This is a scientific approach to highlight and explain stuff white people like. They are pretty predictable.

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8,103 Responses

  1. You’re a c*nt and your blogs sucks.

    ed. note – I had to add a * to this comment to keep it clean.

  2. one of the most brilliant things i have ever encountered.

  3. Thanks for the ed. note. I thought you couldn’t spell cunt.

  4. on March 30, 2008 at 8:03 pm Aryan Brother

    David Duke is proud of everyone on this blog!! We need to celebrate chaining black people, killing off the indians and all other forms of genocide that makes this country great!!! Kudos for this blog!

  5. You hadn’t killed enough of us white boy. I’m 1/4 American Indian and my French father had relatives fought Nazis in WWII. You believe having white skin makes you better than everyone else? Uh huh…how much money you got? +

  6. well I wanted to comment to say that blogging rachel ray/dunkin donuts is a MUST.

    but wicks here is just too cute: “f**k you c*nt, rot in h*ll”
    label to the stereotype: keeping things clean on a christian internet.

  7. there is no such thing as God since it is just something that people rely on to give themselves false security. also the christian internet would suck since it wouldn’t have porn which is 99% of the internet.

  8. Ha. I hear Mr. T somewhere saying “I pity this fool.”

  9. on May 4, 2009 at 11:22 pm Young Rapscallion

    There is no such thing as Bo since that’s too ridiculous a name. A Christian internet would suck though since lolcats are satanic and would be banned.

  10. Ok Mr. Lennon, whatever you say. One huge item overlooked about what (I can’t believe this) “white” people like… why not what “people like? Asians don’t like Dogs? Blacks don’t like yoga? Mexicans don’t like People who wear EH clothes? What are you 9 yrs old? First of all Ed Hardy and his stuff suck! Trite, over-situated the market with the same thing, had a celeb friend or two wear his crap to kick start it and now his own buddies don’t like Ed. Ed is an asshole. I quit even considering buying his stuff when I saw a bottle of hand soap for sale in a discount. The guy sold out quicker than U2.

    Camping? Anyone who is an idiot likes camping no matter what color their skin is. Maybe in the UK it’s different. Camping. Yea, maybe if there are 20 rock bands playing all weekend and the booze is endless and the drugs don’t run out of gas.

    Where the wild things are – Yea, strip joints. Who doesn’t?

    Bob Marley – I’ll give you that one.

    Moleskin notebooks – Wow, I’m getting one when the stores open this morning. I didn’t know we liked them. Thanks for the tip.

    The one, the most important and truest to a fault – What people love to talk about themselves, they have a need to always be right, they will argue until they wear the other down and the person just says fukc it, you’re right, white people tend to be an expert on… everything! White people will judge you when they can’t get up from the gutter, white people have more double standards than anyone I know, white people will be your friend AS long as there is something in it for them, white people will steal shite from you, tell you it was stolen then help you look for it. White people are the only people I know who have a strong sense of entitlement no matter what. White people are always the victim, white people will justify anything and the most annoying is white people will not shut the fukc up.. Oh yea, don’t get me going on ho tightly wrapped white people are. Perhaps this will be the title of you next whatever it is you have coming out.

  11. thanks for doing an incredible job making me feel like a horrible cliche…

    i’d ace a “white person quiz” if you made one, which you should…

    minus the infatuation with gay people and minorities and organic food… i’m pretty insanely white, apparently…

  12. i second this motion

  13. 100% agree. I know realize what a stereotype I am. Well on the upshot, at least I’m a self-aware stereotype!

  14. Me too. Except for the “having gay friends” one, considering that that I am bisexual…or does that make me even more white? I think that “pointing out grammatical errors” should definAtely be added to the list…

  15. I am a soccer mom who wears New Balance and I ride my mountain bike on the trails when my kids are at soccer practice. I drive an SUV and regularly take Starbucks to soccer games to “get me through”.

  16. Offended, eh? That’s #101.

  17. i hate to come across as an ‘educated white person’, but i wanted to make a grammatical addendum that also serves as another white people like.

    white people love grammar, even in the absence of following grammatical rules. white people will kill to be the guy/girl who’s in the room when someone asks, “is it it’s or its?” and actually answer correctly first (or perhaps not correctly, but still first, then say “oh yeah, that’s what i meant” if corrected – it only matters who’s first)

    anyways, you can’t say “your blogs sucks” – whenever an adjective modifies a noun that is plural, the adjective must be singular, and vice versa – as an example:

    “your blog sucks” – singular noun, adjective w/ “s”
    “your blogs suck” – plural noun, adjective w/o “s”

    this is the rule always, and it is a GREAT party-conversation for the following reasons:

    1) nobody realizes its true until it’s spelled out for them, and the best party-stories are matters-of-fact that cause brief-but-non-threatening moments of realization that for white people inspire euphoria greater than anything you can imagine
    2) everyone will give at least 3 examples for everyone to be like “holy fuck, that’s totally true” and “oh yeah, that works also,” thus getting everyone involved in a non-threatening and open way
    3) the whole convo will last no more than 4 minutes, the maximum attention span of a party-story, no matter how interesting
    4) it’s almost as good as speaking a foreign language in terms of likelihood-to-get-a-white-guy-laid, as women will settle for the grammatically-skilled if the white guy who speaks a foreign language at the party is already spoken for. if a woman cannot raise her future children in a multi-lingual environment, she will at least settle for a grammatically-correct environment

  18. Yr not getting laid; “suck” is a verb.

  19. FYI the use of “suck” or “sucks” is describing what this blog might or might not do and as any good whitey knows a word that describes something can be called an adjective. Perhaps in this case it’s an adverb but more importantly who TF cares? I will most likely be getting laid!! Ooooh…FACE!!

  20. Regardless of your sexual prowess, you don’t have a clue about grammar. A verb is not an adjective.

  21. And, apparently, “troll” is both verb and noun, as demonstrated above.

  22. No it cannot.

    Nice call, jackass.

  23. on May 4, 2009 at 11:16 pm Young Rapscallion

    Adverbs describe verbs, like “quickly” in “quickly ran.” The problem was that the “blogs sucks” uses a singular form when it should be the plural form. Idunno why Will had such a long explanation though. I think trying to make it look complicated boosts his ego? I imagine it was just a typo.

  24. I suck
    You suck
    He/she/it sucks
    We suck
    They suck

    Yep – definitely a verb

  25. on April 12, 2009 at 11:15 am Kyra Halloway

    Actually, “suck/sucks” is mostly used as an adjective these days. If what one means is “That’s awful,” then one will usually say “That sucks.” In that instance, “suck/sucks” is being used as an adjective.

    Therefore, Will is right in saying that one cannot say “your blogs sucks.” It is simple 9th grade grammar that one would have assumed everyone should know by now.

    I am an English Education Major and a writer. I most definitely know what I am talking about when it comes to grammar. Let’s see if I can diagram this out for everyone a bit:

    “Your” — a pronoun showing possession of the noun

    “blogs” — the noun being possessed by the pronoun; because the noun is in the plural form, it implies that the person “Your” is referring to has multiple blogs. This is not the case — there is only one blog, with multiple posts — and is therefore the grammatical mistake.

    “sucks” — would normally be used as a verb. However, due to the modern connotation associated with the word, in this sentence “sucks” is being used as an adjective, meaning “awful” or “bad.”

    Hope that this has cleared a few things up, or possibly told you that you need to re-learn your grammar.

  26. Just thought I would point out:
    It’s just “anyway”, not “anyways”

    Pointing out irony and grammar via my macbook while listening to Pedro The Lion.. this blog is spot on.

  27. oh my god, i have spell checker on my macbook too!

  28. That’s embarrassing; “suck” is a verb.

    I suck; you suck; he/she/it sucks; we suck; you (all) suck; they suck.

    Note the he/she/it. English verbal person/number marking is impoverished, but not non-existent.

    There isn’t number agreement on the adjective, by the way, or else we would have “your reds blogs” vs. “your red blogs” or “your blogs are reds” vs. “your blogs are red”.

    (White people love over-education, right?)

  29. This is the most exhilarating conversation I’ve been a part of in ages. To have finally found a home, a community, a milieu (white folks love that word).

  30. SUCK…like many words, can be a verb or adverb or adjective (or even gerund) depending on how it is used in the sentence. You all have valid points, but are looking at the word and failing to look at how the word is used in the sentence to come up with what part of speech it is.

    Someone needs to break the sentence down in order to get the answer, the definitive answer.

    However, it won’t be me. I am too busy putting on my New Balance shoes.

  31. I don’t see how “suck” in that form can be an adjective or an adverb.

    “Suck” can be a noun, if it is used to denote an act of sucking. This usage is relatively uncommon.

    He took a long suck from the bottle.

    In the sentence in question, it is most definitely a verb. “Your blogs [suck]”, indicates what the blogs do. An adjective would give a characteristic of them, which is not indicated. For the word to function as an adjective, there would need to be some kind of copula, as in, “Your blogs are suck”, or the adjective would come before the noun, as in the fragment, “Your suck blogs”, either of which would make it obvious that “suck” doesn’t work as an adjective because both phrases are gibberish. Similarly, it wouldn’t be an adverb because that defines the properties of an adjective, verb, or other adverb, and since “blogs” is a noun, you can’t apply an adverb to it.

    Glad to be of service.

  32. on August 5, 2008 at 9:36 am Michael the Psycho

    Ding ding ding! Finally someone who’s not ignorant. Thank you Lord! (and I’m not referring to God but you, Lord Dan)

  33. on April 4, 2008 at 2:42 pm grammar nazi

    Is the grammatical error (incorrect usage of “its”) in your post intended to be ironic?

  34. How can you care so much about grammar and not bother to use appropriate punctuation?

  35. How can you care so much about grammar yet not bother to use correct punctuation?

  36. Totally true, another good one that most people won’t know, and some will openly deny until corrected, is that the word “both” is not limited to describing two nouns for example, both walter, jerry, and larry went to the movies works. Also, white people love to be able to use the terms clause and preposition

  37. I refuse to believe that this is true.

  38. I think you’re mistaken about “both”. I’ve never, ever heard a credible sentence in which you could put more than two things under “both”, otherwise you would use “all [number]”. Perhaps you were thinking of how you can set off multiple denied possibilities with “neither”, which, while also rare, is tolerable: “Neither Walter, Jerry, nor Larry went to the movies”. Similarly, you can’t have anything “between” more than two things; it has to be “among” them.

  39. For decades, a burning question of mine (well beyond St. Paul’s “Why don’t the damn Ephesians ever write back?”) is: Why do the British say, for instance, “BritRail suck…” when Americans say “Amtrak sucks…”? Maybe an assumption that BritRail is a collective of individuals, whereas Amtrak is a corporate person? Am I deluded? My sanity rests upon an accurate answer to this question. TIA.

  40. Most English people don’t really use the verb ‘to suck’ in a pejorative context, unless they’re especially Americanised. But if we did say “BritRail suck” we would be incorrect, because BritRail (despite being made up of several people) is a singular noun. Are you sure you’re not just extrapolating this from a small pool of British/English people you happen to know?

    Also, I have no idea what ‘BritRail’ is, but that’s probably just my ignorance.

  41. For decades, a burning question of mine has been why do Americans say, for instance, “Radiohead sucks”, when British people say “Radiohead suck”? To me the American usage sounds awkward and wrong, akin to saying “They sucks”.

    Similarly, Americans might say, “Radiohead is a band. They are from England”. It’s consistent to use the third person singular “is” for the first sentence and switch to the third person plural “they are” for the second.

    I first puzzled over this when I saw a badge that stated “Blondie is a band”, during the 1970s, so this question has indeed burned for decades.

    Regardless of the explanation I will undoubtedly feel smug and superior, which is one of the great things about being white.

  42. I agree with Bob. I have actually taken my study abroad to the extreme and stayed in the uk after graduation and have noticed the is/are difference in speech. I feel incredibly superior when speaking this way in the US, especially when talking about Rugby and underground music.

  43. To answer your question quite simply, it is because American English does not look at it as third person plural. it is a collective now therefore it acts as 3rd person singular. For example, the team is winning. Not the team are winning despite the fact that the team IS made up of more than one person. Thus, Radiohead ROCKS and Radiohead is a band. The consistency is there.

    i rock we rock
    you rock you all rock
    (s)he ROCKS they rock

  44. Quick question.
    Why do Canadians and English say “He’s in hospital.” instead of “He is in the hospital”? Why do they never say in/at? It drives me crazy.

  45. I’m Canadian and I’ve never heard anyone say, “He’s in hospital”…EVER. Perhaps you are mistaking rednecks and yokels for a representative sample of the population. More research needed on your part.

  46. Being an Englishman living in Canada it never ceases to amaze me how Canadians have a thing for euphmisms, I think that’s spelled right, such as a real problem for saying I want to go to the toilet, rather they need a washroom, they ask if they can get something to a clerk at a store, as oppose to can you get me

  47. on August 5, 2008 at 9:41 am Michael the Psycho

    Perhaps you are hearing impaired. That’s all I can say miss.

  48. on May 3, 2008 at 5:18 pm Christelle

    No offense buddy, but writing a long response about grammer is pretty “white,” or whatever you totally racist people say

  49. There is no such word as “anyways”.

  50. I’m white , and this site is so totally awesome . Keep up the good work man.

  51. Hi,
    I was wondering if by white people you meant yuppies and/or hipsters alone. See, my friend seems to think that this site is only about yuppies. Clearly it states it is about white people, not necessarily yuppies. While I do agree that a lot of these are about yuppies, I don’t think that it’s a site dedicated to stuff yuppies like. Please answer my question. Thanks.

  52. on April 11, 2008 at 2:26 pm Laughton Howell Atta-Moon, Jr.

    I wonder if only white people archaically cling to the question mark to help indicate which of their wonderings are in fact questions needing response.

    Welcome, electric and Friend. You have reached the White vs Yuppie-Hipster dichotomy at the ninth level of eternal wisdom. First must answer this, little grasshoppers. If white people shake they ass when the music start, do they know what it’s like to be black?

  53. I am white and I think this website is hilarious and very true. People should be able to have a sense of humor about this stuff.

  54. Please pee on yourself. Please.

  55. on April 9, 2008 at 9:41 pm bryan Deckert

    an *

  56. fucking stupid blog

  57. you must not be white

  58. on May 1, 2008 at 1:06 pm Forkspanker

    That’s an oxymoron.

  59. on April 20, 2008 at 1:17 pm hilde gertraudl

    a whitebread austrian thanks for the blog – jössas, geil!

  60. i just found this blog and you are now bookmarked. what is life if you cant laugh at yourself. you make me proud to be white!

  61. Where’s the love?

  62. on May 14, 2008 at 5:40 am Bijoux Altamirano

    I bet that’s an angry white person that lets out its anger within virtual territory- let them come down to bed stuy and talk shit, but, oh wait, i forgot, they can’t cause they’re white!! hahaha!!!!!!!!!!!!

  63. on May 21, 2008 at 7:06 am amanda Kohn

    seriously? this is the funniest blog i’ve ever seen! Couldn’t stop laughing.

  64. thanks wicks! i was temporarily confused as to why you would call this brilliant satirical writer a “cant”.

  65. A cogent argument, Wicks, and eloquently stated.

  66. Hi. Love your blog. Have you considered writing about how white people love going to camps or retreats? Growing up in an all white neighborhood (yes I grew up being one of two brownies in my entire class), I remember it was all about going to girl scout camp,band camp, field hockey camp or volleyball camp. The best part of going to camp though was when some of the extra-cirricular activities involved learning African dances or other types of exotic hip rotations. Have you ever seen white people dance tribal? Priceless.

    Greetings from Brussels – Have a good one.


  67. on June 2, 2008 at 10:04 pm Cindy Lou Who?

    To Wicks, who made such a great first comment at top of the page…..LOL
    You must be white since one of the things on the list is “to get offended” hahahaha
    Obviously which you must be to write such a immature thing. Someone needs attention!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  68. Speculating about another person’s race based on his/her response to something and then ending your post with a long string of exclamation points doesn’t leave you much room to call people immature.

  69. wow, it’s a joke.
    I’m white, and I find the site hilarious. It doesn’t all have to be true, but it is pretty funny.

  70. on June 17, 2008 at 7:44 pm Are you an American?

    or an Americ*nt?

  71. I think he’s talking about the lady in the picture

  72. on January 29, 2008 at 9:00 am mingus montgomery

    your blog is funny. my wife wants to suggest another white person favorite: ethnic jewelry. keep up the good work, we’ll be reading it often.

  73. is it me or do white people LOVE outdoor music festivals like bonnaroo, austin city limits festival, and bumbershoot.

  74. Who doesn’t like an outdoor music festival?

  75. Don’t get all like defensive. All my white friends talk about are outdoor music festivities. And plus I would like to attend one some day.

    #96 Sweet Baby Jesus

  76. Of course white people love outdoor music festivals! Where else do we get to wear our outdoor gear, listen to our favorite obscure bands, and be outside all day?

  77. on March 31, 2008 at 8:09 am Made in Flint

    I second ethnic jewelry. This should also be expanded to cover ethnic/tribal tattoos.

    Love the blog

  78. Genius. In fact, I think this falls under a larger umbrella in which whites who are not Hispanic, Arab, or Persian feel the need/desire to establish that they do harbor a cultural identity nonetheless.

    I chalk it up to a general sense of disenfranchisement among whites – that to be white is to be painfully normal, without cultural heritage (particularly in America), to lack a sense of brother/sisterhood with other white people, and a general fear that any attempt to establish such a kinship with other whites would come off as white supremacy and racism.

    This brings up another thing white people like: genealogy tests – often necessary in order to prove that you’re “not just white” but rather something interesting, like Portuguese.

  79. Portuguese is good, but still relatively common. If you’re gonna go European, you have to be a little bit more obscure – for example:

    “My grandmother came from the Isle of Skye, but my grandfather’s family is originally from Alsace-Lorraine. It explains my affinity for both Talisker single-malt scotch and various cheeses.”

    That way, you’re not just white, you’re transparent.

    Oh, and disenfranchisement, while not only strikingly accurate, is a total white people word. I love it.

  80. Freak! We like it ‘cuz it’s PERTY!

    So, according to you:

    White = of no culture, not interesting, painfully normal,etc.


  81. on January 29, 2008 at 11:15 pm help! I'm white!

    Hysterical. How about decluttering, closet organizers and feng shui? NPR? CBC? Tanning beds? Organic food? Botox? Summer camp? Private schools? Horseback riding?
    So many inexplicable obsessions. So little time.
    Ps John Stewart is hot.

  82. How about soy milk (with or without coffee)? Definitely reading this site a bit at a time, I can only laugh so hard for so long! My only comment is that most of the white people posting on this site seem to be comfortable laughing at this stuff…I can’t help but wonder what sort of horrible politically incorrect ruckus a site called stuffblackpeoplelike would cause. Or maybe not?

  83. HA!..soy milk in coffee my brother does that kind of sh*t. I prefer half&half myself.

  84. On the topic of adding new things… I think we need a shout out to monograms. This is especially true of the upper crust white people group. It can go on golf bags, polo shirts, even underwear. White people just can’t get enough of putting their name on everything.

  85. on April 19, 2008 at 7:32 pm Charles Hewlitt Matthews III

    So true. Love a monogram!

  86. soy milk make my throat close up. Does that make me white? Being allergic to something that no one is allergic to. Maybe I’m just really sickly, I do visit the hospital a lot. Also my name is spelled wierdly it’s pronounced Adam, but spelled Adom. Maybe cuz I’m gay

  87. Well there is a site called Stuff Educated Black People Like and it’s damn accurate too. http://www.stuffebplike.com/
    But I don’t think many white people will get it unless they have EBR friends ( I have several). If anything, my white-washed sister and I seem to have more in common with white people which is kinda embarrassing. In fact, my sister just started doing that scarf thing but she’s a damn hipster and can’t help it :(

  88. That link didn’t work. Is the site down now? It’s been over a year since this post but I’m definitely interested in seeing the site.

  89. and The Sopranos..surely

  90. on March 27, 2008 at 9:03 pm captain obvious

    who else is gonna like tanning beds? black people?

  91. Ha! That was brilliant! I’ve never known any black person to use a tanning bed (and I never have either, but that’s b/c I am part hispanic/Choctaw…and I can prove it).

    Yes, whites do like geneaology…go to Utah.

    Now I feel white.

    This is the best blog I have read for a while!

  92. are you trying to say Mormons are white?

    “Yes, whites do like geneaology…go to Utah. ”

    We got some multi colored Mormons in NY….
    Or are you saying that genealogical
    obsessiveness is a predominately white
    mental illness?

  93. and Anderson Cooper…

  94. on April 11, 2008 at 2:40 pm Laughton Howell Atta-Moon, Jr.

    White people have an inordinate fondness for Fescue. They despise crabgrass.

    Golf of course, counts twice.

  95. This site is closer to “Stuff Yuppies Like”.

  96. I agree.

    Another thing white people (mainly yuppies) like: self-loathing.

  97. Or, stuff second generation of baby boomers/hippies upper middle classers like. Which, well, I guess I am one of.
    Good thing I grew up in redneck Maine and like to beat my dog and drink Bud, because that makes me really everything it means to be white.

  98. on April 19, 2008 at 7:35 pm Charles Hewlitt Matthews III

    Unfortunately, you are just under privileged.

  99. Great blog! As a white person with a white wife, i identify with nearly all 47 items. I would certainly add spending time on a farm, lake swimming in New England/Upstate New York.

    Too much


  100. I am 100% in agreement with Vanessa.

    There are not really 49 things here. Organic food, vegetarianism, and Whole Foods are essentially the same entry, broken up and spread out- “filler”as I believe it’s known. Poor writing, that.

    Also, I thought for years that I was white, but now I’m going to have to figure some stuff out, because I only like 5 things on this list.

  101. on March 24, 2008 at 6:23 pm Phebotomy Sparks


    Whole Foods sells meat (i.e., not mutually inclusive of grass eaters). Organic food can be warm-blooded.

    What have you done, of note, creatively in the last several decades to back your unrefined criticisms?

    Just interested.


  102. I bet you secretly like more than 5 of the things on the list you just don’t want to seem that white because, I bet you*, you are most certainly grade A whitey material.

    *We white folks like to bet people

  103. on April 19, 2008 at 7:37 pm Charles Hewlitt Matthews III

    Someone must of infiltrated your family tree.

  104. on May 20, 2008 at 1:35 pm Turned out to be white trash

    Hey, Thurston Howell the Third,

    I must correct your grammar. You have used the commonly misunderstood vernacular “must of” when in fact I believe you meant to use the term “must have” or perhaps the contraction “must’ve.” Sorry, I couldn’t resist that one.

  105. white people also enjoy being critical, but not necessarily in a constructive way.

    p.s. i’m half chinese.

  106. lena and vanessa, I think they are talking about white people that are socially and economically important, so yes you guys are correct

    this seems like a guide on how to help the immigrant to succeed in the world.

  107. “this seems like a guide on how to help the immigrant to succeed in the world.”

    sara on February 4, 2008 at 4:29

    I will let you know how this works out for me.


    Great site gentlemen.

  108. I just found your website and look forward to review its accuracy and providing peer review. I am heartened that others are adopting a scientific approach to the study of White People. I employed such an approach in my seminal article on the topic The Top 10 Rap Songs White People Love.

  109. OMG. This is f*ckin awesome. I am the son of a Japanese-Amerikan father and Scottish/German/Native-Amerikan mother and this sh*t is right on the money. Absolutely Bananas. I am curious to know what the ethnicity of the person/s doing this blog are? It seems they are either a person of color who knows white -amerikan culture very well, a mulitracial person like myself, or a very attentive, extremely analytical white amerikan.

    LOL @ Sarah Silverman btw.

  110. Hmm… I think most white people are equally multiracial… Let’s analyze this…

    (Japanese+American=Half Japanese)
    (Scottish+German+Native American=Red Neck)
    You are really just 1/4 Japanese, which makes you basically a typical American (white person). White people try to pretend they are in the know because their great great grandfather came from Germany.

    “Claiming to be multiracial when both of your parents were born in the US” could be yet another article.

  111. You’re an idiot. Japanese-American means his father is of Japanese descent, but grew up in America. Assuming equality among the posted nationalities, which is genetically impossible without extreme intermarrying, the poster would be 1/2 Japanese and 1/3 white (1/2 Japanese, 1/6 Scottish, 1/6 German, and 1/6 Native American).

    And when did American become synonymous with white?

  112. I am confused. In every white math class that I have been to, as well as the white coffee shops that I often frequent, in Middle Eastern countries, I know that 1/2 + 1/3 does not equal a whole.
    (I actually just had a conversation about how it is almost impossible to be 1/3 anything, in a coffee shop in the Middle East…)
    Especially as you assumed that Japanese-American refers to the offspring of two Japanese parents who grew up in America.
    Therefore, why is 1/2 Japanese brought into the equation (of 1/3 white)? (In any event, *he* would only be 1/4 Japanese if his father would be the offspring of a mixture between a White and an individual of Japanese descent).
    Using “The Man’s” logic, the poster should actually be 1/2 Japanese, 1/3 White (Scottish and German), and 1/6 Native American (which is definitely not White, as the “White Man” came and gave them smallpox, raped their women, and stole their land).

  113. “I am confused. In every white math class that I have been to, as well as the white coffee shops that I often frequent, in Middle Eastern countries, I know that 1/2 + 1/3 does not equal a whole.”

    I am confused. What do white coffee shops and the Middle East have to do with your not understanding that the 1/6 Native American was implied (to me, at least). I will admit that starting a post with “You’re an idiot” seems to be a recipe for contentious replies.

    The Man (as ridiculous as that name is) included the idea that being 1/3 or 1/6 of any nationality “is genetically impossible without extreme intermarrying.” That being said, I would not assume that anyone is 1/6 anything just because s/he includes it in her/his makeup, since the person probably isn’t including all the nationalities involved. Maybe the poster will explain what exact percentage of each nationality he is so we can really figure this fucking thing out, including whether or not Japanese-American means a person of Japanese descent raised in America, or maybe we can move on.

    Regarding the importance of perfection and one-upmanship here displayed, I have a question and apologize since this should be in another chain: why don’t more people use possessives before gerunds?

  114. 1/2 japanese, and most likely 1/4 european and 1/4 native american. assuming, of course, that the mother’s parents consisted of a full blooded native american and a super white person.

    ultimately, it’s impossible to figure out for sure.

  115. Very common to hear about intermarriage between Blacks and Native Americans, then came the Portugese Hawaiians, Punjabis from India with Mexicans in California, and even Japanese-Cherokee marriages in the L.A. metro area when the two groups lived aside in the early 20th century.

    Now the white people once boosted to have money, stock market bonds, ivy league degrees and professional careers all because of pure white ancestry…is envious in wanting to be part-something (not limited to Cherokees), they will be “1/5 Cuban” or related to a Zulu princess tomorrow. +

  116. Rumors allege that Wallymart will soon offer DNA tests, although
    a mole in the software developer leaked that they’ve been asked to program that all results are to show “majority white.” (snark)

  117. It was an attempt at humor. (Whites love coffee shops and talking about their travels.)

  118. on March 31, 2008 at 9:22 pm New White Fan

    Steve, racial identity has doesn’t have to do with where you were born. It’s how you self-identify among broad ethnic groups. I think you mean “claiming to be multicultural/ when both of your parents were born in the US.”

    You could be identify as black or Asian(ethnic asian) and have both parents born in the country.
    I would also say that anybody that is 3/4 white and 1/4 something else generally are accepted as, and are identified as white.

    I agree that if both of your parents are of Euro or Native American descent you are white.

  119. “I would also say that anybody that is 3/4 white and 1/4 something else generally are accepted as, and are identified as white.”

    Unless the 1/4 is black, in which case you and your descendants will always be black until you’re light enough to pass for white.

  120. Why are you saying Native American = White?

  121. ‘Cause most rednecks are part injun. Until the 70’s they hid it — then it became cool and they all found that their great-great grandmother was Cherokee (’cause Cherokee is cool, unlike Massapequod, and there was a cool song in the 70’s about Cherokee).

    Now, in ten years, they’ll also find out that great-great grandma was “passing” and they’ll start to claim that they’re black also. But they won’t say black but make up Ibo or some other african tribal link. Family albums from the 1890’s always seem to have missing members.

    They did a PBS show tracing the ancestry of black celebrities. The host, a professor of African-American studies who was dashiki wearing, well it turned out that he was mostly of French descent, while the “white” biologist who did the DNA was 20% African. Whiteness is in the clothes.

  122. Sorry, can’t let this one go. Unless this is a really bad attempt at humor, you obviously don’t know what a redneck is. Like any good white person, you should do your research. Watch the History Channel. Google “redneck.” White people like Googling, so show us your stuff.

  123. sod, my seed is pure (from the book “Keys of Tulsa”). They hid the American Indian legacy from the WASPs, but found a way to claim an older ancestral presence in the 1980s from the likes of Cher. Btw, most white Californians could start claiming to be Armenian, the “Semitic” people from the Caucasus mountains in an exotic place known as the Asian continent. +

  124. (Cherokee+other American Indian+3/4 white=minority)

    (French+Scottish+German+English=white person)

    What’s wrong with this picture? Are white people this obsessed with ones’ racial pedigree? I don’t know what gives to be more white or more non-white than thou, but how about the leader of our country is, as follows…
    (Kenyan Muslim father+Irish American mother=Barack Obama)

    But to a racially charged hell-bent internet troll, they may well go off on the (black man+white woman=interracial) or worst (illegal alien+terrorist with Arab name=9/11 flashback).

  125. sorry we don’t see race, we are all children of the earth

  126. What, you got a gerbil in your pocket? Who is this “we” you speak of?

  127. Snort. ROFL.

  128. Something else white people love: claiming to be “colourblind”.

    Hint: doesn’t make you seem less racist. Makes you seem unobservant.

  129. I liked it better when the flickr stream was just titled “Jess’s Photos” without explanation. I also like to believe that Jess is not someone you know, just someone whose photostream perhaps came up on the first page of google results for a search like ‘white people photos’ or maybe even ‘white person lifestyle photos’

  130. Also, in a reciprocal bout of intersite promotion, Catsandbeer.com intends to review for accuracy your first 100 White People stuffs once you reach the century mark

  131. Have you been following me? I mean, you’ve described me (and everyone in my trendy startup coworking loft) pretty much exactly. I mean I’m not vegan, but I eat vegan food.

    Scary. You know white people all too well. As a citizen of Boston, I say you know us well!

  132. – binge drinking
    – shooting classmates
    – traveling abroad

  133. “You’re a c*nt and your blogs suck”

    Aw, come on Wicks, if you can’t laugh at yourself then you are doomed. This stuff IS kind of yuppie. This is a great insight into how consumerism, political correctness and too much trendiness creates laughable behavior. Wake up fellow white people. You’ve only yourselves to blame.

    Every race has what I call “those of us who are an embarassment to our kind.” You cold even break it down into decades because what white people liked in the 90’s was different than the 80’s or 70’s etc.

    This is the kind of stuff that Frank Zappa used to sing and write about. “Disco Boy” anyone? This kind of self-scrutiny is desperately lacking these days.


  134. Ha yes, or “Valley Girl” anyone?

  135. Oh, and you forgot…Guitar Hero.

  136. Oh, and you forgot about “LOL!”

  137. I don’t get it. To lump all people with limited melanin and European facial features seems kind of silly. White isn’t a country, ethnicity, culture, or religion… unless one is a White Supremacist.

    Please remind me again how stereotyping people based on the relative dark or lightness of their skin is funny again… I must have forgotten.

  138. My thoughts exactly.

  139. This site is incredibly racist. If this site was dedicated to pointing out what black people like, it would surely be deemed as racist. Why aren’t people proud to be white? Everyone should be proud of their own respective races and not bring down another’s. Multiculturalism will never work when sites like this one are up and running. This only causes racial tension.

  140. I happen to be white and proud (and I love sushi)! This site has nothing to do with racism and everything to do with having a laugh.

  141. on March 25, 2008 at 6:53 am enjoyingthis

    and that kind of earnest pride is exactly the kind of thing that blocks people up, causes tension.

    Satire, however, if one can unclog the constipational force that is altruism, lets out some steam in the form of laughter. Science has yet to prove this, but maybe it even loosens the bowels! And that’s something we can all be proud of!

  142. totally satire. and white men of privilege already have a “heads up” as far as society goes,so boo-hoo, whitey… this shit is funny, any way you slice it. and a really great critique of bourgeoisie self-pity, you know the kind with the “needs” of “others” in mind, while the same people wouldn’t be caught dead on public transit for the fear of of the “others” that they have pre-decided the “needs” of. oh…by the the way, can you add public transit to the list?

  143. white person

  144. Tensions is right, you need to march yourself into the washroom and take a firm hand to yourself…

    It’s little wonder the price of clown boots has gone through the roof…

  145. “This site is incredibly racist. If this site was dedicated to pointing out what black people like, it would surely be deemed as racist. Why aren’t people proud to be white? Everyone should be proud of their own respective races and not bring down another’s. Multiculturalism will never work when sites like this one are up and running. This only causes racial tension.”

    That’s why it’s called satire. Lighten up already.

  146. “This stuff IS kind of yuppie. This is a great insight into how consumerism, political correctness and too much trendiness creates laughable behavior. Wake up fellow white people. You’ve only yourselves to blame.”


  147. This is one of my favorite sites ever int he history of the internet. Of course some of it hits close to home (I mountain bike and drink mocrobrews). But unlike a good chunk of people who do these things I have a sense of humor about the pretentiousness that surrounds it.

    Renovations is the funniest one.

  148. #22 AGREED!

    And judging by the sub 5 second 40 times of the people behind this site, it is obvious that they are not white

    Terrell Pryor’s indecision on signing day doesn’t help either

  149. Ha! This NPR-listenin’, irony-lovin’, bike-ridin’ white guy LOVES the HELL out of this site. Just added you to my blogroll and will check back often.

    Cheers, all.

  150. I have topic for yo:. Buying clothing with the store’s name plastered all over it (Abercrombie, American Eagle, Aeropostale, The Gap, etc).

    White people buy clothing from those stores because those stores are considered “cool” (ie expensive). That’s why they make sure to buy clothing with the store’s name on it. They want to advertise that they shop at those stores, and are therefore “cool.”

  151. on March 25, 2008 at 5:48 am Token White Guy

    Uhhh, no we don’t do that. Did you not read this website? Especially the article on hating large business and corporate logos? You will likely see us wearing products such as “Nau” (pronounced “now”) or others that were created from sustainable products that boast no logo. Unless of course it bares the logos for Patagonia, North Face or REI. Hey man, I’m a card carrying white guy from PA. I buy into the carbon neutral “adventure trips”, sport the roof racks and don the gear. Abercrombie or AE will only get me kicked out of my earth friendly micro-brew.

  152. on June 11, 2008 at 12:20 pm Don't Worry Bout it

    I do believe blacks wear clothing with labels all over it as well: SouthPole, FUBU, Phat Farm, etc…..

  153. this site is only funny to white people. White people love to think they are cute and funny in some way.

  154. totally. this site is like filling white people’s gaping loss of a sense of community. its also hip to like this site.

  155. Thank you for an informative site. As a nonwhite person this blog has helped me to understand white people better, and as a resident of Oakland, Ca it has helped me to understand the entire city of San Francisco. I feel this newfound insight will help reduce how often I yell at white people.

  156. For awhile, most of the white people up there fled to either San Jose or Santa Rosa between 1950 and 1990. Now the trend went into reverse and its’ the blacks or east Asians in a flight out of the cities of Oakland or San Fran. The Central valley, alike Southern Cal. is “browner” than lily white parts of S.F. plus the black middle class exodus eastward into the Sacramento-Stockton area. +

  157. big <3

  158. Have you considered stand up comedy? I am a hybrid, non-black, 1/16 native American, irish, german, blah, blah, blah. If I were a dog, I would be called a mutt!!! People love mutts!!! I’m a short squatty mutt with shaggy hair and I love my tummy rubbed just like all the other non-black hybrids out there!!! They just don’t want to admit that being a mutt is all part of the American way!!! We all need to look at ourselves, look at others, look at how we’re all really funny, and laugh!! Wake up people!! White people do funny things like get mad when someone says we’re predictable and we like natural medicine!! How many non-whites do you see at your local farmer’s market or health food store!? Black people are funny, Asians are funny, Indians (native and otherwise), Amish are funny, Spanish are funny!!! We are all funny!! That’s how God made us!! Are we supposed to be serious all the time!! NO! God has a sense of humor- how could He not have one- just look at yourself!!!

  159. on April 25, 2008 at 8:54 am UnrealizedPotential

    Adding tendency to over use exclamation points.

  160. SWINE FLU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Yeah, I must had scared you straight. But the white people are so sensitive to the fact the swine flu originated in Mexico, let’s not call it the “Mexican flu” OK? That’s racist, xenophobic and makes the Mexican people look dirty. Remember SARS? And how we feared the Chinese? We called it the “South Asian Racial Syndrome” but we added a ‘H’ in the end for “Hysteria”. +

  161. on June 17, 2008 at 2:02 am yoginipirate

    Hey, Ruralmomof3 wouldn’t happen to be NON-BLACK would she? How many times can someone forced casually include that little tidbit. You confirm for me that “non-black” people are weird and use too many exclamation points. Cheese.

  162. on April 5, 2009 at 5:13 am ruralmomof3

    Hey, I do like my exclamation points but do “yoginipirate”s always aske questions they already no the answer to? My second sentance tells you who I am!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  163. as an occasional guest columnist, let me say i love white people enough to study them/us very closely and even ask them/us why they/we do the things they/we do. it just seems strange that alot of them/us do the same things. is it scientifically generalizable? hell yes. and my phd will prove that.

  164. on June 17, 2008 at 2:10 am yoginipirate

    Somehow I doubt that your PhD (yes, there’s actually an order to the caps & little letters) will prove that “them/us doing the same things is scientifically generalizable”. Idiot. You’ve GOT to be white to try that hard to be smart & miss. You’re what they’re making fun of, dumb ass.

  165. White people like to sugar coat negative thoughts, experiences, and feelings. Men must not express feelings. Sex is sort of beat around the bush and operates under some form of abstract oppression. Drink milk and then smell like it. Are focused on the outside and materiality. Will usually go along with what an employer wants good or bad. They like to feel like they are in control, nosy, questioning the obvious……………….

  166. “Sex is sort of beat around the bush…” Wow! Right ON! As a
    single, never-married, extra-shy whitey, I didn’t know there was
    any other form of sex. Awesome (but sorta lonely.) Oh, well…

  167. Gluten-free/dairy-free/food allergies in general; not vaccinating their children; Montessori schools; learning about the lives of their ancestors in order to find difficulties with which to relate (i.e.: my nana came to the United States on a boat when she was 12 to escape the Irish Potato Famine/my grandfather didn’t have shoes during the Depression); therapy; 12-step programs/rehab; nannies; social networking sites

  168. These weird parents fear the A.U.T.I.S.M. comes out of the vaccine to prevent the upcoming “scary” swine flu pandemic. It’s like a flashback of a time the kids fear Polio in the 50s, but more of the early days of AIDS in the ’80s when people thought you get the AIDS from a black person or a gay man. Btw, I have a high functioning type of autism my whole life, and in my late 20s so I remember when most people outside the neuro-psychiatric field didn’t know a thing about autism.+

  169. Ooh, & “loft-style apartments”

  170. ooooooh…and “gentrified rock”, while they condemn the corrupted corporate music industry. Rock on, whiteys. +

  171. I have to admit, this site needs to be called
    “stuff liberal hippies like” since it basically encompasses everything an anti-american, liberal, Berkeley loving, sandal and tie dye wearing, New York Time reading hippie would like. Other than that I absolutely love this site, these liberal creeps do display such contradictions with everything…I love the holding high diversity but sending their ids to private schools. These people needs to get to work and contribute to society.

  172. I’m pretty sure my first blog “stuffsandniggazlike” is going to start off much more problematic than the blog that inspired me to have to do it :)


  173. White people like all the vacuous things I say.

  174. My only regret reading this blog is that I didn’t think of it first. Amazing!

  175. your blog is funny, but you are an idiot. this should be called what rich democrats like. and by saying that, you’re saying only white people are rich democrats. which is a pretty ignorant statement. go back to your red state pulpit.

  176. White People might not truly like, but they do appreciate, ethnic minorities.

  177. Nothing racist about this blog. ANYONE with a brain and a penchant for the sublime would get this.

    I “get this” and many others will, too. The humor is understated and it’s droll, too..

    You keep it up. Include more posts about sushi and shopping at Chico’s and you’ll have me hooked like White People on Valium.

    Which are blue, by the way.

    All the best,

  178. I’m mixed race, but my African genes are most apparent. Love your site. The perspective you have is interesting– that one should know these things in order to get whites to like you if you’re not.
    Whoa! That was some of my white coming out, over analyzing.
    Okay. How’s about whites think they have all the information, and are genuinely surprised if a not-white has some. I’ve had many whites say to me, “I don’t know how you know that.”
    Not in a bad way– just genuinely surprised that I know something they don’t.

  179. I love how people are getting nitpciky over the name of the site. You don’t get it. If it was called “stuff liberal hippies like” it would lose about 45% (the same percentage of whites who are in plays at some point) of what makes it hilarious.

  180. on February 14, 2008 at 7:37 am Justanotherwhiteguy

    As anyone heard of free speech? I think this is hiliarious that alot of people are getting bent out of shape b/c of one site. If you dont like it, dont read it! But for people with any kinda of brain, this site just makes you smile b/c you can relate to so many things on it. ie… The kitchenaid mixer, and the renovation.

  181. This is truely the greatest blog I’ve ever come across in. my. life.

  182. this is the funniest blog i’ve read in a long time

  183. As a black “sistah” I find your site hilarious! “White people” is a bit general, though. Should I take it to mean Americans? My Euro friends and I are having a hollerin’ discussion about this. Personally, I think if white people joined the rest of the planet and realize that they are people of color also, we’d be better off.

    Identifying with white, isolates you, and y’all are too small a percentage of the world’s population to be isolated. Besides, who wants to be isolated in this wonderful world? That’s why she’s carrying a black baby.

  184. Has anyone suggested “having alleged Native American ancestry” yet. Many white people love having a “great great grandmother who was a Cherokee princess.”

    This is my new favorite blog!

  185. A sure sign of being in an oppressed people, how about the African-American self-titled “prince” like Malcolm X and the descendants of the Egyptian pharoah or Jesus Christ? LOL! White people, as well black people and any other people can be delusional. “I AM THE LIZARD KING”. +

  186. You’re absolutely right, “Stuff White People Like.” We should all stick with the culture our skin gives us, never travel, and of course avoid engaging with those who look and speak differently than we do. I plan on never leaving my hometown and eating potatoes and cabbage for the rest of my life.

  187. re: disgusted

    It sounds like you support local agriculture. Keep fighting the good fight.

  188. re: disgusted

    Bravo on your decision to support local agriculture. Keep fighting the good fight.

  189. you forgot a classic:

    White people love to wash their hair *after* they wash their bodies. We also tend to skip using a washcloth – either soap directly on the skin or one of those funny looking sponge things.

    I think you have an entry here around toiletries/grooming habits.

  190. you also need an entry on the Wii

  191. I second AJT’s Wii suggestion!

  192. funny stuff, but why do get the strange suspicion that a white conservative republican is behind this site? with a few exceptions, you could replace “white” with “liberal” … NPR, The Daily Show, Prius, Natural Medicine, Vintage, Awareness, Arts Degrees, The Sunday New York Times, Indie Music, Apple products …


  193. Pizza Bro!!!!! Wait, youre probably saving that for #1! Good call!

  194. how about “graduate degrees”?

    great site. this list reminds me a specific theatre teacher who loves yoga, organic foods, money and gifted children of racial minorities (combined a couple items on that last one). did i mention he lives in north dakota? while the state is almost 100% white, i don’t really believe anyone actually loves it. hmm.

  195. You forgot blogs. White people LOVE blogs.

  196. I love this site more than you can possibly imagine. Amazingly on-target.

  197. judging from the comments, how about “reading blogs self-referential, sarcastic blogs”?

  198. what’s your connection to toronto? cuz you seem to have one. :)

    i LOVE your japan entry and bikes entry. so true!!!

    i would like to add:
    -having or going to the cottage (young privileged white people with a lot of money)
    -keeping their shoes on in their houses (i’ll never understand this)

    for the lefty, urban, environmental, university crowd:
    -ethnic street food
    -public space; car-free sundays
    -being sympathetic to immigrants of colour while having nothing to do with them
    -community shared agriculture
    -deconstructing capitalism
    -activism in latin america
    -indian food
    -ethiopian food

    white middle-aged lefty people:
    -adopting a kid of colour

    20-something liberal white lefty people like saying:
    -“all the races should mix and then there’d be no racism”
    -“mixed race kids are beautiful”
    -“that’s reverse racism”

    and i totally agree with #18, esp. the shooting classmates one.

  199. hilarious, my friends. PLEASE keep it up.

  200. see… my problem is that i’m latino, and seemingly enjoy way too many things white people like. it is with deep regret that i must renounce my rican-hood, and return my secret arroz con habichuelas decoder ring to the home office in santurce, puerto rico.

  201. This was pretty damn funny. I liked a few things but over I’m very upset that you used the word “Scientific” come on think of a better word. “Indisputable” or “Exactamondo”

  202. i wonder why my comments are all deleted?

  203. Brilliant! I’ve just discovered that in spite of my own beliefs of uniqueness I’m a predictable white cliche.

    Thanks for helping to see the light/white — I think :-)

  204. Two white people sent me a link to this blog today. Though I fulfill #11 Asian Girls, I grew up with too many white kids and unfortunately too much of this blog applies to me. White people (including myself) love this blog!

  205. Summering on the Cape

    California Closets

    Lily Pulitzer

  206. “Wintering in Lake Placid” – 2nd home for the holidays.

    “Moving out of California” – Got too liberal for them.

    “Lily white Uruguay” – a Spanish-speaking country.

    White people got to have a townhouse in the L.E.S. NYC. +

  207. So, I totally think this site is hilarious. Of course, being day-glo white myself, it seems fitting… That having been said, I also think that it’s even funnier since most of the commentators on here believe that the words “liberal,” “Democrat,” and “leftist” could easily replace the word “white.” Maybe it’s just me, but I’m a conservative, registered Republican (although I may betray my party during the upcoming election if SOMEONE, anyone doesn’t come out of the woodwork to represent the Republicans in a decent fashion), meat-eating, gun-shooting, religious (God forbid!!) white, AND YET… At least half of the stuff on this site applies (sad but true), although I am not and will (hopefully) never be as snobbish and hypocritical as some of the things on this list imply… And as for the rest that don’t apply, I know at least a dozen white people with similar value-systems as me who actively practice or have practiced the other half. And maybe it’s just me, but I also think that it’s absolutely hysterical that people think that this site is racist… Just because certain things seem more typical to one group of people over another doesn’t make it racist. It just makes a stereotype, and sometimes (such as in this case) stereotypes can be damn funny.

  208. “environmentalism”
    “investment portfolios”
    “the Internet”

  209. Playing around with communism (how fun can it get?)

    University bachelors’ degrees (it’s like having an ID).

    Reading ink-and-paper for news instead (not this site).

    And wait, there’s more of white people’s likes and gripes comin’ rite up. +

  210. “orange juice”
    “Vitamin Water”

  211. …and don’t forget Absolut vodka! Clear, plain & white, just the way they like it: best mixed with O.J. and berry flavored water. +

  212. “feminism”

  213. Once associated with communists and Jews according to right-wing extremists, feminism is now a major feature in conservative Christian politics: Sarah Palin? Yah, yoo betcha. It’s like the neo-cons claimed JFK and MLK among their own: “If they were alive today, they would been conservatives” said Glenn Beck. +

  214. I like your site. And while not all of this applies to everyone, the generalization/stereotype is fun.

    I think it’s interesting that some people are offended though. it’s about the laughs..

    i third the Wii

    and agree with some other comments about the writing being lackluster in some areas.

    gated communities?
    new balance?
    messenger bags?

  215. > messenger bags?

    Asians like those at least as much.

  216. o o o o! white people also like:

    green peace

    along the lines of “feeling better about themselves” even though all of it’s bullsh*t! (been watching too much penn & teller).

  217. “Facebook”

  218. O, white people……

  219. “indoor voices”

  220. LS:

    I guess you’re right. But I would have to dispute the difference b/w hello kitty messenger bags vs. jack bauer 24 messenger bags.

  221. “voting”

  222. Yet only 40% of Americans bother to vote, most of us think it’s a game, a bunch of politics or stuff we don’t care about. Most people who vote are white, but over age 65 and male. They determine who gets elected the most anyway. +

  223. For those who think this site should be titled “white yuppies” or “white hippies” I believe it covers all white people who went to college and according to white people that would mean every white person. I’m guessing this site is written by an asian guy who had to live with white roommates and inevitably learned every predictable thing they do. (It’s too insightful for a white person)

    Golf has to be added. White people love it, because they think it’s a sport, although it requires no exercise. They think it’s the hardest sport to master, yet the easiest to learn and white people business meetings center around it. Not to mention the thousand dollar golf vacations.

  224. why do you think it is an Asian person and not a Black person or anybody else?

  225. “novels”

  226. “attempting to pronounce foreign words in the accent of the language of origin”

  227. Mey-Hee-Ko! Fa-ronz! and Hee-Ran! Mispronounce these words and they call you a friggin’ uneducated racist. LOL! +

  228. This is interesting. The satire is pretty funny and edgy, that’s for sure. It just feels too forced. The older ones are great, the newer ones…not so much.

  229. “honesty”

  230. True story:

    I’m staying in Singapore with white friend. White friend’s azn husband comes home to find me sitting on their porch (I know it’s hard to imagine a porch in Singapore but really, this is a true story.) The following exchange ensues:

    Him: (After pleasantries) Why are you outside?
    Me: It’s… nice?
    Him: But… it’s outside.

  231. Hilarious website. Assists! I can’t believe someone dropped a Terrelle Pryor reference on this site.

  232. Palestine.


    LOL catz.

    Sundance films.



    1990s VH1 nostalgia.

    Admitting to liking things that are supposedly embarrassing, like Britney Spears or Disney sitcoms.

    Claiming they are ‘socially awkward.’

  233. oh man capoeira is spot-on! When I was about 10 we had a capoeira demonstration at my progressive middle school.

  234. Hysterical, my friend. How about wines/micro-breweries white people know nothing about?

  235. Thankyou, Thankyou. esp. your meditations on Arrested Development and Indie music!!! this is not a racist site, this is brilliance.

  236. oh and i want to defend salvage capoeira from the above comment: please specify capoeira regional (loved) from capoeira angola (too African and Rootz to be loved or known by even ethnic searching whites)

  237. when do they come out with stuff black people like

  238. Guys, I’ve been reading Stuff White People Like since at least December. It was way better then

  239. on March 25, 2008 at 7:04 am enjoyingthis


  240. Brilliant ! Keep up the good work !

  241. Hmm, yeah, absent for some reason:




    Driving Big Ass SUV to McMegaChurch

    Country Music

    Voting Republican

  242. on February 15, 2008 at 12:45 am what's the difference

    ‘sorry we don’t see race, we are all children of the earth’ – right, just until it’s important for you to specify, like when some stupid white guy has a slip of the tongue and you get to call him out.
    This is a funny blog, even funnier the fact that if it was written about any other race, it wouldn’t be funny. Glad to amuse the other races!
    I love how some of these commentors go out of their way to specify that they’re not totally white. Ironic, because, you know, I’m white and that means I love irony.
    My sense of humor is pretty broad, but white bashing is getting kind of cliche. Say what you want. Maybe we do deserve it. I’ll laugh, but I don’t have to.
    This is the reason racism will never die, because race humor will never die.

  243. “can we all just get along?” – white liberal steals a quote from Rodney King during the L.A. riots in ’92. Never since the tumultous summer of ’67 did white people reacted in fear, or in the words of radio comedian Phil Hendrie (before 9/11 occurred), “the worst case of fear by white people against a non-white race since World War II” (the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor). +

  244. man i got bored and didn’t read the whole thing, but is dealing with white guilt by enjoying lighthearted racial satire on the list? it really should be!

    also maybe i don’t get the point, but most of these things seem kind of general. i half expect to see something like


    white people love to drink water! they love the way it hydrates their bodies and allows them to live! What jerks!

  245. White people really like saying, “Wake up, people!”

  246. I love this site more than life itself

  247. White people like sleeping with black people.

  248. White people will STILL be bread out of existence!

    The brown people will rise and cover themselves with butter and jam.

    They will then lie down next to large bathtubs filled with chai tea.

    The more posts you make the faster yellow people will procreate.

    The harder you try to be funny the more brown people will overpopulate your states.

    The longer you trash liberalism will bring about the day black managers will downsize your division in favor of outsourcing to the third world your jobs.

    Bwa ha ha ha ha!

  249. Self-loathers, beware: there’s nothing wrong about being white. Love who you are.

  250. White people like foreign and exotic art in their homes. Preferably from their time in the Peace Corps.

  251. This is very, very funny! But it would be far more accurate to call it “what Liberals like.” You could then creat another blog entitled, “what conservatives like.” You would have plenty of material for each.

    Let me get you started on the conservative thing (I am one.) Conservatives like to drink beer from the bottle — it makes them feel rugged. Even conservative women like to drink beer from the bottle because that proves that they are not stuck-up, which of course they are and rightfully so.

    Maybe I should just start it myself…

  252. Stuffconservativeslike:
    2. Red meat, fresh from the hunting trip.
    3. Shopping at Wal-mart like it’s the place to go.
    4. Abstinence, being married, never divorce.
    5. Country-western-rock-pop hybrid music.
    6. AM neocon talk radio or FOX News on TV.
    7. Mobile homes, trailers or double-wides.
    8. Traditional values like condemning gays, atheists and creationists.
    9. Waving the “ol’ glory” flag, red-white-and-blue.
    and 10. Media censorship if any “private” parts are shown (i.e. medical journals or art museums). +

  253. How did it do that? I cancelled the last post and still it appears. Damn computer. Must be a bug hidden in my PC somewhere. I hope it’s not a virus. +

  254. Stuffconservativeslike (now there’s a site speaks to them):
    2. Red meat, fresh from the hunting trip.
    3. Shopping at Wal-mart like it’s the place to go.
    4. Abstinence, being married, never divorce.
    5. Country-western-rock-pop hybrid music.
    6. AM neocon talk radio or FOX News on TV.
    7. Mobile homes, trailers or double-wides.
    8. Traditional values like condemning gays, atheists and evolutionists.
    9. Waving the “ol’ glory” flag, red-white-and-blue.
    and 10. Media censorship if any “private” parts are shown (i.e. medical journals or art museums). +

  255. “White People Like…”

    -to take the piss; and to have the piss taken.

    -to giggle when people just don’t get it.

    Many thanks from a new reader!

  256. white people really like hugs

  257. In response to comment #13:

    If you don’t see race, mylosh, why would you make such an aggressive attempt to define and criticize this “white” pseudo-race?

    The things you list are merely stereotypes (which exist for all races, ethnicities, whatever…) and people like you acknowledge, and thus perpetuate them.

    You should more accurately rename your blog to “results of mass marketing” if you really want to raise awareness.

    Preoccupation with race is a waste of everyone’s time.

  258. White people like emoticons.

  259. They could make a site about what black people like, but it would just be called: “What white people will like in 20 years”.

  260. on February 15, 2008 at 12:43 pm whiterthanwonderbread

    As my name said, I’m about as white as white can be and I find this site hilarious. I’d agree that it’s more “stuff affluent white liberal yuppies like” than all white people, but whatever, it’s damn funny and good commentary.

    And from the comments here, you have a future topic for stuff that white people like – pretending that they don’t see racial divisions and differences, unless it can make them look/feel good.

  261. You need to do an entry on “The Food Network”

  262. “World” music :P

  263. Ahhhhh good ol racism at its finest, cept if you call this racist then obviously you’re a skinhead. Oh wait I’m not a skinhead. I pity white people, getting blamed for things they didn’t do.

  264. I didn’t get that far into it, but aren’t you describing hipsters, a descriptor that transcends race and gender? Other than that, its very funny…really…and anyone who leaves a post saying how “hilarious” or “witty” it is is really intelligent also…I love pointless, pretentious drivel.

  265. Dear white people getting offended by this blog:

    This isn’t racism, and getting offended by the list just makes you look stupider and whiter.

    White person

  266. on February 15, 2008 at 1:12 pm Mumia Abu-Jamal

    White people love me. They want my black ass to go free. Shit, those white people are crazy. Sure, I plugged a pig, but who cares, right? White people worship me. They hang on my every word on NPR and prison radio. Keep on keepin on. Word up. Live from Death Row, this is Mumia Abu-Jamal

  267. @ #51 disgusted

    You suggested the following (with my added comments):

    “You’re absolutely right, “Stuff White People Like.” We should all stick with the culture our skin gives us, never travel outside of the country in which we live, never recycle, always stay indoors and watch loads of mindless TV shows/soaps/dramas with cheezy acting, buy the most expensive “bling bling” image-carrying products and fancy cars, consume tons and waste tons, and of course avoid engaging with those who look and speak differently than we do. I plan on never leaving my hometown and eating potatoes and cabbage for the rest of my life.”

    No, if the writer were to put stuff like that in the blog, then the title would change to “Stuff that White People in Red States Like”, or “Stuff that Nouveau Riche Browns/Blacks Like”, or “Stuff that upper middle class Asian People living in California Like”.

  268. Come on people. Nothing’s sacred here. Laugh a little.

    Topic suggestions:

    -“Park activites” (i.e. “throwing the disc” and “picnics’).

    -“Volunteering” ..(try Habitat for Humanity- also a great place to meet the opposite sex evidently)

    -“Community gardens”

    -“Music Festivals” -Coachella, Bonaroo, etc.

  269. Get off your ivory tower and find better things to do with your time to sit around judging people. Do white people enjoy sunshine and the laughter of children as well? How dare they! Worst blog ever.

  270. “22 Anonymous

    This site is incredibly racist. If this site was dedicated to pointing out what black people like, it would surely be deemed as racist. Why aren’t people proud to be white? Everyone should be proud of their own respective races and not bring down another’s. Multiculturalism will never work when sites like this one are up and running. This only causes racial tension.”

    White people love the word “multiculturalism.”

  271. I am not ashamed of being white.

    Nothing to apologize for ’cause of my skin color.

  272. on February 15, 2008 at 1:40 pm Whitey McWhiteman

    White people enjoy writing stupid pointless blogs…much like this one

  273. Maybe calling people c*unts should be on there, what an idiot…

    I think blogging should be one…

  274. I think a lot of the list is about being a white middle class USA citizen of a certain age since, although I am white, the majority of the posts had nothing to do with me, and many of them described people I know in another country where I have lived for 29 years, and those people do not speak English or look at all white. However, the writing is very enjoyable and the commentary {OK, I don’t have the TV} is hilarious.
    Being away from the US for so long, the constant referral to 80s music mystified me, and when I finally read that part I was still puzzled as I don’t know what it is. But at least now I know why I do not really understand the new white people that show up here and they are always trying to explain to me something I have no idea about. On the other hand, when I did live in the US decades ago, the people who were crazy about all things Japanese happened to be my black friends and the Puerto Rican males in Manhattan wished that they were in fact Bruce Lee. I attended many a Bruce Lee marathon on 42nd Street with the Hell’s Kitchen Kung Fu afficionados and serious students {of Master Lee, no relative of Bruce} over 30 years ago.
    Anyway, I will tune in for the laughs, no shortage of that here.
    I await the Latin Version.

    A friend forwarded it to me in an email today. Best thing I’ve read in ages!
    Not only humorous but critical and as I can see it has created a much needed dialog.



  276. on February 15, 2008 at 1:49 pm white guy who hangs with non-whites

    – White people order will order a single dish for oneself when eating at Asian restaurants. The concept of eating family style exists only they eat at Buca Di Beppo

    – Drunk white girls really like Hip Hop music.

    – White males enjoy talking about and supporting professional sports teams as if if the teams were a member of their own family, most often in a bar setting. However, black/brown/Asians seem to dedicate their focus on individual players more so than the team.

    Can’t think of anything else.

  277. paddy?
    sounds like YOU

  278. hilarious, this blog is about me!

  279. Zanalee – You must not visit many websites if this is your favorite. Don’t set your sights so low buddy, you can do better!

  280. calling yuppies ‘white people’ is moronic and is offensive to:

    1) white people who aren’t yuppies. the majority of white people are not yuppies, they’re working class people who shop at wal-mart.

    2) yuppies who aren’t white. yes, there are many, many yuppies of color out there. they’re just like the white ones.

  281. on March 27, 2008 at 2:09 pm LMAO in Houston

    Anyone who is “contemptuous” or offended about this site has no sense of humor and doesn’t know any white people!

    No one “calls” themselves a yuppie proudly. I’m black (and educated and surrounded by alot of white people) and I probably like at least 50% of the stuff on this list. Of course, just like white people like some of what black people, and asian people and hispanic people like. Is it racist that I want asian’s to cook my chinese food and hispanic people working when I go to a mexican restuarant??

    This isn’t rascist – its satirical. Get a sense a humor! And yes, it would be just as funny if it were stuff black people like. Dave Chappelle did a skit called “I know black people” which was a game show based on the same concept and it was one of the funniest things I’ve ever seen. And one of my white friends was very proud that she could answer almost all the questions.

    Anyone getting upset about this needs a life.

    Off to Whole Foods to get some Organic Milk and Green Tea! Right after my yoga class…


    Obama ’08!!!!

  282. on February 15, 2008 at 1:53 pm white guy who hangs with non-whites

    Oh, I forgot, continuing with the sports theme..

    – White people in red states have 2 religions (christianity and football with college football having a favored status).

    – White people in blue states tend to favor pro (NFL) football and are knowledgable about soccer internationally.

    – White people in red states view soccer in the same light as they do communism.

  283. This site is offensive and stupid. You are dissing recycling as a “white” activity. Maybe your next post should be “books.” Here’s how it could go:

    Books are filled with words, and white people love to open them and stare at the words as they turn the pages. Sometimes they even laugh out loud while they are doing so. A lot of times white people read books and claim that they learn something new. How white is that?! Sometimes white people even like to spend a lot money on books. Almost as much as on vegetables. Yes, books are lame and so are white people so remember, don’t read because that is so white.

  284. Here’s a suggestion: “Blaming themselves for black underperformance.”

  285. This isn’t a list of what white people like… it’s a list of what liberal, hippie douchebags like.

  286. on February 15, 2008 at 2:04 pm Liberal Hippie Douchebag

    I could sure go for some sushi right now…

  287. I think this site is closer to “What rich, white liberals like. . .”

  288. I think alot of people need to lighten up. I can see how this would be viewed as racism – unfortunately it is notoriously hard to prove racism against Caucasians.

    But this is a JOKE. People make worse jokes every day. It’s not like it’s being put forth as a bonefide truth of life, chiseled in stone and left for the ages. Move on.

  289. This is very funny and it’s also vaguely angry/hateful.

    The more interesting thing is that it’s insightful. It’s pretty rare to be able to give this much perspective on culture- because either you’re an outsider and you don’t understand it, or you’re so surrounded by it that you don’t have perspective.

    And I guess it’s a good thing, because it seems like white culture is the norm or the ideal that everyone else should aspire to. This shows in a really brilliant way that it’s culture- just like everyone else’s culture. Some parts are good- some bad.

    In case you’re curious- I’m half-arab, half white.

  290. The next blog entry should be “White people secretely enjoy reading websites that mock and degrade their own cultural norms.”

    But really, this site isn’t that original. Anyone who is really aware of underground culture comedy knows blackpeopleloveus.com was doing this exact thing at least 10 years ago. (And, as any white person knows, older stuff is always better. That’s why Sonic Youth is way better than Death Cab. Sell outs.)

    This concept is kind of old, now, but still a good source of witty quips for white people to post on their Gtalk away messages or Facebook profiles. Everyone knows white people love citing ironic quotations. It requires no actual intelligence or insight on their part, yet it allows them to present themselves as having both.

  291. I haven’t read all of this yet, but I think every single one of these things applies to me.

  292. Also, please add that white people love pointing out how “insightful” or “interesting” something is, without actually explaining what they mean.

  293. Andrew-

    It is insightful- that seems inherently obvious. And I’m not apologizing for using the term. Just because white people use it doesn’t mean its bad, anymore than it i means that it’s good.

    This person does a good job of describing what white people like and why. He/She does it in a detailed way. That is interesting.

    The descriptions of people’s intentions are pretty spot on. That’s insightful.

  294. on February 15, 2008 at 2:35 pm Peter Von Strausberg

    Andrew – how’s the view from your ivory tower?

  295. My favorite is #50 – Irony

    as such, everytime a white person likes something a white person isn’t supposed to like he is still falling into his own stereotype because he likes irony.

    So saying white people like irony is akin to saying white people can like (or dislike) anything, everything, or nothing and they’re still being stereotypically white.

    even better is that apparently white people are supposed to hate white people who vote republican, which would indicate that some white people are supposed to like hating themselves.

    apparently white people are supposed to hate KFC as well, which truly is ironic, given that KFC was started by a white guy.

  296. I’m not white, but I am an anthropologist and this caught my attention. I know a lot of people that have commented here believe that you’re being funny, but there’s nothing mentioned on this page to indicate that you are indeed attempting to be funny…which would otherwise be more worrisome than funny :) you get my drift?

    but here’s my contribution, watching DIY shows (HGTV, Food network, etc) even if they never attempt a thing…

  297. I know, you could have one about health insurance. White people have more health insurance than any other ethnic category in the US. Why do they like health insurance so much? Health insurance is so white!

  298. Thanks for deleting my post. I think this is relevant. Why not let others decide for themselves?

    This site is satire if the author is white. This site is racism if the author is not. Whats good for the goose is good for the gander, and the goose has already been cooked countless times by the ethnic minorities suppressed and ridiculed by the overbearing white grind.

    White people like to look at pictures of a blogs author. White people like to feel like they share a connection with an author that they like, or that they have nothing in common with an author they dont like. White people like to make fun of themselves, but only when they feel a connection with the person making fun of them. White people, deep down, dont like to be wrong. It makes them uncomfortable.

    White people with enough sense not to drown standing in the rain feel self-conscious about engaging in conscious racism. White people engaging in unconscious racism dont like to be called on it. White people engaging in unconscious racism will continue blithely onward, telling themselves, This is different. This has real merit., until someone smacks them in the face with a metaphorical car door, as they ride by on their $5,000 bike, on the way to the sandwich shop where they volunteer for the humane society, and on weekends teach black kids to read.

    See that? That is a stereotype. It sure stands out, does it not? Why? Because you think Im white.

    White people like to feel a connection with the author of material that makes fun of them. Otherwise, they start getting uncomfortable. White people dont like to be wrong.

    By the by, you have a column made up of the most profoundly racially polarized material Ive seen since i left the GNAA website, and you put a * in CUNT? Please, grow up. Your so called morality is shifty, baseless and without merit.

    Expect us

  299. It’s so awesome that so many people are getting upset with the title and the content. God damn…if it was called What Black People Like, written by a white man and every other article was about Martin Lawrence and Tyler Perry, THEN there would be cause for concern.

    All you whiny folk need to simmer down. Because one thing white people DON’T like is a cry-baby. Oh, and the Wayans Brothers…

  300. While I don’t really find this blog offensive, I think the logic of your comment is a little off. A stereotype is a stereotype. You’re making the classic argument that some stereotypes are acceptable while others aren’t. I guess I just need a “why this is” and “why this isn’t.”

  301. Please take the content and publish it in book form when possible!

    LOVE IT!

  302. I know what us white women like. Stealing black men and their big black phalluses from the black women that can’t take care of their man.

  303. absolutly, I think some black men find white women adorable.

  304. on February 15, 2008 at 3:00 pm not cute or funny

    — old hiphop slang (see also, use of “diss” and “bling” in white-speak)

    — big words when little words would do just fine

    — touching black babies

    — commenting on black peoples’ hair

    — volunteering at community clean-up days (i.e. picking up ur trash)

    — white people in the movies talking black (“you got me straight tripping, boo” ; Rappers Delight rapping granny etc)

    — people who care what white people like

    keep up the good writing! very funny, thx!

  305. This is a very interesting site, I’m Canadian, err sorry I meant First Nations. I have a lot of white friends and this absolutely describes them! but, although they do not describe themselves as “white” but by their “roots” such as “Scots” or “British” type of ancestry. cool site.

  306. I find that this blog is more specifically about stuff that yuppies or WASPs like.

  307. White people like sports…that is so them!

    Maybe I should start a competing blog about what they like. I don’t want this blogger having a corner on the market. The whole “what white people like” industry is about to explode!

  308. You could just call this the Connecticut blog!

  309. on February 15, 2008 at 4:10 pm Big Black Hawk

    Any a you white ladies wanna get together wit a playa? We could go to Popeye’s first, get us some popcorn shrimp, french fries, an I got me some grape drink and strawberry wine. We could party down white girls. I don’t care what you husband or boyfriend think. I laugh in his puny white face.

  310. White people love jobs.

  311. Heh, funny site. Racist, but still funny.

  312. Racsist! See my blog for what nigger likes.

  313. heeheehee

    this blog makes me giggle

  314. I think this site is run by a conservative trying to discourage U.S. minorities from engaging in things like recycling and volunteering by labeling them as inherently white activities. There’s no way to tell appearance of the author but I would bet it is a white male.

  315. I’m a white uppermiddle class woman, but I can’t relate to about half of the stuff that I’m supposed to like… I don’t own a single apple product, I like cats and not dogs, and I studied science in college.

  316. Ohhhhhh, people who are offended by this… lighten up. It’s satire; it’s funny. It’s not meant to be offensive. Sure it promotes a stereotype that no one person identifies with 100%. And, of course, not ALL white people fit any of these discriptions. But, as someone who’s about as lillywhite as they come, I say it’s incredibly accurate. I’m proud of my Scottish (white) heritage, but not to the detriment of others. Jeez, people… stop taking yourselves so seriously.

  317. White people like making everything into a club or association with rules, dues and contests for the best “whatever” the club or association is about.

    Love this site — it’s just funny.

  318. Douchebag white people seem to be pretty into your blog, so it can’t be all that scathing.

  319. on February 15, 2008 at 5:25 pm doesthismakesense

    Brilliant blog….I want to be like you when I grow up! Really, I mean it.

  320. haha, I had plans to watch a movie tonight (something i love to do) but just wasted two hours reading this entire blog.

    i like it most because although i am white, i don’t fit in with most of the stereotype. which makes me feel better about myself that i’m obviously even cooler than the other white folks who think they’re super trendy cool.

    you should have it printed into a book, white people would buy it in droves because its so ironic and they could read it on a train, in starbucks or by a natural body of water somewhere, and look cool.

  321. Christ we used to be such a badass group of people, what with us fighting and enslaving the world. NOW look at us…geesh

  322. This site is really stupid. I was expecting big things when someone told me about it, but the writing is horrible, and the topics are just plain wrong.

    Get a life.

  323. This site can dish it out but can’t take it — loser pussies.

  324. Clever, however this should be called “Stuff LIBERAL white people like”…no?

  325. on February 15, 2008 at 6:58 pm Snarky McDevilDuck

    This site is GREAT! My new Fav fer sure! Good work guys!
    I’m tellin’ all my friends.

    Don’t forget Buckwheat Husk Pillows,Vicodin, and Guest Soap.

  326. on February 15, 2008 at 7:00 pm Donald Rumsfeld

    1) Winter sports
    2) Yelp
    3) Dive bars
    4) Non-chain restaurants
    5) A free Tibet
    6) Ron Paul
    7) Bumper stickers

    Bumper stickers could be parlayed into a scavenger hunt game where we look for the most references to things white people enjoy on one car (likely a Prius).

  327. this is awesome

  328. Snarky– Vicodin is the same as Hydrocodone/Codine. It’s a standard pain med. Nothing particularly white about it to my knowledge.

    To the things mentioned by Rummy, hells yeah except for Ron Paul. It’s all about Obama. That’s just me though, not a white thing.

    Let’s stop racializing everything.

  329. White people love bogs.

  330. Well, you might have MEANT blogs, but you are still correct, only white people don’t call them “bogs.”

    Save the WETLANDS!

  331. I mean blogs.

  332. Non-chain restaurants and dive bars are not a stereotypical white thing. Who do you think goes to expensive bars and chain restaurants? White yuppies duh! Dive bars are a cheap place to drink, that’s their #1 virtue.

    Your list is mostly describes lower class hipsters, not a white stereotype. Except for winter sports, which are awesome nonetheless.

  333. White people also love putting charitable “Causes” ahead of the common good; i.e. Save the Whales, Amnesty to Criminal Immigrants, Claiming they have a “Black” friend, justifying the world would be better if it were all “Politically Correct’, and on and on. Truth of the matter is members of any Race can be RACIST, not “reverse discrimination”. I think it is about time as WHITE People, that we start felling guilty for a culture that is hospitable to a “VICTIM mentality” and create ourselves a NAAWP to advance our coffee loving White Race stereotype.
    This website is hilarious. It reminds me why I love places like South Dakota and remote cold regions of the country;) WP

  334. on February 15, 2008 at 7:37 pm WhiteyMcWhiterson

    I love this blog.

    Things that may or may not have been added earlier:



    Farmers Markets

    anything with Obama ’08 emblazened on it

    anything that has to do with fucking babies or kids.

  335. on February 15, 2008 at 7:38 pm WhiteyMcWhiterson

    Oh yeah,

    Trader Joe’s


    “Gluten Free”

  336. White people love to pronounce the word presentation “PREE-zentation” and use the phrase “the bottom line…”

    White people love air freshener.

  337. How about “EZ Pass” transponders to show that we are too important and busy to hand 35 cents to a toll booth attendant? Total white person invention. Yet I freely admit to being white and owning one, as well as being guilty of at least 12 other call-outs on this AWESOME blog!

  338. Things WHITEYS Despise:
    1. Ghetto neighborhoods in the middle of somewhere you have to drive thru to get to where youre going.
    2. “People” that cross roads S L O W L Y and think we wont hit them…..actually because “We mostly” are law abiding “Citizens” we only fantasize bout making them lazy fkrs legless.
    3. Food Stamp fkrs in front of us at the grocery store with cart loads of shit for food and a Food Stamp Credit Card – WTF?
    4. The idea that we all are mandated to get a passport with RFID Tags and 14 million people “Whiteys” support can’t be found.
    5. The same ghetto Food Stamp fkrs getting into their personalized license plate 2007 Chevy Trailblazers with a stereo that could out blare a concert.
    6. A race of 30 yo Grandparents and our financially supporting them thru our Charitable Causes Socialist Government.

  339. WhiteyMcWhiterson
    wrote “anything that has to do with fucking babies or kids.”

    Agreed, white heterosexuals are out of their fucking gourds about reproduction and how special it supposedly makes the woman. What a load of rubbish! You’re some knocked up chick, remarkably similar to the last 500 trillion knocked up chicks. The guys, who know better than to tell princess she’s high-maintenance, just indulge her. Of course it must be talked about… “We made a baby!” “We’re pregnant.” here’s our overly precious, hand-made baby announcement.

    White women prefer to humilaite white men by requiring them to attend vagina-creating events like baby showers.

  340. White women pay for groceries with checks, and take eons to fill them out. What is the deal with that?

    Nothing is as irritating as being stuck behind a woman who takes 4 minutes to repack her purse in the checkout aisle. unless, of course, it’s a white soccer-mom in an SUV she has no clue how to drive.

  341. How about idiots who actually go to grocery stores with fucking stop watches and a hard on for women they know they’d never get.

  342. hillarious site – i was in tears.

    my addition to the list: garage sales!

  343. NAAWPwrote: “How about idiots who actually go to grocery stores with fucking stop watches and a hard on for women they know they’d never get.”

    I’m a gay man, ass-hat!

  344. Jake, sorry bout your luck.

  345. I’m white, I’ve read through your list, and I can barely tolerate any of the things you’ve listed. I despise most of them.

    Stereotypes suck, even when you’re trying to be funny.

    (You’re not funny.)

  346. LMAO!!!

  347. Whites like being associated with some place we’ve really never heard of; Caucasus somewhere near or in Russia but we dont like to fill in the Voluntary Race Questions on any type of application for fear that will actually hurt us.

  348. Bull have you met Jake? You might like him.

  349. nice blog …
    Stuff White People Like
    This blog is devoted to stuff that white people like

    dont forget visit my blog too

  350. i’m white and i can laugh at myself, this is pretty funny.

    check out my blog too:

  351. I totally fail at being a honky. Out of 68 items, I only really like 5.

  352. on May 5, 2009 at 12:13 am Young Rapscallion

    Is “using the word ‘fail'” on the list?

  353. The comments here are just eat up with fail. If you can’t tell this site is satire, then you should probably put your computer back in the box and send it back. You are too stupid for the internet.

  354. on February 15, 2008 at 9:27 pm Anonymous in Minneapolis


  355. I’m a black woman and of the 6 blogs I read, at least 4 of them applied to me!!! I shop at farmer’s markets! I recycle! I like expensive sandwiches!!!

  356. If these are things white people love, then I guess that makes them more dignified than any “minorities” are. I’ll take recycling, bicycles, healthy eating, exercise, and books any day over smoking crack, AIDS, mugging, robbery, vandalism, having tons of kids and not paying child support, gun violence, being an overall decadent waste of existence, etc.

    (can’t wait until people respond to how “racist”, “intolerant” and “insensitive” I am when my post isn’t any more deserving of those adjectives than this whole pathetic excuse for a blog is! LOL! you all are a bunch of fucking hypocrites)

  357. The main difference between this blog and your comment, which could be called racist, is that the blog is satire, and you’re being dead-serious. There’s a huge difference between a joke meant to make everyone laugh, and being serious and hateful. It mainly has to do with the way something is worded. Now if the blog was to say “white people are disgusting and evil people who did nothing but take things from other people” then you can consider it racist. I suggest you get an education and learn these things better. Basically, this site is like your friend joking and calling you crazy in a laughing manner. Your tone of speaking in the comment is like your rival saying you are a psychotic idiot. Hopefully, you understand what I’m saying. If not, there’s no help for you.

  358. Couldn’t have said it any better than blargyblarg above. Whatever color, I’d rather like all this crap in this blog than the criminal culture of so many (but not all) blacks. “African American,” culture is not exactly anything to be proud of when it comes to personal responsibility. Even Jesse Jackson once said he was walking down a street in NYC late one night and heard footsteps behind him. He turned around a breathed a sigh of relief when he saw young WHITE men. Why not tackle these problems rather than make fun of things that civilized people enjoy? I try to remember that there are true “African Americans” and then there are just plain “Africans” that act like the same barbarians on the African continent.

  359. In my opinion, your comment is very ignorant. It seems as if you see only the bad things of the African-American culture. Also, how is it you say that African Americans are a “criminal culture?” Many whites, and other races commit the same amount of crimes, if not more, than African-Americans. Saying the African-American culture is a criminal culture, is just like saying the white culture is a serial killer culture since most serial killers are white. However, I am not as ignorant and stupid as that. Also, just because Jesse Jackson said something doesn’t make it right. There are plenty of people who are racist against their own kind. For example, I have a white teacher who teaches African-American history. Every time he would read what the whites did to the slaves he’ll say “those crazy ass white people” which will make a whole bunch of people start laughing because he is white himself. So, see what I mean? It is possible to be racist against your own race. Also, what gives you the right to to say black people don’t take responsibility? This is very untrue. Every culture has someone who doesn’t take responsibility, and I have seen many people in my culture who do take responsibility for their actions. For example, I know a couple of people, who are black, who got pregnant in high school. However, they have taken responsibility by not making the same mistake, taking care of their children, and focusing on school and getting into college. So unless you have some scientific evidence to back what you are saying up, then please shut your mouth and go back to school or something. As one of the commenters said: you, blargybarg, and the other people who think this is racist, need to get your computer and put it back in the cardboard box, because you are way too damn stupid to use the Internet.

  360. #203…

    Are you for real? Wow. You do understand that this blog is satire, right? Of course not every white person loves recycling, expensive sandwiches, and the Toyota Prius…and by the same token there are African Americans, Hispanics, Asian-Americans, etc who do. That you’d lump African Americans in their entirety into a group and call them crack-smoking, AIDS-ridden thieves is just a direct finger-point back to you that says, “ignorance.”

    Good job. (<—–sarcasm)

    The attempt to pigeon-hole an entire race of people will always fail to be accurate (that’s why I’m agree with #13). People are so diverse! So why don’t we just all knock it off…except when we’re going for laughs.

  361. I don’t think #22 Anonymous understands the point of multiculturalism at all. Which, I suppose, is exactly the way it’s supposed to work.

  362. just added you to my blogroll…

  363. AWESOME…

  364. More stuff white people like: complaining about people who tell them what white people like.

    Hilarious! Keep it up.

  365. Just when I thought this site was funny enough I find the comments section and all these people getting a strop on about it and lashing out because some satire hit a little too close to home for them.
    Please keep the comments coming as it’s even more amusing than the actual content!

    Ok granted some of them are just sad bigots but even their ire is amusing to an extent if a bit sad at the same time.

  366. on February 16, 2008 at 12:31 am The third world

    The Rolling Stones. They all love the Stones!

  367. There is a suspicious amount of Canadian content on this blog. Very suspicious. BTW, the whitest rock band of all time was Pink Floyd. Virtually no person-of-color (should that be person-of-colour for Cashmucks?) ever listened to them or went to their shows.

  368. We cannot add you to our blog roll for several reasons one of which is it may give up our id because we have a sense of humor and in this city that will give us away. What we have done is sent the link to people This is too funny for words.

  369. There’s a logical fallacy at the heart of the proposition here.

    While it’s obvious that nearly all middle class people are white, that doesn’t mean even that most white people are yuppies. To do so perpetuates the myth that white working class americans don’t exist, which is one that is possible to entertain when judged mainly from the hugely distorted american media output.

    So the inverted snobbery which passes for humour here has a possibly unintentional but nevertheless reactionary overtone. Alright, so some of it might be just a tiny bit funny, if you read it very quickly…

  370. to 214: wyclef jean covered “wish you were here.” you lose!

  371. I’ve been reading a lot of your blog tonight (and commenting) and am wondering about your agenda or goal. Do you have one? Yes some “white” liberals are all talk and no action, some are just wankers, and some waste their time and energy on pointless activities because they can’t think of what else they could do. You make a lot of criticisms, some of them serious, but then will go on to criticise more effective “white” work like that for non-profit organisations which appears to me to be counter-productive.

    Is this _just_ a humour blog? Is it just a racist or I-hate-liberals blog? With all the criticism you seemed to be saying that “they” should change, but change how? Or do you see yourself as simply stimulating an overdue discussion?

    An alternative POV on what is usually touted as universally “good” by this social class is a very good thing in itself. I’m just bothered by the lack of consistency which may be obscuring a higher goal.

  372. Absolutely hilarious! I immediately read through all the archives. I teach a university course on American culture (for English language learners in another country) and I’m going to use ideas from this site in my class. A wonderful cultural reference for immigrants and non-whites. Because, of course, white people like satire.

  373. Oh yeah – and 29 of the 68 items are true for me, so I’d say based on a sample of one, they’re pretty accurate.

  374. Wow. This is pretty close to the mark. So close that I want to be offended, but I can’t because I am still laughing at the blog (and myself). For instance, I’m the guy with the beer journal.

    Keep up the funny work, and don’t ignore the recent explosion in popularity of cufflinks or the anti-smokers who coincidentally also love cigars. My prediction: smoking jackets are coming back.

  375. Don’t forget:

    – slow food
    – and I second graduate degrees. “I can’t believe I made the typo — you’d never believe I have that masters in social work!”

  376. True, there are different kinds of white people and its clear that both liberals and conservatives express whiteness in different ways.

    – pretending that if they go to India to help ‘build something in a community’ they will actually be helpful

    – justifying Quentin Tarantino’s obsession with the word ‘nigger’

    – bitching about affirmative action

    – racist statements that are meant to be ‘ironic’ or transgressive but really aren’t [see Vice Magazine]

    – distracting others from their whiteness by discussing the fact that they’re gay or working class etc.

  377. Stuff White People Like:


  378. To #205

    Are YOU for real? Obviously you have never actually met anyone from the “African continent” if you can seriously say that they are not civilized. Also, I really do not see why #203’s comments incited such a tirade from you.

  379. To whom it may concern,

    I’m white and not a complete yuppie douche, therefore I feel left out and marginalized by this blog =(. As a white person, this makes me sad. Can you add something on, uh, like Flyin’ V-Guitars. I put a picture on my blog of a totally awesome solo. Thanks!

  380. Haha, great blog! Yuppies are funny. They don’t know the awesomeness of V-guitars and cheap beer.

  381. I can’t get enough of this blog. If the folks behind it are taking suggestions how’s about one on the military. It could read “White people think only idiots sign up for the military, because it’s easier to believe that than to actually learn about what’s going on. Most white people knew someone who had a cousin who had a friend in Iraq, it makes white people feel good about themselves to feel sorry for that person.” Thanks again!

  382. I was surprised at how many of your posts apply to me, but I laughed each time they did.

    I dont understand how someone can be offended by this. Stop taking yourselves so seriously people! It doesnt make all of these things wrong or bad if you can or can’t relate. Get over it!

  383. If you hate us so much, then get out of our countries.

  384. This site is a terrific way at pointing out the illusions white people pursue that keep them from seeing that their society is the latest falling of Rome. I’m not sure if that was the intent, but I like it.

    For the record, I’m a pan-nationalist who believes white people should separate from all other races, fix their own house, and then redevelop their culture(s).

  385. on May 5, 2009 at 12:25 am Young Rapscallion

    You should start by separating yourself first and see if the rest follow.

  386. White people love to pretend that their bodies work differently from the rest of us humans’. They are horribly ashamed of burping, farting, and, dare I say it? SEX! They mentally bash themselves for needing to poop, or when they have naughty feelings that make them touch themselves.

    Skinny white women love to have get-togethers where they sit around nibbling baby carrots and compare how fat they are and what the best way to starve themselves is, while in the backs of their minds they are thinking about the box of Godiva chocolates stashed at home and how they cant wait to eat them all then sit around hating themselves for how weak they are.
    After the carrots are all gone, the hostess will bring her black and white picture of the child in Uganda she is sponsoring for less than a dollar a day off of the refrigerator and humbly brag about how now, thanks to her, now lives in a world with colors, somehow goes to a school that has miraculously sprung up in its village, wears little white kid clothes, gets 3 bowls of hot gruel a day, and hugs from Sally Struthers. Then all the other women verbally exalt the hostess while mentally self-flagellating themselves for being so fat and selfish and weak that they bought the $30 box of Godiva chocolates that they cant stop themselves from pigging out on later then barfing back up while the little kids in Africa sit and starve for another month thanks to her.

  387. Okay, I understand this site is meant to be satirical, I can’t take a joke, I’m only reinforcing my whiteness, etc., etc., but actually, bulimia is not funny. Neither is painful self-hatred.
    Let me guess, some of your best friends are bulimic?

  388. on May 5, 2009 at 12:28 am Young Rapscallion

    Yeah, I don’t agree. My white friends are the fartiest and most willing to disclose stuff they probably should keep to themselves.

  389. * Dive Bars
    * Sofia Coppola films (but not as much as Wes Anderson films)
    * Surfing
    * Polaroid Cameras
    * Urban Outfitters
    * Coffee Table Books
    * Art Museums (like MoMa, the Met, etc.)
    * Ireland

  390. on February 16, 2008 at 8:30 am Big Black Hawk

    White girls is some freaky bitches. They love they some black man. Last night all I had to do was go up to this white girl and say some bullshit about Obama, (white people love Obama) and she was all about it. Eyes all shinin bright and shit. She left my place a 5am, she had to meet her boyfriend for dim sum or some shit. Her hair was all stuck together where I had splashed on her face. She wants to come over again with a girlfriend of hers. White bitches can’t get enough of the big black hawk.

  391. on May 5, 2009 at 12:30 am Young Rapscallion

    I think Big Black Hawk is really a white 13-year-old boy.

  392. *Tanning salons. Serisously. Whites spent centuries being racist but hate their own paleness so much they pay to damage their skin and age prematurely.
    *Outdated technology, old computers, old radios, etc…
    *Antiques and antique malls
    *restaurants with old junk on the walls, signs, implements, tools, etc…
    *Books on tape, seriously who else but white people would drive around listening to someone else read a book?

  393. great!
    what about tiny pants, pretending to be bipolar or obsessive compulsive, and taking the tags and stickers off of their clothes (how will people know they are new?!)

  394. This is fantastic…

    Other things white people like:

    Telling other people what to do with their houses: “property value” trumps all in these discussions… homeowners associations, cookie-cutter housing developments, etc.

    Cocktail parties

  395. WOW!! #235……..I feel special! Almost like Yellow Bus kind of special! Funny blog, creative, almost beguiling! Thanks for the treat, keep up the good work. I am white and it’s getting harder everyday to find stuff I like! You did it.

  396. Guess I misspoke, too slow, I turned out to be #237!

  397. This site is lovely. My husband and I have been laughing for an hour, drinking our coffee, reading from our mac laptops, our child-substitute dog at our feet.

    Would you, perhaps, be interested in a proofreading person? I’d be happy to do that for you. And if you are totally offended by that remark… I’m sorry.

  398. *Goth stuff…sure not all white are into that, but when was the last time you saw a black goth kid or a latino one? Maybe an Asian one who hangs out with the Goths…maybe.
    *Plaid…white people invented plaid, didn’t they. Why?

  399. on February 16, 2008 at 9:23 am still laughing


    small dogs



    purell (and other “instant hand sanitizer”)

  400. toronto

  401. Thank you greatly. I have been attempting to become more white and I have found your list very helpful.

  402. OMG…I think I’m white. :o(

  403. More Stuff White People Like: Hypothetically emigrating to Canada.

  404. Wait… people are seriously offended by this site? Wow. White people like taking themselves way too seriously.

  405. this site gives a very accurate portrayal of the typical white person, especially the ones here in san francisco. white people honestly annoy the shit out of me sometimes, unless they are real. this is coming from a salvadorian with caucasian spanish background who knows what’s up.

  406. If you come to San Francisco you can find another 50 things white people like. A few examples;

    Cup cakes
    Fixed gear bikes (in addition to bikes)
    Ironic mustaches (in addition to irony)
    Knitting and crochet circles and stores
    Hate for chain stores except for Starbucks, Pasta Pomodoro, Peet’s Coffee, Ben and Jerry stores.

  407. on April 4, 2008 at 12:02 pm former ice cream store employee

    White people LOVE specialty ice cream. Especially the ones in the “small” round lid containers….ie… Ben and Jerry’s and Haag.

    Plus, I worked at a small “local” (also a white attention-getter) custard store. The customers who frequented?….white people. and I worked there for more than six months.

  408. This is the funniest thing I’ve read in a long time. Keep up the good work!

  409. White people love it when black people kill black people. As long as blacks are killin each other, whites think they safe. Just wait whitey,,,one day, you all gonna get your top blown off.

  410. White people have too much time on their hands

  411. I am in total agreement with the posts above…the author of this blog is ASIAN.

    This blog reeks of

    “Asian American (I am almost 99% it is Korean-American) Guy who realizes that the Fixed Action Patters of Upper Middle Class, Urban, Liberal White People” is the standard target and pinncale lifestyle to which almost all wealthy and educated people in America strive….and is a bit peeved at it so decides to poke fun of it in a light, but still somewhat derisive manner”

    For all of you who mistakenly believe that the author is black or hispanic, I quote the famous SNL skit: “Nigga Please!”

    Although Black or hispanic people poke fun at and find much of white culture quirky and hilarious, they do not write blogs which dive so deep into showcasing white culture and critique in a way that exudes insecurity or a vent-up “grudge” as this one does. You can see that that none of the items in this blog are really far from fact. Alot of the items of in the list do indeed apply to a very large section of white population in America. The author does not really lie or distort reality. However, that’s just it. Only Asians find the reality of white culture to be bothersome to their pre-programmed prejudices of what is superior. Hispanics and blacks would be more likely to make up and totally distort the reality of white culture and make jokes about it and leave it at that since they really don’t care what white people do as long as it doesn’t infringe upon their enjoyment of life. In other words, Hispanics and blacks are perfectly fine with the whites wanting to recycle, drive Priuses, live by the water, shop at Whole Foods or what not because if they were making as much money or obtaining the same level of financial comfort, many black and Hispanics would probably want to do the same thing too. Or, they would choose not to, but it doesn’t bother them. Simply put, black and hispanics are comfortable being themselves and with white people being different. They really don’t have any dreams or illusions of black or hispanic culture dominating the “stuff that white people like culture” and really don’t get annoyed that liberal, urban white culture is what it is.

    However, with Asians, it is a completely different story. Asians have this strange underlying “grudge” or I should say, “inferiority complex” with any culture or people that are different from themselves but hold a dominance in the society in which both live. Thus, this reality does not fit well with the natural competitive and insecure nature that personififes so much of the Asian immigrant culture in the western world. Unlike black and hispanics, the Asian population in western countries has already reached the same level of economic/financial success that white people hold, and in Asian culture, there is no greater feeling of enjoyment than seeing yourself becoming the dominant power. Thus, because Asians share pretty much the same socio-economic status as whites, they are much aware and exposed to white, urban, liberal blue-state culture since they probably work alongside these types of white people and probably have gone to the same wealthy, high ranked, hippie universities full of white people that this blog ridicules. Not too many black and hispanics have reached this position to be so close and neck to neck with the white population that is the target of this blog. That is the diference.

    Thus, Asians see that in this country (USA) or whichever country in which Asians and whites are neck to neck, that despite sharing almost the same economic status with that of the white population, the standard for hipness, wealth, and whatever is considered “cool”, fashionable or trendy is basically “stuff that urban, progressively-minded white people like”…not stuff that “rich, successful, science/engineering background-minded Asian people like.” This reality conflicts and does not bode well with what these Asians have believed throughout their entire lives from birth which is that “Our Asian culture is superior to any caucasian culture because our race is the most intelligent and most beautiful in the world”. It is a commonly known fact that Asian culture in the form of parents, schools, media drill this message of racial superiority into their heads from birth. Thus, when these kids grow up and actually see that reality of the world is totally different from what their masters in their little Asian enclave of racial superiority has told them, they get confused, jealous and spiteful to the point where they need to find tribal comfort in congregating with other Asians and finding humor in telling each other how funny it is that white people’s culture is so different from theirs.

    The irony is, however, that in secret or behind closed door amonst themselves, alot of Asians actually yearn for the same things found on this list…especially living by the water or shopping at high end groceries. However, they are just irritated that they came from a culture in which their families could not afford to or did not give a rat’s ass about the environment, recycling, helping poor people in third world countries, eating organic food, helping causes, going snowboarding, renovating a house, throwing dinner parties, travelling to exotic locales, etc., Granted it is not their fault because as immigrants to a new country, their parents did not have the time nor luxury of doing these things because they were too busy trying to make money or push their kids at school to learn Calculus by age 10.

    Instead, these Asian kids grew up seeing TV shows from their motherland countries and their families living a different culture: obessing about money, buying expensive designer name brand goods with the label on the front to show off (Gucci, Guess, Dolce Gabanna, etc.), smoking cigarettes in front of their girlfriends, driving nothing other than Mercedes Benz and BMWs, listening to cheezy ballad or R&B based pop music, striving to be a rich doctor, never thinking about travelling to third world countries (only places where they want to travel is K-town in LA, NYC, or anywhere which is considered “fashionable”), etc. Becuase they grew up seeing this type of lifestyle and culture as what is cool and what every normal person strives to acheive, they are heartbroken and angry when they realize that noone in upper class America considers this type of lifestyle to be “cool” or reflecting of high class or wealth. Thus, you get the grudge and blogs like this.

    Now of course, before anyone jumps on my back, I know I did ALOT of racial stereotyping and applied a huge range of broad labels to Asians in general. However, my response to that is, “I really don’t care.” Why? Because I can. The reason is that although I am not a member of this group, I spent almost all of my 34 years growing up surrounded by Asian Americans with almost 70% of my childhood friends being Asian, going to school with them side by side, eating dinner and spending weekends upon weekends at their houses with their families, and just knowing their culture inside out. I can even speak Mandarin and Korean even though I am a white boy. Now, I will say that almost half of my close friends now are Asian. However, none of these people subscribe or are victims to the mental disease of insecurity and inferiority complex which I described above. In fact, these guys are “whiter” than me in so many ways and unlike the Asians which I describe above, they really don’t care that “white culture” is different from what they grew up with and really don’t care that it is the dominant standard for what is considered trendy and characteristic of wealth and high-class. In other words, they are absolutely comfortable with themselves. Thus, I want to say that NOT ALL ASIANS ARE LIKE WHAT I DESCRIBE ABOVE.

    However, I would like point out three points in the list of this blog that are dead giveaways that the author is Asian and not black or hispanice. Here they are:

    #68 Divorce

    – Please. I think more blacks or hispanics get divorced than whites. No black or hispanic would be foolish to cite this as something characteristic of being something only a white person would do. However, I can’t even count how many times I have heard the endless adage from Asians saying how terrible and inferior white American culture is because the divorce rate is so high in this country. They insist that Asian culture is that of higher morals because divorce is uncommon. Well, I guess it would be that way since the only other alternative for an Asian women would be to become a prostitute and outcasted by society for the rest of her life since a divorced woman has as much value as a slab of T-bone steak 10 days past the expiration date. No wonder you see so many loveless Asian couples who stay together just for superficial face value while the husband goes and screws whores at the hostess bar on a weekly basis while the wife flies to Europe or Thailand with her girlfriends for a romp in the sack with locals. Meanwhile, the kids grow up seeing such a screwed up household and become permanently scarred for life so they end up jaded, angry, and insecure. Thus, many of them end up writing blogs like this. Oh well, but according to them, this type of relationship is waaaay better than divorce.

    #47 Art Degrees

    – Again, while in university, I was astounded by the number of Asian students who told me how they hated courses in English lit, history, or any of the humanities courses which required them to write. Thus, it’s not surprising that I found the opportunity to make alot of good money from Asian high school kids who would pay me to write their college application essays since they had no writing skills whatsoever to complement their 800 math SAT scores. I’m not talking about international students either but rather Asian-Americans. It’s strange that even with the privledge of having grown up in an English speaking educational system, so many Asians have difficulty in expressing themselves outside of number or equations. I think this stems from the fact that they are conditioned within their families to think that the only respectable disciplines or professions are ones that use science and math. Any other academic discipline such as arts and the humanities is for the inferior white race. Thus, this becomes ingrained in their heads. However, the caveat is that when it comes time to apply to Harvard or Princeton, they realize that their high grades in math/science and 800 math SAT scores don’t mean jack when they also carry poor grades in English or low verbal SAT scores. I guess that’s where I come in. In any case, many an Asian student who was denied his/her chance at Harvard, Stanford or Yale because of their weakness in the arts or humanities has expressed to me their utmost hatred in all of their high school English teachers, college essays, etc and vow that they would like to exterminate any person who majors in such disciplines and gets a better paying job (probably a lawyer) than themselves. Dead giveaway. Blacks and Hispanics don’t give a shit about who majors in what.

    #42 Sushi and #58 Japan

    – Actually, these two may be more of a confirmation that the blog writer is definitely NOT Japanese but most likely Korean or Chinese American. However, that in itself serves as a strengthening evidence that the writer is definitely Asian and not hispanic or black because there is no way in hell that a black and hispanic would know or even care to subdivide the Asian fetish that alot of white people have. To black and hispanics, a white person fawning over anything Japanese is just an “Asian fetish.” However, to a Korean or Chinese person, a white person fawning over anything Japanese is just one more cherry on the top of the pudding of insult to their own culture which they believe to be superior to that of Japan’s. To Korean-Americans and Chinese-Americans, Japanese are pretty much at the same level as white people are in terms of targets of jealousy, insecurity, disdain and their grudge. I really don’t think any black or hispanic would give a frog’s fat ass whether or not white people preferred Japanese culture/food to that of Koreans or Chinese but for the Koreans and Chinese, it’s just makes them squirm even more with rage and jealous grudge. Spend any time with a Korean or Chinese and they will tell you that the thing that they hate more than Japan itself is the fac t that Japan enjoys a very popular image throughout the first world and is considered “cool” and “hip” among wealthy, urban, intelligent whites. They really don’t like it that kimchi, soju, Korean soap operas, turtle boats, and Panda express do not conjure up the same image of elegance and chicness that sushi, “Lost In Translation”, samurai and sake do for white people. Definitely, it would not be on this list if it was a non-Asian.

    For a better idea of what I am talking about, look at the website below. It’s chock full of Asian American males who are venting their anger and frustration at being the little man on the totem pole in American society. Their posts describe their laments but also their dreams and fantasies of finally being able to turn into the second Ming Emperior who will destroy all white males and reestablish themselves as the ultimate alpha males in society. It’s a good laugh.


  412. Wow. This is just too stupid. First off, go check out the author of the book. It’s not a secret. Second of all, even if the blog was written by an Asian, you’ve made a lot of arrogant, broad reaching, baseless comments about Asians in general and this guy in particular. You’ve also made quite a few of those same smartass comments about Blacks and Hispanics. How DO you find the time to know what is going on in EVERYONES’ heads!?

    I personally think that this blog was misnamed and should be called “What 20-somethings w/ degrees in Liberal Arts Like”; I go to school in a major college town / at a big university, and most of these hit home, regardless of race, for artsy / hipster students. On the issue of race, I really don’t understand why EVERYONE is so mad! Race is an illusion that’s meant to supercede what scientists and anthropolgists have proven for a long time now; the only difference between you and this guy is the adaptations that your ancestors made to the environments you were plunked down in. I’m guessing that since you’ve got it out against engineers / mathies (which is a shame cuz we’re really not that bad B-) ), you’re probably someone who works in the liberal arts. If so, how could you miss your anthro lessons? People are blank sheets; canvases onto which the places that they lived splashed colour (skin tone), and brushstrokes (things like body types and facial features). And what about the infinite realities that could present themselves? The author of this blog could just as easily have been your kid sister.

    Last off, a lot of students who are first or second generation are pressured by their parents to be a lot of things. But think of it this way. Your family is new to a country, and they don’t have the longevity to be able to use things like networking or hobnobbing to land a job. A lot of immigrant parents just want to ensure their children have job security so they can thrive in an alien country and take care of their families later on (the latter is a big thing in other cultures). Having jobs in science, technology and medicine, where what you know is generally valued over who you know helps. Also, it’s true that many American-born students tend to shy away from the physical sciences and engineering, so that can futher provide these families with areas to go into. I think that if you took away whatever hyperdefensive walls you’d built up towards these kids that you’re assisting (whom I feel sorry for if you have this much venom against them), you’d be able to see that.

  413. on May 5, 2009 at 12:35 am Young Rapscallion

    I didn’t read this because WTF?

  414. brilliant. and all of you need to read “Food Court Druids, Cherohonkees and Other Creatures Unique to the Republic” for additional research.

  415. This site is very funny, and rather observant as well. However, I can’t get past the horrible grammar. Edit edit edit!

    Perhaps that can be your next entry… white people really love proper grammar.

  416. What about mid-century modern design? (Or has this been covered under “Vintage” or “Architecture”? I have not read these entries yet.)

    Also: self-help, marriage retreats, health spas, fresh herbs; preferably grown in your garden or windowsill. Romanticizing another culture to death, i.e., French or European (especially Mediterranean) ways of life.

  417. Was Bob Marley on the list? White people love Bob Marley.
    and ham. White people love ham.

  418. on February 16, 2008 at 2:21 pm Big Black Hawk

    Tom Sawyer (253) is spot on…I was sold by his ability to demonstrate that Japan haters are generally either other asians or whites.

    At first I thought this was written by a white cuz it so white. But now I see the light. Tom Sawyer be right, yellow doll carve whitey up like a knife. Meanwhile I tappin yo yellow cab wife…all night. oh yeah oh yeah all right….Nigga Please!!!!

  419. Ham is a little declasse. Expensive sausage is better.

  420. I especially like this site for giving me an opportunity to really laugh at myself, especially the piece on recycling. Ouch! But I think the content isn’t really about “white people” as much as about “white middle class people” and “white liberals”. After all, not all white people care about recycling or homeopathic medicine, and it’s the middle classes who think they know what is best for poor people, some of whom are also white (gasp!) as evidenced by terms such as “white trash”.

  421. You guys need to step up your White People studies – the authors of this blog are obviously as white as the Orbitz gum lady’s teeth

  422. i like this site.

    something that always fascinates me is how so many (middle-to-upper-class, non-immigrant) white people in the west – and especially in America – don’t recognize their race and their culture. i think this blog points out how non-‘ethnic’ whites in the west do have a culture. and that it’s observable.

    i’m someone who tries to do some things ‘right’ with respect to how i treat others and my environment (organic, handmade, free trade, sustainable), i’m getting my doctorate, i own cats, and i wear handmade jewelry from all over the world, so i definitely fall into a ‘white’ culture. i also played co-ed sports at one point. i’ve recognized my own whiteness for a long time, though, and i think it’s good to be able to laugh at it. learn, change, learn, laugh.

    even this comment is super duper white. i don’t know if you have this up yet, but #____ : writing seemingly self-aware comments about one’s own whiteness. that’s VERY white.

  423. Wow man is this site a joke? Because if liking culture and personal growth is for whites only I’m glad that genetic randomness threw me in the cool category.

    Because being white is such a bad bad thing.

  424. This is awesome.

    White people love to vote for Obama so that they can seem multicultural and open-minded.

  425. It’s funny because it’s true.

  426. I’m guessing this site is written by an asian guy who had to live with white roommates and inevitably learned every predictable thing they do. (It’s too insightful for a white person)

    Must be our lack of insight that has helped us make 99% of the advancements in everything.

  427. “anything that has to do with fucking babies or kids”

    peadophelia is for whites only?

  428. hey Bart that is a gross distortion

  429. asians invented paper, printing, noodles (pasta) and gunpowder, just to list things off the top of my head…that said I’m in agreement that it’s probably an asian writing this. the typos are kind of a giveaway too. it’s mildly funny but too general and repetitive (how many times do they say “white people can’t get enough of that stuff”?) sounds more like someone with an axe to grind. If you want something way funnier, offensive but not racist check out http://maddox.xmission.com/ one of my fav sites of all time.

  430. And so deeply, deeply inaccurate. Arabs avoided the Dark Ages deftly sprinting ahead in astronomy/physics/literature, while most of Europe sat around and picked their asses until enough racist sentiment was decanted into trying to beat the crap out of Islam.

    White people did a pretty good job destroying the Middle East this time around too. I say this as someone who normally loves Britain, but boy, if there is one thing we can pin on the Limeys, its the coming apocalypse.

    I’m no fan of Japan (at all) but when you look way back kickassery of all stripes was born in the classical East–as in, barely east at all, including north Africa–and traveled West, not vice versa. Caucasians are descendants of barbarian clans that did in fact, have a certain knack for taking over their betters. XOXO!

    Splitting historical hairs since 2008! Now what’s the deaal with Ovaltine?

  431. I’m the whitest guy I know and I don’t get it.

  432. i must not be white i hate every thing on here lol

  433. Please, PLEASE add JOGGING and PILATES

  434. yo dude do one on y white people all go healthy and start acting faggy about it some my white friends started doin that shit and its fuckin faggy, ya know eating salads and jogging and shit…and they start to get scared of burgers and chicken

  435. If loving David Sedaris is wrong, I don’t wanna be right.

  436. Where’s items #64 and 65?

  437. on February 16, 2008 at 6:09 pm white on the inside

    After reading this blog, I have found more evidence that I am not really Asian. In fact- I am a white guy with slanty eyes. Not sure if I should be rejoicing or if I should shoot myself.
    Go bananas!

  438. This is so brillant and true.

  439. White also love blue grass and folk music. Whites love acustic music that makes everyone else sleepy. The added benefit is that such music isn’t for dancing to (unless you are trained performance artist), so the rythmnless white people can just sit there and maybe sway a little while drinking micro-brewed beer or some “unique” tea that tastes like air freshner.

  440. Love it. Proof that white people kick ass. Actually everyone kicks ass, but you got a few of them wrong.

    Let’s see….2,3,4,5,6,8,10,14,16,17,20,21,22,23,24,25,26,28,29,30,31,32,33,36,37,38,39,40,41,42,43,45,46,47,48,50,55,56,57,63,68.

    A few comments:
    62: If poor people knew what was best for them, they wouldn’t be poor.
    56:Lawyers Suck, You like lawyers, Not Us. Stop making us look bad, we can do that Ourselves.
    55: And you owe me a great big apology for this one.
    30:Wrigley sucks. If it didn’t suck, the teams that played there would win more often.
    26: Manhattan Sucks. The fact that you can even make that joke proves your whiter than I am, and I’m damn near Opaque.
    16: only some of us. sounds like yer Just jealous!
    8: Barack is whiter than I am, and 100 times more full of Sh*t than I am.
    1. HELL YEAH!

    Fun Stuff! And Don’t Forget what white people like most!


  441. Love it. Proof that white people kick ass. Actually everyone kicks ass, but you got a few of them wrong.

    Let’s see….2,3,4,5,6,8,10,14,16

    A few comments:
    62: If poor people knew what was best for them, they wouldn’t be poor.
    56:Lawyers Suck, You like lawyers, Not Us. Stop making us look bad, we can do that Ourselves.
    55: And you owe me a great big apology for this one.
    30:Wrigley sucks. If it didn’t suck, the teams that played there would win more often.
    26: Manhattan Sucks. The fact that you can even make that joke proves your whiter than I am, and I’m damn near Opaque.
    16: only some of us. sounds like yer Just jealous!
    8: Barack is whiter than I am, and 100 times more full of Sh*t than I am.
    1. HELL YEAH!

    Fun Stuff! And Don’t Forget what white people like most!


    Re submitting because some numbers Got cut off.
    I’m just White Like that!

  442. Fantastic list.

  443. Feeling uncomfortable is so funny! I love it. This isn’t just the last blog I read that laughs at white people — it’s my FAVORITE blog and I will check back to read it often!

    Remember, white people: you are completely unique in every way.

  444. reposted from elsewhere:

    Whiteness is all about being in control of your life and comfortable, all while having lots of fun. Yay!


  445. For my modern journalist class we had to look up websites that we deemed to be improper (to crack down upon in the school news letter). I put down this website because your information, though it is factual, points out racial flaws. Saying things like this is just like going up to a crowd of people (all of different ethnicities and back rounds) and saying, “hispanic people make up most gangs in america.” the comment is rude and unjust.
    Also this website came up first when I looked up ‘white people’ on rushmore drive, which is a predominantly a black search engine. It disgusts me just to think about the fact that black people and others like reading a website that teases a culture. You are all adults and yet you are acting like irresponsible teenagers. You all know better then to make fun of people because their skin is a different color then yours or they do things differently then you, have you not learned any thing from kindergarden. Shame on all of you, even the white people that say that this okay.

  446. Great satire.
    I am mixed race (Puerto Rican) and find that I like more than a handful of this list. As my black husband would say
    ” that’s your white side”!
    May I add: Breastfeeding
    and : Wearing summer clothes in winter weather

  447. […] book. Though it probably makes me a prime target for these people. ;-P (I agree with Vanessa, the site should be called “Stuff Yuppies […]

  448. on February 16, 2008 at 9:44 pm Whitey McShadow

    I love it. I feel like I’m laughing at other people, then realize that I like about 70% of the things posted so far. Love my marathons.

  449. Obviously Tom Sawyer did not have his morning cup of coffee.

    This blog is awesome. Why? Simple rules of physics apply here: every action has an equal and opposite reaction. White expats in other countries make their little blogs trashing the native culture and people all the time. So how does it feel to have a little taste of your own medicine? Oh yeah, it sucks doesn’t it?

  450. You are a genius! Thanks for the laughs.

  451. on February 16, 2008 at 10:31 pm bagglio ordonez

    Brie Cheese. Blogging. Ebay. Candles. Book Collections. Lifestyle Drugs. Blackberrys. Houseplants. Anthony Bourdain. Online Banking.

    More later.

  452. Forgot these —
    White people love

    a) Asian people who act white.
    b) living in gentrified Ghetto’s, boasting about it at parties uptown, then fearing for their lives as they walk home.

  453. This blog needs to be retitled, “What white liberals like…”

  454. awesome. to the douchebags who think your blog is negative, racist, or in any other way inappropriate or harmful:

    do your own kids even like you?


  455. Hehehe…obviously, I must have touched a nerve in some Asian boys, eh LDW?

    Guess it hits too close to home.

  456. on February 17, 2008 at 2:59 am ross woodshire

    apparently having a sense of humor isn’t something white people like! although it would clearly be labeled a ‘hate site’ if this were “stuff asian people like”, “stuff black people like”, etc…

  457. on February 17, 2008 at 3:34 am ross woodshire

    also, to the 30% of the white people who are so indignant about this blog (e.g. NAAWP, Dee, etc.) and say things like “get out of our countries”, i have one message.

    get out of our country. (i’m assuming it’s a racist american, not brit, aussie, or other white-majority nation). the usa isn’t only for white people, even if the political system kind of operates in that way.

    white people don’t like racists. so fuck off.

  458. whit meat. white people love white meat. asian people? we love dark meat. greasier and fattier and juicier. black people? dark meat. for the same reason. latino’s? same. everybody loves dark meat except white people.

  459. I think that another thing we could add to the list is that bloggs are for white people. Oh wait! Great site!

  460. This site needs to be added to its own list now.

  461. I take it that this is an American blog.

    To me, as a European (German born and bred with a partly English socialisation) it looks more like “Stuff The Middle Classes Like”.

    However, great blog! Keep up the good work and I will blogroll it.

  462. stuff black people like:

    screaming in movie theatres

  463. hummus

  464. Like many of you’r readers, I am in fact white, and found this sight to be an accurate reflection of things I like.

    Morever, I’d like to thank you for your list and explanations, as being white, I found new things that I didn’t even know I liked… Take expensive sandwiches, for example – I never thought about them much before, but now I just can’t get them out of my mind!!!!

    I love expensive sandwiches.

    Thanks again
    -White guy

  465. I love this site SO VERY MUCH!

    I must blog and promote it!

  466. For those saying that this is about “liberals” and not whites: I’d argue that the only reason white people from poor, rural areas do not act exactly like how whites are depicted on this site is because of financial and economic issues.

    If you gave some poor, white trash, trailer park-dwelling rube a six-figure salary and a condo in Orange county, he’d turn into this kind of white person within a few weeks.

    Poor white people can’t afford to be white correctly. Deep in the id of every conservative redneck is a repressed craving for coffee, Obama, and expensive sandwiches.

  467. I think it’s funny that Tom Sawyer has Asian friends (supposedly). White people are so cute when they think they know everything.

    “White people love being the expert on YOUR culture” Thanks for proving his point buddy LOL

  468. I like how white people are getting upset and trying to say, “No! This is about white yuppies!” or “White Democrats!” or “White Liberals!” or “White Americans!” or “White Middle Class!”

    Totally missing the point, white people…. White people really aren’t used to this. IT’S GREAT!

    This is a very insightful work. Thanks for keeping it clean and positive: the site has been handled with care. Keep up the good work. A few people just might learn something new.

  469. White people like watching non whites play sports that whites are no good at. Since they cannot compete intellectually, black people like beating whites at sports, even lame ones like golf. If golf hadn’t been a whites only sport for decades, blacks would have no interest in it. And since Asian cannot compete creatively, Asians like making fun of the white culture they envy.

  470. How about the WTA Tour? Hot European women with sexy names like Tatiana and Gisela entertaining us in a sport that has been gentrified since its origins in the court of Queen Elizabeth. However, white people are generally not big fans of the Williams sisters, unless they are afraid of appearing racist.

    Also, squash — is there a whiter sport in the US & Canada? Plus, the New York Times says it helps kids get into Harvard, so it must be true.

    Pilates, online shopping, Tom Brady, Esquire magazine, poetry readings, & this white person LOVES shark week on the Discovery Channel. For what that’s worth.

  471. I love this site! I love the comments even more. To all my white brothers and sisters who are trashing this site, lighten up! It’s called humor, we deserve to get ripped on every once and a while. A couple of other things that white people love: Starbucks, Michael Chabon and Crosby Stills Nash!

  472. “I like how white people are getting upset and trying to say, “No! This is about white yuppies!” or “White Democrats!” or “White Liberals!” or “White Americans!” or “White Middle Class!””

    I am one of those whites who said that this seems to be more about class than about race.

    However, I was not upset.

    What I was saying was that the definition of “white” used here is largely American and would, in other Western countries, be more associated with middle classness rather than with “white”.

    Any member of the English upper classes would puke his guts out at the preferences labelled as “white” here. NQOCD – Not quite our class, dear!

    As I said before, that doesn’t make this blog any less accurate or entertaining.

  473. This blog is especially funny, once I figured out that you’re actually this geeky little white dude…
    Testing the hot sauce

  474. on February 17, 2008 at 11:28 am 1/16 Irish, 2/16 Native American, 13/16 Non-White or Other

    I am a non white, majority african-american, U.S. citizen and I deem this site, officially NON-Racist.

    And based upon the items listed herein, I feel I must confess. It appears I am less ‘black’ than I had originally assumed.

  475. on February 17, 2008 at 11:29 am Tin Roof Rusted

    stop giving away our secrets!!!!

  476. Bon Jovi

    Pop culture

    The Gap, J Crew, Banana Republic, Laura Ashley, Eddie Bauer, Abercrombie & Fitch, and so on…

    Bottled water from foreign and exotic places

    Natural Childbirth

    INSISANT about nursing in public (totally uncovered)


    Pretending they are natural blondes (white American women). By the way, you don’t fool anyone when your lashes and eyebrows are BROWN. Don’t even get me started about your damn roots. If you’re going to do it, do it right (and keep it up).


    Mid-life crisis’

  477. hmmm….

    Don’t forget about acting black. Most white people can’t act white around other races.

    where are the sister sites? stuffblackpeoplelike, stuffchinesepeoplelike, stuffindianslike, stuffirishpeoplelike, etc.

  478. I’ll chime in on the class issue. But count me among those who think this list is hilarious. So if you wanted a few more downmarket faves for the white folk, you might add:

    NASCAR (duh)
    Brunch Buffets
    Flea Markets
    Gun Shows
    Huge Propane Grills
    Casseroles Made with Cambell’s Cream of Mushroom Soup

    …all are big where I’m from. :)

    Two that are far more class ambiguous these days:

    Seeing the Country in a Recreational Vehicle
    Harley Davidson Motorcycles

  479. The author of this blog is a douchebag.

  480. “where are the sister sites? stuffblackpeoplelike, stuffchinesepeoplelike, stuffindianslike, stuffirishpeoplelike, etc.”

    yeah, I’d like to see those.. what’s good for the goose… and all.

    I find most of this stuff kind of pedestrian, but hey, whatever floats your boat.

  481. I’m surprised i didn’t see anything about techno. i’m white and i love techno or electronica and any creative hybrid of styles.

    also Avant Guard and experimental sounds and tape music. it makes you feel intellectual even though its just terrible piss vomit noise.

  482. 3 things about this Blog:

    1) I confuses liberals with white people. (For example, most of these qualities are found equally in Asian liberals).

    2) It reeks of California race relations.

    3) It is written by a Bourgeious “non-white” person who feels edgy now.

  483. I meant to say “It confuses liberals with white people.”

    Not “I confuse liberals with white people.”

  484. @billhd

    “I’ll chime in on the class issue. But count me among those who think this list is hilarious. So if you wanted a few more downmarket faves for the white folk, you might add:

    NASCAR (duh)
    Brunch Buffets
    Flea Markets
    Gun Shows
    Huge Propane Grills
    Casseroles Made with Cambell’s Cream of Mushroom Soup

    …all are big where I’m from. :)

    Two that are far more class ambiguous these days:

    Seeing the Country in a Recreational Vehicle
    Harley Davidson Motorcycles”

    I was just about to respond on this note. I think white people from the south have been overlooked in this scientific experiment.

  485. if this blog is intended as humor, it’s not funny. if it’s intended seriously, it’s racist. anybody who would laugh at this is ill, and anybody who would believe it is a bigoted idiot.

    as an experiment, why don’t you set up those other blogs as others suggested (“stuffblackpeoplelike, stuffchinesepeoplelike, stuffindianslike, stuffirishpeoplelike, etc.”), fill it with the same ++untrue++ drivel (like “watermelon & welfare” for blacks, “beans & lowriders” for hispanics, etc.) and see how quick you get lynched by the naacp, lulac, etc.?

  486. The picture is brilliant. I’m copying it for further use.

    The problem with irony, though, is that it reaches the “converted” and few others.

  487. You left out:

    1. Laughing at ourselves
    2. Figuring out what is and isn’t socially acceptable as racism (IE if it is acceptable for two black guys to say “my nigga,” is it acceptable of a white person as well?)

  488. Dave Eggers

    David Byrne

    Bruce Springsteen(due to Arcade Fire approval)

    Vinyl LPs and 45s

    Stores that sell $300 pink beaded cardigans, clutches, and/or ballet flats.

    Naming their daughter Maya (Buddhist, Latina, and Angelou)

    Naming their son Jackson (Michael, Andrew, and Pollack?)

  489. I would like to point out that Garrison Keillor’s entire career has been built on things white people like and while white people may not like him, I believe he deserves some credit here, much as white people might not like it. In fact, if there were a stuff white people don’t like site, Keillor would be right up there, but below television, which I believe is first.

    P.S. Are there going to be fewer postings now that the writers strike is over?

  490. More accurate would be “white people who care what nonwhite people think of them” – but I love love love that you’ve just lumped all white people into this category. Don’t change a thing.

  491. I have thought this over and come to the conclusion that stuff white people like is mainly about marketing and has little or nothing to do with race.

    That said:
    All things HBO except maybe G-String Divas and boxing
    New rituals (e.g. gay weddings)

  492. It’s all about status. To hang with a certain crowd or to social climb, you have to adopt, or pretend to, certain opinions and attitudes:

    be sympathetic and condecending to minorities but live nowhere near them

    condemn mutinational corporations but make sure you invest in them

    never mention high rates of homosexual pedophilia

    look down on working-class white people


    Just like coming from the “right” family in Victorian England

  493. Vanessa was right – way, way back. It is indeed amusing to collect lists of items and experiences very dear to the “monied imagination”, but this has far less to do with race and much more to do with class. Stuff “yuppies” like, or more aptly, “Stuff Yuppies Need” would be a more accurate though much less “sexy” title.

  494. Love the site and you have me pegged on many of them. For the naysayers, they are just trying to be politically correct but deep down know how transparent they really are. If white people love irony and satire so much, why the hate for your postings?

    I have accepted that I am a 33 year old yuppie who loves wine and indie rock and I am fine with it.

    A few suggestions would be the love of sandals dating back to the 90s with Birkenstocks, up thru Teva and Keen and now the latest craze Crocks.

    Another one would be flavored bottled water, I don’t get it but my wife loves the stuff.

  495. after reading my comment back, i realized that i used the word “love” 5x that could be another posting…….

  496. Awesome website. I definitely fit into a bunch of these categories, and the ones I don’t, I know other white people who do very well. Very funny. If only it weren’t so true…

    Also, suggestion in case someone hasn’t mentioned it yet, if someone has, ignore:

    Really Strange/Dumb Kids Names and/or Spelling a Common Name in a Weird Way
    (i.e. Orangello, Sovereign, Anjelah, etc.)

  497. What a wonderful idea for a blog… Gee, I hope people will read this! LOL! Well done! :-D

  498. I want to thank you for this Blog…I forgot what I like anymore! I am Blonde

    The Sauna






  499. Perhaps white leftie snobs had it coming.

    I mean, I don’t think the author actually believes that to be an uneducated, untraveled, uncultured couch potato is a noble thing to which we should all aspire. What this blog wants to be is a satire of rich white self-righteousness (a better example is the song Holiday in Cambodia by the Dead Kennedys) but somewhere along the way the point got obscured by the author’s pettiness.

    There are some hilarious, if a little obvious, points here (ie. Veganism, Yoga) but there is also a current of vindictiveness or envy running through this blog, and this not only takes away from the humor, at times it makes the author seem a petty little shit with some scores to settle. His schtick is stereotyping a small segment of white society (in most cases) and attributing their values to us all. Look, I can do that too:

    Things Muslims like: Hezbollah, blowing people up, beating women, getting enraged about cartoons

    Things Black people like: welfare, guns, slanging drugs, being bad fathers

    Things Hispanic people like: border-jumping, welfare, parking cars on their front yards

    See, I can be a petty and intolerant dipshit as well. It’s easy. Perhaps I should start a blog. Seems the IQ requirement is nice and low…

  500. I’ve got to say, this site is funny.
    What is even better are the people who find the site offensive, claiming that things like this are the cause of racial tension. When in reality if we could all laugh at ourselves and would throw this PC shit down the toilet, it would ease these “racial tensions” much more.

    If people would stop taking things – especially obviously satirical things – so personally and to heart, what a world of good that would do.

  501. This site is hilarious. Don’t forget: freeing tibet, thinking globally and day spas!

  502. […] out the comments on the about page to get a sense of how quickly or vehemently people can get bent out of shape about race.   […]

  503. I think you need to be a little more transparent about the fact that this website is created by a white guy. Shouldn’t you change all your third person pronouns to first person plural?

  504. Dont forget: “blogs, irony and middle class introspection”

  505. I agree with the comment that this is more “what white yuppies like”. Still funny though!

  506. haha, omg, i love this. :)
    & to all of the critiquers and whatever, omg, the sites’ just a joke. so stop taking everything so seriously. ♥

  507. I thought I was white, but apprently I’m not !

    Oh and Matt @339, you are a wanker :)

  508. White people also like french fries, sushi, dim sum, frozen peaches and blueberries, Ben & Jerry’s Phish Food frozen yogurt, Gossip Girl, Gilmore Girls, Wonder Years, cuteness, nyanko, Japan, Japanese things, SUSHI, Hide sushi, scallops, Coach boots, mary janes, collegiate style, Seattle, London, minis, photos, Cbus!, Ohio State, Ohio style pizza, mis chicas, linebackers, London, hobnobs, kaiten sushi, waffles, pancakes, detail, fur rugs, our bed, Frank, Dex and Murphy, IKEA, pop music, pop rock, Girls Aloud, Brit pop, Anthropologie, Julieanne Moore’s coloring, Elle, Lost in Translation, Back to the Beach, scratch and sniff, Marshall, Justice, Coffee Crisp—erable!, cookbooks with pictures, our Waring Pro, Flickr, GoFugYourself, being critical of others) (and themselves), Pie n Burger, In n Out, Thurman Cafe, Hillbilly Hot Dogs, egg press cards, fancy wrapping paper, baking, baking with friends, eating baked goods, soft lighting, Harrod’s Food Halls, sunshine, snow, Christmas, Christmas bush (and tree), Christmas music, fall, college football, Kirk, blue, jeans, rainbow flip flops, Laguna Beach (seasons 1 & 2 only), Colbert Report, Food Network, shows about property, Athens, GA, beer in a boot, Nikon D40x, Air Canada first class, first world countries, G8, pupusas,Taco Bell, and riverdalepalmtrees.wordpress.com;

  509. Can we discuss how white people seem fascinated by the far East? Yoga, Tai Chi, silly books like Eat, Pray, Love, etc. White people are so cute with their little trends, aren’t they?

  510. I love this blog, keep up the good work!

    I just wish it wasn’t so popular so you didn’t have to scroll so far down to get to the latest comments.

    You need to add how white people love to be prescribed, Anti-depressant medications.

  511. I salute your awesomeness, dude or dudette.

  512. i like clander’s stuff better than mylosh’s. it’s funnier and more on point, and some how not bitter-sounding. my favorites are the entries on wine and “gifted” kids.

  513. White people like accusing other white people of being racist.

    : )

  514. Although I am African American, I am a white girl according to the likes in this blog. Funny.

  515. Matt you are missing the point. I don’t see much of what is written here is likely to be perceived as negative characteristics, just quirky observations. However it is interesting you couldn’t find any funny quirky observations of others;”Things Muslims like: Hezbollah, blowing people up, beating women, getting enraged about cartoons

    Things Black people like: welfare, guns, slanging drugs, being bad fathers

    Things Hispanic people like: border-jumping, welfare, parking cars on their front yards

    See, I can be a petty and intolerant dipshit as well. ”

    I see your point but you are not comparing like issues. Kinda sad you only see the negatives in others.

  516. So far I have not had the urge to adopt an African orphan (or a throwaway Asian daughter, can’t believe those people ) – you gotta stay out of Starbucks, I think they pipe that shyt in subliminally. “adopt a black orphan, vote for Obama, support the troops (means support war in their code), buy loads of crap from big-box stores, get a second mortgage, build a monster house, stick your kid in programs from morning till night, get your hair done like everyone else’s, get a fake tan, starve yourself, make your house’s landscape job better than your neighbors…”

  517. Perhaps this blog could be called “stuff upper-middle class American white people like”? Then again, I’ve noticed that acting as though what is the case in America applies equally to the whole world, is something that is widely favoured the world over!

  518. the peace corp

    non-debilitating mental illness

    bottled water

    fancy cheeses


    food network

    ultimate frisbee

    home decorating shows

    gay culture

  519. on February 17, 2008 at 9:30 pm Horse Badorties

    This a slyly funny blog, I must say..Like the tone. it reminds me of Martin Mull’s take on white people from the 70s. Do you get any media coverage? Could be a funny indie movie. sort of anthropoligical look at white people. keep it going. Dead on observations. How about neighborhood cleanups? Yard sales?

  520. psuedo-lesbianism

  521. This is dead-on, with, I would say, the sole exception of hating one’s parents. At least among younger folks (early 20’s and younger) I tend to see a lot of people raised by the “buddy” theory of parenting. This doesn’t apply so much if you are talking about working class folks.

    Excellent blog.

  522. online shopping

  523. A lot of people seem to be moaning about the broadly general term of ‘white people’ used on this site. Truly, it does only encompass what the wealthy and the liberal really have access to; but isn’t it the final goal in the modern day to be rich and liberal?

  524. As an Asian girl i like this site, it’s entertaining and sometimes downright scary in its accuracy. It’s fun nodding along to this stuff, and i’m really loving the white people who “get it” and can laugh at this too. we need an Asian one too!

  525. I know I’m white, I got a mirror, but according to your blog I’m definitely not. Are there exceptions? Are poor or southern whites white?

  526. I was thinking what DFCtomm was thinking! I’m a poor southern white, and while some of the things listed on the site sound good, they also sound too “money” for my tastes. Maybe this blog could be called “Stuff white people with money like” or “Stuff yuppies like.”

  527. this site is hilarious. and to the people who complain it’s “reverse racism”, i say- actually, forget it. you’re not worth the effort.

    i would agree that the observations lean towards the left-leaning whitey, which is great seeing as they ask for much mocking…. but how about throwing in some observations about all the OTHER white folk out there? you know the ones- the southern bible-beaters, neo-con wall street assholes (and the frat boy date rapists who are training to one day become them), the insanely rich, vapid, and non-liberal (think “real housewives of orange county”). surely they are worthy of as much mocking as their crunchy bretheren….

  528. i often enjoy racial humor, especially at the expense of my own race, but honestly i thought the articles were simply just not very funny.

    in the hands of a better writer, this would have been a treat. alas!

  529. “Please remind me again how stereotyping people based on the relative dark or lightness of their skin is funny again… I must have forgotten.”

    No, Mark, I’m pretty sure you never knew what humor was.

  530. “Hockey


    Driving Big Ass SUV to McMegaChurch

    Country Music

    Voting Republican”

    Bob, you’re thinking of crackers, not white people.

  531. It’s basically all the things you’d find on the in-flight magazines on the airplanes :D

  532. What blows my mind are the comments here from people who think the blog is “brilliant,” etc. LOL! These yuppie jokes are so old they should be carbon 14 dated. Projecting yuppie characteristics onto all whites is as funny as projecting ‘hood characteristics onto all blacks, which is to say, not very.

  533. White people like corporate glass-ceilings, hoarding wealth inter-generationally, neighborhood de facto segregation, failing public schools, sickle-cell anemia, and fast food that kills poor urbanites.

  534. You know, I can’t lie, you’re right about that certain breed of white people, which I do find myself falling into quite a bit of the time. I hate you for it, but I just thought you should know great blog. And I don’t really hate you. I am probably getting that arts degree, too…

  535. No, no. The Author is Canadian!

    Photographic proof:

    #7 Diversity: photo of Toronto’s Chinatown (there’s a Canadian flag in there and a Toronto Transit Commission streetcar stop sign)

    #11 Asian Girls: UBC and Vancouver references.

    #15 Yoga: Lululemon. ’nuff said.

    #47 Arts Degrees: That’s McGill University’s Arts Building in Montreal.

    Also, these refer to a specific subsection of the white population – urbanish, yuppyish – that make up a higher proportion of the Canadian population than it does the American.

    I would say that:

    (1) The writer is a recent (<10 year) graduate of McGill University
    (2) Has lived in or was raised in Vancouver
    (3) Currently lives in the United States

  536. Sheeeit! I’m white and I can’t afford a fecking Prius!

    Great blog. Should call it What Middle Class White People Like though.

  537. The next entry should be “White people like to prove they are not like other White people.” White people think they are all individuals!

    Fantastic blog.

  538. your blog is genius.
    white people love to be unique in groups.

  539. white people like being white

  540. Something white people love to do:
    Complain officially.
    White people like to DOCUMENT the complaint, as miniscule as it might be (the dressing room was unkempt, etc.) and follow it up as high in the chain as possible.
    When white people complain in such a manner, they don’t curse or anything–they try to make it a very professional-sounding whine.
    (Well, except for the white person who made your first comment.)
    Just an idea.

  541. White people love leaving nearly 400 replies on a blog extolling (and trolling) their virtues to other white people they never met.

  542. Cool site. Much of it relevant to the UK as well.

    Oh and “saying that X was much better back in the day (now that everybody knows about it)” (see comment 97)

  543. Interesting and entertaining, although really, these are things liberal elitist snobs of all colors and ethnicities like. I say this as a white liberal elitist snob, myself, but having lived in a diverse and highly educated part of the country for 23 years (Washington, D.C. metro) and now living in blue collar white suburbia (south shore of Long Island) I can say that this is more a class thing than a color thing. The white people where I live now wouldn’t know about, much less care about, a lot of what is here (except to mock it as “college-educated hippie crap”), but go into the Whole Foods on Clarendon Boulevard in Arlington, just outside of D.C., or the one on P Street in the District proper, and you’re going to find shoppers of all ethnicities. In fact, I learned about Whole Foods from some friends who are from Paraguay and Panama, respectively.

    That said, white people like Punk from VH-1’s I Love New York 2. Oh, wait, he went to Harvard…

  544. White people will STILL be bread out of existence!

    Bwa ha ha ha ha!

    This blog is the toaster which will heat up the extinction of the Caucasian loafers…

  545. eating disorders

  546. Cute,…but not cool. Labels of any kind suck. If you want a label, how about What Rich Idiots Like. I’m white jew with a college education received by scholarship and I’m just above the poverty level. I find this crap offensive. Cheers!

  547. Costa Rica
    Overexaggerating their fondness for Haggis’s “Crash”
    Forever 21 (owned by an Asian, though, so the owner knows what white people liked already)
    Green Tea ice-cream

  548. HC, I agree about the Canadian thing. No American would name-drop (or even know, due to them being outside the USA) so many Canadian cities. Plus there’s the Nash and Gretzky thing (Assists) and especially Paul Kariya’s dad (Asian girls). I’m assuming there are multiple authors on this site though, so it’s likely only one or two.

    And Chitlj, I’m not missing the point. The point is that despite the many astute and hilarious posts here, there is also a current of vindictiveness and envy running through some of the posts (ex. the obssession with arts degrees and white people always trying to avoid work and trying to paint it hypocritical for white people to get involved in any sort of cause) that takes away from the humor. I’m more than happy to laugh at myself, and did many times throughout, but I couldn’t get past the bitterness in several posts. If I had to guess, I would wager that the writer of these is an Asian (possibly Indian) nerd who struggled through university in engineering or math while watching his white roommates/dormmates in the Arts party, sleep in, get laid etc.

    Also, the fact that he’s only ever been around monied and educated blue-state whites is painfully obvious…if he’d been a small town red-state nerd this blog would undoubtedly have had NASCAR, guns, flags, Jesus, mullets etc.

    Anyway, I sincererly hope that the writer/s has worked through all his pent up issues through this blog. This would be a far better site without the sour grapes…

  549. Very funny. And you seem to have struck a nerve, so kudos.

  550. They also like:

    “Trying to find things on ‘What White People Like’ that they don’t like so they can claim to be less white than average white people.”

    My Portuguese grandmother passed on the DNA required to like dark meat, I guess, because I cannot get enough of that stuff…

  551. The blog is funny, if a little over the top at times, but reading through these comments, you’ve offended quite a few white people. So good job!

  552. This might be my favorite blog….ever.

    For realla :D

  553. Saying “Kudos” for a job well done.

    I’m hispanic, my husband is white. We got a good laugh out of this site. Look forward to reading more!

  554. Great blog! I live in San Francisco and everything you write is true. That should be your next entry: San Francisco. Forget Manhattan, it’s like a cult. Especially if you live here.

    Also, white people really really love to hate smokers. I mean, if you tell somebody you’re HIV+, you get, “Ohmygod, you’re so brave.” If you say you smoke, you get, “That’s disgusting, how can you do such a filthy thing to your body!”

    Sustainable everything. Alice Waters. $60 organic, all-natural yoga mats. Mid-century modern.

  555. I began reading this blog feeling amused, and even saved it to show my wife. More I read, though, the more it occurred to me how cruel some of the content is, how derisive, and even vulgar in its meanness.
    First, you are obviously not writing about “white people”, as you contend. There’s a certain kind of white person that you despise– arts majors (now there’s a recipe for power and influence in America), those who read books authored by Europeans (Le Carre, Ludlum, Leo Strauss notwithstanding), PhDs (they are over-educated, after all), parents who invest time in their children (may be getting to the root of your issues here). Being that you show an overt hostility to poetics, the environment, and social determinism (poor people shop at Walmart because they like it; and 10% of black males inhabit prisons because they are exercising their free will; etc.), your agenda seems pretty plain.
    I’m a white guy, by the way. Working class. I think it’s likely this stuff is conceived by a white male (though women can be every bit as venal as men can), because the ridicule is so naked and graceless– and stupid, in the end. I drive a limo, part-time. I hear the way white men talk when they feel they’re in their own milieu– they talk a lot like you do. Some of them are married to woman-hating bimbos who share their values (and, admittedly, you may be one of those), but mostly they hate their wives, and anything/everything that deviates from their world view. I’m the guy who sees who you really are at 3am, vomit on your shoes not entirely wiped clean, still pining for the company of a twenty year old you’ll never get unless you’re willing to pay. One thing, though– these guys don’t ride bikes, and they don’t worry about the environment, ever. And they aren’t arts majors (if they were, maybe they’d be getting laid at 3am).
    “Mock mockers after that…For we traffic in mockery”. Yeats (pronounced “Yates”, by the way, should you ever broach the subject) wrote that. About you. Maybe if you weren’t such a putz (or sleeping with one, if you are, in fact, female) you wouldn’t feel as threatened by the idea of women “having a lot of fantasies about idealized lives”, or any of the rest.
    Then again, sometimes a putz is just a putz.

  556. You’re really perspicacious and funny!
    Loved your blog.

  557. As a white person living in the Caribbean I thoroughly enjoyed this site. Upon further analysis of the subject, I have been able to conclude (and hence document) the fact that as a white person I do have a culture! I find it rather ironic that through ubiquitous commercialization, my culture has been forced upon other peoples without much consideration to the fact that they may not have been given the means to appreciate my white ethnicity. I have since apologized to my three black friends for being so insensitive.


    Mr. Whiteman

  558. on February 18, 2008 at 11:49 am Not an Idiot, Like Most of You

    This is satire. It is not racist. It is not sexist. It is not a political commentary. The writing is not meant to be wonderful…it is a satire…get over yourselves, those of you who can’t get past the funny.

  559. This is some of the funniest stuff i’ve ever read. The parts about expensive sandwiches and two last names hits particularly close to home. Seriously though, this is one of the only things on the internet that doesn’t suck. I think your doing a great job and wanted to extend my warmest and sincerest gratitude and encourgament to you. I was also wondering if you could shed some light onto why white people say they listen to the blues when in reality, they don’t know the difference between B.B. King and a Burger King.

  560. I agree with comment 400. I think its amazingly hilarious, and very on point at times. People need to have a sense of humor. If you sat on your laptop and were so frustrated by this blog you banged away some of these annoying comments, I would like to hook you up to a wine i.v or maybe feed you some prozac… cause you really really need to chill.

  561. This is great! It really nails what we white people are like…oh wait…I’m Asian. I always forget this.

  562. This blog makes me want to kill myself….
    wait, do white people like suicide?

  563. on February 18, 2008 at 12:15 pm Ervin Sholpnick

    White people like “Motivational” posters.

    I like these…


  564. Right on Robert.

    I live in the Bay Area and it’s out of control. I mean, this blog basically describes 95% of White people in San Fran.

  565. I don’t get it. It sounds like you’re describing a rather small segment of the white population– particularly the Christian born urban ‘newage’ ‘trendys’. Uber alles I’d say this is some racist hate mongering type shiat but since it’s about white people it’s just fluff?

    Whatever, go on with your bad self. At least some people are getting a kick out of it.

  566. This site is hilarious. I told a white person on a bike that the earth says thanks, the moron lit up like he had just won the lottery.

    White people are so dumb.

    Great job!

  567. Speaking as a white person, I can attest to my deep, passionate love for Dave Eggers. He writes witty books about sad subjects, stared a publishing company for his and other sceney books (not to mention a couple literary magazines, to which I subscribe), AND started a volunteer-run literacy and tutoring group for kids in such tragically under-funded neighborhoods as Park Slope, Brooklyn. I even heard him described as “The Bono of lit” by Jeffrey Eugenides (author of Middlesex) on NPR, and I don’t know if it’s possible to get any whiter than that.

  568. You should also add “90% of white people have no sense of humour” as witnessed in your comments section.

  569. What about Trivia night, and Jam-Bands?

  570. Great blog, guys – Oh I am white, too! But not American-white. Ordinary white, like a lot of other white people who are not American-white.

  571. white people LOVE loft apartments. seriously. whether they’re actually old dirty factory buildings, or (even better), just newly constructed “luxury apartments” that have kinda high ceilings and are described as “lofts” in the marketing brochure. white people are all over that stuff.

  572. I think this blog is a mirror; like art. You see what you see, and what you see is you!

    Of course, once you have seen, you can step back and make some assumptions about the author.

    This blog succeeded. Got you all thinking about what you like, what offends you, how you are offensive, and on and on……

    Well done, though I’m done.

  573. ahahaha i feel so generic now…

  574. this sounds like reverse racism to me

  575. on February 18, 2008 at 1:52 pm Erasmus B. Aiken

    Racist? OMG no. I’m a suburban white guy who loves to take a look in the Mirror of Truth, sometimes cry, sometimes laugh and sometimes just shrug my shoulders and walk away. Don’t ever stop writing. This is soooo good. Yes, Frank Zappa would have put this stuff to lyrics !!

  576. You discribed my hipster friends to a T. They’re gonna be so pissed when they read this site.

    I think the people upset by this blog are the ones that recognize themselves and are irritated by that. It seems to me that the commentary is about those that are engaging in mundane, mainstream activities but somehow think they are the only ones doing it or are somehow doing it differently than others (trip to europe, not owning a tv). The writers are clearly calling from inside the house.

    To those saying it’s racist, there are more than a few blogs that poke fun at the more ridiculous aspects of black culture. And yes they are funny. If you are unable to laugh at yourself, then your life is truely sad.

    O yeah.

    White people like to pretend that they don’t see race

  577. on February 18, 2008 at 2:18 pm William d'Inger

    For what it’s worth, I was directed to this site by James Joyner’s OTB blog.

    I’m sorry to say that I don’t get it. Most of the stuff here is totally alien to my experience. A lot of it is incomprehensible. I conclude this must be some Northeast Corridor (DC to Boston) stuff or maybe something from the Left Coast. I feel certain that non-whites from your region relate to this better than I do. Nevertheless, I’ll keep on reading because the things I do understand are very funny.

  578. This page has humorous elements, and I’ll be the first to asknowledge that.

    You might, however, want to consider the following: saying that blacks are all poor and like drugs and beating women would never be okay to say. Saying that white people are all rich, hypocritical, and self-centered shouldn’t be either. You’re really talking about yuppies, and while yuppies are indeed hysterical subjects (there’s been whole books dedicated to making fun of them), they can hardly stand in for the entire Caucasian world.

    As for making children read 9th-grade level books and working them so hard the poor kids have breakdowns, I suspect Asians have the corner on that activity. But we wouldn’t want to make fun of that, would we? Darn, that’s not nearly as trendy as making fun of white people.

  579. This is hilarious. I applaud you.

  580. Love the humor in this blog and I’m a recovering white guy. In fact, after reading your stuff I decided to go on an intense de-caucafication. That’s right, I’ve thrown all of the mayonaise out of the house. Instead of laughing when I watch COPS I actually get upset now. But the biggest change, has been forsaking the comb-over for my new corn rows do. It was tough to accomplish mind you and so what if all that have is a solitary “row” of so-called “corn” dividing the two hemispheres of my head, it’s not white friends. Next week, I’m gonna try picking some credible street slang.

    A black friend of hook me up with this phrase for saying see you later, “forshiznics my popcornsters!” I’m fast on my way to becoming a honorary non-white guy you ‘ll have to admit. Befizzle gizzles! (man, I’m really getting the hang of this. I can’t wait to get some more of that slang from my new black friend DeQ’uanye).

  581. I just counted, and my fiance has a masterful 61/70 score on this site. I asked her if she liked each item over the phone and she thought I was mocking her. “Of course I love David Sedaris!” Can anybody beat that?


    Dave Matthews Band
    Mountain Climbing/Snow Shoeing
    Ridiculously Expensive Candles
    Ethnic Street Festivals
    Vince Vaughn

  582. This site is hilarious, but I have one question: what DON’T white people like?

  583. Judging by these comments it would appear that we all agree that almost every aspect of modernity and American culture is “white”. Even if it is not. Does this make us all racist? Can I no longer laugh at ‘Blazing Saddles’?

    I’m not sure if your blog has made my day or ruined everything I’ve ever held dear. But thanks anyway.

  584. Mostly white people don’t think about being white. They are just white. They don’t go through being white enough or too white or the right white. Occasionally you will hear folks holler about white trash (Britney Spears or the Dukes of Hazzard) but all in all – white people take being white for what it is. And you know what that is. Not having to worry about being not white.

    White people are genuinely stunned when a police pulls them over. They are not afraid to mouth off and that’s because they are white and will get a good lawyer even if they are poor and white.

    When they go into a store they like the idea that if anyone gives them the shoplifter warning look they can go off. That is a perk of being white.

    They like the fact that slavery and the Holocaust didn’t really have anything to do with them and they weren’t there so why do people get so upset.

    They like their hair no matter what they say.

    The only words white people really use to describe skin color is pasty or peaches and cream. There are no variations. They like this because it keeps it simple.

    They love the fact that there is no really, offensive insulting ugly word they can be used for being white. No N word especially. They like they can use the bad words as jokes because they are white and everyone is supposed to think they don’t mean it. They mean it.

    They like not standing out in a crowd of other white people and they stay away from places where they will stand out in a crowd because they are deeply afraid of a race riot but won’t admit it.

    I really would like to post these comments. If you tell me how I will.

    I like your blog.

  585. sooo… what you’re saying is that anybody who’s not white hates the earth?

  586. #428 thinks this site is awesome. Keep it up!

  587. When am I gonna get royalties from this shit? I’ve been doing this joke for 40 years and shit. A white guy drives like this. A black guy drives like this. Message: white people are lame.

  588. Actually, I do! Because I LOVE COFFEE!!! And writer’s workshops! And recycling! But I don’t hate my parents and I don’t like expensive sandwiches and God knows I can’t afford a Pious, er, I mean a Prius.

    So I guess that means I’m conflicted.

    Where’s “emotional turmoil” fall on the list?

    FWIW the post cut off my last line which should have sigged “dumb clueless white broad”. For I am that and I am proud. Maybe that should be #72, after “Emotional Turmoil”.

  589. “They like the fact that slavery and the Holocaust didn’t really have anything to do with them and they weren’t there so why do people get so upset.”

    Um… what now? Of course it did. (I mean, not personally b/c I am not old enough to TECHNICALLY have been in either place.) And of course we should be upset about it. Why wouldn’t we be? Why shouldn’t everybody be? I don’t know anyone who isn’t. You make no sense. The rest of your post makes some sense. This does not.

  590. You need to make a post about how much white people like facebook and how myspace is for sexual predators and brown people.

  591. the sorority chick, frat guy and finance asshole aspect of white people is also underrepresented/

  592. I laughed – I hope that was your goal – cause your site is funny … but i’m white and none of your posts describe me …cept for maybe #1, and #33…

    otherwise – you could replace “black” for every “white” in your postings, or “hispanic” …doesn’t make sense – but funny none the less…

  593. after a second read – i think it should be changed to stuff american white people like … truly your not that clued in to European whites (who don’t carry the american guilt) or Canadian whites – who are pretty much the opposite of every one of your entries…

  594. I think its funny that people get on this site and get all offended by white not being the correct classification, like THEY aren’t white people like this. We all could use a little mocking, if you’re white and none of this applies to you, well that’s no fun. I mean, sure its not accurate, but when was any racial classification based on skin color accurate?

  595. Homer Simpson watching stand up on t.v.

    Black comic: “Black people drive like this, white people drive like this!”

    Homer: “It’s true, we’re so lame!”

  596. Some white people work at sandwich shops because the job market is no longer open to them because of EOEs and companies get more money when they higher lower-qualified minorities.

  597. when can we get over race and acknowledge it as social stratification.

  598. As a White person myself, I have to say this is a fantastic blog.

    So many of these things apply to me, such as not having a TV (but liking arrested development, daily show, and colbert report anyway), campaigning for Barack Obama, enjoying great wine and microbrews, travel, and loving priuses (don’t have on myself, but there are two of them in my family!) I also do a lot of pilates and yoga, and I definitely think I know what’s right for poor people. Oh, and I’m getting a PhD now so I can be a professor some day, even if I have to settle for “adjunct” and live “humbly” off my inheritance.

  599. White people love magazines, specifically obscure “cooler-than-thou” periodicals …and/or… lifestyle magazines: Dwell, Nest (defunct) Metropolitan Home, Metropolis, Wallpaper*. The magazines allow them to fantasize about having desireable rooms never touched by paperwork, dirt/dust or the trifling crap of everyday life. Similarly, they want furniture that appears to never have been sat in, designy objects that were never used and a house designed to look good the second it’s completed and no other time. They like to fantasize about unused rooms where they can put their unused KitchenAid mixer.

    These periodicals show very desireable ‘simple’ homes where untold energy must be spent not just making the house look clean and tidy, but making it look like it’s never been used. Any hint of wear or uncleanliness is old-school or of lesser taste. They’ve elevated this neuroses so high that it has displaced architecture which used to be about making buildings, but is now about making ‘spaces.’ The highest non-sexual gratification possible for a white person is to have their home published in one or more of these mags.

    White people dislike aging so much that they’ve banished it from their minds, completely forgetting that the phenomenon can’t be halted in non-living things either. Sadly an occupant need not consent, for the world to begin wearing down their new machine-made object/home the 2nd the last tile is on the roof.

    *Wallpaper should just be retitled “Cool Places to Fuck Magazine”

  600. on February 18, 2008 at 5:52 pm Not A White Person

    I love this. Well written and punchy.

    My suggestion is, “Not identifying peoples or cultures by race.” White people have a really hard time with this one.

  601. White people like to self-identify their ethnicities:

    Ex: “I am Irish/Italian/German on my mother’s side and Australian/English/French-Canadian on my father’s side. My brother-in-law’s Jewish and one of my really good friend’s in black!”


  602. wish this was funnier. nice idea, but it doesn’t make me laugh. making fun of people isn’t hilarious in and of itself. just my 2 cents.

  603. White people like to name their daughters Heather.

  604. I’ve gotta love it. “White people” is it’s own ethnicity now, not based on the color of your skin, but the predictability of the things you do. You can be white and not be a “white person”, as this site would define it… you could be a redneck. (Proud to be a ‘neck myself.) A guy who drives around a dirty truck and listens to Toby Keith is “that redneck guy” whereas `a womyn driving a Prius listening to Poe is “That white girl”. Classic.

    And I love all the “white people” who have commented on how racist this blog is as they sip their free trade coffee, reading this on a mac, listening to peter bjorn & john, and trying to impress their imaginary ethnic friends on the internets.

  605. I am Black. And THIS IS HILARIOUS! Slightly problematic. Slightly offensive. But nevertheless. This blog is ridiculously funny.

  606. seems pretty good to be white, all in all. the list of predictable behaviors seems to include a lot of exercise, consideration for others, and attempted appreciation and respect for art. As far as stereotypes go, that’s pretty sweet.

    Nirvana rocks!

  607. wow, disturbing.

  608. bookstores
    coffee shops
    college towns: Austin, TX; Madison, WI; Ann Arbor, MI; Eugene, OR; Boulder, CO
    eco-friendly soaps, detergents, shampoo/conditioner
    bike/walking paths/lanes
    the new yorker
    arts/culture events: opera, modern dance, symphony, jazz
    art galleries
    public transportation, but only in cities like NYC, DC, and abroad (not where it is too dirty or inconvenient or there are too many “sketchy” people riding)

  609. 207. To control the argument

  610. This is probably the ONLY blog I’ve ever seen where the “about” page has so many comments! I just found you…interesting angle!

  611. on February 18, 2008 at 7:29 pm Average White Guy

    #65 Co-ed sports? Brilliant! Ha ha. I love this blog.
    Keep it up!

  612. on February 18, 2008 at 7:57 pm Billy "Ho" Hoyle

    When are you going to option this blog to film production companies? If you don’t, I will — and will knock out the screenplay in 4 weeks.

  613. stuff whiter people like:

    fast walking. because they wouldn’t want anyone to think they weren’t in a rush to something important.

  614. I’m a white, Barak Obama-loving, nonprofit-working, tea-drinking, arts-degreed, Arrested Development-loving, NPR-obsessed, New York Times-reading, wine lover with a full set of All-Clad in the kitchen. LOVE the site!

    I you have not read David Brooks’ Bobos in Paradise, you really must. Also, don’t forget about Urban Pioneering–white people love being the first white yuppy to move in to a neighborhood 5 years away from gentrification.

  615. While this website is definitely amusing, what’s truly hilarious is the people who can’t see the humor in it and get defensive about what would happen if someone dared to do a site like this on another race.

    Really the purpose it serves is pointing out how tightly wound people are, and how miserable a lot of us can really be. Chill out people.

  616. #22, I can’t even begin to understand how you could possibly be Proud to be white. I myself am “white” (as my genes are mostly made up of English blue-blood, I think euro-Caucasian is the technical term), and am quite embarrassed by my ancestor’s history of enslaving, slaughtering, shunning/excommunicating, and denying the most basic human dignity to any person or race we deem “inferior” for reasons as arbitrary as they come. And that’s just my list of complaints having to do with interracial relationships… lest we forget our history of gross corruption, greed, and immorality. 2000 years of this behavior, and for the most part we STILL haven’t learned. Even if this site *was* deemed as “racist” (which I totally disagree with), we would totally deserve it….finally a taste of our own medicine, persay. (and there’s another thing white people like…. CLICHES!)

    Ranting aside, I love this website! It’s not a perfect mirror of own my life (as mentioned, this is more of an analysis of middle-class “yuppie” white people–a group in which I’m too financially destitute to be classified within) but in principle you’ve created a nearly flawless mirror, albeit dismal, of white American society.

  617. “439 Anonymous

    Some white people work at sandwich shops because the job market is no longer open to them because of EOEs and companies get more money when they higher lower-qualified minorities.”

    or, maybe they didn’t hire said people because they couldn’t get their grammar straight and STILL blamed the “lower-qualified minorities.”

    bring on the delicious overpriced sandwiches!

  618. Oh… another thing white people love… “ellipses”! You know, that triple dot think at the end of a thought which could have just as easily been replaced by writing in more fluid grammar and the use of a comma, colon, or semi-colon.

    Well… at least I love ellipses.

  619. As a white person, I can say this list is pretty freaking accurate. The breakfast and marathon posts could not be truer.

    For those offended, seriously, it’s all in good spirit. Relax, have a good chuckle as you sip your coffee and read the NY Times. That’s what I’m doing!

  620. 459 Paul,
    You must have a sad life my friend. MY ancestors weren’t a part of any of the crimes you speak of. In fact, as Welsh citizens of an oppressive British empire, you could say they were victims themselves. To say “white” people were responsible for enslaving, slaughtering, shunning/excommunicating, and denying the most basic human dignity to any person or race we deem “inferior” for reasons as arbitrary as they come. – is to have a completely delusional view of history. Do you really think the lowest peasant has the blood of slavery on his/her hands? It is a select few white beaurocrats who will ultimetly pay for this crime. Not me, not you. If your family were slave owners then I guess you have a right to feel bad. But don’t you realize that the people commenting on this blog are mocking white people for feeling guilty about something they had nothing to do with? Do you think the French feel responsible for Nepolean? How lame.

  621. Some to think about:
    – Partying in the third world (or eastern europe)
    – Seasonal properties (ie “winter houses” or “summer houses”)
    – Creating new neurological or psychological diseases to explain things slightly out of the norm like, for example, laziness due to sheer boredom (“mental fantigue”), etc.

  622. OH also: whatever hot new trendy gourmet ingredient is being sold in Williams-Sonoma (ie grey salt or coffee beans that have been through the digestive system of a jungle cat).

  623. How about “Getting pissed off on other people’s behalf without having been asked” (See #326 and others) or “Taking themselves entirely too seriously”?

  624. I’d be angry at this blog for being racist if it wasn’t so damned accurate! It might be more appropriately called “Things White 20-Something Hipster Yuppies Like”, but whatever specific demographic you’re talking about, you’ve described most of the white people I know (including myself).

  625. on February 18, 2008 at 10:33 pm I'm blacker than you

    One thing white people really love is how blacks yell “racist” for everything, but then make a blog like this. yeah!!!

  626. white people love fear

  627. Found this via a link from Pajiba.com and laughed out loud. Very funny! I’ll skip the “As a Blah-Blah ethnic yada yada American” defense mechanism and just say keep up the good work.

  628. As a headphone/indie rock/general snob, there was nothing I wanted less than an iPod, I might as well get a Volkswagon, a Powerbook and a seat at Starbucks…

    The Zen Vision is incredible, the screen is so bright, navigation is easy, but could be better, and it plays ALL video not just MP4 (conversion sucks, asks anyone who has to render video)…it has a contact list, calendar, battery life is ground, the sound is wonderful…my only criticism is that you need to throw the Creative headphones in the garbage and get some Shure’s, Grado, or Koss PortaPros (at $50, the best headphones for the price in teh world)…

    in short – easy to use, easy to navigate, great features, great price, looks good, amazing screen…

  629. you’re funny. but i still can’t believe you beat icanhascheezburger.com in the stats race! speaking of which, do white people like lolcats?

    but i’m sure white people are crazy about their pets! they worship their dogs and cats. give them ostentatious homes, feed them mercilessly and, when the pets die, probably even give them elaborate funerals.

    i really hope you can write something about white people and their pets :)

    i’m not white, but i love pets anyway… and ellipses it so happens.

  630. you’re funny. but i still can’t believe you beat icanhascheezburger.com in the stats race! speaking of which, do white people like lolcats?

    but i’m sure white people are crazy about their pets! they worship their dogs and cats. give them ostentatious homes, feed them mercilessly and, when the pets die, probably even give them elaborate funerals.

    i really hope you can write something about white people and their pets :)

    i’m not white, but i love pets anyway… and ellipses it so happens.

  631. other stuff white people like… hmmm… “civilizing” other nations and cultures. historically, it’s called the “white man’s burden”, isn’t it?

  632. other stuff white people like… hmmm… “civilizing” other nations and cultures. historically, it’s called the “white man’s burden”, isn’t it?

  633. add “snitching” to the list.

  634. how about “civilizing” other nations and cultures? wasn’t that what was historically known as the “white man’s burden”?

  635. how about “civilizing” other nations and cultures? wasn’t that what was historically known as the “white man’s burden”?

  636. This blog is brilliant. ‘Stuff bourgie white liberals like’ would be a more accurate title, although it does not flow as well the ever so simple but nevertheless perfect ‘Stuff White People Like’.
    The posts on this site might as well be prereqs for getting into liberal arts colleges, as nearly all of the sheep who attend them are clearly the sample population for this study.
    The hypocrisy and vanity of the spoiled white kids who I went to school with was astounding, and by far the rule rather than the exception.
    Learning about others, for these kids, was always achieved without ever having to leave their comfort zones. Indeed, highly valued activities such as eating out at ‘ethnic’ restaurants, taking one semester of a foreign language, and shopping for ethnically marked clothing, were all vigorously pursued in the company of- surprise- other sheltered, upper-middle class white kids. And the saddest and most hypocritical aspect of these forays into ‘diversity’ was that such activities were in reality quietly judged to be of cultural importance only insofar as other white people were doing them.

  637. omg this blog is so funny… so true to some cases but not to some. ;P coming from an abc, too!!

  638. Oh, and another thing white people like: Self-ironically referring to themselves as “white people” and starting a blog to point out everything that is lame and/or predictable about “white people”, just to make sure no one tells it to their face first.

  639. As a white person i can read this, compare my habits to those discussed, and then engage in the following mental process: compliment myself on sharing few or none of these habits; criticize myself for caring enough to compliment myself on this; thereby demonstrate to myself my share in the tendency–oft-mentioned in this blog–of self-hatred among whites of ourselves and our ethnicity; et cetera ad nauseam.

    In short, if you are white and, like me, read this blog smugly to yourself thinking how, thank God! that I’m not like this, the joke’s on you and me both, I guess.

    The bizarre structure of white self-identity cannot stand up to the minutest scrutiny.

  640. on February 19, 2008 at 2:11 am aplaceforfriends

    someone wrote, “yuppy” some posts backj. what does ‘yuppy’ mean?

  641. on February 19, 2008 at 2:18 am aplaceforfriends

    do white people like getting in heated ‘Comment’ debates?

  642. on February 19, 2008 at 2:42 am 화이트 칸트

    밖에 눈온다와 토끼 단지 의해 실행합니다

  643. Stuff Black People Like Fried Chicken, Watermelon, Welfare & Going to jail

  644. Well hello there!

    This is really, rather a cool site. Mmm, it’s a very, interesting and informative blog. I absolutely enjoy learning about different races. Maybe when I leave little old England we could hook up for a drink and swap notes. Toodle pip! (upper class colloquial goodbye – UK)

  645. WHY is it that British middle class people always have to ramp up the “jolly hockey sticks” and “toodle pip” when they talk to Americans or go to America. Trust me, NO ONE says sh*t like that in the UK.

  646. I think this site is fucking awesome.

    As a white guy trying to fit into hipster-laden Portland, this provides me with many useful suggestions for more effectively communicating with my elitist soon-to-be-friends! I figure once I get the hang of it here I can try Manhattan or even San Fran!

    At first I kind of felt bad about trying to be so fucking white and hip all the time, but then I remembered that a lot of the things white people like, such as local organic produce and bicycles and world travel, all have very good reasons behind them.

    The problem isn’t really liking the things on this list. The problem is privilege and pretentiousness, acting all prissy and special because you’re living ‘consciously’. Oh, you listen to mainstream music? Ugh. I never eat at McDonald’s if I can help it, it’s so fucking disgusting. Have you never been to New York, really? The problem is elevating the stuff on this list as the end-all be-all of ideal living. White people also like off-roading, motorcycles, hunting, fishing, and bowling, but none of that’s on the list because we are talking particular white people here.

    Of course, if I am among the super-white and I’m feeling unable to hang, I sometimes like to pull out the big guns and tell a funny story set at my fabulous 1920s craftsman-style summer house on the lake overlooking the mountains in New Hampshire where I can casually mention my Harvard-educated snobby Manhattanite relatives without specifically bragging. That shuts em up for a minute at least, and as a bonus it works great on the dumber upwardly mobile middle class chicks!

  647. Well, here are a few more things that white people like that I have learned over the years.

    1. Making racist jokes while saying that they are not racist.
    2. Putting their hands over their wallets/purses when black people walk near them.
    3. Thinking they know what is best for everyone else while their lives are a complete mess.

  648. White people like SAABs

  649. you should include a post on kuffiyahs/anti-war scarves.

    also for the record, arrested development ROCKS.

  650. If we cannot laugh at ourselves, then who CAN we laugh at?
    I am: Mixed race (North Africa, Middle East, Russian, Turkish and don’t forget the Caucas re: Caucasian Mountains – are home to Kurds and some Persians!) – all faith traditions in my family. “Faith Traditions” instead of “Religion” is very WP.

    I married Russian/Eastern Euro nice Jewish Boy – we adopted a daughter from Southern India. Our family laughs A LOT at ourselves and our cultural mix, political mix etc.

    BFF and I were out this weekend calling each other “sistah” and calling my daughter “L’il D” – we like to pretend we are cool and AA. I drive a VOLVO, live in the ‘burbs, practice YOGA and meditation, work in multiculti world, am an improv comedienne, try REALLY hard NOT to be so WP! But I am sometimes…I am!

    Blessings and Laughter to all.

  651. I thought the site was funny, but at times it spilled over into a bitterness which was not so funny. I agree with Tom Sawyer that these seemed like they were written by an Asian with a chip on his shoulder. I suppose it’s better to deal with your anger this way than to go ‘Virginia Tech’. Some of the best entries reminded me of Douglas Coupland’s ‘Generation X’ in the way they caught middle-class white American culture, but it also left me wondering if white people will still find it funny to be laughed/hated when we become a minority ourselves. At the moment we are laughing from a position of dominance, which is easy.

  652. Don’t forget “OTHER WHITE PEOPLE!”

  653. Your blog is awesome keep up the good work!

  654. At Wrigley Field, us “white people” pee in ‘troughs’. I’m not even sure what the fuck a ‘troth’ is…

  655. Heh…”Black people walk like this, and white people walk like that!”

    It’s a little uncomfortable to read, but there’s a lot of truth in it…I guess a lot of white stereotypes are as funny to black people as black stereotypes for white people. Maybe real racism won’t go away until we can all joke about the weird and stupid things we do.

    So who wants to go get some fried chicken and do yoga?

  656. If you ever wonder about the stigma attached to the word nigger you have to look non further then this blog. Here though is the same fascist comentary but from the other side of the racial divide. It is, in short, unamerican and easilly despised.

  657. There is a certain cohort of “whites” that seems to have been sadly neglected by this blog – the blue collar whites. These whites, though diminishing in their visibility within mainstream American culture, do show up occasionally, especially during election years wherein other white politicians attempt to court the blue collar vote by appearing as union supporters and lovers of large Ford and Chevrolet trucks.

    Some activities enjoyed by the BCW (blue collar white) include:
    – bowling
    – monster truck rallies (indoor or outdoor),
    – keggers,
    – hunting (especially large animals wherein the BCW has to attract the animal by smothering himself with its urine),
    – fishing (especially large fishing wherein the BCW has to tell a story finishing with the line “this big!”),
    – bingo (especially church-attending BCWs and those about the age of 55)
    – watching “the game” (especially if a city or local rivalry is involved; sometimes college, though it is rare for the BCW to attend said college),
    – holiday parades (especially Veteran’s Day, Independence Day, and Labor Day if they are still union),
    – backyard barbeques (especially on aforementioned holidays, directly after aforementioned parades).

    The BCW, though a vanishing member of American society, can still be observed in many areas. I suggest that the BCW should be added to your list of “whites” for possible analysis of “things whites love.”

    Thank you.

  658. on May 10, 2009 at 2:31 pm bittersweet

    These BCW’s you refer to are known as ‘rednecks’.

  659. – global music (David Byrne, Paul Simon, Vampire Weekend, etc.)
    – Che t-shirts
    – Facebook groups
    – rogue economists
    – Jonathan Safran Foer
    – Law and Order reruns
    – The Wire

  660. good stuff :)

    ps – the author(s) are indeed white: christian & jessica lander. i cannot believe that tom sawyer didn’t do 2 minutes of digging into the site before s/he wrote that thesis!

  661. if laughing at this site makes me a racist – poof! – im a racist mofo.

    “why is it that white people control everything in the f’ing universe…except for little bad ass timmy and amanda?”

    – comedian d.l. hughley

    but i guess this would be better posted on stuffwhitepeopledontlike.com – disciplining their kids.

  662. Your generalizations are actually incredibly ignorant. Probably as ignorant as a lot of white folk that think that most blacks will greet each other with a high five and wazzzuppp…or that maybe when most Latinos say they will meet you in an hour that that actually means two or three hours…or that for both of these enthicities birth control means getting tooooo drunk to get it up……..the expectation of what a culture may be “like” is truly one of the biggest blunders by immigrating people to the USA….it’s like when you meet a foreigner and you find out that all of their”understandings” of the country that they are trying to emulate to “be cool”, or to be like the locals…..is taken from stupid ass movies they saw……I love to joke around and all, but in real life I don’t ever expect anyone to “be” like this or like that….I just hope they are respectful, not sick, and somewhat intelligent…..what I hate most about the stereo typing you indicate here is that a lot of immigrants think that “having an attitude” is a cool way to define yourself…man that is such bullshit, and another pop culture mistake made by a lot of young immigrants to the US….personally, and this goes for a lot of women…take that tude and stick it where the sun never shines(unless an anal whore)……there is nothing worse than a woman acting like a man…(again, unless your a closet gay and you want to marry a woman who wants to give it to you up ur ass in all respects, and slap you around like a little bitch)….there are a lot of white people like that …..but I aint seen them yet in ur blog here….again I think GRIMMNAR hit’s it right on the head……you are talking about a percentage of whites that is less than 10%, and have actually no idea wtf they are supposed to do with their life….some relaize that the family dynamic is what brings real happiness, but because they are soo hung up on themselves, they are never the adult, tehy want the attention that is being bestowed on their own child……in other words,,,,they never grow up….unfortunately this happens to be a greater misfortune in all the other races in the world black and brown specifically, as evidenced by the incredibly high number of out of wedlock children and fatherless homes, crime, rape,apathy, ignorance…………………WHILE A LOT OF WHITES MIGHT BE THE STEREOTYPE YOU INDICATE HERE, WHEN IGNORANCE AND STUPIDITY IS THE “COOOL” THING TO BE ….AS EVIDENCED BY MOST INNER CITY SCHOOL PROGRAMS WHICH HAPPEN TO BE RUN BY THE MINORITIES, THEN YOU WILL HAVE A DECLINING SOCIETY….IT’S LIKE THE BLACK GUY WHOSE NAME IS BRIAN (HOW HE AND HIS MOM PRONOUNCES IT, REMEMBER HIS DADA DON’T EVEN KNOW HIS NAME), BUT IT’S SPELLED BYRON, AND ALWAYS HAS BEEN BECASUE WHEN SHE WAS TOLD THAT SHE WAS SPELLING IT WRONG, SHE WAS TOO PROUD (OR IGNORANT? WHICH IS IT?) TO SAY OH LET ME CORRECT THAT, INSTEAD IT WAS “WELLL THAT’S HOW WE SPELL IT IN UGONDORIA IN MY FAMILY HISTORY,BLAH,BLAH” BSS………..AND ANYONE WHO THINKS MY BLOG HAS ANY ACTUAL SERIOUSNESS TO IT IS JUST WAYYYYYY TO UPTIGHT MAN….YOU NEED TO CHILL OUT AND CHECK URSELF…(THAT MEANS GRAB UR CROTCH)…….is this still funny??????………………………………………………………….oH AND 406 SAYS “YOU’VE DESCRIBED TO A t 98% OF THE PEOPLE IN SAN FRAN….THAT EQUALS.0002% OF ALL GAY WHITES,,,,,,,AND .000002 OF ALL WHITES PERIOD……MAN YOU ARE SOOO RIGHT ON THE MARK….NOT!!!

  663. for stuff white people like, how about “looking for real estate on realtor.com”

  664. I’m not sure which is funnier – the blog, or the people getting indignant over obvious satire.

    Lighten up and laugh a little!

  665. I’m doing stuffblackpeoplelike… This is just too funny to pass up!

    …And as a black person who’s spent too much time around whites, this is totally on point.

  666. How about :

    Stuff the Dominant American Culture of White Anglo Saxon Protestant People Like

    Just to please everyone.

    Or :

    Stuff people with money, who most often have pale complexions, like

    Topic suggestions: horseback riding, the national park system, chai latte, using words like “kitch” or “quaint,” being quiet in public, etc.

  667. White people like black culture; not actual black people, just their culture and music.

    If these turkeys can make broad unsupportable statements, so can I.

  668. I’m pretty much as white as they come. (wait for it…) At least that’s what my brother tells me while we’re playing this game called “throatbox” where we walk around jabbing each other in the soft spot at the bottom of our necks, and I think this blog is hilarious.

    Write on!

  669. When is someone going to create the blogs “Stuff Black People Like, “Stuff Latino People Like,” or “Stuff Asian People Like”?

    If they do, they’d probably be blasted with unusual whiny comments, and be berated for it.

    But since it’s socially acceptable for people to bash white people, it’s all good I guess.

    And the above is just an example of me acting like a jackass.

    Enjoying the blog.

  670. on February 19, 2008 at 9:48 am ifonlyiwerewhite

    Another thing white people like: this site.

  671. Though no longer a going concern, Joy Division represent a historical high-water mark for straight white music. It’s their Holy Grail. Mind you they don’t actually listen to them anymore, but you must fall in line with reverence and superlatives about JD if you are to take your own place in the white pecking order.

    It’s as romantic as the era of Romantic literaure (Love wil tear us apart, again!) but it feels more modern to name drop Joy Division once a year or so.

    Also true, producing a paradox, is that white people like the Carpenters.

  672. another thing that white people like:

    reading comments on a blog named “stuffwhitepeoplelike” where people of all races get CRAAAAZY.

    Lurkerbot said it best

  673. What is white people?

  674. Great blog. No worries about the abuse. I am starting to get it on my Angry African on the Loose. Any tips on how you manage comments? Everything goes or do you moderate them?
    Angry African

  675. I am so white I’m blinding in bright sunlight. My love is so dark I have to hang onto him when the lights go out or I lose him. But I tease him that he’s whiter than I am. Thanks for this blog – it’s PROOF! I’ve never heard of half the stuff you’d ascribe to me, but he’s into almost all of it. He’s even a BNL fan.

  676. on February 19, 2008 at 10:28 am white in spirit

    being proud of their questionable 1/32 native american heritage. that’s great your great great great great great great grandaddy took advantage of some cherokee

  677. It seems like most of the commenters like the site, but a lot are all angry because they say this racism (or “reverse racism”) and they get all upset that it’s acceptable to make a site like this one, but it’s offensive to make a site about what black people like. It might sound like a double standard, but that’s what you get for being in the privileged class. When people make fun of white people, rich people, or men, it’s ok, because these people have the highest status in society. It’s easy to laugh it off (hence the majority of white people who find this site amusing.) Making fun of black people, latinos, or women is offensive because these people are already fucked by society.

    What’s funny about this site is that the white people that are made fun of here have a lot of guilt. They do a lot of “right” things in order to not feel guilty, yet they also can’t recognize their own privileged and powerful status, because they keep saying they are colorblind and whatnot. This site is a good reminder of that fact, so hopefully white people can try to at least recognize their status, if not actively do something about it (assuming they really do care about having equal societal rights to all races, and aren’t just pretending.) The site does not represent all whites, but it gets at this important subset that I’ve talked about here (the “colorblind” and high-status subset).

  678. “When is someone going to create the blogs “Stuff Black People Like, “Stuff Latino People Like,” or “Stuff Asian People Like”?”

    They don’t have to–that’s called “90% of the other racial humour in existence.” It’s. Already. Been. Done. This blog is part of a protest against it. (And an attempt to be funny in itself.)

    I love the idea of this blog–it’s a cross between analyzing white culture (which is hardly ever done by people living in it–fish don’t have a word for water) and intentionally making broad generalizations. To the white people saying, “Hey! Not all white people are like this!”–well, exactly. The members of any race will NOT all be the same. Now you know how it feels to have someone generalize about you based on your race. Pretty annoying and stupid, right? So quit doing it about other races.

    –a Canadian redhead

  679. White people are so totally awesome. Just curious though, is that your picture above and if so what country is it in?

  680. I don’t understand what the big deal is

    I’m white (100%… I won’t lamely try to play up being .001% East-Indo-Uzbeki-Chilean) and I think this is hilarious. I think it’s so funny, in fact, that ‘agreeing with and laughing at humor aimed at white people’ should be added to the list.

    There’s a difference between racism and harmless observations about harmless things another race appears to like. They’re not saying ‘destroy all white people’, they’re saying ‘white people seem to enjoy arrested development’. This does not offend me.

    When I read ‘making you feel bad about not going outside’ I was in tears. Keep up the good work.

  681. adding izzle on words
    claiming native american ancestry
    portland, oregon
    white tasting
    hearing near death hiking/nature stories
    children who paint

  682. on February 19, 2008 at 10:53 am Anderson Foster Reed

    Finally I feel at home. What I really like about this site, is that there are things I didnt know that I liked, but now that I’ve tried them I REALLY like them.
    Thanks SWPL! (What about acronyms? Im pretty sure I love them too). Keep up the good work.

  683. i meant wine tasting… lol.

  684. As a multi racial person who relates to some of the stuff on your blog, I would like to see it turned into to some sort of quiz (another thing white people like, re Cosmo) to quantify my exact percentage of cultural whiteness.

  685. kudos (i think kudos is a white thing. i hate the word but i have to say it. im white) on calling this blog, ‘Thing White People Like’ and not as several dimwitted arseholes have opined (more whitey points) ‘Stuff Yuppies Like’

    makes all the difference in the world.

    wonder why that is. ill have too anal-eyes it some more…

  686. If this blog was cleverly written and funny, I probably wouldn’t find it as racist and obnoxious as I do. It doesn’t sound like it’s coming from a satirical place, but from someone who genuinely dislikes Caucasians. I found Tom Sawyers comment far more interesting than anything on the blog itself – and actually learned a lot from it. Cheers Tom!

  687. I’m so white and must say you’re spot on with everything!

  688. change it to ‘stuff rich trendy american fucks like’ and i think it works for most races (p. diddy, big-dicked black man that he is, plays coed sports.)

    expensive sandwiches…no shit. god that is stupid.

  689. http://www.stuffblackpeoplelove.com/

    Its already been made, but it totally failed. It basically copied the style of this blog completely, but tried to do it in a friendly, unoffensive manner, which made it horribly uninteresting.

    The description is would be funny if she wasn’t serious: “The goal of this site is to foster discussion around African American and Diasporan Culture.”

  690. Considering some of the asshat responses you’re getting, looks like you’ll also have to add “hatin” to this list.

    (Complete with quotes and no “g”.)

  691. this site made my day. stop following me:)

  692. on February 19, 2008 at 11:47 am Billy "Ho" Hoyle

    White people also like to say:

    “Blacks” or “black people” under their breath — or in a whisper — anytimes those words come up in a sentence.

  693. poo poo poo

  694. I’m white, and this is the best blog ever. Thank you. I actually HATE Wrigley Field, but it’s cause’ of all the damned white people!!!!!! And trruuuuuuuust me……..you do NOT want to see me before my first cup of coffee!!

    ps – Where’s metal?

  695. You should write a column about how white people like to mock themselves for being white. Self-hatred instilled in them from a young age, etc.

  696. A lot of White lemmings seem to like Grobama… and thatz just wrong.

  697. I am neither white, nor American, nor rich. (I am a graduate student, but in economics, from South Africa.) You have pinned me down completely.

    I am forcing all my friends to read this.

  698. This Blog is hilarious!

  699. funny stuff, I like that it avoids the sterotype of “white trash” or redneck culture as a subsitute for “white” culture, which every other attempt to lampoon whites does.

  700. Didn’t David Brooks write this book ten years ago?

  701. Great blog.

    I’m a white male, live in an American city, and find myself uncomfortably seeing myself in the mirror when reading a number of these entries. Funny stuff. Unfortunately, it looks like he’s already winding it down.

    Hard to believe how clueless so many of the commenters are. Three minutes of Internet research will reveal who the author of this blog is, and three more minutes of reading the blog will reveal that he is lampooning a particular subset of white people and that this subset almost certainly includes himself.

    It is laughable that any white person could be offended by this blog.

  702. Mark1Davison said “White isn’t a country, ethnicity, culture, or religion… unless one is a White Supremacist.”
    How very white of you Mark1Davison. Of course every black, brown, yellow and red person knows their race is special, but we whites, at least nowadays, have to pretend that only a “White Supremist” would think that the descendents of a fairly small breeding ground called Europe would share no genetic or cultural connection and that we don’t have shared tendencies.
    And to be REALLY White, Mark1Davison uses a negative to describe his own co-racialists. Advice: don’t fight it Mark1; it’s bigger than all of us and the GOOD POC (people of color) do believe in race.
    btw, although animal rights groups send me pamphlets telling me that Koreans and Chinese are still making soup out of cats and dogs and bear baiting at zoos, most far east Asians have achieved first world status would score fairly high on this blog. LOL.

  703. You missed out “burning niggers while dancing round in funny white robes”.

  704. This blog is written by a white guy. Fact.

  705. oh, and white people like websites that load fast. Not ones with 500+ comments on one stinking page! SORT IT OUT!

  706. Irony of irony! (White folks love irony, too). White people like self-deprecating humor found on satirical blog mocking what white people like. When will the entry about white people liking your blog come out?

  707. white people would also like this website so they can
    A) criticize it and say how it’s NOT true
    B) because it’s ironic and they can laugh it, without realizing that a lot of white people are actually unable to examine themselves.

    I applaud you, commend your work, and urge to further your study.

  708. The people that are actually taking this blog as factual information are complete imbeciles. Generalizing is not intelligent in any way, fact.

  709. Where’s Frank Sinatra on this list? Also, I feel that “The West Wing” is being overlooked. Just my thoughts.

  710. This has to be one of the funniest things blogs ever.

    I thought I was Unique with my Apple Products, Sarah Silverman crush, Whole Foods and playing kickball.

    The amount of effort in kickball was spot on.

    Plus the bit about Marathons….

  711. Keep doing that your doing, all these people who say they hate you and all that jive, don’t they know they are only promoting your ideas even more???!!! LOL, keep it coming.

  712. Friends,

    Some of you are taking this blog the right way.
    Some of you are taking this blog too seriously.
    But that’s not why I write today…

    I’m not going to lie: it’s time to get goativated!

    The link below shows how to get goativated when the pangs of hunger lead you down the path of batshit insanity:

    Feeding goat on old car

    It’s GOAT TIME.


    The Goat

    PS-1980’s GI Joe action figures are delicious!

  713. Graphic Novels.

    VISITING other countries, but not living there.

    The Coen Brothers.

  714. Brilliant stuff. The fact that some of my fellow crackers are writing about how offended they are in your comments proves to me just what an admirable job you’ve done with your satire.

  715. This seriously has to be one of the best blogs I’ve seen in a long time.

    You have no idea how fuming my friend is over how horribly he fits to these guidelines!

  716. You are funny.

  717. Maybe he should try chewing on a tin can. It works for me.

  718. Okay, I can’t confine my super-whiteness, but this blog, while funny, is just way too cynical. People in the US are just waking up to the benefits of quality, and places like Whole Foods and Farmer’s Markets are at least making an effort to supply it. Good food is just starting to go mainstream. What do you propose as an alternative. A nice big pesticide sandwich? Yum! And wouldn’t it just suck if everyone drove a high-mileage car? The blogger wants to make the point that “white people” want easy enviro-credits for activities like recycling, but disregards the fact that your paying a serious premium when you buy a Prius and the only reason to do so is environmental to lower emissions. Otherwise all your doing is paying a premium for a small, odd-looking car. Microbrews generally taste better than Bud, so people enjoy them. No big mystery there. The rest of the entries are at about the same level of vacuity. So while there is nothing more irritating than smugness, this kind of writing is part of the general backlash. And mocking anyone on a racial basis for supporting Obama is not funny and is in fact RACISM.

    And before you enlighten me any further, I get that the blog is trying to be funny. I just think the writer is a dick.

  719. Your blog sucks. I’m white and pretty much hate everything that made your list.

  720. I´m from Chile, and all this stuff applies also here for the mid to upper-middle and affluent classes, who are mostly white descendants. I have laughed my ass off, as I´m probably into most of this too, although I´m far from white, greenish-brown would be a better description.

    I didn´t see blogging or having personal websites as an article in the list, and I would most definitely include studying fashion design and open stores in the next hot gentrification- candidate neighbourhood selling expensive cheaply made and looking clothes that don´t fit and look silly.

  721. Oh, man. People really are taking this blog seriously. It’s supposed to be funny. If you’re offended: don’t read it. Simple.

    But I do declare that this could be called “Stuff White People in Silver Lake Like”.

    And It’s great that I seriously like everything on this blog, practically (save marijuana and a couple others). I’m happy that I fit a mold. (whew! thank god!)

  722. Anyone can be a white person. Regardless of race, color or creed. Some of the whitest people I know aren’t even white.

  723. I love this! Can you also do:

    Television Without Pity.com?
    Anger managment?
    Twelve Step programs?

    Please do anger managment? I’m currently enrolled in anger managment.

  724. darkspidey said “You missed out “burning niggers while dancing round in funny white robes”.”

    As a white person, I find it truly racist that there are practically zero places where we can make fun of crackers. I’m offended that there isn’t a derogatory term for white people that makes me (as a glaring *literally* specimen of a white person, thanks Irish dad…) actually offended. My only hope is that this site’s goal centers on coining a term for white people that will be as full of hate/ignorance/failure of humanity as the quoted example above. Then, AND ONLY THEN, we will we finally ALL be equal.?!?. Until that happens, I expect to be entertained along the way, so keep up the good work with this blog.

  725. How bout: this website

    HARHARHAR It’s funny cause it’s true.

  726. This list amused me. The people who don’t like it seriously lack a sense of humour, and are white people who feel offended because they actually do many of these things. (yes i am white, and probably do a lot of these things without realizing it)

  727. Aw, man. You managed to take something as implicitly amusing as racism and make it boring. All you’ve done is refer to a bunch of stereotypes based around the middle class in general and fail to even make those risible.

    Sucks, dude.

  728. I think Paul Mooney said it best: White folks HATE to be made fun of. White folks can be racist and make fun of everyone else, but once the table are turned, it’s like a sin against God.

    Git over it and laugh, the rest of us do.

    Keep it up, excellent work!

  729. if you’re taking suggestions, please include British Comedy.

  730. @ “All you’ve done is refer to a bunch of stereotypes based around the middle class in general and fail to even make those risible”

    Yep, that’s right on the money. Tired, trite, unamusing, and unoriginal. “Stuff lefty liberal yuppies like” might have been nearer the mark, as would “blog that’s not nearly as funny or clever as its author thinks it is”.

  731. whites also like blacks that blog, that are self-aware, and make fun of white-culture.

    great blog.

    tyler (white male, quarter spanish)

  732. where is oppressing brown people and pointless warmongering? as a white person i am shocked that our favorite activities are being omitted from this ridiculously misinformed blog.

    i’m not sure what’s worse, the faux-racism (i’m absolutely certain this is written by some white ball-less sack of shiat with an obama bumper sticker) or the idea that you think it’s funny.

  733. Ok, so I have to admit that at 1st I was confused if you were black or white. If you were black I was thinking “this is not a nice site”. As I read on and discovered you were white I was okay with things, because this is a well done “silly(ha ha)” site. BUT as a black chick from the burbs the majority of the stuff white people like “I LIKE”!! Yikes what does that mean ;-) HAHAHAHHAHAHAH This is the funniest site ever! Keep on making us laugh chicky!

  734. White people like to fuck you.

  735. all very funny. nice work.

  736. 463 cj in brooklyn:
    I also am welsh…with a little mix of english bluebood from probably 400 years back. And even though I know that the majority of the white race wasn’t as wretchedly evil as my description, my beef was with the person who said he was “Proud” of his race. Frankly most people should be embarrassed simply to be human beings, regardless of race. Pointless bloodshed and greed is our heritage, and up until today, we still haven’t learned. That’s what I’m most ticked about, really. I could live easier with my ancestor’s past if we had learned from our mistakes. But nope, it’s worse now than it ever has been. The world is an awful place filled with awful people, and anybody who gets their news from somewhere other than the ‘Today’ show would know that.

  737. It totally shits me that people think Race Humour and Racism are the same thing. Keep up the great work, my friends and I (pretty much 100% white people, in Australia) love it.

    Although maybe it should be re-titled to reflect that these are the things Rich White American twats like.

  738. Quote “572 John
    I think Paul Mooney said it best: White folks HATE to be made fun of. White folks can be racist and make fun of everyone else, but once the table are turned, it’s like a sin against God. ”

    You are totally wrong about that dude, English and Australian humour is all about making fun of ourselves, and in case you are unsure, Dave Chapelle makes a lot of jokes about white people and is incredibly popular among white people of Australia, England and the US.

  739. I would like to suggest a blog post about St. Patrick’s day, because it gives white people an excuse to pretend that they’re ethnic, since a vast majority of white people in the United States are at least part Irish. On St. Patrick’s day, they get to talk about how their people were oppressed in America too once, but doggone it managed to rise above and ‘make something of themselves’. It also gives white people an excuse to drink beer from microbreweries and order expensive corned beef sandwiches- even though corned beef isn’t typically eaten in Ireland for Saint Patrick’s day.

    White people also like unique screen printed T-shirts, and if they see someone else wearing one that they own, they will feel bad

  740. You write this like it’s all a bad thing, hell I’m proud to claim all these stereotypes!! I’m German, white and proud! If other cultures can insist we embrace their differences, then we should insist they embrace ours. And where’s our White History Month, we deserve it, didn’t a cracker invent electricity, the light bulb, the first car, the cotton gin, the first motor, etc, etc, etc. Maybe these things aren’t that important. We’re all too busy recycling to think about them.

  741. thank you for your blog- it has really made my day. I’m promptly putting you up on my blog roll.

  742. actually kimber…. the whole frickin year is white history month. White people aren’t lacking anyone telling them how great they are, we do a great job of that. And we do insist that other cultures embrace ours- its called assimilation, being “normal”, or colonization. And we have some pretty mean ways of punishing those who don’t shed their culture for ours.

  743. on February 19, 2008 at 6:36 pm buddhistkitten

    I like half of this stuff.

    I am not white.

    D: D: D:

  744. Alll I have to say is that I like white girls.

  745. One of the only blogs I’ve ever forwarded to friends. I recognized myself in many of the observations. The ones that don’t describe me make me feel superior to other people. Another win-win for the whites!

    I had to suffer through two conversations about renovations today, btw.

  746. on February 19, 2008 at 7:01 pm WhitestBrothaOnTheBlock

    This is hilarious. Keep it up. I will check back inbetween reading the Sunday New York Times by my Lake in Upstate New York. Oh and white people love round food. Bagels, Donuts, Cups of Coffee (Expensive ones) etc.

  747. Womp woooomp. I don’t really find this funny. Although irrelevant, I’m a white girl and hardly any of this applies to me. I guess this is a lame attempt at satire.

    There are stereotypes for a reason and blah blah blah but this blog looks like it’s poking fun at a very small focus group of white people.

    Eh, whatever. The writers aimed to make people laugh and they succeeded.

  748. This site is great. People who think it is racist need to loosen up. If you can’t laugh at yourself then life really must suck.

  749. “the whole frickin year is white history month. White people aren’t lacking anyone telling them how great they are, we do a great job of that. And we do insist that other cultures embrace ours- its called assimilation, being “normal”, or colonization. And we have some pretty mean ways of punishing those who don’t shed their culture for ours.”

    Yeah. Name one time during the year when the nation reflects on what so-and-so white person did. I’m not opposed to black history month, but it’s weird to me that we don’t have something for white people or Asians, or NATIVE AMERICANS for Christ sake. I mean, if there’s anyone who needs a pat on the back, or excuse me tell “them how great they are”, it’s them.

    Cover all your bases girlfriend.

  750. This is so funny. People who get mad are just as hilarious because they can relate themselves to the things you post. White people are funny.

  751. oh how I wish that I could add facebook to this list.

  752. Sooo you guys must live in Santa Monica… or at least I thought so until you didn’t mention the “beach-cruiser” in the Bicycles section. Bum, I thought I figured it all out.

  753. Try the fourth of July, Thanksgiving, Presidents Day, or any other major event we recognize in this country. Mostly about white guys. And the reason we don’t have a Native history month has nothing to do with Black people taking up too much historical room, it has to do with white people dominating the historical record with their “achievements.” Yes, all people of color in this country deserve historical representation. The point you’re missing is that white history is “history”- its just remains an invisible modifier as most dominant things do.

  754. Some people commenting on here need to lighten up. Stop taking everything so literally. This site isn’t about white people it’s about white people. Btw my room-mate is the king of whiteness he fits into every topic, he came back from Europe and now drinks Pilsen. Last night he proclaimed how he would never drink another beer other than the Pilsen he discovered in Europe. He hasnt read this site. He also loves microbrews. To those complaining that it only fits a certain type of people, that is correct and maybe you dont belong to them, even if your skin is white. You dont need to be white in color to fit the descriptions on this site either. I think your site is awesome, keep going. This has nothing to do with race fools.

  755. “where is oppressing brown people and pointless warmongering? as a white person i am shocked that our favorite activities are being omitted from this ridiculously misinformed blog.”

    People that do these things aren’t white as the blog clearly points out. If you haven’t caught on to that you need to read more

  756. on February 19, 2008 at 8:26 pm povertyonwheels

    on behalf of poor white people, i’d like to state for the record that not all white people are rich. i grew up in a suburban slum of cleveland – half black, half white, ALL poor. parents barely had enough to support us, and yes, they are divorced. my dad works shitty jobs and had to declare bankruptcy recently.

    that said, even as a poor white person, many of these statements are pretty accurate, but not all. i would shop at whole foods, or better yet, the local co-op grocery because they are more politically correcter, but i am poor so i do not. also, i like michel gondry, and i wish to help poor brown people.

  757. Too bad that the website http://www.stuffblackpeoplelove.com/ isn’t up and active in satire like this one. I would bet that there would be 10x the number of comments about “racist white writings” than this one. It might even make the evening news because too many people complain about unjust stereotypes. “Black people … are too stupid to learn English so teachers in California had to make up ebonics … are smart because they learned how to collect money (welfare) without doing anything … love their cars, hair, and nails more than their homes and children … think that putting stuff on their teeth makes them look wealthy … etc. ” I think satire is great, but you need to admit it might be taken offencively, and be understanding of other peoples attempts at satire that might be offencive to you. Maybe a warning should be put on the main page stating that the writings are written in honest fun and attempt at satire, and are not meant to portray the entire white culture.

  758. how bout wearing crocs, not changing the channel when those “starving kids in africa ” ads come on, but never actually donating.
    pretending to be a tolkien fan from way back before the lord of the rings movies, pretending to like asterix and obelix and tin tin and other kitche euro cartoons/comics, despite never having actually seeing a full episode/reading a full issue.
    Pretending to be important/sophisticated at horse races.
    (why is it that the minute a whitie steps into a horse racing track, they become more important, more civilised and tend to feel very superior. But if you step into a OTB or TAB just to put on a few bets, you are the scum of the earth. there is something about watching large hairy beasts run around in a circle while being whipped by a midget, that makes us feel superior.)
    knowing what country a film or song or TV show was origionally produced in, in order to seem well travelled and therefore superior.

    eating tapas, in order to seem well travelled and therefore superior.

    having a facebook account.(despite never actually using it)

    Pretending to know what a “good” suit is.
    white dudes feel very superior if they are wearing a taylored suit, especially if it is a brand name that sounds obscure and european. (even if it is a rental we pretend to know about the cut and shape of the suit) despite actually having no real knowledge of the subject.

  759. white people like putting their kids in time-out.

  760. This site is about as toothless as satire can get while still remaining ‘edgy’ enough to root out the most easily offended 1% of the internet. Taking shots at art degrees, homeopathy, and ugly vintage clothing…. Oscar Wilde beware! The majority of the comments on this thread seem to have been left by people who feel guilty about laughing at Chris Rock.

  761. This site is about as toothless as satire can get while still remaining ‘edgy’ enough to root out the most easily offended 1% of the internet. Taking shots at art degrees, homeopathy, and ugly vintage clothing…. Oscar Wilde beware! The majority of the comments on this thread seem to have been left by people who feel guilty about laughing at Chris Rock.

  762. …oh …my …gosh

    I have a culture.

    I have a culture.

    I’m white and I have a culture.

    Your blog has actually helped me understand my cultural identity today.

    A lot of this is American, so being a Canadian white is different, but not by much. Wow. Wow. Huh.

    Good writing. Funny. I may just have to link to you.

  763. Do white people like grammar, correct spelling and punctuation, and a lack of typos? Or is it just me?

    Can you guys get a proofreader? (I’m available.)

  764. I’m lollin’, love the blog

  765. This site is awesome! The kitchenaid was the best…my wife has a big yellow one, sitting on the counter gathering dust. She won’t let me throw it away or even put it away.

  766. This was a lot of fun to read! I agree with most items on the list.

  767. You are true American heroes. Because of people like you I have a modicum of faith in humanity. Thank you.

  768. Some white people apparently like being offended, too. (Ditto what Brian in #519 said!)

    I don’t know if you got it already (I haven’t read the whole blog yet), but white wine definitely needs to be on this list. I don’t like wine myself, but I don’t like most of the things on the list (it’s really an overeducated yuppie liberal white people list). But soccer moms/yuppies/liberals love them some Chardonnay! (spit) I saw some idiot soccer mom in her hybrid (!) SUV today with a black “W” sticker on it–and under the W wasn’t “the President,” but the word “WINE.” I laughed so hard I cried. Could that possibly be whiter?

    Oh, hell, I know what else–SNOW. Lots of white people love to play in the snow. (Why?!) Like skiing and ice skating and that stupid crap. How many times have you seen people of color skiing?

  769. This is a jewel of a blog! And to all the ppl cryin’ “racist”, lighten up! My white friends loooove this site!

  770. this blog is kinda like an extended version of the popular standup bit that goes “hey, white people are all like this!”

    wow, it never stops being funny.

  771. I would like to commend you for having 1.5 million hits and not having an add on the blog

  772. i love this blog. i actually like a lot of these things and i’m not white. hilarious. i’m conflicted and laughing at myself, and totally laughing at white people.

    i know more topics are going to be posted, but i HOPE to see these up someday:

    Setting Drinks
    Office Parties
    Modern Art
    “Tasteful” or “Alternative” Porn
    Thank You Cards
    Weekenders / Spring Break
    Blogs :)

    keep up the great work!

  773. on February 20, 2008 at 12:37 am my world has just been deconstructed

    First, amazing. brilliant.

    Second, as a white guy, this site has deconstructed my reality. Will I ever recover? Can I?

    how about adding e.e. cummings-esque poetry

    lack of punctuationcapitalization is just so ‘edgy’ for white people

    apple figured it out with the ishit product line (iPhone, iPod, iMac, iThrew-up-a-little-in-my-mouth-just-now-,thanks-Bono)

  774. I like this one. Can´t stop laughing. Well done!.
    It is true, true, true…and I am white.

  775. I almost love the white in me. If I could get the black in me to cut me some slack, I’d be home free.

    love your blog.

  776. Hey, one of my best friends is white.

  777. White people like to create and read snarky blogs.

  778. The Onion
    Going to Walt Disney World with out any Children

  779. Your blog is hilarious! It hits the mark very well, and I see so much of my family, friends, and their friends in these posts. It was a very enjoyable read. :) Are you Canadian, by chance? You seem to have a bit of a Canuck perspective on things, especially with respect to comments on places like Brampton. :D

  780. ADORE You. Just wanted to tell you. What about Landscaping and Home design shows. And Quilting groups?

    Oh, please, don’t ever stop.

  781. I think “Stuff Black People Like” would be SO much more funny don’t you, biggot?

  782. Naw, white people are inherently self-absorbed and more fun to make fun of. What is a “biggot” anyway?

  783. <3.

  784. on February 20, 2008 at 6:33 am The Black friend in the white clique

    lololololol…Being black and going to a liberal white campus in Western Mass, I cant help but agree with a bunch of the stuff. I am mostly ashamed because I have been co-opted into some of the white people stuff….oh well I say if you cant beat them, join them…lololol

  785. For me the depressing thing here is that I “think” I came to like the things here that I do like, on my own. It’s tough to realize that it’s just my herding instinct..

  786. Just found your site. Funniest thing I’ve seen in ages. Thanks!

  787. I think this website is really funny….and what makes it not racist is that there is nothing that is disrespectful to a white person OR degrading.

    FOR EXAMPLE: Many ppl say that what would ppl do if there was a sight called “stuff black ppl like” …there would be a way to do this that would be respectful and parallel to this site:

    For example:
    * Family reunions (black ppl LOVE family reunions)
    *Chicken /especially BBQ (no matter how hard you try to deny it..we do)
    *Nice Shoes – from Jordans to Manola (keep it honest)
    *Tom Joyner (we love Tom Joyner)

  788. God, I’m so white. This is cracking me up. Thanks!

  789. Can you please do a piece on white chicks and tanning beds? Please? Because it needs to stop. Thanks.

  790. Have you ever heard “Holiday in Cambodia”?

  791. People coming on here and saying this site is “racist” is exactly the problem with racism today–we don’t talk about what racism means, only that it involves something about stereotypes and that its bad.

    Even white people will have to agree that you all make up the majority of the population, right? So isn’t it a little bit tricky to think about how most of the things on this list (Mos Def, Sushi, Wes Anderson, etc.) are so beloved because they represent things that not everyone is supposed to like?

    If white people were to take something that people from all races enjoy and make it “their own,” then that means that it now belongs to 75% of the population, thus deadening its appeal.

    Sorry to be so serious, but I really do think that this is a problem.

  792. …ridiculous, but hilarious! I’ve never felt so inadequate.

    You should do a new blog called – “What Black People Fear”… some ideas: Dogs, Cops, Ghosts, Water and water sports…

  793. Steampunk.

    This may be too new and too segregated to a certain internet geek subset…but really, it’s becoming a generalized white phenomenon.

  794. on February 20, 2008 at 8:52 am The Littlefields

    It seems like this site is pretty silly. NO ONE fits all these posts. The most hilarious thing is looking at the comments. Everyone who says they love/hate it also has to include how little they resemble the posts(“I only like 5 of the things on the list”) and then qualify their statements by defining their heritage: “I’m half-indian”, “my parents are immigrants”, “I’m half chinese, korean, russian, ethiopian, and persian”

    Translation: I’m not like your usual white person, so don’t define me.

    Love it.

  795. This is very funny. I, for one, appreciate the understated humor.

    Sometime rabid support for _______ college football team must show up somewhere.

    Also, a thread about punctuation would be good.

    Go ‘Horns and Badgers!!

  796. Hey! I’m 35% white so far. Keep up the good work.

  797. I’m pretty white, but if there’s anything that this blog has helped me with, it’s that if there is ever a lull in a conversation with a fellow white person, I can just being up one of the topics covered in this blog and the conversation will be saved. Will definitely use this for when I’m on a date.

  798. white people also like the following:








  799. on February 20, 2008 at 9:26 am Billy "Ho" Hoyle

    White people love cargo pants.

  800. Don’t forget tribal tattoos

  801. Love wearing those reflective vests so they can run in groups at nighttime.

  802. My bad…so WE can run in groups at night time.

  803. Ah, yes…racism is alive and well.

    Great site except for the fact. However, you can make these generalizations about ANY race or culture; chinese always walk a straight line down the sidewalk, most latinos are catholic and LOVE soccer and Fijians are perpetually happy (unless it involves Indians). Cultures, history and the environment play a huge role in these generalizations.

    When did we start grouping middle-easterners, jewish folks, racist southerners, “yuppies”, blah, blah, blah into the “whites” category? Oh yeah, when this country became a racist nation or when organized religion dominated this planet…well it still does.

    It shouldn’t matter WHO is the author of this site; it’s still racism and until we can accept and revel in the many cultural diversities and additions our planet has to offer (no matter WHAT the color of your skin is, where you come from or what religion/philosophy you believe in, etc.) and not the little nuances, we will always focus on this crap and not more important things like our local and global environments or why we seem to force a religion on others, etc.
    Funny site/blog….crappy approach.

  804. I suggest abbreviating things. AND I DO MEAN EVERYTHING!

    example: I’m a black guy named Jeffrey. I’ve been Jeffrey my whole life to everyone I knew (black people). I went to a majority white college and was instantly shortened to JTJ (my initials). I moved to California and I work with white people. I introduced myself as Jeffrey and my name was again shortened to JTJ. I dont have a problem with this except for the fact that JTJ is more syllables than saying Jeffrey…so it’s not even really abbreviating. It trickles down from there to using AIMspeak in conversation, abbreviating one syllable words and calling people a shortened version of their last name (also calling people by their last names is a white people thing).

    I think this is a good blog though. It’s funny to me because if you look at the things that are stereotypically white against things stereotypically any other race, the white stereotypes are not really bad at all. I think it speaks to the desire for no group to want to get lumped together, which is something that I have experienced a lot of from white people. Sometimes the tables must be turned for some people to get it. So to all the white people that are “super-offended” by this blog, take that and put yourself in the shoes of the many cultures that have to deal with this kind of marginalizing on a daily basis.

  805. Too funny.

    And what about:
    White People Like Being Offended, as in:

    ‘I listen to NPR in my Prius with my adopted guatemalan baby on the way back from the farmer’s market, but I find this blog offensive and racist.’

  806. This might apply to your own peer group and a few other people, and you should qualify it as such. Don’t drag all white people into your stupid, off-the-mark world. Go ahead and qualify your website:

    “What I and a Few Other People Think About White People.”

    I’m not even going mention your site to my friends, let alone espouse an opinion to them about it. That would potentially build your popularity, and you don’t deserve that. Instead, I will totally forget I ever saw your website.

  807. p.s….my “name” is not sexist either…please note the three ‘o’s’…it’s a college nickname and not self-proclaimed. Booobies is a funny word if you can’t laugh at it, you’re a little too up tight. Try it out…say it out loud and if you don’t have even the slightest inclination to smile, well……

  808. Tough to feel for “white peopl”, chinese folks, Jews, “blacks”, latinos or any other race when you’re not putting yourself in their shoes. Just another example of racism.

    I’ll share this site with others to prove the point that a good chunk of ALL peoples are racist and continue to enjoy segregation.

    Cheers and Ciao Mein!

  809. chinese are racist, blacks are racist, whites are racist, latinos are racist….seems to be a problem we ALL have. Why is being organic, into yoga or eastern philosophy, alternative fuels, supporting local farmers at the farmers market or otherwise have to be a “white” thing?

  810. Don’t lump me in the same category with Hitler, Mother Theresa, George Bush or Salvador Dali; I’m nothing like ANY of those people.
    Funny sh*t outside of the racist part though.

  811. Also, I do *NOT* find your site to be racist. The people saying that are stupid, too.

    It’s just this — most of the things on your list are in no way exclusive to white people, and that’s where it becomes stupid and stereotype-building.

    From reading other posts, you’ve obviously hit the mark with some people.

  812. People should feel comfortable making fun of their own culture.

    This site is funny. The fact is that someone has analyzed/overanalyzed white culture is funny.

    Every once in a while people should look at their lives from an outsider’s perspective and laugh. Don’t overanalyze (omg that’s so white!).

    When you see an African American comedian making fun of the black community (the community that he is a part of), would these bloggers be as upset !?

  813. imagine the uproar had this been
    ‘stuff black people like!’

  814. this is classic.

  815. Love this site, so hilariuos. I’m not even white and I fit most/all of the descriptions. Though, I did grow up in a white family, that could be my dilemma.

  816. White people love drinking games too, don’t forget about beer pong, presidents and A**holes and Flip cups!

  817. Hahaa! I laughed so hard about the Sushi. It’s true man, white people love that stuff, myself included. :) Too expensive, ‘exotic’ etcetera.

    Fantastic weblog!

  818. You’re off in the blanket “white people” moniker, and yet “yuppie”, as previously suggested, has too many negative connotations for it to resonate.

    What this blog most accurately describes are “Bobos” the fusion of bourgeois and bohemian — coined by NYT columnist David Brooks. Here’s the description of Bobos below from Wikipedia. I can put nearly all of your posts within the framework of this theory.

    Anyone agree/disagree?

    Bobos in Paradise: The New Upper Class And How They Got There (ISBN 0-684-85378-7) is a book by David Brooks, first published in 2000. The word bobo, Brooks’s most famous coinage, is a portmanteau of the words bourgeois and bohemian. The term is used by Brooks to describe the 1990s’ descendants of the yuppies. Often of the corporate upper class, they rarely oppose mainstream society, claim highly tolerant views of others, buy lots of expensive and exotic items, and believe American society to be meritocratic.

    Bobo is often used in place of the word yuppie, which has usually negative connotations. In fact, even Brooks uses yuppie in a negative sense throughout his book.

    Brooks’s thesis in Bobos in Paradise was that this “new upper class” represented a marriage between the liberal idealism of the 1960s and the self-interest of the Reagan era. Critics of Brooks’s thesis argue that he did not provide an argument for why this elite was specifically “new,” and that the bobo trend merely represents changing tastes and preferences of a pre-existing upper class (not a product of social mobility).

    Bobos are noted for avoiding indulging in high acts of conspicuous consumption in favor of spending the greatest amount possible on the “necessities”. Brooks argues that they feel guilty consuming in the way typical of the so-called “greed era” of the 1980s so they prefer to spend extravagantly on kitchens, showers, and other common facilities of everyday life. They “feel” for the labor and working class but may refuse to buy American made goods. The term “bobo chic” was applied to a style of fashion, similar to “boho chic”, that became popular in uptown New York in 2004-5.

    Bobos often relate to money as means rather than end; they do not disdain money but use it to achieve their ends rather than considering wealth as an achievable end in itself.

  819. This site has made me laugh as I like quite a few of the articles. But now I feel confused as to wether I should be agreeing with its authenticity – basically I need to know if you’re black or not. Yeah, that would really help.

  820. I like how nobody noticed that white people like being self-deprecating and making jokes about their privilege and power. DUH.

  821. my friends and i find this to be hilarious…
    i can also see that many people don’t know the meaning of the words “sarcasm” or “satire”.
    keep up the good work!

    p.s. i’m black! …

  822. A friend linked this to me and I was hoping for something ironic and moderately entertaining. But all I’ve read is over-generalized blithering idiocy.

    If this was meant to be amusing, it fails. If it was meant to be ironic, it fails.

    Way to add to the already overcrowded slums of the internet.

  823. #662 John is right on the money, yo. This blog has a lot more to do with what your level of income is, than the color of your skin. Apparantly you don’t know any low income white (or any other color) people. Try visiting appalachia or any other low-income white community. You’ll find your list goes right out the window.
    Race has always been used as a cover for the rich/poor issue. Do some research and I think you’ll find that “what people like” is correlated more to their level of income than their race.
    The unfortunate thing is how many people link this analysis to color instead of what it’s really about, money.

  824. the site (and public response) reminds me of something similar:


    “everyone’s a little bit racist today
    everyone’s a little bit racist, okay
    ethnic jokes might be uncouth
    but you laugh because they’re based on truth
    don’t take them as personal attacks
    everyone enjoys them – – –
    so relax”
    -avenue q

  825. This is some funny shit.

    May I suggest:
    ‘Kirsten Dunst’
    ‘Graphic Design’
    ‘Fake Antlers/Fake Rustic interior’
    ‘Street fashion’

  826. There is a great amount of interest in this year’s presidential elections, as everybody seems to recognize that our next president has to be a lot better than George Bush. The Democrats are riding high with two groundbreaking candidates — a woman and an African-American — while the conservative Republicans are in a quandary about their party’s nod to a quasi-liberal maverick, John McCain.

    Each candidate is carefully pandering to a smorgasbord of special-interest groups, ranging from gay, lesbian and transgender people to children of illegal immigrants to working mothers to evangelical Christians.

    There is one group no one has recognized, and it is the group that will decide the election: the Angry White Man. The Angry White Man comes from all economic backgrounds, from dirt-poor to filthy rich. He represents all geographic areas in America, from urban sophisticate to rural redneck, deep South to mountain West, left Coast to Eastern Seaboard.

    His common traits are that he isn’t looking for anything from anyone — just the promise to be able to make his own way on a level playing field. In many cases, he is an independent businessman and employs several people. He pays more than his share of taxes and works hard.

    The victimhood syndrome buzzwords — “disenfranchised,” “marginalized” and “voiceless” — don’t resonate with him. “Press ‘one’ for English” is a curse-word to him. He’s used to picking up the tab, whether it’s the company Christmas party, three sets of braces, three college educations or a beautiful wedding.

    He believes the Constitution is to be interpreted literally, not as a “living document” open to the whims and vagaries of a panel of judges who have never worked an honest day in their lives.

    The Angry White Man owns firearms, and he’s willing to pick up a gun to defend his home and his country. He is willing to lay down his life to defend the freedom and safety of others, and the thought of killing someone who needs killing really doesn’t bother him.

    The Angry White Man is not a metrosexual, a homosexual or a victim. Nobody like him drowned in Hurricane Katrina — he got his people together and got the hell out, then went back in to rescue those too helpless and stupid to help themselves, often as a police officer, a National Guard soldier or a volunteer firefighter.

    His last name and religion don’t matter. His background might be Italian, English, Polish, German, Slavic, Irish, or Russian, and he might have Cherokee, Mexican, or Puerto Rican mixed in, but he considers himself a white American.

    He’s a man’s man, the kind of guy who likes to play poker, watch football, hunt white-tailed deer, call turkeys, play golf, spend a few bucks at a strip club once in a blue moon, change his own oil and build things. He coaches baseball, soccer and football teams and doesn’t ask for a penny. He’s the kind of guy who can put an addition on his house with a couple of friends, drill an oil well, weld a new bumper for his truck, design a factory and publish books. He can fill a train with 100,000 tons of coal and get it to the power plant on time so that you keep the lights on and never know what it took to flip that light switch.

    Women either love him or hate him, but they know he’s a man, not a dishrag. If they’re looking for someone to walk all over, they’ve got the wrong guy. He stands up straight, opens doors for women and says “Yes, sir” and “No, ma’am.”

    He might be a Republican and he might be a Democrat; he might be a Libertarian or a Green. He knows that his wife is more emotional than rational, and he guides the family in a rational manner.

    He’s not a racist, but he is annoyed and disappointed when people of certain backgrounds exhibit behavior that typifies the worst stereotypes of their race. He’s willing to give everybody a fair chance if they work hard, play by the rules and learn English.

    Most important, the Angry White Man is pissed off. When his job site becomes flooded with illegal workers who don’t pay taxes and his wages drop like a stone, he gets righteously angry. When his job gets shipped overseas, and he has to speak to some incomprehensible idiot in India for tech support, he simmers. When Al Sharpton comes on TV, leading some rally for reparations for slavery or some such nonsense, he bites his tongue and he remembers. When a child gets charged with carrying a concealed weapon for mistakenly bringing a penknife to school, he takes note of who the local idiots are in education and law enforcement.

    He also votes, and the Angry White Man loathes Hillary Clinton. Her voice reminds him of a shovel scraping a rock. He recoils at the mere sight of her on television. Her very image disgusts him, and he cannot fathom why anyone would want her as their leader. It’s not that she is a woman. It’s that she is who she is. It’s the liberal victim groups she panders to, the “poor me” attitude that she represents, her inability to give a straight answer to an honest question, his tax dollars that she wants to give to people who refuse to do anything for themselves.

    There are many millions of Angry White Men. Four million Angry White Men are members of the National Rifle Association, and all of them will vote against Hillary Clinton, just as the great majority of them voted for George Bush.

    He hopes that she will be the Democratic nominee for president in 2008, and he will make sure that she gets beaten like a drum.

  827. I have to say this site rocks. If you can’t laugh at yourselves then you are morons who have your heads too far up your colonic cleansed ass.
    I mean seriously? I DO want to be just like Mos Def, and yes, I love expensive sandwiches! Holy shit – I shop at Whole Foods and I love living by the water! What’s on my radio? Nothing but Indie (totally obscure, natch) Music!
    Hot Damn.

  828. Brilliant site: it just hits a little too close to home for most whites.

  829. Dude a whole blog on stuff white people like and one mention of a gay guy, and that as a throw away aside about how white that gay guy was? Now I realize David Sedaris is gay, but it isn’t even mentioned in the piece about him.

    We love the gays. And really, what other ethnicity loves the gays as much as milquetoast whites? We made Queer Eye For the Straight guy a hit!

    I demand a piece on GLBT, we even love the Ts and the Gs and Ls are having second thoughts about including them in the coalition. How else does someone from Transamerica get nominated for an Oscar?

  830. you have to be in Portland. . . . . . .

  831. Come check out MY blog…….

    Stuff black people like:
    -Hair weaves (but only cheap ones)
    -Long fingernails painted different colors with pictures you need a telescope to see
    -Labels only celebrities can afford, so they wear knock-offs

    Not very funny is it? Didn’t think so.

  832. I think you should go fuck yourself

  833. haha – this site should be called “are you a jealous and undereducated [your ethicity here]? Here is a list of racist stereotypes that you can simultaniously chastize “white” people for and desperately stive to emulate.”

  834. have you considered doing a post on urban organic farming? i know a lot of white people who are obsessed with that.

  835. I’m sure it’s been mentioned somewhere below, but I’d like to see a shoutout to the inherent yuppie whiteness of blogging.

  836. two more for you –

    “medical problems”
    “psychological problems”

  837. re: white epeople love to claim having native american heritage- how true!!! –
    what about ‘my family was involved in the underground railroad…. no white people’s ancestors actually owned slaves, we all we running the underground railroad!!!

  838. haha. This is fantastic, but I wonder if you mean “Stuff Hipsters Like”.

    Here are some other title ideas:

    Stuff People Who Don’t Realize They’re White Like

    Stuff People Who Think of Themselves as Culturally Informed but are Actually Homogeneous Like

    Stuff Privileged People Who Don’t Want to Identify as Privileged Like

  839. Certainly some of these topics tend to apply more to whites than other groups. But a majority of them really seem to be class based, rather than white based. The white urban yuppy certainly is guilty of quite a few of these habits. But so are urban yuppies of other races. On the other hand, rural whites as a group really aren’t down with most of these things.

  840. This white person loves your blog. That is all.

  841. White people love talking about how they don’t like things that White people love (ie talking about how they don’t like the things listed in this blog)

  842. It is so funny how many people are totally missing the humor of this site. I’m enjoying the comments more than the actual posts.

    I’d like to add one to your list of “White Activities”:

    Lance-Armstrong Wannabees – I live in a major metro area and the number of white guys that go out and buy the full ensemble outfit, hi-tech helmet, and Oakley sunglasses and hit the road is staggering.

    As a white male, I ask for forgiveness from the non-white community for these a@# clowns.

  843. Please consider writing a book. I will buy it and tell everyone to buy it. I get comments about my “exotic”, “Caribbean”, “fiery” culture. I have had white (American) people confess to me that they wished they had their “own culture” (many times as they are engaged in one or more of the activities mentioned on your site, such as securing their bike at a sandwich shop while drinking a Mochaccino and wearing a 1986 Special Olympics t-shirt). In the future, I will direct them to your site. Thank you for your wonderful insight and hilarious writing!

  844. White people also enjoy laughing at themselves…I hope! At least, I know I do!

    This blog is hilarious.

  845. your ideas are ingenious…being white myself, i can relate to many of your posts. unfortunately, your writing isn’t very witty. you have a lot of funny posts still…

    i’ve recommended this blog to all my white and black friends alike, and they all have nothing but good things to say.

    keep up the good work bred’rin

  846. There are two types of people who can’t laugh at this site:
    – Conservative go-tards who don’t understand humor
    – Liberal go-tards who are so sanctimonious and humorless they might as well be conservative go-tards.

  847. Please have someone else proofread your articles before posting them. It’s a great blog, but the typos are killing me.

    Also, white people love Ikea.

  848. John #662 – EXACTLY. Bobos nails it.

  849. on February 20, 2008 at 2:33 pm "Black Person"

    Man, this is the funniest blog I’ve seen in my life! I am black and have informed every single one of my black friends that I have come in contact with that they need to read this. I live in a neighborhood in the process of gentrification (rehabbing of homes, neighborhoods and areas, for some of you), and all of these white people you are describing are my neighbors!

    It’s a breath of fresh air that we are all able to recognize these things in a comical way!

  850. other things white people like:

    norah jones

  851. this is the greatest blog ever.

  852. White people need to learn to laugh at themselves, or they need to stop doing all these predictable things. I have quite a few white friends who are into nearly everything you say “white people like”. Blog readers this blog is the truth. This is not racism; this is just how ridiculous white people are. About half-way through my reading of all the previous entries I thought that my white friends who your blog perfectly describes had read your blog and began to like the things you discuss, so they can be more “white”, but then I remembered they had always been into public radio, vegetarianism, Michel Gondry and Wes Anderson films, apologizing, standing still at concerts, devastating breakups, knowing what’s best for poor people, Indie music, Barack Obama, etc.

  853. Goat here folks.

    Just got finished chewing up a carton of Mexican cigarettes when it struck me:

    We all got love for El Azul.


    It’s rumored he loves irony and blogging and organic cocaine.

    Get Goativated!

    ~The Goat…

  854. Skin color has nothing to do with these things, it’s the CULTURE the people were raised in.

    Being white does not automatically dictate that I love apple products or must have Netflix. While I can see the attempt at humor in this blog, it falls WAY short of the mark. It just comes off as an utter failure.

  855. I admit that part of the reason I enjoy this so much is because I went to a white school where my race (armenian) was mocked. I used to sit there thinking “you don’t even have a culture (and what you do have changes by the decade) and you’re going to make fun of my people??”…other than that I think the rest of my enjoyment is in clean fun. Clean, safe fun.

    other things white people like:

    Pirates (or ninjas if they’re an off center kinda white)
    Learning to play the guitar
    Step-brothers & step-sisters
    Going home for Christmas
    Wearing t-shirts of beaches they’ve never been to
    Fraternities & Sororities (oh bro)
    confrontation (think greys anatomy or anything on the WB)

  856. You’re missing a very important one: Self-deprecating humor as a means of denying their social privileges.

  857. I’m white and this blog is hysterical, even if I engage in many of it’s listed activities. I agree with a blog earlier saying some of the thing’s are closer to yuppie, but all hilarious none the less.

  858. “chinese always walk a straight line down the sidewalk”

    Really? I had no clue. Is that to overcompensate for the slant?

  859. on February 20, 2008 at 3:33 pm idigwhitepeople

    stuff white people like #09348508435:

    “Getting defensive when people judge them based simply on their skin color. They are angered by this because they believe themselves to be ‘special’ or ‘different’ from other white people. White people pride themselves on being special and/or different because they like to overcompensate for their weaknesess or short comings by either (a) blaming them on someone else or (b) imagining that said weakness/shortcoming/otherwise is unique and may be accounted for by another strength they have [“nobody can be good at everything”].

  860. Ha ha!

    Citing David Brooks, possibly the dumbest and whitest man on the planet?

    I dare you to read one of his columns and not come away feeling dumber for having read it.

    Truly penetrating analysis.

    Otherwise, I think this site is pretty hilarious.

    And I’m white. And like many things on this list.

    But I can also laugh at myself.

  861. Topic idea you missed, as far as white men go:

    Cunnilingus and/or analingus

  862. Stuff Middle/Upper-Middle Class White People Like:

    Presuming their experience is representative of all white people.

  863. LOL!!! This is great!!! And I have met many a white person that tells me that they are part Native American. Usually Cherokee.

    Thanks for making me laugh.


  864. “White people like to sugar coat negative thoughts, experiences, and feelings. Men must not express feelings. Sex is sort of beat around the bush and operates under some form of abstract oppression. Drink milk and then smell like it. Are focused on the outside and materiality. Will usually go along with what an employer wants good or bad. They like to feel like they are in control, nosy, questioning the obvious……………….”

    Since they, as opposed to black people, usually have an employer.

  865. This blog is absolutely hilarious and spot on. Can you do a post on mayonnaise? White people go crazy for the stuff!

  866. Funny blog. Though I agree that these examples are often more an issue of socio-economic class, rather than color.

    But what do I know?

    I’m one of the Latte Liberals! Go OBAMA!!!

  867. I read all the entries up til today (backwards) hoping there was some poignancy or punchline. I didn’t find it.

    I think my lack of payoff was due to no contrasting element. For example: stuff white people like that middle-easterners do not.

    But to just claim white people like all this crap on an absolute scale is like tantric sex. No money shot.

    Plus it’s not even all that white-centric. Maybe you’re thinking of stuff “Whitey” likes? I’m white and didn’t like a lot of the stuff that was noted. I get that it’s based on stereotypes and that means “lots of” not “all”, but many of these weren’t even familiar to me. Arrested Development? I didn’t know anyone watched that show.

    Anyway, I guess it doesn’t matter because I dont know you and you don’t know me and neither of us is famous so our opinions are really just irrelevant words on a page.

    But I comment because I’m at work late and this aint workin’.

  868. haha…

    I definitely think white people like:

    Custom made tee shirts with really stupid inside joke/sayings on them that are bought for ‘special’ events. Each tee shirt must have a number, and the person’s nonsensical nickname on the back.

  869. This blog is just plain funny.
    I have a question, can someone explain white people’s fascination with having a roommate(s)?

  870. I can recite a large number of reasons why the black people are the most ridicules people, but that would be racism.
    This isn’t. Why? Because “crackers” don’t whine like niggers.

  871. your a racist prick..
    your a disgrace to humans
    and white people should be ASHAMED
    that you belong to them

    your one of those angry white folks always bitching and WHINING
    about how oppressed white people are for being accused of being oppressors.

  872. great site. my favorite has to be “expensive sandwiches.” im currently inundated in orange country culture, which is a completely different breed of white people, but should you ever expand to subcultures, keep these in mind: tattoos, sunday drinking and trendy jeans. im a little surprised that nalgene, trees (the rain forest or the ones in berkeley) or political bumper stickers have yet to make an appearance, but there is so much time…

  873. on February 20, 2008 at 5:09 pm girlleastlikelyto

    I’m white and middle-class and thus magnetically attracted to this blog.

    I have suggestions for what white people like:

    space camp
    investigating trouble
    piano bars
    folk music

    Can’t wait to read more!

  874. i’m pretty sure the funniest thing my brown immigrant mother ever said was, “therapy is for white people.”


  875. Stuff White People Like #167: Agreeing with outsiders (particularly black comics) about the ultimate superficiality of their own nature.

  876. Love the site. Here are a few ideas:

    Plastic surgery

    Being anti-second-hand smoke

    Sexual performance enhancing drugs – like Viagra, Cialis

    Keep it up!

  877. Awesome.

  878. Your insights rock the house.

    Have you talked about pre-school and elementary schools (Walforf, Montessori, etc)?

    And magazines (Real Simple, Dwell)?

    What about personalized wedding save-the-dates cards and birth announcements you design online?

    Fascination with black&white and sepia tone photos?

    What about reclaiming names from generations past (Henry, Emma, Madeleine)

    What about Pabst beer? Rolling Drumm cigarettes, or buying American Spirit?


  879. can’t remember which is funnier, the blog or the comments about the blog.

    glad you are here…

  880. Your blog is funny. Very funny. Funnier, however, are the angry comments. I mean, the swearing? The overblown remarks? You can’t pay people to write stuff that funny.

  881. I love this! You are teh shit.

  882. Clander,

    Great blog. Here’s a couple of ideas; White people love…

    Spending 20 grand a year sending their kid to a private/prep school. White people love to send their kids off to private school in a new Jeep Grand Cherokee, and a weekly allowance that supports a sick coke habit.


    Bottled water. Sparkling water to be more “white.” You know you’re in a nice restraurant when the waiter (who’s just trying to juice the bill) offers 5 variations of water without mentioning tap.

  883. LOL, bravo to the creator of this site!

    The satire is unprecedented!
    Too funny, I’m white, I love this site and I’m telling all my asian friends about it!

  884. What about underground hip-hop? White kids love El-P and Aesop Rock.

    They also love Dwell Magazine, Ready Made and Good.

    I also notice that white people love stay at home moms, that “do lunch” at places like Panera while their kids are being are being properly socialized in a public setting aka, running around like fucking animals while their mom’s talk mad shit.

  885. I have to say, this site is a fantastic social experiment. I love how some folks are getting defensive about this and saying how other races would be in an uproar if the tables were turned. “What if this site was called What Black People Like…” Obviously, yes, people would be freaking out.

    But all those white folks out there who are pissed at this? C’mon people, time to suck it up. And welcome to the word of racism. This is just a taste of what the rest of the world goes through. Not saying this is right, but at least you might think twice when you are rolling with your friends and make some sort of racist comment about some asians, latinos or black folks.

  886. OMG are you guys kiding??? White people like PUNK music??

    Next thing I know, you all will be telling me that black people like R&B.

    Oh thank god for blogs and the people that comment on them!

  887. I had never stopped to think about how white people are just as easily stereotyped and are just as easy to make fun of as other races. Good shit. Keep up the funny!

  888. Stuff SOME people like:

    Insulting Black People/ Blaming black people for everything.

    The word “nigger” has come up dozens of times in these comments even though absolutely NONE of the author’s posts are related to black people. See Number 715 and many others….amazing.

  889. Also, it’s ridiculous to call someone ridiculous when you can’t even spell it and to call someone the N word while being afraid to post your name.

  890. This is far and away the greatest site on the internet. You should get a book, movie, magazine, tv pilot, and a news column in every major paper.

  891. I’m white and disagree with most of these things. I would love to see a blog about black people but then it would rascist. It sounds like whoever wrote this blog is jealous of liberal assholes. This type of “white person” isn’t every white person. That would be like me saying: Black people love Jail. everyone just keeps saying oh take it easy it’s just fun. It wouldn’t be fun if this was switched around and it was about black people. Than it would just be offensive.

  892. Too Awesome…If I’m a black girl and can’t get enough of everything on your site, does that mean I really white??? And what is also startling is that I identify more with this more than my white boyfriend of a year could ever even begin too. Anyway Congrats, very funny, reminds me of a site that made waves a few years ago called blackpeopleloveus.com. Similar premise… very funny…I wonder if a site entitled what blackpeoplelike, would the same type of responses ( negatuve or positive)

    Satire should definately be added to the list.
    Strip Areobics

  893. Some other things worth researching that white people like

    1. The Food Network, its like porn…but not Emeril Lagasse, because enough think they’re ‘foodies’ and/or pledge allegiance to Anthony Bourdain

    2. Karoke

    3. Drinking Games

    4. Chris Rock

  894. Ho hum. What point does this blog make about privileged white elites that Mike Judge’s “Beavis and Butthead” and “King of the Hill” haven’t made dozens of times in dozens of episodes? And in a more entertaining way?

    Well, I guess for once we’re not going after mullets and muscle cars — after lower middle-class and poor whites.

    I think of the very whitest kind of (male) whiteness as thinking that real men eat only steak, getting a undergraduate degree in “business”, taking up golf, celebrating war and guns but never serving in the military.

    But I guess in this era of reverse-PC (anti-political correctness has become so distorted and extreme as to become its own kind of political correctness), we’re not allowed to poke fun at stuff like that.

  895. this is not remotely funny. none of the comments i have read so far are funny either. satire? no.

  896. This site makes me pee my pants. thanks.

  897. stuff white people like = The Onion for people with no ability to grasp subtlety

  898. Hi,

    A friend pointed me to your site tonight. I think it’s HILARIOUS! I wonder if you already have a book in the works or if that’s something you’ve thought of doing? I can definitely see this in funny book form. If you’re interested in exploring the possibility or just need a bit of guidance navigating the weirdo publishing world, feel free to get in touch.

    Thanks for some wonderful writing to end a streak of reading some will-never-ever-ever-ever-be-published submissions :)

    to be fair, my own blog: ihavewritersblog.blogspot.com. Not associated with my company, naturally :)

  899. @ Post # 683 Karl M. said: “Certainly some of these topics tend to apply more to whites than other groups. But a majority of them really seem to be class based, rather than white based. The white urban yuppy certainly is guilty of quite a few of these habits. But so are urban yuppies of other races. On the other hand, rural whites as a group really aren’t down with most of these things.”

    Bravo, i think this site should DEFINITELY be renamed to
    “Stuff Privileged Liberals Like” Or ‘Privilibs’.

    Because seriously, This site when it it comes down to it, is about patting ones self on the back, being proud of things people are not really supposed to glorify:

    You ride mountain bikes? Great, pat yourself on the back.

    Oh you don’t eat animal products? Well here have an award.

    I’m not saying these are bad things, just a BIT self important. But, that is what the internet is for, and look how the first thing we ALL want to do is be proud of our own opinions about someone else’s. Bravo.

    P.S. This site IS funny!

  900. I love this blog, because of the style it’s written in. Loudly, I laugh as I read, but quietly, I weep because you have never met me but understand me so deeply. It is moving.

  901. So it seems you’ve heard a lot of the critics, but this really is stuff yuppies like. Middle class people with an excess of time and money spend it doing things that take (and waste) a lot of time and money. Usually to make themselves feeling better. Shocking.

  902. This blog is hilarious and has made me realize that I am the whitest person I know. There hasn’t been a post yet that hasn’t applied to me, but yet as a vegetarian, recycling obsessed, Whole Foods worshiping, wannabe Buddhist, I still find every post very funny. More “white” people need to learn to laugh at themselves. Also, I would like to see more information about the “other type of white people” that you mentioned in the Sarah Silverman post (who btw I love, and yes I think Jon Stewart is the perfect man).
    I have a few suggestions for stuff we love:
    1. passive aggressiveness (especially in the workplace)
    2. reverse racism
    3. documentaries (the more obscure the better)
    4. wearing a concert tee or an activist t-shirt (especially those PETA ones) and just waiting for someone to comment on it so that they can tell you all about it.

  903. on February 20, 2008 at 9:58 pm Anonymous Prime

    – Supporting Wal-Mart employees

    – Camping

    – Giving blood/Sponsoring a blood drive

    – Finding themselves

    – The movie, “Crash”

    – Forwarding e-mails

    – Going to Las Vegas

  904. being on this blog is so white

  905. These are very funny but ridiculously blown out of proportion only because you have peered into, or have become one of the ‘counter-culture.’ The counter-culture is really only the self-righteous white countering the rich majority which is white (america). these are mostly just hobbies that carefree americans are able to enjoy. keep in mind why ‘white people’ like this stuff. any attempt at satire is futile but they are topically hilarious.

    (playing guitar might be a good one)

  906. People need to lighten up sometimes. Honestly, this whole blog is all in good fun! It’s very funny, although I have to admit that some of the typos are a bit irritating.

    Don’t forget to add frisbees!

  907. So the other day my mom said to me in reference to why I was not inviting my crazy ex-girlfriend to my birthday party, “Be careful with her. White people will kill themselves, you know.”

    Great site, very funny and very cool. Yes, there should be one for black people, but it wouldn’t be as funny. White people are very funny. They just don’t realize it until someone points it out to them.

  908. Really, truly amazing stuff here. I found myself reading this and saying to myself, “They do like that. I mean, we do like that.”

  909. I gotta give it up. I was skeptical about your site at first, and then found myself liking most – if not all – of the stuff on here.

    Good points on Japan too – this is a sick country, but speaking it ruins the gaijin fun. :D

  910. psychotherapy

  911. You have to do a post about aliens. White people seem to see aliens everywhere. We never see aliens in brown-people countries.

  912. lol.. great read..
    this white stuff only refers to USofA whites?
    am a bit confused… enlightment pls.. anyone?

  913. This is the funniest thing I have read in a long time. Please give us more.

    How about ‘all natural’ soaps/household cleaners/body-care products? That’d be a good one.

    I live in Ann Arbor and you are describing the people here perfectly. Uncanny.

  914. on February 21, 2008 at 5:37 am Guy from Scandinavia

    This is really funny from over here as well. It applies to basically the same subsection of our population as well. Funny. :)

  915. Don’t forget that we also like to pretend that we’re not white. “I’m not white! I’m 1/4 Native American!” Oh, and don’t forget that we also like to pretend that our ancestors didn’t own slaves or participate in Jim Crow. “Hey, don’t lump me in with those people! My family didn’t get off the boat until after the Civil War!”

  916. on February 21, 2008 at 6:41 am NonYuppieWhitey

    Great Blog! I do agree that it seems to be focused more on what the “upper crust” of us White Folks seem to enjoy – and that if this were focused on what Mexicans, or Jews, or Black people like it would probably be taken down by the omnipotent web-powers that be. Can’t we all just get along?
    We also enjoy childish humor, bodily functions, and learning about what un-white people think about us. Beef up your writing skills and you’ll get less criticism from we grammar nazis, too.

  917. Air High Fives

    and anything with the prefix Mc

    McDreamy, McLovin, McSteamy enough said

  918. According to my skin color I’m white. According to your blog and what I like, I’m not. I’m confused. Thank God I have a passport which at least tells me where I’m from.

  919. on February 21, 2008 at 7:44 am Faygeth Gaylord

    White people also love:

    +Water bottles from safe brands like Evian when walking around in other countries.

    +Dressing “ethnic”

    +Warm fleece jackets

    +World music

    +Bargaining while in already poor countries

    +Comfortable running shoes (New Balance)

    +Expecting perfect English speakers wherever they travel to

    +Trying to get buddy buddy with a local for a “sweet discount”

    +Shallow friendliness

  920. I am so glad I was not drinking my morning cup of joe when I got back as far as entry #1, because I probably would have spit it all over the screen laughing and had to go make another one.

    This blog is almost as good as a Serbian film retrospective!

  921. on February 21, 2008 at 7:47 am Brendan (very white name)

    I do love tea, NPR, and my dog. Duke! Come here boy!! Time for a walk.

  922. I’m a “non-white” gal married to a white guy and I think your site is hilarious. My mantra: If you can’t laugh at yourself, someone else will.

  923. With a million blogs out there…why do people waste their time reading your blog if they don’t like what you have to say? Read something else.

    And why do some people feel the need to correct you and defend themselves……ie “this is about yuppies, does not apply to all of us white folk.”…..Just another common white trait.


  924. I have come to determine that this blog is probably written by white people about other white people, because the only things listed are those held dear by upper-middle class urban whites. Not the many things white trash like, like Gallagher, Nascar, Jeff Foxworthy, BBQ’d Turkey and hating gay people.

    And despite the fact I can already smell the book deal, I’ll play along.

    Here are some other things white people like:

    – Garage Sales/Flea markets/antique shops
    – Target (the only acceptable chain store)
    – Tattoos
    – Magazines w/o pictures (the New Yorker, Harper’s, Atlantic Monthly, New Republic, Believer, the NY Review of Books)
    – Dinner parties/supper clubs
    – Old Video Games (Original NES, Atari, Pac Man, Zelda, Mario Kart, Donkey Kong)
    – Pinball
    – Crosswords
    – Photography (esp. white girls)
    – Taking pictures of their food and posting them on their blog
    – Growing their own food/gardening
    – Young men with facial hair
    – Knitting (but not needlepoint)
    – Scrabble
    – Aristocratic lawn sports (badminton, horseshoes, boules, croquet)
    – Minimalism
    – Record collecting (as in vinyl LPs)
    – Soccer, or as they call it, Football

  925. Ha! Stupid White people.

  926. Paying taxes.

  927. What happened to Elvis?

    You know white people* can’t accept come to gripps

    with the fact that Elvis maybe in reality dead as a door nail!

    Like Tupac Shakur

  928. I’m white and I find this site absolutely hilarious and true. I see myself in several of the posts but more than that I see a lot of the people who annoy the shit out of me in almost all of the posts. Now I know why!

  929. Apparently, white people like to leave comments! Awesome site!

  930. on February 21, 2008 at 8:50 am janislikejoplin

    brilliant. absolutely brilliant, witty, true and hilarious.
    much thanks from a midwestern white girl with Baby Got Back now stuck in her head :)

  931. White people like to post comments.

    This stems from the over analytical behavior that is genetically hardwired into every white person. The act of stating what they think behind the veil of virtual anonymity is nothing short of orgasmic for a white person.

    While the degree of criticism can vary drastically from the rude, obtuse, and poorly worded drunken rant (see the comment below mine). To the eloquent yet condescending treatise on how their way of thinking is better than yours and therefore, you should adopt their point of view (e.g. this post).

    – to be continued

  932. Like some of the others, I’d say this isn’t about white people, it’s about Yuppies. I’m mostly Irish, but you only got me on about 3 (actually, 6 halves)

    Obama – 1/2- I somewhat like him, but it’s largely because I can’t stand Hillary, and am indifferent to everyone else running.

    Asian girls – 1/2 – They’re among the women I am attracted to, but I’ve never dated one.

    Tea – 1/2 – I like Earl Grey with lemon. No idea where it’s grown or how. Not interested in being an expert.

    Gifted Children – 1/2 – I like knowing my kids are intelligent and creative, but I also say Gifted and Talented and a buck and a quarter will get you a cup of coffee, but you still have to get up off your backside and walk down to the 7-11 to get it.

    Expert on YOUR culture – 1/2 – Many years ago i was reading a lot about the Lakota, but I’ve never made a nuisance of myself among them. Never saw any need.

    80s Night – 1/2 – I still listen to 80s music, (specifically New Wave / Punk ) but I’ve never been to 80s night anywhere.
    Don’t like bars or nightclubs.

  933. on February 21, 2008 at 8:53 am idontlikeyouinthatway

    This is genius. I love it.

  934. You should do stuff poor people like:

    my tax dollars
    loud music
    my tax dollars
    my tax dollars
    yelling at their children in public
    hamburger helper . . .

  935. Uh-oh… I think I might be white. :O

  936. While I find much of the stuff on here funny and insightful
    I can’t help wonder if people would be so ecstatic about this site if it was called/about:

    Stuff Black People Like
    Stuff Asian People Like
    Stuff *insert ethic/racial/religious* People Like

    I think it is good to question your environment and why people make the choices they do. But you walk a narrow line between racism/overgeneralizing/stereotyping/and being jaded at society in your observations.

    Thanks for making the site that I love/hate.

  937. middle-distance vacation snaps??

  938. I love this site. I also think it’s hilarious that so many people are claiming their “race is being misrepresented” because they don’t personally like wine bars or dim sum.

    1) Have a sense of humor, you pedantic pricks.

    2) Just because YOU don’t aspire to the KitchenAid mix master specifically, doesn’t mean you’ve never wanted the Magic Bullet blender as seen on TV or been sucked into the latest informercial kitchen gadget?

    It shouldn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out that just because the points might not apply EXACTLY to you letter for letter, that somehow you’re either free of any lame white person behavior or the author “got it all wrong.

    It just wouldn’t be a very interesting blog if the author just stuck to “white people like suburbs, cats, sweaters, and referring to all-black neighborhoods as ‘bad neighborhoods.’ “

  939. hilarious site…describes everyone i know, since i’m white and only know other white people (except for a few hispanics, but this list puts them squarely in whiteyville). keep up the good work. one of my coworkers was just talking about seeing juno last weekend and how much he enjoyed it.

    a couple suggestions:

    jam bands
    security (house, car…just the sense of being safe and secure)

    i also like the above suggestions of bottled water and “Putting their hands over their wallets/purses when black people walk near them.” guess that goes with “security”

  940. Here’s are some suggestions :

    Dave Matthews Band
    Odd flavored martinis
    public transportation (biking, walking, carpooling to work in a hybrid vehicle)
    multiple graduate degrees and little working experience
    vitamins and herbal supplements

  941. For generations, White people have used “scientific” language to talk about other people. From the anthropologist to the colonial administrator to the slaveowner, White people for too long had assumed for themselves the sole right to describe and define others.

    I for one am more than happy to read your blog. I think it’s funny, witty, and generally very clever.

    Bollocks to the people who are criticizing your blog and accusing your of being a racist. They need to loosen up and get a sense of humor. Or perhaps a life.

    Keep up the good work.

  942. don’t forget:

    vinyl records
    adopting African babies
    overpriced fanboy collectibles

  943. “white people also enjoy being critical, but not necessarily in a constructive way.” – sean comment 8.

    SO TRUE!!

    I actually find the comment section to be as humorous as the blog itself. White people running in hordes to scream their opinion, some loving the sarcastic humor, others yelling about how its only the yuppie world you are describing. Perhaps this alone is a mecca of “white people love.”

    Im not a yuppie, I like a lot of things on this list – not all but a lot.
    However I also like Nascar, Country Music and I enjoy ATVs and mudding. I still like a lot of the things on this list.
    I am still white whether or not I agree with half of it or not (for those who claim they must now find a new ethnicity).

    This is beautifully exaggerated, wonderfully written, the pictures are amazing – It’s in jest and now I am craving Sushi (oh yea, did I mention I’m a pescitarian? I only eat fish.. but I will wear leather. I don’t feel bad for the cows or anything. I just like to think its healthy – thats what they teach me in Yoga. HAHA. Thow me into that stereotype too. LOVE IT!)

    Hey, here are some white people things:
    1.White people persistently love to point out spelling and grammar errors
    2.White people cannot resist commenting on boards and screaming out in rage when they disagree.
    3.White people have trouble agreeing to disagree unless they are the one to suggest it.
    4.White people always have to be right.
    how about
    5.White people apparently can’t stand the idea of an over-generalized stereotype (i.e. these relate to only a few classes of “white”) because of COURSE all the stereotypes they give others are based on an entire nation and not just a few classes of said nation or race.

    oooooo I know!!

    6. White people LLOOVEEE to give advice and suggest things. Like this. (There really are a lot of white therapists/psychiatrists out there aren’t there).

    7. Ya gotta throw White people love Therapy. Ya did”hate our parents,” but what comes after that… OF course! Therapy! Its how the white parents amends the fact that their white children hate them and attempt to make up for the years of turmoil the possibly put their spawn through.

    Can’t wait to find out what else I love and really get a chance to read through these vs skim (white people love to skim through things.. our time is too important to actually read). Thanks for the great laughs!

  944. The reason this blog is funny is because:

    1. We white people all know people who are living embodiments of most of these observations and…

    2. We can laugh at ourselves without getting all twitchy about it.

    Lighten up…

  945. oh and to hmmm – “racism/overgeneralizing/stereotyping/and being jaded at society in your observations.”

    I think that is kinda the point here.

    “Words only hold as much power as YOU give them” someone said that to me. It’s so true. (its a general you).

  946. I have just read a sizeable chunk of your site and it appears that I am a black person. My parents will shit.

  947. May I also add (if you haven’t already covered them):

    Volkswagen (especially Golfs, Jettas, and Rabbits)

  948. -flickr. white people love that shit. (okay fine, i do, too)
    -guitar hero (why?!)
    -that song “don’t stop believing” by journey
    -t-shirts with wolves or unicorns on them
    -perry bible fellowship (too obscure?)

    this is the funniest site on the internets right now.

  949. How about whitey’s insistency to try to string out debates with other people on comment blogs that are meant solely to leave feedback on the bog itself. it’s even more apparent and inappropriate for comments regarding book/music/merchandise reviews. You see how they call out to other posters “Hey #197 you’re so stupid get your facts straight” as if they’re actually still around reading it. and if they are then they both parties need to get back to work or on with their lives. That means don’t respond to this post I won’t be back.

  950. #1 thing white people like: to not have a sense of humor and think that they are morally above satirical websites.

    oh, and guitar hero.

  951. Um…anybody ever heard the phrase, “tongue in cheek”?

    This is funny…and reminds me a great deal of my time spent in Seattle.

  952. Great blog. Don’t listen to the haters. I’m a white person and all this stuff is pretty much true. Please include something on record players. Like one in ten white people probably have a record player and they love showing it off and talking about the vinyl. I used to do this so I know.

    Thanks for the great blog,

    White Person Chris

    Or also something about how white people have like one black friend usually and they’ll try to fit them into conversations.

  953. Like this site a lot. Can you create a section that tells more about who you are, bloggers?

  954. So brilliant. So totally brilliant.

  955. oh yeah, i forgot john mayer

  956. #1 BLOGGING!!!!

  957. I grew up with very conservative Republican parents but none of these posts seem to apply to them. Are you not commenting on the behaviors of those types of white people?

  958. I hate to be the one to tell you this, but your parents must be black.

  959. Hilarious! I cannot look at my Kitchen-Aid stand mixer the same way, anymore.

    Oh, and don’t forget using words or phrases from other languages, especially when they don’t understand the literal translation.

  960. Future Posts:

    Fad Diets
    those croc shoes!

  961. This a wonderful extension of the groudwork laid down by Martin Mull in “The History of White People in America”.

    As a continuing student in the Institute of White Studies (aka USA), this is an invaluable study guide.


  962. I think it is VERY IMPORTANT that everyone take this “blog” VERY SERIOUSLY and be OFFENDED and make SERIOUS POINTS about Chinamen.

  963. What about Mayonnaise?

    White people love their Mayo!

    I don’t think the list is complete without it.

  964. A few things you should include:

    -Photography. Pretty much any white person with a digital camera and a Flickr account considers his/herself an amateur photographer.


    As a white person I can verify both of those things based on my field work. Also, I think the blog is really smart. For all of those who actually get annoyed by it, they should read Edward Said’s “Orientalism.” They will see that this blog really does speak to much of what Said discusses.

  965. Being a white guy, I can say, “White people like this blog”.
    Very entertaining. You know my favorite artist is Mos Def. I will now bring that up whenever I can in social situations.

    I would also like to say that white folks should check out Tavis Smiley. Other white people wish they knew of him before myself.


    He keeps me informed about important issues amongst African Americans. I urge all my fellow white folk that are looking to up their diversity points to check him out on PBS.

  966. Oh man, skewered like so many barbequed meals we love.

    You nailed it, dude, though me and my crew (of mostly white people) do just smoke to get high.


  967. oh and another one!

    -White people like utilizing whatever little Spanish they learned in high school a billion years ago when they meet Latinos. When it happens it’s always really awkward for bystanders. I had to witness it today in a deli. And to expand that, when they meet someone from a different country, tell that person s/he has a friend from that country too! Yay!

  968. Why not include a post about wordpress blogs. I mean, it seems like white people lost interest in web design.

  969. Funny, Unique and Well Done. Hey i love the white people who are going crazy because of you blog. Those are the very people that you’re talking about.

    Relax folks, this is entertaining, just a BLOG. Never heard of a blog. It is her voice and she can voice her opinion hoowever the hell she likes.

    Make your own blog, if you can’t handle the heat in the kitchen.


  970. I absolutely love this site. Black folks from back in the day have breast fed their babies, kept their houses and plantations, raised their children.

    I would be interested in knowing who started this site. I think these are blacks, if not, some on the entries appear to be written by black folks.

    African Americans with roots here and with ancestors who came up through Emancipation and Jim Crow know white folks better than they know themselves (I stole that from James Baldwin). After the centuries that we’ve been studied and subjected to experiments by this government, we know a little something about how ya’ll roll.

    This site is GENIUS (I know that’s a white hipster saying, but I thought I’d throw that in for familiarity’s sake).

  971. wow… i’m whiter than i thought.

  972. might I add;

    stuffblackpeoplelike – eating watermelon! hahaha!!!
    stuffarabpeoplelike – pumping oil! hahaha!!!
    stuffblackpeoplelike – gang warfare! hahaha!!!
    stuffmexicanpeoplelike – eating beans! hahaha!!!
    stuffchinesepeoplelike – shooting heroin! hahaha!!!
    stuffblackpeoplelike – welfare! hahaha!!!
    stuffjewishpeoplelike – keeping money! hahaha!!!
    stuffmexicanpeoplelike – wearing sombreros! hahaha!!!
    stuffchinesepeoplelike – eating rice! hahaha!!!
    stuffarabpeoplelike – kissing goats! hahaha!!!
    stuffmexicanpeoplelike – wearing sombreros! hahaha!!!
    stuffblackpeoplelike – sniffing glue! hahaha!!!
    aren’t i funny and clever!!!
    don’t you dare call me a racist!!!

    since the tard that likes to post it in every comment section missed this one

  973. I love being white!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  974. Suggestion for something white people like: Trader Joe’s Two-bite Brownies (or Two-bite anythings, really).

  975. Okay, forgot my contributions:

    – using the word ‘bling’

    – African safaris; white folks who drive past all the huts and through all the poor villages on their way to their hotel suites; white women in Africa

    – adopting Ethiopian children (quick story: a friend’s co-worker told her, when asked why she specifically wanted to adopt from Ethiopia, “they look better than most Africans”)

    – white boys who are mad as hell at the world and are letting us know it through “blogging”

    – white people who write thesis papers or government reports about black people but have never: invited a black person into their home, talked at length with them on a variety of subjects, stepped one foot inside a project apartment or the ghetto (accept to go to their cars to go home after work)

    – white people who are convinced that they should be allowed to have opinions about black people and make the most racist statements and assumptions about us, but who get uptight reading this blog

  976. If there is one thing in this wonderful world of ours that is worth preserving, defending, and promoting, it is the White Race. Nature looked fondly upon the White Race and lavished special loving care in its growth. Of all the millions of creatures who have inhabited the face of this planet over the eons of time, none has ever quite equaled that of the White Race. Nature endowed her Elite with a greater abundance of intelligence and creativity, of energy and productivity than she endowed unto any other creature, now or in the millenniums past.

    It has been the White Race who has been the world builder, the makers of cities and commerce and continents. It is the White Man who is the sole builder of civilizations. It was he who built the Egyptian civilization, the great unsurpassed Roman civilization, the Greek civilization of beauty and culture, and who, after having been dealt a serious blow by a new Semitic religion, wallowed through the Dark Ages, finally extricated himself, and then built the great European civilization.

    These European White Men, then, with civilization in their blood and in their destiny, crossed the Atlantic and set up a new civilization on a bleak and rock bound coast. It was the White Men who drove north to Alaska and west to California; the men who opened up the tropics and subdued the Arctics; the men who mastered the African Veldts; the men who peopled Australia and seized the gates of the world at Suez, Gibraltar and Panama.

    It was the White Race who produced men like Columbus who crossed the unknown Atlantic; men like Magellan who first circumnavigated the globe; men like Michelangelo, Leonardo da Vinci, Rembrandt, Velazquez, Bernini, Rubens, Raphael and thousands of other geniuses who created beautiful and exquisite productions in the fields of sculpture and painting; geniuses like Beethoven, Bach, Wagner and Verdi who created beautiful music; men like James Watt who invented the steam engine; men like Daimler who invented and built the reciprocating internal combustion engine; production geniuses like Henry Ford, inventors like Thomas Edison; such a prodigal genius as Nikola Tesla in the field of physics and electricity; literary geniuses like Shakespeare, Goethe and thousands of others, untold geniuses in the fields of mathematics, in the fields of chemistry and physics.

    It was the White Man who spanned the continents of the world with railroads and super highways and electrical power lines. It was the White Man who created the miraculous world of electronics, ushering in the telephone, the radio and television. It was the White Race, who in a combined burst of energy and genius sent rockets to the moon and planted the feet of the White Man on extra-terrestrial territory…..

    The brilliant accomplishments of the White Race are endless and rapidly expanding even as this is being written. All one has to do is leaf through the pages of an encyclopedia to appreciate the magnificent legacy of achievements wrought by the White Race through the centuries.

    What other race can even come close to this remarkable record of creativity, achievement and productivity? The answer is none. None whatsoever. None can even come close. In contrast, the black man of Africa never so much as even invented the wheel.

    We, the White Race, have such a glorious heritage and such an illustrious history that every member of the White Race should be bursting with pride to be part of it. Each and every one of us must dedicate ourselves to the great mission that Nature has set for us.

    It is not my objective here to retrace the history of the White Race on your blog, nor is it my purpose to make a scientific study of the races of mankind. I want to show and remind my White Racial Comrades of something that at this time in history they are sadly unaware of: the greatness of our history in the past; the noble mission that Nature has set for us in the future. Also I want to set forth in stark profile the danger that we are now in and the enemies that are determined to engulf and destroy us.

    When we reflect on the source of all our knowledge, we find that the only real truths are in Nature and in Nature’s laws. All that we know is rooted in the natural laws that surround us. It is the White Man’s uncanny ability to observe, to reason and to organize his knowledge of that small part of Nature’s secrets from which he has lifted the veil.

    One of the first major observations man has made is that Nature is governed by law. The laws of Nature are unchanging, unbending and unyielding. They are eternal. One of the inexorable laws of Nature is the survival of the fittest. We have seen from the previous chapter that Nature is continually striving to upgrade each of the species by dividing them into sub-species and having each one of the sub-species compete against each other. Those who cannot compete fall by the wayside and forever fade into oblivion. Those that are superior prosper and multiply. Nowhere in Nature do we see the superior fleeing before the inferior, nor do we observe where a superior charitably tries to help sustain or uplift an inferior species.

    Nature evidently wishes the inner segregation of the species. For instance, if we look at the bird kingdom we find that hummingbirds have been segregated into some 320 different species, sparrows have been segregated into some 263 species, wrens into over 60 species, and so on. In the animal kingdom we find the same phenomenon being revealed before our eyes. Whether we look at the species of mice or rabbits or cats in their natural habitat, we find that they have been segregated into dozens of different species, each following its own pattern for its survival, propagation and multiplication in competition with its own sub-species and the other creatures of the earth. Each has its peculiar means of protection, of mating, of propagation. Each has its natural enemies.

    Man, too, is a creation of, and a creature of Nature. He, too, has been endowed by Nature with a special program for survival and propagation. He, too, has his natural enemies and it is a cold hard fact of Nature that the White Man’s most deadly enemies are other species of mankind, namely the Jews and the other colored races.

    We further observe about Nature that she abhors mongrelization and bastardization. Nowhere in Nature’s natural kingdom do we find a fraternization or mongrelization of the different species, nor do we find them inter-breeding and mixing their genes. Not only do we find that the different species of birds, for instance, do not inter-breed, but we find that the sub-species do not inter-breed, although they may live in the same forest or in the same environment.

    For instance, we do not find crows, who are birds, mating with white egrets who are also birds. We do not even find that any of the 60 species of wren mix or inter-breed with each other. Nor do we find any inter-breeding among the different sub-species of the jay. For instance, a blue jay will not mate with a grey jay or a Mexican jay, or a Stellar’s jay, or a scrap jay, or a green jay.

    If this were not one of the prime objectives and laws of Nature we would soon find that not only would all the sub-species be mongrelized into one species, but all the birds would be mongrelized into one type of bird only and all the fish with all their thousands and thousands of species would be mongrelized into one type of fish. There would soon be no such a thing as a beautiful blue jay or a beautiful cardinal or a wonderful little hummingbird or a delightful meadow lark. No, the black bear and the grizzly bear may live in the same forest, but they do not commune with each other, nor do they socialize with each other, nor do they mongrelize or mate with each other. This is one of the inexorable laws of Nature. Nature frowns upon bastards, and usually punishes them by extinction.

    Racial Regards,

  977. Smoothies!

  978. green smoothies

  979. Hey ZK,

    I just saw a documentary on how polar bears are starting to mate with grizzlies who are having to return to the land due to the melting of polar ice from global warming caused by the white man. A hunter just shot an adult offspring of such a union. It was a white grizzly bastard bear I guess. Your science is cold enough to freeze beer.

    You might also be surprised what you find if you do a little genealogy work. You are in all likelihood not nearly as pure white as you would like. Look at how many black people share the same names with our founding fathers, i.e. Jefferson, Washington, etc. You may even be a little Jewish. What would you do if you found that your blood was bastardized? Would you slit your throat and let it out? You might be doing your part to cleanse the gene pool.

  980. on February 21, 2008 at 3:07 pm Faygeth Gaylord

    White people also like:

    -Belts with the security pocket while traveling in other countries

    -Sunglasses to conceal where they are looking at

    -Pronouncing other than English words in their correct manner, to show you how cultured they are

    -Multi function watches, so they are prepared for everything

  981. I really hope a white person is writing this blog.

  982. That’s the thing about people from Toronto, seems we only do great things once we leave.

    Why is that? Sense of perspective?

  983. Here’s some for you:

    Bad Sex.

  984. Yoga! In fact, some developers in Brooklyn already discovered white people’s love of yoga, and have used it to help advertise a new loft building with the phrase: Vinyasa in Su Casa!

  985. umm, this is real funny. I am white and love ragging on myself so this blog is perfect.

  986. um, zk, you are a racist douche.

  987. – They love commenting on edgy/hip blogs with names like : TechCrunch, Gawker, Gizmodo, Boing Boing, Deadspin, the unofficial Apple Weblog and Celebrity-Babies

    – They like leading conversations and ending them on their terms. If “uncomfortable” topics like white skin privilege or racism are brought up in a conversation or on a blog it will only proceed if whites have determined and/or approved these as topics of discussion

    – C – sections

    – breast implants

  988. Approaching a complete stranger who appears non-white and asking him/her her race, and then, commenting: “Oh, but you don’t like like XX, you look like YY”


  989. Jello molds

    having a lawyer on retainer

    Reading tabloids while standing in line at Pavillion’s
    (it doesn’t count)

    Ryan Seacrest

    canines as accessories

    Camouflage pattern lingerie

  990. on April 4, 2008 at 4:02 pm Everything in Moderation

    i CAN’T BELIEVE that no one has talked about how white people LOVE to ride in the car with their dogs!! white people love dogs! also new restaurants…they love to tell you about a “new” restaurant they’ve recently discovered. especially if it’s something ethnic like Brazilian. and sudoku…don’t forget about sudoku.

  991. I’m having a racial identity crisis.

  992. White people love:
    -The wave (at games)
    -making websites
    -tupperware parties

  993. on February 21, 2008 at 6:00 pm Faygeth Gaylord

    White people love:

    -Weekend trips to Baja for some sw33t “tah-koes”, “toes-tah-dahs” and “saer-bay-sas”

    -“Power” walks/lunches/naps

    -Whitened ethnic food or making ethnic food sound safer (burritos=wraps)

    -Traveling to central Mexico but not being caught dead talking to a Mexican in the U.S

  994. White people love ANY lingo that is “black and hip!” for shizzle, my nizzle!


  995. White people love working in the Bronx, NY and mentioning this fact as often as possible.

  996. Zionismkills
    You are an idiot. Egypt is is in AFRICA!

  997. White people like raising livestock for no economic reason, such as pets or as a hobby. Maybe white people like cleaning up dung.

  998. “Nature frowns upon bastards, and usually punishes them by extinction.”

    Guess we can kiss your lily white butt good-bye then.

  999. “wearing scarves” and saying ” wait for it…..” like doogie howser on How I met Your mother show.

  1000. invitro
    neck ties
    life insurance
    gardens and maintaining their lawns
    decorating their houses for Christmas

  1001. invitro
    neck ties
    life insurance
    gardens and maintaining their lawns
    decorating their houses for Christmas

  1002. yeah you guys love cul de sacs! i never saw so many people go crazy over cul de sacs before i met you guys!

    no, seriously… what i like about this blog is the different ways in which readers substitute the word “white” with whatever inorganic trash that has subverted any authentic culture the reader might have had previously enjoyed. for example, when i read this blog, i think “hipsters” (early-to-mid-twenties, midwesterners with art degrees and skinny jeans who have chosen brooklyn as their adopted home). i’ve heard “liberals,” “hippies,” “people from san francisco,” and a whole host of others. i guess it’s a work of great interest to anyone with an interest in cultural studies…

  1003. to hmmm @ 781. someone could do a blog about ‘stuff mexicans like’, etc., and have just as much great subtle in-joke humor.

    but white people would never read it.

    i am very white. and i love the blog! :)

  1004. don’t forget picking apples! we LOVE to pick apples for fun. we wouldn’t do it for a living, but we love to do it on weekends. and we’ll even pay for the privelege of doing it. farm laborers must think we’re crazy.

  1005. I got through large parts of several of these, but the overtaking sentiment was that it’s slightly funny — but — not worth reading all the way through. The author obviously lacks broad experience … she suffers from limited perception. By applying her comments to the extraordinarily broad “whites,” she dooms her credibility and angle. She, the unfortunate author, proves, boldly, like with a hillbilly’s toothless and charming neighbor-greeting, that a pea exists where the rest of us possess brains. Context is everything in this type of website! Maybe there’s an idea here, but Think, Sally, THINK. You did a shabby job. Your fans are children.

  1006. Jazz festivals in small town Ontario.

  1007. white people love having gay or black friends or even better, gay black friends

  1008. 1. The Coen brothers need to be mentioned. They are by far the most popular directors for white folks, even more so than Michel Gondry.

    2 Also, working on a novel. Every white person has a manuscript in their head for the great American Novel.

    3. Jack Kerouac and beat writers.

    4. Ingrid Bergman.

    5. Skiing, or at least have skis attached atop your Subaru.

  1009. Are you people shrooming? could this website go any farther over your heads? If you don’t get it, don’t read it. But telling the author that she “obviously lacks broad experience” because not all white people actually like the things on this blog accomplishes nothing – except to show just how stupid you (ShrapNall) are.

  1010. Oh yeah, suggestions:

    1. The Economist magazine
    2. Gay and Ethnic Pride Parades
    3. Jim Lehrer
    4. Kabbalah

  1011. 5. Scientology
    5a. Critiques of Scientology

  1012. *applauds*

    This is completely hilarious and spot on! I love the way it’s set up to be like an instruction guide for non-whites. As for the silly overly defensive folks who take offense to it, relax. To parrot the commonly used defense of minority racist humor: “stereotypes wouldn’t exist if there weren’t some truth basis for them.”

  1013. Let’s not forget emo and goth. It’s almost an entry level requirement to be pasty and ghost-like.

  1014. What about this as something white people like:
    Stealing music from other cultures and claiming it as their own. After all, Elvis did invent rock and roll.

  1015. White people also really love:
    1) Jones Soda-I’ve never seen anyone but
    white people drinking it.
    2) Telling you about how fine the Janet Jackson is.
    3) Alt-Country-Jeff Tweedy-Wilco -Uncle Tupelo
    4) Expensive hiking boots- never to be hiked in except to a concert.
    5) Hackey-Sack
    6) Adult Cartoons
    7) What ever Black people liked 15 minutes ago! But now pretend they liked what ever it is all along. I had so many white guys accuse Public Enemy as racist and anti-white and now they bump it when ever I come over as if I don’t remember their views from 15 years ago. I think Gangster rap scared then into accepting old-school.
    oh yeah… writing in Black Speech sorry, Gangsta rap.

    Fo’Shizzle m’ Nizzle

  1016. Oh man, this shit has made me anxious about my stereotypically white habits.

  1017. not voting
    yelling at movies
    clothes with the looney tunes on them
    flight jackets
    blaming other people for their problems
    whatever hot 97 tells them
    killing each other
    complaining about diamond trading
    supporting diamond trading (government and consumer)
    taking strong positions on issues without researching those issues
    yelling on the subway
    buying gold chains with jesus’ face on them

    drawing race lines

    You’re a douche. I’m positive this is for an art project.

  1018. driving poorly
    pretending not to know english
    enslaving their own people
    dry cleaning
    being introverted/submissive
    fish for breakfast
    the piano/cello
    awful beer
    repressed sexuality turning into all-consuming fetishes
    pointless martial arts
    “ancient secrets”

    drawing race lines

    you’re a douche.

  1019. How bout “doing things the old fashioned way.”
    Also, people are taking this WAY WAY too seriously. Most of them are probably white, in fact, we should probably add
    “blogging” and “taking things WAY too seriously” to the list of things white people like.

  1020. … don’t forget about the (White) Techno DJ, and his annoying quest to create an independent techno label to sell songs he made using Reason.

  1021. How ’bout ………waterskiing, wakeboarding, psychiatrists, snow skiing sir david attenborough, kilts, lord byron, thomas de quincey

  1022. Son is out of control…hahah..

  1023. Hey. A joke. How many white people does it take to change a light bulb?
    4. One to change the bulb and three to draw up the environmental impact statement.
    That picture is a hoot and a half.

  1024. Oh. The Lake Poets and Victorian novels.

  1025. The Clash

  1026. Film Noir.

  1027. Funniest site I’ve seen in months. I’ve now read every post. Great job.

    I’m guessing that the end-goal of this is to produce a book. The author of this website has a surefire bestseller on his/her/their hand(s) — the hit counter alone would net them a huge publishing contract. And it’s completely well deserved.

    I wonder if the author will write up an opening essay excerpting some of the more “colorful” comments on here and in the individual blog postings? There seems to be a “serious” book possible here too detailing the huge variance in reactions to this site.

    Some people feel under attack here — that their basic outlooks on life are under threat because this highly accurate site underlined undeniable trends. Heck, I saw myself in a HUGE number of things here, but all that did was give me a good laugh.

    Look forward to hearing more about stuff white people like.

    Hit counters don’t lie — job well done!

  1028. And if I had to guess I would say that I’m pretty certain it is indeed a white person — a highly perceptive white person with a good sense of humor — who wrote this. I think the speculation that the writer might be Korean etc is way off the mark. The entries related to Japan are simply the truth right down to the hysterical observation that a person who has lived in Japan will hold it as their right to forever say when eating in a Japanese restaurant “Oh, this is ok, but I spent four years in Japan and I guess I just got spoiled over there.” (I’ve had that said to me by a white person who had taught in Japan).

    Right on and through the target.

  1029. Great site. Maybe universities will start to offer a major in White Studies.

    FYI, this site is basiclly what white liberal people like. My redneck, Bible-thumping relatives wouldn’t be cught dead in a Prius or doing yoga.

  1030. on February 22, 2008 at 3:25 am Anglo-in-the-dark

    White men have been trying to define reality since Columbus… naming, categorizing, and controlling everything in their path… stealing ideas from around the planet and claiming them. White people think they are best suited for defining the world. God forbid we allow someone else to do it. Thank you for your work… you might pull some folks out of the Matrix.

    A White Man

  1031. The World Market/Pier 1 Imports

  1032. Adopting children of color from poor countries

  1033. In reference to about a quarter of these comments… “being politically correct.”

    You guys rock! Keep up the great work!

    Fabs (a white guy).

  1034. This site rules, I have often said the same things about my “kind” and I’m guilty of half the things on this website. I LOVE IT!!!! Absolutely Hysterical.

    Keep it up.

  1035. Adopting Asian kids. White people LOVE adopting Asian kids. They can proudly tell people they are “saving the third world” by adopting Asian kids. They give the kids white names, tell them how they are “saved” because of the kindness of white people, and keep a bottle of soy sauce in the house because “O, we do not want them to forget about their heritage.”

    Great site. Keep up the good work.

  1036. As someone mentioned upthread, white people are not used to this. They’re not used to having the microscope put on them or having things they hold near and dear up for review and critique. They’ve been raised believing that they’re the “default” race and culture, and that everyone else is The Other.

    I love it.

    other stuff they like:

    – haiku poetry
    – Louis Vuitton handbags
    – google – white people LOVE google

  1037. funny and observant.

    A few more suggestions:

    expensive, seemingly unwashed haircuts made to look as if they were done at home with a garden shears

    big, plastic retro-looking glasses that were made by elite designers

    wedding registries that ask for donations to non-profits

    i totally agree that this is white-yuppie stuff, mostly.

  1038. Oooo! White people LOVE:




  1039. this is definitely yuppies, not normal white people.
    and i can say that i hate almost all of the things on this list.

  1040. I think you could also add “arguing with Stuffwhitepeoplelike” to the list.

  1041. Hilariously true…but come on, you gotta admit this is a field study of young urban white hipsters, not the average white American.

  1042. this site is wonderfully funny. maybe if you are living in some parts of the country most of the stuff isn’t applicable but where i live…Manhattan NY…it’s dead on.

    i love the guy above (zionismkills) who wrote a 10,000 word dissertation on the merits of the white race.

    Dude…chill out. It’s a joke…like Sarah Silverman which you know you love.

  1043. Hilarious, though I agree this is mostly about what educated, relatively upper income white people like. In that spirit, I offer one more. White people love going barefoot (particularly indoors) because they think it means they’re earthy and grounded.

  1044. I am a black person and I find this site absolutely hilarious partly because I can relate to many of the “stuff white people like” and partly because I think about the white people I know (and even those I don’t know personally) and see it! For me fighting words are anything negative about Le Creuset, NPR, Apple, David Sedaris, or Jon Stewart.

    On the other hand, I am still baffled by what some of my white friends love about Royal Tenenbaums and Lost in Translation. And what is the deal with vintage stuff and 80’s night?!

    And for those who say this is offensive – I have a wall hanging that says “blessed are those who can laugh at themselves for they shall never cease to be amused.” I think it’s quite appropriate for this context.

  1045. <3 this blog, it’s the funniest thing I’ve read in a loooong time

    Reese Witherspoon
    Vacation Homes

  1046. The Wu-Tang Clan. White folks love Wu-Tang.


  1047. Oooh can you add Amy Sedaris and telling you all the different ethnicities of white they are when anyone mentions race.

  1048. I only really qualified for a small number of these (I’m an nipponophile, Mos Def loving white girl with 3 art degrees), I could have sworn I was white. I mean, both sides of my family are Scottish (hence the name) I’m so pasty I reflect light.

    T_T I wanna be white.

  1049. Sure you say white people, but what you really mean is liberal white people.

  1050. camping?

  1051. Has someone added the 3-pointer? Look at the racial make-up of the NBA and look at the three point shooters.

    Three cheers for Jason Kapono!

  1052. Let’s nominate this website for some kind of an award.

  1053. im half chinese and half white and haev always struggled finding my identity, especially leaving diverse san francisco for a whitewashed college back east. i was peer rpessured into buying a pair of birkenstocks to fit in with my colelagues, but never succumbed to wearing the pink polo shirt with khaki shorts. i would like to see birks/crocs on this page.

  1054. Amazing!, too much LOL.

    I’m agree with every post, hahhaa

    (Of course, I’m a white man from europe)

  1055. HILARIOUS.

  1056. Emoticons. White people love them.

  1057. As someone who is most assuredly whiter than any of the whiteys posting here (after all, you’re all New World mutts), I give thumbs up to this site. In a very ironic, white kind of way, naturally…

    It’s too bad other white people like this blog, too. It would’ve provided much more added value to my modern lifestyle had I been the only white person laughing at it, but ah well… You canät win every time. At least I’ve been the only person on a bus in eastern Africa many, many times. Did you know one is deluged with the tunes of Kenny Rogers and Chris de Burgh (even the occasional Peter Cetera) on those busses. Africans are so WHITE!

  1058. Good way to get people to think. Those that are offended IMO are taking it way too seriously and missing the point.

    Interesting reactions to your blog found here: http://www.etsy.com/forums_thread.php?thread_id=5481756&page=1

  1059. May I suggest:

    Pita Bread

    A Tribe Called Quest (yes, i saw it was mentioned in the top 10 rap songs that white people like but I tend to believe it needs it’s own #).

    Speaking correct English and using punctuation properly at all times.

    Carrying business cards around with them at all times just in case a networking opportunity comes along

    Making lists- for everything!

    Logging their dreams

  1060. I think its funny that there are consistent comments about how these are “yuppie things” and not what white people like. Yuppies are White People, and if your making the yuppie comment, odds are your a yuppie!

  1061. library cards. white people love to have library cards. note: using said library cards is not required.

  1062. I love this website…Keep up the good Work…

  1063. For everyone calling this site racist:
    it isnt really possible to be racist toward white people.
    white people’s culture is everywhere, in everything. it is the default. that is to say, no one tells stories that begin, “so this white guy came up to me…”
    our classes teach white western history and promote white western values, etc etc.

    simply poking fun at the dominant does not racism make.
    racism is prejudice + power, applied and manifested in a systematic way.

    someone making fun of your predilection to join clubs and shop at whole foods doesn’t equal generations of struggle and systematic, institutionalized oppression.

  1064. some other things white people enjoy:

    expensive cheese shops
    converse – specifically, chuck taylors
    destination weddings

  1065. also, “that’s what she said” jokes

  1066. This is the most hilarious website I’ve come across in a LONG time, I swear you used all my ex-boyfriends as subjects. Thanks, good work, and keep it up.

  1067. erm…what about jogging?

  1068. A gentleman in my office (non-white) claims that all white people love cold pizza. When we polled, all white people RAVED about cold pizza (myself included), and all the non-whites claimed they had never even thought about really eating it like that.

    So this isn’t a scientific study, but so far it has held up in tests.

  1069. wow, i don’t even know what to make of this.
    first i was offended. then i was like – but actually, it’s pretty funny and spot -on! and then i though ‘uh oh, but as a white person, this says i’m supposed to like irony and making fun of myself to lessen my feelings of guilt’ and then i thought ‘fine then, i won’t like it!’ and then i thought ‘but it’s clever!’ and then ‘ i go to a liberal arts college. is there really something wrong with that? recycling is good! sushi is yummy! do i need to hate myself? ahhhhheiohrohorhorhriohvo.’

    this made me laugh, but i don’t know how to respond at all, and it hurts my brain

  1070. and smoothies! and photography?

  1071. here’s 3 more

    -Dave Matthews

  1072. If this website was about darkies, it would be shut down. It’s ok to mock white people but better not do it to black or you’re screwed.

  1073. Your blog is hilarious. I added to my links list:


  1074. Hilarious , I emailed to my friends. I do find the stereotypes true of east and west coast college educated class, but not true of midwestern folks. A lot of midwestern folks come from farming backgrounds and are taught to earn a living with their hands. As a result they don’t fall for all the arty farty BS the east/west coast types do.

  1075. This shit is so funny <3333 tyty

  1076. i think the biggest thing you left off your list that white people really love is reading you blog just so they can say “i don’t do that.” or “i’m not like that.”

  1077. This website rules.

    White people also love LOL Cats website, crossword puzzles, documentaries & extreme sports.

  1078. No motorcycles? Do I need to send in a picture of my mom in her riding leathers? Because I’ll do it….

  1079. I love your blog. Please continue.

  1080. Why doesn`t everyone just relax and take a chill pill. For anyone who is not able to see humour in this, then you have a big problem. Everyone (white, black, chinese or Indian) should be able to laugh at themselves. Laughing at one’s self is quite therapeutic…some of you should try it every once in a while. I think this blog is amazing…and i am inclined to believe that the person who came up with this blog is actual a white person despite what others might think. I am a non-white person, and i laugh at these posts purely on a comedic level. i do not think that everything on here applies to every white person i have ever met or known.

  1081. Do people really care about this? This is the most generic website…

  1082. Wow, this blog is gold!

    Might I suggest:

    Bottled Water
    Saturday Night Live
    Dave Matthews Band
    Wearing a sportcoat with a t-shirt and jeans

    Keep it up!

  1083. Now I see why neo-con a@@wipes hate white Liberals.

    Jeez, I hate Liberals now.

    What about white people that do everything on this list until the only thing left to do is turn Conservative & gush to everyone how f****ked in the head they were until they saw the light.

    Like they’re instant experts on everything that’s wrong with America because they lived it. So they feel like they got instant cred as a super-neo-Con A@@hole!

  1084. soccer
    “experimenting” with bisexuality
    multiple bumper stickers
    the Hamptons
    turtlenecks with dinner jackets
    the subway, but NEVER the bus
    carbon offset credits
    poetry readings
    modern art
    Che and Mumia
    adopting foreign children
    soul patches
    boutique hotels

  1085. Here’s a few:
    -Therapy/group therapy
    -“Green Spaces”/gardens in urban neighborhoods
    -Adopting the religions of foreign cultures they didn’t grow up with (Connecticut Bhuddists)
    -Soccer (Watching European football makes white people feel so much more sophisticated than all of us Baseball morons)
    -Quoting Bukowski/Keroak/Ginsburg/Burroughs etc.
    -Conspiracy theories(they love knowing what “really” happened on 9/11, JFK asassination, etc.)
    -Really bad modern art

  1086. Thank god it’s all true! I thought it would be a rant about all the stuff that makes white people bad. I was surprised to find out that its all about the good stuff that makes us white folks great!

    I was beginning to think that I was a freak, right up until the point you validated my lifestyle.

    With all of the images that I see in the media I thought I might have to give it all up and follow the American dream an’ buy me a ‘Suvee rollin’ on twenties so that all of those dumb ass homies and their nappy haired bee-otches could see me flossin’ in my whip and sh-eet’. Heck I nearly bought my self some of those pumped basket ball boots, sorry ‘kicks’. Had to stop though as my wellfare cheque wouldn’t cover it though.

    Peace out, A’ ight

  1087. Reginald: mockery and demonization of people of color is the standard. It’s accepted. It happens in every form of media millions of times a day if you know to look for it. The fact that this blog is explicit about its humor is the only difference.

    b: What’s amusing to me isn’t that white people read to say it doesn’t apply to them (i don’t know if this is true or not); I’m amused by the fact that some commenters seem to think that liking or doing anything listed automatically makes them bad people.

    Folks are so fearful of being accused of being racist that they’ll claim to like things they don’t and deny liking things they do. Just like what you like! Recognize your white privilege (and even use it to be an ally, but not a patronizing ‘savior’) and stop denying that you have a culture attached to you. That culture does not have to be synonymous with racism and ethnocentrism if you don’t choose it to be. And if you don’t choose it, and you’re actively working towards understanding and equity, then it’s nothing to be ashamed of and you’ll be able to laugh at yourself here.

  1088. Jesus H Christ, this is the best blog I read in ages!!

    I don’t know who you are, maybe a white guy being ironic, or a black guy being abservant, but I love you xx

  1089. Sharing websites (like this one) and youtube videos. Hey, have you seen the new website/video? Act like you have etc..

  1090. Anything on the BBC… especially the news.

  1091. It’s true about the BBC… “Oh, the “Office” tv show is ok I guess, but I prefer the BBC version”

  1092. I like cooking shows, karate, and fancy cigars.

  1093. very funny, good writing. than ks.

    one suggestion: talking about their heritage (in emergency situations just claim irish)

  1094. the shit is damn funny…..why ya gotta talk about my bikes like that. thats not right.

  1095. Cool stuff…you could add somethings like

    * I am happy for you – usually quoted by white women
    * Talking loud in foreign countries, assuming that lounder means someone who does not know english will immediately understand Shakespeare.
    * To let the culture sink in

  1096. I don’t necessarily enjoy expensive sandwiches. I like a good sandwich (WHO DOESN’T), which can be expensive. Nothing’s better than a good, cheap sandwich.

    Every race recycles. And plenty of whites HATE it.

    Everyone thinks about poor people. Plenty of whites ARE poor. Plenty of rich whites don’t care about the poor.

    Plenty of Black/Asian/etc people like Brack Obama, Dave Chapelle, and Mos Def. (Have you seen Barack Obama’s polling and voting numbers among blacks? Over 90%. They love him too.) Plenty of white people HATE these guys.

    I could go on, but I’ve made my point.

    You know, this IS a fun website, but there’s something twisted about it. I mean, besides the fact it’s narcasistic and narrow-minded.

    You did something *very* well, and maybe this was your aim — you generated controversy. But it’s controversy in the vein of William Randolph Hearst… garbage and self-serving.

  1097. having been raised white i’d be embarrassed if i wasn’t laughing so damn hard, as this is SO spot on, lol… it describes so many people in Portland, OR where i now live.

    i like someone’s suggestion about “native american heritage” – that one always cracks me up when someone says “I’m part Cherokee” – and WHY is it ALWAYS Cherokee?!??!?

    oh, and also…


  1098. …have some of you ever heard of Satire? this website is fun and thats about it. There is nothing twisted about it unless you want to make it twisted. It’s pure old comedy. Learn to laugh at yourself for a change. While everything on this blog may not apply to you or all white people in general, you should not take offense to it. I am black, and people make generalization about how black ppl like fried chicken or anything fried… i laugh at that eventhough i don`t eat fried chicken. But the fact is majority of black ppl do love fried foods. so while you may not like recycling or what not, most white ppl do love to recycle, and they do so more than black ppl. i don`t know what that says about us black ppl… but who cares!

  1099. White people like…

    …making fun of themselves for being white, because it shows they are hip and not uptight.

    This means you.

  1100. My black friends don’t get it. OBTW, did I mention I have black friends? I think they’re a little afraid to laugh … like white people at a Kat Williams show. OBTW, did I mention that I know who Kat Williams is? That makes me cool.

  1101. Oh, you all say “white people” like it’s a bad thing!

    Don’t forget “running marathons” btw.

  1102. This would be funny if Obama didn’t fill all these steroetypes as well.

  1103. this site’s awesome, rock on. i’m white, i love it…. why, because its so effing true. we need to laugh about this ish, seriously.

  1104. You are the best. The funniest.
    I’m brown but I love whites like you.

    Infact let me love you…

  1105. This blog? Awesome.

    “Centrification” is so completely spot on. Delightful! Especially since me and all my pals have just moved to Decatur, GA (where it’s greater…or so says OutKast). Perhaps you should add “supporting the public library”. White people like to think they are serving the public good.

  1106. getting offended at blogs

  1107. White people love thier cherokee/iroquois/seminole great-great-grandmothers, who were always daughters of a great cheif.

  1108. I think white people are just bored… they need to get lives.

  1109. There is white and then there is tragically white. I believe that this site addresses the latter. It brilliantly captures the S for brains, callow, left leaning, granola eating, clog wearing, subset of the white race that is an embarrassment to those of us who really don’t give a damn about what they like or don’t like.

  1110. on February 22, 2008 at 1:03 pm Moo Moo Buckaroo

    What about “gay people”?
    It seems like all white people (especially women) must brag about the number of gay friends they have. And how they would much rather go out with their gay friend Juston (note the spelling change) than with the the hetero-alternative, Justin.
    The same goes for men. Every fraternity (and more recently older social circles) has the token gay man who is the life of the party and always drinks just a bit too much and shares a bed with their female friend because they “don’t have to worry about getting taken advantage of”.
    This is a white phenomenon that other races don’t typically embrace.

  1111. Fancy Pizzas.
    Read…with avocado and other things that should be left on salads.

    white people love fancy salads, and grilled vegetables.

    p.s. good, keen observations.
    (although i do agree that most of the entries so far have to deal with rich white people…once you get to camouflage clothing and xenophobia maybe some of these haters will calm themselves)

  1112. Although a lot of things in the blog are true, everyone is allowed their own tastes and opinions. Blacks etc like things that are sterotypical of their ‘race’, so leave white people alone and let them do their thing. I don’t find the blog amusing, after all, if it were about black people, it would be shot down for being racist. (no pun intended). Its not original either, and its actually quite pathetic. And no, i’m not white, i just think its a stupid blog.

  1113. makes me so proud to be a white person! and it’s too bad “wicks” was born to suck at life.

    Keep up the blog, it’s fun to read!

  1114. what about white chicks with the big furry wintery conan the barbarian boots.
    now thats funny looking.

  1115. White Powar!!

    Wait….that’s not what this blog is about? Oopsie.

  1116. on February 22, 2008 at 1:15 pm Somewhat Ammused

    so you’re black, right?

  1117. ok…so all white people are rich? All white people go to college? Last time I checked most white people are dumb hicks from the south and Midwest. I think the blog is hilarious, and it pegs me and my friends quite well. However I would say if you go by numbers white people in America like cheap shit beer, NASCAR, America itself, guns, large cars and anything that lowers taxes.

  1118. I absolutely love this website!!! My (white) friend passed the link along in good humor because we are very open about our cultural differences as white and black.

    LUV it, very on point… just reflects general thoughts/comments/jokes

  1119. can’t get enough! keep it coming!

    –camping accessories used day to day (i.e. nalgenes, EMS)
    –“mental health professionals”
    –high thread count sheets

  1120. Ok for all non-white people that think the blog is not funny because it is just a list of stereotypes…you all don’t know how true it is. If you are an upper middle class college going white person this blog pegs you to the T. These aren’t made up stereotypes, they are mostly facts. I want to live by water, I love micro brews, I love sushi, I study abroad, I have attempted to teach English in japan, I firmly believe government programs are the only way to help poor people, I like raising awareness, I like red wine way more than white and enjoy going to wine regions where you can get special stock that no one else can have, and perhaps most of all I firmly believe that you can get more factual information from the Dailyshow than you can from fox news. Now not all the stuff fits me, for I hate indie music, instead I am more of a jazz snob, but I know a ton of white people that are the indie music type.

  1121. The National Broadcasting Company and Saturday Night Live particularly that kid from All That.

  1122. Funny stuff. Pretty accurate too. Is it all-inclusive? Of course not, but I doubt you mean it to be. Play on.

  1123. I think the whole blog is amazing and I can’t stop laughing. The co-ed sports post esp hit the nail on the head b/c my company softball team takes itself way too seriously but I still go every week. Keep ’em comin! I seriously need to get back to work now.

  1124. I’m sure this seems funny-because-it’s-true to the bloggers, but it is untrue, and just funny, in 98% of the United States. Ratio of white people who like Michel Gondry to white people who like, say, NASCAR: 1 to 1,000 (10,000? 100,000?). White people who like alternative medicine to white people who like to go to church one or more times a week: see above.

  1125. White people love reading about other white people.

    Carry on, this is awesome.

  1126. Also, you’ve inspired my friends and I to start a blog called “Stuff New Yorkers Like”, though i’m sure it won’t even come close to being as funny.

  1127. Ummm how about these for topics:

    White people like spending an inordinate amount of psychological energy worrying about what being white means and whether its ‘ok’. You know self-criticism, vague ambient racial guilt etc.

    White people’s sole mode of emotional expression is irony

    Writing guilty ironic blogs…you guys are white right?

    I’m just saying, you sound a little ocd about this. I think someone needs a hug?

    Besides is it white people or just banality that your criticizing? Stupidity is worth disliking but I am going to wager you’ll find it doesn’t respect racial boundaries.

    In any case good stuff, made me chuckle.

  1128. Reminds me of blackpeopleloveus.com
    Brilliant! Right on the nose. I swear I’m not being racist. Some of my best friends are white.

  1129. Good idea but the execution is poor. This could be so much funnier

  1130. on February 22, 2008 at 1:50 pm justdroppingby

    Very funny — you could never do this with any other race. It would be deemed racist and shut down by some concerned white person. but because white people don’t like their own whiteness or ethnicity, you’re good to go.
    I love the site too!!

  1131. In Portland, buses are not sexy. Light rail and trolleys are sexy. Everybody wants to live next to a light rail stop or a trolley stop, but nobody is clamoring to live next to a bus stop.
    This despite the fact that buses can go anywhere and are much cheaper to operate.

  1132. Funny AND racist.

    Two of my favorite things.

  1133. “This site is incredibly racist. If this site was dedicated to pointing out what black people like, it would surely be deemed as racist. Why aren’t people proud to be white? Everyone should be proud of their own respective races and not bring down another’s. Multiculturalism will never work when sites like this one are up and running. This only causes racial tension.”

    Wow, you completely missed the point. Try not to take yourself too seriously.

  1134. You have done nothing on the ultimate whiteman delight, that form in this logical progression:
    1- Guitars
    2- Guitar Riffs
    3- Air Guitar
    4- Rock videos with women dancing on the hood of a car
    5- Exotic non-white women on those cars

  1135. White people love, love, love watching Bravo. They can get their fix of high brow food (Top Chef), prove how down-to-earth they are (compare to the Real Housewives of Orange County), and so all of their friends how hip they are (Project Runway, My Life on the D-List) all on one network!

  1136. White people LOVE DVR, as well! This site could go on forever. Oh, and Target. (Sorry if I’m repeating what some people already suggested!)

  1137. on February 22, 2008 at 2:11 pm smartest person

    wow those of you who think this blog is “racist” definitely didn’t go to a liberal arts college and get an “arts” degree like the rest of the white people, and study race and ethnic studies.

    this blog is HILARIOUS and i agree with someone above who said one of y’all authors has to be mixed race. only way to have such keen observations.

    go on with your bad self!

  1138. on February 22, 2008 at 2:12 pm smartest person

    oh also, (from ethnic studies notebook) white is a social construct. its not an ethnicity. thats why this is funny. go read a book.


  1139. I have never met a white person who did not LOVE HBO shows and Chevy Chase movies.

  1140. it’s distressing that so many people think it’s okay to be racist if they’re a “minority.” these stereotypes don’t really work, anyway, since there are tons of poor white people and conservative white people who probably wouldn’t identify with many things on this list. (not to mention lots of “minorities” who are interested in the things on the list.)

    i also want to note that i’m offended by the negative light in which certain things are portrayed, like caring about poor people/the environment. some people (all races) are going to be wealthy. would you rather they spent all their time and money degrading the environment and not caring at all about poor people? i mean, i think we should all appreciate it when wealthy people help others.

    i thought the post about emo music (bright eyes, etc…) was really funny, until i realized that if you substitute a different race and the music stereotypically associated with it, it becomes really offensive.

  1141. I’ve also noticed white people often like to make jokes, laugh at it even if it’s not funny, and wink…maybe it’s just me.

    This blog is hilarious btw…some things just really are true.

  1142. -white meat (chicken breasts)

    -those dishwashing things that look like sponges with hollow plastic handles you fill with detergent

    (is there any non-white person who uses or prefers these)

  1143. space is critical to white people. white people hate to be crowded, especially in lines at starbucks. so do a white person a favor, and back up. also, white people get very hostile when other people stop in doorways and throughways — white people are concerned about unimpeded progress. so keep moving or pull over out of the flow of foot traffic in order to talk with your friends.

  1144. oprah.

  1145. White people like reading blogs. Especially blogs that make fun of other white people.

  1146. – Bob Marley

    – making good time (while driving)

    – sunglasses

    – quoting movies

    – lawns

    – pluralizing the word internet and/or saying intertubes and/or interwebs

    – using “and/or”

    – bookmarks

    – pretending to like The Wire

    – correcting your grammar…”Don’t you mean quick-ly? LOL”

    – Blackberries

    – being clever

    – knitting

    – LL Bean

    – boats

  1147. also…poker and Chuck Palahniuk.

  1148. Here is a potential topic; Prince William. White people like Prince William for multiple reasons. First, he is Britian’s heir to the throne reminds white people of the 19th century; an era where white people dominated the world uncontested. Second, his parents divorced and he grew up spending a lot time bouncing between his parents, a harsh reality that many white children face. Third, his younger brother Harry dressed up as a Nazi at a party. Nazi imagery makes white people feel guilty about the Holocaust. Harry’s irresponsible behavior makes William look like the “good” one who can represent white people in a way they can feel proud about.

  1149. Who writes this, the guy in the blue base-ball cap?

    Quite amusing, I appreciate your committment to investigating what “white” people apparently like. Which actually seems more like what any run of the mill Westerner would like, but that’s just me.

    Do you have “Bluegrass Music” anywhere on this list?

    So, being that you are the authority abroad on white people, because if I am right, and you are in fact the one white female with the baby nestled (or Bamu-ed as we PC Mali Volunteers would say) on your back, how does it feel to make the incredible transition from WASP to full fledged Femme du Afrique?

    Too bad your skin can’t turn black, no? or at least cafe au lait?

    And can I also add that you look suspiciously like a PC Volunteer, where are you located if I may ask? Have you had a plethora of “Cross-Cultural” exchanges with your fellow Africans about what “white” people like and dislike?

    Toubabou…is what they used to call us…what do they call you?

  1150. Obviously, either an idiot white man or a N****R is behind this wonderful website (in case it was a N*****R behind this site, i was being sarcastic. Look it up in the dictionary and you’ll know what it means).
    I didn’t feel like reading the entire silly and nonsense countdown but for starters if a white man votes or likes Obama it ISN’T becuase we are afraid of La Niggars, its becuase he is a decent black man who’s good at what he does.
    See, there are N****Rs and there are black men and there are white men and there are trailer trash rednecks. So, please stop making these silly accusations about why we like Obama and focus on whatever else floats your boat… ok jackass?

  1151. Sunday brunch, complete with mimosas

    Don’t forget those damn Bugaboo strollers that everyone is pushing around here in Park Slope, Brooklyn. It is THE parental status symbol!

  1152. I love your writing!! Keep it up!! hahaha

    -white dude

  1153. LOVE IT!!!!!

  1154. this is perfect! definitely needed this site. good looking yo!

  1155. good stuff. keep it up.

    -expensive sound systems. as mentioned, white people love music but would prefer to sit in their homes, sipping tea and reading while listening peacefully rather than see live music. it is also necessary to have a vinyl player, but not necessarily a vinyl collection (that is optional). bonus white points for hiding the speakers cleverly to give the illusion that the sound is coming from the walls. it is also recommended that you use several different brands of speakers so that you can claim you know which companies specialize in certain sound system components.

    -bob marley. (more white points if they know of a few other, more obscure, reggae artists such as sizzla or steel pulse)

    -sandals. but not just any kind of sandals. they must either be rainbows or follow the example rainbow set. white people love wearing sandals with all types of clothing, especially jeans because it is ironic. white people get more credibility for buying sandals from companies that use strictly recycled products (see patagonia or ocean-minded)

  1156. Lacrosse. I went to private school, we loved lacrosse.

  1157. This site is Officially getting more hits per second than MySpace.net or Phacebook.

    You people are all crazy. Get a life.
    Don’t say you gave up TV and –what?– you’re HERE?

    That is so lame.

    And dont say saying the word lame is LAME.

    That is so white!

  1158. Though I’m not of the white variety myself, I love this page! It’s funny and — oddly — pretty informational!

    This is hot!

  1159. Wow. This is priceless. Seriously funny stuff. Seems like you have a notable omission: white people LOVE blogging.

  1160. As a white person, I have to say I LOVE THIS!!
    Oh, and you forgot foreign adoptions.

  1161. I was laughing my ass off, thinking “Okay, I’m not too bad…” Until I got to Kitchen Gadgets. Burn!

  1162. I love how people who are supposedly “cooler” than the creator of the blog just HAVE to leave comments on something so “stupid.”

    I agree with the earlier comment that you should add “commenting to say that the stereotypes don’t fit them” to the list.

  1163. P.S. White people in America absolutely ADORE referring to themselves as “Italian” or “Irish” or “German” despite that the last full-blooded European in their family was about four generations ago, they don’t speak the language of the country, and have never, ever been there.

  1164. This is hilarious and also rings a little bit too true. LOL! :-D!

  1165. Another thing white people LOVE to say…expecially when they are under the gun in the most heated of topics regarding racism, is saying, “One of my closest friends is black.” As if this is their get out of jail free pass.

  1166. White people LOVE Bob Marley. Put on some “Buffalo Soldier” crack a few brewskies and it’s a perfect night.

  1167. on February 22, 2008 at 4:12 pm cathymccaughan

    PTA, indoor climbing walls, karate class, yoga, charity fundraisers, texting, blogging, avoiding eye contact, LOST & Pampered Chef.

  1168. What about over-sized accessories, like sunglasses?

  1169. on February 22, 2008 at 4:31 pm smooth1operator

    “Tolerance when applied to evil is a crime.” – – Thomas Mann

  1170. Someone already said this one but carrying around Nalgenes in muliple colors should definitely be on the list

  1171. Agreed re: foreign adoptions.

    Agreed re: White people like focusing on what white people like…so many whitefolk spreading this site around like wildfire, “look at us! We deserve attention because we’re sooo funny!” The ultimate in self-analysis.

    It may overlap with knowing what’s best for poor folk, break-ups and NPR, but I’d add something like “caring and sharing.” Give a white person a reason to empathize with you, pat you on the shoulder, feed you tea or take you out to sushi. White people are looking for “real” connections i.e. ways they can “feel your pain.” They want to share your emotions…as long as those emotions don’t include anger or indignation about white people

  1172. This site is brilliant. Before discovering this site today – I went to Whole Foods – bought some Flax Seed Oil – ate sushi – discussed how much I loved tea and Arrested Development with my friend. Discussed a previous film class I took with my other friend who also took a film class. And – oh yeah – I’ve studied abroad twice – used to be a vegan – and own a professional Kitchen Aid. I guess you could say I’m the epitome of whiteness according to this site. Feel free to use me as a case study.

  1173. on February 22, 2008 at 4:41 pm John White Male

    Clever, but not all that funny. I think it needs to be edgier. About 80% of the topics i saw could also easily fit under the general topics of “Culture” and “Social Conscience”. That’s not really too offensive or ground breaking. “White People Like Studying Abroad” or “Renovating” isn’t quite on par with “Black People Like Fried Chicken” or “Being Unemployed”.

    Also, if you’re a minority, i’m not sure you’re allowed to post psuedo racist comments on what you think white people like. Yeah it’s hilarious, but i think a white person has to say it first, otherwise you’re just a racist.

  1174. This is excellent. Something else to note: white parents obsess over planning the proper age difference between their kids. And they buy cookbooks for making babyfood.
    It’s stupid, and I did all of this, so I know.

  1175. on February 22, 2008 at 4:49 pm Case In Point: 1020

    And… racist. We should refrain from “whitefolk” as i’m not sure, but i think that may have some negative connotations.

    “Caring and Sharing” Fucking White People.

  1176. Astrology and Horoscopes! White people love them!

  1177. I wish I could read all your posts! I love your blog. it’s so good and so true. I feel like you are expressing all my thoughts i completely relate. ha. keep it up! white people love being right and feeling intelligent..oh and disney world..

  1178. Burlesque – Strippers you don’t have to tip and you get to feel a little “out there” and “racy”..

  1179. and guilt-free

  1180. Darn.

    I’m half white, and I gotta say that some of you are taking this blog FAR too seriously.

    Maybe some of the things on here are a little less than true, but still, this blog is hilarious! And no one likes someone who can’t laugh at themselves.

    I love sushi. I love kitchen gadgets. I don’t love Bob Marley. Not in the least. But I’m not offended, because I know that a lot of white people do. The majority do, and I can laugh at that.

    This blog isn’t racist. Have a laugh, people. If you can’t laugh at this blog, you definitly need one.

  1181. damn, I was hoping to be the 1000th comment, but I messed around too much. Oh, well…..love the site!

  1182. Perfect!!
    Oh here’s one…. IKEA!
    haha love it here!

  1183. Lacrosse

    Having bottle openers on their key chains

    Muhammed Ali

    Cornell West

    Making lists

    The term “freelance”



    Adult Swim

    Anything digital

    Che Guevara

  1184. came up with more:

    -Expensive Gym Memerships. but dont call it a gym, its a health club. Its even better when the club has a long wait list. The most important part of the club is the locker room, which must have several flat screens, because this is where patrons spend most of their time. It is also important to NEVER rack your weights, on the off-chance that you actually use them.

    -Pointing out flaws, particularly in social and government issues. However, you must never offer a solution no matter how feasible it may actually be. Bonus points for pointing out the flaws in any popular alternatives to the problem.

    -Sports talk tv/radio. Heaven forbid you actually partake in the sport.

    -Automating devices that don’t actually need automating. For example: autoflush toilets, automatic paper towel dispensers, automated faucets and even soap dispensers. But lets not forget the holy grail of uselessly automated tools; the electric kitchen knife. Why on earth should you have to take those few meaningless seconds to flush the toilet or turn the sink on and then off.

    -Unique bars. Any bloke of legal age can walk into a bar and order a drink, so white people have invented snooty bars to separate them. One popular idea is to give the bar the appearance of a classic speak-easy. The point of these bars is not to enjoy them, but to tell other people how you frequent the establishment whenever you get a break from your polo league.

  1185. […] This blog is overall pretty funny, but what cracks me up more are some of the comments. Here are a couple of my favorites. from an Anonymous Coward […]

  1186. white people like blogs.

  1187. on February 22, 2008 at 6:21 pm Architecture is exciting. How many ways can you design a box?

    This is pretty yuppie.

    Farmers’ Markets are pretty popular.

  1188. on February 22, 2008 at 6:22 pm Architecture is exciting. How many ways can you design a box?

    This is pretty yuppie.

    Farmers’ Markets are pretty popular.

  1189. um…is tanning too obvious to make the list?

    or if dating another shade, comparing their skin tone to their love interests?

  1190. White people love Marlboros, white people love copenhagen, they love pick up trucks, fuck they love cabellas, they love terrible coffee, guns, terrible beer, Wal Mart, “deal or no deal,” Ron Paul, and world war two.

    Get out of new york and off the net. This is a small sub set you are referencing. Who also, I suggest, love hiking, and the outdoors.

  1191. White people really love the Civil War, too. But that one i think is out of your range. Try microbrews.

  1192. You forgot – White people (women) like to CRY

  1193. This site is the best thing to happen since sliced bread!

    Dry, satirical, obtuse humour! Is there anything better?

    A suggestion of what white people like:

    Making a career who they are.

  1194. I had no idea white people liked Mos Def! I just got home from seeing “Be Kind, Rewind” in downtown Chicago and the entire audience – except me – was white.

  1195. on February 22, 2008 at 7:11 pm invisible white guy

    can you get all meta on us and give us a post about how white people like showing the website stuffwhitepeoplelike.wordpress.com to their other white friends?..

  1196. This is frikkin awesome. Everything I’ve ever wanted to say… Alas…I stumbled upon this site. Thank you.

  1197. The second best site I stumbled across. Oh and two words: Ultimate Frisbee. I just wanna know what the hell it is.

  1198. I forwarded this to an apparently very white friend that I have and he didn’t laugh at all…

    …because it’s all true.

  1199. Bwah. Although I mentally insert “rich, college-educated, yuppie” in between “stuff” and “white” in the title. Some of this sh*t I don’t get either.

  1200. Snowsports

    Public Television

    Bose Wave Radios

    Berets sold in stamp-sized ad in back of The New Yorker

    The New Yorker

    Bottled water from Fiji (WTF?)

    Andy Rooney (or not, I’m not sure)

    Bread Machines

    Leaf-peeping (if you don’t know what this is then you are truly better off…some things are best left alone, eg. “goatse”)

    Wayne Brady/Will Smith


    John Mayer (too easy)

    LL Bean


    Cruises to Alaska

    Martha Stewart

  1201. White people like being white thats why they dont get insulted by white jokes, black people hate that they are stuck being black that is why they are overly sensitive to racial jokes and slurs.

  1202. WHITE POWER!!!

  1203. white people like to try to dance to dancehall.

  1204. 3 words: the beastie boys

  1205. I find it hilarious that the non-white’s can mock white people for caring about the poor, the disadvantaged, the ill, the planet… etc. when the vast majority of people who fit into these categories are not white. Maybe we should stop affirmative action, stop sending aid to africa, let young black males continue to die primarily from homicide by other young black males, let young black women continue to acquire aids faster than any other race and age group in the US, stop scholarships based on skin colour instead of simply merit, not care that in many us cities a black male is more likely to go to jail than to college…and the list goes on. If all of the races who criticize whites for feeling good about helping people would prefer, maybe we should stop and see how funny things will be for the people who have benefitted enormously form the charity of others.

  1206. Non of us are perfect, but attempting to help other people who would never be able to do something as ‘funny’ as traveling abroad, or enjoy their job and care about the types of food they eat is hardly worthy such criticism. Writing it in a funny way hardly changes the hurtful message.

  1207. When eddie murphey makes jokes about how white people dance, it’s funny. people laugh.

    When chris rock makes jokes about how ridiculously stupid rap music is these days, it’s funny. people laugh.

    MILLIONS of dollars are being spent on movies that focus entirely on the differences between “white” culture and “black” culture and it’s most certainly not just white people who are going to see those movies.

    White people, in general, are practically color blind these days because their past is so awful that they feel guilty using race even as a harmless descriptive adjective. I applaud the owner of this site (even if i don’t personally find any of this all that entertaining) because it is NOT color blind. As we have seen in pop culture, stereotyping can be funny (depending on when/where it is applied) and it’s about time white people (and not just rednecks) joined in the fun.

    This does not JUST describe the liberal/hippie/democrat/hipster. I live in an upscale, predominantly republican neighborhood. there are more libertarians than liberals here and there are also more health food stores, yoga classes, and sushi restaurants here than anything else.

  1208. Brilliant? You’re kidding, right? This site is racist (racism goes any which way) and promotes more of the same.

    Way to go! Movin’ the world forward!

  1209. What about stuff black people like? rioting, boone’s farm, basketball, friend chicken, rape, coke, ribs, genocide

  1210. this blog is funny as hell. I’m a black guy who has a few white friends (some of my best friends actually…) and I’ve observed most of the things you’ve mentioned.

    I’d add that white people like cover ups…they hate being exposed. especially on blogs like this one.

  1211. mark1davidson is an idiot.

  1212. I’m with ya sara. Americans have to make a choice.

    Do you want the white people who support big business, tax cuts for the rich and war mongering while not supporting affirmative action, entitlement programs and universal health care


    the whites who want to restrict corporations from destroying small business, support tax cuts for the poor and responsible foreign policy while supporting affirmative action, entitlement programs and universal health care…

    The latter might be a bit pretentious but is it really worth the “every man for himself” mentality of the former?

    You can’t have it both ways..

  1213. Teach For America! White people get to feel better about themselves by teaching poor non-white kids for two-years, then going to law school…

  1214. 254 tom sawyer is an idiot. im asian and i know this blog could never be written by an asian. also, claiming to know how to speak asian languages (as he does) should be a topic on its own on this blog.

    anyway, whoever writes this is genius. if youre a guy, marry me. if youre a lesbian, i will gladly convert. if youre neither, lets get drunk and mindlessly have a gender neutral hookup.

    and remember, white people also like to defend other races that don’t care about being stereotyped.

  1215. Oh. My. Gawd. it’s official.
    I – I – Im’ a white person.

  1216. This is effing hilarious, although I do agree that this is a pretty yuppie list.

    Did I mention Cubs tickets went on sale today? Yay!

  1217. Hillarious! I love everything white people love!

  1218. Electronic music. It’s like rap, but not so scary and we don’t have to pretend we get it, which can be exhausting. And there’s no expectation that we have to dance to it (though if you do a few neon glowsticks will turn you into a master with very little effort). Often electronic music is French. Which is a bonus.

    And as long as we’re on music, maybe I missed it, but REGGAE. How have you not done REGGAE?! Maybe I missed it.

    Fishing. Nascar. Bowling. Bowling ironically.

    Whisky, it’s our “authentic” drink. It reminds us of smoky log cabins and the times before white people got stupid and outnumbered. We take it with water. It’s more authentic that way.

    And Che Guevara. Lord we love us some Che Guevara.

    Psychotherapy. Or, failing that, the chance that we have a mental illness that is serious and deserves sympathy.

    North Face gear. We can pretend we’re outdoorsy (and berate you for staying inside) even though we stay indoors. Because we’re wearing outdoorsy gear. Why would we be wearing that unless we went camping and stuff? Ooh, we like camping! There’s a whole series waiting to be written about white people and camping. Butane stoves and army surplus meals ready-to-eat not 15 minutes from a 7-11. What on Earth?

    Guns for “self-defense.” Most of your items are more Liberal, but white people like guns for self-defense.

    Obviously we like it when we’re made fun of. But I assume “self-effacing satire that makes fun of white people” will be the coup de grace at the end.

    I will happily write for this website and sell out my race for nothing.

  1219. I’m white, I’m vegan, and I love you.

  1220. …and Goodreads.com. We like Goodreads! We get to show off the books we’ve read. Also, “likeminded” people. It’s like an Athenian Academy, but we don’t have to go anywhere (so we can be in our flannel pajamas, another thing we like) or actually know anything.

  1221. How about ‘remaining quiet at the movies’ !

  1222. I’m white, and I don’t like your site
    Your observations add nothing to the conversation
    Your soul has no poetry and your poetry has no soul
    you are the wind howling up your own a-hole

  1223. Caint we all jus git along?

  1224. You’ve alluded to it already, but these damn Volvo/Saab/AllWheelDriveSubarus around here all drive 10 mp/h under the speed limit, brake seemingly at random, and are without fail piloted by some questionably-hygiened trustafarian whitey high on pacifism and “World Music.” Maybe they’re self-absorbed in Ira Glass’s self-absorbed observations on other self-absorbed arts graduates?

    Not sure what the over-arching term might be, but these drivers infest college towns around the nation, and almost squish my whitey ass on the way to Whole Foods every week.

  1225. on February 22, 2008 at 11:07 pm おぐらゆう


    「継続は力なり。」 (昔の誰かが言った。)



  1226. Awesome blog! I live in the University District of Seattle and this discribes me and every one of my friends, however sad and superficial that may be….

    You should definately include something about North Face brand outer wear….

  1227. Go slash yourself, your blog sucks.

  1228. i can’t believe some people are so up their own asses that they would actually be offended by this site… to them i say: please kindly go fuck yourselves.

    another thing white people like: Family Guy!

  1229. 1) environmentalism

    2) documentaries

    3) having one kid/strollers

    4) eye-glasses

    5) agreeing with each other

    6) stella artois

    7) wine

  1230. Love it. Keep up the good work.

  1231. Also, don’t forget: Chinese character tattoos/symbols.

  1232. i (sorry — I) can’t imagine anybody but a white person having one of those banana hooks in their kitchen.

  1233. I believe this blog is about moi, but isn’t everything?

  1234. Thanks for the blog. I will now be using it to work on being less white. I am not white, I am “white”.


  1235. Haha i can only imagine the repercussions of a white male such as myself deciding to make a website about “What asian/black/hispanic/… people like, they’re pretty predictable….” but hey i guess stereotypes have become a two way street.

  1236. This blog is great. Sometimes a bit racist and oversimplified, but still hilarious. If I can’t laugh at myself then what?

    Suggestion for a future post: College Radio. It combines arts degrees, with working for a non-profit and intentionally being alternative and also not mainstream.

    Also, Dennis Kucinich: Liberal, making a difference, vegan, married to a British woman half his age.

    Keep up the good?? work

  1237. white people like to take walks

  1238. i think this is a really funny blog….and yeah it has racist statements but there is nothing wrong with any race making fun of themselves to have a good laugh….I’m hispanic raised in a hispanic/black area of BKLYN and i think its hilarious when we go over all the things we’ve done and been into throughout history. We shouldnt take ourselves too seriously…or racism, as long as it doesnt get outta hand….This website is done in pretty good taste….I think its interesting how every community of races have their own funny common routines and stuff….funny site

  1239. they love claiming native american (or other non-white) heritage…

    they love telling stories, especially about themselves

    they love marath– oh, you got that one already.

    What’s scary is all my asian friends aspire and want to be white (based on your list), but it’s a long way before they are close to as well versed about music. But they are getting there.

  1240. Oh my god, you role play football on your x box?


    Oh hey CLANDER and MYLOSH, hahahahaha, how is your wildcat football season going?

    rofl, oh my god, hahahahahaha.


    Check out Clander’s other blog, it’s about his football games he plays on his x box, he even writes fake letters for the new coaches, oh my god, this is too much, hahahahahahahaa


  1241. Write about how white people love to pretend they are coaching football teams on their x box!


  1242. I am white… and this is genius. xD

  1243. This site is a wonderfully rich experience saturated with abounding nuggets of infinite wisdom on the elusive “white people” that I’ve so often heard about. Where did you garner such academic gold, and who funds the initiative? I’ve been taking notes extensively and practicing your site’s suggestions in front of a mirror, and hope to use these methods upon my anthropological study in America next year to interact with white people and delve into their rich and eccentric culture. The timeless secret of cracking the “white code” has finally been revealed! Power shall be available to all!

    I hope this site breeds brethren blogs exploring all races to such degree of high caliber cultural exploration and analysis.


  1244. #28…you’re right, I’ve never seen any other race wear clothes with the brand name written all over them!! Nope never seen hoodrats with their Akademics or throwback jerseys..

    This site is only expanding the race gap. I hope the author gets a life instead of “blogging” to create more racial tensions.

  1245. Hahahahaha! I agree that this should be called “stuff white yuppies like” but whatever…still hilarious.

  1246. Too inaccurate to be funny.

    A lot of black stand ups have done a good job at poking fun at white people by being on the mark, you need to take a leaf out of their book. This seems to be about some specific sub culture of white people. You should rename the blog to fit.

  1247. If by white people you mean “rich people” you’re just racist.
    I don’t even know what some of this stuff is and I’ve been white all my life.

    A working (read: normal) white person’s response to this list:

    1) “White people love gentrification [moving into sh*tty neighborhoods]” HUH?
    2) “White people love Michael Gondry” WHO?
    3) “White people love lawyers, divorce, breaking up?” WHAT??

  1248. It’s humor people, don’t take it so seriously. I’ve heard enough black/latino/asian jokes and am excited to find such hilarious commentary on “white” people. Now if someone would take these and edit them into 2-3 line jokes I’d be in heaven.

    Also, it is obvious that not ALL white people even do any of these things, just like not every black person talks in movie theaters or every asian can’t drive. Titling it: “Stuff Rich White Liberal Yuppies from Big Cities in the United States that are Sheltered, Enjoy Spending Money, and Want to Change the World” would be too damned long!

    This blog is poking fun at “white” people by making generalizations like all racial humor does. None of it is mean-spirited or inately offensive. It is just funny :)

  1249. I think this should come with a disclaimer: Stuff White People Who Live in the USA Like.

  1250. This is just the stuff that yuppies (of any race) like.

    Stuff White People Are Good At…

    1. Creating the modern world
    2. Creating 90% of the world’s culture, history, and art (that’s worth a damn)
    3. Keeping minorities from killing each other off (see Detroit, Africa).

    Laugh at white people all you want, but without them you’d still be sitting on a mud floor in a hut in India with no internet to write your racist blogs on. Watch out for Tigers!

  1251. Racism will never be funny.

    Sad, but true.

  1252. TWITTER! White people love Twitter.

  1253. Remember, kids, if a white person comes up to you, laugh, smile, and take pictures! No black person ever does anything as foolish as described on this blog, and every white person does everything as put down here. To laugh is fine; after all, everyone can choose the colour of the skin they are born into. That’s why there were so few slaves and so many aristocratic British white people!

  1254. I think the blog is funny and sarcastic as hell. But
    I find myself liking at least some of the things
    “White People Like” and I’m Black. :/ It’s less of
    a race-related thing than it is a class related thing.

    Maybe a more accurate description is :

    “What Upper Middle Class People Like”
    “What Yuppies Like”
    “What Privileged People Like”

  1255. i cant imagine that anyone DOESN’T like these things… white or not

    who the hell doesnt like sushi?

  1256. white people like to kill arab

  1257. 1099 Emma

    I think this should come with a disclaimer: Stuff White People Who Live in the USA Like.

    Oh Emma,
    You keep telling yourself that. Don’t you realize that the white people described in this blog do everything in their power to be just like the whites over seas?? They are emulating YOU!

  1258. on February 23, 2008 at 8:11 am I love Black Star

    1099 Emma

    I think this should come with a disclaimer: Stuff White People Who Live in the USA Like.

    Oh Emma,
    You keep telling yourself that. Don’t you realize that the white people described in this blog are doing everything in their power to be just like the whites over seas?? They’re emulating YOU!

    Most American whites are not like this.

  1259. even though i’m fully hispanic, based on this blog, I am really, really white.
    i blame the ivy league education…

  1260. Why should you have to “BLAME” anything? As if being white is bad?

  1261. haha….i love this stuff and agree w/those who say that people who are offended by this need to take themselves a little less seriously.

    reply #944 hit the nail on the head:
    White people like being happy for you!

    This one’s a GOLDMINE. plenty to write about there…

  1262. This blog makes me proud of my people. I am equally proud that I identify with almost every item on the list.

    Why should we be ashamed to care about the environment? Or volunteerism? Ashamed that we go for professional degrees? Or enjoy good produce?

    Keep the list growing. Perhaps it will help civilization.

  1263. A few from the great WHITE North:

    Hockey, hockey, hockey
    Actually, make that winter sports in general…

    Yoga and pilates classes (and all the lululemon athletica wear that goes with them…white people running around with little lotus blossoms on their flat behinds everywhere I go!)

    UGG boots and Mukluks (the whole ethnic gear thing)…even worse, UGGS for their six month old babies.

    Dressing in head-to-toe black (to look skinny and/or “sophisticated”)

    Obscenely expensive single malt scotch and other rediculously priced horrible libations (including designer coffee…augh)

    I’d love to include more, but I gotta run! Love the blog!

  1264. I’m amazed at all the comments-you really touch a nerve!

    If I say I like your blog, then I’m trying to be “authentic” and “not see race” and show how, as a white person, I’m self-observant enough to criticize myself with detachment.

    If I don’t like your blog, I’m either hyper politcally correct, or the opposite, afraid of the truths you point out and therefore angry.

    I like how you portray white people as a group we can satirize. It makes whites just one more group in the vast patchwork quilt that is the world. Your comments take the wind out of a lot of sails.

  1265. I am deeply offended and I plan to picket the internet as soon as I get back from Trader Joe’s.

  1266. Potential story idea – how white parents love to make their kids do Model UN

  1267. Please click on Jess’s Photos in the right margin.

    They are the key to the secret behind this blog.

    DO NOT click on Jess’s Photos if you cannot handle the truth!

    Please, I’m serious DO NOT CLICK ON JESS’s PHOTOS!

    Unless you want to…. otherwise GET OUT!


    THEY are playing with your psychologically MIND!


  1268. Turkey Bacon

  1269. This blog is very funny, it is so funny I even gave the url to my co-workers, something I seldom do. As a white working class woman I find is more about what North American middle class people like, not so much about what working class white people like. Growing up I in public housing (not in the USA, but in Europe) I think that some of the things mentioned are not really likes by lower class whites. Many white working class people males really, really like beer, soccer games, and smashing up the waiting rooms at bus stops (most of the time in this order, but it doesn’t have to be) and the females love having coffee with their friends, eating unhealthy stuff, going to weight watchers and other slimming groups (slimming is our competitive sport – but not all the time so there is always a new chance, a new round). And our rented housing is usually filled with much, much more pets than the housing association allows, filled with smoke (to help win at weight loss) and while nearly everything in the home is the cheapest of its kind, like food from the Aldi and Lidl supermarkets, somehow there is lots of Tupperware. (My relatives will love me for telling all this :-))

  1270. Paying their bills on time.

  1271. This is pretty brilliant.
    Most of these seem accurate.

    Is there any common theme to white people?
    Or is it all simply seperate things that jumble up to create the white person?

    -How about explaining common deviations of white people?

    Punks, Emos, Crazy People, Ravers, Nerds, Low class, Gangster

    Perhaps explaining the common goal of all white people…
    -Maybe money, maybe other things

    And perhaps explaining the idea of the Crime Boss/foreigner/Jew vs other white people

    I suppose this is more about what white people like then actually about the general study of races….

    So… ya know… its not a necessity……..

  1272. Cute site — I got a chuckle. Renovating Victorian homes or tearing them down entirely for McMansions should be added.

    I will say I agree with some comments above that the site should be titled “What Yuppies Like” or “What White (Sub)Urban Liberal Democrats Like”. I don’t think you’ll find white people in farm country or in the deep south frequenting Whole Foods, driving Priuses, reading the Sunday NY Times or listening to NPR.

  1273. Here’s another thing white people like: commenting on blogs.

  1274. Here’s one for you: Pretending they don’t like things white people like.

  1275. This is Awesome! I love it. Listen, follow my blog and contact me directly and I will show you (for free) how you can make pretty good money with this blog. – I just think for all your work you deserve something back…

    either way excellent stuff…totally identify!

  1276. @ 1078 rob
    i can’t believe some people are so up their own asses that they would actually be offended by this site… to them i say: please kindly go fuck yourselves.

    another thing white people like: Family Guy!:


    Way to go with the nasty ad hominem attack. I think you need to go back to philosophy or debate class if you hope to say anything of consequence.

    The site is racist, and promotes more of the same. I think that’s like, the last time I’m going to say it. Racism does indeed go any which way.

  1277. white people love to assign credit for ideas to their “correct” owner. is anyone else in the world concerned with plagiarism?

  1278. It’s nice to see someone attempting to put a real face on white culture. I’m half white, and I like being half white. Does that count?

    -making fun of other cultures*
    -making fun of themselves*
    *yet, somehow staying as serious as possible
    -world domination
    -world liberation
    -wealth, good food, friends, happiness, adventure, awe, love, ect…?
    -and what about big fluffy kittens!
    -or spoons with large elephants glued to the top.
    -and CANDY!!!
    -No, really, don’t forget candy.
    -and typing in all caps.
    -and “your face” jokes
    -and going on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and then stopping at a seemingly random spot.
    -And adding a few more things to the mix.
    -like peace and goodwill to men.
    -and more fucking kittens!!!!

  1279. white people like hockey

  1280. As an old white guy I am LOVING this blog. It’s gonna viral spread for sure. I like it on many levels, hyperbole is all that comes to my mind (hyperbole is a genuine ‘white word’ btw…)

    Maybe I missed it but did anyone mention Blues music, in particular Delta Blues?

    But what is it about BB King, Robert Johnson, even Jim Hendrix (yes, he was black), Howlin Wolf. I so love that stuff but I do notice that most people at the Jimi Hendrix concert I attended were white, and likewise a number of blues festivals I’ve been at. I would love to have someone explain to me why that music just reaches in and grabs my spinal cord and gets me high without so much as a toke.

    I should also mention another true status item for white people: Dancing good salsa! I started learning about 12 years ago, and was the only white guy in all better salsa clubs I went to (NY, Phila, Miami, esp. SanJuan of course) (I mean how many status points does that earn me?). Now, the last few years the local Salsa club, which is totally Spanish speaking, now has a bunch of newbies trying to catch that clave. As a true white guy, I can now look down my nose(yes, I have advanced white creds in this) at these new whities trying to move their bodies like the latinos & latinas (give up, it’s not gonna happen).

    Anyway, I don’t spend much time on blogs, but I sure am going to come back to this one. Totally refreshing. I’m giving it to my very good black friend (rates 10 points)

    PS: I’d like you to come up with a rating system. I dunno, but I scored myself about 75 points on the white scale,as follows:

    5 pts — used ‘hyperbole’
    10pts — loves Robert Johnson
    20pts — danced Salsa long before present craze
    10pts — actually has a black friend
    10pts — refers to him
    10pts — looking down my nose at other white salseros
    10pts — posting on this blog
    5pts — suggesting a rating system like this.
    Whitey score: 75

  1281. Nice satire.
    Will it change anything? Anyone?
    Makes one laugh (nothing wrong with that).
    Entertain me. Tickle me. Distract me. Until I die.
    Easier that way.

  1282. Interesting and funny, though – let’s face it – a bit “I’m so very clever in my cynicism”, which is also something white people like.

  1283. Very funny and nicely put together.

    However, I can’t help but imagine you crying yourself to sleep at night.

  1284. on February 23, 2008 at 12:42 pm MooMoo Buckaroo


    …you don’t have too many friends, do you?

    You can’t get upset everytime someone makes an edgy joke.

    So go take your Zoloft, and enjoy your premature heart attack at age 36.

  1285. I suggest adding on to stuff white people like http://stuffwhitepeoplelike.wordpress.com

    While as has been noted ad naseum, the site is more akin to stuff yuppies like (especially with the democratic new-age urban slant of the likes), this site fits in perfectly with that bent — making fun of their own whiteness, or self-satire. It’s been a theme in a number of the posts (see e.g. Co-ed sports) but outright success or superiority (or at least recognition of such) in any facet of life makes these people uncomfortable. So, either self-deprecation, or self-satire ensues.

  1286. Red Bull
    Award Shows
    Black and White Photography from NYC streets (preferably of Audrey Hepburn, Marilyn Munroe)
    The L Train (or the F train)
    Gangster / Mob Shows

    -Notes from my West Bushwick living experience

  1287. Hello there

    I just recently started a blog of my own, although I’m not writing to plug it for your readers, i promise. I love your writing and your ideas! I’m going to take some inspiration from this for my site. If you would ever like to post anything on my site, i would be honored.

    amazing work!

    The Smartguy


  1288. I’m not sure about your research… this seems to me to be more of a list of stuff pretentious liberals like.

  1289. i LOVE ur blog… its hilarious… this is so on point.. im from Harlem NYC and i think its hilarious to see white people on 125 chilling in the Starbucks n then buy some Insense from the African street vendors..LOL.. they think theyre cultured and open minded,haha.. meanwhile, they go home to their two thousand dollar-a-month condo that used to be an abandoned crack house.. thanks for creating this!!

  1290. Listen, this place ain’t what you think it is….

    it’s a trap, okay? A trap!

    You think you’re reading a blog but it’s not!

    TWPL is a cookbook!


  1291. on February 23, 2008 at 1:17 pm Ex pat white girl

    I read about your blog in the Guardian today — the official newspaper of White People in southern England. Made me laugh out loud several times. The blog not the Guardian that is (except for the lifestyle rubbish in the Saturday magazine.)
    You should do something on macs — the official computer of White People worldwide. I can’t wait to get my hands on a MacBook Air. Everytime I see that ad on the back of The New Yorker, my tummy does a little flipflop.

  1292. oOoooOoo You should do one on the topic of tattoos. White people who love standing still at concerts also love tattoos.

    hilarity will ensue!

  1293. MooMoo Buckaroo,

    I will admit that my second comment was too harsh. I do have great friends whom I love. I’m just not into “edgy” racist stuff like this. I prefer things that move the world forward. “Edginess” isn’t required for that.

    (By the way, not a very “friendly” comment about the Zoloft. I’m a very happy person and don’t take antidepressants or any other pills to get me there. Anyone who knows me can vouch for both. Sorry that you seem to take critical thinking for depression.)

  1294. If this blog has any humility at all, as it clearly purport to, it will include an entry something to the effect of “reciting lists of what white people like” as something white, hip, liberal, upper-middle class people like almost more than anything else, because in doing so, the reciter generally gets to mark themselves off as exceptional, as though they weren’t subject to the group characteristics since they are aware of their existence, unlike all the other buffoons! If that is the case, then this blog, as entertaining as it is, is no less white than the
    “can’t lose” gentrifiers mentioned in a recent post, because most of the white, hip, liberal, urban, upper-middle class types to which he is referring probably love this blog to death, awash as they are in their white guilt!

  1295. on February 23, 2008 at 1:55 pm Whiteygonnagetya

    White people also eat black and Mexican babies at holidays, and there really is a secret white people base where we plan to keep everyone down…Are you freaking kidding me?

    I’m white, and I have no idea what you are talking about with almost EVERY topic you have brought up. Most are so general it makes one wonder how stupid the person must be to think they can tie any of it together.

    Looking at the content in each section I cant help but think the person found a chain letter online and typed some fluffed up rhetoric to make it sound better. I’d say there isn’t much, if any originality in it at all.

  1296. As someone who studies “Whiteness” academically – many of these are dead on. The filtered satire is hilarious! I am of course not in agreement with all of them, but many of them at least hit pieces of what is considered “white” in the mainstream. Just found this through a link from a friend who studies similar content, so it will take quite some time between studies and life to read the content. But based on the few I’ve skimmed and a couple I’ve read entirely… keep it up!

  1297. Congratulations! You now have a UK audience as you made it into the Guardian today (the official UK white middle class newspaper).
    Your observations cross the Atlantic and pack the same punch over here. I cringe at your accuracy.
    I live in a crime-riddled area of London which is home to a vast ethnic variety but is awash with white “artists” and media types. I lived in a complex (a renovated old school) that acts as a fortress from the streets outside. Every weekend our recycling bins are packed to the gills with aforementioned Guardian’s and bottles of wine.
    Our studio flat (ha ha), with exposed brickwork, is mostly decked out with Ikea crap with the occasional ‘object d’art’ to break up the monotony (“to tie the room together, man!”).
    As I speak my co double-barreled surnamed husband is on his Mac Powerbook messing around on Final-Cut after we have both dined on organic vegetarian food cooked from Le Creuset pans.
    I have just stopped talking to my mother on my retro 80s phone which I purchased from eBay for a mere snip and I chided her for not knowing knowing what risotto was (sorry I am working class at the roots, I defected) and was incredulous that she drank water from a tap.

    Enough said?

    Ta ta


    Hehe. Your site makes me uncomfortable. In the pants.

  1299. Black People: Doopy Doop Doop Doop.
    White People: eh eh eh eh eh eh eh

  1300. Are black people not allowed to be pretentious then?

    (Answer: no, they’re all too busy being real and living simple lives free of the desire to impress or bluff or seem cool. Yeah!)

    So. Despite some sharp and funny turns of phrase (Sushi as “everything they want: foreign culture, expensive, healthy, and hated by the ‘uneducated.’” Yes, very good, ho ho lolz) this is all a bit depressing because there’s not enough thought or perhaps honesty to distinguish it from the laziness it aims (in many ways quite rightly) at. The whole point about ideas like ‘whiteness’ or ‘middle classness’ is that they achieve their effects (making people want to be different, alternative, original, authentic) precisely through those people being so all-embracingly but non specifically obsessed with and worried about them. None of this helps.

    Plus, this is some fucked up American* thing making it all about race, other than what it’s all about, money, and how it effects via class, conspicuous waste, cultural capital, etc etc etc, you know what I’m on about. (Or should do, as it runs through every bit of our big silly blog reading ‘over-analytical’ guilty Westerner lives.)

    *Not saying the rest of the world isn’t probably more casually racist, and worse off for it, than the average American. But you lot have to admit you are fixated on it.

  1301. Nice website! I was a bit sad when I realised that some of my best friends are sooo like that (so am I, I admit!), like they look down their noses at people who watch tv and advise listening to radio programmes, read all the papers all the time, never P2P but buy expensive DVD sets of like 4 seasons, eat health food (but go to MacDonald’s every week) and never get drunk. Ever. Even on new Year’s eve.

    What about job-name-dropping (“I’m going to lunch with my friend Tim, he’s a doctor”, “my lawyer friend Gill…” etc)?

    Also there’s World Music, which always seems to go with a stripey “ethnic” scarf (bought from a stall in a “world fair” thingy). Which usually leads to African dance classes. The latter actually makes me cringe and feel a little nauseous, I have no problem with Africans dancing like that but when I see white people doing it, ugh! I cannot bare to watch! Imagine my horror when some girlfriends wanted me to go with them!

  1302. I was dieing when I read the study abroad one. That was too funny, my girlfriend studied abroad and she comments on things you wrote.

  1303. i love this blog, the fact that people are getting upset means your doing something right. no one has ever looked at white america they way you have hopefully the people who are bashing this site learned something about themselves by reading this whether 100% accurate or not.

  1304. By the way…
    white people would like my website

    you should add that 1 to the list

  1305. […] #4. Another great thing is to check out all the white people denying the truth of the site on the About […]

  1306. on February 23, 2008 at 3:51 pm Pretty Fly White Guy

    Here’s are a few more things that white people like (I know, because I’m white) that I think you should write about:

    kitchen gadgets (salad spinners, boiled egg slicers, etc)
    mayonnaise/creamy dressings
    complaining when people play the “race card”
    making fun of white people

  1307. This is, quite possibly, the greatest thing, not greatest blog, not greatest website, but greatest all-around thing I have ever encountered. I’m sure you can understand the appeal here, as I was born and raised in Brooklyn, and am the sort of white person that white people don’t like. I’ve never seen anyone sum the whole damn thing up as well as this. Thank you.

  1308. white people like this blog

  1309. If it’s not about people in the USA…and it certainly isn’t about people from Oop North…can we say it’s all the poncey southerners?

  1310. Why does it have to be ‘white’ people?

    As I’m reading this it seems “American” would be a better fit for all these idiotic blogs.

    Oh! Racism is really awesome.

  1311. Your site is characterizing a particular socioeconomic group, not an entire race.

  1312. White People love gmail.

  1313. on February 23, 2008 at 5:17 pm Astonished Redneck

    You realize what you’ve done, don’t you? I’ve never seen it done like this. I am blown away. I read the entire thing in one sitting. Your study is complete. Your conclusions are spot on. There are no gaps in this. It is a brilliant work.

    You have dissected and exposed every crack and hole in the progressive, secular humanist Tower of Babel that drives this country.

    As a physician constantly snubbed by his white colleagues for not “getting it”, or for “being part of the problem”, I was always so confused because I could never make sense of what seemed like elitism and hypocrisy disguised and righteousness and compassion.

    Thank you from the bottom of my heart. I am no longer confused about this strange group of creatures with which I somehow share a common ancestry.

  1314. White and loving your blog.

  1315. Is the person who wrote this white? I would say no, because of the ‘making fun of whites’ aspect, but he/she/they seem to know too much.
    But I think it’s great.

  1316. I think you should rename the site to “stuffliberalwhitepeopledotomakebrownpeopleacceptthem.com” because not all white people like this stuff or do this stuff. For example, I live in a rough, ethnic neighborhood because I’m poor, but I’d love to live in the suburbs if I could afford it. I really have no interest in adopting an African kid or eating raw fish (sushi).

  1317. WOW! This is the funniest thing I have come across in a long time! You are a brilliant writer and have keen observations. I caught myself saying “damn…I like these things. Does that make me bad?” In any case, I laughed my ass off. I appreciate your blog very much. Kudos!

  1318. For your consideration:

    Bluegrass music.

  1319. Oh. My. God. I am in love with your blog.

  1320. white people, without fail, REALLY love the us Flag. you see it everywhere that white people dominate: football games (except on the field itself), megachurches, government offices, most businesses, schoolrooms, etc., etc. i guess it’s the symbol of their “white supremacy”

  1321. How about tote bags from museums and independent book stores? white people LOVE those!

  1322. What about Injuns? White people, especially hippies, love Injuns. They got that groovy long hair (not a jewfro) and smokem peace pipe and are oh so cool without even trying

  1323. i think this site is hilarious. i’m black, and yet particularly convicted by some “stuff white people like”…like david sedaris and whole foods. to those who are upset, i haven’t seen a single mean-spirited entry in the blog (unlike some of the comments left by anonymous cowards). have a sense of humor! keep up the great work…and might i suggest “jogging” as a topic?

  1324. So if I start a Stuff Black People Like blog your cool with it? It wouldn’t be mean spirited or racist.

  1325. I love all the stupid people getting offended from someone stereotyping whites.
    Also, I love the idiots that are “proud” to be white. That is like saying I am proud of my green eyes or black hair.
    It’s a damn shame that people these days still see color. Even more of a shame is that it is a new millennium and there is still a desegregation program in St. Louis.
    How pathetic is our culture?

    Finally, I love this site. Keep it going!

  1326. on February 23, 2008 at 7:42 pm Astonished Redneck

    Oh, in deference to my previous post, I admit that the dust-covered Kitchen Aid mixer in my house is red, just like all the other decorative shit in my kitchen. Used it once within thirty days of receiving it at our wedding, four years ago.

    That’s how absolutely perfect these steryotypic dissections are. You must be part white to know these thing, else you’re the most astute sonofabitch I’ve seen in forever.

  1327. Don’t forget:


    Live/Work Lofts


  1328. Buggering off to the mountains. That sort of hermit fantasy about leaving everyone behind, living a Foxfire life. Not living off the land, per se, rather, going off into the hills, and being the only person for square miles. “Getting away from all this” as a lifestyle, not a vacation.

    Also, small houses. Like Wee Houses and Tumbleweed Houses.

  1329. I am half black and half puerto rican and identify with the majority of the things listed!!! but i think that is just because I grew up in a white community in upstate New York. by the way, Kanye West has this on his website.

  1330. Hilarious. Although ‘white’ could be changed to something more accurate. I’ve seen many of these traits in non-white people living in westernised countries. More to do with socio-economic status.

  1331. Please tell me if this is on the list: “climbing snow covered mountains in the dead of winter, freezing to death, and having our frozen asses found weeks later.”

    I didn’t see it, but admittedly, I was scanning the site, and got so excited, I stopped in the middle to write this comment.

    Thank you!

  1332. White people I know like “real” Mexican food made by other white people.

  1333. Hilarious. Though unfortunately, Republicans do not like any of these things.

  1334. You must be a poor jealous minority who wishes they were white. So “white” people are rich and cultured…who doesnt want to be? I WISH someone would make a site on “what black people like” or “what asian people like”…lets see how that goes down. Lawsuit waiting to happen. Idiot.

  1335. duh people. it’s a fucking joke. and yes, it’s funny. and it’s calling out white people for always wanting to be on top of the world – otherwise known as white privilege. and every white person who has commented here and can’t laugh at themselves is trying really hard to hold onto that privilege.

    am i white? am i not? who cares?

  1336. i identify with most of these. makes me feel like the whitest white girl ever.

  1337. If you look at the pictures you can see that this person is white….

  1338. Love the site

    Killing me with this shit.

  1339. I so agree with comments such as if this site was about black people, basically laughing at them, there would be uproar, the blog would be taken off the Net or something for being ‘racist’. WHY oh WHY is it only racist to make derogatory comments about people with darker skins, but when it’s done about white people everyone is supposed to laugh and take it in good spirits???

    The list is rubbish anyway, maybe that’s coz I’m working class!? I’m fed up with white people not being ‘allowed’ to stand up for ourselves and be proud of our race – so let me stick my neck out and suggest; why not add a similar list for dark skinned people? Only seems fair to me if it’s so harmless and hilarious…

  1340. White people like talking about how few things on this blog they actually like because that makes them feel like they are better than all the white people who can easily be identified as a walking cliche. It is the same as liking bands that no one has heard of until suddenly they are on the radio or being able to step really far away from the line in the “Unpacking the Invisible Knapsack” activity white people play in college so they can talk about how guilty they feel about being white and privileged.

  1341. This may have already been said (I didn’t read all comments), but white people also like this blog!

    It’s totally getting emailed around to all us white people at my office! We get together at the coffeemaker and talk about how hilarious it is and how we totally wish we had KitchenAid stand mixers. This is a valued opportunity for us to muck about in our white guilt. “It’s so true! White people are just like that! Aren’t we awful! Ha Ha Ha!”

    Thanks for the community service, yo! And sorry about all the exclamation points.

  1342. You should also post one .. No Sense of Humor. I was reading some of these posts and some people are so stupid. If you dont find this funny stop reading after the first article numb nuts.

    Great stories.

  1343. I gotta disagree with your website. Not ALL white people like this stuff, just the white people I like.

  1344. on February 24, 2008 at 2:06 am James (white from England)

    Are you a stand up comedian? If not, become one NOW! I guarantee you will make millions. Look how much Seinfeld has made from telling people stuff that’s true. And he’s not even funny. You will have white people lining up to show just how cool they are because they are able to laugh at themselves. The middle aged, middle class white men will actually feel proud if you personally rip them. It’ll be like a badge of honour.

    Also, for all those people who say that it would be really racist if it was about black people, I direct you to the Chris Rock ‘I Hate Niggers’ sketch.

  1345. I burned a mos def mixtape for a fellow white friend who I consider to be “less cultured” than myself not two hours before I stumbled across this blog. No joke. I found your site during a routine music blog reading session, specifically a link from Kanye West’s blog, no less. Reading the posts had me nearly doubled-over laughing, thinking about how far people like myself strive for pretentiousness. I feel somewhat exposed and embarrassed after reading these articles, but they are so true. I have been dying to see Gondry’s Be Kind Rewind since I heard about it four months ago. I think The Royal Tenenbaums is brilliant. I travel far past the local Safeway to buy vitamins and various organic foods from Whole Foods. I am a proud recycler, and I frequently bring up San Francisco(my hometown)’s urban composting program in conversation with non-locals.

    Stuff White People Like doesn’t necessarily resonate with all white people. It seems more like a qualitative outline of the young, faux-activist, indie-lifestyle, suburban white person, than of the caucasian race itself. Although you often use the words “white people,” I believe it is more of a reference to an emerging pop culture stereotype than a racial one. I don’t see how the blog is offensive (other than describing people like me basically as naive, fragile, and carrying a fair amount of white guilt – whatever, it’s true), and misinterpreting the blog as racist or insulting does no good to anyone. It’s all in good fun, and it is really very funny, so keep up the posting! I look forward to learning more about how predictable I can be.

  1346. Keep up the good work! Some people seem quite offended at your observations but obviously they are taking things too seriously. I studied anthropology and this is a humorous way to introduce midde-class America.

  1347. i am dying over here!!!!!

  1348. on February 24, 2008 at 2:45 am from south east asia.

    true true true. all true.

  1349. Love the posts. I’m white. You need to add skiing and Notre Dame.

  1350. stuff white people like…

    Christian Lander, french fries, sushi, dim sum, frozen peaches and blueberries, Ben & Jerry’s Phish Food frozen yogurt, Gossip Girl, Gilmore Girls, Wonder Years, cuteness, nyanko, Japan, Japanese things, SUSHI, Hide sushi, scallops, Coach boots, mary janes, collegiate style, Seattle, London, minis, photos, Cbus!, Ohio State, Ohio style pizza, mis chicas, linebackers, London, hobnobs, kaiten sushi, waffles, pancakes, detail, fur rugs, our bed, Frank, Dex and Murphy, IKEA, pop music, pop rock, Girls Aloud, Brit pop, Anthropologie, Julieanne Moore’s coloring, Elle, Lost in Translation, Back to the Beach, scratch and sniff, Marshall, Coffee Crisp—erable!, cookbooks with pictures, our Waring Pro, Flickr, GoFugYourself, being critical of others (and myself), Pie n Burger, In n Out, Thurman Cafe, Hillbilly Hot Dogs, egg press cards, fancy wrapping paper, baking, baking with friends, eating baked goods, soft lighting, Harrod’s Food Halls, sunshine, snow, Christmas, Christmas bush (and tree), Christmas music, fall, college football, Kirk, blue, jeans, rainbow flip flops, Laguna Beach (seasons 1 & 2 only), Colbert Report, Food Network, shows about property, Athens, GA, beer in a boot, Nikon D40x, Air Canada first class, first world countries, G8, pupusas,Taco Bell, and riverdalepalmtrees.wordpress.com

  1351. white people also like the following:

    winter sports
    jogging in the rain

  1352. on February 24, 2008 at 8:38 am Faintly Macabre

    You can definitely go ahead and add these as well: Portland, Oregon, bookstores, biofuels, incomprehensible public art, Urban Outfitters, redheads, cupcakes, and saying “as well.”

  1353. on February 24, 2008 at 9:12 am Half a white guy

    White people also love commenting on something that already has 1202 comments, because they hope that someone will recognize their unique wit.

  1354. on February 24, 2008 at 9:27 am petty officer crunch

    White people really seem to like Noam Chomsky.

    Also: “The Little Prince”

  1355. on February 24, 2008 at 9:34 am Antoine (Black)

    Great blog. As an african immigrat to Canada, i see a lot of truths in your description of White People, but to a certain degree. You describe the White Middle and Upper Middle class. The White working class i know do not have the same hobbies and interests as the “mainstream” White People! Still great blog, you are the White Chris Rock.

  1356. I love this site but I actually am not fond of white people at all.
    p.s – gotta put feng shui or stealing cultures….oh and submissive black person that always smiles and opens door

  1357. God. This website is amazing.

  1358. this site is now my home page!

    to the haters: you are lame. So what if you can identify with everything. you will be lying if you dont see these patterns in white people. I dont care who writes this, it’s genius.

    please use “whilst” whenever you can, thats like super white.

    please cover:

  1359. Nascar

  1360. While I love this list and reminded me of the certain town and annoying people where I went to college, I feel that it mainly picks on rich, liberal, yuppie, white people. In the spirit of stereotyping ALL white people, I think some things that right-wing, hyper-religious, paranoid, nut-job, conservative white people like, should be included. Such as:

    1) Ann Coulter.
    2) The Bible.
    3) Hunting.
    4) Fishing.
    5) Jerry Falwell.
    6) Cults (e.g. David Koresh).
    7) Utah.
    8) Pickup trucks.
    9) Trailor homes.
    10) RVs.
    11) Joel Osteen.
    12) Wars.
    13) Oil.
    14) Roger Clemens.
    15) Political propaganda radio shows (e.g. Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity).
    16) FOX News.
    17) Blaming all their problems on “immigrants.”
    18) Saying that minorities are “taking over America.”
    19) Corporations.
    20) Embezzlement.
    21) Corporate welfare/bailouts.
    22) Blaming all problems in the world on “drugs.”
    23) Thinking the solution to teenage pregnancy is Jesus.

    Should I keep going?

    If you are a “conservative” white person, only making fun of “liberal” white people…then you no longer are really making fun of yourself. Make fun of yourself, you uptight conservative a@#hole!!

  1361. Funny.. If someone put up a site about what black people like.. IE: Fried chicken, watermellon, crime and shiney rims people would throw a sh*t fit!

  1362. You describe what I refer to as “Guilty White Liberals”. I am white, and work in Hollywood…I hear this insanity day-in-day-out from most of my coworkers. What’s very funny is that we who are conservative/Republican/libertarian in my industry feel like a secret society in the face of these folks…it’s no wonder Trey Parker and Matt Stone (of South Park) are so beloved by people in my crowd; they take the wind out of these jackasses like no other (and are outspokenly on the right themselves). My favorite thing to to to make a G.W.L.’s head blow up? Mention the fact that the mayor of one of LA’s suburbs is a chinese-american, openly gay republican. (It’s true…Mike Gin of Redondo Beach) It’s the most priceless deer-in-headlights look and so rewarding when you say that!

  1363. Hilarious…I love this blog. You need to write one about white men who like to date asian women to help them feel more ethnic. They especially love to tell other asian men how they can feel their culture becaues of course they married an asian girl and now only eat sushi.

  1364. #1206 (Blackandproud):

    I know what you mean. I’m not fond of black people at all.

  1365. as some others have stated.. this is hilarious, but the title of the blog is incorrect… ie, it’s totally true, but only for segment of white society.. 99% of people i grew up with do not like any of the things listed.. this is a list for middle-class, liberal whites

    but yes- VERY FUNNY =)

  1366. You are writing the “New Preppy Handbook.” I cannot wait for the inevitable blog to modest-bestseller that comes out of this site, so white people can say: “I used to read that blog ‘back in the day when it was still cool.'”

    I’m not white and not even 30, but I am long since used to being the only “person of color” in the room. I don’t think that the people who have criticised this blog understand just how accurate it actually is.

    I’m a New Yorker (when I’m not in other places) and the way to disarm even the surliest of white people is to compliment “ass-ertive bearing,” and to inquire as to whether they’re a New Yorker. Works every time.

    Please, keep this up. :)

  1367. You are writing the “New Preppy Handbook.” I cannot wait for the inevitable blog to modest-bestseller that comes out of this site, so white people can say: “I used to read that blog ‘back in the day when it was still cool.’”

    I’m not white and not even 30, but I am long since used to being the only “person of color” in the room. I don’t think that the people who have criticised this blog understand just how accurate it actually is.

    I’m a New Yorker (when I’m not in other places) and best the way to disarm even the surliest of white people is to compliment their “ass-ertive bearing,” and to inquire as to whether they’re a New Yorker. Works every time.

    Please, keep this up. :)

  1368. Hilarious. Brilliant. A pure delight for a Conservative Republican…since it skewers so deliciously the typical White Liberal Elitist.

    (Gotta go…my ole’ hound dog is waiting for that squirrel stew I’ve got cookin’ on the camp stove at the trailer…the one I shot with my assault rifle out of the window of my pickup truck last night drivin’ home from Demolition Derby.)

  1369. #1211…Whitey

    “Funny.. If someone put up a site about what black people like.. IE: Fried chicken, watermellon, crime and shiney rims people would throw a sh*t fit!”

    If it were anywhere near as accurate as this blog…most Blacks would “get it”…and laugh their asses off—just like we are.

    The people having fits would be the very White People being described in this blog and those that “feed” off them. They’d start a movement to raise “Awareness of Racism on the Web”…and (White Liberal) Big Media would make it a Page One story!

    Al Sharpton would not be able to handle all the requests for interviews!

  1370. This site is funny, but the comments in response to it are even better. Most of the posts describe obnoxious, trendy people and not necessarily white people or even liberals. As for some of the more general posts – If living in a neighborhood where you can actually tell which house is yours without having to look at the number on the mailbox (which would be in its own brick housing unit), or adoption (adoption! What could be more trendy or annoying than someone wanting to care for and raise a child who has noone else to raise him?) or wanting to eat at non-chain restaurants* is wrong, I don’t want to be right.

    *The saddest and funniest part to me is that the term “non-chain restaurants” even exists, and that eating at real restaurants – not franchises with bland food, pictures on the menus, overly familiar servers, and desserts whose ingredients include crushed-up popular candy bars – is apparently seen as a silly trend by some people.

    Add me to the list of people who got way too worked up over this.

  1371. Also – I can’t believe how many people wanted to add Bob Marley to the list. White people constitute such a small percentage of people who like Bob Marley. Same goes for Barack Obama and Che Guevara. I think people are just wanting to add things that they think are annoying in people they know. Now I can understand wanting to add “purchasing and wearing Bob Marley merchandise without actually listening to the music.”

  1372. The wonderful irony will be when the final post on “Stuff White People Like” is “Stuff White People Like.”

  1373. I love this site and I plan on posting some of your entries on my website http://www.poponthepop.com!!! :0

  1374. I knew there was a conservative undercurrent to this blog that bothered me in a way I couldn’t quite articulate: check the post on ‘Asian Girls’, specifically the phrase “should white guy / asian girl marry, they produce hybirds that are aestically pleasing, but are very annoying”. Yeah, way to go hip, ironic, “anti-racist” white guy blogger!!! You totally convinced me!!! You really stand up for the brown folk!!!

    ( http://stuffwhitepeoplelike.wordpress.com/2008/01/20/11-asian-girls/ )

  1375. That’s not his point. You’re white.

  1376. This blog is transcendent. Truly the best thing I’ve ever read. Kudos, mon ami!

  1377. It’s amusing how many of the same white people he’s talking about keep whiting it up here, accusing him of being having conservative tendencies. Your assumption that that is an inherently evil thing makes you a Prius-driving Obamamaniac just like the rest of them. That’s the point.

  1378. The authors of this blog are Canadian right? You guys must be since I read ‘Brampton’ and ‘Surrey’ somewhere on the blog.

    Also, only Canadians can produce such awesome humour!

  1379. this site is delightful; here are a few more:

    Labrador retrievers
    couples vacations
    hurricane relief
    happy hour

    keep up the blog. love it.

  1380. I was getting pretty annoyed about this whole thing till I hit “Irony” and then I couldn’t stop laughing. Great site!

  1381. White people like this blog because they now feel they know what it’s like to be ridiculed as a racial stereotype & feel they can now honestly relate to Blacks and other minorities that get shit on all the time.

    That’s the whole ball of wax in a nutshell.

    Fucking whites.

  1382. on February 24, 2008 at 1:46 pm MooMoo Buckaroo


    I appreciate the reply.

    What has me taking particular note to your posts over everyone else’s is how you have made several posts deriding everyone for their comments about enjoying this website, yet you KEEP COMING BACK TO IT!
    If you don’t like the people associating here, then why don’t you just not come back…disassociate yourself from people who don’t have the same mindset as you.

    Just for the sake of argument, let’s just say I had a problem with gay people…I’m not gonna go to a gay forum and sit there and talk about how much I don’t like gay people.
    It just makes no sense that you are complaining about this site, yet you frequent it. I bet wordpress.com’s sponsors love consumers like you!

  1383. To Jess:

    This site IS racist.

    (NOTE: Here, we use the definition of racism that has nothing to do with hate crimes, unfairness, lynching, and other forms of persecution, and actually has more to do with humor and humility, as it is a site about a white person laughing about himself)

  1384. on February 24, 2008 at 2:52 pm Namioto Yasuna

    Here’s another one to add to the list: “After reading this blog, trying extra hard not to match the ideas it presents.”

  1385. How about killing sprees? That’s an all time favourite, last time I checked.

    I was raised in an English family and thought I was white until I was about 25. There’s a little Englishwoman inside me, eyeballing the the surfaces of your home for signs of dust (neglect).

    Looooove your blog. :)

  1386. Err… You people realize this is a whimsical satire, right? Like, this isn’t supposed to be a fully-cited report on white culture?

    Utterly hilarious. You really nail it home on this one.

  1387. what about country music, nascar, big red pick up trucks, or are these not white…to me they are whiter, or actually on second thought maybe less white come to think of it..if we associate whiteness with europeanness and the whole back to Europe movement.
    Actually further it seems that half assed attempts at assuaging racial guilt and self perceived lack of culture and/or awareness, empathy and anything else that you can lack that makes you a lesser of someone-you-aspire-to-be-who-isnt-you are the hallmark of these strange white people you encounter. who obviously hang around nervously yet righteously in coffee shops spending there hard borrowed money on coffee and shit. trying to make other people uncomfortable projecting their self loathing with sundial precision. these are not the kickass americans we know and love, the ones who can take tanks to a desert and protect their god given petroleum. these guys would have all the worlds resources provide wealth to the people who occupy the plot and incidentally.. need it. fairtrade wtf? give me the man from del monte and jaffa oranges. im going back to youtube where i can talk with people who know what they like.

    And btw everybody knows white people like reo speedwagon and pianos and shit.

  1388. it seems as if white people also like to dis-agree and argue. haha silly white people calm down! haha

  1389. 1227 BayRidgeHodges:

    “It’s amusing how many of the same white people he’s talking about keep whiting it up here, accusing him of being having conservative tendencies. Your assumption that that is an inherently evil thing makes you a Prius-driving Obamamaniac just like the rest of them. That’s the point.”

    No “Bay Ridge”, you’re the one “whiting it up” in here, defending the blog’s “conservative tendencies”, acting like we’re somehow in a “post-race” world now, where it’s suddenly “hip” and “ironic” for some white yupster, just because he appears to be self-critical of his own whiteness, to call hapas “aesthetically pleasing”, but yet *annoying* (that kind of fake, liberal post-race racism is the very epitome of what’s wrong with the culture he’s supposedly critiquing) – this whole site, as the “asian girls” post shows very clearly, is *part and parcel* of white yupster culture, rather than a critique of it; if anything, and I know you know it’s true, they are most certainly its *biggest fans* – they *love* this shit! It doesn’t displace them or shake them up at all, much to the contrary, it *further entrenches them*! Believe me, BayRidge, I know you fuckers all too well, I know your irony, I know your style, and I know your hypocrisy, and not for the reasons you assume – it wasn’t long ago that bricks were flying through your windows when you gentrified what are now the “hip” cities of this country – I invite you to consider these comments a couple handfuls more.

  1390. Here is something else it seems as though you can add about things white people like:

    being outraged when a blog calls them out for the stuff that they like

    I think this is a hilarious look at how seriously we white people take ourselves and what kinds of stuff we do so that we can seem hip.

  1391. “World domination” should be on here

  1392. I’ve noticed that white folks love Sky Mall. Thoughts?

  1393. How about “writing blogs or reciting lists of ‘oh, that’s so white’, that make it seem as though you are the exception”? That’s what whiteness has *always* been about – marking oneself off as the one who “isn’t reducible to all that”. Right? Awareness, irony anyone?

  1394. Brunch. what white person doesn’t like brunch. and/or mimosas.

  1395. All you white folks are part of an experiment in viral marketing. You are so being used and you don’t even know it.

    White people!

  1396. on February 24, 2008 at 5:58 pm sorrythisisracist

    Underlying this blog is a lot of racism. It doesn’t matter if a white or a black is on the receiving end. Any human being of any race can be racist. The idea that black people somehow are magically immune to hatred, generalizations and emotionalism is a racist claim in itself, simply because it leads to a conclusion that black people are superior. If I’m going too fast for you, think of racism as the idea that your own race is superior to another.

    And it doesn’t matter at all whose culture is “dominant”. If you flew a KKK member to Lagos, would that make him any less racist???

    “Black people can’t be racist” –what nonsense.

    PS: You might consider doing a grammar check in MS Word before posting your articles. That’s another think white people like: grammar.

  1397. What does it mean if you’re black or brown and you like most of these things?
    Does that imply that you’re abandoning your culture, (the ‘stuff black people like’)?
    What if you’re white and you don’t like these things? Are you abandoning white culture?

  1398. on February 24, 2008 at 6:11 pm NotAnEnglishMajor

    #1246– Brilliant…You said “that’s another THINK white people like” when you probably meant “that’s another THING white people like”, and you were complaining about grammar!! Genius!!

  1399. RE: 1246 sorrythisisracist

    “You might consider doing a grammar check in MS Word before posting your articles. That’s another think white people like: grammar.”


    Thank you for the blog. I think the number one activity that white people like to engage in is giving advice when they know not whereof they speak.

  1400. clearly an addition is needed: becoming offended when called out

    also, number 1 might be: being [overly] politically correct.

    love it. :) keep up the good work.

  1401. Ok, I’m laughing my *ss off (said in honor of “Wicks” comment to keep things clean :) ). Do people really not have a sense of humor about what you’re doing here?

    You are hilarious and stereotype us “whities” perfectly.

    Clever and witty. Good work man!

  1402. The thing about almost every single one of these “stereotypes” that are apparently eliciting in some readers the need to fervently condemn promoting racism, is that they’re sort of like being at a job interview and replying to the question “What is one bad quality that you possess as a professional?” with “I’m a perfectionist and want to do my job exactly right every time.” This isn’t (as has been suggested) an embittered Asian American taking a few shots at white culture, it’s white people teasing white people about just how amusing and quirky we are! It can’t really be any more than that because the subjects of this blog (rich, white, urbanites) comprise one of the most privileged groups of people in the world. If there was something they really really didn’t like about themselves, their buying habits, or their hobbies, guess what? They’d change it! Arguing that humorously pointing out what more or less amount to white people’s idiosyncrasies is in any way comparable to the negative and harmful notions that inform the stereotypes of most groups is stupid and thoughtless. Period.

    This blog describes my NYC yuppie friends, myself, and I suspect, the authors, pretty damn accurately. I laughed out loud several times. Here is one other thing (this little subset of) white folks like to do: erroneously use the phrases “You don’t even understand” and “You have no idea.” to communicate “Here’s something I’d like to emphasize”. As in, while enjoying brunch the morning after 80’s night, say: “When we were at the bar together last night, I got so totally drunk. You have no idea”. I like to counter this improper usage (I’m white, and so can’t help myself from correcting other people’s language missteps), so I might reply with “Yes, yes I do so have an idea. You took off your shirt and danced on the bar, and then threw up on my shoes. In fact, I’d say I have a pretty strong idea of how drunk you were.” (so while this is currently something white people enjoy doing, I’m working on eradicating that particular characteristic.)

  1403. Mark Rothko paintings. White people love to look hip by knowing all about Mark Rothko. They try and find themselves in his paintings. Dar Williams sings about them. I have one of his prints hanging in my living room.

  1404. How about Classy/Expensive Socks?

  1405. But this isn’t just about “white people’s idiosyncrasies is in any way comparable to the negative and harmful notions that inform the stereotypes of most groups is stupid and thoughtless. Period” – the underlying foundation of the whole operation is the devaluing of other groups that are seen as *not* having these traits since they “aren’t white”; the underlying racism of the blog is not towards whites at all, it’s towards *non-whites*, as seen in the “asian girls” post, where hapas are described as ‘good-looking’, but ‘annoying’ – if you can’t see that, you need to learn how to read between the lines.

  1406. Saturday Night Live and that no-talent a** Adam Samberg.

  1407. …I meant “Andy Samberg”.

  1408. what about kwanzaa?

  1409. There’s a war going on people!

    And all y’all can do is spout BS about this stuff.

    Mighty white of ya …

  1410. The blogger is a gook bitch who loves white dick but got schooled by some rice-chaser.

    When are you going to do a post on gook sex secrets? White guys are not into “asian girls”, so to speak, just asian trim and gook sex skills.

    tell me your gook sex secrets mamasan!

  1411. white people always gotta steal and save
    the brown babies. it keeps the dark ethnic
    youth from fully becoming “heathens.”
    the messiah savior business is tired.

    just moved to new york city and if i see
    another damn white person teaching
    black community theater, latino art,
    or martial arts/ oriental medicine, i
    will vomit. just vomit.

    also— racism is enacted by whiteness and
    the privilege from white supremacy. white people
    always wanna use, “stop being racist against me”
    when in fact people of color do not have institutional–
    governmental, educational, etc. positions in power.
    this blog isn’t racist, it’s endlessly stating the ways
    that white people participate and perpetuate racism
    via access to resources, stealing/co-opting other
    people’s cultures & traditions.

    black, caribbean, latino, arab, asian & pacific islander,
    first nations peoples, indigenous peoples CANNOT be

  1412. stop posting pistures of food and post a picture of your gook pussy!!!

  1413. Hey, I like some of your stuff, but I’d say don’t make so many slip-ups with things like weed and travelling. Stick to real hipster/yuppie bullshit, as those are what most of the really funny, and really true articles tend to be about. Juno one was terrific.

  1414. Come on, Preston. There are a lot more important problems than weed, travelling and Sri Lanka to worry about. We have to end apartheid for one. And slow down the nuclear arms race, stop terrorism and world hunger. We have to provide food and shelter for the homeless, and oppose racial discrimination and promote civil rights, while also promoting equal rights for women. We have to encourage a return to traditional moral values. Most importantly, we have to promote general social concern and less materialism in young people.

  1415. its f*cking brilliant!

  1416. CLANDER, I LOVE YOU!!!

    If you were a guy, I swear I’d try to get in your pants then marry you!

    Your honesty is crisp and perceptive and just as clever as Chris Rock’s “Black people vs. Niggers”. If there are white people out there that are offended, it’s probably because they’re busted

    Keep doing what you do! Be proud of yourself.



  1417. I honestly think that this website exists, because there are so many assumed stereotypes for other races, but there usually none for white people.
    (i.e. Black people like chicken and watermelon, Hispanics like tacos, rice and beans.)
    what kind of foods do whites like.
    This blog exists (I guess) to answer those types of questions.

    Plus, it is hard to stereotype the majority which happens to be white people (in western culture at least).
    Being a minorities makes it easy to pinpoint uniqueness, therefore there are more stereotypes for them.

    Since western culture was colonized by the Whites anything they say or done usually becomes the norm within White people, not knowing that other races notice this change. And thus other races form stereotypes.

    So please do not take offense of this website.
    I’m black and went to a predominantly white school, and had to deal with a lot of subtle racist jokes, what did I do, I dished them back out, but it was all in good fun, and I didnt take it too seriously, and thats what the readers of this Blog should do too.

    Peace out son.


  1418. There’s no such thing as race. You’re only contributing to the wall that divides us.

  1419. this blog never ceases to crack me up, I know it’s just poking fun, but a lot of it is so on money its scary, and when I am w/ my white friends and they mention things like sandwich shops and loving Mos Def I bite my lip to keep from laughing.

  1420. This more of a “what Americans like” blog more then anything. But cudos for thinking of something controversial to get more page hits.

    I think it’ll work well.

  1421. Stuff this white person likes includes stuff white people like. Thanks

  1422. You’re a product of your times. I guess it’s up to you to decide whether that’s a compliment or not.

  1423. on February 25, 2008 at 4:51 am Fish Noir Foul

    White people like to admit that for a long time they didn’t get it but now they GET it.

    As in… ‘I never really got that a 1000 lbs was heavy until someone dropped a piano on me’.

    or… ‘I never really got that reducing a segment of society to inanely narrow stereotypes was hurtful and demeaning until I read SWPL. Now I get it. … I feel so Black!’

    If you check out Jess’s Photos you’ll see what I mean.

    Do NOT look at Jess’s Photos!

    Please don’t… Okay?

    You don’t wanna know…

  1424. This is a funny blog, but it could be understood as racist. I am also not really sure if it is meant as satire. There are used some incorrect generalizations, so i suggest you call it “stuff white us-american yuppies like”, so no one feels insulted. Most people will never call themselves “yuppie”, but many (white) people fit in this category.

  1425. Man, you had my University class here in Japan attempting to jump out of the window in laughter; even if half didn’t get most of it.

    I bow down to you and a thousand salaams.


  1426. Just finished reading the whole archive, and as an engineering student at a liberal arts college I was witness to many of these habits, and a participant in a larger number of them than I might like to admit :oD.

    As for the various commenters calling the site racist, I think it’s pretty clear it’s a satire of a particular subculture: roughly, rich white yuppie progressive Americans. Yes, “white” is used throughout as the shorthand, but I don’t think it can be called racism or reverse racism because the examples used in the post only apply to a subset.

  1427. this site is probably the greatest accumulation of anthropological information on white people available outside of a scientific journal. i feel like i’ve learned so much more about myself; this site is better at self-enlightenment than any therapist.

    as a white person, things i also like include:
    nalgene bottles

  1428. A few additions, if I may:

    – White people love those child harnesses – similar to the dog fences, but transportable.
    – White people love TLC – they also love those supplemental DTV sites around babies (the developmental channels that you can use as a babysitter and think, like Baby Einstein that your child is actually getting smarter).
    – White people love Nannies
    – White people LOVE yoga

    I disagree with some of the assertions above around white people – such as Guitar Hero – but I forgive these folks because I assume they are white and while and like most white people, have never visited a non-white country (say for example, like Japan).

  1429. Being a über white guy, I can relate to all of this blog’s content, especially the “asian girls” bit.

  1430. White people like to have cleaning ladies too.

    And white people love to argue that minorities help our economy by their willingness to take jobs that white people simply won’t do.

  1431. I as a white person of European decent can testify that my interests are not as broad as those presented here. Althought, I do enjoy telling others what they like. I am very persuasive with my arguments…

    Bombs away….

  1432. White people like vocal groups, especially ones where they sing songs by black artists:

    Oh and beatboxing at weird times.

  1433. Hey you should do a post on Urban Outfitters, hip-hop crew Hieroglyphics, CROCS shoes, Hardwood or bamboo floors, hemp products, IKEA, and photography school.

  1434. Trader Joe’s – White People Mecca

  1435. expensive cheese, the stinkier the better.

  1436. suggested topics:

    white people who LOVE to claim they’re part native american. Only they say “indian”. They then go on to claim native americans are drunks draining the treasury.

    white people who INSIST on speaking the language of wherever they’re visiting because they think they’re fluent after X years of school or pricey classes and because they’ve interpreted smirks from native speakers as appreciation. Rarely, rarely are they. On a recent trip, a woman ordered an elevator and professed to be pregnant (she’s 67). I had to fix it all, being a white person (natch) who really is fluent (of course). Alternatively, add supercilious white people who flaunt their native fluency of another language.

    Worse: white moms who insist on speaking a second language to their infants, with hopes they’ll become bilingual.

    Art history majors. They’re all white.
    Artists. White + arrogant = annoying superiority complex

    Young white moms who buy organic diapers because nothing else is good enough to touch their babies skin -next to the crap that is.

    Note: I think urban blacks DO love logos on their clothes and shoes as much, if not more, than whites. Stats bear this out (sorry).

  1437. Tired of bigotry and stupid posts.

  1438. “white people who INSIST on speaking the language of wherever they’re visiting because they think they’re fluent after X years of school or pricey classes and because they’ve interpreted smirks from native speakers as appreciation.”

    Oh, I totally do this.

  1439. I’m an artist…I’m passionate, I hate labels and categories… and Ienjoy living outside the box. :)

  1440. I’m black and in Canada so I have a direct exposure ( and the burns to proove it ) of what white people above all else love. A short list to add to the obvious ( sushi, cofee, sandwiches )

    1) tanning or being told they look “tan”
    2) tight pants, tight zippered hoodies that hit their waist
    3) expensive winter coats
    4) oil changes and general car maintenance
    5) ugly sunglasses
    6) ugle sandals ( socks are apparently mandatory and thongs are highly discouraged )
    7) hair dye
    8) waxing ( yes, even the men )
    9) makeup (yes, even the men )
    10) country shit ( music, clothing, boots, speech ) maybe they feel “real” like we do when we wear green/red/yellow/black
    11) belts
    12) their lawns
    13) taking pictures of their pets/kids
    14) eavesdropping
    15) asking questions to seem interested but only putting their ignorance on display ( where are you from, do they do this in “your country”.. shit like that )
    16) “doing” lunch ( a bad habit I admit I’ve picked up )
    17) PDA’s… I have yet to meet an adult white person without a persona organizer.. this might explain the whole “being on time” phenomena they all suffer from
    18) bad jokes ( especially corny one’s )
    19) online gaming
    20) hair mousse ( and/or gel )
    21) socks
    22) phrases ( gather the wagons, slippery slope, soap box.. wtf does all that shit mean though seriously )
    23) no-name runners ( most of them have no shoe game worth mentiniong but the most annoying has got to be the ugly sneaker thing just big old white ugly runners.. where do they get them? )
    24) beer
    25) wine

  1441. A few more:
    Sayign dumb stuff like”I’m irish/german/scandanvian and half scottish” like anyone knows the difference. White is white man.

  1442. Forgot to add flannel and plaid to that list.

  1443. wow. @ 135 “black underperformance”

  1444. This is brilliant!!! You forgot about cheap wine, free coffee and trail mix from Trader Joe’s!!!!

    Keep up the good work.

  1445. hybrid cars
    roof racks
    really big or really small cars ( tryign to be unique I guess ) – the older one’s like anything “full-size”
    jogging (in tights, yes, even in the coldest weather )
    special clothings ( fancy super-soak swimming towels, super ugly but custom runners, helly hansen ski jackets, ugly but space age sunglasses, shoe protectors, special ear muffs, special yoga clothes, water shoes )
    sun screen

  1446. lol @ trail mix

    that and granola.

  1447. white girls love “lip plumpers”


  1448. Stuff blacks like:

    Fast food
    Gold chains
    Diamond earings (men) (in both ears)
    Expensive alcohol
    Cheap Beer (malt)
    Rap music
    Nike sneakers
    Chrome rims
    Mac and cheese
    Hot sauce
    Hair straightner
    Baggy clothing
    Colored contact lenses
    McDonalds fish sandwiches
    Money Clips
    Swimming pools

  1449. This is hilarious!

  1450. Stuff blacks like:

    Fast food
    Gold chains
    Diamond earings (men) (in both ears)
    Expensive alcohol
    Cheap Beer (malt)
    Rap music
    Nike sneakers
    Chrome rims
    Mac and cheese
    Hot sauce
    Hair straightner
    Baggy clothing
    Colored contact lenses
    McDonalds fish sandwiches
    Money Clips
    Swimming pools

  1451. Kathleen, stfu stupid bigot!!!!!!!

  1452. Er, I think that think is a misspelling not bad grammar. If you axe any English teacher dey be tell you dat.l

  1453. My god is #50 good. I can’t tell you how many white people I’ve run into who claim a Native American ancestry. The numbers are staggering… and I’d guess about 5% have any native blood.

  1454. White people love the movie Crash.

  1455. More stuff black people like:

    Red Lobster
    White women (the men)
    Large butts
    Coco butter
    Bass (the fish and the musical tone)

  1456. Suggestion: Rugby

  1457. White people love cheese. I’ve come to understand this. Especially melted cheese smothered on just about anything.

  1458. This site is well written and quite funny, however a lot of the comments are hysterical. But I say that as a person who must have racial identity issues as I love alternative medicine, foreign travel, ethnic food, public TV/radio and I live in Canada but love Manhattan. Oh and the movie Crash and film festivals and Mos Def.

  1459. Jigsaw puzzles. Crossword puzzles. Soduku puzzles. Puzzles in general.

  1460. #11 is incredibly racist. As a white woman married to a fantastic Asian man, I can’t even express my disgust.

  1461. Semicolons
    Quiet Movie Theaters

  1462. This blog – every word of it made me feel very bad about myself. Thanks a lot.

  1463. After reading about 10 entries on this comments page I also notice:

    White people love to talk and think heavily about how they’re different and how NOT-WHITE they are. How very white of them. Hahaha..

    I too only directly identified with perhaps 5 entries.. but they all made me laugh anyway. That’s the point. :)

  1464. Not having babies until they’re old, then getting nannies so they can continue to focus on their careers.

    Being “big-boned” and being on diets and cleanses, whatever the hell a “cleanse” is.

    Insisting people they’ve never met have to say “hi” to them on the street because they said it first.

    Being “working class”…until they finish University. Then they should be entitled to more money to pay off the student loans they accumulated while NOT working their way through school.

    Chuck Palahniuk.

    Therapy and especially couples counseling.

    Hating cops.

  1465. Stuff black people like:

    Blaming others for their problems
    Gang Violence
    Malt Liquor at 3:00 pm, on a weekday
    Rap music demeaning to women
    Fat Girls/Abusive Men
    Cars with loud music, windows down
    Mangling the English Langauge
    Putting “Ja” before any normal name (JaMarcus, JaShaun, JaJuan)

    Isn’t this funny? I love racial stereotypes. BOOYA!

  1466. White people love the gap, Cheezits, Americas next top model, Starbucks, flip phones, Taking photos of themselves, Hockey, Nascar, Organic food, and black babies.

  1467. I have another one to add: subscribing to magazines that are supposed to make your white life easier, while all along requiring you to invest, plan and re-organize all of your closets and storage space. (includes merging your dining room with your kitchen so you can convert your dining area into a huge walk-in closet off of the master BR.)

    Container Store = Very Popular with white people

  1468. what about radiohead. but not any of it that you can sing along to.
    maybe songs that you cant sing along to. unless of course you are at an 80’s night.

  1469. Hypochondria.

  1470. Your blog is hilarious and very accurate. If white people can’t handle your blog they can fill out a hurt feelings report.

    I am white and approve of this blog!

  1471. Is stuffwhitepeoplelike stuff white people like?

  1472. Live Music

    White people enjoy live music, because it makes them feel authentic and cultured while giving them experiences to pull out at social appropriate moments in order to triumph over their rivals.

    Rival: “Sonic Youth is so overrated.”

    WhitePerson: “Maybe on CD. But when you see them live and in person, it’s a completely different experience.”

    Advantage, WhitePerson.

  1473. This blog is pure genius.
    I’m anxiously awaiting your take on white people’s “undying need to support local economies” and the obsession with sustainability.
    I’m a white person, and the only thing I find offensive about any of this is the self-righteous rage of people who’ve basically been called out. Almost every white person I know fits this profile more or less to a T. Yet none of them would ever recognize these qualities in themselves. I think the people getting upset recognize that they are “that guy,” and the image in the mirror ain’t so pretty.
    Get over yourselves, or find something else to read. The Onion or the Drudge Report, perhaps? (White people love that stuff!)
    And to those who are wounded and feel this blog is “racist” –how do you justify posting your own racist diatribe to “even” the score? Two wrongs don’t make a right. Besides, it’s sophomoric and redundant. (White people also love to use fancy vocabulary!) Again, go read something else.

  1474. funny site. should be called “what white liberal privileged yuppies like”. i’m embarrassed by myself after reading all the posts. i think i identified with at least half of them. here’s some to add to the list:

    blogs/personal web pages/making lists of things

    gadgets- iphones, blackberries, all that garbage

    fitness/health obsession (i hear the word “obesity” about 5 times a day

    reading books and hanging out in bookstores (the number of books we have on our shelves is as important as the amount of money in our bank accounts)

  1475. is the the best blog ever!

  1476. Hmm…how about camping?

  1477. Petting Zoos

  1478. I sort of love you. This is hysterical. And so right on.

  1479. Hey “hd”

    “this site is only funny to white people. White people love to think they are cute and funny in some way.”

    I’m not white, and i think this site is hilarious. you’re wrong.

  1480. Da brothers enjoy:
    doritos an a 40 for dinner
    talking with their mouth full
    talking and making total nuisances of themselves at the movie theater
    stealing copper from houses
    stealing tv’s from others
    stealing ATM’s
    smoking crack
    eating and running
    driving without insurance
    scaming welfare
    selling bridge card items for dope
    watching white people work
    lying about racial epithets to for personal gain
    and the list goes on and on and on.

  1481. White people like to stay as far as possible from living in black neighborhoods. Or if blacks move into their neighborhood they move away for fear of crime, drugs and break-ins. It’s called white flight.

  1482. Great work!! Big ups!!

  1483. Suggestion, please do a blog list about this:
    White people swear “The Big Lebowski” is the funniest comedy of the last decade (or so). They’ve turned it into a “cult classic.” As a black man, I don’t get!! There are great characters in the film and I love the Cohen brothers, but this wasn’t there finest achievement by far!!
    None of my ethnic friends get it either.
    What’s the deal!!??
    P.S.– who gave whites the power to decide which movie will be deemed a “cult classic?”

  1484. I would have to say Camp as a summer activity when white people are kids over camping, weight as a new morality and eating outside even if its over looking a parking lot or busy dirty street. Oh yeah and Tapas.

  1485. how about camping in the winter? i just overheard a conversation outside my office about how “awesome” it will be.

  1486. Hilarious blog.

    A future entry on “Therapy” is probably warranted.

  1487. Obviously, (white) people also like taking things too damn seriously.

    Possibly, “any opportunity to be offended”.

    Site is hilarious. Many a time have I had to stop reading so I can exclaim things like “goodness! I certainly *do* like tea! Also not owning a television and threatening to move to Canada.”

  1488. All white mothers refuse to own minivans because they can’t bear the thought of looking like a ‘soccer mom’. All of them drive suv’s instead.

    They don’t want to look like the soccer mom in the minivan. Instead, they look like the soccer mom in the suv they’ve wasted more money on.

  1489. This site is hilarious! I am white and find many of these things to be either true or just down right funny as H3ll. People need to get a grip and stop taking these things sooo personally. Good lord, if you can’t laugh at yourself, then you have no sense of humor and you are most likely a troll.

  1490. i must admit that many things mentioned were not only funny and on point, but well thought out and cleverly written. that said…
    Who do you guys think you are exactly? first of all, i need to know-are you white? if not, how would you like a white person picking apart your race and grouping you together with the trendiest and most mock-worthy members of it? all races are plagued with a long list of stereotypically negative attributes and yours is no exception.
    If you are white then maybe you’d be so kind and enlighten the rest of “us” white people, blinded by our own Caucasian-ness, about a few things that you are into. Surely, your interests and beliefs are so sacred and far removed from the things you have listed. “We” could really use your prophetic wisdom and guidance.
    No matter what your race or background lets face it, there is nothing “whiter” than this blog. Yes from the distracted high school student switching between Facebook and surfing the web during class to the cubical dwelling young professional, no one is more attracted to this blog than the people you have so comically disassembled.

  1491. Apparently, “Taking themselves too seriously” is a chart topper. Good grief…some of these comments are ridiculous!

  1492. P.S. I think this site is hilarious!

  1493. you forgot about Use of the Word “Awesome”

  1494. liberal arts colleges in the north.
    diet soda.
    energy drinks/bars/anything.
    expensive and intricate cellular phones (iphone, blackberry, sidekick).
    “alternative” education where children use beanbags instead of desks.
    the movie “across the universe” (which was awful).
    kanye west.
    overpriced denim (mostly just women).
    converse sneakers.
    the garden state soundtrack.
    therapy of any kind.
    any building that claims to be “green”.
    family guy.

  1495. This site is funny, but I can tell you right now, if it were reversed, and called “Stuff Black People Like”, you’d have a damn race riot.

    I can name some if you get the inkling to be fair, and make a “Stuff Black People Like” site:

    Being loud/talking during movies. Especially during stupid parodies and black comedies.

    Spending more money on a “system” and “rims” than they did on their vehicle.

    Blaming “the white man” for all of their life’s problems.

    Making stupid movies about street dancing and people “getting served”.

    Making a point of using those overly annoying Nextel walkie-talkie phones in public, with the volume turned ALL THE WAY UP.

    Screaming “racist” when a white comic says “nigger”, yet black comics are able to make “cracker” jokes all day.

    Wearing stupid full body sweatsuits that generally look gauty and neon as hell. And they wonder why people look at them funny?

    “Bling”… need I say more?

    Watching rap videos and getting a false set of values from the wrong role model. Go to f*cking school already.

    I could go on all day. Heck, I might just make a blog for this…

  1496. this shit is hysterical. the topics, the comments, the offended people, the people who pretend their not, usage of good grammar; the entire website itself is a prime example of what it makes fun of. the big picture here is the funniest part of the joke.
    the world would be a better place if everyone could lighten up and laugh at themselves everyone now and then.

  1497. this blog is the best ever!

    how about beer pong…its like a white person’s right of passage. I have yet to meet a white person who did not play beer pong in college or some kind of game that involves consuming large amounts of alcohol…

  1498. @rlm:

    what’s wrong with Family Guy???

    Oh, and I hate Kanye West.

  1499. Hey…. I totally agree – another thing white people like is certificates, they will pay for a certificate that says someone planted a tree onstead of just planting a tree or pay for a certificate that says there’s a star named after them – even when a star doesn’t know it’s name and neither does anyone else. The only thing is that I don’t think all white people like these things – jewish people dislike most of them – except the weed smoking!

  1500. My friends and I turned this into a contest. Every thing that’s true, take a point, half points are available.

    Its fun, but it also feels very, very sad at the end.

  1501. on February 25, 2008 at 3:14 pm confused brown person

    I am not white but I relate with a lot of things on this site. Thanks a lot for the identity crisis! I’m going to Trader Joe’s and make myself feel better with an organic fair trade chocolate bar.

  1502. White people also love racist stuff about white people. They’re funny like that. Oh and I hear they smell like wet dog when they shower but that’s for another blog.


  1503. Wee! That was fun!
    Things that leave me confused as to my own personal identity, whether that is an inhererently “white”, “Western”, “North American” or “Yuppie” construction is pretty entertaining. Somewhat glad that it seems to apply to more upper-middle class/bourgeois-type people than myself, I’m just too poor for things like Whole Foods, sushi and studying abroad, but it was entertaining all the same.

  1504. More things blacks like:

    Having a large amount of children
    Driving slow in the left lane
    The word “nigga”
    Talking about slavery like they were directly effected
    Filing lawsuits
    All you can eat buffets
    Driving fast through residental streets
    Loud music in the car
    Showing off their wealth, being flashy. (whether they have money or not)

  1505. Really fun to read.

    Next topic – JAZZERCISE!

  1506. Cranking dat soulja boy 6 months too late

  1507. we must remember not to homogenize all white people, and to recognize that many of the things that white people like according to this blog are specific class values: more precisely, urban (upper) middle class tastes.

    On that note, (upper-middle class) white people (from the cities) also like to correct people by stating that ‘we’ shouldn’t ‘homogenize” and ‘overgeneralize’ everyone. White people like to ‘problematize’ things.

  1508. monetize your blog moron!

  1509. This is one of the funniest blogs ever!

    My life is now complete… Thank you, White Dude!

  1510. Stop blogging about white people, or I’m moving to Canada.

  1511. White people love pickup trucks, the bigger the better even if it is to haul their kids to baseball practice, or to haul a massive fifth-wheel trailer and prefer them over Cadillacs and Honda Civics.

  1512. two words… “classic rock