but isn’t everything cultural in California coming out of LA?

  801. Not only will you get a mild response, you might get an enthusiastic response. People in LA love San Francisco. It just isn’t reciprocated.

  802. LA just has CalTech, UCLA, Sci-arc, USC, Otis, LACMA, Getty, MOCA, LA Phil, LA Opera. Yup, definitely not a city for someone with intellect.

  803. The person who wrote this must have been the person who came up with the “Token Black Man”. Sieriously I never felt compelled to identify or represent a culture who hates “White People” over some 100 something year old grudge and still blames their poverty and violence on “The White Man” by making their race an excuse for their behavior with the “Look what your ancestors did to my ancestors, I hate you” or “You only caught me cause I’m Black” mentality. Why the hell would I want to represent a culture that hates me for the color of my skin and blames me for it? As for San Francisco being all that, I don’t think they show you all the homless sleeping every where you go down Market Street or the amount of deranged people doing crazy thing’s everywhere there and the prostitutes (men in lingire too) on almost every corner. Half the city is filthy dirty with crime flying and the other half isn’t so far away. But there is some good food there, maybe you can enjoy it without some wacked out guy who’s high as a kite you’ve never seen before sitting down next to you selling a miniature axe as he waves it around in your face…Yah great place !!!

  804. Oh ! ( just incase I’ve offended anyone ) What do you think of Southern California ?

  805. Tons of litter. Market Street is a disgrace, totally uninviting.

  806. Yup…as soon as we get our own Whole Foods it’ll be a white paradise!

  807. isn’t judaism a religion (not race)

  808. thats quite true, i’m from frisco and you’re right, its just not poppin like you think it would

  809. no doubt, my thoughts exactly, i’m a native san franciscan and this city is SOOOOOOOOOOOOO far removed from the city it used to be, now 95% of the people i meet who live here are from elsewhere and when i tell them i grew up here their eyes pop out of their head, i’m from the Mission which now is obnoxiously expensive, almost surreal world, this city still has the best food, architecture and natural beauty but its definitely become something of an amusement park and the traffic is catching up to LA, or maybe not but its definitely getting bad, oh well, good things never last

  810. back in the day people used to called it San Fran, especially in the Mission back in the 80’s, San Fran Mision, and Frisco was actually what people called it, but you’re right the “the city” is now the prefered name, and the Marina really feels like a Marin outpost, they should have a shuttle that goes from Tiburon straight to the Marina with no stops, it would be hugely successfull!

  811. Everyone please eliminate “in terms of” from all sentences

    The following is ghastly

    San Francisco is one of the top US destinations for white people in terms of both travel and living.

    Just say ….for both travel and living…

    Stop with this, please stop…

  812. Everyone likes SF . U love white people and we love you

  813. soooo true

  814. Every time I hear Frisco I think of the city in Texas. :[

  815. …this article…been living in san francisco since 1999 and haven’t run into any inferiority or superiority complexes regarding new york and so. cal.

    ‘course the article totally misses how [i]not[/i] white san francisco is as well so i guess this was supposed to be funny? meby i’m missing some sarcasm.

  816. It is also one of the top places to visit or live for gay people.

  817. Not true. Kids growing up in San Francisco have to watch out for Asian gangs.

  818. This is spot on for the most part. Well done.

  819. Judaism is a race and a religion. You can convert to Judaism, but there is a long cultural heritage that is attributed to the Jewish ethnicity. You can be of Jewish descent, but not practice Judaism. The Jewish ethnicity is considered a middle eastern race, (I think, not 100% though) and a more interesting question is are Jews white? They may have white skin, or may not, but are they part of white culture? Is there even a white culture? Or is it jsut an amalgamation of other cultures that white people have conquered, forced to assimilate or extinguished entirely?

  820. Something people don’t often consider is that, despite our countries civil rights movements and laws, racial inequality is still rampant. Most notably in the economic and legal structures of America. Statistically, the majority of people imprisoned are black and hispanic males. Racial profiling is something they teach you in the police academy. Blacks and hispanics do not have the same opportunities, despite the whole “you-can-acheive-anything-you-put-your-mind-to-american-dream” bullshit. I know that I am lucky to live a lower-middle class lifestyle, and that it is most likely attributed to the fact I am white. The truth is, America is a country built upon the ideals of bourgoise white males. Women are still a power minority, blacks are still a minority, hispanics are still a minority, etc. Change is slowly occuring, but it is taking a long time and it will definitely be a while before true egalitarianism is reached.

  821. on April 7, 2008 at 1:47 pm PazPraSempre

    SF isnt a white place…it gets tourists from all over the world. And there’s more besides Asians, gays and whites. Go to the Tenderloin or the Mission.

    Im a native and I have never had or know someone who has an inferiority complex regarding NY.

  822. on April 7, 2008 at 3:14 pm C.Wright.Thru.U

    Does the Stuff White People Like include things like
    Truth, Equality, and Justice?


  823. SF gets a bad rap lately due to the influx of the moneyed, the status seekers, the people who move here because they are not creative enough to develop their own individuality. Years ago it was nirvana here. I say get over your seriously bougeois fearful selves: leave the Marina and Pac heights, ride Bart to Richmond explore the neighborhoods of the city where real people live, volunteer somewhere, stop thinking that living in SF instantly makes you too cool for the real world. The whole point of SF is developing a new self because this is place where you can be different. embrace the tolerance, be your own person and enjoy the incredible light and loveliness of all of Northern California and ALL of the people here. There is no place on earth like it.

  824. tru dat

  825. wp love risking their lives for Tibet….What about save Oakland? (On second thought, why bother…..) The more exotic the local the more worth “saving” it is…..

  826. It should be said that the super yuppie, liberal, anti-Christian people in SF are not natives. The San Franciscans born and raised here are nothing like how the city is portrayed. Outside of the trendy spots like Soma or the Mission, the city actually has a large population of Catholics and Moderates/ Conservatives. This is the real San Francisco that few tourists will ever see. Although the “white” people in this article are very present in the city, the real “white” native San Franciscans consider themselves Irish, Italian, etc. We aren’t the bleeding liberals seen protesting on the news.

  827. SF is overrated. Nothing ever happens there. It’s a dead city.

  828. Even the “exotic food” in San Francisco is done the way white people like it. That’s why I drag my white ass up the coast to the city where I was born – to gnaw on whitified Vietnamese and other Asian foods.

    The exotic food is so freaky down here in L.A. that only the exotic people eat it.

  829. it’s certainly not a dead city. there may be other problems, but being dead isn’t one of them. clearly you haven’t been there for a while.

  830. the thing is that you could say the same thing about many other metropolitan cities. the white yuppies are infiltrating anything “hip.”

  831. Always bet on white!

  832. White people do in fact have a culture. One you can thank for the things like the Magna Carter, the Constitution, Democracy, Communism, Socialism, impressionism, harnessed nuclear fission, flight, gothic architecture, classical music, country music, The Beatles, The Rolling Stones, Elvis, American Idol (sadly), Dry humor, Superman, MTV, Fiddle/Violin, Bag pipes, champagne, the sandwich, mashed potatoes. As with all cultures, there are pros and cons of equal magnitude. Don’t be mad that historically Europeans where better at government…

  833. I concur with the Dave Matthews Band suggestion. Maybe “Untitled #500: Dave Matthews Band”


  834. aka White People.

  835. Only if you have blue eyes and look the Jesus pictures we have hanging in our white living rooms, will you be able to qualify as “white”. Otherwise, you probably look like Judas or Barrabas and are therefore black. White people really like pointing out racial tension issues in the Bible.

  836. Wow…so many people on this site display not just the reason why both white people and America are viewed so dismally at times. First of, it is the “Magna Carta”…lets repeat that…Magna Carta. I wonder how many people on here even know what that piece of parchment actually describes.

    Also, lets get our semantics and grammar correct as well (I mean, if you’re white, isn’t that the point anyways, aren’t you supposed to prove your superiority to the “uneducated, inarticulate minorities”). Yes, Europeans “were” better at “creating government” or “governing” – government is not a verb. (One could argue that Europeans still ARE better at governing; however, that is an entirely separate topic.)

  837. im a bay native (i love how we say native like we actually are, sorry native americans) and a WF *gasp* and i thought the post was hilarious. dont get defensive, upper middle-class liberal elites…. there just jokes to poke fun at stereotypes we all may/may not fit into. and if you really had to google ghost ride, you may very well be the whitest person in america, congratulations.
    yes they did definitely miss wine and cheese events (dont get bay WP started on wine…), people in the haight that may still believe it is actually 1969, and plllleeeeeeeeease please have a post on burning man. and how it completely changes your life to wear a costume that probably involves some sort of fir cap, cape, assless chaps or a bandanna, take acid/shrooms/E/AMT/DMT/mescaline (or all of the above), and listen to shitty house music for 5 days in the desert. and also how you just cant be on their intellectual level until you have done so yourself. may also be important to mention the freedom (and also the sandy vagina) you can get from being naked and not showering in the desert for a week. interesting to note it remains an overwhelming majority of women who are the naked objects of the many aspiring artists/photographers/ 1 man + 5 women orgy- havers of burning man. a close cousin to this: the new breed of polyamory relations (also typically 1 man + 5 women) that have become so popular with burning MAN fanatics, which are basically a glorified version of polygamy but without the prairie skirts and camps in Utah. (“i love you baby but i need 4 women at the same time to truly satisfy me”). you may be able to lose all your inhibitions at burning man but gender (in)equality still always remains appropriately in place.

    side note:
    1. i do think SF often has been included in the “wrong” kind of white, because american white republicans inherently hate liberal coastal jewish hippies (we’re denigrating the white name). but all those republican in-bred rural white jokes are sooo played out and obvious. making fun of do-good diversity promoting liberal elites is much more nuanced, making it more funny.
    2. sorry for hating so much on orgies. there cool sometimes.

  838. Then we agree on the list, excellent. I’ll get my bi-lingual secretary to proof my posts next time.

  839. SF is a great city.

  840. on April 9, 2008 at 11:31 pm faggchriztnizzer doggie z=g

    it be b callin called the like sick frazzle or the ese effe or the you dont! thats the slang

  841. There was a time when San Francisco had much more than white, gay, and asian people. The word that comes to mind is gentrifi-push-people-out-of-their-homes-because-you-have-more-money-than-they-do-and-you-want-their-property-say-you’re-going-to-renovate-the-city-and-sell-it-to-white-people-byebye-negroes-cation.

  842. I am from the NYC region and I would never consider going to San Fran Sicko. The mayor is a far Left Loon. (Gavin Newsome). It’s bad enough we have our own Left leaning mayor Michael Bloomberg, a billionaire many times over who is totally out of touch with reality. I miss Rudy Guiliani. Bloomberg recently tried to impose an $8 fee for driving into NYC from NJ. That was in addition to New Jerseyans paying exhorbitant toll rates on the NJ Turnpike and going thru the Lincoln Tunnel. It also costs something like $30 to park in NYC for the day. So if my family wants to vist NYC for the day and go to a museum it would cost something like $150 to $200 to go there for the day. Broadway tkts cost upwards of $120 a person. Add in parking costs of $30, Tolls of $15 to $20, Dinner at a good restaurant for 3, $150 plus, gasoline costs, etc., etc. It costs a fortune to go there for the day. Commuting by bus is also exhorbitant, it costs $10 for express bus per person each way. $60 for 3 people to travel into Manhattan for a visit. You can rarely travel into NY, it is considered a rare treat. Then we have Pres. candidates (Obama) saying that people making over $50,000 to $75,000 a year are rich and can afford to pay more in taxes. Tax and spend, tax and spend. We are making close to $140,000 a yr. and we are being taxed to death. We live very modestly yet we are considered to be rich. What a joke.

  843. I am a blue eyed, rosy cheeked white one, and I live here in SF. My neighborhood is ALL chinese and black. on any given day I hear more Cantonese than English.

    Sorry 27thFloor that you missed the black folk, they’re all hiding out in my neighborhood. Y’know … Hunters point BayView district. and then the other neighborhood, the Western Addition.
    So there are 3 huge neighborhoods right there which you never went to, in which you thankfully see very few of the accurately described white people.

    EXCEPT !!!!
    at the Club 1 gym right in the center of the Western Addition. This is the most amazing phenomenon. The above described white people drive into the Fillmore Center, and park their cars in the secured paid parking lot, scurry over to the gym, and hurry right back out in a mad rush as if they’re afraid they’ll get robbed if they walk slower. it’s the most hillarious thing to see! That is one floor of one building FILLED with white people in a truely black neighborhood and it cracks me up every day.

    I don’t know where you went, but I see more Asian than white or black people in any and every neighborhood I ever venture into.

    this blogger is Right on about white people though. Super accurate in describing how even I view the white experience in this city. Very unbefriendable lot these white folk

  844. You are wrong.

  845. Judism is not a race, never have and never will be. Just because the Jews wish it was a race, it is not. Check the REAL facts, not a wiki. Just because they have one of the highest incidents of Autism, and other diseases specific to them, it is still not a race. I have never seen it listed as a race on any of the food stamp applications, job application, or hand gun application. (damn thats a dangerous combination of forms to fill out).

    Get real, next you gonna want special treatment at the Special Olympics. Two finger booger dig competition.

  846. Damn, Great Britian still a country, I thought Bush bought them back in 2001. My Bad.

  847. on April 11, 2008 at 2:17 pm canadian yank

    haha, italians are white. good one

  848. on April 11, 2008 at 2:18 pm canadian yank


    toronto is by far most non-white city in north america

  849. I think that inferiority complex refers to the East Coast transplants that sometimes are reminded that they too could be living in the NYC. And it is more expensive than SF.

    Many of us went to elite colleges on the East Coast and came here during the .Com Boom and weathered the dotBomb. However, we have friends who work for hedge funds in NYC and are reminded occasionally about how NYC is 10 X the city SF is. Though at the end of the day we would never give up SF for the NYC.

    As to you comment that SF is not a white place, this is true but you must realize again that the people that the writer is referring to is a sub-culture in SF whose various members generally reside north of the Mission. Thus, the only Latino people they see are the ones who come to clean their apartment once a week, or when they want to “slum it” and go to the Mission on a Friday night out. They generally do not associate with anyone that is not white, Gay or Asian.

    Lastly I would like to add that if you are from the City, when talking to another city dweller you don’t say you are from San Francisco, you say you live in the City, and then the natural follow up questions is which neighborhood.

    For example, I live on Potrero Hill (okay technically I live in the Dogpatch), so I always mention both as if the Dogpatch is an enclave of Potrero Hill and thus imply that I’m in the edgier neighborhood. I also then mention that I have a top-floor flat with a deck that has a grill and a couple lawn chairs for working on my tan.

  850. on April 12, 2008 at 10:22 am Hyphy Movement

    White kids from SF love hyphy music. I go to school in Arizona and all the white kids from SF listen to hyphy music all day and talk about how Mac Dre is the greatest human being to ever grace this planet.

  851. on April 12, 2008 at 4:09 pm Andrew Dhuey

    It’s perfectly fine to praise New York City to a San Franciscan. In fact, right-thinking San Franciscans consider New York City to be the cultural ideal. It’s just that living there comes with too mush hassle, lousy weather and not much natural beauty.

    Los Angeles, however, is indeed a wretched place. You lose lots of points with San Franciscans if you express love for it.

  852. on April 13, 2008 at 6:44 am vessalamonti

    Magna Carter? Is she related to Jimmy?

  853. on April 13, 2008 at 6:46 am vessalamonti

    I’m not afraid of Asians in San Francisco, except when they’re driving.

  854. on April 13, 2008 at 6:48 am vessalamonti

    Or Walnut Creek.

  855. on April 13, 2008 at 6:53 am vessalamonti

    Ain’t it the truth. The Castro District, for instance, was almost 100% working-class Irish before 1975.

  856. on April 13, 2008 at 6:57 am vessalamonti

    Eugene, even ten years ago Caucasians were the minority in San Francisco.

  857. And San Francisco has lots of public transit. It is pretty hilly for biking, but I think it is possible to put one’s bike on the train for commuting. Bonus points!

  858. You mispelt the word “too”, I think. Paregraph 5, line 4.

  859. You don’t even have to leave town or bother to go to Burning Man to wear a silly outfit or do a stupid art installation. Keep it local!

  860. Every city I’ve ever lived in has predominately “white” neighborhoods, “Hispanic” neighborhoods, “Asian” neighborhoods, “black” neighborhoods, and so on. This includes Charleston, S.C., Miami, Seattle, S.F., Chicago, Cleveland, and New York. Was this because of discrimination and segregation or because of a natural affinity and comfort that people derive from being around others most like themselves? I don’t have any kids, for instance. I would never consider a move into a neighborhood that was made up of house after house full of kids. Not that I don’t like the little darlings. It’s the colorful plastic toys in the yard I can’t stand. I also wouldn’t move to the Upper Fillmore or Pacific Heights, either. I wouldn’t like the demographics. It’s my choice where to live and what kinds of people I want to surround myself with, and others have that same choice. I must admit that of all these places, S.F. has been my favorite, because of many factors that I don’t want to bore you with here. The main reason is the tangible sense of freedom that I felt to be myself. I felt no pressure to be like anyone else, and I felt accepted and loved by blacks, Asians, Hispanics, men, women, and, yes, even the British.

  861. Is that a headline in the “Onion”?

  862. Hey, Zion; I hate mayonnaise, camping, water skiing and soccer, too! And I’m as white as you can be without being see-through. I also don’t like Sarah Silverman.

  863. S.F. has it over NY (and LA, too) in that it’s navigable. Just as an appetizer.

  864. I heart Rayray.

  865. And the lack of bedrock.

  866. You can’t ignore the groovy phallic nature of the place.

  867. hey, trailer dogg, you forgot to mention the “triple cheek kiss” so popular among Europeans.

  868. Oh, come now.

  869. Trailer Dogg; I just saw a Philly Cheese steak go by! This is a real phenomenon.

  870. I think people have really lost all sense of humor. Why was six afraid of seven? Huh?

  871. What year is it?

  872. T.D.,
    He who denied it supplied it. We all know that.

  873. Gosh!

  874. Asian guy doing pushups in shower. Ah, so funny, Johnny.

  875. I saw both of you do that, and I want some of my tax money back for the cleanup.

  876. Okay, well, Margaret Cho is Asian AND gay. So maybe that could be why those were her main topics, and her main audience. I can only speculate that you spent most of your vacation time in 1)Chinatown 2)The Castro and 3)The Fillmore or Marina. Not to mentioin all those great places along Fisherman’s Wharf. Vacationing folk have no right to wax wise on the demographics of a particular city after less than a week of vacation time. Hey! One time I went to Hong Kong, you know, and all I saw there were, like, all these Asian people? And I was in, uh, Tokyo, and EVERY SINGLE cab driver there was JAPANESE! And then one time I went to Mexico, and golly gee, all the employees at the fabulous resort I stayed at were, um, Mexican? That’s just plain old racist. Why can’t we please have more Japanese cab drivers in Acapulco? They don’t speak English, anyway, so it wouldn’t make a bit of difference to me at all.

  877. AND Walnut Creek!

  878. I guess sharp and savvy women just don’t like you, eh? Try New York if you want a REAL eye-opener, babe.

  879. I just cannot understand the fact that you COMPLETELY left Cher out of your Female Singers list! WTF?

  880. AND even less parking than SF.

  881. Was it Socrates or Aristotle who commented that Athens’ best days were behind them? Can’t recall.

  882. Yeah, gotta get out of that giant concrete jungle. Gotta get off the 405.

  883. Tang isn’t so bad, Rayray.

  884. on April 14, 2008 at 1:02 pm vessalamonti

    It really is hilarious to observe the tourist animal in the native garb of shorts and t-shirts. Or evening wear of acid-wash jeans and white tennis shoes.

  885. on April 14, 2008 at 1:03 pm vessalamonti

    I picked up a truck once, and tore my rotator cuff! OW!

  886. on April 14, 2008 at 1:05 pm vessalamonti

    It’s wonderful in a cold salad with water chestnuts and cilantro.

  887. on April 14, 2008 at 1:10 pm vessalamonti

    Love the proliferation of whaterversomebodylikesordoesn’tlike.com blogs here.

  888. on April 14, 2008 at 1:11 pm vessalamonti

    There’s a sucker born every day. Or so he said.

  889. on April 14, 2008 at 1:23 pm vessalamonti

    Got something against Chines people owning stuff? Then you better leave the USA, stat. Your time is up. And why do you think it’s called “DV8”? Don’t you think gay guys in EVERY city in the world do the same stuff? I don’t know where you live, but that’s everyday behavior in any town. Yes, sure, they ruined Union Square. One day it was a haven for the homeless, pointless yet charming; the next day it was surrounded by tall plywood panels. Now it’s useless even to the Tiffany’s shoppers. Market Street has been awful for at least 30 years. A ghost town covered with spit and gum and tumbleweeds. Van Ness is and has been a mini-super-highway out of the city for as long as I can remember. This is not news.

  890. on April 14, 2008 at 1:24 pm vessalamonti

    CARGILL! Haven’t you been to Noe Valley? Crawl out of that cave!

  891. on April 14, 2008 at 1:26 pm vessalamonti

    It’s more hippie.

  892. on April 14, 2008 at 1:29 pm vessalamonti

    Isn’t that your tenth advertisement for your blog?

  893. on April 14, 2008 at 1:36 pm vessalamonti

    And just where did your great-great grandparents come from?

  894. on April 14, 2008 at 1:43 pm vessalamonti

    California also writes the songs that make the whole world sing. You forgot that one. I’m gonna go get some white wine now.

  895. on April 14, 2008 at 1:47 pm vessalamonti

    Don’t you just wonder what all those adults are out there doing all day? How do they make a living? Are they all from out of town? And how DOES Cafe Flore stay in business?

  896. on April 14, 2008 at 1:47 pm vessalamonti


  897. on April 14, 2008 at 1:50 pm vessalamonti

    Is there still and Donuts and Fried Chicken in the Mission?

  898. on April 14, 2008 at 1:52 pm vessalamonti

    Have you hired the homeless lately? My new bumper sticker.

  899. on April 14, 2008 at 1:54 pm vessalamonti

    No Arrested Development for you?

  900. on April 14, 2008 at 1:56 pm vessalamonti

    That’s only because they don’t want to leave their parking spot.

  901. on April 14, 2008 at 1:57 pm vessalamonti

    But, Joey, WHERE do you park?

  902. Speaking as a white former San Franciscan, how about a subset: What white San Franciscans like?

    Smelly street musicians
    bumper stickers telling other people what to do
    Independent theater
    jacuzzi parties with chablis and brie
    Indian ceremonial weddings

    *Mind you, these are my observations from the 70s & 80s era. So jacuzzi parties are probably now yoga sessions with colonics and wheatgrass, for all I know.

    Basically, SF is white liberal paradise! Maybe that’s why I’m now an independent with a fear of mimes who is oddly attracted to the familiar fumes of patchouli.

  903. on April 14, 2008 at 2:24 pm vessalamonti

    Well, because once you go ONCE to Fisherman’s Wharf, you have seen enough. It’s nothing but one big, tacky t-shirt shop. The Sears Tower, the Lincoln Memorial, the Empire State Building; they are national icons. Fisherman’s Wharf is not even a vestigial image of what it was originally: a wharf for fishermen.

  904. Oh, one point – I grew up in San Francisco, yet don’t recall anyone saying anything negative about New York. Now, LA… there’s the rivalry! When my SF friends learned I was moving to LA, you would have thought I told them I was going to move in with a cult.

  905. Okay, I have another point –

    Back when I was growing up in SF, in the areas I lived in – the Richmond and near SF State – there were all races living side by side. It wasn’t until the 80s, due to the beginning of the dot.com boom, when yuppies in khakis started taking all the apartments and parking places.

    It was a great place to grow up.

  906. on April 14, 2008 at 3:03 pm vessalamonti

    THANKS, Dave!

  907. on April 14, 2008 at 3:04 pm vessalamonti

    Does that mean that you are…..Korean?

  908. on April 14, 2008 at 3:06 pm vessalamonti

    I hate the “Cali” thing, too. And there was never really a good Neopolitan pizza in SF. Somebody please point me there.

  909. on April 14, 2008 at 3:08 pm vessalamonti


  910. on April 14, 2008 at 3:09 pm vessalamonti

    forget it, Zorba darling. The traffic in LA is HELL.

  911. on April 14, 2008 at 3:10 pm vessalamonti

    I just don’t get the whole wigger thing.

  912. on April 14, 2008 at 3:11 pm vessalamonti

    It’s only “THE” (insert name of highway here) in Southern California. Anyone know the origin of this strange terminology?

  913. on April 14, 2008 at 3:13 pm vessalamonti

    I’m just wondering why it has to be a competition? Be where you are. Like or dislike where you are.

  914. on April 14, 2008 at 3:14 pm vessalamonti

    Build up those thighs!

  915. on April 14, 2008 at 3:17 pm vessalamonti

    Chestnut and Union Streets are like a giant outdoor suburban mall. They do not epitomize the entire flavor of the city, just as East LA doesn’t epitomize LA, Pill Hill doesn’t epitomize Seattle, and Madison Avenue doesn’t epitomize NYC. Snore.

  916. on April 14, 2008 at 3:17 pm vessalamonti

    You will never be able to EAT again.

  917. on April 14, 2008 at 3:19 pm vessalamonti

    Dinner parties: too much work. Wine: what’s wrong with that?

  918. on April 14, 2008 at 3:19 pm vessalamonti

    Welcome to the real world.

  919. on April 14, 2008 at 3:25 pm vessalamonti

    I just don’t know where this “San Francisco is GAY, GAY, GAY” thing comes from. Geez! There are gay people everywhere! I guess they’re just not telling YOU. SF attracts smart and talented people; many of them are women. If you think that being smart and talented and hard-working are negative qualities in the babes you’re hunting for, then go elsewhere. If you’re looking for dumb, hunt in other forests.

  920. on April 14, 2008 at 3:30 pm vessalamonti

    Not dead; always changing. Pay attention, everyone. Venture out of your little cocoon. Not irrelevant, either; otherwise where would all this discussion (and vitriol) come from? Never over. Always changing. Go back and start again.

  921. on April 14, 2008 at 3:32 pm vessalamonti

    Make it habenero (foodie reference! Two points!)

  922. What about boogers? Whitey likes ’em

  923. on April 14, 2008 at 5:29 pm vessalamonti

    Well, golly gee whiz, there are no Piggly Wigglys whatsoever in Ohio. None. Plus, what are you doing listening to the radio? Haven’t you ever heard of Mind Control?

  924. on April 14, 2008 at 5:36 pm jeanne-Marie

    Yes, a jew is considered white provided he is from a etnic group that would be consodered white: Russian/German/Spanish etc. However, of he was a black Moroccan jew then he would be black.

  925. on April 14, 2008 at 5:43 pm jeanne-Marie


    What a great name– are you from Scotland? Yes, I have lived in London, Paris and in Italy and the racism there is more concealed but actually more acute. Thanks for an International pespective.

  926. on April 14, 2008 at 5:50 pm jeanne-Marie

    There are plenty of Black people in SF. MOst of the diversity is Asian but I still find it to be the most open minded city with respect to sexual orientation. GO to Gay pride and Folsom Fair-plenty of people of color.

    San Francisco, to me, has always been a city in the real sense that existed before the post WW2 sprawl in the USA. L.A is a nightmare-can yureally walk anywhere or rely on public transit? WHen I visit SF and go to NOrth Beach, I love the vibe. Go to the tenderloin and you’ll find your diversity. However, withstudios being $1600-2000/month the porrer elements have been priced out. In San JOse, CA you’ll pay 50-60% less for housing.

  927. on April 14, 2008 at 5:51 pm jeanne-Marie

    Yes, this blog is more about a lifestyle than what ethnic group you hail from

  928. on April 14, 2008 at 5:54 pm vessalamonti

    Thanks for this comment. I love NY too. What’s not to like, as they say? Why continually compare two such disparate cities? Talk about beating a dead horse and the buggy it drove in on. Apples? Oranges? Watermelons?

  929. on April 14, 2008 at 5:55 pm vessalamonti

    Nah, it means they speak a different language than y’all do.

  930. on April 14, 2008 at 5:59 pm vessalamonti

    Just sit in that Barcalounger and do a little “heiling” at commercial time. It’s so easy.

  931. on April 14, 2008 at 6:02 pm jeanne-Marie

    Property values have actually ( I’m a Realtor, but not in the Bay Area)increased in many areas of the City. For example, recently in Twin Peaks- an area with astounding Bay views, a recent “fixer” hit the market at 3 million. In less than a week, 5 offers came in and the home sold for 1.7 million dollars more than the asking price.

    Again, Palo ALto’s prices have not suffered either. From my point of view, SAn Francisco Bay area is one of the most livable- and expensive- areas to live. Being a liberal and enjoying diverse conversations it would be difficult for me to live in most areas of the USA. Our area features- next to MASS.- some of the finest Universitie sin the World- Stanford, Berkeley are home to many nobel prize winners.

    Te things that I miss in Sf- I studied there in the 1970’s- is the freaky bohemian cast that existed there in the free thinking/loving 70’s. The Haight wasn’t a fashio center- it was a real livign , breathing area. However, I probably can make statents re Paris, NYC with respect to the 1970’s too.

  932. on April 14, 2008 at 6:02 pm vessalamonti

    Shut it.

  933. on April 14, 2008 at 6:05 pm vessalamonti

    yep. Yep. YEP.

  934. on April 14, 2008 at 6:05 pm jeanne-Marie

    Its Good.

  935. on April 14, 2008 at 6:08 pm vessalamonti

    Well, you left out Old English 800. And dominoes is a blast and a half.

  936. on April 14, 2008 at 6:09 pm vessalamonti

    When’s Cargill going to get his own talk show on the Fox Network? The world is missing out on that star power.

  937. on April 14, 2008 at 6:17 pm jeanne-Marie

    I think if we base a culture on “American Idol” then I would agree with you. Actually I lied in LA longer than I lived in SF. Personally, for me, the dating scene was great-so many men! However, its challenging to find a intellectual core that you can find in San Francisco,NYC,Paris.

    I could livein LA and NYC if my career called me. However, cities like ROme, Florence, Paris and even SF call me. That’s the differece.

  938. on April 14, 2008 at 6:21 pm vessalamonti

    Oh, Cargill. Take a pill, already.

  939. on April 14, 2008 at 6:28 pm jeanne-Marie

    Thanks. My mom always called it “The City”.

  940. on April 14, 2008 at 6:31 pm vessalamonti

    Why does Cargill insist on capitalizing “Whites”?

  941. on April 14, 2008 at 6:36 pm jeanne-Marie

    Probably has more to do with the Republican evangelism that has infested your state,

  942. on April 14, 2008 at 6:36 pm vessalamonti

    Patience, Grasshopper.

  943. on April 14, 2008 at 6:42 pm vessalamonti


  944. on April 14, 2008 at 6:45 pm vessalamonti

    Thank you for that one.

  945. on April 14, 2008 at 6:47 pm vessalamonti

    But wait until you see the topless girl with the towel bar through her nipples and freshly pressed tea towel hanging there. What fun!

  946. on April 14, 2008 at 6:48 pm vessalamonti

    Cargill, sweetie, did you take that pill yet?

  947. on April 14, 2008 at 6:51 pm vessalamonti

    Alert the media.

  948. on April 14, 2008 at 6:52 pm vessalamonti

    It’s clear why you’re hiding behind your “name”.

  949. on April 14, 2008 at 6:54 pm jeanne-Marie

    Kristin, Yosemiteis NOrthern California.

  950. on April 14, 2008 at 6:55 pm vessalamonti

    You and she walked from the Mission to Bernal Heights in Teva sandals? Ouch!

  951. on April 14, 2008 at 6:56 pm vessalamonti

    Get a horse.

  952. on April 14, 2008 at 6:59 pm vessalamonti

    Thanks, Frank. You are my new God.

  953. on April 14, 2008 at 7:06 pm vessalamonti

    SC, have you met Cargill?

  954. on April 14, 2008 at 7:08 pm vessalamonti

    Nobody in the world likes mimes. Except for those people visiting Fisherman’s Wharf, that is.

  955. but I hate San Francisco
    not all white people are liberals you know

  956. Wow. So “hating on San Diego’s Latinos” is something else white people like? Not cool, Christian. Not cool at all.


  957. LA doesn’t hate San Francisco, they don’t care enough about San Frnacisco to hate it.

  958. Question:
    Is there a more disgusting place on earth than Orange County??
    Please let me know that I am not alone.

  959. San Francisco has some really good modern dance companies. I’m from LA and sometimes i forget that SF is up north. I normally hear people go up there for business trips….

  960. “Satire (n.) – An obsolete kind of literary composition in which the vices and follies of the author’s enemies were expounded with imperfect tenderness. In this country satire never had more than a sickly and uncertain existence, for the soul of it is wit, wherein we are dolefully deficient, the humor that we mistake for it, like all humor, being tolerant and sympathetic. Moreover, although Americans are ‘endowed by their Creator’ with abundant vice and folly, it is not generally known that these are reprehensible qualities, wherefore the satirist is popularly regarded as a sour-spirited knave, and his every victim’s outcry for codefendants evokes a national assent.” [Ambrose Bierce]

  961. on April 16, 2008 at 2:27 pm David Beckham

    I hate bloody L.A.
    Please take me to San Francisco!

  962. Just an FYI: Massachusetts allows gay marriage and has a black governor.

  963. on April 16, 2008 at 8:30 pm caucasianpersuasion

    Jews are a “nationality”. Look it up and ruminate.

  964. And after the dust settles, only happyjack remains.

    With the Stuff White People Like blog officially slain, it’s time for me to move on to more challenging prey. Perhaps I’ll meet some of you on my next target.

    Stuff White People Like died on April 17th, 2008. RIP.

  965. Not true, HAPPYASS!

  966. Why can’t government be a verb?

    I will government you if you continue the behavior. or When I government I fell amazing, like a fresh nicely smelling breeze!

    that is really all I have.

  967. i’m a jew. if jews are middle eastern and non-white, then i guess i’m not white, and therefore all jews are non-white. but — who says all jews are middle eastern or that all middle eastern people are non-white?

  968. Wow… how many posts here involve some type of bragging? Take (please) SFWhiteDood, for example. How long did it take him to say “elite colleges?”

    Oh, and many coastals have shown themselves to be victims of advertising. They seem to believe that Chicago (in “the bible belt”) has three stoplights and a few grain silos.

  969. Bronze, you are a wonder of logic and enlightenment.

    Seriously, your post contains no original thought. It is based entirely on stereotypes.

  970. u eveer been to grubstke on pin its open till like 4 am

  971. Stuff White People Like #97: Bickering about which city is “best.”


  972. Oakland should be called the City and SF called West Bay

  973. yeah. skip the burn. its way over crowded.
    totally sucks anyway. just a bunch of old naked hippies running around worshipping satan.

  974. hahahaha. or humboldt. or the sierra nevadas. i hate to break it to ya’ll but theres plenty of black and latino people in SF.

  975. on April 23, 2008 at 6:32 pm I left Frisco

    It’s fun to say Frisco when you move away from it, though.

  976. Really? I’d like to know where. Seriously. I’m black and visited San Francisco last month and wondered to myself the entire time, “Where are all the black people?”

  977. That was the most hilarious and accurate thing I have ever read. Berkeley students really do act like that.

  978. White people don’t like Calling It Frisco, but we’re changing that. Callitfrisco dot com!

  979. Very clever and entertaining. However, you should note that white people in San Francisco are a minority (look at the statistics – I’m not making this up). The largest ethnic group in SF consists of asians – particularly Chinese. Perhaps you should put SF on your list of things the Chinese like.

  980. There most of the blacks are in jail not in neighborhoods

  981. on April 27, 2008 at 4:36 pm Mulato Burner

    The green, blue, red, yellow and orange people that I usually see at burning man also think that there are too many white people… oh well what can you do…?

    Just a note I’m mixed and at burning man color really doesn’t matter.

  982. The term ‘burner’ also applies to individuals who participate in regional burns (events that are more like the original burning man – smaller, more intimate, more community-centered). Regional burns give the feel of community, sparticipation and radical self-reliance that burning man embodied, without so many frat boy gawkers that ravage the original event. Texas held the first regional burn, Burning Flipside.

  983. on April 28, 2008 at 12:35 pm KaczynskiRocks

    The thing about San Francisco is just how horribly it sucks. I mean, this town really blows chunks and sucks the money out of your pocket at the same time. Maybe a lot of white people like this crappy town, but not me. I’d like to see it razed to the ground. The only town with more freaks is New York. Yep, there sure are two California’s: and San Francisco can be lumped right in with L.A. The good California is northern California with the exceptions of San Trannycisco and Burkalee. Those two crap holes could slide right into the ocean for all I care. I wouldn’t worry about losing some Chinese either, there’s plenty more where they came from. Hopefully Woody Harrelson will be in town when a good sized earthquake hits San Freakcisco and a large safe falls from a building onto his freakish head as the whole pig sty burns to the ground.

  984. on April 28, 2008 at 12:45 pm KaczynskiRocks

    It’s a good thing whites are a minority in Weird Town; this means many whites are finally getting a clue and leaving the Capital of Cornholio. Aren’t they marrying whales and people down there now? Man, that’s one town begging for God’s Wrath. Let the chinks have it. Who cares what they like?

  985. I’m half-white, and I’ve never been to San Francisco. I must correct this shortcoming by planning a trip there. But oh those plane ticket prices!

  986. Will somebody please tell me exactly is so wrong about jealousy? I never understand why so many people use that as a comeback – that is, they say things like “uhhh, you’re not jealous, are you?”

    If there wasn’t jealousy, people wouldn’t be motivated to go out there and make something of themselves, build empires, etc. – basically do things to get the things that other people have and that they themselves covet and want.

    I am worried somethimes when people were not jealous. That is, when a young, capable person is not jealous – many times they also are not motivated – and to an extent, are wasting some of the best years of their life. If you are old and retired, fine, whatever.

    Of course, if you already have all the stuff that everyone else wants and you aren’t jealous – enjoy it while it lasts – but be aware that your account balance on all the good stuff you have will constantly be dwindling – so you better get back to being jealous of something real soon and get out there and start working, building, acquiring again before you use up all that you have in stock.

  987. I haven’t seen white folks popping their collars since the 1980’s – and I grew up in a very preppy town.

  988. That is so funny – I love your comments.

  989. Very funny comment. Reminds me of how some white folks will go visit some place like Mexico City – come back and say stuff llike – Mexico City would be a really great city… if there just weren’t so many Mexicans livivng there!

  990. Did you know the HIPSTER invented paper?


  991. San Francisco is wonderful for many reasons, the least of which are the white people. White people in the Bay Area have a black person inferiority complex that dominates most aspects of their lives. Asians are a hot commodity due to the sexual appetite of white males (most of whom prefer the women but many love the Asian boys as well). Politically San Francisco is as tired as worn out bike tires from the 1970s. Meth addiction is a big problem in the city, many a sign plaster big warnings with shirtless white males “Have Great Sex, Without Meth.” Many of the “great” San Francisco traditions is the Fulsom Street Fair which basically permits gay sex on the street viewable by children. The Mayor is a handsome alcoholic who has bribed city employees so that the city is now hundreds of millions in debt. Barry Bonds the great S.F. Giants baseball player claim to fame is well, steroids. Public transportation is generally okay however the risk of thugs, crusty homeless people assault on the human nose, and uncaring bus operators are city hallmarks. Most of the black people you “meet” in San Fran will ask you for money within five seconds of seeing you. Wonderful San Francisco.

    For Revolution,

  992. Good idea… seems like everybody I know, (which is mostly white people) has either gone to Burning Man and won’t shut up about how transcendent an experience it is or is planning on going “this year”.


    White people love: http://whatiwatchedlastnight.blogspot.com

  993. on May 1, 2008 at 1:52 pm THIS IS JUST STUPID

    So, I am little confused here….these blogs kind of disturb me. I mean seriously everyone and I mean every black person out there claims that we (non-african americans) are so freaking racist and all this shit but, low and behold there is a freaking blog about white people and what we like and how we always were scarfs…that, this is just stupid. I say we get us a WHITE Jesse Jackson to start ranting and raving all over the country like someone gives a rats ass about how we are discriminated and we need MORE welfare money so we can continue to sit on our asses and live off of the government…yea and I said government. I say everybody needs to shut the fuck up about what color you because no one really cares, get a job, and pay your own freaking bills…or how about this one, Stop having so many damn kids so you can use them as a tax write off.
    Oh, and I bet you can’t guess…I am white, I do not drive a volvo, or own a pair of New Balance shoes…this is stupid. Grow up!!!

    White Girl

  994. okay…this may come as a surprise to you……

    this blog is meant primarily to entertain its readers..

    “EVERY black person out there claims that we are so freaking racist…”
    wow! funny, i know lots of black people who don’t walk around all day calling white people racist.

  995. it looks like the picture to this post has white people dancing. ok, there are a lot of these smaller shows going on in san francisco..esp. in the mission..so, if the white people dancing are also in a show, all i can say is, “amazing!!”

  996. the more you talk about something the worse you make it. i red heads are the real minority, lets talk about that. we make up 2% of the WORLDS population. i just want everyone to shut up.

  997. on May 5, 2008 at 6:37 pm MonsterDog

    I believe very strongly that San Francisco should be the test bed for any “new and improved” nuclear weapons that may need testing. The sooner an earthquake or tsunami levels that stinking bastion of left-wing idiocy (Moscow under Stalin was more right-wing reactionary than San Fran under Gavin Newsom), the better.

  998. wow so stuffwhitepeoplelike.org really did sell out. i came back to this post to show my friend that funny statement about how real people from san francisco dont consider the marina or north beach part of it, and somehow it has been removed…. guess when you sell out you lose your artistic freedom. way to fail, i used to like this blog but now realizing that someone else is influencing what is being written, it has lost its novelty. maybe the next post should be about how white people love to sell out

  999. on May 12, 2008 at 9:01 am John harrow

    doesnt anyone else notice that these arent that funny?

  1000. on May 14, 2008 at 9:17 am Saint Facetious

    The real facts are that Jews are a race, they’re part of the Semitic family. Hence the word for hating Jews is “anti-Semitic”, rather than “anti-Jewish”. Also in the Semitic family are Arabs and Druze, amongst others. Most American and European Jews have long dilated bloodlines however, and are pretty much white (except by Nazi standards). Jewish bloodlines follow matrilineal heritage. If you’re mom’s a Jew, then so are you.

  1001. on May 14, 2008 at 9:19 am Saint Facetious

    I don’t have blonde hair or blue eyes, I’m Jewish, and you’d probably call me whitie if you saw me on the street. Jews aren’t black, we’re Semitic. The world ain’t that simple, banshee.

  1002. on May 14, 2008 at 9:29 am Saint Facetious

    Market Street. Just farther away from the water. They don’t like all the whites that congregate near the water.

  1003. This is sooooo true! I am a white person from Southern California, and every other person at my school is from Nor Cal or San Fran and they are so fucking proud of San Francisco and the Bay Area and they have to tell me how much better it is than LA or So Cal. If it’s sooo much better, then why didn’t you go to Berkeley? Why did you come to school in San Diego? I get so sick of it sometimes! I honestly think they hate So Cal so much is the over abundance of Hispanics that we have. White people from San Fran do not appreciate Hispanics. And I think the San Francisco Giants represent everything evil in this world.

    But I do like hyphy music. I’m sorry. I like watching them dance, and I feel it gives me free reign to act like a fool when I dance and drink.

  1004. I am a gay Jewish white guy. White people are odd, but what this site doesn’t mention is how whites and people who are not white are buddies in their generalized hatred for the homos. Actually, it’s strange to me how people who bear the most of society’s prejudice often are the most outspoken in hating “the faggots”. What’s that about?

    As a gay, this really pisses me off. If I wasn’t gay, I’d be like “oh shit, whites suck, I suck.” And that is true, but I have also born the brunt of homophobia and let me tell you there is a multi-racial coalition of accepted hate for the gays. (NOT as much in SF.) That’s why I live here. Funny how this site didn’t mention THAT aspect.
    Try holding hands with your boyfriend if you are a guy anywhere else in the country!

    I was reading an article about Albert Einstein in which he, a jew, mentions that he didn’t think the jews were the chosen people, he just thought they were regular people who we just as capable of causing societal cancers, they just historically hadn’t had the power to do so.

  1005. As a non-white SF native, with many white SF transplants for friends, I have to say that I loved this article.

  1006. on May 20, 2008 at 3:13 pm Crocker Amazonian

    Ok – here’s the deal on San Francisco. I can see how it’s very true that “Frisco”, to the outsider, looks almost 100% honky. That’s probably because most of the neighborhoods that are heavily touristed here are totally white – with the exception of Chinatown, obviously. But, if you head south, you’ll find a different city altogether – in Bayview/Hunters Point, Portola, Visitacion Valley, The Excelsior, Ingleside, Crocker Amazon, Ocean View, and the Outer Mission it will be harder to spot whitey. In fact, in these neighborhoods, which actually make up a very sizable portion of San Francisco, whitey is definitely in the minority. And the honky’s that you do see are often old-school SF natives or working class (definitely NOT the strain of whites that this site is so focused on). Some of these neighborhoods have been going through a small degree of gentrification in the recent past, but still remain largely white free.

    The white population in the more northern parts of the city remain largely ignorant of these “outlying” areas – even the more “down” of the Mission hipster set has probably never ventured out on Mission Street south of the 280 freeway overpass (only about a mile from where they congregate en masse). In fact, to many of these whites, the southern side of the city isn’t even thought of as San Francisco at all.

    Full disclosure – I’m a honky living in one of these “no-go” areas (Crocker Amazon), so I can tell you all of this from my everyday experience. My ‘hood is mostly Chinese\Latino\Philippino with a smattering of black, and a few working class whites – not to mention the odd honky gentrifier here and there (the group with which I’d probably be lumped). I’ve actually had white acquaintances ask me how often I get back into “The City” – you see, the “white” mind just can’t get it’s head around a part of “The City” were they are a minority. In fact, they just erase all ideas completely.

    So, hallelujah – in fact, yes – there actually are still non-white, non-gentrified parts of San Francisco. They are defiantly off of the white SFer’s radar, but they do exist. Now, if we could just get a Peet’s put in on the Mission\Geneva intersection I wouldn’t feel so isolated down here…

  1007. on May 20, 2008 at 3:43 pm Crocker Amazonian

    Hmmm – “the other neighborhood” AKA The Western Addition is smack dab in the land of whitey, actually. It does have a sizable low income housing development (mostly non-white, yes), but The Western Addition, Lower Haight and Fillmore areas have all been pretty much white-washed by now. Just look at the property prices in the area and you’ll know that whitey is there to stay. A housing project or two does not equal a non-honky neighborhood, per se. Just look at Potrero Hill for another example of this – 7 figure “cottages” on one side of the hill (whitey), and public housing on the other side (non-whitey).

    Since you are a blue eyed a rosy cheeked SF resident I can understand your lack of knowledge of the many other (mostly) non-whitey areas of “The City”, and at least you got BayView/Hunters Point right, but there’s also Visitacion Valley, Excelsior, Outer Mission, Ingleside, Ocean View, Crocker Amazon, and chunks of the southern Sunset as well. These areas are mostly Latino\Philippino\Chinese\Pacific Islander (AKA non-whitey). Remember – black ain’t the only non-whitey.

  1008. on May 21, 2008 at 11:58 pm SFKevinJames

    Don’t call it San Fran.

  1009. on May 23, 2008 at 12:51 pm ginger killer

    gingers are the worst! lets not even talk about them

  1010. on May 24, 2008 at 6:48 pm Grand Zionist Conspiracy

    OK, here’s how it works.

    White people think Jews are white. Black people think Jews are bastard whites. Assimilated Jews get fooled into thinking they’re white, but real Jews *KNOW* we’re not white and only pretend to act a little white so you white folks will tolerate us instead of thinking of us as “Arabs who don’t bomb things”.

  1011. Another very White thing: reading this blog and then writing an indignant replay explaining how some sentence in the post doesn’t apply to yourself. People, lighten up.

  1012. San Francisco is where alot of my family was born.. it’s changed alot in the last 10 years and we do have all kinds of white people from back east and the midwest that just need to live in the city.

    I don’t agree that San Franciscans have an inferiority complex about NY city.. i’ve been to NYC and it definitely has it’s own character and charm, but I wouldn’t want to live there, but would go visit as much as I could. It’s fun, but then San Francisco like NY always has something going on… theatre, sports, beaches, sailing, shopping, street fairs.

    I like Richmond btw, I lived there for alot of years, but there is alot of violence there and Oakland and in the city too.. who would want to live in that unless they had to?

  1013. To this poster who asked:

    trailer dogg on March 29, 2008 at 5:42 pm
    I might look like a tangent, but I’m just a tourist that knows how to live on $5 a day. I still always carries $200 in my wallet just in case when the police are out rounding up tangents.

    But that’s besides my point. I just wanted to ask somebody if a Jew is considered white here in Frisco? I don’t hardly see a Jew where I come from, much less know any as a friends.

    Yes Jews are considered white.. what else could they be? They look lilly white to me.

  1014. san francisco is the most racially diverse and open-minded city in california. I am from there and moved to san diego a couple months ago. There are soo many other races in san francisco and everyone is proud enough to be open about their cultures. LA is a bunch of fake ass materialistic people that care about being famous. SD is probably the only place in so-cal that is decent to live in.

    The reason why white people like SF, is all the best restaurants, active nightlife, and tons of tourist activities. It has something for everyone. There is a reason why real estate is most expensive in SF, it is because everyone WANTS to live there. I plan on definately moving back there.

  1015. I have too much spare time like other white people so I looked up the demographic category for Middle Eastern people. According to US Census standards, they are categorized as “white”, therefore Jews are “white” too even if they are considered Middle Eastern.

  1016. on May 30, 2008 at 2:41 pm Captain Obvious

    The only time I like seeing San Francisco is when I’m watching old Dirty Harry movies. Or Bullitt. Otherwise, the place is a cesspool of hippies trying to justify their stupidity and junkies defecating anywhere they like. Just make sure Pelosi and Newsom are there for the nuclear bomb testing.

  1017. on May 31, 2008 at 7:44 pm Miss American Pie

    Wow. Did human history begin when Europeans became dominant? Did great civilizations with great cultures, multilingual people, music, literature, art, science, mathematics, medicine, law and good government not exist while much of Europe was, by comparison, barbarous and primitive, that is, before it learned to wage war, destroy other cultures, commit genocide and enslave the world for its resources?

    If you’ll look up the definition of rock and roll you’ll find that it is a music form derived directly from blues, gospel, jazz, country music and rhythm and blues. You can hear all of these in the music of Elvis, the Stones and the Beatles. John Lennon learned to sing rock and roll from Little Richard, who tutored him. Elvis seems to have picked up a lot of great moves from Sam Cook. News while it’s news: Eric Clapton didn’t write “Crossroads.” Look up Robert Johnson and listen to where Clapton’s blues licks came from. He’ll be the first one to tell you. American rock music–and our culture== is not white people’s music. It’s American. That’s all of us, big guy.

    Uh, and this blog is probably written by a person who understands irony and can laugh at him or herself. I don’t know what color they are. chill out, Eric, it’s irony. Do some reading, or something.

  1018. The right wing loves to bash SF, but my question is where else would you rather live if you could afford it?

  1019. If you worked for a multi-national corporation and got assigned to San Francisco, you fought like hell not to get transferred out. It is truly one of the best places in the world to live and work. Live and let live is its motto. If you’re a tight a– you won’t like it.

  1020. I always believed that if any one thing was truly superior to another, it wouldn’t have to waste its time and energy trying to prove it to the other all the time without first being provoked to do so…

    I’m looking at you, SF.

  1021. I grew up in SF and we call it Frisco. It might be the older generation that doesn’t like that term, probably because Herb Caen did a column way back when called “Don’t Call it Frisco.”

    But white people in SF are pretty cool, I can’t lie, except the recent transplants who are brave enough to venture up from San Jose and Marin. They’re usually douches.

    White people love to go hyphy in smaller towns, but are afraid to do it in Oakland or SF for fear of doing it wrong. Great picture!

    (Stop the Gentrification of Mission, SOMA, and 3rd Street!)

  1022. I am so far superior to you its not even funny. I mean I guess its kinda funny in the sense that ur a pompous little bitch who talks down about people who are pompous.. “Oh I’ve lived in soooooo many places… Look at the big brain on me, cuz I have precious insight that without, you would just be ignorant.” Maybe if you had spent more time in S.F. your nuts wouldn’t have outgrown their sack……… YOU BZ!!!

  1023. L.A. doesn’t hate San Francisco, they don’t care enough about San Francisco to hate it.

    Whites hate L.A. for the fact that the white people in L.A. are REAL about what mostly all white upper-mobile Americans are obsessed with: money, APPEARANCE, privilege, classism, consumerism as identity, property, ownership and Appeal (be it social, architectural, cultural or otherwise).

    L.A. unapologetically flaunts these things whereas San Fran people (and other US whites who TRY SO HARD to escape their pasts in the suburbs) try to disavow it, although they operate those same values in different ways. The “hate” is a method of distancing when in reality American whites have the same core values that LA doesn’t hide.

  1024. As a white person, I would like to say that I am disgusted and offended with the following statement:

    “The presence of gays and Asians is imperative as it two provides two of the key resources most necessary for white success and happines.”

    True, these are the keys for white success and happiness, but your grammar is incorrect and therefore offensive. I nearly tossed my computer out the window.

    You should have written “too” instead of “two” in the first instance.

    This may not be the New Yorker, but invitations to my celebratory party are already in the mail.

  1025. on June 13, 2008 at 12:30 am greencarnation

    That should have been “don’t hate the playa”…then you would have had a nice little pun 😉

  1026. on June 13, 2008 at 5:37 am CHECK YOSELF

    whoa whoa whoa. i think you are forgetting the vast populations of jews of color. jews in india and jews in africa that have existed for hundreds and hundreds of generations. in fact, these jewish communities are some of the oldest jewish communities in the world. they were never affected by the holocaust because they are seen by their RACE and skin color first before the fact that they are jewish.
    so yes, american, european and middle eastern jews are white, because they’re certainly not brown and they’re certainly not black. and they have not been treated, or forgotten, in the same way that the brown and black jews have been.

    and what’s the point of american or middle eastern jews trying to claim that they’re not white?? are they trying to shed their white privilege and morph their identity..? because that’s something only a white person could do anyway….

  1027. It’s funny. I grew up in Whalley, a very sketchy white neighborhood in Canada. I listened to rap music and used to think “My neighborhood is bad enough. The hood must be like a Mad Max movie or something.” Now that I’ve moved to West Oakland I realize that I was living in the hood all along. The only difference is that my last neighborhood was mostly white and illegal drug use was a LOT more common there than it is here.

    I’m sure there’s a lot of white communities in the US that are like the one I came from. Maybe you should add one to your list.

  1028. There used to be two predominantly black neighborhoods in the city, Bayview and Fillmore. The Fillmore became mostly gentrifed, but the Bayview has a very large black population, and do parts of Visitation Valley. Many blacks moved out to the suburbs or to other parts of SF. San Francisco is getting so expensive to live in that it is in danger to becoming “Manhattanized” where only the uber-rich can afford to live. The other danger is San Francisco becoming an adult Disneyland with only tourism as its main business. Still it is one of the five real cities in the United States besides New York, Boston, Chicago, and New Orleans.

  1029. You are a moron. SF more diverse than LA? Pull you head out of your ass. LA is a massive city filled with far more diversity than provincial SF. You would think that LA is nothing but “fake-ass materialistic people who want to be famous.”

    Not from either, spent time in both, would live in neither, but LA is a far more interesting and vital place.

  1030. Cripes I’m white, I went down to post immediately upon seeing the misused ‘TWO…. blasphemy!!!

    Other then that, the irony is that the ‘diversity’ so championed verbally by SF’rs, is a bunch of extreme liberals doing everything possible to make sure others believe only one set of ideas one possible way-THEIRS. Its as ‘diverse’ as a bunch of goths. They clutter the available TV and press time so much you are completely surprised to find ‘normal’, fully developed humans actually living there amongst the liberal zombies.

  1031. I was going to come down on this article, since I know many black and Asian people who like San Francisco, but you already have that covered. But I do still have two standing arguments. First, I also have Middle Eastern friends who like San Francisco, ooh.

    Second, now that I live in the South, the presence of gays and Asians would in fact deter many white people here from San Francisco. Actually, I’ve noticed that while most articles on your site hold true for many white people from the west coast, myself included, most of them have no bearing on white southerners.

  1032. The site does apply mostly to white atypically liberal elitists that are championed by vast majority in the MSM and in all ‘vogue’ publications for the ideal style of living whites are portrayed to wish to achieve. This iteration of ‘white people’ is satirically targeted as a stereotype, much as ‘black humor’ is vastly centered around urban stereotypes. It’s completely intentional. It does ingeniously trigger some whites to become offended by the stereotypes portrayed.

    Of course, that too is covered.

  1033. I also humbly apologize in advance for the run-on sentence…

  1034. “The City of San Francisco has a very multicultural population that ranges from white to gay to Asian.”
    Genius – keep up the good work.

    P.S. white people LOVE grammar too (two).

  1035. on June 29, 2008 at 10:50 pm hotchocolate

    thank you hooker.. I see them EVERYWHERE and I’ve been mugged by them.

  1036. San Fran is a great city lots of gays that’s ok they keep property values high, I BELIEVE we should respect all people and races, go to: http://www.revoint.com lets try something new.

  1037. So THAT is what happens to a metro area when they don’t try to hide all those things you speak of. Thank god the rest of us have the wisdom to at least curb our baser instincts, or the rest of the country would look like LA!

  1038. i understand how you feel, but remember this is about yuppie white people not southerners or working class white people

  1039. well if you can name another city with less then 1million people that is as diverse i will be surprised, maybe oakland but thats about it man

  1040. I TOTALY UNDERSTANS THIS ONE. im from oakland and everytime i go to san francisco and i see people i know all they do is talk about things associated with hyphy culture its kinda annoying

  1041. I don’t even understand this hyphy shit anymore. I’m from the peninsula.

    “We rep the bay, we don’t rep california”

    -Muscle Cars

    Then I go to college and everyone from the east bay insists that everybody outside of Oakland is a pussy and inherently not hyphy.

    On a scale of 1 to 10, how hyphy are people from my region? And does anyone know which section of the library has a hyphy handbook?

  1042. Actually, Sacramento is statistically the “most diverse” city in California, not San Francisco.

  1043. Your comment is kind of true but I feel like this site has almost morphed into “Stuff hipsters like” which is true for many of the topics…some more than others, perhaps, though it is a healthy mix of the two (hipster and yuppie, liberal white).

  1044. This cracked me up as I’m trying to relocated to the Bay Area, though I have no idea what hyphy culture is. And I missed this often mentioned “two/too” grammar thing. But I’m the science geek sort of white, I’m sure I have a grammar or spelling issue in this response. This site is fantastic.

  1045. I was born and raised here. How could I not love my Hometown? That’s all it is for me, by the way.

  1046. i love how the ad on this page is “euroasian.com – the international asian dating site!”

    another thing white people like: dating asian girls

  1047. san francisco beats nyc in alot of ways…

    1. largest number of chinese
    2. largest number of homeless
    3. largest number of gays
    4. largest number of people who talk to themselves outloud
    5. largest number of people who crap their pants on public transit

  1048. 1. wrong
    2. correct
    3. wrong
    4. wrong
    5. wrong.

    One right! congratulations!

  1049. As a fellow person living in West Oakland I can honestly say that the “ghettos” of the bay area definately fall under the ghetto lite category no matter how hard everyone claims to be. The nastier areas of South Central, Watts, and East LA are way worse and I can’t begin to describe some of the shitholes I had to stay in growing up in Mexico. Now those are some ghettos.

  1050. on July 13, 2008 at 9:20 pm Calvin in LA

    ewwwww, i love when frisco claims to be “open-minded” when they reject the southern half of their own state. get over yourself, phildo.

  1051. on July 13, 2008 at 9:22 pm Calvin in LA

    LA, Chicago, or New York. easy.

  1052. “san francisco is the most… open-minded city in california.”

    “LA is a bunch of fake ass materialistic people that care about being famous.”

    how incongruous are these statements??

  1053. As a resident of San Francisco, I’m really happy we don’t have as much diversity as we claim we do. I swear if another non-english speaking dirty hispanic tries to touch my ass again, i’m going to kill him!

  1054. Wow if you only knew what Marin was like. Every one of these posts hits the nail on the head. And I live there, dose that make me “White”

  1055. I don’t think people in SF have a chip on their shoulder about NYC. NYC people like to think that though because NYC people are quite certain they live in the greatest city ever and feel the need to prove that to anyone and everyone despite the fact that its far from true.

    I grew up in SF, moved to NYC, lived there for a decade and I too fell into thinking that I’d be giving up so much if I moved away. Eventually though, work brought me back to SF and I am so much happier and haven’t missed NYC once in the three years since I left. Eventually I convinced my best friend to move to SF as well. He’s been here a year and has never been happier.

    We do everything we used to do in NYC, but now also go to the beach, hike in the redwoods, go sailing on the bay, etc.

    The main disadvantage to SF is you can’t stay out drinking as late (legally). Since all you can do in NYC is drink excessively, NYC’ers often feel this is a deal breaker.

    Oh, and as guys, we’ve found the girls here to be amazingly awesome, sweet, friendly, and nice. Although, it was easier to get laid in NYC (see excessive drinking above).

    I’d also say NYC has better fashion, but I think that I’ve just found a lot more things to care about than clothes. Its amazing what interests pop up when you aren’t forced to live in a place with terribly hot and humid summers, endlessly rainy springs, and freezing snowy winters. There’s actually a whole world outside of apartments, bars, restaurants, and stores!

  1056. Ive come on this to the conclusion that the reason white people like all of the shit on this website is the following:
    If you got it like that why not experience more with your life.
    Shit I golf, snowboard, rockclimb, mountain bike, live in manhattan, drive a fat asS bmw suv, fuck asian women, have plenty of black friends, got sweaters and motherfuckin t-shirts that I’LL wear on a plane to San FraCisco if I damn well fell like it. Shit Ill Even invite my lawyer to my beach house on a sunday for coffee maybe some tea while we read the fuckin New York Times. Yes the Liberal rag that sweats Barack Obama. After that we will indulge in some microbrews on my vintage sail boat.

    When I get Bored ill travel the fuck where I want probably to snowboard somewhere usually Utah the whitest fuckin state there is. Ill take in some wine before I watch a film at sundance while I am there.

    Just for a challenge I will go to a farmers market get some organic shit go home and order some sushi. You see I am trying to get in shape to run a fuckin marathon. After I finish the first thing I am going to do is shut of my i-pod loaded with free music, grab some bottled water and spark a fat mother fuckin spliff!!!!



  1057. That is true. Most of the White men in San Francisco do like dating Asian women but that is not a great feat. Asian women will date any White man no matter how ugly he is or how cute she might be. If you look around you can see some of the very attractive Asian women with some of the most ugly white men. Asian women do not care what he looks like. They just want a or any white man no matter what. Think about it . How many white women have you seen with Asian men? I can tell you it is very few and far between. Why is that well I think it is because in the Asian culture they are told that if you do not want an Asian man and most Asian women do not, then marry only White. So they will do anything to attract a white person. So White people do not get too cocky. They only want you for your color. Including giving it up …so take it while the getting is good.

  1058. on July 16, 2008 at 10:32 pm PazPraSempre

    What the hell does his language or race have to do with him grabbing your ass? He’s a horny man.
    Surrounding yourself by only white people is not going to solve your problem. Stupid racist bitch.

  1059. classic. has to ramble on and on about why SF is SOOOO great. just can it, please… i am so sick of this. and i live in the freakin’ bay area. it is NOT the most magical place on earth. really. definitely. it’s like all the whitefolk here have some delusion that they’re god’s chosen people or something.

  1060. NICE!

    dead-freakin’-on. i’m not white, and i grew up in LA… i live in the bay area now cos i came up here for school and man, the freakin’ holier-than-thou attitudes the whitefolk up here have about SF vs. LA…. it is so outta control. i sometimes want to tear my hair out. or rather their hair out. i now don’t sit by while people pull BS outta their asses about how SF is better than LA… i tell them for example that LA is more diverse and they’re like, NO WAY! you’re KIDDING! that’s not true! um… get your head outta your ass and check out the census. i also once had someone swear to me that LA did not have any transit, including that it did not have a subway. guess what they were white… freakin’ white people who don’t know what they’re talking about are something i have to deal with constantly.

    the south park episode where a bunch of them move to SF pretty much gets it… where every time they fart they bend over and smell it. hahahaha!!!

  1061. holy crap. all these people posting all these comments, and not a single person points out that the idea of “race” is not a scientific fact but rather a cultural/social construct!? didn’t all y’all white people get your freakin’ liberal arts educations like this website says you do?

    ok peeps. so basically the whitefolk that this website talks about is mostly WASPy white. y’all know what that means? WASP = white anglo saxon protestant. that encompasses not just “race” (white) but also religion (protestant) and region (anglo and saxon… from anglia and saxony… etc.). the folks who came over from england, mostly.

    it’s WASPy white culture that is the dominant culture here in the US. so just to say “jews are white! therefore they’re a part of the dominant culture!” is so facile, simplistic, superficial etc etc…


  1062. “the feel of community, sparticipation and radical self-reliance that burning man embodied”

    this would exactly encapsulate why it’s such a whitefolk-thing. because the rest of us colored people generally already HAVE that feeling of community (because of racism from white people in this country – we have to stick together) AND of participation/radical self-reliance (uh, we have no choice but to do the above to or else our people would get stomped out by your people).

    this, would then, encapsulate why i find white culture so irritating. they’re taking something that’s standard for others to survive, co-opting it cos they “miss” it in their own lives, since instead they get to benefit from white privilege, and then staring at their bellybuttons, getting all self-congratulatory about it, writing articles about themselves, and deciding that they’re brilliant.

  1063. ambrose bierce was a san-fran-er! a san-francisconian! a friscoite! an SFer! a san-francisciano!

    (no, i’m not white, although i realize this makes me seem like one. heh.)

  1064. oh my god! the off-site SF factory! hilarious!!

  1065. on July 17, 2008 at 7:09 am yomamasmidfielder

    im an all-american jap-amer girl from san fran (i play soccer and got a nice mix of As AND Bs in school) and i can tell you that i would not even want to be seen with any wolf-ugly white dude much less have him touch me. ugh, gross. honestly, any wolf-ugly dude, regardless of their race, will get a cold shoulder. sorry, im kind of shallow like that.

    the dorkynerdy asian girls end up with dorkynerdy white guys because well, they are dorky and nerdy. there are just as many dorkynerdy asian girl-asian guy couples. there are not as many dornkynerdy black or hispanic kids because well, maybe they are just too cool for school.

    but if ur talking about FOB asians in asia who want a one way ticket out of their country, then okay, they may not be as discriminate. but they would probably go for some creepo black dude if he was from america.

    main point: distinguish between asian-americans and fobby asians

  1066. A lot of SF is not very nice. The roads are in bad shape, the homeless sit with their bottles of urine and its citizens are rude or just indifferent. People there prentend it is diverse but that it the biggest joke ever. It would be a great place to live without the residents.

    Want to see the site of the ultimate self-important San Franciscan? Try http://www.theshanelife.com. Better than Syrup of Ipecac to induce vomiting.

  1067. Also Long Beach, but if you are from San Francisco, you probably don’t even know where Long Beach is.

  1068. I’m hardly a “self-important San Franciscan” as I actually own an apartment in New York in which I reside you fool.

    But thanks for the publicity anyway!

  1069. Shane is a self-important San Franciscan because he:

    A) has no sense of humor;

    B) passionately opposes a suicide barrier for the Golden Gate Bridge, where approximately 1,200 people have died, as a waste of money; however, it is clear that, like most San Franciscans, he opposes the barrier not because of cost or engineering problems but for aesthetic reasons;

    C) hosts a blog about himself (see http://www.theshanelife.com) where he keeps us all up-to-date on school assignments, parties attended, crucial issues of the day, the status of his stye, travels with his doctor boyfriend/benefactor (e.g., “we’ve taken a villa in Tuscany…”), in a pathetic attempt at self-validation;

    D) bothered to respond.

  1070. A) please explain how a a wall on the bridge will prevent people from killing themselves. those ~1200 people didn’t just fall off the bridge.

    B) never would have even known about shane, except for you.

    C) your little anti-shane vendetta is creepy and unhealthy.

    D) don’t ever look at twitter.com – you’ll lose your mind.

  1071. I lived in SF (Haight, NB, Marina, Noe Valley) from ’67 to ’70, then moved to Redondo Beach (LA County) and have been here ever since. I love it here.

    I like to drop into SF every now and then and hit a couple restaurants and bars, Muir Woods and the top of Mount Tam, but that’s about it. Once you’re tired of the restaurants and bars, there just isn’t that much to do.

    SF negatives, from my point of view:

    1. Population density. As of the 2000 census, there were 3,692,871 people in LA, 776,733 in SF. The area of LA is 469.1 sq mi, while that of SF is 46.7 sq mi, giving an LA density of 7,872 people per sq mi and an SF density of 16,632 people per sq mi. So the density of SF is over twice that of LA.

    2. Substandard housing. So much of the housing stock was built in the early part of the 20th century and is awfully run-down. Rattling pipes, insufficent electricity, bad insulation and soundproofing, space headers, ripply floors, waterstained ceilings. Even in the nice parts of town it has a ghetto feel.

    3. Lousy weather. Except for September and October, which can be exquisitely beautiful, most of the rest of the year is cold, foggy and rainy. Romantic to you, maybe, but to me it’s depressing.

    4. Lousy beaches. Shivering on the beach and huddling down close to the sand to stay warm is not my idea of a good time.

    In Redondo, the air is clean from the ocean breeze. I’m so spoiled that if the temp drops below 70 or exceeds 80 I start complaining. And the beaches here? Can’t beat ’em. Fun in the sun.

    I appreciate SF for what it is: a quaint little place which is nice to visit for a day or two. But for everyday living, I’ll take the coastal zone of Southern California any day.

    Oh, yes: To you San Franciscans who go bipolar when someone from LA calls it “Frisco”, you are on notice that you must from here on out call LA by its full name: El Pueblo de Nuestra Senora la Reina de Los Angeles de Porciuncula.

  1072. Wade is strangely obsessed with me but I gotta give him props for the amount of traffic he’s driven to my blog.

  1073. You’re right on all counts – LA is superior to SF in so many ways – the weather being its primary attraction – at least for me.

  1074. I live in Boulder, Colorado and moved from the bay area, the bay area is pretty freaking great compared to here, so appreciate it while you can.

  1075. Haha!…. I’m from Castle Rock CO. I find it funny and predictable that a Frisco native would move to Boulder. Boulder is like the economy version of SF. lol!!

  1076. Well, I’m sure it will because SF is loaded with hispanic criminals. They love it there.

  1077. Between love and madness, lies obsession.

  1078. I think this article is great….I lived in San Fran for a year and it’s a nice town but it is not nearly as diverse as people think.
    White, gay, and Asian isn’t diverse. Try LA, NY, and Houston for real diversity.
    The people in San Fran are also just as closed minded as their counterparts on the opposite side of the political spectrum.

  1079. Oh, this is just rich! This is hysterical.

  1080. I grew up in the bay area, moved to NYC for 10 yrs, moved back to SF. SF is not that diverse and people, not so much the general population but ‘hipster/artists’, do have a chip on shoulder about NYC. Former new yorkers love sf for the beauty but find the muni outrageously inefficient and the homeless are super crazy. Definitely NYC and LA have more going on with fashion, art, music. I feel in SF that I am really out of the loop as far as culture goes. As far as LA goes, I lived in LA and I love LA too. I just can’t live there because I don’t like to drive (acutally like many who lived in nyc and didn’t have a car for years, it’s not that I don’t like to drive, but it’s better for everyone that I don’t).

  1081. I used to live in a town full of rednecks that go around starting fights and breaking things. Couldn’t even go out for a drink without witnessing a bunch of shouting followed by a bloody fist fight.

    The nicest thing I noticed when I moved to SF is that the people were civilized. Later, it dawned on me that the gay reputation is our first line of defense that keeps the rednecks away.

    The other thing I noticed is now that I’m in SF, I don’t have those pesky Christians beating down my door and trying to rescue me from hell. I think the gays are scaring them away too. Yay!

  1082. Hey…check yourself. I’m a black dude. But I’m no creepo as you put it. I have an education and a good job. And I know how to treat a lady well.

  1083. Ya, but you have to live in REDONDO…

  1084. I spent my youth in San Francisco. It was a great place to grow up and discover “who I was” But I have to admit that your article is dead on right. I hate to admit it, but as much as I love S.F., I grew up and grew out of all the cliche’s the city holds. It is still a wonderful place but now I yearn for New York.

  1085. This story ignores the presence of large populations of other minorities right in the middle of the city – the Mission forms a huge (and popular) section of the city that is home to Latin Americans, hipsters, and people that like sunshine. The Western Addition and Lower Haight have been known for their large concentrations of African Americans for generations.

    One great thing about San Francisco is that it’s near impossible to go from A to B without going through neighborhoods that range from rich to poor and several ethnicities.

  1086. on August 4, 2008 at 10:59 am Garbage Juice

    When is Vermont going to make the list? We love diversity, farmer’s markets, Volvo’s, the outdoors/environment, graduate degrees; and most importantly a sense of self-importance. Vermonters like to know they have shed their former New York identities for a simpler rural identity. Despite the fact that Vermont is 98% white, it ranks at the top of the list of smugness in terms of tolerance. Mr. Lander its time my wonderful state makes it on your list.

  1087. on August 4, 2008 at 11:06 am Garbage Juice

    I have to add that everyone that moves to Vermont or wants to, has a romantic desire to live on an organic farm in order to live off the land. This allows them to be part of the solution and not part of the problem. This is wonderful despite the fact that farms in Vermont have declined by 300% in the past thirty years and most farmers are poor and supported by government subsidies. However, this fact is completely unnecessary for white people, because they will build a strong “co-op” through their network of friends they met at the farmer’s market. Co-ops excite white people more than Yoga; this is an indisputable fact.

  1088. “Oh man, I went to the Too Short show last night. So hyphy man, so hyphy. You should come by some time and we’ll ghost ride the Prius.”

    I had no idea what this meant. Is this English?

  1089. Follow-up: The beach girls here in the South Bay cities (Redondo Beach, Hermosa Beach, Manhattan Beach) are the most beautiful you’ve ever seen – especially Hermosa, which has more models per capita than any other city in the world, including Miama South Beach.

    Ya gotcher blue-eyed blond surfer sunshine girls, yer hot-blooded hootchy-mama Latinas, yer Black ‘n’ Beautiful booty girls, yer can’t-get-enough-fucking Asia babes. It’s a smorgasbord of the world’s most beautiful women.

    Too bad I’m an old fuck. Most of them wouldn’t give me the time of day – but that’s okay. I’ve always been an ass man anyway – which means that you can only appreciate them when they’re walking away from you. I’ve learned to be phiilosophical about it.

  1090. Yeah, and we also have microbreweries!! Go Otter Creek Brewing!

    And that native Vermonters move out of the state to make way for liberal-urbanites to move here to live the “quaint life”.

    Beware of the “wrong kind of white people” (a.k.a. “farmers” in Vermont).


  1091. This white guy LOVES San Francisco! The only problem is the people that live there.

  1092. The movie “Baby Boom” from the ’80s stars Diane Keaton as a stressed-out NYC executive who “inherits” an adorable baby girl and can’t juggle it all, so she moves to Vermont and starts an organic baby food company and starts dating Sam Shepard, the town hunk. The story is every yuppie woman’s wet dream.

  1093. on August 7, 2008 at 6:56 pm Sheldon Fuller

    Ha! I enjoyed your take on San Francisco. I feel the need to mention the fact that I enjoying visiting and would enjoying living in San Francisco for the same reasons that white people do even though I am most definitely black. I know that your blog is focused on white people. Just remember that plenty of black folks like architecture, wine, food, coastline, a well made sandwich…etc just like white people.

  1094. Maybe you don’t understand because your not from the bay area?

  1095. Yeah I’m from SoCal, specifically the Inland Empire and I love it. But if I had to choose between LA or SF, I’d choose SF any day of the week. LA is a sprawing suburb of crime, bums, fags, and nig-nogs not to mention my beaner brothers who can’t even speak English.

  1096. Don’t put SF on the whites….. it’s for the Gays!!!! We would love nothing more than to kick SF into the pacific and forget it ever existed

  1097. on August 13, 2008 at 11:37 am Pretty Brown Eyes

    What the heck is a nig-nog???

  1098. But… but.. what about Boston?

  1099. Most people of all colors like San Francisco, unless they’ve never been there and those people will likely share an uneducated opinion about this great place. I spent most of my life in San Francisco or living throughout the Bay Area. New York City is far more diverse and interesting for sure but San Fran has the beauty. I’ve lived in Alaska, California, Colorado, Connecticut, Wyoming and New York. San Francisco is calling me back. It is a city which needs political and infrastructural work and is generally unaffordable, but what a spot. All my East Coast friends who migrated to the Bay Area couldn’t believe I elected to move to NYC. They’d had enough of the rust belt and the tri-state area. Despite New York’s ugliness and filth it is still more interesting due to the food, culture, music and people. Most cities and suburban areas make the mistake of marginalizing older people. Where I live all age groups are out on the street all of the time. Parts of New York retain a European sensibility. San Francisco is ten times smaller than New York and the diversity isn’t quite up to snuff. Maybe that is why some “narrower” white people like it. I like it for other reasons. Just one bike ride across the Golden Gate and you won’t want to leave.

  1100. Love the premise of stuff white people like when it comes to SF.

    Nice weather
    Low pollution
    Beautiful Scenery
    Good Food

    Yep, stuff that white people like.

  1101. Yes your right the center of worthlessness in America is san francisco.

    All of the whiny little people who don’t deserve to be called Americans live there.

    I’d say california as a whole should just be cut off the mainland and sent floating away and the funny thing is everyone in california would absolutely agree with me.

    You know I served in the Army Airborne Infantry for seven years and I never met a guy from san francisco, I met tons of guys from all over c.a. (no doubt the laziest people I’ve ever met) but never a guy who served his country from san francisco. Why is that?

    I think this list should be renamed `stuff gay white people like` or `stuff some jerkoff yuppie from california likes` or maybe `stuff some liberal,unamerican,doesn’t have anything better to do than make this list that misrepresents every white person in the U.S. likes.`

  1102. Wow, bitter much, Dan? As I read your post, I almost heard the “Star Spangled Banner” playing in the background. Almost.

  1103. WOOT ASIAN GIRLS!!!!

  1104. I think you are white till proven Jewish… not usre how it works LOL

  1105. You are right but if it made any reference to african americans it would be racist to some… but I guess is okay cuz white people love to be offended and lets face it if people in the world didn’t have soemthing to complain about we would all just bored and die 🙂

    Hope the typo guys read this 😛

  1106. Well of course I’m bitter, it is an election year right? How can we even consider voting for obama? Yet, there he is, on this crappy list of things apparently white people like.

    As for the san francisco thing, I don’t care for people who bitch and whine about everything that is wrong with America, when it is easily the greatest place in the world.

  1107. They may not be W.A.S.P. (White Anglo Saxton Protestants) but they are still “white”. White skin is white skin – which is WHITE. the U.S. Census Bureau considers you white as well as certain people of Middle Eastern descent due to your physical features and mostly white or almond skin tone. Pasty pale blondes and redheads aren’t the only “white people” Get over it, you’re white!

    P.S. I’m half a Jew and have several Jewish friends and have never considered ourselves “non-white”

    Thanks for reading…

  1108. I’m a San Francisco native and I love “The City” even though I live in Honolulu now and for the last 7 years. For the record I like SoCal too, especially the weather – I just hate the pollution and the fact that you NEED a car. There are only 2 things that bother me about SF; the hippies who won’t let me use plastic and the fact that ugly people are snobbish. I call them “fugsters”, a combination of fugly and wannabe hipster. It is the only city I’ve lived in where people try to look down or talk down to you for being physically attractive or generically cute. It’s like the uglies banded together with bad fashion sense to create cliques and be the anti L.A. on PURPOSE. I don’t think one is better than the other. L.A. people think they are better for their “style” and S.F. people think they have more “substance”…I find it quite funny actually.

    I’m an average looking guy, some say attractive and I couldn’t believe how many wannabe hipsters at dive bars gave me the stink eye for dressing well and/or looking lets say “broad appeal attractive”. I was slightly insulted by the all these social rejects until I realized how funny it was and that this parallel universe was the only place that this paradigm existed. Ha ha, rock on SF, if you or your “fugsters” changed it just wouldn’t be the same.

    P.S. I’ve been all over and due to the proximity to the Central Valley and the amazing ethnic variety of people I have to say I’ve never had better food or higher quality food than in The City. I love eating there – I’m so glad my metabolism can support being such a foodie! And the sourdough…dayum I’m hungry now!


  1109. Dan, people like YOU are what is wrong with America. We need to think about the wellbeing of others, not just what is good for oursevles. You are definitely correct by stating that we live in a great county, but that doesn’t mean it’s perfect.

  1110. Ah yes the people like me…the people like me who fought against the terrorist group who planned 9/11 in Afghanistan.

    The people like me who deposed a murderous dictator in Iraq and then went back again to support free elections there.

    The American’s like me who are training to be a nurse to help out the sick and are married to a teacher that guides your young children through their middle school years.

    I am strictly for the American dream and believe you have to bust your ass to get it. Not have some huge liberal government giving handouts to everyone cause they are just too lazy to do anything with their lives. This is the land of oppurtunities and you just have to apply yourself to succeed in life.

    So if I’m whats wrong with the U.S. then I hope the vast majority of my fellow Americans are wrong too.

  1111. Yay! No wonder I am so incredibly, undeniably white! This was researched in my native habitat!

  1112. Have you been to every other country in the world to qualify a statement such as “USA is the best country in the world?

    I would be really interested to know how many countries you have travelled to.

  1113. Dude, get off the cross.

  1114. I’m planning to move there soon and work as a waitress. From there, I aspire to become a porn star for a few years. Then someone will notice my fantastic acting abilities and other “it” qualities and hire me to work for a movie that you will pirate in several years.

  1115. Not one mention in the post or comments about
    East Palo Alto. (there I mentioned it)

  1116. San Francisco has a really bad homeless problem but L.A.’s is much worse.

  1117. Dan is being very un-American. He also hates white people. 😦

  1118. Dude–the point of this site is to make fun of hippies.

  1119. This reminds me of the South Park episode “smug alert.”

    “I’m San Francisco has completely disappeared up its own asshole.”

  1120. something tells me this blogger is from the bay area

  1121. spoken like a true San Franciscan

  1122. cheeehee pono. malama da aina.

    hahahaha. :p

  1123. Exactly. I live in San Francisco and I take this column as tongue in cheek, but he really is overestimating the whiteness of the city. The Asian population is dominant, the Latin population is growing daily, the African-American population is smaller, but still present on the East side. If by white you mean hippies then yes there are a lot of those but they all really only congregate around one or two areas.


  1125. I dont like San Fran its too cold. Texas is cool

  1126. i would love to go to san fran sometime. not as much as seattle or portland though.

  1127. “Oh man, I went to the Too Short show last night. So hyphy man, so hyphy. You should come by some time and we’ll ghost ride the Prius.”

    Oh my god, I fell off my chair laughing when I read this. Who the hell writes these blogs?

  1128. I live in Oakland. This post is painfully accurate (and hilarious).

  1129. on October 12, 2008 at 4:46 pm lovelynlethal

    I’m from the bay area, lived in SoCal and now I’m back in the bay. I miss SoCal, so there. San Francisco is fine, and my family is 3rd generation San Franciscan, but, like one post said, its cold, and foggy and, I dunno, I decided it’s just not my city. Give my NY or L.A. sorry, just the way it is.

  1130. lmfao the fact that you didn’t mention LA proves that you a SF native. but i agree with your list that those 5 cities are definations of what an ideal US city is.

  1131. whoa!!!! since theres no such thing as a minority conservatist that also must mean

    conservatism= white

    but if

    liberalism = white

    then where the hell do the blacks, asians, and hispanics fit in????

  1132. I moved to Texas from San Francisco, and Texas sucks. Everybody from Texas thinks it’s the best place ever to live. It’s kinda like you woke up one morning next to Rosie O’Donnell. The only good thing is that she’s cheap. But she’s still big and ugly. That’s how I see Texas. The good is that it’s cheap. But it’s still ugly. The people are nice, but they’re about as sharp as bowling balls. California people are cocky about where they’re from, but at least they can back it up. Anyways, Texas sucks.

  1133. One thing to note: White people from San Francisco never refer to it as “San Fran” or the “Frisco,” for saying that is weird and will make other white people leer at you. When referring to San Francisco, it is only acceptable by the White people who live in the Bay Area, to refer to it as “The City.” If you’re not in Northern California, one must just say San Francisco.

  1134. Wow. why do people who have never been to san francisco hate it so much? and why is it being compared to NYC and LA. It is its own city.. .with its own flaws and its own beauties…who gives a shit about other cities. Ive grown up in the bay area my whole life and wouldnt want to live anywhere else. People keep saying that all the white people have chips on their shoulders and think they are gods gifts to the world….damn, could you be more ignorant? San francisco excepts people from all walks of life..who cares if there are gays here…who cares if the homeless people are crazy..its what makes this city unique. Of course there are going to be people who think they are better than someone but that is present in EVERY city in EVERY town and EVERY state across America. Stop generalizing. I cant believe people say that SF is not diverse. I went to schools that had 80% minority population from grade school – high school…and no, i didnt live in oakland or richmond. The bay area is a physically beautiful place with more open minded people than one thinks. Disrespect someones rights or beliefs or say something about their race and yea…san franciscians get pissed..but i dont see that as a bad thing. People who were born and raised in california are free souls…the only reason LA and SF differ…is because the majority of people who live in LA are not originally from california and therefore have this pre-vision on what california is suppose to be…especially socal. I think if you want to be cultured..come to california…sure, it has its flaws…but think about it…its one of the biggest states and the most populated. you can find anything here. its stupid to generalize.

  1135. on October 25, 2008 at 4:27 pm Jazz Aloofa Skywalker

    man ive never been to san francisco but when i go ill be sure to wear som flowers in my hair but really man its a groovy place of musical history alot of the greatest bands ever came from the bay area like santana and creedence clearwater revival and of course man the grateful dead
    to think of san francisco it makes me miss the way things were back in the late 60s man before this jive music and pop culture of today brain washed motha suckers

    i say we all meet by the bay to get stoned as one and expand our minds beyond now and into the past for if we forget our past we loose our way in the future like a married cat who refuses to ask for directions while on vacation man

    so i say we make san francisco the capital of the new way of life the way of love peace and grooves and its motto will be sex drugs rock n roll learn it love it live it

    fight the man save the city by the bay man

    have a spaced out day man 🙂

  1136. john, lesbian girls such as Ellen , Anne Heche, lindsay lohan don’t wont woke up one morning next to FAT DORKY JOHN!

  1137. greatest thing in the world ? what a joke! forget europe ??

  1138. funny wade, you got it. thanks

  1139. “I swear if another non-english speaking dirty hispanic tries to touch my ass again, i’m going to kill him!”

    i’m english speaking white hispanic, can i touch your ass THEN kill you ? you are not wirth to be fucked!!!

  1140. on October 26, 2008 at 7:01 am Ossama Ben Laden

    you hit the nail in the head , such a man ! i’ll never bomb a guy like you , but others white shit ….

  1141. The best thing about texas is that it’s not filled with pretentious pseudo-intellectuals life SF. White people will only give each other credit for being smart and cultured if they fit all the criteria, and being from texas isn’t on their list.

  1142. I love those crazy hobo’s!
    For us white people that “Aren’t the right type of white people you should know” San Francisco is cool, not that great. But if you go their for the first time, this article and all the others are pretty much 95% accurate and you need to stay away from those prius driving, arrogant, self-centered, liberal douches

  1143. Does liking San Francisco count if it’s pride for a homecity? Strangely enough, while I grew up and am now currently living (and typing from) (t)here, I didn’t encounter very many people like you described. Maybe tourists. But we all make fun as them, as natives are wont to do.

    I have to say though, the school system sucks. Not that it’s limited to San Francisco by any means, but my city isn’t very family-friendly. Oh well.

  1144. your lame.

  1145. fresno is the sorriest fucking city to live in.

  1146. i agree. white people there are uptight.

  1147. hmm…you were probably sexually abused as a youngin.

  1148. damn bitch calm down!!

  1149. YES! That bothers me too. I guess I am white in terms of the grammer thing. 😉

  1150. Ha, you just characterized exaclty what the author was talking about regarding people from SF.
    Relax, its supposed to be funny and i found it hilarious.

    You are also wrong about LA. Do you know many ppl there. Most of the people there are born and raised there.
    I know very few people who are actually from SF.

  1151. totally, I love how defensive the SF people are getting. Further proving the author was right!

  1152. Holy Jesus popsicle on a stick … I almost fell off the chair laughing over this one!

    I happen to be from Oakland, and NOT from the Hills, which means … well, you know…. But the hatred for SoCal is common among all Northern California born and/or bred people of every race — including non-Asian and gay races. Anything past Monterey sucks — we know it, they know it, and people from LA are too stupid to realize they know it. Even the slimeballs from Aryan outposts in true Northern California will agree with the chickenhead gangbangers in Oakland how much Southern California sucks.

    Keep up the uncannily good work.

  1153. The endlessly skyrocketing cost of living in SF and Prop 8 and that gang rape of the lesbian in richmond the other night by a group of black and latino men made this post not half as funny as the hummus post.

  1154. the even cooler ‘right’ kind of white people europe side like Berlin for all the same reasons but it’s about 10-20 years from being so known for this that the regular ‘right’ kind of white people like it enough to warrant an entry.

  1155. I was waiting for this one.

  1156. Your opinions are ill-informed and you reek of provincialism, so you should fit in in SF perfectly.

    BTW, Sweetie, our President-Elect attended Occidental College, located in Los Angeles proper.

    You’re a dope with a nope.

  1157. The funny thing about the “rivalry” between the Bay Area and L.A is that only those in Northern California know it exists. People in L.A don’t even think of San Francisco unless they want to jaunt off to the cute boutique city for a weekend trip.

    It’s not that people in L.A are stupid – it’s that they don’t care what San Francisco thinks because San Francisco never even crosses their mind -They’re too busy thinking about New York and the other large global cities, which drives the No-Calers batty.

    Also, people in Northern California like to think of L.A as this violent cesspool even though the murder rate in San Francisco has been higher per capita than L.A for the past few years based on population. L.A has been one of the safest large cities in the country for the past few years behind only New York.

    I remember speaking to someone while visiting the bay area who wasted no time in telling me how much they disliked L.A when the subject came up. When I asked about their last visit, they admitted that they had only been once when they were 3 and that they had gone to Disneyland. I was a little surprised by the provincialism in this “enlightened” region of the state.

    In all seriousness, I love San Francisco and L.A they help keep California interesting.

  1158. Which goes back to the Having Gay Friends post. White people love being Gay.

  1159. This post is totally gay. San Fran blows… literally.

  1160. hahaha, im an asian from SF and i find this true and hilarious!!!!

    “ghost ride the prius”

  1161. Haha. Very true. Very true. LA people NEVER bring up San Fran in conversation unless they’ve already lived there or spent a lot of free time there. It’s a very one-sided rivalry. San Fran’s a nice town. But it will never get the global recognition of L.A. No harsh feelings from L.A. We have our eyes set on beating New York (don’t think it’ll ever happen). But hey – third place is nice.

  1162. Just ran across this site…hysterical! I lived 11 years in San Francisco and found your reportings absolutely true, so much so that I now realize what a superficially “liberal” bubble I had been living.

    Needless to say, I now live on the North Fork of Long Island ans always seem to find reason to be”offended” because people (overall) OPENLY express their true point of views; even if it means being called racist, sexist or otherwise! Oh, by the way, I’m not white (lol)

  1163. Odd. I actually agree, kinda. Im white, and I know plenty of my white friends love this place, but I currently live here, and I have never fallen inlove with it. To me, Austin is far better.

  1164. on January 29, 2009 at 9:56 pm Biodiesel Bob

    OMFG! I’m Asian American and this site is off the hook hilarious! My brother-in-law (also AA) is a SF-pride die hard. He represents just about everything you said in your post about SF! The last paragraph is so damn true, I nearly spat out my beer. Having lived in the Bay Area for a short time during the dot com days, I totally agree with the last paragraph: nothing unites Gay Bay’rs and SF cultural elitists than a good bashing of LA—or anything Bush/Republican!


  1165. Ghost ride the Prius!! I literally laughed out loud reading this. The East Bay is the only place to be! SF alright to visit at night.

  1166. hahaha, so true abt the “fugsters” here in SF . . .

  1167. im down w/cultures who dislike NY.Being a bostonian all my life.My bitch lives in the bay,and ive been liking it alot the past 8 months.Yankees suck!!!!! Go Sox & SF Giants!

  1168. As a life-long SF resident, I can honestly say I have no envy for NY. It is a nice place to visit but I’d rather live here. SF is always listed as everyone’s favorite city. Can’t complain except for the whining, self-hating liberals (that make up your list) are everywhere in the Bay Area!! You hit it right on from the Prius to the LA and right-wing bashing. When my neighbor introduces me as a “republican” she might as well say I’m a nazi. Oh well, liberals are just as biased and bigoted as everyone else. Still, a great city.

  1169. The appropriate San Francisco response to New York – “Oh, I love New York. But I could never live there because of the weather, you’re stuck inside for winter! Plus, it’s just so hard to get out of Manhattan.” Thereby, highlighting your love of being outside, as well as day trips (so white) out of the city.

  1170. When New yorkers talk about their all around superiority, just remind them of how inferior their restaurants are to SF. That will get a rise out of them for sure.

  1171. Pretty good, but I think you underestimate the diversity of the city. Only white, gay, and asian? Ever been to the Mission? Hunter’s Point?

  1172. California… Bill gates back yard. Home of the Proud Fruits and vegtables of America and the Fim Actors Guild or F.A.G. Actually a real nice place… Lots of Hotties.

  1173. White people also love “rent control”. It’s a feel good way to feel like they are sticking it to the man. Notice how this goes hand in hand with more progressive cities like San Francisco, New York, and Berkeley? It allows Hipsters and Yuppie types alike to stay in areas they probably could not afford, and gives them a little room for spending on other things they like such as coffee, plays, and marijuana.

  1174. I work hard to live here. I hate marijuana, I don’t drink coffee, nor have I ever gone to a play. Just goes to show you this entire sight is built on stereotypes.

  1175. As a San Francisco resident, I can say that this article is 100% true.

  1176. “Just goes to show you this entire sight is built on stereotypes.”


  1177. on February 9, 2009 at 11:01 pm DreddPyrateRoberts

    I think it’s funny how SanFrancisconians get their panties in a wad when you call it San Fran or, Sweet Jesus forbid!, Frisco.


    If I’m going to put up with city bulls@$t, then I’ll take a real city. NorthEast or nothing. West Coast cities are too warm and fuzzy.

  1178. It’s interesting to me that people constantly bash white people on this blog. I love this site for what it says, but when reading the comments it gets a bit disturbing. If somebody ever said ‘thankfully you see very few’ of any race other than white, they are a bigot and considered ignorant, which is exactly what I consider tandula. Why is it so bad to see a lot of white people? If I saw a lot of Asians it wouldn’t bother me one bit, Blacks, Latin Americans, fill in the blank, still shouldn’t be much of a factor. We all have stereotypes and they’re very funny to point out but people need to stop taking what is funny and turning it into a way to bash a race and, effectively, be racist.

  1179. I’m an Asian American in San Francisco, and I nearly had tears laughing at this!! This is so true!!

    The last part was on point, couldn’t get more accurate. SF folks do despise LA. In fact, but this is not limited to just white people. People from the Bay Area generally look down on Southern California. But if you did visit the LA and SF, I think you would see quite a difference.

    And although SF is considerably close in distance to Oakland, I rarely ever see any whites in the Oakland area whereas Asians, Blacks and Latinos are seen all over the Bay Area.

  1180. you’re not rad for sucking. you’re just lame for being

  1181. You’d be better of moving to the San Fernando Valley, still the Porn Capital of the USA. People there actually lease their tract houses to film companies to shoot porn movies.

  1182. ahahahahahah! so trueee

  1183. You are so right. I LOVE rent control. And I’m white. With it I can buy Peet’s coffee and organic produce and all the wine I want.

  1184. Oh, New York. How I love New York. However, the bay area has…


    Natural forests!


    Napa Valley!

    Big Sur, Tahoe, Yosemite… etc etc.

    And can I mention, NO SNOW?

    PS, and do NOT say San Fran around me, thanks.

  1185. As a Frisco native who lives very much by choice in Los Angeles, I find no new revelations here — including one commenter’s observation that “if you did visit the [sic] LA and SF, I think you would see quite a difference.” Not as true as some assume: live any length of time outside California and you’ll come to understand how culturally consistent people are throughout the state.

    I’ve never seen the book that came out of this blog and it’s my first visit to the blog itself. No, the irony and facetiousness are not lost on me, but I’m confused by the term “white people” to describe exclusively white LIBERAL people. A more interesting line of research might be to examine liberals as a category and make observations about non-white people who try to “fit in.” Or how white liberals feel complacently in the majority in San Francisco but, take them to Oklahoma City or Houston, and they can’t find their tribe.

    Well, everything reported here seems way too obvious to be very funny. Including the fact that white (liberal) people love to laugh at their own stereotypic behavior. I think you need a new angle.

    P.S. Sadly, 20-somethings all over L.A. are starting to look like San Francisco bike messengers. Shoot me now.

  1186. i live in Marin, just on the other side of the golden gate bridge…it’s all bikes and bong hits (let me mention the really, really great marijuana!)and bikram yoga and green tea. it’s the best stuff in San Francisco without the hippie-hating advertising nerds all hopped up on Peet’s and early adaption (and the fact that they never get laid because thay’re self absorbed assholes with nothing going for them but a steady job). but it’s green and lush and fabulous in marin, and the view of the city is cool, and it’s close enough that when you have to actually cross the bridge to deal with the assholes that have infiltrated and taken over the actual city (from places like New Jersey and Minnesota and Ohio-but now they’re sooo cool!), it’s just a quick jaunt to get back to humanity again. it’s a better shade of white over here in the valley of the shadow of the (Mt.) Tam. i seriously wouldn’t live anywhere else!

  1187. Well it’s obvious you’re not a true native if you said Frisco.

  1188. hehe Actually, SF used to be a great city but now it’s so loaded with transplants of hipsters that it’s ok at best. I grew up in SF but I’m not planning on staying.
    I’ve never heard anyone talk poorly about NY though, that’s a great BIG city. But LA yes…blah.

  1189. SF is a joke of city. It’s transit system is not comprehensive and is extremely slow. Yet, driving is a pain in the ass. Biking is often the best way to get around, but it would be nice if the city had other viable forms of transportation that were convenient.

  1190. on March 3, 2009 at 10:11 am DreddPyrateRoberts

    Honestly, can anyone explain why you can not say “Frisco” or “San Fran”? To a native of Philadelphia, it seems rather uptight. I and every other Philly native do not get upset when we hear The City of Brotherly Love (that’s what it means in Greek) called “Philly”.
    Give me a better explanation than “It’s disrespectful”. That always came off as a pompous load of bullocks.

  1191. Here’s the deal:

    Frisco sounds like a cleaning solution. Nobody wants their city to be equated with that, myself included. It would be like calling Philedelphia “Phia.” That is the shittiest name I’ve for a city I’ve ever heard.

    I have to admit, however, that the San Franciscan’s allergy to calling their city San Fran is a little bit of overkill. People from here like to have something to boast and/or complain about.

    We’ve a lot of SF pride.

  1192. Dude, the Giants suck. I’m from SF and even I know that.

  1193. I live in the Bay Area. San Francisco sucks….it is a shell of its former self. San Francisco was better in the 70’s and 80’s when it wasn’t elitist.

    Berkeley, Oakland, and San Jose are so much better.

    San Francisco is where someone goes for a concert or some other event, or venue. Many “native” San Franciscans don’t even come over here to the East Bay and it’s only 30-40 minutes by car or BART. They don’t go to San Jose either and that’s only 1 hour away. It is pathetic. San Francisco people and Marin people are in the same category: pretentious, think they’re cultured-but they’re not, and educated but still very ignorant.

  1194. Hi Roger Udwin,
    I read your comment and respectfully disagree with you.

    I live in the Bay Area. San Francisco sucks….it is a shell of its former self. San Francisco was better in the 70’s and 80’s when it wasn’t elitist.

    Berkeley, Oakland, and San Jose are so much better.

    San Francisco is where someone goes for a concert or some other event, or venue. Many “native” San Franciscans don’t even come over here to the East Bay and it’s only 30-40 minutes by car or BART. They don’t go to San Jose either and that’s only 1 hour away. It is pathetic. San Francisco people and Marin people are in the same category: pretentious, think they’re cultured-but they’re not, and educated but still very ignorant. I have met TOO many people from San Francisco who are SCARED to come across to the other side of the bay.

    As for San Francisco being diverse, that is subjective. According to the U.S. Census Bureau San Francisco is NOT diverse at all. San Francisco is unapologetically gentrified and still doing so.

  1195. My gosh- who in their black soul does not love San Francisco? I mean- sure it’s swarming with panhandlers, it’s over-priced, and it’s full of rich, elitist yuppies, but it’s also absolutely gorgeous, there are great restaurants and shops on every corner, as others have mentioned there are beautiful state parks and forested areas in every direction (including the Highlands), tons of neat buildings, museums and historic landmarks. One of my all-time favorite places to visit.

  1196. i… can’t tell whether or not you’re being ironic.

  1197. Ishtar, the reason native san franciscans don’t come to the east bay is because trash like you live there. Wash your ass loser!

  1198. San Francisco is beautiful. There’s a reason its so expensive. I aspire to live there someday – don’t care how white it makes me 🙂

  1199. on March 9, 2009 at 3:22 pm DreddPyrateRoberts

    Do you realize that you have proven his/her point?

  1200. Probably not. How sad 😦

  1201. umm, sorry Ishtar, i live in marin…you do realize that people like you are probably the reason i try to avoid the east bay don’t you? yeesh, i thought the city was full of assholes, i guess i forgot about the east bay…icky!

  1202. The diversity angle is really off base. The two hippest neighborhoods in SF for white people are the Mission which is the largest Hispanic neighborhood in the City and the Lower Haight which has a large African American population. The heavily Asian neighborhoods like the Outer Sunset and the Outer Richmond are among the least desirable neighborhoods for white folks.

    The City is 33% Asian, 14% Hispanic, 7% Black, 46% White. Considering that many of the White people are GBLT or homeless, I would say it’s a pretty diverse city.

  1203. the southern california part is priceless

  1204. can you say: Beach front property in Nevada?

    the big quake is just around the corner….

  1205. After reading at least 20 posts I realize there is are phobics and racist people from all walks of life. Educated Blacks resent “ghetto” blacks, Chinese resent all races, Gay people have a difficult time everywhere but in San Francisco etc. I live in the “arm pit” of the United States for over 30 years(Stockton Ca.) and I can assure everyone that San Francisco is “heaven” compared to this city. All I can say to all you San Francisco residents is: count your blessings, wake up and smell the Roses.! After many years of schooling my wife (who is a cardiovascular surgeon) and I will be settling in San Francisco soon. We are even looking forward to meeting all of the “stuffy-self-righteous” white people we encounter.

  1206. spoken like a loyal white person LOL

  1207. Yes – younger sister. The family doesn’t talk about her much – she moved to Minnesota and works in a mall.

  1208. OMG, San Francisco has a superiority complex over Southern California? What a bunch of kooks. I’m from LA and have been to the bay area multiple times for business and once with my Chinese wife siteseeing. Once was one time too many for her. She didn’t like and I just barely tolerate San Francisco. It’s not really that I don’t like it, it’s more that it’s on par with some easily forgetable and second class “city” like Las Vegas which barely qualifies as a city at all. I mean Market steet has that ‘feel’ in much the same way that the strip in Vegas has that feel but I’m bored after about a day and a half. I need that LA graft fix like heroine. It’s hard to explain, even though almost no place in LA has that real city feel, not even downtown to me, the sum of LA does, whereas the area around Market in SFO has that city feel, the sum of it does not. SFO has it over, say, Costa Mesa or Irvine but is on par with perhaps LA’s San Fernando Valley. Sorry, but it’s true. The only redeeming qualities about SFO is the weather, I love fog, and all the hot Asian women, that’s kinda my thing. I’m not alone, a colleage who is from sfo and lived there most of his life has the same sentiments. SFO is vaacid and forgettable, and it’s the nicest part of the Bay area. Don’t get me started on Walnut Creek. New York is over-hyped but much more livable than SFO. LA is probably the greatest city to live in for the US. Seoul, Tokyo, Shanghai, Beijing, Guangzhou, Paris, London, those are real, all around, ‘cities’. If you’re from SFO, don’t leave, you might find out that there is a better world which would only depress you. Ignorance is bliss.

  1209. Seriously. You compare SF to Vegas? Are you serious? You obviously haven’t spent any time more than 1/4 mile from the strip, and not more than 400 feet from Market St. San Francisco has all the positives of a big city (culture, food, shopping, etc) without having the garbage to deal with like you do in, say, LA (gridlock traffic, choking smog, etc). There’s a reason why housing in SF has fallen a relatively small amount, whereas its fallen off a cliff in LA. All the fakers pretending they had money when WHOOPS…now I don’t.

    Oh, and nevermind that within an hour and a half of San Francisco, you have:

    Napa – the wine all the posh people in LA pay big money for in restaurants. Yeah, its in our back yard

    Tahoe – Next to Whistler and maybe Sun Valley, the best ski area on the west coast

    Monterey – When you see beautiful pictures of “California”, they’re not of the dirty and disgusting coastline of LA, they’re of Monterey, Big Sur, Carmel, Pebble Beach, etc. You have…what…Newport Beach? Nice.

    So let me speak for San Francisco when I say, I hope you and your wife Sightseeing enjoy your lives together in the armpit of America. Stay there, and don’t bother coming back up here.

  1210. We call them “bridge and tunnel” for a reason. Manhattan folks feel the same way about those from the boroughs.

  1211. Yes I am serious, I’ve been all over the city of San Francisco and the Bay area and .. me want nap now. You obviously haven’t LIVED in LA. There is a big difference between living here and visiting. I wouldn’t want to visit here either. It’s a city that takes some getting used to but you grow to love it. SFO, day two visiting, bored. Maybe living there is different, I don’t know and don’t pretend to. But I wouldn’t want to live there or Vegas, or Phoenix for the same reasons.
    BTW, the market of homes where I live has gone up, not down so stick to subjects you know something about like how all the attractions are in your back yard. Why live close to where you want to be, I chose to live where I want to be. BTW, Newport Beach? Why not just mention El Segundo? That’s not LA.

  1212. I lived NYC for many years; recently moved to Portland. It use to be when I’d be in SF, people would remark about the beat poets being from there, which I found funny but sadly incorrect. This stopped a while ago, no one cares about them anymore. People in San Francisco are smart, but they always seemed to be trying too hard. A lot of their artwork consisted of little robots, LEDs and lasers. Like Paris, it is essentially a city futilely trying to maintain a cultural legacy that is dying.
    LA the first times I REALLY visited it was provincial, not very sophisticated. I remember being in silver lake, exene cervenka had a store on this street, it was somber. But in the last couple of years, man, the LA has developed a great music scene! Fashion is flourishing. Its has an art movement but its very dalieques, not good. The artistic neighborhoods are more vibrant than in the bay area. Yes, the day is coming very soon that LA with its better arts (the getty) and everything else will be the cultural center of the west coast, if not now. People from SF have lamented this to me with tears in their eyes…

  1213. i live in SF and i lovee it here.
    the people are the most friendliest, nicest and happiest people on earth!
    i never hear honking here.
    and you can talk to any possible stranger. theyre very helpful and friendly.

    its depressing being in LA really. people are very impatient. i think they are more individualistic people. theyre in hurry all the time. the honking, the traffic jam. oh god.

    sf is definitely for people who likes to relax.

    it is about culture really. if you make eye contact to people in the streets, most of them smiles at you or says hi or complement you on something. trying to make conversations.
    they are veryy patient, i dont get it sometimes.
    when i go to LA, im like used to make eye contact to other people and smile to them. but in LA, nobody does that. haha
    and im like used to doing that, so thats weird

  1214. Charles r u even white))?

  1215. You lost me with you Paris comment and I strongly disagree with that assessment. I live in NY and my mother’s family is from Paris and I have been going there my entire life and have lived there, though briefly. Paris and France in general are always looking to modernize, for new views on how to better their city, looking toward the future. They are definitely NOT stuck in the past. NY on the other hand, in many ways is a city that is full of nostalgia and I see it as culturally declining in so many ways. People come here searching for the NY they read about in novels written half a century ago or from an old movie or a black and white photo taken in the 1950s of 2 celebrated people dancing at a night club. My European and Australian friends who have lived here for at least 6 months have all said how sad and rather pathetic the scene is here. And I have to agree to a large extent. When I’m in Paris I look around and think, “Fuck NY! This is where it’s at!”

  1216. “You obviously haven’t LIVED in LA. There is a big difference between living here and visiting. I wouldn’t want to visit here either.”

    Very true! I was born and live in Southern California. However, I also lived in the Bay Area and worked in (though never lived in) San Francisco proper for 5 years. San Francisco is a very small city with a lot of quaint neighborhoods, great architecture and beautiful scenery. However, a lot of times the weather is bad (cold and windy) and you’d be surprised how much of the city shuts down after hours. It’s nice for tourists because they can feel like they are in a city without really being overwhelmed, although SF is a lot more dangerous than people realize (higher homicide rate than LA, for instance). I love to visit SF and makes for a nice vacation. I liked living in the Bay Area, too,
    and would consider moving back.

    However, I far prefer to live in Southern California. The weather is warmer (my preference), the people are less pretentious (unless you get caught up in the model-actress-whatever scene), and the mountains and hills are so close by. You can’t really claim Monterey, Napa, Tahoe, or Yosemite as belonging to SF anymore than I can claim Santa Barbara, San Diego, or Las Vegas for LA, but if you want to do so notice that Southern California has its own Napa just 90 minutes from LA in Santa Barbara and Paso Robles, except it’s much more like Napa *used* to be (which is a good thing).

    When you live in (or near) SF you realize that the city empties out after work and that there’s not much to do. I went to a lot of good shows at the Warfield, SF has a ballet company, and the SF MOMA is becoming less of a joke, but there’s not really all that much happening. Whereas in LA there is not only a thriving music scene but arts and entertainment in general is much more vibrant. In the last week or so we had the World Baseball Classic, the World Figure Skating Championships, the Kid’s Choice Awards, Alvin Ailey, and more. I often find myself having to make hard choices about how to spend my entertainment dollars or which events I want to attend. The amount of things going on at once is ridiculous. In the last year I saw the Terra Cotta Warriors from China, medieval art from the Cleveland Museum, one of the most important biggest gem collections in the world, a Georgia O’Keefe exhibit, one of the world’s four known large red diamonds, the Kirov Ballet, an exhibit highlighting Vanity Fair portraits, a Vermeer on loan to Norton Simon, an NBA playoff game, an MLB playoff game, a modern art exhibition highlighting Cold War Germany, an exhibit of Old World mosaics, a showing of “The Jerk” introduced by Steve Martin himself, and Wicked (which finally opened up in SF and a person in SF – not realizing I was from LA – went out of her way to tell me was coming in a prideful manner). That was in one year and I missed a lot of things I wanted to see and do like Coachella, Oakenfold on New Year’s Eve, and more I just can’t remember right now.

    SF just cannot compete and a tourist would not realize that. You really have to live here to be able to experience all of the positives of living here. There’s not a lot of benefit to being a tourist here compared to more scenic places and unless you spend time here you will not be able to soak in what is going on around you. The LA Phil and Opera are world class, lots of trend-setting fashion is moving from NYC to LA, the music scene has *always* been strong here, the art community here is thriving, and add to that world class shopping, good food (not just pretentious gourmet fare), and lots of nature (if you look for it).

    To be fair, LA has a lot of big city problems SF does not have and its sprawl means it lacks a civic center. The large numbers of immigrants pose problems and traffic is horrendous. I am not sure I see myself living here for the rest of my life. I will hopefully retire somewhere more quiet like Santa Barbara (but not so quiet as Carmel) and get into the city when I want to see something. However, for a younger person who still has energy to get out and do things and who also doesn’t much care for rain (or any weather except sunny and mild) I can’t imagine being anyplace else. SF is upset because it was once the preeminent city in California and it lost that title some time ago. I wouldn’t say it is fading into irrelevance, but I find it interesting that SF’s biggest claim to fame lately is the Silicon Valley while SF has all but disowned the South Bay (for some good reasons). So the biggest contribution came from an area SF would prefer didn’t exist. The person who mentioned that San Franciscans do not venture to the South Bay or East Bay was dead on. In spite of perceptions as being smart and worldly many of them are just ignorant and smug. After all, how could anyone of equal intellect, taste, and sophistication possibly live anywhere else?

  1217. on April 3, 2009 at 11:59 am Delgan M. Messneringer

    I have come from Hamburg, Germany. Born and happily germanic raised. In 2007, I have come to San Fransico, California to enjoy the difference in cultures. San Fran- is definately different from where I was raised. Real Germans do not seperate minorities. Instead we ( Non- Us) Germans love difference. The same flowers get boring after looking at them for so long. Different flowers is what makes a beautiful bonatical garden.

    I hope San Fransicico natives learn to really love and appreciate who they really are by not debasing someone else based on irrelevant unkindness.
    Yea! San Fransico natives may not care about what others think. But if you really love your city, you would not make it difficult for others to come there.
    Pissing on someone else’s corn flakes is truly not thee answer. GROW UP PEOPLE! GROW UP!

  1218. HELLO,




  1219. We sure do have some strange folks out there!!
    WHUUU!!!- gays and all. San Fransico is a great city to live in. Sure there is sour grapes in every vine ( town or city).
    You have to make the best of it. i hope some one can reply and hear where i’m coming from.

  1220. on April 7, 2009 at 1:24 pm Le Boulevardier

    Dee Brown, the author of “Bury My Heart at Wounded Knee”, quotes an old rascal from the gold rush days in his book “The American West”, p 165:
    Bushrod Wilson, sailor and adventurer, described the town of San Francisco on July 3, 1850. “This place is a hard hole. Gambling, drunkenness, and immorality to excess, and a person that has just broke out in life is in great danger of being ruined here. Everything that will effect the senses is resorted to for base ends. The most enchanting music, the various forms of gambling, and obscene pictures, the allurements of women of the town, and drinking.”
    Plus ca change, plus c’est la meme chose.

    Le Boulevardier

  1221. Are you fucking deaf? How is it you never hear honking? What hood do you live in?

    People honk here just like the do everywhere else. And it sounds as though the fire trucks just roll around in circles, never going back to the firehouse.

  1222. My sentiments exactly. SF seems to pride itself on being so diverse and open minded yet when it comes to people who are different from them – for example someone who may not drive a prius, doesn’t work for a non-profit or public sector, or if you come from a small town – they can be extremely bigoted. Whenever I go to SF it also seems to be stuck in the late 1990’s.

  1223. anyone who doenst call SF Frisco is not from frisco, same folks (ie white fucks from Missouri that couldn’t make it in NYC) that call people from the east bay bridge and tunnel people. its funny really. just cause u live here for 5 years dont make u native. FRI$CO MISH. FN

  1224. The main gripe that people from NorCal have against people from SoCal is that they are stealing our water. Nobody is completely sure how and why SoCal has come to steal the water properly belonging to NorCal, but a person from the Bay Area will say with all earnestness that this is the case, and is a sufficient reason to hate SoCal.

    The one exception to NorCal’s blind hatred of SoCal is San Diego. You will see a number of natives from the Bay Area settle there.

  1225. on May 7, 2009 at 5:27 pm mikesurfer310

    Stop breathing my air then. I have more right to natural resources than you because of the location I receive my mail.

  1226. I have noticed that people from “the bay” and ajacent areas tend to universally love San Francisco, and loathe Southern California. Very different cultural agendas among two large cities in the same state I suppose.

    This attitude holds pretty steady up into the Pacific Northwest as well…certainly in Portland where I live:
    (Opinion around here of San Francisco: Yay!!! Opinion of L.A.: RAWRRR!!!)

  1227. I’m from the Bay Area and I don’t hate SoCal. I actually like it. But yeah I love SF.

  1228. While visiting well-to-do a friend in SF, I spotted a box of Tuna Helper in her cabinet. That was really deflating.

  1229. It’s funny. Most whites I know seem to favor Las Vegas, OC, and LA over SF. They see SF as too expensive and “new age” or “hippie”, while the other cities seem to be more the ideal party spots for the young and shallow.

  1230. Have you ever heard of the California Aqueduct? That is how we came to steal your water. SF isn’t exactly guilt-free in this regard, either. Most of SF’s water comes from Hetch-Hechy, which was once a beautiful valley but has been submerged in water for years in order to supply SF.

    P.S. If you like San Diego, then you’ll LOVE Sacramento! There’s nothing going on there, either.

  1231. 909 trash, please stay where you are

  1232. on May 20, 2009 at 11:09 am DreddPyrateRoberts

    I’m living in Bend. Portland doesn’t do it for me. I guess I’ll avoid Frisco as well.

  1233. But Sacramento is ghetto, where San Diego is beautiful. Big difference!

  1234. I didn’t read the rest of your Story because it was longer than the 3 sentences i’m capable of reading.

    Anyhow, I lived in San Francsico around Octavia/Sutter, nice rich neighborhood. and i lived in a luxury hotel for a couple of months. I tell u ,i wouldn’t be caught dead in the other bay area places, actually if i’m there, i’ll probably be found dead, that is how bad it is.

  1235. Making eye contact and smiling is kind of spooky. Are you a stalker?? stalker!

  1236. Talking shit about Asians again? F* you again.

  1237. I would just say SF, how u feel about that?

  1238. Bill Gates aint shit compared to What’s made in California. Small money the Billster.

  1239. Then go back to Austin where you came from, we don’t need you here.

  1240. Socal is where all the losers, ghetto punks are. Even Oakland’s bay area are kind of gayish, so I dont hate them as much.

  1241. Socal dont bring it up, cause we’re not ghetto trash bugging their asses. They can only get better through osmosis.

  1242. “The City” as in “The One”, God? its so much like San Franciscans to say that.

  1243. Yeah people in Texas are kind of slow in their thinking, but the steaks are HUGE. and lots of Titty night clubs, especially in Houston.

  1244. They’re not serving with you cause they are the ones that serve you to go.. they’re the politicians duh!

  1245. Sadam a terrible dictator to his people? i doubt it as much as weapons of mass destruction.

    Unfortunately, this country was used to get rid of him purely out of the president’s personal grudge against the threat they made on his father before when in office. Nothing more than that.

    If we were after those terrorists, we would have gotten rid of Al queda and Taliban already.

  1246. We can afford to get kicked off into the pacific, We all know we’re the largest 5th economy if it did so happen.

  1247. Coastline, sandwiches, and wine aren’t really made well in SF. The city just has a bunch of fast eats that is over priced. Trust me, i’ve tried practically every deli and resto.

  1248. Maybe its the media that makes the white man look good and reverse it with Asian men?

    Why is there this fear? They have alot to fear from the Asian man. Someday He’ll take your economy, sell more cars than you in your own turf, and put your country into Recession.

    Now you tell me why is there so much hate for the Asian Man, you got everything to fear brother.

  1249. Its shocking how many Hispanic criminals can commit crimes on other races. It’s audaciousness at its best.

    With criminals in other races they tend to be on their own kind.

  1250. Go to Thailand where you belong! Back to the cage you sick pervert!

  1251. I make a hypothesis that hyphy is short for hyphenated american. European-American.

  1252. Propaganda BS

  1253. on May 23, 2009 at 9:14 am Le Boulevardier

    The water supply for Southern California comes from two sources: The Owens Valley, which is at the foot of the Eastern Slope of the Sierras, and the Colorado River. Neither of these sources is accessible to NorCal. The only exit from the Owens Valley is on the south, about 100 miles south of the source. Its logical destination is SoCal, not Norcal. As for the Colorado River, it is even further south, along the Cal-Ariz border.

    So tell me again why it’s your water.

    I also remember reading somewhere – correct me if I’m wrong here – that the water delivery system for San Francisco, which comes from the Hetch Hetchy Reservoir in the Sierras, was actually designed by SoCal water engineers as the price to be paid for the state’s OK for the Los Angeles Department of Water and Power (LADWP) to stealthily buy up the water rights to the Owens Valley (which is now nothing more than a saline desert, but was once groaning with orchards before the LADWP stole the water).

    The Hetch Hetchy project destroyed a valley which is described as being even more beautiful than Yosemite Valley. Such is the price of population growth, industrialization and the agriculturalization of the normally arid San Joaquin Valley, whose water source is the Sacramento River Delta.

    Is this the heart of your argument? – that SoCal has stolen NorCal water from the Delta to enable agriculture in the San Joaquin Valley? If so, then you are correct – but the Delta water grows crops that go not only to SoCal, but also to NorCal and indeed, the whole country.

    The politics and economics of water in California has historically been a sordid, treacherous, mean and ugly business, both North and South. But without these massive and ecologically destructive water projects, California would never have become what it is today.

    Come to think of it, maybe we should have just left the whole thing alone. But then, I wouldn’t be here and neither would you.

  1254. Now California wants a bailout. I can’t help but feel some guilty pleasure about this. Except you guys are going down the tubes because of your own lack of fiscal discipline.

    I live in Michigan and everyone in the midwest grows up feeling awe over the mystique of Cali. Almost every movie and TV show is made in Cali. most people are familiar with the cities there and where the celebs hang out.

    Meanwhile, we endured our crappy long winters, factory jobs, and unglamorous cities.

    Now Cali – with the richest economy in the country – has spent itself broke. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH!!!!!!!!!!! Now you are like us here in Michigan. YALL ARE A BUNCH OF BROKE ASSES NOW HOW DO U LIKE IT!

  1255. on May 26, 2009 at 9:26 am mikesurfer310

    That’s because we have too many public employees, and they make way too much money and are a burden to our state. They are leftover debris from the dot com boom days but the spineless lawmakers in Sacramento are too scared to hand out pink slips. So instead of transitioning them into the much needed Green jobs that are being promised, we’re importing engineers from other countries to come fill those jobs.
    Case in point, yesterday I was double parked in front of my own home waiting for my wife to come back to the car, she was getting something she forgot, when two bored Park Patrol officers came to harass me and wanted me to pull up 500 feet so my wife would have to walk further. There wasn’t any traffic so there was no compelling reason, they’re just trying to justify their useless jobs.
    We need these people in other industries and become the example for how to manage ourselves again.

  1256. I’ll never go to San Francisco for this one reason:

    When one of my friends was young he went to San Francisco and one of the first things he saw there was a gay guy in a thong walking on stilts. Nuff said.

  1257. Should this one be on here? San Francisco is for faggots and as a white person I hate faggots.

  1258. on May 26, 2009 at 10:49 pm mikesurfer310

    I’ll never go to your trailer park for this reason:

    When one of my friends came back from the future and one of the first things he saw there was you and your sibling spouse on the front page of the Christian Science Monitor’s special olympics edition holding your albino son and daughter’s spawned offspring with the title “”Special” Miracle”. Nuff said.

  1259. on May 27, 2009 at 11:41 am DreddPyrateRoberts

    What a shame. You are obviously threatened by boys who like boys. Personally, I do not care. What people do with each other on a consensual basis has NO effect on my life. I guess that you are not as secure with your heterosexuality as I am with mine.

    Still I don’t really have much of a desire to visit San Fran. It just seems like an uptight place that is in denial.

  1260. on May 27, 2009 at 12:29 pm PuntangPirate

    I welcome the boy on boy thing but only for selfish reasons. I honestly don’t care what about ethics or morality but a boy and a boy = two more ladies for me.

  1261. on May 27, 2009 at 10:16 pm DreddPyrateRoberts

    Well that’s a gimme, bro.

  1262. Don’t forget, though, that we certainly cannot live ANYwhere in SF if we want to continue to maintain our sense of superiority over other white people. The Marina or Pac Heights are simply unacceptable. The Mission is ideal, especially if you live close enough to Mission street to be seen on it every once in a while, but not close enough that you have recently dodged (unsuccessfully) a carelessly aimed snot rocket.

    However, for unquestioned “right kind of white people” status, go live in the Bottoms in Oakland.

  1263. on June 26, 2009 at 9:54 am Can't Keep my Mouth shut

    So you hate bundles of sticks, and SF is for bundles of sticks, for that is what a faggot truely is. You sad, sad little man.

  1264. The author chickened out on this one. White people like up-close diversity that isn’t dangerous. Ask Brian Beutler for details.

  1265. on June 28, 2009 at 9:54 pm DreddPyrateRoberts

    FRISCO! friscofriscofriscofrisco….. When that no longer bothers you SanFransisconianites, I’ll know that both testicles have dropped and you can be counted as a real city, like say, NYC.

  1266. San Francisco, LA, New York, all incredible cities. People that spend so much energy asserting the superiority of their city are just insecure and childish and probably not as happy as they pretend to be in their superior city.

  1267. Repressed much? lol
    Hire yourself a contractor, have him build you a closet, get in it and then come out. 🙂

  1268. hatred! maybe they mean educated whites, who can tolerate diversity, not hicks from south carolina who smoke two packs a day and drive a ’58 dodge truck.

  1269. I WANT A MILLION DOLLARS!!! Can one million RICH WHITE PEOPLE send me one dollar apiece, puh-lease????

    I don’t want money from any Asians, or Blacks or Hispanics. You guys NEED your money. I only want one dollar apiece from RICH WHITE PEOPLE, who seem to WASTE their money on things like visiting San Francisco.

    Waste it on me instead. Thanks so much! (First person who comments “You ARE a waste.” is a rotten egg. You thought it. I know you did. Stop lying. See? I knew it.)


  1270. on July 7, 2009 at 2:58 pm SanFrancisco

    “The presence of gays and Asians is imperative AS IT TWO PROVIDES TWO of the key resources most necessary for white success and happiness.”

    A San Franciscan would have proof-read their work.

  1271. on July 10, 2009 at 1:19 am fire juggler blues

    SSSSHHHHH! keep your voice down or you’ll have lots of white people following you home……

  1272. the shittiest people comment on this blog.

    every new page I read bursts my self-absorbed white bubble. To think I previously thought I was an individual.

  1273. on July 22, 2009 at 10:58 am mountaineer9

    I live in a small town south of Seattle. San Franciscans are secretly jealous of Seattle not New York…. Seattle’s hipper, way hipper. On the other hand, I’m not jealous! Seattle is way to PC for me!

  1274. I agree, If by White People you mean ‘self absorbed greater than thou liberal retards’ or ‘people that wholeheartedly embrace diversity while sending their kids to private school’

  1275. San Francisco is scenic & awesome, but a land of “fruits and nuts”, has a superiority complex about L.A. or Sou. Cal. people such as myself and not prepared for the “big one” about to strike in any moment. It’s the only major city where the white population is growing not in reverse, compared to L.A. dubbed the second Mexican city in the world outside of Mexico. However, San Francisco is the nation’s Chinese city but don’t point it out to the P-C wack jobs who find it racist and how not every Asian is Chinese (well duh). +

  1276. Never drive through Fillmore street and the Mission district, upscale whites took over like a street gang when the local gangs couldn’t pay their drug pusher dues. The local white elite tries to cover up what happened to everyone in Pacific Heights, they were all put in a desert internment camp. +

  1277. Because all the white people moved to San Jose at first, before it’s got too crowded, run-down & unappealing for their tastes. Same thing happened down in L.A. suburbs like the San Fernando valley and Orange County. I never thought all the upscale white professionals wanted to live in a city where bicycling up and down the streets is hellish. Marin county is the most expensive place in America, but don’t mention Fairfield County, Conn. , Oconee county, SC and Johnson County, Kan., the next place to move to & destroy the areas like locusts consume a patch of grass. +

  1278. California shall be renamed Michigan west, I mean Oakland is just as predominantly black like Detroit in some ways and high crime rates in South L.A. is what those Detroit gangs train for before their deployment. Since when Michigan is sold to Canada? I understand why Mexican-Americans in California feel, though San Francisco was already claimed to be sold to Japan. +

  1279. Why not? Non-wealthy whites favor Utah, Oklahoma, Alabama and anywhere with a red-color in a presidential election map. In Sou. Cal. suburban homes are foreclosed in record rates, and anyone living in Lancaster-Palmdale, Victorville and the Inland Empire (Riverside-San Bernardino) areas might well be living in the worst parts of Utah, Oklahoma or Alabama. In other words, wealthy West L.A. and Orange Coast folks dubbed the “High Desert” a land of meth labs and the Inland Empire to dump violent felons or state prison parolees. It’s no wonder not a single white person is seen in east Riverside along University Ave. or downtown San Bernardino along Rialto Ave. +

  1280. Thanks for the input on the limited water supply is what’s gonna bring an end to California, other than the San Andreas fault’s ramblings. The Cal. desert regions like the Imperial valley are running out of water for agriculture, all those San Diegans and Los Angelenos’ urge for greener lawns to water is dwindling the farmers’ irrigation water rights. The Salton Sea is the next “in” thing for L.A. mega-mansions and Palm Springs area golf courses to drain out, but careful: it’s very polluted and highly saline. +

  1281. Sacramento is ghetto? I always thought south San Diego was run-down, one section has a huge Chicano Park mural in primarily Hispanic Logan Heights, unless gentrification has kicked in. Sacramento has some very lucrative suburbs or you wouldn’t have state officials bought homes there. Elk Ridge, Roseville and El Dorado Hills appearantly aren’t for the “ghetto crowd”, although posh Contra Costa county east of Oakland is said to be more non-white than white. +

  1282. “Hey, why don’t you go back to San Francisco with the rest of the Jews?” – Eric Cartman verbally attacks Kyle on a South Park episode.

    California’s two senators Barbara Boxer and Dianne Feinstein are native San Franciscans, far-left Democrats, fire-breathing feminists and “butch”-looking Jew-esses. No wonder Eric Cartman is angry at San Francisco.

    Jews are one of 3 groups of people made San Francisco the way it is: along with Gays and Asians. Oops, I left out the Wasps (the blogger is a card-carrying member) and Wops (North Beach was heavily Italian until the 1980’s) +

  1283. True about the lack of serious racism in Germany, in part of the tragic lessons of Nazism maltreated fellow Germans of the Jewish faith, heritage or ancestry in the name of “Aryan racial pride”. Why can America learn seriously about racism is dangerous, in this case fellow Americans of color, African descent or non-Caucasian appearance?

    Germany went through the process of reunification to unite a similar ethnic group, but evolved two subcultures: East & West, the East took about 20 years to recover from the communist era and the West, “moneyed” or “snobs” by the so-called “Ossies” portrayed as backward or docile under indoctrination of Communist rule.

    America is on its way to break apart, turn against each other and fall into the authoritarian trap to solve problems, the very things Germany has gone through and paid the price dearly to never get into racism, authoritarianism and to restore a divided country by tearing down the wall. +

  1284. (knock knock) Hello? (tap tap) Anybody home? Taime is fine, she likes to write just like I do. Ok, catch you later Taime. Btw, nice long story on being San Francisco proud. +

  1285. To an upscale white person, San Francisco is “whiter” than L.A. despite Hispanics can be “white”, because east Asian-Americans included as “white” by some demographers in terms of cultural assimilation and socioeconomic status of 3rd or 4th-generation Americans of Chinese descent.

    Los Angeles is 48% Hispanic (some say over half at 58%), 11% (5 point inaccuracy) Black/African-American, 15% (may go up to 20%) Asian-American and 5% Native American (may double to 10%). White Anglos should be 21-25% of the city’s population, though the US census stated anyone can mark more than one race/ethnicity. Note Armenians, Arabs and Iranians are in the white Anglo category.

    San Francisco is less Asian now at 26%, with Hispanic goes down to 10%, Blacks at 5% and the rest “other” are 3% like Hawaiians of Polynesian origin. White Anglos are 50-54%, thus became half of the city’s population in recent years due to gentrification and high apartment rental prices has pushed out large numbers of non-whites out of town . +

  1286. When I first met my future husband’s group of friends at one of their parties he asked me how I adjusting to his white suburban upper-middle class world. I looked around and said “White? The party is over 65% Asian, the only non-interracial couples are Asian and real estate is cheaper in the suburbs.” Only in San Francisco/Bay Area!

  1287. this site is hilarious and relevant, but it seems like the majority of the comments are from the people this site talks shit about. go away. ps this city would be less miserable if the hipsters were extracted and there was sunlight and some humidity. i stay at my boyfriend’s house on haight street. he’s lived here for almost 20 years. i don’t know HOW he’s done it. everyone comes to the haight to see the hippies and all that crap. but the truth is those “street kids” have more money than I DO. i really hate those stoned guitar players. stop doing drugs and acting so smug. SMUG!!!!!!!!!!!

  1288. White liberals think their special elite force has the power to take back the city, like they are the answer to end the “brown tide” of Hispanics. I do know downtown L.A. like South Broadway street from Civic Center to the Santa Monica freeway was gentificated, it used to be largely Central American and Mexican section in the 1970’s to late 90’s. Main Street & 13th Place was the birthplace of the infamous MS13 (also known as Mafia Salvadoreno 13) street gang. Today, you find Disney Hall, Staples Center and new condonimums. Not only S.F., it’s been happening in downtown L.A.+

  1289. on August 13, 2009 at 9:25 am Le Boulevardier

    A most excellent commentary on LA vs SF.

    I lived and worked there in the Financial District at California and Kearney from ’67 – ’70, and I was struck, as you are, by the provinciality and irrationality of the mindset of many San Franciscans. An example: People would castigate you with great anger and hostility for using table sugar, but these same people had no problem with shoveling massive amounts of cocaine up their noses.

    Many of these so-called “San Franciscans” who mount the most vociferous defense of SF and extol its superiority over LA were born and raised somewhere else and have never been to LA.

  1290. An impressive thing about San Francisco I heard on a tour of the city is that there are about 250,000 dogs living there and only about 150,000 children. Sweet.

  1291. the massive mexican illegal invasion has crippled LA, however, the illegal mexicans have not yet crippled SanFran just yet.

    please stop using the word–“hispanic” are they spanish? are they ecuadorian, argentinian, columbian, peruvian,

    NO they are MEXICAN. ILLEGAL MEXICANS, like locusts have flocked to LA for all the freebies, warmth, and hand-outs. just like geese they go where there is free food and warm weather.

  1292. To answer in 3 paragraphs, the city of L.A. evolved its own character I find both interesting and challenging.
    1. L.A. is a hour north of Mexico, the cities of San Diego, Santa Ana, San Bernardino, Palm Springs and El Centro on the border has a large Hispanic immigrant presence.
    2. In most cases, undocumented immigration comes out of Mexico, with some from Central America and south America.
    3. What a way to describe it…and find your comment not humane. Wealthy white folks came to L.A. for a long time and found a source of “cheap labor” next door to them. +

  1293. Chicago is also diverse with over 100 ethnic groups alone! You can go into California’s Central Valley for a more ethnic diverse culture in places like Modesto, Stockton, Fresno and Bakersfield. Even Oklahoma’s own big city OKC and Tulsa (some demographers said it’s larger) has double-digit point percentage levels of Blacks, Asians, Hispanics and American Indians, perhaps the largest NA/NDN communities. +

  1294. Redondo Beach…my Mom’s hometown where she grew up in a neighborhood half Asian-American in the 1950’s and a black family was allowed to live in the city! Hispanics are a major presence before the immigration pattern since the ’70s…and local whites are often Portuguese, Italian or Greek when their parents came as fishermen or cannery workers at the pier. It’s so different now, the opposite of the entire L.A. basin where white Anglos are thought to disappeared or became rare like the WASPs of Vermont. +

  1295. on August 23, 2009 at 2:58 am world citizen

    dum dum americans 911 again please

  1296. there is a huge illegal MEXICAN (not ambigious term “hispanic”) population in LA. not much in San Diego b/c there are much less freebies given out to all the locusts of mexicans.

    LALA land is a welfare state; they give freebies out to illegal MEXICANs. what is “undocumented”; is that another professorial PC word. they are ILLEGAL, FELONS, part of the reason why California is bankrupt and has 12-31% unemployment–but cannot image educated people–legal americans CRBing (clean, rake, blow) as mexicans have that “work” all wrapped up as they are modern day slaves to the white man.

  1297. You are an f’ing jerk. First, you show your ignorance by your grammar and spelling. Duh, there is such a thing a spell check, and grammar check! It is free! You ramble on as if you are trying to put your thumb up you rear, you damn sure do not have a clue to what you are insinuating.

  1298. on September 2, 2009 at 4:35 pm Big Time Stoner

    just wanted to say we dont say SanFran ever!!! Cool people call san francisco “The City” of “Frisco”…or San Francisco…COOL PEOPLE!!! Or you can just say “The Sco” if you happen to be extra gangster. Um LA is awesome, so is New York City (can’t say the same about upstate) Not every white person in San Francisco is an elitist liberal, some are elitist closet conservatives, and lots could give a damn either which way. And weed is practically legal and the City has some of the best parade/party/art festivals in the world. Its just a city!!! yay! Basically, its over 9000!!!! Ron Paul/Ron Jeremy 2012! Two Rons who have last names that are also first names!!

  1299. I’m from the east bay. I hate LA. I’ve never met someone from NorCal who doesn’t…

  1300. What a wonderfully fastidious use of the internet.

  1301. how can you be so disgusting?

  1302. i never figured out why people in sf hate la. i have friends up there (had) and they just hate la with a passion. great conversation starter in the bay area.

    sf and la are very different but yet similar, both have wonderful outdoors just mins away from the cities limit but when sf people visit la they never go to the beach or any of the grand nation forest parks near la.

    it’s sad that some of them bad mouth la just because it doesn’t look like a giant shopping mall (union sq.) and not a load of tourist waiting one hour just to ride the stupid cablecar up and down the hill.

    la does suck if you are a tourist and don’t drive but it is a lifestyle city and not a landmark city like nyc and sf where people just go and take vacation pics.

    i used to dislike la and really wanted to move to nyc until i really spent time there (at least 3 weeks every year for 6 years now). last year i also spent 2 months in eastern europe and realized la is really amazing (had a ton of fun in europe).

  1303. faggots? oh god this show what kind of person you are by using this word.

  1304. and why are you put off by that?
    i have no problem seeing a woman do that. i am secured with my homosexuality.

  1305. stuff white people like:

    i hate LA

  1306. Um brown/black people do live within SF, not just out in Oakland or Richmond, most notably the Western Addition, Bayview Hunter’s Point, the Mission. But with the exception of the Mission, white people don’t go there.

  1307. Or San Pancho.

  1308. You forgot the Tenderloin, I thought I died and went to Zimbabwe when I moved there.

    Also I worked in the mission, so apparently at least one white person went there. Oh, and all the tweakers too.

    Fuck San Francisco.

  1309. we do not call it Frisco

  1310. I am from San Francisco, and I think this is 100% accurate.

    Also, I hate LA

  1311. on September 16, 2009 at 2:42 am Le Boulevardier

    How about Friscan Sanso?

  1312. Don’t like coloreds. Then Kansas, Nebraska, or Oaklahoma is for YOU! Look into it, chump!

  1313. Funniest line:

    “Oh man, I went to the Too Short show last night. So hyphy man, so hyphy. You should come by some time and we’ll ghost ride the Prius.”

    – MPM

  1314. San Francisco provides young white kids from wealthy backgrounds the opportunity to think they are tolerant and liberal without having to actually confront people who are any different than they are.

    And I am from LA.

  1315. on September 20, 2009 at 11:30 pm The real Michael d.

    JC1, I’m a native-born Californian (the south side) where a large percentage of people I grew up with or around are Latino, as well Black, Asian and white. I’m a 1/4 Cherokee Indian and a son of an immigrant from France, maybe the lesson of confronting diversity every day & not possessing enough wealth to be “with my own kind” is what everyone goes through. Everyone can be racist no matter what color of their skin, but it seems by the looks is the one “race” representing the elite are the dominant group…are white. +

  1316. on September 20, 2009 at 11:32 pm The real Michael d.

    Or it’s location in the Asian Pacific rim as a port of entry for many Asian-Americans for 150 years: Francisco-San? There is a reason for the Bay area’s high-tech coprorate economic connections with Japan, China, India and elsewhere of the Asian persuasion. +

  1317. Um, SF gives huge freebies out to the homeless. Shi-, SF practically pays the homeless. So, what’s the difference?

  1318. on September 26, 2009 at 2:24 pm The real Michael d.

    Let me also add, I am racist myself who loves to spread racist diatribe through out this website. I have autism, I have autism and I am a dumbass, and I am a dumbass. I am 100, 100 percent dumbass and I am gay and enjoy taking it up the ass, taking it up the ass.

  1319. its crazy i just moved to san francisco from san diego (unlike most of the commenters i have lived in both places) and i lived in portland for a couple of years. so i pretty much know all about the different regions of the west coast. the bay and SoCal have totally different attitudes and vibes, i ca never say one is better than the other it depends on preferences ( sun or no-sun, car or no car, rainbows(the sandals) or rainbows (the symbol) i have noticed that most of the younger san fraciscians are native so-cal residents especially from diego and the valley (as in l.a.). literally i meet someone from san diego everyday. basically i have come to realize that when during the “college years” everyone from SoCal and NorCal switches places and never returns. there is no such thing as native San Franciscan SF gets majority of its residence from SoCal college bound young adults who are tired of the sun&fun and want to switch it up.

  1320. “This enables white people to feel good about living near people of diverse backgrounds without having to directly deal with troublesome issues like income gaps or schooling.”

    Refering to Oakland and Richmond

    Any natives of San Francisco with school aged kids would laugh out loud at how wrong this is.

    Lets just say it isn’t white boy day ever at SF public high schools and leave it at that.

    Highest percentage of kids in SF of any city in America go private

    The income gap in the city of SF is massive as well

  1321. frisco? though nobody says sanfran either

  1322. I was born in Oakland, lived in San Francisco in my mid twenties, and recently moved to New York, and this article is hilarious, I actually found this website by being forwarded this article. While I love SF, it is completely pretentious and everyone thinks they’re better than other Americans, sometimes thinking that they’re closer to resembling Europeans. The only thing i don’t agree with is the New York inferiority complex, I never saw that.
    I also used to hate L.A. until I went there, it may be ugly and plastic but it’s still a lot of fun!

  1323. you dont have autism, you actually suffer from a condition caused from having a 14 inch black dick up your ass. you should get that checked. there is a cure for dick heads.

  1324. oh, be careful. that statement could make you racist.

  1325. Dude–I’m from San Leandro. You forgot that Northern California actually owns all the water…what about the aquaducts??? come on braaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhh

  1326. As someone who is planning to move to the Bay Area I found this hilarious. I’m from the UK and have visited SF maybe 10 times now and I would agree with the fact that they do resemble Europeans 🙂

    During the dark days of the Bush (Isn’t it great to be able to talk in the past tense now?) I visited Houston where my friend who had previously lived in Palo Alto had moved to. It made me realise that pretentious or not I knew where I would rather be.

    I’m sure loads of other places would have seemed like a safe haven as well, New York, Chicago, Seattle, Austin the list goes on, but I will always remember that it was SF that gave me hope that the US wasn’t completely lost to the rest of the West just yet 🙂

    That said real estate prices are bloody stupid…

    I also hate LA.

  1327. You’re wrong that there’s no such thing as a native San Franciscan living in San Francisco. I grew up in North Beach/Telegraph Hill (before the dot com boom–it was better back then) and almost all my best friends are natives. We went off to college and grad school in other parts of the country and world (for example I went to uni in London then worked at Parliament for a while), but we’ve subsequently returned here and are still close.

    I guess the difference is, the native San Franciscan doesn’t necessarily do the same things a newbie would, or hang out in all the hyped-up places that the out-of-towners are really into. You just must just be spending your time where people who don’t really know the city that well yet tend to go. Once you learn San Francisco better, you’ll meet more natives, trust me.

    And I strongly disagree that we “switch places” with populations from down south. Yes, they come up in droves, but I don’t know a single person from here who would ever, eeeever choose to live in Southern California. (Sorry, I’m not trying to sound like a b*tch, but that’s the reigning attitude).

  1328. I am not taking a moral stance on either side, but am just pointing out that the difference is legal residency status. Presumably the homeless in San Francisco are by and large legal American citizens. Amanda’s problem seems to be with being inside the United States ILlegally.

  1329. OMG as a mid-20s native I completely second the statement about hipsters. I hate hipsters!!

    They’re all here to have “the authentic San Francisco experience” which is of course completely mutated by them, in all their exact same clothes and exact same sunglasses (knockoff rayban wayfarers), with exact same stores and exact same bands. . . They are seriously responsible (or at least contributors) for turning the city into a caricature of its former self and it makes me really upset.

    GO BACK to the midwest, and take your poor versions (hobos in the upper Haight) with you!

  1330. I love it when girls are b*tches and act like b*tches and then condescendingly apologize about how they aren’t “trying to sound like a b*tch.” Of course if you really weren’t trying to be one, since you obviously recognize it yourself, you’d never would sound like a b*tch.

    Unfortunately, Chloe, you are a huge b*tch. I am a d*ck, yes, but I take pride in it and will not hide behind “not trying to sound” like what I am.

    San Fran can eat it.

    I live in Austin after New Orleans, cheaper and less fraudulent “b*tches”

  1331. san fransicko.

    san fran sicko


    CA==bankrupt, depression, massive unemployment, foreclosures galore, govt. corruption, coverups,

    san fran sicko

  1332. I loled so hard at that.

  1333. More than liking San Francisco, white people LOVE hating L.A.

  1334. This whitey loves L.A. I’ve traveled all over the US, Europe, the Americas including Mexico, Canada and South America also parts of Asia, etc… There are places I’d love to spend more time and wouldn’t feel tortured if I had to live there, like Shanghai, but I’m proud to call LA home. I’ve lived here since the early 80’s but have also lived large chunks of time in other places, including Boston, NYC and Dallas. It’s so hard to leave this place permanently. I think I’m dependent on this sess pool of a megalopolis. Other places are much more beautiful and hats off to NYC for being more exciting and grandiose but L.A. has something on each of them and I can’t quite put my head around it. The weather is great, but I enjoy an occasional snow storm, you can live anonymously, but we don’t have a monopoly on that, great sports teams, unless you like something other than basketball, fame and glitz, but I don’t even watch TV (I’m a scientist). My current theory on why I love L.A. so much isn’t because it’s the greatest or best of anything that’s important to me but rather that it cumulatively has more variety than anywhere else anywhere. No one can honestly dispute that.

  1335. I have got to comment on your comment. As I am a student of multicultural studies…yes. I have got to say something. I think of this as so true and laughably the ones from LA are always going to say something good about LA. I have been there several times. The first time my car got chased from a street light by some thugs walking on foot brandishing a sword? What the hell do you think they were going to do with that? Show me some pretty scenery and recommend some neat tourist hot spots? Ugh. LA is not los angeles-the angels, but rather LD lo diablos-the devils. cannot stand the place, and it isn’t pretty either like N Cal. So don’t tell me something I already know about. The place sucks. As for N. Cal yes there are a lot of pricks who think they are better than everybody else and they look down on people who are economically more disadvantaged from them. They are the ones who bring curses to this beautiful state. Once it was beautiful. Now it is being ravaged, not by gays, or asians, or latinos or blacks, but by ALL people who do not know how to cultivate the beauty and resources of the land! Ugh!

  1336. Actually illegals, or illegal aliens is a better term. In my sanctuary state to the north of you, we got ’em all. Mexicans, hondurans, peruvians, colombians. With obamao in office, we should start a pool for when the next amnesty is going to be signed into law.

  1337. Yeah, yeah, its always the white mans fault. We went down and dragged the poor bastards out of their homes brought them to the US illegally and turned them into slaves, for profits,…… and oil,…….. and war mongering. Fruitbats in tinfoil hats.

  1338. I too live south of seattle. I have travelled around the world a bunch of times and used to live in the bay area for about 5 years. I can honestly say, seattle is an island of ignorance in the sea of humanity. Those hipsters you speak of only think they are hip. They are all poseurs.

  1339. This is so weird to read that SFO people believe they have something on L.A. people. I hear the same thing when I travel an hour outside of here to one of the small minded satellite suburbs. I though SFO was a large city, I mean they have some sports teams which usually means it has a large population, but from the attitudes I’m gathering from this post, they don’t amount to much of anything. I don’t think people from L.A. hate people from SFO, even worse, they rarely ever acknowledge SFO. It’s one of the last places I think about when deciding where to go for a getaway. You’re the poor little forgotten redheaded step child. I’d rather be hated and envied.

  1340. on November 18, 2009 at 11:11 am Le Boulevardier

    “I hate LA. I’ve never met someone from NorCal who doesn’t…”

    I’m sure that’s true, since people from NorCal suffer from extreme samethink. Step outta line with any independent thought and all the samethinkers will barf their pre-digested baloney in your face. Gimme SoCal any day!

  1341. There are two close colleagues from my company, two out of 30, who are originally from San Francisco. One grew up in the city itself, somewhere near the famous Straight/Ashbury intersection and the other from a rich area north of the city called Sausalito (a picturesque suburb on the other side of the Golden Gate bridge). Also have friends from N. California (Walnut Creek, Danville, Palo Alto, Malpitas, etc…) They all go through the same attitude stages.
    At first it takes a while for the signature elitist SFO fog to clear but when it does they realize that Los Angeles is a much better place to live. They no longer feel victimized by having to had moved here. The same is true from many New Yorkers that are forced to relocate here but the elitism isn’t as profound, perhaps they are better prepared polyglot culture.
    They then go through a stage of surrender and eventually acceptance and embrace. They still cannot admit this to the those they left behind for a real fear of banishment and ridicule for “going Hollywood”. Interestingly, however, they seem to get giddy when a SFO tourist virgin goes to visit and enjoy picking their brains on the experience when they return, perhaps to tantalize the delusional pre-renaissance memory stains in their parahippocampal corteces, but ultimately concede even to the recent traveler that SFO is a more diverting place to VISIT but L.A. is more fulfilling to LIVE.
    Ironically the guy that was born and raised in the city and lived their until after college is the biggest critic I know of SFO. He claims to have no interest in ever going back, even to visit. I find that ironic because he’s a world traveler and frequently visits Amsterdam, a liberating, freedom loving city that I thought would most closely mirror (as closely as could be done on this side of the pond) his hometown.
    I’m not trying to highbrow here. I genuinely wish our neighbors to the north were a more world class city, which would be oh so much closer than the next real closest destination but the San Francisco citizens should acknowledge that they are are under the influence of the perpetual huffing the municipal lacquer used as an attempt to make their city’s image shine to attract visitors, or to cover the rotting.
    I am venturing to state that most Angelinos* that have been there quench their curiosity after only few hours and seldom yearn to visit again (we are experts on what is fake). I personally often forget that the metropolis even exists and it’s almost never included in my daily conversations or the conversations I often eavesdrop around me. While I was there I remember hearing L.A. mentioned all around me by patrons at the different restaurants, even though it wasn’t usually in a positive tone, a throwback to high school days when friends talked about the popular.
    Hate it or love it, I personally would rather be part of a town that is envied and noticed than admired but mostly ignored and forgotten by the rest of the civilized world.

    *by L.A., I’m speaking not about the dismal industrial zones or monochrome suburbs but the many jewel pockets woven indiscriminately throughout the region, you have to live here a long time to be able to identify which areas I’m talking about.

  1342. San Franfreako, coined that one myself.

  1343. And wont go to Africa=Oakland

  1344. This post keeps appearing. You must be the author of the quoted comment looking for validation of your, ahem, wit.

  1345. There’s no question: San Franciscans have an even more crippling inferiority complex about LA. They grow up Haighting on their big brother to the South.

    I’ve repeatedly tested this hypothesis. NY is a coast, and a world, away. But LA is a nagging reminder in their backyard that, while cute and “cultured,” San Francisco is not among the First Cities of the world. It’s no Rome. It’s no Tokyo. It’s no New York City. And, it’s certainly no Los Angeles.

  1346. and the weather is pretty good.

  1347. I’m from San Francisco and I just sat here laughing because most of it is SO true.
    90% of my friends are Asian, and I hate LA.
    But I don’t think people hate New York, rather most people want to go to the East Coast and visit NY, Boston, DC, etc. And people hate LA, but like San Diego.

    Someone made a good point about swapping for college. I’m applying now and I really want to go to UCSD and a LOT of people here go to SoCal for college and lots of people there come up here for Berkeley, Davis, etc.

    San Francisco is an awesome city and the Bay Area has so much to offer, I definitely think its not so much being a match for Tokyo, Rome, etc, but being the gateway of the West to the East.
    I’ve been to LA a lot and I think its just a culture difference….and the crappy water 😉

  1348. on December 4, 2009 at 2:54 pm King of the Coasts

    So many LA people posting, so little time. Give it up. LA will never make this list. I know that is what you all really want. Your efforts made in vilifying SF has not gone unnoticed. Self introspection is needed here. Reality is that people from LA may have some kind of complex at this point. Your fake attention seeking personalities are the worst. Keep sniffing that smog and drinking that nasty water. Stay classy as always.

  1349. I think this post and the comments are funny. I’m from L.A and I can say that most people down here never even think of San Francisco – at least not in my experience. It’s seriously the most one sided rivalry I’ve ever encountered. It’s crazy. Most people from L.A don’t even know it exists until they visit the bay area.

    I don’t vilify SF at all – and I’m sure most in L.A don’t as that would require us to be aware of a rivalry that only exists in the minds of people from SF.

    When people from L.A visit SF they think its a cute city with pretty scenery. When people from SF visit L.A they get a kick out of turning their nose up and finding reasons to hate it – in most cases without even exploring it to see what it’s all about. SF likes to play the role of the sophisticated, cultured, artistic city – ironically the majority of leading arts institutions, art schools etc. and one of the best orchestras in the U.S are in Los Angeles. Combine that with one of the better, and newest Opera companies in the country and a lively music scene and you’ve got a cultural powerhouse that goes beyond the tired stereotypes of hollywood.

    I remember taking my friend from SF to the Norton Simon Museum, which has one of the finest private collections of European art in the country. She promptly told me that the collection feels out of place in L.A. Translation: L.A can’t possibly have fine art because its…well L.A and not San Francisco. If that doesn’t scream inferiority complex and provincialism, I don’t know what does…

  1350. on December 10, 2009 at 9:44 am Le Boulevardier

    You nailed it – especially your comment that “SF likes to play the role of the sophisticated, cultured, artistic city…”.

    By contrast, LA is the big, brash, rude, rich and unbearable country cousin who farts out loud in a roomful of people and yells, “Ooh – that was a good ‘un! Ah-ha-ha-ha-ha.”

    It’s interesting that other cities have the same relationship as LA and SF. For example, Dallas as SF and Houston as LA; or, Tulsa as SF and Oklahoma City as LA.

  1351. im white and I hate San Francisco

  1352. on December 21, 2009 at 2:02 pm West Coast Thrilla

    Your assumption that LA as one of the first cities in the world is a debating trick. You start off with a lie and base everything that follows off of that false assumption. Sneaky, but we don’t buy it.

    LA is third rate because it’s totally unwalkable and has no decent public transportation to speak of. Not to mention ungodly amounts of smog, dirty water, and traffic. Don’t even get me started with the gang problems, red or blue, which one are you?? The #1 skid row in America, and your graffiti problem.

    No, it’s SF that actually shines. Income, quality of life, restaurants, everything that actually matters per capita. SF takes the cake and arguably is the crown jewel of cities in America.

    Debate me with facts if you want, you’re not going to like the results.

  1353. your a bitch and seems like your not from the bay area.

  1354. i love san francisco music scene http://tastym.blogspot.com/ like todday and yesterday.

  1355. Your boastfulness amuses me. “San Francisco isn’t a match for Tokyo or Rome”? At least as far as Tokyo is concerned, that city is one of the most homogenous cities in the world. New York, London, or Paris are far more diverse than any Japanese city.
    Rome is, in my estimate, more or less the same.

  1356. You’re right. San Francisco is so much better than other large cities. Other large cities have black and hispanic people. They also have a lot of homeless people. Thank god for San Francisco, a haven for the cleaner people.

  1357. As long as it doesn’t come into your neighborhood, right?

  1358. I wish I were either Asian or Jewish. They I might be part of the ruling class.

  1359. San Francisco is the coolest place on the planet. It’s also the most depressing at times. Something about the shadows and drugs and transvestites and cops non existence. I saw a video http://slimspickin.blogspot.com/ of chicks nude in san francisco filmed by a gay dude on the street and nobody even bothered to look. There is always someone stranger than you.

  1360. I grew up and was raised in L.A. My pops worked at DWP and my grandfather was a mailman at that took me to Phillipes for lunch as a boy. L.A. is a great place, it’s just a completely different animal. I have lived here for 43 years and still here areas of LA mentioned on the news that I have no idea where they are at. L.A. is so big that it can’t be talked about as if it is one city (it isn’t actually, most people say L.A. and they mean L.A. County).

    San Francisco is 7 miles across. It is tolerant of all kinds of freaks. I once saw a guy smoking a joint while talking to a cop. It’s beautiful and clean and has wonderful consistent architecture and artists everywhere. It has history and something wonderful about it.

  1361. Fuck that, I’m white San Francisco is for faggots

  1362. I’m not white, but I must say that I completely agree with this blog with regards to most people (white or not) in the Bay Area, not just SF.

    I don’t necessarily believe it to be a bad thing.

  1363. A true standard in comedy blogging.

    Another great site is http://www.SomethingYouShouldRead.com

  1364. on January 12, 2010 at 5:31 pm Beating for Jacks

    Not at all.

    Why are you still continuing to rep LA and denigrate SF, when this entry (#91 San Francisco) has nothing whatsoever to do with LA, and everything to do with SF. Your very existance and of you people posting non-sequitors with regards to this thread (anything regarding LA) is your own enemy, and gives LA’s “complex” away.

    LA is LA, wait to get listed at #369 or something. And stop hijacking this comment section. That is all!

  1365. Wrong kind of white…

  1366. I’m black and I grew up in San Francisco. You are correct about a lot of white people in the city. But most of us who grew up in SF and a superiority complex. It’s a great city to live in. However, I have lived in LA and I loved it. I have been to NY and other big cities on the east coast and I had a great time.

  1367. ………..(have a superiority complex).

    I don’t want anyone correcting my grammar.

  1368. I’m white and live in Oakland. I never did see the draw to the rainy side of the bay. The sun never shines, it’s always cold, homeless caked in dirt are everywhere like some zombie movie, and the whole city smells like a fish market.

    On the other hand Oakland is famous for being a terrible place. You see, the sun does shine quite often, summers are warm, homeless are rare, and it doesn’t smell like a fish market.

    I dunno. I lived in SF for about a year. I got tired of the perpetual drizzle and lack of parking. The homeless zombies who made it a point to crap and pee in every doorway certainly added a bit of spice to the constant odour du fishguts.

    I hear tourists say how great it is and I hear so many white folks living there who believe it’s the center of the universe but either I’m not the right kind of white people or those folks must have come from a real hellhole before SF.

  1369. They wouldn’t say “so hyphy,” they’d say “Hella hyphy”

  1370. Maybe people from LA don’t go to San Francisco and hate it very often, but they simply can’t get it through their heads how on earth someone might dislike LA. No one from SF is *trying* to find things that are terrible about LA, but when we do – for instance, it’s ugly, smoggy, loud and totally congested at all hours – LA locals are completely baffled that there are negative feelings. LA has some great things (restaurants, primarily), it’s just not for everyone.

  1371. For anyone who hates on a city or the people who chose to live in that city, it’s all about attitude! You’ll never like any place unless you’re happy with yourself 🙂 My outlook never changed from Atlanta to New York to London to SF . . . I’ve liked them all even though people looove to hate on things like weather, parking, homeless, etc.

  1372. I lived in the Manhattan’s east village for many years, now in portland (which will soon be filled with every new yorker), I know and been often to SF. SF has always considered its self the cultural capital of the west coast. Even though the art never truly represent the money in the area. But just like NYC EV lost its edge to Brooklyn, SF has first lost to Oakland but majorly to LA. No one can deny the current creative force coming from LA, mostly from silver lake and los feliz. just like Brooklyn is benefiting from a surge people desiring to be part of its energy so is are these parts of LA. SF not so much.

  1373. Given the recession and the fact that the USA is slow slipping as THE world superpower, even NYC is no longer “superior” in the world. New York is an old, old city. Many of the buildings are older than most of the people posting on here. In terms of being new and hip, Dubai and Tokyo kick NYC’s a$$ in terms of architecture and being “real” cities. New York is the largest city America has, but consider that Walt Disney World in Florida has enough land to make 4 Manhattans. It was recently stated that NYC is no longer the financial hub of the world and that distinction is now granted to London. SF is only 7 square miles. Even Boston has an inferiority complex to NY.

    Where you live is all a preference. The first time I ever visited Paris I came home saying how I would love to live in France. My Dad, who always had a way to bring you back down to earth, said “remember that when you live there, every day is not a vacation.” Most of us spend more time at our work than we do our own homes, or just as much time. Of course, if you work at home, I guess that might be a little different. Where you live has probably more to do with the type of job you have or where your family called home. At the end of the day, no matter where you live, it’s all about working and paying your bills. Whether you are paying $1,800 a month for a studio in SF or $2,600 for a rent controlled studio on the Upper East Side or if you have a 1 bedroom in a suburb of Dallas, the issues are the same…how can I pay my rent and my bills? Everything after that is just gravy.

  1374. Dubai is overpriced, and fake. Same goes with Tokyo.

  1375. Ironically for all their so-called progressive liberal nature, San Franciscans are some of the biggest snobs in the US I have ever encountered. To add even more irony, they love to bitch about Los Angeles, but most of the time they are/were Angelenos themselves.

  1376. on February 10, 2010 at 5:06 pm Chuck Wavy Dean

    I live in Los Angeles but I love SF. It is a great city with lots of good restaurants, great architecture and is just generally a very beautiful and interesting city.

    I almost moved up to SF for biz school but got a last minute promotion at my job in LA and decided to take the new job and go to biz school at night. I have often wondered if I made the right decision. However, had I gone to SF for biz school I would never have met my wife.

    Even though I live in LA and am a native Angeleno, IMO SF is superior to LA.

  1377. on February 10, 2010 at 5:13 pm Chuck Wavy Dean

    I am white, live in Los Angeles but I love San Francisco.

    However, one thing that LA does much better than SF IMO is sushi. I have been to sushi bars in both cities and from my experience the sushi in LA is better than what I have had in SF.

    Not that SF sushi is bad, it’s just not as good as the sushi I’ve had in LA.

    Actually, if there are any sushi loving SF residents posting on this site if you could let me know of some really good sushi bars in SF I would love to check them out. I would reciprocate by turning you on to some of my favorite sushi bars in LA.

  1378. chinkland=san francisco
    but you would like that, you seem like that type that bashes races but is married to a fugly asian wife whose the only shit out there that could stand your sorry ass

  1379. You are such a dumbass racist. You aren’t even a good racist. You’re worried about some illegal Mexican whose working dirt jobs to send something back to his mamma when you should be worried about all the Asians taking over shit.

    Really you wanted to be a dishwasher, or a grape picker, or a restaurant worker, of course you did because the Asian guy you trained just got offered your job.

    You know, mail order brides are brought over by pervy white dudes and can get papers in a few years, indians come over on visas that then allow them to bring over everyone and their mother, and international students from Asian come over and take the place of your kids at your universities, and you’re worried about Mexicans. Shit.

    While you’re on your pussy power trip, guess whose fucking you in the ass without you even noticing.

    Last time I heard China trying to gain world dominance by subverting us through debt, and doing a fine job might I add. Guess you missed that memo because you too distracted by Mexicans taking over your dirt ass job.

    If your the future of the movement, god help us.

  1380. Okay, I’m gonna say it again, because Lord help us.

    DUMBASS RACIST MORONS. Let China take over shit as long as they’re doing it legally, right? Glad they were able to distract you by waving an illegal over your face.

    You’re worried about some illegal Mexican whose working dirt jobs to send something back to his mamma when you should be worried about all the Asians taking over shit.

    Really you wanted to be a dishwasher, or a grape picker, or a restaurant worker, of course you did because the Asian guy you trained just got offered your job.

    You know, mail order brides are brought over by pervy white dudes and can get papers in a few years, indians come over on visas that then allow them to bring over everyone and their mother, and international students from Asian come over and take the place of your kids at your universities, and you’re worried about Mexicans. Shit.

    While you’re on your pussy power trip, guess whose fucking you in the ass without you even noticing.

    Last time I heard China trying to gain world dominance by subverting us through debt, and doing a fine job might I add. Guess you missed that memo because you too distracted by Mexicans taking over your dirt ass job.

    If your the future of the movement, god help us.

  1381. Sorry, who has the “crippling inferiority complex”? I could have sworn it was every single white person who writes for this website.

    What the hell is wrong with you people? You’re so consumed with white guilt that you have to tear down a place like San Francisco? Yeah, I get that it’s a “safe” city for whites to like, but Jesus Christ, what is the point of all this?

    Hey white people! You are the dominant race in our society with a history of violence toward other races, so let’s all be irreverent to make it feel less awkward!

    Shutup, SHUTUP, SHUTUP!!!!!! This kind of self-effacement does not win you any points with anyone. Stop trying to be on the cutting edge of cynicism for once, and get in touch with your inner human being.

  1382. This comment is aimed at Douche, this article is supposed to be funny. If you’re taking this seriously then please don’t read the Onion. You will freak out.

  1383. Los Angeles is disgusting… I can’t see how anyone would prefer L.A. to S.F…. that’s just mind bogglingly stupid. S.F. is beautiful.

  1384. Have to agree with Logan, here. Get off your ivory tower and grow a sense of humor, douche!

  1385. yea dude take it easy. stop thinking youre morally superior because you read shelby steele.

  1386. i hate when people take this site too seriously, because it is really funny. but i jsut have one correction: sf’s school system is one of the worst in the nation and the amount of theft percapita is nearly double oaklands. but still– i do love sf, damn great expensive sandwiches. try ikes in the castro — fantastic

  1387. also – saigon sandwich in the tenderloin/civic center area, on larkin — soooooooo good. but not expensive, in fact really cheap

  1388. Seems like you are the one with the Complex.

    Are you saying that everyone else ,other than “White” people, deserve to voice their views and opinions on race and culture in our society?

    Why are you “trying to win points” anyways? What kind of game is this that you are trying to win?


  1389. LOL I live in the San Francisco area and this couldn’t be truer! Except there are some parts of Berkeley that are pretty ghetto, which is why most whities here have no problem “repping” berkeley.

  1390. Yep, people from San Francisco never shut up about their gay little town. “It’s just more progressive”… shut the fuck up already.

  1391. Dubai, never been, but seems pretty awesome, annnnd fake. Tokyo, yes it is overpriced and fake, been there done that. But is SF, NYC and LA not overpriced and fake? By fake I presume you mean overzealous careerists with an emotional void in their lives?

    C’mon man, that’s like every 1st world city.

  1392. on March 9, 2010 at 9:30 pm For Chicago!

    Don’t forget Chi-town in the heart of the Midwest, not a fly-over state if the major air aviation hub is O’Hare airport, and white people love Denver, because it has mountains in the backdrop.

  1393. Sorry San Fran., the award for “biggest Cal. city ever” goes to L.A. ever since the 1906 earthquake destroyed San Fran. The city also ran out of room to expand, therefore more new residents went to Oakland and since 1950, San Jose to become the Bay Area’s largest city. I’m surprised the Bay Area remains called the “San Francisco” not the “San Jose” area, where the hi-tech conglomerate Silicon Valley (i.e. Apple, Cisco, Sun microsystems, Yahoo, etc.) is actually found.

  1394. Locals never say “San Fran” either. They say “The City”. On that note, if you go to a Golden State Warrior game, you will see alot of people wearing “The City” gear. Since the Warriors play in Oakland, they call them the Golden State Warriors and not the Oakland Warriors. When the gear refers to “The City”, it really refers to the old San Francisco Warriors. People in the area would feel uncool if they had to actually represent Oakland. But as the blog says, white people like to think they are multicultural in San Francisco, even though they NEVER drive through Oakland.

  1395. @For L.A.! It’s called the San Francisco Bay Area because it all surrounds the San Francisco Bay.

    You guys forgot about the Mexicans. I can’t go anywhere in my neighborhood without seeing a bunch of them. So, it’s a bit more diverse than you let on.

  1396. I love San Fran! Glad to know I’m white =D

  1397. No need to apologize [For L.A.!]. Believe it or not, many San Franciscans don’t care if their town is the~2nd city~ of California because S.F. has always been a great city even though it doesn’t cover a large land mass that L.A. has and isn’t a media whore + home of Hollywood type of place. One of the only few shortcomings of San Francisco is that it has a very limited room to grow since the natural geography of being surrounded by water on three sides. San Francisco has historically been the main magnet for drawing people from across the globe to its environs. With that being said, the region will always be called the “San Francisco Bay Area” because it was initially San Francisco that made the Bay Area what it is today and not San Jose nor the rest of Sillicon Valley. Never forget that.

  1398. on March 19, 2010 at 7:20 pm We be representin' Oakland C-A

  1399. on March 19, 2010 at 7:44 pm White tide comes to S.F. Bay

    Little Mexico=San Jose. Dontcha love liberals in their dream to not only diversify America like they had in Cal., but create separate but equal homelands for each racial/ethnic group. Here’s how it works: White people get to keep S.F., but will “tolerate” Chinese and other Asians live there, Oakland is for the black people and give San Jose to the Latinos who want it after the white people move out. What about Berkeley, Daly City, Marin City, Palo Alto, Richmond and San Mateo you may ask? It all depends, the suburbs are more integrated than S.F., except it goes by census tract instead.

  1400. on March 22, 2010 at 7:19 am SEMINOLE SAM


  1401. on March 26, 2010 at 7:04 pm doubleplusgood

    Montreal baby!

  1402. on March 31, 2010 at 7:46 pm SEMINOLE SAM

    I am a total douchebag who plays with himself too much. I want you to get rid of Ms. Pelosi because I love her and want to steal her away from her husband so I can have her all to myself. Also I like watercress sandwiches and Perrier.

  1403. About Thomas Briollet
    My name is Thomas Briollet. I must admit I am homosexual. The only woman I fantasize about sexually is my mother. She is so fucking sexy. I dream of bending her over and pounding her pussy in front of our gay French relatives. Then I will come on her face and she will lick it off and say “Oh Thomas,you are just like your father who beat the shit out of you and me and was a pathetic alcoholic, and now you just work for some stupid French wine distribution company because you are too stupid to see beyond cliches about French people!” The best thing the French have is the Eiffel Tower, but it is completely useless, like me Thomas. It is just an ugly heap of metal that serves no purpose. Big deal.

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    I am secretly gay, but I never told my papa cause he would hit me hard and make my ass bleed. I like partying partying and drinking and dancing because I am so original! I am such a party animal! Too bad I am getting fatter and uglier as I grow older. Too bad I have a small small penis and I will never satisfy a woman; and they are faking their orgasms by going ah ah ah. But many sexy girls make me feel important. I am scared of being alone so I must be surrounded by lots of friends and distractions because in my retard brain I know that my papa hated me and he abandoned me. Sincerely, Thomas Briollet.

  1404. on April 5, 2010 at 4:30 pm WestSiiiideWhitePerson

    “They are greatly appreciated during the census, but white people are generally very happy that they stay in places like Oakland and Richmond. This enables white people to feel good about living near people of diverse backgrounds without having to directly deal with troublesome issues like income gaps or schooling.”…Obviously you’ve never been to Oakland, because if you think that living there enables you to live a happy, ghetto school system-free, no-housing-project city, you are very much mistaken. Richmond maybe, but the Oakland Public School systems are very poor right now and in horrible condition. We most certainly do have to deal with those ‘troublesome issues.’

  1405. He means that the white people are happy that “minorities” stay in Richmond and Oakland, not the white people themselves. Richmond public school or rather wccusd is very poor too.

  1406. God I hate san francisco. born and raised. full of the most boring delusional nimrods who love too close to each other and have no real identity, the only scraps of which are dictated by the quickly changing fads that exist in the ‘street’ culture. go fuck yourselves

  1407. Dude, fuck you!

  1408. this is preposterous. whites comprise less than 1/2 the pop. of SF.

  1409. Also, San Franciscans also hate it when people refer to SF as “Frisco”

    I guess people from Southern California say that and it pisses them off.

  1410. Thanks for the ammo and congratulations! You’ve successfully moved this Angelino from indifference towards “Friscoans” to perturbed. At least you’re now noticed.

  1411. I live in SoCal, but I’ve been in and out of SF since the hippie days of the ’60s, and there is much to love about the place, such as true city living, efficient and effective public transportation, a progressive culture, friendly people, open and unapologetic sexuality of whatever stripe, great bars and restaurants, hiking paths with striking views, lovely parks and on and on.

    But one can’t help but notice certain disconnects between belief and practice. I once brought a gallon jug of Red Mountain burgundy wine to a small gathering of people in a crash pad on Fell Street just east of Stanyan along the Panhandle. I was roundly condemned for indulging in the repressive intoxicant of straight America and that I should limit myself to the liberating effects of weed and LSD, which I also liked very much at the time. But in no time that jug of wine was making the rounds and was soon gone. Disconnect!

    Another one occurred in the mid ’70s. This one involved the use of white sugar in my coffee, which drew the attention of a young woman at a neighboring table. She disapproved, castigated me for being so unenlightened and proceeded to reel off the ill health effects of refined cane sugar as opposed to raw suger. I indulged her and listened to her diatribe. It was clear that she was jacked up on some kind of speed, so when she finished I remarked to her that despite her concern with the health effects of white sugar, she seemed to have no problem shoving massive amounts of cocaine up her nose. She sheepishly admitted it. Disconnect!

    But these are minor hypocrisies of which most of us are guilty at one time or another. It’s okay to fall in love with SF, even if you don’t conform completely to the specification of the ideal San Franciscan. Countless are the young romantics, far better than I, who have been seduced by the Siren song of The City.

  1412. on May 29, 2010 at 5:04 pm Speaking of 60s acid trips...

  1413. Uggg…this SoCal boy moved to the bay area for 2-1/2 years. Give me LA over “The City” (what *those* people call it…seriously) any day of the week. At least we are honest about our racial issues, unlike Frisco who pretty much relegates Black people to Oakland and the homeless to Berkeley.

    Oh, and to all you from New York City…Angelinos don’t hate on you guys…New York is cool…San Francisco is the enemy of us both.

  1414. Exactly and agreed… by design…right? To keep shite out of site? Love it when I hear people hate on this city!!!God bless…now bounce punk ass. Go back to LA or soft ass NYC ya fuckin TOYS!

  1415. ^^^ Congrats dude for that TOOL comment!! Your score is 100!

  1416. ^^^ 100% TOOL. ROFLMFAO

  1417. San Fran and asian women….im outta LA asap…

  1418. san fransicko

  1419. That’s a fun game! Barbarugly

  1420. What white people do you know? No straight white male likes San Francisco, fool.

  1421. You’re an idiot.

  1422. Agreed fuck SF, And white hipster faggot douchefucks

  1423. “Paradise City” by Guns N’Roses is in reference to SF.

    I’m pretty sure they’re straight because any member of that band has banged 100000x more chicks than you have or ever will.

  1424. wow im so offended by this… i think i’ll go cry about it..

    like really?.. you’re retarded!

  1425. wow i’m so offended by this … i think i’ll go cry about it..
    like seriously.. you’re retarded!

  1426. Guess you’ve never been to San Francisco. We have pretty darn good sports teams (Giants, 49ers, Raiders, etc.), lots of straight women who would like to meet straight guys, lots of stuff to do, amazing food, smart people (top cities with degrees), etc. etc. Having the Castro is just a perk. Guess, you would rather sit in your Po-dunk Hole. Oh well.

  1427. You are exactly the type of White People that ruined San Francisco. Thanks to you, San Francisco is a skeleton of the real beautiful but grimey authentic city with real people that it used to be. Unlike you peckerwoods, I was born and raised in The City in what used to be the ghetto in Lakeview. I think it’s awful that the most liberal forward thinking city in America will not stop until it complete rids itself of all of its Black citizens. And FYI, there are many rappers from San Francisco. They just don’t live in any neighborhood a sane White person with money would live in. I grew up on Ramsell St down the street from Cellski, Cougnut and IMP who lived in the 200 Block Housing Projects on Randolph St. Do your Hip Hop homework White people. RBL Posse, NOH Mafia, Big Mack and many others hail from Hunter’s Point; another ghetto in Frisco that no White person would dare step foot.

  1428. “Guess, you would rather sit in your Po-dunk Hole. Oh well.”

    This is exactly what I don’t like about San Fransisco- the people that live there. Spare us the endless complaining about the rest of us and how morally, intellectually flawed we all are because we dare not live in a 7 mile wide tourist trap. the city itself is pretty cool if a tad overrated. The people that used to live there are whiny children that fall to pieces the minute they are cut off from constant stimulus and chaos. Do us all a favor and stay there forever.

  1429. on September 13, 2010 at 4:56 pm Jeremy Bornstein

    waayyy to many fascists on this blog.

  1430. on