#122 Moleskine Notebooks

moleskine_pocket_plain_notebookSince all white people consider themselves to be “creative,” they are constantly in need of products and accessories that will allow them to capture their thoughts.  One of the more popular  products in recent years has been the Moleskine notebook.

This particular type of notebook is very expensive and was quite popular with writers and artists in the olden days.  Needless to say, these are two properties that are highly coveted in the white community.   In fact, it’s a good rule of thumb to know that white people like anything that old writers and artists liked:  typewriters, journals, suicide, heroin, and trains are just a few examples.

Much like virtually everything else that white people like, these notebooks are considerably more expensive yet provide no additional functionality over regular notebooks that cost a dollar.  Thankfully, since white people only keep their most original and creative ideas in the Moleskine, many of them will only be required to purchase one per lifetime.

But the the growing popularity of these little journals, is not without its own set of problems.  One of the strangest side effects has been the puzzling situation whereby a white person will sit in an independent coffee shop with a Moleskine notebook resting on top of a Apple laptop.  You might wonder why they need so many devices to write down thoughts?  Well, if a white person has a great idea, they write it by hand, if they have a good idea, it goes into the computer.

Not only does this help them keep their thoughts organized, but it serves as a signal to the other white people in the shop that the owner of both instruments is truly creative.  It screams: “I’m not using my computer to check email and read celebrity gossip, I’m using it to create art.  Please ask me about it.”

So when you see a white person with one of these notebooks, you should always ask them about what sort of projects they are working on their free time.  But you should never ask to actually see the notebook lest you ask the question “how are you going to make a novel out of five phone numbers and a grocery list?”


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  1. I have mine for song lyrics. Well played, Christian.

  2. Damn it, I’ve finally be called out on my b.s., that just hurts.

  3. Yep, I use mine for sketches and poetry. Definetly been called on this one.

  4. on February 24, 2009 at 9:55 am yeahrightradio

    Every time there is a new post here, I die a little bit on the inside. They haven’t been wrong about me once. Except maybe the hummus post.


  5. it’s elastic strap. duh

  6. on February 24, 2009 at 9:56 am Nathalie with an H

    Nuh huh…too expensive. Overrated…
    I buy my notebooks with elastic bands and pretty coloured covers from a beautiful stationer boutique in the pearl distric of Portland called “Ecru”.
    The last time I used one was to write a travel journal during my two weeks in China. http://www.ecrupaper.com/

  7. I love the quote at the end.

    “how are you going to make a novel out of five phone numbers and a grocery list?”

    I think I may need to add that to a signature line somewhere. lol

  8. i just threw up a little in my mouth

  9. From wikipedia:

    Although Moleskine srl claims their notebook has been used by well-known artists and writers, such as Picasso, Matisse, Kurakin and Hemingway, the brand Moleskine was officially registered only in 1996. Francesco Franceschi, head of Modo & Modo’s marketing department, was quoted as saying, “It’s an exaggeration. It’s marketing, not science. It’s not the absolute truth.”

  10. Napkins are a good substitute when nothing esle is available.

  11. on February 24, 2009 at 10:01 am The American Mutt

    The paper is a good quality for drawing on, and generally the thing fits easily into a back pocket. Otherwise I concur. I wish I only went through one a year.

  12. I would like to say I am not one of those white people who does that. But I am the exact person who bought it for the name and then puts rambles in it….

  13. same=shame…sorry.

  14. don’t know what happened to my last comment…here it is again:

    Welp! Now I will hide my head in my faux-leather bound temple of shame…I must journal about this…


  15. Do the Mead ‘Fat Lil Notebooks’ from CVS count?

  16. I use mine to record hit points for my high level fighter

  17. Running out of topics – eh?

  18. Oh ouch. That one struck home.

    I usually can’t bring myself to write in mine. They are just too … nice and pristine.

  19. I bought a couple to doodle in, but only because I can’t find any other sketchbook that actually fits in my pocket 😡

  20. overload . . . can’t tell . . . if comment . . . is satire . . . or not . . . .

  21. D’oh. I feel like I just got pantsed.

  22. I can’t tell if Nathalie is being ironic, or if she is actually the whitest person known to mankind:
    -a first named spelled with extra letters
    -lives in Portland
    -shops at boutiques
    -traveled in China
    -journaled about it
    -uses British spellings (or maybe she is just actually British)

    That is an awful lot to be packed into three sentences.

  23. on February 24, 2009 at 10:27 am scotslawstudent

    I don’t pretend that the fact I’m using a Moleskine makes me anymore creative but I do like the fact that they lie flat without needing to hold them open (actually quite an unusual design feature in notebooks), I like the pocket in the back and I like the tear out sheets. I’m not liking the new ones though, I think the paper’s getting worse.

    Not features worth £7 but I use mine for notes to speak from. They’re simply too much money for everyday use but the fact that moleskines look neat and tidy is handy when you’re using it for presentations. It’s bound sheets of paper that stay in the right order and it lies open on your desk when you’re talking.

    NB: You should do an article on recycled paper next – it’s not as good as regular paper, it’s rougher and off white, but it costs a bit more and it’s ecological.

  24. Yeah, guilty as charged. I went to a coffee shop with friends over the weekend to get some work done. To our chagrin, the table had 3 identical Apple laptops and 6 Moleskines on it, before all was said and done.

    They do have a sense of permanence, though. What with the nice paper and binding and all.

  25. Ha! My boyfriend, who hates all things trendy, has at least seven of these full of random stuff.

  26. LOL…I wondered when this would show up here. Pretty funny, but I have filled up five of these since I started using them a couple of years ago. There really is a lot to like about them, actually, for journaling & so forth.

  27. Bah! Christian, I swear you’re stalking me and using this blog to write my unauthorized biography. Stop it.

    Haha, in all seriousness, I have a number of moleskines. I like the paper (although, yes, it has gotten worse since they’ve outsourced to China…). I use the hardcover ones for more significant material (my thesis), the soft cahiers for class notes and then the planner. I think my bag has about 6 of them at all times.

    The marketing about the authors who “used” them back in the 50s or what not is funny. When you actually read about them, it was just the style of notebook they used. Not the brand as Big J said.

  28. Hey the editor of a web site i write for gave us two of these for valentine’s day. I promptly lost mine in a pile of unsorted mail. I’m only half white.

  29. Clander may have just achieved SWPL perfection with this one. Despite the fact that I’m irrepressibly brown I usually had enough knowledge of each SWPL topic to see the satire coming. But I had no idea what a Moleskine notebook was before I read this. I knew the right kind of white people dug fancy stationary stores but that was a pretty vague idea. Judging by the responses though, this entry is dead on.

    (The Right Kind of) White People Love It + Black & Brown People Have No Idea What It Is (Or Why It Matters) = SWPL Perfection

    trevor’s sarcastic shame inverse affirmation & Nathalie with an H’s sensei level dead-on SWPL one-up manship seal the deal.

  30. I would use mine more, except I can only write in it with an ink pen… it is all archival quality, you see. My grandchildren in 60 years will be able to marvel at my grocery lists.

  31. I have known about SWPL for a while but today is the first day I have read the blog. Ha ha! Spot on! However, I wonder if this is really stuff White People like, or is it stuff Upper Middle Class and Educated People like?

    I mean where are

    Miley Cyrus
    Country Western Music
    Designer Outlet Malls
    Bassmaster competitions
    Ice Fishing
    Polka festivals

    Most of the White People things covered here would equally baffle White People who like the above sorts of things.

    I just think you could be more specific about what sort of White People you are referring to.

  32. Since you’re new to this, I’ll spare you some thought. You are right. It is about a certain type of white person. It’s fun making broad generalizations, but the sooner you realize it’s the scarf wearing, Mos Def listening, coffee drinking white people, the more you’ll enjoy this blog.

  33. Those would be the wrong kind of white people.

  34. As a Black man I have found that artsy white women who like to have sex with Black men are likely to have filled up and saved several of these, each marking a distinct period in their development.

    They’ll have the “suburbs-suck-I’m-so-not-a-Heather-” journal.

    Then there’s the “Why-did-they-cancel-my-so-called-life-?” journal.

    Then there’s the “decision: suicide-or-mock-starvation-?” period.

    And I’d be remiss to overlook the “I’m-a-vegan-gothic-porn-lesbian-activist-aka-the-college-years” journal.

    Then there’s the “wow-black-guys-like-my-big-butt” period (this is where my brothas come in with the interracial sexxxin’).

    And, generally, there’s the “how-the-hell-did-I-wind-up-living-BACK-in-the-suburbs-and-riding-commuter-trains-to-work-every-frickin-day-?” journal.

    All in moleskin.

  35. I feel out of the loop. I don’t have one of those, and didn’t actually know what it was prior to reading this. I used to just buy fancy little hardbound notebooks with “art” on the covers and carry them around, but I stopped doing that about ten years ago. Still, it probably counts.

  36. Actually, K’Naan is currently outdoing Mos Def on the white folks circuit.

    Don’t believe me? Search twitter. He’s all the rage.

  37. Re: “SWPL perfection”

    I too am “melanin-rich” and this is how I felt when I was confronted with the “Ugly Sweater Party” entry.

  38. Well, as an artist, I’ve seen Moleskines everywhere. A lot of people I know carry them around for sketches and things. I don’t personally use them because they’re expensive and too small for me to draw anything useful (I prefer the $5 9×12 hardbound books you buy at Borders on the clearance shelf), but apparently other artists like them because they’re portable and because the paper is higher quality and can take things like ink or watercolor well for plein air studies.

    For every day tasks, though… just get a little notebook, man! It’s cheaper!

  39. “Thankfully, since white people only keep their most original and creative ideas in the Moleskine, many of them will only be required to purchase one per lifetime.”

    Ouch. Still hilarious, and I love your book!

  40. Retro is in these days. It’s so bourgeoise to write on something that actually requires ink.

  41. You can get a square deal Marble Memo notebook made by Mead that fits in your pocket for about a buck and a quarter.

  42. It’s one of the best parts of the joke:

    While many white people wouldn’t even blink when their travel guide says, “Turkish people like to…” or “Indian people usually,” we get tripped up by this and think “Hey, wait a second! There are all different types of white people!”

  43. “I like the paper (although, yes, it has gotten worse since they’ve outsourced to China…)”

    You’d think it would be even better since China invented paper. Pity.

  44. This made me LOL, as I carry one around and write in it daily…but it is the kind with music staff paper, and I have yet to find an equally small notebook for writing down musical ideas…plus each one lasts a long time and is super durable.

  45. on February 24, 2009 at 1:05 pm Nathalie with an H

    If you had read all previous blogs you would know who the target is…it’s not all white people.

  46. on February 24, 2009 at 1:11 pm Nathalie with an H

    I was born in the French alps. The spelling of the name Nathalie includes an H, however H is mute in French.
    I moved to Portland, OR 8 years ago. I favour English spelling because that’s what I was taugh in school and yes, I do listen to underground hip-hop…and yes I did travel to China for two weeks last spring…be very afraid people!

  47. on February 24, 2009 at 1:18 pm Nathalie with an H

    I really wish I was making this up…sadly I may very well be the whitest person known to man kind… : /

  48. aahaha! this is so true. i do love my moleskine planner

  49. on February 24, 2009 at 1:21 pm Annie with two Ns

    Nathalie is my good friend. We bonded over microbrews during a work happy hour at a hip downtown agency were we used to work.

    She also cooks with sea salt and drives an Audi A4.

    Yes, she is the whitest person who ever lived.

  50. on February 24, 2009 at 1:23 pm Nathalie with an H

    You also forgot that me and my husband snowboard and that sometimes he even makes his own beer and cheese…and I bake my own bread. Do we need an intervention of sort?

  51. Love this site…makes me giggle 🙂

  52. Boom…just when you think this blog is over you hit us with a classic. Thanks!

    When is the long due post about Demetri Martin coming?

  53. on February 24, 2009 at 1:31 pm Nathalie with an H

    Not to make it worse but it’s Audi A3…I drove a good ol’ 2 door VW TDI before that. I had named her Edna.

  54. on February 24, 2009 at 1:37 pm pashpashpashpashmina

    You didn’t “travel” to China. You went on holiday. Admit it. Go on.

  55. I bought a moleskine two months ago, as a journal.
    Knowing this was the obvious “white” choice, I was reluctant at first, but in fact, for a durable notebook without flowers on the cover, there’s not much alternative… Too bad!

  56. I carry around a pocket sized Moleskin because I’ve found the cheaper ones to be flimsier, bulkier, and more uncomfortable in my pocket. But yeah, they are really pretentious.

  57. on February 24, 2009 at 1:50 pm Nathalie with an H

    Correct, but this is sort of reassuring right? Maybe I am not that white after all? 😉

  58. i’ve always wanted a moleskine, but i feel i don’t deserve one since i don’t know how to pronounce it.
    is it with a long “i” like “pine” ?

  59. “Well, if a white person has a great idea, they write it by hand, if they have a good idea, it goes into the computer.”


  60. I’ve always been surprised byt those city notebooks with for all kinds of European cities. Since I am a european I’ve traveled many capitals frome the Moleskine notebooks, but I never understood what’s usefull about these city notebooks.
    If you travel trough europe, you’ll need at least 5 different notebooks that come with the different cities. If you stay in one city for a longer period, 1 notebook is way too small…

    I love your site, but “Stuff white Amerikans like” is probably better.

  61. stuff white people like is overpriced because they know white tossers will beg, borrow and steal just to be cool.

  62. Not just in Amerika – they’re on sale in the UK and Ireland too. I’ve seen them, and seen folks talking about them, and don’t get it. Am I not White enough?

  63. I’ve never heard of a moleskine notebook but I would agree that “accessories” to keep organized are very important.


  64. Ah, hahaha. Oh, Stuff White People Like, you’ve cut me to the bone! Here I sit with not just one, but TWO dark blue moleskine notebooks next to me, both recieved as gifts before I left for my scholastic exchange trip in Sevilla (where I yet remain). One is completely full, with different pen colors and things taped in scrapbook-style for bonus White People Points™.

    In fact, I was writing in it this morning… on top of my closed Powerbook. Oh, fie!

    I am also taking a course in French, a language I’ve wanted to learn, and have talked about wanting to learn, for a while. I’m a White Person Triple Threat over here!

  65. whitey white here also uses the word “ol’”, complete with mood-killing apostrophe

  66. yup. this is all so true. damnit.

  67. Every time I go into the coffee shop in my neighborhood, someone has one of these alongside their apple computer. I admit I own one. However, I actually wrote an entire children’s book in a $1 cheap notebook, not my fancy one.

  68. on February 24, 2009 at 3:29 pm West Seattle rules

    OMG! That was an awesome comment! So true

  69. Uk – Ireland – easy peasy markets … how about Auckland, Wellington, Christchurch, Sydney, Melbourne ..

    Air New Zealand gave their gold elite passengers a complementary moleskin last year- they are all over the public galleries, Christchurch in particular.

    They are also the accessory of choice in Melbourne and Sydney art galleries.

    I am off to the Cook Islands in a few weeks – will check out their availability in the pacific islands – after all, isnt that supposed to be one of their main uses – being able to write down travel thoughts while balancing on the edge of a rocking canoe.

  70. With about three exceptions, I’m the wrong kind of white people. But while heinously pretentious, Moleskins are really sturdy little notebooks. I like them because they remind me of Henry Jones’ grail diary in Indiana Jones & The Last Crusade.

    I’m not surprised their marketers lied about the history of their little books to sell to latte-drinking “I’m a Mac” hipster snobs. The effete (don’t know how to spell it and don’t care) obnoxious suicidal writers who scrawled a bunch of nihilism and self-aggrandizing whimpering that the marketers are trying to turn around and sell really is aggravating – it takes away from what otherwise is a pretty nice little book.

  71. I feel honored that I got Christian to sign my Moleskine on Jan. 31 when he came to Chattanooga. He told me that there would be an upcoming post about them. We had a laugh. I’m black.

  72. I am, dead on, the kind of white people outlined in this blog, but I use the moleskines b/c they are super sturdy, too. I go with the blank unlined ones that are 3 to a pack. I can roll them up and stuff them in my bag, and the pages are thin enough where I can trace things when I need to.
    All things considered, they are a bit more unassuming than some huge ringed sketch pad. I actually don’t like when ppl come and help themselves to what I’m doing. It’s like putting your hand on a pregnant belly without asking. ha.

  73. Best comment ever. Love it.

  74. ST, you’re busted. You’re a fraud.

    Only the ‘right’ kind of white person would even attempt the word “effete” (sp?).

    A genuine wrong kind of white person would have said something like “p*ssy-ass” or “f*gg*t-ass” or “librul-ass”.

    VERDICT: You fail at failing. 😛


  75. Indeed. The last three paragraphs all possess gems of classic-ness.

    “Well, if a white person has a great idea, they write it by hand, if they have a good idea, it goes into the computer.”

    “I’m not using my computer to check email and read celebrity gossip, I’m using it to create art. Please ask me about it.”

    ^^ Two non-gamer HEAD SHOTs

    “So when you see a white person with one of these notebooks, you should always ask them about what sort of projects they are working on their free time.”

    ^^ I will oh so be doing this!

    I must to practice in order that I do not a smile crack.

  76. I feel inferior when I go to non-Starbucks coffeeshops with my Dell.

  77. My sources have informed me that I failed to mention three moleskin journal edge cases.

    Branching off: “…interracial sexxxin’…”

    a) There’s the “I-now-like-latino-men-I-get-some-of-the-dark-without-all-the-uterus-bruising”, followed by the

    b) “Okay-I-now-prefer-men-from-Spain-or-Argentina-all-the-Spanish-other-ness-none-of-the-death-threats” period.

    Next up

    c) “I-hear-Asian-men-are-gentle–must-try-to-try”.

    Merging to: “…BACK-in-the-suburbs…”

  78. My dearest Fiona. I approach you with two-ish suggestions to outdo your Mac-loving foes.

    1) Put a sticker of an apple on your Dull. But Not an Apple Computer logo sticker. Like a sticker of a real apple. You know… the fruit… from trees… you know.

    2) Run Ubuntu Linux on your Dull. You can do all the same stuff (OpenOffice.org, etc.), but with Apple-defying coolness.

    2a) Put an ad on Craigslist asking for help setting up your Dull to dual-boot Ubuntu.

    Be sure to note that you’re a female to get the fastest responses. The respondents will be glad to do it for free.

    They will not screw up your computer. These ninjas know what they are doing. There are no exceptions.

    I’m very serious about AotA.


  79. Guilty as charged. I bought mine in bulk and use the softcover ones for work and the hard cover ones for journaling and random notes. They last forever and travel well.

  80. I like the Moleskine notebooks (3) which my sister bought me. The last one is about 1/3 full.

    A question for you, though. Part of my heritage is Scots and Welsh. Do I still qualify as white? Or does just knowing about that ethnic background make me even more white/White?

  81. Scots are white in the US, but not white in the UK.

    Ditto for you Welsh sheep-shaggers. 🙂

    The Irish, on the other hand only achieved “white-ness” in the US in the most-recent 60 years.


    Pls post photo of self so that we might gauge your correct degree of white-itude

  82. on February 24, 2009 at 7:17 pm Mr. Interesting

    i had a teacher in highschool last year who swore by ’em and made us buy ’em. They’re awesome. I still use ’em in University.

    I hope Gmail comes soon. and Collegehumor.cpm

  83. White people also like to read websites such as stuffwhitepeoplelike.com and laugh ironically, while thinking to themselves, “OH MY GOD! That is so true, I do like that.”

  84. We know this.


  85. No! No! I can’t take it, this is too funny. I swear, even though I am a Mexican-American, I am becoming too white for my own good AND you are somehow channeling my inner thoughts. I write for a travel website and today my editor pulled me aside and suggested I write to several companies and ask that they send me samples of their travel-related products so I can review them. And what was literally my first thought? “Hmmm… I should ask for some Moleskines and talk about how they are good for journaling when you travel.” I even wrote a note to myself on my MacBook!

    too much! ahahahahahaha!!!

  86. I empathize with all of you that feel like Christian is stalking them (I literally bought SWPL and my first Moleskin at B&N in November). But then again, that’s why the book is a guide to “the unique taste of millions.”

  87. “You’d think it would be even better since China invented paper. Pity.”
    Too funny!!!

  88. Tomorrow I head to the land of the wrong white people (AKA Wisconsin). Its probably a form of exile since I didn’t know what a moleskin was, altho I can picture the users.

    Another thought.. Girl Scout cookies – are they for the right kind of white people?

  89. The lulz never end.

  90. oh, so horrifically guilty as charged……i even have a custom made one….. le sigh. you cut us through again clander.

  91. Don’t you lose a few points for using the h-word to refer to your partner?

  92. I have long suspected this (Scots and Welsh do not = whiteness/True Brit. Thanks for the confirmation, stagolee.

  93. haha I recently needed a planner and I had to dig through a pile of the moleskins. They felt nice but were a good ten dollars more expensive than anything else!

  94. How do you always know?!!?

  95. How do I turn off the e-mail notification?

  96. you can get custom one’s made?? now I’m jealous.

  97. What’s even more disturbing is the legacy of what white people like. During the early 30’s my grandfather was a big man on campus at USC. Clothing stores sponsored him to wear their clothing to class and one of his favorites was moleskine. On his death-bed, he asked me to find a pair of camel colored moleskine pants to be buried in, which I did, and now he is.

  98. Dear Stuff White People Like, this is my favourite of your posts yet. It actually makes me buzz a little it is so good. If I ever see you in the street, Stuff White People Like, I shall buy you a drink. (That is what white people say when they have no intention of buying someone a drink but they want that person to know how indebted they want to pretend they are to them).

  99. Ha, yea I usually get those too. They’re big enough to draw in, durable enough to last until you run out of blank pages, and if you really wanna be creative you can rip the whole thing apart and replace the cover with something cooler.

    but yea, grocery stores and walmart sell packs of 5 notebooks for like 1 dollar during back to school.

  100. You are such a fucking liar.

  101. You’ve never heard of a spiral notebook, you Scottish cadamite?

  102. Portland; well, let’s see. Nat and Ann are gay, and Ann is the bull dyke. Their car is actually a Prius, and Nat’s brother has sex in city hall with the mayor. We’re talking about Portland, right.

  103. You can always pick out a Canadian, eh?

  104. Only really fat chicks have sex with black men. Oh, and ugly, too.

  105. Moleskine paper makes great ass wipe.

  106. so true. thank you.

  107. lmao. what if you are wrong. it sounds like something that was written in a moleskine and read aloud.

  108. This, too, is true Tom. Next round’s on me.

  109. WOW! that is funny…….

  110. I found this rat in my beer -eh..

  111. Oh, simple Buckaroo…. please continue to labor under your naive illusions. 🙂

    My brothers have likely had your mother, your sister and your future wife.

    Revel in the thought. 😉

  112. Ha! I just got one of these!

    I’m so white, and I LOVE it!!

  113. never even knew what moleskin was

  114. hey,
    it was a present! OK? 😀

  115. i’m indian.
    i got mine on ebay for much cheaper 🙂
    i like the pocket inside
    i also like that elastic thing that keeps it shut
    i like the soft cover
    the one i bought is gridded
    it’s hard finding similar notebook, that is not too large or too small that has the gridded paper.

    but yea they are getting popular i can’t deny that!

  116. hmmm, i am pretty white and not crative at all. i usually write things on junk mail.

  117. The Apple Notebook is a necessity of your everyday white person in a coffee shop. And if saw someone with both of them, I wouldn’t possibly know what to think. I might actually get up and leave the coffee house fearing said white person might spontaneously combust because he/she can’t think of something creative.

  118. Heh, I have a moleskine. The concept is good, but the execution is crap – I had to fix mine during an internship at a bookbinder I did a while ago. The bookbinder also agreed that the execution of the new moleskines is cheap crap. The original moleskines might have been better, but the ones you have these days are really cheaply made, and sold for much too high a price.

    – 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

  119. The Apple Notebook is a necessity of your everyday white person in a coffee shop. And if saw someone with both of them, I wouldn’t possibly know what to think. I might actually get up and leave the coffee house fearing said white person might spontaneously combust because he/she can’t think of something creative.


  120. Correction: I have a moleskine sketchbook. Not a notebook. Even if it’s crappy, due to the flexible yet rather robust cover, it’s definitely easier to carry around than a hardcover sketchbook which I used to carry in the past.

  121. i was wondering when this would come up

  122. on February 25, 2009 at 3:28 am sleeplessnearseattle


    I use a mac, and currently have not one but two moleskine’s, a sketchbook (for grocery lists, normal chicky journal stuff and unflattering doodles of people from seminar, and lists of funny names), and a 2009 planner, which has that convenient bookmark sewn in and bungees closed. I’ve been experimenting with different plain notebooks since middle school, when I decided to become a diarist (so that if I had kids they could see them and also because I had no friends to talk to) used to be a big devotee of mead college rule composition books, but they accidentally came to school with me one too many times. Since then I’ve tried just about every kind of plain college ruled (or narrower) 5×7-8.5×11 notebook with a plain black or blue cover without any images or text printed on it, and plain end paper, that I can find. Something about the plainness of these types of notebooks attract me.

    That said, while I’m very satisfied with the planner, I’m not sure I’d get the notebook again, because the size isn’t super convenient. Miquelrius makes good plain ruled journals, but they are all softcover, with a round spine. I might go back to them.

    ….but this notebook name dropping isn’t from hours of whitey browsing for the best, classiest, whitest notebook, it came about organically when I worked at a bookstore with a decent notebook selection.

  123. Hahaha. Spot on. Good post.
    I just wrote about Moleskines too. Seems like it’s a topic that people care about 😉

  124. You are not the right kind of white person.

    You are permitted to rejoice.

  125. This is a good one, cause I do have a notebook I constantly carry …with nothing but 5 numbers and grocery list. White folks do love trains…both my boys have train stuff in their rooms. My grandfather was a conductor :oD Hit the hammer on the nail!

  126. I use my iphone for grocery lists. The notebook is for phone numbers only. Thank you for pointing out what a loser I am.

  127. I think Nathalie wih an H has a Jack Russel, shops at Wholefoods and has a tattoo of a butterfly on her ankle.

  128. I like cereal.

  129. on February 25, 2009 at 5:54 am usedtobevegetarian

    I bought one 3 years ago thinking its clean lines would inspire me, but I haven’t used it once! I think that’s because it was so expensive I could only “afford” the smallest size, which isn’t really big enough to be useful for me. Of course I have afforded many other purchases since then, including overpriced coffee, said Apple laptop, and rent in a hip white-person borough.

  130. It’s time to come out: I am definitely white.

    Every time I watch my girlfriend go through the ritual incantations she has to perform to get her Acer laptop into sleep mode, I’m say a prayer of gratitude to St. Steven (Jobs), and quietly close the lid on my Macbook Pro.

    I was using Moleskins for a while, but then switched to a leather-covered journal I found at Barnes and Noble that has removable/refillable bound paper inserts. It has the virtue of also providing a place for a pen, which may be the reason those Moleskins are not full of creative ideas.

  131. I KNEW this one was coming!!!!

  132. Then why not say “a certain kind of white people”?

    Otherwise we have to talk about

    State Fairs
    Cheese Curds
    Classic Rock
    Monster Truck Rallies
    Kid Rock
    Disney Princesses

    Note to others … I do “get it” (latte-drinking, Trader Joe- shopping, NPR-listening, sushi-loving white person that I am.) … but I think you should be honest about what you mean when you say “white people” because out here in flyover country there are lots and lots of white people who wouldn’t know what a Moleskin notebook is either.

  133. I don’t think anyone has brought this up, but I use Moleskin because I am left handed and it is one of the only notebooks that lays flat. It doesn’t rub annoyingly across my hand while I am trying to write. Do you have any idea how difficult it is to be left handed in a right handed world? No wonder so many gifted, talented, successful people also happen to be left handed–we do try harder. Oh, and by the way, President Obama is left handed.

  134. i used two moleskins while taking a year off. I worked on getting more stamps in my passport than other white people around me, developed a thing for asian girls and girls with bangs, and came back to work in an unpaid internship. my moleskins sit on my coffee table like trophys and my pantry currently has sea salt that I use on food while watching English Premier League because I like the idea of soccer. I am uberwhite.

  135. I use a cheap notebook from Target. But it does have trendy, pretty designs on it. And it does sit atop my Mac laptop. Though I do not like it when people ask me about it.

    Angie (from over at http://www.HalfAssedKitchen.com)

  136. on February 25, 2009 at 7:33 am yeahrightradio

    Nothing says “white” quite like a moleskin toting junkie on a train.


  137. on February 25, 2009 at 7:35 am fairytaleshenanigans

    You forgot to mention that said white person will be sitting in the coffee shop drinking something withOUT added sweetener, because true Moleskine carrying, Apple sporting, coffee inhabiting white people don’t believe in sweet drinks.

    And they will probably have pseudo cool nerdy black framed glasses. Or perhaps that’s another entry.

    Good one 🙂

  138. Nathalie is French and doesn’t buy Moleskine notebook but custom ones from an Ecru boutique in portland.
    well, thank you for sharing.
    Next step is to buy some velin blanc cassé paper in Paris to send ground-level mail to your specific others in Portland when you next travel through the entire Cochinchine during as long as 2 weeks. And don’t forget to mention the thai hookers and the good opium form cambodia in your plog.

  139. Crap. I just bought one of these 2 weeks ago. It has a list of things to blog about, and the date 2/17.

    I suck.

  140. on February 25, 2009 at 7:52 am Tri-State Baby

    Spiral notebooks look juvenile and sloppy. Simply lack the clean lines of a Moleskine.

  141. I read this last night, and then found my girlfriend like this this morning in a coffee shop. I couldn’t resist.

    Stuff Alison Likes

  142. Busted! I have used Moleskines since college and I love them. I even created a little wallet for the back of mine so that I can keep all my important stuff together. I know it is sad, but I just can’t help myself!

  143. on February 25, 2009 at 8:11 am that's watch she said

    Classic. I love this entry.

  144. Can I take some credit for this? 😛

    I emailed suggesting this one, but it was already in the works. But you know us white people. We like taking credit for other people’s work. We’ll sometimes type up a cover sheet with our name included and attach it to someone else’s doctoral dissertation.

    This one is seriously a classic. And yes, I have a couple of Moleskines, I have an Apple laptop, I enjoy independent book stores and coffee shops. I need help. 🙂

  145. All those poor, skinned moles. Dying for whiteitude. Such a waste.

  146. “But you know us white people. We like taking credit for other people’s work.”

    I think that applies more to Canadian white people. They like to take credit out of almost anything. In a couple generations, I wouldn’t be surprised if you hear from Canadians that they discovered fire and invented the wheel.


  147. Yeah, typical. Cheating off your smarter, larger neighbo(u)r. 😉

  148. on February 25, 2009 at 9:01 am Nathalie with an H

    I am not that white people…I have a pit bull/black lab mix that I’ve rescued, I shop at Winco most times and I have no tattoo. It all balances out see! 🙂

  149. on February 25, 2009 at 9:02 am Nathalie with an H

    “L’ignorance est le plus grand des mépris”.
    Ponder that bitch 😉

  150. on February 25, 2009 at 9:21 am 10th Level Fighter

    Darn, I thought you put moleskine on your feet to prevent blisters. Or maybe that is for the wrong kind of white people?

  151. Have animal rights been a topic here yet?

  152. It would be a good one.

    White people will often volunteer at animal shelters because they care so much about our non-human friends. They’ll then go to a restaurant and eat the muscle tissue of an animal that suffered a violent, bloody death in a slaughter house. The more enlightened white people will eat only humane meat meaning the animal was fed clean water and given weekly massages before being led to the slaughter house where it met a violent, bloody death.

  153. I prefer meat from animals that have been tickled to death. And when eating out order a Peta-pita.

  154. 1) I bought a Moleskine because I saw Wil Wheaton blog about how much he likes them, does that qualify me for uber-whiteness?

    2) I’ve barely touched the thing since I bought it almost a year ago, and just last night I realized I didn’t have a notebook of any sort in my purse, so I dug out the Moleskine… and this morning I saw someone link to this on twitter. (ooooWHEEEEoooo)

  155. I’m left-handed as well and know exactly what you mean. I have 5 Moleskins, I use them mostly for sermon notes and notetaking when I read. I’ve been using Moleskins for about 4 years and adore them! I also have a black Macbook. I’m also a black female and this post made my day 🙂

    Left-handers rule!

  156. hey, i love these notebooks!

  157. Holy god, you are hilarious for a white people.

  158. i bought a standard moleskine notebook 2 years ago filled it with 1 and a half pages of the start of a journal. it sat decoratively on the side table for a month until i felt silly and guilty for buying it . so i hid it in the closet to avoid having to try to write something profound in it. sadly i couldn’t resist my whiteness and bought a pack of their thin black soft cover notebooks for my facinating, archival quality, random phone numbers and grocery lists.

  159. ahem, i still dont know how to pronounce the darn thing…

    come on, i thought we as upper class, educated white folks are supposed to LOVE to correct people and show how smart we are…

  160. I was going to say “but we have madison!!!”, but you’re right. So, very right.

  161. Yay Moleskins! Actually, I’ve noticed that Field Notes are kind of the “hip new thing.”

  162. Whoops! I typed too fast, and forgot the “e” in “Moleskines.”

  163. because that would ruin the mock racist irony (#50) of it all.

  164. on February 25, 2009 at 11:57 am I like elem school composition books

    If you use fountain pens (as I do), the paper they use in the Moleskine product is better than typicaly notebook paper. That’s the big diff. But at $18 a pop, I can’t afford to enjoy the fine paper, so I use standard elementary school composition books, which work with fountain pens nearly as well.

  165. Perhaps fountain pens will be added to the list of stuff? I certainly love them.

    I have a collection of blank books, including moleskine, because I have a fascination with writing with and on pretty things. Also I believe my scribblings will be legendary (at least in my own mind).

  166. Ok, I’m black and I like my MacBook, independent coffee shops, and I kiss white guys…Does that make me an Oreo? I think its funny the things that people define as being liked by whites..Because most black people like those things also. Who and what we don’t get is GWENYTH PALTROW. I like her too, she extremely talented and in a simple way pretty…But white people really, REALLY, love her. Every white guy or girl I know thinks she soooo “CLASSIC”.. What does classic even mean, my friend once even referred to her as “REGAL”, I was like WTF? I know black have theirs also (Beyonce, Obama and Oprah)..Honestly I really love white people. As a black person we’re sometimes conditioned and swayed at the social level not to, but I love all people, I find everyone funny.

  167. I’m white and I LOOOOOOOOOVE Gwenyth Paltrow. She is so classy.

  168. Is ooooWHEEEEooo the Doctor Who theme, or a spooky theme? You know, either could apply here. For all we know, this person is a time traveler!

  169. I am absolutely HORRIFIED that you would include “suicide” in a list of interests. Suicide is a serious issue and when you line it up next to trivialities like “journals” and “typewriters” you almost make it sound like a thing of the past, which it is not. An American dies of suicide every 16 minutes. I ask that you REMOVE this from your post as it is not at all necessary to your point and, more devastatingly, trivializes a very traumatic part of some lives.


    L. Johnson

  170. man, I gots to get me on of them.

    btw if you like political rambling check out this new blog I found the other day, pretty good stuff, just not much content at this point.


  171. Suicide, heroin and trains are all where its at.

    Can’t be a good thinker if you aren’t constantly on the brink of the void, a screaming needle in your arm while being moved across a vast landscape by archaic means.

    That’s called “living artfully!”

  172. Lizz,

    Should the blogger also remove the reference to drugs? Or just shut the site down because it’s racist against whites? I have friends who have ended their own lives, and yes, it is very tragic. But I disagree that it makes the topic off-limits.

    Just my humble opinion.

  173. ariel,

    That’s okay. I’m white and I never “got” Bernie Mac. I thought he had something to do with the mortgage industry.

  174. John,

    Taboo is the name of the game here and I revel in that aspect of SWPL. However, most of the interests and “stuff” listed are lifestyle choices, whereas suicide is the result of clinical depression. My anger comes with equating a chemical imbalance like suicide with statement purchases like typewriters in 2009 and beautiful notebooks that denote a lifestyle.

    Should we discuss suicide openly? Absolutely. Should it be a part of a humorous lifestyle blog? Absolutely not.

  175. M-O-L-E-S-K-I-N-E. . .

    I know about the stuff you use to prevent blisters when out backpacking. But how to pronounce these notebooks?

    Is it like,



  176. Seriously, does this guy follow me around?

  177. Jimbo…
    It’s pronounced mole-skeen-a.
    Info from one aa chick that’s in the know.

  178. Dude, you are so articulate. Will you be my friend?

  179. See the previous post, “being offended”

  180. You’re a fucking loser. Kill yourself.

  181. Lizz,

    The blog entry isn’t trivializing suicide but rather ridiculing the trivialization of suicide by those who would romanticize it. Just like the stereotypical “white person” discussed in these blogs would probably never try heroin (which also kills a fair amount of people), they also probably wouldn’t ever try to kill themselves, but rather fatuously romance the mystique around famous people who have killed themselves, like Ernest Hemingway or Sylvia Plath, and then falsely conclude that it must have something to do with their literary prowess. This blog is all about making fun of distorted reasoning.

    Besides, being able to laugh at things like suicide is part of getting past them. Richard Pryor was even able to joke about *setting himself on fire* for crying out loud. I’m sorry if you were offended by the post, but I think you’re misunderstanding it.

    -random_guy (who actually tried killing himself a few years ago, too)

  182. I think I’ll get an ironic tatoo of a moleskin notebook.

  183. What? There’s a pocket in the back? WHAT????

  184. Sorry, I’m not wired for Bro-mance.

  185. I only know 2 non white creatives. 1 is me. Slumdog Creative.
    Loving the blog… not in a white hating way. x

  186. on February 25, 2009 at 2:40 pm Nathalie with an H

    Stagolee: I want to marry all your hilarious comments and have witty babies with them.

  187. I am a painter, and sketcher and I am about to purchase a Sketch Book. You will have saved me a lot of research as to what kind of book I should get. Since I am white this Moleskin Book should be perfect. Since I do sketch Black People would it be proper to use this type of book? What do I do If my Art supply house does not carry Moleskin Books. Could I get advice on where I could purchase this Classic Book?

  188. HAHA! the only thing i have in mine is a “to do” list from 2007 and a recipe for vegan blueberry scones. but i cant help it! my white-ness draws me to things like moleskin notebooks and vintage tee-shirts which i will gladly pay extra for if they contain holes or are virtually see through. ugh.

  189. I use a moleskine as my journal and had it by my laptop when I read this post. Endless lols. I’m disappointed though, because I speak spanish and I can dance. I honestly didn’t think I was “that white” but I guess I am. I need to go through your archives to begin a journey of self-acceptance.

  190. Fuck those things are pricey. Forever durable but pricey. I’ve grabbed mini Quatro books instead. A buck and the papers’ nice.

  191. @Ariel – I’m with you on the Gweneth thing. I’m a white person, but I cant stand that bitch. She is the most boring actress ever! She is so white she married the dude from Coldplay!

  192. I have had many Moleskines… I’m currently using four.

    One: 3.5″ x 5.5″ for on-the-go, quick business meeting notes

    Two: 5″ x 8″ for more formal business meeting notes

    Three: 3.5″ x 5.5″ for my own personal artistic ramblings

    Four: 5″ x 8″ for more at freelance business meeting notes (to keep them separate from my day job)

    I also have a little fancy black (to match the Moleskines) pencil box with all of my mechanical pencils, little fancy erasures, and lead re-fills. No pen will ever write in my Moleskines…

    Of course I have a Mac Book Pro and drink coffee… all… day… long…

    Yes, I am white. I am creative. ;o)

  193. Favorite Journal Entry Ever:

    From Homer Simpson who dreamed of living in the woods and keeping a journal of his thoughts:

    “Oh why didn’t I bring the tv. Oh how I wish I brought the tv.”

  194. Nathalie with an H, I must admit to gazing upon your breathtaking offerings herein with less-than-wholesome cogitation.

    Blush. 🙂

    Indeed, producing offspring with you (and your abundant H) strikes me as a potentially agreeable proposition… one that is worthy of it’s very own Moleskine Diary. Might I suggest the Horizontal version?


    ^^ About 3/4 down the page.

    But first… uh… a/s/l?

  195. No hay problema. Race es muy complicado.

  196. What is wrong with the good ol’ spiral notebook. It works just as good, you just have to be more careful where you place it. LOL


    Oh yeah, I almost forgot the fort knox of all notebooks, the good ol’ three ring binder. They RULE.

  197. You sound like a hot chick. I want to fuck you.

  198. I can kind of relate, being a white man who’s fucked a number of black bitches, but I usually had to pay for it. The two times I didn’t pay cash (bartered with coke), they just talked shit: “That’s all you got, white boy? Hit it! Hit it! Get up in there!” I wonder what their journal entries look like.

  199. Resident troglodyte, surely you recognize that “That’s all you got, white boy?” is not a point upon which a favorable boast would hinge. Yes?

  200. My husband used to carry one of these around until I shamed him into getting rid of it. What ever happened to the spiral notebooks from elementary school? Wide ruled, please, for nostalgia.

    ~ Katie

  201. They were talking about the coke, chocolate.

  202. I’d rather watch paint dry than watch Gwyneth Paltrow in a movie. Does that make me less white? I’m okay with that.

  203. Ah, thanks for the clarification. With that extra bit of info I feel comfortable positing that their journal entries are likely to read something like the following:

    “Skull Soldier. Short on coke. Shorter still on c*ck.”

  204. I’ve filled several moleskines:
    1) They actually aren’t that durable
    2) I’ve found that cheaper hardback sketchbooks are better because the paper is white (like me) and takes ink better than the precious moleskine paper.
    3) The moleskine is more concerned about the book itself as a precious keepsake than it is helping facilitate a human being writing/drawing. I think that’s why they pretty much are good for phone number/grocery lists.

    Save your money.

  205. You are permitted to use Sugar in the Raw as it “Organic” and therefor “Authentic”.

  206. We also like assists, which this counts as.

  207. Thanks for the explanation. On my own, I never could figure out the point of these.

  208. Spiral bound ones stay open!

  209. Finally, I can say here is a cracker crime I am not guilty of. The first time I received one of these of a gift I was excited because it reminded me of the notebook Indy is using in the Map Room scene in Raiders of the Lost Ark, the one he writes down figures in and holds in his teeth while he is sweeping his hands across the ground looking for the right peghole. I couldn’t wait to be doing something where I would have to snap the elastic band around it and hold it in my teeth. But when I actually tried to write in it I found it really hard to fold back and I didn’t like writing up against the elastic band. I neglected using it and ended up throwing it out. In fact I received two more and each time ended up throwing those out as well. I will admit though that I’ve seen the big Moleskine displays at Borders and I was tempted to give it another shot.

  210. white people love pointing out the obvious.

    or when jews do it with panache…

  211. I am white and I don’t even know what these are. And Barnes & Noble? Remember when it was about the books? B & N is not about books any more.

  212. So sorry, now I see it was Borders. They are a wee bit better…

  213. But here I will comment on the posting and say that I ride a commuter train and it’s always a pleasure to see another passenger writing in a notebook, which, incidentally and similar to people, is all about what’s on the inside.

  214. Too poor and unorganized to use a notebook of any kind. Old envelops and empty lunch sacks are still the best for being highly creative. Bar napkins fall apart too easily, and their are too many words on newspapers for them to be useful. The scratch paper pile is still the best place to find blank paper for writing–I do use a fountain pen; is that a good white person vice?

  215. i was given a moleskine, wrote in it like four times until i realized that the moleskine notebooks don’t have tear outable (forgive my lack of language) pages, and have never used it since. although they do hold up in your bag longer than most small notebooks.

  216. i think one sided bar coasters are the best writing medium, unfortunately you don’t see them as often as you should

  217. on February 25, 2009 at 10:17 pm White as White Can Be

    Oh God no,

    Another politically correct site telling me what I supposedly want.

    Gosh, aren’t white people so fun to make fun of?

    I mean, throw some Pepsi, some Ketchup, some Skinnyrd, and a Southwest location and we gotcha……. yeeeeeee haw.

    Moleskin fucking Notebook? Are you kidding me???

    BTW, I have three degrees, my own house, a girlfriend who’s a different ethnicity and volunteer far more than you do.

    This generalization is as stupid to white as it is to any other ethnic group.


  218. sorry WAWCB, but they’ve got you down. this response was predicted 21 entries ago:


  219. the small pocket sized ones do, but only the back half of the pages are removable. They fit well into a back pocket, the front pages hold those eternal thoughts, and the back pages come in handy when you need to give your phone number to someone who isn’t going to use it anyway.

  220. There’s no way you’re black. Not a wog on this earth knows who Stagger Lee is.

  221. Hey, french fry, contempt my ass; I just call them as I see them.

  222. Yoo broos will have not peckers if ya speek da truth.

  223. so i don’t have the traditional moleskine notebook, but i do have their fancy new calendar notebook with a week on one side and a lined page on the other for those genius thoughts i have while pondering my empty week… does that still count? in my “defense” i DO love trains, have a mac laptop, and think typewriters are pretty awesome…

  224. Beeeeotoch

    Long time; no hear. It was sooooo nice.

    You with a notebook is like Paint with a computer. Hahahahahaha

  225. #101 Being Offended

  226. I’ll tell what we like! White people love to try to get along with folks of other races…we’re so enlightened when we realize that, “HOLY SH$T!!, we’re just like everyone else, everyone of another race must already know this, so now I can be more outgoing toward people who don’t resemble ANY of my actual ‘friends’ and then those people (is that what I want to say here?) will think to themselves, ‘here’s a cracker that ain’t like the rest of ’em, he’s alright with me, he’s got ‘soul’.” What we like even more is demonstrating to others that we love frankie beverly every bit as much as they must, although we didn’t actually grow up listening to him as you did, but we’re on the soul train now. Don’t we feel cool when we feel we’ve convinced a black person that although we can’t know the experience of being a minority in this country, that we have had parallel experiences that prove that we at least understand. WHITE PEOPLE LIKE TO THINK THEY”RE SPECIAL WITHOUT IT BEING OBVIOUS TO EVERYONE!!!

  227. sounds like you know yourself pret-ty well there, james.

  228. I do, however, see Bamboo Notebooks being a serious contender for the Moleskine ::


  229. Oh fuck wrong link:


    Anyway, the first one’s a great link if you’re white and you need a new alarm clock

  230. I think it’s clearly a classic sci-fi-movie theramin sound effect.

  231. A disappointing textbook example of ofays can’t/don’t succeed at “the dozens”.

    Skull Soldier epitaph: “Hoist By His Own Petard”

  232. I think James Brown and Ariel need to share some of that New & Improved product that they’ve been sampling.

  233. Some black people listen to techno or rock music. I’m pretty sure most of them don’t care what music white people are listening to.

    Its like I’m gay but I don’t listen to Madonna or Christina Aguilera or Britney or any stereotypical gay music. Not that this would ever happen, but if a straight man told me he liked gay soul music I simply wouldn’t care either way.

  234. But it doesn’t run Mac! Or Leopard or whatever their OS is called.

  235. This is so common that there is actually a law for it.


    Replace the word fundamentalism with white people.


    People like you are the reason why colored people hate white people. And you take so much pride in your ridiculous, pretentious culture too.

    Grrrr…I’m so torn. I love looking at white girls but they are all so annoying. What should I do?!?

  237. Stago, teach me! How can I get white girls to try me? And more importantly, how can I get them to shut up? I swear if one more of them lectures me about Chinese culture ever again…

  238. I uh use uh mine uh to compile uh my favourite uh fall lyrics uh

  239. Yeah those Jocks are so black they invented Presbyterianism, Bagpipes, Franz Ferdinand and The Scottish Rite of Freemasonry.

  240. You can also ask them if they are traveling soon. For some reason we also need a moleskin notebook to write small words of poetry to look like we are deep and not traveling alone. Hold on as I throw out my notebook :)……

  241. http://everything-in-excess.blogspot.com/2009/01/mindquesting-by-moleskine.html

    mindquesting by moleskine.

    a discernible comfort in having always in one’s back pocket the flexible soft cover to fill with one’s lists notes thoughts-more-significant in a presence more ordered than one’s iphone whose slow slow slowness bogs down its usefulness and disturbs one’s thought-trains unlike the eveready quickness with which one scribbles all things necessary and not in the pages of this thick deep leather simplicity-personified beauty easily reached and kept shut by its overwrapping elastic strap trapping within it pages separated precisely by the ribbon that ends perpetual pageseeking and commences perpetual mindquesting.

  242. Can you recommend a good spot remover for getting cafe latte stains out of moleskine?

  243. Some of your comments on this site are funny and right on target. Most are just mean spirited and represent a reverse snobbery that is snarky and unpleasant.

    And, sadly, you have wide exposure. Your quote in the NY TImes today: “The economic downturn is good for fringe neighborhoods,” Mr. Lander said. “It returns the neighborhood to the people who consider themselves to be real residents.”

    So, if I live in a neighborhood, pay my taxes, send my kids to the local school, have a job, do volunteer work, or don’t…how can I tell if I meet your criteria for being a “real resident?” How are failing businesses, people out of work, homes being lost “good for fringe neighborhoods?”

    I’m an artist; I have no apologies for that. I’m white, although I never characterize myself as such because I don’t give a shit. I make a paltry living because I chose a dumbass occupation that I love.

    And finally, I’m just as “real” as whatever supposedly authentic people you imagine are “real residents.”

  244. Beakman??????

  245. MOLESKIN NOTEBOOKS????? really…

    you got a hundred freaking things on here and you haven’t even listed the one true white person living pastime


  246. The comments section is where all of the mean spirited comments go.

  247. Kevin has highligted the age-old dilemma.

    You’ve come to the right place.

    Invariably, white people will immerse themselves in another culture and project their romantic notions of said culture onto the native (See SWPL #20 Being an expert on YOUR culture for in-depth analysis)

    LESSON 1
    Kevin, If one is to benefit from white sexual favors a certain degree of tolerance is required. White women are the freakiest freaks on the planet. There are no exceptions.

    A little bit of annoyance-management is worth the boat-load of very innovative nookie-filled encounters. Seriously, they do things that women from other cultures would not do and they do it for FREE!

    It’s a wild ride, homie. Just bag it an bone it.

    LESSON 2
    Kevin, the way you get them to “try” you is to portray one’s self as a stereotype. If you’re Japanese, you should be a Taiko drummer or a Sushi chef (and always in the traditional garb). If you’re Chinese, you should be a Buddhist Monk or a Communist. If you’re Korean, you must (MUST) love Karoake and Budae Jjigae. Any Asian man MUST have a Xanga site and MUST NOT dance like The Jabawockeez or own a motorized vehicle.

    CAUTION: If you drive a Rice Burner (two wheels or four) you are the wrong kind of Asian male and white women are officially off the menu.

    The upside, of course, is that you are firmly on the menu for a wide range of hot ass Asian pinup dolls in skin tight neoprene shorts.

    If you should tire of such women feel free to share the leftovers with your Black brothers. We are immensely curious.

    LESSON 3
    Kevin, the Asian male who is most attractive to white women never ever shows anger or aggravation.

    White women are born believing that Asian males lack the the capacity for such emotion.

    If you should take a white woman to an Asian film, please be sure that said film does not introduce anything to contradict their genetic belief system. Jackie Chan, good. Jet Li, bad.

    LESSON 4
    If you want them to ‘shut up’ it is important that you possess such desires under a non-sexist veneer.

    Between nookie sessions one can put the brakes on a preolastic white woman by allowing them free reign to talk for 5-7 minutes, then interrupting them with a silent-but-non-threatening hand gesture (think sweeping Chen Palm), a serene gaze, and uttering the following:

    “what you have just shared, my flavorless lotus, is very deep and I can only imagine how much more satisfying life would be for all humanity if we were to strive for the degree of enlightenment you have attained. Please allow me to meditate on that, in silence, for the remainder of this meal.”

    Result: Mouth shut, panties moist. Guaranteed.

    If you can muster a lone tear, that would be good too.

    Let me know how it works out.

  248. You forgot to add skiing to your list.

  249. Actually, there’s nothing mean spirited about my comments…spirited, yes; mean, no.

    I think the fact that many of my neighbors all over town are losing their homes and/or businesses is characterized as being “good” is mean spirited.

  250. FINALLY! I’ve been totally starting to notice people pulling out moleskins to check addresses and such. I’m definitely going to have to get one now!

  251. on February 26, 2009 at 11:48 am pashpashpashpashmina

    No, coloured people hate white people because they’re jealous of our nice hair and good jobs.

  252. Classic. Your friend is the poster child for this entry.

  253. preolastic = pleonastic.

    Sorry. 😦

    I was channeling my Asian core a little too strongly right there.

  254. on February 26, 2009 at 12:07 pm swisshegemonist

    What about the damn pens used to write in these objets culturels de cahier surmené des personnes blanches?

    And even better, pentop computing, meet überMoleskinetech!

  255. No, it is just mean. This is comedy. Get over it.

  256. Christopher,

    Could you please explain what part of Lander’s comment in the Times today, which is what my post was about, could be defined as “comedy?”

    “The economic downturn is good for fringe neighborhoods,” Mr. Lander said. “It returns the neighborhood to the people who consider themselves to be real residents.”

    Thanks in advance. Paul

  257. You should seriously consider writing about folks who take blogging, and snarky comments, too seriously. Or perhaps about people who say they have a sense of humor but actually are unable to recognize satire?

  258. um, for an artist, you’re kinda dense. why so serious?

  259. Read his quote in the Times. Is that satire? Humor? Funny?

    And why is it necessary for you to insult me? No other way to make your point?

  260. he hates things that are trendy because in his circle of friends, THAT’S trendy.

  261. I like trapper keepers myself. With a picture of an iguana with sunglasses on. Ha! Sunglasses on a lizard! Priceless.

  262. on February 26, 2009 at 1:40 pm Sir Nose Devoid of Funk

    Stag-man, you are a trip! Do you have postings elsewhere on this blog?

  263. Poe’s Law?

  264. Totally have the moleskin planner with a full page per day. I also will only write in it with a Precise V black ink pen. It pains me not to. Oh, and totally have a Mac, work in a coffee shop and love to commute by bike.

  265. Paul,

    I am not sure if you were responding to me or other posters but I assure you that I was NOT meaning my brief comment to be a reflection on what you wrote about the Times and I apologize for any misunderstanding.


  266. And Kelsea totally loves the word “totally.”

  267. on February 26, 2009 at 2:07 pm Jasper von Blowhole

    In a few years they’ll look back at this financial collapse and realize things tanked, because 90 percent of the white population cannot all be a part of the creative class.

  268. You remind me, of me………

  269. Nope, I was responding to being call “dense” and being told to “get over it.” Never sure why rudeness is necessary in a setting like this. I guess it’s part of the “funny” I don’t get. No apology necessary. Thanks.

  270. you forgot about having their iphones sitting on the other side of their computer. its a necessity too.

  271. Just realized that the Moleskin is too small for drawing unless you specialize in minituration. I will have to find something a little bit bigger.

  272. Also find that Moleskin is spelt with an “E” on the end. How quaint

  273. hilarious. i’m white.. you’re hilarious.
    thanks for cracking me up.

    i just wish the posts were more frequent!

  274. This is the funniest entry.

  275. even her name.

  276. Yeah that movie was the shit.
    Brigitte Bardot runs around in a towel like the whole time!

  277. on February 26, 2009 at 3:13 pm Lila Carpenter

    Thats so true! I love moleskines! (and I’m white). This website makes me feel so unoriginal. . .

  278. They are laughing (at you) all the way to the bank man. The marketing is pretty damn good.

    Even their travel books are full of loads of blank pages.

    Oh yeah, another thing, have you heard of sketches being called “Moleskine Art”. totally true. Fuck.

  279. Oh, yeah, TOTALLY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Moleskines (we connoisseurs call them “skines,” by the way) are great, too, because the creative whitey-style person can “hack” them to make them do stuff that they weren’t really designed to do. I figured out how to use mine, for example, to keep my cats from shitting their bowels onto/into inappropriate surfaces/areas:

    More of my thoughts about these legendary and indispensable motherfucking notebooks are here, btw:


    Best regards,
    Steve Schneider

  280. on February 26, 2009 at 3:34 pm cheap sunglasses

    you are smart and cool.

  281. on February 26, 2009 at 3:35 pm cheap sunglasses

    Don’t listen to her, she’s trying to make you sound like a fool.

  282. on February 26, 2009 at 3:46 pm cheap sunglasses

    since when is it spelled without an “h”?

  283. on February 26, 2009 at 3:49 pm scotslawstudent

    Spirals stay open but mentally I think a “book” has to have a spine – a spiral bound notebook’s just about one step up from paper tied together with a bit of string. That’s the white person in me. It’s a notebook in the sense that it’s a bundle of paper and it’s held together and there’s not another word for it but it’s not a bound book with a spine and a moleskine is. If you don’t think about spiral (or comb) bound notepads then it’s unusual to have a book that stays open if you don’t hold it down.

    Otherwise, do you not think that calling someone you don’t agree with a child abuse victim is at all out of order? Take a look at yourself man, seriously.

  284. white people like to buy journals, period. we like to use 10 or so pages and then blame the journal when our ‘creative’ moment has passed. we then return to barnes n noble to purchase another journal that is classier (i.e. moleskine) or more thought provoking in hopes of renewing our creativity. creativity in the white world is judged by the cover of their journals.

  285. It’s all of those things, and I coulda said it that way, but why?

    Education sans the indoctriniation into hipster whititude doesn’t necessitate one becoming so white they’re fucking pinkos.

    I think the grammar/spelling one is one of the three. Dammit, I guess I do fail at failing. 😡

  286. ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha
    dood yer fuckin funny.

  287. don’t feel bad I have no idea what it is either.
    Guess I’m just one of those white people that don’t give a damn about that kind of stuff. I do not have an I phone or a laptop and I don’t go to coffee shops.

    Actually most of these posts do not refer to me at all, maybe I’m not really white after all.

  288. ooooWHEEEEooo I look just like Buddy Holly

  289. ah ah ah ha ha ha ha
    I totally would have said p*ssya**

  290. ha ha me too.
    I like to think I’m creative but I’m definitely not.

  291. on February 26, 2009 at 4:57 pm shadowhunter314

    lolz funny!
    but i hope your posts are more frequent

  292. Oh, Paul, just a side note . . . . If you’re trying to achieve flawless grammar/punctuation, you should actually have the quotation marks in front of the question mark. With any punctuation other than a period or a comma (actually, I’m not quite sure about exclamation points), they should be placed before the punctuation. That is, unless the sentence you are quoting is actually a question.

  293. on February 26, 2009 at 5:41 pm Christian Brimo

    I agreed with you before i bought a discounted Moleskine. i need to keep a notebook in my bag for all the usual White People Activites – concert reviewing, dream journaling, getting girls Facebooks – and the Moleskine is both compact and looks nice. plus the elastic keeps it closed so the pages don’t get wrecked

  294. Mmm, I’d rather just “like” suicide (as it states in the article). Artsy shit.

  295. I swear to god, I’m seeing more and more white kids pretend they’re cool and different. They collect records, listen to old music, and wear fedoras. The apple does not fall far.

  296. I have a foreskin notebook. When I rub it, it becomes a fucking treatise!

  297. Funny, but as the wrong type of white person, I think this site refers more to hipsters. Ah well, back to the trailer for me.

  298. on February 26, 2009 at 7:48 pm amandacatherine

    i am on my third moleskine, thank you very much.

  299. Correction: “Foreskine”.

  300. guilty.
    love my mac, coffee houses, coexist bumper stickers and amnesty international. i also identify as a “crazy person” (which often, in white person world means “artistic” or “misunderstood” or “creative”)

    i am an avid user & collector of moleskines. i discovered them several years ago and haven’t used any other notebooks since.


    a lot of it is the pocket. i adore the pocket.

    the ease with which i can lay the notebook flat.

    the strap that holds the notebook closed.

    the weight of the notebook. the sturdiness.

    i wrote a book that was originally published in 2004 (republished in 2008). 98% of it was actually written in my moleskine.

  301. The funny thing is that I recently needed to buy a notebook.

    (I write stories and I find that whilst I’m at work or somewhere else random I always think of a quote or concept. Also, I used to write all those things on post-it notes and now I have a whole tin full of them, where it takes me forever to sort through them).

    Anyway, I was in Borders and I saw that exact moleskin notebook. I thought it was really good (it had a nice feel on the outside), but then I saw it was $16 (AUS) for a small one. It made me realise only a pretentious idiot would be dumb enough to shell out that much for a notebook, and by association only pretentious idiots own moleskins.

    I went and bought a notebook for 50c after that.

  302. I think you’ll find black people *invented* techno music…

  303. When you say heritage, how many generations back do you mean? If it’s beyond your grandparents, it doesn’t really matter and you should stop referring to it in converstation.

    If there isn’t a SWPL post on americans claiming british/irish/welsh/scottish ‘heritage’ (aka ‘i’m special because I have ‘overseas’ blood) based on their great great great great grandparents, there should be one.

  304. i see white people with these notebooks all the time.

  305. The Pearl District. That was a run down area, but now it’s very hotsy totsy and full of annoying people. Portland bores me senseless, and I’m so glad I got out of there.

  306. Nathalie must be a troll. Otherwise she would not mention that her dog was rescued. Only white people care about rescuing dogs that will piss all over their carpet for the sake of morality. I can only conclude that her ass is so tight there isn’t room for a pin and she probably also is a big poster on boingboing.net.

  307. I’m really not sure if this could be described any closer than it is to the honest truth. The only thing that might be a little bit more annoying is the person who pats himself on the back for buying a super cheap notebook after coming to the profound realization that the moleskin version is a waste of money. You should go one step further and talk about using loose sheets of college ruled paper that you fished out of a dumpster. Try to make it a little bit more real. But honestly, I know at least two people that own a moleskine notebook and they LOVE at least 50% of the things that white people like!

  308. i’m brown and i know what it is. do you know how i found out about moleskines? from another brown person…haha…no lie.
    i even bought one for much cheaper then you’d get at B&N…

  309. i haven’t seen anyone with these notebooks…it seems like people only scan their moleskine pages and post them on the interwebs…lol

  310. ebay should be your friend. i thought the SAME EXACT thing when i saw the $15.95 sticker on the back of the book…
    so I bought one on ebay for $11 or $12…b/c that is how much i usually spend on journals anyway.

  311. but saving money is great. i think that’s the indian in me speaking though. even if i can get a $1 off any product i am super happy…hahaha. but i wouldn’t cut quality though, price yes, quality…no.

  312. So True. I’m not White but like a lot of this stuff. This is a “liberally minded educated” thing. (Yes, there are Blacks, Asians, Mexicans, and Latinos who are educated and conscious) (see current president) (And get off your racial high horse)

  313. Drew, I’ve been wondering about this for a long time, but I’ve been too lazy to look it up. Thanks for setting me straight.

    As for exclamation points, I looked it up:
    1. The captain shouted, “Halt!”
    2. Save us from his “mercy”!
    From Harbrace Handbook.

    Btw, is this punctuation discussion really white?

  314. notWhite != black

  315. I had one of these. I wrote down things to do and grocery lists. I bought it at Borders. My thoughts, I keep to myself. I am soo the “wrong” (right) kind of white person.

  316. I proudly use and own Moleskins. They are durable and the pages even hold up after getting wet and then drying. Yeah they’re a bit more, but they’re good quality. In fact they’ll be my notebook of choice until the day I die. Oh yeah, I use them for my lyrics!!! So nah nah nah!!!

    ~ Signed White Girl – Janice Marie Foote ~

  317. I laughed hysterically as I read this blog sitting next to a guy in Starbucks with his Mac and notebook.

    Good Stuff!

  318. Darn! Here I thought I was a “banana” but I’ve never owned a moleskine notebook. I’ve had a lot of notebooks since art school (and art career afterward) but never a “Moleskine!” My anglophilic caucasian wannabe-ness is greatly chagrined.

  319. Jody,

    Wanting to have one should count. Maybe you just found out about them and now that you know about them, you can desire one. Having a lot of notebooks counts as well. I am the “wrong kind of white person” and I have not had a single notebook since college. My wife is also a “banana/twinkie” and by far more the “right kind of white person” than I. So, I think you are still on the right track. (how WKWP am I? my banana wife accounts for 15% of my RKWPedness)

  320. The funniest thing is that the “quite popular with writers and artists in the olden days” thing is just made-up marketing. Some writers have used similar style notepads in the past, but the Moleskine brand was only invented in 1998.

  321. HAHA guilty

  322. Ha ha ha funny , check out about this aristocratic liar


  323. Yes, and with its 1998 revival (when the trademarked Moleskine first appeared) it brought a renewing of “notebookism.”

    As a WKWP I don’t know what notebookism is.

  324. I am Black and I use Moleskines. I have a Mac Book too. Oh, no, and I frequent Starbucks. Shit. And I have a Blackberry. And I am in college…Does this make me white? Uh-oh, I think I am having an identity crisis. But wait, I have rhythm…. And I am not afraid of random Black people for no reason, even if that person of color is outnumbered…Oh, and I do not publicly detest racism and racist jokes, knowing how this contrasts my true feelings behind closed doors. And I don’t pretend to care about the environment. I also refrain from touching the hair of random Black women, and I was not shocked when I found out that Black people also get sunburned.

    Phew, (vigorously wipes sweat from brow) I guess I am Black after all!!! 🙂

  325. I’ve been reading this website for a while, now. I’m starting to think the dude is running out of stuff. I see people of every non-white group ‘liking’ many of the things that only white people are supposed to like. I mean, I’m an indian, and at the coffee shop where I hang out writing in my moleskine, there are plenty of “white tattoos,” black people flirting with non-black people…in other words, teh stereotypical “white” stuff doesn’t actually apply only to white people.

  326. I have a moleskine.

    I’ve written in it twice since I bought it from OfficeMax six months ago. I was completely wasted both times.


  327. A former friend of mine loved Moleskin notebooks, had a Mac laptop, considered himself creative and yes, I laughed my a** off reading this one. Thank you!

  328. Another one fails to get it! Maybe he should try to get a sense of humour instead of another degree or a house.

    ‘I have a girlfriend who’s a different ethnicity…’ I think that’s one of the TTWPL. I wonder how she feels about him saying that.

  329. I do own a moleskine with a few addresses and a recipe for pie crust.

  330. My suggestions…

    Beards or anything else Justin Timberlake does
    Star Wars (episode 4-6 only) paraphenalia
    Making fun of parents / grandparents
    Prematurely dead actors / artists
    Expensive scarves

  331. lol … did you de-list your friend because of the mac and the moleskin ??

  332. “In fact, it’s a good rule of thumb to know that white people like anything that old writers and artists liked: typewriters, journals, suicide, heroin, and trains are just a few examples.”

    Don’t forget absinthe!

  333. shut up idiot… this white dude knows what white people like… make a site for what indians like and then run your mouth… and when the black people start flirting with the indian girls don’t start getting angry and writing about it in your moleskin

  334. Do white people have any original ideas? I don’t think you people need these books, since all you can do is copy from other cultures. Oh lets get one for little whitey his graduating with a B.S. in puking from the old University. The author is correct one is all you will ever need.

  335. Being a closeted white writer sticken with white guilt, I usually hide my moleskin notebook inside my Big Chief writing tablet while sipping on vanilla lattes and scribing lists of thing I’m going to write about someday.

  336. White people were banned from positing original ideas by the Anti-Defamation League in 1986.

    What happened IIRC was an authentic white student was (mistakenly) admitted to Harvard and started asking questions about affirmative action plans, such as the one which perpetrated the academic frauds that are Barack and Michelle Obama.

    The ACLU, ADL, Alan Derschowitz, and the rest of the usual suspects got up on their hind legs, found some professional victim students who claimed to have been shocked, hurt, etc. to front the civil rights claim that new ideas “provide the oxygen that allows racism, sexism, and homophobia to breathe”.

    The ADL’s lobbyists got 98 senators to sign a full-page ad in the NYT denouncing “new ideaism”, college professors predictably fell in line, Reagan’s AG declared war on new ideas, legislation was passed, and the rest is history.

    I for one find it to be soft bigotry; it suggests that the white man’s idea’s are so powerful, so overwhelming, that the mere mention of them will severely fuck up the brown people (mental note: defend self against imminent civil war\rampaging mob of brown people by loudly and rapidly blurting out commonsensical observations re: modernity).

  337. A little much, don’t you think?

  338. “I am Black and I use Moleskines. ”

    Liar, there are no black people on the internet*, although your post was hamfisted enough and sufficiently dripping with leukophobia to have been conceived of by a race hustling black person.

    *a black person was suspected of posting to usenet in 1992 but this was never proven.

  339. Ignatius J. (Jacques) Reilly used the Big Chief.

  340. Not at all, I have a Word template for these types of posts, I just fill in the blanks and let ‘er rip:

    “What happened IIRC was an _____________________ and _______________________.

    The ACLU, ADL, Alan Derschowitz, and the rest of the usual suspects got up on their hind legs, found some professional victim _______ who claimed to have been shocked, hurt, etc. to front the civil rights claim that __________ “provide the oxygen that allows racism, sexism, and homophobia to breathe”.

    The ADL’s lobbyists got 9_ senators to sign a full-page ad in the NYT denouncing _______, college professors predictably fell in line, ______’s AG declared war on_________, legislation was passed, and the rest is history.”

    I picked up this form letter trick from SPLC founder (and American Direct Mail Hall of Fame member!) Morris “Mo’ Money” Dees; neat, huh?

  341. Moleskin? I like foreskin, and the occasional hamster up my asshole. Very white, sick and perverted, put that in your fucking notebooks.

  342. What you said sounds stupid and moronic and yet I laughed.

  343. ????????? huh ????????????
    shut the fuck up buttaroo.


  344. “White people were banned from positing original ideas by the Anti-Defamation League in 1986.”

    And this is all you need to know about intellectual culture in America.

  345. on February 28, 2009 at 3:41 pm Richard Peterson

    Racist bitch.

  346. Wow, why is this bullshit so popular? It’s not particularly creative and a lot of it is true. But if we’re just going to bash races for all the stupid shit millions of them do like lemmings why not start in on chinese people all owning laundromats, black people all wearing clothes that don’t fit and speaking some fucked up approximation of the english language and so and so forth?

  347. Perhaps you should note down some of this angst in your moleskin, next to the note about trying to enjoy a little self-deprecation.

  348. true

    i own 4 moleskines and they are all very empty.
    i put them on bookshelf between my virgin copy of The Complete Works of William Shakespeare and a huge collection of quality art supplies that have not been used

  349. you have officially jumped the shark. thanks for the laughs! now it’s time for you guys to get REAL jobs.

  350. This is the correct answer.

  351. on March 1, 2009 at 1:20 am Dan with the guns

    I just bought one, and have been writing about this great time in our nation history. Barrack Obama is just the greatest president, thank God. And being the rkwp I don’t feel or care much about the recession, I suspect many whites feel like this, we just have so many resources.

  352. Hahaha holy shit, this guy gets everything right doesn’t he…I wonder if he should target another type of white people in the future…cause this could possibly get old…

  353. I love it! It’s so true, I work at a coffee shop and the number of people with the moleskin notebook is overkill.

  354. Something that white people don’t like: beating women. And I’m a little astonished to see centuries of efforts by white men and white women to make hitting your woman a taboo flushed so rapidly down the toilet with this Rihanna and Chris Brown incident.

    Most women under 30 seem to be taking the woman beater’s side on this one; perhaps more surprising is that the media is too, the same media which has been “fighting domestic violence” for decades. I can hear poor Ike Turner in his grave: “Dayum! Why couldn’t I live long enough to experience a society which encourages closed fist strikes against women?”

    White women who marry black men are nine times more likely to be the vicitim of domestic violence than women who marry white men (source: US gov’t.). In India, there is a tradition where the sisters of a family make dinner for the brothers once a year as a way of saying thanks…for protecting them. From what? Well, I personally know a woman who had to hide under a blanket while travelling in a car in India so, in her words, “the rampaging mob wouldn’t gang rape me”, a phenomenon vastly more frequent in Uttar Pradesh than, say, Portland Oregon.

    White culture is unique in its preference for monogamy and non-arranged marriages, which allows women to get away with quite a bit of nonsense as long as there are willing suitors. You ladies have no idea how badly you are rogering yourselves here, it’s a real shame (for you) that you eschew history.

    So, white women, this is your payoff for supporting blacks and multiculturalism. Women being called bitches and hos. The mainstreaming of closed fist strikes to the face of women. Interacting with gang rape cultures. And centuries of efforts to reduce violence against women flushed down the tube. Get used to hearing the phrase “white bitch”, you’ll be hearing it a lot in the near future.

  355. I’m beginning to see a trend here. Prolly you could include this blog in the sequels to your book. like #145 or something : White people like stuffwhitepeoplelike.com

    And btw, there’s something about sequels that I think you can write about.. Like how a lot of movies have sequels. They tend to suck tho. Cept a few good ones.

  356. My bad, just read your other page. seems it has been proposed

  357. I guess this applies to me, because I do drool over expensive notebooks, but I refuse to spend the extra money. I’m a cheap white person.

  358. Kudos for the Confederacy of Dunces reference.

  359. I love this site. Once again I’ve been pigeon-holed. As soon as I saw this entry I had to laugh. Sitting next to my computer is a leather journal or notebook made in Italy,cost me $24.99,and I use it every day. In fact I’m down to the last few pages. It’s filled with quotes,ideas,books and music I eventually want to buy,doodling. However, I would never take it out in public and I don’t go to coffee shops to hang out.

  360. I stole my moleskine, white don’t like to pay for things.

  361. Great post, I think those white whores get what they deserve. Enjoy a good beating and hopefully an S.T.D.

  362. guilty. i love my moleskin notebook. i don’t own an apple laptop though, and i make my own coffee at home (but i buy the grounds from the local coffee shop down the street)

  363. as a white vegetarian, I attribute all of its success to its faux leather. that, and it makes it green + actually profitable.

  364. Gah! I hate moleskins! They’re so boring. Who cares if Hemingway and Picasso used them? Why pay so much for a plain black notebook? If I’m going to get an expensive notebook, it had better be something that looks pretty/funky/awe-inspiring.

  365. Shoot, and I was just thinking about getting my first one! Now I’d feel shallow. But I do have a Mac laptop and I do use it for creating art…no, really.

  366. Fuck the shut up, beeeeoootch. I control you to such a degree you’re almost reacting before I tell you to. That’s a nice little Enigmama.

  367. Give me a hit of the shit, man.

  368. Tom cat piss.

  369. This cat is a non consumer. Holy Christ, he is part of the cause of the depression we’re in. Give up the art shit, get a job, and join the rest of us miserable somes-a-bitches.

    I think I’ve got that right.

  370. You are very boring.

  371. I have news for you, Lila. White and moleskines are unoriginal. Thats the point of this blog. You don’t think you were the first one to think of this crap?

  372. Hell, mine becomes the Declaration of Independence.

  373. Tell me more, I’m all ears. I hear comic books are making a come back.

  374. Ten for a buck at Target.

  375. I’m so screwed. There are waaay too many things on this list I identify with. Black Mac Laptop owner, Moleskine user for 2 years, lived in SF for 7 years, sea salt, sushi, taking a year off, modern furniture ( I actually work for Jesse — an italian furniture manufacturer), real military surplus peacoat owner and it just goes on and on. And the fact that my own people’s poorly done imitator website sucks (Stuff Asian People Like) and is not funny at all. Thank god I’ve had the opportunity to defile so many of your women as payback. Damn you whites….. damn you all.

  376. Janice, you can’t be serious. Why did I ask you that? As if I really gave a rat’s ass.

  377. Are these indians, American or India indians? I’m looking for some good salmon.

  378. “copy form other cultures” — whites created culture; there’s no non-white culture — does’t everyone know that?

  379. “copy form other cultures” — whites created culture; there’s no non-white culture — doesn’t everyone know that?

  380. Got it.

  381. So you’re the one. If I find your ass it will suffer the insertions of a thousand New York rats.

  382. Haha, try again, Hop Sing; just as there are no black people on the internet, there are no Asian “playas” (ugh, can’t believe I just used that contemptible piece of pidgin English), nor do Asians have politics, nor do they make political comments on the internet. They play video games, watch Japanamation, obsess over electronic gadgets, and fret over their small penises and inability to get with white women.

    If I still practiced altruism, as *only* white people do (MacDonald, 2008), I’d feel bad for them. Sadly, in a forced multi-ethnic society altruism becomes suboptimal game theory, as other ethnicities practice tit-for-tat game theory. The result is a smaller “pie”, economically and otherwise. Note: some ostensibly “white” ethnicities like Greeks and Italians practice tit for tat, which explains why we never wanted them in America in the first place.

    When confronted with altruism, tit for tat is wholly indistinguishable from it – this is very dangerous in that you can have sizeable “sleeper cells” of demonstrably morally inferior peoples infiltrate a society, sort of like adding an odorless, flavorless toxin to a water supply.

  383. The fuck we created culture. Culture is for faggots i.e. the wrong kind of white people.

    Where’s my Browning…

  384. on March 2, 2009 at 3:51 am dangerous des

    and no non-black person on earth knows what an ofay is. point well-proven.

  385. White bitches loved to be banged in da hood!

  386. Bollocks, statistics show that white women overwhelmingly prefer white cock. The negro is 27 times more likely to carry a veneral disease (if they are from Africa the number is up to 60 times higher). The few white women who do defile themselves with negroes are trackpant wearing bleach blond fatties that we don’t want anyway.

    Notice how it is usually lower class women who do this, by the way; upper class and university educated white women talk a great game when it comes to “fighting” “racism”, but almost never marry black men, despite the massive advantages conferred on the negro via race quotas in the work place.

    Remember, it’s a zero sum game, and interracial sex results in a “cock deficit” for black women, because nobody besides black men will touch them. This is a dangerous situation; I can handle mobs of angry black men, but the thought of mobs of undersexed cock hungry black women scare the shit out of me. Read what they did in Haiti during the revolution.

  387. on March 2, 2009 at 7:31 am Mr. Anchovy

    Your argument has a large balls but no shaft.

  388. Sir, if you get reflexive about stuff white people like the world will self-destruct. White people love smarts, but they hate SMARTS like logic and reason and computers you actually have to program….

  389. on March 2, 2009 at 7:53 am Baaannanaaa

    Obviously WHITEY is one of those closet KKK members who have fallen out of fashion. You probably believe in eugenics too. Poor angry white loser. I used to beat the shit out of losers like you for fun. Too bad I’ve grown up now. When will you grow up, WHITEY, and stop spewing ugly racist shit on this nice, funny website? Calling on all you nice white folks out there —– don’t you guys usually ban these wankers from commenting on your site?

  390. Are you a ‘real’ survivor…did you attempt suicide yourself and survive? Or are you just one of those victim types who knows (or is perhaps related) to someone who was a suicide and therefore calls themselves a ‘survivor’ because it is trendy?
    Am I a cancer survivor because my sister has cancer?

  391. on March 2, 2009 at 9:16 am Unintentional follower

    Dang. Every time I see a Moleskine notebook somewhere, I want to get it, even though I don’t need it. Now I know why, and won’t be getting one because of it! Sad, I know.

    On a related note, if there hasn’t been an entry about white people deciding not to like stuff that too many people like, there needs to be.

  392. on March 2, 2009 at 9:39 am yeahrightradio

    Blah Blah Blah. Go to my blog.


  393. If you’re in NYC check out Mikey Moscow Delivery Service
    Open from 12:00pm-12:00am, 7 days a week, everyday. Private, quick, courteous service. Delivery time in UNDER 60 mins. TEXT “MM?” to 347-553-3852. If this is your first time using service please email mikeymoscow@gmail.com for instructions first. Serving NYC & the 5 boro’s

    NY’s best MJ delivery service

  394. Since Clander stopped doing White People in the News posts I thought I’d share this article from last Wednesday’s NY Times.

    Brooklyn’s New Culinary Movement


    SWPL Topics mentioned/alluded to:

    #26 Manhattan (now Brooklyn too!)
    #54 Kitchen Gadgets
    #49 Vintage
    #41 Indie Music
    #36 Breakfast Places
    #24 Wine
    #23 Microbreweries
    #6 Organic Food
    #5 Farmer’s Markets
    #1 Coffee

    Best Passage:
    “It’s that guy in the band with the big plastic glasses who’s already asking for grass-fed steak and knows about nibs.”


    “It’s difficult to keep those guys stocked,” said Joel…Maybe that’s because Mr. Bukiewicz takes 10 to 12 hours to fashion one eight-inch chef’s knife. In an average week he will make between four and six knives…To design a boning knife, Mr. Bukiewicz has been sitting in on Mr. Mylan’s butchering classes and taking note of how his hands move.

    or simply

    “Ten years ago all of these people hadn’t moved to Brooklyn yet.”

  395. You fucking hard druggie gay.

  396. Whats your problem with the black man? Tell us what you really think. You’re honest I’ll give you that. You know the AG was right when he called out whites as cowards, and they are, when it comes to discussing race. Most whites smile at the black man, and stab us in the back.

  397. White people also like “Ads by Google!” 😀 hur hur.. bet you’ve never heard that one before :S

  398. …especially when they’re for….

    “Moleskine 2009 Planners
    Large Selection Of Moleskine Notebooks And Planners 2009”

  399. on March 2, 2009 at 3:39 pm harry stevens

    I just let the most wonderful fart, pure shit, oh I did soil myself, there it is. White man shits himself, FUCK.

  400. Standing right next to my M-15.

  401. on March 2, 2009 at 7:40 pm Desperate Ambrose

    I thought moleskine was that stuff you stick on your heels to prevent blisters.

  402. Dammit. I’m only half-white, but still. I just bought one yesterday. It was so pretty!

  403. ….where the hell is listing for ..WHITES w/Dreads…?
    a huge problem to my view-shed

  404. on March 3, 2009 at 6:41 am Gillian Troup

    Made me larff out loud. At myself. I love my cute little Moleskine Chicago city notebook, and the stickers I can’t work out what to do with. And the little pocket at the back.

  405. on March 3, 2009 at 9:03 am spikeschilde

    i got one of these for christmas and while i think it is very pretty, it’s been sitting on my dining room table (aka my catch-all) since then. I don’t know what to do with it.

  406. on March 3, 2009 at 9:37 am reality dweller

    Hey i went to china for 2 months a few years back and kept a journal too. Only i used a journal that was bound with camel leather and had rough parchment pages that i bought when I was travelling in india.

    does that count?

    ps. I have no fucking idea what sea salt is and have never been to a sweater party.

  407. on March 3, 2009 at 10:36 am battlesandblunders

    DAMNIT!!!! I bought one of these YESTERDAY!!

  408. on March 3, 2009 at 10:54 am white artist

    I have been using them for about 5+ years. But i am ‘really’ an artist and use them for pocket stetching – the quality of the paper is quite good, though some people prefer more tooth.

    They are also durable, and if you **really** carry one around – like in your pocket around – you’ll appreciate that.

    I buy them in bulk so I don’t worry about the expense. Having a note pad or sketchbook is not some trend, its common sense return to the best way to record thoughts and observations. I believe neurological research is confirming that the brain indeed learns through the hand.

  409. my butt smells

  410. on March 3, 2009 at 11:04 am white artist

    PS there are lots of ‘knock offs’ of this notebook now that are a lot cheaper – Pen & Ink, Rhodia, and the Notebook company all make ones that are cheaper and some have a bit more tooth on the the paper.

    As someone else mentioned the whole ‘these were used by hemingway’ is marketing hype, though back in those days artists and writers did carry similarly designed and made notebooks, which you can see in many museum’s online collections..

  411. Damn! I went to this page thinking surely they don’t know what I like. But I only bought my first one recently and it’s because I was shopping in Japan, and it wasn’t that expensive.
    Also to note : white people really believe their ideas are worth alot, which is why it has a spot to write how much money you’re going to hand over if you lose it and someone finds it. I promised to give them many pebbles.

  412. Heh, you’ll forgive me if I mock your firearm, “sir”.

    Imagine Buckaroo and his merry Pansy Division prancing to Ragnarök, resplendent in their assless chaps and pastel cashmere sweaters tied around their shoulders.

  413. Hell-arious parody of Stufff White People like on a site
    called Freedom Haters.org.

    Check it out here:


  414. I felt so cool when I bought my first Moleskine… but yes, phone numbers and random lists are the only things in it.

  415. No problem, and thanks for looking those up! Oh, and also, I’d say that this conversation is pretty darn white. Number ninety-nine!

  416. on March 3, 2009 at 3:29 pm AS WHITE AS YOU

    I read this shit, and none of it relates to me. I am white but am not wonderful like you people, I suspect there are many whites like me, how do you beautiful people explain this flaw? I get up early in the morning, go to work at a very hard demanding job, not a very white thing to do. I don’t frequent the type of places you do, I don’t know what a moleskine book is, but after reading this shit, I think I would enjoy beating you in the head with it. Thank you, and fuck off.

    Yours in whiteness,

    Joe the fisherman

  417. isnt there one… being offended?
    also they love thinking they are really simple…
    hardworking… thrifty… calling themselves cool names like joe the fisherman…

  418. on March 3, 2009 at 5:19 pm uh huh.....

    this is coming from a whitey who ain’t gettin’ no booty from any woman of any race!

    Go back to playin’ with your VD dick and continue dreamin’ about getting a woman, you beatin’-your-meat-loser beeotch.

  419. on March 3, 2009 at 5:21 pm uh huh.....

    aawwwww STFU beeeotch.

  420. Have you ever faced down a mob of undersexed cock hungry black women, cumdog? It isn’t pretty.

    Like, this one time, I was just walking down the street when, all of a sudden, a mob of about fifteen black women set upon me, and dragged me to a building downtown.

    For eleven days straight, I was their sex slave. You name the position, combination, number of people involved, I was forced to do it to satisfy their hunger. I didn’t think I’d make it.

    God, I miss those girls.

    Shaniqua, if you and your friends are still out there, gimme a call.

  421. on March 3, 2009 at 5:25 pm uh huh.....

    tell us all the truth beeotch. your white wife ran off with a black man, and you’ve been bitter ever since, right? And let me guess, she left you a note stating that your tick tack sized dick was not enough for her and she suspected that you had a combination of venereal diseases most likely caught from those sheep and goats you regularly ‘visited’ in the early mornings on your farm, right?

    you loser beeotch.

  422. Hey I get booty, INFLATABLE BOOTY! That and the booty in my mind. Besides that…

    The BEST farts come from the backsides of White people. Doesn’t matter if they’re male or female, they just smell right. Farts from mud people just smell…off.

    The best way to experience White farts (and it IS an experience, and a transcendent one at that) is to mosey on down to your local BBQ restaurant (we’ve got plenty in Alabama, just make sure there aren’t any Negroes around who’ll sniff up all that precious, precious White fart gas, those guys just don’t have the brains to understand, much less appreciate it). Ideally, find the plumpest White woman there, though any White woman or man over the age of 15 will do, and wait for her to get up out of her seat. At that point, get up out of your seat, grab her love handles, stick your face deep between her cheeks, and yell out, “Give daddy a number 3! Can you give daddy a Number 3?!”

    If she or her husband don’t beat the hell out you, and she says “Sure!”, you’re in for a treat! FYI, a gratuity of about $2.50 per fart is customary.

    Just be careful. I’ve found that, from the back, a few Orientals and more than a few Chicanos look White. And if she’s a jew, it’s just gonna get ugly (three words: Public. Moustache. Ride. That’s a surer test than any I’ve ever come up with to determine if someone’s a zionist jew). It’s a risk worth taking, though, for even a faint, wispy whiff of that sweet, ambrosial White fart gas.

    So, take it from me: White farts receive the Whitey Seal of Approval!

    Pffffftttt! Betcha can’t sniff just one!

  423. I love moleskine notebooks, and have kept them in my front pocket religiously for the past five years. Usually they are accompanied by a bright-yellow Lamy fountain pen (the pinnacle of modernist pen design) that is filled with acid-free, water-proof ink.

    I’ve filled several with sketches and song lyrics, and several more with random lists and phone numbers. I’ve never written any emo or goth poetry in any of them.

  424. I love those notebooks. Yeah they’re pretentious. Didn’t have a laptop in highschool and they were very handy. Graphed reporter ones are really handy for college cuz they fit along side a book on those tiny desks. plus you can make neat little graphs with lines connecting pretentious ideas and class notes. This website is kinda funny, but it’d be pretty white to try and live your life by not fitting these stereotypes.

  425. when was the last time you smiled/laughed my friend?

    omg … i turned myself into a firsherman’s friend!

  426. Not true, but funnier than hell. I quit.

  427. FREE SPEECH, Dumbass.

  428. Alabama, that explains it. You’re a fucking Alabama educated dip shit. No wonder you spew out your ill conceived bullshit; that’s all you can possibly know.

  429. It’s obvious isn’t it? You’re the Wrong Kind of White People.


  430. on March 3, 2009 at 9:39 pm Baaannanaaa

    FREE SPEECH indeed Fuckaroo. That is…. free until I find you in a dark alley and make your stupid ass pay for it. Don’t you know that the Orientals are a cruel fucking race???

  431. Just to let you know, I hate this blog, for the sole fact that 90% of everything here is true. But you are missing some things:

    *Saying that they don’t really try
    *singing badly
    *”Trying new things”

  432. I was going to buy one of these notebooks, but when I saw how EXPENSIVE they were, I put that ish BACK on the shelf.

  433. I am not a white person and I love this blog. It is very funny and it is right on target about people in general. I find some of the stuff white people like is exactly the same stuff that college educated one generation removed from the projects- black people like. For those of you who get upset, please don’t take yourself so seriously. This is humor and is is funny. Take it from a black person, this is FUNNY!

  434. Ok I’m once again responding to a fountain pen comment, but I’m curious, are Lamy pens really good? They seem reasonably priced, but how do they write? I’m obsessed with fountain pens, but not with their sell-your-soul prices.

  435. I really like my Lamy fountain pen. I usually use Faber-Castell Pitt Artist Pens (for music notation or writing) or Copic Pigment Liners (for artwork), and the Lamy is just as good a tool.

    It’s going to depend on a large degree on the brand of ink you use. I use “Pen & Ink Sketch” brand fountain pen ink, which is acid-free and waterproof (this is rare in a fountain-pen ink). You might be able to find it in more upper-crust art-supply and specialty stores.

    By the way, the same company makes its own version of the Moleskine, which is much cheaper and sturdier than the Modo e Modo version.

  436. on March 4, 2009 at 7:42 am Blackinwhite

    shit…. bought a zune yesterday i was so close. Oh well its fun being black i dont have to worry about the recession. I dont own any stocks, vacation homes or yatch. $ 12/ hr is fine with me. I take that back. I was destined to be white… Fuck my name is Sherman… So is the formula???? Macbook,coffee shops,moleskin, indie shit, asian friends, linux, apple apple, moncler, brooklyn industries, broadway, sky diving, dirty sneakers, credit and debit cards, cross the street whenever i see a group of blacks(i already do that cant trust them niggas yo!) am i missing something…. Hey i like the killers.. Lol@ the response to this.

  437. Sherman,

    My name is blacker than yours, and you don’t get a much more Irish name than “Brennen.”

    In the interest of full disclosure, I’m a musician and guitar instructor. I specialize in blues and jazz, and sometimes teach black gospel. I even have a music notation Moleskine dedicated to blues turnarounds.

  438. on March 4, 2009 at 7:58 am loninappleton

    I didn’t have to read more than a line to find that white people
    word “basically.” At which point I quit.

    Please join my campaign to eliminate the tedious use of the word ‘basically.’

    Here is the reasoning:

    The word “basically” is an overused verbal tic which demeans and condescends to the listener. It is at the same time a way for the speaker to inflate his own self esteem by flogging and repeating words that appear to emphasize personal knowledge.

    It is a fault which has become, I fear, some sort of custom or accepted colloquialism.

  439. If you’re in NYC check out Mikey Moscow Delivery Service
    Open from 12:00pm-12:00am, 7 days a week, everyday. Private, quick, courteous service. Delivery time in UNDER 60 mins. TEXT “MM?” to 347-553-3852. If this is your first time using service please email mikeymoscow@gmail.com for instructions first. Serving NYC & the 5 boro’s
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  440. White people should like Lamy fountain pens. I got my first one over a decade ago, and they have never let me down. I have about a dozen different ones, but my favorite is a blue, medium tip Safari. Once you go Lamy, you never go back. Bic sticks are nightmares to write with once you get used to the pleasure of using a Lamy. There should be a post on this blog about Lamy pens. The Safari is under $30 so it’s not incredibly expensive either. Love ’em.

  441. on March 4, 2009 at 11:06 am Jimmy the Lynx

    With a name like iluvTHC, why should I expect you to be on time with deliveries?

  442. LOL
    This is soooooooo spot on. I work at a big book store in downtown Toronto that sells moleskines. I’d never even hear of them before I worked there ,and when I saw them I thought “who the hell is going to pay $22 for a small plain black notebook??”

    Well apparently, a lot of people. Touche moleskine, touche.

    There really is NOTHING special about these except that apparantely Picasso and Hemingway used to use them. Big effing whoop. Yes they are small and compact, but I’ll take a slightly bigger notebook with a pretty design on it for a lot less thank you very much. I honestly laugh inside at every sucker who buys one of these at my store. We even sell out they’re so stupidly popular (and we get a lot in), but people are so loyal to this retardedness, they ask where else they can find them, even though we carry a lot of other notebooks that are way cheaper and prettier. It’s crazy.

  443. Hahaha, typical negro internet comment: “Muh Dick”.

    There are only 6 known negro flames, and you will limit yourself to any of these:-

    1/ Muh dick.
    2/ Us negroes only fail everywhere because of racism.
    3/ You racists are a tiny minority.
    4/ You racists are powerless losers.
    5/ I’m going to kill you muthafucka.
    6/ Muh dick.

    These are the only flames allowed to negroes, and this selection also describes every flame ever attempted by any negro, anywhere. If you think you have thought up the elusive “seventh negro flame”, you may contact Whitey and request its inclusion. Don’t worry, he isn’t holding his breath.

  444. on March 4, 2009 at 2:30 pm white artist

    picasso, etc didn’t use them they used notebooks like them…its all marketing hype. there are knock off of moleskines that are just as good for about 2/3s the price.

    That said, the quality of the paper and durability of the oilskin covers is worth the price IF you do something that requires it.

    BTW, all I believe it’s pronounced mole -skin- naree , like an italian name vs. mole-skin

  445. on March 4, 2009 at 2:31 pm white artist

    correction on pronounciation… mole -les skeeny

  446. my butt smells

  447. So true.

  448. I don’t care about Picasso or Hemingway using them. I like the durable cover, the color of the paper, the size, the elastic band, and the pocket in the back. I don’t want a bigger notebook as especially one that “has a pretty design on it”. I like these notebooks, and it’s worth it to spend extra on them. Maya, you must buy 100% of your clothing and housewares at thrift stores, right? If not, you’re just throwing your money away on brand names, because you can get kind of the same thing at Goodwill for $1. Or, maybe you like the style and functionality of a particular brand enough to purchase it new for a higher price?

  449. Another thing white people like; more accurately– fear:
    being dehidrated. They carry plastic bottles of water everywhere, hanging from their napsacks

  450. and really, everyone should remember that it’s called SATIRE and if you don’t get it, then don’t read it or ruin it for other people.
    being offended, number 101, check it out.

  451. on March 4, 2009 at 5:38 pm Bob the Chef

    Three facts:
    1. The notebooks are nice.
    2. The notebooks are overpriced.
    3. The pronunciation is mol-eh-skee-nuh.

    And Jared, you could at least be honest about the ridiculous cost. The cover isn’t even real, it’s synthetic.

    *Imagines Jared at a coffee shop with his macbook and one of these notebooks, pondering profundities by osmosis because he is in possession of a moleskine.*

  452. on March 4, 2009 at 6:51 pm Angela Delgado

    MARRY ME!!

  453. Go pimp your business else where, douche!!!

  454. Not sure what your point is other than to demonstrate your need to criticize the harmless habits of people, some of whom have to blog about just that.

  455. LOL @ “source: US gov’t.”

    Whitey has the cranial capacity of a chipmunk (source: science).

  456. I see you enjoy free speech, dumb ass. Oh yea, shove that baaannanaaa up your ass you big scary dudette.

  457. Deliver my foot up your ass.

  458. on March 5, 2009 at 1:08 am Baaannanaaa

    I do enjoy free speech! Also moonlit drives, dinner by candle light, walks on the beach, cute little puppies and the chance to put my foot up your ass Fuckaroo… And thank you for taking the time to spell out my handle with all the a’s and n’s in the right place. Very considerate of you.

    You’re right though. People are entitled to say as they please—especially online where they can hide in anonymity. In my original post I was just having a little fun. WHITEY on the other hand is just another right wing, shamelessly racist, anonymous dickhead. I know how you liberals love to defend those types, even to your detriment, all in the name of free speech.

    If you white liberals learned how to kick some ass when you’re offended, instead of just pissing and moaning about it, we would have a much better country.So speak as freely as you like online, but do it out there in the urban jungle and you may run into one of those militant types like me who will make you pay for pissing them off. 😉

  459. on March 5, 2009 at 5:04 am Tana Goldsmith

    Me, I can’t stand secrecy. You’re sharing a flat, you tidy up and you shift a damned notebook and it’s a drama. I’ve had “writer” house/flat mates who have gone into a tailspin over me ‘prying’. I just want to clean the crumbs from the dining table, not read their one (two at the maximum) sentence Nobel Prize/Pulitzer novel sentence.

  460. It truly is amazing that anyone can make a career with this kind of crap. But I suppose catering to the insecurities of Americans has become such a volume business these days, that there’s a niche for virtually everyone and anyone to fill.

    I’m sure by the time you retire you’ll have such a tremendous body of drivel to look back on — which your fans and sycophants will most certainly be fawn over and discuss for generations to come — that you’ll undoubtedly never be forgotten, at least by a certain shallow vacuous deeply cretinous segment of the population, who will never tire of such droll self-absorbed idiocracy. You know the type, those who are irresistibly drawn to dreck masquerading as pseudo clever entertainment, because it touches them on some deeply self-satisfied masturbatory level. 🙂

    Good luck, but I don’t think you’ll need it. If you’re not a multimillionaire already, I’m sure it’s only weeks away.

  461. Went to your reading at Politics and Prose and brought up the Moleskine by showing off mine. Then waited patiently for the article you said you were working on to show up—glad it finally has. Spot on.

    I still love my Moleskine. And being white, as it turns out!

  462. While we’re waiting for uh huh…’s reply, here’s a Fun Whitey Fact!

    Fun Whitey Fact #341
    I’ve got a tramp stamp that’s just an arrow pointing down my butt crack with the words “Whites Only” in big black letters above it.

    That’s right folks: I haven’t been able to find any white women that haven’t been defiled by negros, so I’ve taken up an interest in strapping white men (and being strapped by white men)!

  463. How about notebooks with the Jonas Brother’s on them? Do white people like those?

  464. on March 5, 2009 at 10:10 am yeahrightradio

    I’m running out of clever ways to plug my blog. Just go there.


  465. I steal my notebooks from work.

  466. Molskine notebooks! LOL! Never would have thought of this one. Never had one but I will admit I thought about it.

    I wish Christian posted more. There’s just so much material out there.

  467. This one truly digs to the core the “white-people culture.” Fucking brilliant!

  468. What about Soy Products? White people love anything made out of Soy.

  469. Ah, yes, negro flame 5/ I’m going to kill you muthafucka, I like this one.

    I’ve fought negroes. We all know they rarely fight white style, 1 on 1, but what I did not know until recently was they pick up stones and throw them. One could live a thousand lifetimes among whitey and never see such a thing, but the negro loves some rock throwing. I’m talking about Caribbean negroes, btw, not rock-slinging American thugs, who shoot and stab.

    Rarely if ever see a negro win Brazillian Jiu Jitsu or ADCC championship. Whitey dominates boxing, with 17 of 20 titles in the top weight classes. White basketball teams regularly give the American negro team fits at the Olympics and internationally, because the negro does not pass the ball. No rugby negroes, few in baseball, some in football, but is there any sport where they do well? 😉

    Don’t listen to buckaroo, white liberals, you saw what they did to Rihanna, you know they voted down homosexualist marriage, c’mon, let’s you and them fight!

  470. “because it touches them on some deeply self-satisfied masturbatory level. :-)”

    And the smiley face is the money shot for your run-on sentence spankfest. You literally couldn’t resist digitizing your self-satisfied smirk. You oblivious dummy. Don’t forget to grab some lotion and a sock before you respond.

  471. on March 5, 2009 at 2:40 pm Average white guy

    Dude, you have to do one on why white people love to go jogging. Whether it is in adverse weather conditions or when they go for their business conferences, or whether it is in the like worst crime neighborhood in the western hemisphere…and at 2AM, jogging seems to make some kind of statement; like, “I always jog to stay in shape…yep, even when there’s freezing rain and hurricane wind, you’ll find me with my perfectly torn hooded sweatshirt, IPOD and $600 running shoes.”


    “I just can’t seem to stop jogging. I love it. I only go when it’s really dark, in places like Cabrini Green, Watts, Detroit or Baltimore. Gentrification + jogging at night = risky. That has to count for something in white circles?

    And what’s up with their business conferences? They go and get wasted every night, do about a kilo of coke, cheat on their spouse and then wake up looking like John McCain after a Thanksgiving nap and then try to go jog. They never jog so they get back from their 400 meter trek with a face that is as red as the inside of Sarah Palin’s mooseburger and say, “Wow…nothing like a jog to get the juices going. I love being in shape.” All while panting like they just ran from a Vietnam carpet bombing.

    Jogging…only white people are willing to pretend to the point of being out of breath.

  472. So true, so true. White people also like attending organizing seminars where experts tell them to purchase moleskine notebooks to keep “all your thoughts in one place.” They then direct white people to enter the disorganized notebook thoughts into Microsoft Outlook in categories like, “SNA Call, SNA Desk, SNA Email, and SNA Errand.” And what does SNA stand for? Strategic Next Action. Of course.

  473. white people like anything that old writers and artists liked: typewriters, journals, suicide, heroin, and trains are just a few examples.

    Typewriters – some people collect them but most people would rather not use obsolete things, including pens and pencils.

    Journals – Too general to comment on.

    Suicide – Sure you are trying to be funny. So you mean suicide in the ethnic/cultural/Spengler(death of the west) sense?

    Heroin – Vaguely remember China being into Opium. I think heroin is part of the human condition.

    Trains – Once again I do not think white people and south asians have differing opinions about trains. It is like saying white people drink water. so?

    As far as Moleskine goes, most stationary makers are going bust. In the past there were so many notebook makers, and no word processors, any individual brand went un noticed. Now you basically have Moleskine and various generic brands. is Meade still in business? Moleskine seems to have a product with staying power. I suspect though that in a few years so few people will know how to write effectively with pens that the whole idea of a notebook will be past.

    BTW, was this a product placement?

    You should mention Absinthe or whateveer that stuff is.

  474. Do you ever see white people jogging with those tight spandex pants? What’s with that? Do we have to see your nuts bouncing around when you run?

  475. This describes every single film major at my college.

  476. on March 5, 2009 at 6:27 pm Average White Guy

    this guy is freakin genius because he just totally digs into the very core of white people: in their effort to APPEAR terminally unique, they have bought into the consumerism they so passionately claim to despise.

    There’s not one thing on here that’s false. Rule 62: don’t take yourself so seriously.

    I’m jealous of two people now: this dude and the guy who hosts “Cities of the Underground” on History Channel.

  477. I am a white guy. I am so self conscious that I love it when the internet makes fun of me. That’s so funny. Can you please add stuffwhitepeoplelike.com to your list. I like everything on the list and the website, which means that you should add it to your list. That’s so self-depreciating. Ha!

  478. on March 5, 2009 at 8:03 pm Average White Guy

    Oh Rupert,

    So what if your cover is blown?

    And who cares if you voted for McSame and Failin’…us progressives don’t shoot the wounded.

  479. I was in a bookstore yesterday and walked by a rack of moleskine notebooks. I was tempted.

  480. OMG AWG – I LoVe! LUV LurVE!! Cities of the Underworld!

    I wonder if that’s a white thing too.

  481. The internets makes fun of everybody. No one is spared!

  482. lets play a game: i start a blog called “stuff black people like,” and we wait and see how long i can last without 1) being sued for every penny im worth, and 2) being fired from my job citing racial discrimination. double points if you can avoid both. ready GO

  483. I’m white, love The Wire, Netflix, live in a hipster gentrifying neighborhood in a house we’re renovating, and I’ve never heard of a moleskin notebook before. These entries are really reaching these days.

  484. on March 6, 2009 at 8:07 am wilfredowen

    i think the very first thing on the list should be yelling at each other. they seem to always be angry as hell when they communicate, and violence seems to be lurking just beneath the surface all day, everyday.

    next, dancing.

    then r and b

  485. You do realize that the difference; the HUGE, MAIN, GIGANTIC difference with what you’re proposing and reality is that the author/creator of this blog is WHITE.

    iF A BLACK PERSON wants to create a site called stuffblackpeoplelike poking fun at some stereotypes and generalizations it would be completely different.

    Self depricating humor can’t be construed as RACIST. I think any logical person can see that.

    And what’s with this knee-jerk racist reaction that SOME of you bloggers have on here. The site is called STUFF WHITE PEOPLE LIKE??? Wouldn’t this site be boring as hell if they listed all this stuff without a HUMOROUS spin???

    That’s why sites like this even exist. You have to learn to be able to laugh at yourself. Take the stick out of your ass.

  486. Sir/Madame…..you have the IQ of frozen yogurt. I think you mistyped. You’re probably looking for stuffpassiveaggressiveRACISTlike.com

    Do you realize that if you met 1,000 black people in your life and had a negative experience with all 1,000….YOU STILL WOULD NOT HAVE MET EVEN 1% OF all black people in your home state (whever that may be).

    i like this site because it sheds light on stereotypes and makes both white and non-white people realize that some of the stuff WE ALL LIKE is worth making fun of. Lets face it as AMERICANS we tend to like a lot of useless sh*t. But there’s no harm in that.

  487. HAHAHA- so true! I have one. Ya wanna know what makes it even more stuffwhitepeoplelike-friendly? It’s purposefully made to look vintage. This is symbolic of the fact that the creativity that goes into that journal is timeless and could easily be reminiscent of the work of a late, great author.

  488. on March 6, 2009 at 12:42 pm jane higgins

    There is a website like that…wearerespectablenegroes.blogspot.com

    I read both these sites and find them absolutely hysterical..people it is called humor.

    The we are respectible negroes is a site done by three back people it is as funny as this site.

  489. There should be a group of standard comment posts made at the beginning of each comments section. Just like how Wheel of Fortune puts R S T L N (or something like that) on the board.

    Every comment section always gets a bunch of “A black people version of this site would be called racist” posts and the “I’m white and I don’t like *blank*” posts.

    Posts like that should just be copy/pasted into every comment section so that people like carol can save time better spent being wrong about other things.

  490. i’m so white i use a moleskine weekly planner. large size.

  491. Totally. I used to relate to 50-60% of the entries. I don’t know what the hell a moleskin notebook is either. Hope this doesn’t mean that this website has jumped the shark.

  492. ha ha ha…….Wait a minute, I have a moleskine journal and I am Hispanic. Do you wonder what I love about my moleskine journal? Me too. I bought it, then when inspiration hit me I started to draw. Then I stopped and wondered if my drawing was going to be good enough to grace the pages of my beautifully crafted journal. As it turns out, my self-esteem didn’t think it was good enough at all.

    Now my moleskine journal rests on a shelf with a bunch of other books I will never use.

  493. People want roughly the same things regardless of race.

    Thanks, close the site down, it has now outlived it’s usefullness.

  494. not sure what yr point is here. yr comment seems to imply some sort of facetious/sarcastic frustration at the seeming incongruity posed by a hypothetical comparison of “stuff white people like” vs. “stuff black people like.”

    the comment also seems to convey a sense of quiet outrage at the presumed unfairness such a comparison merits, i.e., why can one (the former) exist with impunity and be perceived as humorous while the other (the latter) would likely cause you to be “sued for every penny yr worth and fired from yr job citing racial discrimination.”

    the answer to this is quite simple actually – believe it or not, the preponderant social, cultural, ideological, political and economic influence in the united states (despite having elected barack obama as its president) remains rooted in so-called white hegemony. in other words, so-called white people still run america in terms of money and power.

    does this mean that every american who considers him or herself to be white is rich and powerful? no, it simply means that they affiliate themselves (mentally, emotionally, ideologically) with the so-called dominant group, i.e., white people.

    think of it like this: a nerd pokes fun at some rich jock who’s dating the head cheerleader. how much of an impact is that likely to have on the jock? not much. reverse the roles and due to the jock’s conventionally dominant status within the microcosm of the high school ranking order, the impact on the nerd is likely to be much more profound.

    stuff white people like is humorous and inoffensive (to most people anyway – regardless of ethnicity) because they see it for what it is, an inventive, droll and self-deprecating (but ultimately facetious and superficial) critique of so-called white culture.

  495. I, too, have Hispanic blood in my veins and I just like the feel of moleskin. But carrying around an organizer that I can’t do a “search” on is something I had to give up a while back.

    Now, if computers and smartphones would come equipped with a moleskin jacket it would help mellow my current harsh. Ok, maybe I’d part with nine ninety-nine for it. When my 401k recovers.

  496. The double-standard white people have to tolerate, for now far too long, is pathetic. The best way for me to decide if something sounds racist, is if I take the color out of the sentence and replace it with “black.” If it then sounds racist, it’s racist with any color.

    I happen to think this site, though, is gently teasing the culture, rather than the actual color. Ok, maybe not always so gently.

    The really great thing about it, is that white people have a much better sense of humor about themselves than so many people of other colors.

    I wouldn’t blame them though if they suddenly stopped being such good sports.

  497. on March 6, 2009 at 4:35 pm awesomelyawesome

    It just means you aren’t as cool as you once were…

  498. why are you still here? there are other sites on the web…

  499. A crude non creative threat, very boring….lets perpetuate this litigious society, hate to have you slip on your cheap shoes in front of my house. Nice life

  500. Go cut yourself emo.

  501. In other words, you’ve turned into old people.

  502. Nah, it means you’re too young. Moleskins have been around for ages. Read the packaging.

  503. obviously you do. otherwise you wouldn’t have bothered to comment. personally, I find it refreshing when people are willing to open themselves up to ridicule. if you aren’t interested then stop reading.

  504. I think, while obviously brilliant, he’s clearly an asshole or a liar.

    which is it?

    somehow I’m thinking liar…

  505. on March 6, 2009 at 8:35 pm Craig Merkey

    I disagree I saw him in person and he is quite brilliant!

  506. my husband is a left handed cook. He uses it so he can quickly jot down recipe ideas while cooking as it fits in his chef’s coat and is sturdier than other cheap notebooks.

  507. You’re brilliant. I love the stuff you write. I haven’t bought a moleskin, yet, but have thought about it many times and have persuaded friends to buy them.


    Pure Genius, friend.

  508. wtf is a Moleskine notebook?

  509. It’s for women and homosexualists (i.e. TWKOWP).

  510. Now jig we know the big secret in the black community, its been on the news. That is all the big brothers many who have spent years in prison are homosexuals on the down low, not letting the little lady at home know. And now you have and epidemic of a S.t.d. in black women, brought home by their useless nigger GAY boyfriends, out of work pieces of shit. My nigger anything else for the Captain?

  511. You have to put pen to paper and complete the story: White people also love medieval torture devices called “writing instruments”. These used to be called pens (liquid ink flowing through a narrow channel) or pencils (carbon welded into wood) which were used to write. So, wheerevr moleskins are sold, so are “Writing Instruments” under strange names like Caran D’Ache (is that with an ‘e?) or Montblanc (another white mountain).

  512. Was in the Safeway near the Pacific ocean in San Francisco (two hits right there) and I found one in the parking lot.
    So I will use it to right random thoughts…

  513. OMG! I love Moleskines, and I’m White! Coincidence? I think not.

  514. Whitey, you are absolutely fucked up. Please stay in your getto, we sure as hell don’t need you anywhere else.

  515. Man how long do we have to listen to WHITE PEOPLE gripe about their oppression!?!? Geez! We get it! You were unfairly discriminated against for a long time (since like the early 90’s I guess) and continue to have an unfair intolerance and bias used against you in less blatant but nonetheless persistent ways (i.e. can’t say the N-word in front of black people…that you don’t know…when you’re sober…and some other horrible stuff).

    GET OVER IT!!!!

    The world doesn’t owe you anything! Maybe if you got off your lazy ass and worked for the things you want it wouldn’t matter who said what about you!!!

    Look, we’ve had one of YOU people elected President! (see: #1 thru 43)

    You people run multi-billion dollar corporations! (see: most of them)

    You people dominate entire sports leagues! (see: hockey, cycling, bowling, etc.)

    You people even have a centuries old exclusive club where you can count the current non-white members on one finger! (see: The U.S. Senate).

    But still you gripe, bitch, and moan!!! I seriously think WHITE PEOPLE ARE HOLDING THEMSELVES BACK WITH A PERSECUTION COMPLEX!!!!

    Quit complaining about double standards, stupid jokes, or lame blogs! White people looooove to play the victim!


    And oh here’s a list of sites about STUFF BLACK PEOPLE LIKE. You don’t see them complaining about it!!! YOU WHINERS!!
    1. http://stuffblackpeoplelikealso.wordpress.com/
    2. http://cobb.typepad.com/cobb/2008/02/stuff-black-peo.html
    3. http://anythingblack.net/humor
    4. http://blog.stuffblackpeoplelove.com/

  516. When you “write” your thoughts, you may wish to use the “right” spelling.

  517. on March 7, 2009 at 12:08 pm yeahrightradio

    I am running out of clever ways to plug my blog. Just visit it.


  518. I am so white as you can probably get..gosh. I love my moleskine-notebook, drink coffee, think marijuana sjould be legalized..crap? Am I being stuff white people like if I want to be “NOT-white” now xD

  519. Brilliant observation. The types of white people who are the subject of this site believe that they are special and exceptionally talented and that it would be a crime if their thoughts aren’t archived. Hence, the perceived needs for these notebooks. It’s that “Everyone gets a trophy” upbringing. Most of them will go on to major in Business, Liberal Arts et al and then work and die in obscurity though -just one more forgotten grave to be relocated by the DOT for a new highway in 200 years

  520. on March 7, 2009 at 2:12 pm jupiterthunder

    If only there was a picture and description of one somewhere.

  521. on March 7, 2009 at 2:42 pm thisisnotaheart

    i want to fall in love with a boy that writes in a moleskin journal.

  522. on March 7, 2009 at 6:25 pm Michelle Hanson

    How funny! I have several moleskin notebooks, but I’m afraid to draw in them. They are too beautiful. The paper is Italian. The cover is leather. And my sketches are just so, so.

  523. Your posts make me laugh so much!
    Keep it up!
    Silly white people..;P
    Gotta love em.

  524. on March 7, 2009 at 7:18 pm you know, that black guy


  525. on March 7, 2009 at 7:24 pm you know, that black guy


    i thought marcus wanted to correct his thought process by making it less random using the moleskin. that way, he wouldn’t need to write in it…

    on the other hand, people devoted to personal individual expression don’t care that your such a smarty-pants. spelling is a personal expression. so, keep you’re thoughts to yourself. teehehe! 🙂

  526. on March 7, 2009 at 7:26 pm you know, that black guy

    uh oh,

    i think i just broke my arm while trying to pat myself on the back for that wicked cool multi-pronged reply.

    soon, i shall spew my vitriol from the safety of my flat screen keyboard. beware!

  527. on March 7, 2009 at 7:34 pm you know, that black guy

    hey, uhm

    if my bartender [a white guy] gave me [a black guy] a moleskine for my b-day [sept 11, a day of coming together for white people], does that make me white people now? also, i haven’t written anything in it in the 2 years since i got it.


  528. on March 7, 2009 at 7:50 pm you know, that black guy


    i am a white guy and i haven’t done anything even remotely as clever as this. instead of creating something, i’ll be a critic, roaming the web for trends enjoyed by many, that i may unleash vitriol for the few misanthropes like myself. my understanding of use-value follows the discredited friedmanesque paradigm. keep the banks open, for they have failed astronomically. your success, on the other hand, merits oblivion. cease and desist!

    and furthermore, gnnggnnughh!!!

  529. on March 7, 2009 at 8:02 pm you know, that black guy

    you’re not really white. white people don’t have to say they’re white. like in the paper, “suspect is a male in his 20s” means “white male.” as opposed to “suspect is a black male in his 20s” or “suspect is a hispanic male in his 20s.” if you had written, “i love the wire, netflix…” etc., we would know you are white. plus, you never heard of a moleskine, with an “e” at the end. as in, “ye olde moleskine shoppe

  530. on March 7, 2009 at 8:12 pm you know, that black guy


    i think that a.i.g., that insurance giant your politicians keep bailing out, i think that they may insure people against “self-depreciating” trends. it doesn’t work the same way as interest rates announced by the fed, and it’s probably costly, but one can’t put a price on protection against depreciation of any type. especially the self-depreciating kind.

    as for the rest of you self-deprecating jokers, you’re not on your own. you’re white!

  531. on March 7, 2009 at 8:14 pm you know, that black guy

    the problem with stationary stores is that they can’t move product fast enough, no matter what they sell.

    stationery stores, on the other hand, are faced with the skyrocketing cost of paper, at base.

  532. on March 7, 2009 at 8:15 pm you know, that black guy

    somebody stop me.


  533. on March 7, 2009 at 8:20 pm you know, that black guy

    the word “droll” is conspicuously out of place, stores out like a sick thumb…

  534. on March 7, 2009 at 8:33 pm you know, that black guy

    deliver my nut sack to your nostrils a la tea bag, you cannibinoid nuisance…

  535. on March 7, 2009 at 8:36 pm onlyfr33b33

    I used to want Moleskine journals so badly, but have settled with cheap Mead composition books. Well, I’m not white…

  536. on March 7, 2009 at 8:54 pm you know, that black guy


    my man. you are clearly not white. you have either misunderstood skin color as a means of identifying yourself with others unlike yourself, or you are not white. in either case, you are not white. i doubt you are black or brown, as well. you tell a pretty fine scatological witticism, however. you are like richard pryor’s dingleberry as adam sandler’s skinny lip. i like it.

    btw, history is nothing but a record of gang rape by white boys beholden to their white masters. running dog lackeys of a misbegotten, monotheist, paternalist system. white guys invented marriage to attempt to identify their progeny, but this was just an offshoot of the enslavement of white women; marriage is a means of grabbing property, and we all know property is theft. period.

    taking credit for what your masters have done is still dangerous, mister whitey. of course, altruism is simply a matter of retrieving what you have pretended to give to the other. to defeat your enemy, you must find yourself therein. you fear in the other only that which you recognize in yourself. no worries: inferior as you may fear yourself to be, the oak waits in the acorn. you, too, shall grow up. until then, keep those yuks coming. and wipe your mouth…

  537. on March 7, 2009 at 8:59 pm you know, that black guy


    and marriage does not equal monogamy. especially not when more than half of all marriages end in divorce. this hardly accounts for separations. and the 11% of the population identified as black by the 2000 u.s. census does little to affect that divorce stat.

    so, when’s the last time you helped a single white mom do anything other than become a single white mom?

  538. I had received a mole last year, and just looked inside for the first time. I do all of my work on my laptop, so I will be donating it to goodwill or the salvation army, I hope it makes some poor little negro happy.

  539. on March 8, 2009 at 2:22 am you know, that black guy

    not being white, i always go for the two-tone [black & red] bound columnar record book by boorum, formerly boorum & pease, 21-150-r, 150 pages, the numbers “21” & “150” and letters “REC” imprinted on the spine in gold, facing page numbers stamped in the upper corners, 1 in. plus margins. beauties. and not cheap, nor do they fit in the pocket, being more or less letter-sized. also 300 pp, tho i find those unwieldy.

    stuff white people like is funny. it makes me want to be funny, too. makes me wanna be a contender, dropping my r’s in that northeast coast white working class accent [in all is permutations from brooklyn to providence to beantown to bar harbor], instead of angry, which is what i am.

  540. Ah, back to form. It seems like SWPL had sort of lost the plot for a little while there.

  541. Landis is a typical Canadian. They have no culture of their own, they depend on the US for everything and they are a self-hating group because of it. Lets whine some more in your inane website Landis. Go back to Canada and create a more truthful website called “Stuff Canadian’s leech off of the United States”.

  542. In Stuff People Like News, more proof that Brownie is more racist than Whitey:

    “But scholars delving into the U.S. Census have found a surprising converse trend. Although interracial marriages overall have increased, the rate of Hispanics and Asians marrying partners of other races declined in the past two decades. This suggests that the growing number of immigrants is having a profound effect on coupling, they say.

    The number of native- and foreign-born people marrying outside their race fell from 27 to 20 percent for Hispanics and 42 to 33 percent for Asians from 1990 to 2000, according to Ohio State University sociologist Zhenchao Qian, who co-authored a study on the subject. The downward trend continued through last year, Qian said.

    “The immigrant population fundamentally changes the pool of potential partners for Asians and Hispanics. It expands the number and reinforces the culture, which means the second generation . . . is more likely to marry people of their own ethnicity,” said Daniel T. Lichter, a sociologist at Cornell University.


    Racist fucking pigs.

  543. Nice. I suggested you write about Moleskines earlier. I actually own 2 of them — a small, softcover one with blank pages (of course), and a larger hardcover version with blank pages for me to write my research in.

    I’m not white though. However, white people do love to use the same notebook that Hemmingway, Picasso, and a bunch of other old white people used to jot down notes with. Nowadays, people like me use it. Sad. However, try to find a notebook filled with blank pages that isn’t spiral-bound. The larger notebook should be hardcover so that it keeps longer (for archiving).

    You can’t, right? Neither can I, so I’ll continue using the white man’s tool.

  544. Great books 🙂

  545. Oh my! I never thought that the kind of notebook can be really helpful to be creative. I have “white people” friends that are servants of art… but I never heard of this from them.
    I’ll do a mental note to ask them.
    Thanks for this post. I really had a great time reading it.

  546. When is the hamster festival?

  547. on March 8, 2009 at 12:33 pm THC when you want it

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    Open from 12:00pm-12:00am, 7 days a week, everyday. Private, quick, courteous service. Delivery time in UNDER 60 mins. TEXT “MM?” to 347-553-3852. If this is your first time using service please email mikeymoscow@gmail.com for instructions first. Serving NYC & the 5 boro’s

    NY’s best MJ delivery service

  548. TL;DR

  549. ah yes stuff suburban asshole type white people like. Fuck you, all of you. Pieces of shit, you want moleskine, I wipe my ass with it and shove down your fucking throat. Scumbags, thats what white people are.

  550. I think white people like “parchment” the most, that reeks of tortured artist anguish. Unfortunately, they do not sell parchment notebooks. It’s an idea though.

  551. This guy sounds like all the other racists out there who hate a group of people because of their color. Do you belong to the black police officers assoc. or the black caucus? I beleive they are about as racist as you are. With any luck pieces of shit like you will lose their voices so they can’t spreading racist shit. You are a shining example of how racist black folk be. You must keep on writing to show your ignorance (not knowing), or maybe your stupidity (how fucking dumb) you are.
    May you and the others like you (all races) have a quick death so the good people can proceed with a better life.

  552. How do you know he’s Black?

  553. Hahaha whatever. I love my Moleskine. But I must admit, I’ve never seen anyone of another race carrying one… lol.

  554. It’s still a $15 notebook…

  555. No one else hates white people that much

  556. He got you to read it. In the end, I think that’s all that matters. That, and the fact that you hate him so much you’ll come back and read it again.


  557. on March 9, 2009 at 10:06 am Bigge Ballsac

    Christ. I really, really loathe this website. It’s such a smartass American approach to observational comedy – basically devoid of any real insight, intelligence or humour. But because it’s topical, all of you lot just lap it up. Over and over again. But I forgot; as a stereotype, all North Americans are fat and stupid – and you all are. All of you. Fat and Stupid. Oh, don’t worry – I don’t marginalise or discriminate – I mean as a population you’re overweight and retarded. People all over the world laugh at your fat asses, poor sense of style and disgusting consumerist attitudes. Some people in the world hate you all so much, they want to wipe you’re stupid asses off the face of the earth like a stubborn skidmark on a toilet bowl.

    And if you take that to heart? Now THATS funny!

    I don’t understand why you all love this site so much.. it’s just annoying. When people comment, they talk about ‘Not taking it too seriously’ because it’s humour. Jesus. People are generally even more ignorant and short-sighted than I imagine – not to mention devoid of any real sense of creative humour.

    Personally, I don’t see this as being a site for the author to write about observations in a humourous way (his articles are just boring and don’t exactly have an inspired style) – I see it as an insight into the idiotic readers of the articles, how they all just think it’s fiendishly funny and clever. Really, the jokes on you, because it’s not funny. It’s crass observation. Everyone in this world has about as much originality as my penis, because unfortunately for us all, we are group-based social animals that mimic each other to survive. Most people in black communities are into the same things, white people are into the same things, yellow, red, brown.. whatever. The point is you’re all the same, and you make me sick. Some people are lucky enough to live outside so-called ‘stereotypes’ because we mix with all ethnicities and make an effort to understand each others culture. Before you make a really crappy attempt to belittle that statement, don’t. You’re just upset because you lack any insight into the world.

    I make no bones about it – I am a human being – and as a human it is in my nature to like and dislike things. I can tell you one thing I don’t like, you. But on the lighter side, I laugh all the time and feel absolutely fantastic about it; it’s just that I’m laughing at all of you and your pathetic attempts to make sense of it all. HA!

  558. gee whiz

  559. on March 9, 2009 at 10:20 am White as the Night

    Fuck that shit, it’s for pussies. Real whiteys write on papyrus.

  560. on March 9, 2009 at 10:21 am White as the Night

    You forgot about God. It could be God. After all, He invented herpes, did he not?

  561. jason – your blog sucks.


  562. correction: mole-a-skeen-a. i-talian or something.

  563. on March 9, 2009 at 10:39 am Yep I Said It

    Hey, I don’t like white people either, and I’m one of them. Want to hang out sometime and draw pictures of us murdering them in my Moleskine?

  564. on March 9, 2009 at 11:30 am Average White Guy

    Wow…you’re so right on dude. Hahaha…especially since so many white people in this country have been shackled, bought, sold, hung from trees, murdered, executed and convicted with no trial…and have had no voting or human rights, denied food, shelter and clothing based on their white skin color…

    Hard to bitch about this site being racist when white people have kicked everyone’s ass for over 400 years.

    Ready…go !

  565. Should I as a white person care about critics who self-label taking as models hairy scrota or incurable viral contagions?

  566. Wow, looks like SWPL hits a little close to home for someone.

  567. To you Biggie and others like you,

    Why would you go to a website you can’t stand, read an entire post (or posts), read the comments, leave an angry comment, and presumably even check back for responses to said post?

    I’m guessing you’re not considering how the whole per-click revenue scheme of this internet thing works. Even without direct ads, adding to that hit count helps the author get that new book deal, media job, or (god forbid) TV pilot!

    It’s like buying multiple copies of a book you hate to burn them in protest. Or buying several tickets to a movie you hate to sit there and boo at it.

    You’re supporting the thing you claim to hate and ensuring it prospers. Hey you got me to contribute even more clicks.

    I think your real goal is self aggrandizement and bolstering of your fragile self image in a safe, non-threatening forum. You reek of anti-social sadness. We all know you don’t really laugh. Joyless, snide cackling doesn’t count. You just want to be loved. And you know what? That’s OK.

    There’s no shame in saying “Hey! I have feelings, I’m tired of being alone and the prospect of paying for sex all my life makes me sick!” You deserve real happiness. But hiding behind your big mean mask won’t get you there my friend.

  568. on March 9, 2009 at 2:48 pm yeahrightradio

    I used to think of clever ways to plug my blog. Now I’m running out. Visit my blog.


  569. basically this blog is just more research for an expanded book. This website’s kind of funny. the best part is all the comment conversations, its like seeing all the highschool discussions on race and whatnot rehashed out on the internet.

  570. i’m sorry, my asianness prevents me from shelling out $15 for a notebook when i can get one twice as big with twice as many pages for less than half the price.

    of course, that selfsame asianness also dictates that i have no need to write down my creative impulses because we asians clearly only see beauty in elegant proofs of fermat’s last theorem, not kitties or rainbows or angst XD

  571. Very very funny.

    It reminds me of an article which appeared in a Melbourne (Australia that is) broadsheet a few years ago reviewing a club set up as part of the Melbourne International Arts Festival. The article was very keen to mention that arty types (black glasses, blunt fringe) were sitting at the bar writing in their moleskin notebooks.

    Note: the moleskin is a confusing reference to an Australian as it also refers to a form of trousers generally worn by country types but also Akubra wearing city types.

  572. I loved my moleskin when I got it. Trouble is I have a million other things to do and do most of my writing on the computer. Maybe a moleskin w/o lines so i could go back to sketching people on the subway.
    The best ones to draw are those snoozing.

  573. Nice one Enquido, you saved me a lot of typing. You summed up what most of us want to say when reading through the rubbish comments that get sprayed all over this site every time a new post appears.

  574. here are some helpful places to go in search of your very own.


    Melbourne International Arts Festival: http://www.melbournefestival.com.au/

    moleskin [sic] notebooks

    moleskin trousers




  575. on March 9, 2009 at 11:59 pm Tim-o-thee-hell-outta-here

    Ballsac, although I am a stupid North American I semi agree with you. The site is fun, but by no means the peak of intellectual humor or social commentary. In regards to the rest of the world hating us, I hate what we’ve become. Ignorance, complacency, and self-entitlement are not attractive attributes. As soon as I finish my degree, I am moving to Europe because Rome is truly starting to burn.

  576. on March 10, 2009 at 4:10 am Bigge Ballsac

    I love how you got so angry.. it made me tingle. And you got me, too. I’m 45 and live in the basement of my Mothers house – but it means I have more money for prostitutes. Your complete fabrication of details about my character are just so right! You should take that up for a living. Amazing, just amazing. So witty and intelligent too – what a guy.

    As much as I think you’d like to assume or guess, the fact is that I know this is a popular website. As a consequence I knew that people like you would read my comment. I don’t give a shit if this website lasts for a century – let’s face it, a lot of really crappy things on Earth last for a long time for reasons inexplicable by intelligent beings all over the galaxy.

  577. Since all white people consider themselves to be “creative” – err is that not quite racist? There must be one white person who does not consider this to be the case?

  578. The ones who think of themselves as less-than-creative are the ones who succeed at suicide. 😦

  579. Quite well done. 🙂

    However, you’ve pretty much guaranteed that the author of this site will never do an entry on Jogging. 😦

    He’s pimping books and giving white people book tours (white people like book tours/signings) so his lawyers (SWPL) probably tell him to dump any ideas that are introduced in the comments section. 😦

    If it’s any consolation, I enjoyed your observations. 🙂

  580. I find that insulting to highschoolers. 🙂 Highschoolers in a classroom setting are just barfing up the obligatory Goodthink platitudes as they ought to so they can get their checkmark and move on to the important things in life like pizza and a decent car. Outside of the classroom, they actually get things unlike some of the comments here from people who barf up the obligatory Goodthink platitudes voluntarily. Eeeew.

  581. on March 10, 2009 at 8:57 am Lost in Lower Alabama

    (Whispering)..Uh, I’m not. I use my Moleskin journal to work calculus problems for fun.

  582. Well, of course. It is stylish. I have one diary and one regular notebook, so I am double Moleskine. A one-dollar notebook won’t inspire you and if you are a journalist like myself, a cheap notebook immediately scares people. 🙂

  583. All together now: mole-uh-SKEEN-uh

  584. and this bit of nonsense is a marketing master stroke:

    “What is Moleskine? ( mol-a-skeen’-a)
    MOLESKINE is the legendary notebook that has held the inspirations and ideas of everyone from Van Gogh, Picasso and Hemingway to famed author, Bruce Chatwin. Artists, authors, and geniuses of all variety have long appreciated the simplicity and superior functionality of these notebooks.

    Originally these books were produced by small French bookbinders who supplied the Parisian stationery shops frequented by the international avant-garde. However, In 1986, the last manufacturer of Moleskine, a family operation in Tours, closed and Moleskines were gone – but not forgotten. As a result of their previous popularity and demand, they did return. In 1998, a small Milanese publisher brought these books back for writers, artists, travelers and all free-thinkers around the globe.

  585. Ballsac:

    You sound like a mopey Hot Topic kid who grew up and never changed. Please get over yourself.

    /not going to bother with a more critical and in-depth analysis of your asinine, overlong, and fairly embarassing comment.

  586. all I know is that anyone will to pay 20x more for a stupid notebook is a bigger clown then OBAMA!!

  587. You should have mention that white people like to take their molsekin with them when they travel abroad (just like Hemingway)

  588. Something is wrong with you, try putting a hamster in your asshole, it will brake the log jam, and then and only then will you be able to jam the cock up there, that you need.

  589. I smuggle a hamster, wanna guess where I hide it?

  590. das booty is a das beeeotch.

  591. on March 10, 2009 at 4:15 pm Stefhen bryan

    Also “beauty” in asian slums and misery !!!

  592. I must confess that I use Moleskin’s to keep my client notes in, as I may need them for reference at a later date. So I am more practical than many of my white brethern.

    That said, I was introduced to Moleskins while attending my Ivy League university…which I think may be the whitest thing of them all.

  593. I bought them till they started making them in china, now i buy paper chase, same concept less money and made in the USA!!

  594. i can’r find my moleskine! aaarrrrrgggghhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  595. I think a piece on Blackwings would go nicely with the Moleskine fetish. For the uninitiated:

  596. I just use a little Mead note book, they tend to have more pages (and are about 15% of the Moleskines) 🙂

  597. you should add “white people like giving their white friends book deals” hahaha. what about a book deal for stuff black people like?

  598. Great site. here’s my Top 3 Favourite RACES:

    1. White folks are my favourite race…I have to admit they’re the best!!! (in looks for sure)

    2. but i also love Indians. Indian have AWESOME food and culture. They rock.

    3. Japanese are wicked smart and I respect their kamikaze thing they got going. Plus I love food and once again sushi kicks it up a notch and takes any game into overtyme.

    What your top three races?


  599. Great site. Here’s my Top 3 Favourite RACES:

    1. White folks are my favourite race…I have to admit they’re the best!!! (in looks for sure)

    2. but I also love the Indians. Indians have AWESOME food and culture. They rock.

    3. Japanese are wicked smart and I respect their kamikaze thing they got going. Plus I love food and once again sushi kicks it up a notch and takes any game into overtime.

    What your top three races?


  600. that’s racist, and I hate that.

  601. WOW this is so LAME

  602. Is this mister ricky gervais in the house?

    sorry dude, I don’t mean to be sexist and all that…

  603. My top three in order are chinese, white, and brazilian. I think chinese are neat and there’s so darn many…you got to love’m. White people seem smartest because they have all the cool jobs and just look at the Welsh they’re ideal. And brazilians are freak’n fun (f.u.n.)….my opinion for what its work. PS Hebrews close third…

  604. on March 11, 2009 at 10:58 am Average White Guy

    Awww…look at all the little resentful white guys try to use their sarcastic rhetoric.

    keep stomping your feet and making that little pouty face…

    boo hoo…”what if I wrote a book, ‘Stuff Black People Like’…I would be arrested…” WAAAAAAHHHH….

    Friggin’ noob children…

  605. Moleskines are absolutely not equivalent to cheap notebooks. I work in a stationery and office supply store and have dealt with about every type of notebook there is. Unlike cheap notebooks, fountain pen ink won’t seep through Moleskines. If you don’t use a pen with ink that can leak through to the other side, use a regular, cheap notebook, but otherwise, Moleskines have high quality paper and are very durable. Also, if you write in a Moleskine with a pen such as a Micron, and the notebook gets thoroughly soaked– there will not be any damage to your writing. Moleskines cost a lot because of specialty functions such as these, which you can’t find in cheap products.

  606. Well, if one doesn’t know the basics of English grammar one has no need for a Moleskine… no wonder Mr Lander doesn’t like them.

  607. No need for a moleskine and no hamster either. Fab!

  608. quit whinning bout whiners foo. White people rule the world lets face it

  609. I love that there’s a top 3 race ranking thread, like ranking ice cream or something –

    Sweet anyhow awesome site great comments. I thought it over and my favorite ethnic race is
    1) white people – for their whole package they just seem to have very nice traits (best value for dollar). Just look at this site so many quarky cool things about them.
    2) american indians – for they appear to me to be real in touch with earth and nature and what not
    3) koreans seem – they seem unpredictable but in a good way. I like all the races of the world of course but if I had to pick definitely whites, american indians, and koreans are the best in my view.

  610. Great info. I love my Moleskines and use them at work for recording important client info and design ideas for their projects. Thank you for pointing out the many benefits to this quality product. Even Moleskine’s customer service is fantastic. I emailed them concerning a relatively new notebook I bought that had the binding separate, and they mailed me a new one from Italy. That’s a bit excessive though. They need to develop a coupon program for book replacement should these sorts of situations arise to keep their costs in control.

    Few companies out there would go to this level of service to satisfy their loyal customers. I applaud Moleskine. Keep buying them Whites. They need to stay in business!

  611. My three favorite races:

    1) african american- because the leader of the US of A is african american and it pisses off so many white people. ha ha ha

    2) chinese- because they can kick white peoples asses (think bruce lee) ha ha ha

    3) any race that is NOT white. Why?



  612. you grumpy little sad can use some hormonal treatment … xD

  613. it would be quite fun to read the fountain pen written shopping list after 30 years. should i use quink to make sure it doesn’t fade?

  614. for this dilemma, apple should produce special edition of moleskine macbook or moleskine should create a new line with apple logo on it.

  615. on March 12, 2009 at 5:19 am Benjamin Hartin

    Also, there is the pocket in the back of mine that I really enjoy for putting special receipts that I haven’t tabulated yet and such…

    ALSO, there is the permenant book mark.

    ALSO, there is the graph paper grid lines which help me to draw on a whim if I like.

    ALSO, there is the wrap around strap that keeps it not all chewed up by other items in my bag working their way in bwtween the pages.

  616. on March 12, 2009 at 8:32 am You're off track girl...

    In case you didn’t realize it, Obama got elected thanks to white ppl votes…
    And please notice you’re the only one laughing to your own jokes, that are not-true-not-fun, actually not like this blog!

  617. Duh…no brainer here my three favorite races:

    1) white dudes- cause black people just resent their brains and looks and roman-greko features

    2) eskimos- because how in the heck do they survive…I mean seriously they are ultimate survivors and they eat whale blubber

    3) any race that is NOT black cause I can’t takes them serious but I don’t want to get into it. I like barrack obama though cause he’s actually smart

    on the inside I’m sure black folk are great though

    later tardos

  618. on March 12, 2009 at 10:10 am Bigge Ballsac

    Nice try greasestain

  619. Stellar points! Have you considered writing in your Moleskine notebook about what it’s like to be devoid of humor? An excellent opportunity to enjoy the performance of the Micron in its true element no doubt….

    Lighten up Sasha, you’ll live longer 🙂

  620. sorry, but only 43% of all registered white voters voted for Obama. That means 57% of you all did NOT.

    and yea beeeotch, i am laughing at my own jokes and i don’t give a f*** who laughs with me. Including you. You obviously thought the previous blogs before mine were funny so your comment don’t hold too much credibiiltiy.


  621. All the project managers under 40 in my media workplace have switched to Field Notes as well. Time for Moleskine to counter with their new wads of newsprint line.

  622. I just picked a few of these up and they’re great.
    I grabbed a couple thin ones for different projects.

  623. oh… so moleskin paper doesnt seep ink?? this is good news. gonna get myself some now

  624. Oh I am most definitely getting a Moleskine.
    I mean, I’m Asian so I didn’t know about this.


  625. on March 12, 2009 at 11:35 pm Except that...

    … since I gained twenty pounds black guys have stopped having sex with me. But I ain’t no chick. Pretty though.

  626. I love the hell out of discovering what white people like. But the commenters often make it sound like being white is a bad thing. If I made a list of what black people like and made it sound slightly insulting, would that be ok?

  627. I was laughing while reading this entry, but secretly thinking about how depressing it was because of how accurately this one summed me up. I mean sure I don’t have an apple laptop and the notebook has more than phone numbers, but the fact that great ideas are placed in the notebook while good ideas often end up on my laptop… Damn you SWPL for being ridiculously accurate about my unoriginal ambitions! Anywho, I’m going to go write in my moleskine notebook now…

  628. I wonder if I could make a moleskine icon for my computer…

  629. LOL! That only took [counting] three posts from the top for me to find that old chestnut!

    My Taiwanese girlfriend and I (white enough to count as white) laughed our asses off at The Wire entry. This is all, imho, just about the absurdity of the stuff people are into.

    This moleskine entry is funny just because it nails a LOT of people, humorously, while not altogether making it up. In I was not clear: THAT would ME.

  630. “Thankfully, since white people only keep their most original and creative ideas in the Moleskine, many of them will only be required to purchase one per lifetime.”

    that is awesome. good job on keeping up the blog this long… i haven’t checked this site for a while

  631. Yeah but he used the word ‘Scumbag’
    I don’t know many people that use that word
    seriously, espcially not black folk in the U.S.

    sounds like a troll to me.

    that whole last sentence, just doesn’t fit with the rest.
    Like its someone pretending be black. Go ahead, pretend
    your an angry black person (like Samuel L. Jackson or a gangsta rapper) and try reading the post aloud. the last sentence just doesn’t fit in.

    no true black person would chime into their own diss at the very end of it with something as weak as scumbags. It would totally diminish the effectiveness and potency of the diss.

    speaking of my personal experience as a rapper (a black one). If I were to say something as powerful as wiping my ass on something and to ‘shove it down your throat’. Following it up with calling you a scumbag would only leave me open to an effective counterattack. End strong or don’t end at all.

    so I guess, I’m officially questioning the blackness of the poster (who calls himself herpes).

    that’s all

  632. It all depends on your target audience and race authenticity. But, it’s the internet so do what you want.

    People will either find it funny or be offended. There are some people who post on this very blog about being offended by the contents on this site.

    A general rule of them is that you can make fun of your own race. The blogger is white so he has race authenticity.

    Think of race as being part of an extended family, people who generally look the same and perhaps share similar backgrounds and upbringing.

    You may have a sibling that you constantly tease and ridicule, but it’s ok because your family. If someone else were to come along and tease or ridicule, you might be upset and offended and come to the defense of your sibling.

    A basic example not meant to be looked at too deeply… please.

  633. ha ha ha!!! Not just grocery lists and phone numbers, but the 25 Random Things note for Facebook… brilliant!

  634. “A Apple laptop”? I thought white people liked proper grammar, too. Apparently not.

  635. what exactly is a “moleskine?

  636. No surprise there, since you’re Asian girl, and Asian girls are always striving to be White.

  637. haha I have a moleskin notebook in my purse right now and I love it! I only got one because my also white friend told me about them (got mine 50% off though hehe).

  638. Say what? Moleskin notebook? Bah, humbug. I steal paper from my employer’s laser printer.

    That’s my “notebook”.

  639. no one has answered my question….what is a “moleskine”
    is it fatal?

  640. don’t steal if you could pay for it, how do you become a role model for your children?

  641. why do you assume this person wants children?

  642. Hmm I guess the part about wanting to appear creative and original kinda applies for people of different races, not only white people, no?

    But want I don’t get is the loyalty to the moleskine… isn’t the basis of being creative and orginal not going with the general flow of things? ;o

  643. Well there in lies the paradox, truly creative people don’t go with the flow, but there are huge swaths of those for whom “creativity” is mostly another conformist pose.

  644. therein that should have been, sigh.

  645. Just had to add one comment to bring the total to 667. I can’t afford moleskine notebooks. The ones that cost a dollar are the way to go, especially the ones with the black and white splotches on the cover.

  646. I would feel proud of my children for stealing from our Corporate Overlords. They steal from us all the time (TARP, bailout bill, stimulus bill, et cetera).

    I see nothing wrong with stealing some of that money back by absconding with paper, pens, or whatever else I can get.

  647. if the system gives you the freedom to make decisions and you have chosen to stuff it up, you only have yourself to blame. when people steal at all levels, the cost of maintaining the system will go up and eventually someone has to pay; that becomes your bills in the end, maybe??

  648. This is so incredibly true! i just bought a moleskin! while it is my planner, and is incredibly full of stuff, the notebook that came with it is fairly empty…. with a few gems of creativity. i’m proud to proclaim my ever-whitness!

  649. Tch, the Dark One will not be happy! 😉

  650. ooh, harsh…

    Love the notebook… just ordered a black and a red one (2 of each actually, 2 for me and 2 for my bf)… not sure if i’m going to write in it though… i have about 5 other ones to fill up first!!

  651. I can’t stand that feeling of entitlement that some people seem to have! Oh poor ME, those Corporate Overlords are so pesky and bothersome all the time, so I will steal paper and whatever the hell else I want, and I deserve it.
    “I would feel proud of my children for stealing from our Corporate Overlords.”
    Are you for real? How about teaching your children how to be considerate individuals, and how to interact with people in the real world.
    PS Lets not call them overlords with a capital letter, it just sounds like the kind of thing some freaky gamer that never gets out of the house, and never has a chance at having children would say.
    PS totally agree with the moleskin post.

  652. Most Moleskine are useless in that they don’t have such great paper, and lots of other notebooks are equally good, and cheaper.

    They do, however, have one that I’ll confess to buying: the reporter-style notebook. It’s just the right size to hold in my left hand, while writing with the right, all while standing up, a situation in which I often find myself at the office. If I could find a cheaper notebook in the same format, ideally with better paper, I’d never buy another one.

  653. nope, people that steal don’t have to pay… that’s the point of stealing. i don’t steal printer paper from my employer, but I do steal moleskins from skinny honkeys.

  654. on March 19, 2009 at 1:21 pm Undercover Lover

    Dude, you’re out of your mind. And you have too much free time on your hands.

  655. AHAHA

    I just bought one of these yesterday! It was 12 fucking dollars and it fits in my pocket, I bought it as an impulse purchase at an art supply store, thinking it would be good for all the same reasons that are in the blog posts (great ideas etc) — AND I spent the first two pages writing about how awesome and functional it is, and how sweet the little Pilot pen I got with it is too!


    I am going to go write about this blog entry in my Moleskine.

  656. the paper in moleskines are great! acid free and long lasting… doesn’t go too yucky when it gets wet and there is a variety of different paper anyway.

    i think notebooks and paper products are sometimes a matter of preference… i like moleskines because of the sizes and the elastic band and the good hardcover (plus the nifty pocket in the back)… and the diaries are great…

  657. What is all this utter rubbish about white people do this and white people do that? I find this extremely offensive, you’re completely prejudging an entire race! Has it even entered your tiny minds that this is RACIST!

    the belief that all members of each race possess characteristics or abilities specific to that race,

    fucking small minded idiots! Get a grip.

  658. Dude, relax. It’s all about class. Why do you think NASCAR, Heavy Metal, Country, and Howard Stern aren’t listed? ‘Cause white people without disposable incomes dig ’em.

  659. Give my moleskin back you meanie.

  660. Sure is, you break out in little assholes and die of the drizzling shits.

  661. I tried to wipe my ass with the paper out of one, and it didn’t work. Maybe I should say it didn’t work for shit.

  662. The mere fact you were in an art supply store is all I needed to know. Nothing else really matters.

  663. matt,

    Smoke a joint. It will all get better. This site is about something else than your republican ass can understand.

  664. God, I hate Moleskins. It’s part of my innate snobbery, because they just speak of those white, middle class, middle aged people who would like to think they’re more creative and intelligent than they really are. It’s ridiculous because I’ll happily spend €12 on one of the V&A notebooks, and feel smug about it. Meh

  665. Stuff white people like #489: the word “meh”

    you should be paying me for this stuff.

  666. This is hilarious I love moleskin notebooks.

  667. Are you serious??
    Its called Irony Moron!

  668. on March 23, 2009 at 8:26 am forthesakeofarguing

    You have hit the nail on the head, yet again. I know a ton of people who feel the dire need to carry a notebook along with them just in case they think of something important, to later turn into a book, of course.


  669. on March 23, 2009 at 9:28 am AreUserious?

    you do know the ppl that created and run this site are…….W-H-I-T-E, right???

  670. on March 23, 2009 at 10:36 am Hiphopapotamus

    does the world owe you anything, Enquido?

  671. typical ZOG nonsense. Sure spew hate at every other race, vilify white people and weaken their sense of identity, it will help the ZOG take over…wake the F up…this is not humor it is propaganda.

  672. on March 23, 2009 at 1:53 pm blappman javitz, now you have itz

    yes… yes yes.

    I’ve never seen a black person with a journal/notebook/pad in my life.

    Actually, honestly, i don’t know where you’re finding all these white folks with the pads. i mean, if they’re like me, then they are actually doing something in the pad, and far from the public eye… Walking around with one means that the white person in question has not much in the pad worth showing, because he’s not actually busy doing something with it. that is pretentious, yes.

    But nobody is doing that. You must know the lamest white people in the world.

  673. I am going to be honest here, I have spent HOURS staring at those notebooks 😦

  674. This is hilarious. I just received a Moleskine notebook as a gift from a fellow white person and was thrilled. Glad to know that instead of being creative and original, I am just an insignificant little piece of the white puzzle.

  675. no, this is humor; you just don’t have a sense of it

  676. nope, i’m good, thanks.

  677. i am that person at the coffee shop with my moleskin on my apple computer… better yet… i have two moleskins of different size and variety. I’m not totally white though. I am the one of those hybrid products of the white man/ asian girl. I suppose you were right, when you said hybrids do act white. haha.

  678. on March 25, 2009 at 6:54 am Mustlovefrogz

    Didn’t know what it was and I’m white, maybe All white people don’t like the same stuff. Well there is an idea, but you didn’t come up with that one.

  679. I go to a predominantly white arts school in a big city and our school bookstore is a mini-barnes and noble. Inside said B&N is a fully stocked rack of Moleskine notebooks which goes empty at the beginning of every semester. Go figure.

  680. um. hilarious. sometimes you never know how ridiculous you seem until mocked by someone else…totally bought a pack of 3 as a new years resolution to write a memoir! ha!

  681. That’s because the post is not about YOU. Of course all white people don’t like the same stuff. See “pompous”

  682. there’s always the …wrong… kind of white people…

  683. oh my god that’s sad! all those wannabe white creative people. lucky i’m not one of them…

    well, i do have an apple computer, and well. i do have a moleskin notebook. BUT the notebook is in a landscaped format, and the apple computer is from last season AND the cheapest one, so i’m sorry.

    that means i’m a white creative person, BUT i’m original and poor (not too poor of course though).

  684. this is fun. it’s true that you won’t notice the absurd, stuff you do unless mocked. i’m an asian college student and here in the tropics they sell moleskins too. and i’ve always wanted one ever since i saw someone post watercolor paintings on his moleskin notebook to document travels.

    creativity does not require expensive notebooks!

  685. One best use for these moleskins, in fact any bound mini-notebook, is to keep track of yourself. http://tinyurl.com/who-the-self
    Make a list of who you think you are, all your notes about being a white person, or if not, like me, then all the notes and ideas about your other identities. Sometimes it takes keeping track of who we are. Isn’t that why the moleskin was invented.

    Note to self: Dear Moleskin…

  686. wow… i didn’t know moleskines could generate such a myriad of emotions! they’re not even the most expensive notepads out there!

    i mean, it’s hard to find a good notepad nowadays that is
    1) hardcovered
    2) has an elastic band to keep it closed
    3) has a cardboard pocket on the back
    and a good variety of layouts/sizes

    i live in malaysia and most of the time, notepads have ugly pictures on the front and/or have ugly patterns on the covers. or there are the ones that say “exercise book” on the cover (like we didn’t know it already).

    i don’t know, but in my opinion, it’s just a good standard notepad/book to have around (and not just to write personal memoirs or to look like a creative type).

  687. “In fact, it’s a good rule of thumb to know that white people like anything that old writers and artists liked: typewriters, journals, suicide, heroin, and trains are just a few examples.”

    I was so not ready to laugh that hard!! 😉

  688. on March 27, 2009 at 6:49 am black/white evidently white guy

    First, let me say that although I’m biracial (black/white), according to your site, which it the greatest thing, I’m as white as the guy sitting next to me.

    Second, I gotta confess that yesterday I bought a Moleskin calendar. The funny thing is, I stood in the book shop for about 10 minutes debating whether I wanted to, yet again, confirm SWPL’s ideas about white people. I even had a conversation with the cashier about it. In the end, I bought the Moleskin calendar ’cause it was the simplest looking one there (there were no damn flowers on the front cover), but thankfully it was half-off, which I guess in some way relieves part of my guilt. Just as soon as I got home, though, I started putting stickers all over it, in hopes people won’t notice that I do, in fact, have a Moleskin.

  689. You know it is extremely dumb to write about moleskin, think about it, give a shit about it, spend an ounce of time listening about it. What the fuck sort of sad non life do you people have?

    Damn, there I go again. I’m trying to be nice and I screw it up every time an idiot writes something in keeping with his idiocy. I’ll try harder.

  690. This is true. The moleskin has become a must-have accessory for the literary. Speaking of accessories, Madonna is on yet another of her journeys to Africa for adoption. Is she collecting children like fashion accessories? http://tinyurl.com/celebrity-adoptions
    Why wouldn’t she adopt kids in this country? White kids. This is one of those ‘stuff about white people’ that’s curious. Not that I condemn it, but it raises so many questions.

  691. I am comedian. I am white. I write inside Moleskine. I deliver comedy to the people on stage. in print. And on blog. I also buy groceries and keep phone numbers handy.

  692. Buckaroo on March 27, 2009 at 8:50 pm

    “You know it is extremely dumb to write about moleskin, think about it, give a shit about it, spend an ounce of time listening about it. What the fuck sort of sad non life do you people have?”

    Yet your dumb ass is here writing about what????? moleskin notebooks. No need to try to be nicer buttaroo, just be alil smarter.

  693. Enigmama,

    I thought you died and went to hell.

    To fill you in I was writing about the people who write about moleskins and not about moleskins.

    Further, I’ve cleaned up my act, and I am now a nice guy. So be as mean as you want, but I only have good thoughts.

  694. If you’re a comedian, why aren’t you funny?

  695. Konrad I think I love you.

    Unfortunately with a mac sticker on my moleskine and now these moleskine icons on my macbook I fear I shall be sucked into a self-referential vortex and get sucked up my own lily-white backside.


  696. I am an actual artist(I don’t just want to be one) and from a functional perspective, there are some advantages. They are very small and have more pages than any notebook I have seen and I have looked high and low. The paper is perfectly smooth but can withstand an application of paint. Most paper is thin and will buckle or tear. The problem with notebooks is that the small ones are usually not well made.

  697. the truth is that they are much better than a notebook that costs a dollar

  698. So your now taking the ‘HIGH’ road buttaroo, how sweet. No, I am still alive and kicking, thank you for your concern. I will be nice this time, I am in a good mood. Carry on son, I will give you a pass this time.

    put alil love in your heart


  699. I saw that. You put high in quotes, but it’s not the high you’re thinking. Also, I do appreciate the pass you gave me, and may it continue.

    I have to ask what else you were doing at two-thirty in the morning. Do you get up that early to get ready for Mass? You know, spreading the love.

    I have love in my heart, mind, and soul; from one end to the other.

  700. I was spreading the love, but it was’nt for mass. Let’s just say I was putting alil love in a lovely lady and aft she went to sleep, I decided to take a peek @ da computer. 😉

    I won’t be making a habit of it though.

    put alil love in your heart


  701. It’s become very difficult to adopt children in this country, white or not.

    Also, keep in mind that in a lot of third world countries, adoption is very rare. So, many of these children that are adopted by foreigners would have otherwise ended up as prostitutes, beggars or drug sellers (and quite possibly dead before their twentieth birthday).

    God knows, celebrities do many annoying things, but adopting needy children overseas is not one of them, provided they do it legally.

  702. You don’t need an overpriced notebook for rough notes.

    My neighbor is a published novelist, and he carries around a one dollar stapled copybook for ideas. I’m beginning to think this is how you tell the real thing from the wannabees–with the wannabees it’s all about the props.

  703. Yeah, it’s really more about class as color. I take a creative writing course (yeah, how ultra white) and and a couple of the women made frightened whimpering noises when someone mentioned Howard Stern.

  704. on March 30, 2009 at 12:24 am llnwonderland

    I have one of these because I liked the feeling of the paper and its spine is softer and more flexible. For people who like to write a lot, and are prone to random bursts of desire to record things, this is actually not an overrated prop. If you’re in the middle of a long line at the store, you’re not going to want to mess with some 99 cent notebook that is falling apart. So while it would be stupid to buy the moleskin notebook just because the sticker on the back of it says it’s what Hemingway or Henry Miller would have bought, it does serve a practical purpose.

  705. on March 30, 2009 at 12:37 am llnwonderland

    Besides, most kids in third world countries have it a lot harder than our American orphans. While I think Madonna is pretty much an annoying and overrated shrew, I’m pretty sure the kids she’s taking on from Africa, are going to be better off with her, then left behind in their own countries to be raped by drug-adled guerilla warriors before starving to death.

    Why is it a white people thing? Maybe the question should be, why aren’t more affluent non-white people adopting kids from third world countries? White people aren’t the only ones with money anymore.

  706. on March 30, 2009 at 11:53 am MoleskineLover

    The Moleskine’s for when the Apple runs out of batteries 😀

    Just kidding. It IS needlessly expensive but nothing quite matches the feeling of a fountain pen on Moleskine. And it’s very pretty and compact and all that good stuff. Totally right, though. Any other paper does the trick.

  707. Stupid Americans with their fucking notebooks.

  708. I saw a moleskin notebook at Borders, ( a store white people really like ) that was about 3 inches by 1 inch and it was almost $20. People who spend that much money on that should be smacked.

  709. Okay big boy/girl what country do you hail from?

  710. If bullshit were snow, you would be a raging blizzard.

  711. I use reporters notebooks since they make you look like a reporter.

  712. Buckaroo, if you are arguing it is a waste of time to complain about moleskin journals- why did you bother READ about someone complaining about moleskin journals? Not only that, you took the time yourself to comment about what a waste of time it was to complain about moleskin journals.

    Whats a bigger waste of time?

    1) Complaining about moleskin journals (which the original author did in a pithy, entertaining way)


    2) Complaining about, complaining about moleskin journals (which you did in an ignorant, Neanderthalic manner)

  713. I would buy one but I don’t know how to pronounce it. I would probably say mole-skin, someone would correct me, make me feel really dumb and I’d run out of the store. Actually, I like French notebooks like Rhodia and Clairefontaine, even with the obnoxious french graph paper pages in them.

  714. I think you think too highly of the clan. I’m sure all white people don’t think of themselves as being creative. Obviously you’re one that does and you’re putting that supposition on others. So arrogrant to the extreme is all I say.

  715. Is it the same if I have a moleskin planner? I’m not creative at all

  716. Is it the same if I have a moleskine planner? I’m not creative at all

  717. i am white and make simple notebooks for suckers who buy em. i won’t give my secret away but i pay nada for any raw materials used for such notebooks i make. but don’t diss my ‘creative’ and ‘artistic’ customers as the economy is scheiße and need the moola to support my nose candy habit.

  718. wow, I’m like reading through this list and im just like “HEY! I like moleskine notebooks! and OH! I love coffee!”
    actually, I found this website when I was searching online for a new peacoat.

    surely I can’t be the only black person who watches friends ><

  719. LO-F’IN-L

    This list is so entertaining, I love it!



  720. Well, thank you God. Hey, if it were not this; it would be something else.

    Oh, by the way; go fuck yourself. Also, if I am so fucked, why did you chose a name so like mine? Now go fuck yourself.

  721. One great thing about these lists — people get to think about what’s right for them personally. And it sure is time we look at what’s right, and what we want to make right, instead of what’s wrong. Living in the positive attitude helps everything. http://tinyurl.com/projectDASH

  722. on April 2, 2009 at 10:55 am Bloody Steve

    You still couldn’t have done it without whites. Just saying…

  723. on April 2, 2009 at 3:07 pm Tom in Raleigh

    Judging by the ads by google in front of this entry, the cynic in me suspects that this entry was added just to attract the ads–which likely have a pretty high click-through rate. Which I am about to do, after I write this.

  724. And you deserve every virus you get for that.

  725. Like, omg. Like!

  726. Yeah, I don’t know any white people who think they’re creative..

  727. haha i know lots of people who carry these around. all white.

  728. on April 3, 2009 at 7:05 am Pär Åkesson


    Just to be part of the community of people that have used this agenda makes me feel good.

  729. If you actually have a concrete preference about french notebooks, dont worry about pronoucing mole-skin incorrectly- you still qualify as obnoxious and pretentious enough for this list 🙂

  730. Oh believe me, you’re not the only one. I love myself some Friends… and like 80% of the stuff on this list XD

  731. on April 3, 2009 at 10:32 pm Pierre La Pue

    I bought five of these handy little books. One for each of the arts I am involved in. My Mount Blanc flows so swell over their pages. I’m so happy moon beams are shining out my ass. Oh to be in France again would be the only thing better than this.

  732. “Coloreds” or “muds” as they should be known WISH they had our intelligence, aggressive yet understated power, and our long history of success. I’m all for WHITE POWER people. I say it proud in front of weak liberal trash everywhere. You donate to the united negro college fund, I donate to WHITE PEOPLE. Long live the white race. This site should be things self-hating white people like. I love my race!

  733. Hey Kevin. Go to hell you racist monkey. You are inferior, admit it.

  734. on April 4, 2009 at 7:14 pm Real AMerican

    Americans hate soccer with a passion. We will always insult it no matter what. We will always question the masculinity of the millions who play it and the billions who watch it. We are superior because we are American, our sports are superior, foreign sports are inferior.

    This is the mindset that no matter what you soccer fags will never change. America’s culture and sports dominate the world. Soccer is weak.

  735. I bought a moleskin for one dollar.

  736. on April 5, 2009 at 10:40 am not an american

    and us millions and billions of people who do play soccer, in and out of america, will laugh at your ignorance

  737. on April 5, 2009 at 2:10 pm muttslikeme

    Do you think the Obamas and their entourage carried moleskines to make annotations about their tour in Europe? If so, I wonder if they got the Queen to autograph a page, or to sit with a cuppa coffee/tea http://tinyurl.com/coffeeT and play tic tac toe during a slow moment. All things moleskines are good for.

  738. Hey Mark, aren’t you overdue for dying in a shootout with the Feds, or something?

  739. you are really hilarious. seriously.

  740. I caught myself doing EXACTLY this today. Oops. I’m so white.

  741. Now this is the whitest moleskine yet:


    WP’s love typography.

  742. Mont Blanc? How bourgie — get a rollerball!

  743. Yes. All of my white (bougie) friends own a Moleskine. I have peered inside of many of them. In general, only the first couple of pages are marked by some half-assed doodles and conspicuously illegible script…

    I mean, they’re pretty looking…but I think that the main attraction is the names in the marketing — “Van Gogh,” “Hemingway,” et c…

  744. I have a few Moleskine notebooks (no I’m not white), but I am 1337 enough and I splurged on a Smythson notebook. White people you have been 1UP’d.

  745. You sir, are an idiot. Soccer has been the most popular recreational sport here (in the US) for the past 25 years. MLS also has only been around since 1996 and thus has not had nearly as much time to grow in popularity as the other leagues here. Also, the world cup garners about the same amount of American viewers as those that watch the world series.

    So please, before you lump us all into one category and make yourself into an embarrassment to America, use your brain and think.

  746. Lol. I got 2 moleskin notebooks as gifts. I finally decided to start writing in one of them the other night and now I stumble across this. I didn’t know about them until then.
    I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to be a stuckup white person. I usually buy my cheapo notebooks for 50c at the newsagent if it makes you feel any better? >.<

  747. lolz im such a white person cos i spend the extra 2 bucks for a notebook or coffee or anything in the world

  748. hahahahahahahahahahahahah

  749. on April 9, 2009 at 6:57 pm nick reichert

    Gangsta Grizzilz!

  750. I’m so ashamed! Except for the Apple laptop, that fits me perfectly.

  751. HAHA I’m so white! Moleskin notebook resting on top of an Apple laptop…That’s so me! This blog is pretty funny;P

  752. I can’t believe I actually went out and bought one of these yesterday. Now I had actually never even heard of them and didn’t know what they were. But there I was, at Pearl Paint, in need of a notebook. Not an overpriced one mind you. Usually I just buy plain old composition books for less than two dollars. But because of this site I now own a Moleskin notebook. Do I ever feel white.

  753. DAMN, that is me. I have a notebook and a mac book…

  754. wow. You hear about it, you see movies about it, then you read it on a blog. The whole supreme race thing is pretty funny. Keep it up guys, it gives us educated people, people to make fun. MAN your dumb.

  755. white people are so funny.

  756. I’m pretty sure you saw me in a coffee shop and wrote this one about me.

  757. Good luck on the $100-250 notebooks from Smythson…I’m not feelin’ so 1UP’d.

  758. I like how Nathalie doesn’t give in to the nasty posts, which don’t belong here. Touche 🙂

  759. on April 17, 2009 at 4:37 am bunny-rabbit

    suck up!

  760. When I use my Moleskine I give rebirth to my brain. I will also write about boom town brats, soon. Soon, also Playgrounds for oldies. The Moleskine works also for ex-bankers they will find unexpected points of agreement with environmental activists, poets and fashion designers.

    Truth be told

  761. When I first read this entry some months ago I thought – This looks awfully cool and creative (and white). Too bad I’m not creative and although no one would know there’s nothing in it, I would. Then in white fashion I saw a friend give one as a gift and decided to steal the idea and call it my own. It turns out I spent $20 on what is essentially a card.

  762. I fill up my moleskins and don’t have a mac…Since I’m half white I guess your theory is true.

  763. I lurve my Moleskine with passion.

  764. I love my passion with a foreskin.

  765. I always write down all my most original and creative ideas in my Moleskine. I fit them both on one page.

  766. what white people really really really like above everything else are trendy, faddish blogs about stupid shit … like this one.

  767. Statistics show all people like stupid shit in general, whether black/white/other. Welcome to Humanity.

  768. Just as a note, this post doesn’t distinguish between “All white people” and “Most white people”. I’m white and I don’t give a crap about anything the person in this blog brings up.

  769. the drive to create may indeed be the white person’s greatest cross to bear. thank god there are moleskin notebooks for them so that their creativity can be sealed up neatly in a little black package that the rest of us never have to see.

  770. Is the stupid shit you’re referring to named firelady?

  771. Another good thing to point out is that the Moleskin brand is less than 20 years old! Therefore, not the original ones that Hemingway used…

    Will many white people’s hearts be broken by this?

  772. I’m a guy you tool. If you knew a little about the world you live in you would know Paolo is a male name. And I’m from Chile.

  773. Dude, this is a joke. Everyone knows it does not apply to all white people. People of color face stereotypes constantly in every day life. This blog is a tongue and cheek way of calling out white people’s stereotypes and putting white people under the same sort of examination that people of color face constantly. Sometimes it’s hard when the table are turned.

  774. 20 years?? Italian company Modo Modo started producing Moleskines in 1998. The appropriated a bit of history from a Parisian stationer that closed down in 1986 along with a sprinkling of purely fiction accounts of great writer and artists using their product, and off they went. A best selling deceit was born.

  775. on April 24, 2009 at 9:35 pm Matt Blossom

    what’s really funny is that “people of color”, whatever the fuck that means – you’re obviously white to be saying that, do the same shit and poorly imitate white people. Look at Obama.

  776. I think your article is funny, unique, and interesting. Reminds me a lot of my writing style (in my own articles). I think many “White Folks” do tend to want to be different than the rest, in turn choosing specific clothing, tattoos and piercings, and yet being like a majority of the outsiders. So, aren’t they then like the rest?

  777. Very good. I like your article.

  778. Yeah, I know this is a humour site, but I would like to point out what this particular white person likes about her Moleskin, which, incidentally, is not filled with deep thoughts but with measurements for the wood we needed for the deck, fridge prices, the phone numbers of cottage resorts we passed while returning from the beach and some crap I can no longer decipher. Anyway, what I like about this thing over the dollar store version is the elastic that holds it closed (good quality elastic – has kept its elasticity for over six years now) and the little pocket in the back cover wherein I keep a paint chip, some post-its and a list of all my semi-important phone numbers.

  779. It is spelled “Moleskine” … for the record. I’ll never be without mine …

  780. Yeah, sorry. I’m so tired I can barely remember how to spell my own name.

  781. mmmm nice to imagine a tight french ass… makes me wanna wear it out.

  782. once a white girl sleeps with a spook, she is cast about, renounced as a white person and forced to forever endure the domestic violence brought on by “da brothas”

  783. on April 29, 2009 at 9:49 pm CrissyDarling

    lighten up…..i agree with you

  784. What exactly is Obama imitating? Because he’s successful and educated, he wants to be white?

  785. what’s really funny is white people’s urge to defend themselves. It’s time for every one to get over this white guilt and figure out what tehy genuinely like and not worry about what is acceptable for them to like.

  786. Speaking of books, perhaps “TELLING PEOPLE THAT THE BOOK IS BETTER” could be added

  787. It’s supposedly ‘the notebook used by Bruce Chatwin’, who wrote about trying to track them down in France in his book ‘The Songlines’ (1986) – only to be told that ‘le vrai moleskine est fini’. The current one has no relation to this and dates from 1996:


  788. This site is terrifying. I’m not white, but all these descriptions fit me…

  789. on May 3, 2009 at 10:18 am Waabishkii'ikwe

    I’d never even heard of Molskine notebooks until seeing them on this blog.

  790. I wanted a moleskin to write down my creative thoughts and an apple for my lesser thoughts, but both were too expensive, so I have a less leathery notebook and a pc.
    but I am still white.
    and less creative than i thought.

    this blog makes me sad…

  791. yo. i am arab $ and i stole some cash from this herb and bought one… i never would buy one but i wanted to spend the money fast…

  792. I have several Moleskines, but I have no idea how to pronounce the word!

  793. This website is great…

    Here’s another hilarious website you should take a look at: http://www.somethingyoushouldread.com

  794. One in the office, one in the car, one in the kitchen, one by the computer, so on and so forth, with reserve stock for each…I just can’t justify doing the Moleskine, however nice it looks. I wouldn’t get a lot of mileage out of it and getting a bunch of them is just wasteful given my consumption of notebooks.

    I mean, if you’re actually doing a lot of writing, a stack of yellow 8″x12″ legal pads and another of 3″x5″ spiral notebooks get the job done. A Moleskine, for me, would be a terrible waste.

    That doesn’t mean I wasn’t utterly tempted when I first saw them, of course…

  795. Yep. I have…

    1) a medium hard-side for sermon notes in Church on Sunday morning. (Much more convenient than trying to file a bunch of bulletin-insert sermon notes into a binder). I guess I shouldn’t put a monetary amount in the reward offered area because the Word of God is priceless.

    2) a little red calendar with annoying international references to holidays in all of the countries of the world, but no actual notation on the page as to what the holiday is. I love this little red calendar…I’ve bought them 3 years in a row, wrapped them up, put them under the Christmas tree and given them to myself as a present (calling it from my 5 and 3 year old girls).

    3) a 3-pack of the soft-sided notepads, which I never use (but I should). But they are so darn cute.

  796. I tried to convince my husband it is “mole-skeeeen” but I too have no idea…just messing with him. I’d like to know as well.

  797. The paper is better than regular paper, but if you are extra quirky like me and write with a fountain pen the ink will show through on the other side. I still use a few though, they are pretty durable.


  798. I had never heard about these until I read this blog. I now own one.

  799. I always imagine myself with one of these while wearing a button up sweater and glasses on the tip of my nose.

  800. Just saw another hilarious parody of Stuff White People Like on freedomhaters.org.

    This time they add to the list, muskets and the Boston Tea Party.

    I highly recommend checking it out here:


  801. But you get fewer white points for belonging to a religion your parents might have belonged to.

  802. Yeah, you do. A friend of mine takes the cake. His parents are Episcopalian, so he converted to Roman Catholicism.

    He got some serious white points, but not as much as if he’d gone Hindu or Buddhist.

  803. Why? Are all the comments there as good as yours?

  804. You would look so hot

  805. How do you guys seem to get everything? You people are geniuses…

    …So yes, I use Moleskine notebooks for all of my classes, and I’m white…

  806. This White Person Wants To Know–What In The Fuck Is A MoleSkin NoteBook? List Fails Immidiately Since i Never Heard Of This.———- Or Should Change it To Things American White People like, Cause In Canada We Dont Get Down Like half This List Says.

  807. ive also never heard of them and im canadian

  808. Never heard of them. Are they cool because they’re expensive?

  809. I like Moleskines……and i’m black….ooops.

  810. I used to be an intern for Moleskinerie, and the site is owned by an old, but very good friend of mine.

  811. on May 15, 2009 at 10:01 pm Michael Dostoev

    This will sound incredibly untrue, but it definitely happened to me. I was at the meeting 2 weeks ago, where out 4(!) people, I was the only one who didn’t have a moleskin notebook and an I-phone.

  812. then don’t read the list you idiot canuck.

  813. Basically, yes.

  814. Man, I am absolutely addicted to those. I have a thing for blank notebooks in general, but I actually salivate when I handle a moleskine.

  815. I was white once.

  816. I wonder what Michael Jackson uses for his thoughts.

  817. that would be a fore-skine notebook

  818. I love this site!

    Check out this humor site too: http://www.somethingyoushouldread.com

  819. Love how the URL is vaguely French: “-erie” indeed!
    (That’s for you, T-Dot!)

    It’s just another thing that (American) white people like.

  820. Not only that, but I’m amused/made crazy by the way they’re supposed to communicate “I’m creative.” And yet, the only creative things about a Moleskine notebook are 1) the selection of a premanufactured cover design, 2) deciding what combination of bills to pay for it with, and 3) finding ways to carry it conspicuously.

    Whereas, I too have always had a “thing” for blank notebooks. So when I want one, I make one. Let me say that again: When I want a blank notebook for my “creative” scribblings, I create one. And I’m a freaking mathematician!! I’d hardly describe myself (or go to pains to present myself) as a creative. Yeesh.

    Nothing matters in this country unless it’s been paid for.

  821. this is soooooooooooooooo funny!!!!!!!!!! I’m very guilty. I own one and paid AUS$25 which is ridiculous.

  822. on May 21, 2009 at 1:04 am karinajones

    i have a friend who would go on an absolute hunt up and down the city to find a moleskin notebook. and she’s not white. and we don’t live in a white country. would you believe moleskin notebook is also available in non-white countries?

  823. I’m not white and I love Moleskine notebooks. This post is hilarious though.

  824. Im white, and i love notebooks. Sweet!!

  825. I own 3…

  826. on May 22, 2009 at 2:12 pm darren maharaj

    Thank god I’m not white!!!!!

  827. I’m half white, am a recovering stationery addict and LOVE this blog, particularly this post. HILARIOUS. and funny because it’s true.

  828. on May 23, 2009 at 9:17 pm Titus Oates

    Goodness, do you that using sturdy black notebooks to right my novels and screenplays makes me a traitor to my race?

    Do I also have to give up my fountain pen and the Underwood #5 typewriter I inherited?

  829. on May 23, 2009 at 9:30 pm Grammar Nazi

    “to right my novels”


  830. on May 23, 2009 at 10:51 pm Grammar Nazi

    I am a white girl with 16 Moleskines; 2 of which are dedicated solely to the love I now have for you.

  831. Whilst typing this (mac air of course) I can see in my room, two A5 landscape drawing moleskines, two city specific moleskines (paris, new york) and three random other style moleskines. As well as a 10 high stack of annual diary moleskines.

    Does that make me white or just a wanker?

  832. Ouch, that struck a blow

    Does it count in my favor that I have three of them completely filled with genuinely creative writings? No, I imagine it wouldn’t.

    Pity this poor disillusioned Caucasian!

  833. It sounds like you’ve been hanging around the ad agency I work for!


  834. on May 25, 2009 at 1:30 pm charley b-more

    But your a dumb ass forever!!!!!!!!!

  835. bwahahahahaha…

    Your site is amazing. I go to NYU and everybody has all of these syndromes. Everybody. I love you.

  836. I just like the way they feel in my hand….

  837. filled with writings, not genuinely creative writings.

  838. on May 27, 2009 at 11:59 pm Titus Oates Appreciator

    Titus Oates! My college at university has a drinking society dedicated to you.

  839. on May 29, 2009 at 1:30 am Till Maximilian Moeller, white guy from Berlin

    I’m white as can be and never understood the moleskine-frenzy either. Then again, I hate the hipster VICE-pseudo-individualist crowd that seems to enjoy these things, so there you go…

  840. thats what she said…..

  841. never heard of them.

    make mine mead spiral bound.

    3 for a buck at wal-mart.

    that’s value.

  842. she told me the same thing 🙂

  843. I’m getting too old, and too achey, to carry my computer everywhere – my neck hurts, and my shoulder hurts, and my back hurts – but the moleskin cardboard-covered jotters have lots of lines per page, and weigh less than a couple of cookies.

  844. “resting on top of a Apple laptop”

    Really? A Apple?

  845. Making a blog about the “likes” of people of a certain skin colour is beyond ridiculous—it is insulting.

    Do Americans and Germans, both with substantial “pale pigmentation genes’ like the same kinds of things? No. Things people like is based on their culture, not colour.

  846. I’m not white and I have never used a Moleskine notebook. But I can relate on having a journal near a notebook. I’m a stationary addict and some thoughts come out hotter on paper. 🙂

  847. on June 2, 2009 at 8:02 am Yellow Corner House

    Please see related blog: Getting Offended

    You are soooo white.

  848. Um busted.
    I am white, typing on a new Apple MacBook with my little black Moleskin right here for stray thoughts and doodles. Of course you can’t see inside either, then I’d have to figure out why this artist/writer is so ridiculously unproductive. Maybe it’s just that i care too much what cool people think of me?

  849. wow…brilliant comment.
    to think of the sheer magnitude of people who didn’t *get it* when it came to comedy, irony, and self-deprecation in relation to global consciousness, equality, and bigotry.
    you have made the world a better place.
    thank you, oh sage, thank you for correcting us who feign to giggle.

  850. FuckYou has no sense of humor

  851. I think this website is freaking hilarious! And TRUE! I am a white female and this is pure entertainment. I am not offended at all (like some commentors say)!

  852. on June 3, 2009 at 1:51 pm Guy from bay area

    Haha, its so true i have two moleskins for sketches , they’re not that great the paper is beyond lackluster and i know many people who never finish one. I think people just buy them for the sake of the branding they’re over priced hipster pda. I’m not white just live in a very white neighborhood.

  853. For a blog that has resulted in a published book, a higher expected level of grammar is warranted.

  854. While I’m in class… my computer is making $$$$
    🙂 **************************************** 🙂
    Want to make $700/month from your computer?
    Then get with the program!!
    W W W . L I V 4 E . C O M

  855. Take yourself less seriously.

  856. Awesome site, and very informativel! Thanks for sharing.

  857. Die, you spammer/scammer scum!

  858. Another thing white people like: Being offended.

  859. LOL!

    And not getting the concept of “tongue in cheek”.

  860. Freaky, I never stopped to consider that people might think this much about moleskines. I use them (yes I just graduated art school) and have done for years. I complete one every few months. I like them because they’re small, I like the colour of the pages, I like the little pocket in the back, ribbon bookmark and elastic thing that keeps it shut. I think you’ll find there are very few, if any, products exactly like it on the market.
    Also there’s little sacred about what gets put into it. I glue in things I cut out, sketch, write random things, lists, recipes, class notes, etc. Just anything.

    For some of us it’s just practical.

  861. on June 9, 2009 at 10:59 am holy smokes

    I can see how one could use a notebook to ‘right’ a novel. Perhaps it was meant in that context… Like using a sugar packet to sturdy a wobbly table in a lonely diner.

  862. Ha. I don’t know about the “One of the more popular products in recent years…” comment. Matisse, Van Gogh and Hemingway (white guys) were using them over 100 years ago.

  863. I hope you’re being sarcastic.

  864. Guilty as charged. I’m white and I love moleskines.

    But—I’m an educated, employed creative professional, so I’m allowed. 😉

  865. hey farts,
    how many books have you had published? none? it figures.

  866. i dunno, man. i’ve gone through a lot of crappy journals in my day, and the moleskine is the only one with which i’ve stuck. it’s hardcover, but it lies flat when you open it; i hate throwing good coin on a book and writing on only half the pages b/c the reverse side bends beyond usability, warping your words. and the pages are yellowed, making it easier on the eyes. and it doesn’t have fatass line ruling–great for ppl with tiny handwriting.

    *pushing glasses up bridge of nose* just a little defensive, is all. i love my moleskines. seriously.

  867. on June 11, 2009 at 4:49 pm Yet another artist

    Yeah, I resisted for a while, but after so many pages fall out of other watercolor sketchbooks and then you figure out that you can paint on both sides of the pages…yeah 🙂 I just wish they made them bigger, sure the small ones are nice for studies but I’d love letter sized book (which would enable 8×20 inch compositions if you painted across two pages at once. That would own.)

  868. Yes, but l love my moleskins so much……

  869. “Thankfully, since white people only keep their most original and creative ideas in the Moleskine, many of them will only be required to purchase one per lifetime.”


  870. so so true!

  871. I’m happy to say I have never, and will never own one of these things. Spiral bound sketchbooks is where it is at, I hate trying to draw in something that is bound like a regular book.

    Although I think a ‘green’ moleskin notebook might make you look even MORE creative and earth loving than a regular one. (yes I have seen these.).

  872. This comment, right here. Hilarity.

  873. That is the dumbest thing I have ever heard, geez the pretentiousness of some people.

  874. Judging from many of the comments here, I can think of another thing white people like: being douchebags on the internet.

  875. on June 17, 2009 at 6:09 pm winniesylvester

    Guilty as charged.

  876. Funny! I find that most of the good stuff I write ends up on scrapes of paper and not in my moleskin or computer. Almost like the moleskin and computer are to restrictive with the neat lines and keyboard letters all in order. Creativity needs to be free to roam surfaces.

  877. never even heard of those, sounds nasty

  878. Yeah man, I have no idea what these things are & I’m a white bastard.


  879. on June 24, 2009 at 10:41 pm William Huff

    I’ve seen these, but I’ve never bought one. Primarily because it actually says “The notebook of Hemingway, Picasso, and Chatwin” like you’ll actually be anything like these people for owning it. And who the hell is Chatwin anyway?

  880. bruce chatwin

  881. Ever seen one of those in a store? That size shown in the image is like $25. Moleskine notebooks are really expensive. 😛 Blah

  882. From what I can tell, most of the wielders don’t even know the correct pronunciation. My son gave me a “MoleSkin” as a gift a few months ago. Since the pronunciation didn’t jive with my internal spell checker I looked it up. My love of all things Itallian came up with “MollaSkeena”. Now THAT’s ITALLIAN!

  883. OH my word dude classic! you’ve hit the nail on the head. Although I am a creative and own both a moleskine diary as well as a macbook I have to laugh. I’m not white though

  884. Wow I nearly died reading this, as I was just recently at Barnes and Noble with my Moleskine Notebook resting on top of my Apple laptop…

    The idea is, because the Moleskine is so expensive, you don’t want to doodle just anything in it. So generally I will put a rough outline of what I want to sketch in the notebook, and then sketch (in pencil) my very specific ideas.

    I am a white, creative, web developer, although the ideas I wrote down now sit on my desk, untouched for weeks.

  885. White people like Moleskines because we like expensive fountain pens and every one knows a mere dollar composition book is simply not worthy of the gentle touch of a Montblanc or even Lamy.

  886. HAH! Any true creative genius would write his ideas down on whatever was available-Mead notebook, printer paper, whatever. Do you think Jackson Pollack searched for his Moleskin or somesuch that was in vogue at the time book before he sketched/splattered an idea? The person at the coffeehouse with the Mac & Moleskin book is a desperate, preening poseur.

  887. I’m white and I loooove Moleskin. However, it is true that I’ve never written anything good in mine. I remember once I sat on the swings in the park and wrote in it that I was sitting on the swings. Does that count?

  888. Gosh… I don’t understand what’s the point of all this. I mean, can’t people (and who cares about the color of their skin ?) write whatever they want in the notebook they choose ? If it pleases them to do so in a Moleskin, so be it. They will always be “poseurs” anyway, I don’t see why we should make Moleskines (or any other notebook) a “nasty” thing.

  889. on July 5, 2009 at 4:48 pm The Chick from New York

    Adler…. HUMOUR!!!!

    Hey. I’m not white and I have a Moleskin. OK, my white friend bought if for me. I have written lots of interesting things in it (to me, anyway).

  890. I WANT A MILLION DOLLARS!!! Can one million RICH WHITE PEOPLE send me one dollar apiece, puh-lease????

    I don’t want money from any Asians, or Blacks or Hispanics. You guys NEED your money. I only want one dollar apiece from RICH WHITE PEOPLE, who only WASTE their money on things like Moleskine notebooks.

    Waste it on me instead. Thanks so much! (First person who comments “You ARE a waste.” is a rotten egg. You thought it. I know you did. Stop lying. See? I knew it.)


  891. A worthwhile effort. However, I’m willing to top that. I’ll take TWO dollars–yes, you read correctly, that’s $2–from any and all who wish to send it. I have plenty of bills that need paying. And I am an equal opportunity acceptor of your cash. Cultural, linguistic, ethnic, religious and political distinctions are not an issue here. Come one, come all.

    Send your $2 dollars (this may be in the form of a check or money order, two singles or one deuce) to the following address:

    Barrie Evans
    129 Eastwood Drive
    Mankato, MN 56001

    If I receive even one–yes, that’s ONE, two-dollar donation to the cause of Making Barrie Debt-Free By September, I will publish a poem about the marvelous happening on my website http://rationalpsychic.wordpress.com/. I think that the outpouring of goodwill, curiousity or just plain “what the hell?” exhibited by so many strangers deserves to be celebrated in some way, don’t you.

    In fact, if it comes to pass that I receive $1000 from this plea and/or simple demonstration of minor chicanery, I vow to contact Dick Gordon of American Public Radio and share my story. And if I make it onto his show, I’d like you all to listen. I may even weep openly during the interview, thus providing you a bit more for your entertainment dollar (or two).

    Just think, for only $2, you can be part of one of those crazy internet social event thingies that get reported on page 2-5 in the national press or in the “Unusual” section of news sites on the internet.

    Thank you. My mailbox is ready now.

  892. if anyone is interested in purchasing a brand new limited edition Foreskin Notebook, let me know.

  893. I have a Moleskine notebook. I’m white. So what of it? 🙂 You can actually read what I write in mine at my “blog.” (click on my name)

    But I think it contradicts your comment that only great ideas go there. What goes there – not so great I think. 🙂

  894. Freedomhaters.org has another really hilarious parody of Stuff White People Like.

    Their entrees include, Madame Curie, Blackface, and The Music of Easter Island. I highly recommend checking it out here:


  895. Dont know what the hell these things are…

  896. i am seriously sitting at starbucks with a moleskine sitting ontop of my macbook. haha

  897. I have a Moleskine notebook and planner…and unfortunately I cannot argue with a single point made in the post. I carry my notebook with my MacBook in a computer bag that’s covered in patches of countries I’ve been to, and yes, I use the journal to jot down ideas for an amateur novel. I never knew how white I was until I saw this website…

  898. Precisely why I refuse to buy a Moleskin. My thoughts simply aren’t that great or important. They would ALL go into the macbook. Which I don’t have either. But then again, I’m only half white.

  899. Moleskines are nice because they’re bound tightly and lay really flat, so that if you’re sketching something you can use two adjacent pages as one larger drawing surface, yet still have a small book that’s easy to carry. That’s actually a pretty rare quality.
    And that’s my defense.

  900. I use my Moleskine for grocery lists and phone numbers and remember random things that I need to pick up and pretty much everything. Does that make me less white?

  901. I sell these so I have no comment 🙂

    Interesting fact: Most people seem intimidated to write or draw in their notebooks when they first get them. I keep getting comments from people scared to “ruin” their Moleskine.

  902. Heelareeous post. I’m not white (obviously I have channeled my inner whiteness), but I could relate to the entry on so many levels. I do use my Moleskines quite regularly for all sorts of thoughts and ideas. Somehow I got hooked and the rest is history.

  903. I spam; therefore I am…..This and other obvious but unnoticed wisdom at


    Did you see that??!?!?


    OK…GO THERE NOW!!!!!!!…………NOW!

  904. This post made me feel self conscious and known to the world…

    I spam; therefore I am…..This and other obvious but unnoticed wisdom at


    Did you see that??!?!?


    OK…GO THERE NOW!!!!!!!…………NOW!

  905. uh, duh…. literature is COOL and way better than robbing stores

  906. there are better notebooks, white people.

  907. I admit it, I bought a moleskine. For me its different because I really AM creative 😉 I wish I could say I scribble notes for new posts at http://StuffRichPeopleLove.com but I have an iPod for that. Hemmingway would probably punch me in the face for writing to do lists in it. Actually, Hemmingway would probably punch me in the face for not drinking enough!

  908. Is a moleskine anything like a foreskin? You know: useless and needs to me cut off and thrown away.

  909. mispell: change me to be

  910. Thanks for making me reflect on my(white)self and feel totally “uniqueless.” Does it make me even more creative if I only prefer the sketch paper version of the Moleskine? That’s the one with the purple band across it when you buy it. What if I carry the Moleskine and an iPhone, which I do?


  911. I bought one of these the other day. I got the 18 month diary. Have to say, I am impressed with it.

    There is being a white douchebag and then there is this:

  912. White people definitely don’t like Michael Bay, and Abraham Lincoln calls him out on it…


  913. You have typed two ‘the’s in the beginning of the fourth paragraph.

  914. on July 23, 2009 at 1:54 pm Mattie-a white guy

    You only think a foreskin is useless because you don’t have one. Feel sad at your loss. I do.

  915. Maybe Buckaroo is into body mutilation 😛

  916. White people certainly do not like Nickelback, and Abraham Lincoln calls him out on it…


  917. I am pretty sure mole skins don’t take ink well either dude.

  918. So what happens when people actually use their Moleskine’s or Macbook’s for actual real-deal creative projects? I am assuming you make a remark along the lines of:

    “Wow, that sure is a *great* feature film you are working on. Those storyboards look *totally aweseome*. What’s that? A greenlit script? Whoa! I guess I had better go back to waiting tables and writing my novella in my Walmart pad.”

    These posts are getting more and more tenuous. At what point does it jump the shark? “White people totally like breathing. They’re all like ‘look at me breathe’, Asians don’t breathe like us. Ahahaha!’

    I return hoping for humour, and this is what is delivered.

    PS. I actually found some great deals on Moleskines thanks to the sites GoogleAds. Also some nice interracial dating sites. Classy!

  919. A little too close to home, Bob? Just because you realize you’re the butt of a joke doesn’t mean the joke isn’t funny.

  920. Well, see the problem there, I guess, is that I actually work in a creative industry so really, the ‘joke’ is like most of the recent posts on the site . . . flacid attempts at humor.

    Let’s face it, the first few topics were oh so cutting (“Totally dude! White people *do* love Asian girls. Wait, no, I get a hardon for Jap chicks in cosplay so we all do, right bro?”) but they have gradually been diluting the concept to the point where now it’s just some guys posting shit that they saw happen in their local Starbucks.

    More power to them I say, selling books and advertising. I mean, fuck me, the guy has a show which just goes to show . . . well, maybe it’s not a good example of quality entertainment. Make your money while the proverbial iron is hot. Just don’t call it incisive, witty or funny.

  921. I call it particularly incisive due to the fact that it prompted you, a self-important “creative” white person to defend your overpriced purchases (Macbook, Moleskin notebook, I’m sure you have an Ipod also). That is what makes SWPL so hilarious. It pokes fun at the habits of pseudo-intellectual / pseudo-artistic white people who take themselves way too seriously and are unable to take a joke at their own expense.

    All white people who purchase Macbooks and Moleskin Notebooks do so because they consider themselves to be creative. That is why they buy them, they feel that possessing such items verifies their creativity in the eyes of other white people at coffee houses, book stores, etc. The fact that you work in a “creative industry” does not make you any different or better than any other white person. It only provides you with an inflated sense of status and creativity when you compare yourself to other white people. It allows you to say to yourself “These white people only bought a Moleskin / Macbook because they want to be hip. I bought my Moleskin / Macbook for work, so that makes me different/better/more creative than all these other white people at this coffee shop.”

    Judging by your previous comments it appears this information is not going to get through the cloud of smug self-satisfaction surrounding your brain, but I hope at some point you will realize that you are exactly the kind of white person this blog is talking about. Lighten up.

    (End Rant)

  922. Yay moleskines!! Here are my creative, white-person side projects:

  923. Bob,
    Why are you here if you can’t have a sense of humour about yourself? I like snowboarding, hating Ed Hardy and eating sushi, but certainly not before my coffee 🙂

  924. Clander,

    Why are you so racist? Is it just who you are…or is that something you’d like to blame on the white race as well?

  925. Props, IOD. That was a well-articulated argument pointing out exactly why Bob has no sense of humor… or at least not when it comes to himself. Did you, perhaps, draft it in a Moleskine notebook at a coffee shop?

    Seriously though, props.

  926. this nigga says shit that hes thought or people like him.not all white people or even indie white kids are like this faggot.this guy is just ridiculous and id rape him in front of his bitch ass friends.

  927. How is it so many commenters don’t seem to grasp the concept of satire? Are you likewise joking about the “racist views” of the site, or are you actually serious in your accusations? Because I know the site and book aren’t.

  928. Spoken like a true college graduate.


  929. let it go dude. just let it go. be happy you are smart enough to enjoy it.

  930. oh you know me too well.

  931. Mole skins? In 1990, you would be viewed as owning a dead endangered animal with a face, heart and “feelings”. PETA would be all over you, the EPA declared it illegal and all of Hollywood once known for fur coat philia cried “this is murder”. Today in 2009, the leopard-skin leotard (printed, not real) is the style. Are moles going to extinction yet? +

  932. Moles are like 2 year old children, don’t kill them (cries in a typical white liberal style). They would whine about the poor black people the same way. Justin (the blog author), you ever heard of the Phil Hendrie show on radio? One of his voice character is Dean Wheeler, the “come on be lovely” liberal who is dumber than you the “dumb” one. +

  933. I don’t own nor need one, don’t we own palm pilots by the names of berry fruits? I eat them, not play with ’em…and on moleskins, I love animals…they taste good. I think mole skin are not hypo-allergenic, like to throw peanuts around in lunch cafeterias in a time when too many kids are sick with “food allergies”. +

  934. “Mamma mia, nowa thats a spicia meataballa”. – Now that’s Amore Italian. It’s not spoken in America. Here’s the same word translated to Italo-AMERICAN (warning: this is racist)
    “Hey yoos Mom! Yoos Pasta Dishe isda best f**kin’ meal! Bada-bing. Hire abuncha mafioso ofda family to break dem knee caps ofotha pizzerias inda bronx. f**kin’ hey, capice?” +

  935. Brain farts, use your head: Don’t buy the book, spend the whole day (or night) reading the blog’s 127 entries…for no extra charge. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to know it. +

  936. Props to IOD.
    To Bob: Hopefully you learn to take yourself not so seriously…

  937. that’s the same response I’d expect from big wayne.

  938. Bob and Fossil, two things white people like.
    Bob: a marvelous song from NOFX celebrating mid life crisis white man
    Fossil: a watch loved by white people.
    Bob Fossil: a man bound to be loved by white people.

  939. Moleskine notebooks are a synthetic material made of PVC. Anyone who thinks that they are made of animal skins is an idiot.

  940. It’s because I never owned one, didn’t need one and PVC is a nickname for the plastic pipes potheads use to smoke with the (you get the picture). I thought trendy hip urban whites want hemp-made materials: bagbacks made 100% of hemp! Who wants to “legalize it” claims the movement to decriminalize marijauna involves the textile clothing industry and the evil “big cotton” teamed up “big tobacco”, “big oil” and “big pharmaceutals” to put poor lil’ ol’ Mary Jane Hemp & her friends, Potty, Weedy and Janja’ in jail. Whatever. +

  941. on August 9, 2009 at 5:37 pm Mike D boy (not beastie)

    He’s using the prison computer hall, but abuses his 1-hour a day privileges. Poor Lil’ Wayne #123456789 of the SAn Quentin/Folsom/Mule Creek/Ironwood, Cal. (randomly named) correctional facility can’t get released with 50,000 others in the state’s budget crisis mess. Good luck finding a mate in the showers and don’t drop the soap! +

  942. on August 9, 2009 at 5:40 pm Mike D boy (not beastie)

    No sound, misspelled Moleskine (no “s”) and don’t serve a purpose. Thanx again, youtube: low-tech and high-tech is like mixing gasoline and fertilizer, or H-2-0 (water) with nitroglycerin. +

  943. on August 9, 2009 at 5:41 pm Mike D boy (not beastie)

    I don’t want to go to brainbooger and whoever keeps with picking their nose and placing it all over the 126 other entries, will be properly disposed into a handkerchief. +

  944. No we don’t, Germans fall into the authoritarian militarist dictator trap over and over and over: Americans don’t but Americans DO IT better. +

  945. According to Wikipedia, the original “moleskine” was handcrafted no-name stationary that travel writer Bruce Chatwin dubbed by that name. They were totally generic. I must then ask, if the discount version found on Border’s bargain table is any more authentic? Got one lined, another unlined for six bucks a piece, four with my employee discount. I plan to take them on a trip, maybe Prague or someplace else, so when I write my novel, and draw pictures. They seem like travel notebooks to me. Which is why white people like them. In the meantime, I’m using marble composition notebooks, because writing can be a long process.

    Also, moleskin is not rodent hide, it’s some sort of cotton cloth.

    I saw someone with an open Mac Book and open Moleskine notebook today in a coffeehouse, sketching out what looked like a storyboard.

  946. Michael… Eat my ƒuck. Really.

  947. I thought you meant to say $hit. Btw, I looked at your site. I know someone on the internet in Corvalis, ore. & may give him a call about this blog. Tell him “hi” for me 😀

  948. on August 10, 2009 at 8:03 pm Ryan Thompson

    LOL ^_^ Anything you say. Get a life

  949. I read this entry last week, and said to myself, it sounds like he’s just writing about something he saw a Starbuck’s. But, then I went to Starbucks last weekend and you know what I saw?

    Two young (white) ladies sitting there, with laptops and notebooks and a ‘chronological Bible’ (whatever that is… all Bibles are chronological). One of them was on the phone making plans to drive into the city later just to get a ‘new journal’. NO KIDDING. Now she did not specify that it would be Moleskine, but come one, what else would it be?

    Furthermore, why are they doing their ‘Bible study’ at STARBUCK’S when it’s sure to be a lot quieter and more private at home, at the library or at any public park! Easy answer: TO BE SEEN.

  950. on August 12, 2009 at 8:49 pm Ryan Thompson

    Starbucks bible study? 😐 Ladies ladies ladies you’re putting us all on the train to Squaresville, daddy-o.

  951. It defeats the purpose not to be seen in public pretending to write.

  952. I created fisheggs in my moleskin.

  953. I love my moleskins.

  954. The Bible is not chronological. Job actually occurred before many of the things written in Genesis (the first book of the Bible), and the four gospels are written in the same time period but ordered by author- Matthew, Mark, Luke and John.

  955. on August 14, 2009 at 7:33 pm alannagabriella

    I love that I’m black and I love 95% of what white people love. Including my Moleskine.

  956. on August 16, 2009 at 12:52 pm luckyredcricket

    I thought you were serious until I reread that, it’s so funny. I only relooked because I know prisoners in maximum security don’t have access to the internet…We all think, nutball, get a life and then don’t realize posting comments anywhere like on YouTube makes us a little bit suspicious in this department.

  957. on August 16, 2009 at 12:53 pm luckyredcricket

    I’d go with yes on that one.

  958. on August 16, 2009 at 12:57 pm luckyredcricket

    I thought it was funny. And fairly clean too.

  959. on August 16, 2009 at 1:11 pm luckyredcricket

    I took it lightly because if you follow this train of thought people can buy whatever they want. But Moleskine in particular has become part of how people feel about themselves and I wish we would talk about THAT. It’s gone way beyond advertisements for other products. If you tell people, drink Pepsi and you’ll be like Michael Jackson they’d think it was stupid…That advertising “insert” is the most influencial bit of writing we’ve had in 100 years. Moleskine is now a mass-produced item and the number one selling book in America. 10 years ago they were trully obscure. (I’m an addict myself and have been for a long time, like “I was country when country wasn’t cool” I had Moleskines when nobody knew what they were). I think this post was funny and in some ways very accurate. I eat sushi, just bought a vintage typewriter, have always wanted to take a train across the country….Nor are any suggestions of these trends genuinely hurtful. There’s not a mean bone in it.

  960. on August 16, 2009 at 1:24 pm luckyredcricket

    Only Jews have a reason to have their foreskine removed. Otherwise you aren’t a real man. (I’m kidding.)

  961. I love notebooks – and I really love moleskins. I open the pages and think my novel or great thoughts are going to pour out of me. Each new book’s first page seems to convey a sense of hope – the creamy texture and woody fragrance is alluring. But it doesn’t stop there because I save them and enjoy reflecting upon them.

    As a well-balanced African heritage Woman you’re giving me a complex!

  962. Oh, ouch. This one hits a little too close to home…

  963. Hehe – so so true, though moleskines are most definitely the best!

  964. Yea, it does hit VERY close to home, and I’m not even white.

  965. Guilty as charged. I have a moleskine but so far have resisted using it to write down creative ideas for http://StuffRichPeopleLove.com. I use my iTouch which might be even worse!

  966. I’m a graphic design major. I not only own several of these amazing books but i fill them up. And i use an apple laptop while sketching in a coffee shop.

  967. good. now you know how corny you come off as.

  968. yikes…you might want to take a break from “the wash” man.

  969. What is elastic strap?

  970. i just substitute white people for everybody … if u are racist you can still use it to your favor

  971. Oh man. This one was painful, you just made fun of my very existence:)

    You should do one about white people trying not to take themselves too seriously by reading stuff white people like. It would be very… postmodern (another good post if you haven’t already)

  972. i cant hate, this brother loves moleskins.

  973. ahh i like those notebooks but im black that sucks white people take all the good stuff jk

  974. i keep these notebooks to document how many illegal mexicans have infiltrated the neighborhood.

  975. Chow Main, the INS will laugh you off…and they turned out to be Puerto Ricans or some other Hispanics. Why is it the white folk feel proud to give low-wage jobs to immigrants? At the same time, they fear the wrath of “colored people” or foreigners setting foot on American soil. +

  976. i like to drink cat urine!

  977. i like to drink cat urine…

  978. on August 31, 2009 at 4:58 pm Hot Hand Luke

    Hello everybody, I am the asshole using enigmas name to type ignorant nonsense. I know I am a dumbass, but I can’t help myself. If you happen to see enigmas name talking garbage, just disregard it. I am a dumbass, needle dick bitch with no life using other peoples name in vain. I apologize to all.

  979. Hello everybody, I am the asshole using enigmas name to type ignorant

  980. dander is a stupid mofo as non-white people would say

  981. Hello everybody, I told you I would not change my name, and damn it, here I am. I am the REAL Enigma and don’t you forget it, you stupid red neck emposter. Suck a dick. I know I pissed you off, and I plan to do it for a very long time. To those who believed that asshole was me, suck a dick and get fucked, for those who knew it wasnt me and said nothing, kiss my ass too. I’m back, actually, I never left so get use to it. hahaha. Dumb Ass Luke, Buttaroo, Nobraina, and the rest of you dumbass redneck losers who conspire to get my goat, mission NOT accomplished. I told your bitch asses that you would give up YOUR name before I give up mine!!! hahaha

    So, as a show of my appreciation to the piss poor emposter(’s) attempt to make me retire my name, I give you………

    enigma da director on August 30, 2009 at 2:06 pm
    For your reading pleasure

    enigma da director #1 on August 29, 2009 at 11:09 pm

    I’m back ya’ll and I figue I will start another lil story. I see I have enough players to make a decent little drama. After reading the post on this site, I decided to name this lil story,

    “No country for dumb men”

    Let me tell you a story about a time when I almost got away with identity theft. Oh, who am I. I go by many names, but due to the fact I watched one too many tough guy movies, I call myself, Hot Foot Luke. I know, it’s a silly name, but due to the fact that I am not considered cool, hot seemed like a more logical choice. Anyways, I live in a city suburb in the mid west. I can’t disclose the actual location because,….. well, if I did, it would get more people one step closer to finding out who I am. I always had trouble in school, but I am finally about to graduate. My mommy pulled a few strings for me and convinced the principal to allow me to graduate this year. Yessss, I was starting to feel the pressure of being 23yo and in still in high school. I started to feel like, well, it just was’nt cool anymore. Anyways, my story begins, the way so many do, on a clear blue monday morning.

    As my alarm clock rang and broke my slumber, I had a feeling this was going to be one of those days. I hate going to school, I hate having to wake up at 5:30 in the morning to catch the school bus. My only biggest regret though was staying up late last night watching dirty cable movies. But since I can’t get a girl friend, a nerds got to do what a nerds got to do. I get from under my sheets and I shove my teddy bear, Daisy, under the bed where no one will find her. Dear ol Daisy, she has gotten me through some really lonely nights. She used to be my lil sisters teddy, she had her all dressed up. When she went away to college last year, I took advantage of the oportunity and snatched her and hid her in my room. Her fur placed against my skin feels so natural to me, not to mention, with the lil outfit lil sis put on her, I can hide my glory hole around her private areas pretty well. The hole is nice and small, easy to miss, but nice and roomy for me to do what need to do. Daisy is a very good lover, but I have no time to day dream about it now, I have to rince the residue of me and Daisys hot late night cable porn adventure off my hands. Then again, on second thought, it will take only a minute. hehe, come here daisy.

    Hot foot luke reaches underneith the bed to retrieve his beloved lover Daisy, the teddy bear. He unzips the long pajama zipper on his on peice footie pajamas and rest his love on his chest, rubbing the nose against his nipples.
    “oooooh, you feel sooo good baby” he says in a slow dliberate voice.
    He slowly slides the lil cheerleader bear outfit off of daisy and pulls down his underwear exposing his teddy bear pleaser tool. He slides daisy’s exposed privates down towards his lil wee wee. With a blank teddy bear look on her face, she slowly mounts mt. Luke. Hot foot shutters with pleasure. His breathing is getting deeper and more intense. Beads of sweat is starting to form along his body. Daisy continues to stare blankly forward as Luke does what he do. The pleasure is building up in Luke and he starts to thrust Daisys love hole even harder.
    Now usually when Hot foot Luke has his lil make out session with his baby daisy, he is careful to lock the door to his room. The reason I brought that up is because HFL realized he did’nt lock the door as his mommy turned the door knob to enter to make sure he was up for school. She swings open the door and says……………….

    to be continued

    Reply to this comment

    enigma da director #2 on August 30, 2009 at 12:07 am
    When we left off, Hot Foot Luke was in the middle of a hot steamy make out session with this little sisters teddy bear Daisy when his mommy came to check on him. She opens the door and says….

    “you up my lil swee…………………OH GOOD!!!!!!! WHAT ARE YOU DOING YOU LIL PERV!!!!!!!” she yells.
    “MOM, IT’S NOT WHAT YOU THINK. I,I,I, I, WAS……..” he stutters.
    she closes her eyes and slams the door. Luke lost his mood that morning. He throws his teddy on the floor mad and embarrassed, not to mention ashamed. But to ad to his indignity, his bedroom door opens again and his mom storms in with rubber gloves on her hands and grabs poor Daisy.
    “MOM, NOOOOO!!!!” luke yells
    “DEMON, this, this, this, THING, is of the devil. To hell with it” she yells as she heads to the trashcan outside. Luke can’t protest but so much. He was always a mommas boy and did’nt have very much heart. Mom ran his life. As he watched her fussing as she threw his lover into the trash, everything seemed to move in slow motion.
    “How dare that lil freak embarrass me like this” she rants outloud, ” and I know this bear, We won this bear….at the amusment park (sniff), what have you done, WHAT HAVE YOU DONE…..!!!!!!” she says getting louder and louder.
    ” YOU NEED JESUS, you… you…. you ….bear raping FREAK!!!, it’s your sisters bear, wait til I tell her what you have been doing to all her stuffed animals. You should be shame of yourselfff.” she rants.

    Fearing his neighbors may be looking, Hot Foot Luke decide not to look around out the window for fear he may see one of them listening. He sheepishly gets dressed and sneaks past his angry mother who has just came back into the house. Luke creeps out the door, to ashamed to say his usual good byes to his mother. As he closes the door behind himself, he can still here her calling him a ‘bear fucking freak’.

    He walks to the bus stop up the street from his home and he feels like the whole neighborhood is watching him. The bus can’t get here fast enough he thinks to himself as he takes his walk of shame. He thought the worst was behind him til he looked up at the bus stop and saw who was standing there. He looked up with pure dread in his eyes. His mouth became dry, a lump formed in his throat and his heart just sank. Standing at the bus stop was his bully UH HUH. Uh Huh was a senior in high school, and he always got pleasure in kicking Lukes ass so when Luke saw him there, he wanted to turn around and run but his feet wouldnt let him. He just sinks his chin onto his chest deeper and takes the last few steps to the bus stop.

    “hey dumbass” Uh Huh says
    “yes?” Luke answers as he looks up from the ground.
    That was not a very good idea, as he looked up, he was greeted by a five fingers balled up into a big fist that landed in the middle of Hot Foot Lukes face. As Uh Huh stands there laughing, Luke realizes, it’s barely 6:15 am and his day is already THIS bad, it will only get worse. The bus pulls up and everybody gets on board. Uh huh, Greg214, will talk about him later, and our zero hotfootluke.

    “I’m not as happy as I should be” Luke thinks as the bus doors close behind him. I don’t want to go to school he thinks to himself, but his fate is sealed, and he still has to face the biggest threat of all once he gets on campus. But first he has to survive the bus ride to school, and with everyone, including the bus driver who is screwing his mom picking on him, it may not be as easy as it sounds.

    The bus finally arrives at the school and Luke scans the area to make sure the coast is clear of other bullies. Uh huh is not paying him any attention at the moment, so he grabs the opportunity flee. As he bolts off the bus, he beelines to his home room, grabs the desk closest to the teachers desk and he waits, waiting on who else will be arriving. Waiting to see who will be using him as a punching bag next. As he stares out the door, he sees the shadows of students going back and forth. Then a shadow stops and heads into the room. Luke looks aniously at the door to see who walks in, his eyes get big and palms get sweaty as he sees……………………………

    to be continues

    Reply to this comment

    enigma da director #3 on August 30, 2009 at 6:58 pm
    When we left off last time, hot foot luke was cowarding in his class room waiting to see who his class mates would be. Then a shadow stops and heads into the room…………

    Luke looks aniously at the door to see who walks in, his eyes get big and palms get sweaty as he sees a female student walk in. He felt sense of releaf seeing her. He let his gaurd down somewhat sensing she was no threat. To make a long story short, he experieced a drama free first half of class. Special education class was very good to him this year but every nerd knows, there is one place where they are not safe. 12:00 high, lunch time. The time of milk carton showers, lunch tray ducking, and giving up your lunch and lunch money judgement. Luke is dreading this time. No protection from the teacher, he has to fend for himself, but after 23 years, he has learned a trick or two to survive this horrible hour. He would set at the far end of the losers table with his head down, blending in with the rest of the more cooler and respected nerds. This technique did not work this time. Even the freshmen gave him hell, but thats another story. He survived his first day of school, but after his bus ride home, his life would suddenly change forever.

    Luke got off the school bus and headed home, he breathed a sigh of relief knowing that his nimesis Uh Huh did not ride the bus home today. He was able to walk alil more confident than usual. As he was walking home this day, thinking how he will be the man once he graduates in June, something caught his eye. He looked down and saw a opened letter for the players ball. It was addressed to Big dick louie, For you L.7 (squares) folks out there, the players ball is for the coolest of the cool. The ball was tonight at 9pm, the letter said. Use the letter as proof for entry.
    “I guess the mailman dropped the letter” luke thought to himself.
    “If I put on my most spiffy clothes, I could remake myself into something cool. Look the part, be the part as the saying goes” he rationalized. ” I will just pretend to be Louie, They won’t know. There will be lots of people there, who will know?”

    Luke rushes home, opens the door and heads to his room. Laying on his bed was a not written by his mother that says
    ” My son, my lil pervert. I never thought in a million years that you would break my heart the way you did. I want you out of my house. I made arrangements for you to live with your biological dad and his boyfriend. I will not have a freak living under my roof. Start packing you things, I will take you there this weekend.”
    Lukes heart sank, he then remembered his beloved Daisy. He runs outside and opens the trash can. There, laying next to the burnt out vibrator and used condoms was Daisy the bear. He grabs his bear and runs back into his room. He closes his door and immediately opens his closet looking for something to wear tonight.

    As he thumbs thru his old sunday suits, he tries to figure out what would a pimp wear to the ball. He grabs his 1984 Miami Vice pink shirt with white slacks. Yeah, this is nice. He needs a crown, he looks at his old hats but can’t find anything so he heads to his mothers room. He raids her closet and finds he has hit the mother load. She has a pink and white extra wide rim hat with chicken feathers on the side.
    “yeah, I can work this” he says as he trys it on.
    He then heads to her jewelry box and grabs several fake gold rings and gold necklaces.

    “I am rocking this baby, now for the main attraction.” he thinks.
    He reaches for the heavy duty wooden hanger with the long plastic on it that drags to the floor. He grabs that hanger and removes the plastic. Under the plastic is the killer, a grey and brown muskrat fur coat. He puts on the coat and profiles infront of the long mirror.

    ” I am da shit!!!!” he thinks to himself.
    In his eyes, he thinks he is the man. But in reality, he is a royal hot mess.

    It is now 8:00, he puts on his last minute touches. His mom wont be home til late tonight, she is out working the block. The keys to the second car is hanging on the wall, he is set. He grabs the keys to the car and heads out on his lil adventure assuming the name of big dick louie. Will it work, we will soon find out…….

    to be continue

    put alil love in your heart


  982. Time to get out the IP blocker to ban enigma for good. +

  983. Moleskines are never worth it. I’m an art student and buy my “portable sized notebooks” for about a dollar each, works the same way every time.

  984. I’m white and consider myself to be creative and I had no clue what the fuck a moleskine notebook was until I saw this.

    Now I must buy two, one to scribble down my thoughts in and another to throw on my coffee table to look “artsy”.

    Because I’m white, I should also throw a book on Malcom X next to it so I can look “cultured”.

  985. I haven’t noticed mention of the unlined feature. My wife uses moleskine notebooks, because they are one of the few that still offer journals without lined paper. Unlined journals are really hard to find, and not being mega white, we look for cheaper options and think the moleskines are overpriced and pretentious. She uses them for daily poetry writing and drawing, then goes through them and pulls out poems to work on, which she types on an old typewriter, then photo copies and sends them to various places for publication; I am trying to get her to put more in my laptop (PC) for her next full manuscript. Then we watch a movie from netflix while feeding our rescued dog and cat popcorn from Trader Joes. I have to add that we hate gentrification, it is as evil as wallmart, and is taking over the queer parts of cities too. I love this blog. I have a tattoo on my arm that is the word ‘IRONIC’.

  986. this blog is hillarious. x

  987. To the man behind SWPL, your creativity is online not on a moleskin notebook. You’re doing a fine job putting your thoughts on here, but people…it’s stuff he likes, not for all the white people he claims to represent. LOL! +

  988. Ha- this blog is awesome. I like most of this stuff too– except for the Ed Hardy. Can’t agree on that one! Way overrated!!

  989. Check our site out, all of the games are awesome!

  990. Hey, I love having gay sex with my servants, and burning down orphanages! I write for http://StuffRichPeopleLove.com it’s a very unoriginal/unclever site. My penis is less than two inces long, and I have trouble getting it up!

  991. it’s funny bc I actually BOUGHT a couple of Moleskines nine months ago (they were “on sale’, which really means $3 off), the small kind – but I always felt funny about using them, so I never did. They’re still in their cellophane wrap. Now I know why.

    I opt to use a $8.95 Cavallini journal with a now faded map of Italy on the sketchy cardboard front, bought at barnes and noble, and I use this to complement my iBook instead.

    now as I transition to watercolor sketches, I’ve thought of finally picking one of them up, but after reading this I feel doubly funny about it.

  992. I found this blog on http://www.DanielDickey.com and it is defiantly just as funny!!

  993. Moleskine is new to me. Buying this brand over another cheaper notebook is just like everything else, it’s about image. Who wants to be seen with a kmart notebook?!

  994. I LOVE my Moleskin notebooks! I was sucked in by their marketing, which mentioned something about Hemingway and Van Gogh…
    Unlike most white people, I have purchased multiple Moleskins in my lifetime. Every time I see the Moleskin display at my neighborhood independent bookstore, I am drawn into a world where I envision myself sipping coffee at a Parisian cafe with Gertrude Stein and Ezra Pound. I am left in this dreamy, smoky haze until, moments later, I realize I have again plunked down $8.95 for… a 5″ notebook.

  995. why do I use so many names? I wanted to keep my beloved Micheal D. name untouched, but those nigras got to me.


    my name is soiled forever


  996. why do I use so many names? I wanted to keep my beloved Micheal D. name untouched, but those nigras got to me.


    my name is soiled forever


  997. i’s wood luv to tells all yous a story bout me

    1 day a cuple yeers ago i suked a big juicy dick and it was good reel good. last nite my dad stuk his tung in myz asshole and i liked it i’s like it alot mm mmm. this mornin i was wachin saved by da bell on da tv end i’s got real horny when i’s saw zak morris so i started jerking off wit a cheeze grater it bes da best tug i’s ever had than i had myz dog (whos i namd al sharpton) like my cumy dick cleen!

    2 bes continued


  998. on September 13, 2009 at 5:28 pm uh huh.../Chunky Redd/enigma/Michael D

    i am a loser with too many names and too much time. i think the reason why i’m skrewd up is cuz my dad rapes me… Blak pwr

  999. i is a dum nigg wit no job, no respekt and no pussy, dat be y i is using peeps names. cuz i cant argue 4 sheeeeit, i is 2 slow and stupid dawgg!

    dis be tha truff yo…

  1000. I think I must be the classic white person. I succumb to every stereotype I have read from this blogger so far – its so sad/funny. Can I ever write in my Moleskins again?

  1001. But can you really picture Hemingway or Stein writing down their wisest thoughts in a lime green or hot pink moleskine? 😉

  1002. well, i is a dum CRACKAH wit no job, no respekt and no pussy, dat be y i is using peeps names. cuz i cant argue 4 sheeeeit, i is 2 slow and stupid dawgg cause i gots autism!

    dis be tha truff yo…
    dis be tha truff yo…
    dis be tha truff yo……uh sorry, autism kicked in yo…

  1003. Go ahead, embrace your whiteness and write in those moleskins!

  1004. Cool. Thank you so much for your advice!

  1005. on September 17, 2009 at 2:50 am From Latvia with Love

    In Latvia stupid people without any fucking money buy those retard notebooks and think they are very cool, check out this retard –> archija.info

    P.S In Latvia Moloskine price is 8 Ls that means 16 $

  1006. I think you’re right on with this one….as i type on my apple laptop with my moleskine notebook next to me….

  1007. haha. Write about the oddities you see at http://www.makefunofmyfriends.com …in your moleskin notebook

  1008. one committed suicide, and the other one was forgotten? All the while, their lime green or hot pink moleskine notebooks sat on the table beside them….

  1009. Moleskines are nice because they have high quality paper for sketching–and they have watercolor notebooks. 🙂 Although more expensive, worth it if you’re using them for a reason other than just as a notebook.

  1010. Just read another riotous parody of Stuff White People Like at FreedomHaters.org.

    Their SWL entries include: Sickle Cell Anemia, A Thesaurus, and the IFC sketch group The Whitest Kids U Know. Had me in stitches!

    I recommend checking it here:


  1011. Having a journal is definately a white person thing. Black people don’t write anything down because they know eventually it will be used against them in a court of law.

  1012. on September 26, 2009 at 8:23 pm Terence Elliott

    It’s definitely, not definately.

  1013. I am incredibly white. It is pathetic.

  1014. oh… oh you would

  1015. AHAHAHAHAHAH!!!! you’re SOOO right!!! it’s funny, really
    love your blog!

  1016. Now I’m embarassed to pull out my Moleskine while quaffing some java at Barnes & Noble. Nope. Changed my mind. I’ll still do that. Afterall, I fill mine with recipes I copy from magazines I don’t buy, along with sketches of cards, books and characters I might replicate … not to mention copying web addresses for cool merchandise. Yeah, I’m white.

  1017. My moleskin notebook was a gift from my high school art teacher. I take that thing everywhere I go. (Yes, I am snow, snow white.)

  1018. no….actually, you are

  1019. Only a white person would claim to be white when talking about actions that would normally NOT reflect what race, or sex or age you are.

    Yup, you are white.

  1020. well if you are, then you are. So why tell us this? There’s at least 170 million people just like you in the US, so by you telling us that you are white….makes your statement incredibly true…

    you truly are pathetic….

  1021. We white people (well most of us) like Western Civilization.

  1022. on October 10, 2009 at 1:48 am Jessica Masters

    My white friend just took this Moleskine fetish thing to another level by buying a Molecover http://www.molecover.com Looks like a pretty decent.

  1023. “if a white person has a great idea, they write it by hand, if they have a good idea, it goes into the computer.”


  1024. Have you wrote about analog photography already? White people like it. Even if they only shoot digital, they will always have a respectful approach towards analog photographers.

  1025. Literally reading this with a moleskin notebook sat next to me! Never properly considered what that meant before, but it’s soo true!

  1026. Hey – good point – I’m a white person and I like analogue photography but my blog is called black AND white – will that cause problems> You can take a peek if you like…


    Like the camping post b.t.w. Soooo true.

  1027. Well here I am with my Macbook in the most independent cafe I could find in a city favoured greatly by the writers of the Lost Generation. £15 notebook by my side, currently containing a Spanish language blog. Scarily true asssement!

  1028. I’m Black, but I LOVE Moleskine journals! I read Moleskine blogs like moleskinerie.com and skineart.com. And I just came back from lunch where I sat in my car and sketched in my Moleskine cahier.


    Does that make me white?

  1029. i bought one the other day. im self-loathing. but, i write about how much I hate the lackluster culture of whites.

  1030. boring. i switched out that class into History of Mesoamerica. Which is the actual history of North America beginning with the last Ice Age 40,000 years ago. Interesting to learn from the Native American perspective of American history.

  1031. do you take seven dwarves everywhere you go too? lol jk

  1032. on October 17, 2009 at 11:19 am Stephanie Zink

    I work at a bookstore where these are sold and some people are absolutely obsessed with them. I never did get the hype :\ they are ugly in my opinion.

  1033. Those are used for artist, to jot down ideas…..stupid.
    Today they are still in use. The reason why people use them, is that they have no lines, unlike regular composition books
    ( which is also in Moleskine form ).

    The whole point of the person writing this folks, is to inform us about the invention of drawing books. I myself own the big versions to these. nothing special, just a thin piece of leather or Moleskin as the writer stated.

    Wow weeeee, white people ( EUROPEANS ) gave us the invention of MDOERNIZATION, AMERICANIZATION, WESTERNIZATION, and so forth.

    I am sooooo happy for all the crap that these White people
    put the world threw. They really made every other culture more civilized, especially with war, drugs, chemicals, and Jim crow.

  1034. Hey, I have one of these! I got it as a Christmas present from my cool expat cousin who now lives in London and I use it to take notes when I review plays for the arts magazine I freelance for!

    Speaking of, stop being so fun and addictive, I have to write this thing!

  1035. I’ve gone through two of these. My Moleskine notebook stays in my purse and contains grocery lists and phone numbers and bus schedules, not deep thoughts.

    I like it because it has an elastic strap that holds the thing shut, so it doesn’t get all crumpled up and torn in the bottom of my purse, has a bookmark so I can find the bus schedule easily, and has a pocket for receipts and stuff like that.

    At ten bucks for something that takes over a year to fill up, it’s not a too bad deal.

    Wish the generic versions didn’t fall apart so easily.

  1036. That’s what white people do with moleskins? My art professors recommend it to me but I always just buy the huge $5 sketchbook that essentially serves the same purpose.

  1037. YES.

  1038. I am Hispanic, and I do that……along with 99% of the rest of what the blog points out.

    This messes with my mind :P……

  1039. I guess you’re white, “Aureliano” (Andy)

  1040. I used to think I was special. Now I realize I’m just white.

  1041. White people suck, we are so lame!!

  1042. This is so funny! I love it!

  1043. Canada is, if anything, Stuff-White-People-Like-Whiter than the US.

  1044. At some point, you should blog the tendency of white people to fess up on the SWPL forum, “yes, omg, you hit the nail on the head, what a slavish trendster I am liking this item”, THEN launch into a breakdown of The Superior Features I Actually Got It For–“Incomplete commitment to laughing at oneself”

  1045. No, that makes you a douche bag.

  1046. Yeah proud moleskin owner. However I actually used to use 1$ spiral notebooks but in my travels they were getting demolished. Between bad weather, getting tossed in bag, thrown around when drunk, and people thumbing through them I could barely keep one intact for a month.

    I take a LOT of notes between work, language study, trying to get around(i have to keep Chinese addresses for anywhere I want to go), keeping track of offers when bartering, or just seeing/hearing something really cool and wanting to jot it down. Somebody gave me a moleskin as a gift and this bad boy is the perfect size with a long lasting build quality. They survive long past me filling them up.

    I never realized there was some artistic creative image attached to them, so when I went to the store to buy another one I had assumed they were just regular notebooks. The price annoyed me, but when I realized how well it stood up to field use I grumbled and bought another one.

    While most folks use these to try and hide the fact they are boring psuedo intellectuals, I feel like anybody can appreciate a good sturdy notebook to accompany them in their travels.

  1047. A parody of a satire?!

  1048. As a Hispanic, if you truly want to ruin a white person’s day, tell them you like the same things they like. This is an unforgivable sin; you are supposed to like the things they have assigned for you, they know which ones, because they are the specialists.

  1049. http://travelinggallery.wordpress.com/

    Moleskin Notebooks are heavily endorsed by this artist!

  1050. HAHAHA That was brilliant.

  1051. To keep this up, you must keep a tab open with http://thesaurus.reference.com/?

    My impotent jibe lacks tantamount prowess, perhaps you could lead the way the increasingly fruitful dialogue?

  1052. This is a riot.

  1053. An utterly complete apology. Thanks for the candor, although I suspect that it is largely the product of the anonymity of the internet.


  1054. A real artist would never use a Moleskine Notebook to draw or to write. It would be his last choice. The quality of the paper is too bad and too thin. And the Moleskine is too expensive. There are so much better notebooks with better paper what are so much cheaper.

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    5. Knurling.
    6. Calendars, Miniature, Magnetic, Lockable Books, Bibles, Dictionaries, Directories, Diaries, Organizers, Planners etc.
    7. Round Cornering / Round Corner Edge Gilding from Switzerland.
    8. Automatic Foiling and Lamination Machines.
    9. Prinect Image Controller – Quality Consistency is Assured irrespective of Human Intelligence.
    10. Wire-o-wire binding – Renz & Kugular from Germany.
    11. Printing on metallic / holographic laminated sheets, foil boards, drip – off varnish effect and printing a wide range of substrates that includes paper, Board, PP and Polyester sheets with caliper ranging from 0.03 to 0.8mm.
    12. One hour from Tuticorin Sailing Port etc etc.
    Please see below our websites for more details and I will look forward to your inquiries in order to proceed further.

    Best Regards,
    Amit Gogia
    Nightingale International
    Srinivas Fine Arts Pvt. Ltd

  1057. You could say a real artists wouldn’t care.

  1058. you ought to go to this site http://www.jusjivin.com

  1059. My former roommate, now a published novelist, uses Mead notebooks for his ideas and rough notes. Moleskine notebooks are for twee wannabees.

  1060. For some reason having a Moleskine DIARY seems to be making more sense that owning a Moleskine notebook. A product this expensive should be treated with respect, which “organizing one’s thoughts” is. Having one page per day seems worth the money…but using random pages for random scribbling does not… :))

  1061. Uh Oh. I was pretty smug until I saw the Moleskin post. I actually used it to track my work accounts so my boss couldn’t screw me out of a commission bonus, and so I could keep track of 20 emergency room patients a night without forgetting to call any of their parents. Maybe another white thing is calling pet owners “pet parents.”

  1062. haha! this is hysterical! i was literally just at a meeting 10 minutes ago and a guy was running out of notebook space. the girl suggested he get a moleskine. she proceeded to rave about how wonderful they were…this article pretty much explains how ‘wonderful,’ they are :] thank you.

  1063. I have no idea what a moleskin notebook is.

  1064. I don’t know how many bookstores have them, but at the one in my town they have ‘modeskin’ notebooks (basically a fake moleskin notebook, but exactly the same thing) and the standard size ones are $2. I like them because I can put all my vocab words for language classes in them and they are small enough to put in my bag to study on the bus on the way to school. Check around at local bookstores (but not Barnes and Noble, I figure if they carry the real ones they wouldn’t have the fakes too) and maybe you can find some.

  1065. I use mine to record notes for my bloodthirsty right-wing essays.

  1066. Hahaha! Got me on this one. I have a moleskin notebook in every one of my guitar cases, one in the glove box, one near the bed, one by my computer… but each is filled with a bit more than a few phone numbers and a grocery list. Mine are filled a million great single lines for which I’ve never come with great novels or songs to wrap around them.

  1067. I found this out first hand when I dressed up as a white girl and made out with a bunch of spooks. Once they found out why a petite white girl like me INSISTED on anal, they beat the ever loving shit out of me for months.

  1068. I am white and I have a moleskin note book, and I love it! I write about how much I hate ed hardy in it!lol….but seriously, I do

  1069. Yeah, so only white people basically care about anything culturally relevant. Fuck this blog.

  1070. you have no sense of humor, my friend.

  1071. This is hilarious XD

  1072. Geez, it’s amazing where a Google search will land you sometimes.

    Oh yeah, this blog is hilarious.

    I have an idea, why not change the name to ‘Things White People Like, for People Who Just Can’t Get Enough of Mocking White People”.

  1073. actually, moleskine notebooks and moleskine sketchbooks are a lot different. An artist would never use lined paper to sketch or draw in and thus, would never use a moleskine notebook. The moleskine sketchbook, however, has very sturdy paper and can take pretty much every medium which is next to imposible with your run-of-the-mill brands of sketchbooks

  1074. that would be a horrible name

  1075. And we are supposed to like seeing the virgin mary in various food items, arent we?

  1076. Perfect. Can we have a post on Mont Blanc pens to complement this one please?
    that’s what most business creative types turn up to meetings with round here

  1077. You could be grammatically correct, too.

  1078. Also, it would be very smart to add a VoIP cordless phones and laser poniter for presentations, which sre a “must” in every young IT company.
    Those ones who don`t have small voip phones, are not worth to call themselves “IT managers”…

  1079. Big fan, love this site!

    Another great site to check out is http://www.SomethingYouShouldRead.com

  1080. You are pathetically defensive my friend. What they’re saying is usually true, and by your oversensitive and paranoid demeanor I’d say it’s probably true about you. Congrats, you’re an average white person. Maybe mylifeisaverage.com can make you feel better about losing your ‘unique’ status.

  1081. on December 5, 2009 at 7:55 pm Francis Shephard

    This is so funny, and true pretty much! arrgghhhhhh oh the plight of being middle class and white, I feel so unauthentic as a human being now 🙂 awash in a sea of middle class rats

    Paper is for creating and scribbling and doodling, exploring. Letting go. Paper is permission to fail, computer is permission to record forever failure!

    Although I think the above is the wrong way around, I make things on paper and if its not crap, it goes into the computer, so it can be handed around, printed, etc.

    So you’ve got the order wrong. If there’s a crap idea on paper its never going to reach a computer.

    In my case though I don’t talk to people about what I am doing. If they enthuse and ask questions like “oh what are you writing” I say its my eulogy. They go away then.

  1082. You’re hilarious!

  1083. Geez is it so wrong to want to feel special?!

  1084. No, no, it is not wrong to want to feel special. I just found a 20% off sale for Moleskin and took orders from all the white people in my family. It makes us happy; what can I say.

  1085. I just got mine and began writing about philosophy and the oppression of the lower class by academia and the political ruling class!

    Thanks Stuff White People Like, I didn’t know my inner white guy wanted a Moleskine notebook before I read this blog! I may already be white, but I feel uber-white when writing in my new notebook!

  1086. Funny posts, but seems more like a list of what wealthy douches do for the most part. I’m clueless on most of this stuff I’m supposed to like. I do know it’s satire, and I laugh…though have no clue what the hell a moleskine book is. That word sounds kinda…unapealing, lol.

  1087. I frock a Moskinny DP. From birth bro…..from…..birth…

  1088. Never fails to crack me up.

    Check out this other great site at http://www.SomethingYouShouldRead.com


  1090. These are THE BEST!

  1091. Van Gogh, Picasso, Hemingway,…?
    Van Gogh never drew a Moleskine notebook. This is a fraud. Pure marketing.
    This notebook is made from the Moleskine brand since 1998! Van Gogh, Picasso, Hemingway, to a time that had already died …

  1092. “This explains why a white person with an $800 backpack will haggle with a poverty-stricken street vendor about a $2 dollar plate of food.”

    “So why do black people drive an Caddy with rims and live in a trailer park?”

    I had no idea such a blog exsisted & I’m shocked…I stumbled upon it accidentally..def won’t be reading anymore. If I started a blog about What Black People Like there would be so many people to protest….double standard!

  1093. Man I dont know which is better, the write ups or the amazingly retarded replies! Either way, as a white people I like this!

  1094. The difference between YOUR comment and the actual commentary of this blog is the level of intelligence invested in the latter. Anyone can say that black people live in trailer parks. Write an article about WHY that’s funny, and I’ll give you a chance….

    I’m a pretentious white person taking a year off, eating organic food, toting a moleskine notebook, and oozing all kinds of pretention. The only thing missing from this list is self-deprecating humor. After this comment, I see why…

  1095. This website vacillates between being spot on- to being down right offensive;and it depends on the topic broached by the author.

    Nonetheless, I do think this website is incorrectly named.

    Since it seems to speak of the following types of humans:

    *Wanna-be’s-*followers of trends*(even if moronic trends)- humans that do things not so much because they want to , but because they think doing such enhances their persona,popularity,intelligence level, cultural hipness- etc…. I think this site is less about white people than it is about SHEEPLE.


    And notice when we refer to SHEEPLE- we need not incorporate color into the mix.

    Many things written about on the site are applicable to people of all colors- not just white people( and yes, I am white).

    To keep it more simple, since not everyone knows what the term Sheeple means, why not dub it:
    ” What Lemmings Like”?

    Color doesn’t matter, because a human lemming of any color is pathetic.

  1096. Please, please remove this trash.

  1097. Well, if we white people can’t laugh at ourselves there is a problem… it’s funny for people because it’s for the most part TRUE. Get upset over something more worthy than an true statement about how most people use these notebooks. There are many more important things in life.

  1098. I was just about to get a moleskine and a lamy safari to start the new year. Wow, I’m really white!

  1099. Yes, but do you like Moleskins?? ;-D

  1100. Oh, nooo, not a Lamy Safari! Moleskins are for people who love to write on neat paper in convenient and almost indestructible notebooks. Lamy pens suck. You won’t enjoy writing in your new Moleskin with that.

  1101. Pretty funny. The only truly incorrect part was the notion that the moleskine doesn’t offer any functionality over a cheap spiral. Try drawing with rapidograph on a penway notebook and you’ll know that the quality of paper makes a big difference.

    Still, the macbook + moleskine + latte guy conspicuously hanging around borders for no reason does kind of get old. Let’s not write off all artists who have to invest in higher quality materials in order to get the work done.

  1102. Love it!

    I’d also suggest taking a look at http://www.SomethingYouShouldRead.com

  1103. i am white, i consider myself pretty creative and i do have a moleskine notebook. damn.
    but i’m writting a book, i swear! ;D

  1104. GUILTY!

  1105. I’M GUILTY! HAHA! That was really funny and it’s so true!

  1106. hi.
    i have a moleskine.
    but i use it as a daily art journal.
    its a work of art.
    not a crappy shopping list.
    it has better paper that will support my use of ink, watercolors, acrylics, guache, and other various materials.
    not crap.
    sorry, bye.

  1107. Pfffft XD I love this site.

    Moleskine’s bells & whistles (compact, hard cover, elastic band, expandable pocket, acid-free paper) make it ideal for that little slice of the population which falls into the category of serious traveling writers/artists. Should you happen to be a Serious Traveling Artist, they’re worth it if you can pony up the cash!

    Waste of money for everyone else.

  1108. A shopping list!!! I would never use my Moleskin for a shopping list! Only great poetry goes in there.

  1109. You don’t understand people who love paper, do you? That’s okay, but please go away and leave us alone now. ;-D

  1110. Hi Jeanne,

    Rereading my comment now, it ended up sounding sort of snobby, which wasn’t my intention. Sorry!

    What I meant to say was in most cases, there are less expensive alternatives to Moleskine. To use your example, this is especially true if what you’re after is paper quality. Since they were 60% off I recently bought a Moleskine reporter pad & pocket journal, but aside from being acid-free the paper’s nothing special. When I’m at home I tend stick with cheaper sketchbooks.

    Of course, no matter what your creative needs you’re more than welcome to enjoy the brand.

    Cheers! 🙂

  1111. You are writting a book? Really? Hope you have a good spell checker.

  1112. No worries…I was just being funny. Hard to express that online. But, wow, where did you get them 60% off? I found a 20% off sale just before Christmas and thought I was “blessed”. I have no qualms about using cheaper stuff…or better quality paper too. (don’t tell anyone, but it has nothing to do with the color of my skin) ;-]

  1113. ahahahaha! this is ridiculously true. some of the other articles are inaccurate, but this is not.

  1114. Are you my brother? Use of the word rapidograph is a bit of a giveaway.

  1115. Wow, you’re the first person to make such a comment on this blog. Congrats.

  1116. I totally lucked out, the Waldenbooks in the local mall’s clearing out and they’re getting rid of everything, so I snapped ’em up at a great discount! I was surprised to see them at all in a big chain store.

    (My lips are sealed XD)

  1117. true. though I’m not white, I might have to turn away from this notebook just so people don’t mistake me for trying too hard. Doodles and ideas are okay for this, but I’ve never sold a painting done on one and have yet to see a legitimate gallery selling one either.

    I always hear about the paper, (mostly from people who aren’t professional writers or artists) but from experience, there are several other notebook papers cheaper but still well suited for writing. That goes double for their low-gsm watercolor paper.

    As for people who read this, Moleskine doesn’t really need your defending. It’s up to consumers to criticize products, and if you find yourself so fervently reasoning out why it’s so great rather than letting the formula quality over price speak for itself, then maybe there is something wrong with using one.

  1118. TonyDoc, I just enjoy using them…their diaries are just right for me. What I want from you is names! What paper do you find cheaper, but better quality? I don’t really think that Moleskin paper is far better quality. Like I said, they are just fun and useful.

  1119. Wow. Score! Yes, book store chains used to carry all kinds of neat things…but have gone Chinese and thus, quality is phfft!

  1120. Hi Jeanne, I didn’t mean to say their paper was low quality, of course. Please don’t take offense. The notebooks are nice. I do like my moleskines.
    They opened the door for me to look for great notebooks. Picadilly notebooks were actually even designed to counter moleskines and even after having a batch shipped from across the world, the total price was still cheaper. And my Apica notebooks (Japanese) which I horde maniacally as much as I can because I have a hard time getting them. To me, Apicas have the perfect paper, smooth and ink safe, even without anything else special about them.

    I write on my moleskines. Rarely ever subjecting myself to using paint or inks on the sketchbook, which seems to punish me when I use the slightest bit of moisture by looking like a wrinkled scallop. The watercolor paper is 200 gsm, too thin for gradients or washes. I used to write on moleskines to keep my writing discreet, the black covers barring all interest. Even for a simple magazine article, I admit I mostly use an old typewriter. Now, when I go out in public with them, I just feel like showing off.

    ..sorry for prattling on

  1121. Piccadilly is a company that makes a similar notebook, same size and general design, but I found the paper quality to be better. plus I get the satisfaction of telling people that its not a moleskin when they ask. if they don’t actually know me I do it in a British accent and they think its the European version. Its more entertaining that way.

  1122. Bwaaa ha ha ha ha!!!

  1123. I’m in art school, getting my MFA in creative writing, as a matter of fact. EVERYONE has a moleskine notebook! EVERYONE! And most of us are white to top it off.

  1124. You check this out too: http://blackcover.net/?p=30

  1125. Oh, and I have seen Apica notebooks in many stationers in the Bay Area…what part of the country are you?

  1126. Hi, really? Which part of it? I didn’t know that.
    I’ll have to get some the next time I stop by. Or maybe have some sent over. Right now, I’m in Manila, work stuff. Semi permanently but LA sometimes.

  1127. Oh, I’ve seen that a while back too. You really should try them. If paper quality is what you’re after, you’d appreciate them. I had to get them in LA and shipped them to some places where I lived because they don’t ship worldwide though.

  1128. Moleskines are usually too pricey for me…but when a small bookstore in the mall went out of business, I bought a lot of them at 1/4 of their normal cost. And I really like them!

  1129. white women are hot http://slimspickin.blogspot.com/ here is a racial comparison…moleskin women!

  1130. Bought a Bauhaus-themed boxed set at MoMA the other day. Extra Whitey points, what?

  1131. I love my Moleskine’s! I am half white and half mexican, so that explains why I forget to take it with me and use if half of the time.

  1132. Bwahaha, guilty as charged XD

  1133. Well, if so, that just proves that being white has nothing to do with liking Moleskine’s…cause I do that too…white as the driven snow. ;-}

  1134. “…There are other notebooks of similar format with equal or superior quality.

    So my friend’s enthusiasm for it perplexed me. To hear him, the “notebook” had just been invented; a new tool was available. As if no one had used a notebook before. I soon discovered the trigger for this attitude was the proclaimed “legendary” character of the notebook, with past users apparently including Hemingway, Picasso, Matisse, Van Gogh, and others. The thought of using the same notebook as such intellectual giants was exciting to him, and unconsciously made him unduly pleased with his notebook.

    This claim perplexed me, as years ago I saw Picasso and Hemingway notebooks, and my recollection of them was different. Hemingway was well-known for writing on notepads or in “blue French notebooks” and you can find several references to this on the Internet. On the John F. Kennedy Library and Museum web site, you can also see a picture of Hemingway’s notebooks, which look just the way I remembered them, and nothing like the Moleskine notebook.

    Another claim by Modo and Modo is appearances by its notebooks in various movies. It claims the Grail Diary in “Indiana Jones and The Last Crusade” is a Moleskine. In fact, the diary is a prop made for the movie. You can see pictures and descriptions of it on the Indygear Web site. It has a soft, brown leather cover. The elastic band is loose, sometimes used horizontally, sometimes vertically. So the diary has nothing in common with a Moleskine.

    The Modo & Modo claim of legendary history is thus deceptive. Their trademark of the word moleskine is also suspicious. Years ago, many notebooks had an oilcloth, moleskine cover, then the cheaper alternative to leather for a durable cover. These notebooks were not superior to what we have today; it was just what was available then. But there are many instances of people in the past, famous or not, using a moleskine-covered notebook. The trademark is a clear intention to be the exclusive beneficiary of this history. It’s akin to getting a trademark on the word “leather”, making notebooks, and claiming that anyone who used leather-covered notebooks used yours.

    Modo & Modo is evidently using a deceitful, manipulative marketing campaign that plays on people’s desire to have something in common with the legends. It claims a legendary history to get people unduly excited and affectionate of its notebook, promote sales, and command a higher price. Falling for this deception is certainly not the way to join the intellectual elite.”
    Amazon review

  1135. on January 19, 2010 at 2:23 am Alyssa Taylor

    Reading a few pages of this blog I think my originally Indian boyfriend is more ‘white’ than me 🙂

  1136. Interesting bit. I never bought a Moleskine for its history, but I know people who have. Seems silly to me. But, there are good and bad things about the Moleskine…some are perfect for me, others not. Has anyone commenting on this bought the notebook just for the supposed history? Just curious.

  1137. If you tie a product to anyone famous, people will buy it before they check the claim for accuracy. It’s the oldest sales-trick.
    I think this post is hilarious.

  1138. I just got a moleskine today.

    I’m puerto rican so I actually stole it.

    I’m a very “white” puerto rican artist 🙂

  1139. Chuckle chuckle chuckle.

  1140. Have to say though their diary version is actually very good because the separate notebook bit at the back is handy and it has a pocket to put business cards and receipts and stuff in. And it is the right size and stays closed with a bit of elastic and is black not covered in random flowers or something.

    Just sayin’!

  1141. The difference is that it is still a plain pocket sized notebook that doesn’t have flowery bullshit… I’ll pay extra for something that doesn’t fall apart on me or look like I had bought it at the dollarstore… regardless to this entire post… it isn’t about the notebook it’s about the interest and drive to actually want to write or draw or whatever your using it for. If this is what someone feels will help them stay focused than by all means pay the extra money. I use one and am perfectly happy with it… why does that constitute negativity towards whites in the first place. Who the fuck cares what you’re writing in… Moleskines remain convenient… and yes nice and simple to look at…

  1142. Lordy, I feel so pretentious all of the sudden.

  1143. Don’t worry, you’ll get over it in no time. ;-]

  1144. Yet when black people have an apple laptop it’s either
    1. Barrack Obama or 2. A burglar trying to get rid of his stolen goods. Just thought I’d throw that in!

  1145. Japanese notebooks and pencils are superior to moleskine and are even more expensive (over here, not so much over there)

  1146. I wish you hadn’t.

  1147. Sigh.

  1148. Yeah, I bet you and your overpriced notebook are really unique and special.

  1149. on February 2, 2010 at 9:04 am HI, I'M BUCKWHEAT

    Hi, I’m Buckwheat.

  1150. Put it in writing. Can I recommend a Moleskine notebook?

  1151. moleskine just rocks : ) leather’s good….old-ish and all….the price makes you feel superior

  1152. I wish I had five phone numbers…

  1153. Why-y-y-y-y-y???

  1154. fuck you Dick.

  1155. So your boyfriend was originally Indian? What is he now?

  1156. There’s nothing wrong with wanting to feel special. Just don’t confuse that with actually being special.

  1157. I couldn’t find any other small-sized notebook with blank pages! I don’t like writing on lined pages…

  1158. Okay, you’re off the hook. 😉

  1159. I like the weekly planner notebook. I’m forever needing more than the space of the calendar to write notes about what’s in the calendar.

    I bought a journal, too since I found them reasonably priced on Amazon.

    But I don’t have the Apple.

  1160. Walmart has good knockoffs for the journal / diary variety–actually better construction yet still with the elastic band, the ribbon, and the pocket for loose pages. no tearouts, but …

  1161. Oh, but we don’t support WalMart. Someone, somewhere is being paid peanuts for making those journals and someone else is being blackmailed into selling them at WalMart for a pittance. I would pay ridiculous prices for Moleskine before I would buy at WalMart.

  1162. My, my. Tis is funny!!!

    Here’s another good one: http://www.SomethingYouShouldRead.com

  1163. You can get them really cheap off amazon.

  1164. Its happened, they’ve made the moleskin even more white!

    By merging it in a limited edition package (found only in asia) and combining swiss architectural design, mid century modern design clarity (mad men status), the moleskin notebook pays homage to helvetica font. SUPER EXCLUSIVE. White people will go insane.


  1165. Wow, I have to say I’m really embarrassed to be white right now. Not because of the humorous blog here but because of all this weird “I’m so desperate for attention I’m going to get on the band wagon and rip on this Nathalie girl so I can feel above someone and part of a team in cyber space” posts.

    WTF people?

    This looks like it started because she shared a link to something, and your taking it apart and judging it show more about what you’re really like then it says about her and that IS WHAT SO F’ing EMBARRASSING. It’s like a bunch of shamed white folk picking a sacrificial lamb or something.

    Did I miss a disclaimer somewhere that said only people willing to engage their “inner 5 year old” need post?

  1166. Um…what are you talking about? Who’s Nathalie??

  1167. White people also like buying inexpensive expensive stuff. Something might cost 400$ but it’s cheap when they say it’s only 399.99 cents. Just say 400 DOLLARS.

  1168. Nyuk, nyuk. How easily we let ourselves be fooled when we want to buy something, yes?

  1169. I know a place you can see once virgin moleskines used and spread wide open!

  1170. Quite the pants pisser!

    Here’s another good one: http://www.SomethingYouShouldRead.com

  1171. i used to work in a bookstory, there was always this booklet with the moleskine box with some ludicrous backstory and some stuff about “spontaneous online communities” that apparently had been formed around moleskines, it was pretty funny
    anyway i got one of their calendars, it wasn’t more expensive than any other calendar and they look nice and are really sturdy
    their marketing is silly, but hating on them is just as silly
    they’re just notebooks dammit, there’s nothing wrong with them

  1172. Starving writers should save their money for rent and use Mead notebooks, and leave the moleskines for the trust fund babies who want to look authentic or something.

  1173. Cops with belts make me hot.

  1174. Speak for yourself, sweetie

  1175. Why must everything on this website be expressed in a negative manner? Even the blog on “Stuff Asian People Like” expresses it in a positive manner and shows their pride.

  1176. on March 2, 2010 at 3:45 pm Anonymous Replier

    Because white people like self deprecating humor.

  1177. Ahhh, someone who isn’t foolish? Ever??

  1178. WHERE??? I want to go to there. (pretty sure Tina Fey/30 Rock is on the list…or should be)

  1179. yeah
    it’s because we feel guilty and we all secretly hate ourselves
    it also stems from the fact that we all happened to be nerds in high school
    that’s how we were able to go to such good schools

    you are obviously not “the right kind of white”

  1180. I recently ordered two and I’m now watching the mailbox non-stop, despite the fact I know they’re still days away from arriving. I’m like a kid on Christmas Eve.

  1181. Oh, phfffttt! Right kind of white…what nonsense.

  1182. Hey L, you must either be a Death Note fan or just pressed a random initial to hide your anon identity. Anyways, look at the offers available on E-Bay. I should call myself “E” for short on the next post.

  1183. love this comment and want to meet its author, which is not allowed.

  1184. I like moleskines because as sketchbooks, they are very functional, archival, easily portable. The cardstock is sturdy enough to take water media. They are inexpensive and pretty darn sturdy, unlike the $1 notebook which frays into pieces after being carried around a few weeks.

    Why does everyone have to read so much into everything? And what is with all this white crap? I know non-white artists who use moleskines. Jeez.

  1185. i love moleskine and i am white. big deal, that dude player hates on whites who write in moleskins? so what, sad existence he has. cant we all get along? i just ordered 75 large books on amazon, so i can’t wait to continue my journaling.

  1186. on March 13, 2010 at 2:21 pm Stomach Ache

    Chuckle. Chuckle. Chuckle.

    Here’s another laugh: http://www.SomethingYouShouldRead.com

  1187. on March 14, 2010 at 8:28 am thomasbriollet

    My name is Thomas Briollet. I must admit I am homosexual. The only woman I fantasize about sexually is my mother. She is so fucking sexy. I dream of bending her over and pounding her pussy in front of our gay French relatives. Then I will come on her face and she will lick it off and say “Oh Thomas,you are just like your father who beat the shit out of you and me and was a pathetic alcoholic, and now you just work for some stupid French wine distribution company because you are too stupid to see beyond cliches about French people!” The best thing the French have is the Eiffel Tower, but it is completely useless, like me Thomas. It is just an ugly heap of metal that serves no purpose. Big deal.

    I think the French people are so great, but the French have done fucking nothing for the world. If French is so great, why does the whole world speak English? I hate English speakers, but it was the Americans who saved the French from the Germans during World War 2. I am a typical worthless French guy. I need to wax down my extremely thick eyebrows because they take up half my face. I live in China because I think I can be hedonistic and an international playboy, but only the trash of the world lives in Beijing because it is a shitty communist hole. The Chinese would kill someone to move out of Beijing. I moved here to make money to send to my pathetic French family who can’t find jobs to support themselves, because they live in a ghetto called Reims. I thought in China I would be an important white man, but really the Chinese wish I would leave their country, and stop sleeping with many prostitutes and sluts in their country both Asian and white. Take my laowai trash out, and also my horrible French wine.

    I grew up in a housing project because my father was too busy beating me up and drinking because he was an unemployed alcoholic and he never loved me. But I still am playboy like he is. He fucked lots of women and had lots of ugly offspring like me. My father used to beat me up because I deserved it for being a shtihead bastard, and asshole. So I fantasized about fucking my mother like he did. Now I dominate women because I am scared of being controlled and powerless. I like to beat them up and be an S&m Master because I’m scared of being weak and beaten up like when my papa used to hit me. I like only sexy innocent white girls who are models and who are stupid enough to be submissive to me. They make me feel important and strong, but I am boring and an ugly French cliche.

    I am secretly gay, but I never told my papa cause he would hit me hard and make my ass bleed. I like partying partying and drinking and dancing because I am so original! I am such a party animal! Too bad I am getting fatter and uglier as I grow older. Too bad I have a small small penis and I will never satisfy a woman; and they are faking their orgasms by going ah ah ah. But many sexy girls make me feel important. I am scared of being alone so I must be surrounded by lots of friends and distractions because in my retard brain I know that my papa hated me and he abandoned me. Sincerely, Thomas Briollet.

  1188. why dont people understand jokes =_=

  1189. yeah, I had a Moleskine once. It’s true what the guy is saying. I have an apple laptop as well.

    DO most of my work in 70 cent notebooks though.

  1190. So…if I’m black and like me my moleskine notebook cuz its damn good quality, does that make me white? Don’t be calling me white, now. I don’t even want to be white, but I like my moleskine notebooks AND latte’s, bitch.

  1191. on March 22, 2010 at 9:00 pm Brittany Bassett

    Ahaha! I’m black as well, and I like my moleskines and lattes too. Unfortunately, I like plenty of other things on the list. lol

  1192. I’m white and who cares about moleskine notebook’s? Really does it matter what the fuck its made out of?

    Stop being a bunch of pretentious douche pickles and just buy a $8 journal from Staples or somewhere. Your life is not important enough for people to care about.

  1193. I totally take it back i completely love Moleskine Notebooks!

  1194. Or do I?

  1195. i’m in korea(traveling being extra white)bought a bunch of moleskin notebooks.But they are not as expensive and i will not be writing about my traveling experiences in them.Where does that leave me?great quality books by the way

  1196. Because you bought them @ discount you thankfully do not qualify as a douche pickle.

    Be safe on your travels 🙂

  1197. Think you are missing the ironic humour Ryan S.

  1198. Why does everyone take these posts so seriously? I’m white… own several moleskin notebooks, have an apple laptop, AND go to coffee shops. I think this post hilarious. But I do use my notebook for more than just grocery lists and phone numbers… I use it to take NOTES. yay for moleskins! 🙂

  1199. on March 30, 2010 at 8:36 pm whiteman with dreads

    shut up and go too http://www.myurbantree.com

  1200. About Thomas Briollet
    My name is Thomas Briollet. I must admit I am homosexual. The only woman I fantasize about sexually is my mother. She is so fucking sexy. I dream of bending her over and pounding her pussy in front of our gay French relatives. Then I will come on her face and she will lick it off and say “Oh Thomas,you are just like your father who beat the shit out of you and me and was a pathetic alcoholic, and now you just work for some stupid French wine distribution company because you are too stupid to see beyond cliches about French people!” The best thing the French have is the Eiffel Tower, but it is completely useless, like me Thomas. It is just an ugly heap of metal that serves no purpose. Big deal.

    I think the French people are so great, but the French have done fucking nothing for the world. If French is so great, why does the whole world speak English? I hate English speakers, but it was the Americans who saved the French from the Germans during World War 2. I am a typical worthless French guy. I need to wax down my extremely thick eyebrows because they take up half my face. I live in China because I think I can be hedonistic and an international playboy, but only the trash of the world lives in Beijing because it is a shitty communist hole. The Chinese would kill someone to move out of Beijing. I moved here to make money to send to my pathetic French family who can’t find jobs to support themselves, because they live in a ghetto called Reims. I thought in China I would be an important white man, but really the Chinese wish I would leave their country, and stop sleeping with many prostitutes and sluts in their country both Asian and white. Take my laowai trash out, and also my horrible French wine.

    I grew up in a housing project because my father was too busy beating me up and drinking because he was an unemployed alcoholic and he never loved me. But I still am playboy like he is. He fucked lots of women and had lots of ugly offspring like me. My father used to beat me up because I deserved it for being a shtihead bastard, and asshole. So I fantasized about fucking my mother like he did. Now I dominate women because I am scared of being controlled and powerless. I like to beat them up and be an S&m Master because I’m scared of being weak and beaten up like when my papa used to hit me. I like only sexy innocent white girls who are models and who are stupid enough to be submissive to me. They make me feel important and strong, but I am boring and an ugly French cliche.

    I am secretly gay, but I never told my papa cause he would hit me hard and make my ass bleed. I like partying partying and drinking and dancing because I am so original! I am such a party animal! Too bad I am getting fatter and uglier as I grow older. Too bad I have a small small penis and I will never satisfy a woman; and they are faking their orgasms by going ah ah ah. But many sexy girls make me feel important. I am scared of being alone so I must be surrounded by lots of friends and distractions because in my retard brain I know that my papa hated me and he abandoned me. Sincerely, Thomas Briollet.

  1201. I’m as white as it gets. 🙂

    of course i buy my notebooks at the dollar store or at staples when they’re on sale for a buck, and my laptop is 5-or-so year old PC that my friend painted all over before giving to me because she got a new one… but i do sit in coffee shops every now and then! yayyyy whitey!

  1202. Thanks for the description. If I ever see you in a coffee shop, I will stop and give you one of my extra Moleskines. ;-] You’ll recognize me by my 7-yr-old computer.

  1203. Re the original article……Everyone is missing the point of Moleskine. It’s Italian like a Ferarri and beautifully made, high quality and functional. Often you need to own a quality item but not necessarily use it to its full potential to appreciate its quality. Maybe that,s why the Apple and coffee shop crowd are attracted to it. Buy a notebook for a buck and you have a cheap piece of crap which can be used to create something beautiful and worthwhile. Buy a moleskine and you have something beautiful and worthile before you even start with your own creativity.
    P.S. My wife and I use Moleskine for travel journals and the quality inspires us to not waste the empty space without some of my musings.

  1204. on April 21, 2010 at 7:59 am i got 42 views on youtube

    its like the article is the icing and the comments are the cake

  1205. White people like to post oh-so serious rants on websites that talk about white people. Present company included.

  1206. As a writer, I totally agree. Moleskine paper is fantastic. Yes, there is a difference. I noticed it the first time I set my pen to a line. I love Moleskines.

  1207. For generating and articulating great ideas, it is necessary to prepare notebook with structured thinking method.

    We must believe anyone can be a great inventor if he or she likes to use blank sheet with structured thinking method regardless of moleskins and ethnicity.


  1208. Lol

    “As a writer….”

    Self-proclaimed much?

  1209. I prefer foreskin journals myself. It’s by far the best writing medium. The way it takes the ink, and the feel as you turn the pages just can’t be duplicated.

    It’s unfortunate that they’ve become so much more expensive in recent years, due to the decline in circumcisions.

  1210. Lol! I’m a writer too. So are my kids, and the neighbors, and I think most of the people I follow on Twitter are writers. Hmmm, I’ve having a hard time identifying anyone I know who isn’t a writer.

  1211. on May 1, 2010 at 3:18 am Emperor Bok-assa

    If Master Lander is so entusiastic for the US to become a non-white country who doesnt he go and live in El Salvador or Haiti for while?


  1212. I love this blog, I have about 4 Moleskines too haha!
    my boyfriend found this site and immediately sent it to me and we laughed at how I followed almost everything on the list

    you need to add Wes Anderson films though
    all white people love Wes Anderson

  1213. I second that! Wes Anderson is great.

  1214. I agree. Notebooks have become more expensive these days. But lately, cell phones are taking over the industry and they are starting to have calendars and schedules in all types of cell phones. Of course notebooks are getting more expensive. It should become cheapr, then maybe people would start buying them more, who knows?!

  1215. on May 24, 2010 at 12:47 pm thunderscreech

    I bought a Picadilly Notebook at borders. Same thing as a Molskine, but only $5.99

  1216. on May 25, 2010 at 10:28 am Jeannemarie

    Not true. I use Picadilly notebooks too and love that lower price, but the quality is just not what a Moleskine is. For more important uses or for things I will want to keep, it is Moleskine all the way.

  1217. I do like trains and heroin, and moleskines. In fact in my moleskine there is more than a grocery list. there is also a to do list from last month

  1218. “Since all white people consider themselves to be ‘creative,’ they are constantly in need of products and accessories that will allow them to capture their thoughts.”

    That reminds me- this site needs a post on scrapbooking. I have never in my life seen a Black, Asian or Latino person make a scrapbook, but thousands of White people will actually go to seminars to learn how to put completely uninteresting sh** into one.

  1219. My ex-girlfriend (half Mexican & half Salvadoran) is really into crap-I mean scrapbooking. She even goes to conventions.

    OK, she’s a bit of a coconut who claims to not notice race *ever*.

    OK, she’s probably the whitest Latina ever.

  1220. I have never in my life seen a Black, Asian or Latino person make a scrapbook, but thousands of White people will actually go to seminars to learn how to put completely uninteresting sh** into one.
    Furniture Packs Spain

  1221. Have added you to my RSS feed and look forward to seeing more from you.

  1222. @Steve only white folks would be pretentious enough to point out that they know what an rss feed is, let alone assume that a website with shitake loads of traffic would even care.

  1223. @Whitezilla being white, I must point out that I know my vernacular; coconut is considered derogatory meaning “brown on the outside, white on the inside” with the added insult of the white part of a coconut being flaky.

  1224. Oh we brown people have a similar system….it’s called a photo album! Some people *cough*white people*cough* are just ridiculous about how they store memories. I really don’t think all the access ribbon is needed

  1225. on June 5, 2010 at 10:33 am americansun



  1226. I love my moleskin but I know people who don’t even know what a moleskin is.

  1227. A moleskin is a thing you put on your heel when you go hiking to keep from getting blisters.

  1228. on June 11, 2010 at 9:41 pm Jeannemarie

    But a Moleskine is a cool, useful and long-lasting notebook.

  1229. this is the stupidest fucking thing i’ve ever read. Pretend to be european? bwahahahahaha.

    I like the world cup because i play soccer.
    Golie, Fullback, Sweeper, Right wing and right half.

    I get drunk when I want. i don’t need an excuse.

    Perhaps u should get more in touch with the crowd of people you intend to racially slurr before spreading your retardation.

    You obviousily have a problem with white people.
    And likley, they have a problem with you.
    No, not your nationality or race.
    Just you.

    Kuz your a douche.

  1230. on June 13, 2010 at 7:28 pm Jeannemarie

    Ah hem? Who is retarded? White as the driven snow here. And, who is a douche? Maybe you shouldn’t write when you are drunk…Yah?

  1231. on June 13, 2010 at 9:03 pm some white kid

    i cant see the other pages only page 1

  1232. Just so you know, the author if this blog is white. Its called “humor”. Or “homour” if you’re trying to be European.

  1233. dude wants more foreskin notebooks….that is damn funny, I just want my foreskin back, f#$%ing nonsense operation.

  1234. THINGS REPUBLICANS HATE: No. 39 Grey Poupon


  1235. on June 19, 2010 at 6:46 pm vicki black bird

    I’m a black person who checks out this blog just for a good laugh every once in a while.

    all these angry white people should realize that the author of this blog is as white as they come. So loosen up a bit.

    Nothing can be funnier than laughing at yourself. Hell, I love black jokes and race jokes in general! But only if done tastefully.

    I thought the moleskine piece was awesome. I’m addicted to those things.

    Wait, I’m black…nevermind. Moleskines suck.

  1236. I concur! I am white (not the elite quality, but being European adds points). I enjoy laughing at myself. These post are slightly embarrassing and enlightening … thus a great form of entertainment.

  1237. Love this blog??? Come meet Christian on June 27th in Princeton, NJ at 3PM. For more information and to purchase tickets visit http://www.onesimplewish.org/events

    All proceeds will benefit One Simple Wish, a NJ non profit. (hey – #12!)

  1238. You are an ignorant racist idiot!!!! Obviously, you no very little about white people you fucking tool !!!! I agree with white guy. Do your homework and know what you’re talking about before you go shooting off your mouth. You are most certainly laughable, but not in the way you had hoped.

  1239. ahhh, I take back my previous statemant. You’re not a racist. You are a WHITE man who likes to categorize his own race (even worse). I guess you simply enjoy stirring up shit for your own entertainment. I see. You might try and get know more “white” people….. Trust me, there are many of us who do not fit in your little box!!! We are not all Trader Joe yuppies with moleskin notebooks.

  1240. on June 24, 2010 at 9:57 pm Jeannemarie

    Oh please. This is a funny blog. BTW, are you prejudiced against Trader Joe yuppies with Moleskine notebooks? At least we know how to spell, sweetie. Why do you take such offense at what’s written here? It really puzzles me. This isn’t rocket science, just good clean fun. So, if you are so bothered take your potty mouth elsewhere…and chill.

  1241. Anyone here know the meaning of “ironic humor”? Helloooo? whitewoman?
    Whitewoman, you should be grateful that someone’s finally taken the time to define a Culture for us. Historically we’ve been lost. Latinos have open sandals on elegant male feet, Africans (from around the globe) have music and rythm and collective community, Asians have (lets be honest) complicated eating, and the list goes on. Seriously whitewoman, you’re just proving that White People have no humor. Or collective community. And walk barefoot catching their dinner with a spear.

  1242. Whitey, If you think our Culture is defined by things we buy, places we shop, etc. it simply shows how superficial YOU are. Not all of us want to be “defined” as pretentious spoiled brats.

  1243. Jeannemarie, oh so sorry I forgot to place an “e” at the end of Moleskine. To answer your question, no, I am not prejudiced against Trader Joe shoppers, just the “type” who look down their noses at anyone who doesn’t fit into their little world. You know, kind of the type who call you “sweetie” because you made a typo. BTW fuck you go write in your little notebook you pseudo intellectual brat!

  1244. White people who doesn´t understand the blog are so stupid.

  1245. Whoa, seriously, take a pill or something. I was being funny…guess it is all that Trader Joe’s food or writing in my little notebook often. Who are you angry at? Surely can’t be me. And are you telling my that you aren’t looking down your nose at anyone? I don’t remember anyone writing in this blog using so much profanity before. You have no idea if I am a pseudo anything. Perhaps you can find another blog where you make more sense, yah?

  1246. I just happened upon this today. Without doing any research, I venture to say that the person who writes this is Jewish.

  1247. THAT’S IT ! you have right…jewish is the evil who hatred to death the white people and not only…

  1248. and you are an idiot jewish ,the devil disciple ….neahhh

  1249. Hi,The big difference worth noting, of course, was that rock and roll was developed from blues and boogie-woogie in the context of race records and other performing and distribution circuits that were consumed almost exclusively by African-American audiences

  1250. As a person of color… Most of the stuff on this website us stuff yuppies like. There just happen to be more white yuppies.

  1251. on July 3, 2010 at 6:15 pm a white person

    can anyone believe the hypocrosy of making a book racist against white people but having laws that double your penalty if you make fun of anyone of a different color?

  1252. Im most definately white and I have come to the conclusion that whites are doomed by minority ignorance. None of the above apply to me. Get a life or better yet just die and do us a favor.

  1253. on July 6, 2010 at 9:42 pm Jeannemarie

    …”just die”??!! Isn’t that a little extreme? What on earth touched you so deeply about this blog that you would even suggest such a thing? Please get help. And, I am not being sarcastic.

  1254. Jeez. Grow up. I am also a white person, and like you almost none of the posted information applies to me. That doesn’t mean it isn’t funny, or that it doesn’t apply to people I know or have met. Race based humor is funny. If you don’t like it go somewhere else. Besides how can you really be insulted by someone saying you have expendable income, or like camping.

  1255. Atrocious grammar but I agree with the sentiment.

  1256. holy bat poop people!
    lighten up!
    Life is difficult enough….add some laughter in yours!
    Our world is full of color…enjoy it….

  1257. hi ,friends ,
    our is Chinese moleskin notebook factory ,and we can manufactory the moleskin notebooks ,and if you want to order the notebook from China ,maybe can contact with me . my email address :kriszhangxue@163.com.

  1258. Nathalie….just shut up plz.

  1259. Ne s’attendait pas à l’apparence ordinaire, que j’ai eu autant de fonctionnalités, les gens sont vraiment surpris.

  1260. on July 14, 2010 at 11:37 am Andrew Maxwell

    I’m guilty of this one, for sure. I love them! But they do provide “added functionality,” mostly in that they’re way more ruggedly constructed than shitty notebooks, have better paper that’s easier on the eyes, an inner pocket, and the planners/journals/etc. are better laid-out for the way people really use these things.

    The shameful part is not using Moleskines. It’s thinking that, because Ernest Hemingway used them, you ARE Ernest Hemingway.

  1261. Precisely.

  1262. This is nice article, thanks for sharing

  1263. on July 21, 2010 at 2:01 pm whatthefuck

    Are you a racist or just a f**king dumbass?

  1264. Well,it’s pretty clear which one you are.

  1265. This site is extra stupid i dont like bob marley camping or picking fruit obviously whoever made this site is black beacuse they are very stupid and deserve to die

  1266. Go away.

  1267. Much like virtually everything else that white people like, these notebooks are considerably more expensive yet provide no additional functionality over regular notebooks that cost a dollar. Thankfully, since white people only keep their most original and creative ideas in the Moleskine, many of them will only be required to purchase one per lifetime.

  1268. Oh, tn requin, you are so mean…I will have to go out and buy a Moleskine to write about how hurt I am. You don’t have any creative Ideas, whatever color you are, do you my friend?

  1269. on July 25, 2010 at 1:59 am bob lahblaw

    I would think he is neither racist or a f***king dumbass. Just someone who has a sense of humor.

  1270. brilliant! your best yet!

  1271. Guys, just chill! I’m white and I find this funny…why? Because I, unlike most people on here, have a sense of humor. Just go to yoga, take a couple of deep breaths, or take a nap and move on for God’s sake! I can’t even imagine how dull and annoying you complainers are to hang around.

    or… (better yet)
    get off this website if all you’re going to do is weep

  1272. Thanks Amelia.

  1273. on July 29, 2010 at 3:57 am Layla Williams

    I’m white, and I thought this was funny. I’m also half European xD

  1274. Well, I’m half white and I find it hilarious – and it’s people like you, without a sense of humour, who keep these sorts of stereotypes alive in a negative way. You’re the one who’s clearly illiterate (not to mention racist) and “very stupid” for complaining about something that’s clearly a joke. Get a grip.

  1275. on July 31, 2010 at 10:46 am EliseSchmnise

    lol I love Moleskine! The problem is I never want to actually spend the money to buy them haha.

  1276. I’m more than white, I’m a very handsome blond man and I just wanna say that I’d knock this blog’s writer out with my own fists just because this person is a fucking freak.

    I love the people and I don’t give a shit about their skin color.

    I wish I could meet you face-to-face and brake your glass jaw you bastard.

    White people? I’m white you fucking cunt and who cares about the color of my skin?

    Get a real life and start writing something really interesting if you can.

  1277. thank you! it’s this kind of site and people like the ones who visit this site regularly that keeps racism and hatred so prominent in our society. Color does not and will not ever be relevant and you can’t say what someone is like based on their looks! It’s shallow, stupid and ridiculous and whoever thought up this site really needs to take a reality check. They obviously couldn’t do anything with their own life and decided to write this bullshit. And for you idiots saying we don’t have a sense of humor, what’s funny about being stereotypical, racist, ignorant people discriminating against people with a different skin color to themselves?

  1278. How many burrowing rodents had to die to cover
    Your precious little thoughts?

  1279. Dude you have some serious issues. However you do point out something else that white people like: very meaningless ineffective electronic threats.

  1280. Ha ha, I prefer Paperblanks and Cavallini!! Moleskines are just plain boring. But you fail to mention one of the other attractions to while people, and it is the fact that Molskine’s paper is chlorine free. Like, wow, so ethically souind (something else W.P like being) Why buy a dollar notebook that is probably made from freshly cut-down rainforest and the pages made white with lots of bleach when you can buy an instantly-recognisable-as-expensive journal which you can also feel worthy about. This has to be Carbon ‘offsetting’ (i.e cleaning your toilet with bicarbonate of soda to make up for owning a 4-wheel drive car/RV) at its most smug and creative!!!

  1281. Weak! I write in a Moleskin.

  1282. on August 6, 2010 at 4:51 pm marky_sparky

    Saw one of these in Smiths today, looked like a good little nothpad but £19, no thanks. A5 refill, just the ticket

  1283. wat is up with this website and its title?
    Wow! Such racist thought!
    Go suck ass U weirdo!

  1284. It occurs to me that the creators and contributors of this website – and the book – might also be white people. It also occurs to me that a great deal of their delight and amusement comes from readers who, with an apparently absent sense of humor, leave indignant, outraged comments.

  1285. Okay seriously…I’m beginning to suspect you’re white yourself. But claiming the viewpoint of non-white is of course what makes it work. So keep on keepin on. It’s brilliance here, truly.

  1286. No qualms about it, this is racist, let’s call things by their names and stop looking for a second degree that is not there. Whoever wrote this is either a racist black person banking on the fact that white people, with their guilt complex, won’t complaint about it or a white person testing the depths of stupidity white people can reach when it comes to this type of matter.

    Some white people won’t complaint and they’ll even say crap like there is lots of humour here, do yoga and relax, etc., ’cause ohh we’ve been colonialist for so many centuries etc etc and we should feel eternally guilty and put up with murder… crap crap crap. Like this blog which just incites to racism amongst people. Imagine the blog the other way around, you wouldn’t thing it so funny.

    Time to grow up everybody!

  1287. Tooo damn funny, but if a ‘white person’ wrote an article about ‘why black people like friend chicken ad coolaid so much’ was made on a website called ‘demblckhomiesluvdemcoolaid.com’ would you be offended?

  1288. i know the top 5 things a black person likes:
    1) porn
    3) saggy pants
    4) not making sence
    5) big afro hair
    and 1 extra is judging white people cuz this all aint true just ike possibly this isnt all true bout u blacks cuz all people are there own person they shouldnt be judged but if i had to judge a black this would be the answer to it all!!!

  1289. Did it even occur to you to check your spelling and grammar?

  1290. You’re not the most rigorous white person on the planet are you? If you followed a couple links; did the barest minimum of research on this site, you’d realize it was created by a white person. You sound like a bitter, reactionary loser.

  1291. My comment was directed to Jenna, btw.

  1292. Jenna,

    #1 Porn- That would be true for most males regardless of race.

    #2 Hats- Really?? don’t we all need them in the winter? I like hats and I’m not a black male.

    #3 Saggy- Is that the same as baggy? hmm that was a trend in urban kids in the 90’s but I think the trend has moved on to pants below the waistline regardless of the fit.

    #4 I can name a lot of people who don’t make sense… Try the South in the US

    #5 Fro- Those were cool in the 60’s and 70’s but I have to admit it’s perfect for black hair… some whites can rock it.

    Peace in world! and much love ❤ We are all people, let's be and let be. And it's ok to poke fun once in a while, if it's done with taste. I found the moleskin post cute.

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  1294. You know, I don’t know whats funnier, the comments or the site itself. I found this site to be hilariously funny…yes I am black and have great relationships with whites…happen to be over the moon about a particular one who has Norwegian origins. Ha! At any rate, people there is such a thing as humor!

    Some of the comments are offensive to blacks, there is a difference with humor of this type, I guess you would have to be intelligent to discern the difference, as opposed to humor not of this type

    …(“but if a ‘white person’ wrote an article about ‘why black people like friend chicken ad coolaid so much’ was made on a websit called ‘demblckhomiesluvdemcoolaid.com’ would you be offended…)

    See, why even go there? That is not humor, that is racist and yes blacks would be offended. There was no sterotypical denigrating humor on this site. The humor was rather benign, clever, bright and sharp in a Bill Cosby kind of way.

    So I guess again, this is a site for clever, bright, sharp white folks and others of the same stripe.


  1295. Jenna-First, learn to spell. Second get edumacated. Third, save up the deposit on a sense of humour. I’m a white boy whose name actually is Compton and I love this shit!

  1296. Things Republicans Hate: The Complete Guide to Conservative Hatred

  1297. Im white? & here ive been thinking this whole time I was italian of ancient roman descent w/ the dark olive skin to go with it. I guess I should blame myself for your slavery too, socrates? All hail the wise racist philosophical mongrel. I am not worthy.

  1298. You are a racist!!!! FU

  1299. Do you know any white people? I know you’re not white, because you don’t know a thing about white people! I am usually amused at the way other ethnic groups describe white people (because we are very proper, cultured and unique), but you are NOT FUNNY, and way off. Your “so called” book is way off, offensive, and you would be getting your sued if you were writing about any other specific group of individuals. There are all these groups that raise hell if you talk shit about hispanics, blacks, asians, etc…. but it’s open season on whites and nobody dares to say shit. Guess what, asshole, I have something to say! Get an education, learn some tolerance, and fuck off!!

  1300. Ignorance is so entertaining. Thank you for this artical.:) And your writing style is pathetic. Maybe you should leave that to us white people, huh?

  1301. on August 28, 2010 at 9:17 am The Tea Partier

    This is hysterical. Very witty description of something I can totally relate to. (And not to be taken seriously, people.)

  1302. Guys, Christian Lander is white. He’s the dude who writes these. Calm the eff down. Everyones like, “Oh, that’s so racist.” But he’s white too. Who cares. If there was an blog called “Stuff Black People Like” and it was written by a black person, nobody would give a shit. Why can’t you either laugh at yourself or laugh with us white people. You people just love calling things out that are racist when it’s happening to you(when it’s not) but if it’s happening to someone else, would any of you guys call it out and say,”Hey! That’s not right!”?

  1303. on August 30, 2010 at 1:09 pm taylormadeblack

    LMAO!!! and I am black just thought you should know! And right if I wrote something like this about black folks, it would be funny. It is just like us calling each other the “N” word. Or Jerry Springer talking about JEWS. There is a double standard, it just is!

  1304. Christian Lander is white. Furthermore, this is clearly meant to be witty and satirical, not mean-spirited. If you can’t take a joke, you’re more than welcome to redirect yourself to another website.

  1305. It written by a white person, why so offended?

  1306. Lol I think this person got shit mixed up with beans and nigs and red necks…us white pple have better taste than this shit.

  1307. it’s ARTICLE. It’s a good idea to spellcheck prior to posting biting comments about someone else’s writing style. This prevents a comeback such as…”at least my writing style isn’t idiot.”

  1308. i like how you complain about the “racism” by making a really obscenely racist comment. CLASSY. also i wonder, why is everyone yelling about black people? i realize the writer is white but, for you morons out there, couldn’t we assume evil asian or latino people were behind this? I think it’s pretty funny, 90% of the a*sholes on here having a fit about the racism are pissed at the black person they’re sure is behind this.

  1309. Sounds like someone (Eileen) has a special notebook of her own…

  1310. I love this post. Pretentious white people all like to carry around their personal moleskin notebooks so they can feel like DaVinci.

  1311. Basically, you’re a stupid racist cunt.

  1312. Some idiot wrote, “Stupid racist cunt.”


  1313. Do you remember that Cheez Whiz ad on TV where the white people were dancing around, feeling cool about their microwaved salsa dip?

    I thought that was hilarious & I hoped some non-white people had written it.

    And I’m pretty pale, if we’re qualifying here.

  1314. The blog did point out that white people like to be offended. And I see a lot of offended white people. Amazing. lol.

  1315. Hahahahaha……very funny. I will write my telephone numbers and grocery list in a sheet of paper and throw away my Moleskine a.s.a.p

  1316. they actually are much more durable, easy to transport, and less susceptible to destruction than the $1.00 notebook…I’m sure you knew this already.

    ps: I’m Black.

  1317. Its true they are actually very much worth the price for their quality of construction and paper held within, but they are also very pretentious if you dont have a realistic use for them (aka youre not actually creative)

  1318. While I do enjoy using Moleskine notebooks, they’re not all that durable in some cases. One of mine had the spine separate from the pages. However, the coptic binding (where the pages are stitched together instead of just glued to the spine) is very nice.

  1319. i prefer daler-rowney sketchbooks………. although i’ve gone through a couple of moleskins. but the paper’s too thin

  1320. on October 6, 2010 at 3:35 am uomoartificiale

    Yes, I always hated Moleskine for the same reason. But that’s not to say that I’m a pretentious creative myself, only I don’t want to be mistaken for ALL THE OTHERS OUT THERE.

    On a side note, about the more rude comments here, it’s funny how white people suffer when they call them ‘white people’, and also blacks or asian seem quite at odd using that term. In this respect, really you opened the pandora’s vase.

  1321. You have a rescue dog. Surely this overrides the fact that it’s a pit bull/black lab MIX. Love it.
    If you’re free sometime maybe we could go to REI & check out the kayak selection?

  1322. All these replies full of thought, info and ideas… gee Nathalie, I feel so.. close to you, though not nearly as white. Thanks to you, I shall buy all my paper at Ecru from now on. Good stationary is actually enjoying a strong reemergence; I even got handwritten (ball-point, not fountain pen) fan-mail recently.. on the loveliest card-stock.

  1323. Ha ha ha, clearly Sandy Blackburn owns a mole skin notebook.

  1324. I agree with A.D. Also I own a moleskine and a MacBook Pro and occasionally I do go to independent coffee shops with the both of them.
    p.s. I am also black.

  1325. yeah right

  1326. on November 11, 2010 at 4:36 pm Creamface Loon


  1327. within a week of reading this list, I came across this clip on youtube.

    Perhaps the world’s “whitest man” Thomas Cholmondeley (pronounced Chumlee, old chap) of Kenya flashes a moleskine during his murder trial.

    check it out here:

  1328. Oh Boy. Cringe! I have totally spent an afternoon in a Nolita cafe, drinking coffee, with my Moleskine and Mac. The fact that my brain is screaming “I’ve had Moleskines since ’01” just makes it worse, right? The cafe was occasionally a charity-run second-hand bookstore 😉

  1329. Oh Holy shit. THis is the best one of them all! Totally captures the corn starch in the upper northeast! I used to sell this shit to them as well as the 80$ yoga pants. They gobbled it up like raining cheeseburgers on a group of quarantined hungry Texans! Mr. Lander, please don’t ever stop doing this. You make light of the most hillarious aspects of this social group, in a very insightful, exposing manner

  1330. I love Moleskine(I think it’s the paper and …leather) and pretty much do everything listed here haha, but I can screw up your theory in 3 words: I am black.

  1331. This is so me! Though I’m actually brown, currently located in a Southeast Asian archipelago.

  1332. I am sorry, but I recently came across this article. But it seems to me that you are quite the racist! Well, it is well to point out that I do not know anything about you. Not what your true name is, where you are from, if this is just a scream for attention or an actual opinion. But it seems to me that you are segregating all white people to be shallow human beings without real creativity! And that we just buy these Moleskines to follow a trend! Personally I find this very insulting due to the fact that I’ve filled two of these books and is halfway in my third.

    So correct me if I’m wrong (because I might be), but you are quite the person to state that every white person with a Moleskine are trying to be something they cannot become due to their skin colour…

    Sincerely, a 17 year old boy from Norway

  1333. It a joke. That’s the whole point. Of course it’s not completely true. But it’s true enough to make people uncomfortable.
    BTW. As a Norwegian you don’t qualify as White. You may be white but not White. In this context it refers to a certain strain of middle and upper class america.
    Don’t stress about it. Enjoy.

  1334. Because of their rampant popularity, Moleskines are now made in China with inferior materials. No doubt to cash in on white people who need to be whiter. I’ve now ditched the Moleskine in favour of the next notebook white people will favour – Rhodia

  1335. I work at a bookstore that sells these notebooks. The amount of white folk that enter the store and come to my cash with a obnoxiously expensive Moleskine is almost comical, escpecially after having read this article. I think it’s pretty funny that people spend such obscene amounts on a notebook that could easily be bought elsewhere at a much cheaper price. I’m not much better than them considering that I have fallen for the Moleskine hype. I’ve bought one before but it was only because I got a ridiculously cheap with my staff discount. Alas, the things white people will do to seem that much smarter.

  1336. As a Graphic Design student, we are sometimes required to purchase these particular notebooks for our classes. They are higher quality (in terms of paper, water resistant, etc.) so there are functional purposes for owning one. Not all creatives sit with our macbooks and moleskines hoping people “ask us about it,” rather, it’s what we are good at and what we do. You wouldn’t poke fun at a nurse wearing her scrubs, isn’t it the same idea? 😉

  1337. no

  1338. Try to keep up, Chris–as dutchdingo implies, real white people moved on to Rhodia Webnotebooks before you even wrote this post.

  1339. You should create a post treating “Stuff Mexicans Like”.. There are plenty of commonalities among this lot. Like their penchant for child sex crimes… jajajaja. I mean! Have you been on Amber alert lately?

  1340. White people, well all people, also enjoy http://www.NakedHipster.com. Mainly because the girls are hot and don’t have clothes on. Usually those two things go well together. You know, the hotness and the nakedness.

  1341. on February 11, 2011 at 3:09 pm Im on Gold Chain

    I love how people are offended by this stuff, its great. And Yeah I have a mac, and a Moleskine, and what, this is a great #122. Cause Ive seen douches out there acting like their special cause at starbucks, dressed top to bottom in trendy gear sitting there sipping decaf Chai, with a I am awkward look on their face. So lets keep it real, the Moleskine does not make you look creative, it does not make you special, it just makes you look like a douche, but what do I know thats probably what you think when I walk into starbucks and order a black coffee and look at you with a go F urself look.

  1342. I don’t use Moleskines – I use Piccadilly – It’s a lot loss expensive for those who actually write. I don’t need to pay extra for the snob appeal. I can make my own legend. After all – Hemingway is not Watson. (Use your own name-get an ego-if you don’t think you’re great nobody else will).

  1343. It’s ‘with AN I am awkward look’
    people who misuse grammar offend me…allot. 😉

  1344. on March 14, 2011 at 6:00 am AnonymousBlackWoman

    Today, my boss gave me a Moleskine notebook. She gave it to me as if it were a treasure, despite the fact that it was one of five from a leftover giveaway. “You’re my girl, I can give you one of these,” then she added as if my life depended on it, “Write your name in it.” She left me feeling as though I could leave an iPod, iPhone, iPad, AirBook pyramid on my desk and it would be left untouched but if I so much as left a Moleskine notebook lying around unclaimed it would be stolen in an instant.

    Thinking of this site, I jokingly said, “I feel so creative now,” over-dramatically hugging it to my chest. But she chuckled seriously, really thinking that I meant it!

    I walked back to my desk thinking….”It’s true. It really is true. What is it with white people and Moleskine notebooks?”

    But I really didn’t have to answer that question. It’s already been answered for me here.

  1345. i wish there was a way to “like” comments, another thing I’m sure all white folks like to do, as they can proclaim to the world “I’m white and I LIKE things!”

    But yeah, funny thing was the same incident happened to me. My mom handed my brother and I one, explaining “so you can put your thoughts and drawings in a nice place”. I personally prefer the backs of my school assignments to dump my mind’s crap on but still, nonetheless a nice gesture of kindness if not a confirmation of a stereotype.

  1346. on April 12, 2011 at 5:33 am theironieofthings

    go listen some hiphop! wait a second ..

  1347. Hi there,

    Just wanted to let you know that there is a site that scans/digitizes Moleskine notebooks for you. The address is http://www.scan4me.com.


  1348. No, “you’re” so dumb, man…..

    The typos on here are so funny, all by “themselfs”!!!!


  1349. Rhodia have been popular in France for years…I used one 30 years ago when I was studying abroad. Guess that meets the criteria.

  1350. on May 14, 2011 at 9:39 am Miguel Angel

    I personally prefer Piccadilly notebooks. They’re practically the same and just cheaper.

  1351. my asian friend just got a moleskine. she obsesses about it every day. i prefer to live in the digital age.

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  1353. Magnificent goods from you, man. I’ve understand your stuff previous to and you’re just too wonderful. I really like what you have acquired here, certainly like what you are saying and the way in which you say it. You make it entertaining and you still take care of to keep it smart. I can’t wait to read far more from you. This is actually a terrific site.

  1354. white people like writing books also

  1355. * a lot. people who misuse grammar annoy me too.

  1356. Yeah, my dad gave me a Moleskine notebook a while back and I still don’t know what to put in it. I feel like anything I write has to be really good because of how much the notebook cost. I’m more of a notepad kind of person.

  1357. Guilty. I think they look so cool! But I use them for class notes, or as a random notepad in my purse in case I need to write something important down/make a list. I don’t aim to be pretentious/artsy about it.

  1358. I dont know wether to cry or laugh at these blogs.
    Its too confronting.

  1359. I think that is one on the SWPDL list, confrontation.

    I liked the comment from the person that didn’t want to write in her’s because she only saved it for good stuff, which confirmed two points the article made.

  1360. on August 29, 2011 at 9:17 pm Grammar Police

    It’s = it is or it has

    Its = the possessive form

    For further clarification/reference see:

  1361. on August 29, 2011 at 9:28 pm Grammar Police

    irt nick on February 24, 2009 at 9:56 am
    it’s elastic strap. duh

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  1364. I picked up one of these the other day at the supply store, and seriously did not expect it to cost that much. I only realized how much it costs when I went to pay for it, since there was no price tag on it =) The lines are too close together, and its not that comfortable writing in either. I complete waste of money, all that’s important is that you get whatever you want to write about down on paper.

  1365. I’m sorry you feel that way,

    I happen to love writing small or skipping lines,
    I also buy the graph paper kind cause I feel even more like an Artist, even if I write like 5 sentences on 5 pages,

    and sometimes I’ll take advantage of every line,

    They are expensive but durable as hell, AND I have taken photos of ones that fell apart and they ALWAYS send me a free one,

    and really, what other solid small notebook has a little flap for extra – really creative – shit.

    I also like the slightly off white color, in fact I always open the plastic to check because not everyone is the exact same color
    and true white can really damper the creative spirit.

    I buy on average one a month.
    In College I was up to two a month,
    and I don’t think I ever wrote a grocery list.

    A list of holy truths maybe…ha

    whatever you do with your free time, you need the right tools,
    and the moleskine is the best f^&*king notebook ever made.

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  1367. OMG! How did I know that this stupid book was what you meant when I clicked the link.

    I go to an art school and ALL THE HIPSTERS have this book. I remember I was in the art supply store and I saw that same brand book. It had 50 or so pages and it cost more than $10! So when I see them in school and how they thrive on bragging to people how thrifty they are and such and they pull out that notebook…I use to think, “how are your thrifty if that book is so expensive?”

    Now I get it…..its a vintage-y notebook and they have to uphold that image…

  1368. I really don’t understand why people buy these, especially since in CA they carry a Prop 65 warning about chemicals that may cause cancer and birth defects. Is looking interesting really worth that?

  1369. EVERYTHING in California says that, lol.

  1370. White people like making fun of stuff other white people like.

  1371. Yes.

  1372. HAH. I love this. Almost everything is completely true. Except “World Music” and Tom’s shoes and Hipster stuff. But I fill up my two Moleskine notebooks with music compositions. They really are pretty cool 😀

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  1374. I don’t know of anyone who has eaten one!

  1375. I like writing about deep stuff in the coffee shop with my chai tea.

  1376. This Christian guy is amazing. He needs to write for SNL. Oh crap is SNL on this list somewhere?

  1377. Anybody came up with a Moleskine iPhone yet?

  1378. All I knw is that you’ll never see a Negro with any sort of book.
    You’ll see White people, Chinese, Indians etc but I have yet to see a Negro with a notebook or any other sort of book.

  1379. i tried to reply to you but my link got posted above…

  1380. Racism is the first thing Clander addresses. The first line of the article reads, “Since all white people…” already separating and placing white people in a different category from all other people of different colors. White privilege, specifically whites being financial more well off than ethnic groups, is addressed when Clander writes, “Much like virtually everything else that white people like, these notebooks are considerably more expensive yet provide no additional functionality over regular notebooks that cost a dollar.” White people have the extra money and time in this hectic life to sit down and write their ideas in a coffee shop. This is out of the working class norm and exemplifies the life of a wealthy white citizen. This post caught my attention when I was scrolling through the website because the word “creative” stood out to me. I compared this word to the simple image of the Moleskine notebook and kept reading to see what the connection was. This article has a comical tone to it however it is based on some truth of whites such as their financial status compared to other ethnic groups and their time for leisure. The issue of race intersects with class simply because of white privileges stating that white people are always on the upper class.

  1381. As I read this, all I can think of is the fish slapping dance and how much you need a cod up the side of your head.

  1382. I def don’t think that all white people are in the upper class. i’ve been in the lower middle for most of my life. take a trip to the south where my family is from and the majority of the areas are lower class and they are all white.

  1383. I hope a happy new year to all stinky scum of the trailer park

  1384. @Katana..then you are the “wrong kind of white people”

    This blog and the book is on point. He really captures the essence of white Chicago Lakeviewers who are trying to be vegan, shopping at Whole Foods, recycling, while listening to jazz on Npr,etc.

    I am also The “wrong” kind of white people. My white folks are from the appalachians. But I am also half asian so I can pretend to be an honorary ” right kind of white person.”

    The right kind of white person looooooves diversity especially if it’s the asian kind…lol

    glad though that my 3rd world mom met my applachian vietnam drafted father so I could experience the wrong kind of white culture and bring it with me to a place like Chicago where I get to mix with the “right ” kind of white people. I had no idea I was partly the “wrong ” kind until I moved here.

    And people think white people aren’t diverse! They definately are!

    I bought my Lakeview yuppie boyfriend this book and he thinks it is hilarious because it is so TRUE!

  1385. on January 4, 2012 at 8:02 pm BEHOLD THE TRUTH (and accept no imitations)


  1386. I have read a lot of comments on these pages and no one has a more complete understanding of the concept as you. You truly are an honorary RKOWP. You will always have the honorary status because you are self aware, but IMHO that is a positive trait. Your boyfriend also is self aware and can laugh at these so he loses RKOWP points for that, again a good thing. I am not the RKOWP because I am pragmatic and about the only thing on this list that works for me is the Asian woman thing. However that was pragmatic because I fell in love with her not because I have a “thing” for Asians. In fact she was adopted and is a RKOWP except for her race.

  1387. on January 4, 2012 at 8:03 pm BEHOLD THE TRUTH (and accept no imitations)

  1388. on January 4, 2012 at 8:04 pm BEHOLD THE TRUTH (and accept no imitations)


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  1390. I have one of these notebooks…but I didn’t buy it for myself. Some other white person bought it for me as a gift. They thought I would like it because of my Lit degree. I don’t even like to write. What a waste. Maybe I can find a true white person to give it to…

  1391. I totally have a foreskin note book, its on the dash of my to fab BMW…white people so rule, we are cool, fuck you enigma, can I suck your dick?

  1392. As a comedian, I’ve been through about 3 pocket-sized moleskine notebooks, although I didn’t know that’s what they were called until I just had to order my third one. I’d have to say that I mostly use it for funny ideas and for my job, where I have to know certain phone numbers in case of emergency, and also have to know basic computer functions that I don’t use enough to remember by heart. What I love about them the most is their durability in one’s pocket. I’ve never had one fall apart on me, which is not something I can say for any other pocket notebook. You hit the mark right on the head here, as I am white and love Moleskine Notebooks, but I have used more than just one, unlike the average white person…

  1393. I’m only partially white, but I love my moleskin. these are perfect for travel when you want to write down new foods, words, general stuff. I used a cheap notebook traveling in southeast asia and it got destroyed. this moleskin is where it’s at. this is also good for professional meetings when you don’t want to pull out a piece of shit notebook during a meeting with top company executives. Admittedly, this is a white commodity

  1394. That’s ridiculous! Do these people know that REAL AUTHENTIC Moleskine notebooks aren’t available any more? Bruce Chatwin would turn in his closet-AIDS inflicted grave…

  1395. This website should be renamed “things bored people like” because all of these things are not really about racial faux pas but rather the fact that the US is the richest country, most people in the US are white (which is a skin color, not a culture, remember?) and rich people are usually exposed to a wider variety things compared to what someone with modest income would.

    This pattern leads to a higher expressed desire for diverse experiences and their sources. In this context, feelings associated with memories of a time when many things still felt new leads people to hold onto things which otherwise wouldn’t seem valuable anymore.

    Altogether, it strikes one as ironic, even paradoxical, but it’s not, and it actually stems from a single explanation. In fact, it’s not even culture or racial, it’s human nature.

    By the way, I have a moleskin notebook because they are the only blank notebook with a stitched binding that are easy to get your hands on, I use them for my daily to-do list.

  1396. Brilliant, 174 words. I bet you even feel vindicated.

  1397. I do have a Moleskine, but I got it because it was the only day planner I could find that had a ruled page for every day. They are a bit pricey, but they make good products.

  1398. Not the case, actually. One of my African-American friends gets through many more books than I do… but her job doesn’t involve bringing work home, whereas I’m a teacher and that’s part of the gig.

  1399. I have a foreskin note book, I keep my diary of when guys cream up my mangina,(asshole)

  1400. White people who use real pens (dip pens + inkwell or, at worst, fountain pens) hate Moleskin notebooks because the paper sucks (more-or-less literally; ink bleeds like crazy). There are whiter brands.

  1401. I agree. The paper is rough and just bad. They’re trading on the fact that they haven’t done anything new in years.

    Clairefontaine makes nice paper. It works well with my pens. 🙂

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  1403. Reblogged this on Comic Room Places.

  1404. It looks classy. 🙂 Are there notebooks exactly the same for a dollar? Can you share the name of the manufacturer?

  1405. Will you be capable of manual myself on your web marketer or even the person whom manages your blog post, I have to determine it would be very easy to be considered a guest poster.

  1406. Wait! I have somewhere in the neighborhood of 20 filled Moleskines. I’m an artist and a writer and use one every day. And still, I can’t help but feel white. Sigh.

  1407. Hey i just been to your website for the first time and i really liked
    it, i saved it and will return.

  1408. I thought moleskin was a foot care product

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  1410. Okay, I use an assortment of these for notes in classes for college. I only get them for classes that pertain to my major, and I fill them up like no other. The pages don’t fall out and they are a soft yellow color to prevent eye strain. The pages don’t allow smear, or easily tear. The pages stay bonded as well.

    Those cheap, $1.00 notebooks are what I grew up with. They rip apart when you erase, they smudge, the ring will unbend and act as a shank (I have a long scar along my arm due to a kid running by me with his 1$ shankbook), and overall will deteriorate within a month. They are horrendous for anything. Especially for notes you need for the rest of your life, even worse when you need to drag them through the wilderness. (Majoring in Geology)

    They offer a lot more quality, and if you’re looking for something that will hold together for years for something you often reference I highly recommend them. A lot of bounded notebooks I’ve tried don’t hold together what so ever, but moleskine does.

    Oh, and I didn’t by them due to some bullshit “old poets liked them” reasoning. I tries them as they were recommended by my professor as a field book.

  1411. I use my seven moleskin notebooks, I’m up to seven now, for prayer and meditation journals. I find that I try to reach my higher power (God) through writinng than getting on my knees and meditating. I also spend a lot of time at a particular outdoor shrine to the virgin mary at 2:00 in the morning reflecting on my spirituality. The moleskins are expensive but they hold up quite well since they are in my back pocket every waking hour of every day. I’m too white, I guess.

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